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162730: NAVAL HISTORY DIVISION, NAVY DEPARTMENT - CIVIL War Naval Chronology 1861-1865
163610: GEORG C. DIVRY - Greek Made Easy: A Simplified Method of Instruction in Modern Greek for Schools and Self Study
161877: D.C. DIVRY - Greek-English Conversation
141706: R. R. DIWAKAR - Satyagraha: The Power of Truth
165314: HIPPOLYTUS OF ROME; REV GREGORY DIX, ED. - The Treatise on the Apostolic Tradition of St. Hippolytus of Rome Bishop and Martyr
140751: DOM GREGORY DIX - The Shape of the Liturgy
160542: PETER DIXON - Canning: Politician and Statesman
131135: W. MACNEILE DIXON - In the Republic of Letters
111704: FRANKLIN W. DIXON. - Flying to the Rescue [Ted Scott Flying Stories #13].
66004: MAUR J. DLOUHY. - The Ordination of Exempt Religious: A History and a Commentary.
125053: WILLIAM CROSWELL DOANE, ED - Songs by the Way: The Poetical Writings of the Right Rev. George Washington Doane
106987: J.D. DOBBIN. - The Jombee Dance of Montserrat.
30486: JOHN F. DOBBS. - From Bunker Hill to Manila Bay: A Record of Battles.
143617: J. FRANK DOBIE - Tongues of the Monte
145409: ERNST DOBLHOFER - Voices in Stone: The Decipherment of Ancient Scripts and Writings
1227788: LOUISA EMILY DOBRÉE - Per Parcel Post
113021: J.F. DOBSON - Ancient Education and Its Meaning to Us.
17180: CLIVE DOBSON. - Feeding Wild Birds in Winter.
97127: JOHN H. DOBSON. - A Guide to the Book of Exodus.
1210668: AUSTIN DOBSON - Eighteenth Century Vignettes: Vols. II & III [Incomplete].
120657: AUSTIN DOBSON - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century
39778: JOHN BERCHMANS DOCKERY, O.F.M. - They That Build: The Life of Mother Clare of Brentwood.
165239: THE NATIONAL CENTER CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE - Manual of the Parish Confraternity of Christian Doctrine: Organization and Promotion of Ccd Activity for Priests, Religious, Seminarians, and the Laity
141871: CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE - New Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible
164658: EPISCOPAL COMMITTEE OF THE CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE - The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
162121: THE EPISCOPAL COMMITTE OF THE CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE, ED. - The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
70408: CONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE. - Proceedings of the National Catechetical Congress of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Cincinnati, Oh, November 4-7, 1939.
165380: L.E. DODD, ED. - History of the Odd Fellows' Home of Ohio
81308: C.H. DODD. - The Meaning of Paul for Today.
99603: SAMUEL DAVIES & PHILIP DODDRIDGE. - A System of Family Duty.
165441: MARY MAPES DODGE - St. Nicholas: Scribner's Illustrated Magazine for Girls and Boys; Volume I. November 1873 to November 1874.
47135: MARY MAPES DODGE, ED. - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 25.
47137: MARY MAPES DODGE, ED. - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 24.
47138: MARY MAPES DODGE, ED. - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 15.
47136: MARY MAPES DODGE, ED. - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 21.
47141: MARY MAPES DODGE, ED. - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 8, Part II.
47139: MARY MAPES DODGE, ED. - St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 5.
1222585: ROBERT DODSLEY; PHILIP STANHOPE LORD CHESTERFIELD - The Chronicle of the Kings of England from William the Norman to the Death of George III Written After the Manner of the Jeiwsh Historians
66002: REV. EDWARD JOHN DODWELL. - The Time and Place for the Celebration of Marriage: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
62777: JOHANNES DOELLER. - Compendium Hereneuticae Biblicae.
146620: BERNARD E. DOERING - Jacques Maritain and the French Catholic Intellectuals
46776: GUSTAV DOETSCH. - Theorie Und Anwendung Der Laplace-Transformation.
1210779: DOROTHY DOHEN - Vocation to Love
65713: DOROTHY DOHEN. - Vocation to Love.
122914: WILLIAM J. DOHENY, ED. - The Pater Noster of Saint Teresa: A Commentary on the Lord's Prayer.
126024: EDDIE DOHERTY - Tumbleweed: A Biography
143007: CATHERINE DE HUECK DOHERTY - Dear Father: A Message of Love to Priests
144745: EDWARD DOHERTY - Gall and Honey: The Story of a Newspaperman
68035: REV. E.F. O'DOHERTY. - Religion and Personality Problems.
34685: EDDIE DOHERTY. - Tumbleweed.
87229: EDDIE DOHERTY. - Tumbleweed: A Biography.
