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039470: UTLEY, ROBERT M. - A Life Wild and Perilous; Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific
039015: UTLEY, FREDA - The China Story
042387: FERNANDEZ UTRERA, MARIA SOLEDAD - Visiones de Estereoscopio (Paradigma de Hibridación En El Arte Y la Narrative de la Vanguardia Española)
044886: UTTAL, WILLIAM R. - The Detection of Nonplanar Surfaces in Visual Space
033116: MAAS, UTZ AND JUDITH MCALISTER-HERMANN - Materialien Zur Erforschung Der Sprachlichen Verhältnisse in Der Frühen Neuzeit in Osnabrück. Band 1 (1982)
019052: HOHENDAHL, PETER UWE AND SANDER L. GILMAN, EDS - Heinrich Heine and the Occident; Mutliple Identitites, Mutiple Receptions
024171: NERLICH, UWE AND JAMES A. THOMSON, EDS - The Soviet Problem in American-German Relations
035197: STUIP, R. E. V. AND C. VELLEKOOP, EDS - Hoofse Cultuur; Studies over Een Aspect Van de Middeleeuwse Cultuur
039985: KRUTILLA, JOHN V. AND OTTO ECKSTEIN - Multiple Purpose River Development; Studies in Applied Economic Development
022504: KRUTILLA, JOHN V. AND ANTHONY C. FISHER - Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Coal Development: Northern Great Plains
022513: KNEESE, ALLEN V. AND CHARLES L. SCHULTZE - Pollution, Prices, and Public Policy
016452: CREWE, ALBERT V. AND JOSEPH J. KATZ - Research, U.S. A. ; Knowledge for the Future
042739: DAVID, ZDENEK V. AND ROBERT STRASSFELD - Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1978-1982. 1975-1977: Addenda
025757: PAUL, T. V. AND JOHN A. HALL, EDS - International Order and the Future of World Politics
006761: SCHOLES, WALTER V. AND MARIE V. SCHOLES - The Foreign Policies of the Taft Administration
041202: ROOSA, ROBERT V. AND FRED HIRSCH - Reserves, Reserve Currencies, and Vehicle Currenties: An Argument
045679: DAVIES, PETER V. AND ANGUS J. KENNEDY, EDS - Rewards and Punishments in the Arthurian Romances and Lyric Poetry of Mediaeval France; Essays Presented to Kenneth Varty on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday
037819: GLASS, D. V. AND D. E. C. EVERSLEY, EDS - Population in History; Essays in Historical Demography
034517: JONES, PETER V. AND KEITH C. SIDWELL - Reading Latin
038795: MANNO, V. AND D. E. PAGE, EDS - Intercorrelated Satellite Observations Related to Solar Events; Proceedings of the Third Eslab/Esrin Symposium Held in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, September 16-19, 1969
014787: GEORGE V. - A Jubilee Record; the King's Speeches, Together with Other Speeches and Addresses, and a Selection from Leading Articles in the Times on the Occasion of the King's Silver Jubilee, May, 1935
037023: ROSENKILDE, V. AND C. J. BALLHAUSEN - Thesaurus Librorum Danicorum 15th and 16th Century
044620: VÄÄNÄNEN, VEIKKO - Introduction Au Latin Vulgaire
026994: VACANO, OTTO-WILHELM VON - The Etruscans in the Ancient World
041937: VACCA, GIUSEPPE - Politica E Teoria Nel Marxismo Italiano 1959-1969; Antologia Critica
041982: VACCA, GIUSEPPE - Saggio Su Togliatti E la Tradizione Comunista
022188: VACEK, JAROSLAV - The Sibiliants in Old Indo-Aryan; a Contribution to the History of a Linguistics Area
008787: VACHA, JOHN - Showtime in Cleveland; the Rise of a Regional Theater Center
037378: VACHON, JOHN - John Vachon's America; Photographs and Letters from the Depression to World War II
009102: MUDROCH, VACLAV AND G. S. COUSE, EDS - Essays on the Reconstruction of Medieval History
042319: VAGNER, G. K., ED - Srednevekovaiia Rus'
041669: VAGO, ROBERT M., ED - Issues in Vowel Harmony Proceedings of the Cuny Linguistics Conference on Vowel Harmony, 14th May 1977
041375: VAHLEN, JOHANNES - Gesammelte Philologische Schriften
008455: VAIL, R. W. G. - The Voice of the Old Frontier
005057: VAIL, LEROY, ED - The Creation of Tribalism in Southern Africa
028562: VAILLANCOURT, JEAN-GUY - Papal Power; a Study of Vatican Control over Lay Catholic Elites
015421: VAILLAT, LÉANDRE - Ballets de L'Opéra de Paris (Ballets Dans Les Opéras--Nouveaux Ballets)
025958: VAISNORAS, SIMONAS - Simono Vaisnoro 1600 Metu Zemczuga Theologischka Ir Jos Saltiniai
043757: VAJS, JOSEF - Najstraiji Hrvatskoglagolski Misal; S Bibliografskim Opisima Svih Hrvatskoglagolskih Misala
028563: VAJTA, VILMOS - Die Theologie Des Gottesdienstes Bei Luther
046917: VALAVANES, PANOS - Panathenaikoi Amporeia Apo Ten Eretria; Symvole Sten Attike Angelographia Tou 4ou P. Ch. Al
045920: VALDES, MARIO J. - Hermeneutics of Poetic Sense: Critical Studies of Literature, Cinema, and Cultural History
022214: VALDMAN, ALBERT, ED - Papers in Linguistics and Phonetics to the Memory of Pierre Delattre
