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67304: EDMUND M. DUNNE. - Polemic Chat.
32244: GERALD W.E. DUNNE. - Poems.
32245: REV. GERALD W.E. DUNNE. - Songsmith.
32246: REV. GERALD W.E. DUNNE. - Diwan.
102169: JOHN DUNNE. - Selected Poems.
130603: PETER MASTEN DUNNE - Pioneer Black Robes on the West Coast
1210697: WILLIAM ARCHIBALD DUNNING - A History of Political Theories: Vols. I-III [Complete].
65173: WILLIAM DUNPHY, ED. - The New Morality: Continuity and Discontinuity.
64137: DOM JACQUES DUPONT. - Les Sources Du Livre Des Actes: Etat de la Question.
27909: RICHARD A. DUPREY. - Just Off the Aisle: The Ramblings of a Catholic Critic.
123782: JAQUES DUPUIS, S.J. - Christianity and the Religions: From Confrontation to Dialogue
140422: COLONEL R. ERNEST DUPUY AND MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM H. BAUMER - The Little Wars of the United States
1210847: T.N. DUPUY - A Genius for War: The German Army and General Staff, 1807-1945
130343: EL PADRE FRAY DIEGO DURAN - Historia de Las Indias de Nueve-Espana Y Islas de Tierra Firme: Vols. I-III.
15005: P. ALFRED DURAND, TRANS - Verbum Salutis I: Evangile Selon Saint Matthieu
13978: ROBERT DURAND. - Lady in a Cage.
140584: JOHN DURANT - The Heavyweight Champions
143406: DAVID N. DURANT - Ralegh's Lost Colony
142865: PATRICIA DURCHHOLZ - Defining Mission: Comboni Missionaries in North America
43265: L'ABBE D. DURET. - Notions Elementaires D'Architecture Religieuse.
144004: VICTOR G. DURHAM - The Submarine Boys on Duty or Life on a Diving Torpedo Boat
106242: FRANK DURHAM AND ROBERT D. PURRINGTON. - Frame of the Universe.
150512: MICHAEL S. DURHAM - Miracles of Mary: Apparitions, Legends, and Miraculous Works of the Blessed Virgin Mary
43734: CANON P. DURIEUX. - The Busy Pastor's Book on Matrimony.
1214814: GLORIA DURKA - Praying with Julian of Norwich
123852: GLORIA DURKA - Praying with Hildegard of Bingen
123858: GLORIA DURKA - Praying with Julian of Norwich
123859: GLORIA DURKA - Praying with Hildegard of Bingen
87989: DANIEL DURKEN. - Sin, Salvation and the Spirit.
44080: JOSEPH T. DURKIN, SJ. - William Matthews, Priest and Citizen.
40267: MARY G. DURKIN. - Feast of Love: Pope John Paul II on Human Intimacy.
142652: F.X. DURRWELL - In the Redeeming of Christ: Toward a Theology of Spirituality
144775: F.-X. DURRWELL - The Mystery of Christ and the Apostolate
150567: F.X. DURRWELL - In the Redeeming Christ: Toward a Theology of Spirituality
112957: CHARLES PETIT-DUTAILLIS AND GEORGE LEFEBVRE - Studies and Notes Supplementary to Stubbs' Constitutional History.
93537: GEORGE MATTHEW DUTCHER ET AL. - A Guide to Historical Literature.
121791: REV. L.A. DUTTO - The Life of Bartolome de Las Casas and the First Leaves of American Ecclesiastical History
64854: EVELYN MILLIS DUVALL. - Why Wait Till Marriage?
38195: VICTOR L. DUX, O.S.B. - What the World Needs.
122754: EVERT A. DUYCKINCK - History of the World from the Earliest Period to the Present Time: Vol. I [Incomplete].
132043: FRANCIS DVORNIK - The Photian Schism: History and Legend
64792: FATHER WALTER DWIGHT. - Our Daily Bread: Papers on Frequent Communion.
103600: RICHARD A. DWYER. - Boethian Fictions.