162360: JIM BORGMAN; J. DENNIS DOHERTY, ED. - My 25 Years at the Cincinnati Enquirer
160406: ALLAN DOIG - The Architectural Drawings Collection of King's College, Cambridge: A Catalogue and Historical Synopsis of the Major Project Drawings of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
124295: JAY P. DOLAN - The American Catholic Experience: A History from Colonial Times to the Present
148690: JOHN P. DOLAN - History of the Reformation: A Conciliatory Assessment of Opposite Views
67680: REV. THOMAS S. DOLAN. - The See of Peter and the Voice of Antiquity: Critical Notes on Bishop Coxe's Ante-Nicene Fathers.
80673: BL. DOLAPTSCHIEW. - Bemerkungen Uber Die Stabilitatsuntersuchungen Der Wirbelstrassen.
8202: NATHAN HASKELL DOLE. - Famous Composers.
150661: JAMES B. DOLLARD - Poems
140674: CHARLES DOLLEN, ED. - CIVIL Rights: A Source Book
71819: JOHN J.I. VON DOLLINGER. - Christententhm Und Kirche in Der Zeit Der Grundlegung.
145710: FRIEDRICH DOMAY - Formenlehre Der Bibliographischen Ermittlung: Eine Einfuhrung in Die Praxis Der Literaturerschliessung
124802: JEAN-MARIE DOMENACH AND ROBERT DE MONTVALON - The Catholic Avant-Garde: French Catholicism Since World War II
161814: TOMAS O. DOMHNALLAIN - Buntus Cainte: Cein a Haon; a First Step in Spoken Irish, Part One
161815: TOMAS O. DOMHNALLAIN - Buntus Cainte: First Steps in Spoken Irish, Part Three; Ceim a Tri
161816: TOMAS O. DOMHNALLAIN - Buntus Cainte: First Steps in Spoken Irish, Part Two; Ceim a Do
150080: JACK DOMINIAN - Being Jack Dominian: Reflections on Marriage, Sex, and Love
64844: J. DOMINIAN. - Christian Marriage: The Challenge of Change.
70428: EUCHARISTIC MISSIONARIES OF ST. DOMINIC. - Heralds of the Good News: An Initial Course for the Formation of Christian Catechists.
148911: SISTER MARY DOMINICA - Willamette Interlude
96040: THE ENGLISH DOMINICANS. - Blackfriars: A Monthly Review - September 1934.
60055: FREDERICK C. DOMMEYER, EDITOR. - In Quest of Value: Readings in Philosophy and Personal Values.
149106: DON HOSSLER, JOHN P. BEAN, AND ASSOCIATES - The Strategic Management of College Enrollments
1232866: DANIEL JOSEPH DONAHOE - Early Christian Hymns: Translations of the Verses of the Most Notable Latin Writers of the Early and Middle Ages
14640: JACKSON DONAHUE. - Divorce American Style.
162459: NIALL O DONAILL - Focloir Gaeilge-Bearla
140624: STEPHEN R. DONALDSON - The Power That Preserves
160967: JAMES DONALDSON - The Practical Guide to the Use of Marine Steam Machinery, and Internal Management of Small Steamers, Steam Yachts and Steam Launches
162043: BRUCE DONALDSON - Dutch: A Comprehensive Grammar
63357: JOANNES GUILELMUS DONALDSON. - Jashar: Fragmenta Archetypa.
143943: PIETRO DI DONATO - Christ in Concrete
165186: J.F. DONCEEL - Philosophical Psychology
68862: AUSTIN DONDERO, F.S.C., PH.D. - No Borrowed Light: Mental Health for Religious.
132359: JOSEPH G. DONDERS - With Hearts on Fire: Reflections on the Weekday Readings of the Liturgical Year
142329: JOSEPH G. DONDERS - Non-Bourgeois Theology: An African Experience of Jesus
99125: JOSEPH G. DONDERS. - Jesus - Heaven on Earth: Reflections on the Gospels for the a-Cycle.
108007: ALBERT DONDEYNE. - Contemporary European Thought and Christian Faith.
35751: D. DONEY. - Institutionum Philosophicarum Ad Usum Juventutis Praesertimque Seminariorum.
43610: LUDWINUS VAN DONGEN. - De Potestate a Romanis Pontificibus in Constitutionibus Canonis 1125 Exhibita.
