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007756: Roseman, Marina - Healing Sounds from the Malaysian Rainforest; Temiar Music and Medicine
048588: Rosen, Charles - Critical Entertainments; Music Old and New
048587: Rosen, Charles - Piano Notes; the Word of the Pianist
047950: Rosen, Ilana - Soul of Saul; the Life, Narrative and Proverbs of a Transylvanian-Israeli Grandfather
050746: Rosen, Charles - Beethoven's Piano Sonatas; a Short Companion
038931: Rosen, Michael J., Ed - My Bug; for Everyone Who Owned Loved, or Shared a Vw Beetle... True Tales of the Car That Defined a Generation
037474: Rosen, Laura - Top of the City; New York's Hidden Rooftop World
009640: Rosen, Hugh - The Development of Sociomoral Knowledge; a Cognitive-Structural Approach
005289: Rosen, George - Democracy and Economic Change in India
031329: Rosenau, Helen - Visions of the Temple; the Image of the Temple of Jerusalem in Judaism and Christianity
019750: Rosenau, Helen - The Ideal City; Its Architectural Evolution
047394: Rosenbaum, Fred - Architects of Reform; Congregational and Community Leadership, Emanu-El of San Francisco, 1849-1980
027596: Rosenbaum, Ron - The Shakespeare Wars; Clashing Scholars, Public Fiascoes, Palace Coups
047655: Rosenberg, Nathan - Perspectives on Technology
046477: Rosenberg, Harold - Paul Steinberg
001691: Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor - Interest of Justice
038799: Rosenberg, Alexander - The Structure of Biological Science
033276: Rosenberg, Eleanor - Leicester, Patron of Letters
026572: Rosenberg, Jacob G. - East of Time
026571: Rosenberg, Jacob G. - Lives and Embers
025851: Rosenberg, Adolf - P.P. Rubens; Des Meisters Gemälde in 551 Abbildungen
024859: Rosenberg, JOel - King and Kin; Political Allegory in the Hebrew Bible
021455: Rosenberg, Norman L. - Protecting the Best Men; an Interpretive History of the Law of Libel
021002: Rosenberg, Hans - Grosse Depression Und Bismarckzeit; Wirtschaftsablauf, Gesellschaft Und Politik in Mitteleuropa
020874: Rosenberg, Tina - Children of Cain; Violence and the Violent in Latin America
050193: Rosenberg, Justus - The Art of Resistance; My Four Years in the French Underground. A Memoir
015239: Rosenberg, Pierre - French Master Drawings of the 17th & 18th Centuries in North American Collections; Dessins Français Du 17ème & Du 18ème Siècles Des Collections Américaines
014764: Rosenberg, Adolf - A. Von Werner
014240: Rosenberg, Adolf - Antoine Watteau
014211: Rosenberg, Adolf - Terborch Und Jan Steen
014210: Rosenberg, Adolf - Teniers Der Jüngere
014048: Rosenberg, Philip - The Seventh Hero; Thomas Carlyle and the Theory of Radical Activism
013527: Rosenberg, Adolf - Friedrich August Von Kaulbach
007842: Rosenberg, Philip - Thomas Carlyle and the Theory of Radical Activism
007704: Rosenberg, Rosalind - Beyond Separate Spheres; Intellectual Roots of Modern Feminism
002662: Rosenberg, Ignaz - Phönikische Sprachlehre Und Epigraphik
044807: Rosenberger, Ludwig - Wanderungen Zu Alfred Kubin Aus Dem Briefwechsel
018393: Rosenblat, Angel - Primera Vision de America, Y Otros Estudios
024858: Rosenbloom, Noah H. - Tradition in an Age of Reform; the Religious Philosophy of Samson Raphael Hirsch
