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038872: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T. AND WILLI APEL, - Historical Anthology of Music: Oriental, medieval and Renaissance Music..
033419: DAVRIL, ROBERT, - Le drame de John Ford..
009356: DAVY, CHARLES, - Worlds in the Mind; Exploring Some Effects of Poetry, English and French..
012039: DAWIDOWICZ, LUCY S., - The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945..
016588: DAWISHA, KAREN AND BRUCE PARROTT, - Russia and the New States of Eurasia; the Politics of Upheaval..
038012: DAWKINS, RICHARD, - Climbing Mount Improbable..
006248: DAWLEY, POWEL MILLS, - John Whitgift and the English Reformation..
032670: DAWS, GAVAN, - Shoal of Time; a History of the Hawaiian Islands..
004899: DAWSON, OWEN L., - Communist China's Agriculture; Its Development and Future Potential..
016715: DAWSON, SARAH MORGAN, - A Confederate Girl's Diary..
009714: DAWSON, ALEXANDRA D., - Land-use Planning and the Law..
030296: DAWSON, CARL, - Victorian Noon; English Literature in 1850..
029686: DAWSON, JOHN CHARLES, - Lakanal the Regicide; a Biographical and historical Study of the Career of Joseph Lakanal..
037965: DAWSON, CONINGSBY, - Out to Win; the Story of America in France..
034653: DAWSON, RAYMOND, ED., - The Legacy of China..
043781: DAWSON, GILES E. AND LAETITIA KENNEDY-SKIPTON, - Elizabethan Handwriting 1500-1650; a Manual..
037175: DAWSON, J. W, - Fossil men and Their modern Representatives; an Attempt to Illustrate the Characters and Condition of Pre-Historic Men in Euorpe, By Those of the American Races..
043236: DAY, JOHN, - An Economic History of Athens Under Roman Domination..
007159: DAY, A. GROVE, - Coronado's Quest; the Discovery of the Southwestern States..
043527: DAY, JAMES, - The Literary Background to Bach's Cantatas..
021074: DAY, ROBERT ADAMS, - Told in Letters; Epistolary fiction Before Richardson..
038817: DAY, JOHN W., JR., ET AL, - Estuarine Ecology..
037499: DAY, ALEXANDRA, ET AL, - Children from the Golden Age..
037444: DAY, CLARENCE, - Scenes from the Mesozoic and Other Drawings..
037403: DAY, CLARENCE, - Thoughts Without Words..
037857: DAYAL, DEEN, - Princely India; Photographs By Raja Deen Dayal 1884-1910..
022981: DAYAN, MOSHE, - Moshe Dayan; story of My Life..
012040: DAYAN, MOSHE, - Moshe Dayan; Story of My Life..
000091: DEAN, ARTHUR H, - William Nelson Cromwell, 1854-1948; an American Pioneer in Corporation, Comparative and International Law..
010424: DEAN, JAMES L., - Howells' Travels Toward Art..
011744: DEAN, ERLING, ED., - Sct. Hans Hospital, Roskilde--Denmark, 1816-1966; 150 Years Anniversary..
006881: DEAN, JAMES L., - Howell's Travels Toward Art..
011103: DEANE, PHYLLIS AND W. A. COLE, - British economic Growth 1688-1959; Trends and Structure..
029682: DEARBORN, MARY V., - Queen of Bohemia; the Life of Louise Bryant..
023773: DEARING, SARAH, - Courage My Love; a Novel..
030270: DEARLING, ROBERT, - The Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; the Symphonies..
037387: DEBAINE-FRANCFORT, CORINNE, - La redécouverte de la Chine Ancienne..
023357: DEBLIEU, JAN, - Meant to be Wild; the Struggle to Save endangered Species Through Captive Breeding..
021032: DEBRAY, RÉGIS, - Revolution in the Revolution; Armed struggle and political Struggle in Latin America..
032965: DEBRAY, RÉGIS, - Révolution dans aa révolution? et autres Essais..
040411: DEBROCK, GUY AND MENNO HULSWIT, EDS, - Living Doubt; Essays Concerning the Epistemology of Charles Sanders Peirce..
033056: DEBUS, ALLEN G., - The English Paracelsians..
030272: DEBUSSY, CLAUDE, - Pelléas & Mélisande..
031727: DECHARME, PAUL, - Euripide et l'esprit de son Théatre..
038238: DECKER, PETER R, - Fortunes and Failures; White-Collar Mobility in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco..
019731: DECOUFLÉ, ANDRÉ, ET AL., - Études D'histoire économique et Sociale Du XVIIIe Siècle..
041280: DECSEY, ERNST, - Johann Strauß; ein Wiener Buch..
005619: DEEGAN, DOROTHY YOST, - The Stereotype of the Single Woman in American Novels; a social Study with Implications for the Education of Women..
027053: DEERE, CARMEN DIAND AND MAGDALENA LEÓN, EDS., - Rural women and State Policy; Feminist Perspectives on Latin American agricultural Development..
016439: DEES, MORRIS, - A Season for Justice; the Life and Times of Civili Rights Lawyer Morris Dees..
019003: DEESE, DAVID A., - Nuclear power and Radioactive Waste; a Sub-Seabed Disposal Option?..
019021: DEFORD, MIRIAM ALLEN, - Thomas Moore..
009355: DEFORD, MIRIAM ALLEN, - They Were San Franciscans..
020957: DEFOREST, ORRIN AND DAVID CHANOFF, - Slow Burn; the Rise and bitter Fall of American Intelligence in Vietnam..
005651: DEFOURNEAUX, MARCELIN, - Daily Life in Spain in the Golden Age..
016574: DEFRANCIS, JOHN, - In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan..
035967: DEGAS, EDGAR, - Degas Pastels..
014529: DEGLER, CARL N., - In Search of Human Nature; the Decline and Revival of Darwinism in American Social Thought..
