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38084: LEVAINVILLE, CAPITAINE J., - Le Morvan; étude de géographie humaine. Avec 44 figures et cartes, 40 phototypies et 4 dessins hors texte.
40626: LEVI, ATTILIO, - Le palatali piemontesi.
12619: LEVI, VITO; BOTTERI, GUIDO; BREMINI, IRENEO, - Il Comunale di Trieste.
41729: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE ET DIDIER ERIBON, - De pres et de loin.
35739: LEVI, WERNER, - Free India in Asia.
33286: LEVI-CIVITA, T., - Three lectures on mathematical subjects, delivered at the Rice Institute in September, 1936. (The Rice Institute Pamphlet, Vol. XXV, October, 1938, No. 4.)
43263: LEVIN, DAVID MICHAEL, - The open of vision; nihilism and the postmodern situation.
43595: LEVIN, SAMUEL R., - Metaphotic worlds; conceptions of a romantic nature.
39270: LEVINE, LOUIS, - Syndicalism in France. With an introduction by Professor Franklin H. Giddings.
20149: LEVINE, BARRY B., - Benjy Lopez; a picaresque tale of emigration and return.
35467: LEVINE, ROBERT M., - Images of history; nineteenth and early twentieth century Latin American photographs as documents.
29148: LEVINE, RABBI AARON, - To comfort the bereaved; a guide for mourners and those who visit them.
36741: LEVINE, GARY, ROBERT R. PREATO AND FRANCINE TYLER, - La femme; the influence of Whistler and Japanese print masters on American art, 1880-1917: Ukiyo-e print masters; reflections of Japanese society through the image of women and the development of woodblock prints with their pervasive influence on European and American art (Levine). Whistlers aesthetics and Japanese design; their combined influence on American painting 1880-1917 (Preato). Sharp needle and smooth stone; the influence of Whistler's etching and lithography on American painter-etchers (Tyler).
35356: LEVINE, ANDREW, - Rethinking liberal equality; from a "Utopian" point of view.
34794: LEVINSON, DAVID SAMUEL, - Antonia Lively breaks the silence; a novel.
27788: LEVINSON, SANFORD, ED., - Torture; a collection.
20708: LEVITHAN, DAVID, - The realm of possibility.
27681: LEVRA, UMBERTO, - Nazioni, nazionalita, stati nazionali nell'ottocento Europeo; atti del LXI congresso di storia del risorgimento Italiano (Torino, 9-13 ottobre 2002).
32475: LEVRON, JACQUES, - Paris se souvient; plaques commemoratives du VI arrondissement.
42748: LEVY, HABIB (HOOSHANG EBRAMI, ED.) (GOERGE W. MASCHKE, TR.), - Comprehensive history of the Jews of Iran (the outset of the Diaspora). Edited and abridged by Hooshang Ebrami. Translated by George W. Maschke.
23645: LÉVY, PAUL, - Buddhism: a 'mystery religion'?
30507: LEVY-BRUHL, LUCIEN, - History of modern philosophy in France.
43027: LEVY, AMY (MELVYN NEW, ED.), - The complete novels and selected writings of Amy Levy, 1861-1889.
33581: LEVY, DANIEL UND NATAN SZNAIDER, - Erinnerung im globalen Zeitalter; der Holocaust.
33903: LEVY, SAMUEL AND JOHN P.D. WILKINSON, - The component element method in dynamics with application to earthquake and vehicle engineering.
35510: LEVY, BERNARD S., ED., - Developments in the early Renaissance; papers of the second annual conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, State University of New York at Binghamton, 4-5 May 1968.
33747: LEWANDOWSKI, THEODOR, - Das Mittelniederdeutsche Zwiegespräch [Zwiegesprach] zwishen dem Leben und dem Tode und seine altrussische Übersetzung [Ubersetzung]; eine kontrastive Studie.
17424: LEWINE, J., - Bibliography of eighteenth century art and illustrated books. Being a guide to collectors of illustrated works in English and French of the period. With thirty five plates, giving specimens of the work of the artists of the time.
42467: LEWIS, MERIWETHER, - Journal Jan. 1, 1806 - Mar. 20, 1806. Biddle's No. 10 Coues' J. (Lewis and Clark Codices. Codex J. - Lewis).
42166: LEWIS, TAYLER, - Faith the life science; an address delivered before the Pi Beta Phi Society of Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., July, 1838.
25316: LEWIS, JOHN AND JOHN BRINKLEY, - Graphic design, with special reference to lettering, typography and illustration.
9368: LEWIS, COLIN D., - Demand analysis and inventory control.
19602: LEWIS, FRANK A. AND ROBERT BOLTON, EDS., - Form, matter and mixture in Aristotle.
42104: LEWIS, MARK, - Mark Lewis; essays by Michael Rush, Philippe-Alain Michaud and Laura Mulvey.
42860: LEWIS, W.W. [WALTER], - The protection of transmission systems against lightning.
30134: LEWIS, PAM, - A young wife; a novel.
40561: LEWIS, MERIWETHER, - Codex E; Lewis; journal, May 24 1805-July 16, 1805.
42638: LEWIS, PHILLIP, - The Barrowfields; a novel.
25808: LEXER, MATTHIAS, - Matthias Lexer's mittelhoschdeutsches Taschenwörterbuch [Taschenworterbuch]. Zweiunddreissigste Auflage (mit Nachtrag). Unveränderier [Unveranderier] Nachdruck.
38576: LEYDEN, W. VON, - Aristotle on equality and justice; his political argument.
29178: LEYENDECKER, HANS, - Die Lügen [Lugen] des Weißen [Weissen] Hauses; warum Amerika einen Neuanfang braucht.
36360: LEYMARIE, JEAN, - Georges Braque. With contributions by Jean Laymarie, Magdalena M. Moeller and Carla Schulz-Hoffmann.
36903: LHERITIER, MICHEL, - L'Intendant Tourny (1695-1760). Tome 1 et 2.
12131: THE, LIAN AND VAN DER VEUR, PAUL W., - Treasures and trivia; doctoral dissertations on Southeast Asia accepted by Universities in the United States.
41817: LIANKE, YAN (CARLOS ROJAS, TR.), - The explosion chronicles. Translated from the Chinese by Carlos Rojas.
43642: LIANKE, YAN (CARLOS ROJAS, TR.), - The years, months, days; two novellas. Translated from the Chinese by Carlos Rojas.
43299: LIBAIRE, JARDINE, - White fur; a novel.
42604: SOURGET LIBRAIRIE (PATRICK ET ELISABETH), - Manuscrits et livres precieux de Saint Louis a l'Imperatrice Eugenie.
42607: SOURGET LIBRAIRIE (PATRICK ET ELISABETH), - Manuscrits et livres precieux du Moyen Age au Cubisme.
42605: SOURGET LIBRAIRIE (PATRICK ET ELISABETH), - Manuscrits et livres precieux du quinzieme au dix-huitieme siecle.
