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%23274016: MACARTHUR, JOHN R. - You Can't Be President: The Outrageous Barriers to Democracy in America.
%2325838: MACARY, JEAN. - Masque et Lumières au XVIIIe : André-François Deslandes Citoyen et Philosophe 1689-1757.
%23127324: MACAVOY, PAUL W. - The failure of Antitrust and regulation to establish competition in long-distance telephone services.
%23150912: MACAVOY, PAUL W. - Industry regulation and the performance of the American Economy.
%2317167: MACBRIDE, SÉAN (CHAIRMAN). - Israel in Lebanon : report of the international commission to enquire into reported violations of international law by Israel during its invasion of the Lebanon : 28 August 1982-29 November 1982.
%23236565: MACBRIDE, J. FRANCIS MACBRIDE & R.S. WILLIAMS. - Various spermatophytes [by] J. Francis Macbride & Mosses of Peru [by] R.S. Williams.
%23187939: MACCORD, MARGARET. - Zingen voor koningin Victoria : het leven van Katie Makanya.
%23275835: MACCORMICK, DONALD NEIL & OTA WEINBERGER. - Grundlagen des institutionalistischen Rechtspositivismus.
%23279630: MACCORMICK, ALEX. - The Mammoth Book of Man-Eaters: Over 250 Terrifying True Accounts of Predators from Pre-History to the Present.
%23283444: MACDONALD, EILEEN. - Schiet eerst de vrouwen neer. [Shoot the women first].
%2332621: MACDONALD, JOHN MARSHALL - Rape Offenders and Their Victims.
%23281025: MACDONALD, R.ST.J. & DOUGLAS M. JOHNSTON. - The Structure and Process of International Law : essays in legal philosophy doctrine and theory.
%23249865: MACDONALD, RONALD ST. JOHN., DOUGLAS M. JOHNSTON & GERALD L. MORRIS. - The international law and policy of human welfare.
%23246760: MACDONALD, MALCOLM. - Schoenberg.
%23206664: MACDONALD, B. - The Southern Ghors and Northeast 'Arabah archeological survey.
%23110192: MACDONALD, LAUCHLIN D. - John Grote : a critical estimate of his writings.
%23142886: MACDONOGH, GILES - Berlin.
%23100511: MACDOWELL, DOUGLAS M. - Athenian homocide law in the age of the Orators.
%23121904: MACEWAN, ARTHUR. - Development alternatives in Pakistan. A multisector and regional analysis of planning problems.
%2333291: MACEWEN, MARTIN. - Tackling Racism in Europe: An Examination of Anti-Discrimination Law in Practice.
%23189958: MACEWEN, MARTIN. - Tackling racism in Europe : an examination of anti-discrimination law in practice.
%23255062: MACFARLANE, PETER. - Health law : commentary and materials.
%23281407: MACFARQUHAR, LARISSA - Wereldverbeteraars : Een filosofische verkenning van altruïsme.
%2334412: MACGILLIVRAY, ROYCE. - Restoration historians and the English civil war.
%23237175: MACGLEW, JAMES F. - Tyranny and political culture in ancient Greece.
%23280525: MACGREGOR, MARY. - De geschiedenis van Griekenland.
%23122212: MACH, ERNST. - Natuurkunde, wetenschap en filosofie.
%2380073: MACH, ERNST. - Die Geschichte und die Wurzel des Satzes von der Erhaltung der Arbeit. Zur Geschichte des Arbeitbegriffs. Kultur und Mechanik.
%2380071: MACH, ERNST. - Grundlinien der Lehre von den Bewegungsempfindungen.
%23249740: MACH, ERNST. - Erkenntnis und Irrtum : Skizzen zur Psychologie der Forschung.
%23129026: MACHAUT, GUILLAUME DE. - The Tale of the Alerion.
%23268878: MACHEREY, PIERRE. - Gebroken spiegel : over de realistiese illusie : Pierre Macherey's opvattingen over realisme, weerspiegeling van en de voorwaarden van de literaire produktie - met een kommentaar van de redaktie.
%23275793: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO?. - The prince.
%23275796: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. - The prince.
%23275794: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO?. - The prince.
%2313182: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLÒ. - The prince.
%23117117: MACHLUP, FRITZ. - International trade and the National Income Multiplier.