006039: DEGLER, CARL N., - The Other South; Southern Dissenters in the Nineteenth Century..
017405: DEGLER, CARL N., - Ad Odds; women and the Family in America from the Revolution to the Present..
041052: DEGUY, MICHEL, - Actes..
028058: DEHENNIN, ELSA, - Cántico de Jorge Guillén; une poésie de la clarté..
010521: DEHIO, LUDWIG, - Germany and World Politics in the Twentieth Century..
008388: DEHNERT, MAX, - Das Weltbild Johann Sebastian Bachs..
016996: DEIERKAU-HOLSBOAE, S. WILMA, - Le Théatre Du Marais..
016470: DEIGHTON, LEN, - London Match..
043012: DEISSMANN, G. ADOLF, - Neue Bibelstudien. Sprachgeschichtliche Beiträge, zumeist aus den Papyri und Inschriften, zur Erklärung des Neuen Testaments..
020156: DEKAN, JAN, - Moravia Magna, the Great Moravian Empire; its Art and Times..
005561: DEKKER, GEORGE, - James Fenimore Cooper, the Novelist..
027349: DEKKER, THOMAS, - The Shoemaker's Holiday..
013665: DEKNATEL, FREDERICK B., - Edvard Munch..
017724: DEL CASTILLO, RICHARD GRISWALD, - The Los Angeles Barrio, 1850-1890; a Social History..
012330: DEL TREDICI, ROBERT, - Floodgates of the Wonderworld. A Moby-Dick Pictorial, Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Melville's Masterwork..
027217: DEL MONTE, ALBERTO, - Itinerario del romanzo picaresco Spagnolo..
006679: DEL RIO, ANGEL, - The Clash and Attraction of Two Cultures; the Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon Worlds in America..
011062: DEL CHIARO, MARIO A., - Etruscan Red-Figured Vase-Painting at Caere..
032061: DEL CONTE, ANNA, - Anna Del Conte's Italian Kitchen: i Risotti; Risottos and Other Rice Dishes..
032062: DEL CONTE, ANNA, - Anna Del Conte's Italian Kitchen; i Dolci, Sweet Things..
036608: DEL TREDICI, PETER, - St. George and the Pygmies; the Story of Tsuga Canadensis "Minuta"..
036609: DEL TREDICI, PETER, - A Giant Among the Dwarfs; the Mystery of Sargent's Weeping Hemlock..
041617: DELACROIX, HENRI, - Les Grands Mystiques Chrétiens..
042843: DELACROIX, EUGÈNE, - Viaje a Marruecos y Andalucia..
020369: DELAFORCE, PATRICK, - Wellington the Beau; the Life and Loves of the Duke of Wellington..
020880: DELAFOSSE, MARCEL, - La Rochelle et la Cote d'Aunis des Marans à Ronce-les Bains..
024738: DELANEY, JOHN J. AND JAMES EDWARD TOBIN, - Dictionary of Catholic Biography..
005923: DELANEY, M. R. AND ROBERT CAMPBELL, - Search for a Place; Black Separatism and Africa, 1860..
040459: DELANY, SHEILA, - Medieval Literary Politics: shapes of Ideology..
043945: DELANY, SHEILA, - Chaucer's House of Fame; the Poetics of Skeptical Fideism..
021075: DELANY, PAUL, - British Autobiography in the seventeenth Century..
011465: DELAPORTE, L., - La Mésopotamie; les civilisations babylonienne et Assyrienne..
031728: DELAPORTE, L., - Mesopotamia; the Babylonian and Assyrian Civilization..
014976: DELAY, JEAN, - The Youth of André Gide..
009579: DELBANCO, NICHOLAS, - The Beaux Arts Trio..
028008: DELBANCO, ANDREW, - Required Reading. Why Our American Classics Matter Now..
040270: DELBRÜCK, HANS, - The Barbarian Invasions..
007363: DELEON-GRANADOS, WILLIAM, - Travels Through Crime and Place; Community Building as Crime Control..
000089: DELGADO, RICHARD AND JEAN STEFANCIC, - Must we Defend Nazis? Hate Speech, Pornography, and the New First Amendment..
039038: DELILLO, DON, - The Day Room; a Play..
025156: DELLA VOLPE, GALVANO., - La filosofia dell'esperienza di Davide Hume..
039077: DELLA CROCE, JULIA, - The Pasta Book; Recipes in the Italian Tradition..
018398: DELLA PERGOLA, PAOLA, - Bernini..
028340: DELLA PORTA, GIAMBATTISTA, - Gli duoi fratelli rivali; the Two Rival Brothers..
022646: DELLIN, L. A. D., ED., - Bulgaria..
013897: DELMELLE, JOSEPH, - Prospection littéraire du Brabant Wallon..
024547: DELORIA, PHILIP J., - Playing Indian..
020832: DELPUECH, MARCIA-PAULE, - De San Francisco vue Holographique..
043682: DEMACHY, ALAIN, - Architecture d'intérieur et Décoration..
043925: DEMARAY, JOHN G, - The Invention of Dante's Commedia..
008254: DEMELIUS, HEINRICH, - Eheliches Güterrecht im spätmittelalterlichen Wien..
017234: DEMELIUS, HEINRICH, - Erhart Haidem, Richter zu Perchtoldsdorf bei Wien, und die landesfürstlichen Grundbücher 1431-1523; ein Beitrag zur österreichischen Privatrechtsgeschichte des Spätmittelalters..
043894: DEMELIUS, HEINRICH, - Aus dem Stadtbuch von Mautern an der Donau (1432-1550); ein Beitrag zur österreichischen Privatrechtsgeschichte..
021520: DEMERSON, VELMA, - Incorrigible..
021076: DEMETZ, PETER, - Postwar German Literature; a Critical Introduction..
029300: DEMING, MARK K., - La Halle au Ble de Paris 1762-1813; "Cheval de Troie" de l'abondance dans la capitale des Lumières..
