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32529: [SIGERSON, George] - The Poets and Poetry of Munster: a Selection of Irish Songs by the Poets of the Last Century, with Metrical Translations by Erionnach. Second Series.
32702: [HAMILTON, John] - The Ms. in a Red Box. With an introduction by Derrick French, Editor of the Epworth Bells.
23028: - The Village Atlas: The Growth of North and West Yorkshire 1840 - 1910.
27689: [ARCHER, James Henry Lawrence] - Brief Memorials of English Families of the Name of Archer.
32385: [GIBBONS [née TRELAWNY], A[nne] S.] - An Itinerary of Launceston, Cornwall: containing some account of its antiquities, compiled from various sources. With a glance at its prospects and commercial advantages, as connected with the opening of the railway.
20226: [PICKERING, Edward] - The Umfrevilles: Their Ancestors and Descendants. [With Pedigrees of the Umfreville and Pickering Families> from the Pedigree made by S. Segar]
26335: [COMBE, Thomas] - Illustrations of Baptismal Fonts. With an introducton by F.A. Paley.
19279: [WARRENDER, M.] - Marchmont and the Humes of Polwarth, by One of Their Descendants.
24622: - The Register of Persons Entitled to Vote at any Election for the Southern Division of The West Riding of the County of York between the 30th November 1861 and the 1st December 1862 within the Thorne Polling District.
32161: [PEAKE, Mervyn] - Who Goes Home, by Maurice Edelman.
19199: [COLES, Edward] - Resolutions, Rules, Orders, and Regulations, of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, of the County of Somerset, with an Appendix.
26220: [NEALE, J.M.] - Illustrations of Monumental Brasses. Published for the Cambridge Camden Society.
25826: J., J.C. - Notices of the Helstone Furry-Day.
32326: [SANDWITH, Lincoln] - The Sandwiths of Helmsley, Co. York. A Short Preliminary Pedigree by L.S.
28121: [FISHER, George Thomas] - Smokers and Smoking> Also, Snuff and Snuff-Takers.
26951: [BAILEY, John Eglington, editor] - The Palatine Notebook for 1881 - 1885. For the Intercommunication of Antiquaries, Bibliophiles, and Other Investigators into the History and Literature of the Counties of Lancaster, Chester, &c. Volume 1 - 4, parts 1 - 48> and 5, part 49 [all published]
34784: - The Cryes of London: The Collection in the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge. With an Introduction by Richard Luckett, Pepys Librarian.
34912: [CREASEY, James and YERBURGH, Richard] - Sketches, Illustrative of the Topography and History of New and Old Sleaford, in the County of Lincoln, and of Several Places in the Surrounding Neighbourhood.
34984: - Lincolnshire in 1836: Displayed in a Series of Nearly One Hundred Engravings on Steel and Wood> and With Accompanying Descriptions, Statistical and Other Important Information, Maps, &c.
35013: - The Thirty-Second Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records [23 February 1871.] [bound with] The Mortman Act, 1736.[bound with] An Act to Restrain the Disposition of Lands, 1873. [bound with] An Act for Facilitating the Acquisition and Enjoyment of Sites for Buildings for Religious, Educational, Scientific and Other Charitable Purposes, 1868.
36180: - Elegant Extracts. Poetry, 6 volumes> Prose, 6 volumes> Epistles, 6 volumes. Complete set of 18 volumes. [or 36 volumes in 18].
37030: - The Whole Proceedings on the Trial Between Mrs Rebecca Minifie, and W.D. Best, Esq. Sergeant at Law, and Member of Parliament, Charged With an Assault Upon Rebecca, the Wife of James Minifie, in His Chambers, Where She, at his request, concerning a reversionary property, in which he acted for her as Counsel, which was tried at the Court of Kin's-Bench, Guildhall, on Thursday, July 12, 1804 Before Lord Ellenborough, and a Special Jury.
37690: [ROBERT SWEETING] - Abbotsbury and Its Monastic Remains.
37704: [BAGE, Robert] - Man As He Is> a Novel.
38136: [CHURCHILL, Winston S.] - The Churchill Toby Jug. [List of] Subscribers.
38336: [ELLIS, William Smith] - A History of Hurstperpoint, by a Native, a Minor.
38478: [SMITH] - A Cruise in the Mediterranean. [Cover title: Smith's Wanderings> Mediterranean].
38770: [HERBERT, William] - Illustrations of the Site and Neighbourhood of the New Post Office, Comprehending Antiquarian Notices of St. Martin's-le-Grand, and its Liberty, and the Adjoining Parishes of St. Anne, St. Agnes, and St. John, Zachary, with an Appendix, Containing an Account of the Ancient Mourning Bush Tavern, &c. Aldersgate. And various taverns, its contemporaries.
39527: [COGGES CHARITIES?] - The Poor Man's Petition. [a poem]
39557: [KENDALL, Edward Augustus] - The Sparrow.
39559: - [The Little Geographer] The Voyage Round the World, or a picturesque survey of the different nations that inhabit the world. Volume I. Europe> Volume II. Asia> Volume III. Africa.
39628: [LOCKWOOD, Thomas B.] - A Selection of Books and Manuscripts in the Lockwood Memorial Library of the University of Buffalo. Introduction by Charles D. Abbott, librarian of the Lockwood Memorial Library.
39738: [WAR OF THE AUSTRIAN SUCCESSION] - An Account of the Action Between the Allied Army and That of France, near Tournay, the 11th of May, N.S. 1745. With the Names of the General and Other Officers, and a Number of private Men and Horses, that were killed, wounded and missing in each regiment.
39797: [ELECTRICAL MACHINE NOTICE] - This is to give Notice, to all Gentlemen, Ladies and Others, That there is to be Seen, at the...The Electrical Machine, which shows the surprising power of Electricity, by a series of Experiments more than ever were exhibited to Publick, by any apparatus yet extant...
39812: - On Tithes. Taxes, &c.
39862: - Puzzle Map of the World for the Teaching of the Elements of Geography.
39867: [ANSON, George] - Anson's Voyage Round the World, Chart with 6 engraved views: a chart of the Pacific Ocean from the Equinoctial to the Latitude of 39½>.
39897: [CARY, John] - The Names and Situations of the Constellations: to which is added the Names of the Principal Stars therein, as laid down by Cary's New Celestial Globes: also an explanation of the equation table given on his terrestrial globe.
39899: [LUTTRELL, J.F.] - The Blessings of Boroughmongering. A Sketch of the Borough of Minehead.
39971: T.F. - Sleeping Girl. Etching.
39973: [ROXBURGHE CLUB & ZAMORANO CLUB] - There Can't Be Good Living Where There is Not Good Drinking, by Benjamin Franklin 1745.
39986: J.H. - A, B and C.
40142: [WITTS, G.B.] - Map of Gloucestershire Showing Its Ancient Camps, Roman Villas, Barrows and Roads.
40143: - Plan of Druids Lodge Estate, South Wiltshire.
40355: - London Bulletin no. 3
40580: [BOWLES, John?] - The Inside of St. Peter's [Westminster]
40590: S.R. - [A Manuscript Cumulative Poem] Norlington Cottage. To the Four Nieces at Windermere, this book is dedicated by their Aunt Spin's Affte. Friend.
40768: - Miscellanea Biographica. Oswinus, Rex Northumbriae. Cuthbertus, Episcopus Lindisfarnensis. Eata, Episcopus Haugustaldensis.
40827: [PHOTOGRAPHY] - More Hall and the Dragon of Wantley.
40965: - The Wonderful Magazine, and Marvellous Chronicle> or New Weekly Entertainer. A work recording authentic accounts of the most extraordinary productions, events, and occurrences, in providence, nature and art. Consisting entirely of such curious matters as come under the denominations of Miraculous! Queer! Odd! Strange! Supernatural! Whimsical! Absurd! Out of the Way! and Unaacountable!
41150: [JOUHAUD, Pierre] - Paris dans le Dix-neuvième Siècle, ou Réflections d'un Observateur sue les nouvelles Institutions, les Embellissemens, ''Esprit public, la Societé, les Femmes, les Journaux, le Théâtre, la Littérature, etc.
41438: [Charles SMITH?] - John Hobbs, John Hobbs. Sung by Mr Lovegrove, with unbounded Applause, in "Any Thing New," at the Lyceum Theatre, Strand.
41448: B.M.C. [BALLAD] - West of England Agricultural Show.
41682: [ALMSHOUSES] - Providence Place, Chippenham, Associated with the British Medical Benevolent Fund, for the Retirement of Six Aged Medical Men, or Their Widows. By Charles Bailey, Esq.
41719: W.T.D. - Eau Américaine Contre les taches de Rousseurs. La Seule Efficace connue jusqu'à> ce jour.
41808: [JAMES CRAIG] - Financial Position of the River Tyne Commission. Important Meeting of Due payers.
41836: [THOMAS COOK] - Cook's Nile Services. List of Passengers by the P.S. "Egypt" Leaving Cairo March 12th 1913.
41887: U.S.A. - Western Publishing House. Booksellers, Publishers, Printers, Manufacturers. L.W. Yaggy. James West.
41888: U.S.A. - Union Chapter No 180, Royal Arch Masons.
41889: U.S.A. - Scotia Lodge No. 634.
41891: U.S.A. - Annual Celebration in Honour of the 93d Anniversary of American Independence at Tammany Hall. William M. Tweed, Grand Sachem.
41892: U.S.A. - Regular Democratic Ticket. For Governor, George B. McClellan...
41893: U.S.A. - American Civil War. List of Quartermaster's Stores, &c. transferred by Capt.Chas. H. Tompkins, Assistant Quartermaster, U.S. Army, to Capt. A.J. Brooker, Battery "B" 1st Com Arty. at Washington D.C.
42011: [JAMES ROBERTS after] - An Essay on Woman. Illustrated with Notes from Various Authors.
42012: [FRANCIS HAYMAN after] - The Good Man at the Hour of Death [and] The Bad Man at the Hour of Death.
42013: [FRANCIS HAYMAN after] - The Bad Man at the Hour of Death.
42048: [REEDHAM ORPHANAGE] - London Orphan Asylum. Rules for the Children Seeing Their Friends.
42164: WORKMEN'S INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1870 - A Public Meeting will be held in Exeter Hall, Strand, to Promote the objects of the above Exhibition... Professor Huxley will occupy the Chair if the President, the Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, M.P., should he be unable to attend.
42354: [Andrea PALLADIO] - House in Vincenza in which Palladio Lived.
42357: [James FORSYTH] - Fountain, from a design by Mr. Forsyth, Sc.
42370: E. H. - Album of Watercolours and Pencil Drawings.
42392: - The Chief Magistrates of England and Wales. A Momento of the Sixtieth Year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria of Britain, and Empress of India. Containing a loyal address with autographs and portraits of Lord Mayors and Mayors of the Principal Cities and Towns together with Biographical Sketches.
42539: BRISTOL ELECTION 1865 - Church Militant. Captain Blasphemy, a Dem Foine Fellah! (i.e. in his own opinion)
42540: BRISTOL ELECTION 1880 - Easter Eggs. Independence. Pliability.
42553: [HENRY BLACHFORD SHILLIBEER] - Extract from a New Farce, Lately come out, and Played with the greatest possible Success, among the Western Potwallers, called "Gaining a Footing."
42579: [THOMAS KITSON CROMWELL] - Excursions in the County of Norfolk: comprising a brief historical and topographical delineation of every town and village> together with descriptions of the residences of the nobility and gentry...a complete guide for the traveller and tourist.
42583: [G.K. BLYTH] - The Norwich Guide> being an hostorical and topographical descriotion of the city and its hamlets> with an account of the Public Charities, &c., &c.
42614: [THOMAS WARTON?] - The History and Antiquities of Winchester, setting forth its original constitution, government...together with charters, laws, customs, rights, liberties and privileges of that ancient city.
42644: [RICHARD SCOTT] - A Topographical and Historical Account of Hayling Island, Hants.
42657: - A Hand-book of Travel Round the Southern Coast of England, a Picturesque, Antiquarian, and Topographical Description of the Scenery, Towns, and Ancient Remains on That Part of the Coast.
42662: - Excursions in the County of Sussex: Comprising Brief Historical and Topographical Delineations> together with descriptions of the residences of the nobility and gentry, remains of antiquity, and other interesting objects of curiosity. Forming a complete guide for the traveller & tourist.
42692: [JOHN BULLAR] - A Companion in a Tour Round Southampton: comprehending various particulars, ancient and modern, of New-Forest, Lymington, Christchurch, Romsey, Bishop's Waltham, Titchfield, &, and a Tour of the Isle of Wight...
42708: W.C.A.S. - Winchester: Its History, Buildings and People.
42851: P&O - Smoking Room Ticket.
42871: [NOEL HUMPHREYS] - The Illuminator> containing all the Parts of the Illuminator's Magazine & Completing the Subject.
42937: [WILLIAM CASSON] - The History and Antiquities of Thorne, With Some Account of the Drainage of Hatfield Chase.
42945: [THOMAS WEST] - A Guide to the Lakes, in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire.
42948: [CHARLES MAYO] - A History of Wimborne Minster> the Collegiate Church of Saint Cuthberga and King's Free Chapel at Wimborne.
43145: [SAMBO'S FAMILY LIFE] - Six large colour plates.
43158: [BARKER AND BURFORD] - Explanation of the Panorama of Venice> [taken, and painted by Messrs. Barker and Burford, from the Piazza di S. Marco: with a representation of the carnival> now exhibiting in their Panorama, Strand.]
43179: [PARKINSON, James] - The Soldier's Tale, extracted from the Village Association> with two or three words of advice by Old Hubert.
43194: [PHOTOGRAPHY] - Photography.
43230: [MERVYN PEAKE] - Mervyn Peake> the Man and His Art. Compiled by Sebastian Peake and Alison Eldred. Edited by G. Peter Winnington.
42536: GEORGE F. M'DOUGALL - The Eventful Voyage of H.M. Discovery Ship "Resolute" to the Arctic Regions in Search of Sir John Franklin and the Missing Crews of H.M. Discovery Ships "Erebus" and "Terror," 1852, 1853, 1854. To which is added an account of her being fallen in with by an American Whaler after her abandonment in Barrow Straits and of her presentation to Queen Victoria by the government of the United States.
40765: FOUNTAINS ABBEY. - Memorials of the Abbey of St. Mary of Fountains. Collected and Edited by John Richard Wilbran. Volume II, Part I.
40766: FOUNTAINS ABBEY. - Memorials of the Abbey of St. Mary of Fountains. Collected and Edited by John Richard Wilbran. Volume II, Part I.
40767: FOUNTAINS ABBEY. - Memorials of the Abbey of St. Mary of Fountains. Continued and Edited by J.T. Fowler. Volume III Consisiting of Bursars' Books 1456 - 1459, and Memorandum Book of Thomas Swynton 1446 - 1458.
37026: ABERNATHY, James - Description of Works at the Ports of Swansea, Silloth, and Blyth. With an Abstract of the Discussion upon the Paper Edited by Charles Manby and James Forrest.
41340: SCHOOL ACCOUNTS - The Rev. J.T.C. Fawcett, M.A. in Account with St. Matthias' District National Schools.
41105: IRISH ACTS - An Act for better Observation of the Lord's-Day, Commonly Called Sunday. 1803. [with] An Act Relating to Servants and Apprentices, Artificers, and Day-Labourers. 1831. [with] An Act to Repeal the Several Laws for Recovery of Small Sums Due for Wages, in Ireland> and to Make Other Provisions for Recovery of Such Wages. 1830. [with] A Collection of Acts Relating to the Burning of Land. 1828. [with] Ac Act to Amend the 10 Charles !. For Impounding Distress in Ireland. 1829. [with] An Act for Preventing the Vexatious Impounding of Cattle for Trespass or Damage Feasant. 1829. [with] Two Acts Passed in the 37th and 40th Years of George III. To Prevent the Vexatious Impounding of Cattle for Trespass or Damage-Feasant, and for the More Effective Preserving of Mears and Fences. 1832. [with] An Act for the Relief of Persons Aggrieved by Unlawful or Excessive Distress in Ireland. 1830.
19293: ADAMS, Herbert Baxter - History of the Thomas Adams and Thomas Hastings Families of Amherst, Massachusetts.
43095: ADVERT - Kerr & Co. Six Cord Soft Finish New Spool Cotton.
42468: THE LYNN ADVERTISER - Advertising Copy Receipt.
41289: LUTON ADVERTISING - Large advertising sheet for trades in Luton, Bedfordshire.
42002: AESOP [after] - The Man and His 2 Wives.
40973: GOLD MINING IN SOUTH AFRICA - Album of Photographs from the Driefontein Gold Mine.
42335: UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA - Map of Rhodes Drift, South Africa. Official Maps. Degree Sheet Series.
42015: THOMAS SUTHERLAND after - The Village Retort - or Ghost of Small Tythes.
42021: GEORGE SMART after - The Earth Stopper.
42401: SHIPPING AGENT - John Pond. Shipping & General Agent. 11, Water Lane, Tower Street, London.
