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172123: CURTIS LEWIS, RICHARD E. GRIBBLE, LINDA R. FORSBERG, TIMOTHY J. SMITH, AND H. ALAN STEWART - Sermons on the First Readings: Series I, Cycle B.
39195: GEORGINA PELL CURTIS - The American Catholic Who's Who
163143: DONALD CURTIS - The Way of the Christ
102455: L.F. CURTISS - Introduction to Neutron Physics
124826: H. CURTOIS - The Conversion of the English
19074: JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD - The Danger Trail
19078: JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD - The Country Beyond
18749: JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD - God's Country: The Trail to Happiness
148382: NICHOLAS OF CUSA - The Catholic Concordance
103816: NICOLAI DE CUSA - Opera Omnia XIV: De Concordantia Catholica - Liber Primus
173930: MARY FRANCES CUSACK - An Illustrated History of Ireland from Ad 400 to 1800
167056: RICHARD J. CUSHING - That They May Know Thee: Selected Writings on Vocations
172689: REV. RICHARD J. CUSHING, COMP - Sing to the Lord: A Collection of Approved Catholic Hymns and Prayers
142903: RICHARD CARDINAL CUSHING - Blessed Mother Seton
167136: ROBERT E. CUSHMAN - John Wesley's Experimental Divinity: Studies in Methodist Doctrinal Standards
121133: E.J. CUSKELLY - No Cowards in the Kingdom
110129: JOANNES CUSPINIAN - De Consulibus Romanorum Commetarij [Bound with] Austria
166762: CHESTER E. CUSTER - The United Methodist Primer
168291: DEBORAH W. CUTLER AND THOMAS J. CUTLER - Dictionary of Naval Abbreviations
125419: DONALD R. CUTLER, ED - The Religious Situation: 1968 - the First in a Series of Annual Volumes
65577: FRANCOIS CUTTAZ - Fraternal Charity: Its Theology and Its Application
145468: REV. EDWARD L. CUTTS - A Dictionary of the Church of England
172581: REV. CORNELIUS M. CUYLER - The Baltimore Co-Cathedral: Minor Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
142619: SAINT CYPRIAN - S. Thasci Caecili Cypriani Opera Omnia Recensuit Et Commentario Critico Instruxit Guilelmus Hartel Pars III (Opera Spuria. Indices. Praefatio)
160619: VISCOUNT ST. CYRES - Francois de Fenelon
166155: REV. S. CZERNIEJEWSKI - The Mass: A Textbook for the Higher Classes of Grade Schools and the Lower Clases of High Schools
69536: WOLFGANG CZERNIN, O.S.B. - Ein Leib-Ein Brot
145410: L.W. WILHELM, PH.D. AND C.W. WOOLFORD - History of Brantly Baptist Church of Baltimore, Md
1241007: FRATER U.D. - High Magic
144660: F.T.D. - Marie: Enseignee a la Jeunesse Ou Explication Du Petit Catechisme Sur la Sainte Vierge
68633: RENE BIOT, M.D. AND PIERRE GALIMARD, M.D. - Medical Guide to Vocations
120340: ERNST DAENELL - Die Spanier in Nordamerika Von 1513-1824
172172: THOMAS MERTON; ROBERT E. DAGGY, ED - The Road to Joy: The Letters of Thomas Merton to New and Old Friends
123911: ROBERT E. DAGGY, ED - The Road to Joy: The Letters of Thomas Merton to New and Old Friends
123940: ROBERT E. DAGGY, ED - The Road to Joy: The Letters of Thomas Merton to New and Old Friends
174038: ROALD DAHL - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
1246005: ROALD DAHL - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
