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019448: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1987-88 Term
019447: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1986-1987 Term
019446: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1985-86 Term
019445: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1984-85 Term
019444: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1983-84 Term
019443: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1982-83 Term
019442: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1981-82 Term
019441: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1980-81 Term
019440: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1979-80 Term
019437: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1976-77 Term
019436: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1975-76 Term
019435: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1974-75 Term
019434: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1973-74 Term
019433: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1972-73 Term
019432: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1971-72 Term
019431: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1970-71 Term
019430: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1969-70 Term
019429: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1968-69 Terms
019428: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1967-68 Term
019427: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1966-67 Term
019425: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1964-65 Term
019426: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1965-66 Term
019424: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1963-64 Term
012460: Courtauld, George - An Axe, a Spade & Ten Acres; the Story of a Garden and Nature Reserve
020130: Baudouin De Courtenay, Jan Niecislaw - O Drevne-Pol'Skom Iazykie Do XIV-Go Stolietila
033825: Courthion, Pierre - Impressionism
048933: Courthope, W. J. - A History of English Poetry
015227: Courthope, W. J. - Addison
049434: Cousseau, Henry-Claude - L'Oeuvre Graphique de Gaston Chaissac 1910-1964
024150: Couturier, Guy - Les Patriarches Et L'Histoire; Autour D'Un Article inédit Du Père M. -J. Langrange, O.P.
046563: Watriquet de Couvin - Dits de Watriquet de Couvin
038760: Louvet de Couvray, Jean Baptiste - Die Abenteuer Des Chevalier Faublas Erzählt Von Louvet de Couvray
044583: Coveney, James - Edition Critique Des Versions En Vers Et En Prose de la Légende de L'Empereur Constant Avec Une étude Linguistique Et Littéraire
028000: Covici, Pascal, Jr. - Mark Twain's Humor; the Image of a World
042091: Cowan, Philip A., Et al., Eds - The Family Context of Parenting in Children's Adaptation to Elementary School
039952: Cowan, Peter, Ed - Developing Patterns of Urbanisation
025369: Cowan, Alexander Francis - Venezia E Lubecca 1580-1700
009210: Cowan, C. D., Ed - The Economic Development of South-East Asia; Studies in Economic History and Political Economy
036614: Coward, Noel - A Withered Nosegay; Three Cod Pieces
030971: Coward, T. A. - Birds of the British Isles and Their Eggs
028447: Coward, Noel - Quadrille; a Romantic Comedy in Three Acts
017388: Coward, Noël - The NoëL Coward Diaries
042981: Cowdrey, H. E. J. - The Age of Abbot Desiderius; Montecassino, the Papcy, and the Normans in the Eleventh and Early Twelfth Centuries
051272: Cowell, Mark W. - A Reference Grammar of Syrian Arabic (Based on the Dialect of Damascus)
048156: Cowen, Roy C. - Neunzehntes Jahrhundert [1830-1880]
010340: Cowen, Zelman - The British Commonwealth of Nations in a Changing World; Law, Politics, & Prospects
048825: Cowley, Robert, Ed - With My Face to the Enemy; Perspectives on the CIVIL War
025355: Cowley, Robert, Ed - What Ifs? of American History; Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been
