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20879: MATZEK, MATHIAS F. - Goethes Begriff Von Der Persönlichkeit [Personlichkeit]. Goethe Prize Essay
46802: MAUBOURGUET, J.M. - Le Cartulaire de L'Abbaye de Cadouin; Precede de Notes Sur L'Histoire Economique Du Perigord Meridional a L'Epoque Feodale
29795: MAUE, RUDOLF - Die Skelettfunde in Der Steinkiste Von Hiddingsen, Dreis Soest. (Veröffentlichungen [Veroffentlichungen] Des Provinzialinstituts Für Westfälische [Fur Westfalische] Landes- Und Volkskunde; Reihe II: Rassekundliche Arbeiten, Heft 1)
29796: MAUE, RUDOLF - Die Skelettfunde in Der Steinkiste Von Hiddingsen, Dreis Soest. (Veröffentlichungen [Veroffentlichungen] Des Provinzialinstituts Für Westfälische [Fur Westfalische] Landes- Und Volkskunde; Reihe II: Rassekundliche Arbeiten, Heft 1)
32270: MAUGER, THIERRY - Heureux Bedouins D'Arabie
43553: MAUNDEVILE, SIR JOHN (ARTHUR LAYARD, ED.) - The Marvellous Adventures of Sir John Maundevile Kt. , Being His Voyage and Travel Which Treateth of the Way to Jerusalem and of the Marvels of Ind with Other Islands and Countries. Edited and Profusely Illustrated by Arthur Layard. With a Preface by John Cameron Grant
40702: MAURA, MIGUEL - Asi Cayo Alfonso XIII. .
48470: MAURAULT, OLIVIER - Aux Louisianais
48473: MAURER, KONRAD UND VIOLA - Vom Main Zum Delaware; Das Leben Des Ersten Deutschen Siedlers in Amerika. [Cover: Mit 46 Abbildungen]
49139: MAURER, ALFRED H. (HILTON KRAMER) - Alfred H. Maurer (1868-1932); the Cubist Works [with] Essay: Getting to Know Maurer, by Hilton Kramer
38757: MAURER, ARMAND - St. Thomas and Historicity
35745: HERZOG, MAURICE ET MARCEL ICHAC - Regards Vers L'Annapurna. Preface de Lucien Devies. Photographies de Marcel Ichac, Gaston Rebuffat, Maurice Herzog, Et Al.
45223: MAURO, FREDERIC - Le XVI Siecle Europeen; Aspects Economiques
3490: MAURO, FREDERIC - L'Expansion Européenne [Europeene] (1600-1870)
37375: THE PRINCE DE JOINVILLE (ANDRE MAUROIS AND GENERAL JAMES M. GAVIN, TEXTS) - A CIVIL War Album of Paintings by the Prince de Joinville. Preface by the Comte de Paris. Texts by Andre Maurois and General James M. Gavin
46085: MAURON, CHARLES - L'Inconscient Dans L'Oeuvre Et la Vie de Racine
40428: MAURON, CHARLES - Mallarme L'Obscur
45166: MAURRAS, CHARLES - La Seule France; Chronique Des Jours D'Epreuve
48852: MAUS, INGEBORG - Zur Aufklärung [Aufklarung] Der Demokratietheorie; Rechts- Und Demokratietheoretische ûberlegungen [Uberlegungen] IM Anschluss an Kant
47204: MAUZEY, JESSE V. - Montaigne's Philosophy of Human Nature
31888: NORRIE, MAVIS AND IAN, EDS - The Book of Hampstead. Edited by Mavis and Ian Norrie. Drawings by Ronald Saxby. Photographs by Christopher Oxford, Colin Penn, and L.H. Reader and Edwin Smith
46926: MAWBY, GEOFFREY K. - Elements of Book Production
21028: HECKER, MAX AND JULIUS PETERSON, EDS - Schillers Persönlichkeit [Personlichkeit]; Urtheile Der Zeitgenossen Und Documente. Gesammelt Von Max Hecker
38125: MAXIMOS, PLATON - Ancient Hellenic Theatres; 2,500 Years of Light and Culture
20714: MAXWELL, WILLIAM - Over by the River, and Other Stories
45362: THE TIMES (MARCUSWELL MAXWELL) - Big Game Photographs from the Times. Photographs by Mr. Maxwell Marcuswell, Taken in Kenya and Tanganyika
44661: MAY, GITA - Diderot Et Baudelaire; Critiques D'Art. Deuxieme Edition
35801: MAY, LINI S. - Iqbal; His Life and Times, 1877-1938
20971: MAYER, HANS - In Den Ruinen Des Jahrhunderts; Rede über [Uber] Kulturschöpfung Und Kulturzerstörung [Kulturschopfung Und Kulturzerstorung]
21115: MAYER, HANS - Zur Deutschen Klassik Und Romantik
45346: MAYER, ALFRED GOLDSBOROUGH - Effects of Natural Selection and Race-Tendency Upon the Color-Patterns of Lepidoptera. With Two Plates
48686: MAYER, KLAUS (MARC CHAGALL, ILLUS.) - Ich Habe Die Bibel Geträumt [Getraumt]; Marc Chagall, Maler Und Mystiker
29563: MAYER, AUGUST L. - Anthonis Van Dyck
32694: MAYER, DOROTHY MOULTON - Memories of A.E.
