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030375: DUNCAN, EDMONDSTOUNE - The Story of the Carol
036178: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - Magic Worlds of Fantasy: Dorle Lindner, Dr. Oscar Forel, Hsueh Shao-Tang, Ariane
043980: DUNCAN, ELMER H. - Sören Kierkegaard
018521: DUNCAN, EDMONDSTOUNE - Schubert
037717: DUNCAN, CHARLES - A Photographic Pilgrim's Progress; Being the Adventures of an Itinerant Photographer Among Cameras, Cabbages and Kings
039816: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - Self-Portrait: U.S. A.
046812: DUNDES, ALAN - From Game to War and Other Psychoanalytic Essays
036417: DUNDES, ALAN - Interpreting Folklore
034347: DUNDES, ALAN - Folklore Matters
008665: DUNEIER, MITCHELL - Slim's Table ; Race , Respectability, and Masculinity
1103: DUNHAM, BARROWS - Heroes & Heretics; a Political History of Western Thought
029451: DUNHAM, ARTHUR LOUIS - La Révolution Industrielle En France (1815-1848)
033205: DUNHAM, WILLIAM HUSE, JR., AND STANLEY PARGELLIS, EDS - Complaint and Reform in England 1436-1714. Fifty Writings of the Time on Politics, Religion, Society, Economics, Architecture, Sciences, and Education
010524: DUNKE, HORST - Die Kpd Von 1933 Bisw 1945
045312: DUNLAP, CAROL - California People
017243: DUNLOP, IAN - The Cathedrals' Crusade; the Rise of the Gothic Style in France
038855: DUNLOP, RICHARD - Donovan, America's Master Spy
022533: DUNLOP, JOHN T. - Wage Determination Under Trade Unions
046815: DUNLOP, JOHN COLIN - History of Prose Fiction
036544: DUNLOP, JOHN COLIN - History of Prose Fiction
033704: DUNN, ESTHER COULDMAN - Ben Jonson's Art: Elizabethan Life and Literture As Reflected Therein
021684: DUNN, OSCAR - Glossaire Franco-Canadien
036875: DUNN, CARROLL H. - Base Development in South Vietnam 1965-1970
033462: DUNN, T. A. - Philip Massinger; the Man and the Playwright
032936: DUNN, C. J. - Everyday Life in Imperial Japan
020176: DUNNE, DOMINICK - Justice; Crimes, Trials, and Punishments
020300: DUNNE, DOMINICK - Another City, Not My Own
012962: DUNNE, GEORGE H. - Generation of Giants; the Story of the Jesuits in China in the Last Decades of the Ming Dynasty
046933: DUNNE, GEORGE H. - Generation of Giants; the Story of the Jesuits in China in the Last Decades of the Ming Dynasty
040788: DÜNNHAUPT, GERHARD - Diederich Von Dem Werder; Versuch Einer Neuwertung Seiner Hauptwerke
025805: DÜNNHAUPT, GERHARD - Bibliographisches Handbuch Der Barockliteratur; Hundert Personalbibliographien Deutscher Autoren Des Siebzehnten Jahrhunderts
008039: DUNNING, JENNIFER - Alvin Ailey; a Life in Dance
024719: DUNNING, ALBERT E. - Congregationalists in America; a Popular History of Their Origin, Belief, Polity, Growth and Work
043577: DÜNNINGER, EBERHARD, ED - Begegnung Mit Regensburg; Stadt Und Landschaft IM Erlebnis Der Jahrhunderte
019371: DUNROY, WILLIAM REED - Corn Tassels
022843: DUNSTON, A. J. - Essays on Roman Culture; the Todd Memorial Lectures
047174: DUNWOODY, H. H. C. - Weather Proverbs
005354: DUPLESSIS, GUSTAVO GALLET - The Claim of Doctor Don Gustavo Gallet Duplessis of Havana Against Certain Orders of the Military Governor of Havana and the Military Ogvernor of Cuba in Relation to His Property: Argument and Protest
003106: DUPLESSIS, SAMUEL IGNATIUS MARINUS - Kants Hypothesisbegriff
003290: DUPONT, FLORENCE - Daily Life in Ancient Rome
028733: DUPONT, ETIENNE - Les Légendes Du Mont Saint-Michel; Historiettes Et Anecdotes Sur L'Abbaye Et Les Prisons
002495: DUPONT, JACQUES - Les Problèmes Du Libre Des Actes D'Après Les Travaux Récents
010443: DUPREE, A. HUNTER - Science in the Federal Government; a History of Policies and Activities to 1940
028734: DUPREE, LOUIS - Shamshir Ghar, Historic Cave Site in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
042854: DUPUIS, MICHEL - Hugo Claus
042782: DURANDEAUX, JACQUES - L'Eternité Dans la Vie Quotidienne
026280: DURANDO, FURIO - Ancient Greece; the Dawn of the Western World
019530: DURANT, ALAN - Ezra Pound, Identity in Crisis; a Fundamental Reassessment of the Poet and His Work
012492: DURANT, MARY - In Pursuit of the Mous, the Snaile, and the Clamm; a Roving Dictionary of the Animal Kingdom
002946: DURANT, G. M. - Britain, Rome's Most Northerly Province; a History of Roman Britain, A.D. 43-A.D. 450
012090: DURAS, MARGUERITE - The War; a Memoir
011109: DURCAN, J. W., ET AL. - Strikes in Post-War Britain; a Study of Stoppages of Work Due to Industrial Disputes, 1946-73
042089: DÜRER, ALBRECHT - Landschaftsaquarelle
038383: DÜRER, ALBRECHT - Dürers Kupferstichpassion
045070: DÜRER, ALBRECHT - Albrecht Dürer1471-1971; Ausstellung Des Germanischen Nationalmuseums, Nürnberg 21. Mai Bis 1. August 1971
008057: DURGNAT, RAYMOND - Jean Renoir
022614: DURHAM, WILLIAM H. - Scarcity and Survival in Central America; Ecological Origins of the Soccer War
009324: DURHAM, FRANK - Elmer Rice
031361: DURHAM, MICHAEL S. - Desert between the Mountains; Mormons, Miners, Padres, Mountain Men, and the Opening of the Great Basin 1772-1869
043406: DURHAM, MAE - Tit for Tat and Other Latvian Folk Tales
027124: DURLING, ROBERT M. - The Figure of the Poet in Renaissance Epic
033963: DURNOVO, L. A. - Haykakan Manrankarch'Ut'Yun; Armianskaia Miniatiura; Miniatures Arméniennes
019402: DUROSOY, MAURICE - Saumur; Historique de L'école D'Application de L'Arme Blindée Et de la Cavalerie
026415: DUROVA, NADEZHDA - The Cavalry Maiden; Journals of a Female Russian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars
009124: DURR, VIRGINIA FOSTER - Outside the Magic Circle; the Autobiography of Virginia Foster Durr
042395: DÜRR, ALFRED - Kantaten Zum 2. Und 3. Ostertag; Kritischer Bericht
012091: DURRANCE, DICK - Where War Lives; a Photographic Journal of Vietnam
046230: DURRANT, C. S. - A Link between Flemish Mystics and English Martyrs
043252: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Caesar's Vast Ghost; Aspects of Provence
015695: DURRELL, GERALD - Vadak a Vadonban
017161: DURRELL, GERALD - Allaltlkert a Poggyaszomban
017162: DURRELL, GERALD - Aranydenevérek, Rozsaszin Galambok
017163: DURRELL, GERALD - Mmadarak, Vadak, Rokonok
021081: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Greek Island
022465: DÜRRENMATT, FRIEDRICH - Achterloo; Eine Komödie in Zwei Akten
012092: DURSCHMIED, ERIK - Shooting Wars; My Life As a Wara Cameraman, from Cuba to Iraq
005359: DURY, G. H. - The East Midlands and the Peak
038377: DURY, G. H., ED - Rivers and River Terraces
007072: DUSENBERRY, WILLIAM H. - The Mexican Mesta; the Administration of Ranching in Colonial Mexico
029639: DUSHMAN, SAUL - Production and Measurement of High Vacuum
006257: DUSSAULT, GABRIEL, ET AL. - Panthéisme, Action, Oméga Chez Teilhard de Chardin
009060: DUTTA, NARENDRA CHANDRA - Land Problems and Land Reforms in Assam
010756: DUTTON, GEORFFREY - Founder of a City; the Life of Colonel William Light, First Surveyor-Gerneral of the Colony of South Australia: Founder of Adelaide, 1786-1839
043449: DUTTON, CLARENCE EDWARD - The Charleston Earthquake of August 31, 1886
042900: DUVAL, EDWIN M. - Poesis and Poetic Tradition in the Early Works of Saint-Amant; Four Essays in Contextual Reading
022168: DUVAL, EDWIN M. - The Design of Rabelais's Pantagruel
026281: DUVAL, PAUL-MARIE - Les Celts
045955: DUVAL, KATAHLEEN - Independence Lost; Lives on the Edge of the American Revolution