36355: AHIER, Philip - Stories of Jersey Seas of Jersey's Coast and of Jersey Fishermen. [Part I] with Part II and Part III [complete]
42717: GEORGE BIDDELL AIRY - Essays on The Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar> The Invasion of Britain by Plautius, and by Claudius Caesar> The Early Military Policy of the Romans in Britain> the Battle of Hastings. With Correspondence. Collected and printed for private distribution.
42122: J. ALBERT - Tailor & Draper, King William Street, London Bridge.
42234: ALBERT PALACE, BATTERSEA PARK - Programme Tuesday, April 20th. [1886]
42235: ALBERT PALACE, BATTERSEA PARK - Programme Wednesday September 1st. [1886]
41061: ALLEN, John Fisk - Victoria Regia> the Great Water Lily of America. With a brief account of its discovery and introduction into cultivation. With illustrations by William Sharp, from specimens grown at Salem Massachusetts U.S.A.
42103: MR ALLEN - Furniture Designer and Calico Printer to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, has become the patentee of the various ornaments in this work applicable to that purpose> of which specimens will be submitted to the inspection of the Nobility and Gentry, in the Month of April.
42693: LAKE ALLEN - The History of Portsmouth> containing a full and enlarged account of its ancient and present state> with a particular description of the dock-yard, gun-wharf, Haslar hospital, the towns of Portsea and Gosport, Porchester Castle, the Isle of Wight...an appendix containing many of the Charters granted to the town, &c.
8802: ALLISON, K.J. - The East Riding of Yorkshire Landscape.
42857: ALLOM, Thomas and WRIGHT, Rev. G.N. - China in a Series of Views, Displaying the Scenery, Architecture, and Social Habits of That Ancient Empire.
27812: ALMACK, Richard - Kedington and the Barnardistons.
33640: GREEN'S BEVERLEY ALMANACK - Green's Household Almanack & Diary for 1946.
33647: GREEN'S BEVERLEY ALMANACK - Green's Household Almanack & Diary for 1955.
33643: GREEN'S BEVERLEY ALMANACK - Green's Household Almanack & Diary for 1949.
33646: GREEN'S BEVERLEY ALMANACK - Green's Household Almanack & Diary for 1952.
33645: GREEN'S BEVERLEY ALMANACK - Green's Household Almanack & Diary for 1951.
33642: GREEN'S BEVERLEY ALMANACK - Green's Household Almanack & Diary for 1948.
33644: GREEN'S BEVERLEY ALMANACK - Green's Household Almanack & Diary for 1950.
33641: GREEN'S BEVERLEY ALMANACK - Green's Household Almanack & Diary for 1947.
42427: JOSEPH AMESBURY - To be Sold by Private Contract, Licences to use, in various limited Districts in the Counties of England, Wales, and Scotland, the Patented Inventions of Mr. Joseph Amesbury, Surgeon of 12, Devonshire Street, Portland Place.
42231: ASTLEY'S ROYAL AMPHITHEATRE - The Siege of Badajoz having been received with universal applause will be repeated every evening.
42240: SANGER'S GRAND NATIONAL AMPHITHEATRE - Programme. [Christmas 1882]
42241: SANGER'S GRAND NATIONAL AMPHITHEATRE - Programme. [Christmas 1883]
32666: AMPHLETT, John - A Short History of Clent. [Staffordshire]
42136: GEORGE AMSINCK - A Retrospective View of the Quantity of Strong Beer Brewed by the Undermentioned Porter Houses in London, from 5th July, 1800, to the 5th. July, 1830.
40979: JAMES ANDERSON [attributed to] - Trajan's Column, Rome.
41938: PROF. CARL M. ANDRE - Two Last Concerts in Oldham! By Professor Andre's Alpine Choir. Thursday, April 13th...Farewell Concert. Friday, April 14th...A Farewell Temperance Demonstration.
42707: AMY G. ANDREWES - Chilcomb> an Old Hampshire Parish.
23285: ANDREWS, William editor - The Derbyshire Gatherer of Archaeological, Historical, Biographical Facts, Folk Lore Etc.
41652: ANNUITIES - Annuities 1706. Received by Lord Winterton...the sum of Two Hundred and Ten Pounds...for twenty one months annuity...payable for the term of Ninety-nine Years from 25th March, 1706, by Virtue of an Act of Parliament...for Continuing an Additional Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage, and certain Duties upon Coals, Culm and Cinder, and Additional Duties of Excise...
41653: ANNUITIES - Annuities 1707. Received by me Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Winchelsea...Twenty Pounds...by Virtue of an Act of Parliament...for contiunuing Duties on Low Wines, and Spirits of First Extraction, and Duties Payable by Hawkers, Pedlars and Petty Chapmen, and Part of Duties on Stamp Vellum, Parchment and Paper, and the late Duty on Sweets...
41654: ANNUITIES - Annuities, 80000 l. per Annum, 1708. Received by me Fra E. of Godolphin, Ass. of Wm. Thomas Esq...the Sum of Fifty Pounds... by Vertue of an Act of Parliament...for continuing one half part of the Subsidies of Tonnage and Poundage and other Duties upon Wines, Goods, and Merchandizes imported...
41657: ANNUITIES - Annuities, 14 per Cent...Received by me Francis Lord Godolphin Attorney to the Mayor & Commonalty of Helston in Cornwall Assignees of Charles Godolphin...the Sum of Twenty Eight pounds...for twenty four months Annuity by Virtue of...An Act for Granting to their Majesties certain Rates and Duties upon Beer, Ale, and other Liquors...[and] for purchasing Reversions of the said Annuities.
41659: ANNUITIES - Consolidated Anno 1762. bank £4 per Cent Annuities for Nineteen Years from 5 January, 1762, and then be reduced to £3 per Cent. Received...of Mr Edward Billingsley, being the Consideration of Two Hundred Pounds Interest of Share in the Capital or Joint Stock...An Act for raising bu Annuities...the sum of Twelve Millions, &c.
41661: ANNUITIES - Consolidated £3 per Cent Annuties. Received...of James Sutton the Sum of Sixteen Hundred Eighty Pounds being the Consideration for Two Thousand Pounds Interest or Share in the Joint Stock...An Act for converting several Annuities...into several Joint Stock of Annuities, transferable at the Bank of England, to be charged on the Sinking Fund.
41663: ANNUITIES - £3: 5s. per Cent Annuities. Received...of Miss Fanny Toogood the Sum of One Hundred Ninety Seven pounds 10s being the Consideration for Two Hundred Pounds Interest or Share in the Capital or Joint Stock...
41664: ANNUITIES - £3: 5s. per Cent Annuities. Received...of Miss Fanny Toogood the Sum of Ninety Eight pounds 15s being the Consideration for One Hundred Pounds Interest or Share in the Capital or Joint Stock...
41665: ANNUITIES - £3: 5s. per Cent Annuities. Received...of Miss Fanny Toogood the Sum of Ninety two pounds 15s being the Consideration for One Hundred Pounds Interest or Share in the Capital or Joint Stock...
41666: ANNUITIES - £3: 5s. per Cent Annuities. Received...of Miss Fanny Toogood the Sum of forty pounds 13/9 being the Consideration for fifty Pounds Interest or Share in the Capital or Joint Stock...
41667: ANNUITIES - £3: 5s. per Cent Annuities. Received...of Messrs James Toogood & Thomas Pulton the Sum of five shillings being the Consideration for Four hundred & fifty Pounds Interest or Share in the Capital or Joint Stock...
22208: ANON. - Hull Trams> the Early Days.
39900: ANON - The Banker's Clerk b(u)y One of Them. First Series.
37693: ANTHOINE-LEGRAIN, Jacques [Binder] - Candide, by Voltaire [François-Marie Arouet]. Illustrated by Gus Bofa.
42022: MARIE ANTOINETTE - Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and Navarre...
38181: D'ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste Bouguignon [cartographer] - A Complete Body of Ancient Geography Neatly Engraved on Thirteen Plates.
40937: D'ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon - Composite Atlas.
42841: J. CHING APOTHECARY - By the King's Patent. Ching's Worm-destroying Lozenges for Fits, Pains in the Stomach, Pains in the Head or Side, and for Pale, Languid, and Emaciated Appearances in young Persons.
38732: APPERT, M. - The Art of Preserving All Kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for Several Years. A Work published by the French Minister of the Interior, on the Report of the Board of Arts and Manufacturers. Translated from the French.
42197: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Professor Leon, the Celebrated Mexican Horse Tamer.
42198: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Programme for Week Ending February 9, 1895.
42199: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Programme for Week Ending March 25, 1893.
42200: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Programme for Monday, Tuesday & Saturday, July 17, 18 & 22, 1893.
42201: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Benefit in Aid of Mansion House Victoria Relief Fund. Programme for Wednesday, July 19, 1893.
42202: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Programme for Week Ending October 20, 1894.
42203: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Description of the Grand Ballet "Champagne," by Madame Kitti Lanner.
42204: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert, Full Chorus of Ladies and Gentlemen, under the Direction of Herr Immanuel Liebich. [St. Stephen's Hall]
42205: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Programme and Complete Arrangements for the Day. Wednesday, October 10th, 1883.
42206: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Programme and Complete Arrangements for the Day. Thursday, October 18th, 1883.
42207: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Programme and Complete Arrangements for the Day. Friday, March 13th, 1885.
42211: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Farini's Friendly Zulus.
42212: ROYAL AQUARIUM - First Appearance of Messrs. Pike & Woodward's Performing Seals.
42214: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Royal Aquarium and Summer and Winter Garden. Pass Two. [with] Reserved Seat Check.
42217: ROYAL AQUARIUM - [Programme] Week Ending March 19th. 1887. Afternoon and Evening.
42218: ROYAL AQUARIUM - [Programme] Week Ending April 27th, 1889. Afternoon and Evening.
42227: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Programme for Week Ending December 2, 1893.
42228: ROYAL AQUARIUM - The World's Greatest Show...
42229: ROYAL AQUARIUM - Gigantic Christmas Carnival. Six Weeks' Stupendous Programme Dec. 24 to Feb. 2, 1895.
42363: ARCHITECTURE - Architectural Detail [Tomb?]
36947: ARDIZZONE, Edward - Bronze Figure: Seated Girl Laughing.
39638: ARDIZZONE, Edward illustrates - The Local by Maurice Gorham.
41460: TERRITORIAL ARMY - Notice to Join for Training in Camp.
35276: ARNOLD-FORSTER, Frances - Studies in Church Dedications, or England's Patron Saints.
42696: REV. F.H. ARNOLD - Petworth: a Sketch of Its History and Antiquities, with notices of objects of archaeological interest in its vicinity.
38483: ARROWSMITH, Aaron - [Map of India] To The Hon[oura]ble the Court Directors of the East India Company This Improved Map of India Compiled from all the Latest & most Authentic Materials Is Respectfully Dedicated by their most Obedient & most Humble Servant A. Arrowsmith.
40927: ARROWSMITH, John - The London Atlas of Universal Geography, Exhibiting the Physical & Political Divisions of the Various Countries of the World.
41084: LEAF SKELETON ART - Portrait of Garibaldi Mounted on a Horse.
41095: SEAWEED ART - Call us not weeds we are the flowers of the deep."
41112: DRIED FLOWER ART [L.C.T.] - Album of Dried Flower Arrangements collected from around Europe.
40977: ARTHUR SIDEY, FREDDIE REED, JOHN DOIDGE and others - Chimpanzees at Twycross Zoo.
41229: ROYAL SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. - Smoking Evening at Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East.
41233: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS - The President and Council request the honour of the company of Sir James Bacon at the Anniversary Dinner on Saturday May 2nd...
25407: DIOCESE OF ST. ASAPH. - Register of Oswestry Volume II 1669 - 1727 and Volume III 1678 - 1750.
25408: DIOCESE OF ST. ASAPH. - Register of Oswestry Volumes IV, V and VI.
32839: ASHBEE, C.R. - Peckover> The Abbotscourt Papers 1904 - 1931> illustrated by Reginald Savage.
41562: TAX ASSESSMENT - Assessed Taxes...Notice of Charge for the Year 1815, ending 5th April, 1816...To Revd. F. Baker, Coombe Bissett.
41563: PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT - Year 1814. Notice of First Assessment, under Property Acts. Wilts to wit To the Revd. Francis Baker of Coombe Bissett...To Duties granted by Schedule A. on Lands, Tenements, &c. in respect of Property £1.0s.0d.
41564: INCOME TAX ASSESSMENT - Notice of First Assessment under Property and Income Tax Acts, by Commissioners for General Purposes, Schedules A. & B. Division of London & Hatfield. To John Hodges...an Assessment...Under Schedule A. on Lands, Tenements, &c. in respect of Property £8 4s. 0d. Duty 4s. 9d. Under Schedule B. on Lands, Tenements, &c. in respect of the Occupation 2s. 2d. Duty 1d.
41565: INCOME TAX ASSESSMENT - Notice of First Assessment under Property and Income Tax Acts, by Commissioners for General Purposes, Schedules A. & B. Division of Wellington. To Mates, J,W, Esq...an Assessment...Under Schedule A. on Lands, Tenements, &c. in respect of Property £3 0s. 1d. Duty 1s. 9d. Under Schedule B. on Lands, Tenements, &c. in respect of the Occupation
41566: TAX ASSESSMENT - Assessed Taxes Repealed and Reduced. No. 2 A. 2nd Part for the Year 1823, ending 5th April 1824. Take Notice, that by an Act of the present Session of Parliament, the Duties herein described are wholly repealed. You are therefore not required to fill up the corresponding Lists in the For marked 2A. delivered to you with this Notice. The Duties on Shop or Warehouse Windows, not exceeding Three in the front, on the ground or basement stories of Dwelling Houses, are also repealed, and the Duties on Windows, Servants, carriages, and Horses are reduced one Moiety...
41582: SCOTTISH TAX ASSESSMENT - Forfarshire Assessed Taxes, Due March 25, 1832. No. 3 Parish of Aberlemno, Patrick Chalmers Esq of Auldbar. To Duty of 69 Windows...£20 19s 3d...
41630: INCOME TAX ASSESSMENT - Taxes Due From Wm Nicholls Esq.
41651: TAX ASSESSMENT - Assessed Taxes, 1st Part for the Year ending 5th April 1816. To Rev. Fran. Baker of the Parish of Coombe Bassett in the County of Wilts.
41481: SHROPSHIRE RIFLE ASSOCIATION - Programme of the Annual Meeting for the Year 1877.
42084: ST. PANCRAS ASSOCIATION - Election of Vestrymen and Auditors.
42085: ST PANCRAS ASSOCIATION - Economy, Efficiency, Humanity. St Pancras Association. Ward No. 2. [Address] To the Ratepayers of Ward 2.
41512: HOLD TO LIGHT CARDS - ASTRONOMY - Jupiter and Saturn.
41680: ASYLUM - Haydock Lodge Asylum, Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire. Edward Lister, Medical proprietor.
41681: ASYLUM - Oulton Retreat, near Stone, Staffordshire. For the recovery of persons afflicted with Nervous or Mental Complaints. Conducted by Saml. G. Bakewell, M.D. late of Springvale.
42052: WANSTEAD INFANT ORPHAN ASYLUM - Hymn Sung on Laying the First Stone of the New Asylum, at Wanstead, and at the Anniversary Dinner at Christ's Hospital, by the Children of the Infant Orphan Asylum.
42148: INFANT ORPHAN ASYLUM - A Selection of Glees, Etc. Performed at the Anniversary of the Infant Orphan Asylum, on Tuesday, July 27, 1841, in the Grand Hall of Christ's Hospital. The Vocal Department under the direction of Mr. Hawes.
43040: BEDFORD LUNATIC ASYLUM - Order for Bread to be supplied to the asylum by G. Ekins.
27650: ATKINSON, Harold Waring - The Families of Atkinson of Roxby (Lincs) and Thorne and Dearman and Braithwaite and Families Connected With Them> Especially Atkinson-Busfeild, Barnes, Beavington, Birchall, Edwards, Miller, Neave, Ransome, Rooke, Sessions, Sinclair, Somerford, Stanley, Waring, Wykeham.
30743: ATKINSON, Harold Waring - The Families of Atkinson of Roxby (Lincs) and Thorne and Dearman and Braithwaite and Families Connected With Them, especially Atkinson-Busfeild, Barnes, Beavington, Birchall, Edwards, Miller, Neave, Ransome, Rooke, Sessions, Sinclair, Somerford, Stanley, Waring, Wykeham.
42939: J.C. ATKINSON - A Handbook for Ancient Whitby & Its Abbey.
41470: NAVY POWER OF ATTORNEY - Power of Attorney for John Trevor of H.M.S. Defiance, to "my true and lawful wife Mary Trevor."
40289: AUCTION - York. Market Street, Margaret Place and Charles Street, in the Parish of St. George. To Be Sold By Auction by Mr. W. Butler...Five Freehold Dwelling Houses and Joiners' Shop...Further Particulars from Mr. John Holtby, Solicitor, York.
41504: FOR SALE BY AUCTION - Conditions of Sale.
41761: AUCTIONEERS - the Auction - Conditions of Sale.
34547: D'AUNGERVILLE, Richard - Richard D'Aungerville, of Bury. Fragments of His Register, and Other Documents.
42159: JOHN AUSTIN - Respectfully invites the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, to view His Collection of Animals of Opposite Natures Living in One Cage, which are shown at Waterloo and Southwark Bridges.
