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008115: FORSTER, ROBERT, - The House of Saulx-Tavanes; Versailles and Burgundy, 1700-1830..
029787: FORSTER, AUGUSTUS JOHN, - Jeffersonian America; Notes on the United States of America Collected in the Years 1805-6-7 and 11-12..
040815: FORSTER, GEORG, - Georg Forsters frische teutsche Liedlein in fünf Teilen..
012926: FÖRSTER, UWE, - Der Verfallsprozess der althochdeutschen Verbalendungen dargestellt an den Bibelglossaren der Familie M..
033469: FORSYTHE, ROBERT STANLEY, - The relations of Shirley's Plays to the Elizabethan Drama..
013500: FORT, ILENE SUSAN, - The Flag Paintings of Childe Hassam..
026309: FORTE, MAURIZIO AND ALBERTO SILIOTTI, - Virtual Archaeology; Re-Creating ancient Worlds..
009664: FORTES, MEYER, - Kinship and the Social Order; the Legacy of Lewis Henry Morgan..
042107: FORTES, HERBERT PARENTES, - Uma Interpretação da Crase Portuguesa..
044687: FOSBERG, F. R., ED, - Man's Place in the island Ecosystem; a Symposium..
005732: FOSDICK, RAYMOND B., - Letters on the League of Nations..
025554: FOSHAG, WILLIAM F. AND JENARDO GONZALEZ R, - Birth and development of Paricutin Volcano, Mexico..
043391: FOSHAG, WILLIAM F. AND JENARO GONZALEZ R, - Birth and Development of Parícutin Volcano, Mexico..
025417: FOSHAY, ELLA M., - John James Audubon..
023809: FOSLER, R. SCOTT, ED., - The new economic Role of American States; Strategies in a competitive world Economy..
024210: FOSS, MICHAEL., - The Founding of the Jesuits 1540..
041490: FOSS, MICHAEL, - People of the First Crusade; the truth abouth the Christian-Muslim War Revealed..
025505: FOSSEDAL, GREGORY A., - The Democratic Imperative; Exporting the American Revolution..
031430: FOSTER, JEANNETTE H., - Sex Variant women in Literature; a historical and Quantitative Survey..
026310: FOSTER, KAREN POLINGER, - Aegean Faience of the Bronz Age..
010788: FOSTER, HARRY L., - A Beachcomber in the Orient..
017413: FOSTER, DON, - Author Unknown; on the Trail of Anonymous..
031215: FOSTER, BARBARA M. AND MICHAEL FOSTER, - Forbidden Journey; the Life of Alexandra David-Neel..
038620: FOSTER, JENNY RYAN, ET AL., EDS, - Century of the Tiger; One Hundred Years of Koren Culture in America 1903-2003..
038437: FOSTER, GEORGE M, - A Primitive Mexican Economy..
012125: FOSTER, G. ALLEN, - The Eyes and Ears of the Civil War..
002955: FOUARD, CONSTANT, - Les origines De L'église; Saint Pierre et Les Premières Années Du Christianisme..
024212: FOUCAULT, MICHEL, - Language, Counter-Memory, Practice; Selected Essays and Interviews..
040399: FOUQUET-PLÜMACHER, DORIS UND MICHAEL WOLTER, - Aus dem Archiv des Verlages Walter de Gruyter: Briefe, Urkunden, Dokumente..
041010: FOURNEL, PAUL, - Forain; Roman..
029302: LA FOURNIÈRE, XAVIER DE, - Alexis de Tocqueville, un monarchiste Indépendant..
044408: FOURQUET, JEAN, - Wolfram d'Eschenbach et Le Conte del Graal; les divergences de la tradition du Conte del Graal de Chrétien et leur importance pour l'explication du texte du Parzival..
043174: FOWKES, RODNEY N, - Gramme of Bruises..
038844: FOWLER, DOROTHY, - A Most Dreadful Earthquake; a First-hand account of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, with Glimpses Into the Lives of the Phillips-Jones Letter Writers..
038628: FOWLER, ALASTAIR, - Triumphal Forms; Structural Patterns in Elizabethan Poetry..
024257: FOWLER, WILLIAM A. AND F. HOYLE, - Nucleosynthesis in massive Stars and Supernovae..
441: FOWLER, MARY., - Catalogue of the Dante Collection presented by Willard Fiske: additions 189 8-1920. Compiled by Mary Fowler...
027659: FOWLER, GENE, - Timber Line; a Story of Bonfils and Tammen..
043863: FOWLER, ELIZABETH, - Literary Character; the Human Figure in Early English Writing..
030579: FOWLER, MARY LEE COE, - Full Fathom Five; a Daughter's Search..
041072: FOWLER, CONSTANCE ASTON, - The Verse Miscellany of Constance Aston Fowler..
031751: FOWLER, BARBARA HUGHES, - Archaic Greek Poetry; an Anthology..
031752: FOWLER, BARBARA HUGHES, - The Hellenistic Aesthetic..
012126: FOWLER, WILLIAM M., JR., - Jack Tars and Commodores; the American Navy, 1783-1815..
037009: FOWLIE, WALLACE, - Rimbaud..
029993: FOX, RICHARD WIGHTMAN, - Reinhold Niebuhr; a Biography..
024213: FOX, MATTHEW, - Confessions; the Making of a postdenominational Priest..
024847: FOX, RUTH A, - The Tangled Chain; the Structure of disorder in the Antomy of Melancholy..
1134: FOX, ADAM., - English hymns and hymn writers...
005932: FOX, KENNETH, - Metropolitan America; Urban Life and Urban Policy in the Uniited States, 1940-1980..
020175: FOX, MICHAEL J., - Lucky Man; a Memoir..
033820: FOX, RICHARD, - Letters of Richard Fox 1486-1527..
007215: FOX, DIXON RYAN, ED., - Sources of Culture in the Middle West; backgrounds versus Frontier..
039210: FOX, ALISTAIR, - Thomas More; History and Providence..
017176: FOXALL, ROGER, - Sailing to Leningrad; a voyage through the Baltic..
034156: FOXE, JOHN, - Two Latin Comedies By John Foxe, the Martyrologies: Titus et Gesippus; Christus Triumphans..
021163: FOXON, DAVID, - Libertine Literature in England 1660-1745..
