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206160: Paul Janowiak, S.J.; Edward Foley, foreword - The Holy Preaching: The Sacramentality of the Word in the Liturgical Assembly
172678: Katherine Ludwig Jansen - The Making of the Magdalen: Preaching and Popular Devotion in the Later Middle Ages
176174: Charles William Janson - The Stranger in America 1793-1806
167549: Gosta Gustaf-Janson - The Old Man's Coming
65221: Louis Janssens - Freedom of Conscience and Religious Freedom
65349: Louis Janssens - Droits Personnels Et Autorite
40129: Dr. Franz Jantsch - Ave Maria: Ein Marianisches Hausbuch
202355: Grace M. Jantzen - Julian of Norwich: Mystic and Theologian
182785: Lisa Jardine - Erasmus, Man of Letters: The Construction of Charisma in Print
179528: Lisa Jardine - Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory
192618: Matthew Jardine - Burma: The Next Killing Fields
192617: Matthew Jardine - East Timor: Genocide in Paradise
19716: Catherine Jarman - Evolution of Life
197082: Bede Jarrett - The Little Book of the Holy Spirit
176099: Col. G.B. Jarrett, comp.; Joseph V. Mizrahi, ed - West of Alamein
180391: Fr. Bede Jarrett - The Space of Life between
182320: Madeleine Jarry - Chinoiseries: Le Rayonnement Du Gout Chinois Sur Les Arts Decoratifs Des Xviie Et Xviiie Siecles
191467: Alfred Jarry - Ubu Roi
146712: Samuel Farmar Jarvis - A Reply to Doctor Milner's "End of Religious Controversy," So Far As the Churches of the English Communion Are Concerned
194824: Jarvis, Bonin, Birckbichler, and Gruzs - Et Vous? French 1 Writing Activities Workbook (Teacher's Edition)
194825: Jarvis, Bonin, Birckbichler, and Gruzs - Et Vous? French 1 Testing Program (Teacher's Edition)
105929: Bhupendra Jasani - Outer Space - a New Dimension to the Arms Race
177046: Anais Nin; Philip K. Jason, ed - Anais Nin Reader
192992: Jason Theodosakis, Brenda Adderly, and Barry Fox - The Arthritis Cure: The Medical Miracle That Can Halt, Reverse, and May Even Cure Osteoarthritis
201393: R.C.D. Jasper and G.J. Cuming - Prayers of the Eucharist: Early and Reformed
195747: Amanda Zaeska Jatniece - Latvian-English, English-Latvian Dictionary & Phrasebook
132535: James A. Rhodes & Dean Jauchius - The Trial of Mary Todd Lincoln
109726: Yato Dharma Stato Java - Hindu Love Lore
177286: Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker - Numerology and the Divine Triangle
64164: Robert Javelet - The Gospel Paradox
194074: Robert Javelet - The Gospel Paradox
67613: Antonio M. Javierre - La Sucesion Primacial Y Apostolica En El Evangelio de Mateo
171179: William Jay - Prayers for the Use of Families; or, the Domestic Minister's Assistant
107293: Paul Jay - The Selected Correspondence of Kenneth Burke and Malcolm Cowley 1915-1981
183422: Karla Jay, ed - Lesbian Erotics
170481: Amber Jayanti - Living the Tarot: Applying an Ancient Oracle to the Challenges of Modern Life
175396: John Cordy Jeaffreson - A Book About the Clergy, Volumes I-II
168178: Robert W. Jeambey - The People Channel: Recovering Communication in the Presbyterian Church (U.S. A. )
182178: Jean-Claude Chevalier, Claire Blanche-Benveniste, Michel Arrive, and Jean Peytard - Grammaire Larousse Du Francais Contemporain
150691: Sister Patricia Jean - Only One Heart: The Story of a Pioneer Nun in America
202411: Jean Leclercq, Leopold Genicot, et al. - L'Eremitismo in Occidente Nei Secoli XI E XII
185143: Jean Sibelius, Edward Elgar, and Alexander Glazunov - Great Twentieth-Century Violin Concertos in Full Score
