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038095: CALDERWOOD, JAMES L, - Metadrama in Shakespeare's Henriad, Richd II to Henry V..
032622: CALDERWOOD, JAMES L. AND HAROLD E. TOLIVER, EDS., - Essays in Shakespearean Criticsm..
024570: CALDERWOOD, HENRY, - David Hume..
019773: CALDICOTT, HELEN, - The New Nuclear Danger; George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex..
006955: CALDWELL, HELEN, - Machado De Assis; the Brazilian Master and His Novels..
041523: CALDWELL, RICHARD, - The Origin of the Gods; a psychoanalytic Study of Greek Theogonic Myth..
002928: CALEY, EARLE R., - Metrological Tables..
036265: CALI, FRANÇOIS, - L'Art des Conquistadors..
043723: CALIARO, MARCO AND MARIO FRANCESCONI, - John Baptist Scalabrini, Apostle to Emigrants..
021282: CALIFANO, JOSEPH A., JR., - Inside; a public and private Life..
041794: STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA, - How to Preserve Victory Garden Vegetables..
030559: CALKINS, FAY G., - My Samoan Chief..
007955: CALLAHAN, DANIEL, - What Kind of Life; the Limits of Medical Progress..
007136: CALLAHAN, BOB, ED., - The Big Book of American Irish Culture..
007150: CALLAHAN, GERALD N., - River Odyssey; a Story of the Colorado Plateau..
013543: CALLARLD, KEITH., - Pakistan: a Political Study..
014742: CALLAWAY, ARCHIBALD, ET AL., - The Nigerian Political Scene..
009035: CALLENDER, L., ED., - The Windmill; Stories, Essays, Poems & Pictures By Authors & Artists Whose Works are Published a the Sign of the Windmaill..
011973: CALLEO, DAVID P., - Beyond American Hegemony; the Future of the Western Alliance..
037754: CALLIS, STEPHEN, ET AL, - Murder in My Suite; Bienvenidos al Hotel California..
004896: CALLISON, CHARLES STUART, - Land-To-the-tiller in the Mekong Delta; Economic, Social and political Effects of Land Reform in Four Villages of South Vietnam..
036543: CALLOT, JACQUES, - Jacques Callot: das gesamte Werk..
042088: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN, ED, - The Elements of Style; an practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural details from 1485 to the Present..
007278: CALLOWAY, COLIN G., - The American Revolution in Indian Country; Crisis and Diversity in Native American Communities..
031177: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN AND SUSAN OWENS, - Divinely Decadent..
038155: CALMANN, GERTA, - Ehret, Flower Painter Extraordinary..
008124: CALMETTE, JOSEPH, - Le Monde Féodal..
041342: CALOGERO, GUIDO, - Studien über den Eleatismus..
038819: CALOW, P, - Invertebrate Biology; a Functional Approach..
011041: CALTHORPE, SOMERSET J. GOUGH, - Cadogan's Crimea..
027857: CALVERT, PETER, - Mexico..
040497: CALVERT, ALBERT F, - Sculpture in Spain..
040498: CALVERT ALBERT F., AND C. GASQUOINE HARTLEY, - The Prado; a description of the Principal pictures in the Madrid Gallery..
003748: CALVI, FELICE, - Storia e Genealogia Della Famiglia Melzi..
003749: CALVI, FELICE, - Storia e Genealogia Delle Famiglie Calvi..
024809: CALVIN, WILLIAM H., - How brains Think; Evolving Intelligence, then and Now..
042792: CALVIN, JEAN, - Deux congrégations et Exposition du Catéchisme..
040435: CALVIN, JEAN, - Institution de la Religion Chrestienne..
037808: CALVINO, ITALO, - Mr. Palomar..
018483: CALVOCORESSI, M. D., - Mussorgsky..
043600: CAMBON, GLAUCO, - Dante's Craft; Studies in Language and Style..
033055: CAMDEN, CARROLL, - The Elizabethan Woman..
042637: CAMELOT, PIERRE THOMAS, - Spirtualité du Baptême..
022727: CAMERON, ALISTER, - The Identity of Oedipus the King; five Essays on the Oedipus Tyrannus..
008246: CAMERON, ANGUS, ET AL., - Computers and Old English Concordances..
024831: CAMERON, KENNETH NEILL, - Marx and Engels Today: a Modern Dialogue on Philosophy and History..
025362: CAMERON, CHRISTINA, - Charles Baillairgé, Architect & Engineer..
004458: CAMERON, RODERICK, - The Golden Haze; with Captain Cook in the South Pacific..
026780: CAMERON, ROBERT, - Above Seattle; a New Collection of Historical and Original Aerial Photographs of Seattle..
034475: CAMERON, ALISON STILWELL, - Chinese painting Techniques..
035868: CAMERON, JULIA MARGARET, - A Victorian Album..
022810: CAMMACK, FLOYD M. AND SHIRO SAITO, - Pacific Island Bibliography..
011974: CAMMACK, DIANA, - The Rand at War, 1899-1902; the Witwatersrand and the Anglo-Boer War..
015056: CAMMERMEYER, MARGARETHE, - Serving in Silence..
007217: CAMMIADE, AUDREY, - Franklin and the War of American Independence..
036991: CAMNER, JAMES, ED., - The Great Instrumentalists in Historic Photographs; 274 portraits from 1850 to 1950..
033431: CAMÕES, LUIZ DE, - The Lusiads..
031714: CAMP, JOHN M., - The Athenian Agora; Excavation in the Heart of Classical Athens..
031049: CAMPAGNAC, E. T., - The Cambrdige Platonists, being selections from the writings of Benjain Whichcoote, John Smith, and Nathanael Culverwel..
031128: CAMPAGNAC, E. T., - The Cambridge Platonists Being selections from the Writings of Benjamin Whichcote, John Smith and Nathanae Culverwel..
041035: CAMPBEL, JACKSON J. AND JAMES L. ROSIER, - Poems in Old English..
