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016151: SIFAKIS, STEWART - Who Was Who in the CIVIL War
010327: SIFFIN, WILLIAM J. - The Ahai Bureaucracy; Institutional Change and Development
011962: SIGERIST, HENRY E. - Henry E. Sigerist: Autobiographical Writings
007929: FREUD, SIGMUND AND WILLIAM C. BULLITT - Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Twenty-Eighth President of the United States; a Psychological Study
048003: FEIST SIGMUND - Indogermanen Und Germanen; Ein Beitrag Zur Europäischen Urgeschichtsforschung
024512: SIH, PAUL K. T., ED - The Hsiao Ching
041914: SIK, OTA - Quale Comunismo
026929: SILBAJORIS, RIMVYDAS - War and Peace; Tolstoy's Mirror of the World
030071: SILBAJORIS, RIMVYDAS - Russian Versification; the Theories of Trediakovskij, Lomonosov, and Kantemir
037762: SILBER, JULIE - The Esprit Quilt Collection
1531: SILBERMAN, NEIL ASHER - Digging for God and Country; Exploration, Archeology, and the Secret Strugg le for the Holy Land, 1799-1917
014396: SILBERMAN, NEIL ASHER - Between Past and Present; Archaeology, Ideology, and Nationalism in the Modern Middle East
034395: SILBERMAN, NEIL ASHER - A Prophet from Amongst You. The Life of Yigael Yadin: Soldier, Scholar, and Mythmaker of Modern Israel
009357: SILBEY, JOEL H. - The Partisan Imperative; the Dynamics of American Politics Before the CIVIL War
015047: SILCOCK, T. H. - The Commonwealth Economy in Southeast Asia
046887: SILCOCK, ARNOLD - Introduction to Chinese Art and History
017864: CATE-SILFWERBRAND, R. B. TEN - Vlees, Bloed En Been; Synoniemvergelijkend Onderzoek Van Drei Germaanse Woordformaties
008085: SILK, LEONARD - The Economists
019701: SILKIN, JON - Out of Battle; the Poetry of the Great War
019625: SILL, EDWARD ROWLAND - The Prose of Edward Rowland Sill
040742: SILLEVIS, JOHN, ET AL. - L'Ecole de la Haye; Les Maitres Hollandais Du 19ème Siècle
042990: SILLIÈRES, PIERRE - Baelo Claudia, Une Cité Romaine de Bétique
014302: SILVA, ANIL DE - The Art of Chinese Landscape Painting; in the Caves of Tun-Huang
045152: MARMELO E SILVA, JOSÉ - Obra Completa de José Marmelo E Silva; Não Aceitei a Ortodoxia
043178: SILVER, HELENETTE - A History of New Hampshire Game and Furbearers
023016: SILVER, ERIC - Begin, the Haunted Prophet
024407: SILVER, PHILIP W. - Ortega As Phenomenologist; the Genesis of Meditations on Quixote
002414: SILVER, JAMES W. - Mississippi: The Closed Society
044772: SILVER, MURRAY M. - Behind the Moss Curtain and Other Great Savannah Stories
037391: SILVER, NATHAN - Lost New York
037724: SILVER, CAROLINE - Guide to the Horses of the World
016154: SILVERLIGHT, JOHN - The Victor's Dilemma; Allied Intervention in the Russian CIVIL War
036585: SILVERMAN, WILLA Z. - The Notorious Life of Gyp, Right-Wing Anarchist in Fin-de-Siècle France
015896: SILVERMAN, LOUIS - The Determination of Impurities in Nuclear Grade Sodium Metal
002398: SILVERMAN, DAVID - Reading Castaneda; a Prologue to the Social Sciences
042570: SILVERMAN, DEBORA - Van Gogh and Gauguin; the Search for Sacred Art
035792: SILVERMAN, RUTH, ED - The Dog Observed; Photographs 1844-1983
036967: SILVERMAN, JONATHAN - For the World to See; the Life of Margaret Bourke-White
037115: SILVERS, ROBERT - Photomosaics
047306: SILVERSTEIN, THEODORE - Literate Laughter
045688: SILVERSTEIN, THEODORE - English Lyrics Before 1500
045631: BERNARDUS SILVESTRIS - The Cosmographia of Bernardus Silvestris
035557: SILVEY, ANITA, ED - Children's Books and Their Creators
011964: SIMARD, EMILE - Communisme Et Science
036165: SIMENSEN, S. - Harstad Gjennom Femti år 1903-1953
024408: SIMEONE, LAURENTIUS - Resururectionis Justorum Doctrina in Epistolis Sancti Pauli
037389: SIMETI, MARY TAYLOR - Travels with a Medieval Queen; the Journey of a Sicilian Princess
022246: SIMMEL, GEORG - Conflict
020240: SCHAEFER-SIMMERN, HENRY - The Unfolding of Artistic Activity; Its Basis, Processes, and Implications
019756: SIMMONS, ERNEST J., ED - Through the Glass of Soviet Literature; Views of Russian Society
027283: SIMMONS, JAMES C. - Passionate Pilgrims; English Travelers to the World of the Desert Arabs
030072: SIMMONS, ERNEST J. - English Literature and Culture in Russia (1553-1840)
033381: SIMMONS, J. L. - Shakespeare's Pagan World; the Roman Tragedies
006770: SIMMS, HENRY H. - Life of John Taylor; the Story of a Brilliant Leader in the Early Virginia State Rights School
034337: SIMON, WALTER, ED - French Liberalism, 1789-1848
021158: SIMON, ANDRÉ - The Wines, Vineyards and Vignerons of Australia
023305: SIMON, NEIL - Rewrites; a Memoir
023738: SIMON, DAVID R. - Tony Soprano's America; the Criminal Side of the American Dream
005600: SIMON, MYRON - The Georgian Poetic
012048: FLENER, SIMON AND JAMES THOMAS FLEXNER - William Henry Welch and the Heroic Age of American Medicine
014854: SIMON, JAMES F. - The Antagonists; Hugo Black, Felix Frankfurter and CIVIL Liberties in Modern America
014860: SIMON, ANDREW L. - Made in Hungary; Hungarian Contributions to Universal Culture
014200: SIMON, PACO - Paco Simon
020857: SIMON, REEVA S., ET AL., EDS - Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East
031872: HORNBLOWER, SIMON AND ANTONY SPAWFORTH, EDS - The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
009304: SIMON, JEFFREY D. - The Terrorist Trap; America's Experience with Terrorism
014074: SIMON, LEON - Ahad Ha-Am, Asher Ginzberg; a Biography
036347: SIMON, JAMES F. - What Kind of Nation; Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, and the Epic Struggle to Create a United States
048438: SIMON, JOSEF - Philosophie Und Linguistische Theorie
032665: SIMON, JULIAN L., ED - The State of Humanity
046010: GAUNT, SIMON AND SARAH KAY, EDS - The Troubadours; an Introduction
032137: SIMON, JAMES F. - Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney; Slavery, Secession, and the President's War Powers
004949: SIMON, SHELDON W. - The Broken Triangle: Peking, Djakarta, and the Pki
039506: SIMON, WERNER - Zur Sprachmischung IM Heliand
048752: KEYNES, SIMON AND ALFRED P. SMYTH, EDS - Anglo-Saxons; Studies Presented to Cyril Roy Hart
046304: SIMON, JONATHAN - Poor Discipline; Parole and Social Control of the Underclass, 1890-1990
035253: SIMONDS, NINA - A Spoonful of Ginger; Irresistible, Health-Giving Recipes from Asian Kitchens
025092: SIMONE, FRANCO - Umanesimo, Rinascimento, Barocco in Francia
047246: SIMONE, FRANCO - Miscellanea Di Studi E Ricerche Sul Quattrocento Francese
029721: SIMONS, ERIC N. - The Reign of Edward IV
037739: SIMOONS, FREDERICK J. - Eat Not This Flesh; Food Avoidances from Prehistory to the Present
010781: SIMPICH, FREDERICK JR. - Dynasty in the Pacific
047209: SIMPSON, JAMES - Piers Plowman; an Introduction to the B-Text
023103: SIMPSON, EYLER N. - The Ejido; Mexico's Way out
008683: SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - Fossils and the History of Life
005955: SIMPSON, BROOKS D. - Let Us Have Peace; Ulysses S. Grant and the Politics of War and Reconstruction, 1861-1868
025675: SIMPSON, CHRISTOPHER - The Splendid Blond Beast; Money, Law, and Genocide in the Twentieth Century
