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044537: Tilander, Gunnar - Mélanges D'étymologie Cynégétique
034183: Tilberg, Frederick - Gettysburg; National Military Park, Pennsylvania
020706: Tilden, Samuel J. - Letters and Literary Memorials of Samuel J. Tilden
053030: Tillet, Louise-Marie - Bretagne Romane
047194: Tilley, Arthur - The Dawn of the French Renaissance
033769: Tilley, Arthur - The Decline of the Age of Louis XIV or, French Literature 1687-1715
032509: Tilley, Arthur - Molière
051671: Tillich, Paul - In Der Tiefe Ist Wahrheit; Religiöse Reden
028555: Tillich, Paul - Against the Third Reich; Paul Tillich's Wartime Addresses to Nazi Germany
014157: Tillich, Paul - Perspectives on 19th and 20th Century Protestant Theology
045617: Tillmann, Norbert - Das Wasser Bis Zum Hals!" Gestalt, Geschichte Dnd Theologie Des 69. Psalms
005831: Tillotson, Geoffrey - Pope and Human Nature
051183: Tillyard, H. J. W. - Handbook of the Middle Byzantine Musical Notation
034106: Tillyard, E. M. W. - The Elizabethan World Picture
034010: Tillyard, E. M. W. - Shakespeare's Last Plays
032546: Tillyard, E. M. W. - Shakespeare's History Plays
049839: Tillyard, E. M. W. - Shakespeare's Problem Plays
023616: Tillyard, Stella - Citizen Lord; the Life of Edward Fitzgerald, Irish Revolutionary
044879: Tilman, H. W. - . W. Tilman; the Seven Mountain-Travel Books
010689: Tilton, Timothy Alan - Nazism, Neo-Nazism, and the Peasantry
041073: Cornell, Tim and John Matthews - Atlas of the Roman World
034870: Tingle, Tim and Doc Moore - More Spooky Texas Tales
021638: Tingle, Tim and Doc Moore - Spooky Texas Tales
011216: Heald, Tim and Mayo Mohs - H.R. H. , the Man Who Will Be King
047156: Timberlake, MIchael Ed - Urbanization in the World-Economy
052007: Timelli, Maria Colombo - Traductions Françaises de L'Ars Minor de Donat Au Moyen Age (Xiiie-Xve Siècles)
011632: Timmis, John H., III - Thine Is the Kingdom; the Trial for Treason of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, First Minister to King Charles I, and Last Hope of the English Crown
037090: Tims, Barbara, Ed - Food in Vogue from Boulestin to Boxer
036691: Tinbergen, Niko - Bird Life
012668: Tinbergen, N. - The Study of Instinct
045550: Tindall, Gillian - Célestine; Voices from a French Village
008023: Tindall, George Brown - The Persistent Tradition in New South Politics
004674: Tinder, Glenn - The Political Meaning of Christianity; an Interpretation
005199: Tint, Herbert - The Decline of French Patriotism, 1870-1940
019951: Tinterow, Gary - Master Drawings by Picasso
016466: Tirard, Paul - La France Sur le Rhin; Douze Années D'Occupation Rhénane
052992: Tischbein, Johann Heinrich - Fürstliches Jagen; Sechzehn Farbtafeln Nach Gemälden Von Johann Heinrich Tischbein D.ä.
026306: Tischner, Herbert - Kunst Der Südsee
023944: Le Tissier, Tony - Patton's Pawns; the 94th Us Infantry Division at the Siegfried Line
022547: Titchmarsh, E. C. - The Theory of Functions
044873: Titcomb, Margaret - Native Use of Fish in Hawaii
035149: Titcomb, Caldwell, Ed - The Art of Fine Words; Offering in Honor of Arthur H. Hopkins
051167: Tixeront, L.-J - Les Origines de L'église D'édesse Et la Légende D'Abgar; étude Critique Suivie de Deux Textes Orientaux inédits
024427: Tizi, Vincenzo - Vita Del P. Benvenuto Bambozzi
052325: Tjerneld, Håkan - Moamin Et Ghatrif; Traités de Fauconnerie Et Des Chiens de Chasse
022527: Tobin, James - Asset Accumulation and Economic Activity; Reflections on Contemporary Macroeconomic Theory
007049: Tobin, Agnes - Agnes Tobin: Letters, Translations, Poems, with Some Account of Her Life
038217: Toda, Kenji - Japanese Scroll Painting
036663: Todd, Ruthven - Tracks in the Snow; Studies in English Science and Art
035427: Todd, Pamela - The Arts and Crafts Companion
024428: Todd, John M. - Luther; a Life
020504: Sandler, Todd and Keith Hartley - The Political Economy of Nato; Past, Present, and Into the 21st Century
003506: Todd, Ian A. - Vasilikos Valley Project 1: The Bronze Age Cemetery in Kalavasos Village
052221: Jacopone da Todi - Laude
023840: Todorov, Tzvetan - Theories of the Symbol
019649: Toesca, Maurice - The Other George Sand
