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019967: ECKSTEIN, GUSTAV - The Body Has a Head
043095: ECKSTEIN, OSKAR, ET AL. - Kennzeichen Des Kalimangels; Signes de Manque de Potasse; Potash Deficiency Symptoms
036216: ECKSTEIN, PAUL K., ED - The United States Defense Equipment Catalog 1983
037649: ECO, UMBERTO - Apocalypse Postponed
035735: ECO, UMBERTO - The Island of the Day Before
044565: ECONOMOU, GEORGE D. - The Goddess Natura in Medieval Literature
042829: BANCO DEL ECUADOR - Banco Del Ecuador; Historia de Medio Siglo 1868 a 1918
002439: DOERR, EDD AND ALBERT J. MENENDEZ - Religious Liberty and State Constitutions
037785: EDDINGTON, A. S. - The Nature of the Physical World
006028: EDDIS, WILLIAM - Letters from America
026403: EDEL, LEON - Bloomsbury, a House of Lions
027272: EDEL, LEON - Bloomsbury, a House of Lions
032151: EDEL, LEON - Henry James; the Treacherous Years, 1895-1901
040785: EDELMAN, HENDRIK - Dutch-American Bibliography 1693-1794; a Descriptive Catalog of Dutch-Language Books, Pamphlets and Almanacs Printed in America
007684: EDELSTEIN, ARTHUR, ED - Images and Ideas in American Culture; the Functions of Criticism. Essays in Memory of Philip Rahv
041620: EDER, PETER - Sühne; Eine Theologische Untersuchung
011128: EDGAR, DONALD - Britain's Royal Family in the Twentieth Century; King Edward VII to Queen Elizabeth II
045422: EDGECOMBE, R"ODNEY STENNING - Two Poets of the Oxford Movement; John Keble and John Henry Newman
045460: EDGERTON, SAMUEL Y. - Theaters of Conversion; Religious Architecture and Indian Artisans in Colonial Mexico
021490: EDGREN, GÖSTA, ET AL. - Wage Formation and the Economy
014410: EDINGER, WILLIAM - Samuel Johnson and Poetic Style
004133: EDINGER, LEWIS J. - Kurt Schumacher; a Study in Personality and Political Behavior
043397: FEL, EDIT AND TAMAS HOFER - Proper Peasants; Traditional Life in a Hungarian Village
022655: FÉL, EDIT AND TAMAS HOFER - Proper Peasants; Traditional Life in a Hungarian Village
038031: STERBA, EDITHA AND RICHARD STERBA - Beethoven and His Nephew; a Psychoanalytic Study of Their Relationship
024731: EDMAN, IRWIN - John Dewey; His Contribution to the American Tradition
022867: EDMAR, BIRGER - Studien Zu Den Epistulae Ad Caesarem Senem de Re Publica
004080: BLANC, EDMOND AND LÉON DELHOUME - La Vie émouvante Et Noble de Gay-Lussac
007290: EDMONDS, WALTER D. - The First Hundred Years, 18448-1948: 1848, Oneida Community; 1880, Oneida Community, Limited; 1935, Oneida Ltd
045613: BERKELEY, EDMUND AND DOROTHY SMITH BERKELEY - The Life and Travels of John Bartram: From Lake Ontario to the River St. John
018525: EDMUNDS, JOHN - Hesperides
032683: EDMUNDS, R. DAVID - The Shawnee Prophet
039389: BORNET, ÉDOUARD AND CHARLES FLAHAULT - Revision Des Nostocacées Hétérocystées Contenues Dans Les Principaux Herbiers de France
002900: WINTER, EDUARD AND MARIA WINTER - Domprediger Johann Emanuel Veith Und Kardinal Friedrich Schwarzenberg; Der Güntherprozess in Unveröffentlichten Briefen Und Akten
020931: WINTER, EDUARD AND MARIA WINTER - Der Bolzanokreis 1824-1833 in Briefen Von Anna Hoffmann, Michael Josef Fesl, Franz Schneider Und Franz Prhihonsky
022607: DA COSTA EDUARDO, OCTAVIO - The Negro in Northern Brazil; a Study in Acculturation
036973: MALINS, EDWARD AND PATRICK BOWE - Irish Gardens and Demesnes from 1830
030808: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL EDWARD AND PETER H. HASSRICK - Frederic Remingiton: The Masterworks
045220: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL EDWARD AND PETER H. HASSRICK - Frederic Remington: The Masterworks
005312: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - The Last Years of British India
043460: EDWARDS, GEORGE WHARTON - Vanished Towers and Chimes of Flanders
044801: EDWARDS, MARK W. - Homer, Poet of the Iliad
022869: EDWARDS, I. E. S. - The Treasures of Tutankhamum
035191: EDWARDS, RICHARD - The World Around the Chinese Artist; Aspects of Realism in Chinese Painting
020117: EDWARDS, I. E. S. - Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Its Treasures
005896: EDWARDS, JEROME E. - The Foreign Policy of Col. Mccormick's Tribune, 1929-1941
006960: EDWARDS, TUDOR - The Lion of Arles; a Portrait of Mistral and His Circle
029253: EDWARDS, ROBERT - The Montecassino Passion and the Poetics of Medieval Drama
015605: EDWARDS, STEWART - The Paris Commune, 1871
044463: EDWARDS, K. C. - The Peak District
012097: EDWARDS, KENNETH - The Mutiny at Invergordon
036541: EDWARDS, EVERETT E. - A Bibliography of the History of Agriculture in the United States
023922: PERRY BEN EDWIN - The Ancient Romances; a Literary-Historical Account of Their Origins
019329: DIAMOND, EDWIN AND ROBERT A. SILVERMAN - White House to Your House: Media and Politics in Virutal America
005248: VAN EEKELEN, W. F. - Indian Foreign Policy and the Border Dispute with China
022913: KARSH, EFRAIM AND INARI RAUTSI - Saddam Hussein; a Political Biography
003107: EFRON, BENJAMIN - Currents and Trends in Contemporary Jewish Thought
026283: EFROS, ISRAEL I. - Ancient Jewish Philosophy; a Study in Metaphysics and Ethics
012717: EFROS, ISRAEL - Studie in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
013826: EFROS, ISRAEL - Studies in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
035493: EGAMI, TOMI - Rice Recipes from Around the World
034971: EGAN, SUSANNA - Burdens of Proof; Faith, Doubt, and Identity in Autobiography
016978: WHITTINGTON-EGAN, RICHARD - William Roughhead's Cronicles of Murder
032893: EGENHOFF, ELISABETH L. - The Elephant As They Saw It; a Collection of Contemporary Pictures and Statements on Gold Mining in California
002404: EGERTON, GEORGE W. - Great Britain and the Creation of the League of Nationa; Strategy, Politics, and International Organization, 1914-1919
011760: EGERTON, ALFRED - Sir Alfred Egerton F.R. S. , 1886-1959; a Memoir with Papers
038661: EGGELING, H. F. - A Dictionary of Modern German Prose Usage
043744: EGGER, A. E. - Examen Critique Des Historiens Anciens de la Vie Et Du Regne D'Auguste
021677: EGGER, KURT, ED - Dialekt Und Hochsprache in Der Schule; Beiträge Zum Deutschunterricht in Südtirol
009474: EGGERS, HANS - Elektronische Syntaxanalyse Der Deutschen Gegenwartssprache; Ein Bericht
002419: EGGERT, GERALD G. - Steelmasters and Labor Reform, 1886-1923
022377: EGLI, IDA RAE, ED - No Rooms of Their Own; Women Writers of Early California
003293: EGLOFF, MICHEL - Des Premiers Chasseurs Au Début Du Christianisme
012985: EGLOFFSTEIN, HERMANN, FREIHERR VON - Carl August IM Niederländischen Feldzug 1814
020514: VAN EGMOND, PETER - Robert Frost; a Reference Guide, 1974-1990
040098: WELLLESZ, EGON AND FREDERICK STERNFELD, EDS - The Age of Enlightenment 1745-1790
040796: EGOROV, N. K. - Kargopol'
014587: EGOROV, IURII ALEKSEEVICH - The Architectural Planning of St. Petersburg
036843: EGRESIC, DUBRAVKA - Fording the Stream of Consciousness
035050: EHL, PETR, ET AL. - Old Bohemian and Moravian Jewish Cemeteries
021984: NILSSON-EHLE, HANS - Les Propositions Complétives Juxtaposées En Italien Moderne
041594: EHLERS, JOACHIM - Heinrich Der Löwe; Europäisches Fürstentum IM Hochmittelalter
002099: EHLINGER, HEINRICH - Geschichtliche Deutsche Lautlehre
008816: EHMANN, FRANZ - Open Panorama
034982: EHMSEN, HEINRICH - Heinrich Ehmsen