027088: SIMPSON, AMELIA - Xuxa; the Mega-Marketing of Gender, Race, and Modernity
004726: SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - Penguins Past and Present, Here and There
029785: SIMPSON, PERCY - Shakespearian Punctuation
035498: SIMPSON, ELIZABETH, ED - The Spoils of War; World War II and Its Aftermath. The Loss, Reappearnce and Recovery of Cultural Property
031459: SIMPSON, HAROLD - Singers to Remember
036330: SIMPSON, M. C. M. - Letters and Recollections of Julius and Mary Mohl
033190: SIMPSON, PERCY - Studies in Elizabethan Drama
003952: SIMSAR, MUHAMMED AHMED - Oriental Manuscripts of the John Frederick Lewis Collection in the Free Library of Philadelphia; a Descriptive Catalogue with 48 Illustrations
017428: SIMSON, OTTO VON - Die Gotische Kathedrale; Beiträge Zu Ihrer Entstehung Und Bedeutung
040660: SIMSON, OTTO VON - The Gothic Cathedral; Original of Gothic Arachitecture and the Medieval Concept of Order
028286: SINATRA, NANCY - Frank Sinatra; an American Legend
013288: SINAUER, ERIKA - Der Schlüssel Des Sächsischen Landrechts
040091: SINCLAIR, MAY - Fame
005757: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - War Like a Wasp; the Lost Decade of the 'Forties
041864: SINCLAIR, JOSEPH - Arteries of War; Military Transportation from Alexander the Great to the Falklands--and Beyond
038211: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Mountain City
023290: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - Dylan Thomas; No Man More Magical
030302: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - Jerusalem: The Enless Crusade
037587: SINCLAIR, DAVID - Sir Gregor Macgregor and the Land That Never Was; the Extraordinary Story of the Most Audacious Fraud in History
008296: SINDLER, ALLAN P. - Unchosen Presidents; the Vice-President and Other Frustrations of Presidential Succession
029722: SINDONA, ENIO - Pisanello
025917: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer
005321: SINGER, MILTON, ED - Traditional India; Structure and Change
044107: SINGER, KURT - The Life of Ancient Japan; Selected Contemporary Texts Illustrating Social Life and Ideals Before the Era of Seclusion
043722: SINGER, IRVING - George Santayana, Literary Philosopher
037834: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - A Day of Pleasure; Stories of a Boy Growing Up in Warsaw
044033: SINGER, PETER, ED - A Companion to Ethics
046721: SINGER, SAMUEL - Thesaurus Proverbiorum Medii Aevi; Lexikon Der Sprichwörter Des Romanisch-Germanischen Mittelalters. Band 1: A-Birne
037781: SINGER, LESLIE - Zap! Ray Gun Classics
046291: SINGER, CHARLES - A Short History of Scientific Ideas to 1900
010735: DAS, MAN SINGH AND PANOS D. BARDIS, EDS - The Family in Asia
005253: SINGH, B. P. - The Problem of Change; a Study of North-East India
014076: SINGH, BHAGWAN B. - The Self and the World in the Philosophy of Josiah Royce
031306: SINGH, MADANJEET - The Sun; Symbol of Power and Life
027952: SINGH, SIMON - The Code Book; the Evolution of Secrecy from Mary Queen of Scots to Quantum Cryptography
820: SINGLETON, CHARLES S. - Art, Science, and History in the Renaissance. Edited by Charles S. Singleto N.
041475: SINGLETON, FRED - A Short History of Finland
039249: SINN, HANS-WERNER - Risk-Taking, Limited Liability, and the Banking Crisis; Selected Reprints
034104: SINSHEIMER, HERMANN - Shylock; the History of a Character
047099: SIONG, HAN BING - An Outline of the Recent History of Indonesian Criminal Law
042630: SIORVANES, LUCAS - Proclus; Neo-Platonic Philosophy and Science
021171: SIOTIS, DINO - So What; Poems
008372: SIPPER, RLAPH B. - Three Santa Barbara Authors & a Booksellers
025570: SIQUEIROS, DAVID ALFARO - Los Manifestos; Los Vehiculos de la Pintura; Dialectico-Subversiva
007657: SIRACUSA, CARL - A Mechanical People; Perceptions of the Industrial Order in Massachusetts, 1815-1880
002434: SIRACUSA, CARL - A Mechanical People; Perceptions of the Industrial Order in Massachusetts, 1815-1880
039246: SIRAGELDIN, ISMAIL ABDEL-HAMID - Non-Market Components of National Income
013198: SIRAISI, NANCY G. - Taddeo Alderotti and His Pupils; Two Generations of Italian Medical Learning
013199: SIRAT, COLETTE, ET AL. - Le Conception Du Livre Chez Les Piétistes Ashkenazes Au Moyen Age
046348: SIRCAR, RINA - The Psycho-Ethical Aspects of Abhidhamma
006524: SIRCELLO, GUY - Love and Beauty
013289: SIREN, OSWALD - Toskanische Maler IM XIII. Jahrhundert
043791: SIRETT, MARK G. - Reel à Bouche. Ssa with Piano and Clarinet
012482: SIRIGATTI, SAULO - Gli Studi Di Psicologia Scientifica Nell'Università Di Firenze (1903-1945)
038670: GUERRIERI, SIRIO AND LUIGI CERESOLI - Dai Casoni Alla Brunella; la Brigata Val Di Vara Nella Storia Della Resistenza
005971: SIRJAMAKI, JOHN - The American Family in the Twentieth Century
032929: SISKIND, DIANA - The Child Patient and the Therapeutic Process: A Psychoanalytic, Developmental, Object Relations Approach
030360: SISSON, C. J. - The Boar's Head Theatre, an Inn-Yard Theatre of the Elizabethan Age
034831: SISSON, CHARLES J. - Le Goût Public Et le Théatre élisabéthain Jusqu'a la Mort de Shakespeare
033207: SISSON, C. J. - Lost Plays of Shakespeare's Age
047848: SISSON, RICHARD, ET AL., EDS - The American Midwest; an Interpretive Encyclopedia
005872: SITTERSON, J. CARLYLE, ED - Studies in Southern History in Memory of Albert Ray Newsome, 1894-1951, by His Former Students at the Univeirsity of North Carolina
036806: SITWELL, EDITH - Victoria of England
038346: SITWELL, EDITH - The Song of the Cold
036421: SITWELL, SACHEVERALL - Primitive Scenes and Festivals
014480: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Portugal and Madeira
017459: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - The Gothick North; a Study of Mediaeval Lifle, Art, and Thought
028458: SITWELL, EDITH - Edith Sitwell: Selected Letters
019627: SITWELL, SACHEVERALL - Journey to the Ends Ot Time. Volume I: Lost in the Dark Wood
036455: SITWELL, SACHEVERALL - Narrative Pictures; a Survey of English Genre and Its Painters
036015: SITWELL, EDITH - Green Song & Other Poems
038175: SITWELL, EDITH - Taken Care of; the Autobiography of Edith Sitwell
041779: SIVINI, GIORDANO - Partiti E Partecipazione Politica in Italia; Studie E Ricerche Di Sociologia Politica
007465: SJOQUIST, DAVID L., ED - The Atlanta Paradox
019976: SJÖSTEDT, C. E. - Le Axiome de Paralleles de Euclides a Hilbert; Un Probleme Cardinal in le Evolution Del Geometrie
044096: SKAHILL, BERNARD HENRY - The Syntax of the Variae of Cassiodorus
047787: SKARD, EILIV - Sallust Und Seine Vorgänger; Eine Sprachliche Untersuchung
041060: SKEAT, WALTER W. - Skeat's English-Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary, 1879
024784: SKEHAN, PATRICK W. - Studies in Israelite Poetry and Wisdom
042767: SKELTON, R. A., ET AL. - The Vinland Map and the Tartar Reelation
047471: SKENE, WILLIAM F. - Celtic Scotland; a History of Ancient Alban
037440: AN-SKI, S. - The Enemy at His Pleasure; a Journey Through the Jewish Pale of Settlement During World War I.