41544: MAYER, MARGIT J. & GRUNDBACHER - Object Carpet: Fantasy/Bilder Mit Teppichboden
31039: MAYES, WARREN - Urban Cosmonauts; the Global Explorations of the New Generation from Post-Revolutionary Laos
45399: MAYHEW, ELEANOR RANSOM, ED - Martha's Vineyard; a Short History by Various Hands. Together with a Guide to Points of Interest, with Maps and Pictures
45541: MAYR, ERNST (ED.), MAURICE EWING, WALTER H. BUCHER, ET AL. - The Problem of Land Connections Across the South Atlantic, with Special Reference to the Mesozoic. Proceedings of the Symposium on "the Role of the South Atlantic Basin in Biogeography and Evolution", Held at the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution, New York City, December 28 and 29, 1949
47488: MAYR, HANS - Chronik Der Stadt Viernheim; Der Stadt Viernheim, Mit Deren Liebgewonnenen Bevölkerung [Bevolkerung] Der Verfasser 6 Jahrzehnte Freud End Leid Geteilt Hat, in Unverbrüchlicher [Unverbruchlicher] Treue Zugeeignet
36983: MAZADE, CHARLES DE - La Pologne Contemporaine; Recits Et Portraits de la Revolution Polonaise
11634: MAZEL, ADOLF - Na Prahu Zdarskych Hor; Kronika Boracke Dediny
45344: MAZET, HORACE S. - Wild Ivory; the True Story of Fernie, the Last of the Old Elephant Hunters, a Man Forced to Turn Outlaw and Fight to Survive in a Savage Land
39303: MAZSU, JANOS - The Social History of the Hungarian Intelligentsia, 1825-1914. Translated from the Hungarian by Mario D. Fenyo
44790: MAZZINI, FRANCO - I Mattoni E le Pietre Di Urbino
8273: MAZZOTTI, GIUSEPPE - Immagini Della Marca Trevigiana
44557: MAZZUCCHI, CAROLUS MARIA, ED - Menae Patricii Cum Thoma Referendario de Scientia Politica Dialogus; Iteratis Curis Quae Exstant in Codice Vaticano Palimpsesto
47846: MCALLISTER, SHAWN - Hibel; the Life and Art of Edna Hibel
42441: MCALLISTER, TOM - The Young Widower's Handbook; a Novel
43292: MCBRIDE, LAURA - 'Round Midnight
25990: MCCALL, HENRY S. - A Treatise on the Powers and Duties of Supervisors in the State of New York, Containing Copious References to the Statutes, and the Leading and Latest Judicial Decisions, with an Appendix of Precedents and Rules of the Board
9974: MCCANN, WILLIAM S. - Calorimetry in Medicine. (Medicine Mongraphs, Vol. IV. )
42396: MCCARDELL, ROY L. - Olde Love and Lavender and Other Verses
42397: MCCARDELL, ROY L. - Olde Love and Lavender and Other Verses
42932: MCCARTHY, PATRICK - Celine
18752: MCCARTHY, GERALD DENIS - Religion and Certainty: John Henry Newman's Theory of First Principles
46051: MCCARTHY, PATRICK - Celine [Cover; a Biography]
47501: MCCLAVE, ELIZABETH W. (ROWLAND MCCLAVE AND WILLIAM B. ZIMMERMAN, ED.) - Stephen Van Rensselaer, III; a Pictorial Reflection and Biographical Commentary
22995: MCCLELLAN, GEORGE B. (STEPHEN W. SEARS, ED.) - The CIVIL War Papers of George B. Mcclellan; Selected Correspondence, 1860-1865
42294: MCCLELLAND, T. CALVIN - The Cross Builders
22566: MCCLURE, JAMES G. K. - Grandfather Tells Some More Stories, by Request; These Stories Are Written for Very Bright Minds; If Any One Happening to See This Book Does Not Have Such a Mind, He Is Kindly Advised Not to Read the Stories, Particularly the First One
46300: MCCONNELL, S.D. - History of the American Episcopal Church from the Planting of the Colonies to the End of the CIVIL War. Fifth Edition
7494: MCCORD, JAMES - With Corroding Fires: William Blake As Poet, Printmaker and Painter. A Descriptive Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at Scribner Library, Skidmore College, from April 21 to May 11, 1980 and Schaffer Library, Union College, from May 12 to June 15, 1980
34007: MCCORMICK, JENNIFER PAULA - A Floristic Study of the Woodland Area of Brighton Town Park, Brighton, New York
43264: MCCULLOCH, GREGORY - The Mind and Its World
30383: MCCULLOCH, JOHN A., AND IAN MACNAB - Sciatica and Chymopapain
20608: MCDONALD, WILLIAM C., AND WINDER MCCONNELL, EDS - Fide Et Amore; a Festschrift for Hugo Bekker on His Sixty-Fifth Birthday
21538: MCDONOUGH, PETER - Power and Ideology in Brazil
45079: MCDOUGALL, JOYCE - The Many Faces of Eros; a Psychoanalytic Exploration of Human Sexuality
26986: MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM - Psychology: The Study of Behavior
36995: HARBISON-WALKER REFRACTORIES COMPANY (J. SPOTTS MCDOWELL AND W.F. ROCHOW) - Modern Refractory Practice. With Special Reference to the Products of Harbison-Walker Refractories Company
21710: MCDOWELL, JOHN PATRICK - The Social Gospel in the South; the Woman's Home Mission Movement in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1886-1939
