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41281: - Werken en kerken; 750 Jaar Begijnhofleven te Gent. in het kader van de viering: 750 Jaar Begijnhofleven te Gent, 1234-1984.
38529: - Liste des victimes du tribunal Revolutionnaire a Paris; dressee dans l'ordre chronologique des executions suive d'un releve numerique par journee et d'un repertoire alphabetique.
39846: - Men of America; a biographical album of the city government of Philadelphia in the bi-centennial year, in which are embraced executive officers, judges of the courts, members of the councils and of the public trusts.
30630: - Acta historiae neerlandicae/Studies on the history of the Netherlands. Volume 10.
27247: - Captain Gerald Mac Donald [MacDonald]; a biographical memorial. Prepared for the Mac Donald [MacDonald] Family and privately printed by the American Historical Society.
41987: - A glossary of terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic architecture; Part 1: Text (1840; third edition, enlarged, exemplified by seven hundred woodcuts); Part 2 : The plates (1840); Part 3: A companion to the third edition of a Glossary of Terms used in Gothic Architecture, containing four hundred additional examples, a chronological table, and indexes (1841). Three volumes.
35730: - La revolution Francaise et l'emancipation des Juifs; vol. 1: Sur Moses Mendelssohn, sur la reforme politique des Juifs; vol. 2: Dissertation sur cette question; est il des moyens de rendre les Juifs plus heureux et plus utiles en France?; vol. 3: Essai sur la regeneration physique, morale et politique des Juifs; vol. 4: Apologie des Juifs en reponse a la question; est il des moyens de rendre les Juifs plus heureux et plus utiles en France?; vol. 5: Adresses, memoires et petitions des Juifs, 1789-1794; vol. 6: La commune et les districts de Paris; discours lettres et rapports, 1790-1791; vol. 7: L'Assemblee Nationale Constituante; motions discours et rapports les legislation nouvelle, 1789-1791; vol. 8: Lettres, memoires et publications diverses, 1787-1806.
40052: - Counsels of the Madonna of San Damiano.
40213: - The Andover Defence; defence [defense] of Professor Smyth; arguments of Professor Theodore W. Dwight, Professor Simeon E. Baldwin, Hon. Charles Theodore Russell, and ex-governor Gaston; evidence introduced by the respondents, together with the statements of Professors Tucker, Harris, Hincks, and Churchill, Jan. 3, 1887.
38731: - House and garden; a monthly magazine devoted to architecture, gardens, decorations, civic and outdoor art; vol. 9: January to June, 1906.
41699: - Das Ärgernis [Argernis] Brecht. Mit Beiträgen [Beitragen] von Siegfried Melchinger, Rudolf Frank Reinhold Grimm, et al.
38213: - The Norwegian Home Guard.
27383: - Norwegian-American studies, volume 23.
32833: - Irish arts review; yearbook 1993 (vol. 9), 1996 (vol. 12), 1997 (vol. 13) and 1999 (vol. 15). Four volumes.
41226: - History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y., with illustrations descriptive of scenery, private residences, public buildings, fine blocks, and important manufactories, from original sketches by artists of the highest ability; portraits of old pioneers and prominent residents.
37652: - The widow Davis and the young Milliners; a story for young ladies. Three illustations.
37650: - Mamma's lessons for her little boys and girls; part 1: A series of lessons in words of three and four letters; part 2: Chiefly in monosyllables. With sixteen copperplate engravings.
37649: - Caroline Lindsay, the laird's daughter.
40407: - Seminaire de probabilites, Universite de Strasbourg. Proceedings from the years 1966-1983. Numbers 1-13, 15-18. Lacks 14.
42306: - Sarah Whitman.
27564: - Medical history; a quarterly journal devoted to the history and bibliography of medicine and the related sciences; vol. XI, nos. 1-4, January, April, July, October 1967.
37791: - A real treasure for the pious mind. Compiled by a lady from the collections and writings of the Countess of Huntingdon, Mrs. Rowe, Miss Harvey, Dr. Watts, Mr. Perin, Mr. Smith, and others.
36063: - De veertigjarige regeering van H.M. Koningin Wilhelmina, 1898-6 September-1938.
37424: - Kreml' Moskvy.
41148: - History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y., with illustrations descriptive of scenery, private residences, public buildings, fine blocks, and important manufactories, from original sketches by artists of the highest ability; portraits of old pioneers and prominent residents.
37700: - Coney Island and the Jews; a history of the development and success of this famous seaside resort together with a full account of the recent Jewish Controversy, 1879.
37664: - Teacher's gift, or instructive stories for children and youth. By a lady.
37665: - The language of flowers, poetically expressed; being a complete flora's album.
40046: - Message of Our Lady of Fatima at Binh Loi.
41600: - The complete word study Old Testament; King James version. Words in the text numerically coded to Strong's Hebrew dictionary, introduction to each book, exegetical notes, grammatical codes on the text. lexical aids, translational reference index, and Strong's Hebrew dictionary.
41916: - Ingot contour and its relation to sound steel.
32780: - World's finest dancers; glorious Veloz and Yolanda, presenting an exciting evening of "Dansation"; featuring Jerry Shelton, world renowned accordionist and [Harry] Hynda and [John] Hynda, celebrated duo pianists. Management George M. Gatts.
40826: G.B., - A compleat history of the intrigues of priests and nuns. Wherein is contain'd, I. The adventures of the most principal of them, with their Method of Courtship. II. Their Confessions, with the lewd Use made of them. III. The Case of Miss Catherine Cadiere. IV. A signal Cheat, transacted by the Dominicans. V. The case of seduction; with an Account of the Proceedings against the Abbe de Rues, for Committing Rapes on 133 Maidens. To which is added, Rome's custom-house for sin: or, a table of the several sums of money to be paid for dispensations of all Crimes and Villanies. Adorn'd with cuts.
29993: - La revolution Francaise et les Hopitaux Parisiens. Exposition organisee au Musee de l'Assistance Publique 7 juin 1989-30 octobre 1989.
31938: - Fliegende Blätter [BLATTER]; Band LXXIV, LXXV, LXXVI.
31555: - Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 1949-1974.
41291: - Premiaj romanetoj de konkursintoj.
37770: [WARNER, SUSAN BOGERT], - The old helmet, in two volumes.
37783: - Sacred melodies, or hymns for youth; with appropriate selections from scripture. [Added title page: "Sacred melodies, or hymns for youth, by a lady"]
37860: - The book lover's almanac for 1895.
31558: - Carl Hanser, Christoph Schlotterer; ein Gedenkbuch.
37898: - Das Ende der Republik.
31205: - The literary panorama, being a review of books, magazine of varieites, and annual register comprising interesting intelligence from the various districts of the United Kingdom, the British connections in the East-Indies, the West-Indies, America, Africa, Western Asia, etc. and from the continent of Europe, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, etc.; Vol. 4.
28883: [BULWER LYTTON, EDWARD], - Leila; or, the siege of Grenada. Complete in one volume.
37855: - Studies in Jewish bibliography and related subjects. In memory of Abraham Solomon Freidus (1867-1923).
25762: - The Pan-German Programme: the petition of the six associations and the manifesto of the intellectuals. Translated from the German, with an introduction by Edwyn Bevan.
33534: - Die Weimarer Republik; das Ende des parlamentarischen Systems; Brüning [Bruning], Papen, Schleicher, 1930-1933. Sonderausgabe für [fur] die Staats- und Kommunalbehörden [Kommunalbehorden] sowie für [fur] Schulen und Biblotheken.
