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019348: SIDES, HAMPTON - Ghost Soldiers; the Forgotten Epic Story of World War II's Most Dramatic Mission
049821: SIDNEY, PHILIP - The Poems of Sir Philip Sidney
034504: SIDNEY, PHILIP - The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia
044858: SIDRAN, BEN - Talking Jazz; an Illustrated Oral History
006928: SIEBENSCHUH, WILLIAM R. - Form and Purpose in Boswell's Biographical Works
043540: SIEBER, FRIEDRICH - Bunte Möbel Der Oberlausitz
002294: SIEBERER, ANTON - Lautwandel Und Seine Triebkräkfte; Eine Studie ûber Den Zusammenhang Von Lautänderungen
020422: SIEBURG, FRIEDRICH - Die Stählerne Blume; Eine Reise Nach Japan
010264: SIEBURG, FRIEDRICH - Die Stählerne Blume; Eine Reise Nach Japan
035548: SIEFF, MARK - Practical Guide to the Russian Accent
041110: SIEFKEN, HINRICH - ûberindividuelle Formen Und Der Aufbau Des Kudrunepos
040331: SIEG, WILFRIED, ED - Acting and Reflecting; the Interdisciplinary Turn in Philosophy
014865: SIEGAL, ARANKA - Grace in the Wilderness; After the Liberation, 1945-1948
048158: SIEGEL, CAROL - Lawrence Among the Women; Wavering Boundaries in Women's Literary Traditions
024406: SIEGEL, JAMES T. - The Rope of God
035769: SIEGEL, LEE - Laughing Matters; Comic Tradition in India
018775: SIEGELE, ULRICH - Die Musiksammlung Der Stadt Heilbronn; Katalog Mit Beiträgen Zur Geschichte Der Sammlung Und Zur Quellenkunde Des XVI. Jahrhunderts
043244: SIEMENS, GEORG - History of the House of Siemens
019819: SIEMSEN, CYNTHIA - Emotional Trials; the Moral Dilemmas of Women Criminal Defense Attorneys
020937: SIERRA, JUSTO - Discursos Pronunciados Por El Licenciado D. Josto Sierra
024524: SIFAKIS, CARL - Three Men on Third and Other Wacky Events from the World of Sports
016151: SIFAKIS, STEWART - Who Was Who in the CIVIL War
010327: SIFFIN, WILLIAM J. - The Ahai Bureaucracy; Institutional Change and Development
011962: SIGERIST, HENRY E. - Henry E. Sigerist: Autobiographical Writings
048003: FEIST SIGMUND - Indogermanen Und Germanen; Ein Beitrag Zur Europäischen Urgeschichtsforschung
007929: FREUD, SIGMUND AND WILLIAM C. BULLITT - Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Twenty-Eighth President of the United States; a Psychological Study
024512: SIH, PAUL K. T., ED - The Hsiao Ching
041914: SIK, OTA - Quale Comunismo
026929: SILBAJORIS, RIMVYDAS - War and Peace; Tolstoy's Mirror of the World
030071: SILBAJORIS, RIMVYDAS - Russian Versification; the Theories of Trediakovskij, Lomonosov, and Kantemir
037762: SILBER, JULIE - The Esprit Quilt Collection
1531: SILBERMAN, NEIL ASHER - Digging for God and Country; Exploration, Archeology, and the Secret Strugg le for the Holy Land, 1799-1917
014396: SILBERMAN, NEIL ASHER - Between Past and Present; Archaeology, Ideology, and Nationalism in the Modern Middle East
034395: SILBERMAN, NEIL ASHER - A Prophet from Amongst You. The Life of Yigael Yadin: Soldier, Scholar, and Mythmaker of Modern Israel
009357: SILBEY, JOEL H. - The Partisan Imperative; the Dynamics of American Politics Before the CIVIL War
015047: SILCOCK, T. H. - The Commonwealth Economy in Southeast Asia
046887: SILCOCK, ARNOLD - Introduction to Chinese Art and History
017864: CATE-SILFWERBRAND, R. B. TEN - Vlees, Bloed En Been; Synoniemvergelijkend Onderzoek Van Drei Germaanse Woordformaties
008085: SILK, LEONARD - The Economists
019701: SILKIN, JON - Out of Battle; the Poetry of the Great War
019625: SILL, EDWARD ROWLAND - The Prose of Edward Rowland Sill
040742: SILLEVIS, JOHN, ET AL. - L'Ecole de la Haye; Les Maitres Hollandais Du 19ème Siècle
014302: SILVA, ANIL DE - The Art of Chinese Landscape Painting; in the Caves of Tun-Huang
045152: MARMELO E SILVA, JOSÉ - Obra Completa de José Marmelo E Silva; Não Aceitei a Ortodoxia
043178: SILVER, HELENETTE - A History of New Hampshire Game and Furbearers
023016: SILVER, ERIC - Begin, the Haunted Prophet
024407: SILVER, PHILIP W. - Ortega As Phenomenologist; the Genesis of Meditations on Quixote
002414: SILVER, JAMES W. - Mississippi: The Closed Society
044772: SILVER, MURRAY M. - Behind the Moss Curtain and Other Great Savannah Stories
037391: SILVER, NATHAN - Lost New York
037724: SILVER, CAROLINE - Guide to the Horses of the World
016154: SILVERLIGHT, JOHN - The Victor's Dilemma; Allied Intervention in the Russian CIVIL War
036585: SILVERMAN, WILLA Z. - The Notorious Life of Gyp, Right-Wing Anarchist in Fin-de-Siècle France
015896: SILVERMAN, LOUIS - The Determination of Impurities in Nuclear Grade Sodium Metal
002398: SILVERMAN, DAVID - Reading Castaneda; a Prologue to the Social Sciences
042570: SILVERMAN, DEBORA - Van Gogh and Gauguin; the Search for Sacred Art
035792: SILVERMAN, RUTH, ED - The Dog Observed; Photographs 1844-1983
036967: SILVERMAN, JONATHAN - For the World to See; the Life of Margaret Bourke-White
037115: SILVERS, ROBERT - Photomosaics
047306: SILVERSTEIN, THEODORE - Literate Laughter
045688: SILVERSTEIN, THEODORE - English Lyrics Before 1500
035557: SILVEY, ANITA, ED - Children's Books and Their Creators
011964: SIMARD, EMILE - Communisme Et Science
036165: SIMENSEN, S. - Harstad Gjennom Femti år 1903-1953
024408: SIMEONE, LAURENTIUS - Resururectionis Justorum Doctrina in Epistolis Sancti Pauli
037389: SIMETI, MARY TAYLOR - Travels with a Medieval Queen; the Journey of a Sicilian Princess
022246: SIMMEL, GEORG - Conflict
020240: SCHAEFER-SIMMERN, HENRY - The Unfolding of Artistic Activity; Its Basis, Processes, and Implications
019756: SIMMONS, ERNEST J., ED - Through the Glass of Soviet Literature; Views of Russian Society
027283: SIMMONS, JAMES C. - Passionate Pilgrims; English Travelers to the World of the Desert Arabs
030072: SIMMONS, ERNEST J. - English Literature and Culture in Russia (1553-1840)
033381: SIMMONS, J. L. - Shakespeare's Pagan World; the Roman Tragedies
006770: SIMMS, HENRY H. - Life of John Taylor; the Story of a Brilliant Leader in the Early Virginia State Rights School
034337: SIMON, WALTER, ED - French Liberalism, 1789-1848
048752: KEYNES, SIMON AND ALFRED P. SMYTH, EDS - Anglo-Saxons; Studies Presented to Cyril Roy Hart
021158: SIMON, ANDRÉ - The Wines, Vineyards and Vignerons of Australia
023305: SIMON, NEIL - Rewrites; a Memoir
023738: SIMON, DAVID R. - Tony Soprano's America; the Criminal Side of the American Dream
005600: SIMON, MYRON - The Georgian Poetic
012048: FLENER, SIMON AND JAMES THOMAS FLEXNER - William Henry Welch and the Heroic Age of American Medicine
014854: SIMON, JAMES F. - The Antagonists; Hugo Black, Felix Frankfurter and CIVIL Liberties in Modern America
014860: SIMON, ANDREW L. - Made in Hungary; Hungarian Contributions to Universal Culture
014200: SIMON, PACO - Paco Simon
020857: SIMON, REEVA S., ET AL., EDS - Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East
031872: HORNBLOWER, SIMON AND ANTONY SPAWFORTH, EDS - The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
009304: SIMON, JEFFREY D. - The Terrorist Trap; America's Experience with Terrorism
014074: SIMON, LEON - Ahad Ha-Am, Asher Ginzberg; a Biography
036347: SIMON, JAMES F. - What Kind of Nation; Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, and the Epic Struggle to Create a United States
