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131070: ERICH CASPAR - Das Register Gregors VII: 2 Volumes
102: LAVENDER CASSELS. - The Struggle for the Ottoman Empire 1717-1740.
67058: J.V. LANGMEAD CASSERLEY. - The Death of Man: A Critique of Christian Atheism.
144330: EOIN G. CASSIDY, ED. - Community - Constitution - Ethos: Democratic Values and Citizenship in the Face of Globalization
111791: CARLOS CASTANEDA AND EARLY MARTIN JR. - Three Manuscript Maps of Texas by Stephen F. Austin.
141049: JUAN DE CASTANIZA, O.S.B. - The Spiritual Conflict and Conquest
110885: D.A. CASTEL. - Meditations Et Prieres de Saint Anselme.
61658: ALBUREY CASTELL. - An Introduction to Modern Philosophy in Six Philosophical Problems.
130100: ESTHER TAPIA DE CASTELLANOS - Flores Sisvestres: Composiciones Poeticas
142973: JIM CASTELLI AND JOSEPH GREMILLION - The Emerging Parish: The Notre Dame Study of Catholic Life Since Vatican II
101239: MANUEL CASTELLS. - The Rise of the Network Society (Vol. I of the Information Age).
62506: JOHN J. CASTELOT. - God So Loved the World... A Commentary on the Bible.
1768: ANDRE CASTELOT. - Queen of France.
147075: MARCEL VAN CASTER - Themes of Catechesis
37328: MARCEL VAN CASTER, S.J. - The Redemption: A Personalist View.
121767: IAN CASTLE AND IAN KNIGHT - Fearful Hard Times: The Siege and Relief of Eshowe 1879
124127: EUGENE W. CASTLE - Billions Blunders and Baloney: The Fantastic Story of How Uncle Sam Is Squandering Your Money Overseas
120120: FR. LUDOVICUS A. CASTROPLANIO - Seraphicus Doctor Bonaventura
35407: BOOKSELLER CATALOGUE. - A Pioneer Catalogue of Catholic Americana.
146523: WILLIAM CATHCART - The Papal System: From Its Origin to the Present Time. A Historical Sketch of Every Doctrine, Claim and Practice of the Church of Rome.
103143: MRS. HELEN CATHCART. - The Queen and the Cart.
148535: ST. AMBROSE CATHEDRAL - St. Ambrose Cathedral Golden Jubilee 1890-1940
144901: WILLA SIBERT CATHER - The Troll Garden
147269: WILLA CATHER - The Professor's House
149622: IRISH CATHOLICISM - The Debate in the Irish House of Peers on a Motion Made by the Earl of Moira, Monday, February 19, 1798 / a Report of the Debates in the Both Houses of the Parliament of Ireland, on the Roman Catholic Bill, Passed in the Session of 1792
120308: NATIONAL FEDERATION OF GERMAN AMERICAN CATHOLICS. - Catholic Central-Verein of America: Official Report of the 80th General Convention... 1935.
112799: VICTOR CATHREIN, S.J. - Socialism: Exposed and Refuted.
60914: VICTOR CATHREIN. - Religion Und Moral: Oder Gibt Es Eine Moral Ohne Gott?
149076: GEORGES CATTAUI - Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
142834: P. CATTIN AND H. TH. CONUS - Aux Sources de la Vie Spirituelle: Documents
64651: PETER CAULEY. - Court of Conscience.
147525: JEAN-PIERRE DE CAUSSADE - Abandonment to Divine Providence
142995: JOHN C. CAVADINI AND LAURA HOLT, EDS. - Who Do You Say That I Am? Confessing the Mystery of Christ
147098: GIULIANA CAVALLINI - St. Martin de Porres: Apostle of Charity
148323: JOHN R. CAVANAGH - Fundamental Marriage Counseling: A Catholic Viewpoint
147211: JOHN R. CAVANAGH - Fundamental Pastoral Counseling: Technic and Psychology
141024: C.J.P. CAVE - Roof Bosses in Medieval Churches: An Aspect of Gothic Architecture
144522: STANLEY CAVELL - Philosophy the Day After Tomorrow
111101: STANLEY CAVELL. - This New Yet Unapproachable America.
111126: STANLEY CAVELL. - Disowning Knowledge in Six Plays of Shakespeare.
111124: STANLEY CAVELL. - This New Yet Unapproachable America.
124422: STANLEY CAVELL - The Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality, and Tragedy
124424: STANLEY CAVELL - The Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality, and Tragedy
124421: STANLEY CAVELL - Must We Mean What We Say?: A Book of Essays
111129: STANLEY CAVELL. - A Pitch of Philosophy: Autobiographical Exercises.
111130: STANLEY CAVELL. - Contesting Tears.
144587: STANLEY CAVELL - Disowning Knowledge in Six Plays of Shakespeare
124427: STANLEY CAVELL - The Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality, and Tragedy
124419: STANLEY CAVELL - Must We Mean What We Say?: A Book of Essays
124423: STANLEY CAVELL - The Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality, and Tragedy
124425: STANLEY CAVELL - The Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality, and Tragedy
143186: BRIGADIER-GENERAL A.E.J. CAVENDISH - An Reisimeid Chataich: The 93rd Sutherland Highlanders 1799-1927
144649: LEE CAVIN - There Were Giants on the Earth!
