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031391: GOLDEN, HERBERT H. AND SEYMOUR O. SIMCHES, - Modern Iberian Language and Literature: a Bibliography of Homage Studies..
039560: GOLDEN, HARRY, - Ess, Ess, Mein Kindt (Eat, Eat, My Child)..
031804: GOLDEN, MARK AND PETER TOOHEY, EDS., - Inventing Ancient Culture; Historicism, Periodization, and the Ancient World..
032138: GOLDER, FRANK, - War, Revolution, and Peace in Russia; the Passages of Frank Golder 1914-1927..
010464: GOLDFARB, RONALD, - Ransom; a Critique of the American Bail System..
028429: GOLDFARB, HILLIARD T., - A Humanist Vision; the Adolph Weil, Jr. Collection of Rembrandt Prints..
014543: GOLDFIELD, MICHAEL, - The Decline of Organized Labor in the United States..
026144: GOLDFRANK, ESTHER S., - The Artist of "Isleta Paintings" in Pueblo Society..
005494: GOLDHAMER, HERBERT, - The Foreign Powers in Latin America..
043237: GOLDHILL, SIMON, - Love, Sex & tragedy; how the Ancient Worldd Shapes Our Lives..
008149: GOLDIN, MILTON, - The Music Merchants..
035188: GOLDMAN, LOUIS, - Lights, Camera, Action! Behind the Scenes, Making Movies..
020179: GOLDMAN, FRED, - His Name is Ron..
007537: GOLDMAN, SHELDON, - Picking Federal Judges; Lower Court selection from Roosevelt Through Reagan..
037276: GOLDMAN, JOAN M, - The School in Our Village..
022991: GOLDMANN, NAHUM, - The Autobiography of Nahum Goldmann..
024676: GOLDNER, SANFORD, - Perspectives in American Jewish Life..
014433: GOLDONI, CARLO, - The Holiday Trilogy; Three Comedies..
004913: GOLDRING, DOUGLAS, - Trained for Genius; the Life and Writings of Ford Madox Ford..
029860: GOLDSCHEIDER, LUDWIG, - Michelangelo: Paintings, Sculptures, Architecture..
032035: GOLDSCHEIDER, LUDWIG, - Rodin Sculptures..
014893: GOLDSCHMIDT, WALTER, - Culture and Behavior of the Sebei; a Study in Continuity and Adaptation..
005051: GOLDSCHMIDT, WALTER, - Sebei Law..
040526: GOLDSMITH, ULRICH K, - Stefan George; a study of His Early Work..
022381: GOLDSMITH, DONALD, - Einstein's Greatests Blunder? The cosmological Constant and Other fudge factors in the physics of the Universe..
025087: GOLDSMITH, M. M., - Hobbes's Science of Politics..
025491: GOLDSMITH, ARNOLD L., - The Modern American Urban Novel; Nature as "interior structure"..
037951: GOLDSMITH, LYNN, - Circus Dreams..
043785: GOLDSMITH, JOHN A, - Autosegmental and Metrical Phonology..
037285: GOLDSTEIN, LISA, - Walking the Labyrinth..
014898: GOLDSTEIN, CATHERINE, ED., - Séminaire De Théorie Des Nombres, Paris 1984-85..
024224: GOLDSTEIN, LEON J., - Historic Knowing..
002961: GOLDSTEIN, JONATHAN A, - The Letters of Demosthenes..
038220: GOLDSTEIN, JOYCE, - Kitchen Conversations; robust recipes and Lessons in Flavor from One of America's Most Innovative Chefs..
038427: GOLDSTEIN, JOYCE, - Cucina Ebaica; Flavors of the Italian Jewish Kitchen..
043368: GOLDSTEIN, WARREN, - Playing for Keeps; a History of Early Baseball..
036205: GOLDSWORTHY, ANDY, - Stone..
044130: GOLDSWORTHY, ADRIAN, - Caesar; Life of a Colossus..
037526: GOLDSWORTHY, ANDY, - A Collaboration with Nature..
043428: GOLDSWORTHY, ADRIAN, - How Rome Fell; Death of a Superpower..
023369: GOLDWIN, ROBERT A., ED., - America Armed; Essays on United States Military Policy..
030545: GOLÉA, ANTOINE, - Richard Strauss..
029723: GOLLANCZ, ISRAEL, ED., - Sir Gawain and The Green Knight..
023150: GOLLUB, WILHELM, - Tiberius..
028165: GOLOMB, JACOD AND ROBERT S. WISTRICH, - Nietzsche, Godfather of Fascism? On the Uses and Abuses of a Philosophy..
027717: GOLUBEW, GLEB, - Ungelöste Geheimnisse: Atlantis; Vogelzug; Klimaänderungen; Erdmagnetismus; Fatjanowo-Kultur..
009182: GOMBIN, RICHARD, - The radical Tradition; a Study in Modern Revolutionary Thought..
026221: GOMBRICH, E. H., ET AL., - Art, Perception, and Reality..
028779: GOMBRICH, E. H., - The Heritage of Apelles; Studies in the art of the Renaissance..
030460: GOMBRICH, E. H., - Tributes; Interpreters of Our cultural Tradition..
037305: GOMBRICH, E. H., - Art and Illustion; a Study in the psychology of pictorial Representation..
037230: GOMBRICH, E. H., - A Little History of the World..
020496: GOMENSORO, JAVIER, - Figuras y estampas de Montevideo..
