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030178: Nowell-Smith, Simon - The Legend of the Master
029908: Smith, T. V. - The Philosophic Way of Life
028815: Hartley, Percival Horton-Smith and Harold Richard Aldridge - Johannes de Mirfeld of St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield; His Life and Works
028418: Smith, John Holland - The Death of Classical Paganism
027760: Birket-Smith, Kaj - Wir Menschen Einst Und Jetzt; Die Entwicklung Der Menschheit Und Ihre Rassen
027656: Smith, M. Urwick - Luton Hoo; the Wernher Collection
027429: Smith, Page - A People's History
027240: Smith, Emma, Ed - Shakespeare's Tragedies
027237: Smith, Emma, Ed - Shakespeare's Comedies
026910: Seymour-Smith, Martin - Hardy
026479: Smith, John Boulton - Modern Finnish Painting and Graphic Art
025668: Smith, John Maynard - The Theory of Evolution
025258: Smith, William Stevenson - Ancient Egypt As Represented in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
024488: Abbott-Smith, G. - A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament
024415: Smith, Charles W. F. - The Paradox of Jesus in the Gospels
024413: Smith, Charles Ryder - The Bible Doctrine of Society in Its Historical Evolution
023131: Smith, Bradley - Japan; a History in Art
023130: Smith, Bradley - Mexico; a History in Art
023129: Smith, Bradley - Spain; a History in Art
023105: Smith, Nigel J. H. - The Enchanted Amazon Rain Forest; Stories from a Vanishing World
022455: Smith, Sam - Shadows of Hope; a Freethinker's Guide to Politics in the Time of Clinton
022430: Smith, MOrton - Hope and History, an Exploration
022276: Smith, Harmon - My Friend, My Fried; the Story of Thoreau's Relationship with Emerson
022183: Smith, M. Estellie, Ed - Studies in Linguistics in Honor of George L. Trager
020997: Smith, Carol H. - T.S. Eliot's Dramatic Theory and Practice; from Sweeney Agonistes to the Elder Statesman
020954: Smith, Al - Dictionary of City of London Street Names
020814: Smith, Henry Nash - Virgin Land; the American West As Symbol and Myth
020635: Smith, Warren Hunting - Originals Abroad; the Foreign Careers of Some Eighteenth-Century Britons
020621: Smith, Glenn Robert - Discovering Ellis Ruley
020373: Smith, A. Ledyard - Excavations at Altar de Sacrificios; Architecture, Settlement, Burials, and Caches
020328: Lucie-Smith, Edward - Joan of Arc
020265: Smith, Dennis - Report from Ground Zero
020264: Smith, Curt, Ed - What Baseball Means to Me; a Celebration of Our National Pastime
019629: Smith, F. Hopkinson - A Gentleman Vagabond and Some Others
019174: Smith, Grant H. - The History of the Comstock Lode 1850-1920
050186: Smith, R. J. - The One; the Life and Music of James Brown
1536: Smith, Colin - Contemporary French Philosophy; a Study in Norms and Values
1537: Smith, Elwyn A. - The Religion of the Republic
017392: Smith, Sean - J.K. Rowling; a Biography
017043: Smith, Patrick J. - A Year at the Met
017037: Smith, Geoffrey - The Savoy Operas; a New Guide to Gilbert and Sullivan
016922: Smith, Janet Adam - John Buchan; a Biography
016585: Smith, M. L. R. - Fighting for Ireland? the Military Strategy of the Irish Republican Movement
016435: Smith, Samuel Stanhope - An Essay on the Causes of the Variety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Species
016432: Smith, Henry Nash - Democracy and the Novel; Popular Resistance to Classic American Writers
016161: Smith, George Adam - Our Common Conscience; Addresses Delivered in America During the Great War
016160: Smith, Charles - Lord Mountbatten; His Butler's Story
015898: Smith, Thomas B. - Educating for Disaster; the Nuclear Spectre in America's Classrooms
015734: Smith, Dennis - Report from Ground Zero
015723: Smith, E. D. - Battle for Burma
015576: Smith, Wendy - Real Life Drama; the Group Theatre and America, 1931-1940
051358: Smith, Jessie Payne - A Compendious Syriac Dictionary Founded Upon the Thesaurus Syriacus of R. Payne Smith, D.D.
