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39834: GENERAL FOY - History of the War in the Peninsula[r], under Napoleon> to which is prefixed a view of the political and military state of the four belligerent powers. Translated from the French.
42873: ALEXANDRE FRANCINE - Livre D'Architecture Contenant Plusieurs Portiques de Differentes Inventions, sur les cinq ordres de Colomnes.
44327: FRANCIS FRANCIS - A Book of Angling, Being a Complete Treatise on the Art of Angling in Every Branch, with explanatory plates, Etc.
43284: FRANCIS, Dick - The Complete Novels of Dick Francis. Plus The Sport of Queens and Lester, the Official Biography.
43814: WILLIAM FRANCKLIN - Observations Made on a Tour from Bengal to Persia, in the Years 1786 - 7. With a short account of the remains of the celebrated palace of Persopolis> and other interesting events. The secoindf edition.
33331: W.A. FRANK - Ten Views in Wales.
39563: ELIZABETH FRANK - True Stories> or, Interesting Anecdotes of Children: designed through the medium of example, to inculcate principles of virtue and piety.
37712: CAPT. CHARLES COLVILLE FRANKLAND - Travels to and from Constantinople, in the years 1827 and 1828> or a personal narrative of a journey from Vienna, through Hungary, Transylvania, Wallachia, Bulgaria, and Roumelia, to Constantinople> and from that city to the capital of Austria, by the Dardanelles.....Styria.
44128: [AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURE] FINLAY FRASER - Nurseryman, Seedsman & Ground Workman.
44129: [AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURE] FINLAY FRASER - Nurseryman, Seedsman & Ground Workman.
43813: JAMES FRASER - The History of Nadir Shah, formerly called Thamas Kuli Khan, the Present Emperor of Persia. To which is prefix'd a short history of the Moghol Emperors. At the end is inserted, a Catalogue of about Two Hundred Manuscripts in the Persic and other oriental Languages, collected in the East. The Second edition.
37076: FREEDMAN, Barnett - Lyons Tea Rooms Coronation Designs.
42514: WILLIAM BASIL JONES and EDWARD AUGUSTUS FREEMAN - The History and Antiquities of Saint David's.
42957: EDWARD A. FREEMAN - Remarks on the Architecture of Llandaff Cathedral> with an essay towards a history of the fabric.
43440: FREEMASONRY - A Full Dress Masonic Ball. [at the] County Assembly Rooms, Lincoln.
40858: FREEMASONRY - West Yorkshire List. No. 2. Revised. Aged Freemasons and Widows Annuity Fund Annual Festival, 13th February, 1878> Girls' 90th Annual Festival, Wednesday, 8th May, 1878> Boys' Annual festival, Wednesday June of July, 1878.
41427: FREEMASONRY - Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire. Certificate to Arthur Lewis...appointed to rank of Director of Ceremonies.
41428: FREEMASONRY - United Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of England....These are to certify that our Brother Edmund Rowson...has been regularly advanced to the second and third degree...
41432: FREEMASONRY - [Letter] I beg to inform you that the Most Honourable the Marquess of Zealand, K.T., Right Worshipful Provincial Grand master, intends to consecrate the New Masonic Hall...in Rutland Street Filey [North Yorkshire].
41435: FREEMASONRY - By-Laws of Ansdell Lodge No 3607.
43851: [BOOT & SHOE MAKER] GLASSFORD & FRENCH - Boot & Shoe Makers, 26½> Stevenson Street, Calton.
41860: FRIBOURG - Terrasse de l'Hotel de Zähinguen à> Frebourg en Suisse.
39498: FRANCIS FRITH - Canterbury, photographed by F. Frith.
41810: FROME SELWOOD, SOMERSET - Frome Selwood Charitable Society. Receipt for subscription.
41924: FRY, Roger - Ten Architectural Lithographs.
43183: FRY, Roger - Portraits by Roger Fry.
37475: FRYER, John - Survey of the Several Farms in the Township of Kibblesworth in the Chapelry of Lamesley and County of Durham Belonging to the Right Honourable Lord Ravensworth.
37519: FRYER? - Plans of Estates Belonging to William Witham Esq.
43260: FUNERALS - Royal Funerals &c. 1817 - 1818 [sic].
41248: HARRY FURNESS - Mr Harry Furness Requests the Honour of Your Company at a Private View of his Drawigs Political and Pictorial.
41306: FURNITURE - International Health Exhibition. Upholders [upholsterers] represented by G.S. Lucraft & Son.
41817: GRAND YORKSHIRE FLOWER SHOW AND GALA - Programme of Events.
43907: [CARPENTER] C. GALE - Carpenter, Upholster, & Undertaker, Writing Desk, Dressing-Case and Work Box Manufacturer, 1 Monte Video Place, Kentish Town. Venetian and Roller Blind Maker. Funerals performed in Town or Country. Goods carefully packed and removed. Old Blinds repaired and painted. [verso] Brush, French Clog, and Patten Manufacturer.
41228: PICCADILLY ART GALLERIES - Conversazione...Admit...President Henry Moore. A.R.A.
43413: GAME - The Game of Taxi.
43408: GAME - Schimmel, or the Bell and Hammer.
43394: GEOGRAPHICAL GAME - [Rules] The Tar of All Weathers> or, the British Colonies. A Geographical Game.
43330: PARLOUR GAME - A New Game for Christmas, 1878. The Royal Mail, after the style of "The Family Coach."
43322: PARLOUR GAME - Key to a Sequence of Riddles.
42932: CARTOGRAPHIC GAME - [Place the County in the Country]
38725: OLYMPIC GAMES - Souvenir of the Great Olympic Games to be Opened by His Most Gracious Majesty the King at the Franco-British Exhibition, Shepherd's Bush, from July 13 to 25, 1908.
43318: CARD GAMES - Ask Your Stationer for "Khanoo" the new Chinese Card Game. [and] "Scientific" Whist Cards. Shewing correct play at a glance. Wholesale ony.
34415: ANDREW JERVISE and JAMES GAMMACK - Memorials of Angus and Mearns> an Account Historical, Antiquarian & Traditionary.
22272: GANT, Roland - Stubble Burning. Poems. With five wood-engravings by Howard Phipps.
44197: [WILLOWS] R.C. GARLAND - Grwoer and Dealer in Willows, &c. Curryload Farm, Stoke St. Gregory, near Taunton.
42656: HUBERT GARLE - A Driving Tour in the Isle of Wight, with Various Legends and Anecdotes> also a Short Account of George Morland and His Connection wit the Island.
43884: [OIL & COLOURMAN] HARTNELL & GARRETT - Oil & Vitriol Manufacturers, Battersea, and 5 Woodstock St., Oxford St. London.
38324: GASCOYNE, David - A Short Survey of Surrealism.
41124: GASCOYNE, David - Man's Life is This Meat.
37688: GASTINEAU, H. - Views of Swanwich Bay.
37689: GASTINEAU, H. - Views of Swanwich Bay.
42713: WILLIAM G. GATES - Illustrated History of Portsmouth. "Hampshire Telegraph" Centenary Edition.
41866: GENEVA - Hotel des Bergues. Wachter, propriétaire.
43166: LAKE GENEVA - Panorama du Lac de Genève Pris de la Jettée [sic] d'Ouchy.
38744: MADAME [FÉLICITÉ] DE GENLIS - The Children's Isle.
42317: GEOGRAPHIA - Buy British. Game Board Map.
41400: GEORGE V - The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by Their Majesties to summon Mrs. F.G.L. Lucas to a Court at Buckingham Palace...
32964: GERAGHTY, T. - A North-East Coast Town. Ordeal and Triumph. The Story of Kingston Upon Hull in the 1939 - 1945 Great War.
40509: GIANNINI, Giuseppe - Collection of 12 Bindings on artists: Titian, Reynolds, Botticelli, Murillo, Rembrandt, Rubens, Velazquez, Andrea del Sarto, Tintoretto, Veronese, Raphael and Fra Angelico.
43171: GIBSON, William - Mona Lisa Overdrive.
43172: GIBSON, William - Virtual Light.
34556: GIFFARD, Walter - The Register of Walter Giffard, Lord Archbishop of York 1266 - 1279.
26548: GILL, Harry - The Village Church in the Olden Time.
43858: [HATTER] GILL - Hat Maker &c. at the Gold-Laced Hat. 3, Glasshouse Street, Golden Square, London.
43905: [CABINET MAKER] J. GILL - Cabinet Maker & undertaker. 102, High Petergate, York. Dealer in all kinds of furniture, antique, &c. Fret Saws, Patterns, Files, &c.
38326: GILL, Eric - Art-nonsense and Other Essays.
41147: GILL, Eric - The Engravings of Eric Gill.
39485: GILLIAT, Edward - Under the Downs.
42582: EDMUD GILLINGWATER - An Historical and Descriptive Account of St. Edmund's Bury, in the County of Suffolk: comprising an ample detail of the origin, dissolution, and venerable remains of the Abbey and other places of antiquity in that ancient town.
42663: WILLIAM GILPIN - Observations on Several Parts of England, Particularly the Mountains and Lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland, Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty Made in the Year 1772.
42665: WILLIAM GILPIN - Observations on the River Wye, and Several Parts of South Wales, &c. Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty> Made in the Summer of the Year 1770.
42666: WILLIAM GILPIN - Remarks on Forest Scenery and Other Woodland Views (Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty) Illustrated by the Scenes of New-Forest in Hampshire.
42667: WILLIAM GILPIN - Observations on the Coasts of Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent, Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty: Made in the Summer of the Year 1774.
42668: WILLIAM GILPIN - Observations on Several Parts of the Counties of Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. Also on Several Parts of North Wales> relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, in Two Tours, the former made in the year 1769. The latter in the Year 1773.
33312: GIRLING, F.A. - English Merchant's Marks. A Field Survey of Marks Made by Merchants and Tradesmen in England Between 1400 and 1700.
35143: GLASSCOCK, Robin E. - The Lay Subsidy of 1334.
28124: GLEN, W. Cunningham - The Poor rate Assessment and Collection Act, 1869, Together With The Sunday and Ragged Schools (Exemption From Rating) Act, 1869, and The Union Loans Act, 1869, with Introduction, Notes and Index.
43860: [HATTER] ALEXANDER B. GLEN - Cap Manufacturer & Warehouseman. 33 & 45 Candleriggs, Glasgow.
42895: GODALMING - Map of Godalming and Its Vicinity.
42711: REV. G.N. GODWIN - The Civil War in Hampshire, (1642-45) and the Story of Basing House.
44255: JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE - Faust, Parts One and Two. Translation and notes by David Luke, introduction by Nicholas Boyle, illustrations by Eugène Delacroix and other artists.
40875: CALLIGRAPHY - GOLD [E. PILCHER] - Whether a life is noble or ignoble depends not on the calling which is adopted but in the spirit in which it is followed."
40112: GOLDING, William - Autograph Letter, signed.
43566: PLAYBILL - MOTHER GOOSE - The Celebrated Comic Pantomime of Mother Goose or, Harlequin and the Golden Egg. Merchant of Venice.
26159: GORDON, Samuel - The Watering Places of Cleveland> Being Descriptions of These and Other Attractive Localities in That Interesting District of Yorkshire. With Observations on Sea Bathing, &c., by G. Oliver.
36894: GORDON, John - History of the Congregational Churches of Sheerness, Queenborough, Minster, and the Isle of Grain, From the Year 1725 to 1898. Illustrated with portraits of representative men, and views of the chapels.
42699: REV. H.D. GORDON - The History of Harting. With a Chapter on the Geology of the District by the late Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, and Some Notice of Its Fauna and Flora by J. Weaver.
44050: [EDUCATION] MR W.A. GORDON'S ACADEMY - Wellington Place, 71, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.
37577: GORE - Gore's Directory of Liverpool and Its Environs.
37580: GORE - Gore's Directory of Liverpool and Its Environs.
39664: GOSSETT, Isaac [Vicar] - Report of the Committee for Rebuilding the Parish Church of New Windsor Made to a General Vestry, on Tuesday, February 24, 1824, with resolutions of the Vestry.
43105: S. BARING-GOULD - Devonshire Characters and Strange Events.
43977: [PERFUMER] LEATHART & GRAFFTEY - Perfumers, Wholesale and for Exportation, 26, Warwick Street, Regent Street, London. The Proprietors of Orfila's Tinturia Pompeiana, or Pompeian Hair Dye.
42224: MARQUIS OF GRANBY - Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire.
41980: CHARLES JAMESON GRANT - No. 2. The Political Drama. The Modern Puritan. Hanging a Cat on Monday for Killing a Mouse on Sunday.
19126: GRAVES, Rev. John - The History of Cleveland, in the North Riding of the County of York> comprehending an historical and descriptive view of the ancient and present state of each parish within the Wapontake of Langbargh> the soil, produce, and natural curiosities> with the origin and genealogy of the principal families within the district.
41979: GRAZEBROOK, Geo. - Thirty-Nine Children of One Father and One Mother (Seven Sons and Thirty-Two Daughters) Amply Proved.
43548: FRANK W. GREEN - Sinbad the Sailor! Grand Christmas Pantomime, First Performed at Covent Garden Theatre, Friday, December 26th. 1879. [Book of Words]
43924: [PLUMBER & GLAZIER] ABRAHAM GREEN - Plumber, Glazier, House Sign & Ornamental Painter. High Street, Stourbridge.
41731: RICHARD VALLANCE GREEN - Photographer.
40719: GREENHILL, Elizabeth - Elizabeth Greenhill, Bookbinder> a Catalogue Raisonné.
40601: C. J. GREENWOOD - Trintity Church, Yeovil. [Exterior and Interior Views]
41212: GREENWOOD, C. & I. - Map of the County of Surrey From an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1822 & 1823.
43275: C.C. GREVILLE - At the Court at St. James's, the 21st June 1837, Present, The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council...
41706: [GUN MAKER] C. GRIERSON - Gun-Maker. New Invented Breech and Lock for Single Barrel...
42075: REV. ALEXANDER B. GROSART [editor] - Occasional Issues of Unique or Very Rare Books. Edited, with introduction and notes and illustrations by Rev. Alexander B. Grosart.
42905: ALEXANDER GROSS - Daily Telegraph War Map No. 14 of the Western Front> Arras to Nancy.
42852: [PERFUMER] GROSSMITH - Perfumery.
42225: RICHARD C. GROSVENOR - To The Honourable Richard C. Grosvenor...the Brockenurst Charitable Association.
34786: GUALTIERI, Nicolai - Index Testarum Conchyliorum Quae Adservantur in Museo...
38242: C.J. GUERARD - Promenades au Petit Trianon, Choix de Vues Prises dans ce Parc Royal en Lithographiees.
41828: GUILDFORD - Programme of Celebrations. Coronation of King George VI.
42861: DOCTOR GUILLIÉ - An Essay on the Instruction and Amusements of the Blind.
42368: William GUNTON - Fonthill Abbey - Wiltshire. Situated in the South Western part of the County in the Hundred of Dunworth. Near to the great Western road from London. And stands nearly due West from Salisbury Spire.
26403: GURNEY, Norah K.M. - A Handlist of Parish Register Transcripts in the Borthwick Institute of Historical Research.
33325: GUTCH, John Mathew - The Present Mode of Election of Mayor, Sheriffs, and Common Council of Bristol Considered> Extracted from Felix Farley's Bristol Journal.
39576: GUTHRIE, James - My House in the World.
40092: GUTHRIE, James Editor - Root and Branch> a Seasonal of the Arts. Number 1, Volume 3.
43198: GUTHRIE, John - Ten Designs for the Two Gentlemen of Verona> with a foreword by Gordon Bottomley.
39568: GUY'S HOSPITAL - Guy's Hospital Medical School [Yearbook 1880-81].
42404: HABERDASHER - Peter Robinson, Haberdasher, Hosier, Laceman & Glover. 103 Oxford Street, London.
43934: [CHINA & GLASS] WILLIAM HADDEN - Wholesale & Retail China, Crystal & Stoneware Merchant. Highest porice given for Rags, Horsehair, Hare skins, Old Metal & Crystal, Bones, &c. High Street, Brechin.
42698: MARIANNA S. HAGEN - Annals of Old Ropley. (Hampshire)
44053: [MEDICINE] HAIGH - importer of Leeches, and Dealer in Plasters and Boxes, 36, St. John Street Road, Clerkenwell.
38198: HAITE, J.J. - The Principles of Natural Harmony, being a perfect system founded upon the discovery of the Semitonic Scale.