42606: SOURGET LIBRAIRIE (PATRICK ET ELISABETH), - Manuscrits et livres precieux de la Renaissance au Cubisme.
32723: STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES, - W.B. [William Butler] Yeats and the Irish Renaissance; an exhibition of books and manuscripts from the James A. Healy Collection. With an essay by Michael Stanford.
40335: THE STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES (J. TERRY BENDER, COMPILER), - Les architectes du livre; contemporary creative French bookbinding from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan A. Gunst and Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Heller in an exhibition by the Stanford University Libraries. Shown in the Albert M. Bender Room, September 23-October 20, 1956.
14616: EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, - Catalogue of the printed books in the Library of the University of Edinburgh. COMPLETE SET.
12125: CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY CENTRAL LIBRARY, - Bibliography of material about Thailand in western languages.
37775: THE WEST POINT MILITARY LIBRARY, - The centennial of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, 1802-1902; vol. 1: Addresses and histories; vol. 2: Statistics and bibliographies.
24154: LOS ANGELES PUBLIC LIBRARY, - Index to the stories of Guy de Maupassant; compiled in the fiction department, Los Angeles Public Library.
22565: THE WELLCOME HISTORICAL MEDICAL MUSEUM AND LIBRARY, - Chinese medicine; an exhibition illustrating the traditional system of medicine of the Chinese people.
32851: WESLEYAN LIBRARY (ELIZABETH A. SWAIM, ED.), - Wesleyan library notes; number 4, spring 1970 [Deterioration in the library; The Dun Emer and the Cuala Press (Michael Durkan); Endowment fund for books]
31070: COLUMBIA COLLEGE LIBRARY, - Catalogue of the books and pamphlets in the library of Columbia College, New York.
8704: UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER LIBRARY., - The Hyam Plutzik archive; an exhibition, 5 December 1982 - 5 June 1983.
39568: HARVARD UNIVERSITY WIDENER LIBRARY, - Polish uncensored publications, 1976-1981/Polskie wydawnictwa pozacenzuralne; an exhibit in Widener Library, Harvard University, September 1-September 30, 1981.
14615: BRITISH MUSEUM. LIBRARY, - Subject index to modern books. COMPLETE THROUGH 1960, except 1951-55, which was published later.
14612: WARBURG INSTITUTE LIBRARY, - Catalogue. Second edition.
26980: WILLIAM L. CLEMENTS LIBRARY, - Historic Examples of American Printing and Typography
43887: HAVERFORD COLLEGE LIBRARY, - William Pyle Philips collection in the Haverford College Library; an introductory essay and a descriptive catalogue to his rare books.
25770: LICHNOWSKY, PRINCE KARL, - Germany's guilt established, in suppressed memorandum.
31504: LICHTENBERGER, H., - Heinrich Heine als Denker.
24600: LIEB, NORBERT, - München [Munchen]; Lebensbild einer Stadtkultur.
34170: LIEB, HERMAN A. AND MADAME EUGENIE, - Health, strength and beauty. Sixty-seven illustrations.
20746: LIEBENSTEIN-KURTZ, RUTH FREIFRAU VON, - Stundenblätter [Stundenblatter] Hebbel "Maria Magdalene," Kroetz "Maria Magdalena." 40 Seiten Beilage.
27908: LIEBERMAN, JANET E. AND RICHARD K. LIEBERMAN, - City limits; a social history of Queens.
29863: LIEBIG, JUSTUS VON, - Chemische Briefe.
26016: LIEDKE, HERBERT R., - Literary criticism and romantic theory in the work of Achim von Arnim.
6199: LIENEMANN, K., - Die Belesenheit von William Wordsworth.
20722: LIESENHOFF, CARIN, - Fontane und das literarische Leben seiner Zeit; eine literatursoziologische Studie.
29757: LIESS, ANDREAS, - L. Van Beethoven und Richard Wagner im Pariser Musikleben.
23115: MUSEUM OF AMERICAN POLITCAL LIFE (PAUL BUHLE), - Voices of the left, 1870-1960; exhibit: December 6, 1990 through June 2, 1991. Essay by Paul Buhle.
39171: LIGNADES, ANASTASIOS D. (LIGNADE, ANASTASIOU D.), - To proton daneion tes anexartesias (Bibliotheke Sophias N. Saripolou, 10)
27669: LIGNE, CHARLES-JOSEPH DE (BARBARA BRIGANTI, ED.), - I giardini di Beloeil. A cura di Barbara Briganti e Anna Jeronimidis.
40017: LIGUORI, ALPHONSUS DE (EUGENE GRIMM, ED.), - The passion and the death of Jesus Christ. Edited by Rev. Eugene Grimm.
40019: LIGUORI, ALPHONSUS DE (EUGENE GRIMM, ED.), - The incarnation, birth and infancy of Jesus Christ; or, the mysteries of the faith. Edited by Rev. Eugene Grimm.
25043: LILHEROTH, ERIK (PHOTOGRAPHER), BROR OLSSON (TEXT) AND GUNNAR FRANZEN (BILDTEXT), - Ett bildverk om Smaland; andra omarbetade och utökade [utokade] upplagan. Med en inledning av Pär [Par] Lagerkvist.
3252: LILL, RUDOLF., - Geschichte Italiens vom 16. Jahrhundert bis zu den Anfängen des Faschismus.
41377: LILLY, ROBERT J. (DIANE DEBLOIS & ROBERT DALTON HARRIS JR., EDS.), - The Wynants Kill; a small stream, but mighty.
6538: LIMA, CELSO PEDRO., - 66 poemas.
38879: LINCOLN, W. BRUCE, - In the vanguard of reform; Russia's enlightened bureaucrats, 1825-1861.
23703: THE LINCOLN RECORD SOCIETY (GRAHAM NEVILLE, ED.) HICKS, EDWARD LEE, - The diaries of Edward Lee Hicks, Bishop of Lincoln, 1910-1919. Selected and edited by Graham Neville.
23695: THE LINCOLN RECORD SOCIETY (MARGARET ARCHER, ED.) REPINGDON, PHILIP, - The register of Bishop Philip Repingdon, 1405-1419; volume III: Memoranda, 1414-1419.
23692: THE LINCOLN RECORD SOCIETY (C.M. LLOYD AND MARY E. FINCH, EDS.) WALLACE, JOHN, - Letters from John Wallace to Madam Whichcot and some correspondence of John Fardell.
17258: LIND, JAKOV, - Selbstporträt.
38680: LINDBERG, DAVID C., - Theories of vision from Al-kindi to Kepler.
25370: LINDEMANN, MARGOT, - Deutsche Presse bis 1815.
29896: LINDEN, MARIA GRÄFIN [GRAFIN] VON (GABRIELE JUNGINGER, HRSG.), - Maria Gräfin [Grafin] von Linden; Erinnerungen der ersten Tübinger [Tubinger] Studentin.
38885: LINDENBERG, WLADIMIR, - Marionetten in Gottes Hand; eine Kindheit im alten Russland.
