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142427: ANTHONY T. PADOVANO - Contemplation and Compassion: Thomas Merton's Vision
63324: DR. THARSICIUS PAFFRATH - Die Klagelieder
46544: F. BREYER, D. PAFFRATH ET AL. - Die Krankenhaus-Kostenfunktion
150543: J.B. PAGANI - L'Ame Devant la Sainte Eucharistie
122523: T.E. PAGE, ED - P. Vergili Maronis Georgicon, Liber IV
125801: JOHN R. PAGE - What Will Dr. Newman Do?: John Henry Newman and Papal Infallibility 1865-1875
174178: D.L. PAGE - Greek Literary Papyri, Volume I.
173508: VIRGIL; T.E. PAGE, ED - The Aeneid of Virgil (2 Volumes)
1210702: T.E. PAGE, ED - P. Vergili Maronis Georgicon: Liber IV
1210704: T.E. PAGE, ED - P. Vergili Maronis Georgicon: Liber I.
160260: STEPHEN PAGET AND J.M.C. CRUM - Francis Paget: Bishop of Oxford, Chancellor of the Order of the Garter, Honorary Student and Sometime Dean of Christ Church
166843: WILLIAM H. PAHLKA - Saint Augustine's Meter and George Herbert's Will
102706: GUY PAIC AND IVO SLAUS - Few Body Problems Light Nuclei and Nuclear Interactions [Complete Set]
131359: ALBERT BIGELOW PAINE, ED - Mark Twain's Letters: 2 Volumes [Complete Set]
175229: MARK TWAIN; ALBERT BIGELOW PAINE, INTRODUCTION - Mark Twain's Autobiography, Volumes I-II
174780: THOMAS PAINE - Rights of Man
174197: ALBERT BIGELOW PAINE - Mark Twain: A Biography; the Personal and Literary Life of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Volumes I-III
1244733: THOMAS PAINE - Common Sense; Rights of Man; Rights of Man Part the Second; and Others
164991: LEONARD PAINTER - Through Fifty Years with the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America
172662: SUE ANN PAINTER - Architecture in Cincinnati: An Illustrated History of Designing and Building an American City
161639: SIDNEY PAINTER - A History of the Middle Ages 284-1500
1245023: KALA & KETZ PAJEON - The Talisman Magick Workbook
1220446: JEAN-BAPTISTE LA CURNE DE SAINTE-PALAYE - Dictionnaire Historique de L'Ancien Langage Francois
146180: F. PALAZZI AND S. SPAVENTA FILIPPI - IL Libro Dei Mille Savi
65522: PIETRO PALAZZINI AND SALVADOR CANALS, EDS - Sin, Its Reality and Nature: A Historical Survey
170878: ERIC PALAZZO - A History of Liturgical Books from the Beginning to the Thirteenth Century
173564: AESCHYLUS; F.A. PALEY, ED - The Tragedies of Aeschylus
131397: MORTON D. PALEY, ED & MICHAEL PHILLIPS, ED - William Blake: Essays in Honour of Sir Geoffrey Keynes
122964: FRANCIS TURNER PALGRAVE, ED - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
171520: FRANCIS TURNER PALGRAVE, ARR - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
170550: FRANCIS T. PALGRAVE - The Treasury of Sacred Song Selected from the English Lyrical Poetry of Four Centuries with Notes Explanatory and Biographical
145113: FRANCIS TURNER PALGRAVE, ED - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
1228193: FRANCESCO SFORTIA PALLAVICINO - Vindicationes Societatis Iesu
131436: CONDE B. PALLEN - A Memorial of Andrew J. Shipman: His Life and Writings
1235377: ROLAND PALMEDO, ED - Skiing: The International Sport
140887: WILLIAM PALMER - A Compendious Ecclesiastical History, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
163619: NOEL PALMER - Daily Notes to God
150008: REV. WILLIAM PALMER - A Compendious Ecclesiastical History from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
1233392: GEORGE HERBERT PALMER; N.C. WYETH - The Odyssey of Homer
165255: E.H. PALMER - Simplified Grammar of Arabic, Persian, and Hindustani
174633: FREDERICK PALMER - Newton D. Baker: America at War, Volumes I-II
160253: GEOFFREY PALMER AND NOEL LLOYD - Father of the Bensons: The Life of Edward White Benson, Sometime Archbishop of Canterbury
121395: L.R. PALMER - An Interpretation of Mycenaean Greek Texts
173390: Q. HORATI FLACCI [HORACE]; ARTHUR PALMER, ED - The Satires of Horace
21636: EDDY D. PALMER - Upper Gastrointestinal Hemmorrhage
172931: ALAN PALMER - The Gardeners of Salonika
169141: ROBERT E.A. PALMER - The Excusatio Magisteri and the Administration of Rome Under Commodus
172826: ALAN PALMER - Kings and Queens of England
43518: JOSEPH PALOMBO, C.SS.R. - De Dimissione Religiosorum: Commentarium Theoretico-Practicum Ad Tit. XVI Libri II Codicis Iuris Canonici
130752: VERY REV. FRANCIS PALOU - Life of the Ven. Padre Junipero Serra
174947: PHILLIP S. PALUDAN - A Covenant with Death: The Constitution, Law, and Equality in the CIVIL War Era
174083: FRANK PALUKA - The Three Voyages of Captain Cook