43904: [CARPENTER] E. HALFORD - Carpenter, Builder and Shop Fitter, 46 Cross Streeet, Upper Street, Islington.
41751: E. HALFORD - Carpenter, Builder, and Shop Fitter.
23359: HALL, Rev. George - The History of Chesterfield, and its Charities> with an Account of the Chapelries and Hamlets in the Parish: to which is added, An Historical Description of Chatsworth, Hardwick, and Bolsover, in the County of Derby.
42268: ROYAL AGRICULTURAL HALL - The World's Fair. Official Programme [held at] Royal Agricultural Hall. 1885 - 6.
42285: ROYAL AGRICULTURAL HALL - The World's Fair. Official Catalogue and Programme [held at] Royal Agricultural Hall. Season 1888-89.
42288: SURREY GARDENS AND MUSIC HALL - Grand Concert & Fete, in Aid of the Cheesemongers' Benevolent Institution.
37489: HAM, Thomas - Reference to the Map of the Town of Yeovil, in the County of Somerset.
43903: [WOOD TURNER] THOMAS HAMILTON - Wood Turner, 56 Sydney Street, Second Street, east from the Barracks, Glasgow. Power Loom Drivers, &c. Heddle Shafts, Rods, &c. made to order on the shortest notice.
42232: HARRY H. HAMILTON - Harry H. Hamilton's [Original] Excursions, 120,000 Miles in 120 Minutes. At the Albert Palace, Battersea Park.
42233: HARRY H. HAMILTON - Harry H. Hamilton's Passing Events. Sudan Incidents, and Entire Campaign of the Late War in Egypt. At St. James's Hall, the Great Hall, Piccadilly and Regent Street.
43894: [COAL MERCHANT] S. HAMMOND - Successor to Wiles & Wooler, Coal Merchant, Dartford.
40336: HAMMOND, W.F. - Valuation of the Five Freehold Houses Situate and Being No. 30 Holborn, No. 82 Fetter Lane as No. 77 Hatton Garden in the Parish of St. Andrew in the City of London and Nos. 30 & 42 Upper Street in the Parish of St. Mary Islington. Valued for Distribution, the Property of the Late Samuel Jones, Esq.
40591: HAMMOND, W.F. - Valuation of the Freehold Property Situate and Being in the Parishes of St. Peters, St. Michaels and The Abbey in the Liberty and Borough of St. Albans in the County of Hertford, the Property of the late Saml. Jones Esq. and Valued for Division among the Family.
34527: HAMPDEN - A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Hampden, Viscount Hamden.
42554: HAMPSHIRE - To The Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Southampton... John Russell and J.C. Jervoise.
42700: HAMPSHIRE - The Hampshire Repository> or, Historical, Economical, and Literary Miscellany> a Provincial Work, of Entirely Original Materials, comprising all Matters relative to the County, including the Isle of Wight, &c... Volume I and II [all published].
42056: HAMPSTEAD - Dance Card. Programme, West Hampstead Town Hall.
41735: [CARVER & GILDER] J.W. HANCOX - Carver & Gilder. The Holloway Art Gallery. The Most Complete Art Stores in North London...
37058: LOTTERY HANDBILL - New Scheme. 4,000 Numbers. 5 Prizes of £20,000. Tickets and Shares are Selling by J. Hutchins, Ticehurst, Agent to Swift and Co...To be drawn the 19th October, 1810.
42541: SATIRICAL HANDBILL - Priory Park. Military Donkey Steeple Chase. April 1st, 1854. The Moustache Stakes.
41934: GEORGE FREDERICK HANDEL - Handel Commemoration, Westminster Abbey. Subscriber's Ticket.
39552: HANNINGTON, Wal - The Problem of the Distressed Areas.
43356: ALICE HANSLIP - The Tale of a Naughty Pussie.
8829: HANSON, T.W. - The Story of Old Halifax.
36294: HARBIN, S.W. Bates - Members of Parliament for the County of Somerset.
42251: JAMES DUFFIELD HARDING - Lithographs.
40131: GUY HARLING - [Manuscript Poem] Confessions of a Married Man.
44045: [EDUCATION] R.B HARRADEN - Drawing Master, Cambridge.
43793: JOHN HARRIS - The History of Kent. In Five Parts. Containing, I. An Exact Topography or Description of the County. II. The Civil History of Kent. III. The Ecclesiastical History of Kent. IV. The History of the Royal Navy of England. V. The Natural History of Kent. Volume I. [all published]
25194: HARRISON, John - An Exact and Perfect Survey and View of the Manor of Sheffield with Other Lands by John Harrison, 1637. Transcribed and Edited by James George Ronksley> with Introduction by R.E. Leader.
38093: HARROD, J.G. - J. G. Harrod & Co.'s postal and Commercial Directory of Norfolk and Norwich, including Lowestoft, in the County of Suffolk. Containing a Brief Descriptive Account of the Towns, Parishes and Villages. Followed by a Directory.
32295: O'HART, John - Irish Pedigrees> or, the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation. [with] Irish Pedigrees> or, the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation. (second series) [with] The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry When Cromwell Came to Ireland> or, a Supplement to Irish Pedigrees.
42457: W.P. HARTLEY - W.P. Hartley's New Works at Aintree, Liverpool.
42463: DAVID HARTLEY - Books Sold by J. Leake and W. Frederick, Booksellers, of Bath.
43021: RICHARD SUTTON HARVEY - To the Citizens of Lincoln. A Serious Riot broke out last Evening in our City, and the destruction of considerable property followed...
33174: HASLEMERE, SURREY - The Registers of Haslemere, Co. Surrey. Baptisms 1594 - 1812. Marriages 1573 - 1812. Burials 1573 - 1812. Transcribed and Edited by John Wornham Penfold.
38843: HASLEWOOD, Frances Catherine - Two Letters on Serious Subjects by F.C.H. [with] Past, Present and Future [a poem].
43816: FREDERICK HASSELQUIST - Voyages and Travels in the Levant> in the Years 1749, 50, 51, 52. Containing Observations in Natural History Physick, Agriculture, and Commerce: Particularly on the Holy Land, and the Natural History of the Scriptures.
36340: HATFIELD, Charles William - Historical Notices of Doncaster. Second Series.
34216: HAWKINS, B.W. lithographer - Black Cobra Capello. Naia Tripudian S. var Nigra.
38197: HAYDN, Joseph - VIII Pieces Favorites pour le Clavecin ou Piano-Frte avec accompagnements d'un Violin et Violencelle ad Libitum Tirées des Nouvelles Simphonies. Oeuvre 84.
41900: HAYDON BRIDGE, NORTHUMBERLAND - Francis Wilkinson, Anchor Inn.
37821: HAYFIELD, Colin and SLATER, Terry - The Medieval Town of Hedon> Excavations 1975 - 1976.
44010: SIR AMBROSE HEAL - The London Goldsmiths 1200 - 1800. A Record of the Names and Addresses of the Craftsmen, Their Shop-Signs and Trade Cards.
43912: [IRONMONGER] HARDMEAT & HEALY - Furnishing & General Ironmongers, No. 3, High Street, Wisbech. Smiths, Braziers, Zinc & Tin Plate Workers.
40718: HEARN, Lian - Tales of the Otori. 1. Across the Nightmare Floor. 2. Grass for His Pillow. 3. Brilliance of the Moon.
40822: HEATH ROBINSON, William - Behind the Scenes at Moss Bros.
41135: HEATH-STUBBS, John - Wounded Thammuz.
43116: ROBERT HEATH - A Natural and Historical Account of the Islands of Scilly... and lastly, a General Account of Cornwall.
43015: H.K. HEBB, Clerk to the Local Board - £100 REWARD! Whereas some evil disposed person has sent or caused to be delivered to Mr. Alderman Harvey, an anonymous Letter, threatening to kill or murder him...
40528: HECKEL, A[ugustin] - A Perspective View of Hampton Court Bridge Cross the River Thames. Open'd Decr. 13th 1753.
36370: HEDON. CRAVEN, Martin T. - A New and Complete History of the Borough of Hedon.
43959: [FANCY GOODS] HEELAS, SONS & COMPANY - Have received a large collection of Chinese, Japanese, & Indian Novelties, Comprising Trays, Cabinets, Fans, Screens, &c.
42518: HENRY PAGET, 1st MARQUIS OF ANGLESEY - Forget Me Not>" a Birth Day Offering, on 17th May, 1830...by E.T.G.
43899: [DECORATOR] WM. HEPBURN - Plain & Decorative Painter, Paperhanger, &c. 11 Oxford Street, Laurieston, Glasgow.
25427: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Register of Alberbury. Part II. 1733 - 1812.
25441: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Registers of Diddlebury. Munslow.
25456: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Register of Hope Bagot.
25457: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Register of Cold Weston.
25419: DIOCESE OF HEREFORD. - Registers of Lydham. Edgton. Monk Hopton. Chelmarsh. Neenton. Billingsley.
41235: PROFESSOR HUBERT VON HERKOMER - The Fine Art Society requests the honour of a visit from Hon Sir J. Bacon and friends to a private view of works by Professor Herkomer R.A. and his pupils on Saturday the 30th April, 1892.
44137: [COACH & HARNESS MAKER] HERRING - Coach and Harness Maker. Carriages, construction of every description, repaired and painted, finished on the lowest terms.
43070: SIR JOHN F.W. HERSCHEL - On the Chemical Action of the Rays of the Solar Spectrum on Preparations of Silver and Other Substances, both Metallic and Non-metallic, and on some Photographic Processes. [with] On the Action of the Rays of the Solar Spectrum on Vegetable Colours, and on some New Photographic Processes.
44164: [SADDLE & HARNESS MAKER] W. HEYWOOD - Saddle, Collar & harness Maker. Horses carefully Measured and neatly fitted. Every article in the above branches executed in the first style of fashion.
41781: HIGHWAYS - Notice is Hereby Given...That on the eighth day of July next application will be made...for an order for stopping up entirely, and as unnecessary, a certain Highway or Footpath...
41713: G. R. & J. HILDITCH - Availing ourselves of the recent alterations to Post Office Regulations, we have arranged to send Patterns of our Silks to any part of the Country and Colonies...
25773: HILL, Samuel - Bygone Stalybridge. Traditional, Historical, Biographical.
24132: HILL, Samuel - Bygone Stalybridge. Traditional, Historical, Biographical.
28962: HILL, J.W.F. - Tudor and Stuart Lincoln. With an introductory essay by Perry Gauci.
39926: [FURRIER] MRS. HILL - Wholesale & Retail Fur Manufacturer, Holloway Street, Exeter.
40025: HILL, John - The Construction of Timber, from its Early Growth> Explained by the Microscope, and proved from experiments...
42544: MATTHEW DAVENPORT HILL - Speech of M.D. Hill, Esq., M.P., in the House of Commons, on Wednesday, June 12, 1833, on the Dwelling House Robbery Bill. [Extracted from the Mirror of Parliament, Part CCXXI]
39819: HINTON, I. - The First Lecture in Experimental Philosophy.
39821: HINTON, I. - The Art of Limning.
41749: JOHN R. HISTED - [Sardine Specialist, Canned Goods & Dried Fruits.]
27322: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding Volume V, edited by K.J. Allison.
27324: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding Volume VI: the Borough and Liberties of Beverley, edited by K.J. Allison.
27321: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding Volume III, edited by K.J. Allison.
26603: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding Volume IV, edited by K.J. Allison.
36608: HULL. VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding, Volume 1, The City of Kingston Upon Hull, edited by K.J. Allison.
36700: HULL. VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of the County of York: East Riding, Volume 1, The City of Kingston Upon Hull, edited by K.J. Allison.
41172: POSTAL HISTORY - Telegram designed by McDonald Gill.
41173: POSTAL HISTORY - Telegram designed by Claudia Freedman.
41174: POSTAL HISTORY - Telegram designed by Alan Sorrell.
41175: POSTAL HISTORY - Mulready Letter Sheet A 54.
41176: POSTAL HISTORY - Letter Sheet, cover only, Mulready caricature, by Frederick Froom.
41177: POSTAL HISTORY - Letter Sheet, cover only, Mulready caricature, by Madeley.
41178: POSTAL HISTORY - Ocean Penny Postage envelope cover.
42243: VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY. - A History of Yorkshire: The City of York, edited by P.M. Tillott.
42792: POSTAL HISTORY - Specimen of Postage Charges in 1839. To be Preserved among the Curiosities of any Museum, &c.
39917: CHARLES HODGES - New Astronomical Cards.
33971: HODGSON, John - A History of Northumberland. Volume 4. Roman Wall, Haydon Bridge, Haltwhistle.
42906: THOMAS HODGSON [publisher] - London at a Glance. An Illustrated Atlas of London. Containing thirty-six maps in sections, a key map of the whole of London, seven thousand street references, a general index to public buildings, hotels, places of amusement, &c.
34528: HODSKINSON, Joseph - The County of Suffolk. Edited with an introduction by D.P. Dymond.
37485: HOGG, Thomas surveyor - Plan of Estates> the Property of Thomas Chinnall Porter Esq. [In Essex and Worcestershire]
42263: LUDVIG HOLBERGS - Jubeludgave af Ludvig Holbergs samtlige Comoedier ved F.L. Liebenberg.
42065: HOLBORN - Parishes of St. Andrew Holborn, and St. George the Martyr, Middlesex. Resolutions for a Loyal Address to the King, At a Meeting held Dec, 15, 1820.
43949: [CARVER & GILDER] J. HOLLOWAY - Carver, Gilder, Looking Glass & Picture Frame Manufacturer, No. 44, North Street, Wolverhampton. Gold cornices, mouldings & borders for rooms & glasses. Gold enamel names, borders and ornaments on glass. N.B. Old Frames Repaired, and Gilt equal to New.
41722: J. HOLLOWAY - Carver, Gilder, Looking Glass & Picture Frame Manufacturer.
42626: WILLIAM HOLLOWAY - The History and Antiquities of the Ancient Port of Rye, in the County of Sussex. With incidental notes on the Cinque Ports.
42630: E. CARLETON HOLMES - Lyminster Parish and Church, by an old Churchwarden, on the Advent of a new Vicar...additions...of archaeological interest, on the same and other subjects, in the adjoining parish of Arundel.
8836: HOLMES, Robert - Keighley, Past and Present> or, An Historical, Topographical, and Statistical Sketch of the Town, Parish and Environs of Keighley, Including Riddlesden, Marley, Hainworth, and Some Other Places in the Contiguous Parish of Bingley.
8837: HOLMES, Robert - Keighley, Past and Present> or, An Historical, Topographical, and Statistical Sketch of the Town, Parish and Environs of Keighley, Including Riddlesden, Marley, Hainworth, and Some Other Places in the Contiguous Parish of Bingley.
40346: HOLTBY, Winifred - Virginia Woolf.
41693: J. C. HOMER - J.C. Homer, Chemist and Druggist.
44174: [SHOP FRONT MANUFACTURER] MITCHELL & HONEYCHURCH - Shop Front Manufacturers, and Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of Shop & Counting-House Fixtures. 39, Seymour Street, Euston Square. Sashes, Counter-Glass Cases, Counter Drawers, Tobacco and Snuff Jars, Publicans' Bar Fittings and Bottles, Desks, and Counting-House Fixtures... Fixtures bought or taken in for exchange. Every description of carpenter's work executed.
43569: PLAYBILL - RED RIDING HOOD. - Red Riding Hood: or, the Wolf of the Forest of Arden. Douglas. Etc.
41250: GEORGE PERCY JACOMB-HOOD - Messrs Boussod Valadon & Co. request the Honour of your Company to a Private View of a Collection of Paintings on the Seine & Marne by Mr. E. Aubrey Hunt R.B.A.
41790: ROBIN HOOD - Scene- Knavesmire, York.
43059: JOSEPH DALTON HOOKER - Himalayan Journal. Notes of a Naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia Mountains, &c. A new edition, carefully revised and condensed.
42946: ROBERT CHARLES HOPE - The Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells of England: Including Rivers, Lakes, Fountains and Springs.
42991: SAMUEL HORSEY - Aged 55. A singular Beggar in the Streets of London.
42407: HOSIER, GLOVER, &. - Banister, Hosier, Glover, &. Flannel Draper, No. 98 Strand (two doors from Beaufort Buildings)
39801: BATH HOSPITAL - Conditions of Admission into the General Hospital at Bath.
41683: HOSPITAL - West Cornwall Dispensary and Infirmary.