21698: LINDGREN, C.W., - Automotive and construction equipment.
42379: LINDSAY, ANNA ROBERTSON BROWN, - The warriors.
36614: LINDSAY, J. MURRAY, - By the wind.
30116: LINDSEY, ALTON A., ED., - Natural features of Indiana; a symposium held April 22-23, 1966 at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana.
23908: LINDZEY, GARDNER AND DELBERT D. THIESSEN, - Contributions to behavior-genetic analysis; the mouse as a prototype.
44098: ROYAL MAIL LINE (SAMUEL ALTMAN), - Die Geschichte der Wanderungen (History of Migration). Verfasst für [fur] die Royal Mail Line, Königlich [Koniglich] Englische Postdampferlinie.
34547: SWEDISH AMERICAN LINE, - Memories of the cruise to the Greek Islands, the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea; April 24-June 10, 1974.
36547: LINE, LEMUEL B. (ILLUS.) GORDON A. GROWDEN (TEXT), - Freighters and tankers of the U.S. Merchant Marine. Drawings by Lemuel B. Line. Text by Gordon A. Growden.
13036: GALLERY LINGARD, - Great Goths; a selection of prints, drawings and photographs from the collection of James O'Byrne, architect, collector and benefactor (1835 - 1897).
14898: LINGEMAN, CAROLYN H. AND F.M. GARNER, EDS., - Symposium on Comparative Morphology of Hematopoietic Neoplasms. Held at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C., March 11 and 12, 1968.
43039: LINGIS, ALPHONSO, - Excesses; eros and culture.
39727: LINTNER, G.A., - A memoir of the Rev. Walter Gunn, late missionary in India, from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the United States.
41192: LIPFFERT, KLEMENTINE, - Symbol-fibel; eine Hilfe zum Betrachten und Deuten mittelalterlicher Bildwerke.
29464: LIPPERT, PETER, - Aus dem Engadin; Briefe sum Frohmachen.
29468: LIPPERT, PETER, - Abenteuer des Lebens.
31843: LIPPISCHEN LANDESBIBLIOTHEK UND DER GRABBE-GESELLSCHAFT, HRSG., - Alfred Bergmann; bibliographie, 1907-1967.
30590: LIPSCHITS, I., - De protestants-christelijke stroming tot 1940.
33292: LIPSCHUTZ, ALEJANDRO, - El Indoamericanismo y el problema racial en las Americas. Segunda edicion, con 82 figuras.
43504: LIPSHTEIN, R.A. AND M.I. SHAKHNOVICH, - Transformer oil. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Translated from Russian.
28115: LIPSKY, DOROTHY KERZNER, ED., - Family supports for families with a disabled member. With an introduction by Dr. Lipsky.
32269: CÃMARA [CAMARA] MUNICIPAL DE LISBOA, - Lisboa; cidade de turismo. Planificacão [Planificacao] e coordenacão [coordenacao] de João [Joao] Pina Vidal.
43773: LISITZIN, ALEXANDER P. (KELVIN S. RODOLFO, ED.), - Sedimentation in the world ocean, with emphasis on the nature, distribution and behavior of marine suspensions.
3246: LISSAGARAY, PROSPER., - Geschichte der Kommune von 1871. Neu hrsg. von Traute Feigl.
12090: LISSAK, MOSHE, - A socio-political hierarchy in a loose social structure: the structure of stratification in Thailand.
39313: LISSAUER, ERNST, - Worte in die Zeit; Flugblätter [Flugblatter] 1914; erstes Blatt.
14484: LISTER, ROGER AND ELIZABETH EVANS, - The corporate borrowing decision.
20631: LISTOWSKI, A. (ANATOL), - Szczegolowa uprawa roslin. COMPLETE SET
22386: LITCHFIELD, CARTER, HANS-JOACHIM FINKE, STEPHEN G. YOUNG AND KAREN ZERBE HUETTE, - The Bethlehem oil mill, 1745-1934; oilseed mill, hemp mill, tanbark mill, groat mill, snuff mill, waterworks; German technology in early Pennsylvania.
3883: MOSCOW. VSESOIUZNAIA GOSUDARSTVENNAIA BIBLIOTEKA INOSTRANNOI LITERATURY., - Proizvedeniia A.M. Gor´kogo v perevodakh na inostrannye iazyki.
21436: LITTLE, BRYAN, - The city and county of Bristol; a study in Atlantic civilisation.
18070: LITTLEWOOD, DUDLEY E., - The theory of group characters and matrix representations of groups. Second edition.
32226: LITVINOVA, MARINA, ILLUSTATOR, - Sambie luchshie volshebiie skazki. Illustrashii Marini Litvinovoi.
14429: LITWACK, GERALD, - Biochemical actions of hormones. Volumes 1-3.
43943: LITZ, BRETT T., ED., - Early intervention for trauma and traumatic loss.
24740: LIU, YUNG, - The manner of Chinese flower painting.
43974: LIVENGOOD, W.W., - Our heritage. [Cover subtitle: Being a brief history of the American Book Company and an account of sundry textbooks and their authors]
36901: LIVET, GEORGES, - L'Intendance d'Alsace sous Louis XIV, 1648-1715.
15118: LIVINGSTON, JAMES D., ED., - Glenville - past and present.
40628: LIZARDI, JOSE JOAQUIN FERNANDEZ DE, - El periquillo sarniento. Pref. de Octavio N. Bustamante. Grabados en madera de Julio Prieto Lithografias de la edicion de 1842. Two volumes.
30428: LIZARDI, JOSE JOAQUIN FERNANDEZ DE, - La Quijotita y su prima. Introduccion de Maria del Carmen Ruiz Castañeda [Castaneda].
9179: LJUBINKOVIC, RADIVOJE, ED., - Melanges offert à Monsieur le Professeur Djurdje Boskovic en hommage du quarantiennaire de son activité scientifique. (Starinar, n.s. 20 - 1969)
39414: INSTITUT ZA NARODNOSTNA VPRASANJA V LJUBLJANI, - Razprave in gradivo. Stevilka 1-8. Eight volumes in six.
25346: LJUDSKANOV, ALEXANDER, - Mensch und Maschine als Übersetzer [Ubersetzer].
16434: LLEWELYN, JOHN, - Beyond metaphysics; the hermeneutic circle in contemporary continental philosophy.
39676: LLORENS, VICENTE, - Liberales y romanticos; una emigracion espanola en inglaterra (1823-1834).
14864: LLORENTE, JOSE MARIA ARBOLEDA, - El Indio en la colonia: estudio basado especialmente en documentos del Archivo Central del Cauca.
12966: LLOYD, WALTER O., AND CLARK, FRANK, - Spartans of destiny; a progress story of Kiwanis in New York State.
33707: M.H. LOB, ED., - Proceedings of the Summer School in Logic, Leeds, 1967.
3298: LÖBER, KARL., - Haiger und sein Raum; Festschrift aur Feier des 900. Jahrestages der haigerer Kirchenweihe.
