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180450: T.R. Fehrenbach - This Kind of War: A Study in Unpreparedness
182039: Gail Feigenbaum - Degas and New Orleans: A French Impressionist in America
185223: Michael Feinstein with Ian Jackman - The Gershwins and Me: A Personal History in Twelve Songs
180404: Rev. Hilarin Felder - The Knight-Errant of Assisi
185827: Andrew Feldherr, ed - The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Historians
181190: Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Ohio at the One Hundred and Twenty-First Annual Session Held at Mansfield, June 14-17, 1953
181193: Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Ohio at Its Seventy-Third Annual Session Held at Akron, May 16th to 19th, 1905
182256: Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Ohio at Its Seventy-First Annual Session Held at Ironton, May 19th to 22nd, 1903
182255: Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Ohio at Its Seventy-Second Annual Session Held at Youngstown, May 17th to 20th, 1904
1262940: Archbishop Francois de Fenelon - The Spiritual Letters of Francois de Salignac de la Mothe Fenelon: 2 Vol Set
179917: Henry C. Fenn - A Sketch of Chinese History: Junggwo Lishr Gangyau
203249: C. H. Fenn - The Five Thousand Dictionary
203010: Julie M. Fenster - The Spirit of Invention: The Story of the Thinkers, Creators, and Dreamers Who Formed Our Nation
184607: Valmai Kirkham Fenster - Guide to American Literature
186012: Edna Ferber - Giant
203388: Niall Ferguson - Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals
182781: John Ferguson - Catullus
183376: Diana Ferguson - The Magickal Year
186356: George Ferguson - Signs & Symbols in Christian Art
178180: Robert Ferguson - The Vikings: A History
130591: Edmundo O'Gorman & Justino Fernandez - Documentos Para la Historia de la Litografia En Mexico
182442: Fernando and Gioia Lanzi - Saints and Their Symbols: Recognizing Saints in Art and in Popular Images
204449: Franck Ferrand - Jaques Garcia: Decorating in the French Style
204146: Joan M. Ferrante - Woman As Image in Medieval Literature from the Twelfth Century to Dante
1251952: Joan M. Ferrante - To the Glory of Her Sex: Women's Roles in the Composition of Medieval Texts
178166: Christopher A. Ferrara and Thomas E. Woods, Jr. - The Great Facade: Vatican II and the Regime of Novelty in the Roman Catholic Church
130129: Enrique Lafuente Ferrari - El Virrey Iturrigaray Y Los Origenes de la Independencia de Mejico
203691: Robert H. Ferrell - American Diplomacy: A History
186023: Sean Hepburn Ferrer - Audrey Hepburn: An Elegant Spirit
181522: Horacio Ferrer - The Golden Age of Tango: An Illustrated Compendium of Its History
183739: Arther Ferrill - The Origins of War: From the Stone Age to Alexander the Great
185592: Rita Ferrone - Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium
204105: David Ferry, trans - The Eclogues of Virgil
179719: Paul Feval - Jesuits!
184923: Benjamin La Fevre - Biographies of S. Grover Cleveland, the Democratic Candidate for President, and Thomas A. Hendricks, the Democratic Candidate for Vice-President, with a Description of the Leading Issues and the Proceedings of the National Convention, Together with a History of the Political Parties of the United States: Comparisons of Platforms on All Important Questions, and Political Tables for Ready Reference
177929: Joseph Fewsmith - China Since Tiananmen: The Politics of Transition
180641: Mother Clare Fey - Meditations for Advent and Christmas
180640: Mother Clare Fey - Thoughts for Meditation by Mother Clare Fey of the Poor Child Jesus, Third Series
181348: Luigi Ficacci - Francis Bacon 1909-1992
179161: David Fideler, ed - Alexandria: The Journal of the Western Cosmological Traditions, Volume 2
179040: Maureen Fiedler and Linda Rabben, eds - Rome Has Spoken: A Guide to Forgotten Papal Statements, and How They Have Changed Through the Centuries
181537: Leslie A. Fiedler - Love and Death in the American Novel