94778: ADRIA I. DWYER. - Marriage Cases: A Handbook for Parish Priests.
112815: ALEXANDER DYCE, ED. - The Works of John Ford, with Notes Critical and Explanatory by William Gifford: Complete Set Vol. I-III.
107867: HENRY DYER. - Dai Nippon: A Study in National Evolution.
143655: EDITH VAN DYNE - Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation
141392: L. FRANK BAUM (EDITH VAN DYNE) - Aunt Jane's Nieces in the Red Cross
99606: JOHN DYSON AND PETER CHRISTOPHER. - Columbus: For Gold - God - and Glory.
15422: JOHN DYSON. - Columbus: For Gold, God, and Glory.
66225: REV. HENRY J. DZIADOSZ. - The Provisions of the Decree Spiritus Sancti Munera: The Law for the Extraordinary Minister of Confirmation.
65982: REV. MICHAEL W. DZIOB. - The Sacred Congregation for the Oriental Church.
108163: FERNAND SCHETAGNE P.M.E. - Portraits de Mandchourie.
65967: REV. GEORGE EAGLETON. - The Diocesan Quinquennial Faculties Formula IV: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
143347: A. JONATHAN EAKLE, ED. - Curriculum and Instruction
28186: MICHAEL EARLS. - Manuscripts and Memories: Chapters in Our Literary Tradition.
141519: CHARLES A. EASTMAN - Indian Child Life
122923: CHARLES A. EASTMAN - Old Indian Days.
73048: JAMES EASTMAN, WALTER HANAK, LAWRENCE PASZEK, EDS. - Aces & Aerial Victories: The United States Air Foce in Southeast Asia, 1965-1973.
132330: EKNATH EASWARAN - Love Never Faileth: The Inspiration of Saint Francis, Saint Augustine, Saint Paul, Mother Teresa
142083: EKNATH EASWARAN - Meditation: Commonsense Directions for an Uncommon Life
1214910: EKNATH EASWARAN - Thousand Names of Vishnu
140899: ROBERT EATON - The Benedictines of Colwich 1829-1929: England's First House of Perpetual Adoration
151205: JEANETTE EATON - Leader by Destiny: George Washington, Man and Patriot
60211: RALPH MONROE EATON. - Symbolism and Truth: An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge.
47864: RICHARD EATON. - Under the Red Flag.
39137: GERHARD EBELING. - Theology and Proclamation: A Discussion with Rudolf Bultmann.
104488: PIERRE PAUL EBEYER. - Revelations Concerning Napoleon's Escape from St. Helena.
1271: MARTIN EBON. - Kgb: Death and Rebirth.
80664: DR. BRUNO ECK. - Technische Stromungslehre.
85272: A. ROY ECKARDT. - Elder and Younger Brothers: The Encounter of Jews and Christians.
63022: JAKOB ECKER. - Katholische Schulbibel.
141458: ALLAN W. ECKERT - A Time of Terror: The Great Dayton Flood
144314: ALLAN W. ECKERT - Blue Jacket: War Chief of the Shawnees
143344: SUZANNE E. ECKES AND CHARLES J. RUSSO, EDS. - School Discipline and Safety
106965: GRACE ECKLEY. - Maiden Tribute: A Life of W.T. Stead.
120662: JEANETTE ECKMAN - Delaware: A Guide to the First State
121929: JAMES EDWARD TOBIN ED. - The Happy Crusaders
121969: RONALD E. WOOD JR. ED. - The Lodges of Northwest Missouri
121349: REVEREND JOHN P. O'CONNELL ED. - The Holy Bible
122022: ANTON-HERMANN CHROUST ED. - Natural Law Forum 1959 Volume 4 Number 1
120053: R.M. WILSON ED. - The English Text of the Ancrene Riwle
121955: BRADLEY T. JOHNSON ED. AND DISTINGUISHED MEN OF [JEFFERSON DAVIS'] TIME - A Memoir of the Life and Public Service of Joseph E. Johnston and Life and Reminiscences of Jefferson Davis
120224: LAVERNE J. WAGNER - ED. - George de la Hele (1547-1586) Collected Works
104643: GEORGE S. HELLMAN (ED). - Memoirs of Comte de Mercy Argenteau [Complete Set].
