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43322: JULIUS DE BECKER - De Matrimonio: Praelectiones Canonicae
72215: C. BECKER - IM Stromtal Des Brahmaputra
1224329: REV. CLEMENT BECKMEYER - A Silver Crown: Twenty-Five Subjects of Interest and Instruction in Defence of the Church
67305: REV. CLEMENT BECKMEYER - A Silver Crown: Twenty-Five Subjects of Interest and Instruction in Defence of the Church
163181: MADGE BECKON - On His Heart: Our High Priest's Loving Care
97381: MARGARET M. BEDARD - Family Catholic Action
142614: ROGER BEDE - Pius IX and the Revolution: A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Sydney
121600: FREDERICK BEDELL - Direct and Alternating Current Testing
165068: F.W. BEDFORD AND T.D. DWIVEDI - Vector Calculus
1210853: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE - Cardinal Bernard Griffin, Archbishop of Westminster
125065: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE - Francois de Sales
1210864: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE - The Meddlesome Friar: The Story of Conflict between Savonarola and Alexander VI
150518: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE - The Cardijn Story: A Study of the Life of Mgr. Joseph Cardijn and the Young Christian Workers' Movement Which He Founded
168452: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE, ED - Objections to Roman Catholicism
69034: MICHAEL DEL AL BEDOYERE - Francois de Sales
67689: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE, ED - The Future of Catholic Christianity
142797: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE - Cardinal Bernard Griffin: Archbishop of Westminster
126424: JASON DAVID BEDUHN - The Manichaean Body: In Discipline and Ritual
149249: CLAIR BEE - Touchdown Pass
140679: WILLIAM BEEBE - Exploring with Beebe: Selections for Younger Readers from the Writings of William Beebe
175055: REV. EDWARD BEECHER - Narrative of Riots at Alton: In Connection with the Death of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy
145203: WM. C. BEECHER AND REV. SAMUEL SCOVILLE - A Biography of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
147740: PAUL Q. BEECHING - The Education of an American Catholic
150931: FRANS JOZEF VAN BEECK - God Encountered: A Contemporary Catholic Systematic Theology - Volume 1
147562: FRANZ JOSEF VAN BEECK - Loving the Torah More Than God? Towards a Catholic Appreciation of Judaism
140658: FRANCIS BEEDING - The Secret Weapon
62344: M.A. BEEK AND J. SPERNA WEILAND - Martin Buber: Personalist & Prophet
126788: JOHN BEELER - Warfare in England: 1066-1189
145012: THOMAS BEER - The Road to Heaven: A Romance of Morals
106350: ARTHUR BEER AND PETER BEER - Vistas in Astronomy Volume 22
126813: HENRY A. BEERS - Initial Studies in American Letters
160616: TREVOR BEESON - The Deans
112225: REV. W. HOLT BEEVER - The Daily Life of Our Farm
169494: JOHN BEEVERS - The Sun Her Mantle
43069: REV. J.J. BEGEL - Last Journey and Memorials of the Redeemer or Via Crucis As It Is Seen in Jerusalem
172371: ALBERT BEGUIN - Leon Bloy: A Study in Impatience
64157: G.-M. BEHLER - The Last Discourse of Jesus
167657: JOHN L. BEHLER AND F. WAYNE KING - The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians
60385: SIEGFRIED BEHN - The Eternal Magnet: A History of Philosophy
174441: GREG BEHRENDT AND LIZ TUCCILLO - He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
66424: LEO BEHRENDT - The Ethical Teaching of Hugo of Trimberg
173754: RICHARD BEHRENS - The Lost Scrolls of King Solomon
170671: HAIM BEINART - Atlas of Medieval Jewish History
94682: WOLFGANG BEINERT - Maria Heute Ehren
102154: KATHLEEN FOLEY-BEINING - The Body and Eucharistic Devotion in Catharina Regina Von Greiffenberg's Meditations
1226301: REV. GEORGE BEIRNES - Pyramid Symbolism and Prophesy
167992: CYNTHIA KUHN BEISCHEL - Discover the Past: A Tale of Cincinnati's Living History
69787: RUSSELL J. BEKCER - Family Pastoral Care