183909: Rachel Field - Calico Bush
180911: Anne M. Field, ed - The Monastic Hours: Directory for the Celebration of the Work of God and Directive Norms for the Celebration of the Monastic Liturgy of the Hours
186070: Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov - The Ponder Heart
184060: James T. Fields and Edwin P. Whipple, eds - The Family Library of British Poetry from Chaucer to the Present Time. (1350-1878. )
184436: Donald M. Fiene, comp - Alexander Solzhenitsyn: An International Bibliography of Writings by and About Him
182235: Lynn Figueroa - Women Shaping Church History
202555: Alan Fildes and Joann Fletcher - Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods
178714: Michael Fillerup - Beyond the River
144546: Herbert Fingarette - On Responsibility
184000: George Finkel - The Loyal Virginian
203729: Louis Finkelstein, ed - The Jews: Their History
178024: Alastair Finlan - The Gulf War 1991
178025: Alastair Finlan - The Collapse of Yugoslavia 1991-99
202978: C. C. Finlay - The Patriot Witch
202750: C. C. Finlay - A Spell for Revolution: Traitor to the Crown, Book 2
202749: C. C. Finlay - The Demon Redcoat: Traitor to the Crown, Book 3
84172: James F. Finley - James Gillis, Paulist
204062: M.I. Finley - The World of Odysseus
179194: Mitch Finley - Heavenly Helpers: St. Anthony and St. Jude; Amazing True Stories of Answered Prayers
180005: M.I. Finley - Ancient History: Evidence and Models
177811: Francis J. Finn - Candles' Beams
181396: Pamela Fiori - Stolen Moments: The Photographs of Ronny Jaques
181751: Ronald Firbank - Two Novels
179081: Richard A. Firmage - The Alphabet Abecedarium: Some Notes on Letters
203452: Edwin B. Firmage, ed - The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown
179596: Norma J. Fischer - Portrait of a Prophet's Wife: Emma Hale Smith
181810: Wolfgang Georg Fischer - Egon Schiele 1890-1918: Desire and Decay
35044: Edward Fischer - Mission in Burma: The Columban Fathers' Forty-Three Years in Kachin Country
179426: Henry George Fischer - Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy: A Beginner's Guide to Writing Hieroglyphs
184098: William I. Fishbein - First Aid: What to Do Until the Doctor Arrives
177996: Todd Fisher - The Napoleonic Wars: The Rise of the Emperor 1805-1807
177997: Todd Fisher - The Napoleonic Wars: The Empires Fight Back 1808-1812
181583: Cive Fisher - Hart Crane: A Life
186049: Lydia Fisher - Cinderella of Wall Street
203322: Col. Bernard Fisher and Jerry Borrowman - Beyond the Call of Duty: The Story of an American Hero in Vietnam
203747: Louis Fisher - Constitutional Conflicts between Congress and the President
180581: Charles Fiske - The Faith by Which We Live: A Plain, Practical Exposition of the Religion of the Incarnate Lord
181913: Sister Mary Pauline Fitts - Hands to the Needy: Blessed Marguerite D'Youville, Apostle to the Poor
186133: Euripides; Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald, tr - The Alcestis of Euripides
185829: Dudley Fitts - More Poems from the Palatine Anthology in English Paraphrase
186112: Virgil; Robert Fitzgerald, tr - The Aeneid
179773: C.P. Fitzgerald - China: A Short Cultural History
202404: Eduardus Fitzgerald - De Sacrificio Coelesti Secundum Sanctum Ambrosium
184904: Gerlad Fitzgerald, ed - Annals of the Metropolitan Opera: The Complete Chronicle of Performances and Artists
181036: Robert Fitzgerald - In the Rose of Time: Poems 1931-1956
185859: Robert Fitzgerald - Poems
186096: Robert Fitzgerald - A Wreath for the Sea
160453: Penelope Fitzgerald - The Knox Brothers
204446: Gerald Fitzgerald, ed - Annals of the Metropolitan Opera: The Complete Chronicle of Performances and Artists
186113: Robert Fitzgerald - In the Rose of Time: Poems 1931-1956
300098: Joseph A. Fitzmyer - Spiritual Exercises Based on Paul's Epistle to the Romans
180814: Edward A. Fitzpatrick - La Salle: Patron of All Teachers
203351: Dora D. Flack and Karla C. Erickson - Gifts Only You Can Give
