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035328: STERN, LYNN - Animus
038101: STERN, ISAAC - My First 79 Years
015167: STERNBERG, HILGARD O'REILLY - A Agua E O Homem Na Varzea Do Careiro
019792: STERNBERG, RICARDO - Bamboo Church
039011: STERNBERG, JACQUES - Kitsch
003215: STERNBERGER, DOLF - Das Wort Politik Und Der Begriff Des Politischen
028849: INAMA VON STERNEGG, KARL THEODOR - Untersuchungen über Das Hofsystem IM Mittelalter Mit Besonderer Beziehung Auf Deutsches Alpenland
019154: STERNLICHT, SANFORD - John Masefield
023728: STERNSHER, BERNARD, ED - Hope Restored; How the New Deal Worked in Town and Country
007958: STETKEVYCH, SUZANNE PINCKNEY, ED - Reorientations/Arabic and Persian Poetry
010714: STETTNER, MARKO - Richard Meisters System Der Pädagogik
019636: STEUART, JOHN A. - Robert Louis Stevenson; a Critical Biography
039353: STEUERLE, C. EUGENE - Taxes, Loans, and Inflation. How the Natioan's Wealth Becomes Misallocated
039407: STEUERLE, C. EUGENE - The Tax Decade; How Taxes Came to Dominate the Public Agenda
011576: ST. JOHN-STEVAS, NORMAN - Walter Bagehot; a Study of His Life and Thought Together with a Selection from His Political Writings
000084: ST. JOHN-STEVAS, NORMAN - Life, Death and the Law; Law and Christian Morals in England and the United States
048872: CRIST, STEVE AND LAILA NABULSI, EDS - Hunter S. Thompson: Gonzo
020920: KAUFMAN, STEVE AND YOGI KAUFMAN - Silent Chase; Submarines of the U.S. Navy
037057: GILBAR, STEVEN AND DEAN STEWART, EDS - Published and Perished; Memoria, Eulogies, and Remembrances of American Writers
025595: PETKOV, STEVEN AND LEONARD MUSTAZZA, EDS - The Frank Sinatra Reader
029284: VINCENT, K. STEVEN AND ALISON KLAIRMONT-LINGO - The Human Tradition in Modern France
038484: HELLER, STEVEN AND LOUISE FILI - Dutch Moderne; Graphic Design from de Stijl to Deco
049537: STEVENS, KENNETH N. - Acoustic Phonetics
008490: STEVENS, KENNETH R. - Border Diplomacy; the Caroline and Mcleod Affairs in Anglo-American-Canadian Relations, 1837-1842
016178: STEVENS, RICHARD L. - Mission on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
019155: STEVENS, DAVID HARRISON - Milton Papers
044369: STEVENS, LINTON C. - La Langue de Brantôme
019786: STEVENSON, MERRITT R., ET AL. - Marine Atlas of the Pacific Coastal Waters of South America; Atlas de Las Aguas Costaneras Del Oceano Pacifico En la America Del Sur
009162: STEVENSON, ANNE - Bitter Fame; a Life of Sylvia Plath
024779: STEVENSON, WILLIAM BARRON - The Poem of Job; a Literary Study with a New Translation
016179: STEVENSON, JAMES P. - The Pentagon Paradox; the Development of the F-18 Hornet
016180: STEVENSON, WILLIAM - Zanek! a Chronicle of the Israeli Air Force
011594: SINCLAIR-STEVENSON, CHRISTOPHER - Blood Royal; the Illustrious House of Hanover
004145: STEVENSON, ROBERT F. - Population and Political Systems in Tropical Africa
018791: STEVENSON, R. - Music Before the Classic Era; an Introductory Guide
019638: STEVENSON, LIONEL - The Showman of Venity Fair; the Life of William Makepeace Thackeray
019639: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
006655: STEVENSON, ELIZABETH - Figures in a Western Landscape; Men and Women of the Northern Rockies
047907: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS BALFOUR - Stevenson's Baby Book Being the Record of the Sayings and Doings of Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson, Son of Thomas Stevenson, C.E. And Margaret Isabella Balfour or Stevenson
042446: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Vailima Edition
017221: STEVER, DONALD W., JR. - Seabrook and the Nuclelar Regulatory Commission; the Licensing of a Nuclear Power Plant
013296: STEVERS, MARTIN D. - Steel Trails; the Epic of the Railroads
036747: STEVICK, ROBERT D., ED - One Hundred Middle English Lyrics
005513: STEWARD, DICK - Trade and Hemisphere; the Good Neighbor Policy and Reciprocal Trade
038261: STEWARD, JAMES CHRISTEN, ED - The Mask of Venice; Masking, Theater, & Identity in the Art of Tiepolo & His Time
039306: STEWARD, AUSTIN - Austin Steward: Twenty-Two Years a Slave and Forty Years a Freeman
035312: STEWART, THOMAS A. - Intellectual Capital; the New Wealth of Organizations
022507: STEWART, J. M. W. - A Pricing System for Roads
016871: STEWART, JOYCE - Orchids of Tropical Africa
022952: STEWART, DESMOND - The Middle East; Temple of Janus
005555: STEWART, GARRETT - Dickens and the Trials of Imagination
010795: STEWART, ADRIAN - The Battle of Leyte Gulf
026851: STEWART, STEVE - Gay Hollywood Film & Video Guide; 75 Years of Gay & Lesbian Images in the Movies
016688: STEWART, JAMES BREWER - Holy Warriors; the Abolitionists and American Slavery
039106: STEWART, RORY - The Prince of the Marshes and Other Hazards of a Year in Iraq
006539: STEWART, ROY A. - Rabbinc Theology; an Introductory Study
033595: STEWART, J. I. M. - Eight Modern Writers
006888: STEWART, D. H. - Mikhail Sholokhov; a Critical Introduction
035586: STEWART, MATTHEW - The Courtier and the Heretic; Leibniz, Spinoza, and Fate of God in the Modern World
036440: STEWART, ELLIOTT W. - Feeding Animals; a Practival Work Upon the Laws of Animal Growth Specially Applied to the Rearing and Feeding of Horses, Cattle, Dairy Cows, Sheep and Swine
020905: STEWART, JOHN - African States and Rulers; an Encyclopedia of Native, Colonial and Independent States and Rulers Past and Present
034530: STEWART, ALAN - Close Readers; Humanism and Sodomy in Early Modern England
033157: STEWART, J. I. M. - Character and Motive in Shakespeare; Some Recent Appraisals Examined
041457: STEWART, JOYCE - Orchids of Africa; a Select Review
030760: STIBITZ, E. EARLE, ED - Illinois Poets; a Selection
015196: STICH, SIDRA - Made in U.S. A. ; an Americanization in Modern Art, the '50s & '60s
027993: STICH, SIDRA - Art-Sites San Francisco; the Indispensable Guide to Contemporary Art--Architecture--Design