033144: Cowling, G. H. - Music on the Shakespearian Stage
009064: Cowling, Keith, et al. - Resource Structure of Agriculture: An Economic Analysis
049615: Cowper, William - The Corresondence of William Cowper
045440: Cox, Eugene L. - The Green Count of Savoy; Amadeus VI and Transalpine Savoy in the Fourteenth Century
039182: Cox, Peter R. - Demography
036640: Cox, J. Stevens, Ed - Guernsey Dishes of 1815
034316: Cox, Harry - The Australians; a Candid View from Down Under
026399: Cox, Tom - Damned Englishman; a Study of Erskine Childers (1870-1922)
014905: Cox, Andrew - Adversary Politics and Land; the Conflict over Land and Property Policy in Post-War Britain
003713: Cox, Dorothy Hannah - A Third Century Hoard of Tetradrachms from Gordion
020592: Coxon, Roger - Chesterfield and His Critics
046955: Coy, Jason P. - Strangers and Misfits; Banishment, Social Control, and Authority in Early Modern Germany
045289: Coy, Owen C. - In the Diggings in 'Forty-Nine
025734: Coy, Owen Cochran - The Great Trek
017714: Coy, Owen Cochran - The Great Trek
001909: Coyaud, Maurice - Introduction à L'étude Des Languages Documentaires
023684: Coyne, John R., Jr. - The Impudent Snobs; Agnew Vs. The Intellectual Establishment
020593: Crabbe, George - The Life of George Crabbe
012746: Crafford, F. S. - Jan Smuts; a Biography
047482: Craft, Christopher - Another Kind of Love; Male Homosexual Desire in English Discourse, 1850-1920
051149: Craft, Robert - A Stravinsky Scrapbook 1940-1971
030677: Craft, Jerry - Our White Boy
024755: Cragg, Gerald R. - The Church and the Age of Reason 1648-1789
024151: Cragg, Kenneth - Counsels in Contemporary Islam
049879: Zietich-Craib, Gloria - A Foot in Two Worlds; Recollections and Remembrances
043006: Craig, Edward Gordon - On the Art of the Theatre
042538: Craig, Raymond A. - A Concordance to the Major Poems of Edward Taylor
034671: Craig, Barbara M., Ed - La Creacion, la Transgression and L'Expulsion of the Mistere Du Viel Testament
034007: Craig, Hardin - The Enchanted Glass; the Elizabethan Mind in Literature
033965: Craig, Hardin - New Lamps for Old; a Sequel to the Enchanted Glass
005515: Craig, Mary - Lech Walesa and His Poland
004639: Craig, Ann L. - The First Agraristas; an Oral History of a Mexican Agrarian Reform Movement
004206: Craig, Gordon A. - From Bismarck to Adenauer; Aspects of German Statecraft
049827: Turner, Craig and Tony Soper - Methods and Practice of Elizabethan Swordplay
017480: Craige, Betty Jean - Laying the Ladder Down; the Emergence of Cultural Holism
040000: Craighead, F. C. - Insect Enemies of Eastern Forests
039329: Cramer, J. S. - Empirical Econometrics
024588: Cramer, Harald - Mathematical Methods of Statistics
022510: Cramer, J. S. - Empirical Econometrics
048723: Cramp, Rosemary - Early Northumbrian Sculpture
051786: Cramp, William - Michael Faraday and Some of His Contemporaries
045134: Crampton, C. Gregory - Standing Up Country; the Canyon Lands of Utah and Arizona
022649: Crampton, R. J. - The Hollow Detente; Anglo-German Relations in the Balkans, 1911-1914
018863: Crampton, C. Gregory - Standing Up Country; the Canyon Lands of Utah and Arizona
041821: Cranbrook, John David Gathorne-Hardy, 4th Earl of - Parnassian Moelhill; an Anthology of Suffolk Verse Written between 1327 and 1864, with Some Account of the Authors and with Numerous Drawings by John Nash
022838: Crandall, Robert W. - The U.S. Steel Industry in Recurrent Crisis; Policy Options in a Competitive World
047047: Crane, George - Bones of the Master; a Journey to Secret Mongolia
045109: Crane, Stephen - The Red Badge of Courage; a Facsimile Edition of the Manuscript
044251: Crane, Susan - Gender and Romance in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
040493: Crane, Nathalia - Lava Lane and Other Poems
