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039879: BUHLER, MICHAEL - Tin Toys 1945-1975
014660: BUHLER, KATHRYN C. - Paul Revere, Goldsmith, 1735-1818
035418: BUHLER, KATHRYN C. - Mount Vernon Silver
020407: BUKDAHL, ELSE MARIE - Diderot Est-IL L'Auteur Du "Salon" de 1771
032266: BUKOFZER, MANFRED F. - Music in the Baroque Era; from Monteverdi to Bach
003931: BÜLCK, RUDOLF - Geschichte Der Kieler Universitätsbibliothek
007132: BULEY, R. CARLYLE - The Old Northwest; Pioneer Period, 1815-1840
038650: BULHOSEN, PAT, ET AL., EDS - Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary. Italian-English; English-Italian
007067: BULL, HEDLEY, ED - Asia and the Western Pacfic; Towards a New International Order
042378: BULL, JOHN - Twelve Pieces
037294: BULL, MALCOLM - The Mirror of the Gods
022716: BULLITT, ORVILLE H. - Search for Sybaris
047297: BULLOUGH, DONALD - The Age of Charlemagne
003099: BULLOUGH, EDWARD - Aesthetics; Lectures and Essays
006707: BULLOUGH, WILLIAM A. - The Blind Boss & His City; Christopher Augustine Buckley and Nineteenth-Century San Francisco
044466: BULMAN, JOAN - Jenny Lind; a Biography
019921: BÜLOW, BERNHARD, FÜRST VON - Denkwürdigkeiten
048241: BULST, WALTHER - Latinisches Mittelalter; Gesammelte Beiträge
024135: BULTMANN, RUDOLF - Die Drei Johannesbriefe Erklärt
028079: BULTMANN, RUDOLF - Exegetica; Aufsätze Zur Erforschung Des Neuen Testaments
028087: BULTMANN, RUDOLF - Das Urchristentum IM Rahmen Der Antiken Religionen
028089: BULTMANN, RUDOLF - Der Zweite Brief an Die Korinther Erklärt
039903: BUMILLER, ELISABETH - May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons; a Journey Among the Women of India
047538: BUMKE, JOACHIM - Höfische Kultur; Literatur Und Gesellschaft IM Hohen Mittelalter
003933: BUNDOCK, CLEMENT J. - The Story of the National Union of Printing, Bookbinding and Paper Workers
015899: BUNDY, MCGEORGE - Danger and Survival; Choices About the Boms in the First Fifty Years
011398: BUNGERT, HANS, ED - Die Amerikanische Literatur Der Gegenwart; Aspekte Und Tendenzen
005514: BUNKER, STEPHEN G. - Underdeveloping the Amazon; Extraction, Unequal Exchange, and the Failure of the Modern State
040176: BUNLE, HENRI - Le Mouvement Naturel de la Population Dans le Monde de 1906 à 1936
036596: BUNNELL, PETER C. - Harry Callahan
031228: BUNSON, MATTHEW - The Vampire Encyclopedia
017985: BUNTING, JABEZ - The Early Correspondence of Jabez Bunting 1820-1829
034112: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
004821: BUNYAN, JAMES - The Origin of Forced Labor in the Soviet State, 1917-1921; Documents and Materials
020443: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come, Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream, Wherein Is Discovered the Manner of His Setting out, His Dangerous Journey, and Safe Arrival at the Desired Country
006135: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Holy War Made by King Shaddai Upon Diabolus to Regain the Metropolis of the Word or, the Losing and Taking Again of the Town of Mansoul
010750: BURCHETT, WINSTON H. - East Melbourne Walkabout
029795: BURCHILL, JULIE - Girls on Film
042795: BURCKHARDT, JACOB - Die Zeit Constantins Des Grossen
008537: BURCKHARDT, JACOB - Vorträge 1844-1887
010938: BURCKHARDT, JAKOB - Die Zeit Constantin's Des GroßEn
008165: BURCKHARDT, CARL J. - Gedanken ûber Karl V.
032523: BURCKHARDT, JACOB - Die Baukunst Der Renaissance in Italien
043149: BURCKHARDT, JACOB - Geschichte Der Renaissance in Italien
029180: BURDACH, KONRAD - Der Gral; Forschungen über Seinen Ursprung Und Seinen Zusammenhang Mit Der Longinuslegende
039852: BURDEN, SHIRLEY C. - Presence; Photographs with Observations
006054: BURDETT, OSBERT - W.E. Gladstone
007133: BURDETTE, ROBERT J. - The Rise and Fall of the Mustache and Other "Hawk-Eyetems.
026995: VAN BUREN, E. DOUGLAS - Archaic Fictile Revetments in Sicily and Magna Graecia
045860: VAN BUREN, PAUL - Christ in Our Place; the Substitutionary Character of Calvin's Doctrine of Reconciliation
043678: GERZ-VON BÜREN, VERONIKA - La Tradition de L'Oeuvre de Jean Gerson Chez Les Chartreux; la Chartreuse de Bâle
026853: BURG, B. R. - Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean
034584: BURGARD, FRIEDHELM, ET AL., EDS - Liber Amicorum Necnon Et Amicarum Für Alfred Heit; Beiträge Zur Mittelalterlichen Geschichte Und Geschichtlichen Landeskunde
038274: BURGARD, TIMOTHY ANGLIN - Bay Area Art from the Morgan Flagg Collection
012548: BURGARTZ, ALFRED - Die Hosenrolle; Variationen ûber Das Thema: Das Weib Als Mann
041533: STADTSPARKASSE BURGDORF - Un Sau Vertellt Man Sek... ; Geschichten Von Burgdorf Und Burgdorfern
047843: BURGER, D. H. - Sociologisch-Economische Geschiedenis Vaan Indonesia. Deel I: Indonesia Vóór de 20e Eeuw
020973: BURGER, FRITZ - Einführung in Die Moderne Kunst
016310: BURGER, FRITZ - Cézanne Und Hodler; Einführung in Die Probleme Der Malerei Der Gegenwart
005250: BURGER, ANGELA SUTHERLAND - Opposition in a Dominant-Party System; a Study of the Jan Sangh, the Praja Socialist Party, and the Socialist Party in Uttar Pradesh, India
043799: BURGER, HEINZ OTTO - Renaissance, Humanismus, Reformation; Deutsche Literatur IM Europäischen Kontext
013429: BURGER, FRITZ - Cézanne Und Holder; Einführung in Die Probleme Der Malerei Der Gegenwart
038651: BURGESS, GELETT - The Romance of the Commonplace
046254: BURGESS, GLYN S., ED - Court and Poet; Selected Proceedings of the Third Congress of the International Courtly Literature Society (Liverpool, 1980)
037299: BURGESS, ANTHONY - On Mozart; a Paean for Wolfgang. Being a Celestial Colloquy, an Opera Libretto, a Film Script, a Schizophrenic Dialogue, a Bewildered Rumination, a Stendhalian Transcription, and a Heartfelt Homage
041559: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Eve of Saint Venus
018974: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Flame Into Being; the Life and Work of D.H. Lawrence
008270: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Little Wilson and Big God
025527: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Life and Work of D.H. Lawrence; Flame Into Being
014633: BURGESS, FRED W. - Old Prints and Engravings
014653: BURGESS, FRED W. - Silver, Pewter, Sheffield Plate
037595: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Clockwork Testament or Enderby's End
009426: BURGUN, ACHILLE - Le Développement Linguistique En Norvège Depuis 1814
028090: BURI, FRITZ - Gott in Amerika; Amerikanische Theologie Seit 1960
018480: BURIAN, K. V. - The Story of World Opera
045197: BURKARD, GÜNTER - ûberlegungen Zur Form Der ägyptischen Literatur; Die Geschichte Des Schiffbrüchigen Als Literarisches Kunstwerk
042055: BURKE, PETER - The Italian Renaissance; Culture and Society in Italy
048547: BURKE, KENNETH - A Rhetoric of Motives
029980: BURKE, EDMUND - Further Reflections on the Revolution in France
037771: BURKE, BILLIE - With a Feather on My Nose
048138: BURKE, JOHN - Life in the Castle in Medieval England
036248: BURKE, THOMAS - The English Townsman As He Was and As He Is
030313: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Swan Peak; a Dave Robicheaux Novel
040076: BURKE, PETER - History and Social Theory
038181: BURKE, THOMAS - Travel in England from Pilgrim and Pack-Horse to Car and Plane