110489: Jean et Solange Maillat - Les Plantes Dans la Bible
50226: Jean de la Fontaine, with notes by M. de Levizac - Fables de la Fontaine Avec Des Notices Sur Sa Vie
112873: J.A. Jeancon - Excavations in the Chama Valley, New Mexico
65376: Abel Jeanniere - The Anthropology of Sex
60492: Renato Jeanniere - Criteriologia Vel Critica Cognitionis Certae
150469: Camilla Jebb - A Star of the Salons: Julie de Lespinasse
1210678: R.C. Jebb - The Attic Orators from Antiphon to Isaeos
1243816: Sir Richard C. Jebb - Sophocles Part VI: The Electra
123245: R. C. Jebb - Selections from the Attic Orators
1275903: Hubert Jedin and John Dolan, eds - History of the Church: 10v
1265943: Hubert Jedin and John Dolan, eds - Handbook of Church History: 10v Set
1276055: Rev. Hubert Jedin - Papal Legate at the Council of Trent: Cardinal Seripando
202260: Rev. Hubert Jedin - Papal Legate at the Council of Trent: Cardinal Seripando
194392: Jeff Anderson, Mike Maddox, and Steve Harrison - The Graphic Bible
189586: Jeff and Cindy Richards - Mormonart, Book II: The Second Book of Clip-Art with the Latter-Day Slant!
172922: Jeff and Nadean Disabato Traylor - Life in the Slow Lane: Fifty Backroad Tours of Ohio
176716: H. Paul Jeffers - The Freemasons in America: Inside the Secret Society
190530: H. Paul Jeffers - Dark Mysteries of the Vatican
184944: Alan Jefferson - Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
172027: Thomas Jefferson - Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, Virginia, Usa
181625: Alan Jefferson - Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
194261: Thomas Jefferson - Thomas Jefferson: Writings
123688: David Lyle Jeffrey, ed - A Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature
168098: David Lyle Jeffrey, ed - English Spirituality in the Age of Wesley
194927: Betty Jean Jeffries - From the Other Side: A Look Into the Catholic Church
195851: N. Jegtheesh - Learn Tamil in 30 Days
185902: George Jellinek - Callas: Potrrait of a Prima Donna
166750: David E. Jenkins - Anglicanism, Accident, and Providence
180365: Romilly Jenkins - Byzantium: The Imperial Centuries A.D. 610-1071
165471: Paul Jenkins and Leslie J. Francis, arr - At the Lord's Table: A Communion Book Using the Holy Eucharist: Rite Two from the Book of Common Prayer According to the Use of the Episcopal Church
148614: Raymond G.F. Jenkins and George O. Simms - Pioneers and Partners: The Story of the Parish of All Saints' Grangegorman, Dublin in the Days of William Maturin (Vicar 1843-1887) and Henry Hogan (Curate-Assistant 1861-1887: Vicar 1887-1923): A Continuing Tradition
197231: Philip Jenkins - The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia -- and How It Died
180210: Burris Jenkins, Jr. - Father Meany and the Fighting 69th
140296: Charles F. Jenkins - The Guide Book to Historic Germantown
192511: Ian Jenkins - Greek Architecture and Its Sculpture
28619: Cecil Jenkins - Mauriac
181565: Lincoln Kirstein; Nicholas Jenkins, ed - By with to & from: A Lincoln Kirstein Reader
196820: Philip Jenkins - God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis
180893: Fred W. Jenkins - Ammianus Marcellinus: An Annotated Bibliography 1474 to the Present
1275822: Burris Jenkins, Jr. - Father Meany and the Fighting 69th
180880: Fred W. Jenkins - Classical Studies: A Guide to the Reference Literature
202611: Romilly Jenkins - Byzantium: The Imperial Centuries Ad 610-1071
1245679: Lin Jenkins, ed - A Gathering: A Collection of Recipes from Families and Friends of the Miami Valley School