42004: WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE IN AUSTRALIA - Latest News from Australia. Commonwealth Parliament's Verdict on Women's Suffrage.
39849: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - Plan of the India and Millwall Docks.
39850: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - Plan of the India and Millwall Docks.
39851: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - Plan of the India and Millwall Docks.
39852: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - Plan of the India and Millwall Docks.
39853: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - Plan of the Royal Group of Docks.
39855: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - Plan of the Royal Group of Docks.
39856: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - Plan of Tilbury Docks.
39857: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - Plan of Tilbury Docks.
40837: AVIATION - The Twining Aeroplane Co. [Flier]
40838: AVIATION - Materials for Model Making.
40839: AVIATION - Learn to Fly. Gliding: as a Sport and an Aid to Flight.
40840: AVIATION - Brochure [with] Special Aero Show Supplement.
40841: AVIATION - Monoplane designed by A.S. Goodwin and O.G.C. Drury, Civil Engineers.
40853: AVIATION - Westminster Aeronautical Society Membership Card.
40854: AVIATION - Safety Landing Wheels.
42253: AXHOLME. READ, William - Read's History of the Isle of Axholme: Its Manors and Parishes.
27090: AXON, William E.A. - Cheshire Gleanings.
40349: AYRTON, Michael [illustrator] and D.G. BRIDSON - The Quest for Gilgamesh> with an original lithograph by Michael Ayrton.
40350: AYRTON, Michael [illustrator] and D.G. BRIDSON - The Quest for Gilgamesh> with an original lithograph by Michael Ayrton.
40351: AYRTON, Michael [illustrator] EURIPIDES - Medea. Hippolytus. The Bacchae. Newly translated by Philip Vellacott, illustrated by Michael Ayrton.
40823: AYRTON, Michael - The Duchess of Malfi.
41252: SIR JAMES BACON - Collection of ephemera: At Home at Compton Beauchamp, Menus for Sunday at Compton Beauchamp, Pen and Ink Drawing of a church [possibly for a wedding invitation] and an engraved at-home card addressed to Bacon.
26511: BAKER, John Brogden - The History of Scarborough, From the Earliest Date.
41843: BAKEWELL - Bridge House, Bakewell, Derbyshire.
42968: H.E. BALCH - Mendip - the Great Cave of Wookey Hole. [bound with] Mendip - Cheddar, its Gorge and Caves. [bound with] Mendip - its smallet caves and rock shelters.
42809: R. BALDWIN - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer.
41928: [FOWLER, William] BALL, H.W. - Notes on William Fowler (of Winterton) and His Works.
42788: NAVAL BALLAD - The British Seaman. [slip song]
42094: LONDON AND WESTMINSTER BANK - Opened December 26, 1838. (From "The Atlas" Newspaper, December 29, 1838)
42096: THE LONDON JOINT STOCK BANK - Anniversary Dinner at the London Tavern, Bishopgate Street on the Day of the General Meeting.
41672: BANKER'S DRAFT - London & Westminster Bank Ltd. You will be pleased to hold at the disposal of Mr Steward Lauder on his being identified, the sum of One hundred and forty Pounds...taking in reimbursement his Draft on this bank...
33974: BANKIER, Linda - Berwick-on-Tweed Illustrated 1894 - 1994.
39651: BANKS, Iain M. - Inversions.
41298: WM BARBOUR - Rabbit Nets, etc.
43161: ROBERT BARKER - A Concise Account of the Views of Paris> with an illustration of the descriptive sheets, which are given to each person who goes to see those Paintings at the Panorama, Leicester Square.
43162: HENRY ASTON BARKER - A Short Description of the Island of Elba, and Town of Porto-Ferrajo> illustrative of the view now exhibiting in Henry Aston Barker's Panorama, Leicester Square.
43169: R.R. REINAGLE and THOMAS EDWARD BARKER - A View of the Beautiful City of Florence, Taken from the Top of ther Palace Feroni, (by Reinagle and Barker) is now Exhibiting in the Smaller Circle.
42102: I. H. BARLOW - Tea and Coffee Urns.
42923: DR BARNADO - A Chart of Child Rescue. The Barnado Map: showing places in England and Wales from which nearly 40,000 destitute children have been admitted to Dr. Barnardo's Homes during the last 24 years.
27803: BARNWELL, Edward Lowry - Perrot Notes> or Some Account of the Various Branches of the Perrot Family.
34217: BARRABAND, Jacques - Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets - Plate 110. Le Perroquet Aouro-courouy.
43142: VERNON BARRETT - The Darkies' ABC.
32296: BARRINGTON, Sir Jonah - Rise and Fall of the Irish Nation.
38462: BARRON, Oswald Editor - Northamptonshire Families.
39868: BARROW, T.T. - A Plan of Tunbridge Wells in the County of Kent, Showing the Situation of all the Lodging Houses, Publick Walks, Inns and every thing worthy of notice.
42074: ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S HOSPITAL - A Statement for the Consideration of the Inhabitants and Owners of Houses in the Parish of Christ Church, Newgate Street.
34480: BARTLETT, John Russell - Genealogy of That Branch of the Russell Family Which Comprises the Descendants of John Russell of Woburn, Massachusetts, 1640 - 1878.
41224: W.H. BARTLETT, R.I. - Along the Tidal Seine. The honour of your company is requested on Saturday March 12th to view the collection of pictures.
42156: FRANCESCO BARTOLOZZI - George Frederic Handel, after Giovanni Battista Cipriani.
42157: FRANCESCO BARTOLOZZI - The Ball at the Mansion House April XVII, MDCCLXXV, the Right Hon. John Wilkes, Lord Mayor> after Giovanni Battista Cipriani.
40980: C. BASSET - Tree in a landscape setting with elderly couple and daughter.
39715: BATCHELOR, Dr William - A Few Words on Nervousness.
42970: BATH - The Church Rambler> a series of articles on the churches in the neighbourhood of Bath.
39970: BAWDEN, Edward - [Prospectus] Edward Bawden: War Artist.
41335: BAYLIES'S CHARITY - An Extract from The "Report of the Commissioners, for enquiring concerning Charities," respecting Baylies's Charity School, in Dudley, at present in the possession of the Socinians.
38144: BAZALGETTE, Norman - Random Rhymes.
38564: BEAMONT, William - A History of the Castle of Halton and the Priory or Abbey of Norton, With an Account of the Barons of Halton, the Priors and Abbots of Norton and an Account of Rock Savage and Daresbury Church, With Notices of Historic Events of the Neighbourhood.
42896: E.F. BEAN - Geological Map of Wisconsin Showing Locations from which Samples of Limestone, Dolomite, Marl, Shale or Clay were Analyzed.
41954: BENJAMIN BEASLEY - [Advert] Stammerers Should Read a Book...Reminiscences of a Stammerer and Stammering: Its treatment.
41309: CORNED BEEF - Novelty fold out advert.
42843: W. BELCH - W. Belch's Old English and Engrossing Copies Alphabetically Arranged. Showing the different characters on one line for General Use.
38839: VEURNE IN BELGIUM - [Plan Cadastral of the Land Outside the Fortifications.]
38663: BELL, Adrian - Mother Moth> illustrated by Francesca Bell.
39792: BELL, John - The following is a List of Persons Cured of Maniacal Symptoms by John Bell, Carpenter at Bowsden, Northumberland & his late mother who was midwife in that village for thirty three years...
43181: BELL, Vanessa - Exhibition of Paintings by Vanessa Bell (1880 - 1961). 6th - 27th October, 1961.
43182: BELL, Vanessa - A Memorial Exhibition of Her Paintings.
40836: BELLAMY, John [EXHIBITION] - Positively for One Week Only. Extraordinary Novelty. Mr. Bellamy...Unrivalled Exhibition of Paragon Models...A Stupendous Model of Windsor Castle...modelling 1428 windows...
38678: E.J. BELLOCQ - Photographs from Storyville, the Red-Light District of New Orleans> reproduced from prints made by Lee Friedlander. Introduction by Susan Sontag
38842: BELLOWS, William - A Carnet de Route: October, 1917.
36756: BEMROSE, William Junior - The Runic and Other Crosses of Derbyshire.
39905: BENGAL - Bengal Military Fund.
36508: BENSON, George and JEFFERSON, J. England - Picturesque York.
41204: BENZAQUEN - 12 Snapshots Gibraltar.
41825: BERKSHIRE - List of Subscriptions to the South Berkshire Hunt, for the Season 1892 - 3.
37236: BERRY, William - County Genealogies. Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Hants: Collected from Heraldic Visitations...
42219: BERRY, Charles Walter - Ghost Stories.
42220: BERRY, Charles Walter - The Green-eyed Monster, a Play in Five Acts.
24623: BEVERLEY. WILDRIDGE, T. Tindall - The Misereres of Beverley Minster: a Complete Series of Drawings of the Seat Carvings in the Choir of St. John's, Beverley, Yorkshire> With Notes on the Plates and Subject.
39546: MAX HERZ-BEY - La Mosquée du Sultan Hassan au Caire.
38442: BIGGS, Michael - A Gaelic Alphabet.
41364: VETO BILL - Three handbills against the bill, two signed by G.B.H.B. [with] 'Anent John Bull and Matters That Concern Him.'
41787: PARLIAMENT BILL - An Act to make provision with respect to the powers of the House of Lords in relation to those of the House of Commons, and to limit the duration of Parliament.
42542: REFORM BILL - Programme of the Grand Jubilee Procession, to take place in Edinburgh on Friday 10th August, 1832, in Honour of the Passing of the Reform Bills.
42570: MUNICIPAL CORPORATION BILL - List of the Majority and Minority, in the Division on Thursday, the 16th of July, 1835, on Mr. Winthrop Praed's Motion to save the Political Rights of the Freemen of England and Wales> Rights solemnly recognised and reserved by the Reform Act.
39600: BAYNTUN BINDING - Poems of Christina Rossetti, chosen by William Rossetti.
39603: FAZAKERLEY BINDING - [Blank Visitor's Book?]
40967: BINDING - The Memoirs of Mr. C.J. Yellowplush> The Fitz-Boodel Papers> Cox's Diary> and Character Sketches, by William Makepiece Thackeray. With illustrations by E.J. Wheeler, George Cruikshank, J.P Atkinson and F. Barnard.
42909: W.G. BLACKIE - The Imperial Atlas of Modern Geography> an extensive series of maps, embracing the most recent discoveries and the latest political divisions of territory in all parts of the world.
36783: BLACKWELL, John - The Sheffield Directory and Guide> Containing a History of the Town, an Alphabetical List & Classification of the Merchants, Manufacturers, and Principal Inhabitants, Including the Neighbouring Towns & Villages> With Commercial Information, &c. &c.
42416: CROSSE & BLACKWELL - Salad Oil and Vinegar.
41912: BLAENAU, FESTINIOG - W. Williams, Baltic Hotel Slate Quarries, Blaenau, Festiniog, near Carnarvon.
32549: BLAKE-FORSTER, Charles Ffrench - The Irish Chieftains> or, a Struggle for the Crown: with numerous notes and a copious appendix.
31059: BLAKE, William - Watercolour Designs for the Poems of Thomas Gray.
43110: J.T. BLIGHT - A Week at Land's End.
41679: ASYLUM FOR THE BLIND - Glasgow Asylum for the Blind. Souvenir of Laying the Foundation Stone by Col. W. Montgomerie Neison, of Queenshill, Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow...
41684: INDIGENT BLIND - A Report of the State of the School and Hospital for the Indigent Blind at Norwich.
34347: BLOOM, J. Harvey - Register of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Knightsbridge, 1658 - 1681.
42602: J.H. BLOOM - Notices, Historical and Antiquarian, of the Castle and Priory at Castleacre, in the County of Norfolk.
40110: BLUNDEN, Edward - Autograph Letter, signed.
42101: CHARLES BLUNT - Optician and Mathematical Instrument Maker, (Formerly of Cornhill), has removed to 38 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.
42415: BOOKSELLER - John Binns, (Late Hazard & Binns) Bookseller, Cheap Street, Bath.
42450: BOOKSELLER - Thomas Murray, Bookseller and Stationer.
42880: BOOTH, Charles - Map of London 1899 - 1900 Showing Places of Religious Worship, Public Elementary Schools and Houses Licensed for the Sale of Intoxicating Drinks.
42339: B. BOOTHROYD - The History of the Ancient Borough of Pontefract, Containing an Interesting Account of the Castle, and the three different sieges it sustained during the Civil War, with notes and pedigrees...
26450: BOSTON SPA. BLAKESTON, Sarah - The Gem of the YorkshireValleys> or a Brief Description of Boston Spa, and Other Places of Interest in the Neighbourhood.
42917: BOSTON - Great Boston Fire. Map of the Burned District.
42918: BOSTON - Great Boston Fire. Map of the Burned District.
31167: BOULENGER, G.A. - The Tailless Batrachians of Europe.
38456: MICHEL BOUQUET - An Artist's Ramble in the North of Scotland.
38457: MICHEL BOUQUET - The Tourist's Ramble in the Highlands. 36 plates of the Most Interesting and Pittoresques Views of Scotland Delineated from Nature and Lithographied.
40886: BOWDEN, Richard Bayly - First Rate Man of War 120 guns.
40575: JOHN BOWLES - Several Prospects of the Most Noted Publick Buildings in and about the City of London with a Short Historical Account Relating to the Same.
41187: BOWLES, John - The Pharos of Ptolemy King of Egypt...Port Alexandria.
41188: BOWLES, John - The Forum Trasni or Trajan's Square.
41189: BOWLES, John - The Pyramids of Egypt.
42779: BOWLING GREEN, HACKNEY - The Mayor, Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, Governours of the Possessions, Revenues and Goods of the Hospitals of Edward VI late King of England, of Christ, Bridewell, and St. Thomas the Apostle, Appellants. Evan Pugh, and Mary his Wife, Respondents. The Appellants Case. [with]... The Respondents Case.
26219: BOWMAN, Henry and HADFIELD, James - Lambley Church, Nottinghamshire.
41851: BOWNESS, WINDERMERE - Crown Hotel.
41948: BOXING - Jack Smith Will Present Weekly Displays With a Constant Change of Talent. Free Trade Hall [Manchester]. Special Night. Jack Casey versus Fred Shaw.
40563: THOMAS BOYDELL - Temple Church [Interior View].
40566: THOMAS BOYDELL - St. Stephen Walbrook [Interior View].
40567: THOMAS BOYDELL - St. Clement Danes [Interior View].
41338: ROYAL MASONIC INSTITUTION FOR BOYS - List of Candidates. Election, Monday, 19th April, 1882.
42187: WILLIAM BOYS - Collections for an History of Sandwich in Kent. With Notices of the Other Cinque Ports and Members of Richborough.
42634: JOHN BOYS - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Kent, with Observations on the Means of its Improvement. Drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Impovement.
41946: PAUL BOYTON - Primo Esperimento del Capitano Paolo Boyton Che Dara in Firenze Nel Giardino Reale di Boboli.
42928: JOSEPH BOZE - Archive of Manuscript and Printed Documents including an important letter from Marc-Antoine Jullien.
28002: BRADBURY, Joseph - Saddleworth Sketches.
36778: BRADBURY, Frederick - History of Old Sheffield Plate, Being an Account of the Origin, Growth and Decay of the Industry and of the Antique Silver and White or Britannia Metal Trade With Chronological Lists of Makers' Marks and Numerous Illustrations of Specimens.
36779: BRADBURY, Frederick - History of Old Sheffield Plate, Being an Account of the Origin, Growth and Decay of the Industry and of the Antique Silver and White or Britannia Metal Trade With Chronological Lists of Makers' Marks and Numerous Illustrations of Specimens.
42908: T.G. BRADFORD - A Comprehensive Atlas Geographical, Historical & Commercial.
42309: BRADSHAW - Bradshaw's New Map of the Railways in Great Britain for 1854.
40136: BRAMAH, PRESTAGE & BALL - Manufacturers of Patent Locks and Pens to the Queen and H.R.H. The Duchess of Kent.
41897: BRAMPTON, CUMBRIA - M. & M. Hudspith, Conveyance and Post Horses at Short Notice.
41898: BRAMPTON, CUMBRIA - M. & M. Hudspith, Conveyance and Post Horses at Short Notice.
41899: BRAMPTON, CUMBRIA - M. & M. Hudspith, Conveyance and Post Horses at Short Notice.
32706: BRANDON, Raphael and J. Arthur - An Analysis of Gothick Architecture: illustrated in a series of upwards of seven hundred examples of doorways, windows, etc., and accompanied with remarks on the several details of an ecclesiastical edifice.
42629: PHILIP BRANNON - The Picture of Southampton, and Stranger's Handbook...a consideration of the salubrity of Southampton and its fitness as a resort for invalids and pleasure seekers...
42714: G. and A. BRANNON - Brannon's Graphic Delineations of the Most Prominent Objects in Isle of Wight. Serving equally the purpose of a useful accompaniment to any of the un-illustrated local guides, or as a drawing book for copying in pencil by the tyro, and to assist the amateur in sketching from nature.
41904: BRECHIN - James Knowles, Crown Hotel. Carriages, Post, and Job Horses.
