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43094: Clegg, Eric - Return Your Verdict. With an Introduction by Sir John Barry
46773: Cleland, T.N. (H.V. Marrot, tr.) - Bodoni; the Printer of Parma. An Essay by T.M. Cleland. The Translation by H.V. Marrot of the Preface to the Manuale Tipografico of 1818. Frontispiece Wood Engraving by Bernard Brussel-Smith
45582: Clemenceau, Georges - Grandeurs Et Miseres D'Une Victoire
48379: Clemens, Samuel - Selections from Mark Twain. With Notes by Vincenzo Grasso
1110: Clemmons, Vincent - Sketches, by Vince. Poems
49863: O'Clery, Conor - The Dictionary of Political Quotations on Ireland, 1886-1987; Phrases Make History Here
9229: Martin-Cleto, Julio Porres - La Desamortizacion Del Siglo XIX En Toledo
50078: Cleveland, Cecilia - The Story of a Summer; or, Journal Leaves from Chappaqua
28479: Clinch, Jon - Finn; a Novel
52702: Clothier, Richard F. - Play Money of American Children
39376: Cloue, G.C. - Renseignements Hydrographiques Sur la Mer D'Azof. Au Depot General Des Cartes Et Plans de la Marine
51613: The Grolier Club - Virgina Woolf and the Hogarth Press; from the Collection of William Beekman Exhibited at the Grolier Club
51815: The New York Flute Club - The Flute from Hotteterre to Barrere; an Exhibit on the History and Evolution of the Flute from the Beginning of the Modern Instrument in Late 17th Century, Through the Industrial Revolution, to the Present Day, Sponsored by the New York Flute Club, at the Shelby Cullom Davis Museum of the Performing Arts, September 10 to November 15, 1980
47821: The Harmonie Club - One Hundred Years, 1852-1952
49330: Grolier Club - Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Private Papers of James Boswell from Malahide Castle. Held at the Grolier Club, New York, December Eighteenth, 1930 to February Seventh, 1931
30872: Sociaal-Democratische Studie-Club - Arbeidsduur in Nederland; Rapport Eener Enquete Gehouden Door de Sociaal-Democratische Studie-Club
44000: The Grolier Club - Commercial Bookbindings; an Historical Sketch, with Some Mention of an Exhibition of Drawings, Covers, and Books, at the Grolier Club, April 5 to April 28, 1894
46565: Cleveland Yachting Club - Cleveland Yachting Club; Commemorative Album
44002: The Grolier Club - Catalogue of a Collection of Engravings, Etchings and Lithographs by Women. Exhibited at the Grolier Club, April 12 to 27, 1901
24290: Clubb, Louise George - Italian Plays (1500-1700) in the Folger Library; a Bibliography with Introduction by Louise George Clubb
52689: Sotheby & Co - Catalogue of the Collection of Ancient and Later Coins; the Property of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Part 2: Greek Coins from the John Ward Collection, Which Will Be Sold by Auction Wednesday, 4th April, 1973 and Thursday, 5th April, 1973
52688: Sotheby & Co - Catalogue of the Collection of Ancient and Later Coins; the Property of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Part 2: Greek Coins from the John Ward Collection, Which Will Be Sold by Auction Wednesday, 4th April, 1973 and Thursday, 5th April, 1973
31342: Multi Electrical Mfg. Co - Multi Fluorescent Daylight Lighting
44017: Sotheby & Co - Catalogue of Manuscripts on Vellum, Paper and Linen of the 3rd Century B.C. To the 17th Century A.D. From the Celebrated Collection Formed by Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872)
50908: R.G. Dun & Co - The Mercantile Agency; Special Edition of Bullinger's Postal and Shipper Guide for the United States and Canada, Containing Every Post Office, Railroad Station and United States Fort, with the Railroad or Steamer Line on Which Every Place, or the Nearest Communicating Point Is Located, and the Delivering Expresses for Every Place; Also a List of Railroads and Water Lines, with Their Terminal Points
46285: Coatsworth, Elizabeth (Zena Bernstein, illus.) - Down Half the World. Illustrations by Zena Bernstein
24060: Cobos, Pablo de A. - Humor Y Pensamiento de Antonio Machado En la Metafiscia Poetica
45966: Cockrum, E. Lendell - Mammals of Kansas
7392: Codlin, Ellen M. - Cryogenics and Refrigeration; a Bibliographical Guide. Foreword by K. Mendelssohn
50330: Stendhal (Richard N. Coe, tr.) - Rome, Naples and Florence
42659: Macieira-Coelho, Alvaro, ed - Signaling Through the Cell Matrix
43827: Geyser, O., P.W. Coetzer and J.H. Le Roux, eds - Bibliographies on South African Political History; Vol. 1: Register of Private Document Collections on the Political History of South Africa Since 1902; Vol. 2: General Sources on South African Political History Since 1902. Vols. 1 and 2 Only
52630: Coffing, Courtney L. - World Notgeld and Other Local Issue Emergency Money, 1914-1947; a Guide and Checklist. Second Edition
49988: Coghlan, Brian - Hofmannsthal's Festival Dramas; Jedermann; Das Salzburger Grosse Welttheater; Der Turm
47217: Cohen, Marcel - Histoire D'Une Langue; le Francais (Des Lointaines Origines a Nos Jours) Quatrieme Edition, Revue Et Mise a Jour
32351: Cohen, H.F. - Om de Vernieuwing Van Het Socialisme; de Politieke Oriëntatie Van de Nederlandse Sociaal-Democratie, 1919-1930
52080: Cohen, Henry D. - Kriah Kalah; a Book for Billions; Self Taught Reading and Writing of the Hebrew Language; Learn It in One Day the Easy Way
50461: Cohen, Arthur A., and Paul Mendes-Flohr, eds - Contemporary Jewish Religious Thought; Original Essays on Critical Concepts, Movements, and Beliefs
52523: Cohen, Michael - Disloyal; a Memoir; the True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to the President of the United States
29099: Cutler, Lloyd, Louis R. Cohen and Roger M. Witten, eds - Regulating Campaign Finance. (the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 486, July 1986)