021504: GOMEZ, THOMAS, - L'Envers de l'Eldorado; Économie coloniale et travail indigène dans la Colombie du XVIème Siècle..
024654: GOMEZ LANCE, BETTY RITA, - La actitud picaresca en la novela española del siglo XX..
005351: GOMEZ, LUIS DUQUE, - Reseña arqueologica De San Agustin..
042840: GOMEZ ROBLEDO, ANTONIO, - La filosofia en el Brasil..
041495: GÓMEZ PALLARÈS, JOAN, - Edició y comentario de las inscripciones sobre mosaico de Hispania; inscripciones no Cristianas..
037185: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE, - The Village Community; with special Reference to the Origin and Form of Its Survivals in Britain..
037806: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE, - London in the Reign of Victoria (1837-1897)..
039639: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE, - Folklore as an historical Science..
039382: GOMPERZ, HEINRICH, - Psychologische Beobachtungen an griechischen Philosophen..
043436: GONCHAROV, IVAN ALEKSANDROVICH, - Sobranie Sochinenii..
013471: GONCOURT, EDMOND & JULES DE GONCOURT, - Gavarni; Der Mensch Und Das Werk..
021730: GONDA, JAN, - A Concise elementary Grammar of the Sanskrit Language with Exercises, Reading Selections, and a Glossary..
041230: GONDA, JAN, - A Concise Elementary Grammar of the Sanskrit Language with Exercises, Reading, Selections, and a Glossary..
024674: GONDIN, WILLIAM RICHARD, - Prefaces to Inquiry; a Study in the origins and relevance of modern Theories of Knowledge..
033424: GÓNGORA, LUIS DE, - The Solitudes of Luis de Góngora..
041953: GONGORA, LUIS DE, - Poesias: Polifemo, Soledades and Other Poems..
021941: GONTAUT-BIRON, ÉLIE, VICOMTE DE., - Meine Botschafterzeit am Berliner Hofe 1872-1877..
021731: GONZALEZ OLLE, FERNANDO, - El habla de aa Bureba; introduccion al castellano actual de Burgos..
042105: GONZALEZ, OSCAR, - Tiempo Adentro..
043050: GONZALEZ, JULIAN, ED, - Trajano emperador de Roma..
020912: GONZALEZ, M. LADRA, - Modulos cruzados y extensiones de Grupos..
043119: GONZALEZ-HABA, MERCEDES, - Zur Syntax der Unterordnung bei Curtius..
038109: GONZALEZ, LUIS, - San José de Gracia, Mexican Village in Transition..
036498: GONZALEZ-CRUSSI, F, - The Day of the Dead and Other Mortal Reflections..
042844: GONZALEZ ALONSO, PABLO, - Cartas a los Machado..
016532: GOOCH, G. P., - Studies in German History..
012915: GOOCH, G. P., - Maria Theresa and Other Studies..
038781: GOOCH, JOHN, - Mussolini and His Generals; the Armed forces and Fascist Foreign Policy, 1922-1940..
021173: GOODALE, JANE C., - Tiwi Wives; a study of the Women of Melville Island, North Australia..
043005: GOODALL, JOHN STRICKLAND, - Before the War 1908-1939; an Autobiography in Pictures..
039605: GOODEARL, K. R, - Partially Ordered Abelian groups with Interpolation..
025528: GOODELL, JEFF, - Sunnyvale; the rise and fall of a Silicon Valley Family..
037802: GOODFELLOW, CAROLINE, - Puppets..
037800: GOODFELLOW, CAROLINE, - Toys..
037801: GOODFELLOW, CAROLINE, - Dolls..
028466: GOODHARTZ, ABRAHAM S., ED., - A Commitment to Youth; the Brooklyn College Student Personnel Program..
038851: GOODIN, ROBERT E. AND PHILIP PETTIT, EDS, - A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy..
005764: GOODMAN, ELLIOT R., - The Soviet Design for a World State..
024114: GOODMAN, CHARLOTTE MARGOLIS, - Jean Stafford; the Savage Heart..
002407: GOODMAN, ALLAN E., - Politics in War; the Bases of Political Community in South Vietnam..
014864: GOODMAN, HENRY, - The New Country; Stories from the Yiddish About Life in America..
043429: GOODMAN, MARTIN, - Rome and Jerusalem; the Clash of Ancient Civilizations..
025996: GOODRICH, LLOYD, - Albert P. Ryder..
036864: GOODRICH, LLOYD, - American Watercolor and Winslow Homer..
014554: GOODRIDGE, CELESTE, - Hints and Disguises; Marianne Moore and Her Contemporaries..
028780: GOODSPEED, EDGAR J., - Index patristicus sive clavis patrum apostolicorum Operum..
031332: GOODSPEED, T. HARPER, - Plant Hunters in the Andes..
014573: GOODSTEIN, JUDITH R., - Millikan's School; a History of the California Institute of Technology..
016596: GOODWIN, BARBARA, - Social Science and Utopia; Nineteenth-Century Models of Social Harmony..
022173: GOODWIN, RUFUS, - Souvenirs of a Century; an American Original and Son Record Pop mysteries of Modern History..
019031: GOODWIN, GERAINT, - Conversations with George Moore..
018995: GOODWIN, GEOFFREY, ED., - Ethics and Nuclear Deterrence..
007885: GOODWIN, RUTHERFOORD, - A Brief & True Report Concerning Williamsburg in Virginia; Being an Account of the Most Important Occurences in That place from its First Beginning to the Present Time..
031392: GOODWIN, JASON, - Lords of the Horizons; a History of the Ottoman EMpire..