014895: Woodham-Smith, Cecil - The Great Hunger: Ireland, 1845-1849
011601: Smith, F. Hopkinson - In Thackeray's London
011600: Smith, Frank - A Genealogical Gazetteer of Scotland; an Alphabetical Dictionary of Places
011599: Smith, David M. - The Industrial Archaeology of the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and the Adjoining Parts of Derbyshire)
011227: Smith, Lacey Baldwin - The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World
010439: Smith, Goldwin - Canada and the Canadian Question
010296: Smith, Roger M. - Cambodia's Foreign Policy
010266: Smith, Robert J. - Kurusu; the Price of Progress in a Japanese Village, 1951-1975
009683: Smith, Waldemar R. - The Fiesta System and Economic Change
008235: Smith, Warren Sylvester - The London Heretics, 1870-1914
007722: Smith, R. Harris - Oss; the Secret History of America's Firs Central Intelligence Agency
007044: Smith, John - The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England and Thesummer Isles
006121: Trow-Smith, Robert - Society and the Land
006038: Smith, William Henry - A Political History of Slavery; Being an Account of the Slavery Controversy from the Earliest Agitation in the Eighteenth Century to the Close of the Reconstruction Period in America
005576: Smith, William - The Poems of William Smith
004840: Smith, L. H. - The Lyrebird
003495: Smith, D. J. - Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle Upon Tyne: An Illustrated Introduction
049555: Smith, Michael Peter Ed - Pacific Rim Cities in the World Economy
049648: Smith, Thomas A. - De Gratia; Faustus of Riez's Treatise on Grace and Its Place in the History of Theology
049702: Smith, Bradley - France; a History in Art
049828: Smith, Roger - Trial by Medicine; Insanity and Responsibility in Victorian Trials
003048: Smith, Macklin - Prudentius' Psychomachia: A Reexamination
044914: Smither, G. V., Ed - Kyng Alisaunder
003496: Smolak, Kurt - Das Gedicht Des Bischofs Agrestius; Eine Theologische Lehrepistel Aus Der Spätantike (Einleitung, Text, ûbersetzung Und Kommentar)
005765: Smolansky, Oles M. - The Soviet Union and the Arab East Under Khrushchev
043991: Smolin, Lee - The Life of the Cosmos
043996: Smolitsch, Igor - Leben Und Lehre Der Starzen; Der Weg Zum Vollkommenen Leben
043468: Smollett, Tobias - Travels Through France and Italy
015665: Smother, Frank, et al. - Report on the Greeks; Findings of a Twentieth Century Fund Team Which Surveyed Conditions in Greece in 1947
014078: Smulders, Pierre - La Vision de Teihard de Chardin; Essai de Réflexion Théologiqu
011602: Smuthwaite, David - Battlefields of Britain; the Complete Illustrated Guide
046215: Smyth, Alfred P. - King Alfred the Great
042147: Smyth, Henry DeWolf - Atomic Energy for Military Purposes; the Official Report on the Development of the Atomic Bomb Under the Auspices of the United States Government, 1940-1945
032132: Smyth, Cherry - Damn Fine Art by New Lesbian Artists
031932: Smyth, Herbert Weir - Greek Melic Poets
026925: Smyth, Herbert Weir - Harvard Essays on Classical Subjects
005759: Smyth, Howard McGraw - Secrets of the Fascist Era; How Uncle Sam Obtained Some of the Top-Level Documents of Mussolini's Period
027508: Smythe, Donald - Pershing, General of the Armies
043018: Snaith, Norman H. - The Jews from Cyrus to Herod
028420: Snaith, Norman H. - The Distinctive Ideas of the Old Testament
024793: Snapp, Jeremy Sherman - Destiny by Design; the Construction of the Panama Canal
