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032146: EDMONS, DAVID AND JOHN EIDINOW - Bobby Fischer Goes to War; How the Soviets Lost the Most Extraordinary Chess Match of All Time
032214: DAVID, CATHERINE - Simone Signoret
033177: DAVID, RICHARD - The Janus of Poets, Being an Essay on the Dramatic Value of Shakspere's Poetry Both Good and Bad
044895: WEEKS, DAVID AND JAMIE JAMES - Eccentrics; a Study of Sanity and Strangeness
011983: CHANOFF, DAVID AND DOAN VAN TOAI - Portrait of the Enemy
038790: FIERZ-DAVID, LINDA - The Dream of Poliphilo Related and Interpreted
043840: BLOCH, DAVID AND STEN EBBESEN - Videnssamfundet I Det 12. Og 13. århundrede; Forskning Og Formidling
039414: KERSHAW, DAVID AND JERILYN FAIR - The New Jersey Income-Maintenance Experiment. Volume I: Operations, Surveys, and Administration
044839: DAVIDSON, SANDRA CALDER - The Calder Family and Other Critters; Portraits and Reflections
035641: DAVIDSON, DELPHINE - Soft Toys
043464: ELLIS DAVIDSON, H. R. - Scandinavian Mythology
025153: DAVIDSON, BENJAMIN - The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon
013808: DAVIDSON, HUGH M. - The Origins of Certainty; Means and Meanings in Pascal's Pensées
016626: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - The Drawing of America; Eyewitnesses to History
010755: DAVIDSON, ALASTAIR - The Communist Party of Australia; a Short History
015713: DAVIDSON, CATHY N., ET AL., EDS - The Oxford Companion to Women's Writing in the United States
015125: DAVIDSON, ABRAHAM A. - The Story of American Painting
043680: DAVIDSON, CLIFFORD, ED - The Saint Play in Medieval Europe
028879: DAVIDSON, BASIL - The Lost Cities of Africa
037053: DAVIDSON, JAMES - Courtesans & Fishcakes; the Consuming Passions of Classical Athens
035297: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Report on Southern Africa
006868: DAVIDSON, DONALD - The Literary Correspondence of Donald Davidson and Allen Tate
023325: DAVIDSON, MIKE - The Transformation of Management
036319: DAVIDSON, ALAN - The Oxford Companion to Food
045306: DAVIDSON, CLIFFORD - Illustrations of the Stage and Acting in England to 1580
037522: DAVIDSON, ALAN - Seafood; a Connoisseur's Guide and Cookbook
021073: DAVIDSON, CATHY N. - Revolution and the Word; the Rise of the Novel in America
033860: DAVIDSON, NORMA E. - Letters from California or He Married Me for My Drapes
033100: DAVIDSON, JAMES WEST - The Logic of Millennial Thought; Eighteenth-Century New England
035999: DAVIDSON, CAROLINE - Women's Worlds; the Art and Life of Mary Ellen Best, 1809-1891
043022: DAVIE, OLIVER - Reveries and Recollections of a Naturalist
019526: DAVIE, DONALD - Ezra Pound
005892: DAVIE, MAURICE R. - The Papers of Maurice R. Davie
033901: DAVIES, PAUL - The Last Three Minutes; Conjectures About the Ultimate Fate of the Universe
039980: DAVIES, C. N., ED - Inhaled Particles and Vapours; Proceedings of an International Symposium Organized by the British Occupational Hygiene Society, Oxford, 29-March-1 April 1960
022609: DAVIES, NIGEL - The Toltecs, Until the Fall of Tula
039709: DAVIES, HUNTER - The Teller of Tales; in Search of Robert Louis Stevenson
005478: DAVIES, D. W. - Elizabethans Errant; the Strange Fortunes of Sir Thomas Sherley and His Three Sons, As Well in the Dutch Wars As in Muscovy, Morocco, Persia, Spain, and the Indies
025154: DAVIES, W. D. - Torah in the Messianic Age and/or the Age to Come
004462: DAVIES, J. L. - Atlas of Tasmania
026959: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Lyre of Orpheus
004229: BULLOCK-DAVIES, CONSTANCE - Register of Royal and Baronial Domestic Minstrels, 1271-1327
016708: DAVIES, J. G., ED - The New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship
027424: DAVIES, JOHN - A History of Wales
027612: DAVIES, ANTHONY - Filming Shakespeare's Plays; the Adaptations of Laurence Olivier, Orson Welles, Peter Brook and Akira Kurosawa
030219: DAVIES, GODFREY - The Early Stuarts 1603-1660
030636: DAVIES, BRUCE - The Battle at Ngok Tavak; Allied Valor and Defeat in Vietnam
030773: DAVIES, GARETH A. - A Poet at Court: Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza (1586-1644)
036724: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks Comprising the Diary, the Table Talk and a Garland of Miscellanea by Samuel Marchbanks
032657: WYNNE-DAVIES, MARION, ED - Bloomsbury Guides to English Literature: The Renaissance. G Guide to English Renaissance Literature: 1500-1660
033059: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Merry Heart; Reflections on Reading, Writing, and the World of Books
036228: DAVIES, PAUL - About Time; Einstein's Unfinished Revolution
034154: DAVIS, JOE LEE - The Sons of Ben; Jonsonian Comedy in Caroline England
004989: DAVIS, FEI-LING - Primitive Revolutionaries of China; a Study of Secret Societies in the Late Nineteenth Century
018508: DAVIS, FRANCIS - In the Moment; Jazz in the 1980s
034373: DAVIS, R. G. - The San Francisco Mime Troupe; the First Ten Years
022775: DAVIS, JOHN D. - Genesis and Semitic Tradition
017031: DAVIS, PETER - Where Is Nicaragua
022010: DAVIS, NATHANIEL - Afro-American Reference; an Annotated Bibliography of Selected Resources
014917: DAVIS, KENNETH S. - The Eisenhower College Collection: The Paintings of Dwight D. Eisenhower
010225: DAVIS, SANDRA T. W. - Intellectual Change and Political Development in Early Modern Japan: Ono Azusa, a Case Study
024792: DAVIS, CHARLES, ED - English Spiritual Writers
012034: DAVIS, BURKE - Gray Fox; Robert E. Lee and the CIVIL War
012035: DAVIS, BURKE - The Long Surrender
012036: DAVIS, BURKE - Sherman's March
012038: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - Touched by Fire; a Photographic Portrait of the CIVIL War
006247: DAVIS, WINSTON - Dojo; Magic and Exorcism in Modern Japan
005935: DAVIS, ARCHIE K. - Boy Colonel of the Confederacy; the Life and Times of Henry King Burgwyn, Jr.
025623: DAVIS, VINCENT - The Admirals Lobby
012432: DAVIS, J. CHARLES, 2D - California Salt Water Fishing
016690: DAVIS, DAVID BRION - The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture
005906: DAVIS, ALLEN F. - Spearheads for Reform; the Social Settlements and the Progressive Movement, 1890-1914
038448: DAVIS, MICHAEL D. - Black American Women in Olympic Track and Field; a Complete Illustrated Reference
018866: DAVIS, PHIL - Beyond the Zone System
006025: DAVIS, JOSEPH S. - On Agricultural Policy, 1926-1938
007951: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT - Hugh Walpole; a Biography
027488: DAVIS, SHELTON H. - Victims of the Miracle; Development and the Indians of Brazil
019370: DAVIS, DICK - Lares; Poems 1985-1986
030268: DAVIS, RONALD - Opera in Chicago; a Social and Cultural History, 1850-1965
030267: DAVIS, PETER G. - The American Opera Singer; the Lives and Adventures of America's Great Singers in Opera and Concert, from 1825 to the Present
004680: DAVIS, RICHARD W. - Political Change and Continuity, 1760-1885; a Buckinghamshire Study
041455: DAVIS, RICHARD BEALE, ED - The Colonial Virgina Satirist; Mid-Eighteenth-Century Commentaires on Politics, Religions, and Society
039433: DAVIS, BERTRAM H. - Johnson Before Bosell; a Study of Sir John Hawkins' Life of Samuel Johnson
002204: DAVIS, LAWRENCE M., ED - Studies in Linguistics in Honor of Raven I. Mcdavid, Jr.