%238326: MACHLUP, FRITZ. - A history of thought on economic integration.
%23127627: MACINNES, J.W. - The comical as textual practice in Les Fleurs du Mal.
%23237143: MACINNIS, PETER. - Poisons : A history from hemlock to Botox.
%23221283: MACINTOSH, KERRY LYNN. - Illegal beings : human clones and the law.
%2399948: MACINTYRE, B. - The Napoleon of crime. Adam Worth, the real Moriarty.
%23117223: MACINTYRE, ALASDAIR. - Short history of ethics : a history of moral philosophy from the Homeric age to the 20th century.
%23133518: MACIVER, ROBERT M. - Academic Freedom in our Time. A Study prepared for the American Academic Freedom Project at Columbia University.
%23275785: MACK, MICHAEL. - German idealism and the Jew : the inner anti-semitism of philosophy and German Jewish responses.
%2330766: MACK, ANGELA D. - Landscape of slavery : the plantation in American art.
%23223180: MACK, HEINZ. - Heinz Mack : Zwischen den Zeiten = Heinz Mack, Between the times.
%23275274: MACK, JOHN E. - The alchemy of survival : one woman's journey.
%2378606: MACK, HEINRICH. - Die Finanzverwaltung der Stadt Braunschweig bis zum Jahre 1374.
%23262143: MACKAAY, EJAN & YSOLDE GENDREAU. - Législation canadienne en propriété intellectuelle 2005 = Canadian legislation on intellectual property 2005.
%2320500: MACKAY, RUTH. - Lazy , improvident people : myth and reality in the writing of Spanish history.
%23246642: MACKAY, RUTH. - Lazy, improvident people : myth and reality in the writing of Spanish history.
%2326814: MACKAY, R.W.G. - Towards a United States of Europe : an analysis of Britain's role in European union.
%23257833: MACKE, AUGUST. - August Macke und die Schweiz = August Macke and Switzerland.
%23147359: MACKENZIE, DAVID - Ilija Garasanin: Balkan Bismarck.
%23222236: MACKENZIE, IAIN. - The idea of pure critique.
%2389395: MACKENZIE, M. - Communities of honor and love in Henry James.
%23140962: MACKENZIE, DAVID - The Exoneration of the 'Black Hand' 1917-1953.
%23273672: D., I. (IAN DUNCAN) MACKILLOP - F.R. Leavis : essays and documents
%2385774: MACKINNEY, GORDON & ANGELA C. LITTLE. - Color of foods.
%23219554: MACKINNON, BARBARA. - American philosophy : a historical anthology.
%23255649: MACKINNON, EDWARD M. - Scientific explanation and atomic physics.
%23154015: MACKINNON, ALISON - Love and Freedom : Professional Women and the Reshaping of Personal Life.
%23263223: MACKINNON, DEAN F. - Trouble in mind. An unorthodox introduction to psychiatry.
%23212323: MACKINTOSH, MAUREEN - Economic Decentralization and Public Management Reform (New Horizons in Public Policy Series).
%23258998: MACLAINE PONT, M.W. - Hoe zij overwonnen : een vijftal verhalen uit den tijd van de invoering van het christendom in Groot-Brittannië.
%23225032: MACLEAN, ROBERT M. & BETTINA VOLPI. - EU trade barrier regulation : tackling unfair foreign trade practices.
%23256439: MACLEAN, IAIN. - What's wrong with the British Constitution?
%23101490: MACLEAN, ARTHUR JOHN. - Dictionary of the dialects of vernacular Syriac, as spoken by the Eastern Syrians of Kurdistan, North-West Persia and the plain of Mosul : with illustrations from the dialects of the Jews of Zakku and Azerbaijan, and of the Western Syrians of Tur'Abdin and Ma'lula,
%2316201: MACLEAN, DAVID. - International judicial assistance.
%2314634: MACLEAN, DAVID. - International co-operation in civil and criminal matters.
%23195730: MACLEOD, I., I.D. HENDRY, & STEPHEN HYETT. - The external relations of the European Communities : a manual of law and practice.
%23279981: MACMILLAN, JOHN. - On Liberal Peace: Democracy, War and the International Order.
%23239015: MACNAMARA, JOHN. - A border dispute : the place of logic in psychology.
%2347398: MACNAMARA, JOHN. - Names for things : a study of human learning.
