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17100: LARRY BOND. - Red Phoenix.
125194: HELEN K. BOND - Pontius Pilate in History and Interpretation
145266: MICHAEL BOND - Paddington Abroad
110490: CESARE BONIVENTO. - Going Teach... - Commentary on the Apostolic Exhortation Catechesi Tradendae of John Paul II.
100028: JOHN L. BONN. - The Lively Arts of Sister Gervaise.
38336: J. FR. BONNEFOY, O.F.M. - La Nature de la Theologie Selon Saint Thomas D'Aquin.
147888: JEAN-FRANCOIS BONNEFOY - Christ and the Cosmos
151399: ROBERT J. BONNER - Greek Composition for Schools
145644: WILLIAM THOMPSON BONNER - New York: The World's Metropolis
98199: JOHN TYLER BONNER. - The Cellular Slime Molds.
98423: BIREN BONNERJEA. - A Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology.
69573: LEON BONNET. - Our Lady Speaks: Thoughts on Her Litany.
150751: LOUIS DE BONNIERES - Dans la Lumiere de Lourdes
143087: WILLIAM R. BONNIWELL - The Life of Blessed Margaret of Castello 1287-1320
142592: REV. BOB (BERNARD R.) BONNOT - Pope John XXIII: Model and Mentor for Leaders
130037: JOHN BONNYCASTLE - An Introduction to Mensuration and Practical Geometry
147483: MONS. GEREMIA BONOMELLI - Un Autunno in Oriente
122616: JEREMIAS BONOMELLI - New Series of Homilies for the Whole Year: Vols. II-IV [Incomplete].
111393: STEPHEN BONSAL. - The Fight for Santiago: The Story of the Soldier in the Cuban Campaign from Tampa to the Surrender.
63044: JOSEPH BONSIRVEN. - Palestinian Judaism in the Time of Jesus Christ.
150522: P. GIUSEPPE BONSIRVEN - Teologia Del Nuovo Testamento
131528: JESSIE BONSTELLE, ED & MARIAN DEFOREST, ED - Little Women Letters from the House of Alcott
64926: HONORATUS BONZELET. - Mixed Marriages and Prenuptial Instructions.
46402: FR. HONORATUS BONZELET, O.F.M. - Mixed Marriages and Prenuptial Instructions.
150747: HONORATUS BONZELET - Mixed Marriages and Prenuptial Instructions
124280: CATHOLIC LITURGICAL BOOK - Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest
124274: CATHOLIC PRAYER BOOK - Saint Meinrad Prayer Book: Saint Meinrad College and School of Theology
103990: HEBREW PRAYER BOOK. - Form of Prayers for the Feast of New-Year with English Translation.
124278: CATHOLIC PRAYER BOOK - The Prayers of the Faithful: For the Sundays and Solemnities of Cycles a, B and C
123958: DIVINE OFFICE PRAYER BOOK - Morning and Evening Prayer from the Divine Office: The Litrugy of the Hours According to the Roman Rite 1976
67166: J.W. BOOK, R.D. - The Book of Books or Divine Revelation from Three Standpoints.
55060: [SHIRLEY TEMPLE CUT OUT DOLL BOOK]. - Shirley Temple: Her Movie Wardrobe.
97519: REV. J.W. BOOK. - Thousand and One Objections to Secret Societies.
148638: IRVING ZUCKER ART BOOKS - 1,000 Quaint Cuts from Books of Other Days Including Amusing Illustrations from Children's Story Books, Fables, Chap-Books, &C. , &C.
122582: MAGGS BROS. BOOKSELLERS, ED. - A Selection of Books Manuscripts Engravings and Autograph Letters: Five Hundreth Catalogue.
105177: CHRISTOPHER C. BOOTH. - Doctors in Science and Society: Essays of a Clinical Scientist.
142179: JOHN BOOTY - Meditating on Four Quartets
147675: DR. C.F.A. BORCHARDT - Hilary of Poitiers' Role in the Arian Struggle
146591: MICHAEL BORDEAUX - Faith on Trial in Russia
102636: L'ABBE P. BORDEDEBAT. - Les Apparitions de Notre-Dame de Lourdes.
74028: LUCILLE PAPIN BORDEN. - Francesca Cabrini: Without Staff or Scrip.
149548: PROF. MARCELLO BORDONI - Questioni Di Escatologia Individuale: Teologia Della Morte
151083: PIERRE BOREL - Saint Francois D'Assise
123652: JORGE LUIS BORGES - In Praise of Darkness
66814: RIGHT REV. C. H. BORGESS. - As the Bishop Saw It: From America to Rome.
112691: G.B. BORINO. - Studi Gregoriani Per la Storia Di Gregorio VII E Della Riforma Gregoriana: Vols. 1-7.