203430: John Major Jenkins - Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date
164969: Paul Jenkins and Leslie J. Francis, arr - At the Lord's Table: A Communion Book Using the Holy Eucharist: Rite Two from the Book of Common Prayer According to the Use of the Episcopal Church
191077: Philip Jenkins - Jesus Wars: How Four Patriarchs, Three Queens, and Two Emperors Decided What Christians Would Believe for the Next 1,500 Years
203836: Philip Jenkins - The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-- and How It Died
184103: John H. Jenkins - A Full Howes: A Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets Listed in Wright Howes' U.S. Iana
123480: David Jenkisnson - Modeling Historic Railways
169377: Richard Jenkyns - Three Classical Poets: Sappho, Catullus, and Juvenal
177167: Jennette and Francis Letton - The Robsart Affair
183917: John Jennings - River to the West
183947: John Jennings - The Sea Eagles
183911: John Jennings - Chronicle of the Calypso, Clipper
183881: John Jennings - Shadows in the Dusk
196431: Keith W. Jennison - The Humorous Mr. Lincoln
172224: Walter Jens and Hans Kung - Literature & Religion: Pascal, Gryphius, Lessing, Holderlin, Novalis, Kierkegaard, Dostoyevsky, Kafka
197293: Joseph Jensen - Ethical Dimensions of the Prophets
203618: Jay E. Jensen - Treasure Up the Word
203225: Richard L. Jensen and Richard G. Oman - C.C. A. Christensen: 1831-1912, Mormon Immigrant Artist
193015: Carl Jensen and Project Censored - 20 Years of Censored News
150773: Carl E. Braaten & Robert W. Jenson - The Catholicity of the Reformation
206071: Carl E. Braaten & Robert W. Jenson - Jews and Christians: People of God
131072: Knud Jeppesen - Italia Sacra Musica: Musice Corali Italiane Sconosciute Della Prima Meta Del Cincquecento
190120: Saint Augustine; John J. Jepson, tr - St. Augustine: The Lord's Sermon on the Mount
189758: St. Augustine; Rev. John J. Jepson, tr - St. Augustine: The Lord's Sermon on the Mount
189946: Jerald C. Brauer, Charles S. McCoy, W. Taylor Stevenson, et al. - Faith Learning Studies I-XI and Basic Questions for the Christian Scholar
177079: Joachim Jeremias - New Testament Theology, Part One: The Proclamation of Jesus
201364: Joachim Jeremias - The Eucharistic Words of Jesus
201486: Joachim Jeremias - The Parables of Jesus
194235: Joachim Jeremias - Rediscovering Parables
197290: Joachim Jeremias - Jesus and the Message of the New Testament
300033: Sister Mary Jeremy - All the Days of My Life
192881: Jeremy Brecher, John Brown Childs, and Jill Cutler, eds - Global Visions: Beyond the New World Order
192443: Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler, and Brendan Smith, eds - In the Name of Democracy: American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond
192900: Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello, and Brendan Smith - Globalization from Below: The Power of Solidarity
94393: Jerome K. Jerome - The Humorous World of Jerome K. Jerome
103916: St. Jerome - S. Hieronymi Presbyteri Opera Pars I 2 a - Opera Exegetica: [Corpus Christianorum Latina LXXIII-a]
103913: St. Jerome - S. Hieronymi Presbyteri Opera Pars II - Opera Homiletica: [Corpus Christianorum Latina LXXVIII]
103915: St. Jerome - S. Hieronymi Presbyteri Opera Pars I 2 - Opera Exegetica: [Corpus Christianorum Latina LXXIII]
172073: Douglas Jerrold - Whimsical Tales of Douglas Jerrold
176205: Douglas Jerrold - Whimsical Tales of Douglas Jerrold
