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048028: WIXTED, JOHN TIMOTHY - Poems on Poetry; Literary Criticism by Yuan Hao-Wen (1190-1257)
008363: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Mera Golf!
047982: WOHLFARTH, HANNSDIETER - Johann Sebastian Bach
012341: WOJCIK, DANIEL - Punk and Neo-Tribal Body Art
028863: NEBESKY-WOJKOWITZ, RENÉ VON - Wo Berge Götter Sind; Drei Jahre Bei Unerforschten Völkern Des Himalaja
007334: WOLBERT, GEORGE S., JR. - U.S. Oil Pipe Lines; an Examination of How Oil Pipe Lines Operate and the Current Public Policy Issues Concerning Their Ownership
022205: WÖLCK, WOLFGANG - Phonematische Analyse Der Sprache Von Buchan
037113: WOLCOTT, IMOGENE - The New England Yankee Cook Book; an Anthology of Inicomparable Recipes from the Sixt New England States and a Little Something About the Poeple Whose Tradition for Good Eating Is Herein Permanently Recorded
036262: WOLCOTT, MARION POST - Marion Post Wolcott: Fsa Photographs
016595: WOLD, HERMAN, ED - Theoretical Empiricism; a General Rationale for Scientific Model-Building
011454: WOLDERING, IRMGARD - The Art of Egypt; the Time of the Pharaohs
005945: WOLDMAN, ALBERT A. - Lincoln and the Russians
042099: DE WOLF, JOSÉ - La Justification de Aa Foi Chez Saint Thomas D'Aquin Et Ee Père Rousselot
013239: WOLF, ALOIS - Das Faszinosum Der Mittelalterlichen Minne
016877: WOLF, JOHN B. - Louis XIV
024088: WOLF, PETER - Vom Schulwesen Der Spätantike; Studien Zu Libanius
026215: HUNGRY WOLF, BEVERLY - The Ways of My Grandmothers
020870: WOLF, DONALD E. - Turner's First Century; a History of Turner Construction Company
007935: WOLF, HAZEL CATHERINE - On Freedom's Altar; the Martyr Complex in the Abolition Movement
018830: WOLF, JOHANNES - Die Tonschriften
018183: WOLF, HERBERT - Martin Luther; Eine Einführung in Germanistische Luther-Studien
018214: WOLF, LOTHAR - Texte Und Dokumente Zur Französischen Sprachgeschichte, 17. Jahrhundert
043138: WOLF, ALOIS - Heimatmuseum Schliersee
044394: WOLF, HEINZ JÜRGEN - Las Glosas Emilianenses
015209: WOLF, GEORG JACOB - Deutsche Malerpoeten
032891: WOLF, ALEXANDER, ET AL. - The Primacy of the Individual in Psychoanalysis in Groups
013377: WOLF, LEONARD - Bluebeard; the Life and Crimes of Gilles de Rais
043120: WOLFART, H. CHRISTOPH - Plains Cree: A Grammatical Study
018966: WOLFE, ART - The Imagery of Art Wolfe
026012: WOLFE, TOM - From Bauhaus to Our House
020823: WOLFE, J. N., ED - Value, Capital, and Growth; Papers in Honour of Sir John Hicks
028208: WOLFE, THOMAS W. - The Salt Experience
006833: WOLFE, ALAN - The Seamy Side of Democracry; Repression in America
037704: WOLFE, BERTRAM D. - Three Who Made a Revolution; a Biographical History
047040: WOLFE, TOM - Back to Blood; a Novel
041437: WOLFE, PETER - John Fowles, Magus and Moralist
044722: WOLFERT, PAULA - The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean; 215 Healthy, Vibrant, and Inspired Recipes
048146: WOLFF, ETIENNE - Martial Ou L'Apogée de L'épigramme
1346: (MARCUSE FESTSCHRIFT). EDITED BY KURT H. WOLFF AND BARRINGTON MOORE, JR. - The Critical Spirit; Essays in Honor of Herbert Marcuse
006111: WOLFF, ROBERT LEE - The Balkans in Our Time
005208: WOLFF, OTTO - Ouvrard: Speculator of Genius, 1770-1846
046992: WOLFF, HANS JULIUS - Roman Law; an Historical Introduction
044712: WOLFF, MICHAEL - Burn Rate. How I Survived the Gold Rush Years on the Internet
030002: WOLFF, GEOFFREY - The Final Club
043276: WOLFF, DIETER - Grundzüge Der Diachronischen Morphologie Des Englischen
048172: WOLFF, WERNER - Anton Bruckner, Rustic Genius
037420: PURCELL, ROSAMOND WOLFF AND STEPHEN JAY GOULD - Finders, Keepers; Eight Collectors
037418: PURCELL, ROSAMOND WOLFF AND STEPHEN JAY GOULD - Illuminations; a Bestiary
039925: WOLFF, PAUL - Formen Des Lebens; Botanische Lichtbildstudien
042953: WOLFF, REINHOLD - Strukturalismus Und Assoziationspsychologie; Empirsch-Pragmatische Literturwissenschaft IM Experiment: Baudelaires "Les Chats
020588: WÖLFFLIN, HEINRICH - Die Klassische Kunst; Eine Einführung in Die Italienische Renaissance
044906: WOLFRAM, STEPHEN - A New Kind of Science
028891: WOLFRAM, RICHARD - Südtiroler Volksschauspiele Und Spielbräuche
028975: WOLFRAM, HERWIG, ED - ôsterreichische Geschichte 1522-1699. Ständefreiheit Und Fürstenmacht; Länder Und Untertanen Des Hauses Habsburg IM Konfessionellen Zeitlalter
044406: WOLFRAM, HERWIG - The Roman Empire and Its Germanic Peoples
026945: WOLFREYS, JULIAN, ED - The Continuum Encyclopedia of Modern Criticsim and Theory
042062: WOLFSON, HARRY AUSTRYN - Crescas' Critique of Aristotle; Problems of Aristotle's Physics in Jewish and Arabic Philosophy
009177: WOLGAST, ELIZABETH H. - Equality and the Rights of Women
009312: WOLITZ, SETH L. - The Proustian Community
007936: WOLLE, MURIEL SIBELL - The Bonanza Trail; Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the West
041692: WOLLEMBORG, LEO J. - Stelle, Strisce E Tricolore; Trent'Anni Di Vicende Politiche Fra Roma E Washington
025989: WOLLHEIM, RICHARD - The Thread of Life
043987: WOLLHEIM, RICHARD - On the Emotions
003460: SCHILLING-WOLLNY, KURT - Aristoteles' Gedanke Der Philosophie
007988: WOLMAN, PAUL - Most Favored Nation; the Republican Revisionists and U.S. Tariff Policy, 1897-1912
022303: WOLMAN, BENJAMIN B., ED - The Psychoanalytic Interpretation of History
041285: WOLOCH, G. MICHAEL - Roman Cities; Les Villes Romaines by Pierre Grimal
005191: WOLOCH, ISSER - Jacobin Legacy; the Democratic Movement Under the Directory
022281: WOLPERT, STANLEY - India
005297: WOLPERT, STANLEY A. - Morley and India, 1906-1910
046853: WOLPOFF, MILFORD H. - Metric Trends in Hominid Dental Evolution
035708: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W, ET AL., EDS - Ciba Foundation Colloquia on Ageing
021398: WOLTON, THIERRY - L'Histoire Interdite
026764: WOMACK, JAMES P., ET AL. - The Machine That Changed the World; Based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5-Million-Dollar, 5-Year Study on the Future of the Automobile