106515: IVAN BORISENKO AND ALEXANDER ROMANOV. - Where All Roads Into Space Begin.
66181: AURELIUS L. BORKOWSKI. - De Confraternitatibus Ecclesiasticis.
142691: HARRY F. BORLEIS - The Pope Speaks
147290: MAX BORN AND KUN HUANG - Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices
100616: MAX BORN. - The Mechanics of the Atom.
68184: GUNTHER BORNKAMM. - Jesus of Nazareth.
94931: GEORGE BORODIN. - Pillar of Fire.
145947: LADISLAUS BOROS - In Time of Temptation
65665: LADISLAUS BOROS. - God Is with Us.
68257: LADISLAUS BOROS. - In Time of Temptation.
148644: EUGENE A. ZNOSKO-BOROWSKY - How Not to Play Chess
150967: J. SLEIMAN & L. BORRIELLO - Edith Stein: Testimone Di Oggo Profeta Per Domani
55424: BETTY EARLE BORRIES. - Isaac Murphy: Kentucky's Record Jockey.
141890: MAURICE BORRMANS - Guidelines for Dialogue between Christians and Muslims: Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
131483: MARIE BORROFF - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A Stylistic and Metrical Study
130750: ST. CHARLES BORROMEO. - Pastorum Instructiones Atque Epistolae
66893: PADRE CARLOS BORROMEU. - Contribuicao a Historia Das Paroquias Da Amazonia.
143808: GEORGE BORROW - Lavengro: The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest
143158: GEORGE BORROW - The Bible in Spain or, the Journeys, Adventures, and Imprisonments of an Englishman in an Attempt to Circulates the Scriptures in the Peninsula
148191: BERNARD BOSANQUET - A History of Aesthetic
123001: BERNARD BOSANQUET - A History of Aesthetic.
67838: JEAN BOSC, JEAN GUITTON, JEAN DANIELOU. - The Catholic Protestant Dialogue.
68638: P. ALFREDO BOSCHI, S.I. - La Castita: Nei Candidati Al Sacerdozio.
148282: WILLIAM PORCHER DU BOSE - The Soteriology of the New Testament
146029: TJ. BOSGRA - Abortion and the Bible
146307: JACQUES BENIGNE BOSSUET - Conference Avec M. Claude, Ministre de Charenton Sur la Matiere de L'Eglise
98930: BOSSUET. - Oeuvres Completes de Bossuet: Tome VII.
36475: JACQUES BOSSUET. - Ouevres Completes de Bossuet [Complete Set].
110150: GIOVANNI CLAUDIO BOTTINI. - Studia Hierosolymitana III: Nell'Ottavo Centenario Francescano (1182-1982).
98127: FRANCIS BOTTO. - Dictionary of Multimedia and Internet Applications.
143408: REV. J.B. BOUDIGNON - St. Vincent de Paul: Model of Men of Action
65959: REV. WARREN L. BOUDREAUX. - The Ab Acatholicis Nati of Canon 1099, 2: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
20104: LOUIS DE VILLEFOSSE & JANINE BOUISSOUNOUSE. - The Scourge of the Eagle: Napoleon and the Liberal Opposition.
148846: P. MARCEL BOUIX, TRANS. - Oeuvres de Sainte Therese Tomes I-III
94280: MARCEL BOUIX. - Ouevres de Sainte Terese: Tome Deuxieme: Le Livre Des Fondations.
94281: MARCEL BOUIX. - Lettres de Sainte Terese: Tome Deuxieme.
147936: SHIRLEY DU BOULAY - Beyond the Darkness: A Biography of Bede Griffiths
122557: MARIA BOULDING, OSB - Gateway to Resurrection.
98922: H. PINARD DE LA BOULLAYE. - Marie: Chef-D'Ouevre de Dieu.
69611: ALBAN BOULTWOOD, O.S.B. - Into His Splendid Light.
69073: REV. CHARLES BOUNT, S.J., ED. - Magister Adest or, Who Is Like Unto God?
132069: A.C. BOUQUET - Church Brasses British & Continental with Some Notes on Incised Stone Slabs and Indents
142716: PERE BOURDALOUE - Sermons Du Pere Bourdaloue, de la Compagnie de Jesus, Tomes I-II
36477: LOUIS BOURDALOUE. - Oeuvres Completes de Bourdaloue.
64962: F. BOURDEAU, A. DANET. - Introduction to the Law of Christ.
147474: MICHAEL BOURDEAUX - Religious Ferment in Russia: Protestant Opposition to Soviet Religious Policy
120085: VERNON J. BOURKE. - St. Thomas and the Greek Moralists
140322: VERNON J. BOURKE - Augustine's Quest of Wisdom: Life and Philosophy of the Bishop of Hippo
64473: VERNON J. BOURKE. - Augustine's Quest of Wisdom: Life and Philosophy of the Bishop of Hippo.
