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168740: ROMAN MISSAL - Revised Rites of Holy Week: Passion Sunday, Chrism Mass, and the Easter Triduum with the Order of Mass and Provisional Texts for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week
164375: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Daily Missal and Hymnal: The Official Prayers for the Celebration of Daily Mass; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy As Directed by Vatican Council II; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
124272: CATHOLIC MISSAL AND PRAYERBOOK - The Book of Catholic Worship
164376: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Daily Missal and Hymnal: The Official Prayers for the Celebration of Daily Mass; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy As Directed by Vatican Council II; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
164378: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Daily Missal and Hymnal: The Official Prayers for the Celebration of Daily Mass; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy As Directed by Vatican Council II; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
169765: [ROMAN MISSAL] - Missale Romanum Ex Decreto Ss. Concilii Tridentini Restitutum Summorum Pontificum Cura Recognitum: Editio Iuxta Typicam
164379: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Continuous Sunday Missal and Hymnal: A Simplified and Continuous Arrangement of the Mass for Sundays and Holydays; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy As Directed by Vatican Council II; with the St. Joseph Psalter
164383: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Daily Missal and Hymnal: The Official Prayers for the Celebration of Daily Mass; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy As Directed by Vatican Council II; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
164382: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal and Hymnal: The Complete Masses for Sundays and Holydays; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
164381: CATHOLIC MISSAL - New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal and Hymnal: The Complete Masses for Sundays and Holydays; with the People's Parts of Holy Mass Printed in Boldface Type and Arranged for Parish Participation; in Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy; with Many Study Helps and Extra Features
169660: THE ROMAN MISSAL - The Lectionary for Mass: Book of Gospels; English Translation Approved by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and Confirmed by the Apostolic See
43495: REV. LOUIS MISSEREY - Le Droit Des Religieuses Selon le Code de Droit Canonique
168958: A DOMINICAN MISSIONARY - A Dominican Mission
102115: A CARMELITE MISSIONARY - 1925-1975 Golden Jubilee of the Canonisation of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
168096: A DOMINICAN MISSIONARY - A Dominican Mission
102640: UN MISSIONNAIRE - Notre-Dame Du Laus
70627: AMERICAN BOARD OF CATHOLIC MISSIONS - The Report of the American Board of Catholic Missions to the American Episcopate: July 1, 1935-July 1, 1936
168168: EVANGELISCH-LUTHERISCHEN SYNODE VON MISSOURI, OHIO UND UND ANDERN STAATEN - Kirchenagende Fur Ev. -Luth. Gemeinden Ungeanderter Augsburgischer Konfeshon
120206: CATHOLIC CHURCH IN MISSOURI - Historical Sketches of St. Columban's Congregation and the Missions Attended by the Franciscan Fathers
123942: DONALD W. MITCHELL AND JAMES WISEMAN, ED - The Gethsemani Encounter: A Dialogue on the Spiritual Life by Buddhist and Christian Monastics
1237644: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
1237641: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
1238802: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
124360: PRYCE MITCHELL - Deep Water: The Autobiography of a Sea Captain
144842: RUTH MITCHELL - My Brother Bill: A Biography of General Mitchell
142502: EWING YOUNG MITCHELL - Kicked in and Kicked out of the President's Little Cabinet
167581: MARGARETTA K. MITCHELL - Recollections: Ten Women of Photography
170123: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
164458: LEONEL L. MITCHELL - Planning the Church Year
67055: JAMES MITCHELL, ED - The God I Want
90342: MARGARET MITCHELL - Things You Have Always Wanted to Know About Cooking
98661: RALPH MITCHELL - Environmental Microbiology