011647: VALE, EDMUND - Curiosities of Town and Countryside
014846: VALENCY, MAURICE - The End of the World; an Introduction to Contemporary Drama
016230: VALENTA, JIRI - Soviet Intervention in Czechoslovakia, 1968; Anatomy of a Decision
008465: VALENTIJN, FRANÇOIS - François Valentijn's Description of Ceylon
021942: VALENTIN, VEIT - Geschichte Der Deutschen Revolution Von 1848-49
019952: VALENTIN, JEAN-MARIE, ED - Monarchus Poeta. Studien Zum Leben Und Werk Anton Ulrichs Von Braunschweig-Lüneburg. Akten Des Anton-Ulrich-Symposions in Nancy (2. -3. Dezember 1983)
040848: VALENTIN, KARL - Karl Valentin's Gesammelte Werke
013525: VALENTINER, WILHELM R. - Georg Kolbe; Plastik Und Zeichnung
046951: VALENZA, ROBERT J. - Linear Algebra; an Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
040701: VALERA, JUAN - 151 Cartas Ineditas a Gummersindo Laverde
043673: HOTCHKISS, VALERIE AND FRED C. ROBINSON - English in Print from Caxton to Shakespeare to Milton
024443: VALESIO, PAOLO - Novantiqua; Rhetorics As a Contemporary Theory
044815: VALESIO, PAOLO - Strutture Dell'Allitterazione; Grammatica, Retorica E Folklore Verbale
018308: VALESKE, ULRICH - Votum Ecclesiae
006909: VALGEMAE, MARDI - Accelerated Grimace; Expressionism in the American Drama of the 1920s
040240: VALIANO, LEO - La Lotta Sociale E L'Avvento Della Democrazia in Italia 1876-1915
004404: VALKHOFF, M. - Masterpieces of Old French Literature
042973: VALLANCE, AYMER - William Morris, His Art, His Writings and His Public Life. A Record
041068: VALLAS, LÉON - Les Ides de Claude Debussy Musicien Français
023114: VALLDARES, ARMANDO - Against All Hope; the Prison Memoirs of Armando Valladares
028600: DALLA VALLE, DANIELA - IL Teatro Di Tristan L'Hermite; Saggio Storico E Critico
029022: VALLENTIN, WILHELM - Streifzüge Durch Pampa Und Kordillere Argentiniens
037184: VALLIÈRES, PIERRE - White Niggers of America; the Precocious Autobiography of a Quebec "Terrorist
043165: VALLOTTON, FÉLIX - Exposition Rétrospective D'Oeuvres inédites de FéLIX Vallotton (1865-1925); 50 Petits Tableaux de 1889 à 1925
022696: VAMBERY, RUSTEM - Hungary; to Be or Not to Be
005120: VAMBERY, RUSTEM - Hungary--to Be or Not to Be
018930: PHILIPS, VAN AND OWEN THOMAS - The Traveller's Book of Color Photography
031528: VAN, GILLES DE - Verdi's Theater; Creating Drama Through Music
032612: VANBRUGH, JOHN - The Complete Works of Sir John Vanbrugh
046695: VANCE, EUGENE - Reading the Song of Roland
035132: VANCE, EUGENE - Mervelous Signals; Poetics and Sign Theory in the Middle Ages
009332: VANDERBILT, KERMIT - The Achievement of William Dean Howells; a Reinterpretation
041429: VANDERWOLK, WILLIAM - Victor Hugo in Exile; from Historical Representations to Utopian Vistas
024444: VANN, RICHARD T. - The Social Development of English Quakerism 1655-1755
020632: VANZYPE, GUSTAVE - Vermeer de Delft
043821: VARADY, LASZLO - Die Auflösung Des Altertums; Beiträge Zu Einer Umdeutung Der Alten Geschichte
004477: VARAWA, JOANA MCINTYRE - Changes in Latitude; an Uncommon Anthropology
018286: VARDAMAN, E. JERRY, ED - Chronos, Kairos, Christos II; Chronological, Nativity, and Religious Studies in Memory of Ray Summers
040291: VAREN, BERNHARD - Descriptio Regni Japoniae; Beschreibung Des Japanischen Reiches, Amsterdam 1649
030057: LA VARENDE, JEAN DE - Les Broglie
026997: VARET, GILBERT - Manuel de Bibliographie Philosophie. I: Les Philosophies Classiques
021760: VAREY, J. E., ED - Galdós Studies
014537: VARG, PAUL A. - New England and Foreign Relations, 1789-1850
040105: VARGA, MARGIT - Waldo Peirce
003803: VARIGNY, CHARLES VICTOR CROSNIER DE - Quatorze Ans Aux Iles Sandwich
020950: VARLOW, ANDY - Justs Another Man; a Story of the Nazi Massacre of Kalavryta
006557: VARMA, K. M. - Seven Words in Bharata; What Do They Signify
031529: VARNAY, ASTRID - Fifty-Five Years in Five Acts; My Life in Opera
026071: VARNEDOE, KIRK - Wien 1900; Kunst, Architektur & Design
030229: VARNEKE, B. V. - History of the Russian Theatre, Seventeenth Through Nineteenth Century
032190: VARNOM, JOHN - French Bistro Cooking
032092: VARNON, JOHN - Italian Trattoria Cooking
004634: VARSANYI, JULIUS, ED - Quest for a New Central Europe: A Symposium
029776: VARTHEMA, LUDOVICO DI - The Itinerary of Ludovico Di Varthema of Bologna from 1052 to 1508
042168: VASIL'EV, M. P., ET AL. - Saljut Na Orbite: Osnovy Konstrukcii Orbital'Noj Stancii "Saljut", Etapy Ee Poleta I Materialy Naucnych Issledovanij
041095: VASILI, PAUL - La Société de Londres
047336: FABRE-VASSAS, CLAUDINE - The Singular Beast; Jews, Christians, & the Pig