121939: W. EDWIN HEMPHILL ED. - Gold Star Honor Roll of Virginians in the Second World War
121915: DANIEL M. O'CONNELL ED. - Kindly Light: A Cardinal Newman Prayerbook
121912: JEFFREY M. BURNS ED. - Catholic San Francisco: Sesquicentennial Essays
121660: ERNEST VENK ED. - Automotive Engines: Maintenance and Repair
121651: DAPHNE CHILD ED. - The Zulu War Journal of Colonel Henry Harford C.B.
121170: RICHARD S. KERSTINE ED. - Amberley Village: Its History and Its People
121926: ALFRED FOWLER ED. - The Curiosities of Kissing: Wit and Humor, Story and Anecdote on Kisses, Kissers and Kissing
121892: JAMES HEWITT ED. - Eye-Witnesses to Nelson's Battles
121890: JOHN R. CARNES ED. - The 1976 History of Allen County Ohio
121888: HESTER THACKERAY RITCHIE ED. - Thackeray and His Daughter: The Letters and Journals of Anne Thackeray Ritchie with Many Letters of William Makepeace Thackeray
121879: DOUGLAS WOODRUFF ED. - For Hilaire Belloc: Essays in Honor of His 71st Birthday
121861: CALVIN HUCKABAY ED. - John Milton: A Bibliographical Supplement 1929-1957
28689: PAUL LANDIS - ED. - Four Famous Greek Plays.
121754: REV. HUGO HOEVER ED. - Saint Joseph Continuous Sunday Missal: A Simplified and Continuous Arrangement of the Mass for All Sundays and Feast Days with a Treasury of Prayers
121904: CHARLES DAVIS ED. - English Spiritual Writers
121188: J. DAVID WILLIAMS ED. - America Illustrated
121239: THEODORE ROSENGARTEN ED. - All God's Dangers: The Life of Nate Shaw
122085: ALFRED L. SCANLAN ED. - University of Notre Dame Natural Law Institute Proceedings Volume II
121662: CARL FRANKENSTEIN ED. - Between Past and Future: Essays and Studies on Aspects of Immigrant Absorption in Israel
121718: J. HERGENROTHER ED. - Monumenta Graeca Ad Photium Ejusque Historiam Pertinentia
120752: JOHN CHAPIN ED. - A Treasury of Catholic Reading
1215133: GERALD A. MCCOOL. ED - A Rahner Reader
122066: FREDERICK J. ADELMANN ED. - The Quest for the Absolute
121765: ETHELREDA LEWIS ED. - Trader Horn Being the Life and Works of Alfred Aloysius Horn
112398: MARIANO CUEVAS - ED. - Cartas Y Otros Documentos de Hernan Cortes Novisimamente Descubiertos En El Archivo General de Indias de la Ciudad de Sevilla.
121191: BRUNO GARLEPP ED. - Bismarck Von Der Wiege Bis Zum Grab
121430: G. HUEHNS ED. - Selections from the History of the Rebellion and CIVIL Wars and the Life by Himself
121416: LLOYD W. DALY ED. - Brito Metricus: A Mediaeval Verse Treatise
121402: LEWIS LEAMING FORMAN ED. - Aristophanes Clouds
121399: LEO W. KEEBLER ED. - Titi LIVII Libri XXI Et XXII
121390: W.E. HEITLAND ED. - Luciani Somnium Charon Piscator Et de Luctu
121370: EDWARD R. MALONEY ED. - St. Basil the Great to Students on Greek Literature
121371: J.H. WESTCOTT ED. - Selected Letters of Pliny
121366: EDWARD P. MORRIS ED. - Horace: The Satires
111761: MONTAGUE SUMMERS - ED. - The Complete Works of William Congreve.
104600: M. GEORGES LEQUIN - ED. - Memoirs of the Count de Rambuteau.