034162: CAMPBELL, LEWIS, - Tragic drama in Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Shakespeare; an Essay..
034147: CAMPBELL, OSCAR JAMES, - Comicall satyre and Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida..
011044: CAMPBELL, JOHN CAMPBELL, 1ST BARON, - The Lives of the Chief Justices of England..
025409: CAMPBELL, DAVID G., - The Crystal Desert; Summers in Antarctica..
026348: CAMPBELL, DENNIS M., - Authority and the Renewal of American Theology..
018484: CAMPBELL, MARGARET, - Dolmetsch; the Man and his Work..
018860: CAMPBELL, BRYN, - Exploring Photography..
027609: CAMPBELL, OSCAR JAMES, ED., - The Reader's Encyclopedia of Shakespeare..
029052: CAMPBELL, LILY B., - Divine Poetry and Drama in Sixteenth-Century England..
030253: CAMPBELL, OSCAR JAMES, - Comicall Satyre and Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida..
006613: CAMPBELL, RANDOLPH B. AND RICHARD G. LOWE, - Wealth and Power in Antebellum Texas..
031352: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH, - The Hero with a thousand Faces..
033070: CAMPBELL, GRACE, - La synphore dans La Jeune Parque de Paul Valéry..
042049: CAMPBELL, EDWARD FAY, JR, - The Chronology of the Amarna Letters with special Reference to the Hypothetical Coregency of Amenophis III and Akhenaten..
033020: CAMPBELL, JAMES, - Exiled in Paris; Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Samuel Beckett, and Others on the Left Bank..
036551: CAMPBELL, DAVID G., - The crystal Desert; Summers in Antarctica..
041999: CAMPINOS, JORGE, - A ditadura militar 1926/1933..
036535: CAMPION, SARAH, - Father; a portrait of G. G. Coulton at Home..
043349: CAMPO, MARTA, - Las monedas de la villa romana de La Olmeda..
042127: CAMUS, ALBERT, - Le Premier Homme..
040113: CAMUS, ALBERT., - Lettres à un ami Allemand..
022298: CANADAY, JOHN, - The lives of the Painters..
025849: CANADAY, JOHN, - The lives of the Painters..
021492: CANARIS, VOLKER, - Peter Zadek, Der Theatermann Und Filmemacher..
007613: CANBY, COURTLANDT, ED., - Lincoln and the Civil War; a Profile and a History..
032689: CANBY, PETER, - The Heart of the Sky; Travels Among the Maya..
002361: CANCIAN, FRANCESCA M., - Love in America; Gender and Self-Development..
032198: CANELLOS, PETER S., ED., - Last Lion; the Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy..
040781: CANETTI, ELIAS, - Komödie der Eitelkeit; Drama in drei Teilen..
025928: CANETTI, ELIAS, - Fritz Wotruba..
039784: CANETTI, ELIAS, - Die Provinz des Menschen; Aufzeichnungen 1942-1972..
025494: CANFIELD, GAE WHITNEY, - Sarah Winemucca of the Northern Paiutes..
006631: CANFIELD, D. LINCOLN, - East Meets West South of the Border; Essays on Spanish American Life and Attitudes..
037708: CANFIELD, MARY CASS, - Grotesques and Other Reflections..
009580: CANHAM, ERWIN D., - Commitment to Freedom; the Story of the Christian Science Monitor..
011046: CANNADINE, DAVID, - Aspects of Aristocracy; Grandeur and Decline in Modern Britain..
028311: CANNISTRARO, PHILIP V. AND BRIAN R. SULLIVAN, - Il Duce's Other Woman..
016804: CANNON, JOHN, ED., - A Dictionary of British History..
042436: CANNON, WILLIAM AUSTIN, - Botanical Features of the Algerian Sahara..
023596: CANNY, NICHOLAS, ED., - The Origins of Empire; British Overseas Enterprise to the Close of the Seventeenth Century..
1038: CANOVAN, MARGARET., - The political thought of Hannah Arendt...
043875: CANTALAMESSA, RANIERO, - Etica sessuale e matrimonio nel cristianesimo delle Origini..
022728: CANTARELLA, EVA, - Pandora's Daughters; the Role and Status of Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity..
021238: CANTELLO, FRANCESCO, - Tragedy and Other Ironies, Being a collection of verses and prose Writings..
041171: CANTERBERY, E. RAY, - Foreign Exchange, capital Flows, and Monetary Policy..
042461: CANTO-SPERBER, MONIQUE, - Moral Disquiet and Human Life..
043909: CANTOR, NORMAN F, - Church, Kingship, and Lay Investitute in England 1089-1135..
033628: CANTOR, NORMAN F., - In the Wake of the Plague; the Black Death and the World it Made..
010361: CANTOR, NORMAN F., - The Age of Protest; Dissent and Rebellion in the twentieth Century..
019017: CANTWELL, ROBERT, - Nathaniel Hawthorne; the AMerican Years..
031420: CAPEL, ANNE K. AND GLENN E. MARKOE, EDS., - Mistress of the House, Mistress of Heaven; Women in Ancient Egypt..
025771: CAPELLE, WILHELM, - Das alte Germanien; die Nachrichten der griechischen und römischen Schriftsteller..
039507: CAPELLE, CATHERINE, - Le voeu d'obéissance des origines au XIIe siècle; étude Juridique..
038326: CAPES, W. W, - Scenes or Rural Life in Hampshire Among the Manors of Bramshott..
035333: CAPISTRANO-BAKER, FLORINA H., ET AL, - Basketry of the Luzon Cordillera, Philippines..
013703: CAPITAN, W. H. AND D. D. MERRILL, EDS., - Art, Mind, and Religion; Proceedings of the 1965 Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy..
005252: CAPLAN, LIONEL, - Land and Social Change in East Nepal; a Study of Hindu-tribal Relations..
014306: CAPON, EDMUND, - Art and Archaeology in China..
012933: CAPON, EDMUND AND WILLIAM MACQUITTY, - Princes of Jade..
