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017055: Chan, Steve - East Asian Dynamism; Growth, Order, and Security in the Pacific Region
004944: Chan, Anita, et al. - Chen Village; the Recent History of a Peasant Community in Mao's China
004236: Chance, Jane - The Mythographic Chaucer; the Fabulation of Sexual Politics
048202: Chancellor, Betty - A Child's Christmas Cookbook
023789: Chancellor, John - Peral and Promise; a Commentary on America
050647: Chandès, Gérard - Le Merveilleux Et la Magie Dans la Littérature
049057: Chandler, Raymond - Stories and Early Novels: Pulp Storie; the Big Sleep; Farewell, My Lovely; the High Window
038148: Chandler, Robert J., Ed - California Gold Rush Camps
032834: Chandler, Charlotte - I, Fellini
037870: Chandonnet, Ann - The Complete Fruit Cookbook
024821: Chandos, John - In God's Name; Examples of Preaching in England from the Act of Supremacy to the Act of Uniformity, 1534-1662
011051: Chandos, John - Boys Together; English Public Schools, 1800-1864
034489: Chandrasekaren, Rajiv - Imperial Life in the Emerald City; Inside Iraq's Green Zone
036515: Chandrasekhar, S. - A Dirty, Filthy Book. " the Writings of Charles Knowlton and Annie Besant on Reproductive Physiology and Birth Control and an Account of the Bradlaugh-Besant Trial
010731: Chandrasekhar, S., Ed - Asia's Population Problems, with a Discussion of Population and Immigration in Australia
027496: Chaney, Elsa M. - Supermadre; Women in Politics in Latin America
049100: Chang, Ai-ling - The Rouge of the North
049101: Chang, Ai-ling - The Rice-Sprout Song; a Novel of Modern China
046918: Chang, Chung-li - The Income of the Chinese Gentry. A Sequel to: The Chinese Gentry; Studies on Their Role in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Society
046760: Chang, Chung-li - The Chinese Gentry; Studies on Their Role in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Society
043044: Chang, K. C. - Early Chinese Civilization: Anthropological Perspectives
039867: Chang, Wonoma W., Et al. - An Encyclopedia of Chinese Food and Cooking
031428: Sh-hong, Chang and Li Chengxian - The Flying Devis of Dunhuang
008136: Channon, Robert - On the Place of the Progressive Palatalization of Velars in the Relative Chronology of Slavic
011984: Chant, Christopher - Aircraft
011985: Chant, Christopher - The World's Air Forces
018490: Chantavoine, Jean - Camille Saint-Saëns
035462: Chao, Chan - Burma; Something Went Wrong. The Photography of Chan Chao
005030: Chao, Kang - Capital Formation in Mainland China, 1952-1965
012416: Chapel, Charles Edward - Guns of the Old West
012410: Chapel, Charles Edward - Gun Collecting
007028: Chapelle, Howard I. - The Search for Speed Under Sail, 1700-1855
047104: Chapin, Helen Burwell - Echoes
004189: Chaplin, Peggy - Raphael Pumpelly, Gentleman Geologist of the Gilded Age
045166: Chapman, V. J. - The Algae
039833: Chapman, V. J. - Salt Marshes and Salt Deserts of the World
035021: Chapman, John Jah - The Selected Writings of John Jay Chapman
026339: Chapman, Arnold - The Spanish American Reception of United States Fiction, 1920-1940
021062: Chapman, Arnold - The Spanish American Reception of United States Fiction, 1920-1940
012263: Chapman, William R. - The Face of Tibet
006870: Chapman, Arnold - The Spanish American Reception of United States Fiction, 1920-1940
005116: Chapman, Hester W. - Caroline Matilda, Queen of Denmark
004570: Chapman, Walker - The Loneliest Continent; the Story of Antarctic Discovery