66401: REV. ANTHONY BLASE PALUSZAK - The Subjunctive in the Letters of Saint Augustine
169960: CHARLES PANATI - Sacred Origins of Profound Things
19972: ALFREDO PANICUCCI - The Life and Times of Louis XIV
86511: J.I. PANKOVE - Electroluminescence
142949: HENRY PANNEEL - Witnesses of the Gospel
66286: FRANCIS DAVID PANSINI - Our First Gospel: The Doctrinal Argument for Mark's Priority Is Inadequate; the Traditional View of Matthew's Priority Remains in Possession
100389: ABRAHAM PANTHER - A Very Suprising Narrative of a Young Woman Discovered in a Rcoky Cave
102046: GEORG WOLFGANG PANZER - Ausfuerliche Beschreibung Der Altesten Augspurgischen Ausgaben Der Bibel
1240754: ANTHONY J. PAONE - My Daily Bread: A Summary of the Spiritual Life, Simplified and Arranged for Daily Reading, Reflection and Prayer
144134: ANTHONY J. PAONE - My Daily Bread: A Summary of the Spiritual Life Simplified and Arranged for Daily Reading, Reflection and Prayer
142671: LIAM DE PAOR - Saint Patrick's World: The Christian Culture of Ireland's Apostolic Age
166357: FATHER GEORGE L. PAPADEAS, COMP - Greek Orthodox Holy Week & Easter Services
142824: SERAPHIM PAPAKOSTAS - For the Hours of Pain
173237: ANTONIUS D. PAPANIKOLAOU - Xenophontis Ephesii: Ephesiacorum Libri V de Amoribus Anthiae Et Abrocomae
42753: CAROLOUS KOZMA DE PAPI - Liturgica Sacra Catholica
168343: GIOVANNI PAPINI - The Letters of Pope Celestine VI to All Mankind
174421: ALOISIO-ADULPHO PAQUET - Disputationes Theologicae Seu Commentaria in Summam Theologicam D. Thomae (5 Volumes)
130631: BISPO DO PARA - A Questao Religiosa Do Brazil Perante a Santa Se Ou a Missao Especial a Roma Em 1873
148381: KATHLEEN PARBURY - Women of Grace: A Biographical Dictionary of British Women Saints, Martyrs and Reformers
97712: KATHLEEN PARBURY - Women of Grace: A Biographical Dictionary of British Women Saints - Martyrs - and Reformers
80482: P. DE PARDIELLAN - Aide-Memoire de L'Officier Francais En Allemagne
165719: AUSTIN PARDUE - The Eucharist and You
125046: AUSTIN PARDUE - The Eucharist and You
145737: MONS. PIETRO PARENTE - IL Padre Antonio Casamassa
121992: PACAL P. PARENTE - The Ascetical Life
145166: HIS PARENTS - Roger Allier
44166: P.J. PARGOIRE - L'Eglise Byzantine de 527 a 847
106563: OBSERVATOIRE DE PARIS - Trois Siecles D'Astronomie
6173: W. FRANCKLYN PARIS - French Arts and Letters
174074: THE COMTE DE PARIS - History of the CIVIL War in America, Volumes I-IV
106200: RENE PARIS - Manuel Des Processions Et Benedictions Du Tres Saint Sacrement
165829: FRANK PARISE, ED - The Book of Calendars
111999: ST. FRANCIS SOLANUS PARISH - St. Francis 1860-1960: A Century of Service
147448: W.D. PARISH - List of Carthusians, 1800 to 1879
109199: EDWARDS PARK - The Art of William S. Phillips: The Glory of Flight
113432: BERT EDWARD PARK - The Impact of Illness on World Leaders
165967: JOE PARK, ED - Selected Readings in the Philosophy of Education
163256: B. NAM PARK - Korean Basic Course Vols. 1-2
105365: ANDREW SUNG PARK - Racial Conflict and Healing: An Asian-American Theological Perspective
122785: JOHN G. PARKE - Report of Explorations for Railroad Routes from San Francisco Bay to Los Angeles
55383: THEODORE PARKER - Experience As a Minister with Some Account of His Early Life
142166: ELIZABETH C. PARKER AND CHARLES T. LITTLE - The Cloisters Cross: Its Art and Meaning
161924: LEONARD F. PARKER - Higher Education in Iowa
164653: ANDREW D. PARKER - Keeping the Promise: A Mentoring Program for Confirmation in the Episcopal Church
112736: W. THORNTON PARKER - Personal Experiences Among Our North American Indians from 1867 to 1885
141565: DEREK PARKER - John Donne and His World
1235391: JOHN PARKER - At the Heart of Darkness: Witchcraft, Black Magic and Stanism Today
141552: DEREK PARKER - Byron and His World
163480: E.H. PARKER - A Thousand Years of the Tartars
165542: DAVID C. PARKER - Textual Scholarship and the Making of the New Testament
174912: THEODORE PARKER - The Transient and Permanent in Christianity
67784: T. VALENTINE PARKER - American Protestantism: An Appraisal
96437: STEVE PARKER - Dinosaurus: The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs
148896: CRISTIAN PARKER - Popular Religion and Modernization in Latin America: A Different Logic
165717: JOHN WESLEY; PERCY LIVINGSTONE PARKER, ED - The Journal of John Wesley
