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112924: WILLIAM N. FENTON - The Iroquois Eagle Dance: An Offshoot of the Calumet Dance.
112919: WILLIAM N. FENTON - Symposium on Local Diversity in Iroqois Culture.
100096: JOHN H. FENTON. - Salt of the Earth: An Informal Portrait of Richard Cardinal Cushing.
164814: KENNETH FENWICK, ED. - The Third Crusade: An Eye Witness Account of the Campaigns of Richard Coeur-de-Lion in Cyprus and the Holy Land
97480: CHARLES G. FENWICK. - A Catholic Primer on World Peace.
110430: EDNA FERBER. - Show Boat.
149987: LINDA S. FERBER AND BARBARA DAYER GALLATI - Masters of Color and Light: Homer, Sargent, and the American Watercolor Movement
131623: MICHAEL FERBER - The Social Vision of William Blake
132394: EDNA FERBER - Nobody's in Town
111662: [FRANZ JOSEPH FERDINAND]. - The Austrian Crown Prince and His Wife or the Victims of Sarajevo: An Edifying Example for Every Christian Family.
120641: GEORGE FERGUSON - Signs and Symbols in Christian Art
165271: FRANKLIN C. FERGUSON - Pilgrimage in Faith: An Introduction to the Episcopal Church
32841: JOHN M. FERGUSON. - Landmarks of Economic Thought.
71192: CHARLES W. FERGUSON. - Naked to Mine Enemies: The Life of Cardinal Wolsey.
149986: PETER FERGUSSON - Canterbury Cathedral Priory in the Age of Becket
147732: JAMES FERGUSSON - William Wallace: Guardian of Scotland
130070: AUGUSTUS FERLAND. - Commentarius in Summam D. Thomae: 4 Vol. Set
60017: VERGILIUS FERM, EDITOR. - A History of Philosophical Systems.
160494: JOHN J. FERNAN - Theology: A Course for College Students, Vol. I: Christ As Prophet and King
38880: A.J. CAJETANUS DA CRUZ FERNANDES. - De Formulae Calicis Eucharistici Paulinae... Sanguinis Christi.
38881: A.J. CAJETANUS DE CRUZ FERNANDES. - Sanguis Christi.
102606: ANDREAS FERNANDEZ. - Commentarius in Librum Iosue.
112863: JUSTINO FERNANDEZ. - El Arte Moderno En Mexico: Breve Historia Siglos XIX Y XX.
130591: EDMUNDO O'GORMAN & JUSTINO FERNANDEZ - Documentos Para la Historia de la Litografia En Mexico
125538: ORESTES FERRARA - The Borgia Pope: Alexander the Sixth
130129: ENRIQUE LAFUENTE FERRARI - El Virrey Iturrigaray Y Los Origenes de la Independencia de Mejico
24464: LUCII FERRARIS. - Prompta Bibliotheca: Canonica, Juridica, Moralis, Theologica [Complete Set].
162245: FR. THOMAS M. FERRAZZI - Servite Anthology: Variety of Subjects / Mary: Variety of Subjects
161070: JULIO ALBINO FERREIRA - Dicionario Portugues-Ingles (Edicao Escolar)
161068: JULIO ALBINO FERREIRA - Dicionario Ingles-Portugues
23494: ROBERT H. FERRELL, ED. - Banners in the Air: The Eighth Ohio Volunteers and the Spanish-American War.
64974: JUAN BAUTISTA FERRERES. - Epitome Eompendit Theologiae Moralis.
147154: GUGLIELMO FERRERO - The Women of the Caesars
67190: THEODORE PARKER FERRIS. - The Image of God.
97416: D. FERROLI. - A Model of Catholic Action: Ludovico Necchi (1876-1930).
121753: CLAUDE FERVAL - The Private Life of Cleopatra
143681: CLAUDE FERVAL - Cleopatra
67630: HENRI FESQUET. - Catholicism: Religion of Tomorrow?
124974: JOSEPH FESSLER - Quondam Episcopi S. Hippolyti Institutiones Patrologiae: 3 Volumes
125672: SALLY FESTING - Gertrude Jekyll
62738: A. FEUILLET, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livre de Jonas.
112849: JESSE WALTER FEWKES - Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park Spruce-Tree House.
112868: J. WALTER FEWKES - Prehistoric Villages, Castles, and Towers of Southwestern Colorado.
112852: JESSE WALTER FEWKES - Preliminary Report on a Visit to the Navaho National Monument Arizona.
164048: MOTHER CLARE FEY - Lenten Meditations
96464: RICHARD P. FEYNMAN. - Easy and Not-So-Easy Pieces.
143636: HECTOR FEZANDIE - Knight of the Third Estate
122864: MICHAEL FFINCH - Cardinal Newman: The Second Spring
146589: TOMAS O. FIAICH - Columbanus in His Own Words
96938: PADRAIG O FIANNACHTA. - Saltair: Urnaithe Duchais - Prayers from the Irish Tradition.
