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024874: BRATCHER, ROBERT G. AND EUGENE A. NIDA - A Translator's Handbook on the Gospel of Mark
003898: LEWIS, GEORGE G. AND JOHN MEWHA - History of Prisoner of War Utilization by the United States Army 1776-1945
026085: NATTER, TOBIAS G. AND GERBERT FRODL, EDS - Klimt Und Die Frauen
026145: HOLLAND C. G. - An Archeological Survey of Southwest Virginia
026846: RICE, DAVID G. AND JOHN E. STAMBAUGH - Sources for the Study of Greek Religion
015121: CASSEL, DAVID G. AND DAVID L. KREINICK, EDS - Proceedings of the 1983 International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies, August 4-9, 1983, Floyd R. Newman Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
027679: CARMICHAEL, ANN G. AND RICHARD M. RATZAN, EDS - Medicine; a Treasury of Art and Literature
028496: COLMAN, JOSEPH G. AND BARBARA A. WHEELER, EDS - Human Uses of the University; Planning a Curriculum in Urban and Ethnic Affairs at Columbia University
007377: CHAPPELL, RICHARD G. AND GERALD E. CHAPPELL - Corpsmen; Letters from Korea
029645: MACY, ICIE G. AND HAROLD H. WILLIAMS - Hidden Hunger
029695: RICHARDSON, H. G. AND G. O. SAYLES - The Governance of Mediaeval England from the Conquest to Magna Carta
048844: ARMISTEAD, SAMAUEL G. AND JOSEPH H. SILVERMAN, EDS - Judeo-Spanish Ballads from New York Collected by Mair José Benardete
038454: BEIDLER, PETER G. AND MARION F. EGGE - The American Indian in Short Fiction; an Annotated Bibliography
425: ROWE, J. G. AND W. H. STOCKDALE, EDS - Florilegium Historiale; Essays Presented to Wallace K. Ferguson
047148: STANWOOD, P. G. AND HEATHER ROSS ASALS, EDS - John Donne and the Theology of Language
034966: ANDREWARTHA, H. G. AND L. C. BIRCH - The Distribution and Abundance of Animals
047842: PICKERELL, ALBERT G. AND MAY DORNIN - The University of California; a Pictorial History
045169: ANDREWARTHA, H. G. AND L. C. BIRCH - The Distribution and Abundance of Animals
037368: VAUGHAN, J. G. AND C. A. GEISSLER - The New Oxford Book of Food Plants
032967: BOWEN, WILLIAM G. AND DEREK BOK - The Shape of the River; Long-Term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions
009195: THEOHARIS, ATHAN G. AND JOHN STUART COX - The Boss; J. Edgar Hoover and the Great American Inquisition
039800: COONEY, DONALD G AND RALPH EMERSON - Thermophilic Fungi; an Account of Their Biology, Activities, and Classification
003767: GAAL, KAROLY - Zum Bäuerlichen Gerätebestand IM 19. Und 20. Jahrhundert; Forschungsergebnisse Zur Vergleichenden Sachvolkskunde Und Volkskundlichen Museologie
025536: GABLENTZ, OTTO HEINRICH VON DER - Die Politischen Theorien Seit Der Amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitserklärung
046424: GABLER, JAMES M. - Passions; the Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson
040795: GABLER, HANS-JÜRGEN - Geschmack Und Gesellschaft; Rhetorische Und Sozialgeschichtliche Aspekte Der Frühaufklärerischen Geschmackskategorie
027870: GABLER, JAMES M. - Passions; the Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson
043953: GABRIEL, ASTRIK L. - Student Life in Ave Maria College, Mediaeval Paris; History and Chartulary of the College
041651: HANOTAUX, GABRIEL AND ALFRED MARTINEAU - Histoire Des Colonies Françaises Et de L'Expansion de la France Dans le Monde
024002: BASILICO, GABRIELE AND STAFANO BOERI - Italy--Cross Sections of a Country; a Project
040876: GADAMER, HANS-GEORG - Philosophical Apprenticeships
024219: GADAMER, HANS-GEORG - Philosophical Hermeneutics
035633: GADD, DAVID - The Loving Friends; a Portrait of Bloomsbury
042409: GADDA, CARLO EMILIO - Azoto E Altri Scritti Di Divulgazione Scientifica
030581: GADDY, KENNETH, ED - Twelve and Counting; the National Championships of Alabama Football
038442: GADNEY, REG - John Constable R.A. 1776-1837
033991: GADOFFRE, GILBERT - Ronsard Par Lui-Même
003768: GAEBERT, HANS W. - Der GroßE Augenblick in Der Physik
048101: GAENG, PAUL A. - A Study of Nominal Inflection in Latin Inscriptions; a Morpho-Syntactic Analysis
048102: GAENG, PAUL A. - An Inquiry Into Local Variations in Vulgar Latin As Reflected in the Vocalism of Christian Inscriptions
042246: GAGARIN, VALENTIN - Moi Brat Iurii; Povest'
042165: GAGARINA, VALENTINA - 108 Minut I Vsia Zhizn'
035358: GAGE, JOHN - Color and Culture; Practice and Meaning from Antiquity to Abstraction
013516: LEVIN, GAIL AND MARIANNE LORENZ - Theme & Improvisation: Kandinsky & the American Avant-Garde, 1912-1950
012761: GAILEY, HARRY A. - Sir Donald Cameron, Colonial Governor
009367: GAILEY, HARRY - The Liberation of Guam, 21 July-10 August 1944
013272: GAILLARD, GEORGE, ET AL., EDS - Rouergue Roman
030584: GAILLARD, FRYE - Alabama's CIVIL Rights Trail; an Illustrated Guide to the Cradle of Freedom
040771: GAILLARD, GEORGES - L'Art Roman En France: Ile-de-France, Champagne, Nord, Est
032141: GAINES, STEVEN - The Sky's the Limit; Passion and Property in Manhattan