032665: SIMON, JULIAN L., ED - The State of Humanity
046010: GAUNT, SIMON AND SARAH KAY, EDS - The Troubadours; an Introduction
032137: SIMON, JAMES F. - Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney; Slavery, Secession, and the President's War Powers
049229: SIMON, WALTER - Chinese Radicals and Phonetics. With an Analysis of the 1200 Chinese Basic Characters
004949: SIMON, SHELDON W. - The Broken Triangle: Peking, Djakarta, and the Pki
039506: SIMON, WERNER - Zur Sprachmischung IM Heliand
048438: SIMON, JOSEF - Philosophie Und Linguistische Theorie
046304: SIMON, JONATHAN - Poor Discipline; Parole and Social Control of the Underclass, 1890-1990
035253: SIMONDS, NINA - A Spoonful of Ginger; Irresistible, Health-Giving Recipes from Asian Kitchens
025092: SIMONE, FRANCO - Umanesimo, Rinascimento, Barocco in Francia
047246: SIMONE, FRANCO - Miscellanea Di Studi E Ricerche Sul Quattrocento Francese
029721: SIMONS, ERIC N. - The Reign of Edward IV
037739: SIMOONS, FREDERICK J. - Eat Not This Flesh; Food Avoidances from Prehistory to the Present
023103: SIMPSON, EYLER N. - The Ejido; Mexico's Way out
008683: SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - Fossils and the History of Life
005955: SIMPSON, BROOKS D. - Let Us Have Peace; Ulysses S. Grant and the Politics of War and Reconstruction, 1861-1868
025675: SIMPSON, CHRISTOPHER - The Splendid Blond Beast; Money, Law, and Genocide in the Twentieth Century
027088: SIMPSON, AMELIA - Xuxa; the Mega-Marketing of Gender, Race, and Modernity
004726: SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - Penguins Past and Present, Here and There
035498: SIMPSON, ELIZABETH, ED - The Spoils of War; World War II and Its Aftermath. The Loss, Reappearnce and Recovery of Cultural Property
031459: SIMPSON, HAROLD - Singers to Remember
036330: SIMPSON, M. C. M. - Letters and Recollections of Julius and Mary Mohl
033190: SIMPSON, PERCY - Studies in Elizabethan Drama
003952: SIMSAR, MUHAMMED AHMED - Oriental Manuscripts of the John Frederick Lewis Collection in the Free Library of Philadelphia; a Descriptive Catalogue with 48 Illustrations
017428: SIMSON, OTTO VON - Die Gotische Kathedrale; Beiträge Zu Ihrer Entstehung Und Bedeutung
040660: SIMSON, OTTO VON - The Gothic Cathedral; Original of Gothic Arachitecture and the Medieval Concept of Order
028286: SINATRA, NANCY - Frank Sinatra; an American Legend
013288: SINAUER, ERIKA - Der Schlüssel Des Sächsischen Landrechts
040091: SINCLAIR, MAY - Fame
005757: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - War Like a Wasp; the Lost Decade of the 'Forties
041864: SINCLAIR, JOSEPH - Arteries of War; Military Transportation from Alexander the Great to the Falklands--and Beyond
038211: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Mountain City
023290: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - Dylan Thomas; No Man More Magical
030302: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - Jerusalem: The Enless Crusade
037587: SINCLAIR, DAVID - Sir Gregor Macgregor and the Land That Never Was; the Extraordinary Story of the Most Audacious Fraud in History
008296: SINDLER, ALLAN P. - Unchosen Presidents; the Vice-President and Other Frustrations of Presidential Succession
029722: SINDONA, ENIO - Pisanello
025917: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer
005321: SINGER, MILTON, ED - Traditional India; Structure and Change
044107: SINGER, KURT - The Life of Ancient Japan; Selected Contemporary Texts Illustrating Social Life and Ideals Before the Era of Seclusion
043722: SINGER, IRVING - George Santayana, Literary Philosopher
037834: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - A Day of Pleasure; Stories of a Boy Growing Up in Warsaw
044033: SINGER, PETER, ED - A Companion to Ethics
046721: SINGER, SAMUEL - Thesaurus Proverbiorum Medii Aevi; Lexikon Der Sprichwörter Des Romanisch-Germanischen Mittelalters. Band 1: A-Birne
037781: SINGER, LESLIE - Zap! Ray Gun Classics
046291: SINGER, CHARLES - A Short History of Scientific Ideas to 1900
010735: DAS, MAN SINGH AND PANOS D. BARDIS, EDS - The Family in Asia
005253: SINGH, B. P. - The Problem of Change; a Study of North-East India
014076: SINGH, BHAGWAN B. - The Self and the World in the Philosophy of Josiah Royce
031306: SINGH, MADANJEET - The Sun; Symbol of Power and Life
027952: SINGH, SIMON - The Code Book; the Evolution of Secrecy from Mary Queen of Scots to Quantum Cryptography
820: SINGLETON, CHARLES S. - Art, Science, and History in the Renaissance. Edited by Charles S. Singleto N.
041475: SINGLETON, FRED - A Short History of Finland
039249: SINN, HANS-WERNER - Risk-Taking, Limited Liability, and the Banking Crisis; Selected Reprints
034104: SINSHEIMER, HERMANN - Shylock; the History of a Character
047099: SIONG, HAN BING - An Outline of the Recent History of Indonesian Criminal Law
042630: SIORVANES, LUCAS - Proclus; Neo-Platonic Philosophy and Science
021171: SIOTIS, DINO - So What; Poems
008372: SIPPER, RLAPH B. - Three Santa Barbara Authors & a Booksellers
025570: SIQUEIROS, DAVID ALFARO - Los Manifestos; Los Vehiculos de la Pintura; Dialectico-Subversiva
007657: SIRACUSA, CARL - A Mechanical People; Perceptions of the Industrial Order in Massachusetts, 1815-1880
002434: SIRACUSA, CARL - A Mechanical People; Perceptions of the Industrial Order in Massachusetts, 1815-1880
039246: SIRAGELDIN, ISMAIL ABDEL-HAMID - Non-Market Components of National Income
013198: SIRAISI, NANCY G. - Taddeo Alderotti and His Pupils; Two Generations of Italian Medical Learning
013199: SIRAT, COLETTE, ET AL. - Le Conception Du Livre Chez Les Piétistes Ashkenazes Au Moyen Age
046348: SIRCAR, RINA - The Psycho-Ethical Aspects of Abhidhamma
006524: SIRCELLO, GUY - Love and Beauty
013289: SIREN, OSWALD - Toskanische Maler IM XIII. Jahrhundert
043791: SIRETT, MARK G. - Reel à Bouche. Ssa with Piano and Clarinet
012482: SIRIGATTI, SAULO - Gli Studi Di Psicologia Scientifica Nell'Università Di Firenze (1903-1945)
038670: GUERRIERI, SIRIO AND LUIGI CERESOLI - Dai Casoni Alla Brunella; la Brigata Val Di Vara Nella Storia Della Resistenza
005971: SIRJAMAKI, JOHN - The American Family in the Twentieth Century
032929: SISKIND, DIANA - The Child Patient and the Therapeutic Process: A Psychoanalytic, Developmental, Object Relations Approach
030360: SISSON, C. J. - The Boar's Head Theatre, an Inn-Yard Theatre of the Elizabethan Age
034831: SISSON, CHARLES J. - Le Goût Public Et le Théatre élisabéthain Jusqu'a la Mort de Shakespeare
033207: SISSON, C. J. - Lost Plays of Shakespeare's Age
047848: SISSON, RICHARD, ET AL., EDS - The American Midwest; an Interpretive Encyclopedia
005872: SITTERSON, J. CARLYLE, ED - Studies in Southern History in Memory of Albert Ray Newsome, 1894-1951, by His Former Students at the Univeirsity of North Carolina
036806: SITWELL, EDITH - Victoria of England
038346: SITWELL, EDITH - The Song of the Cold
036421: SITWELL, SACHEVERALL - Primitive Scenes and Festivals
014480: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Portugal and Madeira
017459: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - The Gothick North; a Study of Mediaeval Lifle, Art, and Thought
028458: SITWELL, EDITH - Edith Sitwell: Selected Letters
