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028555: TILLICH, PAUL, - Against the Third Reich; Paul Tillich's Wartime Addresses to Nazi Germany..
014157: TILLICH, PAUL, - Perspectives on 19th and 20th Century Protestant Theology..
005831: TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY, - Pope and Human Nature..
034010: TILLYARD, E. M. W., - Shakespeare's Last Plays..
023616: TILLYARD, STELLA, - Citizen Lord; the life of Edward Fitzgerald, Irish Revolutionary..
034106: TILLYARD, E. M. W., - The Elizabethan World Picture..
032546: TILLYARD, E. M. W., - Shakespeare's History Plays..
010689: TILTON, TIMOTHY ALAN, - Nazism, Neo-Nazism, and the Peasantry..
031168: TIMBS, JOHN, - Abbeys, Castles, and Ancient Halls of England and Wales; Their Legendary Lore and Popular History..
011632: TIMMIS, JOHN H., III., - Thine is the Kingdom; the Trial for Treason of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, First Minister to King Charles I, and Last Hope of the english Crown..
037090: TIMS, BARBARA, ED, - Food in Vogue from Boulestin to Boxer..
039196: TINBERGEN, JAN, - Income Distribution; Analysis and Policies..
012668: TINBERGEN, N., - The Study of Instinct..
036691: TINBERGEN, NIKO, - Bird Life..
008023: TINDALL, GEORGE BROWN, - The Persistent Tradition in New South Politics..
004674: TINDER, GLENN, - The Political Meaning of Christianity; an Interpretation..
021638: TINGLE, TIM AND DOC MOORE, - Spooky Texas Tales..
034870: TINGLE, TIM AND DOC MOORE, - More Spooky Texas Tales..
005199: TINT, HERBERT, - The Decline of French Patriotism, 1870-1940..
015200: TINTEROW, GARY AND HENRI LOYRETTE, - Origins of Impressionism..
019951: TINTEROW, GARY, - Master Drawings By Picasso..
016466: TIRARD, PAUL, - La France Sur Le Rhin; Douze Années D'occupation Rhénane..
026306: TISCHNER, HERBERT, - Kunst der Südsee..
023944: LE TISSIER, TONY, - Patton's Pawns; the 94th US Infantry Division at the Siegfried Line..
022547: TITCHMARSH, E. C., - The Theory of Functions..
035149: TITCOMB, CALDWELL, ED, - The Art of fine Words; Offering in Honor of Arthur H. Hopkins..
006692: TITLEY, E. BRIAN, - A Narrow Vision; Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs in Canada..
024427: TIZI, VINCENZO, - Vita del P. Benvenuto Bambozzi..
022527: TOBIN, JAMES, - Asset accumulation and Economic Activity; Reflections on Contemporary MacRoeconomic Theory..
007049: TOBIN, AGNES, - Agnes Tobin: Letters, Translations, Poems, with Some Account of Her Life..
007797: TOCH, HANS, - The Social Psychology of Social Movements..
038217: TODA, KENJI, - Japanese scroll Painting..
036663: TODD, RUTHVEN, - Tracks in the Snow; Studies in English Science and Art..
003506: TODD, IAN A., - Vasilikos Valley Project 1: The Bronze Age Cemetery in Kalavasos Village..
024428: TODD, JOHN M., - Luther; a Life..
035427: TODD, PAMELA, - The Arts and Crafts Companion..
023840: TODOROV, TZVETAN, - Theories of the Symbol..
019649: TOESCA, MAURICE, - The Other George Sand..
032575: TOFFANIN, GIUSEPPE, - Il Cinquecento..
016215: TOFFEFSON, JAMES W., - The Strength Not to Fight; an Oral History of Consientious Objectors of the Vietnam War..
016212: TOFFLER, ALVIN AND HEIDI TOFFLER, - War and Anti-war; Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century..
026004: TOKLAS, ALICE B., - Staying on Alone; Letters of Alice B. Toklas..
037821: TOKUTOMI, KENJIRO, - Nami-ko, a Realistic Novel..
016214: TOLAND, JOHN, - No Man's Land; 1918, the Last Year of the Great War..
024310: TOLCHIN, SUSAN J. AND MARTIN TOLCHIN, - Glass Houses; Congressional ethics and the Politics of Venom..
027991: TOLCHIN, MARTIN AND SUSAN TOLCHIN, - To the Victor... Political patronage from the Clubhouse to the White House..
008734: TOLCHIN, MARTIN AND SUSAN J. TOLCHIN, - Selling Our Security; the Erosion of America's Assets..
018553: TOLEDANO, RALPH DE, ED., - Frontiers of Jazz..
035760: TOLES, TOM, - Mr. Gazoo; a Cartoon History of the Reagan Era..
006125: TOLLEMACHE, LIONEL A., - Gladstone's Boswell; Late Victorian Conversations..
002319: TOLLENAERE, F. DE, - Alfabetische of Ideologische Lexicografie?..
036210: TOLLES, FREDERICK B, - George Logan of Philadelphia..
010440: TOLLEY, HOWARD R., - The Farmer Citizen at War..
027115: TOLMAN, RICHARD C., - Relativity thermodynamics and Cosmology..
032323: TOLNAY, CHARLES DE, - Hieronymus Bosch..
030301: TOLSON, JAY, - Pilgrim in the Ruins; a Life of Walker Percy..
041337: TOLSTOI, LEV, - Voina i Mir..
026933: TOLSTOY, LEV, - Selections..
043257: TOLSTOY, LEV H, - Voina i Mir..
042167: TOLSTOY, ALEKSEY NIKOLAYEVICH, - Giperboloid Ingenera Garina; Aelita..
016344: TOMAIN, JOSEPH P., - Nuclear Power Transformation..
005643: TOMALIN, CLAIRE, - The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft..