031158: Snead, Stella - Animals in Four Worlds; Sculptures from India
032839: Sneden, Robert Knox - Eye of the Storm; a CIVIL War Odyssey
034529: Snell, Bruno - Scenes from Greek Drama
050867: Snell, Bruno - Griechische Metrik
010386: Snell, George - The Shapers of American Fiction, 1798-1947
021865: Snellaert, Ferdinand Augustijn - Briefwisseling Van Dr. Ferdinand Augustijn Snellaert (1809-1872)
041179: Snider, Delbert A. - Optimum Adjustment Processes and Currency Areas
021446: Snitow, Ann Barr - Ford Madox Ford and the Voice of Uncertainty
047771: Snodgrass, Anthony - Archaic Greece; the Age of Experiment
026926: Snodgrass, Anthony M. - An Archaeology of Greece; the Present State and Future Scope of a Discipline
042067: Snoeks, Remi - L'Argument de Tradition Dans la Controverse Eucharistique Entre Catholiques Et Réformés Français Au Xviie Siècle
036134: Snoke, Elizabeth R. - The Mexican War; a Bibligoraphy of Mhrc Holdings for the Period 1835-1850
048079: Snooks, Graeme Donald - The Dynamic Society; Exploring the Sources of Global Change
048274: Snow, Peter - When Britain Burned the White House; the 1814 Invasion of Washington
038366: Snow, Edward A. - A Study of Vermeer
037786: Snow, C. P. - Science and Government
037346: Snow, Richard - Coney Island; a Postcard Journey to the City of Fire
013153: Snow, Edgar - People on Our Side
005675: Snow, Russell E. - The Bolsheviks in Siberia, 1917-1918
028052: Snowman, A. Kenneth - Fabergé: Lost and Found. The Recently Discovered Jewelry Designs from the St. Petersburg Archives
014666: Snowman, A. Kenneth - The Art of Carl Fabergé
032897: Snyder, Geerto - Unsterbliche Meisterwerke; Ihr Weg Durch Die Zeit
029056: Snyder, Jon R. - Writing the Scene of Speaking; Theories of Dialogue in the Late Italian Renaissance
020288: Snyder, Leslie Crocker - 25 to Life; the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Hoting But the Truth
016164: Snyder, Louis L. - Louis L. Snyder's Historical Guide to World War II
016163: Snyder, Louis L. - The Blood and Iron Chancellor; a Documentary-Biography of Otto Von Bismarck
015655: Snyder, Louis L., Ed - The Imperialism Reader; Documents and Readings on Modern Expansionism
007725: Snyder, John Francis - John Francis Snyder; Selected Writings
007336: Snyder, Robert L. - Pare Lorentz and the Documentary Film
011603: Soames, Mary - Clementine Churchill; the Biography of a Marriage
050779: Soares, Jô - A Samba for Sherlock
020557: Sobel, Dava - Longitude; the True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
019591: Sobel, Robert - N.Y. S.E. A History of the New York Stock Exchange 1935-1975
016165: Sobel, Lester A. - Palestinian Impasse; Arab Guerrillas & International Terror
010144: Sobel, Robert - The Curbstone Brokers; the Origins of the American Stock Exchange
043535: Sobieszek, Robert A., Ed - Particulars; Selections from the Miller-Polummer Collection of Photography
037767: Sobieszek, Robert A., Et al. - Acquisitions 1973-1980, George Eastman House
048104: Soboul, Albert - La Civilisation Et la Révolution Française. Vol 1: La Crise de L'Ancien Régime
029472: Soboul, Albert - Précis D'Histoire de la Révolution Française
038114: Soby, James Thrall, et al. - Bonnard and His Environment
037896: Soby, James Thrall - Juan Gris
037875: Soby, James Thrall - Ben Shahn
013655: Soby, James Thrall - Joan Miro
050358: Socho - The Journal of Socho
049028: Malone Society - Collections Volume X.