048230: STICHER, CLAUDIA - Die Rettung Der Guten Durch Gott Und Die Selbstzerstörung Der Bösen; Ein Theologisches Denkmuster IM Psalter
017197: STICK, DAVID - Graveyard of the Atlantic; Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast
010017: STIEB, ERNST W. - Drug Adulteration; Detection and Control in Nineteenth-Century Britain
024021: STIEBING, WILLIAM H., JR. - Uncovering the Past; a History of Archaeology
018952: STIEGLITZ, ALFRED - Alfred Stieglitz
041674: STIELER, KASPAR VON - Zeitungs Lust Und Nutz
014099: STIERNOTTE, ALFRED P. - God and Space-Time; Deity in the Philosophy of Samuel Alexander
044761: STIFTER, ADALBERT - Der Nachsommer
045079: VAN DER STIGHELEN, KATLIJNE - Anna Maria Van Schurman of "Hoe Hooge Dat Een Maeght Kan in de Konsten Stijgen
022327: STIGLITZ, JOSEPH E. - The Roaring Nineties; a New History of the World's Most Prosperous Decade
030321: STIGLITZ, JOSEPH E. - Globalization and Its Discontents
027385: STILES, WILLIAM H. - Austria in 1848-49: Being a History of the Late Political Movments in Vienna, Milan, Venice, and Prague
014479: STILL, BAYRD - Mirror for Gotham; New York As Seen by Contemporaries from Dutch Days to the Present
027025: STILLE, ALEXANDER - The Sack of Rome; How a Beaufiful European Country with a Fabled Hsitory and a Storied Culture Was Taken over by a Man Named Silvio Berlusconi
047503: DRAKE, STILLMAN AND I. E. DRABKIN - Mechanics in Sixteenth-Century Italy; Selections from Tartaglia, Benedetti, Guido Ubaldo, & Galileo
008476: STILLMAN, JACOB D. B. - An 1850 Voyage; San Francisco to Baltimore by Sea and by Land
007738: STILWELL, JOSEPH W. - The Stilwell Papers
046901: STIMSON, HUGH M. - Fifty-Five T'Ang Poems; a Text in the Reading and Understanding of T'Ang Poetry
016765: STINE, G. HARRY - Halfway to Anywhere; Achieving America's Destiny in Space
020785: STINE, G. HARRY - Halfway to Anywhere; Achieving America's Destiny in Space
040036: STIPP, G. W. - John Bradford's Historical &C. Notes on Kentucky from the Western Miscellany Compiled by G.W. Stiff , in 1827
036808: STIRLING, M. W. - The Native Peoples of New Guinea
033167: STIRLING, BRENTS - The Populace in Shakespeare
031025: STIX, HUGH, ET AL. - The Shell; Five Hundred Million Years of Inspired Design
023864: STOCK, IRVIN - William Hale White (Mark Rutherford); a Critical Study
034457: STOCK, JOHN EDMONDS - An Inaugural Essay on the Effects of Cold Upon the Human Body. Submitted to the Examination of the Rev. John Ewing, S.T. P. Provost, the Medical Professors and Trustees, of the University of Pennsylvania... On the 12th Day of May, 1797
046486: STOCK, BRIAN - Listening for the Text; on the Uses of the Past
048424: STOCK, BRIAN - Augustine the Reader; Meditation, Self-Knowledge, and the Ethics of Interpretation
047397: STOCKETT, LETITIA - Balitmore; a Not Too Serious History
003954: STOCKHAM, K. A. - British County Libraries, 1919-1969
016844: SMAL-STOCKI, ROMAN - The Captive Nations; Natonalism of the Non-Russian Nations in the Soviet Union
039207: STOCKING, GEORGE W., JR., ED - Objects and Others; Essays on Museums and Material Culture
045229: STÖCKL, ALBERT - Die Infallibilität Des Oberhauptes Der Kirche Und Die Zustimmungsadressen an Herrn V. Döllinger, Namentlich Die Münster'Sche
038471: STOCKS, MARY D. - Everyman of Everystreet; a Nativity Play
002698: STOCKTON, DAVID - The Classical Athenian Democracy
011392: STOESSL, FRANZ - Personenwechsel in Menanders Dyskolos
020043: STOKES, PENELOPE J. - Circle of Grace
027461: STOKES, FRANCIS GRIFFIN - Who's Who in Shakespeare
019641: STOKES, GEORGE STEWART - Agnes Repplier, Lady of Letters
048399: STOLL, ROBERT R. - Sets, Logic, and Axiomatic Theories
011394: STOLL, H. W. - Die Sagen Des Classischen Alterthums; Erzählungen Aus Der Alten Welt
030338: STOLL, ELMER EDGAR - Art and Artifice in Shakespeare; a Study in Dramatic Contrast and Illusion
032964: STOLL, ROBERT R. - Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
033655: STOLL, ELMER EDGAR - Shakespeare Studies Historical and Comparative in Method
005413: STOLPER, WOLFGANG F. - The Structure of the East German Economy
049559: STOLPER, GUSTAV, ET AL. - The German Economy 1870 to the Present
008621: STOLTENBERG, DONALD - The Artist and the Built Environment
003662: STÖLTING, WILFRIED - Beiträge Zur Geschichte Des Artikels IM Bulgarischen
043443: STOLZ, WALTER - Petrons Satyricon Und François Nodot (Ca. 1650-Ca. 1710); Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Literarischer Fälschungen
012452: STOMMEL, HENRY - A View of the Sea; a Discussion between a Chief Engineer and an Oceanographer About the Machinery of the Ocean Circulation
039939: STONE, LAWRENCE - Family and Fortune; Studies in Aristocratic Finance in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
049832: STONE, GEORGE WINCHESTER, JR., ED - The London Stage 1660-1800; a Calendar of Plays, Entertainments & Afterpieces Together with Casts, Box-Receipts and Contemporary Comment Compiled from the Playbills, Newspapers and Theatrical Diaries of the Period. Part 4: 1747-1776
019188: STONE, IRVING - There Was Light; Autobiography of a University. Berkeley: 1868-1968
1560: STONE, CHRISTOPHER D. - Earth and Other Ethics; the Case for Moral Pluralism
004565: STONE, ROGER D. - The Voyage of the Sanderling
011611: STONE, JAMES S. - Over the Hills to Broadway
027274: STONE, WILFRED - The Cave and the Mountain; a Study of E.M. Forster
027601: STONE, IRVING - They Also Ran; the Story of the Men Who Were Defeated for the Presidency
027858: STONE, ROGER D. - Dreams of Amazonia
018190: STONE, JON R. - Latin for the Illiterati; Exoricizing the Ghosts of a Dead Language
028587: STONE, MICHAEL E., ED - Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period: Apocrypha, Pseudoepigirapha, Qumran Sectarian Writings, Philo, Josephus
009292: STONE, CARL - Power in the Caribbean Basin; a Comparative Study of Political Economy