034016: FRACASTORO, GIROLAMO, - Il Navagero; ovvero dialogo sulla Poetica..
033527: FRACASTORO, GIROLAMO, - Il Naugerio..
042326: FRADENBURG, LOUISE OLGA, - City, Marriage, Trounament; Arts of rule in Late Medieval Scotland..
021096: FRADKIN, PHILIP L., - Stagecoach; Wells Fargo and the American West..
025579: FRAIGNEAU, ANDRÉ, - Les châteaux de la Loire..
021720: FRAKE, CHARLES O., - Language and Cultural Description; Essays..
035107: FRALEY, TOBIN, - The Great American Carousel; a Century of Master Craftsmanship..
042011: FRAME, DONALD M, - François Rabelais; a Study..
020784: FRANÇA, JOSÉ-AUGUSTO, - Millares..
039918: AMERICAN FRIENDS OF FRANCE, - Spécialités de la Maison..
032943: FRANCE, PETER, - Racine's Rhetoric..
017888: FRANCIS, W. NELSON, - The struture of American English..
037168: FRANCIS, FRANCIS, - Fish-culture; a practical Guide to the Modern system of breeding and Rearing Fish..
042064: FRANCISCO, MORALES, - Inventario del Fondo Franciscano del Museo de Antropologia e Historia de Mexico. Volumen I..
026311: FRANCK, ADOLPHE, - The Kabbalah; the Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews..
039855: FRANCK, MICHAEL S, - Elmwood Endures; History of a Detroit Cemetery..
032723: FRANÇON, MARCEL, - Autour de la lettre de Gargantua a son fils (Pantaguel, 8)..
033028: FRANEY, PIERRE, - A chef's Tale; a Memoir of Food, France and America..
042392: FRÄNGER, WILHELM, - The Millennium of Hieronymus Bosch; Outlines of a new Interpretation..
022622: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER, - Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America; historical Studies of Chile and Brazil..
025992: FRANK, ELIZABETH, - Jackson Pollock..
026312: FRANK, TENNEY, - An Economic Survey of Ancient Rome. General Index to Volumes I-V..
028349: FRANK, KATHERINE, - A Voyager Out; the Life of Mary Kingsley..
034798: FRANK, GRACE, - The Medieval French Drama..
013970: FRANK, HARRY THOMAS AND WILLIAM L. REED, EDS., - Translating & Understanding the Old Testament; Essays in Honor of Herbert Gordon May..
042547: FRANK, MANFRED, ED, - Analytische Theorien des Selbstbewußtseins..
043888: FRANK, ROBERT WORTH, JR, - Chaucer and The Legend of Good Women..
041283: FRANK, HORST-JOACHIM, - Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg: Leben und Welt der barocken Dichterin..
040637: FRANK, JEROME, - A man's Reach; the Philosophy of Judge Jerome Frank..
037674: FRANK, ELLEN EVE, - Literary Architecture; Essays Toward a Tradition: Walter Peter, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Marcel Proust, Henry James..
040397: FRANKE, HELMUT, - Staat im Staate; Aufzeichnungen eines Militaristen..
004960: FRANKE, WOLFGANG, - China and the West..
023693: FRANKEL, MAX, - The times of My Life and My Life with The Times..
035930: FRANKEL, FELICE AND GEORGE M. WHITESIDES, - On the Surface of Things; Images of the Extraordinary in Science..
019333: FRANKEL, TOBIA, - The Russian Artist; the Creative Person in Russian Culture..
031754: FRÄNKEL, HERMANN, - Dichtung und Philosophie des frühen Greichentums; eine Geschichte der griechischen Epik, Lyrik und Prosa bis zur Mitte des fünften Jahrhunderts..
020468: FRANKEL, MICHAEL L., - The voyage of Sabra; an Ecological cruise through the Caribbean, with Extras..
020052: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED, - Shirl Goedike..
036590: FRANKFORT, ELLEN, - The Voice; Life at The Village Voice..
037328: FRANKL, PAUL, - Principles of Architectural History; the Four Phases of architectural Style, 1420-1900..
034573: FRANKL, PAUL, - Gothic Architecture..
037187: FRANKLIN, COLIN, - The Private Presses..
025674: FRANKLIN, JERRY F. AND C. T. DYRNESS, - Natural vegetation of Oregon and Washington..
007216: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin..
007218: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, - Mr. Franklin; a selction from His Personal Letters..
027495: FRANKLIN, JON, - Molecules of the Mind; the Brave new Science of Molecular Psychology..
004739: FRANKLIN, KENNETH J., - William Harvey, Englishman , 1578-1657..
032008: FRANKLIN, ANNA, - The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Fairies..
009179: FRANKS, A. H., ED., - Ballet; a Decade of Endeavour..
008400: FRANKS, A. H., ED., - Ballet; a Decade of Endeavour..
026219: FRANKS, TOMMY, - American Soldier..
042969: FRANTZEN, ALLEN J. AND DOUGLAS MOFFAT, EDS, - The work of Work: Servitude, Slavery, and Labor in Medieval England..
026315: FRANZ, LEONHARD, - Jäger/Bauern/Händler; die Wirtschaft in der Vorzeit..
026904: FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE VON, - Zeit; Strömen und Stille..
033115: FRANZ, LEONHARD, - Goethe und die Urzeit..
032639: FRANZBACH, MARTIN, - Pedro Calderón de la Barca: Der Richter von Zalamea..
044074: FRAPPIER-MKAZUR, LUCIENNE, - L'Expression métaphorique dans la Comédie Humaine; Domaine social et Physiologique..
044631: FRAPPIER, JEAN, - Amour courtois et Table Ronde..
037775: FRAPRIE, FRANK R. AND WALTER E. WOODBURY, - Photographic Amusements; including tricks and Unusual or Novel Effect Obtainable with the Camera..
039583: FRASCINA, FRANCIS, ET AL, - Modernity and Modernism; French Painting in the Nineteenth Century..
011160: FRASER, PETER, - Jseoph Chamberlain; radicalism and Empire, 1868-1914..
016557: FRASER, RUSSELL, - The Language of Adam; on the Limits and Systems of Discourse..
037194: FRASER, MARY CRAWFORD, - A Diplomatist's Wife in Japan; letters from Home to Home..