1208: HENRY LEGGE-BOURKE. - The Queen's Guards.
98778: DAVID BIRD & TIM BOURKE. - Saints and Sinners: The St. Titus Bridge Challenge.
150651: VERNON J. BOURKE - Thomistic Bibliography 1920-1940
150652: VERNON J. BOURKE - Aquinas' Search for Wisdom
6840: PETER BOURNE. - Twilight of the Dragon.
145945: T. LINCOLN BOUSCAREN AND ADAM C. ELLIS - Canon Law: A Text and Commentary
112107: H.S. BOUTELL; REVISED BY ROGER BOUTELL. - First Editions of Today and How to Tell Them: Third Edition.
13250: CHARLES BOUTFLOWER. - The Journal of an Army Surgeon During the Peninsular War.
64222: MICHEL BOUTTIER. - La Condition Chretienne Selon Saint Paul.
63145: MICHEL BOUTTIER. - Christianity According to Paul (Studies in Biblical Theology #49).
145763: M. CLAEYS BOUUAERT - Le Fait de Banneux
68685: PIERRE BOUVIER, S.J. - Regles de la Perfection Sacerdotale.
123045: LOUIS BOUYER - Women Mystics.
143020: L. BOUYER - La Bible Et L'Evangile: Le Sens de L'Ecriture; Du Dieu Qui Parle Au Dieu Fait Homme
123706: LOUIS BOUYER - Newman: His Life and Spirituality
147238: REV. LOUIS BOUYER - The Meaning of Sacred Scripture
101046: J.E. BOWCOCK. - Methods and Problems of Theoretical Physics.
149530: DINA MOORE BOWDEN - Junipero Serra in His Native Isle (1713-1749)
124067: JOHN BOWDEN, ED. - Encylopedia of Christianity
71155: HENRY SEBASTIAN BOWDEN. - Addresses.
62874: JOHN EDWARD BOWDEN, ED. - Thoughts on Some Passages of Holy Scripture by a Layman.
65992: THOMAS J. BOWE. - Religious Superioresses: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
140903: GEORGE FRANKLIN BOWERMAN - A Selected Bibliography of the Religious Denominations of the United States
101112: MICHAEL BOWERS. - North American Fighting Uniforms: An Illustrated History Since 1756.
60126: PRATIMA BOWES. - Is Metaphysics Possible?
1632: JOHN BOWLE. - Napoleon.
141127: HUGH BOWLER, O.S.B. (EDITOR) - Catholic Record Society: Recusant Roll No. 3 (1594-1595) and Recusant Roll No. 4 (1595-1596), Volume 61
99446: WILLIAM R. BOWLIN. - A Book of Living Poems.
131136: JAMES CLOYD BOWMAN, ED - Contemporary American Criticism
39077: DAVID J. BOWMAN, SJ. - The Word Made Flesh.
121345: C.M. BOWRA - On Greek Margins
145163: C.C. BOWSFIELD - How Boys and Girls Can Earn Money
30323: A. BOXLER. - Precis Des Institutions Publiques de la Grece Et de Rome Anciennes.
124558: BEN S. BOYCE - Dear Dad Letters from New Guinea: With Illustrations
142322: IAN BOYD, ED. - The Chesterton Review Vol. X, No. 3
142323: IAN BOYD, ED. - The Chesterton Review Vol. XII, No. 4
142325: IAN BOYD, ED. - The Chesterton Review Vol. XII, No. 4
142324: IAN BOYD, ED. - The Chesterton Review Vol. X, No. 4
147786: CATHERINE E. BOYD - A Cistercian Monastery in Mediaeval Italy: The Story of Rifreddo in Saluzzo, 1220-1300
143778: T.A. BOYD - Professional Amateur: The Biography of Charles Franklin Kettering
142217: IAN BOYD, ED. - The Chesterton Review Vol. XXVIII, No. 3
103462: A.F. BOYD. - Aspects of the Russian Novel.
147072: MALCOLM BOYD, ED. - The Underground Church
121776: HENRY KEOWN-BOYD - The Boxer Rebellion
82387: JAMES BOYD. - Bitter Creek.
108197: JAMES BOYD. - Long Hunt.
112977: JOHN BOYDELL - The Gallery of Illustrations for Shakespeare's Dramatic Works: Reduced and Re-Engraved by the Heliotype Process. Vol. I-IV [Complete].
112008: CAROLO BOYER. - Tractatus de Gratia Divina.
105720: CARL B. BOYER. - History of Analytic Geometry: Its Development from the Pyramids to the Heroic Age.
120522: DWIGHT BOYER - True Tales of the Great Lakes
150946: HENRY BOYLAN - A Dictionary of Irish Biography
36277: FR. M. EUGENE BOYLAN. - A Mystic Under Arms.