030101: EHRE, MILTON - Oblomov and His Creator; the Life and Art of Ivan Goncharov
008650: EHRENBURG, ILYA - Post-War Yeears, 1945-1954
005381: EHRENPREIS, IRVIN - Acts of Implication; Suggestion and Covert Meaning in the Works of Dryden, Swift, Pope, and Austen
020357: EHRET, HENRI - L'Ecole Normale D'Instituteurs Du Haut-Rhin à Colmar de Sa Fondation à la Loi Falloux (1832-1850)
025975: EHRLICH, DOREEN - The Bauhaus
027865: EHRLICH, PAUL R., ET AL. - Birds in Jeopardy; the Imperiled and Extinct Birds of the United State and Canada Including Hawaii and Puerto Rico
027873: EHRLICH, PAUL R. - Human Natures; Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect
027846: EICHELBAUM, HANS, ED - Das Buch Von Der Luftwaffe
037881: EICHHORN, W., ET AL., EDS - Production Theory; Proceedings of an International Seminar Held at the University of Karlsruhe, May-July 1973
003557: EICHMANN, EDUARD - Der Recursus Ab Abusu Nach Deutschem Recht Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Des Bayerischen, PreußIschen Und Reichsländischen Kirchenrechts, Historisch-Dogmatisch Dargestellt
017881: EICHNER, HANS - Romantic' and It Cognates; the European History of a Word
025170: EICHRODT, WALTHER - Man in the Old Testament
030693: EICKHOFF, RANDY LEE - The Raid
044671: EICKSTEDT, EGON, FREIHERR VON - Türken, Kurden Und Iraner Seit Dem Alterum; Probleme Einer Antrhopologischen Reise
023555: EIDELBERG, PAUL - A Discourse on Statemanship; the Design and Transformation of the American Polity
023993: EIDT, ROBERT C. - Pioneer Settlement in Northeast Argentina
045433: EIFLER, GÜNTER, ED - Ritterliches Tugendsystem
020409: EIGELDINGER, MARC - La Mythologie Solaire Dans L'Oeuvre de Racine
034402: EIGEN, MICHAEL - The Electrified Tightrope
030605: EILATI, SHALOM - Crossing the River
042985: EINARSEN, ARTHUR S. - The Pronghorn Antelope and Its Management
041827: CENTRO DI RICERCA E DOCUMENTAZIONE "LUIGI EINAUDI - Le Baronie Di Stato; Ricerca Sull'Industria Publlica in Italia
044127: EINBINDER, SUSAN L. - No Place of Rest; Jewish Literature, Expulsion, and the Memory of Medieval France
043254: EINEM, KARL VON - Generaloberst Von Einem, Kriegsminister Unter Wilhelm II; Erinnerungen Eines Soldaten 1853-1933
044767: EINSTEIN, ALFRED - The Italian Madrigal
037281: EINSTEIN, ALFRED - Mozart; His Character, His Work
014521: EINSTEIN, ALFRED - Music in the Romantic Age
032156: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion; the Essential Writings of Albert Einstein
035535: EIS, RUTH - 25; Twenty-Five Years, Judah L. Magnes Museum
037179: EISELEY, LOREN - Darwin and the Mysterious Mr. X; New Light on the Evolutionists
042350: EISENBERG, EVAN - The Ecology of Eden
026745: EISENHART, LUTHER PFAHLER - Riemannian Geormetry
038115: EISENHOWER, JOHN S. D. - Agent of Destiny; the Life and Times of General Winfield Scott
027927: EISENHOWER, DWIGHT - Report by the Supreme Commander to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the Operations in Europe of the Allied Expeditionary Force, 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945
011762: EISENSCHIML, OTTO - Without Fame; the Romance of a Profession
022984: EISENSTADT, S. N. - Israeli Society
026707: EISENWERTH, J. A. SCHMOLL, GENANNT - Wilhelm Loth; Bildwerke in Metall 1947-1972
010530: EISFELD, GERHARD - Die Entstehung Der Liberalen Parteien in Detuschland, 1858-1870. Studie Zu Den Organisationen Und Programmen Der Liberalen Und Demokraten
024185: EISLER, RUDOLF - Kant-Lexikon; Nachschlagewerk Zu Kants Sämtlichen Schriften/Briefen Und Handschriftlichem Nachlass
038657: EISLER, RUDOLF - Handwörterbuch Der Philosophie
026285: EISNER, ROBERT - The Road to Daulis; Psychoanalysis, Psychology, and Classical Mythology
022251: EISNITZ, GAIL A. - Slaughterhouse; the Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry
045612: EISSFELDT, OTTO - Kleine Schriften
013474: EITNER, LORENZ - Géricault
025683: EKHOLM, GORDON F. - Ancient Mexico and Central America
021685: EKHTIAR, MANSUR A. - From Linguistics to Literature
030379: EKMAN, KARL - Jean Sibelius; Taiteilijan EläMä Ja Persoonallisuus
018528: EKMAN, KARL - Jean Sibelius; His Life and Personality
040599: EKWALL, EILERT - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names
022985: ELATH, ELIAHU - Zionism at the Un; a Diary of the First Days
038557: ELDERFIELD, JOHN - Fauvism; the "Wild Beasts" and Its Affinities
013643: ELDERLFIELD, JOHN, ET AL. - Matisse in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art; Including Remainder-Interest and Promised Gifts
041016: ELDREDGE, ZOETH SKINNER - The March of Portola and the Discovery of the Bay of San Francisco. The Log of the San Carlos and Original Documents Transalted and Annotated by E.J. Molera
023888: ELDREDGE, ZOETH SKINNER - The Beginnings of San Francisco from the Expedition of Anza, 1774, to the City Charter of April 15, 1850, with Biographical and Other Notes
020431: ELDREDGE, NILES - Life in the Balance; Humanity and the Biodiversity Crisis
036802: BROWN, ELEANOR AND BOB BROWN - Culinary Americana; Cookbooks Published in the Cities and Towns of the United States of American During the Years from 1860 Through 1960
004990: ELEGANT, ROBERT S. - The Centre of the World; Communism and the Mind of China
004981: ELEGANT, ROBERT S. - China's Red Masters; Political Biographies of the Chinese Communist Leadlers
043115: ELERT, CLAES-CHRISTIAN - Phonologic Studies of Quantity in Swedish Based on Material from Stockholm Speakers
039796: ELEUTERIUS, LIONEL N. - An Illustrated Guide to Tidal Marsh Plants of Mississippi and Adjacent States
036908: ELFFERS, JOOST - Play with Your Food
002540: HELLEMAN-ELGERSMAN, WYPKJE - Soul-Sisters; a Commentary on Enneads IV 3 (27), 1-8 of Plotinus
017012: ELGIN, DUANE - Awakening Earth; Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness
035480: ELIACH, YAFFA - There Once Was a World; a Nine-Hundred-Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok
029175: ELIADE, MIRCEA - Die Religionen Und Das Heilige; Elemente Der Religionsgeschichte
044460: ELIADE, MIRCEA - The Quest; History and Meaning in Religion
008192: ELIAS, C. E., JR., ET AL. - Metropolis; Values in Conflict
027525: ELIASOPH, PHILIP - Paul Cadmus Yesterday & Today; Essay and Catalogue
033907: ELIOT, T. S. - Selected Poems
039234: ELIOT, CHARLES W. - Harvard Memories
020655: ELIOT, GEORGE - Felix Holt, the Radical
020656: ELIOT, T. S. - The Complete Poems and Plays, 1909-1950
020657: ELIOT, T. S. - Poetry and Drama
020658: ELIOT, T. S. - The Three Voices of Poetry
023908: ELIOT, T. S. - The Confidential Clerk; a Play
023060: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT AND MAURICIO OBREGON - The Caribbean As Columbus Saw It
015128: ELIOT, ALEXANDER - Three Hundred Years of American Painting
027773: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT AND MAURICIO OBREGON - Old Bruin", Commodore Matthew C. Perry 1794-1858
028132: ELIOT, T. S. - Notes Towards the Definition of Culture
029996: ELIOT, T. S. - The Elder Statesman; a Play
044430: ELIOT, T. S. - East Coker
036909: PORTER, ELIOT AND ELLEN AUERBACH - Mexican Churches
006950: SPRIGGE, ELIZABETH AND JEAN-JACQUES KIHM - Jean Cocteau: The Man and the Mirror
027481: CARMICHAEL, ELIZABETH AND CHLOE SAYER - The Skeleton at the Feast; the Day of the Dead in Mexico