035409: Rosenblum, Gerald - Immigrant Workers; Their Impact on American Labor Radicalism
032812: Rosenblum, Naomi - A History of Women Photographers
032200: Rosenblum, Robert - The Romantic Child from Runge to Sendak
029412: Rosenblum, Robert - Transformations in Late Eighteenth Century Art
020750: Rosenblum, Naomi - A History of Women Photographers
045444: Rosenfeld, Hans-Friedrich - Ausgewählte Schriften Zur Deutschen Literaturgeschichte, Germanischen Sprach- Und Kulturgeschichte Und Zur Deutschen Wort-, Mundart- Und Volkskunde Nebst Bibliographie Aller Publikationen Des Autors 1923-1974
015360: Rosenfeld, Lulla - Bright Star of Exile; Jacob Adler and the Yiddish Theatre
047949: Rosenfels, Paul - Homosexuality: The Psychology of the Creative Process
046088: Rosenfield, Natania - Outsiders Together; Virginia and Leonard Woolf
020989: Rosenfield, Claire - Paradise of Snakes; an Archetypal Analysis of Conrad's Political Novels
032252: Rosengarten, David - The Dean & Deluca Cookbook
005650: Rosengarten, Frank - The Italian Anti-Fascist Press (1919-1945); from the Legal Opposition Press to the Underground Newspapers of World War II
049994: Rosenkranz, Bernhard - Vergleichende Untersuchungen Der Altanatolischen Sprachen
018169: Rosenman, J. - Primitive Speech and English
034611: Rosenmeyer, Thomas G. - The Green Cabinet; Theocritus and the European Pastoral Lyric
045883: Rosenstiel, Leonie - Nadia Boulanger; a Life in Music
007692: Rosenstone, Robert A. - Romantic Revolutionary; a Biography of John Reed
005663: Rosenstone, Robert A. - Crusade of the Left; the Lincoln Battalion in the Spanish CIVIL War
046845: Rosenthal, Laura J. - Infamous Commerce; Prostitution in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture
040823: Rosenthal, Henry M. - The Consolations of Philosophy: Hobbes's Secret; Spinoza's Way
040575: Rosenthal, Sandra B. - Speculative Pragmatism
039964: Rosenthal, Joel T. - The Purchase of Paradise; Gift Giving and the Aristocracy, 1307-1485
038945: Rosenthal, Michael - Constable; the Painter and His Landscape
031206: Rosenthal, Harold - Two Centuries of Opera at Covent Garden
019252: Rosenthal, Walther, et al. - Die Justiz in Der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone
017669: Rosenthal, Harold D., Ed - Opera
015247: Rosenthal, Mark - Philadelphia Collectis Art Since 1940
008609: Rosenthal, Erwin - The Changing Concept of Reality in Art
035049: Rosenwein, Barbara H. - Negotiating Space; Power, Restraint, and Privileges of Immunity in Early Medieval Europe
045548: Rosetti, Alexandru - Istoria Limbii Române de la Origini Pîna in Secolul Al XVII-Lea
001991: Rosetti, A. - Linguistica
022088: Rosetti, Alexandru - Introducere in Fonetica
039933: Roseveare, Henry - The Treasury 1660-1870; the Foundations of Control
037822: Rosewald, Julie - How Shall I Practice? Practical Suggestions to Students of Vocal Music
041941: Rosiello, Isabella Zanni - Gli Apparati Statali Dall'Unità Al Fascismo
018416: Roske, Ralph J. - Everyman's Eden; a History of California
040636: Roskolenko, Harry - Black Is a Man
024391: Rosmini, Antonio - Introduction to Philosophy. Volume 1: About the Author's Studies
024392: Rosmini, Antonio - Theological Language
037561: Rosner, Lisa - The Most Beautiful Man in Existence; the Scandalous Life of Alexander Lesassier