040323: Crane, Stephen - Tales of Whilomville: "the Monster"; "His New Mittens"; Whilomville Stories
040322: Crane, Stephen - The O'Ruddy (Completed by Robert Barr)
030355: Crane, Milton - Shakespeare's Prose
020876: Crane, David - Lord Byron's Jackal; the Life of Edward John Trelawny
020594: Crane, Stephen - Stephen Crane's Love Letters to Nellie Crouse; with Six Other Letters, New Materials on Crane at Syracuse University and a Number of Unusual Photographs
015123: Crane, Aimée - French Impressionists and Their Contemporaries Represented in American Collections
010112: Crane, Stephen - Stephen Crane: Letters
050879: Crane, Susan - The Performance of Self; Ritual, Clothing, and Identity During the Hundred Years War
007161: Crane, Jonathan, Ed - Social Programs That Work
048447: Cranmer, David J. - Derived Intransitivity: A Contrastive Analysis of Certain Reflexive Vers in German, Russian and English
023324: Cranston, Alan - The Sovereignty Revolution
018015: Cranston, Maurice - Jean-Jacques; the Early Life and Work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712-1754
028688: Cranz, F. Edward, Ed - Catalogus Translationum Et Commentariorum: Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin Transslations and Commentaries. Annotated Lists and Guides. Volume IV
020716: Crashaw, Richard - The Poems English, Latin and Greek of Richard Crashaw
046154: Craven, Wayne - Colonial American Portraiture; the Economic, Religious, Social, Cultural, Philosophical, Scientific, and Aesthetic Foundations
043968: Craven, Kenneth - Jonathan Swift and the Millennium of Madness; the Information Age in Swift's a Tale of a Tub
012011: Craven, Avery Q. - CIVIL War in the Making, 1815-1860
040194: Craveri, Piero - Sindacato E Istituzioni Del Dopoguerra
045638: Crawford, William R. - Bibliography of Chaucer 1954-63
044733: Crawford, Michael - The Roman Republic
041664: Crawford, Charles - The Marlowe Concordance
039025: Crawford, Donald W. - Kant's Aesthetic Theory
032838: Crawford, Alan Pell - Unwise Passions; a True Story of a Remarkable Woman--and the First Great Scandal of Eighteenth-Century America
036249: Cray, Ed - Levi's
028018: Craze, Richard - The Spice Companion; the Culinary, Cosmetic and Medicinal Uses of Spices
039627: Creamer, Daniel - Capital and Output Trends in Manufacutring Industries, 1880-1948
036087: Creasy, Rosalind - The Edible Italian Garden
035554: Creasy, Rosalind - The Edible French Garden
035471: Creasy, Rosalind - Cooking from the Garden
035027: Creasy, Rosalind - The Edible Heirloom Garden
025147: Creed, John Martin - The Divinity of Jesus Christ; a Study in the History of Christian Doctrine Since Kant
047546: Creel, Herrlee Glessner, et al. - Literary Chinese by the Inductive Method
047137: Creel, Herrlee G. - The Origins of Statecraft in China. Vol. 1: The Western Chour Empire
006123: Creevey, Thomas - Creevey
006050: Creiger, Don M. - Bounder from Wales; Lloyd George's Career Before the First World War
012760: Gabel, Creighton and Norman R. Bennett, Eds - Reconstructing African Culture History
030240: Creizenach, Wilhelm - The English Drama in the Age of Shakespeare
051218: Crema, Joan Maria Da - Intavolatura Di Liuto. Libro Primo Di Recercari, Canzone Francese, Motetti, Madrigali, Pass'e Mezzi, Saltarelli
049265: Cremaschi, Giovanni - Guida Allo Studio Del Latino Medieval
011362: Ketton-Cremer, R. W. - Horace Walpole; a Biography
012012: Cresap, Bernarr - Appomattox Commander; the Story of General E.O. C. Ord
049161: Crespo, Begoña - Change in Life, Change in Language; a Semantic Approach to the History of English
024945: Cresson, André - Francis Bacon; Sa Vie, Son Oeuvre Avec Un Exposé de Sa Philosophie
011096: Creston, Dormer - The Youthful Queen Victoria; a Discursive Narrative
051159: Crétin, Guillaume - Déploration de Guillaume Cretin Sur Ee Trépas de Jean Okeghem, Musicien, Premier Chapelain Du Roi de France Et Trésorier de Saint-Martin de Tours
