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019522: COCKSHUT, A. O. J., - Anthony Trollope; a critical Study..
021610: COCKSHUT, A. O. J., - The Achievement of Walter Scott..
006892: COCKSHUT, A. O. J., - The Art of Autobiography in 19th and 20th Century England..
041778: COCROFT, SUSANNA, - Poise and Symmetry of Figure..
042644: COCTEAU, JEAN, - Opéra; oeuvres poétiques 1925-1927..
042085: CODDINGTON, GRACE, ED, - The Snippy World of New Yorker fashion Artist Michael Roberts..
043261: CODY, JOHN V, - Horace and Callimachean Aesthetics..
019355: CODY, PAT AND FRED CODY, - Cody's Books; the life and times of a Berkeley Bookstore, 1956 to 1977..
022028: COE, MICHAEL D., - The Maya..
036077: COE, BRIAN AND PAUL GATES, - The Snapshot Photograph; the rise of Popular Photography, 1888-1939..
044597: COE, SOPHIE D. AND MICHAEL D. COE, - The True History of Chocolate..
041925: COELHO, MARIO BAPTISTA, - Portugal; o sistema politico e consitucional 1974-87..
018497: COEUROY, ANDRÉ, - Les lieder De Schubert..
032847: COFER, C. N. AND M. H. APPLEY, - Motivation: Theory and Research..
011999: COFFEY, THOMAS M., - Imperial Tragedy; Japan in World War II. The first Days and the Lasts..
005200: COFFEY, PETER, - The Social Economy of France..
032028: COFFEY, TIMOTHY, - The History and Folklore of North American Wildflowers..
028206: COFFMAN, TAYLOR, - Hearst Castle; the Story of William Randolph Hearst and San Simeon..
005551: COFFMAN, STANLEY K., JR., - Imagism; a Chapter for the History of Modern Poetry..
023590: COFFREY, DAVID J., - The Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fishes in Color..
024802: COGNET, LOUIS, - Post-Reformation Spirituality..
032234: COGNIAT, RAYMOND, - The Century of the Impressionists..
044243: COHEN, JEREMY, - Living Letters of the Law; Ideas of the Jew in Mediaeval Christianity..
032362: COHEN, KENNETH "BEAR HAWK, - Honoring the Medicine; the essential Guide Ot Native American Healing..
033364: COHEN, G. A., - Karl Marx's Theory of History; a Defence..
041187: COHEN, BENJAMIN J, - Adjustment Costs and the Distribution of New Reserves..
016910: COHEN, STEPHEN F., - Rethinking the Soviet Experience; Politics and History Since 1917..
022978: COHEN, NAOMI W., - American Jews and the Zionist Idea..
012000: COHEN, JOSEPH, - Journey to the Trenches; the Life of Isaac Rosenberg, 1890-1918..
023350: COHEN, BERNARD C., - The political process and Foreign Policy; the making of the Japanese Peace Settlement..
023361: COHEN, LEAH HAGER, - Glass, Paper, Beans; Revelation on the nature and Value of Ordinary Things..
036124: COHEN, MORTON N, - Reflections in a Looking Glass; a centennial Celebration of Lewis Carroll, Photographer..
014426: COHEN, ARTHUR A., - Artists & Enemies: Three Novellas..
1064: COHEN, MORRIS R., - The meaning of human history...
025130: COHEN, HERMANN, - Der Begriff der Religion im System der Philosophie..
025131: COHEN, HERMANN, - Die dichterische Phantasie und der Mechanismus des Bewußseins..
025138: COHEN, MORRIS RAPHAEL, - Reason and Law; Studies in Juristic Philosophy..
036197: COHEN, TONY, - The Tattoo..
013789: COHEN, G. A., - Karl Marx's Theory of History..
025934: COHEN, JOAN LEBOLD, - The New Chinese Painting 1949-1986..
026430: COHEN, MILTON A., - Poet and Painter; the Aesthetics of E. E. Cummings's early Work..
012738: COHEN, DAVID WILLIAM, - Womunafu's Bunafu; a Study of Authority in a Nineteenth-Century African Community..
010877: COHEN, STEPHEN F., - Sovieticus; American Perceptions and Soviet Realities..
007146: COHEN, MITCHELL AND DENNIS HALE, EDS., - The New Student Left; an Anthology..
009677: COHEN, BERNARD, - Sociocultural Changes in American Jewish Life as Reflected in Selected Jewish Literature..
014998: COHEN, WARREN I., - The Chinese Connection: Roger S. Greene, Thomas W. Lamont, George E. Sokolsky and American-East Asian Relations..
017998: COHEN, L. JONATHAN, - The implications of Induction..
005307: COHEN, STEPHEN P., - The Indian Army; Its Contribution to the Development of a Nation..