034851: DUVEAU, GEORGES - La Vie Ouvrière En France Sous le Second Empire
035738: DUVEEN, J. H. - The Rise of the House of Duveen
015523: DUVENECK, JOSEPHINE WHITNEY - Life on Two Levels; an Autobiography
019129: DUVERGER, MAURICE - La Cinquième République
015408: DUVERNOY, ANNE - Michael Denard: Danse L'Oiseua de Feu. Ballet de Maurice Béjart
036258: NGUYEN-DUY, PIPO - Pipo Nguyen-Duy: East of Eden
036400: DVINSKY, EMMANUEL - Durov and His Performing Animals
008543: DVORAK, MAX - Das Rätsel Der Kunst Der Brüder Van Eyck Mit Einem Anhang über Die Anfänge Der Holländischen Malerei
402: DVORAK, MAX - Idealism and Naturalism in Gothic Art. Translated with Notes and Bibliograp Hy by Randolph J. Klawiter
035302: DVORNIK, FRANCIS - The Slavs; Their Early History and Civilization
021082: DWIGHT, ELEANOR - Edith Wharton; an Extraordinary Life
022441: DWORKIN, ANDREA - Intercourse
041948: DWYER, ROBERT JOSEPH - The Gentile Comes to Utah; a Study in Religious and Social Conflict (1862-1890)
003937: DYAR, RALPH E. - News for an Empire; the Story of the Spokesman-Review of Spokane
018219: DYEN, ISIDORE, ED - Lexicostatistics in Genetic Linguistics; Proceedings of the Yale Conference, Yale University, April 3-4, 1971
043833: DYER, JAMES - Hillforts of England and Wales
002496: DYKMANS, GOMMAIRE - Histoire économique Et Sociale de L'Ancienne égypte
041704: DYKSTRA, KLAES - Lyts Hânboek Fan de Fryske Literatuer
016569: DYSON, FREEMAN J. - The Sun, the Genome, the Internet; Tools of Scientific Revolutions
018522: DYSON, GEORGE - The New Music
012094: DYSON, FREEMAN - Weapons and Hope
034590: QUELLER, DONALD E. AND THOMAS F. MADDEN - The Fourth Crusade; the Conquest of Constantinople
035950: FUSSELL, G. E. AND K. R. FUSSELL - The English Countryman; His Life and Work from Tudor Times to the Victorian Age
037214: FICKEN, ROBERT E. AND CHARLES P. LEWARNE - Washington; a Centennial History
043747: HERZIG, HEINZ E. AND REGULA FREI-STOLBA, EDS - Labor Omnibus Unus; Gerold Walser Zum 70. Geburtstag Dargebracht Von Freunden, Kollegen Und Schülern
043288: SENN, MILTON J. E. AND CLAIRE HARTFORD, EDS - The Firstborn; Experiences of Eight American Families
044777: SILVA E., R. S. - Mexican History; Diego Rivera's Frescoes in the National Palace of Mexico, City. A Descriptive Guide Book of the National Palace and Its Royal Rooms with 32 Illustrations
039439: MORTENSEN, BRITA M. E. AND BRIAN W. DOWNS - Strindberg; an Introduction to His Life and Work
035434: KAPLAN, DAVID E. AND ALEC DUBRO - Yakuza; the Explosive Account of Japan's Criminal Underworld
010240: KAPLAN, DAVID E. AND ALEC DUBRO - Yakuza; the Explosive Account of Japan's Criminal Underworld
022181: ASHER, R. E. AND EUGENIE J. A. HENDERSON, EDS - Towards a History of Phonetics
022486: KOBRINSKII, N. E. AND B. A. TRAKHTENBROT - Introduction to the Theory of Finite Automata
036737: FUSSELL, G. E. AND K. R. FUSSELL - The English Countrywoman; Her Life in Farmhouse and Field from Tudor Times to the Victorian Age
011038: BUTLER, D. E. AND ANTHONY KING - The British General Election of 1964
025836: HARRIS, JAMES E. AND KENT R. WEEKS - X-Raying the Pharaohs
003201: RADFORD, E. AND M. A. RADFORD - Encyclopaedia of Superstitions
018973: MEYER, KARL E. AND SHAREEN BLAIR BRYSAC - Tournament of Shadows; the Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia
023736: BLACK, CYRIL E. ET AL. - Rebirth; a History of Europe Since World War II
024130: RUBIN, ROBERT E. AND JACOB WEISBERG - In an Uncertain World; Tough Choices from Wall Street to Washington
878: TROCH E, ERNST GÜNER - Niederländische Malerei Des Fünfzehnten Und Sechzehnten Jahr- Hunderts
024978: NICKELSBURG, GEORGE W. E. AND MICHAEL E. STONE - Faith and Piety in Early Judaism: Texts and Documents
017694: MATHER, R. E. AND F. E. BOSWELL - John David Borthwick, Artist of the Goldrush
025697: BOYCE, WILLIAM E. AND RICHARD C. DIPRIMA - Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems
016545: TERRILL, TOM E. AND JERROLD HIRSCH, EDS - Such As Us; Southern Voices of the Thirties
011579: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. AND RICHARD WILCOX - Literary England; Photographs of Places Made Memorable in English Literature
012470: KUCK, LORAINE E. AND RICHARD C. TONGG - Hawaiian Flowers & Flowering Trees
009589: BERGIN, ALLEN E. AND HANS H. STRUPP - Changing Frontiers in the Science of Psychotherapy
015016: BELL, H. E. AND R. L. OLLARD, EDS - Historical Essays, 1600-1750, Presented to David Ogg
022900: LONG, DAVID E. AND BERNARD REICH, EDS - The Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
017935: JOHNSON, DAVID E. AND PAUL M. POSTAL - Arc Pair Grammar
028385: REINA, RUBEN E. AND ROBERT M. HILL II - The Traditional Pottery of Guatemala
028391: LEAKEY, RICHARD E. AND ROGER LEWIN - Origins; What New Discovereies Reveal About the Emergence of Our Species and Its Possible Future
005194: GRAHAM, VICTOR E. AND W. MCALLISTER JOHNSON - The Paris Entries of Charles IX and Elisabeth of Austria, 1571
005279: ROSE, LEO E. AND MARGARET W. FISHER - The Politics of Nepal; Persistence and Change in an Asian Monarchy
039870: WHARTON, MARY E. AND ROGER W. BARBOUR - A Guide to the Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky
029647: BOYCE, WILLIAM E. AND RICHARD C. DIPRIMA - Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems
013065: NICHOLSON, LEWIS E. AND DOLORES WARWICK FRESE, EDS - Anglo-Saxon Poetry; Essays in Appreciation for John C. Mcgalliard
030718: KLIMAS, JOHN E. AND JAMES A. CUNNINGHAM - Wildflowers of Eastern America
015731: HENDERSON, GAIL E. AND MYRON S. COHEN - The Chinese Hospital; a Socialist Work Unit
038247: MCMINN, HOWARD E. AND EVELYN MAINO - An Illustrated Manual of Pacific Coast Trees
038851: GOODIN, ROBERT E. AND PHILIP PETTIT, EDS - A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy
038925: WERBELL, FREDERICK E. AND THURSTON CLARKE - Lost Hero; the Mystery of Raoul Wallenberg
007494: CAIRD, DAVID E. AND REBECCA M. BLANK, EDS - Finding Jobs; Work and Welfare Reform
047074: HAVERKAMP-BEGEMANN, E. AND ANNE-MARIE S. LOGAN - European Drawings and Watercolors in Th Eyale University Art Gallery 1500-1900
043781: DAWSON, GILES E. AND LAETITIA KENNEDY-SKIPTON - Elizabethan Handwriting 1500-1650; a Manual
031493: STUDWELL, WILLIAM E. AND DAVID A. HAMILTON - Opera Plot Index; a Guide to Locating Plots and Descriptions of Operas, Operettas, and Other Works of the Musical Theater, and Associated Material
037265: QUINN, KAREN E. AND THEODORE E. STEBBINS, JR. - Weston's Westons; California and the West
015974: O'NEILL, JAMES E. AND ROBERT W. KRAUSKOPF - World War II; an Account of Its Documents
017617: WOOD, SAMUEL E. AND ALFRED E. HELLER - California Going, Going... ; Our State's Struggle to Remain Beautiful and Productive
035308: HOXIE, FREDERICK E. AND HARVEY MARKOWITZ - Native Americans; an Annotated Bibliography
036557: MCMINN, HOWARD E. AND EVELYN MAINO - An Illustrated Manual of Pacific Coast Trees
037788: MARTINUS, NORMAN E. AND HARRY L. RINKER - Warman's Paper
045416: EAGLETON, MARY - Feminist Literary Criticism
009219: EAGLY, ROBERT V. - The Structure of Classical Economic Theory
037453: EAKINS, THOMAS - Thomas Eakins; His Photographic Works
025168: EAMES, ELIZABETH RAMSDEN - Bertrand Russell's Theory of Knowledge
013825: EARHART, H. BYRON - The New Religions of Japan; a Bibliograph of Western-Language Materials