26908: - De Socialistische Gids. Volumes 1 (1916) - 23 (1938). COMPLETE RUN.
26910: - Tijdschrift voor Sociale Geschiedenis. Issues 1, 2, 6, 7, 22, 23 (May 1975 - Sept. 1981), volumes 11 - 18 (19A total of 75 unbound issues in very good condition.85-1992), volumes 23 - 29 (1997 - 2003), and Index, vols. 1 - 25. With the first volumes of the continuation, Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis, volume 1 - volume 3, no. 1 (2004 - 2006).
26911: - De Nieuwe Tijd; sociaaldemokratisch maandschrift. Volumes 1-26.
42256: - Prolusions; or, select pieces of antient poetry, compiled with great care from their several originals, and offer'd to the publick as specimens of the integrity that should be found in the editions of worthy authors. In three parts, containing I: The notbrowne mayde; Master Sackvile's Induction; and Overbury's Wife; II: Edward the third, a play, thought to be writ by Shakespeare; III: those excellent didactic poems, initl'd Nosce teipsum, written by Sir John Davis. With a preface.
37113: - Repertorium fontium historiae medii aevi, primum ab Augusto Potthast digestum, nunc cura collegi historicorum e pluribus nationibus emendatum et auctum. 11 volumes plus Additamenta 1, Series collectionum continuata et aucta (1962-1972). COMPLETE SET.
40289: - Messages from heaven to the Portavoz of Jesus in Mexico; vols. 1-7: 1969-1979.
41524: - L'Art culinaire francais. Les recettes de cuisine, patisserie, conserves, des Maitres contemporains les plus reputes: Ali-Bab, E. Darenne, E. Duval, A. Escoffier, Ph. Gilbert, A. Guerot, P. Montagne, H.P. Pellaprat, Urbain-Dubois, etc. Cuisine regionale-Cuisine etrangere précedees de divers chapitres remarquablement documentes sur l'art de recevoir a table, les menus, les divers modes de cuisson des ailments, les vins, comment les servir, comparaison et appreciation des recoltes des 50 dernieres annees, les liqueurs et alcools, l'utilisation des appareils refrigerateurs. 3760 recettes et conseils. 165 illustrations en noir. 307 illustrations en couleurs.
28745: - Corona Zweimonatsschrift, [Vol. 1].
27873: - Agriculture and human values; fall 1985; vol. 2, no. 4: The land, the agrarian tradition, and the common good.
27875: - Agriculture and human values; summer 1986; vol. 3, no. 3: Food production, agricultural research, and technology assessment.
37454: - Lucretia and her father; a narrative founded on fact, by a clergyman of New England.
30842: S.D.A.P. (SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERS-PARTIJ), - 25 jaar in het parlement; een gedenkwoord van het partijbestuur der S.D.A.P.
30836: S.D.A.P. (SOCIAAL-DEMOCRATISCHE ARBEIDERS-PARTIJ), - Het socialisatievraagstuk; rapport uitgebracht door de Commissie aangewezen uit de S.D.A.P.
28558: - Bulletin of Tibetology; vol. 41.
42252: - Twilight dreams, being poems and pictures of life and nature. Illustrations by Fred Barnyard, Robert Barnes, Allan Barraud, et al.
38198: - Arturo Uslar Pietri, 1906-2006.
37557: - Georges-Daniel de Monfreid, 1856-1929. Introduction by Raymond Cogniat.
42797: - Ta Hiera Grammata; metaphrastenthenta ek ton theion archetypon. (On verso of title page: "The Holy Bible in Modern Greek")
40337: - La verite nue; Gerstl, Kokoschka, Schiele, Boeckl.
37537: [PETERS, JANIS], - Ornement letton; art vestimentaire, textile, architectural, ceramique etc. d'apres des documents officiels et prives/Latvju raksti; tautas maksla uzvalkos, audumos, buves, podnieciba u.t.t. pec materialiem valsts un privatos krajumos.
41909: - The Schenectady electrical handbook; being a guide for visitors from abroad attending the International Electrical Congress, St. Louis, Mo., September, 1904.
40319: - Berlin 1842-New York 1892; the semi-centennial of Philip Schaff.
26650: I.C.S. [INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL], - International library of technology. Steam boilers, steam pumps.
26154: - La femme Algerienne dans la revolution; textes et temoignages inedits.
25448: - Tugs of the world.
25308: - Der Zwiebelfisch; eine kleine Zeitschrift für [fur] Geschmack in Büchern [Buchern] und anderen Dingen; zweiter Jahrgang, 1910/1911.
25307: - Der Zwiebelfisch; eine kleine Zeitschrift für Geschmack in Büchern [Buchern] und anderen Dingen; dritte Jahrgang, 1911.
25221: [GOODRICH, SMAUEL GRISWOLD], - Curiosities of human nature.
25170: - The centenary of Alpha of New York of Phi Beta Kappa, celebrated at Union College, June 11 and 12, 1917.
25112: - The art journal; volume II.
25088: - Festschrift Arthur Baumgarten.
25065: - Textakademien I.
24843: - Austria externa; unser zehntes Bundesland.
24833: - Translations from Hispanic poets.
24818: - Festschrift; Eduard Hahn zum LX. Geburtstag. Mit 1 Titelbild, 1 Tafel, 1 Karte und 16 Textabbildungen.
24756: - Erinnerungen an Arnold Krieger.
24716: - Vidas em risco; assassinatos de criancas e adolescentes no Brasil.
24674: - Chisinau.
24659: - The Chevrolet story, 1911-1968.
24625: - La justice.
24507: - Staat und Recht im Lichte des Grossen Oktober; Festschrift zum 40 Jahrestag der Grossen Sozialistischen Oktoberrevolution.
24439: - Die deutsche chemische Industrie; Verhandlungen und Berichte des Unterausschusses für [fur] Gewerbe: Industrie, Handel Und Handwerk (III. Unterausschuss) (Ausschuss zur Untersuchung der Erzeugungs- und Absatzbedingungen der deutschen Wirtschaft.)
24303: - Michigan Jewish history; Nov. 1962; Nov. 1965; Jan. 1969; Jan. 1970; Jun. 1970; Nov. 1970; Jul. 1971; Jun. 1974; Jul. 1977; Jun. 1979; Jan.1980; Jun. 1982; Jan. 1982; Jan. 1983; Jan/Jun. 1985.
24302: - Michigan Jewish history; Nov. 1962; Nov. 1965; Jan. 1969; Nov. 1970; Jul. 1971; Jun. 1974; Jul. 1977; Jun. 1979; Jan 1980; Jun. 1982; Jan. 1982; Jan. 1983; Jan./Jun. 1985.
23777: - Slaughterhouse; the encyclopedia of the Eastern Front.
23679: - The journal of research on the lepidoptera; vols.3(1964) - 24(1986).
23678: - Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society; vol.11 (1957) - vol.23 (1969), plus The Lepidopterists Society Commemorative Volume, 1945-1973, compiled by Roy O. Kendall (1977).
23676: - Taina spaseniia ili molitvoslov dle mireng.
23623: - The Canadian field-naturalist; vol. 105, no. 4 (October-December, 1991) through vol. 119, no. 2 (April-June, 2005).
22837: - Papers read at the Modern Foreign Language Department Symposium: Nineteenth Century Spanish Literature: Benito Perez Galdos.
2913: [RENAULT-ROULIER, G.], - Comment meurt un réseau (fin 1943), par Remy [pseud].
