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042853: PELTIER, HENRI - Séminaires Et Formation Du Clergé Au Diocse D'Amiens Depuis le Concile de Trente Jusqu'Au Concordat de 1801
022140: PELTON, ROBERT YOUNG - The Unter, the Hammer, and Heaven
031074: PELTZ, MARY ELLIS - The Magic of the Opera; a Picture Memori of the Metropolitan
036819: PEMBERTON, MAX - Hyde Park and the House of the Governors; a History Thereof
007070: LA PEÑA, GUILLERMO DE - A Legacy of Promises; Agriculture, Politics, and Ritual in the Morelos Highlands of Mexico
039161: PENDLE, KARIN, ED - Women & Music; a History
026621: PENDLEBURY, J. D. S. - A Handbook to the Palace of Minos, Knossos, with Its Dependencies
042318: PENELEA, GEORGETA - Les Foires de la Valchie Pendan la Période 1774-1848
030519: PENN, W. S., ED - The Telling of the World; Native American Stories and Art
037476: PENN, IRVING - Stilllife
041610: PENNA, ANGELO, ED - Giudici E Rut
014246: PENNELL, ELIZABETH ROBINS - Whistler, the Friend
014637: PENNELL, JOSEPH - Etchers and Etchings; Chapters in the History of the Art Together with Technical Explanations of Modern Artistic Methods
006445: PENNENBERG, WOLFHART - Revelation As History
028296: PENNENBERG, WOLFHART, ED - Offenbarung Als Geschichte
029566: PENNINC AND PIETER VOSTAERT - De Jeeste Van Walewein Et Het Schaakbord
029567: PENNINC AND PIETER VOSTAERT - Roman Van Walewein
035562: PENNINGTON, SUSAN J. - Feast Your Eyes; the Unexpected Beauty of Vegetable Gardens
021271: PENNINGTON, JOHN - English Cathedrals and Abbeys Illustrated
007830: PENNOCK, J. ROLAND - Democratic Political Theory
038739: PENNOYER, A. SHELDON - This Was California; a Collection of Woodcuts and Engravings Reminiscent of Historical Events, Human Achievements and Travialities from Pioneer Days to the Gay Nineties
013715: PENNY, NICHOLAS - Piranesi
035805: PENNY, NICHOLAS - Mourning
014823: PENOT, JEAN-PAUL, ED - New Methods in Optimization and Their Industrial Uses; State of the Art, Recent Advances, Perspectives. Proceedings of the Symposia Held in Pau, October 19-29, 1987 and Paris, November 19, 1987
013693: PENROSE, ROLAND - The Sculpture of Picasso
032827: PENROSE, ROGER - Shadows of the Mind; a Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness
040896: PENROSE, ROGER - The Emperor's New Mind; Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics
045029: PENZER, NORMAN M. - An Annotated Bibliography of Sir Richard Francis Burton K.C. M.G.
043797: PENZL, HERBERT - Mittelhochdeutsch; Eine Einführung in Die Dialekte
043798: PENZL, HERBERT - Althochdeutsch; Eine Einführung in Dialekte Und Vorgeschichte
043796: PENZL, HERBERT - Frühneuhochdeutsch
044781: PENZL, HERBERT - A Grammar of Pashto; a Descriptive Study of the Dialect of Kandahar, Afghanistan
043629: PENZL, HERBERT - Vom Urgemanischen Zum Neuhoachdeutschen; Eine Historische Phonologie
043630: PENZL, HERBERT - Lautsystem Und Lautwandel in Den Althochdeutschen Dialekten
044673: PENZL, HERBERT - Methoden Der Germanischen Linguistik
020009: PENZOLDLT, ERNST - Die Portugalesische Schlact; Kömodie Der Unsterblichkeit
046491: PEPEN, FRANZ VON - Vom Scheitern Einer Demokratie 1930-1933
033946: PEPPIATT, MICHAEL - Francis Bacon; Anatomy of an Enigma
044177: PEPYS, SAMUEL - The Diary of Samuel Pepys
027554: PEQUIGNEY, JOSEPH - Such Is My Love; a Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets
042248: PERCHERON, MAURICE - Le Bouddha Et la Bouddhisme
005472: PERCIVAL, JOHN - The English Travels of Sir John Percival and William Byrd II; the Percival Diary of 1701
015423: PERCIVAL, JOHN - Theatre in My Blood; a Biography of John Cranko
014670: PERCIVAL, MACIVER - The Glass Collector; a Guide to Old English Glass
044236: PERCIVAL, FLORENCE - Chaucer's Legendary Good Women
033849: PERCY, WILLIAM ALEXANDER - Lanterns on the Levee; Recollections of a Planter's Son
023533: PERCY, CHRISTOPHER VANE - The Glass of Lalique; a Collector's Guide
042670: PERCY, THOMAS - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and Other Pieces of Our Earlier Poets; Together with Some Few of Later Date
029286: PEREC, GEORGES - W Ou le Souvenir D'Enfance; Récit
027502: PEREIRA, ANTHONY W. - The End of the Peasantry; the Rural Labor Movement in Northeast Brazil, 1961-1988
009372: PEREIRA, ANTHONY - Naples, Pompeii and Southern Italy
042836: RIBAO PEREIRA, MONTSERRAT - Textos Y Representacion Del Drama Historico En El Romanticismo Español
040333: ENES PEREIRA, BENJAMIM - Bibliografia Analitica de Etnografia Portuguesa
025376: PERELMAN, S. J. - Don't Tread on Me; the Selected Letters of S.J. Perelman
035767: PERELMAN, S. J. - That Old Gang O'Mine; the Early and Essential S.J. Perelman
036174: GATTI PERER, MARIA LUISA - Carlo Giuseppe Merlo Architetto
041322: PERELMUTER PÉREZ, ROSA - Noche Intelectual: La Oscuridad Idiomática En El Primero Sueño
045901: SOTO PEREZ, HECTOR - Filosofia Del Lenguaje Y Los Origenes de la Métrica Del Romance; Analisis Sobre la Permanencia de Elementos Estéticos En la Evolucion Linguistica
017361: PERGAMENI, CHARLES - Das Rathaus Von Brüssel; Historische Und Beschreibende Notiz
018398: DELLA PERGOLA, PAOLA - Bernini
005058: PERHAM, MARGERY - The Colonial Reckoning; the End of Imperial Rule in Africa in the Light of British Experience
020470: PERI, VITTORIO - Rita of Cascia, Priceless Pearl of Umbria
043482: DIONYSIUS PERIEGETES - Ixeuticon Seu de Aucupio Libri Tres in Epitomen Metro Solutam Redacti
002239: PÉRIER, AUGUSTE - Nouvelle Grammaire Arabe
046712: DU PERIER, SCIPION - Oeuvres de Scipion Du Perier, écuyer Et Doyen de Messieurs Les Avocats Au Parlement de Provence
004799: PERIN, CONSTANCE - Everything in Its Place; Social Order and Land Use in America
005737: PERINBANAYAGAM, R. S. - The Karmic Theater; Self, Society, and Astrology in Jaffna
038843: PERKINS, DONALD - Charles Dickens; a New Perspective
040626: PERKINS, JEANNE-GEORGETTE - Siméon la Roque, Poète de L'Absence 1550-1615
041409: PERKINS, ROBERT L. - Søren Kierkegaard
026222: PERKINS, DEXTER - The New Age of Franklin Roosevelt, 1934-45
031002: PERKINS, DOROTHY - Encyclopedia of China; the Essential Reference to China, Its History and Culture
030083: PERKINS, DAVID - A History of Modern Poetry
031304: PERKINS, JOHN - To the Ends of the Earth; Four Expedtions to the Arctic, the Congo, the Gobi, and Siberia
041030: PERKINS, CLARA CRAWFORD - French Cathedrals and Chateaux
041249: PERKINS, CHARLES CALLAHAN - Tuscan Sculptors; Their Lives, Works, and Times
020623: PERL, JED - Paris without End; on French Art Since World War I.