045126: DAVIS, ROBERT CHAPIN - Final Mutiny: Reinhard Goering, His Life and Art
019868: DAVIS, ROBERT MURRAY - The Ornamental Hermit; People and Places of the New West
001911: DAVIS, JACK EMORY - The Spanish of Argentina and Uruguay; an Annotated Bibliography for 1940-1978
037619: DAVIS, DOUGLAS - Artculture; Essays on the Post-Modern
045531: DAVIS, DICK - Epic and Sedition; the Case of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh
044051: DAVIS, NORMAN, ED - Paston Letters and Papers of the Fifteenth Century. Part I.
010133: DAVISON, WILLIAM - William Davison's New Specimen of Cast-Metal Ornaments and Wood Types
033419: DAVRIL, ROBERT - Le Drame de John Ford
022065: PUR-DAVUD, IBRAHIM - Hormazdnameh
009356: DAVY, CHARLES - Worlds in the Mind; Exploring Some Effects of Poetry, English and French
012039: DAWIDOWICZ, LUCY S. - The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945
038012: DAWKINS, RICHARD - Climbing Mount Improbable
006248: DAWLEY, POWEL MILLS - John Whitgift and the English Reformation
032670: DAWS, GAVAN - Shoal of Time; a History of the Hawaiian Islands
004899: DAWSON, OWEN L. - Communist China's Agriculture; Its Development and Future Potential
016715: DAWSON, SARAH MORGAN - A Confederate Girl's Diary
009714: DAWSON, ALEXANDRA D. - Land-Use Planning and the Law
030296: DAWSON, CARL - Victorian Noon; English Literature in 1850
029686: DAWSON, JOHN CHARLES - Lakanal the Regicide; a Biographical and Historical Study of the Career of Joseph Lakanal
037965: DAWSON, CONINGSBY - Out to Win; the Story of America in France
034653: DAWSON, RAYMOND, ED - The Legacy of China
037175: DAWSON, J. W. - Fossil Men and Their Modern Representatives; an Attempt to Illustrate the Characters and Condition of Pre-Historic Men in Euorpe, by Those of the American Races
043527: DAY, JAMES - The Literary Background to Bach's Cantatas
043236: DAY, JOHN - An Economic History of Athens Under Roman Domination
007159: DAY, A. GROVE - Coronado's Quest; the Discovery of the Southwestern States
021074: DAY, ROBERT ADAMS - Told in Letters; Epistolary Fiction Before Richardson
038817: DAY, JOHN W., JR., ET AL. - Estuarine Ecology
037499: DAY, ALEXANDRA, ET AL. - Children from the Golden Age
037444: DAY, CLARENCE - Scenes from the Mesozoic and Other Drawings
041577: CRIPPS-DAY, FRANCIS HENRY - A Record of Armour Sales 1880-1924
037403: DAY, CLARENCE - Thoughts without Words
037857: DAYAL, DEEN - Princely India; Photographs by Raja Deen Dayal 1884-1910
022981: DAYAN, MOSHE - Moshe Dayan; Story of My Life
012040: DAYAN, MOSHE - Moshe Dayan; Story of My Life
016495: LA FUYE, MAURICE DE AND EMILE BABEAU - The Apostle of Liberty; a Life of la Fayette
008432: SURVILLE, JEAN DE AND GUILLAUME LABÉ - The Expedition of the St. Jean-Baptiste to the Pacific, 1769-1770
024154: CUNZO, MARIO DE AND VEGA DE MARTINI - The Chartreuse of Padula
481: (MARTINEZ DE TOLEDO, ALFONSO). GOROG, RALPH DE AND LISA S. DE GOROG - Concordancias Del "Arcipreste de Talavera
042907: WYZEWA, THÉODORE DE AND G. DE SAINT-FOIX - Wolfgang Amédée Mozart; Sa Vie Musical Et Son Oeuvre de L'Enfance à la Pleine Maturité. Essais de Biographie Critique Suivi D'Un Nouveau Catalogue Chronologique de L'Oeuvre Complète Du Maitre
013550: DE, S. K. - Sanskrit Poetics As a Study of Aesthetic
022237: HAMER, DEAN AND PETER COPELAND - The Science of Desire; the Search for the Gay Gene and the Biology of Behavior
010424: DEAN, JAMES L. - Howells' Travels Toward Art
011744: DEAN, ERLING, ED - Sct. Hans Hospital, Roskilde--Denmark, 1816-1966; 150 Years Anniversary
006881: DEAN, JAMES L. - Howell's Travels Toward Art
029682: DEARBORN, MARY V. - Queen of Bohemia; the Life of Louise Bryant
023773: DEARING, SARAH - Courage My Love; a Novel
023357: DEBLIEU, JAN - Meant to Be Wild; the Struggle to Save Endangered Species Through Captive Breeding
018221: REY-DEBOVE, R., ED - Recherches Sur Les Systèmes Signifiants; Symposium de Varasovie 1968
021032: DEBRAY, RÉGIS - Revolution in the Revolution; Armed Struggle and Political Struggle in Latin America
044640: DEBRUNNER, H. W. - The Story of Sampson Opong
033056: DEBUS, ALLEN G. - The English Paracelsians
030272: DEBUSSY, CLAUDE - Pelléas & Mélisande
031727: DECHARME, PAUL - Euripide Et L'Esprit de Son Théatre
038238: DECKER, PETER R. - Fortunes and Failures; White-Collar Mobility in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco
019731: DECOUFLÉ, ANDRÉ, ET AL. - études D'Histoire économique Et Sociale Du Xviiie Siècle
041280: DECSEY, ERNST - Johann Strauß; Ein Wiener Buch
045489: DÉDÉYAN, CHARLES - Le Thème de Faust Dans la Littérature Européenne. T. 1-2
045231: DEDIEU, JOSEPH - Instabilité Du Protestantisme
005619: DEEGAN, DOROTHY YOST - The Stereotype of the Single Woman in American Novels; a Social Study with Implications for the Education of Women
026712: KAYE, DEENA AND JAMES LEBRECHT - Sound and Music for the Theatre
032717: BEVERLY, DEENA AND BARTY PHILLIPS - Encyclopedia of Gardening
016439: DEES, MORRIS - A Season for Justice; the Life and Times of CIVILI Rights Lawyer Morris Dees
019003: DEESE, DAVID A. - Nuclear Power and Radioactive Waste; a Sub-Seabed Disposal Option
019021: DEFORD, MIRIAM ALLEN - Thomas Moore
009355: DEFORD, MIRIAM ALLEN - They Were San Franciscans
005651: DEFOURNEAUX, MARCELIN - Daily Life in Spain in the Golden Age
016574: DEFRANCIS, JOHN - In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan
035967: DEGAS, EDGAR - Degas Pastels
027187: KÜHNLE-DEGELER, ROSA - Von Kampf Und Sieg; Zwei Erzählungen Aus Borneo
014529: DEGLER, CARL N. - In Search of Human Nature; the Decline and Revival of Darwinism in American Social Thought
006039: DEGLER, CARL N. - The Other South; Southern Dissenters in the Nineteenth Century
017405: DEGLER, CARL N. - Ad Odds; Women and the Family in America from the Revolution to the Present
041052: DEGUY, MICHEL - Actes
028058: DEHENNIN, ELSA - Cántico de Jorge Guillén; Une Poésie de la Clarté
010521: DEHIO, LUDWIG - Germany and World Politics in the Twentieth Century
008388: DEHNERT, MAX - Das Weltbild Johann Sebastian Bachs
016470: DEIGHTON, LEN - London Match
043012: DEISSMANN, G. ADOLF - Neue Bibelstudien. Sprachgeschichtliche Beiträge, Zumeist Aus Den Papyri Und Inschriften, Zur Erklärung Des Neuen Testaments
020156: DEKAN, JAN - Moravia Magna, the Great Moravian Empire; Its Art and Times
005561: DEKKER, GEORGE - James Fenimore Cooper, the Novelist
027349: DEKKER, THOMAS - The Shoemaker's Holiday
013665: DEKNATEL, FREDERICK B. - Edvard Munch
041617: DELACROIX, HENRI - Les Grands Mystiques Chrétiens
042843: DELACROIX, EUGÈNE - Viaje a Marruecos Y Andalucia