47573: Cohen, Octavus Roy - Black to Nature. Decorations by Margaret Freeman
10128: Cohen, Yona - Jerusalem Under Siege: Pages from a 1948 Diary
24793: Coke, J. Earl - Reminiscences on People and Change in California Agriculture, 1900-1975. Preface by Harry R. Wellman. Interviews Conducted by Ann Foley Scheuring
5687: Colbern, Deborah L., ed - Neural Mechanisms and Biological Significance of Grooming Behavior. Ed. By... And Willem H. Gispen. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 525)
51247: Blatt, Moshe, Anne Colby and Betsy Speicher - Hypothetical Dilemmas for Use in Moral Discussions
52176: Colcord, Joanna Carver (Larry, illus.) - Sea Language Comes Ashore
51626: Cole, John L. - A Business History of Kenyon, Minnesota and Moland, Too
46900: Cole, Hubert - Fouche; the Unprincipled Patriot
51625: Cole, John L. - Greetings from Kenyon [Cover: A Post Card History of Kenyon, Minnesota]
47530: Cole, David, ed - History of Rockland County, New York; Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men
43002: Colectivo - Manual de Cocina Recetario
51225: Coleman, Nick - George and Faie Donaldson Family Directory
49848: Coleman, Francis X.J. - Neither Angel Nor Beast; the Life and Work of Blaise Pascal
47844: Coleman, Kathleen - Guide to French Poetry Explication
45309: Cowper-Coles, Sherard - Elektrolytische Verzinkung. Ins Deutsche übertragen [Ubertragen] Von Dr. Emil Abel. Mit 36 Figuren Und 9 Tabellen IM Text
45305: Cowper-Coles, Sherard - Elektolytisches Verfahren Zur Herstellung Parabolischer Spiegel. Ins Deutsche übertragen [Ubertragen] Von Dr. Emil Abel. Mit 13 Figuren Und 2 Tabellen IM Text
9787: Coles, Jessie V. - Standarization of Consumers' Goods, an Aid to Consumer-Buying
34021: Colgan, Nathaniel - Flora of the County Dublin; Flowering Plants, Higher Cryptogams, and Characeae. With a Map
43869: Colie, Rosalie L. - My Ecchoing Song"; Andrew Marvell's Poetry of Criticism
43803: Wilson, Colin and Robin Odell (J.H.H. Gaute, ed.) - Jack the Ripper; Summing Up and Verdict
27433: Coll, Susan - Beach Week
52693: Verhoeven, Paul (in collaboration with Rob van Scheers) (Susan Massotty, tr.) - Jesus of Nazareth
53156: Porada, Edith, in collaboration with Briggs Buchanan - Corpus of Ancient Near Eastern Seals in North American Collections; Vol. 1: The Collection of the Pierpont Morgan Library; Part 1: Text; Part 2: Plates. Two Volume Set
42158: Collatz, Lothar - The Numerical Treatment of Differential Equations. With 118 Diagrams and 1 Portrait. Third Edition
52044: Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman (collected and retold by Howard Schwartz) - The Dream Assembly; Tales of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. Illustrated by Yitzhak Greenfield
33347: Hyde Collection, Glens Falls - Form[Ation]; Modern and Contemporary Works from the Feibes & Schmitt Collection
51518: Williams College - Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Williams College, 1843-4
51442: Harvard College - Class of 1901; Secretary's Fourth Report, July, 1916
43613: Harvard College - Laws of Harvard College, for the Use of the Students. With Preliminary Notices and an Appendix (1816); Laws of Harvard College (1820); a Statement of the Course of Instruction, Terms of Admission, Expenses, &C. At Harvard University (1823); Course of Instruction (1820-1822). [Cover: A Fascinating Look at the Expected Behavior and Rules for Students of Harvard College in 1816]
50008: Oberlin College - General Catalogue of Oberlin College, 1833-1908; Including an Account of the Principal Events in the History of the College, with Illustrations of the College Buildings. Published by the College in Connection with the Celebration of Its Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
41839: Colletet, Guillaume (P.A. Jannini) - Poesies Choisies Et Prededees D'Une Introduction Par P.A. Jannini
52801: Collier, Robert H. - A History of the Jermain Memorial Church Congregation of Watervliet, New York, 1814-1974
28166: Collinge, N.E. - The Structure of Horace's Odes
52038: Collins, A. Frederick - The Boys' Book of Engine-Building; How to Make Steam, Hot Air and Gas Engines and How They Work, Told in Simple Language and by Clear Pictures. With Drawings by the Author
50919: Collins, William - Collins' Illustrated Guide to London and Neighbourhood; Being a Concise Description of the Chief Places of Interest in the Metropolis, and the Best Modes of Obtaining Access to Them, with Information Relating to Railways, Omnibuses, Steamer, Etc. With Fifty-Eight Illustrations by Sargent and Others, and a Clue-Map by Bartholomew
50595: Collins, Geraldine - The Brighton Story; Being the History of Paul Smiths, Gabriels and Rainbow Lake
51498: Collins, Gerri - Thomas Edison State College; a "New Tradition" in Higher Education; the First Twenty-Five Years, 1972-1997
52881: Collins, Geraldine - The Brighton Story; Being the History of Paul Smiths, Gabriels and Rainbow Lake
48417: Collmer, Paul, hrsg - Länder [Lander]-Menschen-Universitäten [Universitaten]; Briefe Deutscher Studenten Aus Dem Ausland 1947 Bis 1950
35805: Colton, Rev. Walton (Rev. Henry T. Cheever, ed.) - Land and Lee in the Bosphorus and Aegean; or, Views of Athens and Constantinople. Edited from the Notes and Manuscripts of the Author by Rev. Henry T. Cheever
52305: Colvin, Fred H. - Machine Shop Calculations
48996: Colyer, Richard - The Teifi; Scenery and Antiquities of a Welsh River
28693: Comas, Marta Simo - Tiempo, Espacio Y Discurso En la Configuracion Del Personaje Literario; Los Circulos Del Tiempo de Jose Luis Sampedro
52858: Combes, Andre, L'Abbe (Monsignor Philip E. Hallett, tr.) - The Spirituality of St. Therese (an Introduction). Preface by Rev. Vernon Johnson and a Foreword by Archbishop Roger Beaussart. Translated from the French Edition