038441: BURKE, THOMAS - English Night-Life from Norman Curfew to Present Black-out
043077: BURKERT, WALTER - Anthropologie Des Religiösen Opfers; Eie Sakralisierung Der Gewalt
017056: BURKETT, ELINOR - The Gravest Show on Earth; America in the Age of Aids
012489: BURKHARDT, DIETRICH, ET AL. - Signals in the Animal World
049237: BURKHARDT, V. R. - Chinese Creeds & Customs
032863: BURKHARDT, V. R. - Chinese Creeds & Customs
044834: BURKHOLDER, J. PETER - Charles Ives; the Ideas Behind the Music
014440: BURKITT, M. C. - Our Early Ancestors; an Introductory Study of Mesolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age Cultures in Europe and Adjacent Regions
014398: BURKS, R. V. - The Dynamics of Communism in Eastern Europe
005686: BURKS, R. V. - The Dynamics of Communism in Eastern Europe
047789: BURL, AUBREY - Courts of Love, Castles of Hate; Troubadours & Trobairitz in Southern France, 1071-1321
045454: BURL, AUBREY - Prehistoric Avebury
014344: BURLAND, COTTIE - Eskimo Art
027118: BURLAND, COTTIE - The People of the Ancient Americas
307: BURLIN, ROBERT B. - Chaucerian Fiction
011710: BURLINGAME, ROGER - Inventors Behind the Inventor
011711: BURLINGAME, ROGER - Backgrounds of Power; the Human Story of Mass Production
031202: BURLINGAME, ROGER - Of Making Many Books; a Hundred Years of Reading, Writing and Publishing
034202: BURLINGAME, ROGER - Of Making Many Books; a Hundred Years of Reading, Writing and Publishing
049581: BURN, A. R. - The Romans in Britain; an Anthology of Inscriptions with Translations and a Running Commentary
036502: BURNAND, F. C. - The New History of Sandford and Merton Being a True Account of the Adventures of "Masters Tommy and Harr," with Their Beloved Tutor "Mr. Barlow
014541: BURNET, F. MACFARLANE - Enzyme, Antigen and Virus; a Study of Macromolecular Pattern in Action
031708: BURNET, JOHN - Greek Philosophy. Part I: Thales to Plato
010190: BURNETT, DAVID - A Dorset Camera, 1855-1914
049129: BURNETT, JOHN - Plenty and Want; a Social History of Diet in England from 1815 to the Present Day
027856: BURNETT, BEN G. - Political Groups in Chile; the Dialogue between Order and Change
031709: BURNETT, ANNE PIPPIN - Catastrophe Survived; Euripides' Plays of Mixed Reversal
037284: BURNETT, JOHN - Plenty and Want; a Social History of Diet in England from 1815 to the Present Day
020444: BURNEY, FRANCES, MADAME D'ARBLAY - Fanny Burney and the Burneys
007135: BURNEY, JAMES - History of the Buccaneers of America
027405: BURNEY, FANNY - The Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney (Madame D'Arblay). Volume I 1791-1792, Letters 1-39
036379: BURNEY, JAN - Ettore Sottsass
017407: BURNHAM, ROBERT, JR. - Burnham's Celestial Handbook; an Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System
037475: BURNHAM, DOROTHY K. - To Please the Caribou; Painted Caribou-Skin Coats Worn by the Naskapi, Montagnais and Cree Hunters of the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula
041053: BURNHAM, S. W. - A General Catalogue of Double Stars Within 121o of the North Pole
032358: BURNS, MICHAEL - Dreyfus; a Family Affair, 1789-1945
049394: BURNS, JENNIFER - Goddess of the Market; Ayn Rand and the American Right
038350: BURNS, TOM - Clydeside Musings
039437: BURNS, GEORGE - Gracie; a Love Story
022974: BURNS, E. L. M. - Between Arab and Israeli
020445: BURNS, ROBERT - The Merry Muses of Caledonia
022020: BURNS, E. BRADFORD - The Unwritten Alliance; Rio-Branco and Brazilian-American Relation
014809: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - Cobblestone Leadership; Majority Rule, Minority Power
025801: BURNS, JOHN - A Celebration of the Light; Zen in the Novels of Neil Gunn
004440: BURNS, EUGENE - The Last King of Paradise
004750: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - The Deadlock of Democracy; Four-Party Politics in America
038455: BURNS, GRANT - The Sports Pages; a Critical Bibliography of Twentieth-Century American Novels and Stories Featuring Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Other Athletic Pursuits
042117: BURNS, ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns
005975: BURNS, ARTHUR F. - Production Trends in the United States Since 1870
045621: BURNS, THOMAS S. - A History of the Ostrogoths
022022: BURR, ROBERT N. - By Reason or Force; Chile and the Balancing of Power in South America, 1830-1905
1025: BURR, NELSON R. - A Critical Bibliography of Religion in America
026013: BURRIDGE, KENELM - Someone, No One; an Essay on Individuality
007386: BURRISON, JOHN A. - Shaping Traditions; Folk Arts in a Changing South; a Catalog of the Goizueta Folklife Gallery at the Atlanta History Center
049432: BURROUGHS, FRANKLIN - Passion or Conquest
044417: BURROUGHS, BRUCE, ED - The Opera Quarterly. Volume 8: 1-4
044418: BURROUGHS, BRUCE, ED - The Opera Quarterly. Volume 9: 1-4
015284: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Complete Writings of John Burroughts: Whitman, a Study
032741: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM JAMES - Watching the World's Weather
044416: BURROUGHS, BRUCE, ED - The Opera Quarterly. Volume 7: 1-4
024848: BURROWS, MILLAR - The Dead Sea Scrolls
030203: BURROWS, DONALD - Handel
030183: BURROWS, DONALD - The Cambridge Companion to Handel
036823: BURSON, NANCY, ET AL. - Composites; Computer-Generated Portraits
016777: BURSTEIN, ANDREW - The Passions of Andrew Jackson
029789: BURSTEIN, ANDREW - The Inner Jefferson; Portrait of a Grieving Optimist
007210: BURT, AL - Al Burt's Florida; Snowbirds, Sand Castles and Self-Rising Crackers
039279: BURTLESS, GARY, ED - Work, Health, and Income Among the Elderly
020691: BURTON, EDWARD - The Swedish-American Press and the Vietnam War
025125: BURTON, ERNEST DEWITT - Syntax of the Moods and Tenses in New Testament Greek
025723: BURTON, DOLORES M. - Shakespeare's Grammatical Style; a Computer-Assisted Analysis of Richard II and Antony and Cleopatra
025769: BURTON, HARRY E. - The Discovery of the Ancient World
033489: BURTON, ROBERT - Robert Burton's Philosophaster with an English Translation of the Same. Together with His Other Minor Writings in Prose and Verse
009348: BURTON, ARTHUR - Modern Humanistic Psychotherapy
009684: BURTON, WILLIAM WESTBROOK, ED - Conversations About Bernstein
008868: BURTON, HUMPHREY - Yehudi Menuhin; a Life
047378: BURTON, JOHN HILL - The History of Scotland from Agricola's Invasion to the Extinction of the Last Jacobite Insurrection
020820: BURTON, MICHAEL C. - John Henry Faulk; a Biography. The Making of a Liberated Mind
036721: BURTON, MAURICE - Phoenix Re-Born
021831: BURTON, DEBORAH, ET AL., EDS - Tosca's Prisms; Three Moments of Western Cultural History
043043: BURTT, HAROLD E. - The Psychology of Birds; an Interpretation of Bird Behavior
025126: BURTT, EDWIN ARTHUR - The Metaphysical Foundatiaons of Modern Physical Science; a Historical and Critical Essay
044936: SCHULZE-BUSACKER, ELISABETH - Proverbes Et Expressions Proverbiales Dans la Littèrature Narrative Du Moyen Age Français; Recueil Et Analyse
049187: BUSBY, KEITH, ED - World and Image in Arthurian Literature
049699: BUSCH, HARALD - Berlin Und Die Mark; Land Zwischen Harz Und Oder
020224: BUSCH, JULIA M. - A Decade of Scupture; the 1960s