047981: WOMACK, CRAIG S. - Red on Red; Native American Literary Separatism
013174: WOMACK, BRANTLY - The Dounation of Mao Zedong's Political Thought, 1917-1935
019198: WONG, JADE SNOW - Fifth Chinese Daughter
010339: WONG, JOHN - Asean Economies in Perspective; a Comparative Study of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
015117: WONG, S. S. M. - Nuclear Statistical Spectroscopy
046064: WOOD, REBECCA - Quinoa the Supergrain; Ancient Food for Today
041858: WOOD, C. E. - Mud; a Military History
034323: WOOD, RICHARD L. - Faith in Action; Religion, Race, and Democratic Organizing in America
037900: WOOD, CHARLES ERSKINE SCOTT - Collected Poems of Charles Erskine Scott Wood
005477: WOOD, WILLIAM - Elizabethan Sea-Dogs; a Chronicle of Drake and His Companions
016297: WOOD, W. J. - Leaders and Battles; the Art of Military Leadership
025333: WOOD, DAVID H. - Lenox, Massachusetts Shire Town
020589: WOOD, MICHAEL - In Search of the Dark Ages
016684: WOOD, FORREST G. - The Arrogance of Faith; Christianity and Race in America from the Colonial Era to the Twentieth Century
007937: WOOD, STANLEY - Over the Range to the Golden Gates; a Complete Tourist's Guide to Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Puget Sound and the Great North-West
007045: WOOD, W. RAYMOND - Biesterfeldt; a Post-Contact Ccoaleslcent Site on the Northeastern Plains
028581: WOOD, ROBERT E. - Martin Buber's Ontology; an Analysis of I and Thou
016296: WOOD, STEPHEN - In the Finest Tradition; the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers & Greys); Its History and Treasures
041320: WOOD, CHARLES T. - Joan of Arc and Richard III; Sex, Saints, and Government in the Middle Ages
045319: WOOD, DIANA, ED - Life and Thought in the Northern Church C. 1000-C. 1700; Essays in Honour of Claire Cross
044958: WOOD, STANLEY - Over the Range to the Golden Gate; a Complete Tourist's Guide to Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Puget Sound, and the Great Northwest
037036: WOOD, WILLIAM - Elizabethan Sea-Dogs; a Chronicle of Drake and His Companions
044894: WOOD, FORREST G. - Marine Mammals and Man; the Navy's Porpoises and Sea Lions
036622: WOOD, J. G. - Common Objects of the Microscope
044052: WOOD, CHAUNCEY - Chaucer and the Country of the Stars; Poetic Uses of Astrological Imagery
044433: WOODBRIDGE, SALLY B. - Bernard Maybeck, Visionary Architect
029641: WOODBURY, DAVID O. - Beloved Scientist; Elihu Thomson, a Guiding Spirit of the Electrical Age
009581: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - To the City of the Dead; an Account of Travels in Mexico
007592: WOODCOCK, MARCUS - A Southern Boy in Blue; the Memor of Marcus Woodcock, 9th Kentucky Infantry (U.S. A. )
028606: WOODFORDE, JAMES - Woodforde. Passages from the Five Volumes of the Diary of a Country Parson 1758-1802
045545: WOODFORDE, JOHN - Farm Buildings in England and Wales
011456: WOODHEAD, A. G. - The Study of Greek Inscriptions
011670: WOODHOUSE, C. M. - British Foreign Policy Since the Second World War
046844: WOODHOUSE, FREDERIC W. - The Churches of Coventry; a Short History of the City & Its Medieval Remains
048254: WOODRING, CARL R. - Politics in the Poetry of Coleridge
023726: WOODS, LAWRLENCE M. - British Gentlemen in the Wild West; the Era of the Intensely English Cowboy
026971: WOODS, GREGORY - A History of Gay Literature; the Male Tradition
007938: WOODS, LAWRENCE M. - British Gentlemen in the Wild West; the Era of the Intensely English Cowboy
031556: WOODS, MAY - Vision of Arcadia; European Gardens from Renaissance to Rococo
036410: WOODS, DONALD - Apartheid; a Graphic Guide
039311: WOODSWORTH, CHARLES J. - Canada and the Orient; a Study in International Relations
023318: WOODWARD, BOB - Veil; the Secret Wars of the Cia 1981-1987
023334: WOODWARD, BOB - Shadow; Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate
024164: WOODWARD, SUSAN L. - Balkan Tragedy; Chaos and Dissolution After the Cold War
009940: WOODWARD, WARREN STANTON, ED - The Hereditary Register of the United States of America
016865: WOODWARD, DAVID - Armies of the World, 1854-1914
017504: WOODWARD, C. VANN - Thinking Back; the Perils of Writing History
030231: WOODWARD, JAMES B. - Gogol's Dead Souls
034744: WOODWARD, WILLIAM HARRISON - Studies in Education During the Age of the Renaissance 1400-1600
045754: WOODWARD, DONALD - Men at Work; Labourers and Building Craftsmen in the Towns of Northern England, 1450-1750
011671: WOODWARD, KATHLEEN - Queen Mary of England; a Life and Intimate Study
035681: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Granite and Rainbow; Essays
024435: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Congenial Spirits; the Selected Letters of Virginia Woolf
019689: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Flush: A Biography
027313: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Essays of Virginia Woolf
027335: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Passionate Apprentice; the Early Journals 1897-1909
035664: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Moment and Other Essays
037846: WOOLF, LEONARD - Downhill All the Way; an Autobiography of the Years 1919 to 1939
043532: WOOLF, HARRY, ED - The Analytic Spirit; Essay in the History of Science in Honor of Henry Guerlac
036453: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Flight of the Mind; the Letters of Virginia Woolf. Volume I: 1888-1912 (Virginia Stephen)
036518: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Moments of Being; Unpublished Autobiographical Writings
041927: WOOLF, STUART J. - Italia 1943-1950; la Ricostruzione
036395: WOOLF, LEONARD - Downhill All the Way; an Autobiography of the Years 1919-1939
036525: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Freshwater; a Comedy
015329: WOOLFENDEN, JOHN - The California Sea Otter; Saved or Doomed
023787: WOOLLEY, BENJAMIN - Virtual Worlds; a Journey in Hype and Hyperreality