150992: COMMANDER J.A. DAHLGREN, U.S.N. - Boat Armament of the U.S. Navy
130619: A. DAIN - Les Manuscrits
99488: PETER DAINO - Stabat Mater: Noble Icon of the Outcast and the Poor
105908: JOHN DAINTITH AND WILLIAM GOULD - The Facts on File Dictionary of Astronomy
37981: J.A. DAISENBERGER - Das Oberammergauer Passionsspiel
1246032: FINNIS JENNINGS DAKE - Dake's Annotated Reference Bible: The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments of the Authorized or King James Version Text with Four Equal-Sized Columns on Each Page -- Two of Text and Two of Notes and Comments, Self-Pronouncing Text, and a Complete Concordance and Cyclopedic Index
1214709: A. HAZARD DAKIN, JR. - Von Hugel and the Supernatural
83588: ERIK DAL - Scandanavian Bookmaking in the Twentieth Century
130397: DAPHNE DALE - Living Thoughts in Words That Burn from Poet Sage and Humorist
172596: DALE E. JONES, SHERRI DOTY, ET AL. - Religious Congregations & Membership in the United States 2000: An Enumeration by Region, State and County Based on Data Reported for 149 Religious Bodies
173473: EURIPIDES; A.M. DALE, ED - Alcestis
163728: GEORGE IRVING DALE, ED - Artigos E Contos Portugueses
146511: THOMAS E.A. DALE - Relics, Prayer, and Politics in Medieval Venetia: Romanesque Painting in the Crypt of Aquileia Cathedral
147563: DOUGLAS DALES - Living Through Dying: The Spiritual Experience of St Paul
141517: BRIAN E. DALEY - The Hope of the Early Church: A Handbook of Patristic Eschatology
121005: JOSEPH GORDIAN DALEY - An Altar Wreath
126737: JOHN BERNARD DALGAIRNS - The Devotion to the Heart of Jesus: With an Introduction on the History of Jansenism
1235482: GREGOR DALLAS - 1945: The War That Never Ended
147860: I.H. DALMAIS - Introduction to the Liturgy
174296: MARGARET FISHER DALRYMPLE, ED - The Merchant of Manchac: The Letterbooks of John Fitzpatrick, 1768-1790
162242: LOWRIE J. DALY, ED - Manuscripta March 1968
162243: LOWRIE J. DALY, ED - Manuscripta October 1961
64197: SISTER EMILY JOSEPH DALY, ED - Paul, Trumpet of the Spirit: An Anthology
82209: SISTER EMILY JOSEPH DALY - Paul- Trumpet of the Spirit
40628: REV. JOSEPH A. DALY - Religion and Human Nature
170980: A SISTER OF NOTRE DAME - Vine and Branch
125421: A SISTER OF NOTRE DAME - The Message of Francis Thompson
97325: UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME - Report of the Prefect of Religion
94757: LES CURES DE L'EGLISE DE TONGRE-NOTRE-DAME - Histoire de Notre-Dame de Tongre Et Des Principaux Miracles
144145: A SISTER OF NOTRE DAME - First Communion Days
125372: GEORGE W. DAMERON - Episcopal Power and Florentine Society 1000-1320
131288: S. FOSTER DAMON - A Blake Dictionary: The Ideas and Symbols of William Blake
105624: SIR WILLIAM CECIL DAMPIER - Cambridge and Elsewhere
32975: SIR WILLIAM CECIL DAMPIER - A History of Science and Its Relation with Philosophy and Religion
126880: RICHARD HENRY DANA JR. - Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea
125609: H. E. DANA AND JULIUS R. MANTEY - A Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament
126159: JONATHAN DANCY - Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology
163827: WILLIAM H. DANFORTH - I Dare You!