024214: FRASER, J. T., - Of Time, Passion, and Knowledge; reflections on the Strategy of Existence..
010825: FRASER, A. IAN, - A Catalogue of the Clowes Collection..
016727: FRASER, ANTONIA, - Royal Charles; Charles II and the Restoration..
027455: FRASER, RUSSELL, - Young Shakespeare..
030431: FRASER, ANDREW, - Essays on Music..
012130: FRASER, ANTONIA, - The Warior Queens..
012132: FRASER, RONALD, - Blood of Spain; an Oral History of the Spanish Civil War..
012131: FRASER, LINDLEY, - Germany between Two Wars..
005007: FRASER, STEWART, - Chinese Communist Education; Records of the first Decade..
017108: FRASHERI, KRISTO, - Histoire d'Albanie (bref aperçu)..
028757: FRATI, LODOVICO, - Rimatori bolognesi del Trecento..
011774: FRAZIER, ARTHUR H., - Water Current Meters in the Smithsonian Collections of the National Museum of History and Technology..
043113: FRAZIER, ALISON KNOWLES, - Possible Lives; Authors and saints in Renaissance Italy..
042947: FRÉDERIC, LOUIS, - Daily Life in Japan at the Time of the Samurai 1185-1603..
035523: FREDERICK, J. GEORGE, - Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery; Their History, Art, Accomplishments, Also a Broad Collection of Their Food Recipes..
039930: SWEET. FREDERICK A, - The Hudson River School and the Early American landscape Tradition..
044510: FREDMAN, STEPHEN, - The Grounding of American Poetry; Charles Olson and the Emersonian Tradition..
037248: FREDRIKSEN, JOHN C, - Free Trade and sailors' Rights; a Bibliography of the War of 1812..
030212: FREEBORN, RICHARD, - The Rise of the Russian Novel; Studies in the Russian novel from Eugene Onegin to War and Peace..
030881: FREEBURG, VICTOR OSCAR, - Disguise Plots in Elizabethan Drama; a Study in stage Tradition..
042336: FREED, JOHN B, - The friars and German Society in the thirteenth Centuy..
031383: FREED, RITA E., ET AL., EDS., - Pharaohs of the Sun: Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Tutankhamen..
033009: FREED, RITA E, - Ramses II; the Great Pharaoh and his Time..
029266: FREEDBERG, S. J., - Painting of the High Renaissance in Rome and Florence..
044192: FREEDMAN, PAUL H, - The Diocese of Vic; Tradition and Regeneration in Medieval Catalonia..
023470: FREEDMAN, DAVID, - Appoximating Countable Markov Chains..
004979: FREEDMAN, RONALD AND JOHN Y. TAKESHITA, - Family Planning in Taiwan; an Experiment in Social Change..
004973: FREEDMAN, MAURICE, ED., - Family and Kinship in Chinese Society..
012133: FREEDMAN, LAWRENCE AND EFRAIM KARSH, - The Gulf Conflict, 1990-1991; Diplomacy and War in the New World Order..
043835: FREEDMAN, PAUL, - Out of the East..
044732: FREELY, JOHN, - Classical Turkey..
042470: FREEMAN, JUDI, - The Fauve Landscape..
039226: FREEMAN, RUTH S, - Encyclopedia American Dolls..
003300: FREEMAN, KATHLEEN, - Ancilla to the Pre-Socratic Philosophers..
024047: FREEMAN, VICTORIA, - Distant Relations; How My ancestors Colonized North America..
025396: FREEMAN, GREGORY A., - Sailors to the End; the dealy fire on the USS Forrestal and the Heroes Who Foungt it..
014705: FREEMAN, RUTH AND LARRY FREEMAN, - Victorian Furniture..
007074: FREEMAN, ROGER A., - Socialism and Private Enterprise in Equatorial Asia; the Case of Malaysia and Indonesia..
021278: FREEMAN, DEXTER L., - Hesse, a New German State..
028394: FREEMAN, DEREK, - Margaret Mead and Samoa; the Making and Unmaking of an Anthropological Myth..
043373: FREEMAN, MARGARET B, - The Unicorn Tapestries..
012134: FREEMAN, LEWIS R., - Sea-hounds..
025984: FREEMAN, ROGER A., - The Wayward Welfare State..
032955: FREEMAN, DAVID S., - Family therapy with Couples; the Family-Of-origin Approach..
040386: FREEMAN, EDWARD A, - The history of Sicily from the earliest Times..
014248: FREER, CHARLES LANG, - With Kindes Regards; the Correspondence of Charles Lang Freer and James McNeill Whistler, 1890-1903..
044470: FREER, ALAN, - Ricerche su l'Encyclopédie: Jaucourt e Thomson..
042948: FREIBERG, L. A, - Pamiaitniki Vizantiiskoi Literatury..
016753: FREIDEL, FRANK, ED., - Harvard Guide to American History..
017539: FREIDEL, FRANK, ED., - The golden Age of American History..
015017: FREIDEL, FRANK, ED., - Unon Pamphlets of the Civil War, 18861-1865..
020679: FREILICH, JOAN S., - Paul Claudel's Le Soulier de satin; a Stylistic, Structuralist, and Psychoanalytic Interpretation..
039532: FREIS, RICHARD, ED, - The progress of Plato's Progress..
022467: FREKSA, FRIEDRICH, - Der Wiener Kongreß..
042565: FREMBGEN, JÜRGEN WASIM, - Journey to God; Sufis and Dervishes in Islam..
021040: FRENCH, WARREN G. AND WALTER E. KIDD, EDS., - American Winners of the Nobel Literary Prize..
040144: FRENCH, A. P. AND P. J. KENNEDY, EDS, - Niels Bohr; a Centenary Volume..
014355: FRENCH, CALVIN L., - The Poet-Painters; Buson and His Followers..
024906: BIBLE. FRENCH., - Les épitres catholiques de Saint Jacques, Saint Jude et Saint Pierre..
012654: FRENCH, G. H., - The Butterflies of the Eastern United States, for the Use of Classes in Zoology and Private Students..
016800: FRENCH, BRANDON, - On the Verge of Revolt; Women in American Films of the Fifties..
011775: FRENCH, JOHN D., ED., - Frontiers in Brain Research..