181382: Jack Flam - Matisse on Art
182312: Jack Flam, ed - Matisse: A Retrospective
185366: Roland Flamini - Ava
184612: Dudley Flamm - Thackeray's Critics: An Annotated Bibliography of British and American Criticism 1863-1901
186458: Thomas Fleming - The New Dealers' War: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the War Within World War II
204008: David L. Fleming, ed - Notes on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola
204429: Renee Fleming - The Inner Voice: The Making of a Singer
183757: Wm. F. Fleming, ed - Physical Culture Classics, Volume II
183758: Wm. F. Fleming, ed - Physical Culture Classics, Volume III
204141: J.S. Fletcher - The Secret of Secrets
184513: Harris Francis Fletcher - Contributions to a Milton Bibliography 1800-1930: Being a List of Addenda to Stevens's Reference Guide to Milton
180989: H. George Fletcher - In Praise of Aldus Manutius: A Quincentenary Exhibition
179540: Richard Fletcher - The Quest for El Cid
182910: Dom E. Flicoteaux - The Splendor of Pentecost
184193: Robert A. Flischel and Jim Reis - Then & Now: Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky
180844: Theodore L. Flood, ed - The Chautauquan, Volume XII: October 1890 - March 1891
180848: Theodore L. Flood, ed - The Chautauquan, Volume XIII: April-September 1891
184428: Flora C. Seruya, Susan Losher, and Albert Ellis - Sex and Sex Education: A Bibliography
183559: Stephen Edred Flowers, ed - Hermetic Magic: The Postmodern Magical Papyrus of Abaris
184403: Dale E. Floyd - A World Bibliography of Armed Land Conflict from Waterloo to World War I, Volumes 1-2
186082: Jane Fluegel, ed - Bernstein Remembered
184715: Francis H. Fobes - Philosophical Greek: An Introduction
202410: Henri Focillon - The Year 1000
184955: Andrew Foldi - Opera: An Accident Waiting to Happen (40 Years of Musical Mishaps)
181773: Tricia Foley - The Romance of British Colonial Style
179311: Leonard Foley, ed - Saint of the Day: A Life and Lesson for Each of the 173 Saints of the New Missal, Volumes 1-2
186460: Leopold Fonck - The Parables of Christ
185524: Joan Fontaine - No Bed of Roses
203325: Jean-Charles de Fontbrune - Nostradamus: Countdown to Apocalypse
185163: Margot Fonteyn - Autobiography
186214: F.A. Forbes - Saint John Bosco 1815-1888: The Friend of Youth
185148: Alexander Wheelock Thayer; Elliot Forbes, ed - Thayer's Life of Beethoven
184262: Edgar Allen Forbes, ed - Leslie's Photographic Review of the Great War
179314: F.A. Forbes - Saint Vincent de Paul C. 1581-1660
179313: F.A. Forbes - Saint Ignatius Loyola 1491-1556: Founder of the Jesuits
179312: F.A. Forbes - Saint Catherine of Siena 1347-1380
179105: Educational Task Force - Food: The Fundamentals, Volumes I-II
184431: Jeremiah D.M. Ford and Ruth Lansing - Cervantes: A Tentative Bibliography of His Works and of the Biographical and Critical Material Concerning Him
184110: Hilary Ford - Castle Malindine
186445: David F. Ford and Mike Higton, eds - Jesus
185301: Saint Isidore of Seville; Gordon B. Ford, Jr., tr - The Letters of St. Isidore of Seville
180104: Gerald R. Ford - A Time to Heal
183164: Una [Mary Anne McMullen Ford] - Poems
121796: Lawrence Carroll Ford - The Triangular Struggle for Spanish Pensacola 1689-1739
203556: H. Hearder, Franklin L. Ford and M.S. Anderson - A General History of Europe Vol. I-III
182589: Bishop Francis Xavier Ford - Come, Holy Ghost: Thoughts on Renewing the Earth As the Kingdom of God
184011: Worthington Chauncey Ford, comp - List of the Vernon-Wager Manuscripts in the Library of Congress
203004: Kenneth W. Ford - The Quantum World: Quantum Physics for Everyone
203252: Henry Ford - Today and Tomorrow
185052: Hugh Fordin - Getting to Know Him: A Biography of Oscar Hammerstein II
182612: Jim Forest - The Ladder of the Beatitudes
180375: P. Forestier - The Kingdom Is Yours, Volume I: The Sermon on the Mount, the Gospel of the Eucharist
178423: W.G. Forrest - A History of Sparta 950-192 B.C.