120117: PAUL THUREAU-DANGIN - The Life of St. Bernardino of Siena
123288: DANIEL AND SAMUEL LYSONS - Magna Britannia Cambridgeshire
165707: EVAN DANIEL - The Prayer-Book: Its History, Language, and Contents
142715: R.P. DANIEL - Conferences Theologiques Et Morales Par Demandes Et Reponses Sur L'Oraison Dominicale
91464: DANIEL AND ALINE PATTE - Structural Exegesis: From Theory to Practice
15208: REV. WILLIAM B. DANIEL - Rural Sports
104652: WALTER V. DANIELL - Collectanea Napoleonica
164264: JEAN DANIELOU - The Dead Sea Scrolls and Primitive Christianity
68461: MADELEINE DANIELOU - How to Pray
7317: R. BALFOUR DANIELS - Some 17th Century Worthies in a 20th Century Window
161755: ROBERT V. DANIELS - Fodor's Europe Talking: A Practical Guide to Nineteen National Languages
1235406: ERICH VON DANIKEN - In Search of the Gods: Three Volumes in One - Chariots of the Gods?, Gods from Outer Space, Pathways to the Gods
104554: A. MIKHAILOFSKY-DANILEFSKY - History of the Campaign in France in the Year 1814
130262: J.T. DANSON - The Wealth of Households
1243253: DANTE - The Divine Comedy
160891: DANNY DANZIGER - Eton Voices
171269: J.N. DARBY - Murder in the House with the Blue Eyes
171600: DARCY AND ROBERT FOLZENLOGEN - Walking Cincinnati: 52 Scenic Hikes Through Our Parks and Neighborhoods
73525: C.D. DARLINGTON - The Evolution of Genetic Systems
43609: AUGUSTINUS M. DARMANIN, O.P. - De Promissione Matrimoniali Ad Can. 1017 CIC
161841: JOHN DARROCH - Chinese Grammar Self-Taught
175135: CLARENCE S. DARROW - Resist Not Evil
175136: CLARENCE S. DARROW - A Persian Pearl and Other Essays
175128: CLARENCE S. DARROW - An Eye for an Eye
80348: DR. KARL K. DARROW - Elementare Einfuhrung in Physikalische Statistik
132457: CLARENCE S. DARROW - Farmington
112974: F.J. HARVEY DARTON - Vincent Crummles: His Theatre and His Times
83734: F.J. HARVEY DARTON - Children's Books in England: Five Centuries of Social Life
167935: DARUSSALAM - Study the Meaning of the English Translation of the Noble Qur'an Word-for-Word from Arabic to English, Volumes 1-3
162507: LIXI DARVALL - The Illustrated International Phrasebook: How to Get What You Want in Eight Languages
1240966: CHARLES DARWIN - On the Origin of Species
175133: FRANCIS DARWIN, ED - The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin Including an Autobiographical Chapter, Volumes I-II
1245998: CHARLES DARWIN - On the Origin of Species
142745: ERNST DASSMANN, ED - Jahrbuch Fur Antike Und Christentum
165836: LINDA DASTRUP - Young Women: Handouts and Object Lessons for Manual 1 (Vols. I-II)
170887: REV. BUTROS DAU - Religious, Cultural and Political History of the Maronites
50682: ALPHONSE DAUDET - Tartarin de Tarascon
121219: CARL DAUM - Bill the Doughboy
162294: E. DAUM AND W. SCHENK - A Dictionary of Russian Verbs
112358: J.M.S. DAURIGNAC - Histoire de Saint Ignace de Loyola Fondatuer de la Compagnie de Jesus
160834: HUGH DAVID - Stephen Spender: A Portrait with Background
164783: ELISABETH HAMILL DAVID, ARR - For Each Day a Prayer
167504: DAVID REMNICK, ED., WITH SUSAN CHOI - Wonderful Town: New York Stories from the New Yorker
25318: DAVID AND JUDY STEEL - Mary Stuart's Scotland
123178: FERDINAND DAVID - Sonaten Fur Pianoforte Und Violine Von Joseph Haydn: Revidirt Und Mit Fingersatz Versehen Von Ferdinand David
172428: PETER H. DAVIDS - The Epistle of James: A Commentary on the Greek Text
166324: KAREN LYNN DAVIDSON - Our Latter-Day Hymns: The Stories and the Messages
172791: MARSHALL B. DAVIDSON WITH BERNARD MCTIGUE - Treasures of the New York Public Library
101216: J.P. DAVIDSON - Collective Models of the Nucleus
168018: JAMES DALE DAVIDSON - The Squeeze
170836: BENJAMIN DAVIDSON - The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon: Every Word and Inflection of the Hebrew Old Testament Arranged Alphabetically and with Grammatical Analyses
93140: LOUIS B. DAVIDSON AND EDDIE DOHERTY - Strange Crimes at Sea
60063: ROBERT F. DAVIDSON, ED - The Search for Meaning in Life: Readings in Philosophy
1210681: DAVIDSON, TRANS - The Works of Virgil: Literally Translated Into English Prose, with Notes
161485: OLIVER DAVIE - Reveries and Recollections of a Naturalist
125692: PHILIP DAVIES - Splendours of the Raj: British Architecture in India 1660-1947
173092: HORTON DAVIES - Worship and Theology in England, Book I.