99093: NANCY SABBAG - ED. - Divine Love Came Down! Wisdom from Saint Alphonsus Liguori.
85073: WALTER MITCHELL - ED. - Christian Ascetism and Modern Man.
92416: FRED REINFELD - ED. - Chess Tactics for Beginners.
84742: MICHAEL MCCAULEY - ED. - In the Name of the Father: Stories About Priests.
94049: R.A. COOMBE (ED). - Magnetohydrodynamic Generation of Electrical Power.
84808: DONALD SENIOR - ED. - The Catholic Study Bible: New American Bible.
54525: PETER QUENNELL - ED. - Mayhew's London - Mayhew's Characters - London's Underworld.
94272: KINSLEY AMIS (ED). - The New Oxford Book of English Light Verse.
2303: THOMAS M. CRANFILL (ED). - Rich's Farewell to Military Profession.
73181: RICHARD H. KOHN & JOSEPH P. HARAHAN. ED. - Air Interdiction in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam: An Interview with Gen. Earle E. Partridge, Gen. Jacob E. Smart, and Gen. John W. Vogt, Jr.
130060: ERIC COLLEDGE ED. - The Mediaeval Mystics of England
2686: ABE LAUFE (ED). - An Army Doctor's Wife on the Frontier.
19441: PATRICIA ROBERTSON (ED). - Stirring Sea Stories.
2109: F.E. CHADWICK (ED). - The Despatches of Thomas Graves.
2799: COL. C. FIELD (ED). - Echoes from Old Wars.
83424: H.A. REINHOLD - ED. - The Soul Afire: Revelations of the Mystics.
86031: RAYMOND C. MOORE - ED. - Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology Part W: Miscellanea.
86036: LIONEL MANSON - ED. - Biological Properties of the Mammalian Surface Membrane.
1658: JOHN RAYMOND (ED). - The Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow.
86655: V.A. MAGNITSKII (ED). - Problems of Theoretical Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior.
91161: MARTIN J. BUSS (ED). - Encounter with the Text: Form and History in the Hebrew Bible.
121607: BRIAN ROBSON ED. - Sir Hugh Rose and the Central India Campaign 1858
87013: EGAR F. HARDEN ED. - Selected Letters of William Makepeace Thackeray.
87371: RALPH A. NEWMAN - ED. - Man and Nature: Selected Essays by Giorgio Del Vecchio.
11357: ALFRED MAYER (ED). - Sport with Gun and Rod in American Woods and Waters.
5318: S.B. SPIES (ED). - A Soldier in South Africa: The Experiences of Eustace Abadie 1899-1902.
11338: BARONESS DE STAEL HOLSTEIN (ED). - Letters and Reflections of the Austrian Field Marshal Prince de Ligne.
122015: WILLIAM J. MCDONALD ED. - The General Council: Special Studies in Doctrinal and Historical Background
121993: F.J. SHEED ED. - Poetry and Life: An Anthology of English Catholic Poetry
121580: IAN D. SKENNERTON ED. - List of Changes in British War Material in Relation to Edged Weapons, Firearms and Associated Ammunition and Accoutrements with Alphabetic Index Volume I 1860-1866
51169: ALEXANDER JONES - ED. - The Jerusalem Bible.
111758: REV. GEORGE GILFILLAN - ED. - Specimens with Memoirs of the Less-Known British Poets: Vols. I-III.
121620: JAMES LUNT ED. - From Sepoy to Subedar Being the Life and Adventures of Subedar Sita Ram, a Native Officer of the Bengal Army Written and Related by Himself
120730: GAVIN LYALL ED. - The War in the Air: The Royal Air Force in World War II
120748: SISTER M. THERESE ED. - I Sing of a Maiden: The Mary Book of Verse
120787: J.L. ROCKEY ED. - History of Clermont County Ohio with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers
120928: FRANCIS P. DONNELLY ED. - The Second Spring: A Sermon by John Henry Newman
120947: FRANCIS X. MURPHY ED. - A Monument to Saint Jerome: Essays on Some Aspects of His Life; Works and Influence
55477: SHERWOOD EDDY. - With Our Soldiers in France.