028066: BIBLE. O.T. JEREMIAH. FRENCH, - Jérémie; Les Lamentations; Le livre de Baruch..
028434: FRENCH, MARILYN, - Shakespeare's division of Experience..
042567: FRENCH, CALVIN L, - Shiba Kokan; Artist, Innovator, and Pioneer in the Westernization of Japan..
035483: FRENCH, HAROLD, - I Swore I Never Would..
040606: FRENEAU, PHILIP, - Letters on Various Interesting and Important Subjects..
019238: FRENKEL, ERDMANN, - Steuerverwaltung Und Steuerrecht in Der Sozjetischen Besatzungszone..
027752: FRENSSEN, GUSTAV, - Peter Moors Fahrt nach Südwest; ein Feldzugsbericht..
043643: FRENZ, HORST, - Eugene O'Neill..
035609: FRERE, JOHN HOOKHAM, - Of the Boy and the Parrot..
039570: FRERE, SHEPPARD, - Britannia; a history of Roman Britain..
041466: FRERE, MARY, - Old Deccan Days or Hindoo Fairy Legends Current in Southern India, collected from oral Tradition..
039041: FREUD, LUCIEN, - Works on Paper..
033900: FREUD, SIGMUND, - Collected Papers..
022313: FREUD, SIGMUND, - The Origins of Psycho-Analysis; Letters to Wilhelm Fliess, drafts and Notes: 1887-1902..
019758: FREUD, SIGMUND, - An autobiographical Study..
010808: FREUD, SIGMUND, - The Letters of Sigmund Freud and Arnold Zweig..
007929: FREUD, SIGMUND AND WILLIAM C. BULLITT, - Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Twenty-Eighth President of the United States; a psychological Study..
038610: FREUD, SIGMUND, - Leonardo da Vinci; a Study in Psychosexuality..
038846: FREUD, SIGMUND, - Collected Papers..
038184: FREUDENHEIM, TOM L, - Pascin..
036791: FREUDENHEIM, LESLIE MANDELSON AND ELISABETH SUSSMAN, - Building with Nature; Roots of the San Francisco Bay Region Tradition..
039335: FREUND, RICHARD A, - Digging through the Bible; Modern Archaeology and the Ancient Bible..
009492: FREUNDLICH, RUDOLF, - Einführung in Die Semantik..
019618: FREY, JOHN R., ED., - Schiller, 1959/1959; Commemorative American Studies..
009351: FREYER, GRATTAN, - W. B. Yeats and the Anti-Democratic Tradition..
009493: FREYGANG, GUSTAV, - Schwedische Sprachlehre..
040732: FREYMOND, JACQUES, - Die Saar 1945-1955..
005730: FREYMOND, JACQUES, - The Saar Conflict, 1945-1955..
021083: FREYRE, GILBERTO, - Guia pratico, historico e sentimental da Cidade do Recife..
027868: FRICKE, JOHN, - Judy Garland, world's Greatest Entertainer..
038494: FRICKE, THOMAS E, - Himalayan Households; Tamang demography and Domestic Processes..
033481: FRICKER, ROBERT, - Kontrast und Polarität in den Charakterbildern Shakespeares..
032892: FRIDAY, NANCY, - Jealousy..
029267: FRIDOLIN, STEPHAN, - Schatzbehalter..
006275: FRIDRICHSEN, ANTON, - The Problem of Miracle in Primitive Christianity..
001920: FRIEBERTSHÄUSER, HANS, - Sprache Und Geschichte Des Nordwestlichen Althessen..
034441: FRIED, PANKRAZ, ED., - Miscellanea suevica augustana der Stadt Augsburg dargebracht zur 2000-Jahrfeier 1985..
009595: FRIED, ROBERT C., - Planning the Eternal City; Roman Politics and Planning Since World War II..
036017: FRIEDBERG, MAURAICE, - Russian Classics in Soviet Jackets..
038123: FRIEDBERG, ROBERT, - Goid Coins of the World. Complete from 600 A.D. To the Present; an illustrated Standard Catalogue with Valuations..
005741: FRIEDBERG, MAURICE, - A Decade of Euphoria; Western Literature in post-Stalin Russia, 1954-64..
023715: FRIEDE, JUAN AND BENJAMIN KEEN, EDS., - Bartolomé de las Casas in History; Toward an understanding of the Man and His Work..
005910: FRIEDEN, BERNARD J. AND MARSHALL KAPLAN, - The Politics of Neglect; Urban Aid from Model Cities to Revenue Sharing..
007298: FRIEDEN, BERNARD J., - The Environmental Protection Hustle..
040192: FRIEDEN, BERNARD J. AND LYNNE B. SAGALYN, - Downtown, Inc.; How America Rebuilds Cities..
017807: FRIEDENSBURG, FERDINAND, - Die Weimarer Republik..
1140: FRIEDENTHAL, RICHARD., - Luther; sein Leben und seine Zeit...
033336: FRIEDLAENDER, WALTER, - Mannerism and Anti-Mannerism in Italian Painting..
006276: FRIEDLAENDER, MICHAEL, - Die jüdische Religion..
041023: FRIEDLÄNDER, LUDWIG, - Roman Life and Manners Under the Early Empire..
015146: FRIEDLÄNDER, MAX J., - Die niederländischen Maler des 17. Jahrhunderts..
007229: FRIEDLANDER, PETER, - The Emergence of a UAW Local, 1936-1939; a Study in Class and Culture..
028341: FRIEDLÄNDER, SAUL, - When Memory Comes..
029321: FRIEDLÄNDER, MAX J., - Die altniederländische Malerei. Band 9: Joos van Cleve; Jan Provost; Joachim Patenier..
029322: FRIEDLÄNDER, MAX J., - Die altniderländische Malerei. Band 10: Lucas van Leyden und andere holländische Meister seiner Zeit..
029323: FRIEDLÄNDER, MAX J., - Die altniederländische Malerei. Band 11: die Antwerpener Manieristen; Adriaen Ysenbrant..
016587: FRIEDLANDER, JUDITH, - Vilna on the Seine; Jewish Intellectuals in France Since 1968..
039282: FRIEDLANDER, DANIEL AND GARY BURTLESS, - Five Years After; the long-term Effects of Welfare-To-work Programs..
042196: FRIEDMAN, MARTIN AND GRAHAM W. J. BEAL, - George Segal: Sculptures..