171604: ARTHUR CHARLES FOX-DAVIES - A Complete Guide to Heraldry
1241257: RALPH MAUD & ANEIRIN TALFAN DAVIES - Dylan Thomas's Choice: An Anthology of Verse Spoken by Dylan Thomas
166965: MARTIN DAVIES - A Few Saints from Pictures in the National Gallery
132510: SIR WALFORD DAVIES, ED & HENRY G. LEY, ED - The Church Anthem Book: One Hundred Anthems
174567: W.H. DAVIES - Selected Poems
72178: E.T. DAVIES - Religion in the Industrial Revolution in South Wales: Pantyfedwen Lectures, 1962
61743: HUGH SYKES DAVIES AND GEORGE WATSON, EDS - The English Mind: Studies in the English Moralists Presented to Basil Willey
91467: J.G. DAVIES - The Early Christian Church
69948: HORTON DAVIES - Varieties of English Preaching: 1900-1960
16391: HOWARD DAVIES - British Parachute Forces 1940-45
130010: W.J.A. DAVIES - Rugby Football
173091: HORTON DAVIES - Worship and Theology in England, Book II
60446: J. DAVILA - Critica
1233137: LARRY DAVIS - P-38 Lightning in Action - Aircraft No. 109
174248: KENNETH S. DAVIS; FRIEDA KAY FALL - The Eisenhower College Collection: The Paintings of Dwight D. Eisenhower
144125: WILLIAM C. DAVIS - An Honorable Defeat: The Last Days of the Confederate Government
1236612: ROBERT G. DAVIS - Understanding Manhood in America: Freemasonry's Enduring Path to the Mature Masculine
175028: RICHARD HARDING DAVIS - The West from a Car-Window
165768: CHARLES DAVIS - Liturgy and Doctrine: The Doctrinal Basis of the Liturgical Movement
143503: WILLIAM STEARNS DAVIS - The Whirlwind: An Historical Romance
173175: LEO DONALD DAVIS - The First Seven Ecumenical Councils (325-787): Their History and Theology
170136: HASSOLDT DAVIS - World without a Roof: An Autobiography
143277: MILTON FENNIMORE DAVIS - New York Military Academy Catalogue 1934-1935
141567: JAMES DAVIS, ED - Printed by Hague and Gill: A Checklist Prepared in Conjunction with the Exhibit a Responsible Workman Observing Eric Gill's Centenary
130963: HARRIET RIDDLE DAVIS - In Sight of the Goddess: A Tale of Washington Life
1110: JOHN DAVIS - Historical Records of the Second Royal Surrey or 11th Regiment of Militia
145361: REV. LEWIS DAVIS - The Life of Rev. David Edwards, D.D. , Late a Bishop of the United Brethren in Christ
145040: GEORGE DAVIS - Recollections of a Sea-Wanderer's Life
123276: GAVAN DAVIS - Holy Man: Father Damien of Molokai
163184: LELAND DAVIS - Life Is for Loving It! a Journal of Joys Too Often Overlooked in Our Search for Happiness
173157: RICHARD HARDING DAVIS - With the French in France and Salonika
73139: RICHARD G. DAVIS - The 31 Initiatives: A Study in Air Force - Army Cooperation
169256: JEROME DAVIS - Capitalism and Its Culture
163850: RABBI AVROHOM DAVIS, TRANS - Pirkei Avos: The Wisdom of the Fathers; a New Translation with Classical Commentaries
6613: MAGGIE DAVIS - The Far Side of Home
93679: CHARLES DAVIS - English Spiritual Writers
98790: BEATRICE DAVIS - The Illustrated Treasury of Australian Verse
510: WEBSTER DAVIS - John Bull's Crime
124543: BRUCE HENRY DAVIS - Nature's Window: Charles Frace
124521: ROBERT MURRAY DAVIS - A Lower-Middle-Class Education
170613: ARCHIBALD T. DAVISON AND HENRY WILDER FOOTE, COMPS - The Concord Anthem Book: Forty Anthems for the Use of Mixed Voice Choirs in Protestant Churches