41905: BRECHIN - James Knowles, Crown Hotel. Carriages, Post, and Job Horses.
41906: BRECHIN - James Knowles, Crown Hotel. Carriages, Post, and Job Horses.
41907: BRECHIN - The Brechin Inn & Commercial Hotel. Mrs. McBain. Clerk Street, Head of Panmure Street.
41908: BRECHIN - The Brechin Inn & Commercial Hotel. Mrs. McBain. Clerk Street, Head of Panmure Street.
41909: BRECHIN - The Brechin Inn & Commercial Hotel. James Keddie. Clerk Street, Head of Panmure Street.
41910: BRECHIN - The Brechin Inn & Commercial Hotel. James Keddie. Clerk Street, Head of Panmure Street.
21407: KEEBLE Brian - editor - Cecil Collins The Visions of the Fool and other writings.
42044: BRIDLINGTON. LANCASTER, W.T. - Abstracts of the Charters and Other Documents Contained in the Chartulary of the Priory of Bridlington in the East Riding of the County of York.
43188: BRIDLINGTON. PRICKETT, Rev. Marmaduke - An Historical and Architectural Description of the Priory Church of Bridlington, in the East Riding of the County of York.
40413: O'BRIEN, Kate - Without My Cloak.
42009: THEATRE ROYAL BRIGHTON - [Playbill] Tom & Jerry> or, Life in London. [and] Professor Lupino and His Infant Pupil. etc.
39957: BRINDESI, Jean and ROBERTSON, James [after] - Souvenirs de Constantinople.
33324: BRISTOL - Port of Bristol. Accommodation for the Largest Class of Steamers at the Mouth of the River Avon, Kingroad. Minutes and Proceedings of a Joint Committee, consisting of the Right Worshipful the Mayor, Isaac Allan Cooke, Esq.> Deputations of Behalf of the Docks' Committee of the Town Council> the Society of Merchant Venturers> and the Bristol Chamber of Commerce> with Plans and Estimates, and an Introduction by the Committee of the Chamber> Published in Accordance With the Resolution of the Joint Committee, passed on the 24th June, 1858.
38591: BRISTOL - The Bristol Charities: From the Farther Report of the Commissioners for Enquiring Concerning Charities: Ordered to be printed by the House of Commons, Feb. 12, 1822. With Introductions and Notes, by A Barrister. Part I to Part III.
40245: BRISTOL - Bristol Election Ephemera 1812 - 1880.
40300: BRISTOL - The Victoria Rooms.
40828: ELECTION CARD - BRISTOL - Slade for Ever.
42593: JOHN BRITTON - The History and Antiquities of Bath Abbey Church: including biographical anecdotes of the most interesting persons interred in that edifice...
42690: JOHN BRITTON - The History and Antiquities of the See and Cathedral Church of Winchester> Illustrated with a Series of Engravings of views, elevations, plans and details of the architecture of that edifice...
43124: JOHN BRITTON - The History and Antiquities of the Abbey, and Cathedral Church of Bristol: illustrated with a series of engravings of views, elevations, plans, and details of that edifice> with biographical anecdotes of eminent persons connected with the establishment.
42034: BROADSIDE - A Grand View of the British Troops Making Their Landing at Aboukir in Egypt.
40963: BROEK, Rev. John Y. - The Jaques Family. Descendants of Henry Jaques who settled in Newbury, Massachusetts 1638.
41310: SHOW CARD - LEVER BROTHERS - Lux Won't Shrink Wool. By W.O.
41312: SHOW CARD - LEVER BROTHERS - Lux Won't Shrink Woollens. "Why don't they use Lux.?"
41313: SHOW CARD - LEVER BROTHERS - Sunlight Soap, Makes Washing Play,
41314: SHOW CARD - LEVER BROTHERS - Equation:- Labour Light, Clothe White = Sunlight.
41315: SHOW CARD - LEVER BROTHERS - Where have you been to, my Sunlight Maid? To buy some "Sunlight Soap," she said.
41316: SHOW CARD - LEVER BROTHERS - Sunlight Soap. For rest & Leisure.
41317: SHOW CARD - LEVER BROTHERS - Sunlight Soap. "I'se middlin' proud" A Morning's Work.
41318: SHOW CARD - LEVER BROTHERS - Plantol Soap.
21647: BROWN, Cornelius - The Annals of Newark-Upon-Trent Comprising the History, Curiosites, and Antiquities of the Borough.
32333: BROWN, Cornelius - The Annals of Newark-Upon-Trent Comprising the History, Curiosites, and Antiquities of the Borough.
20566: BROWN, Cornelius - The Annals of Newark-Upon-Trent Comprising the History, Curiosites, and Antiquities of the Borough.
32983: BROWN, Philip - Old Beverley.
20229: BROWN, Cornelius - A History of Newark-on-Trent> Being the Life Story of an Ancient Town.
34980: BROWN, Robert - Notes on the Earlier History of Barton-on-Humber. Volume I. To the End of the Norman Period, A.D. 1154 [and] Volume II. A.D. 1154 - 1377.
41648: HENRY COLLINS BROWN - Old New York.
43051: MAJOR F.C.C. YEATS-BROWN - The Star and the Crescent, Being the Story of the 17th Cavalry from 1858 to 1822. [with] Indian Silver Regimental Salt Shaker.
38318: G.F. BROWNE - On Some Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Dunecht House Aberdeenshire.
38319: G.F. BROWNE - On Some Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Dunecht House Aberdeenshire.
38341: G.F. BROWNE - On Some Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Dunecht House Aberdeenshire.
38342: BROWNE, Right Rev. G.F. - On Some Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Dunecht House Aberdeenshire.
41110: REV. J. CAVE-BROWNE - The Chôta Nagpore Mission to the Kôls.
42530: WILLIAM BROWNE - On The Crucifixion of Our Saviour and the Two Thieves. [Behold O God.]
41870: BRUSSELS - Hotel de l'Europe.
40603: BUCK, Samuel and Nathaniel - The North-East View of Wardon Monastery in the County of Bedford.
40604: BUCK, Samuel - The North View of Temple Bruer in the Middle of the Great Heath on the South Side of the City of Lincoln.
40605: BUCK, Samuel - The East View of Lady's Chappel, near Osmotherley in Yorkshire.
40606: BUCK, Samuel and Nathaniel - The North-East View of Denny-Priory, near Cambridge.
41237: ERNEST PILE BUCKNALL - English Woods and Forests. A series of watercolour drawings...
42609: JOHN BULLAR - A Companion in a Tour Round Southampton: comprehending various particulars, ancient and modern, of New Forest, Lymington, Christchurch, Romsey, Bishop's Waltham, Titchfield, &c. [with] A Historical and Picturesque Guide to the Isle of Wight.
42890: CAPT. BULLOCK R.N. - The River Thames From Westminster to Barking Shewing the Obstructions to the Navigation in the Channel of the River> from the Admiralty Survey in 1831-4.
37067: BUNBURY - A Day with "The Cheshire."
43157: BARKER AND BURFORD - Description of the View of Venice> taken, and painted by Messrs. Barker and Burford, from the Piazza di S. Marco: with a representation of the carnival> now exhibiting in their Panorama, Strand.
43160: ROBERT BURFORD - Explanation of a view of the City of Calcutta, exhibiting at the Panorama Leicester Square.
38829: BURGHERS, Michael - The Map of Oxfordshire.
42527: BURMA - Strange customs and weird beliefs of the Padaung giraffe-neck women, by Howard Y. Bary. [Interesting Facts and Illustrations of the Royal Padaung Giraffe-Neck Women from Burma. Cover title]
43003: JAMES BURNS - Or Squeaking Tommy, a well known Ventriloquist through the County of Nottingham> died January 7th 1796.
43192: MONTAGU BURROWS - The Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Riche Court, hereditary masters of the Royal Buckhounds. With some account of the English Rule in Aquitaine.
26452: BURTON, Thomas - The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingbrough in the County of York, edited and enlarged by James Raine.
38291: BURTON, Thomas - The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingbrough in the County of York, edited and enlarged by James Raine.
8808: BURTON, Thomas - The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingbrough in the County of York, edited and enlarged by James Raine.
42996: MR MARTIN VAN BUTCHELL - Pupil to the Late Dr. Hunter.
41844: BUXTON - Corbar Hill House, Buxton. Proprietor Mr. Thomas Dickson.
34906: BYGOTT, John - Two Soldier Brothers. "Bert" (Lieutenant Walter Bertram Wood, M.C. and Bar, Hampshire Regiment and R.F.C.) "Ted" (Second Lieutenant Edwin Leonard Wood, 1st. Royal Scots Fusiliers).
37678: GENTLEMEN CADETS - Twelve Sketches From Nature, Selected From the Sketch Books (1849) of the Gentlemen Cadets of the Royal Military College.
41932: LADY AUGUSTA CADOGAN - Colnaghi's Patriotic Fund Almanac for 1855.
38684: PAUL CAFFELL - Blink> Pause Within a Moment, a Photographic Essay. With text by John Carder Bush.
41242: RANDOLPH CALDECOTT - Robert Dunthorne has the honour to invite Judge Bacon and friends, to inspect some Sketches and Bas-reliefs by the late Randolph Caldecott.
41284: LIFT-THE-FLAP CALENDAR - Mellin's Food makes a perfect diet for infants and invalids.
41285: PERFUMED CALENDAR - Lack of Road Sense"
40865: CALLIGRAPHY [Anonymous] - Alphabet [A-Z] [and] Cleave the wood and there am I.
25803: CAMERON, Kenneth - The Place Names of Lincolnshire> Part Two: Yarborough Wapentake.
22893: CAMERON, Kenneth - The Place Names of Lincolnshire> Part Two: Yarborough Wapentake.
42756: THOS FRASER CAMPBELL - The Frasers of Ardachy.
41047: CANADA - View of West Bay, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
40598: CANALETTO, Antonio engraved by George BICKHAM - A View of the Monument Erected in Memory of the Dreadfull Fire in the Year 1666. It is 202 Feet High.
42131: THE MOTHER BLACK CAP - Bottled Wines and Spirits of the Best Quality and Lowest Prices.
39926: TRADE CARD - Mrs Hill, Wholesale & Retail Fur Manufacturer, Holloway Street, Exeter.
40254: TRADE CARD - I. Shew behind the Shambles in the Market Place, Yeovil. Sells China, Glass and Staffordshire Ware. N.B. Wedgewoods Ornamental Improvements.
40258: ELECTION CARD - Wood for Home Rule.
40259: ELECTION CARD - Lowther for Ever.
40290: TRADE CARD - Arthur Fussey, Tea Dealer, Grocer & Seedsman, 35, Corner of Low Gate & Salthouse Lane, Hull.
41030: TRADE CARD - Thomas Thomson, Silk Mercer, Linen Draper and Haberdasher of 185 Princes Street, Edinburgh.
41281: TRADE CARD - Linen Cambric Handkerchief and Linen Manufacturers, Embroiderers, &c.
41311: SHOW CARD - Mason's Wine Essences.
41319: SHOW CARD - Vibrona, The Ideal Tonic Wine.
41324: SHOW CARD - Pair of large show cards for Byrrh.
41363: ELECTION CARD - For Russell Rea.
41367: ELECTION CARD - Mr George Packer your old member respectfully solicits your vote and interest.
41370: ELECTION CARD - East Cheshire Election 1868. Card of thanks for support at the General Election from William Egerton and William Leigh.
41371: ELECTION CARD - Stockport Boro' Election 1868. Card of thanks from the Conservative candidates, William Tipping and William Ambrose.
41372: ELECTION CARD - Your Vote and Interest are solicited for W. Keswick, the Conservative & Unionist Candidate. Epsom Division. [with] Election Card. [with] First Class to Westminster ticket.
43149: CHRISTMAS CARD - Trespassers Will Be Shot.
43150: CHRISTMAS CARD - A Merry Christmas.
40129: ELECTION CARDS - Three Election Cards for Yorkshire Elections.
42003: CIGARETTE CARDS - The London Cigarette Card Co., Ltd. Abridged Catalogue of Cigarette Cards, Albums and Accessories.
28026: CARLETON, William - Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry.
42490: QUEEN CAROLINE - The Form of Prayer, with Thanksgiving to Almighty God, to be used daily by all devout People throughout the Realm, for the Happy Deliverence of Her Majesty Queen Caroline From the late and most Traitorous Conspiracy.
22042: CARPENTER, David - Ilkley, the Victorian Era.
23464: CARPENTER, David - Ilkley, the Victorian Era.
42588: J.W. COMYNS CARR - The Abbey Church of St. Albans. Illustrated with five etchings and numerous by Ernest George and R. Kent Thomas.
40342: EDWARD HEATH and PETER CARRINGTON - Large Pencil Portraits of Edward Heath and Lord Carington Signed on Concorde at Mach 2.0 by Brian Trubshaw, test pilot for the first passenger supersonic aircraft.
38234: CARROLL, Lewis [Charles Lutwidge DODGSON] - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. With forty-two illustrations by John Tenniel.
32283: CARTER, W.F. - Notes on Kenrick Families.
39953: CARTER, J. N. - The New Music Hall, Scarborough. Lithographed by F. Jones.
40077: CASELLA, L. Scientific Instrument Maker to the Admiralty - An Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of Surveying, Philosophical, Mathematical, Optical, Photographic and Standard Meteorological Instruments.
8810: CASS, William Eden - The Journal of Surgeon Cass Aboard the Whaler 'Brunswick' of Hull, 1824, edited by A.G. Credland.
43175: JOHN SIBREE and M. CASTON - Independency in Warwickshire> a brief history of the Independent or Congregational Churches in That Country> containing biographical notices of their pastors> with an illustrative map and vignette engravings.
38333: TRADE CATALOGUE - [Furniture Fittings]
38334: TRADE CATALOGUE - [Furniture Fittings]
41492: TRADE CATALOGUE - Nurses' Outfitting Association, Specialists in the Art of Clothing Nurses by Post. Makers of Danco Outfits.
41494: TRADE CATALOGUE - Couverts Christofle.
41519: AUCTION CATALOGUE - The West Butterwick Freehold Estate. (Trent Side Warp Land) Near Doncaster, Lincolnshire. Particulars of Sale of the Exceedingly Valuable Freehold Estates belonging to The Dennis Estates Limited.
41520: AUCTION CATALOGUE - The West Butterwick Freehold Estate. (Trent Side Warp Land) Near Doncaster, Lincolnshire. Particulars of Sale of the Exceedingly Valuable Freehold Estates situate in the Parishes of West Butterwick, Epworth and Owston.
41568: HAIRDRESSING TRADE CATALOGUE - Parton, Son & Co.'s New Illustrated Catalogue of Hairdressers' Sundries.
41569: HAIRDRESSING TRADE CATALOGUE - Catalogue Containing a Full List of Hairdressers' Sundries.
42064: SOUTHWARK CATHEDRAL - The Collegiate Church of St. Saviour, Southwark. List of Requirements to Complete the Restoration and the Fittings of the Church. Gifts Needed.
40878: CATS - Photograph of a cat 'playing' the violin.
8811: CAUFIELD, Catherine - Thorne Moors.
39518: EAST RIDING YEOMANRY CAVALRY - Articles of Enrolment, for the Corps of Cavalry to be Raised in Holderness...to be called The East Riding Yeomanry Cavalry.
42070: KENSAL GREEN CEMETERY - General Cemetery Company, All Soul's Cemetery - Kensal Green, Harrow Road. Charges and Fees. Frederick Riviere, Clerk to the Company & Registrar.
33290: CHAMPNEYS, Arthur C. - Irish Ecclesiastical Architecture With Some Notices of Similar or Related Work in England, Scotland and Elsewhere.
43118: JOHN ROBERTS CHANTER - Lundy Island: a Monograph, Descriptive and Historical> with notices of its distinguishing features in natural history.
39804: NICOLAS MARIE JOSEPH CHAPUY - Port of Liverpool. Puerto de Liverpool. Port of Liverpool.
39805: NICOLAS MARIE JOSEPH CHAPUY - [London, view on the Thames] Londres, vue prise sur la Tamise. Londres, vista tomada sobre el Tamesis.
41650: PROPERTY & INCOME TAX - CHARITIES - Form for Claim for Allowances for the Duty Assessed and Paid on the Rents and Profits of Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, belonging to any Hospital, Public School, or Alms-house, or vested in Trustees for Charitable Purposes, for the Year ending 5th April, 1849.
42130: THOMAS CHARLES - Fish, Oyster, and Block Ice Warehouse. Bill of Fare. Purveyor to Her Majesty, The Queen, and H.R.H., The Prince of Wales.
43178: CHARLES, Nicholas - The Visitation of the County of Huntingdon, Under the Authority of William Camden, Clarenceux King of Arms, edited by Sir Henry Ellis.
40313: CHAUCER, Geoffrey - The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Compared with the Former Editions, and many valuable MSS. Out of which, Three Tales are added which were never before Printed> by John Urry, Student of Christ-Church, Oxon, Deceased: Together with a Glossary By a Student of the same College. To the Whole is prefixed The Author's Life, newly written, and a preface, giving an Account of this Edition.
41674: CHEMIST - Prescription. Prepared & Copied by T. Cook, Dispensing and Family Chemist.
