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046303: SZONDI, PETER - On Textual Understanding and Other Essays
002308: SZULC, ALEKSANDER - Die Fremdsprachendidaktik: Konzeptionen, Methoden, Theorien
036236: SZULC, TAD - Chopin in Paris; the Life and Times of the Romantic Composer
016194: SZUSCIKIEWICZ, PAUL - Flying Tigers
038385: SZYHALSKI, PIOTR - One Art: Pioetr Szyhalski
039758: SZYROCKI, MARIAN - Martin Opitz
037856: SULLIVAN, EUGENE T. AND MARILYNN C. SULLIVAN, EDS - The Wilton Way of Cake Decorating. Volume 1
037804: WEBSTER, H. T. AND PHILO CALHOUN - Life with Rover
023467: FARRIS, MARTIN T. AND FORREST E. HARDING - Passenger Transportation
017654: PHILLIPSON, N. T. AND ROSALIND MITCHISON, EDS - Scotland in the Age of Improvement; Essays in Scottish History in the Eighteenth Century
020134: SCOTT, RUSSELL T. AND ANN REYNOLDS SCOTT, EDS - Eius Virtutis Studiosi; Classical and Postclassical Studies in Memory of Frank Edward Brown (1908-1988)
020387: BRATCHER, JAMES T. AND LYLE H. KENDALL, JR. - A Suppressed Critique of Wise's Swinburn Transactions; Addendum to an Enquiry
003726: KJELLBERG, SVEN T. AND INGRID MARTELIUS - Slotte Og Herregårde øst for øresund
022923: LE VINE, VICTOR T. AND TIMOTHY W. LUKE - The Arab-African Connection; Political and Economic Realities
028366: ROBERTSON, A. T. AND W. HERSEY DAVIS - A New Short Grammar of the Greek Testament for Students Familiar with the Elements of Greek
021617: LEMON, LEE T. AND MARION J. REIS - Russian Formalist Criticism; Four Essays
047030: DENISON, ALLEN T. AND WALLACE K. HUNTINGTON - Victorian Architecture of Port Townsen, Washington
006725: VAUGHAN, ALDEN T. AND GEORGE ATHAN BILLIAS, EDS - Perspecitives on Early American History; Essays in Honor of Richard B. Morris
030717: ORR, ROBERT T. AND MARGARET C. ORR - Wildflowers of Western America
044505: MCCLELLAND, GORDON T. AND JAY T. LAST - The California Style; California Watercolor Artists 1925-1955
033149: RUMFORD, BEATRIX T. AND CAROLYN J. WEEKLEY - Treasures of American Folk Art from the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center
038872: DAVISON, ARCHIBALD T. AND WILLI APEL - Historical Anthology of Music: Oriental, Medieval and Renaissance Music
029150: BERKHOUT, CARL T. AND JEFFREY B. RUSSELL - Medieval Heresies; a Bibliography 1960-1979
040533: YOKOYAMA, OLGA T. AND EMILY KLENIN, EDS - Selected Essays of Catherine V. Chvany
039718: SEABORG, GLENN T. AND EVANS G. VALENS - Elements of the Universe
045753: VANN, RICHARD T. AND DAVID EVERSLEY - Friends in Life and Death; the British and Irish Quakers in the Demographic Transition, 1650-1900
028427: TABACHNICK, STEPHEN E., ED - Explorations in Doughty's Arabia Deserta
004047: TABANELLI, MARIO - Gli Albori Della Chirurgia Nelle Fiandre; IL Libro Del Maestro Thomas Scellinck
006056: TABORSKY, EDUARD - The Czechoslovak Cause; an Account of the Problems of International Law in Relation to Czechoslovakia
034786: TACITUS, PUBLIUS CORNELIUS - De Vita Agricolae
042811: TACITUS, PUBLIUS CORNELIUS - Historiaurm Lib. II
033006: TADASHI, KOBAYASHI, ET AL. - America's Love for Japan
045232: TAELS, JOHAN - De Katholieke Literatuur in de Xxe Eeuw
018193: TAFEL, CHRISTA ELEONORE - Beiträge Zur Französischen Etymologie
018959: TAFT, ROBERT - Photography and the American Scene; a Social History 1839-1889
007845: TAFT, ROBERT A. - The Papers of Robert A. Taft: Volume 1, 1889-1939
014512: TAFT, PHILIP - Movements for Economic Reform
003955: TAFT, WILLIAM H. - Missouri Newspapers
004433: TAFT, RONALD - From Stranger to Citizen; a Survey of Studies of Immigrant Assimilation in Western Australia
027021: TAFT, ROBERT - Artists and Illustrations of the Old West 1850-1900
008792: TAFT, ROBERT A. - The Papers of Robert A. Taft: Volume 2, 1939-1944
038176: TAFT, PAULINE DAKIN - The Happy Valley; the Elegant Eighties in Upsate New York
046513: TAFURI, MANFREDO - Venice and the Renaissance
045003: TAGLIAFERRI, AMELIO - I Longobardi Nella Civiltà E Nell'Economia Italiana Nel Primo Medioevo
045895: TAGNEY, RONALD N. - The World Turned Upside Down; Essex County During America's Turbulent Years, 1763-1790
015453: AL-TAHAWY, MIRAL - Blue Aubergine
034153: LA TAILLE, JEAN DE - Dramatic Works
020938: TAINE, HIPPOLYTE ADOLPHE - Les Origines de la France Contemporaine
008026: TAIROV, ALEXANDRE - Le Théatre Libéré
023264: VAN DER TAK, W. G. - Bento de Spinoza
025510: MAKAMI, TAKAHIKO AND JACK MCDOWELL - The Art of Japanese Brush Painting
016366: TAKAKI, RONALD T. - Iron Cages; Race and Culture in Ninettenth-Century America
045402: TAKAKI, RONALD - A Different Mirror; a History of Mutlicultural America
038778: TAKAKI, RONALD T. - Double Victory; a Multicultural History of America in World War II
025647: TAKASAWA, KEIICHI - Women of Japan
040489: TAKEKOSHI, HOSOBURO - The Economic Aspects of the History of the Civilization of Japan
005349: TAKENAKA, HEIZO - Contemporary Japanese Economy and Economic Policy
014282: TAKI, SEIICHI - Japanese Fine Art
042343: TALAYESVA, DON C. - Sun Chief, the Autobiography of a Hopi Indian
028524: TALBERT, CHARLES GANO - The University of Kentucky; the Maturing Years
043720: TALBOTT, JOHN E. - The Politics of Educational Reform in France, 1918-1940
045605: TALLCHIEF, MARIA - Maria Tallchief, America's Prima Ballerina
018799: TALLIS, DAVID - Music Boxes; a Guide for Collectors
006787: TALPALAR, MORRIS - The Sociology of Colonial Virginia
041870: TAMAMES, RAMON - La Republica. La Era de Franco
005785: TAMAMES, RAMON - The Spanish Economy; an Introduction
041781: TAMBURRANO, GIUSEPPE - Storia E Cronaca Del Centro-Sinistra
041935: TAMBURRANO, GIUSEPPE - L'Iceberg Democristiano
019156: TAMBURRI, ANTHONY JULIAN - Of Saltimbanchi and Incendiari; Aldo Palazzeschi and Avant-Gardism in Italy
018960: TAMES, GEORGE - Eye on Washington; the Presidents Who'Ve Know Me
041040: MU'TAMID, KING OF SEVILLE 1039-1095 - Al-Mu'Tamid: Poesia
008307: TAMPLIN, ILLI-MARIA, ET AL. - In the Absence of Paradise; the Art of David Bierk
038042: TAN, AMY - The Kitchen God's Wife
030703: IKKO, TANAKA AND KOIKE KAZUKO, EDS - Japan Design; the Four Seasons in Design
