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64655: MAX THURIAN. - Consecration of the Layman: New Approaches to the Sacrament of Confirmation.
94709: MAX THURIAN. - Marie: Mere Du Seigneur - Figure de L'Eglise.
124053: BONNIE THURSTON, ED. - Hidden in the Same Mystery: Thomas Merton and Loretto
150334: BONNIE BOWMAN THURSTON, ED - Merton & Buddhism: Wisdom, Emptiness, & Everyday Mind
100551: HOWARD THURSTON. - Fooling Millions.
149130: HERBERT THURSTON - The Church and Spiritualism
145622: JAMES C. TIBBETTS AND ANNE MARIE TIBBETTS - Living Green with Smoothies and Chlorophyll Rich Foods
145623: JAMES C. TIBBETTS AND ANNE MARIE TIBBETTS - Juice Fasting Simplified, a Practical Approach
145621: JAMES C. TIBBETTS AND ANNE MARIE TIBBETTS - Remission Towards Curing: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis; Nutritional Integrative Therapies
102489: JAMES J. TIBBETTS. - Superior Health with a Living Veggie Lifestyle.
146045: JAMES C. TIBBETTS - A Biblical Ballad of Mary Mother of Jesus
130135: ANTONINE TIBESAR - Franciscan Beginnings in Colonial Peru
130111: GEORGE TICKNOR - Life of William Hickling Prescott
125262: JOSIAH BLAKE TIDWELL - The Bible: Period by Period
9496: WILHELM TIEKE. - Der Kaukasus Und Das Ol: Der Deutsch/Russische Kampf in Kaukasien 1942/43.
130172: CHARLES B. TIERNAN. - The Tiernan Family in Maryland
147404: BRIAN TIERNEY - Medieval Poor Law: A Sketch of Canonical Theory and Its Application in England
66115: WILLIAM J. TIERNEY. - Authorized Ecclesiastical Acts.
110403: RICHARD L. TIERNEY. - The Winds of Zarr.
148485: MARK TIERNEY - Glenstal Abbey: A Historical Guide
46521: DR. O. TIETJENS. - Hydro-Und Aeromechanik Nach Vorlesungen Von L. Prandtl, I: Gleichgewicht Und Reibungslose Bewegung.
125420: CLEMENT TIGAR - Edmund Lester 1866-1934: A Memoir
112199: MORITZ TILING. - History of the German Element in Texas from 1820-1850 and Historical Sketches of the German Texas Singers' League and Houston Turnverein.
145391: PAUL TILLICH - Systematic Theology Volume III: Life and the Spirit; History and the Kingdom of God
150999: ROGER J. TILLIER - In the Marianas: Collected Letters of Roger J. Tillier
108822: BARRETT TILLMAN. - Wildcat Aces of World War 2.
70165: DR. FRITZ TILLMAN. - Die Sonntaglichen Evangelien [Vols. I-II].
147531: FRITZ TILLMANN - The Master Calls: A Handbook of Morals for the Layman
80458: THE MILITARY CORRESPONDENT OF THE TIMES. - The War in the Far East 1904-1905.
7206: WERNER TIMM. - Vom Koggen Zum Funfmaster.
132440: FELIX TIMMERMANS - The Perfect Joy of St. Francis
121792: PABLO TORNERO TINAJERO - Relaciones de Dependencia Entre Florida Y Estados Unidos (1783-1820)
132346: LANCE O. TINGAY - The Bedside Barsetshire
131458: EDWARD LAROCQUE TINKER - Lafcadio Hearn's American Days
141497: ADRIAN TINNISWOOD - The Arts & Crafts House
111471: FRANCESCO TIRADRITTI. - Egyptian Wall Painting.
43065: VINCENT TIROZZI. - Brevis Collectio Quaestionum Ritualium Quae Proponi Possunt Pro Solution...
93632: JOSEPH LESAGE TISCH. - French in Louisiana.
91062: DR. P. TISCHLEDER. - Wesen Und Stellung Der Frau.
97775: MORRIS TISCHLER. - Optoelectronics: Fiber Optics and Lasters - a Text-Lab Manual Second Edition.
1305: E.E.P. TISDALL. - Mrs. Duberly's Campaigns.
98764: J.W. KAY & D.M. TITTERINGTON. - Statistics and Neural Networks.
60444: HAROLD H. TITUS. - Living Issues in Philosophy: An Introductory Textbook.
69966: LESLIE J. TIZARD. - Preaching: The Art of Communication.
83335: TUE TJUR. - On the Mathematical Foundations of Probability.
63625: EDOUARD TOBAC - Les Prophetes D'Israel: Etudes Historiques Et Religieuses [Complete Set].
