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147275: L.H. PRESCOTT - History of Criterion Lodge, No. 68: Knights of Pythias (of Cleveland, Ohio)
130971: WILLIAM H. PRESCOTT - Biographical and Critical Miscellanies
122909: MARGARET PRESS - Requiem for a Postman
122572: TRIANON PRESS - Facsimile of Blake's Songs of Innocence [Proofcopy].
142496: THE LITURGICAL PRESS - New Testament Students' Workbook
130883: FRANCISCAN HERALD PRESS - History of St. Peter's Church Chicago Illinois
145047: THE CATHOLIC EDUCATION PRESS - Catholic Education Series: Second Book
12496: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. - Triumph and Tragedy: The Story of the Kennedys.
1222489: IGNATIUS PRESS - The Adoremus Hymnal: Organ Edition
130251: FRANCIS DE PRESSENSE - Purcell's "Manning" Refuted: Life of Cardinal Manning with a Critical Examination of E.S. Purcell's Mistakes
38731: FRANCIS DE PRESSENSE. - Cardinal Manning.
130638: EDGAR PRESTAGE - The Portuguese Pioneers
121705: DIANA PRESTON - The Boxer Rebellion: The Dramatic Story of China's War on Foreigners That Shook the World in the Summer of 1900
144429: JOHN HYDE PRESTON - A Gentleman Rebel: Mad Anthony Wayne
148206: ANTONY PRESTON, FWD. - Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II
145677: HORST DIETRICH PREUSS - Einfuhrung in Die Alttestamentliche Weisheitsliteratur
145626: DOUGLAS B. PRICE AND NEIL J. TWOMBLY - The Phantom Limb Phenomenon: A Medical, Folkloric, and Historical Study
110526: UVEDALE PRICE. - Essays on the Picturesque As Compared with the Sublime and the Beautiful; and on the Use of Studying Pictures.
140251: CARL F. PRICE - Postscripts to Yankee Township
5507: A. GRENFELL PRICE. - The Western Invasions of the Pacific and Its Continents (1513-1958).
143787: SUE PRICHARD, ED. - Quilts 1700-2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories
83599: COLONEL W.F. PRIDEAUX. - Notes for a Bibliography of Edward Fitzgerald.
130085: A FRANCISCAN PRIEST - Life of St. Francis Solanus: Apostle of Peru
122622: HERBERT INGRAM PRIESTLEY - Franciscan Explorations in California: Spain in the West Vol. VI.
141560: J.B. PRIESTLEY - Charles Dickens and His World
130476: HERBERT INGRAM PRIESTLEY - Tristan de Luna: Conquistador of the Old South
105625: DR. JOSPEPH PRIESTLEY. - The Memoirs of Dr. Joseph Priestley.
124216: JUSTICE FOR PRIESTS AND DEACONS - Justice in the Church: A Manual of Self Defense
150759: THE MARIAN MOVEMENT OF PRIESTS - Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests
125074: JACOB PRIMMER - Pastor Jacob Primmer in Rome
142988: J.F.T. PRINCE - Creative Revolution
67260: REV. C.A. PRINDEVILLE. - Chapters in Religion.
94852: PATRICK PRINGLE. - Stand and Deliver: The Story of the Highwaymen.
120585: JAMES PRIOR - The Life of Oliver Goldsmith M.B. From a Variety of Original Sources
120219: MATTHEW PRIOR - Selected Poems of Matthew Prior
141337: JAMES B. PRITCHARD AND NICK PAGE (EDITORS) - Atlas of Bible History
151207: A.J. SUTTON PIPPARD & J. LAURENCE PRITCHARD - Aeroplane Structures
108978: DAVID PRITCHARD. - The Radar War: Germany's Pioneering Achievement 1904-45.
149116: DAVID PROCHASKA - Making Algeria French: Colonialism in Bone, 1870-1920
103922: PROCLUS. - Commentaire Sur le Timee: Volume Two.
103923: PROCLUS. - Commentaire Sur le Timee: Volume Three.
6176: JOHN PROCTER. - Boers and Little Englanders: The Story of the Conventions.
146243: FELIX THE CAT PRODUCTIONS - Pat Sullivan's a Surprise for Felix
141518: CARL R. PROFFER - The Unpublished Dostoevsky: Diaries and Notebooks (1860-81) Volume III
112923: INTER-AGENCY ARCHEOLOGICAL SALVAGE PROGRAM - River Basin Survey Papers, Numbers 1-6.
99019: MARY PROUDFOOT. - Britain and the U.S. A. In the Caribbean.