%23238981: MACNAMARA, JOHN. - Through the rearview mirror : historical reflections on psychology.
%23109320: MACPHERSON, C.B. - Democratic theory: Essays in retrieval.
%231301: MACPHERSON, C.B. - Democratic theory: Essays in retrieval.
%23210182: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - Ivor : the story of an achievement : a biography of Ivor Novello.
%23246041: MACQUET, JOHANNES JACOBUS. - Tentamen juridicum inaugurale, quaedam rusticorum specialia jura sistens.
%23130701: MACRAE, DUNCAN. - Parliament, parties and society in France, 1946-1958.
%23264506: MACRORY, PATRICK F.J. (ED.) - The World Trade Organization: legal, economic and political analysis. Volume 1 : [1]. Background; [2]. The legal framework of the World Trade Organization.
%23213818: MADANSKY, ALBERT. - Foundations of econometrics.
%23218414: MADARIAGA, JAVIER SOLANA (FOREWORD) - Old Frontiers - New Frontiers: The Challenge of Kosovo and its Implications for the European Union.
%23242300: MADDEN, THOMAS F. - Venice: A New History.
%23280797: MADDISON, DAVID. - The true costs of road transport.
%2362150: MADDOX, JOHN ROYDEN. - Wat we nog niet weten : grote vragen in de wetenschap.
%23246665: MADDOX, LUCY. - Citizen Indians : Native American intellectuals , race , and reform.
%23278794: MADELIN, LOUIS. - De Fransche revolutie.
%23278783: MADELIN, LOUIS. - Napolon.
%2369751: MADERO, MARTA. - Tabula picta : painting and writing in medieval law.
%23285069: MADERO, MARTA. - Tabula picta : painting and writing in medieval law.
%2336667: MADGE, SIDNEY J. - The domesday of crown lands : a study of the legislation, surveys, and sales of royal estates under the Commonwealth.
%23254769: MADIOT, YVES. - Droits de l'homme et libertés publiques.
%23284493: MADISON, PETER. - Freud's concept of repression and defense, its theoretical and observational language.
%23179161: MADISON, GARY B. - Understanding, a phenomenological-pragmatic analysis.
%23236809: MADOFF, RAY D. - Immortality and the Law: The Rising Power of the American Dead.
%23230847: MADOFF, RAY D. - Immortality and the Law: The Rising Power of the American Dead.
%23265109: MAEDER, ALPHONSE. - Studien über Kurzpsychotherapie.
%2358529: MAEDGE, C.M. - Über den Ursprung der ersten Metalle, der See- und Sumpferzverhüttung, der Bergwerkindustrie und ihrer ältesten Organisation in Schweden. Eine prëhistorischen und historisch-ökonomische Abhandlung.
%23214254: MAEIJER, J.M.M. - Handleiding tot de beoefening van het Nederlands Burgerlijk Recht. II: Vertegenwoordiging en rechtspersoon. 2. De rechtspersoon.
%23102229: MAEIJER, J.M.M. - Rechtspersonen, Godsdienst en Levensovertuiging.
%2353762: MAEIJER, J.M.M. - Handleiding tot de beoefening van het Nederlands burgerlijk recht. II: Vertegenwoordiging en rechtspersoon. [Deel 3] : De naamloze en de besloten vennootschap.
%23107118: MAEIJER, J.M.M. - Handleiding tot de beoefening van het Nederlands Burgerlijk 2-II. De Rechtspersoon. Vertegenwoordiging en rechtspersoon.
%2316026: MAEIJER, J.M.M. - Matiging van schadevergoeding.
%23266955: MAEIJER, J.M.M. ... [ET AL.] - Flexibele rechtsvormen : voordrachten en discussieverslag van het gelijknamige congres op vrijdag 9 en zaterdag 10 november 2007.
%2386957: MAELEN, PHILIP VANDER. - Dictionaire Géographique du Limbourg.
%23283231: MAERTENS, A. - Onze Lieve Vrouw der Potterie te Brugge : geillustreerde gids.
%2363709: MAESEN DE SOMBREFF, F.B. VAN DER. - Jurisprudentiewijzer Milieurecht 2010-2011.
%23267034: MAESEN, LAURENT J.G. VAN DER. - Transformatie van de gezondheidszorg in Nederland tussen 1974 en 1987 : over de kosten en het geneeskundig paradigma bezien vanuit politiek-economische veronderstellingen.