42038: FOUNDLING HOSPITAL - [List of Governors and Guardians]
42049: SMALL POX AND VACCINATION HOSPITAL - [Report] The Small Pox and Vaccination Hospital, at Battle Bridge, St. Pancras, Middlesex. Instituted September 23, 1746.
42050: SMALL POX AND VACCINATION HOSPITAL - Small Pox and Vaccination Hospital. St. Pancras. Report of Dr. Gregory, Physician.
42051: FOUNDLING HOSPITAL - Instructions To the Mothers of Such Children as are fit objects to receive the advantages of this Institution.
43611: HOTEL - White Swan Inn, Wisbech. Edward Foley, respectfully informs his Friends and the Inhabitants of Wisbech and its Vicinity, that he has taken and entered upon the above Inn, which he has neatly fitted up, and trusts by strict attention to merit a share of public patronage and support.
43607: HOTEL - James Whitley, Wine Commercial Inn, Brewer, Porter Merchant, Dealer in Malt, Hops, &c., Old Market, Wisbech. [Lincolnshire House and Commercial Inn]
43597: HOTEL - R. Adams, White Hart Commercial Inn. Family Inn & posting House, Wisbech.
43598: HOTEL - Willm. Sloate, King's Head Inn, Old Market, Wisbech. Dealer in Foreign Wines, Spiritous Liquors, Ale, Cyder, &c.
43579: HOTEL - Lozey's Royal Yacht Club Hotel. Family and Commercial House, Pier, St. Helier's Jersey.
43629: HOTEL - David Ritchie, Albion Hotel & Tavern, 74 Argyll Street, Corner of Queen Street, Glasgow.
43630: HOTEL - Thomas Muir, Royal Exchange Tavern, Exchange Buildings, Glasgow. Soups, Steaks, Dinners, &c. Wines, Suppers, &c.
43631: HOTEL - Prince of Wales Hotel. A. Grimshaw, 19, St. Enoch Square, Glasgow. Hot, Cold & Shower Baths.
43632: HOTEL - Wood's Temperance Hotel, 109, Argyll Street. (Opposite Queen Street) Glasgow.
43633: HOTEL - Donald Macdonald, Regent Hotel, Smithfield Buildings, Foot of Oswald St. 49 Broomielaw, Glasgow. Opposite Srteam Boat Wharf.
43634: HOTEL - George Ferguson. Rose Tavern and Chop House. 109, Argyll St. & 9 Maxwell St. Glasgow.
43602: HOTEL - Joseph Rutter, Swan Hotel Commercial Inn & Posting House, Chertsey. Excellent Wines and Sprits. Bottled Ales, Dublin Stout & Cider. Well Aired Beds. Lock up Coach House.
43603: HOTEL - Robt. Sneath. George Posting & Commercial Inn. Fenstanton. Best Wines & Spirits. Comfortable beds & good stabling. Loose boxes. Lock up coach houses.
43635: HOTEL - Opening Dinner in Honor of Mr. William Stimpson. Globe Hotel, 22 Great Clyde Street, & 101, Maxwell Street, on Wednesday, 16th June, 1852. Dinner on the Table at Half Past Five. William Campbell, Esq. Tillechewan, Chairman. David Bell, Esq. Blackhall, Croupier.
43600: HOTEL - The Ostrich Commercial Inn, Wells, Norfiolk, William Gibbs.
43582: HOTEL - Tubbs's Royal Pier Hotel, adjacent to the Custom House and opposite the Pier Gates, Southampton.
43766: HOTEL - Commercial Temperance Hotel, Coffee House & reading Rooms, Oxford Street, Five Doors from the Entrance to the Railway Terminus, Southampton. English, Scotch, Irish & Guernsey Papers, Magazine, &c.
43599: HOTEL - James Glover, London Tavern & Hotel, Commercial Inn & Posting House. Queen Street, near the Water Side, Hull. Lock up coach houses, good stabling. Coaches & Steam Packets to all parts of the Kingdon.
6704: HOTTEN, John Camden collected by - Bibliographical Account of Nearly Fifteen Hundred Curious and Rare Books, Tracts, Mss and Engravings, Relating to the History and Topography of Yorkshire.
43883: [OIL & COLOURMAN[ JAMES HOUGHTON - Oil Merchant, 27, Bartholemew Close, London.
38410: HOUGHTON, Thomas Governor - A Calendar of the Prisoners Left in the House of Correction at Preston, in the County of Lancaster.
41839: HATFIELD HOUSE - Guide to Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, and Bishop Hatfield.
41962: ARSHAVIR TER HOVANNESSIAN - Raw Eating Bulletin No. 1 [and] No. 2 [and] brochure.
41784: J. HOWES - The Land Question and the Liberal Party.
39827: HOWITT, Mary - Mary Howitt's Illustrated Library for the Young. IX. China and the Chinese.
40941: HOWLETT, Bartholemew - View in Cuper's Gardens, Lambeth.
44202: [BRUSH MANUFACTURER] FREDERICK HOYLE - Brush Manufacturer. All kinds of brushes made to order. n.b. Mops, Floor Cloths, Furniture Paste, Black Lead, &c. 77, Kirkgate, Wakefield.
40847: HUDSON, T.H. - Chamois Hunting in the Jungfrau.
42269: JEFFERY HUDSON - The Queen's Dwarf.
19209: HUMPHREYS, Arthur L. - Somersetshire Parishes, a Handbook of Historical Reference to All Places in the County.
43848: [BOOT & SHOE MAKER] D. HUMPHREYS - Boot & Shoe Maker, 2 Providence Place, Kentish Town Road.
41957: BRIGHTON UNION HUNT - Report and Accounts From September 1836 to September 1837. John Hitchins, Hon. Sec.
42342: A. LEIGH HUNT - The Capital of the Ancient Kingdom of East Anglia "The Mighty City in the East" being a complete and authentic history of the Ancient Borough Town of Thetford and its Antiquities in Norfolk and Suffolk.
13386: HUNTER, Joseph - South Yorkshire: The History and Topography of the Deanery of Doncaster, in the Diocese and County of York.
33566: HUNTER, Joseph - South Yorkshire: The History and Topography of the Deanery of Doncaster, in the Diocese and County of York.
41523: WILLIAM KING HUNTER - History of the Priory of Coldingham from the Earliest Date to the Present Time.
42710: REV. L.M. HUNTER - Memorials of the Hospital of St. Cross and Alms House of Noble Poevrty.
42942: THOMAS HURTLEY - A Concise Account of the Natural Curiosities in the Environs of Malham, in Craven, Yorkshire.
42797: THE HUSBAND'S COMMANDMENTS - I am thy Husband, thou shalt have no other Husband but me, whom thou did'st vow to oove, honour and obey> for I saved thee from old maidism and rescued thee from the terrors of single blessedness...
42676: REV. ARTHUR HUSSEY - Notes on the Churches in the Counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, Mentioned in the Domesday Book, and those of more recent date. Including comparative lists of the churches, and some account of the sepulchral memorials and other antiquities.
42977: JOHN HUTCHINS - The History and Antiquities of Sherbourne in the County of Dorset. Augmented and continued to the present time by Richard Gough and John Bowyer Nichols. Adorned with a a plan of the town and other plates.
23194: HUTCHINSON, J. - The Stranger at Castleton. The Stranger at Buxton. The Romantic Beauties of Matlock. An Historical Account of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln.
24849: HUTCHINSON, Frances - Selby Abbey, Selby. Colour Postcard.
24850: HUTCHINSON, Frances - The High Bridge, Howden. Colour Postcard.
42382: William Holden HUTTON - By Thames and Cotswold> Sketches of the Country.
41453: HYMN [JOHN POWELL] - Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, To Day and Forever
34993: ILLINGWORTH, Rev. Cayley - A Topographical Account of the Parish of Scampton, in the County of Lincoln, and of the Roman Antiquities Lately Discovered There> Together with Anecdotes of the Family of Bolle.
40871: CALLIGRAPHY & ILLUMINATION - [Prayer] Look thy last on all things lovely every hour...
40873: CALLIGRAPHY & ILLUMINATION - [Prayer] Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth.
43212: MERVYN PEAKE illustrates - The Book of Lyonne by Burgess Drake.
40834: INDIAN BOOK ILLUSTRATION? - Two printed illustrations probably for a book of Indian stories.
40088: CLOTH ILLUSTRATIONS. - Lina, Het Vermiste Kind. [Dutch text]
43471: IMAGE D'ÉPINAL - Tableaux des Arts et Metiers. 1018.
43489: IMMINGHAM [LINCOLNSHIRE] - Bird's Eye View of Immingham (Grimsby) Deep Water Dock.
41171: INDIA - Photograph of a [Reticulated?] Python.
42930: INDIA - Statistical Atlas of India, Prepared for the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886.
43060: INDIA - Tiger Hunting. Plate 1.
37567: LIVERPOOL COLLEGIATE INSTITUTION - Report of the Proceedings at the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Liverpool Collegiate Institution, Shaw Street, by the Right Hon. Lord Stanley, M.P. and at the Subsequent Dinner to His Lordship, in the Royal Amphitheatre, 22nd October, 1840.
42059: LONDON PROVIDENT INSTITUTION - Classification of the Trades, Occupations, Business, and Callings of the Depositors, as entered at the opening of the several Accounts and which remained open at the respective Dates...by order of the Superintending Committee, E.P. Jeanneret, sub-actuary.
42290: CROYDON LITERARY & SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION - Winter Course of Lectures and Entertainments. January to March, 1887.
42466: DEVON & EXETER INSTITUTION - Library Rules.
41302: INSURANCE - Motor Cycle Insurance Prospectus and Proposal Form.
41303: INSURANCE - Motor Car Insurance Prospectus and Proposal Form.
41304: INSURANCE - Employer's Liability and Workmen's Compensation Proposal Form. [Collieries only]
41669: INSURANCE - Forfarshire and Perthshire Fire Office. Receipt from Patrick Chalmers Esquire of Auldbar...being premium and duty of £500 sterling, Insured at this Office...
41524: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Second International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Three Day Conference at Imperial College London.
41859: INTERLAKEN - Grand Hotel Victoria. Proprietaire Ed. Ruchti.
41864: INTERLAKEN - Grand Hotel Victoria. Proprietaire Ed. Ruchti.
40419: MILITARY MAPS - IRAN - Road Strip Maps Iran: Dizful - Kazvin (1-10), Hamadan - Khosrovi (11-16).
41834: ITALY - Grand Hotel Feder à> Turin (Palais Sonnaz) [and] Grand Hotel Brun à> Bologne (Ancien Palais Malvasia)
41394: GEORGE IV - In pursuance of an Order of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council...Instructions...for access and return of Carriages conveying Persons to and from Westminster-Hall and Abbey on the occasion of His Majesty's Coronation on the 19th Instant...[by Viscount] Sidmouth.
43261: GEORGE IV - The Ceremonies to be Observed at the Royal Coronation of His Most Excellent Majesty King George the Fourth on Thursday the Nineteenth Day of July, MDCCCXXI.
43245: FREDERICK WILLIAM IV - Portrait.
41413: GEORGE IV - Plan of [Food for] the Grand Banquet given by the City of Edinburgh to His Majesty King George IV on Sunday 24th August 1822.
42837: MRS IVES, TOMBLAND - Engraved Label or Book Ticket.
41381: DURHAM COUNTY - 'RADICAL JACK' - Durham County Election. A few short questions to Mister Richard Wharton...[by] a Freeholder.
25834: JACKSON, John Edward - The History and Description of St.George's Church at Doncaster, Destroyed by Fire February 28, 1853.
22181: JACKSON, Rev. John Edward - History of the Ruined Church of St. Mary Magdalene [Doncaster].
24925: JACKSON, Rev. John Edward - History of the Ruined Church of St. Mary Magdalene [Doncaster].
22183: JACKSON, John Edward - The History and Description of St.George's Church at Doncaster, destroyed by Fire February 28, 1853.
34529: JACKSON, John Edward - The History and Description of St. George's Church at Doncaster, destroyed by Fire February 28, 1853.
40530: JACKSON, George Baptist - A Northeast Perspective View of the Cathedral Church and Close of Sarum.
8841: JACKSON, Rev. John Edward - History of the Ruined Church of St. Mary Magdalene [Doncaster].
42620: EDWARD JACOB - The History of the Town and Port of Faversham, in the County of Kent.
39506: MR JACOBS - Enters his Temple of Enchantment, attended by his Goblin Sprites and surrounded by his magnificent, costly and unique apparatus, will commence with his wonders of ancient necromancy...[and] M. Rousseau, the French equilibrist, will perform some of the most wonderful jeux de balance ever witnessed in this country...An improvisational effusion by Mr Jacobs, in which he will poetize on any subject given him by the audience, after the manner of the Italians. To be followed by The Classical Groupings of the Patagonian Wonders, Who will introduce their laughable and characteristic United Service Dance. To conclude with a new divertisement in Vetriloquism, Entitled Alderman Gobble and His Curious Family in which Mr Jacobs will imitate the extraordinary number of Twelve Persons.
43826: DR JAEGER - Dr Jaeger's Sanitary Woollen System. Dressmaking.
41715: DR JAEGER - Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woollen System. Dressmaking.
43811: F.L. JAMES - The Unknown Horn of Africa. An Exploration from Berbera to the Leopard River. With additions by J. Godfrey Thrupp.
43280: JAMES, Henry - French Poets and Novelists.
40877: JAPAN - Japanese Colour Print.
42428: GRIFFITH JARRETT - Jarrett's Improved Embossing Press... adapted for Embossing Coats of Arms, Crests, Initials, Names and Addresses...&c.
42759: JAS GEORGE, revised by S. REE - The Gordons of Birkenburn (Near Keith). Their Ancestry, Connections, and Descendants.
43992: LEONARD JAY - A Tribute to the Work of George W. Jones, Master Printer on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday. May 1940.
36532: JEAYES, Isaac Herbert - Descriptive Catalogue of Derbyshire Charters in Public and Private Libraries and Muniment Rooms.
43954: [PLUMBER] JOHN JEFFREY - Plumber & Gas Fitter. 14 St. Mirren Street, Paisley. Gas Fittings neatly executed. Hot, Cold & Shower Baths, Water Cklosets, &c. Engine & Common Pumps, Wash hand Basins, &c.
41644: JABEZ JENKINS - Jenkin's Vest-Pocket Lexicon. An English Dictionary of All Except Familiar Words> including the principal scientific and technical terms, and foreign moneys, weights, and measures. Omitting what everybody knows, And containing what everybody wants to know, And cannot readily find.
43115: D.E. JENKINS - Bedd Gelert> Its Facts, Fairies, and Folk-Lore. With translations of the poetry by Rev. H. Elvet Lewis.
43847: BUSBY & JENNINGS - Linen & Woollen Drapers and Linen Manufacturers. A Hearse to Let & Funerals completely Furnished with every article of family morning.
43174: REV. A. JESSEPP Editor - Visitations of the Diocese of Norwich, A.D. 1492 - 1532.
32489: JEWITT, Llewellynn - The Life of William Hutton, and the History of the Hutton Family.
43913: [IRONMONGER] JOHN CHAPMAN Jnr. - Wholesale & Retail Furnishing Ironmonger, Old Market Place, Wisbech. All kinds of Nails, Cutlery, Coffin Furniture, Grates, Ovens, Japan and Tind Goods.
43982: JOHN CURR, of Sheffield - The Coal Viewer and Engine Builder's Practical Companion.
38599: JOHN, W.D., COOMBES, G.J. and COOMBES, Katherine - The Nantgarw Porcelain Album.
42838: JOHN HARDY, NOTTINGHAM. - Engraved Label or Book Ticket.
42994: JOHN ELWES, Esq. - The Greatest Miser of His Time, died November 26, 1789.
42995: BROTHER JOHN AND I - The Polite Grocers of the Strand.
42078: SAINT JOHN'S WOOD - Particulars and Conditions of Sale of a Desirable Villa residence, Being Neville Lodge, at the Angle of Abbey Road and Grove End Road, St. John's Wood, with extensive grounds, gardens, green houses, coach house, stable, cottage and premises, held by leases at moderate rents. Which will be Sold by Auction.
43503: W. & A. JOHNSTON - [Wall Map] Commonwealth of Australia [Political].
42931: W. & A.K. JOHNSTON - Commonwealth of Australia, constructed and engraved by W. & A.K. Johnston.
8842: JOHNSTONE, John K. - The Isle of Axholme> Its Place-Names and River-Names.
