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96900: ERIC SLOANE. - I Remember America.
95520: ERIC SLOANE. - The Spirits of '76.
142881: REUBEN SLONIM - In the Steps of Pope Paul: A Rabbi's Impression of the Pope in the Holy Land
1221802: BERNICE SLOTE, ED. - Myth and Symbol: Critical Approaches and Applications
147764: GERARD S. SLOYAN - Nothing of Yesterday Preaches: Homilies for Contemporaries
111609: GERARD S. SLOYAN. - Worship in a New Key: What the Council Teaches on the Liturgy.
70118: GERARD S. SLOYAN. - Nothing of Yesterday Preaches: Homilies for Contemporaries.
100103: GERARD SLOYAN. - Christ the Lord.
1217701: JEAN-BAPTISTE ARMBRUSTER SM. - Marianist Direction: Vols. I-III
140248: SIDNEY HERSCHEL SMALL - Sword and Candle
63199: JAMES D. SMART. - The Old Testament in Dialogue with Modern Man.
40508: CHARLES ALLEN SMART. - The Green Adventure.
131278: OLIPHANT SMEATON - Tobias Smollett
143008: EMILE-JOSEPH DE SMEDT - The Priesthood of the Faithful
43778: CANON DE SMET. - Betrothment and Marriage: A Canonical and Theological Treatise with Notices on History and CIVIL Law [Complete Set].
43768: AL. DE SMEY, STD. - De Sponsalibus Et Matrimonio.
37992: FRANCIS L. SMID. - De Adumbratione Ss. Tritatis in Vetere Testamento Secundum Sanctum Augustinum.
146975: SAMUEL SMILES - Character
130585: J.B. SMILEY - A Basket of Chips: A Varied Assortment of Poems and Sketches
46801: M.M. SMIRNOW. - Aufgaben Zu Den Partiellen Differentialgleichungen Der Mathematischen Physik.
132132: JAN OLAV SMIT - Pope Pius XII
64020: H.W. VAN DER VAART SMIT. - Geboren Zu Bethlehem: Weichnachten, Wie Es Wirklich War.
112821: EDGAR W. SMITH, ED. - Profile by Gaslight; an Irregular Reader About the Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.
106511: RICHARD K. SMITH. - The Hugh L. Dryden Papers 1898-1965.
147512: R.A.L. SMITH - Collected Papers
146929: VINCENT EDWARD SMITH, ED. - Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Physics
146123: JOSEPH H. SMITH - Pauline Perfection: Being a Series of Expository Messages Upon Various Aspects of Christian Perfection from the Pauline Epistles
39135: JOHN E. SMITH. - Religion and Empiricism.
1203261: JAMES SMITH - The Voyage and Shipweck of St Paul: With Dissertations on the Sources of the Writings of St. Luke and the Ships and Navigation of the Antients
113009: DAVID EUGENE SMITH - Mathematics.
107524: JANET ADAM SMITH. - John Buchan and His World.
151145: JOSEPH OSWALD SMITH - Simple Meditations on the Life of Our Lord
123395: CHARD POWERS SMITH - Yankees and God
123015: EDWARD CONRAD SMITH - The Borderland in the CIVIL War.
40504: ROY L. SMITH. - At the Foot of the Rainbow.
141733: WILFRED CANTWELL SMITH - Islam in Modern History
105816: SIMON C. SMITH. - British Imperialism 1750-1970.
97444: REV. RAYMOND SMITH. - Establishing the Natural Law.
120701: DORIS BUCHANAN SMITH - The First Hard Times
38278: ARTHUR D. HOWDEN SMITH. - Hate.
105119: SHEILA KAYE-SMITH. - Superstition Corner.
147819: MICHAEL P. HORNSBY-SMITH - Roman Catholic Beliefs in England: Customary Catholicism and Transformation of Religious Authority
144488: JANET ADAM SMITH - John Buchan
108964: DIGBY SMITH. - Navies of the Napoleonic Era.
121426: PRESERVED SMITH - The Age of the Reformation
142721: SIMON HARCOURT-SMITH - Cardinal of Spain: The Life and Strange Career of Alberoni
109996: JACK H. SMITH. - Military Postcards 1870 to 1945.