015417: Chappell, William - Fonteyn: Impressions of a Ballerina
037831: Chapple, Beryl - Dogs, Dogs, Dogs; the Best of Beryl Chapple's Painting
036530: Chapple, Joe Mitchell - We'LL Stsick to the Finish!" "C'Est la Guerre" (It Is the War)
041875: Chapsal, Jacques - La Vie Politique En France Depuis 1940
008138: Chapuis, Julien - Tilman Riemenschneider, Master Sculptor of the Lat Middle Ages
002933: Charbonneaux, Jean - La Sculpture Grecque
038589: Charbonnel, J.-Roger - La Pensée Italienne Au Xvie Siècle Et le Courant Libertin
024032: Chard, Chester S. - Northeast Asia in Prehistory
024423: Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre - Lettres de Voyage (1923-1939)
014107: Teilhard De Chardin, Pierre - Science Et Christ
006545: Teilhard De Chardin, Pierre - Lettres à Léontine Zanta
040235: Roig, Charles and Françoise Billon-Grand - La Sociallisation Politique Des Enfants; Contribution à L'étude de la Formation Des Attitudes Politiques En France
025869: Cowles, Charles and Sarah Clark - Northwest Traditions
049186: Payen, Jean Charles and Daniel Poirion - Le Moyen Age
009687: Grayson, Charles and Robert Hardy Andrews - The Woman on Pier 13
009224: Kean, Charles and Ellen Kean - Emigrant in Motley; the Journey of Charles and Ellen Kean in Quest of a Theatrical Fortune in Australia and America, As Told in Their Hitherto Unpublished Letters
001768: Charlesworth, Andrew, Ed - An Atlas of Rural Protest in Britain 1548-1900
002081: Charlesworth, Maxwell John - Philosophy and Linguistics Analysis
045323: Charlick, Robert B. - Niger; Personal Rule and Survival in the Sahel
005192: Charlot, Jean - The Gaullist Phenomenon; the Gaullist Movement in the Fifth Republic
030241: Charlton, David - The Cambridge Companion to Grand Opera
025568: Charlton, John - A History and Description of Chiswick House and Gardens
050991: Charmot, François - Deux Maitres, Une Spiritualité. Ignace de Loyola, François de Sales
041898: Charnay, JEan-Paul - Les Scrutins Politiques En France de 1815 à 1962; Contestations Et Invalidations
034122: Charney, Maurice - Shakespeare's Roman Plays; the Function of Imagery in the Drama
015218: Charney, Melvin - Parables and Other Allegories; the Work of Melvin Charney, 1975-1990
030242: Charpentier, Gustave - Louise; Roman Musical En Quatre Actes Et Cinq Tableaux. Partition Piano Et Chant
020480: Charpentier, John - Coleridge, the Sublime Somnambulist
004608: Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - Pestis Mediolanensis (the Plague of Milan); Dramatic Motet for Solosits, Double Chorus, Woodwinds, Strings, and Continuo
049526: Charpin, Dominique - Reading and Writing in Babylon
016618: Charter, S. P. R. - Man on Earth; a Preliminary Evalution of the Ecology of Man
050534: Charteris, Leslie, Ed - The Saint Mystery Library
016075: Chartier, Alain - Fifteenth-Century English Translations of Alain Chartier's le Traité de L'Esperance and le Quadrilogue Invectif
033602: Charvet, P. E. - The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 1870-1940
025713: Chary, Frederick B. - The Bulgarian Jews and the Final Solution 1940-1944
046296: Chase, George H. - Catalogue of Arretine Pottery
045144: Chase, Mary Ellen - Jonathan Fisher, Maine Parson 1768-1847
040369: Chase, Colin, Ed - The Dating of Beowulf
039912: Chase, Ilka - Past Imperfect
024820: Chase, Marry Ellen - Life and Language in the Old Testament