112411: ANDRES CAVO; CARLOS MARIA DE BUSTAMANTE. - Los Tres Siglos de Mexico Durante El Gobierno Espanol.
94560: MADISON CAWEIN. - Days and Dreams.
140353: NEVILLE W. CAYLEY - What Bird Is That? a Guide to the Birds of Australia
20398: ROBERT E. CAZDEN. - German Exile Literature in America 1933-1950.
62712: H. CAZELLES, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Le Levitque.
62719: H. CAZELLES, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livres Des Chroniques.
62714: H. CAZELLES, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Le Deuteronome.
94735: STEFANO M. CECCHIN. - Esortazione Alla Devozione Della Vergine Madre Di Dio.
145423: REV. FRANCIS A. CEGIELKA - Three Hearts (Felician Meditations) Volume I
72217: FRANCIS A. CEGIELKA, S.A.C., S.T.D. - Life on Rocks: Among the Natives of the Union of South Africa.
68846: FRANCIS A. CEGIELKA. - All Things New: Radical Reform and the Religious Life.
143902: BROTHER THOMAS OF CELANO - The Lives of S. Francis of Assisi
146649: SISTER MARY CELINE - Woman of Unity
102400: SISTER MARY CELINE. - A Woman of Unity: A Biography of a Remarkable Woman - Mother Lurana of Graymoor.
145680: MARIE-CHRISTINE CERUTI-CENDRIER - Les Evangiles Sont Des Reportages: N'En Deplaise a Certains
149620: REV. JOHN CENNICK - Twelve Sermons
35953: BUREAU OF THE CENSUS. - Religious Bodies: 1906 [Two Volumes].
148792: LUCIEN CERFAUX - Christ in the Theology of St. Paul
86300: LUCIEN CERFAUX. - Apostle and Apostolate.
62796: L. CERFAUX. - Lectio Divina 6: Le Christ Dans la Theologie de Saint Paul.
68122: L. CERFAUX, ET AL. - L'Attente Du Messie.
59478: LUCIEN CERFAUX. - Apostle and Apostolate According to the Gospel of Saint Matthew.
82009: LUCIEN CERFAUX. - The Spiritual Journey of Saint Paul.
124817: LUCIEN CERFAUX - The Spiritual Journey of Saint Paul
142772: LUCIEN CERFAUX - The Church in the Theology of St. Paul
131073: ENRIQUE A. CERVANTES - Loza Blanca Y Azulejo de Puebla: 2 Volumes
125214: R. DE CESARE - Roma E Lo Stato Del Papa: Dal Ritorno Di Pio IX Al XX Settembre: 2 Volumes
124319: ROMANUS CESSARIO, OP - A Short History of Thomism
143241: ROMANUS CESSARIO - The Moral Virtues and Theological Ethics
62504: REV. JOSEPH F.X. CEVETELLO. - Getting to Know the Bible.
43847: JACQUES CHABANNES. - Saint Augustine.
142928: K.C. CHACKO - Father Kuriackos Elias Chavara (Servant of God)
132145: OWEN CHADWICK - From Bossuet to Newman: The Idea of Doctrinal Development
149347: HENRY CHADWICK - Frontiers of Theology
142142: HENRY CHADWICK - Early Christian Thought and the Classical Tradition: Studies in Justin, Clement, and Origen
124992: OWEN CHADWICK - The Popes and the European Revolution
71532: LOUIS CHAIGNE. - Saint Vincent de Paul.
63613: J. CHAINE. - Introduction a la Lecture Des Prophetes.
64347: JOSEPH CHAINE. - Les Epitres Catholiques: La Seconde Epitre de Saint Pierre, Les Epitres de Saint Jean, L'Epitre de Saint Jude.
124749: W.A. CHALFANT - Gold, Guns, & Ghost Towns
122795: BISHOP CHALLONER - Martyrs to the Catholic Faith: Memoirs of Missionary Priests and Other Catholics of Both Sexes That Have Suffered Death in England on Religious Accounts from the Year 1577 to 1684.
146685: REV. DR. CHALLONER - The Lives of the Fathers of the Eastern Deserts; or the Wonders of God in the Wilderness
33746: W.S. CHALMERS. - The Life and Letters of David Earl Beatty.
1220486: RENE CHAMBE - Histoire de L'Aviation
131379: HENRY HARMON CHAMBERLIN - Last Flowers: A Translation of Moschus and Bion
140303: ETHEL GLERE CHAMBERLIN - Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax
26946: WILLIAM HENRY CHAMBERLIN. - Russia's Iron Age.
86573: E.R. CHAMBERLIN. - The Sack of Rome.
63264: GEORGIA L. CHAMBERLIN. - Making the Bible Live.
107108: ROBERT W. CHAMBERS. - Between Friends.
123358: ROBERT W. CHAMBERS - America or the Sacrifice: A Romance of the American Revolution
121087: WHITMAN CHAMBERS - The Coast of Intrigue
123698: E. K. CHAMBERS - English Literature at the Close of the Middle Ages
150039: R.W. CHAMBERS - Thomas More
54532: E.K. CHAMBERS. - English Literature at the Close of the Middle Ages.
10249: ROBERT W. CHAMBERS. - America or the Sacrifice.