66932: W.M. BEKKERS - God's People on the March: A Modern Bishop Speaks to His People
87089: ALLEN BELKIND - Jean-Paul Sartre: Sartre and Existentialism in English
161955: AILI RYTKONEN-BELL AND H. DAVID ARGOFF - Conversational Finnish: Suomea Keskustellen
123894: DAVID N. BELL - Understanding Rance: The Spirituality of the Abbot of la Trappe in Context
122564: CHARLES D. BELL - Some of Our English Poets
100738: STOUGHTON BELL - Modern University Calculus
160662: QUENTIN BELL - Bloomsbury Recalled
67743: G.K.A. BELL, ED - Documents on Christian Unity: Fourth Series, 1948-57
106609: TRUDY E. BELL - Upward: Status Report and Directory of the American Space Interest Movement 1984-85
169269: REVS. WILLIAM BELL AND N.D. EMERSON, EDS - The Church of Ireland A.D. 432-1932. The Report of the Church of Ireland Conference Held in Dublin, 11th. -14th. October, 1932, to Which Is Appended an Account of the Commemoration by the Church of Ireland of the 1500th. Anniversary of the Landing of St. Patrick in Ireland
140544: JAMES WARNER BELLAH - These Frantic Years
86264: L.J. BELLAMY - The Infra-Red Spectra of Complex Molecules
97346: REV. L.E. BELLANTI - The Mystical Body of Christ
125210: ST. ROBERT BELLARMINE - Exhortationes Domesticae
166902: EDWARD BELLASIS - Coram Cardinali
41841: SISTER CONCETTA BELLEGGIA - God and the Problem of Evil
149749: DOMINIC AIDAN BELLENGER AND STELLA FLETCHER - Princes of the Church: A History of the English Cardinals
102570: KAREN BELLENIR - Debt Information for Teens: Second Edition
171311: KAREN BELLENIR, ED - Allergy Information for Teens, Second Edition: Health Tips About Allergic Reactions to Food, Pollen, Mold, and Other Substances; Including Facts About Diagnosing, Treating, and Preventing Allergic Responses and Compilcations
120447: BURCHARDUS DE BELLEVAUX - Apologia de Barbis
131347: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Aftermath or, Gleanings from a Busy Life, Called Upon the Outer Cover for Purposes of Sale: Caliban's Guide to Letters: Lambkin's Remains
1240445: HILAIRE BELLOC - Cromwell
147516: HILAIRE BELLOC - Characters of the Reformation
131532: HILAIRE BELLOC - Hilaire Belloc: An Anthology of His Prose and Verse Selected by W.N. Roughead
131533: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Cruise of the Nona
132013: HILAIRE BELLOC - Sonnets and Verse
142575: HILAIRE BELLOC - Cranmer: Archbishop of Canterbury 1533-1556
172118: HILAIRE BELLOC - Cautionary Tales and Other Verses
132220: HILAIRE BELLOC - Milton
132217: HILAIRE BELLOC - An Essay on the Nature of Contemporary England
140328: HILAIRE BELLOC - Wolsey
150524: HILAIRE BELLOC - Wolsey
100345: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Aftermath or Gleanings from a Busy Life Called Upon the Outer Cover for Purposes of Sale Caliban's Guide to Letters
124174: HILAIRE BELLOC - Survivals and New Arrivals
143694: HILAIRE BELLOC - Characters of the Reformation
124173: HILLAIRE BELLOC - The Crisis of Civilization
150561: HILAIRE BELLOC - Survivals and New Arrivals
16244: SAUL BELLOW - Mr. Sammler's Planet
131028: MARQUIS DE BELLOY - Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World
113292: JAMES H. BELOTE AND WILLIAM M. BELOTE - Titans of the Seas: The Development and Operations of Japanese and American Carrier Task Forces During World War II
64272: JOHANNES EVANG. BELSER - Der Zweite Brief Des Apostels Paulus an Die Korinther
64289: JOHANNES EVANG. BELSER - Der Epheserbrief Des Apostels Paulus
64158: DR. JOHANNES EVANGELIST BELSER - Die Apostelgeschichte
68279: DR. JOHANNES BELSER - Die Geschichte Des Leidens Und Sterbens, Der Auferstehung Und Himmelfahrt Des Herrn
160181: HUGH BELSEY - Gainsborough at Gainsborough's House
1237027: LUDWIG BEMELMANS - Madeline
63567: CHRISTINE L. BENAGH - Meditations on the Book of Job
161948: AVIVAH BENAMY - Hebrew Roots and Fruits: A Guide to Jewish Concepts and Values Through Hebrew Root Words