148185: JOHN BIGGS-DAVISON AND GEORGE CHOWDHARAY-BEST - The Cross of St Patrick: The Catholic Unionist Tradition in Ireland
131022: R.D. DAWE - Repertory of Conjectures of Aeschylus
125300: POWEL MILLS DAWLEY - John Whitgift and the English Reformation
167147: POWEL MILLS DAWLEY - Chapters in Church History
166332: POWEL MILLS DAWLEY - John Whitgift and the English Reformation
166541: POWEL MILLS DAWLEY - Our Christian Heritage: Church History and the Episcopal Church
167150: POWEL MILLS DAWLEY - The Episcopal Church and Its Work
132566: POWER MILLS DAWLEY - John Whitgift and the English Reformation
170526: N.J. DAWOOD - The Koran with a Parallel Arabic Text
145114: CONINGSBY DAWSON - Carry on: Letters in War-Time
163014: WARREN R. DAWSON - Magician and Leech: A Study in the Beginnings of Medicine with Special Reference to Ancient Egypt
170200: CHRISTOPHER DAWSON - Understanding Europe
109557: CAPTAIN LIONEL DAWSON - Mediterranean Medley
170201: CHRISTOPHER DAWSON - Religion and the Rise of Western Culture
21942: CARL DAWSON - Prophets of Past Time: Seven British Autobiographers 1880-1914
3692: CONNINGSBY DAWSON - Carry on: Letters in Wartime
173340: DOROTHY DAY - From Union Square to Rome
145813: DEAN O'DAY, ED - Shirley Temple Story Book
151346: DAVID T. DAY - Mineral Resources of the United States, Calendar Year 1887
151294: DAVID T. DAY - Mineral Resources of the United States: Calendar Year 1888
175045: W.A. DAY - Houdon's Washington: An Address by W.A. Day Before the Eleventh Annual Convention of the General Agency Association of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States
1228630: CLARENCE DAY - God and My Father
1240839: DOROTHY DAY - Therese
1240843: DOROTHY DAY - The Long Loneliness
32216: SAMUEL PHILLIPS DAY - Life and Society in America: 1st and 2nd Series
168374: SAMUEL PHILLIPS DAY - The Rare Romance of Reynard the Fox, the Crafty Courtier. In Words of One Syllable
162474: ARCHIBALD A. DAY - The Origins of Latin Love-Elegy
71161: REV. FRANCIS DAY - The Community and the Criminal: A Guide to Catholic Service
68472: MICHAEL DAY - The Interior Fountain: Reflections on the Christian Life
11420: WILLIAM DAY - William Day's Reminiscences of the Turf
145308: RICHARD ELLSWORTH DAY - Bush Aglow: The Life Story of Dwight Lyman Moody, Commoner of Northfield
163315: GAIL R. O'DAY AND DAVID PETERSON, EDS - The Access Bible: New Revised Standard Version
175205: UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON - 1960 University of Dayton Yearbook (Dayton, Oh)
164573: UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON - 1950 University of Dayton Yearbook
66120: REV. JOHN C. O'DEA - The Matrimonial Impediment of Nonage: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary
148157: PHILIP DEANE - Captive in Korea
125129: SIDNEY NORTON DEANE - St. Anselm: Proslogium; Monologium; an Appendix in Behalf of the Fool by Gaunilon; and Cur Deus Homo
113194: I.C.B. DEAR AND M.R.D. FOOT, EDS - The Oxford Companion to World War II
169670: PERCY DEARMER - Everyman's History of the Prayer Book
132524: PERCY DEARMER - Songs of Praise Discussed
171462: ROGER LE DEAUT - La Nuit Pascale: Essai Sur la Signification de la Paque Juive a Partir Du Targum D'Exode XII 42