024089: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD - A Forgotten Kingdom, Being a Record of the Results Obtained from the Excavations of Two Mounds Atchana and Al Mina, in the Turkish Hatay
003524: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD - Ur Und Die Sintflut; Sieben Jahre Ausgrabungen in Chaldäa, Der Heimat Abrahams
028897: WOOLLEY, LEONARD - Ausgrabungen; Lebendige Geschichte
031440: WOOLLEY, BENJAMIN - Heal Thyself; Nicholas Culpeper and the Seventeenth-Century Struggle to Bring Medicine to the People
036414: WOOLLEY, LINDA - Medieval Life and Leisure in the Devonshire Hunting Tapestries
1031: (WOOLMAN, JOHN). CADY, EDWIN H. - John Woolman: The Mind of the Quaker Saint
013175: WOON, YUEN-FONG - The Excluded Wife
047584: WOOSTER, ROBERT - The American Military Frontiers; the United States Army in the West, 1783-1900
006045: WOOTTON, GRAHAM - The Official History of the British Legion
027889: WOOTTON, BARBARA - Social Science and Social Pathology
036801: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of Wordsworth. Cambridge Edition
026901: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - William Wordsworth's the Prelude
036778: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - The Prelude; a Parallel Text
024090: WORLEY, LESLIE J. - Hippeis; the Cavalry of Ancient Greece
032014: VAN WORMER, JOE - The World of the Black Bear
037725: WORMINGTON, H. M. - The Story of Pueblo Pottery
002437: WORRALL, DAVID - Radical Culture; Discourse, Resistance and Surveillance, 1790-1820
031981: WORTHAM, JOHN DAVID - The Genesis of British Egyptology 1549-1906
046913: WORTHAM, JOHN DAVID - British Egyptology 1549-1906
028384: WORTZ, MELINDA - Variations III; Emerging Artists in Southern California
024463: WOSCHNAK, WERNER - Zum Begriff Der Sitte; ûberlegungen Zum Verhältnis Von Sitte, Moralischer Autonomie Und Rechtsordnung
040560: WOSHINSKY, BARBARA R. - La Princesse de CLèves; the Tension of Elegance
040730: WOZENCROFT, JON - Brody; the Graphic Language of Neville Brody
027661: WREN, CHRISTOPHER S. - The End of the Line; the Failure of Communism in the Soviet Union and China
031579: WREN, GAYDEN - A Most Ingenious Paradox; the Art of Gilbert and Sullivan
005733: WRESZIN, MICHAEL - Oswald Garrison Villard, Pacifist at War
010110: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Letters to Apprentices
046067: WRIGHT, LYLE H. - American Fiction 1851-1875; a Contribution Toward a Bibliography. Additions and Corrections Appended
046975: WRIGHT, THOMAS - Thomas Wright's Plitical Songs of England from the Reign of John to That of Edward II
040476: WRIGHT, LOUIS B., ED - An Essay Upon the Government of the English Plantation on the Continent of America (1701); an Anonymous Virginian's Proposals for Liberty Under the British Crown, with Two Memoranda by William Byrd
048032: WRIGHT, ARTHUR F., ED - Studies in Chinese Thought
022368: WRIGHT, HARRISON M., ED - The 'New Imperialism" Analysis of Late-Nineteenth-Century Expansion
022966: WRIGHT, JOHN - Libya; a Modern History
022861: WRIGHT, BARTON - The Unchanging Hopi; an Artist's Interpretation in Scratchboard Drawings and Text
009968: WRIGHT, HARRISON M. - New Zealand, 1769-1840; Early Years of Western Contact
010109: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Letters to Architects
010155: TYYLDEN-WRIGHT, DAVID - The Image of France
008475: WRIGHT, LYLE H. - American Fiction, 1774-1850; a Contribution Toward a Bibliography
024464: WRIGHT, G. ERNST - The Old Testament Against Its Environment
024476: WRIGHT, ARTHUR - A Synopsis of the Gospels in Greek with Various Readings and Critical Notes
003525: WRIGHT, THOMAS - Uriconium: A Historical Account of the Ancient Roman City, and of the Excavations Made Upon Its Site at Wroxeter, in Shropshire, Forming a Sketch of the Condition and History of the Welsh Border During the Roman Period
021045: TYLDEN-WRIGHT, DAVID - The Image of France
003868: WRIGHT, HENRY B. - The Recovery of a Lost Roman Tragedy
038449: WRIGHT, RUSSELL O. - The Best of Teams, the Worst of Teams; a Major League Baseball Statistical Reference, 1903-1994
020846: WRIGHT, C. H. C. - French Classicism
007941: WRIGHT, LOUIS B., ED - An Essay Upon the Government of the English Plantations on the Continetn of America (1701); an Anonymous Virginian's Proposals for Liberty Under the British Crown, with Two Memoranda by William Byrd
007227: WRIGHT, ESMOND - Franklin of Philadelphia
027571: WRIGHT, LOUIS B., ETC. - The Arts in America; the Colonial Period
027651: WRIGHT, PETER - Spy Catcher; the Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer
027860: WRIGHT, ANGUS - The Death of Ramón González; the Modern Agricultural Dilemma
015014: WRIGHT, ROBERT - Nonzero; the Logic of Human Destiny
015046: WRIGHT, SAM - Koviashuvik, a Time and Place of Joy
028150: WRIGHT, ESMOND - Franklin of Philadelphia
005201: WRIGHT, GORDON - Rural Revolution in France; the Peasantry in the Twentieth Century
030054: WRIGHT, GORDON - Insiders and Outliers; the Individual in Hsitory
014629: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - A Testament
014630: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - The Early Work
014631: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - An American Architecture
006867: WRIGHT, WALTER F. - Arnold Bennett, Romantic Realist
043969: WRIGHT, A. E. - Hie Lert Uns Der Meister; Latin Commentary and the German Fable 1350-1500
015340: WRIGHT, WILLIAM - Lillian Hellman; the Image, the Woman
038249: WRIGHT, LYLE H. - American Fiction 1876-1900; a Contribution Toward a Bibliography
044623: WRIGHT, JOHN KIRTLAND - The Geographical Lore of the Time of the Crusades; a Study in the History of Medieval Science and Tradition in Western Europe
014609: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - The Future of Architecture
032281: WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER - The French Painters of the Seventeenth Century
031982: WRIGHT, F. A. - A History of Later Greek Literature from the Death of Alexander in 323 B.C. To the Death of Justinian in 565 A.D.