044810: DELACROIX, EUGÈNE - Journal de Eugène Delacroix
020369: DELAFORCE, PATRICK - Wellington the Beau; the Life and Loves of the Duke of Wellington
020880: DELAFOSSE, MARCEL - La Rochelle Et la Cote D'Aunis Des Marans à Ronce-Les Bains
040459: DELANY, SHEILA - Medieval Literary Politics: Shapes of Ideology
043945: DELANY, SHEILA - Chaucer's House of Fame; the Poetics of Skeptical Fideism
021075: DELANY, PAUL - British Autobiography in the Seventeenth Century
044225: DELANY, SHEILA - Impolitc Bodies; Poetry, Saints, and Society in Fifteenth-Century England. The Work of Osbern Bokenham
011465: DELAPORTE, L. - La Mésopotamie; Les Civilisations Babylonienne Et Assyrienne
031728: DELAPORTE, L. - Mesopotamia; the Babylonian and Assyrian Civilization
014976: DELAY, JEAN - The Youth of André Gide
009579: DELBANCO, NICHOLAS - The Beaux Arts Trio
028008: DELBANCO, ANDREW - Required Reading. Why Our American Classics Matter Now
040270: DELBRÜCK, HANS - The Barbarian Invasions
043699: SERRANO DELGADO, JOSÉ MIGUEL - Status Y Promocion Social de Los Libertos En Hispania Romana
044473: DELIÈGE, CÉLESTIN - Invention Musical Et Idéologies
045485: DELIGIORGIS, STAVROS - Narrative Intellection in the Decameron
039038: DELILLO, DON - The Day Room; a Play
022646: DELLIN, L. A. D., ED - Bulgaria
013897: DELMELLE, JOSEPH - Prospection Littéraire Du Brabant Wallon
024547: DELORIA, PHILIP J. - Playing Indian
020832: DELPUECH, MARCIA-PAULE - De San Francisco Vue Holographique
043682: DEMACHY, ALAIN - Architecture D'Intérieur Et Décoration
043925: DEMARAY, JOHN G. - The Invention of Dante's Commedia
045014: DEMBO, L. S. - Conceptions of Reality in Modern American Poetry
043894: DEMELIUS, HEINRICH - Aus Dem Stadtbuch Von Mautern an Der Donau (1432-1550); Ein Beitrag Zur österreichischen Privatrechtsgeschichte
008254: DEMELIUS, HEINRICH - Eheliches Güterrecht IM Spätmittelalterlichen Wien
017234: DEMELIUS, HEINRICH - Erhart Haidem, Richter Zu Perchtoldsdorf Bei Wien, Und Die Landesfürstlichen Grundbücher 1431-1523; Ein Beitrag Zur österreichischen Privatrechtsgeschichte Des Spätmittelalters
021520: DEMERSON, VELMA - Incorrigible
021076: DEMETZ, PETER - Postwar German Literature; a Critical Introduction
014709: ANDREWS, EDWARD DEMING AND FAITH ANDREWS - Shaker Furniture; the Craftsmanship of an American Communal Sect
029300: DEMING, MARK K. - La Halle Au Ble de Paris 1762-1813; "Cheval de Troie" de L'Abondance Dans la Capitale Des Lumières
002942: DEMOSTHENES - [Hai Demegoriai]; Les Harangues
043362: DEMOSTHENES - Orationes. Vol. II, Pars I: Orationes XX-XXIII
043361: DEMOSTHENES - Orationes. Vol. I, Pars II: Orationes XVIII-XIX
018019: DEMOUSTIER, CHARLES ALBERT - Lettres à émilie Sur la Mythologie
005217: DEMPSEY, HUGH A. - Red Crow, Warrior Chief
032195: DEMPSEY, JACK - Dempsey
035070: DEMPSEY, HUGH A. - Indian Tribes of Alberta
039114: DEMPSEY, JAMES - Mission on the Nile
018510: DEMUTH, NORMAN - Ravel
039377: DOEL, HANS VAN DEN AND BEN VAN VELTHOVEN - Democracy and Welfare Economics
014802: DENBIGH, K. G. - An Inventive Universe
044822: DENEEF, A. LEIGH - Spenser and the Motives of Metaphor
012074: DENES, MAGDA - Castles Burning; a Child's Life in War
037783: DENIG, LUDWIG - The Picture-Bible of Ludwig Denig; a Pennsylvania German Emblem Book
016251: WARNER, DENIS AND PEGGY WARNER - The Sacred Warriors; Japan's Suicide Legions
013318: BISHOP, DENIS AND KEITH DAVIS - Railways and War Before 1918
040287: DENIS, ALBERTA JOHNSTON - Spanish Alta California
040961: HUISMAN, DENIS AND MARIE-AGNES MALFRAY - Les Pages Les Plus CéLèbres de la Philosophie Occidentale
039148: BOUGET, DENIS AND BRUNO PALIER - Comparing Social Welfare Systems in Nordic Europe and Frannce. Volume 4: Copenhagen Conference, France, Nordic Europe
044328: DIDEROT, DENIS AND JEAN LE ROND D'ALEMBERT - L'Encyclopédie, Ou Dictionnaire Raisonné Des Sciences, Des Arts Et Des Métiers Par Une Société Des Gens de Lettres
022087: DENISKAIA, A. V., ED - Romano-Balcanica (Voprosy Adaptatsii Latinskogo Iazkovogo Elementa V Balkanskom Areale); Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov
035317: DENISON, J. H. - Mark Hopkins; a Biography
017104: DENITCH, BOGDAN DENIS - The Legitimation of a Revolution; the Yugoslav Case
036569: DENLINGER, MILO G. - The Complete German Shepherd
008156: DENNETT, JOHN RICHARD - The South As It Is; 1865-1866
006945: DENNEY, REUEL - The Astonished Muse
014841: DENNING, ANTHONY - Theatre in the Cotswolds; the Boles Watson Family and the Cirencester Theatre
026261: DENNIS, GEORGE - The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria
043128: EVANOSKY, DENNIS AND ERIC J. KOS - East Bay Then & Now
001821: DENT, EDWARD J. - The Rise of Romantic Opera
039456: DENT, EDWARD J. - Mozart's Operas; a Critical Study
024734: DENTAN, ROBERT C. - The Knowledge of God in Ancient Israel
035833: DENTLER, CLARA LOUISE - Famous American in Florence
040691: DENTON, JEFFREY H. - Robert Winchelsey and the Crown 1294-1313; a Study in the Defence of Ecclesiastical Liberty
044784: DENTON, JEREMIAH A., JR. - When Hell Was in Session
012440: BRUNSDEN, DENYS AND JOHN C. DOORNKAMP, EDS - The Unquiet Landscape
039138: DENZINGER, HEINRICH - Enchiridion Symbolorum Definitionum Et Declarationum de Rebus Fidei Et Morum
030968: DERDERIAN, TOM - Boston Marathon; the History of the World's Premier Running Event
042957: DERETIC, JOVAN - Crpcki Roman 1800-1950
019527: DERINGER, LUDWIG - Die Rhetorik in Der Sonettkunst Von Jones Very
012751: DERMAN, WILLIAM - Serfs, Peasants, and Socialists; a Former Serf Village in the Republic of Guinea
020355: DÉROZIER, ALBERT - Martin de Garay Ou le Liberalisme Des Compromissions; Contribution Aux Recherches Sur le Liberalisme En Espagne Au XIX Siècle
008278: DERRY, JOHN W. - William Pitt
033355: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M. - Supreme Injustice; How the High Court Hijacked Election 2000
021320: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M. - Sexual Mccarthyism; Clinton, Starr, and the Emerging Constitutional Crisis
028395: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M. - The Vanishing American Jew; in Search of Jewish Identity for the Next Century
010185: DERTHICK, MARTHA - The National Guard in Politics
026814: DERTOUZOS, MICHAEL L. - Threshold Logic: A Synthesis Approach
007172: DERTOUZOS, MICHAEL L., ET AL. - Made in America: Regaining the Productive Edge
009458: DERWING, BRUCE L. - Transformational Grammar As a Theory of Language Acquisition; a Study in the Empirical, Conceptual and Methodological Foundations of Contempoary Linguistics