024631: Chase, Myrna - Elie Halévy; an Intellectual Biography
043408: Chassé, Charles - Le Mouvement Symboliste Dans L'Art Du Xixe Siècle: Gustave Moreau, Redon, Carrière, Gauguin Et le Group de Pont-Aven, Maurice Denis
036146: Chassé, Charles - The Nabis and Their Period
028440: Chassé, Charles - The Nabis & Their Period
035879: Chast, Roz - Mondo Boxo; Cartoon Stories
004237: Chastel, André - Die Kunst Italiens
029812: Chastellux, François-Jean, Marquis De - Travels in North America in the Years 1780, 1781 and 1782
016499: Chastenet, Jacques - Gambetta
014536: Chaszar, Edward - The International Problem of National Minorities
037960: Chatalbash, Ron - A Perfect Day for the Movies
024471: Chatelet, François, Olivier Duhamel, and Evelyn Pisier - Dictionnaire Des Oeuvres Politiques
044842: Chatfield, Judith - A Tour of Italian Gardens
051679: Chatillon, Jean - Théologie Spiritualité Et Métaphysique Dans L'Oeuvre Oratoire D'Achard de Saint-Victor; études D'Histoire Doctrinal PréCédées D'Un Essai Sur la Vie Et L'Oeuvre D'Achard
021526: Chatman, Seymour, Ed - Literary Style; a Symposium
040357: Chatterton, Wayne - Vardis Fisher: The Frontier and Regional Works
038022: Chatwin, Bruce - Utz
041335: Chatzidakis, Manolis - Mystras, the Medieval City and the Castle; a Complete Guide to the Churches, Palaces and the Castle
020144: Chatzidakis, Manolis - Byzantine Athens
047377: Chaucer, Geoffrey - A Variorum Edition of the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Volum 2: The Canterbury Tales, Part 10, the the Manciple's Tale
047376: Chaucer, Geoffrey - A Variorum Edition of the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Volume 2: The Canterbury Tales. The General Prologue, Part One A.
047375: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Minor Poems. Part 1
047370: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Squire's Tale
047369: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Nun's Priest's Tale
047368: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The General Prologue. Part 1b: Expalanatory Notes
047367: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Physician's Tale
047366: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Miller's Tale
047365: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Romaunt of the Rose
047363: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Prioress's Tale
355: (Chaucer, Geoffrey). Corsa, Helen Storm - Chaucer, Poet of Mirth and Morality
049501: Chaucer, Georffrey - The Book of Troilus and Criseyde
049652: Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
009082: Chaudhuri, Pramit, Ed - Readings in Indian Agricultural Development
009065: Chauhan, D. S. - Studies in Utilization of Agricultural Land
044808: Chaunu, Pierre - Europäische Kultur IM Zeitalter Des Barock
020992: Chavardès, Maurice - été 1936; la Victoire Du Front Populaire
017661: Chavez, Agustin Velazquez - Indice de la Pintura Mexicana Contemporanea; Index of Contemporary Mexican Painting
045468: Chaytor, H. J. - From Script to Print; an Introduction to Medieval Vernacular Literature
032497: Chaytor, H. J. - Dramatic Theory in Spain; Extracts from Literature Before and During the Golden Age
004734: Checkland, S. G. - The Rise of Industrial Society in England, 1815-1885
022299: Cheetham, Craig - The World's Worst Cars from Pioneering Failures to Multimillion Dollar Disasters
023777: Cheever, John - The Letters of John Cheever
033736: Cheffaud, P. H. - George Peele (1558-1596?)