25430: LÖBL [LOBL], EUGEN UND LEOPOLD GRÜNWALD [GRUNWALD], - Die intellektuelle Revolution; Hintergründe [Hintergrunde] und Auswirkungen des "Prager Frühlings [Fruhlings]".
36962: LOCK, MAJOR H.O., - The conquerors of Palestine through forty centuries. With an introduction by Field-Marshall Viscount Allenby.
11526: LOCKE, JOHN., - Levél a vallási Turelemrol: Latin szoveg és Magyar fordítás. Szovegkritika es eloszo: Raymond Klibansky. Bevezetes: Matrai Laszlo.
29542: LOCKE, JOHN (JOHN W. YOLTON, INTRODUCTION), - The Locke reader; selections from the works of John Locke, with a general introduction and commentary by John W. Yolton.
39750: LOCKHART, SIR ROBERT BRUCE (KENNETH YOUNG, ED.), - The diaries of Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart; volume one: 1915-1938. Edited by Kenneth Young.
24331: LOCKHART, SYBIL, - Mother in the middle; a biologist's story of caring for parent and child.
31903: LOCKHART, [JOHN GIBSON], - Lockhart's literary criticism. With introduction and bibliography by M. Clive Hildyard.
43113: LOCKWOOD, STEPHEN CHAPMAN, - Augustine Heard and Company, 1858-1862; American merchants in China.
21658: LOCKWOOD, E.H., - A book of curves.
42098: LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM LEWIS, - Trailers of the north.
20707: LODGE, DAVID, - Author, author.
34174: LODGE, RUPERT C., - Plato's theory of art.
32406: LODGE, DAVID, - After Bakhtin; essays on fiction and criticism.
4229: LODI, LUIGI., - Venticinque anni di vita parlamentare, da Pelloux a Mussolini.
42555: LOEB, LEONARD B., - Electrical coronas; their basic physical mechanisms.
8958: LOEB, JACQUES., - Proteins and the theory of colloidal behavior.
39833: LOEBL, EUGENE (MAURICE MICHAEL, TR.), - Sentenced and tried; the Stalinist purges in Czechoslovakia. With a postscript by Dusan Pokorny. Translated by Maurice Michael.
33027: LOEMKER, LEROY E., - Stuggle for synthesis; the seventeenth century background of Leibniz's synthesis of order and freedom.
20984: LÖFFLER, ANNELIESE, ED., - Auskünfte: Werkstattgespräche mit DDR-Autoren.
29492: LOFT, ABRAM (REINHARD G. PAULY, GEN. ED.), - Ensemble!; a rehearsal guide to thirty great works of chamber music.
10025: LOGAN, HAROLD A., - The history of trade-union organization in Canada.
36624: LOGSDON, DAVID R., - Who sank who in World War II? [Cover subtitle: From aircraft carriers down to destroyers.
31987: LOHMANN, KNUT, - Die Bedeutungssphäre [Bedeutungssphare] des Wortes "Herz" im dramatischen und philosophischen Werk Friedrich Schillers.
21694: LOHNER, MARLENE, - Goethes Caravanen; Verkorperungen der Phantasie im Spatwerk.
17252: LOHNER, EDGAR AND RUDOLF HAAS, EDS., - Theater und Drama in Amerika, Aspekte und Interpretationen. Unter Mitwirkung zahlreicher Fachgelehrter herausgegeben von Edgar Lohner und Rudolf Haas.
33786: LÖHRKE [LOHRKE], EUGENE, ED., - Armageddon; the World War in literature.
36961: LOLIEE, FREDERIC, - Talleyrand et la societe francaise depuis la fin du regne de Louis XV jusqu'aux approches du Second Empire. Ouvrage orne de quinze illustrations.
21881: LOMBARDI, JOHN, - Labor's voice in the Cabinet; a history of the Department of Labor from its origins to 1921.
31464: THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF LONDON, - Art in seventeenth century Holland; The National Gallery; 30th September to 12th December, 1976; a loan exhibition. Foreword by Michael Levey. Introduction by Christopher Brown.
40673: LONDON, ARTUR (ALASTAIR HAMILTON, TR.), - The confession. Translated by Alastair Hamilton.
32692: LONDRAVILLE, JANIS, ED., - Prodigal father revisited; artists and writers in the world of John Butler Yeats.
32755: LONDRAVILLE, JANIS AND RICHARD, EDS., - John Quinn; selected Irish writers from his library.
34747: LONG, DWIGHT, - Seven seas on a shoesting; sailing all seas in the "idle hour".
38773: LONG, JOHN A., - The dawn of the deed; the prehistoric origins of sex.
36619: LONG, JOHN D., - The new American navy. Illustrated with drawings by Henry Reuterdahl and with photographs. Two volume set.
28946: LONGACRE, EDWARD G., - Lincoln's cavalrymen; a history of the mounted forces of the Army of the Potomac, 1861-1865.
35093: LONGNON, AUGUSTE, - Les noms de lieu de la France; leur origine, leur signification, leurs transformations. Publie par Paul Marichal et Leon Mirot. Five volumes in four.
5794: LOOMIS, ALFRED L., - Lectures on fevers.
28366: LOOMIS, LYNN H., - Harmonic analysis; 1965 MAA Cooperative Summer Seminar. Notes by Ethan Bolker. Vols. 1 and 2. COMPLETE SET.
14995: LOOMIS, WILLIAM F., ED., - The development of Dictyostelium discoideum.
23212: LOPE, PACIENCIA ONTAÑÓN [ONTANON] DE, - El donjuanismo en las novelas de Galdós y otros estudios.
34899: LÓPEZ [LOPEZ], LUIS A. ORTIZ, - El Caribe hispánico [hispanico]; perspectivas linguísticas [linguisticas] actuales. Homenaje a Manuel Alvarez Nazario.
30492: LOPEZ Y FUENTES, GREGORIO, - El indio; novela Mexicana. Prologo de Antonio Magaña [Magana]-Esquivel.
30059: LÓPEZ, ENRIQUE ÁVILA, - Imaginación, memoria, compromiso; la obra de Rosa Regás; un ámbito de voces.
30047: LOPEZ, JAVIER OCAMPO, - Supersticiones y agüeros [agueros] colombianos.
35573: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCIA, - Federico Garcia Lorca (1899-1936); vida y obra, bibliografia, antologia, obras ineditas, musica popular.
31739: LORD, PHILIP L. (MARTHA A. COSTELLO, ILLUS.), - Mills on the Tsatsawassa; a case study illustrating the coordinated use of maps, deeds and archeological survey to reconstruct the locations and interrelationships of early industrial sites and to reveal previously undocumented elements of local water power technology.
16670: LORD, FRANCIS A., - Uniforms of the Civil War. Illustrations by Arthur Wise.
14193: LORENTZ, G.G., K. JETTER, AND S.D. RIEMENSCHNEIDER, - Birkhoff interpolation (Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications, vol. 19).