010542: GAINHAM, SARAH - The Habsburg Twilight; Tales from Vienna
043200: GAJARD, JOSEPH - Le Manuscrit Du Mont-Renaud; Xe Siècle Graduel Et Antiphonaire de Noyon
014779: GAKOU, MOHAMED LAMINE - The Crisis in African Agriculture
048680: GAL, HANS - Johannes Brahms; His Work and Personality
048565: GALASSI, GIUSEPPE - La Scultura Fiorentina Del Quattrocento
022657: FISCHER-GALATI, STEPHEN - The New Rumania; from People's Democracy to Socialist Republic
005097: FISCHER-GALATI, STEPHEN, ED - The Communist Parties of Eastern Europe
452: GALAVARIS, GEORGE - Icons from the Elvehjem Art Center
020193: GALAVARIS, GEORGE - The Illustrations of the Liturgical Homilies of Gregory Nazianzenus
044197: GALBRAITH, V. H. - Domesday Book; Its Place in Administrative History
042077: PÉREZ GALDÓS, BENITO - Lo Prohibido
042497: GALE, ROBERT L. - Plots and Characters in the Fiction of Henry James
026736: GALE, DAVID - The Theory of Linear Economic Models
020518: WARNER, GALE AND MICHAEL SHUMAN - Citizen Diplomats; Pathfinders in Soviet-American Relations and How You Can Join Them
008450: GALE, JOHN - The Missouri Expedition 1818-1820; the Journal of Surgeon John Gale with Related Documents
015288: GALEANO, EDUARDO - Walking Words
020244: GOSUDARSTVENNAIA TRETIAKOVSKAIA GALEREIA - Drevnerusskaia Zhivopis' V Sobranii Gosudarstvennoi Tretiakovskoi Galerei
042831: GOSUDARSTVENNAIA TRET'IAKOVSKAIA GALEREIA - Gosudarstvennaia Tret'Iakovskaia Galereia
049223: GALILEI, GALILEO - Operations of the Geometric and Military Compass 1606
031883: GALINSKY, G. KARL, ED - Perspectives of Roman Poetry; a Classics Symposium
006279: GALLAGHER, KENNETH T. - The Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel
031050: GALLAGHER, LOWELL - Medusa's Gaze; Casuistry and Conscience in the Renaissance
044786: GALLAGHER, J. A. - William Bradford Printer to the King, Containing a Number of Views of the City of New York at the Time of Will Bradford and Several Examples of His Typographical Efforts
039107: GALLAGHER, TIM - Parts Unknown; a Naturalist's Journey in Search of Birds and Wild Places
007529: GALLAGHER, GARY W., ED - The Third Day at Gettysburg & Beyond
008830: GALLAIS, PIERRE - Dialectique Du Récit Mediéval (Chrétien de Troyes Et L'Hexagone Logique)
046197: GALLAIS, PIERRE - L'Imaginaire D'Un Romancier Français de la Fin Du Xiie Siècle. Description Raisonnée, Comparée Et Commentée de la Continuation-Gauvain (Première Suite Du Conte Du Graal de Chrétien de Troyes
026803: GALLAND, CHINA - Longing for Darkness; Tara and the Black Madonna. A Ten-Year Journey
026421: GALLENKAMP, CHARLES - Maya; the Riddle and Rediscovery of a Lost Civilization
017414: GALLENKAMP, CHARLES - Dragon Hunter; Roy Chapman Andrews and the Central Asiatic Expeditions
020794: SAN BENIGNO GALLERIA - San Benigno Galleria... Presents Artists from Liguria, Italy
044746: PACIFIC BOOK AUCTION GALLERIES - The Library of Dr. Roger K. Larson
020714: MARISA DEL RE GALLERY - Arman's Orchestra
008529: ALBRIGHT ART GALLERY - Catalogue of the Paintings and Sculpture in the Permanent Collection
028638: COE KERR GALLERY - Americans in Venice 1879-1913
038878: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - People in Camera 1839-1914
033000: MILLS COLLEGE ART GALLERY - Trefoil; Guls, Stars & Gardens; an Exhibition of Early Oriental Carpets
036761: BOLTON ART GALLERY - Kate Greenaway 1846-1901; an Exhibition of Prints, Engravings, Watercolours and Drawings
046685: FRAENKEL GALLERY - Furthermore
041850: GALLI, GIORGIO - IL Bipartitismo Imperfetto; Comunisti E Democristiani in Italia
040204: GALLI, GIORGIO - Dal Bipartitismo Imperfetto Alla Possibile Alternativa
003316: GALLI, DARIO - IL Pensiero Greco
041851: GALLI, GIORGIO - IL Difficile Governo; Un'Analisi Del Sistema Partitico Italiano
043130: GALLI, GIORGIO - Storia Della Democrazia Cristiana
043131: GALLI, GIORGIO - Storia Del Partito Comunista Italiano
027810: GALLIAN, OTTO - Opfergang Bei Luck; Vom Heldenkampf Der Deutschen ôsterreicher IM Völkerheer Der Morschen Donaumonarchie
004986: GALLIN, BERNARD - Hsin Hsing, Taiwan; a Chinese Village in Change
043463: GALLINO, CAYETANO - Exposicion Cayetano Gallino 1804-1884. Catálogo
009495: GALLIS, ARNE - Beiträge Zur Syntax Der Richtungsverba in Den Slavischen Sprachen, Besonders IM Serbokroatischen
037419: GALLO, MAX - The Poster in History
002517: GALLO, ITALO - Teatro Elenisitico Minore
032908: GALLO, FRED P. - Energy Psychology; Explorations at the Interface of Energy, Cognition, Behavior, and Health
037123: GALLOB, EDWARD - City Rocks, City Blocks and the Moon
045871: GALLOP, JANE - The Daughter's Seduction; Feminism and Psychoanalysis
042081: GALLOP, JANE - Thinking Through the Body
021109: GALLUP, DONALD - On Contemporary Bibliography with Particular Reference to Ezra Pound
013692: GALLWITZ, KLAUS - Picasso at 90; the Late Work