41675: CHEMIST - Prescription. Prepared & Copied by T. Cook, Dispensing and Family Chemist.
41676: CHEMIST - The Prescription Copied & Dispensed by J. Prescott, Proprietor: William J. Latty, M.P.S., F.I.O. Dispensing Chemist and Optician.
41677: CHEMIST - The Prescription Prepared by Timothy White Co. Ltd. Dispensing Chemists...
43101: GEORGE CHESNEY - Indian Polity: a View of the System of Administration in India.
42919: CHICAGO - Map of the City of Chicago. The Black Portion shows the Burnt District...
42135: J. CHITTENDEN, HOP MERCHANT - The Quantity of Malt Consumed by the Undermentioned Brewers of London and Its Vicinity, from 10th October, 1831, to 10th October, 1837.
41701: CHOLERA - Board of Works to the Limehouse District. Comprising Limehouse, Ratcliff, Shadwell & Wapping. In consequence of the appearance of Cholera within this District, the Board have appointed the under-mentioned Medical Gentlemen who will give Advice, Medicine, and Assistance, Free of Charge, and Upon Application, at any hour of the day or night. By Order, Thos. W. Ratcliff, Clerk to the Board.
39809: CHUBB, W. P. [compiler] - Black List! Being the Annual Amount of Pickings of the Peers and their Families, who voted against the Reform Bill, in the House of Lords, on Saturday, Oct 8, 1831.
42979: JOHN CHUDLEIGH - Devonshire Antiquities. Containing illustrations of eighty Dartmoor village and wayside crosses, inscribed stones, stone circles, cromlechs, clapper bridges, tolmens, kistvaens, logan stones, and other objects of interest.
42083: BATTERSEA CHURCH - St. Mary's Battersea [Descriptive handbill]
42364: BATHAMPTON CHURCH - Pencil Drawing.
40914: CHURCHILL, Rt Hon Winston Spencer - What kind of a people do they think we are?" Two historic speeches... (1) To the members of both Houses of the United States Congress at Washington on December 26th, 1941 and (2) To the members of the Senate and House of Commons at Ottawa on December 30th, 1941.
41109: CICERI, Eugène - Les Pyrénées Dessinées d'après nature et Lithograpiées. Première Partie: Luchon et ses Environs. Deuxième Partie: Hautes et Basses-Pyrénées.
41986: CIRCUS - The Clown.
42239: WULFF'S GREAT CONTINENTAL CIRCUS. - Programme. At Hengler's, Argyll Street, Regent Street.
42281: CHAPMAN'S COLOSSAL CONTINENTAL CIRCUS - Programme. The Pavilion, Bognor Regis. Week 26th December, 1933.
42277: HENGLER'S GRAND CIRQUE - Promenade Concerts (Preceded by Operetta). Programme.
42278: HENGLER'S GRAND CIRQUE - Programme.
42283: CIRQUE (LATE HENGLER'S) - Grand Military Chess Tournament With Living Pieces.
36528: CLANCHY, M.T. Editor - The Roll and Writ File of the Berkshire Eyre of 1248.
42128: CLARIDGE'S HOTEL - Brochure. General Manager Renaud Piovanelli.
39793: CLARK, Thomas (Huntsman) - Diary of Sport With the O[ld] B[erkshire] Hounds 1856 - 57.
39898: CLARK, C. Publisher - A List of the Gentlemen Who Have Served the Office of High Sheriff, for the County Palatine of Lancaster, From the First Year of Henry the Second, 1154, to the Present Year. [1819]
38679: BOB CARLOS CLARKE - Shooting Sex> the Definitive Guide to Undressing Beautiful Girls.
41198: CLARKE, HENRY - Card for Preliminary Examination at the Royal College of Surgeons in the name of Henry Clarke, 1872. [and] letter by Clarke to his future father in law from Wakefield Prison, 1877.
42340: W.G. CLARKE - A Short Historical Guide to the Ancient Borough of Thetford, in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.
42341: W.G. CLARKE - A Short Historical Guide to the Ancient Borough of Thetford, in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.
41804: CLITHEROE [LANCASHIRE] - The Twelfth Annual Show will be held on Saturday, August 25th, 1883, at...The Commercial Inn, Russell Street.
41805: CLITHEROE [LANCASHIRE] - The Annual Report for the year 1884.
41818: CLITHEROE, LANCASHIRE - Clitheroe Polo Club. List of Fixtures, 1914.
42396: OVERSEAS CLUB - How the World is at War. [map]
42397: OVERSEAS CLUB - How the World is at War. [map]
38800: CLUTTON - Survey and Valuation of a Portion of the Estates Belonging to the Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of Gloucester.
39786: MATHER PARKES & Co. - Manuscript Valuation of Messrs Mather Parkes Lead Works North Wales, Jan 8th 1825. by Robert Daglish.
39933: SORSBIE & Co. - Price List for English and Imported Grains.
41002: DOBBS & CO. - Geological Map of England and Wales, [based upon Roderick Impey Murchison's map of 1843].
41297: GEORGE TAYLOR & Co. - Dispensing Bottles. Special Price List.
41526: LIBERTY & CO - Additions to the Curio Stock for April, 1907, Series LXXXVII.
41727: WILLIAM BULLOCK & Co. - Iron Founders & Manufacturers of Improved Patent Kitchen Furniture in all its branches. Improved box, flanch & portable coffee mills, corn mills...scale weights, door scrapers...
41733: J. & S. FULLER & Co. - Decorative Picture Frame Makers, Gallery of Fine Arts.
41773: CLARK AND CO. - Manufacturers of the Perfect Camphine Lamp.
42137: JOHN WREFORD & CO - Price List of Hosiery, Gloves and Lace.
42273: W. SMITH AND CO. - A Mine in Miniature. Now Exhibiting at the Masonic Hall, York Street, Bath.
42410: DE LA RUE & CO. - Elegant Extra Superfine Club House Cards. De L Rue & Co., Manufacturers and Patentees. 110 Bunhill Row, London.
42431: JAS HOPKINS & Co. - Flag Manufacturers. 27, King Street, Bristol.
42455: GEORGE FREDERICK URLING & Co. - By the King's Royal Letters Patent. Urling's Lace. [Trade Card]
42471: KELLY & CO. - Advertising Sheet for The Post Office Directory of Cambridge, Norfolk & Suffolk.
42483: GLOBE-WERNICKE CO. - Advertising Postcard [unused]
42824: JOHN SMITH & CO. - Gun & Pistol Makers, Russell Street, Birmingham. Manufacturers of Every Description of Fire Arms, Fine Fowling Pieces, Blunderbussess, Pistols &c. for Home & for Exportation.
42830: THOMAS FOX & CO. - Decorators, Art Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, English and Foreign Carpet Warehousemen, and Bedding Manufacturers.
42831: MESSRS LANHAM & CO. - Important Invention. "Facsimile Lace Patent."
42850: WONG TAI MI & CO - Makers of Genuine Lacquer in Various Kinds with Fairly Priced Collection. Highly Recommended.
42902: CHARLES BAKER & CO. - The Pictorial Plan of London, From Kensington Palace to London Docks. Enlarged Edition Including a Street Map of London.
42449: Elizabeth COBBOLD [?] - 5 Fine Pen and Ink Drawings.
38166: COCKS, Robert [publisher] - The Eastern Hemisphere [cover illustration to The Great Globe, Quadrilles, by Stephen Glover.]
38565: COCKS, James - Memorials of Hatherlow and of the Old Chadkirk Chapel.
41193: ROYAL COMMEMORATIVE COIN - The Queen's Golden Jubilee 1952 - 2002 Five Pound Coin.
27836: COLE, R.E.G. - History of the Manor and Township of Doddington, Otherwise Doddington-Pigot, in the County of Lincoln, and Its Successive Owners, With Pedigrees.
40529: COLE, James - The South Prospect of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury.
39932: COLLEY, Thomas - The Banbury Pedestrian - Thomas Colley.
40320: COLLINGRIDGE, W.H. & L. - Collingridge's City of London Directory Map, Showing the Latest Improvements.
34523: COLLINS, Arthur - Proceedings, Precedents, and Arguments, on Claims and Controversies Concerning Baronies by Writ, and other Honours. With the Arguments of Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Henry Montagu...
41725: COLMAN - Colman, Hatter, York.
36046: COLYER, Christina and JONES, M.J. - Excavations at Lincoln Interim Reports.
41128: COMFORT, Alex - Into Egypt, a Miracle Play.
40829: ELECTION CARD - IMPERIAL TARIFF COMMITTEE - I.T.C. Election Series No. 10. Buy Corn from the British Farmer.
40255: TORRINGTON COMMON - Lines Touching on the Inclosure of Torrington Commons, Rejoicing Day 16th. of July, A.D. 1849.
39749: LONDON STEREOSCOPIC COMPANY - Photographs of London.
42097: EAST INDIA COMPANY - East India Company's Charter.
42127: ISLINGTON GLASS BOTTLE COMPANY - Price list and unused order form.
42276: COVENT GARDEN CIRCUS COMPANY - [Programme] Covent Garden Grand Circus. Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.
42462: SUSSEX DRUG COMPANY - Medicated Cabinet Paper, a Sure Preventative for Piles. [advert] Cobden's Quinine & Phosphorus Pills, etc.
43038: IMPERIAL INSURANCE COMPANY - Proposal and Insurance Policy for a Mansion House and outbuildings in Lewes, Sussex, in the name of Mrs Philadelphia Shelley, widow, by the executors of her late husband Henry Shelley.
22608: CONAN DOYLE, Arthur - The Adventure of the Priory School. A Facsimile edition of the original Sherlock Holmes Manuscript. Introduction by Len Deighton.
39754: CONDER, C.R. & KITCHENER, H.H. - Map of Western Palestine, in 26 Sheets from Surveys Conducted for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund During the Years 1872 - 77.
41053: CONDER, Thomas - A New Map of Huntingdonshire Drawn from the Latest Authorities.
26263: CONNOR, A.B. - Monumental Brasses in Somerset.
42069: CATO STREET CONSPIRACY - A Sketch of the Premises in Cato Street, where Thistlewood and his Associates assembled on the Night of Wednesday, the 23rd. Feby. 1820 for the purpose of Assassinating His Majesty's Ministers.
42679: WILLIAM COOKE - A New Picture of the Isle of Wight, Illustrated with thirty-six plates, of the most beautiful and interesting views throughout the island, in imitation of the original sketches. To which is prefixed an introductory account of the island and a voyage round its coast.
42190: CORDER, John Shewell - Ye Olde Corner Postes of Ipswiche: with illustrations in photo-lithography from Original Sketches. Being a short essay read before the Ipswich Fine Art Club and the Ipswich Scientific Society in the year 1890.
42191: CORDER, John Shewell - Christchurch or Withepole House, a brief memorial.
42192: CORDER, John Shewell - Christchurch or Withepole House, a brief memorial.
42193: CORDER, John Shewell - Christchurch or Withepole House, a brief memorial.
42194: CORDER, John Shewell - Christchurch or Withepole House, a brief memorial.
40884: CORNECK, Henry Warrington - H.M.S. Caledonia. Adm Sir Gramah Moore K.C.B. Com.in Chief.
42312: J. CORNISH - Plan of the Grand Junction Railway. [and] Section, shewing the inclination of the Grand Junction Railway and Stations.
43107: REV. SIDNEY W. CORNISH - Short Notes on the Church and Parish of Ottery St. Mary, Devon. New Edition, Revised by Rev. F.F. Cornish.
42026: CORNWALLIS, BONAPARTE, AZARA and SCHIMMELPENNINCK - Definitive Treaty of Peace. Between His Majesty of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, on the One Part, and the French Republic, His Majesty the King of Spain and the Indies, and the Batavian Republic, on the Other Part.
34405: CORRIE, J.E. - Records of the Corrie Family, A.D. 802 - 1899. [Part I] and Part II.
41935: RICHARD COSWAY - Admission Ticket for Signor Marchesi's Benefit.
41966: RICHARD COSWAY - Admission Ticket for Signor Marchesi's Benefit.
41249: FREDERICK GEORGE COTMAN - Robt. Dunthorne has the honour to invite His Honour Judge Bacon & friends to view Mr. F.G. Cotman's Water Colour Drawings "On Devon Rivers"...
41251: FREDERICK GEORGE COTMAN - Robt. Dunthorne has the honour to invite His Honour Judge Bacon & friends to view Mr. Cotman's Drawings.
36310: COTTON, John - Chimes and Rhymes. Romantic Tales of Bromsgrove Bells and Bromsgrove Nails. With Other Verses on Local Themes.
41375: PRESTWICH URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - To the Electors of North Ward. [From] William Dodson.
41424: ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS IN COURT - These are to Certify That Bro James Smart was enrolled as a Member of the Widows and Orphans Fund...
43113: LEONARD H. COURTNEY - A Week in the Isles of Scilly. With additions and corrections.
41380: COVENTRY - To Mr. W. Rotherham, Printer, Coventry. From P. Moore [M.P.]
43086: MUSIC COVER - The Warmest Baby in the Bunch. Ethiopian Ditty, words and music by Geo. M. Cohan.
43087: MUSIC COVER - At a Georgia Camp Meeting> a characteristic march, by Kerry Mills.
43088: MUSIC COVER - Hello Ma Baby, words and music by Howard & Emerson.
43089: MUSIC COVER - My Honolulu Lady, sung by Mr Carroll Johnson.
43090: MUSIC COVER - My Little Octoroon, written and composed by Leslie Stuart, sung by Eugene Stratton.
42460: W.S. COWELL - W.S. Cowell, Lithographers and Letterpress Printers.
42249: DAVID COX - A Treatise on Landscape Painting and Effect in Water Colours: from the first rudiments to the finished picture: with examples in Outline, Effect, and Colouring.
41261: CRACKERS - [Tom, Tom] the Piper's Son [picked up a pig and away he ran].
42587: NEIL WALKER and THOMAS CRADDOCK - The History of Wisbech, and the Fens.
41950: CRICKET - Lord's Ground. Eton v. Harrow. Part Printed Scorecard.
41951: CRICKET - England v Australia at Surrey County Cricket Club, Kennington Oval. Fully Printed Scorecard.
43186: CRIME - A Calendar of Prisoners for Trial at the July Quarter & General Session of the Peace to be holden at the Session House, Clerkenwell, on Tuesday, the 12th day of July, 1904. Before William Robert McConnell, Richard Loveland-Loveland...
41952: OLIVER CROMWELL - In searching amongst some old papers, which had been in Cromwell's family, I found a writing which appears to me to be a copy of the very words which Oliver spoke to the members of the Long Parliament,... Spoken by O. C. when he put an end to the Long Parliament....preface signed T. Ireton.
38482: CROSS, J. - Pocket Plan of London and Improved Guide.
27898: CROSSING, William - Folk Rhymes of Devon.
43122: WILLIAM CROSSING - Tales of the Dartmoor Pixies: Glimpses of Elfin Haunts and Antics.
41936: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK - Box [Ticket] Her Majesty's Theatre.
41965: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK - Workmen's Memorial. One Shilling Subscription Card. Shakespeare Tercentenary.
24115: CRUMP, W.B. - Huddersfield Highways Down the Ages.
42719: GEORGE CUITT - Six Etchings, of Select Parts of Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire.
42915: THOMAS CUMING [Land Surveyor of Inverness] - Plan of the Lands in Dispute Between Major Hugh R. Duff of Muirtown and the Town of Inverness with the Adjacent Lands. Made out from an accurate survey taken July, 1806.
42683: WILLIAM CURTIS - A Short History of the Town of Alton in the County of Southampton.
40999: DALLAWAY, James & CARTWRIGHT, Edmund - A History of the Western Division of the County of Sussex. Including the Rapes of Chichester, Arundel, and Bramber, with the City and Diocese of Chichester.
42716: JAMES DALLAWAY - A History of the Western Division of the County of Sussex. Including the Rapes of Arundel and Bramber. Vol. II. Part the First. [The Rape of Arundel complete in itself]
42303: DALSTON, LONDON - A Valuable Archive containing a series of maps and documents charting the development of a particular London Estate.
42653: AUGUSTUS A. DALY - The History of the Isle of Sheppey from the Roman Occupation to the Reign of His Most Gracious Majesty King Edward VII.
40946: DANCE, JESSOP & WALKER - The Isle of Dogs.
39948: [PEAKE, Mervyn] DANIEL, Estelle - The Art of Gormenghast> the Making of a Television Fantasy. With illustrations by Mervyn Peake.
41696: JOHN DANSON - John Danson, Perfumer, &c.
42574: H.C.DARBY - The Medieval Fenland.
38771: DARTON, William [publisher] - A Little Book of Maps, to be referred to when My Father or Mother talks with me about Geography. Part V. [China, Hindoostan, Turkey in Europe, Turkey in Asia.]
34671: DAUDIN, F.M. - Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière des reptiles.
43180: DAUMAS, Maurice - Scientific Instruments of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century and their Makers.
24142: DAVIES, Robert - A Memoir of the York Press. With Notices of Authors, Printers, and Stationers, in the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries. A Facsimile Reprint with a new introduction and bibliography by Bernard Barr.
41129: DAVIES, Rhys - The Dark Daughters.