043361: DEMOSTHENES, - Orationes. Vol. I, Pars II: Orationes XVIII-XIX..
002942: DEMOSTHENES, - [Hai demegoriai]; Les Harangues..
043362: DEMOSTHENES, - Orationes. Vol. II, Pars I: Orationes XX-XXIII..
018019: DEMOUSTIER, CHARLES ALBERT, - Lettres à Émilie Sur La Mythologie..
005217: DEMPSEY, HUGH A., - Red Crow, Warrior Chief..
032195: DEMPSEY, JACK, - Dempsey..
035070: DEMPSEY, HUGH A., - Indian tribes of Alberta..
039114: DEMPSEY, JAMES, - Mission on the NIle..
374: DEMUS-QUATEMBER, MARGARETE., - Est et alia pyramis...
018510: DEMUTH, NORMAN, - Ravel..
014802: DENBIGH, K. G., - An Inventive Universe..
012074: DENES, MAGDA, - Castles Burning; a Child's Life in War..
022278: DENHOLM-YOUNG, C. P. S., - Men of Alamein..
003553: DENHOLM-YOUNG, N., - Collected Papers of N. Denholm-Young..
037783: DENIG, LUDWIG, - The picture-Bible of Ludwig Denig; a Pennsylvania German Emblem Book..
040287: DENIS, ALBERTA JOHNSTON, - Spanish Alta California..
022087: DENISKAIA, A. V., ED., - Romano-Balcanica (voprosy adaptatsii latinskogo iazkovogo elementa v balkanskom areale); sbornik nauchnykh Trudov..
035317: DENISON, J. H, - Mark Hopkins; a Biography..
017104: DENITCH, BOGDAN DENIS, - The legitimation of a Revolution; the Yugoslav Case..
036569: DENLINGER, MILO G, - The Complete German Shepherd..
028944: DENMARK, FLORENCE L. AND MICHELE A. PALUDI, EDS., - Psychology of Women; a Handbook of Issues and Theories..
008156: DENNETT, JOHN RICHARD, - The South as it is; 1865-1866..
006945: DENNEY, REUEL, - The Astonished Muse..
014841: DENNING, ANTHONY, - Theatre in the Cotswolds; the Boles Watson Family and the Cirencester Theatre..
026261: DENNIS, GEORGE, - The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria..
001821: DENT, EDWARD J, - The Rise of Romantic Opera..
039456: DENT, EDWARD J, - Mozart's Operas; a critical Study..
024734: DENTAN, ROBERT C., - The Knowledge of God in Ancient Israel..
035833: DENTLER, CLARA LOUISE, - Famous American in Florence..
040691: DENTON, JEFFREY H, - Robert Winchelsey and the Crown 1294-1313; a Study in the Defence of Ecclesiastical Liberty..
039138: DENZINGER, HEINRICH, - Enchiridion symbolorum definitionum et declarationum de rebus fidei et Morum..
041364: HONG KONG. CIVIL ENGINEERING AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, - Shan beng tu yan hua jin xi; Xianggang shan ni qing zie bai nian shi. When Hillsides Collapse; a Century of Landslides in Hong Kong..
030968: DERDERIAN, TOM, - Boston Marathon; the history of the World's Premier Running Event..
042957: DERETIC, JOVAN, - Crpcki Roman 1800-1950..
019527: DERINGER, LUDWIG, - Die Rhetorik in Der Sonettkunst Von Jones Very..
012751: DERMAN, WILLIAM, - Serfs, Peasants, and Socialists; a former Serf Village in the Republic of Guinea..
020355: DÉROZIER, ALBERT, - Martin de Garay ou le liberalisme des compromissions; contribution aux recherches sur le liberalisme en Espagne au XIX Siècle..
022253: DERRIDA, JACQUES, - The Archeology of the Frivolous; Reading Condillac..
008278: DERRY, JOHN W., - William Pitt..
033355: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M., - Supreme Injustice; how the High Court Hijacked Election 2000..
021320: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M., - Sexual McCarthyism; Clinton, Starr, and the Emerging Constitutional Crisis..
028395: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M., - The Vanishing American Jew; in search of Jewish Identity for the Next Century..
010185: DERTHICK, MARTHA, - The National Guard in Politics..
026814: DERTOUZOS, MICHAEL L, - Threshold Logic: a Synthesis Approach..
007172: DERTOUZOS, MICHAEL L., ET AL., - Made in America: Regaining the Productive Edge..
009458: DERWING, BRUCE L., - Transformational Grammar as a Theory of Language Acquisition; a Study in the Empirical, Conceptual and Methodological Foundations of Contempoary Linguistics..
010299: DESAI, MEGHNAD, ET AL., EDS., - Agrarian Power and Agricultural Productivity in South Asia..
034369: DESALVO, LOUISE, ET AL., EDS., - Territories of the Voice; contemporary Stories By Irish Women Writers..
038894: DESCARTES, RENÉ., - Discours de la Méthode..
038652: DESCARTES, RENÉ., - Traité des passions...suivi de la correspondance avec la Princesse Élisabeth..
024733: DESCARTES, RENÉ., - The Method, meditations and Philosophy of Descartes..
025158: DESCARTES, RENÉ., - Descartes; his moral Philosophy and Psychology..
044133: DESCARTES, RENÉ, - Discours de la Méthode..
019406: DESCHAMPS, HUBERT, - L'Afrique Noire Précoloniale..
012888: DESCHANEL, EMILE, - Le théatre De Voltaire..
018234: DESCHNER, JOHN, ET AL., EDS., - Our Common History as Christians; Essays in honor of Alblert C. Outler...
041155: DESCOTES, MAURICE, - Les Grands rôles du théâtre de Beaumarchais..
041613: DESGRAVES, LOUIS, - Répertoire bibliographique des livres imprimés en France au XVIIe siècle. Tome IX: Agde, Aramon, Béziers, Carcassonne, Castelnaudary, Lodève, Mende Montpellier, Narbonne, Nîmes, Perpignan, Pézenas..
