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11134: CARUS, PAUL., - The surd of metaphysics: an inquiry into the question, Are there things-in-themselves?
37187: CARY, PHILLIP, JOHN DOODY AND KIM PAFFENROTH, EDS., - Augustine and philosophy.
6624: CARY, GEORGE E., - The one hundreth anniversary of the Essex North Association. Historical Sketches by ... and Charles S. Holton.
38075: CASALIS, EUGENE, - Mes souvenirs.
37509: CASANOVA, PASCALE, - The world republic of letters. Translated by M.B. DeBovoise.
42998: CASARES, JULIO, - Diccionario ideologico de la lengua Española [Espanola]. Segunda edicion.
14317: CASE, E.C., - Environment of tetrapod life in the late Paleozoic of regions other than North America.
41354: CASEY, ANNE-MARIE, - The real Liddy James.
41819: CASEY, ANNE-MARIE, - The real Liddy James.
31076: CASEY, JOHN, - The language of criticism.
40523: CASEY, JACK, - The trial of Bat Shea; a novel.
26642: CASI, FAUSTO, - Scienziati aretini dal '400 al '700; strumenti. .
22140: CASKEY, L.D. AND BEAZLEY, J.D., - Attic vase paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Part 1 (text and plates) and Part 2 (text and plates) only.
34729: CASSATT, MARY (NANCY MOWLL MATHEWS, ED.), - Cassatt; a retrospective.
24534: CASSEL, GUSTAV, - Theoretische Sozialökonomie [Sozialokonomie]; fünfte [funfte], neubearbeitete Auflage.
28033: CASSELLA, CAROL WILEY, - Healer.
7485: CASSIDY, WILLIAM A. AND WHIPPLE, HAROLD E., EDS., - Cosmic dust. Editor: Harold E. Whipple. Consulting editor, William A. Cassidy. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 119)
43136: CASSON, LIONEL, ED., - The Periplus Maris Erythraei. Text with introduction, translation and commentary by Lionel Casson.
19696: CAST, DAVID, - The Calumny of Apelles; a study in the humanist tradition.
23317: CASTEL, ALBERT, - William Clarke Quantrill; his life and times.
42832: CASTERET, NORBERT ET GERMAIN GATTET, - Paysages souterrains. Ouvrage orne de 54 heliogravures.
24226: CASTEX, PIERRE-GEORGES, - Autour du symbolisme; Villiers-Mallarme, Verlaine-Rimbaud; etudes reunies.
36664: CASTEX, P.G., S. JEUNE, M. EIGELDINGER, ET AL, - Relire "Les Destinees" d' Alfred de Vigny. Actes du colloque tenu a la Sorbonne le 15 Decembre 1979.
41809: CASTLE, WILLIAM BOSWORTH AND GEORGE RICHARDS MINOT (HENRY A. CHRISTIAN, ED.), - Pathological physiology and clinical description of the anemias.
26872: CASTOR, GRAHAME AND TERENCE CAVE, EDS., - Neo-Latin and the vernacular in Renaissance France.
3184: CASTRIES, RENÉ DE LA CROIX., - La France et l'indépendance Américaine; le livre du bicentenaire de l'Indépendance. Avant-propos du duc de Lévis Mirepoix.
17948: CASTRO, JAVIER FERNANDEZ DE, - Alimento del salto.
13724: CASTRO, FIDEL, - History will absolve me; translation from the Spanish of a defense plea by Fidel Castro.
13723: CASTRO, FIDEL, - History will absolve me; translation from the Spanish of a defense plea by Fidel Castro.
33144: CASTRO, DON ADOLFO DE, - Obras escogidas de filosofos con un discurso preliminar del excelentisimo e ilustrisimo señor [senor] Don Adolfo de Castro. (Biblioteca de autores Españoles [Espanoles] desde la formacion del lenguaje hasta nuestros dias)
3043: CASTRONOVO, VALERIO., - Economia e società in Piemonte dall'unità al 1914.
39241: CATHER, WILLA, - Lucy Gayheart.
37946: CATHOLIC CHURCH, ARCHDIOCESE OF COLOGNE (GERMANY), - Kirchlicher Anzeiger für [fur] die Erzdiözese Köln [Erzdiozese Koln]; vol. 1: Kirchengeschichtlicher Teil mit Epilog; vol. 2: Biblischer Teil mit einem Epilog.
35519: CATLIN, GEORGE, - North American Indians; being letters and notes on their manners, customs, and conditions, written during eight years' travel amongst the wildest tribes of Indians in North America, 1832-1839. In two volumes. With three hundred and twenty illustrations, carefully engraved from the author's original paintings.
41802: CATULLE [CATULLUS], - Poesies. Texte etabli et traduit par Georges Lafaye. Huitieme tirage revu et corrige.
33327: CAUGHEY, JOHN L., - Imaginary social worlds; a cultural approach.
19825: CAULFIELD, CATHERINE, - Multiple exposures; chronicles of the radiation age.
12531: CAVALCANTI DE PAIVA, SALVYANO, - Historia ilustrada dos filmes Brasileiros (1929-1988).
37506: CAVALIERO, RODERICK, - Italia romantica; English romantics and Italian freedom.
34711: CAVANAGH, SHEILA T., - Cherished torment; the emotional geography of Lady Mary Wroth's Urania.
22588: HOWE CAVERNS, - Howe Caverns; 60th anniversity, 1929-1989.
42426: CAWEIN, MADISON, - Shapes and shadows; poems.
43652: CAXTON, WILLIAM (EDWARD ARBER, ED.), - The history of Reynard the Fox. Translated by William Caxton June 1481.
36059: CAZIER, PIERRE, PAUL COLONGE, VICTOR CONZEMIUS, ET AL, - De l'antijudaisme antique a l'antisemitisme contemporain. Avant-propos de Leon Poliakov. Etudes reunies par Valentin Nikiprowetzky.
28321: CECIL, SIR ROBERT AND JAMES VI, KING OF SCOTLAND (EDMUND GOLDSMITH, ED.), - The secret correspondence of Sir Robert Cecil with James VI. King of Scotland. Vol. 3 only of a three volume set.
25735: CECIL, ROBERT, - Why mail censorship is vital to Britain; an interview with the Rt. Hon. Lord Robert Cecil, as published with a preface... together with a brief memorandum on the American note dealing with the censorship of the mails by the Rt. Hon. Sir Maurice de Bunsen.
10763: CECOVINI, MANLIO., - Nottole ad Atene.
38139: CEJKA, MIREK, DUSAN SLOSAR AND JANA NECHUTOVA, - Gramatika ceska Jana Blahoslava.
39093: CELAN, PAUL, - Threadsuns. Translated from the German and with an introduction by Pierre Joris.
21826: CENDRARS, BLAISE, - Bourlinguer.