43986: STEPHEN CHAPLIN JONES - Picturesque Views of the River Avon and Clifton.
38309: JONES, Harold - The Enchanted Night.
8843: JONES, N.V. editor - A Dynamic Estuary: Man, Nature and the Humber.
42447: Margaret JORDAN - Album of Drawings and Watercolours.
41989: JOSEPH - Joseph Accused by His Mistress. And it came to pass as I lift up my voice and cried, that he left his garment with me and fled out. [Genesis 39:18]
41694: THOMAS JOSLIN - Thomas Joslin (from Savory, Moore & Co.) Chemists to their Majesties.
43337: JACQUES DE LA JOÜE - Recüeil Nouveau. De Differens Cartouche inventez par le Sr. de la Joüe Peintre ordinaire du roi en son Acadédemie Royal de Peintre & Sculpture.
38777: LONDON - THE GRAND JUBILEE - View of the Grand Temple in Green Park and The Pagoda, or Chinese Bridge, St. James's Park. The whole completed under the Superintendance of Sir William Congreve M.P. Comptroller to the Royal Laboratory.
43313: PUNCH AND JUDY - Carte de Visite size Photograph of a Punch and Judy Booth.
43190: KAFKA, Franz - In the Penal Settlement. Tales and short prose works. Translated from the German by Willa and Edwin Muir.
13903: KANER, Jennifer and others - Goods and Chattells" 1552 - 1642. Wills, Farm and Household Inventories from the Parish of South Cave in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
42452: H. KAY - Kay's Practical Embroiderer. Patent No. 466488.
32550: KEANE, Marcus - The Towers and Temples of Ancient Ireland> their origin and history discussed from a new point of view.
37004: GEORGE KEATE - An Account of the Pelew Islands, Situate in the Western Part of the Pacific Ocean. Composed From the Journals and Communication of Captain Henry Wilson, and Some of His Officers, who, in August 1783, were there shipwrecked, in The Antelope, a Packet Belonging to the Honourable East India Company. The Second Edition.
38656: KEITH, Sir Arthur - The Religion of a Darwinist. [Conway Memorial Lecture]
39836: KELLY - Kelly's Camden and Kentish Towns Directory (Buff Book) for 1896.
39838: KELLY - Kelly's Kingston, Norbiton, Surbiton and District Directory (Buff Book) for 1898.
39840: KELLY - Kelly's Brixton, Clapham & South Lambeth Directory (Buff Book) for 1892-3.
39841: KELLY - Kelly's Camden and Kentish Towns Directory (Buff Book) for 1894-5.
39842: KELLY - Kelly's Ealing, Acton, Hanwell, Gunnersbury & Chiswick Directory (Buff Book) for 1891-2.
39843: KELLY - Kelly's Stratford, West Ham, Forest Gate and Plaistow Directory (Buff Book) for 1894-5.
39845: KELLY - Kelly's Map of Kensington, Notting Hill, Brompton, Knightsbridge, Paddington, Bayswater, Kensal Green and Battersea.
39846: KELLY - Kelly's Map of Richmond, Teddington, Norbiton, Kingston, Surbiton, East Molesey and Hampton.
40672: KELLY - Kelly's Directory of Cumberland and Westmorland. 1897.
40688: KELLY - Kelly's Directory of the County of Somerset with coloured map. 1927.
40689: KELLY - Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire with coloured map. 1937.
40690: KELLY - Kelly's Directory of Leicestershire and Rutland with coloured map. 1941.
40026: KENDALL, Edward - Designs for Schools and School Houses Parochial and National.
31261: KENDRICK, A.F. and TATTERSALL, C.E.C. - Fine Carpets in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Twenty Examples reproduced for the first time in colour, of old carpets from Persia, India, Caucasia, Armenia, Turkey, China, Spain and England.
44093: ROBERT LOWE and NATHANIEL KENT - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Nottingham> with observations on the means of its improvement. [with] General View of the Agriculture of the County of Nolfolk> with observations on the means of its improvement.
44177: [BOILER MAKER] KERR, NEILSON & CO. - Boiler Makers, Iron Boat Builders, and Manufacturers of Marine, Land and Locomotive Engines, Dredging Machines, Sugar Mills, Fire Engines...
44189: [IRONFOUNDER] JOSEPH KERR - Ironfounder, &c. Links Foundry, Montrose.
43781: KEYNES, John Maynard. - The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money.
42720: REVD. T. KILBY - Views in Wakefield.
44057: [MEDICINE] KINDT - Le Medecin Kindt.
43900: [DECORATOR] PETRIE & KING - Painters & paper Hangers, 1, North Street, Anderston, Glasgow. Imitation of Woods & Marbles.
42870: EDWARD KING - The Richmond District Directory and Almanack for 1888.
40607: KIP, John - Wollaton Hall in the County of Nottingham the Seat of the Honble. Sr. Thomas Willoughby.
40508: KIPLING, Rudyard - Poems 1886 - 1929.
42293: BOLOSSY KIRALFY - Stupendous Spectacular Production Constantinople> or, The Revels of the East. Programme.
27427: KIRKBY MALHAMDALE. MORKILL, John William - The Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale.
40746: KIRKBY, John de - The Survey of the County of York, Taken by John de Kirkby, Commonly Called Kirkby's Inquest. Also Inquisitions of Knights' Fees, the Nomina Villarum for Yorkshire and an Appendix of Illustrative Documents.
39754: C.R. CONDER and H.H. KITCHENER - Map of Western Palestine, in 26 Sheets from Surveys Conducted for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund During the Years 1872 - 77.
40019: JEAN [JOHANN] WOLFGANG MÜLLER and JEAN [JOHANN] GEORGE [GEORG] KLINGER - Jeu de Voyages des Cinq Parties du Monde [or] Voyages aux Cinq Parties du Monde or Jeu de Nations du Trois Manieres.
39720: KNAPP, Oswald Greenwaye - A History of the Chief English Families Bearing the Name of Knapp.
38305: KNIGHT, Charles Brunton - A History of the City of York From the Foundation of the Roman Fortress of Eboracum A.D. 71 to the Close of the Reign of Queen Victoria A.D. 1901.
41062: HENRY GALLY KNIGHT - Saracenic and Norman Remains to Illustrate the Normans in Sicily.
43120: FRANCIS A. KNIGHT - The Sea-board of Mendip. With additional illustrations.
42045: SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE - Form of Recommendation of Members.
42508: JOHN KNOX - A Tour Through the Highlands of Scotland and the Hebride Isles in MDCCLXXXVI
24339: KORTHALS-ALTES, J. - The Life of Cornelius Vermuyden: The Lifework of a Great Anglo-Dutchman in Land Reclamation and Drainage in England and a Resume of the Drainage Legislation in Holland.
26611: KORTHALS-ALTES, J. - The Life of Cornelius Vermuyden: The Lifework of a Great Anglo-Dutchman in Land Reclamation and Drainage in England and a Resume of the Drainage Legislation in Holland.
34991: KORTHALS-ALTES, J. - The Life of Cornelius Vermuyden: The Lifework of a Great Anglo-Dutchman in Land Reclamation and Drainage in England and a Résumé of the Drainage Legislation in Holland.
36640: KORTHALS-ALTES, J. - The Life of Cornelius Vermuyden: The Lifework of a Great Anglo-Dutchman in Land Reclamation and Drainage in England and a Résumé of the Drainage Legislation in Holland.
8844: KORTHALS-ALTES, J. - The Life of Cornelius Vermuyden: The Lifework of a Great Anglo-Dutchman in Land Reclamation and Drainage in England and a Resume of the Drainage Legislation in Holland.
42563: JOHANN KRAFT - Pomona Austriaca, ou Arbres Fruitiers d'Autriche, Représentés en Figures, Dessinées et Peintes d'Apres Nature. [Fruit Trees of Austria Represented by figures, drawn and painted from Nature.] Abhandlung von den Obstaumen worinn ihre Gestalt, Erziehung und Pflege angezeigt und beschreiben wird mit 100 sehr feinen Abbildungen in Kupfer gestochen und nach der Natur in Farben dargestellt. [Treatise on Fruit Trees wherein their form, growth and tending will be shown and described, with 100 very fine illustrations engraved in copper, and depicted in their natural colours.]
41274: FRUIT LABEL - Produttore Esportatore Agrumi - Frutta Secca - Ortaglie.
42437: LIBRARY LABEL - Worcester Library. Instituted 1790.
42439: BOOK LABEL - [---] St. George's Place, Canterbury.
41255: MATCHBOX LABELS - [Phillumeny: matchbox collecting] A Collection of 5,000 matchbox labels from all over the world.
42806: LADMORE AND SON, photographers - Photographs of the Remarkable Trees of Hereford. [In Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club]
40983: LAFAYETTE - Miss W. Mellor.
40984: LAFAYETTE - The Countess of Cramagel.
40985: LAFAYETTE - Miss J. Merman.
40986: LAFAYETTE - Mrs Hugh Kindersley.
42627: JOHN LAKER - History of Deal.
38212: LAMB, Lynton - Original Artwork for Ivor Brown's Summer in Scotland.
38214: LAMB, Lynton - Original Dust Wrapper Design for Hubert van Zeller's The Family Case-Book.
38215: LAMB, Lynton - Original Artwork for Dust Wrapper to Helen Ashton's Letty Landon.
41148: LAMB, Lynton [illustrates] - The Spectator, essays by Joseph Addison, Richard Steele and Others. Selected, Edited, and Introduced by Robert Halsband.
43307: THEODORE L. DE LAND - De Land's Phantom Cards. Directions for Deland's Phantom Card Trick.
42810: ROBERT LANHAM - Album of Printing Samples and Copies of Testimonials.
43291: MIKHAIL LARIANOV - Grand Bal des Artistes Travesti Transmental. [Poster]
10103: LARKIN, Philip and BRENNAN, Maeve - 'A Lifted Study-Storehouse' The Brynmor Jones Library 1929-1979, updated to 1985 with an appreciation of Philip Larkin as Librarian by Maeve Brennan
38621: LARKIN, Philip - Reference Back: Philip Larkin's Uncollected Jazz Writings 1940 - 84, edited by Richard Palmer and John White, with a foreword by Alan Plater.
6926: LARKIN, Philip - Bridge for the Living. Poems. A work for chorus and orchestra with music by Anthony Hedges. LP Record.
43981: WILLIAM LARKINS - Steeplejacks and Steeplejacking.
36776: LAROM, Charles - Townhead. The History of the Baptist Church, Assembling in Townhead Street, Sheffield, From Its Commencement to the Close of Its Third Pastorate.
41712: [LUGGAGE] JOSEPH LAST - Trunk & Portmanteau Manufacturer.
42986: THOMAS LAUGHER - Aged 111 Years, known by the name of Old Tommy.
40137: LAUNDER, V.J. - ABC Guide to the Battle of Libya W/E From Nov 1941 and until Further Notice, translated from German, Italian and 8th Army by 70th Infantry Div. H.Q.
42889: C. LAURENT - A Topographical Plan of Manchester and Salford, with the Adjacent Parts> Showing also the Different Allotments of Land Proposed to be Built on, as communicated to the Surveyor by the Respective Proprietors.
43069: JEAN LAURENT - Bullfighters. Photographic Fan.
40281: LAW - Yorkshire Spring Assizes, 1827 before The Honourable Sir John Bayley, Knight and The Honourable Sir John Hullock, Knight, on Saturday, the 24th Day of March.
41392: CORN LAW - Copy of the Speech of the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor of London, on the Corn Bill! With Resolutions of the Common Hall, Passed 23rd February, 1815. [by Samuel Birch]
42572: TURNPIKE LAW - Answer to Summon by William King [Somerset].
34042: LAWRENCE, Simon - 45 Wood-Engravers> with an introduction by John Lawrence.
40830: LAWRENCE, John illustrator - Original dust wrapper design for The Year of the Pigeons by John Moore.
36328: LAWTON, George - The Religious Houses of Yorkshire.
39984: LAZARUS, Emma - The New Colossus.
39802: FAN LEAF - [Dos de Mayo Uprising, 1808] Dia Dos de Mayo de 1808. En Madrid. Mueren Daviz Verlarde defendiendo el Parque de Artilleria.
40881: MANUSCRIPT ILLUMINATED LEAF - Illuminated Leaf on fine vellum.
41027: PAINTED BODHI LEAF - Pink Roses.
41028: PAINTED BODHI LEAF - Butterfly and Flowers
41785: PRIMROSE LEAGUE - Diploma of Knighthood in the name of Lord Bolton of Bolton Hall, Leyburn.
39532: LEAT, Harry - [Magic] List of Books.
40882: MANUSCRIPT LEAVES - Pair of Manuscript leaves.
41501: PARISH OF LEDBURY - Sale of the Public Property...
41809: LEDBURY, HEREFORDSHIRE - Resolution of a Parish Meeting...held on 24th June, 1830...
41811: LEDBURY, HEREFORDSHIRE - Ledbury Great Market. Resolution "That it is the opinion of this meeting that in consequence of the now existing facilities of water carriage, the town of Ledbury is most favourably suited as a Market for the convenience of buyers and sellers of hops, and other agricultural produce...a Monthly Great Market for the sale of hops, seeds, wool, live stock, &c. should be established..."
41814: LEDBURY, HEREFORDSHIRE - Notice of Parish Tax Due.
42960: REC. ALFRED T. LEE - The History of the Town and Parish of Tetbury, in the County of Gloucester, compiled from original manuscripts and other authentic sources.
42073: BRITISH LEGION - Festival of Service and Remembrance. Royal Albert Hall.
36694: LEICESTER - Leicester and Leicestershire Society of Architects. Fourteenth Annual Report, for the Year 1886 - 87.
41496: TO BE LET - Lands in the Parish of Hutton, and County of Berwick, To Be Let...
42654: THOMAS LEWIN - The Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar, with Replies to the Remarks of the Astromer-Royal and of the Late Camden Professor of Ancient History at Oxford.
42658: THOMAS LEWIN - Replies to the Remarks of the Astonomer-Royal and the Late Camden professor of Ancient History at Oxford upon "The Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar."
39613: LEWIS, Wyndham - The Lion and the Fox> the Role of the Hero in the Plays of Shakespeare.
43376: THE LITTLE AND GOOD LIBRARY - Complete Set: Cat's Cradle, Like Grandpa, A Little Pickle, Miss Busy Bee, A Snow Fight, Three Friends.
42046: LONDON LIBRARY - Report of the Committee of the London Library to the Fifty-fifth Annual General Meeting of the Members.
41292: BARON JUSTUS FREIHERR VON LIEBIG - Allsopp's Pale or Bitter Ale. Remarks upon the alleged use of Strychnine in the Manufacture of Pale Ale.
42898: LIEUTS. C.R. CONDER and H.H. KITCHENER, R.E. - Map of the Western Palestine From Surveys Conducted for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund.
43258: ROYAL LIKENESS - The Royal Likeness: Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V.
41642: CABINET OF LILLIPUT - Instructive Stories> consisting of Arthur and George.
41643: CABINET OF LILLIPUT - Instructive Stories> consisting of Patty and Janet.
42834: RETFORD WAGGON COMPANY LIMITED - Share Certificate No. 98.
42840: DRIOTWICH SALT COMPANY LIMITED - Special Notice from J.H. Bradley, Manager.
34997: LINCOLN, Bob - Reminiscences of Sport in Grimsby. Old Grimsby Fifty years Ago. Athletic Sports From 1879 - 1912. Cricket From 1868 - 1912. Bowls From 1887 - 1912. Football From 1879 - 1912.
43251: LINCOLN - Suspension of Business on Saturday. [Signed] C.W. Pennell, Mayor, Guildhall, Jan. 30th. 1901.
43128: LINCOLN - The City of Lincoln. Collection of Election Ephemera.
38134: LINCOLNSHIRE - Lincolnshire and Its Principal Towns & Villages showing the Population and the number of statute acres in each Parish and its distance from London from the nearest Railway Station.
41511: HORTICULTURE - ORCHIDS - JOHN JULES LINDEN - L'Horticulture Internationale (Linden). Parc Leopold, Bruxelles.
38463: LINDSAY, David - A Voyage to Arcturus.
40512: LINDSAY, Lady - The Flower Seller and Other Poems.
41179: OCEAN LINERS - Sitmar Line. Deck and Cabin Plan for "Fair Sky."
41182: OCEAN LINERS - Cunard White Star R.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth" Programme of Events - Monday, November 18, 1946.