169564: MOGENS BENCARD AND TAGE KAARSTED - Fra Korsridder Til Ridderkors: Elefantordenens Og Dannebrogordenens Historie
145088: ROBERT BENCHLEY - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or David Copperfield
163388: ROBERT BENCHLEY - The "Reel" Benchley: Robert Benchley at His Hilarious Best in Words and Pictures
170851: HAROLD S. BENDER AND C. HENRY SMITH - Mennonites and Their Heritage: A Handbook of Mennonite History and Beliefs
101309: DAVID BENDER - Social Justice: Opposing Viewpoints
170852: HAROLD S. BENDER; JOHN HORSCH - Menno Simons' Life and Writings: A Quadricentennial Tribute 1536-1936
126286: A SISTER OF SAINT BENEDICT - Meditations on the O Antiphons Vols. 1-7
112889: RUTH BENEDICT - Tales of the Cochiti Indians
168865: THE ORDER OF ST. BENEDICT - Our Parish Prays and Sings: A Service Book for Liturgical Worship with Official Texts, Hymns, Psalms and Paraliturgies
143009: J. BRIAN BENESTAD AND FRANCIS J. BUTLER, EDS - Quest for Justice: A Compendium of Statements of the United States Catholic Bishops on the Political and Social Order 1966-1980
172725: J. BRIAN BENESTAD AND FRANCIS J. BUTLER, EDS - Quest for Justice: A Compendium of Statements of the United States Catholic Bishops on the Political and Social Order 1966-1980
1241190: WILLIAM ROSE BENET AND CONRAD AIKEN, EDS - An Anthology of Famous English and American Poetry
141239: GREGORY BENFORD AND DAVID BRIN - Heart of the Comet
38834: STEPHEN BENKO - The Meaning of Sanctorum Communio
141534: EDUARDO BENLLOCH - Origins of the Marianist Family: Notes on Marianist History
174403: ALLEN ROGERS BENNER AND FRANCIS H. FOBES - The Letters of Alciphron, Aelian and Philostratus
160221: G.V. BENNET AND J.D. WALSH, EDS - Essays in Modern English Church History: In Memory of Norman Sykes
173225: C.E. BENNETT, TRANS - Horace: The Odes and Epodes
125502: NICHOLAS BENNETT, ED - The Registers of Henry Burghersh 1320-1342: I.
149851: DAPHNE BENNETT - Margot: A Life of the Countess of Oxford and Asquith
171552: PAUL BENNETT - University of Cincinnati: The Campus Guide
168552: JANICE BENNETT - Sacred Blood, Sacred Image: The Sudarium of Oviedo; New Evidence for the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin
124821: OWEN BENNETT - The Nature of Demonstrative Proof: According to the Principles of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas
168072: RITA BENNETT - I'm Glad You Asked That: Timely Questions Women Ask About the Christian Life
1210739: EDWARD EARL BENNETT ET AL., ED - Calendar of the Tennessee and King's Mountain Papers of the Draper Collection Manuscripts
171906: CLINTON BENNETT - In Search of Muhammad
172468: WILLIAM HARPER BENNETT - Catholic Footsteps in Old New York: A Chronicle of Catholicity in the City of New York from 1524 to 1808
166584: ROBERT A. BENNETT AND O.C. EDWARDS; WILLIAM F. MAXWELL - The Bible for Today's Church with Use Guide (2 Volumes)
131422: ARNOLD BENNETT - Literary Taste: How to Form It
144338: CHARLES E. BENNETT - Syntax of Early Latin Vol. I - the Verb
140144: IVAN L. BENNETT, ED - Song and Service Book for Ship and Field: Army and Navy
43311: JOHN C. BENNETT, ED - Christian Social Ethics in a Changing World
97231: WALLACE F. BENNETT - The Very Human History of Nam
1244119: WILLIAM J. BENNETT - The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood
172933: JOHN W. WHEELER-BENNETT - Munich: Prologue to Tragedy
173906: LEE J. BENNISH - Continuity and Change: Xavier University 1831-1981
164356: LEE J. BENNISH - Continuity and Change: Xavier University 1831-1981
62740: P. BENOIT, ED - La Sainte Bible: L'Evangile Selon Saint Matthieu
62748: P. BENOIT, ED - La Sainte Bible: Aux Philippiens, a Philemon, Aux Colossiens, Aux Ephesiens
1235492: MONSIGNOR ROBERT HUGH BENSON - Infallibility and Tradition
107157: E.F. BENSON - The Image in the Sand
107156: E.F. BENSON - The Angel of Pain
147527: ROBERT HUGH BENSON - The Mystical Body and Its Head
107155: E.F. BENSON - The Challoners