013662: BUSCH, LUDGER - Muche: George Muche. Dokumentation Zum Malerischen Werk Der Jahre 1915 Bis 1920; Ein Diskussionsbeitrag Zum Expressionismus
044312: BUSCH, WILHELM - Fipps, Der Affe
038035: BUSCH, FREDERICK - Rounds
042090: BUSCH, WILHELM - The Genius of Wilhelm Busch; Comedy of Frustration
048173: BUSCH, FRITZ - Aus Dem Leben Eines Musikers
043529: BUSCHBECK, CHRISTINE - Zur Wortbildung Der Substantiva Und Adjektiva IM Altrussischen (an Hand Des Wortmaterials Zweier Viten Epifanij Premudryjs)
003267: BUSCHOR, ERNST - Griechische Vasenmalerei
033764: BUSH, DOUGLAS - English Literature in the Earlier Seventeenth Century 1600-1660
043755: BUSH, DOUGLAS - The Renaissance and English Humanism
019015: BUSH, DOUGLAS - John Keats; His Life and Writings
025500: BUSH, GREGORY W. - Lord of Attention; Gerald Stanley Lee & the Crowd Metaphor in Industrializing America
029884: BUSH, ALFRED L. - The Life Portraits of Thomas Jefferson
033112: BUSH, DOUGLAS - Classical Influences in Renaissance Literature
014357: BUSHELL, RAYMOND - Netuske Masks
006032: BUSHMAN, CLAUDIA L. - America Discovers Columbus; How an Italian Explorer Became an American Hero
037848: BUSHMAN, CLAUDIA L. - A Good Poor Man's Wife" Being a Chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and Her Family in Nineteenth-Century New England
012822: BUSHNELL, HORACE - The Census and Slavery; a Thanksgiving Discourse, Delivered in the Chapel at Clifton Springs, N.Y. , November 29, 1860
006684: BUSHNELL, G. H. S. - Peru
016067: BUSIGNANI, ALBERTO - Benozzo; la Cappella Medici
045130: BUSMAYOR, CARMEN - Paises Poéticos de Antonio Pereira
045183: BUSNEL, RENÉ-GUY - Les Systèmes Sonars Animaux; Biologie Et Bionique. Animal Sonar Systems; Biology and Bionics. Frascati, Italie, 26 Sept. -3 Oct. 1966
004457: BUSS, CLAUDE A., ED - National Security Interest in the Pacific Basin
014295: BUSSAGLI, MARIO - Chinese Painting
027183: BUSSE, MARK, ET AL. - The People of Lake Kutubu and Kikori; Changing Meanings of Daily Life
014956: BUTEN, DAVID - 18th-Century Wedgwood; a Guide for Collectors & Connoisseurs
024470: BUTIN, ROMAIN - The Ten Nequdoth of the Torah or the Meaning and Purpose of the Extraordinary Points of the Pentateuch (Massoretic Text). A Contribution to the History of Textual Criticism Among the Ancient Jews
037540: IBN BUTLAN - The Four Seasons of the House of Cerruti
011037: BUTLER, D. E. - The Electoral System in Britain, 1918-1951
012731: BUTLER, JEFFREY, ET AL. - The Black Homelands of South Africa; the Political and Economic Development of Bophuthatswana and Kwazulu
038919: BUTLER, JOSEPH - Bishop Butler; an Appreciation
047806: BUTLER, GREGORY G., ED - J.S. Bach's Concerted Ensemble Music, the Ouverture
035785: BUTLER, LINDA - Rural Japan; Radiance of the Ordinary
013413: BUTLIN, MARTIN - William Blake (1757-1827): A Catalogue of the Works of William Blake in the Tate Gallery
042028: BUTOR, MICHEL - Répertoire; études Et Conférences 1948-1959
032228: BUTSCHER, EDWARD - Sylvia Plath; Method and Madness
030883: BUTT, JOHN - The Mid-Eighteenth Century
015558: BUTTERFIELD, H. - Napoleon
012931: BUTTERFIELD, FOX - China; Alive in the Bitter Sea
045852: BUTTS, MARY - The Crystal Cabinet; My Childhood at Salterns
047485: BUTZ, BOB - Beast of Never, Cat of God; the Search for the Eastern Puma
049397: BUURMAN, OTTO - Hochdeutsch-Plattdeutsches Wörterbuch, Auf Der Grundlage Ostfriesischer Mundart
004613: BUXTEHUDE, DIETRICH - Free Compositions for the Organ
004614: BUXTEHUDE, DIETRICH - Choral Transcriptions for the Organ
033192: BUXTON, JOHN - Elizabethan Taste
1599: VAN BRAKELL BUYS, W. R. - Goden En Menschen Van India. Met XI Strophen Van de Dichteres Lalla Vertaal D Door A. Klumper
013609: VAN BRAKELL BUYS, W. R. - Goden Und Menschen Van India
044957: BYARS, MEL - The Design Encyclopedia
035561: BYATT, A. S. - Babel Tower
046713: BYATT, A. S. - A Whistling Woman
013333: BYE, RANULPH - The Vanishing Depot
009938: BYNNER, WITTER - Tiger
047110: BYNON, THEODORA - Historical Linguistics
009428: BYNON, THEODORA - Historical Linguistics
026952: BYRD, MAX - Jefferson; a Novel
011881: BYRNE, EDWARD M. - Military Law
046646: BYRNE, CHRIS - The Original Print; Understanding Technique in Contemporary Fine Printmaking
033066: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON BYRON, BARON - The Poetical Works of Lord Byron
041165: BRYANT, RALPH C. AND PATRIC H. HENDERSHOTT - Financial Capital Flows in the Balance of Payments of the United States: An Exploratory Empirical Study
022209: WOODBRIDGE, HENSLEY C. AND PAUL B. OLSON - A Tentative Bibliography of Hispanic Linguistics [Based on the Studies of Yakov Malkiel]
022523: CROUCH, EDMUND A. C. AND RICHARD WILSON - Risk/Benefit Analysis
1171: SESSIONS, KYLE C. AND PHILLIP N. BEBB, EDS - Pietas Et Societas. New Trends in Reformation Social History; Essays in Memory of Harold J. Grimm
014492: BATHO, EDITH C. AND BONAMY DOBREE - The Victorians and After, 1830-1914
016342: RUESDISILI, LON C. AND MORRIS W. FIREBAUGH, EDS - Perspectives on Energy; Issues, Ideas, and Environmental Dilemmas
003906: MANN, THOMAS C. AND JANET GREENE - Over Their Dead Bodies; Yankee Epitaphs & History
027223: BULMAN, J. C. AND H. R. COURSEN, EDS - Shakespeare on Television; an Anthology of Essays and Reviews
020878: HERRMANN, ANNE C. AND ABIGAIL J. STEWART, EDS - Theorizing Feminism; Parallel Trends in the Humanities and Social Sciences
018872: BUNNELL, PETER C. AND DAVID FEATHERSTONE, EDS - Ew 100; Centennial Essays in Honor of Edward Weston
011759: AUB, JOSEPH C. AND RUTH K. HAPGOOD - Pioneer in Modern Medicine; David Linn Edsall of Harvard
029223: JOHANSON, DONALD C. AND MAITLAND A. EDEY - Lucy; the Beginnings of Humankind
030969: RONALD, PAMELA C. AND RAOUL W. ADAMCHAK - Tomorrow's Table; Organic Faming, Genetics, and the Future of Food
037995: OMAN, CHARLES C. AND JEAN HAMILTON - Wallpapers; an International History and Illustrated Survey from the Victoria and Albert Museum
045438: HEAD, RANDOLPH C.AND DANIEL CHISTENSEN, EDS - Orthodoxies and Heterodoxies in Early Modern German Culture; Order and Creativity 1500-1750
049498: LAMBDIN, LAURA C. AND ROBERT T. LAMBDIN, EDS - Chaucer's Pilgrims; an Historical Guide Ot the Pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales
039342: GORNICK, JANET C. AND MARCIA K. MEYERS - Families That Work; Policies for Reconciling Parenthood and Employment
040429: COLE, DAVID C. AND PRINCETON N. LYMAN - Korean Development; the Interplay of Politics and Economics
021770: RAILSBACK, THOMAS C. AND JOHN P. LANGELLIER - The Drums Would Roll; a Pictorial History of Us Army Bands on the American Frontier 1866-1900
036450: KNOEPFLMACHER, U. C. AND G. B. TENNYSON, EDS - Nature and the Victorian Imagination
021741: TIBBETTS, JOHN C. AND JAMES M. WELSH - The Encyclopedia of Novels Into Film
031958: VERMEULE, CORNELIUS C. AND NORMAN NEUERBURG - Catalogue of the Ancient Art in the J. Paul Getty Museum: The Larger Statuary, Wall Paintings and Mosaics
033850: HUNT, RAY C. AND BERNARD NORLING - Behind Japanese Lines; an American Guerrilla in the Philippines
048554: GARCIA DE CABAÑAS, MARIA JESUS - Vocabulario de Aa Alta Alpujarra
047298: CABANISS, ALLEN, ED - Son of Charlemagne; a Contemporary Life of Louis the Pious