4010: - Schiarimenti sugli ultimi avvenimenti della Polonia, con XVI atti autentici a cio relativi. Traduzione sopra l'edizione Tedesca di Magonza.
4912: - Forkroads; a journal of ethnic-American literature. Issues 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. (1995-96).
5947: - Jahrbuch der Chemie; Bericht uber die wichtigsten Forschritte der reinen und angewandten Chemie, hrsg. von Richard Meyer. Volumes 2-23, 1892-1913. With index to vols. 1-10.
6437: - Homeostatic mechanisms; report of symposium held June 12 to 14, 1957.
9138: - Agen et sa région: Villeneuve-sur-Lot; Marmande, Nérac. Les travaux du IIe Congrès national de la Prune et du Pruneau.
9674: - Restauri a Sassuolo: il palazzo ducale e la Piazza Garibaldi immagine storica e proposte di recupero.
5833: - Ardenne & Gaume.
12263: - Centenario de la campaña del desierto; homenaje de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo Mendoza, 23 de agosto - 18 de octubre de 1979.
21442: [BUCK, HENNING], - Patriotische Phantasien: Justus Möser [Moser], 1720-1794, Aufklärer [Aufklarer] in der Ständegesellschaft [Standegesellschaft]. Ausstellung anlässlich [anlasslich] des 200. Todesjahres Justus Mösers [Mosers].
12478: - Six generation ancestor tables; bicentennial project.
21269: - Sotsialisticheskoe iskusstvo i deistvitel'nost'; [stenogrammy obsuzhdeniia Vystavki proizvedenii izobrazitel'nogo iskusstva sotsialisticheskikh stran].
13782: [ROBBINS, SARAH STUART], - Turning a new leaf, or, the story of Charles Terry.
8900: - Catalogo delle edizioni delle Casse di Risparmio e Banche del Monte.
14862: - Japanese museum architecture.
15514: - Yale French Studies, vols. 24-103, lacking the following: 30, 31, 34, 41, 48, 55, 56, 65, 84.
20992: - Das grosse deutsche Anekdoten-Lexikon.
1724: [BERGER, MARCEL]., - Le style au microscope, "jeunes gloires", par Criticus. [Tome II. Studies of] Hervé Bazin, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Maurice Druon, J-J. Gautier, Louis Guilloux, Robert Merle, Roger Peyrefitte, Prévert, Raymond Quéneau, Jules Roy, Elsa Triolet.
11728: - Eesti Kaunis Loodus.
12064: - La parola come immagine e come segno; Firenze: Storia di una rivoluzione colta (1960-1980).
12135: - Esthetic perception of villagers in northeast Thailand; a pilot study.
12136: - Comprehension in the rural northeast of Thailand.
20829: - Hüter der Verwandlung; Beitrage zum Werk von Elias Canetti.
20696: [HUNT, LEIGH], - The Feast of the poets, with notes and other pieces in verse. By the editor of The examiner.
20650: - Ecumene; a journal of environment, culture, meaning. Vols. 1 through 5 (1994-8). 20 unbound issues.
20651: - Global ecology and biogeography. Vol. 12:2 (2003) through 15:6 (2006). 23 unbound volumes.
20648: - Diversity and distributions; a journal of conservation biogeography. Vol. 9:2 (2003) through 12:6 (2006). 22 unbound issues.
20639: - Human studies; a journal for philosophy and the social sciences. Vol. 11:1 (1988); 12:1, 2; 13 through 15; 21 through 26 (2003). 34 unbound issues.
20588: - The Chesterton review, vol.22, nos. 1/2-vol.22, no.4 (Feb./May-November 1996). 3 unbound issues.
20584: - Religious studies, vol.31, no.1-vol.33, no.4 (March 1995-December 1997). 12 unbound issues.
20587: - The American Benedictine review, vol.49, no.1-vol.50, no.3 (1998-1999). 7 unbound issues.
20582: - Interpretation, vol.40, no.3-vol.60, no.4 (July 1986-October 2006). 72 unbound issues.
20581: - Pacific historical review, vol.56, no.4-vol.59, no.3 (November 1987-August 1990). 12 unbound issues.
20573: - Milltown studies, no. 37-no.48 (spring 1996-winter 2001). 12 unbound issues.
20574: - The western historical quarterly, vol.19, no.1-vol. 21, no.4 (January 1988-November 1990). 12 unbound issues.
20567: - Chicago studies, vol. 35 (1996). Three unbound issues. Complete.
20566: - The Heythrop journal, vol. 40 (1999). Four unbound issues. Complete.
3614: - Mélanges d'histoire André Fugier.
20563: - The Heythrop journal, vol. 31 (1990). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20564: - The Heythrop journal, vol. 32 (1991). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20562: - The Heythrop journal, vol. 30 (1989). Four unbound journals. Complete.
20561: - The Heythrop journal, vol. 27 (1986). Four unbound journals. Complete.
20560: - The Heythrop journal, vol. 28 (1987). Four unbound journals. Complete.
20558: - Horizons, vol. 11 (1984). Two unbound issues. Complete.
20559: - Anglican theological review, vol. 70 (1988). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20557: - Horizons, vol. 12 (1985). Two unbound volumes. Complete.
20552: - Horizons, vol. 27 (2000). Two unbound issues. Complete.
20551: - Theology, 1991. Six unbound issues. Complete.
20550: - Theology, 1990. Six unbound issues. Complete.
20549: - Theology, 1998. 6 unbound issues. Complete.
20548: - Theology today, vol. 59 (2002-2003). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20545: - Calvin theological journal, vol. 34 (1999). Two unbound issues. Complete.
20544: - Calvin theological journal, vol. 33 (1998). Two unbound issues. Complete.
20543: - Philosophical investigations, vol. 25 (2002). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20539: - New theology review, vol. 9 (1996). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20538: - New theology review, vol. 10 (1997). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20537: - The review of politics, vol. 57 (1995). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20535: - The review of politics, vol. 59 (1997). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20534: - Irish theological quarterly, vol. 67 (2002). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20533: - Irish theological quarterly, vol. 66 (2001). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20527: - Theology today, vol. 53 (1996-1997). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20528: - Theology today, vol. 45 (1988-1989). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20529: - Theology today, vol. 44 (1987-1988). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20530: - Theology today, vol. 43, (1986-1987). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20531: - Theology today, vol. 42, (1985-1986). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20525: - Theology today, vol. 55 (1998-1999). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20524: - Theology today, vol. 58 (2001-2002). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20522: - Theological studies, vol 60 (1999). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20520: - Theological studies, vol. 48 (1987).
20519: - Theological studies, vol. 49 (1988). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20518: - Theological studies, vol. 50 (1989). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20517: - Theological studies, vol. 55 (1994). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20514: - The journal of religion, vol. 66 (1986). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20513: - The journal of religion, vol. 71 (1991). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20509: - The journal of religion, vol. 81 (2001). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20508: - The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography, vol. 112 (1988). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20507: - The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography, vol. 113 (1989). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20503: - Modern theology, vol. 7 (1990-91). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20504: - Modern theology, vol. 6 (1989-90). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20501: - Modern theology, vol. 15 (1999). Four unbound issues. Complete.
20500: - Modern theology, vol. 18 (2002). Four unbound issues. Complete.
15177: - Arnold Krieger: 75 Geburtstag.
15262: - Arbeiterinnen erzählen [erzahlen]: Kampf und Leben in Erez Jisrael. Herausgegeben vom Hechaluz, Deutscher Landesverband.