184415: Gertrude Forrester - Occupational Literature: An Annotated Bibliography
178426: William R. Forstchen and Bill Fawcett - It Seemed Like a Good Idea... A Compendium of Great Historical Fiascoes
183160: [T.I.M. Forster] - Circle of the Seasons, and Perpetual Key to the Calendar and Almanack; to Which Is Added the Circle of the Hours, and the History of the Days of the Weeks; Being S Compendious Illustration of the History, Antiquities, and Natural Phenomena, of Each Day in the Year
204150: E.M. Forster - A Passage to India
185809: E.M. Forster - Alexandria: A History and a Guide and Pharos and Pharillon
181470: E.M. Forster - Howards End
180882: Gary Forsythe - A Critical History of Early Rome: From Prehistory to the First Punic War
182591: Gertreud von le Fort - The Eternal Woman: The Woman in Time - Timeless Woman
1261772: Adrian Fortescue - Latin Hymns Sung at the Church of Saint Hugh Letchworth Arranged & Translated by A.F.
203169: Dr. Robert L. Forward - Future Magic: How Today's Science Fiction Will Become Tomorrow's Reality
202396: Lars Martin Fosse, trans - The Bhagavad Gita: The Original Sanskrit and an English Translation
178291: D.S.V. Fosten and R.J. Marrion - The British Army 1914-18
182702: Reginaldus Thomas Foster and Daniel Patricius McCarthy - Ossa Latinitatis Sola Ad Mentem Reginaldi Rationemque / the Mere Bones of Latin According to the Thought and System of Reginald
183507: John L. Foster, tr - Love Songs of the New Kingdom
204320: Clyde D. Foster - Evanston's Yesterdays: Stories of Early Evanston and Sketches of Some of Its Pioneers
203209: Lawrence Foster - Religion and Sexuality: Three American Communal Experiments of the Nineteenth Century
1259103: Nicholas O'Tyne (aka Leroy Foster) - Dreams O'Mine
185726: Reginaldus Thomas Foster and Daniel Patricius McCarthy - Ossa Latinitatis Sola Ad Mentem Reginaldi Rationemque / the Mere Bones of Latin According to the Thought and System of Reginald
202592: Andreas Foster and Naoko Tamura - Kanji ABC: A Systematic Approach to Japanese Characters
184119: John Fothergill - My Three Inns
94331: Brian Fothergill - Nicholas Wiseman
185587: Jane Foulcher - Reclaiming Humility: Four Studies in the Monastic Tradition
184005: Nuck Foulkes - Cigar Style
178160: Robert M. Fowells - Chant Made Simple
181385: John Fowler and John Cornforth - English Decoration in the 18th Century
181484: Wallace Fowlie - A Guide to Contemporary French Literature from Valery to Sartre
180582: William L. Fox, ed - Valley of the Craftsmen: A Pictorial History; Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America's Southern Jurisdiction 1801-2001
184788: William Sherwood Fox - The Johns Hopkins Tabellae Defixionum
183012: Felician A. Foy, ed - 1967 National Catholic Almanac
180064: Eduard Fraenkel - Leseproben Aus Reden Ciceros Und Catos
178866: Robin Frame - The Political Development of the British Isles 1100-1400
181006: R.T. France - The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary on the Greek Text
182979: Anatole France - Little Pierre
300015: Frances and Richard Lockridge - Mr. & Mrs. North (the Norths Meet Murder)
183268: Dr. Rene J. Francillon - Japanese Navy Bombers of World War Two
183267: Dr. Rene J. Francillon - American Fighters of World War Two, Volume One
184588: Paul Francis - British Military Airfield Architecture: From Airships to the Jet Age
181300: Pope Francis - The Light of Faith: Lumen Fidei
184589: Paul Francis - Control Towers: The Development of the Control Tower on Raf Stations in the U.K.