1232274: MARGARET MITCHELL - Gone with the Wind
144858: J. CALVIN MITCHELL - Excerpts from the Crater of Gold: A Mysterious Manuscript
107745: SOUER ESTELLE MITCHELL - Mere Jane Slocombe
146050: RUTH COMFORT MITCHELL - Army with Banners
166229: LEONEL L. MITCHELL - Planning the Church Year
160715: JESSICA MITFORD - Faces of Philip: A Memoir of Philip Toynbee
160907: JESSICA MITFORD - Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford
167063: MARIANNE MITHUN - The Languages of Native North America
83347: H. MITTELSTAEDT - Regelungsvorgange in Lebenden Wesen
71526: JOHN C. MITTERRUTZNER - Das Leben... Vincenz Maria Strambi
104239: R. MITTRA - Computer Techniques for Electromagnetics
110971: SANDA YOCUM MIZE - Joining the Revolution in Theology: The College Theology Society 1954-2004
141549: ARTHUR MIZENER - F. Scott Fitzgerald
55307: KARL MOBIUS - Flugfunkwesen: Teil I: Physikalische Grundlagen Der Funktechnik
66193: TIMOTHY MOCK - Disqualification of Electors in Ecclesiastical Elections
125686: MUSEE NATIONAL D'ART MODERNE - Georges Rouault: Exposition Du Centenaire
145061: JIVANJI JAMSHEDJI MODI, ED - The K.R. Cama Masonic Jubilee Volume Containing Papers on Masonic Subjects
161546: RONALD MODRAS - Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spiritulaity for the 21st Century
142948: WILLIAM MODYSTACK - Mary Mackillop: A Woman Before Her Time
65896: JOHN M. MOEDER - The Poper Bishop for Ordination and Dimissorial Letters: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary
65328: CONRAD HENRY MOEHLAMN - The Story of the Ten Commandments: A Study of the Hebrew Decalogue in Its Ancient and Modern Application
140998: JOHN ADAM MOEHLER - Symbolism: Or, Exposition of the Doctrinal Differences between Catholics and Protestants, Vols I-II
161459: ALFRED H. MOELLER - The Best of Two Worlds
167404: REV. LAWRENCE MOESLEIN - Masses of the Congregation of the Most Holy Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
167579: BRUCE G. MOFFAT - The "L": The Development of Chicago's Rapids Transit System, 1888-1932
162120: JAMES MOFFATT, TRANS - The New Testament: A New Translation
168459: J.E. MOFFATT - Thoughts on the Gentle Master
164915: JOHN CLIFTON MOFFITT - The History of Public Education in Utah
112982: MARQUIS DE MOGES - Recollections of Baron Gros's Embassy to China and Japan in 1857-58
123512: JAMES A. MOHLER - The Heresy of Monasticism: The Christian Monks: Types and Anti-Types
149181: J.A. MOHLER - The Life of St. Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury; a Contribution to a Knowledge of the Moral, Ecclesiastical, and Literary Life of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
37830: JAMES A. MOHLER, S.J. - The Beginning of Eternal Life: The Dynamic Faith of Thomas Aquinas, Origins and Interpretation
73017: DR. STANLEY R. MOHLER - Medication and Flying: A Pilot's Guide
72238: JOHN S. MOIR, ED - The Cross in Canada
95046: H.D. MOLESWORTH - The Golden Age of Princes
1235356: VINCENT MOLETA - From St. Francis to Giotto: The Influence of St. Francis on Early Italian Art and Literature
111772: DON JUAN IGNACIO MOLINA - Compendio de la Historia Geografica, Natural Y CIVIL Del Reyno de Chile
91034: DR. HEINRICH MOLITOR - Die Auferstehung Der Christen Und Nichtchristen Nach Dem Apostel Paulus
140890: EINAR MOLLAND - Christendom: The Christian Churches, Their Doctrines, Constitutional Forms and Ways of Worship
170266: ANDREW MOLLO - Army Uniforms of World War I: European and United States Armies and Aviation Services
113443: ANDREW MOLLO - A Pictorial History of the Ss 1923-1945
121790: BORIS MOLLO - The Indian Army
10149: ANDREW MOLLO - World Army Uniforms Since 1939
130634: J. FITZGERALD MOLLOY - The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington
147361: WILHELM MOLSDORF - Christliche Symbolik Der Mittelalterlichen Kunst
160877: HELMUTH JAMES VON MOLTKE - Letters to Freya 1939-1945
141971: JURGEN MOLTMANN - A Broad Place: An Autobiography
168384: JURGEN MOLTMANN - The Crucified God: The Cross of Christ As the Foundation and Criticism of Christian Theology
148288: WOLFGANG J. MOMMSEN - Imperial Germany 1867-1918: Politics, Culture, and Society in an Authoritarian State
124860: FRANK MONACO - They Dwell in Monasteries
162277: JAY MONAGHAN - Last of the Bad Men: The Legend of Tom Horn