049027: Malone Society - Collections Volume XII
049026: Malone Society - Collections Volume XI
049025: Malone Society - Collections Volume IV
049024: Malone Society - Collections Volume III
043712: Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society - The One Hundnred and Thirty-Third Annual Report
043711: Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society - The Hundred and Thirty-Second Annual Report
043710: Royal Cornwall POlytechnic Society - The One Hundred and Thirtieth Annual Report
043709: Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society - The One Hundred and Twentyninth Annual Report
043565: Malone Society - Collections Volume VIII
042511: Danvers Historical Society - Old Anti-Slavery Days; Proceedings of the Commemorative Meeting, Held by the Danvers Historical Society, at the Town Hall, Danvers, April 1893, with Introduction, Letters and Sketches
040890: American Geographical Society - Research Catalogue of the American Geographical Society
038282: Asia Society - Haniwa
036409: Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society - The Aberdeen-Angus Herd Book Containing the Pedigrees of Aberdeen-Angus Cattle. Volume XL
032784: Malone Society - Collections Volume XIV
032765: Malone Society - Collections Volume XV
032762: Malone Society - Collections Volume VII
032755: Malone Society - Collections Volume VI
032754: Malone Society - Collections Volume V.
032753: Malone Society - Collection Volume IV
032746: Malone Society - Collections Volume IX
032744: Malone Society - Collections, Volume XI
032743: Malone Society - Collections, Volume VIII
029077: Pennsylvania German Folklore Society - The Pennsylvania German Folkore Society. Volume 1
018042: Friends Society, Philadelphia - Rules of Discipline of the Yearly Meeting of Friends, for Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, Delaware, Adn the Eastern Parts of Maryland; Revised and Adopted by the Said Meeting, Held in Philadelphia
012827: New England Historic Genealogical Society - The Catalogue to the Circulating Collection of the New England Historic Genealogical Society
011923: Philadelphia County Medical Society - 100th Anniversary; the Philadelphia County Medical Society, 1849-1949
011571: Royal Historical Society - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
008096: International Arthurian Society - Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society; Bulletin Bibliographique de la Société Internatonale Arthurienne
026928: Soden, Hermann Von - The History of Early Christian Literature; the Writings of the New Testament
006161: Söderberg, Henry - Swedenborg's 1714 Airplane; a Machine to Fly in the Air
049724: Söderberg, Johan, et al. - A Stagnating Metropolis: The Economy and Demography of Stockholm, 1750-1850
014079: Söderblom, Nathan - The Nature of Revelation
018783: Soderlund, Gustave Fredric - Direct Approach to Counterpoint in 16th Century Style
049082: Söderwall, K. F. - Hufvudepokerna Af Svenska Språkets Utbildning
045926: Soen, Violet, et al. - L'Identité Au Pluriel; Jeux Et Enjeux Des Appartenances Autour Des Anciens Pays-Bas Xive-Xviiie Siècles. Identity and Identities; Belonging at Stake in the Low Countries 14th-18th Centuries
045922: Soen, Violet, et al., Eds - Church, Censorship and Reform in the Early Modern Habsburg Netherlands
014525: Soffer, Reba N. - Ethics and Society in England; the Revolution in the Social Sciences, 1870-1914
051836: Soggin, J. Alberto - Le Livre Des Juges
041188: Sohmen, Egon - International Monetary Problems and the Foreign Exchanges
041172: Sohmen, Egon - The Theory of Forward Exchange
031443: Soifer, Deborah A. - The Myths of Narasimha and Vamana; Two Avatars in Cosmological Perspective
031461: Sokol, Martin L. - The New York City Opera; an American Adventure
045554: Sokolov, Raymond - Why We Eat What We Eat; How the Encounter between the New World and the Old Changed the Way Everyone on the Planet Eats