174524: DICK DEBARTOLO - Good Days and Mad: A Hysterical Tour Behind the Scenes at Mad Magazine
120207: POR UN AMERICANO [ALFRED JOSEPH DEBERLE] - Historia de la America Del Sur
94676: JACQUES DEBOUT - La Femme Aux Douze Etoiles
123373: REGIS DEBRAY - The New Testament: Through 100 Masterpieces of Art
108253: PAUL DEBUCHY - Le Petit Office de L'Immaculee Conception
162356: GRAYDON DECAMP - The Grand Old Lady of Vine Street: A History of the Cincinnati Enquirer
64496: JOSEPH DECHENE - The Faith of St. Augustine and the Faith of the Vatican Council
125756: WILLIAM MERRILL DECKER - The Literary Vocation of Henry Adams
166755: ED DECKER - What You Need to Know About Mormons
107923: DIDIER DECOIN - La Sainte Vierge a Les Yeux Bleus
173735: JONATHAN DEE - The Runes: An Illustrated Guide to Interpreting the Stones
147742: EDITH DEEN - All of the Women of the Bible
131620: LEONARD W. DEEN - Conversing in Paradise: Poetic Genius and Identity-As-Community in Blake's Los
1245092: WARWICK DEEPING - Stories of Love, Courage and Compassion
1245094: WARWICK DEEPING - Doomsday
1245095: WARWICK DEEPING - Two Black Sheep
1245096: WARWICK DEEPING - Roper's Row
1245093: WARWICK DEEPING - Sorrell and Son
103723: DANIEL DEFOE - The History and Remarkable Life of the Truly Honourable Colonel Jack
172756: DANIEL DEFOE - Robinson Crusoe and a Journal of the Plague Year
70587: JOSEPH DEHARBE - Deharbes Kurzeres Handbuch Zum Religionsunterricht in Den Elementarschulen
70541: JOSEPH DEHARBE - Kurzeres Handbuch Zum Religionsunterricht in Den Elementarschulen
147696: ELINOR TONG DEHEY - Religious Orders of Women in the United States: Catholic; Accounts of Their Origin, Works and Most Important Institutions Interwoven with Histories of Many Famous Foundresses
38879: ANTONIO DEIMEL, S.J. - Veteris Testamenti Chronologia Monumentis Babylonico-Assyriis
141179: ANTONIO DEIMEL - Veteris Testamenti Chronologia Monumentis Babylonico-Assyriis
37339: SALVAIRE Y HAM DEIMILES - Historia Popular Y Novena de Nstra. Sra. De Lujan
147950: LUCIEN DEISS - God's Word and God's People
148279: REV. LUCIEN DEISS - Mary, Daughter of Sion
174879: JAMES TERTIUS DEKAY - The Rebel Raiders: The Astonishing History of the Confederacy's Secret Navy
166937: REV. CHARLES DEKEYSER - Our Lady and the Eucharist
120740: D.A. DELAFIELD - Rogue Elephant and Other Story Talks for Juniors
174815: MARGARET DELAND - John Ward, Preacher
125080: JOHN J. DELANEY, ED - The Best in Modern Catholic Reading: Volume II
167824: JOHN J. DELANEY - Dictionary of Saints
1236166: JOHN J. DELANEY - Dictionary of American Catholic Biography
144385: JOHN J. DELANEY, ED - The Best in Modern Catholic Reading Volume I [the Lilies of the Field, Mr. Blue]
81553: JOHN J. DELANEY - Dictionary of Saints
130141: JEAN DELANGLEZ - Frontenanc and the Jesuits
130889: JEAN DELANGLEZ - Some Lasalle Journeys
123022: SELDAN PEABODY DELANY - Rome from Within
162237: PAUL DELANY - The Neo-Pagans: Rupert Brooke and the Ordeal of Youth
149855: EMILE DELAVENAY - D.H. Lawrence and Edward Carpenter: A Study in Edwardian Transition
1244735: VENERABLE MADELEINE DELBREL - The Joy of Believing
98931: E.C. DELCHAMBRE - Entretiens Sur Les Apparitions de la Sainte Vierge
113351: ERIC R. DELDERFIELD - Kings & Queens of England & Great Britain