124137: WALLACE BRETT DONHAM - Business Adrift
163986: RABBI HAYIM HALEVY DONIN - To Pray As a Jew: A Guide to the Prayer Book and the Synagogue Service
163984: RABBI HAYIM HALEVY DONIN - To Be a Jew: A Guide to Jewish Observance in Contemporary Life
163985: RABBI HAYIM HALEVY DONIN - To Raise a Jewish Child: A Guide for Parents
162366: DONN D. MARTIN, GEORGE C. KENT, AND ARTHUR G. CLEVELAND - Anatomy of the Vertebrates: A Laboratory Guide
160397: JOHN DONNE - Deaths Duell: A Sermon Delivered Before King Charles I in the Beginning of Lent 1630/1
103808: JAMES J. O'DONNELL. - Augustine.
142590: JAMES J. O'DONNELL - Augustine: A New Biography
164593: REV. GEORGE E. O'DONNELL - St. Charles Seminary Overbrook, Vols. I-II
142431: JAMES J. O'DONNELL - Augustine: A New Biography
99120: THOMAS J. O'DONNELL. - Medicine and Christian Morality: Second Revised and Updated Edition.
65632: THOMAS J. O'DONNELL. - Morals in Medicine.
65975: CLETUS FRANCIS O'DONNELL. - The Marriage of Minors: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
95036: ELLIOTT O'DONNELL. - Eliot O'Donnell's Great Ghost Stories.
64463: J. REGINALD O'DONNELL, ED. - Nine Mediaeval Thinkers: A Collection of Hitherto Unedited Texts.
146682: REV. GEORGE E. O'DONNELL - St. Charles Seminary, Philadelphia: A History of the Theological Seminary of Saint Charles Borromeo, Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1832-1964, with a Chronological Record of Ordinations and Pictures of the Living Alumni
125013: DONAT O'DONNELL - Maria Cross: Imaginative Patterns in a Group of Modern Catholic Writers
66001: REV. THOMAS A. DONNELLAN. - The Obligation of the Missa Pro Populo: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
149171: MOST REV. DR. [NICHOLAS] DONNELLY - The Irish College at Rome
163082: FRANCIS P. DONNELLY - Watching an Hour: A Book for the Blessed Sacrament
105907: JOSEPH P. DONNELLY. - Pierre Gibault Missionary 1737-1802.
131611: ELEANOR C. DONNELLY - A Tuscan Magdalen and Other Legends and Poems
7407: ALTON DONNELLY. - The Russian Conquest of Bashkiria 1552-1740.
144756: FRANCIS P. DONNELLY - Mustard Seed: Some Pungent Paragraphs
32273: ELEANOR C. DONNNELLY. - Poems.
32259: JAMES J. DONOHUE. - Exile in the Stars.
65709: JOHN DONOHUE. - Christian Maturity.
141228: C.F. DONOVAN - Our Faith and the Facts
65995: REV. JOHN THOMAS DONOVAN. - The Clerical Obligations of Canons 138 and 140: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
165132: MARY SUDMAN DONOVAN - A Different Call: Women's Ministries in the Episcopal Church, 1850-1920
148280: MARY TERESE DONZE - Teresa of Avila
145657: MARC DONZE - La Pauvrete Comme Don de Soi: Essais Sur Maurice Zundel
110089: LESTER M. DOOLEY. - Are You Heeding Fatima?
102113: FATHER DOOLEY. - It Is I.
145800: LESTER M. DOOLEY - Novena to Our Lady of Fatima
67174: DR. N.G.M. VAN DOORNIK. - The Meeting with Christ: A Layman's Guide to Catholic Faith Today.
141847: ROBERT M. DORAN - Object and Psyche: Ricoeur, Jung, and the Search for Foundations
67205: WILLIAM R. DORAN. - A Modern Digest of Catholicism.
32622: GEORGE H. DORAN. - Chronicles of Barabbas 1884-1934.
142448: MARK VAN DOREN - That Shining Place: New Poems by Mark Van Doren
146158: CHARLES VAN DOREN - The Idea of Progress
144426: CARL VAN DOREN AND JULIAN P. BOYD - Indian Treaties Printed by Benjamin Franklin 1736-1762
149228: MARK VAN DOREN, COMP. - The Night of the Summer Solstice & Other Stories of the Russian War
16541: CARL VAN DOREN. - James Branch Cabell.
163564: CARL VAN DOREN, ED. - An Anthology of World Prose
103299: T.A. DOREY AND ALLISON LEON. - The Norman Kings: A Medieval Latin Reader.
123290: ALFRED DORFFEL AND WOLFGANG GRAESER, ED. - The Art of the Fugue & a Musical Offering: By Johann Sebastian Bach
62749: PIERRE DORNIER, ED. - La Sainte Bible: A Timothee Et a Tite.