050623: Rosner, Elizabeth - Gravity
013138: Rospigliosi, William - Writers in the Italian Renaissance
045092: Ross, Ellen - Slum Travelers; Ladies and London Poverty, 1860-1920
044715: Ross, Stewart - Monarchs of Scotland
044063: Ross, Eulalie Steinmetz - The Spirited Life; Bertha Mahony Miller and Children's Books
044003: Ross, Heather Colyer - The Art of Arabian Costume; a Saudi Arabian Profile
043867: Sweeney, James Ross and Stanley Cchodorow, Eds - Popes, Teachers, and Canon Law in the Middle Ages
002269: Ross, Alan S. C. - Etymology with Especial Reference to English
038431: Ross, Alan - The Gulf of Pleasure
037969: Ross, Janet - Early Days Recalled
037913: Ross, Lillian - Here But Not Here; a Love Story
029702: Ross, Charles - Richard III
028697: Ross, James F., Ed - Inquiries Into Medieval Philosophy; a Collection in Honor of Francis P. Clarke
024163: Ross, Robert S., Ed - East Asia in Transition; Toward a New Regional Order
023810: Ross, Andrew - No Respect; Intellectuals & Popular Culture
023362: Ross, Walter S. - The Last Hero, Charles A. Lindbergh
022485: Ross, Sheldon M. - Applieid Probability Models with Optimization Applications
049870: Ross, Alex - The Rest Is Noise; Listening to the Twentieth Century
014817: Ross, Ralph - Obligation; a Social Theory
013271: Ross, Ian Simpson - William Dunbar
007292: Ross, Thomas Richard - Jonathan Prentiss Dolliver; a Study in Political Integrity and Independence
006618: Ross, Frederick G. - The Actor from Point Arena
006497: Ross, Floyd H. - The Meaning of Life in Hinduism and Buddhism
029703: Rossabi, Morris - Khubilai Khan; His Life and Times
041612: Rossano, Piero, Ed - Lettere Ai Tessalonicesi
037392: Rossbach, Ed - The Art of Paisley
031207: Rosselli, John - The Life of Verdi
016544: Rossellini, Isabella - Some of Me
010639: Rossetti, Lucia - Acta Nationis Germanicae Artistarum (1616-1636)
033290: Rossi, Francesco - Accademia Carrara, Bergamo. Catalogo Dei Dipinti
025665: Rossi, Filippo - Art Treasures of the Ufizzi and Pitti
013949: Rossi, Ino, et al. - The Logic of Culture; Advances in Structural Theory and Methods
005146: Rossi, A. - The Russo-German Alliance, August 1939-June 1941
035031: Rossignol, J.-P - Des Services Que Peut Rendre L'Archéologie Aux études Classiques
052024: Girart De Rossillon - Le Roman En Vers de Très-Excellent, Puissant Et Noble Homme Girart de Rossillon Jadis Duc de Bourgoigne
045219: Rossini, Gioacchino - IL Turco in Italia, Opera Buffa in Tre Atti; Der Türke in Italien; Opera Buffa in Drei Akten
035000: Rossini, Gioacchino - William Tell. An Opera in Four Acts with French and English Text
031344: Rossini, Gioacchino - Zelmira. Vocal Score
031343: Rossini, Gioacchino - William Tell and Other Overtures. In Full Score
031287: Rossini, Gioachino - Mosè. Vocal Score
031284: Rossini, Gioachino - L'Italiana in Algeri. The Italian Girl in Algiers
031254: Rossini, Gioachino - IL Conte Ory
031211: Rossini, Gioachino - Bianca E Falliero O Sia IL Consiglio Dei Tre. Bianca and Falliero or the Council of Three
031209: Rossini, Gioachino - L'Assedio Di Corinto; the Siege of Corinth. An Opera in Three Acts. Vocal Score
030507: Rossini, Gioachino - IL Viaggio a Reims Ossia L'Albergia Del Giglio D'Oro