149511: OLIVE HIGGINS PROUTY - Now, Voyager
131445: C.T. PROUTY - George Gascoigne: Elizabethan Courtier, Soldier, and Poet
125064: PHILIPPA PROVENZANO, TRANS. - To the Ends of the Earth: The Missionary Travels of Frances X. Cabrini
125112: SISTER DOROTHY OF PROVIDENCE - Daughter of Charity: Life of Sister Mary Loretta Gately
130217: MEMBERS OF THE PROVINCE - Congregation of Sisters Adorers of the Most Precious Blood Province of Ruma
150539: M. L'ABBE PROYART - Vie de M. D'Orleans de la Motte: Eveque D'Amiens
1211018: FRANCIS PAUL PRUCHA - Broadax and Bayonet: The Role of the United States Army in the Development of the Northwest 1815-1860
121511: JOHN H. PRUETT - The Parish Clergy Under the Later Stuarts: The Leicestershire Experience
69868: JOHN E. PRUNER. - Lehrbuch Der Pastoraltheologie [Vols. I-II].
63084: OLIVIER PRUNET. - La Morale Chretienne D'Apres Les Ecrits Johanniques.
65974: JOSEPH PRUNSKIS. - Comparative Law, Ecclesiastical and CIVIL, in Lithuanian Concordat: A Study with Historical Notes.
122008: ERICH PRZYWARA - An Augustine Synthesis
1214717: ERICH PRZYWARA, ED - The Heart of Newman
148070: ERICH PRZYWARA, ARR. - An Augustine Synthesis
5534: R. JAROMIRA PSENKA. - Musketyri Temne Legie: Tri Afrike Reminiscence.
10549: R.J. PSENKA. - Cistoucky Patino.
122552: JAMES PTACEK, ED. - Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women.
147173: COMMITTEE OF PUBLICATION, REV. - The Works of Creation Illustrated
143040: EDITORS OF NEW STRATEGIST PUBLICATIONS - American Incomes: Demographics of Who Has Money
148312: SADLIER PUBLISHING - Sadlier's Excelsior Geography Number One
147381: JOSEPH PUCCI - The Full-Knowing Reader: Allusion and the Power of the Reader in the Western Literary Tradition
111695: JOHN PUDNEY. - Suez: De Lesseps' Canal.
39069: HANS HUTH & WILMA PUGH, EDS. - Talleyrand in America As a Financial Promoter 1794-96 Contained in Annual Report of the American Historical Association, 1941, Vol. II.
148532: R.P. AUG. PULAIN - Des Graces D'Oraison: Traite de Theologie Mystique
3525: W.D. PULESTON. - The Dardanelles Expedition: A Condensed Study.
131572: PUNCH - Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures
121854: DAVID PUNTER - Blake, Hegel and Dialectic
148134: EDMUND SHERIDAN PURCELL - Life of Cardinal Manning, Archbishop of Westminster Vols. I-II
148594: MARY PURCELL - A Time for Sowing: The St. John of God Brothers in Ireland; a Centenary Record 1879-1979
130957: JOHN B. PURCELL - The Vickers and Purcell Controversy
125116: MARY PURCELL - The World of Monsieur Vincent: The Life of St. Vincent de Paul
87631: MARY PURCELL. - The World of Monsieur Vincent.
124828: MARY PURCELL - Saint Anthony and His Times
148072: EDMUND SHERIDAN PURCELL - Life of Cardinal Manning, Archbishop of Westminster, Vols. I-II
71978: W.A. PURDY. - The Church on the Move: The Characters and Policies of Pius XII and John XXIII.
147792: EMILY JAMES PUTNAM - The Lady: Studies of Certain Significant Phases of Her History
146439: WALTER VAN DE PUTTE AND JAMES COLLERY, EDS. - The Spiritual Letters of the Venerable Francis Libermann Volume One: Letters to Religious Sisters and Aspirants
144037: LOUIS J. PUTZ, ED. - The Catholic Church, U.S. A.
145957: LOUIS J. PUTZ, ED. - The Kingdom of God: A Short Bible
62706: LOUIS J. PUTZ, TRANS. - The Kingdom of God: A Short Bible.
97356: TIBERGHIEN-PUTZ. - Apostles of the Front Lines.
43485: JOSEPH PUTZER, C.SS.R. - Commentarium in Facultates Apostolicas.
94348: HOWARD PYLE. - The Wonder Clock.
146908: KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - Record of Proceedings of the Thirty-Second Convention of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, Knights of Pythias, Held at Springfield, Ohio, May 28th and 29th, 1901
125511: KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - Journal of the Grand Lodge of Ohio 1891-1894
125507: KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - Grand Lodge Ohio: Record of Proceedings 1904
125508: KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - Journalof the Grand Lodge of Ohio 1895-97
143967: G.P. QUACKENBOS - A Natural Philosophy: Embracing the Most Recent Discoveries in the Various Branches of Physics, and Exhibiting the Application of Scientific Principles in Every-Day Life
68335: R.P. QUADRUPANI. - Light and Peace: Instructions for Devout Souls to Dispel Their Doubts and Allay Their Fears.