149006: JOSEPH F. FICHTER - Parochial School: A Sociological Study
124977: JOSEPH FICHTNER - Forerunners of Christ: Studies of Old Testament Characters
131171: EUGENE FIELD - A Little Book of Western Verse
143875: HENRY M. FIELD - From the Lakes of Killarney to the Golden Horn
73746: CAROLYN W. FIELD, ED. - Subject Collections in Children's Literature.
96250: HENRY FIELDING. - Tom Jones.
96339: HENRY FIELDING. - Joseph Andrews.
163670: WILBUR FIELDS - Exploring Exodus
143457: CHRISTOPHER FIFIELD - True Artist and True Friend: A Biograohy of Hans Richter
143746: DARRELL FIGGIS - Recollections of the Irish War
165180: BRENT G. FILBERT AND ALAN G. KAUFMAN - Naval Law: Justice and Procedure in the Sea Services
163643: LOWELL FILLMORE - The Prayer Way to Health, Wealth, and Happiness
163503: MYRTLE FILLMORE - Letters of Myrtle Fillmore
64672: I. FILOGRASSI. - De Sanctissima Eucharistia Quaestiones Dogmaticae Selectae.
63100: FLOYD V. FILSON. - The New Testament Against Its Environment: The Gospel of Christ the Risen Lord (Studies in Biblical Theology #3).
42730: THEODOR FILTHAUT. - Learning to Worship.
106611: RICHARD FIMMEL. - Pioneer Odyssey.
43482: FINBAR KENNEALLY, ET AL. - United States Documents in the Propaganda Fides Archives: A Calendar, Vols. 1-11.
164202: VERY REV. FR. DANIEL FINDIKYAN - The Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church with Modern Armenian and English Translations, Transliteration, Musical Notation, Introduction and Notes
149452: J.N. FINDLAY - Values and Intentions: A Study in Value-Theory and Philosophy of Mind
61889: J.N. FINDLAY. - Values and Intentions: A Study in Value-Theory and Philosophy of Mind.
20593: LTCOL. C.B. FINDLAY. - The Story of F Troop Royal Horse Artillery.
98676: BEN FINE. - Consumption in the Age of Affluence: The World of Food.
144546: HERBERT FINGARETTE - On Responsibility
124404: HERBERT FINGARETTE - Self-Deception
131276: CHARLES J. FINGER - A Man for a'That: The Story of Robert Burns
143512: CHARLES J. FINGER - Seven Horizons
163286: THOMAS N. FINGER - Christian Theology: An Eschatological Approach, Vols. I-II
142436: PETER E. FINK, ED. - The New Dictionary of Sacramental Worship
44095: BISHOP LUDOVICO MARIA FINK. - Statuta... In Synodo Diocesana... 1880.
91344: LEO GREGORY FINK. - Paul - Hero and Saint: An Apostolic Story of Roman Battles and Catholic Victories.
163087: F.A. FINK - The Church in United States History: America's Debt to Catholics
164072: FATHER PETER FINLAY - The Church of Christ: Its Foundation and Constitution
148628: C.P. FINLAYSON, ED. - Celtic Psalter: Edinburgh University Library Ms. 56
204.2: M.I. FINLEY. - Ancient History: Evidence and Models.
123990: DANIEL K. FINN, ED. - The True Wealth of Nations: Catholic Social Thought and Economic Life
147425: FRANCIS J. FINN - That Football Game and What Came of It
162158: FRANCIS J. FINN - Ethelred Preston or the Adventures of a Newcomer
161027: MICHELLE FINN - Marilyn's Addresses: A Fan's Guide to the Places She Knew
94503: HORACE MAYNARD FINNEY. - Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt: A Dramatic Poem.
126056: CHARLES GRANDISON FINNEY - Finney on Revival: An Abbreviation of the Sermons on Revival
147620: COMMANDER E.C. FINNEY - U.S. S. Harlan R. Dickson Dd-708: 1951 Mediterranean Cruise
13887: PETER FIRKINS. - The Australians in Nine Wars: Waikato to Long Tan.
161528: RICHARD A. FIRMAGE - The Alphabet Abecedarium: Some Notes on Letters
142512: J.B. FIRTH - Highways and Byways in Nottinghamshire
162983: RAYMOND FIRTH - Human Types: An Introduction to Social Anthropology
110824: REV. HERMAN FISCHER. - Our Lord's Last Will and Testament.
140324: WILLIAM FISCHER - Earthquake! Yellowstone's Living Geology
100837: H.J. FISCHER. - Pope Benedict XVI: A Personal Portrait.
111628: BARRY J. FISCHER. - The Cry of the Blood: The Challenge of Refounding.
108404: JURGEN FISCHER. - Sammlung Religiose Kunst: Samstag 10 Juni 1989.
61638: ENGELBERT LORENZ FISCHER. - Der Triumph Der Christlichen Philosophie.
63326: JOHANN FISCHER. - Das Buch Isaias: Kapitel 1-39.
63319: JOHANN FISCHER. - Das Buch Isaias: Kapitel 40-66.