040641: TOMALIN, CLAIRE, - Samuel Pepys; the Unequalled Self..
002321: TOMAN, J, - KULS; Kartei Unveröffentlichter Linguistischer Arbeiten Zur Deutschen Sprache Der Gegenwart..
014218: TOMCHUK, MARJORIE, - M. Tomchuk; Graphic Work, 1962-1898..
031035: TOMCHUK, MARJORIE, - M. Tomchuk: graphic Work 1962-1989..
020574: TOMKEIEFF, O. G., - Life in Norman England..
014557: TOMKINS, CALVIN, - Merchants and Masterpieces; the Story of the Metropolitan Museum of Art..
871: TOMLINSON, AMANDA., - The mediaeval face...
030879: TOMLINSON, T. B., - A study of Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy..
038375: TOMLINSON, GARY, - Monteverdi and the End of the Renaissance..
036500: TOMLINSON, T. B., - The English Middle-Class Novel..
016854: TOMNOVEC, IDA ALLEN, - The Building of the Wall of China; a Novel..
034281: TOMPKINS, PETER, - Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids..
016217: TOMPKINS, PETER, - The Murder of Admiral Darian; a Study in Conspiracy..
016218: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY, - The Secret War, 1914-1918..
005702: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY, - The Triumph of Bolshevism; Revolution or Reaction?..
005712: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY, - A Canadian's Road to Russia; Letters from the Great War Decade..
015004: TOMPKINS, JOHN S., - The Weapons of Wold War III; the Long Road back from the Bomb...
036568: TOMS, AGNES, - The Joy of Eating Natural Foods; the Complete Organic Cookbook..
005430: TOMSICH, JOHN, - A Genteel Endeavor; American Culture and Politics in the GIlded Age..
006548: TONKIN, JOHN, - The Church and the Secular Order in Reformation Thought..
026869: TOOBIN, JEFFREY, - A Vast Conspiracy; the real Story of the Sex scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President..
032089: TOOGOOD, MALCOLM, - Porsche Catalogs; a Visual hsitory from 1948 to the Present Day..
019891: TOOHEY, JOHN, - Captain Bligh's Portable Nightmare..
005871: TOOKER, ELVA, - Nathan Trotter, Philadelphia Merchant 1787-1853..
009126: TOOLE, K. ROSS, - The Rape of the Great Plains; Northwest America, Cattle and Coal..
007338: TOOLE, K. ROSS, - Twentieth-century Montana; a State of Extremes..
032485: TOOLE, WILLIAM B., - Shakespeare's Problem Plays; Studies in Form and Meaning..
015976: O'TOOLE, G. J. A., - Honorable Treachery; a History of U.S> Intelligence, Espionage, and Covert Action from the American Revolution to the CIA..
032166: TOPHAM, ANNE, - A Distant Thunder; Intimate Recollections of the Kaiser's Court..
042827: TOPORISIC, JOZE, - Slovenski Knjizni Jezik..
022180: TOPPING, DONALD M. AND DALE P. CROWLEY, - Lessons in Indonesian..
010691: TOPRITZHOFER, EDGAR, - Absatzwirtschaftliche Modelle Des Kaufentscheidungsprozesses Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Des Markenwahlaspektes..
031217: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA, - Primitive Passions; Men, Women, and the quest for Ecstasy..
032824: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA, - Gone Primitive; Savage Intellects, Modern Lives..
024429: TÖRNVALL, GUSTAF, - Geistliches und weltliches Regiment bei Luther; Studien zu Luthers Weltbild und Gesellschaftsverständnis..
028520: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, - Toward Community in University Government; report of the Commission on the Government of the University of Toronto..
009891: TORREBLANCA ESPINOSA, MAXIMO, - Estudio Del Habla De Villena y Su Comarca..
001711: TORREY, CHARLES C, - Gold Coins of Khokand and Bukhara..
028016: TORREY, E. FULLER, - Schizophrenia and Mani-Depressive Disorder; the biological Roots of Mental Illness as Revealed by the landmark Study of Identical Twins..
019653: TORREY, E. FULLER, - The Roots of Treason; Ezra Pound and the Secrets of St. Elizabeths..
029090: TORTI, ANNA, - The Glass of Form; Mirroring structures from Chaucer to Skalton..
043080: TOSCANI, CLAUDIO, - Pietro Gnocchi e la musica a Brescia nel Settecento, Brescia, 20 ottobre 2007..
039630: TOSTLEBE, ALVIN S, - The Growth of physical Capital in Agriculture, 1870-1950..
002705: TOSUN, MEBRURE AND KADRIYE YALVAÇ, - Sumer, Babil, Assur Kanunlari ve Ammi-Saduqa Fermani..
009932: TOTH, KARL, - Wien Und Der Wienerwald: Wiener Becken, Semmering Und Wachau..
011527: TOUHILL, BLANCHE M., - William Smith O'Brien and His Irish Revolutionary Companions in Penal Exile..
034561: TOULGOUAT, PIERRE, - Voisinage et solidarité dans l'Europe du Moyen Age; "lou besi de Gascogne"..
1584: TOULMIN, STEPHEN., - Foresight and understanding; an enquiry into the aims of science...
023963: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, HENRI, - The Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec..
032095: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, MAPIE DE, - La cuisine de France..
035692: TOUPIN, ELIZABETH AHN, - The Hawaii Cookbook & Backyard Luau..
042899: TOURNIER, MICHEL, - Le vol du vampire; notes de Lecture..
042040: TOURNIER, MICHEL, - Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique..
036220: TOUSSAINT-SAMAT, MAGUELONNE, - A History of Food..
043265: TOV, EMANUEL, ED, - The Book of Baruch Also Called I Baruch (Greek and Hebrew)..