032575: Toffanin, Giuseppe - IL Cinquecento
016215: Toffefson, James W. - The Strength Not to Fight; an Oral History of Consientious Objectors of the Vietnam War
052319: Tokarskii, Nikolai Mikhailovich - Po Strnjtam Istorii Armianskoi Arxitektury
026004: Toklas, Alice B. - Staying on Alone; Letters of Alice B. Toklas
045331: Toksvig, Signe - Emanuel Swedenborg, Scientist and Mystic
037821: Tokutomi, Kenjiro - Nami-Ko, a Realistic Novel
051270: Tolan, John V. - Saracens; Islam in the Medieval European Imagination
051256: Tolan, John V. - Les Sarrasins; L'Islam Dans L'Imagination Européenne Au Moyen Age
016214: Toland, John - No Man's Land; 1918, the Last Year of the Great War
050097: Toldberg, Helge - Grundtvig Som Filolog
018553: Toledano, Ralph De, Ed - Frontiers of Jazz
035760: Toles, Tom - Mr. Gazoo; a Cartoon History of the Reagan Era
006125: Tollemache, Lionel A. - Gladstone's Boswell; Late Victorian Conversations
002319: Tollenaere, F. De - Alfabetische of Ideologische Lexicografie
036210: Tolles, Frederick B. - George Logan of Philadelphia
010440: Tolley, Howard R. - The Farmer Citizen at War
035580: Lakoff, Robin Tolmach and Raquel L. Scherr - Face Value; the Politics of Beauty
027115: Tolman, Richard C. - Relativity Thermodynamics and Cosmology
019935: Lison-Tolosana, Carmelo - Belmonte de Los Caballeros; a Sociological Study of a Spanish Town
030301: Tolson, Jay - Pilgrim in the Ruins; a Life of Walker Percy
041337: Tolstoi, Lev - Voina I Mir
043257: Tolstoy, Lev H. - Voina I Mir
042167: Tolstoy, Aleksey Nikolayevich - Giperboloid Ingenera Garina; Aelita
026933: Tolstoy, Lev - Selections
005596: Sukhotin-Tolstsoy, Tatiana - The Tolstoy Home; Diaries of Tatiana Sukhotin-Tolstoy
050527: Tolzmann, Don Heinrich - German-American Literature
047844: Van Leeuwen, Tom and Anna Kersting - The Dutch Republic in the Days of John Adams
043750: Evans, Tom and Mary Anne Evans - Shunga; the Art of Love in Japan
035077: Stankowicz, Tom and Marie Jackson - The Museum of Bad Art; Art Too Bad to Be Ignored
034875: Bryant, Tom and Joel Bernstein - A Taste of Texas Ranching; Cooks and Cowboys
013616: Holzel, Tom and Audrey Salkeld - First on Everest: The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine
009276: Mahoney, Tom and Leonard Sloane - The Great Merchants; America's Foremost Retail Institutions and the People Who Made Them Great
016344: Tomain, Joseph P. - Nuclear Power Transformation
040641: Tomalin, Claire - Samuel Pepys; the Unequalled Self
005643: Tomalin, Claire - The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft
049749: Tomalin, Claire - The Invisible Woman; the Sotry of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens
002321: Toman, J. - Kuls; Kartei Unveröffentlichter Linguistischer Arbeiten Zur Deutschen Sprache Der Gegenwart
052830: Hägg, Tomas and Philip Rousseau, Eds - Greek Biography and Panegyric in Late Antiquity
051582: Tombeur, Paul - Raoul de Saint-Trond: Gesta Abbatum Trudonensium. Livre IX, Index Verborum, Relevés Statistiques
031035: Tomchuk, Marjorie - M. Tomchuk: Graphic Work 1962-1989
014218: Tomchuk, Marjorie - M. Tomchuk; Graphic Work, 1962-1898
020574: Tomkeieff, O. G. - Life in Norman England
048283: Tomkins, Oliver S., Ed - The Third World Conference on Faith and Order, Held at Lund, August 15th to 28th, 1952
014557: Tomkins, Calvin - Merchants and Masterpieces; the Story of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
047991: Tomlinson, Richard - The Athens of Alma Tadema
044553: Tomlinson, Gary - Monteverdi and the End of the Renaissance
038375: Tomlinson, Gary - Monteverdi and the End of the Renaissance
030879: Tomlinson, T. B. - A Study of Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy
871: Tomlinson, Amanda - The Mediaeval Face
016854: Tomnovec, Ida Allen - The Building of the Wall of China; a Novel
051775: Tomos, Davydd - Michael Faraday in Wales Including Faraday's Journal of His Tour Through Wales in 1819
034281: Tompkins, Peter - Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids
016218: Tompkins, Stuart Ramsay - The Secret War, 1914-1918
016217: Tompkins, Peter - The Murder of Admiral Darian; a Study in Conspiracy