036230: GOODWIN, DORIS KEARNS, - No ordinary Time; Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The home Front in World War II..
021786: GOODY, JACK, - Comparative Studies in Kinship..
036554: GOODY, JACK, - Cooking, Cuisine and Class; a Study in Comparative Sociology..
015152: GOODYEAR, FRANK H., JR., - Contemporary American Realism Since 1960..
036650: GOPAL, RAM AND SEROZH DADACHANJI, - Indian Dancing..
013664: GÖPEL, ERHARD, - Edvard Munch: Selbstbildnisse Und Dokumente..
037091: GOPNIK, ADAM, - Paris to the Moon..
002523: GOPPELT, LEONHARD, - Christentum Und Judentum Im Ersten Und Zweiten Jahrhundert; Ein Aufriß Der Urgescichte Der Kirche..
002524: GOPPELT, LEONHARD, - Die Apostolische Und Nachapostolische Zeit..
008688: GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL, - The August Coup; the truth and the Lessons..
021390: GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL, - For a Nuclear-free World..
040998: GORBUNOV, A. N, - Romany Frensisa Skotta Fitsdzheralda..
038189: GORCE, MATHIEU MAXIME, - Introduction aux Provinciales de Pascal; Nicolai et les Jansénistes ou la grâce actuelle Suffisante..
016518: LA GORCE, PIERRE DE, - Louis XVIII..
020291: GORDEEVA, EKATERINA, - My Sergei; a Love Story..
024226: GORDIS, ROBERT, - Poets, Prophets, and Sages; Essays in Biblical Interpretation..
040671: GORDON, BONNIE BILYEU, - A Childhood in Reno; Poems..
023285: GORDON, SARAH, - Hitler, GErmans and the "Jewish question"..
041148: GORDON, GEORGE, - The Discipline of Letters..
011171: GORDON, MICHAEL R., - Conflict and Consensus in Labour's Foreign Policy, 1914-1965..
007831: GORDON, WENDELL C., - The Political Economy of Latin America..
014829: GORDON, LYNDALL, - A Private Life of Henry James; Two women and His Art..
027876: GORDON, TAYLOR, - Born to be..
029057: GORDON, D. J., - The Renaissance Imagination; Essays and Lectures..
026664: GORDON, SUZANNE AND ANNE HERSH, - Searching for Sugar Mills; an Architectural Guide to the East Caribbean..
015363: GORDON, MATTHEW J., - Small-town Values and Big-city Vowels; a Study of the Northern Cities Shift in Michigan..
005319: GORDON, LEONARD A., - Bengal; the Nationalist Movement, 1876-1940..
030546: GORDON, JOANNE, - Art Isn't Easy; the Theater of Stephen Sondheim..
038210: GORDON, ADAM LINDSAY, - The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon Including Several never before Printed..
005795: GORDON, AMBROSE, JR., - The Invisible Tent; the War Novels of Ford Madox Ford..
034392: GORDON, LINDA, - Heroes of Their Own Lives; the Politics and History of Family Violence: Boston 1880-1960..
031760: GORDON, G. S., - English Literature and the Classics..
035364: GORDON, COLIN, - A Richer Dust; echoes from an Edwardian Album..
022578: GORE, AL, - Earth in the balance; Ecology and the Human Spirit..
020743: GOREAU, ANGELINE, - Reconstructing Aphra; a social Biography of Aphra Behn..
038623: GORECKI, JAN, - Justifying Ethics; Human Rights & Human Nature..
022364: GOREY, EDWARD, - Ascending Peculiarity; Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey..
037273: GOREY, EDWARD, - The headless Bust; a Melancholy meditation on the False Millennium..
039774: GORGE, ALICE A, - Creative Toymaking..
037280: GORHAM, MAURICE, - Showmen and Suckers; an Excursion on the Craz Fringe of the Enterainment World..
028774: GÖRICH, KNUT, - Ein Kartäuser im Dienst Friedrich Barbarossas: Dietrich von Silve-Bénite (c.1145-1205)..
011172: GORING, O. G., - From Goring House to Buckingham Palace; Our Royal residence from the Earliest Times and the Famous People Connected with it..
041655: GORIS, JAN-ALBERT, - Marnix Gijsen: Lament for Agnes..
027831: GORKIN, JULIAN, - Stalins langer Arm; die Vernichtung der freiheitlichen Linken im Spanischen Bürgerkrieg..
014439: GORKY, MAXIM, - Letters of Gorky and Andreev, 1899-1912..
025197: GÖRLAND, ALBERT, - Index zu Hermann Cohens Logik der reinen Erkenntnis..
003574: GORLIN, MICHEL AND RAISSA BLOCH-GORLINA, - Études Littéraires et Historiques..
027982: GÖRLITZ, WALTER, - Der Deutsche Generalstab; Geschichte und Gestalt..
032366: GORLIZKI, YORAM AND OLEG KHLEVNIUK, - Cold Peace; Stalin and the Soviet Ruling Cirecle, 1945-1953..
004670: GORMAN, JOSEPH BRUCE, - Kefauver; a Political Biography..
040474: GÖRNER, VEIT, - Kestnerchronik 1..
039342: GORNICK, JANET C. AND MARCIA K. MEYERS, - Families That Work; policies for Reconciling Parenthood and Employment..
020833: GORNY, HEIN, - Ein Pferdebuch..
033320: GORODETZKY, NADEJA AND JESSIE COULSON, EDS., - Russian Short Stories XXth Century..