025359: CAPONE, ROBERTO, - Vini tipici e pregiati d'Italia..
024830: CAPONIGRI, A. ROBERT, - History and Liberty; the historical Writings of Benedetto Croce..
042893: CAPONIGRO, PAUL, - Paul Caponigro..
008182: CAPORALE, ROCCO AND ANTONIO GRUMELLI, EDS., - The Culture of Unbelief; Studies and Proceedings from the First International Sympoisum on Belief Held at Rome, March 22-27, 1969..
027030: CAPORASO, JAMES A. AND DAVID P. LEVINE, - Theories of political Economy..
022729: CAPOVILLA, GIOVANNI, - Callimaco..
041696: CAPPS, JACK L, - Emily Dickinson's Reading 1836-1886..
022841: CAPRON, WILLIAM M., ED., - Technological Change in Regulated Industries..
043308: CAPURRO, RAQUEL, - Le positivisme est un culte des morts: Auguste Comte..
033471: CAPUTI, ANTHONY, - John Marston, Satirist..
010378: CARACCIO, ARMAND, - Stendhal..
040195: CARACCIOLO, ALBERTO, ED, - La formazione dell'Italia industriale; discussioni e Ricerche..
035881: CARAFOLI, JOHN F, - Food Photography and Styling..
024955: CARAMAN, PHILIP, - Saint Angela; the life of Angela Merici foundress of the Ursulines (1474-1540)..
029204: CARANDINI, ANDREA, - Die Geburt Roms..
033928: CARAS, ROGER A., - North American Mammals; Fur-Bearing Animals of the United States and Canada..
022732: CARCOPINO, JÉROME, - Cicero: The Secrets of his Corespondence..
022731: CARCOPINO, JÉROME, - Les étapes De L'impérialisme Romain..
1039: CARCOPINO, JÉR“ME., - Les reliques de Saint Pierre à Rome...
038804: CARDAHI, CHOUCRI, - L'Académie Française devant la Foi..
014958: CARDINAL, CATHERINE, - The Watch from Its Origins to the XIXth Century..
034991: CARDINALE, JOSEPH, - The Size of the Universe..
042391: CARDOZO, MÁRIO, - Catálogo do Museu de Arqueologia da Sociedade Martins Sarmento. Secçã de Epigrafia Latina e de Escultura Antiga..
032866: CARDOZO, BENJAMIN N., - The Nature of the Judicial Process..
025772: CARDUCCI, CARLO, - Gold and Silver Treasures of Ancient Italy..
009725: CARDUS, NEVILLE, - Composers Eleven..
008715: CARELESS, J. M. S. AND R. CRAIG BROWN, EDS., - The Canadians, 1867-1967..
027811: CARELL, PAUL, - Verbrannte ERde; Schlact zwischen Wolga und Weichsel..
027812: CARELL, PAUL, - Unternehmen Barbarossa; der Marsch nach Russland..
038069: CARELLI, ANNE O'BRIEN, - Sex Equity in Education; readings and Strategies..
032652: CAREY, MATHEW, - An Address ot the Roman Catholics of the United States..
024138: CAREY, PATRICK W., - The Roman Catholics..
012784: CAREY JONES, N. S., - The Anatomy of Uhuru; Dynamics and Problems of African Independence in an Age of Conflict..
025128: CARIGNAN, MAURICE, - Individu et société chez Kierkegaard..
023749: CARL-MARDORF, WILHELM, - Die Lüneburger Heide..
006834: WOODWARD CARL R., - Plantation in Yankeeland; the Story of Cocumscussoc, Mirror of Colonial Rhode Island..
024794: CARLASSARE, ELIZABETH, - Dotcom Divas; E-Business Insights from the Visionary women Founders of 20 Net Ventures..
016774: CARLES, ÉMILIE, - A Life of Her Own; a Country-Woman in Twentieth-Century France..
032560: CARLETON, DUDLEY, - Dudley Carleton to John Chamberlain 1603-1924; Jacobean Letters..
041876: CARLI, GUIDO, - Intervista sul capitalismo Italiano..
042252: CARLIER, PIERRE, - Démosthène..
043061: CARLIN, EVA V, - A BErkeley Year; a Sheaf of Nature Essays..
042815: CARLINE, RICHARD, - Picture in the Post; the Story of the Picture Postcard and Its Place in the History of Popular Art..
020803: CARLISLE, OLGA ANDREYEV, - Under a New Sky; a Reunion with Russia..
015730: CARLOTTO, MARK J., - The Martian Enigmas; a Closer Look..
036813: CARLSON, R. F., ET AL, - North American Apples: Varieites, Rootstocks, Outlook..
042537: CARLSON, VICTOR I, - Matisse as a Draughtsman..
023446: CARLSON, PAUL H., ED., - The Cowboy Way; an Exploration of History and Culture..
021059: CARLSON, LELAND H. AND RONALD PAULSON, - English Satire; papers Read at a Clark Library Seminar, January 15, 1972...
025287: CARLSON, JOHN ROY, - Cairo to Damascus..
027079: CARLSON, RICHARD C., ET AL., - Energy Futures, Human Values, and Lifestyles. A New Look at the energy Crisis..
005849: CARLSON, HARRY G., - Strindberg and the Poetry of Myth..
028092: CARLSON, LELAND H., - Martin Marprelate, Gentleman: Master Job Throkmorton Laid Open in His Colors..
021636: CARLSON, PAUL H., - Deep Time and the Texas High Plains; History and Geology..
007448: CARLSON, PAUL H., ED., - The Cowboy Way; an Exploration of History and Culture..
030055: CARLSON, MARVIN, - Le théâtre de la Révolution Français..
034394: CARLSON, KATHIE, - Life's daughter/death's Bride; Inner Transformations through the Goddess Demeter/Persephone..
017790: CARLSON, OLIVER AND ERNEST SUTHERLAND BATES, - Hearst, Lord of San Simeon..