015004: Tompkins, John S. - The Weapons of Wold War III; the Long Road Back from the Bomb
005702: Tompkins, Stuart Ramsay - The Triumph of Bolshevism; Revolution or Reaction
005430: Tomsich, John - A Genteel Endeavor; American Culture and Politics in the Gilded Age
006548: Tonkin, John - The Church and the Secular Order in Reformation Thought
051935: Tonutti, Bonaventura - Mariologia Dionysii Cartusiani (1402-1471)
037887: Mackertich, Tony and Peter Mackertich - Facade; a Decade of British and American Commercial Architecture
026869: Toobin, Jeffrey - A Vast Conspiracy; the Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President
032089: Toogood, Malcolm - Porsche Catalogs; a Visual Hsitory from 1948 to the Present Day
019891: Toohey, John - Captain Bligh's Portable Nightmare
005871: Tooker, Elva - Nathan Trotter, Philadelphia Merchant 1787-1853
047043: O'Toole, Garson - Hemingway Didn't Say That; the Truth Behind Familiar Quotations
032485: Toole, William B. - Shakespeare's Problem Plays; Studies in Form and Meaning
015976: O'Toole, G. J. A. - Honorable Treachery; a History of U. S> Intelligence, Espionage, and Covert Action from the American Revolution to the Cia
009126: Toole, K. Ross - The Rape of the Great Plains; Northwest America, Cattle and Coal
007338: Toole, K. Ross - Twentieth-Century Montana; a State of Extremes
045500: Tooley, R. V. - Maps and Map-Makers
032166: Topham, Anne - A Distant Thunder; Intimate Recollections of the Kaiser's Court
042827: Toporisic, Joze - Slovenski Knjizni Jezik
010691: Topritzhofer, Edgar - Absatzwirtschaftliche Modelle Des Kaufentscheidungsprozesses Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Des Markenwahlaspektes
048484: Topsfield, L. T. - Troubadours and Love
045777: Topsfield, L. T. - Chrétien de Troyes; a Study of the Arthurian Romances
049847: Tord, Luis Enrique - Jorge Vinatea Reinoso
032824: Torgovnick, Marianna - Gone Primitive; Savage Intellects, Modern Lives
031217: Torgovnick, Marianna - Primitive Passions; Men, Women, and the Quest for Ecstasy
052934: Amos, Tori and Ann Powers - Tori Amos: Piece by Piece. A Portrait of the Artist: Her Thoughts, Her Conversations
024429: Törnvall, Gustaf - Geistliches Und Weltliches Regiment Bei Luther; Studien Zu Luthers Weltbild Und Gesellschaftsverständnis
028520: University of Toronto - Toward Community in University Government; Report of the Commission on the Government of the University of Toronto
001711: Torrey, Charles C. - Gold Coins of Khokand and Bukhara
028016: Torrey, E. Fuller - Schizophrenia and Mani-Depressive Disorder; the Biological Roots of Mental Illness As Revealed by the Landmark Study of Identical Twins
019653: Torrey, E. Fuller - The Roots of Treason; Ezra Pound and the Secrets of St. Elizabeths
021098: Blomquist, Torsten and Werner Vögelin - A Gastronomic Tour of the Scandinavian Arctic
029090: Torti, Anna - The Glass of Form; Mirroring Structures from Chaucer to Skalton
043080: Toscani, Claudio - Pietro Gnocchi E la Musica a Brescia Nel Settecento, Brescia, 20 Ottobre 2007
039630: Tostlebe, Alvin S. - The Growth of Physical Capital in Agriculture, 1870-1950
009932: Toth, Karl - Wien Und Der Wienerwald: Wiener Becken, Semmering Und Wachau
011527: Touhill, Blanche M. - William Smith O'Brien and His Irish Revolutionary Companions in Penal Exile
043490: Cerquiglini-Toulet, Jacqueline - The Color of Melancholy; the Uses of Books in the Fourteenth Century
034561: Toulgouat, Pierre - Voisinage Et Solidarité Dans L'Europe Du Moyen Age; "Lou Besi de Gascogne
1584: Toulmin, Stephen - Foresight and Understanding; an Enquiry Into the Aims of Science
035692: Toupin, Elizabeth Ahn - The Hawaii Cookbook & Backyard Luau
052520: Imbert de la Tour, Pierre - Les Paroisses Rurales Du 4e Au 11e Siècle; Les Origines Religieuses de la France
049882: Tourgee, Albion W. - A Fool's Errand
052035: Gautier de Tournay - L'Histore de Gille de Chyn
042899: Tournier, Michel - Le Vol Du Vampire; Notes de Lecture
042040: Tournier, Michel - Vendredi Ou Les Limbes Du Pacifique
052060: Gregory of Tours, Saint - Libri Miraculorum Aliaque Opera Minora. Les Livres Des Miracles Et Autres Opuscules