030506: Rossini, Gioachino - Otello, Ossia IL Moro Di Venezia
030504: Rossini, Gioachino - L'Italiana in Algeri
030501: Rossini, Gioachino - Edipo Coloneo
048581: Rossiter, Frank R. - Charles Ives and His America
017376: Rossiter, A. P. - English Drama from Early Times to the Elizabethans; Its Background, Origins and Developments
006751: Rossiter, Clinton - Parties and Politics in America
042065: Rost, Leonhard - Einleitung in Die Alttestamentlichen Apokryphen Und Pseudepigraphen EinschließLich Der GroßEn Qumran-Handschriften
044567: Rostaing, Charles, Ed - Constant Du Hamel: Fabliaux
035251: Rosten, Norman - Neighborhood Tales
029044: Roston, Murray - Biblical Drama in England from the Middle Ages to the Present Day
049255: Rostovtzeff, Michael I. - Out of the Past of Greece & Rome
049766: Rostovtzeff, Michael - Histoiia Social Y Economica Del Imperio Romano
026723: Rostow, W. W. - The Stages of Economic Growth; a Non-Communist Manifesto
006752: Rostow, Eugene V. - Toward Managed Peace; the National Security Interests of the United States, 1759 to the Present
023363: Roszak, Theodore - The Voice of the Earth
012856: Rotberg, Robert I. - The Rise of Nationalsim in Central Africa; the Making of Malawi and Zambia, 1873-1964
026050: Roters, Eberhard - Europäische Expressionisten
048088: Roth, Philip - The Humbling
002270: Roth, Klaus-Hinrich - Deutsch"; Prolegomena Zur Neueren Wortgeschichte
025229: Roth, Leon - Descartes' Discours on Method
024857: Roth, Cecil - Essays and Portraits in Anglo-Jewish History
024856: Roth, Cecil - Personalities and Events in Jewish History
023228: Roth, Leon - Spinoza
022090: Roth, Juliana - Die Indirekten Erlebnisformen IM Bulgarischen; Eine Untersuchung Zu Ihrem Gebrauch in Der Umgangssprache
049858: Roth, Philip - The Plot Against America
011568: Roth, Irene - Cecil Roth, Historian without Tears
003949: Roth, Ernst - The Business of Music; Reflections of a Music Publisher
002271: Rothe, Wolfgang - Phonologie Des Französischen; Einführung in Die Synchronie Und Diachronie Des Französischen Phonemsystems
010128: Rothe, Hans, Ed - Daumier Und Das Theater
026565: Rothenberg, Jerome - Poetics & Polemics 1980-2005
022493: Rothenberg, Thomas J. - Efficient Estimation with a Prori Information
011337: Rothenberg, Beno - Were These King Solomon's Mines? Excavations in the Timna Valley
014835: Rothenstein, William - Men and Memories; Recollections, 1872-1938
007886: Rothery, Agnes - New Roads in Old Virginia
003736: Rothery, Agnes - Iceland, Bastion of the North
028876: Röthlisberger, Ernst - El Dorado; Reise Und Kulturbilder Aus Dem Südamerikanischen Columbien
006753: Rothman, David J. - Politics and Power; the United States Senate, 1869-1901
015592: Rothney, John - Bonapartism After Sedan
001681: Rothschild, K. W. - The Theory of Wages
031552: Rothschild, Miriam, et al. - The Rothschild Gardens
031346: Rothschild, Fritz - The Lost Tradition in Music; Rhythm and Temp in J.S. Bach's Time
018940: Rothstein, Arthur - Photojournalism; Pictures for Magazines and Newspapers
041598: Rotrou, Jean - Le Véritable Saint Genest
025976: Rouart, Denis - Renoir
038310: Rouault, Georges - Georges Rouault; Retrospective Loan Exhibition. Boston, the Institue of Modern Art, Etc.