007993: TANDON, PRAKASH - Return to Punjab
005272: TANDON, PRAKASH - Beyond Punjab, 1937-1960
033950: TANENHAUS, SAM - Whittaker Chambers; a Biography
006069: TANGYE, RICHARD - The Two Protectors; Oliver and Richard Cromwell
035837: TANIZAKI, JUN'ICHIRO - In Praise of Shadows
039688: TANK, RONALD, ED - Focus on Environmental Geology; a Collection of Case Histories and Readings from Original Sources
037300: TANNAHILL, REAY - Flesh and Blood; a History of the Cannibal Complex
029784: TANNENBAUM, SAMUEL A. - The Handwriting of the Renaissance. Being the Development and Characteristics of the Script of Shakespere's Time
030451: TANNENBAUM, SAMUEL A. - Shaksperian Scraps and Other Elizabethan Fragments
024646: TANNER, LAURA E. - Intimate Violence; Reading Rape and Torture in Twentieth-Century Fiction
004710: TANNER, KARL MARTIN - Die Bestandesentwicklung Der Vogelfauna in Den Kantonen Baselland Und Basel-Stadt Zwischen 1750 Und 1990
031424: TANNER, CLARA LEE - Southwest Indian Painting; a Changing Art
031645: TANNER, OGDEN - Gardening America; Regional and Historical Influences in the Contemporary Garden
044448: TANNER, TONY - Adultery in the Novel; Contract and Transgression
045581: TANNER, VÄINÖ - Olin Ulkoministerinä Talvisodan Aikana
044846: TANNER, MARCIA - Tom Marioni; Trees and Birds, 1969-1999
037132: TANNER, THOMAS, ED - Aldo Leopold; the Man and His Legacy
005855: TANNERY, CLAUDE - Malraux, the Absolute Agnostic, or Metamorphosis As Universal Law
019157: TANNERY, CLAUDE - Malroux, the Absolute Agnostic, or, Metamorphosis As Universal Law
037909: TANSLEY, A. G. - Oaks and Oak Woods
039413: TANZI, VITO, ET AL., EDS - Economic Policy & Equity
018800: TAPER, BERNARD - Cellist in Exile; a Portrait of Pablo Casals
004121: TAPIÉ, VICTOR L. - The Rise and Fall of the Habsburg Monarchy
022568: TARABORRELLI, J. RANDY - Jackie, Ethel, Joan; Women of Camelot
030694: TARABORRELLI, J. RANDY - Sinatra; Behind the Legend
032369: TARALON, JEAN - The Grotto of Lascaux
858: TARALON, JEAN - Treasures of the Church of France. With the Assistance of Roseline Maitre D Evallon
031948: TARN, W. W. - Hellenistic Civilisation
011413: TARRADELL, M. - Arte Romano En España
041868: TARROW, SIDNEY - Tra Centro E Periferia; IL Ruolo Degli Amministratori Locali in Italia E in Francia
006788: TARSAIDZE, ALEXANDRE - Czars and Presidents; the Story of a Forgotten Friendship
026818: TARSKI, ALFRED - Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics; Papers from 1923 to 1938
031499: TARUSKIN, RICHARD - Musorgsky; Eight Essays and an Epilogue
031203: TASKER, GREG - Sanders Confectionery
016924: TASLITT, ISRAEL I., ED - Faith Walks the Land; the Christian Communities of Israel
030617: NATHOO, TASNIM AND ALECK OSTRY - The One Best Way? Breastfeeding History, Politics, and Policy in Canada
013426: TASSI, ROBERTO - Arturo Carmassi
009076: TASSINARI, GIUSEPPE - Ten Years of Integral Land-Reclamation Under the Mussolini Act
032944: TASSO, TORQUATO - La Gerusalemme Liberata
046885: TASSO, TORQUATO - Rinaldo
019646: TATE, ALLEN - Essays of Four Decades
034141: TATE, ROBERT WILLIAM - Carmina Dublinensia
045465: TATE, ROBERT B. - Ensayos Sobre la Historiografia Peninsular Del Siglo XV
033492: TATHAM, JOHN - The Dramatic Works of John Tatham with Introductions and Notes
038743: TATLOCK, R. R. - English Painting of the Xviiith-Xxth Centuries with Some Examples of the Spanish, French & Dutch Schools, and of Original Drawings, Together with a Collection of Historic & Modern Sculpture
031042: TATSUNO, SHERIDAN M. - Created in Japan; from Imitators to World-Class Innovators
025408: TATTLIN, ISADORA - Cuba Diaries; an American Housewife in Havana
016878: TAUBMAN, HOWARD - The Pleasure of Their Company; a Reminiscence
038000: TAUBMAN, MARY - Gwen John; the Artist and Her Work
009364: TAUBMAN, HOWARD - The Making of the the American Theatre
039411: TAUSSIG, MICHAEL K. - Alternative Measures of the Distribution of Economic Welfare
018289: TAVANEC, P. V. - Problems of the Logic of Scientific Knowledge
004712: TAVERNER, P. A. - Birds of Western Canada
019224: TAVERNIER, YVES - Le Syndicalisme Paysan: F.N. S.E. A. , C.N. J.A.
036745: TAWA, NICHOLAS E. - The Way to Tin Pan Alley; American Popular Song, 1866-1920
007846: TAX, MEREDITH - The Rising of the Women; Feminist Solidarity and Class Conflict, 1880-1917
012021: TAX, SOL, ED - Evolution After Darwin
044009: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C. - To See Is to Think: Looking at American Art
035046: TAYLOR, ARCHER - The Proverb and an Index to the Proverb
014105: TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN - Thought and Expression in the Sixteenth Century
014106: TAYLOR, JAMES G. - The Behavioral Basis of Perception
035986: TAYLOR, GEORGE M. - British Herbs and Vegetables
034788: TAYLOR, A. E. - Socrates
036879: TAYLOR, LEONARD B. - Financial Management of the Vietnam Conflict 1962-1972
042522: TAYLOR, MICHAEL J., ED - A Companion to Paul; Readings in Pauline Theology
1577: TAYLOR, VINCENT - The Formation of the Gospel Tradition; Eight Lectures
023503: TAYLOR, HILARY - James Mcneill Whistler
025854: TAYLOR, D. CRANE - William Congreve
018980: TAYLOR, JOAN KENNEDY - What to Do When You Don't Want to Call the Cops; a Non-Adversarial Approach to Sexual Harassment
008623: TAYLOR, FRANCIS HENRY - The Taste of Angels; a History of Art Collecting from Rameses to Napoleon
007847: TAYLOR, JOHN - Circus of Ambition; the Culture of Wealth and Power in the Eighties
014544: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C. - The Fine Arts in America
046043: TAYLOR, DOUGLAS - Languages of the West Indies
004450: TAYLOR, FRANK J., ET AL. - From Land and Sea; the Story of Castle & Cooke of Hawaii
012663: TAYLOR, GEOFFREY - Insect Life in Britain
010783: TAYLOR, ALBERT PIERCE - Under Hawaiian Skies; a Narrative of the Romance, Adventure and History of the Hawaiian Islands; a Complete Historical Account
027452: TAYLOR, GARY - Reinventing Shakespeare; a Cultural History, from the Restoration to the Present
010687: TAYLOR, TELFORD - Munich; the Price of Peace
041991: TAYLOR, DAVID WOOSTER - The Life of James Rolph, Jr.