034753: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Flowering Wilderness
018421: GALVIN, JOHN, ED - The First Spanish Entry Into San Francisco Bay 1775
013651: GAMBA, CARLO - Michel-Ange Et Son école
019200: GAMBETTA, LÉON MICHEL - Lettres de Gambetta 1868-1882
027010: GAMBETTA, LÉON - Dépêches, Circulaires, Décrets, Proclamations Et Discours de Léon Gambetta... (4 September 1870-6 Février 1871)
015732: GAMBLE, CLIVE - Timewalkers; the Prehistory of Global Colonization
012965: GAMBLE, SIDNEY D. - Ting Hsien; a North China Rural Community
018555: GAMMOND, PETER - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Recorded Opera
018556: GAMMOND, PETER - The Magic Flute; a Guide to the Opera
018557: GAMMOND, PETER - Offenbach; His Life and Times
030434: GAMMOND, PETER - The Oxford Companion to Popular Music
011780: GAMOW, GEORGE - The Creation of the Universe
046374: GANASSI, SILVESTRO - Regula Rubertina
046363: GANASSI, SILVESTRO - Lettione Seconda Pur Della Prattica Di Sonare IL Violone D'Arco Da Tasti
013561: GANDHI, MAHATMA - Ein Wegweiser Zur Gesundheit
013562: GANDHI, MAHATMA - Jung Indien
026111: GANIUSHKINA, T., ET AL. - Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography; Muzei Antropologii I Etnografii
035204: GANSHOF, F. L. - Qu'Est-Ce Que la Féodalité
005928: GANTZ, JACOB - Such Are the Trials; the CIVIL War Diaries of Jacob Gantz
030433: GÄNZL, KURT - The Blackwell Guide to the Musical Theater on Record
017013: GARAFOLA, LYNN - Diaghilev's Ballets Russes
048352: GARAGORRI, PAULINO - Introduccion a Americo Castro;, Ell Estilo Vital Hispanico
017834: GARANGER, JOSÉ - La Préhistoire Océanienne
023141: GARASANIN, MILUTIN - Praistorija Na Tlu Sr Serbia
035216: GARAVINI, DANIELA - Pigs and Pork; 90 Recipes from Italy's Most Celebrated Chefs
020542: GARBARINO, MERWYN S. - Native American Heritage
047605: PEREZ GARCIA, MANUEL - Armas, Limpieza de Sangre Y Linaje. Reproduccion Social de Familias Poderosas de Murcia (Siglos XVI-XIX)
047714: GARCIA, MARIO T. - Luis Leal; an Auto/Biography
011122: GARCIA, L. PERICOT - The Balearic Islands
004235: CARRO GARCIA, XESUS - A Pelengrinaxe Ao Xacobe de Galicia
015559: MARTIN DU GARD, ROGER - Recollections of Andre Gide
038575: GÄRDENFORS, PETER, ET AL., EDS - In the Scope of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science; Volume One-[Two] of the 11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Cracow, August 1999
037968: GARDENIER, ANDREW A., ED - The Successful Stockman and Manual of Husbandry
036574: ROYAL BOTANAIC GARDENS, KEW - Official Guide to the Museums of Economic Botany
006281: GARDIES, JEAN-LOUIS - Rational Grammar
041508: GARDINER, HAROLD - Some Modern Ideas of the Nature of the Univerise Compared with Swedenborg's Philosophical Conceptions
047392: GARDINER, EILEEN, ED - Visions of Heaven and Hell Before Dante
021722: GARDINER, DUNCAN B. - Intonation and Music; the Semantics of Czech Prosody
031297: GARDINER, HAROLD C., ED - Fifty Years of the American Novel; a Christian Appraisal
046732: GARDINER, ALAN - Egypt of the Pharaohs; an Introduction
041065: GARDINER, HELEN - The Business of Criticism
033768: GARDNER, HELEN, ED - The New Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1950
024687: GARDNER, PERCY - A Historic View of the New Testament
004765: GARDNER, LLOYD C. - Economics Aspects of New Deal Diplomacy
009128: GARDNER, DAVID P. - The California Oath Controversy
028021: GARDNER, EDMUND G. - The King of Court Poets; a Study of the Work, Life and Times of Lodovico Ariosto
028025: GARDNER, EDMUND G. - The King of Court Poets; a Study of the Work, Life and Times of Lodovico Ariosto
028497: GARDNER, W. J., ET AL. - A History of the University of Canterbury, 1873-1973
029324: GARDNER, LAURENCE - Bloodline of the Holy Grail; the Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed
042595: GARDNER, JEANNE LEMONNIER - Sky Pioneers; the Story of Wilbur and Orville Wright
006703: GARDNER, DAVID P. - The California Oath Controversy
037964: GARDNER, ALBERT TEN EYCK - Winslow Homer, American Artist; His World and His Work
020740: GARDNER, HELEN - The Art of T.S. Eliot
032881: GARDNER, RICHARD A. - Storytelling in Psychotherapy with Children
045572: GARDNER, JOHN - The Poetry of Chaucer
044555: GARDNER, AUGUSTUS K. - The Conjugal Relationships As Regards Personal Health & Hereditary Well-Being Practicall Treated
035179: GARDNER, JOHN - The Construction of Christian Poetry in Old English
020151: CSAPONDINÉ GARDONYI, KLARA - Humanista Kodexek Nyomaban
002356: REES, GARETH AND TERESA L. REES - Poverty and Social Inequality in Wales
048837: GAREY, HOWARD B. - The Historical Development of Tenses from Late Latin to Old French
011166: GARFIELD, LEON - The House of Hanover; England in the 18th Century
020960: GARFIELD, SIMON - Mauve; How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World
041142: GARFIELD, SIMON - Just My Type; a Book About Fonts