171870: Jerry and Tina Eicher - The Amish Family Cookbook
190449: Paul T. Jersild and Dale A. Johnson, eds - Moral Issues & Christian Response
177235: W.W. Jervis - The World in Maps: A Study in Map Evolution
105200: Jane L. Jervis - Cometary Theory in Fifteenth-Century Europe
183863: F. Tennyson Jesse - The Lacquer Lady
72130: Joseph Jessing - Das Gericht Uber Den Ketzerfursten Martin Luther
184517: T.E. Jessop - A Bibliography of George Berkeley
184385: T.E. Jessop - A Bibliography of David Hume and of Scottish Philosophy from Francis Hutcheson to Lord Balfour
175973: Augustus Jessopp - The Phantom Coach and Other Ghost Stories of an Antiquary
150637: Augustus Jessopp - The Coming of the Friars: And Other Historic Essays
174663: Alexander Jessup - The Best American Humorous Short Stories
64438: Exechiele a S.C. Jesu - Adnotationes in Summam D. Thomae
168541: Fr. Ignatius of the Side of Jesus, rev - Jesus Crucified: A Revision of the School of Jesus Crucified Under the Direction of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
188046: [Society of Jesus] - Epitome Instituti Societatis Jesu
168590: The Priests of the Haert of Jesus - Manual for the Novices of the Secular Institute
163952: Jews for Jesus - A Messianic Look at Christmas and Hanukkah
193855: Society of Jesus - Regulae Societatis Iesu Ad Usum Nostrorum Tantum
150941: Fathers of the Society of Jesus - Between Two Cities: God and Man in America
196229: Society of Jesus - Constitutiones Societatis Iesu a Congregatione Generali XXXIV Annotatae Et Norma Complementariae Ab Eadam Congregatione Approbatae
197023: Sr. Mary of Jesus and St. Joseph - Friendship with Christ: Love and Service; an Introduction to a Teresian-Carmelite Formation Program
1225949: A Priest of the Society of Jesus - Catalogo Delle Poco Sane Dottrine, Che Hanno Insegnate, E de "Piu" Grandiosi Attentati
167664: Society of Jesus - Thesaurus Spiritualis: Societatis Jesu
188132: St. Theresa of Jesus - Way of Perfection
184153: Edward Alden Jewell - Georges Rouault
113186: Paul K. Jewett - The Ordination of Women: An Essay on the Office of Christian Ministry
171611: Billie Felix Jeyes - City Smart Guidebook: Cincinnati
98735: Raghbendra Jha - Macroeconomics for Developing Countries
204172: Zoev Jho and Diana Luppi - E.T. 101 the Cosmic Instruction Manual: An Emergency Remedial Edition
197301: Ionel Jianou - Brancusi
177779: Liu Jikun - Mao Zedong's Art of War
192814: Jim Yong Kim, Joyce V. Millen, Alec Irwin, and John Gershman, eds - Dying for Growth: Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor
203753: Professor Wu Jingrong, ed - The Pinyin Chinese-English Dictionary
196709: Michael Jinkins - In the House of the Lord: Inhabiting the Psalms of Lament
48317: C.E.M. Joad - Guide to the Philosophy of Morals and Politics
186127: Ennius; H.D. Jocelyn, ed - The Tragedies of Ennius: The Fragments Edited with an Introduction and Commentary
161995: Ernst Jockers - Soziale Polaritat in Goethes Klassik
197471: Pierre Joffroy - A Spy for God: The Ordeal of Kurt Gerstein
66940: Johannes Feiner, et al, eds - Theology Today: Volume I: Renewal in Dogma
66990: Johannes Feiner, et al, eds - Theology Today, Volume I: Renewal in Dogma
191946: Robert W. Johannsen, ed - The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
202746: Paula Johanson and Jean-Louis Trudel, ed - Tesseracts 7
191327: John R. Commons, David J. Saposs, Helen L. Sumner, et al. - History of Labour in the United States, Volume I.