042883: Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich - P'Esy; Kniga Dlia Chteniia S Kommentariem Na Angliiskom Iazyke
032854: Chekhov, Anton - Anton Chekhov: Selected Short Stories
030194: Chekhov, Anton - Selected Short Stories
020481: Chekhov, Anton - The Selected Letters of Anton Chekhov
042449: Chélini, Jean - Histoire Religieuse de L'Occident Médiéval
049281: Chélini, Jean - Histoire Religieuse de L'Occident Médiéval
034690: Chelkowski, Peter J. - Mirror of the Invisible World; Tales from the Khamseh of Nizami
040963: Mengqi Chen, Ed - Er Shi Shi Ji Zhongguo Hui Hua Jing Hua Lu; Twentieth Century Masterworks of Chinese Painting
035249: Chen, Aric - Campbell Kids; a Souper Century
017596: Chen, Da - Colors of the Mountain
006630: Chen, Virginia - The Economic Conditions of East and Southeast Asia; a Bibliography of English-Language Materials, 1965-1977
003437: Chen, K. K., Ed - The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therpeutics, Incorporated; the First Sixty Years, 1908-1969
043519: Cheneviere, Alain - Travels in the Orient in Marco Polo's Footsteps
026773: Cheneviere, Alain - Travels in the Orient in Marco Polo's Footsteps
044084: Cheney, C. R. - The English Church and Its Laws, 12th-14th Centuries
038686: Cheney, Sheldon - Modern Art and the Theatre Being Notes on Certain Approaches to a New Art of the Stage, with Special Reference to Parallel Developments in Painting, Sculpture and the Other Arts
030227: Cheney, Edward P. - A History of England from the Defeat of the Armada to the Death of Elizabeth. With an Account of English Institutions During the Later Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
027229: Cheney, Patrick, Ed - The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's Poetry
048982: Wu Cheng'en - The Journey to the West
029807: Chénier, André - De L'Utopie à la Terreur (1989-1793)
050989: Chenu, Bruno - Sept Vies Pour Dieu Et L'Algérie
039264: Cherlin, Andrew J, Ed - The Changing American Family and Public Policy
042585: Chermayeff, Ivan, et al. - Ellis Island; an Illustrated History of the Immigrant Experience
046443: Chernow, Ron - The Warburgs; the Twentieth-Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family
040552: Cherry, John, Ed - Mythical Beasts
042518: Chesen, Eli S. - President Nixon's Psychiatric Profile; a Psychodyanamic-Genetic Interpretation
034172: Cheshire, Gerard - Spirit of the Polar Regions
016746: Chesler, Ellen - Woman of Valor; Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement in America
014752: Chesneaux, Jean - Pasts and Futures or What Is History for
011988: Chesnut, Mary - Mary Chesnut's CIVIL War
049189: Chesnut, Glenn F. - The First Christian Histories; Eusebius, Socrates, Sozomen, Theodoret, and Evagrius
030289: Chesser, Eustace - The Sexual, Marital and Family Relationships of the English Woman
032930: Chessick, Richard D. - Psychology of the Self and the Treament of Narcissism
026212: Chessman, G. Wallace - Theodore Roosevelt and the Politics of Power
047742: Chester, Jonathan - Going to Extremes; Project Blizzard and Australia's Antarctic Heritage
040190: Rapkin, Chester and William G. Grigsby - The Demand for Housing in Racilly Mixed Areas; a Study of the Nature of Neighborhood Change
020482: Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of - The Letters of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield with the Characters
025888: Chesterman, James - Classical Terracotta Figures
027897: Chesterton, G. K. - All Things Considered
045321: Chevalier, Stuart - A Window on Broadway; a Journal of Occasional Notes on This Present Scene and What May Lie Beyond
029988: Chevalier, Louis - Laboring Classes and Dangerous Classes in Paris During the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
022025: Chevalier, François - Land and Society in Colonial Mexico; the Great Hacienda
002471: Chevallier, Max-Alain - L'Esprit Et le Messie Dans le Bas-Judaisme Et le Nouveau Testament
017120: Chevigny, Hector - Lord of Alaska; Baranov and the Russian Adventure