031075: PERLE, GEORGE - The Operas of Alban Berg. Volume 2: Lulu
040868: PERLER, DOMINIK - Théories de L'Intentionnalité Au Moyen Age
045267: PERLIN, JOHN - A Forest Journey; the Role of Wood in the Development of Civilization
002417: PERLMAN, MARK - Judges in Industry; a Study of Labour Arbitration in Australia
016006: PERLMUTTER, AMOS - Military and Politics in Israel; Nation-Building and Role Expansion
040028: PERLOFF, HARVEY S. - Alliance for Progress; a Social Invention in the Making
025634: PERLOFF, MARJORIE - The Futurist Moment; Avant-Garde, Avant Guerre, and the Language of Rupture
040033: PERLOFF, HARVEY S. - The Art of Planning; Selected Essays of Harvey S. Perloff
044674: PERLOFF, MARJORIE - Wittgenstein's Ladder; Poetic Language and the Strangeness of the Ordinary
018405: PERLOT, JEAN-NICOLAS - Gold Seeker; Adventures of a Belgian Argonaut During the Gold Rush Years
044443: PERNOT, LAURENT - Rhetoric in Antiquity
038989: PERNOUD, RÉGINE - Hildegarde de Bingen; Conscience Inspirée Du Xiie Siècle
003636: PERNOUD, RÉGINE - La Femme Au Temps Des Cathédrales
043181: PERON, GIANFELICE, ED - La Palinodia; Atti Del XIX Convegno Interunivbersitario (Bressanone, 1991)
010146: PEROSA, SERGIO - The Art of F. Scott Fitzgerald
039026: PEROTTI, JAMES L. - Heidegger on the Divine; the Thinker, the Poet and God
024497: PERPEET, WILHELM - Erich Rothacker; Philosophie Des Geistes Aus Dem Geist Der Deutschen Historischen Schule
023921: PERRET, JACQUES - Horace
021328: PERRET, GEOFFREY - Eisenhower
030699: PERRET, PATTI - The Faces of Fantasy
016007: PERRETT, GEOFFREY - A Hawk at War; the Peninsular War Reminiscences of General Sir Thomas Brotherton, Cb
016008: PERRETT, GEOFFREY - The Hawks; a Short History of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
043664: PERRI, ROLANDO - Presenze Femminili Nella Vita Di Don Lorenzo Milani; Tra Misoginia E Femminismo Ante Litteram
045931: PERRIER, J.-L., ED - Les Enfances Guillaume, Chanson de Geste Du Xiiie Siècle
016976: PERRIN, NOEL - Dr. Bowdler's Legacy; a History of Epurgated Books in England and America
019376: PERROT, NICOLAS - Memoire Sur Les Meours Coustumes Et Relligion Des Sauvages de L'Amerique Septentrionale
011538: PERROTT, ROY - The Aristocrats; a Portrait of Britain's Nobility and Their Way of Life Today
043871: PERRY, T. ANTHONY - Art and Meaning in Berceo's Vida de Santa Oria
016322: PERRY, LEWIS - Childhood, Marriage, and Reform; Henry Clarke Wright, 1797-1870
028538: PERRY, CHARLES M. - Henry Philip Tappan; Philosopher and University President
014014: PERRY, RALPH BARTON - The Thought and Character of William James
047196: PERRY, T. A. - Dialogues with Kohelet; the Book of Ecclesiastes. Translation and Commentary
041752: PERRY, MARGARET - Silence to the Drums; a Survey of the Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
032070: PERRY, THERESA, ET AL. - Young, Gifted, and Black; Promoting High Achievement Among African-American Students
037820: PERRY, P. J. - A Geography of 19th-Century Britain
045505: PERRY, RUTH - The Celbrated Mary Astell; an Early English Feminist
047254: SAINT-JOHN PERSE - Oeuvre Poétique
036184: PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - Casey from the Oss to the Cia
008362: PERSON, JAMES E., JR. - Russell Kirk; a Critical Biography of a Conservative Mind
019924: DEUTSCHE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR PERSONALWESEN - Der ôffentliche Dienst in Den Vereinigten Staaten Von Amerika; Ein Reisebericht
016362: PERSONS, STOW - The Decline of American Gentility
016328: PERSONS, STOW, ED - Evolutionary Thought in America
034035: PERSSON, AXEL W. - Staat Und Manufaktur IM Römischen Reiche; Eine Wirtschaftsgeschichtliche Studie Nebst Einem Exkurse über Angezogene Götterstatuen
047319: PERTUSI, AGOSTINO - La Caduta Di Costantinopoli
039779: PERTWEE, BILL - Pertwee's Promenades and Pierrots; One Hundred Years of Seaside Entertainment
005501: PESCATELLO, ANN, ED - Female and Male in Latin America; Essays
006448: PESCE, MAURO - Paolo E Gli Arconti a Corinto; Storia Della Ricerca (1888-1975) Ed Esegesi Di I Cor. 2,6. 8
1445: PESCH, RUDOLF - Das Markus-Evangelium. Herausgegeben Von Rudolf Pesch
040899: PESTELLI, GIORGIO - Canti Del Destino; Studi Su Brahms
009186: PETAS, FRANTISEK - Das Jüngste Gericht; Mittelalterliches Mosaik Vom Prager Veitsdom
028889: KOLB, PETER AND ERNST-GÜNTER KRENIG - Unterfräkische Geschichte. Band 1: Von Der Germanischen Landnahme Bis Zum Hohen Mittelalter
032312: IRONS, PETER AND STEPHANIE GUITTON, EDS - May It Please the Court; the Most Significant Oral Arguments Made Before the Supreme Court Since 1955
018711: PETER, HILDEMARIE - Die Blockflöte Und Ihre Spielweise in Vergangenheit Und Gegenwart
024517: MASLOWSKI, PETER AND DON WINSLOW - Looking for a Hero; Staff Sergeant Joe Ronnie Hooper and the Vietnam War
025043: LASLETT, PETER AND W. G. RUNCIMAN - Philosophy, Politics and Society (Second Series)
025044: LASLETT, PETER AND W. G. RUNCIMAN - Philosophy, Politics and Society (Third Series)
026359: GREEN PETER - Alexander to Actium; the Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age
011585: SELF, PETER AND HERBERT J. STORING - The State and the Farmer; British Agricultural Policies and Politics
026624: PETER, F. E. - Jerusalem; the Holy City in the Eyes of Chroniclers, Visitors, Pilgrims, and Prophets from the Days of Abraham to the Beginnings of Modern Times
026714: FUSCO, PETER AND H. W. JANSON, EDS - The Romantics to Rodin; French Nineteenth-Century Sculpture from North American Collections
007981: BÜRGER, PETER AND CHRISTA BÜRGER - The Institutions of Art
027558: HUMFREY, PETER AND MAURO LUCCO - Dosso Dossi, Court Painter in Renaissance Ferrara
005108: HALL, PETER AND DENNIS HAY - Growth Centres in the European Urban System
014754: MARRIS, PETER AND MARTIN REIN - Dilemmas of Social Reform; Poverty and Community Action in the United States
032326: MURRAY, PETER AND LINDA MURRAY - The Oxford Companion to Christian Art and Architecture
014605: ARNELL, PETER AND TED BICKFORD, EDS - Robert A.M. Stern, 1965-1980; Toward a Modern Architecture After Modernism
019782: MATTHIESSEN, PETER AND ELIOT PORTER - The Tree Where Man Was Born; the African Experience
039064: RITTER, ULRICH PETER AND KARL GEORG ZINN - Grundwortschatz Wirtschafts-Wissenschaftlicher Begriffe: Englisch-Deutsch, Deutsch-Englisch
039586: BAUMGARTNER, PETER AND SABINE PAYR, EDS - Speaking Minds; Interviews with Twenty Eminent Cognitive Scientists