161449: E.F. BENSON - Queen Victoria
132534: R.M. BENSON - The Final Passover: A Series of Meditations Upon the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ Vol III the Divine Exodus
132008: ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER BENSON - Hugh: Memoirs of a Brother
107154: E.F. BENSON - Peter
131252: S.L. BENSUSAN - Coleridge
98985: S.L. BENSUSAN - Reynolds [Masterpieces in Colour Series]
131441: G.E. BENTLEY - Blake Records Supplement: Being New Materials Relating to the Life of William Blake Discovered Since the Publication of Blake Records 1969
131205: G.E. BENTLEY, ED - William Blake: The Critical Heritage
141562: PHYLLIS BENTLEY - The Brontes and Their World
131497: G.E. BENTLEY, ED - William Blake's Works in Conventional Typography
113326: J.H. BENTON - The Book of Common Prayer: Its Origin and Growth
106438: SISTER EVEYN BENTON - Bible Stories in the Language of Youth - Historia Sagrada En El Idioma de la Juventud
165103: J.H. BENTON - The Booke of Common Prayer, with the Psalter or Psalmes of David, of That Translation Which Is Appointed to Be Used in Churches. / the Book of Common Prayer: Its Origin and Growth
63336: AAGE BENTZEN - Daniel
91267: AAGE BENTZEN - Introduction to the Old Testament
148832: BERNARD BENZIGER, ED - The New American Sunday Missal
168419: BERNARD BENZIGER, ED - The New American Sunday Missal with Introductions Written Under the Direction of the Murphy Center for Liturgical Research, Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Indiana
126214: BERNARD BENZIGER, ED - The New American Sunday Missal
108018: ANGELO DI BERARDINO - Patrologia Vol. III: Dal Concilio Di Nicea (325) Al Concilio Di Calcedonia (451)
147356: VINCENZO BERARDIS - Italy and Ireland in the Middle Ages
92949: ALFRED BERCOVICI - That Blackguard Burton!
170258: SIR IVAN DE LA BERE - The Queen's Orders of Chivalry
3133: SIR IVAN DE LA BERE - The Queen's Orders of Chivalry
170143: BERNARD BERENSON - Rumor and Reflection
160666: MARY BERENSON - Mary Berenson: A Self-Portrait from Her Letters & Diaries
65064: LUDWIG BERG - Sozialethik
149959: RONALD BERGAN - Beyond the Fringe... And Beyond: A Critical Biography of Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller and Dudley Moore
172187: DIANNE BERGANT AND ROBERT J. KARRIS, EDS - The Collegeville Bible Commentary: Based on the New American Bible with Revised New Testament
140684: R. VAN BERGEN - The Story of Russia
163437: DAVID BERGER, TRANS - The Jewish-Christian Debate in the High Middle Ages: A Critical Edition of the Nizzahon Vetus
959: CARL BERGER - Broadsides and Bayonets
172746: PAMELA BERGER - The Goddess Obscured: Transformation of the Grain Protectress from Goddess to Saint
166322: GARY JAMES BERGERA, ED - Line Upon Line: Essays on Mormon Doctrine
167892: DAVID M. BERGERON - Royal Family, Royal Lovers: King James of England and Scotland
147543: JOSEPH BERGIN - The Making of the French Episcopate 1589-1661
160225: JOSEPH BERGIN - Cardinal de la Rouchefoucauld: Leadership and Reform in the French Church
173794: J.M. BERGLING - Art Alphabets and Lettering: An Inexhaustive Collection of the Most Useful and Artistic Lettering for the Use of Painters, Designers, Engravers, Commercial Artists, Show Card Writers, Schools and Colleges
55066: L. BERGMANN AND CL. SCHAEFER - Lehrbuch Der Experimentalphysik I: Mechanik - Akustik Warmelehre
55318: L. BERGMANN AND CL. SCHAEFER - Lehrbuch Der Experimentalphysik II Band: Elektrizitatslehre
161740: GOTTHELF BERGSTRASSER - Introduction to the Semitic Languages: Text Specimens and Grammatical Sketches
22414: S.M. BERINGER - History of Dayton's Industries
120874: ABBE R. BERINGER - Recueil Documentaire: Deuxieme Edition Volumes I-XX
140363: ABBE BERJAT - Notre Dame Devalfleury: Notice Historique
123002: ABBE BERJAT - Notre-Dame de Valfleury: Notice Historique
1237066: BISHOP GEORGE BERKELEY - The Works of George Berkeley D.D.