020095: VASSEUR, DANIEL - Les Débuts Du Mouvement Ouvrier Dans la Région de Belfort-Montbéliard (1870-1914)
015369: VASSILIEV, VLADIMIR, ET AL. - Bolshoi's Young Dancers
038461: VASSILTCHIKOV, MARIE - Berlin Diaries 1940-1945
016237: VASSILTCHIKOV, MARIE - Berlin Diaries, 1940-1945
044336: VASTA, EDWARD, ED - Middle English Survey; Critical Essays
047213: VASTA, EDWARD, ED - Interpretations of Piers Plowman
036794: POLONS'KA-VASYLENKO, N. D. - The Settlement of the Southern Ukraine (1750-1775)
016232: VAN DER VAT, DAN - The Atlantic Campaign; World War II's Great Struggle at Sea
016233: VAN DER VAT, DAN - Gentlemen of War; the Amazing Story of Captain Karl Von Müller and the S.M. S. Emden
014119: VAN DE VATE, DWIGHT, JR. - Persons, Privacy, and Felling; Essays in the Philosophy of Mind
009903: VATER, HEINZ - Das System Der Artikelformen IM Gegenwärtigen Deutsch
033396: BIBLIOTECA APOSTOLICA VATICANA - Bulgari E la Storia Bulgara Negli Archivi Vaticani E Nella Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Secc. XV-XVIII
033699: BIBLIOTECA APOSTOLICA VATICANA - Miniature Del Rinascimento; Catalogo Della Mostra
010306: VATIKIOTIS, MICHAEL R. J. - Indonesian Politics Under Suharto: Order, Development and Pressure for Change
016866: VAUCHER, ANDREA R. - Muses from Chaos and Ash; Aids, Artists, and Art
046209: VAUGHAN, RICHARD - Valois Burgundy
046208: VAUGHAN, RICHARD - John the Fearless; the Growth of Burgundian Power
004425: VAUGHAN, GRAHAM M. - Ethnic Awareness and Attitudes in New Zealand
013216: VAUGHAN, HERBERT M. - Studies in the Italian Renaissance
038691: VAUGHAN, WILLIAM - William Blake
047167: VAUGHAN, THOMAS, ET AL. - Voyages of Enlightenment; Malaspina on the North West Coast 1791/1792
005652: VAUSSARD, MAURICE - Daily Life in Eighteenth Century Italy
047027: CABRILLO Y VAZQUEZ, ANGEL - Contribución Al Estudio de Jacinto Benavente
027561: DE VECCHI, PIERLUIGI, ED - The Sistine Chapel; a Glorious Restoration
027866: VAN VECHTEN, CARL - The Tiger in the House
009018: VECSEY, CHRISTOPHER - Imagine Ourselvles Richly; Mythic Narratives of North American Indians
012298: NUGENT, VEDA AND MARRETT GREEN - Sugar and Spice & Everything Irie; Savoring Jamaica's Flavors
045697: VÉDIER, GEORGES - Origine Et évolution de la Dramaturgie Néo-Classique. L'Influence Des Arts Plastiques En Italie Et En France: Le Rideau, la Mise En Scène Et Les Trois Unités
046981: LOPE DE VEGA - La Fianza Satifecha Attributed to Lope de Vega
026451: VEGA, LOPE DE - La Dorotea
028121: VEGA, LOPE DE - La Dorotea
028198: VEGA, LOPE DE - La Dorothea
035015: VEGA, GARCILASCO DE LA - The Florida of the Inca; a History of the Adelantado, Hernando de Soto, Governor and Captain General of the Kingdom of Florida, an of Other Heroic Spanish and Italian Cavaliers
042288: MOSCOSO VEGA, LUIS A. - Deformaciones Foneticas Y Graficas En El Lexico de Las Artesanias Azuayas
014121: VEIT, LUDWIG ANDREAS - Die Kirche IM Zeitalter Des Individualismus, 1648 Bis Zur Gegenwart
009904: VEITH, WERNER H. - Intersystemare Phonologie; Exemplarisch an Distratisch-Diatopischen Differenzierungen IM Deutschen
026999: VEITH, GEORG - Cäsar
014234: VELAZQUEZ, DIEGO - Velazquez; Des Meisters Gemälde
025961: VELIUS, NORBERTAS - Baltu Religijos Ir Mitologijos Saltiniai
034480: VELLACOTT, PHILIP - Sophocles and Oedipus; a Study of Oedipus Tyrannus with a New Translation
042483: QUEIROZ VELLOS, J. M. DE - D. Sebastião 1554-1578
034038: VELZ, JOHN W. - Shakespeare and the Classical Tradition; a Critical Guide to Commentary, 1660-1960
027595: VENDLER, HELEN - The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets
034818: MATTHEW OF VENDÔME - Ars Versificatoria (the Art of the Versemaker)
042006: VENÈ, GIAN FRANCO - La Borghesia Comunista
040536: VENESOEN, CONSTANT - Corneille Apprenti Féministe de Mélite Au Cid
032531: VENEZKY, ALICE S. - Pageantry on the Shakespearean Stage
038703: VENKAKTESWARAN, SANDHYA - Environment, Development and the Gender Gap
027981: VENOHR, WOLFGANG - Aufstand Für Die Tschechoslowakei; Der Slowakische Freiheitskampf Von 1944
003956: VENTRE, MADELEINE - L'Imprimerie Et la Librairie En Languedoc Au Dernier Siècle de L'Ancien Regime, 1700-1789
043811: PAGNINI DEL VENTURA, GIOVANNI FRANCESCO - Della Decima E Di Varie Altre Gravezze Imposte Dal Comune Di Firenze, Della Moneta E Della Mercatura de' Fiorentini Fino Al Secolo XVI. Volume I, Tomi I E II
013357: VENTURI, LIONELLO - Piero Della Francesca; Biographical and Critical Studies
009597: VENTURI, FRANCO - The End of the Old Regime in Europe, 1768-1776; the First Crisis