006525: SKILLEN, ANTHONY - Ruling Illusions; Philosophy and the Social Order
002435: SKILLEN, ANTHONY - Ruling Illusions: Philosophy and the Social Order
031410: SKILLETER, PAUL - Morris Minor, the World's Supreme Small Car
036799: SKINNER, BASIL - Scots in Italy in the 18th Century
028043: SKINNER, CONSTANCE L. - Adventurers of Oregon; a Chronicle of the Fur Trade
033027: COOK, ALICIA SKINNER AND DANIEL S. DWORKIN - Helping the Bereaved; Therapeutic Interventions for Children, Adolescents, and Adults
005044: SKLAR, RICHARD L. - Corporate Power in an African State; the Political Impact of Multinational Mining Companies in Zambia
040425: BADURA-SKODA, EVA - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Klavierkonzert C-Moll Kv 491
040894: SKOLNICK, ARNOLD, ED - Paintings of California
043414: SKOLNICK, ARNOLD, ED - Paintings of California
047585: SKOROHOD, A. V. - Integration in Hilbert Space
022149: SKOUSEN, ROYAL - Substantive Evidence in Phonology; the Evidence from Finnish and French
013290: SKUBISZEWSKI, PIOTR - Rzezba Nagrobna Vita Stwosza
022362: SKUTCH, ALEXANDER F. - Helpers at Birds' Nests; a Worldwide Survey of Cooperative Breeding and Related Behavior
025423: SKUTCH, ALEXANDER F. - The Life of the Hummingbird
024412: SKWERES, DIETER EDUARD - Die Rückerverweise IM Buch Deuteronomium
042498: SLACK, ROBERT C., ED - Bibliographies of Studies in Victorian Literature for the Ten Years 1955-1964
037242: SLADEN, DOUGLAS - Queer Things About Japan
019268: SLATER, D. A. - Sortes Vergilianae or Vergil and to-Day
027836: SLATER, CANDACE - City Steeple, City Streets; Saints' Tales from Granada and a Changing Spain
004382: SLATTERY, JOHN T. - Dante; "the Central Man of All the World
014417: SLAUGHTER, THOMAS P. - The Natures of John and William Bartram
020044: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Indelible
002296: SLAVIKOVA, MAGDALENA - A Statistical Analysis of Swahili Morphology: A Basis for the Algorithmization of the Teaching Process
017912: INTERNATIONALER SLAVISTENKONGRESS, 8TH, ZAGREB, 1978 - Referate Und Beiträge Zum VIII. Internationalen Slavistenkongress, Zagreb 1978
034547: SLEETH, CHARLES R. - Studies in Christ and Satan
041823: SLEETH, IRENE LYNN - William Faulkner: A Bibliography of Criticism
032114: SLESIN, SUZANNE, ET AL. - Japanese Style
043054: SLEVOGT, MAX - Max Slevogts Graphische Kunst
045280: SLEVOGT, MAX - Gedäcthnisaustellung, Oktober-November 1948
021224: SLICHTER, W. I. - Pirnciples Underlying the Design of Electrical Machinery
006773: SLICHTER, SUMNER H. - Economic Growth in the United States: Its History, Problems and Prospects
033030: SLIPP, SAMUEL - Object Relations; a Dynamic Bridge between Individual and Family Treatment
013497: SLIVE, SEYMOUR - Frans Hals
012294: SLOAN, ELINOR C. - The Revolution in Military Affairs; Implications for Canada and Nato
030556: SLOAN, JAMES PARK - Jerzy Kosinski; a Biography
020700: SLOANE, FLORENCE ADELE - Maverick in Mauve; the Diary of a Romantic Age
029876: SLOANE, JOSEPH C. - French Painting between the Past and the Present; Artists, Critics, and Traditions, from 1848 to 1870
001999: SLOBIN, DAN ISAAC - Leopold's Bibliography of Child Languages
014428: SLONIM, MARC - Russian Theater; from the Empire to the Soviets
030230: SLONIM, MARC - Russian Theater from the Empire to the Soviets
030190: SLONIM, MARC - Soviet Russian Literature; Writers and Problems
030076: SLONIM, MARC - Modern Russian Literature from Chekhov to the Present
006889: SLONIM, MARC - The Epic of Russian Literature from Its Origins Through Tolstoy
018781: SLONIMSKY, NICOLAS - The Portable Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians
028417: SLONIMSKY, HENRY - Essays
015371: SLONIMSKY, JURI, ET AL. - The Soviet Ballet
022155: SLONSKI, STANISLAW - Gramatyka Jezyka Staroslowianskiego (Starobulgarskiego)
018277: SLOTE, MICHAEL A. - Reason and Scepticism
016157: SLOWES, SALOMON W. - The Road to Katyn; a Soldier's Story
003045: SMAIL, WILLIAM M. - Quintialian on Education, Being a Translation of Selected Passages from the Institutio Oratoria, with an Introductory Essay on Quintilian, His Environment and His Theory of Education
011596: SMAILES, ARTHUR E. - The Geography of Towns
011378: SMALL, JOCELYN PENNY - Cacus and Marsyas in Etrusco-Roman Legend
043112: SMALLEY, BERYL - English Friars and Antiquity Ihn the Early Fourteenth Century
048099: SMALLMAN, BASIL - The Background of Passion Music; J.S. Bach and His Predecessors
026631: KAMBOURELI, SMARO AND ROY MIKI, EDS - Trans. Can. Lit; Resituating the Study of Canadian Literature
013291: SMARR, JANET LEVARIE - Boccaccio and Fiammetta; the Narrator As Lover
047207: SMART, MARY ANN, ED - Siren Songs; Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Opera
033283: SMART, ALASTAIR - The Renaissance and Mannerism in Northern Europe and Spain
004383: SMART, ALASTAIR - The Renaissance and Mannerism in Northern Europe and Spain
018278: SMART, NINIAN - Doctrine and Argument in Indian Philosophy
002876: SMART, NINIAN - The Religious Experience of Mankind
046108: SMART, MARY ANN - Mimomania; Music and Gesture in Nineteenth-Century Opera
011597: SMEATON, OLIPHANT, ED - Scots Essayists, from Stirling to Stevenson
022263: SMEDT, MARCEL DE - De Literair-Historische Activiteit Van Jan Frans Willems (1793-1846) En Ferdinand Augustijn Snellaert (1809-1872)
011598: SMELLIE, K. B. - A Hundred Years of English Government
029380: SMERNOFF, RICHARD A. - André Chénier
012506: SMILES, SAMUEL - Life of a Scotch Naturalist; Thomas Edward, Associate of the Linnaean Society
023301: SMILEY, JANE - Charles Dickens
021192: SMILEY, SAM - The Drama of Attack; Didactic Plays of the American Depression
038102: SMILEY, JANE - A Year at the Races; Reflections on Horses, Humans, Love, Money and Luck
033897: SMITH, ADAM - Lecture on Jurisprudence
045202: SMITH, GILBERT M. - Marine Algae of the Monterey Peninsula
028815: HARTLEY, PERCIVAL HORTON-SMITH AND HAROLD RICHARD ALDRIDGE - Johannes de Mirfeld of St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield; His Life and Works
036150: NOWELL-SMITH, SIMON, ED - Edwardian England 1901-1914
037560: GUTHRIE-SMITH, HERBERT - Tutira; the Story of a New Zealand Sheep Station
023284: SMITH, G. GREGORY - Elizabethan Critical Essays
034195: SMITH, BRUCE - Costly Performances. Tennessee Williams: The Last Stage
045255: SMITH, J. E., ED - Torrey Canyon Pollution and Marine Life; a Report by the Plymouth Laboratory of the Marin Biological Association of the United Kingdom
047550: SMITH, D. HOWARD - Confucius
044904: CAIRNS-SMITH, A. G. - Genetic Takeover and the Mineral Origins of Life
015734: SMITH, DENNIS - Report from Ground Zero
006121: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT - Society and the Land
014895: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - The Great Hunger: Ireland, 1845-1849
022183: SMITH, M. ESTELLIE, ED - Studies in Linguistics in Honor of George L. Trager
022276: SMITH, HARMON - My Friend, My Fried; the Story of Thoreau's Relationship with Emerson