005361: COLSON, ELIZABETH AND MAX GLUCKMAN - Seven Tribes of Central Africa
021608: ELKINS, KEN - Picture Taker; Photographs by Ken Elkins
035374: ELKINS, JAMES - The Object Stares Back; on the Nature of Seeing
009011: ELLEDGE, JIM - James Dickey; a Bibliography, 1947-1974
030135: ELLEDGE, SCOTT, ED - Eighteenth-Century Critical Essays
025661: ARNOLD, MARY ELLICOTT AND MABEL REED - In the Land of the Grasshopper Song; Two Women in the Klamath River Indian Country in 1908-09
018185: ELLIGER, D. WALTER - Thomas Müntzer
045047: ELLIGER, KARL - Leviticus
018529: ELLINGTON, MERCER - Duke Ellington in Person; an Intimate Memoir
036292: ELLIOT, GEORGE - Cape Dorset 1971
018530: ELLIOT, J. H. - Berlioz
007460: ELLIOT, ANN BRIMACOMBE - Charming the Bones; a Portrait of Margaret Matthew Colbert
044196: ELLIOTT, ALISON GODDARD - Roads to Paradise; Reading the Lives of the Early Saints
013459: ELLIOTT, MAUD HOWE - John Elliott; the Story of an Artist
027298: ELLIOTT, EMORY, ED - The Columbia History of the American Novel
409: ELLIOTT, JOHN R. - And Graham A. Runnalls. The Baptism and Temptation of Christ; the First Day of a Medieval French Passion Play. Edited and Translated by John R. Elliot T, Jr. And Graham A. Runnalls
029441: ELLIOTT, EMORY - Revolutionary Writers; Literature and Authority in the New Republic 1725-1810
038902: ELLIS, JOSEPH J. - American Creation; Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic
043064: ELLIS, MARIA DE JONG, ED - Essays on the Ancient Near East in Momary of Jacob Joel Finkelstein
045112: ELLIS, WILLIAM - An Authentic Narrative of a Voyage Performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke in His Majesty's Ships Resolution and Discovery During the Years 1776 to 1780 in Search of a North-West Passage between the Continents of Asia and America
016894: ELLIS, JOSEPH J. - Founding Brothers; the Revolutionary Generation
022986: ELLIS, HARRY B. - Israel and the Middle East
019532: ELLIS, AMANDA M. - Rebels and Conservatives; Dorothy and William Wordsworth and Their Circle
001669: ELLIS, HOWARD S. - A Survey of Contemporary Economics
014527: ELLIS, JENNIFER - Elizabeth the Queen Mother
021692: ELLIS, JEFFREY - Towards a General Comparative Linguistics
025811: ELLIS, HENRY, ED - The Visitation of the County of Huntingdon, Under the Authority of William Camden, Clarenceux King of Ars, by His Deputy Nicholas Charles, Lancaster Heralds, A.D. Mdcxiii
002498: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD - The Celtic Empire; the First Millennium of Celtic History, C. 1000 Bc-51 Ad
007112: ELLIS, WILLIAM E. - Robert Worth Bingham and the Southern Mystique; from the Old South to the New South and Beyond
028452: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Little Essays of Love and Virtue
037360: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, CLOUGH - On Trust for the Nation
013313: ELLIS, HAMILTON - The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways
004933: ELLIS, J. M. - Kleist's Prinz Friedrich Von Homburg; a Critical Study
013334: ELLIS, C. HAMILTON - The Lore of the Train
041741: ELLIS, HENRY, ED - Three Books of Polydore Vergil's English History, Comprising the Reigns of Henry VI. , Edward IV. , and Richard III
035788: ELLIS, ALICE THOMAS - A Welsh Childhood
044734: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD - The Druids
024172: ELLISON, HERBERT, J., ED - The Sino-Soviet Conflict; a Global Perspective
005927: ELLISON, MARY - Support for Secession; Lancashire and the American CIVIL War
009583: ELLISON, NORMAN - The Wirral Peninsula
009127: ELLISON, WILLIAM HENRY - A Self-Governing Dominion; California, 1849-1860
021313: ELLISON, RALPH - Flying Home and Other Stories
006673: ELLISON, WILLIAM HENRY - A Self-Governing Dominion: California, 1849-1860
010411: ELLMAN, RICHARD, ED - Edwardians and Late Victorians
026086: ELLRIDGE, ARTHUR - Mucha Und Der Sieg Des Jugenstils
043145: ELLUL, JACQUES - Autopsie de la Révolution
024188: ELLUL, JACQUES - The Ethics of Freedom
042466: ELLUL, JACQUES - Histoire Des Institutions de L'époque Franque à la Révolution
039188: ELLWOOD, DAVID T. - Poor Support; Poverty in the American Family
039415: ELLWOOD, DAVID T., ET AL. - A Working Nation; Workers, Work, and Government in the New Economy
010191: ELMAN, ROBERT - America's Pioneering Naturalists; Their Lives and Times, Exploits and Adventures
021693: ELMER, HERBERT CHARLES - Studies in Latin Moods and Tenses
022987: ELON, AMOS - Herzl
029557: ELON, AMOS - The Pity of It All; a History of Jews in Germany, 1743-1933
026701: ELSEN, ALBERT E., ED - Rodin Rediscovered
014163: ELSEN, ALBERT E. - Rodin
039889: ELSEN, ALBERT E. - The Gate of Hell by Auguste Rodin
035267: VAN DER ELST, JOSEPH - The Last Flowering of the Middle Ages
018527: ELTAN, ZOHAR - Highpoints; a Study of Melodic Peaks
022592: ELTON, G. R. - The Practice of History
010089: ELTON, GODREY ELTON, BARON - Imperial Commonwealth
043215: ELTON, HUGH - Frontiers of the Roman Empire
019025: ELWIN, MALCOLM - Savage Landor
013557: ELWIN, VERRIER - Leaves from the Jungle; Life in a Gond Village
012099: ELWYN, JOHN - At the Fifth Attempt
034902: ELY, GLEN SAMPLE - Where the West Begins; Debating Texas Identity
012100: ELY, JOHN HART - War and Responsiblity; Constitutional Lessons of Vietnam and Its Aftermath
041593: ELYS, EDMUND, ET AL. - Socinianismus Purus Putus Antichristianus; Seu Omnimodae Socinianismi Iniquitatis Demonstratio
021185: EMDEN, A. B. - An Account of the Chapel and Library Building, St. Edmund Hall, Oxford
005541: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Emerson in His Journals
024757: EMERSON, EVERETT H. - John Cotton
012605: EMERSON, WILLIAM K. - Shells
036900: STRYKER, ROY EMERSON AND NANCY WOOD - In This Proud Land: America 1935-1943 As Seen in the Fsa Photographs
041710: EMERSON, ELLEN TUCKER - The Letters of Ellen Tucker Emerson
036412: COATSWORTH, EMERSON AND DAVID COATSWORTH, COMP - The Adventures of Nanabush; Ojibway Indian Stories
012101: EMERSON, GLORIA - Gaza; a Year in the Intifada. A Personal Account from an Occupied Land
014559: EMERY, LAURA COMER - George Eliot's Creative Conflict; the Other Side of Silence
037838: EMERY, MICHAEL - From Dry Dock to D-Day; the Return Voyage of the Ss Jeremiah O'Brien
044652: EMERY, RICHARD W. - The Friars in Medieval France; a Catalogue of French Mendicant Convent, 1200-1550
037980: EMETT, ROWLAND - High Tea
003109: EMMET, DOROTHY - Function, Purpose and Powers; Some Concepts in the Study of Individuals and Societies
009593: MACCOBY, ELEANOR EMMONS AND CAROL NAGY JACKLIN - The Psychology of Sex Differences
030380: EMMONS, SHIRLEE - Tristanissimo; the Authorized Biography of Heroic Tenor Lauritz Melchior
029255: EMSER, HIERONYMUS - Eyn Deutsche Satyra Und Straffe Des Eebruchs, Unnd in Was Würden Unnd Erenn Der Eelich Stand Vorezeiten Gehalten, Mit Erclärung VIL Schoner Historien
034065: ENCK, JOHN J. - Jonson and the Comic Truth
042443: ENDEMANN, WILHELM - Studien in Der Romanisch-Kanonistischen Wirtschafts- Und Rechtslehre Bis Gegen Ende Des 17. Jahrhunderts
032088: ENDERS, ERIC - Ballparks Then and Now
010227: ENDO, SHUSAKU - Scandal
031234: ENDREDY, JAMES - Ecoshamanism; Sacred Practices of Unity, Power & Earth Healing
033813: ENDRES, F. C. - Deutsche Kunst Und Wissenschaft Des Mittelalters