149018: EMMANUEL DORONZO - De Sacramentis in Genere: Tractatus Dogmaticus
147811: EMMANUEL DORONZO - De Baptismo Et Confirmatione
144228: EMMANUEL DORONZO - De Baptismo Et Confirmatione
164337: STEPHEN P. DORSEY - Early English Churches in America 1607-1807
112961: JAMES OWEN DORSEY - Omaha and Ponka Letters.
21419: FLORENCE L. DORSEY. - Master of the Mississippi.
149565: MRS. ANNA H. DORSEY - The Old Gray Rosary: "Refuge of Sinners
112809: JAMES OWEN DORSEY AND JOHN R. SWANTON - Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 47: A Dictionary of the Biloxi and Ofo Languages Accompanied with Thirty-One Biloxi Texts and Numerous Biloxi Phrases.
71367: MRS. ANNA HANSON DORSEY. - The Mad Penitent of Todi.
67388: THEODORE H. DORSEY. - From a Far Country: The Conversion Story of a Campaigner for Christ.
44023: REV. WILLIAM L. DOTY. - Trends and Countertrends Among American Catholics.
65696: REV. WILLIAM L. DOTY. - Virtues for Our Time.
125404: WILLIAM L. DOTY - Trends and Counter-Trends Among American Catholics
125343: BROTHER ALEXIUS DOUGHERTY, F.S.C. - Apocalypse: A Blessing in Disguise
125408: JOHN M. DOUGHERTY - Unto the Altar of God: A Spiritual Commentary on the Pontifical
142690: JOHN M. DOUGHERTY - Unto the Altar of God: A Spiritual Commentary on the Pontifical
123583: JUDE P. DOUGHERTY - Jacques Maritain: An Intellectual Profile
67593: KENNETH DOUGHERTY, S.A. - Ecclesia Est Theandrica Ad Instar Jesu Christi.
66188: IOANNE WHELAN IOSEPHO DOUGHTERTY. - De Inquisitione Speciali.
32235: PAUL DOUGHTY. - Huaylas: An Andean District in Search of Progress.
147813: RICHARD M. DOUGLAS - Jacopo Sadoleto 1477-1547: Humanist and Reformer
160436: NORMAN DOUGLAS - Norman Douglas: A Selection from His Works with an Introduction by D.M. Low
150068: J.D. DOUGLAS, ED - The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church
132413: WILLIAM O. DOUGLAS - Exploring the Himalaya
163972: J.D. DOUGLAS, ET AL., EDS. - New Bible Dictionary
165136: IAN T. DOUGLAS - Fling out the Banner! the National Church Ideal and the Foreign Mission of the Episcopal Church
163258: LLOYD C. DOUGLAS - The Robe
130527: SIR GEORGE DOUGLAS - James Hogg
165454: DOUGLAS KELLY, HUGH MCCLURE, AND PHILIP B. ROLLINSON, EDS. - The Westminster Confession of Faith: A New Edition
7477: DAVID C. DOUGLAS. - The Norman Fate 1100-1154.
18429: JOHN DOUGLAS. - A Letter Addressed to Two Great Men on the Prospect of Peace.
131617: JAMES DOUGLAS - Theodore Watts-Dunton: Poet, Novelist, Critic
108482: GENERAL SIR HOWARD DOUGLAS. - A Treatise on Naval Gunnery.
145430: NORMAN DOUGLAS - South Wind
143205: JACK DOUGLAS - A Funny Thing Happened to Me on My Way to the Grave
36186: E. JANE DEMPSEY DOUGLASS. - Justication in Late Medieval Preaching: A Study of John Geiler of Keisersberg.
140929: HENRY DOULCET - Essai Sur Les Rapports de L'Eglise Chretienne Avec L'Etat Romain Pendant Les Trois Premiers Siecles
94736: JOACHIM M. DOURCHE. - La Vierge Toute Sainte.
164000: LYDIA A. DOURNOVO - Armenian Miniatures
131567: K.J. DOVER - Lysias and the Corpus Lysiacum
161502: NEAL DOW - Review in French
40868: ALEXANDER CRAWLEY DOW. - Ministers to the Soldiers of Scotland: A History of the Military Chaplains of Scotland Prior to the War in the Crimea.
66422: SISTER M. AMADEUS DOWD. - Changes in Moral Reasoning Through the High School Years.
125941: RAYMUND M. DOWDALL - Memories of Italy: Before, During, and After Fascism 1921-1950
130698: JAN S. DOWER - Last Tiger out: The True Story of Dan Maukar - Ace Pilot in the Indonesian Air Force
164166: LEVI H. DOWLING - The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion of the Aquarian Age of the World
149488: DAVID A. DOWNES - Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Study of His Ignatian Spirit
131609: DAVID A. DOWNES - Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Study of His Ignatian Spirit
131015: MICHAEL DOWNEY - Altogether Gift: A Trinitarian Spirituality
97268: REV. RICHARD DOWNEY. - Personal Immortality.