130524: GEORGE ADAM SMITH - The Historical Geography of the Holy Land: Especially in Relation to the History of Israel and of the Early Church
130534: ROBERT SIDNEY SMITH - The Spanish Guild Merchant: A History of the Consulado 1250-1700
124859: C. ERNEST SMITH - Religion Under the Barons of Baltimore: Being a Sketch of Ecclesiastical Affairs
124560: OSWALD J. SMITH, ED. - The Lives of Brainerd and Fletcher
145750: WILLIAM J. SMITH - Climax of Civilization: World Conquest by Communism?
104665: ROY C. SMITH. - Adam Smith and the Origins of American Enterprise.
140439: ARTHUR D. HOWDEN SMITH - The Treasure of the Bucoleon
121602: STEPHEN C. SMITH - Life As I See It: Poems Written Through Years of Experience
147866: G.E. KIDDER SMITH - The New Churches of Europe
125023: E.K. SETH-SMITH - The Firebrand of the Indies: A Romance of Francis Xavier
142946: SIMON HARCOURT-SMITH - Cardinal of Spain: The Life and Strange Career of Alberoni
26126: ANTHONY HECKSTALL-SMITH. - The Consort.
43290: G.E. KIDDER SMITH. - The New Churches of Europe.
61570: JOHN E. SMITH. - Reason and God: Encounters of Philosophy with Religion.
60117: JOHN E. SMITH. - Experience and God.
61715: JOHN E. SMITH. - Royce's Social Infinite: The Community of Interpretation.
69012: SHEILA KAYE-SMITH. - The Mirror of the Months.
148708: CHRISTIAN SMITH - The Emergence of Liberation Theology: Radical Religion and Social Movement Theory
39179: RONALD GREGOR SMITH. - Secular Christianity.
7721: R. BOSWORTH SMITH. - Life of Lord Lawrence.
67741: REV. ROBERT D. SMITH. - The Mark of Holiness.
84733: REV. RONALD T. SMITH. - Annulment: A Step-by-Step Guide for Divorced Catholics.
35722: EDWARD F. SMITH. - Baptismal and Confirmation Names.
71771: REV. JOHN TALBOT SMITH. - Our Seminaries: An Essay on Clerical Training.
63064: ELSIE LINDSEY SMITH. - The Old Testament Calling!
16318: EDGAR NEWBOLD SMITH. - American Naval Broadsides: A Collection of Early Naval Prints (1745-1815).
21918: ERIC SMITH. - Some Versions of the Fall: The Myth of the Fall of Man in English Literature.
9947: LAURENCE B. SMITH. - American Game Preserve Shooting.
145968: SHEILA KAYE-SMITH - The Mirror of the Months
36347: SILAS S. SMITH, JR. - Good Hope: Volume I.
1321: CECIL WOODHAM-SMITH. - The Reason Why.
83232: J.R. SMITH AND J.D. GALLASPY. - Luftwaffe Colors: Vol. 3, 1943-45.
87445: CHARLES MARQUIS SMITH. - Electric and Magnetic Measurements.
98769: VLADIMIR IVANOV & KARLA SMITH. - Japan and Russia in Northeast Asia.
143860: VINCENT A. SMITH - Akbar: The Great Mogul 1542-1605
123211: LAWRENCE B. SMITH - American Game Preserve Shooting
130193: REV. SYDNEY SMITH - The Works of the Rev. Sydney Smith: Complete in One Volume
130192: REV. SYDNEY SMITH - The Works of the Rev. Sydney Smith [3-Vol. Set]
141156: DON G. SMITH - Lon Chaney, Jr. Horror Film Star, 1906-1973
107669: JANET ADAM SMITH. - John Buchan: A Biography.
