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51091: Beauvoir, Simone de (Bernard Frechtman, tr.) - The Ethics of Ambiguity. Translated from the French by Bernard Frechtman
35536: Beaver, Paul - Diary of an Amazon Jungle Guide; Amazing Encounters with Tropical Nature and Culture
46172: Bechard, Frederic - Les Etats Du Languedoc
21650: Beck, R.S. - An Economic Study of Land Utilization in Rensselaer County, New York
19312: Beck, Carl, ed - Law and Justice; Essays in Honor of Robert S. Rankin
25407: Beck, Robert R. - Nonviolent Story; Narrative Confict Resolution in the Gospel of Mark
48540: Becker, Howard I. - Early Maps of the Lower Mohawk River
48538: Becker, Howard I. - Early Maps of the Lower Mohawk River
48545: Becker, Howard I. - History Ca-Nas-Ta-Gi-O-Ne [Canastagione]; North of the Mohawk River at Niskayuna
51250: Becker, Robert A. - Revolution, Reform, and the Politics of American Taxation, 1763-1783
23652: Becker, August - Die Pfalz Und Die Pfälzer [Pfalzer]. Bearbeitet Von Oskar Bischoff
44041: Becker, Helmut - Untersuchungen Zum Epischen Werk Alfred Dölbins [Dolbins] Am Beispiel Seines Romans "Berlin Alexanderplatz
48544: Becker, Howard I. - History Ca-Nas-Ta-Gi-O-Ne [Canastagione]; North of the Mohawk River at Niskayuna
48543: Becker, Howard I. - 1790-1850 Town Census of Clifton Park, Half Moon, Waterford and Niskayuna
48542: Becker, Howard I. - Town of Clifton Park Cemeteries
48539: Becker, Howard I. - Early Maps of the Lower Mohawk River
45306: Becker, H. - Die Elektrometallurgie Der Alkalimetalle. Mit 83 Figuren Und 3 Tabellen IM Text
45189: Becker, Gerhard, Ursula Mader, Hans Otten und Klaus Vetter, hrsg - Historische Forschungen in Der Ddr 1960-1970; Analysen Und Berichte Zum XIII. Internationalen Historikerkongreß [Historikerkongress] in Moskau 1970
37976: Becker, Josef und Klaus Hildebrand unter Mitarbeit von Klaus Peter Prem, Marie-Luise Recker und Rolf Wenzel - Internationale Beziehungen in Der Weltwirtschaftskrise 1929-1933; Referate Und Diskussionsbeiträge [Diskussionsbeitrage] Eines Augsburger Symposions, 29. März [Marz] Bis 1. April 1979
2780: Becker, Klaus - Die Behördliche [Behordliche] Erlaubnis Des Absolutistischen Fürstenstaates [Furstenstaates]. (Phd Thesis, Philipps-Universität [Universitat] Su Marburg. )
47403: Beckerman, Hannah - If Only I Could Tell You
8904: Beddini, Luciano, ed - Citta, Colore Ed Altre Qualita; IL Progetto Di Arredo Urbano Per la Citta Di Foligno
43795: Bede, Venerable (Rev. J.A. Giles, tr.) - The Miscellaneous Works of Venerable Bede, in the Original Latin, Collated with the Manuscripts, and Various Printed Editions. Accompanied by a New English Translation of the Historical Works, and a Life of the Author, by the Rev. J.A. Giles. Vols. 1-6 Only (of 12)
50007: Bedell, Cornelia F. (compiler) - Now and Then and Long Ago in Rockland County, New York
36067: Bedikian, A.A. - The Golden Age in the Fifth Century; an Introduction to Armenian Literature in Perspective
40201: Beecher, Henry Ward - Sermon Briefs. Transcribed from the Author's Manuscript Notes of Unpublished Discourses, and Edited, by John R. Howard and Truman J. Ellinwood
50827: Beeching, H.C. - In a Garden, and Other Poems
17420: Beedell, Suzanne - Water in the Garden
32336: Beekelaar, G.A.M. - Rond Grondwetsherziening En Herstel Der Hiërarchie; de Hollandse Katholieke Jongeren, 1847-1852
22857: Gehlen, Pierre C., Joe R. Beeler and Robert I. Jaffee, eds - Interatomic Potentials and Simulation of Lattice Defects
39874: Beethoven, Ludwig van (Albert E. Wier, ed.) - The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven in Score. Edited and Devised by Albert E. Wier. [Cover: With an Entirely Original System of Signals for Identifying Themes As They Appear, Are Developed and Recur, Making Reading of Scores Simple for Everyone Who Can Follow Ordinary Instrumental or Vocal Music]
36769: Defoe, Daniel (Sir Mason M. Beeton and E. Beresford Chancellor, eds.) - A Tour Thro' London About the Year 1725, Being Letter V and Parts of Letter VI of "a Tour Thro' the Whole Island of Great Britain", Containing a Description of the City of London, As Taking in the City of Westminster, Borough of Southwark and Parts of Middlesex. Edited and Annotated by Sir Mason M. Beeton and E. Beresford Chancellor
13118: Begley, Alice C. - Historic Markers in the Town of Guilderland, Albany County, New York
50211: Beguin, Albert - L'Ame Romantique Et Reve; Essai Sur le Romantisme Allemand Et la Poesie Francaise
40548: Behar, Henri - Roger Vitrac; Un Reprouve Du Surrealisme
40815: Behar, Henri - Etude Sur le Theatre Dada Et Surrealiste
51211: Miller, Robert J., Jacinta Ruru, Larissa Behrendt and Tracey Lindberg - Discovering Indigenous Lands; the Doctrine of Discovery in the English Colonies
49474: Beicken, Peter U. - Franz Kafka; Eine Kritische Einführung [Einfuhrung] in Die Forschung
22166: Beier, Rosmarie - Frauenarbeit Und Frauenalltag IM Deutschen Kaiserreich; Heimarbeiterinnen in Der Berliner Bekleidungsindustrie, 1880-1914
43077: Beiles, Yudel - Yudke
15264: Bein, Alex - Theodor Herzl: Biographie. Mit 63 Bildern Und Einer Ahnentafel
11046: Bejarano, Francisco, Jose Luque Navajas, et al. - Malaga, Costa Del Sol
29929: Bekk, J.B. - Die Bewegung in Baden Von Ende Des Februar 1848 Bis Zur Mitte Des Mai 1849
14446: van Bekkum, D.W., ed - The Biological Activity of Thymic Hormones
48949: Belanger, Alvert A. (compiler) - Guide Officiel Des Franco-Americains, 1940. 13eme Edition Illustree