034984: DESHELL, JEFFREY, - Arthouse; a Novel..
011071: DESJARDINS, ROSEMARY, - The Rational Enterprise; Logos in Plato's Theaetetus..
019132: DESMAREST, JACQUES, - Évolution De La France Contemporaine: La France De 1870..
004190: DESMOND, ADRIAN, - Archetypes and Ancestors; Palaeontology in Victorian London, 1850-1875..
044005: DESMOND, WILLIAM, - Cynics..
020849: DESORMO, MAITLAND C., - John Bird Burnham--Klondiker, Adirondacker and Eminent Conservationist..
020316: DESPLAT, CHRISTIAN, - L'Académie Royale De Pau Au XVIIIe Siècle; Und Milieu Socio-Culturel Provincial...
022778: DESROCHES-NOBLECOURT, CHRISTIANE, - Tutankhamen; Life and Death of a Pharaoh..
017551: DESROSIER, NORMAN W., - Attack on Starvation..
018867: DESSUREAULT, PIERRE, - Carnets De Voyage; Travel Journals..
023539: DESTLER, CHESTER MCARTHUR, - American Radicalism, 1865-1901..
013647: DETOLNAY, CHARLES, - Michelangelo: Sculptor, Painter, Architect..
026262: DETSICAS, ALEC, - The Cantiaci..
032959: DETTMAN, JOHN W., - Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering..
042911: DETTORI, RENATO G, - Italian Wines and Liqueurs..
012076: DETZER, DAVID, - Thunder of the Captains; the Short Summer in 1950..
007174: DEUEL, LEO, - Conquistadors Without Swords; Archaeologists in the Americas. An Account with Original Narratives..
005449: DEUTSCH, HAROLD C., - The conspiracy Against Hitler in the Twilight War..
041924: DEUTSCH, EMERIC, ET AL, - Les familles politiques aujourd'hui en France..
012077: DEUTSCHKRON, INGE, - Outcase; a Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin..
020390: DEVENS, CAROL, - Countering Colonization; Native AMerican women and Great Lakes Missions, 1630-1900..
038641: DÉVIGNE, ROGER, - Le légendaire des provinces françaises à travers notre folklore..
012078: DEVINE, EDWARD T., - Disabled Soldiers and Sailors Pensions and Training..
005944: DEVINE, MICHAEL J., - John W. Foster; Politics and Dipolomacy in the imperial Era, 1873-1917..
379: DEWALD, ERNEST T., - Italian painting, 1200-1600...
030970: DEWART, GILBERT, - Antarctic Comrades; an American with the Russians in Antarctica..
021204: DEWDNEY, J. C., - Turkey; an Introductory Geography..
012017: DEWHURST, KENNETH, - Dr. Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689); His Life and Original Writings..
380: DEWULF, MAURICE., - Philosophy and civilization in the Middle Ages...
029115: DEYERMOND, ALAN AND IAN MACPHERSON, EDS., - The Age of the Catholic Monarchs, 1474-1516; Litierary Studies in Memory of Keith Whinnom..
043082: DEYERMOND, ALAN, ED, - Proceedings of the Tenth Colloquium..
023570: DHERBIER, YANN-BRICE AND PIERRE-HENRI VERLHAC, EDS., - John F. Kennedy Jr.; a Life in Pictures..
042415: DIAMANTI, ILVO AND RENATO MANNHEIMER, - Milano a Roma; guida all'Italia elettorale del 1994..
025834: DIAMOND, LARRY, ET AL., EDS., - Consolidating the third Wave Democracies; Regional Challenges..
024861: DIAMOND, MALCOLM L., - Martin Buber, Jewish Existentialist..
019329: DIAMOND, EDWIN AND ROBERT A. SILVERMAN, - White House to Your House: Media and Politics in Virutal America..
024730: DIBELIUS, MARTIN, - From Tradition to Gospel..
010154: DIBNER, BERN, - Alessandro Volta and the Electric Battery..
021711: DIBNER, BERN, - Early Electrical MacHines; the Experiments and Apparatus of Two Enquing Centuries (1600 to 1800) That Led to the Triumph of the Electrical Age..
017133: DIBNER, BERN, - The Victoria and the Triton..
021713: DIBNER, BERN, - Ten founding fathers of the Electrical Science..
021714: DIBNER, BERN, - Luigi Galvani; an expanded Version of a Biography prepared for the Forthcoming Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica..
039689: DIBNER, BERN, - The Atlantic Cable..
004016: DICK, ALIKI LAFKIDOU, - Paedeia Through Laughter; Jonson's Aristophanic Appeal to Human Intelligence..
013815: DICK, THOMAS, - The Christian Philosopher or, the Connection of Science and Philosophy with Religion..
014267: DICK, STEWART, - Arts and Crafts of Old Japan..
037463: DICKENS, GERALD, - The dress of the British Sailor..
020602: DICKENS, CHARLES, - Charles Dickens, 1812-1870; an Anthology..
020604: DICKENS, CHARLES, - Pickwick-klubbens Efterlämnade Papper..
033222: DICKENS, A. G., ET AL., - Background to the ENglish Renaissance; Introductory Lectures..
030528: DICKERSON, DEBRA J., - An American Story..
036175: DICKERSON, JOHN, - Pottery Making; a Complete Guide..
033614: DICKINS, BRUCE AND R. M. WILSON, EDS., - Early Middle English Texts..
035961: DICKINSON, ELEANOR, - Eleanor Dickinson: Line Drawing, October 8-December 14, 1975..
008542: DICKINSON, HELEN A., - German Masters of Art..
035649: DICKSON, PAUL, - The Great American Ice Cream Book..
016433: DICKSTEIN, MORRIS, - Gates of Eden; American Culture in the Sixties..
