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026080: Ditmars, Raymond L. - The Reptiles of North America; a Review of the Crocodilians, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles and Tortoises Inhabiting the United States and Northern Mexico
049862: Ditmars, Elizabeth Van Nes - Sophocles' Antigone; Lyric Shap and Meaning
012659: Ditmars, Raymond L. - Reptiles of the World; the Crocodilians, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles and Tortoises of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres
009368: Ditmars, Raymond L. - The Reptiles of North America; a Review of the Crocodilians, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles and Tortoises Inhabting the United States and Northern Mexico
001706: Divo, Jean-Paul - Die Taler Der Schweiz
004682: Dixon, Peter - George Canning, Politician and Statesman
030278: Dizikes, John - Opera in America; a Cultural History
002094: Djavadi, Abbasali - Phonologie Des Persischen
020428: Djerassi, Carl - The Pill, Pgymy Chimps, and Degas' Horse; the Autobiography of Carl Djerassi
038432: Djoleto, Amu - The Strange Man
003528: Beric-Djukic, Vesna - Die Wortstellung in Den Werken Jörg Wickrams
035954: Sarabianov, Dmitri and Natalia L. Adaskina - Popova
008401: Dobb, Maurice - Papers on Capitalism, Development and Planning
047425: Dobbie, Elliott Van Kirk, Ed - Beowulf and Judith
028031: Dobbs, Michael - Saboteurs; the Nazi Raid on America
028003: Dobie, Ann Brewster, Ed - Something in Common; Contemporary Louisiana Stories
045973: Dobranski, Stephen B. - Milton, Authorship, and the Book Trade
030882: Dobrée, Bonamy - English Literature in the Early Eighteenth Century 1700-1740
008177: Dobrée, Bonamy - Restoration Tragedy, 1660-1720
040550: Dobrin, Adam, et al. - Statistical Handbook on Violence in America
002490: Dobschütz, Ernst Von - Probleme Des Apostolischen Zeitalters
030619: Dobson, Kit - Transnational Canadas; Anglo-Canadian Literature and Globalization
021046: Dobson, Rosemary, Ed - Australian Voices; Poetry and Prose of the 1970s
050491: Dobyns, Stephen - Concurring Beasts
034740: Dockès, Pierre - Medieval Slavery and Liberation
048322: Dockner, Thomas - Sicut Cerva... "; Text, Struktur Und Bedeutung Von Psalm 42 Und 43
052000: Dockstader, Frederick J. - Weaving Arts of the North American Indian
008179: Doctorow, E. L. - Jack London, Hemingway, and the Constitution: Selected Essays, 1977-1992
001665: Doctors, Samuel I. - The Role of Federal Agencies in Technology Transfer
006137: Dodd, A. H. - The Growth of Responsible Government from James the First to Victoria
011105: Dodds, John W. - The Age of Paradox; a Biography of England, 1841-1851
006697: Dodds, John W. - The Several Lives of Paul Fejos; a Hungarian-American Odyssey
039013: Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge - Lewis Carroll and the Kitchiins, Containing Twenty-Five Letters Not Previously Published and Ninetten of His Photographs
036444: Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge - The Letters of Lewis Carroll
048754: Dodwell, C. R. - Anglo-Saxon Art; a New Perspective
051683: Doe, Paul - Elizabethan Consort Music, I.