52866: Saint Therese of Lisieux (The Abbe Combes, ed.) (F.J. Sheed, tr.) - Collected Letters of Saint Therese of Lisieux. With a Foreword by Father Vernon Johnson
13553: [Combi, Carlo A.] - Saggio Di Bibliografia Istriana
39397: Universitats Comeniana, Filozofickej Fakulty - Historica Zbornik Filozofickej Faculty; Vol. 22-26 (1970-1975). Five Volumes in Four
45525: Rutter, Cloudsley (Department of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of Fisheries) - The Fishes of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Basin, with a Study of Their Distribution and Variation
52262: Italian Chamber of Commerce, New York - Nel Cinquantenario Della Camera Di Commercio Italiana in New York, 1887-1937-XVI
51118: New York State Civil War Centennial Commission - New York State and the CIVIL War. Vol. 1, No. 1 -Vol. 2, No. 9 (July 1961-March 1963). 18 Issues. [Lacks Issues 1: 7, 2: 5, 2: 8]
28698: City of Schenectady Planning Commission - City of Schenectady Comprehensive Plan; February 1970
35639: The Capital District Regional Planning Commission and The LA Group, P.C. - Eastern Gateway Canal Regional Plan
37849: Great Britain Reparation Commission - Official Documents Relative to the Amount of Payments to Be Effected by Germany Under Reparations Account; Vol. 1: May 1, 1921-July 1, 1922. (Vol. 1 Only)
51419: His Majesty's [William IV] Commissioners - Report from His Majesty's Commissioners for Inquiring Into the Adminstration and Practical Operation of the Poor Laws
52184: [New York] Board of Canal Commissioners - The Official Reports of the Canal Commissioners of the State of New York, and the Acts of the Legislature Respecting Navigable Communications between the Great Western and Northern Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. (Lacks the Folding Maps and Profiles)
24263: Village of Scotia 75th Anniversary Committee - Scotia Album, 1904-1979
17467: Alpha Fire Company (The Centennial Committee) - History of the Alpha Fire Company, 1899-1999: One Hundred Years of Dedicated Volunteer Service
32769: Latin American Dance Faculty Committee - Latin American Rumba
10867: Malta Bicentennial Committee - Town of Malta Bicentennial Booklet, 1802-2002
50391: The American Jewish Committee - Americans Confront the Holocaust; a Study of Reactions to Nbc-Tv's Four-Part Drama on the Nazi Era
47507: The 200th Anniversary Committee, The Lutheran Church in America - New York Ministerium Legacy; Brief Histories, Congregations of Northeast Synods, Lutheran Church in America
47387: Mariaville Bicentennial Committee - Scenes of Mariaville
10213: Butt, Arthur J., comp. and ed - Treatment of Urinary Lithiasis
31349: General Electric Company - Fabroil Gears
52073: Combustion Engineering Company - Instructions for the Operation and Maintenance of the Main Boilers and Superheaters Manufactured by Combustion Engineering Company, Installed in United States Maritime Commission Design Ec2-S-C1 Vessels. Revised Edition
31314: General Electric Company - Illumination Terms. Information Compiled by Engineering Department
24943: The Goodman Company - The Motor World; a Weekly Journal Devoted to the Automobile and Kindred Interests; Volume 1, No. 11, December 13, 1900
50847: Mergenthaler Linotype Company - Linotype Leadership; This Book Illustrates and Describes the Linotype, Its Adaptability to Composing-Room Requirements, and Vital Features of Mechanical Design Which Have Been Developed Through Almost a Half Century of Leadership in Engineering and Manufacture
43009: John A. Roebling's Sons Company - Wire Engineering; a Distinctive Roebling Service; Excerpts from Vol. 1, No. 1 to Vol. 2, No. 3
31306: Waterbury Company - Waterbury; Wire Rope, Armored Wire Rope, Fibreclad Wire Rope, Cordage, Music Wire; General Catalogue and Price List; August, 1917
52074: Combustion Engineering Company - Operation and Maintenance [for] Type V2m Steam Generating Units for U.S. Maritime Commission Type C3-S-A2 Cargo Vesses; U.S. Maritime Commission Hull Nos. 267-183 [and]Western Pipe & Steel Co. Hull Nos. 79-95
44362: The Lunkenheimer Company - Illustrated Catalogue and Price List, Comprising Brass, Iron, Semi and Cast Steel Valves, Whistles, Cocks, Gauges, Injectors, Lubricators, Oil Pumps, Oil and Grease Cups, Motor Accessories, Etc.
52487: E.V. Roddin & Company - Jewelry, Watches and Silverware; Bracelets, Studs, Toothpicks, Paper Cutters, Earrings, Thimbles, Charms, Chains, Pins, Plush Boxes, Silver Plated Ware, Tortoise Combs, Hair Pins, Badges and Medals, Rings; Illustrated Catalog and Historical Introduction
49704: Victor Talking Machine Company - 1919 Catalogue of Victor Records, with Biographical Sketches, Opera Plots, New Portraits and Special Red Seal Section
28365: Bethlehem Steel Company - Bethlehem H-Piles; Catalog 223
52180: William Reese Company - Lot of 28 Catalogues: 128, 187, 192, 193, 194, 196, 201, 202, 203, 207, 208, 211, 212, 213, 215, 216, 219, 220, 221, 223, 225, 229, 230, 232, 234, 235, 239. These Catalogues, Published from 1991 Onwards, Include Several Specialized Catalogues, Such As "Streeter Sale Revisited," "Howes Usiana B or Better," "Gold: Exploration in High Latitudes," "American Financial History," and "Slavery and Abolition. " Includes Stapled Sheets Cataloging 57 Entries of "Religion in the Americas Before the Great Awakening
52482: Waterbury Clock Company - Waterbury Clocks; the Complete Illustrated Catalog of 1893
31346: Scully-Jones & Company - Catalog Number 400. (Combined Catalogs Nos. 105 & 200, with Additions)
50845: Mergenthaler Linotype Company - Linotype Faces
44746: Fasig-Tipton Company - Thirty-Seventh Annual Old Glory Horse Auction at Squadron "a" Armory, 1931
31323: General Electric Company - Marine Geared Turbines for Merchant Ships; 2000 to 4000 H.P.