009726: TAYLOR, OVERTON H. - The Classical Liberalism, Marxism, and the Twentieth Century
030243: CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, JOAN - San Francisco Opera; the First Seventy-Five Years
020726: TAYLOR, ANYA - Magic and English Romanticism
002311: TAYLOR, F. W. - A Practical Hausa Grammar, with Exercises, Vocabularies and Specimen Examination Papers
030999: TAYLOR, JOHN RUSSELL - Strangers in Paradise; the Hollywood émigrés 1933-1950
017195: TAYLOR, FRANK J. - High Horizons; Daredevil Flying Postmen to Modern Magic Carpet--the United Air Lines Story
029763: TAYLOR, ARCHER - Problems in German Literary History of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
029764: TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN - The Mediaeval Mind; a History of the Development of Thought and Emotion in the Middle Ages
045629: TAYLOR, ARCHER - The Literary History of Meistergesang
006790: TAYLOR, FRANCIS R. - Life of William Savery of Philadelphia, 1750-1804
006791: TAYLOR, TELFORD - Grand Inquest; the Story of Congressional Investigations
031273: TAYLOR, ALAN R. - Prelude to Israel; an Analysis of Zionist Diplomacy 1897-1949
046788: TAYLOR, THOMAS - The Theoretic Arithmetic of the Pythagoreans
031557: CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, JOAN - Visiting Eden; the Public Gardens of Northern California
046859: TAYLOR, BERNARD A., ET AL., EDS - Biblical Greek Language and Lexicography; Essays in Honor of Frederick W. Danker
039846: TAYLOR, JOHN H., ED - Journey Through the Afterlife; Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
037034: TAYLOR, COLIN F. - Buckskin and Buffalo; the Artistry of the Plains Indians
047232: TAYLOR, JEAN GALMAN - The Social World of Batavia; European and Eurasian in Dutch Asia
044627: TAYLOR, PAULINE - The Latinit of the Liber Historiae Francorum; a Phonological, Morphological and Syntactical Study
038138: TAYLOR, MARY L. R. - Economy for Epicures; a Practical Menu and Recipe Book
031949: TAYLOR, A. E. - Plato the Man and His Work
016928: MACDONALD-TAYLOR, MARGARET, ED - A Dictionary of Marks: Ceramics, Metalwork, Furniture. The Identification Handbook for Antiques Collectors
015322: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C. - Futurism
033220: TAYLOR, PATRICK, ED - The Oxford Companion to the Garden
032727: TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN - Fact; the Romance of Mind
042556: TAYLOR, BAYARD - Eldorado or Adventures in the Path of Empire, Comprising a Voyage to California, Via Panama, Life in San Francisco and Monterey, Pictures of the Gold Region, and Experiences of Mexican Travel
044851: TAYLOR, ALAN - The Divided Ground; Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution
012022: TAYLOR, GORDON RATTRAY - The Great Evolution Mystery
036814: TAYLOR, J. E. - The Sagacity and Morality of Plants; a Sketch of the Life and Conduct of the Vegetable Kingdom
045225: TAYLOR, EDWARD - The Diary of Edward Taylor
039651: TAYLOR, ROBERT LEWIS - W.C. Fields; His Follies and Fortunes
044023: TAYLOR, CHARLES - Dilemmas and Connections; Selected Essays
026985: TAYLOUR, WILLIAM - The Mycenaeans
030322: TAYMAN, JOHN - The Colony
007426: TAYMOR, BETTY - Running Against the Wind; the Struggle of Women in Massachusetts Politics
012454: TAZIEFF, HAROUN - Craters of Fire
031505: TCHAIKOVSKY, PYOTR - Eugene Onegin
031506: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Symphonies. In Full Score
031507: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - The Maid of Orleans; Opera. Vocal Score
031515: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - The Slippers Opera. Vocal Score
031517: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, and 3. In Full Score
031518: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35
031519: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - Yolanta; Opera. Vocal Score
026986: TCHERIKOVER, VICTOR - Hellenistic Civilization and the Jews
041300: TCHERNIA, ANDRÉ - Les Romains Et le Commerce
012455: TEALE, EDWIN WAY - Wandering Through Winter; a Naturalist's Record of a 20,000-Mile Journey Through the North American Winter
012508: TEALE, EDWIN WAY - Green Treasury; a Journey Through the World's Great Nature Writing
037650: FUNNY CIDE TEAM - Funny Cide; How a Horse, a Trainer, a Jockey, and a Bunch of High School Buddies Too on the Sheiks and Blue Bloods... And Won
021772: TEBBEL, JOHN - The Marshall Fields; a Study in Wealth
029089: TEBRAKE, WILLIAM H. - Medieval Frontier; Culture and Ecology in Rijnland
005139: TEC, NECHAMA - When Light Pierced the Darkness; Christian Rescue of Jews in Nazi-Occupied Poland
011807: IDNDR INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON EARTHQUAK DISASTER REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY - Proceedings of the Idndr International Symposium on Earthquake Disaster Reduction Technology; in Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, December 15-17, 1992, Tsukuba, Japan
023450: TEELUCKSINGH, CHERYL, ED - Claiming Space; Racilization in Canadian Cities
033040: TEGGART, FREDERICK J. - Theory and Processes of History
032378: ITOH, TEIJI AND GREGORY CLARK, EDS - The Dawns of Tradition
040982: TEILLARD, ANIA - Handschriftendeutung Auf Tiefenpsychologischer Grundlage
026988: TEITZ, RICHARD STUART - Masterpieces of Etruscan Art
046376: FERNANDEZ TEJERO, EMILIA - Las Masoras Ddel Libro de Génesis: Codice M1 de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid
023020: TEKOAH, YOSEF - In the Face of the Nations; Israel's Struggle for Peace
025298: TELEMANN, GEORG PHILIPP - Fortsetzung Des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes. Volume IV
025299: TELEMANN, GEORG PHILIPP - Fortsetzung Des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes. Volume I.
025300: TELEMANN, GEORG PHILIPP - Fortsetzung Des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes. Volume II
025308: TELEMANN, GEORG PHILIPP - Fortsetzung Des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes. Volume III
013344: TELLENBACH, GERD - Church, State and Christian Society at the Time of the Investiture Contest
044963: TELLER, WALTER, ED - Twelve Works of Naive Genius
026412: TELLER, WALTER - Joshua Slocum
022505: TELSER, LESTER G. - Competition, Collusion, and Game Theory
043850: TEMANZA, TOMMASO - Antica Pianta Dell'Inclita Città Di Venezia Delineata Cirica la Metà Del XII Secolo
034217: TEMPESTA, STEFANO MARTINELLI - Studi Sulla Tradizione Testuale Del de Tranquillitate Animi Di Plutarco
037680: TEMPLE, NIGEL - Seen and Not Heard; a Garland of Fancies for Victorian Children
006546: TEMPLE, WILLIAM - Some Lambeth Letters
011620: TEMPLE, RICHARD - Lord Lawrence
038355: TEMPLEMAN, ELEANOR LEE - Arlington Heritage; Virgnettes of a Virginia County
039743: TEMPLEMAN, WILFRED - Marine Resources of Newfoundland
034308: TEMPLETON, DOUGLAS A. - The New Testament As True Fiction
005502: TENBROCK, ROBERT-HERMANN - A History of Germany
002314: TENNANT, ELAINE C. - The Habsburg Chancery Language in Perspective
020074: TENNEY, ALVAN A. - Social Democracy and Population
036418: TENNIEL, JOHN - Tenniel's Alice; Drawings by Sir John Tenniel for Alice's Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