004247: Doe, Paul - A Warbler's Song in the Dusk; the Life and Work of Otomo Yakamochi (718-785)
033774: Doebler, John - Shakespeare's Speaking Pictures; Studies in Iconic Imagery
045694: Doehaerd, Renée - Le Haut Moyen Age Occidental; économies Et Sociétés
019278: Doehler, Alfred - De Partibus Quibusdam Historiarum Herodoti Earumque Compositionis Genere Quaestiones
025538: Doelman, C. - Hendrik Chabot
050714: Doering, Oscar - Romanische Malerei in Deutschen Landen
035052: Doggett, Frank - Cigarette Cards and Novelties
043395: Doherty, Beatrice J. - How to Prepare Food; the New Method
013818: Doherty, Robert W. - The Hicksite Separation; Sociological Analysis of Religious Schism in Early Nineteenth Century America
051056: Doisneau, Robert - Three Seconds of Eternity
021597: Dolan, Uri, Comp - A Bibliography of Articles on the Middle East 1959-1967
046038: Dolby, William - A History of Chinese Drama
015416: Dolin, Anton - Alicia Markova; Her Life and Art
034439: Dolléans, Edouard - Proudhon
048321: Döllinger, Johann Josef Ignaz Von - Kirche Und Kirchen, Papstthum Und Kirchenstaat; Historisch-Politische Betrachtungen
050511: Dollinger, Philippe - De Hanze; Opkomst, Bloei En Ondergang Van Een Handelsverbond
020003: Dollot, René - L'Afghanistan: Histoire, Description, Moeurs Et Coutumes, Folklore, Fouilles
046417: Dolmetsch, Joan D., Ed - Eighteenth-Century Prints in Colonial America' to Educate and Decorate
027946: Dolnick, Edward - The Rescue Artist; a True Story of Art, Thieves, and the Hunt for a Missing Masterpiece
023949: Dolnick, Edward - Down the Great Unknown; John Wesley Powell's 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon
049507: Dolores, Juan - Papago Verb Stems
019795: Domaratius, Louise - Gadji
012419: Dombrowski, Ernst, Ritter Von - Deutsche Weidmannsprache. Mit Zugrundelegung Des Gesamten Quellenmaterials Für Den Praktischen Jäger Bearbeit
048085: Lalli, Domenico and Antonio Vivaldi - Ottone in Villa; Partitura Dell'Opera in Facsimile
001766: Domes, Jürgen - The Internal Politics of China, 1949-1972
004982: Domes, Jürgen - China After the Cultural Revolution; Politics between Two Party Congresses
050158: Domico, Terry - Bears of the World
018513: Domingo, Placido - My First Forty Years
045741: Don, J. - De Archieven Der Gemennte Kampen
026804: Tapscott, Don and Art Caston - Paradigm Shift; the New Promise of Information Technology
017930: Brothwell, Don and Eric Higgs, Eds - Science in Archaeology; a Comprehensive Survey of Progress and Research
048277: Shearer, Donald and Norbert H. Miller - Ignatius Cardinal Persico O.M. Cap. [Plus] Pioneer Missionaries in the United States (1784-1816)
046997: Leslie, Donald and Jeremy Davidson - Author Catalogues of Western Sinologists
045573: Weinstein, Donald and Rudolph M. Bell - Saints & Society; the Two Worlds of Western Christianity, 1000-1700
026239: Fleming, Donald and Bernard Bailyn, Eds - The Intellectual Migration; Europe and America, 1930-1960
021079: Donald, David Herbert - Look Homeward; a Life of Thomas Wolfe
016932: Donald, David - Lincoln's Herndon
049125: Johanson, Donald and Blake Edgar - From Lucy to Language
014569: Kuspit, Donald and Lynn Gamwell - Health and Happiness in 20th-Century Art
049307: Reid Donald - Paris Sewers and Sewermen; Realities and Representations
033108: Donaldson, Ian, Ed - Jonson and Shakespeare
019528: Donaldson, Frances - Evelyn Waugh; Portrait of a Country Neighbour
014646: Eberlein, Harold Donaldson and Roger Wearne Ramsdell - The Practical Book of Chinaware
011106: Donaldson, Frances - Edward VIII
049080: Donaldson, Bruce - Dutch: A Comprehensive Grammar
039005: Bensimon-Donath, Doris - Immigrants D'Afrique Du Nord En Israel; évolution Et Adaptation
389: Donati, Lamberto - Incisioni Fiorentine Del Quattrocento
048761: Donawerth, Jane - Shakespeare and the Sixteenth-Century Study of Language
051212: Dondaine, Hyacinthe François - L'Attrtion Suffisante
028730: Dondorp, Jan Hendirk - Rechtmatigheistoetsing; Toetsing Van Pauselijke Rescripten Bij de Decretisten En Decretalisten