50842: J.B. Lyon Company - Specimen Sheets of Linotype and Monotype Faces in the Plant of J.B. Lyon Company
50843: J.B. Lyon Company - Specimen Sheets of Hand Type Faces in the Plant of J.B. Lyon Company
52037: General Electric Company - Instructions for Testing Electrical Apparatus
52418: Jenkins [John] Company - A Catalog of the John H. Jenkins Collection of Original Literary and Historical Manuscript Compositions. Including Compositions of Dumas, Rousseau, Wordsworth, Cocteau, Dos Passos, Sarte, Sully-Prudhomme, Maurois, Henry Clay, C.S. Forester, John Burroughs, W.H. Auden, George Sand, E.E. Cummings, Wodehouse, Michener, Ogden Nash, Upton Sinclair, Arthur Symons, Masefield, Zola, Flaubert, Cotton Mather, Thackeray, and Many Others
51839: Tilden & Company - Formulae for Making Tinctures, Infusions, Syrups, Wines, Mixtures, Pills, Etc, Simple and Compound, from the Fluid and Solid Extracts Prepared at the Laboratory of Tilden & Co
51867: The Babcock & Wilcox Company - Care and Operation of Babcock & Wilcox Marine Boilers
33559: Frankfort Hill Volunteer Fire Company - Frankfort Hill Volunteer Fire Company Inc. 1954-2004. [Cover: 50th Anniversary]
47729: Japan Paper Company - Kuro Nakaboban Papers and Shadow Papers; Made by Hand in Japan
46925: La Belle Woodworking Company - La Belle Car Builders; Ho Catalog
10818: Rau, M. Chalapathi. (Compiled and edited by Harindra Srivastava.) - Magnus & Muses: "Off the Record" Musings of 'MC'
19969: Chew, Paul A., compiler and editor - Two Hundred and Fifty Years of Art in Pennsylvania
53098: Suleiman, Hamid, (compiler and preface) - Miniatures of Babur-Nama
51790: Wilkins, Wayne (compiler and editor) - The Index of Flute Music, Including the Index of Baroque Trio Sonatas
52968: Singhal, C.R. (compiler) and G.V. Acharya (ed.) - Catalogue of the Coins in the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, Bombay; the Sultans of Gujarat
31193: Hinrichsen, Max (compiler and editor) - Organ and Choral Aspects and Prospects, with Contributions by George Little, Charles Peaker, W. Greenhouse Allt, Et Al. Foreword by John Dykes Bower
28803: Evans, Frank L. (compiler and editor) - Maintenance Supervisor's Handbook
50511: Gangel, William (compiler) and Steve Siktberg (ed.) - Best Blues Solos; Fingerstyle Curriculum
52865: The Middle East Centre for Arab Studies (compiler) - A Selected Word List of Modern Literary Arabic. Second Edition
52863: The Middle East Centre for Arab Studies (compiler) - The M.E. C.A. S. Grammar of Modern Literary Arabic
24495: Comte, Auguste - La Philosophie Positive. Resume Par Jules Rig
33357: Comyn, D.C.E. - Service and Sport in the Sudan; a Record of Administration in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan; with Some Intervals of Sport and Travel
41349: Conckling, Margaret C. - Memoirs of the Mother and Wife of Washington
21901: Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference - Proceedings Annual Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference, No. 12
25913: International Bat Research Conference, Third - Third International Bat Research Conference/Troisieme Congres Internaitonal de Rechereche Sur Les Chauves-Souris/Dritte Internationale Tagung Für Fledermausforschung/Treca Medunarodna Konferencija O Istrazivanju Chiroptera; National Park Plitvice, Yugoslavia, September 5-10, 1972
50019: Conger, Syndy M. - Matthew G. Lewis, Charles Robert Maturin and the Germans; an Interpretive Study of the Influenece of German Literature on Two Gothic Novels
30856: Syndicalistisch Congres - De Beginsel Verklaring Van Het Syndicalisme; Referaat Gehouden Op Het 12de Syndicalistisch Congres, Te Berlijn, Op 27-30 Dec. 1919. Vertaald Door C.W.
21818: Library of Congress - Walt Whitman; a Catalog Based Upon the Collections of the Library of Congress, with Notes on Whitman Collections and Collectors
43813: Conklin, Henry - Through "Poverty's Vale"; a Hardscrabble Boyhood in Upstate New York, 1832-1862. Edited with an Introduction by Wendell Tripp
51064: Connelly, Thomas Lawrence - Autumn of Glory; the Army of Tennessee, 1862-1865
51057: Connelly, Thomas Lawrence - Army of the Heartland; the Army of Tennessee, 1861-1862
43528: Connolly, Margaret, ed - Contemplations of the Dread and Love of God
47776: Arensberg, Walter Conrad and Frederick Keppel - Mr. Pennell's Etchings of London [Arensberg], to Which Is Appended, Mr. Pennell As a Printer [Keppel]. Written on the Occasion of an Exhibition of Mr. Pennell's New Etchings of London
44153: Conrad, Hans-Werner - Einsiedels Theorie Der Schauspielkunst Zur Kunsttheoretischen Grundlegung Der Schauspielkunst IM 18. Jahrhundert
51035: Conrady, Karl Otto, hrsg - Deutsche Literatur Zur Zeit Der Klassik
30976: International Symposium of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, 4th - Preservation and Development of the Traditional Performing Arts. (Reports of the 4th International Symposium of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, August 6-9, 1980, Tokyo, Japan)
47069: La Bibliotheque nationale, la Bibliotheque du Conservatoire et la Bibliotheque de l'Opera - Georges Bizet (1838-1875); Exposition Pour Commemorer le Centenaire de Sa Naissance Par la Bibliotheque Nationale, la Bibliotheque Du Conservatoire Et la Bibliotheque de L'Opera. Au Theatre National de L'Opera. Octobre-Novembre 1938
40593: Consiglio, Alberto, ed - Dossier Mafia. [Cover: Pubblica la Relazione Della Commissione Parlamentare D'Inchiesta; L'Unico Documento Sulla Mafia; Tutti I Nomi Dei Mafiosi E Dei Sospetti; I Delitti Impuniti; la Mafia a Roma E Milano; I Rapporti Tra Mafia E Poteri Politici E Amministrativi]
47869: Constant, Benjamin - Recueil D'Articles; le Mercure, la Minerve Er la Renommee. Introduction, Notes Et Commentaires Par Ephraim Harpaz. 2 Volumes
28120: Woods, Diane E., ed. (in consultation with Sheila H. Akabas) - Employer Initiatives in the Employment or Re-Employment of People with Disabilities; Views from Abroad
31173: Conte, Franco (progetto e testo), Franco Citarella (fotografie) - Pianeta Ischia
4773: Conference on Automatic Control - Automatic and Manual Control; Papers Submitted to the Conference at Cranfield, 1951
47547: Cook, Robin - Genesis; a Novel