027336: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - A Variorum Edition of Tennyson's Idylls of the King
005090: TENTLER, LESLIE WOODCOCK - Wage-Earning Women; Industrial Work and Family Life in the United States, 1900-1930
042229: JOHANNES VON TEPL - Der Ackerman
005545: TERDIMAN, RICHARD - The Dialectics of Isolation; Self and Society in the French Novel from the Realists to Proust
042353: TERKEL, STUDS - Race; How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession
002315: TERNES, ELMAR - Einführung in Die Phonologie
026084: TERPITZ, DOROTHEA - Giovanni Antonio Canal, Genannt Canaletto 1697-1768
028655: TERRA, HELMUT DE - Urmensch Und Mammut; Alte Kulturen IM Boden Mittelamerikas
021802: TERRAS, VICTOR - Belinskij and Russian Literary Criticism; the Heritage of Organic Aesthetics
028616: TERRAS, VICTOR - A History of Russian Literature
033641: TERRAS, VICTOR, ED - Handbook of Russian Literature
034042: TERRAS, VICTOR - A History of Russian Literature
009365: TERRAS, VICTOR - A History of Russian Literature
038183: TERRASSE, MICHEL - Bonnard at le Cannet
007600: TERRELL, JOHN UPTON - La Salle; the Life and Times of an Explorer
030805: TERRES, JOHN K. - The Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds
016779: TERRILL, ROSS - The New Chinese Empire; and What It Means for the United States
011624: TERRILL, ROSS - R.H. Tawney and His Times; Socialism As Fellowship
013159: TERRILL, ROSS - The White-Boned Demon; a Biography of Madame Mao Zedong
001876: TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD - The Music of Bach; an Introduction
043526: TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD - Bach's Orchestra
014283: TERUKAZU, AKIYAMA - Japanese Painting
041822: TESAURO, ALESSANDRO - IL Nostro Comune Nemico
030930: BAAL-TESHUVA, JACOB - Art Treasures of the United Nations
036853: TESKE, ROBERT T., ED - Wisconsin Folk Art; a Sesquicentennial Celebration
042330: TESKE, HANS - Die Abendländischen Sagenkreise in Der Deutschen Dichtung Des Mittelalters; Drei Vorträge
014276: TESSAI, TOMIOKA - The Works of Tomioka Tessai
022179: TESTA, ALDO - Critica Del Linguaggio E Nuovi Atti E Testimonianze Di Critica Della Religione
023803: TESTER, KEITH - Media, Culture and Morality
046679: TETEL, MARCEL - Marguerite de Navarre's Heptameron: Themes, Language, and Structure
029991: REES VAN TETS, HENRICA FRANÇOISE GEVAETS - Voyage D'Une Hollandaise En France En 1819
040945: TEUCHERT, HERMANN - Niederdeutsche Mundarten; Texte Aus Alter Und Neuer Zeit
026990: TEUFFEL, W. S. - A History of Roman Literature
041198: TEW, BRIAN - The International Monetary Fund: Its Present Role and Future Prospects
023192: DEN TEX, JAN - Locke En Spinoza over de Tolerantie
010833: TEZLA, ALBERT - An Introductory Bibliography to the Study of Hungarian Literature
044435: VAN DEURSEN, A. TH. AND H. DE SCHEPPER - Willem Van Oranje; Een Strijd Voor Vrijheid En Verdraagzaamheid
023532: THACKER, CHRISTOPHER - The History of Gardens
041576: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray
036224: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - A Collection of Letters of Thackeray, 1847-1855
037140: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Newcomes; Memors of a Most Respectable Family
018693: VAN THAL, HERBERT, ED - Fanfare for Ernest Newman
006547: THALBERG, IRVING - Enigmas of Agency; Studies in the Philosophy of Human Action
033284: THALER, ALWIN - Shakspere's Silences
008304: THANE, ELSWYTH - The Family Quarel; a Journey Through the Years of the Revolution
009587: THARP, TWYLA - Push Comes to Shove
035214: THARP, LARS - Hogarth's China; Hogarth's Printing and Eighteenth-Century Ceramics
008726: THATCHER, MARGARET - The Path to Power
018195: THATCHER, G. W. - Arabic Grammar of the Written Language
018295: THAYER, JOSEPH HENRY - A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament
012875: THEAL, GEORGE MCCALL - Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets Relating to Africa
039363: THEAL, GEORGE MCCALL - Kaffir Folk-Lore: A Selection from the Traditional Tales Current Among the People Living on the Eastern Border of the Cape Colony with Copious Explanatory Notes
023916: THEEN, ROLF H. W. - Lenin; Genesis and Development of a Revolutionary
023464: THEIL, HENRI - Linear Aggregation of Economic Relations
044783: THEIL, GORDON - Michael Tippett; a Bio-Bibliography
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016217: TOMPKINS, PETER - The Murder of Admiral Darian; a Study in Conspiracy
016218: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY - The Secret War, 1914-1918
005702: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY - The Triumph of Bolshevism; Revolution or Reaction
015004: TOMPKINS, JOHN S. - The Weapons of Wold War III; the Long Road Back from the Bomb
036568: TOMS, AGNES - The Joy of Eating Natural Foods; the Complete Organic Cookbook
005430: TOMSICH, JOHN - A Genteel Endeavor; American Culture and Politics in the Gilded Age
006548: TONKIN, JOHN - The Church and the Secular Order in Reformation Thought
037887: MACKERTICH, TONY AND PETER MACKERTICH - Facade; a Decade of British and American Commercial Architecture
026869: TOOBIN, JEFFREY - A Vast Conspiracy; the Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President
032089: TOOGOOD, MALCOLM - Porsche Catalogs; a Visual Hsitory from 1948 to the Present Day
019891: TOOHEY, JOHN - Captain Bligh's Portable Nightmare
005871: TOOKER, ELVA - Nathan Trotter, Philadelphia Merchant 1787-1853
009126: TOOLE, K. ROSS - The Rape of the Great Plains; Northwest America, Cattle and Coal
007338: TOOLE, K. ROSS - Twentieth-Century Montana; a State of Extremes
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047043: O'TOOLE, GARSON - Hemingway Didn't Say That; the Truth Behind Familiar Quotations
015976: O'TOOLE, G. J. A. - Honorable Treachery; a History of U. S> Intelligence, Espionage, and Covert Action from the American Revolution to the Cia
045500: TOOLEY, R. V. - Maps and Map-Makers
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042827: TOPORISIC, JOZE - Slovenski Knjizni Jezik
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045777: TOPSFIELD, L. T. - Chrétien de Troyes; a Study of the Arthurian Romances
031217: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA - Primitive Passions; Men, Women, and the Quest for Ecstasy
032824: TORGOVNICK, MARIANNA - Gone Primitive; Savage Intellects, Modern Lives
024429: TÖRNVALL, GUSTAF - Geistliches Und Weltliches Regiment Bei Luther; Studien Zu Luthers Weltbild Und Gesellschaftsverständnis
028520: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO - Toward Community in University Government; Report of the Commission on the Government of the University of Toronto
022626: FONG-TORRES, BEN - The Rice Room; Growing Up Chinese-American--from Number Two Son to Rock'n'Roll
045078: TORRES, ELIAS L. - Twenty Episodes in the Life of Pancho Villa
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019653: TORREY, E. FULLER - The Roots of Treason; Ezra Pound and the Secrets of St. Elizabeths
021098: BLOMQUIST, TORSTEN AND WERNER VÖGELIN - A Gastronomic Tour of the Scandinavian Arctic
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039360: TOVEY, DONALD FRANCIS - Essays in Musical Analysis
018805: TOWERS, JOHN - Dictionary-Catalogue of Opera and Operettas