%23215119: MAESENEIRE, WOUTER DE. - Essays on firm valuation and value appropriation.
%23282156: MAET, FRANK DIRK ROGER. - Nieuwe artistieke tijden : een filosofische kritiek van een door technologie bepaalde kunst.
%23246278: MAGEE, MICHAEL. - Emancipating pragmatism : Emerson , jazz , and experimental writing.
%23284736: MAGEE, GAYLE SHERWOOD. - Robert Altman's soundtracks : film, music and sound from M*A*S*H to a Prairie home companion.
%23280203: MAGELHAES, CLAUDE (PS. VAN JAN COPPENS). - Nederlandse fotografie : de eerste 100 jaar.
%23108590: MAGENDIE, FRANÇOIS. - Précis élementaire de Physiologie.
%23256407: MAGHRAOUI, ABDESLAM M. - Liberalism without democracy : nationhood and citizenship in Egypt, 1922-1936
%23131805: MAGID, H. MEYER - English Political Pluralism. The Problem of Freedom and Organization.
%23262472: MAGITS, LEO. - Vlaamsch socialisme.
%23154456: MAGLEBY, DAVID B. & CANDICE J. NELSON. - The money chase : congressional campaign finance reform.
%23102230: MAGLIO, V.J. & A.B. RICCA. - Dental and Skeletal Morphology of the Earliest Elephants.
%2393895: MAGLIOCCHETTI, B. & VERNA, A. (ED.) - The motif of the journey in nineteenth-century Italian literature.
%23108658: MAGNER JR., J.E. - John Crowe Ransom. Critical Principles and Preoccupations.
%23247580: LEONIS MAGNI. - Sancti Leonis Magni Opera Omnia : epistolis triginta, tribusque de Gratia Christi opusculis auctiora; secundum exactam annorum feriem accurate ordinata. accedunt codex canonum, et conftitutorum sedis apoftolicae, Sancti Hilarii arelatensis Episcopi Opuscula, et vita : item sermones, et homiliae Santi Maximi Episcopi Taurinensis.
%23165807: MAGNUS, BERND. - Heidegger's Metahistory of Philosophy: Amor Fati, Being and Truth.
%23148924: MAGNUS, FRANZ. - Aegypten. Seine volkswirschaftlichen Grundlagen und sein Wirtschaftsleben.
%23114488: MAGNUS, OTTO. - Rudolf Magnus : Physiologist and Pharmacologist (1873-1927). A biography.
%23232688: MAGNUS, ULRICH (ED.) - Europäisches Schuldrecht : Verordnungen und Richtlinien = European law of obligations : regulations and directives = Droit européen des obligations : règlements et directives.
%23110196: MAGNUS, BERND & JAMES B. WILBUR (ED.) - Cartesian Essays : a collection of critical studies.
%23227039: MAGNUS, OTTO. - Rudolf Magnus : Physiologist and Pharmacologist (1873-1927). A biography.
%23193082: MAGNUSSON, LARS (ED.) - Evolutionary and neo-Schumpeterian approaches to economics.
%23140935: MAGOCSI, PAUL ROBERT - Persistance of Regional Cultures: Russians & Ukrainians in their Carpathian Homeland and Abroad.
%23147319: MAGOCSI, PAUL ROBERT - Carpatho-Rusyn Studies. An Annotated Bibliography, Volume II: 1985-1994.
%2356605: MAGOKE-MHOJA, MONICA - Child-Widows Silenced and Unheard: Human Rights Sufferers in Tanzania.
%23231641: MAGRI, GENNARO - Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Dancing.
%23246683: MAGRI, GENNARO, FL. - Theoretical and practical treatise on dancing.
%23163868: MAGRI, DOMENICO (1604-1672). - Hierolexici sive sacri dictionarii. Editio Sexta. Octo mille circiter vocibus hoc signo ¶ notatis & triplici indice nunc primum aucta, et in duos tomos distributa, quorum primus ab A. usque M.- [secundus ab N. usque ad Z.]
%23285889: MAGUIRE, MARY. - Polymer Clay: The Art of Clay Modelling in Over 25 Beautiful Projects.