039515: CERVERA VERA, LUIS - Arévalo (Avila); Desarrollo Urbano Y Monumental Hasta Mediados Del Siglo XVI
039145: VERBA, SIDNEY, ET AL. - Elites and the Idea of Equality; a Comparison of Japan, Sweden, and the United States
009905: VERBURG, P. A. - Taal En Functionaliteit; Een Historisch-Critische Studie over de Opvattingen Aangaande de Functies Der Taal Vanaf de Prae-Humanistische Philologie Van Orleans Tot de Rationalistische Linguistiek Van Bopp
031531: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Aïda. In Full Score
031532: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Aida
031534: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Aroldo. Canto E Pianoforte
031567: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Don Carlos
031569: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - I Due Foscari
031570: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Falstaff. In Full Score
031572: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - The Force of Destiny. La Forza Del Destino
031574: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Letters of Giuseppe Verdi
031575: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Luisa Miller. A Tragic Melodrama in Three Acts. Vocal Score
031620: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - I Vespri Siciliani; an Opera in Five Acts. Vocal Score. For Soli, Chorus, and Orchestra
031624: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Verdi; the Man in His Letters
031627: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - IL Trovatore. The Troubadour; an Opera in Four Acts. Vocal Score
031625: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - The Verdi-Boito Correspondence
031630: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Macbeth
031628: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Macbeth; Melodramma in Quattro Atti
031629: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Macbeth; Melodramma in Quattro Atti Di Francesco Maria Piave
031635: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Otello. In Full Score
031634: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Otello. Dramma Lirico in Quattro Atti
031622: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Verdi's Falstaff in Letters and Contemporary Reviews
031632: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - A Masked Ball. Un Ballo in Maschera
031637: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Rigoletto. In Full Score
031636: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Otello
031638: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Rigoletto
031639: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Simon Boccanegra. Opera Complete Per Canto E Pianoforte. Melodramma in Un Prologo E Tre Atti
031640: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Simon Boccanegra. Seconda Versione. Melodramma in Un Prologo E Tre Atti. Partitura
031641: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Simon Boccanegra
032911: VERESS, ENDRE - A Budai Egyetemi Nyomda Román Kiadványainak Documentumai 1780-1848
015202: VERGO, PETER - Art in Vienna, 1898-1918: Klimt, Kokoschka, Schiele, and Their Contemporaries
024446: VERHOEFF, JOHAN PETER - Sartre Als Tonellslchrijver; Een Literair-Kritische Studie
006154: VERHULST, FERDINAND, ED - Asymptotic Analysis II--Surveys and New Trends
047147: VERKERK, DOROTHY - Early Medieval Bible Illumination and the Ashburnham Pentateuch
041962: ZSOLNAY VERLAG - Jahrbuch. Paul Zsolnay Verlag 1927
010166: VERLINDEN, CHARLES - The Beginnings of Modern Colonization; Eleven Essays with an Introduction
002019: VERMEER, HANS J., ET AL. - Urdu-Lautlehre Und -Schrift
003512: VERMEULE, EMILY - Greece in the Bronze Age
031959: VERMEULE, EMILY - Aspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetry
042651: VERMEYLEN, A. - Hieronymus Bosch
024447: VERMOORTEL, PHILIP - De Parabel Bij Multatuli: Hoe Moet Ik U Aanspreken Om Verstaan Te Worden
031960: VERNANT, JEAN-PIERRE - Myth and Society in Ancient Greece
038177: VERNANT, JEAN-PIERRE - The Universe, the Gods, and Men; Ancient Greek Myths
007730: VERNER, ELIZABETH O'NEILL - Mellowed by Time; a Charleston Notebook
022959: VERNON, ALEX, ET AL. - The Eyes of Orion; Five Tank Leitenants in the Persian Gulf War
008429: VERNON, RAYMOND - The Dilemma of Mexico's Development; the Roles of the Private and Public Sectors
002381: VERNON, RICHARD - Commitment and Change; Georges Sorel and the Idea of Revolution. Essay and Translations
006559: VERNON, RICHARD - Commitment and Change; Georges Sorel and the Idea of Revolution