024724: DIDEROT, DENIS, - Zweite Satire (Rameaus Neffe)..
020605: DIDEROT, DENIS, - Rameau's nephew and Other Works..
033993: DIDEROT, DENIS, - Le Neveu de Rameau..
003607: DIEDERICH, WERNER, - Konventionalität in Der Physik; Wissenschaftstheoretische Untersuchungen Zum Konventionalismus..
030189: DIEGUEZ, MANUEL DE, - Rabelais par Lui-même..
381: DIEHL, CHARLES., - Byzantium: greatness and decline...
025968: DIEHL, GASTON, - F. Léger..
043305: DIEHL, CHARLES, - Manuel d'Art Byzantin..
005624: DIEKHOFF, JOHN S., ED., - A Maske at Ludlow; Essays on Milton's Comus..
009460: DIEKMAN, EERWIN, - Die Substantivbildung Mit Suffixen in Den Fabliaux..
035091: DIEKMANN, ERWIN, - Die Substantivbildung mit Suffixen in den Fabliaux..
044037: DIEM, HERMANN, - Kierkegaard's Dialectic of Existence..
042002: DIENA, LEONE, - Borgata Milanese..
023537: DE DIENES, ANDRE, - Marilyn, Mon Amour; the Private album of André De Dienes, Her preferred Photographer..
025059: DIERCKS, GUSTAV, - Kulturbilder aus den Vereinigten Staaten..
014519: DIES, EDWARD JEROME, - Titans of the Soil; Great Builders of Agriculture..
003561: DIESCH, CARL, - Bibliographie Der Germanistischen Zeitschriften..
003608: DIESEL, EUGEN AND GEORG STRÖSSNER, - Kampf Um Eine Maschine; Die Ersten Dieselmotoren in Amerika..
002943: DIESNER, HANS-JOACHIM, - Wirtschaft Und Gesellschaft Bei Thukydides..
019279: DIETRICH, RUDOLPHUS, - Testimonia De Herodoti Vita Praeter Itinera..
041097: DIETRICH, MARGRET, ED, - Das Burgtheater und sein Publikum. 1. Band..
026733: DIEUDONNÉ, J., - Foundations of Modern Analysis..
014382: DIEZ, ERNST, - Die Kunst Indiens..
041121: DIEZ ECHARRI, EMILIANO, - Teorias metricas del Siglo de Oro; apuntes para la historia del verso Español..
016430: DIGGINS, JOHN PATRICK, - The Lost Soul of American Politics; Virtue, Self-Interest, and the Foundations of Liberalism..
016733: DIGGINS, JOHN P., - Up from Communism; Conservative Odysseys in American Intellectual History..
043512: DIHLE, ALBRECHT, - Greek and Christian Concepts of Justice..
043417: DIJKSTRA, BRAM, - American Expressionism; Art and social Change 1920-1950..
037910: DIJKSTRA, BRAM, - The Hieroglyphics of a New Speech: Cubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams..
009462: DIL, ANWAR S., - Studies in Pakistani Linguistics..
034849: DILKE, O. A. W., - Mathematics and Measurement..
030277: DILL, CHARLES, - Monstrous Opera; Rameau and the tragic Tradition..
015224: DILLARD, ANNIE, - For the Time Being..
032184: DILLENBERGER, JANE AND JOSHUA C. TAYLOR, - The Hand and the Spirit: Religious Art in America 1700-1900..
040807: DILLER, HANS, ET AL., - Gottheit und Mensch in der Tragödie des Sophokles..
384: DILLER, HANS-JÜRGEN., - Redeformen des englischen Misterienspiels...
043278: DILLER, HANS-JÜRGEN AND JOACHIM KORNELIUS, - Linguistische Probleme der Übersetzung..
006252: DILLISTONE, F. W., - Charles Raven, Naturalist, Historian, Theologian..
030816: DILLMONT, THÉRÈSE DE, - The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework..
008415: DILLON, MILLICENT, - A Little Original Sin; the Life and Work of Jane Bowles..
025163: DILLON, E. J., - The Sceptics of the Old Testament: Job, Koheleth, Agur..
014489: DILLON, RICHARD, - Great Expectations; the Story of Benicia, California..
007177: DILLON, MERTON L., - Benjamin Lundy and the Struggle for Negro Freedom..
027669: DILLON, RICHARD H., - North American Indian Wars..
043518: DILLON, JOHN M., - The Transcendence of God in Philo: Some Possible Sources..
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008355: EBELING, RICHARD M. AND JACOB G. HORNBERGER, - The Case for free Trade and Open Immigration..
036288: EBER, DOROTHY, - Cape Dorset Print Collection; collections de gravures de Cape Dorset..
004962: EBERHARD, WOLFRAM, - A History of China..
042868: EBERLE, JOSEF, - Nie verstummendes Echo. Elegien/Satiren/Lehrgedichte. Echo perennis; Elegiae-Satirae-didactica..
014920: EBERLEIN, HAROLD DONALDSON, ET AL., - The Practical Book of Interior Decoration..
037718: EBERLY, CAROLE, - More...Michigan Cooking...and Other Things..
021394: EBERMEIER, WERNER, - Der Historische Verein für Niederbayern und seine Sammlungen; vom Vereinsmuseum zum Stadtmuseum..
037936: EBERSOLE, ROBERT, - Black Pagoda..
026282: EBERT, UDO, - Die Geschichte des Edikts De hominibus armatis Coactisve..
009470: EBERT, ROBERT PETER, - Infinitival Complement Constructions in Early New High German..
029068: EBERT, MAX, - Südrußland im Altertum..
002948: EBERTSHÄUSER, HEIDI AND MICHAEL WALTZ, - Antiken I: Vasen, Bronzen, Terrakotten Des Klassischen Altertums..
043089: EBIN, LOIS A, - Illuminator, Makar, Vates; Visions of Poetry in the Fifteenth Century..