007080: Chevigny, Hector - Russian America; the Great Alaskan Venture, 1741-1867
029852: Chevlowe, Susan, Ed - Paris in New York; French Jewish Artists in Private Collections
022037: Vil'chevskii, O. - Kurdy; Vvedenie V Etnicheskuiu Istoriiu Kurdskogo Naroda
044266: Cheyette, FRedric L. - Ermengard of Narbonne and the World of the Troubadours
011054: Cheyney, Edward P. - An Introduction to Eht Industrial and Social History of England
049005: Liu, Wu-chi and Iriving Yucheng Lo, Eds - Sunflower Splendor; Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry
048784: Chi, Wen-Shun - Chinese-English Dictionary of Contenporary Usage
047688: Wu-chi, Liu - A Short History of Confucian Philosophy
046876: Chi, Li - Anyang
033370: Liu, Wu-chi and Irving Yucheng Lo, Eds - Sunflower Splendor; Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry
013176: Liu Wu-chi - Confucius; His Life and Time
047136: Chiang, Lee - Chinese Calligraphy; an Introduction to Its Aesthetic and Technique
046461: Chiarello, Michael - The Tra Vigne Cookbook Seasons in the California Wine Country
050786: Chiarello, Michael - At Home with Michael Chiarello. Easy Entertaining: Recipes, Ideas, Inspiration
030720: Chiarenza, Carl - Chiarenza: Landscapes of the Mind
011062: Del Chiaro, Mario A. - Etruscan Red-Figured Vase-Painting at Caere
026472: Art Institute of Chicago - Museum Studies 3
005387: Chilcott, Tim - A Publisher and His Circle; the Life and Work of John Taylor, Keats's Publisher
046430: Child, Lee - The Affair; a Reacher Novel
046264: Child, Julia - Julia's Kitchen Wisdom; Essential Techniques and Recipes from a Lifetime of Cooking
006228: Child, Arthur - Interpretation; a General Theory
017772: Childe, V. Gordon - Prehistoric Migrations in Europe
046471: Childs, Brevard S. - Introduction to the Old Testament As Scripture
042798: Childs, William A. P. - The City-Reliefs of Lycia
016837: Childs, David - Marx and the Marxists; an Outline of Practice and Theory
050365: Childs, Elizabeth C. - Vanishing Paradise; Art and Exoticism in Colonial Tahiti
038645: Chillingworth, William - The Works of Wm. Chillingworth, M.A. In Three Volumes
026229: Chinard, Gilbert - When the French Came to California. And California Unveiled, a Translation by Desiré Fricot of Trény's la Californie Dévoilée
012571: Ching, Frank - Ancestors; 900 Years in the Life of a Chinese Family
039970: Chinnock, R. J. - Ferns and Fern Allies of New Zealand
044779: Chipman, Art - Wildflower Trails of the Pacific Northwest
025705: Chippendale, Thomas - The Gentleman & Cabinet-Maker's Director
007526: Chipperfield, Faith - In Quest of Love; the Life and Death of Margaret Fuller
049627: Chism, Shane J. - A Selection of Early Mormon Hymnbooks 1832-1872; Hymnbooks and Broadsides from the First 40 Years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
039352: Chiswick, Barry R. - Income Inequality; Regional Analyses Within a Human Capital Framework
005020: Chiu, Hungdah - The People's Republic of China and the Law of Treaties
044093: Chodkiewicz, Michel - Le Sceau Des Saints; Prophétie Et Sainteté Dans la Doctrine D'Ibn Arabi
011989: Cholawski, Shalom - Soldiers from the Ghetto
045179: Chomsky, Noam - Failed States; the Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy
009434: Chomsky, Noam - Reflections on Language
038392: Chong, Albert - Albert Chong. Across the Void
018491: Chopin, Frédéric - Gesammelte Briefe
040595: Choquette, Diane - New Religious Movments in the United States and Canada; a Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography
047511: Chou, Chih-p'ing - Lieterature and Society; Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese
038080: Chou, Ju-hsi, Ed - Art at the Close of China's Empire
028481: Choue, Young Seek - Toward the Brigher Future
019203: Choury, Maurice - La Commune Au Coeur de Paris D'Après Les Documents inédits de la Préfecture de Police, Les Archives Nationales, Les Arachives Historiques de L'Armée Et Les Sources Imprimées