005428: STONE, DONALD DAVID - Novelists in a Changing World; Meredith, James, and the Transformation of English Fiction in the 1880s
043268: STONE, MICHAEL E., ED - The Armenian Version of the Testament of Joseph
020553: STONE, JUDY - The Mystery of B. Traven
042303: STONE, GEOREGE H. - The Glacial Gravels of Maine and Their Associated Deposits
032529: STONE, DONALD, JR. - French Humanist Tragedy; a Reassessment
034124: STONE, P. W. K. - The Textual History of King Lear
045709: STONE, DONALD, JR. - Four Renaissance Tragedies: Jephté Ou le Voeu, George Buchanan; Abraham Sacrifiant, Thodore de Bèze; Didon Se Sacrifiant, étienne Jodelle; Saul le Furieux, Jean de la Taille
033236: BOSWELL-STONE, W. G. - Shakspere's Holinshed; the Chronicel and the Historical Plays Compared
038637: STONE, PETER B., ED - The State of the World's Mountains; a Global Report
043266: STONE, MICHAEL E., ED - The Testament of Abraham; the Greek Recensions
026130: STONEHOUSE, BERNARD - North Pole, South Pole; a Guide to the Ecology and Resources of the Arctic and Antarctic
014964: STONEMAN, PAUL - Technological Diffusion and the Computer Revolution: The Uk Experience
023811: STOREY, JOHN - Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture: Theories and Methods
011612: STOREY, GRAHAM - Reuters' Century 1851-1951
034483: ITALY. MINISTERO DELLA DIFESA. STATO MAGGIORE DELL'ESERCITO. UFFICIO STORICO - Saggio Bibliografico Sulla Seconda Guerra Mondiale E Conflitti Successivi. Volume VI
034482: ITALY. MINISTERO DELLA DIFESA. STATO MAGGIORE DELL'ESERCITO. UFFICIO STORICO - Saggio Bibliografico Sulla Seconda Guerra Mondiale E Conflitti Successivi. Volume 5
043016: STORKE, E. G., ED - The Family Farm and Gardens, and the Domestic Animals
025606: STORM, THEODOR - Gesammelte Werke: Gedichte, Novellen, Briefe
014100: STORR, RUPERT - Das Frömmigkeitsideal Der Propheten
007081: ALDEN, CARROLL STORRS AND ALLAN WESTCOTT - The United States Navy; a History
027099: STOSSEL, SCOTT - Sarge; the Life and Times of Sargent Shriver
014945: STOUDT, JOHN JOSEPH - Early Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts
042061: STOUT, JEFFREY - Democracy and Tradition
016403: STOUT, HARRY S. - The New England Soul; Preaching and Religious Culture in Colonial New England
017469: STOUT, WESLEY W. - Tanks Are Mighty Fine Things
045851: STOUT, JANIS P. - Comin out of War; Poetry, Grieving, and the Culture of the World Wars
014102: STOVER, ROBERT - The Nature of Historical Thinking
014657: STOW, MILLICENT - American Silver
035150: STOWE, E. J. - Crafts of the Countryside
037249: STRACHAN, BETH - Mozambique: The Quest for Peace. The Politica, Social and Economic Context 1980-1994; a Select and Annotated Bibliography
048048: STRACHAN, MICHAEL - The Life and Adventures of Thomas Coryate
035658: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Ermyntrude and Esmeralda; an Entertainment
036714: STRACHEY, BARBARA - Remarkable Relations; the Story of the Pearsall Smith Women
037138: STRACHEY, LYTTON - The Really Interesting Question and Other Papers
017180: STRAGE, MARK - Cape to Cairo; Rape of a Continent
006784: STRANAHAN, SUSAN Q. - Susquehanna, River of Dreams
018955: STRAND, PAUL - Paul Strand: Sixty Years of Photographs
028425: STRANDBERG, VICTOR - Greek Mind/Jewish Soul; the Conflicted Art of Cynthia Ozick
014101: STRASSER, STEPHAN - The Soul in Metaphysical and Empirical Psychology
009251: STRASSER, HERMANN - The Normative Structure of Sociology; Conservative and Emancipatory Themes in Social Thought
016290: WINGFIELD-STRATFORD, ESMÉ - Beyond Empire
008479: STRATHERN, GLORIA M. - Navigations, Traffiques & Discoveries, 1774-1848; a Guide to Publication Relating to the Area Now British Columbia
039285: STRATMAN, CARL J. - Bibliography of Medieval Drama
011396: STRAUS, JULIANE - Terenz Und Menander; Beitrag Zu Einer Stilvergleichung
043853: STRAUSS, GERALD - Sixteenth-Century Germany Its Topography and Topographers
028640: LÉVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - From Honey to Ashes
031236: LÉVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - A World on the Wane
031486: STRAUSS, RICHARD - Tone Poems. Series II: Till Eulenspiegels Lustige Streiche; Also Sprach Zarathustra; Ein Heldenleben. In Full Score
031484: STRAUSS, RICHARD - Salome. Elektra
031485: STRAUSS, RICHARD - Tone Poems. Series I: Don Juan, Tod Und Verklärung; Don Quixote. In Full Score
040532: STRAUSS, LEO - The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism; an Introduction to the Thought of Leo Strauss. Essays and Lectures by Leo Struass
040978: BADT-STRAUSS, BERTHA, ED - Moses Mendelssohn; Der Mensch Und Das Werk: Zeugnisse, Briefe/Gespräche
031489: STRAVINSKY, IGOR - Oedipus Rex. The Rake's Progress
031488: STRAVINSKY, IGOR - The Firebird. In Full Score
031491: STRAVINSKY, IGOR - Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons
031490: STRAVINSKY, IGOR - Petrushka. In Full Score
032259: STRAWN, MARTHA A. - Alligators, Prehistoric Presence in the American Landscape
016183: STRAWSON, JOHN - The Battle for North Africa
016184: STRAWSON, JOHN - The Italian Campaign
045622: STRAYER, JOSEPH R., ED - Dictionary of the Middle Ages
047600: STREB, JOCHEN - Staatliche Technologiepolitik Und Branchenübergreifender Wissenstransfer. ûber Die Ursachen Der Internationalen Innovationserfolge Der Deutschen Kunststoffindustrie IM 20. Jahrhundert
044072: STRECKER, KARL, ED - Die Cambridger Lieder
004685: STREET, LUCIE - An Uncommon Sailor; a Portrait of Admiral Sir William Penn. English Naval Supremacy
047743: STREHLKE, CARL BRANDON - Italian Paintings 1250-1450 in the John . Johnson Collection and the Philadelphia Museum of Art
010684: STREISAND, JOACHIM, ED - Die Deutsche Geschichtswissenschaft Vom Beginn Des 19. Jahrhunderts Bis Zur Reichseinigung Von Oben
014517: STREITMATTER, RODGER - Unspeakable; the Rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press in America