051298: Gregory of Tours - Grégoire de Tours: Histoire Des Francs
049864: Tovey, Donald Francis - Essays in Musical Analysis. Volume I, Symphonies
049866: Tovey, Donald Francis - Essays in Musical Analysis. Volume III, Concertos
049865: Tovey, Donald Francis - Essays in Musical Analysis. Volume II, Symphonies (II), Variations, and Orchestral Polyphony
018805: Towers, John - Dictionary-Catalogue of Opera and Operettas
052790: Townend, Matthew - Language and History in Viking Age England; Linguistic Relations between Speakers of Old Norse and Old English
009943: Towner, Wesley - The Elegant Auctioneers
045668: Townsend, Eleanor - Death and Art; Europe 1200-1530
013162: Townsend, James R. - Political Participation in Communist China
005744: Towster, Julian - Political Power in the U.S. S.R. , 1917-1947; the Theory and Structure of Government in the Soviet State
031522: Toye, Francis - Giuseppe Verdi; His Life and Works
008350: Toye, Francis - Rossini; a Study in Tragi-Comedy
044578: Toynbee, Paget - Dante Studies and Researches
026357: Toynbee, Arnold - Greek Civilisation and Character; the Self-Revelation of Ancient Greek Society
024437: Toynbee, Arnold - An Historian's Approach to Religion
011422: Toynbee, J. M. C. - The Art of the Romans
005105: Toynbee, Arnold J. - Acquaintances
050122: Tozer, H. F. - An English Commentary on Dante's Divina Commedia
014773: Tozzer, Alfred M. - Excavation of a Site at Santiago Ahuizotla, D.F. Mexico
044709: Trabant, Jürgen - Europäisches Sprachdenken Von Platon Bis Wittgenstein
022182: Trabant, Jürgen - Elemente Der Semiotik
052674: Trachsler, Richard - CLôtures Du Cycle Arthurien, Etude Et Textes
044482: Tracy, Charles - An American Sur-Realist
038054: Tracy, Robert - Trollope's Later Novels
022866: Tracy, Walter - The Typographic Scene
003974: Tracy, Michael - Agriculture in Western Europe; Crisis and Adaption Since 1880
052919: Trafton,Joseph L. - The Syriac Version of the Psalms of Solomon; a Critical Evalutation
035353: Trager, James - The Food Chronology; a Food Lover's Compendium of Events and Anecdotes, from Prehistory to the Present
004948: Trager, Frank N. - Why Viet Nam
040585: Traill, David A. - Schliemann of Troy; Treasure and Deceit
005456: Traill, H. D. - William the Third
037761: Traisman, Barbara - Handed Down; the Artisan Tradition
046530: Tralbaut, Marc Edo - Vincent Van Gogh
026132: Tralbaut, Marc Edo - Vincent Van Gogh
030678: Tran, Van Nhut - An Loc; the Unfinished War
009892: Tranel, Bernard - Concreteness in Generative Phonology; Evidence from French
025242: Transchel, Hans-Peter - Die Kirchlichen Werke Des Würzburger Hofbildhauers Johann Peter Wagner
052393: Tranter, Nigel - The Story of Scotland
041314: Trapier, Elizabeth Du Gué - Valdés Leal; Baroque Concept of Death and Suffering in His Paintings
016620: Trapier, Elizabeth Du Gué - Velazquez
014494: Trapp, Frank Anderson - The Attainment of Delacroix
050082: Trask, R. L. - The Dictionary of Historical and Comparaqtive Linguistics
008354: Dana, Samuel Trask and Myron Krueger - California Lands; Ownership, Use, and Management
007933: Trask, Kerry A. - Fire Within; a CIVIL War Narrative from Wisconsin
035135: Trasko, Mary - Daring Do's; a History of Extraordinary Hair
048759: Traub, Valerie, et al., Eds - Feminist Readings of Early Modern Culture; Emerging Subjects
016767: Traub, James - City on a Hill; Testing the American Dream at City College
031523: Traubel, Helen - St. Louis Woman
031524: Traubner, Richard - Operetta; a Theatrical History
026863: Travers, Ben - Mischief
034013: Traversi, Derek - Shakespeare: The Last Phase
010974: Travis, Roy - Duo Concertante in Five Movements for Violin and Piano 1967
045705: Travitsky, Betty - The Paradise of Women; Writings by Englishwomen of the Renaissance
002323: Travnicek, Frantisek - Phonetik Der Tschechischen Schriftsprache
014265: Paine, Robert Treat and Alexander Soper - The Art and Architecture of Japan
047752: Trebilcock, Clive - The Industrialization of the Continental Powers 1780-1914
039554: Trebukova, Masha - Masha Trebukova
039553: Trebukova, Masha - Masha Trebukova
039552: Trebukova, Masha - Masha Trebukova; Recente Schilderijen, 23 November-21 December 2002