039349: GARFINKEL, IRWIN, ED - Income-Tested Transfer Programs; the Case for and Against
006282: GARFORTH, F. W. - The Scope of Philosophy; an Introductory Study Book
034361: GARG, J. B., ED - Statistical Properties of Nuclei. Proceedings of the International Conference on Statistical Properties of Nuclei, Held at Albany, New York, August 23-27, 1971
043802: GARIANO, CARMELO - Analisis Estilistico de Los "Milagros de Nuestra Señora" de Berceo
048139: GARIS, ROBERT - Following Balanchine
005566: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Crumbling Idols; Twelve Essays on Art Dealing Chiefly with Literature, Painting and the Drama
009262: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Crumbling Idols; Twelve Essays on Art Dealing Cheifly with Literature, Painting and the Drama
006693: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Hamlin Garland's Diaries
049429: JOANNES DE GARLANDIA - The Dictionarius of John de Garlande
007331: GARNEL, DONALD - The Rise of Teamster Power in the West
004568: GARNER, WILLIAM ROBERT - Letters from California, 1846-1847
044766: GARNETT, DAVID - Great Friends; Portraits of Seventeen Writers
049399: GARNETT, RICHARD, ET AL. - The Universal Anthology; a Collection of the Best Literature, Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern, with Biographical and Explanatory Notes
043216: GARNSEY, PETER - Food and Society in Classical Antiquity
041013: GAROSI, ALCIDE - Siena Nella Storia Della Medicina (1240-1555)
049673: CHERRY-GARRARD, APSLEY - The Worst Journey in the World: Antarctic 1910-13
049433: GARRATT, JOHN G. - Model Soldiers; an Illustrated History
011167: GARRATT, G. T. - The Two Mr. Gladstones
006053: GARRATT, G. T. - The Two Gladstones
036902: GARRATT, COLIN - Scarecrows
012142: GARRETT, RICHARD - The Raiders; the Elite Strike Forces That Altered the Course of War and History
012141: GARRETT, RICHARD - Clash of Arms; the World's Great Land Battles
022837: GARTEN, JEFFREY E. - The Big Ten; the Big Emerging Markets and How They Will Change Our Lives
049440: GARTEN, INA - Barefoot in Paris; Easy French Food You Can Make at Home
045467: WERNHER DER GARTENAERE - Meier Helmbrecht; a Poem
047111: GARTNER, THEODOR - Handbuch Der Rätoromanischen Sprache Und Literatur
047701: GARVER, THOMAS H. - New Photography: San Francisco and the Bay Area
038861: GARVEY, STAN - King & Queen of the River; the Legendary Paddle-Wheel Steamboats Delta King and Delta Queen
044388: GARVEY, M. CALIXTA, SISTER - The Syntax of the Declinable Words in the Roman de la Rose
000010: GARVY, GEORGE - Deposit Velocity and Its Significance
015200: TINTEROW, GARY AND HENRI LOYRETTE - Origins of Impressionism
042728: SHAW, DAVID GARY AND PHILIP POMPER, EDS - Th Return of Science: Evolutionary Ideas and History
042103: GARY, ROMAIN - Adieu Gary Cooper
033097: GASCHÉ, RODOLPHE - The Tain of the Mirror; Derrida and the Philosophy of Reflection
043040: GASKELL, PHILIP - A Bibliography of the Foulis Press
043158: CATTI DE GASPERI, MARIA ROMANA - De Gasperi, Uomo Solo
017857: GASSER, ADOLF - Von Den Grundlagen Des Staates
036071: GASSER, MANUEL - The World of Werner Bischof; a Photographer's Odyssey
002957: GASTALDI, BARTOLOMEO - Lake Habitations and Pre-Historic Remains in the Turbaries and Malbeds of Northern and Central Italy
032019: GATELY, IAIN - Tobacco; the Story of How Tobacco Seduced the World
037177: GATES, HENRY LOUIS, JR. - Colored People; a Memoir
026772: GATES, HENRY LOUIS, JR. - Wonders of the African World
012144: GATEWOOD, WILLARD B., JR. - Smoked Yankees" and the Struggle for Empire; Letters from Negro Soldiers, 1898-1902
023530: GATI, CHARLES - The Bloc That Failed; Soviet-East European Relations in Transition
030435: GATTEY, CHARLES NEILSON - Luisa Tetrazzini, the Florentine Nightingale
005483: GATZKE, HANS W. - Germany's Drive to the West (Drang Nach Westen); a Study of Germany's Western War Aims During the First World War
044335: GAUDEMET, JEAN - Les Sources Du Droit de L'église En Occident Du Iie Au Viie Siècle
003572: GAUGUSCH, LUDWIG - Das Rechtsinstitut Der Papstwahl; Eine Historisch-Kanonistische Studie
024685: GAUKROGER, STEPHEN - Explanatory Structures; a Study of Concepts of Explanation in Early Physics and Philosophy
027666: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The Impressionists
039527: GAUSSERON, JACQUES - Hiroshima Ou la Pensée Désintégrée
044654: GAUSTAD, EDWIN SCOTT - Dissent in American Religion
032264: GAUSTAD, EDWIN S., ED - Memoirs of the Spirit
018559: GAUTHIER, ANDRÉ - Manuel de Falla: L'Homme Et Son Oeuvre
462: GAUTHIER, MARIE-MADELEINE S. - Emaux Limousins Champlevés Des Xiie, Xiiie & Xive Siècles. Pré Face de Pier Re Verlet
004262: GAUTIER, LÉON - Bibliographie Des Chansons de Geste (Complément Des Epopées Françaises)
044333: GAUTIER, LÉON - Histoire de la Poésie Liturgique Au Moyen Age: Les Tropes I.