36834: LORENTZEN, MOGENS, - Eros' Bryllup. Med tegninger af forfatteren.
40712: LORIDAN-IVENS, MARCELINE, WITH JUDITH PERRIGNON, - But you did not come back. Translated from the French by Sandra Smith.
26989: LORIMER, FRANK, - The Growth of Reason: A Study of the Role of Verbal Activity in the Growth of the Structure of the Human Mind
36531: LORMAND, ED AND FRAN, - How to sail the Atlantic alone.
36532: LORMAND, ED AND FRAN, - How to sail the Atlantic alone.
29921: LORTZ, JOSEPH, - Geschichte der Kirche in ideengeschichtlicher Betrachtung; eine geschichtliche Sinndeutung der christlichen Vergangenheit. Dargestellt von Joseph Lortz.
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43092: GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA, - Maharashtra State Gazetteers; history; part 2: Mediaeval period. Part 2 only.
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34316: MARX, ROBERT F., - Spanish treasure in Florida waters; a billion dollar graveyard.
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21247: MIASOEDOV, GRIGORII GRIGOREVICH; V.S. OGOLEVETS, AND N.L. PRIIMAK, - G.G. Miasoedov; pis'ma, dokumenty, vospominaniia.
27194: MICHA, ALEXANDRE, - Le singulier Montaigne.
25611: MICHAEL, WOLFGANG F., HRSG., - Die Nürnberger [Nurnberger] "Susanna"; ein Speil aus dem frühen [fruhen] 16. Jahrhundert; Faksimile und Kommentar.
23655: MICHAEL, HENRY N., - The Neolithic Age in Eastern Siberia.
33287: MICHAELIS, HERBERT, ET AL, EDS., - Die Weimarer Republik vom Kellogg-Pakt zur weltwirtschaftskrise 1928-30; die innerpolitische Entwicklung. Sonderausgabe fur die Staats- und Kommunalbehörden [Kommunalbehorden] sowie fur Schulen und Bibliotheken.
33243: MICHAELIS, HERBERT UND ERNST SCHRAEPLER, HRSG., - Registerband; die Weimarer Republik; Namen- und Personenregister zu Band IV bis VIII. (Ursachen und Folgen vom deutschen Zusammenbruch 1918 und 1945 bis zur staatlichen Neuordnung Deutschlands in der Gegenwart)
9995: MICHALSKI, WOLFGANG, ED., - The future of industrial societies: problems - prospects - solutions.
40521: MICHAUD, GUY, - Message poetique du symbolisme: vols. 1-3; vol. 4: La doctrine symboliste. Four volume set.
40782: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Ecuador; journal de voyage. Nouvelle edition revue et corrigee.
40788: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Facons de'endormi facons d'eveille.
40544: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Moments; traversees du temps.
40540: MICHAUX, HENRI, - La vie dans les plis.
40545: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Miserable miracle; la mescaline avec quarante-huit dessins et documents manuscrits originaux de l'auteur.
40528: MICHAUX, HENRI, - L'Espace du dedans; pages choisies (1927-1959).
40537: MICHAUX, HENRI, - L'Infini turbulent.
40784: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Plume. Précédé de lointain intérieur. Nouvelle édition revue et corrigée.
40535: MICHAUX, HENRI (LOUISE VARESE, TR.), - Miserable miracle (Mescaline). With eight drawings by the author. Translated by Louise Varese.
40541: MICHAUX, HENRI, - La nuit remue.
40527: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Connaissance par les gouffres.
40546: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Les grandes epreuves de l'esprit et les innombrables petites.
40786: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Face aux verrous. Nouvelle edition revue et corrigee.
40787: MICHAUX, HENRI, - Ailleurs; Voyage en Grande Garabagne; Au pays de la magie Ici Poddema. Nouvelle edition revue et corrigee.
24614: MICHELANGELO (RICHARD HOFFMANN), - Michelangelo; das jüngste [jungste] Gericht der Sixtinishen Kapelle, mit einer Einleitung von Richard Hoffmann.
20911: MICHELSEN, JENS, - Der Himmel wird instandbesetzt; Aufbruch in der Kirche.
33583: MICK, GÜNTER [GUNTER], - Die Paulskirche; streiten für [fur] Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit.
22305: MICLEA, ION, - Lasii Marilor Iubiri. Prefata de Constantin Ciopraga.
43473: MIDDLETON, JOHN AND GREET KERSHAW, - The central tribes of the North-eastern Bantu (the Kikuyu, including Embu, Meru, Mbere, Chuka, Mwimbi, Tharaka, and the Kamba of Kenya.
40230: MIDDLETON, W.E. KNOWLES, - The experimenters; a study of the Accademia del Cimento.
20930: MIDER, WOLFGANG, - Die grossen Fische fressen die kleinen; ein Sprichwort über [uber] die menschliche Natur in Literatur, Medien und Karikaturen. Mit 125 Abbildungen.
20953: MIEDER, WOLFGANG, ED., - "Deutsch reden"; moderne Redensartengedichte von Rose Ausländer bis Yaak Karsunke.
20952: MIEDER, WOLFGANG, ED., - In der Kürze liegt die Würze: Sprichwörtliches und Spruchhaftes als Basis für Aphoristisches.
20932: MIEDER, WOLFGANG, AND ANDREAS NOLTE, - Ich habe den Kopf so voll; Wilhelm Heinse als sprichwortreicher Literat im 18. Jahrhundert.
20931: MIEDER, WOLFGANG, - Sprichwort - Wahrwort!?; Studien zur Geschichte, Bedeutung und Funktion deutscher Sprichwörter [Sprichworter].
17253: MIEDER, WOLFGANG AND STEWART A. KINGSBURY, EDS., - A dictionary of Wellerisms.
16759: MIEDER, WOLFGANG, - Tilting at windmills: history and meaning of a proverbial allusion to Cervantes' Don Quixote.
20944: MIEDER, WOLFGANG, - Der Rattenfänger [Rattenfanger] von Hameln; die Sage in Literatur, Medien und Karikaturen. Mit 91 Abbildungen.
38550: MIELERT, FRITZ, - Du schönes [schones] Niedersachsen; Teil 1: Hannover, Oldenburg, Bremen, Braunschweig, Schaumburg-Lippe, Hessen (nordlich Kassel); Teil 2: Lubeck, Mecklenburg, Lauenburg, Vorpommern mit Rugen, Usedom und Wollin; Teil 3: Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein. Mit Bildern nach Ausnahmen des Verfassers. Three volume set.
39593: MIERZINSKY, IGNAZ AUGUST, - Unter Franzosenherrschaft; zweite Auflage der "Erinnerungen aus Hannover und Hamburg aus den Jahren 1803-1813, von einem Zeitgenossen". Vermehrt durch ein Vorwort und ein Bildnis des Verfassers.
22229: MIGNER, KARL, - Uwe Johnson: Das dritte Buch über Achim. Interpretation von Karl Migner.