039360: TOVEY, DONALD FRANCIS, - Essays in Musical Analysis..
031034: TOWER, JEREMIAH, - New American Classics..
018805: TOWERS, JOHN, - Dictionary-catalogue of Opera and Operettas..
035363: TOWLE, MARGARET A, - The Ethnobotany of pre-Columbia Peru..
009943: TOWNER, WESLEY, - The Elegant Auctioneers..
016943: TOWNSEND, WILLIAM CAMERON, - Lazaro Cardenas, Mexican Democrat..
013162: TOWNSEND, JAMES R., - Political Participation in Communist China..
005744: TOWSTER, JULIAN, - Political Power in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1947; the Theory and Structure of Government in the Soviet State..
008350: TOYE, FRANCIS, - Rossini; a Study in Tragi-Comedy..
031522: TOYE, FRANCIS, - Giuseppe Verdi; His Life and Works..
024437: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD, - An Historian's Approach to Religion..
026357: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD, - Greek civilisation and Character; the Self-Revelation of Ancient GReek Society..
011422: TOYNBEE, J. M. C., - The Art of the Romans..
005105: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J., - Acquaintances..
041774: TOZZER, ALFRED M, - A Maya Grammar with Bibliography and Appraisement of the Works Noted..
014773: TOZZER, ALFRED M., - Excavation of a Site at Santiago Ahuizotla, D.F. Mexico..
022182: TRABANT, JÜRGEN, - Elemente Der Semiotik..
043122: TRABER, HABAKUK AND ELMAR WEINGARTEN, EDS, - Verdrängte Musik; Berliner Komponisten im Exil..
022866: TRACY, WALTER, - The Typographic Scene..
003974: TRACY, MICHAEL, - Agriculture in Western Europe; Crisis and Adaption Since 1880..
038054: TRACY, ROBERT, - Trollope's Later Novels..
004948: TRAGER, FRANK N., - Why Viet Nam?..
035353: TRAGER, JAMES, - The Food Chronology; a Food Lover's compendium of Events and Anecdotes, from Prehistory to the Present..
005456: TRAILL, H. D., - William the Third..
040585: TRAILL, DAVID A, - Schliemann of Troy; treasure and Deceit..
037761: TRAISMAN, BARBARA, - Handed Down; the artisan Tradition..
026132: TRALBAUT, MARC EDO, - Vincent Van Gogh..
030678: TRAN, VAN NHUT, - An Loc; the Unfinished War..
009892: TRANEL, BERNARD, - Concreteness in Generative Phonology; evidence from French..
025242: TRANSCHEL, HANS-PETER, - Die kirchlichen Werke des Würzburger Hofbildhauers Johann Peter Wagner..
016620: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ, - Velazquez..
041314: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ, - Valdés Leal; Baroque Concept of death and suffering in His Paintings..
041695: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ, - Martin Rico y Ortega in the collection of the Hispanic Society of America..
014494: TRAPP, FRANK ANDERSON, - The Attainment of Delacroix..
007933: TRASK, KERRY A., - Fire Within; a Civil War narrative from Wisconsin..
035135: TRASKO, MARY, - Daring Do's; a History of Extraordinary Hair..
016767: TRAUB, JAMES, - City on a Hill; Testing the american Dream at City College..
031523: TRAUBEL, HELEN, - St. Louis Woman..
031524: TRAUBNER, RICHARD, - Operetta; a Theatrical History..
026863: TRAVERS, BEN, - Mischief..
034013: TRAVERSI, DEREK, - Shakespeare: The Last Phase..
010974: TRAVIS, ROY, - Duo Concertante in Five Movements for Violin and Piano 1967..
002323: TRAVNICEK, FRANTISEK, - Phonetik Der Tschechischen Schriftsprache..
039552: TREBUKOVA, MASHA, - Masha Trebukova; Recente Schilderijen, 23 November-21 December 2002..
039553: TREBUKOVA, MASHA, - Masha Trebukova..
039554: TREBUKOVA, MASHA, - Masha Trebukova..
033888: TREFIL, JAMES S., - The Moment of Creation; Big Bang physics from before the First Millisecond to the Present Universe..
022236: TREFIL, JAMES, - A Scientist in the City..
024947: TREGGIARI, NICCOLA, - Vita del Padre Benvenuto Bambozzi, già maestro de' novizzi de Minori Conventuali..
034317: TREGLOWN, JEREMY, - Romancing; the Life and Work of Henry Green..
008341: TREISTMAN, JUDITH M., - The Prehistory of China; an Archeological Exploration..
018423: TREITSCHKE, HEINRICH VON, - Deutsche Geschichte Im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert..
023734: TREMBLAY, MICHEL, - Les Belles-Soeurs..
023792: TREMBLAY, MICHEL, - Bonjour, LA, Bonjour..
014760: TREML, VLADIMIR G., - Alcohol in the USSR; a statistical Study..
029092: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX, - Lectures on Medieval Church History..
033899: TRENCHARD, JOHN, - Cato's Letters; or, Essays on Liberty, civil and Religious, and Other Important Subjects..
010413: TREND, J. B., - Portugal..
011636: TRENT, CHRISTOPHER, - The Russells..
018008: TRENTON, PATRICIA, - Harvey Otis Young, the Lost Genius 1840-1901..
018301: TRESMONTANT, CLAUDE, - Christian Metaphysics..
042172: TRESMONTANT, CLAUDE, - Études de Métaphysique Biblique..
005332: TRESSIDOR, ARGUS JOHN, - Ceylon; an Introduction to the "resplendent land"..
000025: TREUE, WILHELM, - Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Neuzeit..
031999: TREUENFELS, CARL-ALBRECHT VON, - The Magic of Cranes..
032256: TREUILLÉ, ERIC AND ANNA DEL CONTE, - Pasta; Every Way for Every Day..
