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147025: EDWIN RYAN - The Church in the South American Republics
61636: JOHN K. RYAN, ED. - Twentieth-Century Thinkers: Studies in the Work of Seventeen Modern Philosophers.
41900: DAVID BURTON RYAN. - From Bible to Creed: A New Approach to the Sunday Creed.
125172: JOHN RYAN, ED - Saint Patrick
87565: EDWIN RYAN. - The Church in the South American Republics.
97633: ARCHBISHOP JAMES H. RYAN. - Moral Values in American Eductaion.
148879: FATHER KENNETH RYAN AND MSGR. J.D. CONWAY - What Would You Like to Know About the Catholic Church?
124368: MARY RYAN - Our Lady's Hours: An Introduction to the Little Office of Our Lady, and Other Works
104297: WILLIAM T. RYAN. - Design of Electrical Machinery: Vol. I: Direct Current Dynamos.
120989: JOHN A. RYAN - Distributive Justice: The Right and Wrong of Our Present Distribution of Wealth
62923: G. RYCKMANS. - Het Boek Genesis.
104255: J.D. RYDER AND CHARLES THOMSON. - Electronic Circuits and Systems.
132028: HENRY IGNATIUS DUDLEY RYDER AND FRANCIS BACCHUS, EDITOR - Essays by Rev. Henry Ignatius Dudley Ryder
43246: JOHN H. RYDER. - Eastern Rite Prayers to the Mother of God.
130327: JOHN RYDJORD - Foreign Interest in the Independence of New Spain: An Introduction to the War for Independence
132192: I. RYELANDT - The Quest for God: A Study in Benedictine Spirituality
145313: JOHN CHARLES RYLE - The Christian Leaders of England in the Eighteenth Century
148477: XAVIER RYNNE - Vatican Council II
149173: ETIENNE RYNNE, ED. - North Munster Studies: Essays in Commemoration of Monsignor Michael Moloney
148153: XAVIER RYNNE - Letters from Vatican City: Vatican Council II (First Session): Background and Debates
145932: XAVIER RYNNE - Letters from Vatican City: Vatican Council II (First Session): Background and Debates
125329: XAVIER RYNNE - The Third Session: The Debates and Decrees of Vatican Council II September 14 to November 21, 1964
147638: XAVIER RYNNE - Letters from Vatican City: Vatican Council II (First Session): Background and Debates
142559: MME. S.S. - Marie de L'Agnus Dei: A Sketch of the Life of Marie-Anne-Herve-Bazin; Religious of the Society of Marie-Reparatrice
130152: J. GUIBERT S. S. - In the Beginning (Les Origines)
1213628: FR. ERNEST RANLY C.PP.S. - Who's to Be Blamed? Tales from Peru
83182: BARRY FISCHER C.PP.S. - Along the Road Marked by Blood.
83676: REV. VIGILIUS H. KRULL C.PP.S. - Christian Denominations.
49534: PAUL KNAPKE C.PP.S. - History of the American Province of the Society of the Precious Blood [Complete Set].
143115: SISTERS OF CHARITY OF ST. JOSEPH'S - Meditations for the Monthly Retreats for the Use of the Daughters of Charity
146748: H.L.S. AND L.H.S. - Phillips Brooks Year Book: Selections from the Writings of the Rt. Rev. Phillips Brooks, D.D.
83928: ERICH KRAUTLER C.PP.S. - Blood on the Stones.
149192: SISTER S. - A Son of St. Patrick: Memoir of Father Michael Bergin, S.J.
72119: PAUL SABATIER. - France to-Day: Its Religious Orientation.
146650: PAUL SABATIER - Modernism: The Jowett Lectures, 1908
125001: PAUL SABATIER - Life of St. Francis of Assisi
146236: RAFAEL SABATINI - Columbus: A Romance
65163: ALOYSIO SABETTI. - Compendium Theologiae Moralis.
69465: ABBE SABOURET. - Le Missionnaire de L'Adoration Perpetuelle.
37372: LEOPOLD SABOURIN, S.J. - Redemption Sacrificielle: Une Enquete Exegetique.
48265: LEOPOLD SABOURIN. - The Divine Miracles Discussed and Defended.
25122: SABRETACHE. - Monarchy and the Chase.
36700: HOWARD M. SACHAR. - Egypt and Israel.
13112: ABRAM LEON SACHAR. - A History of the Jews.
142019: ABRAM LEON SACHAR - A History of the Jews
111800: JOAHN SACK. - The Man-Eating Machine.
151329: S.J. SACKETT, ED & WILLIAM E. KOCH - Kansas Folklore
70058: WILLIAM ALAN SADLER, JR., ED. - Master Sermons Through the Ages.