020446: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - The Letters of James Branch Cabell
041957: CABRAL, M. VILLAVERDE - O Desenvolvimento Do Capitalismo Em Portugal No Sécolo XIX
025127: CADBURY, HENRY J. - The Book of Acts in History
017398: CADBURY, DEBORAH - Terrible Lizard; the First Dinosaur Hunters and the Birth of a New Science
048756: CADDEN, JOAN - Meanings of Sex Difference in the Middle Ages; Medicine, Science, and Culture
022085: RODRIGUEZ CADENA, YOLANDA - Los Semihablantes Bilingües: Habilidad E Interaccion Comunicativas
026251: COLWELL, ERNEST CADMAN AND JULIUS R. MANTEY - A Hellenistic Greek Reader; Selections from the Koine of the New Testament Period
020447: CADY, EDWIN H. - Stephen Crane
005608: CADY, EDWIN H. - The Road to Realism; the Early Years 1837-1885 of William Dean Howells
004266: CADY, JOHN F. - Thailand, Burma, Laos & Cambodia
019368: CAEMMERER, H. PAUL - A Manual on the Origin and Development of Washington
039817: CAEN, HERB - Herb Caen's Guide to San Francisco
046792: CAESAR, CAIUS IULIUS - Commentariorum Pars Prior [-Posterior]
047025: CAESAR, CAIUS JULIUS - Caesar: The Gallic War
025853: CAFFREY, MARGARET M. - Ruth Benedict, Stranger in This Land
033230: CAFRITZ, ROBERT C., ET AL. - Places of Delight; the Pastoral Landscape
038393: CAGAN, STEVE - Steve Cagan. No Es FáCIL; It's Not Easy; Looking at Cuba Today
020561: CAGE, JOHN - A Year from Monday; New Lectures and Writings
036079: CAGE, JOHN - A Year from Monday; New Lectures and Writings
036110: ORR-CAHALL, CHRISTINA - Gordon Cook; a Retrospective
025779: CAHN, WILLIAM - Einstein; a Pictorial Biography
000095: CAHN, EDMOND - The Moral Decision; Right and Wrong in the Light of American Law
046738: CAHUN, DAVID-LEON - Las Aventuras Del Capitan Magon O Una Exploracion Fenicia MIL años Antes de la Era Cristiana
042140: CAIDIN, MARTIN - Rendezvous in Space; the Story of Projects Mercury, Gemini, Dyna-Soar and Apollo
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022298: CANADAY, JOHN - The Lives of the Painters
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1039: CARCOPINO, JÉR"ME - Les Reliques de Saint Pierre à Rome
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034840: CARR, PAT - One Page at a Time (on a Writing Life)
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048725: O CARRAGAIN, EAMONN - The City of Rome and the World of Bede
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049804: CARROLL, JOHN S. - Prisoners of Hope; an Exposition of Dante's Purgatorio
042682: CARROLL, LEWIS - Sylvia and Bruno Concluded
036824: CARROLL, LEWIS - Lewis Carroll's the Hunting of the Snark Illustrated by Henry Holiday
045598: CARROLL, JON - Near-Life Experiences; the Best of Jon Carroll
021613: CARRON, JEAN-CLAUDE, ED - François Rabelais
044706: CARRON, JEAN-CLAUDE, ED - François Rabelais; Critical Assessments
038252: CARROTT, RICHARD G. - The Egyptian Revival; Its Sources, Monuments, and Meaning 1808-1858
035160: CARRYL, GUY WETMORE - Fables for the Frivolous (with Apologies to la Fontaine)
007137: CARSE, ROBERT - Ports of Call
030210: CARSE, ADAM - The Orchestra in the Xviiith Century
022442: CARSON, RACHEL - The Edge of the Sea
012603: CARSON, RACHEL - The Edge of the Sea
040951: CARSON, ANNE - Nox
007139: CARSON, GERALD - The Polite Americans; 300 Years of More or Less Good Behaviour
035484: CARSON, GERALD - Rum and Reform in Old New England
040491: CARSON, RACHEL L. - The Sea Around Us
025627: CARTARIUS, ULRICH - Deutscher Widerstand 1933-1945; Opposition Gegen Hitler
035830: CARTER, ANGELA - Bruning Your Boats; the Collected Short Stories
023311: CARTER, VIOLET BONHAM - Winston Churchill; an Intimate Portrait
022734: CARTER, HOWARD - The Tomb of Tutankhamen
018994: CARTER, LUTHER J. - Nuclear Imperatives and Public Trust; Dealing with Radioactive Waste
016420: CARTER, PAUL A. - Another Part of the Twenties
005963: CARTER, SAMUEL, III - The Last Cavaliers; Confederate and Union Cavalry in the CIVIL War
020172: CARTER, JIMMY - An Hour Before Daylight; Memories of a Rural Boyhood
006004: CARTER, MORRIS - Isabella Stewart Gardner and Fenway Court
005062: CARTER, GWENDOLEN M., ET AL. - South Africa's Transkei; the Politics of Domestic Colonialism
037085: CARTER, DAVID E., ED - Company Uniforms
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011976: CARTER, HODDING - Doomed Road of Empire; the Spanish Trail of Conquest
037067: CARTER, ANNIE BURNHAM - In an Herb Garden
042797: CARTER, JESSE BENEDICT - The Religion of Numa and Other Essays on the Religion of Ancient Rome
326: CARTIER, NORMAN R. - Le Bossu Désenchanté; étude Sur le Jeu de la Feuillée
044200: CARTLEDGE, PAUL - The Spartans; the World of the Warrior-Heroes of Ancient Greece, from Utopia to Crisis and Collapse
046990: CARTLEDGE, PAUL - Spartan Reflections
022423: CARTWRIGHT, FREDERICK F. - Disease and History
041017: CARTWRIGHT, JULIA - Isabella D'Este, Marchioness of Mantua 1474-1539; a Study of the Renaissance
049762: LUCRETIUS CARUS, TITUS - De Rerum Natura Libri Sex
049787: LUCRETIUS CARUS, TITUS - De Rerum Natura Libri Sex
026577: CARUSO, PATRICK F. - Nightmare on Iwo Jima; a Marine in Combat
047409: CARUTHERS, WILLIAM - Loafing Along Death Valley Trails; a Personal Narrative of People and Places
007525: CARUTHERS, J. WADE - Octavius Brooks Frothingham, Gentle Radical
045455: CARVER, NORMAN F., JR. - Italian Hilltowns
037556: CARVER, NORMAN F., JR. - Italian Hilltowns
011978: CARVER, MICHAEL - War Since 1945
011977: CARVER, MICHAEL - The War Lords; Commanders of the Twentieth Century
048736: CARVER, MARTIN - The Pictish Monastery at Portmahomack
006989: CARY, JOYCE - Power in Men
046377: CARY, JOYCE - Except the Lord; a Novel
031716: CARY, M. - The Geographic Background of Greek & Roman History
046518: DALLA CASA, GIROLAMO - Canzoni Da Sonar Con la Viola Bastarda for Bass Viol (Gamba) and Continuo
046519: DALLA CASA, GIROLAMO - Madrigali Da Sonar Con la Viola Bastarda I for Bass Viol (Gamba) and Continuo
012403: CASAMAS, ANTONIO - Scritti Patristici
044477: CASANOVA, CARLAMARIA - Renata Tebaldi; la Voce D'Angelo
030235: CASANOVA, CARLAMARIA - Tebaldi; the Voice of an Angel
021579: CASARES, JULIO - Ante El Proyecto de Un Diccionario Historico; Informe
009432: CASARES, JULIO - Introduccion a la Lexicografia Moderna
037551: CASAS, PENELOPE - Tapas, the Little Dishes of Slpain
030902: CASASOLA, AGUSTIN VICTOR - The World of Agustin Victor Casasola. Mexico: 1900-1938. El Mundo de Agustin Victor Casasola, November 27, 1984-November 1987
025884: CASE, SHIRLEY JACKSON - The Millennial Hope; a Phase of War-Time Thinking
024141: CASE, SHIRLEY JACKSON - Studies in Early Christianity
024826: CASE, SHIRLEY JACKSON, ED - A Bibliographical Guide to the History of Christianity
033544: CASE, ROBERT H. - English Epithalamies
041209: CASE, E. C. - The Permo-Carboniferous Red Beds of North America and Their Vertebrate Fauna
048319: CASETTI, PIERRE - Gibt Es Ein Leben Vor Dem Tod? Eine Auslegung Von Psalm 49
007813: CASEY, JOHN, ED - Morality and Moral Reasoning; Five Essays in Ethics
033796: O'CASEY, SEAN - The Sean O'Casey Reader: Plays, Autobiographies, Opinions
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048511: COUCOUGNOUS-CASSADE, ANDOLFI - Le Parler Du Midi: Vocabulaire