035363: TOWLE, MARGARET A. - The Ethnobotany of Pre-Columbia Peru
047238: TOWLES, AMOR - A Gentleman in Moscow
009943: TOWNER, WESLEY - The Elegant Auctioneers
045668: TOWNSEND, ELEANOR - Death and Art; Europe 1200-1530
013162: TOWNSEND, JAMES R. - Political Participation in Communist China
005744: TOWSTER, JULIAN - Political Power in the U.S. S.R. , 1917-1947; the Theory and Structure of Government in the Soviet State
008350: TOYE, FRANCIS - Rossini; a Study in Tragi-Comedy
031522: TOYE, FRANCIS - Giuseppe Verdi; His Life and Works
024437: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD - An Historian's Approach to Religion
026357: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD - Greek Civilisation and Character; the Self-Revelation of Ancient Greek Society
011422: TOYNBEE, J. M. C. - The Art of the Romans
005105: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - Acquaintances
044578: TOYNBEE, PAGET - Dante Studies and Researches
041774: TOZZER, ALFRED M. - A Maya Grammar with Bibliography and Appraisement of the Works Noted
014773: TOZZER, ALFRED M. - Excavation of a Site at Santiago Ahuizotla, D.F. Mexico
022182: TRABANT, JÜRGEN - Elemente Der Semiotik
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022866: TRACY, WALTER - The Typographic Scene
003974: TRACY, MICHAEL - Agriculture in Western Europe; Crisis and Adaption Since 1880
044482: TRACY, CHARLES - An American Sur-Realist
038054: TRACY, ROBERT - Trollope's Later Novels
004948: TRAGER, FRANK N. - Why Viet Nam
035353: TRAGER, JAMES - The Food Chronology; a Food Lover's Compendium of Events and Anecdotes, from Prehistory to the Present
005456: TRAILL, H. D. - William the Third
040585: TRAILL, DAVID A. - Schliemann of Troy; Treasure and Deceit
037761: TRAISMAN, BARBARA - Handed Down; the Artisan Tradition
046842: TRAISTER, BARBARA HOWARD - The Notorious Astrological Physician of London; Works and Days of Simon Forman
046530: TRALBAUT, MARC EDO - Vincent Van Gogh
026132: TRALBAUT, MARC EDO - Vincent Van Gogh
030678: TRAN, VAN NHUT - An Loc; the Unfinished War
009892: TRANEL, BERNARD - Concreteness in Generative Phonology; Evidence from French
025242: TRANSCHEL, HANS-PETER - Die Kirchlichen Werke Des Würzburger Hofbildhauers Johann Peter Wagner
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041314: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ - Valdés Leal; Baroque Concept of Death and Suffering in His Paintings
041695: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ - Martin Rico Y Ortega in the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America
014494: TRAPP, FRANK ANDERSON - The Attainment of Delacroix
008354: DANA, SAMUEL TRASK AND MYRON KRUEGER - California Lands; Ownership, Use, and Management
007933: TRASK, KERRY A. - Fire Within; a CIVIL War Narrative from Wisconsin
035135: TRASKO, MARY - Daring Do's; a History of Extraordinary Hair
016767: TRAUB, JAMES - City on a Hill; Testing the American Dream at City College
031523: TRAUBEL, HELEN - St. Louis Woman
031524: TRAUBNER, RICHARD - Operetta; a Theatrical History
026863: TRAVERS, BEN - Mischief
034013: TRAVERSI, DEREK - Shakespeare: The Last Phase
010974: TRAVIS, ROY - Duo Concertante in Five Movements for Violin and Piano 1967
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002323: TRAVNICEK, FRANTISEK - Phonetik Der Tschechischen Schriftsprache
014265: PAINE, ROBERT TREAT AND ALEXANDER SOPER - The Art and Architecture of Japan
039552: TREBUKOVA, MASHA - Masha Trebukova; Recente Schilderijen, 23 November-21 December 2002
039553: TREBUKOVA, MASHA - Masha Trebukova
039554: TREBUKOVA, MASHA - Masha Trebukova
012330: DEL TREDICI, ROBERT - Floodgates of the Wonderworld. A Moby-Dick Pictorial, Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Melville's Masterwork
036608: DEL TREDICI, PETER - St. George and the Pygmies; the Story of Tsuga Canadensis "Minuta
036609: DEL TREDICI, PETER - A Giant Among the Dwarfs; the Mystery of Sargent's Weeping Hemlock
033888: TREFIL, JAMES S. - The Moment of Creation; Big Bang Physics from Before the First Millisecond to the Present Universe
022236: TREFIL, JAMES - A Scientist in the City
024947: TREGGIARI, NICCOLA - Vita Del Padre Benvenuto Bambozzi, Già Maestro de' Novizzi de Minori Conventuali
034317: TREGLOWN, JEREMY - Romancing; the Life and Work of Henry Green
008341: TREISTMAN, JUDITH M. - The Prehistory of China; an Archeological Exploration
018423: TREITSCHKE, HEINRICH VON - Deutsche Geschichte IM Neunzehnten Jahrhundert
023734: TREMBLAY, MICHEL - Les Belles-Soeurs
023792: TREMBLAY, MICHEL - Bonjour, la, Bonjour
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012430: CHENEVIX-TRENCH, CHARLES - A History of Horsemanship
029092: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX - Lectures on Medieval Church History
033899: TRENCHARD, JOHN - Cato's Letters; or, Essays on Liberty, CIVIL and Religious, and Other Important Subjects
010413: TREND, J. B. - Portugal
011636: TRENT, CHRISTOPHER - The Russells
018008: TRENTON, PATRICIA - Harvey Otis Young, the Lost Genius 1840-1901
018301: TRESMONTANT, CLAUDE - Christian Metaphysics
042172: TRESMONTANT, CLAUDE - études de Métaphysique Biblique
005332: TRESSIDOR, ARGUS JOHN - Ceylon; an Introduction to the "Resplendent Land
000025: TREUE, WILHELM - Wirtschaftsgeschichte Der Neuzeit
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016222: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH - Rome '44; the Battle for the Eternal City
023490: TREVELYAN, MARY CAROLINE - William the Third and the Defence of Holland 1672-4
014965: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY - Garibaldi's Defence of the Roman Republic, 1848-9
021645: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY - The Life of John Bright
011639: TREVELYAN, G. M. - Illustrated English Social History
011637: TREVELYAN, G. M. - English Social History; a Survey of Six Centuries, Chaucer to Queen Victoria
010062: TREVES, FREDERICK - The Country of "the Ring and the Book
046375: TREVES, PIERO - Lo Studio Dell'Antichità Classica Nell'Ottocento
018302: TRIBE, DAVID - 100 Years of Freethought
040525: TRIEBEL, L. A. - Rasser of Alsace
041201: TRIFFIN, ROBERT - The Balance of Payments and the Foreign Investment Position of the United States
023291: TRILLING, DIANA - The Beginning of the Journey; the Marriage of Diana and Lionel Trilling
025822: TRILLING, JAMES - Aegean Crossroads; Greek Island Embroideries in the Textil Museum
015580: TRILLING, LIONEL - Matthew Arnold
036484: TRILLING, DIANA - Reviewing the Forties
021695: ERVIN-TRIPP, SUSAN M. - Language Acquisitions and Communicative Choice; Essays by Susan M. Ervin-Tripp
043277: TRISTRAM, HILDEGARD L. C. - Liniguistik Und Die Interpretation Englischer Literarischer Texte
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042760: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Complete Short Stories. Volume II: Editors and Writers
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038225: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Framley Parsonage
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038228: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Warden
046532: TROMPETTER, COR - Leven Aan de Rand Van de Republiek; Stad En Gericht Almelo 1580-1700