036608: Del Tredici, Peter - St. George and the Pygmies; the Story of Tsuga Canadensis "Minuta
012330: Del Tredici, Robert - Floodgates of the Wonderworld. A Moby-Dick Pictorial, Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Melville's Masterwork
033888: Trefil, James S. - The Moment of Creation; Big Bang Physics from Before the First Millisecond to the Present Universe
022236: Trefil, James - A Scientist in the City
047993: Tregaskis, Hugh - Beyond the Grand Tour; the Levant Lunatics
024947: Treggiari, Niccola - Vita Del Padre Benvenuto Bambozzi, Già Maestro de' Novizzi de Minori Conventuali
034317: Treglown, Jeremy - Romancing; the Life and Work of Henry Green
008341: Treistman, Judith M. - The Prehistory of China; an Archeological Exploration
018423: Treitschke, Heinrich Von - Deutsche Geschichte IM Neunzehnten Jahrhundert
023792: Tremblay, Michel - Bonjour, la, Bonjour
023734: Tremblay, Michel - Les Belles-Soeurs
050445: Treml, Vladimir G. - Alcohol in the Ussr; a Statistical Study
029092: Trench, Richard Chenevix - Lectures on Medieval Church History
012430: Chenevix-Trench, Charles - A History of Horsemanship
010413: Trend, J. B. - Portugal
050155: Trenka, Jane Jeong, et al., Eds - Outsiders Within; Writing on Transracial Adoption
011636: Trent, Christopher - The Russells
042172: Tresmontant, Claude - études de Métaphysique Biblique
018301: Tresmontant, Claude - Christian Metaphysics
005332: Tressidor, Argus John - Ceylon; an Introduction to the "Resplendent Land
000025: Treue, Wilhelm - Wirtschaftsgeschichte Der Neuzeit
031999: Treuenfels, Carl-Albrecht Von - The Magic of Cranes
023490: Trevelyan, Mary Caroline - William the Third and the Defence of Holland 1672-4
021645: Trevelyan, George MacAulay - The Life of John Bright
016222: Trevelyan, Raleigh - Rome '44; the Battle for the Eternal City
014965: Trevelyan, George MacAulay - Garibaldi's Defence of the Roman Republic, 1848-9
011639: Trevelyan, G. M. - Illustrated English Social History
011637: Trevelyan, G. M. - English Social History; a Survey of Six Centuries, Chaucer to Queen Victoria
010062: Treves, Frederick - The Country of "the Ring and the Book
018302: Tribe, David - 100 Years of Freethought
040525: Triebel, L. A. - Rasser of Alsace
051599: Trilling, Wolfgang - Jesus Y Los Problemas de Su Historicidad
036484: Trilling, Diana - Reviewing the Forties
025822: Trilling, James - Aegean Crossroads; Greek Island Embroideries in the Textil Museum
023291: Trilling, Diana - The Beginning of the Journey; the Marriage of Diana and Lionel Trilling
015580: Trilling, Lionel - Matthew Arnold
051121: Elisabeth de la Trinité, Sister - J'Ai Trové Dieu. Oeuvres Complètes
049752: Trinkler, Emil - Through the Heart of Afghanistan
021695: Ervin-Tripp, Susan M. - Language Acquisitions and Communicative Choice; Essays by Susan M. Ervin-Tripp
043277: Tristram, Hildegard L. C. - Liniguistik Und Die Interpretation Englischer Literarischer Texte
013353: Troche, Ernst Günter - Niederländische Malerei Des Fünfzehnten Und Sechzehnten Jahrhunderts
028559: Troeltsch, Ernst - The Christian Faith
028558: Troeltsch, Ernst - Die Bedeutung Der Geschichtlichkeit Jesu Für Den Glauben
053005: Troeltsch, Ernst - Augustin, Die Christliche Antike Und Das Mittelalter IM Anschluß an Die Schrift "de Civitate Dei
010587: Tröge, Walther - Schlänker on Schnärze; Ein Lesebuch in Nordostthüringischer Mundart
052399: Trolese, Francesco G. B. - IL Monachesimo Nel Veneto Medioevale; Atti Del Convegno Di Studi in Occasione Del Millenario Di Fondazione Dell'Abbazia Di S. Maria Di Mogliano Veneto (Treviso) 30 Novembre 1996
046557: Trollope, Anthony - Doctor Thorne
042763: Trollope, Anthony - The Complete Short Stories. Volume V: Various Stories
042762: Trollope, Anthony - The Complete Short Stories. Volume IV: Courtship and Marriage
042761: Trollope, Anthony - The Complete Short Stories. Volume III: Tourists and Colonials
042760: Trollope, Anthony - The Complete Short Stories. Volume II: Editors and Writers
039753: Trollope, Anthony - The Palliser Novels of Anthony Trollope
038228: Trollope, Anthony - The Warden
038227: Trollope, Anthony - Barchester Towers