142828: ANNA T. SADLIER - Names That Live in Catholic Hearts: Memoirs of Cardinal Ximenes, Michael Angelo, Samuel de Champlain, Archbishop Plunkett, Charles Carroll, Henri de Larochejacquelein, Simon de Montfort
66064: REV. ERWIN L. SADLOWSKI. - Sacred Furnishings of Churches.
87625: ERWIN L. SADLOWSKI. - Sacred Furnishings of Churches.
143821: WILLIAM H. SAFFORD - The Life of Harman Blennerhassett Comprising an Authentic Narrative of the Burr Expedition: And Containing Many Additional Facts Not Heretofore Published
151182: ROBERT SAFFRON - By-Line for Josie
140662: WILFRED LE SAGE - Vision of Renewal: An Aggiornamento
150365: PETER SAGER - Wales
146778: H.W.F. SAGGS - Civilization Before Greece and Rome
131066: FR. BERNARDINO DE SAHAGUN - Historia General de Las Cosas de Nueva Espana: 5 Volumes
123226: NOEL SAINSBURY - Flying Ace Stories: Three Complete Books in One Volume: Billy Smith Exploring Ace/ Secret Service Ace/ Mystery Ace
148540: M.E. DE SAINTES - Therese, Ou la Petite Soeur de Charite
121878: GEORGE SAINTSBURY - Sir Walter Scott
131113: GEORGE SAINTSBURY - A History of Nineteenth Century Literature 1780-1900
130368: GEORGE SAINTSBURY. - Selections from Defoe's Minor Novels
131544: GEORGE SAINTSBURY, ED - Minor Poets of the Caroline Period: 3 Volumes
61562: GEZA SAJO, ED. - Boetii de Dacia.
145665: SAKI - Nouvelles
145704: JOSE MARIA SALAVERRI - Fifty Times, I Love You: The Rosary with Faustino
1210740: WILLIAM MERRITT SALE, JR. - Samuel Richardson: A Bibliographical Record of His Literary Career with Historical Notes.
130200: A. SUE HAGOOD & CATHERINE RENARD SALEEBY - A History of St. Peter's Church
71895: L. SALEMBIER. - Le Grand Schisme D'Occient.
145764: G. GAETANO DI SALES - La Sainte Du Silence Et la Vierge Au Globe
108021: ST. FRANCIS DE SALES. - Introduction a la Vie Devote.
41855: REV. JOSE SALGUERO, O.P. - Biblical Revelation: The History of Salvation.
147378: STEPHEN G. SALKEVER - Finding the Mean: Theory and Practice in Aristotelian Political Philosophy
68416: GEORGE H. SALLAWAY. - Follow Me: Be Human.
60108: JOHN SALLIS, ED. - Duquesne University Philosophical Studies #38: Philosophy and Archaic Experience, Essays in Honor of Edward G. Ballard.
65141: C. LUKE SALM. - Readings in Biblical Morality.
150471: ARTHUR L. SALMON - The Heart of the West: The West Country from Bristol to Land's End
60183: ELIZABETH G. SALMON. - The Good in Existential Metaphysics.
147457: J.H.M. SALMON - Cardinal de Retz: The Anatomy of a Conspirator
1226037: WENDY SALMOND - Russian Icons at Hillwood
141454: JULIAN HARRIS SALOMON - The Book of Indian Crafts & Indian Lore
65203: ED. GENICTO & IOS. SALSMANS. - Casus Conscientiae: Propositi Ac Soluti.
41988: ELIZABETH SALTER. - Daisy Bates.
120925: ELIZABETH SALTER - Daisy Bates
125246: R. SALVADO - Memorias Historicas Sobre la Australia Y la Mision Benedictina de Nueva Nursia
62116: JACQUES L. SALVAN. - The Scandalous Ghost: Sartre's Existentialism As Related to Vitalism, Humanism, Mysticism, Marxism.
92727: MICHAEL J. SALVATI. - The Production of Muscular Bulk.
147430: SALVIAN; EUTROPIUS - Presbyteri Massiliensis: Libri Qui Supersunt; Breviarium Ab Vrbe Condita Cum Versionibus Graecis Et Pauli Landolfique Additamentis
105513: S. SAMBURSKY. - Physics of the Stoics.
103496: S. SAMBURSKY. - The Physical World of the Greeks.
103368: S. SAMBURSKY. - Physics of the Stoics.
146383: PETER SAMMARTINO - Of Castles and Colleges: Notes Toward an Autobiography
98393: FRED FRANCIS & J. PAUL SAMPLEY. - Pauline Parallels.