8987: MCDOWELL, LOUISE S. - Some Electrical Properties of Selenium. (Phd Thesis, Cornell University)
39894: MCELROY, JOHN - Andersonville; a Story of Rebel Military Prisons, Fifteen Months a Guest of the So-Called Southern Confederacy; a Private Soldiers Experience in Richmond, Andersonville, Savannah, Millen, Blackshear and Florence
18840: MCEVENUE, SEAN - Interpreting the Pentateuch
47092: MCEWEN, MARJORIE RICKARD - Anatole France in the United States
40864: MCGARRY, FEARGHAL - The Rising; Ireland; Easter, 1916
42190: MCGEE, PATRICK - Cinema, Theory, and Political Responsibility in Contemporary Culture
27826: MCGILLIS, RODERICK - Children's Literature and the Fin de Siecle
49095: MCGINN, MARIE - Elucidating the Tractatus; Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy of Logic and Language
40174: MCGOVERN, GEORGE, ED - Agricultural Thought in the Twentieth Century
28083: MCGRATH, MICHAEL J. GARGAS - Liberalism and the Modern Polity; Essays in Contemporary Political Theory
27882: MCGREW, RODERICK E. - Russia and the Cholera, 1823-1832
14906: MCHANEY, THOMAS L. - William Faulkner: A Reference Guide
14902: MCINTOSH, ROBERT P., ED - Phytosociology
37769: MCKAY, GEORGE L. (EDWIN J. BEINECKE) - A Stevenson Library; Catalogue of a Collection of Writings by and About Robert Louis Stevenson; Vols. 1 and 2: Printed Books, Pamphlets, Broadsides, Etc; Vol. 3: Autograph Letters by Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife; Vol. 4: Letters to and About Robert Louis Stevenson; Vol. 5: Manuscripts by Robert Louis Stevenson and Others; Vol. 6: Addenda and Corrigenda. Complete Six Volume Set
48003: ANDERSON GALLERIES (GEORGE S. MCKEARIN) - Early American Glass from the Mckearin Collection, Recognized As the Finest and Most Comprehensive in Existence; Stiegel, South Jersey, New York State, New England, Ohio and Mid-Western Blown Three-Mold. Including Many Unique Examples with Sources Fully Authenticated [and] a Small Group of Early Pottery
48827: MCKEE, HARLEY J. - Introduction to Early American Masonry; Stone, Brick, Mortar and Plaster
47190: MCKEE, KENNETH N. - The Role of the Priest on the Parisian Stage During the French Revolution
24021: MCKENNEY, JANICE E. (COMPILER) - Air Defense Artillery
24017: MCKENZIE, RICHARD B. - Fugitive Industry; the Economics and Politics of Deindustrialization. Foreword by Finis Welch
14645: MCKINNELL, R.G, ET AL., EDS - Differentiation and Neoplasia. With 77 Figures
30704: MCKINSEY, ELIZABETH R. - The Western Experiment; New England Transcendentalists in the Ohio Valley
33799: MCLACHLAN, N.W. - Theory of Vibrations
23699: THE LINCOLN RECORD SOCIETY (BERNARD WILLIAM MCLANE, ED.) - The 1341 Royal Inquest in Lincolnshire
47120: MCLAREN, JAMES C. - The Theatre of Andre Gide; Evolution of a Moral Philosopher
41017: GENERAL ELECTRIC CANADA (STEWART MCLAREN, ED.) - Standards of the Highest" from Edison to Ge Canada, Peterborough 1891-1991
35960: MCLAUGHLIN, NADINE - Song for the Adirondacks; Poems from Home
33957: MCLAUGHLIN, R.P. (ASSISTED BY C.A. WARING) - Petoleum Industry of California
43141: MCLEAN, DAVID - Britain and Her Buffer State; the Collapse of the Persian Empire, 1890-1914
26316: MCLELLAN, DAVID - Ideology
26464: MCLENNAN, GREGOR - Marxism, Pluralism and Beyond; Classic Debates and New Departures
43878: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL (W. TERENCE GORDON, ED.) - The Classical Trivium; the Place of Thomas Nashe in the Learning of His Time. Edited by W. Terence Gordon
41795: MCMAHON, A. MICHAL - The Making of a Profession; a Century of Electrical Engineering in America
46782: MCMANNERS, JOHN - Church and State in France, 1870-1914
36440: MCMANNESS, LINDA M. - Lexical Categories in Spanish; the Determiner
49112: MCMANUS, DENIS - The Enchantment of Words; Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
39683: MCMARTIN, BARBARA - Open Roads and Open Peaks; a Guide to the Southeastern Adirondacks; Walks and Adventures in the Forests and Mountains North of the Great Sacandaga Lake, East of the Sacandaga River, South of the East Branch of the Sacandaga and Crane Mountain, and West of the Hudson River
48514: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Splendors and Miseries of Being an Author-Bookseller; an Address Delivered to the Abaa Annual Meeting, Chicago, May 20, 1995
43305: MCNEAR, MARY - The Light in Summer. A Butternut Lake Novel
26922: MCNEILL, WILLIAM H. - Europe's Steppe Frontier, 1500-1800
44822: MCNAUGHT'S MONTHLY (V.V. MCNITT, ED.) - Mcnaught's Monthly; an Independent, Informal Review; December, 1926