019627: SITWELL, SACHEVERALL - Journey to the Ends Ot Time. Volume I: Lost in the Dark Wood
036455: SITWELL, SACHEVERALL - Narrative Pictures; a Survey of English Genre and Its Painters
036015: SITWELL, EDITH - Green Song & Other Poems
038175: SITWELL, EDITH - Taken Care of; the Autobiography of Edith Sitwell
041779: SIVINI, GIORDANO - Partiti E Partecipazione Politica in Italia; Studie E Ricerche Di Sociologia Politica
007465: SJOQUIST, DAVID L., ED - The Atlanta Paradox
019976: SJÖSTEDT, C. E. - Le Axiome de Paralleles de Euclides a Hilbert; Un Probleme Cardinal in le Evolution Del Geometrie
044096: SKAHILL, BERNARD HENRY - The Syntax of the Variae of Cassiodorus
047787: SKARD, EILIV - Sallust Und Seine Vorgänger; Eine Sprachliche Untersuchung
041060: SKEAT, WALTER W. - Skeat's English-Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary, 1879
024784: SKEHAN, PATRICK W. - Studies in Israelite Poetry and Wisdom
042767: SKELTON, R. A., ET AL. - The Vinland Map and the Tartar Reelation
047471: SKENE, WILLIAM F. - Celtic Scotland; a History of Ancient Alban
006525: SKILLEN, ANTHONY - Ruling Illusions; Philosophy and the Social Order
002435: SKILLEN, ANTHONY - Ruling Illusions: Philosophy and the Social Order
031410: SKILLETER, PAUL - Morris Minor, the World's Supreme Small Car
036799: SKINNER, BASIL - Scots in Italy in the 18th Century
028043: SKINNER, CONSTANCE L. - Adventurers of Oregon; a Chronicle of the Fur Trade
033027: COOK, ALICIA SKINNER AND DANIEL S. DWORKIN - Helping the Bereaved; Therapeutic Interventions for Children, Adolescents, and Adults
005044: SKLAR, RICHARD L. - Corporate Power in an African State; the Political Impact of Multinational Mining Companies in Zambia
040425: BADURA-SKODA, EVA - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Klavierkonzert C-Moll Kv 491
040894: SKOLNICK, ARNOLD, ED - Paintings of California
043414: SKOLNICK, ARNOLD, ED - Paintings of California
047585: SKOROHOD, A. V. - Integration in Hilbert Space
022149: SKOUSEN, ROYAL - Substantive Evidence in Phonology; the Evidence from Finnish and French
013290: SKUBISZEWSKI, PIOTR - Rzezba Nagrobna Vita Stwosza
022362: SKUTCH, ALEXANDER F. - Helpers at Birds' Nests; a Worldwide Survey of Cooperative Breeding and Related Behavior
025423: SKUTCH, ALEXANDER F. - The Life of the Hummingbird
024412: SKWERES, DIETER EDUARD - Die Rückerverweise IM Buch Deuteronomium
042498: SLACK, ROBERT C., ED - Bibliographies of Studies in Victorian Literature for the Ten Years 1955-1964
037242: SLADEN, DOUGLAS - Queer Things About Japan
019268: SLATER, D. A. - Sortes Vergilianae or Vergil and to-Day
027836: SLATER, CANDACE - City Steeple, City Streets; Saints' Tales from Granada and a Changing Spain
004382: SLATTERY, JOHN T. - Dante; "the Central Man of All the World
014417: SLAUGHTER, THOMAS P. - The Natures of John and William Bartram
020044: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Indelible
002296: SLAVIKOVA, MAGDALENA - A Statistical Analysis of Swahili Morphology: A Basis for the Algorithmization of the Teaching Process
017912: INTERNATIONALER SLAVISTENKONGRESS, 8TH, ZAGREB, 1978 - Referate Und Beiträge Zum VIII. Internationalen Slavistenkongress, Zagreb 1978
049050: SLECHTE, C. H. - Een Noddlottig Jaar Voor Veel Zotte En Wijze; de Rotterdamse Windhandel Van 1720
034547: SLEETH, CHARLES R. - Studies in Christ and Satan
041823: SLEETH, IRENE LYNN - William Faulkner: A Bibliography of Criticism
032114: SLESIN, SUZANNE, ET AL. - Japanese Style
043054: SLEVOGT, MAX - Max Slevogts Graphische Kunst
045280: SLEVOGT, MAX - Gedäcthnisaustellung, Oktober-November 1948
021224: SLICHTER, W. I. - Pirnciples Underlying the Design of Electrical Machinery
006773: SLICHTER, SUMNER H. - Economic Growth in the United States: Its History, Problems and Prospects
033030: SLIPP, SAMUEL - Object Relations; a Dynamic Bridge between Individual and Family Treatment
013497: SLIVE, SEYMOUR - Frans Hals
012294: SLOAN, ELINOR C. - The Revolution in Military Affairs; Implications for Canada and Nato
030556: SLOAN, JAMES PARK - Jerzy Kosinski; a Biography
020700: SLOANE, FLORENCE ADELE - Maverick in Mauve; the Diary of a Romantic Age
029876: SLOANE, JOSEPH C. - French Painting between the Past and the Present; Artists, Critics, and Traditions, from 1848 to 1870
001999: SLOBIN, DAN ISAAC - Leopold's Bibliography of Child Languages
049859: SLOCUM, JOSHUA - The Voyages of Joshua Slocum
014428: SLONIM, MARC - Russian Theater; from the Empire to the Soviets
030230: SLONIM, MARC - Russian Theater from the Empire to the Soviets
030190: SLONIM, MARC - Soviet Russian Literature; Writers and Problems
030076: SLONIM, MARC - Modern Russian Literature from Chekhov to the Present
006889: SLONIM, MARC - The Epic of Russian Literature from Its Origins Through Tolstoy
018781: SLONIMSKY, NICOLAS - The Portable Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians
028417: SLONIMSKY, HENRY - Essays
015371: SLONIMSKY, JURI, ET AL. - The Soviet Ballet
022155: SLONSKI, STANISLAW - Gramatyka Jezyka Staroslowianskiego (Starobulgarskiego)
018277: SLOTE, MICHAEL A. - Reason and Scepticism
016157: SLOWES, SALOMON W. - The Road to Katyn; a Soldier's Story
003045: SMAIL, WILLIAM M. - Quintialian on Education, Being a Translation of Selected Passages from the Institutio Oratoria, with an Introductory Essay on Quintilian, His Environment and His Theory of Education
011596: SMAILES, ARTHUR E. - The Geography of Towns
011378: SMALL, JOCELYN PENNY - Cacus and Marsyas in Etrusco-Roman Legend
043112: SMALLEY, BERYL - English Friars and Antiquity Ihn the Early Fourteenth Century
048099: SMALLMAN, BASIL - The Background of Passion Music; J.S. Bach and His Predecessors
026631: KAMBOURELI, SMARO AND ROY MIKI, EDS - Trans. Can. Lit; Resituating the Study of Canadian Literature
013291: SMARR, JANET LEVARIE - Boccaccio and Fiammetta; the Narrator As Lover
047207: SMART, MARY ANN, ED - Siren Songs; Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Opera
033283: SMART, ALASTAIR - The Renaissance and Mannerism in Northern Europe and Spain
004383: SMART, ALASTAIR - The Renaissance and Mannerism in Northern Europe and Spain
018278: SMART, NINIAN - Doctrine and Argument in Indian Philosophy
002876: SMART, NINIAN - The Religious Experience of Mankind
046108: SMART, MARY ANN - Mimomania; Music and Gesture in Nineteenth-Century Opera
011597: SMEATON, OLIPHANT, ED - Scots Essayists, from Stirling to Stevenson
022263: SMEDT, MARCEL DE - De Literair-Historische Activiteit Van Jan Frans Willems (1793-1846) En Ferdinand Augustijn Snellaert (1809-1872)
011598: SMELLIE, K. B. - A Hundred Years of English Government
029380: SMERNOFF, RICHARD A. - André Chénier
012506: SMILES, SAMUEL - Life of a Scotch Naturalist; Thomas Edward, Associate of the Linnaean Society
023301: SMILEY, JANE - Charles Dickens
021192: SMILEY, SAM - The Drama of Attack; Didactic Plays of the American Depression
038102: SMILEY, JANE - A Year at the Races; Reflections on Horses, Humans, Love, Money and Luck
048910: SMITH, PHILIP CHADWICK FOSTER - The Artful Roux, Marine Painters of Marseille, Including a Catalogue of the Roux Family Paintings at the Peabody Museum of Salem