030130: GORODNETZKY, NADEJKA AND JESSIE COULSON, EDS., - Russian Short Stories: XXth Century..
481: (MARTINEZ DE TOLEDO, ALFONSO). GOROG, RALPH DE AND LISA S. DE GOROG., - Concordancias del "Arcipreste de Talavera"...
000009: GORT, MICHAEL, - Diversification and Integration in American Iindustry..
027691: GÖRTZ, HANS-DIETER, - Formen des Zusammenlebens; Symbiose, Parasitismus und andere Vergesellschaftungen von Tieren..
002123: GÖSCHEL, JOACHIM, - Strukturelle Und Instrumentalphonetische Untersuchungen Zur Gesprochenen Sprache..
015074: GOSLING, NIGEL, - The Adventurous World of Paris, 1900-1914..
008044: GOSLING, F. G., - Before Freud; Neurasthenia and the American Medical Community, 1870-1910..
008342: GOSNELL, HAROLD F., - Champion Campaigner, Franklin D. Roosevelt..
018571: GOSS, MADELEINE, - Bolero; the Life of Maurice Ravel..
023498: GOSSES, I. H. AND N. JAPIKSE, - Handboek tot de staatkundige geschiedenis van Nederland..
037471: GOSSET, ADELAIDE L. J, - Lullabies of the Four Nations; a coronal of song with renderings from the Walsh and the Gaelic..
022798: GOSSMAN, LIONEL, - Men and Masks; a study of Molière..
012958: GOSSMAN, LIONEL, - Medievalism and the Ideologies of the Enlightenment; the World and Work of La Curne De Sainte-Palaye..
034090: GOSSON, STEPHEN, - The School of abuse, Containing a Pleasant Invective Against Poets, Pipers, Players, Jesters, &c..
026129: GOSTELOW, MARY, - Art of Embroidery; Great Needlework Collections of Britain and the United States..
037945: GOSWAMY, B. N, - Essence of Indian Art..
023152: GOTOFF, HAROLD C., - The Transmission of the Text of Lucan in the Ninth Century..
002413: GÖTSCHL, JOHANN, - Revolutionary Changes in Understanding Man and Society; Scopes and Limits...
027662: GOTT, TED, - Don't Leave me this Way; Art in the Age of AIDS..
039476: GOTTESMAN, RONALD, ED, - Violence in America; an Encyclopedia..
030548: GOTTFRIED, MARTIN, - Sondheim..
024672: GOTTHEIL, RICHARD J. H., - Zionism..
016519: GOTTHELF, IRENE, - Darf Das Sein?..
022515: GOTTINGER, HANS-WERNER, - Grundlagen der Entscheidungstheorie; Ansätze und Kritik..
039614: GOTTLIEB, MANUEL, - Long swings in urban Development..
026641: GOTTLIEB, ERIKA, - Becoming My Mother's Daughter; a Story of survival and Renewal..
005154: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS AND MARGARET MADDOX, - Lafayette in the French Revolution Through the October Days..
029958: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS R., - Jean Paul Marat; a Study in Radicalism..
034138: GOTTSCHALK, PAUL, - The Meanings of Hamlet; modes of Literary interpretation Since Bradley..
002126: GOTTSCHED, JOHANN CHRISTOPH, - Deutsche Sprachkunst..
003770: GOTTWALD, VICENTE COLOM, - Der Ruhrorter Hafen; Technik Und Innovation 1800-1870..
014872: GÖTZ, WILHELM, - Frankenland; Ober-Mittel-und Unterfranken..
040826: GÖTZ, JOHANN NIKOLAUS, - Die Gedichte Anakreons und der Sappho; Oden Faksimiledruck nach der Ausgabe von 1760..
039489: GÖTZE, HEINZ, - Castel del Monte; Geometric Marvel of the Middle Ages..
024671: GOUDARD, MARIE LUCIEN, SISTER, - Étude sur les Epistres Morales d'Honoré d'Urfé..
028451: GOUDEKET, MAURICE, - Close to Colette; an Intimate Portrait of a Woman of Genius..
004590: GOUDIMEL, CLAUDE, - Oeuvres Complètes...
007697: GOUDY, FREDERIC W., - Old Stratford Book Papers; a few Specimen Pages and an Introductory Note on Fine Printing..
040653: GOUGAUD, HENRI, - Vivre le Pays Cathare..
021752: GOUGENHEIM, GEORGES, - Études de grammaire et de vocabulaire Français..
034479: GOUHIER, HENRI, - La Pensée métaphysique de Descartes..
040041: GOULART, RON, - Nutzenbolts and more troubles with MacHines..
030310: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY, - Dinosaur in a Haystack; Reflections in Natural History..
033958: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY, - I Have Landed; the End of a Beginning in Natural History..
010228: GOULD, ROWLAND, - The Matsushita Phenomenon..
014921: GOULD, G. GLEN, - Period Lighting Fixtures..
023552: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY, - Leonardo's Mountain of clams and the Diet of Worms; Essays on Natural History..
008554: GOULD, CECIL, - An Introduction to Italian Renaissance Painting..
024665: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY, - Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle; myth and Metaphor in the Discovery of geological Time..
014867: GOULD, SIDNEY H., ED., - Sciences in Communist China. A Symposium presented at the New York Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, December 26-27, 1960..
027687: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY, - Der Daumen des Panda; Betrachtungen zur Naturgeschichte..
008225: GOULD, JEAN, - Winslow Homer; a Portrait..