130805: HENRY J. TOBIAS - A History of the Jews in New Mexico
39204: JOHN J. DELANEY & JAMES EDWARD TOBIN. - Dictionary of Catholic Biography.
124528: GREG TOBIN - The Wisdom of St. Patrick: Inspirations from the Patron Saint of Ireland
142263: GREG TOBIN - The Good Pope: The Making of a Saint and the Remaking of the Church - the Story of John XXIII and Vatican II
147465: TOBY BARNARD, DAIBHI O CROININ, AND KATHARINE SIMMS, EDS. - A Miracle of Learning: Studies in Manuscripts and Irish Learning. Essays in Honour of William O'Sullivan
140071: TODD I. HERRENKOHL, EUGENE AISENBERG, ET.AL., EDS. - Violence in Context: Current Evidence on Risk, Protection, and Prevention
101991: FREDERICK P. TODD. - Soldiers of the American Army 1775-1954.
148453: JOHN M. TODD, ED. - Problems of Authority
124846: JOHN M. TODD, ED. - Problems of Authority
18342: CHARLES TODD. - A Test of Wills.
59539: IAN TODD. - Ghosts of the Assassins.
65176: JOHN M. TODD, ED. - The Springs of Morality: A Catholic Symposium.
16467: IAN TODD. - Ghosts of the Assassins.
146055: T. WINGATE TODD - The Clinical Anatomy of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract
120278: GEORGE EYRE-TODD - Early Scottish Poetry
142741: COLM TOIBIN - The Sign of the Cross: Travels in Catholic Europe
149176: FR. JAMES TOLHURST - A Concise Companion and Commentary for the New Catholic Catechism
131393: HAROLD E. TOLIVER - Marvell's Ironic Vision
80383: F. TOLKE. - Besselche Und Hankelsche Zylinderfunktionen Nullter Bis Dritter Ordnung Vom Argument.
83324: DR. FRIEDRICH TOLKE. - Praktische Funktionenlehre.
95845: R.B. TOLLINTON. - Clement of Alexandria: A Study in Christian Liberalism: Vol. II.
121413: HERBERT CUSHING TOLMAN - The Art of Translating with Special Reference to Cauer's Die Kunst Des Uebersetzens
55392: NEWTON F. TOLMAN. - The Search for General Miles.
123967: LEO TOLSTOY - A Confession
1220657: LEO TOLSTOY - Walk in the Light and Twenty-Three Tales
80670: DR. R. TOMASCHEK. - Grimsehls Lehrbuch Der Physik, Vol. I: Mechanik/Warmelehre/Akustik.
109383: REV. GIUSEPPE TOMASELLI. - Sitio: Meditations for Priests.
94320: ELDA SIMONI DI TOMASSI. - IL Rosario Nell'Arte.
107192: H.M. TOMLINSON. - The Snows of Helicon.
140425: H.M. TOMLINSON - Gallions Reach
107201: H.M. TOMLINSON. - Old Junk.
107202: H.M. TOMLINSON. - London River.
107200: H.M. TOMLINSON. - The Foreshore of England or Under the Red Ensign.
140309: H.M. TOMLINSON - Tide Marks Being Some Records of a Journey to the Beaches of the Moluccas and the Forest of Malaya in 1923
99593: H.M. TOMLINSON. - Out of Soundings.
146769: H.M. TOMLINSON - London River
121230: E.P. TOMPKINS AND J. LEE DAVIS - The Natural Bridge and Its Historical Surroundings
146616: AMLETI TONDINI - Inscriptionum Fasciculus and Inscriptionum Fasciculus Alter
144590: TONIE AND VALMAI HOLT - 'My Boy Jack?' the Search for Kipling's Only Son
94314: ERMANNO MARIA TONIOLO. - Maria Vincolo Di Unita Presenza Della Virgine Nelle Chiese Di Cristo.
121042: ARTHUR TONNE - Talks for Children: Sermons to Children for Every Sunday and Feast of Obligation
121043: ARTHUR TONNE - Stories for Sermons Volume 1
149292: RT. REV. MSGR. ARTHUR J. TONNE - The Saints and the Sunday Gospels
121040: ARTHUR TONNE - With Parables: A Sermon for Every Sunday and Feast of Obligation
121046: ARTHUR TONNE - Talks on the Commandments: Sermons on the Ten Commandments for Every Sunday and Feast of Obligation
123383: ARTHUR TONNE - Personality Plus
149240: MSGR. ARTHUR TONNE - Five-Minute Funeral Homilies
121045: ARTHUR TONNE - Talks on the Commandments: Sermons on the Ten Commandments for Every Sunday and Feast of Obligation
121032: ARTHUR TONNE - Talks on the Creed: Sermons on the Apostles' Creed for Every Sunday and Feast of Obligation
121044: ARTHUR TONNE - Feasts of Our Lady (Talks on Feasts of Mary Throughout the Year with Two Talks on Mother's Day)
99192: ELISABETH TOOKER. - Native North American Spirituality of the Eastern Woodlands.