41698: W. DAVIES, M.R.C.S. - Receipt for Professional Advice, Attendance and Medicine.
42584: G. CHRISTOPHER DAVIES - The Handbook to the Rivers and Broads of Norfolk & Suffolk.
42597: G. CHRISTOPHER DAVIES - Norfolk Broads and Rivers or Water-ways, Lagoons, and Decoys of East Anglia.
24136: DAVIS, Roger - Kendrew of York and His Chapbooks for Children. With a Checklist.
24137: DAVIS, Roger - Kendrew of York and His Chapbooks for Children. With a Checklist.
41919: DAVIS, Rev. E.J. - Anatolica> or, the Journal of a Visit to Some of the Ancient Ruined Cities of Caria, Phrygia, Lycia, and Pisidia.
28394: DAY, Lewis F. - Pattern Design> a book for students, treating in a practical way of the anatomy, planning and evolution of repeated movement.
42646: J.L. DEACON - Ancient Rye> an illustrated handbook. [New Series, Third Edition]
42705: J.L. DEACON - Ancient Rye> an illustrated historical handbook. [New Series, Fifth Edition]
42400: TEA & COFFEE DEALER - H. Haddon, Tea & Coffee Dealer, 96, Kingsland Road, (opposite Pearson St.) London. [Shoreditch]
41730: DEANE'S - Furnish Your House with the Best Articles at Deane's. Established on Old London Bridge, A.D. 1700.
43139: CLAUDE DEBUSSY - The Little Negro. Le Petit Negre.
42558: THE OXFORD DECLARATIONS - At a meeting of heads of houses and proctors in the Delegates' room, May 2, 1834. A Declaration... We, whose names are underwritten, declare it to be our deliberate and firm opinion, that a Bill, now before Parliament, "To remove certain Disabilities which prevent some Classes of His Majesty's Subjects from resorting to the Universities of England, and proceeding to Degrees therein," will, if it pass into a Law, violate our legal and prescriptive Rights> subvert the system of Religious Instruction and Discipline, so long and beneficially exercised by us> and, by dissolving the union between the University and the Church of England, will impair the efficiency, and endanger the security, of both.
37006: DEERY, Patsy - Irish Mayflies> a Fly-Fisher's Guide.
40710: DEIGHTON, Len [writing as Cyril Deighton] and BLAU, Fred F. - The Orient Flight LZ127-Graf Zeppelin.
43208: W. ALFRED DELAMOTTE - Views of the Colleges, Chapels & Gardens of Oxford, drawings by William Alfred Delamotte, executed in lithography by William Gauci: with historical and descriptive notices by Charles Ollier.
41597: INCOME TAX - FIRST DEMAND - Tax Office...I do hereby give you Notice...granting certain Duties upon Income...you are charged as under: For One Year, ending the 5th April 1800...
42823: E. DAVIS'S FISHING TACKLE DEPOT - The Skeleton Angler. By the author of "The Angler's Dream," "Isaac Walton's Ghost," "Giant Angler," and other Piscatorial Poems.
41382: SOUTHERN DERBYSHIRE - To The Independent Electors of the Southern Division of the County of Derby.
41383: SOUTHERN DERBYSHIRE - To The Electors of the Southern Division of the County of Derby.
42607: MAJOR M. TEICHMAN-DERVILLE - The Annals of the Town and Port of New Romsey, with some extracts from the records of the town. Paper read before the Kent Archaeological Society, July 25th, 1929.
41111: DEVON [PRIOR, William Henry] - Descriptive Letterpress. Views of Plymouth and the Neighbourhood. [with] Torquay and the Neighbourhood. [with] Views in South Devon.
34555: DIARIES - Six North Country Diaries. [with] North Country Diaries [second series].
36444: DICKENS, Charles - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.
41991: CHARLES DICKENS - [Music] The Chimes Quadrille. Composed for the Musical Bouquet.
42592: WILLIAM DICKINSON - The History and Antiquities of Newark, in the County of Nottingham, (The Sidnacester of the Romans,) Interspersed with Biographical Sketches and Embellished with Engravings.
41161: DIGHTON, Robert [after] - [Geography Bewitched] Caricature Map of England & Wales.
42008: RICHARD DIGHTON - A View From Old South Sea House. [James Curtis]
41576: DIORAMA - The Thames at Lambeth.
42434: FUNERAL DIRECTOR - Thomas Bradley, Ricall.
39496: DIRECTORY. WHITE, William - History, Gazeteer and Directory of Lincolnshire, including the City and Diocese of Lincoln.
42255: DIRECTORY. - Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire With the City of Hull. 1922
42549: BENJAMIN DISRAELI - The People's Tribute to the Right Honourable the Earl of Beaconsfield, K.G. A Gold Laurel Wreath.
42057: ST. KATHERINE DOCKS - To the Gate-Keepers at the St. Katherine Docks. Permit 1 Lady to pass into the Docks and afterwards quit the same.
41538: EXCHEQUER DOCUMENT - The Right Honourable Spencer, Lord Wilmington, in Repayment of Loan...Order is taken this twenty ninth Day of May, 1728. by Virtue and in Pursuance of an Act lately passed in Partliament, (Entituled, An Act for Granting an Aid to His Majesty, by a Land-Tax, for the Service of the Year 1728.) That you deliver and pay of such His Majesty's Treasure as remains in your Charge....
41528: DODSLEY, J. - The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature, for the Year 1774 - 1787.
42786: DOLGELLEY [Dolgellau] - Cader Idris. On the Scenery of Dolgelley, and the Surrounding Neighbourhood, in the County of Merioneth.
39983: ST DOMINIC'S PRESS - Ditchling Horticultural Society 98th Annual Show...1920.
40569: DONAWELL, John - A Perspective View of the North West Front of ye Parish Church of St. Brides...
40599: DONAWELL, John - Ironmongers Hall with a View of Fenchurch Street.
36341: DONCASTER. HATFIELD, Charles William - Historical Notices of Doncaster. Third Series.
42533: DONKEY - Dans Ma Tête d'Ane Cherchez? L'Intelligence, La Fidélité, La Légéreté.
37244: DORSET - The Standing Orders of the Dorset Quarter Sessions, With Appendices. Revised 1882 - 83.
41633: DOUGHTY, Charles M. - Travels in Arabia Deserta.
40994: DOUGLAS, Keith DAVIES, W.H. BLUNDEN, Edmund and others - Springboard, the Barnardo Magazine for Schools, edited by Christopher Fry. Volume 1, numbers 1 - 6.
32985: DOWD, Antony - The Anthony Dowd Collection of Modern Bindings, with a foreword by Allen Freer.
36295: DOWNING, T.W. - The Records of Knowle. [Warwickshire]
33975: DOXFORD - The Doxford Hall Estate Between Berwick and Alnwick, Northumberland. Auction Sale Catalogue.
43035: JOHN DOYLE [H.B. - Embarkation of a French Cargo in an English Bottom.
41850: DRESDEN - Gasthaus Zum Elglischen Hof. Friedrich Hirsch.
41645: CRISTOPHER DRESSER - Studies in Design: Dadoes, Borders, & Friezes.
41646: CRISTOPHER DRESSER - Studies in Design: Ceilings.
41647: CRISTOPHER DRESSER - Studies in Design: [Miscellaneous].
41323: DRINK - Collection of labels and cards relating to drink: Cider [3], Whisky [12], Brandy, Wine and Champagne [25], Schnapps [1], Liqueurs [2], Beer, Ale & Lager [3]
41894: DROITWICH - William Ellis, George Inn & Folen Arms. Itemised receipt on printed letterhead.
41895: DROITWICH - William Ellis, George Inn & Folen Arms.Receipt on printed letterhead for fly to Worcester and back.
41896: DROITWICH - William Ellis, George Inn & Folen Arms.Rreceipt on printed letterhead for fly to Worcester and back.
43039: DUBLIN - The Dublin Exhibition of 1872. Extract from "The Guardian."
42758: HUGH ROBERT DUFF - Some Reminiscences of the Years 1789 - 1795, more particularly of the Expedition to the Netherlands, by H.R.D. (Edited with a few short notes)
39707: DUGDALE, William - The Visitation of the County of Yorke, Begun in A°> Dñ>i MDCLXV. And Finished A°> Dñ>i MDCLXVI. by William Dugdale, Esq. Norroy King of Arms.
40812: DUGDALE, William - The History of Imbanking and Draining of Divers Fens and Marshes, Both In Foreign Parts and in This Kingdom, and the Improvements Thereby. Extracted from records, manuscripts, and other authentic testimonies. The Second Edition, Revised and Corrected, by Charles Nalson Cole.
26383: DUNKIN, Edwin Hadlow Wise - The Monumental Brasses of Cornwall. Sixty-two illustrative plates with descriptive, genealogical and heraldic notes.
39554: DUNN, Thomas [returning officer] - The Poll Book> Containing a Correct List of the Electors who Polled> Distinguishing the Candidates for Whom They Voted> also the names of the registered voters who did not poll in the first Election of Members for the Borough of Sheffield, December 13 and 14, 1832.
41822: DUNOON, ARGYLE & BUTE - Souvenir. [Opening] Dunoon Public Pavillion.
40750: DURHAM - The Statutes of the Cathedral Church of Durham, With Other Documents Relating to Its Foundation and Endowment by King Henry the Eighth and Queen Mary.
40764: DURHAM - Durham Annals and Documents of the Thirteenth Century, edited by Frank Barlow.
41378: COUNTY DURHAM - The Lost Manuscript Fully Deciphered.
41390: COUNTY DURHAM - Grand Dinner to the Great P.G.M. at Sunderland.
42798: COUNTY DURHAM - The Chronicles of the Palatinate of Durham.
39816: DUVAL, J. - Ameublements. Fournisseur de plusiers Cuirs Etrangèrs. 13 & 15, Boulevard de la Madelaine.
42297: CHARLES DUVAL - Charles DuVal in His Popular Entertainment "Odds and Ends." Programme.
42298: CHARLES DUVAL - Charles DuVal in His Popular Entertainment "Odds and Ends." Programme.
42299: CHARLES DUVAL - Charles DuVal in His Popular Entertainment "Odds and Ends." Programme.
42300: CHARLES DUVAL - Charles DuVal in His Popular Entertainment "Odds and Ends." Programme.
42677: W. DYDE - The History and Antiquities of Tewkesbury.
28353: DYSON, Brian - Yorkshire Maps and Plans in the Archives of the University of Hull.
41191: EADES, W.H. - Southwold Church, Suffolk. Lower Stages of Tower. [Watercolour]
41750: D. EARL - Importer of Diamonds & Precious Stones. Manufacturers of Glaziers' Diamonds...
27981: EARNSHAW, J.R. & WATKINS, J.G. - An Excavation at Kirkgate Bridlington, 1980-81.
42635: CECIL H. EDEN - Black Tournai Fonts in England, the Group of Seven Late Norman Fonts from Belgium.
41347: EDINBURGH - Mathematics by Mr Murray. Description of Summer Course.
41903: EDINBURGH - The Clarendon Hotel. 104 Princes Street, Edinburgh. Richard MacMahon, proprietor.
41729: THOMAS A. EDISON - Ediphone. Edison's New Dictating Machine.
42381: Rosemary GRAY and Sue GRIFFITHS Editors - The Book of Wargrave> History and Reminiscences by the People of Wargrave.
43170: T. COLCOTT FOX and W. BRUCE CLARKE Editors - The Illustrated Medical News. Volume I [to VI] [All Published]
42503: ARTHUR EDMONDSTON - A View of the Present State of the Zetland Islands> Including Their Civil, Political, and Natural History> Antiquities> and An Account of Their Agriculture, Fisheries, Commerce, and the State of Society and Manners.
42497: EDWARD HAWKE, 1st BARON HAWKE - Monument to Lord Hawke in Swaitheling Church Hants.
38782: EDWIN, Mr. - Four and Twenty Fiddlers> a favorite song sung by Mr. Edwin at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden.
42988: JAMES SHARPE EGLAND - The Flying Pye Man.
41373: STOCKPORT ELECTION - James Heald, Esq., M.P. and his Committee Present their most grateful thanks to Mr James Wilkinson For the honor of his Vote...
40287: ELECTIONS - [Travel Order for Voter] Directions for Voters respecting Railway Orders to Poll for Messrs. Stanhope and Denison.
42337: GRANTHAM ELECTIONS - Bound Volume with 7 items. 1. A Collection of All the Addresses and Other Papers, which were published during the late contested Election at Grantham: to which is added, a correct List of the Voters, taken from the Poll-Book... Candidates, Sir William Earle Welby, The Hon. Edward Cust, Felix Manners, James Hughes. [1818] 2. Storr's Impartial Narrative of the proceedings of the Contrsted Election for the Borough of Grantham...1820...Chronological List of the Members of Parliament...An Appendix containing all the saddresses, advertisements, songs, parodies...and a correct copy of the Poll Book. [1820] 3. Storr's Authentic Report of the Progress and result of the Petition of John Martindale, Gent...Against the Return of Col. Hughes for Bribery at the Contested Election for Grantham in March 1820. 4. Storr's Account of the Proceedings of the Contested Election for the Borough of Grantham, in July 1820> with copies of all the addresses and other papers...also several documents relative to the petition against Col. Hughes, whose removal from the House of Commons was the cause of the election... 5. Storr's Impartial Narrative of the Proceedings at the Contested Election for the Borough of Grantham... [1826] with Supplement containing a list of Freemen. 6. Storr's Impartial Narrative of the Proceedings at the Contested Election for the Borough of Grantham... [1830]. 7. A Collection of all the Addresses, Squibs and Placards published during the Contested Election at Grantham...[1831].
42343: NEWARK ELECTIONS - 5 Items bound in one. 1. A Report of the Speeches delivered at the Hustings, and a reprint of the addresses, songs, and squibs, issued by the different parties prior to the Contested Election for the Borough of Newark. Also an Alphabetical List of the Poll taken before William Readett. [1830] 2. The Poll Book, containing an accurate list of the Poll taken from the Mayor's Books Distinguishing the unpolled abd rejected electors...also a lst of persons whose names were rejected by the Revising Barristers from being placed on the Register of Electors. [1832] 3. The Poll Book of a Contested Election for One Member to Serve in Parliament for the Borough of Newark...with the Speeches at the Nomination, Addresses, etc... [1840]. 4. The Poll Book containing an accurate list of the Polled and Unpolled Electors... [1840] 5. The Poll Book containing an accurate list of the Polled and Unpolled Electors for the Election which took place on the 29th June, 1841... [1841]
42345: ELECTIONS - The Law of Elections> being an Abstract of all the Statutes now in Force Relating to the Election of Members to Serve i the House of Commons. In three sections, viz. The duties of the Electors, the Elected, and the Officers Returning.
39937: ELKINGTON, Charles - Elkington's Cabinet Museum of Economic Sculpture in Fictile Ivory, made and sold by Charles Elkington, Electro Metallurgical Artist and Fine Art Manufacturer. Tariff of Nett Prices for Exportation.
39938: ELKINGTON, Henry - Catalogue of Henry Elkington's Series of Superb Gold and Silver Plated Sideboard Plate, Articles of Vertu, Bronze Statuetes, &c. Antique, Mediaeval and Modern.
35463: ELLIS, Stephen and others editors - Wetland Heritage of the Lincolnshire Marsh> an Archaeological Survey.
8817: ELLIS, Norman - The North Riding on Old Postcards.
41913: ELSTOBB, W. Engineer - An Historical Account of the Great level of the Fens, Called Bedford Level, and other fens, marshes and low-lands of this Kingdom, and other places> with references to Leyland's Itinerary, Dugdale's History of Imbanking and Draining, and others of the most approved authority.
42581: W. ELSTOBB, Engineer - An Historical Account of the Great level of the Fens, Called Bedford Level, and other fens, marshes and low-lands of this Kingdom, and other places> with references to Leyland's Itinerary, Dugdale's History of Imbanking and Draining, and others of the most approved authority.
40945: WALKER & BURGES Engineers - Plan of the Commercial Docks at Rotherhithe.
37903: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS ENGLAND. - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London. Volume II. West London.
37904: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS ENGLAND. - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Middlesex.
42062: BANK OF ENGLAND - To Mark Weyland Esq. Governor, Saml. Bosanquet, Esq. Deputy Governor and the other Directors of the Bank of England This Plate of the Principal Front of the Bank shewing the disposition of the Lamps and transparent Painting...in consequence of His Majesty's Recovery and Public Visit to St. Paul's Cathedral designed and executed under the direction of J. Soane Esq. Architect to the Bank...
42608: SIR HENRY C. ENGLEFIELD - Walk Through Southampton. To which is added some account of the Roman Station, Clausentum. [with] Royal Archaeological Society Annual Visit. Southampton, 1872. [with] The Stangers' Guide to the Old Priory Church at Christchurch...and a brief account of the ruins of the Antient Feudal Castle.
42639: ENGLISH, Barbara - Yorkshire Enclosure Awards.
8820: ENGLISH, Barbara - The Lords of Holderness 1086 - 1260: a Study in Feudal Society.
9802: ENGLISH, Barbara - The Great Landowners of East Yorkshire 1530 - 1910.
42141: JOSHUA GLEADAH artist & engraver - The Death of Chunee the Elephant.