006876: COHEN, MORTON, ED, - Rudyard Kipling to Rider Haggard; the Record of a Friendship..
020817: COHEN, I. BERNARD, - Benjamin Franklin; His Contribution to the American Tradition..
042218: COHEN, RIP, - Thirty-two Cantigas d'amigo of Dom Dinis: Typology of a Portuguese Renunciation..
037628: COHEN, MORRIS R. AND I. E. DRABKIN, - A Source Book in Greek Science..
034552: COHEN, SANDY, - Bernard Malamud and the trial By Love..
039844: COHEN, MARK NATHAN, - The food Crisis in prehistory; overpopulation and the Origins of Agriculture..
038763: COHEN, ALBERT, - Music in the French Royal Academy of Sciences; a Study in the Evolution of Musical Thought..
032974: COHEN, JOAN LEBOLD AND JEROME ALAN COHEN, - China Today and Her Ancient Treasures..
032843: COHEN, LEWIS M., ET AL., EDS., - Dissociative Identity Disorder: theoretical and Treatment Controversies..
040484: COHEN, GUSTAVE, - Études d'histoire du théâtre en France au Moyen-Age et à la Renaissance..
041552: COHN, ROBERT GREER, - Mallarmé: Igitur..
025139: COHN, NORMAN, - Noah's Flood; the Genesis Story in Western Thought..
007147: COHN, DAVID L, - The Good Old Days; a History of American Morals and Manners as Seen Through the Sears, Roebuck Catalogs, 1905 to the Present..
017175: COHN, JAN, - Creating America; George Horace Lorimer and the Saturday Evening Post..
041680: COHN-WIENER, ERNST, - Die jüdische Kunst; ihre Geschichte von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart..
002474: COHN, NORMAN, - Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come; the Ancient Roots of Apocalyptic Faith..
029452: COIGNY, AIMÉE DE, - Journal d'Aimée de Coigny; "la jeune captive"..
025537: COINDREAU, MAURAICE EDGAR, - La face est jouée; vingt-cinq ans de théatre français, 1900-1925..
033534: COKAIN, ASTON, - The Dramatic Works of Sir Aston Cokain with Prefatory Memoir, Introductions, and Notes..
031175: COLAHAN, CLARK, - The visions of Sor Maria De Agreda; Writing Knowledge and Power..
039345: COLANDER, DAVID, RICHARD P. F. HOLT, AND J. BARKLEY ROSSER, JR, - The changing face of Economics; Conversations with cutting Edge Economists..
008243: COLAS, RENÉ, - Le Style Gothique En France Dans L'architecture et La décoration Des Monuments..
008515: COLAYCO, MARIA TERESA, - California's Master Ropemakers; a Post centennial Story of Tubbs Cordage Company..
012669: COLBERT, EDWIN H., - The Age of Reptiles..
019240: COLE, MARGARET, - Growing Up into Revolution..
038344: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Modern First Editions 1997..
038343: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Modern First Edition 1999..
038342: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - International Rare Book Prices. The Arts & Architecture, Volume 1..
038341: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of book Values. The Arts and Architecture 1997..
038340: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. The Arts & Architecture 1998..
038339: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. The Arts & Architecture 1999..
038335: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Science & Medicine 1998..
038336: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Science & Medicine 1997..
038337: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - International Rare Book Prices. Science & Medicine, Volume 1..
038334: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Science & Medicine 1999..
035039: COLE, G. D. H., - A History of Socialist Thought..
011070: COLE, HUBERT, - Beau Brummell..
1041: COLE, C. ROBERT AND MICHAEL E. MOODY, EDS., - The dissenting tradition; essays for Leland H. Carlson...
011081: COLE, G. D. H., - A Short History of the British Working-Class Movement, 1789-1947..
026250: COLE, THOMAS, - Democritus and the Sources of Greek Anthropology..
026689: COLE, TOM, - A Short history of San Francisco..
005901: COLE, ARTHUR H., - Business Enterprise in Its social Setting..
006066: COLE, J. A., - Prince of Spies, Henri Le Caron..
033592: COLE, THOMAS R. AND MARY G. WINKLER, EDS., - The Oxford Book of Aging..
005334: COLE, ROBERT E., - Japanese Blue Collar; the Changing Tradition..
038246: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Literature 1977..
038230: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Literature 1999..
038239: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - International Rare book Prices. Voyages, Travel & Exploration. Volume 1..
038240: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Voyages, Travel & Exploration 1997..
038243: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Children's Books 1997..
038241: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Voyages, Travel & Exploration 1998..
038242: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Voyages, Travel & Exploration 1999..
004659: COLE, WILLIAM E., - Steel and economic Growth in Mexico..
043486: COLE, PETER, ED, - Radical Pragmataics..