27268: Ruedemann, Rudolf, John H. Cook and David H. Newland - Geology of the Catskill and Kaaterskill Quadrangles; Part 1: Cambrian and Ordovician Geology of the Catskill Quadrangle (Ruedemann); Glacial Geology (Cook); Economic Geology (Newland)
52276: Cook, Richard Briscoe - The Wit and Wisdom of Rev. Charles H. Sprugeon, Containing Selections from His Writings, and a Sketch of His Life and Work. Illustrated
18511: Cook, Robert - Circles and Cycles of a Wax Worker
25741: Cook, Edward T. - The Press Censorship; Interview Given by Sir Edward T. Cook to the Associated Press
25748: Cook, Sir Edward - Why Britian Is at War; the Causes and the Issues Set out, in Brief Form, from the Diplomatic Correspondence and Speeches of Ministers
25750: Cook, Sir Edward - How Britain Strove for Peace; a Record of Anglo-German Negotiations, 1898-1914; Told from Authoritative Sources. [Cover Title: Americas View of Germany's Case]
52930: Cooke, John Esten (Philip van Doren Stern, ed.) - Wearing of the Gray, Being Personal Portraits, Scenes and Adventures of the War. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes by Philip Van Doren Stern
45386: Cooke, George Wingrove - Memoirs of Lord Bolingbroke. Vol. 2 Only
52843: Coole, Arthur Braddan - State of Ming Knife Coins and Minor Knife Coins
53050: Coole, Arthur Braddan - The Early Coins of the Chou Dynasty
52840: Coole, Arthur Braddan - Spade Coin Types of the Chou Dynasty
52841: Coole, Arthur Braddan - Pointed Spade Coins of the Chou Dynasty
52792: Coole, Arthur Braddan - Coins in China's History
49296: Cooledge, Harold - Lusitania; a Brief Introduction to the Material History of Portugal Considered in Its Total Environment
37336: Cooley, John K. - Libyan Sandstorm
34527: Cooney, David M. - A Chronology of the U.S. Navy; 1775-1965
52901: Cooper, Kate - Band of Angels; the Forgotten World of Early Christian Women
50696: Cooper, Bruce Clement, ed - The Classic Western American Railroad Routes
51933: Cooper, James Fenimore (N.C. Wyeth, illus.) - The Deerslayer, or the First War-Path. With Pictures by N.C. Wyeth
52187: Cooper, James Fenimore (Robert Lo Grippo, illus.) - The Deerslayer, or, the First War-Path
49923: Cooper, Waller Raymond - Southwestern at Memphis, 1848-1948
52919: Coots, Heather, Alvin Davis, Frank Fodera, et al. - A View from the Backstretch
27028: Copfermann, Emile - Le Theatre Populaire; Pourquoi
43936: Corazziari, E., ed - Neurogastroenterology
36270: Corcos, Fernand - Auto-Reforme
12540: Cordié [Cordie], Carlo - Avviamento Allo Studio Della Lingua E Della Letteratura Francese
47867: Cordier, Henri - Moliere Juge Par Stendhal
52619: Cordry, Scott Eric - The Modern Coinage of Sweden
31200: Praga Corinna, ed - Andar Per Creuse; Itinerari Storico-Artistico-Naturalistici
47532: Corinth, Lovis (Rudolf Klein) - Lovis Corinth. Mit Zwei Vierfarbentafeln, Einer Tondrucktafel Und Vierundvierzig Original-Reproduktionen
26288: Corlett, William - Community without Unity; a Politics of Derridian Extravagance
39868: Cornaro, Louis - The Art of Living Long. A New and Improved English Version of the Treatise of the Celebrated Venetian Centenarian, Louis Cornaro. With Essays by Joseph Addison, Lord Bacon, and Sir William Temple
30625: Cornelissen, Christiaan - Op Weg Naar Een Nieuwe Maatschappij; Beginselen En Taktiek Van Den Klassenstrijd
49131: Benhabib, Seyla, Judith Butler, Drucilla Cornell and Nancy Fraser - Feminist Contentions; a Philosophical Exchange. Introduction by Linda Nicholson
28112: Cornes, Paul - The Future of Work for People with Disabilities; a View from Great Britain
49671: Corngold, Stanley - The Commentators' Despair; the Interpretation of Kafka's Metamorphosis
4145: Cornils, Martin-Harring - System Und Methodik in Der Englischen Politischen ôkonomie [Okonomie]. Ein Beitrag Zur Literaturgeschichte Der Englischen Wirtschafts-Wissenschaften. (Phd Dissertation, University of Kiel)
50939: Zimm, Louise Harbrouck, Joseph W. Emsley, Rev. A. Elwood Corning and Willitt C. Jewell, eds - Southeastern New York; a History of the Counties of Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland and Putnam. 3-Volume Set
29616: Cornman, James W. - Materialism and Sensations
46071: Dry Quenching Equipment Corporation - The Sulzer System; a Complete System for the Dry Quenching of Coke Whereby the Heat Liberated Is Used to Generate Steam and Better Quality Coke Is Secured. Catalog Dq-2
31351: Ex-Cell-O Corporation - Continental, Interchangeable Counterbores; Standard and Special Cutting Tools
31341: Full-O-Lite Corporation - Flu-O-Lux; Fluorescent; Catalog Number 14
31336: Chevrolet Motor Division/General Motors Corporation - General Hints and Information on Your New 1950 Chevrolet. [Cover: Your 1950 Chevrolet]
43811: Crown Zellerbach Corporation - [Derivagraphics] a Gallery of Graphic Arts Experiments
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52820: Church of England - The Prayer-Book of Queen Elizabeth, 1559, to Which Are Appended Some Occasional Forms of Prayer Issued in Her Reign. Printed from the Originals in the British Museum, and Other Public Libraries. With an Historical Introduction by Edward Benham
18117: Englebert, Omer - The Lives of the Saints. Translated by Christopher and Anne Fremantle
44622: English, Elisabeth D. (compiler) - Rare Books in the Mckissick Library. Compiled and Annotated by Elisabeth D. English. [Cover Title: Special Collections in the Mckissick Memorial Library, University of South Carolina]
31549: Enjuto, J., M. Reck y G. Delacre - Tres Conferencias Sobre la Traduccion/Three Lectures on Translation
44984: Enking, Ottomar - Gerhart Hauptmanns Till Eulenspiegel; Eine Studie
43034: Enkvist, Nils Erik - Linguistic Stylistics
21596: Enroth, Ronald - Recovering from Churches That Abuse
52478: Ensko, Stephen G.C. - American Silversmiths and Their Marks III
45289: Ephraim, Julius - Deutsches Patentrecht Für [Fur] Chemiker
49351: Eppard, Philip B. (John Hay) (Henry Adams) - John Hay and Henry Adams: Their Letters and Their Friendship
41712: Winship, Michael (compiler) with Philip B. Eppard and Rachel J. Howarth - Bibliography of American Literature; a Selective Index
22189: Talmud (Epstein, Isadore, ed.; Hill, Lazarus, tr.) - The Babylonian Talmud Seder Nezikin Makkoth