022455: SMITH, SAM - Shadows of Hope; a Freethinker's Guide to Politics in the Time of Clinton
022430: SMITH, MORTON - Hope and History, an Exploration
023105: SMITH, NIGEL J. H. - The Enchanted Amazon Rain Forest; Stories from a Vanishing World
016922: SMITH, JANET ADAM - John Buchan; a Biography
003048: SMITH, MACKLIN - Prudentius' Psychomachia: A Reexamination
023131: SMITH, BRADLEY - Japan; a History in Art
023129: SMITH, BRADLEY - Spain; a History in Art
023130: SMITH, BRADLEY - Mexico; a History in Art
1536: SMITH, COLIN - Contemporary French Philosophy; a Study in Norms and Values
1537: SMITH, ELWYN A. - The Religion of the Republic
046529: SMITH, GIBBS M. - The Art of the Bookstore; the Bookstore Painting of Gibbs M. Smith
016432: SMITH, HENRY NASH - Democracy and the Novel; Popular Resistance to Classic American Writers
016435: SMITH, SAMUEL STANHOPE - An Essay on the Causes of the Variety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Species
039348: SMITH, JAMES D., ED - The Personal Distribution of Income and Wealth
005576: SMITH, WILLIAM - The Poems of William Smith
024413: SMITH, CHARLES RYDER - The Bible Doctrine of Society in Its Historical Evolution
024415: SMITH, CHARLES W. F. - The Paradox of Jesus in the Gospels
024488: ABBOTT-SMITH, G. - A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament
024781: SMITH, W. ROBERTSON - The Old Testament in the Jewish Church; a Course of Lectures on Biblical Criticism
004840: SMITH, L. H. - The Lyrebird
025258: SMITH, WILLIAM STEVENSON - Ancient Egypt As Represented in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
003495: SMITH, D. J. - Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle Upon Tyne: An Illustrated Introduction
016160: SMITH, CHARLES - Lord Mountbatten; His Butler's Story
016161: SMITH, GEORGE ADAM - Our Common Conscience; Addresses Delivered in America During the Great War
020264: SMITH, CURT, ED - What Baseball Means to Me; a Celebration of Our National Pastime
015898: SMITH, THOMAS B. - Educating for Disaster; the Nuclear Spectre in America's Classrooms
015576: SMITH, WENDY - Real Life Drama; the Group Theatre and America, 1931-1940
010439: SMITH, GOLDWIN - Canada and the Canadian Question
025668: SMITH, JOHN MAYNARD - The Theory of Evolution
020621: SMITH, GLENN ROBERT - Discovering Ellis Ruley
020635: SMITH, WARREN HUNTING - Originals Abroad; the Foreign Careers of Some Eighteenth-Century Britons
011599: SMITH, DAVID M. - The Industrial Archaeology of the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and the Adjoining Parts of Derbyshire)
011600: SMITH, FRANK - A Genealogical Gazetteer of Scotland; an Alphabetical Dictionary of Places
011601: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - In Thackeray's London
026479: SMITH, JOHN BOULTON - Modern Finnish Painting and Graphic Art
015723: SMITH, E. D. - Battle for Burma
027237: SMITH, EMMA, ED - Shakespeare's Comedies
027240: SMITH, EMMA, ED - Shakespeare's Tragedies
010266: SMITH, ROBERT J. - Kurusu; the Price of Progress in a Japanese Village, 1951-1975
010296: SMITH, ROGER M. - Cambodia's Foreign Policy
033495: SMITH, JOHN HAZEL - A Humanist's "Trew Imitation": Thomas Watson's Absalom. A Critical Edition and Translatioin
020328: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Joan of Arc
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046668: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW - British Sporting Artists from Barlow to Herring
022949: SPARROW, GERALD - Modern Jorden
007732: SPARROW, GERALD - Gang-Warfare: A Probe Into the Changing Pattern of British Crime
036266: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW, ED - Women Painters of the World from the Time of Caterina Vigri, 1413-1463, to Rosa Bonheur and the Present Day
006530: SPARSHOTT, F. E. - Looking for Philosophy
004431: SPATE, O. H. K. - Australia
010267: SPAULDING, ROBERT M., JR. - Imperial Japan's Higher CIVIL Service Examinations
034012: SPEAIGHT, ROBERT - William Poel and the Elizabethan Revival
035637: SPEAIGHT, MARY - Toys in the London Museum
010116: SPEAR, ALLAN H. - Black Chicago; the Making of a Negro Ghetto, 1890-1920
043939: SPEARING, A. C. - Medieval Dream-Poetry
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018786: SPECHT, RICHARD - Beethoven As He Lived
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009193: SPECK, W. A. - Stability and Strife: England, 1714-1760
043656: SPECTOR, HERMAN - Bastard in the Ragged Suit; Writing of, with Drawings by Herman Spector
016168: SPECTOR, RONALD H. - After Tet; the Bloodiest Year in Vietnam
007733: SPECTOR, RONALD H. - Eagle Against the Sun; the American War with Japan
045971: SPEE, FRIEDRICH - Cautio Criminalis
033292: SPEED, JOHN - An Atlas of Tudor England and Wales
032416: A & J SPEELMAN - Chinese Works of Art 2006
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016170: SPEER, JAMES P. - World Polity. Conflict and War: History, Causes, Consequences, Cures
048386: SPEER, MARY B. - Le Roman Des Sept Sages de Rome; a Crtical Edition of the Two Verse Redactions of a Twelfth-Century Romance
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007351: SPEIDEL, WILLIAM C. - Sons of the Profits or, There's No Business Like Grow Business! the Seattle Story, 1851-1901
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031432: SPELTZ, ALEXANDER - Styles of Ornament; a Collection of More Than Four Thousand Decorative and Architectural Designs
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020170: SPENCE, GERRY - The Making of a Country Lawyer
012545: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Chinese Roundabout; Essays in History and Culture
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047502: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Ts'Ao Yin and the K'Ang-Hsi Emperor, Bondservant and Master
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025236: SPENCER, HERBERT - Ceremonial Institutions: Being Part IV, of the Principles of Sociology (the First Porotion of Vol. II. )
025237: SPENCER, HERBERT - The Principles of Ethics
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027358: SPENCER, EDMUND - The Faerie Queene. Book One
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006781: SPENCER, BENJAMIN T. - The Quest for Nationality; an American Literary Campaign
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035174: SPENCER, ROBERT - Islam Unveiled; Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith
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019632: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Year of the Young Rebels Revisited
021014: SPENDER, STEPHEN, ED - W.H. Auden; a Tribute
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033213: SPENSER, EDMUND - The Faerie Queene
009117: SPER, FELIX - From Native Roots; a Panorama of Our Regional Drama
042461: CANTO-SPERBER, MONIQUE - Moral Disquiet and Human Life
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041661: SPERLING, JAMES, ED - Germany at Fifty-Five. Berlin Is Nicht Bonn