038609: STRELKA, JOSEPH, ED - Problems of Literary Evaluation
040670: STRESEMANN, WOLFGANG - Eine Lanze Für Felix Mendelssohn
046445: STRESHINSKY, SHIRLEY - Audubon; Life and Art in the American Wilderness
044345: STREVENS, PETER, ED - Five Inaugural Lectures
044342: STREVENS, PETER - Papers in Language and Language Teaching
021347: STRICH, FRITZ - Der Dichter Und Die Zeit; Eine Sammlung Von Reden Und Vorträgen
003217: STRICK, WALTER - Telos Und Zufall; Ein Beitrag Zu Dem Problem Der Biologischen Erfahrung
029895: STRICK, PHILIP - Great Movie Actresses
025897: STRICKLER, SUSAN E., ED - American Traditions in Watercolor; the Worcester Art Museum Collection
010522: STRIEDER, JAKOB - Das Reiche Augsburg; Ausgewählte Aufsätze Jakob Strieders Zur Augsburger Und Süddeutschen Wirtschaftsgeschichte Des 15. Und 16. Jahrhunderts
028778: STRIEDTER, KARL HEINZ - Felsbilder Der Sahara
014156: STRIKE, KENNETH A. - Liberal Justice and the Marxist Critique of Education; a Study of Conflicting Research Programs
005620: STRINDBERG, AUGUST - Letters of Strindberg to Harriet Bosse
028291: STRINDBERG, AUGUST - The Roofing Ceremony & the Silver Lake. TaklagsöL and Silverträket
035883: STRIZHENOVA, TATIANA - Soviet Costume and Textiles, 1917-1945
023824: STROFF, STEPHEN M. - Discovering Great Jazz
015657: STROHEIM, ERICH VON - The Complete Wedding March of Erich Von Storheim
045674: STROHM, PAUL - Hochon's Arrow; the Social Imagination of Fourteenth-Century Texts
043876: STROHM, PAUL - Hochon's Arrow; the Social Imagination of Fourteenth-Century Texts
042052: STRÖMBÄCK, DAG - The Epiphany in Runic Art; the Dynna and Sika Stones
008642: STRÖMBERG, MARTIN - Anders Forsberg; Ett Konstnärsalbum Med Text
040327: STRÖMGREN, HEDVIG LIDFORSS - Index of Dental and Adjacent Topics in Medical and Surgical Works Before 1800
022435: STROMQUIST, NELLY P. - Daring to Be Different: The Choice of Nonconventional Fields of Study by International Women Students
012478: STRONG, ROY - A Celebration of Gardens
026982: STRONG, D. E. - Roman Imperial Sculpture; an Introduction to the Commemorative and Decorative Sculpture of the Roman Empire Down to the Death of Constantine
026983: STRONG, DONALD S. - The Early Etruscans
033267: STRONG, ROY - Splendor at Court; Renaissance Spectacle and the Theater of Power
005220: STRONG, EMORY - Stone Age on the Columbia River
003052: STRONG, D. E. - Greek and Roman Gold and Silver Plate
033313: STRONG, ROY - Artists of the Tudor Court; the Portrait Miniature Rediscovered 1520-1629
036060: STRONG, ROY - Henry, Prince of Wales, and England's Lost Renaissance
032224: STRONG, ROY - The English Renaissance Miniature
033194: STRONG, ROY - The Elizabethan Image; Painting in England 1549-1620
042010: STRONOVO, VALERIO - L'Italia Contemporanea 1945-1975
022848: STROSS, RANDALL E. - Bulls in the China Shop and Other Sino-American Business Encounters
004895: STROSS, RANDALL E. - The Stubborn Earth; American Agriculturalists on Chinese Soil, 1898-1937
037086: STROTHER, Z. S. - Inventing Masks; Agency and History in the Art of the Central Pende
031397: STROUHAL, EUGEN - Life of the Ancient Egyptians
032466: STROUP, THOMAS B. - Microcosmos; the Shape of the Elizabethan Play
038140: STROUSE, JEAN - Alice James; a Biography
021290: STROUSE, JEAN - Morgan, American Financier
005967: STROUT, CUSHING - The Pragmatic Revolt in American History: Carl Becker and Charles Beard
033556: STROWSKI, FORTUNAT - Montaigne
014475: STRUBE, WILHELM - Die Chemie Und Ihre Geschichte
032629: STRUBLE, MILDRED CLARA - A Critical Edition of Ford's Perkin Warbeck
003663: STRUCK, WOLF-HEINO - Die Stifte St. Walpurgis in Weilburg Und St. Martin in Idstein
042163: STRUIK, DIRK J. - Yankee Science in the Making
042162: STRUIK, DIRK J. - The Origins of American Science (New England)
016348: STRUMANE, R., ET AL, EDS - The Interaction of Radiation with Solids; Proceedings of the International Summer School on Solid State Physics Held at Mol, Belgium, August 12-31, 1963
049867: STRUNK, OLIVER - Source Readings in Music History
043492: STRUNZ, FRANZ - Die Vergangenheit Der Naturforschung; Ein Beitrag Zur Gescichte Des Menschlichen Geistes
040078: STRUYK, RAYMOND J. - Urban Homeownership; the Economic Determinants
047272: CAMPBELL, STUART AND CHUAN SHAWEEVONGSE - The Fundamentals of the Thai Language
038975: STUART, ROBERT - Caledonia Romana; a Descriptive Account of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland
026957: STUART, OTIS - Perpetual Motion; the Public and Private Lives of Rudolf Nureyev
019642: STUART, RUTH MCENERY - Simpkinsville and Vicinity; Arkansas Stories of Ruth Mcenery Stuart
035505: STUART, LOUISA - Letters of Lady Louisa Stuart to Miss Louisa Clinton. Second Series
031942: STUART, DUANE REED - Epochs of Greek and Roman Biography
042472: STUART, DON GRAHAM, ED - Linguistic Studies in Memory of Richard Slade Harrell
047340: STUBBLEBINE, JAMES H. - Assisi and the Rise of Vernacular Art
036854: STUBBS, GEORGE - Stubbs: Portraits in Detail
049843: STUBBS, GEORGE - George Stubbs 1724-1896
036433: STUBBS, BURNS A. - Paintings, Pastels, Drawings, Prints, and Copper Plates by and Attributed to American and European Artists, Together with a List of Original Whistleriana, in the Freer Gallery of Art
028306: STUCCHI, EMANUELA - Healthy Italian Cooking
020749: STUCKENSCHMIDT, H. H. - Ferruccio Busoni; Zeittafel Eines Europäers
021474: STUCKEY, W. J. - Caroline Gordon
042633: STUHLMUELLER, CARROLL - Creative Redemption in Deutero-Isaiah
048534: STUIP, RENÉ - La Chatelaine de Vergy
024022: STÜMPEL, GUSTAV - Name Und Nationalität Der Germanen; Eine Neue Untersuchung Zu Poseidonios, Cäsar Und Tacitus
022108: STUNTZ, JEAN A. - Hers, His, and Theirs; Community Property in Spain and Early Texas
037861: STURGIS, MATTHEW - The English Cat at Home
049021: STURLUSON, SNORRI - Edda: Háttatal