131188: ALDEN SAMPSON - Studies in Milton and an Essay on Poetry
131340: JOHN SAMPSON, ED - The Poetical Works of William Blake
131619: JOHN SAMPSON, ED - The Poetical Works of William Blake
148095: JERRY SAMPSON - Wells Cathedral, West Front: Construction, Sculpture and Conservation
94693: P. SANADON. - Les Heures de la Tres-Sainte Vierge.
1213560: RUTH BURR SANBORN - Murder on the Aphrodite
44344: JOSE M. SANCHEZ. - Reform and Reaction: The Politico-Religious Background of the Spanish CIVIL War.
149129: JOSE SANCHEZ - Anticlericalism: A Brief History
130662: JESUS BERNAL SANCHEZ - Apuntes Historicos Geograficos Y Estadisticos El Estado de Aguascalientes
132442: SANCTILEAN - The Impending Golden Age
144188: SANTE DE SANCTIS - Religious Conversion: A Bio-Psychological Study
131471: MARY F. SANDARS - The Life of Christina Rossetti
123003: SARA SANDBERG - My Sister Goldie.
131575: CARL SANDBURG - Slabs of the Sunburnt West
148804: E.K. SANDERS - S. Francois de Sales 1567-1622
68330: E.K. SANDERS, TRANS. - Some Counsels of S. Vincent de Paul: To Which Is Appended the Thoughts of Mademoiselle le Gras.
124159: T.J. COBDEN-SANDERSON - The Ideal Book, or Book Beautiful: A Tract on Calligraphy Printing and Illustration and on the Book Beautiful As a Whole
13813: EDGAR SANDERSON. - Africa in the Nineteenth Century.
143189: E.W.C. SANDES - The Military Engineer in India
63146: SAMUEL SANDMEL, ED. - Old Testament Issues.
130590: DON PABLO DE JESUS SANDOVAL - La Catedral Metropolitana de Mexico
141621: ELLIS SANDOZ - The Voegelinian Revolution: A Biographical Introduction
140374: MARI SANDOZ - The Beaver Men: Spearheads of Empire
131337: SIR JOHN EDWIN SANDYS - A Short History of Classical Scholarship from the Sixth Century to the Present Day
143610: JOHN ITHIEL SANFORD - Sanford's Manual of Color
61723: HUGH W. SANFORD. - Concerning Knowledge: Philosophic and Scientific (2 Vols).
46814: R. SANGER, ED. - Der Feste Korper.
141530: GIULIO BASETTI-SANI - The Koran in the Light of Christ: A Christian Interpretation of the Sacred Book of Islam
140410: ALICE SANKEY - Roy Rogers' Surprise for Donnie
143471: SGT. LEONARD SANSONE - The Wolf
130465: FRANCISCO J. SANTAMARIA - La Tragedia de Cuernavaca En 1927 Y MI Escapatoria Celebre
130753: HIGINIO VAZQUEZ SANTANA - Historia de la Cancion Mexicana: Tomo III
68305: MARIE-ABDON SANTANER, O.F.M.CAP. - God in Search of Man.
61726: GEORGE SANTAYANA. - Persons and Places: The Background of My Life.
120372: JUAN CARLOS GARCIA SANTILLAN - Legislacion Sobre Indios Del Rio de la Plata En Siglo XVI
42064: FELICE SANTINI. - L'Abbazia Di. S. Felice Presso IL Castello Di Giano.
130399: FRAY BENJAMIN GENTO SANZ - Guia Turistica de San Francisco de Lima: Guide to San Francisco of Lima
130441: ATANASIO G. SARAVIA - Los Misioneros Muertos En El Norte de Nueva Espana
124382: ZIAUDDIN SARDAR AND JEROME R. RAVETZ, ED. - Cyberfutures: Culture and Politics on the Information Superhighways
131610: LEW SARETT - Slow Smoke
147688: DANIEL SARGENT - Catherine Tekakwitha
145096: HERBERT HOWLAND SARGENT - The Strategy on the Western Front (1914-1918)
148803: DANIEL SARGENT - All the Day Long
88011: ROBERT SARGENT. - The Listening Heart: The Scriptural Roots of Prayer.
147689: DANIEL SARGENT - Their Hearts Be Praised
7529: SAKARI SARIOLA. - Power and Resistance: The Colonial Heritage in Latin America.
146772: WILLIAM SAROYAN - The Twin Adventures
104562: LIEUT. J.H. SARRATT. - Life of Buonaparte in Which the Atrocious Deeds Which He Has Perpetrated in Order to Attain His Elevated Station Are Faithfully Recorded.