9621: BRUCE QUARRIE. - Airborne Assault: Parachute Forces in Action 1940-1991.
147079: JOHANNES QUASTEN - Patrology
148388: JOHANNES QUASTEN - Monumenta Eucharistica Et Liturgica Vetustissima: Collegit Notis Et Prolegomenis Instruxit
59228: AN URSULINE OF QUEBEC. - Mary of the Incarnation: Foundress of the Ursuline Monastery.
42513: AN URSULINE SISTER OF QUEBEC. - Marie de L'Incarnation, Foundatrice Du Monastere Des Ursulines de Quebec.
97420: AN URSULINE OF QUEBEC. - Mary of the Incarnation: Foundress of the Ursuline Monastery.
149386: ELLERY QUEEN - The Finishing Stroke
72553: DOM HENRI QUENTIN. - Notice Historique Sur L'Abbaye de Solesmes.
123189: GONZALO DE QUESADA - The War in Cuba: Being a Full Account of Her Great Struggle for Freedom
147220: QUENTIN QUESNELL - This Good News: An Introduction to the Catholic Theology of the New Testament
63931: QUENTIN QUESNELL. - This Good News: An Introduction to the Catholic Theology of the New Testament.
151214: WILLIAM LE QUEUX - Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo
144402: MABEL QUIN, ED. - The Catholic Peoples Encyclopedia
147795: MABEL QUIN, ED. - The Catholic People's Encyclopedia Vols. I-III
67744: MALCOLM QUIN. - Catholicism and the Modern Mind: A Contribution to Religious Unity and Progress.
33029: THOMAS DE QUINCEY. - Essays on the Poets.
142330: JOHN R. QUINN - The Reform of the Papacy: The Costly Call to Christian Unity
141324: JEROME D. QUINN - The Letter to Titus (the Anchor Bible, Vol. 35)
65533: FRANCIS X. QUINN, ED. - The Ethical Aftermath of Automation.
43592: REV. A. JAMES QUINN. - Censorship of Obscenity: A Comparison of Canon Law and American Constitutional Law.
66095: REV. HUGH GABRIEL QUINN. - The Particular Penal Precept.
66140: REV. EDMUND QUINN. - Archconfraternities, Archsodalities and Primary Unions with a Supplmenet on the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers.
66461: MARY ANTONINA QUINN. - Religious Instruction in the Catholic High School: Its Content and Method from the Viewpoint of the Pupil.
65988: REV. JOSEPH JAMES QUINN. - Documents Required for the Reception of Orders: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
66028: REV. STEPHEN QUINN. - Relation of the Local Ordinary to Religious of Diocesan Approval: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
103532: RICARDO QUINTANA. - Eighteenth Century Plays.
87442: T.T. QUIRKE. - Elements of Geology.
146825: A.H.R. - Reminiscences of North Sydenham: A Retrospective Sketch of the Villages of Leith and Annan, Grey County, Ontario
141908: PAUL R. RAABE - Obadiah: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
107061: ERIC S. RABKIN. - The End of the World.
67500: OLIVIER A. RABUT. - Faith and Doubt.
67981: OLIVIER A. RABUT. - God in an Evolving Universe.
68025: OLIVIER A. RABUT, O.P. - Valeur Spirituelle Du Profane: Les Energies Du Monde Et L'Exigence Religieuse.
37971: DR. MICHAEL RACKL. - Die Christologie Des Heiligen Igantius Von Antiochien.
141302: GERHARD VON RAD - Genesis: A Commentary
32602: ELSA J. RADCLIFFE. - Gothic Novels of the Twentieth Century: An Annotated Bibliography.
8017: VIRGINIA RADCLIFFE. - The Caribbean Heritage.
65624: ARNOLD RADEMACHER. - Religion and Life.
62644: C. RADENHAUSEN. - Die Bibel Wider Den Glauben.
62668: C. RADENHAUSEN. - Die Echte Bibel Und Die Falsche.
60164: MELVIN RADER, ED. - A Modern Book of Esthetics: An Anthology.
144498: RUBY LORRAINE RADFORD - Sandra of the Girl Orchestra
109777: WALTER RADL. - Der Ursprung Jesu: Traditionsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen Zu Lukas 1-2.
73453: TIBOR RADO. - On the Problem of Plateau.
43234: JEAN VALLERY-RADOT. - La Cathedrale de Bayeux.
63411: FREDERICK J. RAE. - How to Teach the Old Testament.
43248: ALPHONSUS RAES, S.J. - Introductio in Liturgiam Oreintalem.