31385: Epstein, Jacob (Arnold L. Haskell) - The Sculptor Speaks; a Series of Conversations on Art
36103: Epstein, Fritz T. (Gunther Specovius, hsrg.) - Die Hof- Und Zentralverwaltung IM Moskauer Staat Und Die Bedeutung Von G.K. Kotosichins Zeitgenossischem Werk "Uber Russland Unter Der Herrschaft Des Zaren Aleksej Michajlovic" Fur Die Russische Verwaltungsgeschichte
44686: American Printing Equipment and Supply Company - Printing Equipment and Supply Catalog, 1976-1977. Bicentennial Edition
44685: American Printing Equipment and Supply Company - Composing Room Equipment
45498: D'Eramo, Luce (Anne Milano Appel, tr.) - Deviation. Translated from the Italian by Anne Milano Appel
52273: Erasmus, Desiderius - L'Eloge de la Folie. Traduit Par M. Gueudeville. Nouvelle Edition, Revue Et Corrigee
36847: Erasmus, Desiderius - Erasmus Against War. [Introduction by J.W. Mackail]
48626: Erb, Gernot - Zu Komposition Und Aufbau IM Ersten Buch Martials
40536: L'Esprit Createur (Inge N. Erickson, ed.) - Andre Gide; 1869-1951. L'Esprit Createur; Vol. 1, No. 1; Spring 1961
10457: Eriksson, Nils - Kungl. Vetenskaps-Och Vitterhets-Samhället [Samhallet] I Göteborg [Gotegorg] 1875-1953
46062: Erler, Gotthard, hrsg - Die Fontanes Und Die Merckels; Ein Familienbriefwechsel, 1850-1870; Band 1: 30. Juli 1850-15. März [Marz] 1858; Band 2: 18. März [Marz] 1858- 15. Juli 1870
4283: Erman, Hans - Weltgeschichte Auf Berlinisch; Historien, Episoden, Anekdoten. Mit Sechzehn Bildtafeln
51854: Schimizzi, Ernest and Gregory - The Staten Island Peace Conference, September 11, 1776
39789: Kurtz, Ernest and Katherine Ketcham - Experiencing Spirituality; Finding Meaning Through Storytelling
42690: Ernster, Lars, ed - Molecular Mechanisms in Bioenergetics
52345: Errante, Vincenzo - Lenau; Geschichte Eines Märtyrers [Martyrers] Der Poesie. Mit Einem Vorwort Von Stefan Zweig
29904: Eschmann, Ernst Wilhelm - IM Amerika Der Griechen
35849: Escribano, F. Sanchez - Cosas Y Casos de Los Albores Del Siglo XVII Español; Antologia de Hechos Espigados de Memorias Escritas Entre 1599 Y 1614
53136: Tapley, William T., Walter D. Enzie, Glen B. van Eseltine and Ulysses P. Hedrick - Vegetables of New York. Vol. 1; Part 1: Peas; Part 2: Beans; Part 3: Sweet Corn
12176: Esineitä, Tilaa Aikaa - Finnish Reflections; Space Time Objects
45381: Esmein, A. [Adhémar] - Cours Elementaire D'Histoire Du Droit Francais a L'Usage Des Etudiants de Premiere Annee. Neuvieme Edition Accompagnee D'Une Table Des Matieres Analytique Et Detaillee
29719: Espach, Alison - The Adults; a Novel
45315: D'Espezel, Pierre - Le Palais de Justice de Paris; Chateau Royal. [Cover: Avec Une Gravure Hors Texte Et Trois Plans]
44757: D'Espezel, Pierre - Le Palais-Royal
39400: Essards, Louis Gabriel Mullet des (Bruno Bizalion) - Voyage En Cochinchine, 1787-1789; Livre de Mer de Louis Gabriel Mullet Des Essards; Commis Aux Revues Sur la Fregate la Dryade. Retranscrit Par Son Descendant Bruno Bizalion
48950: Esselborn, Karl, hrsg - Darmstadt Und Sein Hof Zur Zopfzeit IM Zeitgenössischen Schilderungen
45878: Esselborn, Karl, hrsg - Friedrich Peppler, Schilderung Meiner Gefangenschaft in Russland Vom Jahre 1812 Bis 1814
45106: Van der Essen, Leon - Some More News About the Destruction of Louvain
45107: Van der Essen, Leon - A Statement About the Destruction of Louvain and Neighborhood
48503: Esser, Carl - Der Zeitungsverleger; Sein Werden Und Wirken; Ein Vortrag IM Institut Für [Fur] Zeitungswesen and Der Universität [Universitat] Heidelberg
39680: Esterhazy, Count Valentin - Memoires Du Cte. Valentin Esterhazy. Avec Une Introduction Et Des Notes Par Ernest Daudet
43175: Estes, Richard Despard - The Behavior Guide to African Mammals, Including Hoofed Mammals, Carnivores, Primates. Drawings by Daniel Otte. Foreword by E.O. Wilson
44590: Estivals, Robert - La Statistique Bibliographique de la France; Sous la Monarchie Au XVIII Siecle
4244: Estrée [Estree], Paul d' - La Viellesse de Richelieu (1758-1788), D'Apres Les Correspondances Et Memoires Contemporains Et D'Apres Des Documents Inedits
48191: Estrella, Francisco Moran de la (Ralph A. DiFranco, Jose J. Labrador Herraiz y C. Angel Zorita, eds.) - Cartapacio de Francisco Moran de la Estrella. Prologo de Juan Bautista de Avalle-Arce
32493: Etiemble, Rene Ernest - Racismes. PréCédé [Precede] de Les Racismes Vécus [Vecus] Par Jeannine Kohn-Etiemble
24413: Skrzypek, Eugeniusz and Wlodzimierz Ordynski - Poland by Camera
53134: Euringer, Richard - Der Zug Durch Die Wüfte [Wufter]; Roman Der Ersten Expedition Deutscher Flieger. Mit Einer Karte
21246: Skitalets [E.L. Afanas'ev] - Izbrannoe
46465: Evanovich, Stephanie - Under the Table; a Novel
41097: Evanovich, Stephanie - The Total Package
46722: Evans, Ifor L. - The Agrarian Revolution in Roumania
45865: Evans, Colin - Taine; Essai de Biographie Interieure. Publie Avec le Concours Du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
52960: Evans, George G., ed - Illustrated History of the United States Mint, with Short Historical Sketches and Illustrations of the Branch Mints and Assay Offices, and a Complete Description of American Coinage from the Earliest Period to the Present Time; the Process of Melting, Refining, Assaying and Coining Gold and Silver Being Fully Described and Illustrated. With Biographical Sketches of the Mint Officers from Its Foundation to the Present Time to Which Are Added a Glossary of Mint Terms and the Latest Official Tables Showing the Fluctuations in the Price of Silver for the Past Seventy Years. With Photo-Illustrations of Rare Coins. New Revised Edition
49167: Evans, Joan - Monastic Architecture in France from the Renaissance to the Revolution
19070: Evans, G.R. (Gillian) - The Reception of the Faith: Reinterpreting the Gospel for Today
52752: Evans, George G., ed - Illustrated History of the United States Mint, with a Complete Description of American Coinage, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. The Process of Melting, Refining, Assaying, and Coining Gold and Silver Fully Described; with Biographical Sketches... A Glossary of Mint Terms and the Latest Official Tables of the Annual Products of Gold and Silver in the Different States, and Foreign Countries, with Monetary Statistics of All Nations. New Revised Edition