044357: DESACHY, MATTHIEU - Le Scriptorium D'Albi; Les Manuscirts de la Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile (Viie-Xiie Siècles)
010299: DESAI, MEGHNAD, ET AL., EDS - Agrarian Power and Agricultural Productivity in South Asia
034369: DESALVO, LOUISE, ET AL., EDS - Territories of the Voice; Contemporary Stories by Irish Women Writers
038894: DESCARTES, RENÉ - Discours de la Méthode
038652: DESCARTES, RENÉ - Traité Des Passions... Suivi de la Correspondance Avec la Princesse élisabeth
024733: DESCARTES, RENÉ - The Method, Meditations and Philosophy of Descartes
025158: DESCARTES, RENÉ - Descartes; His Moral Philosophy and Psychology
044133: DESCARTES, RENÉ - Discours de la Méthode
019406: DESCHAMPS, HUBERT - L'Afrique Noire Précoloniale
012888: DESCHANEL, EMILE - Le Théatre de Voltaire
018234: DESCHNER, JOHN, ET AL., EDS - Our Common History As Christians; Essays in Honor of Alblert C. Outler
041155: DESCOTES, MAURICE - Les Grands Rôles Du Théâtre de Beaumarchais
041613: DESGRAVES, LOUIS - Répertoire Bibliographique Des Livres Imprimés En France Au Xviie Siècle. Tome IX: Agde, Aramon, Béziers, Carcassonne, Castelnaudary, Lodève, Mende Montpellier, Narbonne, Nîmes, Perpignan, Pézenas
034984: DESHELL, JEFFREY - Arthouse; a Novel
020024: DE CHARMS, DESIREE AND PAUL F. BREED - Songs in Collections; an Index
011071: DESJARDINS, ROSEMARY - The Rational Enterprise; Logos in Plato's Theaetetus
019132: DESMAREST, JACQUES - évolution de la France Contemporaine: La France de 1870
044242: DESMOND, MARILYNN - Reading Dido; Gender, Textuality, and the Medieval Aeneid
004190: DESMOND, ADRIAN - Archetypes and Ancestors; Palaeontology in Victorian London, 1850-1875
044005: DESMOND, WILLIAM - Cynics
020849: DESORMO, MAITLAND C. - John Bird Burnham--Klondiker, Adirondacker and Eminent Conservationist
020316: DESPLAT, CHRISTIAN - L'Académie Royale de Pau Au Xviiie Siècle; Und Milieu Socio-Culturel Provincial
030186: BOILEAU-DESPRÉAUX, NICOLAS - épîtres; Art Poétique; Lutrin
017551: DESROSIER, NORMAN W. - Attack on Starvation
045423: DUPUIGRENET DESROUSSILLES, FRANÇOIS - Dieu En Son Royaume; la Bible Dans la France D'Autrefois Xiiie-Xviiie Sicle
044544: DESSAINT, MICHELINE - La Femme Médiatrice Dans de Grandes Oeuvres Romanesques Du Xiie Siècle
018867: DESSUREAULT, PIERRE - Carnets de Voyage; Travel Journals
023539: DESTLER, CHESTER MCARTHUR - American Radicalism, 1865-1901
013647: DETOLNAY, CHARLES - Michelangelo: Sculptor, Painter, Architect
026262: DETSICAS, ALEC - The Cantiaci
032959: DETTMAN, JOHN W. - Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering
042911: DETTORI, RENATO G. - Italian Wines and Liqueurs
012076: DETZER, DAVID - Thunder of the Captains; the Short Summer in 1950
007174: DEUEL, LEO - Conquistadors without Swords; Archaeologists in the Americas. An Account with Original Narratives
045327: DEURBERGUE, MAXIME - The Visual Liturgy: Altarpiece Painting and Valencian Culture (1441-1519)
005449: DEUTSCH, HAROLD C. - The Conspiracy Against Hitler in the Twilight War
041924: DEUTSCH, EMERIC, ET AL. - Les Familles Politiques Aujourd'Hui En France
012077: DEUTSCHKRON, INGE - Outcase; a Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin
038641: DÉVIGNE, ROGER - Le Légendaire Des Provinces Françaises à Travers Notre Folklore
012078: DEVINE, EDWARD T. - Disabled Soldiers and Sailors Pensions and Training
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043697: MARIN DIAZ, MARIA AMALIA - Emigracion, Colonizacion Y Municipalizacion En la Hispania Republicana
024730: DIBELIUS, MARTIN - From Tradition to Gospel
010154: DIBNER, BERN - Alessandro Volta and the Electric Battery
021711: DIBNER, BERN - Early Electrical Machines; the Experiments and Apparatus of Two Enquing Centuries (1600 to 1800) That Led to the Triumph of the Electrical Age
017133: DIBNER, BERN - The Victoria and the Triton
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021714: DIBNER, BERN - Luigi Galvani; an Expanded Version of a Biography Prepared for the Forthcoming Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica
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037463: DICKENS, GERALD - The Dress of the British Sailor
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020604: DICKENS, CHARLES - Pickwick-Klubbens Efterlämnade Papper
033222: DICKENS, A. G., ET AL. - Background to the English Renaissance; Introductory Lectures
030528: DICKERSON, DEBRA J. - An American Story
036175: DICKERSON, JOHN - Pottery Making; a Complete Guide
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036143: TASHJIAN, DICKRAN AND ANN TASHJIAN - Memorials for Children of Change; the Art of Early New England Stonecarving
035649: DICKSON, PAUL - The Great American Ice Cream Book
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020605: DIDEROT, DENIS - Rameau's Nephew and Other Works
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016430: DIGGINS, JOHN PATRICK - The Lost Soul of American Politics; Virtue, Self-Interest, and the Foundations of Liberalism
016733: DIGGINS, JOHN P. - Up from Communism; Conservative Odysseys in American Intellectual History
043512: DIHLE, ALBRECHT - Greek and Christian Concepts of Justice
043417: DIJKSTRA, BRAM - American Expressionism; Art and Social Change 1920-1950
037910: DIJKSTRA, BRAM - The Hieroglyphics of a New Speech: Cubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams
009462: DIL, ANWAR S. - Studies in Pakistani Linguistics
034849: DILKE, O. A. W. - Mathematics and Measurement
030277: DILL, CHARLES - Monstrous Opera; Rameau and the Tragic Tradition
015224: DILLARD, ANNIE - For the Time Being
040807: DILLER, HANS, ET AL. - Gottheit Und Mensch in Der Tragödie Des Sophokles
384: DILLER, HANS-JÜRGEN - Redeformen Des Englischen Misterienspiels
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008415: DILLON, MILLICENT - A Little Original Sin; the Life and Work of Jane Bowles
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027669: DILLON, RICHARD H. - North American Indian Wars
043518: DILLON, JOHN M. - The Transcendence of God in Philo: Some Possible Sources
035839: DILLON, MILLICENT - After Egypt; Isadora Duncan and Mary Cassatt
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002373: DILMAN, ILHAM - Freud; Insight and Change
040805: DILTHEY, WILHELM - Briefwechsel Zwischen Wilhelm Dilthey Und Dem Grafen Paul Yorck V. Wartenburg 1877-1897
038883: DILTHEY, WILHELM - Weltanschauung Und Analyse Des Menschen Seit Renaissance Und Reformation
037903: DIMBLEBY, JOSCELINE - A Taste of Dreams; Josceline Dimbleby's Cookery Book