042333: STURLUSON, SNORRI - Ynglingasaga
045154: STURTEVANT, EDGAR H. - The Pronunciation of Greek and Latin
027742: STUTZER, GUSTAV - Geheimnisse Des Seelenlebens; Ein Beitrag Zur Beurteilung Des Spiritismus
047440: STUURMAN, SIEP - Verzuiling, Kapitalisme En Patriarchaat; Aspecten Van de Ontwikkeling Van de Moderne Staat in Nederland
030425: STYAN, J. L. - The English Stage; a History of Drama and Performance
020687: STYRON, WILLIAM - This Quiet Dust and Other Writings
038746: SUBIRA, JOSÉ - El Gremio de Representantes Españoles Y Aa Cofradia de Nuestra Señora de la Novena
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038743: TATLOCK, R. R. - English Painting of the Xviiith-Xxth Centuries with Some Examples of the Spanish, French & Dutch Schools, and of Original Drawings, Together with a Collection of Historic & Modern Sculpture
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025408: TATTLIN, ISADORA - Cuba Diaries; an American Housewife in Havana
016878: TAUBMAN, HOWARD - The Pleasure of Their Company; a Reminiscence
038000: TAUBMAN, MARY - Gwen John; the Artist and Her Work
009364: TAUBMAN, HOWARD - The Making of the the American Theatre
039411: TAUSSIG, MICHAEL K. - Alternative Measures of the Distribution of Economic Welfare
018289: TAVANEC, P. V. - Problems of the Logic of Scientific Knowledge
004712: TAVERNER, P. A. - Birds of Western Canada
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007846: TAX, MEREDITH - The Rising of the Women; Feminist Solidarity and Class Conflict, 1880-1917
012021: TAX, SOL, ED - Evolution After Darwin
044009: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C. - To See Is to Think: Looking at American Art
049850: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH DOWLING - A Slave in the White House; Paul Jennings and the Madisons
048186: TAYLOR, JOHN M. - William Henry Seward; Lincoln's Right Hand
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014106: TAYLOR, JAMES G. - The Behavioral Basis of Perception
035986: TAYLOR, GEORGE M. - British Herbs and Vegetables
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023503: TAYLOR, HILARY - James Mcneill Whistler
018980: TAYLOR, JOAN KENNEDY - What to Do When You Don't Want to Call the Cops; a Non-Adversarial Approach to Sexual Harassment
008623: TAYLOR, FRANCIS HENRY - The Taste of Angels; a History of Art Collecting from Rameses to Napoleon
007847: TAYLOR, JOHN - Circus of Ambition; the Culture of Wealth and Power in the Eighties
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004450: TAYLOR, FRANK J., ET AL. - From Land and Sea; the Story of Castle & Cooke of Hawaii
012663: TAYLOR, GEOFFREY - Insect Life in Britain
010783: TAYLOR, ALBERT PIERCE - Under Hawaiian Skies; a Narrative of the Romance, Adventure and History of the Hawaiian Islands; a Complete Historical Account
027452: TAYLOR, GARY - Reinventing Shakespeare; a Cultural History, from the Restoration to the Present
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041991: TAYLOR, DAVID WOOSTER - The Life of James Rolph, Jr.
009726: TAYLOR, OVERTON H. - The Classical Liberalism, Marxism, and the Twentieth Century
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017195: TAYLOR, FRANK J. - High Horizons; Daredevil Flying Postmen to Modern Magic Carpet--the United Air Lines Story
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045629: TAYLOR, ARCHER - The Literary History of Meistergesang
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031557: CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, JOAN - Visiting Eden; the Public Gardens of Northern California
039846: TAYLOR, JOHN H., ED - Journey Through the Afterlife; Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
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012022: TAYLOR, GORDON RATTRAY - The Great Evolution Mystery
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039651: TAYLOR, ROBERT LEWIS - W.C. Fields; His Follies and Fortunes
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012454: TAZIEFF, HAROUN - Craters of Fire
031505: TCHAIKOVSKY, PYOTR - Eugene Onegin
031506: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Symphonies. In Full Score
031507: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - The Maid of Orleans; Opera. Vocal Score
031515: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYITCH - The Slippers Opera. Vocal Score
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049302: TCHEREVKOFF, MICHEL - Tcherevkoff the Image Maker
026986: TCHERIKOVER, VICTOR - Hellenistic Civilization and the Jews
049304: TEACHOUT, TERRY - The Skeptic; a Life of H.L. Mencken
012455: TEALE, EDWIN WAY - Wandering Through Winter; a Naturalist's Record of a 20,000-Mile Journey Through the North American Winter
012508: TEALE, EDWIN WAY - Green Treasury; a Journey Through the World's Great Nature Writing
037650: FUNNY CIDE TEAM - Funny Cide; How a Horse, a Trainer, a Jockey, and a Bunch of High School Buddies Too on the Sheiks and Blue Bloods... And Won
021772: TEBBEL, JOHN - The Marshall Fields; a Study in Wealth
029089: TEBRAKE, WILLIAM H. - Medieval Frontier; Culture and Ecology in Rijnland
005139: TEC, NECHAMA - When Light Pierced the Darkness; Christian Rescue of Jews in Nazi-Occupied Poland
011807: IDNDR INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON EARTHQUAK DISASTER REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY - Proceedings of the Idndr International Symposium on Earthquake Disaster Reduction Technology; in Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, December 15-17, 1992, Tsukuba, Japan
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033040: TEGGART, FREDERICK J. - Theory and Processes of History
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025299: TELEMANN, GEORG PHILIPP - Fortsetzung Des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes. Volume I.