020767: GOULD, WILLIAM B., - Japan's reshaping of American Labor Law..
039585: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY, - Hen's teeth and Horse's Toes..
012159: GOULDEN, JOSEPH C., - Korea; the untold Story of the War..
011785: GOULDNER, ALVIN W. AND RICHARD A. PETERSON, - Notes on Technology and the Moral Order..
018055: GOULDNER, ALVIN W, - Enter Plato; Classical Greece and the Origins of social Theory..
023340: GOUREVITCH, BORIS, - The road to peace and to moral Democracy; an Encyclopedia of Peace..
005197: GOUREVITCH, PETER ALEXIS, - Paris and the Provinces; the Politics of Local Government Reform in France..
044081: GOURON, ANDRÉ, - Droit et coutume en France aux XIIe et XIIIe Siècles..
018572: GOURSE, LESLIE, - Madame Jazz; Contemporary Women Instrumentalists..
019366: GOURSE, LESLIE, - Louis' Children; American Jazz Singers..
040410: GOVAN, THOMAS PAYNE, - Nicholas Biddle, Nationalist and Public Banker 1786-1844..
035102: GOVORUKHIN, SERGEI, - Nikto, Krome Nas: Rasskazy; Miniatiury; Povesti..
031761: GOW, A. S. F., - A. E. Housman; a Sketch Together with a List of His Writings and Indexes to His Classical Papaers..
039432: GOWANS, ALAN, - The Unchanging Arts; New Forms for the Traditional Functions of Art in Society..
023892: GOWING, LAWRENCE, - Vermeer..
013430: GOWING, LAWRENCE, - Paul Cézanne; the Basel Sketchbooks...
019032: GOYTISOLO, JUAN, - Forbidden Territory; the Memoirs of Juan Goytisolo, 1931-1956..
037041: GOZZANO, NATALIA AND PATRIZIA TOSINI, - La Cappelle Contarelli in San Luigi dei Francesi; arte e comittenza nella Roma di Caravaggio..
001926: GRABAND, GERHARD, - Die Entwicklung Der Frühneuenglischen Nominalflexion Dargestellt Vornehmlich Auf Grund Von Grammatikerzeugnissen Des 17. Jahrhunderts..
034682: GRABHORN, ROBERT, - A Commonplace Book of Cookery. A Collection of Proverbs, Anecdotes, Opinions and obsucre Facts on Food, Drink, Cooks, Cooking, Dining, Diners & dieters Dating from Ancient Times to the Present..
040578: GRACE, JOAN C, - Tragic Theory in the critical Works of Thomas Rymer, John Dennis, and John Dryden..
015682: GRAEBNER, NORMAN A., ED., - An Uncertain Tradition: American Secretaries of State in the Twentieth Century..
039059: GRAESSE, JOHANN GEORG THEODOR, - Orbis latinus oder Verzeichnis der lateinischen Benennungen der bekanntesten Städt etc., Meere, Seen, Berge, und Flüsse in allen Teilen der Erde..
014403: GRAFF, GERALD, - Literature Against Itself; Literary Ideas in Modern Society..
034148: GRAFTON, ANTHONY, - The Footnote; a Curious History..
020735: GRAFTON, ANTHONY, - The Footnote; a Curious History..
031997: GRAFTON, CAROL BELANGER, EDS., - Victorian Pictorial Borders..
038398: GRAHAM, DAVID, - David Graham: Past and present Tense..
019543: GRAHAM, ILSE, - Schiller's Drama; talent and Integrity..
024228: GRAHAM, CAROL, - Azariah of Dornakal..
024229: GRAHAM, DAVID CROCKETT, - Folk religion in Southwest China..
024477: GRAHAM, CAROL, - Safetey Nets, Politics, and the Poor; Transitions to Market Economies..
004917: GRAHAM, ILSE, - Goethe and Lessing; the Wellsprings of Creation..
026350: GRAHAM, JAMES WALTER, - The Palaces of Crete..
026719: GRAHAM, RICHARD, ED., - The Idea of Race in Latin America, 1870-1940..
026837: GRAHAM, STEPHEN AND SIMON MARVIN, - Telecommunications and the City; Electronic Spaces, Urban Places..
020376: GRAHAM, JOHN A., - The Hieroglyphic Inscriptions and monumental Art of Altar De Sacrificios..
009670: GRAHAM, OTIS L, JR., ED., - Soviet-American Dialogue on the New Deal..
008220: GRAHAM, FRANK, JR., - The Audubon Ark; a History of the National Audubon Society..
005194: GRAHAM, VICTOR E. AND W. MCALLISTER JOHNSON, - The Paris Entries of Charles IX and Elisabeth of Austria, 1571..
039914: GRAHAM, W. H, - The Tiger of Canada West..
041729: GRAHAM, MALCOLM, - Henry Taunt of Oxford, a Victorian Photographer..
031222: GRAHN, JUDY, - Blood, Bread, and Roses; How menstruation Created the World..
025088: GRAM, MOLTKE S., - Interpreting Kant..
025652: GRAMES, EBERHARD, - Broken Spirits..
043344: GRAMUGLIO, MARIA TERESA, - Nacionalismo y cosmopolitismo en la literatura Argentina..
040131: GRANASZTÓI, PÁL, - Budapest--wie ein Architekt es Sieht..
008557: GRANATH, OLLE, - Another Light; Swedish Art Since 1945. Une Autre Lumière; L'art Suédiois. In Einem Andern Licht; Schwedische Kunst Nach 1945..