033504: COLE, DOUGLAS, - Suffering and Evil in the Plays of Christopher Marlowe..
038244: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual register of book Values. Children's Books 1998..
038245: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Children's Books 1999..
040429: COLE, DAVID C. AND PRINCETON N. LYMAN, - Korean Development; the Interplay of Politics and Economics..
038229: COLE, MICHAEL, ED, - Annual Register of Book Values. Literature 1998..
036233: COLE, K. C, - Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens; Frank Oppenheimer and the World he Made Up..
022498: COLEMAN, JAMES, - The mathematics of Collective Action..
015463: COLEMAN, STEPHEN, ED., - The E-Connected World; Risks and Opportunities..
012741: COLEMAN, JAMES S. AND CARL G. ROSBERG, JR., EDS., - Political Parties and National Integration in Tropical Africa..
028105: COLEMAN, FRANCIS X. J., - The Aesthetic Thought of the French Enlightenment..
029663: COLEMAN, ARTHUR PRUDDEN, - A New England City and the November Uprising; a Study of editorial Opinion in New Haven, Conn., Concerning the Polish Insurrection of 1830-1831..
037609: COLEMAN, TERRY, - Olivier..
036380: COLEMAN, SATIS N, - The Marimba Book; how to Make Marimbas and How to Play Them..
033770: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, - Coleridge on the Seventeenth Century..
023473: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, - The letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge..
025140: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, - Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit..
025590: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, - Biographia Literaria..
038770: COLERIDGE, J. T., - A Memoir of the Rev. John Kebele, M.A. Late Vicar of Hursley..
021921: COLES, ROBERT AND JAN HALLOWELL COLES, - Women of Crisis; Lives of Struggle and Hope..
022325: COLES, ROBERT, - Erik H. Erikson; the growth of His Work..
032309: COLES, ROBERT, - Their Eyes Meeting the World; the Drawings and Paintings of Children..
026396: COLES, ROBERT, - Walker Percy; an American Search..
028002: COLES, ROBERT, - Harvard Diary II; Essays on the Sacred and the Secular..
037589: COLET, LOUISE, - Lui; a View of Him..
034253: COLET, JOHN, - John Colet's Commentary on First Corinthians..
034704: COLET, JOHN, - An Exposition of St. Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians..
037250: COLETTA, PAOLO E, - A Selected and Annotated Bibliography of American Naval History..
016635: COLETTE, SIDONIE GABRIELLE, - Looking Backwards..
012600: COLETTI, LUIGI, - I Primitivi..
012601: COLETTI, LUIGI, - I Primitivi..
017075: COLFER, EOIN, - Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident..
022587: COLGATE, STEPHEN, - Fundamentals of Sailing, Cruising, and Racing..
031400: COLIN, DIDIER, - Dictionary of Symbols, Myths and Legends..
044617: COLISH, MARCIA L, - The Mirror of Language: a Study in the medieval Theory of Knowledge..
031553: COLLE, MARIE-PIERRE, - Paraiso Mexicano; Gardens, Landscapes and Mexican Soul..
027067: MOOSEWOOD COLLECTIVE, - The Moosewood Restaurant Low-fat Favorites; flavorful Recipes for Healthful Meals..
037610: MOOSEWOOD COLLECTIVE, - Moosewood Restaurant New Classics; 350 Recipes for Homestyle Favorites and Everyday Feasts..
043533: COLLECTOR, STEPHEN, - Law of the Range; Portraits of Old-time Brand Inspectors..
349: COLLEDGE, ERIC., - The mediaeval mystics of England. Edited and with an introduction by Eric C olledge...
043587: MILLS COLLEGE, - Faculty Studies Number One in a Series of volumes Assembled in Honor of the Eighty-Fifth Anniversary of Mills College..
038648: CHICO STATE COLLEGE, - Campus courtesy; a Handbook of Etiquette Including Table Service..
006118: COLLEY, LINDA, - Britons; Forging the Nation 1707-1837..
005780: COLLIER, DAVID S. AND KURT GLASER, EDS., - Western Integration and the Future of Eastern Europe..
012001: COLLIER, RICHARD, - Duce! A Biography of Benito Mussolini..
012002: COLLIER, RICHARD, - The Road to Pearl Harbor: 1941..
007978: COLLIER, MICHAEL, ED., - The Wesleyan Tradition; Four Decades of American Poetry..
027840: COLLIER, DAVID, ED., - The New Authoritarianism in Latin America..
004633: COLLIER, DAVID S. AND KURT GLASER, EDS., - Western Policy and Eastern Europe..
037854: COLLIGNON, MAXIME, - A manual of Greek Archaeology..
043782: COLLINDER, BJÖRN, - An Introduction to the Uralic Languages..
028106: COLLINGE, WILLIAM J., - Historical Dictionary of Catholicism..