023890: Crevel, René - Putting My Foot in It
016231: Van Creveld, Martin - Command in War
036382: Crew, F. A. E. - The Genetics of Sexuality in Animals
024129: Crew, Graeme - The Royal Army Service Corps
022384: Crews, Frederick C., Ed - Unauthorized Freud; Doubters Confront a Legend
022317: Crews, Frederick - Skeptical Engagements
015653: Criag, Gordon A. - The Triumph of Liberalism; Zürich in the Golden Age, 1830-1860
040542: Cribb, Joe, Ed - Money from Cowrie Shells to Credit Cards
005505: Crick, Bernard, Ed - Essays on Reform, 1967: A Centenary Tribute
020271: Crier, Catherine - The Case Against Lawyers; How Laywers, Politicians, and Bureaucrats Have Turned the Law Into an Instrument of Tyrannyy--and What We As Citizens Have to Do About It
011729: Crile, George, Jr. - The Way It Was; Sex, Surgery, Treasure, and Travel, 1907-1987
029481: Cripe, Helen - Thomas Jefferson and Music
049721: Cripe, Helen - Thomas Jefferson and Music
011730: Cripps, Ernest C. - Plough Court; the Story of a Notable Pharmacy, 1715-1927
036767: Criscuolo, Claire - Claire's Classic American Vegetarian Cooking
017423: Crisp, Quentin - The Naked CIVIL Servant
043331: Sallustius Crispus, Caius - Catalina; Iugurtha; Fragmenta Ampliora
035092: Sallustius Crispus, Caius - De Coniuratione Catilinae Et de Bello Iugurthino Libri Ex Historiarum Libris Deperditis. Orationes Et Epistulae
031916: Sallustius Crispus, Caius - Bellum Iugurthinum
048873: Crist, Steve - The Contact Sheet
045952: Crist, Darlene Trew - American Gargoyles; Spirits in Stone
024753: Cristiani, Léon - L'Eglise à L'époque Du Concile de Trente
003282: Cristofani, Mauro - Civiltà Degli Etruschi
022540: Criswell, Joan H., Et al., Eds - Methematical Methods in Small Group Processes
035300: Critchfield, Richard - The Villagers. Changed Values, Altered Lives: The Closing of the Urban-Rural Gap
015345: Crittenden, Ann - Sanctuary; a Story of American Conscience and the Law in Collision
027308: Croall, Jonathan - Gielgud; a Theatrical Life
039077: Della Croce, Julia - The Pasta Book; Recipes in the Italian Tradition
036700: Croce, Arlene - Going to the Dance
030405: Crocker, George N. - Roosevelt's Road to Russia
013797: Crocker, Lester G. - Diderot, the Embattled Philosophy
046019: Crocombe, R. G. - Land Tenure in the Cook Islands
035041: Croll, Elisabeth - The Family Rice Bowl; Food and the Domestic Economy in China
049830: Cromartie, Roderick Grant Francis Mackenzie, Earl of - A Highland History
050719: Crombie, A. C. - Robert Grosseteste and the Origins of Experimental Science 1100-1700
026965: Crompton, Louis - Byron and Greek Love; Homophobia in 19th-Century England
016610: Crompton, Margaret - George Eliot, the Woman
006241: Crompton, Arnold - Unitarianism on the Pacific Coast; the First Sixty Years
005538: Crompton, Margaret - Passionate Search; a Life of Charlotte Brontë
017873: Cronia, Arturo - Grammatica Della Lingua Serbo-Croata
039811: Cronin, Helena - The Ant and the Peacock; Altruism and Sexual Selection from Darwin to Today
010879: Cronin, Vincent - Catherin, Empress of All the Russias
021069: Beatty, Richmond Croom and William Perry Fidler, Eds - Contemporary Southern Prose
017223: Crosas, Francisco - La Fermosa Cobertura; Lecciones de Literatura Medieval
032644: Crosby, James O. - En Torno a la Poesía de Quevedo
023412: Crosby, Elisha Oscar - Memoirs of Elisha Oscar Crosby; Reminiscences of California and Guatemala from 1849 to 1864
017224: Crosby, Alfred W. - The Measure of Reality; Quantification and Western Society, 1250-1600
011099: Crosby, Travis L. - The Two Mr. Gladstones; S Study in Psychology and History
020595: Crosland, Margaret - Colette; a Provincial in Paris
011100: Crosland, C. A. R. - Britain's Economic Problem