001742: GRANBERG, WILBUR J, - People of the Maguey; the Otomi Indians of Mexico..
033588: GRANDGENT, CHARLES H., - The Ladies of Dante's Lyrics..
043638: GRANDGENT, C. H, - An Introduction to Vulgar Latin..
043157: GRANDI, DINO, - 25 luglio. Quarant'anni Dopo..
043163: GRANDI, DINO, - Il mio paese; ricordi Autobiografici..
036239: GRANET, MARCEL, - Fêtes et chansons anciennes de la Chine..
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020705: HALASZ, NICHOLAS, - Captain Dreyfus; the story of a Mass Hysteria..
031006: HALBERSTAM, DAVID, - The Coldest Winter; American and the Korean War..
006308: HALDANE, ELIZABETH S., - James Frederick Ferrier..
028398: HALE, NANCY, - Mary Cassatt..
037656: HALE, D. EVERETT, - It's Smart to Cook with Beer; 200 recipes for Cooking with Beer..
021791: HALE, AUSTIN, - Clause, sentence, and Discourse Patterns in selected Languages of Nepal. Part I: General Approach..
025404: HALE, NATHAN CABOT, - Exploring the Roots of human Emotion in Sculpture; a Description of the evolution of the Formative processes of the Human emotions That are Common to All People in the Sculpture of Nathan Cabot Hale..
021703: HALE, ORON JAMES, - The captive press in the Third Reich..
010423: HALE, EDWARD EVERETT, - James Russell Lowell and his Friends..
009028: HALE, RICHARD L., - The Log of a Forty-Niner; Journal of a voyage from Newbury-port to San Francisco in the Brig. Gen.al Worth Commanded By Captn. Samuel Walton, Kept By Richard L. Hale, Newbury, Mass...
039040: HALE, JOHN, - Italian Renaissance painting from Masaccio to Titian..
041579: HALE, WILLIAM HALE, - Registrum sive liber irrotularius et consuetudinarius prioratus Beatae Mariae Wigorniensis: With an Introduction, Notes, and Illustrations..
038446: HALE, ELIZABETH H, - Flowerless Plants: Ferns, Mushrooms, Mosses, Lichens, and Seaweeds..
038608: HALE, NATHAN G., JR., - The rise and Crisis of Psychoanalysis in the United States; Freud and the AMericans, 1917-1985..
042542: HALE, EDWARD EVERETT, - Our Christmas in a Palace; a Traveller's Story..
027080: HALEBSKY, SANDOR AND JOHN M. KIRK, EDS., - Cuba; Twenty-five Years of Revolution, 1959-1984..
005672: HALES, E. E. Y., - Mazzini and the Secret Societies; the Making of a Myth..
015537: HALEVY, ELIE, - The Growth of philosophic Radicalism..
023595: HALEY, K. H. D., - William of Orange and the English Opposition 1672-4..
036449: HALEY, BRUCE, - The Healthy Body and Victorian Culture..
037651: HALFORD, AUBREY S. AND GIOVANNA M. HALFORD, - The Kabuki Handbook; a Guide to Understanding and Apprecation, with Summaries of Favourtie Plays, Explanatory Notes, and Illustrations..
034776: DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS, - Dionysius of Halicarnassus: On Thucydides..
042106: HALICI, FEYZI, ED, - Birinci Milletlerarasi Yemek Kongresi, Türkiye, 25-30 Eylül, 1986; First International Food Congress, Turkey, 25-30 September, 1986..
016614: HALKETT, SAMUEL AND JOHN LAING, - Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymous English Literature..
044012: HALKIN, LÉON-E, - Erasmus; a Critical Biography..
011197: HALL, TREVOR, - A Day to Remember; the Wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales..
040171: HALL, PETER, ET AL, - The containment of Urban England..
011159: HALL, JOHN, - The Court of Virtue (1565)..
010229: HALL, JOHN W. AND RICHARD K. BEARDSLEY, - Twelve Doors to Japan..
042819: HALL, JOHN W. AND MARIUS B. JANSEN, EDS, - Studies in the Institutional History of Early Modern Japan..
010201: HALL, DOUGLAS, - Free Jamaica, 1835-1865: An Economic Hihstory..
008436: HALL, JAMES, - The Lunatic Giant in the Drawing Room; the British and American Novel Since 1930..
006309: HALL, DAVID L., - The Civilization of Experience; a Whiteheadian Theory of Culture..
025432: HALL, ERNEST JACKSON, - The satirical Element in the American Novel..
026367: HALL, F. W., - A Companion to classical Texts..
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012771: HALLETT, ROBIN, ED., - Records of the African Association 1788-1831..
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041393: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD, - New Worlds to Conquer..
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029473: HALLIDAY, F. E., - The Cult of Shakespeare..
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005258: HALLISSEY, ROBERT C., - The Rajput Rebellion Against Aurangzeb; a Study of the Mughal Empire in Seventeenth-Century India..
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035411: HALLS, ZILLAH, - Men's Costume, 1580-1750..
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015564: HALPERIN, S. WILLIAM, - Diplomat Under Stress; Visconti-Venosta and the Crisis of July 1870..
025650: HALPERIN, MORTON H. AND DANIEL HOFFMAN, - Freedom vs. national Security; secrecy and Surveillance..
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014919: HALSEY, R. T. H. AND ELIZABETH TOWER, - The Homes of Our Ancestors as Shown in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York from Th4e Beginnings of New England Through the Early Days of the Republic..