147754: GLANVILLE DOWNEY - Constantinople in the Age of Justinian
161131: JOHN P. DOWNS AND FENWICK Y. HEDLEY, EDS. - History of Chautauqua County and Its People Vols. I-III
151410: JAMES F. DOWNS - The Two Worlds of the Washo: An Indian Tribe of California and Nevada
112816: A. CONAN DOYLE - The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
1230376: SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - Works of Conan Doyle: The Author's Edition in 13 Volumes
149483: A. CONAN DOYLE - Rodney Stone
142816: ALBAN DOYLE - The Story of the Marist Brothers in Australia 1872-1972
140270: A. CONAN DOYLE - Beyond the City
1232879: GARDNER DOZOIS, ED. - The Year's Best Science Fiction 2006
160635: ENSIGN ROBERT L. DRAKE - The Boy Allies with the Victorious Fleets or the Fall of the German Navy
160638: ENSIGN ROBERT L. DRAKE - The Boy Allies with the Submarine D-32 or the Fall of the Russian Empire
101070: MOTHER FRANCIS RAPHAEL DRANE. - Life of Mother Margaret Mary Hallahan: Foundress of the English Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena.
131446: JOHN W. DRAPER - William Mason: A Study in Eighteenth-Century Culture
149091: WILLIAM A. DRAVES AND JULIE COATES - The Pedagogy of the 21st Century
66246: REV. VICTOR DREES. - The Effects of Practice on Memory Performance.
148459: MICHAEL A. DREESE - The Hospital on Seminary Ridge at the Battle of Gettysburg
6497: JEROME DREIFUSS. - Catherine and Potemkin: An Imperial Romance.
34356: THEODORE DREISER. - The Haunts of Bayard Taylor" in Munsey's Magazine, 1897-1898.
142764: CHARLES DREISOERNER - The Psychology of Liturgical Music
124213: SAMUEL H. DRESNER, ED. - I Asked for Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology Abraham Joshua Heschel
15030: JASMINE STONE VAN DRESSER - The Little Pink Pig and the Big Road: And Other Exciting Adventures
141064: F.M. DREVES - Spreading the Faith
54418: GUIDO MARIA DREVES. - Ein Wort Zur Gesangbuch-Frage.
37980: MARY FRANCES DREW. - The Passion Play of Ober-Ammergau.
16122: BETTINA DREW. - Nelson Algren: A Life on the Wild Side.
144979: LYLE SAXON & EDWARD DREYER - The Friends of Joe Gilmore & Some Friends of Lyle Saxon
1863: EDOUARD DRIAULT. - The True Visage of Napoleon.
144239: F.H. DRINKWATER - Birth Control and Natural Law
144786: REV. F.H. DRINKWATER - More Catechism Stories: A Teacher's Aid-Book
96109: REV. F.H. DRINKWATER. - Readings and Addresses for the Holy Hour and Other Occasions.
125537: PROINSIAS O DRISCEOIL - Culture in Ireland- Regions: Identity and Power
163945: G.R. DRIVER - The Judaean Scrolls: The Problem and a Solution
162821: S.R. DRIVER - A Treatise on the Use of Tenses in Hebrew and Some Other Syntactical Questions
161487: G.R. DRIVER - Semitic Writing from Pictograph to Alphabet
63505: S.R. DRIVER. - Notes on the Hebrew Text of the Books of Samuel.
86929: S.R. DRIVER. - An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament.
1228387: JOHN L. SMITH & LEE L. DRIVER - Past and Present of Randolph County, Indiana
164210: S.R. DRIVER - An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament
163308: JOHN DRIVER - Radical Faith: An Alternative History of the Christian Church
124317: MARC DROGIN - Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique
103928: PETER DRONKE. - Fabula: Explorations Into the Use of Myth in Medieval Platonism.
44964: FRANCIS M. DROUIN, O.P. - The Sounding Solitude: Meditations for Religious Women.
150565: BROTHER EDMOND G. DROUIN - The School Question: A Bibliography on Church-State Relationships in American Education 1940-1960
28428: ALEXANDER DRU. - Peguy.
162864: MALKA DRUCKER - Celebrating Life: Jewish Rites of Passage
112965: PHILIP DRUCKER - Ceramic Stratigraphy at Cerro de Las Mesas Veracruz, Mexico.
112964: PHILIP DRUCKER - Ceramic Sequences at Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico.
97494: WALTER DRUM. - The Scriptures and Christ.