043616: CARLTON, CHARLES MERRITT, - A Linguistic Analysis of a collection of Late Latin Documents Composed in Ravenna Between A. D. 445-700; a Quantitative Approach..
040724: CARLTON, WILLIAM J, - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Library of Samuel Pepys. Part IV: Shorthand Books, with Biographical and Bibliographical Notes..
031033: CARLUCCIO, ANTONIO AND PRISCILLA CARLUCCIO, - Carluccio's Complete Italian Food..
011173: CARLYLE, THOMAS, - Letters of Thomas Crlyle to William Graham..
020476: CARLYLE, THOMAS, - Letters of Thomas Carlyle to William Graham..
020477: CARLYLE, THOMAS, - Thomas Carlyle; Letters to His Wife..
015332: CARLYLE, THOMAS, - The Letters of Thomas Carlyle to his Brother Alexander: With related Family Letters..
036683: CARLYLE, JANE WELSH, - Letters and memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle..
004233: CARMAN, J. NEALE, - A Study of the Pseudo-map Cycle of Arthurian Romance to Investigate Its Historico-Geographic Background and to Provide a Hypothesis as to Its Fabrication..
008992: CARMAN, HARRY J. AND ARTHUR W. THOMPSON, - A Guide to the Principal Sources for American Civilization, 1800-1900, in the City of New York: Manuscripts..
006662: CARMAN, W. Y., - British Military uniforms from Contemporary Pictures; Henry VII to the Present Day..
013425: CARMASSI, ARTURO, - Arturo Carmassi..
034988: CARMEAN, KELLI, - Creekside; an Archaeological Novel..
015183: CARMEN RAMIREZ, MARI, ED., - El Teller Torres-Garcia; the School of the South and Its Legacy..
023995: CARMICHAEL, JOEL, - An Illustrated History of Russia..
026206: CARMICHAEL, MONTGOMERY, - In Tuscany; Tuscan Towns, Tuscan Types, and the Tuscan Tongue..
027481: CARMICHAEL, ELIZABETH AND CHLOE SAYER, - The skeleton at the Feast; the Day of the Dead in Mexico..
027679: CARMICHAEL, ANN G. AND RICHARD M. RATZAN, EDS., - Medicine; a Treasury of Art and Literature..
036672: CARMICHAEL, MONTGOMERY, - In Tuscany; Tuscan Towns, Tuscan Types and the Tuscan Tongue..
029370: MUSÉE CARNAVALET, - Cinquante ans de mécénat; dons de la Société des Amis de Carnavalet et de ses membres; Ville de Paris, Musée Carnavalet, 2 juin-27 septembre 1981..
029551: MUSÉE CARNAVALET, - Dessins parisiens des XIXe et XXe Siècles..
029555: MUSÉE CARNAVALET, - Paris vu par les artistes japonais, Paris, Musée Carnavalet, 3 décembre 1985-2 février 1986..
029591: MUSÉE CARNAVALET, - L'Art de l'estampe et la Révolution Française..
1045: CARNEGY, PATRICK C. A., - The assurance of God..
030207: CARNEGY, PATRICK, - Wagner and the Art of the Theatre..
043226: CARNERO, GUILLERMO, - Ensayo de una teoria de la vision; poesia 1966-1977..
013781: CARNEY, JAMES D. AND RICHARD K. SCHEER, - Fundamentals of Logic..
022733: CARNOCHAN, W. B., - Gibbon's Solitude; the inward world of the Historian..
034307: CARNOY, MARTIN, - Faded Dreams; the Politics and Economics of Race in America..
035243: DE CARO, FRANK, - Folklife in Louisiana Photography; Images of Tradition..
006222: CAROE, ALBAN D. R., - Old Churches and Modern Craftsmanship..
027672: CAROLA, LESLIE CONRON, ED., - The Irish; a Treasury of Art and Literature..
015305: CARON, FRANÇOIS, - An Economic History of Modern France..
021340: CAROSSA, HANS, - Geheimnisse des reifen Lebens aus den Aufzeichnungen Angermanns..
021341: CAROSSA, HANS, - Der Arzt Gion; eine Erzählung..
021368: CAROSSA, HANS, - Das Jahr der schönen Täuschungen..
034574: CAROTI, STEFANO, - Giovanni da Venezia un tardoscolastico nelle Università Toscane..
014481: CARP, E. WAYNE, - Family Matters; Secrecy and Disclosure in the History of Adoption..
036106: CARPANETO, GIORGIO, - I palazzi di Roma..
019518: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY, - A Serious Character; the life of Ezra Pound..
023535: CARPENTER, ALLAN, - The Encyclopedia of the Far West..
008403: CARPENTER, RED GALEN, ED., - Delusions of Grandeur; the United Nations and Global Intervention..
026001: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY, - A Serious Character; the Life of Ezra Pound..
042440: CARPENTER, PATRICIA F. AND PAUL TOTAH, EDS, - The San Francisco Fair: Treasure Island 1939-1940..
026908: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY, - The Brideshead Generation; Evelyn Waugh and his Friends..
030009: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY, - Geniuses Together; American Writers in Paris in the 1920s..
036334: CARPENTER, RAY, - The Camera and the Craftsman; a travelling Exhibition of Photographs and Objects..
041354: CARPENTER, EDWIN H, - Printers and Publishers in Southern Clifornia 1850-1876; a Directory..
022422: CARR, EDWARD HALLETT, - What is History?..
027345: CARR, CALEB, - The Alienist..
034840: CARR, PAT, - One Page at a Time (on a Writing life)..
021603: CARR, JACQUELINE BARBARA, - After the Siege; a Social History of Boston 1775-1800..
029742: CARR, STEVEN ALAN, - Hollywood and Anti-Semitism; a Cultural History up to World War II..
042841: CARR, WILLIAM G, - John Swett; the Biography of an Educational Pioneer..
013628: CARRASCO, PEDRO, - Land and Polity in Tibet..