038225: Trollope, Anthony - Framley Parsonage
038224: Trollope, Anthony - The Small House at Allington
038223: Trollope, Anthony - The Last Chronicle of Barset
046532: Trompetter, Cor - Leven Aan de Rand Van de Republiek; Stad En Gericht Almelo 1580-1700
020029: Tronik, Ruth - Israeli Periodical & Serials in English & Other European Languages; a Classified Bibliography
039490: Tronzo, William - The Via Latina Catacomb; Imitation and Discontinuity in Fourth-Century Roman Painting
046698: Tross, Ernst - Das Raumproblem in Der Bildenden Kunst; Kritische Untersuchungen Zur Fiedler-Hildebrandischen Lehre
051755: Trost, Karl - Goethe Und Der Protestantismus Des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts
016469: Trotha, Friedrich Von - Fritz Von Holstein Als Mensch Und Politiker
031525: Trotter, William R. - Priest of Music; the Life of Dimitri Mitropoulos
011641: Trotter, Torrens, Comp - Cowdray in the Parish of Easebourne, Near Midhurst, Sussex
002885: Trotter, Griffin - The Loyal Physician; Roycean Ethics and the Practice of Medicine
052470: Trotter, D. A., Ed - Littera Et Sensus; Essays on Form and Meaning in Medieval French Literature Presented to John Fox
029690: Trouillas, Paul - Le Complexe de Marianne
050298: Trovato, Salvatore C., Ed - Linguistorica E Dialettologia. Atti Del Convegno Della Società Italiana Di Glottologia
024666: Troxell, Hyla A. - The Coinage of the Lycian League
026679: Troy, Sandy - One More Saturday Night; Reflection with the Grateful Dead, Dead Family, and Dead Heads
006797: Troy, Gil - Affairs of State; the Rise and Rejection of the Presidential Couple Since World War II
035294: Troyat, Henri - Peter the Great
019655: Troyat, Henri - Turgenev
045693: Chrétien de Troyes - Yvain or the Knight with the Lion
052522: Chrétien de Troyes - Philomena; Conte Raconté D'Après Ovide
029194: Chrétien de Troyes - Kristian Von Troyes Yvain (Der Löwenritter)
052667: Chrétien de Troyes - Les Romans de Chrétien de Troyes èdités D'Après la Copie de Guiot (Bibl. Nat. Fr. 794)R
011817: Truax, Rhoda - Joseph Lister, Father of Modern Surgery
008384: Truax, Carol - Father Was a Gourmet; an Epic of Good Eating at the Turn of the Century
037614: Trubek, Amy B. - Haute Cuisine; How the French Invented the Culinary Profession
030911: Trubetzkoy, N. S. - Dostoevskij Als Künstler
049590: Trubetzkoy, N. S. - Grundzüge Der Phonologie
042790: Truc, Gonzague - Lamartine
036310: Trudeau, G. B. - Doonesbury Deluxe; Selected Glances Askance
046238: Trudell, Clyde F. - Colonial Yorktown Being a Brief Historie of the Place; Together with Something of Its Houses and Publick Buildings
006798: Trudell, Clyde F. - Colonia Yorktown; Being a Brief Historie of the Place Together with Something of Its Houses and Publick Buildings
037008: Trueblood, Alan S. - Experience and Artistic Expression in Lope de Vega; the Making of la Dorotea
051061: Truhlar, Karel Vladimir - De Experientia Mystica
045216: Trulove, James Grayson - The Smart Loft
027652: Truman, Harry S. - Dear Bess; the Letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959
002325: Trumbull, James Hammond - Natick Dictionary
024029: Trump, David - Central and Southern Italy Before Rome
011644: Truner, F. C. - James II
040366: Trussler, Simon - The Cambridge Illustrated History of Britih Theatre
052102: Trylor, Ronald J. - The Art of the Minnesinger; Songs of the Thirteenth Century Transcribed and Edited with Textual and Musical Commentaries
034193: Tryon, W. S. - Parnassus Corner; a Life of James T. Fields, Publisher to the Victorians
009894: Trypucko, Jozef - Le Pluriel Dans Les Locutions Adverbiales de Temps Et de Lieu En Slave
003508: Tsagarakis, Odysseus - Die Subjectivität in Der Griechischen Lyrik
022576: Tsang, Cheryl D. - Microsoft First Generation; the Success Secrets of the Visionaries Who Launched a Technology Empire
004969: Tsang, Chih - China's Postwar Markets
025243: Tsatsos, Themistokles - Peri Politeias; Staatstheoretische Studien
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041229: Fior di Virtu - The Florentine Fior Di Virtu of 1491
