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%23258047: McCargo, Duncan. - Mapping national anxieties : Thailand's Southern conflict.
%23257939: McCarthy, Paul. - The Box.
%23291596: McCarthy, Courtney Watson. - Leonardo pop-ups.
%23110259: McCarthy, John A., Schade, Richard E. & Dieter Sevin (eds.) - Practicing progress : the promise and limitations of Enlightenment : Festschrift for John A. McCarthy.
%2386774: McCarthy, John A. - Crossing Boundaries: a Theory and History of Essay Writing in German, 1680-1815.
%23130667: McCarthy, John P. - Hilaire Belloc: Edwardian radical.
%23258413: McCarthy, J. M. (ed.) - Kinematics of Robot Manipulators.
%23207936: McCarthy, John C. (ed.) - Modern Enlightenment and the rule of reason.
%23257646: McCartney, Robert (Ed.) - Automating Software Design.
%23281223: McCarty, Richard ... [et al.] (eds.) - Stress : molecular genetic and neurobiological advances : proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Catecholamines and Other Neurotransmitters in Stress, Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, June 19-24 1995.
%23284272: McCausland, Shane & et...al. - Chinese romance from a Japanese brush Kano Sansetsu's Chogonka Scrolls in the Chester Beatty Library.
%2352128: McCawley, James D. - The Syntactic Phenomena of English, Volume 2.
%2352129: McCawley, James D. - The Syntactic Phenomena of English, Vol. 1.
%23107052: MccGwire, Michael. - Perestroika and Soviet national security.
%23154248: MccGwire, Michael. - Perestroika and Soviet national security.
%23204452: McChesney, Fred S. - Money for nothing : politicians, rent extraction, and political extortion.
%23262943: McClamrock, Ron. - Existential cognition : computational minds in the world.
%23240522: McCleary, Richard and Richard A. Hay, jr. with Errol E. Meidinger and David McDowall. - Applied time series analysis for the social sciences.
%23281481: McClelland, Peter C. - Causal explanation and model building : in History, Economics and the New Economic History.
%23257978: McClelland, J.L. AND DAVID E. RUMELHART - Explorations in parallel distributed processing : a handbook of models, programs, and exercises.
%23133787: McClelland, James L. (e.a.) - Parallel Distributed Processing. Explorations in the Microstructure of Cognition. Vol. 2: Psychological and Biological Models.
%23257534: McCloskey, H.J. - Meta-ethics and normative ethics.
%23220637: McCloud, Scott. - Zot ! 1987-1991 : the complete black and white collection.
%23166604: McClure, Kirstie Morna. - Judging rights : Lockean politics and the limits of consent.
%23279027: McCombs, Richard A. - The paradoxical rationality of Søren Kierkegaard.
%23135906: McConville, J.G. & J.G. Millar - Time and Place in Deuteronomy.
%2366609: McCord, James W.W. & Sandra L. McCord. - Criminal Law and Procedure for the Paralegal: A Systems Approach.
%23259123: McCormick, Charles Tilford., Strong, John W. (ed.) - McCormick on evidence. 4th edition.
%23275789: Peter (Peter J.) McCormick. - Starmaking : realism, anti-realism, and irrealism.
%23145932: McCormick, E. Allen - Theodor Storm's Novellen. Essays on Literary Technique.
%2374660: McCosh, James. - The Scottish philosophy : biographical, expository, critical : from Hutcheson to Hamilton.
%23155403: McCosh, James. - The laws of discursive thought being a textbook of formal logic.
%23250756: McCoubrey, H. - International humanitarian law : the regulation of armed conflicts.
%23220111: McCracken, Janet. - Taste and the household : the domestic aesthetic and moral reasoning.
%23285896: McCready, Karen. - Art Deco and Modernist Ceramics.
%23135597: McCreesh, Thomas P. - Biblical Sound and Sense. Poetic Sound Patterns in Proverbs 10-29.