120723: CONSTANCE BABINGTON-SMITH - Testing Time: The Story of the British Test Pilots and Their Aircraft
143720: D. MOODY SMITH - Johannine Christianity: Essays on Its Setting, Sources, and Theology
124832: REVEREND ROBERT D. SMITH - The Mark of Holiness
124412: R.E.F. SMITH - Peasant Farming in Muscovy
142785: SHEILA KAYE-SMITH - Superstition Corner
142882: JEREMIAH J. SMITH - The Attitude of John Pecham Toward Monastic Houses Under His Jurisdiction
147628: GERARD SMITH - Christian Philosophy and Its Future
125312: JULIAN M. H. SMITH - Europe After Rome: A New Cultural History 500-1000
23896: COLIN J. SMITHELLS. - Impurities in Metals: Their Influence on Structure and Properties.
121706: A.J. SMITHERS - The Kaffir Wars 1779-1877
123886: DENNIS C. SMOLARSKI, SJ - The General Instruction of the Roman Missal, 1969-2002: A Commentary
124833: PIET SMULDERS - The Design of Teilhard de Chardin: An Essay in Theological Reflection
111699: J.C. SMUTS. - Jan Christian Smuts by His Son.
125410: NEWMAN SMYTH - Passing Protestantism and Coming Catholicism
121531: SIR JOHN SMYTH - The Rebellious Rani
99765: JAMES W. SMYTH. - History of the Catholic Church in Woonsocket and Vicinity.
111719: CAROLINE DALE SNEDEKER. - Uncharted Ways.
131314: F.J. SNELL - The Age of Transition 1400-1580: 2 Volumes
145532: ROY J. SNELL - Jane Withers and the Phantom Violin
150043: FABIUS ZACHARY SNOOP - From the Monotremes to the Madonna: A Study of the Breast in Culture and Religion
131411: ROBERT J. SNOW - The 1613 Print of Juan Esquibel Barahona
112407: PEARL DARU SNYDER. - Shadow: The All-American Dog.
97748: WOLFGANG MEIDER & JANET SOBIESKI. - Proverb Iconography: An International Bibliography.
142063: JON SOBRINO - Jesus the Liberator: A Historical-Theological Reading of Jesus of Nazareth
125399: IOAN ROSE SOCACIU - Catechismul Apostolic
148463: BUTLER COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The County of Butler, Ohio: Mcbride's Map of 1836 Combined with the Atlases of 1875 and 1895
108786: THE ROYAL SOCIETY. - Soft Nanotechnology.
145572: AMHERST HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Commemorative Services of the First Church in Newton, Massachusetts, on the Occasion of the Two Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Its Foundation, Sunday and Monday, Oct. 6 and 7, 1889
147148: NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Lee Papers Volume III: Collections of the New York Historical Society 1873
147149: NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Lee Papers Volume I: Collections of the New York Historical Society 1871
107461: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. III.
107462: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. IV.
107463: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. V.
107464: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. VI.
107465: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. VII.
107460: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. II.
145413: RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY, LONDON - Life's Battle Lost and Won; or, Robert Joy's Victory
123033: NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS FOR THE HOLY NAME SOCIETY - Official Handbook for the Holy Name Officers.
144999: PREBLE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Day in the Life of Preble County: "a Photographic Essay
107466: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. VIII.
122691: SURTEES SOCIETY - The Life of St. Cuthbert in English Verse, C.A. D. 1450.
102739: ITALIAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY. - Nuclear Spectroscopy / Spettroscopia Nucleare (Proceedings of the International School of Physics Enrico Fermi).
142754: LITURGICAL ARTS SOCIETY - The Eastern Branches of the Catholic Church: Six Studies on the Oriental Rites Compiled by the Liturgical Arts Society
147150: NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Cadwallader Colden Papers Volume V: Collections of the New York Historical Society 1921
102021: VICTORIAN MILITARY SOCIETY. - Soldiers of the Queen #34.
104353: INTERNATIONAL PHENOMENOLOGICAL SOCIETY. - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research: A Quarterly Journal - December 1971.
102029: VICTORIAN MILITARY SOCIETY. - Soldiers of the Queen #68.
148462: BUTLER COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A History and Biographical Cyclopedia of Butler County, Ohio, with Illustrations and Sketches of Its Representative Men and Pioneers
107467: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. IX.