026331: DIMICK, JOHN - Episodes in Archaeology; Bit Parts in Big Dramas
041219: DIMIER, LOUIS - Le Primatice
040931: DIMOFF, PAUL - La Vie Et L'Oeuvre D'André Chénier Jusqu'a la Revolution Française 1962-1790. Tome II: L'Elaboration de L'Oeuvre; la Réalisation de L'Oeuvre
029629: CHARAF ED-DIN - Le Premier Manuscrit Chirurgical Turc, Rédigé Par Charaf Ed-Din (1465) Et Illustré de 140 Miniatures
032430: DYSART, DINAH AND HANNAH FINK, EDS - Asian Women Artists
045472: DINEKOV, PETUR, ED - Konstantin Kiril Filosof; Dokladi Ot Simpoziuma, Posveten Na 1100-God. Ot Smurtta Mu
028495: DINER, HASIA - Jewish Americans: The Immigrant Experience
044576: DINER, DAN - Lost in the Sacred; Why the Muslim World Stood Still
014459: DINES, ELAINE K. - Anxious Interiors; an Exhibition of Tableau Photography and Sculpture
020607: DINESEN, ISAK - Letters from Africa, 11914-1931
016762: DINESEN, ISAK - Carnival; Entertainments and Posthumous Tales
041509: DINGLE, HERBERT - Swedenborg As a Physical Scientist
042267: DINGLEY, JOHN - The Peripheral Plural Endings of Nouns in Petrine Sermons
021678: DINGWALL, WILLIAM ORR - A Survey of Linguistic Science
009464: DINGWALL, WILLIAM ORR - Transformational Generative Grammar; a Bibliography
042015: DINNAGE, ROSEMARY - Alone! Alone! Lives of Some Outsider Women
017877: DINNSEN, DANIEL A. - Current Approaches to Phonological Theory
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043965: DINSHAW, CAROLYN - Chaucer's Sexual Poetics
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002488: DIOLÉ, PHILIPPE - 4,000 Years Under the Sea
039115: DION, GÉRARD - Vocabulaire Français-Anglais Des Relation Professionneles; Glossary of Terms Used in Industrial Relation (English-French)
023746: DIOP, CHEIKH ANTA - Civilization or Barbarism; an Authentic Anthropology
002093: DIPIETRO, ROBERT - Language Structures in Contrast
040755: SCHUBERT, DIRK AND HANS HARMS - Wohnen Am Hafen; Leben Und Arbeiten an Der Wasserkante; Stadtgeschichte, Gegewart, Zukunft--Das Beispiel Hamburg
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037899: DISCH, THOMAS M. - The Tale of Dan de Lion
024765: SOCIETY FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF PRISON DISCIPLINE - The Fifth Report of the Committee of the Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline, and for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders. 1823. With an Appendix
006060: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN - Disraeli's Reminiscences
007795: DISSELHOFF, HANS DIETRICH - Geschichte Der Altamerikanischen Kulturen
036656: DITCHFIELD, P. H. - The Story of the City Companies
026080: DITMARS, RAYMOND L. - The Reptiles of North America; a Review of the Crocodilians, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles and Tortoises Inhabiting the United States and Northern Mexico
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012659: DITMARS, RAYMOND L. - Reptiles of the World; the Crocodilians, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles and Tortoises of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres
009368: DITMARS, RAYMOND L. - The Reptiles of North America; a Review of the Crocodilians, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles and Tortoises Inhabting the United States and Northern Mexico
020439: DIVEKAR, V. D., ED - Social Reform Movements in India; a Historical Perspective
001706: DIVO, JEAN-PAUL - Die Taler Der Schweiz
004682: DIXON, PETER - George Canning, Politician and Statesman
030278: DIZIKES, JOHN - Opera in America; a Cultural History
002094: DJAVADI, ABBASALI - Phonologie Des Persischen
020428: DJERASSI, CARL - The Pill, Pgymy Chimps, and Degas' Horse; the Autobiography of Carl Djerassi
038432: DJOLETO, AMU - The Strange Man
003528: BERIC-DJUKIC, VESNA - Die Wortstellung in Den Werken Jörg Wickrams
008401: DOBB, MAURICE - Papers on Capitalism, Development and Planning
028031: DOBBS, MICHAEL - Saboteurs; the Nazi Raid on America
028003: DOBIE, ANN BREWSTER, ED - Something in Common; Contemporary Louisiana Stories
008177: DOBRÉE, BONAMY - Restoration Tragedy, 1660-1720
030882: DOBRÉE, BONAMY - English Literature in the Early Eighteenth Century 1700-1740
040550: DOBRIN, ADAM, ET AL. - Statistical Handbook on Violence in America
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030619: DOBSON, KIT - Transnational Canadas; Anglo-Canadian Literature and Globalization
034740: DOCKÈS, PIERRE - Medieval Slavery and Liberation
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001665: DOCTORS, SAMUEL I. - The Role of Federal Agencies in Technology Transfer
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011105: DODDS, JOHN W. - The Age of Paradox; a Biography of England, 1841-1851
006697: DODDS, JOHN W. - The Several Lives of Paul Fejos; a Hungarian-American Odyssey
025519: DODERER, HEIMITO VON - The Demons
024829: DODGSON, CHARLES LUTWIDGE - Lewis Carroll's Symbolic Logic
039013: DODGSON, CHARLES LUTWIDGE - Lewis Carroll and the Kitchiins, Containing Twenty-Five Letters Not Previously Published and Ninetten of His Photographs
036444: DODGSON, CHARLES LUTWIDGE - The Letters of Lewis Carroll
045557: LEES-DODS, MATILDA - The Ideal Home; How to Find It, How to Furnish It, How to Keep It
004247: DOE, PAUL - A Warbler's Song in the Dusk; the Life and Work of Otomo Yakamochi (718-785)
033774: DOEBLER, JOHN - Shakespeare's Speaking Pictures; Studies in Iconic Imagery
019278: DOEHLER, ALFRED - De Partibus Quibusdam Historiarum Herodoti Earumque Compositionis Genere Quaestiones
025538: DOELMAN, C. - Hendrik Chabot
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388: DOERING, OSCAR - Romanische Malerei in Deutschen Landen
035052: DOGGETT, FRANK - Cigarette Cards and Novelties
043395: DOHERTY, BEATRICE J. - How to Prepare Food; the New Method
013818: DOHERTY, ROBERT W. - The Hicksite Separation; Sociological Analysis of Religious Schism in Early Nineteenth Century America
021597: DOLAN, URI, COMP - A Bibliography of Articles on the Middle East 1959-1967
015416: DOLIN, ANTON - Alicia Markova; Her Life and Art
034439: DOLLÉANS, EDOUARD - Proudhon
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020003: DOLLOT, RENÉ - L'Afghanistan: Histoire, Description, Moeurs Et Coutumes, Folklore, Fouilles
023949: DOLNICK, EDWARD - Down the Great Unknown; John Wesley Powell's 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon
027946: DOLNICK, EDWARD - The Rescue Artist; a True Story of Art, Thieves, and the Hunt for a Missing Masterpiece
026562: DOMANSKI, DON - Earthly Pages; the Poetry of Don Domanski
019795: DOMARATIUS, LOUISE - Gadji