005423: Crosland, Margaret - Women of Iron and Velvet; French Women Writers After George Sand
030086: Cross, A. G. - N.M. Karamzin; a Study of His Literary Career 1783-1803
028477: Cross, George Lynn - The University of Oklahoma and World War II; a Personal Account, 1941-1946
013801: Cross, E. B. - False Priest a Snare to the People
013800: Cross, E. B. - Feed My Sheep
013799: Cross, E. B. - Light--Let It Shine
009641: Cross, Wilbur L. - Connecticut Yankee; an Autobiography
009362: Cross, Colin - The Fall of the British Empire, 1918-1968
011593: Crossley, D. W., Ed - Sidney Ironworks Accounts, 1541-1573
014371: Crossman, Carl L. - The China Trade; Export Paintings, Furniture, Silver & Other Objects
045291: Crosson, Bruce - Subcortical Functions in Language and Memory
044494: Crotti, Ilaria - Libro, Mondo, Teatro; Saggi Goldoniani
034613: Crotty, Kevin - Song and Action; the Victory Odes of Pindar
021537: Crotty, William, Ed - Democratic Development & Political Terrorism; the Global Perspective
007248: Crouch, Winston W. - Organized CIVIL Servants; Public Employer-Employee Relations in California
003104: Crouch, Joseph - Puritanism and Art; an Inquiry Into a Popular Fallacy
045948: Croucher, Sheila L. - Imagining Miami; Ethnic Politics in a Postmodern World
007019: O'Crouley, Pedro Alonso - A Description of the Kingdom of New Spain, 1774
038112: Croutier, Alev Lytle - Taking the Waters; Spirit, Art, Sensuality
029375: Crow, Thomas E. - Painters and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Paris
012748: Crowder, Michael - The Flogging of Phinehas Mcintosh; a Tale of Colonial Folly and Injustice, Bechuanaland, 1933
012429: Crowell, Pers - Cavalcade of American Horses
015391: Crowle, Pigeon - Come to the Ballet
015381: Crowle, Pigeon - Beryl Grey; the Progress of a Ballerina
047118: Crowley, Roger - 1453; the Holy War for Constaninople and the Clash of Islam and the West
033484: Crowne, John - The Dramatic Works of John Crowne with Prefatory Memoir and Notes
051792: Crowther, J. A. - The Life and Discoveries of Michael Faraday
003963: Crowther, J. G. - Founders of British Science: John Wilkins, Robert Boyle, John Ray, Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton
012015: Crozier, Brian - The Rebels; a Study of Post-War Insurrections
042808: Crubellier, Maurice - Sens de L'Histoire Et Eligion: Auguste Comte, Northrop, Sorokin, Arnold Toynbee
033513: Cruickshank, A. H. - Philip Massinger
020596: Cruikshank, R. J. - Charles Dickens and Early Victorian England
049806: Cruikshank, George - The Comic Almanack; an Ephemeris in Jest and Earnest, Containg Merry Tales, Humorous Poetry Quips and Oddities by Thackeray, Albert Smith, Gilbert a'Bekett, and the Brothers Mayhew
050470: Cruise, William - A Treatise on the Origin and Nature of Dignities or Titles of Honour; Containing All the Cases of Peerage, Together with the Mode or Proceeding in Claims of This Kind
038127: Crum, Margaret, Ed - First-Line Index of English Poetry 1500-1800 in Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library Oxford
022889: Crum, Bartley C. - Behind the Silken Curtain; a Personal Account of Anglo-American Diplomacy in Palestine and the Middle East
037985: Crumb, Lawrence N. - The Oxford Movement and Its Leaders: A Bibliography of Secondary and Lesser Primary Sources
037139: Crump, Lucy - Nursery Life 300 Years Ago; the Stoy of a Dauphin of France, 1601-10, Taken from the Journal of Dr. Jean Héroard, Physician-in-Charge, and from Other Contemporary Sources
008086: Crump, Arthur - An Investigation Into the Causes of the Great Fall in Prices Which Took Place Coincidently with the Demonetisation of Silver by Germany
029390: Crunden, Robert M. - American Salons; Encounters with European Modernism, 1885-1917
008349: Crunden, Robert M. - Ministers of Reform; the Progressives' Achievement in American Civilization, 1889-1920