%23101495: McCrindle, J.W. (tr) - Ancient India as described by MEGASTHENES and ARIAN...
%23101491: McCrindle, J.W. (tr) - Ancient India as described in Classical literature.
%23101493: McCrindle, J.W. (tr) - The Commerce and Navigation of the Erythraean Sea (Periplus Maris Erythraei)...
%23101494: McCrindle, J.W. (tr) - Ancient India as described in Classical literature. A collection of Greek and Latin texts...
%23101498: McCrindle, J.W. (tr) - The invasion of India by Alexander the Great, as described by ARRIAN, Q. CURTIUS, DIODORUS, PLUTARCH, and JUSTIN
%23101497: McCrindle, J.W. (tr) - Ancient India as described by PTOLEMY...
%23191072: McCulloch, John Ramsay. - Over de omstandigheden, die den prijs der werkloonen en den toestand der arbeidende klassen bepalen.
%2378604: McCulloch, John Ramsay. - Geld und Banken.
%23265688: McCulloch, John Ramsay. - Treatises & essays on subjects connected wit economic policy.
%23224423: McCulloch, John Ramsay. - The literature of political economy : a classified catalogue of select publications in the different departments of that science with historical, critical, and biographical notices.
%23275503: McCulloch, John Ramsay. - A treatise on the circumstances which determine the rate of wages and the condition of the labouring classes.
%23282884: [Travel Guide]. McCullough, W.D.H. (Intr.). - London.
%23227481: McCumber, John. - Poetic interaction : language, freedom, reason.
%23258065: McCumber, John. - Reshaping reason. Toward a New Philosophy.
%23171999: McCumber, John. - Metaphysics and oppression : Heidegger's challenge to Western philosophy.
%2351877: McDaniel, Dana - Methods for Assessing Children's Syntax.
%23279728: McDiarmid, Lucy. - The Irish Art of Controversy.
%23265851: McDonald, Colm ... [et al.] (eds.) - Bipolar disorder: the upswing in research and treatment.
%23260734: McDonald, Christie. - Painting my world : the art of Dorothy Eisner.
%23277814: McDonald, Hamish. - Demokrasi : Indonesia in the 21st century.
%23144417: McDonald, Peter (ed.) - The literature of soil science.
%23284120: McDonald, John. - A Ghost's Memoir: The Making of Alfred P. Sloan's My Years with General Motors.
%23190744: McDonogh, Gary W., Robert Gregg, & Cindy H. Wong. - Encyclopedia of contemporary American culture.
%23221323: McDonough, Kevin & Walter Feinberg (eds.) - Citizenship and education in liberal-democratic societies : teaching for cosmopolitan values and collective identities.
%2376066: McDOWELL, FREDERICK P.W. (ed.). - E.M. FORSTER.
%23276478: Ulay & Thomas McEvilley - Ulay : der erste Akt = the first act,
%23223151: McEwan, Colin - Turquoise Mosaics from Mexico.
%23154212: McEwan, Calvin W.; Linda S. Braidwood; Henri Frankfort, Hans C. Haines, Helene J. Kantor, & Carl H. Kraeling. - Soundings at Tell Fakhariyah.
%23154785: McFalls, Laurence & Lothar Probst (eds.) - After the GDR: New Perspectives on the Old GDR and the Young Länder.
%23253997: Mcfarland, David - Intelligent Behavior in Animals and Robots.
%23131022: McFarland, Thomas - Shapes of Culture
%23212445: McGillivray, Mark & Oliver Morrissey (eds.) - Evaluating economic liberalization (Case studies in economic development, 4).
%23273359: McGillivray, Mark - Human Well-Being: Concept and Measurement.
%23290992: McGinley, Ryan. - Ryan McGinley : Mirror Mirror.
%2342042: McGinn, Noel F. - Framing Questions, Constructing Answers: Linking Research with Education Policy for Developing Countries (Harvard Studies in International Development).
%2342309: McGlinn, William D. - Introduction to Relativity.