46734: NORTH RIVER PRESS (PAUL MCPHARLIN) - Books from the North River Press in Specimen Pages; Together with Notes on the Specially Distributed Book and Information to Aid the Maker of Books
46866: MCQUADE, KATE - Tell Me Who We Were; Stories
46151: MCQUADE, KATE - Tell Me Who We Were; Stories
33917: MCREYNOLDS, EDWIN C. - Missouri; a History of the Crossroads State
49050: ROBERT VENTURI (CHRISTOPHER MEAD, ED.) - The Architecture of Robert Venturi; Essays by Vincent Scully, David Van Zanten, Neil Levine, Thomas Beeby, and Stephen Kieran. Edited and with an Introduction by Christopher Mead
43814: MEAD, SPENCER P. - Ye Historie of Ye Town of Greenwich, County of Fairfield and State of Connecticut
19159: MEADORS, EDWARD P. - Jesus, the Messianic Herald of Salvation
9975: MEANS, JAMES HOWARD - Dyspnoea. (Medicine Monographs, Vol. V. )
40216: MEARS, DAVID O. - Life of Edward Norris Kirk
25620: MECKAUER, WALTER - Licht in Der Finsternis; Fragmente Sowie Eine Ausführliche [Ausfuhrliche] Bibliographie. Einführung [Einfuhrung] Von Carel Ter Haar
20171: MECKEL, CHRISTOPH - Bei Lebzeiten Zu Singen; Gedichte
4330: MEDICI, COSMO - Zwischen Mars Und Apoll; Unveroffentlichte Briefe Des Cosimo Dei Medici. Berechtigte Ubertragung Von Richard Hoffmann
21986: MEDICUS, FRITZ - Lectures on Logic. Translation by Fritz Marti. Commentary by Fritz Marti and Heinrich A. Medicus
28735: MÉDIONI, GILBERT - L'Art Tarasque Du Mexique Occidental. 93 Photographies de L'Auteur
39271: FEDERATION HISTORIQUE DU LANGUEDOC MEDITERRANEEN ET DU ROUSSILLON - La Terre Et Les Pouvoirs En Languedoc Et En Roussillon Du Moyen Age a Nos Jours. Actes Du LXIII Congres de la Federation Historique Du Languedoc Mediterraneen Et Du Roussillon (Montpellier, 24 Et 25 Mai 1991)
32100: MEHDI, HAIDER, ED - Essays on Pakistan
21156: MEHLIG, HANS ROBERT - Literaturtheorie Und Literaturkritik Des Frühen Belinskij. Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Des Doktorgrades Der Philosophischen Fakultät Der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Zu Münster (Westf. )
21069: MEHNERT, KLAUS - Der Deutsche Standort
44969: MEHRING, FRANZ - Die Lessing-Legende. Neu Und Revidiert Herausgegeben Von Hans Mayer
3447: MEHRING, FRANZ - Karl Marx; Geschichte Seines Lebens. Mit Einem Vorwort Von Valentin Gitermann. Zwei Bildbeilagen and Sechs Faksimiles
34346: MEHRING, WALTER - Arche Noah S.O. S. ; Neues Trostreiches Liederbuch
37749: MEHRING, WALTER - Die Gedichte, Lieder Und Chansons Des Walter Mehring
48481: MEHRTENS, P.C.J. - Katharina Von Bora, Dr. Martin Luther's Gemahlin; Eine Lebensbeschreibung Für [Fur] Das Luth. Shriftenvolk Und Auch Für [Fur] Andere Leute
19234: MEIER, ARNOLD - Die Alttestamentliche Namengebung in England. Mit Einem Ausblick Auf Die Alttestamentliche Namengebung in Deutschland Und Frankreich
21297: MEIER, RAIMND - Abstrakte Prinzipien Und Integrales Wissen in Den Frühschriften Vladimir Solov'Evs. Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Des Doktorgrades Der Philosophischen Fakultät Der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Zu Münster (Westf. )
20836: MEIER, HANS - Gottfried Keller "Grüner Heinrich"; Betrachtungen Zum Roman Des Poetischen Realismus
37949: MEIJER, JAAP - Isaac Da Costa's Weg Naar Het Christendom; Bijdrage Tot de Geschiedenis Der Joodsche Problematiek in Nederland
45579: MEINECKE, FRIEDRICH - Weltbürgertum [Weltburgertum] Und Nationalstaat; Studien Zur Genesis Des Deutschen Nationalstaates. Zweite Durchgesehene Auflage
28525: MEINERS, C. - Aus Briefen über [Uber] Die Schweiz; Reisen IM Sommer 1782 Und 1788
4328: MEININGER, HERBERT - 250 Jahre Karlsruhe; Die Chronik Zum Jubiläum [Jubilaum] Der Stadt
25296: MEISSNER, BORIS - Das Parteiprogramm Der Kpdsu, 1903-1961
21157: MEISTER, INGETRAUD - Die Entwicklung Der Dramatischen Technik Von Viktor Rozov. Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Der Doktorwürde Der Philosophischen Fakultät Der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Zu Bonn
38793: MEISTER, ELLEN - Dorothy Parker Drank Here
48321: MELAS, SPYROS - Amerike; Entyposeis Taxidiou
12005: MELFI, DOMINGO - Estudios de Literatura Chilena
48199: MELGAR, MARIANO - Poesias de Mariano Melgar (Arequipa, 1791-1815); Cuaderno 10. Prologo de Aurelio Miro Quesada Sosa
32485: MELLEN, PETER - Les Grandes Etapes de L'Art Au Canada de la Prehistoire a L'Art Moderne. Adaptation Francaise Par Jacques de Roussan
24036: MELLIZO, CARLOS, ED - Homenaje a Azorin
38730: MELLOT, PHILIPPE - Paris Sens Dessus-Dessous