66068: WILLIAM MARTIN DRUMM. - Hospital Chaplains: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
126003: HENRY DRUMMOND - Natural Law in the Spiritual World
160463: JOHN DRURY - Music at Midnight: The Life and Poetry of George Herbert
131244: JOHN DRURY - Old Illinois Houses
81241: RONAN DRURY, ED. - Preaching.
164572: REV. A.W. DRURY - History of the City of Dayton and Montgomery County Ohio Vols. I-II
144672: JOHN DRYDEN - Dryden: The Dramatic Works Vols. I-VI
164196: PLUTARCH; JOHN DRYDEN, TRANS. - The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans
126057: JOHN D. DRYSDALE - The Price of Revival
62792: A.-M. DUBARLE. - Lectio Divina 1: Les Sages D'Israel.
62808: A-M. DUBARLE. - Lectio Divina 20: Le Peche Originel Dans L'Ecripture.
37043: A.M. DUBARLE. - Les Sages D'Israel.
64919: A.M. DUBARLE. - Love and Fruitfulness in the Bible.
67629: WILLIAM H. DUBAY. - The Human Church.
124386: THOMAS DUBAY - Ecclesial Women: Towards a Theology of the Religious State
108151: MARGUERITE-MARIE DUBOIS. - La Chronique D'Ingulf: Haut Faits Et Mefaits Des Vikings En Angleterre Medievale.
94766: ALBERT DUBOIS. - Notre-Dame de la Providence: Son Histoire Et Son Culte.
66433: CHARLES A. DUBRAY. - The Theory of Psychical Dispositions.
163781: M. DUBROVIN - A Book of English and Russian Proverbs and Sayings Illustrated
163778: M.I. DUBROVIN - A Book of Russian Idioms Illustrated
110854: GEORGES DUBY. - Love and Marriage in the Middle Ages.
69549: MOST REV. FRANCIS BORGONGINI-DUCA. - The Word of God: A Series of Short Meditations on the Sunday Gospels.
146666: REV. PIERRE DUCHAUSSOIS - Rose of Canada
151199: WALTER DUCKAT - Beggar to King: All the Occupations of Biblical Times
62898: WALTER DUCKAT. - Beggar to King: All the Occupations of Biblical Times.
147224: ELEANOR SHIPLEY DUCKETT - Monasticism
72530: ELEANOR SHIPLEY DUCKETT. - The Gateway to the Middle Ages: Monasticism.
145593: LOUIS TIMBAL-DUCLAUX - L'Expression Ecrite: Ecrire Pour Communiquer
162812: NATALIE DUDDINGTON - Intermediate Russian Reader
151056: OWEN FRANCIS DUDLEY - The Masterful Monk
149770: OWEN FRANCIS DUDLEY - The Masterful Monk
124564: OWEN FRANCIS DUDLEY - The Masterful Monk
163026: OWEN FRANCIS DUDLEY - The Shadow on the Earth
144358: OWEN FRANCIS DUDLEY - The Coming of the Monster: A Tale of the Masterful Monk
90107: PAUL DUDON. - Lamennais Et le Saint-Siege 1820-1854.
142271: WILLIAM J. LA DUE - The Trinity Guide to the Trinity
24949: JACQUES DUESBERG. - Les Juridictions Scabinales En Flandre Et En Lotharingie Au Moyen-Age.
62730: HILAIRE DUESBERG AND PAUL AUVRAY, EDS. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livre de L'Ecclesiastique.
62726: HILAIRE DUESBERG AND PAUL AUVRAY, EDS. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livre Des Proverbes.
161835: CHARLES DUFF - French: A Practical Guide for Beginners and Others
160398: JAMES H. DUFF - Not for Publication: Landscapes, Still Lifes, and Portraits by N.C. Wyeth
121344: J. WIGHT DUFF - Roman Satire: Its Outlook on Social Life
150672: FELIX D. DUFFEY - With Anxious Care
44522: FELIX D. DUFFEY, CSC. - With Anxious Care.
87649: FELIX DUFFEY. - Testing the Spirit.
163856: SAMUEL WILLOUGHBY DUFFIELD - English Hymns: Their Authors and History
149353: EAMON DUFFY - Marking the Hours: English People and Their Prayers 1240-1570
149753: EAMON DUFFY - The Voices of Morebath: Reformation and Rebellion in an English Village
141811: EAMON DUFFY - Saints & Sinners: A History of the Popes
147320: WALTER DUFFY - The Tribal-Historical Theory on the Origin of the Hebrew People
142719: EAMON DUFFY - The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England C. 1400-C. 1580
142403: EAMON DUFFY - Marking the Hours: English People and Their Prayers 1240-1570
48.2: XAVIER LEON-DUFOUR. - Dictionary of the New Testament.
63935: XAVIER LEON-DUFOUR. - Les Evangiles Et L'Histoire de Jesus.