%23119135: McGlynn, Frank & Arthur Tuden (eds.) - Anthropological approaches to political behaviour.
%23131825: McGoldrick, J.D. - Law and Practice of Municipal Home Rule 1916-1930
%23250753: McGough, Lucy S. - Child witnesses : fragile voices in the American legal system.
%23291058: Mcgrath, Tim. - James Monroe : a life.
%23114506: McGregor, Stuart. - The formation of modern Hindi as demonstrated in early Hindi dictionaries. 8th Gonda lecture.
%2352957: McGregor, John C. - Southwestern Archaeology.
%23267631: McGregor, James H.S. - Back to the garden : nature and the Mediterranean world from prehistory to the present.
%23285428: McGrew, Anthony & Christopher Brook (eds.) - Asia-Pacific in the new world order.
%23258997: McGuinness, Aims. - Path of empire : Panama and the California Gold Rush.
%2374466: McGuire, Kevin T. - The Supreme Court bar: legal elites in the Washington community.
%23284336: McHugh, Paul R. & Slavney, Phillip R. - The Perspectives of Psychiatry.
%2360608: McIntosh, Roderick J., Joseph A. Tainter & Susan Keech McIntosh. - The way the wind blows : climate, history, and human action.
%23280761: McIntosh, Roderick J. (Editor). - Plundering Africa's Past.
%23289150: McIvor, Gill. - Working with offenders.
%23284376: McKay, Susan & Dyan E Mazurana. - Where are the girls? : girls in fighting forces in northern Uganda, Sierre Leone and Mozambique : their lives during and after war.
%2324973: McKee, P. - Heroic commitment in Richardson, Eliot, and James.
%23239277: McKeever, Sean D & Michael Ridge. - Principled ethics : generalism as a regulative ideal.
%23109892: McKegeny. J.C. - The political pamphlets of Pablo Villavicencio
%23198321: McKenna, Joseph C. - Diplomatic protest in foreign policy : analysis and case studies.
%23215610: McKenzie, Lionel W. - Classical general equilibrium theory.
%23284926: McKenzie, Brian A. - Remaking France: Americanization, Public Diplomacy, and the Marshall Plan.
%23151480: McKenzie, F.A. - Korea's Fight for Freedom.
%23144378: McKeon, Zahava K. - Freedom and History and Other Essays. An Introduction to the thought of Richard McKeon.
%23268079: McKeon, Richard. - Selected writings of Richard McKeon. Vol. 1: Philosophy, science, and culture.
%2398410: McKillop, A.B. - Matters of mind: the university in Ontario 1791-1951.
%23163881: McKillop, A. B. - The spinster and the prophet : a tale of H.G. Wells, plagiarism and the history of the world.
%23230986: McKinnon, E. Luanne - Eva Hesse : Spectres 1960.
%23258049: McKinnon, Katharine. - Development professionals in Northern Thailand : hope, politics and practice.
%23243758: McKinnon, Ronald I., Ohno, Kenichi. - Dollar and yen resolving economic conflict between the United States and Japan.
%23132693: McKinnon, Alistair (ed.) - Kierkegaard in translation. En traduction. In Übersetzung.
%23258364: McKitterick, Rosamond. - Atlas of the Medieval World.
%23175958: McKnight, Stephen A., - International and interdisciplinary perspectives on Eric Voegelin.
%23236759: McKown, Delos Banning. - Behold the Antichrist : Bentham on religion.
%23262642: McLaren, Angus. - Impotence : a cultural history.
%23289977: McLaughlin, Eurgene & John Muncie (eds.) - The Sage dictionary of criminology.
%2373085: McLaughlin, George D. & Edwin R. Theis. - The chemistry of leather manifacture.
%23156523: McLAUGHLIN, ROBERT N. - On the logic ordinary conditionals.
%23250783: McLean, Sheila (ed.), - Law reform and human reproduction.
%23262818: McLean, Alick M. - Prato : architecture, piety, and political identity in a Tuscan city-state.