043038: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE, - The FRenchman; a photographic Interview with Fernandel..
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033859: HAMABATA, MATTHEWS MASAYUKI, - Crested Kimono; Power and love in the Japanese business Family..
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002530: HAMANN, RICHARD, - Ägyptische Kunst; Wesen Und Geschichte..
002531: HAMBIDGE, JAY, - Dynamic Symmetry; the Greek Vase..
032686: HAMBLIN, W. KENNETH AND JOSEPH R. MURPHY, - Grand Canyon Perspectives; a Guide to the canyon Scenery By Means of Interpretive Panoramas..
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043035: HAMBURG, ALICE, - Sam Hamburg, Agricultural pioneer in California and Israel; a Biography..
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040228: HAMER, ANDREW MARSHALL, - The Selling of rail rapid Transit; a Critical Look at Urban Transportation Planning..
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021785: HAMEROW, THEODORE S., - The Social Foundations of German unification 1858-1871; Ideas and Institutions..
043472: HAMERTON, PHILIP GILBERT, - Round My House; Notes of Rural Life in France in Peace and War..
037479: HAMES, PETER, - The Czechoslovak New Wave..
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013083: HAMESSE, JACQUELINE, ED., - Méthodologies informatiques et Nouveaux Horizons Dans les Recherches Médiévales..
033920: HAMILL, THOMAS AND PAUL T. BROWN, - Escape in Iraq; the Thomas Hamill Story..
011198: HAMILTON, ROBERT, - The Progress of Society..
009982: HAMILTON, RONALD, - Frederick the Great..
024644: HAMILTON, NIGEL, - The Brothers Mann; the lives of Heinrich and Thomas Mann 1871-1950 and 1875-1955..
016315: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER, ET AL., - The Federalist, or, the New Constitution..
020180: HAMILTON, SCOTT, - Landing it; My Life on and off the Ice..
012443: HAMILTON, ROBERT, - W. H. Hudson; the Vision of Earth..
010302: HAMILTON, JAMES W., - Pwo Karen; at the Edge of Mountain and Plain..
020847: HAMILTON, ALICE AND KENNETH HAMILTON, - The elements of John Updike..
015120: HAMILTON, J. AND J. L. PETERSEN, - Dynamical Singularities and Amplitude Analysis; Lectures..
021385: HAMILTON-WILLIAMS, DAVID, - Waterloo; New Perspectives. The great battle Reappraised..
020006: HAMILTON, WILLIAM J., JR., AND JOHN O. WHITAKER, - Mammals of the Eastern United States..
007542: HAMILTON, HOLMAN, - Prologue to Conflict; the Crisis and Compromise of 1850..
007541: HAMILTON, CARL, - In No Time at All..
033322: HAMILTON, IAN, - Tagebuch eines Generalstabsoffiziers während des russisch-japanischen Krieges..
027944: HAMILTON, JOHN, - War at Sea 1939-1945..
037257: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER, ET AL., - The Federalist; a Collection of Essays, Written in Favor of the Constitution of the United States, as agreed Upon by the Federal Convention, Septbmer 17, 1787..
033200: HAMILTON, A. C., - The Structure of Allegory in The Faerie Queene..
036273: HAMILTON, PETER, - Robert Doisneau; a Photographer's Life..
018067: HAMLYN, D. W., - Sensation and Perception; a history of the Philosophy of Perception..
038830: HAMLYN, D. W., - The Theory of Knowledge..
021795: HAMM, JOSIP, - Stokavstina Donje Podravine..
031281: HAMMACHER, A. M., - Phantoms of the Imagination; Fantasy in Art and literature from BLake to Dali..
021796: HAMMAR, THEKLA, - Svensk-fransk Ordbok..
023691: HAMMARSTEN, OLOF, - Lehrbuch der physiologischen Chemie..
012181: HAMMEL, ERIC, - The Root; the Marines in Beirut, August 1982-February 1984..
036708: HAMMERSTEIN, HANS VON, - Trachten der Alpenländer..
019043: HAMMERTON, J. A., - George Meredith in Anecdote and Criticism..
019547: HAMMERTON, J. A., - In the track of R. L. Stevenson and Elsewhere in Old France..
011199: HAMMOND, J. L. AND BARBARA HAMMOND, - The Age of the Chartists 1832-1854; a Study of Discontent..
022942: HAMMOND, PAUL Y. AND SIDNEY S. ALEXANDER, EDS., - Political Dynamics in the Middle East..
028811: HAMMOND, P. W. AND ANNE F. SUTTON, - Richard III; the Road to Bosworth Field..
016845: HAMMOND, JOHN WINTHROP, - Men and Volts; the Story of General Electric..
027103: HAMMOND, ALLEN, - Which World? Secnarios for the 21st Century. Global Destinies, Regional Choices..
028810: HAMMOND, P. W., - The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury..
002786: HAMMOND, ALBERT L., - Ideas About Substance..
037415: HAMMOND, PAUL, - French Undressing; Naughty postcards from 1900 to 1920..
038417: HAMMOND, RITA, - Rita Hammond: Making Connections..
003328: HAMPE, ROLAND AND ERIKA SIMON, - Tausend Jahre Frühgriechische Kunst..
043501: HAMPSHIRE, STUART, - Two Theories of Morality..
037979: HAMPSON, JOHN, - The English at Table..
010736: HAN, SANG-BOK, ED., - Asian Peoples and Their Cultures; Continuity and Change..