035568: WRIGHT, RICHARD - American Wags and Eccentrics from Colonial Times to the CIVIL War
034340: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Letters to Apprentices
013381: WRIGHT, ARTHUR F. - The Sui Dynasty
032512: WRIGHT, HERBERT G., ED - Ghismonda, a Seventeenth-Century Tragedy
046914: WRIGHT, CONSTANCE - Madame de Lafayette
047113: WRIGHT, JOHN D. - Bloody History of London; Crime, Corruption, and Murder
037727: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - Remembering Satan
026724: WRIGLEY, E. A. - Population and History
045756: WRIGLEY, E. A., ET AL. - English Population History from Family Reconstitution 1580-1837
037435: WROE, ANN - A Fool and His Money; Life in a Partitioned Town
039304: WROTH, WARWICK - The London Pleasure Gardens of the Eighteenth Century
039002: WU, MARSHALL P. S. - The Orchid Pavilion Gathering; Chinese Painting from the University of Michigan Museum of Art
024650: WU, K. C. - The Chinese Heritage
002375: WU, YUAN-LI - U.S. Policy and Strategic Interest in the Western Pacific
038085: WU, YANGMU - The Techniques of Chinese Painting
013177: WU, YUAN-LI - An Economic Survey of Communist China
046920: WU, PEI-YI - The Confucian's Progress; Autobiographical Writings in Traditional China
040792: WUCHERPFENNIG, WOLF - Klugheit Und Weltordnung; Das Problem Politischen Handelns in Lohensteins "Arminius
003680: WÜHRER, KARL - Beiträge Zur ältesten Agrargeswchichte Des Germanischen Nordens
014597: MUELLER-WULCKOW, WALTER - Bauten Der Arbeit Und Des Verkehrs Aus Deutscher Gegenwart
040159: WULF, JOSEPH - Die Bildenden Künste IM Dritten Reich; Eine Dokumentation
040161: WULF, JOSEPH - Theater Und Film IM Dritten Reich; Eine Dokumentation
040157: WULF, JOSEPH - Musik IM Dritten Reich; Eine Dokumentation
040158: WULF, JOSEPH - Presse Und Funk IM Dritten Reich; Eine Dokumentation
040160: WULF, JOSEPH - Literatur Und Dichtung IM Dritten Reich; Eine Dokumentation
045677: DE WULF, MAURICE - Philosophy and Civilization in the Middle Ages
011674: WULFF, LOUIS - Queen of to-Morrow; an Authentic Study of H.R. H. The Princess Elizabeth
022211: WUNDERLI, PETER, ET AL. - Französische Intonationsforschung; Kritische Bilanz Und Versuch Einer Synthese
027044: WUNDERLICH, HANS GEORG - The Secret of Crete
010702: WUNDERLICH, FRIEDA - Farm Labor in Germany 1810-1945; Its Historical Development Within the Framework of Agricultural and Social Policy
048508: WUNDERLICH, DIETER, ED - Probleme Und Fortschritte Der Transformationsgrammatik; Referates Des 4. Linguistischen Kolloquiums, Berlin, 6. -10. Oktober 1969
042720: WURGAFT, LEWIS D., ET AL. - Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1966-1968. 1965: Addenda
027045: WURM, KLAUS - Substanz Und Qualität; Ein Beitrag Zur Interpretation Der Plotinischen Traktate VI 1, 2 Und 3
006588: WURM, PAUL - Geschichte Der Indischen Religion IM Umriss Dargestellt
027043: WÜRTHWEIN, ERNST - The Text of the Old Testament; an Introduction to Kittel-Kahle's Bibla Hebraica
038636: KONRAD VON WÜRZBURG - Diu Halbe Bir; Ein Schwank Konrads Von Würzburg
033620: WÜSTLING, HANS-DIETER, ED - Kostbarkeiten in Sächsischen Bibliotheken
023947: WUTHNOW, ROBERT, ED - The Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion
008674: WUTHNOW, ROBERT, ED - Between States and Markets; the Voluntary Sector in Comparative Perspective
022235: WYANT, WILLIAM K. - Westward in Eden; the Public Lands and the Conservation Movement
024091: WYATT, WILLIAM F., JR. - The Greek Prothetic Voewl
009924: WYATT, WILLIAM F., JR. - Indo-European /a/
014148: WYATT, DAVID - Prodigal Sons; a Study in Authorship and Authority
034009: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Plays of William Wycherley: Love in a Wood; the Gentleman Dancin-Master; the Country Wife; the Plain-Dealer
016299: WYDEN, PETER - Day One; Before Hiroshima and After
014251: WYETH, ANDREW - Andrew Wyeth; Dry Brush and Pencil Drawings
002348: WYLD, HENRY CECIL - A History of Modern Colloquial English
002349: WYLD, HENRY CECIL - The Historical Study of the Mother Tongue; an Introduction to Philological Method
016536: WYLIE, FRANCIS, ET AL. - The First Fifty Years of the Rhodes Trust and the Rhodes Scholarships, 1903-1953
034945: WYLIE, HERB - Anne of Tim Hortons; Globalization and Reshaping of Atlantic-Canadian Literature
041847: WYLIE, LAURENCE, ET AL. - France: The Events of May-June 1968; a Critical Bibliography
047515: WYLIE, A. - Notes on Chinese Literature: With Introductory Remarks on the Progressive Advancement of the Art; and a List of Translations from the Cchinese Into Various European Languages
016792: WYMAN, LELAND C. - Sandpaintings of the Navaho Shootingway and the Walcott Collection
035789: WYMAN, CAROLYN - Jell-O; a Biography
037189: WYMER, NORMAN - Village Life
022082: WYSCHOGROD, EDITH - Spirit in Ashes: Hegel, Heidegger, and Man-Made Mass Death
008049: JACKSON, JOHN WYSE AND PETER COSTELLO - John Stanislaus Joyce; the Voluminous Life and Genius of James Joyce's Father
003526: WYSS, RENÉ - Der Schatzfund Von Erstfeld; Frühkeltischer Goldschmuck Aus Den Zentralalpen
014149: WYSS, DIETER - Depth Psychology; a Critical History. Development, Problems, Crises
040812: WYSS, HEINZ - Der Narr IM Schweizerischen Drama Des 16. Jahrhunderts
044500: WYSS, ARTHUR - Ein Deutscher Cisianus Für Das Jahr 1444 Gedruckt Von Gutenberg
020315: WYTRZENS, GÜNTHER - Die Slavischen Und Slavic Betreffenden Drucke Der Wiener Mechitharisten; Ein Beitrag Zur Wiener Druck- Und Zur österreichischen Kulturgeschichte
006686: XANTUS, JANOS - John Xantss; the Fort Tejon Letters, 1857-1859
040782: XENOPHON - Xenophontis Institutio Cyri
005009: XU, DIXIN, ET AL. - China's Search for Economic Growth; the Chinese Economy Since 1949
022942: HAMMOND, PAUL Y. AND SIDNEY S. ALEXANDER, EDS - Political Dynamics in the Middle East
036293: KEUR, JOHN Y. AND DOROTHY L. KEUR - The Deeply Rooted; a Study of a Drents Community in the Netherlands