029875: Rouault, Georges - Rouault; Retrospective Exhibition 1953. The Cleveland Museum of Art; the Museum of Modern Art, New York
051187: Roucek, Joseph S., Ed - Slavonic Encyclopaedia
012707: Roudybush, Alexandra - A Sybaritic Death
014899: Rougemont, Denis De - Love Declared; Essys on the Myths of Love
046729: Rouillard, Germaine - L'Administration Civile de L'égypte Byzantine
047936: Rountree, Kathryn - Crafting Contemporary Pagan Identities in a Catholic Society
037216: Rountree, Cathleen - Coming Into Our Fullness; on Women Turning Forty. Interviews and Photographs
1113: (Rousseau, Jean-Jacques). Ellis, Madeleine B. - Rousseau's Venetian Story; an Essay Upon Art and Truth in Les Confessions
043339: Rousseau, Philip - Ascetics, Authority, and the Church in the Age of Jerome and Cassian
050407: Rousseau, Jean-Jacques - The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau Now for the First Time Completely Translated Into English without Expurgation
003723: Roussell, Aage - Nordøstsfyn
003721: Roussell, Aage - Sydsjaelland
038630: Rousset, Jean - La Littérature de L'Age Baroque En France: Circé Et le Paon
032605: Rousset, Jean - La Littérature de L'Age Baroque En France; Circé Et le Paon
015344: Roustang, François - The Quadrille of Gender: Casanova's "Memoirs
036643: Routledge, Robert - Discoveries and Inventions of the Nineteenth Century
042041: Charles-Roux, Edmonde - Oublier Palerme; Roman
038463: Roux, Willan C. - Fried Coffee and Jellied Bourbon; a Culinary Guide Book for Autocrats of the Breakfast Table, Containing Reliable Recipes and Cooking Instructions, and Sundry Suggestions for Maintaining Amicable Relations with the Distaff Side
043060: Rowbotham, John Frederick - The Epic of the Globe
005665: Rowdon, Mauraice - The Spanish Terror; Spanish Imperialism in the Sixteenth Century
041412: Rowe, Christopher - An Introduction to Greek Ethics
028894: Rowe, J. G., Ed - Aspects of Late Medieval Government and Society; Essays Presented to J.R. Lander
025732: Rowe, Joseph Andrew - California's Pioneer Circus, Joseph Andrew Rowe, Founder. Memoirs and Personal Correspondence Relative to the Circus Business Through the Gold Countryt in the 50s
009978: Rowe, Newton A. - Voyage to the Amorous Island; the Discovery of Tahiti
025419: Rowell, Galen - Mountain Light; in Searchc of the Dynamic Landscape
018941: Rowell, Galen - Alaska; Images of the Country
011338: Rowell, Henry Thompson - Rome in the Augustan Age
038082: Rowland, Benjamin, Jr. - Art in East and West; an Introduction Through Comparison
033337: Rowland, Daniel B. - Mannerism--Sytle and Mood. An Anatomy of Four Works in Three Art Forms
003848: Rowland, William T. - On the Postition in the Clause of Ne and Ut in Certain Documents of Colloquial Latin
003456: Rowland, Benjamin - Antichità E Medioevo
014172: Rowlandson, Thomas - The Watercolor Drawings of Thomas Rowlandson; from the Albert H. Wiggin Collection in the Boston Public Library
024842: Rowley, H. H. - The Unity of the Bible
024116: Rowley, Hazel - Christina Stead; a Biography
026941: Rowse, A. L. - Homosexuals in Hisotry; Ambivalence in Society, Literature and the Arts
011569: Rowse, A. L. - The Expansion of Elizabethan England
007767: Rowse, A. L. - The Byrons and Trevanions
051276: Le Roy, Adrian - Oeuvres D'Adrian le Roy: Sixiesme Livre de Luth (1559)
039431: Strong, Roy and Julia Trevelyan Oman - Elizabeth R.