036712: LE CARRÉ, JOHN, - Absolute Friends..
014957: CARRERA, ROLAND, - Swatchissimo, 1981-1991; L'extrordinaire Aventure Swatch..
043485: CARRERA ANDRADE, JORGE, - Registro del mundo; antologia poetica 1922-1939..
021060: CARRETTA, VINCENT, - The Snarling Muse; verbal and Visual political satire from Pope to Churchill..
020261: CARRIÈRE, ANNE-LISE, - Cinq grandes odes de Paul Claudel; étude des Manuscrits..
013427: CARRIÈRE, EUGÈNE, - Eugène Carrière, 1849-1906; Seer of the Real..
004922: CARRINGTON, GEORG C., JR., - The Immense Complex Drama; the World and Art of the Howells Novel..
027839: CARRION, ARTURO MORALES, - Puerto Rico; a political and Cultural History..
004235: CARRO GARCIA, XESUS, - A Pelengrinaxe Ao Xacobe De Galicia..
038775: CARROLL, ANDREW, ED, - Behind the Lines; powerful and Revealing American and Foreign War Letters--and One Man's Search to Find Them..
036393: CARROLL, LEWIS, ED, - The Rectory Magazine..
009807: CARROLL, JOHN, - Sceptical Sociology..
023573: CARROLL, LEWIS, - Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice found There..
007255: CARROLL, JOHN ALEXANDER, ED., - Reflections of Western Historians..
017862: CARROLL, JOHN B., - The study of Language; a Survey of Linguistics and Related Disciplines in America..
028687: CARROLL, DIANE LEE, - Looms and textiles of the Copts; First Millenium Egyptian Textiles in the Carl Austin Rietz Collection of the California Academy of Sciences..
004752: CARROLL, HOLBERT N., - The House of Representatives and Foreign Affairs..
042682: CARROLL, LEWIS, - Sylvia and Bruno Concluded..
036824: CARROLL, LEWIS, - Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark Illustrated By Henry Holiday..
021613: CARRON, JEAN-CLAUDE, ED., - François Rabelais..
038252: CARROTT, RICHARD G, - The Egyptian Revival; Its Sources, Monuments, and Meaning 1808-1858..
035160: CARRYL, GUY WETMORE, - Fables for the Frivolous (with Apologies to La Fontaine)..
007137: CARSE, ROBERT, - Ports of Call..
030210: CARSE, ADAM, - The Orchestra in the XVIIIth Century..
041026: CARSON, THOMAS, ED, - Barbarosa in Italy..
022442: CARSON, RACHEL, - The edge of the Sea..
012603: CARSON, RACHEL, - The Edge of the Sea..
040951: CARSON, ANNE, - Nox..
007139: CARSON, GERALD, - The Polite Americans; 300 Years of More or Less Good Behaviour..
035484: CARSON, GERALD, - Rum and Reform in Old New England..
040491: CARSON, RACHEL L., - The Sea Around Us..
025627: CARTARIUS, ULRICH, - Deutscher Widerstand 1933-1945; Opposition Gegen Hitler..
035830: CARTER, ANGELA, - Bruning Your Boats; the Collected short Stories..
023311: CARTER, VIOLET BONHAM, - Winston Churchill; an Intimate Portrait..
022734: CARTER, HOWARD, - The Tomb of Tutankhamen..
018994: CARTER, LUTHER J., - Nuclear Imperatives and public Trust; Dealing with Radioactive Waste..
016420: CARTER, PAUL A., - Another Part of the Twenties..
005963: CARTER, SAMUEL, III, - The Last Cavaliers; Confederate and Union Cavalry in the Civil War..
020172: CARTER, JIMMY, - An hour before Daylight; Memories of a Rural Boyhood..
006004: CARTER, MORRIS, - Isabella Stewart Gardner and Fenway Court..
005062: CARTER, GWENDOLEN M., ET AL., - South Africa's Transkei; the Politics of Domestic Colonialism..
037085: CARTER, DAVID E., ED, - Company Uniforms..
035938: CARTER, JOHN, - Victorian Fiction; an exhibition of original Editions at 7 Albemarle Street, London, January to February 1947..
011976: CARTER, HODDING, - Doomed Road of Empire; the Spanish Trail of Conquest..
037067: CARTER, ANNIE BURNHAM, - In an herb Garden..
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036530: CHAPPLE, JOE MITCHELL, - "We'll stsick to the Finish!" "C'est La guerre" (It is the war)...
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025470: CLAASSEN, LYNDA COREY, - Finders' Guide to Prints and Drawings in the SMithsonian Institution..
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011718: CLAGETT, MARSHALL, ED., - Critical Problems in the History of Science..
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010970: CLARKE, M. L., - Rhetoric at Rome; a hsitorical Survey..
035221: CLARKE, SUSANNA, - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell..
028322: CLARKE, DOROTHY CLOTELLE, - Allegory, Decalogue, and Deadly Sins in La Celestina..
003275: CLARKE, GRAHAME, - World Prehistory; an Outline..
020146: CLARKE, M. V., - Fourteenth Century Studies..
009005: CLARKE, GERALD, - Capote; a Biography..
021266: CLARKE, COLIN G., - Kingston, Jamaica; urban development and Social Change, 1691-1962..
030670: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT, - Blue and Bliss; the Poetry of George Elliott Clarke..
011066: CLARKE, EDWARD, - Benjamin Disraeli; the Romance of a great Career, 1804-1881..
032219: CLARKE, JEANNE NIENABER AND DANIEL MCCOOL, - Staking out the Terrain; Power Differentials Among Natural Resource Management Agencies..
041496: CLARKE, M. L, - Rhetoric at Rome; a Historical Survey..
039509: CLARKE, GEORGE HERBERT, ED, - A Treasury of War poetry; British and American Poems of the World War 1914-1917. First Series..
038120: CLARKE, WILLIAM, - The Lost fortune of the Tsars..