049701: CASSADY, STEPHEN - Baron Wolman Presents: Spanning the Gate; the Golden Gate Bridge
004912: CASSELL, RICHARD A. - Ford Madox Ford; a Study of His Novels
041846: CASSESE, SABINO - L'Amministrazione Pubblica in Italia
014545: CASSIDY, JOHN A. - Algernon C. Swinburne
015102: CASSIDY, DAVID C. - Uncertainty; the Life and Science of Werner Heisenberg
045763: CASSIRER, ERNST - The Problem of Knowledge; Philosophy, Science, and History Since Hegel
044028: CASSIRER, ERNST - Kant's Life and Thought
045765: CASSIRER, ERNST - The Logic of the Humanities
039084: CASSIRER, ERNST - Idee Und Gestalt: Goethe/Schiller/Hölderlin/Kleist. Fünf Aufsätze
045431: CASSIRER, ERNST - Symbol, Myth, and Culture; Essays and Lectures of Ernst Cassirer 1935-1945
003270: CASSON, STANLEY - Progress of Archaeology
016801: CASTAÑEDA, JORGE G. - The Mexican Shock; Its Meaning for the United States
042097: CASTELLI, ENRICO - Débats Sur le Langage Théologique
041245: CASTELLI, ENRICO - Demitizzazione E Ideologia; Atti Del Convegno Indetto Dal Centro Internazionale Di Studi Umanistici E Dall'Istituto Di Studi Filosofici, Roma, 4-9 Gennaio 1973
040233: CASTELLS, MANUEL - The Informational City; Information Technology, Economic Restructuring, and the Urban-Regional Process
039017: CASTELNUOVO, ENRICO, ET AL. - Europa Moderna; la Disgregazione Dell'Ancien Régime
035947: CASTELVETRO, GIACOMO - The Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables of Italy; an Offering to Lucy, Countess of Bedford
037040: CASTERAS, RAMON - Franklin I Catalunya; Franklin and Catalonia
049119: CASTIGLIONE, BALDASSAR - IL Libro Del Cortegiano
041027: CASTIGLIONE, BARDESSARRE - IL Cortegiano Con Una Scelta Delle Opere Minori
017724: DEL CASTILLO, RICHARD GRISWALD - The Los Angeles Barrio, 1850-1890; a Social History
015023: CASTILLO, CARLOS M. - Growth and Integration in Central America
037829: CASTLE, PETER - Collecting and Valuing Old Photographs
043100: CASTLEMAN, RIVA, ED - Art of the Forties
046672: CASTLEMAN, RIVA - Seven Master Printmakers; Innovations in the Eighties. From the Lilja Collection
042026: CASTORIADIS, CORNELIUS - Devant la Guerre I: Les Réalités
024143: CASTRO, FIDEL - Fidel and Religion; Castro Talks on Revolution and Religion with Frei Betto
023080: CASTRO, DANIEL, ED - Revolution and Revolutionaries; Guerrilla Movements in Latin America
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042220: CASTRO, CARMEN - Marcel Proust O El Vivir Escribiendo
021061: CASTRONOVO, DAVID - Edmund Wilson
017991: CASUTT, LAURENTIUS - L'Eredità Di S. Francisco; Riesame Della Sua Spiritualità
030635: CASWELL, KURT, ET AL., EDS - To Everything on Earth; New Writing on Fate, Community, and Nature
028063: CATALAN, DIEGO, ED - La Flor de la Marañuela; Romancero General de Las Islas Canarias
025886: CATAUDELLA, MICHELE R. - Ka-Ma; Studi Sulla Società Agraria Micenea
027188: CATHER, WILLA - Later Novels: A Lost Lady; the Professor's House; Death Comes for the Archbishop; Shadows on the Rock; Lucy Gayheart; Sapphira and the Slave Girl
027189: CATHER, WILLA - Early Novels and Stories: The Troll Garden; O Pioneers!; the Song of Th Lark; My Antonia; One of Ours
042966: CATHER, WILLA - The World and the Parish. Willa Cather's Articles and Reviews, 1893-1902
040824: CATHER, WILLA - A Lost Lady
049056: CATHER, WILLA - Stories, Poems, and Other Writings
049767: CATHER, WILLA - The Professor's House
036268: JOHNSTON, CATHERINE ET AL. - Baltic Light; Early Open-Air Painting in Denmark and North Germany
037510: BENKO, CATHLEEN AND ANNE WEISBERG - Mass Career Customization; Aligning the Workplace with Today's Nontraditional Workforce
033947: TROST, CATHY AND SUSAN BENNETT - President Kennedy Has Been Shot
047106: SCOTT-CLARK, CATHY AND ADRIAN LEVY - The Exile; the Stunning Inside Story of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Flight
038267: CATOIR, BARBARA - Miró on Mallorca
020702: CATON, STEVEN C. - Peaks of Yemen I Summon"; Poetry As Cultural Practice in a North Yemeni Tribe
047604: CATS, JACOB - Sinne- En Minnebeelden
019113: CATTAUI, GEORGES - Trois Poetes: Hopkins, Yeats, Eliot
020479: CATTAUI, GEORGES - T.S. Eliot
039574: CAUDRILLIER, GUSTAAF - La Trahison de Pichegru Et Les Intrigues Royalistes Dans L'Est Avant Fructidor
016902: CAUDWELL, CHRISTOPHER - Romance and Realism; a Study in English Bougeois Literature
013782: CAUDWELL, IRENE - Damien of Molokai, 1840-1889
048410: CAUFIELD, CATHERINE - The Emperor of the United States of America & Other Magnificent British Eccentrics
017702: CAUGHEY, JOHN WALTON - Gold Is the Cornerstone
005246: CAUGHEY, JOHN WALTON - The American West; Frontier & Region
011979: CAULAINCOURT, ARMAUD DE - With Napoleon in Russia; the Memoirs of General de Caulaincourt, Duke of Vicenza
019018: CAUTE, DAVID - Joseph Losey; a Revenge on Life
011712: CAVALIERI, LIEBE F. - The Double-Edged Helix; Science in the Real World
041929: CAVALLI, LUCIANO - Sociologia Della Storia Italiana 1871-1974
014959: CAVALLO, ADOLPH S. - Tapestries of Europe and Colonial Peru in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
035597: CAVE, ESTELLA - Ant Antics
011048: CAVE, LYNDON F. - England in Camera Colour: Warwickshire
041221: CAVELL, STANLEY - A Pitch of Philosophy; Autobiographical Exercises
040874: CAVELL, STANLEY - Contesting Tears; the Hollywood Melodrama of the Unknown Woman
032780: CAVENDISH, WILLIAM - Dramatic Works by William Cavendish
032797: CAVENDISH, WILLIAM - The Country Captain
032096: CAVENEY, GRAHAM - Gentleman Junkie; the Life and Legacy of William S. Burroughs
042111: CAVINESS, MADELINE HARRISON - The Early Stained Glass of Canterbury Cathedral Circa 1175-1220
007140: CAWELTI, JOHN G. - Apostles of the Self-Made Man
021451: CAWS, MARY ANN - To the Boathouse; a Memoir
022100: CAYLEY, NEVILLE W. - What Bird Is That? a Guide to the Birds of Australia
026801: CAZAMAN, LOUIS - Le Roman Social En Angleterre (1830-1850); Dickens, Disraeli, Mrs. Gaskell, Kingsley, Parts 1-and 2
002415: CAZENEUVE, JEAN - Lucien Lévy-Bruhl
021657: CEA, JOSE ROBERTO - Naufrago Genuino
032666: CEASER, JAMES W. - Liberal Democracy and Political Science
042926: CECCHETTI, GIOVANNI - Leopardi E Verga; Sette Studi
033063: CECCHETTI, GIOVANNI - La Poesia Del Pascoli
046310: CECCHETTI, GIOVANNI - IL Verga Maggiore; Sette Studi
044860: CECH, JOHN - Jacques-Henri Lartigue; Boy with a Camera
019019: CECIL, DAVID - Two Quiet Lives: Dorothy Osborne, Thomas Gray
006071: CECIL, ALGERNON - Queen Victoria and Her Prime Ministers
045890: WILLIAMS, CECIL AND JANICE MIRIKITANI - Beyond the Possible; 50 Years of Creating Radical Change at a Community Called Glide
048515: CECILIE, KRONPRINZESSIN - Kronprinzessin Cecilie: Erinnerungen
041363: SÁNCHEZ CELA, V. - Granites and Basalts; Questionable Paradigms
035705: CELHAY, JEAN-CLAUDE - Fleurs Et Plantes de Tahiti
040884: CENDRARS, BLAISE - Hollywood, Mecca of the Movies
039072: MILWAUKEE ART CENTER - Bennett
046188: FRESNO ARTS CENTER - Views of Yosemite: The Last Stance of the Romantic Landscape
017925: CERAM, C. W. - Gods, Graves, and Scholars; the Story of Archaeology
022741: CERAM, C. W. - The Secret of the Hittites; the Discovery of an Ancient Empire
019415: CERAM, C. W. - Götter, Graeber Und Gelehrte IM Bild