42426: CHIMNEY LINING - Seth Smith's Metallic Chimney Lining, &c. [and] Pantechnicon... for the Sale of Carriages, Works of Art, and Property of Every Description.
41377: VOTERS LIST - Revision of the List of Voters for the North-Riding of the County of York. Leyburn.
41489: TRADE LIST - Robson, Sadler & Ironmonger, Morpeth, Sells the following Articles, Wholesale and Retail, on the most reasonable Terms:-
41487: TRADE LIST - A Few Selections from Benetfink & Company's Sports and Games Catalogue.
40122: STREET LITERATURE - The Ladies' Parliament, A Curious and Comical Dialogue between Mrs. Axum and Mrs Smith, the Wives of Two Noted Tailors in this Neighbourhood.
42622: HENRY G.D. LIVEING - Records of Romsey Abbey: an Account of the Benedictine House of Nuns, with notes on the Parish Church and Town (A.D. 907 - 1558).
43289: LIVERPOOL - Elevation of the Theatre Royal, Liverpool. Engraved from the original drawing (same size) by Robert Chaffers, taken 12th May 1773.
42954: GREVILE MAIRIS LIVETT - Southwell Minster. An account of the Collegiate and Cathedral Church of Southwell, architectural, archaeological, and historical.
41823: LLANFYLLIN, POWYS - Additional Fairs. Notice is Hereby Given...Fairs for Sheep and Pigs.
41253: FRANK LOCKWOOD - Four Christmas/New Year Cards plus Invitation. [Five items]
43517: LONDON - A New and Accurate Plan of the City of Westminster, the Dutchy of Lancaster and Places Adjacent.
43514: LONDON - A Plan of the Street, Roads, &c. between Black Fryers Bridge, London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Lambeth, Newington Butts, & St. Margarets Hill, as they now are> together with the New Intended Streets, Roads, & Communications in Strong Black Lines, as proposed in the Year 1768, but the dotted Lines shew these now Intended in ye Year 1769.
43516: LONDON - A Plan of the City and Liberties of London after the dreadful Conflagration in the Year 1666. The Blank Part whereof represents the Ruins and Extent of the Fire> & the Perspective that left Standing.
40883: LONDON - Hand coloured engraving.
41391: PORTSOKEN - LONDON - Electors of Portsoken. Stand Firm!!...Moon has fought your battle...
42076: HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF LONDON - The Publications of the Huguenot Society of London, Volumes I - XXI [except XX] AND The Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London, Volumes I - VII.
42080: TOWER OF LONDON - Six Etchings of the Tower of London.
42284: INDIA IN LONDON - Portland Hall, Langham Place. Programme. The Parsee Dramatic Company. The Anglo-Hungarian Band.
42365: LONDON - Old Ludgate Hill Railway Bridge.
43016: ROYAL EXCHANGE LONDON - [Copy of Dedication] Sir Thomas Gresham, Knight, erected at his own charge a building and colonnade for the convenience of those persons who in this renowned mart might carry on the commerce of the world... His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Consort of Her Sacred Majesty laid the first stone on the 17th January, 1842, in the Mayoralty of the Rt. Hon John Pirie, Architect William Title, F.R.S.
42606: W.H. LONG - A Dictionary of the Isle of Wight Dialect, and of Provincialisms used in the Island...to which is appended The Christmas Boys' Play, An Isle of Wight "Hoom Garvest." and Somgs Sung bu the Peasantry.
42712: CHARLES JOHN LONGCROFT - A Topographical Account of the Hundred of Bosmere, in the County of Southampton, including the Parishes of Havant, Warblington, and Hayling.
37028: LONGRIDGE, James Atkinson - The Hooghly and the Mutla. With an Abstract of the Discussion Upon the Paper Edited by Charles Manby and James Forrest.
43519: THOMAS LOPEZ - Mapa de La Provincia de Extramadura, que Contiente los pardidos de Badajoz, Alcá>ntara, Cá>ceres, Llerena, Mérida, Plasencia, Truxillo y Villanueva de la Serena.
43521: THOMAS LOPEZ - Mapa Geografico Que Comprhende el Partido de Santo Domingo de la Calzada y El de Logroñ>o, Correspondientes a la Provincia se Burgos.
43526: THOMAS LOPEZ - Mapa General del Reyno de Portugal: Comprehende sus Provincias, Corregimientos, Oidorias, Proveedurias, Concejos, Cotos, Etc. [Incomplete - 7 of 8 sheets]
41366: HOUSE OF LORDS - [Notice] My Lord, In pursuance of a Resolution of the House of Lords...I beg to remind you that sitting or voting in the House of Lords without having previously taken the Oath of Allegiance prescribed by Statute, involves heavy penalties.
42721: CLAUDE LE LORRAIN - The Temple of Apollo. From a Picture of Claude le Lorrain in the Altieri Palace at Rome.
42369: J. LOVE - Album of Pen and Ink Drawings.
42678: MARK ANTONY LOWER - The Town, Parish, and Cinque-Port of Seaford> Historical and Antiquarian. With the Charter of Incorporation and Other Documents.
42681: MARK ANTONY LOWER - A Compendious History of Sussex, Topographical, Archaeological & Anecdotical. Containing an index to the first twenty volumes of the "Sussex Arrchaeological Collections."
44003: [GOLDSMITH] GOLDSMITHS & SILVERSMITHS COMPANY LTD. - Invite the honour of a visit from Hon. Miss Trollope to inspect their stock of Novelties in Diamond Ornaments, Jewellery & Silver Plate. Specially suitable for Christmas and New year Presents. Show Rooms: 112, Regent Street, London.
30581: AIRSHIP GUARANTEE COMPANY LTD. - Airship R100: Howden, Yorkshire.
44023: [CORONETS & TIARAS] THE GOLDSMITHS & SILVERSMITHS COMPANY LTD. - Coronets & Tiaras. [Trade Catalogue] 112, Regent Street,
40057: OGILVIE & MOORE LTD. - Book of Wine and Spirit Labels.
30752: LUCAS, Joseph - Historical Genealogy of the Family of Bayne of Nidderdale, Showing Also How Bayeux Became Baynes. Volume I. [all published]
41863: LUCERNE - Propres. Hauser Frères, Lucerne.
41873: LUCERNE - Pension Aeschmann Pour les Voyageurs qui veulent séjourner trois jours et plus.
41360: LUNACY - The Sixth [to the 36th] [Annual] Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor.
26028: LUTYENS, Mary and WARNER, Malcolm editors - Rainy Days at Brig O'Turk. The Highland Sketchbooks of John Everett Millais, 1853.
41570: EDWARD BULWER-LYTTON - Extract from Mr Bulwer's Letter on the Present Crisis.
41789: EDWARD BULWER-LYTTON - Extract from Mr Bulwer's Letter on the Present Crisis.
42502: KENNETH MACAULAY - The History of St. Kilda. Containing a description of this remarkable Island> The Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants> The Religious and Pagan Antiquities there found> With many other curious and interesting Particulars.
41137: MACDIARMID, Hugh - Selected Poems.
41301: SEWING MACHINES - Collection of brochures and leaflets promoting sewing machines.
33288: MACKECHNIE, John Editor and Translator - Instructio Pie Vivendi et Superna Meditani. [Holy Life and Heavenly Thought]
42640: J.S. MACKIE - A Descriptive and Historical Account of Folkestone and Its Neighbourhood. With gleanings from the municipal records.
42886: STEPHENS AND MACKINTOSH - Business Map of the Sowerby Parliamentary Division of Yorkshire.
42887: STEPHENS AND MACKINTOSH - Business Street Map of the Parliamentary Division of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
42900: STEPHENS AND MACKINTOSH - Business Street Map of Poole.
42920: STEPHENS AND MACKINTOSH - Business Street Map of the Metropolitan Borough of Battersea.
40493: MACKY, John - The Diary of an Irish Water Bailiff 1791 - 1809. Edited by E.J. Malone, introduction by John Killen.
33945: MACRAY, W.D. editor - Records of the Northern Convocation.
34543: MACRAY, W.D. editor - Records of the Northern Convocation.
21706: MADDISON, A.R. - A Short Account of the Vicars Choral, Poor Clerks, Organists and Choristers of Lincoln Cathedral, from the 12th Century to the Accession of Edward 6th.
39890: MADEIRA - The Landscape Scenery of Madeira in Watercolour.
42809: LONDON MAGAZINE - The London Magazine, or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer. Vol. XXXIV for the Year 1765.
43303: RENÉ MAGRITTE - [Sheet Music Cover] Elle Danse le Charleston, Musique de L. Th. Langlois.
43287: RENÉ MAGRITTE - [Sheet Music Cover] Marche des Snobs, pour piano par Fernand Rousseau.
41852: MAINZ - Specht & Hurst, Englischer Hotel.
33463: THOMAS MAJOR - The Ruins of Paestum, Otherwise Posidonia in Magna Graecia.
42624: J.P. MALCOLM - Excursions in the Counties of Kent, Gloucester, Hereford, Monmouth, and Somerset, in the Years 1802, 1803, and 1805> illustrated by descriptive sketches of the most interesting places and buildings...with delineations of character in different ranks of life.
42513: BENJ. HEATH MALKIN - The Scenery, Antiquities, and Biography, of South Wales, from Materials Collected During Two Excursions in the year 1803. Embellished with views, drawn on the spot and engraved by Laporte> and a Map of the Country.
43919: [DECORATOR] HENRY MALONE - Plasterer, Painter, Paper-Hanger, &c. 92 Mill Street, Gt. Ancoats Street, Manchester.
43920: [DECORATOR] HENRY MALONE - Plasterer, Painter, Paper-Hanger, &c. 92 Mill Street, Gt. Ancoats Street, Manchester.
43459: MALONE, E.J. - Tying Flies in the Irish Style> Trout and Sea-Patterns.
40771: G.G. MALOVICH - Situazione e Vedute Principali dell' i. r. strada ferrata da Trieste a Nabresina. In Memoria del Chiudimento del Grande Viadotto di Nabresina.
41837: GREAT MALVERN - Dr Fergusson's (Late Dr. Rayner's) Hydropathic Establishment.
44047: [EDUCATION] MR. MANN'S ACADEMY - Terms of Mr. Mann's Academy, Market Deeping. Board & Education £22 per Annum. Latin and Greek, Merchant's Accounts, Surveying, Algebra, the Globes, Astronomy, Drawing & Short Hand, each one Guinea per Quarter extra. Entrance, One Guinea. Land Surveying, Mapping, &c.
21611: MANNI, Dominico Maria - Il Senato Fioentino o sia Notizia de Senatori Fiorentini dal suo principio fino al presente. Seconda edizione ampliata. Al Nobiliss. Sig. Marchese Alamanno Bartolini Salimbeni.
44005: [GOLDSMITH] WILLm. MANNING - Goldsmith & Jeweller, Successor to Mr. Jas. Powell, 20 Cross, opposite St. Nicholas Church, Worcester. Writing Desks, Work Boxes, Dressing Cases, Tortoise and Turtleshell Tea Caddies, &c.
44016: [GOLDSMITH] WILLm. MANNING - Goldsmith & Jeweller. 96, High Street, Worcester. Successor to Mr. W. Gamidge. Ladies Work Boxes, Tortoise & Turtleshell Tea Caddies, &c.
40665: MANSFIELD, Katherine - The Garden Party and Other Stories, with Coloured Lithographs by Marie Laurencin.
42647: GIDEON ALGERNON MANTELL - A Day's Ramble in and About the Ancient Town of Lewes.
39579: REPERTORY OF ARTS AND MANUFACTURES - The Repertory of Arts and Manufactures [and Agriculture]: Consisting of Original Communications, Specifications of Patent Inventions, and Selections of Useful Practical Papers from the Transactions of the Philosophical Societies of All Nations, &c. &c. Volume 1 to Volume 16 [complete first series] and Second Series Volume I to XIX.
41019: MINIATURE MANUSCRIPT - Auld Lang Syne.
41020: MINIATURE MANUSCRIPT - The Lord's Prayer.
41021: MINIATURE MANUSCRIPT - The Lord's Prayer.
43412: MATRIMONIAL MAP - Map of Matrimony.
39998: MANUSCRIPT MAP - Captain James Cook, Discoverer of Sandwich Islands and New Hebrides. [Map of the Pacific showing China, Australasia and North America.
39999: MANUSCRIPT MAP - Ferdinand Magellan, First to Enter the Pacific. [Map of the voyage of Magellan showing Europe, Africa and the Americas]
40000: MANUSCRIPT MAP - The World [in two hemispheres].
40001: MANUSCRIPT MAP - The World.
40065: MAP - The Eastern Hemisphere [and] The Western Hemisphere.
40324: HANDKERCHIEF MAP - The Railways in Great Britain, Also the Line of Navigation From the Principal Sea Ports to Both Home and Foreign Stations.
40325: JIGSAW MAP [WJH] - The New Imperial Map of London.
40942: MINIATURE MAP - New England.
40947: EMBROIDERED MAP - England and Wales.
43378: MATRIMONIAL MAPS - Manuscript Map of Courtship [with] Map of Matrimony by F.N.
42936: CENSUS MAPS - A Series of 8 Maps Issued to Illustrate the Results of the Census.
41471: ROYAL MARINES - Report of the Commissioners of Naval and Military Enquiry.
41355: MARRIAGE - Marriage Certificate Barony Church, Glasgow. Between George Mair Widower and Elizabeth Routledge.
41356: MARRIAGE - Marriage Certificate solemnized at St. Mary's Woodhouse, York 1826. Between George Mair, banker of Kelso in Scotland, Banker and Ann Henderson, widow.
41357: MARRIAGE - Certificate of Proclamation of Banns for Marriage between George Main Solicitor of Kelso Parish and Miss Margaret Slater...
43909: [JOINER] G. MARRISON - Joiner & Cabinet Maker, Paper Hanger and Appraiser, Manvers Street, Tuxford.
40776: MARSHALL, Alfred - Industry and Trade> a study of industrial technique and business organization> and of their influence on the conditions of the various classes and nations.
42684: ALDERMAN HENRY MARTIN - The History of Brighton and Environs, from the earliest period to the present time: together with a short historical description of towns and villages of interest within twelve miles of Brighton.
42907: R. MONTGOMERY MARTIN - The British Colonies. Parts I, II and IV only.
42515: JOHN MARTINE - Reminiscences of the Royal Burgh of Haddington and Old East Lothian Agriculturalists.
42265: C. NANTEUIL & MASSON - Album des Contes de Fées.
42990: SAMUEL MATHEWS - The Dulwich Hermit Aetat 70, Murdered Decr. 28, 1802.
43980: [SILVERSMITH] MAUNG YIN MAUNG - Gold & Silver Medalist, First Grade Certified Master Silversmith, 29 Godwin Road, Rangoon.
42500: PIERRE LOUIS MOREAU DE MAUPERTUIS - Portrait after the Painting by R. Tourniere.
41246: GEORGE DU MAURIER - The Honour of Your Company is requested on Saturday June 11th., to view a collection of drawings...
41920: MAWSON, Thomas A. - The Life & Work of an English Landscape Architect.
41699: CHARLES MAY - Charles May, Chemist & Druggist, Prescriptions accurately prepared. Perfumery, Patent Medicines, &c.
42081: REUBEN MAY - To the Friends of the Great Arthur Street Mission.
41695: THOMAS MAYNARD - Thomas Maynard, Chemist & Driggist, Manufacturer of Soda Water, Magnesia Water and Ginger Beer in porcelain cylinders with silver pipes by which metallic taint is obviated. Family and Sea Medicine Chests.
42143: LORD MAYOR'S DAY - Wednesday, the 9th of November, 1842. John Humphery, M.P. Mayor> John Kinnersley Hooper and Jeremiah Pilcher, Sheriffs. General Bill of Fare.
43390: MAZE - The Sure Road to the Temple of Hymen.
43424: Elizabeth and Gilbert McALLISTER - The Inn and the Garden City.
39666: MCINTYRE, Vonda - Collection of First Editions and Others. 17 items including a SIGNED copy of Dreamsnake...
39587: MCKNIGHT KAUFFER, E. illustrator - Benito Cereno, by Herman Melville.
40600: MEADER, James - A North-West View of Greenwich Church.
43936: [CHINA & GLASS] GEORGE MEARNS - Potter and Flint Glass Maker. Sole vendor of the improved China of Colebrookdale. The Wares of Wedgwoods and every other Manufactory of any note. Plain and Ornamented Glass Ware. Goods purchased here, matched. 47 Union Street, Aberdeen.