010282: HAN, WOOO-KEUN, - The History of Korea..
040831: HANAN, PATRICK, - The Chinese vernacular Story..
042042: HANAOTAUX, GABRIEL, - Histoire du cardinal de Richelieu..
042322: HANAWALT, BARBARA A, - Of good and ill Repute; Gender and Social Control in Medieval England..
044073: HANAWALT, BARBARA A. AND DAVID WALLACE, EDS, - Medieval Crime and social Control..
028855: HANCAR, FRANZ, - Urgeschichte Kaukasiens von den Anfängen seiner Besidelung bis in die Zeit seiner frühen Metallurgie..
012772: HANCE, WILLIAM A., - The Geography of Modern Africa..
002402: HANCOCK, W. K., - Four Studies of War and Peace in This Century..
033202: HANCOCK, LESLIE, - Word Index to James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist..
013860: HANCOCK, ROGER N., - Twentieth Century Ethics..
033139: HANCOX, JOY, - Kingdom for a Stage; Magicians & Aristocrats in the Elizabethan Theeatre..
030650: HANDEL, GEORG FRIEDRICH, - Complete concerti Grossi. In full Score..
030651: HANDEL, GEORG FRIEDRICH, - Giulio Cesare. In full Score..
042396: HÄNDEL, GEORG FRIEDRICH, - Klaviersuiten I-VIII..
027894: HANDELMAN, HOWARD, - Mexican Politics; the dynamics of Change..
030654: HANDL, JOHANNES, - Weihnachtsmess=Christmas Mass. Ostermess I=Easter Mass I. Ostermesse II=Easter Mass II..
039100: HANDLER, JOEL F. AND ELLEN JANE HOLLINGSWORTH, - The "deserving poor"; a Study of welfare Administration..
016675: HANDLIN, OSCAR, - The Uprooted; the Epic Story of the Great Migrations That Made the American People..
003941: HANDOVER, P. M., - Printing in London from 1476 to Modern Times..
004137: HANDOVER, P. M., - The Second Cecil; the Rise to Power 1563-1604 of Sir Robert Cecil, Later First Earl of Salisbury..
006310: HANDY, ROBERT T., - A Christian America; Protestant Hopes and historical Realities..
007892: HANDY, HENRY BRANTLY, ED., - The Social Recorder of Virginia..
020119: HANDY, YVONNE, - L'Oeuvre De Willa Cather..
001740: HANE, MIKISO, - Peasants, Rebels, and Outcastes; the Underside of Modern Japan..
008555: HANFMANN, WERNER, ET AL., - German Art of the twentieth Century..
031771: HANFMANN, GEORGE M., - Roman Art..
011147: HANFMANN, GEORGE M. A., - Letters from Sardis..
030408: HANFORD, JAMES HOLLY, - A MIlton Handbook..
005124: HANHARDT, ARTHUR M., - The German Democratic Republic..
013862: HANINGTON, J. BRIAN, - Every Popish Person; the Story of Roman Catholicism in Nova Scotia and the Church of Halifax 1604-1984..
025565: HANISCH, ERNST, - Der lange Schatten des Staates; österreichische Gesellschaftsgeschichte im 20. Jahrhundert..
039727: HANKEL, WILHELM, - Die sieben Todsünden der Vereinigung; Wege aus dem Wirtschaftsdesaster..
034164: HANKINS, JOHN ERSKINE, - Backgrounds of Shakespeare's Thougtht..
035924: HANKS, PATRICK AND FLAVIA HODGES, - A Dictionary of First Names..
009669: HANLEY, LYNNE, - Writing War; Faction, Gender, and Memory..
002425: HANLEY, DAVID, - Keeping left? Ceres and the French Socialist Party; a Contribution to the Study of Fractionalism in Political Parties..
023304: O'HANLON, REDMOND, - No Mercy; a Journey to the Heart of the Congo..
012978: HANLY, MICHAEL G., - Boccaccio, Beauvau, Chaucer; Troilus and Criseyde. Four Perspectives on Influcence..
039423: HANNA, FRANK A., ET AL, - Analysis of Wisconsin Income..
034366: HANNA, WARREN L., - Lost Harbor; the Controversy Over Drake's California Anchorage..
018882: HANNA, MARTHA, - Orest Semchishen; in Plain view/voir Clair..
019762: HANNA, WILLIAM S., - Benjamin Franklin and Pennsylvania Politics..
028461: HANNAH, JOHN A., - A Memoir..
039344: HANNAN, TIMOTHY H, - The Economics of Methadone Maintenance..
030097: HANNAY, DAVID, - The Later Renaissance..
010007: HANNERZ, ULF, - Soulside; Inqiuiries Into Ghetto Culture and Community..
022114: HANNESSON, JOHANN S., - Hlymrek à Sextugu..
040508: HANNESTAD, KNUD, - De 30 tyranner; studier i Athensk forfatningshistorie i slutningen af 5. århundrede..
007259: HANNON, JESSIE GOULD, - The Boston-Newton Company Venture; from Massachusetts to California in 1849..
021797: HANON, SUZANNE, - La deffence et illustration de aa langue francoyse, par Joachim Du Bellay; Concordance..
004737: HANOTAUX, GABRIEL, - Histoire Des Sciences En France..
043166: HANOTAUX, GABRIEL, - L'Empire Colonial Franàais..
041651: HANOTAUX, GABRIEL AND ALFRED MARTINEAU, - Histoire des colonies françaises et de l'expansion de la France dans le Monde..

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