42515: Village of Scotia 100th Anniversary Committee (Belfance, Bonnie, ed.) - Scotia; 100 Years, 1904-2004; Memories of a Village
17404: Belgardt, Raimund - Romantische Poesie: Begriff Und Bedeutung Bei Friedrich Schlegel
23720: Belicky, Karol - Za Krasami Slovenska
33152: Belin, J.-P - Le Mouvement Philosophique de 1748 a 1789: Etude; Sur la Diffusion Des Idees Des Philosophes a Paris D'Apres Les Documents Concernant L'Histoire de la Librairie
44601: Belin, J.-P - Le Commerce Des Livres Prohibes a Paris de 1750 a 1789
50458: Bell, Sir Charles - Engravings of the Brain and Nerves. Including Facsimiles of the First Editions of the Anatomy of the Brain, Explained in a Series of Engravings (1802); a Series of Engravings, Explaing the Course of the Nerves (1803); on the Nerves of the Face (1802)
31859: Burne Jones, Edward (Malcolm Bell and Arsene Alexandre) - Sir Edward Burne Jones; First Series; Second Series. 2 Volume Set
51358: Bell, Lilian - A Little Sister to the Wilderness
25227: Bell, James A., auditor - Annual Financial Report of the Auditor of the Canal Department, State of New York
37663: Bell, Catherine D. - The Way to Be Happy; the Story of Willie, the Gardener Boy
50341: Bell, Charles, Sir - Engravings of the Brain and Nerves. Including Facsimiles of the First Editions of the Anatomy of the Brain (1802), a Series of Engravings, Explaining the Course of the Nerves (1803) [and] on the Nerves of the Face (1829)
30482: Bellay, Joachim du (Henri Chamard, ed.) - La Deffence Et Illustration de la Langue Francoyse. Ed. Critique Par Henri Chamard
45926: Du Bellay, Joachim - La Deffence Et Illustration de la Langue Francoyse. Edition Critique Publiee Par Henri Chamard
45927: Du Bellay, Joachim - Divers Jeux Rustiques. Edition Critique Commentée Par Verdun L. Saulnier
50210: Du Bellay, Joachim - Les Regrets Et Autres Oeuvres Poetiques Suivis Des Antiquitez de Rome, Plus Un Songe Ou Vision Sur le Mesme Subject. Texte Etabli Par J. Jolliffe. Introduit Et Commente Par M.A. Screech
46778: Bellman, Carl Michael - Der Lieb Zu Gefallen; Eine Auswahl Seiner Lieder Zweisprachig. Die Schwedischen Texte Wurden Singbar Verdeutscht Durch H.C. Artmann Und Michael Korth. Musikalische Bearbeitung Von Johannes Heimrath. Illustrationen Von Johan Tobias Sergel Und Anderen
38057: Belloni, Georges - Aulard; Historien de la Revolution Francaise. Preface de Albert Bayet
47068: Below, Minnie von - Georg Von Below; Ein Lebensbild Für [Fur] Seine Freunde
43615: Belsham, Thomas - A Review of Mr. Wilberforce's Treatise, Entitled "a Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians," in a Letter to a Lady. With a Preface, Containing the Author's Reply to Animadversion Upon This Review. Third Edition, Revised
50439: Belsky, Judy - Thread of Blue; a Journey Through Loss, Faith and Renewal
26388: Bélza, Igor Fedorovic - Vasilii Rodionovic Petrov; Sbornik Statei I Materialov
40333: Belzoni, Giovanni Battista - Le Jeune Voyager En Egypte Et En Nubie
45846: Ben, Fernand Jean - Le Pays de Saint-Tropez
27618: Benamou, Georges-Marc - Un Mensonge Francais; Retours Sur la Guerre D' Algerie
37881: Smilg-Benario, Michael - Der Zusammenbruch Der Zarenmonarchie. Mit 75 Abbildungen Und 2 Karten
48613: Bencivenga, Roberto - L'America Verde
20672: Bender, Hans, ed - Was Sind Das Fur Zeiten; Deutschsprachige Gedichte Der Achtziger Jahre
20990: Bender, Hans, ed - In Diesem Lande Leben Wir; Deutsche Gedichte Der Gegenwart. Eine Anthologie in Zehn Kapiteln
40335: The Stanford University Libraries (J. Terry Bender, compiler) - Les Architectes Du Livre; Contemporary Creative French Bookbinding from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Morgan A. Gunst and Mr. And Mrs. Edward H. Heller in an Exhibition by the Stanford University Libraries. Shown in the Albert M. Bender Room, September 23-October 20, 1956
45395: Bendrodt, J.C. - A Man, a Dog, Two Horses
50724: Benes, Peter, ed - Early American Probate Inventories
48127: The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife (Peter Benes, ed.) - Painting and Portrait Making in the American Northeast
48126: The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife (Peter Benes, ed.) - Medicine and Healing
48124: The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife (Peter Benes, ed.) - New England/New France, 1600-1850
48277: Benes, Vojta - Bije Hodina Dvanacta! Americkym Cechum
49646: The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife (Peter Benes, ed.) - New England Collectors and Collections
35417: Plato (Eugenio Benitez, ed.) - Dialogues with Plato. Edited by Eugenio Benitez
27203: Benitez, Jaime - Homenaje a Ruben Dario (la Torre; Revista General de la Universidad de Puerto Rico; año [Ano] XV. Nums. 55 Y 56; Enero-Junio, 1967)
34657: Benjamin, John J. - Cruising Boats Within Your Budget
19297: Boretz, Benjamin and Edward T. Cone, eds - Perspectives on Schoenberg and Stravinsky
30322: Benjamin, A. Cornelius - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
23389: Bennett, Robert F. - Surfboats, Rockets, and Carronades
49828: Bennett, Geoffrey - Coronel and the Falklands
47064: Bennett, E.K. (H.M. Waidson) - A History of the German Novelle. Revised and Continued by H.M. Waidson
46933: Habel, Eric W. (Louise Bennett and Michael Saccocio, eds.) - City Mission of Schenectady; a History of Service: 1906-1996