%23100799: MAGUIRE, MIKE & ROBERT REINER. - The Oxford handbook of criminology. 3rd edition.
%23268075: MAGUIRE, MATTHEW W. - The conversion of imagination : from Pascal through Rousseau to Tocqueville.
%2364412: MAH, HAROLD. - Enlightenment phantasies : cultural identity in France and Germany , 1750-1914.
%23200152: MAHADEVAN, VIJITHA (COMPILER) & THE STAFF OF UCLA'S AFRICAN BIBLIOGRAPHY PROJECT. - Contemporary African Politics and Development: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1981 -1990.
%23282230: MAHAFFY, ROBERT PENTLAND. - The statute of Westminster 1931 : with an introduction, notes and index.
%23212998: MAHAN, A. T. - The life of Nelson : the embodiment of the sea power of Great Britain.
%23159838: MAHAN, SUE (ED.) - Beyond the mafia : organized crime in the Americas.
%23238737: MAHAR-KEPLINGER, LISA. - American signs : form and meaning on Route 66.
%2376195: MAHÉ, CHANTAL B.P. - La résolution du conflit de conditions générales : une étude comparative.
%23101499: MAHÉRAULT, MARIE-JOSEPH-FRANÇOIS. - L'oeuvre gravé de Jean-Michel Moreau le Jeune (1741-1814) : catalogue raisonné et descriptif avec notes, iconographiques et bibliographiques: suivi d'un catalogue raisonné de gravures d'après Moreau et d'un supplement contenant un catalogue des dessins de Moreau.
%23285625: MAHFUZUR RAHMAN, A.H.M. - Exports of manufactures from developing countries : a study in comparative advantage.
%2333380: MAHLER, GUSTAV. - Gustav Mahler: Letters to His Wife.
%2370632: MAHLER, MAX. - Die natürlichen Verbindlichkeiten im Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch.
%23271077: MAHLMANN, REGINA - Verwissenschaftlichung des Rechts, Verrechtlichung von Wissenschaft?: Eine kritische Argumentationsanalyse der Strafrechtsreformdiskussion zum ... (Epistemata) (German Edition)
%23129748: MAHMOOD, SAFDAR. - Pakistan : political roots and development 1947-1999.
%23413: MAHMOUD, M.A. - The juridical manifesto : manifesta scientifica juridica to the peace-loving nations, to the imperial powers, and to the United Nations Organization. The manipulation of statehood, the highest stage of imperialism.
%2371854: MAHMOUD, M.A. - Justice and administrative deviance.
%23281921: MAHMUD, SAYYID FAYYAZ - The story of Islam.
%23109975: MAHOWALD, MARIA BRIODY. - An Idealistic Pragmatism. The development of the pragmatic element in the philosophy of Josiah Royce.
%23119463: MAHR, ALEXANDER. - Hauptprobleme der Arbeitslosigkeit.
%2342375: MAIDENBAUM, ARYEH - Jung and the Shadow of Anti-Semitism: Collected Essays (Jung on the Hudson Book Series).
%23232228: MAIDMENT, RICHARD & JOHN ZVESPER. - Reflections on the constitution : the American constitution after two hundred years.
%23277739: MAIER, CHARLES S. - The unmasterable past : history, holocaust, and German national identity.
%2390954: MAIER, HANS JAKOB. - Kunst des Rechtsanwalts : Bild eienes Berufsstandes im Lichte von Praxis, Literatur und Glosse.
%23123635: MAIER, HEINRICH. - Psychologie des emotionalen Denkens.
%23123662: MAIER, HEINRICH. - Sokrates : sein Werk und seine geschichtlichen Stellung.
%23245661: MAIER, HEINRICH. - Sokrates : sein Werk und seine geschichtlichen Stellung.
%23222185: MAIER-KATKIN, DANIEL. - Stranger from abroad : Hannah Arendt , Martin Heidegger , friendship , and forgiveness.
%23185169: MAIER, HANS; HEINZ RAUSCH & HORST DENZER (EDS.) - Klassiker des politischen Denkens. I. von Plato bis Hobbes; II. von Locke bis Weber.
%23216212: MAIHOFER, WERNER (ED.) - Begriff und Wesen des Rechts.
%23147632: MAILER, NORMAN. - Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man.
%2379662: MAILLARD, F. - Histoire des journaux publiés à Paris pendant le Siège et sous la Commune 4 sept. 1870 au 28 mai 1871.