91334: FORBES J. MONAGHAN - Reflections on the Synoptic Gospels and Their Special Design
168767: PATRICIA MONAGHAN - Seasons of the Witch: Poetry and Songs to the Goddess
161497: RUDOLPH J. MONDELLI AND PIERRE FRANCOIS - Workbook: Conversational French One
67949: LOUIS MONDEN, S.J. - Le Miracle Signe de Salut
169348: CLAUDE MONDESERT - Clement D'Alexandrie: Introduction a L'Etude de Sa Pensee Religieuse a Partir de L'Ecriture
146194: BATTISTA MONDIN - I Teologi Della Speranza
169772: GLENN W. MONIGOLD, COMP - Folk Tales from Vietnam
1214828: RAY MONK - Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius
102519: A BENEDICTINE MONK - Discovering the Mass
104777: TIMOTHY H. MONK AND DAVID J. KUPFER - Human Sleep and Circadian Rhythms: Aging and Space Research at the University of Pittsburgh
97365: A TRAPPIST MONK - A Trappist Asks Catholic College Graduates: What's Wrong
166368: PETER R. MONKRES AND R. KENNETH OSTERMILLER - The Rite of Confirmation: Moments When Faith Is Strengthened
168430: L. MONLOUBOU - Cristo
63204: MARGARET T. MONRO - Thinking About Genesis
63566: MARGARET T. MONRO - Enjoying the Wisdom Books
69826: T.R.P.M.J.L. MONSABRE - Avant, Pendant, Apres la Predication
70023: JACQUES M.L. MONSABRE - Discours Et Panegyriques [Vols. I-III]
95976: J.M.L. MONSABRE - Retraites Pascales 1883-1884
95974: J.M.L. MONSABRE - Retraites Pascales 1877-1878
95975: J.M.L. MONSABRE - Retraites Pascales 1879-1880
91026: DR. FRANZ XAVIER MONSE - Johannes Und Paulus: Ein Beitrag Zur Neutestamentlichen Theologie
170050: JOHN CLOVER MONSMA, ED - The Evidence of God in an Expanding Universe: Forty American Scientists Declare Their Affirmative Views on Religion; Published in Connection with the International Geophysical Year
141000: ROBERT MONTAGU - On Some Popular Errors Concerning Politics and Religion
124288: GEORGE T. MONTAGUE, SM - Mark: Good News for Hard Times: A Popular Commentary on the Earliest Gospel
123273: GEORGE T. MONTAGUE - Building Christ's Body: The Dynamics of Christian Living According to St. Paul
63041: GEORGE T. MONTAGUE - The Biblical Theology of the Secular
132348: JOHNATHAN MONTALDO, ED - Dialogues with Silence: Prayers and Drawings
126375: NICOLA A. MONTANI - Missa Brevis
140465: NICOLA A. MONTANI, ED - The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book
168965: NICOLA A. MONTANI, ED - The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book
1239488: NICOLA A. MONTANI, ED - The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book
149398: G. MONTBARD - The Land of the Sphinx
112976: JOHN L. LA MONTE - Feudal Monarchy in the Latin Kingdon of Jerusalem, 1100 to 1291
150442: HUGH MONTEFIORE - A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews
112368: BERNARDO ORTIZ DE MONTELLANO - La Poesia Indigena de Mexico
43547: REV. PIATO MONTENSI - Praelectiones Juris Regularis Ad Usum Fratrum Minorum S. Francisci Capucinorum, Vol. I-II
69418: GUSTAVE MONTEUUIS - La Vie Chretienne Et L'Eucharistie
169500: SAINT LOUIS MARY DE MONTFORT - True Devotion to Mary
126300: BLESSED LOUIS-MARIE GRIGNION DE MONTFORT - Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
126301: SAINT LOUIS MARY DE MONTFORT - The Secret of Mary
151140: ST. LOUIS MARIE DE MONTFORT - Jesus Living in Mary: Handbook of the Spirituality of St. Louis Marie de Montfort
169485: SAINT LOUIS MARY DE MONTFORT - The Secret of the Rosary
130818: ZACH MONTGOMERY - The School Question from a Parental and Non-Sectarian Stand-Point
131011: ZACH MONTGOMERY - The School Question from a Parental and Non-Sectarian Stand-Point
121643: BRIAN MONTGOMERY - Monty's Grandfather: A Life's Service for the Raj
113477: ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY AND W.W. BAUER - Happy Days with Our Friends
113054: JOHN MONTGOMERY - How to Read Maya Hieroglyphs
13015: JAMES STUART MONTGOMERY - The Incredible Casanova
19369: GEORGE MONTGOMERY - Movie Poster: Last of the Badmen
131517: JAMES MONTGOMERY - The Select Poetical Works of James Montgomery
169252: POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY - Book of Formulas: Recipes, Methods & Secret Processes
1213311: GENERAL COUNT MONTHOLON - History of the Captivty of Napoleon at St. Helena: Vols. I-II
99292: PIETRO MONTI - Les Laics Dans L'Ecole Catholique
43815: REV. GIUSEPPE MONTI - International Handbook of Catholic Organisations