033539: VERNULAEUS, NICOLAUS - Henry VIII; a Neo-Latin Drama by Nicolaus Vernulaeus
045681: VERNULAEUS, NICOLAUS - Henry VIII, a Neo-Latin Drama
032178: SPERLING, VERONICA AND CHRISTINE MCFADDEN, EDS - The Complete Book of Indian Cooking
021241: EHRSAM, VÉRONIQUE AND JEAN EHRSAM - La Littérature Fantastique En France
025379: VERRA, VALERIO - IL Problema Del Vivente Tra Settecento E Ottocento; Aspetti Filosofici, Biologici E Medici
031961: VERRALL, A. W. - Essays on Four Plays of Euripides: Andromach, Helen, Heracles, Orestes
031962: VERRALL, A. W. - Euripides the Rationalist; a Study in the History of Art and Religion
042371: VERRET, MICHEL - Les Marxistes Et la Religion; Essais Sur L'Athéisme Moderne
016240: VERRIER, ANTHONY - Assassination in Algiers; Churchill, Roosevelt, de Gaulle, and the Murder of Admiral Darlan
023538: VERSCHOOR, GERD - Beyond Flowers; Collecting & Arranging Natural Objects
017138: VERTANES, CHARLES A. - Armenia Reborn
012612: VERVOORT, WILLEM - Free-Living Copepoda from Ifaluk Atoll in the Caroline Islands with Notes on Related Species
040799: VERWEYEN, THEODOR - Apophthegma Und Scherzrede; Die Geschichte Einer Einfachen Gattungsform Und Ihrer Entfaltung IM 17. Jahrhundert
039493: VERWIJS, EELCO - Bloemlezing Uit Middelnederlandsche Dichters
044521: VESTERMAN, WILLIAM - The Sytlistic Life of Samuel Johnson
018755: VETTER, WALTHER, ED - Festschrift Max Schneider Zum Achtzigsten Geburtstage
024448: VETTER, TILMANN - Sarvajnatman's Samskepasarirakam. 1. Kapitel: Einführung, ûbersetzung Und Anmerkungen
015353: VETTER, HAROLD J. - Language Behavior and Communication; an Introduction
006560: VIA, DAN O., JR. - Kerygma and Comedy in the New Testament; a Structural Approach to Hermeneutic
040537: VIALLANEIX, PAUL - Michelet Cent Ans Après; études Et Temoignages Recueillis
045738: VIARRE, SIMONE - L'Image Et la Pensée Dans Les "Métamorphoses" D'Ovide
027208: ZAMORA VICENTE, ALONSO - La Sonatas de Valle Inclan
030842: VICENTE, GIL - Gil Vicente: Farces and Festival Plays. Auto Da India. Quem Tem Farelos? Fragua de Amor. Cortes de Jupiter. O Triunfo Do Inverno
027552: VICKERS, BRIAN - Appropriating Shakespeare; Contemporary Critical Quarrels
038443: VICKERS, HUGH - Great Operatic Disasters
044977: VICKERY, AMANDA - Behind Closed Doors; at Home in Georgian England
042056: VICO, GAIMBATTISTA - On the Most Ancient Wisdom of the Italians Unearthed from the Origins of the Latin Language, Including the Disputation with the Giornale de' Letterati D'Italia
014273: HAUGE, VICTOR AND TAKAKO HAUGE - Folk Traditions in Japanese Art
015975: OSTROVSKY, VICTOR AND CLAIRE HOY - By Way of Deception
041223: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - The Orange and the Rose; Holland and Britain in the Age of Observation 1600-1750
032320: ALEXANDER, VICTORIA AND GENEVIEVE HARRIS - The Bathers Pavilion Cookbook
037803: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Victorian and Edwardian Decorative Arts
039162: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Catalogue of Musical Instruments. Volume I: Keyboard Instruments [by] Raymond Russell
011649: VICTORIA, QUEEN - Leaves from a Journal
036736: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Costume Illustration: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
037536: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - English Printed Textiles, 1720-1836
021383: VIDAL, GORE - Screening History
020079: VIDALENC, JEAN - La Société Française de 1815 à 1848. T. 1, le Peuple Des Campagnes
019414: VIDALENC, JEAN - La Société Française de 1815 a 1848. T. 2, le Peuple Des Villes Et Des Bourgs
024771: VIDLER, ALEC R. - Essays in Liberality
028567: VIDLER, ALEC R. - F.D. Maurice and Company; Nineteenth Century Studies
045989: VIDYARTHI, GURUDATTA - The Works of Late Pandit Gurudatta Vidyarthi, M.A. , with a Biographical Sketch
038165: VIELLE, CHRISTOPHE - Le Mytho-Cycle Héroique Dans L'Aire Indo-Européenne; Correspondances Et Transformations Helléno-Aryennes
043848: VIELLIARD, FRANÇOISE, ED - Le Roman de Troie En Prose (Version Du Cod. Bodmer 147)
027895: VIERECK, PETER - Tide and Continuities; Last and First Poems, 1995-1938
043275: VIERECK, WOLFGANG - Regionale Und Soziale Erscheinungsformen Des Britischen Und Amerikanischen Englisch
014124: VIERKANDT, ALFRED - Gesellschaftslehre; Hauptprobleme Der Philosophischen Soziologie
021590: VIËTOR, KARL - Goethe the Poet
035786: VIEYRA, DANIEL I. - Fill'Er Up"; an Architectural History of America's Gas Stations
041916: VIGEZZI, BRUNELLO - Giolitti E Turati; Un Incontro Mancato. Tomo I.