040318: Accademia della Crusca - Studi Di Filologia Italiana; Bollettino Annuale Dell'Accademia Della Crusca. Vol. XXXII
041123: Baumgarten-Crusius, Artur - Deutsche Heerführung IM Marnefeldzug 1914; Beiträge Zur Beurteilung Der Schuldfrage
036498: Gonzalez-Crussi, F. - The Day of the Dead and Other Mortal Reflections
041535: Crutchley, Brooke, Ed - Siberch Celebrations 1521-1971
004244: Cruttwell, Maud - Verrocchio
051064: Juan de la Cruz - Jean de la Croix: Oeuvres Complètes
046231: Crystal, Billy - Still Follin' 'Em. Where I'Ve Been, Where I'm Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys
044114: Crystal, David - The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language
049081: Crystal, David - English As a Global Language
030264: Csampai, Atilla - Callas; Images of a Legend
008248: Csapodi, Csaba, et al. - Bibliotheca Corvianiana
021724: Garza Cuaron, Beatriz - La Connotacion; Problemas Del Significado
034848: Cuate, Melodie A. - Journey to la Salle's Settlement
030634: Cuate, Melodie A. - Journey to Goliad
024070: Cuate, Melodie A. - Journey to San Jacinto
041792: Cuccoli, Maria Cristina - Un Passo Dopo L'Altro; Step by Step
025614: Cuddon, J. A. - A Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory
009444: Cuervo, Rufino José - Obras
028712: Cues, Nikolaus Von - Der Laie über Versuche Mit Der Waage; Idiota de Staticis Experimentis
048403: Culicover, Peter W., Et al., Eds - Formal Syntax
044744: Cullen, Patrick - Spenser, Marvell, and Renaissance Pastoral
015051: Cullen, Robert - Twilight of Empire; Inside the Crumbling Soviet Bloc
046584: Culler, JOnathan - On Deconstruction; Theory and Criticism After Structuralism
021071: Culler, Jonathan - On Deconstruction; Theory and Criticism After Structuralism
024749: Cullmann, Oscar - Die Christologie Des Neuen Testaments
024747: Cullmann, Oscar - Heil Als Geschichte; Heilsgeschichtliche Existenz IM Neuen Testament
024745: Cullmann, Oscar - Les Sacrements Dans L'évangile Johannique; la Vie de Jésus Et le Culte de L'église Primitive
030265: Culshaw, John - Ring Resounding
024744: Culverwell, Nathaniel - An Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Nature
004461: Cumberland, Kenneth B. - Southwest Pacific; a Geography of Australia, New Zealand, and Their Pacif Island Neighbors
045893: Cuming, Charles - A Divided Spy
051968: Cumming, Julie E. - The Motet in the Age of Du Fay
050695: Cumming, CHarles - A Colder War
019010: Cumming, Robert Denoon - Human Nature and History; a Study of the Development of Liberal Political Thought
051209: Cummings, William H. - Henry Purcell 1658-1695
039947: Cummings, E. E. - Eimi
030357: Cummings, R. M., Ed - Spenser; the Critical Heritage
026029: Cumminig, W. P., Et al. - The Exploration of North America 1630-1776
045292: Cummins, Paul F. - Dachau Song
041098: Cummins, W. A. - King Arthur's Place in Prehistory; the Great Age of Stonehenge
035325: Cummins, Julie, Ed - Children's Book Illustration and Design. Volume II
034252: Cunliffe, Barry - Fishbourne, a Roman Palace and Its Garden
033106: Cunliffe, John W., Ed - Early English Classical Tragedies, Edited with Introduction and Notes
022770: Cunliffe, Barry - Rome and Her Empire
007235: Cunliffe, Tom - Topsail & Battleaxe; a Voyage in the Wake of the Vikings
046102: Cunningham, Michael - Specimen Days
041454: Cunningham, Noble E., Jr. - The United States in 1800; Henry Adams Revisited
038428: Cunningham, Marion - The Fannie Farmer Cookbook
037555: Cunningham, Imogen - After Ninety
037286: Cunningham, Chet - The Sciatica Relief Handbook
036840: Cunningham, Colin - Victorian and Edwardian Town Halls
033036: Cunningham, Noble E. - In Pursuit of Reason; the Life of Thomas Jefferson
031291: Cunningham, Anne S. - Crystal Palaces; Garden Conservatories of the United States