41034: ADVERTISING ENVELOPE - J. & J. Cash, Manufacturers and Patentees.
42722: THOMAS EPSON - The North West View of the Town of Louth...
42652: RICHARD ESMOND - The Charm of Old Portsmouth.
41532: WILLIAM GIBB Esq. - Admission Ticket to the Dinner Given to William Gibb, Esquire, on Friday 24th January, 1845. Being the Day appointed for the presentation of a Service of Plate to him by His Fellow Townsmen as a Token of their gratitude for his exertions in obtaining the privilege of Bonding in Manchester.
41225: WILLIAM ESTALL - Pastoral Landscapes. On Saturday November 17th.
42659: G.W. EUSTACE - Arundel: Borough and Castle.
34491: THOMAS EVANS - An English and Welch Vocabulary> or an Easy Guide to the Antient British Language. To Which is Prefixed, a Grammar of the Welch Language by Thomas Richards.
39584: EVELYN, John - Directions for the Gardiner at Says-Court but which may be used for other gardens. Edited by Geoffrey Keynes.
27778: EWEN, C. L'Estrange - The Families of Ewen of East Anglia and the Fenland, Compiled From Original Sources.
41668: STOCK EXCHANGE - No. 76. Course of the Exchange, &., [Stocks, Exchequer Annuities Rates, etc.]
41537: EXCHEQUER RECEIPT/TALLY, WITH TRANSFER OF DEBT - Order is taken this 23rd Day of December, 1708. By Vertue and in Pursuance of an Act lately passed in Parliament (Entituled, An Act for Granting an Aid to Her Majesty, to be raised by a Land-Tax in Great Britain, for the Service of the Year 1709.) that you deliver and pay such Her Majesty's Treasure as remains in Your Charge, arising by Vertue of the said Act, unto Sir Thomas Littleton Bar. or his Assigns, the Sum of One Thousand Pounds...
41945: EXHIBITION - Fountain, Circular Railway and Canal at the Exhibition of Works of Art &c. New Music Hall.
42145: INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION - Season Ticket for the International Exhibition, 1862. No. 22203 in the name of A.S. Meyer.
41058: FRANKLIN EXPEDITION - View from Morgan's Rocks, Hill River.
38778: BARNET FAIR - The Defence Committee are glad to announce that the Home Secretary has refused to order the abolition of the fair which therefore will be held annually on 4th, 5th, & 6th September as heretofore... [with] To the Right Honourable Sir Henry Matthews Q.C., M.P., Her Majesty's Secretary of State, Home Department. The Humble Memorial...by way of Objection to the proposal...to abolish Barnet Fair...
42961: FAIRHOLT, F.W. - Gog and Magog. The Giants in Guildhall> Their Real and Legendary History. With an Account of Other Civic Giants, at Home and Abroad.
39685: LYGON FAMILY [Earls of Beauchamp] - The Madresfield Muniments with an Account of the Family and Their Estates.
40955: LYGON FAMILY [Earls of Beauchamp] - Catalogue of the Miniatures in Enamel at Madresfield Court.
40956: LYGON FAMILY [Earls of Beauchamp] - Catalogue of the Miniatures in Oil at Madresfield Court.
40957: LYGON FAMILY [Earls of Beauchamp] - Catalogue of the Miniatures in Water Colour at Madresfield Court.
40969: LYGON FAMILY [Earls of Beauchamp] - Catalogue of the Snuff Boxes at Madresfield Court.
40970: LYGON FAMILY [Earls of Beauchamp] - Catalogue of the Plate at Madresfield Court.
40987: LYGON FAMILY [Earls of Beauchamp] - A List of the Sevres and Other China in the Front Drawing Room at 13, Belgrave Square, London.
42347: HOLDING FAMILY - 36 Watercolours of Dresden and District, Germany.
42349: HOLDING FAMILY - 6 Small Sketchbooks.
42350: HOLDING FAMILY - Three Fine Pastel Portraits.
42796: SADLEIR FAMILY [IRISH] - 12 Book Labels and Tickets.
43133: BUSFIELD FAMILY - Archive of the Busfield Family of Bingley, Yorkshire.
41778: FARINGDON [OXFORDSHIRE] - Whit-Monday Sports. 1891.
37477: HINCHNOWLE FARM. - Cultivation of Hincknole Oates Farm [Hinchnole Farm, Netherbury] on Mr. Ackerman's Entry. [Dorset]
40742: FARRER, William and CLAY, Charles Travis - Early Yorkshire Charters. Volumes 1 - 12 plus index volume to Vols 1 - 3.
41288: FASHION - Madam, I beg respectfully to announce that I am now showing New Goods for the Autumn & Winter Seasons, in cashmere and merino, all-wool dress fabrics...Louis velveteens, &c, a good assortment of fur capes, boas, collarettes...hosiery, gloves, corsets...umbrellas mackintoshes. dressmaking under experienced management.
38499: FAULKNER, William - The Mansion.
42929: ALPHONE FAVRE - Carte Géologique des Parties de la Savoie, du Piémont et de la Suisse voisines du Mont-Blanc.
42949: ALAN FEA - Secret Chambers and Hiding Places> the historic, romantic & legendary stories & traditions about hiding holes, secret chambers, &c.
43048: F. FEARNLEY - [Trade Card] Wholesale Slop Merchant.
34408: FELLOWES, Edmund H. - The Family of Frederick.
37331: INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS - The Lectures Used by the Manchester Unity of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Sanctioned and Approved by the Bristol A.M.C. June, 1846.
37332: INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS - Supplement to the Lecture-Book, of the Manchester Unity, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 1834.
43062: ROGER FENTON - Exhibition of the Photographic Pictures Taken in the Crimea, During the Spring and Summer of the Present Year, at the Great Room of the Royal Exchange, Manchester. From ten to five daily> and in the evening from seven to nine.
42509: MALCOLM FERGUSON - Rambles in Skye, with a Sketch of a Trip to St. Kilda.
42691: BENJAMIN FERREY - The Antiquities of the Priory of Christ-Church, Hampshire: consisting of plans, elevations, details, and perspective views of the present church. Accompanied by Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Same by Edw. Wedlake Brayley. Second Edition. Revised by John Britton.
42007: WILLIAM FETTIS - ...he intends to Commence Business as an Architect, in Market Street, (Mr. Kinnear's House,) Brechin, on the First of May...
41824: KING'S LYNN. TYPHOID FEVER - Important Notice to the Public...
30292: FIELD, Thomas Edwin - The Family Tree of John Field of Skelmanthorpe [Nr. Huddersfield] and Elizabeth Field.
37892: FIELDING, John - Fielding's Hackney Coach Rates> Containing Near Twenty Thousand Fares, (From Actual Measurement) With the Distance and Price> Agreeable to the Last Act of Parliament. Also the Rates of Hackney Chairs, and Fares of Watermen, as Regulated by Authority.
40751: YORKSHIRE FINES. - Pedes Finium Ebor. Regnante Johanne A.D. MCXCIX - A.D. MCCXIV.
41819: FIRE! - Hitchin Fire Establishment Annual Subscription Request.
41234: JOHN ANSTER "FAIRY" FITZGERALD - The Committee of the Sweny Mahlstick Relief Fund Invite Sir James Bacon to the Private View of Pictures & Sculptures Contributed to the Fund.
40062: LIFT-THE-FLAP - England's Glory.
43164: PHILIP FLEISCHER - Great National Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo, Ashley Place, Victoria Street, London, S.W. Pained by Chevalier Philip Fleischer. Description with Plan of the Panorama.
42682: LINDSAY FLEMING - History of Pagham in Sussex, illustrating the administration of an archiepiscopal hundred, the decay of manorial organisation and the rise of a seaside resort.
33187: FLETCHER, Thomas C. editor - Read's History of the Isle of Axholme: Its Manor and Parishes With Biographical Notices of Eminent Men.
25102: FLETCHER, J.S. - When Charles the First Was King> a Romance of Osgoldcross 1632 - 1649.
24286: FLETCHER, J.S. - When Charles the First Was King.
34985: FLETCHER, Thomas C. editor - Read's History of the Isle of Axholme: Its Manor and Parishes With Biographical Notices of Eminent Men.
36347: FLETCHER, J.S. - Memorials of a Yorkshire Parish> an Historical Sketch of the Parish of Darrington.
41692: DUNCAN FLOCKHART - Duncan Flockart & Company, Chemists and Druggists to Her Majesty.
40486: FLOOD, Alan illustrates - A Beckett Metamorphosis> A Set of Six Original Drypoints of the Dramatist and Novelist Samuel Beckett.
41853: FLORENCE - York Hotel, Florence. Sambalino, Proprietor.
41113: BLOTTER/LETTER FOLDER - Art Nouveau design.
41114: BLOTTER/LETTER FOLDER - Art Deco Design.
41115: LETTER FOLDER - Nineteenth Century Folder.
22731: FOREMAN, Michael illustrates - The Arabian Nights or Tales Told by Sheherezade During a Thousand Nights and One Night, rendered into English by Brian Alderson.
38289: FORREST, C. - The History and Antiquities of Knottingley in the Parish of Pontefract. With Historical Notices of the Neighbouring Villages of Birkin, Brotherton, Fryston & Ferrybridge.
34461: FORSHAW, Chas. F. - Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Being the Antiquarian History of Yorkshire. Volumes 1 - 5 [all published].
41691: JAMES FORTUNE - James Fortune, Artificial Limb, Truss & Bandage Maker. To the Royal Infirmary. The late Dr. Hamilton's Belts made the same for the last Twenty Years.
30803: FOSTER, Joseph - Pedigrees of the County Families of Yorkshire.
27926: FOSTER, Sandys B. - The Pedigrees of Crewdson of Crook, Whitwell of Kendal, Pease of Hutton and Low Cross.
32580: FOSTER, Sandys - The Pedigrees of Beakbane of Lancaster> Bragg of Netherend> Clapham of Newcastle-upon-Tyne> Harrison of Grassgarth> Waithman of Lindeth.
38562: FOSTER, Joseph - The Pedigree of Wilson of High Wray & Kendal and the Families Connected With Them. Compiled From Private Pedigrees, and Completed to the Present Time.
38563: FOSTER, Sandys B. - The Pedigree of Wilson of High Wray & Kendal and the Families Connected With Them.
38750: FOSTER, Birket illustrations - Hyperion: a Romance, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
42333: H. WILSON FOX - The British South Africa Company. Memorandum containing Notes concerning the Development of Estates and Industries by the Company with Accompanying Papers and Maps.
42334: H. WILSON FOX - Memorandum upon Land Settlement in Rhodesia with Accompanying Papers and Maps.
42498: CHARLES JAMES FOX - This Mausoleum Entombs Charles James Fox who died September 13th, 1806, aged 57 Years, by J.W.
39834: FOY, General - History of the War in the Peninsula[r], under Napoleon> to which is prefixed a view of the political and military state of the four belligerent powers. Translated from the French.
33331: W.A. FRANK - Ten Views in Wales.
39563: FRANK, Elizabeth - True Stories> or, Interesting Anecdotes of Children: designed through the medium of example, to inculcate principles of virtue and piety.
37712: FRANKLAND, Capt. Charles Colville. - Travels to and from Constantinople, in the years 1827 and 1828> or a personal narrative of a journey from Vienna, through Hungary, Transylvania, Wallachia, Bulgaria, and Roumelia, to Constantinople> and from that city to the capital of Austria, by the Dardanelles.....Styria.
42514: WILLIAM BASIL JONES and EDWARD AUGUSTUS FREEMAN - The History and Antiquities of Saint David's.
42957: EDWARD A. FREEMAN - Remarks on the Architecture of Llandaff Cathedral> with an essay towards a history of the fabric.
40858: FREEMASONRY - West Yorkshire List. No. 2. Revised. Aged Freemasons and Widows Annuity Fund Annual Festival, 13th February, 1878> Girls' 90th Annual Festival, Wednesday, 8th May, 1878> Boys' Annual festival, Wednesday June of July, 1878.
41427: FREEMASONRY - Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire. Certificate to Arthur Lewis...appointed to rank of Director of Ceremonies.
41428: FREEMASONRY - United Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of England....These are to certify that our Brother Edmund Rowson...has been regularly advanced to the second and third degree...
41432: FREEMASONRY - [Letter] I beg to inform you that the Most Honourable the Marquess of Zealand, K.T., Right Worshipful Provincial Grand master, intends to consecrate the New Masonic Hall...in Rutland Street Filey [North Yorkshire].
41435: FREEMASONRY - By-Laws of Ansdell Lodge No 3607.
41434: FREEMASONY - Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16. List of Members.
41860: FRIBOURG - Terrasse de l'Hotel de Zähinguen à> Frebourg en Suisse.
39498: FRANCIS FRITH - Canterbury, photographed by F. Frith.
41810: FROME SELWOOD, SOMERSET - Frome Selwood Charitable Society. Receipt for subscription.
41924: FRY, Roger - Ten Architectural Lithographs.
43183: FRY, Roger - Portraits by Roger Fry.
37475: FRYER, John - Survey of the Several Farms in the Township of Kibblesworth in the Chapelry of Lamesley and County of Durham Belonging to the Right Honourable Lord Ravensworth.
37519: FRYER? - Plans of Estates Belonging to William Witham Esq.
41248: HARRY FURNESS - Mr Harry Furness Requests the Honour of Your Company at a Private View of his Drawigs Political and Pictorial.
41306: FURNITURE - International Health Exhibition. Upholders [upholsterers] represented by G.S. Lucraft & Son.
41817: GRAND YORKSHIRE FLOWER SHOW AND GALA - Programme of Events.
41228: PICCADILLY ART GALLERIES - Conversazione...Admit...President Henry Moore. A.R.A.
42932: CARTOGRAPHIC GAME - [Place the County in the Country]
38725: OLYMPIC GAMES - Souvenir of the Great Olympic Games to be Opened by His Most Gracious Majesty the King at the Franco-British Exhibition, Shepherd's Bush, from July 13 to 25, 1908.
34415: ANDREW JERVISE and JAMES GAMMACK - Memorials of Angus and Mearns> an Account Historical, Antiquarian & Traditionary.
22272: GANT, Roland - Stubble Burning. Poems. With five wood-engravings by Howard Phipps.
42237: CREMORNE GARDENS - Continental and British Gardens...Now OPen Daily from 3 O'Clock to Midnight.
42238: CREMORNE GARDENS - Six More Brilliant Galas This Week.
42656: HUBERT GARLE - A Driving Tour in the Isle of Wight, with Various Legends and Anecdotes> also a Short Account of George Morland and His Connection wit the Island.
38324: GASCOYNE, David - A Short Survey of Surrealism.
41124: GASCOYNE, David - Man's Life is This Meat.
37688: GASTINEAU, H. - Views of Swanwich Bay.
37689: GASTINEAU, H. - Views of Swanwich Bay.
42713: WILLIAM G. GATES - Illustrated History of Portsmouth. "Hampshire Telegraph" Centenary Edition.
25771: GATTY, Mrs Aflfred - The Book of Sun-Dials.
41866: GENEVA - Hotel des Bergues. Wachter, propriétaire.
43166: LAKE GENEVA - Panorama du Lac de Genève Pris de la Jettée [sic] d'Ouchy.
38744: DE GENLIS, Madame [Félicité] - The Children's Isle.
42317: GEOGRAPHIA - Buy British. Game Board Map.
32964: GERAGHTY, T. - A North-East Coast Town. Ordeal and Triumph. The Story of Kingston Upon Hull in the 1939 - 1945 Great War.
40509: GIANNINI, Giuseppe - Collection of 12 Bindings on artists: Titian, Reynolds, Botticelli, Murillo, Rembrandt, Rubens, Velazquez, Andrea del Sarto, Tintoretto, Veronese, Raphael and Fra Angelico.
43171: GIBSON, William - Mona Lisa Overdrive.
43172: GIBSON, William - Virtual Light.
34556: GIFFARD, Walter - The Register of Walter Giffard, Lord Archbishop of York 1266 - 1279.
26548: GILL, Harry - The Village Church in the Olden Time.
38326: GILL, Eric - Art-nonsense and Other Essays.
41147: GILL, Eric - The Engravings of Eric Gill.
39485: GILLIAT, Edward - Under the Downs.
42582: EDMUD GILLINGWATER - An Historical and Descriptive Account of St. Edmund's Bury, in the County of Suffolk: comprising an ample detail of the origin, dissolution, and venerable remains of the Abbey and other places of antiquity in that ancient town.
42663: WILLIAM GILPIN - Observations on Several Parts of England, Particularly the Mountains and Lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland, Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty Made in the Year 1772.
42665: WILLIAM GILPIN - Observations on the River Wye, and Several Parts of South Wales, &c. Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty> Made in the Summer of the Year 1770.
42666: WILLIAM GILPIN - Remarks on Forest Scenery and Other Woodland Views (Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty) Illustrated by the Scenes of New-Forest in Hampshire.
42667: WILLIAM GILPIN - Observations on the Coasts of Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent, Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty: Made in the Summer of the Year 1774.
42668: WILLIAM GILPIN - Observations on Several Parts of the Counties of Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. Also on Several Parts of North Wales> relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, in Two Tours, the former made in the year 1769. The latter in the Year 1773.