174759: REV. SAMUEL PARKER - Journal of an Exploring Tour Beyond the Rocky Mountains, Under the Direction of the A.B. C.F. M. Performed in the Years 1835, '36, and '37; Containing a Description of the Geography, Geology, Climate, and Productions; and the Number, Manners, and Customs of the Natives. With a Map of Oregon Territory
1245604: THEODORE PARKER - A Discourse of Matters Pertaining to Religion
169438: SIMON B. PARKER, ED - Ugaritic Narrative Poetry
173808: GILBERT PARKER - Pierre and His People: Tales of the Far North
126843: GILBERT PARKER - Northern Lights
168768: CAROLYN PARKHURST - The Dogs of Babel
108941: C. NORTHCOTE PARKINSON - Edward Pellew Viscount Exmouth Admiral of the Red
165429: MSGR. HENRY PARKINSON - A Primer of Social Science
6953: C. NORTHCOTE PARKINSON - Devil to Pay
8193: C. NORTHCOTE PARKINSON - Dead Reckoning
12746: C. NORTHCOTE PARKINSON - The Fireship
126878: FRANCIS PARKMAN - The Oregon Trail
126854: FRANCIS PARKMAN - The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prarie and Rocky-Mountain Life
54901: FRANCIS PARKMAN - History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac
24784: SAMUEL GRISWOLD GOODRICH AKA PETER PARLEY - Parley's Cabinet Library, 34 Volumes
63902: ALICE PARMELEE - They Beheld His Glory: Stories of the Men and Women Who Knew Jesus
16957: THOMAS PARRISH - The Simon and Schuster Encyclopedia of World War II
145170: RANDALL PARRISH - Bob Hampton of Placer
166611: LESLIE PARROTT - The Greeter's Manual: A Guide for Warm-Hearted Churches
166610: LESLIE PARROTT - The Usher's Manual: A Spiritual and Practical Guidebook
160178: GRAHAM PARRY - The Arts of the Anglican Counter-Reformation: Glory, Laud and Honor
166851: PIUS PARSCH - The Liturgy of the Mass
166428: DR. PIUS PARSCH - Study the Mass
166180: PIUS PARSCH - The Breviary Explained
42768: DR. PIUS PARSCH - Messerklarung: IM Geiste Der Liturgischen Ernuerung
121093: PIUS PARSCH - The Liturgy of the Mass
102425: N.G. PARSONAGE - The Gaseous State
172383: WILFRID PARSONS - Mexican Martyrdom
165438: ST. AUGUSTINE; SR. WILFRID PARSONS, TRANS - Saint Augustine: Letters Volume V (204-270)
1246004: JOHN E. PARSONS - Henry Deringer's Pocket Pistol
164693: EDWARD LAMBE PARSONS AND BAYARD HALE JONES - The American Prayer Book: Its Origins and Principles
171112: MRS. PARSONS AND FERNANDO; LADY HERBERT - Wrecked and Saved; a Book for Boys
72191: MINIMA PARSPARTIS - Some Side-Lights on the Oxford Movement
173811: FREDERICK E. PARTINGTON - The Story of Mohonk
125747: FRANCES PARTRIDGE - Everything to Lose: Diaries 1945-1960
160687: FRANCES PARTRIDGE - A Bloomsbury Album: Friends in Focus
163234: AND ROMAN MALACHMARIE PARYSKI - A Practical Polish Grammar and Reading Exercises
103881: PAUL PASCAL - Hrotsvitha: Dulcitius and Paphnutius
46654: DR. MAX PASLER - Mechanik Deformierbarer Korper
170400: FR. JOHN PASQUINI - Medicine of Immortality: Prayers and Meditations for Mass and Eucharistic Adoration
146918: KAROLI PASSAGLIA - Commentariorum Theologicorum Pars Prima: De Ecclesiae Jure in Saciendis Profitendae Fidei Formulis de Divinae Trinitatis Ratione in Vestustioribus Symbolis Expressa de Theologica Unita Et Distincta
164581: GEORGES PASSELECQ AND BERNARD SUCHECKY - The Hidden Encyclical of Pius XI
1226452: JOHN DOS PASSOS - Manhattan Transfer
131564: JOHN DOS PASSOS - Rosinante to the Road Again
1243554: BORIS PASTERNAK - Doctor Zhivago
42639: LUDWIG PASTOR - Zur Beurtheilung Savonarolas
39759: LUDWIG PASTOR - Johannes Jannssen, 1829-1891
95984: ETUDES DE PASTORALE - Christianisme Et Propagande
64324: SIG. PASTORINI - The General History of the Christian Church from Her Birth to Her Final Triumphant State in Heaven, Chiefly Deduced from the Apocalypse of St. John, the Apostle and Evangelist
73106: LAWRENCE J. PASZEK, ED - United States Air Force History: A Guide to Documentary Sources
103324: WALTER PATER - The Renaissance
1244124: VELLEIUS PATERCULUS - Velleius Paterculus: Novissime Recognitus Emendatus Et Illustratus Praemittuntur Henrici Dodwelli Annales Velleiani Studiis Societatis Bipontinae
174584: HELENA PATERSON - The Handbook of Celtic Astrology: The 13-Sign Lunar Zodiac of the Ancient Druids
173920: JOHN M. PATERSON - Gaelic Made Easy: A Gaelic Guide for Beginners, Part 4
172755: HELENA PATERSON - The Celtic Moon Sign Kit
131348: ARTHUR PATERSON - George Eliot's Family Life and Letters
126564: HELENA PATERSON - The Celtic Tarot
132344: DEBA PRASAD PATNAIK - A Merton Concelebration: Tributes from Friends of the Poet-Monk
174204: W.R. PATON - The Greek Anthology, Volume II
174303: W.R. PATON - The Greek Anthology, Volume I.