028015: Cunningham, M. Allen - The Green Age of Asher Witherow
014861: Cunningham, Rodger - Apples on the Flood; the Southern Mountain Experience
007163: Cunningham, Eugene - Triggernometry; a Gallery of Gunfighters
002761: Cunningham, Noble E. - In Pursuit of Reason; the Life of Thomas Jefferson
036454: Cunnington, Phillis - Costume in Pictures
025152: Cunow, Heinrich - Ursprung Der Religion Und Des Gottesglaubens
044827: Rafel Cupi, Joan - Diachronic Linguistics
005464: Curling, Jonathan - Edward Wortley Montagu, 1713-1776; the Man in the Iron Wig
020789: Current, Richard N. - Secretary Stimson; a Study in Statecraft
006042: Current, Richard Nelson - Lincoln's Loyalists; Union Soliers from the Confederacy
007165: Currie, Elliott - Reckoning; Drugs, the Cities, and the American Future
050899: Curry, Walter Clyde - Chaucer and the Mediaeval Sciences
021100: Curry, Larry - The American West; Painters from Catlin to Russell
008541: Cursiter, Stanley - Scottish Art to the Close of the Nineteenth Century
024741: Curteis, George Herbert - Dissent, in Its Relation to the Church England
032733: Curtin, Jeremiah - Myths and Folk-Lore of Ireland
025312: Curtin, Philip D., Ed - Africa & the West; Intellectual Responses to European Culture
048187: Curtis, Gerald L. - The Logic of Japanese Politics; Leaders, Institutions, and the Limits of Change
048059: Curtis, Brian - The Warm-Water Game Fishes of California
038116: Curtis, Anthony - Somerset Maugham
050959: Curtis, Alan - Sweelinck's Keyboard Music; a Study of English Elements in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Composition
005042: Curtis, Lionel - The Capital Question of China
021674: Curtius, Georg - Zur Kritik Der Neuesten Sprachforschung
019487: Curtius, Ludwig - Die Antike Kunst. I. ägypten Und Vorderasien
013806: Curts, Paul - Luther's Variations in Sentence Arrangement from the Modern Litrary Usage. With Primary Reference to the Position of the Verb
027032: Cuscoy, Luis Diego - El Libro de Tenerife (Guia)
036408: Cushing, Frank H. - My Adventure in ZuñI
012651: Cushing, Emory C. - History of Entomology in World War II
042430: Cushman, Robert E. - Faith Seeking Understanding; Essays Theological and Critical
043160: Cusin, Fabio - Antistoria D'Italia
037575: Cust, Sybil - Queen Elizabeth's Gentlewoman and Other Sketches
027956: Cutler, Richard G., Ed - Cellular Ageing: Concepts and Mechanisms. Part I: General Concepts. Mechanisms I: Fidelity of Information Flow
008990: Cutler, Carl C. - Greyhounds of the Sea; the Story of the American Clipper Ship
029350: Cutright, Paul Russell - Lewis and Clark: Pioneering Naturalists
008250: Cuttino, G. P. - English Medieval Diplomacy
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014382: Diez, Ernst - Die Kunst Indiens
047388: Dihle, Albrecht - Greek and Latin Literature of the Roman Empire from Augustus to Justinian
043417: Dijkstra, Bram - American Expressionism; Art and Social Change 1920-1950
037910: Dijkstra, Bram - The Hieroglyphics of a New Speech: Cubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams
009462: Dil, Anwar S. - Studies in Pakistani Linguistics
034849: Dilke, O. A. W. - Mathematics and Measurement
030277: Dill, Charles - Monstrous Opera; Rameau and the Tragic Tradition
047785: Dillard, J. L. - Lexicon of Black English
015224: Dillard, Annie - For the Time Being
384: Diller, Hans-Jürgen - Redeformen Des Englischen Misterienspiels
040807: Diller, Hans, et al. - Gottheit Und Mensch in Der Tragödie Des Sophokles
006252: Dillistone, F. W. - Charles Raven, Naturalist, Historian, Theologian
044965: Dillmont, Thérèse De - Encyclopédie Des Ouvrages de Dames
030816: Dillmont, Thérèse De - The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework
050408: Dillmont, Thérèse De - Encyklopaedie Der Weiblichen Handarbeiten