39382: Bennett, Edward W. - Germany and the Diplomacy of the Financial Crisis, 1931
37792: Bennett, Rev. John - Letters to a Young Lady on a Variety of Useful and Interesting Subjects; Calculated to Improve the Heart, to Form the Manners and Enlighten the Understanding. Two Volumes Complete in One
47258: Benoit, Fernand - Les Baux. Ouvrage Illustre de 49 Gravures Et 1 Plan. Troisieme Edition
30392: Bense, Max - Vom Wesen Deutscher Denker Oder Zwischen Kritik Und Imperativ
41775: Benserade, Isaac de (Octave Uzanne, ed.) - Poesies. Publiees Par Octave Uzanne
44250: Benson, George S. - Make Mine Freedom; an Address in Rock-Ribbed New England
38224: Benson, E.F. [Edward Frederic] - The Blotting Book
37337: Lounsbury, Clarence, Robert Wildermuth, W.E. Benson and D.F. Kinsman - Soil Survey; Albany and Schenectady Counties, New York
24108: Benstock, Shari - Textualizing the Feminine; on the Limits of Genre
30755: Bentham, George - Outline of a New System of Logic. With a Critical Examination of Dr. Whately's "Elements of Logic
37520: Benton, Nathaniel S. - A History of Herkimer County, Including the Upper Mohawk Valley, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. With a Brief Notice of the Iroquois Indians, the Early German Tribes, the Palatine Immigrations Into the Colony of New York, and Biographical Sketches of the Palatine Families, the Patentees of Burnetsfield in the Year 1725. Also Biographical Notices of the Most Prominent Publicmen of the County, with Important Statistical Information
32585: Benvenisti, Meron - The Crusaders in the Holy Land
25007: Benz, Richard - Geist Und Reich; Um Dei Bestimmung Des Deutschen
14689: Beranger, P.J. de - Oeuvres de P.J. Beranger. Nouvelle Edition Contenant Les Dix Chansons Publiees En 1847. Avec Un Portrait Grave Sur Bois D'Apres Charlet
35655: Berardinone, Valentina (G.M. Accame, ed.) - Valentina Berardinone. A Cura Di G.M. Accame
44731: Berchorius, Petrus - De Formis Figurisque Deorum. Textus E Codice Brux. , Bibl. Reg. 863-9 Critice Editus
37704: Bercovici, Konrad - Against the Sky
28418: Berenson, Bernard - Rumour and Reflection, 1941-1944
37966: Berezhnoi, S.S. [Sergei Sergeevich] - Korabli I Suda Vmf Sssr, 1928-1945; Spravochnik
51277: Berg, Hermann von - Demythologizing Marx; the Book the Shattered Communism in Eastern Europe
30539: Berg, J. van den - De Anatomie Van Nederland; Deel Een
50660: Berg, Roland H. - Polio and Its Problems. With a Foreword by Basil O'Connor. With 24 Illustrations
45532: Berg, Bengt - Die Letsten Adler. Neue Ausgabe
44985: Bergedorf, Mar - Faust Und Das Christliche VolksbewußTsein [Volksbewusstsein]
44992: Bergengruen, Werner - Das Geheimnis Verbleibt; Das Unendliche Mindert Sich Nicht, Wenn Das Endliche Wächst, Und Das Geheimnis Verbleibt
29691: Berger, Ludwig - Vom Menschen Johannes Brahms
1724: [Berger, Marcel] - Le Style Au Microscope, "Jeunes Gloires", Par Criticus. [Tome II. Studies of] Herve Bazin, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Maurice Druon, J-J. Gautier, Louis Guilloux, Robert Merle, Roger Peyrefitte, Prevert, Raymond Quéneau, Jules Roy, Elsa Triolet
48458: Berger, P. Joh. Nep - Leben Und Wirken Des Johannes Nep. Neumann, Aus Der Congregation Des Allerh. Erlösers [Erlosers] Mit Approbation Der Obern
29761: Berger, Ludwig - Die Unverhoffte Lebensreise Der Constanze Mozart; Aus Den Verlorenen Aufzeichnungen Des Königlich Dänischen [Koniglich Danischen] Wirklichen Etats-Raths Georg Nikolaus Von Nissen
36121: Bergeron, Andre - Ma Route Et Mes Combats
24566: Van Bergh, Hendrick - Genosse Feind; Unveröffentlichte [Unveroffentlichte] Dokumente über [Uber] Die Rote Armee
32860: Bergin, Osborn - Bardic Poetry; a Lecture Delivered Before the National Literary Society, Dublin, April 15th, 1912
21075: Bergk, Johann Adam - Der Buchhändler [Buchhandler]; Oder Anweisung, Wie Man Durch Den Buchhandel Zu Ansehen Und Vermögen [Vermogen] Kommen Kann. Mit Einem Nachwort Herausgegeben Von Gerd Schulz
12605: Berglund, S.; Davis, R. D.; and L'Hermite, P. (ed.) - Utilisation of Sewage Sludge on Land: Rates of Application and Long-Term Effects of Metals; Proceedings of a Seminar Held at Uppsala, June 7-9, 1983
23617: Bergmann, Stefan - Sur Les Fonctions Orthogonales de Pludieurs Variables Complexes Avec Les Applications a la Theorie Des Fonctions Analytiques
24964: Technische Universität [Universitat] Berlin (Herbert A. Strauss und Werner Bergmann, hrsg.) - Lerntag über [Uber] Vorurteilsforschung Heute; Gemeinsam Mit Der Research Foundation for Jewish Immigration, New York; Am 9. November 1986
31981: Bergmann, Alfred - Das Detmolder Zuchthaus Als Stätte [Statte] Von Christian Dietrich Grabbes; Kindheit Und Jugend. Zugleich Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Strafvollzuges in Lippe an Der Wende Vom Achtzehnten Zum Neunzehnten Jahrhundert
31970: Bergmann, Alfred - Quellen Des Grabbeschen "Napoleon
31855: Bergmann, Alfred, hrsg - Grabbe in Berichten Seiner Zeitgenossen
45190: Bergmann, Alfred - Carl Augusts Begegnungen Mit Zeitgenossen; Ein Bild Seiner Personlichkeit in Briefen Und Berichten, Tagebuchaufzeichningen Und Selbstzeugnissen. Gesammelt Und Herausgegeben Von Alfred Bergmann
51303: Bergmann, Gustav - The Metaphysics of Logical Positivism
39596: Bergold, Carl Erik - Uppsala Stadsbyggande, 1900-1960
37840: Berkenvelder, F.C. - Zo Was Zwolle Rond 1900
41170: Berkley, James D., ed - Leadership Handbooks of Practical Theology; Vol. One: Word and Worship