108064: HENRY BOYLAN. - A Dictionary of Irish Biography: Third Edition.
141841: NICHOLAS BOYLE - Sacred & Secular Scriptures: A Catholic Approach to Literature
148181: GEORGE BOYLE - Father Tompkins of Nova Scotia
1225977: CHARLES BOYLE - Dr. Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles of Phalaris and the Fabels of Aesop, Examin'd
131613: ROBERT BOYLE - Metaphor in Hopkins
120929: GEORGE BOYLE - Father Tompkins of Nova Scotia
144809: HELEN DORE BOYLSTON - Carol Plays Summer Stock
148451: NEIL KEVIN (DON BOYNE) - I Remember Karrigeen
44161: REV. BASIL BOYSAK. - Ecumenism and Manuel Michael Olshavsky, Bishop of Mukachevo (1743-1767).
121275: CHARLES LORING BRACE - The Norse-Folk; or a Visit to the Homes of Norway and Sweden
130545: CHARLES S. BRADEN - Religious Aspects of the Conquest of Mexico
142544: AMORY H. BRADFORD - The Inward Light
143320: WILLIAM BRADFORD - Bradford's History "of Plimoth Plantation.
130364: J. STRICKER BRADFORD - Autumn Winds and Other Poems
111977: FREDERICK A. BRADFORD. - Money and Banking.
71207: GAMALIEL BRADFORD. - Damaged Souls.
71208: GAMALIEL BRADFORD. - Daughters of Eve.
144129: SARAH BRADFORD - Disraeli
141555: IAN BRADLEY - William Morris and His World
146820: A.G. BRADLEY - The Romance of Wales
150467: A. G. BRADLEY - An Old Gate of England: Rye, Romney Marsh, and the Western Cinque Ports
107159: MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY. - The Necessity for Beauty.
1225007: MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY - The Maenads
131117: A.C. BRADLEY - A Miscellany
148239: PAUL F. BRADSHAW, ED. - Essays on Early Eastern Eucharistic Prayers
86005: PETER BRADSHAW ET AL. - Engineering Calculation Methods for Turbluent Flow.
87578: BRENDAN BRADSHAW. - The Dissolution of the Religious Orders in Ireland Under Henry VIII.
148507: PAUL F. BRADSHAW - The Anglican Ordinal: Its History and Development from the Reformation to the Present Day
143340: KEVIN P. BRADY, ED. - Technology in Schools
110579: WILLIAM A. BRADY. - The Fighting Man.
150447: ELEANOR HOYT BRAINERD - Our Little Old Lady
1210767: WILLIAM STANLEY BRAITHWAITE, EDITOR - Our Lady's Choir: A Contemporary Anthology of Verse by Catholic Sisters
147390: DAVID BRAKKE - Athanasius and the Politics of Asceticism
122723: HAROLD BRAKSPEAR, F.S.A. - Waverley Abbey
123140: JEROME BRANCHE, ED. - Diversity Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Faculty in Higher Education
49547: MONICA MORAN BRANDIES. - Bless You for the Gifts.
145598: ALOIS BRANDL - Anglica: Untersuchungen Zur Englischen Philologie, Vol. II
148938: EDGAR EWING BRANDON, ED. - A Pilgrimage of Liberty: A Contemporary Account of the Triumphal Tour of General Lafayette Through the Southern and Western States in 1825, As Reported by the Local Newspapers
150624: HENRY R. T. BRANDRETH - Unity and Reunion: A Bibliography
63970: FRIEDRICH BRANDSCHEID. - Handbuch Der Einleitung Ins Neue Testament.
66929: GEORGE BRANDTL, ED. - Catholicism.
124980: VINCENT P. BRANICK - An Ontology of Understanding: Karl Rahner's Metaphysics of Knowledge in the Context of Modern German Hermeneutics
111148: EVA BRANN. - The Past-Present: Selected Writings of Eva Brann.
124418: EVA T.H. BRANN - Paradoxes of Education in a Republic
1226040: GEORGE BRANNON - Vectis Scenery: Being a Series of Original and Select Views Exhbiting the Picturesque Beauties of the Isle of Wight
37037: A. BRASSAC, - Manuale Biblico Ossia Corso Di Sacra Scrittura Ad Uso Dei Seminari: Nuovo Testamento.
148121: AUDREY BRASSLOFF - Religion and Politics in Spain: The Spanish Church in Transition, 1962-96
120374: SALVADOR BRAU - La Colonization de Puerto Rico
68183: F.-M. BRAUN, O.P. - Jesus: Histoire Et Critique.
100013: LENA BRAVERMAN. - The Thirteen Colonies Resist the Hated Stamp Tax - October 19 1765.