171253: FRIARS MICHAEL BERKEMEIER AND LESTER BOWMAN, TRANS - Devotions in Honor of St. Anthony Based on the Liturgy and on the Sermons of St. Anthony
68807: PATRICK J. BERKERY, S.M.M., PH.D. - Restructuring Religious Life: A Plan for Renewal
172494: ROBERT F. BERKHOFER, JR. - Salvation and the Savage: An Analysis of Protestant Missions and American Indian Response, 1787-1862
160787: ISAIAH BERLIN AND RAMIN JAHANBEGLOO - Conversations with Isaiah Berlin
171463: ISAIAH BERLIN - Liberty
113225: M.D. BERLITZ - Berlitz Method for Teaching Modern Languages: English Part; First and Second Books
131424: RONALD BERMAN - Henry King & the Seventeenth Century
172268: JOSHUA BERMAN - The Temple: Its Symbolism and Meaning Then and Now
174655: CHRISTIAN BERNADAC - Devil's Doctors, the Naked Puppets, the Death Train, and Others (10 Volumes)
169000: MARTIN BERNAL - Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, Vols. I-II
173140: BERNARD A. TAYLOR, JOHN A.L. LEE, PETER R. BURTON, AND RICHARD E. WHITAKER, EDS - Biblical Greek Language and Lexicography: Essays in Honor of Frederick W. Danker
166059: BERNARD COMRIE, STEPHEN MATTHEWS, AND MARIA POLINSKY, EDS - The Atlas of Languages: The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World
37805: REGIS BERNARD, S.J. - L'Esperance
37804: REGIS BERNARD, S.J. - L'Esperance
120309: J.H. BERNARD - The Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick
166320: J.B. BERNARDIN - An Introduction to the Episcopal Church
173724: DON RAFFAELE BERNARDO - Saint Gaspar Del Bufalo: Saint of the People
140704: STEVE BERNEKING AND SCOTT S. ELLIOTT - Translation and the Machine: Technology, Meaning, Praxis
149929: LORD BERNERS - A Distant Prospect
149928: LORD BERNERS - First Childhood
175173: J. BERNHART, INTRODUCTION - Theologia Germanica
171814: BLANCHE L. SERWER-BERNSTEIN - In the Tradition of Moses and Mohammed: Jewish and Arab Folktales
174768: CARL BERNSTEIN AND MARCO POLITI - His Holiness: John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time
172927: JOHANN HEINRICH VON BERNSTORFF - Memoirs of Count Bernstorff
111946: LUIGI BERRA - Pane Spezzato: Vol. II: Brevi Omelie Per Solemnita - Feste E Memorie Liturgiche
141482: DANIEL BERRIGAN - Daniel: Under the Siege of the Divine
150381: DANIEL BERRIGAN - Wisdom: The Feminine Face of God
142399: DANIEL BERRIGAN - And the Risen Bread: Selected Poems, 1957-1997
1214920: DANIEL BERRIGAN - Job: And Death No Dominion
172260: SUSAN BERRIN, ED - Celebrating the New Moon: A Rosh Chodesh Anthology
141781: DONALD L. BERRY - Mutuality: The Vision of Martin Buber
162261: FREDERICK FORREST BERRY - The Torch of Reason or Humanity's God
142394: JOHN BERRYMAN - Homage to Mistress Bradstreet
172397: JOHN BERSEY - Cyclopedia of Michigan: Historical and Biographical, Comprising a Synopsis of General History of the State, and Biographical Sketches of Men Who Have, in Their Various Spheres, Contributed Toward Its Development
63334: ALFRED BERTHOLET - Hesekiel
120139: ED. ROBERT J. BERTHOLF AND ANNETTE S. LEVITT - William Blake and the Moderns
125749: ROGER BERTHOUD - Graham Sutherland: A Biography
170370: MICHAEL BERTIAUX - The Voudon Gnostic Workbook: Expanded Edition
161927: R. P. ALEXANDRE BERTONI - Le Bienheureux Jean Duns Scot
69123: ADOLF KARDINAL BERTRAM - Charismen Priesterlicher Gesinnung Und Arbeit
131041: JEAN TOUSSAINT BERTRAND - Histoire de L'Amerique Espagnole: Depuis Les Origines Jusqu'a Nos Jours: 2 Volumes
124580: BERTRAND BADIE, DIRK BERG-SCHLOSSER, AND LEONARDO MORLINO, EDITORS IN CHIEF - International Encyclopedia of Political Science (Vols. 1-8)
113426: MICHAEL R. BESCHLOSS, INTRODUCTION; MERRILL MCLOUGHLIN, ED - The Impeachment and Trial of President Clinton: The Official Transcripts, from the House Judiciary Committee Hearings to the Senate Trial