004291: VIGIER, FRANÇOIS - Change and Apathy; Liverpool and Manchester During the Industrial Revolution
011651: VIGIER, FRANÇOIS - Change and Apathy; Liverpool and Manchester During the Industrial Revolution
007882: VIGMAN, FRED K. - Crisis of the Cities
016242: VIGNESS, PAUL G. - The Neutrality of Norway in the World War
015900: JAIN, VIJAY AND DAVID PEELER, EDS - Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries II
015901: JAIN, VIJAY AND RON PALMER, EDS - Environmenta Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries
892: VIKAN, GARY, ED - Illuminated Greek Manuscripts from American Collections. An Exhibition in H Onor of Kurt Weitzmann. Edited by Gary Vikan
013078: VIKAN, GARY, ED - Medieval & Renaissance Miniatures from the National Gallery of Art
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039637: U. S. CONGRESS. HOUSE. COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS - Overview of Entitlement Programs; 1992 Green Book; Background Material and Data on Programs Within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Ways and Means
039636: U. S. CONGRESS. HOUSE. COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS - Overview of Entitlement Programs; 1991 Green Book; Background Material and Data on Programs with the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Ways and Means
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039616: WEBER, ALFRED - Theory of the Location of Industries
039931: WEBER, NICIHOLAS FOX - Balthus; a Biography
046699: WEBER, DIETRICH - Deutsche Literatur Seit 1945 in Einzeldarstellungen
032542: WEBER, CHRISTIANE - Hans Christian Andersen in Weimar
040825: WEBER, EUGEN - Vinzenz Pallotti, Ein Apostel Und Mystiker 1795-1850
041144: WEBER, ADOLF - Schein Und Wirklichkeit in Der Volkswirtschaft; Sechs Jahrzehnte IM Dienste Der Volkswirtshcaftslehre. Beiträtrage Zur Klärung Sozialökonomischer Gegenswartsprobleme
042236: WEBSTER, GRAHAM - Celtic Religion in Roman Britain
020450: WEBSTER, EDNA ROBB - Early Exploring in Lands of the Maya
005622: WEBSTER, JOHN - The White Devil, 1612
014133: WEBSTER, RICHARD - Equilibrium; a Constructive Attack on the Atheism of "Oxford Philosophy" and Certain Assumptions of Linguistic Analysis
027016: WEBSTER, T. B. L. - Athenian Culture and Society
046026: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Works of Daniel Webster
041418: WEBSTER, T. B. L. - Studies in Later Greek Comedy
007912: WEBSTER, WARREN, JR. - The Life and Times of Warren Webster
007913: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Private Correspondence of Daniel Webster
044442: WEBSTER, GRAHAM - The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A.D.
034635: WEBSTER, T. B. L. - From Mycenae to Homer
031966: WEBSTER, T. B. L. - The Greek Chorus
031967: WEBSTER, T. B. L. - Hellenistic Poetry and Art
031968: WEBSTER, T. B. L. - An Introduction to Sophocles
014884: WEBSTER, J. CARSON - Erastus D. Palmer
044515: WEBSTER, JAMES BERTIN - The African Churches Among the Yoruba 1881-1922
019760: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - Vienna, My Vienna
018819: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - Red Plush and Black Velvet; the Story of Dame Nellie Melba and Her Times
018820: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - Verdi
038087: WECHSLER, JEFFREY, ED - Asian Traditions, Modern Expressions; Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970
036810: WECKLER, J. E. - Polynesians, Explorers of the Pacific
016897: WEDECK, H. E. - Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs
011185: HOMANN-WEDEKING, E. - The Art of Archaic Greece
045117: WEDEL, DAVID C. - The Story of Alexanderwohl
039201: WEDGWOOD, JOSIAH - The Economics of Inheritance. With a New Introduction
042949: WEDGWOOD, C. V. - Velvet Studies
033201: WEDGWOOD, C. V. - Poetry and Politics Under the Stuarts
012665: WEED, CLARENCE M. - Butterflies Worth Knowing
017406: WEEDEN, CURT - Corporate Social Investing; the Breakthrough Strategy for Giving and Getting Corporate Contributions
019665: WEEKS, DONALD - Corvo; Saint or Madman
009711: WEEKS, ALBERT L. - The First Bolshevik; a Political Biography of Peter Tkachev
002717: WEGENAST, KLAUS - Das Verständnis Der Tradition Bei Paulus Und in Den Deuteropaulinen
037108: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Little Red Riding Hood
037109: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Cinderella
035259: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Fashion Photographs
037883: WEHDEKING, VOLKER UND GÜNTER BLAMBERGER - Erzählliteratur Der Frühen Nachkriegszeit (1945-1952)
021527: WEHLER, HANS-ULRICH, ED - Deutsche Historiker
041497: WEHLI, MAX - Das Barocke Geschichtsbild in Lohensteins Arminius
019885: WEI, SHAO - Pulling a Dragon's Teeth
025688: LEDERMANN-WEIBEL, RUTH - Zürcher Hochzeitsgedichte IM 17. Jahrhundert; Untersuchungen Zur Barocken Gelegenheitsdichtung
023795: WEIDENBAUM, MURRAY - Small Wars, Big Defense; Paying for the Military After the Cold War
044698: WEIDENBUSCH, WALTRAUD - Funktionen Der Präfigierung; Präpositionale Elemente in Der Wortbildung Des Französischen
012047: WEIDENREICH, FRANZ - Apes, Giants and Man
013226: WEIDLÉ, WLADIMIR - Mosaici Veneziani
014372: WEIDNER, MARSHA, ET AL. - Views from Jade Terrace; Chinese Women Artists, 1300-1912
011444: WEIGALL, ARTHUR - The Life and Times of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt
025259: WEIGALL, ARTHUR - Histoire de égype Ancienne
005627: WEIGAND, HERMANN J. - Surveys and Soundings in European Literature
010697: WEIGEL, WOLFGANG - Theorien Der Verkehrsmittelwahl Zur Planung Und Kontrolle Bimodaler Verkehrskorridore
034004: WEIGEL, PAUL - Leipzig; Ein Blick in Das Wesen Und Werden Einer Deutschen Stadt. Festgabe Der Stadt Leipzig 1913
904: WEIGELT, CURT H. - Giotto; Des Meisters Gemälde. Stuttgart, Etc.