029468: GAUTRAND, JEAN-CLAUDE - Photographers' Paris
035776: GAUTRAND, JEAN-CLAUDE - Publicités Kodak, 1910-1939
044619: GAVIGAN, JOHN JOSEPH - The Syntax of the Gesta Francorum
013472: GAW, WILLIAM A. - A Retrospective Exhibition of the Works of William A. Gaw: Oil Paintings, Watercolors, and Lithographs
021726: GAWRONSKI, ANDRZEJ - Szkice Jezykoznawcze
036907: GAY, RUTH - The Jews of Germany; a Historical Portrait
037509: GAY, PETER - Reading Freud; Explorations & Entertainments
022591: GAY, PETER - Freud for Historians
008375: GAY, PETER, ED - Eighteenth Century Studies Presented to Arthur M. Wilson
004916: GAY, JOHN - The Beggar's Opera
025667: GAY, PETER - Schnitzler's Century; the Making of Middle-Class Culture, 1815-1914
015148: GAY, CLAIRE - Eighteenth Century Painting
011782: GAY, EVELEYN WARD - The Medical Profession in Georgia, 1733-1983
029806: GAY, PETER - The Naked Heart
029871: GAY, RUTH - The Jews of Germany ; a Historical Portrait
029881: GAY, PETER - The Cultivation of Hatred
016548: BLOCK, GAY AND MALKA DRUCKER - Rescuers; Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust
019135: LACOUR-GAYET, ROBERT - La France Au Xxe Siècle
046987: RIBÉREAU-GAYLON, PASCAL, ED - The Wines and Vineyards of France; a Complete Atlas and Guide
046816: GAZDAR, GERALD, ET AL. - Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar
015143: FIERENS-GEAERT, PAUL - La Peinture Au Musée Ancien de Bruxelles
045538: GEARHART, SUZANNE - The Interrupted Dialectic; Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, and Their Tragic Other
465: GEARY, PATRICK J. - Phantoms of Remembrance; Memory and Oblivion at the End of the First Millen Nium
020217: GEBHARD, DAVID - Romanza; the California Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
035733: GEBHARD, DAVID - The National Trust Guide to Art Deco in America
044506: GECK, MARTIN - Johann Sebastian Bach; Life and Work
021727: GECKELER, HORST - Zur Wortfelddiskussion; Untersuchungen Zur Gliederung Des Wortfeldes "Alt-Jun-Neu" IM Heutigen Französisch
049447: GEHL, PAUL F. - A Moral Art; Grammar, Society, and Culture in Trecento Florence
010543: GEHL, JÜRGEN - Austsria, Germany, and the Anschluss, 1931-1938
048271: GEIGER, GARY - Among the Cypress; the Monterey Peninsula
017259: GEIGER, EUGEN - Der Meistergesng Des Hans Sachs; Literarhistorische Untersuchung
044877: GEIGER, RUDOLF - The Climate Near the Ground
038154: GEIGER, BENNO - I Dipinti Ghiribizzosi Di Giuseppe Arcimboldi, Pittore Illusionista Del Cinquecento (1527-1593)
003742: GEIJER, E. G. - Konung Gustaf Iiis Efterlemnade Och Femtio Ar Efter Hans Död ôppnande Paper
048528: GEIRINGER, KARL - The Bach Family; Seven Generations of Creative Genius
018560: GEIRINGER, KARL - Joseph Haydn; Der Schöpferische Werdegang Eines Meisters Der Klassik
010410: GEIRINGER, KARL - Haydn; a Creative Life in Music
046091: GEIRINGER, KARL - Brahms; His Life and Work
018561: GEIS, DARLENE - The Gilbert and Sullivan Operas
467: (KONRAD VON SOEST). GEISBERG, MAX - Der Dortmunder Marienaltar Des Konrad Von Soest
042072: GEISELMANN, JOSEF RUPERT - Die Lebendige ûberlieferung Als Norm Des Christlichen Glaubens. Die Apostolische Tradition in Der Form Der Kirchlichen Verkünigung--Das Formalprinzip Des Katholizismus Dargestellt IM Geiste Der Traditionslehre Von Joh. Ev. Kuhn
048327: GEISELMANN, JOSEF RUPERT - Die Heilige Schrift Und Die Tradition; Zu Den Neueren Kontroversen über Das Verhältnis Der Heiligen Schrift Zu Den Nichgeschreibenen Traditionen
048249: GEISELMANN, JOSEF RUPERT - Die Theologische Anthropologie Johann Adam Möhlers; Ihr Geschichtlicher Wandel
023403: GEISMAR, MAXWELL - Mark Twain, an American Prophet
044887: GEISMAR, ALAIN - L'Engrenage Terroriste
030437: GELATT, ROLAND - The Fabulous Phonograph 1877-1977
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011170: GIBBS, PHILIP - England Speaks; Being Talks with Road Sweepers, Barbers,Statemen, Lords and Ladies... Highbrown, Lowbrows and All Manner of Folk of Humble and Exalted Rank with a Panorama of the English Scene in This Year of Grace 1935
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031150: GIBSON, MICHAEL - Symbolism
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029917: GIERKE, OTTO - Political Theories of the Middle Age
044562: GIERKE, OTTO - Political Theories of the Middle Age
040981: GIESE, HANS - Der Homosexuelle Mann in Der Welt
040313: GIESEY, RALPH E. - If Not, Not; the Oath of the Aragonese and the Legendary Laws of Sobrarbe
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017816: GILARDONI, VIRGILIO - Naissance de L'Art
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012950: GILBERT, ALLAN H. - Dante and His Comedy
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016446: GILBERT, JAMES BURKHART - Writers and Partisans; a History of Literary Radicalism in America
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041203: GILBERT, MILTON - Problems of the International Monetary System
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039128: GILLESPIE, W. IRWIN - In Search of Robin Hood; the Effect of Federal Budgetary Policies During the 1970s on the Distribution of Income in Canada