033653: EBISCH, WALTHER, - A Shakespeare Bibliography..
033327: EBISCH, WALTHER, - Supplement for the Years 1930-1935 to A Shakespeare Bibliography..
032090: EBNER, MICHAEL H., - Creating Chicago's North Shore; a Suburban History..
028739: EBRARD, JOHANN HEINRICH AUGUST, - Bonifatius der Zerstörer des columbanischen Kirchentums auf dem Festlande. Ein Beitrag zu dem Werke: "Die iroschottische Missionskirche"..
012096: EBY, CECIL, - Between the Bullet and the Lie; American Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War..
022766: ECHAVARRIA, ROGELIO, - Mil y una Notas..
025841: ECHERUO, MICHAEL J. C., - Joyce Cary and the Dimensions of Order..
016483: ECKARDSTEIN, HERMANN, FREIHERR VON., - Lebenserinnerungen Und Politische Denkwürdigkeiten..
028312: ECKARDT, HANS VON, - Ivan the Terrible..
025068: ECKART, RUDOLF, - Der Wehrstand im Volksmund; eine Sammlung von Sprichwörtern, Volksliedern, Kinderreimen und Inschriften an deutschen Waffen und Geschützen..
038086: ECKE, TSENG YU-HO, - Chinese Calligraphy..
040130: ECKEL, EDWIN, ED, - Nevada Test Site..
013439: ECKERT, CHRISTIAN, - Peter Cornelius..
030807: ECKERT, ALLAN W., - The Owls of North America (north of Mexico). All the Species and Subspecies illutrated in Colore and full Described..
014692: ECKHARDT, GEORGE H., - Pennsylvania Clocks and Clockmakers; an Epic of Early American Science, Industry, and Craftsmanship..
026646: ECKHARDT, C. F., - Tales of Badmen, Bad Women, and Bad Places; Four Centuries of Texas Outlawry..
036886: ECKHARDT, GEORGE S, - Command and Control 1950-1969..
041572: ECKMAN, JAMES, - Wee Ends with Tom Cleland. The Melvin Loos Memorial Lectures, Heritage of the graphic Arts, Series XIII, Second Lecture, Gallery 303, New York City, September 15, 1971..
022574: ECKSTEIN, OTTO, - Core Inflation..
019008: ECKSTEIN, SUSAN EVA, - Back from the Future; Cuba Under Castro..
019967: ECKSTEIN, GUSTAV, - The Body Has a Head..
043095: ECKSTEIN, OSKAR, ET AL, - Kennzeichen des Kalimangels; signes de manque de potasse; potash deficiency Symptoms..
036216: ECKSTEIN, PAUL K., ED, - The United States Defense equipment Catalog 1983..
037649: ECO, UMBERTO, - Apocalypse Postponed..
043997: ECO, UMBERTO, - The Aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas..
035735: ECO, UMBERTO, - The Island of the Day Before..
042829: BANCO DEL ECUADOR, - Banco del Ecuador; historia de medio siglo 1868 a 1918..
037785: EDDINGTON, A. S, - The Nature of the physical World..
006028: EDDIS, WILLIAM, - Letters from America..
026403: EDEL, LEON, - Bloomsbury, a House of Lions..
027272: EDEL, LEON, - Bloomsbury, a House of Lions..
032151: EDEL, LEON, - Henry James; the Treacherous Years, 1895-1901..
040785: EDELMAN, HENDRIK, - Dutch-American Bibliography 1693-1794; a Descriptive Catalog of Dutch-language Books, Pamphlets and Almanacs Printed in America..
007684: EDELSTEIN, ARTHUR, ED., - Images and Ideas in American Culture; the Functions of Criticism. Essays in Memory of Philip Rahv..
037741: EDEN, MARY AND RICHARD CARRINGTON, - The Philosophy of the Bed..
041620: EDER, PETER, - Sühne; eine theologische Untersuchung..
011128: EDGAR, DONALD, - Britain's Royal Family in the twentieth Century; King Edward VII to Queen Elizabeth II..
027486: EDGAR-BONNET, GEORGE, - Ferdinand de Lesseps; après Suez, le pionnier de Panama..
021490: EDGREN, GÖSTA, ET AL., - Wage formation and the Economy..
039274: EDIN, KATHRYN AND LAURA LEIN, - Making Ends Meet; How Single Mothers Survive welfare and Low-wage Work..
014410: EDINGER, WILLIAM, - Samuel Johnson and Poetic Style..
004133: EDINGER, LEWIS J., - Kurt Schumacher; a Study in Personality and Political Behavior..
1346: (MARCUSE FESTSCHRIFT). EDITED BY KURT H. WOLFF AND BARRINGTON MOORE, JR., - The critical spirit; essays in honor of Herbert Marcuse...
024731: EDMAN, IRWIN, - John Dewey; His Contribution to the American Tradition..
022867: EDMAR, BIRGER, - Studien zu Den Epistulae Ad Caesarem senem De re Publica..
007290: EDMONDS, WALTER D., - The First Hundred Years, 18448-1948: 1848, Oneida Community; 1880, Oneida Community, Limited; 1935, Oneida Ltd...
030287: EDMONDS, MARGOT AND ELLA E. CLARK, - Voices of the Winds; Native American Legends..
032146: EDMONS, DAVID AND JOHN EIDINOW, - Bobby Fischer Goes to War; How the Soviets Lost the Most Extraordinary Chess Match of All Time..
018525: EDMUNDS, JOHN, - Hesperides..
032683: EDMUNDS, R. DAVID, - The Shawnee Prophet..
005312: EDWARDES, MICHAEL, - The Last Years of British India..
043460: EDWARDS, GEORGE WHARTON, - Vanished Towers and Chimes of Flanders..
011129: EDWARDS, GEORGE WHARTON, - London..
022869: EDWARDS, I. E. S., - The Treasures of Tutankhamum..