1214713: P. FRANKLIN CHAMBERS - Baron Von Hugel: Man of God
146992: R.W. CHAMBERS - Thomas More
120619: REV. J.E. CHAMBLISS - The Lives and Travels of Livingstone and Stanley Covering Their Entire Career in Southern and Central Africa
124183: CLARA LONGWORTH DE CHAMBRUN - The Making of Nicholas Longworth: Annals of an American Family
146319: MARQUIS ADOLPHE DE CHAMBRUN - Impressions of Lincoln and the CIVIL War: A Foreigner's Account
146958: W. JOSEPH CHAMINADE - Letter to the Retreatmasters of 1839 or Circular on the Vow of Stability
146965: G.-JOSEPH CHAMINADE - Ecrits Sur la Foi
99515: WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAMINADE. - Letters of Father Chaminade: Volume 2 Part 2 Letters 446-582.
99516: WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAMINADE. - Letters of Father Chaminade: Volume 3 Part 1 Letters 583-709.
99517: WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAMINADE. - Letters of Father Chaminade: Volume 3 Part 2 Letters 710-867.
99518: WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAMINADE. - Letters of Father Chaminade: Volume 4 Letters 868-1132.
99519: WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAMINADE. - Letters of Father Chaminade: Volume 5 Letters 1133-1293.
99520: WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAMINADE. - Letters of Father Chaminade: Volume 6 Letters 1294-1431.
146957: WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAMINADE - Father Chaminade's Great Circular on the Vow of Stability
130487: PERO JOAQUIN CHAMORRO - El Licenciado Jeronimo Perez: Biografia
122687: JUDITH F. CHAMP, EDITOR - Oscott Collete 1838-1988: A Volume of Commemorative Essays
142158: JOSEPH M. CHAMPLIN WITH PETER A. JARRET - Together for Life
111342: ELIZABETH W. CHAMPNEY. - Howling Wolf and His Trick-Pony.
123393: ELIZABETH W. CHAMPNEY - Romance of the Feudal Chateaux
146867: ELIZABETH W. CHAMPNEY - Witch Winnie in Venice and the Alchemist's Story
151409: NORMAN A. CHANCE - The Eskimo of North Alaska
101736: DAVID CHANDLER. - Great Battles of the British Army As Commemorated in the Sandhurst Companies.
112470: W.T. CHANDLER. - Rustic Rhymes.
143177: DAVID CHANDLER, ED. - The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army
111449: DAVID CHANDLER. - Marlborough As Military Comander.
148232: DR. DAVID D. CHANDLER - On the Napoleonic Wars: Collected Essays
108118: KERN K.N. CHANG. - Parametric and Tunnel Diodes.
123870: JEAN-PIERRE CHANGEUX AND PAUL RICOEUR - What Makes Us Think?: A Neuroscientist and a Philosopher Argue About Ethics, Human Nature, and the Brain
149418: LE CHANOINE DE THOMAS DE SAINT-LAURENT, ET. AL. - Confidence and Other Reflections
121325: CHRISTOPHER CHANT - Submarines of the 20th Century
8377: CHRISTOPHER CHANT. - The Concise Illustrated Book of Top Gun Aircraft.
24710: ROBERT CHANTEMESSE. - The Secret Memoirs of the Duchesse D'Abrantes 1784-1838.
145786: C. CHANTEUR, ED. - Notre-Dame de Bikfaia 1833-1933
124099: J.A. DE CHANTIGNY - Hilaire Belloc's Prefaces: Written for Fellow Authors
123308: HOWARD I. CHAPELLE - The National Watercraft Collection
143584: HOWARD I. CHAPELLE - The History of American Sailing Ships
81817: CHESTER CHAPIN. - The Religious Thought of Samuel Johnson.
141044: MICHAEL ANDREW CHAPMAN - The Heart of the Fathers: Brief Sermons on the Sunday Gospels, from Points in the Patristic Homilies of the Third Nocturn
149574: ESTHER CHAPMAN, ED. - Pleasure Island: The Book of Jamaica
1210756: MARIA WESTON CHAPMAN, ED. - Harriet Martineau's Autobiography: Vols. I & II [Complete].
130587: CHARLES EDWARD CHAPMAN - The Founding of Spanish California: The Northwestward Expansion of New Spain 1687-1783
144157: REV. JOS. A. CHAPOTON, COMP. - Sketch of the Miraculous Image and the Confraternity of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Alphonsus: Also a Practical Method of Making a Novena
123432: WARREN CHAPPELL AND RICK CUSICK - The Proverbial Bestiary
123625: WARREN CHAPPELL - The Living Alphabet
6454: LEROY THOMPSON & MICHAEL CHAPPELL. - Uniforms of the Elite Forces.
45321: H. TH. CHAPPUIS. - De Fransch-Duitsche Oorlog 1870-1871.
145525: GENERAL GRAND CHAPTER - Ritual of the Order of the Eastern Star
70312: M. L'ABBE CHARBONNIER. - Cours D'Instructions Familieres [Vols. I-IV].