6227: - A memorial service for Daniel Crena de Iongh (1888-1970). Tuesday, January 12, 1971, at 11 a.m., Bethlehem Chapel, Washington Cathedral, Mount Saint Alban, Washington, D.C.
6502: - Decimo aniversario de la fundacion del instituto: 1947 - 6 de Octubre - 1957. Advertencia de Edmundo M. Narancio. Instituto de Investigaciones Historicas. Publicacion Conmemorativa.
6549: - Literatura Iberoamericana; influjos locales. Memoria del X Congreso del Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, 1961.
6552: - Anales galdosianos.
6661: - Frau und Wissenschaft; Referate und ausgewählte Beiträge. Herausgegeben von der Forschungsgruppe des Wissenschaftlichen Beirates "Die Frau in der sozialistischen Gesellschaft" bei der DAdW zu Berlin durch Anita Grandke.
40022: - Historya wojny Swiatowej : opracowana przez wybitnych korespondentów wojennych, representantów zagranicznych i autorytety w dziedzine wojskowej : specyalnie uwzgedniono historye zmartwychwstania polski.
40075: - I am the splendid morning star arising with the New Age of Divine Innocence.
28888: - Bulletin of Tibetology; vol. 42, nos. 1 and 2.
39728: - Veterans of Blairsville [PA] and their stories; volume 1.
31179: - ATLAL; the journal of Saudi Arabian archaeology; vol. 19: 1427 A.H./2006 A.D.
34422: - Eiffel; la bibliotheque des expositions. [Cover title: Gustave Eiffel]
34408: - The Churchman's monthly magazine; vol. 4, nos. 1-12 (January - December, 1807).
37686: [STERNE, LAURANCE], - A sentimental journey through France and Italy by Mr. Yorick, in two volumes. (Two volumes in one)
31352: [MERCIER, LOUIS SEBASTIEN], - Histoire d'une jeune lutherienne. Par l'auteur de L'an deux mille quatre cent quarante. Tome I et II.
37909: - La muse libertine florilège [florilege] des poëtes [poetes] satyriques avec 40 aquarelles originales de Dubout.
37907: THE SENIOR GIRL SCOUTS TROOP 107, - Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake; legend, lore, history, 1763-1950.
36064: - Grepen uit het leven van Koningin-moeder Emma; geboren 2 Augustus 1858 te Arolsen; overleden 20 maart 1934 te s'Gravenhage.
37694: - Handbüchen für [Handbuchen fur] Probeglieder; zur geistigen Anregung und zur Belehrung über [uber] Geschichte, Lehre, und Ordnung der Bisch. MethodistenKirche.
37685: [STERNE, LAURANCE], - A sentimental journey through France and Italy by Mr. Yorick, in two volumes. (Two volumes in one)
37691: - Sketches of the domestic manners, and institutions of the Romans.
43732: [SCHLABRENDORF, GUSTAV, GRAF VON], - Napoleon, and the French people under his empire. From the German.
37567: - The Asylum; 25 years of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. (Issue no. 87; vol. XXII, no. 3, summer 2004)
39491: - Timberlock trip book.
42977: - Erster Anschauungs-Unterricht für [fur] die Jugend. 27 Bildertafeln in Farbendruck auf Kartonpapier mit Abbildungen verschiedenartiger Gegenstände [Gegenstande]. Ein Bilderbuch für [fur] Kinder von ein bis acht Jahren. Achte neu bearbeitete Auflage.
27066: - Pictorial views of Massachusetts; for the young.
32954: - Biography; an interdisciplinary quarterly; 1978-1986. (Vol. 1, nos. 1, 3 and 4; vols. 2 -7 complete; vol. 8, nos. 1 and 4; vol. 9, no. 1) 30 issues.
37633: [PRENTISS, CHARLES AND WILLIAM SULLIVAN], - History of the United States of America; with a brief account of some of the principal empires and states of ancient and modern times; for the use of schools and families, by a citizen of Massachusetts. Stereotype edition, corrected and improved, with questions, adapted to the history of the United States, and the compendium of empires and states.
30451: - La vida de Estebanillo Gonzalez.
27408: - Die Planung des 380 kV-Netzes in der deutschen Verbundgesellschaft.
27454: - The Queen v. Louis Riel.
40077: - At the cross her station keeping; messages to the world from Our Lady, Queen of Peace. Vol. 1.
38363: - Niobium; science and technology; proceedings of the International Symposium Niobium 2001 held in Orlando, Florida, USA; December 2-5, 2001.
26808: - Terres promises; melanges offerts a Andre Kaspi. Preface de Rene Remond. Articles reunis par Helene Harter, Antoine Mares, Pierre Melandri et Catherine Nicault.
40681: - Honneur a Saint-John Perse; hommages et temoignages litteraires. Suivis d'une documentation sur Alexis Leger.
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14767: ABEL, CHARLES, - What's wrong with this picture?
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35622: STÄDTISCHEN [STADTISCHEN] SAMMLUNGEN SCHWEINFURT. KULTURGESCHICHTLICHE ABTEILUNG, - Gegenstände [Gegenstande] der Feuererzeugung und Beleuchtung, Sammlung Graf Luxburg. Führer [Fuhrer] durch die kulturgeschichtliche Abteilung der Städtischen [Stadtischen] Sammlungen
35822: ABU-JABER, FAIZ S., - American-Arab relations from Wilson to Nixon.
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31066: UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY [WEST POINT], - Annual report of the Superintendent.
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6323: ADAMS, NEHEMIAH., - A sermon, occasioned by the death of Rev. William J. Armstrong, D.D. Delivered in Park Street Church, Boston, December 9, 1846, by ..., pastor of Essex Street Church.
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29945: ADAMS, WILLIAM FREDERICK (COMPILER), - Commodore Joshua Barney; many interesting facts connected with the life of ..., hero of the United States Navy 1776-1812, also a compilation of genealogical material relating to Commodore Barney's ancestors and descendants, with valuable records for those in search of Barney family connections.. [Cover: United States Navy, 1776-1812, Everett Hosmer Barney and George Murray Barney]
31632: ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER (COMPILER), - The worst English poets. Compiled by Christopher Adams, with decorations by John R. Matthews.
35244: ADAMS, ARTHUR GRAY, - Guide to the Catskills and the region around. With a portfolio of Catskill views photographed by Alfred H. Marks.
41439: ADAMSON, JEREMY ELWELL, - Niagara; two centuries of changing attitudes, 1697-1901. With essays by Elizabeth McKinsey, Alfred Runte and John F. Sears.
20864: ADAMZIK, SYLVELIE, - Subversion and Substruktion; zu einer Phänomenologie [Phanomenologie] des Todes im Werk Goethes.
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43616: ADDISON, ALEXANDER, - Reports of cases in the county courts of the Fifth Circuit, and in the High Court of Errors & Appeals, of the state of Pennsylvania. And charges to grand juries of those county courts.
33523: MR. ADDISON [PSEUD], - Interesting anecdotes, memoirs, allegories, essays, and poetical fragments, tending to amuse the fancy, and inculcate morality. Two volumes in one.
33558: ADDONA, REBECCA K., COORDINATOR, - Genevascapes; trails, rails, and sails; a history of transportation in Geneva. Cover drawings by Annemarie Buckley.
41541: ADLER, GOSBERT, BERNARD BIRSINGER, JOACHIM BROHM, ET AL, - Fotografien aus Lothringen und dem Ruhrgebiet/Photographies de la Ruhr et de la Lorraine.
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36271: ADLER, CYRUS, ED., - The voice of America on Kishineff.