012419: DOMBROWSKI, ERNST, RITTER VON - Deutsche Weidmannsprache. Mit Zugrundelegung Des Gesamten Quellenmaterials Für Den Praktischen Jäger Bearbeit
004982: DOMES, JÜRGEN - China After the Cultural Revolution; Politics between Two Party Congresses
001766: DOMES, JÜRGEN - The Internal Politics of China, 1949-1972
018513: DOMINGO, PLACIDO - My First Forty Years
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017930: BROTHWELL, DON AND ERIC HIGGS, EDS - Science in Archaeology; a Comprehensive Survey of Progress and Research
031101: DONADONI, SERGIO, ED - The Egyptians
014569: KUSPIT, DONALD AND LYNN GAMWELL - Health and Happiness in 20th-Century Art
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389: DONATI, LAMBERTO - Incisioni Fiorentine Del Quattrocento
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013553: DONGERKERY, S. R. - A History of the University of Bombay, 1857-1957
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030279: DONINGTON, ROBERT - Opera and Its Symbols; the Unity of Words, Music, and Staging
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021228: DONKIN, RICHARD - Blood, Sweat and Tears; the Evolution of Work
036646: RODNITZKY, DONNA ET AL. - The Prune Gourmet
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028116: DONNE, JOHN - Suicide
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013819: DONNE, JOHN - Deaths Duell. A Sermon Delivered Before King Charles I in the Beginning of Lent 1630/1
032980: DONNE, JOHN - Essays in Divinity
032979: DONNE, JOHN - Donne's Sermons
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014816: DONNELLY, MICHAEL - Managing the Mind; a Study of Medical Psychology in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain
014814: DONOGHUE, EMMA - Passions between Women; British Lesbian Culture, 1668-1801
004248: DONOGHUE, DANIEL - Style in Old English Poetry; the Test of the Auxiliary
027451: DONOGHUE, DENIS - Walter Pater, Lover of Strange Souls
007761: DONOGHUE, DENIS - The Sovereign Ghost; Studies in Imagination
027533: DOODY, MARGARET ANNE - Frances Burney; the Life in the Works
028050: LOEWENSTEIN, DORA AND PHILIP DODD, EDS - According to the Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watss, Ronnie Wood
028731: DORAN, JOHN - The Book of the Princes of Wales
030875: DORAN, MADELEINE - Endeavors of Art: A Study of Form in Elizabethan Drama
034495: DORDEVIC, TIHOMIR R. - Nas Narodni Zivot
033593: DORDEVIC, MIHAILO - Anthology of Serbian Poetry: The Golden Age
026005: DORÉ, GUSTAV - Potpourri
008545: VAN DOREN, CARL - Mutiny in January; the Story of a Crisis in the Continental Army Now for the First Time Fully Told from Many Hitherto Unknown or Neglected Sources Both American and British
022782: DOREY, T. A. - Latin Biography
1101: DOREY, T. A., ED - Erasmus
011751: DORFMAN, JACOB S. - Pharmaceutical Latin; for Pharmaceutical, Medical, Dental and Veterinary Students and Practitioners
012512: DORFMÜLLER, KURT, ED - Quellenstudien Zur Musik, Wolfgang Schmieder Zum 70. Geburtstag
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011755: DORIAN, MAX - The Du Ponts; from Gunpowder to Nylon
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023905: HEYDEN, DORIS AND PAUL GENDROP - Architektur Der Hochkulturen Mittelamerikas
012687: DORITSCH, ALEXNADER - Gebrauch Der Altbulgarischen Adverbia
040793: DORN, WILHELM - Benjamin Neukirch; Sein Leben Und Seine Werke. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Zweiten Schlesischen Schule
044540: DORNBUSH, JEAN M. - Pygmalion's Figure; Reading Old French Romance
003288: DORNSEIFF, FRANZ - Echtheitsfragen Antik-Griechischer Literatur: Rettungen Des Theognis, Phokylides, Hekataios, Choririlos
038327: HARTLEY, DOROTHY AND MARGARET M. ELLIOT - Life and Work of the People of England; a Pictorial Record from Contemporary Sources
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038732: EAGLE, DOROTHY AND HILARY CARNELL, EDS - The Oxford Literary Guide to the British Isles
032041: HEALEY, DOROTHY AND MAURICE ISSERMAN - Dorothy Healey Remembers; a Life in the American Communist Party
015354: DORRIEN, GARY J. - The Democratic Socialist Vision
025782: DORSON, RICHARD M. - Folklore: Selected Essays
007184: DORSON, RICHARD M. - American Folklore
032514: DORSON, RICHARD M. - The British Folkorists; a History
037033: DORST, JOHN D. - The Written Suburb; an American Site, an Ethnographic Dilemma
010523: DORWART, REINHOLD AUGUST - The Administrative Reforms of Frederick William I of Prussia
032468: DOSTAL, WALTER - Die Beduinen in Südarabien; Eine Ethnologische Studie Zur Entwicklung Der Kamelhirtenkultur in Arabien
010419: DOSTER, MICHAEL - Reflections
041801: DOSTOEVSKII, FEDOR MIKHAILOVICH - Sobranie Sochinenii
005856: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR - The Notebooks for a Raw Youth
012081: DOTHIE, W. H. - Operation Disembroil; Deception and Escape, Normandy 1940
018869: DOTY, ROBERT - Photo-Secession; Stieglitz and the Fine-Art Movment in Photography
006924: DOTY, GRESDNA ANN - The Carer of Mrs. Anne Brunton Merry in the American Theatre
005520: DOUBLEDAY, NEAL FRANK - Variety of Attempt; British and American Fiction in the Early Nineteenth Century
022590: DOUBROVSKY, SERGE - The New Criticism in France
005181: DOUCETTE, LEONARD E. - Emery Bigot, Seventeenth-Century French Humanist
041101: DOUGLAS, DAVID C. - The Norman Fate 1100-1154
045478: DOUGLAS, FLORENCE LOUISE - A Study of the Moretum
015281: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - Together
032620: DOUGLAS, DAVID C. - English Scholars
014252: ALLEN, DOUGLAS AND DOUGLAS ALLEN, JR. - N.C. Wyeth: The Collected Paintings, Illustrations and Murals
027673: BARRETT, DOUGLAS AND BASIL GRAY - Indian Painting
029219: DOUGLAS, DAVID C. - William the Conqueror; the Norman Impact Upon England
030372: DOUGLAS, NIGEL - More Legendary Voices
030371: DOUGLAS, NIGEL - Legendary Voices
029862: JOHNSON, DOUGLAS AND MADELEINE JOHNSON - The Age of Illusion; Art and Politics in France 1918-1940
035818: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - Some Limericks; Collected for the Use of Students, & Ensplendourdd'd with Introduction, Georgraphical Index, and with Notes Expalnatory and Critical
038858: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - Late Harvest
005784: DOUGLASS, WILLIAM A. - Death in Murelaga; Funerary Ritual in a Spanish Basque Village
033490: DOUGLASS, E. JANE DEMPSEY - Justification in Late Medieval Preaching; a Study of John Geiler of Keisersberg
045217: DOUGLASS, WILLIAM A., ET AL., EDS - Anglo-American Contributions to Basque Studies: Essays in Honor of Jon Bilbao