036407: Porter, Roy and Lesley Hall - The Facts of Life; the Creation of Sexual Knowledge in Britain, 1650-1950
035171: Huss, Roy and Norman Silverstein - The Film Experience; Elements of Motion Picture Art
030797: Lewis, Roy and Angus Maude - The English Middle Classes
023991: Roy, Flora - Recollections of Waterloo Lutheran University 1960-1973
011615: Strong, Roy and Julia Trevelyan Oman - The English Year; a Personal Selection from Chambers' Book of Days
051555: Le Roy, Adrian - Psaumes. Tiers Livre de Tabulature de Luth 1552; Instruction 1574
050376: Roy, Thirthankar; - Traditional Industry in the Economy of Colonial India
051556: Le Roy, Adrian - Fantaisies Et Danses Extraites de a Briefe and Easye Instuction (1568)
004138: Lewis, Roy and Angus Maude - The English Middle Classes
049712: Porter, Roy and G. S. Rousseau - Gout, the Patrician Malady
024396: Royce, Josiah - The Letters of Josiah Royce
024395: Royce, Josiah - The Basic Writings of Josiah Royce
014051: Royce, Josiah - Josiah Royce's Seminar, 1913-1914; As Recorded in the Notebooks of Harry T. Costello
032359: Royko, MIke - One More Time; the Best of Mike Royko
037082: Roylance, Dale - Graphic Americana; the Art and Technique of Printed Ephemera from Abecedaires to Hoetropes
014831: Royster, Charles - The Fabulous History of the Dismal Swamp Company; a Story of George Washington's Times
036082: Rozen, Anna - The Merchant of Noises
043591: Rozencvejg, V. Ju, Ed - Machine Translation and Applied Linguistics. Volume II
018306: Ruan, Da, et al., Eds - Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science; Proceedings of the 1st International Flins Workshop, Mol, Belgium, September 14-16, 1994
045273: Rubens, Peter Paul - Rubensuten: Kyosho to Sono Shuhen. Peter Paul Rubens Et Son Entourage
017470: Rubenstein, Richard E., Ed - Great Courtroom Battles
044546: Rubin, David Lee - The Knot of Artifice; a Poetic of the French Lyric in the Early 17th Century
044182: Rubin, MIri - Gentile Tales; the Narrative Assault on Late Medieval Jews
041061: Rubin, David Lee - The Knot of Artifice; a Poetic of the French Lyric in the Early 17th Century
037343: Rubin, Lillian Breslow - Worlds of Pain; Life in the Working-Class Family
035161: Rubin, Ruth - Voices of a People; the Story of Yiddish Folksong
025946: Rubin, William, Ed - Pablo Picasso; a Retrospective
023695: Rubin, Barry - The Transformation of Palestinian Politics from Revolution to State-Building
007031: Rubin, Steven Jay - The James Bond Films; a Behind the Scenes History
006755: Rubin, Louis D., Jr. - Virgina; a Bicentennial History
005591: Rubin, Louis D., Jr. - The Teller in the Tale
037827: Rubinfien, Leo - A Map of the East
008675: Rubini, Dennis - Court and Country, 1688-1702
048561: Ledesma Rubio, Maria Luisa - Actas de Proceso de Cortes de Tamarite de 1375
019776: Ruble, Kenneth D. - Flight to the Top; How a Home Town Airline Made History... And Keeps on Making It
050431: Ruby, Robert - Jericho; Dreams, Ruins, Phantoms
005469: Rudé, George - Hanoverian London, 1714-1808
036441: Rudhyar, Dane - An Astrological Study of Pscyhological Complexes and Emotional Problems
008546: Rudnick, Lois Palken - Mabel Dodge Luhan; New Woman, New Worlds
016096: Rudnicki, K. S. - The Last of the War Horses
039105: Schuler, Rudolf and Kurt Heinz - Schwetzingen
038251: Neugebauer, Rudolf and Julius Orendi - Handbuch Der Orientalische Teppichkunde