013553: Dongerkery, S. R. - A History of the University of Bombay, 1857-1957
048346: Donghi, kkTulio Halperin - Un Conflicto Nacional Moriscos Y Cristianos Viejos En Valancia de Cuadernos de Histoira de España
039562: Donington, Robert - The Interpretation of Early Music
030279: Donington, Robert - Opera and Its Symbols; the Unity of Words, Music, and Staging
030280: Donington, Robert - The Rise of Opera
030370: Donizetti, Gaetano - Roberto D'Evereux, Conte D'Essex; a Lyric Tragedy in 3 Acts with Italian Text
030369: Donizetti, Gaetano - Poliuto
030367: Donizetti, Gaetano - Lucrezia Borgia. Opera in Italian
030366: Donizetti, Gaetano - Lucia Di Lammermoor (the Bride of Lammermoor). Opera in Three Acts
030365: Donizetti, Gaetano - La Fille Du Regiment; Opéra-Comique En Deux Actes
030362: Donizetti, Gaetano - Don Pasquele; Dramma Buffo in Tre Atti
030363: Donizetti, Gaetano - Don Pasquale. An Opera in Three Acts with Italian-English Text
030283: Donizetti, Gaetano - Dom Sébastien, Roi de Portugal
030282: Donizetti, Gaetano - Anna Bolena; an Opera in Two Acts. For Soli, Chorus, and Orchestra with Italian Text. Vocal Socre
021228: Donkin, Richard - Blood, Sweat and Tears; the Evolution of Work
036646: Rodnitzky, Donna et al. - The Prune Gourmet
050246: Donnan, Christopher B. - Moche Art in Peru; Pre-Columbian Symbolic Communication
051910: Delle Donne, Fulvio - Federico II: La Condanna Della Memoria. Metamorfosi Di Un Mito
032980: Donne, John - Essays in Divinity
030109: Donne, John - The Poems of John Donne
028116: Donne, John - Suicide
050665: Donne, John - The Songs and Sonets of John Donne
1098: Donne, John - Poetical Works
013819: Donne, John - Deaths Duell. A Sermon Delivered Before King Charles I in the Beginning of Lent 1630/1
046018: O'Donnell, Patrick - Echo Chambers; Figuring Voice in Modern Narrative
023506: O'Donnell, Terence - Garden of the Brave in War
014816: Donnelly, Michael - Managing the Mind; a Study of Medical Psychology in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain
049998: O'Donoghue, Heather - The Genesis of a Saga Narrative; Verse and Prose in Kormaks Saga
027451: Donoghue, Denis - Walter Pater, Lover of Strange Souls
007761: Donoghue, Denis - The Sovereign Ghost; Studies in Imagination
004248: Donoghue, Daniel - Style in Old English Poetry; the Test of the Auxiliary
051790: Chilton, Donovan and Noel G. Coley - The Laboratoires of the Royal Institution in the Nineteenth Century
027533: Doody, Margaret Anne - Frances Burney; the Life in the Works
028050: Loewenstein, Dora and Philip Dodd, Eds - According to the Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watss, Ronnie Wood
030875: Doran, Madeleine - Endeavors of Art: A Study of Form in Elizabethan Drama
028731: Doran, John - The Book of the Princes of Wales
034495: Dordevic, Tihomir R. - Nas Narodni Zivot
033593: Dordevic, Mihailo - Anthology of Serbian Poetry: The Golden Age
026005: Doré, Gustav - Potpourri
008545: Van Doren, Carl - Mutiny in January; the Story of a Crisis in the Continental Army Now for the First Time Fully Told from Many Hitherto Unknown or Neglected Sources Both American and British
022782: Dorey, T. A., Ed - Latin Biography
1101: Dorey, T. A., Ed - Erasmus
011751: Dorfman, Jacob S. - Pharmaceutical Latin; for Pharmaceutical, Medical, Dental and Veterinary Students and Practitioners
012512: Dorfmüller, Kurt, Ed - Quellenstudien Zur Musik, Wolfgang Schmieder Zum 70. Geburtstag
022894: Dorgelès, Roland - La Caravane Sans Chameaux
011755: Dorian, Max - The Du Ponts; from Gunpowder to Nylon
029951: Dorigny, Marcel - Les Abolitions de L'Esclavage de L.F. Sonthonax à V. Schoelcher 1793, 1794, 1848
045143: Sloan, Doris and David L. Wagner, Eds - Geologic Excursions in Northern California: San Francisco to the Sierra Nevada
023905: Heyden, Doris and Paul Gendrop - Architektur Der Hochkulturen Mittelamerikas
012687: Doritsch, Alexnader - Gebrauch Der Altbulgarischen Adverbia
040793: Dorn, Wilhelm - Benjamin Neukirch; Sein Leben Und Seine Werke. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Zweiten Schlesischen Schule