21825: CENDRARS, BLAISE, - À l'aventure; textes choisis.
41728: CENDRARS, BLAISE (CLAUDE LEROY, ED.), - Partir; poemes, romans, nouvelles, memoires. Edition etablie et presentee par Claude Leroy.
27167: NEW YORK STATE COMMISSION PLATTSBURGH CENTENARY, - The Battle of Plattsburgh; what historians say about it; the centennial of this great naval contest, the last fought between English-speaking nations, which effectually checked the British advance into New York and hastened the consummation of peace, is to be celebrated at Plattsburgh, on Lake Champlain, New York, on September 6 to 11, 1914.
41253: THE WATERFORD HISTORICAL MUSEUM AND CULTURAL CENTER, - Waterford to Whitehall; a pictorial journey along the Champlain Division of the New York State Barge Canal during its construction.
32114: INTERNATIONAL LEGAL CENTER, - Law and public enterprise in Asia.
20443: CENTKIEWICZ, ALINE, - Okrutny Biegun.
15950: CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS SOBRE AMÉRICA, ED., - The Cuban Revolution into the 1990s: Cuban perspectives.
19230: CEREGHINI, MARIO, - Immagini de Lecco nei Secoli.
13949: CERF, G., - Transformations de contact et probleme de Pfaff.
33599: CERRO, JUAN LUIS ROMAN DEL, - Alicante, 1881-1980.
26327: CERTEAU, MICHEL DE (BRIAN MASSUMI, TR.), - Heterologies; discourse on the other. Foreword by Wlad Godzich.
17026: CÉSAIRE, AIMÉ, - Im Kongo. Ein Stück über Patrice Lumumba. Mit einem Essay von Jean-Paul Sartre: Das politische Denken Lumumbas. Übertragen von Monika Kind.
28176: DI CESARE, MARIO A., - The altar and the city; a reading of Vergil's Aeneid.
41538: CESARI, JEAN-DOMINIQUE ET LUCIEN ACQUAVIVA (RICHARD EVANS, TR.), - Filitosa. Translated by Richard Evans. Drawings by Jules Mondoloni.
10688: CESNAKOVA-MICHALCOVA, MILENA, - Kapitoly z dejin Slovenskeho Divadla: od najstarsich cias po realizmus.
19184: CETINA, GUTIERRE DE, - Obras de Gutierre de Cetina. Con introducción y notas del Doctor D. Joaquín Hazañas y la Rúa. Presentación de Margarita Peña.
32438: GALERIE CGER, - L'art de l'affiche en Belgique, 1900-1980.
35050: CHABOT, BRIAN F. AND HAROLD A. MOONEY, EDS., - Physiological ecology of North American plant communities.
21993: CHADWICK, OWEN, ED., - Western asceticism; selected translations with introductions and notes by Owen Chadwick.
27266: CHADWICK, GEORGE HALCOTT, - History and value of the name "Catskill" in geology.
42711: CHAICHIAN, M. AND A. DEMICHEV, - Path integrals in physics; vol. 1: Stochastic processes and quantum mechanics; vol. 2: Quantum field theory, statistical physics and other modern applications. Two volumes. COMPLETE SET.
32033: CHAILLLU, PAUL DU, - The land of the long night. Illustrated by M.F. Burns.
34016: CHALMERS, HARVEY, - Mohawk Valley tales.
24801: ALL-UNION BOOK CHAMBER, - The book; researches and materials; symposia, XXVIII. / Kniga: issledovaniia i materialy. Sbornik.
40012: CHAMBERAS, PETER A., TR., - Nicodemos of the Holy Mountain; a handbook of spiritual counsel. Translation and foreword by Peter A. Chamberas. Introduction by George S. Bebis. Preface by Stanley s. Harakas.
28167: CHAMBERLAIN, BASIL HALL, - Things Japanese; being notes on various subjects connected with Japan for the use of travellers and others.
40706: CHAMBERS, ANNE, - Eleanor, Countess of Desmond c. 1545-1638. [Dust jacket title: "As wicked a woman"]
31212: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W., - The cambric mask; a romance.
5775: CHAMBERS, MIRIAM P., - Railroading in America. (Cover title: From engine to caboose).
31806: CHAMBERS, SIR EDMUND, - Matthew Arnold. (Warton Lecture on English Poetry, read November 11, 1931)
10331: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W., - The conspirators: a romance.
28133: CHAMOUX, FRANCOIS, - La civilisation Grecque; a l'epoque archaique et classique. 229 heliogravures, 8 planches en couleurs, 34 cartes et plans.
42043: CHAMPFLEURY, - Histoire de la caricature; vol. 1: Antique; vol. 2: Moderne. Two volumes in one.
22542: CHAMPIE, CLARK, - Cacti & succulents of El Paso.
35781: CHAMPION, EDOUARD, - La comedie-Francaise; 1 Janvier 1927-31 Decembre 1932.
37799: CHANDLER, ELIZABETH MARGARET, - The poetical works of Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, with a memoir of her life and character, by Benjamin Lundy. [With her] Essays, philanthropic and moral, principally relating to the abolition of slavery in America. Two volumes bound in one.
17490: CHANDLER, RALPH CLARK, ED., - A centennial history of the American administrative state.
26977: CHANDLER, CHARLES F., - Miscellaneous chemical researches; inaugural dissertation for the degree of doctor of philosophy, addressed to the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Gottingen.
14856: CHANG-RODRIGUEZ, EUGENIO, - La literatura politica de Gonzalez Prada, Mariategui y Haya de la Torre. Introduccion de German Arciniegas.
18085: CHANG, SHU-CHENG, ET AL., EDS., - Geometric evolution equations. National Center for Theoretical Sciences Workshop on Geometric Evolution Equations, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 15-August 14, 2002.
36178: CHANG, GARY, - Hotel as home.
39532: CHANTRAINE, QUIREC, - Érase [Erase] Veracruz una tarjeta postal.
38153: CHAPIN, ANDREA, - The tutor.
39042: CHAPIN, ANDREA, - The tutor.
43370: CHAPLIN, HEATHER, - Reckless years; a diary of love and madness.
42678: CHAPLIN, HEATHER, - Reckless years; a diary of love and madness.
36703: CHAPMAN, GERARD (BERNARD A. DREW, ED.) (ART MARASCO, PHOTO.) (VAUGHN GRAY, MAPMAKER), - A history of the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
35967: CHAPMAN, WILLIAM K. (WITH DENNIS APRILL), - Mammals of the Adirondacks.
40568: CHAPON, FRANCOIS, ED., - Andre Suares (1868-1948).
40518: CHAR, RENE, - Trois coups sous les arbres; theatre saisonnier.