008633: WEIGERT, HANS - Geschichte Der Deutschen Kunst Von Der Vorzeit Bis Zur Gegenwart
027737: WEIGERT, HANS - Kleine Kunstgeschichte Der Vorzeit Und Der Naturvölker
016809: WEIGLEY, RUSSELL F. - A Great CIVIL War; a Military and Political History, 1861-1865
039458: WEIGLEY, RUSSELL F. - Towards an American Army; Military Thought from Washington to Marshall
039541: WEIJNEN, A. - Nederlandse Dialectkunde
029725: WEIL, BRUNO - Der Prozeß Des Hauptmanns Dreyfus
039331: WEIL, OSCAR - Letters and Papers
044863: WEIL, OSCAR - Oscar Weil: Letters and Papers
046956: WEIN, MARTIN - History of the Jews in the Bohemian Lands
043279: WEINBERG, ROBERT - Stalin's Forgotten Zion; Birobidzhan and the Making of a Soviet Jewish Homeland. An Illustrated History, 1928-1996
026491: WEINBERG, BILL - Homage to Chiapas; the New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico
029273: WEINBERG, HENRY H. - The Myth of the Jew in France 1967-1982
008738: WEINBERG, GERHARD L. - A World at Arms; a Global History of World War II
015543: WEINBERG, BERNARD - The Art of Jean Racine
009148: WEINBRAUB, STANLEY - Private Shaw and Public Shaw; a Dual Portrait of Lawrence of Arabia and G.B. S.
039445: WEINER, JAMES F. - The Heart of the Pearl Shell; the Mythological Dimension of Foi Sociality
005309: WEINER, MYRON - The Politics of Scarcity; Public Pressure and Political Response in India
031599: WEINER, MARC A. - Richard Wagner and the Anti-Semitic Imagination
019829: WEINER, JONATHAN - His Brother's Keeper; a Story from the Edge of Medicine
046465: WEINGARTEN, ROBERT - Earthscapes; an Exhibition Catalog
033854: WEINGARTEN, MARC - The Gang That Wouldn't Write Straight; Wofle, Thompson, Didion, and the New Journalism Revolution
013368: WEINGARTNER, JOSEF - Gotische Wandmalerei in Südtirol
010151: WEINGARTNER, JOSEF - Der Geist Des Barock
040675: WEINMANN, KALR, ED - Kiirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch. 23. Jahrgang
046360: WEINREICH, URIEL - Languages in Contact; Findings and Problems
009913: WEINRICH, HARALD - Linguistik Der Lüge
022361: WEINSTEIN, NORMAN C. - A Night in Tunisia; Imaginings of Africa in Jazz
010274: WEINSTEIN, MARTIN E. - Japan's Postwar Defense Policy, 1947-1968
018822: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT - Music As an Art
018823: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT - Rossini; a Biography
031601: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT - Vincenzo Bellini; His Life and His Operas
036392: WEINSTOCK, HERBERT - Handel
008717: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - Whistler; a Biography
039202: WEINTRAUB, SIDNEY - A Keynesian Theory of Employment Growth & Income Distribution
007788: WEINTRAUB, SIDNEY, ED - Modern Economic Thought
016260: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - The Last Great Cause; the Intellectuals and the Spanish CIVIL War
039214: WEINTRAUB, SIDNEY - Keynes and the Monetarists and Other Essays
011656: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - Four Rossettis; a Victorian Biography
041211: WEINTRAUB, SIDNEY - The Foreign-Exchange Gap of the Developing Countries
036136: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. - Art Nouveau Bing; Paris Style, 1900
023124: WEISBROD, BURTON A., ET AL. - Disease and Economic Development; the Impact of Parasitic Dieeases in St. Lucia
005970: WEISBROD, CAROL - The Boundaries of Utopia
047119: WEISE, GEORG - IL Manierismo; Bilancio Crtico Del Problema Stilistico E Culturale
031970: WEISE, OSCAR - Language and Character of the Roman People
002340: WEISGERBER, LEO - Die Vier Stufen in Der Erforschung Der Sprachen
022199: WEISGERBER, LEO - Der Buchstabe Und Der Geist
022198: WEISGERBER, JOHANN LEO - Die Grenzen Der Schrift; Der Kern Der Rechtsschreibreform
026540: WEISHAMPEL, DAVID B., ET AL., EDS - The Dinosauria
026711: WEISMANN, DONALD L. - The Visual Arts As Human Experience
015205: WEISMANN, DONALD L. - The Visual Arts As Human Experience
045279: WEISS, LEE - Watercolors II, the Seventies
020421: WEISS, CHARLES - Journal 1815-1822
1619: WEISS, PAUL - The Making of Men
016419: WEISS, RICHARD - The American Myth of Success; from Horatio Alger to Norman Vincent Peale
015658: WEISS, PEG - Kandinsky in Munich; the Formative Jugendstil Years
006568: WEISS, BERNHARD - Die Drei Briefe Des Apostel Johannes
031564: WEISS, HARVEY, ED - Ebla to Damascus; Art and Archaoelogy of Ancient Syria
035678: WEISS, PETER - Bodies and Shadows; Two Short Novels
039550: WEISS, LEE - Lee Weiss: 25 Years in Wisconsin; a Survey of Paintings from 1962 to 1987
041587: WEISS, EMIL RUDOLF - Weiss-Schriften Nach Entwürfen Von Professor E.R. Weiß: Antiqua, Kursiv, Kapitale, Lapidar