024678: GLOCK, CHARLES Y. AND RODNEY STARK - Christian Beliefs and Anti-Semitism
002336: WANG, WILLIAM S.-Y. AND ANATOLE LYOVIN - Cliboc: Chinese Linguistics Bibliography on Computer
009313: YABLONSKY, LEWIS - George Raft
011457: YADIN, YIGAEL - Masada, Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand
043213: YADIN, YIGAEL - Hazor; the Rediscovery of a Great Citadel of the Bible
039652: YADIN, YIGAEL - The Message of the Scrolls
017425: YAGODA, BEN - About Town; the New Yorker and the World It Made
047176: TIEE, HENRY HUNG-YAH AND DONALD M. LANCE - A Reference Grammar of Chinese Sentences with Exercises
026730: YAJIMA, MASAYUKI - Deregulatory Reforms of the Electricity Supply Industry
008724: YAKOVLEV, ALEXANDER - The Fate of Marxism in Russia
031260: YALOM, MARILYN - A History of the Breast
034924: YAMADA, TOKUBEI - Japanese Dolls
016555: YAMAMOTO, KAUMA - Fujitsu. What Mankind Can Dream, Technology Can Achieve
025931: YAMAMOTO, AKIRA Y. - Culture Spaces in Everyday Life; an Anthrop9ology of Common Sense Knowledge
005040: YAMAMURA, KOZO - Economic Policy in Postwar Japan: Growth Versus Economic Democracy
032387: YAMANE, YUZO - Momoyama Genre Painting
007833: YAMAZAKI, MASAKAZU - Mask and Sword; Two Plays for the Contemporary Japanese Theater
012522: YANAGISAKO, SYLVIA JUNKO - Transforming the Past; Tradition and Kinship Among Japanese Americans
035377: YANG, JOHN - Over the Door; the Ornamental Stonework of New York
013178: YANG, BELLE - Baba; a Return to China Upon My Father's Shoulders
009558: YANOV, ALEXANDER - The Origins of Autocracy; Ivan the Terrible in Russian History
016300: YARMOLINSKY, AVRAHM - Road to Revolution; a Century of Russian Radicalism
006836: YARMOLINSKY, ADAM - The Military Establishment; Its Impact on American Society
033809: SVORAY, YARON AND NICK TAYLOR - In Hitler's Shadow; an Israeli's Amazing Journey Inside Germany's Neo-Nazi Movement
033599: YARROW, P. J. - The Seventeenth Century 1600-1715
037817: YARWOOD, DOREEN - The English Home
014579: YARWOOD, DOREEN - Robert Adam
013383: YARWOOD, DOREEN - The Architecture of Italy
036743: YARWOOD, DOREEN - Five Hundred Years of Technology in the Home
008178: YATES, PETER - Twentieth Century Music; Its Evolution from the End of the Harmonic Era Into the Present Era of Sound
033721: YATES, FRANCES A. - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment
015257: YATES, JOHN - A Sailor's Sketch of the Sacramento Valley in 1842
036105: YAVNO, MAX - The Photography of Max Yavno
040617: YEAGER, LYN ALLISON ANTROBUS - Barney; a Biography of Barnabas Edward Antrobus
005535: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - Druid Craft; the Writing of the Sahdowy Waters
019691: YEATS, J. B. - J.B. Yeats; Letters to His Son W.B. Yeats and Others, 1869-1922
043135: YEDLIN, TOVA, ED - Women in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
019197: YEE, CHIANG - The Silent Traveller in San Francisco
017070: YEE, ALBERT H. - A Search for Meaning; Essays of a Chinese American
032403: NING YEH - Chinese Brush Painting; an Instructional Guide
047813: YEH, WEN-HSIN - The Alienated Academy; Culture and Politics in Republican China, 1919-1937
026881: YEHOSHUA, A. B. - Mr. Mani
030013: YEHOSHUA, A. B. - A Journey to the End of the Millennium
041468: YEIVIN, SHMUEL - The Israelite Conquest of Canaan
036594: YELLIN, EMILY - Our Mothers' War; American Women at Home and at the Front During World War II
038067: YENNE, BILL - San Francisco Then & Now
026203: YENNE, BILL - The Encyclopedia of North American Indian Tribes; a Comprehensive Study of Tribes from the Abitibi to the Zuni
036749: YEPSEN, ROGER - A Celebration of Heirloom Vegetables; Growing and Cooking Old-Time Varieties
016558: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Don't Die Before You'Re Dead
019692: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - A Precocious Autobiography
019693: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Almost at the End
036037: YGLESIAS, HELEN - Isabel Bishop
016301: YGLESIAS, JOSE - The Franco Years
036933: YANG HSIEN-YI AND GLADYS YANG - The Man Who Sold a Ghost; Chinese Tales [of] the 3rd-6th Centuris [Sic]
002397: YINGER, J. MILTON - Religion in the Struggle for Power; a Study in the Sociology of Religion
006590: YINGER, J. MILTON - Religion in the Struggle for Power; a Study in the Sociology of Religion
046934: YIP, WAI-LIM, ED - Chinese Poetry; an Anthology of Major Modes and Genres
023023: YISHAI, YAEL - Land or Peace; Whither Israel
037663: YLLA - Animals in India
016561: YODER, EDWIN M., JR. - Joe Alsop's Cold War; a Study of Journalistic Influence and Intrigue
012259: YOELL, JOHN H. - The Nordic Sound; Explorations Into the Music of Denmark, Norway, Sweden
047191: WILLIAMS, YOHURU AND JAMA LAZEROW, EDS - Liberated Territory; Untold Local Perspectives on the Black Panther Party
046950: YON, MICHAEL - Moment of Truth in Iraq. How a New "Greatest Generation" of American Soliders Is Turning Defeat and Disaster Into Victory and Hope
040116: AVI-YONAH, MICHAEL - Art in Ancient Palestine; Selected Studies
024094: AVI-YONAH, MICHAEL - The Herodian Period
038429: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - Womankind
038430: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - Heartsease or the Brother's Wife
042946: ART STUDENTS LEAGUE OF NEW YORK - One Hundred Prints by the Artists of the Art Students League of New York, 1875-1975. April 22-May 17, 1975
032591: YORKE, CLIFFORD, ET AL. - Development and Psychopathology; Studies in Psychoanalytic Psychiatry
037716: YOSELOFF, THOMAS, ED - Comic Almanac
037219: YOSHI - 1, 2, 3
023769: YOSHIDA, MITSUKUNI, ET AL. - Japan Style
032454: YOSHIKAWA, ITSUJI - Major Themes in Japanese Art
035445: YOSHIMOTO, KAMON, ED - Traditional Sarasatic
010280: YOSHINO, M. Y. - Japan's Managerial System; Tradition Und Innovation