035945: Sokolov, Raymond - With the Grain
019706: Moreyra y Paz Soldan, Carlos - Bibliografia Regional Peruana (Coleccion Particular)
022158: Solé, Carlos A. - Bibliografia Sobre El Español de America (1920-1986)
048682: Soler, Ricaurte - Estudios Sobre Historia de Las Ideas En America
047075: Solilo, John - Umoya Wembongi; Collectioned Poems (1922-19353)
039231: Solkoff, Joel - The Politics of Food
014788: Sollers, Philippe - Women
049594: Solmsen, Felix - Indogermanische Eigennamen Als Spiegel Der Kulturgeschichte
010675: Solmssen, Georg - Beiträge Zur Deutschen Politik Und Wirtschaft, 1900-1933; Gesammelte Aufsätze Und Vorträge
014942: Solodkoff, Alexander Von - Masterpieces from the House of Fabergé
046044: Solomon, Julie Robin - Objectivity in the Making; Francis Bacon and the Politics of Inquiry
040514: Solomon, Harry M. - The Rise of Robert Dodsley; Creating the New Age of Print
031463: Solomon, Maynard - Beethoven
030610: Solomon, Dorothy Allred - In My Father's House; a Memoir of Polygamy
021925: Solomon, Jack - The Signs of Our Time. Semiotics: The Hidden Messages of Environments, Objects, and Cultural Images
050947: Solomon, Maynard - Marxism and Art; Essays Classic and Contemporary
014808: Solomon, Barbara Miller - Ancestors and Immigrants; a Changing New England Tradition
013155: Solomon, Richard H. - Mao's Revolution and the Chinese Political Culture
005539: Solomon, Eric - Stephen Crane; from Parody to Realism
005179: Solomon, Howard M. - Public Welfare, Science, and Propaganda in Seventeenth Century France; the Innovations of Théophraste Renaudot
002379: Soloway, Richard A. - Demography and Degeneration; Eugenics and the Decling Birthrate in Twentieth-Century Britain
048707: Solta, Georg Renatus - Zur Stellung Der Lateinischen Sprache
010840: Soltow, Martha Jane, et al. - Women in American Labor History, 1825-1935; an Annotated Bibliography
034089: Solve, Norma Dobie - Stuart Politics in Chapman's Tragedy of Chabot
031004: Solway, Diane - Nureyev: His Life
045944: Soly, Hugo - Urbanisme En Kapitalisme Te Antwerpen in de 16de Eeuw; de Stedebouwkundige En Indusriele Ondernemingen Van Gilbert Van Schoonbeke
019630: Solzhenitsyn, Alexander - Lenin in Zurich; Chapters
040135: Sombart, Werner - Die Deutsche Volkswirtschaft IM Neuenzehnten Jahrhundert Und IM Anfang Des 20. Jahrhunderts
002877: Somervell, D. C. - English Thought in the Nineteenth Century
014080: Somerville, John - Soviet Philosophy; a Study of Theory and Practice
042874: Somfai, Laszlo - Joseph Haydn; His Life in Contemporary Pictures
050958: Somfai, Laszlo - The Keyboard Sonatas of Joseph Haydn; Instruments and Performance Practice, Genres and Styles
006778: Somkin, Fred - Unquiet Eagle; Memory and Desire in the Idea of American Freedom, 1815-1860
048890: Sommer, Ferdinand - Vergleichende Syntax Der Schulsprachen (Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Griechisch, Lateinisch) Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Des Deutschen
048651: Sommer, Ferdinand - Handbuch Der Lateinischen Laut- Und Formenlehre; Eine Einführung in Das Sprachwissenschaftliche Studium Des Lateins
026278: Dupont-Sommer, A. - The Dead Sea Scrolls; a Preliminary Survey
049698: Sommer, Robin Langley - Hollywood; the Glamour Years (1919-1941)
039737: Sommerfeld, Arnold - Atombau Und Spektrallinien
023689: Sommerfeld, Arnold - Atombau Und Spektrallinien
002000: Sommerfelt, Alf - Diachronic and Synchronic Aspects of Language; Selected Articles
002299: Sommerfelt, Alf - La Langue Et la Société; Caractères Sociaux D'Une Langue de Type Archaique
009863: Sommerfelt, Alf - Diachronic and Synchronic Aspects of Languages; Selected Articles
041442: Sommerhalder, Hugo - Johann Fischarts Werk; Eine Einführung
041694: Somogyi, Stefano, et al. - IL Parlamento Italiano 1946-1963