170513: DAVID M. PATON - R.O. : The Life and Times of Bishop Ronald Hall of Hong Kong
169411: W.R. PATON, TRANS - The Greek Anthology, Volume II
32802: SISTER MARGARET PATRICE - Up the Shining Path
42643: MOTHER ST. PATRICK - Victoire de Saint-Luc: A Martyr Under the Terror
125087: ANNE E. PATRICK - Liberating Conscience: Feminist Explorations in Catholic Moral Theology
108250: JOSEPH PATSCH - Maria Die Mutter Des Herrn
81170: DANIEL & ALINE PATTE - Structural Exegesis: From Theory to Practice
97556: RICHARD PATTEE - The Religious Question in Spain
162716: DOROTHY KELLEY PATTERSON AND RHONDA HARRINGTON KELLEY, EDS - The Woman's Study Bible: The New King James Version
111818: LAWRENCE PATTERSON - U-Boats in the Mediterranean 1941-1944
1239694: JOHN MILTON; FRANK ALLEN PATTERSON, ED - The Works of John Milton: Complete Set of the Columbia Edition - 20v
124309: BOB E. PATTERSON - Reinhold Niebuhr
131423: ANNABEL M. PATTERSON - Marvell and the CIVIC Crown
99638: WEBSTER T. PATTERSON - Newman: Pioneer for the Layman
97496: JOSEPHINE MACLEOD PATTERSON - What the Protestant Bible Says About the Catholic Church
142602: BOB E. PATTERSON - Carl F.H. Henry
162769: JOZEF PAUCO - Tisov Odkaz
126236: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - The Vatican II Sunday Missal: A B C Cycles from 1975 to 1999 and Thereafter
168423: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - The Vatican II Sunday Missal: A B C Cycles from 1975 to 1999 and Thereafter
1242712: SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL - The Manual of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
168651: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - The Vatican II Weekday Missal for Spiritual Growth: Complete Texts of Every Weekday Mass Throughout the Year from 1975 to 1999 and Thereafter
142337: PAUL KEVIN MEAGHER, THOMAS C. O'BRIEN, AND CONSUELO MARIA AHERNE, EDS - Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion, Vols. I-III
165924: PAUL AND BETSY HUTCHINS - The Modern Mule
170912: THE DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL, COMP - Richard Cardinal Cushing in Prose and Photos
165645: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - Giao Ly Can Ban
172125: PAUL E. FLESNER, ROBERT A. NOBLETT, DAVID R. ROGNE, STEPHEN M. CROTTS, AND CATHY A. AMMLUNG - Sermons on the Gospel Readings: Series I, Cycle B.