050495: Dorn, Edward - Hello, la Jolla
044540: Dornbush, Jean M. - Pygmalion's Figure; Reading Old French Romance
003288: Dornseiff, Franz - Echtheitsfragen Antik-Griechischer Literatur: Rettungen Des Theognis, Phokylides, Hekataios, Choririlos
045941: Kraus, Dorothy and Henry - The Gothic Choirstalls of Spain
038732: Eagle, Dorothy and Hilary Carnell, Eds - The Oxford Literary Guide to the British Isles
038327: Hartley, Dorothy and Margaret M. Elliot - Life and Work of the People of England; a Pictorial Record from Contemporary Sources
032041: Healey, Dorothy and Maurice Isserman - Dorothy Healey Remembers; a Life in the American Communist Party
027517: Eagle, Dorothy and Hilary Carnell, Eds - The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Great Britain and Ireland
019472: Samachson, Dorothy and Joseph Samachson - The Dramatic Story of the Theatre
048957: Dorson, Richard M., Ed - Handbook of American Folklore
032514: Dorson, Richard M. - The British Folkorists; a History
025782: Dorson, Richard M. - Folklore: Selected Essays
007184: Dorson, Richard M. - American Folklore
037033: Dorst, John D. - The Written Suburb; an American Site, an Ethnographic Dilemma
010523: Dorwart, Reinhold August - The Administrative Reforms of Frederick William I of Prussia
032468: Dostal, Walter - Die Beduinen in Südarabien; Eine Ethnologische Studie Zur Entwicklung Der Kamelhirtenkultur in Arabien
010419: Doster, Michael - Reflections
041801: Dostoevskii, Fedor Mikhailovich - Sobranie Sochinenii
048049: Dostoevsky, Fyodor - Crime & Punishment
005856: Dostoevsky, Fyodor - The Notebooks for a Raw Youth
012081: Dothie, W. H. - Operation Disembroil; Deception and Escape, Normandy 1940
018869: Doty, Robert - Photo-Secession; Stieglitz and the Fine-Art Movment in Photography
006924: Doty, Gresdna Ann - The Carer of Mrs. Anne Brunton Merry in the American Theatre
005520: Doubleday, Neal Frank - Variety of Attempt; British and American Fiction in the Early Nineteenth Century
022590: Doubrovsky, Serge - The New Criticism in France
023376: Adams, Doug and Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Eds - Art As Religious Studies
045478: Douglas, Florence Louise - A Study of the Moretum
041101: Douglas, David C. - The Norman Fate 1100-1154
038858: Douglas, Norman - Late Harvest
035818: Douglas, Norman - Some Limericks; Collected for the Use of Students, & Ensplendourdd'd with Introduction, Georgraphical Index, and with Notes Expalnatory and Critical
032620: Douglas, David C. - English Scholars
030372: Douglas, Nigel - More Legendary Voices
030371: Douglas, Nigel - Legendary Voices
029862: Johnson, Douglas and Madeleine Johnson - The Age of Illusion; Art and Politics in France 1918-1940
029219: Douglas, David C. - William the Conqueror; the Norman Impact Upon England
027673: Barrett, Douglas and BAsil Gray - Indian Painting
015281: Douglas, Norman - Together
014252: Allen, Douglas and Douglas Allen, Jr. - N.C. Wyeth: The Collected Paintings, Illustrations and Murals
051770: Douglas, A. Vibert - The Life of Arthur Stanley Eddington
048991: Douglass, Jane., Ed - Trustable and Preshus Friends: I Like to Write Letters But I Like to Get the Ansers Still Better. Your Liitle Friend, Elsie Leslie
045217: Douglass, William A., Et al., Eds - Anglo-American Contributions to Basque Studies: Essays in Honor of Jon Bilbao
033490: Douglass, E. Jane Dempsey - Justification in Late Medieval Preaching; a Study of John Geiler of Keisersberg
005784: Douglass, William A. - Death in Murelaga; Funerary Ritual in a Spanish Basque Village
036235: Doulgas, Ronald Macdonald - The Scots Book of Lore and Folklore
033238: Doumas, Christos G. - Cycladic Art; Ancient Sculpture and Pottery from the N.P. Goulandris Collection
026269: Doumas, Christos G. - The N.P. Goulandris Collection of Early Cycladic Art
036359: Doumergue, E. - Geneva Past and Present; an Historical and Descriptive Guide for the Use of Foreign Visitors in Geneva
012688: Dournovo, L. A. - Miniatures Arméniennes
037133: Douroff, B. A. - étains Français Des Xviie Et Xviiie Siècles