188472: John and Mary Gribbin - Fire on Earth: Doomsday, Dinosaurs, and Humankind
178461: John Haywood with Brian Catchpole, Simon Hall, and Edward Barratt - Atlas of World History
170345: Da Free John - The Dawn Horse Testament: The Testament of Secrets of the Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (the "Bright")
195381: John and Michael Banim - Peter of the Castle; and the Fetches. By the O'Hara Family
201543: John W. O'Malley, Joseph A. Komonchak, Stephen Schloesser, and Neil J. Ornerod - Vatican II: Did Anything Happen
196065: John H. Van Gorden, ed., with Stewart M.L. Pollard - Masonic Charities
200252: John N. Dickinson, David L. Frazier, and Dwight L. Smith, eds - The Old Northwest: A Journal of Regional Life and Letters (Summer 1979)
195299: John H. White, photography; Rev. Raymond E. Goedert, et al. - The Final Journey of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
169830: Robert St. John - Jews, Justice and Judaism: A Narrative of the Role Played by the Bible People in Shaping American History
184355: John L. Thornton, Audrey J. Monk, and Elaine S. Brooke, comp - A Select Bibliography of Medical Biography
188875: Fr. John McConnell, Bishop Edward A. McGurkin, et al. - Profiles of Twelve Maryknollers
202925: John Haywood with Brian Catchpole, Simon Hall, and Edward Barratt - Atlas of World History
67717: Henry St. John, O.P. - Essays in Christian Unity: 1928-1954
125523: John P. Bradley, Leo F. Daniels, and Thomas C. Jones, comp - The International Dictionary of Thoughts: An Encyclopedia of Quotations from Every Age for Every Occasion
169249: John H. Jameson, Jr., John E. Ehrenhard, and Christine A. Finn, ed - Ancient Muses: Archaeology and the Arts
194394: John H. White, photography; Rev. Raymond E. Goedert, et al. - The Final Journey of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
171445: John and Anne Spencer - Mysteries and Magic
167255: John Booty, Fredrica Harris Thompsett, et al. - Four Birthdays of the Church and a Vision of Its Future
170552: John L. Alexander, R.A. Waite, J.R. Marcum, and Wm. H. Danforth, eds - Songs of Service for Use in Assemblies of Young People and Older Boys and Girls
186190: John Ahearne, Rev. Benedict Ashley, et al. - Technological Powers and the Person: Nuclear Energy and Reproductive Technologies
1275236: John W. O'Malley, Edward J. McMahon, Robert E. Cahill, and Carl J. Armbruster - Challenge
194999: E. John and Nancy Dewaard; Bill Yenne; Kevin Krisciunas, introduction - The Nasa Collection
185694: Nicholas John, series ed - The Operas of Michael Tippett
167944: John C. Holbert, ST Kimbrough, Jr., and Carlton R. Young, eds - Psalms for Praise and Worship: A Complete Liturgical Psalter
186519: John F. Clarkson, John H. Edwards, William J. Kelly, and John J. Welch, tr - The Church Teaches: Documents of the Church in English Translation
193797: John Locke, David Hume, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Social Contract: Essays by Locke, Hume and Rousseau
193126: John C. Lodge, Donald Senior, Eugene LaVerdiere, and Reginald H. Fuller - The Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord: A Commentary on the Four Gospels
188806: John Crowley, William J. Smyth, and Mike Murphy, eds - Atlas of the Great Irish Famine
172901: John and Abigail Adams - Letters of John and Abigail Adams: 1762 to 1826
184451: Claudia D. Johnson and Vernon E. Johnson, comp - Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Memoirs
168500: Amandus Johnson - The Swedes in America 1638-1900, Volume I: The Swedes on the Delaware 1638-1664
196877: Luke Timothy Johnson - Prophetic Jesus, Prophetic Church: The Challenge of Luke-Acts to Contemporary Christians
164996: Gaylord Johnson - Nature's Program
197364: Luke Timothy Johnson - Brother of Jesus, Friend of God: Studies in the Letter of James