55065: P. RAETHJEN. - Einfuhrung in Die Physik Der Atomsphare: Band II.
144360: REV. NICHOLAS O'RAFFERTY - Instructions on Christian Doctrine: The Sacraments
145889: REV. NICHOLAS O'RAFFERTY - Instructions on Christian Doctrine: The Apostles' Creed
130886: NICHOLAS O'RAFFERTY - Instructions on Christian Doctrine: The Sacraments
81323: REV. NICHOLAS O'RAFFERTY. - Discourses on Our Lady for the Month of May, Our Lady's Feasts, and Similar Occasions.
1769: HUGH RAGSDALE. - Detente in the Napoleonic Era.
120692: PETER J. RAHILL - The Catholic in America from Colonial Times to the Present Day
97308: PETER J. RAHILL. - Catholic Beginnings in Saint Louis.
149190: THOMAS F. O'RAHILLY - The Two Patricks: A Lecture on the History of Christianity in Fifth-Century Ireland
147028: KARL RAHNER - Biblical Homilies
143726: KARL RAHNER - The Love of Jesus and the Love of Neighbor
146411: KARL RAHNER - La Penitenza Della Chiesa: Saggi Teologici E Storici
143729: KARL RAHNER - Do You Believe in God?
141705: KARL RAHNER - Theology for Renewal: Bishops, Priests, Laity
132287: KARL RAHNER, S.J. - Free Speech Inthe Church
1214837: KARL RAHNER - Watch and Pray with Me: The Seven Last Words
132311: KARL RAHNER AND KARL LEHMANN - Kerygma and Dogma
141697: KARL RAHNER - Spirit in the World
141698: KARL RAHNER - Spirit in the World
141701: HUGO RAHNER AND KARL RAHNER - Prayers for Meditation
1213482: KARL RAHNER - Do You Believe in God?
132379: KARL RAHNER - Do You Believe in God?
132280: KARL RAHNER, S.J. - The Christian Commitment: Essays in Pastoral Theology
149302: KARL RAHNER - Leading a Christian Life
132281: KARL RAHNER - Christian in the Market Place
132282: KARL RAHNER - The Shape of the Church to Come
141700: KARL RAHNER - Nature and Grace: Dilemmas in the Modern Church
1215038: KARL RAHNER - Mission and Grace: Essays in Pastoral Theology - 3 Volumes
141751: KARL RAHNER - Spirit in the World
141765: KARL RAHNER - Mary Mother of the Lord: Theological Meditations
141769: KARL RAHNER - Grace in Freedom
141768: KARL RAHNER - Servants of the Lord
141767: KARL RAHNER - Inquiries
141752: KARL RAHNER - Spiritual Exercises
143725: KARL RAHNER - Prayers for a Lifetime
122681: KARL RAHNER, S.J. - Theological Investigations Volume I: God, Christ, Mary and Grace
123296: KARL RAHNER - The Great Church Year
132283: KARL RAHNER - The Church After the Council
142068: KARL RAHNER - The Spirit in the Church
142069: KARL RAHNER - Spiritual Exercises
142070: KARL RAHNER - The Priesthood
142071: KARL RAHNER - Meditations on Priestly Life
112051: KARL RAHNER. - Do You Believe in God?
132285: KARL RAHNER, S.J. - Belief Today
143572: KARL RAHNER - Theological Investigations Vol. XIX: Faith and Ministry
142631: KARL RAHNER - Ignatius of Loyola
141702: KARL RAHNER - Watch and Pray with Me
132277: KARL RAHNER - Encounters with Silence
143573: KARL RAHNER - Theological Investigations Volume II: Man in the Church
141757: KARL RAHNER - The Content of Faith: The Best of Karl Rahner's Theological Writings
143574: KARL RAHNER - Theological Investigations Volume I: God, Christ, Mary and Grace
142072: KARL RAHNER AND PICHAS LAPIDE - Encountering Jesus -- Encountering Judaism: A Dialogue
142065: KARL RAHNER, ED. - The Renewal of Preaching: Theory and Practice
145533: KARL RAHNER, ED. - The Teaching of the Catholic Church As Contained in Her Documents
123579: KARL RAHNER - Encounters with Silence
124642: KARL RAHNER - Theological Investigations (Volumes 1-23)
143570: KARL RAHNER - Theological Investigations Volume I: God, Christ, Mary and Grace
132369: KARL RAHNER - The Christian of the Future
70172: KARL RAHNER. - Biblische Predigten.
143730: KARL RAHNER - Everyday Faith
69708: KARL RAHNER, S.J. - Christian in the Market Place.