034542: PETERS, WERNER - Untersuchungen Zu Onasander
032690: PETERS, MARGOT - The House of Barrymore
005609: PETERS, ARTHUR KING - Jean Cocteau and André Gide; an Abrasive Friendship
010393: PETERS, ROBERT L. - The Crowns of Apollo; Swinburne's Principles of Literature and Art; a Study in Victorian Criticism and Aesthetics
012234: PETERS, ROBERT - The Poet As Ice-Skater
031884: PETERS, F. E. - Greek Philosophical Terms; a Historical Lexicon
006949: PETERS, MARGOT - Mrs. Pat; the Life of Mrs. Patrick Campbell
028327: PETERS, EUGENE H. - Hartshorne and Neoclassical Metaphysics
028634: PETERS, CARL - Afrikanische Köpfe; Charakterskizzen Aus Der Neueren Geschichte Afrikas
006467: PETERS, FRIEDRICH ERNST - Blaise Pascal; Die Sternenbahn Eines Menschengeistes
020894: PETERS, CATHERINE - Thackeray's Universe; Shifting Worlds of Imagination and Reality
010382: PETERSEN, WILLIAM - Planned Migration; the Social Determinants of the Dutch-Canadian Movement
020408: STENDER-PETERSEN, ADOLF - Russian Studies
014806: PETERSON, JOYCE E. - Curs'd Example; the Duchess of Malfi and Commonweal Tragedy
012639: PETERSON, ROGER TORY - Birds over America
029392: PETERSON, MERRILL D. - Lincoln in American Memory
029956: PETERSON, MERRILL D. - Adams and Jefferson; a Revolutionary Dialogue
045875: PETERSON, BARBARA BENNETT - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Preserver of Spirit and Hope
023744: PETERSON, LORIN - The Day of the Mugwump
009142: PETERSON, LINDA H. - Victorian Autobiography; the Tradition of Self-Interpretation
033392: PETERSON, DOUGLAS L. - Time, Tide and Tempest; a Study of Shakespeare's Romances
045081: PETERSON, JAMES - Sauces; Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making
038967: PETERSON, WILLIS - The Glory of Nature's Form; Photography and Text
038968: PETERSON, WILLIS - A Guide to Better Nature Photography
034131: PETERSSON, ROBERT T. - The Art of Ecstasy; Teresa, Bernini, and Crashaw
023477: PETHYBRIDGE, ROGER - One Step Backwards, Two Steps Forward; Soviet Society and Politics in the New Economic Policy
018712: PETIT, PIERRE - Verdi
020263: PETIT, JACQUES - Le Pain Dur de Paul Claudel; Introduction, Fragments inédits, Variantes Et Notes
037766: PETIT, PIERRE - Pierre Petit: Photographer, September 26, 1980-January 11, 1981
041449: PETIT, PAUL - Pax Romana
043669: PETRACCO, FLORIANA - L'Acqua Plurale; I Progetti Di Canali Navigiabili E la Gestione Del Territorio a Cremona Nei Secoli XV-XVIII
021999: PETRACEK, KAREL - Zaklady Gramatického Systému Spisovné Arabstiny
022940: PETRAN, TABITHA - Syria
046808: PETRARCA, FRANCESCO - Petrarch's Book without a Name
042001: PETRICCIONE, SANDRO - Politica Industriale E Mezzogiorno
030125: PETRICONI, H. - Metamorphosen Der Träume; Fünf Beispiele Zu Einer Literaturgeschichte Als Themengeschichte
006068: PETRIE, GLEN - A Singular Iniquity; the Campaigns of Josephine Butler
005386: PETRIE, CHARLES - Earlier Diplomatic History, 1492-1713
011541: PETRIE, CHARLES - The Edwardians
025509: PETRO, VADIM, ET AL. - The Escape of Alexei, Son of Tsar Nicholas II; What Happened the Night the Romanov Family Was Excuted
031077: PETROBELLI, PIERLUIGI - Music in the Theater; Essays on Verdi and Other Composers
020298: PETROCELLI, DANIEL - Triumph of Justice; the Final Judgment on the Simpson Saga
007577: PETRONE, GERARD S. - Judgment at Gallatin; the Trial of Frank James
026625: PETRONIUS - The Satyricon of Petronius
037256: PETROSKI, HENRY - The Book on the Bookshelf
008029: PETROV, VADIM, ET AL. - The Escape of Alexei, Son of Tsar Nicholas II: What Happened the Night the Romanov Family Was Executed
009325: PETROV, VLADIMIR - A Study in Diplomacy; the Story of Arthur Bliss Lane
011920: PETRY, HOWARD KISTLER, ED - A Century of Medicine, 1848-1948; the History of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania
040557: PETTER, HENRI - The Early American Novel
034011: PETTET, E. C. - Shakespeare and the Romance Tradition
026336: PETTIE, GEORGE - A Petite Pallace of Pettie His Pleasure
022099: PETTINGILL, OLIN SEWALL, JR. - My Way to Ornithology
021475: PETTIT, ARTHUR G. - Images of the Mexican American in Fiction and Film
035299: PETULENGRO, GIPSY - A Romany Life
022000: PETYT, K. M. - The Study of Dialect; an Introduction to Dialectology
040750: PETZOLDT, RICHARD - Heinrich Schütz Und Seine Zeit in Bildern; Heinrich Schütz and His Times in Pictures
026057: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, ET AL., EDS - Lexikon Der Weltarchitektur
036676: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Englishness of English Art
033307: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, ET AL., EDS - An Outline of European Architecture
008412: PEYRE, HENRI - Observations by Henri Peyre on Life, Literature, and Learning in America
042207: PEYROT, LUCIEN - Le Saint-Esprit Et le Prochaine Retrouvé
031078: PEYSER, JOAN - Bernstein; a Biography
019777: PFAFF, KONRAD - Ludwig Schaffrath: Glasmaleri + Mosaik. Stained Glass + Mosaic
035045: PFAFF, RICHARD WILLIAM - Montague Rhodes James
011540: PFALTZGRAFF, ROBERT L., JR. - Britain Faces Europe
034853: BENBOW-PFALZGRAF, TARYN, ED - International Dictionary of Modern Dance
025895: BENBOW-PFALZGRAF, TARYN, ED - Contemporary Fashion
046074: PFEFFER, WENDY - The Change of Philomel; the Nightingale in Medieval Literature
046072: PFEFFER, WENDY - Proverbs in Medieval Occitan Literature
734: PFEIFER, GOTTFRIED - Das Siedlungsbild Der Landschaft Angeln
034692: PFEIFFER, RUDOLF - History of Classical Scholarship from 1300 to 1850
003192: PFEIFFER, RICHARD - Die Religiös-Sittliche Weltanschauung Des Buches Der Sprüche in Ihrem Inneren Zusammenhange
024974: PFEIFFER, ROBERT H. - Religion in the Old Testament; the History of a Spiritual Triumph
018404: PFEIFFER, IDA - A Lady's Visit to California 1853
011924: PFEIFFER, LUDWIG - Handbuch Der Angewandten Anatomie; Genaue Beschreibung Der Gestalt Und Der Wuchsfehler Des Menschen Nach Den Mass- Und Zahlenverhälnissen Der Körperoberflächenteile
014628: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS - Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings; Masterworks from the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives
038197: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS - Treasures of Taliesin; Seventy-Seven Unbuilt Designs
045718: PFEIFFER, HENRIK - Jahwes Kommen Von Süden; Jde 5; Hab 3; Dtn 33 Und Ps 68 in Ihrem Literatur- Und Theologiegeschichtlichen Umfeld