020317: Doutrepont, Georges - La Littérature Et la Société
038750: Dover, Kenneth - The Greeks
031732: Dover, K. J. - Aristophanic Comedy
022785: Dover, Kenneth - The Greeks
029739: Nichols, Frederick Doveton and Ralph E. Griswold - Thomas Jefferson, Landscape Architect
050380: Dovine, David - Hadrian's Wall; a Study of the North-West Frontier of Rome
048486: Dow, Sterling - A Century of Humane Archaeology
047193: Dow, PHilip, Ed - 19 New American Poets of the Golden Gate
047941: O'Dowd, Mina - The Changing Nature of Knowledge; Mapping the Discourse of the Malmö Longitudinal Study 1939-1995
033673: Dowden, Edward - Shakspere; a Critical Study of His Mind and Art
046155: Dowdey, Clifford - The Golden Age; a Climate for Greatness, Virginia 1732-1775
012082: Dowdey, Clifford - Lee's Last Campaign; the Story of Lee and His Men Against Grant--1864
051329: Dowland, John - The Collected Lute Music of John Dowland
037075: Dowling, Kim, Ed - Buffalo Cookbook; Buffalo Meat
026555: Dowling, William C. - Confessions of a Spoilsport; My Life and Hard Times Fighting Sports Corruption at an Old Easten University
036464: Panter-Downes, Mollie - At the Pines; Swinburne and Watts-Dunton in Putney
034142: Downes, John - Roscius Anglicanus
034062: Downes, John - Roscius Anglicanus
049833: Downes, Kerry - Sir John Vanbrugh; a Biography
039708: Downing, Michael - Shoes Outside the Door; Desire, Devotion, and Excess at San Francisco Zen Center
026859: Downing, Christine - Myths and Mysteries of Same-Sex Love
039955: Downs, Anthony - New Visions for Metropolitan America
011555: Downs, Norton, Ed - Essays in Honor of Conyers Read
046371: Dowson, Ernest - New Letters from Ernest Dowson
032313: Dowson, John - A Classical Dictionary of Hinsu Mythology and Religion, Georgraphy, History, and Literature
040990: Doyle, James E. - The Official Baronage of England Showing the Succession, Dignities, and Offices of Every Peer from 1066 to 1885, with Sixteen Hundred Illustrations. Dukes-Viscounts
026794: Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Valley of Fear
026792: Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
026791: Doyle, Arthur Conan - A Study in Scarlet
026790: Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Sign of the Four
019843: Doyle, Paul E. - Hot Shots and Heavy Hits; Tales of an Undercover Drug Agent
007441: Doyle, Christine - Louisa May Alcott & Charlotte Bronte; Transatlantic Translations
017878: Drabbe, Peter - Spraakkunst Van Het Ekagi: Wisselmeren Ned. N. Guinea
035503: Drabble, Margaret, Ed - The Oxford Companion to English Literature
005708: Drachkovitch, Milorad M., Ed - The Revolutionary Internationals, 1864-1943
010837: Drago, Harry Sinclair - The Steamboaters; from the Early Side-Wheelers to the Big Packets
021681: Dragutinovic, Miodrag, et al. - Gramatika Srpskog Jezika Za Prvi Razred Gimnazije
047961: Drakakis, John, Ed - Shakespearean Tragedy
027244: Drakakis, John, Ed - Shakespearean Tragedy
047710: Drake, Marie - Alaskana
044000: Drake, Stillman - Galileo: Pioneer Scientist
026717: Drake, Paul W., Ed - Money Doctors, Foreign Debts, and Economic Reforms in Latin America from the 1890s to the Present
018515: Drake, James A. - Richard Tucker; a Bioigraphy
010033: Drake, Leonard A. - Trends in the New York Printing Industry
008454: Drake, Francis - Sir Francis Drake's West Indian Voyage, 1585-86
007008: Drake, Francis - The World Encompassed. And the Realtion of Aa Wonderfull Voiage by William Cornelison Schouten
051869: Drake, Stillman - Copernicus. Philosoph and Science: Bruno--Kepler--Galileo
045097: Drape, Joe, Ed - To the Swift; Classic Triple Crown Horses and Their Race for Glory
026414: Draper, John W. - The Funeral Elegy and the Rise of English Romanticism
022982: Draper, Theodore - Israel and World Politics; Roots of the Third Arab-Israeli War
010208: Draper, John W. - Stratford to Dogberry; Studies in Shakespeare's Earlier Plays
012689: Dräseke, Johannes - Johannes Scotus Erigena Und Dessen Gewährsmänner in Seinem Werke de Divisione Naturae Libri V.