39472: MELOSI, GIANLUCA FRENGUELLIE LAURA, ED - Lingua E Cultura Dell'Italia Coloniale
38226: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G.J. [GEORGE JOHN] - M. Or N. (Two Volumes in One)
31391: MEMBERS AND FRIENDS OF TRINITY CHURCH - Trinity Church Original Cookbook. [Committee: Sue Benoit, Joyce Hallgring, Alice Hoffman, Murph Judge, Sally Madden; Illustrator: Donna Benoit; Layout: Bob Judge; Printing: Don Terwilliger; Cover Art: Hans Hendericks]
30483: MENA, JUAN DE (JOSE MANUEL BLECUA, ED.) - El Labertino de Fortuna, O Las Trescientas. Edicion, Prologo Y Notas Por Jose Manuel Blecua
45839: MENACHE, SOPHIA - The Vox Dei; Communication in the Middle Ages
48649: MENANDER, OF ATHENS (CHRISTIANUS JENSEN, ED.) - Reliquiae in Papyris Et Membranis Servatae
36623: MENCKEN, AUGUST, ED - First Class Passenger; Life at Sea As Experienced and Recorded by Voyaging Landlubbers of the Past. Selected and Edited with an Introduction by August Mencken
31262: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX - Die Erste Walpurgisnacht; Ballade Von Goethe Für [Fur] Chor Und Orchester, Op. 60. Klavierauszug
29890: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX - IV Symphonie (Italienne); Op. 90; la Majeur, a Major, a Dur; P.H. 3
29888: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX - Concerto Pour Violon; Op. 64; MI Mineur, E Minor, E Moll; P.H. 42
19320: MENDES, CANDIDO - Beyond Populism. Translated by L. Gray Cowan
15966: MENDES, CANDIDO - Beyond Populism. Translated by L. Gray Cowan
48389: MENEGAULT, A.P.F. (MADAME L. VILDE) - La Naissance de Pitt, Fils Du Lord Chatam Ou Angelina, Histoire Veritable [Bound with] le Savetier Enrichi, Ou Les Trois Mois de Niperc (Madame L. Vilde)
21061: MENGES, KARL, ED - Literatur Und Geschichte; Festschrift Für [Fur] Wulf Koepke Zum 70. Geburtstag
23919: MENKE, HUBERTUS, HRSG - Reineke Fuchs Am Ende Des Philosophischen Jahrhunderts; Faksimile Nach Der Ausgabe Itzehoe Und Crempe, 1797; Mit Einem Nachwort Herausgegeben Von Hubertus Menke
45281: MENNICKE, HANS - Die Metallurgie Des Zinns Mit Spezieller Berücksichtigung Der Elektrometallurgie. Mit 40 Figuren IM Text
34796: WILDE-MENOZZI, WALLIS - The Other Side of the Tiber; Reflections on Time in Italy
47540: MENZELS, ADOLF (MAX JORDAN) - Das Werk Adolf Menzels, 1815-1905. Mit Einer Biographie Des Künstlers [Kunstlers]
46559: MERCIER, ROGER - L'Enfant Dans la Societe Du XVIII Siecle
45505: MERCIER, SEBASTIEN - Paris Pendant la Revolution (1789-1798), Ou le Nouveau Paris
46931: MERCIER, MAURICE - La Formation de L'Etat Tchecoslovaque
3713: MERCURI, LAMBERTO - 1943-1945 Gli Alleati E L'Italia
34154: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Miscellaneous Prose
29445: MERIDETH, LEE W. (COMPILER) - Guide to CIVIL War Periodicals, Volume II
44528: MERIMEE, PROSPER - Chronique de Règne de Charles IX. Suivie de la Double Méprise Et de la Guzla Par Prosper Mérimee, L'Un Des Quarante de L'Acádemie Francaise. Nouvelles Editions, Revues Et Corrigees
34553: MERITT, BENJAMIN DEAN - Epigraphica Attica
39355: MERK, FREDERICK, WITH THE COLLABORATION OF LOIS BANNISTER MERK - Fruits of Propoganda in the Tyler Administration
12557: MERLINI, ALDO - Castelfranco Di Sopra; Arte - Storia E Costume
34133: MERRIAM, C. HART, ED - Natural History of the Tres Marias Islands, Mexico
8689: MERRILL, WILLIAM STETSON - Archaeological Institute of America: Index to Publications, 1879-1889
11880: MERRILL, HORACE SAMUEL - William Freeman Vilas; Doctrinaire Democrat
34483: MERRILL, JAMES - A Scattering of Salts; Poems
44720: BROMBERGER, MERRY ET SERGE - Les 13 Complots Du 13 Mai, Ou la Delivrance de Gulliver
34510: MERTENS, TH - Die Kerkerscene Aus Goethe's Faust
36464: MERTL, JOSEF, OTTO BURGER, JOCHEN KOMMERELL UND HERBERT MACHER - Maler in Schleissheim; Gemälde [Gemalde]-Ausstellung, Oberschleissheim Vom 17. Bis 25. Mai 1975; Schule in Der Parksiedlung
41797: MERZ, JACOB (SEYMOUR HOWARD) - Jacob Merz (1783-1807); Zeichnungen Aus Dem Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Kalifornien. Ausgewählt, Eingeführt [Ausgewahlt, Eingefuhrt], Und Bearbeitet Von Seymour Howard/Drawings Lent by the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California. Selected, Introduced and Catalogued by Seymour Howard
40309: THE DAILY/SUNDAY MESSENGER - Ontario County; Pictorial History
29851: MESSMER, FRANZPETER - Musiker Reisen; Vierzehn Kapitel Aus Der Europäischen [Europaischen] Kulturgeschichte
40700: MESZAROS, ISTVAN, ED - Aspects of History and Class Consciousness. Essays by Tom Bottomore, David Daiches, Lucien Goldman, Et Al.