012598: CLARKE, M. V., - The Medieval City State; an Essay on Tyranny and Federation in the Later Middle Ages..
004824: CLARKSON, JESSE D., - A History of Russia..
012459: CLARKSON, ROSETTA E., - Green Enchantment; the Magic Spell of Gardens..
007243: CLARY, WILLIAM W., - The Claremont Colleges; a History of the Development of the Claremont Group Plan..
002936: CLASSEN, C. JOACHIM, - Sprachliche Deutung Als Triebkraft Platonischen Und Sokratischen Philosophierens..
013787: CLASSSEN, C. JOACHIM, - Sprachliche Deutung Als Triebkraft Platonischen Und Sokratischen Philosophierens..
027950: CLAUDE-PIERRE, PEGGY, - The Secret Language of Eating Disorders; the Revolutionary New Approach to Understanding and Curing Anorexia and Bulimia..
006990: CLAUDEL, PAUL, - The Correspondence, 1899-1926, Bewtween Paul Claudel and André Gide..
029981: CLAUDEL, PAUL AND ANDRÉ GIDE, - The Correspondence 1899-1926 Between Paul Claudel and André Gide..
029818: CLAUDEL, PAUL AND ANDRÉ GIDE, - Correspondance 1899-1926..
029197: CLAUDI, GIOVANNI MARIA, - La Rocca di Sassoferrato; sec. XIV..
026873: , ALBA CLAUDIA, - Irony in Juvenal..
035736: CLAUDINO, SALVATO, - Dicionário de Nomes Próprios..
043505: CLAUSEN, WENDELL, - A Commentary on Virgil's First Eclogue..
040439: CLAVERIA, CARLOS, - Estudios Hispano-Suecos..
040248: CLAWSON, MARION, ED, - Natural Resources and international Development..
039953: CLAWSON, MARION, ET AL, - Land for the Future..
019781: CLAWSON, H. PHELPS, - By Their Works, illustrated from the Collections in the Buffalo Museum of Science..
025266: CLAY, ALBERT T., - Neo-Babylonian letters from Erech..
015094: CLAY, JEAN, - Modern Art, 1890-1918..
015095: CLAY, JEAN, - From Impressionism to Modern Art..
019358: CLAY, JASON W. AND BONNIE K. HOLCOMB, - Politics and the Ethiopian Famine 1984-1985..
017667: CLAYTON, LAWRENCE, - Benjamin Capps and the South Plains; a literary Relationship..
017410: CLAYTON, ROBERT ALAN, - Quiet Pride; Ageless Wisdom of the American West..
030922: CLAYTON, WALLACE, - The Growth of a Great Museum; an Informal History of the Detroit Institute of Arts..
041588: CLAYTON, MURIEL, - Catalogue of Rubbings of brasses and Incised Slabs..
024815: CLEBSCH, WILLIAM A., - From sacred to Profane America; the Role of Religion in American History..
024816: CLEBSCH, WILLIAM A., - American religious Thought; a History..
028101: CLEBSCH, WILLIAM A., - England's Earliest Protestants 1520-1535..
028102: CLEBSCH, WILLIAM A., - From Sacred to Profane America; the role of Religion in American History..
011067: CLEGG, H. A., - The System of industrial Relations in Great Britain..
032623: CLEMEN, WOLFGANG, - Kommentar zu Shakespeares Richard III. Interpretation eines Dramas..
024814: CLEMEN, CARL, - Religionsgeschichtliche Erklärung des Neuen Testaments; die Abhängigkeit des ältesten Christentums von nichtjüdischen Religionen und philosophischen Systemen zusammenfassend Untersucht..
040937: CLEMEN, W. H, - The Development of Shakespeare's Imagery..
033168: CLEMEN, WOLFGANG H., - The development of Shakespeare's Imagery..
033158: CLEMEN, WOLFGANG, - Shakespeare's Dramatic Art; Collected Essays..
040962: CLEMENCEAU, GEORGES, - Grandeurs et misères d'une Victoire..
042087: CLEMENS, SAMUEL, - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn..
023416: CLEMENS, SAMUEL L., - The Art, Humor and Humanity of Mark Twain..
026340: CLEMENS, SAMUEL, - The Innocents Abroad; or, the New pilgrims' Progress..
015712: CLEMENS, WALTER C., JR., - Baltic Independence and Russian Empire..
032981: CLÉMENT, DANIÈLE AND WOLF THÜMMEL, - Grundzüge einer Syntax der deutschen Standardsprache..
011995: CLEMENTS, CHARLES, - Witness to War; an American Doctor in El Salvador..
028103: CLEMENTS, KEITH, - Friedrich Schleiermacher, Pioneer of Modern Theology..
009231: CLEMENTS, WILLIAM M., ED., - Native American Folklore in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals..
012609: CLENCH, WILLIAM J., ED., - Johnsonia: Monographs of the Marine Mollusks of the Western Atlantic..
012739: CLENDENEN, CLARENCE, - Americans in Africa, 1865-1900..
001752: CLENDINNEN, INGA, - Aztecs; an Interpretation..
042513: CLÉRAMBAULT, LOUIS-NICOLAS, - Cantates françaises mêlées de symphonies: Second livre (Paris, 1713)..
040490: CLERGUE, LUCIEN, - The Intimate Picasso, January 10-March 21, 2009..
043603: CLES-REDEN, SIBYLLE VON, - Les Étrusques..
029208: CLES-REDEN, SIBYLLE VON, - Die Spur der Zyklopen; Werden und Weg einer ersten Weltreligion..
011714: CLEUGH, JAMES, - Secret Enemy; the Story of a Disease..
029831: CLIFTON-MOGG, CAROLINE, - The Neoclassical Source Book..
040741: CLIFTON, CARR, - California, Magnificent Wilderness..
007511: CLIFTON, RITA AND ESTHER MAUGHAN, EDS., - The Future of Brands; Twenty-five Visions...