048418: YOSHIOKA, GEN-ICHIRO - A Semantic Study of the Verbs of Doing and Making in the Indo-European Languages
026827: YOSIDA, KOSAKU - Functional Analysis
015910: MELMAN, YOSSI AND DAN RAVIV - Friends in Deed; Inside the U.S. -Israel Alliance
046148: YOUNG, BRIAN - The Villein's Bible; Stories in Romanesque Carving
022278: DENHOLM-YOUNG, C. P. S. - Men of Alamein
023116: YOUNG, JORDAN M. - The Brazilian Revolution of 1930 and the Aftermath
005508: YOUNG, KENNETH - Churchill and Beaverbrook ; a Study in Friendship and Politics
003553: DENHOLM-YOUNG, N. - Collected Papers of N. Denholm-Young
024682: YOUNG, BARBARA - This Man from Lebanon; a Study of Kahlil Gibran
004921: YOUNG, PHILIP - Ernest Hemingway: A Reconsideration
016304: YOUNG, DESMOND - Rommel, the Desert Fox
013777: BURKLE-YOUNG, FRANCIS A. - Passing the Keys; Mdoern Cardinals, Conclaves, and the Election of the Next Pope
014268: YOUNG, MARTIE W. - Far Eastern Art in Upstate New York
008005: YOUNG, PERCY M. - Sir Arthur Sullivan
018833: YOUNG, PERCY M. - Stravinsky
030306: YOUNG, JOHN T. - Contemporary Public Art in China; a Photographic Tour
009004: YOUNG, PETER - A Dictionary of Battles, 1816-1976
030063: YOUNG, HUGO - The Iron Lady; a Biography of Margaret Thatcher
006838: YOUNG, JAMES STERLING - The Washington Community, 1800-1828
040273: YOUNG, W. MURRAY - The Sacred Dramas of J.S. Bach; a Reference and Textual Interpretation
035679: YOUNG, ISABEL N. - The Story of Salmon
048543: YOUNG, KARL - The Drama of the Medieval Churuch
047873: YOUNG, JOANNE - Washington's Mount Vernon
030314: YOUNG, GRACE - The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen; Classic Family Recipes for Celebration and Healing
035265: YOUNG, ROBYN V., ED - Notable Mathematicians from Ancient Times to the Present
045287: CASE, JOSEPHINE YOUNG AND EVERETT NEEDHAM CASE - Owen D. Young and American Enterprise; a Biography
038786: YOUNG, J. Z. - Doubt and Certainty in Science; a Biologist's Reflections on the Brain
047839: YOUNG, ALAN - Robert the Bruce's Rivals: The Comyns, 1212-1314
046368: YOUNG, FRANCES M. - From Nicaea to Chalcedon; a Guide to the Literature and Its Background
045222: YOUNG, ANDREW MCLAREN - Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928): Architecture, Design and Painting
041200: YOUNG, JOHN PARKE - United States Gold Policy: The Case for Change
008526: YOUNGER, EDWARD - John A. Kasson; Politics and Diplomacy from Lincoln to Mckinley
009556: YOUNGER, WILLIAM - Gods, Men, and Wine
009953: YOUNGSON, A. J. - Possibilities of Economic Progress
023269: YOVEL, YIRMIYAHU - Spinoza and Other Heretics
1657: YOVEL, YIRMIYAHU - Spinoza and Other Heretics; the Marrano of Reason
042411: YOVEL, YIRMIYAHU - Spinoza Et Autres Hérétiques
014672: YOXALL, J. H. - Collecting Old Glass: English and Irish
930: YRWING, HUGO - Gustav Vasa; Kröningsfrågan Och Västerås Riksdag 1527
043961: YSART, FEDERICO - España Y Los Judios En la Segunda Guerra Mundial
008478: YU, BEONGCHEON - An Ape of Gods; the Art and Thought of Lafcadio Hearn
003623: LU YU - The Old Man Who Does As He Pleases
004954: SIAO-YU - Mao Tse-Tung and I Were Beggars
005633: YUDHISTAR - Conflict in the Novels of D.H. Lawrence
032718: MENUHIN, YUHUDI AND CURTIS W. DAVIS - The Music of Man
028269: YOSHIMURA, YUJI AND GIOVANNA M. HALFORD - The Japanese Art of Miniature Trees and Landscapes; Their Creation, Care, and Enjoyment
005343: TANAKA, YUKIKO AND ELIZABETH HANSON, EDS - This Kind of Woman; Ten Stories by Japanese Women Writers, 1960-1976
038352: YULE, EMMA SAREPTA - Stories from Japanese History for Boys and Girls
024122: YUTANG, LIN - Imperial Chinese Art
007041: YUTANG, LIN - Imperial Peking: Seven Centuries of China
037272: MOMATIUK, YVA AND JOHN EASTCOTT - This Marvellous Terrible Place; Images of Newfoundland and Labrador
044064: YVER, GEORGES - Le Commerce Et Les Marchands Dans L'Italie Méridionale Au Xiiie & Au Xive Siècle
031656: COUSTEAU, JACQUES-YVES AND YVES PACCALET - Jacques Cousteau; Whales
018331: ZABEEH, FARHANG - Universals; a New Look at an Old Problem
027181: ZABEL, RUDOLF - Erlebnisse Berühmter Forscher Unter Den Wilden Von Ozeanien-Indien-Afrika; Klassische Schilderungen Aus Der Völkerkunde in Der Eigenen Darstellung Der Entdecker
045341: ZABLOWSKI, JERZY, ED - Collections of the Royal Castile of Wawel
044178: ZACOUR, NORMAN - An Introduction to Medieval Institutions
042110: AKHUND'ZADAH, FATH 'ALI - The Vazir of Lankuran. A Persian Play
045432: ZADDY, Z. P. - Chrétien Studies; Problems of Form and Meaning in Erec, Yvain, Cligés, and the Charrete
011459: ZAGAGI, NETTA - The Comedy of Menander; Convention, Variation and Originality
016305: ZAGORIA, DONALD S. - The Sino-Soviet Conflict, 1956-1961
011677: ZAGORIN, PEREZ - The Court and the Country; the Beginning of the English Revolution
020115: ZAHAR, MARCEL - Yves Brayer, Pélerin de la Méditerranée
014263: ZAHLE, ERIK - Erik Hoppe
037514: ZAID, BARRY - Wish You Were Here; a Tour of America's Great Hotels During the Golden Age of the Picture Post Card
045239: ZAJIC, JAMES E. - Microbial Biogeochemistry
047588: ZALLER, ROBERT - The Parliament of 1621; a Study in Constitutional Conflict
047581: ZAMORA, EMILIO - Claiming Rights and Righting Wrongs in Texas; Mexican Workers and Job Politics During World War II
017577: ZAMPETTI, PIETRO - Vittore Carpaccio; Catalogo Della Mostra, Venezia, Palazzo Ducale, 15 Giugno-6 Ottobre 1963
004420: ZAMPETTI, PIETRO - Paintings from the Marches: Gentile to Raphael
042198: ZANANIRI, GASTON - Paul VI Et Les Temps Présents
021019: ZANDER, L.-A - Dostoievsky; le Problème Du Bien
024092: ZANGGER, EBERHARD - The Flood from Heaven; Deciphering the Atlantic Legend
044738: ZANKER, PAUL - Pompeii; Public and Private Life
041706: ZANTEMA, J. W. - Frysk Wurdboek: Frysk-Nederlânsk