047384: SMITH, GEORGE L. - Religion and Trade in New Netherlands; Dutch Origins and American Development
033897: SMITH, ADAM - Lecture on Jurisprudence
045202: SMITH, GILBERT M. - Marine Algae of the Monterey Peninsula
028815: HARTLEY, PERCIVAL HORTON-SMITH AND HAROLD RICHARD ALDRIDGE - Johannes de Mirfeld of St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield; His Life and Works
036150: NOWELL-SMITH, SIMON, ED - Edwardian England 1901-1914
037560: GUTHRIE-SMITH, HERBERT - Tutira; the Story of a New Zealand Sheep Station
023284: SMITH, G. GREGORY - Elizabethan Critical Essays
034195: SMITH, BRUCE - Costly Performances. Tennessee Williams: The Last Stage
045255: SMITH, J. E., ED - Torrey Canyon Pollution and Marine Life; a Report by the Plymouth Laboratory of the Marin Biological Association of the United Kingdom
044904: CAIRNS-SMITH, A. G. - Genetic Takeover and the Mineral Origins of Life
015734: SMITH, DENNIS - Report from Ground Zero
006121: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT - Society and the Land
014895: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - The Great Hunger: Ireland, 1845-1849
022183: SMITH, M. ESTELLIE, ED - Studies in Linguistics in Honor of George L. Trager
022276: SMITH, HARMON - My Friend, My Fried; the Story of Thoreau's Relationship with Emerson
022455: SMITH, SAM - Shadows of Hope; a Freethinker's Guide to Politics in the Time of Clinton
022430: SMITH, MORTON - Hope and History, an Exploration
023105: SMITH, NIGEL J. H. - The Enchanted Amazon Rain Forest; Stories from a Vanishing World
016922: SMITH, JANET ADAM - John Buchan; a Biography
003048: SMITH, MACKLIN - Prudentius' Psychomachia: A Reexamination
023131: SMITH, BRADLEY - Japan; a History in Art
023129: SMITH, BRADLEY - Spain; a History in Art
023130: SMITH, BRADLEY - Mexico; a History in Art
1536: SMITH, COLIN - Contemporary French Philosophy; a Study in Norms and Values
1537: SMITH, ELWYN A. - The Religion of the Republic
046529: SMITH, GIBBS M. - The Art of the Bookstore; the Bookstore Painting of Gibbs M. Smith
016432: SMITH, HENRY NASH - Democracy and the Novel; Popular Resistance to Classic American Writers
016435: SMITH, SAMUEL STANHOPE - An Essay on the Causes of the Variety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Species
039348: SMITH, JAMES D., ED - The Personal Distribution of Income and Wealth
005576: SMITH, WILLIAM - The Poems of William Smith
024413: SMITH, CHARLES RYDER - The Bible Doctrine of Society in Its Historical Evolution
024415: SMITH, CHARLES W. F. - The Paradox of Jesus in the Gospels
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030722: SOULIÉ, BERNARD - Tantra; Erotic Figures in Indian Art
039149: SOULIOTI, STELLA - Fettered Independence: Cyprus, 1878-1964
039730: SOUPAULT, ROBERT - Marcel Proust Du Côté de Aa Médecine
025659: SOURESRAFIL, BEHROUZ - Khomeini and Israel
040758: SOURIAU, MAURICE - Le Mysticism En Normandie Au Xviie Siècle
023017: SOUSTELLE, JACQUES - The Long March of Israel
009980: SOUTER, GAVIN - Company of Heralds; a Century and a Half of Australian Publishing by John Fairfax Limited and Its Predecessors, 1831-1981
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043294: SOUTHGATE, M. THERESE - The Art of Jama; One Hundred Covers and Essays from the Journal of the American Medical Association
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019768: SOWDEN, LEWIS - The South African Union
045394: SOWERS, RICHARD - The Abstract Primer of Thoroughbred Racing; Separating Myth from Fact to Identify the Genuine Gems & Danies 1946-3003
047506: SOYER, ALEXIS - The Gastronomic Regenerator: A Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery, with Nearly Two Thousand Practical Receipts Suited to the Income of All Classes
047722: HAMBURGER INSTITUT FÜR SOZIALFORSCHUNG - Vernichtungskrieg. Verbrechen Der Wehrmacht 1941 Bis 1944. Ausstellungskatalog
047531: SPAETER, HELMUTH - Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland. Panzergrenadier, Division, Grossdeutschland, Panzergrenadier, Division, Brandenburg, Führer, Grandadier, Division, Führer, Begleit, Division, Panzergrenadier, Division, Kurmark... . a Pictorial History
035635: SPAIN, NANCY - Mrs Beeton and Her Husband, by Her Great Niece
017393: SPALDING, LINDA - A Dark Place in the Jungle
017461: SPALIKOWSKI, EDMOND - Caudebec
006920: SPALTER, MAX - Brecht's Tradition
024474: SPANIER, ARTHUR - Die Toseftaperiode in Der Tannaitischen Literatur
044573: SPANKE, HANS - Studien Zur Lateinischen Und Romanischen Lyrik Des Mittelalters
005883: SPANN, EDWARD K. - Ideals & Politics; New York Intellectuals and Liberal Democracy, 1820-1880
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028641: SPANNAUS, GÜNTHER - Züge Aus Der Politischen Organisation Afrikanischer Staaten Und Völker
035164: SPARGO, DEMELZA, ED - This Land Is Our Land; Aspects of Agriculture in English Art
008190: SPARK, MURIEL - Mary Shelley
035357: SPARKE, PENNY, ED - The Plastics Age from Bakelite to Beanbags and Beyond
014351: SPARNON, NORMAN J. - Japanese Flower Arrangement; Classical and Modern
022949: SPARROW, GERALD - Modern Jorden
007732: SPARROW, GERALD - Gang-Warfare: A Probe Into the Changing Pattern of British Crime
046668: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW - British Sporting Artists from Barlow to Herring
036266: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW, ED - Women Painters of the World from the Time of Caterina Vigri, 1413-1463, to Rosa Bonheur and the Present Day
006530: SPARSHOTT, F. E. - Looking for Philosophy
004431: SPATE, O. H. K. - Australia
010267: SPAULDING, ROBERT M., JR. - Imperial Japan's Higher CIVIL Service Examinations
034012: SPEAIGHT, ROBERT - William Poel and the Elizabethan Revival
035637: SPEAIGHT, MARY - Toys in the London Museum
010116: SPEAR, ALLAN H. - Black Chicago; the Making of a Negro Ghetto, 1890-1920
043939: SPEARING, A. C. - Medieval Dream-Poetry
018786: SPECHT, RICHARD - Beethoven As He Lived
007551: SPECK, GORDON - Samuel Hearne and the Northwest Passage
009193: SPECK, W. A. - Stability and Strife: England, 1714-1760
043656: SPECTOR, HERMAN - Bastard in the Ragged Suit; Writing of, with Drawings by Herman Spector
016168: SPECTOR, RONALD H. - After Tet; the Bloodiest Year in Vietnam
007733: SPECTOR, RONALD H. - Eagle Against the Sun; the American War with Japan
045971: SPEE, FRIEDRICH - Cautio Criminalis
033292: SPEED, JOHN - An Atlas of Tudor England and Wales
032416: A & J SPEELMAN - Chinese Works of Art 2006
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016170: SPEER, JAMES P. - World Polity. Conflict and War: History, Causes, Consequences, Cures
048386: SPEER, MARY B. - Le Roman Des Sept Sages de Rome; a Crtical Edition of the Two Verse Redactions of a Twelfth-Century Romance
045592: SPEGHT, RACHEL - The Polemics and Poems of Rachel Speght
007351: SPEIDEL, WILLIAM C. - Sons of the Profits or, There's No Business Like Grow Business! the Seattle Story, 1851-1901
045845: SPELMAN, ELIZABETH V. - Inessential Woman; Problems of Exclusion in Feminist Thought
031432: SPELTZ, ALEXANDER - Styles of Ornament; a Collection of More Than Four Thousand Decorative and Architectural Designs