16066: MARTIN FISCHER. - William B. Wherry: Bacteriologist.
35044: EDWARD FISCHER. - Mission in Burma: The Columban Fathers' Forty-Three Years in Kachin Country.
80674: DR. JOHANNES FISCHER. - Einfuhrung in Die Klassische Elektrodynamik.
146935: DR. GERARD FISCHER - Johann Michael Sailer Und Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi Der Ein Fluss Der Pestalozzischen Bildungslehre Auf Sailers Padagogik Und Kateketik Unter Mitberucksichtigung Des Verhaltnisses Sailers Zu Rousseau, Basedow, Kant
163124: BURNETTE C. FISH AND GERALD W. FISH - The Kalenjiin Heritage: Traditional Religious and Social Practices
131128: PETER F. FISHER - The Valley of Vision: Blake As Prophet and Revolutionary
141889: SYDNEY NETTLETON FISHER - The Middle East: A History
1232270: GEORGE A. FISHER - The Story of the 180th Infantry Regiment
164692: MARY PAT FISHER - Everyday Miracles in the House of God: Stories from Gobind Sadan, India
160578: CLIVE FISHER - Cyril Connolly: The Life and Times of England's Most Controversial Literary Critic
125795: M.F.K. FISHER - M.F. K. Fisher: A Life in Lettters - Correspondence 1929-1991
145979: LILLIAN ESTELLE FISHER - Champion of Reform: Manuel Abad Y Queipo
130126: LILLIAN ESTELLE FISHER - The Background of the Revolution for Mexican Independence
67597: DESMOND FISHER. - The Church in Transition.
27757: LOUISE B. FISHER. - An Eighteenth Century Garland: The Flower and Fruit Arrangements of Colonial Williamsburg.
26395: SYDNEY GEORGE FISHER. - William Penn: A Biography.
19193: JOHN FISHER. - Eighteen Fifteen: An End and a Beginning.
46580: WALLACE E. FISHER. - From Tradition to Mission: An Old Church Discovers the Secret of New Life.
145408: FLORENCE FISHER - The Search for Anna Fisher
147634: JAMES T. FISHER - Dr. America: The Lives of Thomas A. Dooley, 1927-1961
121556: JACK FISHMAN - And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
24723: JOSHUA A. FISHMAN. - Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity.
104462: W.H. FITCHETT. - Deeds That Won the Empire: Historic Battle Scenes.
67980: CHARLES J. FITTI. - A Philosophy of Creation.
132412: JOHN D. FITZGERALD - Mamma's Boarding House
146596: BILLY FITZGERALD - Father Tom: An Authorized Portrait of Cardinal Tomas O. Fiaich
150316: THOMAS F. MARTIN & ALLAN D. FITZGERALD - Augustine of Hippo: Faithful Servant, Spiritual Leader
144191: JIM FITZGERALD - Sowers of the Seed: Irish Franciscans in Victoria During the 19th Century
131522: PERCY FITZGERALD - The Life of Laurence Sterne
100856: ROSAMOND YOUNG & CATHARINE FITZGERALD. - Twelve Seconds to the Moon: A Story of the Wright Brothers.
131531: EDWARD FITZGERALD - Miscellanies of Edward Fitzgerald
160453: PENELOPE FITZGERALD - The Knox Brothers
71567: REV. MARK J. FITZGERALD, C.S.C., ED. - Proceedings of the Symposium on Pacem in Terris by Pope John XXIII.
95526: JOHN FITZGERALD. - Vw Fastback/Squareback Handbook (1500/1600).
97893: ED FITZGERALD. - Champions in Sport and Spirit.
130238: PERCY FITZGERALD - The Life of David Garrick from Original Family Papers and Numerous Published and Unpublished Sources [2 Vols]
125101: REV. WILLIAM FITZGERALD - Speaking About Death: Poetic Resources for Ministers of Consolation
124744: ED FITZGERALD, EDITOR - The Book of Major League Baseball Clubs: The National League
100397: GUGLIELMO E. FITZGIBBON. - Indeterminism in Nature.
125663: THEODORA FITZGIBBON - The Pleasures of the Table
143396: JOSEPH A. FITZMYER - The Impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls
150772: P.J. FITZPATRICK - In Breaking of Bread: The Eucharist and Ritual
165025: EDWARD A. FITZPATRICK, ED. - St. Ignatius and the Ratio Studiorum
518: J.P. FITZPATRICK. - The Transvaal from Within: A Private Record of Public Affairs.
147318: FATHER HENRY FITZSIMON - Words of Comfort to Persecuted Catholics. Written in Exile, Anno 1607. Letters from a Cell in Dublin Castle, and Diary of the Bohemian War of 1620.
132102: JOHN FITZSIMONS, EDITOR - Manning: Anglican and Catholic
66410: REV. DANIEL CHRISTOPHER FIVES. - The Use of the Optative Mood in the Works of Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus.