146815: NATHALIE SARRAUTE - Portrait of a Man Unknown
71726: COSMAS SARTORI, O.F.M. - Enchiridion Canonicum Seu Sanctae Sedis Responsiones.
74136: P. COSMAS SARTORI, O.F.M. - Jurisprudentiae Ecclesiasticae Elementa.
43753: COSMAS SARTORI, OFM. - Jurisprudentiae Ecclesiasticae Elementa.
87617: THOMAS A. SARTORY. - The Ecumenical Movement and the Unity of the Church.
60367: FR. SATOLLI. - Enchiridion Philosophiae Seu Disciplina Humanae Rationis.
123767: THOM SATTERLEE AND ROBERT MOORE-JUMONVILLE - Lent and Easter: Wisdom from G.K. Chesterton
124869: H.V. SATTLER - Educating Parents to Sex Instructions
105104: HENRY V. SATTLER. - Parents Children and the Facts of Life.
94771: PAUL SAUCERET. - Figures Bibliques de Marie Mere de Jesus.
80672: R. SAUER. - Anfangswertprobeleme Bei Partiellen Differentialgleichungen.
130728: F. DE SAULCY - Narrative of a Journey Round the Dead Sea and in the Bible Lands in 1850 and 1851: 2 Volumes
142188: J.J. SAUNDERS - A History of Medieval Islam
121247: HILARY ST. GEORGE SAUNDERS - Combined Operations: The Official Story of the Commandos
147521: CHARLES FRANCIS SAUNDERS - A Little Book of California Missions
1226042: LOUISE SAUNDERS - The Knave of Hearts
1210970: HILARY ST. GEORGE SAUNDERS - Royal Air Force 1939-1945: Volume III, the Fight Is Won
68245: ERNEST W. SAUNDERS. - Jesus in the Gospels.
66685: KENNETH SAUNDERS. - Buddhism.
147016: EDITH SAUNDERS - Lourdes
72547: BENEDICTUS SAUTER, O.S.B. - Kolloquien Uber Die Heilige Regel.
131392: HENRY LYTTLETON SAVAGE - The Gawain-Poet: Studies in His Personality and Background
145048: RAYMOND SAVAGE - Barbados: The Enchanting Isle
9424: JEAN SAVANT. - Napoleon in His Time.
145232: AGNES SAVILL - Alexander the Great and His Time
103135: AGNES SAVILL. - Alexander the Great and His Time.
150802: SISTER MARY ALBERTA SAVOIE - A "Plantaire" in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Taken from a French Manuscript of the Xivth Century
149428: JOHN SAWARD - Redeember in the Womb: Jesus Living in Mary
122040: GEOFFREY SAWER - Law in Society
63165: JOHN F.A. SAWYER. - Semantics in Biblical Research: New Methods of Defining Hebrew Words for Salvation (Studies in Biblical Theology, Second Series-24).
106132: WILLIAM B. SAXBE. - I'Ve Seen the Elephant: An Autobiography.
121543: K.M.L. SAXENA - The Military System of India (1850-1900)
145130: KURT SAXON - The Survivor Vols. 1-4
1220484: BLESSED JORDAN OF SAXONY - A New Life of Saint Dominic, Founder of the Dominican Order
147672: DOROTHY L. SAYERS - The Man Born to Be King: A Play-Cycle on the Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
124975: DOROTHY L. SAYERS - The Mind of the Maker
147436: DOROTHY L. SAYERS - The Mind of the Maker
43828: P. SIXTUS SCAGLIA. - The Catacombs of Saint Callistus: History and Description.
107377: ROBERT J. SCALLY. - The Origins of the Lloyd George Coalition.
63535: JOHN H. SCAMMON. - Living with the Psalms.
43751: KEVIN SCANLAN, S.M.A. - Ordination and the Canonical Status of Clerics in Societies without Vows.
148106: REV. C. SCANTLEBURY - Ireland's Island Monasteries
149607: REV. C. SCANTLEBURY - Saints and Shrines of Aran Mor
125381: LUCETTA SCARAFFIA, ED & GABRIELLA ZARRI, ED - Women and Faith: Catholic Religious Life in Italy from Late Antiquity to the Present
149384: ROGER SCARLETT - The Back Bay Murders
146846: JOHN SCARNE - Scarne's Magic Tricks
53724: MAURIZIO SCARPARI. - Ancient China: Chinese Civilization from Its Origins to the Tang Dynasty.
67601: ROSARIO SCARPATI. - Hope or Hindrance? the Church of the Future.
102718: ALFRED SCHACK. - Industrial Heat Transfer.
32061: BR. GERARD W. SCHADE, S.J. - I Shall Return.