033014: TRONCHE, ANNE - Ljuba
020029: TRONIK, RUTH - Israeli Periodical & Serials in English & Other European Languages; a Classified Bibliography
039490: TRONZO, WILLIAM - The Via Latina Catacomb; Imitation and Discontinuity in Fourth-Century Roman Painting
004196: TROPP, EDUARD, ET AL. - Alexander A. Friedmann: The Man Who Made the Universe Expand
046698: TROSS, ERNST - Das Raumproblem in Der Bildenden Kunst; Kritische Untersuchungen Zur Fiedler-Hildebrandischen Lehre
016469: TROTHA, FRIEDRICH VON - Fritz Von Holstein Als Mensch Und Politiker
011641: TROTTER, TORRENS, COMP - Cowdray in the Parish of Easebourne, Near Midhurst, Sussex
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031525: TROTTER, WILLIAM R. - Priest of Music; the Life of Dimitri Mitropoulos
029690: TROUILLAS, PAUL - Le Complexe de Marianne
024666: TROXELL, HYLA A. - The Coinage of the Lycian League
026679: TROY, SANDY - One More Saturday Night; Reflection with the Grateful Dead, Dead Family, and Dead Heads
006797: TROY, GIL - Affairs of State; the Rise and Rejection of the Presidential Couple Since World War II
019655: TROYAT, HENRI - Turgenev
035294: TROYAT, HENRI - Peter the Great
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045693: CHRÉTIENS DE TROYES - Yvain or the Knight with the Lion
008384: TRUAX, CAROL - Father Was a Gourmet; an Epic of Good Eating at the Turn of the Century
011817: TRUAX, RHODA - Joseph Lister, Father of Modern Surgery
037614: TRUBEK, AMY B. - Haute Cuisine; How the French Invented the Culinary Profession
030911: TRUBETZKOY, N. S. - Dostoevskij Als Künstler
042790: TRUC, GONZAGUE - Lamartine
041067: TRUCHAUD, FRANÇOIS - H.P. Lovecraft
036310: TRUDEAU, G. B. - Doonesbury Deluxe; Selected Glances Askance
006798: TRUDELL, CLYDE F. - Colonia Yorktown; Being a Brief Historie of the Place Together with Something of Its Houses and Publick Buildings
046238: TRUDELL, CLYDE F. - Colonial Yorktown Being a Brief Historie of the Place; Together with Something of Its Houses and Publick Buildings
037008: TRUEBLOOD, ALAN S. - Experience and Artistic Expression in Lope de Vega; the Making of la Dorotea
045216: TRULOVE, JAMES GRAYSON - The Smart Loft
027652: TRUMAN, HARRY S. - Dear Bess; the Letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959
002325: TRUMBULL, JAMES HAMMOND - Natick Dictionary
024029: TRUMP, DAVID - Central and Southern Italy Before Rome
011644: TRUNER, F. C. - James II
040366: TRUSSLER, SIMON - The Cambridge Illustrated History of Britih Theatre
034193: TRYON, W. S. - Parnassus Corner; a Life of James T. Fields, Publisher to the Victorians
009894: TRYPUCKO, JOZEF - Le Pluriel Dans Les Locutions Adverbiales de Temps Et de Lieu En Slave
003508: TSAGARAKIS, ODYSSEUS - Die Subjectivität in Der Griechischen Lyrik
022576: TSANG, CHERYL D. - Microsoft First Generation; the Success Secrets of the Visionaries Who Launched a Technology Empire
004969: TSANG, CHIH - China's Postwar Markets
025243: TSATSOS, THEMISTOKLES - Peri Politeias; Staatstheoretische Studien
024439: TSCHACKERT, PAUL - Die Entstehung Der Lutherischen Und Der Reformierten Kirchenlehre Samt Ihren Innerprotestantischen Gegensätzen
004400: TSCHIRCH, FRITZ - Geschichte Der Deutschen Sprache
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045683: TSEVAT,, MATITIAHU - A Study of the Language of the Biblical Psalms
036748: TSUJI, SHIZUO - Japanese Cooking; a Simple Art
035538: TUBACH, FREDERIC C. - Struktur IM Widerspruch; Studien Zum Minnesang
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031526: TUBEUF, ANDRÉ - Le Festival de Salzbourg
022566: SHAND-TUCCI, DOUGLASS - The Art of Scandal; the Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner
037169: SHAND-TUCCI, DOUGLASS - The Crimson Letter; Harvard, Homosexuality, and the Shaping of American Culture
027842: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - August 1914
037376: TUCHMAN, MITCH, ED - The Robert O. Anderson Building
022583: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Practicing History; Selected Essays
015079: TUCHMAN, MAURICE, ED - American Sculpture of the Sixties
037233: TUCHMAN, MITCH - Magnificent Obsessions; Twenty Remarkable Collectors in Pursuit of Their Dreams
033827: TUCKER, GLENN - High Tide at Gettysburg; the Campaign in Pennsylvania
014116: TUCKER, ABRAHAM - Freewill, Foreknowlege and Fate; a Fragment
016224: TUCKER, GLENN - Chickamauga, Bloody Battle in the West
016225: TUCKER, ROBERT C. - Stalinism; Essays in Historical Interpretation
005604: TUCKER, MARTIN - Africa in Modern Literature; a Survey of Contemporary Writing in English
007835: TUCKER, NANCY BERNKOPF - Patterns in the Dust; Chinese-American Relations and the Recognition Controversy, 1949-1950
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032192: TUCKER, PAUL HAYES - Monet in the '90s; the Series Paintings
036141: TUCKER, KERRY - Greetings from Los Angeles; a Visit to the City of Angels in Postcards
010375: TUCKER, JOSIAH - Josiah Tucker; a Selection from His Economic and Political Writings
030067: TUDESQ, ANDRÉ-JEAN - La Démocratie Een France Depuis 1815
036613: TUDGE, COLIN - Future Food; Politics, Philosophy and Recipes for the 21st Century
019821: TUFARIELLO, CATHERINE - Keeping My Name
044246: IBN TUFAYL, MUHAMMAD IBN 'ABD AL-MALIK - El Filosofo Autodidacto (Risal'a Hayy Ibn Yaqzan)
033579: TUFTE, EDWARD R. - Visual Explanations; Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
036029: TUFTE, EDWARD R. - The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
009993: TUGWELL, REXFORD G. - Off Course; from Truman to Nixon
004815: TUGWELL, REXFORD G. - In Search of Roosevelt
006799: TUGWELL, REXFORD G. - Off Course; from Truman to Nixon
028935: MUSÉE DU LOUVRE-ORANGERIE DES TUILERIES - Dans la Lumiere de Vermeer; Cinq Siècles de Peinture. Paris 24-September-28 Novembre 1966
021161: ILOMETS, TUILLO AND HILLAR PALAMETS - Alma Mater Tartuensis; Tartu Riiklik ûlikool... 1632-1982
016226: TULEJA, THADDEUS V. - Statesmen and Admirals; Quest for a Far Eastern Naval Policy
1589: TULLOCH, JOHN - Movements of Religious Thought in Britain During the Nineteenth Century. Wi Th an Introduction by A.C. Cheyne
016227: TULLY, ANDREW - Berlin; Story of a Battle, April-May 1945
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005106: TUMA, ELIAS H. - Twenty-Six Centuries of Agrarian Reform; a Comparative Analysis
023760: WU TUNG - The Flight of an Empress
009594: TUNSTALL, MEREMY - The Media Are American
027998: TUNSTALL, JEREMY - The Media in Britain
017193: TUPPER, HARMON - To the Great Ocean; Siberia and the Trans-Siberian Railway
035608: TURBERVILLE, A. S., ED - Johnson's England; an Account of the Life and Manners of His Age
046580: TURBERVILLE, A. S. - English Men and Manners in the Eighteenth Century; an Illustrated Narrative
037497: TURBEVILLE, DEBORAH - Deborah Turbeville's Newport Remembered; a Photographic Portrait of a Gilded Past
036523: TURGENEV, IVAN - Literary Reminiscences and Autobiographical Fragments
006931: TURGENEV, IVAN - Ivan Turgenev; Literary Reminiscences and Autobiographical Fragments
030202: TURGENEV, IVAN S. - Fathers & Sons
019656: TURGENEV, IVAN - Literary Reminiscences and Autobiographical Fragments