047502: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Ts'Ao Yin and the K'Ang-Hsi Emperor, Bondservant and Master
032341: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Chinese Roundabout; Essays in History and Culture
020170: SPENCE, GERRY - The Making of a Country Lawyer
012545: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Chinese Roundabout; Essays in History and Culture
021329: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - God's Chinese Son; the Taiping Heavenly Kingdo of Hong Xiuquan
046861: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - The Search for Modern China
039851: SPENCER, COLIN - The Heretic's Feast; a History of Vegetarianism
033448: SPENCER, THEODORE - Shakespeare and the Nature of Man
025235: SPENCER, HERBERT - Ecclesiastical Institutions: Being Part VI. Of the Principles of Sociology
025236: SPENCER, HERBERT - Ceremonial Institutions: Being Part IV, of the Principles of Sociology (the First Porotion of Vol. II. )
025237: SPENCER, HERBERT - The Principles of Ethics
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027358: SPENCER, EDMUND - The Faerie Queene. Book One
014083: SPENCER, HERBERT - Education Intellectual, Moral, and Physical
006781: SPENCER, BENJAMIN T. - The Quest for Nationality; an American Literary Campaign
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035174: SPENCER, ROBERT - Islam Unveiled; Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith
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035882: SPENCER, ISOBEL - Walter Crane
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027394: SPENDER, DALE - Mothers of the Novel; 100 Good Women Writers Before Jane Austen
019632: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Year of the Young Rebels Revisited
021014: SPENDER, STEPHEN, ED - W.H. Auden; a Tribute
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033662: SPENSER, EDMUND - The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser
033213: SPENSER, EDMUND - The Faerie Queene
009117: SPER, FELIX - From Native Roots; a Panorama of Our Regional Drama
042461: CANTO-SPERBER, MONIQUE - Moral Disquiet and Human Life
005434: SPERISEN, FRANCIS J. - The Art of the Lapidary
042999: SPERLBAUM, MARGRET - Tiernamen Mit K-Suffix in Diachronischer Und Synchronischer Sicht
041661: SPERLING, JAMES, ED - Germany at Fifty-Five. Berlin Is Nicht Bonn
044215: SPERONI, CHARLES - The Italian Wellerism to the End of the Seventeenth Century
034233: SPERRY, NEIL - Neil Sperry's Complete Guide to Texas Gardening
033576: SPEVACK, MARVIN - A Shakespeare Thesaurus
043263: SPHYROERAS, VASILIS, ET AL. - Maps and Map-Makers of the Aegean
038139: SPICER, EDWARD H., ED - Human Problems in Technological Change; a Casebook
025279: SPIEGEL, JOACHIM - Soziale Und Weltanschauliche Reformbewegungen IM Alten ägypten
007734: SPIEGEL, STEVEN L. - The Other Arab-Israeli Conflict; Making America's Middle East Policy, from Truman to Reagan
039466: SPIEGELBERG, HERBERT - Sollen Und Dürfen; Philosophische Grundlagen Der Ethischen Rechte Und Pflichten
025593: SPIEGELMAN, ART - Maus; a Survivor's Tale
035732: SPIEGELMAN, ART - Maus; a Survivor's Tale
029755: SPIELER, LUDWIG - Gralsschöpfung
011605: SPIERS, EDWARD M. - Radical Eneral, Sir George de Lacy Evans, 1787-1870
013688: SPIES, WERNER - Picasso's World of Children
031464: SPIESS, LINCOLN BUNCE - Historical Musicology; a Reference Manual for Research in Music
043039: SPIESS, PHILIPP ERNST - Aufklärungen in Der Geschichte Und Diplomatik Als Eine Fortsezung Der Archivischen Nebenarbeiten
016413: SPILLER, ROBERT E. - Fenimore Cooper, Critic of His Times
043584: SPILLNER, BERND - Lingistik Und Literaturwissenschaft; Stilforschung, Rhetorik, Textlinguistik
023274: SPINGARN, J. E., ED - Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century
030216: SPINGARN, J. E., ED - Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century
004577: SPINK, REGINALD - Hans Christian Andersen; the Man and His Work
009268: SPINK, REGINALD - Hans Christian Andersen and His World
014085: SPINKA, MATTHEW - Christian Thought from Erasmus to Berdyaev
041426: SPINKA, MATTHEW - John Hus at the Council of Constance
018281: SPINNER, S. - Die Verwendung Von Synonymen IM Alten Testament Und Die Aufgefundenen Ras-Schamratexte
023244: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE - Ethica in Meetkundigen Trant Uiteengezet
023245: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE - Ethica Op Meetkundige Wijze Uiteengezet
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045885: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE - Opera Quotquot Reperta Sunt
046389: SPIRE, ANDRÉ - Poèmes D'ICI Et de Là-Bas
015614: SPIRO, HERBERT J. - The Politics of German Codetermination
002692: SPITTA, FRIEDRICH - Die Apostelgeschichte; Ihre Quellen Und Deren Geschichtlicher Wert
008090: SPITZER, ROBERT J. - The Right to Life Movement and Third Party Politics
014202: SPITZWEG, KARL - Die Gute Alte Zeit; Zeichungen Von Karl Spitzweg
047598: SPOERER, MARK - Steuerlast, Steuerinzidenz Und Steuerwettbewerb; Verteilungswirkungen Der Besteuerung in PreußEn Und Württemberg (1815-1913)
031648: SPOMER, RON - The Rut; the Spectacular Fall Ritual of North American Horned and Antlered Animals
025611: SPORES, RONALD - The Mixtec Kings and Their Peoples
014514: SPOTO, DONALD - Madcap; the Life of Preston Sturges
015709: SPOTO, DONALD - Blue Angel; the Life of Marlene Dietrich
017409: SPOTO, DONALD - Falling in Love Again: Marlene Dietrich
009603: SPOTO, DONALD - Lenya; a Life
044497: SPOTTS, FREDERIC - Bayreuth; a History of the Wagner Festival
004127: SPOTTS, FREDERIC - The Churches and Politics in Germany
046790: SPRAGUE, ROSAMOND KENT, ED - The Older Sophists
040704: SPRAGUE, PAUL E. - The Drawings of Louis Henry Sullivan; a Catalogue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection at the Avery Architectural Library
033145: SPRAGUE, ARTHUR COLBY - Shakespearian Players and Performances
041979: SPRIANO, PAOLO - Gramsci E Gobetti; Introduzione Alla Vita E Alle Opere
007977: SPRIGGE, SYLVIA - Berenson; a Biography
008701: SPRINGBORG, ROBERT - Family, Power, and Politics in Egypt; Sayed Bey Marei, His Clan, Clients, and Cohorts
014413: SPRINGER, MARY DOYLE - A Rhetoric of Literary Character; Some Women of Henry James
036562: SPRINGSTEED, ANNE FRANCES - The Expert Waitress; a Manual for the Pantry, Kitchen, and Dining-Room
007011: SPROSTON, JOHN GLENDY - A Private Journal of John Glendy Sproston, U.S. N.
004842: SPRUNT, ALEXANDER - Florida Bird Life
011911: SPUNDA, FRANZ - Paracelsus
030965: SPURLING, HILARY - The Girl from the Fiction Department; a Portrait of Sonia Orwell
009976: SPURLING, HILARY - Paul Scott; a Life of the Author of the Raj Quartet
042536: SPURNY, JAN - Karel Svolinsky
016172: SPURR, RUSSELL - A Glorious Way to Die; the Kamikaze Mission of the Battleship Yamato, April 1945
044218: SQUIBB, G. D. - The High Court of Chivalry; a Study of the CIVIL Law in England
004845: SQUIRE, LORENE - Wildfowling with a Camera
035797: SQUIRE, JOHN, ED - Cheddar Gorge; a Book of English Cheeses
020752: SQUIRE, P. S. - The Third Deparment; the Establishment and Practices of the Political Police in the Russia of Nicholas I.