002083: COLLINGE, N. E., - Collectaneo Linguistica; Essays in General and Genetic Linguistics..
025142: COLLINGWOOD, R. G., - The New Leviathan or Man, Society, civilization and Barbarism..
029921: COLLINGWOOD, R. G., - The Idea of Nature..
029922: COLLINGWOOD, R. G., - An Essay on Philosophical Method..
041028: COLLINGWOOD, R. G. AND R. P. WRIGHT, - The Roman Inscriptions of Britain. Volume II:1-8, Plus Epigraphic Indexes: Instrumentum Domesticum (personal Belongings and the like)..
042129: COLLINS, CATHERINE FISHER, - The Imprisonment of African American Women; Causes, Conditions, and future Implications..
037876: COLLINS, PHILIP, - Radios; the Golden Age..
019523: COLLINS, HAROLD R., - Amos Tutuola..
008245: COLLINS, R. G. AND JOHN WORTLEY, EDS, - On the Rise of the Vernacular Literatures in the Middle Ages..
026668: COLLINS, DOUGLAS, - Photographed By Bachrach; 125 Years of American Portraiture..
026771: COLLINS, P. D. B., ET AL., - Particle Physics and Cosmology..
012742: COLLINS, ROBERT O., ED., - Problems in the History of Colonial Africa, 1860-1960..
016816: COLLINS, MARY, - National Public Radio; the Cast of Characters..
039646: COLLINS, SELWYN D, - An Epidemiological and statistical Study of Tonsillitis..
030961: COLLINS, IRENE, - The Government and the Newspapers Press in France 1814-1881..
037553: COLLINS, PHILIP, - The art of the Cocktail; 100 Classic Cocktail Recipes..
034266: COLLINS, MICHALE, - Liftoff; the story of America's Adventure in Space..
018499: COLLINS, LEE, - Oh, Didn't he Ramble; the life and Story of Lee Collins as Told to Mary Colins..
037805: COLLINS, WILKIE, - Six Letters of Wilkie Collins from the Charlotte Ashley Felton Memorial LIbrary at Stanford University..
019827: COLLINS, WILKIE, - Blind Love..
044503: COLLINS, JOHN N, - Diakonia; Re-Interpreting the Ancient Sources..
037251: COLLINS, MAX ALLAN, - Indian Maidens..
043639: COLLINS, JOHN F., - A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin..
033391: COLLINS, HOWARD S., - The Comedy of Sir Wiliam Davenant..
037244: COLLINS, MAX ALLAN, - Pirate and Gypsy Girls..
037245: COLLINS, MAX ALLAN, - Elvgren Girls I..
038995: COLLINS, MARIE AND VIRGINIA DAVIS, - A Medieval Book of Seasons..
042978: COLLINS, MARIE AND VIRGINIA DAVIS, - A Medieval Book of Seasons..
012003: COLLIS, LOUISE, - Soldier in Paradise; the Life of Captain John Stedman, 1744-1797..
043589: COLLYMORE, FRANK A, - Notes for a Glossary of Words and Phrases of Barbadian Dialect..
028496: COLMAN, JOSEPH G. AND BARBARA A. WHEELER, EDS., - Human uses of the University; Planning a Curriculum in Urban and Ethnic Affairs at Columbia University..
044668: COLOCCI, RODOLFO, - Vocabolario dialettale Senigalliese..
006413: COLODNY, ROBERT G., ED., - Mind and Cosmos; Essays in Contemporary Science and Philosophy..
005214: COLODNY, ROBERT G., ED, - Frontiers of Science and Philosophy..
039468: COLOMBO, BERNARDO, ET AL., EDS, - Resources and Population; Natural, Institutional, and Demographic Dimensions of Development..
026419: COLÓN, FERNANDO, - The life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus By His Son FErdinand..
028700: COLORNI, VITTORE, - Die drei verschollenen Gesetze des Reichstages bei Roncaglia, wieder aufgefunden in einer Pariser Handschrift (Bibl. Nat. Cod. Lat. 4677)..
009391: COLOSIMO, GASPARE, - Opera Tratta Dagli Scritti Di Gaspare Colosimo (1916-1919)..
005361: COLSON, ELIZABETH AND MAX GLUCKMAN, - Seven Tribes of Central Africa..
036919: COLSON, J. B., ET AL, - Far from Main Street; Three Photographer in Depression-era New Mexico: Russell Lee, John Collier, Jr., Jack Delano..
041638: COLT, MIRIAM DAVIS, - Went to Kansas..
040395: COLTMAN, VICCY, - Fabricating the Antique; Neoclassicism in Britain, 1760-1800..
038655: COLTON, WALTER, - Christmas in California 1846..