141874: ALFRED TOOMBS - Raising a Riot
107997: CARDINAL TELESPHORE TOPPO ET AL. - Mary: Unique Copperator in the Redemption.
120287: ALFONSO TORO - Compendio de Historia de Mexico
71716: WILLIAM GEORGE TORPEY. - Judicial Doctrines of Religious Rights in America.
131075: FRAY JUAN DE TORQUEMADA - Monarquia Indiana: Volumes I-III
144811: TAD TOSKY - Clowning from Six to Sixty
70382: MOST REV. TIHAMER TOTH. - Die Katholische Ehe Und Familie.
70350: VERY REV. TIHAMER TOTH. - The Great Redeemer: A Course of Sermons on the Passion and Death of Christ.
68570: TIHAMER TOTH. - Wachstum Und Gestalt [Vols. I-III].
144702: MOTHER LOUISE MARGARET CLARET DE LA TOUCHE - The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood
141598: RAYMOND JACQUES TOURNAY - Word of God, Song of Love: A Commentary on the Song of Songs
62724: R. TOURNAY AND RAYMOND SCHWAB, EDS. - La Sainte Bible: Les Psaumes.
146791: SANFORD TOUSEY - The Northwest Mounted Police (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
130359: MANUEL TOUSSAINT - Carta de Americo Vespucio de Las Islas Nuevamente Descubiertas En Cuatro de Sus Viajes
120346: MANUEL TOUSSAINT - Informacion de Meritos Y Servicios de Alonso Garcia Bravo Alarife Que Trazo la Ciudad de Mexico
1210696: T.F. TOUT - Chapters in the Administrative History of Mediaeval England: Vols. III & IV [Incomplete].
130992: WALTER KELLOGG TOWERS. - From Beacon Fire to Radio (Masters of Space): The Story of Long-Distance Communication
140244: LADY SUSAN TOWNLEY - 'Indiscretions' of Lady Susan
73076: PETER TOWNSEND. - Duels of Eagles.
122500: HELEN TOYNBEE, ED. - The Letters of Horace Walpole, Fourth Earl of Oxford: Vols. I-VI, X-XII, XIV-XVI [Incomplete].
145193: A. EDMONDS TOZER - The Proper of the Mass for Sundays and Holidays Set to Simple Music, Vol. I
141884: DAVID TRACY - The Achievement of Bernard Lonergan
142587: DAVID TRACY - Plurality and Ambiguity: Hermeneutics, Religion, Hope
15722: HONOR TRACY. - The First Day of Friday.
59693: DON TRACY. - Carolina Corsair.
131523: H.D. TRAILL - Coleridge
121283: ARTHUR TRAIN - Ambition
149485: ARTHUR TRAIN - Manhattan Murder
55098: JOHANNES TRALOW. - Cards and Kings.
149601: SAC. SALVATORE TRAMA - Manuale Teorico-Pratico Per Gli Ufficiali Delle Curie Ecclesiastiche Opera Utile Altresi Al Parroci Specialmente Ed Ai Sacerdoti in Generale
121865: MICHAEL WOODS TRANS. - Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics: Books I, II and VIII
121827: C. SMART TRANS. - The Works of Horace
121094: JOHN MATHIAS HAFFERT TRANS. - A Letter from Lisieux
28676: JOHN HIGGINBOTHAM TRANS. - Cicero on Moral Obligation.
85040: RONALD HALSTEAD - TRANS. - The Priest and Vocations.
102918: E.B. PUSEY - TRANSLATOR. - The Confessions of Saint Augustine.
140950: JOHN KEMMY (TRANSLATOR) - The Knowledge of Jesus Christ Considered in His Mysteries
141313: JACOB MILGROM (TRANSLATOR, COMMENTATOR) - Leviticus 1-16 (the Anchor Bible Vol. 3)
147134: NIGEL TRANTER - Drug on the Market
84360: NIGEL TRANTER. - The Path of the Hero King.
84358: NIGEL TRANTER. - Montrose: The Captain General.
8179: NIGEL TRANTER. - James by the Grace of God.
14658: NIGEL TRANTER. - The Riven Realm.
124208: J.B. TRAPP AND HUBERTUS SCHULTE HERBRUGGEN - 'the King's Good Servant': Sir Thomas More, 1477/8-1535
87197: THOMAS GANNON & GEORGE TRAUB. - The Desert and the City: An Interpretation of the History of Christian Spirituality.
63486: MARION M. TRAVIS. - The Divine Drama.