141653: KARL RAHNER - Vom Sinn Des Kirchlichen Amtes
67187: KARL RAHNER. - Schriften Zur Theologie [Vols. 1-3].
87232: KARL RAHNER ET AL. - Obedience and the Church.
87316: KARL RAHNER. - Theology of Pastoral Action.
141652: KARL RAHNER, ED. - The Teaching of the Catholic Church As Contained in Her Documents
132286: KARL RAHNER AND ANGELUS HAUSSLING - The Celebration of the Eucharist
141699: KARL RAHNER - Inquiries
121952: KARL RAHNER - Servants of the Lord
141704: KARL RAHNER - Happiness Through Prayer
147019: KARK RAHNER - The Christian Commitment: Essays in Pastoral Theology
124643: KARL RAHNER - Theological Investigations (Volumes 1-23)
132273: KARL RAHNER - The Trinity
147018: KARL RAHNER - Mary Mother of the Lord: Theological Meditations
132368: KARL RAHNER - The Christian of the Future
43178: FELIX RAIBLE. - Der Tabernakel Einst Und Jetzt.
131241: KATHLEEN RAINE - Blake and Antiquity
112994: ROBERT S. RAIT - The Parliaments of Scotland.
143873: R.S. RAIT, ED. - English Episcopal Palaces (Province of York)
147335: JILL RAITT - The Colloquy of Montbeliard: Religion and Politics in the Sixteenth Century
81513: T.R. RAJASEKHARAIAH. - The Roots of Whitman's Grass.
150987: SIR WALTER RALEIGH - The Works of Sir Walter Raleigh Kt
121563: JULIAN RALPH - Towards Pretoria: A Record of the War Bewteen Briton and Boer to the Relief of Kimberley
146230: JULIAN RALPH - An American with Lord Roberts
1960: JEAN PIERRE RAMEL. - Memoirs of Adj. Gen. Ramel.
112399: JOSE FERNANDO RAMIREZ. - Vida de Fray Toribio de Motolinia.
124197: BROTHER RAMON - Soul Friends: A Journey with Thomas Merton
147267: JOSEPH RAMOS - Praelectiones de Introductione Generali Et Hermeneutica Biblica Catholica
101766: ROBERT E. RAMSAY. - The Romance of the Desert.
131504: W.M. RAMSAY - The Historical Geography of Asia Minor
1221803: PAUL RAMSEY - Contemporary Religious Poetry
148808: REV. MATTHEW RAMSTEIN - A Manual of Canon Law
43602: REV. MATTHEW RAMSTEIN. - The Pastor and Marriage Cases: The Celebration, Ajudication and Dissolution of Marriage.
21847: C.-F. RAMUZ. - When the Mountain Fell.
147459: MICHELE RANCHETTI - The Catholic Modernists: A Study of the Religious Reform Movement 1864-1907
140802: EDWARD KENNARD RAND - The Building of Eternal Rome
131266: E.K. RAND - A Walk to Horace's Farm
113007: EDWARD KENNARD RAND - Ovid and His Influence.
61678: BENJAMIN RAND, ED. - Modern Classical Philosophers: Selections Illustrating Modern Philosophy from Bruno to Bergson.
67623: DR. JOSEPH RANFT. - Die Stellung Der Lehre Von Der Kirche IM Dogmatischen System.
130826: NICOLAS RANGEL - Historia Del Toreo En Mexico: Epoca Colonial 1529-1821
122609: NICHOLAS RANGEL - Cronica de la Real Y Pontificia Universidad de Mexico: Vols. I&II [Incomplete].
145556: HERMANN RANKE - Masterpieces of Egyptian Art
146437: LEOPOLD RANKE - The History of the Popes, Their Church and State, and Especially of Their Conflicts with Protestantism in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Vols. I-III
121601: DIANA RANKIN - 23 Days: A Celtic Journey
55405: COL. ROBERT H. RANKIN. - Military Headdress: A Pictorial History of Military Headgear from 1660 to 1914.
1416: REGINALD RANKIN. - In Morocco with General D'Amade.
142284: ERNIE RANLY - Pick Up Stuff: Family Farm Life
124204: FR. ERNEST RANLY - Spirituality of the Blood of Christ
144481: OLIVER RANSFORD - The Battle of Spion Kop
144482: OLIVER RANSFORD - The Battle of Majuba Hill: The First Boer War
144483: OLIVER RANSFORD - Livingstone's Lake: The Drama of Nyasa, Africa's Inland Sea
37790: ED RANSOM. - Saints for Our Time.
102225: STEWART RANSON. - Inside the Learning Society.
65683: E. RANWEZ. - Morale Et Perfection.
141211: L.N.R. (ELLEN HENRIETTA RANYARD, NEE WHITE) - The Book and Its Story: A Narrative for the Young
110024: JAYNE RAPARELLI. - Finding Our Way: Journey Across America.