018929: PFISTER, HAROLD FRANCIS - Facing the Light; Historic American Portrait Daguerreotypes
036281: PFISTER, MANFRED - Studien Zum Wandel Der Perspektivenstruktur in Elisabethanischen Und Jakobäischen Komödien
043764: PFISTER, MAX - Galloromanische Sprachkolonien in Italien Und Nordspanien
014015: PFIZER, GUSTAV - Martin Luther's Leben
014195: PFLAUM, ROSALYND - Grand Obsession; Madame Curie and Her World
018244: PFLEIDERER, OTTO - Die Geschichte Der Religion
010836: PFLUG, WARNER W. - A Guide to the Archives of Labor History and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University
043622: PFOHL, GERHARD - Griechische Inschriften Als Zeugnisse Des Privaten Und öffentlichen Lebens
003427: PFUHL, ERNST - Meisterwerke Griechischer Zeichnung Und Malerlei
043342: PHAN, BOI-CHAU - Overturned Chariot; the Autobiography of Phan-Boi-Chau
038679: GIULINI PHARMA - Leonharti Rauwolfen... Aigentliche Beschriebung Der Raiß
044552: PHÉBUS, GASTON - Livre Des Oraisons; Les Prières D'Un Chasseur
014844: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON - The Twentieth Century Theatre; Observations on the Contemporary English and American Stage
014794: PHELPS, ORME W. - Discipline and Discharge in the Unionized Firm
016011: PHIBBS, BRENDAN - The Other Side of Time; a Combat Surgeon in World War II
015001: BROWN, PHIL AND EDWIN J. MIKKELSEN - No Safe Place; Toxic Waste, Leukemia, and Community Action
032168: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL - Sea of Glory; America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
043478: BAKER, PHILIP AND CHRIS CORNE - Isle de France Creole; Affinities and Origins
020834: BAGENAL, PHILIP AND JONATHAN MEADES - The Illustrated Atlas of the World's Great Buildings; a History of World Architecture from the Classical Perfection of the Parthenon to the Breathtaking Grandeur of the Skyscraper
045343: JOHNSON, PHILIP AND JOHN BURGEE - Philip Johnson/John Burgee: Architecture 1979-1985
022003: PHILIPP, MARTHE - Grammaire de L'Allemand
002851: PHILIPP, WOLFGANG - Die Absolutheit Des Christentums Und Die Summe Der Anthropologie
023935: ARIÈS, PHILIPPE AND ANDRÉ BÉJIN, EDS - Western Sexuality; Practice and Precept in Past and Present Times
026149: HUISMAN, PHILIPPE AND M. G. DORTU - Toulouse Lautrec
029623: VELAY, PHILIPPE AND JEROME GODEAU - Les Premiers Mots de Paris
735: PHILIPPI, ADOLPH - Florenz. 4e Auflage Bearbeitet Von Walther Heil
021643: PHILIPPI, ADOLF - Die Kunst Der Nachblüte in Italien Und Spanien
020610: PHILIPS, C. H. - Politics and Society in India
031137: PHILIPS, BAXTER - Cut the Unseen Cinema
046958: BELL, DEAN PHILLIP AND STEPHEN G. BURNETT, EDS - Jews, Judaism, and the Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Germany
044771: PHILLIPS, KEVIN - The Cousins' Wars; Religion, Politics, and the Triumph of Anglo-America
013102: PHILLIPS, MARK - Francesco Guicciardini; the Historian's Craft
044437: PHILLIPS, WATTS - Souvenir of the Dead Heart
019581: PHILLIPS, GENE D. - Evelyn Waugh's Officers, Gentlemen and Rogues; the Fact Behind His Fiction
035982: PHILLIPS, ROGER - Mushrooms of North America
012838: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Agriculture and Ecology in Africa; a Study of Actual and Potential Development South of the Sahara
023801: PHILLIPS, KEVIN - The Politics of Rich and Poor; Wealth and the American Electorate in the Reagan Aftermath
016729: PHILLIPS, ULRICH BONNELL - Life and Labor in the Old South
017542: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM R. - Night of the Silver Stars; the Battle of Lang Vei
015180: PHILLIPS, MARJORIE - Duncan Phillips and His Collection
027671: PHILLIPS, LANCE - Yonder Comes the Train; the Story of the Iron Horse and Some of the Roads It Traveled
028028: PHILLIPS, KEVIN - Boiling Point; Republicans, Democrats, and the Decline of Middle-Class Prosperity
005041: PHILLIPS, HERBERT P. - Thai Peasant Personality; the Patterning of Interpersonal Behavior in the Village of Bang Chan
040666: PHILLIPS, CATHERINE COFFIN - Portsmouth Plaza, the Cradle of San Francisco
035533: PHILLIPS, TOM - The Postcard Century; 2000 Cards and Their Messages
034500: PHILLIPS, MARGARET MANN - Erasmus and the Northern Renaissance
045098: PHILLIPS, KATHRYN - Tracking the Vanishing Frogs; an Ecological Mystery
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027916: PLACE, SUSAN E., ED - Tropical Rainforests; Latin American Nature and Society in Transition
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047089: PLAUTUS, TITUS MACCIUS - Amphitruo
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042386: PLAYLE, RON - The Iowa State Fair in Vintage Postcards
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031086: PLEASANTS, HENRY - The Great Singers from the Dawn of Opera to Our Own Time
031087: PLEASANTS, HENRY - The Great Singers from the Dawn of Opera to Our Own Time
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006730: POLE, J. R. - The Pursuit of Equality in American History
010000: POLENBERG, RICHARD - Reorganizing Roosevelt's Government; the Controversy over Executive Reorganization, 1936-1939
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043572: POLITZER, HEINZ, ED - Franz Kafka
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015650: POLLOCK, JAMES K., ET AL. - German Democracy at Work; a Selective Study
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045868: YOUNG-EISENDRATH, POLLY AND FLORENCE L. WIEDEMANN - Female Authority; Empowering Women Through Psychotherapy
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039373: POLSBY, NELSON W. - How Congress Evolves; Social Bases of Institutional Change
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025328: POLYA, G. - Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning
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043027: POLZ, EDI - Fitness for All with the Wonder Ball
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036169: TERESA POMAR, MARIA - El Dia de Los Muertos; the Life of the Dead in Mexican Folk Art
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024368: POMPER, PHILIP - The Structure of Mind in History; Five Major Figures in Pscyhohistory
042716: POMPER, PHILIP, ET AL., EDS - World Historians and Their Critics
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044310: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - Octavio Paz; Las Palabras Del árbol
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016023: PONSONBY, CHARLES - Ponsonby Remembers