112213: MAX ALLAN COLLINS & JAMES L. TRAYLOR. - One Lonely Knight: Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer.
145771: REV. GERALD C. TREACY - Honor God's Name: The Second Commandment
145748: REV. GERALD C. TREACY - Education - True or False?
146010: REV. GERALD C. TREACY, COMP. - Five Great Encyclicals: Labor - Education - Marriage - Reconstructing the Social Order - Atheistic Communism
98882: REV. GERALD C. TREACY. - Heaven's Beginning: A Simplified Edition of the Encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi.
150575: REV. GERALD C. TREACY - Sex - Sacred and Sinful: The Sixth and Ninth Commandments
125010: WILLIAM P. TREACY - Irish Scholars of the Penal Days: Glimpses of Their Labors on the Continent of Europe
26015: GEOFFREY TREASE. - The Seven Kings of England.
120486: LAWRENCE TREAT - T As in Trapped
147280: LAWRENCE TREAT - H As in Hunted
147846: ROGER L. TREAT - Bishop Sheil and the Cyo
144151: PATRICIA TREECE - Nothing Short of a Miracle: The Healing Power of the Saints
140399: RICHARD TREGASKIS - Guadalcanal Diary
149252: RICHARD TREGASKIS - Guadalcanal Diary
149571: SAMUEL PRIDEAUX TREGELLES, TRANS. - Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament Scriptures
122738: NICHOLAS TREGGIARI, O.M.C. - Life of Father Benvenuto Bambozzi, O.M. C.
123186: EDWARD A. TREMBLAY - When You Go to Tonga
108159: JULES TREMBLAY. - L'Hopital Public D'Ottawa.
125579: REV. MARC TREMEAU - The Mystery of the Rosary
150026: RICHARD CHENEVIX TRENCH - Notes on the Parables of Our Lord
149063: RICHARD CHENEVIX TRENCH - Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord
47578: BARON FREDERICK TRENCK. - The Life of Baron Frederick Trenck...
80534: F. TRENELENBURG. - Akustik.
64348: FRANZ SALES TRENKLE. - Der Brief Des Heiligen Jacobus.
37693: FRANZ S. TRENKLE. - Einleitung in Das Deue Testament.
71684: COUNCIL OF TRENT. - Canones Et Decreta Sacrosancti Oeumenici Councilii Tridentini.
72171: J. TRESAL. - Les Origines Du Schisme Anglican (1509-1571).
147435: LEO J. TRESE - The Faith Explained
149343: REV. LEO J. TRESE - God, Man, and God-Man
68175: LEO J. TRESE. - Many Are One.
147687: CLAUDE TRESMONTANT - Toward the Knowledge of God
60439: CLAUDE TRESMONTANT. - Christian Metaphysics.
41885: ILLTYD TRETHOWAN. - Process Theology and the Christian Tradition.
148119: THEODORE E. TREUTLEIN, TRANS. - Missionary in Sonora; the Travel Reports of Joseph Och, S.J. 1755-1767
121637: G.O. TREVELYAN - Cawnpore
5198: ROGER TREVELYAN. - Pendragon: Late of Prince Albert's Own.
121609: RALEIGH TREVELYAN - The Golden Oriole
67154: RIGHT REV. J.F.M. TREVERN. - An Amicable Discussion on the Church of England and on the Reformation in General, Dedicated to the Clergy of Every Protestant Communion.
143919: SIR FREDERICK TREVES - The Cradle of the Deep: An Account of a Voyage to the West Indies
61594: D. DUBARLE; REGINALD TREVETT, TRANS. - Scientific Humanism and Christian Thought.
65378: REGINALD TREVETT. - The Tree of Life: Sexuality and the Growth of Personality.
123705: MERIOL TREVOR - Newman's Journey
125021: MERIOL TREVOR - Prophets and Guardians: Renewal and Tradition in the Church
148897: MEROIL TREVOR - Newman: The Pillar of the Cloud / Newman: Light in Winter
20301: MERIOL TREVOR. - The Arnolds: Thomas Arnold and His Family.
102711: J.E. TREVOR. - The General Theory of Thermodynamics.
125445: MERIOL TREVOR - Pope John
1210778: INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNAL - Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal: Vols. 1-42.
71451: A. TRICOT. - Saint Paul: Apotre Des Gentils.
147832: WILLIAM RALEIGH TRIMBLE - The Catholic Laity in Elizabethan England 1558-1603
124877: WILLIAM RALEIGH TRIMBLE - The Catholic Laity in Elizabethan England 1558-1603
62737: J. TRINQUET, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Habaquq, Abdias, Joel.