60938: MAY EDEL AND ABRAHAM EDEL. - Anthropology and Ethics: The Quest for Moral Understanding.
61514: YERVANT H. KRIKORIAN & ABRAHAM EDEL, EDS. - Contemporary Philosophic Problems: Selected Readings.
80657: ABRAHAM EDEL. - Science and the Structure of Ethics.
112853: EDGAR LEE HEWETT, JUNIUS HENDERSON, AND WILFRED WILLIAM ROBBINS - The Physiography of the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, in Relation to Pueblo Culture.
131274: RICHARD EDGCUMBE - Byron: The Last Phase
132271: JACQUES MARITAIN, EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION BY JOSEPH W. EVANS) - Jacques Maritain: The Man and His Achievement
120059: ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA; EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY ALGAR THOROLD - The Dialogue of the Seraphic Virgin Catherine of Siena
123493: EDITH K. ROOSEVELT, ET AL. - Cleared for Strange Ports
143431: EDITH WYSCHOGROD, JEAN-JOSEPH GOUX, AND ERIC BOYNTON, EDS. - The Enigma of Gift and Sacrifice
141134: MICHAEL SHARRATT (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Lisbon College Register 1628-1813, Volume 72
141451: ROBERT N. TAYLOR (EDITOR) - The Eric Gill Collection of the Humanities Research Center: A Catalogue
141130: J. ANTHONY WILLIAMS (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Post-Reformation Catholicism in Bath, Vols. I-II, Volumes 65-6
141501: COLIN BROWN (EDITOR) - The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, Vols. 1-3
141492: D.L. KELLEHER (EDITOR) - An Anthology of Christmas Prose & Verse
141510: LEANDER E. KECK (GENERAL EDITOR) - The New Interpreter's Bible New Testament Survey
141109: J. CYRIL M. WEALE (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Registers of the Catholic Chapels Royal and of the Portuguese Embassy Chapel 1662-1829, Vol. I Marriages, Volume 37
141310: KENNETH BAKER (EDITOR) - The Faber Book of War Poetry
141126: ANTHONY G. PETTI (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Recusant Documents from the Ellesmere Manuscripts, Volume 60
111420: W.J. BEECHER - EDITOR. - Poems of Peace and War.
141114: ROBERT E. SCANTLEBURY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Hampshire Registers III, the Registers and Records of Brockhampton (Havant), Volume 44
110633: ALLEN THORNDIKE RICE - EDITOR. - The North American Review: Vol. 135 July-December 1882.
141142: D.A.B. CAILLAU (EDITOR) - St. Eusebius, Et Al (Collectio Selecta Ss. Ecclesiae Patrum) Vols. 1-8 (in 4 Books)
141108: WILFRID KELLY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Liber Ruber Venerabilis Collegii Anglorum de Urbe, Volume 37
141261: CHARLES DOLLEN (EDITOR) - Jesus, Lord
141309: JILL BALCON (EDITOR) - The Pity of War: Poems of the First World War
111680: HAROLD MCCRACKEN - EDITOR. - Frederic Remington's Own West.
112098: WILLIAM GIFFORD - EDITOR. - The Plays of Philip Massinger with Notes Critical and Explanatory.
141122: HUGH BOWLER (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Recusant Roll No. 2 1593-1594, Volume 57
141121: E.E. REYNOLDS (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea, Volume 56
141117: E.E. REYNOLDS (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: The Mawhood Diary, Volume 50
141113: ROBERT E. SCANTLEBURY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Hampshire (and Dorset) Registers II, Volume 43
141118: P. REYNOLD (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: The Wisbech Stirs 1595-1598, Volume 51
141112: ROBERT E. SCANTLEBURY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Hampshire Registers I, the Registers and Records of Winchester, Volume 42
141116: T.A. BIRRELL (EDITOR), JOHN BLIGH, S.J. (TRANSLATOR) - Catholic Record Society: The History of English Persecution of Catholics and the Presbyterian Plot, Parts I-II, Volumes 47-8
108165: CARLO DIANO - EDITOR. - L'Attualita Della Problematica Aristotelica: Atti Del Convegno Franco-Italiano Su Aristotle.