010834: DU PONT, SOPHIE - Sophie Du Pont, a Young Lady in America; Sketches, Diaries, & Letters, 1823-1833
012970: GUIGO DU PONT - Della Contemplazione
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034866: DA PONTE, LORENZO - Mémoires de Lorenzo Da Ponte, Librettiste de Mozart
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038472: PONTING, HERBERT - Scott's Last Voyage Through the Antarctic Camera of Herbert Ponting
439: (PONTORMO, JACOPO DA). FORSTER, KURT W. - Pontormo; Monographie Mit Kritischem Katalog
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023629: POOLE, ROBERT W., JR. - Unnatural Monopolies; the Case for Deregulating Public Utilities
023070: POOLE, STAFFORD - Pedro Moya de Contreras; Catholic Reforma Nd Royal Power in New Spain, 1571-1591
034499: POOLE, REGINALD LANE - Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought and Learning
044226: POOLE, REGINALD LANE - Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought and Learning
011546: POOLEY, ERNEST - The Guilds of the City of London
024968: POORTMAN, J. J. - Repertorium Der Nederlandse Wijsbegeerte
009768: POP, SEVER - Instituts de Phonétique Et Archives Phonographiques
044514: POP, SEVER - Grammaire Roumaine
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037632: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - Carriages at Eleven; the Story of the Edwardian Theatre
016024: POPE, DUDLEY - The Battle of the River Plate
027563: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM - Maxim Litvinoff
011475: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - Back Numbers; a Distrubance of the Dust of Yesteryear, Written for Back Numbers by a Back Number
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033839: POPEY, DAVID, ED - To the Ends of the Earth; 175 Years of Exploration and Photography
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024520: POPPER, STEVEN W. - East European Reliance on Technology Imports from the West
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037569: PORTE, BARBARA ANN - Black Elephant with a Brown Ear (in Alabama)
016246: VON DEN PORTEN, EDWARD P. - The German Navy in World War II
040881: PORTENGEN, ALBERTA JOHANNA - De Oudgermaansche Dichtertaal in Haar Ethnologisch Verband
008691: PORTER, CATHY - Alexandra Kollontai; the Lonely Struggle of the Woman Who Defied Lenin
020218: PORTER, ELIOT - The West
012708: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE - The Never-Ending Wrong
014023: PORTER, BURTON F. - Deity and Morality, with Regard to the Naturalistic Fallacy
042426: PORTER, DAVID L., ED - Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: Baseball
041414: PORTER, DAVID H. - Only Connect; Three Studies in Greek Tragedy
028333: PORTERFIELD, AMANDA - Female Piety in Puritan New England; the Emergence of Religious Humanism
027086: PORTES, ALEJANDRO, ED - The Economic Sociology of Immigration; Essays on Networks, Ethnicity, and Entrpreneurship
012064: PORTMANN, ADOLF - Vom Ursprung Des Menschen; Ein Quershnitt Durch Die Forschungsergebnisse
011931: PORTMANN, ADOLF - Biologische Fragmente Zu Einer Lehre Vom Menschen
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047189: PORUBCAN, STEFAN - Sin in the Old Testament; a Soteriological Study
022062: PORZIG, WALTER - Das Wunder Der Sprache; Probleme, Methoden Und Ergebnisse Der Modernen Sprachwissenschaft
040723: GARCIA-POSADA, MIGUEL - Lorca: Interpretación de "Poeta En Nueva York
034614: PÖSCHL, VIKTOR - The Art of Vergil; Image and Symbol in the Aeneid
034632: PÖSCHL, VIKTOR - Die Hirtendichtung Virgils
033385: POSENER, GEORGES - Lexikon Der ägyptischen Kultur
014397: POSNER, RICHARD A. - Aging and Old Age
031904: POST, L. A. - From Homer to Menander; Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction
044691: POST, GAINES, JR. - The CIVIL-Military Fabric of Weimar Foreign Policy
022216: POSTAL, PAUL M. - On Raising; One Rule of English Grammar and Its Theoretical Implications
018155: POSTAL, PAUL M. - Masked Inversion in French
002247: POSTAL, PAUL - Constituent Structure: A Study of Contemporary Models of Syntactic Description
026812: POSTGATE, JOHN PERCIVAL - Corpus Poetarum Latinorum a Se Aliisque Denuo Recognitorum Et Brevi Lectionum Varietate Instructorum
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021393: POTEL, JEAN-YVES - Gdansk; la Mémoire Ouvrière 1970-1980
021497: POTERBA, JAMES M., ED - Tax Policy and the Economy 16
021226: RAO, POTHURI AND ROGER LEROY MILLER - Applied Econometrics
025817: PÖTSCHNER, PETER - Vienna
013716: POTTER, JEFFREY - To a Violent Grave; an Oral Biography of Jackson Pollock
005031: POTTER, JACK M. - Capitalism and the Chinese Peasant; Social and Economic Change in a Hong Kong Village
039673: POTTER, STEPHEN - Sense of Humour
035365: POTTER, LOU - Liberators; Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II
016934: POTTER, DAVID M. - The South and the Sectional Conflict
001984: POTTER, SIMEON - Modern Linguistics
043695: POTTER, STEPHEN - One-Upmanship
043694: POTTER, STEPHEN - The Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship or the Art of Winning Games without Actually Chating
011322: POTTIER, EDMOND - Douris Et Les Peintres de Vases Grecs; étude Critique
044532: POTTIER, BERNARD - Textes Médiévaux Français Et Romans
039666: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. - James Boswell; the Earlier Years, 1740-1769
035507: POUGH, RICHARD H. - Audubon Water Bird Guide; Water, Game and Large Land Birds, Eastern and Central North America from Southern Texas to Central Greeland
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017836: POULIK, JOSEF - Kunst Der Vorzeit
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040473: POULSEN, FREDERIK - Sculptures Antiques de Musées de Province Espagnols
043931: POUND, EZRA - The Letters of Ezra Pound 1907-1941
008434: POUND, EZRA - Pavannes and Divagations
011550: POUND, REGINALD - Albert; a Biography of the Prince Consort
008015: POUND, EZRA - Ezra and Dorothy Pound; Letters in Captivity, 1945-1946
029992: POUND, EZRA - Gaudier-Brzeska; a Memoir
006732: POUND, ARTHUR - The Penns of Pennsylvania and England
046395: POUND, ARTHUR - Mountain Morning and Other Poems
014025: POUNDSTONE, WILLIAM - Labyrinths of Reason; Paradox, Puzzles, and the Frailty of Knowledge
018731: POURTALÈS, GUY DE - Franz Liszt (L'Homme D'Amour)
018732: POURTALÈS, GUY DE - La Vie de Franz Liszt