28081: Berkowitz, Monroe, David Dean, and Peter Mitchell (Barbara Duncan and Diane Woods, eds.) - Social Security Disability Programs; an International Perspective; Austria, Canada, Finland, Israel, Sweden, the Netherlands, Federal Republic of Germany, England
47599: Berlainmont, Noel de (Brian F. Head, ed.) - Colloquia Et Dictionariolum Octo Linguarum
46667: Berlet, Charles - Les Provinces Au XVIII Siecle Et Leur Division En Departements; Essai Sur la Formation de L'Unite Francaise
20615: Fakultat fur Landbau der Technischen Universitat Berlin - Bericht Uber Die Exkursion Der Fakultat Fur Landbau Der Technischen Universitat Berlin Nach Polen; Vom 3. -13. Juli 1967
29936: Staatliche Museen/Berlin - Ausstellung Altjapanischer Kunst
24447: Der Staatlichen Schlösser [Schlosser] und Gärten [Garten] Potsdam-Sanssouci und der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Berliner Porzellan Des 18. Jahrhunderts; Ausstellung Zum 200jährigen Jubiläum [200jahrigen Jubilaum] Der Manufaktur
31271: Berlioz, Hector - The Childhood of Christ (L'Enfance Du Christ); a Sacred Trilogy. The Words and Music by Hector Berlioz. English Version by Paul England. (Op. 25)
23768: Berman, Jeffrey - Diaries to an English Professor; Pain and Growth in the Classroom
33785: Berman, Isaac - Sharing... Caring... ; Selected Writings of Isaac Berman
37365: Bernal, Martin - Chinese Socialism to 1913
48421: Bernard, Antoine - Histoire de la Louisiane de Ses Origines a Nos Jours. Avec Cartes Et Illustrations
30359: Bernard, Bernard - Correct and Corrective Eating
45975: Bernard, Augustin - Petits Edifices; Troisieme Serie; Cinquante-Six Planches; Normandie; Constructions Rurales En Pans de Bois. Accompagnees de Huit Dessins Au Crayon Par Augustin Bernard. Preface de Georges Gromort
45974: Bernard, Augustin - Petits Edifices; Deuxieme Serie; Cinquante-Six Planches; Normandie; Constructions Urbaines En Pans de Bois. Accompagnees de Huit Dessins Au Crayon Par Augustin Bernard. Preface de Georges Gromort
47013: Bernd, Clifford Albrecht, ed - Grillparzer's Der Arme Spielmann; New Directions in Criticism
40731: Berne, Suzanne - The Dogs of Littlefield; a Novel
48610: Bernecker, Paul - Gäste [Gaste] Aus Amerika; Bericht über [Uber] Eine Oeec-Studienreise in Die Vereinigten Staaten IM Rahmen Von Technical Assistance, Vom 3. April Bis 18. Mai 1950
28592: Bernhart, Joseph - Die Philosophische Mystik Des Mittelalters Von Ihren Antiken Ursprüngen [Ursprungen] Bis Zur Renaissance. Mit Einer Zeichnung Seuses
29745: Bernhart, Joseph - Der Vatikan Als Weltmacht; Geschichte Und Gestalt Des Papsttums
25574: Bernhart, Joseph - Franz Von Assisi; Leben Und Wort
49274: Bernier, Yvon (text) - Petite Plaisance; Marguerite Yourcenar, 1903-1987
31595: Bernsdorf, Wilhelm, hrsg. (in Verbindung mit Horst Knospe) - Internationales Soziologen Lexikon. Unter Mitarbeit Zahlreicher Fachleute Des in- Und Auslandes. Redaktion Für U.S. A. , Joseph Maier
51037: Bernstein, Alan E. - The Formation of Hell; Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds
39180: Berot, Marcellin - La Vie Des Hommes de la Montagne Dans Les Pyrenees Racontée Par la Toponymie. Preface de Jean-Francois le Nail
45081: Berrien, Katharine - Daddy Ben; a Study in Black and White, Being a Story of the Lives of Real Personages During the CIVIL War
51130: Vilar-Berrogain, Gabrielle - Guide Des Recherches Dans Les Fonds D'Enregistrement Sous L'Ancien Regime
46496: Vilar-Berrogain, Gabrielle - Guide Des Recherches Dans Les Fonds D'Enregistrement Sous L'Ancien Regime
46495: Vilar-Berrogain, Gabrielle - Guide Des Recherches Dans Les Fonds D'Enregistrement Sous L'Ancien Regime
41750: Bertaut, Jean (Louis Terreaux, ed.) - Recueil de Quelques Vers Amoureux. Edition Critique Publiee Par Louis Terreaux
46985: Berthier, J.J. - L'Eglise de Sainte-Sabine a Rome
44386: Berthold, Werner, et al. - Deutsche Intellektuelle IM Exil; Ihre Akademie Und Die "American Guild for Cultural Freedom". Eine Ausstellung Des Deutschen Exilarchivs 1933-1945 Der Deutschen Bibliothek, Frankfurt Am Main
46651: Berthollet, Jean - L' Eveche D'Autun; Etude Historique Et Descriptive. Illustree de Trois Dessins de Jean Menand de Sept Photographies Et de Huit Plans
38445: Berthollet, Claude-Louis (M. Farrell, tr.) - Researches Into the Laws of Chemical Affinity. Translated from the French by M. Farrell. With a New Introduction to the Da Capo Edition by Dr. Jack Bulloff
38406: Berti, Enrico - La Filosofia Del Primo Aristotlel
47253: Bertin, Ernest - Les Mariages Dans L'Ancienne Societe Francaise
6551: Olivar-Bertrand, R. - Oratoria Politica Y Oradores Del Ochocientos. Homenaje Al 150 Aniversario de la Revolucion de Mayo, Bahia Blanca, 1960
21485: Bertraux, Pierre - Garschöne [Garschone] Spiele Spiel' Ich Mit Dir!; Zu Goethes Spieltrieb
19948: Bertuzzi, Giordano, ed - IL Millenario Di S. Pietro Di Modena, II; Studi E Documenti. Autori Vari
25202: Berwin, Margot - Hothouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire
23185: Beser, Sergio - Leopold Alas, Critico Literario
4962: Besses, Pierre - Roman Aborigene Et Societe Australienne. La Femme Noire Dans L'Oeuvre Coloniale de K.S. Prichard (1907-1738)
50624: Betancourt, Eduardo Lopez y Raul Lopez y Cruz - La Pena de Muerte
50622: Betancourt, Eduardo Lopez - Teoria Del Delito. Decimonovena Edicion
50623: Betancourt, Eduardo Lopez y Luis O. Porte Petit Moreno - El Delito de Fraude (Reflexiones). Prologo de Sergio Garcia Ramirez. Septima Edicion