010226: EARL, DAVID MAGAREY - Emperor and Nation in Japan; Political Thinkers of the Tokugawa Period
026031: EARLE, JOE, ED - The Toshiba Gallery; Japanese Art and Design
039943: EARLE, PETER, ED - Essays in European Economic History 1500-1800
019359: EARLE, SYLVIA ALICE - Sea Change; a Message of the Oceans
047151: EARLE, PETER - The Making of the English Middle Class; Business, Society and Family Life in London, 1660-1730
031540: EARLEYWINE, MITCH, ED - Mind-Altering Drugs; the Science of Subjective Experience
026693: EARLY, GERALD, ED - Sppech & Power; the African-American Essay and Its Cultural Content from Polemics to Pulpit
008711: EARNEST, ERNEST - The Single Vision; the Alienation of American Intellectuals
031736: EARP, F. R. - The Style of Sophocles
031738: EARP, F. R. - The Way of the Greeks
045254: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE ORIGIN OF LIFE ON THE EARTH, 1ST - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on the Origin of Life on the Earth, Held at Moscow, 19-24 August 1957
039278: EASTERLIN, RICHARD A. - Population, Labor Force, and Long Swings in Economic Growh; the American Experience
039122: EASTERLIN, RICHARD A. - Birth and Fortune; the Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare
039405: EASTERLY, WILLIAM - The Elusive Quest for Growth; Economists' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics
025507: EASTMAN, CHARLES ALEXANDER - From the Deep Woods to Civilization
030573: EASTMAN, RALPH M. - Some Famous Privateers of New England
017729: EASTON, ROBERT - Guns, Gold & Caravans; the Extraordinary Life and Times of Fred Meyer Schroder, Frontiersman and Soldier of Fortune, in California, Mexico, Alaska and China
031224: EASTON, CAROL - No Intermissions; the Life of Agnes de Mille
034486: EASTON, LOYD D. - Hegel's First American Followers. The Ohio Hegelians: John B. Stallo, Peter Kaufmann, Moncure Conway, and August Willich, with Key Writings
008544: EATON, D. CADY - A Handbook of Modern French Sculpture
030377: EATON, QUAINTANCE - Opera Caravan; Adventures of the Metropolitan on Tour, 1883-1956
030376: EATON, QUAINTANCE - The Boston Opera Company
042302: EATON, ELON HOWARD - Birds of New York
034930: EATON, FAITH - The Miniature House
018524: EATON, QUAINTANCE - Opera Caravan; Adventures of the Metropolitan on Tour, 1883-1956
035567: EATON, ALLEN H. - Immigrant Gifts to American Life; Some Experiments in Appreciation of the Contributions of Our Foreign-Born Citizens to American Culture
012095: EATON, CLEMENT - Jefferson Davis
039045: EATON, CLEMENT - A History of the Southern Confederacy
022522: EATWELL, JOHN, ET AL., ETD - The New Palgrave: General Equilibrium
036048: EAUCLAIRE, SALLY - The Cat in Photography
022983: EBAN, ABBA - Abba Eban; an Autobiography
005382: EBAN, ABBA - Voice of Israel
040976: EBEL, ELSE - Kleine Altisländische Grammatik
044811: EBEL, ELSE - Die Waräger; Ausgewählte Texte Zu Den Fahrten Der Wikinger Nach Vorderasien
017624: EBEL, ROBERT E. - The Petroleum Industry of the Soviet Union
039218: EBELING, GERHARD - Wort Und Glaube
045002: LUSCHIN VON EBENGREUTH, A. - Allgemeine Münzkunde Und Geldgeschichte Des Mittelalters Und Der Neueren Zeit
036288: EBER, DOROTHY - Cape Dorset Print Collection; Collections de Gravures de Cape Dorset
009925: ZWIRNER, EBERHARD AND KURT ZWIRNER - Principles of Phonometrics
004962: EBERHARD, WOLFRAM - A History of China
044487: FISCHER, EBERHARD AND HANS HIMMELHEBER - Das Gold in Der Kunst Westafrikas
042868: EBERLE, JOSEF - Nie Verstummendes Echo. Elegien/Satiren/Lehrgedichte. Echo Perennis; Elegiae-Satirae-Didactica
014920: EBERLEIN, HAROLD DONALDSON, ET AL. - The Practical Book of Interior Decoration
037718: EBERLY, CAROLE - More... Michigan Cooking... And Other Things
021394: EBERMEIER, WERNER - Der Historische Verein Für Niederbayern Und Seine Sammlungen; Vom Vereinsmuseum Zum Stadtmuseum
037936: EBERSOLE, ROBERT - Black Pagoda
026282: EBERT, UDO - Die Geschichte Des Edikts de Hominibus Armatis Coactisve
009470: EBERT, ROBERT PETER - Infinitival Complement Constructions in Early New High German
029068: EBERT, MAX - SüdrußLand IM Altertum
043089: EBIN, LOIS A. - Illuminator, Makar, Vates; Visions of Poetry in the Fifteenth Century
033653: EBISCH, WALTHER - A Shakespeare Bibliography
033327: EBISCH, WALTHER - Supplement for the Years 1930-1935 to a Shakespeare Bibliography
032090: EBNER, MICHAEL H. - Creating Chicago's North Shore; a Suburban History
028739: EBRARD, JOHANN HEINRICH AUGUST - Bonifatius Der Zerstörer Des Columbanischen Kirchentums Auf Dem Festlande. Ein Beitrag Zu Dem Werke: "Die Iroschottische Missionskirche
046894: EBREY, PATRICIA BUCKLEY - The Cambridge Illustrated History of China
012096: EBY, CECIL - Between the Bullet and the Lie; American Volunteers in the Spanish CIVIL War
042886: ORTIZ ECHAGÜE, JOSE - España Pueblos Y Paisajes
041121: DIEZ ECHARRI, EMILIANO - Teorias Metricas Del Siglo de Oro; Apuntes Para la Historia Del Verso Español
025841: ECHERUO, MICHAEL J. C. - Joyce Cary and the Dimensions of Order
016483: ECKARDSTEIN, HERMANN, FREIHERR VON - Lebenserinnerungen Und Politische Denkwürdigkeiten
028312: ECKARDT, HANS VON - Ivan the Terrible
044882: ECKARDT, F. E., ED - Methodology of Plant Eco-Physiology; Proceedings of the Montpellier Symposium. Méthodologie de L'éco-Physiologie Végétale; Actes Du Colloque de Montpellier
025068: ECKART, RUDOLF - Der Wehrstand IM Volksmund; Eine Sammlung Von Sprichwörtern, Volksliedern, Kinderreimen Und Inschriften an Deutschen Waffen Und Geschützen
040130: ECKEL, EDWIN, ED - Nevada Test Site
013439: ECKERT, CHRISTIAN - Peter Cornelius
030807: ECKERT, ALLAN W. - The Owls of North America (North of Mexico). All the Species and Subspecies Illutrated in Colore and Full Described
014692: ECKHARDT, GEORGE H. - Pennsylvania Clocks and Clockmakers; an Epic of Early American Science, Industry, and Craftsmanship
026646: ECKHARDT, C. F. - Tales of Badmen, Bad Women, and Bad Places; Four Centuries of Texas Outlawry
036886: ECKHARDT, GEORGE S. - Command and Control 1950-1969
045463: ECKHART, MEISTER - Meister Eckharts Buch Der Göttlichen Trstung Und Von Dem Edlen Menschen (Liber "Benedictus")
041572: ECKMAN, JAMES - Wee Ends with Tom Cleland. The Melvin Loos Memorial Lectures, Heritage of the Graphic Arts, Series XIII, Second Lecture, Gallery 303, New York City, September 15, 1971
022574: ECKSTEIN, OTTO - Core Inflation
019008: ECKSTEIN, SUSAN EVA - Back from the Future; Cuba Under Castro
019967: ECKSTEIN, GUSTAV - The Body Has a Head
043095: ECKSTEIN, OSKAR, ET AL. - Kennzeichen Des Kalimangels; Signes de Manque de Potasse; Potash Deficiency Symptoms
036216: ECKSTEIN, PAUL K., ED - The United States Defense Equipment Catalog 1983
037649: ECO, UMBERTO - Apocalypse Postponed
035735: ECO, UMBERTO - The Island of the Day Before
044565: ECONOMOU, GEORGE D. - The Goddess Natura in Medieval Literature
042829: BANCO DEL ECUADOR - Banco Del Ecuador; Historia de Medio Siglo 1868 a 1918
045943: TAVERNE, ED AND IRMIN ISSER, EDS - Stedebouw; de Geschiedenis Van de Stad in de Nederlanden Van 1500 Tot Heden
002439: DOERR, EDD AND ALBERT J. MENENDEZ - Religious Liberty and State Constitutions
037785: EDDINGTON, A. S. - The Nature of the Physical World
006028: EDDIS, WILLIAM - Letters from America
026403: EDEL, LEON - Bloomsbury, a House of Lions
027272: EDEL, LEON - Bloomsbury, a House of Lions