37568: Evans, G.R. - The Thought of Gregory the Great
52961: Evans, George G., ed - Illustrated History of the United States Mint, with Short Historical Sketches and Illustrations of the Branch Mints and Assay Offices, and a Complete Description of American Coinage from the Earliest Period to the Present Time; the Process of Melting, Refining, Assaying and Coining Gold and Silver Being Fully Described and Illustrated. With Biographical Sketches of the Mint Officers from Its Foundation to the Present Time to Which Are Added a Glossary of Mint Terms and the Latest Official Tables of the Operations of the Different Mints and Assay Offices, Showing the Annual Products of Gold and Silver in the United States and Foreign Countries, with Monetary Statistics of the World. With Photo-Illustrations and Fine Engravings and Thirty-Two Plates of Rare Coins. New Revised Edition
51004: Evelyn, John - The Life of Mrs. Godolphin. Edited by Samuel, Lord Bishop of Oxford
48434: Mikhailov, E. (Evgenii) and F. (Fedor) Talyzin - Po Gorodam Ssha; Putevye Zametki
47364: Evjen, John O. - Scandinavian Immigrants in New York, 1630-1674. With Appendices on Scandinavians in Mexico and South America, 1532-1640; Scandinavians in Canada, 1619-1620; Some Scandinavians in New York in the Eighteenth Century; German Immigrants in New York, 1630-1674. Illustrated
41747: Saint-Evremond, [Charles de] (Rene Ternois, ed.) - Oeuvres En Prose. Textes Publies Avec Introduction, Notices Et Notes Par Rene Ternois. Four Volumes. Complete Set
51801: Feeney, Maura (exhibition and catalogue) - A la Mode; Women's Fashions in French Art, 1850-1900
51824: Little, Nina Fletcher (exhibition and catalogue) - Paintings by New England Provincial Artists, 1775-1800
44518: Exner, Richard - Hugo Von Hofmannsthals "Lebenslied"; Eine Studie
34554: Eyck, Erich - Geschichte Der Weimarer Republik; Erster Band: Vom Zusammenbruch Des Kaisertums Bis Zur Wahl Hindenburgs; Zweiter Band: Von Der Konferenz Von Locarno Bis Zu Hitlers Machtübernahme [Machtubernahme]
24485: Eynern, Professor Dr. Gert von - Grundriss [Grundriß] Der Politischen Wirtschaftslehre
49831: Stationers Company (George Edward Bisscoe Eyre) - A Transcript of the Registers of the Worshipful Company of Stationers from 1640-1708 A.D. , in Three Volumes; Vol. 1: 1640-1655; Vol. 2: 1655-1675; Vol. 3: 1675-1708
50719: Bick, Ezra and Yaakov Beasley, eds - Torah Mietzion; New Readings in Tanach: Bereshit
53106: Thompson, George F. and Frederick R. Steiner, eds - Ecological Design and Planning
52739: Almanzar, Alcedo F. and Brian R. Stickney - The Coins and Paper Money of El Salvador
52740: Almanzar, Alcedo F. and Dale A. Seppa - The Coins of Peru, 1822-1972
49653: Koenigsberger, F. and J. Tlusty - Machine Tool Structures; Volume 1. Vol. 1 Only
52730: Almanzar, Alcedo F. and Dale Seppa - The Coins of Paraguay
52638: Morrison, Karl F. (with the collaboration of Henry Grunthal) - Carolingian Coinage
52916: Downing, Antoinette F. and Vincent J. Scully, Jr. - The Architectural Heritage of Newport, Rhode Island. 1640-1915. Second Edition - Revised
26846: Dyer, David F. and Glennon Maples - Measuring and Improving the Efficiency of Boilers
38877: Maurice, Sir F. and Sir George Arthur - The Life of Lord Wolseley. With a Foreword by General Sir R. Wingate
34281: Haylock, E.F. and D. Phillips-Birt, eds - Yachting World Annual 1962
27879: Cook, Sherburne F. and Woodrow Borah - Essays in Population History; Mexico and the Caribbean; Vols. 1 and 2 Only (of a Three Volume Set)
40397: Moss, R.M.F. and C.B. Thomas, eds - Algebraic K-Theory and Its Geometric Applications
32494: Messica, Fabienne et Tamir Sorek - Refuzniks Israeliens; Ces Soldats Qui Refusent de Combattre Dans Les Territoires Occupes
27051: University of California Archaeological Research Facility - Four Papers on Great Basin Anthropology
27050: University of California Archaeological Research Facility - Miscellaneous Papers on Archaeology
41542: Facio, Sara - La Fotogaleria
51644: The Swarthmore College Faculty - An Adventure in Education; Swarthmore College Under Frank Aydelotte
51647: Fadala, Sam - Black Powder Hunting
21243: Fadeev, Aleksandr - Sobranie Sochinenii. V Piati Tomakh
48259: Farber [Faerber], Wilhelm - Herbstblumen (Aus Manuscript Gedruckt)
52757: Fagerlie, Joan M. - Late Roman and Byzantine Solidi Found in Sweden and Denmark
25138: Fahey, James T. - Natural Causation, Fixity and the Dogma of Eternalism on the Plausibility of an Ampliative Reality
35788: Fahmy, Aly Mohamed - Muslim Naval Organisation in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Seventh to the Tenth Century A.D.
5061: Fairclough, Tony, ed - Southern Steam Locomotive Survey; Bulleid Light Pacifics. Ed. By... & Alan Wills
50848: Faithfull, Emily - Three Visits to America
31128: Falcato, Norma Castillo, ed - Conferencia Teorica Sobre El Pensamiento Economico Del Comandante Ernesto Che Guervara; Memorias
43159: Falcone, Ben - Being a Dad Is Weird; Lessons in Fatherhood from My Family to Yours
45683: Falconi, Carlo (Bernard Wall, tr.) - The Silence of Pius XII
52537: Fales, Martha Gandy - Joseph Richardson and Family; Philadelphia Silversmiths
46700: Falk, Valter - Nutida Typsnitt; Uppkomst Och Utveckling. Andra Upplagan
31992: Falk, Ilse - Studien Zu Andrea Pisano
46482: Falk, Johnann Daniel - Goethe Aus Näheren Persönlichen [Naheren Personlichen] Umgange Dargestellt; Ein Nachgelassenes Werk
38292: Falkner, J. Meade - Moonfleet
52911: Fallada, Hans - Gesammelte Erzählungen [Erzahlungen]
52377: Fallenstein, Robert und Christian Hennig - Rezeption Skandinavischer Literatur in Deutschland, 1870-1914; Quellenbibliographie
33538: Fambach, Oscar - Goethe Und Seine Kritiker; Die Wesentlichen Rezensionen Aus Der Periodischen Literatur Seiner Zeit, Begleitet Von Goethes Eigenen Und Seiner Freunde äußErungen [Ausserungen] Zu Deren Gehalt. In Einzeldarstellungen, Mit Einem Anhang; Bibliographie Der Goethe-Kritik Bis Zu Goethes Tod
27314: Farago, Istvan (Bild) und Peter Buza (Text) - Buda Pest [Budapest] Donau
51547: Farber, Jules B. - Holland in Focus. [Cover: A Personal View; Beyond the Windmills and the Wooden Shoes]