130820: THEODORE FIX - La Guerre Du Paraguay
1232469: MARJORIE FLACK - The Story About Ping
147245: REV. M. O'FLAHERTY, TRANS. - The Maynooth Catechism Brought Into Harmony with the New Code of Canon Law
125223: WALTER J. CISZEK & DANIEL L. FLAHERTY - With God in Russia: My Twenty-Three Years As a Priest in Soviet Prisons and Labor Camps and in Siberia
67602: DONAL FLANAGAN, ED. - The Evolving Church.
125788: THOMAS FLANAGAN - The Tenants of Time
150752: CRAIG E. RUNDE & TIM A. FLANAGAN - Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader: How You and Your Organization Can Manage Conflict Effectively
122862: PHILIP FLANAGAN - Newman, Faith and the Believer
121314: CHARLES MACOMB FLANDRAU - Viva Mexico!
125026: AUSTIN FLANNERY, O.P., ED. - Vatican Council II: The Conciliar and Post Conciliar Documents
85387: AUSTIN FLANNERY. - Vatican II: More Postconciliar Documents.
1215033: AUSTIN FLANNERY, ED - Vatican Council II: The Conciliar and Post Conciliar Documents
125027: AUSTIN FLANNERY, O.P., ED. - Vatican Council II: More Postconciliar Documents
103326: GUSTAVE FLAUBERT. - Madame Bovary.
131257: ALFREDU FLECKEISEN - P. Terenti Comoediae
44846: REV. JOHN FLEETWOOD. - The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
121780: PETER FLEMING - Bayonets to Lhasa: The First Full Account of the British Invasion of Tibet in 1904
108740: AUSTIN FLEMING. - Preparing for Liturgy: A Theology and Spirituality.
87115: DENNA FRANK FLEMING - The Treaty Veto of the American Senate
112891: FRANCIS LA FLESCHE - War Ceremony and Peace Ceremony of the Osage Indians.
126017: J. S. FLETCHER - The Cartwright Gardens Murder
145496: HORACE FLETCHER - Happiness As Found in Foretought Minus Fearthought
120406: IAN FLETCHER - Napoleonic Wars: Wellington's Army
122507: HARRIS FRANCIS FLETCHER - The Intellectual Development of John Milton, the Cambridge University Period 1625-32: Volume II [Incomplete].
70057: REV. JOHN FLETCHER, D.D. - Sermons on the Four Marks of the Church [Complete Set].
146581: WILLIAM C. FLETCHER - Soviet Believers: The Religious Sector of the Population
131412: HARRIS FRANCIS FLETCHER - Milton's Rabbinical Readings
148380: F.T.H. FLETCHER - Pascal and the Mystical Tradition
160730: H. GEORGE FLETCHER - In Praise of Aldus Manutius: A Quincentenary Exhibition
39491: WILLIAM C. FLETCHER. - The Moderns: Molders of Contemporary Theology.
146583: F.T.H. FLETCHER - Pascal and the Mystical Tradition
160965: COMTE FLEURY - Memoirs of the Empress Eugenie Vols. I-II
141368: L'ABBE CLAUDE FLEURY - Les Moeurs Des Israelites Et Des Chre'Tiens
150829: A.G.N. FLEW, ED - Logic and Language: 2 Volumes
150827: A.G.N. FLEW, ED - Logic and Language: 2 Volumes
149972: STEPHEN N. FLIEGEL - The Caporali Missal: A Masterpiece of Renaissance Illumination
123909: FRANK K. FLINN, ED. - Encyclopedia of Catholicism
64725: EDMUND FLOOD. - In Memory of Me: God's Plan for Men: Present in History, Made Active in the Eucharist.
125130: J.M. FLOOD, COMP. - The Mind and Heart of Augustine: A Biographical Sketch
68869: MOTHER MARY FLORENCE, S.L., ED. - Religious Life in the Church Today: Prospect and Retrospect.
143226: MARIE THERESE FOALE - The Josephite Story: The Sisters of St. Joseph; Their Foundation and Early History 1866-1893
108893: HARALD FOCK. - Fast Fighting Boats 1870-1945: Their Design Construction and Use.
164545: AUG. F. FOERSTE - An Introduction to the Geology of Dayton and Vicinity with Special Reference to the Gravel Ridge Area South of the City, Including Hills and Dales and Moraine Park
147365: WENDELIN FOERSTER, ED. - Kristian Von Troyes Yvain (Der Lowenritter)
131573: DONALD M. FOERSTER - Homer in English Criticism: The Historical Approach in the Eighteenth Century
125653: SUSAN FOISTER - Cardinal Newman 1801-90: A Centenary Exhibition
125956: ROBERT S. WICKS & FRED R. FOISTER - Junius & Joseph: Presidential Politics and the Assassination of the First Mormon Prophet
124947: ALBERT S. FOLEY - St. Regis: A Social Crusader
141068: J.D. FOLGHERA, O.P. - Newman's Apologetic
62873: LEOPOLD FONCK. - Der Kampf Um Die Wahrheit Der H. Schrift, Seit 25 Jahren.