41300: MEDICINE - Langdale's Influenza Remedy.
42791: MEDICINE - [Prospectus] On the 1st of January, 1848, will be published, price six shillings, the first number of the British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, or Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine.
41221: MONSIEUR J.L.E. MEISSONIER - has the pleasure to invite His Honour Judge Bacon and friend to the Private View of his Work entitled "1807"...
42270: WALTER MELVILLE - A Disgrace to Her Sex. Programme.
41877: MENU - Peter Langan's Restaurant. Dinner Menu for fixed price of £4.75.
41880: MENU - Luigi's Champs-Elysées, Paris. Proprietaire Maurice L. Boymond.
41881: MENU - Fouquet's. Champs-Elysées, Paris. Designed by Georges Redon.
41882: MENU - Fouquet's. Champs-Elysées, Paris. Designed by Georges Redon.
41883: MENU - Fouquet's. Champs-Elysées, Paris. Designed by Georges Redon.
41884: MENU - Baumanns Brasserie.
33927: D.P. MENZIES - The "Red and White" Book of Menzies> The History of Clan Menzies and Its Chiefs.
41294: BOULOGNE-SUR-MER [FRANCE] - Collection of advertising handbills for assorted trades in Boulogne, addressed for the English market.
42398: WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT - R.W. Flanders. Family Wine and Spirit Merchant. The Pearson Arms, Pearson Street, Kingsland Road.
43842: JOSEPH MESSANGER - Linen and Woollen Draper, Dealer in Hats, Hosiery, &c. Marseilles Quilts, Bury & Other Blankets. Black Silks and Family Mournings.
34944: MESSITER, A.F. - Notes on Epworth Parish Life in the Eighteenth Century.
42849: MESSRS SHEATHS, STEEL AND WRAY - Some Evil-disposed person or Persons Having Circulated a Report (Totally Without Foundation) tending to affect the Credit of Messrs. Sheaths, Steel, and Wray of Lincoln> in order to show our abhorrence of such wicked designs, we, the undersigned, herby inform the Public we shall take the Notes of Messrs. Sheaths, Steel, and Wray, as usual.
42649: F. MEW - Back of the Wight. [Isle of Wight]
42353: Sir S.R. MEYRICK - Fountain at Goodrich Court. [Herefordshire]
41846: MEYRINGEN [MEIRINGEN] - Hotel Brunig, Meyringen. Prop. C. Brog.
40981: M.P. MICHAELS - Arab Shops, Tangier.
40982: M.P. MICHAELS - Spanish Fishermen Spinning Yarn for Nets.
43928: [IRONMONGER] WILLm. MIDDLETON - Plumber, Ironmonger, & Grate Manufacturer. Smoke Jacks. Kitchen Ranges. Mill's Sheet Lead. Patent lead Pipes.
43929: [IRONMONGER] THOMAS MIDDLETON - Plumber, Ironmonger & Grate Manufacturer. Gas Fitting & Bell Hanging on the Most Improved Principle. 117 & 118 High Street, Montrose.
43930: [IRONMONGER] THOMAS MIDDLETON - Plumber, Ironmonger & Grate Manufacturer. Gas Fitter, Bellhanger & Locksmith. Iron Bedsteads, Baths &c. Plated & Nickel Silver Goods, &c. 117 & 118 High Street, Montrose.
27124: MIDDLETON, Thomas - Annals of Hyde and District. Containing historical reminiscences of Denton, Haughton, Dukinfield, Mottram, Longdendale, Bredbury, Marple and the Neighbouring Townships.
42077: MILITARY - Official Programme of the Return of the C.I.V. The March Through London.
41482: MILITIA - Disembodied Militia Remittance Form. Affidavit required from lieutenants, ensigns, surgeons' mates and assistant surgeons of disembodied militia, receiving their allowance through the medium of a revenue officer.
42453: FLOUR MILL - Receipt for Flour from Trowse Mills, Thomas W. Read & Co.,
41772: MILLARD - Millard's Imperial Cotton Twine Shirtings, Warranted free from any Mixture whatever.
24336: MILLER, Edward - The History and Antiquities of Doncaster and Its Vicinity.
39795: MILLER, Sergeant Major V. - Reconnaisance militaire de la route de Bourg-Madame au col de Riga par Saillagouse, department des Pyrenées Orientales, faisant partie de la route de Puycerda [Puigcerda] (Espagne) à> Mont-Louis. Distance totale 3 lieues ½> de 35 au degrée. 21e Division Militaire, Department des Pyrenées Orientales. By V. Miller, Sergeant Major au 10e de Ligne. 10 Avril 1843
42516: JAMES MILLER - The Lamp of Lothian> or the History of Haddington, in connection with the public affairs of East Lothian and of Scotland, from the Earliest Records to the Present Period.
42600: GEORGE MILLERS - A Description of the Cathedral Church of Ely> with Some Account of the Conventual Buildings.
40622: ALFRED MILLS - Miniature Books, a Collection. Pictures in English History, in Miniature. 2 volumes. [with] Costumes of Different Nations, in Miniature. [with] London, in Miniature. [with] Pictures of Roman History, in Miniature. [with Natural History of 48 Birds. [with] Natural History of 48 Quadrupeds.
40414: MILNE, A.A. - When We Were Very Young.
36667: MILNER, Edith - Records of the Lumleys of Lumley Castle, edited by Edith Benham.
44254: JOHN MILTON - Paradise Lost> a Poem in Twelve Books. With a preface by Peter Ackroyd, an introduction by John Wain, and illustrations by William Blake.
37479: MILTON ABBAS, DORSET. - The Ichnographii of the Town Parts, Leasehold and Copie Hold, Tennements and Cottages in the Mannor of Milton Abbas.
43329: MADAME MINERVA - Scientific Palmiste, Character Reader, and Graphologist.
41974: GOLD MINING - Application for Shares and Report of Professor W. Vazie Simons for The Carta Para Gold Mining Company Ltd.
36459: MITCHELL, John - Loch Lomondside: gateway to the Western Highlands of Scotland. New Naturalist No. 88.
43187: MITCHELL, John - Loch Lomonside.
44101: H.N. MITRA - The Indian Annual Register 1919 [and] 1920 [and] 1921 [and] 1922 Vol. I [and] 1922-23 Vol. II. [and] 1923 Vol. II - Supplement.
39894: MOITHEY, J. L'Ainé illustrator - [Trade Catalogue of Escutcheons - Ecussons]
42146: COAL HOLE TAVERN & COURT OF MOMUS - The Fountain (Late "Coal Hole") Tavern, Strand. Court of Momus. Mr. W. Watling, Proprietor of the above-named Tavern, respectfully informs his Patrons and the Public generally that the Comic Sessions, To be holden at the Court of Momus, Coal Hole Tavern, Aforesaid, will commence as soon as the necessary Repairs, Alterations, and Embellisments of the Court and its various Offices are completed...
43449: CERCLE DES ETRANGERS DE MONACO - Carte D'Admission Personelle.
42833: SIR CHARLES MILES LAMBERT MONCK - Contract of Appointment for Gamekeeper to the Manor Of Caenby in Lincolnshire.
41559: SCOTTISH RATES AND ROGUE MONEY - Received from the Laird of Niddrie and James Murray Esq. the Sum of Two hundred thirty two pounds eight shillings fourpence Scots Money, as his Proportion of four Months Cess..at £1.4s3d Scots Money upon the 100L. of his valued Rent Monthly within the Parish of Yetholme...
42379: JOHN SCOTT MONTAGU Editor - The Car Illustrated, a Journal of Travel by Land, Se, & Air. Volumes 1 and 2.
42418: MONTSERRAT - Have you tried 'Montserrat' (trade mark) Pure Lime-Fruit Juice with aerated waters, or water, as a cooling and refreshing beverage at all seasons?
44085: H.R. KNIGHT and R.S.H. MOODY - Historical Records of the Buffs [East Kent Regiment] 3rd Foot. [1572 - 1919]
34961: MOORE, Maurice P. - The Family of Carre of Sleford, Co. of Lincoln. (Paper read at the Sleaford Meeting of the Lincoln Diocesan Architectural Society, 3rd. June, 1863...chiefly taken, by permission, from the 'Carre Papers' at Sleaford.
42305: JONAS MOORE - A Mapp of Ye Great Levell of ye Fens extending into ye Countyes of Northampton, Norfolk, Suffolke, Lyncolne, Cambridge & Huntington & the Isle of Ely as it is now drained.
42998: ANN MOORE - The Fasting Woman of Tutbury Aged 58.
42586: PHILIP MORANT - The History and Antiquities of Colchester, in the County of Essex...
41982: ROWLAND HILL & GEORGE MORECROFT - Map of the roads, near to the spot where Mary Ashford was Murdered.
37912: DOUGLAS MORISON - Views of Haddon Hall
41521: SYDNEY MORLE - History of West Butterwick (Lincolnshire).
42242: MORLEY. SMITH, William - Rambles About Morley, with Descriptive and Historic Sketches> also, an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Woolen Manufacture in This Place.
23438: MORRELL, W. Wilberforce - The History and Antiquities of Selby, in the West Riding of the County of York, Containing its Ancient and Present State, Ecclesiastical and Civil, Collected from Various Public Records, and Other Authentic Evidences> with Notices of the Neighbouring Parish of Brayton, and the Townships of Thorpe Willoughby, Burn, Barlow, Hambleton, and Gateforth.
42940: W. WILBERFORCE MORRELL - The History and Antiquities of Selby, in the West Riding of the County of York, Containing its Ancient and Present State, Ecclesiastical and Civil, Collected from Various Public Records, and Other Authentic Evidences> with Notices of the Neighbouring Parish of Brayton, and the Townships of Thorpe Willoughby, Burn, Barlow, Hambleton, and Gateforth.
26986: MORRIS - Morris and Co's Commercial History and Gazetteer of Cheshire and Stalybridge.
42525: THE GRAND MORTAR - From Cadiz, in St. Jame's [sic] Park. Explanation of the Carriage, Allegorical Figures, Inscriptions and Dimensions of the Bed and Mortar.
41827: MORTGAGE - Mortgage Document between Elizabeth Newell and Margaret Hobbs.
43937: [CHINA & GLASS] WILLIAM MORTLOCK - China & Glass Warehouse, 18, Regent Street, Waterloo Place.
44165: [IRONWORK] JAMES MORTON - Wholesale & Retail. General & Furnishing Ironmonger, Cutler, &c. Manufacturer of Braziery, Tin & Iron Plate Goods. Gunsmith, Whitesmith & Bell Hanger. Bar Iron Warehouse. Fancy Iron Work, Park Fencing, Gates, Hurdles, &c. Oils, Paints, Colours, Pitch, Tar, &c. High Street, Huntiongdon.
39529: VAUXHALL MOTORS - Series of 6 Advertising Lithographs.
43036: VAUXHALL MOTORS - New Bedford Fire Engines. [Brochure]
8847: MOUNTAIN, James - The History of Selby, Ancient and Modern, with the History of Cawood.
43713: MAP MOUNTER - A. Grammer, Map Mounter. 41 Gower Place, Endsleigh Gardens, W.C.
41867: MOUTIER [JURA SUISE] - Hotel du Cerf.
41045: MOVEABLE - Happy New Year [Song] with chorus, by James Robinson.
43351: MOVEABLE - Royal Moveable Punch & Judy.
43350: MOVEABLE - Vanishing Pictures, a Novel Colour Book with Changing Pictures. Illustrated by Helena Maguire.
43348: MOVEABLE - Revolving Pictures, a Novel Picture Colour Book with Dioramic Effects.
34184: MURE, Major A.H. - With the Incomparable 29th.
44092: ADAM MURRAY - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Warwick> with observations on the means of its improvement.
42702: K.M.E. MURRAY - The Constitutional History of the Cinque Ports.
42725: ROBERT MUSIL - The Man Without Qualities, a novel. Volume III. Into the Millennium (The Criminals), translated by Eithne Wilkins & Ernst Kaiser.
33614: MYDDELTON, W.M. - Pedigree of the Family of Myddelton of Gwaynynog, Garthgynan and Llansannan, all in the County of Denbigh.
44091: JOHN NAISMITH - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Clydesdale> with observations on the means of its improvement.
41994: NAPOLEON - Corporal Violet.
43046: THOMAS NAPPER - It has been intimated to me that the Rev. George A. Ward, Fellow of Christ's Church College, Oxford and late Curate of Saint Martin's Church, in this town, intends seeking Church preferment again... in consequence of the nefarious notoriety he acquired by having seduced my wife> in proof of which, I beg to submit to your Lordship the following letters...
43047: THOMAS NAPPER - It has been intimated to me that the Rev. George A. Ward, Fellow of Christ's Church College, Oxford and late Curate of Saint Martin's Church, in this town, intends seeking Church preferment again... in consequence of the nefarious notoriety he acquired by having seduced my wife> in proof of which, I beg to submit to your Lordship the following letters...
43778: PAUL NASH [cover design] - Match Making, Being Some Glances at the Match Making Industry in the Factories of Bryant and May Limited, by E.P. Leigh-Bennett.
42177: ROYAL NAVY - General Instructions and Port Orders. Portsmouth Station. 1854.
42178: ROYAL NAVY - General Instructions and Port Orders. Portsmouth Station. 1857.
22202: NEAVE, David - Mutual Aid in the Victorian Countryside: Friendly Societies in the Rural East Riding.
22207: NEAVE, David - The Dutch Connection. The Anglo-Dutch Heritage of Hull and Humberside.
10371: NEAVE, David - Port, Resort and Market Town: A History of Bridlington.
32963: NEAVE, David - Port, Resort and Market Town: A History of Bridlington.
42054: NEAVE, David editor [DUNHILL, Snowden] - Rural Crime and Transportation. The Life of Snowden Dunhill, of Spaldington, East Riding (1766 - 1838) a reprint of the abridged life of Snowden Dunhill written by Himself. EditeD, with an introduction by David Neave.
8849: NEAVE, David and Susan - East Riding Chapels and Meeting Houses.
8850: NEAVE, Susan and ELLIS, Stephen - An Historical Atlas of East Yorkshire.
9290: NEAVE, David - Howden Explored> a Guide to the Town and Its Buildings.
35146: NEILSON, Miss N. editor - A Terrier of Fleet, Lincolnshire, from a Manuscript in the British Museum, edited by Miss N. Neilson [and] An Eleventh Century Inquisition of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, edited by Adolphus Ballard.
41308: WIRE NETTING - Catalogue and Price List.
41236: JOHN TRIVETT NETTLESHIP - Wild Beasts and Birds of Prey. Studied from life and done in pastel.
36497: NEVINSON, C.R.W. - Modern War Paintings, with an essay by P.G. Konody. [together with] The Great War, Fourth Year, with an introductory essay by J.E. Crawford Flitch.
43963: [UNDERTAKER] R. NEWMAN - Undertaker, a Select Assortment of Family Mourning. Irish Linens, Sheetings, Muslins, Flannels, Callicos, Long Cloths, &c. Hoseiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Nets, &c. No. 6, High Street, near the Cathedral, Worcester.
43964: [UNDERTAKER] R. NEWMAN - Undertakers, and Silk Mercers, a Select Assortment of Family Mourning. Irish Linens, Sheetings, Muslins, Flannels, Callicos, Long Cloths, &c. Hoseiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Nets, &c. 86, High Street, near the Guildhall, Worcester.
39871: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - Map of China with Plan of Canton.
43715: NEWSAGENT - James Handford, Newspaper Agent, No. 7, Stand. Opposite the Golden Goose. Newspapers sent to all parts of the Kingdom. Periodicals supplied as soon as published.
43716: NEWSAGENT - James Handford, Newspaper Agent, No. 7, Stand. Opposite the Golden Goose. Newspapers sent to all parts of the Kingdom. Periodicals supplied as soon as published.
43717: NEWSPAPER - Deighton and Co. Printers and Publishers of "Berrow's Worcester Journal." General Printing Office, 53, High Street, Worcester.
43718: NEWSPAPER - Worcestershire Chronicle. General Printing Office, 5, Cooken Street, Worcester.
43719: NEWSPAPER - H.B. Tymbs and H. Deighton, Printers and Publishers of Berrow's Worcester Journal.
43720: NEWSPAPER - Worcestershire Chronicle Office, 5, Copenhagen Street, Knight and Arrowsmith.
43721: NEWSPAPER - H. Cobb, Publisher of the York Courant.