032151: EDEL, LEON - Henry James; the Treacherous Years, 1895-1901
040785: EDELMAN, HENDRIK - Dutch-American Bibliography 1693-1794; a Descriptive Catalog of Dutch-Language Books, Pamphlets and Almanacs Printed in America
046487: EDELMAN, NATHAN - The Eye of the Beholder; Essays in French Literature
007684: EDELSTEIN, ARTHUR, ED - Images and Ideas in American Culture; the Functions of Criticism. Essays in Memory of Philip Rahv
041620: EDER, PETER - Sühne; Eine Theologische Untersuchung
011128: EDGAR, DONALD - Britain's Royal Family in the Twentieth Century; King Edward VII to Queen Elizabeth II
045422: EDGECOMBE, R"ODNEY STENNING - Two Poets of the Oxford Movement; John Keble and John Henry Newman
045460: EDGERTON, SAMUEL Y. - Theaters of Conversion; Religious Architecture and Indian Artisans in Colonial Mexico
021490: EDGREN, GÖSTA, ET AL. - Wage Formation and the Economy
014410: EDINGER, WILLIAM - Samuel Johnson and Poetic Style
004133: EDINGER, LEWIS J. - Kurt Schumacher; a Study in Personality and Political Behavior
043397: FEL, EDIT AND TAMAS HOFER - Proper Peasants; Traditional Life in a Hungarian Village
022655: FÉL, EDIT AND TAMAS HOFER - Proper Peasants; Traditional Life in a Hungarian Village
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003112: ERASMUS, CHARLES J. - In Search of the Common Good; Utopian Experiments Past and Future
033819: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - The Education of a Christian Prince
034703: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - Erasmus and Cambridge
021694: ERBEN, JOHANNES - Einführung in Die Deutsche Wortbildungslehre
010536: ERCKENS, GÜNTER - 150 Jahre Rechnungs- Und Briefbögen IM Gladbach-Rheydter Wirtschaftsraum
005162: ERDMAN, DAVID V. - Commerce Des Lumières; John Oswald and the British in Paris, 1790 1793
005326: ERDMAN, HOWARD L. - The Swatantra Party and Indian Conservatism
044086: ERDÖ, PÉTER - Storia Della Scienza Del Diritto Canonico; Una Introduzione
034197: ERDRICH, LOUISE - The Antelope Wife; a Novel
036510: ERDRICH, LOUISE - The Beet Queen; a Novel
010061: EREERGUER, ENRIQUE V. - Cosas Del Uruguay (En Torno a la Decada 1933-42)
016638: EREN, HASAN, ET AL. - The Turkish Presence in Bulgaria; Communications, 7 June 1985
029344: ERENS, PATRICIA - The Jew in American Cinema
038900: ERFFA, HANS MARTIN VON - Die Domtür Zu Pisa
029999: ERIBON, DIDIER - Michel Foucault
022007: ALTERMAN, ERIC AND MARC GREEN - The Book on Bush; How George W. (Mis)Leads America
032707: ROBINS, ERIC AND BLAINE LITTELL - Africa; Images and Realities
036891: BAKER, ERIC AND TYLER BLIK - Trademarks of the 40's and 50's
032256: TREUILLÉ, ERIC AND ANNA DEL CONTE - Pasta; Every Way for Every Day
010955: ASHBY, ERIC AND MARY ANDERSON - The Rise of the Student Estate in Britain
022660: FROMM, ERICH AND MICHAEL MACCOBY - Social Character in a Mexican Village; a Sociopsychoanalytic Study
008634: WOLF, ROBERT ERICH AND RONALD MILLEN - Renaissance and Mannerist Art
020710: ERICKSON, DARLENE WILLIAMS - Illusion Is More Precise Than Precision; the Poetry of Marianne Moore
025421: ERICKSON, CAROLLY - Alexandra, the Last Tsarina
007201: ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE - Invisible Immigrants; the Adaptation of English and Scottish Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century America
045692: ERICKSON, CAROLLY - The Medieval Vision; Essays in History and Perception
025497: SAAR, ERIK AND VIVECA NOVAK - Inside the Wire; a Military Intellligence Solider's Account of Life at Guantanamo
040077: WESTERLIND, ERIK AND RUNE BECKMAN - Sweden's Economy; Structure and Trends
022631: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Identity; Youth and Crisis
022812: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Life History and the Historical Moment
003938: ERIKSSON, T.-E - Die Armenische Büchersammlung Der Universitätsbibliothek Zu Helsinki
046969: ERIM, KENAN T. - Aphrodias; a Guide to the Site and Its Museum
043843: ERK, LUDWIG - Deutscher Liederhort; Auswahl Der Vorzüglicheren Deutschen Volkslieder, Nach Wort Und Weise Aus Der Vorzeit Und Gegenwart Gesammelt Und Erläutert
013828: ERLANGER, PHILIPPE - St. Bartholomew's Night; the Massacre of Saint Bartholomew
033903: NAGEL, ERNEST AND JAMES R. NEWMAN - Gödel's Proof
038143: ERNI, HANS - Gedanken Und Gedichte
042775: LEHNER, ERNST AND JOHANNA LEHNER - Lore and Lure of Outer Space
037208: LEHNER, ERNST AND JOHANNA LEHNER - Folklore and Odysseys of Food and Medicinal Plants
021574: BURGSCHMIDT, ERNST AND DIETER GÖTZ - Historische Linguistik: Englisch
003350: KJELLBERG, ERNST AND GÖSTA SÄFLUND - Greek and Roman Art, 3000 B.C. To A.D. 550
040389: JOHANN, ERNST AND JÖRG JUNKER - Deutsche Kulturgeschichte Der Letzten Hundert Jahre
024917: BENZ, ERNST AND MINORU NAMBARA - Das Christentum Und Die Nicht-Christlichen Hochreligionen; Begegnung Und Auseinandersetzung. Eine Internationale Bibliographie
037665: ERNST, MAX - Une Semaine de Bonté; a Surrealistic Novel in Collage
032044: ERON, CAROL, ED - The Artist's Table; a Cookbook by Master Chefs Inspried by Painting in the National Gallery of Art
011093: ERRINGTON, R. MALCOLM - A History of Macedonia
009295: ERRINGTON, FREDERICK KARL - Karavar; Masks and Power in a Melanesian Ritual
010374: ERSCH, JOHANN SAMUEL - La France Littéraire Contenant Les Auteurs Français de 1771 à 1796
020494: ERSERGUER, ENRIQUE V. - Cosas Del Uruguay (En Torno a la Década 1933-42)
035601: BINDEWALD, ERWIN AND KARL KASPER - Fairy Fancy on Fabrics; the Wonderland of Calico-Printing
013829: ERWIN, EDWARD - The Concept of Meaninglessness
046545: ESCH, ANNELIESE - Die Ehedispense Johanns XXII. Und Ihre Bezihung Zur Politik
029848: WOLFRAM VON ESCHENBACH - Wolfram Von Eschenbach
012918: ESCHER, KONRAD - Malerei Der Renaissance in Italien; Die Malerei Des 14. Bis 16. Jahrhunderts in Mittel- Und Unteritalien
045960: ESCHOLIER, MARC - Port-Royal; the Drama of the Jansenists
035429: ESCOBEDO, HELEN - Mexican Monuments; Strange Encounters
035141: ESCOFFIER, AUGUSTE - Ma Cuisine
034869: ESKIND, ANDREW H., ED - International Photography; George Eastman House Index to Photographers, Collections, and Exhibitions
014531: ESMAN, MILTON J., ED - Ethnic Conflict in the Western World
041129: REAL ACADEMIA ESPAÑOLA - Diccionario de la Lengua Española
035495: ESPEY, JOHN - Minor Heresies, Major Departures. A China Mission Boyhood
009891: TORREBLANCA ESPINOSA, MAXIMO - Estudio Del Habla de Villena Y Su Comarca
022898: ESPOSITO, JOHN L. - The Islamic Threat; Myth or Reality
038156: ESPOSITO, JOHN L. - Unholy War; Terror in the Name of Islam
037223: ESPY, WILLARD R. - Oysterville; Roads to Grandpa's Village
019308: ESS, FRANCISCUS XAVERIUS - Quaestiones Plinianae. De Praepositionum Apud C. Plinius Sec. Usu. Pars Prior: E Praepostiionibus C. Abl. Coniunctis
012653: ESSIG, E. O. - Insects of Western North America; a Manual and Textbook for Students in Colleges and Universities and a Handbook for County, State and Federal Entomologists and Agriculturists As Well As Foresters, Farmers, Gardeners, Travelers, and Lovers of Nature
038250: ESSWEIN, HERMANN - Rembrandt
023774: D'ESTE, CARLO - Eisenhower; a Soldier's Life
044750: CAILHAVA D'ESTENDOUX, JEAN FRANÇOIS - De L'Art de la Comédie, Ou Détail Raisonné Des Diverses Parties de la Comédie, Et de Ses Différents Genres; Suivi D'Un Traité de L'Imitation Ou L'on Compare à Leurs Originaux Les Imitations de Moliere & Celles Des Modernes