62517: LEOPOLD FONCK. - Moderne Bibelfragen.
112201: J.S. LA FONTAINE. - Speak of the Devil: Tales of Satanic Abuse in Contemporary England.
1872: EDWARD FOORD. - Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812.
165385: SHELBY FOOTE - Shiloh: A Novel
106250: ERIC G. FORBES. - The Gresham Lectures of John Flamsteed.
121568: ARCHIBALD FORBES - Havelock
162281: FORBES - The Forbes Scrapbook of Thoughts on the Business of Life
111364: ARCHIBALD FORBES. - Barracks Bivouacs and Battles.
121379: CLARENCE ALLEN FORBES - Neoi: A Contribution to the Study of Greek Associations
125414: F.A. FORBES - Leaders of a Forlorn Hope: A Study of the Reformation in Scotland
18453: LNT.COL. FORBES. - Report of the Trial of Brig. General William Hull Commanding the North-Western Army of the United States.
112729: ARCHIBALD FORBES. - Glimpses Through the Cannon-Smoke: A Series of Sketches.
151015: JAMES FORBES - Letters from France: Written in the Years 1803 and 1804
111363: ARCHIBALD FORBES. - The Black Watch: The Record of an Historic Regiment.
1220661: US ARMY AIR FORCE - Walnut Ridge Army Air Field: Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
108970: ROYAL AIR FORCE. - Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War: Vol. I: Aircraft and Crew Lost During 1939-1940.
147718: HENRY A. FORD AND MRS. KATE B. FORD, COMPS. - History of Cincinnati, Ohio, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
125831: WORTHINGTON CHAUNCEY FORD - George Washington: 2 Volumes
121796: LAWRENCE CARROLL FORD - The Triangular Struggle for Spanish Pensacola 1689-1739
142582: JOHN T. FORD, ED. - Newman Studies Journal Volume 1, Number 1: Cor Ad Cor Loquitur; Heart Speaks to Heart
150682: PATRICK FORD - Cardinal Moran and the A.L. P. : A Study in the Encounter between Moran and Socialism 1890-1907
97230: BENSON FORD. - Some Unfinished Business for Young Americans.
64793: JOHN C. FORD. - The New Eucharistic Legislation.
31790: ALICE FORD, ED. - The 1826 Journal of John James Audubon.
85025: JOHN C. FORD. - The New Eucharistic Legislation: A Commentary on Christus Dominus.
145164: PAUL LEICESTER FORD - The Great K. & A. Train Robbery
164143: LAUREN FORD - Our Lady's Book
120386: J.D.M. FORD AND L.G. MOFFATT - Letters of the Court of John III King of Portugal: The Portuguese Text
661: JAMES FORDER AND ANAND MENON. - The Europena Union and National Macroeconomic Policy.
90713: ELIAS PYM FORDHAM; EDITED BY FREDERIC AUSTIN OGG. - Personal Narrative of Travels...
54989: GRANT FOREMAN. - Advancing the Frontier 1830-1860.
141542: JIM FOREST - The Ladder of the Beatitudes
123827: JIM FOREST - Praying with Icons
150364: JIM FOREST - Living with Wisdom: A Life of Thomas Merton
97409: FR. JOHN FOREST. - Gerard Raymond (1912-1932): A Knightly Soul.
143809: C.S. FORESTER - Rifleman Dodd and the Gun: Two Novels of the Peninsular Wars
104474: C.S. FORESTER. - Josephine: Napoleon's Empress.
1232819: C.S. FORESTER - Payment Deferred
11827: FRANK FORESTER. - My Shooting Box.
6142: C.S. FORESTER. - Victor Emmanuel II and the Union of Italy.
18752: C.S. FORESTER. - Long Before Forty.
124169: JUSTUS MILES FORMAN - The Twin Sisters
72072: CHARLES W. FORMAN, ED. - Christianity in the Non-Western World.
43646: JOSEPH FORNARI. - Codex Pro Postulatoribus Causarum Beatificationis Et Canonizationis.
165225: DUNCAN B. FORRESTER AND DOUGLAS M. MURRAY, EDS. - Studies in the History of Worship in Scotland
125378: DESMOND FORRISTAL - The Second Burial of Bishop Shanahan
81123: DR. KARL FORSTERLING. - Lehrbuch Der Optik.
6307: WILLIAM FORSYTH. - History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena.
140928: ADRIAN FORTESCUE - The Orthodox Eastern Church
121178: GRANVILLE FORTESCUE - Front Line and Deadline: The Experiences of a War Correspondent
83482: SIR JOHN W. FORTESCUE. - A History of the British Army: Vol. V 1803-1807.
11916: JOHN FORTESCUE. - A Short Account of Canteens in the British Army.
103: JOHN FORTESCUE. - Marlborough.
67864: EDMUND J. FORTMAN, S.J. - The Theology of God: Commentary.