037627: FRIEDMAN, JANE M, - America's First Woman Lawyer; the Biography of Myra Bradwell..
038380: FRIEDMAN, LAWRENCE M, - Crime and Punishment in American History..
034356: FRIEDMAN, ALAN, - Ce la farà il capitalismo italiano?..
022257: FRIEDMAN, EDWARD, - Backward Toward Revolution; the Chinese Revolutionary Party..
039325: FRIEDMAN, MILTON, - A Theoretical Framework for Monetary Analysis..
030951: FRIEDMAN, THOMAS L., - The Lexus and the olive Tree..
005794: FRIEDMAN, NORMAN, - E. E. Cummings; the Growth of a Writer..
031435: FRIEDMAN, DAVID M., - A mind of Its Own; a Cultural History of the Penis..
035257: FRIEDMAN, MARTIN, - the Frozen Image; Scandinavian Photography..
038923: FRIEDMAN, THOMAS L., - The World is Flat; a Brief History of the Twenty-First Century..
032566: FRIEDMAN, MAURICE, - The Healing Dialogue in Psychotherapy..
035870: FRIEDMAN, DREW, - Old Jewish Comedians..
016534: FRIEDRICH, CARL J., - The Age of the Baroque, 1603-1660..
014495: FRIEDRICH, CASPAR DAVID, - Das Gesamte Graphische Werk..
010541: FRIEDRICH, OTTO, - Before the Deluge; a Portrait of Berlin in the 1920's..
002513: FRIEDRICH, JOHANNES, - Extinct Languages..
044566: FRIEDRICH, CARL JOACHIM, - The Philosophy of Law in Historical Perspective..
018552: FRIEDWALD, WILL, - Jazz Singing; America's Great voices from Bessie Smith to bebop and Beyond..
005681: FRIEIDGUT, THEODORE H., - Political Participation in the USSR..
004136: FRIENDLY, ALFRED, - Beaufort of the Admiralty; the Life of Sir Francis Beaufort, 1774-1857..
018042: FRIENDS SOCIETY, PHILADELPHIA., - Rules of Discipline of the Yearly meeting of Friends, for Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, Delaware, adn the Eastern parts of Maryland; revised and Adopted by the Said Meeting, Held in Philadelphia...
002775: FRIES, HEINRICH, - Handbuch Theologischer Grundbegriffe..
019303: FRIES, CAROLUS, - Quaestiones Herodoteae..
035461: FRIES, HEINRICH, - Handbuch theologischer Grundbegriffe..
043879: FRIESEN, ABRAHAM, - Reformation and Utopia; the Marxist Interpretation of the Reformation and Its Antecedents..
041288: FRINCKE, MILTON AND HAROLD TERRY, - Birds of Point Lobos..
040968: FRISCH, JOHANN LEONHARD, - Briefwechsel Mit Gottfried Wilhelm..
028293: FRISCH, MICHAEL, - Portraits in Steel..
035773: FRISH, KARL VON, - Animal Architeciture..
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039850: GIBBS, JIM, - Pacific Square-Riggers; Pictorial Hitory of the Great Windships of Yesteryear..
011170: GIBBS, PHILIP, - England Speaks; being Talks with Road Sweepers, Barbers,statemen, Lords and Ladies...highbrown, Lowbrows and All Manner of Folk of Humble and Exalted Rank with a Panorama of the English Scene in This Year of Grace 1935..
011169: GIBBS, LEWIS, - The Silver Circle..
019541: GIBBS, LEWIS, - Sheridan; his life and His Theatre..
028353: GIBBS, JAMES A., - Shipwrecks of the Pacific Coast..
032216: GIBBS, JIM, - West Coast Windjammers in Story and Pictures..
037852: GIBERNE, AGNES, - The Ocean of Air; Meteorology for Beginners..
016884: GIBNEY, FRANK AND GEORGE J. FELDMAN, - The Reluctant Space-Farers; a Study in the Politics of Discovery..
031150: GIBSON, MICHAEL, - Symbolism..
005677: GIBSON, JAMES R., - Feeding the Russian Fur Trade; Provisionment of the Okhotsk Seaboard and the Kamchatka Peninsula, 1639-1856..
026300: GIBSON, REBECCA CAMPBELL AND ROGER E. BECKMAN, - Indians of Latin America: An Exhibition of Materials in the Illy LIbrary..
009488: GIBSON, QUENTIN, - The Logic of Social Enquiry..
007327: GIBSON, JAMES R., - Farming the Frontier; the Agricultural Opening of the Oregon Country, 1786-1846..
002207: GIBSON, W. P., - Wallace Collection Catalogues: Miniatures and Illuminations..
035890: GIBSON, GREGORY, - HUbert's Freaks; the Rare-book Dealer, the Times Square Talker, and the Lost Photos of Dian Arbus..
003769: GICKLHORN, JOSEF AND RENÉE GICKLHORN, - Die Österreichischen Nobelpreisträger..
018565: GIDDINS, GARY, - Rhythm-a-ning; jazz Tradition and Innovation in the '80s..
004915: GIDE, ANDRE, - The Correspondence of Andre Gide and Edmund Gosse, 1904-1928..
005720: GIDE, CHARLES, ED., - Effects of the War Upon French Economic Life; a Collection of Five Monographs..
034410: GIDE, ANDRE, - Dostoevsky..
014589: GIEDION, SIGFRIED, - Space, Time and Architecture; the Growth of a New Tradition..
038983: GIEDION, SIGFRIED, - The Beginnings of Architecture..
027582: GIELGUD, JOHN, - Acting Shakespeare..
027626: GIELGUD, JOHN, - Shakespeare; Hit or Miss?..
021308: GIELGUD, JOHN, - Acting Shakespeare..
023723: GIELISSE, VICTOR, - Cuisine Actualle..
005882: GIENAPP, WILLIAM E., ET AL., - Essays on American Antebellum Politics, 1840-1860..
029917: GIERKE, OTTO, - Political theories of the Middle Age..
044562: GIERKE, OTTO, - Political Theories of the Middle Age..
037066: GIES, FRANCES AND JOSEPH GIES., - Cathedral, Forge, and Waterwheel; Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages..
040981: GIESE, HANS, - Der homosexuelle Mann in der Welt..