025300: TELEMANN, GEORG PHILIPP - Fortsetzung Des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes. Volume II
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044963: TELLER, WALTER, ED - Twelve Works of Naive Genius
026412: TELLER, WALTER - Joshua Slocum
049337: TELLIER, LUC-NORMAND - Redécouvrir L'Histoire Mondiale; Sa Dynamique économique, Ses Villes Et Sa Géographie
049560: TELLIER, LUC-NORMAND - Urban World History; an Economic and Geographihcal Perspective
022505: TELSER, LESTER G. - Competition, Collusion, and Game Theory
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011620: TEMPLE, RICHARD - Lord Lawrence
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039743: TEMPLEMAN, WILFRED - Marine Resources of Newfoundland
034308: TEMPLETON, DOUGLAS A. - The New Testament As True Fiction
005502: TENBROCK, ROBERT-HERMANN - A History of Germany
048448: TENCH, PAUL, ED - Studies in Systemic Phonology
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020074: TENNEY, ALVAN A. - Social Democracy and Population
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027336: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - A Variorum Edition of Tennyson's Idylls of the King
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042229: JOHANNES VON TEPL - Der Ackerman
005545: TERDIMAN, RICHARD - The Dialectics of Isolation; Self and Society in the French Novel from the Realists to Proust
042353: TERKEL, STUDS - Race; How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession
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011624: TERRILL, ROSS - R.H. Tawney and His Times; Socialism As Fellowship
013159: TERRILL, ROSS - The White-Boned Demon; a Biography of Madame Mao Zedong
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049550: CROWLEY, TERRY AND CLAIRE BOWERN - An Introduction to Historical Linguistics
014283: TERUKAZU, AKIYAMA - Japanese Painting
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042330: TESKE, HANS - Die Abendländischen Sagenkreise in Der Deutschen Dichtung Des Mittelalters; Drei Vorträge
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023803: TESTER, KEITH - Media, Culture and Morality
046679: TETEL, MARCEL - Marguerite de Navarre's Heptameron: Themes, Language, and Structure
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026990: TEUFFEL, W. S. - A History of Roman Literature
041198: TEW, BRIAN - The International Monetary Fund: Its Present Role and Future Prospects
023192: DEN TEX, JAN - Locke En Spinoza over de Tolerantie
010833: TEZLA, ALBERT - An Introductory Bibliography to the Study of Hungarian Literature
044435: VAN DEURSEN, A. TH. AND H. DE SCHEPPER - Willem Van Oranje; Een Strijd Voor Vrijheid En Verdraagzaamheid
023532: THACKER, CHRISTOPHER - The History of Gardens
048735: THACKER, ALAN - Bede and Augustine of Hippo: History and Figure in Sacred Text
041576: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray
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018693: VAN THAL, HERBERT, ED - Fanfare for Ernest Newman
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033284: THALER, ALWIN - Shakspere's Silences
008304: THANE, ELSWYTH - The Family Quarel; a Journey Through the Years of the Revolution
009587: THARP, TWYLA - Push Comes to Shove
035214: THARP, LARS - Hogarth's China; Hogarth's Printing and Eighteenth-Century Ceramics
008726: THATCHER, MARGARET - The Path to Power
018195: THATCHER, G. W. - Arabic Grammar of the Written Language
018295: THAYER, JOSEPH HENRY - A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament
012875: THEAL, GEORGE MCCALL - Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets Relating to Africa
039363: THEAL, GEORGE MCCALL - Kaffir Folk-Lore: A Selection from the Traditional Tales Current Among the People Living on the Eastern Border of the Cape Colony with Copious Explanatory Notes
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031953: THEOCRITUS - Lat Spring
034623: THEOCRITUS - The Idylls of Theokritos
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040173: DREISER, THEODORE AND H. L. MENCKEN - Dreiser-Mencken Letters; the Correspondence of Theodore Drieser & H.L. Mencken 1907-1945
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043227: THERA, PIYADASSI - The Buddha; a Short Study of His Life and Teaching
048044: THERA, NYANAPONIKA - The Threeforld Refuge
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011625: THESING, WILLIAM B., ED - Executions and the British Experience from the 17th to the 20th Century; a Collection of Essays
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012024: THIERSCH, JUSTUS - Carl Thiersch; Sein Leben
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034746: THODE, HENRY - Franz Von Assisi Und Die Anfänge Der Kunst Der Renaissance in Italien
011882: THOLFSEN, TRYGVE - Working Class Radicalism in Mid-Victorian England
009196: THOM, GARY - Bringing the Left Back Home; a Critique of American Social Criticism
014258: THOMA, HANS - Festkalender
034276: THOMAS, D. M. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn; a Century in His Life
037858: THOMAS, D. B. - The First Negatives; an Account of the Discovery and Early Use of the Negative-Positive Photographic Precess
032361: THOMAS, CAITLIN - Ciatlin; a Warring Absence
014111: THOMAS, HENRY - Biographical Encyclopedia of Philosophy
033920: HAMILL, THOMAS AND PAUL T. BROWN - Escape in Iraq; the Thomas Hamill Story
046687: THOMAS, THOMAS EBENEZER - Correspondence of Thomas Ebenezer Thomas. Mainly Relating to the Anti-Slavery Conflict in Ohio, Especailly in the Presbyterian Church
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021780: THOMAS, LEWIS V. - A Study of Naima
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006456: THOMAS, LEWIS V. - A Study of Naima
024776: THOMAS, E. E. - The Political Aspect of Religious Development
035403: THOMAS, LEWIS - Et Cetera, Et Cetera; Notes of a Word-Watcher
004814: THOMAS, WAYNE H., JR. - Bail Reform in America
016202: THOMAS, DAVID A. - Nazi Victory, Crete 1941
016204: THOMAS, LOWELL - Back to Mandalay
005961: THOMAS, LATELY - The First President Johnson; the Three Lives of the Seventeenth President of the United States of America
025530: THOMAS, LOUIS C. - The Thinker; Photography and Concept
003965: THOMAS, DONALD E., JR. - Diesel; Technology and Society in Industrial Germany
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026666: THOMAS, GRAHAM STUART - Perennial Garden Plants or the Modern Florilegium. A Concise Account of Herbaceous Plants, Including Bulbs, for General Garden Use
016717: THOMAS, BENJAMIN P. - Abraham Lincoln; a Biography
016833: THOMAS, EMORY M. - Robert E. Lee; a Biography
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017548: THOMAS, EMORY M. - The Confederate Nation 1861-1865
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043471: THOMAS, J. H. - Town Government in the Sixteenth Century. Based Chiefly on the Records of the Following Provincial Towns: Cambridge, Chester, Coventry, Ipswich, Leicester, Lincoln, Manchester, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Shrewsbury