142588: GRETE SCHAEDER - The Hebrew Humanism of Martin Buber
63739: ALOYS SCHAEFER. - Einleitung in Das Neue Testament.
63852: DR. ALOYS SCHAEFER. - Die Bucher Des Neuen Testamentes: Volume V, Band: Der Hebraerbrief.
63853: DR. ALOYS SCHAEFER. - Die Bucher Des Neuen Testamentes: Volume III Band: Der Brief Pauli an Die Romer.
62813: JOHN N. SCHAEFER. - Institutiones Scripturisticae.
143331: JOHN D. SCHAEFFER - Sensus Communis: Vico, Rhetoric, and the Limits of Relativism
40347: JACK SCHAEFFER. - The Kean Land.
43714: TIMOTHEUS SCHAFER, O.M. CAP. - De Religiosis Ad Normam Codicis Iuris Canonici.
70313: JAKOB SCHAFER. - Die Parabeln Des Herrn in Homilien Erklart.
70314: JAKOB SCHAFER. - Die Wunder Jesu in Homilien Erklart.
149569: PHILIP SCHAFF AND HENRY WACE, EDS. - A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church: Second Series, Vol. I; Eusebius: Church History, Life of Constantine the Great, and Oration in Praise of Constantine
37943: HENRY WACE & PHILIP SCHAFF, ED. - Theodoret, Jerome, Gennadius, Rufinus [Vol. III, a Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church, Second Series].
151282: PHILIP SCHAFF - History of the Christian Church: Volume VII
151281: PHILIP SCHAFF - The Creeds of Christendom: 3 Volumes
132338: PETER J. SCHAKEL - Reason and Imagination in C.S. Lewis: A Study of Till We Have Faces
5294: ZINAIDA SCHAKOVSKOY. - The Fall of Eagles.
132193: WILHELM SCHAMONI - The Face of the Saints
140895: WILHELM SCHAMONI - The Face of the Saints
103882: MARTIN SCHANZ. - Geschichte Der Romischen Litteratur: Die Romische Litteratur in Der Zeit Der Republik [and] Die Romische Litteratur in Der Zeit Der Monarchie Bis Auf Hadrian.
64647: JOHN P. SCHANZ. - The Sacraments of Life and Worship.
64053: PAUL SCHANZ. - Commentar Uber Das Evangelium Des Heiligen Marcus.
71765: HEINRICH SCHARP. - How the Catholic Church Is Governed.
67807: PHILIP SCHARPER, ED. - Torah and Gospel: Jewish and Catholic Theology in Dialogue.
124889: KLAUS SCHATZ - Papal Primacy: From Its Origins to the Present
61651: EDWARD LEROY SCHAUB, ED. - Philosophy Today: Essays on Recent Developments in the Field of Philosophy.
147827: J. HERMAN SCHAUINGER - Cathedrals in the Wilderness
44049: J. HERMAN SCHAUINGER. - Profiles in Action: American Catholics in Public Life.
124914: J. HERMAN SCHAUINGER - Stephen T. Badin: Priest in the Wilderness
1578: A.L.F. SCHAUMANN. - On the Road with Wellington.
143127: HAYYIM SCHAUSS - The Jewish Festivals: From Their Beginnings to Our Own Day
124985: MATTHIAS JOSEPH SCHEEBEN - Nature and Grace
146011: MATTHIAS JOSEPH SCHEEBEN - The Glories of Divine Grace Part I: What Is Grace?
46762: PETER SCHEFE. - Kunstliche Intelligenz - Uberblick Und Grundlagen.
144523: ISRAEL SCHEFFLER, ED. - Philosophy and Education: Modern Readings
144574: ISRAEL SCHEFFLER - Of Human Potential: An Essay in the Philosophy of Education
144524: ISRAEL SCHEFFLER, ED. - Philosophy and Education: Modern Readings
144575: ISRAEL SCHEFFLER - Reason and Teaching
63649: PETER SCHEGG. - Geschichte Der Letzen Propheten.
63591: PETER SCHEGG. - Die Psalmen.
63657: PETER SCHEGG. - Der Prophet Isaias.
65118: JOSEPH SCHEICHER. - Compendium Repetitorium Theologiae Moralis.
150785: EDGAR H. SCHEIN - Helping: How to Offer, Give, and Receive Help
147624: RAYMOND P. SCHEINDLIN, TRANS. - The Book of Job
95782: KARL HERMANN SCHELKE. - Theology of the New Testament: Vol 1: Creation.
95781: KARL HERMANN SCHELKE. - Theology of the New Testament: Vol 4: The Rule of God: Church - Eschatology.