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034233: SPERRY, NEIL - Neil Sperry's Complete Guide to Texas Gardening
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038139: SPICER, EDWARD H., ED - Human Problems in Technological Change; a Casebook
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007734: SPIEGEL, STEVEN L. - The Other Arab-Israeli Conflict; Making America's Middle East Policy, from Truman to Reagan
039466: SPIEGELBERG, HERBERT - Sollen Und Dürfen; Philosophische Grundlagen Der Ethischen Rechte Und Pflichten
025593: SPIEGELMAN, ART - Maus; a Survivor's Tale
035732: SPIEGELMAN, ART - Maus; a Survivor's Tale
029755: SPIELER, LUDWIG - Gralsschöpfung
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013688: SPIES, WERNER - Picasso's World of Children
031464: SPIESS, LINCOLN BUNCE - Historical Musicology; a Reference Manual for Research in Music
043039: SPIESS, PHILIPP ERNST - Aufklärungen in Der Geschichte Und Diplomatik Als Eine Fortsezung Der Archivischen Nebenarbeiten
016413: SPILLER, ROBERT E. - Fenimore Cooper, Critic of His Times
043584: SPILLNER, BERND - Lingistik Und Literaturwissenschaft; Stilforschung, Rhetorik, Textlinguistik
023274: SPINGARN, J. E., ED - Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century
030216: SPINGARN, J. E., ED - Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century
004577: SPINK, REGINALD - Hans Christian Andersen; the Man and His Work
009268: SPINK, REGINALD - Hans Christian Andersen and His World
014085: SPINKA, MATTHEW - Christian Thought from Erasmus to Berdyaev
041426: SPINKA, MATTHEW - John Hus at the Council of Constance
018281: SPINNER, S. - Die Verwendung Von Synonymen IM Alten Testament Und Die Aufgefundenen Ras-Schamratexte
023244: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE - Ethica in Meetkundigen Trant Uiteengezet
023241: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE - Ethic Demonstrated in Geometrical Order and Divided Into Five Parts, Which Trea 1. Of God, II. Of the Nature and Origin of the Mind. III. Of the Origin and Nature of the Affects. IV. Of Human Bondage, or of the Strength of the Affects. V. Of the
023245: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE - Ethica Op Meetkundige Wijze Uiteengezet
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023249: SPINOZA, BENEDICTUS DE - The Principles of Descartes' Philosophy
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015614: SPIRO, HERBERT J. - The Politics of German Codetermination
002692: SPITTA, FRIEDRICH - Die Apostelgeschichte; Ihre Quellen Und Deren Geschichtlicher Wert
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047598: SPOERER, MARK - Steuerlast, Steuerinzidenz Und Steuerwettbewerb; Verteilungswirkungen Der Besteuerung in PreußEn Und Württemberg (1815-1913)
031648: SPOMER, RON - The Rut; the Spectacular Fall Ritual of North American Horned and Antlered Animals
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014514: SPOTO, DONALD - Madcap; the Life of Preston Sturges
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017409: SPOTO, DONALD - Falling in Love Again: Marlene Dietrich
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040704: SPRAGUE, PAUL E. - The Drawings of Louis Henry Sullivan; a Catalogue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection at the Avery Architectural Library
033145: SPRAGUE, ARTHUR COLBY - Shakespearian Players and Performances
041979: SPRIANO, PAOLO - Gramsci E Gobetti; Introduzione Alla Vita E Alle Opere
007977: SPRIGGE, SYLVIA - Berenson; a Biography
008701: SPRINGBORG, ROBERT - Family, Power, and Politics in Egypt; Sayed Bey Marei, His Clan, Clients, and Cohorts
014413: SPRINGER, MARY DOYLE - A Rhetoric of Literary Character; Some Women of Henry James
036562: SPRINGSTEED, ANNE FRANCES - The Expert Waitress; a Manual for the Pantry, Kitchen, and Dining-Room
007011: SPROSTON, JOHN GLENDY - A Private Journal of John Glendy Sproston, U.S. N.
004842: SPRUNT, ALEXANDER - Florida Bird Life
011911: SPUNDA, FRANZ - Paracelsus
030965: SPURLING, HILARY - The Girl from the Fiction Department; a Portrait of Sonia Orwell
009976: SPURLING, HILARY - Paul Scott; a Life of the Author of the Raj Quartet
042536: SPURNY, JAN - Karel Svolinsky
016172: SPURR, RUSSELL - A Glorious Way to Die; the Kamikaze Mission of the Battleship Yamato, April 1945
044218: SQUIBB, G. D. - The High Court of Chivalry; a Study of the CIVIL Law in England
004845: SQUIRE, LORENE - Wildfowling with a Camera
035797: SQUIRE, JOHN, ED - Cheddar Gorge; a Book of English Cheeses
020752: SQUIRE, P. S. - The Third Deparment; the Establishment and Practices of the Political Police in the Russia of Nicholas I.
042754: SQUIRES, RADCLIFFE - The Major Themes of Robert Frost
043668: SRBIK, HEINRICH, RITTER VON - Metternich, Der Staatsmann Und Der Mensch
011406: SREJOVIC, DRAGOSLAV - Europe's First Monumental Sculpture; New Discoveries at Lepenski Vir
003621: SRISAVASDI, BOON CHUEY - The Hill Tribes of Siam
014087: SRIVASTAVA, RAMA SHANKER - Contemporary Indian Philosophy
038258: SRONKOVA, OLGA - Gothic Woman's Fashion
039141: SRONKOVA, OLGA - Die Mode Der Gotischen Frau
047495: SSUTHERLAND, RONALD - The Romaunt of the Rose and le Roman de la Rose; a Parallel-Text Edition
042432: KONFERENTSIIA PO SEMITSKIM IAZYKAM (1ST, 1964, MOSCOW) - Materialy Pervoi Konferentsii Po Semitskim Iazykam, 26-28 Oktiabria 1964 G.
009869: STAAL, J. F. - Word Order in Sanskrit Und Universal Grammar
047577: VAN STAAVEREN, JACOB - An American in Japan 1945-1948; a Civilian View of the Occupation
027068: PÉREZ-STABLE, MARIFELI - The Cuban Revolution; Origins, Course, and Legacy
044718: STACE, W. T. - A Critical History of Greek Philosophy
019944: STACEY, MARGARET, ET AL. - Power, Persistance and Change; a Second Study of Banbury
003500: STACHOWIAK, HERBERT - Rationalismus IM Ursprung; Die Genesis Des Axiomatischen Denkens
035826: STACK, LOTUS - Patterned Threads; Itat Tradition and Inspirations
034537: STACKELBERG, JÜRGEN VON - Tacitus in Der Romania; Studien Zur Literarischen Rezeption Des Tacitus in Italien Und Frankreich
023948: STACKHOUSE, JOHN - Australia's Venomous Wildlife
007890: STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. - Chancellorsville; Lee's Greatest Battle
029890: STADEN, HANS - Zwei Reisen Nach Brasilien 1548-1555
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005772: STAFFORD, PETER - Sexual Behavior in the Commnist World; an Eyewitness Report of Life, Love and the Human Condition Behind the Iron Curtain
004435: STAFFORD, DON - The Romantic Past of Rotorua
048542: STAFFORD, WILLIAM - Allegiances
026978: STÄHELIN, FELIX - Die Schweiz in Römischer Zeit
006077: STAHL, KATHLEEN M. - British and Soviet Colonial Systems
010677: STAHL, WALTER, ED - The Politics of Postwar Germany
039288: STAHL, E. L. - Friedrich Schiller's Drama; Theory and Practice
040201: STAHL, ALAN M. - The Venetian Tornesello; a Medieval Colonial Coinage
043193: STAHR, ADOLF - Ein Jahr in Italien