140258: PATRICK BRAYBROOK - Some Catholic Novelists: Their Art and Outlook
147476: PATRICK BRAYBROOKE - Some Thoughts on Hilaire Belloc
131351: PATRICK BRAYBROOKE - Some Victorian and Georgian Catholics: Their Art and Outlook
147455: ROBERT BRECHER - Anselm's Argument: The Logic of Divine Existence
147939: ADRIAAN H. BREDERO - Bernard of Clairvaux: Between Cult and History
130695: J.T. BREESE - Pen Portraits of Distinguished Characters
28150: KATHERINE BREGY. - From Dante to Jeanne D'Arc: Adventures in Medieval Life and Letters.
26330: KATHERINE BREGY. - Queen of Paradox: A Stuart Tragedy.
60112: EMILE BREHIER. - The Hellenic Age.
104024: PLOTIN - EDITED BY EMILE BREHIER. - Enneades Vol. VI Part II.
104025: PLOTIN - EDITED BY EMILE BREHIER. - Enneades Vol. VI Part I.
104026: PLOTIN - EDITED BY EMILE BREHIER. - Enneades Vol. V.
42869: FRANCIS BREHM. - Synopsis Additionum Et Variationum in Editione Typica Missalis Romani.
65667: JOSEPH A. BREIG. - Under My Hat.
65666: JOSEPH A. BREIG. - My Pants When I Die.
146035: JOSEPH A. BREIG - Life with My Mary
38714: REV. JOHN HUGHES & REV. JOHN BREKENRIDGE. - A Discussion... Is the Roman Catholic Religion... Is the Presbyterian Religion... Inimical to CIVIL or Religious Libery?
105930: A. BREKKE AND A. EGELAND. - The Northern Light.
142517: FREDRIKA BREMER - The Homes of the New World; Impressions of America, Vols. I-II
147841: ANDRE BREMOND - Religions of Unbelief
145625: HENRI BREMOND - Prayer & Poetry: A Contribution to Poetical Theory
123546: HENRI BREMOND - Prayer & Poetry: A Contribution to Poetical Theory
142773: HENRI BREMOND - The Thundering Abbot: Armand de Rance, Reformer of la Trappe
146780: COMMISSIONER S.L. BRENGLE - When the Holy Ghost Is Come
124883: PATRICK J. BRENNAN - Re-Imagining Evangelization: Toward the Reign of God and the Communal Parish
146528: ELIZABETH MARABLE BRENNAN - Visits to Theresa Neumann
144014: REV. GERALD T. BRENNAN - Angel City: A Book for Children from Six to Sixty
61685: BERNARD P. BRENNAN. - The Ethics of William James.
103406: MARY BRENNAN. - A Bibliography of Publications in the Field of Eriugenian Studies 1800-1975.
106022: JOHN C. BRENNER. - Forensic Science: An Illustrated Dictionary.
122635: HENRY BRENNER, ED. - Narratives, Catechetical References: Vols. I-II, IV-V, Index [Incomplete].
149095: SUSAN W. BRENNER - Cybercrime: Criminal Threats from Cyberspace
65690: HENRY BRENNER. - As Others See Us or Guide Lines of Personality.
102254: Y. OKAMOTO & WALTER BRENNER. - Organic Semiconductors.
144576: PETER BRENT - Captain Scott and the Antarctic Tragedy
147755: REV. CHARLES H. BRENT - Leadership: The William Belden Noble Lectures Delivered at Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, December, 1907
146258: LEWIS H. BRERETON - The Brereton Diaries: The War in the Air in the Pacific Middle East and Europe; 3 October 1941 - 8 May 1945
97558: FATHER I. DE BRESSANVIDO. - Instructions on the Sixth Commandment.
87363: ROBERT W. BRETALL. - The Empirical Theology of Henry Nelson Wieman.
87910: BINKA LE BRETON. - The Greatest Gift: The Courageous Life and Martyrdom of Sister Dorothy Stang.
113000: GEORGE SIDNEY BRETT - Psychology Ancient and Modern.
42970: THOMAS BRETT. - A Collection of the Principal Liturgies...
131213: CYRIL BRETT, ED - Minor Poems of Michael Drayton
144616: LUTHER A. BREWER AND BARTHINIUS L. WICK - History of Linn County Iowa from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time
148914: E. COBHAM BREWER - A Dictionary of Miracles: Imitative, Realistic, and Dogmatic
142170: DEREK BREWER - Chaucer and His World
143699: J.S. BREWER, ED. - Monumenta Franciscana
69257: HENRIETTE BREY. - Quand la Nuit Tombe Sur L'Ame: Un Livre Pour Ceux Qui Souffrent Et Qui Pleurent.
142497: PAOLO BREZZI - Histoire Illustree Du Catholicisme, Tomes I-III
130076: PAOLO BREZZI. - De Divina Omnipotentia E Altri Opuscoli
110477: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - Desolation Island.
110480: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - The Fortune of War.