016221: TREVELYAN, HUMPHREY, - The Middle East in Revolution..
016222: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH, - Rome '44; the Battle for the Eternal City..
023490: TREVELYAN, MARY CAROLINE, - William the Third and the Defence of Holland 1672-4..
014965: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY, - Garibaldi's Defence of the Roman Republic, 1848-9..
021645: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY, - The Life of John Bright..
011639: TREVELYAN, G. M., - Illustrated English Social History..
011637: TREVELYAN, G. M., - English Social History; a Survey of Six Centuries, Chaucer to Queen Victoria..
010062: TREVES, FREDERICK, - The Country of "The Ring and the Book"..
010857: TREVOR-ROPER, HUGH, - Princes and Artists; Patronage and Ideology at Four Habsburg Courts, 1517-1633..
018302: TRIBE, DAVID, - 100 Years of Freethought..
040525: TRIEBEL, L. A, - Rasser of Alsace..
041201: TRIFFIN, ROBERT, - The Balance of Payments and the Foreign Investment Position of the United States..
023291: TRILLING, DIANA, - The beginning of the Journey; the marriage of Diana and Lionel Trilling..
025822: TRILLING, JAMES, - Aegean Crossroads; Greek Island Embroideries in the Textil Museum..
015580: TRILLING, LIONEL, - Matthew Arnold..
036484: TRILLING, DIANA, - Reviewing the Forties..
043277: TRISTRAM, HILDEGARD L. C, - Liniguistik und die Interpretation englischer literarischer Texte..
878: TROCH E, ERNST GÜNER., - Niederländische Malerei des fünfzehnten und sechzehnten Jahr- hunderts...
013353: TROCHE, ERNST GÜNTER, - Niederländische Malerei Des Fünfzehnten Und Sechzehnten Jahrhunderts..
028558: TROELTSCH, ERNST, - Die Bedeutung der Geschichtlichkeit Jesu für den Glauben..
028559: TROELTSCH, ERNST, - The Christian Faith..
010587: TRÖGE, WALTHER, - Schlänker on Schnärze; Ein Lesebuch in Nordostthüringischer Mundart..
042761: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Complete Short Stories. Volume III: Tourists and Colonials..
042760: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Complete short Stories. Volume II: Editors and Writers..
042763: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Complete Short Stories. Volume V: Various Stories..
042762: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Complete Short Stories. Volume IV: Courtship and Marriage..
039753: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Palliser Novels of Anthony Trollope..
038223: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Last Chronicle of Barset..
038224: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Small house at Allington..
038225: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - Framley Parsonage..
038227: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - Barchester Towers..
038228: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Warden..
033014: TRONCHE, ANNE, - Ljuba..
020029: TRONIK, RUTH, - Israeli Periodical & Serials in English & Other European Languages; a Classified Bibliography..
039490: TRONZO, WILLIAM, - The Via Latina Catacomb; Imitation and Discontinuity in Fourth-Century Roman Painting..
004196: TROPP, EDUARD, ET AL., - Alexander A. Friedmann: The Man Who Made the Universe Expand..
033947: TROST, CATHY AND SUSAN BENNETT, - President Kennedy has been Shot..
016469: TROTHA, FRIEDRICH VON, - Fritz Von Holstein Als Mensch Und Politiker..
011641: TROTTER, TORRENS, COMP., - Cowdray in the Parish of Easebourne, Near Midhurst, Sussex..
002885: TROTTER, GRIFFIN, - The Loyal Physician; Roycean Ethics and the Practice of Medicine..
031525: TROTTER, WILLIAM R., - Priest of Music; the Life of Dimitri Mitropoulos..
029690: TROUILLAS, PAUL, - Le complexe de Marianne..
006121: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT, - Society and the Land..
024666: TROXELL, HYLA A., - The Coinage of the Lycian League..
026679: TROY, SANDY, - One More Saturday Night; Reflection with the Grateful Dead, Dead Family, and Dead Heads..
006797: TROY, GIL, - Affairs of State; the Rise and Rejection of the Presidential Couple Since World War II..
019655: TROYAT, HENRI, - Turgenev..
035294: TROYAT, HENRI, - Peter the GReat..
037457: TROYEN, CAROL AND EERICA E. HIRSHLER, - Charles Sheeler; Paintings and Drawings..
029194: CHRÉTIEN DE TROYES, - Kristian von Troyes Yvain (Der Löwenritter)..
029192: CHRÉTIEN DE TROYES, - Perceval oder die Geschichte vom Gral..
008384: TRUAX, CAROL, - Father Was a Gourmet; an Epic of Good Eating at the Turn of the Century..
011817: TRUAX, RHODA, - Joseph Lister, Father of Modern Surgery..
037614: TRUBEK, AMY B, - Haute Cuisine; How the French invented the Culinary Profession..
030911: TRUBETZKOY, N. S., - Dostoevskij als Künstler..
042790: TRUC, GONZAGUE, - Lamartine..
041067: TRUCHAUD, FRANÇOIS, - H. P. Lovecraft..
036310: TRUDEAU, G. B, - Doonesbury Deluxe; Selected glances Askance..
006798: TRUDELL, CLYDE F., - Colonia Yorktown; Being a Brief Historie of the Place Together with Something of Its Houses and Publick Buildings..
037008: TRUEBLOOD, ALAN S, - Experience and artistic Expression in Lope de Vega; the Making of La Dorotea..
027652: TRUMAN, HARRY S., - Dear Bess; the letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959..
002325: TRUMBULL, JAMES HAMMOND, - Natick Dictionary..
024029: TRUMP, DAVID, - Central and Southern Italy Before Rome..
011644: TRUNER, F. C., - James II..
040366: TRUSSLER, SIMON, - The Cambridge Illustrated History of Britih Theatre..