149319: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN - Letters from a Traveller
143812: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN - Letters from Paris 1912-1914
143811: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN - The Future of Man
149268: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN - Etre Plus: Directives Extraites Des Ecrits Publies Ou Inedits Du Pere, de Sa Correspondance Et de Ses Notes
149533: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN - The Future of Man
124838: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN - Letter from Hastings 1908-1912
149269: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN - Science Et Christ
141693: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDLIN - Science and Christ
124908: SISTER M. CHARITAS, I.H.M. - Lovely Is the Rose
71539: SISTER MARY CHARITAS, S.S.N.D. - Faith and a Fishhook.
98893: SISTER MARY CHARITAS. - A New Superior Generation.
110072: NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC CHARITIES. - Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial Meeting of the National Conference of Catholic Charities: September 12-16 1920.
140531: IGUMEN CHARITON, COMP. - The Art of Prayer: An Orthodox Anthology
44326: THE SISTERS OF CHARITY. - In the Early Days: Pages from the Annals of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
142562: A SISTER OF CHARITY - Sister Miriam Teresa (1901-1927)
122704: CHARLES S. GALTON, ET AL. - The History of St. Stanislaus' College Beaumont
142108: CHARLES B. COUSAR, ET. AL. - Texts for Preaching: A Lectionary Commentary Based on the Nrsv - Year C
103623: JAMES H. CHARLESWORTH. - Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
62477: DOM CELESTIN CHARLIER. - La Lecture Chretienne de la Bible.
147495: R.P. THOMA EX CHARMES - Theologia Universa Ad Usum Sacrae Theol. Candidatorum, Vols. I-III
65387: FRANCOIS CHARMOT. - L'Amour Humain de L'Enfance Au Mariage.
108254: FRANCOIS CHARMOT. - La Royaute de Marie Et le Sacerdoce Des Fideles.
148273: LORD CHARNWOOD - According to Saint John
1222571: LORD CHARNWOOD - Abraham Lincoln
66836: JOSEPH L. CHARRON. - Experimentation on Humans: A Moral Theological Study with an Orientation from Gabriel Marcel.
142926: YVON CHARRON - Mother Bourgeoys (1620-1700)
125121: ANTOINE-MARIE CHARUE - The Diocesan Clergy: History and Spirituality
68599: MSGR. A.M. CHARUE. - The Diocesan Clergy: History and Spirituality.
87380: MSGR. A.M. CHARUE. - The Diocesan Clergy: History and Spirituality.
63652: TH. CHARY. - Les Prophetes Et le Culture: A Partir de L'Exil.
105601: WILLIAM J. CHASE. - Workers Society and the Soviet State: Labor and Life in Moscow 1918-1929.
131183: STEVE CHASE, ED - Doors of Understanding: Conversations in Global Spirituality in Honor of Ewert Cousins
49726: JACK D. CHASTEEN. - Jesus Christ: The Eucharistic Gift in the Theology of Augustus Hopkins Strong.
148214: VISCOUNT DE CHATEAUBRIAND - The Genius of Christianity or the Spirit and Beauty of the Christian Religion
93087: CHATEAUBRIAND. - Les Martyrs Ou le Triomphe de la Religion Chretienne.
131027: VERNE E. CHATELAIN - The Defenses of Spanish Florida 1565-1763
131074: VERNE E. CHATELAIN - The Defenses of Spanish Florida 1565 to 1763
66090: REV. JOSIAH G. CHATHAM. - Force and Fear As Invalidating Marriage: The Element of Injustice.
120835: E. KEBLE CHATTERTON - Captain John Smith
1214911: NIRAD C. CHAUDHURI - Hinduism: A Religion to Live by
142885: ARCHDEACON CHAUSUBLE, ED. - The Comedy of Convocation in the English Church, in Two Scenes
130512: DOM J. B. CHAUTARD - The Soul of the Apostolate
148495: FRAY ANGELICO CHAVEZ - But Time and Chance: The Story of Padre Martinez of Taos, 1793-1867
130683: FRAY ANGELICO CHAVEZ - Our Lady of the Conquest
21995: PADDY CHAYEFSKY. - The Bachelor Party.
150932: NICOLAS CHEETHAM - A History of the Popes
43767: JOHANNE CHELODI. - Ius Matrimoniale Juxta Codicem Iuris Canonici.
74140: IOANNE CHELODI. - Ius Matrimoniale Iuxta Codicem Iuris Canonici.
62974: LOUIS CHEMINANT. - Le Royaume D'Israel.
62498: PIERRE CHEMINANT. - Precis D'Introduction a la Lecture Et a L'Etude Des Saintes Ecritures [Complete Set].
121236: SHELDON CHENEY - Men Who Have Walked with God Being the Story of Mysticism Through the Ages Told in the Biographies of Representative Seers and Saints
145469: IRVING CHERNEV, ED. - The Chess Companion: A Merry Collection of Tales of Chess and Its Players, Together with a Cornucopia of Games, Problems, Epigrams & Advice, Topped Off with the Greatest Game of Chess Ever Played
147456: MICHAEL D. CHERNISS - Boethian Apocalypse: Studies in Middle English Vision Poetry
141236: C.J. CHERRYH - Downbelow Station
141237: C.J. CHERRYH - Port Eternity
130321: PAUL CHESNEL - Histoire de Cavelier de la Salle: Exploration Et Conquete Du Bassin Du Mississipi
107080: NORA CHESSON. - Father Felix's Chronicles.