005157: COLTON, JUDITH, - The Parnasse François; Titon Du Tillet and the Origins of the Monument to Genius..
036004: BRITISH COLUMBIA'S WOMEN'S INSTITUTES, - Adventures in Cooking..
043847: GUIDO DE COLUMNIS, - Historia destructionis Troiae..
011084: COLVIN, IAN, - The Chamberlain Cabinet; How the Meetings in 10 Downing Street, 1937-1939, Led to the Second World War--told for the First Time from the Cabinet Papers..
026251: COLWELL, ERNEST CADMAN AND JULIUS R. MANTEY, - A Hellenistic Greek Reader; Selections from the Koine of the New Testament Period..
042847: COMAN, EDWIN T., JR. AND HELEN M. GIBBS, - Time, Tide and Timber; a Century of Pope & Talbot..
014220: COMARNESCU, PETRU, - Tuculescu..
024619: COMAY, REBECCA AND JOHN MCCUMBER, EDS., - Endings; Questions of Memory in Hegel and Heidegger..
026107: COMBS, BARRY B., - Westward to Promontory; building the Unio Pacific across the Plains and Mountains; a Pictorial Documentary..
014488: COMINI, ALESSANDRA, - The Fantastic Art of Vienna..
038254: COMINI, ALESSANDRA, - Egon Schiele's Portraits..
033789: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE AND RICHARD B. MORRIS, EDS., - Bicentennial edition of The Spirit of 'Seventy-Six; the Story of the American Revolution as Told By Participants..
004755: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE, - Freedom, Loyalty, Dissent..
012161: GREEAT BRITAIN. COMBINED OPERATIONS COMMAND., - Combined Operations; the Official Story of the Commandos..
038745: COMMANDAY, MARY F, - The Berkeley Piano Club; One Hundred years of Harmony 1893-1993..
040885: CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION, - California coastal Access Guide..
041370: MELITA-ARTHUR HISTORY COMMITTEE, - Our first Century; Town of Melita and Municipality of Arthur..
019483: FRESNO COUNTY CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE, - Fresno County Centennial Almanac..
022579: COMMONER, BARRY, - Making Peace with the Planet..
014704: CENTURY FURNITURE COMPANY, - Furniture; as Interpreted By the Century Furniture Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan..
027879: COMPTON-HALL, RICHARD, - Submarine Boats; the Beginnings of Underwater Warfare..
031765: COMRIE, BERNARD, - Language Universals and Linguistic Typology; Syntax and Morphology..
031263: COMSTOCK, HELEN, - The Looking Glass in America, 1700-1825..
014713: COMSTOCK, HELEN, ED., - The Concise Encyclopedia of American Antiques..
020441: COMSTOCK, DAVID ALLAN, - Gold diggers and Camp Followers; 1845-1851; the Nevada County Chronicles..
029736: COMTE, AUGUSTE., - The Essential Comte. Selected from Cours de Philosophie Positive..
034572: CONANT, KENNETH JOHN., - Carolingian and Romanesque Architecture 800 to 1200..
039386: CONARD, EDWARD, - Unintended Consequences. Why Everything You've Been told About the Economy is Wrong..
030249: CONATI, MARCELLO, ED., - Encounters with Verdi..
015041: CONAWAY, JAMES, - Napa..
022637: CONCERTGEBOUW, - 60 jaar Concergebouw; Jubileum concerten, mei 1948. Volledig Programma..
014585: CONDIT, CARL W., - The Chicago School of Architecture; a History of Commercial and Public Building in the Chicago Area, 1875-1925..
010751: CONDLIFFE, J. B. AND W. T. G. AIREY, - A Short History of New Zealand..
027433: CONDLIFFE, J. B., - The welfare state in New Zealand..
027434: CONDLIFFE, J. B., - New Zealand in the Making; a study of Economic and social Development..
042524: CONDON, ROBERT J, - Great women Athletes of the 20th Century..
026461: CONE, MICHÈLE, - The Roots & Routes of Art in the 20th Century..
028351: CONE, MARY, - Two Years in California..
030251: CONE, JOHN FREDERICK, - Oscar Hammerstein's Manhattan Opera Company..
030250: CONE, JOHN FREDERICK, - Adelina Patti; queen of Hearts..
018500: CONE, JOHN FREDERICK, - First Rival of the Metropolitan Opera..
022888: CONFER, VINCENT, - France and Algeria; the problem of civil and political Reform, 1870-1920..
022958: CONFINO, MICHAEL AND SHIMON SHAMIR, EDS., - The U.S.S.R. and the Middle East..
039996: CONFORTI, VINCENT, - Samuel Hopkins and the New Divinity Movement; Calvinism, the Congregational Ministry, and reform in New England Between the Great Awakenings..
043883: CONGAR, YVES M.-J, - Chrétiens en dialogue; contributions catholiques à L'oecuménisme..