50598: Betancourt, Eduardo Lopez - El Antifederalismo de Carlos Maria de Bustamante
50599: Betancourt, Eduardo Lopez - El Derecho En Mexico. Segunda Edicion
46916: Bethcke, Ernst - Politische Generale; Kreise Und Krisen Um Bismarck
14627: Bethge, Richard - Ergebnisse Und Fortschritte Der Germanistischen Wissenschaft IM Letzten Vierteljahrhundert
44384: Bethge, Wolfgang - Goethes Auseinandersetzung Mit Dem Absurden in Dichtung Und Wahrheit
45311: Betts, Anson Gardner - Bleiraffination Durch Elektrolyse. Aus Dem Englischen übersetzt [Ubersetzt] Von Viktor Engelhardt. Mit 74 Abbildungen, 135 Tabellen IM Text Und 16 Tafeln
44958: Betz, Maurice - Rilke in Frankreich; Erinnerungen, Briefe, Dokumente
50156: Betz, Maurice - Rilke a Paris Et Les Cahiers de Malte Laurids Brigge
21432: Beutler, Ernst - Von Deutscher Baukunst; Goethes Hymnus Auf Erwin Von Steinbach, Seine Entstehung Und Wirkung. Mit 8 Abbildungen
44010: Beutler, Ernst - Essays Um Goethe. Zweite, Erweiterte Auflage. Mit 28 Abbildungen. Two Volumes
46913: Nationaal Socialistische Beweging - No. 1 Programma Der Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging in Nederland, December 1931. [Cover: Programma Met Toelichting (1 En 2)]
43880: Bewick, Thomas - Memoir of Thomas Bewick, Written by Himself, 1822-1828. With an Introduction by Edmund Blunden
8309: Beyen, H. G. - Andrea Mantegna En de Verovering Der Ruimte in de Schilderkunst
51460: Bezilla, Michael - The College of Agriculture at Penn State; a Tradition of Excellence
51452: Bezilla, Michael - Engineering Education at Penn State; a Century in the Land-Grant Tradition
34551: Bezzel, Christoph - Natur Bei Kafka; Studien Zur ästhetik [Asthetik] Des Poetischen Zeichens
26105: Bhaskar, Roy - Philosophy and the Idea of Freedom
47531: Biasca, Cynthia (Laurene Matthews Grimes) - Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt. With Three Supplements; 1: Supplement to Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt (Biasca); 2: Second Supplement to Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt, Including Van Derzee (Grimes); 3: Third Supplement to Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt, Including Van Derzee (Grimes). Four Volumes
44370: Galli-Bibiena, Ferdinando - Direzioni a Giovani Studenti Nel Disegno Dell'Architettura Civile, Dell' Accademia Clementina... Edizione Terza. [Volume 2 Is Titled] Direzioni Della Prospettiva Teorica Corrispondenti a Quelle Dell'Architettura Istruzione Ai Giovani Studenti de Pittura, E Architettura Nell' Accademia Clementina Dell' Institute Delle Scienze. Raccolte Da Ferdinando Galli Bibiena. Divise in Cinque Parti. Tomo Secondo Dedicate Dall'Autore A.S. Petronio. Seconda Edizione
39755: Institut Biblique et de Mission Orthodoxe - L'Eglise Orthodoxe Roumaine
51281: Samuels, Warren J., Jeff E. Biddle and John B. Davis, eds - A Companion to the History of Economic Thought
11122: Bidwell, Charles E. - The Structure of Russian in Outline
50434: Biedermann, Hans (Rosemarie Werba, tr.) - Medicina Magica; Metaphysical Healing Methods in Late-Antique and Medieval Manuscripts. With Thirty Facsimile Plates. Translated from the German by Rosemarie Werba
43965: Bierstadt, O.A. - The Library of Robert Hoe; a Contribution to the History of Bibliophilism in America. With One Hundred and Ten Illustrations Taken from Manuscripts and Books in the Collection
38050: Bigazzi, Isabella, ed - Un Memoriale Di Piero Di Vincenso Strozzi. A Cura Di Isabella Bigazzi
15919: Biggs, Mary - A Gift That Cannot Be Refused: The Writing and Publishing of Contemporary American Poetry
37292: Bignell, Alan - Kent Villages
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45819: Canivet, Diane - L'Illustration de la Poesie Et Du Roman Francais Au XVII Siecle. Ouvrage Publie Avec le Concours Du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
36329: Cannold, Leslie - The Book of Rachael
44979: Cannon, Harry Sharp - Sudermann's Treatment of Verse
27161: Cansick, Frederick Teague - A Collection of Curious and Interesting Epitaphs, Copied from the Existing Monuments of Distinguished and Noted Characters in the Churches and Churchyards of Hornsey, Tottenham, Edmonton, Enfield, Friern Barnet and Hadley, Middlesex
25904: Cantelli, Giuseppe e Gabriella Mancini - IL "Rinascimento" Nella Maiolica Ginori Dell 'Ottocento
40974: Cantor, Rachel - Good on Paper; a Novel
49164: The Temporary State Commission on the Restoration of the Capitol - The Master Plan for the New York State Capitol
50992: Caponigro, Paul - Paul Caponigro
50960: Caponigro, Paul (David Stroud, text) - Masterworks from Forty Years
8675: Caputo, Vincenzo - Duecentosettanta Fontane Per I Bellunesi
50822: Caraman, Philip - Henry Morse; Priest of the Plague
42226: Caravaggi, Giovanni, ed - Cancioneros Spagnoli a Milano
51390: Taggie, Benjamin F., Richard W. Clement, James E. Caraway and Guy Mermier, eds - Mediterranean Studies; Volume Five
51391: Taggie, Benjamin F., Richard W. Clement, James E. Caraway and Guy Mermier, eds - Mediterranean Studies; Volume Four
47267: Carboni, Giacomo - L'Armistizio E la Difesa Di Roma; Verita E Menzogne
33755: Cardinale, Susan (compiler, with Jay Casey) - Anthologies by and About Women; an Analytical Index
34470: Carew, Peter - Combat and Carnival
31283: Carissimi, Giacomo - Oratorii; Per Soli, Coro, Strumenti Ad Arco E Basso D'Organo. Trascrizione, Armonizzazione E Riduzione Per Canto E Pianoforte a Cura Di F. Balilla Pratella. IL Giudizio Di Salomone