123876: G.K. CHESTERON - The Ball and the Cross
124023: G.K. CHESTERON - Twelve Types: A Collection of Mini-Biographies
142212: G.K. CHESTERTON - Collected Nonsense and Light Verse
100333: G.K. CHESTERTON. - The Amazing Adventures of Father Brown.
1218301: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Autobiography of G.K. Chesterton
140991: G.K. CHESTERTON - G.F. Watts
92756: G.K. CHESTERTON. - St. Francis of Assisi.
142494: G.K. CHESTERTON - Gk's Weekly: A Sampler
142326: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond
142318: G.K. CHESTERTON - G.K. Chesterton: Essential Writings
123873: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Club of Queer Trades
123874: G.K. CHESTERTON - Four Faultless Felons
123877: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond
147000: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Resurrection of Rome
142316: G.K. CHESTERTON - Utopia of Usurers
140987: G.K. CHESTERTON - Sheed & Ward Samplers #4: G.K. Chesterton
100331: G.K. CHESTERTON. - The Man Who Was Thursday.
144118: GILBERT K. CHESTERTON - George Bernard Shaw
142307: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Works of G.K. Chesterton
140981: G.K. CHESTERTON - The End of the Armistice
150352: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Collected Poems of G.K. Chesterton
144186: G.K. CHESTERTON - Varied Types
123956: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Works of Gk Chesterton
150300: G.K. CHESTERTON - Tales of the Long Bow
140238: GILBERT K. CHESTERTON - The Ballad of the White Horse
140237: G.K. CHESTERTON - The End of the Armistice
142211: G.K. CHESTERTON - George Bernard Shaw
122045: G.K. CHESTERTON - A Short History of England
142291: G.K. CHESTERTON - G.F. Watts
150296: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Flying Inn
150298: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Poet and the Lunatics: Episodes in the Life of Gabriel Gale
124087: G.K. CHESTERTON - Irish Impressions
123803: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Return of Don Quixote
123804: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Resurrection of Rome
140972: G.K. CHESTERTON - George Bernard Shaw
142266: GILBERT K. CHESTERTON - Heretics
121701: CECIL CHESTERTON - A History of the United States
140988: G.K. CHESTERTON - Irish Impressions
121696: G.K. CHESTERTON - Robert Browning
143527: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Crimes of England
142218: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Coloured Lands: Fairy Stories, Comic Verse and Fantastic Pictures
140977: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Common Man
123807: G. K. CHESTERTON - The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare
142151: G.K. CHESTERTON - Seven Suspects
111740: G.K. CHESTERTON. - The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond.
150301: G.K. CHESTERTON - Chaucer
142223: G.K. CHESTERTON - Four Faultless Felons
142314: G.K. CHESTERTON - G.K. Chesterton: Essential Writings
142315: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare
147174: G.K. CHESTERTON - Varied Types
140980: G.K. CHESTERTON - Greybeards at Play: Literature and Art for Old Gentlemen
143523: G.K. CHESTERTON - William Cobbett
147085: G.K. CHESTERTON - Christendom in Dublin
125111: G.K. CHESTERTON - Tales of the Long Bow
150374: G.K. CHESTERTON - The New Jerusalem
123872: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Napoleon of Notting Hill
140564: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Resurrection of Rome
142302: G.K. CHESTERTON - Magic: A Fantastic Comedy
142294: G.K. CHESTERTON - Five Types: A Book of Essays
140971: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Victorian Age in Literature
140989: G.K. CHESTERTON - Alarms and Discursions
147089: G.K. CHESTERTON - Varied Types
100334: G.K. CHESTERTON. - The Amazing Adventures of Father Brown.
100335: G.K. CHESTERTON. - Ten Adventures of Father Brown.
100488: G.K. CHESTERTON. - G.F. Watts.
100469: G.K. CHESTERTON. - The Flying Inn.
100474: G.K. CHESTERTON. - Robert Browning.
100000: G.K. CHESTERTON. - Saint Thomas Aquinas.
140979: G.K. CHESTERTON - William Cobbett
140985: G.K. CHESTERTON - Manalive
140562: GILBERT K. CHESTERTON - What's Wrong with the World
140563: G.K. CHESTERTON - Avowals and Denials: A Book of Essays
142310: G.K. CHESTERTON - Orthodoxy
143727: G.K. CHESTERTON - George Bernard Shaw
123780: G.K. CHESTERTON - Saint Thomas Aquinas/Saint Francis of Assisi: In One Volume
140535: G.K. CHESTERTON - All Things Considered
150303: G.K. CHESTERTON - Robert Louis Stevenson
150302: G.K. CHESTERTON - All Things Considered
142308: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Club of Queer Trades
124019: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Ballad of St. Barbara and Other Verses
124025: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Ballad of the White Horse
124026: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Man Who Was Thursday
150395: G.K. CHESTERTON - Robert Browning
150402: G.K. CHESTERTON - George Bernard Shaw
150414: G.K. CHESTERTON - The Coloured Lands
144238: THOMAS B. CHETWOOD - God and Creation: An Epitome of the Fundamental Truths of Religion As Found in the Scriptures and in the Tradition of the Church, Together with the Arguments from Human Reason; a Textbook for Colleges and Universities
149540: M. CHEVASSU - Meditationes Ecclesiastiques, Tirees Des Epitres Et Evangiles Qui Sa Lisent a la Messe Tous Les Dimanches Pour Se Deposer a Celebrer Ou a Communier Dignement, Connaitre Les Devoirs Du Sacerdoce, Et Se Mettre En Etat de Faire Des Instructions Utiles Aux Ecclesiastiques Et Au Peuple, Pour Tous Les Jours Et Principales Fetes D'Annee
70021: M. CHEVASSU. - Prones Pour Tous Les Dimanches de L'Annee [Vols. I-IV].