44204: ST. PAUL CATHOLIC HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Acta Et Dicta: A Collection of Historial Data Regarding the Origin and Growth of the Catholic Church in the Northwest.
32267: ST. THOMAS LITERARY SOCIETY. - Salesianum Revisited.
31568: THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY. - The Trowel or the Cross and Other Stories and Sketches.
1213235: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - The National Geographic Magazine December 1925: Special Issue on Cattle
94065: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society: Vol. IV.
50658: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY. - Bibliography of American Imprints to 1901: Subject Index, Vol. 63, Harp-Jute.
50659: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY. - Bibliography of American Imprints to 1901: Author Index, Vol. 43, A. -Becqu.
50665: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY. - Bibliography of American Imprints to 1901: Main Part, Vol. 29, Pipe-Powst.
50660: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY. - Bibliography of American Imprints to 1901: Place Index, Vol. 72, Alabama, Auburn - District of Columbia, Washington 1819.
50664: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY. - Bibliography of American Imprints to 1901: Main Part, Vol. 30, Praca-Prufu.
98211: THE ARISTOTELIAN SOCIETY. - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society New Series Vols. I-XXX.
145018: COMMON PRAYER BOOK SOCIETY - The Book of Common Prayer
143093: CLARK COUNTY CHAPTER OF THE OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - The County of Clark, Ohio, an Imperial Atlas and Art Folio, Including Chronological Chart, Statistical Tables, and Description of Surveys
107468: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. X.
107469: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. XXXV.
107470: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. XXXIV.
107471: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. XXIV.
107472: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. XXXI.
107473: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - Publications of the Catholic Truth Society Vol. XC.
124672: UNITED STATES CATHOLIC HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Historical Records and Studies (Volume 38)
71195: XAVIER ALUMNI SODALITY. - The Third Annual Academy of the Xavier Alumni Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Rev. John J. Wynne As Member of the Society of Jesus.
120223: GUSTAVE FREDRIC SODERLUND - Examples of Gregorian Chant and Works by Orlandus Lassus; Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina; and Marc Antonio Ingegneri
10695: ERIK SODERQUIST. - Med Doden for Ogonen: En Svensks Upplevelser I Franska Framlingslegionen.
147325: GOTTLIEB SOHNGEN - Die Einheit in Der Theologie: Gessamelte Abhandlungen, Aufsatze, Vortrage
63854: THADDAEUS SOIRON. - Das Heilige Buch.
91060: DR. THADDAEUS SOIRON. - Die Logia Jesu.
42365: BORIS SOKOLOFF, M.D. - Napoleon: A Doctor's Biography.
104477: BORIS SOKOLOFF. - Napoleon: A Doctor's Biography.
64123: MGR. DE SOLAGES. - A Greek Synopsis of the Gospels: A New Way of Solving the Synoptic Problem.
43769: JACOBUS SOLE. - De Delectis Et Poenis: Praelectiones in Lib. V Codicis Iuris Canonici.
151028: THE BENEDICTINES OF SOLESMES - The Liber Usualis: With Introduction and Rubrics in English
111365: THE BENEDICTINES OF SOLESMES. - Graduels Versets de L'Alleluia Et Traits Pour Toutes Les Messes de L'Annee.
151285: BENEDICTINS DE SOLESMES - Paroissien Romain Contenant la Messe Et L'Office
143211: MINKS OF SOLESMES, EDS. - Chants of the Church: Selected Gregorian Chants
130429: ANTONIO DE SOLIS - Historia de Conquista de Mejico: Poblacion Y Progresos de la America Setentrional Conocida Por El Nombre de Nueva Espana
67626: DOROTHEE SOLLE. - The Truth Is Concrete.
13821: ARRIGO SOLMI. - The Making of Modern Italy.
140111: SOMERS, FITLER & TODD - Somers, Fitler & Todd Co. Catalog No. 47
140110: SOMERS, FITLER & TODD COMPANY - Somers, Fitler & Todd Company Catalog No. 39
120450: E. OE. SOMERVILLE AND MARTIN ROSS - French Leave
146318: E. OE. SOMERVILLE AND MARTIN ROSS - Further Experiences of an Irish R.M.