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016173: STALLINGS, LAURENCE - The First World War; a Photographic History
008073: STALLMAN, R. W. - Stephen Crane; a Biography
022826: STALLONES, JARED R. - Paul Robert Hanna; a Life of Expanding Communities
026480: STAM, GUNTHER - The Architecture of J.J. P. Oud 1906-1963; an Exhibition of Drawings, Plans and Photographs from the Archives or Mrs. J.M. A. Oud-Dinaux, Wassenaar, Holland
047702: STAMATOPOULOS, NONDAS - Old Corfu; History and Culture
025502: STAMBOVSKY, PHILLIP - The Depictive Image; Metaphor and Literary Experience
048360: STAMM, J. J. - The Ten Commandments in Recent Research
041615: STAMMLER, WOLFGANG - Geschichte Der Niederdeutschen Literatur Von Den ältesten Zeiten Bis Auf Die Gegenwart
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015364: STAMPP, KENNETH M. - America in 1857; a Nation on the Brink
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017009: STANDAGE, TOM - The Turk; the Life and Times of the Famous Eighteenth-Century Chess-Playing Machine
041968: STANFORD, PETER - The Legend of Pope Joan; in Search of the Truth
031258: STANFORD, PETER - The Devil; a Biography
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041153: STANG, RICHARD - The Theory of the Novel in England 1850-1870
038693: STANG, RAGNA THIIS - The Art of Gustav Vigeland in 48 Pictures
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045067: STANGE, CARL - Die Anfänge Der Theologie Luthers
006972: STANGER, FRANK M. - South from San Francisco; San Mateo County, California, Its History and Heritage
041825: STANISLAWSKI, JAN - English-Polish and Polish-English Dictionary
035628: STANLEY, AUTUMN - Asparagus; the Sparrowgrass Cookbook
040434: STANLEY, GUY - The Ivory Seal
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012871: STANLEY, H. M. - The Exploration Diaries of H.M. Stanley; Now First Published from the Original Manuscirpts
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039608: STANLEY, GLENN, ED - The Cambridge Companion to Beethoven
022318: STANNARD, DAVID E. - Shrinking History; on Freud and the Failure of Psychohistory
016330: STANNARD, DAVID E. - The Puritanism Way of Death; a Study in Religion, Cultre, and Social Change
018283: STANNARD, DAVID E. - The Puritan Way of Death; a Study in Religion, Culture, and Social Change
002372: STANNARD, DAVID E. - Shrinking History; on Freud and the Failure of Psychohistory
026224: SARGENT, S. STANSFELD AND MARIAN W. SMITH, EDS - Culture and Personality
045706: STANTON, DOMNA C. - The Aristocrat As Art; a Study of the Honnête Homme and the Dandy in Seventeenth- and Nineteenth-Century French Literature
014089: STANTON, PHOEBE B. - The Gothic Revival & American Church Architecture; an Episode in Taste, 1840-1856
005864: STANTON, WILLIAM - The Great United States Exploring Expedition of 1832-1842
032616: STAPFER, PAUL - Shakespeare and Classical Antiquity; Greek and Latin Antiquity As Presented in Shakespeare's Plays
020440: STARBUCK, SUSAN - Hazel Wolf; Fighting the Establishment
023261: STARCKE, C. N. - Baruch de Spinoza
014090: STARCKE, C. N. - L. Feuerbach; En Monografi
040969: STARER, ROBERT - Continuo; a Life in Music
009200: STARER, ROBERT - Continuo; a Life in Music
021550: STARES, PAUL B. - Allied Rights and Legal Constraints on German Military Power
036399: STAREY, CYNTHIA ROWENA - Bethlehem Tableaux As Played in a Somersetshire Village
039198: STARK, THOMAS - The Distribution of Personal Income in the United Kingdom 1949-1963
044982: STARK, RUDOLF - Aristotelesstudien; Philologische Untersuchungen Zur Entwicklung Der Aristotelischen Ethik
035762: STARKE, LESLIE - Starke and Unashamed
034127: STARKEY, THOMAS - A Dialogue between Reginald Pole & Thomas Lupset
014091: STARKEY, MARION L. - The Devil in Massachusetts; a Modern Inquiry Into the Salem Witch Trials
015589: STARKIE, ENID - Baudelaire
027396: STARKIE, ENID - Arthur Rimbaud
047765: STARKIE, WALTER - Scholars and Gypsies; an Autobiography
037862: STARMORE, ALICE - The Celtic Collection; Twenty-Five Knitwear Designs for Men and Women
034745: STARN, RANDOLPH - Contrary Commonwealth; the Theme of Exile in Medieval and Renaissance Italy
045330: STARN, RANDOLPH - Ambrogio Lorenzetti; Palazzo Pubblico a Siena
016447: STAROBIN, JOSEPH R. - American Communism in Crisis, 1943-1957
029467: STAROBINSKI, JEAN - 1789; the Emblems of Reason
033830: STARR, KEVIN - Over California
008277: STARR, KEVIN - Inventing the Dream; California Through the Progressive Era
005957: STARR, STEPHEN Z. - Jennison's Jayhawkers; a CIVIL War Cavalry Regiment and Its Commander
026979: STARR, CHESTER G. - The Influence of Sea Power on Ancient History
026980: STARR, CHESTER G. - Past and Future in Ancient History
011389: STARR, CHESTER G. - The Economic and Social Growth of Early Greece, 800-500 B.C.
039835: JORDAN, DAVID STARR AND BARTON WARREN EVERMANN - The Fishes of North and Middle America
044729: STARR, CHESTER G. - The Birth of Athenian Democracy; the Assembly in the Fifth Century B.C.
022524: STARRETT, DAVID A. - Foundations of Public Economics
025413: STASHOWER, DANIEL - Teller of Tales; the Life of Arthur Conan Doyle
031465: STASOV, VLADIMIR VASILEVICH - Selected Essays on Music
031466: STASSINOPOULOS, ARIANNA - Maria Callas; the Woman Behind the Legend
019222: UNITED STATES. DEPARTMENT OF STATE - The Geneva Meeting of Foreign Ministers, October 27-November 16, 1955
029688: NATIONAL COMMISSION ON TERRORIST ATTACKS UPON THE UNITED STATES - The 9/11 Commission Report. Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
021532: STATHIS, JAMES J. - A Bibliography of Swift Studies 1945-1965
021106: STATLER, OLIVER - Shimoda Story
009871: STAUB, MARIANNE - Richtungsbegriff, Richtungsausdruck; Versuch Zu Einem Vergleich Von Deutscher Und Französischen Ausdrucksweise
1553: STAUFFER, ETHELBERT - Christus Und Die Caesaren; Historische Skizzen. 6e Erweiterte Auflage
034102: STAVIG, MARK - John Ford and the Tradition Moral Order
009232: STAVRIANOS, L. S. - Lifelines from Our Past; a New World History
037927: STEAD, PHILIP JOHN - Mr. Punch
035765: STEADMAN, RALPH - The Book of Jones
043851: STEADMAN, JOHN M. - Disembodied Laughter; Troilus and the Apotheosis Tradition. A Reexamination of Narrative and Thematic Contexts
003759: STEANE, EDWARD - The Eternal King; a Sermon on the Death of His Late Majesty, King William the Fourth
031469: STEANE, J. B. - Voices; Singers & Critics
031467: STEANE, J. B. - The Grand Tradition; Seventy Years of Singing on Record
031468: STEANE, J. B. - Singers of the Century
045266: STEARN, WILLIAM T. - Botanical Latin; History, Grammar, Syntax, Terminology and Vocabulary
040655: STEARNS, RAYMOND PHINEAS - Congregationalism in the Dutch Netherlands; the Rise and Fall of the English Congregational Classis 1621-1635
011606: STEBBING, WILLIAM - Peterborough
048400: STEBBING, L. SUSAN - A Modern Elementary Logic
044436: STEBBINS, THEODORE E., JR. - Martin Johnson Heade
038875: STEBBINS, THEODORE E., JR. - Weston's Westons; Portraits and Nudes