047690: Choy, Rita Mei-Wah - Read and Write Chinese; a Simplified Guide to the Chinese Characters
046863: Choy, Rita Mei-Wah - Understanding Chinese; a Guide to the Usage of Chinese Characters. With Cantonese and Mandarin Pronunciation, Yale and Pinyin Romanization
022886: Chrétien, Maxime - Histoire de L'égypt Moderne
043717: Chrimes, K. M. T. - Ancient Sparta; a Re-Examination of the Evidence
029196: Chrimes, S. B. - Henry VII
008200: Cook, Chris and David Killingray - African Political Facts Since 1945
039528: Christ, Karl - Von Gibbon Zu Rostovtzeff; Leben Und Werk Führender Althistoriker Der Neuzeit
031169: Christ, Carol P. - Odyssey with the Goddess; a Spiritual Quest in Crete
026230: Christ, Carol T. - The Finer Optic; the Aeshetic of Particularity in Victorian Poetry
014160: Christ-Janer, Albert, et al. - Boardman Robinson
002935: Christ, Karl - Krise Und Untergang Der Römischen Republik
035485: Christen, Kimberly A. - Clowns and Tricksters; an Encyclopedia of Tradition and Culture
045951: Christensen, Nikolaj - Folkeeventyr Fra Kaer Herred
033837: Christensen, Thomas - Bridge to Understanding; the Art and Architecture of San Francisco's Asian Art Museum--Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture
026139: Christensen, Erwin O. - Primitive Art
020483: Christensen, Allan Conrad - Edward Bulwer-Lytton; the Fiction of New Regions
040784: Schrenk, Christhard and Hubert Weckbach - Der Vergangenheit Nachgespürt; Bilder Zur Heilbronner Geschichte Von 741-1803
048701: Schuckman, Christiaan et al. - Hollstein's Dutch & Flremish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts 1450-1700. Volume LI: Isaac Van Waesberge to Jean de Weert
042534: Küsters, Christian and Emily King - Restart; New Systems in Graphic Design
024626: Hartlich, Christian and Walter Sachs - Der Ursprung Des Mythosbegriffes in Der Modernen Bibelwissenschaft
022745: Christian, Viktor - Die Herkunft Der Sumerer
051951: Klapisch-Zuber Christiane - Women, Family, and Ritual in Renaissance Italy
000087: Christiansen, Chris - Seven Years Among Prisoners of War
030245: Christiansen, Rupert - Prima Donna; a History
050433: Christie, Agatha - An Autobiography
026741: Adamec, Christine and William L. Pierce - The Encyclopedia of Adoption
009435: Christmann, E. - Der Lautbestand Des Rheinfränkischen Und Sein Wandel in Der Mundart Von Kaulbach (Pfalz)
006230: Christoff, Peter K. - The Third Heart; Some Intellectual-Theological Currents and Cross Currents in Russia, 1800-1830
025684: Christoffel, Ulrich - Die Deutsche Kunst Als Form Und Ausdruck
023584: Strupp, Christoph and Birgit Zischke - German Americana, 1800-1955; a Comprehensive Bibliography of German, Austrian, and Swiss Books and Dissertations on the United States
011055: Christoph, James B. - Capital Punishment and British Politics; the British Movement to Abolish the Death Penalty, 1945-57
009851: Schwarze, Christoph and Dieter Wunderlich - Handbuch Der Lexikologie
047847: Tunnard, Christopher and Boris Pushkarev - Man-Made America: Chaos or Control? an Inquiry Into Selected Problems of Design in the Urbanized Landscape
045221: Hawkes, Christopher and Sonia Hawkes, Eds - Greeks, Celts and Romans; Studies in Venture and Resistance
035974: Baglee, Christopher and Andrew Morley - Enamelled Street Signs
035246: Baglee, Christopher and Andrew Morley - Street Jewellery; a History of Enamel Advertising Signs
024126: Stringer, Christopher and Robin McKie - African Exodus; the Origins of Modern Humanity
022275: Tunnard, Christopher and Boris Pushkarev - Man-Made America: Chaos or Control? an Inquiry Into Selected Problems of Design in the Urbanized Landscape
016860: Andrew, Christopher and Vasilii Mitrokhin - The Sword and the Shield; the Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the Kgb
016418: Jencks, Christopher and David Riesman - The Academic Revolution
010222: Christopher, Robert C. - The Japanese Mind; the Goliath Explained
051990: Chromatius, Bishop of Aquileia - Chromatii Aquileiensis Opera