147810: HIPPOLYTE DELEHAYE - The Legends of the Saints
64964: HIPPLOYTE DELEHAYE - The Work of the Bollandists Through Three Centuries, 1615-1915
98680: NEJDET DELENER - Strategic Planning and Multinational Trading Blocs
145616: L'ABBE H. DELEPINE - Manuel Paroissial Des Fideles a L'Usage de Tous Les Dioceses
170876: JOHN BERNARD DELGAIRNS - The Devotion to the Heart of Jesus. With an Introduction on the History of Jansenism
65572: PH. DELHAYE - Recontre de Dieu Et de L'Homme
65573: PH. DELHAYE AND J. BOULANGE - Esperance Et Vie Chretienne
65310: P. DELHAYE, ET AL. - Pastoral Treatment of Sin
173239: JOANN DELLANEVA, ED - Ciceronian Controversies
174100: FREDERICK S. DELLENBAUGH - The Romance of the Colorado River: The Story of Its Discovery in 1540, with an Account of the Later Explorations, and with Special Reference to the Voyages of Powell Through the Line of the Great Canyons
141703: LEWIS DELMAGE, TRANS - The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola
86370: DWIGHT DELONG AND PAUL FREYTAG - Four Genera of the World Gyponinae: A Synopsis of the Genera Gypona - Gyponana - Rugosana and Reticana
166695: JACK R. DELORA AND JOANN S. DELORA, EDS - Intimate Life Styles: Marriage and Its Alternatives
1235407: JEAN DELUMEAU - Sin and Fear: The Emergence of a Western Guilt Culture 13th-18th Centuries
167946: WILLIBALD DEMAL - Pastoral Psychology in Practice: Contributions to a Psychology for Priests and Educators
124524: THOMAS DEMAN - Into the Deep: A Journey Through Turbulent Times in Church and Society
71553: ANGELUS A. DEMARCO, O.F.M. - A Key to the New Liturgical Constitution: An Alphabetical Analysis
174487: W.B. (BAT) MASTERSON; JACK DEMATTOS, ED - Famous Gun Fighters of the Western Frontier
86570: M. DEMEREC ET AL. - Genetic Studies with Bacteria
172869: RICHARD DEMING - The Mod Squad: Assignment: The Arranger
113141: JOHN PUTNAM DEMOS - Entertaining Satan: Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England
173720: REV. T. DEMPSEY - The Delphic Oracle: Its Early History, Influence and Fall
149172: REV. MARTIN DEMPSEY - From an Old Monk's Diary
169595: KENYERES DENES - Katonai Kituntetesek a Magyar Tortenelemben (Rendjelek, Erdemrendek, Erdemermek, Emlekermek, Erdemjelek, Szolgalati Jelek, Kitunteto Cimek)
148692: DON DENEVI AND NOEL FRANCIS MOHOLY - Junipero Serra: The Illustrated Story of the Franciscan Founder of California's Missions
39182: HENRI DENIS - Where Is Theology Going
98271: ARNAUD DENJOY - Lecons Sur le Calcul Des Coefficients
132372: MARIE ADELE DENNIS - A Retreat with Oscar Romero and Dorothy Day: Walking with the Poor
161679: FRANCOIS DENOEU - Military French
169210: JEAN-MARC DENOMME - Index Isaeus
112881: FRANCES DENSMORE - Papago Music
112926: FRANCES DENSMORE - Seminole Music
112884: FRANCES DENSMORE - Pawnee Music
112959: FRANCES DENSMORE - Menominee Music
112870: FRANCES DENSMORE - Northern Ute Music
112805: FRANCES DENSMORE - Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 80: Mandan and Hidatsa Music
109613: BARBARA DENT - The Cleansing of the Heart
161048: G.R. DENT AND C.L.S. NYEMBEZI, COMPS - Scholar's Zulu Dictionary: English-Zulu, Zulu-English
172628: ROBERT C. DENTAN - The Knowledge of God in Ancient Israel