042382: LA VALLÉE-POUSSIN, LOUIS DE - Le Dogme Et la Philosophe Du Bouddhisme
030007: POUTHAS, CHARLES H. - La Population Française Pendant la Première Moitié Du Xixe Siècle
041564: POWELL, JAMES M., ED - Medieval Studies; an Introduction
037226: POWELL, DAWN - Novels 1930-1942: Dance Night; Come Back to Sorrento; Turn, Magic Wheel; Angels on Toast; a Time to Be Born
022821: POWELL, HUGH - Louise Von Gall: Her World and Work
023226: POWELL, ELMER ELLSWORTH - Spinoza and Religion; a Study of Spinoza's Metaphysics and of His Particular Utterances in Regard to Religion, with a View to Determining the Significance of His Thought for Religion and Incidentally His Personal Attitude Toward It
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031906: POWELL, ANTON - Athens and Sparta; Constructing Greek Political and Social History from 478 Bc
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045600: POWELL, ALVIN - The Race to Save the World's Rarest Bird; the Discovery and Death of the Po'Ouli
033022: POWELL, KEVIN, ED - The Black Male Handbook; a Blueprint for Life
040687: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Philosopher Pickett; the Life and Writings of Charles Edward Pickett, Esq. , of Virginia, Who Came Overland to the Pacific Coast in 1842-43 and for Forty Years Waged War with Pen and Pamphlet Against All Manner of Public Abuses in Oregon and California
012361: POWER, JONATHAN - Like Water on Stone; the Story of Amnesty International
026298: POWERS, DEBORAH STANLEY - Revolutionary America
027504: POWERS, RON - Mark Twain; a Life
021586: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Rabelais
045911: POYNTER, C. W. - The Discovery of the South Shetland Islands; the Voyages of the Brig Williams 1819-1820
031089: POZNANSKY, ALEXANDER - Tchaikovsky; the Quest for the Inner Man
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011429: VAN PRAAG, A. - Droit Matrimonial Assyro-Babylonien
042915: PRAAG, SIEGFRIED E. VAN - Een Lange Jeugd in Joods Amsterdam
014026: PRACHE, GEORGES - Les Stalles de la Cathédrale D'Amiens, Xvie Siècle
034362: PRADOS, JOHN - The White House Tapes; Eavesdropping on the President
018157: PRAETORIUS, FRANZ - Die Amharische Sprache
011934: PRANDTL, WILHELM - Die Gewschichte Des Chemischen Laboratoriums Der Bayerischen Akademie Der Wissenschaften in München
016028: PRANGE, GORDON W. - Miracle at Midway
016029: PRANGE, GORDON W. - Target Tokyo; the Story of the Sorge Spy Ring
016030: PRATT, FLETCHER - CIVIL War in Pictures
008937: PRATT, KAREN, ED - Shifts and Transpositions in Medieval Narrative; a Festschrift for Dr. Elspeth Kennedy
019797: PRATT, MINNIE BRUCE - The Dirt She Ate; Selected and New Poems
046340: PRATT, ANNIS - Archetypal Patterns in Women's Fiction
018733: PRAWY, MARCEL - The Vienna Opera
034043: PRAZ, MARIO - Mnemosyne; the Parallel between Literature and the Visual Arts
037024: PRAZ, MARIO - Mnemosyne; the Parallel between Literature and the Visual Arts
008596: PREETORIUS, EMIL - Geheimnis Des Sichtaren; Gesammelte Aufsätze Zur Kunst
041595: PREISING, DAGMAR - Anthonis Van Dyck; Porträts in Radierung Und Kupferstich
041255: PREMACANDA - The Gift of a Cow; a Translation of the Hindi Novel Godaan
034226: PREMACANDA - The Gift of a Cow; a Translation of the Hindi Novel, Godaan
036549: PREMCHAND - The World of Premchand
023472: PREMINGER, ALEX, ED - Princeton Encyclcopedia of Poetry and Poetics
018249: PREMINGER, MARION MILL - The Sands of Tamanrassete; the Story of Charles de Foucauld
011935: PRENANT, MARCEL - Biology and Marxism
042877: PRENDERGAST, THOMAS F. - Forgotten Pioneers; Irish Leaders in Early California
008239: PRENTICE, ROBIN, ED - The Natonal Trust for Scotland Guide
011551: PRENTICE, ROBIN - The National Trust for Scotland Guide
031642: PRENTICE, HELAINE KAPLAN - The Garden of Southern California
031908: PRENTICE, WILLIAM KELLY - Those Ancient Dramas Called Tragedies
029173: PREOBRAZHENSKY, A. G. - Etymological Dictionary of the Russian Language
012075: DES PRES, TERRENCE - The Survivor; an Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps
040710: DES PRÉS, JOSQUIN - Josquin Des Prés Und Andere Meister: Weltliche Lieder Zu 3-5 Stimmen
026232: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain
006027: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - The Papers of William Hickling Prescott
028532: PRESCOTT, PETER S. - A World of Our Own; Notes on Life and Learning in a Boys' Preparatory School
028877: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - History of the Conquest of Mexico, with a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conqueror, Hernando Cortés
006036: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - The Literary Memoranda of William Hickling Prescott
037477: NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION - America's Forgotten Architecture
014027: PRESLER, FRANKLIN A. - Religion Under Bureaucracy; Policy and Administration for Hindu Temples in South India
038142: PROFILE PRESS - The Profile Press Presents the Alphabet in Sundry Applications
043805: PRESSER, J. - Ondergang de Vervolging En Verdelging Van Jet Nederlandse Lodendom 1940-1945
022458: PRESSLY, THOMAS J. - Americans Interpret Their CIVIL War
029606: PRESSLY, WILLIAM L. - A Catalogue of Paintings in the Folger Shakespeare Library; "As Imagination Bodies Forth
015048: PREST, A. R. - Transport Economics in Developing Countries
013109: PRESTON, RAYMOND - Chaucer
017023: PRESTON, DIANA - Lusitania; an Epic Tragedy
038117: PRESTON, DIANA - The Boxer Rebellion; the Dramatic Story of China's War on Foreigners That Shook the World in the Summer of 1900
044682: PRESTON, MICHAEL J. - A Complete Concordance to the Songs of the Early Tudor Court
047257: PRÉVERT, JACQUES - Paroles
047258: PRÉVERT, JACQUES - Spectacle
044489: PRÉVERT, JACQUES - Les Prévert de Prévert: Collages. Catalogue de la Collection de L'Auteur
033263: GETZ-PREZIOSI, PAT - Early Cycladic Art in North American Collections
022564: PRICE, REYNOLDS - Clear Pictures; First Loves, First Guides
006479: PRICE, JOHN VALDIMIR - The Ironic Hume
1459: PRICE, H. H. - Thinking and Experience
009979: PRICE, A. GRENFELL - The Western Invasions of the Pacific and Its Continents; a Study of Moving Frontiers and Changing Landscapes, 1513-1958
023072: PRICE, WILLARD - The Amazing Amazon
011552: PRICE, HARRY - The Royal Tour, 1901, or the Cruise of H.M. S. Ophir; Being a Lower Deck Account of Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York's Voyage Around the British Empire