041557: CERETTA, LUISELLA - Vita El Medioevo Nei Dipinti Della Val Susa Tra X E XV Secolo
019362: CERF, BENNETT - At Random; the Reminiscences of Bennett Cerf
042574: CERFAUX, LUCIEN - La Théologie de L'église Suivant Saint Paul
015341: CERNUDA, LUIS - The Poetry of Luis Cernuda
035176: CERNUSCHI, CLAUDE - Jackson Pollock; Meaning and Significance
047795: CERNY, SUSANDINKELSPIEL - An Architectural Guidebook to San Francisco and the Bay Area
004003: CERTKOV, LEONID - Rilke in Russland Auf Grund Neuer Materialien
032660: CERVER, FRANCISCO ASENSIO - The World of Architecture
032121: CERVER, FRANCISCO ASENSIO - Dream; Pools & Gardens
040259: CERVERO, ROBERT - Suburban Gridlock
040260: CERVERO, ROBERT - America's Suburban Centers; the Land Use-Transportation Link
040299: CERVETTI, GIANNI - Partito Di Governo E Di Lotta; Relazione Al Comitate Centrale E Alla Commissione Centrale Di Controllo Del Pci
041873: CERVI, MARIO - Storia Della Guerra Di Grecia
043196: CERVI, MARIO - Storia Della Guerra Di Grecia
037424: ROBINSON, CERVIN AND ROSEMARIE HAAG BLETTER - Skyscraper Style; Art Deco, New York
008487: CERWIN, HERBERT - Bernal Diaz, Historian of the Conquest
035984: CERWINSKE, LAURA - Miami Hot and Cool
030052: CESARANI, DAVID - Arthur Koestler; the Homeless Mind
033557: DI CESARE, MARIO A. - Vida's Christiad and Vergilian Epic
040897: CESARESCO, EVELYN MARINENGO - Lombard Studies
047284: CESSAC, CATHERINE - Marc-Antoine Charpentier
036222: CETTO, ANNA MARIA - Aquarelles D'Albrecht Dürer
037678: CEUPPENS, FRANCISCUS - De Sanctissima Trinitate
038977: CH'EN, CHIH-MAI - Chinese Calligraphers and Their Art
004942: CH'EN, JEROME - Yuan Shih-K'Ai
035549: CHAADAEV, PETER - The Major Works of Peter Chaadaev
043253: CHABOD, FEDERICO - Historia Dell'Idea D'Europa
035452: CHABON, MICHAEL - The Yiddish Policemen's Union; a Novel
044769: CHABON, MICHAEL - Telegraph Avenue; a Novel
017397: CHABON, MICHAEL - Summerland
048452: CHABON, MICHAEL - The Final Solution; a Story of Detection
046620: CHABON, MICHAEL - Telegraph Avenue; a Novel
004459: CHABOT, HENDRIK THEODORUS - Verwantschap, Stand En Sexe in Zuid-Celebes; Perhubungan-Kerabat, Tingkat-Bangsa Dan Djenis-Kelamin Di Sulawesi-Selatan
002754: CHACALOS, ELIAS HARRY - Time and Change: Short But Differing Philosophies
024482: CHACE, JAMES - Acheson; the Secretary of State Who Created the American World
005593: CHADBOURNE, RICHARD M. - Ernest Renan As an Essayist
017865: CHADMAND, LORE - Beiträge Zum Französischen Wortschatz Der Mode
043623: CHADWICK, JOHN, ED - The Mycenae Tablets III
044039: CHADWICK, JOHN - The Decipherment of Linear B.
036651: CHADWICK, JOHN - The Mycenaean World
031718: CHADWICK, JOHN - The Mycenaean World
047679: CHAFE, WALLACE L. - A Semantically Based Sketch of Onondaga
045293: CHAFFEE, JOHN W. - The Thorny Gates of Learning in Sung China; a Social History of Examinations
025898: CHAGALL, MARC - The Jerusalem Windows
021783: CHAILIAND, GERARD, ED - People without a Country; the Kurds and Kurdistan
049384: CHAILLEY, JACQUES - L'école Musicale de Saint Martial de Limoges Jusqu'a la Fin Du Xie Siècle
049613: CHAISSAC, GASTON - Gaston Chaissac
049614: CHAISSAC, GASTON - Gaston Chaissac: Aquarelles, Collages, Dessins, Gouches, Huiles Et Totems
006634: CHALFANT, W. A. - Gold, Guns & Ghost Towns
042454: CHALFANT, ELLA - A Goodly Heritage; Earliest Wills on an American Frontier
011980: CHALFONT, ALUN - Montgomery of Alamein
018489: CHALIAPIN, FYODOR - Chaliapin; an Autobiography As Told to Maxim Gorky
037661: CHALIF, LOUIS H. - The Chalif Text Book of Dancing. Book IV
022341: CHALOUPKA, WILLIAM - Everybody Knows; Cynicism in America
032475: CHAMARD, HENRI - Histoire de la Pleiade
022742: CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM DOUGLAS - An Exegetical Grammar of the Greek New Testament
018861: CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL - The New England Image
041645: CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL - Lexington and Concord; a Camera Impression
019520: CHAMBERLIN, J. E. - Ripe Was the Drowsy Hour; the Age of Oscar Wilde
048167: CHAMBERS, R. W. - On the Continuity of English Prose from Alfred to More and His School
038805: CHAMBERS, E. K. - English Literature at the Close of the Middle Ages
005903: CHAMBERS, CLARKE A. - Seedtime of Reform; American Social Service and Social Action, 1918-1933
033165: CHAMBERS, E. K. - Shakespeare: A Survey
047220: CHAMBERS, R. W. - Man's Unconquerable Mind; Studies of English Writers, from Bede to A.E. Housman and W.P. Ker
038876: CHAMBI, MARTIN - Martin Chambi; Photographs, 1920-1950
013785: CHAMIÉ, CATHERINE - Psychologie Du Savoir; Formation, Structure Et évolution Du Savoir Scientifique
020123: CHAMISSO, ADELBERT VON - Peter Schlemihls Wundersame Geschichte
041556: CHAMPA, KERMIT S. - The Rise of Landscape Painting in France, Corot to Monet
044485: CHAMPA, KERMIT S. - German Painting of the 19th Century
038126: CHAMPAGNE, DUANE, ED - The Native North American Almanac; a Reference Work on Native North Americans in the United States and Canada
034429: CHAMPIGNY, ROBERT J. - A Pagan Hero; an Interpretation of Meursault in Camus' the Stranger
038821: CHAMPION, BRIAN - Advanced Weapons Systems; an Annotated Bibliography of the Cruise Missile, MX Missile, Laser and Space Weapons, and Stealth Technology
032518: CHAMPION, LARRY S. - Ben Jonson's "Dotages"; a Reconsideration of the Late Plays
048552: CHAMPION, JAMES JOSEPH - The Periphrastic Futures Formed by the Romance Reflexes of Vado (Ad) Plus Infinitive
028095: CHAN, WING-TSIT - An Outline and an Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Philosophy
017055: CHAN, STEVE - East Asian Dynamism; Growth, Order, and Security in the Pacific Region
004944: CHAN, ANITA, ET AL. - Chen Village; the Recent History of a Peasant Community in Mao's China
046889: CHAN, WING-TSIT - An Outline and an Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Philosophy
004236: CHANCE, JANE - The Mythographic Chaucer; the Fabulation of Sexual Politics
045795: CHANCE, JANE - Christine de Pizan's Letter of Othea to Hector, Translated with Introduction, Notes, and Interpretative Essay
023789: CHANCELLOR, JOHN - Peral and Promise; a Commentary on America
048202: CHANCELLOR, BETTY - A Child's Christmas Cookbook
032834: CHANDLER, CHARLOTTE - I, Fellini
038148: CHANDLER, ROBERT J., ED - California Gold Rush Camps
049057: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - Stories and Early Novels: Pulp Storie; the Big Sleep; Farewell, My Lovely; the High Window
037870: CHANDONNET, ANN - The Complete Fruit Cookbook
024821: CHANDOS, JOHN - In God's Name; Examples of Preaching in England from the Act of Supremacy to the Act of Uniformity, 1534-1662
011051: CHANDOS, JOHN - Boys Together; English Public Schools, 1800-1864
034489: CHANDRASEKAREN, RAJIV - Imperial Life in the Emerald City; Inside Iraq's Green Zone
010731: CHANDRASEKHAR, S., ED - Asia's Population Problems, with a Discussion of Population and Immigration in Australia
036515: CHANDRASEKHAR, S. - A Dirty, Filthy Book. " the Writings of Charles Knowlton and Annie Besant on Reproductive Physiology and Birth Control and an Account of the Bradlaugh-Besant Trial
027496: CHANEY, ELSA M. - Supermadre; Women in Politics in Latin America