165342: CARLO MONTICELLI - La Storia Dei Papi
130453: P. ANTONIO RUIZ DE MONTOYA - Conquista Espiritual Hecha Por Los Religiosos de la Compania de Jesus
130648: DEPARTAMENTO DE MONUMENTOS - Tres Siglos de Arquitectura Colonial
166968: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS, ENGLAND - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford
160440: MAURICE BOUTET DE MONVEL - Joan of Arc
125598: JOSEPH N. MOODY AND JUSTUS GEORGE LAWLER, EDS - The Challenge of Mater Et Magistra
142670: T.W. MOODY AND J.G. SIMMS, EDS - The Bishopric of Derry and the Irish Society of London, 1602-1705 Vol II: 1670-1705
81390: JOSEPH N. MOODY - The Church As Enemy: Anticlericalism in Nineteenth Century French Literature
130275: PARKER THOMAS MOON - The Labor Problem and the Social Catholic Movement in France: A Study in the History of Social Politics
142849: CHRISTOPHER F. MOONEY - Teilhard de Chardin and the Mystery of Christ
99506: THOMAS MOONEY - American Memoirs
169778: CHRISTOPHER F. MOONEY - Teilhard de Chardin and the Mystery of Christ
161108: THOMAS MOORE - Llalla Rookh
103661: CAREY A. MOORE - Daniel Esther and Jeremiah - the Additions
113035: CLIFFORD HERSCHEL MOORE - Ancient Beliefs in the Immortality of the Soul
170483: JOAN MOORE - The Amazing Book of Tarot and Card Prediction: Discover How Cards Can Help You to Divine the Future
164616: THOMAS MOORE - Meditations on the Monk Who Dwells in Daily Life
164674: HELEN K. MOORE, COMP.; FERNE SHELTON, ED - Pioneer Superstitions: Old-Timey Signs and Sayings
144405: ROBERT L. MOORE AND DANIEL J. MECKEL, EDS - Jung and Christianity in Dialogue: Faith, Feminism, and Hermeneutics
164427: STEPHEN E. MOORE - Church Words: Origins and Meanings
126543: DAPHNA MOORE - The Rabbi's Tarot
112945: GEORGE MOORE - A Story-Teller's Holiday
142208: R.I. MOORE - The War on Heresy
168666: RT. REV. MSGR. EDWARD R. MOORE, PREFACE - The New Key of Heaven: A Complete Prayerbook for Catholics in Accordance with Recent Pontifical Decrees
168094: FRANCIS JOHN MOORE, COMP - Prayers for All Occasions: Companion to Prayers New and Old
131435: GEORGE MOORE - Letters from George Moore to Ed. Dujardin 1886-1922
145668: ROGER MOORE WITH GARETH OWEN - Amicalement Votre
104774: DAVID MOORE ET AL. - Biological and Medical Research in Space
165659: FARRIS F. MOORE - Arise and Go in Peace
161031: H.E. MOORE - La France Qui Chante
63901: THOMAS H. MOORE - The Risen Dead
67241: REV. THOMAS C. MOORE - Short Papers for the People (Alethaurion)
87382: THOMAS EWING MOORE - Peter's City: An Account of the Origin, Development and Solution of the Roman Question
94598: THOMAS MOORE - Lalla Rookh: An Oriental Romance
160381: MARY MOORE - Winfrid Burrows 1858-1929: Bishop of Truro, 1912-1919; Bishop of Chichester, 1919-1929
131418: GEORGE MOORE - Avowals
108356: J.A. MOORE - Selections from the Greek Elegiac Iambic and Lyric Poets
151013: PETER MOORE - A Voice from London to the Voice from St. Helena or the Pitt System Developed
147328: BRIAN MOORE - Black Robe
145401: ALAN MOOREHEAD - The White Nile
111837: ALAN MOOREHEAD - Gallipoli
144505: ALAN MOOREHEAD - The White Nile
123732: GEOFFREY MOORHOUSE - Against All Reason
168827: JOHN R.H. MOORMAN - A History of the Church in England
147545: JOHN MOORMAN - A History of the Franciscan Order from Its Origins to the Year 1517
169674: JOHN MOORMAN - A History of the Franciscan Order from Its Origins to the Year 1517
140236: JOHN R.H. MOORMAN - Saint Francis of Assisi
122530: MARY MOORMAN, ED - The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, the Middle Years: Part I [Incomplete]
110021: RUTH MOOSE - Making the Bed
149084: IDRIS MOOTEE - Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation: What They Can't Teach You at Business or Design School
130391: JOSE JOAQUIN DE MORA - Poesias de Don Jose Joaquin de Mora
122595: BONIFACIO MORAL, ED - Biblioteca Ibero-Americana de la Orden de San Agustin
95717: JOSE L. MORALES - Los MIL Rostros de Dios
122695: REVEREND MORAN - History of the Catholic Archbishops of Dublin, Since the Reformation: Vol. I.
147311: REV. DR. MORAN - Essays on the Origin, Doctrines, and Discipline of the Early Irish Church
141930: JAMES MORAN - Stanley Morison: His Typographic Achievement
162234: THE REV. DR. MORAN - History of the Catholic Archbishops of Dublin, Since the Reformation. Vol. I.