23237: AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS - Resonance and Relaxation in Metals; Papers Presented at a Seminar of the American Society for Metals, October 31 and November 1, 1959
37637: METCALFE, JAMES S. (C.D. GIBSON, "CHIP" F.G. ATWOOD, A.D. BLACHFIELD, ET AL, ILLUS.) - Mythology for Moderns; an Up-to-Date Text-Book for Up-to-Date Students
21153: METZGER, HEIDI - Ein Beitrag Zur Poetik A.A. Bloks; Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Des Doktorgrades Der Philosophischen Fakultät Der Universität Zu Köln
15175: METZGER, GÜNTHER [GUNTHER], ED - 20 Jahre Freundeskreis Arnold Krieger E.V. ,Darmstadt, 1967-1987
30289: METZIDAKIS, STAMOS - Repetition and Semiotics; Interpreting Prose Poems
44252: METZMAN, GUSTAV - Cincinnati and Ohio; Their Early Railroads
15384: VAN DER MEULEN, J.C. - Het Adatrecht Der Inlanders in de Jurisprudentie, 1912-1923
45956: MEYEN, F.J.F. (ASTRID JACKSON, TR.) (MARY ANNE PULTZ, ED.) - A Botanists Visit to Oahu in 1831, Being the Journal of Dr. F.J. F. Meyen's Travels and Observations About the Island of Oahu. Translated by Astrid Jackson. Edited by Mary Anne Pultz
48983: MEYER, JOHN H., REV - 200 Years of Church Discipleship; a History of the Berne-Beaverdam Reformed Churches. Published in Celebration of the Bi-Centennial Year
48526: MEYER, GUSTAV FRIEDRICH - Unsere Plattdeutsche Muttersprache; Beiträge [Beitrage] Zu Ihrer Geschichte Und Ihrem Wesen. ûberarbeitet [Uberarbeiter] Und Neu Herausgegeben Von Prof. Dr. Ulf Bichel, Kiel. Mit Einer Biografie Und Einer Bibliografie Von Gustav Friedrich Meyer Geschrieben Und Zusammengestellt Von Paul Selk, Kiel
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32664: MOORE, GEORGE - The Bending of the Bough; a Play in Five Acts
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37054: MUNK, KAJ - Egelykke
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37662: MURRAY, LINDLEY - The English Reader on Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Selected from the Best Writers. Designed to Assist Young Persons to Read with Propriety and Effect; to Improve Their Language and Sentiments, and to Inculcate Some of the Most Important Principles of Piety and Virtue. With a Few Preliminary Observations on the Principles of Good Reading
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41253: THE WATERFORD HISTORICAL MUSEUM AND CULTURAL CENTER - Waterford to Whitehall; a Pictorial Journey Along the Champlain Division of the New York State Barge Canal During Its Construction
39001: MUSIAL, STAN - Stan Musial: "the Man's" Own Story As Told to Bob Broeg
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41643: NADLER, DANIEL - 100 Imagined Ancient Love Poems
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27039: NELSON, PETE - I Thought You Were Dead; a Love Story; a Novel
39818: NELSON, MARK - Scottish Airs and Ballads for the Applachian Dulcimer. Cd Not Included
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37445: THE SOUTHERN JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY (NENON, TOM, ED.) - The First-Person Perspective in Philosophical Inquiry; Spindel Conference, September 28-30, 2006
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3061: NETTELBECK, JOACHIM CHRISTIAN - Ein Mann; Des Seefahrers Und Aufrechten Bürghers [Burghers] Joachim Nettelbeck Wundersame Lebensgeschichte Von Ihm Selbst Erzählt [Erzahlt]
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45904: NEUMANN, ROBERT - Struen
27649: NEUMANN, BERND - Uwe Johnson. Mit Zwölf Porträts [Zwolf Portrats] Von Diether Ritzert
45312: NEUMANN, BERNHARD - Elektrometallurgie Des Eisens. Mit 89 Abbildungen
44986: NEUMANN, ALFRED - Der Pakt; Roman
24551: NEUMANN, ERWIN - Die Neutralität [Neutralitat] Der Vereinigten Staaten
39675: NEUMANN, ALFRED - Königin [Konigin] Christine Von Schweden. 12 Abbildungen
29114: NEUSNER, JACOB - The Yerushalmi; the Talmud of the Land of Israel; an Introduction
41336: NEUSTADT, LESLIE B. - Bearing Fruit; a Poetic Journey
13179: NEVE, JOHN - A Concordance to the Poetical Works of William Cowper
46406: NEVELSON, LOUISE (DIANA MACKOWN) - Dawns and Dusks; Taped Conversations with Diana Mackown