%23174732: Mclellan, D. - Thought of Karl Marx.
%23255642: McLellan, Andrew [et al ...] - King's as Collectors: paintings, sculpture and decorative arts from the Musée du Louvre.
%23234129: McLeod, Carolyn. - Self-trust and reproductive autonomy.
%2368303: McLeod, Glenda. - Virtue and venom : catalogs of women from Antiquity to the Renaissance.
%23143322: McLin, Jon B. - Canada's Changing Defense Policy, 1957-1963. The Problems of a Middle Power in Alliance.
%2353369: McLoughlin, J. - The law and practice relating to pollution control in the United Kingdom.
%23109294: McLYNN, Frank J. - Carl Gustav Jung.
%23289592: McMahon, Keith. - Polygamy and sublime passion : sexuality in China on the verge of modernity.
%23222716: McMenamin, Mark A. & Dianna L.S. McMenamin. - Hypersea : life on land
%23258016: McNAB, DAVID & JAMES YOUNGER. - The Planets.
%232529: McNair, Arnold D. - The law of the air.
%23272587: McNair, Amy. - The Upright Brush: Yan Zhenqing's Calligraphy and Song Literati Politics.
%23136365: McNaron, Toni A.H. - Poisoned Ivy. Lesbian and Gay Academics Confronting Homophobia.
%23152876: McNaugher, Thomas L. - New weapons , old politics : America's military procurement muddle.
%23109773: McNerney, Kathleen. - The influence of Ausiàs March on early golden age Castilian Poetry.
%23118310: McPherson, Glen. - Statistics in Scientific Investigation. Its Basis, Application, and Interpretation.
%23284759: McPhillips, Stephen & Paul D. Wordsworth (eds.) - Landscapes of the Islamic world : archaeology, history, and ethnography.
%23173602: McRae, Robert Grant. - Philosophy and the Absolute: the modes of Hegel's speculation.
%23261677: McWhinney, Edward. - Federal constitution-making for a multi-national world.
%23254692: McWhinney, Edward. - Aerial piracy and international law : [essays grown out of an international conference on the general theme 'Aerial piracy and international law' held at the Institute of air and space law at McGill University, Montreal, October 30-31, 1970].
%2365038: McWhinney, Edward. - The illegal diversion of aircraft and international law.
%23103660: McWilliams-Tullberg, Rita. - Women at Cambridge. A men's university - though of a mixed type.
%23182656: Mda, Zakes - Het rode hart.
%23289729: Mead, Margaret. - Studying Contemporary Western Society : Method and Theory.
%238070: Mead, Donald C. - Growth and structural change in the Egyptian economy.
%23244272: Mead, David. - The New Law of Peaceful Protest: Rights and Regulation in the Human Rights Act Era.
%23249444: Mead, Margaret. - To cherish the life of the world : selected letters of Margaret Mead.
%23243875: Mead, Margaret. - To cherish the life of the world : selected letters of Margaret Mead.
%2320107: Meade, James E. - An introduction to economic analysis and policy.
%2312278: Meade, James E. - The balance of payments.
%23282255: Meade, Edward Sherwood. - Trust Finance.
%2331576: Meade, James E. - Planning and the price mechanism : the liberal-socialist solution.
%23135567: Meadowcroft, T.J. - Aramaic Daniel and Greek Daniel. A Literary Comparison.
%23219540: Meagher, Sharon M. & Patrice DiQuinzio (eds.) - Women and children first : feminism , rhetoric , and public policy.
%23192330: Meates, G.W. - The Roman villa at Lullingstone, Kent. Vol. I: The site.
%23101505: Meaume, Édouard. - Sébastien Le Clerc (1637-1714) et son oeuvre gravé : étude biographique et catalogue raisonné.
%2392722: Mebiama, Guy Jean Clément. - Le régime politique de la République du Congo après la Constitution du 20 janvier 2002.