%23126307: MAILLET, P., KRIJNSE LOCKER, H., HIPP, G. & SUNNEN, R. - De Opbouw van een Europese Economie.
%2386028: MAILLOUX, STEVEN - Reception Histories: Rhetoric, Pragmatism, and American Cultural Politics.
%23231414: STADTBIBLIOTHEK FRANKFURT AM MAIN. - Katalog der Abteilung Statistik.
%2359704: MAINE, HENRY SUMNER. - Ancient law.
%2326843: MAINE, HENRY SUMNER. - Ancient Law; its connection with the early history of society, and its relation to modern ideas.
%23210798: MAINGUY, Y. - L'économie de l'énergie.
%23251393: MAINIERO, LINO ... [ET AL.] (ED.) - American women writers from colonial times to the present : a critical reference guide. Vol. 1-5.
%23114586: MAISTRE, JOSEPH DE. - Lettres et opuscules inédits du comte Joseph de Maistre,
%23224421: MAITLAND, JAMES. - An inquiry into the nature and origin of public wealth : and into the means and causes of its increase.
%23218075: MAITLAND, CHARLES EDWARD ADRIANUS. - Staatstelefoon-exploitatie.
%23282811: MAITRA, DILIP DAVID. - Regeln und Prinzipien : zur Soziologie juristischer Argumentation am Beispiel persönlichkeitsrechtlicher Normbildung im Bereich der Genanalyse.
%23267548: MAIWALD, KAI-OLAF. - Die Herstellung von Recht : eine exemplarische Untersuchung zur Professionalisierungsgeschichte der Rechtssprechung am Beispiel Preussens im Ausgang des 18. Jahrhunderts.
%23273909: MAJ, MARIO & NORMAN SARTORIUS (EDS.) - Depressive Disorders.
%23149072: MAJAKOWSKI, WLADIMIR. - Ausgewählte Gedichte und Poeme.
%23277626: MAJER, DIEMUTH. - Non-Germans under the Third Reich : the Nazi judicial and administrative system in Germany and occupied Eastern Europe : with special regard to occupied Poland, 1939-1945.
%2349643: MAJEWSKI, WODEK. - Wadysaw Hasior, Camiel van Breedam : 22/12/1989-25/2/1990.
%2330054: MAJLIS, BRIGITTE KHAN - Indonesische Textilien. Wege Zu Gottern Und Ahnen.
%23152439: MAJONE, GIANDOMENICO. - Evidence, argument, and persuasion in the policy process.
%23132820: MAJOR, JOHN. - The Oppenheimer Hearing.
%233519: MAJUMDAR, RAMESH C. [ET AL.]. - The Vakataka-Gupta Age (c200-550 A. D.)
%23224316: MAK, GEERT. - Engel van Amsterdam.
%23276350: MAK, GEERT. - In America : travels with John Steinbeck.
%23102232: MAK, J.J. - Boendale en de legenda Aurea.
%2365115: MAK, W. - Rights affecting the manifacture and use of gramophone records.
%2316586: MAK, W. - Rights affecting the manifacture and use of gramophone records.
%23257092: MAK, GEERT. - De engel van Amsterdam.
%2341422: MAK, J.J. - Rhetoricaal glossarium.
%23244314: MAK, VANESSA - Performance-Oriented Remedies in European Sale of Goods Law (Studies of the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law).
%237838: MAKAREWICZ, J. - Einführung in die Philosophie des Strafrechts auf entwicklungsgeschichtlicher Grundlage.
%23118658: MAKARIUS, RAOUL - La jeunesse intellectuelle d'Egypte au lendemain de la Deuxième Geurre Mondiale.
%23248510: MAKAROV, ALEXANDER N. - Quellen des internationalen Privatrechts : Nationale Kodification.
%23101501: MAKAS, HUGO (ED.) - Kurdische Texte im Kurman jí-Dialekte : aus der Gegend von Märdin : gesammelt, übersetzt, erklärt und mit einer Einleitung, Anmerkungen und einem Glossar versehen : nebst Kurdische Studien : eine Probe des Dialektes von Diarbekir, ein Gedicht aus Ga-war, Jezidengebete.