29493: CHARBONNEAUX, JEAN, ROLAND MARTIN UND FRANCOIS VILLARD, - Das archaische Griechenland, 620-480 v.Chr.
28379: CHARLES I, KING OF ENGLAND (PETRIE, CHARLES, SIR, EDITOR), - The Letters Speeches and Proclamations of King Charles I
33739: CHARLIER, GUSTAVE, - De Ronsard a Victor Hugo; problemes d'histoire litteraire.
19907: CHARYN, JEROME, - Pinocchio's nose.
30020: CHASE, MARY ELLEN, - The lovely ambition; a novel.
40515: CHASSE, CHARLES, - Lueurs sur Mallarme.
36968: CHATAGNIER, CLAUDE, - La generalite d'Orleans; sous l'intendance de Louis-Guillaume Jubert de Bouville, 1713-1731.
26912: CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANCOIS-RENE DE, - Oeuvres completes. Nouvelle edition revue avec soin sur les editions originales. Precedes d'une etude litteraire sur Chateaubriand par M. Sainte-Beuve.
10371: CHATTOPADHYAY, KAMALADEVI., - Indian carpets and floor coverings.
26688: CHATTOPADHYAYA, D.P., - Induction, probability, and skepticism.
43128: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C., - The intellectual in India.
32185: CHAUDHURI, MUZAFFAR AHMED, - The civil service in Pakistan (The Centrally Recruited Civil Services).
43455: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C., - The continent of Circe; being an essay on the peoples of India.
43229: CHAVCHAVADZE, DAVID, - The Grand Dukes.
22528: CHAVEZ, FRAY ANGELICO, - My penitente land; reflections on Spanish New Mexico. [Cover title: The soul story of Spanish New Mexico.]
21255: CHEKHOV, ANTON PAVLOVICH, - Dom s mezoninom i drugie rasskazy.
43067: CHELLIS, ROBERT D., - Pile foundations; theory, design, practice.
32345: CHELPNER, B.-S., - Cent ans d'histoire sociale en Belgique. Préface de Henri Janne. Postface de René Ewalenko.
15515: CHEN, YANZHU, - Xin bian bu zheng Fangshan shi jing ti ji hui ban.
15516: CHEN, YANZHU, - Fangshan shi jing zhong Liao mo yu Jin dai ke jing zhi yan jiu.
15517: CHEN, YANZHU, - Fangshan shi jing zhong ton li da shi ke jing zhi yan jiu.
28246: CHEN, ALICE T. (ASSISTED WITH ENGLISH TEXT BY HER PUPIL, RUTH STEVENS), - How to paint landscapes in ancient Chinese technique.
9353: CHENG, CHU-YUAN., - The demand and supply of primary energy in mainland China.
32173: CHENG, RONALD YE-LIN, ED., - The sociology of revolution; readings on political upheaval and popular unrest.
37902: CHENON, EMILE, - Etude sur l'histoire des Alleux en France. Avec une carte des pays allodiaux.
30109: CHEONG, LEE KOK, - Syntax of scientific English.
38333: CHERNYSHEVSKY, NIKOLAI (LAURA BERAHA, TR.), - What is to be done?; tales of new people; a novel.
31288: CHERUBINI, LUIGI, - Requiem mass in C minor for four-part chorus of mixed voices with piano accompaniment.
31292: CHERUBINI, LUIGI, - Requiem mass in C minor for four-part chorus of mixed voices with piano accompaniment.
12067: CHERUBINI, PAOLO, - Mandati della Reverenda Camera Apostolica, 1418-1802. Inventario a cura de Paolo Cherubini.
36184: CHESNAY, CHARLES BERTHELOT DU, - Les pretres seculiers en Haute-Bretagne au XVII siecle.
41841: CHESNEAU, JEAN ET ANDRE THEVET (FRANK LESTRINGANT, ED.), - Voyages en Egypte, 1549-1552. Presentation et notes de Frank Lestringant.
41821: CHESNEAUX, JEAN (H.M. WRIGHT, TR.), - The Chinese labor movement, 1919-1927. Translated from the French by H.M. Wright.
39354: CHESNEL, PAUL (ANDRÉE CHESNEL MEANY, TR.), - History of Cavelier de la Salle, 1643-1687; explorations in the valleys of the Ohio, Illinois and Mississippi. Translated from the French by Andrée Chesnel Meany.
38861: CHESNEY, GENERAL SIR GEORGE, - Indian polity; a view of the system of administration in India.
42053: CHESTERS, J.H., - Steelplant refactories; testing, research and development.
29692: CHESTERTON, GILBERT KEITH, - Thomas von Aquin. Translated into German by Elisabeth Kaufmann.
35917: CHESTERTON, G.K., - Tremendous trifles.
42558: CHESTNUT, HAROLD AND ROBERT W. MAYER, - Sevomechanisms and regulating system design. Two volume set.
38074: CHEVERNY, DUFORT DE, - Memoires du Comte Dufort de Cheverny; vol. 1: L'Ancien regime (1731-1787); vol. 2: La revolution (1787-1801). Introduction et notes par Robert de Crevecoeur;
19969: CHEW, PAUL A., COMPILER AND EDITOR, - Two hundred and fifty years of art in Pennsylvania.
40025: CHI-LU, CHEN, - Material culture of the Formosan aborigines. Line drawings by the author. Colour photographs by William Kohler.
19992: CHIBNALL, MARJORIE, ED., - Select documents of the English lands of the abbey of Bec.
21678: CHICKERING, EDWARD CONNER, - An introduction to Octavia praetexta.
24755: CHANG CHIEH (JOSEPH J. NERBONNE AND EVANS CHAN), - Chang Chieg; master painter of the lotus.
36035: CHIERICI, GINO, - Il palazzo Italiano dal secolo XI al secolo XIX.
37562: CHIERICO, OSIRIS, - [Kosice] Reportaje a una anticipacion.
24876: CHIHULY, [DALE] (GEOFFRY EDWARDS), - Chihuly in Australia; glass and works on paper.
43117: CHIKAFUSA, KITABATAKE (H. PAUL VARLEY, TR.), - A chronicle of Gods and Sovereigns (Jinno Shotoki). Translated by H. Paul Varley.
41510: CHILDERS, KRISTEN STROMBERG, - Fathers, families, and the state in France, 1914-1945.
33906: CHILVER, A.H., ED., - Thin-walled structures; a collection of papers on the stability and strength of thin-walled structural members and frames.
24526: CHINMAYANANDA, SWAMI, - Discourses on Aitareya Upanishad.
27202: FR.-CHIROVKSY, NICHOLAS L., - An introduction to Ukrainian history; vol. 2: The Lithuanian-Rus' Commonwealth, the Polish domination and the Cossack-Hetman State. Volume 2 only.
42502: CHISHOLM, RODERICK M., ED., - Realism and the background of phenomenology.