110476: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - The Thirteen Gun Salute.
110475: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - The Reverse of the Medal.
110478: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - Master and Commander.
110481: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - Treason's Harbour.
110479: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - H.M. S. Surprise.
110617: PATRICK O'BRIAN. - Men-of-War: Life in Nelson's Navy.
104471: RAOUL BRICE. - The Riddle of Napoleon.
144468: A. MONTEFIORE-BRICE - David Livingstone: His Labours and His Legacy
123464: AGATHA BRICKEL, ED. - Ursuline Tradition and Progress: Vol. 5
141602: WOODEENE KOENIG-BRICKER - 365 Mary: A Daily Guide to Mary's Wisdom and Comfort
142583: WOODEENE KOENIG-BRICKER - 365 Saints: Your Daily Guide to the Wisdom and Wonder of Their Lives
147413: A.R. BRIDBURY - England and the Salt Trade in the Later Middle Ages
105209: CARL BRIDENBAUGH. - Vexed and Troubled Englishmen 1590-1642.
148367: LYNN BRIDGERS - Death's Deceiver: The Life of John P. Machebeuf
60977: HORACE J. BRIDGES, ED. - Aspects of Ethical Religion: Essays in Honor of Felix Adler on the 50th Anniversary of His Founding of the Ethical Movement, 1876.
122667: T.E. BRIDGETT, EDITOR - Characteristics from the Writings of Nicholas Cardinal Wiseman, Archbishop of Westminster
148599: T.E. BRIDGETT - A History of the Holy Eucharist in Great Britain
143103: JOHN A. O'BRIEN, ED. - Why Priests Leave: The Intimate Stories of Twelve Who Did
149611: JAMES THOMAS O'BRIEN - The Case of the Established Church in Ireland
146262: MICHAEL J. O'BRIEN - A Hidden Phase of American History: Ireland's Part in America's Struggle for Liberty
146563: REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN - Saint Augustine, Light of Africa: The Story of a Sinner Who Became a Saint
100201: JOHN A. O'BRIEN. - Where Dwellest Thou? Intimate Personal Stories of Twelve Converts to the Catholic Faith.
143291: FR. CELSUS O'BRIEN - The Rule of the Friars Minor: A Brief Commentary
146441: JOHN A. O'BRIEN - The Faith of Millions: The Credentials of the Catholic Religion
121761: FREDERICK O'BRIEN - Atolls of the Sun
145751: JOHN A. O'BRIEN - The Truth About Mixed Marriages: What to Do About Them
142846: WILLIAM V. O'BRIEN - Nuclear War Deterrence and Morality
142596: DAVID J. O'BRIEN AND THOMAS A. SHANNON, EDS. - Catholic Social Thought: The Documentary Heritage
148541: REV. ERIS M. O'BRIEN - Life and Letters of Archpriest John Joseph Therry Vols. I-II
109376: REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN. - Making Marriage Work.
146554: ERIC O'BRIEN - Apostle of California: Padre Junipero Sera
145613: WILLIAM J. O'BRIEN - Splendor and Wonder: Jesuit Character, Georgetown Spirit, and Liberal Education
122555: DAVID J. O'BRIEN - Isaac Hecker: An American Catholic.
142918: DAVID J. O'BRIEN - Isaac Hecker: An American Catholic
145973: JOHN A. O'BRIEN - Eternal Answers for an Anxious Age
146659: KATE O'BRIEN - Teresa of Avila
148414: REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN, ED. - The White Harvest: A Symposium on Methods of Convert Making
148393: AILEEN O'BRIEN, TRANS. - Pope Paul VI in the Holy Land
145782: REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN - Come Back Home! a Friendly Chat with a Fallen-Away
99108: DARCY O'BRIEN. - The Hidden Pope.
70881: JOHN A. O'BRIEN, PH.D, LL.D., ED. - Catholics and Scholarship: A Symposium on the Development of Scholars.
69107: JOHN A. O'BRIEN. - Eternal Answers for an Anxious Age.
64942: REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN. - The Church and Marriage.
141581: T.C. O'BRIEN, ED. - Corpus Dictionary of Western Churches
97363: REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN. - Mary Help of Christians: Tributes by People of All Faiths.
84177: JOHN A. O'BRIEN. - Where Dwellest Thou? Intimate Personal Stories of Twelve Converts to the Catholic Faith.
94061: JOSEPH L. O'BRIEN. - John England - Bishop of Charleston: The Apostle to Democracy.
90308: P.J. O'BRIEN. - Will Rogers - Ambassador of Good Will [Salesman's Sample].
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59430: WILLIAM CARLETON. - Rody the Rover or the Ribbonman.
130355: WILL CARLETON - Farm Legends
130354: WILL CARLETON - Farm Ballads
63172: KEITH W. CARLEY. - Ezekiel Among the Prophets (Studies in Biblical Theology, Second Series-31).