%23177001: Mechem, Floyd Russell, - Outlines of the law of agency.
%23290515: Medawar, Peter B. - Pluto's republic : incorporating the art of the soluble and induction and intuition in scientific thought.
%23209230: Medawar, Charles & Anita Hardon. - Medicines out of control? : antidepressants and the conspiracy of goodwill.
%23283755: Medenbach, Olaf & Harry Wilk. - The Magic of Minerals.
%2397563: Meder, Theo & Marie van Dijk. - Doe open zimzim : verhalen en liedjes uit de Utrechtse wijk Lombok.
%23290513: Meder, Theo. - Vertelcultuur in Waterland : de volksverhalen uit de collectie Bakker in hun context (ca. 1900).
%23236238: Medicus, Dieter. - Allgemeiner Teil des BGB : ein Lehrbuch.
%23243042: Medicus, Dieter. - Bürgerliches Recht : eine nach Anspruchsgrundlagen geordnete Darstellung zur Examensvorbereitung.
%2344946: Medicus, Dieter. - Grundwissen zum bürgerlichen Recht : ein Basisbuch zu den Anspruchsgrundlagen. 5. Auflage.
%23217906: Medicus, Dieter. - Allgemeiner Teil des BGB : ein Lehrbuch.
%23189415: Medina, José Toribio. - La imprenta en Guatemala, 1660-1821.
%2320142: Meeks, Dimitri - Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods
%23166613: Meene, Hellen Van & Karel Schampers. - Hellen van Meene : new photos [Japan series].
%23127651: Meent, G.W.A. van de. - Overheidsaanbestedingen : de EG-rechtelijke context.
%238928: Meer, Robert van der. - Operational control of internal transport =Besturingsystemen voor intern transport.
%23102249: Meer, J.H. van der. - Die Klangfarbliche Identität der Klavierwerke Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs.
%2360023: Meer, F.M. van der - Ambtenaren in Nederland : Omvang, bureaucratisering en representativiteit van het ambtelijk apparaat (Dutch Edition).
%23105786: Meer, S.G.W. van der. - Venloer Stadt-Texte 1320-1543. Eine lautliche und ortographische Untersuchung.
%23286369: Meer, Sjoerd de & Joost Schokkenbroek (eds.) - Hoogtij : maritieme identiteit in feesten, tradities en vermaak.
%23204022: Meer, Job van der. - Communitarisme en vertrouwen in politieke instellingen : verslag van een empirisch onderzoek.
%23197269: Meer, K. van der. - Documentaire informatiesystemen.
%23772: Meerdink, Johan. - De achteruitgang der geboorten.
%23126514: Meere, Freek de. - U kunt gerust gaan slapen...; Denkbeelden over technologie risico s en samenleving.
%23118163: Meerendonk, L. van de - Tussen reformatie en contra-reformatie : geest en levenswijze van de clerus in stad en Meierij van 's-Hertogenbosch en zijn verhouding tot de samenleving tussen 1520 en 1570.
%23143380: Meerendonk, L. van de - Het klooster op de Eikendonk te Den Dungen.
%23149922: Meerhaeghe, M.A.G. van. - A Handbook of International Institutional Economics.
%23156557: Meerkerk, Edwin M. - Achter de schermen van het boekbedrijf : Henri du Sauzet (1687-1754) in de wereld van uitgeverij en boekhandel in de Republiek.
%23196315: Meerling. - Methoden en technieken van psychologisch onderzoek. Deel 1 : model, observatie en beslissing.
%234971: Meerloo, Joost A.M. - De razende roes naar Nergenshuizen : brokkenmakers in het verkeer.
%234975: Meerloo, Joost A.M. - Homo militans : de psychologie van oorlog en vrede in de mens.
%234979: Meerloo, Joost A.M. - Lachen, dansen, rebellie : beschouwingen over geestelijke besmetting.
%23133588: Meersmans, Patrick. - Optimization of Container Handling Systems.