146367: NIGEL TRIPPETT AND NICHOLAS DE COURTAIS - An Illustrated History of the Abingdon Branch
123708: HENRY TRISTRAM - The Living Thoughts of Cardinal Newman
146654: HENRY TRISTRAM, ED. - The Living Thoughts of Cardinal Newman
101099: DON TROIANI. - Don Troianai's Soldiers in America 1754-1865.
112433: FRANCISCO DEL PASO Y TRONCOSO. - Epistolario de Nueva Espana 1505-1818: Vols. I-XII.
125376: JOHN E. TROPMAN - The Catholic Ethic in American Society: An Exploration of Values
7058: WILHELM VON TROTHA. - Frankreichs Fremdenlegion.
107234: WILLIAM R. TROTTER. - Winter Fire.
147723: MARGARET TROUNCER - Saint Jean-Marie Vianney: Cure of Ars
131224: JANET CAMP TROXELL, ED - Rossetti's Sister Helen
122859: KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER AND COMPANY, ED. - Bibliographica: Vols. I-III [Complete].
102191: MARGARET TRUMAN. - Bess W. Truman.
122766: JAMES HAMMOND TRUMBELL - Natick Dictionary.
1226416: DALTON TRUMBO - Johnny Got His Gun
112968: JAMES HAMMOND TRUMBULL - Natick Dictionary.
51316: ROBERT C. TRUNDLE JR. - From Physics to Politics: The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Philosophy.
70206: CYPRIAN TRUSS, O.F.M.CAP. - From the Pilot's Seat: Talk on Timely Topics.
123165: JOHN G. TRUXAL AND MARIAN VISICH, JR. - Competitiveness
98762: CHUNBG KUO & MENG HUA TSAI. - Three-Dimensional Holographic Imaging.
63078: PINCHAS WOLLMAN-TSAMIR, ED. - The Graphic History of the Jewish Heritage.
61903: RADOSLAV A. TSANOFF. - Worlds to Know: A Philosophy of Cosmic Perspectives.
145653: BENEDICT VON TSCHARNER - Albert Gallatin (1761-1849): Geneva's American Statesman
151334: HARRY TSCHOPIK, JR. - Highland Communities of Central Peru: A Regional Study
102449: V.N. TSYTOVICH. - An Introduction to the Theory of Plasma Turbulence.
140074: TERRENCE L. TUCKER - Sardonic Satisfaction: Uncle (Bomby) Bob's Letters Home
42677: IRWIN ST. JOHN TUCKER. - A Minstrel Friar: His Legacy of Song.
38123: JOHN HICKS & ROBERT TUCKER, EDS. - Revolution & Reaction: The Paris Commune 1871.
146746: DIOCESE OF TUCSON - St. Augustine's Cathedral Dedication: Diocese of Tucson Centennial 1868-1968
149262: TASHA TUDOR - 1 Is One
150065: SIMON TUGWELL - The Apostolic Fathers
121585: SIR FRANCIS TUKER - The Yellow Scarf: The Story of the Life of Thuggee Sleeman or Major-General Sir William Henry Sleeman
146742: JIM TULLY - Emmett Lawler
144200: JOHN R. TUNIS - Champion's Choice
146804: JOHN R. TUNIS - Keystone Kids
112298: TRISTAM TUPPER. - Adventuring.
110433: IVAN TURGENEV. - Fathers and Sons.
28498: MILTON HAIGHT TURK, ED. - Selections from Dequincey.
143768: MIDGE TURK - The Buried Life: A Nun's Journey
144469: CHARLES TURLEY - The Voyages of Captain Scott Retold from 'the Voyage of "the Discovery"' and 'Scott's Last Expedition'
2000: PATRICK TURNBULL. - Napoleon's Second Empress: A Life of Passion.
92819: STEPHEN TURNBULL. - The Art of Renaissance Warfare.
144881: ELEANOR L. TURNBULL, TRANS - Contemporary Spanish Poetry: Selections from Ten Poets
124874: D.H. TURNER, RACHEL STOCKDALE, DOM PHILIP JEBB, & DR. DAVID ROGERS - The Benedictines in Britain
57536: MARK TURNER. - Reading Minds: The Study of English in the Age of Cognitive Science.
122739: JAMES TURNER - The Shrouds of Glory: Six Studies in Martyrdom
63132: H.E.W. TURNER AND HUGH MONTEFIORE. - Thomas and the Evangelists (Studies in Biblical Theology #35).
63949: H.E.W. TURNER. - Jesus Master and Lord: A Study in the Historical Truth of the Gospels.
15431: W.J. TURNER. - English Music.
104597: JOSEPH TURQUAN. - The Empress Josephine.
148791: FRATREM JOANNEM DE TURRECREMATA - Tractatus de Veritate Conceptionis Beatissimae Virginis, Pro Facienda Relatione Coram Patribus Concilii Basileae, Anno Domini MCCCXXXVII, Mense Julio.