1214921: XAVIER LEON-DUFOUR - Dictionary of the New Testament
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148671: CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH - Non-Discrimination Against Homosexual Persons: Some Considerations Concerning the Response to Legislative Proposals
732: CARL FAITH. - Rings and Things and a Fine Array of Twentieth Century Associative Algebra.
125540: CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH - Instruction on Some Aspects of the Use of the Instruments of Social Communication in Promoting the Doctrine of the Faith
125553: CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH - Instruction on Respect for Human Life in Its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation: Replies to Certain Questions of the Day
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148434: SACRED CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH - Declaration in Defence of the Catholic Doctrine on the Church Against Certain Errors of the Present Day
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124783: THOMAS M. FALKNER - The Poetics of Old Age in Greek Epic, Lyric, and Tragedy
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161132: RT. REV. SAMUEL FALLOWS, ED. - The Popular and Critical Bible Encyclopaedia and Scriptural Dictionary Fully Defining and Explaining All Religious Terms Including Biographical, Geographical, Historical, Archaeological and Doctrinal Themes, Vols. I-III
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148753: PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR THE FAMILY - From Despair to Hope: The Family and Drug Addiction
145865: THE PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR THE FAMILY - The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education Within the Family
148746: THE PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR THE FAMILY - The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education Within the Family
165347: THIRD ORDER OF ST. FANCIS - Rule of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis Approved by Pope Leo X, 1513-1521 and Constitutions of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis: Oldenburg, Indiana
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43356: LUDOVICO FANFANI. - De Iure Religiosorum Ad Normam Codicis Iuris Canonici.
43355: LUDOVICO FANFANI. - De Iure Religiosorum Ad Normam Codicis Iuris Canonici.
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146641: SEAN O'FAOLAIN - Newman's Way: The Odyssey of John Henry Newman
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100022: OLIVER LA FARGE. - Long Pennant.
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163050: A.G. RAVAN FARHADI - Abdullah Ansari of Herat (1006-1089 C.E. ): An Early Sufi Master
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142944: JOHN FARINA, ED. - Hecker Studies: Essays on the Thought of Isaac Hecker
120124: ED. BY DAVID HUGH FARMER - Benedict's Disciples
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131535: JOHN S. FARMER, ED - A Dialogue of the Effectual Proverbs in the English Tongue Concerning Marriage by John Heywood
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130993: G. FARQUHAR - The Inconstant: Or, the Way to Win Him. A Comedy.
131003: GEORGE FARQUHAR - The Recruiting Officer: A Comedy
131004: GEORGE FARQUHAR - The Recruiting Officer: A Comedy
131005: GEORGE FARQUHAR - Sir Harry Wildair: Being the Sequel of the Trip to the Jubilee: A Comedy
130994: GEORGE FARQUHAR - The Recruiting Officer
131000: GEORGE FARQUHAR - The Twin Rivals: A Comedy
131001: GEORGE FARQUHAR - The Inconstant: Or, the Way to Win Him: A Comedy
161537: FREDERIC W. FARRAR - Lives of the Fathers: Sketches of Church History in Biography, Vols. I-II
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124399: WALTER FARRELL AND DOMINIC HUGHES - Swift Victory: Essays on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
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140773: M.J. O'FARRELL - The Life of Saint Patrick
68161: WALTER FARRELL, O.P. - Only Son.
65999: BENJAMIN F. FARRELL. - The Rights and Duties of the Local Ordinary Regarding Congregations of Women Religious of Pontifical Approval.
149287: ROBERT FARREN - Selected Poems
28678: ROBERT FARREN. - This Man Was Ireland: A Poem.
94593: JAMES A. FARRER. - Primitive Manners and Customs.
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160768: JANE FARRINGTON - Wyndham Lewis
165410: EDWARD S. FARROW - Farrow's Military Encyclopedia: A Dictionary of Military Knowledge Illustrated with Maps and About Three Thousand Wood Engravings (Volume I)
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120736: BYRON FARWELL - The Great War in Africa 1914-1918
146604: A MILL HILL FATHER - Remembered in Blessing (the Courtfield Story)
97454: A DOMINICAN FATHER. - Saint Thomas Aquinas.
106527: THE DOMINICAN FATHERS. - Cross and Crown 1962.
106529: THE DOMINICAN FATHERS. - Cross and Crown 1964.
106528: THE DOMINICAN FATHERS. - Cross and Crown 1963.
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122531: FRANCISCAN FATHERS - The Franciscan Tertiary, a Monthly Journal for the Third Order: Vol. II [Incomplete].