20317: NEW YORK STATE COURT OF APPEALS AND NEW YORK STATE ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION, - Duely and constantly kept; a history of the New York Supreme Court, 1691-1847, and an inventory of its records (Albany, Utica, and Geneva offices), 1797-1847.
33089: NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (JAMES, ODETTE B.), - Crystallization history of lunar feldspathic basalt 14310; an account of the crystallization history of an unusual type of lunar basalt, deduced from detailed petrographic studies and microprobe mineral analyses.
24543: ADOLF, WALTER, - Im Schatten des Galgens; zum Gedächtnis [Gedachtnis] der Blutzeugen in der nationalsozialistischen Kirchenverfolgung. Darstellung und Dokumente zusammengestellt von Walter Adolf.
36267: ADOLPHE, MONIQUE, ED., - Biological regulation of the Chondrocytes.
41027: ADORNO, THEODOR W., - Ästhetische [Asthetische] Theorie. Herausgegeben von Gretel Adorno und Rolf Tiedmann.
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25544: AESCH, ALEXANDER GODE-VON, - Natural science in German romanticism.
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26211: GREAT BRITAIN. SECRETARY OF STATE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS., - Treaties of peace with Italy, Roumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland (texts for signature in Paris on 10th February, 1947). [With] Commentary on the Treaties of peace with Italy, Roumania....
37376: AFONSO, NADIR (HAAKON CHEVALIER, TR.), - The mechanisms of artistic creation. [Translated from the French by Haakon Chevalier]
25746: THE FOREIGN EDITOR OF "THE NEW AGE", - What about the secret treaties?
13096: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, - Economic integration of nuclear power stations in electric power systems.
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31270: BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN (HANS GRISCHKAT, HRSG.), - Die Kantate; eine Sammlung geistlicher Musik für [fur] Chor und Instrumente; der 51. Psalm. Herausgegeben von Hans Grischkat. Bearbeitung des "Stabat mater" von Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, für Sopran, Alt, zweistimmigen Chor ad lib., Streicher und Generalbaß [Generalbass]. Herausgegeben von Diethard Hellmann.
31265: BACH [JOHANN SEBASTIAN], - Kantate, nr. 40: Dazu ist erschienen der Sohn Gottes/Cantata, no. 40: To this end appeared the Son of God (BWV 40). Klaveirauszug mit Text. English version by E.H. Thorne and G.W. Daisley.
41744: BACHELARD, GASTON, - La poetique de la reverie.
6354: BACKMAN, JULES., - The economics of the electrical machinery industry.
43449: BACKMAN, CLIFFORD R., - The decline and fall of medieval Sicily; politics, religion, and economy in the reign of Frederick III, 1296-1337.
42376: BACON, FRANCIS, - Of gardens; an essay. With introduction by Helen Milman and frontispiece and cover design by Edmund H. New.
30152: BACON, FRANCIS (F.J. LEVY, ED.), - The history of the reign of King Henry the Seventh.
41528: BACON, EDGAR MAYHEW, - Narragansett Bay; its historic and romantic associations and picturesque setting. Illustrated with fifty drawings by the author and with numerous photographs.
25914: BACON, PETER R., - An annotated bibliography to the fauna (excluding insects) of Trinidad and Tobago, 1817-1977.
27816: BACON, MARDGES, - Le Corbusier in America; travels in the land of the timid.
42375: BACON, FRANCIS, - Of gardens; an essay. With introduction by Helen Milman and frontispiece and cover design by Edmund H. New.
43434: BADERTSCHER, AMOS, - Baltimore portraits. Introduction by Tyler Curtain.
39770: BADKHEN, ANNA, - Walking with Abel; journeys with the nomads of the African Savannah.
24147: BAECHLER, LEA AND A. WALTON LITZ, EDS., - American writers; a collection of literary biographies; supplement III, part 1: John Ashbery to Walker Percy; supplement III, part 2: Philip Roth to Louis Zukofsky and cumulative index to volumes 1-4 and supplements I, II, and III.
30888: BAEDEKER, K., - Southern Germany and Austria, including the eastern Alps; handbook for travellers; with 28 maps and 27 plans. Third edition, remodelled and augmented.
30887: BAEDEKER, K., - Belgium and Holland, including the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg; handbook for travellers; with 13 maps and 21 plans. Eleventh edition, revised and augmented.
29677: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Süddeutschland [Suddeutschland]; Handbuch für [fur] Reisende. Mit 49 Karten, 47 Plänen [Planen] und 21 Grundrissen. Zweiunddreissigste Auflage.
29676: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Nordwestdeutschland (von der Elbe und der Westgrenze Sachsens-an, nebst Hamburg und der Westküste [Westkuste] von Schleswig-Holstein); Handbuch für [fur] Reisende. Mit 56 Karten und 84 Plänen [Planen]. Einunddreissigste Auflage.
29675: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Österreich [Osterreich]; Handbuch für [fur]Reisende. Mit 35 Karten, 22 Plänen [Planen], 11 Grundrissen und 2 Panoramen. 32nd Auflage.
30889: BAEDEKER, K., - Italy; handbook for travellers; part third: Southern Italy, Sicily, and excursions to the Lipari Islands, Tunis, Sardinia, Malta, and Athens. With 7 maps and 8 plans. Fourth edition, revised and augmented.
29478: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Suede et Norvege; routes a travers le Danemark; excursions en Islande et au Spitzberg; manuel du voyageur. Avec 44 cartes, 26 plans de villes, plusieurs petits panoramas et croquis. Petit manuel de conversation; Francais, Dano-Norvegien, Suedois a l'usage des touristes.
35769: BAEDEKER, KARL, - The eastern Alps, including the Bavarian Highlands, Tyrol, Salzburg, upper and lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia and Carniola; handbook for travellers. With 34 maps, 9 plans, and 7 panoramas.
43226: BAEDEKER, KARL, - Paris and environs, with routes from London to Paris and from Paris to the Rhine and Switzerland; handbook for travellers. With 10 maps and 30 plans.
43429: BAERENTZEN, LARS, JOHN O. IATRIDES AND OLE L. SMITH, EDS., - Studies in the history of the Greek Civil War, 1945-1949.
9646: BAERS, HENRI ("VEKENSTYL"), - Les tables astronomiques de Louvain de 1528. Introduction, traduction et commentaire par Emmanuel Poullé et Antoine de Smet.
41197: BAETEN, W., L. DHONDT, C. KONINCKX, ET AL, - Belgie in de 18de eeuw; kritische bibliografie/La Belgique au 18e siecle; bibliographie critique.
19487: BAGEHO, WALTER (NORMAN ST. JOHN-STEVAS, ED.), - The collected works of Walter Bagehot. Volume 1: The literary essays [First vol. of 2]. With an introduction of Sir William Haley.
36868: BAGGER, CARL (OSKAR SCHLICHTKRULL, ED.), - Udvalgte skrifter. Udgivet af Oskar Schlichtkrull.
42194: BAGLIANI, AGOSTINO PARAVICINI, - I testamenti dei Cardinali del duecento.
36441: BAHNER, WERNER, - La linguistica espanola del siglo de oro; aportaciones a la conciencia linguistica en la Espana de los siglos XVI y XVII.
21020: BAHRO, RUDOLF, - Die Alternative; zur Kritik des real existierenden Sozialismus.
39345: BAICULESCU, GEORGE, ED., - Biblioteca Academiei Republicii Socialiste Romania, 1867-1967; cartea centenarului.
33621: BAIGELL, MATTHEW, - Jewish-American artists and the Holocaust.