147680: KARL HERMANN SCHELKLE - Discipleship and Priesthood
68622: KARL HERMANN SCHELKLE. - Discipleship and Priesthood.
46514: K.H. SCHELLBACH. - Die Lehre Von Den Elliptischen Integralen Und Den Theta-Functionen.
147731: PAUL M. SCHELLINGER, ED. - St. James Guide to Biography
143444: ALEXANDER SCHEMANN - Introduction to Liturgical Theology
64635: A.M. SCHEMBRI. - De Scaramentis.
71119: GUILLERMO SCHENK, C.PP.S. - Formacion Apostolica de la Juventud.
63918: ALFONS SCHENZ. - Der Zeitpunkt Der Wiederkunst Jesu Anch Den Synoptikern.
145594: MIXIMILIAN SCHERNER - Die Sprachlichen Rollen IM Lateinischen Weihnachtslied Des Mittelalters: Untersuchungen Zur Religiosen Rede Und Zum Epochenwandel IM Mittelalter
66289: REV. LAWRENCE EDWARD SCHEU. - Die Weltelemente Beim Apostel Paulus (Gal. 4,3. 9 Und Kol. 2,8. 20).
143481: FRANK L. SCHICK - The Paperbound Book in America: The History of Paperbacks and Their European Background
130844: CASPAR E. SCHIELER - Theory and Practice of the Confessional: A Guide in the Administration of the Sacrament of Penance
107070: STUART DAVID SCHIFF. - Mad Scientists: An Anthology of Fantasy and Horror.
107526: STUART DAVID SCHIFF AND FRITZ LEIBER. - The World Fantasy Awards: Volume Two.
132427: K. SCHILDER, PH.D - Christ on Trial
1215057: EDWARD SCHILLEBEECKX - Church: The Human Story of God
147722: E. SCHILLEBEECKX - Mary Mother of the Redemption
141434: EDWARD SCHILLEBEECKX - God Among Us: The Gospel Proclaimed
123881: E. SCHILLEBEECKX, OP - Celibacy
142040: E. SCHILLEBEECKX - God the Future of Man
147854: E. SCHILLEBEECKX - Marriage: Human Reality and Saving Mystery
1215058: EDWARD SCHILLEBEECKX - Mary, Mother of the Redemption
85221: EDWARD SCHILLEBEECKX. - The Definition of the Christian Layman.
147984: E. SCHILLEBEECKX - Marriage: Human Reality and Saving Mystery
147724: EDWARD SCHILLEBEECKX - Jesus: An Experiment in Christology
142038: E. SCHILLEBEECKX - Revelation and Theology Volumes I-II
124989: EDWARD SCHILLEBEECKX - Christ: The Experience of Jesus As Lord
108767: EDWARD SCHILLEBEECKX. - Christ the Sacrament of the Encounter with God.
80538: LUDWIG SCHILLER. - Hydro Und Aerodynamik, Vol. I: Stromungslehre Und Allgemeine Versuchstechnik.
62926: OTHMAS SCHILLING, ED. - Die Heilige Schrift Fur Das Leben Erklart: Das Buch Jesus Sirach.
140350: ALBERT PAUL SCHIMBERG - The Story of Therese Neumann
140306: ALBERT PAUL SCHIMBERG - The Story of Therese Neumann
147497: ALBERT PAUL SCHIMBERG - The Story of Therese Neumann
92628: GUNTHER SCHIWY. - Structuralism and Christianity.
39233: REV. GODFREY SCHLACHTER, C.PP.S. - Die Verbotenen Ehen.
148377: JAQUES SCHLANGER - La Philosophie de Salomon Ibn Gabirol: Etude D'Un Neoplatonisme
69957: MOST REV. JOSEPH H. SCHLARMAN. - Catechetical Sermon-Aids.
148726: JOSEPH H. SCHLARMAN - Catechetical Sermon-Aids
9932: FRANK SCHLEY. - American Partridge and Pheasant Shooting.
80394: MORITZ SCHLICK. - Grundzuge Der Naturphilosophie.
104317: H.M. SCHLICKE. - Essentials of Dielectromagnetic Engineering.
68884: ALBERT L. SCHLITZER, C.S.C. - Proceedings of the Institute for Local Superiors: 1964.
40567: ALBERT SCHLITZER, C.S.C. - Redemptive Incarnation: Sources and Their Theological Development in the Study of Christ.
63870: NIVARD SCHLOGL. - Die Heiligen Schriften Des Neuen Bundes.
63507: NIVARD SCHLOGL. - Die Bucher Samuels Oder Erstes Und Zweites Buch Der Konige.