024191: ENGDAHL, RICHARD - Beiträge Zur Kenntnis Der Byzantinischen Liturgie; Texte Und Studien
413: ENGEL, WILHELM - Das Seelbuch Der Liebfrauenbruderschaft Zu Würzburg (12. -15. Jahrh Undert) (Necrologia Episcopatus Herbipolensis II). Eingeleitet Und Herausgegeben Vo N Wilhelm Engel
010720: ENGEL, CLAIRE ELIANE - Mont Blanc; an Anthology
027783: ENGEL, FRITZ-MARTIN - Die Giftküche Der Natur; Eine Natur- Und Kutlurgeschichte Der Giftgewächse Unserer Erde
021956: ENGEL, ULRICH, ET AL., EDS - Festschrift Für Hugo Moser Zum 60. Geburtstag Am 19. Juni 1969
037292: ENGEL, CARL - Musical Myths and Facts
038167: ENGELBARTS, RUDOLF - Women in the United States Congress, 1917-1972; Their Accomplishments; with Bibliographies
010532: ENGELBERG, ERNST - Birmarck, UrpreußE Und Reichsgründer
043975: ENGELBREGT, JACOBUS HENDRIKUS ANTONIUS - Het Utrehcts Psalterium; Een Eeuw Wetenschappelijke Bestudering (1860-1960); the Utrecht Psalter, One Century of Critical Investigation (1860-1970)
025171: ENGELHARDT, H. TRISTRAM, JR. - Mind-Body; a Categorial Relation
002499: ENGELMANN, WILHELM - Neuer Führer Durch Pompeji
045139: ENGERAND, FERNAND - Les Amusements Des Villes D'Eaux à Travers Les Ages
041364: HONG KONG. CIVIL ENGINEERING AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT - Shan Beng Tu Yan Hua Jin XI; Xianggang Shan Ni Qing Zie Bai Nian Shi. When Hillsides Collapse; a Century of Landslides in Hong Kong
012102: ENGLE, PAUL - Women in the American Revolution
042109: ENGLEBERT, ANNICK - L'Infinitif Dit de Narration
042365: ENGLISH, JAMES DOUGLASS - To the West in 1894; Travel Journal of Dr. James Douglass English of Worthington, Indiana
037539: MARX, ENID AND MARGARET LAMBERT - English Popular and Traditional Art
004892: ENNEMOSER, FRANZ JOSEPH - Eine Reise Vom Mittelrhein (Mainz) ûber Cöln, Paris Und Havre Nach Den Nordamerikanischen Freistaaten, Beziehungsweise Nach New-Orleans
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014795: ENRIGHT, D. J. - A Mania for Sentences
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015541: ENSOR, R. C. K. - England, 1870-1914
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019026: ENSTICE, ANDREW - Thomas Hardy; Landscapes of the Mind
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038715: EPSTEIN, CYNTHIA FUCHS - Deceptive Distinctions; Sex, Gender, and the Social Order
020663: EPSTEIN, WILLIAL H. - John Cleland; Images of a Life
024944: EPSTEIN, JOEL J. - Francis Bacon: A Political Biography
005287: EPSTEIN, T. S. - Economic Development and Social Change in South India
037607: EPSTEIN, JASON - Book Business; Publishing Past, Present and Future
003112: ERASMUS, CHARLES J. - In Search of the Common Good; Utopian Experiments Past and Future
033819: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - The Education of a Christian Prince
034703: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - Erasmus and Cambridge
021694: ERBEN, JOHANNES - Einführung in Die Deutsche Wortbildungslehre
010536: ERCKENS, GÜNTER - 150 Jahre Rechnungs- Und Briefbögen IM Gladbach-Rheydter Wirtschaftsraum
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005326: ERDMAN, HOWARD L. - The Swatantra Party and Indian Conservatism
044086: ERDÖ, PÉTER - Storia Della Scienza Del Diritto Canonico; Una Introduzione
034197: ERDRICH, LOUISE - The Antelope Wife; a Novel
036510: ERDRICH, LOUISE - The Beet Queen; a Novel
010061: EREERGUER, ENRIQUE V. - Cosas Del Uruguay (En Torno a la Decada 1933-42)
016638: EREN, HASAN, ET AL. - The Turkish Presence in Bulgaria; Communications, 7 June 1985
029344: ERENS, PATRICIA - The Jew in American Cinema
038900: ERFFA, HANS MARTIN VON - Die Domtür Zu Pisa
029999: ERIBON, DIDIER - Michel Foucault
022007: ALTERMAN, ERIC AND MARC GREEN - The Book on Bush; How George W. (Mis)Leads America
032707: ROBINS, ERIC AND BLAINE LITTELL - Africa; Images and Realities
036891: BAKER, ERIC AND TYLER BLIK - Trademarks of the 40's and 50's
032256: TREUILLÉ, ERIC AND ANNA DEL CONTE - Pasta; Every Way for Every Day
010955: ASHBY, ERIC AND MARY ANDERSON - The Rise of the Student Estate in Britain
022660: FROMM, ERICH AND MICHAEL MACCOBY - Social Character in a Mexican Village; a Sociopsychoanalytic Study
008634: WOLF, ROBERT ERICH AND RONALD MILLEN - Renaissance and Mannerist Art
020710: ERICKSON, DARLENE WILLIAMS - Illusion Is More Precise Than Precision; the Poetry of Marianne Moore
025421: ERICKSON, CAROLLY - Alexandra, the Last Tsarina
007201: ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE - Invisible Immigrants; the Adaptation of English and Scottish Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century America
025497: SAAR, ERIK AND VIVECA NOVAK - Inside the Wire; a Military Intellligence Solider's Account of Life at Guantanamo
040077: WESTERLIND, ERIK AND RUNE BECKMAN - Sweden's Economy; Structure and Trends
022631: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Identity; Youth and Crisis
022812: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Life History and the Historical Moment
003938: ERIKSSON, T.-E - Die Armenische Büchersammlung Der Universitätsbibliothek Zu Helsinki
043843: ERK, LUDWIG - Deutscher Liederhort; Auswahl Der Vorzüglicheren Deutschen Volkslieder, Nach Wort Und Weise Aus Der Vorzeit Und Gegenwart Gesammelt Und Erläutert
013828: ERLANGER, PHILIPPE - St. Bartholomew's Night; the Massacre of Saint Bartholomew
011092: ERMAN, ADOLF - Die Literatur Der Aegypter; Gedichte Erzählungen Und Lehrbücher Aus Dem 3. Und 2. Jahrtausend V. Chr
033903: NAGEL, ERNEST AND JAMES R. NEWMAN - Gödel's Proof
038143: ERNI, HANS - Gedanken Und Gedichte
042775: LEHNER, ERNST AND JOHANNA LEHNER - Lore and Lure of Outer Space
045429: ERNST, JAMES E. - Ephrata; a History
037208: LEHNER, ERNST AND JOHANNA LEHNER - Folklore and Odysseys of Food and Medicinal Plants
021574: BURGSCHMIDT, ERNST AND DIETER GÖTZ - Historische Linguistik: Englisch
003350: KJELLBERG, ERNST AND GÖSTA SÄFLUND - Greek and Roman Art, 3000 B.C. To A.D. 550
040389: JOHANN, ERNST AND JÖRG JUNKER - Deutsche Kulturgeschichte Der Letzten Hundert Jahre
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037665: ERNST, MAX - Une Semaine de Bonté; a Surrealistic Novel in Collage
032044: ERON, CAROL, ED - The Artist's Table; a Cookbook by Master Chefs Inspried by Painting in the National Gallery of Art
011093: ERRINGTON, R. MALCOLM - A History of Macedonia
009295: ERRINGTON, FREDERICK KARL - Karavar; Masks and Power in a Melanesian Ritual
010374: ERSCH, JOHANN SAMUEL - La France Littéraire Contenant Les Auteurs Français de 1771 à 1796
020494: ERSERGUER, ENRIQUE V. - Cosas Del Uruguay (En Torno a la Década 1933-42)
035601: BINDEWALD, ERWIN AND KARL KASPER - Fairy Fancy on Fabrics; the Wonderland of Calico-Printing
013829: ERWIN, EDWARD - The Concept of Meaninglessness
029848: WOLFRAM VON ESCHENBACH - Wolfram Von Eschenbach
012918: ESCHER, KONRAD - Malerei Der Renaissance in Italien; Die Malerei Des 14. Bis 16. Jahrhunderts in Mittel- Und Unteritalien
035429: ESCOBEDO, HELEN - Mexican Monuments; Strange Encounters
035141: ESCOFFIER, AUGUSTE - Ma Cuisine
034869: ESKIND, ANDREW H., ED - International Photography; George Eastman House Index to Photographers, Collections, and Exhibitions
014531: ESMAN, MILTON J., ED - Ethnic Conflict in the Western World
041129: REAL ACADEMIA ESPAÑOLA - Diccionario de la Lengua Española