006805: Virtue, George O. - British Land Policy and the American Revolution; a Belated Lecture in Economic History
002713: Vis, Jeroen Maris - Tertullianus' de Pallio Tegen de Actergrond Van Zijn Overige Werken
048417: Viscardi, Antonio - Ricerche E Interpretazioni Mediolatine E Romanze
048289: Vischer, Lukas, Ed - A Documentary History of the Faith and Order Movement 1927-1963
044512: Viscusi, Robert - Max Beerboh, or the Dandy Dante
021310: Vise, David A. - The Bureau and the Mole; the Unmasking of Robert Philip Hanssen, the Most Dangerous Double Agent in Fbi History
048704: Viseux, Dominique - L'Iniziazione Cavalleresca Nella Leggenda Di Re Artu
037427: Vishniac, Roman - Polish Jews; a Pictorial Record
036050: Vishniac, Roman - Children of a Vanished World
025855: Visiak, E. H. - The Mirror of Conrad
009906: Vising, Johan - Fransk-Svensk Ordbok
007799: Vising, Johan - Fransk-Svensk Ordbok
014960: Viski, Karoly - Tiszafüred Pottery
044409: Visser, Margaret - The Rituals of Dinner; the Origins, Evolution, Eccentricities and Meaning of Table Manners
035578: Visser, Margaret - Much Depends on Dinner; the Extraordinary History and Mtyholgoy, Allure and Obsessions, Perils and Taboos, of an Ordinary Meal
014384: Visser, H. F. E. - Asiatic Art
016245: Vistica, Gregory L. - Fall from Glory; the Men Who Sank the U.S. Navy
050222: Vitart, Anne - Parures D'Histoire; Peaux de Bison Peintes Des Indiens D'Amérique Du Nord
042748: Vitebsky, Piers - The Reindeer People; Living with Animals and Spirits in Siberia
038912: Vitell, Bettina - The World in a Bowl of Tea; Healthy, Seasonal Foods Inspired by the Japanese Way of Tea
039190: Tanzi, Vito and Ke-young Chu, Eds - Income Distribution and High-Quality Growth
046181: Vitringa, Campegius - De Synagoga Vetere Libri Tres
016794: Vittadini, Stefano - Catalogo Del Museo Teatrala Alla Scala
049118: Vittorini, Elio - Conversazione in Sicilia
020783: Vivaldi, Antonio - Magnificat Per Soli, Coro a 4 Voci Miste Ed Orchestra
018312: Vivante, Leone - Essays on Art and Ontology
012885: Vivelo, Frank R. - The Herero of Western Botswana; Aspects of Change in a Group of Bantu-Speaking Cattle Herders
039453: Walsh, Vivian and Harvey Gram - Classical and Neoclassical Theories of General Equilibrium; Historical Origins and Mathematical Structure
037950: Vivian, Frederick - Thinking Philosophically; an Introduction for Students
025535: Mercier, Vivian and David H. Greene, Eds - 1000 Years of Irish Prose; the Literary Revival
014125: Viviani, Ambrogio - Oleggio Sacra, Ovvero le Cose Sacre Oleggesi
005224: Vizenor, Gerald - Wordarrows; Indians and Whites in the New Fur Trade
022144: Shishmarev Vladimir - Ocherki Po Istorii Iazykov Ispanii
036715: Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich and Edmund Wilson - Dear Bunny, Dar Volodya: The Nabokov-Wilson Letters 1940-1971
042257: Vlahov, Kiril - Trakijski Licni Imena; Fonetiko-Morfologicni Proucvania
010272: Vlastos, Stephen - Peasant Protests and Uprisings in Tokugawa Japan
046259: Vleggeert, J. C. - Kinderarbeid in Nederland 1500-1874 Van Berusting Tot Beperking
006562: Vloemans, Antoon - De Wijsbegeerte Van Het Oosten
045619: Voderholzer, Rudolf - Henri de Lubac Begegnen
036692: De Voe, Thomas F. - The Market Book Containing a Historical Account of the Public Markets in the Cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Brooklyn
004407: Voelkl, Ludwig - Der Kaiser Konstantin; Annalen Einer Zeitenwende, 306-337
042071: Voeltzel, René - Vraie Et Fausse église Selon Les Théologiens Protestants Français Du Xviie Siècle
036191: Vogel, Susan - Africa Explores 20th Century African Art
034850: Vogel, Walther - Das Neue Europa Und Seine Historisch-Geographischen Grundlagen
034303: Vogel, Donald S. - Drawing for Paintings
031619: Vogel, Jaroslav - Leos Janacek; a Biography
028568: Vogel, Manfred H. - An Ethical Right to Life; a Formulation from a Buberian Dialogical Perspective
028569: Vogel, Manfred H. - The Phenomenon of Religion; Pagan and Biblical Religion. Some Reflections on the Bifurcation of the Religious Phenomenon between the Dimension-of-Power and the Dimension-of-Consciousness
053226: Vogel, Walther - Die Normannen Und Das Fränkische Reich Bis Zur Gründung Der Normandie (799-911)