051320: Rudolf, von Biberach - Die Sieben Strassen Zu Got; Die Hochalemannische ûbertragung Nach Der Handschrift Einsiedeln 278
049677: Link, Rudolf and Franz Strnad - Tumoren Des Bronchialsystems Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Bronchoskopischer Nnd Röntgenologischer Untersuchungsmethoden
045053: Rudolph, Wilhelm - Esra Und Nehemia Samt 3. Esra
040487: Rudolph, Willi - Nahrung Und Rohstoffe Aus Dem Meer
026422: Rudolph, Gerhard - Studien Zur Dichterischen Welt Achim Von Arnims
016398: Rudolph, Frederick, Ed - Essays on Education in the Early Republic
004852: Masurek-Rudoma, Rudolf - Handschrift, Charakter, Charakterformung; Graphologische Erfahrungen
043330: Rue, Leonard Lee, III - The World of the White-Tailed Deer
016097: Rue, John E. - Mao-Tse-Tung in Opposition, 1927-1935
013127: Rue, John E. - Mao Tse-Tung in Oppostion, 1927-1935
041184: Ruff, Gunther - A Dollar-Reserve System As a Transitional Solution
028372: Ruffini, E. - Chronologia Veteris Et Novi Testamenti in Aeram Nostram Collata
031403: Ruffo, Titta - Ruffo: My Parabola; la Mia Parabola. The Autobiography of Titta Ruffo
044824: Curtius Rufus, Quintus - De Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni Libri Superstites Ex Editione Frid. Schmieder
040080: Ruge, Herman - Educational Systems in Scandinavia
014876: Ruge, Sophus - Dresden Und Die Sächsische Schweiz
010656: Ruge, Friedrich - Der Seekrieg; the German Navy's Story, 1939-1945
006884: Ruge, Gerd - Pasternak; a Pictorial Biography
035651: Ruggiero, Guido - Binding Passion; Tales of Magic, Marriage, and Power at the End of the Renaissance
031298: Ruggiero, Guido De - Existentialism; Disintegration of Man's Soul
016465: Ruggiero, Guido De - Storia Del Liberalismo Europeo
044528: Ruggiers, Paul G., Ed - Versions of Medieval Comedy
039245: Ruggles, Patricia - Drawing the Line; Alternative Poverty Measures and Their Implication for Public Policy
019145: Ruggles, Eleanor - The Wet-Going Heart; a Life of Vachel Lindsay
037580: Rugoff, Ralph - The Eye of the Needle; the Unique World of Microminiatures of Hagop Sandaldjian
007105: Rugoff, Milton - The Beechers; an American Family in the Nineteenth Century
025985: Rühle, Jürgen - Literature and Revolution; a Critical Study of the Writer and Communism in the Twentieth Century
048393: Ruhlen, Merritt - A Guide to the Languages of the World
045768: Ruhlen, Merritt - On the Original of Languages; Studies in Linguistic Taxonomy
039771: Ruhlen, Merritt - The Origin of Language; Tracing the Evolution Ot Eh Mother Tongue
042093: Ruitenbeek, Hendrik M, Ed - The First Freudians
051745: Rukeyser, Juriel - Willard Gibbs
029164: Rumble, Thomas C., Ed - The Breton Lays in Middle English
018170: Rümelin, Gustav - Die Berechtigung Der Fremdwörter
024398: Rummel, Peter - P. Priscianensis S.J. 1542-1607; Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Katholischen Retauration Der Klöster IM EinflußBereich Der Ehemaligen Universität Dillingen
047952: Rumple, Jethro - A History of Rowan County, North Carolina Containing Sketkches of Prominent Families and Distinguished Men
044400: Runciman, Steven - The Medieval Manichee; a Study of the Christian Dualist Heresy
050261: Runnels, Curtis, et al., Eds - Artifact and Assemblage; the Finds from a Regional Survey of the Southern Argolid, Greece. Volume I: The Prehistori and Early Iron Age Pottery and the Lithic Artifacts
046011: Runte, Hans R., Et al, Eds - Jean Misrahi Memorial Volume; Studies in Medieval Literature