39804: MIKOS, MICHAEL J., - Early maps of Poland (1508-1772) in the American Geographical Society Collection.
34085: MILAM, ERIKA LORRAINE, - Looking for a few good males; female choice in evolutionary biology.
9100: MILAN, WILLIAM G., ED., - 1974 Colloquium on Spanish and Portugese linguistics. ..., John J. Staczek, Juan C. Zamora, eds.
34521: MILAUSKAS, ALBERT T., - Diagnosis and management of blowout fractures of the orbit with clinical, radiological and surgical aspects.
25363: MILCH, WERNER (GERHARD BURKHARDT, HRSG.), - Kleine Schriften zur Literatur und Geistesgeschichte. Mit einem Nachwort von Max Rychner.
38429: MILES, WYNDHAM D., ED., - American chemists and chemical engineers.
15706: MILISAUSKAS, SARUNAS., - European prehistory.
44306: MILKOREIT, MANJANA, - Mindmade politics; the cognitive roots of international climate governance.
27587: MILL, JOHN STUART, - Dissertations and discussions; political, philosophical, and historical. In three volumes. COMPLETE SET.
31979: MILL, JOHN STUART, - Utilitatianism. With critical essays, edited by Samuel Gorovitz.
31389: MILL, HUGH ROBERT, - The life of Sir Ernest Shackleton.
28434: MILLAR, J.H., - The mid-eighteenth century.
43045: MILLAR, LUBOV, - Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia; new martyr of the Communist yoke. Translated from the Russian.
35721: MILLER, LIAM, ED., - The Irish book; vol. 2, double nos. 3 and 4; autumn 1963. Special Yeats issue.
28574: MILLER, PAUL R. (TECHNICAL COORDINATOR), - Effects of air pollutants on Mediterraanean and temperate forest ecosystems.
29423: MILLER, WILLIAM J., ED., - The Peninsula Campaign of 1862; Yorktown to the Seven Days; essays on the American Civil War. Three volume set.
31362: MILLER, HENRY, - Max et les Phagocytes. Nouvelles traduites de l'Americain par Jean-Claude Lefaure.
36824: MILLER, HENRY (JENS KRUUSE, TR.), - Det kosmologiske Øje [Oje]. Translated by Jens Kruuse.
29131: MILLER, ROY ANDREW, - Japanese and the other Altaic languages.
26996: MILLER, HENRY, - Art and Outrage: A Correspondence about Henry Miller between Lawrence Durrell and Alfred Perles, with intermissions by Henry Miller
26038: MILLER, SUZANNE M. AND BARBARA MCCASKILL, - Multicultural literature and literacies; making space for difference.
2222: MILLER, WARREN H., - The American hunting dog; modern strains of bird dogs and hounds, and their field training.
20701: MILLER, SUE, - Lost in the forest.
17459: MILLER, JOSHUA, - The rise and fall of democracy in early America, 1630-1789: the legacy for contemporary politics.
15440: MILLER, JOHN WILLIAM, - The midworld of symbols and functioning objects.
43398: MILLER, COL. EDWARD THOMSON (COMPILER), - Richard Brown; one line of descendants.
28392: MILLER, CHARLES M., - Kitecraft and kite tournaments.
42930: MILLER, FRANCES, - Catalogue of the William James Stillman collection. With an introduction and bibliography by Barbara Rotundo.
29002: MILLER, EDWARD STOKES, - Civil War sea battles; seafights and shipwrecks in the War Between the States.
41475: MILLER, DAVID L., - George Herbert Mead; self, language, and the world.
11025: MILLER, ALBERT JAY., - Confrontation, conflict, and dissent: a bibliography of a decade of controversy, 1960-1970.
38249: MILLER, WADE, - Kitten with a whip/Kiss her goodbye; two thrillers. Introduction by Rick Ollerman.
41705: MILLER, ERNEST C., - An investigation of North America's first oil well; who drilled it?
31130: MILLER, GERRIT S. AND REMINGTON KELLOGG, - List of North American recent mammals.
41831: MILLER, DOROTHY, - The life and work of David G. Blythe.
43711: MILLER, DARLIS A., - Soldiers and settlers; military supply in the southwest, 1861-1885.
33232: MILLET, MARTHA, ED., - The Rosenbergs; poems of the United States. Edited and with an introduction by Martha Millet.
34089: MILLINGTON, J.P., - John Dalton.
37239: MILLS, GEORGE, - The house sails out of sight of home; the 1991 Morse Poetry Prize. Selected and introduced by Philip Booth.
42867: MILLS, BRENT, - Porcelain insulators and how they grew.
34701: MILTON, JOHN, - Paradise regain'd; a poem in IV books, to which is added Samson Agonistes.
43349: MILTON, JOHN (ALFRED J. HORWOOD, ED.), - A common-place book of John Milton, and a Latin essay and Latin verses presumed to be by Milton. Edited from the original manuscript in the the possession of Sir Frederick U. Graham, by Alfred J. Horwood.
24496: MILTSCHINSKY, VIKTOR, - Kärntens hundertjähriger [Karntens hunderjahriger] Grenzlandkampf; Eine zusammenfassende Darstellung, mit einer Karte von Dr. Otto Tell.
38831: MILWARD, ALAN S., - The German economy at war.
43481: MIMS, AMY, - Ritsos of the Iconostasis; a companion for the "Iconostasis of Anonymous Saints".
25720: MINER, JACK, - Jack Miner and the birds; some things I know about nature.
32377: MINER, EARL, ED., - Seventeenth-century imagery; essays on uses of figurative language from Donne to Farquhar.
43211: MINES, MATTISON, - The warrior merchants; textiles, trade, and territory in south India.
37896: CENTRAL STATISTICAL BOARD OF THE U.S.S.R./COUNCIL OF MINISTERS, - Cultural progress in the U.S.S.R.; statistical returns.
34430: MINOR, J., HRSG., - Fabeldichter, Satiriker und Popularphilosophen des 18. Jahrhunderts ( Lichtwer, Pfeffel, Kästner [Kastner], Göckingk [Gockingk], Mendelssohn und Zimmermann)
21785: MINTO, C.S. (INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARIES), - Victorian and Edwardian Edinburgh from old photographs.
8931: MIRAGLIA, ANTONELLA., - Antonio Stabile; un pittore lucano nell'età della Controriforma.
23216: MIRALLES, ENRIQUE, - Galdos,"Esmeradamente Corregido".
30236: MIREPOIX, ANTOINE LEUIS, DUC DE, - Le siecle de Philippe le Bel.
36982: MIREPOIX, DUC DE LEVIS, - Grandeur et misere de l'individualisme francais a travers l'histoire.
42715: MIRON, RADU, DRAGOS HRIMIUC, KIDEO SHIMADA AND SORIN V. SABAU, - The geometry of Hamilton and Lagrange spaces.
30391: MIRON, CYRIL HARRY, - The problem of altruism in the philosophy of Saint Thomas; a study in social philosophy. A dissertation.