37264: CHIUSANO, MARK, - Marine Park; stories.
24129: CHOLAKIAN, ROUBEN C., ED., - Complete narratives of Francophone Caribbean tales.
38294: CHOLMONDELEY, MARY, - Red pottage. With an introduction by D. Tindall.
36139: CHOLVY, GERARD, ED., - Le diocese de Montpellier. [Cover: Une histoire religieuse en Occitanie; des origines a nos jours]
28234: CHOPIN, FR. [FREDERIC], - Pianoforte works of Fr. Chopin; conservatively revised and carefully fingered by Hans Semper.
30965: TOWARZYSTWO IM. FR. CHOPINA/SOCIÉTÉ FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN, - Annales Chopin; 2. Vol. 2 only.
43502: CHORLEY, HENRY F., - Memorials of Mrs. Hemans, with illustrations of her literary character from her private correspondence. In two volumes. Two volume set.
31629: CHORLEY, KATHARINE, - Arthur Hugh Clough; the uncommitted mind; a study of his life and poetry.
36123: CHOURAQUI, ANDRE, - Mon testament; le feu de l'alliance.
37081: CHRISTENEN, ARTHUR, - Drømme [Dromme]; iagttagelser og undersøgelser [undersogelser].
22754: CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM A., - Divided island; faction and unity on Saint Pierre.
37973: CHRISTIANSEN, ERNST OG PEDER NORGAARD, - Hvad skete med radioen under krigen.
41550: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS, - The Estelle Doheny collection from the Edward Lawrence Doheny Memorial Library, St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, California; part VI: Printed books and manuscripts concerning William Morris and his circle.
26587: CHRISTIE'S, - Important Frank Lloyd Wright and American Arts and Crafts furnishings including ceramics; the properties of the estates of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Saltz, the Walnut Creek Historical Society and various other properties.
42938: CHRISTIE'S (NORMAN, HASKELL), - The Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine; part 3: The Modern Age.
21914: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS, - Printed books and manuscripts including an important archive of St. John de Crèvecoeur, 1735-1813.
11752: CHRISTIE, HARRIET KIBBEE., - Days in India.
42937: CHRISTIE'S (NORMAN, HASKELL), - The Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine; part 1: The Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
41251: CHRISTIE-MURRAY, DAVID (DAN ESCOTT, ILLUS.), - Armorial bearings of British schools. Plates by Dan Escott.
36426: CHRISTMAN, HENRY, - Tin horns and calico; a decisive episode in the emergence of democracy. Introduction by Carl Carmer.
42844: CHRISTMAN, ROBERT A., - Understanding and interpreting the Bellingham seismograms of the 1964 Alaskan earthquake.
38888: CHRISTOPH, PAUL, HRSG., - Maria Theresia und Marie Antoinette; ihr geheimer Briefwechsel. Herausgegeben, erlautert und ins Deutsche übertragen [ubertragen] von Paul Christoph. Mit 2 Bildern und 12 Faksimiledrucken.
43537: CHRISTOPH, PETER R., ED., - The Dongan Papers, 1683-1688; part 1: Admiralty court and other records of the administration of New York Governor Thomas Dongan.
7386: CHRYSSOSTOMIDIS, MARJORIE., - Offshore petroleum engineering; a bibliographic guide to publications and information sources. (MIT Sea Grant Program)
36556: CHU, PETRA TEN-DOESSCHATE, - The most arrogant man in France; Gustave Courbet and the nineteenth-century media culture.
16542: CHUDNOV, G. M., - My-s Tul'skogo oruzheinogo: Tul'skomu oruzheinomu zavodu-275 let/
22118: CHUGHTAI, ADBUL RAHMAN AND MIRZA GHALIB, - Muraqqa-i-Chughtai; paintings of M.A. Rahman Chughtai, with full text of Diwan-i-Ghalib. Introduction by James H. Cousins. Foreword by Sir Mohammad Iqbal.
31798: CHUNG, CATHERINE, - Forgotten country.
42055: CHURCH, IRVING P., - Hydraulic motors, with related subjects including centrifugal pumps, pipes, and open channels. Designed as a text-book for engineering schools.
35188: ST. MARK'S M.E. CHURCH, - Silver Jubilee cook book of tested recipes.
31391: MEMBERS AND FRIENDS OF TRINITY CHURCH, - Trinity Church original cookbook. [Committee: Sue Benoit, Joyce Hallgring, Alice Hoffman, Murph Judge, Sally Madden; illustrator: Donna Benoit; layout: Bob Judge; printing: Don Terwilliger; cover art: Hans Hendericks]
37835: CHUTE, CAROLYN, - Treat us like dogs and we will become wolves.
21445: CIACCA, CHRISTINA SAMSON, - Oscar Wilde; il teatro del paradosso.
41803: CICERON [CICERO] (HENRI BORNECQUE, ED. AND TR.), - Divisions de l'art oratoire topiques. Texte etabli et traduit par Henri Bornecque. Deuzieme edition.
41804: CICERON [CICERO] (EDMOND COURBAUD, ED. AND TR.), - Cicero de l'orateur. Texte etabli et traduit par Edmond Courbaud. Sixieme tirage. Three volumes. COMLETE SET.
38743: CICOVACKI, PREDRAG, - Between truth and illusion; Kant at the crossroads of modernity.
36066: GUMUCHIAN ET CIE, - Les livres de l'enfance du XV au XIX siecle. Preface de Paul Gavault; tome 1: Texte; tome 2: Planches.
38562: SIMPLICIUS OF CILICIA (DAVID KONSTAN, TR.), - Simplicius on Aristotle's Physics 6. Translated by David Konstan.
42105: SAN FRANCISCO CINEMATHEQUE (JUN JALBUENA, ED.), - Cinematograph; a journal of the San Francisco Cinematheque; vol. 1, 1985.
36266: THE CITIZENS' ASSOCIATION, - A typical American, or, Incidents in the life of Dr. John Swinburne of Albany; the eminent patriot, surgeon, and philanthropist. Compiled by the Citizens' Association.
33615: CITTA DI MONCALIERI, BENI AMBIENTALI E ARCHITETTONICI DEL PIEMONTE, BENI ARTISTICI E STORICI DEL PIEMONTE, - Studi restauri per Moncalieri; dipinti dalle collezioni civiche, dalle quadrerie Sabaude, dalle Chiese.
41847: THE CITY AND REGIONAL PLANNING DEPARTMENT, THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (LAURENCE C. GERCKENS, ED.), - Proceedings of the First National Conference on American Planning History. 13-15 March 1986.
8221: CIURCURENCO, ALEXXANDRU (ED. GEORGE OPRESCO), - Alexandru Ciucurenco, par George Opresco.