43490: CAMILLUS DE CARLO. - Jus Religiosorum.
145595: DAVID R. CARLSON - English Humanist Books: Writers and Patrons, Manuscript and Print, 1475-1525
125315: DAVID CARLTON - Britain and the Suez Crisis
112454: FR. ANDRE PRAT O. CARM. - Notas Historicas Sobre As Missoes Carmelitanas No Extremo Norte Do Brasil (Seculos XVII E XVIII).
70195: SAC. PROF. ALBINO CARMAGNOLA. - Quaresimale [Vols. I-II].
131094: BLISS CARMAN - James Whitcomb Riley: An Essay by Bliss Carman and Some Letters to Him from James Whitcomb Riley August 30, 1898-October 12, 1915
110839: MARY OF CARMEL. - A Wayfaring Pilgrim.
147095: MONTGOMERY CARMICHAEL, ED. - The Life of John William Walshe F.S. A.
142021: DENISE LARDNER CARMODY AND JOHN CARMODY - The Story of World Religions
125365: DENISE LARDNER CARMODY - The Good Alliance: Feminism, Religion, and Education
130412: JAMES R. CARNAHAN - Pythian Knighthood: Its History and Literature
149445: RUDOLF CARNAP - The Logical Syntax of Language
149450: RUDOLF CARNAP - Introduction to Semantics and Formalization of Logic
148590: JAMES CARNEY - The Problem of St. Patrick
151025: JUNIPER B. CAROL - A History of the Controversy over the 'Debitum Peccati'
145102: UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA - 1950 University of North Carolina Yearbook
123951: HUMPHREY CARPENTER - The Inklings: Jrr Tolkien, Cs Lewis, Charles Williams, and Their Friends
147108: FRANK G. CARPENTER - How the World Is Housed
3660: CAPT. ALFRED CARPENTER. - The Blocking of Zeebrugge.
131144: GEORGE RICE CARPENTER - English Men of Letters: Walt Whitman
150644: ED CARPENTER - A Closer Walk: Encouragement for Daily Living
149121: JAMES C. CARPER AND THOMAS C. HUNT, EDS. - The Prager Handbook of Religion and Education in the Unites States, Vols. I-II
125407: JOHN CARR - To Heaven Through a Window: St. Gerard Majella
150331: ANNE E. CARR - A Search for Wisdom & Spirit: Thomas Merton's Theology of the Self
44575: JOHN CARR, C.SS.R. - Helps to Happiness.
87270: AIDAN CARR. - Vocation to the Priesthood: Its Canonical Concept.
143764: JOHN CARR - The Stranger in France: Or, a Tour from Devonshire to Paris
151425: ROBIN L. CARR - The Constitutions of St. John's Lodge
146175: A.M. CARRE - Hope or Despair
130614: ALBERTO MARIA CARRENO - Cartas de Viaje
143993: ALBERTO MARIA CARRENO - Problemas Indigenas: Coleccion de Obras Diversas Vol. I
143994: ALBERTO MARIA CARRENO - Nuestros Vecinos Del Norte: Coleccion de Obras Diversas Volumen IV
122589: ALBERTO MARIA CARRENO, ED. - Archivo Del General Porfirio Diaz: Vols. I-XVII
130254: ALBERTO MARIA CARRENO - El P. Miguel Agustin Pro
148811: JEAN CARRERE - The Pope
150990: BERNARD M.L. ERNST & HEREWARD CARRINGTON - Houdini and Conan Doyle: The Story of a Strange Friendship
3609: CHARLES CARRINGTON. - Soldier from the Wars Returning.
149073: MICHAEL P. CARROLL - Irish Pilgrimage: Holy Wells and Popular Catholic Devotion
141933: MICHAEL O'CARROLL - Theotokos: A Theological Encyclopedia of the Blessed Virgin Mary
141936: MICHAEL O'CARROLL - Trinitas: A Theological Encyclopedia of the Holy Trinity
132389: MICHAEL P. CARROLL - Veiled Threats: The Logic of Popular Catholicism in Italy
143432: MICHAEL O'CARROLL - Theotokos: A Theological Encyclopedia of the Blesed Virgin Mary
125324: MALACHY G. CARROLL - The Charred Wood: Blessed Julie Billiart
148009: MICHEL CARROUGES - Soldier of the Spirit: The Life of Charles de Foucauld
148467: FRANCES WESTON CARRUTH - Fictional Rambles in & About Boston
147261: F.L. CARSTEN, ED. - The New Cambridge Modern History Volume V: The Ascendancy of France 1648-88
65686: PAMELA CARSWELL AND CECILY HASTINGS, TRANS. - Conflict and Light: Studies in Psychological Disturbance and Readjustment.