024160: Dray, William - Laws and Explanation in History
050385: Drayton, Michael - The Battaile of Agincourt
032039: Drechsel, Edwin J. - From Venezuela with Love
037933: Drees, Ludwig - Olympia; Gods, Artists, and Athletes
051984: Dreghorn, William - Geology Explained in the Severn Vale and Cotswolds
037102: Von Drehle, David - Triangle, the Fire That Changed America
027566: Dreifus, Claudia - Interview
042781: Dreissen, Josef - Zentrale Glaubenswahrheiten Neu Gesehen; Katechetische Impulse
038803: Dreissen, Josef - Gegenwärtigkeit; Die ûbersetzung Des Glaubens Für Heute
025364: Drell, Sidney D. - In the Shadow of the Bomb; Physics and Arms Control
014963: Drepperd, Carl W. - Victorian; the Cinideralla of Antiques
033798: Drescher, Hans-Georg - Ernst Troeltsch; His Life and Work
022546: Dresher, Melvin - Games of Strategy: Theory and Applications
024166: Dresner, Samuel H. - The Zaddik; the Doctrine of the Zaddik According to the Writings of Rabbi Yaakov Yosef of Polnoy
050620: Dresser, Horace - The New Constable's Guide and Marshal's Assistant, Being a Compendium of the Powers, Duties, Privileges and Liabilities of Contables and Marshals, in the State of New York, Both in CIVIL and Criminal Proceedings:
032144: Dressler, Alan - Voyage to the Great Attractor; Exploring Intergalactic Space
021682: Dressler, Wolfgang U. - Grundfragen Der Morphonologie
051961: Dressler, Rachel Ann - Of Armor and Men in Medieval England; the Chivalric Rhetoric of Three English Knights' Effigies
035307: Egbert, Donald Drew and Stow Persons, Eds - Socialism and American Life
030374: Drew, David - Kurt Weill; a Handbook
001915: Drewes, G. W. J. - Maleise Bloemlezing Uit Hedendaagse Schrijvers
042286: Drewes, A. J. - Classical Arabic in Central Ethiopia
026274: Drexler, Hans - Herodot-Studien
005047: Dreyer, Lynette - The Modern African Elite of South Africa
024720: Dreyfus, Paul - Sainte Marie D'En Haut
050731: Dreyfus, Laurence - Bach's Continuo Group; Players and Practices in His Vocal Works
050732: Dreyfus, Laurence - Bach and the Patterns of Invention
042590: Driesbach, Janice T., Et al. - Art of the Gold Rush
015053: Drinka, George Frederick - The Birth of Neurosis; Myth, Malady, and the Victorians
005806: Drinkwater, John, Ed - The Eighteen-Sixties; Essays by Fellows of the Royal Society of Literature
036207: Driver, Elizabeth - A Bibliography of Cookery Books Published in Britain, 1875-1914
033390: Driver, Tom F. - The Sense of History in Greek and Shakespearean Drama
025167: Driver, S. R. - Notes on the Hebrew Text and the Topography of the Books of Samuel with an Introduction on Hebrew Palaeography and the Ancient Versions and Facsimiles of Inscriptions and Maps
042323: Drobin, Ulf, Ed - Religion Och Samhälle I Det Förkristna Norden. Ett Sympoisum
024182: Drobna, Zoroslava - La Riqueza Del Bordado Eclesiastico En Checoslovaquia
045836: Dronke, Peter - Women Writers of the Middle Ages; a Critical Study of Texts from Perpetua (+203) to Marguerite Porete (+1310)
042751: Dronke, Peter - Women Writers of the Middle Ages; a Critical Study of Texts from Perpetua (+ 203) to Marguerite Porete (+ 1310)
029249: Dronke, Peter - Die Lyrik Des Mittelalters; Eine Einführung
051931: Dronke, Peter - Medieval Latin and the Rise of European Love-Lyric
032091: Drop, Mark - The Hollywood Storyteller
027716: Dröscher, Vitus B. - ... Und Der Wal Schleuderte Jona an Land"; Die Tierwundner Der Bibel Naturwissenschaftlich Erklärt
015126: Drost, Willi - Barockmalerei in Den Germanischen Ländern
031733: Drower, Margaret S. - Egypt in Color
003289: Droysen, Johann Gustav - Geschichte Alexanders Des GroßEns
029675: Droz, Jacques, et al. - L'Epoque Contemporaine. I: Restaurations Et Révoltuions (1815-1871)
024721: Dru, Alexander - The Contribution of German Catholicism
030406: Drucker, Philip - Ceramic Sequences at Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico
026225: Drucker, Philip, et al. - Excavations at la Venta, Tabasco, 1955
010881: Druhe, David N. - Russo-Indian Relations, 1466-1917
045046: Drummond, Henry - Tropical Africa
032740: Drury, Nevill - The Shaman and the Magician; Journeys between the Worlds
022788: Drury, Allen - Egypt; the Eternal Smile. Reflections on a Journey
007819: Drury, Clififord Merrill - William Anderson Scott, "No Ordinary Man
042813: Druxman, Michael B. - Make It Again, Sam; a Survey of Movie Remakes