034193: TRYON, W. S., - Parnassus Corner; a Life of James T. Fields, Publisher to the Victorians..
009894: TRYPUCKO, JOZEF, - Le pluriel dans les locutions adverbiales de temps et de lieu en Slave..
043106: TSAFRIR, YORAM, ED, - Ancient Churches Revealed..
003508: TSAGARAKIS, ODYSSEUS, - Die Subjectivität in Der Griechischen Lyrik..
022576: TSANG, CHERYL D., - Microsoft first Generation; the Success Secrets of the Visionaries Who Launched a Technology Empire..
004969: TSANG, CHIH, - China's Postwar Markets..
025243: TSATSOS, THEMISTOKLES, - Peri Politeias; Staatstheoretische Studien..
024439: TSCHACKERT, PAUL, - Die Entstehung der lutherischen und der reformierten Kirchenlehre samt ihren innerprotestantischen Gegensätzen..
004400: TSCHIRCH, FRITZ, - Geschichte Der Deutschen Sprache..
035145: TSCHIRKY, RENÉ, - Heimito von Doderers Posaunen von Jericho; Versuch einer Interpretation..
032558: TSCHUPPIK, KARL, - Franz Joseph I.; der Untergang eines Reiches..
036748: TSUJI, SHIZUO, - Japanese Cooking; a Simple Art..
035538: TUBACH, FREDERIC C, - Struktur im Widerspruch; Studien zum Minnesang..
031526: TUBEUF, ANDRÉ, - Le Festival de Salzbourg..
027842: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W., - August 1914..
037376: TUCHMAN, MITCH, ED, - The Robert O. Anderson Building..
022583: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W., - Practicing History; Selected Essays..
015079: TUCHMAN, MAURICE, ED., - American Sculpture of the Sixties..
030523: TUCHMAN, MAURICE, - The Spiritual in Art; abstract Paintings 1890-1985..
037233: TUCHMAN, MITCH, - Magnificent Obsessions; Twenty Remarkable Collectors in Pursuit of Their Dreams..
033827: TUCKER, GLENN, - High Tide at Gettysburg; the Campaign in Pennsylvania..
014116: TUCKER, ABRAHAM, - Freewill, Foreknowlege and Fate; a Fragment..
016224: TUCKER, GLENN, - Chickamauga, Bloody Battle in the West..
016225: TUCKER, ROBERT C., - Stalinism; Essays in Historical Interpretation..
005604: TUCKER, MARTIN, - Africa in Modern Literature; a Survey of Contemporary Writing in English..
007835: TUCKER, NANCY BERNKOPF, - Patterns in the Dust; Chinese-American Relations and the Recognition Controversy, 1949-1950..
036892: TUCKER, TOBA PATO, - Heber Springs Portraits; Continuity and Change in the World Disfarmer Photographed..
028428: TUCKER, MARCIA, - American Painting in the Ferdinand Howald Collection..
032192: TUCKER, PAUL HAYES, - Monet in the '90s; the Series Paintings..
020577: TUCKER, LENA LUCILE AND ALLEN ROGERS BENHAM, - A Bibliography of fifteenth Century Literature, with special Reference to the history of English Culture..
036141: TUCKER, KERRY, - Greetings from Los Angeles; a Visit to the City of Angels in Postcards..
034407: TUCKER, ROBERT W. AND DAVID C. HENDRICKSON, - Empire of Liberty; the Statecraft of Thomas Jefferson..
010375: TUCKER, JOSIAH, - Josiah Tucker; a Selection from His Economic and political Writings..
033143: TUCKER BROOKE, C. F., ED., - The Shakespeare apocrypha Being a Collection of Fourteen Plays Which Have been Ascribed to Shakespeare..
030067: TUDESQ, ANDRÉ-JEAN, - La démocratie Een France depuis 1815..
036613: TUDGE, COLIN, - Future Food; Politics, Philosophy and recipes for the 21st Century..
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041279: VOLBACH, FRITZ, - Georg Friedrich Händel..
005778: VOLGYES, IVAN, - The Political Reliability of the Warsaw Pact Armies; the Southern Tier..
005405: VÖLGYES, IVAN, - The Hungarian Soviet Republic 1919; an Evalution and a Bibliography..
028570: VOLK, TYLER, - Metapatterns Across Space, Time, and Mind..
027173: MUSEUM FÜR VÖLKERKUNDE, - Die ozeanischen Sammlungen..
003864: VOLKMANN, HANS, - Cleopatra; a Study in Politics and Propaganda..
004409: VOLKMANN, LUDWIG, - Der Überlinger Rathaussaal Des Jacob Ruß Und Die Darstellung Der Deutschen Reichsstände..
015203: VOLL, KARL, - Frankreichs Klassiche Zeichner Im XIX. Jahrhundert..
008457: VOLLMER, JOHN E., ET AL., - Silk Roads, China Ships; an Exhibition of East-West Trade..
041978: VOLPE, GIOACCHINO, - Italia Moderna..
006564: VOLTAIRE, FRANÇOIS MARIE AROUET, - Le Philosophe Ignorant..
040012: VONDEL, JOOST VAN DEN, - Ifigenie in Tauren, uit Euripdes; Treurspel..
040011: VONDEL, JOOST VAN DEN, - Palamedes or vermoorde onnozelheit; Treurspel..
039576: VONDEL, JOOST VAN DEN, - Cinq Tragédies..
019661: VONNEGUT, KURT, - Bluebeard; a Novel..
037240: VONNEGUT, KURT, - Deadeye Dick..
035849: VOOGHT, PAUL DE, - Les Pouvoirs du concile et l'autorité du pape au Concile de Constance..
042412: VOORBROEK, JAKOB, - Codices Perizoniani..
041239: VOORGANG, DIETRICH, - Nordische Vornamen..