035495: ESPEY, JOHN - Minor Heresies, Major Departures. A China Mission Boyhood
009891: TORREBLANCA ESPINOSA, MAXIMO - Estudio Del Habla de Villena Y Su Comarca
007202: ESPIRITU, YEN LE - Asian American Panethnicity; Bridging Instituions and Identities
022898: ESPOSITO, JOHN L. - The Islamic Threat; Myth or Reality
038156: ESPOSITO, JOHN L. - Unholy War; Terror in the Name of Islam
037223: ESPY, WILLARD R. - Oysterville; Roads to Grandpa's Village
019308: ESS, FRANCISCUS XAVERIUS - Quaestiones Plinianae. De Praepositionum Apud C. Plinius Sec. Usu. Pars Prior: E Praepostiionibus C. Abl. Coniunctis
040838: ESSER, KAJETAN - IL Testamento Di San Francesco D'Assisi
012653: ESSIG, E. O. - Insects of Western North America; a Manual and Textbook for Students in Colleges and Universities and a Handbook for County, State and Federal Entomologists and Agriculturists As Well As Foresters, Farmers, Gardeners, Travelers, and Lovers of Nature
038250: ESSWEIN, HERMANN - Rembrandt
023774: D'ESTE, CARLO - Eisenhower; a Soldier's Life
044750: CAILHAVA D'ESTENDOUX, JEAN FRANÇOIS - De L'Art de la Comédie, Ou Détail Raisonné Des Diverses Parties de la Comédie, Et de Ses Différents Genres; Suivi D'Un Traité de L'Imitation Ou L'on Compare à Leurs Originaux Les Imitations de Moliere & Celles Des Modernes
035784: ESTES, RICHARD - Richard Estes; the Urban Landscape
045655: PEPERKAMP, ESTHER AND MALGORZATA RAJTAR, EDS - Religion and the Secular in Eastern Germany, 1945 to the Present
001769: ESTHUS, RAYMOND A. - From Enmity to Alliance; U.S. -Australian Relations, 1931-1941
020497: ESTRADA, NORBERTO - Uruguay Contemporaneo
043907: LOPEZ ESTRADA, FRANCISCO - Introducción a la Literatura Medieval Española
033420: ETAPLES, JACQUES LEFÈVRE D' - The Prefatory Epistles of Jacques Lefèvre D'Etaples and Related Texts
007818: BLUMANN, ETHEL AND MABEL W. THOMAS, EDS - California Local History; a Centennial Bibliography
034024: ETHEREGE, GEORGE - The Dramatic Works of Sir George Etherege
022786: DRIOTON, ETIENNE AND JACQUES VANDIER - Les Peuples de L'Orient Méditerranéen. T. II: L'égypte
005916: SAINT-ETIENNE, CHRISTIAN - The Great Depression, 1919-1938; Lessons for the 1980s
022654: ETTINGER, ELZBIETA - Rosa Luxemburg; a Life
021698: ETTINGER, STEFAN - Form Und Funktion in Der Wortbildung; Die Diminutiv- Und Augmentativmodifikation IM Lateinischen, Deutschen Und Romanischen. Ein Kritischer Forschungsbericht 1900-1970
030966: ETZIONI, AMITAI - A Responsive Society; Collected Essays on Guiding Deliberate Social Change
025073: ETZOLD, ALFRED, ET AL. - Jüdische Friedhöfe in Berlin
024710: EUBEL, KONRAD - Geschichte Der Kölnischen Minoriten-Ordensprovinz
028751: EUBEL, KONRAD - Geschichte Der Oberdeutschen (StraßBurger) Minoriten-Provinz
042388: POULIN, EUGENA AND CLAIRE QUINTAL - La Gazette Françoise, 1780-1781, Revolutionary America's French Newspaper
039674: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF EUGENE - A Taste of Oregon
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007562: ROBINSON, EDGAR EUGENE AND VAUGHN DAVIS BORNET - Herbert Hoover, President of the United States
042150: RABINOWITCH, EUGENE AND RICHARD S. LEWIS, EDS - Man on the Moon; the Impact on Science, Technology and International Cooperation
039258: STEUERLE, C. EUGENE AND JON M. BAKIJA - Retooling Social Security for the 21st Century; Right and Wrong Approaches to Reform
039691: SMITH, DAVID EUGENE AND YOSHIO MIKAMI - A History of Japanese Mathematics
019282: EULER, CAROLUS - De Locatione Conductione Atque Emphyteuse Graecorum
045509: EURIPIDES - Cyclops; Alcestis; Medea
031745: EURIPIDES - Rhesos
028342: EUSTIS, ALVIN A. - Racine Devant la Critique Française, 1838-1939
012037: DAVIS, EVANGELINE AND BURKE DAVIS - Rebel Raider; a Biography of Admiral Semmes
020036: EVANOVICH, JANET - Ten Big Ones
011131: EVANS, TREVOR - Bevin of Britain
034367: EVANS, SARA M. - Born for Liberty; a History of Women in America
044799: EVANS, J. CLAUDE - Strategies of Deconstruction; Derrida and the Myth of the Voice
020664: EVANS, MAX - Bluefeather Fellini
020665: EVANS, MAX - Bluefeather Fellini in the Sacred Realm
034951: EVANS, JAMES W. - A Morning in Jund; Defending Outpost Harry
039687: EVANS, WALKER - Walker Evans
023758: EVANS, MARGARET CARPENTER - Rosemond Tuve; a Life of the Mind
018532: EVANS, EDWIN - Tcahikovsky
024262: EVANS, GRIFFITH CONRAD - The Logarithmic Potential; Discontinuous Dirichlet and Neumann Problems
008242: EVANS, EDWIN - Tchaikovsky
025174: EVANS, DONALD - Faith, Authenticity, and Morality
014828: EVANS, MARTHA NOEL - Masks of Tradition; Women and the Politics of Writing in Twentieth-Century France
027307: EVANS, ROBERT O. - The Osier Cage; Rhetorical Devices in Romeo & Juliet
011347: EVANS, J. A. S., ED - Polis and Imperium; Studies in Honour of Edward Togo Salmon
415: EVANS, JOHN G. - The Environment of Early Man in the British Isles
014977: EVANS, SARA M. - Born for Liberty; a History of Women in America
019956: EVANS, HUMPHREY - The Mystery of the Pyramids
029260: EVANS, JOAN - English Art 1307-1461
014176: EVANS, JOAN - John Ruskin
029966: EVANS, ARTHUR R., JR., ED - On Four Modern Humanists: Hofmannsthal, Gundolf, Curtius, Kantorowicz
030531: EVANS, HAROLD - They Made America; from the Steam Engine to the Search Engine: Two Centuries of Innovators
037310: EVANS, WALKER - Walker Evans at Work
017251: EVANS, SYDNEY - Salisbury Cathedral; a Reflective Guide
015553: EVANS, GERAINT - Sir Geraint Evans; a Knight at the Opera
024711: EVANS, AUSTIN PATTERSON - An Episode in the Struggle for Religious Freedom; the Sectaries of Nuremberg 1524-1528
034531: EVANS, JOHN, ET AL. - A Britten Source Book
033203: EVANS, MAURICE - English Poetry in the Sixteenth Century
033137: EVANS, G. B., ED - Shakespeare: Aspects of Influence
037199: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - From Mouths of Men
037719: EVANS, SEIRIOL - A Short History of Ely Cathedral
1119: EVASDAUGHTER, ELIZABETH N. - Catholic Girlhood Narratives; the Church and Self-Denial
043825: EVELETH, SAMUEL F. - Victorian School-House Architecture
029943: KLENGEL, EVELYN AND HORST KLENGEL - Die Hethiter Und Ihre Nachbarn; Eine Kulturgeschichte Kleinasiens Von Catal Hüyük Bis Zu Alexander Dem Grossen
035645: EVELYN, JOHN - The Grand Salad; from John Evelyn's Acetaria (1699)
037234: MAINO, EVELYN AND FRANCES HOWARD - Ornamental Trees; an Illustrated Guide to Their Selection and Care
034443: EVENDEN, DOREEN - The Midwives of Seventeenth-Century London
026391: EVERETT, ALEXANDER HILL - Prose Pieces and Correspondence
039631: EVERETT, GEORGE G. - Cattle Cavalcade in Central Colorado
017448: EVERHART, WILLIAM C. - The National Park Service
1120: EVERS, GEORG G. - Martin Luther; Lebens- Und Charakterbild Von Ihm Selbst Gezeichnet in Seine N Eigenen Schriften Und Correspondenzen
027172: EVERSON, WILLIAM K. - The Art of W.C. Fields
038762: VASIL'EVSKII, V. G. - Trudy. T. 1
416: EWALD, KONRAD - Terminologie Einer Franzoesischen Geschaefts- Und Kanzleisprache Vom 13. Bi S 16. Jahrhundert (Auf Grund Des "Cartulaire de L'Abbaye de Flines"). (Diss . , Universität Basel)
030384: EWANS, MICHAEL - Janacek's Tragic Operas
018536: EWEN, DAVID - The Book of European Light Opera
018537: EWEN, DAVID - The Life and Death of Tin Pan Alley; the Golden Age of American Popular Music