039514: CONGRÈS DE LA FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DES ASSOCIATIONS D'ETUDES CLASSIQUES, 1ST, - Actes du Premier Congrès de la Fédération Internationale des Associations d'Etudes Classiques...à Paris, 28 aout-2 septembre 1950..
002084: CONGRÈS INTERNATIONAL DES LINGUISTES, 10TH, - Actes du Xe Congrès International des Linguistes, Bucarest, 28 aout-2 septembre 1967..
003439: CONGRÈS DE L'HISTOIRE DE L'ART DE GUÉRIR, 1ST., - Ier Congrès De l'Histoire De l'Art De Guérir (Anvers, 7-12 Aout 1920...
022031: CONGRESO NACIONAL DE ARQUEOLOGIA, 5TH, 1969, - Actas del V Congreso Nacional de Arqueologia, 16-29 de Octubre 1969..
021670: CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE HISPANISTAS, 1ST, - Actas del Primer Congreso Internacional de Hispanistias celebrado en Oxford del 6 al 11 De Septiembre de 1962..
011723: CONGRESSO ITALIANO DI STORIA DELLA MEDICINA, 15TH, - Atti Del XV Congresso Italiano Di Storia Della Medicina..
003601: CONGRESSO INTERNAZIONALE DI STORIA DELLA MEDICINA, 21ST, - Atti Del XXI Congresso Internazionale Di Storia Della Medicina, Siena (Italia), 22-28 Settembre 1968..
033816: CONISBEE, PHILIP, ET AL., - The Ahmanson Gifts; European Masterpieces in the Collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art..
032587: CONKLIN, PAUL S., - A history of Hamlet Criticism 1601-1821..
043514: CONLEY, THOMAS, - "General education" in Philo of Alexndria..
037895: CONLIN, JOSEPH R, - Bacon, Beans, and Galantines; Food and Foodways on the WEstern Mining Frontier..
034985: CONN, BRIAN, - The Fixed Stars; thirty-seven Emblems for the Perilous Season..
023633: CONNAH, GRAHAM, - African Civilizations; Precolonia cities and States in Tropical Africa: an Archaeological Perspective..
042425: CONNELL, EVAN S, - Deus lo volt! A Chronicle of the Crusades..
1420: O'CONNELL, KEVIN G., - The Theodotonic revision of the Book of Exodus; a contribution to the study of the early history of the transmission of the Old Testament in Greek...
011085: CONNELL, BRIAN, - Regina V. Palmerston; the correspondence Between Queen Victoria and Her Foreign and Prime Minister, 1837-1865..
030453: O'CONNELL, MICHAEL, - Mirror and Veil; the historical dimension of Spenser's Faerie Queene..
044108: CONNELL, EVAN S., JR., - At the Crossroads..
031766: CONNELL, PATRICK, - Greek Ornament..
041650: CONNELL, WILLIAM J, - La città dei Crucci. Fazioni e clientele in uno stato repubblicano del '400..
019524: CONNELY, WILLARD, - Brawny Wycherley, First Master in ENglish Modern Comedy..
011086: CONNELY, WILLARD, - Sir Richard Steele..
035532: CONNIFF, GREGORY, - Common Ground..
013793: CONNOLLY, JAMES M., - Human History and the Word of God; the Christian Meaning of History in Contemporary Thought..
032056: CONNOLLY, S. J., ED., - The Oxford Caompanion to Irish History..
044223: CONNOLLY, MARGARET, ED, - Contemplations of the Dread and Love of God..
023700: O'CONNOR, EVANGELINE M., - An Index to the works of Shakspere..
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032901: DAHLMANN, FRIEDRICH AND GEORG WAITZ, - Quellenkunde der deutschen Geschichte; Bibliographie der Quellen und der Literatur zur deutschen Geschichte..
009660: DAHM, BERNHARD, - Sukarno and the Stuggle for Indonesian Independence..
040749: DAHMS, WALTER, - Schubert..
022478: DAHMUS, JOSEPH, - Seven Medieval Historians..
026257: DAHN, FELIX, - Ein Kampf um Rom; historischer Roman..
041933: DAHRENDORF, RALF, - Libertà attiva; sei lezioni su un mondo Instabile..
041919: DAHRENDORF, RALF, - Società e sociologia in America..
020154: DAIBER, HANS, - Wasil ibn 'Ata' als Prediger und Theologe; ein neuer Text aus dem 8. Jahrhundert n. Chr...
030095: DAICHES, DAVID, - Milton..
014698: DAIKEN, LESLIE, - Children's Toys Throughout the Ages..
037195: DAIKEN, LESLIE, - Children's Games Throughout the Year..
021276: DAILEY, LAURA C., - "Green Hills..."; an album of Iowa STate Memories..