179849: The Congregation of the Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis - Saint Francis Manual
179209: Pope Francis - Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home
186222: Pope Francis with Austen Ivereigh - Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future
181303: Pope Francis - The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium
182508: Pope Francis - The Light of Faith: Lumen Fidei
184422: Simon Francis, ed - Libraries in the Ussr
181229: Barbara Franco - Fraternally Yours: A Decade of Collecting
204290: Robert T. Francoeur, ed - The Complete Dictionary of Sexology
182658: Father Francois - The Simple Steps to God
182304: Francoise Cachin, Isabelle Cahn, Walter Feilchenfeldt, Henri Loyrette, and Joseph J. Rishel - Cezanne
179109: S.L. Frank, ed - A Solovyov Anthology
204341: Gerold Frank - Judy
203721: Jeffrey Frank - Ike and Dick: Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage
184216: Bryn Frank - Discover Scotland
185617: Frank Merkling, John W. Freeman, and Gerald Fitzgerald with Arthur Solin - The Golden Horseshoe: The Life and Times of the Metropolitan Opera House
183605: Gerold Frank - An American Death: The True Story of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
179605: Felice Frankel and George M. Whitesides - On the Surface of Things: Images of the Extraordinary in Science
203734: Henri Frankfort - Ancient Egyptian Religion: An Interpretation
186417: Benjamin Franklin - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
1257655: Benjamin Franklin - Autobiography, Poor Richard, and Later Writings
184789: H.W.F. Franklin, ed - Fifty Latin Lyrics
181967: Joe Franklin - Classics of the Silent Screen
183398: Anna Franklin - A Romantic Guide to Handfasting: Rituals, Recipes & Lore
180832: Frank R. Fraprie, ed - American Photography, Volume XXXIII: January-December 1939
180830: Frank R. Fraprie, ed - American Photography, Volume XXXV: January-December 1941
180831: Frank R. Fraprie, ed - American Photography, Volume XXXIV: January-December 1940
180833: Frank R. Fraprie, ed - American Photography, Volume XXXII: January-December 1938
178594: George MacDonald Fraser - The Hollywood History of the World: From One Million Years B.C. To Apocalypse Now
178868: Antonia Fraser - The Gunpowder Plot: Terror & Faith in 1605
203306: J. T. Fraser - Time: The Familiar Stranger
203183: Dorothy Marshall; Antonia Fraser, ed - The Life and Times of Victoria
178840: Antonia Fraser, ed - The Lives of the Kings & Queens of England
203039: Anthony Cheetham; Antonia Fraser, ed - The Life and Times of Richard II
203040: Neville Williams; Antonia Fraser, ed - The Life and Times of Elizabeth I.
203041: Robert Lacey; Antonia Fraser, ed - The Life and Times of Henry VIII
183221: Allie M. Frazier, ed - Readings in Eastern Religious Thought, Volume II: Buddhism
184512: Fred I. Greenstein, Larry Berman, and Alvin S. Felzenberg with Doris Lidtke - Evolution of the Modern Presidency: A Bibliographical Survey
182228: Karen Karper Fredette - Where God Is Ever Found: From Cloister to Couple, a Woman's Autumn Journey
177974: J. George Fredman and Louis A. Falk - Jews in American Wars
177952: Fredric M. Kaplan, Julian M. Sobin, and Stephen Andors - Encyclopedia of China Today
178850: John C. Fredriksen - America's Military Adversaries from Colonial Times to the Present
204164: John A. Freeman - Survival Gardening Cookbook
184681: Livy; C.E. Freeman, ed - Titi LIVI: Ab Vrbe Condita, Liber I.
179664: Emily Freeman - The Ten Virgins: Ten Women, Ten Stories, Ten Lessons for Our Day
179444: Joseph Freeman - In the Lord's Due Time
203265: Joan Johnson-Freese - The Chinese Space Program: A Mystery Within a Maze
181857: Claude Fregnac - Belles Demeures de Paris: 16e-19e Siecle
182067: Claude Fregnac - Les Styles Francais de Louis XIII a Napoleon III
183331: Joseph Kendall Freitag - Architectural Engineering. With Especial Reference to High Building Construction, Including Many Examples of Prominent Office Buildings
184826: Charles I. Freundlich - Answer Key to Latin Three and Four Years (Prose and Poetry)
182052: Leslie Frewin - Blond Venus: A Life of Marlene Dietrich
184460: Frederick W. Frey, ed - Survey Research on Comparative Social Change: A Bibliography
203108: Charles Fried - Saying What the Law Is: The Constitution in the Supreme Court