124286: ROBERT T. FORTNA AND TOM THATCHER, ED. - Jesus in Johannine Tradition
149295: HARRY EMERSON FOSDICK, ED. - Great Voices of the Reformation: An Anthology
145132: RAYMOND BLAINE FOSDICK, ED. - Princeton Verse
162330: MICHAEL FOSS - The Founding of the Jesuits 1540
164177: LAWRENCE FOSTER - Religion and Sexuality: The Shakers, the Mormons, and the Oneida Community
141242: ALAN DEAN FOSTER - Cachalot
47750: FRANK P. FOSTER, M.D. - The New York Medical Journal and Obsterical Review, July 1882.
1228293: BIRKET FOSTER - Memento of the Trosachs, Loch Katrine, Loch Lomond and the Neighbouring Scenery
122665: BRIAN FOTHERGILL - Nicholas Wiseman
94331: BRIAN FOTHERGILL. - Nicholas Wiseman.
126041: JOHN THEODORE FOTOS AND JOHN L. BRAY - Introductory Readings in Chemical and Technical German Edited for Rapid Reading
71818: L'ABBE C. FOUARD. - Saint Paul Ses Dernieres Annees.
71817: L'ABBE C. FOUARD. - Saint Paul Ses Missions.
13085: JOSEPH FOUCHE. - The Memoirs of Joseph Fouche.
64328: JEAN-LOUIS FOUGEROUSE. - Le Temps de L'Apocalypse.
163500: FRANCES W. FOULKS - Effectual Prayer
60376: PAUL FOULQUIE. - Dictionnarie de la Langue Philosophique.
130341: MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN HEYE FOUNDATION - Turquois Work of Hawikuh New Mexico
44275: HENRI FOUQUERAY, SJ. - Histoire de la Compagnie de Jesus En France Des Origines a la Suppression, Vols. I-II.
163793: MAXIMILIAN FOURMAN - Science Russian Course
94718: ROGER DES FOURNIELS. - Mois de Marie.
67614: MGR. R. FOURREY, ET AL. - La Tradition Sacerdotale.
151176: H.H. FOUT - The 1900 Pilgrimage to Egypt and the Holy Land
112871: GERARD FOWKE - Archeological Investigations.
147366: J.T. FOWLER, ED. - Adamnani Vita S. Columbae
162363: E.W.W. FOWLER - Nazi Insignia
149803: GUY FOWLER - The Dawn Patrol
164501: O.S. FOWLER - Self-Culture, and Perfection of Character: Including the Management of Youth.
80658: H. FOWLER. - Statistiche Mechanik.
140579: GUY FOWLER - Lilac Time
162956: H.W. FOWLER - A Dictionary of Modern English Usage
140775: HELEN M. FOWLES - Ernest Fowles: A Memoir
147572: WALLACE FOWLIE - Jacob's Night: The Religious Renascence in France
120393: JAMES M. FOX - Dark Crusade
162566: ELIO FOX - Rome: In History - in Christianity - in Civilization
165533: ROBIN LANE FOX - Augustine: Conversions to Confessions
121859: SUSAN FOX - Poetic Form of Blake's Milton
164320: RABBI KAREN L. FOX AND PHYLLIS ZIMBLER MILLER - Seasons for Celebration: A Contemporary Guide to the Joys, Practices, and Traditions of the Jewish Holidays
125771: RICHARD FOX - Reinhold Niebuhr: A Biography
145866: FR. ROBERT J. FOX - Charity, Morality, Sex and Young People
143791: FRANCES MARGARET FOX - The Kinderkins
87907: FATHER ROBERT J. FOX. - Jesus - Light of the World.
39677: MARY HARRITA FOX. - Peter E. Dietz, Labor Priest.
80444: P.F. FOX, ED. - Advanced Dairy Chemistry, Volume 1: Proteins.
145319: GEORGE FOX - A Journal or Historical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Christian Experiences, and Labour of Love, in the Work of the Ministry, of That Ancient, Eminent, and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox
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131184: ROBERT F. GLECKNER - Blake's Prelude Poetical Sketches
121857: ROBERT F. GLECKNER - Blake and Spenser
97355: REV. JEREMIAH P. GLEESON. - Empress of the Americas: Our Lady of Guadalupe.
59006: MAJ.GEN. LORD EDWARD GLEICHEN. - A Guardsman's Memories.
59294: REV. G.R. GLEIG. - The Life of Robert First Lord Clive.
121001: PAUL J. GLENN - Ethics: A Class Manual in Moral Philosophy
164525: GLENN RAWSON, DENNIS LYMAN, AND BRYANT BUSH - History of the Saints: The Great Mormon Exodus and the Establishment of Zion
146359: MSGR. PAUL J. GLENN - Apologetics: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of the Catholic Religion
83267: GERALD GLIDDON. - Legacy of the Somme 1916: The Battle in Fact, Film and Fiction.
162573: MARGARET FELL; ELSA F. GLINES, ED. - Undaunted Zeal: The Letters of Margaret Fell
111168: ROBERT L. ARRINGTON & HANS-JOHANN GLOCK. - Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations: Text and Context.