37979: NEVILLE, ANTHONY - Catalogue of English Books in the Library of Aleksandr Pushkin
23703: THE LINCOLN RECORD SOCIETY (GRAHAM NEVILLE, ED.) HICKS, EDWARD LEE - The Diaries of Edward Lee Hicks, Bishop of Lincoln, 1910-1919. Selected and Edited by Graham Neville
7483: NEVIN, CHARLES M. - The Sand and Gravel Resources of New York State
39850: NEVIN, ROBERT P. - Black-Robes, or Sketches of Missions and Ministers in the Wilderness and on the Border
22568: NEWBY, ERIC - A Short Walk; a Preposterous Adventure. Preface by Evelyn Waugh
48824: NEWCOMB, REXFORD - Architecture in Old Kentucky
48181: NEWHOUSE, VICTORIA - Wallace K. Harrison, Architect
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42826: NEWLAND, D. H. - The Paleozoic Stratigraphy of New York
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9065: NEWMAN, PAUL, ED - Papers in Chadic Linguistics; Papers from the Leiden Colloquium on the Chadic Language Family. Ed. By... & Roxanna Ma Newman
41206: HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS - The Hemmings Books of Postwar Chevrolets
41241: HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS - The Hemmings Book of Oldsmobiles
19270: NEWTON, KENNETH - Second City Politics: Democratic Processes and Decision-Making in Birmingham
35875: GARVER, NEWTON AND SWUNG-CHONG LEE - Derrida and Wittgenstein
6893: NI, CHUO, ED - Tumors of the Eyelid and Orbit: A Chinese-American Collaborative Study. Ed. By... And Daniel M. Albert
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36405: NICASSIO, SUSAN VANDIVER - Tosca's Rome; the Play and the Opera in Historical Perspective
27185: BEYARD, NICHOLAS AND CHARLES LODOWICK - Journal of the Late Actions of the French at Canada
38664: BUNNIN, NICHOLAS AND E.P. TSUI-JAMES, EDS - The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy
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23420: NICHOLSON, STUART - Jazz; the 1980's Resurgence
5678: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM J., ED - Management of Assessed Risk for Carcinogens. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 363)
24008: NICHOLSON, G.G. - Un Nouveau Principe D'Etymologie Romane
46262: NICHOLSON, SYDNEY (HANS TISDALL, ILLUS.) - Peter; the Adventures of a Chorister, 1137-1937
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22745: DEUTSCHE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR [FUR] METALLKUNDE E. V. (A.R. NICOLL, TR.) - Acoustic Emission; Papers Presented April, 1979 in Bad Nauheim, West Germany, at a Meeting Organised by the Deutsche Gesellschaft Für [Fur] Metallkunde E.V.
36116: NICOLSON, MARJORIE HOPE - Pepys' Diary and the New Science
26510: NICOTERA, ANNE MAYDAN & ASSOCIATES - Interpersonal Communication in Friend and Mate Relationships
46059: NIEDERSTRASSER, HEINZ - Entartete Zeiten"; Randbemerkungen Zum Modell Eines Befreiungskrieges
15356: VAN NIEL, ROBERT, ED - Economic Factors in Southeast Asian Social Change
25871: NIEMEYER, CARL - Poems at a Distance. With an Introduction by Hugh Maclean
31969: NIESCHMIDT, HANS-WERNER - Deutung Und Dokumentation; Studien Zum Geschichtsdrama Christian Dietrich Grabbes
41784: NIESSEN, CARL - Brecht Auf Der Bühne [Buhne]
44218: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - Philologica
46042: NIGGEL, GÜNTER [GUNTER] - Zeitbilder; Studien Und Vorträge [Vortrage] Zur Deutschen Literatur Des 19. Und 20. Jahrhunderts
21480: NIGGL, GÜNTER[GUNTER] - Studien Zur Literatur Der Goethezeit
21248: NIKITINA, N. (NINA) - Iasnaia Poliana; Putevoditel'Po Zapovedniku
40872: ZETTERLING, NIKLAS AND ANDERS FRANKSON - The Drive on Moscow, 1941; Operation Taifun and Germany's First Crisis of World War II
16057: FLUELER, NIKLAUS ET ROLAND GFELLER-CORTHESY - La Suisse, de la Formation Des Alpes a la Quete Du Futur: Le Passe, le Present Et L'Avenir D'Un Pays a Travers Textes Et Documents. [Dixieme Publication de la Federation Des Coomeratives Migros]
24364: NILES, GEORGE M. - Pellagra; an American Problem
25724: NIN, ANAIS - Children of the Albatross
34873: NIRENBERG, RICARDO L. - Cry Uncle
45902: NISBET, MATTHEW C., ED - The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication; Vol. 1: A-Com; Vol. 2: Com-I. (Volumes 1 and 2 Only. Covers a-I. We Cannot Supply the Third Volume)