141199: JAMES W. CORTADA (EDITOR) - Historical Dictionary of the Spanish CIVIL War, 1936-1939
141115: ROBERT E. SCANTLEBURY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Hampshire Registers IV, the Registers of Gosport and Portsea, Volume 49
107520: DAVID DANIELL - EDITOR. - The Best Short Stories of John Buchan: Volume II.
141123: P. REYNOLD (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Letters of William Allen and Richard Barret 1572-1598, Volume 58
141137: D.A.B. CAILLAU (EDITOR) - St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan (Collectio Selecta Ss. Ecclesiae Patrum) Vols. 1-9 (in 5 Books)
112400: WILLIAM ALDIS WRIGHT - EDITOR. - Letters and Literary Remains of Edward Fitzgerald: Vols. I-III.
141107: EDWIN HENSON (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Registers of the English College at Valladolid 1589-1862, Volume 30
140976: G.K. CHESTERTON (EDITOR) - Masters of Literature: Thackeray
141125: R.E. SCANTLEBURY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Isle of Wight Registers Newport 1792-1887, Cowes 1796-1856, Volume 59
141201: E. NELSON BRIDWELL (EDITOR) - Shazam! from the Forties to the Seventies
141110: WILFRID KELLY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Liber Ruber Venerabilis Collegii Anglorum de Urbe, Volume 40
97218: CHARLA HONEA (EDITOR). - A Reader's Companion to Crossing the Threshold of Hope.
141421: DONALD ATTWATER (EDITOR) - A Dictionary of Mary
96775: SHALOM KAPLAN - EDITOR. - Self Beyond Self.
141129: P.R. HARRIS (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Douai College Documents 1639-1794, Volume 63
141141: D.A.B. CAILLAU (EDITOR) - St. Augustine (Collectio Selecta Ss. Ecclesiae Patrum) Vols. 1-41 (in 22 Books)
93500: ALAN GEWIRTH EDITOR. - Marsilius of Padua: The Defender of Peace.
14343: JAMES MITCHELL (EDITOR). - The Illustrated Reference Book of the Ages of Discovery.
13022: DONALD L. PARMAN EDITOR. - Window to a Changed World: The Personal Memoirs of William Graham.
98606: DAVID BLANCHARD - EDITOR. - Liberation Theology: Carmelite Perspectives.
141105: EDWIN HENSON (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: The English College at Madrid 1611-1767, Volume 29
141135: MARTIN MURPHY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: St. Gregory's College, Seville, 1592-1767, Volume 73
111746: [ROBERT DODSLEY - EDITOR]. - A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes by Several Hands.
141139: D.A.B. CAILLAU (EDITOR) - St. Gregory Nazianzus (Collectio Selecta Ss. Ecclesiae Patrum) Vols. 1-4 (in 2 Books)
141120: ANTHONY KENNY (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: The Responsa Scholarum of the English College, Rome, Part One: 1598-1621 and Part Two: 1622-1685, Volumes 54-5
141070: HENRY TRISTRAM (EDITOR) - John Henry Newman: Centenary Essays
141312: LEON STOKESBURY (EDITOR) - Articles of War: A Collection of Poetry About World War II
141174: NICOLA A. MONTANI (EDITOR) - The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book
141437: WAYNE A. MEEKS (EDITOR) - The Harper Collins Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version
106623: SKIRA EDITORE. - From Fra Angelico to Bonnard: Masterpieces from the Rau Collection.
106624: SKIRA EDITORE. - From Fra Angelico to Bonnard: Masterpieces from the Rau Collection.
19219: ALAN PRYOR & JENIFER WOODS (EDS). - Great Uncle Fred's War: An Illustrated Diary 1917-1920.
86625: ELIZABETH CANNING & C.A. WRIGHT (EDS). - Behavioural Aspects of Parasite Transmission.