67517: GABRIEL MORAN, F.S.C. - Theology of Revelation
67507: GABRIEL MORAN, F.S.C. - Scripture and Tradition: A Survey of the Controversy
67942: JOANNES MORAN, S.J. - Alpha Et Omega: These Quaedam Selectae
100323: CATHERINE MORAN - Spain: Its Story Briefly Told
164620: PATRICK FRANCIS MORAN - Historical Sketch of the Persecutions Suffered by the Catholics of Ireland Under the Rule of Cromwell and the Puritans
142717: WILLIAM MORAN - The Government of the Church in the First Century: An Essay on the Beginnings of the Christian Ministry
146683: JOHN W. MORAN - Catholic Faith and Modern Theologies: The Theology of Emil Brunner
169109: GYULA MORAVCSIK, ED.; R.J.H. JENKINS, TRANS - Constantine Porphyrogenitus de Administrando Imperio
87824: PAUL MORAWITZ - The Chemistry of Blood Coagulation
107408: SIR THOMAS MORE - Utopia
1210667: HANNAH MORE - The Works of Hannah More: Vols. IV & V [Incomplete]
150984: ST. THOMAS MORE - The Yale Edition of the Complete Works of St. Thomas More: Vols. I-XV
122693: EMILIO BACARDI Y MOREAU - Cronicas de Santiago de Cuba, Vol. I [Incomplete]
143691: L'ABBE F. MOREAU - Manuel Pratique de Chant Gregorien a L'Usage de Tous Les Fideles
125820: CLIFFORD P. MOREHOUSE - Trinity: Mother of Churches - an Informal History of Trinity Parish in the City of New York
169134: EVE MOREL, ED.; GYO FUJIKAWA, ILLUS - Fairly Tales and Fables
148861: ARTHUR MORELAND - Dickens Landmarks in London
151032: J.D. MORELL - An Historical and Critical View of the Speculative Philosophy of Europe in the Nineteenth Century
141779: ELIZABETH A. MORELLI AND MARK D. MORELLI, EDS - Understanding and Being: An Introduction and Companion to Insight
160913: SHERIDAN MORELY - Tales from the Hollywood Raj: The British, the Movies, and Tinseltown
126114: ALBERTO MORENO - You and I: Meditations for Every Day
94738: VICENTE MONTUNO MORENTE - Nuestra Senora de la Capilla
103856: CLAUDIO MORESCHINI - Apuleio E IL Platonismo
113652: BERNARD MORETON - The Eighth-Century Gelasian Sacramentary: A Study in Tradition
160010: DAM ADRIAN MOREY - David Knowles: A Memoir
166526: DR. ROBERT A. MOREY - The Origins and Teachings of Freemasonry
122588: APPLETON MORGAN, ED - The Bankside Shakespeare: Vols. I-XX [Incomplete]
170433: MICHELE MORGAN - Simple Wicca
170322: J.L. PETE MORGAN - United States Military Patch Guide: Guide to United States Military Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
1213617: ARTHUR E. MORGAN - My World
149869: KEITH N. MORGAN - Charles A. Platt: The Artist As Architect
97276: ARTHUR E. MORGAN - The One True Faith As a Cause of War
146544: THOMAS B. MORGAN - A Reporter at the Papal Court: A Narrative of the Reign of Pope Pius XI
140549: JAMES MORRIS MORGAN - Midshipman in Gray: Selections from Recollections of a Rebel Reefer
170451: SHEENA MORGAN - The Wicca Handbook: A Complete Guide to Witchcraft & Magic
169505: FR. ANTON P. MORGENROTH - The Sermon on the Mount: Meditations on Matthew 5: 3-7: 29
121134: DR. FRANZ MORGOTT - Die Mariologie Des Heiligen Thomas Von Aquin
63368: FREDERICK L. MORIARTY - Foreword to the Old Testament Books
140941: DAVID MORIARTY - Allocutions to the Clergy and Pastorals
150854: HAROLD MORICK - Wittgenstein and the Problem of Other Minds
161996: EDUARD MORIKE - Der Schatz
92530: FRANCISCUS MORIONES - Enchiridion Theologicum Sancti Augustini
123736: STANLEY MORISON - A Tally of Types
113190: SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON - The Two-Ocean War: A Short History of the United States Navy in the Second World War
160021: STANLEY MORISON - Early Italian Writing-Books: Renaissance to Baroque
169588: GIUSEPPE MORITTU - Guerre E Decorazioni 1848-1945
6657: EDWARD MORLAE - A Soldier of the Legion
167491: MARGARET WARNER MORLEY - Donkey John of the Toy Valley
164813: VISCOUNT MORLEY - Notes on Politics & History: A University Address
149940: JOHN MORLEY - The Life of William Ewart Gladstone Vols. I-III
112856: SYLVANUS GRISWOLD MORLEY - An Introduction to the Study of the Maya Hieroglyphs
130071: HENRY MORLEY - Early Prose Romances
113127: JOHN MORRILL, ED - The Oxford Illustrated History of Tudor and Stuart Britain
126187: W.J. MORRIS - Pocket Lexicon of Freemasonry
168194: BRIAN MORRIS, ED - Ritual Murder: Essays on Liturgical Reform
109704: WILLIAM MORRIS - Hopes and Fears for Art
169040: SARAH P. MORRIS - Daidalos and the Origins of Greek Art
123891: JAMES MORRIS - Oxford
168175: CHRISTOPHER MORRIS, COMP - The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems: 34 Anthems for Mixed Voices
164966: MAX MORRIS AND ORLEY E. BROWN - Differential Equations
164785: JOSEPH MORRIS AND ST. CLAIR ADAMS, COMPS - It Can Be Done: Poems of Inspiration
113617: REV. JOHN MORRIS, COMP - Historical Papers, Volumes I-IV
167998: J. WESLEY MORRIS - Christ Church Cincinnati 1817-1967
123995: KEVIN L. MORRIS - Mgr Ronald Knox: A Great Teacher
1216729: CLARA MORRIS - The Trouble Woman
149193: WILLIAM BULLEN MORRIS - Ireland and Saint Patrick
126100: S. BRENT MORRIS, PHD - The Complete Idiot"S Guide to Freemasonry
104394: THOMAS MORRIS - Recollections of Military Service in 1813-1814 & 1815
142022: WILLIAM MORRIS - A Book of Verse: A Facsimile of the Manuscript Written in 1870 by William Morris
164099: CHRISTOPHER MORRIS, COMP - The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems: 34 Anthems for Mixed Voices
144638: RON MORRIS - Wallenda: A Biography of Karl Wallenda
148700: CHARLES R. MORRIS - American Catholic: The Saints and Sinners Who Built America's Most Powerful Church
148469: CHARLES MORRIS - The Life of Queen Victoria and the Story of Her Reign: A Beautiful Tribute to England's Greatest Queen in Her Domestic and Official Life and Also the Life of the New King, Edward VII
168106: LARISSA P. WATKINS; S. BRENT MORRIS, ED - International Masonic Periodicals 1738-2005: A Bibliography of the Library of the Supreme Council, 33, S.J.