016247: VOORHEES, MELVIN B., - Korean Tales..
038482: VORONOV, N. AND E. RACHUK, - Soviet Glass; verre sovietique; sowjetisches Glas..
007316: VORPAHL, BEN MERCHANT, - My Dear Wister; the Frederic Remington-Owen Wister Letters..
021295: DE VOS, GEORGE A., - Socialization for Achievement; Essays on the Cultural Psychology of the Japanese..
029111: VOSS, REINHARD, - Geschichte Dder Gemeinde Lenne (Kr. Olpe) im Sauerland von den Anfängen bis zum Zweiten Weltkrieg..
041602: VOSSKAMP, WILHELM, ED, - Schäferdichtung; Referate der fünften Arbeitsgruppe beim zweiten Jahrestreffen des Internationalen Arbeitskreises für Deutsche Barockliteratur vom 28. bis 31. August 1976 in Wolfenbüttel..
041950: VOSSLER, KARL, - Algunos caracteres de la cultura Española..
029984: VOSSLER, OTTO, - Alexis de Tocqueville; Freiheit und Gleichheit..
029566: PENNINC AND PIETER VOSTAERT, - De jeeste van Walewein et het Schaakbord..
029567: PENNINC AND PIETER VOSTAERT, - Roman Van Walewein..
035585: VOTH, NORMA JOST, - Mennonite Foods and folkways from South Russia. Volume 2..
897: VOYCE, ARTHUR., - Moscow and the roots of Russian culture...
042958: VOZNESENSKIJ, ANDREJ, - Antisvetovi..
026747: VOZNESENSKY, ANDREI, - An Arrow in the Wall; selected Poetry and Prose..
043926: DE VRIES, JAN, - Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte. Band I: Einleitung; vorgeschiichtliche Perioden; religiöse Grundlagen des Lebens; Seelen- und Geisterglaube; Macht und Kraft; das Heilige und die Kultformen..
025361: DE VRIES, JOHAN, ET AL., EDS., - Worldwide Banking: ABN AMRO Bank 1824-1999..
043957: VRIES, JAN DE, - De Skaldenkenningen met mythologischen Inhoud..
042615: VROMAN, ADAM CLARK, - Photographer of the Southwest, Adam Clark Vroman, 1856-1916..
002889: VROOMAN, JACK ROCHFORD, - René Descartes; a Biography..
042359: VROOMAN, HIRAM, - Emanuel Swedenborg Theologian..
022829: VRYONIS, SPEROS, JR., - The Mechanism of Catastrophe; the Turkish Pogrom of September 6-7, 1955, and the destruction of the Greek community of Istanbul..
022242: VUCINICH, ALEXANDER, - Science in Russia Culture; a History to 1860..
004651: VUCINICH, WAYNE S., ED., - Contemporary Yugoslavia; Twenty Years of Socialist Experiment..
024638: VYSE, STUART A., - Believing in Magic; the Psychology of Superstition..
042832: VYSOTSKAIA, N. F, - Zhyvapis Belarusi XII-XVIII Stahoddziau: Freska, Abraz, Partret..
018317: VYVERBERG, HENRY, - Human Nature, Cultural Diversity, and the French Enlightenment..
041453: VZDKORNOV, GEROL'D IVANOVICH, - Issledovanie o Kievskoi Psaltiri..
013362: WAAG, ALBERT, - Kleinere Deutsche Gedichte Des XI. Und XII. Jahrhunderts..
025349: DE WAAL, RONALD BURT, - The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson..
013220: WAAS, ADOLF, - Die Bauern Im Kampf Um Gerechtigkeit 1300-1525..
040942: WAAS, GLENN ELWOOD, - The Legendary Character of Kaiser Maximilian..
027014: WACE, ALAN J. B., - Mycenae; an Archaeological History and Guide..
024043: WACHER, JOHN, - The coming of Rome..
024044: WACHER, JOHN, - The towns of Roman Britain..
035710: WACHS, ELEANOR, - Crime-victim Stories; New York City's Urban Folklore..
019828: WACHTLER, SOL, - After the Madness; a judge's Own Prison Memoir..
019161: WACKERL, GEORG, - Goethes Tag- Und Jahres-Hefte..
002020: WACKERNAGEL-JOLLES, BARBARA, - Untersuchungen Zur Gesprochenen Sprache: Beobachtungen Zur Verknüpfung Spontanen Sprechens..
032749: WADDELL, JAMES I., - C.S.S. Shenandoah; the Memoirs of Lieutenant Commanding James I. Waddell..
036436: WADDINGTON, MARY KING, - Letters of a Diplomat's Wife 1883-1900..
021015: WADDINGTON, RAYMOND B., - The Mind's Empire; myth and form in George Chapman's Narrative Poems..
037769: WADDINGTON, MARY KING, - My War Diary..
005700: WADE, REX A., - The Russian Search for Peace, February-October 1917..
024769: WADE, IRA O., - The search for a New Voltaire; Studies in Voltaire based Upon material Deposited at the American Philosophical Society..
015603: WADE, LOUISE C., - Graham Taylor, Pioneer for Social Justice, 1850-1938..
043733: WADE-GERY, H. T, - The Poet of the Iliad..
014548: WADHAM, SAMUEL, ET AL., - Land Utilization in Australia..
009679: WADHAM, S. M. AND G. L. WOOD, - Land Utilization in Australia..
025740: WADLEY, NICHOLAS, - Cézanne and His Art..
026100: WADLEY, NICHOLAS, - Cubism; Movements of modern Art..
022136: WADLINGTON, WARWICK, - The Confidence Game in American Literature..
010405: WADSWORTH, FRANK W., - The poacher from Stratford; a Partial Account of the Contoversy Over the Authorship of Shakespeare's Plays..