042754: SQUIRES, RADCLIFFE - The Major Themes of Robert Frost
043668: SRBIK, HEINRICH, RITTER VON - Metternich, Der Staatsmann Und Der Mensch
011406: SREJOVIC, DRAGOSLAV - Europe's First Monumental Sculpture; New Discoveries at Lepenski Vir
003621: SRISAVASDI, BOON CHUEY - The Hill Tribes of Siam
014087: SRIVASTAVA, RAMA SHANKER - Contemporary Indian Philosophy
038258: SRONKOVA, OLGA - Gothic Woman's Fashion
039141: SRONKOVA, OLGA - Die Mode Der Gotischen Frau
047495: SSUTHERLAND, RONALD - The Romaunt of the Rose and le Roman de la Rose; a Parallel-Text Edition
042432: KONFERENTSIIA PO SEMITSKIM IAZYKAM (1ST, 1964, MOSCOW) - Materialy Pervoi Konferentsii Po Semitskim Iazykam, 26-28 Oktiabria 1964 G.
009869: STAAL, J. F. - Word Order in Sanskrit Und Universal Grammar
047577: VAN STAAVEREN, JACOB - An American in Japan 1945-1948; a Civilian View of the Occupation
027068: PÉREZ-STABLE, MARIFELI - The Cuban Revolution; Origins, Course, and Legacy
044718: STACE, W. T. - A Critical History of Greek Philosophy
019944: STACEY, MARGARET, ET AL. - Power, Persistance and Change; a Second Study of Banbury
003500: STACHOWIAK, HERBERT - Rationalismus IM Ursprung; Die Genesis Des Axiomatischen Denkens
035826: STACK, LOTUS - Patterned Threads; Itat Tradition and Inspirations
034537: STACKELBERG, JÜRGEN VON - Tacitus in Der Romania; Studien Zur Literarischen Rezeption Des Tacitus in Italien Und Frankreich
023948: STACKHOUSE, JOHN - Australia's Venomous Wildlife
007890: STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. - Chancellorsville; Lee's Greatest Battle
029890: STADEN, HANS - Zwei Reisen Nach Brasilien 1548-1555
006532: STAËL, ANNE-LOUISE-GERMAINE - Lettres Sur Les Ouvrages Et le Caractere de J.J. Rousseau
005772: STAFFORD, PETER - Sexual Behavior in the Commnist World; an Eyewitness Report of Life, Love and the Human Condition Behind the Iron Curtain
004435: STAFFORD, DON - The Romantic Past of Rotorua
048542: STAFFORD, WILLIAM - Allegiances
026978: STÄHELIN, FELIX - Die Schweiz in Römischer Zeit
006077: STAHL, KATHLEEN M. - British and Soviet Colonial Systems
010677: STAHL, WALTER, ED - The Politics of Postwar Germany
039288: STAHL, E. L. - Friedrich Schiller's Drama; Theory and Practice
040201: STAHL, ALAN M. - The Venetian Tornesello; a Medieval Colonial Coinage
043193: STAHR, ADOLF - Ein Jahr in Italien
002879: STAIGER, BRUNHILD - Das Konfuzius-Bild IM Kommunistischen China; Die Neubewertung Von Konfuzius in Der Chinesischen-Marxistischen Geschichtsschreibung
016173: STALLINGS, LAURENCE - The First World War; a Photographic History
008073: STALLMAN, R. W. - Stephen Crane; a Biography
022826: STALLONES, JARED R. - Paul Robert Hanna; a Life of Expanding Communities
026480: STAM, GUNTHER - The Architecture of J.J. P. Oud 1906-1963; an Exhibition of Drawings, Plans and Photographs from the Archives or Mrs. J.M. A. Oud-Dinaux, Wassenaar, Holland
047702: STAMATOPOULOS, NONDAS - Old Corfu; History and Culture
025502: STAMBOVSKY, PHILLIP - The Depictive Image; Metaphor and Literary Experience
048360: STAMM, J. J. - The Ten Commandments in Recent Research
041615: STAMMLER, WOLFGANG - Geschichte Der Niederdeutschen Literatur Von Den ältesten Zeiten Bis Auf Die Gegenwart
029756: STAMMLER, WOLFGANG - Von Der Mystik Zum Barock 1400-1600
015364: STAMPP, KENNETH M. - America in 1857; a Nation on the Brink
034213: STANCIOFF, NADIA - Maria; Callas Remembered
017009: STANDAGE, TOM - The Turk; the Life and Times of the Famous Eighteenth-Century Chess-Playing Machine
041968: STANFORD, PETER - The Legend of Pope Joan; in Search of the Truth
031258: STANFORD, PETER - The Devil; a Biography
031938: STANFORD, W. B. - The Sound of Greek; Studies in the Greek Theory and Practice of Euphony
041153: STANG, RICHARD - The Theory of the Novel in England 1850-1870
038693: STANG, RAGNA THIIS - The Art of Gustav Vigeland in 48 Pictures
014088: STANGA, LUCIA - La Chiesa Parrocchiale Di Santo Stefano Di Arogno Ti
1552: STANGE, ALFRED - Der Schleswiger Dom Und Seine Wandmalereien
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045067: STANGE, CARL - Die Anfänge Der Theologie Luthers
006972: STANGER, FRANK M. - South from San Francisco; San Mateo County, California, Its History and Heritage
041825: STANISLAWSKI, JAN - English-Polish and Polish-English Dictionary
035628: STANLEY, AUTUMN - Asparagus; the Sparrowgrass Cookbook
040434: STANLEY, GUY - The Ivory Seal
038999: GOFF, STANLEY AND ROBERT SANDERS - Brothers; Black Soldiers in the Nam
012871: STANLEY, H. M. - The Exploration Diaries of H.M. Stanley; Now First Published from the Original Manuscirpts
029076: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN - Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey
039608: STANLEY, GLENN, ED - The Cambridge Companion to Beethoven
022318: STANNARD, DAVID E. - Shrinking History; on Freud and the Failure of Psychohistory
016330: STANNARD, DAVID E. - The Puritanism Way of Death; a Study in Religion, Cultre, and Social Change
018283: STANNARD, DAVID E. - The Puritan Way of Death; a Study in Religion, Culture, and Social Change
002372: STANNARD, DAVID E. - Shrinking History; on Freud and the Failure of Psychohistory
026224: SARGENT, S. STANSFELD AND MARIAN W. SMITH, EDS - Culture and Personality
045706: STANTON, DOMNA C. - The Aristocrat As Art; a Study of the Honnête Homme and the Dandy in Seventeenth- and Nineteenth-Century French Literature
014089: STANTON, PHOEBE B. - The Gothic Revival & American Church Architecture; an Episode in Taste, 1840-1856
005864: STANTON, WILLIAM - The Great United States Exploring Expedition of 1832-1842
032616: STAPFER, PAUL - Shakespeare and Classical Antiquity; Greek and Latin Antiquity As Presented in Shakespeare's Plays
020440: STARBUCK, SUSAN - Hazel Wolf; Fighting the Establishment
023261: STARCKE, C. N. - Baruch de Spinoza
014090: STARCKE, C. N. - L. Feuerbach; En Monografi
040969: STARER, ROBERT - Continuo; a Life in Music
009200: STARER, ROBERT - Continuo; a Life in Music
021550: STARES, PAUL B. - Allied Rights and Legal Constraints on German Military Power
036399: STAREY, CYNTHIA ROWENA - Bethlehem Tableaux As Played in a Somersetshire Village
039198: STARK, THOMAS - The Distribution of Personal Income in the United Kingdom 1949-1963
044982: STARK, RUDOLF - Aristotelesstudien; Philologische Untersuchungen Zur Entwicklung Der Aristotelischen Ethik
035762: STARKE, LESLIE - Starke and Unashamed
014091: STARKEY, MARION L. - The Devil in Massachusetts; a Modern Inquiry Into the Salem Witch Trials
015589: STARKIE, ENID - Baudelaire
027396: STARKIE, ENID - Arthur Rimbaud
047765: STARKIE, WALTER - Scholars and Gypsies; an Autobiography
037862: STARMORE, ALICE - The Celtic Collection; Twenty-Five Knitwear Designs for Men and Women
034745: STARN, RANDOLPH - Contrary Commonwealth; the Theme of Exile in Medieval and Renaissance Italy
045330: STARN, RANDOLPH - Ambrogio Lorenzetti; Palazzo Pubblico a Siena
016447: STAROBIN, JOSEPH R. - American Communism in Crisis, 1943-1957
029467: STAROBINSKI, JEAN - 1789; the Emblems of Reason
033830: STARR, KEVIN - Over California
008277: STARR, KEVIN - Inventing the Dream; California Through the Progressive Era
005957: STARR, STEPHEN Z. - Jennison's Jayhawkers; a CIVIL War Cavalry Regiment and Its Commander
026979: STARR, CHESTER G. - The Influence of Sea Power on Ancient History
026980: STARR, CHESTER G. - Past and Future in Ancient History
011389: STARR, CHESTER G. - The Economic and Social Growth of Early Greece, 800-500 B.C.