38539: Carl, Wolfgang - Frege's Theory of Sense and Reference; Its Origin and Scope
26156: Carlebach, Julius, hrsg - Zur Geschichte Der Jüdischen [Judischen] Frau in Deutschland
27131: Carlén, Emilie F. (Elbert Perce, tr.) - The Home in the Valley. From the Original Swedish by Elbert Perce
38474: Carleton, William - Fardorougha the Miser, or the Convicts of Lisnamona. With an Introduction by Benedict Kiely
31791: Carleton, Jetta - Clair de Lune
2170: Carli, Enzo - Pre-Conquest Goldsmiths' Work of Colombia, in the Museo Del Oro, Bogota
8418: Carli, Enzo - Musei Senesi
33729: Collegium Carlinum - Probleme Der Böhmischen [Bohmischen] Geschichte; Vorträge [Vortrage] Der Wissenschaftlichen Tagung Des Collegium Carolinum in Stuttgart Vom 29. Bis 31. Mai 1963
48148: Hernandez, Jose (Frank G. Carrino, Alberto J. Carlos and Norman Mangouni, trs.) - The Gaucho Martin Fierro (1872). Facsimile Reproduction of the First Edition with a New English Translation
48299: Carlsen, N.C. - LIV Og Virksomhed I Herrens Vingaard
30095: Carlsen, Ingvald B. - Kirkefronten I Norge; Under Okkupasjonen, 1940-1945
29822: Ahlmann-Carlshütte [Carlshutte] - 125 Years of Carlshütte [Carlshutte]
38832: Carlson, Andrew R. - German Foreign Policy, 1890-1914, and Colonial Policy to 1914; a Handbook and Annotated Bibliography
31581: Carlsson, Anni - Die Fragmente Des Novalis
46250: Carlton, Susan Kaplan - In the Neighborhood of True
27639: Fundacion Gaditana del Carnaval - IV Seminario Del Carnaval; Actas; Cádiz [Cadiz] Del 21 Al 24 de Noviembre de 1990
48888: Carney, Donna J., ed - Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania; an Image Preserved
28630: Caro, Maurizio de - I Quartieri Dell'(Altra) Citta; Un Secolo Di Architettura Milanese Nei Progetti Iacp/Aler
49647: Eastwood, Carolyn and Beatrice Michaels Shapiro - Chicago's Jewish Street Peddlers (Eastwood) [and] Memories of Lawndale (Shapiro)
29578: Carossa, Hans - Eine Kindheit Und Verwandlungen Einer Jugend
23064: Carpenter, William Seal - Foundations of Modern Jurisprudence
50314: Carpue, J.C. - An Account of Two Successful Operations for Restoring a Lost Nose from the Integuments of the Forehead. With a Foreword and Biography by Frank Mcdowell
50193: Carr, Clare O'Neill - A Brief History of Red Hook
37925: Carre, Henri - La Noblesse de France Et L'Opinion Publique Au XVIII Siecle
42288: Carrington, FitzRoy, ed - The Kings' Lyrics; Lyrical Poems of the Reigns of King James I and King Charles I Together with the Ballad of Agincourt Written by Michael Drayton. Selected and Arranged by Fitzroy Carrington
27016: Carroll, John - Sceptical Sociology
22575: Carroll, H. K. - Francis Asbury in the Making of American Methodism
44339: New York State Medical Association (Alfred Ludlow Carroll, ed.) - Transactions of the New York State Medical Association for the Year 1886
44338: New York State Medical Association (Alfred Ludlow Carroll, ed.) - Transactions of the New York State Medical Association for the Year 1888. Volume 5 Only
43860: Carroll, Theodus - Firsts Under the Wire; the World's Fastest Horses (1900-1950)
49972: Carrouges, Michel (Emmett Parker, tr.) - Kafka Versus Kafka
33482: Carruthers, Peter - Tractarian Semantics; Finding Sense in Wittgenstein's Tractatus
44684: Carter, Will - Portfolio One; Specimen Sheets of Printing, Type-Design and Letter-Cutting
51150: Mies van der Rohe (Peter Carter) - Mies Van Der Rohe at Work
40976: Carter, M.J. - The Infidel Stain
47875: Carter, Lawson A. - Zola and the Theater
42016: Carter, Herbert R. - The Spinning and Twisting of Long Vegetable Fibres (Flax, Hemp, Jute, Tow, and Ramie); a Practical Manual of the Most Modern Methods As Applied to the Hackling, Carding, Preparing, Spinning, and Twisting of the Long Vegetable Fibres of Commerce. With 161 Illustrations (Including 10 Plates)
40322: Dodd Stuart Carter - A Controlled Experiment on Rural Hygiene in Syria; a Study in the Measurement of Rural Culture Patterns and of Social Forces
34984: Basoglu, Ayhan (cartoonist) and Mujdat Kayayerli (text) - Nasreddin Hodja; the Turk Who Makes the World Laugh; Some Famous Stories from Turkey
36302: Williamstown Historical Commission (Robert R.R. Brooks, William J. Cartwright and Albert Keep, eds.) - Williamstown; the First Two Hundred Years, 1753-1953 and Twenty Years Later, 1953-1973
49879: Carty, James, ed - Ireland from Grattan's Parliament to the Great Famine (1783-1850). A Documentary Record Compiled and Edited by James Carty
42220: Carus, C.G. - Göthe [Goethe]; Zu Dessen Näherem Berständnitz [Naherem Berstandnitz]. Beigegeben Ist Eine Reihe Bisher Ungedruckter Briefe Goethe's an Den Herausgeber
10971: Carus, Paul - Truth on Trial: An Exposition of the Nature of Truth. Preceded by a Critique of Pragmatism and an Appreciation of Its Leader
36813: Carus, Paul - Primer of Philosophy
6624: Cary, George E. - The One Hundreth Anniversary of the Essex North Association. Historical Sketches by... And Charles S. Holton
38075: Casalis, Eugene - Mes Souvenirs
43220: Las Casas, Fray Bartolome de - Brevisima Relacion de la Destruccion de Las Indias
41819: Casey, Anne-Marie - The Real Liddy James
48418: Casey, Alfredo - Dos Siglos de Poesia Norteamericana; Poetas Blancos Y Negros de Los Ee. Uu
31076: Casey, John - The Language of Criticism
26642: Casi, Fausto - Scienziati Aretini Dal '400 Al '700; Strumenti.