161103: Samuel Johnson; Rev. Joseph Hamilton - Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, in Miniature. To Which Are Added, an Alphabetical Account of the Heathen Deities, and a Copious Chronological Table of Remarkable Events, Discoveries, and Inventions
193973: Maxwell E. Johnson - The Rites of Christian Initiation: Their Evolution and Interpretation
197416: Revs. George Johnson and Jerome D. Hannan and Sr. M. Dominica - Bible History: A Textbook of the Old and New Testaments for Catholic Schools
176933: William A. Johnson and Holt N. Parker, eds - Ancient Literacies: The Culture of Reading in Greece and Rome
193513: Rev. Peter Leo Johnson - Stuffed Saddlebags: The Life of Martin Kundig, Priest, 1805-1879
177260: Charles S. Johnson - Negro Housing
193848: Chalmers Johnson - Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire
178314: Barry C. Johnson - Flipper's Dismissal: The Ruin of Lt. Henry O. Flipper, U.S. A. , First Coloured Graduate of West Point
187869: Richard P. Johnson - Body, Mind, Spirit: Tapping the Healing Power Within You; a 30-Day Program
62896: Humphrey J.T. Johnson - The Bible and Early Man
62882: Aubrey R. Johnson - The Vitality of the Individual in the Thought of Ancient Israel
176886: William A. Johnson - Readers and Reading Culture in the High Roman Empire: A Study of Elite Communities
200358: Eric A. Johnson - Nazi Terror: The Gestapo, Jews, and Ordinary Germans
26039: Charles H. L. Johnson - Famous Cavalry Leaders
187392: Elizabeth A. Johnson - Abounding in Kindness: Writings for the People of God
163873: Luke Timothy Johnson - The Writings of the New Testament: An Interpretation
197179: Lawrence J. Johnson - Worship in the Early Church: An Anthology of Historical Sources, Volumes 1-4
189035: Shane Johnson - Star Trek: The Worlds of the Federation
192791: Jack Johnson - Jack Johnson -- in the Ring -- and out
145371: Albin Johnson - Sjutton Ar I Alaska: En Skildring Av Livet Bland Indianerna I Yakutat
102412: Frank H. Johnson, ed - Influence of Temperature on Biological Systems: Incorporating Papers Presented at a Symposium Held at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, on August 27 and 28, 1956
196002: Lady Bird Johnson - A White House Diary
142570: Paul Johnson - Pope John XXIII
50252: Rossiter Johnson - Works of the British Poets, from Chaucer to Morris, with Biographical Sketches ; Vols. 1-3
187477: Richard P. Johnson - Prayers for Spiritual Strength: Physical Illnesses, Emotional Broken Places, and/or Spiritual Dis-Eases; the Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan
189340: Anthony Johnson - Solving Stonehenge: The New Key to an Ancient Enigma
189858: Luke Timothy Johnson - The Acts of the Apostles
189297: Judy M. Johnson - Vintage Spot Illustrations of Children: 795 Cuts from the Teens and Twenties
203289: Chalmers A. Johnson - Peasant Nationalism and Communist Power: The Emergence of Revolutionary China 1937-1945
148711: Elizabeth A. Johnson - Friends of God and Prophets: A Feminist Theological Reading of the Communion of Saints
193653: Richard P. Johnson - Parish Ministry for Maturing Adults: Principles, Plans, & Bold Proposals
201402: Maxwell E. Johnson - The Rites of Christian Initiation: Their Evolution and Interpretation
166520: Howard A. Johnson, ed - Preaching the Christian Year
193194: George Clayton Johnson and Jack Golden Russell - Ocean's Eleven
173674: Kenneth Johnson - Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey: Pagan Folkways from the Burning Times
176427: James Weldon Johnson - The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man
183395: Kenneth Johnson - North Star Road: Shamanism, Witchcraft & the Otherworld Journey
160530: Willis Fletcher Johnson - America and the Great War for Humanity and Freedom
13294: Grady Johnson - The Five Pennies
191764: Tom L. Johnson - My Story
189294: Judy M. Johnson - Spot Illustrations from Women's Magazines of the Teens and Twenties: 828 Cuts of Women, Family, Home, Garden, Etc.