011936: PRICE, ESTHER GASKINS - Pennsylvania Pioneers Against Tuberculosis
028336: PRICE, GEORGE - The Narrow Pass; a Study of Kierkegaard's Concept of Man
033407: PRICE, JOSEPH G. - The Unfortunate Comedy; a Study of All's Well That Ends Well and Its Critics
032202: PRICE, B. BYRON - National Cowboy Hall of Fame Chuck Wagon Cookbook; Authentic Recipes from the Ranch and the Range
040684: PRICE, M. PHILIPS - A History of Turkey from Empire to Republic
039701: PRICE, REYNOLDS - A Long and Happy Life
042941: PRICHARD, SUSAN PEREZ - Film Costume; an Annotated Bibliography
043212: PRIDDY, SUMPTER - American Fancy; Exuberance in the Arts 1790-1840
033356: COURTNEY, WILLIAM PRIDEAUX AND DAVID NICHOL SMITH - A Bibliography of Samuel Johnson
019584: PRIDEAUX, TOM - Love or Nothing; the Life and Times of Ellen Terry
025871: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Man and Time
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037948: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - English Humour
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031090: PRIETO, CARLOS - The Adventures of a Cello
032736: DI PRIMA, DIANE - Recollections of My Life As a Woman; the New York Years. A Memoir
005476: PRIMEAU, RONALD - Beyond Spoon River; the Legacy of Edgar Lee Masters
009771: PRINCE, JOHN DYNELEY - Practical Grammar of the Serbo-Croatian Language
020721: PRINCE, STEPHEN - The Warrior's Camera; the Cinema of Akira Kurosawa
031362: PRINCIPE, LAWRENCE M. - The Aspiring Adept; Robert Boyle and His Alchemical Quest, Including Boyle's "Lost" Dialogue on the Transmutataion of Metals
038685: PRING, J. T. - The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Greek (Greek-English)
046478: PRINGLE, DENYS, ED - The Ancient Monuments of the Western Isles; a Visitors' Guide to the Principal Historic Sites and Monuments
016957: PRINGLE, HEATHER - The Mummy Congress; Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead
005037: PRINGLE, ROBERT - Rajahs and Rebels; the Ibans of Sarawak Under Brooke Rule, 1841-1941
038868: PRINGLE, HEATHER - The Mummy Congress; Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead
038134: PRINGLE, JOHN - Poems Illustrative of South Africa. African Sketches, Part One
032143: PRIOLEAU, BETSY - Seductress; Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love
010009: CLAPP, PRISCILLA AND MORTON H. HALPERIN, EDS - United States-Japanese Relations: The 1970's
010223: CLAPP, PRISCILLA AND MORTON H. HALPERIN, EDS - United States-Japanese Relations; the 1970's
034752: PRISELKOV, MIKHAIL DMITRIEVICH - Troitskaia Letopis'; Rekonstruktskiia Teksta
005853: PRITCHARD, WILLIAM H. - Frost; a Literary Life Reconsidered
022302: EVANS-PRITCHARD, EDWARD - A History of Anthropological Thought
046239: PRITCHETT, V. S. - London Perceived
002205: PRITCHETT, V. S. - George Meredith and English Comedy
038034: PRITCHETT, V. S., ED - Turnstile One; a Literary Miscellany from the New Statesman and Nation
036575: PRITT, D. N. - Star-Spangled Shadow
023009: PRITTIE, TERENCE - Eshkol; the Man and the Nation
023010: PRITTIE, TERENCE - Whose Jerusalem
031195: PRITZKER, BARRY M. - A Native American Encyclopedia; History, Culture, and Peoples
005846: PRIVATEER, PAUL MICHAEL - Romantic Voices; Identity and Ideology in British Poetry, 1789-1850
004025: PROCTOR, THELWALL - Dostoevskij and the Belinskij School of Literary Criticism
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021402: PROIX, ROBERT, ED - Albert Camus and the Men of the Stone
031093: PROKOFIEV, SERGEI - L'Amour Des Trois Oranges. The Love for Three Oranges; Op. 33. Piano Vocal Score
046500: PROPERTIUS, SEXTUS - Carmina
031909: PROPERTIUS, SEXTUS - Elegies. Book IV
022511: PROSCHAN, FRANK - Polya Type Distributions in Renewal Theory... With an Application to an Inventory Problem
039712: PROT, ROBERT - Des Radios Pour Se Parler; Les Radios Locales En France
043989: PROTEVI, JOHN, ED - A Dictionary of Continental Philosophy
012843: PROTHERO, R. MANSELL, ED - A Geography of Africa; Regional Essays on Fundamental Characteristics, Issues and Problems
036735: PROULX, MICHEL - Electric Art
007009: PROUST, MARCEL - On Art and Literature, 1896-1919
036244: PROUT, WILLIAM - Chemistry, Meterology and the Function of Digestion Considered with Reference to Natural Theology
033994: PROUTY, CHARLES T., ED - Studies in the Elizabethan Theatre
024907: BIBLE. O.T. PROVERBS - Liber Proverbiorum
040602: PROWN, JULES DAVID - John Singleton Copley
042374: PRUDENZANO, FRANCESCO - Francesco D'Assisi E IL Suo Secolo Considerato in Relazione Con la Politica Cogli Svolgimenti Del Pensiero E Colla Civilità
001747: PRUFER, OLAF H. - Raven Rocks, a Specialized Late Woodland Rockshelter Occupation in Belmon County, Ohio
005150: PRÜFER, CURT - Rewriting History; the Original and Revised World War II Diaries of Curt Prüfer, Nazi Diplomat
036884: PRUGH, GEORGE S. - Law at War: Vietnam 1964-1973
026511: PRUNSTER, URSULA - The Sydney Harbour Bridge 1932-1982; a Golden Anniversary Celebration
045661: PRZYCHODZEN, JANUSZ - Vie Et Mort Du Théâtre Au Québec; Introduction à Une Théâtritude
043635: PSCHORN, KARL - Oa Liachtl Muaszt Habn. Dichtungen in Niederösterreischer Mundart
031098: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - La Bohème. In Full Score
031099: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - La Bohème
031112: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - Madama Butterfly. In Full Score
031114: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - Manon Lescaut. In Full Socre
031115: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - Tosca. In Full Score
031117: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - Turandot. Dramma Lirico in Tre Atti E Cinque Quadri
026124: PUCHALSKI, WLODZIMIERZ - Animals Through the Lens
019248: PUGHE, DAVID WILLIAM - History of Caenarvon Castle and Town; with Excursions to the Most Romantic Spots in the Surrounding Neighbour Embracing the Principal Objects of Interest, Topographica, Archaeological, and Historical
024371: PUGLIESE, ORLANDO - Vermittlung Und Kehre; Grundzüge Des Geschichtsdenkens Bei Martin Heidegger
018161: PUHVEL, JAAN - Substance and Structure of Language
037908: PULBROOK, ERNEST C. - English Country Life and Work; an Account of Some Past Aspects and Present Features
045808: PULCI, LUIGI - Morgante
027384: PULESTON, W. D. - Mahan; the Life and Work of Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, U.S. N.