98573: GARDNER STILSON TURRILL. - A Tale of the Yellowstone or in a Wagon Through Western Wyoming and Wonderland.
67285: LT. COL. W.H. TURTON. - The Truth of Christianity Being an Examination of the More Important Arguments for and Against Believing in That Religion.
124794: CHARLES CROCKER DODGE & HIRAM AUSTIN TUTTLE - Latin Prose Composition: Based on Caesar, Nepos, and Cicero
123898: BROTHER BENET TVEDTEN, OSB - How to Be a Monastic and Not Leave Your Day Job: An Invitation to Oblate Life
104709: MARK TWAIN. - Life on the Mississippi.
81071: MARK TWAIN. - The Family Mark Twain [Complete Set].
140355: LADY TWEEDSMUIR, ED. - The Clearing House: A Survey of One Man's Mind
132407: LORD TWEEDSMUIR - Always a Countryman
130163: HORACE TWISS - The Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon: With Selections from His Correspondence. In 3 Volumes
102405: SERGEI VLADIMIROVICH TYABLIKOV. - Methods in the Quantum Theory of Magnetism.
143033: JULIUS TYCIAK - Life in Christ
105526: JOHN E. TYLER. - Light in the Sea.
120594: W.S. TYLER - Prayer for Colleges: A Premium Essay
147317: MICHAEL TYNAN - Catholic Instruction in Ireland 1720-1950: The O'Reilly/Donlevy Catechetical Tradition
149035: KATHARINE TYNAN - Father Mathew
151452: JOHN TYNDALL - Heat: A Mode of Motion
1214830: GEORGE TYRRELL - Tradition and the Critical Spirit: Catholic Modernist Writings
141892: BERNARD TYRRELL - Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of God
123613: GEORGE TYRRELL - Tradition and the Critical Spirit: Catholic Modernist Writings
122730: GEORGE TYRRELL - Nova Et Vetera: Informal Meditations for Times of Spiritual Dryness
123597: GEORGE TYRRELL - External Religion: Its Use and Abuse
123254: ROBERT YELVERTON TYRRELL - Bacchae of Euripides
122731: GEORGE TYRRELL - Medievalism: A Reply to Cardinal Mercier
122728: GEORGE TYRRELL - External Religion: Its Use and Abuse
122732: GEORGE TYRRELL - Christianity at the Cross-Roads
146345: CHAS. A. TYRRELL - The Royal Road to Health or the Secret of Health without Drugs
123594: GEORGE TYRRELL - Through Scylla and Charybdis: Or, the Old Theology and the New
142911: GEORGE TYRRELL - Lex Credendi: A Sequel to Lex Orandi
142937: GEORGE TYRRELL - The Faith of the Millions: A Selection of Past Essays, First and Second Series
141962: GEORGE TYRRELL - Medievalism: A Reply to Cardinal Mercier
150585: GEORGE TYRRELL - The Faith of the Millions: A Selection of Past Essays - 2 Volumes
106949: JON WYNNE-TYSON. - Sealskin Trousers and Other Stories.
112128: IRENE MAHONEY O.S.U. - A Far Country: Ursuline Mission in Thailand 1924-1945.
125503: S. INIOBONG UDOIDEM - Pope John Paul II on Inculturation
131032: JOSE BRAVO UGARTE - Historia de Mexico: 3 Volumes
130387: JOSE BRAVO UGARTE - Carta Al Emperador: Refutacion a Las Casa Sobre la Colonizacion Espanola
103295: MYRA L. UHLFELDER. - De Proprietate Sermonum Vel Rerum: A Study and Critical Edition of a Set of Verbal Distinctions.
147123: DR. GERHARD UHLHORN - The Conflict of Christianity with Heathenism
125239: BARRY ULANOV, ED - Contemporary Catholic Thought: Faith, Hope and Love in the Modern World
36749: BARRY ULANOV, ED. - Contemporary Catholic Thought: Faith, Hope, and Love in the Modern World.
36764: BARRY ULANOV. - Sources and Resources: The Literary Traditions of Christian Humanism.
142612: BISHOP ULLATHORNE - Mr. Gladstone's Expostulation Unraveled
132178: WILLIAM ULLATHORNE - From Cabin-Boy to Archbishop
147115: B.L. ULLMAN - Third Latin Book
143970: B.L. ULLMAN AND NORMAN E. HENRY - New Second Latin Book
113032: B.L. ULLMAN - Ancient Writing and Its Influence.
31977: WALTER ULLMANN. - Principles of Government and Politics in the Middle Ages.
147480: MAARTEN ULTEE - The Abbey of St. Germain Des Pres in the Seventeenth Century
101909: I. ULYANOV. - History of the Russian Military Forces: Regular Infantry 1801-1855.