145735: STEPHEN GLODEK - Marianist Praxis: Building Marianist Educational Culture
38823: PAUL GLORIEUX. - Introduction a L'Etude Du Dogme.
141227: JOHN GLOSSINGER - A Maker of Men
38583: MICHAEL GLOSSNER. - Die Lehre Des Hl. Thomas Vom Wesen Der Gottlichen Gnade.
11007: H. CLAY GLOVER. - Diseases of the Dog and How to Feed.
165525: TERROT REAVELEY GLOVER - Life and Letters in the Fourth Century
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46738: W.M. GLUSCHKOW. - Theorie Der Abstrakten Automaten.
112216: ELINOR GLYN. - Six Days.
109074: PATRICK DE GMELINE. - La Flak: 1935-1945 la Dca Allemande.
143452: REV. JACOB GNAYALLOOR - Augustine: Saint for Today
46633: B.W. GNEDENKO. - Lehrbuch Der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung.
146181: ALESSANDRO GNOCCHI AND MARIO PALMARO - La Bella Addormentata: Perche Dopo IL Vaticano II la Chiesa E Entrata in Crisi; Perche Si Risvegliera
163349: MILENA GOBETZ AND BREDA LONCAR - Slovenian Language Manual: Ucbenik Slovenskega Jezika, Volume I: Prva Knjiga
68658: M. CHARLES GOBINET. - Instruction de la Jeunesse En la Piete Chretienne.
164568: [J.C. GOBRECHT] - History of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers: With a Complete Guide-Book to the Central Home, at Dayton, Ohio.
163440: H.W. GOCKEL - What Jesus Means to Me
163982: WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD - Hymnal: Worldwide Church of God
149265: FREDERIC A. GODCHARLES - Pennsylvania: Political, Governmental, Military and CIVIL; Political and CIVIL History Volume
164153: DWIGHT GODDARD, ED. - A Buddhist Bible
163762: ALEXANDER GODE - Portuguese at Sight
108024: L'ABBE GODESCARD. - Vies Des Peres Martyrs Et Autres Principaux Saints: Vols. 1-10.
150695: A. GODIN, ED - Child and Adult Before God
60054: A. GODIN, S.J. - From a Religious Experience to a Religious Attitude: Loyola Pastoral Series.
47043: MARY GODOLPHIN. - Sandford and Merton in Words of One Syllable.
44021: JOHN A. GODRYCZ. - Greater Extension and Development of Church Influence.
20397: EDWARD & STEPHANI GODWIN. - Warrior Bard: The Life of William Morris.
97909: JOHN GODWIN. - This Baffling World.
124799: N. DE GOEDE, ED - The Utrecht Prosarium
65085: FRANZ ADAM GOEPFERT. - Moraltheologie [Complete Set].
83332: DR. HERBERT GOERING. - Sammelband Zur Statistischen Theorie Der Turbulenz.
66197: REV. VICTOR M. GOERTZ. - The Judicial Summons: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
87684: VICTOR GOERTZ. - The Judicial Summons.
69776: LOUIS DE GOESBRIAND. - Manuel Du Pretre Aux Etats-Unis.
161790: JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE; DR. WILHELM BERNHARDT - Einfuhrung in Goethe's Meisterwerke: Selections from Goethe's Poetical and Prose Works with Copious Biographical, Literary, Critical and Explanatory Notes, a Vocabulary of Difficult Words and an Introduction Containing a Life of Goethe; for School and Home
161974: JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE - Mit Goethe Durch Das Fahr: Ein Kalender Fur Das Jahr 1958
161975: JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE - Mit Goethe Durch Das Fahr: Ein Kalender Fur Das Jahr 1960
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149756: ANNABEL DAVIS-GOFF - Walled Gardens: Scenes from an Anglo-Irish Childhood
132099: MAGDALEN GOFFIN - Maria Pasqua
70150: LEONARD GOFFINE. - Christkatholische Handpostille.
164761: R.U. SIRIUS (KEN GOFFMAN) - The Revolution: Quotations from Revolution Party Chairman R.U. Sirius
164618: L.S. GOGAN - The Ardagh Chalice: A Description on the Ministral Chalice Found at Ardagh in County Limerick in the Year 1868; with a Note on Its Traditional Conformity to the Holy Grail of Legend and Story
68063: MAURICE GOGUEL. - Jesus the Nazarene: Myth or History?
149112: MATTHEW K. GOLD, ED. - Debates in the Digital Humanities
163947: DR. LOUIS GOLDBERG - A Jewish Christian Response
161748: DAVID GOLDBERG - Yidish Af Yidish: Grammatical, Lexical, and Conversational Materials for the Second and Third Years of Study
125940: JOSEF GOLDBRUNNER - Holiness Is Wholeness: A Theologian and Psychologist Applies the Findings of Depth Psychology to the Religious Life
145085: JOHN GOLDEN - 7th Heaven
69305: JANET GOLDEN. - The Quite Possible She: Today's Christian Woman.