46533: NIXON, ROSIE - The Stylist Takes Manhattan; a Novel
31376: NOACK, ULRICH - Katholizität [Katholizitat] Und Geistesfreiheit; Nach Den Schriften Von John Dalberg-Acton, 1834-1902
37955: NOAILLES, MME LA DUCHESSE DE DURAS - Journal Des Prison de Mon Pere, de Ma Mere, Et Des Miennes
29732: NOBEL, ALPHONS - Tempel, Paläste [Palaste] Und Dschungel; Indische Reise. Mit 79 Bildern Nach Eigenen Aufnahmen Des Verfassers. Zweite Auflage
44920: NOBLE, SHELLEY - Lighthouse Beach; a Novel
39469: NOCERA, GIGLIOLA - IL Linguaggio Dell'Eden; Nautra E Mito Nell'America Di Thoreau
31528: NOË, HEINRICH (HEIDI C. EBERTSHÄUSER, HRSG.) - Bayerisches Seenbuch
22124: NOGUCHI, YONE - The Ukiyoye Primitives
42001: NOGUEZ, DOMINIQUE - Une Renaissance Du Cinema; le Cinema "Underground" Americain; Histoire, Economie, Esthetique
21082: NOHL, HERMAN - Die Weltanschauungen Der Malerei. Mit Einem Anhang über [Uber] Die Gedankenmalerei
23005: NOLAN, ALAN T. - Lee Considered; General Robert E. Lee and CIVIL War History
33096: NOLLER, JAY S., STEPHEN H. KIRBY, AND JANE E. NIELSON-PIKE, EDS - Geophysics and Petrology of the Deep Crust and Upper Mantle; a Workshop Sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey and Stanford University
21084: NOLTE, ERNST - Der Kausale Nexus; über [Uber] Revisionen Und Revisionismen in Der Geschichtswissenschaft. Studien, Artikel Und Vortäge [Vortage], 1990-2000
28420: NONACK, STEPHEN Z. (BOSTON ATHENAEUM) - A Catalogue of the Manuscripts from the Collections of the Boston Athenaeum
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11577: WIENER, NORBERT AND J.P. SCHADÉ, EDS - Progress in Biocybernetics, Vol. I. Ed. By Norbert Wiener and J.P. Schade
42832: CASTERET, NORBERT ET GERMAIN GATTET - Paysages Souterrains. Ouvrage Orne de 54 Heliogravures
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42938: CHRISTIE'S (NORMAN, HASKELL) - The Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine; Part 3: The Modern Age
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26009: NORRIS, CHRISTOPHER - Deconstruction and the Interests of Theory
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44349: OSTROVSKY, ARKADY - The Invention of Russia; the Rise of Putin and the Age of Fake News
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34261: OTIS, JAMES - The Navy Boys in New York Bay; a Story of Three Boys Who Took Command of the Schooner "the Laughing Mary," the First Vessel of the American Navy
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42901: OXFORD, KELLY - When You Find out the World Is Against You, and Other Funny Memories About Awful Moments
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44864: OZICK, CYNTHIA - Quarrel and Quandary; Essays
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27484: PACKARD, FRANCIS R. - Guy Patin and the Medical Profession in Paris in the Xviith Century. With Seventeen Illustrations, Including Nine Full Page Plates
32450: PACZENSKY, GERT V. - Le Grand Livre Du Cognac. Aquarelles Et Dessins de Jean-Pierre Haeberlin
48945: PACZYNSKIEJ, IRENY I ANDRZEJA PILCAHA - Materialy Do Bibliografii Dziejow Emigracji Oraz Skupisk Polonijnych W Ameryce Ponocnej I Poludniowej W XIX I XX Wieku
36600: PADFIELD, PETER - The Sea Is a Magic Carpet. Illustrated with Photographs and Sketches by the Author
47542: PADIAN, MARIA - How to Build a Heart
48472: PADRON, FRANCISCO MORALES - Participacion de Espana En la Independencia Politica de Los Estados Unidos
24896: PADUA, MARSILIUS VON - Der Verteidiger Des Friedens (Defensor Pacis). Auf Grund Der ûbersetzung [Ubersetzung] Von Walter Kunzmann, Bearbeitet Und Eingeleitet Von Horst Kusch
44413: PAETEL, KARL O. (FRIEDRICH KRAUSE, HRSG.) - Ernst Jünger [Junger]; Die Wandlung Eines Deutschen Dichters Und Patrioten. (Zweiter Band Der Dokumente Des Anderen Deutschland, Herausgegeben Von Friedrich Krause)
46156: PAGE, HALL KATHERINE - The Body in the Wake. A Faith Fairchild Mystery
42393: PAGE, THOMAS NELSON - The Old Gentleman of the Black Stock. Illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy

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