42592: MUSEU D'HISTORIA DE LA CIUTAT, - The archaeological remains of Placa del Rei in Barcelona; from Barcino to Barcinona (1st to 7th centuries).
14215: CIZEVSKIJ, DMITRIJ [CIVEVSKII, DIMITRII], - History of Russian literature; from the eleventh century to the end of the Baroque. [Slavistic printings and reprintings, vol. 11]. With 34 plates.
27508: CLAGETT, MARSHALL, ED., - Critical problems in the history of science.
36164: CLAIR, SYLVIE, ODILE KRAKOVITCH ET JEAN PRETEUX, - Etablissements penitentiaires coloniaux, 1792-1952; Serie Colonies H.
15133: CLAPP, JANE, - Sculpture index.
42169: DE CLARAC, M. LE CTE., - Description du Musee Royal des Antiques du Louvre.
42615: CLARE, OLIVIA, - Disasters in the first world; stories.
43599: CLARE, JOHN (ERIC ROBINSON AND GEOFFREY SUMMERFIELD, EDS.), - The later poems of John Clare.
43598: CLARE, JOHN (ERIC ROBINSON AND GEOFFREY SUMMERFIELD, EDS.), - Selected poems and prose of John Clare. Chosen and edited by Eric Robinson and Geoffrey Summerfield. With wood-engravings by David Gentleman.
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21901: TALL TIMBERS FIRE ECOLOGY CONFERENCE, - Proceedings annual Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference, no. 12.
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16757: DETERING, HEINRICH, - Theodizee und Erzählverfahren: narrative Experimente mit religiösen Modellen im Werk Wilhelm Raabes.
38612: DEUCHLER, FLORENS, JEFFREY M. HOFFELD AND HELMUT NICKEL, - The Cloisters Apocalypse; vol. 1: An early fourteenth-century manuscript in facsimile; vol. 2: Commentaries on an early fourteenth-century manuscript. Two volume set.
31227: DEUTSCH, MAURY (DON SCHAEFFER, ED.), - The art of song writing.
10467: DEUTSCHE KERAMISCHE GESELLSCHAFT, ED., - Science of ceramics. Proceedings of the sixth International Conference on "Science of Ceramics" held under the auspices of the European Ceramic Association at Baden-Baden, 14-18 November, 1971.
21762: DEUTSCHEN AKADEMIE DER KÜNSTE, HRSG., - Sinn und Form; Beiträge zur Literatur (15. Jahr.,1.-6. Heft)
21080: DEUTSCHEN AKADEMIE DER KÜNSTE, ED., - Sinn und Form; Beiträge zur Literatur. Zweites Sonderheft Bertolt Brecht.
24686: DEVAHUTI, D., - Harsha; a political study.
41285: DEVANEY, JOHN AND BARBARA, - The Indianapolis 500; a complete pictorial history.
40743: DEVLIN, SIR PATRICK, - Trial by jury.
38970: DEVOE, ALAN, - The portrait of Mr. O.W.
43420: THE DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE [DEBORAH MILFORD CAVENDISH], - The house; a portrait of Chatsworth.
29053: DEW, ROBB FORMAN, - Being polite to Hitler; a novel.
15926: DEWDNEY, J. C., - Turkey: an introductory geography.
37172: DEXTER, MORTON, - The story of the pilgrims.
30626: DHONDT, J. (ED.), - Geschiedenis van de socialistische arbeidersbeweging in België [Belgie].
20491: DIAKOVA, GALINA ALEKSEEVNA, - Phytopathological dictionary; Russian-English-German-French / Fitopathologicheskii slovar' - spravochnik; russko-anglo-nemetsko-frantsuzskii.
42962: DIAMANT, ANITA, - The Jewish wedding now.
27121: DIAS, JOAQUIN Y LUIS DIAS VIANA, - Romances tradicionales de Castilla y Leon.
37571: DIAZ-PLAJA, GUILLERMO, ED., - Historia general de las literaturas hispanicas; vol. 1: Desde los origenes hasta 1400; vol. 2: Pre-renacimiento y renacimiento; vol. 3: Renacimiento y barroco. Con una introduccion de D. Ramon Menendez Pidal. Vol. 1-3 only.
24109: DIAZ, EDUARDO ACEVEDO, - Ramon Hazaña [Hazana]; novela de la Pampa Argentina; texto revisado por el autor, con notas explicativas de palabras y expresiones usadas en la novela para su mejor inteligencia o su conocimiento, y apuntes relativos a la fauna pampeana aludida en el.
41007: DICARLO, GINA, - Trolleys of the Capital District.
39722: DICK, J. HARRISON, ED., - Commercial carnation culture; a practical guide to modern methods of growing the American carnation for market purposes. Illustrated. Edited by J. Harrison Dick.
15279: DICKSON, DOUGLAS G., - Expansions in series of solutions of linear difference-differential and infinite order differential equations with constant coefficients.
42488: DIDEROT, DENIS (UNDANK) (THEODORE BESTERMAN, ED.), - Est-il bon? Est-il mechant? Edition critique par J. Undank.
40405: DIDEROT, DENIS AND JEAN D'ALEMBERT, - Recueil de planches, sur les sciences, les arts liberaux et les arts mechaniques, avec leur explication. Tomes XVIII-XXVIII, suite.
42069: DIDEROT, DENIS, - Oeuvres completes. Edition chronologique. Introductions de Roger Lewinter. 15 volume set.
28471: DIDEROT, DENIS AND JEAN D'ALEMBERT, - Recueil des planches sur les sciences, les arts liberaux et les arts mechaniques, avec leur explication. [Cover title: L'Encyclopedie Diderot et D'Alembert].
30765: DIDEROT, DENIS (KEMP, JONATHAN, ED.), - Diderot; interpreter of nature; selected writings. Edited, and with an introduction, by Jonathan Kemp.
28510: DIDON, LE P., - La science sans dieu; conferences.
36535: DIEFFENBACH, WILLIAM H., - Hydrotherapy; a brief summary of the practical value of water in disease for students and practicians of medicine.
27642: DIEHL, CHARLES, - Manuel d'art Byzantin. Tome 1 et 2.
36985: DIEHL, JOHN C., - Natural gas handbook.
25541: DIELS, HERMANN, - Antike Technik; sechs Vorträge [Vortrage]. Mit 50 Abbildungen und 9 Tafeln.
24584: DIENEMANN, MAX (JAN MÜHLSTEIN [MUHLSTEIN], HRSG.), - Liberales Judentum; Neudruck der Ausgabe Berlin 1935.
34119: DIENST, ROLF GUNTER (ANSELM HOLLO, TR.), - 52; poems. Translated from the German by Anselm Hollo.
37136: DIERICK, AUGUSTINUS P., - German expressionist prose; theory and practice.