147099: B.-M. CHEVIGNARD - Gospel Spirituality
6535: MAURICE CHEVRIER. - Stances a la Legion Etrangere: Suives D'Autres Poemes de Maurice Chevrier.
28614: JOSEPH CHIARI. - The Poetic Drama of Paul Claudel.
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113043: LANE COOPER - The Poetics of Aristotle: Its Meaning and Influence.
143888: JOHN M. COOPER - Religion Outlines for Colleges Course III: Christ and His Church
143887: JOHN M. COOPER - Religion Outlines for Colleges Course I: The Catholic Ideal of Life
104307: PAUL COOTNER AND GEORGE LOF. - Water Demand for Steam Electric Generation: An Economic Projection Model.
38320: G.W. COPELAND. - Nicole Oresme and the Astrologers: A Study of His Livre de Divinacions.
149473: IRVING M. COPI AND ROBERT W. BEARD, EDS. - Essays on Wittgenstein's Tractatus
103014: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 1: Greece and Rome Part II.
141618: FREDERICK C. COPLESTON - Religion and Philosophy
141616: F.C. COPLESTON - A History of Medieval Philosophy
103012: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 2: Mediaeval Philosophy Part I: Augustine to Bonaventure.
103013: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 1: Greece and Rome Part I.
105212: REGINALD S. COPLESTON. - Aeschylus.
103006: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 6: Modern Philosophies Part II: Kant.
103007: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 6: Modern Philosophies Part I: The French Enlightenment to Kant.
103008: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 7: Modern Philosophy Part I: Fichte to Hegel.
103010: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 4: Modern Philosophy - Descartes to Leibniz.
103011: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 2: Mediaeval Philosophy Part II: Albert the Great to Duns Scotus.
45524: FREDERICK COPLESTON. - A History of Philosophy Vol. 5: Modern Philosophy: The British Philosophers Part II - Berkeley to Hume.
132199: FREDERICK COPLESTON, S.J. - A History of Philosophy Volume III: Ockham to Suarez
124873: FRANK J. COPPA - Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli and Papal Politics in European Affairs
150602: FRANK J. COPPA - The Modern Papacy Since 1789
63377: CHANOINE J. COPPENS. - Pour Mieux Comprendre Et Mieux Enseigner L'Histoire Sainte de L'Ancien Testament.
63192: J. COPPENS. - Vom Christlichen Verstandnis Des Alten Testaments - Les Harmonies Des Deux Testaments - Supplement Bibliographique.
63222: J. COPPENS. - The Old Testament and the Critics.
147450: JAMES A. CORBETT, ED. - Praepostini Cremonensis Tractatus de Officiis
151148: HENRY CORBIN - Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth: From Mazdean Iran to Shi'Ite Iran
1210873: THOMAS CORBISHLEY, S.J. - Ronald Knox the Priest
67546: THOMAS CORBISHLEY. - Roman Catholicism.
63048: JEAN CORBON. - Path to Freedom: Christian Experiences and the Bible.
145799: CHARLES CORCORAN - The Second Greatest Prayer
97362: CHARLES CORCORAN. - The Second Greatest Prayer.
111960: EDWARD CORDEROY. - Father Reeves: The Model Class-Leader.
98697: MICHEL BOUTILLIER & JEAN CORDIER. - Economic Modelling at the Banque de France.
130755: TIRSO RAFAEL CORDOBA - Historia Elemental de Mexico
130671: FRAY ANTONIO SANTA CLARA CORDOBA - Los Franciscanos En El Paraguay 1537-1937
130385: TIRSO R. CORDOBA - Poesias de Tirso R. Cordoba
111810: BRUNO CORDUAN. - Truth Grace and Security.
36286: AVERROIS CORDUBENSIS, EDITED BY A.L. SHIELDS. - Compendia Liborum Aristotelis Qui Parva Naturalia Vocantur.
130019: SUE CORE - Maid in Panama
142238: MICHAEL COREN - Gilbert: The Man Who Was G.K. Chesterton
110032: MICHAEL COREN. - The Invisible Man: The Life and Liberties of H.G. Wells.
132399: GORDON CORERA - Shopping for Bombs: Nuclear Proliferation, Global Insecurity, and the Rise and Fall of the A.Q. Khan Network
62867: JOSEPH CORLUY. - Spicilegium Dogmatico-Biblicum [Complete Set].
64060: JOSEPHI CORLUY. - Commentarius in Evangelium S. Joannis in Usum Praelectionum.
124095: ALFRED E. CORNBISE, ED. - Dougboy Doggerel: Verse of the American Expeditionary Force, 1918-1919
106313: JAMES CORNELL. - The First Stargazers.
105674: LLOYD H. CORNETT. - History of Rocketry and Astronautics.