014081: Son, B. H. - Science and Person; a Study on the Idea of "Philosophy As Rigorous Science" in Kant and Husserl
009864: Sonderegger, Stefan - Die Schweizerdeutsche Mundartforschung 1800-1959; Bibliographisches Handbuch Mit Inhaltsangaben
048439: Song, Jae Jung - Word Order
029674: Lipman, Sonia and V. D. Lipman - The Century of Moses Montefiore
016377: Sonne, Niels Henry - Liberal Kentucky, 1780-1828
018784: Sonneck, Oscar George Theodore - A Bibliography of Early Secular American Music (18th Century)
037478: Sonnenfeld, Leni - Eyes of Memory; Photographs from the Archives of Herbert & Leni Sonnenfled
027912: Sonnichsen, C. L. - The Grave of John Wesley Hardin; Three Essays on Grassroots History
007865: Sonnichsen, C. L. - Roy Bean; Law West of the Pecos
038136: Sontag, Susan - In America [a Novel]
030012: Sontag, Susan - A Susan Sontag Reader
024780: Sontag, Frederick - Divine Perfection; Possible Ideas of God
024417: Sontag, Frederick - The Future of Theology; a Philosophical Basis for Contemporary Protestant Thought
026935: Soons, Alan C. - Haz Y Envés Del Cuento Risible En El Siglo de Oro; Estudio Y Antologia
013156: Soothill, W. E. - China and the West; a Sketch of Their Intercourse
039299: Soper, Musia, Ed - Encyclopedia of European Cooking
046492: Sophocles - Elektra
041077: Sophocles - The Plays and Fragments with Critical Notes, Commentary, and Translation in English Prose, by Richard C. Jebb. Part IV: The Philoctetes
031933: Sophocles - The Electra of Sophocles
049257: Sophocles - Fabulae
010042: Sophocles, S. M. - A History of Greece
040453: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LXXV: Bologna
040452: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LXX: Cremona
040450: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LXVIII: Venezia
040451: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LXIX: Bologna
040449: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LXVI: Bologna
040448: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LXV: Bologna
040445: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LIII: Bologna
040446: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LIV: Ferrara
040447: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume LXII: Bologna
040444: Sorbelli, Albano - Inventari Dei Manoscritti Delle Biblioteche D'Italia. Volume XLVII: Bologna
029754: Sordo, Enrique - Moorish Spain: Cordoba, Seville, Granada
039042: Sorel, Edward - Unauthorized Portraits
037334: Sorel, Nancy Caldwell - The Women Who Wrote the War
014946: Sorell, Walter - The Other Face; the Mask in the Arts
016677: Sorin, Gerald - Abolitionism; a New Perspective
025234: Sorley, W. R. - A History of English Philosophy
047966: Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin, Jean - Les Visionnaires; Comédie
007265: Sosin, Jack M., Ed - The Opening of the West
006779: Sosin, Jack M. - The Opening of the West
016417: Sosna, Morton - In Search of the Silent South; Southern Liberals and the Race Issue
047562: Sosnowski, Vivienne - When the Rivers Ran Red; an Amazing Story of Courage and Triujmph in America's Wine Country
033125: Sotei, Akaji - Zen-Worte IM Tee-Raume Erläutert (Chashitsu-Kakemono Zengo-Tsukai)
027075: Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierette - Gendered Transitions; Mexican Experiences of Immigration
025699: Sötemann, A. L. - De Structuur Van Max Havelaar; Bijdrage Tot Het Onderzoek Naar de Interpretatie En Evaluatie Van de Roman
046746: Souhami, Diana - Gertrude and Alice
038214: Souhami, Diana - Greta and Cecil
030722: Soulié, Bernard - Tantra; Erotic Figures in Indian Art
039149: Soulioti, Stella - Fettered Independence: Cyprus, 1878-1964
039730: Soupault, Robert - Marcel Proust Du Côté de Aa Médecine
025659: Souresrafil, Behrouz - Khomeini and Israel
023017: Soustelle, Jacques - The Long March of Israel