038708: GIESEN, BERNHARD AND MICHAEL SCHMID, EDS, - Theorie, Handeln und Geschichte; Erklärungsprobleme in den Sozialwissenschaften..
040313: GIESEY, RALPH E, - If Not, Not; the Oath of the Aragonese and the Legendary Laws of Sobrarbe..
044471: GIFFIN, MARY, - Studies on Chaucer and His Audience..
044164: GIFFORD, D. J. AND F. W. HODCROFT, - Textos linguisticos del medioevo español preparados con introducciones y Glosario..
039941: GIFFORD, BERNARD R., ED, - Test Policy and the Politics of Opportunity Allocation: The Workplace and the Law..
039940: GIFFORD, BERNARD R., ED, - Test Policy and test Performance: Education, Language, and Culture..
033103: GIFFORD, DON, - Joyce Annotated; Notes for Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man..
006021: GIGLIO, JAMES N., - H. M. Daugherty and the Politics of Expediency..
034571: GIGOT, JEAN GABRIEL, - Chartes en langue française antérieures à 1271 conservées dans de département de la Haute-Marne..
009067: GIL OLCINA, A. AND A. MORALES GIL, EDS., - Demanda y economia del Agua En España..
017816: GILARDONI, VIRGILIO, - Naissance De L'art..
037057: GILBAR, STEVEN AND DEAN STEWART, EDS, - Published and Perished; Memoria, Eulogies, and Remembrances of American Writers..
036995: GILBERT, SANDRA, - The Summer Kitchen; Poems..
037459: GILBERT, CHRISTOPHER, - English Vernacular Furniture 1759-1900..
041865: GILBERT, JAMES L. AND JOHN P. FINNEGAN, EDS, - U.S. Army Signals Intelligence in World War II; a Documentary History..
022562: GILBERT, FELIX AND STEPHEN R. GRAUBARD, EDS., - Historical studies Today..
012950: GILBERT, ALLAN H., - Dante and His Comedy..
016428: GILBERT, JAMES B., - Work Without Salvation; America's Intellectuals and Industrial Alienation, 1880-1910..
016446: GILBERT, JAMES BURKHART, - Writers and Partisans; a History of Literary Radicalism in America..
024680: GILBERT, KATHERINE, - Studies in Recent Aesthetic..
024681: GILBERT, FELIX, - The Pope, His banker, and Venice..
029328: GILBERT, CREIGHTON E., - Major Masters of the Renaissance..
029329: GILBERT, CREIGHTON E., - Italian Art 1400-1500; Sources and Documents..
030799: GILBERT, MARTIN, - The Righteous; the Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust..
041203: GILBERT, MILTON, - Problems of the International Monetary System..
032276: GILBERT, MARTIN, - Churchill and America..
032912: GILBERT, MARTIN, - Final Journey; the Fate of the Jews in Nazi Europe..
010205: GILBOY, BERNARD, - A Voyage of Pleasure; the Log of Bernard Gilboy's Transpacific Cruiuse in the Boat "Pacific", 1882-1883..
007535: GILCHRIST, DAVID T., ED., - The Growth of the Seaport Cities, 1790-1825..
035303: GILDERSLEEVE, BASIL LANNEAU, - The letters of Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve..
012148: GILES, W. B. AND G. D. GILES, - Yeoman Service..
023145: GILES, J. A., - Scriptores graeci minores, quorum reliquias, fere omnium melioris notae, ex editionibus variis Excerpsit..
040226: GILES, HERBERT A, - A Glossary of Reference on Subjects Connected with the Far East..
035852: GILES, HERBERT A, - A Chinese biographical Dictionary..
041339: GILES, CHAUNCEY, - The Life of Chauncey Giles as Told in His diary and Correspondence..
013845: GILHOOLEY, LEONARD, - Contradiction and Dilemma; Orestes Brownson and the American Idea..
009370: GILKES, LILLIAN, - Cora Crane; a Biography of Mrs. Stephen Crane..
038481: GILKEY, HOWARD ELLSWORTH, - The Great Design..
012149: GILKS, ANE AND GERALD SEGAL, - China and the arms Trade..
037289: GILL, RICHARD, - Happy rural seat; the ENglish Country House and the Literary Imagination..
025843: GILL, ERIC, - It all goes Together; Selected Essays..
027004: GILL, STEPHEN, - William Wordsworth; a Life..
030444: GILL, BRENDAN, - Cole..
030751: GILL, AUSTIN, - The Early Mallarmé. Volume I: Parentage, Early Years and Juvenilia..
031295: GILL, ERIC, - Eric Gill: Autobiography..
037863: GILLENKIRK, JEFF AND JAMES MOTLOW, - Bitter Melon; Inside America's Last Rural chinese Town..
036047: GILLENKIRK, JEFF AND JAMES MOTLOW, - Bitter Melon; Inside America's Last Rural Chinese Town..
031528: VAN, GILLES DE, - Verdi's Theater; creating drama Through Music..
039410: GILLESPIE, W. IRWIN, - The Redistribution of Income in Canada..
040569: GILLESPIE, GERALD AND EDGAR LOHNER, EDS, - Herkommen und Erneuerung; Essays für Oskar Seidlin..
039617: GILLESPIE, W. IRWIN, - Tax, Borrow and Spend: financing Federal Spending in Canada, 1867-1990..
039128: GILLESPIE, W. IRWIN, - In search of Robin Hood; the Effect of federal Budgetary Policies During the 1970s on the Distribution of Income in Canada..
020892: GILLET, J.-E., - Molière en Angleterre 1660-1670..
021355: GILLETT, ANITA, - South Turkey, Antalya and All Environment..
031261: GILLETTE, DOUGLAS, - The Shaman's Secret; the Lost resurrection Teachings of the Ancient Maya..
023771: GILLHAM, NICHOLAS WRIGHT, - A life of Sir Francis Galton, from African Exploration to the Birth of Eugenics..
020885: GILLI, Y., - A propos du texte littéraire et de F. Kafka (théories et pratique) ou encore faut-il brûler le structuralisme?..
018740: GILLIAM, BRYAN, ED., - Richard Strauss and his World..
017063: GILLIAM, RICHARD, ED., - Joltin' Joe DiMaggio..