131175: L. COPE CORNFORD - Robert Louis Stevenson
63596: CARL HEINRICH CORNILL. - Der Israelitische Prophetismus.
62949: CARL HEINRICH CORNILL. - The Culture of Ancient Israel.
104913: F. WARRE CORNISH. - Scenes from the Andria of Terence.
60714: JAMES W. CORNMAN. - Metaphysics, Reference, and Language.
121982: JAMES MARSHALL-CORNWALL - Napoleon As Military Commander
147909: JOHN CORNWELL - Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII
148963: P. MATTHAEUS CONTE A CORONATA - Compendium Iuris Canonici Ad Usum Scholarum Vols. I-II
43513: REV. MATTHAEUS CONTE A CORONATA, OFM. - Ius Publicum Ecclesiasticum: Introductio Ad Institutiones Canonicas Ad Usum Scholarum.
43521: MATTHAEUS A CORONATA, O.M.C. - De Locis Et Temporibus Sacris: Codicis Iuris Canonici L. III, Pars Altera.
64736: MATTHAEUS A. CORONATA. - De Nova Disciplina Ieiunii Eucharistici Et de Missis Vespertinis.
148893: P. MATTHAEUS CONTE A CORONATA - Compendium Juris Cononici Ad Usum Scholarum Vols. I-III
100734: HAYES AIRCRAFT CORPORATION. - An Introduction to the Principles of Infrared Physics.
150951: THE CHURCH HYMNAL CORPORATION - The Proper for the Lesser Feasts and Fasts Together with the Fixed Holy Days
145779: D. CORRIGAN AND D. MILLER - Don't Be Afraid of the Catholic Church
124157: JAY P. CORRIN - G.K. Chesterton & Hillaire Belloc: The Battle Against Modernity
141346: BARTHOLOMEO CORSETTO - Novissima Bartholomaei Corsetti Presbyteri Benacensis Parochialisque S. Petri Liani Praepositi Ad Instar Caeremonialis Episcoporum Praxis Sacrorum Rituum Ac Caeremoniarum Quae in Missis Solemnibus Alijsque... Functionibus... Servari Debent...
149378: BERTHA CORSON AND IVA DURHAM VENNARD, EDS. - A Stalwart of the Old Guard: The Life and Labors of Lyman Blackmarr Kent
98462: TREVOR CORSON. - The Secret Life of Lobsters.
62698: W. CORSWANT. - A Dictionary of Life in Bible Times.
149527: NICOLAS CORTE - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: His Life and Spirit
112375: [HERNANDO CORTES]. - Nuevos Documentos: Relativos a Los Bienes de Hernan Cortes 1547-1947.
149575: SALVATORE CORTESI - My Thirty Years of Friendships
34673: HERBERT ELLSWORTH CORY. - The Emancipation of a Freethinker.
91099: DR. HORACE CORYELL. - Bibliographic Index and Classification of the Mesozoic Ostracoda [Complete Set].
112132: ROBERT JAMES COSGRIFF. - Wastelands.
148694: REV. J.J. COSGROVE - Most Reverend John Lancaster Spalding: First Bishop of Peoria
63243: THURMAN L. COSS. - Secrets from the Caves: A Layman's Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
121650: E.A. DE COSSON - Fighting the Fuzzy-Wuzzy: Days and Nights of Service with Sir Gerald Graham's Field Force at Suakin
146557: REVERED JOSEPH ALBERT COSTA, COMP. - Perpetual Novena of Saturdays in Honor of Our Blessed Mother Venerated at Her Shrine on U.S. Highway No. 71, Mt. Gayler, Near Winslow, Arkansas, Popularly Known As "Our Lady of the Ozarks
10275: THOMAS B. COSTAIN. - The Silver Chalice.
112077: ALBA COSTAMAGNA. - Venere Vincitrice: La Sala Di Paolini Bonaparte Alla Galleria Borghese.
65192: R. COSTE. - Les Communautes Politiques.
124955: PIERRE COSTE - The Life & Works of Saint Vincent de Paul: 3 Volumes
148934: F.H. COSTELLO - A Tar of the Old School
72241: MICHAEL P. COSTELOE. - Church Wealth in Mexico: A Study of the Juzgado de Capellanias in the Archbishopric of Mexico 1800-1856.
111060: RICHARD F. COSTIGAN. - The Consensus of the Church and Papal Infallibility: A Study in the Background of Vatican I.
145671: E. COTHENET, ET. AL. - Les Ecrits de Saint Jean Et L'Epitre Aux Hebreux
142248: JAMES FINN COTTER - Inscape: The Christology and Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins
70634: JAMES P. COTTER, ED. - The Word in the Third World.
144233: A.C. COTTER - Logic and Epistemology
61727: JAMES HARRY COTTON. - Royce on the Human Self.
59069: LEONARD COTTRELL. - The Warrior Pharaohs.
84076: SISTER MARIE-ANDRE DU SACRE-COUER. - The House Stands Firm: Family Life in West Africa.
149529: FATHER CHARLES E. COUGHLIN - Who Is Dead -- God or Democracy?
145649: REV. CHARLES E. COUGHLIN - A Series of Lectures on Social Justice
141069: JOHN COULSON AND A.M. ALLCHIN (EDITORS) - The Rediscovery of Newman: An Oxford Symposium
149061: JOHN COULSON, ED. - The Saints: A Concise Biographical Dictionary
67814: JOHN COULSON, ED. - Theology and the University: An Ecumenical Investigation.