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020442: THOMAS, EVAN - Robert Kennedy; His Life
031521: THOMAS, AMBROISE - Mignon; Opera in Three and Five Tableaux
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014737: THOMAS, THEODORE - Theodore Thomas: A Musical Autobiography
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047185: THOMAS, LATELY - A Debonair Scoundrel; an Episode in the Moral History of San Francisco
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032502: THOMAS, VIVIAN - The Moral Universe of Shakespeare's Problem Plays
036701: THOMAS, J. H. - Town Government in the Sixteenth Century Based Chiefly on the Recores of the Following Provicinal Towns: Cambridge, Chester, Coventry, Ipswich, Leicester, Lincoln, Manchester, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Shrewsbury
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046160: THOMPSON, E. A. - The Goths in Spain
009221: THOMPSON, RICHARD A. - The Winds of Tomorrow; Social Change in a Maya Town
019183: THOMPSON, E. P. - The Romantics; England in a Revolutionary Age
045063: THOMPSON, J. WILLIAM - The Rebirth of New York City's Bryant Park
048897: THOMPSON, CLAIBORNE W. - Studies in Upplandic Runography
020968: THOMPSON, LARRY - Correcting the Code; Inventing the Genetic Cure for the Human Body
016206: THOMPSON, LEROY - De Oppresso Liber; the Illustrated History of the U.S. Army Special Forces
016207: THOMPSON, RALPH - The 15th/19th; the King's Royal Hussars. A Pictorial History
049722: THOMPSON, F. M. L. - The Cambrdige Social History of Britain 1750-1950. Volume 1: Regions and Communities
000024: THOMPSON, ALLAN - The Dynamics of the Industrial Revolution
012878: THOMPSON, VIRGINIA - West Africa's Council of the Entente
012879: THOMPSON, LEONARD - A History of South Africa
024426: THOMPSON, KENNETH W. - Masters of International Thought; Major Twentieth-Century Theorists and the World Crisis
043123: THOMPSON, J. ERIC S. - Maya Hieroglyphic Writing; an Introduction
015664: THOMPSON, J. M. - Napoleon Bonaparte; His Rise and Fall
026857: THOMPSON, MARK - Gay Spirit: Myth and Meaning
027073: THOMPSON, WILLIAM IRWIN - The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light; Mythology, Sexuality, and the Origins of Culture
010329: THOMPSON, VIRGINIA - Labor Problems in Southeast Asia
028046: THOMPSON, HOLLAND - The New South; a Chronicle of Social and Industrial Evolution
028478: THOMPSON, W. P. - The University of Saskatchewan; a Personal History
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047195: THOMPSON, THOMAS L. - The Mythic Past; Biblical Archaeology and the Myth of Israel
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029810: THOMPSON, ALAN REYNOLDS - The Dry Mock; a Study of Irony in Drama
006793: THOMPSON, MACK - Moses Brown, Reluctant Reformer
027066: THOMPSON, SYLVIA - Feasts and Friends; Recipes from a Lifetime
049545: THOMPSON, CLAIBORNE W, ED - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions
038259: THOMPSON, HAROLD W. - Body, Boots & Britches; Folktales, Ballads and Speech from Counttry New York
044985: THOMPSON, DEBORAH - Coptic Textiles in the Brooklyn Museum
044379: THOMPSON, STITH - Tales of the North American Indians
013348: THOMPSON, F. H. - Studies in Medieval Sculpture
043466: THOMPSON, JAMES - The Peasant in French 19th Century Art; an Exhibition Organized for the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin
040619: THOMPSON, EWA M. - Russian Formalism and Anglo-American New Criticism; a Comparative Study
049441: THOMPSON, SYLVIA - Feasts and Friends; Recipes from a Liifetime
011627: THOMPSON, PAUL - The Edwardians; the Remaking of British Society
048792: THOMPSON, VICTORIA - Dying and Death in Later Anglo-Saxon England
1579: THOMSEN, HARRY - The New Religions of Japan
038469: THOMSON, J. ARTHUR - Darwinism and Human Life; the South African Lectures for 1909
032647: THOMSON, BELINDA - The Post-Impressionists
023110: THOMSON, GUY P. C. - Patriotism, Politics, and Popular Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century Mexico; Juan Francisco Lucas and the Pueblo Sierra
016210: THOMSON, GEORGE MALCOLM - The Twelve Days, 24 July to 4 August 1914
004134: THOMSON, EORGE MALCOLM - Sir Francis Drake
011419: THOMSON, GEORGE - Greek Lyric Metre
006958: THOMSON, GEORGE H. - The Fiction of E.M. Forster
030361: THOMSON, PETER - Shakespeare's Theatre
029767: THOMSON, DAVID - Renaissance Paris; Architecture and Growth 1475-1600
030538: THOMSON, GEORGE L. - My Life As a Scribe
011629: THOMSON, GEORGE MALCOLM - A Kind of Justice; Two Studies in Treason
033547: THOMSON, J. A. K. - Shakespeare and the Classics
040380: THOMSON, JOHN - China, the Land and Its People; Early Photographs by John Thomson
005828: THOMSON, JAMES - The Speedy Extinction of Evil and Misery; Selected Prose of James Thomson (B.V. )
041631: THOMSON, J. A. K. - The Greek Tradition; Essays in the Reconstruction of Ancient Thought
049065: THOMSON, R. L. ED - Owein or Chwedyl Iarlles Y Ffynnawn
025687: THÖNE, FRIEDRICH - Wolfenbüttel; Geist Und Glanz Einer Alten Residenz
048775: THONON, SANDRINE - La Purgatoire D'Amours; édition Critique
030689: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Thoreau on Birds
031147: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Thoreau's Rediscovered Last Manuscript: Wild Fruits
017518: THORNBURGH, DICK - Where the Evidence Leads; an Autobiography
033423: THORNDIKE, ASHLEY H. - English Comedy
033977: THORNDIKE, ASHLEY H. - The Influence of Beaumont and Fletcher on Shakspere
035492: THORNE, JOHN - Serious Pig; an American Cook in Search of His Roots
005774: THORNILEY, DANIEL - The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Rural Communist Party, 1927-39
023111: THORNING, JOSEPH F. - Miranda, World Citizen
010107: THORNTON, A. P. - The Habit of Authority; Paternalism in British History
010163: THORNTON, A. P. - The Imperial Idea and Its Enemies; a Study in British Power
018961: THORNTON, GENE - Masters of the Camera: Stieglitz, Steichen & Their Successors
012253: THORNTON, RICHARD C. - Odd Man out; Truman, Stalin, Mao, and the Origins of the Korean War
011630: THORNTON, PERCY M. - The Brunswick Accession
004957: THORNTON, RICHARD C. - China; the Struggle for Power 1917-1972
021214: THORNTON, GEOFFREY G. - New Zealand's Industrial Heritage
031995: THORNTON, PETER - Form & Decoration; Innovation in the Decorative Arts 1470 1870
007870: THORP, AMARGARET FARRAND - Female Persuasion; Six Strong-Minded Women
028470: THORP, MARGARET FARRAND - Neilson of Smith
047512: THORP, ROBERT L. - Son of Heaven; Imperial Arts of China
023587: THORPE, JAMES - Principles of Textual Criticism
020739: THORPE, JAMES - Audubon; the Birds of America
044235: THORSEN, PEDER GOTH - De Danske Runeimindesmaerker
033661: THORSTEINSSON, THORSTEINN, ED - Iceland 1946; a Handbook Published on the Sixtieth Anniversary of Landsbanki Islands (the National Bank of Iceland)