037309: STEBBINS, THEODORE E., JR. - The Lure of Italy; American Artists and the Italian Experience 1760-1914
032431: STEBBINS, THEODROE E., JR., ET AL. - A New World: Masterpieces of American Painting 1760-1910
047595: STEBBINS, CHARLES E. - A Critical Edition of the 13th and 14th Centuries Old French Poem Versions of the "Vie de Saint Alexis
020454: STEDMAN, RAYMOND WILLIAM - Shadows of the Indian; Stereotypes in American Culture
026190: STEDMAN, JANE W. - W.S. Gilbert; a Classic Victorian and His Theatre
006783: STEDMAN, CHARLES ELLERY - The CIVIL War Sketchbook of Charles Ellery Stedman, Surgeon, United States Navy
042305: DENMARK. STEDNAVNEUDVALGET - Sønderjyske Stednavne. Vols. 1-19
010026: VER STEEG, CLARENCE L. - Origins of a Southern Mosaic; Studies of Early Carolina and Georgia
029082: STEEGMAN, JOHN - Cambridge
011607: STEEGMANN, JOHN - Cambridge; As It Was and As It Is to-Day
040024: STEEGMULLER, FRANCIS - The Two Lives of James Jackson Jarves
019918: STEEL, ANTHONY - The Custom of the Room or Early Wine-Books of Christ's College, Cambridge
020290: STEEL, DANIELLE - His Bright Light; the Story of Nick Traina
033789: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE AND RICHARD B. MORRIS, EDS - Bicentennial Edition of the Spirit of 'Seventy-Six; the Story of the American Revolution As Told by Participants
016175: STEELE, IAN K. - Warpaths; Invasions of North America
031378: STEELE, JAMES - An Architecture for People; the Complete Works of Hassan Fathy
007923: STEELMAN, JOHN R., ED - Who's Who in Labor; the Authorized Biographies of the Men and Women Who Lead Labor in the United States and Canada and of Those Who Deal with Labor Together with a Glossary of Labor Terminology
012647: STEEN, MARGUERITE - Little White King
034897: STEENBOCK, FRAUKE - Der Kirchliche Prachteinband IM Frühen Mittelalter Von Den Anfängen Bis Zum Beginn Der Gotik
020858: STEENROD, N. E. - Review of Papers in Algebraic and Differential Topology, Topological Groups, and Homological Algebra, As Printed in Mathemataical Reviews 1940 Through 1967 Arranged by Topic Under 290 Headings
018789: STEFAN, PAUL - Franz Schubert
034196: HILDEBRANDT, STEFAN AND ANTHONY TROMBA - Mathematics and Optimal Form
045075: BIDNER, STEFAN AND T"HOMAS FEUERSTEIN, EDS - Plus Ultra. Jenseits Der Moderne?/Beyond Modernity
042414: BARTOLINI, STEFANO AND ROBERTO D'ALIMONTE, EDS - Maggioiratio Ma Non Troppo; le Elezioni Politiche Del 1994
033797: STEFFENS, LINCOLN - The Letters of Lincoln Steffens
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030684: STEGER, DEBRA P., ED - Redesigning the World Trade Organization for the Twenty-First Century
014092: STEGMÜLLER, WOLFGANG - Main Currents in Contemporary German, British, and American Philosophy
021139: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Uneasy Chair; a Biography of Bernard Devoto
008237: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Uneasy Chair; a Biography of Bernard Devoto
020368: STEGNER, WALLACE - The Uneasy Chair; a Biography of Bernard Devoto
018951: STEICHEN, EDWARD - A Life in Photography
038089: STEICHEN, EDWARD, ED - The Bitter Years 1935-1941; Rural America As Seen by the Photographers of the Farm Security Administration
036066: STEIG, WILLIAM - Grown-Ups Get to Do All the Driving
038023: STEIG, WILLIAM - Abel's Island
031544: STEIGER, BRAD - Medicine Power; the American Indian's Revival of His Spiritual Heritage and Its Relevance for Modern Man
031471: STEIGER, KARSTEN - Opern; Ein Verzeichnis Aller Aufnahmen. Alle Komponisten Und Deren Werke Auf Schallplatte, Cd Und Laserdisk
043545: STEIN, LEOPOLD - The Infancy of Speech and the Speech of Infancy
024080: STEIN, JANICE GROSS, ET AL. - Uneasy Partners; Mutliculturalism and Rights in Canada
024479: STEIN, ROBERT LOUIS - The French Slave Trade in the Eighteenth Century; an Old Regime Business
025405: STEIN, LINDA - The Power to Protect; Sculpture of Linda Stein, November 2-December 20, 2006
015903: STEIN, CHARLES, ED - Critical Materials Problems in Energy Production
011608: STEIN, BRUNO - Work and Welfare in Britain and the Usa
010678: STEIN, GEORGE H. - The Waffen Ss: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-1945
018133: STEIN, KARL, FREIHERR VOM UND ZUM - Freiherr Vom Stein: Briefe Und Amtliche Schriften
028612: STEIN, LOTHAR - Die Sammar-Gerba; Beduinen IM ûbergang Von Nomadismus Zur Sesshaftigkeit
005202: STEIN, LOUIS - Beyond Death and Exile; the Spanish Republicans in France, 1939-1955
019647: STEIN, ARNOLD, ED - Theodore Roethke; Essays on the Poetry
037958: STEIN, RALPH - The Great Inventions
041190: STEIN, JEROME L. - The Nature and Efficiency of the Foreign Exchange Market
040674: STEIN, SUSAN R. - The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello
047199: STEIN, RICHARD H. - Tschaikowskij
040111: STEIN, MAURICE R. - The Eclipse of Community; an Interpretation of American Studies
033084: STEIN, SUSAN R. - The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello
000034: STEIN, HERBERT - The Fiscal Revolution in America
047625: STEIN, AUREL - On Alexander's Track to the Indus; Personal Narrative of Explorations on the North-West Frontier of India
046882: STEIN, RALPH - The Great Cars
038915: STEIN, BRUCE A., ET AL., EDS - Precious Heritage; the Status of Biodiversity in the United States
039262: STEIN, HERBERT - On the Other Hand... Essays on Economics, Economists, and Politics
010679: STEINACKER, KARL - Ostfälische Kulturbeziehungen Zu Italien IM 16. Jahrhundert; Barthold Von Gadenstedt's Italienreise 1587-1589
027185: STEINBAUER, FRIEDRICH - Melanesische Cargo-Kulte; Neureligiöse Heilsbewegungen in Der Südsee
032368: STEINBERG, NAOMI - Kinship and Marriage in Genesis; a Household Economics Perspective
022817: STEINBERG, STEPHEN - The Ethnic Myth; Race, Ethnicity, and Class in America
026394: STEINBERG, ALFRED - Sam Johnson' Boy; a Close-Up of the President from Texas
010297: STEINBERG, DAVID J., ET AL. - Cambodia; Its People, Its Society, Its Culture
048580: STEINBERG, MICHAEL - The Concerto; a Listener's Guide
036317: STEINBERG, SAUL - The Discovery of America
010708: STEINBERGER, HANS - The Chiemsee and the Castle of Herrenchiemsee
044681: STEINBÖCK, GRETE - Weltweit Freunde; Die ôsterreicher IM Ausland
010680: STEINBORN, HANS-CHRISTIAN - Abgaben Und Dienste Holsteinischer Bauern IM 18. Jahrhundert
004390: STEINEM, WOLFRAM VON DEN - Bernhard Von Clairvaux; Leben Und Briefe
012533: STEINEN, WOLFRAM VON DEN - Glück Und Unglück in Der Weltgeschichte
044585: STEINEN, WOLFRAM VON DEN - Notker Der Dichter Und Seine Geisitige Welt
034214: STEINER, GEORGE - Real Presences
043944: STEINER, M. - La Tentation de Jésus Dans L'Interprétation Patristique de Saint Justin à Origène
016176: STEINER, H. ARTHUR - Government in Fascist Italy
026981: STEINER, DEBORAH - The Crown of Song; Metaphor in Pindar
018790: STEINER, CHRISTIAN - Opera People
039510: STEINER, EDWARD A. - The Making of a Great Race; Racial and Religious Cross-Currents in the United States