035784: ESTES, RICHARD - Richard Estes; the Urban Landscape
045655: PEPERKAMP, ESTHER AND MALGORZATA RAJTAR, EDS - Religion and the Secular in Eastern Germany, 1945 to the Present
001769: ESTHUS, RAYMOND A. - From Enmity to Alliance; U.S. -Australian Relations, 1931-1941
047237: ESTLEMAN, LOREN D. - The Lioness Is the Hunter; an Amos Walker Novel
020497: ESTRADA, NORBERTO - Uruguay Contemporaneo
043907: LOPEZ ESTRADA, FRANCISCO - Introducción a la Literatura Medieval Española
007818: BLUMANN, ETHEL AND MABEL W. THOMAS, EDS - California Local History; a Centennial Bibliography
034024: ETHEREGE, GEORGE - The Dramatic Works of Sir George Etherege
022786: DRIOTON, ETIENNE AND JACQUES VANDIER - Les Peuples de L'Orient Méditerranéen. T. II: L'égypte
005916: SAINT-ETIENNE, CHRISTIAN - The Great Depression, 1919-1938; Lessons for the 1980s
022654: ETTINGER, ELZBIETA - Rosa Luxemburg; a Life
021698: ETTINGER, STEFAN - Form Und Funktion in Der Wortbildung; Die Diminutiv- Und Augmentativmodifikation IM Lateinischen, Deutschen Und Romanischen. Ein Kritischer Forschungsbericht 1900-1970
030966: ETZIONI, AMITAI - A Responsive Society; Collected Essays on Guiding Deliberate Social Change
025073: ETZOLD, ALFRED, ET AL. - Jüdische Friedhöfe in Berlin
024710: EUBEL, KONRAD - Geschichte Der Kölnischen Minoriten-Ordensprovinz
028751: EUBEL, KONRAD - Geschichte Der Oberdeutschen (StraßBurger) Minoriten-Provinz
042388: POULIN, EUGENA AND CLAIRE QUINTAL - La Gazette Françoise, 1780-1781, Revolutionary America's French Newspaper
039674: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF EUGENE - A Taste of Oregon
024651: EOYANG, EUGENE AND LIN YAO-FU, EDS - Translating Chinese Literature
007562: ROBINSON, EDGAR EUGENE AND VAUGHN DAVIS BORNET - Herbert Hoover, President of the United States
042150: RABINOWITCH, EUGENE AND RICHARD S. LEWIS, EDS - Man on the Moon; the Impact on Science, Technology and International Cooperation
039258: STEUERLE, C. EUGENE AND JON M. BAKIJA - Retooling Social Security for the 21st Century; Right and Wrong Approaches to Reform
039691: SMITH, DAVID EUGENE AND YOSHIO MIKAMI - A History of Japanese Mathematics
019282: EULER, CAROLUS - De Locatione Conductione Atque Emphyteuse Graecorum
031745: EURIPIDES - Rhesos
028342: EUSTIS, ALVIN A. - Racine Devant la Critique Française, 1838-1939
046733: EUTROPIUS, FLAVIUS - The Breviarium Ab Urbe Condita of Eutropius
012037: DAVIS, EVANGELINE AND BURKE DAVIS - Rebel Raider; a Biography of Admiral Semmes
020036: EVANOVICH, JANET - Ten Big Ones
011131: EVANS, TREVOR - Bevin of Britain
034367: EVANS, SARA M. - Born for Liberty; a History of Women in America
044799: EVANS, J. CLAUDE - Strategies of Deconstruction; Derrida and the Myth of the Voice
020664: EVANS, MAX - Bluefeather Fellini
020665: EVANS, MAX - Bluefeather Fellini in the Sacred Realm
034951: EVANS, JAMES W. - A Morning in Jund; Defending Outpost Harry
039687: EVANS, WALKER - Walker Evans
023758: EVANS, MARGARET CARPENTER - Rosemond Tuve; a Life of the Mind
018532: EVANS, EDWIN - Tcahikovsky
024262: EVANS, GRIFFITH CONRAD - The Logarithmic Potential; Discontinuous Dirichlet and Neumann Problems
008242: EVANS, EDWIN - Tchaikovsky
025174: EVANS, DONALD - Faith, Authenticity, and Morality
014828: EVANS, MARTHA NOEL - Masks of Tradition; Women and the Politics of Writing in Twentieth-Century France
027307: EVANS, ROBERT O. - The Osier Cage; Rhetorical Devices in Romeo & Juliet
011347: EVANS, J. A. S., ED - Polis and Imperium; Studies in Honour of Edward Togo Salmon
415: EVANS, JOHN G. - The Environment of Early Man in the British Isles
014977: EVANS, SARA M. - Born for Liberty; a History of Women in America
019956: EVANS, HUMPHREY - The Mystery of the Pyramids
029260: EVANS, JOAN - English Art 1307-1461
014176: EVANS, JOAN - John Ruskin
029966: EVANS, ARTHUR R., JR., ED - On Four Modern Humanists: Hofmannsthal, Gundolf, Curtius, Kantorowicz
030531: EVANS, HAROLD - They Made America; from the Steam Engine to the Search Engine: Two Centuries of Innovators
037310: EVANS, WALKER - Walker Evans at Work
017251: EVANS, SYDNEY - Salisbury Cathedral; a Reflective Guide
015553: EVANS, GERAINT - Sir Geraint Evans; a Knight at the Opera
024711: EVANS, AUSTIN PATTERSON - An Episode in the Struggle for Religious Freedom; the Sectaries of Nuremberg 1524-1528
034531: EVANS, JOHN, ET AL. - A Britten Source Book
033203: EVANS, MAURICE - English Poetry in the Sixteenth Century
033137: EVANS, G. B., ED - Shakespeare: Aspects of Influence
037199: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - From Mouths of Men
037719: EVANS, SEIRIOL - A Short History of Ely Cathedral
1119: EVASDAUGHTER, ELIZABETH N. - Catholic Girlhood Narratives; the Church and Self-Denial
043825: EVELETH, SAMUEL F. - Victorian School-House Architecture
029943: KLENGEL, EVELYN AND HORST KLENGEL - Die Hethiter Und Ihre Nachbarn; Eine Kulturgeschichte Kleinasiens Von Catal Hüyük Bis Zu Alexander Dem Grossen
035645: EVELYN, JOHN - The Grand Salad; from John Evelyn's Acetaria (1699)
037234: MAINO, EVELYN AND FRANCES HOWARD - Ornamental Trees; an Illustrated Guide to Their Selection and Care
034443: EVENDEN, DOREEN - The Midwives of Seventeenth-Century London
026391: EVERETT, ALEXANDER HILL - Prose Pieces and Correspondence
039631: EVERETT, GEORGE G. - Cattle Cavalcade in Central Colorado
017448: EVERHART, WILLIAM C. - The National Park Service
1120: EVERS, GEORG G. - Martin Luther; Lebens- Und Charakterbild Von Ihm Selbst Gezeichnet in Seine N Eigenen Schriften Und Correspondenzen
027172: EVERSON, WILLIAM K. - The Art of W.C. Fields
038762: VASIL'EVSKII, V. G. - Trudy. T. 1
416: EWALD, KONRAD - Terminologie Einer Franzoesischen Geschaefts- Und Kanzleisprache Vom 13. Bi S 16. Jahrhundert (Auf Grund Des "Cartulaire de L'Abbaye de Flines"). (Diss . , Universität Basel)
030384: EWANS, MICHAEL - Janacek's Tragic Operas
018536: EWEN, DAVID - The Book of European Light Opera
018537: EWEN, DAVID - The Life and Death of Tin Pan Alley; the Golden Age of American Popular Music
030385: EWEN, DAVID - The Book of European Light Opera
044724: EWEN, FREDERIC - A Half-Century of Greatness; the Creative Imagination of Europe, 1848-1884
034008: EWING, S. BLAINE - Burtonian Melancholy in the Plays of John Ford
034854: EWING, ELIZABETH - Women in Uniform Through the Centuries
003939: EWING, WILLIAM S. - Guide to the Manuscripts Collections in the William L. Clements Library
031369: EWING, WILLIAM A. - Flora Photographica; Masterpieces of Flower Photography: 1835 to the Present
027948: EWING, WILLIAM A. - The Body; Photographs of the Human Form
041241: NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE - Year Book 1928-1929
025114: BIBLE. O.T. EXODUS - Das Zweite Buch Mose: Exodus
029572: BIBLE. O.T. EXODUS - Das Zweite Buch Mose: Exodus
021700: EY, LUISE - Portugiesische Sprachlehre
042950: EYCK, ERICH - Bismarck and the German Empire
021775: EYCK, ERICH - Pitt Versus Fox, Father & Son 1735-1806
038316: EYRE, KATHERINE WIGMORE - Lottie's Valentine
017882: EZQUERRA, MANUEL ALVAR - Proyecto de Lexicografia Española
024434: POUND, EZRA AND DOROTHY POUND - Letters in Captivity, 1945-1946
043386: LUHR, JAMES F. AND TOM SIMKIN, EDS - Parícutin, the Volcano Born in a Mexican Cornfield
042132: MOULTON, W. F. AND A. S. GEDEN, EDS - A Concordance to the Greek Testament Accoding to the Texts of Westcott and Hort, Tischendorf and the English Revisers