038991: ANDERSSON, THORSTEN AND KARL INGE SANDRED, EDS - The Vikings; Proceedings of the Symposium of the Faculty of Arts of Uppsala University, June 6-9, 1977
006666: THRONE, MILDRED - Cyrus Clay Carpenter and Iowa Politics, 1854-1898
045466: THRUPP, SYLVIA L. - The Merchant Class of Medieval London [1300-1500]
032139: TRINH XUAN THUAN - The Secret Melody; and Man Created the Universe
003611: THULESIUS, OLAV - Edison in Florida; the Green Laboratory
023295: THUM, MARACELLA - Exploring Literary America
048596: THUMB, ALBERT - Handbook of the Modern Greek Vernacular: Grammar, Texts, Glossary
018196: THÜMMEL, WOLF - Das Problem Der Periphrastischen Konstruktion, Gezeigt Am Beispiel Des Slavischen
021000: THURIN, ERIK INGVAR - Emerson As Priest of Pan; a Study in the Metaphysics of Sex
031230: THURMAN, JUDITH - Secrets of the Flesh; a Life of Colette
002007: THÜRMANN, EIKE - Psycho-Akustische Untersuchungen Am Worttyp /H-V-K/ Zur Plosivfärbung Deutscher Vokale
027155: THURNWALD, RICHARD - Die Eingeborenen Australiens Und Der Südseeinseln
011631: THURSFIELD, J. R. - Peel
014684: THURSTAN, VIOLETTA - A Short History of Decorative Textiles and Tapestries
005344: THURSTON, DONALD R. - Teachers and Politics in Japan
003861: THWAITE, ANTHONY - Beyond the Inhabited World: Roman Britain
019734: TIBI, BASSAM - Conflict and War in the Middle East, 1967-91; Regional Dynamic and the Superpowers
011420: TIBULLUS, ALBIUS - Albii Tibulli Aliorumque Carminum Libri Tres
031954: TIBULLUS, ALBIUS - Tibulli Aliorumque Carminum Libri Tres
028553: TICE, TERRENCE N. - Schleiermacher Bibliography with Brief Introductions, Annotations, and Index
036263: TICE, GEORGE - Lincoln
047618: TICHY, HERBERT - Zum Heiligsten Berg Der Welt; Auf Landstrassen Und Pilgerpfaden in Afghanistan, Indien Und Tibet
041446: TICKELL, RICHARD - Anticipation
030449: TICKNOR, GEORGE - History of Spanish Literature
044888: TIDESTROM, IVAR - Flora of Utah and Nevada
013160: TIEN, HUNG-MAO - The Great Transition; Political and Social Change in the Republic of China
014214: TIEPOLO, GIOVANNI DOMENICO - Picturesque Ideas on the Flight Into Egypt
032937: OHNUKI-TIERNEY, EMIKO - The Monkey As Mirror; Symbolic Transformations in Japanese History and Ritual
041685: TIERSKY, RONALD - Le Mouvement Communiste En France (1920-1972)
035782: TIGER, LIONEL - China's Food; a Photographic Journey by Reinhart Wolf
038737: TIGERMAN, STANLEY - The Architecture of Exile
026510: TIKHOMIROV, M. N., ED - Istoriia Moskovskogo Universiteta
049112: GARCÉS TIL, GREGORIO - Cancionero Popular Del Alto Aragón
044537: TILANDER, GUNNAR - Mélanges D'étymologie Cynégétique
048720: TILANDER, GUNNAR - Nouveaux Mélanges D'étymologie Cynégétique Avec Dix Figures Dans le Texte
034183: TILBERG, FREDERICK - Gettysburg; National Military Park, Pennsylvania
047501: VAN TILBURG, JO ANNE,ET AL - The Church Rock Petroglyph Site: Field Documemtation and Preliminary Analysis
020706: TILDEN, SAMUEL J. - Letters and Literary Memorials of Samuel J. Tilden
047194: TILLEY, ARTHUR - The Dawn of the French Renaissance
033769: TILLEY, ARTHUR - The Decline of the Age of Louis XIV or, French Literature 1687-1715
032509: TILLEY, ARTHUR - Molière
028555: TILLICH, PAUL - Against the Third Reich; Paul Tillich's Wartime Addresses to Nazi Germany
014157: TILLICH, PAUL - Perspectives on 19th and 20th Century Protestant Theology
045617: TILLMANN, NORBERT - Das Wasser Bis Zum Hals!" Gestalt, Geschichte Dnd Theologie Des 69. Psalms
005831: TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY - Pope and Human Nature
034010: TILLYARD, E. M. W. - Shakespeare's Last Plays
049839: TILLYARD, E. M. W. - Shakespeare's Problem Plays
023616: TILLYARD, STELLA - Citizen Lord; the Life of Edward Fitzgerald, Irish Revolutionary
034106: TILLYARD, E. M. W. - The Elizabethan World Picture
032546: TILLYARD, E. M. W. - Shakespeare's History Plays
044879: TILMAN, H. W. - . W. Tilman; the Seven Mountain-Travel Books
010689: TILTON, TIMOTHY ALAN - Nazism, Neo-Nazism, and the Peasantry
041073: CORNELL, TIM AND JOHN MATTHEWS - Atlas of the Roman World
021638: TINGLE, TIM AND DOC MOORE - Spooky Texas Tales
011216: HEALD, TIM AND MAYO MOHS - H.R. H. , the Man Who Will Be King
034870: TINGLE, TIM AND DOC MOORE - More Spooky Texas Tales
047156: TIMBERLAKE, MICHAEL ED - Urbanization in the World-Economy
011632: TIMMIS, JOHN H., III - Thine Is the Kingdom; the Trial for Treason of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, First Minister to King Charles I, and Last Hope of the English Crown
037090: TIMS, BARBARA, ED - Food in Vogue from Boulestin to Boxer
012668: TINBERGEN, N. - The Study of Instinct
036691: TINBERGEN, NIKO - Bird Life
008023: TINDALL, GEORGE BROWN - The Persistent Tradition in New South Politics
045550: TINDALL, GILLIAN - Célestine; Voices from a French Village
004674: TINDER, GLENN - The Political Meaning of Christianity; an Interpretation
005199: TINT, HERBERT - The Decline of French Patriotism, 1870-1940
019951: TINTEROW, GARY - Master Drawings by Picasso
016466: TIRARD, PAUL - La France Sur le Rhin; Douze Années D'Occupation Rhénane
026306: TISCHNER, HERBERT - Kunst Der Südsee
023944: LE TISSIER, TONY - Patton's Pawns; the 94th Us Infantry Division at the Siegfried Line
022547: TITCHMARSH, E. C. - The Theory of Functions
044873: TITCOMB, MARGARET - Native Use of Fish in Hawaii
035149: TITCOMB, CALDWELL, ED - The Art of Fine Words; Offering in Honor of Arthur H. Hopkins
006692: TITLEY, E. BRIAN - A Narrow Vision; Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs in Canada
024427: TIZI, VINCENZO - Vita Del P. Benvenuto Bambozzi
022527: TOBIN, JAMES - Asset Accumulation and Economic Activity; Reflections on Contemporary Macroeconomic Theory
007049: TOBIN, AGNES - Agnes Tobin: Letters, Translations, Poems, with Some Account of Her Life
007797: TOCH, HANS - The Social Psychology of Social Movements
038217: TODA, KENJI - Japanese Scroll Painting
036663: TODD, RUTHVEN - Tracks in the Snow; Studies in English Science and Art
003506: TODD, IAN A. - Vasilikos Valley Project 1: The Bronze Age Cemetery in Kalavasos Village
024428: TODD, JOHN M. - Luther; a Life
020504: SANDLER, TODD AND KEITH HARTLEY - The Political Economy of Nato; Past, Present, and Into the 21st Century
035427: TODD, PAMELA - The Arts and Crafts Companion
023840: TODOROV, TZVETAN - Theories of the Symbol
019649: TOESCA, MAURICE - The Other George Sand
032575: TOFFANIN, GIUSEPPE - IL Cinquecento
016215: TOFFEFSON, JAMES W. - The Strength Not to Fight; an Oral History of Consientious Objectors of the Vietnam War
026004: TOKLAS, ALICE B. - Staying on Alone; Letters of Alice B. Toklas
045331: TOKSVIG, SIGNE - Emanuel Swedenborg, Scientist and Mystic
037821: TOKUTOMI, KENJIRO - Nami-Ko, a Realistic Novel
016214: TOLAND, JOHN - No Man's Land; 1918, the Last Year of the Great War
018553: TOLEDANO, RALPH DE, ED - Frontiers of Jazz
035760: TOLES, TOM - Mr. Gazoo; a Cartoon History of the Reagan Era

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