145869: JOSEPH SOMMER - Catholic Thought on Contraception Through the Centuries
112605: THOMAS COOK & SON. - Cook's Handbook to London.
121567: THOS. COOK & SON - India, Burma and Ceylon: Information for Travellers and Residents
19429: S.T. PRESTON & SON. - Ships and Sea.
145789: REV. RAYMOND SONNEK - Mary and Future Generations: A Short Exposition of What Catholics Believe Concerning the Mother of Jesus
40327: C.L. SONNICHSEN. - Roy Bean: Law West of the Pecos.
65976: NATHANIEL L. SONNTAG. - Censorship of Special Classes of Books (Canons 1387-1391): A History and Commentary.
145191: CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS - Scribner's Magazine Volume I January-June
146617: DOM MARIE BERNARD DE SOOS - Le Mystere Liturgique D'Apres Saint Leon le Grand
67130: DAVID WESLEY SOPER. - Major Voices in American Theology: Six Contemporary Leaders [Complete Set].
146066: SOPHOCLES AND EURIPIDES - Two Greek Plays: The Philoctetes of Sophocles and the Medea of Euripides
145216: SOPHOCLES - The Tragedies of Sophocles: In English Prose
122992: ARCHIMANDRITE SOPHRONY - The Monk of Mount Athos: Staretz Silouan, 1866-1938.
124210: DOM REMBERT SORG, OSB - Towards a Benedictine Theology of Manual Labor
1221346: GUY SORMAN - Made in Usa : Regards Sur la Civilisation Américaine
141405: FRANCISCO SOSA - El Episcopado Mexicano Galeria Biografica Ilustrada de Los Illmos. Senores Arzobispos de Mexico
131031: JOSE FRANCISCO SOTOMAYOR - Historia Del Apostolico Colegio de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Zacatecas: Vols. I-II.
42850: MSGR. LOUIS SOUBIGOU. - Les Evangiles Du Dimanche: Lus, Medites, Preches.
63592: LOUIS SOUBIGOU. - Dans la Beaute Rayonnante Des Psaumes.
94750: J. SOUGEY. - Notre-Dame Reconciliatrice.
141625: THOMAS J. FARRELL ANDE PAUL A. SOUKUP, EDS. - Communication and Lonergan: Common Ground for Forging the New Age
145535: ELIZABETH V. SOULEYMAN - The Vision of World Peace in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century France
125526: DAVID W. SOUTHERN - John Lafarge and the Limits of Catholic Interracialism 1911-1963
125452: R.W. SOUTHERN, ED & F.S. SCHMITT, ED - Memorials of Saint Anselm
125213: R.W. SOUTHERN - Saint Anselm and His Biographer: A Study of Monastic Life and Thought 1059-1130
148454: R.W. SOUTHERN - Saint Anselm: A Portrait in a Landscape
143713: ROBERT SOUTHEY - The Life of Nelson
55503: FR. ANTON MORGENROTH C.S.SP. - The Priestly Prayer and the Rosary.
1220483: REV. JOHN KEARNEY C.S.SP. - My Yoke Is Sweet: Materials for Meditation on the Spiritual Life
148044: PAUL VINCENT SPADE, ED. - The Cambridge Companion to Ockham
146179: ROBERT SPAEMANN - Das Unsterbliche Gerucht: Die Frage Nach Gott Und Die Tauschung Der Moderne
123265: SIGMUND SPAETH - Read 'Em and Weep: The Songs You Forgot to Remember
72063: MARTIN SPAHN. - Leo XIII.
43261: GEBHARD SPAHR, OSB. - Kreuz Und Blut Christi in Der Kunst Weingartens.
141970: THOMAS W. SPALDING - The Premier See: A History of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, 1789-1989
131193: J.L. SPALDING - Opportunity and Other Essays and Addresses
130461: REV. H. S. SPALDING - Catholic Colonial Maryland: A Sketch
131210: JOHN LANCASTER SPALDING - God & the Soul: A Poem
39111: BISHOP J.L. SPALDING. - Religion and Art and Other Essays.