186033: Richard Friedenthal - Letters of the Great Artists
204438: Michal Grover-Friedlander, ed - The Opera Quarterly Volume 21 Number 4 Autumn 2005: Echoed Elsewhere
177905: Kenneth S. Friedman - The New Silver Solution: An Information Guide to Silver Solutions
182082: Otto Friedrich - Before the Deluge: A Portrait of Berlin in the 1920's
203760: Fred W. Friendly and Martha J. H. Elliott - The Constitution: That Delicate Balance
181015: Bruce W. Frier - Libri Annales Pontificum Maximorum: The Origins of the Annalistic Tradition
204385: Anthony Frisell - The Tenor Voice
181369: Jack Fritscher - Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera; a Pope Culture Memoir, an Outlaw Reminiscence
183745: Charles E. Frohman - A History of Sandusky and Erie County
1257892: Alexis de Tocqueville; Bruce Frohnen, ed - Democracy in America
1257890: Bruce Frohnen, ed - The Anti-Federalist: Selected Writings and Speeches
186382: Andre Frossard - Be Not Afraid!" Pope John Paul II Speaks out on His Life, His Beliefs, and His Inspiring Vision for Humanity
186128: James Anthony Froude - Caesar: A Sketch
1251928: Chiara Frugoni - A Distant City: Images of Urban Experience in the Medieval World
184572: Marian Crites Alexander-Frutschi, ed - Human Resources and Economic Growth: An International Annotated Bibliography on the Role of Education and Training in Economic and Social Development
184078: Christopher Fry - The Lady's Not for Burning
202921: E.B. Fryde and Edward Miller, eds - Historical Studies of the English Parliament, Volume 2: 1399-1603
203704: E. B. Fryde and Edward Miller, eds - Historical Studies of the English Parliament Volume I: Origins to 1399
203160: Northrop Frye - Words with Power: Being a Second Study of the Bible and Literature
1261680: Joseph F. Schmidt FSC - Praying with Therese of Lisieux
130930: Beatriz de la Fuente - La Escultura de Palenque
204022: Raymond B. Fullam - Exploring Vatican 2: Christian Living Today & Tomorrow
202469: R. Buckminster Fuller - Critical Path
182125: George H. Fuller, comp - Directory of Subordinate Lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows on the Continent of North America
203816: J.F.C. Fuller - Armament and History: The Influence of Armament on History from the Dawn of Classical Warfare to the End of the Second World War
186183: Fulton J. Sheen, Yousuf Karsh, and H.V. Morton - This Is Rome: A Pilgrimage in Words and Pictures
179944: Fulton J. Sheen, Yousuf Karsh, and H.V. Morton - This Is Rome: A Pilgrimage in Words and Pictures
182916: Mary Margaret Funk - Thoughts Matter: Discovering the Spiritual Journey
204214: Erica Funkhouser - Sure Shot and Other Poems
183088: Matt Furey - Expect to Win - Hate to Lose
184880: William Barry Furlong - Season with Solti: A Year in the Life of the Chicago Symphony
184121: J.C. Furnas - The Devil's Rainbow
186103: Tacitus; H. Furneaux, ed - Cornelii Taciti: Annalium, Libri I-IV
178748: Tim Furniss - Manned Spaceflight Log
202857: Peter Furtado, ed - 1001 Days That Shaped the World
182379: John Carroll Futrell - Making an Apostolic Community of Love: The Role of the Superior According to St. Ignatius of Loyola
203366: Ron Fyten - Conquest and Defeat: An Alternative History of World War II
180131: Sister Mariella Gable, ed - Our Father's House
185054: Jolie Gabor with Cindy Adams - Jolie Gabor
180770: Henry A. Gabriel - An Eight Days Retreat for Religious
178508: Ada Gabucci - Rome
202573: Moustafa Gadalla - Pyramid Handbook
202574: Moustafa Gadalla - Egyptian Harmony: The Visual Music
202575: Moustafa Gadalla - Tut-Ankh-Amen: The Living Image of the Lord
202576: Moustafa Gadalla - Egyptian Cosmology: The Animated Universe
202577: Moustafa Gadalla - Egyptian Divinities: The All Who Are the One
202578: Moustafa Gadalla - Egyptian Mystics: Seekers of the Way
202580: Moustafa Gadalla - Egyptian Romany: The Essence of Hispania
202582: Moustafa Gadalla - Historical Deception: The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt
178366: Hans-Georg Gadamer - Truth and Method
181815: Eugene R. Gaddis - Magician of the Modern: Chick Austin and the Transformation of the Arts in America
204285: Elinor W. Gadon - The Once and Future Goddess
183342: Ashleen O'Gaea - The Family Wicca Book: The Craft for Parents & Children