041057: WAGENBACH, KLAUS, - Franz Kafka; eine Biographie seiner Jugend 1883-1912..
007880: VAN WAGENEN, JARED, JR., - The Golden Age of Homespun..
029112: WAGENFÜHR, HORST, - Handelsführsten der Renaissance..
042788: WAGENHAMMER, HANS, - Das Wesen des Christentums; eine begriffsgeschichtliche Untersuchung..
024450: WAGENKNECHT, EDWARD, - Ambassadors for Christ; Seven American Preachers..
021016: WAGENKNECHT, EDWARD, - Dickens and the Scandalmongers; Essays in Criticism..
034159: WAGER, W., - The longer Thous Livest, and Enought is as Good as a Feast..
018963: WAGG, ALFRED, - Know Your Camera..
027893: WAGLEY, CHARLES, - Welcome of Tears; the Tapirapé Indians of Central Brazil..
001881: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Familienbriefe Von Richard Wagner, 1832-1874..
001882: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Mein Leben..
025539: WAGNER, ANNA, - Isaac Israels..
025696: WAGNER, RICHARD, - The Ring of the Nibelung..
029365: WAGNER, ANNE MIDDLETON, - Three Artists (three women); modernism and the Art of Hesse, Krasner, and O'Keeffe..
027899: WAGNER, ERICA, - Ariel's Gift; Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and the Story of Birthday Letters..
028571: WAGNER, HELMUT R., - Alfred Schutz; an Intellectual Biography..
006807: WAGNER, FREDERICK, - Submarine Fighter of the American Revolution; the Story of David Bushnell..
039332: WAGNER, BLANCHE COLLET, - Tales of Mayaland..
003675: WAGNER, R.-L., - L'Ancien Français: points De Vue, Programmes..
039566: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Tristan und Isolde; Partitura..
038642: WAGNER, HEINRICH, - Linguistic Atlas and Survey of Irish Dialects. Vol. I, Introduction, 300 Maps..
031590: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Die Walküre. Complete vocal and Orchestral Score..
031591: WAGNER, WOLFGANG, - Acts; the Autobiography of Wolfgang Wagner..
031603: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Twilight of the Gods. Götterdämmerung..
031604: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Tristan and Isolde..
031605: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Tannhäuser..
031606: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Tannhäuser. In Full Score..
031608: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Siegfried. In Full Score..
031610: WAGNER, RICHARD, - The Rhinegold. Das Rheingold..
031611: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Das Rheingold. In full Score..
031613: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Parsifal. In Full Score..
031614: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg. Complete vocal and orchestral Score..
031615: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Lohengrin. In full Score..
031616: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Götterdämmerung. In Full Score..
020584: WAGNER, HUGO, - Italienische Malerei, 13. Bis 16. Jahrhundert..
042852: WAGNER, RICHARD, - Richard Wagners gesammelte Schriften..
013402: WAGNER, HUGO, - René Auberjonois: Zeichnungen..
030672: WAH, FRED, - The False Laws of Narrative; the Poetry of Fred Wah..
006808: WAHLGREN, ERIK, - The Kensington Stone; a Mystery Solved..
013364: WAHLGREN, ERIK, - The Vikings and America..
019162: WAIN, JOHN, - Samuel Johnson..
034944: WAINWRIGHT, J. A., - Blazing Figures; a Life of Robert Markle..
021469: WAINWRIGHT, J. A., ED., - Every grain of Sand; Canadian Perspectives on Ecology and Environment..
036835: WAISSENBERGER, ROBERT, - Vienna Secession..
033772: WAITH, EUGENE M., - The Herculean Hero in Marlowe, Chapman, Shakespeare and Dryden..
008491: WAITLEY, DOUGLAS, - Portrait of the Midwest; from the Ice Age to the Industrial Era..
013308: WAITLEY, DOUGLAS, - The Age of the Mad Dragons; Steam Locomotives in North American..
021552: WAKEFIELD, DAN, - New York in the Fifties..
015018: WAKEMAN, FREDERIC, JR., - The Fall of Imperial China..
002714: WALBANK, F. W., - The Decline of the Roman Empire in the West..
037844: WALBANK, F. ALAN, ED, - England Yesterday & To-day in the Works of the Novelists 1837 to 1938..
006651: WALCUTT, CHARLES CHILD, - Man's Changing Mask; Modes and Methods of Characterization in Fiction..
033883: WALD, ROBERT M., - Space, Time, and Gravity; the theory of the Big Bang and Black Holes..
029246: WALD, ALAN M., - Exiles from a future Time; the Forging of the Mid-Twentieth-century Literary Left..
006171: WALDEN, HILARY, - Pâtisserie of France..
039860: WALDEN, BERYL M, - Wild Flowers of Hong Kong around the Year; Paintings of 255 Flowering plants from Living Specimens..
014774: WALDMAN, CARL, - Atlas of the North American Indian..
031690: WALDMANN, EMIL, - Attische Kultstätten..
034717: WALDOCK, A. J. A., - Sophocles the Dramatist..
025473: WALDORF, JOHN TAYLOR, - A Kid on the Comstock; reminiscences of a Virginia City Childhood..
022806: WALDRON, ANN, - Close Connections; Caroline Gordon and the Southern Renaissance..
031592: WALEFFE, PIERRE, - Giuseppe Verdi..
007060: WALER, GEORGE, - Saratoga; Saga of an impious Era..
034825: WALEY, ARTHUR, - An Introduction to the Study of Chinese Paining..
013166: WALEY, ARTHUR, - Translations from the Chinese..
040513: WALICKI, ANDRZEJ, - A History of Russian thought from the Enlightenment to Marxism..
040594: WALKER, GREGORY, - Soviet Book Publishing Policy..
019196: WALKER, FRANKLIN, - A Literary History of Southern California..