175504: Bob Johnson - An Answer to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity
124298: Luke Timothy Johnson - The Writings of the New Testament: An Interpretation
124306: Luke Timothy Johnson and William S. Kurz, SJ - The Future of Catholic Biblical Scholarship: A Constructive Conversation
121817: David Johnson - Sabre General: The Memoirs of Colonel Philippe de Maunoury
125442: J.W.G. Johnson - The Crumbling Theory of Evolution
184055: E.H. Johnson and E.E. Ayres, eds - Sursum Corda: A Book of Praise
10931: T.B. Johnson - The Shooter's Companion
1249039: Osa Johnson - Bride in the Solomons
113330: Clint Johnson - CIVIL War Blunders
11675: T.B. Johnson - The Gamekeeper's Directory
187558: Elizabeth A. Johnson - Abounding in Kindness: Writings for the People of God
206127: Luke Timothy Johnson with the assistance of Todd C. Penner - The Writings of the New Testament
3960: Elmer Johnson - Thomas Wolfe: A Checklist
195189: Brian D. Johnson - The Catholic Nurse
191058: Paul Johnson - Pope John Paul II and the Catholic Restoration
182182: Elizabeth A. Johnson - Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints
189292: Judy M. Johnson, ed - Children and Their World: A Treasury of Vintage Cuts and Illustrations
184376: Thomas H. Johnson - The Printed Writings of Jonathan Edwards 1703-1758: A Bibliography
57475: Alexander Bryan Johnson - A Treatise on Language
142515: Owen Johnson - The Wasted Generation
151030: Martin Johnson - Congorilla: Adventures with Pygmies and Gorillas in Africa
177122: Samuel Johnson; Joseph Hamilton - Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, in Miniature. To Which Are Added, an Alphabetical Account of the Heathen Deities; a List of the Cities, Boroughs, and Market Towns, in England and Wales; and a Copious Chronology
188122: Luke Timothy Johnson - Among the Gentiles: Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity
193002: Chalmers Johnson - Okinawa: Cold War Island
201626: Stanley C. Johnson - The Medal Collector: A Guide to Naval, Military, Air-Force and CIVIL Medals and Ribbons
164900: Penelope D. Johnson, ed - Medieval History: Selected Reading Lists and Course Outlines from American Colleges and Universities
151220: George Johnson, Jerome D. Hannan, & Sister M. Dominica - The Bible Story: A Textbook in Biographical Form for Use of the Lower Grades of Catholic Schools
194032: Luke Timothy Johnson - Hebrews: A Commentary
60961: Oliver A. Johnson - Moral Knowledge
60962: Oliver A. Johnson - Rightness and Goodness: A Study in Contemporary Ethical Theory
178942: Paul Johnson - The Papacy
172841: Hugh Johnson - The Story of Wine: New Illustrated Edition
188612: William Johnston - Christian Mysticism Today
1268043: Annie Fellows Johnston - Mrs. Annie Fellow Johnston's Real People
1903: Marjorie Johnston - Domination: Some Napoleonic Episodes
183203: Bonnie L. Johnston and Peter L. Schuerman - Sex, Magick, and Spirit: Enlightenment Through Ecstasy
186732: George Sim Johnston - Did Darwin Get It Right? Catholics and the Theory of Evolution
176912: Sarah Iles Johnston - Religions of the Ancient World: A Guide
186673: William Johnston, ed - The Cloud of Unknowing and the Book of Privy Counseling
180159: S.M. Johnston - Cameo of Angela
1243713: Edward Johnston - Writing & Illuminating, & Lettering
124063: William Johnston - Mystical Theology: The Science of Love
113439: Mary Johnston - Roman Life
112320: Mary Johnston - To Have and to Hold
181930: William Johnston - Mystical Theology: The Science of Love
187427: William Johnston - The Inner Eye of Love: Mysticism and Religion
188860: William Johnston - Christian Mysticism Today
125522: Diana Johnstone - The Politics of Euromissiles: Europe's Role in America's World
125521: Diana Johnstone - Fool's Crusade: Yugoslavia, Nato and Western Delusions
103672: Henry W. Johnstone Jr. - Empedocles
149877: John Jolliffe - Raymond Asquith: Life and Letters
170888: Ellen Ryan Jolly - Nuns of the Battlefield
144284: Henri Joly - Psychologie Des Saints
68955: Henri Joly - Psychologie Des Saints
193933: Edward Le Joly - Servant of Love: Mother Teresa and Her Missionaries of Charity