125560: CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FATIH - Some Aspects of the Church Understood As Communion: Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church
140814: A.P. FAUGERE - Journal D'Un Voyage a Paris En 1657-1658
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123486: MICHAEL CARDINAL FAULHARBER - The Women of the Bible
163235: RAYMOND O. FAULKNER - A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian
142968: THOMAS A. FAULKNER - A Comparison of the Marriage Legislation of the Catholic Church and the State of South Dakota
109480: WILLIAM FAULKNER. - The Wild Palms.
109474: WILLIAM FAULKNER. - A Green Bough.
165324: ROBERT T. FAUTH - So You Are a Church Member
130008: BERNARD FAY - Franklin: The Apostle of Modern Times
102777: JAMES FAY. - Molecular Thermodynamics.
95934: EUGENE DE FAYE. - Origene - Sa Vie, Son Ouevre, Sa Pensee Vol. III: La Doctrine.
66092: REV. FRANCIS J. FAZZALARO. - The Place for the Hearing of Confessions: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
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111934: DONALD FEATHERSTONE. - Victorian Colonial Warfare: India.
121787: DONALD FEATHERSTONE - Weapons and Equipment of the Victorian Soldier
101179: DONALD FEATHERSTONE. - Handbook for Model Solider Collectors.
72707: CONSTANTINE JOHN FECHER. - The Longevity of Members of Catholic Religious Sisterhoods.
67526: DR. CARL FECKES. - Das Mysterium Der Heiligen Kirche: Dogmatische Untersuchungen Zum Wesen Der Kirche.
162872: CARLA FEDERICI AND CARLA LARESE RIGA - Ciao! Laboratory and Exercise Manual
37210: SERGIUS FEDYNIAK. - Mariologia Apud Pp. Orientales.
32277: THOMAS BUTLER FEENEY, S.J. - When the Wind Blows.
123888: DON E. FEHERENBACHER, ED. - Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and Writings, 1859-1865
124380: NOAH EDWARD FEHL - The Idea of a University: In East and West
70070: FATHER HENRY FEHREN. - Christ Now: Saturday Night Thoughts for Sunday Mass.
60949: JAMES K. FEIBLEMAN. - Moral Strategy: An Introduction to the Ethics of Confrontation.
61735: JAMES FEIBLEMAN. - An Introduction to Peirce's Philosophy Interpretated As a System.
149019: JOHANNES FEINER AND MAGNUS LOHRER, EDS. - Die Grundlagen Heilsgeschichtlicher Dogmatik Vols. I-II
161770: MARNIN FEINSTEIN - Basic Hebrew: A Textbook of Contemporary Hebrew
8716: UWE FEIST. - Waffen-Ss in Action.
20452: HEINZ NOWARRA & UWE FEIST. - Junkers Ju-87.
20449: UWE FEIST. - Heinkel He162.
20450: UWE FEIST. - Kamikaze.
20448: UWE FEIST. - Messerschmitt Me109.
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66848: ALOYSIUS H. FELDHAUS. - Oratories.
63343: DR. FRANZ FELDMANN. - Das Buch Isaias: Kap. 1-39.
63302: FRANZ FELDMANN. - Das Buch Der Weisheit.
83293: RICHARD FELDTKELLER. - Einfuhrung in Die Siebschalktungstheorie.
161961: RENZO DE FELICE - The Jews in Fascist Italy: A History
123096: GINO DI FELICE - Chess Results, 1747-1900: A Comprehensive Record with 465 Tournament Crosstables and 590 Match Scores.
108060: LAURIE FELKNOR. - The Crisis in Religious Vocations: An Inside View.
62254: JOSEPH P. FELL, III. - Emotion in the Thought of Sartre.
163549: HAZEL FELLEMAN, COMP. - The Best Loved Poems of the American People
121826: J.E. FELLERS - Crossing Familiar Paths: A Collection of Notes, Comments, and Suggestions; Persons, Places, Things; Miscellaneous
110658: EDMUND HORACE FELLOWES. - The English Madrigal Composers.
165476: BSTON CLERGY GROUP OF THE EPISCOPAL EVANGELICAL FELLOWSHIP - A Prayer Book Manual Prepared by the Boston Clergy Group of the Episcopal Evangelical Fellowship.
5333: M. VON FELSENSTADT. - Die Schmach Der Fremdenlegion.
63980: DR. JOSEPH FELTEN. - Neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte [Complete Set].
142473: M. FENELON - Les Aventures de Telemaque, Fils D'Ulysse
125984: HENRY C. FENN, HELEN T. LIN, HENRY T.K. KUO, & JOSEPH KUO - Speak Mandarin: A Beginning Text in Spoken Chinese - Student's Workbook
145116: N.M. FENNEMAN - On the Lakes of Southeastern Wisconsin

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