005729: GILLIN, JOHN P., - Human Ways; Selected Essays in Anthropology..
005274: GILLION, KENNETH L., - Ahmedabad; a Study in Indian Urban History..
005450: GILLIS, JOHN R., - The Prussian Bureacracy in Crisis, 1840-1860; Origins of an Administrative Ethos..
036734: GILLON, EDMUND V., JR. AND CLAY LANCASTER, - Victorian Houses; a treausry of Lesser-Known Examples..
043454: GILLON, EDMUND V., JR, - A New England Town in Early Photographs; 149 illustrations of Southbridge, Massachusetts, 1878-1930..
035457: GILLON, EDMUND V., JR, - Early Illustrations and Views of American Architecture..
030445: GILMAN, LAWRENCE, - The Music of To-Morrow, and Other Studies..
043369: GILMAN, STEPHEN, - Tiempo y formas temporales en el "Poema del Cid"..
030446: GILMAN, LAWRENCE, - Phases of Modern Music: Strauss-Macdowell-Elgar-Loeffler-Mascagni-Grieg-Cornelius-Verdi-Wagner-"Parsifal" and Its Significance..
035642: GILMER, WALKER, - Horace Liveright, Publisher of the Twenties..
037464: GILMORE, DAVID D, - Monsters; evil Beings, Mythical Beasts, and All Manner of Imaginary Terrors..
015151: GILMOUR, PAT, ED., - Lasting Impressions: Lithography as Art..
037911: GILMOUR, JOHN, - British Botanists..
026775: GILOT, FRANÇOISE, - Matisse and Picasso; a Friendship in Art..
024221: GILPIN, W. CLARK, - The Millenarian Piety of Roger Williams..
038939: GILSON, ETIENNE, - The Unity of philosophical Experience..
025194: GILSON, ETIENNE, - Forms and substances in the Arts..
025196: GILSON, ETIENNE, - The Unity of philosophical Experience..
044212: GILSON, ETIENNE, - La philosophie au Moyen Age des origines Patristiques à la fin du XIVe Siècle..
021189: GILSON, RICHARD, - The Cook Islands 1820-1950..
038605: GILSON, ETIENNE, - The Spirit of Mediaeval Philosophy (Gifford Lectures 1931-3922)..
041960: GINDINE, YVETTE, - Aragon Prosateur Surréaliste..
009264: GINER, SALVADOR AND MARGARET SCOTFORD ARCHER, EDS., - Contemporary Europe; social Structures and Cultural Patterns..
034284: GINESTIER, PAUL, - Montherlant..
024430: GINGER, ANN FAGAN, - Carol Weiss King, Human Rights Lawyer, 1895-1952..
038779: GINGER, ANN FAGAN, - Nuclear weapons are Illegal; the Historic Opinion of the World Court and how it will be Enforced..
039048: GINGOLD, ALFRED, - Fire in the John..
020318: GINGRICH, ANDRE AND JOHANN HEISS, - Beiträge zur Ethnographie der Provinz Sa'da (Nordjemen); Aspekte der traditionellen materiellen Kultur in bäuerlichen Stammesgesellschaften..
018048: GINK, KAROLY AND ISTVAN CZAGNAY, - The Matthias Church of Budapest..
016643: GINNEVER, CHARLES, - Charles Ginnever..
041726: GINSBERG, WARREN, - Dante's Aesthetics of Being..
037006: GINSBURG, MIRRA, ED, - The fatal eggs and Other Soviet Satire 1918-1963..
009538: GINSBURG, MICHAEL AND JOSEPH THOMAS SHAW, EDS., - Indiana Slavic Studies. Vols. I-II..
037547: GINSBURG, MADELEINE, - Victorian Dress in Photographs..
006087: GINTER, DONALD E., ED., - Whig Organization in the General Election of 1790; selections from the Blair Adam Papers..
041622: GINZBERG, LOUIS, ED, - Yerushalmi fragments from the Genizah I: Text with various readings from the Editio Princeps..
032231: GINZBURG, CARLO, - The Night Battles; Witchcraft & Agrarian Cults in the Sixteenth & seventeenth Centuries..
039949: GINZBURG, CARLO, - The Night Battles; Witchcraft & agrarian Cults in the Sixteenth & Seventeenth Centuries..
018566: GIOIA, TED, - The imperfect Art; Reflections on Jazz and Modern Culture..
042555: GIOMBI, SAMUELE, - Libri e pulpiti; leltteratura, sapienza e storia religiosa nel Rinascimento..
016849: GIPE, GEORGE A., - Nearer to the Dust; Copyright and the Machine..
042837: GIPPIUS, VASILII V, - Gogol'..
033989: GIRALDI CINZIO, GIAMBATTISTA, - Giraldi Cinthio: On Romances..
020011: GIRALDO JARAMILLO, GABRIEL, - Bibliografia De Bibliografias Colombianas..
041614: GIRARD, ALAIN R, - Répertoire bibliographique des livres imprimés en France au XVIIe siècle. Tome XIII: Normandie II, Caen, Dieppe, Évreux, Gaillon, Le Havre, Honfleur, Lisieux, Pont-Audemer..
019227: GIRARD, L., ET AL., - Les Conseillers Généraux En 1870; étude Statistique D'un Personnel Politique..
043487: GIRARD, WILLIAM, - Du transcendantalisme considere essentiellement dans sa definition et ses origines Françaises..
028647: GIRARD, RAFAEL, - Die ewigen Mayas; Zivilisation und Geschichte..
005567: GIRAUD, RAYMOND, - The Unheroic Hero in the Novels of Stendhal, Balzac and Flaubert..
041386: GIRAUDOUX, JEAN, - Adorable Clio..
034487: GIRDLESTONE, C. M., - Mozart's Piano Concertos..
007796: GIRLING, JOHN L. S., - Thailand; Society and Politics..
025346: GIROD, P. L, - Connaissance pratique de La facture des grandes Orgues..
035983: GIROUARD, MARK, - Cities and People; a social and Architectural History..
030530: GIROUARD, MARK, - The English Town; a history of Urban Life..
035940: GIROUARD, MARK, - The Return to Camelot; chivalry and the English Gentleman..
035453: GIROUARD, MARK, - Life in the English Country House; a social and Architectural History..