%23130028: Meerten, Hans van. - Een Europese Unie: efficiënt, transparant en democratisch.
%23213070: Meertens, P.J. & Ger Harmsen. - In het voetspoor van Henriette Roland Holst : radicalen en religieuze socialisten in Nederland.
%23237055: Meertens, P.J. ... et al. - Nederlands repertorium van familienamen. XIII : Zuidholland. Band 1 - A t/m K.
%2359978: Meertens, P.J. ... et al. - Nederlands repertorium van familienamen. XII : Noordholland. Band 2 - M t/m Z.
%23208361: Meertens, P.J. ... et al. - Biografisch woordenboek van het socialisme en de arbeidersbeweging in Nederland. Deel 7.
%23208358: Meertens, P.J. ... et al. - Biografisch woordenboek van het socialisme en de arbeidersbeweging in Nederland. Deel 4.
%23208359: Meertens, P.J. ... et al. - Biografisch woordenboek van het socialisme en de arbeidersbeweging in Nederland. Deel 5.
%23208357: Meertens, P.J. ... et al. - Biografisch woordenboek van het socialisme en de arbeidersbeweging in Nederland. Deel 3.
%23208356: Meertens, P.J. ... et al. - Biografisch woordenboek van het socialisme en de arbeidersbeweging in Nederland. Deel 2.
%2353805: Meertens, P.J. & B. Wander (samenst.) - Bibliografie der dialecten van Nederland : 1800-1950.
%23208354: Meertens, P.J. ... et al. - Biografisch woordenboek van het socialisme en de arbeidersbeweging in Nederland. Deel 1.
%23136878: Meertens, P.J. - Zeeuwse Familienamen.
%23280770: H. C. C., Meertens,. - Dynamics in farming systems : changes in time and space in Sukumaland, Tanzania.
%23238863: Meerts, Paul W. & Franz Cede. - Negotiating European Union.
%23287623: Meerum Terwogt, Jr., Willem. - Quaestiones Valerianae : specimen litterarium inaugurale ...
%23187671: Meerum Terwogt, P.C.E. - Het nut der wijsbegeerte.
%23284602: Mees, Heleen. - Changing fortunes : how China's boom caused the financial crisis.
%23213909: Meese, Joachim. - De duur van het strafproces : onderzoek naar de termijn waarbinnen een strafprocedure moet of mag worden afgehandeld.
%23283862: Meesenburg, H. ... [et al.] - The island of Fanö : its dwellings and its countryside.
%23169312: Meesters, Jan Herman. - Op zoek naar de oorsprong van de Sabbat.
%23262275: Meeteren, Aries van. - Op hoop van akkoord : instrumenteel forumgebruik bij geschilbeslechting in Leiden in de zeventiende eeuw.
%23268004: Heemkundige Genootschap van het Meetjesland. - Appeltjes van het Meetjesland. Jaarboek van het Heemkundig Genootschap van het Meetjesland. Nr. 33 - 1982.
%23279199: Meeus, Wilhelmus Hubertus Johannus Meeus & Quintin Antoon Willem Raaijmakers - Gewoon gehoorzaam. Een sociaal-psycholog. onderzoek naar gehoorzaamheid door Wilhelmus Hubertus Johannus Meeus; Quintin Antoon Willem Raaijmakers Scriptie/Proefschrift : Scriptie/Dissertatie : Manuscript Archiefmateriaal Taal: Nederlands Uitgever: 1984.
%23114849: MEEUS, MARIUS. - Wat bekent arbeid? Over het ontstaan van de westerse arbeidsmoraal.
%2347045: Meeuwen, Pieter Leon van. - Het eigendomsrecht op niet bevaarbare noch vlotbare rivieren.
%23225151: Mehden, Fred R. von der. - Two worlds of Islam : interaction between Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
%23197055: Mehlenbacher, V.C. - The analysis of fats and oils.
%2343923: Mehler, Jacques - Cognition on cognition.