023722: Chroust, Anton-Hermann - The Rise of the Legal Profession in America
047112: Chrysander, Friedrich - Supplemente, Enthaltend Quellen Zu Händel's Werken
034060: Chrysanthopoulos, Leonidas T. - Caucasus Chronicles; Nation-Building and Diplomacy in Armenia, 1993-1994
046737: Chrysos, Euangelos K. - To Byzantion Kai Hoi Gotthoi; Symbole Eis Ten Exoteriken Politiken Tou Byzantiou Kata Ton 4. Aiona
047542: Yuh-chuan, Wang - 300 Sentence Pattersn in Mandarin; Kuo Yu San Pai Ko Chu Hsing
011680: Chubb, Basil - The Government and Politics of Ireland
022027: Chuch, George Earl - Aborigines of South America
020520: Chudacoff, Howard P. - How Old Are You? Age Consciousness in American Culture
031719: Chudoba, Karl F., Ed - Griechenland
010142: Chugg, Brian - Victorian and Edwardian Devon from Old Photographs
015387: Chujoy, Anatole - Ballet
037421: Chun, Shin-yong, Ed - Buddhist Culture in Korea
010288: Chun, Shin-yong, Ed - Folk Culture in Korea
043476: Church, A. H. - Food; Some Account of Its Sources, Constituents and Uses
039734: Church, Austin H. - Mechanical Vibrations
039650: Church, Richard - Over the Bridge; an Autobiography
019811: Church, R. W. - An Essay on Critical Appreciation
017458: Church, Peggy Pond - The House at Otowi Bridge; the Story of Edith Warner and Los Alamos
014055: Saint Alban's English Church, Copenhagen - Report for the Financial Year, October 1, 1887-September 30, 1888, and Statement Regarding the Church Building Fund
014054: Saint Alban's English Church, Copenhagen - Second Annual Report 1889 [and] Sixth Annual Report 1893
012596: Church, R. W. - Dante and Other Essays
005153: Church, William F. - Louis XIV in Historical Thought from Voltaire to the Annales School
038824: Churchill, Wainwright - Homosexual Behavior Among Males; a Cross-Cultural and Cross-Species Investigation
032865: Churchill, Ruel V. - Complex Variables and Applications
005592: Churchyard, Thomas - The First Part of Churchyard's Chips
005813: Chute, Marchette - Shakespeare of London
1307: (Levey Festschrift). Edited by Stanley F. Chyet and David H. Ellenson - Bits of Honey; Essays for Samson H. Levey
044123: Ciammitti, Luisa, et al, Eds - Dosso's Fate: Painting and Court Culture in Renaissance Italy
009585: Ciardi, John - The Selected Letters of John Ciardi
042238: Cibber, Colley - An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber, with an Historical View of the Stage During His Own Time, Written by Himself
047085: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Rhetorica
047083: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Cicero in Twenty-Eight Volumes. III: De Oratore in Two Volumes. I: Books I. II
043245: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Scripta Quae Manserunt Omnia. Fasc. 39: De Re Publica
034781: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Cicero on Oratory and Orators
034767: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Cicero: Select Letters
034605: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Cicero on Moral Obligation
050285: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - M.T. Ciceronis de Oratore Libri Tres
049428: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero
049655: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Epistolae Ad Atticum, Ad Quintum Fratrem, Et Quae Vulgo Ad Familiares Dicuntur Temporis Ordine Dispositae
003273: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Scripta Quae Manserunt Omnia
003272: Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Scripta Quae Manserunt Omnia
044271: Gumuchian & Cie - Les Livres de L'Enfance Du Xve Au XIX Sièècle
012425: Ciechanowska, Paola - Le Pur Sang Français (the French Thoroughbred)
049812: Cienkowski, Witold - Teoria Etymologii Ludowej
051423: Cilento, Vincenzo - Medio Evo Monastico E Scolastico
019002: Cimbala, Stephen J., Ed - Strategic War Termination
007857: Cimprich, John - Slavery's End in Tennessee, 1861-1865
013880: Cinquini, Adolph - Index Phaedrianus
033989: Giraldi Cinzio, Giambattista - Giraldi Cinthio: On Romances