44154: MISCHKE, JOACHIM, - Die Spaltung der Person in Georg Büchners [Buchners] "Dantons Tod".
40710: MISKE, KARIM (SAM GORDON, TR.), - Arab jazz. Translated from the French by Sam Gordon.
42202: MITCHELL, GEORGE J. AND ALON SACHAR, - A path to peace; a brief history of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and a way forward in the Middle East.
42237: MITCHELL, JOE AND MIKE CORONELLA, - The Hayduke Trail; a guide to the backcountry hiking trail on the Colorado Plateau.
20345: MITCHELL, P.M., - Henrik Pontoppidan.
43517: MITCHELL, WESLEY C., - Lecture notes on types of economic theory, as delivered by Professor Wesley C. Mitchell. Two volumes.
27067: MITCHELL, J.K. [JOHN KEARSLEY], - Indecision; tale of the far west; and other poems.
41360: MITCHELL, SIDNEY ALEXANDER, - S.Z. Mitchell and the electrical industry.
30360: MITCHELL, WILLIAM J., - The reconfigured eye; visual truth in the post-photographic era.
40157: MITCHELL, ROBERT EDWARD (WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF BARBARA MEYNERT WONG), - Levels of emotional strain in Southeast Asian cities;; a study of individual responses to the stresses of urbanization and industrialization. Two volumes.
43196: MITCHISON, ROSALIND AND PETER ROEBUCK, EDS., - Economy and society in Scotland and Ireland, 1500-1939.
44342: MITRANY, DAVID, - The land and the peasant in Rumania; the war and agrarian reform (1917-21).
29579: MITSCHERLICH, ALEXANDER, - Die Idee des Friedens und die menschliche Aggressivität [Aggressivitat]; Vier Versuche.
6232: MITSCHERLICH, WALDEMAR., - Erkenntnis-Moglichkeit der Natur- und Geisteswissenschaften. (Elftes Heft der Geisteswissenschaftlichen forschungen)
29705: MITSCHERLICH, ALEXANDER, - Krankheit als Konflikt; Studien zur psychosomatischen Medizin 1 und 2.
25831: MITTEIS, HEINRICH, - Der Staat des hohen Mittelalters; Grundlinien einer vergleichenden Verfassungsgeschichte des Lehnszeitalters.
39226: MITZNER, ADAM, - Losing faith.
10882: GAO FENG MIU, - The words of Chan's master Gao Feng Miu; The light of mind by Buddhas and the Patriarchs; Different schools of Buddhist sects.
22489: MIYAGAWA, TORAO, ED., - Chinese painting; a history of the art of China. Translated and adapted by Alfred Birnbaum.
20747: MIYASHITA, KENZO, - Mörikes Verhältnis [Morikes Verhaltnis] zu seinen Zeitgenossen.
29105: MIYOSHI, MASAO, - As we saw them; the first Japanese Embassy to the United States (1860).
41548: MOBLEY, PAUL (PHOTO) AND KATRINA FRIED (TEXT), - American farmer; the heart of our country. Photographs by Paul Mobley. Text by Katrina Fried. Preface by Willard Scott. Introduction by Michael Martin Murphy.
24545: MÖBUS [MOBUS], PROFESSOR DR. GERHARD, - Die politischen Theorien von den Anfängen [Anfangen] bis zu Machiavelli; politische Theorien Teil 1.
25982: MODEL, OTTO, - Staatsbürger [Staatsburger]-Taschenbuch; alles Wissenswerte über [uber] Staat, Verwaltung, Recht und Wirtschaft mit zahlreichen Schaubildern.
31079: MODESTI, GIANNI BAILO, BRUNO D'AGOSTINO E PATRIZIA GASTALDI, (A CURA DI), - Seconda mostra della preistoria e della protostoria nel Salernitano.
41434: MOE, HARALD, - Niels Stensen; en billedbiografi; hans utraettelige sogen, hans geni, hans straeben mod det absolutte. Skrevet til erindring om Niels Stensen ved 350-aret for hans fodsel.
17385: MOELLEKEN, WOLFGANG WILFRIED, ED., - Liebe und Ehe: Lehrgedichte von dem Stricker. Mit Wort - und Sacherklärungen.
38809: MOELLER, ROBERT G., - German peasants and agrarian politics, 1914-1924; the Rhineland and Westphalia.
16415: MOEN, MARCIA, - An essay on reflexivity (the bearing of a semiotic phenomenology on the concert of reflexivity in praxis)
20863: MOENKEMEYER, HEINZ, - Erscheinungsformen der Sorge bei Goethe.
20751: MOERING, RENATE, - Die offene Romanform von Arnims Gräfin [Grafin] Dolores. Mit einem Kapitel uber Vertonungen Reichardts u.a..
26059: MOHANTY, SATYA P., - Literary theory and the claims of history; postmodernism, objectivity, multicultural politics.
29771: MOHR, OTTO, - Löwenjagd [Lowenjagd] am Kilimandscharo.
24151: MOHR, JAMES C., ED., - Radical republicans in the north; state politics during Reconstruction.
14992: MOHR, OTTO L. AND CHR. WRIEDT, - A new type of hereditary brachyphalangy in man.
44167: MOHR, OTTO, - Löwenjagd [Lowenjagd] am Kilimandscharo. Mit 31 Abbildungen.
22272: MOIREAU, AUGUSTE, - Historie des Etats-Unis de l'Amerique du Nord; depus la decouverte du nouveau continent jusqu'a nos jours; tome deuxieme: les Etats-Unis de 1776-1800.
40741: MOISEIWITSCH, MAURICE, - Five famous trials. With commentaries by Lord Birkett.
42943: MOISEIWITSCH, MAURICE, - The Van Meegeren mystery; a biographical study.
36097: MOISIODAX, IOSEPOS AND ALKES ANGELOS, - Apologia. Epimeleia Alkes Angelou.
41953: MOISSAN, HENRI (VICTOR LENHER, TR.), - The electric furnace. Authorized translation by Victor Lenher.
30797: MOK, S., - De vakgeweging; ontwikkelingsschets en problemen.
8293: MOLAJOLI, BRUNO, ED., - Firenze salvata. A cura di .... Interventi di Guido Morozzi [ed altri].
42115: MOLINE, JOSE CID AND ELENA LARRAURI PIJOAN, - Teorias criminologicas; explicacion y prevencion de la delincuencia.
23234: MOLISCH, HANS (EDMUND H. FULLING, TR.), - The longevity of plants (Die Lebensdauer der Pflanze). Authorized English edition by Edmund H. Fulling.
43649: MOLL, ARISTIDES A., - Aesculapius in Latin America.
27616: MOLLARD, CLAUDE, - Le cinquieme pouvoir; la culture et l'etat de Malraux a Lang.
17391: MOLLENHAUER, PETER, - Friedrich Nicolais Satiren: ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte des 18. Johrhunderts.