26874: DIERICK, AUGUSTINUS P., - German expressionist prose; theory and practice.
43060: DE DIESBACH, GHISLAIN, - Secrets of the Gotha. Translated from the French by Margaret Crosland.
42030: DIETERT, HARRY W., - Foundry core practice.
24783: DIETRICH, RICHARD UND GERHARD OESTREICH, HRSG., - Forschungen zu Staat und Verfassung; Festgabe für [fur] Fritz Hartung.
20601: DIETRICH, MARGRET, - Europäische Dramaturgie im 19. Jahrhundert.
33865: DIETRICH, GUNTER UND HENRY STAHL, - Matrizen und Determinanten und ihre Anwendung in Technik und Ökonomie [Okonomie]. Mit 40 Bildern und 125 Beispielen und Lösungen [Losungen].
17254: DIETZEL, ULRICH, - Männer und Masken: Ein Tagebuch; Kunst and Politik in Ostdeutschland.
30766: DIETZGEN, J. [JOSEPH] (JEAN-PIERRE OSIER, ED.), - Pieces pour un dossier; "l'essence du travail intellectuel"; ecrits philosophiques annotes par Lenine. Presentation et traduction par Jean-Pierre Osier.
36643: DIGGES, JEREMIAH, - In great waters; the story of the Portuguese fisherman.
21303: DIIULIO, JOHN J., - Governing prisons; a comparative study of correctional management.
33962: DILLA, HARRIETTE M., - The politics of Michigan, 1865-1878.
29725: DILLMANN, ERIKA, - Hintergründe [Hintergrunde]; Notizen über [uber] die Verletzlichkeit des Glücks [Glucks]. Zeichnungen von Karl Caspar, Julius Herburger, Wemer Oberle, Hans Purrmann.
33219: DILLON, M.C., ED., - Merleau-Ponty virant.
39336: DILLON, MERTON L., - Elijah P. Lovejoy, abolitionist editor.
39136: DILLOWAY, MARGARET, - Sisters of heart and snow.
34857: DILMAN, ILHAM, - Quine on ontology, necessity, and experience; a philosophical critique.
35858: DILMAN, ILHAM, - Studies in language and reason.
34294: DIMOND, BILL AND KATHY, - Across the U.S.A. by boat.
40436: DINKLAGE, KARL, HSRG., - Robert Musil; Studien zu seinem Werk. Im Auftrage der Vereinigung Robert Musil Archiv, Klagenfurt. Herausgegeben von Karl Dinklage zusammen mit Elisabeth Albertsen und Karl Corino.
17231: DINTER, PAUL E., - Beyond naive belief: the Bible and adult Catholic faith.
11976: DIONNE, RENÉ (ED.), - Revue d'histoire littéraire du Québec et du Canada français, 2. (1980-1981); aspects et problèmes.
1639: DISCH, URSULA., - Der redner Mirabeau (eine publizistische Studie). (PhD dissertation, University of Berlin).
40780: DISCLAFANI, ANTON, - The after party.
38336: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN (EARL OF BEACONSFIELD), - Tancred, or the new crusade.
38475: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN (EARL OF BEACONSFIELD), - Lothair. Edited with an introduction by Vernon Bogdanor.
25805: DISSELHOFF, HANS-DIETRICH, - Gott muss Peruaner sein; Archäologische [Archaologische], Abenteuer zwischen Stillem Ozean und Titicacasee. Mit 48 Abbildungen auf Kunstdrucktafeln und 12 Zeichnungen im Text von E. Armgardt sowie zwei Karten.
36822: DITLEVSEN, TOVE, - Pigesind.
37073: DITLEVSEN, TOVE, - Lille Verden; digte.
30595: DITTRICH, Z.R., - Het verleden van oosteuropa; maatschappelijke en culturele dynamiek tot het einde der Middeleeuwen.
21328: ASCE GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING DIVISION, - Earthquake engineering and soil dynamics; proceedings of the ASCE Geotechnical Engineering Division Specialty Conference, June 19-21, 1978, Pasadena, CA. COMPLETE SET
32165: O & M DIVISION OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION RESEARCH CENTRE, GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN (COMPILER), - Estacode; civil establishment code; a compendium of laws, rules and instructions relating to the terms and conditions of federal civil servants.
34020: DIXON, H.N. (H.G. JAMESON, ILLUS.), - The student's handbook of British mosses. With illustrations, and keys to the genera and species.
39965: DIXON, JOHN C., - Tires, suspension and handling. Second edition.
28721: DLUGOSZA, JANA, - Roczniki czyli kroniki slawnego krolestwa polskiego.
29012: DMITRIEV, LU., - Brest, Sebastopol, Moskva, Odessa, Stalingrad, Kiev, Leningrad; goroda geroi.
32452: DOANE, CHARLES C. AND MICHAEL L. MCMANUS, EDS., - The Gypsy moth; research toward integrated pest management.
42841: DOANE, F.B. AND C.E. BETZ, - Principles of Magnaflux.
43452: DOBBIN, CHRISTINE, - Urban leadership in western India; politics and communities in Bombay City, 1840-1885.
40424: DOBEL, RICHARD, HRSG., - Lexikon der Goethe Zitate.
38110: DOBNEY, STEPHEN AND ANDY WHYTE, EDS., - Herbert S. Newman and Partners; selected and current works.
12025: DOBRONIC, LELJA, - Zagrebacka; Biskupska tvrda.
39551: DODD, MONROE, - A splendid ride; the streetcar of Kansas City, 1870-1957.
42768: DODELSON, SCOTT, - Modern cosmology.
16042: DODGE, MAJOR-GENERAL GRENVILLE M., - The battle of Atlanta and other campaigns, addresses, etc.
29028: DODGE, FRED (LAKE, CAROLYN, ED.), - Under cover for Wells Fargo; the unvarnished recollections of Fred Dodge. Edited by Carolyn Lake. Foreword by Neil Morgan. Illustrated with photographs.
33742: DODGE, GRACE H., - Her life and work.
26919: DODGE, PETER, - Beyond Marxism; the faith and works of Hendrik de Man.
26918: DODGE, PETER, ED. AND TR., - A documentary study of Hendrik de Man, socialist critic of Marxism. Compiled, edited, and largely translated by Peter Dodge.
41907: DODGE, EDWARD J., - Relief is greatly wanted; the Battle of Fort William Henry.
21038: DOERING, SABINE; WALTRAUD MAIERHOFER AND PETER PHILIPP RIEDL, EDS., - Resonanzen; Festschrift für [fur] Hans Joachim Kreutzer zum 65. Geburtstag.
20824: DOERNE, MARTIN, - Gott und Mensch in Dostojewskijs Werk.
27376: DOETSCH, GUSTAV, - Theorie und Anwendung der Laplace-Transformation. Mit 18 Figuren.