191183: Jacques Jomier - How to Understand Islam
184966: Klaus W. Jonas and Ilsedore B. Jonas - Thomas Mann Studies, Volume II: A Bibliography of Criticism
168359: Jonathan H. Turner, Royce Singleton, Jr., and David Musick - Oppression: A Socio-History of Black-White Relations in America
1255828: Rev. Heribert Jone with Rev. Urban Adelman - Moral Theology
200103: Howard Jones - Printing the Classical Text
184527: George Neville Jones - An Annotated Bibliography of Mexican Ferns
66740: C.M. Jones, ed - School Worship: A Symposium Based on a Course of Lectures Delivered in the University of Leeds During the Spring Term 1964
200217: E. Stanley Jones - Christ's Alternative to Communism
193313: Thucydides; Henry Stuart Jones, ed - Thucydidis: Historiae, Tomus Prior
170140: James Jones - The Ice-Cream Headache and Other Stories
170142: James Jones - Whistle
168037: Scott J. Jones - United Methodist Doctrine: The Extreme Center
204162: Tanya Lloyd Kyi; Elaine Jones, ed - Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula
183944: Idwal Jones - Vermilion
174139: Henricus Stuart Jones - Thucydidis: Historiae, Tomus Posterior
174298: Henricus Stuart Jones - Thucydidis: Historiae, Tomus Prior (Libri I-IV)
196867: Robin Griffith-Jones - The Four Witnesses: The Rebel, the Rabbi, the Chronicler, and the Mystic
164481: Alan W. Jones - Soul Making: The Desert Way of Spirituality
184009: Judy Jones and William Wilson - An Incomplete Education
188796: Richard Jones - Haunted Britain and Ireland
194610: Alexander Jones - The Gospel According to St Matthew: A Text and Commentary for Students
202016: Judy Jones and William Wilson - An Incomplete Education
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177544: William S. Kennedy - A Plan of Union: Or History of the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches of the Western Reserve; with Biographical Sketches of the Early Missionaries
1248942: Lawrence W. Kennedy - Planning the City Upon a Hill: Boston Since 1630
189446: John J. Kennedy - Catholicism, Nationalism, and Democracy in Argentina
195260: Eugene Kennedy - My Brother Joseph: The Spirit of a Cardinal and the Story of a Friendship
194512: Eugene C. Kennedy - In the Spirit, in the Flesh
195477: Eugene C. Kennedy and Victor J. Heckler - The Catholic Priest in the United States: Psychological Investigations
191497: Eugene Kennedy - Himself! the Life and Times of Mayor Richard J. Daley
167969: James W. Kennedy - The Most Comfortable Sacrament: A Primer of Eucharistic Devotion for Preparing and Guiding the Worshiper Before, During, and After the Holy Communion
190403: Rory Kennedy - American Hollow
204223: Mike Dixon-Kennedy - Arthurian Myth and Legend: An a-Z of People and Places
1273447: Eugene Kennedy; preface by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin - This Man Bernardin
177961: Paul Kennedy - The Parliament of Man: The Past, Present, and Future of the United Nations
187722: Eugene C. Kennedy and Victor J. Heckler - The Catholic Priest in the United States: Psychological Investigations
168404: Des Kennedy - Nature's Outcasts: A New Look at Living Things We Love to Hate
190340: Charles W. Kennedy - The 'Elene' of Cynewulf Translated Into English Prose
185903: Harold J. Kennedy - No Pickle, No Performance: An Irreverent Theatrical Excursion from Tallulah to Travolta
195200: Eugene C. Kennedy - Comfort My People: The Pastoral Presence of the Church
171138: Grace Kennedy - Father Clement; a Roman Catholic Story
188076: Susan Estabrook Kennedy - America's White Working-Class Women: A Historical Bibliography
178550: Hugh Kennedy - Mongols, Huns and Vikings: Nomads at War
1249421: Charles W. Kennedy - Early English Christian Poetry
1232465: H.A.A. Kennedy - Philo's Contribution to Religion
120214: W.P.M. Kennedy - Elizabethan Episcopal Administration: An Essay in Sociology and Politics
194896: John S. Kennedy - Light on the Mountain: The Story of la Salette
200870: James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy - The South Was Right!
63239: James Kennedy - An Aid to the Textual Amendment of the Old Testament

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