030221: TURGENEV, IVAN S. - A Month in the Country
015283: TURGENEV, IVAN - A Hunter's Sketches
031527: TURING, PENELOPE - Hans Hotter; Man and Artist
015248: TURK, EDWARD BARON - Hollywood Diva; a Biography of Jeanette Macdonalld
030772: TURKEVICH, LUDMILLA BUKETOFF - Cervantes in Russia
016228: TURLEY, G. H. - The Easter Offensive, Vietnam, 1972
010332: TURLEY, WILLIAM S. - The Second Indochina War; a Short Political and Military History, 1954-1975
038121: TURNBAUGH, DOUGLAS BLAIR - Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group
008003: TURNBULL, ANDREW - Thomas Wolfe
047161: TURNBULL, STEPHEN - Japanese Castles Ad 250-1540
041691: TURNÈBE, ODET DE - Les Contens
033518: TURNELL, MARTIN - Jean Racine Dramatist
005547: TURNELL, MARTIN - The Novel in France: Mme de la Fayette, Laclos, Kconstant Stendhal, Balzac, Flaubert, Proust
034018: TURNER, LESLIE MORTON - Du Conflit Tragique Chez Les Grecs Et Dans Shakespeare
008719: TURNER, PETER - History of Photography
036290: TURNER, EVAN H. - Eskimo Graphic Art; L'Art Graphique Des Esquimaux, 1963
022852: TURNER, MARK - Death Is the Mother of Beauty; Mind, Metaphor, Criticism
023806: TURNER, GRAEME - British Cultural Studies; an Introduction
024440: TURNER, J. E. - Essentials in the Development of Religion; a Philosophic and Psychological Study
015595: TURNER, HENRY ASHBY, JR. - Hitler's Thirty Days to Power: January 1933
026323: TURNER, W. J., ED - A Treasury of English Wild Life
026992: TURNER, H. E. W. - The Pattern of Christian Truth; a Study in the Relations between Orthodoxy and Heresy in the Early Church
016850: TURNER, STANSFIELD - Caging the Nuclear Genie; an American Challenge for Global Security
010692: TURNER, HENRY ASHBY, JR. - Stresemann and the Politics of the Weimar Republic
015035: TURNER, STEVE - Van Morrison; Too Late to Stop Now
029093: TURNER, CUTHBERT HAMILTON - Studies in Early Church History; Collected Papers
033594: TURNER, FRANK M. - The Greek Heritage in Victorian Britain
015383: TURNER, W. J. - English Ballet
009230: TURNER, RALPH H., ET AL. - Waiting for Disaster; Earthquake Watch in California
030348: TURNER, PAUL - English Literature 1832-1890 Excluding the Novel
032180: TURNER, J. M. W. - J.M. W. Turner; Works on Paper from American Collections
011642: TURNER, W. J., ED - A Panorama of Rural England
035712: TURNER, THOMAS - The Diary of a Georgian Shopkeeper
020895: TURNER, JAMES - The Politics of Landscape; Rural Scenery and Society in English Poetry 1630-1660
033474: TURNER, CELESTE - Anthony Mundy, an Elizabethan Man of Letters
037258: TURNER, REGINALD - Nineteenth Century Architecture in Britain
033731: TURNER, ROBERT Y. - Shakespeare's Apprenticeship
037029: TURNER, VICTOR, ED - Celebration; Studies in Festivity and Ritual
037537: TURNER, W. J., ED - British Craftsmanship
035324: VAN LEEUWEN-TURNOVOCOVA, JIRINA - Illokutive Komposita Von Verben Des Sagens; Eine Vergleichende Untersuchung Zu Pragmatischen Aspekten Der Verballexik IM Cechischen Und Russischen
046619: TUROW, SCOTT - Innocent
012027: TURRETTINI, FERNAND - Geist Und Stoff; Gedanken ûber Den Ingenieurberuf
046433: VAN TUSSENBROEK, GABRI - Amsterdam in 1597; Kroniek Van Een Cruciaal Jaar
027568: TUTE, WARREN - Atlantic Conquest; the Men and Ships of the Glorious Age of Steam
006611: TUTOROW, NORMAN E. - Texas Annexation and the Mexican War; a Political Study of the Old Northwest
022957: TÜTSCH, HANS E. - Facets of Arab Nationalism
006152: TUTSCHKE, WOLFGANG - Solution of Initial Value Problems in Classes of Generalized Analytic Functions
026236: TUVE, ROSEMOND - A Reading of George Herbert
030257: TUVE, ROSEMOND - Elizabethan and Metaphysical Imagery; Renaissance Poetic and Twentieth-Century Critics
033564: TUVE, ROSEMOND - Images & Themes in Five Poems by Milton
033666: TUVE, ROSEMOND - A Reading of Geroge Herbert
045473: TUVE, ROSEMOND - Allegorical Imagery; Some Mediaeval Books and Their Posterity
009260: TWADDLE, MICHAEL, ED - Imperialism, the State and the Third World
027130: TWAIN, MARK - Mississippi Writings: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Life on the Mississippi; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Pudd'Nhead Wilson
027194: TWAIN, MARK - The Innocents Abroad; Roughing It
030588: TWAIN, MARK - Mainly the Truth; Interviews with Mark Twain
035994: TWISS, SALLY - Apples; a Social History
044836: TWOMBLY, ROBERT C. - Frank Lloyd Wright; His Life and His Architecture
026552: TYLDESLEY, JOYCE - Egypt; How a Lost Civilization Was Rediscovered
026960: TYLER, PARKER - Screening the Sexes; Homosexuality in the Movies
013653: TYLER, RON, ED - Alfred Jacob Miller, Artist on the Oregon Trail
007431: TYLER, LAWRENCE - Understanding Alternative Medicine; New Health Paths in America
031240: TYLER, HAMILTON A. - Pueblo Gods and Myths
043753: TYLER, MOSES COIT - A History of American Literature
043670: TYLER, DONALD EARL - Paleolithic Artifacts of American Early Man
025290: TYNAN, KENNETH - The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan
033945: TYNAN, KATHLEEN - The Life of Kenneth Tynan
012028: TYNDALL, JOHN - The Forms of Water; in Clouds and Rivers, Ice and Glaciers
008548: TYRELL, R. EMMETT, JR. - The Future That Doesn't Work; Social Democracy's Failure in Britain
043320: TYSON, DIANA B. - La Vie Du Prince Noir by Chandos Herald
028561: TYSON, JOSEPH B. - A Study of Early Christianity
043728: TZEDAKIS,YANNIS - Apo Te Medeia Ste Sappho; Anypotaktes Gynaikes Sten Archaia Hellada
028822: TZSCHIRNER, HANS-ERICH - Streifzüge Um Den Persischen Golf
046897: CHANG TZU - Chuang Tzu; Mystic, Moralist, and Social Reformer
046938: LAO-TZU - Te-Tao Ching
019400: GABEL, GERNOT U. AND GISELA R. GABEL - La Littérature Française; Bibliographie Des Thèses de Doctorat Soutenues Devant Les Universités Autrichiennes Et Suisses 1885-1975
040778: GABEL, GERNOT U. AND GISELA R. GABEL - Daniel Casper Von Lohenstein: Sophonisbe, Trauerspiel. Ein Wortindex
006553: UBACH, B. - Legisne Toram? Grammataica Practica Linguae Hebraicae Seminariis Scholisque Publicis Accommodate
019965: UBELAKER, DOUGLAS H. - The Ayalan Cemetery; a Late Ingetration Period Burial Site on the South Coast of Ecuador
046547: UBERTI, MARIA LUISA - I Menechini Di Plauto; Volgarizzamenti Rinascimentali
036250: UDE, LOUIS EUSTACHE - The French Cook
005959: ESSIEN-UDOM, E. U. - Black Nationalism; a Search for an Identity in America
022934: UDOVITCH, A. L., ED - The Middle East; Oil, Conflict & Hope
045262: UDVARDY, MIKLOS D. F. - Dynamic Zoogeography with Special Reference to Land Animals
003223: UEBERWEG, FRIEDRICH - Grundriss Der Geschichte Der Philosophie
007274: UGALDE, ANTONIO - Power and Conflict in a Mexican Community; a Study of Political Integration
022187: UHLENBECK, E. M. - Critical Comments on Transformational-Generative Grammar, 1962-1972
040421: UITTI, KARL D. - Story, Myth, and Celebration in Old French Narrative Poetry 1050-1200
036284: UKPATIKU, WILLIAM - Sanavik Cooperative, Baker Lake, 1975, Prints/Estampes
002886: ULAM, ADAM B. - Ideologies and Illusions; Revolutionary Thought from Herzen to Solzhenitsyn
004665: ULAM, ADAM B. - Titoism and the Cominform
018806: ULANOV, BARRY - Duke Ellinigton
046533: BOSMA, ULBE AND REMCO RABEN - De Oude Indische Wereld 1500-1920
035378: ULBECK, SYLVIA - No More Alibis!