63282: NIVARD SCHLOGL. - Die Heiligen Schriften Des Alten Bundes, Vol. I.
147931: BERYL SCHLOSSMAN - Joyce's Catholic Comedy of Language
146145: MICHAEL SCHMAUS - Teologia Dogmatica Vols. I-V
64877: MICHAEL SCHMAUS. - Von Den Letzten Dingen.
67414: MICHAEL SCHMAUS. - The Essence of Christianity.
46647: WERNER SCHMEIDLER. - Lineare Operatoren IM Hilbertschen Raum.
43152: DR. FRANZ SCHMID. - Die Sacramentalien Der Katholischen Kirche.
37960: JOSEFUS SCHMID. - Florilegium Patricisum #22: Ss. Eusebii Hieronymi Et Aurelii Augustini.
130205: JOSEPH SCHMIDLIN. - Catholic Mission Theory
144365: REV. AUSTIN G. SCHMIDT - Guidance
150049: JOSEPH F. SCHMIDT - Praying with Therese of Lisieux
60602: PHILIPPE SCHMIDT. - Superstition and Magic.
63339: HANS SCHMIDT. - Die Psalmen.
82236: STJEPAN SCHMIDT. - The Augustine Bea Prize: Unity of Mankind in Freedom.
46645: DR.ING. ERNST SCHMIDT. - Einfuhrung in Die Technische Thermodynamik.
149405: OSCAR C. SCHMIDT, ED. - Practical Railroading [Vol. 1]: A New, Complete and Practical Treatise on Steam, Electric and Motor Car Operation
40634: REV. EDGAR SCHMIEDELER, O.S.B. - Rural Catholic Action.
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124181: DUKE OF SAINT-SIMON - Memoirs of Louis XIV and the Regency: 3v.
43711: J. SIMON, O.S.M. - Faculties of Pastors and Confessors for Absolution and Dispensation.
71146: BORIS SIMON. - Ragman's City.
67712: REV. PAUL SIMON. - The Human Element in the Church of Christ.
85304: M. RAPHAEL SIMON. - Hammer and Fire: Toward Divine Happiness and Mental Health.
3668: FRANK H. SIMONDS. - The Great War.
143218: ROBERT F. SIMONE - The Last Mouthpiece: The Man Who Dared to Defend the Mob
124871: CHRISTIAN SIMONNET - Theophane Venard: A Martyr of Vietnam
69068: JOSEPH B. SIMONS, C.S.C. - Retreat Dynamics.
67699: FRANCIS SIMONS. - Infallibility and the Evidence.
86188: BISHOP FRANCIS SIMONS. - Infallibility and the Evidence.
150796: FRANCIS SIMONS - Infallibility & the Evidence
106983: JAMES Y. SIMPSON. - Landmarks in the Struggle between Science and Religion.
130333: LESLEY BYRD SIMPSON - Studies in the Administration of the Indians in New Spain
121490: ALAN SIMPSON - The Wealth of the Gentry 1540-1660
121518: ALAN SIMPSON - The Wealth of the Gentry 1540-1660
1213449: HAROLD B SIMPSON - Audie Murphy: American Soldier
72272: MATTHEW SIMPSON, D.D., LL.D., ED. - Cyclopedia of Methodism Embracing Sketches of Its Rise, Progress, and Present Condition.
68516: ROBERT L. SIMPSON. - The Interpretation of Prayer in the Early Church.
13842: DONALD SIMPSON. - Dark Companions: The African Contribution to the European Exploration of East Africa.
140491: W.J. SPARROW SIMPSON - St. Augustine's Episcopate: A Brief Introduction to His Writings As a Christian
125045: REV. ALBERT E. SIMS AND REV. GEORGE DENT, EDS. - Who's Who in the Bible: An ABC Cross Reference of Names of People in the Bible
98430: PATTERSON SIMS. - Charles Sheeler.
143295: MAY SINCLAIR - The Allinghams
1213453: UPTON SINCLAIR - The Jungle
36510: SIR JOHN SINCLAIR. - The Code of Health and Longevity.
120606: ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER - Passions and Other Stories
149471: CHARLES SINGER, ED. - Studies in the History and Method of Science, Vols. I-II
121545: ANDRE SINGER - Lords of the Khyber: The Story of the North-West Frontier
131301: JUNE K. SINGER - The Unholy Bible: A Psychological Interpretation of William Blake
131621: GURBHAGAT SINGH - Poetry As Metaconsciousness: Readings in William Blake
43715: STEPHANUS SIPOS. - Enchiridion Iuris Canonici.
74138: STEPHEN SIPOS. - Enchiridion Iuris Canonici.