040499: CALVERT ALBERT F. - The Escorial; a Historical and Descriptive Account of the Spanish Royal Palace, Monastery and Mausoleum
036812: HOSKING, R. F. AND G. M. MEREDITH-OWENSM EDS - A Handbook of Asian Scripts
043932: HUPPÉ, BERNARD F. AND D. W. ROBERTSON, JR. - Fruyt and Chaf; Studies in Chaucer's Allegories
039100: HANDLER, JOEL F. AND ELLEN JANE HOLLINGSWORTH - The "Deserving Poor"; a Study of Welfare Administration
043558: MATHEWS, THOMAS F. AND AVEDIS K. SANJIAN - Armenian Gospel Iconography; the Tradition of the Glajor Gospel
042959: VOEGELIN, C. F. AND F. M. VOEGELIN - Languages of the World: African Fascicle One
006434: NUTTALL, GEOFFREY F. AND OWEN CHADWICK - From Uniformity to Unity, 1662-1962
012088: DUNNIGAN, JAMES F. AND AUSTIN BAY - A Quick and Dirty Guide to War; Briefings on Present and Potential Wars
012087: DUNNIGAN, JAMES F. AND ALBERT A. NOFI - Shooting Blanks; War Making That Doesn't Work
025554: FOSHAG, WILLIAM F. AND JENARDO GONZALEZ R. - Birth and Development of Paricutin Volcano, Mexico
025674: FRANKLIN, JERRY F. AND C. T. DYRNESS - Natural Vegetation of Oregon and Washington
036972: SO, JENNY F. AND EMMA C. BUNKER - Traders and Raiders on China's Northern Frontier
026159: HEIZER, R. F. AND M. A. WHIPPLE - The California Indians; a Source Book
026580: COOPER, ANDREW F. AND AGATA ANTKIEWICZ, EDS - Emerging Powers in Global Governance; Lessons from the Heilgendamm Process
042440: CARPENTER, PATRICIA F. AND PAUL TOTAH, EDS - The San Francisco Fair: Treasure Island 1939-1940
031870: HIGHAM, T. F. AND C. M. BOWRA, EDS - The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation
009410: SHANNON, THOMAS F. AND JOHAN P. SNAPPER, EDS - The Berkeley Conference on Dutch Linguistics 1989; Issues and Contoversies, Old and New
018143: MULDER, JAN W. F. AND SANDOR G. J. HERVEY - The Strategy of Linguistics; Papers on the Theory and Methodology of Axiomatic Functionalism
014986: MONTGOMERY, CHARLES F. AND PATRICIA E. KANE, EDS - American Art: 1750-1800, Towards Independence
017913: MACKAY, ALFRED F. AND DANIEL D. MERRILL, EDS - Issues in the Philosophy of Language; Proceedings of the 1972 Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy
017938: KAVANAGH, JAMES F. AND IGNATIUS G. MATTINGLY - Language by Ear and by Eye; the Relationships between Speech and Reading
015367: ATKINSON, MARGARET F. AND MAY HILLMAN - Dancers of the Ballet; Biographies
012173: GUTTRIDGE, LEONARD F. AND JAY D. SMITH - The Commodores
002225: MULDER, JAN W. F. AND SANDOR G. J. HERVEY - The Strategy of Linguistics; Papers on the Theory and Methodology of Axiomatic Functionalism
029580: POAG, JAMES F. AND CLAIRE BALDWIN - The Construction of Textual Authority in German Literature of the Medieval and Early Modern Periods
030628: WHITE, DAMIAN F. AND CHRIS WILBERT, EDS - Technonatures; Environments, Technologies, Spaces, and Places in the Twenty-First Century
004963: LANGER, PAUL F. AND JOSEPH J. ZASLOFF - North Vietnam and the Pathet Lao; Partners in the Struggle for Laos
043153: PALMER, RICHARD F. AND KARL D. BUTLER - Brigham Young; the New York Years
044490: MONTGOMERY, CHARLES F. AND PATRICIA E.KANE, EDS - American Art: 1750-1800. Towards Independence
040254: ILCHMAN, WARREN F. AND NORMAN THOMAS UPHOFF - The Political Economy of Change
017827: BACH, KATHRYN F. AND GLANVILLE PRICE - Romance Linguistics and the Romance Languages; a Bibliography of Bibliographies
043190: SHEEHAN, JACK F. AND LOUIS HONIG - The Games of California and Stanford
042280: BARR, DONALD F. AND SHARON G. BARR - Languages of Central Sulawesi; Checklist, Preliminary Classification, Language Maps, Wordlists
037129: BIANCHINI F. AND F. CORBETTA - The Fruits of the Earth
034350: SHEPARD, RICHARD F. AND VICKI GOLD LEVI - Live & Be Well; a Celebration of Yiddish Culture in America from the First Immigrants to the Second World War
032907: MASTERSON, JAMES F. AND RALPH KLEIN, EDS - Psychotherapy of the Disorders of the Self; the Masterson Approach
038201: MILLER, NAOMI F. AND KATHRYN L. GLEASON, EDS - The Archaeology of Garden and Field
039270: BREAK, GEORG F. AND JOSEPH A. PECHMAN - Federal Tax Reform, the Impossible Dream
040500: CALVERT ALBERT F. - Murillo; a Biography and Appreciation
043391: FOSHAG, WILLIAM F. AND JENARO GONZALEZ R. - Birth and Development of Parícutin Volcano, Mexico
036558: RICKETTS, EDWARD F. AND JACK CALVIN - Between Pacific Tides
040199: FABBRINI, SERGIO - Tra Pressioni E Veti; IL Cambiamento Politico in Italia
019235: FABER, DOROTHEA - Die Wohnungswirtschaft in Der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone
019237: FABER, DOROTHEA - Einkommenstruktur Und Lebenshaltung in Der Sozjetischen Besatzungszone
019533: FABER, M. D. - The Design Within; Psychoanalytic Approaches to Shakespeare
014518: FABER, DORIS - The Life of Lorena Hickok, E.R. 's Friend
006143: FABER, RICHARD - Beaconsfield and Bolingbroke
020524: FABER, S. M., ED - Nearly Normal Galaxies from the Planck Time to the Present
021806: FABER, KARL-GEORG - Theorie Der Geschichtswissenschaft
041961: FABI, THÉRÈSE - Le Monde Perturbé Des Jeunes Dans L'Oeuvre de Marie-Claire Blais; Sa Vie; Son Oeuvre; la Critique; Essai
009285: FABIAN, JOSEPHINE C. - The Jackson's Hole Story; an Historical Novel Set in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming
047016: FABIAN, JOHANNES - Remembering the Present; Painting and Popular History in Zaire
045395: FABRE, JAN - Das Glas IM Kopf Wird Vom Glas: The Dance Sections
043322: FABRIZIUS, PETER - One and One Make Three; Story of a Friendship
036089: FABUN, DON - Dimensions of Change
044739: FACAROS, DANA - Greek Islands
025176: FACKENHEIM, EMIL L. - Encounters between Judaism and Modern Philosophy; a Preface to Future Jewish Thought
028465: FACKENTHAL, FRANK DIEHL - The Greater Power and Other Addresses
033711: FADIMAN, CLIFTON, ED - The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes
043230: FAENZA, LILIANO - Comunismo E Cattolicesimo in Una Parrochia Di Compagna
046362: SPADI DA FAENZA, GIOVANNI BATTISTA - Libro de Passaggi Ascendenti Et Descendenti
023365: FAGAN, GARRETT G. - Bathing in Public in the Roman World
026288: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - Eyewitness to Discovery; First-Person Accounts of More Than Fifty of the World's Greatest Archaeological Discoveries
029352: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - The Rape of the Nile; Tomb Robbers, Tourists, and Archaeologist in Egypt
031747: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - Return to Babylon; Travelers, Archaeologists, and Monuments in Mesopotamia
037351: FAGAN, BRIAN - The Little Ice Age; How Climate Made History 1300-1850
014388: FAGG, WILLIAM BUTLER - Afro-Portuguese Ivories
028750: FAGG, WILLIAM - Tribes and Forms in African Art
044699: FAHLIN, CARIN - étude Sur L'Emploi Des Prépositions En, à, Dans Au Sens Local
014231: DE LA FAILLE, J.-B - The Works of Vincent Van Gogh; His Paintings and Drawings
012755: FAIR, T. J. D. - The Distribution of Population in Natal
004950: FAIRBANK, JOHN K. - China, the People's Middle Kingdom and the U.S. A.
047010: FAIRBANK, JOHN KING - The Great Chinese Revolution: 1800-1985
010734: FAIRBANK, JOHN K. - East Asia; the Modern Transformation
012963: FAIRBANK, JOHN K. - China; the People's Middle Kingdom and the U.S. A.