125184: CHRISTIAN GOLDER - The Deaconess Motherhouse: In Its Relation to the Deaconess Work
140820: FRANCIS GOLDIE, S.J. - The Life of the Blessed John Berchmans
161768: HYMAN E. GOLDIN - First Year in Hebrew: A Presentation of the Elementary Principles of the Hebrew Language
161805: H.E. GOLDIN - The Yiddish Teacher: A Method for the Study of Yiddish
162673: JUDAH GOLDIN, TRANS. - The Living Talmud: The Wisdom of the Fathers and Its Classical Commentaries
162394: NORMA GOLDMAN AND JACOB E. NYENHUIS - Latin Via Ovid: A First Course
63330: SOLOMON GOLDMAN. - The Book of Human Destiny.
13132: A.L. GOLDMAN. - The Burning Bush: Israel.
162315: SHALOM GOLDMAN, ED. - Hebrew and the Bible in America: The First Two Centuries
163638: ALEX J. GOLDMAN - A Handbook for the Jewish Family: Understanding and Enjoying the Sabbath and Holidays
163745: NORMA GOLDMAN AND MICHAEL ROSSI - Practice! Practice! a Latin Via Ovid Workbook
162384: DR. M. GOLDMANN - Hebraisch
162083: E.D. GOLDSCHMIDT - The Passover Haggadah with English Translation, Introduction and Commentary
161173: OLIVER GOLDSMITH - The Vicar of Wakefield: A Tale
94616: OLIVER GOLDSMITH. - The Vicar of Wakefield.
103216: OLIVER GOLDSMITH. - The Deserted Village.
151004: LEWIS GOLDSMITH - State of the French Republic: At the End of the Year VIII
120221: OLIVER GOLDSMITH - The Deserted Village
120251: OLIVER GOLDSMITH - The Poetical and Dramatic Works of Oliver Goldsmith M.B.
1215037: JONATHAN A. GOLDSTEIN - The Anchor Bible: I Maccabees & II Maccabees - 2 Volumes
145363: DAVID GOLDSTEIN - Campaigners for Christ Handbook
66973: DAVID GOLDSTEIN. - Campaigners for Christ Handbook.
146438: DAVID GOLDSTEIN - Autobiography of a Campaigner for Christ
47010: FRANCE GOLDWATER, EDWARD LYNN, & MELITA KRIEG. - The Button Tree: A Musical Fantasy for Juveniles in One Act.
161723: NOAH GOLINKIN - Shalom Aleichem
146454: JAMES GOLLIN - Worldly Goods: The Wealth and Power of the American Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the Men Who Control the Money
13815: GEORGINA A. GOLLOCK. - Sons of Africa.
143677: JOSEPH GOLLOMB - Master Man Hunters
161402: M. GOLOVINSKY - A New English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionary Containing the Whole Vocabulary in General Use with Copious Selections of Scientific, Technical and Commercial Terms and Others Lately Brought Into Use with Their Pronunciation Figured
163733: EUGENIO GOMES - Aspectos Do Romance Brasileiro
121415: A.W. GOMME - The Population of Athens in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C.
106837: TURAN GONEN. - Modern Power System Analysis.
100386: SHENG GONG. - Concise Complex Analysis.
131063: CARLOS DE SIGUENZA Y GONGORA - Triunfo Partenico
125952: FRIEDRICH GONTARD - The Popes
125067: FRIEDRICH GONTARD - The Chair of Peter: A History of the Papacy
39959: ANGEL GONZALES. - Abraham: Father of Believers.
85367: ANGEL GONZALES. - Abraham: Father of Believers.
120138: VICTOR RICO GONZALEZ - Historiadores Mexicanos Del Siglo XVIII
66187: FRANCISCO J. GONZALEZ. - De Parocho Religioso Eiusque Superiore Locali.
130549: VICTOR RICO GONZALEZ - Documentos Sobre la Expulsion de Los Jesuitas Y Ocupacion de Sus Temporalidaes En Nueva Espana 1772-1793
148885: DOUGLASS SULLIVAN-GONZALEZ - Piety, Power, and Politics: Religion and Nation Formation in Guatemala 1821-1871
1860: G.P. GOOCH. - Courts and Cabinets.
163261: PHYLLIS PELLMAN GOOD AND RACHEL THOMAS PELLMAN, EDS. - From Amish and Monnonite Kitchens
67842: REV. JAMES GOOD, D.D. - The Church of England and the Ecumenical Movement.
160020: JOHN GOODALL - Parish Church Treatures: The Nation's Greatest Art Collection
2598: W.A.M. GOODE. - With Sampson Through the War.
131606: MONA GOODEN, ED - The Poet's Cat
130258: ERWIN R. GOODENOUGH - The Church in the Roman Empire
161617: SIMON GOODENOUGH - War Maps: World War II, from September 1939 to August 1945, Air, Sea and Land, Battle by Battle.
145770: ALBAN GOODIER - A More Excellent Way

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