030385: EWEN, DAVID - The Book of European Light Opera
044724: EWEN, FREDERIC - A Half-Century of Greatness; the Creative Imagination of Europe, 1848-1884
034008: EWING, S. BLAINE - Burtonian Melancholy in the Plays of John Ford
034854: EWING, ELIZABETH - Women in Uniform Through the Centuries
003939: EWING, WILLIAM S. - Guide to the Manuscripts Collections in the William L. Clements Library
031369: EWING, WILLIAM A. - Flora Photographica; Masterpieces of Flower Photography: 1835 to the Present
027948: EWING, WILLIAM A. - The Body; Photographs of the Human Form
041241: NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE - Year Book 1928-1929
025114: BIBLE. O.T. EXODUS - Das Zweite Buch Mose: Exodus
029572: BIBLE. O.T. EXODUS - Das Zweite Buch Mose: Exodus
021700: EY, LUISE - Portugiesische Sprachlehre
042950: EYCK, ERICH - Bismarck and the German Empire
021775: EYCK, ERICH - Pitt Versus Fox, Father & Son 1735-1806
038316: EYRE, KATHERINE WIGMORE - Lottie's Valentine
017882: EZQUERRA, MANUEL ALVAR - Proyecto de Lexicografia Española
024434: POUND, EZRA AND DOROTHY POUND - Letters in Captivity, 1945-1946
043386: LUHR, JAMES F. AND TOM SIMKIN, EDS - Parícutin, the Volcano Born in a Mexican Cornfield
042132: MOULTON, W. F. AND A. S. GEDEN, EDS - A Concordance to the Greek Testament Accoding to the Texts of Westcott and Hort, Tischendorf and the English Revisers
040499: CALVERT ALBERT F. - The Escorial; a Historical and Descriptive Account of the Spanish Royal Palace, Monastery and Mausoleum
036812: HOSKING, R. F. AND G. M. MEREDITH-OWENSM EDS - A Handbook of Asian Scripts
043932: HUPPÉ, BERNARD F. AND D. W. ROBERTSON, JR. - Fruyt and Chaf; Studies in Chaucer's Allegories
039100: HANDLER, JOEL F. AND ELLEN JANE HOLLINGSWORTH - The "Deserving Poor"; a Study of Welfare Administration
043558: MATHEWS, THOMAS F. AND AVEDIS K. SANJIAN - Armenian Gospel Iconography; the Tradition of the Glajor Gospel
042959: VOEGELIN, C. F. AND F. M. VOEGELIN - Languages of the World: African Fascicle One
006434: NUTTALL, GEOFFREY F. AND OWEN CHADWICK - From Uniformity to Unity, 1662-1962
012088: DUNNIGAN, JAMES F. AND AUSTIN BAY - A Quick and Dirty Guide to War; Briefings on Present and Potential Wars
012087: DUNNIGAN, JAMES F. AND ALBERT A. NOFI - Shooting Blanks; War Making That Doesn't Work
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042440: CARPENTER, PATRICIA F. AND PAUL TOTAH, EDS - The San Francisco Fair: Treasure Island 1939-1940
031870: HIGHAM, T. F. AND C. M. BOWRA, EDS - The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation
009410: SHANNON, THOMAS F. AND JOHAN P. SNAPPER, EDS - The Berkeley Conference on Dutch Linguistics 1989; Issues and Contoversies, Old and New
018143: MULDER, JAN W. F. AND SANDOR G. J. HERVEY - The Strategy of Linguistics; Papers on the Theory and Methodology of Axiomatic Functionalism
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017938: KAVANAGH, JAMES F. AND IGNATIUS G. MATTINGLY - Language by Ear and by Eye; the Relationships between Speech and Reading
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002225: MULDER, JAN W. F. AND SANDOR G. J. HERVEY - The Strategy of Linguistics; Papers on the Theory and Methodology of Axiomatic Functionalism
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030628: WHITE, DAMIAN F. AND CHRIS WILBERT, EDS - Technonatures; Environments, Technologies, Spaces, and Places in the Twenty-First Century
004963: LANGER, PAUL F. AND JOSEPH J. ZASLOFF - North Vietnam and the Pathet Lao; Partners in the Struggle for Laos
043153: PALMER, RICHARD F. AND KARL D. BUTLER - Brigham Young; the New York Years
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040254: ILCHMAN, WARREN F. AND NORMAN THOMAS UPHOFF - The Political Economy of Change
017827: BACH, KATHRYN F. AND GLANVILLE PRICE - Romance Linguistics and the Romance Languages; a Bibliography of Bibliographies
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042280: BARR, DONALD F. AND SHARON G. BARR - Languages of Central Sulawesi; Checklist, Preliminary Classification, Language Maps, Wordlists
037129: BIANCHINI F. AND F. CORBETTA - The Fruits of the Earth
034350: SHEPARD, RICHARD F. AND VICKI GOLD LEVI - Live & Be Well; a Celebration of Yiddish Culture in America from the First Immigrants to the Second World War
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039270: BREAK, GEORG F. AND JOSEPH A. PECHMAN - Federal Tax Reform, the Impossible Dream
045028: BECKINGHAM, C. F. AND G. W. B. HUNTINGFORD, EDS - Some Records of Ethiopia 1593-1646
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043391: FOSHAG, WILLIAM F. AND JENARO GONZALEZ R. - Birth and Development of Parícutin Volcano, Mexico
036558: RICKETTS, EDWARD F. AND JACK CALVIN - Between Pacific Tides
040199: FABBRINI, SERGIO - Tra Pressioni E Veti; IL Cambiamento Politico in Italia
019235: FABER, DOROTHEA - Die Wohnungswirtschaft in Der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone
019237: FABER, DOROTHEA - Einkommenstruktur Und Lebenshaltung in Der Sozjetischen Besatzungszone
019533: FABER, M. D. - The Design Within; Psychoanalytic Approaches to Shakespeare
014518: FABER, DORIS - The Life of Lorena Hickok, E.R. 's Friend
006143: FABER, RICHARD - Beaconsfield and Bolingbroke
020524: FABER, S. M., ED - Nearly Normal Galaxies from the Planck Time to the Present
021806: FABER, KARL-GEORG - Theorie Der Geschichtswissenschaft
041961: FABI, THÉRÈSE - Le Monde Perturbé Des Jeunes Dans L'Oeuvre de Marie-Claire Blais; Sa Vie; Son Oeuvre; la Critique; Essai
009285: FABIAN, JOSEPHINE C. - The Jackson's Hole Story; an Historical Novel Set in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming
045395: FABRE, JAN - Das Glas IM Kopf Wird Vom Glas: The Dance Sections
043322: FABRIZIUS, PETER - One and One Make Three; Story of a Friendship
036089: FABUN, DON - Dimensions of Change
044739: FACAROS, DANA - Greek Islands
025176: FACKENHEIM, EMIL L. - Encounters between Judaism and Modern Philosophy; a Preface to Future Jewish Thought
028465: FACKENTHAL, FRANK DIEHL - The Greater Power and Other Addresses
033711: FADIMAN, CLIFTON, ED - The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes
043230: FAENZA, LILIANO - Comunismo E Cattolicesimo in Una Parrochia Di Compagna
023365: FAGAN, GARRETT G. - Bathing in Public in the Roman World
026288: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - Eyewitness to Discovery; First-Person Accounts of More Than Fifty of the World's Greatest Archaeological Discoveries
029352: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - The Rape of the Nile; Tomb Robbers, Tourists, and Archaeologist in Egypt
031747: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - Return to Babylon; Travelers, Archaeologists, and Monuments in Mesopotamia
037351: FAGAN, BRIAN - The Little Ice Age; How Climate Made History 1300-1850
014388: FAGG, WILLIAM BUTLER - Afro-Portuguese Ivories
028750: FAGG, WILLIAM - Tribes and Forms in African Art
044699: FAHLIN, CARIN - étude Sur L'Emploi Des Prépositions En, à, Dans Au Sens Local
014231: DE LA FAILLE, J.-B - The Works of Vincent Van Gogh; His Paintings and Drawings
012755: FAIR, T. J. D. - The Distribution of Population in Natal
004950: FAIRBANK, JOHN K. - China, the People's Middle Kingdom and the U.S. A.