122517: CLARENCE EDWIN CARTER, ED. - The Territory of Florida, 1834-1839: Territorial Papers of the United States Volume XXV.
122520: CLARENCE EDWIN CARTER, ED. - The Territory of Arkansas, 1829-1836: Territorial Papers of the United States Volume XXI.
122521: CLARENCE EDWIN CARTER, ED. - The Territory of Florida, 1821-1824: Territorial Papers of the United States Volume XXII.
150764: RUTH C. CARTER, ED & JAMES D. HOOKS, ED - Implementing Online Union Lists of Serials: The Pennsylvania Union List of Serials Experience
143948: BRUCE CARTER - The Kidnaping of Kensington
149224: RUSSELL GORDON CARTER - Good Luck, Lieutenant!
5608: JIMMY CARTER. - An Outdoor Journal.
122503: CLARENCE EDWIN CARTER - The Territory South of the River Ohio, 1790-1796. Territorial Papers of the United States Volume IV.
145905: EDWARD CARTER - Response to God's Love: A View of the Spiritual Life
122510: CLARENCE EDWIN CARTER, ED. - The Territory of Illinois, 1809-1814. Territorial Papers of the United States Volume XVI.
122509: CLARENCE EDWIN CARTER, ED. - The Territory of Louisiana-Missouri, 1815-1821, Continued. Territorial Papers of the United States Volume XV.
71905: CHARLES H. CARTER, ED. - From the Renaissance to the Counter-Reformation: Essays in Honor of Garrett Mattingly.
123744: WARREN CARTER - John: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist
112543: RUSSELL GORDON CARTER. - The Golden Galleon.
122513: CLARENCE EDWIN CARTER, ED. - The Territory of Florida, 1839-1845, Continued. Territorial Papers of the United States Volume XXVI.
141018: FATHER CARTHAGE, O.C.S.O. - The Story of Saint Carthage, Otherwise Saint Mochuda
66463: MOTHER MARY PETER CARTHY. - English Influences on Early American Catholicism.
149134: JOHN K. CARTWRIGHT - The Catholic Shrines of Europe
1210645: CHARLES M. CARTY - The Two Stigmatists: Padre Pio and Teresa Neumann
141644: CHARLES M. CARTY - The Two Stigmatists: Padre Pio and Teresa Neumann
111222: NEWTON CARVER. - The Complicated Form of Life: Essays on Wittgenstein.
131502: ELISABETH LUTHER CARY - William Morris: Poet, Craftman, Socialist
140389: JAMES CARY - Tanks and Armor in Modern Warfare
142549: ELISABETH LUTHER CARY - The Rossettis: Dante Gabriel and Christina
110105: [JOHN CARYLL]. - Sir Salomon or the Cautious Coxcomb.
131389: EDWIN CASADY - Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
151079: AGOSTINO CASAROLI - IL Martirio Della Pazienza: La Santa Sede E I Paesi Comunisti 1963-1989
151240: RICHARD Y. CASE - Timing" Belt Drive Engineering Handbook
33116: LYNN M. CASE. - Franco-Italian Relations 1860-1865: The Roman Question and the Convention of September.
151007: EMMANUEL COMTE DE LAS CASES - Letters from the Count de Las Cases
149501: ROBERT J. CASEY - Bob Casey's Grand Slam
150322: MICHAEL CASEY - Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina
130050: LOUIS S. CASEY - The First Nonstop Coast-to-Coast Flight and the Historic T-2 Airplane
146609: MICHAEL CASEY - What Are We at? Ministry and Priesthood for the Third Millenium
132428: ROBERT J. CASEY - The Gentleman in Armor
1210978: ROBERT J. CASEY - Four Faces of Siva: The Detective Story of a Vanished Race
148142: REVS. THOMAS F. CASEY AND LEO C. GAINOR - Social Manual for Seminarians
61746: JOHN CASEY. - The Language of Criticism.
62832: FRANCIS J. CASEY. - Staging the Bible: Readings from Holy Scripture Arranged for Dramatic and Choral Recitation.
124550: SEAN O'CASEY - Collected Plays: Volume One
73089: LOUIS S. CASEY. - Smithsonian Annals of Flight: The First Nonstop Coast-to-Coast Flight and the Historic T-2 Airplane.
73161: LOUIS S. CASEY. - The First Nonstop Coast-to-Coast Flight and the Historic T-2 Airplane.
147332: P. O CATHASAIGH (SEAN O'CASEY) - The Story of the Irish Citizen Army
86584: H.B.G. CASIMIR. - On the Interaction between Atomic Nuclei and Electrons.
10090: JOHANN CASIMIR. - The Hunting Book.
143286: TITO CASINI - The Last Mass of Paul VI: An Autumn Night's Dream
145001: VIRGINIA CASON - H.M. S. Richards: Man Alive!

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