041517: FAIRBANK, ALFRED - The Story of Handwriting; Origins and Development
040067: FAIRBANKS, DOUGLAS, JR. - A Hell of a War
005372: FAIRBANKS, CAROL - Prairie Women; Images in American and Canadian Fiction
004857: FAIRHALL, DAVID - Russian Sea Power
038806: FAIRHOLT, F. W. - Costume in England; a History of Dress to the End of the Eighteenth Century
015134: FAIRLEY, JOHN - Racing in Art
027439: FAITH, NICHOLAS - The World the Railways Made
029637: FAJANAS, KASIMIR - Radioactivity and the Latest Developments in the Study of the Chemcial Elements
010309: FALCON, WALTER P., ET AL. - The Cassava Economy of Java
006459: FALER, PAUL G. - Mechanics and Manufacturers in the Early Industrial Revolution: Lynn, Massachusetts, 1780-1860
040438: FALKE, OTTO VON - Die Sammlung C. Castiglioni, Wien: Gemälde, Skulpturen, Möbel, Keramik, Textilien
041608: FALKENHAHN, WILLY, ED - Veritati; Eine Sammlunng Geistesgeschichtlicher, Philosophischer Und Theoligischer Abhandlungen Als Festgabe Für Johannes Hessen Zu Seinem 60. Geburtsstag Dargebracht Von Kollegen, Freunden Und Schülern
012756: FALLER, LLOYD A. - Law without Precedent; Legal Ideas in Action in the Courts of Colonial Busoga
040593: FALLON, EILEEN - Words of Love; a Complete Guide to Romance Fiction
046422: FALTER, ROLF - 1830; de Scheiding Van Nederland, België En Luxemburg
045963: FALTINGS, VOLKERT F., ED - Kleine Namenkunde Für Föhr Und Amrum
044782: FALTIS, VIKTOR - Grinzing 1900
020560: FALUDI, SUSAN - Stiffed; the Betrayal of the American Man
025979: FALUDI, SUSAN - Stiffed; the Betrayal of the American Man
041538: FAMIN, CÉSAR - Le Cabinet Secret Du Musée Royal de Naples: Peintures, Bronzes Et Statues érotiques
040512: FANGER, DONALD - Dostoevsky and Romantic Realism; a Study of Dostoevsky in Relation to Balzac, Dickens, and Gogol
030211: FANGER, DONALD - The Creation of Nikolai Gogol
003113: FANN, K. T. - Symposium on J.L. Austin
003114: FANN, K. T. - Wittgenstein's Conception of Philosophy
046536: FANT, GUNNAR - Speech Sounds and Features
022872: FANTHAM, ELAINE, ET AL. - Women in the Classical World; Image and Text
042943: LE FANU, JOSEPH SHERIDAN - Uncle Silas; a Tale of Bartram-Haugh
032836: FARA, PATRICIA - Newton; the Making of Genius
022373: FARABEE, CHARLES R., JR. - Death, Daring and Disaster; Search and Rescue in the National Parks
045896: FARAGHER, JOHN MACK - Daniel Boone; the Life and Legend of an American Pioneer
045858: FARAM, MARK D. - Faces of War; the Untold Story of Edward Steichen's Wwii Photographers
026321: FARB, PETER - Man's Rise to Civilization As Shown by the Indians of North America from Primeval Times to the Coming of the Industrial State
1124: FARBER, MARVIN - Naturalism and Subjectivism
1125: FARBER, MARVIN - Philosophic Thought in France and the United States; Essays Representing Ma Jor Trends in Contemporary French and American Philosophy. Edited by Marvin Farber
025177: FARBER, MARVIN - Philosophic Thought in France and the United States; Essays Representing Major Trends in Contemporary French and American Philosophy
018873: FARBER, ROBERT - Farber Nudes
007203: FARBER, BERNARD - Conceptions of Kinship
035127: FARBER, SUSAN L. - Identical Twins Reared Apart; a Reanalysis
000068: ESCARPENTER Y FARGAS, CLAUDIO - The Economics of International Ocean Transport; the Cuban Case Before 1958
027940: LA FARGE, HENRY, ED - Lost Treasures of Europe
009483: FARINA, JULES - Grammaire de L'Ancien égyptien (Hiéroglyphes)
017017: FARIS, ALEXANDER - Jacques Offenbach
030412: FARKAS, ANDREW - Titta Ruffo; an Anthology
030386: FARKAS, ANDREW - Lawrence Tibbett, Singing Actor
039802: FARKAS, LANI AH TYE - Bury My Bones in America; the Saga of a Chinese Family in California 1852-1996 from San Francisco to the Sierra Gold Mines
034993: FARLEY, A. L. - Atlas of British Columbia; People, Environment, and Resource Use
036315: FARLEY, DAVID - An Irreverent Curiosity; in Search of the Church's Stranges Relic in Italy's Oddes Town
002104: FARMER, ANN KATHLEEN - Modularity in Syntax: A Study of Japanese and English
002772: FARMER, DAVID R. - The Holy Bible at the University of Texas
047357: FARMER, SHARON - Surviving Poverty in Medieval Paris; Gender, Edeology, and the Daily Lives of the Poor
033231: FARMER, NORMAN K., JR. - Poets and the Visual Arts in Renaissance England
037196: FARMER, JOHN S. - Vocabula Amatoria; a French-English Glossary of Words, Phrases, and Allustions Occurring in the Works of Rabelais, Voltaire, Molière, Rousseau, Béranger, Zolla and Others, with English Equivalents and Synonyms
034232: FARMER, SARAH - Martyred Village; Commemorating the 1944 Massacre at Oradour-Sur-Glane
046288: FARNER, KONRAD - Hans Erni; Weg Und Zielsetzung Des Künstlers; Arbeiten Aus Den Jahren 1931 Bis 1942. The Painter's Progress; Reproductions of His Work from 1931-to 1942
030414: FARNETH, DAVID - Lenya, the Legend; a Pictorial Autobiography
030413: FARNETH, DAVID - Kurut Weill; a Life in Pictures and Documents
041932: FARNETI, PAOLO - IL Sistema Politico Italiano
039823: FARNETI, GIANNI, ET AL. - Guide Alla Natura D'Italia
033104: FARNHAM, WILLARD - The Medieval Heritage of Elizabethan Tragedy
020543: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS P. - History of the Sierra Nevada
042545: FARQUHAR, PETER, ED - Edward E. Eyre, California Pioneer
044849: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS P. - History of the Sierra Nevada
008383: FARR, FINIS - Rickenbacker's Luck; an American Life
023656: FARR, FINIS - Fair Enough; the Life of Westbrook Pegler
034139: FARR, DOROTHY M. - Thomas Middleton and the Drama of Realism; a Study of Some Representative Plays
033980: FARR, DOROTHY M. - John Ford and the Caroline Theatre
018538: FARRAR, GERALDINE - Such Sweet Compulsion
005133: FARRAR, L. L., JR. - Arrogance and Anxiety; the Ambivalence of German Power, 1848-1914
035474: FARRAR, EMMIE FERGUSON - Old Virginia Houses; the Mobjack Bay Country
033607: FARRELL, R. B. - Dictionary of German Synonyms
033922: FARRELL, WALTER - A Companion to the Summa
013292: FARRINGTON, S. KIP, JR. - Railroading from the Rear End
013295: FARRINGTON, S. KIP, JR. - Railroading the Modern Way
003115: FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN - Francis Bacon, Philosopher of Industrial Science
011698: FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN - Francis Bacon, Pioneer of Planned Science
043477: FARROW, G. E. - The Wallypub of Why
028635: FARWELL, BEATRICE - The Charged Image; French Lithographic Caricature 1816-1848
039169: FASE, M. M. G. - An Econometric Model of Age-Income Profiles; a Stiatistical Analysis of Dutch Income Data 1958-1967
025178: FASNACHT, G. E. - Acton's Politicl Philosophy; an Analysis
044398: FASOLI, GINA - Città E Sovrani Fra IL X E XII Secolo
044397: FASOLI, GINA - Dalla "Civitas" Al Comune Nell'Italia Settentriolnale
018540: FASSETT, AGATHA - The Naked Face of Genius; Bela Bartok's American Years
037894: FASSETT, KAFFE - Welcome Home
014711: FASTNEDGE, RALPH - English Furniture Styles, from 1500 to 1830
042381: FATH, PIERRE - Du Catholicisme Romain Au Christianisme évangélique; Résponse Au R.P. Louis Bouyer
044034: FATOUT, PAUL - Ambrose Bierce and the Black Hills
019534: FATOUT, PAUL - Mark Twain in Virginia City
015130: FAUCHEREAU, SERGE, ED - Moscow 1900-1930
043272: LA FAUCI, NUNZIO - Oggetti E Soggetti Nella Formazione Della Morfosintassi Romanza
021911: FAULENBACH, BERND, ED - Geschichtswisssenschaft in Deutschland; Traditionelle Positionen Und Gegenwärtige Aufgaben
034728: FAULHABER, CHARLES - Latin Rhetorical Theory in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Castile
008656: FAULK, ODIE B. - Destiny Road; the Gila Trail and the Opening of the Southwest
005241: FAULK, ODIE B. - The Geronimo Campaign
005245: FAULK, ODIE B. - Crimson Desert; Indian Wars of the American Southwest
007277: FAULK, ODIE B. - Arizona; a Short History
007296: FAULK, ODIE B. - The Geronimo Campaign
035778: FAULKERN, RUPERT - Hiroshige Fan Prints
034040: FABER DU FAUR, CURT VON - German Baroque Literature; a Catalogue of the Collection in the Yale University Library
030415: FAURÉ, GABRIEL - Sixty Songs, Medium Voice. Vocal Score
020668: FAWCETT, F. DUBREZ - Dickens the Dramatist; on Stage, Screen and Radio
035688: FAWCETT, RICHARD - Scottish Abbeys and Priories
044563: FAWTIER, ROBERT - The Capetian Kings of France; Monarchy & Nation (987-1328)