165455: ROBERT C. DENTAN - The Apocrypha, Bridge of the Testaments: A Reader's Guide to the Apocryphal Books of the Old Testament
149654: OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY - 1958 Ohio State University College of Dentistry Yearbook
149653: OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY - 1957 Ohio State University College of Dentistry Yearbook
149652: OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY - 1967 Ohio State University College of Dentistry Yearbook
172013: DANIEL DENTON - A Brief Description of New York: Formerly Called New Netherlands
67136: HENRICUS DENZINGER - Enchiridion Symbolorum: Definitionum Et Declarationum de Rebus Fidei Et Morum
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121892: JAMES HEWITT ED - Eye-Witnesses to Nelson's Battles
121888: HESTER THACKERAY RITCHIE ED - Thackeray and His Daughter: The Letters and Journals of Anne Thackeray Ritchie with Many Letters of William Makepeace Thackeray
121879: DOUGLAS WOODRUFF ED - For Hilaire Belloc: Essays in Honor of His 71st Birthday
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121904: CHARLES DAVIS ED - English Spiritual Writers
121188: J. DAVID WILLIAMS ED - America Illustrated
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171795: MARY BAKER EDDY - Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
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126594: MARY BAKER EDDY - Retrospection and Introspection: English/Russian Version
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163409: MARY BAKER EDDY - Poetical Works of Mary Baker Eddy
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162703: MARY BAKER EDDY; HELEN M. WRIGHT - Mary Baker Eddy's Church Manual and "Church Universal and Triumphant
162686: MARY BAKER EDDY - Christ and Christmas: A Poem
162671: MARY BAKER EDDY - A Complete Concordance to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Together with an Index to the Marginal Headings and a List of the Scriptural Quotations Contained in That Books As Finally Revised by Its Author
170855: MARY BAKER EDDY - Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896
163213: MARY BAKER EDDY, INTRO - Hymnal Notes Being Brief Studies of the Hymns and Hymn Tunes, the Poets and Composers Represented in the Christian Science Hymnal
162651: MARY BAKER EDDY - A Complete Concordance to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; Together with an Index to the Marginal Headings and a List of Sciptural Quotations Contained in That Book As Finally Revised by Its Author
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172929: ANTHONY EDEN - Full Circle: The Memoirs of Anthony Eden
126725: REV. DR. EDERSHEM - The Temple: Its Ministry and Services As They Were at the Time of Christ
112853: EDGAR LEE HEWETT, JUNIUS HENDERSON, AND WILFRED WILLIAM ROBBINS - The Physiography of the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, in Relation to Pueblo Culture
131274: RICHARD EDGCUMBE - Byron: The Last Phase
161032: HJALMAR EDGREN - An Italian and English Dictionary with Pronunciation and Brief Etymologies
143431: EDITH WYSCHOGROD, JEAN-JOSEPH GOUX, AND ERIC BOYNTON, EDS - The Enigma of Gift and Sacrifice
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