47038: Caspari, Fritz - Humanism and the Social Order in Tudor England
34729: Cassatt, Mary (Nancy Mowll Mathews, ed.) - Cassatt; a Retrospective
46793: Cassau, Theodor (J.F. Mills, tr.) - The Consumers' Co-Operative Movement in Germany. Translated from the German by J.F. Mills
24534: Cassel, Gustav - Theoretische Sozialökonomie [Sozialokonomie]; Fünfte [Funfte], Neubearbeitete Auflage
28033: Cassella, Carol Wiley - Healer
19696: Cast, David - The Calumny of Apelles; a Study in the Humanist Tradition
23317: Castel, Albert - William Clarke Quantrill; His Life and Times
45480: Castelot, Andre - Le Grand Siecle de Paris
24226: Castex, Pierre-Georges - Autour Du Symbolisme; Villiers-Mallarme, Verlaine-Rimbaud; Etudes Reunies
36664: Castex, P.G., S. Jeune, M. Eigeldinger, et al. - Relire "Les Destinees" D' Alfred de Vigny. Actes Du Colloque Tenu a la Sorbonne le 15 Decembre 1979
33144: Castro, Don Adolfo de - Obras Escogidas de Filosofos Con Un Discurso Preliminar Del Excelentisimo E Ilustrisimo Señor [Senor] Don Adolfo de Castro. (Biblioteca de Autores Españoles [Espanoles] Desde la Formacion Del Lenguaje Hasta Nuestros Dias)
17948: Castro, Javier Fernandez de - Alimento Del Salto
3043: Castronovo, Valerio - Economia E Società [Societa] in Piemonte Dall'Unità [Dall'Unita] Al 1914
49202: Cather, Willa - On Writing; Critical Studies on Writing As an Art. With a Foreword by Stephen Tennant
50866: Cather, Willa - Stories, Poems, and Other Writings
44394: Cattaneo, E. e M. Navoni - San Carlo Borromeo; Due Biografie Del Cinquecento Poco Conosciute. Indici Dei 50 Volumi Di Archivio Ambrosiano
51376: Caulfield, Max - The Easter Rebellion
34711: Cavanagh, Sheila T. - Cherished Torment; the Emotional Geography of Lady Mary Wroth's Urania
49195: The Duchess of Devonshire [Deborah Milford Cavendish] - Chatsworth, the House. With Photographs by Simon Upton
43420: The Duchess of Devonshire [Deborah Milford Cavendish] - The House; a Portrait of Chatsworth
49643: Caverly, Robert Boodey - Annals of the Boodeys in New England, Together with Lessons of Law and Life from John Eliot, the Apostle to the Indians
48484: Cawein, Madison - Shapes and Shadows; Poems
42426: Cawein, Madison - Shapes and Shadows; Poems
43652: Caxton, William (Edward Arber, ed.) - The History of Reynard the Fox. Translated by William Caxton June 1481
39068: Institute of Marxism-Leninism of the CPCz CC and the Institute of Marxism-Leninism of the CPS CC - An Outline of the History of the Cpcz
44845: Cecil, Henry - A Matter of Speculation; the Case of Lord Cochran
10763: Cecovini, Manlio - Nottole Ad Atene
47861: Celarie, Henriette - Monsieur de Voltaire; Sa Famille Et Ses Amis. Avec Huit Planches Hors Texte
21825: Cendrars, Blaise - à L'Aventure; Textes Choisis
21826: Cendrars, Blaise - Bourlinguer
47470: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Schenectady County, New York Repositories
47421: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Saratoga County, New York Repositories
32114: International Legal Center - Law and Public Enterprise in Asia
50575: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Columbia County, New York Repositories
47469: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Otsego County, New York Repositories
47468: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Oneida County, New York Repositories
47467: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Montgomery County, New York Repositories
47464: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Fulton County, New York Repositories
47465: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Herkimer County, New York Repositories
47466: New York Historical Resources Center - Guide to Historical Resources in Albany County, New York Repositories. Three Volumes
20443: Centkiewicz, Aline - Okrutny Biegun
32165: O & M Division of the Public Administration Research Centre, Government of Pakistan (compiler) - Estacode; CIVIL Establishment Code; a Compendium of Laws, Rules and Instructions Relating to the Terms and Conditions of Federal CIVIL Servants
51407: New York State College of Ceramics and New York State Science Service - The Clays and Shales of New York State
48868: Cerasi, Laura - Gli Ateniesi D'Italia; Associazioni Di Cultura a Firenze Nel Primo Novecento
19230: Cereghini, Mario - Immagini de Lecco Nei Secoli
13949: Cerf, G. - Transformations de Contact Et Probleme de Pfaff
33599: Cerro, Juan Luis Roman del - Alicante, 1881-1980
26327: Certeau, Michel de (Brian Massumi, tr.) - Heterologies; Discourse on the Other. Foreword by Wlad Godzich
49659: Certkov, Leonid - Rilke in Russland. Auf Grund Neuer Materialien
28176: Di Cesare, Mario A. - The Altar and the City; a Reading of Vergil's Aeneid
43431: Vitruvius Pollio (Cesare de Lorenzo Cesariano, tr.) - De Architectura. Translated from the Latin Into Italian, with Commentary & Illustrations by Cesare Di Lorenzo Cesariano
47654: Cescinsky, Herbert - English Furniture of the Eighteenth Century. Illustrated from Drawings by the Author and from Photographs. Three Volume Set