26878: Farey, John - A Treatise on the Steam Engine; Historical, Practical and Descriptive (1827); Volume 1
38231: Farjeon, B.L. [Benjamin Leopold] - Devlin the Barber
13114: Meridale Farms - Dairylike Majesty, Imp. 198188; His Contribtion to the Breed
51870: Farrar, Frank F., Captain (Dorothy B. Maxwell, ed.) - A Ship's Log Book. Tales of the Sea by an Irreverent, Conniving, Dedicated Merchant Marine Captain Who Shipped out at Sixteen for a Chance to Wrestle Rusty Tubs Through Wild Waves from the Fierce Pentland Firth to Steamy South American Jungles by Way of World War II. Laced with Photographs from Captain Farrar's Mischievous and Exciting Days at Sea, Spiced with Vintage Photos from the National Archives/U.S. Naval Historical Center
32105: Farrington, Benjamin - Aristotle; Founder of Scientific Philosophy
50648: Farrington, S. Kip, Jr. - Railroads at War
25634: Fascher, Erich - Sokrates Und Christus; Beiträge [Beitrage] Zur Religionsgeschichte
26514: Fasching, Darrell J. - The Ethical Challenge of Auschwitz and Hiroshima; Apocalypse or Utopia
47032: Fassmann, Kurt - Brecht; Eine Bildbiographie
28292: Faust, Heinrich - Der Aufbau Der Erdatmosphäre [Erdatmosphare]; Eine Zusammenfassende Darstellung Unter Einbeziehung Der Neuen Raketen- Und SatellitenmeßErgebnisse [Satellitenmessergebnisse]. Mit 123 Abbildungen
35479: Faust, Albert B. - Das Deutschtum in Den Vereinigten Staaten in Seiner Geschichtlichen Entwickelung. Berechtigte Deutsche Ausgabe
35480: Faust, Albert B. - Das Deutschtum in Den Vereinigten Staaten in Seiner Bedeutung Für [Fuer] Die Amerikanische Kultur. Berechtigte Deutsche Ausgabe
7229: Faust, Verne - History of Elementary School Counseling; Overview and Critique, with a Chronological Bibliography from 1924
44390: Favone, Maurice - Histoire de la Marche
44725: Favreau, Robert, ed. (Michel. Francois, series editor) - Atlas Historique Francais, le Territoire de la France Et de Quelques Pays Voisins: Anjou. (Monuments Historiae Galliarum)
48172: Fawcett, Jane (ed.) - The Future of the Past; Attitudes to Conservation, 1174-1974. With 125 Illustrations
39584: Faye, Lyndsay - The Fatal Flame
45037: Fayol, Amedee - Auteuil Au Cours Des Ages. Introduction de Fernand Gregh. Preface de Leon Berard
48913: Federmann, H., hrsg - Der Schatzbehalter; Ein Brevier Zeitgenossischer Lyrik
8916: Federn, Karl - Das Zeitalter Dantes
21250: Fedorov, V.I. - Literaturnye Napravleniia V Russkoi Literature XVIII Veka: [Ucheb. Posobie Dlia Ped. In-Tov Po Spets. 2101 Rus. Iaz I Lit. ]
32697: Feehan, John M. - An Irish Publisher and His World
21929: Fehlen, Myra - American Incarnation; the Individual, the Nation, and the Continent
48598: Fehling, August Wilhelm - Die Vereinigten Staaten Von Amerika; Land Und Menschen Unter Dem Sternenbanner. Mit Vielen Bildern
28539: Fehr, Bernhard - Von Englands Geistigen Beständen [Bestanden]. Ausgewählte Aufsätze [Ausgewahlte Aufsatze] Von Bernhard Fehr
39360: Fehrenbacher, Don E. - The Dred Scott Case; Its Significance in American Law and Politics
37223: Feingold, Mordechai - The Newtonian Moment; Isaac Newton and the Making of Modern Culture
21302: Zum Felde, Alberto - Indice Critico de la Literatura Hispanoamericana; Los Ensayistas
27096: Felde, Alberto zum - La Narrativa En Hispanoamerica
44375: Feldmann, Roland - Jacob Grimm Und Die Politik
43888: New York State Museum (Felt, Eliot Porter) - 19th Report of the State Entomologist on Injurious and Other Insects of the State of New York, 1903
45939: The American Italian Historical Association (Femminella, Francis X., ed.) - Italians and Irish in America; Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the American Italian Historical Association
50680: Fendel, Zechariah - Challenge of Sinai; Providing an Authentic Torah Approach to the Ever Present Challenges of an Ever-Changing Society
52043: Fendel, Rabbi Zechariah - Seasons of Splendor; Shabbos and the Mo'Adim. A Thought-Provoking Presentation of Emunah Concepts, Ethical Values, and Related Hashkafah Insights, Derived from Shabbos and the Mo'Adim -Pesach and Shavu'Os
25859: Fener, Tamas (fotos) und Sandor Scheiber (text) - ... Und Sollst Deinem Sohn Sagen... ; Jüdische [Judische] Traditionen in Ungarn
51557: Fenn, Wallace O. - History of the American Physiological Society; the Third Quarter Century, 1937-1962
51513: Fenton, Edwin - The Maggie Murphs; a History of Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, 1906-73
29775: Ferber, Christian - Die Seidels; Geschichte Einer Bürgerlichen [Burgerlichen] Familie, 1811-1977
45287: Ferchland, P. - Die Englischen Elektrochemischen Patente; Auszüge [Auszuge] Aus Den Patentschriftern, Zusammengestellt Und Mit Ausführlichem [Ausfuhrlichem] Sach- Und Namenregister Versehen. Zweiter Band: Elektrothermische Verfahren Und Apparate; Entladungen Durch Gase. Mit 412 Figuren IM Text
45285: Ferchland, P. - Die Elektrochemischen Patentschriften Der Vereinigten Staaten Von Amerika. Auszüge [Auszuge] Aus Den Patentschriften Zusammengestellt Und Mit Ausführlichem [Ausfuhrlichem] Sach- Und Nameregister Versehen. Erster Band: Elektrothermische Verfahren Und Apparate; Entladungen Durch Gase. Mit 352 Figuren IM Text
29859: Ferguson, Douglas C. - Noctuoidea; Lymantriidae. Color Photography by Richard B. Dominick, Assisted by Charles R. Edwards. Line Drawings by Elaine R. Hodges and Douglas C. Ferguson
35894: Ferguson, Adam - An Essay on the History of CIVIL Society. With a New Introduction by Louis Schneider
29856: Ferguson, Douglas C. - Bombycoidea; Saturniidae, Comprising Subfamilies Citheroniinae, Hemileucinae (Part)
49232: Fergusson, Peter - Architecture of Solitude; Cistercian Abbeys in Twelfth-Century England
9000: Fernald, M. L. - Biographical Memoir of Benjamin Lincoln Robinson, 1864-1935
47383: New York (Colony) Council (Berthold Fernow, ed.) - Calendar of Council Minutes, 1668-1783. Compiled by Berthold Fernow. Preface by A.J. F. Van Laer. Introduction by Peter R. Christoph
15708: Ferraboschi, Alberto - Borghesia E Potere Civico a Reggio Emilia Nella Seconda Meta Dell' Ottocento, 1859-1889
48145: Ferran, Jaime - Cantos Irlandeses; Coleccion Juglar

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