048524: Dillo, Ingrid G. - De Nadagen Van de Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie 1783-1795; Schepen En Zeervarenden
045115: Dillon, Peter - Narrative of la Pérouse's Expedition
035839: Dillon, Millicent - After Egypt; Isadora Duncan and Mary Cassatt
027669: Dillon, Richard H. - North American Indian Wars
025163: Dillon, E. J. - The Sceptics of the Old Testament: Job, Koheleth, Agur
014489: Dillon, Richard - Great Expectations; the Story of Benicia, California
051967: Dillon, Emma - Medieval Music-Making and the Roman de Fauvel
008415: Dillon, Millicent - A Little Original Sin; the Life and Work of Jane Bowles
007177: Dillon, Merton L. - Benjamin Lundy and the Struggle for Negro Freedom
002373: Dilman, Ilham - Freud; Insight and Change
038883: Dilthey, Wilhelm - Weltanschauung Und Analyse Des Menschen Seit Renaissance Und Reformation
049759: Dimand, M. S. - Oriental Rugs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
037903: Dimbleby, Josceline - A Taste of Dreams; Josceline Dimbleby's Cookery Book
047233: Diment, Galya - The Autobiographical Novel of Co-Consciousness: Goncharaove, Woolf, and Joyce
026331: Dimick, John - Episodes in Archaeology; Bit Parts in Big Dramas
041219: Dimier, Louis - Le Primatice
051386: Dimier, Anselme - Les Moines Bâtisseurs
040931: Dimoff, Paul - La Vie Et L'Oeuvre D'André Chénier Jusqu'a la Revolution Française 1962-1790. Tome II: L'Elaboration de L'Oeuvre; la Réalisation de L'Oeuvre
029629: Charaf ed-Din - Le Premier Manuscrit Chirurgical Turc, Rédigé Par Charaf Ed-Din (1465) Et Illustré de 140 Miniatures
032430: Dysart, Dinah and Hannah Fink, Eds - Asian Women Artists
048065: Dine, Jim - Jim Dine Designs for a Midsummer Night's Dream
050223: Dine, Jim - Jim Dine in Der Glyptothek
050330: Dine, Jim - Jim Dine. A Day Longer
045472: Dinekov, Petur, Ed - Konstantin Kiril Filosof; Dokladi Ot Simpoziuma, Posveten Na 1100-God. Ot Smurtta Mu
044576: Diner, Dan - Lost in the Sacred; Why the Muslim World Stood Still
028495: Diner, Hasia - Jewish Americans: The Immigrant Experience
014459: Dines, Elaine K. - Anxious Interiors; an Exhibition of Tableau Photography and Sculpture
020607: Dinesen, Isak - Letters from Africa, 11914-1931
016762: Dinesen, Isak - Carnival; Entertainments and Posthumous Tales
021678: Dingwall, William Orr - A Survey of Linguistic Science
009464: Dingwall, William Orr - Transformational Generative Grammar; a Bibliography
042015: Dinnage, Rosemary - Alone! Alone! Lives of Some Outsider Women
017877: Dinnsen, Daniel A. - Current Approaches to Phonological Theory
043303: DiNoto,Andrea - Art Plastique; la Vie Quotidienne
043965: Dinshaw, Carolyn - Chaucer's Sexual Poetics
044313: Dinzelbach, Peter - Himmel, Hölle, Heilige; Visionen Und Kunst IM Mittelalter
002488: Diolé, Philippe - 4,000 Years Under the Sea
039115: Dion, Gérard - Vocabulaire Français-Anglais Des Relation Professionneles; Glossary of Terms Used in Industrial Relation (English-French)
002093: DiPietro, Robert - Language Structures in Contrast
049567: Diringer, David - The Alphabet; a Key to the History O Mankind
040755: Schubert, Dirk and Hans Harms - Wohnen Am Hafen; Leben Und Arbeiten an Der Wasserkante; Stadtgeschichte, Gegewart, Zukunft--Das Beispiel Hamburg
025164: Dirks, John Edward - The Critical Theology of Theodore Parker
037899: Disch, Thomas M. - The Tale of Dan de Lion
024765: Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline - The Fifth Report of the Committee of the Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline, and for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders. 1823. With an Appendix
006060: Disraeli, Benjamin - Disraeli's Reminiscences
007795: Disselhoff, Hans Dietrich - Geschichte Der Altamerikanischen Kulturen
036656: Ditchfield, P. H. - The Story of the City Companies

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