035191: EDWARDS, RICHARD, - The world around the Chinese artist; Aspects of Realism in Chinese Painting..
020117: EDWARDS, I. E. S., - Tutankhamun: His Tomb and its Treasures..
005896: EDWARDS, JEROME E., - The Foreign Policy of Col. McCormick's Tribune, 1929-1941..
006960: EDWARDS, TUDOR, - The Lion of Arles; a Portrait of Mistral and His Circle..
029253: EDWARDS, ROBERT, - The Montecassino Passion and the Poetics of Medieval Drama..
015605: EDWARDS, STEWART, - The Paris Commune, 1871..
012097: EDWARDS, KENNETH, - The Mutiny at Invergordon..
038452: EDWARDS, JOHN HAMILTON AND WILLIAM W. VASSE, - Annotated Index to the Cantos of Ezra Pound: Cantos I-LXXXIV..
036541: EDWARDS, EVERETT E, - A Bibliography of the History of Agriculture in the United States..
023922: PERRY BEN EDWIN, - The Ancient Romances; a literary-historical Account of Their Origins..
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003107: EFRON, BENJAMIN, - Currents and Trends in Contemporary Jewish Thought..
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012717: EFROS, ISRAEL, - Studie in Medieval Jewish Philosophy..
013826: EFROS, ISRAEL, - Studies in Medieval Jewish Philosophy..
035493: EGAMI, TOMI, - Rice recipes from Around the World..
034971: EGAN, SUSANNA, - Burdens of Proof; Faith, Doubt, and Identity in Autobiography..
026101: EGBERT, LYN AND RUTH BARNET, - Free Brush Designing..
035307: EGBERT, DONALD DREW AND STOW PERSONS, EDS, - Socialism and American Life..
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002404: EGERTON, GEORGE W, - Great Britain and the Creation of the League of Nationa; Strategy, Politics, and International Organization, 1914-1919..
011760: EGERTON, ALFRED, - Sir Alfred Egerton F.R.S., 1886-1959; a Memoir with Papers..
038661: EGGELING, H. F, - A Dictionary of Modern German Prose Usage..
043744: EGGER, A. E, - Examen critique des historiens anciens de la vie et du regne d'Auguste..
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003293: EGLOFF, MICHEL, - Des Premiers Chasseurs Au Début Du Christianisme..
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040796: EGOROV, N. K, - Kargopol'..
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036843: EGRESIC, DUBRAVKA, - Fording the stream of Consciousness..
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017245: EHEIM, FRITZ AND GERHARD WINNER, - History of the Fortress Wartenstein..
035050: EHL, PETR, ET AL, - Old Bohemian and Moravian Jewish Cemeteries..
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041594: EHLERS, JOACHIM, - Heinrich der Löwe; europäisches Fürstentum im Hochmittelalter..
002099: EHLINGER, HEINRICH, - Geschichtliche Deutsche Lautlehre..
008816: EHMANN, FRANZ, - Open Panorama..
034982: EHMSEN, HEINRICH, - Heinrich Ehmsen..
030101: EHRE, MILTON, - Oblomov and his Creator; the Life and art of Ivan Goncharov..
008650: EHRENBURG, ILYA, - Post-War Yeears, 1945-1954..
005381: EHRENPREIS, IRVIN, - Acts of Implication; suggestion and Covert Meaning in the Works of Dryden, Swift, Pope, and Austen..
020357: EHRET, HENRI, - L'Ecole Normale d'Instituteurs du Haut-Rhin à Colmar de sa fondation à la loi Falloux (1832-1850)...
023404: EHRLICH, PAUL R. AND ANNE H. EHRLICH, - Betrayal of Science and Reason; How Anti-Environmental rhetoric Threatens Our Future..
025975: EHRLICH, DOREEN, - The Bauhaus..
016757: EHRLICH, PAUL R. AND ANNE H. EHRLICH, - The population Explosion..
027865: EHRLICH, PAUL R., ET AL., - Birds in Jeopardy; the Imperiled and Extinct Birds of the United State and Canada Including Hawaii and Puerto Rico..
027873: EHRLICH, PAUL R., - Human Natures; Genes, cultures, and the Human Prospect..
021241: EHRSAM, VÉRONIQUE AND JEAN EHRSAM, - La littérature fantastique en France..
027846: EICHELBAUM, HANS, ED., - Das Buch von der Luftwaffe..
037881: EICHHORN, W., ET AL., EDS, - Production Theory; Proceedings of an International Seminar Held at the University of Karlsruhe, May-July 1973..
003557: EICHMANN, EDUARD, - Der Recursus Ab Abusu Nach Deutschem Recht Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Des Bayerischen, Preußischen Und Reichsländischen Kirchenrechts, Historisch-Dogmatisch Dargestellt..
017881: EICHNER, HANS, - "Romantic' and it Cognates; the European History of a Word..
025170: EICHRODT, WALTHER, - Man in the Old Testament..
030693: EICKHOFF, RANDY LEE, - The Raid..
023555: EIDELBERG, PAUL, - A Discourse on Statemanship; the design and Transformation of the American Polity..
023993: EIDT, ROBERT C., - Pioneer Settlement in Northeast Argentina..
020409: EIGELDINGER, MARC, - La mythologie solaire dans l'oeuvre de Racine..
034402: EIGEN, MICHAEL, - The Electrified Tightrope..
030605: EILATI, SHALOM, - Crossing the River..
042985: EINARSEN, ARTHUR S, - The Pronghorn Antelope and Its Management..
041827: CENTRO DI RICERCA E DOCUMENTAZIONE "LUIGI EINAUDI, - Le baronie di Stato; ricerca sull'industria publlica in Italia..
044127: EINBINDER, SUSAN L, - No Place of Rest; Jewish Literature, Expulsion, and the Memory of Medieval France..
043254: EINEM, KARL VON, - Generaloberst von Einem, Kriegsminister unter Wilhelm II; Erinnerungen eines Soldaten 1853-1933..