011342: Rupp, Alfred - Vergehen Und Bleiben; Religionsgeschictliche Studien Zum Personverständnis in ägypten Und IM Alten Testament
004364: Rupprich, Hans - Das Wiener Schrifttum Des Ausgehenden Mittalters
051953: Ruprecht, Arndt - Die Ausgehende Wikingerzeit IM Lichte Der Runeninschriften
025628: Rürup, Reinhard - Topography of Terror; Gestapo Ss and Reichssicherheitshauptamt on the "Prinz-Albrecht-Terrain"; a Documentation
036941: Ruscha, Edward - Guacamole Airlines and Other Drawings
035376: Ruscha, Ed - They Called Her Styrene
013140: Rusconi, Arturo Jahn - Siena
044577: Ruse, MIchael - Science and Spirituality; Making Room for Faith in the Age of Science
044029: Ruse, Michael, Ed - Philosophy of Biology
038190: Rusek, Jerzy - Deklinacja I Uzycie Przypadkow W Triodzie Chludowa; Studium Nad Rozwojem Analityzmu W Jezyku Bulgarskim
010403: Rush, Myron - Political Succession in the Ussr
049849: Rushdie, Salman - Joseph Anton; a Memoir
038179: Rushdie, Salman - East, West; Stories
020806: Rushdie, Salman - The Ground Beneath Her Feet; a Novel
011572: Rushforth, Winifred - Ten Decades of Happenings; the Autobigoraphy of Winifred Rushforth
034665: Rushing, James A., Jr. - Images of Adventure; Ywain in the Visual Arts
016098: Rusi, Alpo M. - After the Cold War; Europe's New Political Architecture
024717: Rusk, Ralph L. - The Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson
030515: Ruskin, Ariane - 17th & 185h Century Art
019608: Ruskin, John - Reflections of a Friendship; John Ruskin's Letters to Pauline Trevelyan, 1848-1866
050081: Russ, Charles V. J., Ed - The Dailects of Modern German; a Linguistic Survey
019609: Russel, Isabel - Katharine and E.B. White; an Affectionate Memoir
051080: Russell, Raymond - The Harpsichord and Clavichord; an Introductory Study
045153: Meiggs, Russell and David Lewis, Eds - A Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions to the End of the of the Fifth Century B.C.
044253: Russell, Josiah Cox - Medieval Regions and Their Cities
043859: Russell, Jeffrey Burton - Dissent and Reform in the Early Middle Ages
051783: Russell, Colin A. - Michael Faraday; Physics and Faith
040419: Russell, Josiah C. - Twelfth Century Studies
039822: Russell, R. Scott, Ed - Radioactivity and Human Diet
037748: Russell, John - Anthony Powell; a Quintet, Sextet, and War
036384: Russell, Bertrand - Nightmares of Eminent Persons and Other Stories
036160: Apkarian-Russell, Pamela E. - Postmarked Yesteryear; Art of the Holiday Postcard
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012359: Schneider, Mark Robert - We Return Fighting"; the CIVIL Rights Movement in the Jazz Age
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003039: Schneider, Hermann - Untersuchungen ûber Die Staatsbegräbnisse Und Den Aufbau Der ôffentlichen Leichenreden Bei Den Athenern in Der Klassischen Zeit
002675: Schneider, Klaus - Die Schweigenden Götter; Eine Studie Zur Gottesvorstellung Des Religiösen Platonismus
028037: Schneier, Bruce - Secrets and Lies; Digital Security in a Networked World
040731: Schnier, Jacques - Jacques Schnier. Art Deco and Beyond; 60 Years of Sculpture
039200: Schnitzer, Martin - Income Distribution; a Comparative Study of the United States, Sweden, West Germany, East Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan
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027636: Schoenbaum, S. - William Shakespeare; a Documentary Life
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