168697: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - The Vatican II Sunday Missal: A B C Cycles from 1975 to 1999 and Thereafter
150703: FATHER PAUL - Soliloquies: Or, the Documents of Christian Perfection, of the Venerable and Famous Father Paul of St. Magdalen
1224325: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - Basic Catechism with Scripture Quotations
171096: THE MISSIONARY FATHERS OF ST. PAUL - The Mission Book: A Manual of Instructions and Prayers Adapted to Preserve the Fruits of the Mission. Drawn Chiefly from the Works of St. Alphonsus Liguori
144799: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - The Dimensions of the Priesthood: Theological, Christological, Liturgical, Ecclesial, Apostolic, Marian
144778: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - Basic Catechism with Scripture Quotations
123153: DAUGHTERS OF SAINT PAUL, ED - The Dimensions of the Priesthood: Theological, Christological, Liturgical, Ecclesial, Apostolic, Marian
146656: REV. FATHER PAUL - The British Church from the Days of Cardinal Allen
166743: ROBERT S. PAUL - Freedom with Order: The Doctrine of the Church in the United Church of Christ
92380: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - The Dimensions of the Priesthood
145695: ANDRE PAUL - Et L'Homme Crea la Bible
99285: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - Visible Community of Love
94090: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - Pope John Paul II: He Came to Us As a Father - Pastoral Visit to the United States
169798: PAUL R. HANNA, GENEVIEVE ANDERSON, AND WILLIAM S. GRAY - David's Friends at School
170786: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL, COMP - Queen of Apostles Prayerbook
123113: HENRI DANIEL DE PAUL - Monsieur Vincent: The Story of St. Vincent de Paul
161245: HERBERT PAUL - A History of Modern England Vols. I-V
167041: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - The Catechism of Modern Man: All in the Words of Vatican II and Related Documents
125461: SR. MARY PAULINE - God Wills It!: Centenary Story of the Sisters of St. Louis
172215: WILLIAM O. PAULSELL - Letters from a Hermit with Letters from Matthew Kelty
61050: FRIEDERICH PAULSEN - System Der Ethik (2 Vols)
146647: DR. NIKOLAUS PAULUS - Indulgences As a Social Factor in the Middle Ages
62727: R. PAUTREL, ED - La Sainte Bible: L'Ecclesiaste
66144: REV. GEORGE G. PAVLOFF - Papal Judge Delegates at the Time of the Corpus Iuris Canonici
92558: REV. GEORGE PAVLOFF - Papal Judge Delegates at the Time of the Corpus Iuris Canonici
170359: PROF. PETKO PAVLOV - Bulgarian Order, Medals and Decorations, Part I: Bulgarian Orders and Medals
170358: PROF. PETKO PAVLOV - Bulgarian Military Decorations
146605: BERNARD PAWLEY - Looking at the Vatican Council
141603: JOHN PAWLIKOWSKI - Epistle Homilies
167947: JOHN T. PAWLIKOWSKI - Catechetics and Pejudice: How Catholic Teaching Materials View Jews, Protestants and Racial Minorities
160846: G.P.H. PAWSON, COMP - Edward Keble Talbot: His Community and His Friends
1242176: ROBERT PAYNE - The Life and Death of Trotsky
125987: KERRY PAYNE - Langenscheidt's European Phrasebook
167597: ROBERT PAYNE - The Christian Centuries from Christ to Dante
1242173: ROBERT PAYNE - The Gold of Troy: The Story of Heinrich Schliemann and the Buried Cities of Ancient Greece
61419: FRANCIS GREENWOOD PEABODY - The Approach to the Social Question: An Introduction to the Study of Social Ethics
112943: [CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE] - The Imperial Japanese Mission, 1917: A Record of the Reception Throughout the United States of the Special Mission Headed by Viscount Ishii
163885: NORMAN VINCENT PEALE - The Positive Power of Jesus Christ
170071: NORMAN VINCENT PEALE - My Christmas Treasury
171444: CHARLES PEARCE - The Anatomy of Letters: A Guide to the Art of Calligraphy
123903: JOSEPH PEARCE - Literary Converts: Spiritual Inspiration in an Age of Unbelief
161138: JOSEPH PEARCE - Literary Giants, Literary Catholics
50844: THOMAS HALL PEARNE, D.D. - Sixty-One Years of Itinerant Christian Life in Church and State
147257: P.H. PEARSE - The Story of a Success
97150: PADRAIC H. PEARSE - Scibhinni
168181: ROY PEARSON - Prayers for All Occasions: For Pastors and Lay Leaders
148465: HENRY CARR PEARSON - Latin Prose Composition
104272: DONALD STUART PEARSON - Basic Energy Converters: Electro-Mechano
147817: B.H. PEARSON - The Monk Who Lived Again: A Tale of South America
149769: HENRY CARR PEARSON - Latin Prose Composition
1240670: HOWARD PEASE - The Jinx Ship: The Dark Adventure That Befell Todd Moran When He Shipped As Fireman Aboard the Tramp Steamer "Congo," Bound out of New York for Caribbean Ports