009980: Souter, Gavin - Company of Heralds; a Century and a Half of Australian Publishing by John Fairfax Limited and Its Predecessors, 1831-1981
005050: Southall, Roger J. - South Africa's Transkei; the Political Economy of an "Independent" Bantustan
043294: Southgate, M. Therese - The Art of Jama; One Hundred Covers and Essays from the Journal of the American Medical Association
020080: Southwick, Leslie H. - Presidential Also-Rans and Running Mates, 1788-1980
016167: Soward, F. H. - Twenty-Five Troubled Years, 1918-1943
019768: Sowden, Lewis - The South African Union
045394: Sowers, Richard - The Abstract Primer of Thoroughbred Racing; Separating Myth from Fact to Identify the Genuine Gems & Danies 1946-3003
047506: Soyer, Alexis - The Gastronomic Regenerator: A Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery, with Nearly Two Thousand Practical Receipts Suited to the Income of All Classes
047722: Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung - Vernichtungskrieg. Verbrechen Der Wehrmacht 1941 Bis 1944. Ausstellungskatalog
047531: Spaeter, Helmuth - Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland. Panzergrenadier, Division, Grossdeutschland, Panzergrenadier, Division, Brandenburg, Führer, Grandadier, Division, Führer, Begleit, Division, Panzergrenadier, Division, Kurmark... . a Pictorial History
035635: Spain, Nancy - Mrs Beeton and Her Husband, by Her Great Niece
017393: Spalding, LInda - A Dark Place in the Jungle
017461: Spalikowski, Edmond - Caudebec
006920: Spalter, Max - Brecht's Tradition
024474: Spanier, Arthur - Die Toseftaperiode in Der Tannaitischen Literatur
044573: Spanke, Hans - Studien Zur Lateinischen Und Romanischen Lyrik Des Mittelalters
044816: Spann, Meno - Heine
005883: Spann, Edward K. - Ideals & Politics; New York Intellectuals and Liberal Democracy, 1820-1880
028641: Spannaus, Günther - Züge Aus Der Politischen Organisation Afrikanischer Staaten Und Völker
035164: Spargo, Demelza, Ed - This Land Is Our Land; Aspects of Agriculture in English Art
008190: Spark, Muriel - Mary Shelley
035357: Sparke, Penny, Ed - The Plastics Age from Bakelite to Beanbags and Beyond
050948: Sparks,Edwin Erle, Ed - The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858
014351: Sparnon, Norman J. - Japanese Flower Arrangement; Classical and Modern
046668: Sparrow, Walter Shaw - British Sporting Artists from Barlow to Herring
022949: Sparrow, Gerald - Modern Jorden
007732: Sparrow, Gerald - Gang-Warfare: A Probe Into the Changing Pattern of British Crime
006530: Sparshott, F. E. - Looking for Philosophy
004431: Spate, O. H. K. - Australia
010267: Spaulding, Robert M., Jr. - Imperial Japan's Higher CIVIL Service Examinations
051048: Spaznikov, Genrih Alekseevic - Religii Stran Afrike (Spravocknik S Kartami)
035637: Speaight, Mary - Toys in the London Museum
034012: Speaight, Robert - William Poel and the Elizabethan Revival
010116: Spear, Allan H. - Black Chicago; the Making of a Negro Ghetto, 1890-1920
043939: Spearing, A. C. - Medieval Dream-Poetry
050025: Specht, Franz - Der Ursprung Der Indogermanischen Deklination
018786: Specht, Richard - Beethoven As He Lived
009193: Speck, W. A. - Stability and Strife: England, 1714-1760
007551: Speck, Gordon - Samuel Hearne and the Northwest Passage
043656: Spector, Herman - Bastard in the Ragged Suit; Writing of, with Drawings by Herman Spector
016168: Spector, Ronald H. - After Tet; the Bloodiest Year in Vietnam
007733: Spector, Ronald H. - Eagle Against the Sun; the American War with Japan
045971: Spee, Friedrich - Cautio Criminalis
033292: Speed, John - An Atlas of Tudor England and Wales
032416: A & J Speelman - Chinese Works of Art 2006
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042472: Stuart, Don Graham, Ed - Linguistic Studies in Memory of Richard Slade Harrell
038975: Stuart, Robert - Caledonia Romana; a Descriptive Account of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland
035505: Stuart, Louisa - Letters of Lady Louisa Stuart to Miss Louisa Clinton. Second Series
031942: Stuart, Duane Reed - Epochs of Greek and Roman Biography
026957: Stuart, Otis - Perpetual Motion; the Public and Private Lives of Rudolf Nureyev
019642: Stuart, Ruth McEnery - Simpkinsville and Vicinity; Arkansas Stories of Ruth Mcenery Stuart
047340: Stubblebine, James H. - Assisi and the Rise of Vernacular Art
049843: Stubbs, George - George Stubbs 1724-1896
036854: Stubbs, George - Stubbs: Portraits in Detail
036433: Stubbs, Burns A. - Paintings, Pastels, Drawings, Prints, and Copper Plates by and Attributed to American and European Artists, Together with a List of Original Whistleriana, in the Freer Gallery of Art
028306: Stucchi, Emanuela - Healthy Italian Cooking
020749: Stuckenschmidt, H. H. - Ferruccio Busoni; Zeittafel Eines Europäers
021474: Stuckey, W. J. - Caroline Gordon
954: (Bainton Festschrift). Reformation studies; essays in honor of Roland H. - Bainton. Edited by Franklin H. Littell
048534: Stuip, René - La Chatelaine de Vergy
024022: Stümpel, Gustav - Name Und Nationalität Der Germanen; Eine Neue Untersuchung Zu Poseidonios, Cäsar Und Tacitus
022108: Stuntz, Jean A. - Hers, His, and Theirs; Community Property in Spain and Early Texas
050319: Sturgeon, Stephen C. - The Politics of Western Water; the Congressional Career of Wayne Aspinall
051610: Sturges, Robert S. - Medieval Interpretation; Models of Readkng in Literiary Narrative, 1100-1500
037861: Sturgis, Matthew - The English Cat at Home
049021: Sturluson, Snorri - Edda: Háttatal
050000: Sturluson, Snorri - L'Edda; Récits de Mythologie Nordique
050007: Sturluson, Snorri - The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson; Tales Forom Norse Mythology
042333: Sturluson, Snorri - Ynglingasaga
051945: Sturluson, Snorri - Heimskringla
027742: Stutzer, Gustav - Geheimnisse Des Seelenlebens; Ein Beitrag Zur Beurteilung Des Spiritismus
047440: Stuurman, Siep - Verzuiling, Kapitalisme En Patriarchaat; Aspecten Van de Ontwikkeling Van de Moderne Staat in Nederland
030425: Styan, J. L. - The English Stage; a History of Drama and Performance
020687: Styron, William - This Quiet Dust and Other Writings
038746: Subira, José - El Gremio de Representantes Españoles Y Aa Cofradia de Nuestra Señora de la Novena
016698: Suchlicki, Jaime - Historical Dictionary of Cuba
014547: Suchlicki, Jaime, Ed - Cuba, Castro, and Revolution
048541: Suckling, John - The Works of Sir John Suckling: The Plays
017208: Suda, Zdenek - La Division Internationale Socialiste Du Travail; le Système Communiste Face à L'Intégration
045715: Sudbrack, Josef - Wege Zur Gottesmystik
034538: Sudhaus, Siegfried - Menanderstudien
036368: Sudworth, George B. - Forest Trees of the Pacific Slope
046331: Rainey, Sue and Roger B. Stein - Shaping the Landscape Image, 18655-1910: John Douglas Woodward
050566: Le Sueur, Meridel - Ripening; Selected Work, 1927-1980
038065: Sugden, John - Tecumseh; a Life
023321: Sugerman, Tracy - My War; a Love Story in Letters and Drawings
002882: Suhl, Benjamin - Jean-Paul Sartre: The Philosopher As a Literary Critic
015198: Suida, Wilhelm - ôsterreichs Malerei in Der Zeit Erzherzog Ernst Des Eisenen Und König Albrecht II
034738: Sukale, Michael - Denken, Sprechen Und Wissen; Logische Untersuchungen Zu Husserl Und Quine
046096: Suleiman, Susan Rubin - Risking Who One Is; Encounters with Contemporary Art and Literature
014845: Suleiman, Susan Rubin - Risking Who One Is; Encounters with Contemporary Art and Literature
047290: Sullivan, Richard E. - Aix-la Chapelle in the Age of Charlemagne
043097: Sullivan, Michael - The Arts of China
038084: Sullivan, Michael - The Arts of China
036561: Sullivan, Robert - The Meadowlands; Wilderness Adventures at the Edge of a City

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