91335: LEONARD JOHNSON & AIDAN PICKERING (EDS). - A Harmony of the Gospels in the Knox Translation.
5581: CASHEL HOHEY & JOHN LILLIE (EDS). - The Letters of Madame de Remusat.
35853: F.S. EDSALL. - The World of Psychic Phenomena.
140109: EDUARDUS KENNARD RAND, ET. AL. - Servianorum in Virgilii Carmina Commentariorum Volumen II
143695: EDUARDUS, ARCHBISHOP OF DUBLIN - Synodus Dioecesana Dublinensis, Habita in Ecclesia Sanctae Crucis, Dublini, Die 20 Septembris, 1927. Una Cum Nonnullis Documentis Usui Cleri Accomodatis
144746: AUSTRALIAN BISHOPS' COMMITTEE FOR EDUCATION - Catholic Catechism Book Two: Teacher's Book
105869: EDWARD AND LINDA EZELL. - The Partnership: A History of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.
70527: EDWARD D. EDDY, JR., ET AL. - The College Influence on Student Character.
121541: MICHAEL EDWARDES - The Last Years of British India
121612: MICHAEL EDWARDES - Playing the Great Game: A Victorian Cold War
121648: MICHAEL EDWARDES - Bound to Exile: The Victorians in India
123600: DAVID L. EDWARDS - Christian England: Volume 2 - from the Reformation to the 18th Century
123598: DAVID L. EDWARDS - Christian England: Volume 3 - from the 18th Century to the First World War
122718: PAUL EDWARDS - Canute's Tower St. Beuno's 1848-1989
141845: PAUL EDWARDS, ED. - The Encyclopedia of Philosophy Volumes 1-8
72527: TUDOR EDWARDS. - Worlds Apart: A Journey to the Great Living Monastaries of Europe.
55467: DAVID L. EDWARDS. - The Real Jesus.
91286: O.C. EDWARDS JR. - How It All Began: Origins of the Christian Church.
11377: LT.CMDR. KENNETH EDWARDS. - We Dive at Dawn.
144312: CHARLES S. EDWARDS - Hugo Grotius: The Miracle of Holland; a Study in Political and Legal Thought
141829: DAVID L. EDWARDS - Christian England (Volume Three): From the Eighteenth Century to the First World War
143669: E.J. EDWARDS - These Two Hands
150003: BROTHER B. EDWIN - Points Worth Pondering
69140: BROTHER B. EDWIN, F.S.C. - Retreat Conferences for Religious.
120629: GEORGE ALEC EFFINGER - The Nick of Time
143769: R.C. EFFINGER - ABC of Investing
123673: HARVEY D. EGAN - Soundings in the Christian Mystical Tradition
142756: MAURICE FRANCIS EGAN - Everybody's St. Francis
150704: REV. PATRICK K. EGAN - The Parish of Ballinasloe: Its History from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
142627: HARVEY D. EGAN - Ignatius Loyola the Mystic
142265: PHILIP A. EGAN - Philosophy and Catholic Theology: A Primer
51212: EILEEN & KATHLEEN EGAN. - Prayertimes with Mother Teresa.
130687: H. E. EGERTON - The Causes and Character of the American Revolution
98633: THRAINN EGGERTSSON. - Economic Behavior and Institutions.
132025: SIDNEY Z. EHLER AND JOHN B. MORRALL - Church and State Through the Centuries: A Collection of Historic Documents with Commentaries
131370: VICTOR EHRENBERG - Sophocles and Pericles
36763: DR. ALBERT EHRHARD. - Die Altchristliche Literatur Und Ihre Erforschung Seit 1880.
30330: ROBERT W. EHRICH. - Relative Chronologies in Old World Archeology.
98053: HENRY LUTZ EHRLICH. - Geomicrobiology.
36187: RUDOLF J. EHRLICH. - Rome: Opponent or Partner?
43627: EDUARD EICHMANN. - Lehrbuch Des Kirchenrechts Auf Grund Des Codex Iuris Canonici, Vols. I-III.
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