120442: CHARLES MORRIS - Morris's Story of the Great Earthquake of 1908 and Other Historic Distasters
164055: CHRISTOPHER MORRIS, COMP - A Sixteenth-Century Anthem Book
126566: SARAH LYDDON MORRISON - Modern Witch's Book on Symbols
145773: R. BAKEWELL MORRISON - The Mother of God
164465: PROF. D.H. MORRISON, MUSICAL ED - The Treasury of Song for the Home Circle: The Richest, Best-Loved Gems: Sacred and Secular
160733: KATHLEEN MORRISON - Robert Frost: A Pictorial Chronicle
168853: SARAH LYDDON MORRISON - The Modern Witch's Guide to Magic and Spells
123453: BAKEWELL MORRISON - Preparation for Catholic Family Life
169084: A.D. MORRISON - The Narrator in Archaic Greek and Hellenistic Poetry
149326: KARL F. MORRISON - Conversion and Text: The Cases of Augustine of Hippo, Herman-Judah, and Constantine Tsatsos
148618: OLIN D. MORRISON - Illinois, "Prairie State
145783: R. BAKEWELL MORRISON - The Mother of God
144725: BAKEWELL MORRISON - God Is Its Founder: A Textbook on Preparation for Catholic Marriage Intended for College Classes
168780: DOROTHY MORRISON - The Craft: A Witch's Book of Shadows / the Craft Companion: A Witch's Journal
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151337: KALERVO OBERG - The Terena and the Caduveo of Southern Mato Grosso, Brazil
151336: KALERVO OBERG - Indian Tribes of Northern Mato Grosso, Brazil
163809: ERIK OBERG AND F.D. JONES - Machinery's Handbook for Machine Shop and Drafting-Room; a Reference Book on Machine Design and Shop Practice for the Mechanical Engineer, Draftsman, Toolmaker, and Machinist
87487: HEIKO OBERMAN, ED - Defensorium Obedientiae Apostolicae Et Alia Documenta
130919: MANUEL JESUS OBIN - Ojeada Historica de la Revolucion Sud-Americana En Los Veinte Anos Que Precedieron a la Independencia Del Peru
130756: LUIS GONZALEZ OBREGON - La Vida de Mexico En 1810
122598: FERNANDO OCARANZA - Cronicas Y Relaciones Del Occidente de Mexico: Vols. I&II [Complete]
130661: FERNANDO OCARANZA - Parva Cronica de la Sierra Mare Y Las Pimerias
120876: FERNANDO OCARANZA - Capitulos de la Historia Franciscana Volumes I-II
141661: ROBERT OCHS - The Death in Every Now
148049: STEPHEN J. OCHS - Desegregating the Altar: The Josephites and the Struggle for Black Priests, 1871-1960
168390: WILLIAM OF OCKHAM - A Letter to the Friars Minor and Other Writings
151170: WILLIAM ODDIE - What Will Happen to God?: Feminism and the Reconstruction of Christian Belief
111366: E.M. ODDIE - The Bonapartes in the New World
1225978: BARON OTTO FREIHERR VON ODELEBEN - A Circumstantial Narrative of the Campaign in Saxony in the Year 1813
164419: THOMAS C. ODEN - Pastoral Theology: Essentials of Ministry
168116: THOMAS C. ODEN - John Wesley's Scriptural Christianity: A Plain Exposition of His Teaching on Christian Doctrine
105103: ROBERT ODENWALD - Your Child's World: From Infancy Through Adolescence
106538: HUGH ODISHAW - The Challenges of Space
126194: JOE T. ODLE - Church Member's Handbook
170223: HANS H. OERBERG - Lingua Latina: Secundum Naturae Rationem Explicata, Pars I-II, Volumen I-IV
39764: ALBERT OESCH - P. Michael Hoffmann, S.J.