148481: SISTER M. RAPHAEL - My Life with Mother Angelica
132162: MOTHER FRANCIS RAPHAEL, O.S.D. - Letters of Archbishop Ullathorne
141559: FREDERIC RAPHAEL - Somerset Maugham and His World
57657: RAPHAEL. - Initiation Into the Philosophy of Plato.
122546: PRAKASH RASHINKAR ET AL. - System-on-a-Chip Verification: Methodology and Techniques.
144952: SAUL RASKIN - Pirke Aboth: Sayings of the Fathers
149140: ARNE RASMUSSON - The Church As Polis: From Political Theology to Theological Politics As Exemplified by Jurgen Moltmann and Stanley Hauerwas
124885: HERBERT J. RATERMAN, S.J. - Charity and Sex and the Young Man
111514: JULIAN RATHBONE. - Wellington's War: His Peninsular Dispatches.
150032: J. B. RATHBUN - Gas Engine Troubles and Installation
42766: A.M. RATHGEBER. - Das Heilige Messopfer.
93833: KEITH RATHMILL. - Robotic Assembly.
144440: H. BERNARD RATHWEG - The Spiritual Legacy
68339: H. BERNARD RATHWEG. - The Spiritual Legacy.
120257: M. L'ABBE RATISBONE - St. Bernard
61702: JOSEPH RATNER, ED. - Intelligence in the Modern World: John Dewey's Philosophy.
141536: JOSEPH RATZINGER - Eschatology: Death and Eternal Life
6650: SANTHA RAMA RAU. - The Adventuress.
91024: DR. MAX RAUER. - Der Dem Petrus Von Laodicea Zugeschiriebene Lukaskommentar.
147756: J. GODFREY RAUPERT, ED. - Roads to Rome: Being Personal Records of Some of the More Recent Converts to the Catholic Faith
43598: J.B. RAUS, C.SS.R. - Institutiones Canonicae.
123030: JEROME W. RAUSCH - The Crosier Story: A History of the Crosier Fathers in the United States.
98785: THOMAS P. RAUSCH. - Reconciling Faith and Reason: Apologists Evangelists and Theologians in a Divided Church.
106725: THOMAS P. RAUSCH. - Reconciling Faith and Reason.
64636: GERHARD RAUSCHEM. - Eucharistie Un Butzsakrament in Den Ersten Sechs Jahrhunderten Der Kirche.
37948: GERARDUS RAUSCHEN. - Florilegium Patristicum #1: Monumenta Aevi Apostolici.
37951: GERARDUS RAUSCHEN. - Florilegium Patristicum #4: Tertulliani Liber de Praescriptione Haereticorum.
37952: GERARDUS RAUSCHEN. - Florilegium Patristicum #5: Vincentii Lerinensis Commonitoria.
37954: GERARDUS RAUSCHEN. - Florilegium Patristicum #8: M. Minucii Felicis Octavius.
37953: GERARDUS RAUSCHEN. - Florilegium Patristicum #6: Tertulliani Apologetici Recensio Nova.
1222030: REV. JOHN J. RAUSCHER, S.M. - The Virgin of Nazareth and Other Poems.
148472: M.E. RAVAGE - Empress Innocence: The Life of Marie-Louise
146828: CHARLES E. RAVEN - Natural Religion and Christian Theology
130794: J.E. RAVEN - Plato's Thought in the Making: A Study of the Development of His Metaphysics
61200: J.E. RAVEN. - Pythagoreans and Eleatics: An Account of the Interaction between the Two Opposed Schools During the Fifth and Early Fourth Centuries B.C.
124872: ANDRE RAVIER - Saint Jeanne de Chantal: Noble Lady, Holy Woman
141640: ANDRE RAVIER - Francis de Sales: Sage and Saint
125150: ANDRE RAVIER - Igantius of Loyola and the Founding of the Society of Jesus
50508: MOSHE RAVIV, ILLUSTRATOR; TEXT BY AARON & JENNY KLEIN. - Tales in Praise of the Art.
150783: GERTRUDE BURFORD RAWLINGS - The British Museum Library
110547: H.G. RAWLINSON. - The History of the 3rd Battalion 7th Rajput Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own).
148881: PETER RAWLINSON - The Jesuit Factor: A Personal Investigation
144669: REV. H.D. RAWNSLEY - Literary Associations of the English Lakes Vols. I-II
143391: STEPHEN K. RAY - Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church
124097: DONALD RAYFIELD - Anton Chekhov: A Life
147233: REV. M. RAYMOND - Your Hour
123444: M. RAYMOND - The Mysteries in Your Life
146808: REV. M. RAYMOND - The Less Traveled Road: A Memoir of Dom Mary Frederic Dunne, O.S. C.O. , First American Trappist Abbot
132416: FATHER RAYMOND, O.C.S.O - Love Does Such Things
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149429: ROWLAND AND ARTHUR RADCLIFFE - The Reverend Dayton Up-to-Date
63202: H.H. ROWLEY. - The Growth of the Old Testament.