147751: EVELYN UNDERHILL - The Life of the Spirit and the Life of to-Day
123516: EVELYN UNDERHILL - Practical Mysticism
149242: EVELYN UNDERHILL - Worship
149052: EVELYN UNDERHILL - An Anthology of the Love of God
124830: EVELYN UNDERHILL - Worship
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39236: WILIAM WEBER. - In Traveling for the Messenger.
36314: DR. G. ANTON WEBER. - Die Vier Heligen Evangelien.
38160: WILLIAM WEBER. - With the Thirtieth Infantry U. S Volunteers 1899-1900-1901.
143210: FRS. GERARD WEBER AND JAMES KILLGALLON - Life in Christ: A Catechism for Adult Catholics
122553: NEIL WEBSDALE - Familicidal Hearts: The Emotional Styles of 211 Killers.
140956: RICHARD A. WEBSTER - Christian Democracy in Italy 1860-1960
1213228: NOAH WEBSTER WITH J.E. WORCESTER - An American Dictionary of the English Language... Abridged from the Quarto Edition of the Author to Which Are Added, a Synopsis of Words... And Walker's Key
145014: HELEN NOYES WEBSTER - Herbs: How to Grow Them and How to Use Them
61895: RICHARD WEBSTER. - Equilibrium: A Constructive Attack on the Atheism of Oxford Philsoophy and Certain Assumptions on Linguistic Analysis.
93156: GRAHAM WEBSTER. - The Roman Imperial Army.
143308: JOSEPH WECHSBERG - Verdi
131250: DIXON WECTER, ED - The Love Letters of Mark Twain
143886: DIXON WECTER - The Age of the Great Depression 1929-1941
43291: JOHN WEDDA. - New England Worships: 100 Drawings of Churches and Temples with Accompanying Text.
90809: J.H.M. WEDDERBURN. - Lectures on Matrices.
112899: WALDO RUDOLPH WEDEL - An Introduction to Pawnee Archeology.
147234: C.V. WEDGWOOD - The Trial of Charles I
124756: C.V. WEDGWOOD - William the Silent: William of Nassau, Prince of Orange 1533-1584
110068: W.J. WEDLAKE. - The Excavation of the Shrine of Apollo at Nettleton Wiltshire 1956-1971.
149396: CLARENCE MOORES WEED - Life Histories of American Insects
100854: HELEN THURBER & EDWARD WEEKS. - Selected Letters of James Thurber.
151426: GENEVIEVE C. WEEKS - Oscar Carleton Mcculloch 1843-1891: Preacher and Practitioner of Applied Christianity
122988: FRANCES SHELLEY WEES - The Mystery of the Creeping Man.
143459: HERMAN A.J. WEGMAN - Christian Worship in East and West: A Study Guide to Liturgical History
148287: HANS-ULRICH WEHLER - The German Empire 1871-1918
46672: WOLFHARD WEIDEL. - Virus: Die Geschichte Vom Geborgten Leben.
146297: LAWRENCE J. WEIDMANN - The Battle of Bourges
1091: MELVIN WEIG. - Morristown: A Military Capital of the American Revolution.
122671: GUSTAVE WEIGEL, S.J. - Churches in North America: An Introduction
149309: GUSTAVE WEIGEL - A Catholic Primer on the Ecumenical Movement
66989: GUSTAVE WEIGEL. - Catholic Theology in Dialogue.
150528: GUSTAVE WEIGEL - The Modern God: Faith in a Secular Culture
149036: JOSEF WEIGER - Mary: Mother of Faith
37188: JOSEF WEIGER. - Mary, Mother of Faith.
68094: EDUARD WEIGL. - Christologie Vom Tode Des Athanasius Bis Zum Ausbruch Des Nestorianischen Streites (373-429).
40607: JOHANN BAPTIST WEIGL. - Theologisch-Chronologische Abhandlung Uber Das Wahre Geburts Und Sterb-Jahr Jesu Christi
145868: A.M. WEIGL - Mary the Mystical Rose
69131: LUDWIG WEIKL, S.J. - Stir Up the Fire: Considerations on the Priesthood.
148161: LUDWIG WEIKL - Stir Up the Fire": Considerations on the Priesthood
141265: GERHARD L. WEINBERG - Visions of Victory: The Hopes of Eight World War II Leaders
112690: MILOS WEINGART ET AL. - Byzantinoslavica: Recueil Pour L'Etude Des Relations Byzantino-Slaves: Vols. 1-20.
70262: FRANCIS X. WEINGER. - Originelle, Kurz-Gefasste Praktische Standes-Predigten.
105628: HAROLD R. WEINSTEIN. - Jean Jaures: A Study of Patriotism in the French Socialist Movement.