39112: BISHOP J.L. SPALDING. - Opportunity and Other Essays.
39116: BISHOP J.L. SPALDING. - Religion, Agnosticism, and Education.
39114: BISHOP J.L. SPALDING. - Thoughts and Theories of Life and Education.
36727: MARTIN JOHN SPALDING, ED. - Concilii Plenarii Baltimorensis II... Acta Et Decreta.
100573: J.L. SPALDING. - Religion Agnosticism and Education.
146661: M.J. SPALDING - D'Aubigne's "History of the Great Reformation in Germany and Switzerland," Reviewed; or the Reformation in Germany Examined in Its Instruments, Causes, and Manner, and in Its Influence on Religion, Government, Literature, and General Civilization
109361: RT.REV. JOHN L. SPALDING. - The Young Christian Teacher Encouraged or Objections to Teaching Answered.
143996: M.J. SPALDING - Miscellanea: Comprising Reviews, Lectures, and Essays, on Historical, Theological, and Miscellaneous Subjects, Vol. I -- Historical
38203: T.M. SPARKS, O.P. - De Divisione Causae Exemplaris Apud S. Thomam.
63724: H.F.D. SPARKS. - The Formation of the New Testament.
55079: DAVID RHODES SPARKS. - Red Poppies.
43278: MARTHA WINBURN ENGLAND & JOHN SPARROW. - Hymns Unbidden: Donne, Herbert, Blake, Emily Dickinson and the Hymnographers.
147623: G. SCOTT SPARROW - Blessed Among Women: Encounters with Mary and Her Message
60205: F.E. SPARSHOTT. - The Structure of Aesthetics.
10658: OLIVER L. SPAULDING. - The United States Army in War and Peace.
61665: EDWARD GLEASON SPAULDING. - The New Rationalism: The Development of a Constructive Realism Upon the Basis of Modern Logic and Science, and Through the Criticism of Opposed Philosophical Systems.
2198: OLIVER LYMAN SPAULDING ET AL. - Warfare: A Study of Military Methods from the Earliest Times.
96537: WILLIAM SPAVENS. - Memoirs of a Seafaring Life.
132026: ROBERT SPEAIGHT - The Life of Hilaire Belloc
140917: ROBERT SPEAIGHT - Thomas Beckett
142242: ROBERT SPEAIGHT - Ronald Knox the Writer
26887: DIANA SPEARMAN. - Democracy in England.
67015: DR. THOMAS SPECHT. - Lehrbuch Der Apologetik Oder Fundament-Theologie.
149447: ERNST KONRAD SPECHT - The Foundations of Wittgenstein's Late Philosophy
68002: JOSEF SPECK. - Karl Rahners Theologische Anthropologie: Eine Einfuhrung.
66849: PAUL F. SPECKBAUGH. - Some General Canons of Literary Criticism Determine from an Analysis of Art.
142501: GLENN HARRISON SPEECE - After Roosevelt
107116: JACOB SPEICHER. - The Conquest of the Cross in China.
130595: JEFFERSON REA SPELL - Rousseau in the Spanish World Before 1833: A Study in Franco-Spanish Literary Relations
130642: JEFFERSON REA SPELL - Rousseau in the Spanish World Before 1833: A Study in Franco-Spanish Literary Relations
147566: FRANCIS J. SPELLMAN - Action This Day: Letters from the Fighting Fronts
68653: FRANCIS J. SPELLMAN. - The Risen Soldier.
143293: FRANCIS J. SPELLMAN - The Risen Soldier
151326: LEWIS SPENCE - The Problem of Atlantis
110554: H. DONALD M. SPENCE. - Early Christianity and Paganism: A.D. 64 to the Peace of the Church in the Fourth Century.
148026: H.D.M. SPENCE - The White Robe of Churches of the Xith Century: Pages from the Story of Gloucester Cathedral
146225: HARTZELL SPENCE - Bride of the Conqueror
97471: REV. JOHN S. SPENCE. - The Ideal Parishioner.
111604: HARTZELL SPENCE. - Get Thee Behind Me: My Life As a Preacher's Son.