125341: SISTER MARIE JEAN DE PATHMOS, AND SISTER MARIE ANNE EVA, TRANS. - A History of the Sisters of Saint Anne, Volume One 1850-1900
42498: A BENEDICTINE SISTER. - A Little Sister Missionary.
150598: A BERNARDINE SISTER - Under the Shadow of the Almighty: The Life Story of Mother Veronica, First Superior of the Bernardine Sisters in America
106391: OUR LADY OF VICTORY MISSIONARY SISTERS. - Manual of Prayers for Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters.
69939: JOSEPH SITTLER. - The Ecology of Faith.
150344: GERARD SITWELL - Spiritual Writers of the Middle Ages
73214: WILLIAM G. HOLDER & WILLIAM D. SIURU, JR., PH.D. - General Dynamics F-16.
111756: JEGOR VON SIVERS. - Cuba: Die Perle Der Antillen.
124806: PAUL SIWEK, S. J., PH. D., S. T. D. - The Riddle of Konnersreuth: A Psychological and Religious Study
149053: PAUL SIWEK - The Riddle of Konnersreuth: A Psychological and Religious Study
148350: JEAN-FRANCOIS SIX - Witness in the Desert: The Life of Charles de Foucauld
144500: ROBERT DE LA SIZERANNE - Beatrice D'Este and Her Court
124895: BRENDAN BYRNE SJ - Sacra Pagina: Romans
132278: KARL RAHNER SJ - Theologians Today
111862: GERALD O'COLLINS SJ. - Experiencing Jesus.
149310: DR. JOHN J. SKALA - The Marriage Maze
148204: ELLEN SKERRETT, ED. - At the Crossroads: Old Saint Patrick's and the Chicago Irish
103276: MARILYN B. SKINNER. - Transactions of the American Philogical Association 2000.
28257: RICHARD DANA SKINNER. - Eugene O'Neill: A Poet's Quest.
123263: HENRIETTA DANA SKINNER - Their Choice
11785: J.S. SKINNER. - The Dog and the Sportsman.
147910: ELEANOR L. SKINNER - Tales and Plays of Robin Hood
124021: RICHARD J. SKLBA - Fire Starters: Igniting the Holy in the Weekday Homily
140637: BORIS SKOMOROVSKY AND E.G. MORRIS - The Siege of Leningrad
143708: KIMON SKORDILES - The Seabees in War and Peace
98746: MARIO BLEJER & MARKO SKREB. - Macroeconomic Stabilization in Transition Economies.
1210703: J.H. SKRINE, ED. - P. Vergili Maronis Georgicon: Liber Secundus.
122524: J.H. SKRINE, ED. - P. Vergili Maronis Georgicon, Liber Secundus.
68431: KENNETH SLACK. - Is Sacrifice Outmoded?
143698: DOUGLAS SLADEN - The Secrets of the Vatican
66047: ANDREW LEONARD SLAFKOSKY. - The Canonical Episcopal Visitation of the Diocese: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
147291: JOHN C. SLATER - Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure Vols. I-II
147837: REV. THOMAS SLATER - Cases of Conscience for English-Speaking Countries Vols. I-II
69875: CHARLES LEWIS SLATTERY, D.D. - Present-Day Preaching.
146396: WILLIAM C. SLATTERY - The Richardson-Stinstra Correspondence and Stinstra's Prefaces to Clarissa
131260: MOSES STEPHEN SLAUGHTER - Roman Portraits
123797: FRANK G. SLAUGHTER - Constantine: The Miracle of the Flaming Cross
145539: H.W. SLAUSON AND HOWARD GREENE - Everyman's Guide to Motor Efficiency
146382: H.W. SLAUSON AND HOWARD GREENE - Everyman's Guide to Motor Efficiency: Simplified Short-Cuts to Maximum Mileage at Minimum Cost
143454: MALCOLM OWEN SLAVIN AND DANEIL KRIEGMAN - The Adaptive Design of the Human Psyche: Psychoanalysis, Evolutionary Biology, and the Therapeutic Process
111532: DOUGLAS J. SLAWSON. - Ambition and Arrogance: Cardinal William O'Connell of Boston and the American Catholic Church.
147953: HENRY SLESAR - The Veil
146570: WILLIAM H. SLOAN - The Authorized Interpreter of Holy Scripture
70477: REV. PATRICK J. SLOAN. - The Sunday-School Teacher's Guide to Success.
47015: WILLIAM SLOANE. - Children's Books in England & America in the Seventeenth Century: A History and a Checklist, Together with the Young Christian's Library...
96899: ERIC SLOANE. - Our Vanishing Landscape.

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