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042955: DALBY, DAVID, ED, - African language Review. Formerly the Sierra Leone Language Review. Volume 7..
027957: DALBY, LIZA, - The Tale of Murasaki; a Novel..
031326: DALBY, ANDREW, - Dangerous Tastes; the Story of Spices..
006242: DALE, ALZINA STONE, - The Outline of Sanity; a Biography of G. K. Chesterton..
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037525: DALRYMPLE, PRISCILLA HARRIS, - American Victorian Costum in Early Photographs..
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012652: DALTON, STEPHEN, - Borne on the Wind; the Extraordinary World of Insects in Flight..
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021072: DALY, CHARLES, - Literature in the light of the Emblem; Sturctural parallels between the emblem and Literature in the Sixteenth and seventeenth Centuries..
036855: DAMASE, JACQUES, - Les Folies du Music-Hall; a History of the Paris Music-Hall from 1914 to the Present Day..
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036024: DANA, RICHARD HENRY, JR, - Two years before the Mast; a Personal Narrative of Life at Sea..
033057: DANBY, JOHN F., - Poets on Fortune's Hill; Studies in Sidney, Shakespeare, Beaumont & Fletcher..
044017: DANCY, JONATHAN AND ERNEST SOSA, EDS, - A Companion to Epistemology..
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038698: DANIEL, GLYN, - A Short History of Archaeology..
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017036: DANIELS, ROBERT V., - Russia; the Roots of Confrontation..
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032049: DANIELS, ROBIN, - Conversations with Menuhin..
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010787: DANIELSSON, BENGT, - Raroia, Happy Island of the South Seas..
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012033: DANN, JOHN C., - The Revolution Remembered; eyewitness Accounts of the War for Independence..
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014262: DANNESSKJOLD-SAMSØE, S., - Karl Isakson..
022554: DANØ, SVEN, - Industrial Production Models; a theoretical Study..
021854: DANSETTE, ADRIEN, - Histoire des présidents de la République de Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte à Vincent Auriol..
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039400: DANZIGER, SHELDON AND PETER GOTTSCHALK, EDS, - Uneven Tides; Rising Inequality in America..
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039146: DANZIGER, SHELDON AND DANIEL H. WEINBERG, EDS, - Fighting Poverty. What Works and What Doesn't..
004601: DAQUIN, LOUIS CLAUDE, - New Book of Noels; 12 noels for Organ..
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034288: DARK, SIDNEY, - Paris..
040371: DARKE, DIANA, - Guide to Eastern Turkey and the Black Sea Coast..
037445: DARLEY, GEORGE, - Selected Poems of George Darley..
035978: DARLEY, GILLIAN, - Villages of Vision..
011101: DARLING, F. FRASER, - Wild Life of Britain..
012491: DARLING, F. FRASER, - A Naturalist on Rona; Essays of a Biologist in Isolation..
036532: DARLING, GEORGE, - The Politics of Food..
018978: DARLINGTON, PHILIP J., JR., - Biogeography of the Southern End of the World; distribution and History of Far-Southern life and Land, with an assessment of Continental Drift..
016579: DARMON, PIERRE, - Damning the Innocent; a History of the Persecution of the Impotent in pre-Revolutionary France..
027094: DARMSTADTER, JOEL, ET AL., - Energy Today and Tomorrow; Living with Uncertainty..
010520: DARMSTAEDTER, F., - Bismarck and the Creation of the Second Reich..
012916: DARNTON, ROBERT, - The Literary Underground of the Old Regime..
035674: DARROCH, SANDRA JOBSON, - Ottoline; the Life of Lady Ottoline Morrell..
037118: DARS, CÉLESTINE, - Images of Deception; the Art of Trompe-L-oeil..
038368: DARWIN, BERNARD, - The Golf Courses of the British Isles..
006244: DASGUPTA, SURAMA, - Development of Moral Philosophy in India..
022980: DASH, JOAN, - Summoned to Jerusalem; the Life of Henrietta Szold..
017721: DASMANN, RAYMOND F., - The destruction of California..
019230: DAUDET, ALPHONSE, - Numa Roumestan; Moeurs Parisiennes..
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043155: DAUDET, LÉON, - Fantômes et vivants; souvenirs des milieux littéraries, politiques, artistiques et médicaux de 1880 à 1905..
017129: DAUGHERTY, CHARLES MICHAEL, - Searchers of the Sea; Pioneers in Oceanography..
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030005: DAUMARD, ADELINE, - La Bourgeoisie parisienne de 1815 à 1848..
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014207: DAUN, BERTHOLD, - Veit Stoß..
006055: DAUNTON, M. J., - Royal Mail; the Post Office Since 1840..