68237: DONALD T. ROWLINGSON. - The Gospel-Perspective on Jesus Christ.
145331: LEONARD G. ROWNTREE AND ALBERT M. SNELL - A Clinical Study of Addison's Disease
123643: JULES ROY - The Battle of Dienbienphu
1220430: BETH ROY - Bitters in the Honey
97324: HENRI ROY. - The Jocist Movement.
91194: RALPH LORD ROY. - Communism and the Churches.
143264: ROBERT ROYAL - The Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century: A Comprehensive World History
61696: JOSIAH ROYCE. - The Sources of Religious Insight.
60513: JAMES E. ROYCE. - Man and Meaning.
142945: JAMES E. ROYCE - Man and His Nature: A Philosophical Psychology
122547: H.L. ROYDEN - Real Analysis.
130113: FANCHON ROYER - The Franciscans Came First
140390: GALEN B. ROYER - Thirty-Three Years of Missions in the Church of the Brethren
151284: JOHN S. ROYER, ED - The School Visitor: Devoted to Practical Mathematics, Pedagogics, Examination Work, Notes, Queries and Answers
121703: TREVOR ROYLE - Death Before Dishonour: The True Story of Fighting Mac
111887: TREVOR ROYLE. - The British CIVIL War: The Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1638-1660.
130770: RALPH L. ROYS - The Indian Background of Colonial Yucatan
150649: JOSEPH WILLIAM RUANE - The Beginnings of the Society of St. Sulpice in the United States 1791-1829
149258: ROBERT RUARK - Something of Value
148431: CHRISTIAN RUBI - Das Kerbschnitzen: Ein Lehrgang Fur Anfanger Und Fortgeschrittene
95579: MARIA DEL VALLE RUBIO. - Inusitada Luz.
65048: D. EMMANUELE MARIA DIAZ-RUBIO ET CARMENA. - Tabulae Theologiae Moralis Universae Ad Usum Ecclesiasticae Juventutis.
130649: DAVID RUBIO - Classical Scholarship in Spain
147664: MARGARET THOMAS RUDD - The Lone Heretic
142726: TYRANNIUS RUFINUS - A Commentary on the Apostles' Creed
109576: VICE ADMIRAL FRIEDRICH RUGE. - Der Seekrieg: The German Navy's Story 1939-1945.
141551: GERD RUGE - Pasternak: A Pictorial Biography
124092: PAUL G. RUGGIERS, ED. - Michele Barbi's Life of Dante
124011: ELEANOR RUGGLES - Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Life
120385: ANGEL SALCEDO RUIZ - Historia de Espana
27300: WILHELM RULAND. - Legends of the Rhine.
69886: REV. LUDWIG RULAND, D.D. - Pastoral Medicine [Complete Set].
148965: MARTIN RULE - The Life and Times of St. Anselm: Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of the Britains, Vols. I-II
97270: FATHERS RUMBLE AND CARTY. - Hell Quizzes to a Street Preacher.
97387: MOST REV. JOSEPH F. RUMMEL. - The Holy Eucharist.
104473: SIR WALTER RUNCIMAN. - Drake, Nelson and Napoleon.
123851: STEVEN RUNCIMAN - A History of the Crusades: Vol. I
104619: SIR WALTER RUNCIMAN. - The Tragedy of St. Helena.
124831: STEVEN RUNCIMAN - The Eastern Schism: A Study of the Papcy and the Eastern Churches During the Xith and Xiith Centuries
121185: DAGOBERT D. RUNES - On the Nature of Man: An Essay in Primitive Philosophy
60905: DAGOBERT D. RUNES. - Classics in Logic.
60142: DAGOBERT D. RUNES - Pictorial History of Philosophy.
140509: DAGOBERT D. RUNES, ED. - Twentieth Century Philosophy: Living Schools of Thought
185: [ALBERT PAYSON TERHUNE]. BERTHA RUNKLE. - The Helmet of Navarre.
108157: DAMON RUNYAN. - Le Complexe de Broadway.
147705: DAMON RUNYAN - Damon Runyan's Blue Plate Special
112317: DAMON RUNYON. - My Wife Ethel.
142479: DAMON RUNYON - The Damon Runyon Omnibus
151027: DAMON RUNYON - Guys and Dolls
121980: GEORGIO ALEX. RUPERTI - D. Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Satirae XVI
112116: W.S.W. RUSCHENBERGER. - An Account of the Institution and Progress of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia During a Hundred Years from January 1787.