91080: R.G. COULSON. - The Way Into God.
142003: JOHN COULSON AND A.M. ALLCHIN, EDS. - The Rediscovery of Newman: An Oxford Symposium
151061: JOHN COULSON, ED - Theology and the University: An Ecumenical Investigation
142873: JOHN COULSON AND A.M. ALLCHIN, EDS. - The Rediscovery of Newman: An Oxford Symposium
125289: G.G. COULTON - The Inquisition
146582: G.G. COULTON - From St. Francis to Dante: A Translation of All That Is of Primary Interest in the Chronicle of the Franciscan Salimbene; (1221-1288) Together with Notes and Illustrations from Other Medieval Sources
71853: G.G. COULTON, M.A. - Medieval Studies (First Series).
44265: G.G. COULTON. - From St. Francis to Dante: Translations from the Chronicle of the Franciscan Salimbene (1221-1288).
44059: THE FIRST BATIMORE COUNCIL. - Concilia Provincialia Baltimori... 1849.
130934: FIRST VATICAN COUNCIL - Acta Et Decreta Sacrosancti Oecvmenici Concilii Vaticani
94691: JEAN DE COUNE. - Notre-Dame de la Guerre.
143693: THE ABBE COURBON - Familiar Instructions on the Degrees of Mental Prayer
140866: COMTESSE R. DE COURSON - The Condition of English Catholics Under Charles II
99534: JEAN L. COURTES. - The Courtes Letters.
64453: F. COURTNEY. - Cardinal Robert Pullen: An English Theologian of the Twelfth Century.
145931: ABBE GASTON COURTOIS - An Hour with Jesus: Meditations for Religious, Third Series
121920: GASTON COURTOIS - Before His Face: Meditations for Priests and Religious Volume II
123123: MARY COUSINS - More About the Saints
1214040: THOMAS MERTON; NORMAN COUSINS ET AL - ... Therefore Choose Life
1151: GEOFFREY COUSINS. - The Defenders: A History of the British Volunteer.
96004: ACACIUS COUSSA. - Epitome Praelectionum de Iure Ecclesiastico Oreintali: Vol. III: De Matrimonio.
145086: HENRY T. COUTTS AND GEO. A. STEPHEN - Manual of Library Bookbinding: Practical and Historical
141217: LOUIS COUTURAT - Die Philosophischen Prinzipien Der Mathematik
70693: CHARLES COUTURIER, S.J. - The Mission of the Church.
84895: CHARLES COUTURIER. - The Mission of the Church.
145842: CHARLES COUTURIER - The Mission of the Church
60510: S. COVAL. - Scepticism and the First Person.
143667: TOM COWAN - The Way of the Saints: Prayers, Practices, and Meditations
123813: JAMES COWAN - Desert Father: A Journey in the Wilderness with Saint Anthony
121060: JAMES COWAN - Desert Father: A Journey in the Wilderness with Saint Anthony
131608: MINNIE R. COWAN, ED - The Spalding Year-Book: Quotations from the Writing of Bishop Spalding for Each Day of the Year
44561: SISTER ST. MICHAEL COWAN. - Glimpses of Truth.
69020: SISTER ST. MICHAEL COWAN. - Glimpses of Truth.
36190: WAYNE COWAN, ED. - Facing Protestant-Roman Catholic Tensions.
151059: TOM COWAN - The Way of the Saints: Prayers, Practices, and Meditations
8077: VIRGINIA COWLES. - The Russian Dagger: Cold War in the Days of the Czars.
123329: VIRGINIA COWLES - The Great Swindle: The Story of the South Sea Bubble
145275: MALCOLM COWLEY - Exile's Return: A Literary Odyssey of the 1920's
130972: WILLIAM COWPER - The Task: A Poem
151387: B. HARRIS COWPER, TRANS - The Principles of Syriac Grammar
143906: JAMES COX - My Native Land: The United States: Its Wonders, Its Beauties, and Its People; with Descriptive Notes, Character Sketches, Folk Lore, Traditions, Legends and History, for the Amusement of the Old and the Instruction of the Young
132159: J. CHARLES COX - Bench-Ends in English Churches
122692: ISAAC JOSLIN COX, ED. - The Journeys of Rene Robert Cavalier Sieur de Lasalle: Vol. II [Incomplete].
98054: C. BARRY COX. - Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach.
97531: IGANTIUS W. COX. - Is Sexual Abstinence Harmful?
124849: J. G. SNEAD-COX - The Life of Cardinal Vaughan
143134: JAMES COX - My Native Land: The United States; Its Wonders, Its Beauties, and Its People; with Descriptive Notes, Character Sketches, Folk Lore, Traditions, Legends and History, for the Amusement of the Old and the Instruction of the Young
104561: [PETER COXE]. - The Expose or Napoleon Buonaparte Unmasked.
1213619: WILLIAM COYLE - Ohio Authors and Their Books 1796-1950
148132: WILLIAM D. COYNE - Venerable Archdeacon Cavanagh: Pastor of Knock (1867-1897)
146673: A.C. COZENS - The Calendar of Saints

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