163628: RABBI ABRAHAM R. BESDIN - Reflections of the Rav: Lessons in Jewish Thought
65304: A.M. BESNARD - Faith: Its Life and Growth
107724: HENRY BESNIER - Contes de Grazzini
54420: JULIUS BESSMER - Stoerungen IM Seelenleben
132051: KENELM DIGBY BEST - Letters from the Beloved City to S.B. From Philip
141295: ERNEST BEST - Ephesians (the International Critical Commentary)
1216007: HENRY DIGBY BESTE - Poverty and the Baronet's Family: A Catholic Novel
74139: ADM. R.P. UDALRICUS BESTE - Introductio in Codicem
7328: THEODORE BESTERMAN - Family History: A Bibliography of Bibliography
169222: E.-A. BETANT - Lexicon Thucydideum, Volumes I-II
112118: ALBRECHT BETHE - Allgemeine Anatomie Und Physiologie Des Nervensystems
167559: JACK BETHEA - Bed Rock
161178: DIVIE BETHUNE - The Power of Faith: Exemplified in the Life and Writings of Mrs. Isabella Graham, of New-York
1214897: JOHN BETJEMAN - Collected Poems
145785: REV. EDWARD M. BETOWSKI - Why All Should Go to Mass: A Discussion Club Text with Outline
97394: REV. EDWARD BETOWSKI - The True Church: Its Marks and Attributes: A Discussion Club Text with Outline
91025: DR. HERMANN BETRAMS - Das Wesen Des Geistes Nach Der Anschauung Des Apostels Paulus
46542: DR. F. BETSCHLER - Uber Integraldarstellungen. .
167115: HENRY BETTENSON, ED - Documents of the Christian Church
103831: HANS DIETER BETZ - Plutarch's Theological Writings and Early Christian Literature
110809: REV. H.J. BEUTLER - For Thee Alone: Conferences for Religious
44523: REV. H.J. BEUTLER, C.M. - For Thee Alone: Conferences for Religious
67819: R.J.W. BEVAN, ED - The Church and Christian Unity
24754: IAN BEVAN - Royal Performance
1210706: CHARLES I. BEVANS, ED - Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949: Vols. I, III, & IV [Incomplete]
150383: PAUL QUENON & MICHAEL BEVER - Monkscript Two Surprising Saints: Literature, Arts & Spirituality
174503: ALBERT J. BEVERIDGE - The Russian Advance
172978: CHARLES BEWLEY - Hermann Goring and the Third Reich: A Biography Based on Family and Official Records
169608: FRIEDHELM BEYREISS - Der Hausorden Und Die Tragbaren Ehrenzeichen Des Grossherzogtums Oldenburg 1813-1918
65252: EDWARDUS E. BEZZINA - De Valore Sociali Caritatis
98706: JAGDISH BHAGWATI AND ROBERT HUDEC - Fair Trade and Harmonization: Prerequisites for Free Trade
164517: KIRTANANANDA SWAMI BHAKTIPADA - Christ and Krishna
162435: MANGAT RAI BHARDWAJ - Colloquial Panjabi: A Complete Language Course
122542: J. BHASKER - A Verilog Hdl Primer
169972: RACHEL BIALE - Women and Jewish Law: An Exploration of Women's Issues in Halakhic Sources
170621: HAYYIM NAHMAN BIALIK AND YEHOSHUA HANA RAWNITZKY - Sefer Ha-Aggadah: The Book of Jewish Folklore and Legend
144731: ENZO BIANCO AND ASSUNTA MARALDI - First Centenary of Don Bosco's Missions: Salesians 1875, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians 1877
167844: KJV BIBLE - The Holy Bible Illustrated Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised; King James Version 1611
162119: BIBLE - The New American Bible
147414: BIBLE - Bibeln Eller Den Heliga Skrift: Gamla Och Nya Testamentets Kanoniska Bocker
170052: RSV BIBLE - The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version Containing the Old and New Testaments
162124: CATHOLIC BIBLE - The New American Bible
170649: NRSV BIBLE - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments: New Revised Standard Version
163900: HOLY BIBLE - The Book
175185: AITKEN BIBLE - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Newly Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised
169881: NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE - The Holy Bible: Ultrathin Large Print Reference Bible
172247: HOLY BIBLE - The Revised English Bible with the Apocrypha