043044: CHANG, K. C. - Early Chinese Civilization: Anthropological Perspectives
046918: CHANG, CHUNG-LI - The Income of the Chinese Gentry. A Sequel to: The Chinese Gentry; Studies on Their Role in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Society
049100: CHANG, AI-LING - The Rouge of the North
049101: CHANG, AI-LING - The Rice-Sprout Song; a Novel of Modern China
039867: CHANG, WONOMA W., ET AL. - An Encyclopedia of Chinese Food and Cooking
031428: SH-HONG, CHANG AND LI CHENGXIAN - The Flying Devis of Dunhuang
046760: CHANG, CHUNG-LI - The Chinese Gentry; Studies on Their Role in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Society
008136: CHANNON, ROBERT - On the Place of the Progressive Palatalization of Velars in the Relative Chronology of Slavic
011984: CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - Aircraft
011985: CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - The World's Air Forces
018490: CHANTAVOINE, JEAN - Camille Saint-Saëns
035462: CHAO, CHAN - Burma; Something Went Wrong. The Photography of Chan Chao
002080: CHAO, YUEN REN - Language and Symbolic Systems
005030: CHAO, KANG - Capital Formation in Mainland China, 1952-1965
012410: CHAPEL, CHARLES EDWARD - Gun Collecting
012416: CHAPEL, CHARLES EDWARD - Guns of the Old West
007028: CHAPELLE, HOWARD I. - The Search for Speed Under Sail, 1700-1855
047104: CHAPIN, HELEN BURWELL - Echoes
004189: CHAPLIN, PEGGY - Raphael Pumpelly, Gentleman Geologist of the Gilded Age
039833: CHAPMAN, V. J. - Salt Marshes and Salt Deserts of the World
021062: CHAPMAN, ARNOLD - The Spanish American Reception of United States Fiction, 1920-1940
026339: CHAPMAN, ARNOLD - The Spanish American Reception of United States Fiction, 1920-1940
004570: CHAPMAN, WALKER - The Loneliest Continent; the Story of Antarctic Discovery
012263: CHAPMAN, WILLIAM R. - The Face of Tibet
005116: CHAPMAN, HESTER W. - Caroline Matilda, Queen of Denmark
035021: CHAPMAN, JOHN JAH - The Selected Writings of John Jay Chapman
006870: CHAPMAN, ARNOLD - The Spanish American Reception of United States Fiction, 1920-1940
045166: CHAPMAN, V. J. - The Algae
015417: CHAPPELL, WILLIAM - Fonteyn: Impressions of a Ballerina
037831: CHAPPLE, BERYL - Dogs, Dogs, Dogs; the Best of Beryl Chapple's Painting
036530: CHAPPLE, JOE MITCHELL - We'LL Stsick to the Finish!" "C'Est la Guerre" (It Is the War)
041875: CHAPSAL, JACQUES - La Vie Politique En France Depuis 1940
008138: CHAPUIS, JULIEN - Tilman Riemenschneider, Master Sculptor of the Lat Middle Ages
002933: CHARBONNEAUX, JEAN - La Sculpture Grecque
038589: CHARBONNEL, J.-ROGER - La Pensée Italienne Au Xvie Siècle Et le Courant Libertin
024032: CHARD, CHESTER S. - Northeast Asia in Prehistory
014107: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE - Science Et Christ
024423: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE - Lettres de Voyage (1923-1939)
006545: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE - Lettres à Léontine Zanta
025869: COWLES, CHARLES AND SARAH CLARK - Northwest Traditions
009224: KEAN, CHARLES AND ELLEN KEAN - Emigrant in Motley; the Journey of Charles and Ellen Kean in Quest of a Theatrical Fortune in Australia and America, As Told in Their Hitherto Unpublished Letters
040235: ROIG, CHARLES AND FRANÇOISE BILLON-GRAND - La Sociallisation Politique Des Enfants; Contribution à L'étude de la Formation Des Attitudes Politiques En France
038917: CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES - Hrh the Prince of Wales Watercolours
002081: CHARLESWORTH, MAXWELL JOHN - Philosophy and Linguistics Analysis
001768: CHARLESWORTH, ANDREW, ED - An Atlas of Rural Protest in Britain 1548-1900
045323: CHARLICK, ROBERT B. - Niger; Personal Rule and Survival in the Sahel
005192: CHARLOT, JEAN - The Gaullist Phenomenon; the Gaullist Movement in the Fifth Republic
025568: CHARLTON, JOHN - A History and Description of Chiswick House and Gardens
030241: CHARLTON, DAVID - The Cambridge Companion to Grand Opera
041898: CHARNAY, JEAN-PAUL - Les Scrutins Politiques En France de 1815 à 1962; Contestations Et Invalidations
015218: CHARNEY, MELVIN - Parables and Other Allegories; the Work of Melvin Charney, 1975-1990
034122: CHARNEY, MAURICE - Shakespeare's Roman Plays; the Function of Imagery in the Drama
004608: CHARPENTIER, MARC-ANTOINE - Pestis Mediolanensis (the Plague of Milan); Dramatic Motet for Solosits, Double Chorus, Woodwinds, Strings, and Continuo
030242: CHARPENTIER, GUSTAVE - Louise; Roman Musical En Quatre Actes Et Cinq Tableaux. Partition Piano Et Chant
020480: CHARPENTIER, JOHN - Coleridge, the Sublime Somnambulist
049526: CHARPIN, DOMINIQUE - Reading and Writing in Babylon
016618: CHARTER, S. P. R. - Man on Earth; a Preliminary Evalution of the Ecology of Man
016075: CHARTIER, ALAIN - Fifteenth-Century English Translations of Alain Chartier's le Traité de L'Esperance and le Quadrilogue Invectif
033602: CHARVET, P. E. - The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 1870-1940
025713: CHARY, FREDERICK B. - The Bulgarian Jews and the Final Solution 1940-1944
040369: CHASE, COLIN, ED - The Dating of Beowulf
024631: CHASE, MYRNA - Elie Halévy; an Intellectual Biography
024820: CHASE, MARRY ELLEN - Life and Language in the Old Testament
045144: CHASE, MARY ELLEN - Jonathan Fisher, Maine Parson 1768-1847
039912: CHASE, ILKA - Past Imperfect
046296: CHASE, GEORGE H. - Catalogue of Arretine Pottery
043408: CHASSÉ, CHARLES - Le Mouvement Symboliste Dans L'Art Du Xixe Siècle: Gustave Moreau, Redon, Carrière, Gauguin Et le Group de Pont-Aven, Maurice Denis
036146: CHASSÉ, CHARLES - The Nabis and Their Period
028440: CHASSÉ, CHARLES - The Nabis & Their Period
035879: CHAST, ROZ - Mondo Boxo; Cartoon Stories
004237: CHASTEL, ANDRÉ - Die Kunst Italiens
029812: CHASTELLUX, FRANÇOIS-JEAN, MARQUIS DE - Travels in North America in the Years 1780, 1781 and 1782
016499: CHASTENET, JACQUES - Gambetta
014536: CHASZAR, EDWARD - The International Problem of National Minorities
037960: CHATALBASH, RON - A Perfect Day for the Movies
024471: CHATELET, FRANÇOIS, OLIVIER DUHAMEL, AND EVELYN PISIER - Dictionnaire Des Oeuvres Politiques
044842: CHATFIELD, JUDITH - A Tour of Italian Gardens
021526: CHATMAN, SEYMOUR, ED - Literary Style; a Symposium
040357: CHATTERTON, WAYNE - Vardis Fisher: The Frontier and Regional Works
038022: CHATWIN, BRUCE - Utz
020144: CHATZIDAKIS, MANOLIS - Byzantine Athens
041335: CHATZIDAKIS, MANOLIS - Mystras, the Medieval City and the Castle; a Complete Guide to the Churches, Palaces and the Castle
047363: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Prioress's Tale
047369: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Nun's Priest's Tale
047370: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Squire's Tale
047365: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Romaunt of the Rose
047377: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - A Variorum Edition of the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Volum 2: The Canterbury Tales, Part 10, the the Manciple's Tale
047376: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - A Variorum Edition of the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Volume 2: The Canterbury Tales. The General Prologue, Part One A.