174878: WILLIAM H. PEASE AND JANE H. PEASE - Black Utopia: Negro Communal Experiments in America
166009: HAROLD R. PEAT - Private Peat
162966: HAROLD R. PEAT - Private Peat
174323: DONALD CULROSS PEATTIE, ED - Audubon's America: The Narratives and Experiences of John James Audubon
131466: WALTER EDWIN PECK - Shelley: His Life and Work: 2 Volumes
101363: ABRAHAM J. PECK - Jews and Christians After the Holocaust
1210684: WALTER EDWIN PECK - Shelley: His Life and Work. Vols I & II [Complete]
149458: EPAPHRODITUS PECK - A History of Bristol, Connecticut
126343: HOWARD H. PECKHAM, ED - Narratives of Colonial America 1704-1765
1230748: FERDINAND PECORA - Wall Street Under Oath: The Story of Our Modern Money Changers
165684: JOHN PEDDIE - Invasion: The Roman Invasion of Britain in the Year A.D. 43 and the Events Leading to Their Occupation of the West Country
43591: ANGELO PEDRONI - IL Consenso Matrimoniale E la Teoria Della Simulazione
162568: ROBERT PEEL - Mary Baker Eddy: The Years of Discovery / the Years of Trial / the Years of Authority
162567: ROBERT PEEL - Mary Baker Eddy: The Years of Discovery
162612: ROBERT PEEL - Health and Medicine in the Christian Science Tradition: Principle, Practice, and Challenge
67088: DEAN PEERMAN - Frontline Theology
146529: ANTON C. PEGIS, ED - Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas
64481: ANTON C. PEGIS - Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas
60382: ANTON C. PEGIS, ED - Essays in Modern Scholasticism in Honor of John F. Mccormick, 1874-1943
145664: CHARLES PEGUY - Mystique Et Politique
162022: MARIO A. PEI - The World's Chief Languages: Formerly Languages for War and Peace
123812: CLAUDE J. PEIFER, O.S.B. - Monastic Spirituality
145801: DR. EDMUND PEIRIS - Ceylon and the Assumption: Historical Survey
43593: JOSEPHUS PEJSKA, C.SS.R. - Ius Canonicum Religiosorum
96978: RABBI RAPHAEL PELCOVITZ - Sforno: Commentary on Pirkei Avos
9251: JEAN JACQUES PELET - The French Campaign in Portugal 1810-1811
126080: PINCHAS H. PELI - Shabbat Shalom: A Renewed Encounter with the Sabbath
125444: JAROSLAV PELIKAN - Obedient Rebels: Catholic Substance and Protestant Principle in Luther's Reformation
168550: JAROSLAV PELIKAN, ED - The World Treasury of Modern Religious Thought
160890: JAROSLAV PELIKAN - The Idea of the University: A Reexamination
141158: JAROSLAV PELIKAN - Development of Christian Doctrine: Some Historical Prolegomena
144420: JOHN PELL - Ethan Allen
108232: FR. GABRIEL M. PELLETTIERI - Who Is Mary? a Short Catehcism on the Blessed Virgin Mary
168082: SUSAN PELLOWE, ED - A Wesley Family Book of Days
1240996: REV. OWEN D. PELT AND RALPH LEE SMITH - The Story of the National Baptists
174854: JEROME PELTIER - Felix Warren: Pioneer Stage Driver
68882: ROBERT S. PELTON, C.S.C., ED - Proceedings of the Institute for Local Superiors: 1962
151039: ROBERT S. PELTON, ED - Small Christian Communities: Imagining Future Church
161201: MARY ELLIS PELTZ AND ROBERT LAWRENCE - The Metropolitan Opera Guide: The Standard Repertory of the Metropolitan Opera Association, Inc. As Selected by Edward Johnson, General Manager
47921: SAINT ISIDORE OF PELUSIUM, ISIDORI PELUSIOTAE - De Interpretatione Divinae Scripturae Epistolarum
170324: RICHARD W. SMITH; ROY A. PELZ, ED - Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the U.S. Armed Forces 1941-1945
172020: HELMUT PEMSEL - A History of War at Sea: An Atlas and Chronology of Conflict at Sea from Earliest Times to the Present
171525: CHRISTOPHER PENCZAK - The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development
1236660: CHRISTOPER PENCZAK - The Inner Temple of Witchcraft
1236603: CHRISTOPHER PENCZAK - The Temple of High Witchcraft
166793: J.M. PENDLETON - Baptist Church Manual
166604: J.M. PENDLETON - Baptist Church Manual
167018: J.M. PENDLETON - Baptist Church Manual
169367: ROBERT J. PENELLA, TRANS - The Private Orations of Themistius
164430: SISTER PENELOPE - The Coming: A Study in the Christian Faith
163616: ISAAC PENINGTON - The Light Within and Selected Writings of Isaac Penington
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143967: G.P. QUACKENBOS - A Natural Philosophy: Embracing the Most Recent Discoveries in the Various Branches of Physics, and Exhibiting the Application of Scientific Principles in Every-Day Life
167520: ALEXANDER HENRY; MILO MILTON QUAIFE, ED - Alexander Henry's Travels and Adventures in the Years 1760-1776
1245589: SOCIETY OF FRIENDS (QUAKERS) - Minutes of North Carolina Yearly Meeting 1864
9621: BRUCE QUARRIE - Airborne Assault: Parachute Forces in Action 1940-1991
59228: AN URSULINE OF QUEBEC - Mary of the Incarnation: Foundress of the Ursuline Monastery