37602: BAILEY, JOSEPH CANNON, - Seaman A. Knapp; schoolmaster of American agriculture.
39724: BAILEY, L.H. [LIBERTY HYDE], - The garden of pinks. With decorations.
15330: BAILEY, CONNER, - Broker, mediator, patron, and kinsman: an historical analysis of key leadership roles in a rural Malaysian district.
15016: BAILEY, IRVING W., - Contributions to plant anatomy.
42601: BAILEY, L.H. [LIBERTY HYDE], - Sketch of the evolution of our native fruits.
39783: BAILY, VIRGINIA, - Early one morning; a novel.
6773: BAIM, JOSEPH, ED., - In honor of Austin Wright. Intro. by Arthur M. Eastman. (Carnegie Series in English, No. 12)
43421: BAIRD, MARIE L., - On the side of the angels; ethics and post-Holocaust spirituality.
22326: BAIZER, MARY MARTHA, - The Bloomsbury Chekhov.
22721: BAJPAI, R.P., ED., - Microelectronics and photonics.
36881: BAK, OVE, - Kujavarsiks rejse til månen [manen]; eventyr fra Grønland [Gronland].
36880: BAK, OVE, - Troldbjørnen[Troldbjorner]; også isbjørne [ogsa isbjorne] har en sjael; beretninger og fortaellinger fra Grønland [Gronland].
41260: BAKER, J. ROBERT, EVELYN KAEHLER AND PETER MAZAR, EDS., - A Lent sourcebook; the forty days; book one: Ash Wednesday to the Monday of the third week of Lent; book two: Tuesday of the third week of Lent to Holy Thursday.
42297: BAKER, ALFRED L., - The higher citizenship; two addresses.
25959: BAKER, ROBERT J., J. KNOX JONES AND DILFORD C. CARTER, EDS., - Biology of bats of the New World Family Phyllostomatidae, Parts 1-3.
24387: BAKER, GARY R., - Cadets in gray; the story of the cadets of the South Carolina Military Academy and the Cadet Rangers in the Civil War.
22287: BAKER, GARY R., - Cadets in gray; the story of the cadets of the South Carolina Military Academy and the Cadet Rangers in the Civil War.
42628: BAKER, ANGELICA, - Our little racket.
35261: BAKER, LORI, - The glass ocean.
43014: BAKHTIARY, SORAYA ESFANDIARY, PRINCESS, IN COLLABORATION WITH LOUIS VALENTIN (HUBERT GIBBS, TR.), - Her Imperial Highness, Princess Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiary; palace of solitude. Translated from the French by Hubert Gibbs.
21270: BAKUSHINSKII, ANATOLII VASILEVICH, - Issledovaniia i stati.
33262: BALANDIN, RUDOLF KONSTANTINOVICH, - Nevedomye zemli; sredi tundr i pustyn, bolo i gor.
35566: BALCH, THOMAS WILLING, - The Alasko-Canadian frontier.
35238: BALDASSARRI, MARIANO, ED., - Testimonianze sparse; ordinate sistematicamente.
43703: BALDWIN, T.W., - William Shakespere's [Shakespeare's] petty school.
40601: BALIBAR, FRANCOISE ET MARIE-LAURE PREVOST, - Pasteur; cahiers d'un savant. Coordonne par Francoise Balibar et Marie-Laure Prevost.
26311: BALK, ROBERT AND TOM F.W. BARTH, - Structural and petologic studies in Dutchess County, New York; part 1: Geologic structure of sedimentary rocks; part 2: Petrology and metamorphism of the Paleozoic rocks.
43374: BALLARD, J.G., - The complete stories of J.G. Ballard. Introduction by Martin Amis.
37863: BALLARD, HARLAN H., - An address; at spot where Hawthorne wrote in Berkshire days; a comprehensive paper linking noted author's name with a locality famed in song and story; tribute to Frances Anne Kemble, who was honored on the same day.
23016: BALLARD, TED, - Battle of Ball's Bluff.
40612: BALLAUFF, THEODOR, - Die Wissenschaft vom Leben; eine Geschichte der Biologie; Band 1: Vom Altertum bis zur Romantik. Mit 24 Abbildungen im Text und auf Tafeln. Vol. 1 only.
24033: BALLESTA, JUAN CANO, - La poesia de Miguel Hernandez.
43446: BALLHATCHET, KENNETH AND JOHN HARRISON, EDS., - The city in South Asia; pre-modern and modern.
32782: BALLWEBBER, EDITH, - Group instruction in social dancing. Diagrams and illustrations by Peg Sidle. With introduction by Mary Jo Shelly.
43075: BALSER, CARLOS Y ALBERTO H. GARNIER, EDS., - Jade precolombino de Costa Rica.
39286: BALSER, KARL, - Die verlorene Wette; Brentanonovelle. Umschlagzeichnung und Illustration von Hans Fischer.
33766: BALTIMORE, DAVID, INTRO., - Nobel lectures in molecular biology, 1933-1975. With a foreword by David Baltimore.
22301: BALUK, BARBARA AND STEFAN, EDS., - Chetyre vremeni goda / The four seasons. Edited and illustrated by Barbara and Stefan Baluk. Text by Artur Miedzyrzecki.
38594: BALZAC, HONORÉ DE (KATHARINE PRESCOTT WORMELEY, TR.), - Ferragus, chief of the Devorants; book one of "The Thirteen". Translated by Katharine Prescott Wormeley. With an introduction by George Saintsbury.
38595: BALZAC, HONORÉ DE (ELLEN MARRIAGE, TR.), - The Duchesse de Langeais; book two of "The Thirteen". Translated by Ellen Marriage.
29661: BAMM, PETER, - Werke in 2 Bänden [Banden].
29572: BAMM, PETER, - Alexander; oder, Die Verwandlung der Welt.
20628: BANASZCZYK, EUGENIUSZ, - Na podboj nieba.
39558: BANCEL, E.M., - Jehan Perreal dit Jehan de Paris; peintre et valet de chambre des rois Charles VIII, Louis XII et Francois I; recherches sur sa vie et son oeuvre. Ouvrage orne de nombreuses gravures, et d'une lettre de J. Perreal en fac-simile.
43469: BANERJEE, SUMANTA, - The parlour and the streets; elite and popular culture in nineteenth century Calcutta.
31072: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK, - Three weeks in politics.
15447: DE TWENTSCHE BANK, - Bankspiegel, 1861-1961.
43620: BANNON, ANTHONY AND MARY STANLEY (LISA JOHNSON AND HEATHER TUNIS, EDS.), - Grace Woodworth (1872-1967); photographer outside the common lines.
34678: BANTI, GUIDO (EMERSON CROSBY KELLY, ED.), - La splenomegalia con cirrosi del fegato, 1894. Splenomegaly with cirrosis of the liver, 1894. Splenomegalie mit Lebercirrhose, 1898. (Medical Classics, compiled by Emerson Crosby Kelly, vol. 1, no. 10.).
38162: BAPTISTE, TRACEY, - The jumbies.
40483: BAR-ZOHAR, MICHEL AND NISSIM MISHAL, - No mission is impossible; the death-defying missions of the Israeli Special Forces. Translated from the Hebrew by Michael Bar-Zohar and Nathan K. Burstein.
11908: BARAÚNA, GUILHERME, - De formatione candidatorum ad sacerdotium ministeriale et ad vitam religiosam.
24529: BARBER, HUGH R.K., - Perimenopausal and geriatric gynecology.
9962: BARBER, C.H., - Tropical and sub-tropical diseases.