43722: NEWSPAPER - Thomas Allan & Co. The Caledonian Mercury.
43723: NEWSPAPER - J. & J. Gray. The North British Advertiser
43724: NEWSPAPER - Dundee, Perth & Cupar Advertiser. Remittences requested, payable in name of Frederick Shaw.
43725: NEWSPAPER - Montrose, Arbroath, and Brechin Review.
43726: NEWSPAPER - David Burns, Printer & Publisher of the Brechin Advertiser.
43747: NEWSPAPER - Dundee, Perth, and Cupar Advertiser.
42402: NEWSPAPERS - John Bell, Dealer in Newspapers, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill.
41230: CATHERINE MAUDE NICHOLS - Gleanings by Woodland and Wave...exhibition of Pictures, Drawings and Etchings.
37687: S. and G. NICHOLSON - Twenty-Six Lithographic Drawings> Views in the Vicinity of Liverpool.
40711: NICHOLSON, William - The Wind on Fire Trilogy. [Comprising The Wind Singer, Slaves of Mastery and Firesong.]
28738: NICKSON, Chas. - Bygone Altrincham, Traditions and History.
39997: NICOÙLINE, V.S. - Liguria.
8851: NIGHTINGALE, Lt. Col. P.R. - A History of the East Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of York's Own) in the War of 1939 - 1945.
8852: NIGHTINGALE, Lt. Col. P.R. - A History of the East Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of York's Own) in the War of 1939 - 1945.
42389: N.G. NIKIFOROV - Etchings.
36676: NORMAN, Philip - London Signs and Inscriptions. With an introduction by Henry B. Wheatley.
43121: I.W. NORTH - A Week in the Isles of Scilly.
34552: NORTHUMBRIA - Northumbrian Documents of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Comprising the Register of the Estates of Roman Catholics in Northumberland and the Correspondence of Miles Stapylton.
42526: G. NORTON - On Cruelty to Brutes. [poem]
41506: TRADE NOTICE - Decorticated Cotton Cake. Palm Nut Meal. Phoenix Pure Calf Meal.
41507: TRADE NOTICE - [For Artificial Manures and Superphosphates] Thomas Jackson.
41508: AUCTION NOTICE - Important Notice of the Entire Contents of a Neighbouring Family Mansion...by Mr Robert Squibbs...at the Town Hall, Bridgewater.
42958: JAMES NOTT - Some of the Antiquities of "Moche Malverne" (Great Malvern), including a history of the ancient church and monestery, engravings of seals of the convent, and the publication of grants and documents and much other matter never before printed.
42425: OATINE - Oatine Powder Leaves.
43962: [BUILDER] JAMES OGDEN - Bricklayer, Slater, mason, &c., General Repairer of Property. 12, Brook Street, Ancoats, Manchester.
34987: OLIVER, George - The Monumental Antiquities of Great Grimsby. An Essay Towards Ascertaining Its Original and Ancient Population.
42978: GEORGE OLIVER - Monasticon Dioecisis Exoniensis. being a collection of records and instruments illustrating the ancient conventual, collegiate, and eleemosynary foundations in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, with historical notices and a supplement, comprising a list of the dedications of churches in the Diocese, and amended edition of taxation of Pope Nicholas, and an abstract of the chantry rolls.
43108: GEORGE OLIVER - Historic Collections, Relating to the Monasteries in Devon. [bound with] The History of Exeter.
43119: GOERGE OLIVER - Ecclesiastical Antiquities in Devon, being Observations on Several Churches in Devonshire, with Some Memoranda for the History of Cornwall.
42282: OLYMPIA - Programme of the Paris Hippodrome. Season 1887 - 1888. Monday, Feb. 20th, 1888 - Evening Performance. Positively the Las Two Weeks.
42287: OLYMPIA - Sporting and Military Show. December 26th & 27th 1895.
43785: WORLD WAR ONE - Charity Pins.
41530: TROOP MOVEMENT ORDER - It is His Majesty's Pleasure, that you cause the 10th Hussars at Brighton, to march by Squadrons, in four Divisions by the following Routes to the undermentioned Places, where they are to be Quartered until further orders...
42041: REEDHAM ORPHANAGE - The New Asylum for Infant Orphans, Stamford Hill.
39918: CHARLES OSBOURNE - Osbourne's Pictorial Alphabet [Flash Cards.]
43821: ARTHUR OSSAYE - Ancienne Maison Mel. Sauret, Successeur. Cachemires Français, Cachemires des Indes, Corbeilles de Mariage.
43967: [BUILDER] JOHN HILL and others - Two Manuscript Receipted Invoices for work done John Hill drawn to Thomas Caddick, Mr Padison and others for the Free School.
42501: THOMAS M'CRIE and Others - The Bass Rock: Its Civil and Ecclesiastical History by the Rev. Thoas M'Crie: Geology by Hugh Miller> Martyrology by the Rev. James Anderson> Zoology and Botany by Professor Fleming and Professor Balfour.
42718: REV. R WILLIS and others - The Architectural History of Chichester Cathedral, With an Introductory Essay on the Fall of the Tower and Spire, by the Rev. R. Willis [WITH] The Architectural History of Boxgrove Priory [WITH] Shoreham Collegiate Church, Together with The Collective Architectural History of the Forgoeing Buildings, As Indicated by Their Mouldings, by Edmund Sharpe.
40030: OTWAY, Silvester [pseud John OSWALD] - Poems> to which is added, the Humours of John Bull, an operatical farce, in two acts.
41196: OUSELY [OUSELEY], Sir Gore and FATEH ALI SHAH KAJAR - Communication From the King of Persia, to the British & Foreign Bible Society, relative to the Late Re. H. Martyn's Translation of the New Testament into Persian.
41271: [BOOT & SHOE MAKER] W.R. OWEN - Boot and Shoe Maker, Market Hall.
36938: OXFORD - An Act for Better Regulating the Poor Within the City of Oxford. Passed March the 8th, 1771. Together With the Bye-Laws of the Board of Guardians.
42706: THOMAS H. OYLER - Lydd and Its Church. Illustrated by Original Sketches.
41273: PACKAGING - Special Hilden Netting Twine, Soft Finish.
40874: ILLUMINATED PAGE - If I send my wish today to a friend most dear...
38730: GREAT NAVAL PAGEANT - Souvenir of the Great Naval Pageant, 1909. Forty Miles of Battleships, Fifty Thousand Officers and Men. July 17, to 24.
13313: PAINE, James - Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Other Ornaments of the Mansion-House, Belonging to the Corporation of Doncaster.
22186: PAINE, James - Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Other Ornaments of the Mansion-House, Belonging to the Corporation of Doncaster.
13312: PAINE, James - Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Other Ornaments of the Mansion-House, Belonging to the Corporation of Doncaster.
43786: JAMES PAINE - Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Other Ornaments of the Mansion-House, Belonging to the Corporation of Doncaster.
25973: PAINE, James - Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Other Ornaments of the Mansion-House, Belonging to the Corporation of Doncaster.
43480: MICA PAINTINGS - 44 Original Indian Paintings on Mica. Costume, Trade, Characters, etc.
42147: CRYSTAL PALACE - The People's New Crystal Palace at Sydenham. [Cover to The Sydenham Polka. Composed and Dedicated to Sir Joseoph Paxton, by P. Ezekiel. 5th Edition.]
42296: ALEXANDRA PALACE - Daily Programme. Saturday Oct. 8, 1881.
41769: GEORGE PALLISER - Saddle and Harness Manufacturer.
44147: [GUN MAKER] W. & H.E. PALMER - Gunmakers, Ammunition, Cutlery & Outdoor Sports Depot. All kinds of repairs executed on the premises. Cutlery to be ground or repaired if left or sent to us by piost on Tuesday will be ready the following Friday evening.
43496: FRANCIS I. PALMER - Ordnance Map and Tourists' Table of the Thames. For the Angler, Tourist, and Boating Man. [slipcase title]
41241: SUTTON PALMER - A Series of Drawings of the Vales & Dales of Yorkshire and Derbyshire.
37654: PALMERSTON, Lord - Selections from Private Journals of Tours in France in 1815 and 1818.
43319: PALMISTRY - Palmistry Chart. 2 cards.
43540: PETER PAN - Collection of Programmes, handbills, tickets and signed photograph for various productions.
41599: GESSO PANELS - Two gesso panels illustrating Tennyson's Lancelot and Elaine incorporating the defining phrase of the poem and of their association "Sweet is true love tho given in vain, in vain."
39521: PANORAMA - A Description of the Colosseum, Re-opened in M.DCCCXLV., under the Patronage of Her majesty the Queen, and H.R.H. Prince Albert. With Numerous Illustrations, and Eight Sections of the Panorama of London.
40991: PANORAMA - Cairo.
43555: MISCELLANEOUS PANTOMIMES - Collection of Programmes.
34281: PAPE, Frank C. illustrator - The Book of Psalms.
40047: BOYS OWN PAPER - Some Social Transformations [a transformation "heads, bodies, legs" game]
39863: PARISH, Josiah - Pen Drawn Maps of Colchester and Its Route Marches. Drawn to the scale of two inches to a mile> and showing a circle of six miles radius. With copious index alphabetically arranged.
8853: PARK, Godfrey Richard - The History of the Ancient Borough of Hedon in the Seigniory of Holderness.
41503: SALE PARTICULARS - A Particular of the Estates of Charles Gibson, Esq. Situate in Low Furness, in the Parishes of Dalton and Aldingham> as proposed to be sold, the 19th Day of November, 1805.
39708: PARTINGTON, J.R. - A History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder.
40119: PARTINGTON, J.R. - Typed Letter, signed.
42910: CHAPMAN TAYLOR PARTNERS - The Grosvenor Estate> Strategy for Mayfair and Belgravia.
41798: CONSERVATIVE PARTY - Manifesto to the Country on the Present Political Situation. Warning No. 1.
43334: PATHÉSCOPE - Pathéscope Film Catalogue.
42580: A. PATTERSON - Man and Nature On the Broads.
42088: CITY OF LONDON - COMMISSIONERS FOR SEWERS LAMPS AND PAVEMENTS - Manuscript Minute Book. [Clerk of Works?]
41662: TRUST PAYMENTS - Received the 19th Day of November 1838 from The Trustees of the Estates of the Late John Orden [?] Esq. & Mrs Winterbottom the Sum of twenty pounds being an allowance for March as per agreement. [with another for five pounds and eight shillings for March]
37009: PEACOCK, R.A. - Patent Dock Gates.
43409: W. PEACOCK - Peacock's Double Dissection. Geography. Europe.
32064: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Drawings of Mervyn Peake.
32806: PEAKE, Mervyn - Shapes and Sounds.
33089: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Collected Works in Ten Volumes.
32815: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Glassblowers.
33088: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Collected Works in Ten Volumes.
32106: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Adventures of the Young Soldier in Search of the Better World, by C.E.M. Joad.
32108: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - All This and Bevin Too, by Quentin Crisp.
32075: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb.
32076: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb.
32079: PEAKE, Mervyn - Poems and Drawings.
32082: PEAKE, Mervyn - Poems and Drawings.
31332: PEAKE, Mervyn - MERVYN PEAKE [1911 - 1968] The Centenary Catalogue.
32033: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
32034: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
32036: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
32037: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
32038: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
32094: PEAKE, Mervyn - Twelve Poems.
32096: PEAKE, Mervyn - Boy in Darkness. Illustrated by P.J. Lynch.
32045: PEAKE, Mervyn - Rhymes Without Reason.
32046: PEAKE, Mervyn - Rhymes Without Reason.
32047: PEAKE, Mervyn - Rhymes Without Reason.
32050: PEAKE, Mervyn - Titus Groan> Gormenghast> Titus Alone.
32818: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Of Ravana the Dark Angel and His Paradise at Lanka. Quest for Sita, by Maurice Collis.
32054: PEAKE, Mervyn - Titus Groan> Gormenghast> Titus Alone.
32164: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Glory of the Sons> a History of Eltham College School for the Sons of Missionaries, edited by Charles Witting.
32170: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Beer is Best, by John Watney.
32171: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Gold Old, Bad Old Days> the Sussex of Lawrence Graburn, edited by Chris Hare.
32172: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Lilliput.
32176: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Alphabet and Image: 1.
32178: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Ballet. Vol. 2. No. 1.
32179: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Studio.
32181: PEAKE, Mervyn contributes - Poetry Quarterly.
32186: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Lilliput.
32197: PEAKE, Mervyn - Exhibition Catalogue. Mervyn Peake Restrospective. Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London 16 February - 12 April 1987.
32198: PEAKE, Mervyn - Exhibition Catalogue. Mervyn Peake (1911 - 1968) An Exhibition from 14th June - 8th July 1994.
32065: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Glassblowers.
32063: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Drawings of Mervyn Peake.
33070: PEAKE, Mervyn - A COLLECTION.
44117: PEAKE, Mervyn contributes - Lilliput.
44108: MERVYN PEAKE - Nude Woman, Standing.
44109: PEAKE, Mervyn - Sketches from Bleak House, Text Selected and Introduced by Leon Garfield and Edward Blishen
44110: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, by Lewis Carroll.
44111: PEAKE, Mervyn - Shapes and Sounds.
44112: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.
44113: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm.
44114: PEAKE, Mervyn - Figures of Speech.
44115: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders, by Daniel Defoe.
44116: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Wonderful Life and Adventures of Tom Thumb Parts One and Two, by Paul Britten Austin.
32100: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Ride a Cock-Horse and Other Nursery Rhymes.
32101: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Ride a Cock-Horse and Other Nursery Rhymes.
32104: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Hunting of the Snark> an Agony in Eight Fits, by Lewis Carroll.
32090: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Drawings of Mervyn Peake. Introduction by Hilary Spurling.
32092: PEAKE, Mervyn - Writings and Drawings, by Maeve Gilmore and Shelagh Johnson.
32093: PEAKE, Mervyn - Writings and Drawings, by Maeve Gilmore and Shelagh Johnson.
32097: PEAKE, Mervyn - Peake's Progress> Selected Writings and Drawings of Mervyn Peake. Edited by Maeve Gilmore with an introduction by John Watney.
32098: PEAKE, Mervyn - Peake's Progress> Selected Writings and Drawings of Mervyn Peake. Edited by Maeve Gilmore with an introduction by John Watney.
32163: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Glory of the Sons> a History of Eltham College School for the Sons of Missionaries, edited by Charles Witting.
32128: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Of Ravana the Dark Angel and His Paradise at Lanka. Quest for Sita, of Hanuman and the Divine Vultures Jatayus and Sampati, by Maurice Collis.
32129: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Of Ravana the Dark Angel and His Paradise at Lanka. Quest for Sita, of Hanuman and the Divine Vultures Jatayus and Sampati, by Maurice Collis.
32147: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Pot of Gold and Two Other Tales by Aaron Judah.
32148: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Droll Stories Collected in the Monasteries of Touraine and Given to the Light by Honoré de Balzac. Translated into Modern Engllish by Alec Brown.
32088: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Drawings of Mervyn Peake. Introduction by Hilary Spurling.
32071: PEAKE, Mervyn - Figures of Speech.
32040: PEAKE, Mervyn - Shapes and Sounds.
34664: MERVYN PEAKE - Portrait of Vivien Leigh as Blanche Dubois in a Streetcar Named Desire. Original oil painting.
36876: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
37373: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Portfolio of Prints.
37992: PEAKE, Mervyn illustates - Harlequin Phoenix, by Thelma Niklaus.
37993: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Drawings of Mervyn Peake.
38072: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
38199: PEAKE, Mervyn - Mervyn Peake Exhibition at City of Westminster Public Library.
38200: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - All This and Bevin Too, by Quentin Crisp.
38202: PEAKE, Mervyn - Bookplate. Ex Libris N. Asherson.
38203: PEAKE, Mervyn - Theatre Programme. Man and Superman, by Bernard Shaw.
38204: PEAKE, Mervyn - Theatre Programme. Man and Superman, by Bernard Shaw.
38205: PEAKE, Mervyn - Theatre Programme. The Insect Play, by the Brothers Capek.
38206: PEAKE, Mervyn THEATRE PROGRAMME - The Wit to Woo by Mervyn Peake.
38208: PEAKE, Mervyn - [Menu Card] P.E.N. Presentation Dinner to Herman Ould, March 6th 1946.
38485: PEAKE, Mervyn - Swans Die and a Tower Falls.
38579: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, by Laurence Sterne.