186447: John G. Gager - Reinventing Paul
182366: Dom Jean Gaillard - Holy Week and Easter: A Liturgical Commentary
185594: Richard R. Gaillardetz - The Church in the Making: Lumen Gentium, Christus Dominus, Orientalium Ecclesiarum
178787: Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves - Interworld
182931: Benjamin Galan and Paul H. Wright - Jesus' Family Tree: Seeing God's Faithfulness in the Genealogy of Christ
184917: Rev. R.C. Galbraith, Jr. - The History of the Chillicothe Presbytery, from Its Organization in 1799 to 1889
181439: Matthew Gale, ed - Piere Bonnard: The Colour of Memory; the CC Land Exhibition
204226: Yasmine Galenorn - Dancing with the Sun: Celebrating the Seasons of Life
183484: Yasmine Galenorn - Trancing the Witch's Wheel: A Guide to Magickal Meditation
180936: G. Karl Galinsky - Aeneas, Sicily, and Rome
202987: Stephen Gallagher - Out of His Mind
178028: Gary W. Gallagher - The American CIVIL War: The War in the East 1861 - May 1863
178784: Stephen Gallagher - Plots and Misadventures
179856: Jean Galot - Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
182484: Luigi Gambero - Mary and the Fathers of the Church: The Blessed Virgin Mary in Patristic Thought
183938: John S. Gambs - Man, Money and Goods
185436: Josiah Bethea Game - Teaching High-School Latin: A Handbook
178215: Bob Garatt, ed - Developing Strategic Thought: Rediscovering the Art of Direction-Giving
184883: Galina von Meck, tr.; Edward Garden and Nigel Gotteri, eds - 'to My Best Friend': Correspondence between Tchaikovsky and Nadezhda Von Meck 1876-1878
184914: Editors of HOUSE & GARDEN - House & Garden's Best in Decoration
202804: Sir Alan Gardiner - Egypt of the Pharaohs: An Introduction
204038: Nicola Gardini - Long Live Latin: The Pleasures of a Useless Language
179002: Laurence Gardner - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold
183596: Erle Stanley Gardner - The Case of the Worried Waitress
203310: Patrick Gardner, Brian Phillips - Sparknotes: The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare
179972: Erle Stanley Gardner - The Case of the Smoking Chimney
203659: Martin Gardner - The Relativity Explosion
1251702: Edward F. Garesche - The Sodality Manual
203582: Simon Garfield - Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World
180320: F.W. Garforth - Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica
183177: Howard Garis - Adventures of Uncle Wiggily
181974: Madge Garland - The Changing Face of Beauty: Four Thousand Years of Beautiful Women
179393: Jake Garn - Why I Believe
182028: Philippe Garner and David Alan Mellor - Cecil Beaton: Photographs 1920-1970
184624: Lloyd W. Garrison, ed - American Politics and Elections: Selected Abstracts of Periodical Literature (1964-1968)
203113: Webb Garrison - Love, Lust and Longing in the White House: The Romantic Relationships of America's Presidents
178190: Jeff Garrison and Masahiko Goshi - Animal Idioms
183989: David Garth - Fire on the Wind
182981: Bertil Gartner - The Theology of the Gospel According to Thomas
178786: Ray Garton - Death Hunt on Ervoon
186124: Aeschylus; A.F. Garvie, ed - Aeschylus: Persae with Introduction and Commentary
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185762: Dale A. Grote - The Vulgate of Mark with the Synoptic Parallels
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185031: Edgar A. Guest - The Path to Home
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202629: Philip J. Hawthornwaite - Napoleon: The Final Verdict
186047: Louise L. Hay - Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them
185098: Joseph Haydn - Complete London Symphonies in Full Score, Series II: Nos. 99-104
186039: Joseph Haydn - Symphonies 88-92 in Full Score
185097: Joseph Haydn - Complete London Symphonies in Full Score, Series I: Nos. 93-98
180260: Helen Hayes with Katherine Hatch - My Life in Three Acts
202433: Ian S. Hayes and William M. Ulrich - The Year 2000 Software Crisis: The Continuing Challenge
185688: Helen Hayes with Katherine Hatch - My Life in Three Acts
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186145: Matthew Head - The Devil in the Bush
202612: Constance Head - Imperial Twilight: The Palaiologos Dynasty and the Decline of Byzantium

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