%23176189: Mehlitz, Alfred. - Süssmost: Fachbuch der gewerbsmässigen Süssmosterzeugung.
%23279861: Mehlman, Jeffrey. - Walter Benjamin for Children: An Essay on his Radio Years.
%23264868: Mehos, Donna C. - Science and culture for members only : the Amsterdam Zoo Artis in the nineteenth century.
%23225154: Mehren, Joan von. - Minerva and the muse : a life of Margaret Fuller.
%23278757: Mehring, Franz. - Karl Marx : geschiedenis van zijn leven.
%23285980: Mehring, Christine. - Blinky Palermo : abstraction of an era
%2337036: Mehrotra, Santosh. - Development with a human Face: experiences in social achievement and economic growth.
%23257985: Mehrotra, Piyush e.a. - Unstructured scientific computation on scalable multiprocessors.
%23114697: Mehrotra, Santosh. - India and the Soviet Union: trade and technology transfer.
%23180699: Mehrotra, Santosh & Richard Jolly (eds.) - Development with a human face : experience in social achievement and economic growth.
%2381104: MEHTA, U.S. - The anxiety of freedom. Imagination and individuality in Locke's political thought.
%23150679: Mei, A.P. van der. - Free Movement of Persons within the European Community : cross Border Access to Public Benefits.
%23281534: Mei, Yuan. - Ce dont le Maître ne Parlait Pas : traduit du chinois présenté et annoté par Chang Fu-jui, Jacqueline Chang, Jean-Pierre Diény.
%2384729: MEIBOOM, W.E. - Inventaris van het archief van de Gedeputeerden van Haarlem ter dagvaart van de Staten van Holland, (1589) 1603-1787.
%23123702: Meiboom, Siegmund. - Studien zur deutschen Politik Bayerns in den Jahren 1851-59.
%23271107: Meidinger, Jean Valentin. - Histoires intéressantes.
%23253542: Meier, Richard. - Richard Meier Museums.
%2382794: MEIER-LEMGO, KARL. - Hexen, Henker und Tyrannen. Die letzte und blutigste Hexenverfolgung in Lemgo, 1665-1681.
%23226211: Meier, Gerald M., Schultz, Theodore W. (Theodore William), 1902-1998. - Pioneers in development .
%23221151: Meier, Dirk. - Siedeln und Leben am Rande der Welt : zwischen Steinzeit und Mittelalter.
%2378613: Meier, Theodor. - Das Wesen der spartanischen Staatsordnung nach ihren lebensgesetzlichen- und bodenrechtlichen Voraussetzungen.
%23137083: Meier, Heinz K. - The United States and Switzerland in the Nineteenth Century.
%23200190: Meier, Peter. - Die Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Planung und Steuerung im Druckereibetrieb.
%2390322: Meier, Christian. - A culture of freedom : ancient Greece and the origins of Europe.
%2333885: Meihuizen, L.S. - De rekening betreffende het graafschap Gelre 1294/1295.
%2339889: Meihuizen, Joggli. - Sans égards : Prof. Mr. A. Pitlo en zijn conflicten met Joodse juristen.
%2344640: Meij, A.W.H. & Sally Jansen. - Europocket : verdragsteksten EG-Europese Unie c.a., incl. het Verdrag van Lissabon.
%2321570: Meij, J.L. - (ed.). Internal wage structure.
%23225016: Meij, Bart van der & Kees Westerkamp. - De digitale bibliotheek.
%23180218: Meij, J.M. de, A.W. Hins, A.J. Nieuwenhuis & G.A.I. Schuijt. - Uitingsvrijheid : de vrije informatiestroom in grondwettelijk perspectief
%234773: Meij, J.C.A. de. - De watergeuzen en de Nederlanden, 1568-1572 = The Seabeggars and the Netherlands 1568-1572 = Les Gueux de Mer et les Pays-Bas
%23171875: Meij, Pelle de. - Samenloop van CMR-Verdrag en EEX-Verordening.
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