039835: JORDAN, DAVID STARR AND BARTON WARREN EVERMANN - The Fishes of North and Middle America
044729: STARR, CHESTER G. - The Birth of Athenian Democracy; the Assembly in the Fifth Century B.C.
022524: STARRETT, DAVID A. - Foundations of Public Economics
025413: STASHOWER, DANIEL - Teller of Tales; the Life of Arthur Conan Doyle
031465: STASOV, VLADIMIR VASILEVICH - Selected Essays on Music
031466: STASSINOPOULOS, ARIANNA - Maria Callas; the Woman Behind the Legend
019222: UNITED STATES. DEPARTMENT OF STATE - The Geneva Meeting of Foreign Ministers, October 27-November 16, 1955
029688: NATIONAL COMMISSION ON TERRORIST ATTACKS UPON THE UNITED STATES - The 9/11 Commission Report. Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
021532: STATHIS, JAMES J. - A Bibliography of Swift Studies 1945-1965
021106: STATLER, OLIVER - Shimoda Story
009871: STAUB, MARIANNE - Richtungsbegriff, Richtungsausdruck; Versuch Zu Einem Vergleich Von Deutscher Und Französischen Ausdrucksweise
1553: STAUFFER, ETHELBERT - Christus Und Die Caesaren; Historische Skizzen. 6e Erweiterte Auflage
034102: STAVIG, MARK - John Ford and the Tradition Moral Order
009232: STAVRIANOS, L. S. - Lifelines from Our Past; a New World History
037927: STEAD, PHILIP JOHN - Mr. Punch
035765: STEADMAN, RALPH - The Book of Jones
043851: STEADMAN, JOHN M. - Disembodied Laughter; Troilus and the Apotheosis Tradition. A Reexamination of Narrative and Thematic Contexts
003759: STEANE, EDWARD - The Eternal King; a Sermon on the Death of His Late Majesty, King William the Fourth
031469: STEANE, J. B. - Voices; Singers & Critics
031467: STEANE, J. B. - The Grand Tradition; Seventy Years of Singing on Record
031468: STEANE, J. B. - Singers of the Century
045266: STEARN, WILLIAM T. - Botanical Latin; History, Grammar, Syntax, Terminology and Vocabulary
040655: STEARNS, RAYMOND PHINEAS - Congregationalism in the Dutch Netherlands; the Rise and Fall of the English Congregational Classis 1621-1635
049177: STEARNS, PETER N. - Consumerism in World History; the Global Transformation of Desire
011606: STEBBING, WILLIAM - Peterborough
048400: STEBBING, L. SUSAN - A Modern Elementary Logic
044436: STEBBINS, THEODORE E., JR. - Martin Johnson Heade
038875: STEBBINS, THEODORE E., JR. - Weston's Westons; Portraits and Nudes
037309: STEBBINS, THEODORE E., JR. - The Lure of Italy; American Artists and the Italian Experience 1760-1914
032431: STEBBINS, THEODROE E., JR., ET AL. - A New World: Masterpieces of American Painting 1760-1910
047595: STEBBINS, CHARLES E. - A Critical Edition of the 13th and 14th Centuries Old French Poem Versions of the "Vie de Saint Alexis
020454: STEDMAN, RAYMOND WILLIAM - Shadows of the Indian; Stereotypes in American Culture
026190: STEDMAN, JANE W. - W.S. Gilbert; a Classic Victorian and His Theatre
006783: STEDMAN, CHARLES ELLERY - The CIVIL War Sketchbook of Charles Ellery Stedman, Surgeon, United States Navy
042305: DENMARK. STEDNAVNEUDVALGET - Sønderjyske Stednavne. Vols. 1-19
010026: VER STEEG, CLARENCE L. - Origins of a Southern Mosaic; Studies of Early Carolina and Georgia
029082: STEEGMAN, JOHN - Cambridge
011607: STEEGMANN, JOHN - Cambridge; As It Was and As It Is to-Day
040024: STEEGMULLER, FRANCIS - The Two Lives of James Jackson Jarves
019918: STEEL, ANTHONY - The Custom of the Room or Early Wine-Books of Christ's College, Cambridge
020290: STEEL, DANIELLE - His Bright Light; the Story of Nick Traina
033789: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE AND RICHARD B. MORRIS, EDS - Bicentennial Edition of the Spirit of 'Seventy-Six; the Story of the American Revolution As Told by Participants
016175: STEELE, IAN K. - Warpaths; Invasions of North America
007923: STEELMAN, JOHN R., ED - Who's Who in Labor; the Authorized Biographies of the Men and Women Who Lead Labor in the United States and Canada and of Those Who Deal with Labor Together with a Glossary of Labor Terminology
012647: STEEN, MARGUERITE - Little White King
034897: STEENBOCK, FRAUKE - Der Kirchliche Prachteinband IM Frühen Mittelalter Von Den Anfängen Bis Zum Beginn Der Gotik
020858: STEENROD, N. E. - Review of Papers in Algebraic and Differential Topology, Topological Groups, and Homological Algebra, As Printed in Mathemataical Reviews 1940 Through 1967 Arranged by Topic Under 290 Headings
018789: STEFAN, PAUL - Franz Schubert
034196: HILDEBRANDT, STEFAN AND ANTHONY TROMBA - Mathematics and Optimal Form
045075: BIDNER, STEFAN AND T"HOMAS FEUERSTEIN, EDS - Plus Ultra. Jenseits Der Moderne?/Beyond Modernity
042414: BARTOLINI, STEFANO AND ROBERTO D'ALIMONTE, EDS - Maggioiratio Ma Non Troppo; le Elezioni Politiche Del 1994
049642: STEFFEN, ALEX, ED - Worldchanging; a User's Guide for the 21st Century
033797: STEFFENS, LINCOLN - The Letters of Lincoln Steffens
009872: STEGER, HUGO - Vorschläge Für Eine Strukturale Grammatik Des Deutschen
030684: STEGER, DEBRA P., ED - Redesigning the World Trade Organization for the Twenty-First Century
014092: STEGMÜLLER, WOLFGANG - Main Currents in Contemporary German, British, and American Philosophy
021139: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Uneasy Chair; a Biography of Bernard Devoto
008237: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Uneasy Chair; a Biography of Bernard Devoto
020368: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Uneasy Chair; a Biography of Bernard Devoto
018951: STEICHEN, EDWARD - A Life in Photography
038089: STEICHEN, EDWARD, ED - The Bitter Years 1935-1941; Rural America As Seen by the Photographers of the Farm Security Administration
036066: STEIG, WILLIAM - Grown-Ups Get to Do All the Driving
038023: STEIG, WILLIAM - Abel's Island
031544: STEIGER, BRAD - Medicine Power; the American Indian's Revival of His Spiritual Heritage and Its Relevance for Modern Man
031471: STEIGER, KARSTEN - Opern; Ein Verzeichnis Aller Aufnahmen. Alle Komponisten Und Deren Werke Auf Schallplatte, Cd Und Laserdisk
043545: STEIN, LEOPOLD - The Infancy of Speech and the Speech of Infancy
024080: STEIN, JANICE GROSS, ET AL. - Uneasy Partners; Mutliculturalism and Rights in Canada
024479: STEIN, ROBERT LOUIS - The French Slave Trade in the Eighteenth Century; an Old Regime Business
025405: STEIN, LINDA - The Power to Protect; Sculpture of Linda Stein, November 2-December 20, 2006
015903: STEIN, CHARLES, ED - Critical Materials Problems in Energy Production
011608: STEIN, BRUNO - Work and Welfare in Britain and the Usa
010678: STEIN, GEORGE H. - The Waffen Ss: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-1945
018133: STEIN, KARL, FREIHERR VOM UND ZUM - Freiherr Vom Stein: Briefe Und Amtliche Schriften
028612: STEIN, LOTHAR - Die Sammar-Gerba; Beduinen IM ûbergang Von Nomadismus Zur Sesshaftigkeit
005202: STEIN, LOUIS - Beyond Death and Exile; the Spanish Republicans in France, 1939-1955
019647: STEIN, ARNOLD, ED - Theodore Roethke; Essays on the Poetry
047199: STEIN, RICHARD H. - Tschaikowskij
037958: STEIN, RALPH - The Great Inventions