28632: BARBINA, ALFREDO, - Bibliografia; della critica pirandelliana, 1889-1961.
36700: BARBOUR, JOB, - Forty-eight days adrift; the voyage of the "Neptune II" from Newfoundland to Scotland.
18003: BARDAVÍO, JOAQUÍN, - La estructura del poder en España: sociología política de un país.
43653: BARDECHE, MAURICE, - L'Oeuvre de Flaubert.
43311: BARDECHE, MAURICE, ED., - Hommages a Robert Brasillach.
26125: BARDEN, LEONARD, - The Batsford chess puzzle book.
32339: BARENTS, J., - H.P.G. Quack; zijn leven en werk.
40342: BARERE, BERTRAND (DE V. PAYEN-PAYNE, TR.), - Memoirs of Bertrand Barere, chairman of the Committee of Public Safety during the Revolution. In four volumes.
40293: BARGELLINI, PIERO, - The convent of San Marco and the paintings of Beato Angelico. Translated by Hylda M.R. Cox and Adele Pina Vacchelli.
38340: BARING-GOULD, S. [SABINE], - Mehalah; a story of the salt marshes. With an introduction, glossary and appendix by John Fowles.
42356: BARKAN, JOSH, - Mexico; stories.
41581: BARKAN, JOSH, - Mexico; a collection of stories.
22258: BARKER, SISTER R. MILDRED, - The Sabbathday Lake Shakers: an introduction to the Shaker heritage.
17613: BARKER, MICHAEL, - Gladstone and radicalism: the reconstruction of liberal policy in Britain, 1885-94.
14663: BARKER, A.N., G.W. GOULD, AND J. WOLF, EDS., - Spore research, 1971.
33895: BARKER, V.A., ED., - Sparse matrix techniques, Copenhagen 1976; advanced course held at the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, August 9-12, 1976.
22713: BARKIN, DAVID, ROSEMARY L. BATT AND BILLIE R. DEWALT, - Food crops vs. feed crops; global substitution of grains in production.
42003: BARKLEY-JACK, JAN, - Hawkesbury settlement revealed; a new look at Australia's third mainland settlement, 1793-1802.
12484: BARKMAN, DORIS PETTERS, - Story of the Bells; Horatio, William, Daisy, Ray, and others.
41247: BARKS, CARL (GEOFFREY BLUM, TEXT), - Carl Barks and the Disney ducks. Text by Geoffrey Blum.
22801: BARLOW, H.M., - Micro-waves and wave guides.
34239: BARNARD, CHARLES H. (BERTHA S. DODGE, ED.), - Marooned; being a narrative of the sufferings and adventures of Captain Charles H. Barnard, embracing an acount of the seizure of his vessel at the Falkland Islands, &c., 1812-1816. Edited and with an introduction by Bertha S. Dodge.
25343: BARNER, WILFRIED, WALTER MÜLLER-SEIDEL UND ULRICH OTT, - Jahrbuch der deutschen Schillergesellschaft im Auftrag des Vorstands; 32 Jahrgang 1988.
21050: BARNER, WILFRIED AND CHRISTOPH KÖNIG, EDS., - Zeitenwechsel; germanistische Literaturwissenschaft vor und nach 1945.
25345: BARNER, WILFRIED, WALTER MÜLLER-SEIDEL UND ULRICH OTT, - Jahrbuch der deutschen Schillergesellschaft im Auftrag des Vorstands; 34. Jahrgang 1990.
25344: BARNER, WILFRIED, WALTER MÜLLER-SEIDEL UND ULRICH OTT, - Jahrbuch der deutschen Schillergesellschaft im Auftrag des Vorstands; 33. Jahrgang 1989.
31490: BARNER, WILFRIED, MARTIN GREGOR-DELLIN, PETER HÄRTLING [HARTLING] UND EGIDIUS SCHMALZRIEDT, HRSG., - Literatur in der Demokratie; für [fur] Walter Jens zum 60. Geburtstag.
6784: BARNES, FRANK E. W., - L'esthetique de Henry James.
18120: BARNES, MICHAEL, ED., - The spirituality of the Psalms.
17408: BARNES, JEFFREY, - Asa Fitch and the emergence of American entomology, with an entomological bibliography and a catalog of taxonomic names and type specimens.
9825: BARNES, JOSEPH E., - Profiles in banking: a history of First National Bank of Glens Falls and its years of service to the North Country.
43123: BARNETT, DONALD L. AND KARAI NJAMA, - Mau Mau from within; autobiography and analysis of Kenya's peasant revolt.
9874: BARNHART, LYLE D., - Radio and television announcing.
17965: BAROJA, PIO, - Los amores tardíos: agonías de nuestro tiempo. Cuarta edición.
15003: BARON, DAVID P., - The Export - Import Bank: an economic analysis.
32620: BARR, JUDITH, - A menstrual journey; through the old and the dark to the new, the light and the possibility/The goddess has many faces.
12266: BARRATT, NORRIS S., - Barratt's chapel and Methodism; historical address delivered before forty-third Wilmington Annual Conference, at Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church, Wilmingont, Delaware, on Friday, March 17th, 1911.
24097: BARRETT, JOHN G., - The Civil War in North Carolina.
27153: BARRIOS, EDUARDO, - El Hermano asno; unabridged text of the novel. Edited with introduction; notes, historical and explanatory; and bibliography by Carlos D. Hamilton and Alegandro Arratia.
41102: BARRODALE, AMIE, - You are having a good time; stories.
37461: BARROIS, GEORGES, - Scripture readings in Orthodox worship.
40637: BARRON, GEORGE L., - The genera of hyphomycetes from soil.
14683: BARRY, RICHARD D. AND BRIAN W.J. MAHY, EDS., - The biology of large RNA viruses. Papers based on a symposium, held in Cambridge, England, 21-25 July, 1969.
28350: BARSAMOV, NIKOLAI STEPANOVICH, - Aivazovskii v Krymu : ocherki ob I.K. Aivazovskom i khudozhnikakh L.F. Lagorio, A.I. Fesslere, K.F. Bogaevskom, M.A. Voloshine, M.P. Latri
15848: BARSANTI, GIULIO, ET AL., - Il problema del vivente tra Settecento e Ottocento: aspetti filosofici, biologici e medici. A cura di Valerio Verra.
36809: BARSTOW, ANNE LLEWELLYN, - Joan of Arc; heretic, mystic, shaman.
41801: BARTAS, GUILLAUME DE SALUSTE DU (YVONNE BELLENGER, ED.), - La sepmaine (texte de 1581). Edition etablie, presentee et annotee par Yvonne Bellenger. Two volumes.
5172: BARTELL, H. ROBERT., - Pension funds of multiemployer industrial groups, unions, and nonprofit organizations. [By] ... [and] Elizabeth T. Simpson.
21092: BARTELS, SIEGFRIED, - Vermittlung der Gegensätze [Gegensatze] in der Dichtung Heinrich von Kleists; bürgerliche [burgerliche] Subjektivität [Subjektivitat] im Konflikt mit höfischen Machtverhältnissen [hofischen Machtverhaltnissen]. Inaugural Dissertation zur Erlangung des Grades eines Doktors der Philosophie im Fachbereich Neuere Philologien der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität [Universitat] zu Frankfurt am Main.
37750: BARTH, PAUL, - Die Naturschilderung in Senancours Obermann.
15626: BARTH, JOHN. EDITED BY FRANK GADO., - A conversation with John Barth.