8: WILLIAM HOWARD RUSELL; EDITED BY NICHOLAS BENTLEY. - Russell's Despatches from the Crimea 1854-1856.
145015: JOHN RUSK - The Authentic Life of T. Dewitt Talmage: Memorial Volume
140608: JOHN RUSKIN - Sesame and Lilies
147125: JOHN RUSKIN - Sesame and Lilies
131344: JOHN RUSKIN - Letters of John Ruskin to Charles Eliot Norton: 2 Volumes
112796: JOHN RUSKIN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain, Complete in Four Volumes (Vol. I&II, III&IV)
120172: JOHN RUSKIN - Verona and Other Lectures
145277: JOHN RUSKIN - Mornings in Florence
140756: JAMES F. RUSLING - European Days and Ways
142827: MATTHEW RUSSELL - The Three Sisters of Lord Russell of Killowen and Their Convent Life
110135: JERRY L. RUSSELL. - Victorian Military History Institute Blue Book #1.
124263: C.W. RUSSELL - The Life of Cardinal Mezzofanti: With an Introductory Memoir of Eminent Linguists, Ancient and Modern
142578: NORMAN RUSSELL, TRANS. - The Lives of the Desert Fathers: The Historia Monachorum in Aegypto
124941: W. H. RUSSELL, PH.D. - Christ the Leader
111344: BETTY RUSSELL. - Funny Boots.
104618: GEORGE R. RUSSELL. - The Hundred Days 1815.
150388: HEIDI ANN RUSSELL - The Heart of Rahner: The Theological Implications of Andrew Tallon's Theory of Triune Consciousness
144967: BERTRAND RUSSELL - Education and the Modern World
143950: PHILLIPS RUSSELL - John Paul Jones: Man of Action
110136: JERRY L. RUSSELL. - Victorian Military History Institute Blue Book #3.
68343: REV. MATTHEW RUSSELL, S.J. - At Home Wtih God: Priedieu Papers on Spiritual Subjects.
39187: JEFFREY BURTON RUSSELL. - Dissent and Reform in the Early Middle Ages.
50142: THOMAS H. RUSSELL, ED. - Story of the Great Flood and Cyclone Disasters: America's Greatest Calamity.
80883: MAJOR C.E. RUSSELL. - True Adventures of the Secret Service.
87342: JOHN RUSSELL. - The Sanatio in Radice Before the Council of Trent.
145200: W. CLARK RUSSELL - A Marriage at Sea
109605: ISRAEL C. RUSSELL. - Volcanoes of North America: A Reading Lesson for Students of Geography and Geology.
90619: NELSON VANCE RUSSELL. - The British Regime in Michigan and the Old Northwest 1760-1796.
147647: REV. WILLIAM H. RUSSELL - Jesus the Divine Teacher
60447: P. NICOLAO RUSSO. - Summa Philosophica.
109020: ERIC C. RUST. - Naval Officers Under Hitler: The Story of Crew 34.
80453: W. RUSTOW. - Der Krieg Von 1866 in Deutschland Und Italien.
147488: DOM DENYS RUTLEDGE - In Search of a Yogi
149147: GEORGE WILLIAM RUTLER - Saint John Vianney: The Cure of Ars Today
147265: REV. HENRY RUTTER - The Doctrine of the Catholic Church Respecting the Blessed Eucharist, Briefly Stated and Clearly Proved from Scripture and Tradition
147551: MAJ. GEN PATRICK J. RYAN - A Soldier Priest Talks to Youth
145054: DANIEL J. RYAN - Ohio in Four Wars: A Military History
147840: FATHER KENNTH RYAN AND MONSIGNOR J.D. CONWAY - What Would You Like to Know About the Catholic Church?
85298: ALAN KEENAN & JOHN RYAN. - Marriage: A Medical and Sacramental Study.
148907: FATHER KENNETH RYAN - What Else Would You Like to Know About the Church?
148908: FATHER KENNETH RYAN - What More Would You Like to Know About the Church?
144114: MARY PERKINS RYAN, ED. - The Psalms: Fides Translation
125042: FATHER KENNETH RYAN - What Else Would You Like to Know About the Church?
125458: FATHER ABRAM J. RYAN - Poet of the Confederacy: Selected Poems of Father Abram J. Ryan
142935: JOHN BARRY RYAN - The Eucharistic Prayer: A Study in Contemporary Liturgy
146676: FATHER KENNETH RYAN, ED. - The Catholic Digest Christmas Book
112804: JOHN A. RYAN - A Living Wage: Its Ethical and Economic Aspects.
44153: EDWIN RYAN. - The Church in the South American Republics.

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