010734: FAIRBANK, JOHN K. - East Asia; the Modern Transformation
012963: FAIRBANK, JOHN K. - China; the People's Middle Kingdom and the U.S. A.
041517: FAIRBANK, ALFRED - The Story of Handwriting; Origins and Development
040067: FAIRBANKS, DOUGLAS, JR. - A Hell of a War
005372: FAIRBANKS, CAROL - Prairie Women; Images in American and Canadian Fiction
004857: FAIRHALL, DAVID - Russian Sea Power
038806: FAIRHOLT, F. W. - Costume in England; a History of Dress to the End of the Eighteenth Century
015134: FAIRLEY, JOHN - Racing in Art
027439: FAITH, NICHOLAS - The World the Railways Made
029637: FAJANAS, KASIMIR - Radioactivity and the Latest Developments in the Study of the Chemcial Elements
010309: FALCON, WALTER P., ET AL. - The Cassava Economy of Java
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033095: FERRY, LUC - Rights--the New Quarrel between the Ancients and the Moderns
033088: FERRY, LUC - The System of Philosophies of History
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013836: FETSCHER, IRING - Marx and Marxism
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019027: FIELD, ANDREW - Nabokov; His Life in Art; a Critical Narrative
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015142: FIERENS, PAUL - L'Art En Belgique, Du Moyen Age a Nos Jours
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043902: FIÉTIER, ROLAND - Recherches Sur la Banleiue de Besançon Au Moyen Age
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015073: FIFOOT, RICHARD - A Bibliography of Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell
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007034: FIGUEROA, JOSÉ - Manifesto to the Mexican Republic Which Brigadier General José Figueroa, Commandant and Political Chief of Jpper California, Presents on His Conduct and on That of José Maria de Hijar and José Maria Padrés As Directors of Colonization in 1834 and 1835
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010346: FILLER, LOUIS - Progressivism and Muckraking
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025181: FILSON, FLOYD V. - The New Testament Against Its Environment; the Gospel of Christ the Risen Lord
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024863: FINCH, JEREMIAH S. - Sir Thomas Browne; a Doctor's Life of Science & Faith
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030428: FINCK, HENRY T. - Wagner and His Works; the Story of His Life with Critical Comments
006016: FINDLAY, JOHN M. - People of Chance; Gambling in American Society from Jamestown to Law Vegas
011767: FINDLEY, PALMER - The Story of Childbirth
032588: FINE, PETER MARTIN - Vauvenargues and la Rochefoucauld
023434: FINE, REUBEN - The Development of Freud's Thought; from the Beginnings (18868-1900) Through Id Psychology (1900-1914) to Ego Psychology (1914-1939)
026292: FINE, JOHN V. A. - The Ancient Greeks; a Critical History
020397: FINE, RUTH E. - Drawing Near; Whistler Etchings from the Zelman Collection
026063: FINEGAN, JACK - Archaeological History of the Ancient Middle East
027988: FINGARETTE, HERBERT - The Meaning of Criminal Insanity
018539: FINGLETON, DAVID - Kiri Te Kanawa; a Biography
023560: FINK, ROBERT A. - Twilight Innings; a West Texan on Grace and Survival
002951: FINK, JOSEF - Griechisches Kunsthandwerk
030680: FINK, ROB - Playing in Shadows; Texas and Negro League Baseball
035286: FINK, DANIEL - Barns of the Genesee Country, 1790-1915, Including an Account of Settlement and Changes in Agricultural Practices
040481: FINKE, ULRICH, ED - French 19th Century Painting and Literature with Special Reference to the Relevance of Literary Subject-Matter to French Painting
026654: FINKEL, ALVIN - Social Policy and Practice in Canada; a History
044955: FINKELPEARL, PHILIP J. - John Marston of the Middle Temple; an Elizabethan Dramatist in His Social Setting
025182: FINKELSTEIN, LOUIS - The Jews; Their History, Culture, and Religion
011155: FINLAYSON, GEOFFREY B. A. M. - Highways and Byways in Derbyshire
020525: FINLETTER, THOMAS K. - Power and Policy; Us Foreign Policy and Military Power in the Hydrogen Age
034784: FINLEY, JOHN H., JR. - Thucydides
022874: FINLEY, M. I. - The Ancient Economy
026297: FINLEY, M. I. - The Legacy of Greece; a New Appraisal
014223: FINLEY, GERALD - Angel in the Sun; Turner's Vision of History
002507: FINLEY, M. I. - Aspects of Antiquity; Discoveries and Controversies
002508: FINLEY, M. I. - The Ancient Greeks
031749: FINLEY, JOHN H., JR. - Homer's Odyssey
040060: FINLEY, M. I. - Politics in the Ancient World
032541: FINN, GERHARD - Die Politischen Häftlinge Der Sowjetzone 1945-1959
012758: FINNEGAN, WILLIAM - Crossing the Line; a Year in the Land of Apartheid
019536: FINNEY, GAIL - Christa Wolf
018543: FINNEY, THEODORE M. - A History of Music
008326: FINNEY, BRIAN - The Inner I: British Literary Autobiography of the Twentieth Century
011768: FINNEY, J. M. T. - A Surgeon's Life; the Autobiography of J.M. T. Finney
028463: FINNIS, MARGARET M. - The Lower Level; a Discursive History of the Adelaide University Union
026906: FINUCCI, VALERIA, ED - Renaissance Transactions: Ariosto and Tasso
013480: FIOCCO, GIUSEPPE - Giorgione
039097: FIORAVANZO, GIUSEPPE - La Guerra Sul Mare E la Guerra Integrale
039031: FIORENTINO, FRANCESCO - Gregorio Da Rimini; Contingenza, Futuro E Scienze Nel Pensiero Tardo-Medievale
032017: LAME DEER, ARCHIE FIRE AND RICHARD ERDOES - Gift of Power; the Life and Teachings of a Lakota Medicine Man
017418: FIRMAGE, RICHARD A. - The Alphabet Abecedarium; Some Notes on Letters
023567: FIRMAN, CASANDRA - One Christmas in Old Tascosa
024696: FIRTH, RAYMOND - Symbols Public and Private
027759: FIRTH, RAYMOND - Elements of Social Organization
021777: FIRTH, RAYMOND, ED - Man and Culture; an Evaluation of the Work of Bronislaw Malinowski
025183: FISCH, HAROLD - Jerusalem and Albion; the Hebraic Factor in Seventeenth-Century Literature
015561: FISCH, ARNOLD G., JR. - Military Government in the Ryukyu Islands 1945-1950
035019: FISCHART, JOHANN - Aller Praktik Grossmutter. Abdruck Der Ersten Bearbeitung (1572)
035018: FISCHART, JOHANN - Geschichtklitterung (Gargantua)
040828: FISCHART, JOHANN - Geschichtklitterung; Glossar
036601: FISCHER, W. G. - Karl Arnold 1883-1953
033417: FISCHER, ROBERT H., ED - A Tribute to Arthur Vööbus; Studies in Early Christian Literature and Its Environment, Primarily in the Syrian East
014383: FISCHER, OTTO - Die Kunst Indiens, Chinas Und Japans
007836: FISCHER, LOUIS - The Life of Lenin
025940: FISCHER, JOSEPH - Threads of Tradition; Textiles of Indonesia and Sarawak
028474: FISCHER, G. L. - The University of Sydney, 1850-1975; Some History in Pictures to Mark the 125th Years of Its Incorporation
029586: FISCHER, HANS - Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (2. August 1671-23. Juni 1733), Naturforscher Und Arzt
040374: FISCHER, H. F. W. D. - Leges Barbarorum in Usum Studiosorum
041415: FISCHER, ULRICH - Der Telosgedanke in Den Dramen Des Aischylos: Ende, Ziel, Erfüllung, Machtvollkommenheit
043583: FISCHER, RUDOLF, ET AL. - Namen Deutscher Städte
044474: FISCHER, MICHAEL M. J. - Iran from Religious Dispute to Revolution
039958: FISCHER, CLAUDE S. - America Calling; a Social History of the Telephone to 1940
038881: FISCHER, RAINER - Die Kunst Des Bibellesens. Theologische ästhetik Am Beispiel Des Schriftverständnisses
012111: FISCHER, EDWARD - The Chancy War; Winning in China, Burma, and India, in World War Two