147894: JONATHAN D. SPENCE - The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci
112931: ROBERT F. SPENCER - The North Alaskan Eskimo: A Study in Ecology and Society.
124939: BONNELL SPENCER - God Who Dares to Be Man: Theology for Prayer and Suffering
62032: HERBERT SPENCER. - Education: Intellectual, Moral and Physical.
60700: SIDNEY SPENCER. - Mysticism in World Religion.
151165: MURRAY SPERBER - Shake Down the Thunder: The Creation of Notre Dame Football
143283: EDWARD VAN SPEYBROUCK - The Very Rev. Father Paul of Moll: A Flemish Benedictine and Wonder-Worker of the Nineteenth Century 1824-1896
144721: EDWARD VAN SPEYBROUCK - The Very Rev. Father Paul of Moll: A Flemish Benedictine and Wonderworker of the Nineteenth Century 1824-1896
1224328: EDWARD VAN SPEYBROUCK - The Very Rev. Father Paul of Moll: A Flemish Benedictine and Wonder-Worker of the Nineteenth Century 1824-1896
112702: ADRIENNE VON SPEYR. - They Followed His Call
141643: ADRIENNE VON SPEYR - Three Women and the Lord
142841: ADRIENNE VON SPEYR - They Followed His Call: Vocation and Asceticism
148340: ADRIENNE VON SPEYR - Confession: The Encounter with Christ in Penance
146924: ADRIENNE VON SPEYR - With God and with Men: Prayers
124967: ADRIENNE VON SPEYR - The Word: A Meditation on the Prologue to St. John's Gospel
146467: ADRIENNE VON SPEYR - The Handmaid of the Lord
102598: RAIMONDO SPIAZZI. - IL Dogma Dell'Assunzione E IL Mondo Contemporaneo.
70738: REV. JOSEPH SPIELER, ED. - Lights and Shadows: Scenes and Sketches from the Mission Field.
61622: HERBERT SPIELGELBERG. - The Phenomenological Movement: A Historical Introduction (2 Vols).
142234: R.A.H. SPIERS, COMP. - Round About 'the Mitre' at Oxford (Episodes of the University, City and Hotel)
148927: R. PHENE SPIERS - Architecture East and West: A Collection of Essays Written at Various Times During the Last Sixteen Years
106689: CAROLYN V. SPILLMAN. - Integrating Language Arts Though Literature in Elementary Classrooms.
151243: JOSEPH SPILLMANN - The Wonderful Flower of Woxindon: An Historical Romance of the Time of Queen Elizabeth
68018: ALPHONSE P. SPILLY, C.PP.S. - Pre-Exilic Name Theology and the Problem of God.
120259: WILLIAM HOLDEN SPILSBURY - Lincoln's Inn: Its Ancient and Modern Buildings with an Account of the Library
131434: J.E. SPINGARN - A History of Literary Criticism in the Renaissance
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146798: LOWELL THOMAS AND REXFORD W. BARTON - Wings over Asia: A Geographic Journey by Airplane
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151131: E. THOMSON - Select Monuments of the Doctrine and Worship of the Catholic Church in England
144054: J. ARTHUR THOMSON - Secrets of Animal Life
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68301: DONALD J. THORMAN. - The Christian Vision.
67708: DONALD J. THORMAN. - American Catholics Face the Future.
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131360: ASHLEY H. THORNDIKE - The Outlook for Literature
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148902: FRANCIS BEAUCHESNE THORNTON - This Is the Rosary
147569: FRANCIS BEAUCHESNE THORNTON - Catholic Shrines in the United States and Canada
147552: FRANCIS BEAUCHESNE THORNTON - Our American Princes: The Story of the Seventeen American Cardinals
145984: FR. FRANCIS B. THORNTON, ED. - Our Lady of Einsiedeln in Switzerland
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144747: FRANCIS BEAUCHESNE THORNTON - This Is the Rosary
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97432: REV. C.M. THUENTE. - A Sketch of the Life and Work of Mary Gockel.
67777: MAX THURIAN. - Visible Unity and Tradition.

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