041190: STEIN, JEROME L. - The Nature and Efficiency of the Foreign Exchange Market
040674: STEIN, SUSAN R. - The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello
040111: STEIN, MAURICE R. - The Eclipse of Community; an Interpretation of American Studies
033084: STEIN, SUSAN R. - The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello
000034: STEIN, HERBERT - The Fiscal Revolution in America
047625: STEIN, AUREL - On Alexander's Track to the Indus; Personal Narrative of Explorations on the North-West Frontier of India
046882: STEIN, RALPH - The Great Cars
038915: STEIN, BRUCE A., ET AL., EDS - Precious Heritage; the Status of Biodiversity in the United States
039262: STEIN, HERBERT - On the Other Hand... Essays on Economics, Economists, and Politics
010679: STEINACKER, KARL - Ostfälische Kulturbeziehungen Zu Italien IM 16. Jahrhundert; Barthold Von Gadenstedt's Italienreise 1587-1589
027185: STEINBAUER, FRIEDRICH - Melanesische Cargo-Kulte; Neureligiöse Heilsbewegungen in Der Südsee
032368: STEINBERG, NAOMI - Kinship and Marriage in Genesis; a Household Economics Perspective
022817: STEINBERG, STEPHEN - The Ethnic Myth; Race, Ethnicity, and Class in America
026394: STEINBERG, ALFRED - Sam Johnson' Boy; a Close-Up of the President from Texas
010297: STEINBERG, DAVID J., ET AL. - Cambodia; Its People, Its Society, Its Culture
048580: STEINBERG, MICHAEL - The Concerto; a Listener's Guide
036317: STEINBERG, SAUL - The Discovery of America
010708: STEINBERGER, HANS - The Chiemsee and the Castle of Herrenchiemsee
044681: STEINBÖCK, GRETE - Weltweit Freunde; Die ôsterreicher IM Ausland
010680: STEINBORN, HANS-CHRISTIAN - Abgaben Und Dienste Holsteinischer Bauern IM 18. Jahrhundert
004390: STEINEM, WOLFRAM VON DEN - Bernhard Von Clairvaux; Leben Und Briefe
012533: STEINEN, WOLFRAM VON DEN - Glück Und Unglück in Der Weltgeschichte
044585: STEINEN, WOLFRAM VON DEN - Notker Der Dichter Und Seine Geisitige Welt
034214: STEINER, GEORGE - Real Presences
043944: STEINER, M. - La Tentation de Jésus Dans L'Interprétation Patristique de Saint Justin à Origène
016176: STEINER, H. ARTHUR - Government in Fascist Italy
026981: STEINER, DEBORAH - The Crown of Song; Metaphor in Pindar
018790: STEINER, CHRISTIAN - Opera People
039510: STEINER, EDWARD A. - The Making of a Great Race; Racial and Religious Cross-Currents in the United States
013905: JOHN-STEINER, VERA - Notebooks of the Mind; Explorations of Thinking
036080: STEINER, GEORGE - Grammars of Creation; Originating in the Gifford Lectures for 1990
048959: STEINER, GEORGE - Antigones
023375: STEINFELS, PETER - A People Adrift; the Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America
034231: STEINFIELD, MELVIN - Cracks in the Melting Pot; Racism and Discrimination in American History
038191: STEINGRÄBER, ERICH - Deutsche Plastik Der Frühzeit
034306: STEINHARDT, ARNOLD - Indivisible by Four; a String Quartet in Pursuit of Harmony
012872: STEINHART, EDWARD I. - Conflict and Collaboration; the Kingdoms of Western Uganda, 1890-1907
045652: STEINHOFF, ANTHONY J. - The Gods of the City; Protestantism and Religious Culture in Strasbourg, 1870-1914
029757: STEINHOFF, HANS-HUGO - Bibliographie Zu Gottfried Von StraßBurg
002304: STEININGER, REINHOLD - Beiträge Zu Einer Grammatik Des Bairischen Auf Der Grundlage Von Kommentierten Texten Aus Oberneureutherwald IM Unteren Bayerischen Wald
002002: STEINITZ, RENATE - Adverbial-Syntax
006537: STEINMANN, JEAN - Les Plus Anciennes Traditions Du Pentateuque
003661: STEINMETZ, HORST - Galloromanische Bezeichungen Für "Betrunken/Sich Betrinken", "Trunkenheit", "Trundkenbold
014093: STEINMETZ, DAVID C. - Reformers in the Wings
029083: STEINSCHNEIDER, MORITZ - Catalog Der Hebräischen Handschriften in Der Stadtbibliothek Zu Hamburg Und Der Sich Anschliessenden in Anderen Sprachen
023345: STEINTHAL, WALTHER - Dreyfus
033258: STELE, FRANCE, ED - Art on the Soil of Yugoslavia from Prehistoric Times to the Present
037106: STELTZER, ULLI - The New Americans; Immigrant Life in Southern California
010681: STELZER, OTTO - Helmstedt Und Das Land Um Den Elm
009874: STEN, HOLGER - L'Emploi Des Temps En Portugais Moderne
015562: STENDHAL, MARIE HENRI BEYLE - Travels in the South of France
024111: STENEHJEM, MICHELE FLYNN - An American First; John T. Flynn and the America First Committee
044713: STENGER, VICTOR J. - The New Atheism; Taking a Stand for Science and Reason
014095: STENSON, STEN H. - Sense and Nonsense in Religion; an Essay on the Language and Phenomenology of Religion
037743: STENTON, DORIS MARY - The English Woman in History
027997: STENUIT, ROBERT - The Dolphin, Cousin to Man
042131: STENVALL, TARU - Marski Ja Hänen "Hovinsa
044070: STENZLER, ADOLF FRIEDRICH - Elementarbuch Der Sanskrit-Sprache (Grammatik, Texte, Wörterbuch)
012611: STEP, EDWARD - Shell Life; an Introduction to the British Mollusca
049205: CLAVREUIL (BERNARD & STÉPHANE) - Livres Précieux Des Xve Au Xixe Siècle
044111: WILLIAMS, STEPHEN AND GERARD FRIELL - Theodosius; the Empire at Bay
025240: STEPHEN, LESLIE - The English Utilitarians
026237: SHUTE, STEPHEN AND SUSAN HURLEY, EDS - On Human Rights; the Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1993
026837: GRAHAM, STEPHEN AND SIMON MARVIN - Telecommunications and the City; Electronic Spaces, Urban Places
016764: STEPHEN, LESLIE - English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century
031177: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN AND SUSAN OWENS - Divinely Decadent
015825: LONGSTREET STEPHEN - The Canvas Falcons; the Men and the Planes of World War I.
025422: STEPHENS, AUTUMN - Wild Women; Crusaders, Curmudgeons and Completely Corsetless Ladies in the Otherwise Virtuous Victorian Era
013606: STEPHENS, IAN - Horned Moon; an Account of a Journey Through Pakistan, Kashmir, and Afghanistan
021324: STEPHENS, JOHN LLOYD - Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan
019635: STEPHENS, JAMES - Letters of James Stephens
034986: STEPHENSON, ROB - Passes Through
005707: STEPHENSON, GRAHAM - Russia from 1812 to 1945; a History
005905: STEPHENSON, NATHANIEL W. - Texas and the Mexican War; a Chronicle of the Winning of the Southwest
017466: STEPHENSON, CARL - Mediaeval Feudalism
028424: STEPHENSON, GUNTHER - Leben Und Tod in Den Religionen; Symbol Und Wirklichkeit
004888: STERLING, BRUCE - The Hacker Crackdown; Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier
016177: STERLING, CLAIRE - The Terror Network; the Secret War of International Terrorism
035546: STERN, HAROLD P. - Birds, Beasts, Blossoms, and Bugs; the Nature of Japan
015499: STERN, NICHOLAS - Strategy for Development
015124: STERN, JEAN, ED - The Cross & the Sword; la Cruz Y la Espada
007268: STERN, NORTON - Mannie's Crowd: Emanuel Lowenstein, Colorful Character of Old Los Angeles and a Brief Diary of the Trip to Arizona and Life in Tucson of the Early 1880s
028449: STERN, G. B. - Summer's Play; an Exaggeration

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