034810: FISCHER, EUGEN - Der Patriziat Heinrichs III Und Heinrichs IV
028620: FISH, STANLEY - How Milton Works
030292: FISH, CARL RUSSELL - The Path of Empire; a Chronicle of the United States As a World Power
036618: FISHER, T. RICHARD - The Dicotyledoneae of Ohio. Part 3: Asteraceae
032347: FISHER, SALLY - The Square Halo and Other Mysteries of Western Art; Images and the Stories That Inspired Them
022658: FISHER, H. H. - America and the New Poland
022948: FISHER, SYDNEY NETTLETON, ED - Social Forces in the Middle East
020671: FISHER, PETER F. - The Valley of Vision; Blake As Prophet and Revolutionary
024205: FISHER, GEORGE P. - Essays on the Supernatural Origin of Christianity, with Special Reference to the Theories or Renen, Strauss, and the Tübingen School
026425: FISHER, ANNE B. - No More a Stranger
015415: FISHER, HUGH - Alicia Markova
003792: FISHER, MARVIN - Workshops in the Wilderness; the European Response to American Industrialization, 1830-1860
040032: FISHER, JACK C., ED - City and Regional Planning in Poland
037652: FISHER, M. F. K. - A Cordiall Water; a Garland of Odd & Old Receipts to Assuage the Ills of Man & Beast
032815: FISHER, M. F. K. - A Welcoming Life; the M.F. K. Fisher Scrapbook
012112: FISHER, H. A. L. - Napoleon
037558: FISHER, M. F. K. - Here Let Us Feast; a Book of Banquets
042313: FISHER, FAY - Narrative Art in Medieval Romances
036563: FISHER, M. F. K. - The Boss Dog; a Story
036638: FISHER, M. F. K. - Dubious Honors
039591: FISHER, JAY MCKEAN - The Prints of Edouard Manet
008352: FISHMAN, PRISCILLA, ED - The Jews of the United States
021709: FISHMAN, JOSHUA A. - Language in Sociocultural Change; Essays
044219: FISIAK, JACEK, ED - Historical Morphology
026688: FISK, ELIZABETH CHESTER - Lizzie; the Letters of Elizabeth Chester Fisk, 1864-1893
015392: FISKE, ROGER - Ballet Music
007206: FISKE, JOHN - The Discovery of America with Some Account of Ancient America and the Spanish Conquest
024206: FITCH, GEORGE HAMLIN - Great Spiritual Writers of America
025951: FITCH, JAMES MARSTON - Walter Gropius
017451: FITE, GILBERT C. - George N. Peek and the Fight for Farm Parity
038103: FITTKO, LISA - Solidarity and Treason; Resistance and Exile, 1933-1940
040911: FITZGERALD, ROBERT - Enlarging the Change; the Princeton Seminars in Literary Criticism 1949-1951
020672: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - The Letters of Edward Fitzgerald
020673: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - F. Scott Fitzgerald's Screenplay for Three Comrade, by Erich Maria Remarque
009839: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - F. Scott Fitzgerald's Screenplay for Three Comrades by Erich Maria Remarque
004909: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - The Letters of Edward Fitzgerald
018428: FITZGERALD, GERALD, ED - Annals of the Metropolitan Opera; the Complete Chronicle of Performances and Artists
028435: FITZGERALD, BRIAN - Daniel Defoe; a Study in Conflict
044077: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Price Was High; the Last Uncollected Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
039853: FITZGIBBON, THEODORA - A Taste of Ireland; Irish Traditional Food
010883: FITZLYON, KYRIL, ED - The Memoirs of Princess Dashkov
030430: FITZLYON, APRIL - Maria Malibran, Diva of the Romantic Age
024208: FITZMYER, JOSEPH A. - Essays on the Semitic Background of the New Testament
008523: FITZPATRICK, JOHN - The Merchant of Manchac; the Letterbooks of John Fitzpatrick, 1768-1790
007907: FITZPATRICK, JOHN C. - List of the Washington Manuscripts from the Year 1592 to 1775, Library of Congress
012493: FITZSIMONS, F. W. - The Monkeyfolk of South Africa
043951: FIUMI, ENRICO - Demografia, Movimento Urbanistico E Classi Sociali in Prato Dall'Età Comunale Ai Tempi Moderni
023234: HORATIUS FLACCUS, QUINTUS - Horace: Epodes and Odes
028144: HORATIUS FLACCUS, QUINTUS - Horacianas de Mitre
011314: PERSIUS FLACCUS, AULUS - Satirae Ad Codices Parisinos Recensitae
011315: PERSIUS FLACCUS, AULUS - Saturarum Liber Accedit Vita
031882: PERSIUS FLACCUS, AULUS - A. Persi Flacci Et D. Iuni Iuvenalis Saturae
042997: HORATIUS FLACCUS, QUINTUS - Carmina Et Epodi; Odes and Epodes
031800: HORATIUS FLACCUS, QUINTUS - Horace: épitres
028297: O'FLAHERTY, WENDY DONIGER - The Critical Study of Sacred Texts
009308: O'FLAHERTY, BRENDAN - Rational Commitment; a Foundation for Macroeconomics
042171: FLAMM, JOHANN WERNER - Die Von Tiernamen Abgeleiteten Italienischen Ortsnamen
021284: FLAMMANG, JAMES - Corvette Chronicle
027740: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE - Rätsel Des Seelenlebens
007207: FLANAGAN, JOHN T., ED - America Is West; an Anthology of Middlewestern Life and Literature
011770: FLANAGAN, DENNIS - Flanagan's Version; a Spectator's Guide to Science on the Eve of the 21st Century
044278: FLANAGAN, JAMES L. - Speech Analysis, Synthesis and Perception
036145: FLANDERS, HELEN HARTNESS, ET AL. - The New Green Mountain Songster; Traditional Folk Songs of Vermont, Collected, Transcribed, & Edited
030834: FLANNAGAN, JOHN B. - The Sculpture of John B. Flannagan
032225: FLANNER, JANET - London Was Yesterday, 1934-1939
028324: FLASCHE, HANS, ED - Calderón de la Barca
021716: FLASCHE, HANS - Die Sprachen Und Literaturen Der Romanen IM Spiegel Der Deutschen Universitätsschriften; Langues Et Littératures Romanes Dans Les Publications Universitaires Allemandes 1885-1950
037191: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - Flaubert's Dictionary of Accepted Ideas
022342: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - Early Writings
020675: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - Madame Bovary
032939: FLAVELL, JOHN H. - The Developmental Psychology of Jean Piaget
013838: FLEISCH, HENRI - Introduction à L'étude Des Langues Sémitiques; éLéments de Bibliographie
021717: FLEISCHER, FRITZ - Studien Zur Sprachgeographie Der Gascogne
040355: FLEISHMAN, AVROM - The English Historical Novel; Walter Scott to Virginia Woolf
041183: FLEMING, J. MARCUS - Toward Assessing the Need for International Reserves
022619: FLEMING, PETER - Brazilian Adventure
016537: FLEMING, FERGUS - Barrow's Boys
010426: FLEMING, HOWARD A. - Canada's Arctic Outlet; a History of the Hudson Bay Railway
007208: FLEMING, HAROLD C. - The Potomac Chronicle; Public Policy & CIVIL Rights from Kennedy to Reagan
009373: FLEMING, PETER - Operation Sea Lion; the Projected Invasion of England in 1940; an Account of the German Preparations and the British Countermeasures
020676: FLETCHER, ROBERT - The Poems and Translations of Robert Fletcher
1130: FLETCHER, WILLIAM C. - A Study in Survival; the Church in Russia, 1927-1943
004911: FLETCHER, ROBERT - The Poems and Translations of Robert Fletcher
017728: FLETCHER, COLIN - The Thousand-Mile Summer in Desert and High Sierra
025656: FLETCHER, COLIN - The Man Who Walked Through Time
433: (EL CID). FLETCHER, RICHARD - The Quest for El Cid
013617: FLETCHER, GRACE NIES - The Fabulous Flemings of Kathmandu; the Story of Two Doctors in Nepal
031043: FLETCHER, IFAN KYRLE, ET AL. - Famed for Dance: Essays on the Theory and Practice of Theatrical Dancing in England, 1660-1740
030079: FLETCHER, GILES - Of the Russe Commonwealth
021194: FLETCHER, GILES - Of the Rus Commonwealth
033988: FLETCHER, IAN - Beaumont and Fletcher
040576: FLETCHER, IAN, ED - Romantic Mythologies

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