036235: DOULGAS, RONALD MACDONALD - The Scots Book of Lore and Folklore
026269: DOUMAS, CHRISTOS G. - The N.P. Goulandris Collection of Early Cycladic Art
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012092: DURSCHMIED, ERIK - Shooting Wars; My Life As a Wara Cameraman, from Cuba to Iraq
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018219: DYEN, ISIDORE, ED - Lexicostatistics in Genetic Linguistics; Proceedings of the Yale Conference, Yale University, April 3-4, 1971
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043833: DYER, JAMES - Hillforts of England and Wales
002496: DYKMANS, GOMMAIRE - Histoire économique Et Sociale de L'Ancienne égypte
041704: DYKSTRA, KLAES - Lyts Hânboek Fan de Fryske Literatuer
045439: DYM, WARREN ALEXANDER - Divining Science; Treasure Hunting and Earth Science in Early Modern Germany
016569: DYSON, FREEMAN J. - The Sun, the Genome, the Internet; Tools of Scientific Revolutions
018522: DYSON, GEORGE - The New Music
012094: DYSON, FREEMAN - Weapons and Hope
034590: QUELLER, DONALD E. AND THOMAS F. MADDEN - The Fourth Crusade; the Conquest of Constantinople
035950: FUSSELL, G. E. AND K. R. FUSSELL - The English Countryman; His Life and Work from Tudor Times to the Victorian Age
037214: FICKEN, ROBERT E. AND CHARLES P. LEWARNE - Washington; a Centennial History
043747: HERZIG, HEINZ E. AND REGULA FREI-STOLBA, EDS - Labor Omnibus Unus; Gerold Walser Zum 70. Geburtstag Dargebracht Von Freunden, Kollegen Und Schülern
043288: SENN, MILTON J. E. AND CLAIRE HARTFORD, EDS - The Firstborn; Experiences of Eight American Families
044777: SILVA E., R. S. - Mexican History; Diego Rivera's Frescoes in the National Palace of Mexico, City. A Descriptive Guide Book of the National Palace and Its Royal Rooms with 32 Illustrations
039439: MORTENSEN, BRITA M. E. AND BRIAN W. DOWNS - Strindberg; an Introduction to His Life and Work
035434: KAPLAN, DAVID E. AND ALEC DUBRO - Yakuza; the Explosive Account of Japan's Criminal Underworld
010240: KAPLAN, DAVID E. AND ALEC DUBRO - Yakuza; the Explosive Account of Japan's Criminal Underworld
022181: ASHER, R. E. AND EUGENIE J. A. HENDERSON, EDS - Towards a History of Phonetics
022486: KOBRINSKII, N. E. AND B. A. TRAKHTENBROT - Introduction to the Theory of Finite Automata
036737: FUSSELL, G. E. AND K. R. FUSSELL - The English Countrywoman; Her Life in Farmhouse and Field from Tudor Times to the Victorian Age
011038: BUTLER, D. E. AND ANTHONY KING - The British General Election of 1964
025836: HARRIS, JAMES E. AND KENT R. WEEKS - X-Raying the Pharaohs
003201: RADFORD, E. AND M. A. RADFORD - Encyclopaedia of Superstitions
018973: MEYER, KARL E. AND SHAREEN BLAIR BRYSAC - Tournament of Shadows; the Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia
023736: BLACK, CYRIL E. ET AL. - Rebirth; a History of Europe Since World War II
024130: RUBIN, ROBERT E. AND JACOB WEISBERG - In an Uncertain World; Tough Choices from Wall Street to Washington
878: TROCH E, ERNST GÜNER - Niederländische Malerei Des Fünfzehnten Und Sechzehnten Jahr- Hunderts
024978: NICKELSBURG, GEORGE W. E. AND MICHAEL E. STONE - Faith and Piety in Early Judaism: Texts and Documents
017694: MATHER, R. E. AND F. E. BOSWELL - John David Borthwick, Artist of the Goldrush
025697: BOYCE, WILLIAM E. AND RICHARD C. DIPRIMA - Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems
016545: TERRILL, TOM E. AND JERROLD HIRSCH, EDS - Such As Us; Southern Voices of the Thirties
011579: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. AND RICHARD WILCOX - Literary England; Photographs of Places Made Memorable in English Literature
012470: KUCK, LORAINE E. AND RICHARD C. TONGG - Hawaiian Flowers & Flowering Trees
009589: BERGIN, ALLEN E. AND HANS H. STRUPP - Changing Frontiers in the Science of Psychotherapy
015016: BELL, H. E. AND R. L. OLLARD, EDS - Historical Essays, 1600-1750, Presented to David Ogg
022900: LONG, DAVID E. AND BERNARD REICH, EDS - The Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
017935: JOHNSON, DAVID E. AND PAUL M. POSTAL - Arc Pair Grammar
028385: REINA, RUBEN E. AND ROBERT M. HILL II - The Traditional Pottery of Guatemala
028391: LEAKEY, RICHARD E. AND ROGER LEWIN - Origins; What New Discovereies Reveal About the Emergence of Our Species and Its Possible Future
005194: GRAHAM, VICTOR E. AND W. MCALLISTER JOHNSON - The Paris Entries of Charles IX and Elisabeth of Austria, 1571
005279: ROSE, LEO E. AND MARGARET W. FISHER - The Politics of Nepal; Persistence and Change in an Asian Monarchy
039870: WHARTON, MARY E. AND ROGER W. BARBOUR - A Guide to the Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky
029647: BOYCE, WILLIAM E. AND RICHARD C. DIPRIMA - Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems
013065: NICHOLSON, LEWIS E. AND DOLORES WARWICK FRESE, EDS - Anglo-Saxon Poetry; Essays in Appreciation for John C. Mcgalliard
030718: KLIMAS, JOHN E. AND JAMES A. CUNNINGHAM - Wildflowers of Eastern America
015731: HENDERSON, GAIL E. AND MYRON S. COHEN - The Chinese Hospital; a Socialist Work Unit
038247: MCMINN, HOWARD E. AND EVELYN MAINO - An Illustrated Manual of Pacific Coast Trees
038851: GOODIN, ROBERT E. AND PHILIP PETTIT, EDS - A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy
038925: WERBELL, FREDERICK E. AND THURSTON CLARKE - Lost Hero; the Mystery of Raoul Wallenberg
007494: CAIRD, DAVID E. AND REBECCA M. BLANK, EDS - Finding Jobs; Work and Welfare Reform
043781: DAWSON, GILES E. AND LAETITIA KENNEDY-SKIPTON - Elizabethan Handwriting 1500-1650; a Manual
031493: STUDWELL, WILLIAM E. AND DAVID A. HAMILTON - Opera Plot Index; a Guide to Locating Plots and Descriptions of Operas, Operettas, and Other Works of the Musical Theater, and Associated Material
037265: QUINN, KAREN E. AND THEODORE E. STEBBINS, JR. - Weston's Westons; California and the West
015745: BLACKMER, CORINNE E. AND PATRICIA JULIANA SMITH, EDS - En Travesti; Women, Gender Subversion, Opera
015974: O'NEILL, JAMES E. AND ROBERT W. KRAUSKOPF - World War II; an Account of Its Documents
017617: WOOD, SAMUEL E. AND ALFRED E. HELLER - California Going, Going... ; Our State's Struggle to Remain Beautiful and Productive
035308: HOXIE, FREDERICK E. AND HARVEY MARKOWITZ - Native Americans; an Annotated Bibliography
036557: MCMINN, HOWARD E. AND EVELYN MAINO - An Illustrated Manual of Pacific Coast Trees
037788: MARTINUS, NORMAN E. AND HARRY L. RINKER - Warman's Paper
045416: EAGLETON, MARY - Feminist Literary Criticism
009219: EAGLY, ROBERT V. - The Structure of Classical Economic Theory
037453: EAKINS, THOMAS - Thomas Eakins; His Photographic Works