023479: ULC, OTTO - The Judge in a Communist State; a View from Within
018807: ULLMAN, MICHAEL - Jazz Lives; Portraits in Words and Pictures
031955: ULLMAN, B. L. - Ancient Writing and Its Influence
045458: ULLMANN, WALTER - Law and Politics in the Middle Ages; an Introduction to the Sources of Medieval Political Ideas
002009: ULLMANN, STEPHEN - The Principles of Semantics
009899: ULLMANN, STEPHEN - Précis de Sémantique Française
020852: ULLMANN, STEPHEN - Meaning and Style; Collected Papers
030775: ULLMANN, STEPHEN - Style in the French Novel
023271: ULMAN, LLOYD, ET AL., EDS - Labor and an Integrated Europe
019658: ULMAN, CRAIG HAWKINS - Satire and the Correspondence of Swift
039629: ULMER, MELVILLE J. - Trends and Cycles in Capital Formation by United States Railroads, 1870-1950
018808: ULRICH, HOMER - Chamber Music; the Growth & Practice of an Intimate Art
009353: ULRICH, HOMER - Symphonic Music; Its Evolution Since the Renaissance
009729: ENGEL, ULRICH AND PAUL GREBE, EDS - Neue Beiträge Zur Deutschen Grammatik, Hugo Moser Zum 60. Geburtstag Gewidmet
029630: PRETZEL, ULRICH AND WOLFGANG BACHOFER - Bibliographie Zu Wolfram Von Eschenbach
044519: JÄSCHKE, KURT-ULRICH AND REINHARD WENSKUS, EDS - Festschrift Für Helmut Beumann Zum 65. Geburtstag
020981: ULYATT, MICHAEL E. - Old Hull Remembered
023201: BALDINI, UMBERTO AND PAOLO DAL POGGETTO - Firenze Restaura; IL Laboroatorio Nel Suo Quarentennio
017929: UMEDA, RYO-CHU, ED - New Studies in Ancien Eurasian History; Essays Presented to Jozef Kostrzewski
659: RADCLIFF-UMSTEAD, DOUGLAS, ED - Innovation in Medieval Literature: Essays to the Memory of Alan Markman
032595: RADCLIFF-UMSTEAD, DOUGLAS - The Birth of Modern Comedyd in Renaissance Italy
002010: UNBEGAUN, B. O. - A Bibliographical Guide to the Russian Language
038153: UNBEGAUN, BORIS - La Langue Russe Au Xvie Siècle (1500-1550). I: La Flexion Des Noms
019189: UNDERHILL, REUBEN L. - From Cowhides to Golden Fleece; a Narrative of California, 1832-1858, Based Upon Unpublished Correspondence of Thomas Oliver Larkin, Trader, Developer, Promoter, and Only American Consul
024441: UNDERHILL, EVELYN - Worship
025733: UNDERHILL, REUBEN L. - From Cohides to Golden Fleece; a Narrative of California, 1832-1858, Based Upon Unpublished Correspondence of Thomas Oliver Larkin, Trade, Developer, Promoter, and Only American Consul
026036: UNDERHILL, RUTH - Pueblo Crafts
041492: UNDERWOOD, E. ASHWORTH, ED - Science, Medicine and History; Essays on the Evolution of Scientific Thought and Medical Practice Written in Honour of Charles Singer
045937: UNGER, RICHARD W. - The Ship in the Medieval Economy 600-1600
029648: UNGER, HARLOW G. - Encyclopedia of American Education
021012: UNGER, LEONARD - Donne's Poetry and Modern Criticism
040665: UNGER, ECKHARD - Altindogermanisches Kulturgut in Nordmesopotamien
038891: ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES - The Rights and Responsibilities of Universities and Their Faculties; a Statement by the Association of American Universities, Adopted Tuesday, March 24, 1953
028519: INDIANA UNIVERSITY - Indiana University 1820-1920; Centennial Memorial Volume
028537: BROWN UNIVERSITY - Historical Catalogue of Brown University; 1950 Edition
003227: VAN UNNIK, WILLEM CORNELIS - Evangelien Aus Dem Nilsand
003511: VAN UNNIK, WILLEM CORNELIS - Newly Discovered Gnostic Writings; a Preliminary Survey of the Nag-Hammadi Find
025244: VAN UNNIK, WILLEM CORNELIS - La Littérature Juive Entre Tenach Et Mischna; Quelques Problèmes
027069: UNRAU, WILLIAM E., ED - Tending the Talking Wire; a Buck Soldier's View of Indian Country 1863-1866
027098: UNRUH, JOHN D., JR. - The Plains Across; the Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-60
008974: UNRUH, JOHN D., JR. - The Plains Across; the Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi-West 1840-60
020761: UNSWORTH, BARRY - Morality Play
005836: UNTERECKER, JOHN - Voyager; a Life of Hart Crane
044331: UNTERKIRCHER, FRANZ - Die Datierten Handschriften Der ôsterreichischen Nationalbibliothek Bis Zum Jahre 1400
025913: UPDIKE, JOHN - Just Looking; Essays on Art
009602: UPDIKE, JOHN - Hugging the Shore; Essays and Criticism
043096: UPDIKE, JOHN - Still Looking; Essays on American Art
042125: UPDIKE, JOHN - Hawthorne's Creed
008625: UPJOHN, EVERARD M., ET AL. - History of World Art
033019: URBAN, MYCHAEL - Aces; the Last Season on the Mound with the Oakland a's Big Three: Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito
024773: URCHS, MAX - Klassische Logik; Eine Einführung
045527: URCIOLO, RAPHAEL G. - The Intervocalic Plosives in Tuscan (-P-T-C-)
036277: URDA, NICHOLAS - Caucasian Sphinx; a Monophyletic Hypothesis
011425: URE, P. N. - The Greek Renaissance
034077: URE, PETER - William Shakespeare; the Problem Plays. Troilus and Cressida, All's Well That Ends Well, Measure for Measure, Timon of Athens
022160: URELAND, P. STURE, ED - Standardsprache Und Dialekte in Mehrsprachigen Gebieten Europas
015503: RA'ANAN, URI AND ROBERT L. PFALTZGRAFF, JR., EDS - International Security Dimension of Space
040892: URMSON, J. O. - Philosophical Analysis; Its Development between the Two World Wars
014117: URMSON, J. O. - Philosophical Analysis; Its Development between the Two World Wars
021013: UROFF, M. D. - Hart Crane; the Patterns of His Poetry
023021: UROFSKY, MELVIN I. - We Are One! American Jewry and Israel
023303: URQUHART, THOMAS - For the Beauty of the Earth; Birding, Opera and Other Journeys
027388: URRY, WILLIAM - Christopher Marlowe and Canterbury
021729: GÖTZ. URSULA - Die Anfänge Der Grammatikschreibung Des Deutschen in Formularbüchern Des Frühen 16. Jahrhunderts: Fabian Frangk--Schryfftspiegel--Johann Elias MeichßNer
011426: USHER, STEPHEN - The Historians of Greece and Rome
016229: USHERWOOD, STEPHEN - The Great Enterprise; the History of the Spanish Armada
036720: USSHER, ARLAND - Three Great Irishmen: Shaw, Yeat, Joyce
024663: UTBERG, NEIL S. - Coins of Mexico 1536-1963
008113: UTLEE, MAARTEN - The Abbey of St. Germain Des Prés in the Seventeenth Century
023901: UTLEY, ROBERT M. - The Indian Frontier of the American West 1846-1890
007876: UTLEY, FREDA - Odyssey of a Liberal; Memoirs
030696: UTLEY, ROBERT M. - The Lance and the Shield; the Life and Times of Sitting Bull

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