034132: EINSTEIN, ALBERT AND LEOPOLD INFELD, - The Evolution of Physics; the growth of ideas from the Early Concepts to relativity and Quanta..
037281: EINSTEIN, ALFRED, - Mozart; His Character, His Work..
014521: EINSTEIN, ALFRED, - Music in the Romantic Age..
032156: EINSTEIN, ALBERT, - A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion; the essential Writings of Albert Einstein..
035535: EIS, RUTH, - 25; Twenty-five Years, Judah L. Magnes Museum..
037179: EISELEY, LOREN, - Darwin and the Mysterious Mr. X; New light on the Evolutionists..
042350: EISENBERG, EVAN, - The Ecology of Eden..
026745: EISENHART, LUTHER PFAHLER, - Riemannian Geormetry..
038115: EISENHOWER, JOHN S. D, - Agent of Destiny; the Life and times of General Winfield Scott..
027927: EISENHOWER, DWIGHT, - Report By the Supreme Commander to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the Operations in Europe of the Allied Expeditionary Force, 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945..
011762: EISENSCHIML, OTTO, - Without Fame; the Romance of a Profession..
022984: EISENSTADT, S. N., - Israeli Society..
026707: EISENWERTH, J. A. SCHMOLL, GENANNT, - Wilhelm Loth; Bildwerke in Metall 1947-1972..
010530: EISFELD, GERHARD, - Die Entstehung Der Liberalen Parteien in Detuschland, 1858-1870. Studie Zu Den Organisationen Und Programmen Der Liberalen Und Demokraten..
024185: EISLER, RUDOLF, - Kant-Lexikon; Nachschlagewerk zu Kants sämtlichen Schriften/Briefen und handschriftlichem Nachlass..
038657: EISLER, RUDOLF, - Handwörterbuch der Philosophie..
026285: EISNER, ROBERT, - The Road to Daulis; Psychoanalysis, Psychology, and Classical Mythology..
022251: EISNITZ, GAIL A., - Slaughterhouse; the Shocking Story of Greed, neglect and inhumane Treatment inside the U.S. Meat Industry..
013474: EITNER, LORENZ, - Géricault..
038276: EITNER, LORENZ E. A. AND STEVEN A. NASH, - Gericault 1791-1824..
043936: EKELUND, ROBERT B., JR. ET AL, - Sacred Trust: The Medieval church as an Economic Firm..
025683: EKHOLM, GORDON F., - Ancient Mexico and Central AMerica..
021685: EKHTIAR, MANSUR A., - From Linguistics to Literature..
030379: EKMAN, KARL, - Jean Sibelius; taiteilijan elämä ja Persoonallisuus..
018528: EKMAN, KARL, - Jean Sibelius; His life and Personality..
040599: EKWALL, EILERT, - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names..
022985: ELATH, ELIAHU, - Zionism at the UN; a Diary of the First Days..
038557: ELDERFIELD, JOHN, - Fauvism; the "Wild beasts" and Its Affinities..
013643: ELDERLFIELD, JOHN, ET AL., - Matisse in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art; Including Remainder-Interest and Promised Gifts..
041016: ELDREDGE, ZOETH SKINNER, - The March of Portola and the Discovery of the Bay of San Francisco. The Log of the San Carlos and original Documents Transalted and Annotated By E. J. Molera..
023888: ELDREDGE, ZOETH SKINNER, - The Beginnings of San Francisco from the Expedition of Anza, 1774, to the City Charter of April 15, 1850, with biographical and Other Notes..
020431: ELDREDGE, NILES, - Life in the Balance; Humanity and the Biodiversity Crisis..
004990: ELEGANT, ROBERT S., - The Centre of the World; communism and the Mind of China..
004981: ELEGANT, ROBERT S., - China's Red Masters; Political Biographies of the Chinese Communist Leadlers..
043115: ELERT, CLAES-CHRISTIAN, - Phonologic Studies of Quantity in Swedish Based on material from Stockholm Speakers..
039796: ELEUTERIUS, LIONEL N, - An illustrated Guide to Tidal Marsh Plants of Mississippi and Adjacent States..
036908: ELFFERS, JOOST, - Play with Your Food..
017012: ELGIN, DUANE, - Awakening Earth; exploring the evolution of human culture and Consciousness..
035480: ELIACH, YAFFA, - There Once Was a World; a Nine-Hundred-year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok..
1111: ELIADE, MIRCEA AND JOSEPH M. KITAGAWA., - The history of religions; essays in methodology. Edited by Mircea Eliade an d Joseph M. Kitagawa...
029175: ELIADE, MIRCEA, - Die Religionen und das Heilige; Elemente der Religionsgeschichte..
008192: ELIAS, C. E., JR., ET AL., - Metropolis; Values in Conflict..
027525: ELIASOPH, PHILIP, - Paul Cadmus Yesterday & Today; essay and Catalogue..
033907: ELIOT, T. S., - Selected Poems..
039234: ELIOT, CHARLES W, - Harvard Memories..
020655: ELIOT, GEORGE, - Felix Holt, the Radical..
020656: ELIOT, T. S., - The Complete Poems and Plays, 1909-1950..
020657: ELIOT, T. S., - Poetry and Drama..
020658: ELIOT, T. S., - The three voices of Poetry..
023908: ELIOT, T. S., - The confidential Clerk; a Play..
015128: ELIOT, ALEXANDER, - Three Hundred Years of American Painting..
028132: ELIOT, T. S., - Notes towards the definition of Culture..
029996: ELIOT, T. S., - The Elder Statesman; a Play..
032998: ELISSEEFF, DANIELLE AND VADIME ELISSEEFF, - New Discoveries in China; Encountering History Through Archeology..
021608: ELKINS, KEN, - Picture Taker; Photographs By Ken Elkins..
035374: ELKINS, JAMES, - The object Stares Back; on the nature of Seeing..

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