43594: D. GERARDUS OESTERLE, OSB - Consultationes de Jure Matrimoniali
166183: W.O.E. OESTERLEY - The Jewish Background of the Christian Liturgy
164765: JOHN M. OESTERREICHER - The Rediscovery of Judaism: A Re-Examination of the Conciliar Statement on the Jews
148796: JOHN M. OESTERREICHER, ED - The Bridge: A Yearbook of Judeo Christian Studies Volume III
123204: JOHN M. OESTERREICHER - Walls Are Crumbling: Seven Jewish Philosophers Discover Christ
124381: JOHN M. OESTERREICHER - The Rediscovery of Judaism: A Re-Examination of the Conciliar Statement on the Jews
113067: THOMAS OEY - Everyday Indonesian: A Basic Introduction to the Indonesian Language & Culture
162824: THOMAS OEY AND WENDY HUTTON - Everyday Malay: A Basic Introduction to Malaysian Language & Culture
123456: GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution: 1925
67091: SCHUBERT M. OGDEN - The Reality of God and Other Essays
140736: OSCAR OGG - The 26 Letters
169063: R.M. OGORKIEWICZ - Design and Development of Fighting Vehicles
168340: OHANNES AND SOSSIE HANNESSIAN - A New Pocket Dictionary: English-Armenian, Armenian-English
168812: WRITERS' PROGRAM OF THE WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION IN THE STATE OF OHIO - Cincinnati: A Guide to the Queen City and Its Neighbors
149580: GRAND LODGE F. & A.M. OF OHIO, H.S. JOHNSON, GRAND SECRETARY - Masonic Code of the Grand Lodge of Ohio 1945: The Charges of a Free Mason, the Constitution and by-Laws, Code, Resolutions, Forms, Ceremonials, and the Burial Service
162102: STATE CONVENTION OF BAPTISTS IN OHIO - Good News from Luke and Acts in Today's English Version
120329: REV. LEO JOSEPH OHLEYER - The Pauline Formula Induere Christum
70696: THOMAS OHM - Asia Looks at Western Christianity
161954: FELIX J. OINAS - Basic Course in Estonian
166644: CHIEKO N. OKAZAKI - Disciples
1239590: UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA - Sooner Scandals of 1952
164026: MARY OLCOTT - Poems
38442: JOHN OLDCASTLE - Catholic Life and Letters of Cardinal Newman
143036: JOHN OLDCASTLE AND CARDINAL MANNING - The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster with Notes - Letters on Subjects of the Day
147639: ZOE OLDENBOURG - The Crusades
164869: REV. G. ASHTON OLDHAM - The Catechism Today: Instructions on the Church Catechism
149142: J.H. OLDHAM - Florence Allshorn and the Story of St. Julian's
150713: JOHN C. OLIN - Catholic Reform: From Cardinal Zimenes to the Council of Trent 1465-1563
131127: MRS. MARGARET OLIPHANT - Sheridan
130055: MRS. OLIPHANT - The Makers of Florence: Dante Giotto Savonarola and Their City
162270: MARGARET OLIPHANT - Merkland, or, Self-Sacrifice
142607: DON H. OLIVE - Wolfhart Pannenberg
168924: JOHN RATHBONE OLIVER - Tomorrow's Faith
26384: E.J. OLIVER - Coventry Patmore
1226092: RICHARD OLIVER - Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue
142714: E.J. OLIVER - Coventry Patmore
67325: LAURENCE OLIVER - Tadpoles and God
62343: ROY OLIVER - The Wanderer and the Way: The Hebrew Tradition in the Writings of Martin Buber
148177: MARIO OLIVERI - The Representatives: The Real Nature and Fuction of Papal Legates
122763: PETRUS IOHANNIS OLIVI - Quaestiones in Secundum Librum Sententiarum: Vol. I [Incomplete]
104576: DARIA OLIVIER - The Burning of Moscow 1812
66192: REV. ALBERT W. OLKOVIKAS - The Instantia of the Lawsuit: A Historical Conspectus and a Commentary
87651: REV. ALBERT OLKOVIKAS - The Instantia of the Lawsuit
170239: RICHARD OLLARD - This War without an Enemy: A History of the English CIVIL Wars
33813: THEODORE V. OLSEN - Soldier Blue
163066: ERLING C. OLSEN - Meditations in the Book of Psalms
169612: D.V. OLSON - Badges, Medals & Distinctive Insignia of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces - 1947 to 1993
163209: KULIUS E. OLSON - Norwegian Grammar and Reader with Notes and Vocabulary
126581: KARL A. OLSSON - A Family of Faith: 90 Years of Covenant History
125989: IMMANUEL OLSVANGER - Royte Pomerantsen or How to Laugh in Yiddish: Jewish Folk Humor Gathered and Edited
124787: MADYA OLYANOVA - What Does Your Handwriting Reveal
120298: ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH OF OMAHA - Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of St. Joseph's Church 1887-1937
104550: CAROLA OMAN - Napoleon at the Channel
149139: JOHN OMAN - Vision and Authority on the Throne of St. Peter
35816: REGINALD OMEZ, O.P. - L'Occultisme Devant la Science
66138: REV. WILLIAM M. VAN OMMEREN - Mental Illness Affecting Matrimonial Consent