33312: GIRLING, F.A. - English Merchant's Marks. A Field Survey of Marks Made by Merchants and Tradesmen in England Between 1400 and 1700.
35143: GLASSCOCK, Robin E. - The Lay Subsidy of 1334.
42310: HENRY GLAVE - Henry Glave's Map of Cyprus.
28124: GLEN, W. Cunningham - The Poor rate Assessment and Collection Act, 1869, Together With The Sunday and Ragged Schools (Exemption From Rating) Act, 1869, and The Union Loans Act, 1869, with Introduction, Notes and Index.
42895: GODALMING - Map of Godalming and Its Vicinity.
42711: REV. G.N. GODWIN - The Civil War in Hampshire, (1642-45) and the Story of Basing House.
40875: CALLIGRAPHY - GOLD [E. PILCHER] - Whether a life is noble or ignoble depends not on the calling which is adopted but in the spirit in which it is followed."
40112: GOLDING, William - Autograph Letter, signed.
26159: GORDON, Samuel - The Watering Places of Cleveland> Being Descriptions of These and Other Attractive Localities in That Interesting District of Yorkshire. With Observations on Sea Bathing, &c., by G. Oliver.
36894: GORDON, John - History of the Congregational Churches of Sheerness, Queenborough, Minster, and the Isle of Grain, From the Year 1725 to 1898. Illustrated with portraits of representative men, and views of the chapels.
42699: REV. H.D. GORDON - The History of Harting. With a Chapter on the Geology of the District by the late Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, and Some Notice of Its Fauna and Flora by J. Weaver.
37577: GORE - Gore's Directory of Liverpool and Its Environs.
37580: GORE - Gore's Directory of Liverpool and Its Environs.
39664: GOSSETT, Isaac [Vicar] - Report of the Committee for Rebuilding the Parish Church of New Windsor Made to a General Vestry, on Tuesday, February 24, 1824, with resolutions of the Vestry.
43105: S. BARING-GOULD - Devonshire Characters and Strange Events.
42224: MARQUIS OF GRANBY - Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire.
41980: CHARLES JAMESON GRANT - No. 2. The Political Drama. The Modern Puritan. Hanging a Cat on Monday for Killing a Mouse on Sunday.
41981: CHARLES JAMESON GRANT? - Going to Church. Coming Out of Church. John Bull's Sunday, according to Sir Andrew Agnew's new Act of Parliament.
19126: GRAVES, Rev. John - The History of Cleveland, in the North Riding of the County of York> comprehending an historical and descriptive view of the ancient and present state of each parish within the Wapontake of Langbargh> the soil, produce, and natural curiosities> with the origin and genealogy of the principal families within the district.
34419: GRAZEBROOK, George - Pedigree of the Family of Grazebrook, Since Their Settlement at Shenston, Co. Stafford, in 1204. With Sufficient Proofs For Every Generation Selected From the Evidences.
41979: GRAZEBROOK, Geo. - Thirty-Nine Children of One Father and One Mother (Seven Sons and Thirty-Two Daughters) Amply Proved.
32497: GREEN, W.A. - Pedigree of Ackworth of Bedfordshire, Etc. Together with some notes on the Genealogy.
40817: GREEN, O.M. [introduction] - Shanghai of Today> a Souvenir Album of Thirty-Eight Vandyke Prints of "The Model Settlement."
41731: RICHARD VALLANCE GREEN - Photographer.
40719: GREENHILL, Elizabeth - Elizabeth Greenhill, Bookbinder> a Catalogue Raisonné.
40601: C. J. GREENWOOD - Trintity Church, Yeovil. [Exterior and Interior Views]
41212: GREENWOOD, C. & I. - Map of the County of Surrey From an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1822 & 1823.
41706: C. GRIERSON - Gun-Maker. New Invented Breech and Lock for Single Barrel...
42075: REV. ALEXANDER B. GROSART [editor] - Occasional Issues of Unique or Very Rare Books. Edited, with introduction and notes and illustrations by Rev. Alexander B. Grosart.
42905: ALEXANDER GROSS - Daily Telegraph War Map No. 14 of the Western Front> Arras to Nancy.
42852: GROSSMITH - Perfumery.
42225: RICHARD C. GROSVENOR - To The Honourable Richard C. Grosvenor...the Brockenurst Charitable Association.
34786: GUALTIERI, Nicolai - Index Testarum Conchyliorum Quae Adservantur in Museo...
38242: C.J. GUERARD - Promenades au Petit Trianon, Choix de Vues Prises dans ce Parc Royal en Lithographiees.
42861: DOCTOR GUILLIÉ - An Essay on the Instruction and Amusements of the Blind.
42368: William GUNTON - Fonthill Abbey - Wiltshire. Situated in the South Western part of the County in the Hundred of Dunworth. Near to the great Western road from London. And stands nearly due West from Salisbury Spire.
26403: GURNEY, Norah K.M. - A Handlist of Parish Register Transcripts in the Borthwick Institute of Historical Research.
33325: GUTCH, John Mathew - The Present Mode of Election of Mayor, Sheriffs, and Common Council of Bristol Considered> Extracted from Felix Farley's Bristol Journal.
39576: GUTHRIE, James - My House in the World.
40092: GUTHRIE, James Editor - Root and Branch> a Seasonal of the Arts. Number 1, Volume 3.
43198: GUTHRIE, John - Ten Designs for the Two Gentlemen of Verona> with a foreword by Gordon Bottomley.
39568: GUY'S HOSPITAL - Guy's Hospital Medical School [Yearbook 1880-81].
42404: HABERDASHER - Peter Robinson, Haberdasher, Hosier, Laceman & Glover. 103 Oxford Street, London.
42698: MARIANNA S. HAGEN - Annals of Old Ropley. (Hampshire)
38198: HAITE, J.J. - The Principles of Natural Harmony, being a perfect system founded upon the discovery of the Semitonic Scale.
41751: E. HALFORD - Carpenter, Builder, and Shop Fitter.
23359: HALL, Rev. George - The History of Chesterfield, and its Charities> with an Account of the Chapelries and Hamlets in the Parish: to which is added, An Historical Description of Chatsworth, Hardwick, and Bolsover, in the County of Derby.
16529: HALL, H.R. - Babylonian and Assyrian Sculpture in the British Museum.
42268: ROYAL AGRICULTURAL HALL - The World's Fair. Official Programme [held at] Royal Agricultural Hall. 1885 - 6.
42285: ROYAL AGRICULTURAL HALL - The World's Fair. Official Catalogue and Programme [held at] Royal Agricultural Hall. Season 1888-89.
42288: SURREY GARDENS AND MUSIC HALL - Grand Concert & Fete, in Aid of the Cheesemongers' Benevolent Institution.
42383: Mr. and Mrs. S.C. HALL - The Book of the Thames From Its Rise to Its Fall.
43232: SIDNEY HALL - The English Counties. With all the railroads accurately laid down and the boundaries coloured> also general maps of Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
37489: HAM, Thomas - Reference to the Map of the Town of Yeovil, in the County of Somerset.
42232: HARRY H. HAMILTON - Harry H. Hamilton's [Original] Excursions, 120,000 Miles in 120 Minutes. At the Albert Palace, Battersea Park.
42233: HARRY H. HAMILTON - Harry H. Hamilton's Passing Events. Sudan Incidents, and Entire Campaign of the Late War in Egypt. At St. James's Hall, the Great Hall, Piccadilly and Regent Street.
40336: HAMMOND, W.F. - Valuation of the Five Freehold Houses Situate and Being No. 30 Holborn, No. 82 Fetter Lane as No. 77 Hatton Garden in the Parish of St. Andrew in the City of London and Nos. 30 & 42 Upper Street in the Parish of St. Mary Islington. Valued for Distribution, the Property of the Late Samuel Jones, Esq.
40591: HAMMOND, W.F. - Valuation of the Freehold Property Situate and Being in the Parishes of St. Peters, St. Michaels and The Abbey in the Liberty and Borough of St. Albans in the County of Hertford, the Property of the late Saml. Jones Esq. and Valued for Division among the Family.
34527: HAMPDEN - A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Hampden, Viscount Hamden.
42554: HAMPSHIRE - To The Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Southampton... John Russell and J.C. Jervoise.
42700: HAMPSHIRE - The Hampshire Repository> or, Historical, Economical, and Literary Miscellany> a Provincial Work, of Entirely Original Materials, comprising all Matters relative to the County, including the Isle of Wight, &c... Volume I and II [all published].
42056: HAMPSTEAD - Dance Card. Programme, West Hampstead Town Hall.
41735: J.W. HANCOX - Carver & Gilder. The Holloway Art Gallery. The Most Complete Art Stores in North London...
37058: LOTTERY HANDBILL - New Scheme. 4,000 Numbers. 5 Prizes of £20,000. Tickets and Shares are Selling by J. Hutchins, Ticehurst, Agent to Swift and Co...To be drawn the 19th October, 1810.
42541: SATIRICAL HANDBILL - Priory Park. Military Donkey Steeple Chase. April 1st, 1854. The Moustache Stakes.
41934: GEORGE FREDERICK HANDEL - Handel Commemoration, Westminster Abbey. Subscriber's Ticket.
42844: DIETRICHSEN & HANNAY - Dietrichsen's Celebrated Essence of Rondeletia, for the Toilet or Handkerchief, originally prepared for the express use of Her Most Gracious Majesty, and the Royal Family, and now adopted at every European Court.
8829: HANSON, T.W. - The Story of Old Halifax.
36294: HARBIN, S.W. Bates - Members of Parliament for the County of Somerset.
42251: JAMES DUFFIELD HARDING - Lithographs.
40131: GUY HARLING - [Manuscript Poem] Confessions of a Married Man.
25194: HARRISON, John - An Exact and Perfect Survey and View of the Manor of Sheffield with Other Lands by John Harrison, 1637. Transcribed and Edited by James George Ronksley> with Introduction by R.E. Leader.
38093: HARROD, J.G. - J. G. Harrod & Co.'s postal and Commercial Directory of Norfolk and Norwich, including Lowestoft, in the County of Suffolk. Containing a Brief Descriptive Account of the Towns, Parishes and Villages. Followed by a Directory.
32295: O'HART, John - Irish Pedigrees> or, the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation. [with] Irish Pedigrees> or, the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation. (second series) [with] The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry When Cromwell Came to Ireland> or, a Supplement to Irish Pedigrees.
42457: W.P. HARTLEY - W.P. Hartley's New Works at Aintree, Liverpool.
42463: DAVID HARTLEY - Books Sold by J. Leake and W. Frederick, Booksellers, of Bath.
43021: RICHARD SUTTON HARVEY - To the Citizens of Lincoln. A Serious Riot broke out last Evening in our City, and the destruction of considerable property followed...
33174: HASLEMERE, SURREY - The Registers of Haslemere, Co. Surrey. Baptisms 1594 - 1812. Marriages 1573 - 1812. Burials 1573 - 1812. Transcribed and Edited by John Wornham Penfold.
38843: HASLEWOOD, Frances Catherine - Two Letters on Serious Subjects by F.C.H. [with] Past, Present and Future [a poem].
40111: HASSALL, Joan - Autograph Letter, signed [with] Autograph Postcard, signed.
36340: HATFIELD, Charles William - Historical Notices of Doncaster. Second Series.
34216: HAWKINS, B.W. lithographer - Black Cobra Capello. Naia Tripudian S. var Nigra.
38197: HAYDN, Joseph - VIII Pieces Favorites pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Frte avec accompagnements d'un Violin et Violencelle ad Libitum Tirées des Nouvelles Simphonies. Oeuvre 84.
41900: HAYDON BRIDGE, NORTHUMBERLAND - Francis Wilkinson, Anchor Inn.
37821: HAYFIELD, Colin and SLATER, Terry - The Medieval Town of Hedon> Excavations 1975 - 1976.
40718: HEARN, Lian - Tales of the Otori. 1. Across the Nightmare Floor. 2. Grass for His Pillow. 3. Brilliance of the Moon.
40822: HEATH ROBINSON, William - Behind the Scenes at Moss Bros.
41135: HEATH-STUBBS, John - Wounded Thammuz.
43116: ROBERT HEATH - A Natural and Historical Account of the Islands of Scilly... and lastly, a General Account of Cornwall.
43015: H.K. HEBB, Clerk to the Local Board - £100 REWARD! Whereas some evil disposed person has sent or caused to be delivered to Mr. Alderman Harvey, an anonymous Letter, threatening to kill or murder him...
40528: HECKEL, A[ugustin] - A Perspective View of Hampton Court Bridge Cross the River Thames. Open'd Decr. 13th 1753.
36370: HEDON. CRAVEN, Martin T. - A New and Complete History of the Borough of Hedon.
42518: HENRY PAGET, 1st MARQUIS OF ANGLESEY - Forget Me Not>" a Birth Day Offering, on 17th May, 1830...by E.T.G.
25427: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Register of Alberbury. Part II. 1733 - 1812.
25441: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Registers of Diddlebury. Munslow.
25456: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Register of Hope Bagot.
25457: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Register of Cold Weston.
25419: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Registers of Lydham. Edgton. Monk Hopton. Chelmarsh. Neenton. Billingsley.
41235: PROFESSOR HUBERT VON HERKOMER - The Fine Art Society requests the honour of a visit from Hon Sir J. Bacon and friends to a private view of works by Professor Herkomer R.A. and his pupils on Saturday the 30th April, 1892.
43070: SIR JOHN F.W. HERSCHEL - On the Chemical Action of the Rays of the Solar Spectrum on Preparations of Silver and Other Substances, both Metallic and Non-metallic, and on some Photographic Processes. [with] On the Action of the Rays of the Solar Spectrum on Vegetable Colours, and on some New Photographic Processes.
41781: HIGHWAYS - Notice is Hereby Given...That on the eighth day of July next application will be made...for an order for stopping up entirely, and as unnecessary, a certain Highway or Footpath...
41713: G. R. & J. HILDITCH - Availing ourselves of the recent alterations to Post Office Regulations, we have arranged to send Patterns of our Silks to any part of the Country and Colonies...
25773: HILL, Samuel - Bygone Stalybridge. Traditional, Historical, Biographical.
24132: HILL, Samuel - Bygone Stalybridge. Traditional, Historical, Biographical.
28962: HILL, J.W.F. - Tudor and Stuart Lincoln. With an introductory essay by Perry Gauci.
40025: HILL, John - The Construction of Timber, from its Early Growth> Explained by the Microscope, and proved from experiments...
42544: MATTHEW DAVENPORT HILL - Speech of M.D. Hill, Esq., M.P., in the House of Commons, on Wednesday, June 12, 1833, on the Dwelling House Robbery Bill. [Extracted from the Mirror of Parliament, Part CCXXI]
39819: HINTON, I. - The First Lecture in Experimental Philosophy.
39821: HINTON, I. - The Art of Limning.
41749: JOHN R. HISTED - [Sardine Specialist, Canned Goods & Dried Fruits.]
27322: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding Volume V, edited by K.J. Allison.
27324: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding Volume VI: the Borough and Liberties of Beverley, edited by K.J. Allison.
27321: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding Volume III, edited by K.J. Allison.
26603: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding Volume IV, edited by K.J. Allison.
36608: HULL. VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding, Volume 1, The City of Kingston Upon Hull, edited by K.J. Allison.
36700: HULL. VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding, Volume 1, The City of Kingston Upon Hull, edited by K.J. Allison.
41172: POSTAL HISTORY - Telegram designed by McDonald Gill.
41173: POSTAL HISTORY - Telegram designed by Claudia Freedman.
41174: POSTAL HISTORY - Telegram designed by Alan Sorrell.
41175: POSTAL HISTORY - Mulready Letter Sheet A 54.
41176: POSTAL HISTORY - Letter Sheet, cover only, Mulready caricature, by Frederick Froom.
41177: POSTAL HISTORY - Letter Sheet, cover only, Mulready caricature, by Madeley.
41178: POSTAL HISTORY - Ocean Penny Postage envelope cover.
42243: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of Yorkshire: The City of York, edited by P.M. Tillott.
42792: POSTAL HISTORY - Specimen of Postage Charges in 1839. To be Preserved among the Curiosities of any Museum, &c.
33971: HODGSON, John - A History of Northumberland. Volume 4. Roman Wall, Haydon Bridge, Haltwhistle.
42906: THOMAS HODGSON [publisher] - London at a Glance. An Illustrated Atlas of London. Containing thirty-six maps in sections, a key map of the whole of London, seven thousand street references, a general index to public buildings, hotels, places of amusement, &c.
34528: HODSKINSON, Joseph - The County of Suffolk. Edited with an introduction by D.P. Dymond.
41709: WILLIAM HOGARTH - Ellis Gamble, Goldsmith at the Golden Angel.
42636: WILLIAM HOGARTH - Hogarth's Frolic. The Five Day's Peregrination Around the Isle of Sheppey of William Hogarth and His Fellow Pilgrims, Scott, Tothall, Thornhill, and Forrest. With sketches in sepia from the original illustrations of the tour by W. Hogarth and Sam. Scott.
37485: HOGG, Thomas surveyor - Plan of Estates> the Property of Thomas Chinnall Porter Esq. [In Essex and Worcestershire]

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