025168: EAMES, ELIZABETH RAMSDEN - Bertrand Russell's Theory of Knowledge
013825: EARHART, H. BYRON - The New Religions of Japan; a Bibliograph of Western-Language Materials
010226: EARL, DAVID MAGAREY - Emperor and Nation in Japan; Political Thinkers of the Tokugawa Period
026031: EARLE, JOE, ED - The Toshiba Gallery; Japanese Art and Design
039943: EARLE, PETER, ED - Essays in European Economic History 1500-1800
019359: EARLE, SYLVIA ALICE - Sea Change; a Message of the Oceans
031540: EARLEYWINE, MITCH, ED - Mind-Altering Drugs; the Science of Subjective Experience
026693: EARLY, GERALD, ED - Sppech & Power; the African-American Essay and Its Cultural Content from Polemics to Pulpit
008711: EARNEST, ERNEST - The Single Vision; the Alienation of American Intellectuals
031736: EARP, F. R. - The Style of Sophocles
031738: EARP, F. R. - The Way of the Greeks
045254: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE ORIGIN OF LIFE ON THE EARTH, 1ST - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on the Origin of Life on the Earth, Held at Moscow, 19-24 August 1957
039278: EASTERLIN, RICHARD A. - Population, Labor Force, and Long Swings in Economic Growh; the American Experience
039122: EASTERLIN, RICHARD A. - Birth and Fortune; the Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare
039405: EASTERLY, WILLIAM - The Elusive Quest for Growth; Economists' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics
025507: EASTMAN, CHARLES ALEXANDER - From the Deep Woods to Civilization
030573: EASTMAN, RALPH M. - Some Famous Privateers of New England
017729: EASTON, ROBERT - Guns, Gold & Caravans; the Extraordinary Life and Times of Fred Meyer Schroder, Frontiersman and Soldier of Fortune, in California, Mexico, Alaska and China
031224: EASTON, CAROL - No Intermissions; the Life of Agnes de Mille
034486: EASTON, LOYD D. - Hegel's First American Followers. The Ohio Hegelians: John B. Stallo, Peter Kaufmann, Moncure Conway, and August Willich, with Key Writings
008544: EATON, D. CADY - A Handbook of Modern French Sculpture
030377: EATON, QUAINTANCE - Opera Caravan; Adventures of the Metropolitan on Tour, 1883-1956
030376: EATON, QUAINTANCE - The Boston Opera Company
042302: EATON, ELON HOWARD - Birds of New York
034930: EATON, FAITH - The Miniature House
018524: EATON, QUAINTANCE - Opera Caravan; Adventures of the Metropolitan on Tour, 1883-1956
035567: EATON, ALLEN H. - Immigrant Gifts to American Life; Some Experiments in Appreciation of the Contributions of Our Foreign-Born Citizens to American Culture
012095: EATON, CLEMENT - Jefferson Davis
039045: EATON, CLEMENT - A History of the Southern Confederacy
022522: EATWELL, JOHN, ET AL., ETD - The New Palgrave: General Equilibrium
036048: EAUCLAIRE, SALLY - The Cat in Photography
022983: EBAN, ABBA - Abba Eban; an Autobiography
005382: EBAN, ABBA - Voice of Israel
040976: EBEL, ELSE - Kleine Altisländische Grammatik
044811: EBEL, ELSE - Die Waräger; Ausgewählte Texte Zu Den Fahrten Der Wikinger Nach Vorderasien
017624: EBEL, ROBERT E. - The Petroleum Industry of the Soviet Union
039218: EBELING, GERHARD - Wort Und Glaube
045002: LUSCHIN VON EBENGREUTH, A. - Allgemeine Münzkunde Und Geldgeschichte Des Mittelalters Und Der Neueren Zeit
036288: EBER, DOROTHY - Cape Dorset Print Collection; Collections de Gravures de Cape Dorset
009925: ZWIRNER, EBERHARD AND KURT ZWIRNER - Principles of Phonometrics
004962: EBERHARD, WOLFRAM - A History of China
044487: FISCHER, EBERHARD AND HANS HIMMELHEBER - Das Gold in Der Kunst Westafrikas
042868: EBERLE, JOSEF - Nie Verstummendes Echo. Elegien/Satiren/Lehrgedichte. Echo Perennis; Elegiae-Satirae-Didactica
014920: EBERLEIN, HAROLD DONALDSON, ET AL. - The Practical Book of Interior Decoration
037718: EBERLY, CAROLE - More... Michigan Cooking... And Other Things
021394: EBERMEIER, WERNER - Der Historische Verein Für Niederbayern Und Seine Sammlungen; Vom Vereinsmuseum Zum Stadtmuseum
037936: EBERSOLE, ROBERT - Black Pagoda
026282: EBERT, UDO - Die Geschichte Des Edikts de Hominibus Armatis Coactisve
009470: EBERT, ROBERT PETER - Infinitival Complement Constructions in Early New High German
029068: EBERT, MAX - SüdrußLand IM Altertum
043089: EBIN, LOIS A. - Illuminator, Makar, Vates; Visions of Poetry in the Fifteenth Century
033653: EBISCH, WALTHER - A Shakespeare Bibliography
033327: EBISCH, WALTHER - Supplement for the Years 1930-1935 to a Shakespeare Bibliography
032090: EBNER, MICHAEL H. - Creating Chicago's North Shore; a Suburban History
028739: EBRARD, JOHANN HEINRICH AUGUST - Bonifatius Der Zerstörer Des Columbanischen Kirchentums Auf Dem Festlande. Ein Beitrag Zu Dem Werke: "Die Iroschottische Missionskirche
012096: EBY, CECIL - Between the Bullet and the Lie; American Volunteers in the Spanish CIVIL War
042889: ORTIZ ECHAGÜE, JOSE - España Tipos Y Trajes
042888: ORTIZ ECHAGÜE, JOSE - España Tipos Y Trajes
042886: ORTIZ ECHAGÜE, JOSE - España Pueblos Y Paisajes
041121: DIEZ ECHARRI, EMILIANO - Teorias Metricas Del Siglo de Oro; Apuntes Para la Historia Del Verso Español
025841: ECHERUO, MICHAEL J. C. - Joyce Cary and the Dimensions of Order
016483: ECKARDSTEIN, HERMANN, FREIHERR VON - Lebenserinnerungen Und Politische Denkwürdigkeiten
028312: ECKARDT, HANS VON - Ivan the Terrible
044882: ECKARDT, F. E., ED - Methodology of Plant Eco-Physiology; Proceedings of the Montpellier Symposium. Méthodologie de L'éco-Physiologie Végétale; Actes Du Colloque de Montpellier
025068: ECKART, RUDOLF - Der Wehrstand IM Volksmund; Eine Sammlung Von Sprichwörtern, Volksliedern, Kinderreimen Und Inschriften an Deutschen Waffen Und Geschützen
040130: ECKEL, EDWIN, ED - Nevada Test Site
013439: ECKERT, CHRISTIAN - Peter Cornelius
030807: ECKERT, ALLAN W. - The Owls of North America (North of Mexico). All the Species and Subspecies Illutrated in Colore and Full Described
014692: ECKHARDT, GEORGE H. - Pennsylvania Clocks and Clockmakers; an Epic of Early American Science, Industry, and Craftsmanship
026646: ECKHARDT, C. F. - Tales of Badmen, Bad Women, and Bad Places; Four Centuries of Texas Outlawry
036886: ECKHARDT, GEORGE S. - Command and Control 1950-1969
045463: ECKHART, MEISTER - Meister Eckharts Buch Der Göttlichen Trstung Und Von Dem Edlen Menschen (Liber "Benedictus")
041572: ECKMAN, JAMES - Wee Ends with Tom Cleland. The Melvin Loos Memorial Lectures, Heritage of the Graphic Arts, Series XIII, Second Lecture, Gallery 303, New York City, September 15, 1971
022574: ECKSTEIN, OTTO - Core Inflation
019008: ECKSTEIN, SUSAN EVA - Back from the Future; Cuba Under Castro

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