050294: Cipriano, P., Et al., Eds - Linguistica Storica E Sociolinguistica. Atti Del Convegno Della Società Italiana Di Glottologia
030391: Cist, Henry M. - The Army of the Cumberland
032298: De Civrieux, Marc - Watunna; an Orinoco Creation Cycle
028625: Cizevskij, Dmitrij - Comparative History of Slavic Literatures
025470: Claassen, Lynda Corey - Finders' Guide to Prints and Drawings in the Smithsonian Institution
037400: Clabburn, Pamela - Shawls in Imitation of the Indian
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020037: Coulter, Catherine - Blowout; an Fbi Thriller
051134: Coulton, G. G. - Two Saints: St Bernard & St Francis
044131: Coulton, J. J. - Greek Architects at Work; Problems of Structure and Design
037518: Coulton, G. G. - Medieval Village, Manor, and Monastery
037515: Coulton, G. G. - Social Life in Britain from the Conquest to the Reformation
032532: Coulton, G. G. - Fourscore Years; an Autobiography
028528: Coulton, G. G. - A Victorian Schoolmaster; Henry Hart of Sedburgh
013794: Coulton, G. G. - Art and the Reformation
051469: Coun, Theo - De Uudste Middelnederlandse Vertaling Van de Regula S. Benedicti
029636: National Manpower Council - A Policy for Scientific and Professional Manpower. A Statement by the Council with Facts and Issued Prepared by the Research Staff
019525: Council, Norman - When Honour's at the Stake; Ideas of Honour in Shakespeare's Plays
017430: Federal Radiation Council - Background Material for the Development of Radiation Protection Standards
050954: Vatican Council, 2d - Normae Exsequutivae Concilii Oecumenici Vaticani II (1963-1969)
004468: International Security Council - Geopolitics of Security in the Greater Pacific Basin, Honolulu, Hawaii, December 6-8, 1987
030851: Coupe, W. A., Et al., Eds - The Continental Renaissance 1500-1600
025425: Coupe, Robert L. M. - Illustrated Editions of the Works of William Morris in English; a Descriptive Bibliography
040403: Couperus, Marianne - L'étude Des Périodiques Anciens; Colloque D'Utrecht
045027: Coupland, Reginald - Livingstone's Last Journey
033807: Courcel, Martine De - Tolstoy; the Ultimate Reconciliation
009159: Courcel, Martine De, Ed - Malraux; Life and Work
051487: Courcelle, Pierre - Les Lettres Grecques En Occident de Macrobe à Cassiodore
037341: Courlander, Harold - A Treasury of Afro-American Folklore; the Oral Literature, Traditions, Recollections, Legends, Tales, Songs, Religious Beliefs, Customs, Sayings, and Humor of Peoples of African Descent in the Americas
036374: Courlander, Harold - Negro Folk Music, U.S. A.
045826: Courouau, Jean-François, et al. - Autour Des Quenouilles; la Parole Des Femmes (1450-1600)
029733: Courson, Jean-Louis De - 1830; la Révolution Tricolore
019464: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court. Cumulative Case Table, 1963-64 Term Through 2002-03 Term
019463: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 2002-03 Term
019462: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 2001-02 Term
019461: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 2000-01 Term
019460: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1999-00 Term
019459: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1998-99 Term
019458: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1997-98 Term
019457: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1996-97 Term
019456: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1995-96 Term
019455: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1994-95 Term
019454: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1993-94 Term
019453: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1992-93 Term
019452: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1991-92 Term
019451: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1990-91 Term
019450: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1989-90 Term
019449: U.S. Supreme Court - Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, 1988-89 Term

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