029275: ZANTOP, SUSANNE, ED - Paintings on the Move; Heinrich Heine and the Visual Arts
002370: ZANUSO, BILLA - The Young Freud; the Origins of Psychoanalysis in Late Nineteenth-Century Viennese Culture
039133: ZARNOWITZ, VICTOR - Orders, Production, and Investment--a Cyclical and Structural Analysis
042662: ZASCHE, GREGOR - Extra Nos; Untersuchung Zu Dem Umstrittenen Begriff Des ûbernatürlichen Bei Evangelischen Theologen Der Gegenwart
026815: ZASSENHAUS, HANS J. - The Theory of Groups
029775: ULRICH VON ZATZIKHOVEN - Lanzelet; Eine Erzählung
040559: ZAVARZADEH, MAS'UD - The Mythopoeic Reality; the Postwar American Nonfiction Novel
043053: ZAVATSKY, BILL, ED - Roy Rogers; a Magazine of the Arts & Sciences
016308: ZAWODNY, J. K. - Nothing But Honour; the Story of the Warsaw Uprising, 1944
022685: MUNZER, ZDENKA AND JAN MUNZER - We Were and We Shall Be; the Czechosolovak Spirit Through the Centuries
037098: ZEE, A. - Swallowing Clouds
027680: ZEELAND, STEVEN - Sailors and Sexual Identity; Crossing the Line between "Straight" and "Gay" in the U.S. Navy
033555: ZEEVELD, W. GORDON - The Temper of Shakespeare's Thought
046022: ZEGGER, ROBERT E. - John Cam Hobhouse; a Political Life, 1819-1852
019295: ZEHETMEIER, JOSEF - Die Periodenlehre Des Aristoteles (Rhet. III Capp. 8 Und 9)
027047: ZEITLIN, SOLOMON - The Rise and Fall of the Judaean State; a Political, Social and Religious History of the Second Commonweath
029314: ZELDIN, THEODORE - France 1848-1945; Politics & Anger
015633: ZELDIN, THEODORE - France, 1848-1945. Volume 1: Ambition, Lvoe and Politics
047247: ZELLER, JULES - L'Empereur Frédéric II Et la Chute de L'Empire Germanique Du Moyen Age: Conrad IV Et Conradin
038625: ZELLER, WINFRIED, ED - Der Protestantismus Des 17. Jahrhunderts
031983: ZELLER, EDUARD - Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy
009939: ZELLERS, GUILLERMO - La Novela Historica En España, 1828-1850
026099: ZELLMAN, MICHAEL DAVID - 300 Years of American Art
042856: ZEMAN, HERBERT - Wiener Neudrucke; Ankündigungsband
038135: DE ZEMLER, CHARLES - Once over Lightly; the Story of Man and His Hair
011749: DE ZEMLER, CHARLES - Once over Lightly; the Story of Man and His Hair
006839: ZEMSKY, ROBERT - Merchants, Farmers, and River Gods; an Essay on Eighteenth-Century American Politics
047134: CHEN ZEN, SOPHIA H., ED - Symposium on Chinese Culturre
007362: ZENCEY, ERIC - Virgin Forest; Mediations on History, Ecology and Culture
033936: ZENCEY, ERIC - Panama
021548: ZENKEVITCH, L. - Biology of the Seas of the U.S. S.R.
013687: ZENNSTRÖM, PER-OLOV - Pablo Picasso
029354: ZENTNER, KURT - Illustrierte Geschichte Des Dritten Reiches
038215: ZERBST, RAINER - Gaudi 1852-1926; Antoni Gaudi I Cornet--a Life Devoted to Architecture
048091: ZERBY, CHUCK - The Devil's Details; a History of Footnotes
011678: ZETLAND, LAWRENCE JOHN LUMLEY DUNDAS, MARQUIS DE - The Life of Lord Curzon; Being the Authorized Biography of George Nathaniel, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, K.G.
044280: ZEYDEL, EDWIN H. - Ruodlieb, the Earliest Courtly Novel (After 1050)
038976: ZHANG, YIGUO - Brushed Voices: Calligraphy in Contemporary China
035140: ZHANG, XIANLIANG - Grass Soup
031998: ZHANG, MINGTAO - The Roof of the World; Exploring the Mysteries of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
047145: ZHENG, AIHE - Law and Gospel in Martin Luther's Pastora Teachings As Seen in His Lecture Notes; Finding Guidance in Genesis and Galatians to Serve the Household of God
047217: ZHIRMUNSKII, VIKTOR M. - Vvedenie V Sravnitel'No-Istoricheskoe Izuchenie Germanskikh Iazykov
043233: ZHIRMUNSKII, V. M. - Nemetskaia Dialektologiia
042880: ZIADEH, NICOLA A. - Damascus Under the Mamluks
010553: ZIBERMAYR, IGNAZ - Das Oberösterreichische Landesarchiv in Linz IM Bilde Der Entwicklung Des Heimatlichen Schriftwesens Und Der Landesgeschichte
040236: ZIEBURA, GILBERT - Léon Blum Et la Parti Socialiste 1872-1934
008680: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - The Sixth Great Power; a History of One of the Greatest of All Banking Families, the House of Barings, 1762-1929
007944: ZIEGLER, ROBERT H., ED - Southern Labor in Transition, 1940-1995
029847: ZIEGLER, VICKIE L. - The Leitword in Minnesang: Stylistic Analysis and Textual Criticism
022206: ZIEGLER, KLAUS - Mensch Und Welt in Der Tragödie Friedrich Hebbels
044095: ZIEGLER, ALOYSIUS K. - Church and State in Visigothic Spain
031576: ZIEITZ, KARYL LYNN - Opera! the Guide to Western Europe's Great Houses
016583: ZIEL, RON - The Twilight of Steam Locomotives
031986: ZIELINSKI, THADDEUS - The Religion of Ancient Greece; an Outline
016309: ZIEMKE, EARL F. - Stalingrad to Berlin; the German Defeat in the East
008991: ZIETLOW, PAUL - Moments of Vision; the Poetry of Thomas Hardy
033087: ZIFF, LARZER - The Career of John Cotton; Puritanism and the American Experience
012063: ZILBOORG, GREGORY - Mind, Medicine, & Man
043520: ZILCZER, JUDITH - Willem de Kooning from the Hirshhorn Museum Collection
018216: ZILYNSKI, JAN - Opis Fonetyczny Jezyka Ukrainskiego
044011: ZIMAN, JOHN - An Introduction to Science Studies; the Philosophical and Social Aspects of Science and Technology
006676: ZIMMERMAN, ERICH W. - Conservation in the Production of Petroleum; a Study in Industrial Control
014775: ZIMMERMAN, LARRY J. - Peoples of Prehistoric South Dakota
043456: ZIMMERMANN, HARALD, ED - Deutsche Inschriften; Fachtagung Für Mittelalterliche Und Neuzeitliche Epigraphik, Worms, 1986; Vorträge Und Berichte
035006: ZINGARELLI, NICOLA - Vocabolario Della Lingua Italiana
019713: ZINK, ANNE - Azereix; la Vie D'Une Communauté Rurale à la Fin Du Xviiie Siècle
045317: ZINK, MICHEL - The Enchantment of the Middle Ages
045789: ZINK, MICHEL - Froissart Et le Temps
044531: ZINK, MICHEL - Littérature Française Du Moyen Age
044222: ZINK, MICHEL - Froissart Et le Temps
016454: ZINN, WALTER H., ET AL. - Nuclear Power, U.S. A.