035844: CLIFTON, CLAIRE AND COLIN SPENCER, EDS, - The Faber Book of Food..
039467: CLINE, SALLY, - Radclyffe Hall; a woman Called John..
007071: CLINE, HOWARD F., - Mexico; Revolution to Evolution, 1940-1960..
041312: CLINGHAM, GREG, ED, - Sustaining Literature; Essays on Literature, History, and Culture, 1500-1800 Commemorating the Life and Work of Simon Varey..
041253: CLISSOLD, STEPHEN, ED, - A Short history of Yugoslavia from Early Times to 1966..
022585: CLIVE, JOHN, - Not By Fact Alone; Essays on the writing and Reading of History..
028699: CLIVE, MARY, - This Sun of York; a Biography of Edward IV..
005803: CLOETE, STUART, - A Victorian Son; an Autobiography, 1897-1922..
035095: CLOGAN, PAUL MAURICE, ED, - Medievalia et Humanistica; Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Culture. New Series: Number 22: Diversity..
035093: CLOGAN, PAUL MAURICE, ED, - Medievalia et Humanistica; Studies in Medieval & Renaissance Culture. New Series: Number 18: Spectrum..
035094: CLOGAN, PAUL MAURICE, ED, - Medievalia et Humanistica; Studies in Medieval & Renaissance Culture. New Series: Number 19: Renaissance and Discovery..
041147: CLOGG, RICHARD AND GEORGE YANNOPOULS, EDS, - Greece Under Military Rule..
036246: CLOQUET, JEAN-BAPTISTE-ANTOINE, - Nouveau traité élémentaire de perspective à l'usage des artistes et des personnes qui s'occupent du dessin, précédé des premières notions de la géometrie élémentaire, de la géometrie descriptive, de l'optique et de la projection des Ombres..
041673: CLOSS, A. AND W. F. MAINLAND, - German Lyrics of the Seventeenth Century; a Miscellany..
024594: CLOTFELTER, CHARLES T., - After Brown; the rise and retreat of School Desegragation..
029681: CLOUARD, HENRI, - Histoire de la littérature française du symbolisme à nos Jours..
024801: CLOUD, W. F., - Church and State or Mexican politics from Cortez to Dias. Under X Rays..
032232: CLOUD, PRESTON, - Oasis in Space; Earth history from the Beginning..
015327: CLOUD, PRESTON, - Cosmos, Earth, and Man; a Short history of the Universe..
000050: CLOUGH, SHEPARD B, - The Economic Development of Western Civilization..
042478: CLOVER, CAROL J, - The medieval Saga..
039828: CLOWES, F. A. L, - Apical Meristems..
042370: ARTS CLUB, - N'en parlons Plus! Excerpts from Divers Papers & chronicles of the Arts Club 1937-1938..
037354: SOMERSET CLUB, - The Somerset Club Cook Book..
003627: CADILLAC LASALLE CLUB, - The Self-Starter..
012936: CLUBB, O. EDMUND, - China & Russia; the "great game"...
012599: CLUCAS, LOWELL, - The Byzantine Legacy in Eastern Europe..
026938: CLUM, JOHN M., - Acting Gay; Male Homosexuality in modern Drama..
007632: M'CLUN G, JOHN A., - Sketches of Western Adventure Containing an Account of the Most Interesting Incidents Connected with the Settlement of the West, from 1755- to 1794..
015008: CLUNES, ALEC, - The British Theatre..
011068: CLUNN, HAROLD P., - The Face of London..
027521: CLUTTON, CECIL, ET AL., EDS., - Britten's Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makerks; a history of styles in Clocks and Watches and Their Mechanisms..
002082: CLYNE, MICHAEL, - Perspectives on Language contact Based on a Study of German in Australia..
043453: BABCOCK & WILCOX CO, - Steam; Its generation and Use with Catalogue of the manufactures of the Babcock & Wilcox Co, 85 Liberty St., New York, and Babcock & Wilcom, Limited, Oriel House, Farringdon St., London..
040920: TAKENAKA KOMUTEN CO., - The Design Works of Takenaka Komuten..
035290: WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE CO., - The LN passenger car brake Equipment (type L Triple valve)..
014534: COALE, ANSLEY J. AND MELVIN ZELNIK, - New Estimates of Fertility and Population in the United States; a Study of Annual White Births from 1855 to 1960 and of Completeness of Enumeration in the census from 1880 to 1960..
026249: COARELLI, FILIPPO, - Greek and Roman Jewelery..
001812: COATES, HENRY, - Palestrina..
021064: COATES, IRENE, - Who's Afraid of Leonard Woolf? A case for the Sanity of Virginia Woolf..
024146: COATS, GEORGE W., - Rebellion in the Wilderness; the Murmuring Motif in the wilderness Traditions of the Old Testament..
036412: COATSWORTH, EMERSON AND DAVID COATSWORTH, COMP, - The Adventures of Nanabush; Ojibway Indian Stories..
015554: COBB, R. C., - The Police and the Poeple French Popular Protest, 1789-1820..
011996: COBB, DAVID, - The Making of a War Artist. David Cobb: The Falklands Paintings..
018759: COBB, WILLIAM T., - The Strenuous Life; the "Oyster Bay" Roosevelts in business and Finance..
028104: COBB, JOHN B., JR., ED., - The Theology of Altizer; Critique and Response..
029967: COBB, RICHARD, - Paris and its Provinces 1792-1802..
005165: COBBAN, ALFRED, - Aspects of the French Revolution..
005722: COBBAN, ALFRED, - In Search of Humanity; the Role of the Enlightenment in Modern History..
348: COBBAN, ALAN B., - The King's Hall within the University of Cambridge in the later Middle Ages ...
035724: COBBETT, WILLIAM, - Advice to Young Men..
017114: COBLENTZ, WILLIAM WEBER, - From the life of a Researcher..
033669: COBO BORDA, JUAN GUSTAVO, - Repertorio criticio sobre Gabriel Garcia Marquez..