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031261: GILLETTE, DOUGLAS - The Shaman's Secret; the Lost Resurrection Teachings of the Ancient Maya
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017063: GILLIAM, RICHARD, ED - Joltin' Joe Dimaggio
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043454: GILLON, EDMUND V., JR. - A New England Town in Early Photographs; 149 Illustrations of Southbridge, Massachusetts, 1878-1930
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043369: GILMAN, STEPHEN - Tiempo Y Formas Temporales En El "Poema Del Cid
030446: GILMAN, LAWRENCE - Phases of Modern Music: Strauss-Macdowell-Elgar-Loeffler-Mascagni-Grieg-Cornelius-Verdi-Wagner-"Parsifal" and Its Significance
045418: GILMAN, SANDER L. - Freud, Race, and Gender
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028466: GOODHARTZ, ABRAHAM S., ED - A Commitment to Youth; the Brooklyn College Student Personnel Program
045599: GOODMAN, DAVID MICHAEL - A Western Panorama 1849-1875; the Travels, Writings and Influence of J. Ross Browne on the Pacific Coast, and in Texas, Nevada, Arizona and Baja California, As the First Mining Commisioner, and Minister to China
005764: GOODMAN, ELLIOT R. - The Soviet Design for a World State
043429: GOODMAN, MARTIN - Rome and Jerusalem; the Clash of Ancient Civilizations
024114: GOODMAN, CHARLOTTE MARGOLIS - Jean Stafford; the Savage Heart
002407: GOODMAN, ALLAN E. - Politics in War; the Bases of Political Community in South Vietnam
014864: GOODMAN, HENRY - The New Country; Stories from the Yiddish About Life in America
046854: GOODMAN, CYNTHIA - Hans Hofmann
025996: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Albert P. Ryder
036864: GOODRICH, LLOYD - American Watercolor and Winslow Homer
047346: GOODRICH, NORMA LORRE - The Ways of Love; Eleven Romances of Medieval France
014554: GOODRIDGE, CELESTE - Hints and Disguises; Marianne Moore and Her Contemporaries
028780: GOODSPEED, EDGAR J. - Index Patristicus Sive Clavis Patrum Apostolicorum Operum
031332: GOODSPEED, T. HARPER - Plant Hunters in the Andes
014573: GOODSTEIN, JUDITH R. - Millikan's School; a History of the California Institute of Technology
016596: GOODWIN, BARBARA - Social Science and Utopia; Nineteenth-Century Models of Social Harmony
022173: GOODWIN, RUFUS - Souvenirs of a Century; an American Original and Son Record Pop Mysteries of Modern History
019031: GOODWIN, GERAINT - Conversations with George Moore
018995: GOODWIN, GEOFFREY, ED - Ethics and Nuclear Deterrence
007885: GOODWIN, RUTHERFOORD - A Brief & True Report Concerning Williamsburg in Virginia; Being an Account of the Most Important Occurences in That Place from Its First Beginning to the Present Time
031392: GOODWIN, JASON - Lords of the Horizons; a History of the Ottoman Empire
047092: GOODWIN, WILLIAM WATSON - Syntax of the Mooods and Tenses of the Greek Verb
049419: GOODWIN, WILLIAM WATSON - Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verb
036230: GOODWIN, DORIS KEARNS - No Ordinary Time; Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II
049637: GOODWIN, DORIS KEARNS - The Bully Pulpit; Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism
045775: GOODY, JACK, ET AL., EDS - Family and Inheritance; Rural Society in Western Europe, 1200-1800
021786: GOODY, JACK - Comparative Studies in Kinship
036554: GOODY, JACK - Cooking, Cuisine and Class; a Study in Comparative Sociology
046834: GOODYEAR, FRANK H., JR. - Contemporary American Realism Since 1960
015152: GOODYEAR, FRANK H., JR. - Contemporary American Realism Since 1960
013664: GÖPEL, ERHARD - Edvard Munch: Selbstbildnisse Und Dokumente
037091: GOPNIK, ADAM - Paris to the Moon
002523: GOPPELT, LEONHARD - Christentum Und Judentum IM Ersten Und Zweiten Jahrhundert; Ein Aufriß Der Urgescichte Der Kirche
002524: GOPPELT, LEONHARD - Die Apostolische Und Nachapostolische Zeit
008688: GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL - The August Coup; the Truth and the Lessons
021390: GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL - For a Nuclear-Free World
040998: GORBUNOV, A. N. - Romany Frensisa Skotta Fitsdzheralda
038189: GORCE, MATHIEU MAXIME - Introduction Aux Provinciales de Pascal; Nicolai Et Les Jansénistes Ou la Grâce Actuelle Suffisante
034911: YOVANOVICH, GORDANA AND AMY HURAS, EDS - Latin American Identities After 1980
020291: GORDEEVA, EKATERINA - My Sergei; a Love Story
048993: GORDEN, PETER E. - Continental Divide: Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos
024226: GORDIS, ROBERT - Poets, Prophets, and Sages; Essays in Biblical Interpretation
048836: GORDON, ARTHUR E. - The Letter Names of the Latin Alphabet
040671: GORDON, BONNIE BILYEU - A Childhood in Reno; Poems
023285: GORDON, SARAH - Hitler, Germans and the "Jewish Question
041148: GORDON, GEORGE - The Discipline of Letters
011171: GORDON, MICHAEL R. - Conflict and Consensus in Labour's Foreign Policy, 1914-1965
048979: GORDON, C. D. - The Age of Attila; Fifth-Century Byzantium and the Barbarians
048686: GORDON, ARTHUR E. - The Inscribed Fibula Praenestina; Problems of Authenticity
019192: THOMAS, GORDON AND MAX MORGAN-WITTS - The San Francisco Earthquake