047375: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Minor Poems. Part 1
049652: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
049501: CHAUCER, GEORFFREY - The Book of Troilus and Criseyde
049841: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Chaucer on the Astrolabe with Original Illustrations
355: (CHAUCER, GEOFFREY). CORSA, HELEN STORM - Chaucer, Poet of Mirth and Morality
047366: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Miller's Tale
047368: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The General Prologue. Part 1b: Expalanatory Notes
047367: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Physician's Tale
009082: CHAUDHURI, PRAMIT, ED - Readings in Indian Agricultural Development
036645: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C. - Teh Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
009065: CHAUHAN, D. S. - Studies in Utilization of Agricultural Land
044808: CHAUNU, PIERRE - Europäische Kultur IM Zeitalter Des Barock
020992: CHAVARDÈS, MAURICE - été 1936; la Victoire Du Front Populaire
017661: CHAVEZ, AGUSTIN VELAZQUEZ - Indice de la Pintura Mexicana Contemporanea; Index of Contemporary Mexican Painting
032497: CHAYTOR, H. J. - Dramatic Theory in Spain; Extracts from Literature Before and During the Golden Age
045468: CHAYTOR, H. J. - From Script to Print; an Introduction to Medieval Vernacular Literature
004734: CHECKLAND, S. G. - The Rise of Industrial Society in England, 1815-1885
022299: CHEETHAM, CRAIG - The World's Worst Cars from Pioneering Failures to Multimillion Dollar Disasters
023777: CHEEVER, JOHN - The Letters of John Cheever
033736: CHEFFAUD, P. H. - George Peele (1558-1596?)
020481: CHEKHOV, ANTON - The Selected Letters of Anton Chekhov
030194: CHEKHOV, ANTON - Selected Short Stories
042883: CHEKHOV, ANTON PAVLOVICH - P'Esy; Kniga Dlia Chteniia S Kommentariem Na Angliiskom Iazyke
032854: CHEKHOV, ANTON - Anton Chekhov: Selected Short Stories
049281: CHÉLINI, JEAN - Histoire Religieuse de L'Occident Médiéval
042449: CHÉLINI, JEAN - Histoire Religieuse de L'Occident Médiéval
034690: CHELKOWSKI, PETER J. - Mirror of the Invisible World; Tales from the Khamseh of Nizami
035249: CHEN, ARIC - Campbell Kids; a Souper Century
003437: CHEN, K. K., ED - The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therpeutics, Incorporated; the First Sixty Years, 1908-1969
017596: CHEN, DA - Colors of the Mountain
006630: CHEN, VIRGINIA - The Economic Conditions of East and Southeast Asia; a Bibliography of English-Language Materials, 1965-1977
040963: MENGQI CHEN, ED - Er Shi Shi Ji Zhongguo Hui Hua Jing Hua Lu; Twentieth Century Masterworks of Chinese Painting
026773: CHENEVIERE, ALAIN - Travels in the Orient in Marco Polo's Footsteps
043519: CHENEVIERE, ALAIN - Travels in the Orient in Marco Polo's Footsteps
038686: CHENEY, SHELDON - Modern Art and the Theatre Being Notes on Certain Approaches to a New Art of the Stage, with Special Reference to Parallel Developments in Painting, Sculpture and the Other Arts
027229: CHENEY, PATRICK, ED - The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's Poetry
030227: CHENEY, EDWARD P. - A History of England from the Defeat of the Armada to the Death of Elizabeth. With an Account of English Institutions During the Later Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
044084: CHENEY, C. R. - The English Church and Its Laws, 12th-14th Centuries
048982: WU CHENG'EN - The Journey to the West
029807: CHÉNIER, ANDRÉ - De L'Utopie à la Terreur (1989-1793)
039264: CHERLIN, ANDREW J, ED - The Changing American Family and Public Policy
042585: CHERMAYEFF, IVAN, ET AL. - Ellis Island; an Illustrated History of the Immigrant Experience
046443: CHERNOW, RON - The Warburgs; the Twentieth-Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family
040552: CHERRY, JOHN, ED - Mythical Beasts
042518: CHESEN, ELI S. - President Nixon's Psychiatric Profile; a Psychodyanamic-Genetic Interpretation
034172: CHESHIRE, GERARD - Spirit of the Polar Regions
016746: CHESLER, ELLEN - Woman of Valor; Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement in America
014752: CHESNEAUX, JEAN - Pasts and Futures or What Is History for
011988: CHESNUT, MARY - Mary Chesnut's CIVIL War
049189: CHESNUT, GLENN F. - The First Christian Histories; Eusebius, Socrates, Sozomen, Theodoret, and Evagrius
030289: CHESSER, EUSTACE - The Sexual, Marital and Family Relationships of the English Woman
032930: CHESSICK, RICHARD D. - Psychology of the Self and the Treament of Narcissism
026212: CHESSMAN, G. WALLACE - Theodore Roosevelt and the Politics of Power
040190: RAPKIN, CHESTER AND WILLIAM G. GRIGSBY - The Demand for Housing in Racilly Mixed Areas; a Study of the Nature of Neighborhood Change
047742: CHESTER, JONATHAN - Going to Extremes; Project Blizzard and Australia's Antarctic Heritage
020482: CHESTERFIELD, PHILIP DORMER STANHOPE, EARL OF - The Letters of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield with the Characters
025888: CHESTERMAN, JAMES - Classical Terracotta Figures
027897: CHESTERTON, G. K. - All Things Considered
022025: CHEVALIER, FRANÇOIS - Land and Society in Colonial Mexico; the Great Hacienda
029988: CHEVALIER, LOUIS - Laboring Classes and Dangerous Classes in Paris During the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
045321: CHEVALIER, STUART - A Window on Broadway; a Journal of Occasional Notes on This Present Scene and What May Lie Beyond
002471: CHEVALLIER, MAX-ALAIN - L'Esprit Et le Messie Dans le Bas-Judaisme Et le Nouveau Testament
007080: CHEVIGNY, HECTOR - Russian America; the Great Alaskan Venture, 1741-1867
017120: CHEVIGNY, HECTOR - Lord of Alaska; Baranov and the Russian Adventure
029852: CHEVLOWE, SUSAN, ED - Paris in New York; French Jewish Artists in Private Collections
022037: VIL'CHEVSKII, O. - Kurdy; Vvedenie V Etnicheskuiu Istoriiu Kurdskogo Naroda
044266: CHEYETTE, FREDRIC L. - Ermengard of Narbonne and the World of the Troubadours
011054: CHEYNEY, EDWARD P. - An Introduction to Eht Industrial and Social History of England
047688: WU-CHI, LIU - A Short History of Confucian Philosophy
033370: LIU, WU-CHI AND IRVING YUCHENG LO, EDS - Sunflower Splendor; Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry
048784: CHI, WEN-SHUN - Chinese-English Dictionary of Contenporary Usage
046876: CHI, LI - Anyang
013176: LIU WU-CHI - Confucius; His Life and Time
049005: LIU, WU-CHI AND IRIVING YUCHENG LO, EDS - Sunflower Splendor; Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry

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