021675: DAUSES, AUGUST, - Das Imperfekt in den romanischen Sprachen; seine Bedeutung im Verhältnis zum Perfekt..
041995: DAUSTER, FRANK, - Breve Historia de la Poesia Mexicana..
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042586: DAVALOS Y LISSON, PEDRO, - Leguía (1875-1899); contribucion al estudio de la historia contemporanea de la America Latina..
026258: DAVARAS, COSTIS, - Guide to Cretan Antiquities..
023410: DAVENPORT, HESTER, - Faithful Handmaid; Fanny Burney at the Court of King George III..
020598: DAVENPORT, GUY, - Tatlin! Six Stories..
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036699: DAVENPORT, F. H, - Diseases of Women; a Manual of Gynecology Designed Especially for the Use of Students and General Practitioners..
009071: DAVEY, BRIAN, ET AL., EDS., - Agriculture and the State; British Policy in a World Context..
039277: DAVID, MARTIN AND TIMOTHY SMEEDING, EDS, - Horizontal Equity, Uncertainty, and Economic Well-Being..
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035128: DAVID, NARSAI M. AND DORIS MUSCATINE, - Monday Night at Narsai's; an Internatioal Menu Cookbook from the Legendary Restaurant..
010461: DAVID, PAUL T., ET AL., - Presidential Nominating Politics in 1952; the National Story..
005907: DAVID, PAUL T., - Party Strength in the United States, 1872-1970..
040989: DAVID, MARCEL, - Les travailleurs et le sens de leur Histoire..
036051: DAVID, ELIZABETH, - English Bread and Yeast Cookery..
035223: DAVID, HUGH, - Stephen Spender; a Portrait with Background..
035919: DAVID, ELIZABETH, - A Book of Mediterranean Food..
032214: DAVID, CATHERINE, - Simone Signoret..
033177: DAVID, RICHARD, - The Janus of Poets, Being an Essay on the dramatic Value of Shakspere's Poetry Both Good and Bad..
035641: DAVIDSON, DELPHINE, - Soft Toys..
025879: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. AND ELIZABETH STILLINGER, - The American Wing at the Metorpolitan Museum of Art..
025153: DAVIDSON, BENJAMIN, - The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon..
013808: DAVIDSON, HUGH M., - The Origins of Certainty; Means and Meanings in Pascal's Pensées..
016626: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B., - The Drawing of America; Eyewitnesses to History..
010755: DAVIDSON, ALASTAIR, - The Communist Party of Australia; a Short History..
015713: DAVIDSON, CATHY N., ET AL., EDS., - The Oxford Companion to Women's Writing in the United States..
015125: DAVIDSON, ABRAHAM A., - The Story of American Painting..
043680: DAVIDSON, CLIFFORD, ED, - The Saint Play in Medieval Europe..
028879: DAVIDSON, BASIL, - The Lost cities of Africa..
037053: DAVIDSON, JAMES, - Courtesans & Fishcakes; the consuming Passions of Classical Athens..
035297: DAVIDSON, BASIL, - Report on Southern Africa..
006868: DAVIDSON, DONALD, - The Literary Correspondence of Donald Davidson and Allen Tate..
023325: DAVIDSON, MIKE, - The transformation of Management..
036319: DAVIDSON, ALAN, - The Oxford Companion to Food..
044227: DAVIDSON, CLIFFORD AND JOHN H. STROUPE, EDS, - Medieval Drama on the Continent of Europe..
037522: DAVIDSON, ALAN, - Seafood; a connoisseur's Guide and Cookbook..
037523: DAVIDSON, ALAN AND CHARLOTTE KNOX, - Fruit; a Connoisseur's Guide and Cookbook..
021073: DAVIDSON, CATHY N., - Revolution and the Word; the rise of the Novel in America..
033860: DAVIDSON, NORMA E., - Letters from California or he Married Me for My Drapes..
033100: DAVIDSON, JAMES WEST., - The Logic of Millennial Thought; Eighteenth-Century New England..
039121: DAVIDSON, LINDA KAY AND DAVID M. GITLITZ, - Pilgrimage from the Ganges to Graceland; an Encyclopedia..
035999: DAVIDSON, CAROLINE, - Women's Worlds; the Art and life of Mary Ellen Best, 1809-1891..
043022: DAVIE, OLIVER, - Reveries and Recollections of a Naturalist..
019526: DAVIE, DONALD, - Ezra Pound..
005892: DAVIE, MAURICE R., - The Papers of Maurice R. Davie..
033901: DAVIES, PAUL, - The Last Three Minutes; conjectures About the ultimate Fate of the Universe..
039980: DAVIES, C. N., ED, - Inhaled Particles and vapours; Proceedings of an International Symposium Organized by the British Occupational Hygiene Society, Oxford, 29-March-1 April 1960..

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