29566: BARTH, KARL, - Credo; die Hauptprobleme der Dogmatik dargestellt im Anschluss an das Apostolische Glaubensbekenntnis. 16 Vorlesungen, gehalten an der Universität [Universitat] Urrecht im Februar und März [Marz], 1935.
37687: BARTH, CHRISTIAN GOTTLOB, - Natalie, or, the broken spring and Setma the Turkish maiden. Translated from the German of Dr. Barth.
21761: BARTHEL, WOLFGANG UND RUDOLF LOCH, HRSG., - Beiträge zur Kleist-Forschung.
17334: BARTHEL, WOLFGANG AND HANS-JOCHEN MARQUARDT, EDS., - Beiträge zur Kleist-Forschung.
17335: BARTHEL, WOLFGANG AND HANS-JOCHEN MARQUARDT, EDS., - Beiträge zur Kleist-Forschung.
31835: BARTHES, ROLAND (RICHARD MILLER, TR.), - S/Z. Translated by Richard Miller. Preface by Richard Howard.
40305: BARTHOLOMEW-BIGGS, MICHAEL, - Nonlinear optimization with financial applications.
36816: BARTLETT, WILLIAM HENRY, - Pictures from Sicily.
13023: BARTLETT, ELLEN STRONG, - A New Haven church. Cover title: "The meeting house of the First Church of Christ in New Haven - Center Church."
27242: BARTLETT, W.H. AND B.B. WOODWARD, - The history of the United States of North America; from the discovery of the western world to the present day; vol. 1: From the earliest period, to the installation of Washington as first president; vol. 2: From the administration of Washington to that of
28099: BARTNICKA, BARBARA AND ROXANA SINIELNIKOFF, - Slownik podstawowy jezyka polskiego dla cudzoziemcow.
37332: BARTOLI, PIETRO DANTI AND GIOVANNI PIETRO BELLORI (THEODORE BESTERMAN, ED.), - Le antiche lucerne; sepolcrali figurate. Raccolte dalle Caue sotterranee, e grotte di Roma nelle quali si contengono molte erudite memorie. Disegnate, ed intagliate nelle loro forme da Pietro Santi Bartoli. divise in tre parti con l'osservation i di Gio Pietro Bellori. Three volume set.
30180: BARTON, H. ARNOLD, - Letters from the promised land; Swedes in America, 1840-1914.
42037: BARTON, LARRY, - Refining metals electrically.
8676: BARUCCI, CLEMENTINA., - Strumenti e cultura del progetto; manualistica e letteratura tecnica in Italia, 1860-1920.
39211: BARUDIO, GÜNTER [GUNTER], - Der Teutsche Krieg, 1618-1648.
35307: BARWICK, KARL, - Probleme der stoischen Sprachlehre und Rhetorik.
43494: BARZUN, JACQUES, - Romanticism and the modern ego.
39063: BAS, ANGELOS, - Opisi kmeckega oblacilnega videza na slovenskem v1. polovici 19. stoletja.
4329: BASKE, SIEGFRIED, ED., - Zwei Jahrzehnte Bildungspolitik in der sowjetzone Deutschlands: Dokumente.
12578: BASKETT, JOHN., - The horse in art. Foreword by Paul Mellon.
34984: BASOGLU, AYHAN (CARTOONIST) AND MUJDAT KAYAYERLI (TEXT), - Nasreddin Hodja; the Turk who makes the world laugh; some famous stories from Turkey.
28619: BASOMBRIO, CARLOS Y FERNANDO ROSPIGLIOSI, - La seguridad y sus instituciones en el Peru a inicios del siglo XXI; reformas democraticas o neomilitarismo.
23265: BASS, GENE AND JACK PORTICE, - Carving weathered wood; tips and techniques for award-winning carvings.
32225: BASS, ILJA, - Seren Kerkegor; zizn, filosofija, christanstvo.
40361: BASS, H., ED., - Hermitian K-theory and geometric applications. Proceedings of the Conference held at the Seattle Research Center of the Battelle Memorial Institute, from August 28 to September 8, 1972.
28319: BASSERMANN, DIETER, - Am Rande des Unsagbaren; neue Rilke-Aufsätze.
28320: BASSERMANN, DIETER, - Rilkes Vermächtnis für unsere Zeit.
35405: BASSET, JONATHAN, - The poor man's catechism, or, the doctrine of the Church of Christ explained.
38945: BASSETT, RONALD, - HMS Sheffield; the life and times of "Old Shiny".
34953: BASSETT, EDMUND, - Reminiscences of some of the highways and byways of Red Hook.
42689: BASSINGTHWAIGHTE, JAMES B., CARL A. GORESKY AND JOHN H. LINEHAN, EDS., - Whole organ approaches to cellular metabolism; permeation, cellular uptake, and product formation. With 190 illustrations.
43199: BASTEA, ELENI, - The creation of modern Athens; planning the myth.
43089: BASU, DILIP K., ED., - The rise and growth of the colonial port cities in Asia.
41532: BATAILLE, GEORGES, - La part maudite. Precede de La notion de depense. Introduction de Jean Piel.
40666: BATAILLE, GEORGES, - Madame Edwarda.
40660: BATAILLE, GEORGES, - Le mort.
40425: BATAILLE, GEORGES (BERNARD NOEL), - La pratique de la joie devant la mort. Texte etabli par Bernard Noel.
40683: BATAILLE, GEORGES, - Ma mère; roman inédit.
40426: BATAILLE, GEORGES (BERNARD NOEL), - La pratique de la joie devant la mort. Texte etabli par Bernard Noel.
21760: BATES, SAMUEL P., - History of Greene County, Pennsylvania [with] Index. Two volumes.
25847: BATES, SCOTT, ED., - 1967 peace calendar and appointment book; poems of war resistance. Introduction by Kenneth Patchen, with the first publication of his "The Century When Even Death Died".
34550: BATES, WILLIAM W., - American navigation; the political history of its rise and ruin and the proper means for its encouragement.
23570: BATIFFOL, LOUIS, - Les anciennes republiques Alsaciennes.
17203: BATTENHOUSE, ROY W., ED., - A companion to the study of St. Augustine.
14931: BATTISTON, ANDREA, - Edifici sacri di Fossalta.
41824: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES (YVES FLORENNE, ED.), - Oeuvres completes. Edition etablie dans un ordre nouveau presentee et annotee par Yves Florenne. Three volumes and index.
36129: BAUDOUIN, CHARLES, ED., - Hommage a Romain Rolland.
41534: BAUDRILLARD, JEAN, - Le systeme des objets.
42358: BAUER, BELINDA, - The beautiful dead.
41812: BAUER, BELINDA, - The beautiful dead.
1947: BAUHAN, MARY ELIZABETH., - The portrait of a courageous woman; a biographical sketch.
14444: BAUMANN, PIERRE ET AL., EDS., - Alpha1-acid glycoprotein, genetics, biochemistry, physiological functions, and pharmacology. Proceedings of a meeting held in Prilly-Lausanne, Switzerland, September 1-2, 1988.
29770: BAUMANN, WILHELM UND WOLFGANG STRAUSS, HRSG., - Der Lebenskreis; ein Lese- und Vortragsbuch für [fur] Fest und Feier.
29707: BÄUMER, GERTRUD, - Frau Rath Goethe; die Mutter der Weisheit.
31743: BAUMGARDT, DAVID, - Bentham and the ethics of today; with Bentham manuscripts hitherto unpublished.
3060: BÄUMLER, ERNST., - Ein Jahrhundert Chemie. Mit zwei Beiträgen von G. Erhart und V. Muthesius.

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