023109: THOMAS, GORDON AND MAX MORGAN WITTS - The Day the World Ended
008325: SKILLING, H. GORDON AND FRANKLYN GRIFFITHS, EDS - Interest Groups in Soviet Politics
007831: GORDON, WENDELL C. - The Political Economy of Latin America
014829: GORDON, LYNDALL - A Private Life of Henry James; Two Women and His Art
029057: GORDON, D. J. - The Renaissance Imagination; Essays and Lectures
027962: SWANBOROUGH, GORDON AND PETER M. BOWERS - United State Navy Aricraft Since 1911
015363: GORDON, MATTHEW J. - Small-Town Values and Big-City Vowels; a Study of the Northern Cities Shift in Michigan
005319: GORDON, LEONARD A. - Bengal; the Nationalist Movement, 1876-1940
030546: GORDON, JOANNE - Art Isn't Easy; the Theater of Stephen Sondheim
038210: GORDON, ADAM LINDSAY - The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon Including Several Never Before Printed
005795: GORDON, AMBROSE, JR. - The Invisible Tent; the War Novels of Ford Madox Ford
034392: GORDON, LINDA - Heroes of Their Own Lives; the Politics and History of Family Violence: Boston 1880-1960
022135: THOMAS, GORDON AND MAX MORGAN-WITTS - Guernica; the Crucible of World War II
031760: GORDON, G. S. - English Literature and the Classics
035364: GORDON, COLIN - A Richer Dust; Echoes from an Edwardian Album
047568: ST. LEGER-GORDON, RUTH E. - The Witchcraft and Folklore of Dartmoor
047732: GORDON, IDA L. - The Double Sorrow of Troilus; a Study of Ambiguities in Troilus and Criseyde
022578: GORE, AL - Earth in the Balance; Ecology and the Human Spirit
049785: GORE, CHARLES, ET AL. - A New Commentary on Holy Scripture Including the Apocrypha
020743: GOREAU, ANGELINE - Reconstructing Aphra; a Social Biography of Aphra Behn
038623: GORECKI, JAN - Justifying Ethics; Human Rights & Human Nature
022364: GOREY, EDWARD - Ascending Peculiarity; Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey
037273: GOREY, EDWARD - The Headless Bust; a Melancholy Meditation on the False Millennium
039774: GORGE, ALICE A. - Creative Toymaking
037280: GORHAM, MAURICE - Showmen and Suckers; an Excursion on the Crazy Fringe of the Enterainment World
028774: GÖRICH, KNUT - Ein Kartäuser IM Dienst Friedrich Barbarossas: Dietrich Von Silve-Bénite (C. 1145-1205)
011172: GORING, O. G. - From Goring House to Buckingham Palace; Our Royal Residence from the Earliest Times and the Famous People Connected with It
041655: GORIS, JAN-ALBERT - Marnix Gijsen: Lament for Agnes
027831: GORKIN, JULIAN - Stalins Langer Arm; Die Vernichtung Der Freiheitlichen Linken IM Spanischen Bürgerkrieg
014439: GORKY, MAXIM - Letters of Gorky and Andreev, 1899-1912
019724: MARTINEZ DE GORLA, DORA NOEMI - El Puerto Franco de Patagones Y la Realidad Socioeconomica de la Frontera Del Sud
025197: GÖRLAND, ALBERT - Index Zu Hermann Cohens Logik Der Reinen Erkenntnis
027982: GÖRLITZ, WALTER - Der Deutsche Generalstab; Geschichte Und Gestalt
045090: O'GORMAN, JAMES F. - Three American Architects: Richardson, Sullivan, and Wright, 1865-1925
040474: GÖRNER, VEIT - Kestnerchronik 1
020833: GORNY, HEIN - Ein Pferdebuch
000009: GORT, MICHAEL - Diversification and Integration in American Iindustry
027691: GÖRTZ, HANS-DIETER - Formen Des Zusammenlebens; Symbiose, Parasitismus Und Andere Vergesellschaftungen Von Tieren
002123: GÖSCHEL, JOACHIM - Strukturelle Und Instrumentalphonetische Untersuchungen Zur Gesprochenen Sprache
015074: GOSLING, NIGEL - The Adventurous World of Paris, 1900-1914
008044: GOSLING, F. G. - Before Freud; Neurasthenia and the American Medical Community, 1870-1910
008342: GOSNELL, HAROLD F. - Champion Campaigner, Franklin D. Roosevelt
018571: GOSS, MADELEINE - Bolero; the Life of Maurice Ravel
049446: GOSSE, EDMUND - Questions at Issue
037471: GOSSET, ADELAIDE L. J. - Lullabies of the Four Nations; a Coronal of Song with Renderings from the Walsh and the Gaelic
022798: GOSSMAN, LIONEL - Men and Masks; a Study of Molière
012958: GOSSMAN, LIONEL - Medievalism and the Ideologies of the Enlightenment; the World and Work of la Curne de Sainte-Palaye
034090: GOSSON, STEPHEN - The School of Abuse, Containing a Pleasant Invective Against Poets, Pipers, Players, Jesters, &C
026129: GOSTELOW, MARY - Art of Embroidery; Great Needlework Collections of Britain and the United States
037945: GOSWAMY, B. N. - Essence of Indian Art
023152: GOTOFF, HAROLD C. - The Transmission of the Text of Lucan in the Ninth Century
002413: GÖTSCHL, JOHANN - Revolutionary Changes in Understanding Man and Society; Scopes and Limits
027662: GOTT, TED - Don't Leave Me This Way; Art in the Age of Aids
039476: GOTTESMAN, RONALD, ED - Violence in America; an Encyclopedia
030548: GOTTFRIED, MARTIN - Sondheim
024672: GOTTHEIL, RICHARD J. H. - Zionism
016519: GOTTHELF, IRENE - Darf Das Sein
022515: GOTTINGER, HANS-WERNER - Grundlagen Der Entscheidungstheorie; Ansätze Und Kritik
026641: GOTTLIEB, ERIKA - Becoming My Mother's Daughter; a Story of Survival and Renewal
021359: BARTH, CHRISTIAN GOTTLIEB AND FR. BLAUL - Der Knabe IM Ledersack; Der Kleine Schornsteinfeger; Der Krankenwärter. Drei Erzählungen Für Kinder
046446: GOTTLIEB, ROBERT - Avid Reader; a Life