036506: COBURN, F. D, - Swine Husbandry. A Practical manual for the Breeding, Rearing and Management of Swine, with Suggestions as to the prevention and Treatment of Their Diseases..
018858: COCHLAEUS, JOHANNES, - Commentaria...de Actis et Scriptis Martini Lutheri Saxonis, Chronographice, Ex ordine Ab Anno M.D.XVII. Usque Annum M.D. XVLI. Inclusive Fideliter Conscripta..
007858: COCHRAN, MIKE AND JOHN LUMPKIN, - West Texas; a Portrait of Its People and Their Raw and Wondrous Land..
012072: COCHRANE, ERIC W., - Tradition and Enlightenment in the Tuscan Academies 1690-1800..
037672: COCKBURN, HENRY, - Memorials of his Time..
011657: COCKBURN, J. S., ED, - Western Circuit Assize Orders, 1969-1948; a Calendar..
016737: COCKER, MARK, - Loneliness and Time; the Story of British travel Writing..
011997: COCKLE, MAURICE J. D., - A Bibliography of Military Books Up to 1642..
019522: COCKSHUT, A. O. J., - Anthony Trollope; a critical Study..
021610: COCKSHUT, A. O. J., - The Achievement of Walter Scott..
006892: COCKSHUT, A. O. J., - The Art of Autobiography in 19th and 20th Century England..
041778: COCROFT, SUSANNA, - Poise and Symmetry of Figure..
042644: COCTEAU, JEAN, - Opéra; oeuvres poétiques 1925-1927..
042085: CODDINGTON, GRACE, ED, - The Snippy World of New Yorker fashion Artist Michael Roberts..
043261: CODY, JOHN V, - Horace and Callimachean Aesthetics..
019355: CODY, PAT AND FRED CODY, - Cody's Books; the life and times of a Berkeley Bookstore, 1956 to 1977..
022028: COE, MICHAEL D., - The Maya..
036077: COE, BRIAN AND PAUL GATES, - The Snapshot Photograph; the rise of Popular Photography, 1888-1939..
043124: COE, WILLIAM R. AND WILLIAM A. HAVILAND, - Introduction to the Archaeology of Tikal, Guatemala..
041925: COELHO, MARIO BAPTISTA, - Portugal; o sistema politico e consitucional 1974-87..
018497: COEUROY, ANDRÉ, - Les lieder De Schubert..
032847: COFER, C. N. AND M. H. APPLEY, - Motivation: Theory and Research..
011999: COFFEY, THOMAS M., - Imperial Tragedy; Japan in World War II. The first Days and the Lasts..
005200: COFFEY, PETER, - The Social Economy of France..
032028: COFFEY, TIMOTHY, - The History and Folklore of North American Wildflowers..
028206: COFFMAN, TAYLOR, - Hearst Castle; the Story of William Randolph Hearst and San Simeon..
005551: COFFMAN, STANLEY K., JR., - Imagism; a Chapter for the History of Modern Poetry..
023590: COFFREY, DAVID J., - The Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fishes in Color..
024802: COGNET, LOUIS, - Post-Reformation Spirituality..
032234: COGNIAT, RAYMOND, - The Century of the Impressionists..
032362: COHEN, KENNETH "BEAR HAWK, - Honoring the Medicine; the essential Guide Ot Native American Healing..
033364: COHEN, G. A., - Karl Marx's Theory of History; a Defence..
041187: COHEN, BENJAMIN J, - Adjustment Costs and the Distribution of New Reserves..
016910: COHEN, STEPHEN F., - Rethinking the Soviet Experience; Politics and History Since 1917..
022978: COHEN, NAOMI W., - American Jews and the Zionist Idea..
012000: COHEN, JOSEPH, - Journey to the Trenches; the Life of Isaac Rosenberg, 1890-1918..
023350: COHEN, BERNARD C., - The political process and Foreign Policy; the making of the Japanese Peace Settlement..
023361: COHEN, LEAH HAGER, - Glass, Paper, Beans; Revelation on the nature and Value of Ordinary Things..
036124: COHEN, MORTON N, - Reflections in a Looking Glass; a centennial Celebration of Lewis Carroll, Photographer..
014426: COHEN, ARTHUR A., - Artists & Enemies: Three Novellas..
1064: COHEN, MORRIS R., - The meaning of human history...
025130: COHEN, HERMANN, - Der Begriff der Religion im System der Philosophie..
025131: COHEN, HERMANN, - Die dichterische Phantasie und der Mechanismus des Bewußseins..
025138: COHEN, MORRIS RAPHAEL, - Reason and Law; Studies in Juristic Philosophy..
036197: COHEN, TONY, - The Tattoo..
013789: COHEN, G. A., - Karl Marx's Theory of History..
025934: COHEN, JOAN LEBOLD, - The New Chinese Painting 1949-1986..
026430: COHEN, MILTON A., - Poet and Painter; the Aesthetics of E. E. Cummings's early Work..
012738: COHEN, DAVID WILLIAM, - Womunafu's Bunafu; a Study of Authority in a Nineteenth-Century African Community..
010877: COHEN, STEPHEN F., - Sovieticus; American Perceptions and Soviet Realities..
007146: COHEN, MITCHELL AND DENNIS HALE, EDS., - The New Student Left; an Anthology..
009677: COHEN, BERNARD, - Sociocultural Changes in American Jewish Life as Reflected in Selected Jewish Literature..
014998: COHEN, WARREN I., - The Chinese Connection: Roger S. Greene, Thomas W. Lamont, George E. Sokolsky and American-East Asian Relations..
017998: COHEN, L. JONATHAN, - The implications of Induction..
005307: COHEN, STEPHEN P., - The Indian Army; Its Contribution to the Development of a Nation..
006876: COHEN, MORTON, ED, - Rudyard Kipling to Rider Haggard; the Record of a Friendship..
020817: COHEN, I. BERNARD, - Benjamin Franklin; His Contribution to the American Tradition..

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