036078: GIROUARD, MARK, - Sweetness and Light; the "Queen Anne" Movement, 1860-1900..
016772: GIROUX, HENRY A., - The Mouse That Roared; Disney and the End of Innocence..
006079: GIRVETZ, HARRY K., - From Wealth to Welfare; the Evolution of Liberalism..
018573: GISHFORD, ANTHONY, ED., - Grand Opera; the Story of the World's Leading Opera houses and Personalities..
041018: GISSING, GEORGE, - The private Papers of Henry Ryecroft..
032957: GITLIN, MICHAEL J., - The Psychotherapist's Guide to Psychopharmacology..
005792: GITTINGS, ROBERT, - Young Thomas Hardy..
015699: GIUDICE, GASPARE, - Pirandello; a Biography..
043377: GIUNTA, JACOPO, - The Divine Michelangelo; the Florentine Academy's Homage on His Death in 1564. A Facsimile Edition of Esequie del divino Michelagnolo Buonarroti, Florence 1564..
036031: GIUSSTI-LANHAM, HEDY AND ANDREA DODI, - The cuisine of Venice and Surrounding Northern Regions..
044120: GIUSTI, EUGENIO L, - Dall'amore cortese alla comprensione; il viaggio ideologico di Giovanni Boccaccio dalla "Caccia di Diana" al "Decameron"..
036965: GIUSTI-LANHAM, HEDY AND ANDREA DODI, - The cuisine of Venice and Surrounding Northern Regions..
017266: GIUSTIL, EUGENIO L., - Dall'amore Cortese Alla Comprensione; Il Viaggio Ideologico Di Giovanni Boccaccio Dalla "Caccia Di Diana" al "Decameron"..
044181: GIVEN, JAMES B, - Inquisitions and Medieval Society; Power, Discipline, and Resistance in Languedoc..
012951: GIVEN, JAMES, - State and Society in Medieval Europe; Gwynedd and Languedoc Under Outside Rule..
019542: GIVNER, JOAN, - Katherine Anne Porter; a Life..
028443: GIVNER, JOAN, - Katherine Anne Porter; a Life..
001924: GIZEWIUSZ, GUSTAV, - Polska Kwestia Jezykowa w Prusach; Die Polnische Sprachfrage in Preussen..
008690: GLAD, BETTY, - Charles Evans Hughes and the Illusions of Innocence; a Study in American Diplomacy..
023651: GLAD, JOHN, - Future human Evolution; Eugenics in the twenty-first Century..
036227: GLAD, JOHN, - Jewish Eugenics..
012251: GLADSTONE, M. J., - A Carrot for a Nose; the Form of Folk Sculpture on America's City streets and Country Roads..
041178: GLAHE, FRED R, - An empirical Study of the Foreign-Exchange Market: Test of a Theory..
021728: GLAIRE, J. B., - Principes de grammaire hébraïque et chaldaïque, accompagnés d'une chrestomathie hébraique et chaldaique avec une traduction française et une analyse Grammaticale..
041965: GLANCY, JENNIFER A, - Slavery in Ealy Christianity..
037363: GLANZ, JAMES AND ERIC LIPTON, - City in the Sky; the Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center..
017267: GLASER, KURT, - Altfranzösisches Lesebuch Des Späteren Mittelalters..
029626: GLASHEEN, ADALINE, - A second Census of Finnegans Wake; an Index of the Characters and Their Roles..
009253: GLASNER, PETER E., - The Sociology of Secularisation; a Critique of a Concept..
030540: GLASS, PHILIP, - Music By Philip Glass..
037819: GLASS, D. V. AND D. E. C. EVERSLEY, EDS, - Population in History; Essays in Historical Demography..
041388: CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS, - Frederick Carder; His Life and Work..
044701: GLASSER, RICHARD, - "Sich finden" in den romanischen Sprachen..
009500: GLASSER, RICHARD, - Studien Zur Romanischen Ausdrucksgeschichte..
038759: GLASSIE, HENRY, - The Spirit of Folk Art; the Girard Collection at the Museum of International Folk Art..
041567: GLASSIE, HENRY, - Passing the Time in Ballymenone; Culture and History of an Ulster Community..
007536: GLASSIE, HENRY, - Pattern in the Material Folk Culture of the Eastern United States..
035282: GLASSTONE, SAMUEL, ED, - The Effect of Nuclear Weapons..
016941: GLASSTONE, SAMUEL, - The Book of Mars..
042156: GLASSTONE, SAMUEL, - Sourcebook on the Space Sciences..
002118: GLATTAUER, WALTER, - Strukturelle Lautgeographie Der Mundarten Im Südöstlichen Niederösterreich Und in Den Angrenzenden Gebieten Des Burgenlandes Und Der Steiermark..
005936: GLATTHAAR, JOSEPH T., - The March to the Sea and Beyond; Sherman's Troops in the Savannah and Carolinas Campaigns..
044462: GLAZUNOV, ILYA, - Ilya Glazunov..
034149: GLEASON, JOHN B., ED., - A Symposium: Change and Chaos. Univeirsity of San Francisco, August 5, 6 and 7, 197...
006294: GLEASON, ROBERT W., ED., - A theology Reader..
006295: GLEASON, ROBERT W., - The World to Come..
025988: GLEASON, JUDITH, - Leaf and Bone; African Praise-Poems..
006062: GLEASON, ABBOTT, - European and Muscovite; Ivan Kireevsky and the Origins of Slavophilism..
020741: GLECKNER, ROBERT F., - Blake's Prelude; poetical Sketches..
037602: GLEICHEN, EDWARD, LORD, - London's Open-air Statuary..
009374: GLEICK, JAMES, - Genius; the Life and Science of Richard Feynman..
039442: GLENDINNING, VICTORIA, - Anthony Trollope..
008725: GLENDINNING, NIGEL, - The Eighteenth Century..
007985: GLENDINNING, VICTORIA, - Anthony Trollope..
039675: GLENDINNING, VICTORIA, - Trollope..
024515: GLENN, NORVAL D., - Cohort Analysis..
030789: GLENN, RICHARD F., - Juan de la Cueva..
012150: GLICK, CARL, - Double Ten; Captain O'Banion's Story of the Chinese Revolution..
044296: GLICK, THOMAS F, - Islamic and Christian Spain in the Early Middle Ages..

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