013905: JOHN-STEINER, VERA - Notebooks of the Mind; Explorations of Thinking
036080: STEINER, GEORGE - Grammars of Creation; Originating in the Gifford Lectures for 1990
023375: STEINFELS, PETER - A People Adrift; the Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America
034231: STEINFIELD, MELVIN - Cracks in the Melting Pot; Racism and Discrimination in American History
038191: STEINGRÄBER, ERICH - Deutsche Plastik Der Frühzeit
034306: STEINHARDT, ARNOLD - Indivisible by Four; a String Quartet in Pursuit of Harmony
012872: STEINHART, EDWARD I. - Conflict and Collaboration; the Kingdoms of Western Uganda, 1890-1907
045652: STEINHOFF, ANTHONY J. - The Gods of the City; Protestantism and Religious Culture in Strasbourg, 1870-1914
029757: STEINHOFF, HANS-HUGO - Bibliographie Zu Gottfried Von StraßBurg
002304: STEININGER, REINHOLD - Beiträge Zu Einer Grammatik Des Bairischen Auf Der Grundlage Von Kommentierten Texten Aus Oberneureutherwald IM Unteren Bayerischen Wald
002002: STEINITZ, RENATE - Adverbial-Syntax
006537: STEINMANN, JEAN - Les Plus Anciennes Traditions Du Pentateuque
003661: STEINMETZ, HORST - Galloromanische Bezeichungen Für "Betrunken/Sich Betrinken", "Trunkenheit", "Trundkenbold
014093: STEINMETZ, DAVID C. - Reformers in the Wings
029083: STEINSCHNEIDER, MORITZ - Catalog Der Hebräischen Handschriften in Der Stadtbibliothek Zu Hamburg Und Der Sich Anschliessenden in Anderen Sprachen
023345: STEINTHAL, WALTHER - Dreyfus
033258: STELE, FRANCE, ED - Art on the Soil of Yugoslavia from Prehistoric Times to the Present
037106: STELTZER, ULLI - The New Americans; Immigrant Life in Southern California
010681: STELZER, OTTO - Helmstedt Und Das Land Um Den Elm
009874: STEN, HOLGER - L'Emploi Des Temps En Portugais Moderne
015562: STENDHAL, MARIE HENRI BEYLE - Travels in the South of France
024111: STENEHJEM, MICHELE FLYNN - An American First; John T. Flynn and the America First Committee
044713: STENGER, VICTOR J. - The New Atheism; Taking a Stand for Science and Reason
014095: STENSON, STEN H. - Sense and Nonsense in Religion; an Essay on the Language and Phenomenology of Religion
037743: STENTON, DORIS MARY - The English Woman in History
027997: STENUIT, ROBERT - The Dolphin, Cousin to Man
042131: STENVALL, TARU - Marski Ja Hänen "Hovinsa
044070: STENZLER, ADOLF FRIEDRICH - Elementarbuch Der Sanskrit-Srpache (Grammatik, Texte, Wörterbuch)
012611: STEP, EDWARD - Shell Life; an Introduction to the British Mollusca
044111: WILLIAMS, STEPHEN AND GERARD FRIELL - Theodosius; the Empire at Bay
025240: STEPHEN, LESLIE - The English Utilitarians
026237: SHUTE, STEPHEN AND SUSAN HURLEY, EDS - On Human Rights; the Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1993
026837: GRAHAM, STEPHEN AND SIMON MARVIN - Telecommunications and the City; Electronic Spaces, Urban Places
016764: STEPHEN, LESLIE - English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century
031177: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN AND SUSAN OWENS - Divinely Decadent
015825: LONGSTREET STEPHEN - The Canvas Falcons; the Men and the Planes of World War I.
025422: STEPHENS, AUTUMN - Wild Women; Crusaders, Curmudgeons and Completely Corsetless Ladies in the Otherwise Virtuous Victorian Era
013606: STEPHENS, IAN - Horned Moon; an Account of a Journey Through Pakistan, Kashmir, and Afghanistan
021324: STEPHENS, JOHN LLOYD - Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan
019635: STEPHENS, JAMES - Letters of James Stephens
034986: STEPHENSON, ROB - Passes Through
005707: STEPHENSON, GRAHAM - Russia from 1812 to 1945; a History
005905: STEPHENSON, NATHANIEL W. - Texas and the Mexican War; a Chronicle of the Winning of the Southwest
017466: STEPHENSON, CARL - Mediaeval Feudalism
028424: STEPHENSON, GUNTHER - Leben Und Tod in Den Religionen; Symbol Und Wirklichkeit
004888: STERLING, BRUCE - The Hacker Crackdown; Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier
016177: STERLING, CLAIRE - The Terror Network; the Secret War of International Terrorism
035546: STERN, HAROLD P. - Birds, Beasts, Blossoms, and Bugs; the Nature of Japan
015499: STERN, NICHOLAS - Strategy for Development
015124: STERN, JEAN, ED - The Cross & the Sword; la Cruz Y la Espada
007268: STERN, NORTON - Mannie's Crowd: Emanuel Lowenstein, Colorful Character of Old Los Angeles and a Brief Diary of the Trip to Arizona and Life in Tucson of the Early 1880s
028449: STERN, G. B. - Summer's Play; an Exaggeration
035328: STERN, LYNN - Animus
038101: STERN, ISAAC - My First 79 Years
015167: STERNBERG, HILGARD O'REILLY - A Agua E O Homem Na Varzea Do Careiro
019792: STERNBERG, RICARDO - Bamboo Church
039011: STERNBERG, JACQUES - Kitsch
003215: STERNBERGER, DOLF - Das Wort Politik Und Der Begriff Des Politischen
028849: INAMA VON STERNEGG, KARL THEODOR - Untersuchungen über Das Hofsystem IM Mittelalter Mit Besonderer Beziehung Auf Deutsches Alpenland
019154: STERNLICHT, SANFORD - John Masefield
023728: STERNSHER, BERNARD, ED - Hope Restored; How the New Deal Worked in Town and Country
007958: STETKEVYCH, SUZANNE PINCKNEY, ED - Reorientations/Arabic and Persian Poetry
010714: STETTNER, MARKO - Richard Meisters System Der Pädagogik
019636: STEUART, JOHN A. - Robert Louis Stevenson; a Critical Biography
039353: STEUERLE, C. EUGENE - Taxes, Loans, and Inflation. How the Natioan's Wealth Becomes Misallocated
039407: STEUERLE, C. EUGENE - The Tax Decade; How Taxes Came to Dominate the Public Agenda
047518: STEUR, J. J. - Herstel of Ondergang; de Voorstellen Tot Redres Van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie 1749-1795
011576: ST. JOHN-STEVAS, NORMAN - Walter Bagehot; a Study of His Life and Thought Together with a Selection from His Political Writings
000084: ST. JOHN-STEVAS, NORMAN - Life, Death and the Law; Law and Christian Morals in England and the United States
020920: KAUFMAN, STEVE AND YOGI KAUFMAN - Silent Chase; Submarines of the U.S. Navy
037057: GILBAR, STEVEN AND DEAN STEWART, EDS - Published and Perished; Memoria, Eulogies, and Remembrances of American Writers
025595: PETKOV, STEVEN AND LEONARD MUSTAZZA, EDS - The Frank Sinatra Reader
029284: VINCENT, K. STEVEN AND ALISON KLAIRMONT-LINGO - The Human Tradition in Modern France
038484: HELLER, STEVEN AND LOUISE FILI - Dutch Moderne; Graphic Design from de Stijl to Deco
008490: STEVENS, KENNETH R. - Border Diplomacy; the Caroline and Mcleod Affairs in Anglo-American-Canadian Relations, 1837-1842
016178: STEVENS, RICHARD L. - Mission on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
019155: STEVENS, DAVID HARRISON - Milton Papers
044369: STEVENS, LINTON C. - La Langue de Brantôme
019786: STEVENSON, MERRITT R., ET AL. - Marine Atlas of the Pacific Coastal Waters of South America; Atlas de Las Aguas Costaneras Del Oceano Pacifico En la America Del Sur
009162: STEVENSON, ANNE - Bitter Fame; a Life of Sylvia Plath
024779: STEVENSON, WILLIAM BARRON - The Poem of Job; a Literary Study with a New Translation

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