42513: AN URSULINE SISTER OF QUEBEC - Marie de L'Incarnation, Foundatrice Du Monastere Des Ursulines de Quebec
97420: AN URSULINE OF QUEBEC - Mary of the Incarnation: Foundress of the Ursuline Monastery
173240: HANS QUECKE - Das Markusevangelium Saidisch: Text Der Handschrift Ppalau Rib. Inv. -Nr. 182 Mit Den Varianten Der Handschrift M 569
149386: ELLERY QUEEN - The Finishing Stroke
172524: ELLERY QUEEN - The Adventures of Ellery Queen: Problems in Deduction
72553: DOM HENRI QUENTIN - Notice Historique Sur L'Abbaye de Solesmes
147220: QUENTIN QUESNELL - This Good News: An Introduction to the Catholic Theology of the New Testament
63931: QUENTIN QUESNELL - This Good News: An Introduction to the Catholic Theology of the New Testament
151214: WILLIAM LE QUEUX - Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo
165731: OLIVER CHASE QUICK - The Christian Sacraments
167190: KENNETH QUIGLEY, ED - The Episcopal Church Annual 2000
168902: REV. JOSEPH A.M. QUIGLEY - Key of Heaven: Revised Edition with Confraternity Text for Epistles and Gospels
167191: KENNETH QUIGLEY, ED - The Episcopal Church Annual 1999
171772: CHESTER WARREN QUIMBY - The Great Redemption: A Living Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Romans
144402: MABEL QUIN, ED - The Catholic Peoples Encyclopedia
147795: MABEL QUIN, ED - The Catholic People's Encyclopedia Vols. I-III
67744: MALCOLM QUIN - Catholicism and the Modern Mind: A Contribution to Religious Unity and Progress
174104: ALFRED HENRY LEWIS (DAN QUIN) - Wolfville
171488: THOMAS DE QUINCEY - Confessions of an English Opium-Eater
33029: THOMAS DE QUINCEY - Essays on the Poets
65533: FRANCIS X. QUINN, ED - The Ethical Aftermath of Automation
43592: REV. A. JAMES QUINN - Censorship of Obscenity: A Comparison of Canon Law and American Constitutional Law
66095: REV. HUGH GABRIEL QUINN - The Particular Penal Precept
66140: REV. EDMUND QUINN - Archconfraternities, Archsodalities and Primary Unions with a Supplmenet on the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers
65988: REV. JOSEPH JAMES QUINN - Documents Required for the Reception of Orders: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary
66028: REV. STEPHEN QUINN - Relation of the Local Ordinary to Religious of Diocesan Approval: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary
164598: CLAIRE QUINTAL - Herald of Love: Father Marie Celement Staub, A.A. ; Apostle of the Sacred Heart and Founder of the Sisters of Saint Joan of Arc 1876-1936
103532: RICARDO QUINTANA - Eighteenth Century Plays
169031: HEINRICH QUIRING - Heraklit: Worte Tonen Durch Jahrtausende
87442: T.T. QUIRKE - Elements of Geology
171287: ERNE R. AND FLORENCE FRUEH - Chicago Stained Glass
161758: U.S.S.R. - Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
146825: A.H.R. - Reminiscences of North Sydenham: A Retrospective Sketch of the Villages of Leith and Annan, Grey County, Ontario
161784: U.S.S.R. - Verfassung (Grundgesetz) Der Union Der Sozialistischen Sowjetrepubliken
170005: THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS - The Union Prayerbook for Jewish Worship, Part II
163903: THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS - Union Hymnal: Songs and Prayers for Jewish Worship
126462: CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS, ED - The Union Prayerbook for Jewish Worship, Part II: Newly Revised Edition
126463: CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS, ED - The Union Prayerbook for Jewish Worship, Part I: Newly Revised Edition
126390: THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS, EDS - The Union Prayerbook for Jewish Worship: Parts I and II
173680: SHELLEY RABINOVITCH AND JAMES LEWIS - The Encyclopedia of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism
171853: RABBI NOSSON DOVID RABINOWICH - M. Mielziner's Talmudic Terminology
107061: ERIC S. RABKIN - The End of the World
67500: OLIVIER A. RABUT - Faith and Doubt
67981: OLIVIER A. RABUT - God in an Evolving Universe
68025: OLIVIER A. RABUT, O.P. - Valeur Spirituelle Du Profane: Les Energies Du Monde Et L'Exigence Religieuse
169389: GIUSEPPE RACITI - Cinque Scritti Delfici
174173: H. RACKHAM - Aristotle: Politics
174174: H. RACKHAM - Aristotle: The Athenian Constitution / the Eudemian Ethics / on Virtues and Vices
1244901: H. RACKHAM, TRANS - Cicero: De Finibus Bonorum Et Malorum
126143: ARTHUR RACKHAM - The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book: Classics Illustrated with Sixty-One Color & Black-and-White Plates
37971: DR. MICHAEL RACKL - Die Christologie Des Heiligen Igantius Von Antiochien
172151: GERHARD VON RAD - Wisdom in Israel