34548: DOHERTY, KATHERINE M., ED., - History highlights; Bridgewater, Massachusetts; a commemorative journal.
42006: O'DOHERTY, MICHAEL KEVIN, - My parents and other rebels; a personal memoir.
37045: DØHL [DOHL], EINAR, - Johan Falkberget; Bergstadens dikter.
15323: DOHRENWEND, BARBARA S., - Some factors related to autonomy and dependence in twelve Javanese villages.
29673: DOHRN, KLAUS, - Von Bürgern [Burgern] und Weltbürgern [weltburgern]; eine Familiengeschichte.
31457: DOKUMENTATIONSARCHIV DES ÖSTERREICHISCHEN WIDERSTANDES, BUNDESMINISTERIUM FÜR UNTERRICHT UND KUNST, HRSG., - Amoklauf gegen die Wirklichkeit; NS-Verbrechen und "revisionistische" Geschichtsschreibung. Vorwort von Simon Wiesenthal.
40720: DOLAND, ERIN ROONEY, - Never too busy to cure clutter; simplify your life one minute at a time.
39552: DOLEJSI, ROBERT, - Modern viola technique.
23897: DOLLENMAYER, DAVID B., - The Berlin novels of Alfred Döblin [Doblin]; Wadzek's Battle with the Steam Turbine, Berlin Alexanderplatz, Men without Mercy, and November 1918.
24929: DOLLINGER, HANS, - Friedrich II. von Preußen [Preussen]; sein Bild im Wandel von zwei Jahrhunderten.
39599: DOMARUS, MAX, - Der Untergang des alten Würzburg [Wurzburg] und seine Vorgeschichte.
41649: DOMBEK, KRISTIN, - The selfishness of others; an essay on the fear of narcissism.
4741: DOME, ROBERT B., - Television principles.
2843: DONATI, FEDORA SERVETTI., - Budrio; casa nostra. A cura del comune di Budrio.
30117: DONATI-MARTIN, CATHERINE, ANTOINE LEJAY, AND ALAIN ROUAULT, EDS., - Seminaire de probabilites XLIII. (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 2006)
30043: DONDI, GABRIEL, - Dokumente zur Flüchtlingspolitik [Fluchtlingspolitik] der Schweiz im August 1942; Rede von Bundesrate Eduard von Steiger zur "Jungen Kirches" vom 30. August 1942.
40551: DONEUX, GUY, - Maurice Maeterlinck; une poesie, une sagesse, un homme.
29894: DÖNHOFF [DONHOFF], MARION GRÄFIN [GRAFIN], - Menschen, die wissen, worum es geht. [Cover: Politische Schicksale 1916 bis 1976]
29142: DONLEAVY, J.P., - A singular country.
43541: DONNE, JOHN, - The first and second anniversaries. (The English Replicas)
40936: O'DONNELL, THOMAS C., - The Sapbush Run; an informal history of the Black River and Utica Railroad. Introduction by Walter D. Edmonds.
29787: DONOHUE, JOHN, ED., - Man with a pan; culinary adventures of Fathers who cook for their families.
34318: DONOVAN, GRAHAME, - Clown in the cockpit.
29411: DONOVAN, ARTHUR, ED., - The chemical revolution; essays in reinterpretation. [OSIRIS, a research journal devoted to the history of science and its cultural influences; second series, vol. 4]
16897: O'DONOVAN, LEO J., AND T. HOWLAND SANKS, EDS., - Faithful witness: foundations of theology for today's Church.
42612: DOOKHAN, ISAAC, - A history of the Virgin Islands of the United States. With an introduction by Richard B. Sheridan.
29712: DOORNIK, N.G.M. VAN, - Lord, that I may see; the faith of the Catholic.
42058: DOREMUS, R.H., B.W. ROBERTS AND DAVID TURNBULL, - Growth and perfection of crystals; proceedings of an International Conference on Crystal Growth held at Cooperstown, New York on August 27-29, 1958.
43592: DORFMAN, DEBORAH, - Blake in the nineteenth century; his reputation as a poet from Gilchrist to Yeats.
39899: DÖRING [DORING], HERBERT AND GORDON SMITH, EDS., - Party government and political culture in western Germany.
39626: DORNBURGH, HENRY, - Why the wilderness is called Adirondack; the earliest account of the founding of the MacIntyre Mine.
32482: DORST, JEAN (I.C.J. GALBRAITH, TR.), - The life of birds. Two volume set.
20853: DOSENHEIMER, ELISE, - Das zentrale Problem in der Tragödie Friedrich Hebbels.
43201: DOSSAL, MARIAM, - Imperial designs and Indian realities; the planning of Bombay City, 1845-1875.
38048: DOSSI, CARLO, - I Mattoidi; al primo concorso pel monumento in Roma a Vittorio Emanuele II. Prefazione di Federico Zeri. Fotografie di Gabriele Morrione.
39498: DOTTORI, RICCARDO, ED., - Autonomy of reason?/Autonomie der Vernunft? Proceedings of the V meeting, Italian-American philosophy. Edited by Riccardo Dottori.
37306: DOTY, LOCKWOOD L., - A history of Livingston County, New York; from its earliest traditions, to its part in the War for Our Union, with an account of the Seneca Nation of Indians, and biographical sketches of earliest settlers and prominent public men. Illustrated by portraits on steel, and engravings on wood. Prefixed by a biographical introduction by A.J.H. Duganne.
23504: DOUBLEDAY, ABNER, - Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.
40567: UNIVERSITE DE PARIS. BIBLIOTHEQUE LITTERAIRE JACQUES DOUCET, - Premieres oeuvres, 1886-1901; manuscrits, inedits, editions originales, oeuvres de Camille Claudel. Preface de Francois Mauriac.
34889: DOUEIHI, MILAD, - Le paradis terrestre; mythes et philosophies.
36666: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN, - Hurricane.
28411: DOUGLAS, DOROTHY WOLFF, - Guillaume de Greef; the social theory of an early syndicalist.
39366: DOUGLAS, STEPHEN A. (ROBERT W. JOHANNSEN, ED.), - The letters of Stephen A. Douglas. Edited by Robert W. Johannsen.
37154: DOUZINAS, COSTAS AND SLAVOJ ZIZEK, EDS., - The idea of communism.
32720: DOWDEN, EDWARD, - Fragments from old letters, E.D. to E.D.W., 1869-1892. With portrait and illustrations.
32716: DOWDEN, EDWARD, - Poems.
34724: DOWE, DIETER, HRSG., - Kurt Schumacher und der "Neubau" der deutschen Sozialdemokratie nach 1945; Referate und Podiumsdiskussion eines Kolloquiums des Gesprächskreises [Gesprachskreises] Geschichte der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Bonn am 12./13. Oktober 1995. Herausgegeben von Dieter Dowe.