167547: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
142214: WALTER J. ONG - The Presence of the Word: Some Prolegomena for Cultural and Religious History
113052: FRANCESCA ROMANA ONOFRI AND KAREN ANTJE MOLLER - Italian for Dummies: Book and Audio Cd
175: [ALBERT PAYSON TERHUNE]. M.L. D'OOGE - Sophocles Antigone
164939: FATHER HENRY OPITZ - Sodality of Our Lady: Under the Banner of Mary
141463: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - Peter Ruff and the Double-Four
144564: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Magnificent Hoax
163383: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Illustrious Prince
111576: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Passionate Quest
61118: FELIX E. OPPENHEIM - Dimensions of Freedom: An Analysis
66736: DR. PHILIPPUS OPPENHEIM - Ius Liturgiae Baptismalis
66734: DR. PHILIPPUS OPPENHEIM - Commentationes Ad Ritum Baptismalem
66735: DR. PHILIPPUS OPPENHEIM - De Fontibus Et Historia Ritus Baptismalis
163382: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - Jeanne of the Marshes
170120: OLIVER OPTIC - Within the Enemy's Lines
170121: OLIVER OPTIC - Fighting for the Right
170122: OLIVER OPTIC - Stand by the Union
64957: MARC ORAISON - Une Morale Pour Notre Temps
65439: MARC ORAISON - Learning to Love: Frank Advice for Young Catholics
65007: MARC ORAISON - Morality for Our Time
87423: MARC ORAISON - Strange Voyage: The Autobiography of a Non-Conformist
94753: UN MEMBRE DE L'ORATOIRE - Une Etude Sur L'Immaculee Conception de la Bienheureuse Vierge Marie
147850: CATHOLIC ORATORS - Addresses at Patriotic and CIVIC Occasions, Vols. I-II
151033: VARIOUS CATHOLIC ORATORS - Addresses at Patriotic and CIVIC Occasions: 2 Volumes
113510: JOHN HENRY CARDINAL NEWMAN; FATHERS OF THE BIRMINGHAM ORATORY, ED - Sermon Notes of John Henry Cardinal Newman 1849-1878
72267: FATHERS OF THE CONGREGATION OF THE LONDON ORATORY, ED - Records of the English Catholics Under the Penal Laws: The First and Second Diaries of the English College, Douay. .
142002: THE BIRMINGHAM ORATORY, ED - Faith and Prejudice and Other Unpublished Sermons of Cardinal Newman
65733: W.E. ORCHARD - The Way of Simplicity: A Guide for the Perplexed
67713: REV. W.E. ORCHARD, D.D. - The Necessity for the Church
67992: REV. W.E. ORCHARD, D.D. - Humanity: What? Whence? Whither
87499: W.E. ORCHARD - The Way of Simplicity: A Guide for the Perplexed
1232466: WILLIAM DANA ORCUTT - The Kingdom of Books
160955: THE BARONESS ORCZY - The Nest of the Sparrowhawk: A Romance of the Xviith Century
1235499: CARMELITE ORDER - Saint Teresa of Jesus: Spiritual Mother
112467: FRANCISCAN ORDER - Die Franzisfaner Provinz Vom Heiligen Herzen Jesu... 1858-1908
166417: FRANCISCAN ORDER - Rituale Romano-Seraphicum Ordinis Fratrum Minorum
130909: FRANCISCAN ORDER - Der Seraphilche Fuhrer: Ein Handbuch Fur Die Mitglieder Des Dritten Ordens Des Heiligen Franziskus
143896: A MEMBER OF THE ORDER - Life of Mary Monholland: One of the Pioneer Sisters of the Order of Mercy in the West
1235318: FRANCISCAN ORDER - Martyrologium Romano-Seraphicum Ad Usum Fratrum Minorum
110143: CISTERCIAN ORDER - Collectanea Ordinis Cisterciensium Reformatorum Vol. 13 #1
33093: JOHN ORDRONAUX - Code of Health of the School of Salernum
126221: X.F. ORDROWSKI - Zbior Najwiecej U Nas Uzywanych Piesni Koscielnych Zestawit Do Poboznego Uzytku W Kosciele I W Domu
149950: GREGORY ORFALEA - Journey to the Sun: Junipero Serra's Dream and the Founding of California
104509: [THOMAS ORGER] - The Nativity of Napoleon Bonaparte... Calculated by a Professor
150679: UN MOINE DE L'EGLISE D'ORIENT - Jesus: Simples Regards Sur le Sauveur
164257: ILO ORLEANS - This Wonderful Day: Poems of Prayer and Thanksgiving
146549: HARRY M. ORLINSKY - Ancient Israel
1224658: MALACHIA ORMANIAN - The Church of Armenia: Her History, Doctrine, Rule, Discipline, Liturgy, Literature, and Existing Condition
120802: HELEN ORMSBEE - Backstage with Actors from the Time of Shakespeare to the Present Day
160348: ROBERT ORNSBY - Memoirs of James Robert Hope-Scott of Abbotsford, D.C. L. , Q.C. , Late Fellow of Merton College, Oxford with Selections from His Correspondence, Vols. I-II
130464: FEDERICO GOMEZ DE OROZCO - Cronicas E Michoacan
168854: RODNEY ORPHEUS - Abrahadabra: A Beginner's Guide to Thelemic Magick
167943: N. LEE ORR - The Church Music Handbook for Pastors and Musicians

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