023332: ZINN, HOWARD, ET AL. - Three Strikes; Miners, Musicians, Salelsgirls, and the Fighting Spirit of Labor's Last Century
047591: ZIPES, JACK, ED - Spells of Enchantment; the Wondrous Fairy Tales of Western Culture
048401: ZIPF, GEORGE KINGSLEY - The Psycho-Biology of Language; an Introduction to Dynamic Philology
021095: ZIRKER, J. B. - Total Eclipses of the Sun
007814: ZITO, GEORGE V. - Systems of Discourse; Structures and Semiotics in the Social Sciences
038108: ZHAO ZIYANG - Prisoner of the State; the Secret Journal of Zhao Ziyang
009181: ZLOBIN, VLADIMIR - A Difficult Soul: Zinaida Gippius
042293: ZÖBERLEIN, KLAUS-DIETER - Die Anfänge Des Deutsch Schweizerischen Frontismus; Die Entwicklung Der Politischen Vereinigungen Neue Front Und Nationale Front Bis Zu Ihrem Zusammenschluß IM Frühjahr 1933
029124: ZOEGA, GEORGIUS - Catalogus Codicum Copticorum Manu Scriptorum Qui in Museo Borgiano Velitris Adservantur
014216: ZOFF, OTTO - Tizian: Eine Untersuchung ûber Die Auflösung Der Klassischen Idee
010149: ZOFF, OTTO - Das Leben Des Peter Paul Rubens
040620: ZOLKIEWSKI, STEFAN - Culture Et Littérature Polonaises Contemporaines; Quatre Essais
020591: ZOLNAY, LASZLO - As Elatkozott Buda; Buda Aranykora
009113: ZOLOTOW, MAURICE - Stagestruck; the Romance of Alfred Lunt and Lynne Fontanne
022769: ROJAS ZORRILLA, FRANCISCO DE - Lucrecia Y Tarquino
006593: ZOTOVIC, LJUBICA - Les Cultes Orientaux Sur le Territoire de la Mésie Supérieure
024093: ZSCHIETZSCHMANN, W. - Hellas and Rome; the Classical World in Pictures
044984: ZSCHOKKE, WALTER - Architektur in Niederösterreich 1986-1997; Architecture in Lower Austria 1986-1997
029126: ZUBOV, V. P. - Leonardo Da Vinci
014992: ZUBRIN, ROBERT - Entering Space; Creating a Spacefaring Civilization
017092: ZUBRIN, ROBERT - The Case for Mars; the Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must
044496: ZUCKERMAN, YITZHAK - A Surplus of Memory; Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
039781: ZUCKERMAN, HARRIET, ET AL., EDS - The Outer Circle; Women in the Scientific Community
040242: ZUCKERMAN, ALAN - Political Clienteles in Power: Party Factions and Cabinet Coalitions in Italy
040391: ZUCKERMAN, MICHAEL - Almost Chosen People; Oblique Biographies in the American Grain
038840: ZUKIN, SHARON - Landscapes of Power; from Detroit to Disney World
017105: ZUKIN, SHARON - Beyond Marx and Tito; Theory and Practice in Yugoslav Socialism
048474: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Histoire Littéraire de la France Médiévale (Vie-Xive Siécles)
048475: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Anthologie Des Grands Rhétoriqueurs
048476: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Leggere IL Medio Evo
048477: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - La Porte à Côté. Nouvelles
045909: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Parle Du Moyen Age
048471: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - La Presenza Della Voce; Introduzione All Poesia Orale
045915: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Langue, Texte, énigme
048455: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - La Poésie Et la Voix Dans la Civilisation Médiévale
046485: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Essai de Poétique Médiévale
048473: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Le Masque Et la Lumière; la Poétique Des Grands Rhétoriqueurs
007447: ZURBRUGG, NICHOLAS - Critical Vices; the Myths of Postmodern Theory
011253: KUNSTHAUS ZÜRICH - Kunst Und Leben Der Etrusker
040583: CERCLE DES CHEFS DE CUISINE ZÜRICH - Das Schöne Zürich Und Seine Bekanntesten Gaststätten
023836: ZUSNE, LEONARD - Biography Dictionary of Psychology
038896: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Sternstunden Der Menschheit; Fünf Historische Miniaturen
041654: ZWEIG, ARNOLD - Die Aufichtung Der Menorah; Entwurf Einer Pantomine
027279: ZWEIG, PAUL - Walt Whitman; the Making of the Poet
030952: ZWEIG, PAUL - The Adventurer
047457: ZWELLING, SHOMER S. - Expansion and Imperialism
021915: ZWERDLING, ALEX - Yeats and the Heroic Ideal
030690: ZWERIN, MIKE - La Tristesse de Saint Louis: Jazz Under the Nazis
024949: ZWICK, M. I. - Berthold Auerbachs Sozialpolitischer Und Ethischer Liberalismus Nach Seinem Schriften Dargestellt
024509: ZWIERLEIN, FREDERICK J. - The Life and Letters of Bishop Mcquaid Prefaced with the History of Catholic Rochester Before His Episcopate
006594: ZWIERLEIN, FREDERICK J. - Religion in New Netherland; a History of the Development of the Religious Conditions in the Province of New Netherland, 1623-1664
043439: ZWIERLEIN, OTTO - Senecas Phaedra Und Ihre Vorbilder
024596: ZWILLINGER, DANIEL - Handbook of Differential Equations
045203: ZWINGER, SUSAN - Still Wild, Always Wild; a Journey Into the Desert Wilderness of California
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