046923: FAWTIER, ROBERT - Tables Des Registres de CLément V Publiés Par Les Bénédictins
030417: FAY, STEPHEN - The Ring; Anatomy of an Opera
043042: FAY, ELIOT - Lorenzo in Search of the Sun; D.H. Lawrence in Italy, Mexico and the American South-West
040224: FAZZIOLI, EDOARDO - Chinese Calligraphy from Pictograph to Ideogram; the History of 214 Essential Chinese-Japanese Characters
039625: FBRICANT, SOLOMON - The Rising Trend of Government Employment
036482: FEARON, ETHELIND - Most Happy Husbandman
010847: FEATHER, LEONARD - The Encyclopedia of Jazz
035054: FEAVER, WILLIAM - When We Were Young; Two Centuries of Children's Book Illustration
037505: FEAVER, WILLIAM - When We Were Young; Two Centuries of Children's Book Illustration
024704: FEBER, G. H. A. - De Impasse Van Den Geest
016556: FEBREGA, HORACIO, JR. - Evolution of Sickness and Healing
039951: FEBVRE, LUCIEN - Life in Renaissance France
019955: FECHHEIMER, HEDWIG - Die Plastik Der ägypter
008722: FEDDEN, ROBIN - Syria; an Historical Appreciation
043647: FEDER, NORMAN - American Indian Art
032002: FEDER, NORMAN - American Indian Art
035088: BORELLI, FEDERICA AND MARIA CRISTINA TARGIA - Etruschi; Scoperte E Capolavori Da Una Splendida Civiltà Dell'Italia Antica
019714: FEDERN, ROBERT - Répertoire Bibliographique de la Littérature Française Des Origines à Nos Jours
019954: FEDERN, KARL - Richelieu
011763: FEDO, JOHN - MILL on the Don; the Story of the Donside Paper Company
002351: ZARUBIN, STEPAN FEDOTOVICH AND A. M. ROZHETSKIN - [Russko-Iaponskii Slovar']
019281: FEENSTRA, R. - Verkenningen Op Het Gebied Der Receptie Van Het Romeinse Recht
036291: FEHELY, M. F. - 1972 Cape Dorset Prints/Estampes
038857: FEHRENBACH, T. R. - Lone Star; a History of Texas and the Texans
013835: FEIBLEMAN, JAMES K. - Philosophers Lead Sheltered Lives; a First Volume of Memoirs
025313: FEIERMAN, STEVEN - The Shambaa Kingdom; a History
012108: FEIFER, GEORGE - Tennozan; the Battle of Okinawa and the Atomic Bomb
043168: FEIFFER, JULES - Tantrum
035556: FEIL, CHARLES - Maine; a View from Above
023491: FEILING, KEITH - British Foreign Policy 1660-1672
015704: FEILING, KEITH - A History of the Tory Party, 1640-1714
034799: FEILZER, HEINRICH - Jugend in Der Mittelalterlichen Ständegesellschaft; Ein Beitrag Zum Problem Der Generationen
046012: FEIN, SUSANNA, ED - Studies in the Harley Manuscript; the Scribes, Contents, and Social Contexts of British Library Ms Harley 2253
040787: FEIND, BARTHOLD - Das Verwirrte Haus Jacob; Faksimiledruck Der Ausgabe Von 1703
024703: FEINE, PAUL - Jesus Christus Und Paulus
032875: FEINER, SUSAN F., ED - Race and Gender in the American Economy; Views from Across the Spectrum
023790: FEINGOLD, MICHAEL, ED - Grove New American Theater
037327: FEINGOLD, MORDECHAI - The Newtonian Moment; Isaac Newton and the Making of Modern Culture
018874: FEINIGER, ANDREAS - Advanced Photography; Methods and Conclusions
045310: FEININGER, ANDREAS - Total Picture Control; a Personal Approach to Photography
035958: FEININGER, ANDREAS - New York
027072: FEINSTEIN, ELAINE - Lawrence and the Women; the Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence
038756: FEINSTEIN, ELAINE - A Captive Lion; the Life of Marina Tsvetayeva
035440: FEIS, HERBERT - Between War and Peace; the Potsdam Conference
012964: FEIS, HERBERT - The China Tangle; the American Effort in China from Pearl Island to the Marshall Mission
024932: FEISSER, JOHANNES JACOBUS LOUET - De Strijd Tegen de Analogia Entis in de Theologie Van Karl Barth
025179: FEIST, SIGMUND - Stammeskunde Der Juden; Die Jüdischen Stämme Der Erde in Alter Und Neuer Zeit. Historisch-Anthropologische Skizzen
005667: FEIST, AUBREY - The Lion of St. Mark: Venice, the Story of a City from Attila to Napoleon
004920: FEJTÖ, FRANCOIS - Heine; a Biography
045680: FELD, STEVEN - Sound and Sentiment; Birds, Weeping, Poetics, and Song in Kaluli Expression
019207: FELDMAN, SHAI - Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control in the Middle East
023867: FELDMAN, EGAL - The Dreyfus Affair and the American Conscience, 1895-1906
024702: FELDMAN, R. V. - The Domain of Selfhood
025180: FELDMAN, A. - The Parables and Similes of the Rabbis Agricutlrual and Pastoral
038265: FELDMAN, BELLA - Bella Feldman; Works in Glass and Mixed Media
041869: DE FELICE, RENZO - Intervista Sul Fascismo
035930: FRANKEL, FELICE AND GEORGE M. WHITESIDES - On the Surface of Things; Images of the Extraordinary in Science
010819: SCHUSTER, FELICIA AND CECILIA WOLSELEY - Vases of the Sea; Far Eastern Porcelain and Other Treasures
035086: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE AND DEREK WILSON - Reformations; a Radical Interpretation of Christianity and the World, 1500-2000
022562: GILBERT, FELIX AND STEPHEN R. GRAUBARD, EDS - Historical Studies Today
005441: FELIX, DAVID - Walther Rathenau and the Weimar Republic; the Politics of Reparations
030426: FELIX, ANTONIA - Andrea Bocelli; a Celebration
003296: FELLER, THEODOR - Caesars Kommentarien über Den Gallischen Krieg Und Die KunstmäßIge Geschichtschreibung
031748: FELLGIEBEL, HELGA - Sizilien
034576: FELLMANN, FERDINAND - Scholastik Und Kosmologische Reform
008128: FELLNER, WILLIAM - A Treatise on War Inflation; Present Policies and Future Tendencies in the United States
018542: FELLOWES, EDMUND HORACE - The English Madrigal Composers
008374: FELLOWS, JAY - Tombs, Despoiled and Haunted; "Under-Textures" and "After-Thoughts" in Walter Pater
024701: FELLOWS, STEPHEN NORRIS - History of the Upper Iowa Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1856-1906
017547: FELSENTHAL, CAROL - Alice Roosevelt Longworth
026392: FELT, JEREMY P. - Hostages of Fortune; Child Labor Reform in New York State
042045: FÉNART, MICHEL - Les Assertions Bergsoniennes
018035: FENGER, HENNING - Kierkegaard; the Myths and Their Origins
043087: FENLON, IAIN, ED - Early Music History 2. Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music
028736: FENLON, IAIN, ED - Early Music History 22; Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music
028737: FENLON, IAIN, ED - Early Music History 23; Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music
028738: FENLON, IAIN, ED - Early Music History 24; Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music
011765: FENN, WALLACE O. - History Fo the American Physiological Society; the Third Quarter Century, 1937-1962
041708: FENN, GILLIAN - The Development of Syntax in a Group of Educationally Severely Subnormal Children
005072: FENNELLY, JOHN F. - Twilight of the Evening Lands; Oswald Spengler, a Half Century Later
036242: FENOLLOSA, ERNEST F. - Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Art;an Outline History of East Asiatic Design
044231: FENSTER, THELMA S., ED - Arthurian Women; a Casebook
047184: FENSTER, THELMA S., ED - Arthurian Women
023400: FENTON, JAMES - Leonardo's Nephew; Essays on Art and Artists
026817: FENTON, JAMES - Leonardo's Nephew; Essays on Art and Artists
042617: FENTON, ROGER - Roger Fenton, Photographer of the 1850s. Hayward Gallery, London, 4 February to 17 April 1988
006267: FENVES, PETER D. - A Peculiar Fate; Metaphysics and World-History in Kant
014335: ANTON, FERDINAND AND FREDERICK J. DOCKSTADER - Pre-Columbian Art and Later Indian Tribal Arts
008847: LOUIS FERDINAND, PRINCE OF PRUSSIA - Die Geschichte Meines Lebens
030304: MIRIZZI, FERDINANDO AND PASQUALE DORIA - Rosario Genovese, Fotografo
028137: FEREL, MARTIN - Gepredigte Taufe; Eine Homiletische Untersuchung Zur Taufpredigt Bei Luther
032353: FERGUSON, DIANA - The Magickal Year
037696: FERGUSON, DANIEL - British Ferns, Clubmosses, & Horsetails
026895: FERGUSON, WILLIAM - La Versificación Imitativa En Fernando de Herrera
038063: FERGUSON, NIALL - Colossus; the Price of America's Empire
006009: FERGUSON, ROBERT A. - Law and Letters in American Culture
005210: FERGUSON, EUGENE S. - Engineering and the Mind's Eye
031052: FERGUSON, ARTHUR B. - Utter Antiquity; Perceptions of Prehistory in Renaissance England
031028: FERGUSON, NIALL - Empire; the Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power
030674: FERGUSON, BRUCE W., ET AL. - Will Gorlitz; Nowhere If Not Here
030899: FERGUSON, WILLIAM M. - Maya Ruins of Mexico in Color
044283: FERGUSON, GEORGE - Sings & Symbols in Christian Art
005801: FERGUSON, ROBERT - Henry Miller; a Life
038077: FERGUSON, JOHN C. - Outlines of Chinese Art

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