38581: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Glory of the Sons> a History of Eltham College School for the Sons of Missionaries, edited by Charles Witting.
38615: MERVYN PEAKE - The Hermit. Original drawing.
39780: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Cave or Anima Mundi.
39878: MERVYN PEAKE - House in the Country [probably Burpham, Sussex].
39882: MERVYN PEAKE - Farm in the Rain [probably at or near Burpham, Sussex].
39943: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Adventures of the Young Soldier in Search of the Better World, by C.E.M. Joad.
39947: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Pot of Gold and Two Other Tales by Aaron Judah.
40097: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Witch.
41140: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Prayers and Graces> a Little Book of Extraordinary Piety, collected by Allan M. Laing.
41141: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
41143: PEAKE, Mervyn - Letters From a Lost Uncle From Polar Regions.
41145: PEAKE, Mervyn - Titus Groan.
42562: MERVYN PEAKE - 11 Original Drawings from More Prayers and Graces by Allan M. Laing.
42883: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Peake's Alice. Mervyn Peake's Drawings [to] Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass.
42962: MERVYN PEAKE - Standing Nude. Original charcoal drawing.
42963: MERVYN PEAKE - Seated Nude. Original pen and ink drawing.
42965: MERVYN PEAKE - Artist at His Easel. Original pen and ink drawing.
42966: MERVYN PEAKE - Two Figures. Original pen and ink drawing.
43213: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb.
43215: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Sunday Books (Les Livres de Dimanche), text by Michael Moorcock.
43219: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Diary of a Nobody, by George and Weedon Grossmith.
43221: PEAKE, Mervyn - Mr. Pye.
43222: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - Mervyn Peake/Oscar Wilde> Extracts from the Poems of Oscar Wilde
38073: PEAKE, MERVYN - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
43224: PEAKE, Mervyn - The Drawings of Mervyn Peake. Introduction by Hilary Spurling.
43225: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - The Leader Magazine.
43226: PEAKE, Mervyn illustrates - All This and Bevin Too, by Quentin Crisp.
43227: PEAKE, Mervyn - Letters From a Lost Uncle From Polar Regions.
43229: PEAKE, Clare - Under a Canvas Sky. [Living Outside Gormenghast]
43233: MERVYN PEAKE - Mervyn Peake Retrospective.
6702: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
6703: PEAKE, Mervyn - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor.
41269: [CHEMIST & DRUGGIST] J.T. DE PEARE - Collection of medicine labels and prescription envelopes from J.T. De Peare, Dispensing Chemists of Highbury Park, London.
44102: PEARSON, F.H. - The Early History of Hull Steam Shipping. With an introduction by A.G. Credland.
43849: [BOOT & SHOE MAKER] WILLIAM PEARSON - Fashionable Boot and Shoe Maker. 12, Hustlegate, Bradford.
34433: PEARSON, Mark - Northowram: (W.R. Yorks), Its History and Antiquities. With a Life of Oliver Heywood, and Histories of Heywood Chapel, Coley Church, Bell School, Old Halls, Residences, and Families of Northowram and Shibden Dale, Etc., Etc.
42184: PEARSON, F.H. - The Early History of Hull Steam Shipping. With an introduction by A.G. Credland. [with] Continuation of Report of the Progress of Steam Navigation in Hull, by James Oldham.
8854: PEARSON, F.H. - The Early History of Hull Steam Shipping. With an introduction by A.G. Credland. [with] Continuation of Report of the Progress of Steam Navigation in Hull, by James Oldham.
8855: PEARSON, F.H. - The Early History of Hull Steam Shipping. With an introduction by A.G. Credland.
20992: PECK, Francis - Academia Tertia Anglicana> or The Antiquarian Annals of Stanford [Stamford] in Lincoln, Rutland and Northamptonshire.
8856: PECK, W. - A Topographical History of Bawtry and Thorne with the Villages Adjacent.
41941: MR WILSON THE CELEBRATED PEDESTRIAN - For the Benefit of Mr Tadman, Box Book-Keeper. Theatre Royal, Newcastle.
32324: PEEL, Frank - The Rising of the Luddites, Chartists and Plug-Drawers.
43468: T. PELLEWS - Price Current of Teas, Coffees, and General Groceries, Italian and Proprietary Goods.
43966: [DECORATOR] HENRY PENFOLD - Painter, Glazier, Paper Hanger & Gilder, Dealer in Paper Hangings, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, &c., &c. Gigs, &c., Painted. Specimen imitation of woods, marbles, &c., may be seen at the shoip, or sent out for inspection. Front Street, Brampton.
41634: [WILLIAM WORDSWORTH] JANE WALLAS PENFOLD - Madeira Flowers, Fruits, and Ferns, a Selection of the Botanical Productions of That Island, Foreign and Indigenous, Drawn and Coloured From Nature. [With a Poem by William Wordsworth]
30390: PENLEY, Aaron - The English School of Painting in Water-Colours: Its Theory and Practice. With Several Stages of Progression. Accompanied by Forty-seven Illustrations in the First Style of Lithography.
41671: INSURANCE & PENNY RED - Phoenix Fire-Office. Premium Notice.
38325: PENROSE, Roland - The Road is Wider Than Long> an Image Diary from the Balkans July - August 1938.
40334: PENRUDDOCKE, Charlesana Posthema - Sketches Done for Charity by Charlesana Posthema Penruddocke.
43431: PEPLER, Douglas [Eric GILL illustrates] - The Devil's Devices or Control versus Service.
41763: GUTTA PERCHA - Testimonials.
41764: GUTTA PERCHA - Catalogue.
34544: PERCY - The Percy Chartulary.
40103: FRANCOISE PÉRON - Mémoires de Capitaine Péron, sur ses Voyages aux Côtes d'Afrique, en Arabie, a L'île d'Amsterdam, aux Îles d'Anjoun et de Mayotte, aux Côtes Nord-Ouest de l'Amérique, aux Îles Sandwich, a la Chine, etc.
41746: WILLIAM PERRETT - Wholesale & Export Flag and Banner Maker, Bunting Factor, Shipchandler, &c.
36460: PERRINS, Christopher - British Tits. The New Naturalist 62.
41770: JAMES PERRY - The Patent Perryian Pens.
42943: GEORGE G. PERRY - Croyland Abbey: An Historical Sketch.
42504: ALEXANDER PETERKIN - Notes on Orkney and Zetland: Illustrative of the History, Antiquities, Scenery, and Customs of Those Islands. Volume 1.
43495: GEORGE PHILIP - Philip's Special Large Scale War Map of the Soudan, Extending to the red Sea, with enlarged Plan of Khartum.
41001: PHILIP, George - Relief Map of the World.
42331: GEORGE PHILIP - Philip's New Map of Africa.
37880: PHILLIP, George - Phillips' Plan of Liverpool and the Surrounding Cheshire Coast, Compiled From Actual Surveys.
16258: PHILLIPS, Philip A.S. - Paul de Lamerie, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, a Study of His Life and Work A.D. 1688 - 1751.
42411: [CARVER & GILDER] WILSON & PHILLIPS - Carvers and Gilders and Picture Frame Makers. 17, Eign Street, Hereford.
43476: PHOTOGRAPH - H.M.S. Bellerophon, 15 Guns.
40356: WILLIAM DUPE photographer - An Album of Early Photographs.
43415: PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHS - The Crowned Heads Europe. Thirty Four Bust-Portraits with Short Biographies.
41635: PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHS - The Crowned Heads of the Time. Thirty Bust-Portraits with Short Biographies.
44058: [MEDICINE] M. LAURENT PIARD - Chimiste, Chirugien des faculte's de Medicine de France et de Fribourg, membre de plusieurs societés de bienfaisance, auteur d'un opuscule historique de l'épiderme & ses maladies. Pedicure de Paris practiquant exclusivement cet art a Bruxelles, Rue de l'Etuve 19.
26277: PICKWORTH-HURCHINSON, J. editor - History of the Bingham Deanery Churches.
43396: PINPRICK PICTURE - Retriever and Pheasant.
43397: PINPRICK PICTURE - Swan and Butterfly.
43398: PINPRICK PICTURE - Bird in a Tree with Butterfly.
43399: PINPRICK PICTURE - Exotic Bird in a Tree with Red and Yellow Butterfly.
40587: PINPRICK PICTURE - Old Man with a Stick and Jug.
40588: PINPRICK PICTURE - Man Grasping £20,000.
40589: PINPRICK PICTURE - Man Grasping £20,000.
40833: PITH PICTURES - A Pair of Chinese pith portraits.
41192: PITH PICTURES - Three Chinese Pith Pictures: Woman with chopsticks and spinning wheel, wealthy merchant with gold necklace and criminal before a magistrate.
43478: J.H. BERNARDIN DE SAINT PIERRE - Paul and Virginia. Translated from the French.
40775: PIGOU, A.C. Editor - Memorials of Alfred Marshall.
43173: WILLIAM PILE - Pile's Beddington, Carshalton, Wallington and District Directory for 1935. Containing street arrangements and alohabetical lists...
42175: NAVAL PILOT - The Red Sea. From Suez and from 'Akabah to the Straits of Bá>b-elmandeb, and the Arabian Coast Thence to 'Aden> with Directions for the Navigation of the Suez Canal.
43295: WILLIAM & GEORGE PINDERS - Grand Continental Circus and Classical Hippodrome. Programme for the day.
44095: WILLIAM PITT - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Stafford> with observations on the means of its improvement.
41688: CHOLERA AND CATTLE PLAGUE - A Special Form of Prayer to Almighty God> to be read immediately after the third collect in the morning and evening service, in all Churches and Chapels in England and Wales and in the Town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, on Sunday the twelfth day of August 1866, and whenever Divine Service is celebrated, During the Prevalence of Cholera, and of Cattle Plague, in this Country, instead of the Prayer now used for Relief from the Plague existing amongst Cattle, and for Protection against the Cholera.
43125: AZORES - PINEAPPLE PLANTATION - Photographs of Pineapple growing in the Azores> the A. Arruda Pineapple Plantation.
43945: [GLASS ENGRAVER] T.B. PLATER - Writer on Glass, Wood, Wire, &c., Medical Labeller, House Painter, Glazier, and Grainer. 4 Upper Fitzroy PLace, New Road.
8857: PLATT, George Moreton and MORKILL, John William - Records of the Parish of Whitkirk, Illustrated by Drawings made by J.A. Symington and J.W. Morkill.
8858: PLATT, George Moreton and MORKILL, John William - Records of the Parish of Whitkirk, illustrated by drawings made by J.A. Symington and J.W. Morkill.
41561: DEBT - EXCHEQUER OF PLEAS - Between Robert Dangerfield, Gentleman Plaintiff and Richard Dowding Defendant. Take Notice, that a Declaration...if filed against you...int ehOffice of Pleas...in an Action of Debt for One Hundred Pounds ans unless you plead in eight days from the Service therof Judgement will be signed against you by Defaulkt.
36324: PLEDGE, Peter - A Six Days' Aght, or a Barnsley Chap's Adventers E Lunnun> Including a Visit to T'Glass Lantren an a Peep Under T'Dish Cuver. [in verse]
41845: PLYMOUTH - The Royal Hotel [with Theatre and Assembly Rooms]. J. Whiddon.
38259: MRS ROSE R. POCOCK - The Longleat Views.
40132: MANUSCRIPT POEM - [In Memorium] A 10 line poem
41091: ILLUMINATED POEM - The Well of Saint Keyne by Robert Southey.
41575: ANONYMOUS POEM - Anticipations of the Twentieth Century & its improvements for quick travelling. [poem] [with fragments of two other poems]
41369: WOMEN IN POLITICS - Womens' Conservative and Unionist Association. Evesham Division. Member's Card.
35476: LINCOLNSHIRE POLL - The Poll for the Election of Knights of the Shire for the County of Lincoln, Taken June 25, 26, & 27, 1818>...with the Speeches Delivered From the Hustings on the Occasion> and an Alphabetical List of all the Towns in the County...also a Summary of the Returns...
35477: LINCOLNSHIRE POLL - The Poll for the Election of a Knight of the Shire for the County of Lincoln, Taken November 26 to December 6, 1823...with an Impartial Statement of the Proceedings...a Full report of the Speeches Delivered at the Hustings...and the Numerous Bills, Squibs, Songs, &c...to which is added an Alphabetical list of all the Towns...
41208: POLO - The Stansted Polo Club Book.
42492: RICHARD POLWHELE - Portrait.
42366: POMPEII - View of Pompeii?
30695: PONTEFRACT - To the Electors and Non-Electors of the Independent Borough of Pontefract by Thos Serle.
37111: PONTEFRACT. HOLMES, Richard Editor - The Chartulary of St. John of Pontefract, From the Original Document in the Possession of Godfrey Wentworth, Esq., of Wolley Park.
27792: POOLE, Edwin - The Illustrated History and Biography of Brecknockshire. From Earliest Times to the Present Day. Containing the General History, Antiquities, Sepulchral Monuments and Inscriptions, with the History of the principal Families, Institutions, and Societies of the County...
43487: POOR - Pauperism in Greater London. Average daily number of poor in receipt of relief, exclusive of insane poor in asylums, &c., and casual or vagrant poor. 1907 - 08.
43486: POOR - Pauperism in England & Wales. Percentage of Population in Receipt of Poor Relief during the Year ended 30th September, in London, and in Poor Law Unions outside London. (lunatics in asylums and casual or vagrant poor not included.)
39906: POPPY, Chas - Practical Hints on Burning Clay, Sods, Surface-soil of Fallows, &c. and on the Employment of the Poor.
41997: POPULATION - The Population of the British Empire.
41999: POPULATION - The Population of the British Empire according to the last census.
32864: PORTEOUS, J. Douglas - Planned to Death> the Annihilation of a Place Called Howdendyke.
42356: PENCIL PORTRAIT - Old Man Wiping His Face.
39540: COMPOSITE PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS - Contemporary Representatives of Music and Singing.
39541: COMPOSITE PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS - Physicians and Surgeons. Representatives of Medicine and Surgery.
38712: ROYAL NAVY AT PORTSMOUTH - Pendants of the Private Ships. [Those navy ships not flying an Admiral's flag]
40278: ELECTION POSTER - To Tenant Farmers. Who stocks his tenants' farms with hares and rabbits? Charles Wilson. Who pours foreign corn into Hull and makes it impossible for you to live? Charles Wilson. Etc.
41488: POSTER - This House to be Let, Enquire of
41490: AUCTION POSTER - To Be Let by Auction at the Crown Inn, Evesham, in the County of Worcester, on Wednesday, the 24th Day of July, 1811...
41491: AUCTION POSTER - Mealcheapen Street, Worcester. To be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Haywood On Tuesday the 30th. day of April, 1833, under distress for rent, The Shop Fixtures, Household Furniture, & Other Effects, of Mr, James Bigg, Nursery and Seedsman.
41495: AUCTION POSTER - Capital Oak Timber. To be sold By Auction. By R. Jones, at the Royal Oak Inn, Ledbury, On Tuesday, the 26th Day of April instant, at 5 o'clock in the Afternoon, 22 Oak Trees, Growing on Aylton Court Estate...
41497: AUCTION POSTER - Valuable Oak and Ash Coppicing Near the Town of Ledbury, to be Sold by Auction by Robert Jones, at the Royal Oak, Ledbury on Tuesday, the 16th December, 1845.
41498: AUCTION POSTER - Freehold Property to be Sold by Auction, by R. Jones, at the Seven Stars Inn, Ledbury, on Wednesday, the 1st day of December, 1830...Two brick Built Cottages Situated at Wellington Heath...
41499: AUCTION POSTER - Eligible & Compact Property, Dymock, Gloucestershire> to be Sold by Auction by Robert Jones, at the New Inn> in the Town of Ledbury...on Friday, 24th day of June, 1831.
42524: REWARD POSTER - 20s Reward. Lost! On Monday, October 31st, 1893, between King's Cross and Cambridge, in a Third-class Railway Carriage...an Ivory Hand-Glass, Oval shape, Silver spring back, with monogram R.M.T.
34312: POSTLES, David - The Surnames of Leicestershire and Rutland.
36388: POTTER, T.R. - The History and Antiquities of Charnwood Forest. With an Appendix on the Geology, Botany, and Ornithology of the District. [The geology by J.B. Jukes> the botany by Rev. Andrew Bloxam> the ornithology by Churchill Babington]
43856: [HATTER] THOMAS POTTINGER - Thomas Pottinger, Hatter. 9, Eastcheap, London Bridge.

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