170076: NRSV BIBLE - Pocket Companion Bible: The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; New Revised Standard Version
146462: CATHOLIC BIBLE - La Sacra Bibbia: Traduzione Dai Testi Originali
175050: KING JAMES BIBLE] - The New Testament of Our Lord and Savious Jesus Christ, Translated out of the Original Greek; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised
162154: GIDEON BIBLE - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments [Kjv]
164345: HOLY BIBLE - The New English Bible
163506: ENGLISH-CHINESE BIBLE - Holy Bible: Today's English Version/Today's Chinese Version
162537: HOLY BIBLE - The Holy Bible (Kjv)
163561: CATHOLIC BIBLE - The New American Bible
164009: NKJV BIBLE - Holy Bible: The New King James Version Containing the Old and New Testaments
164918: THE NEW STANDARD ALPHABETICAL INDEXED BIBLE - Holy Bible (Authorized or King James Version): School and Library Reference Edition; Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues and with All Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised; to Which Are Added Many Unique Features of the Bible
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1240999: THOMAS J. O'BRIEN - An Advanced Catechism of Catholic Faith and Practice
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124899: JOHN A. O'BRIEN - Catching Up with the Church: Catholic Faith and Practice Today
165652: JOHN A. O'BRIEN - The Faith of Millions: The Credentials of the Catholic Religion
174087: REV. WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN - In Sacristy and Sanctuary: A Guide for the Sacristan with Detailed Instructions Accompanied by Directive Schedules and Diagrams Showing How and What to Get Ready for the Proper Carrying out of Liturgical Functions Generally According to the Roman Ceremonial
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121832: C. LEWIS BROAD AND VIOLET M. BROAD - Dictionary to the Plays and Novels of Bernard Shaw with Bibliography of His Works and of the Literature Concerning Him with a Record of the Pricipal Shavian Play Productions
110389: GEORGE BROADHURST - What Happened to Jones: A Farce Comedy
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121132: G.W. BROMILEY - Thomas Cranmer Theologian
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113437: J. BRONOWSKI - The Ascent of Man
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173348: ERIC BRONSKY AND NEAL SAMORS - Downtown Chicago in Transition
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173981: CHARLOTTE BRONTE - Jane Eyre
173980: EMILY BRONTE - Wuthering Heights
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83729: PETER BROOKBY - Virgin Wholly Marvelous: Praises of Our Lady. .
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169064: RICHARD BROOKS - The Royal Marines: 1664 to the Present
165711: REV. PHILLIPS BROOKS - The More Abundant Life: Lenten Readings
170938: NATHAN C. BROOKS - Scriptural Anthology; or, Biblical Illustrations: Designed As a Christmas and Birth Day Present
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161266: RT. REV. PHILLIPS BROOKS; W.M.L. JAY - Christ the Life and Light: Lenten Readings
168633: MCGORRAY BROS - 1926 Catholic Manual of Prayers
122607: MAGGS BROS - A Catalogue of French Books: Books Printed in France and French Books Printed in Other Countries, from 1470 to 1700 Ad
102633: HERMANN JOSEF BROSCH AND JOSEF HASENFUSS - Jungfrauengeburt Gestern Und Heute
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130862: VERA LEE BROWN - Anglo-Spanish Relations in America in the Closing Years of the Colonial Era
112585: JOHN MASON BROWN - Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness
172448: THOMAS ELTON BROWN - Bible Belt Catholicism: A History of the Roman Catholic Church in Oklahoma, 1905-1945

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