015351: Vogel, Steven - Cats' Paws and Catapults; Mechanical Worlds of Nature and People
010273: Vogel, Ezra F. - Japan's New Middle Class; the Salary Man and His Family in a Tokyo Suburb
006866: Vogel, Jane - Allegory in Dickens
042986: Vogelaar, Christiaan - Netherlandisch Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Paintings in the National Gallery of Ireland; a Complete Catalogue
033360: Braun-Vogelstein, Julie - Art; the Image Fo the West
041856: Walther von der Vogelweide - Die Lieder Walthers Von Der Vogelweide
041346: Walther von der Vogelweide - Walther Von Der Vogelweide Und Des Minnesangs Frühling
053137: Vogt, Albert - Constantine VII Porphyrogénète: Le Livre Des Cérémonies. Commentakre
041808: Vogt, Friedrich, Ed - Des Minnesangs Frühling
027012: Vogt, Joseph - Römische Geschichte. 1e Hälfte: Die Römische Republik
027011: Vogt, Joseph - The Decline of Rome
051413: Vogüé, Adalbert De - Die Regula Benedicti; Theologisch-Spiritueller Kommentar
042232: Voight, Klaus - Italienische Berichte Aus Dem Spätmittelalterlichen Deutschland Von Francesco Petrarca Zu Andrea de' Franceschi (1333-1492)
013219: Voigt, Theodor - Schleswig: Haithabu, Dom, Bordesholmer Altar Von Hans Brüggemann, Schloss Gottorf, St. Johannis-Kloster
051571: Voigt, Wolfgang, Ed - XX. Deutscher Orientalistentag Vom 3. Bis 8. Oktober 1977 in Erlangen. Vorträge
051568: Voigt, Wolfgang, Ed - XVII. Deutscher Orientalistentag Vom 21. Bis 27. Juli 1968 in Würzburg: Vorträge
051569: Voigt, Wolfgang, Ed - XVIII. Deutscher Orientalistentag Vom 1. Bis 5 Oktober 1972 in Lübeck: Vorträge
051570: Voigt, Wolfgang, Ed - XIX. Deutscher Orientalistentag Vom 28. September Bis 4. Oktober 1975 in Freiburg IM Breisgau
011438: Voilquin, Jean - Les Penseurs Grecs Avant Socrate de Thalès de Milet à Prodicos
038947: Volavka, Vojtech - Die Handschrift Des Malers
041279: Volbach, Fritz - Georg Friedrich Händel
004408: Volbach, Wolfgang Fritz - Early Christian Art
005778: Volgyes, Ivan - The Political Reliability of the Warsaw Pact Armies; the Southern Tier
005405: Völgyes, Ivan - The Hungarian Soviet Republic 1919; an Evalution and a Bibliography
028570: Volk, Tyler - Metapatterns Across Space, Time, and Mind
021086: Dürr, Volker and Geza v. Molnar, Eds - Versuche Zu Goethe; Festschrift Für Erich Heller Zum 65. Geburtstag Am 27. 3. 1976
019159: Dürr, Volker and Geza Von Molnar, Eds - Versuche Zu Goethe; Festschrift Für Erich Heller Zum 65. Geburtstag Am 27. 3. 1976
051354: Völker, Walther - Maximus Confessor Als Meister Des Geistlichen Lebens
027173: Museum für Völkerkunde - Die Ozeanischen Sammlungen
004409: Volkmann, Ludwig - Der ûberlinger Rathaussaal Des Jacob Ruß Und Die Darstellung Der Deutschen Reichsstände
003864: Volkmann, Hans - Cleopatra; a Study in Politics and Propaganda
015203: Voll, Karl - Frankreichs Klassiche Zeichner IM XIX. Jahrhundert
051585: Vollert, Cyril O. - The Doctrine of Hervaeus Natalis on Primitive Justice and Original Sin, As Developed in the Controversy on Original Sin During the Early Decades of the Fourteenth Century
008457: Vollmer, John E., Et al. - Silk Roads, China Ships; an Exhibition of East-West Trade
041978: Volpe, Gioacchino - Italia Moderna
025156: Della Volpe, Galvano - La Filosofia Dell'Esperienza Di Davide Hume
006688: Yesenin-Volpin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich - A Leaf of Spring
044596: Voltaire, François Marie Arouet - [Oeuvres]
006564: Voltaire, François Marie Arouet - Le Philosophe Ignorant
039793: Arnim, L. Achim von and Clemens Brentano - Des Knaben Wunderhorn; Alte Deutsche Lieder
039394: Hagen, Adriana von and Craig Morris - The Cities of the Ancient Andes
040012: Vondel, Joost van Den - Ifigenie in Tauren, Uit Euripdes; Treurspel
040011: Vondel, Joost van Den - Palamedes or Vermoorde Onnozelheit; Treurspel
037240: Vonnegut, Kurt - Deadeye Dick
048312: De Vooght, Paul - Les Pouvois Du Concile Et L'Autorité Du Pape Au Concile de Constance
035849: Vooght, Paul De - Les Pouvoirs Du Concile Et L'Autorité Du Pape Au Concile de Constance; le Décret Haec Sancta Synodus Du 6 Avril 1425

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