030608: Dryden, Linda, et al., Eds - Robert Louis Stevenson and Joseph Conrad; Writers of Transition
025818: Dryden, John - Four Comedies
006873: Dryden, John - Hymns Attributed to John Dryden
039954: Dryzek, John S. - Deliberative Democracy and Beyond; Liberals, Critics, Contestations
051567: Dsidsiguri, Schota - Die Georgische Sprache. Kurzer Abriß
012850: Dubb, A. A., Ed - The Multitribal Society; Proceedings of the Sixteenth Conference of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute Held at the Oppenheimer College for Social Change, Lusaka, February, 1962
013555: Dube, S. C. - Indian Village
046745: Duberman, Martin - Midlife Queer; Autobiography of a Decade 1971-1981
050826: Duberman, Martin - Cures; a Gay Man's Odyssey
009248: Dubisch, Jill, Ed - Gender & Power in Rural Greece
006254: Dubnov, S. M. - Die Neueste Geschichte Des Jüdischen Volkes (1789-1914)
008425: DuBois, Cora - Social Forces in Southeast Asia
043983: Dubos, Rene J. - The Professor, the Institute, and Dna
013455: Dubuffet, Jean - Jean Dubuffet: Drawings
046490: Duby, Georges - L'économie Rurale Et la Vie Des Campagnes Dans L'Occident Médiéval
045730: Duby, Georges - The Early Growth of the European Economy; Warriors and Peasants from the Seventh to the Twelfth Century
044264: Duby, Georges - France in the Middle Ages 987-1460, from Hugh Capet to Joan of Arc
043666: Duby, Georges - Hommes Et Structures Du Moyen Age; Recueil D'Articles
041102: Duby, Georges - Medieval Marriage; Two Models from Twelfth-Century France
035402: Duby, Georges - William Marshal; the Flower of Chivalry
029250: Duby, Georges - The Age of the Cathedrals; Art and Society 980-1420
012711: Duby, Georges - The Age of the Cathedrals; Art and Society 980-1420
051241: Duby, Georges - William Marshal; the Flower of Chivalry
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010532: Engelberg, Ernst - Birmarck, UrpreußE Und Reichsgründer
043975: Engelbregt, Jacobus Hendrikus Antonius - Het Utrechts Psalterium; Een Eeuw Wetenschappelijke Bestudering (1860-1960); the Utrecht Psalter, One Century of Critical Investigation (1860-1970)
002499: Engelmann, Wilhelm - Neuer Führer Durch Pompeji
045139: Engerand, Fernand - Les Amusements Des Villes D'Eaux à Travers Les Ages
012102: Engle, Paul - Women in the American Revolution
042109: Englebert, Annick - L'Infinitif Dit de Narration
042365: English, James Douglass - To the West in 1894; Travel Journal of Dr. James Douglass English of Worthington, Indiana
046616: Englund, Peter - The Beauty and the Sorrow; an Intimate History of the Frist World War
037539: Marx, Enid and Margaret Lambert - English Popular and Traditional Art
050629: Bilal, Enki and Pierre Christin - Coeurs Sanglants Et Autres Faits Divers
050317: Enlart, Camille - Manuel D'Archéologie Française Depuis Les Temps Mérovingiens Jusqu'a la Renaissance. 1e Partie: Architecture. I. Architecture Religieuse
004892: Ennemoser, Franz Joseph - Eine Reise Vom Mittelrhein (Mainz) ûber Cöln, Paris Und Havre Nach Den Nordamerikanischen Freistaaten, Beziehungsweise Nach New-Orleans
036005: Enock, Arthur Guy - This Milk Business; a Study from 1895 to 1943
030382: Enrico, Eugene - The Orchestra at San Petronino in the Baroque Era
014795: Enright, D. J. - A Mania for Sentences
043052: Enskat, Rainer, Ed - Wissenschaft Und Aufklärung
015541: Ensor, R. C. K. - England, 1870-1914
019086: Ensslin, Walter - Die Literarisch-Musikalische Intuition Von Richard Benz
019026: Enstice, Andrew - Thomas Hardy; Landscapes of the Mind
040547: Garcia de Enterria, Maria Cruz - Catalogo de Los Pliegos Poéticos Españoles Del Siglo XVII En El British Museum de Londres
044314: Entz, Géza - Die Liebfrauenkirche Und Die Fischerbastei Auf Dem Burgberg Von Buda
025496: Enzensberger, Hans Magnus - Cival Wars from L.A. To Bosnia
012819: Enzinger, Moriz, Ed - Briefe an Friedrich Hebbel
038715: Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs - Deceptive Distinctions; Sex, Gender, and the Social Order
037607: Epstein, Jason - Book Business; Publishing Past, Present and Future
024944: Epstein, Joel J. - Francis Bacon: A Political Biography
020663: Epstein, Willial H. - John Cleland; Images of a Life
051335: Epstein, Marcia Jenneth - Prions En Chantant; Devotion Songs of the Trouvères
005287: Epstein, T. S. - Economic Development and Social Change in South India