%23247988: ALIBONIM ROBERTO; Z.Y. HERSHLAG & SAMIR A. MAKDISI. - Arab industrialization and cconomic Integration.
%23111754: MAKINSON, DAVID H. - Barbados. A study of North-American West-Indian relations, 1739-1789.
%23169096: MAKIYA, KANAN. - Cruelty and silence.
%23215337: MAKOS, CHRISTOPHER. - Andy Warhol.
%23207939: MAKOWSKI, ELIZABETH M. - Canon law and cloistered women : Periculoso and its commentators, 1298-1545.
%23104457: MALACHOWSKY, A.R. (ED.) - Reading Rorty : critical responses to Philosophy and the mirror of nature (and beyond).
%23114025: MALAISE, M. - Les conditions de pénétration et de diffusion des cultes égyptiens en Italie.
%23275194: MALAMENT, DAVID B. (ED.) - Reading natural philosophy : essays in the history and philosophy of science and mathematics.
%23213127: MALAMUD, BERNARD. - De favoriet : roman.
%23198131: MALANCZUK, PETER. - Region und unitarische Struktur in Grossbritannien.
%23283572: MALAURIE, PHILIPPE; LAURENT AYNÈS & PIERRE-YVES GAUTIER. - Les contrats spéciaux : civils et commerciaux : vente, mandat, bail, contrat d'entreprise, échange, location-vente, crédit-bail, contrats de distribution, dépôt, prêts, jeu et pari, rente viagère, transaction, clause compromissoire, compromis.
%23153714: MALCOLM, NORMAN. - Ludwig Wittgenstein: een biografisch essays.
%23261021: MALCOLM, JANET. - The crime of Sheila McGough.
%23206073: MALCONTENT, P.A.M. - Op kruistocht in de derde wereld : de reacties van de Nederlandse regering op ernstige en stelselmatige schendingen van fundamentele mensenrechten in ontwikkelingslanden, 1973-1981.
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%23223151: MCEWAN, COLIN - Turquoise Mosaics from Mexico.
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%23131022: MCFARLAND, THOMAS - Shapes of Culture
%23253997: MCFARLAND, DAVID - Intelligent Behavior in Animals and Robots.
%23227565: MCFAUL, MICHAEL. - Russia's unfinished revolution : political change from Gorbachev to Putin
%2343211: MCGEE, MIKE - 100 Artists See Satan.
%23274483: MCGEE, ROSEMARY (EDITOR). - Unpacking Policy. Knowledge, Actors and Spaces in Poverty Reduction in Uganda and Nigeria.
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%2343909: MCGILLY, KATE (ED.) - Classroom lessons : integrating cognitive theory and classroom practice.
%2342042: MCGINN, NOEL F. - Framing Questions, Constructing Answers: Linking Research with Education Policy for Developing Countries (Harvard Studies in International Development).
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%23250753: MCGOUGH, LUCY S. - Child witnesses : fragile voices in the American legal system.
%2325762: MCGOWAN, CHRIS - Rail, Steam, and Speed: The Rocket and the Birth of Steam Locomotion
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%2352957: MCGREGOR, JOHN C. - Southwestern Archaeology.
%23267631: MCGREGOR, JAMES H.S. - Back to the garden : nature and the Mediterranean world from prehistory to the present.
%23279076: MCGREGOR, JAMES H. - Back to the garden : nature and the Mediterranean world from prehistory to the present.
%23285428: MCGREW, ANTHONY & CHRISTOPHER BROOK (EDS.) - Asia-Pacific in the new world order.
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%23284336: MCHUGH, PAUL R. & SLAVNEY, PHILLIP R. - The Perspectives of Psychiatry.
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%23235866: MCINTYRE, LEE C. - Dark Ages : The Case for a Science of Human Behavior.
%23284376: MCKAY, SUSAN & DYAN E MAZURANA. - Where are the girls? : girls in fighting forces in northern Uganda, Sierre Leone and Mozambique : their lives during and after war.
%2324973: MCKEE, P. - Heroic commitment in Richardson, Eliot, and James.
%23179509: MCKEE, DAVID L. - Schumpeter and the political economy of change.
%23239277: MCKEEVER, SEAN D & MICHAEL RIDGE. - Principled ethics : generalism as a regulative ideal.
%23109892: MCKEGENY. J.C. - The political pamphlets of Pablo Villavicencio

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