162362: CLIFF RADEL - Cincinnati Moments: A Celebration of Photographs from the Cincinnati Enquirer
65624: ARNOLD RADEMACHER - Religion and Life
62668: C. RADENHAUSEN - Die Echte Bibel Und Die Falsche
60164: MELVIN RADER, ED - A Modern Book of Esthetics: An Anthology
144498: RUBY LORRAINE RADFORD - Sandra of the Girl Orchestra
162031: WILLIAM RADICE - Bengali: A Complete Course for Beginners
163110: MAX RADIN - The Jews Among the Greeks and Romans
109777: WALTER RADL - Der Ursprung Jesu: Traditionsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen Zu Lukas 1-2
73453: TIBOR RADO - On the Problem of Plateau
43234: JEAN VALLERY-RADOT - La Cathedrale de Bayeux
163049: BERND RADTKE AND JOHN O'KANE, TRANS - The Concept of Sainthood in Early Islamic Mysticism: Two Works by Al-Hakim Al-Tirmidhi
173850: A.I. RADZIYEVSKIY, ED.; DGIS MULTILINGUAL SECTION, TRANS - Dictionary of Basic Military Terms: A Soviet View
63411: FREDERICK J. RAE - How to Teach the Old Testament
43248: ALPHONSUS RAES, S.J. - Introductio in Liturgiam Oreintalem
55065: P. RAETHJEN - Einfuhrung in Die Physik Der Atomsphare: Band II
130886: NICHOLAS O'RAFFERTY - Instructions on Christian Doctrine: The Sacraments
1243984: ETHAN S. RAFUSE - Mcclellan's War
1769: HUGH RAGSDALE - Detente in the Napoleonic Era
169754: V. REV. FATHER JOSEPH RAHAL, ED - The Services of Great and Holy Week and Pascha According to the Use of the Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
120692: PETER J. RAHILL - The Catholic in America from Colonial Times to the Present Day
172177: KARL RAHNER - The External Year
146411: KARL RAHNER - La Penitenza Della Chiesa: Saggi Teologici E Storici
86021: KARL RAHNER - On Heresy
143729: KARL RAHNER - Do You Believe in God
141705: KARL RAHNER - Theology for Renewal: Bishops, Priests, Laity
132287: KARL RAHNER, S.J. - Free Speech Inthe Church
1214837: KARL RAHNER - Watch and Pray with Me: The Seven Last Words
172227: KARL RAHNER - Christian at the Crossroads
141701: HUGO RAHNER AND KARL RAHNER - Prayers for Meditation
1213482: KARL RAHNER - Do You Believe in God
132379: KARL RAHNER - Do You Believe in God
132280: KARL RAHNER, S.J. - The Christian Commitment: Essays in Pastoral Theology
132281: KARL RAHNER - Christian in the Market Place
132282: KARL RAHNER - The Shape of the Church to Come
170703: KARL RAHNER, ED - Encyclopedia of Theology: The Concise Sacramentum Mundi
141700: KARL RAHNER - Nature and Grace: Dilemmas in the Modern Church
1234472: KARL RAHNER - Theological Investigations Vol. XXII: Humane Society and the Church of Tomorrow
169461: KARL RAHNER - Theology for Renewal: Bishops, Priests, Laity
141751: KARL RAHNER - Spirit in the World
141765: KARL RAHNER - Mary Mother of the Lord: Theological Meditations
123296: KARL RAHNER - The Great Church Year
132283: KARL RAHNER - The Church After the Council
142068: KARL RAHNER - The Spirit in the Church
132285: KARL RAHNER, S.J. - Belief Today
141702: KARL RAHNER - Watch and Pray with Me
142072: KARL RAHNER AND PICHAS LAPIDE - Encountering Jesus -- Encountering Judaism: A Dialogue
169884: KARL RAHNER - Leading a Christian Life
145533: KARL RAHNER, ED - The Teaching of the Catholic Church As Contained in Her Documents
70172: KARL RAHNER - Biblische Predigten
141653: KARL RAHNER - Vom Sinn Des Kirchlichen Amtes
67187: KARL RAHNER - Schriften Zur Theologie [Vols. 1-3]
87232: KARL RAHNER ET AL. - Obedience and the Church
141652: KARL RAHNER, ED - The Teaching of the Catholic Church As Contained in Her Documents
1244501: KARL RAHNER - Foundations of Christian Faith: An Introduction to the Idea of Christianity
147019: KARK RAHNER - The Christian Commitment: Essays in Pastoral Theology
169455: KARL RAHNER - Watch and Pray with Me
43178: FELIX RAIBLE - Der Tabernakel Einst Und Jetzt
168042: ANDY RAINE AND JOHN T. SKINNER, COMP - Celtic Daily Prayer: A Northumbrian Office
131241: KATHLEEN RAINE - Blake and Antiquity
170977: JOSEPH RAINER, TRANS - Gethsemane (Extract from "the Garden of Olives")
166745: GLEN E. RAINSLEY - Words of Worship: Resources for Church and Home
166312: ROBERT RAINY - The Ancient Catholic Church from the Accession of Trajan to the Fourth General Council [A.D. 98-451]
112994: ROBERT S. RAIT - The Parliaments of Scotland
143873: R.S. RAIT, ED - English Episcopal Palaces (Province of York)
169998: C. RAJAGOPALACHARI - Ramayana
81513: T.R. RAJASEKHARAIAH - The Roots of Whitman's Grass
1230758: SIR WALTER RALEIGH - The Works of Sir Walter Ralegh Kt
150987: SIR WALTER RALEIGH - The Works of Sir Walter Raleigh Kt
146230: JULIAN RALPH - An American with Lord Roberts
1244120: V.S. RAMACHANDRAN - The Tell-Tale Brain

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