29487: MÖLLER [MOLLER], THEODOR, - Gassen der Heimat; Alt- und Kleinstadtbilder aus Schleswig- Holstein. Mit einem Kunstblatt und 160 Bildern nach Aufnahmen des Verfassers.
34914: MÖLLERSTRÖM [MOLLERSTROM], STEN, ED., - glad konst! Samlad av Sten Möllerström [Mollerstrom].
39807: MOLMENTI, P.G., - La vie privée a Venise; depuis les premiers temps jusqu'a la chute de la Republique.
39311: MOLO, WALTER VON, - An unsere Seelen; drei Flugblätter [Flugblatter] auf das Kriegsjahr 1914/1915. Neujahrswunsch an die Deutschen, du Volk der Dichter und Denker, Osterreicher u. Ungarn.
39312: MOLO, WALTER VON, - An Frederik van Eeden und Romain Rolland; Offener Brief.
40165: MOLYNEAUX, GERARD, - James Stewart; a bio-bibliography.
44198: MOMIGLIANO, ARNALDO (BOWERSOCK, G.W. AND T.J. CORNELL, EDS.), - Studies on modern scholarship. Edited by G.W. Bowersock and T.J. Cornell. With new translations by T.J. Cornell.
38322: MOMMSEN, THEODOR, - Römische [Romische] Geschichte. 8 volume set.
41842: MONCAUT, J. CENAC, - Histoire des peuples et des etats Pyreneens (France et Espagne); depuis l'epoque geltiberienne jusqu'a nos jours. Augmentee de l'etymologie des noms de lieux et de l'archeologie complete des Pyrenees francaises et espagnoles.Tome premier.
2974: MÖNCH, WALTER., - Deutsche Kultur von der Aufklärung bis zur Gegenwart; Ereignisse, Gestalten, Strömungen.
30652: MONCK, W.H.S., - Sir William Hamilton.
10708: MONDFELD, WOLFRAM ZU., - Das Piratenbuch.
40514: MONDOR, HENRI, - Mallarme plus intime.
40513: MONDOR, HENRI, - Mallarme lyceen. Avec quarante poemes de jeunesse inedits.
40452: MONDOR, HENRI, - Autres precisions sur Mallarme et inedits.
34728: MONET, CLAUDE (CHARLES F. STUCKEY), - Monet; waterlilies.
36255: MONET, CLAUDE (V.A. KULAKOV), - Klod Mone.
30998: MONETTE, CLARENCE J., - Winona and the King Philip locations. (Forty-fourth of a Local History Series)
20051: MONETTE, PAUL, - Halfway home.
41844: MONGAUT, J. CENAC, - Histoire des peuples et des etats Pyreneens (France et Espagne); depuis l'epoque geltiberienne jusqu'a nos jours. Augmentee de l'etymologie des noms de lieux et de l'archeologie complete des Pyrenees francaises et espagnoles.Tome troisieme.
41843: MONGAUT, J. CENAC, - Histoire des peuples et des etats Pyreneens (France et Espagne); depuis l'epoque geltiberienne jusqu'a nos jours. Augmentee de l'etymologie des noms de lieux et de l'archeologie complete des Pyrenees francaises et espagnoles.Tome deuxieme.
36212: MONGREDIEN, GEORGES, - Dictionnaire biographique des comediens francais du XVII siecle; suuivi d'un inventaire des troupes (1590-1710) d'apres des documents inedits.
41299: THE MONKS OF NEW SKETE, EDS. AND TRS., - Vespers and Matins. Translated and edited by the monks of New Skete.
17660: MONKS OF NEW SKETE, TRANS., - The psalter.
41293: MONKS OF NEW SKETE, TRS., - The Psalter. [Translated by the Monks of New Skete]
37936: MONNERON, G. DE, - Nontron dans l'histoire.
39844: MONNIER, PHILIPPE, - Venice in the eighteenth century. From the French of Philippe Monnier.
43004: MONOD, JACQUES (AUSTRYN WAINHOUSE, TR.), - Chance and necessity; an essay on the natural philosophy of modern biology. Translated from the French by Austryn Wainhouse.
35298: MONOSON, S. SARA, - Plato's democratic entanglements; Athenian politics and the practice of philosophy.
42726: MONROE, JOHN G. AND ELLEN B. ROTHENBERG, EDS., - Molecular biology of B-cell and T-cell development.
10421: MONROE, ROBERT T., - Chronic arthritis. [Reprinted from Oxford Loose-Leaf Medicine]. Ed. by Henry A. Christian.
30568: O. MONTAGNE EN JOHAN WINKLER, RED., - Doctor Henri Polak; van het vuur dat in hem brandde. Onder redactie van O. Montagne en Johan Winkler. Met medewerking van Ir J.W. Albarda, Y. Foppema, D. Kouwenaar, et al
41200: MONTAGNOLI, EUGENIO, - Il mondo di Arturo Cozzaglio; tremosine un balcone sul garda.
25738: MONTAGU, EDWIN, - The means of victory; a speech by the Rt. Hon. Edwin Montagu on the 15th August, 1916.
30964: MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE (ROBERT BARRAL, ED.), - Oeuvres completes. Preface d'Andre Maurois. Texte etabli et annote par Robert Barral en collaboration avec Pierre Michel.
43524: MONTAIGNE [MICHEL DE], (DONALD M. FRAME, TR.), - The complete works of Montaigne; essays, travel journal, letters. Newly translated by Donald M. Frame.
38295: MONTALVO, GARCI RODRIGUEZ DE, ED., - Amadis of Gaul; a novel of chivalry of the 14th century presumably first written in Spanish; vol. 1: Books I and II; vol. 2: Books III and IV. Revised and reworked by Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo prior to 1505. Translated from the Putative Princeps of Saragossa, 1508, by Edwin B. Place and Herbert C. Behm. Two volumes. COMPLETE SET.
26805: MONTBAS, LE VICOMTE DE, - Avec Lafayette chez les Iroquois.
41834: MONTEFIORE, SANTA, - The girl in the castle; a novel.
41578: MONTEFIORE, SANTA, - The girl in the castle. (The Deverril Chronicles, Book 1)
21542: MONTEITH, MOIRA , ED., - Women's writing; a challenge to theory.
13900: MONTEL, PAUL, - Lecons sur les fonctions univalents ou multivalentes. Recuellies et redigees par F. Marty. Avec une note de Henri Cartan.
12660: MONTEL, PAUL, - Lecons sur les fonctions entieres ou meromorphes.
12655: MONTEL, PAUL, - Lecons sur les series de polynomes a une variable complexe.
37042: MONTESQUIEU, CHARLES DE, - [Oeuvres en 6 tomes] Tome 1: Considerations sur les causes de la grandeur des romains et de leur decadence; tome 2-4: De l'esprit des lois; tome 5: Lettres persanes; tome 6: Oeuvres diverses.
39828: MONTGOMERIE, NORAH AND WILLIAM, - The well at the world's end; folk tales of Scotland, retold by Norah and William Montgomerie. Drawings by Margery Gill.

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