22612: THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DOWSERS (COMPILED AND EDITED BY MARIA PERRY), - The water dowsers manual, 1963-1988.
23556: DOYLE, SISTER M. ROSA, - Catholic atmosphere in Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach: its use as a literary device.
37041: DRACHMANN, HOLGER, - Poetiske skrifter; vol. 1: Digte, 1872-1879; vol. 2: Skildringer; vol. 3: Osten for sol og vesten for manne; digte, 1880-1906; vol. 4: Somands historier; vol. 5: Sagn; vol. 6: Fortaellinger; vol. 7: Forskrevet, forste del; vol. 8: Forskrevet, anden del; vol. 9: Skuespil; vol. 10: Melodramer. 10 volumes. COMPLETE SET.
42208: DRAPER, CHARLOTTE WHITNEY, - The American Farm School of Thessaloniki; a family album.
28602: DRAPER, JO, ET. AL., - Excavations by Mr. H.P. Cooper on the Roman Site at Hill Farm, Gestingthorpe, Essex.
27200: DREANO, M., - La religion de Montaigne.
3691: DREES, WILLEM., - Het Nederlandse Parlement; vroeger en nu.
16536: DREHER, KONRAD, - Abreiss-Kalender meines Lebens.
23528: DREISBACH, R.R., - Physical properties of chemical compounds; a systematic tabular presentation of accurate data on the physical properties of 511 organic cyclic compounds, compiled by R.R. Dreisbach.
29948: DRESHER, MELVIN, - Theory and applications of games of strategy; December 1, 1951; R-216.
41002: DREW, BERNARD A. AND GERARD CHAPMAN, - William Stanley lighted a town and powered an industry. Preface by Samuel Sass. (Berkshire History; vol. 6, no. 1; Fall 1985)
42106: DREW, WILLIAM M., - D.W. Griffith's Intolerance; its genesis and its vision.
29451: DREWERMANN, EUGEN (BERND MARZ, HRSG.), - Leben, das dem Tod entwächst [entwachst]; predigten zur Passions- und Osterzeit.
40037: DREXEL, ALBERT, - The Catholic book of faith; an adult catechism. Translated by Elizabeth Cattana.
43438: DREXLER, ARTHUR (ED.), - The architecture of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Essays by Richard Chafee, Arthur Drexler, Neil Levine and David Van Zanten.
14611: DRIEHUIS, W., - Challenges for macroeconomic modelling.
20827: DRIEST, BURKHARD, - Die Verrohung des Franz Blum; Bericht.
19263: DRINKER, HENRY S., ED. AND TRANS., - Texts of the choral works of Johann Sebastian Bach in English translation. COMPLETE SET
33905: DRINNON, RICHARD, - Facing west; the metaphysics of Indian-hating and empire-building.
42676: DROMGOOLE, DOMINIC, - Hamlet globe to globe.
25666: DRONSEN, J.G., - Geschichte Alexanders des Großen [Grossen].
34344: DROSTE-HÜLSHOFF [HULSHOFF], ANNETTE VON UND LEVIN SCHÜCKING [SCHUCKING] (THEO SCHÜCKING, HRSG.), - Briefe von Annette von Droste-Hülshoff [Hulshoff] und Levin Schücking [Schucking]. Herausgegeben von Theo Schücking.
25204: DROYSEN, JOHANN GUSTAV, - Geschichte Alexanders des Grossen.
33973: DUBE, C. [CHARLES] STUART II, - Treasury of great recipes. [In ring binder with] Vkusnye sekrety.
4053: DÜBEL, SIEGFRIED., - Die Situation der Jugend ... im kommunistischen Herrschaftssystem der sowjetischen Besatzungszone Deutschlands.
39364: DUBERMAN, MARTIN BAUML, MARTHA VICINUS AND GEORGE CHAUNCEY, EDS., - Hidden from history; reclaiming the gay and lesbian past.
40764: DUBOIS, JACQUES, - Romanciers francais de l'instantane au XIX siecle.
39132: DUBOW, CHARLES, - Girl in the moonlight.
38789: DUBOW, CHARLES, - Girl in the moonlight.
39294: DUBOW, CHARLES, - Girl in the moonlight.
37927: DUBRIVNYI, PAVLO, ED., - Ukranian Agricultural Association "Sil's'kyi Hospodar" (The farmer) in L'viv, 1899-1944.
34997: DUBRUCK, EDELGARD E. AND KARL HEINZ GÖLLER [GOLLER], EDS., - Crossroads of medieval civilization; the city of Regensburg and its intellectual milieu. A collection of essays edited by Edelgard E. Dubruck and Karl Heinz Göller [Goller].
37348: DUBUGRAS, ELSIE, - Luiz Antonio Gasparetto.
28634: DUBY, GEORGES, - Guerriers et paysans, VII-XII siecle; premier essor de l'économie européenne.
37954: DUCLOS, - Memoires secrets sur le regne de Louis XIV, la regence et le regne de Louis XV.
37156: DUDIAK, JEFFREY, - The intrigue of ethics; a reading of the idea of discourse in the thought of Emmanuel Levinas.
35218: DUDLEY, D.R., ED., - Neronians and Flavians; silver Latin I.
27970: DUFF, E. GORDON, - William Caxton.
27969: DUFF, E. GORDON, - William Caxton.
28021: DUFF, DAVID, - The shy princess; the life of Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, the youngest daughter and constant companion of Queen Victoria.
34750: DUFF, DOUGLAS V., - Spunyarn.
31774: DUFFIN, HENRY CHARLES, - Arnold the poet.
40704: DUGDALE, BLANCHE E.C., - Arthur James Balfour, first earl of Balfour; vol. 1: 1848-1906; vol. 2: 1906-1930. With a total of 37 illustrations.
39817: DUGGAN, DAN, - Coming home; 30 original airs, waltzes and dance tunes.
35368: DUHAMEL, DENISE AND DAVID LEHMAN, EDS., - The best American poetry, 2013.
39537: DÜHRING [DUHRING], E. [EUGEN], - Die Grössen [Grossen] der modernen Literatur populär [popular] und kritisch nach Gesichtspunkten dargestellt.
30843: DUIJS [DUYS], J.E.W., - Paulus of kaïn [kain]; een pleidooi voor staatspensioen en tegen de dwangverzekering.
30825: DUIJS [DUYS], J.E.W., - Rood zaandam!; zaandam onder sociaal-dem. bewind.
30818: DUIJS [DUYS], J.E.W., - 46 millioen!; géén [geen] geld voor sociale hervormingen!; 46 millioen voor militairisme!
30817: DUIJS, J.E.W., - De Nederlandsche Sovjet-communisten en het militairisme.

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