151114: LEWIS WEINSTEIN - The Heretic
83453: DONALD J. WEINSTOCK. - The Two Boer Wars and the Jameson Raid: A Checklist of Novels" As Contained in Research in African Literatures.
145230: ALISON WEIR - Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley
40872: FRANCIS P. WEISENBURGER. - Ordeal of Faith: The Crisis of Church-Going America, 1865-1900.
63096: ARTUR WEISER. - The Old Testament: Its Formation and Development.
142561: HERBERT T. WEISKOTTEN - Sancti Augustini Vita Scriptaa Possidio Episcopo
147729: BREBT RICHARDS WEISMAN - Excavations on the Franciscan Frontier: Archaeology at the Fig Springs Mission
146204: ALBERT M. WEISS - The Christian Life
64044: BERNHARD WEISS. - Die Evangelien Des Markus Und Lukas.
148023: ALBERT M. WEISS - The Christian Life
68282: HUGO WEISS. - Die Bergpredigt Christi.
61874: PAUL WEISS. - Modes of Being.
67102: MICHEL P. WEISS. - Survival Through the Moral Law: An Inquiry Into Christian Precepts and the Political Order.
91019: DR. KARL WEISS. - Voll Zuversicht! Zur Parabel Jesu Vom Zuversichtlichen Samann Mk 4 26-29.
91022: DR. KARL WEISS. - Exegetisches Zur Irrtumslosigkeit Und Eschatologie Jesu Christi.
91052: DR. KARL WEISS. - Die Frohbotschaft Jesu Uber Lohn Und Vollkommenheit.
148489: ALICE KEMP-WELCH, ED. - Of the Tumbler of Our Lady & Other Miracles Now Translated from the Middle French
140438: RICHARD A. WELFLE - Blood on the Mountain
6214: JAMES WELLARD. - The French Foreign Legion.
148839: JAMES WELLARD - Desert Pilgrimage: Journeys to the Egyptian and Sinai Deserts: Completeing the Third of the Trilogy of Saharan Explorations
104236: FRANK WELLER. - Handbook of Electronic Systems Design.
15939: RALPH & FLORENCE WELLES. - The Bighorn of Death Valley.
1721: THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON. - My Dear Miss Jones: The Letters of the First Duke of Wellington to Mrs. Jones of Pantglas.
94942: PAUL WELLMAN. - Ride the Red Earth.
112817: H. G. WELLS - New Worlds for Old
105462: GEORGE A. WELLS. - Goethe and the Development of Science 1750-1900.
147990: DAVID A. WELLS - The Science of Common Things; a Familiar Explanation of the First Principles of Physical Science. For Schools, Families, and Young Students.
143926: GEOFFREY H. WELLS - The Works of H.G. Wells 1887-1925: A Bibliography, Dictionary and Subject-Index
15010: HELEN WELLS - Cherry Ames, Army Nurse
147170: HELEN WELLS - Cherry Ames, Island Nurse
121086: CAROLYN WELLS - Two Little Women on a Holiday
147169: HELEN WELLS - Cherry Ames, Rural Nurse
120156: MARY LEAH WELLS - Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. Sumbel Late Wells
145213: HELEN WELLS - Cherry Ames, Veterans' Nurse
145312: H.G. WELLS - First and Last Things: A Confession of Faith and Rule of Life
112697: CARVETH WELLS. - Adventure!
144069: EBERHARD WELTY - A Handbook of Christian Social Ethics, Vols. I-II
63714: DR. PAUL WENDLAND. - Handbuch Zum Neuen Testament.
70378: FRANCIS X. WENINGER. - Originelle, Kurz-Gefasste, Praktische Fest-Predigten.
70094: FRANCIS X. WENINGER. - Originelle, Kurzgefasste, Praktische Fesstags-Predigten Fur Das Ganze Kirchenjahr.
69718: F.X. WENINGER, S.J. - Epitome Pastoralis Ad Usum Cleri in Statibus Foederatis Americae.
67685: FRANCI X. WENINGER. - Die Unflehlbarkeit Des Papstes.
67291: F.X. WENINGER. - Katholicismus, Protestantismus Und Unglanbe.
70289: FRANZ X. WENINGER. - Praktische Winke Fur Missionare Zur Abhaltung Der Missionen.
32806: FRANZ FAVER WENINGER. - Originelle Kurz-Gefasste Praktische Fasten-Predigten.
70329: FRANZ X. WENINGER. - Originelle, Kurz-Gefasste, Praktische Marianische Fest-Reden.
113019: R.M. WENLEY - Stoicism and Its Influence.
81207: H. WENNINK. - The Bible on Asceticism.
107175: HELMUT WENSKE. - Letzte Aufzeichnungen Aus Der Somnambulanz.

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