051041: Epstein, Marcia Jenneth - Prions En Chantant: Devotion Songs of the Trouvères
034703: Erasmus, Desiderius - Erasmus and Cambridge
003112: Erasmus, Charles J. - In Search of the Common Good; Utopian Experiments Past and Future
021694: Erben, Johannes - Einführung in Die Deutsche Wortbildungslehre
010536: Erckens, Günter - 150 Jahre Rechnungs- Und Briefbögen IM Gladbach-Rheydter Wirtschaftsraum
005326: Erdman, Howard L. - The Swatantra Party and Indian Conservatism
005162: Erdman, David V. - Commerce Des Lumières; John Oswald and the British in Paris, 1790 1793
044086: Erdö, Péter - Storia Della Scienza Del Diritto Canonico; Una Introduzione
036510: Erdrich, Louise - The Beet Queen; a Novel
034197: Erdrich, Louise - The Antelope Wife; a Novel
010061: Ereerguer, Enrique V. - Cosas Del Uruguay (En Torno a la Decada 1933-42)
016638: Eren, Hasan, et al. - The Turkish Presence in Bulgaria; Communications, 7 June 1985
029344: Erens, Patricia - The Jew in American Cinema
038900: Erffa, Hans Martin Von - Die Domtür Zu Pisa
029999: Eribon, Didier - Michel Foucault
037567: Larrabee, Eric and Rolf Meyersohn, Eds - Mass Leisure
036891: Baker, Eric and Tyler Blik - Trademarks of the 40's and 50's
032707: Robins, Eric and Blaine Littell - Africa; Images and Realities
032256: Treuillé, Eric and Anna Del Conte - Pasta; Every Way for Every Day
022007: Alterman, Eric and Marc Green - The Book on Bush; How George W. (Mis)Leads America
010955: Ashby, Eric and Mary Anderson - The Rise of the Student Estate in Britain
022660: Fromm, Erich and Michael Maccoby - Social Character in a Mexican Village; a Sociopsychoanalytic Study
008634: Wolf, Robert Erich and Ronald Millen - Renaissance and Mannerist Art
045692: Erickson, Carolly - The Medieval Vision; Essays in History and Perception
025421: Erickson, Carolly - Alexandra, the Last Tsarina
020710: Erickson, Darlene Williams - Illusion Is More Precise Than Precision; the Poetry of Marianne Moore
007201: Erickson, Charlotte - Invisible Immigrants; the Adaptation of English and Scottish Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century America
048128: Trinkaus, Erik and Pat Shipman - The Neandertals; Changing the Image of Mankind
040077: Westerlind, Erik and Rune Beckman - Sweden's Economy; Structure and Trends
025497: Saar, Erik and Viveca Novak - Inside the Wire; a Military Intellligence Solider's Account of Life at Guantanamo
022812: Erikson, Erik H. - Life History and the Historical Moment
022631: Erikson, Erik H. - Identity; Youth and Crisis
003938: Eriksson, T.-E - Die Armenische Büchersammlung Der Universitätsbibliothek Zu Helsinki
046969: Erim, Kenan T. - Aphrodias; a Guide to the Site and Its Museum
043843: Erk, Ludwig - Deutscher Liederhort; Auswahl Der Vorzüglicheren Deutschen Volkslieder, Nach Wort Und Weise Aus Der Vorzeit Und Gegenwart Gesammelt Und Erläutert
048816: Ermengaud, Matfre - Le Breviari D'Amor de Matfre Ermengaud. Tome V (27252t-34597)
033903: Nagel, Ernest and James R. Newman - Gödel's Proof
010748: Beaglehole, Ernest and Pearl Beaglehole - Some Modern Maoris
038143: Erni, Hans - Gedanken Und Gedichte
049196: Ernout, Alfred - Le Dialecte Ombrien; Lexique Du Vocabulaire Des "Table Eugubines" Et Des Inscriptions
042775: Lehner, Ernst and Johanna Lehner - Lore and Lure of Outer Space
040389: Johann, Ernst and Jörg JUnker - Deutsche Kulturgeschichte Der Letzten Hundert Jahre
037208: Lehner, Ernst and Johanna Lehner - Folklore and Odysseys of Food and Medicinal Plants
024917: Benz, Ernst and Minoru Nambara - Das Christentum Und Die Nicht-Christlichen Hochreligionen; Begegnung Und Auseinandersetzung. Eine Internationale Bibliographie
021574: Burgschmidt, Ernst and Dieter Götz - Historische Linguistik: Englisch
003350: Kjellberg, Ernst and Gösta Säflund - Greek and Roman Art, 3000 B.C. To A.D. 550
032044: Eron, Carol, Ed - The Artist's Table; a Cookbook by Master Chefs Inspried by Painting in the National Gallery of Art
011093: Errington, R. Malcolm - A History of Macedonia
009295: Errington, Frederick Karl - Karavar; Masks and Power in a Melanesian Ritual
010374: Ersch, Johann Samuel - La France Littéraire Contenant Les Auteurs Français de 1771 à 1796
020494: Erserguer, Enrique V. - Cosas Del Uruguay (En Torno a la Década 1933-42)

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