034382: WALKER, NIGEL, - Behaviour and Misbehaviour; Explanations and Non-Explanations..
014224: WALKER, JOHN, - Joseph Mallord William Turner..
016788: WALKER, ALICE AND PRATIBHA PARMAR, - Warrior Marks; Female Genital mutilation and the Sexual Binding of Women..
009592: WALKER, HUGH, - The English Essay and Essayists..
009119: WALKER, ALEXANDER, - Vivien; the Life of Vivien Leigh..
028572: WALKER, SHEILA S., - The religious Revolution in the Ivory Coast; the Prophet Harris and the Harrist Church..
029532: WALKER, GREGORY, - Soviet Book Publishing Policy..
019662: WALKER, MARGARET, - Richard Wright, daemonic Genius: a portrait of the Man, a Critical Look at His Work..
033940: WALKER, ALAN AND PAT SHIPMAN, - The Wisdom of the Bones; in Search of Human Origins..
042282: WALKER, GLORIA P, - Afro-American Linguistic Patterns: Impact on Academic Success..
033948: WALKER, PAUL ROBERT, - The feud That sparked the Renaissance. How Brunelleschi and Ghiberti changed the art World..
038658: WALKER, J. B. R, - The Comprehensive Concordance to the Holy Scriptures..
038129: WALKER, SAMUEL, - The American Civil Liberties Union; an Annotated Bibliography..
042351: WALKER, ANN AND LARRY WALKER, - To the Heart of Spain; Food and Wine adventures beyond the Pyrenees..
039579: WALKER, ALICE, - Banned..
031545: WALL, STEVE, - Shadowcatchers; a Journey in Search of the Teachings of Native American Healers..
007910: WALL, JOSEPH FRAZIER, - Henry Watterson, reconstructed Rebel..
036490: WALLACE, DAVID RAINS, - The Klamath Knot; explorations of myth and Evolution..
012043: WALLACE, ANTHONY F. C., - The Social Context of Innovation; Bureaucrats, Families, and Heroes in the Early Industrial Revolution, as Foreseen in Bacon's New Atlantis..
025247: WALLACE, ANTHONY F. C., ED., - Selected Papers of the Fifth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Philadelphia, September 1-9, 1956: Men and Cultures..
007896: WALLACE, EDWARD S., - The Great Reconnaissance; Soliders, Artists and Scientists on the Frontier, 1848-1861..
012510: WALLACE, DAVID RAINS, - Idle Weeds; the Life of a Sandstone Ridge..
002715: WALLACE, W. P., - The Euboian League and Its Coinage..
006610: WALLACE, ERNST, - Texas in Turmoil..
041366: WALLACE, JAMES D, - Early Cooper and His Audience..
043865: WALLACH, LUITPOLD, - Diplomatic Studies in Latin and Greek documents from the Carolingian Age..
027161: WALLDENE, KARL F., - In Busch Und Savannen Australiens..
033461: WALLERSTEIN, RUTH, - Studies in Seventeenth-Century Poetic..
016535: WALLICH, HENRY C., - Mainsprings of the German Revival..
037426: WALLINGER, ROSAMUND, - Gertrude Jekyll's Lost Garden; the Restoration of an Edwardian Masterpiece..
043507: WALLIS, RICHARD T, - The idea of Conscience in Philo of Alexandria..
031964: WALLIS BUDGE, E. A., - Tutankhamen; Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian Monotheism..
013423: WALLIS, MIECZYSLAW, - Canaletto; Malarz Warszawy..
007898: WALLMANN, JEFFREY, - The Western; Parables of the American Dream..
003229: WALLNER, FRIEDRICH, - Die Grenzen Der Sprache Und Der Erkenntnis; Analysen an Und Im Anschluß an Wittgensteins Philosophie..
007398: WALMSLEY, ANDREW STEPHEN, - Thomas Hutchinson and the Origins of the American Revolution..
031277: WALPOLE, HORACE, - The Letters of Horace Walpole, Fourth Earl of Orford..
039503: WALPOLE, RONALD N, - Philip Mouskés and the Pseudo-Turpin Chronicle..
026210: WALPOLE, HORACE, - An Honest Diplomat at The Hague; the Private Letterls of Horatio Walpole 1715-1716..
036099: WALPOLE, REGINALD CHALRES, - The Walpole Villages and Their People..
040827: WALRAVENS, JAN, - Verzameld Proza..
040094: WALSH, P. G., - Love Lyrics from the Carmin Burana..
023463: WALSH, RICHARD G. AND BERT M. EVANS, - Economics of Change in Market Structure, Conduct, and Performance: The Baking Industry 1947-1958..
014128: WALSH, MICHAEL, - An Illustrated History of the Popes, Saint Peter to John Paul II..
017338: WALSH, WILLIAM, - The Use of Imagination; Educational Thought and the Literary Mind..
039453: WALSH, VIVIAN AND HARVEY GRAM, - Classical and neoclassical Theories of General Equilibrium; Historical Origins and mathematical Structure..
008815: WALSH, CRAIG, - Insite; Installations and Collaborations..
036296: WALSH, JUDITH E, - Growing Up in British India; Indian Autobiographers on Childhood and Education under the Raj..
031593: WALSH, T. J., - Second Empire Opera; the Théâtre Lyrique Paris, 1851-1870..
029781: WALSHE, M. O'C., - Medieval German Literature; a Survey..
017566: WALSINGHAM, THOMAS, - Thomae Walsingham De archana Deorum..
036773: WALTER, EUGENE, - Monkey Poems..
028872: WALTER, HEINZ, - Beiträge zur Archäologie Boliviens. Die Grabungen des Museums für Völkerkunde Berlin im Jahre 1958..
029287: WALTER, GÉRARD, - Marat..

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