48432: Cestre, Charles - Les Poetes Americains
19184: Cetina, Gutierre de - Obras de Gutierre de Cetina. Con Introduccion Y Notas Del Doctor D. Joaquin Hazañas [Hazanas] Y la Rua. Presentacion de Margarita Peña [Pena]
32438: Galerie Cger - L'Art de L'Affiche En Belgique, 1900-1980
45426: Chace, Fenner A. - The Shrimps of the Smithsonian-Bredin Caribbean Expeditions with a Summary of the West Indian Shallow-Water Species (Crustacea: Decapoda: Natantia)
27266: Chadwick, George Halcott - History and Value of the Name "Catskill" in Geology
32033: Chailllu, Paul du - The Land of the Long Night. Illustrated by M.F. Burns
50657: Chofetz Chaim - The Chofetz Chaim Looks at Life; an Anthology of the Chofetz Chaim's Philosophical and Ethical Insights Collected from His Writings. Compiled Anonymously for the Public Benefit
24801: All-Union Book Chamber - The Book; Researches and Materials; Symposia, XXVIII. / Kniga: Issledovaniia I Materialy. Sbornik
28167: Chamberlain, Basil Hall - Things Japanese; Being Notes on Various Subjects Connected with Japan for the Use of Travellers and Others
10331: Chambers, Robert W. - The Conspirators: A Romance
31806: Chambers, Sir Edmund - Matthew Arnold. (Warton Lecture on English Poetry, Read November 11, 1931)
5775: Chambers, Miriam P. - Railroading in America. (Cover Title: From Engine to Caboose)
47149: Chambrun, René de - Ma Croisade Pour L'Angleterre, Juin 1940
28133: Chamoux, Francois - La Civilisation Grecque; a L'Epoque Archaique Et Classique. 229 Heliogravures, 8 Planches En Couleurs, 34 Cartes Et Plans
45565: Champagnac, J.B.J. - Arthur and Theobald, Ou la Veritable Amitie; Histoire Morale Du XII Siecle
22542: Champie, Clark - Cacti & Succulents of El Paso
47900: [Champier, Symphorien] Moland, Louis - La Tres Joyeuse, Plaisante Et Recreative Histoire Du Bon Chevalier Sans Peur Et Sans Reproche, le Gentil Seigneur de Bayard. Compose Par le Loyal Serviteur. Nouvelle Edition. Complete Par Des Extraits D'Autres Chroniques Et Par Les Lettres de Bayard. Avec Une Introduction Et Des Notes Par M. Louis Moland. Ornee de Gravures Hors Texte Et de Nombreuses Vignettes Dessins de M. Tofani. Graves Par Navellier Et L. Marie
35781: Champion, Edouard - La Comedie-Francaise; 1 Janvier 1927-31 Decembre 1932
44743: Champion, Pierre - Paris Au Temps de la Renaissance; L'Envers de la Tapisserie; le Regne de Francois I.
47860: Champris, Henry Gaillard de - Emile Augier Et la Comedie Sociale
45475: Chancellor, John - Audubon; a Biography
44181: Duchess of Chandos, Cassandra (A.C. Wood, ed.) - The Continuation of the History of the Willoughby Family, Being Vol. 2 of the Manuscript
18085: Chang, Shu-Cheng, et al., eds - Geometric Evolution Equations. National Center for Theoretical Sciences Workshop on Geometric Evolution Equations, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 15-August 14, 2002
51187: Chang, Yun-chien - Private Property and Takings Compensation; Theoretical Framework and Empirical
47794: Chantal, Rene de - Marcel Proust; Critique Litteraire. Preface de Georges Poulet. Two Volumes
19219: Plovier-Chapelle, Marie-Louise - Une Femme Et la Montagne. 18 Gravures Hors-Texte
49359: Chapin, E.H., Rev - Humanity in the City
39042: Chapin, Andrea - The Tutor
43370: Chaplin, Heather - Reckless Years; a Diary of Love and Madness
43788: Chapman, E. Naomi - Memoirs of My Family; Together with Some Researches Into the Early History of the Morris Families of Tipperary, Galway and Mayo. Collected and Arranged by E. Naomi Chapman
50779: Chapman, John Jay - A Sausage from Bologna; a Comedy in Four Acts
44242: Chapman, Richard P. - One Hundred Twenty-Five Years on State Street; "Merchants National of Boston
36703: Chapman, Gerard (Bernard A. Drew, ed.) (Art Marasco, photo.) (Vaughn Gray, mapmaker) - A History of the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts
40568: Chapon, Francois, ed - Andre Suares (1868-1948)
29493: Charbonneaux, Jean, Roland Martin und Francois Villard - Das Archaische Griechenland, 620-480 V. Chr
39924: Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre - Lettres de Voyage (1923-1955). Recueillies Et Presentes Par Claude Aragonnes
50968: Wilson, Charis and Edward Weston - California and the West. With 64 Photographs by Edward Weston. Foreword to the New, Revised Edition by Charis Wilson
45618: New York (City) Commissioners of Public Charities and correction - Tenth Annual Report of the Commissioners of Public Charities and Correction, New York, for the Year 1869
29295: Garrod, Charles and Bill Korst - Ray Anthony and His Orchestra
46912: Leroy, Charles et Maurice Allinne - Le Rat de Bibliotheque Et L'Historien Local; Discours de Reception a L'Academie Des Sciences, Belles-Lettres Et Arts de Rouen, 30 Juin 1930 (Leroy) [Et] "L'Academiade" de Charles Richard; Reponse Au Discours de Reception de Charles Leroy(Allinne)
29283: Garrod, Charles and Bill Korst - Johnny Long and His Orchestra
29278: Garrod, Charles and Bill Korst - Bob Chester and His Orchestra

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