048422: GOTTLIEB, EUGENE - A Systematic Tabulation of Indo-European Animal Names with Special Reference to Their Etymology and Semasiology
029958: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS R. - Jean Paul Marat; a Study in Radicalism
002126: GOTTSCHED, JOHANN CHRISTOPH - Deutsche Sprachkunst
003770: GOTTWALD, VICENTE COLOM - Der Ruhrorter Hafen; Technik Und Innovation 1800-1870
014872: GÖTZ, WILHELM - Frankenland; Ober-Mittel-Und Unterfranken
048856: KEYDANA GÖTZ - Absolute Konstruktionen in Altindogermanischen Sprachen
040826: GÖTZ, JOHANN NIKOLAUS - Die Gedichte Anakreons Und Der Sappho; Oden Faksimiledruck Nach Der Ausgabe Von 1760
039489: GÖTZE, HEINZ - Castel Del Monte; Geometric Marvel of the Middle Ages
024671: GOUDARD, MARIE LUCIEN, SISTER - étude Sur Les Epistres Morales D'Honoré D'Urfé
028451: GOUDEKET, MAURICE - Close to Colette; an Intimate Portrait of a Woman of Genius
004590: GOUDIMEL, CLAUDE - Oeuvres Complètes
007697: GOUDY, FREDERIC W. - Old Stratford Book Papers; a Few Specimen Pages and an Introductory Note on Fine Printing
040653: GOUGAUD, HENRI - Vivre le Pays Cathare
021752: GOUGENHEIM, GEORGES - études de Grammaire Et de Vocabulaire Français
035134: WORSLEY-GOUGH, BARBARA - Fashions in London
034479: GOUHIER, HENRI - La Pensée Métaphysique de Descartes
046799: GOUIRAN, GERARD - L'Amour Et la Guerre; L'Oeuvre de Bertran de Born
040041: GOULART, RON - Nutzenbolts and More Troubles with Machines
030310: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Dinosaur in a Haystack; Reflections in Natural History
033958: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - I Have Landed; the End of a Beginning in Natural History
010228: GOULD, ROWLAND - The Matsushita Phenomenon
014921: GOULD, G. GLEN - Period Lighting Fixtures
023552: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms; Essays on Natural History
008554: GOULD, CECIL - An Introduction to Italian Renaissance Painting
024665: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle; Myth and Metaphor in the Discovery of Geological Time
014867: GOULD, SIDNEY H., ED - Sciences in Communist China. A Symposium Presented at the New York Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, December 26-27, 1960
027687: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Der Daumen Des Panda; Betrachtungen Zur Naturgeschichte
008225: GOULD, JEAN - Winslow Homer; a Portrait
031256: BARING-GOULD, SABINE - Curious Myths of the Middle Ages
020767: GOULD, WILLIAM B. - Japan's Reshaping of American Labor Law
036540: BARING-GOULD, WILLIAM S. - The Lure of the Limerick; an Uninhibited Hisotory
039585: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes
012159: GOULDEN, JOSEPH C. - Korea; the Untold Story of the War
018055: GOULDNER, ALVIN W. - Enter Plato; Classical Greece and the Origins of Social Theory
023340: GOUREVITCH, BORIS - The Road to Peace and to Moral Democracy; an Encyclopedia of Peace
005197: GOUREVITCH, PETER ALEXIS - Paris and the Provinces; the Politics of Local Government Reform in France
010663: LEROI-GOURHAM, ANDRÉ - Bestiaire Du Bronze Chinois de Style Tcheou
018572: GOURSE, LESLIE - Madame Jazz; Contemporary Women Instrumentalists
019366: GOURSE, LESLIE - Louis' Children; American Jazz Singers
040410: GOVAN, THOMAS PAYNE - Nicholas Biddle, Nationalist and Public Banker 1786-1844
035102: GOVORUKHIN, SERGEI - Nikto, Krome Nas: Rasskazy; Miniatiury; Povesti
031761: GOW, A. S. F. - A.E. Housman; a Sketch Together with a List of His Writings and Indexes to His Classical Papaers
039432: GOWANS, ALAN - The Unchanging Arts; New Forms for the Traditional Functions of Art in Society
023892: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Vermeer
013430: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Paul Cézanne; the Basel Sketchbooks
019032: GOYTISOLO, JUAN - Forbidden Territory; the Memoirs of Juan Goytisolo, 1931-1956
001926: GRABAND, GERHARD - Die Entwicklung Der Frühneuenglischen Nominalflexion Dargestellt Vornehmlich Auf Grund Von Grammatikerzeugnissen Des 17. Jahrhunderts
048169: GRABES, HERBERT, ED - Innovation and Continuity in English Studies; a Critical Jubilee
034682: GRABHORN, ROBERT - A Commonplace Book of Cookery. A Collection of Proverbs, Anecdotes, Opinions and Obsucre Facts on Food, Drink, Cooks, Cooking, Dining, Diners & Dieters Dating from Ancient Times to the Present
047507: YOUNG, GRACE AND ALAN RICHARDSON - The Breath of a Wok; Unlocking the Spirit of Chinese Wok Cooking Through Recipes and Lore
048122: GRACE, HARVEY - The Organ Works of Bach
040578: GRACE, JOAN C. - Tragic Theory in the Critical Works of Thomas Rymer, John Dennis, and John Dryden
015682: GRAEBNER, NORMAN A., ED - An Uncertain Tradition: American Secretaries of State in the Twentieth Century
008578: MEIER-GRAEFE, JULIUS - The Spanish Journey
028453: MEIER-GRAEFE, JULIUS - Pyramid and Temple
032637: RITCHIE, R. L. GRAEME AND CLAUDINE I. SIMONS - Essays in Translation from French
039059: GRAESSE, JOHANN GEORG THEODOR - Orbis Latinus Oder Verzeichnis Der Lateinischen Benennungen Der Bekanntesten Städt Etc. , Meere, Seen, Berge, Und Flüsse in Allen Teilen Der Erde

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