046322: WEISS, ROBERTO - Illustrium Imagines Incorporating an English Translation of Nota by Roberto Weiss
041841: WEISSENBERGER, KLAUS - Die Elegie Bei Paul Celan
017088: WEISSMAN, PAUL R., ET AL., EDS - Encyclopedia of the Solar System
021599: WEISSTEIN, ULRICH - Comparative Literature and Literary Theory; Survey and Introduction
021747: WEISSTEIN, ULRICH - Comparative Literature and Literary Theory; Survey and Introduction
028019: WEITZMAN, DAVID - Traces of the Past; a Field Guide to Industrial Archaeology
029114: WEITZMANN, KURT - The Miniatures of the Sacra Parallela, Parisinus Graecus 923
016261: WEIZMAN, EZER - The Battle for Peace
034017: WEIZSÄCKER, CARL FRIEDRICH VON - Die Geschichte Der Natur; Zwölf Vorlesungen
039726: WEIZSÄCKER, CARL FRIEDRICH VON - Wahrnehmung Der Neuzeit
021036: WEKESSER, CAROL, ED - Feminism; Opposing Viewpoints
006882: WELCH, ROBERT - A History of Verse Translation from the Irish, 1789-1897
020586: WELCH, STUART CARY - A King's Books of Kings; the Shah-Nameh of Shah Tahmasp
036083: WELCH, STUART CARY - Room for Wonder; Indian Painting During the British Period, 1760-1880
027017: WELLARD, JAMES - Babylon
027018: WELLARD, JAMES - The Search for the Etruscans
034046: WELLBERY, DAVID E., ED - A New History of German Liteirature
019391: WELLER, EMIL - De Tribus Impostoribus Anno Mdiic
041329: WELLERS, GEORGES - Les Chambres à Gaz Ont Existé; Des Documents, Des Témoignages, Des Chiffres
027019: WELLESLEY, KENNETH - The Long Year A.D. 69
040101: WELLESZ, EGON, ED - Ancient and Oriental Music
025091: WELLHAUSEN, JULIUS, ET AL. - Geschichte Der Christlichen Religion. Mit Einleitung: Die Israelitisch-Jüdische Religion
045953: WELLMAN, PAUL I. - Glory, God and Gold; a Narrative History
036516: WELLMAN, RITA - Victoria Royal; the Flowering of a Style
019666: WELLS, H. G. - The Desert Daisy
043657: WELLS, HENRY W. - Traditional Chinese Humor; a Study in Art and Literature
025332: WELLS, ROBERT W. - This Is Milwaukee
027255: WELLS, STANLEY - Shakespeare and Co. : Christospher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher, and Other Player in His Story
027530: WELLS, STANLEY - Shakespeare for All Time
027581: WELLS, STANLEY - Shakespeare; a Life in Drama
027604: WELLS, STANLEY, ED - Shakespeare; a Bibliographical Guide
039921: WELLS, CAROLYN - Folly for the Wise
006570: WELLS, ALBERT N. - Pascal's Recovery of Man's Wholeness
006465: WELLS, BARBARA - Shell at Deer Park; the Story of the First Fifty Years
021017: WELLS, HENRY W. - Iintroduction to Emily Dickinson
019848: WELLS, CELIA TOWNSEND - Brood Bitch; a Mother's Reflection
033188: WELLS, STANLEY, ED - The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare Studies
037722: WELLS, F. A. - The British Hosiery and Knitwear Industry; Its History and Organisation
041025: WELLS, COLIN - Sailing from Byzantium; How a Lost Empire Shaped the World
026465: WELSCH, WOLFGANG - Unsere Postmoderne Moderne
035907: WELSCH, ROGER L. - Omaha Tribal Myths and Trickster Tales
016264: WELSH, DOUGLAS - The History of the Vietnam War
016265: WELSH, DOUGLAS - The Usa in World War 2: The European Theater
042961: WELSH, DORIS VARNER - A Catalog of the William B. Greenlee Collection of Portuguese History and Literature and the Portuguese Materials in the Newberry Library
014253: WELTI, ALBERT - Albert Welti: Gemälde Und Radierungen
031221: WELTY, EUDORA - One Writer's Beginnings
043001: WELZIG, WERNER - Der Typus Der Deutschen Balladenanthologie
038860: WENCK, H. E. - Phantoms of Old Tombsone
026450: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL AND FREDERICK POLLOCK - Holmes-Pollock Letters; the Correspondence of Mr. Justice Holmes and Sir Frederick Pollock 1874-1932
041427: WENDLING, RONALD C. - Coleridge's Progress to Christianity; Experience and Authority in Religious Faith
046078: PFEFFER, WENDY AND ROBERT A. TAYLOR - Bibliographie de la Littérature Occitane: Trente Années D'études (1977-2007)
046079: PFEFFER, WENDY AND JEAN THOMAS - Nouvelles Recherches En Domaine Occitan: Approches Interdisciplinaire. Colloque de L'Association Internationale D'Etudes Occitanes, Albi, 11 & 12 Juin 2009
038559: WENINGER, PETER - Volkskunst in Den Alpen
002895: WENNER, VALENTIN - Die Bibel Zwischen Wissenschaft Und Theologie. Welche Glaubens- Und Erkenntnislehre, Heute
023099: WENNER, JANN S. - Rolling Stone; the Complete Covers
022961: WENNER, MANFRED W. - Modern Yemen, 1918-1966
018299: EVANS-WENTZ, W. Y., ED - Tibet's Great Yogi, Milarepa; a Biography from the Tibetan Being the Jetün-Kahbum or Biographical History of Jetsü-Milarepa, According to the Late Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English Renndering

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