009774: PULGRAM, ERNST - Introduction to the Spectrography of Speech
003639: PULLAN, BRIAN - Sources for the History of Medieval Europe from the Mid-Eighth to the Mid-Thirteenth Century
027522: PULLEN, JOHN J. - Joshua Chamberlain; a Hero's Life and Legacy
016034: PULLEN, JOHN J. - A Shower of Stars; the Medal of Honor and the 27th Maine
043661: PULLEYBLANK, DOUGLAS - Tone in Lexical Phonology
041888: PULS, LUCY - Lucy Puls
003198: PUNTER, DAVID - Blake, Hegel and Dialectic
014028: PUPI, ANGELO - Alla Soglia Dell'Età Romantica
023398: PURDY, AL - The More Easily Kept Illusions; the Poetry of Al Purdy
031119: PURITZ, GERD - Elisabeth Schumann; a Biography
039834: PURSEGLOVE, J. W. - Tropical Crops: Dicotyledons 1-2
036634: PURTELL, JOSEPH - The Tiffany Touch
032895: PUSEY, MERLO J. - Charles Evens Hughes
030201: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - The Letters of Alexander Pushkin. Three Volumes in One
030197: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - Pushkin on Literature
030192: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - Pouchkine: La Fille Du Capitaine
031372: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDR S. - Polnoe Sobranie Sochinennia
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016387: PUTNAM, JAMES JACKSON - James Jackson Putnam and Psychoanalysis; Letters between Putnam and Sigmund Freud, Ernest Jones, William James, Sandor Ferenczi, and Morton Prince, 1877-1917
026758: PUTNAM, HOWARD D. - The Winds of Turbulence; a Ceo's Reflections on Suviving and Thriving on the Cutting Edge of Corporate
011896: PUTNAM, HAMILTON S. - The New Hampshire Medical Society; a History
043986: PUTNAM, MICHAEL C. J. - Essays on Latin Lyric, Elegy, and Epic
042441: PUTNAM, GEORGE HAVEN - Authors and Their Public in Ancient Times; a Sketch of Literary Conditions and of the Relations with the Public of Literary Producers, from the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Roman Empire
018388: PUTTER, IRVING - La Dernière Illusion de Leconte de Lisle; Lettres inèdites à Emilie Leforestier
015199: VAN PUYVELDE, LEO - The Dutch Drawings in the Collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle
037622: PYE, LUCIAN W. - Politics, Personality, and Dnation Building; Burma's Search for Identity
008598: PYE, DAVID - The Nature and Aesthetics of Design
037760: PYES, CRAIG - Picnics of Tuscany; Italian Country-Style Picnics to Enjoy at Home or Abroad
036659: PYKE, MAGNUS - Townsman's Food
019585: PYM, BARBARA - A Very Private Eye; an Autobiography in Diaries and Lettere
036442: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Mason and Dixon
036670: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Slow Learner; Early Stories
035864: PYNE, WILLIAM H. - Pyne's British Costumes; an Illustrated Survey of Early Eighteenth-Century Dress in the British Isles
022819: PYNSENT, ROBERT B., ED - Reader's Encyclopedia of Eastern European Literature
019141: PYRON, DARDEN ASBURY - Southern Daughter; the Life of Margaret Mitchell
026218: QUAMMEN, DAVID - The Boilerplate Rhino; Nature in the Eye of the Beholder
032135: QUAMMEN, DAVID - The Reluctant Mr. Darwin; an Intimate Portrait of Charles Darwin and the Making of His Theory of Evolution
010014: QUANDT, WILLIAM B. - Decade of Decisions; American Policy Toward the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1967-1976
045904: QUARLES, FRANCIS - Argalus and Parthenia
016035: QUARRIE, BRUCE - Weapons of the Waffen-Ss from Smal Arms to Tanks
033659: QUARRIE, PAUL - Treasures of Eton College Library; 550 Years of Collecting
044173: QUAST, GIESLHER - Der Dom Zu Magedburg
031910: QUASTEN, JOHANNES - Patrology
040431: QUEBEDEAUX, RICHARD - Prime Sources of California and Nevada Local History; 151 Rare and Important City, County and State Directories 1850-1906
006065: QUEIROZ, EÇA DE - Letters from England
014030: QUELLET, HENRI - Concordance Verbale Du de Corona de Terullien
037685: QUENEAU, RAYMOND - Zazie Dans le Métro
019568: QUENNELL, PETER, ED - Marcel Proust, 1871-1922: A Centennial Volume
014029: QUENT, REMY C. - From Phenomenology to Metaphysics; an Inquiry Into the Last Period of Merleau-Ponty's Philosophical Life
043013: JIMENEZ DE QUESADA, GONZALO - El Antijovio
045576: QUEST, RICHARD - The Vanishing of Flight Mh370; the True Sotry of the Hunt for the Missing Malaysian Plane
008094: QUÉTEL, CLAUDE - Escape from the Bastille; the Life and Legend of Latude
043525: QUICK, MICHAEL - American Portraiture in the Grand Manner: 1720-1920
042108: QUILIS, ANTONIO - Bibliografia de Fonética Y Fonologia Españolas
021456: DE QUILLE, DAN - The Fighting Horse of the Stanislaus; Stories & Essays
036848: QUIN, P. J. - Foods and Feeding Habits of the Pedi with Special Reference to Identification, Classification, Preparation and Nutritive Value of the Respective Foods
037369: QUINAN, JACK - Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin Building; Myth and Fact
043703: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - Confession of an English Opium-Eater, Together with Selection from the Autobiography of Thomas de Quincey
005534: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - New Essays by de Quincey; His Contributions to the Edinburgh Saturday Post and the Edinburgh Evening Post, 1827-1828
025916: QUINCEY, THOMAS DE - The Confessions of an English Opiium-Eater
017527: QUINCY, JOHN, JR. - Quincy's Market, a Boston Landmark
020269: QUINDLEN, ANNA - Blessings; a Novel
020270: QUINDLEN, ANNA - Black and Blue; a Novel
041124: QUINE, WILLARD VAN ORMAN - Wissenschaft Und Empfindung; Die Immanuel Kant Lectures
041542: QUINLAN, MAURICE J. - Victorian Prelude; a History of English Manners 1700-1830
034602: QUINN, KENNETH - The Catullan Revolution
046365: QUINN, KENNETH - Virgil's Aeneid; a Critical Description
007269: QUINN, ARTHUR - Broken Shore, the Marin Peninsula; a Perspective on History
023615: QUINN, ROBERT E. - Deep Changne; Discovering the Leader Within
028358: QUINN, D. MICHAEL - Same-Sex Dynamics Among Ninettenth-Century American; a Mormon Example
028392: QUINN, R. M. - Fernando Gallego and the Retablo of Cuidad Rodrigo
004677: QUINN, DAVID B. - Raleigh and the British Empire
038615: QUINN, JOHN R. - The Reform of the Papacy; the Costly Call to Christian Unity
045497: QUINN, ALONZO DEF - Design and Construction of Ports and Marine Structures
046015: QUINN, ERIKA - Franz Liszt; a Story of Central European Subjectivity
005834: QUINTANA, RICARDO - Swift; an Introduction
024915: QUINTANILLA, LUIS - Bergsonismo Y Politica
013394: QUINTILIANUS, MARCUS FABIUS - Institutionis Oratoriae Libri Duodecim
009777: QUIRK, RANDOLPH - Essays on the English Language Medieval and Modern
031395: QUIRKE, STEPHEN - The Cult of Ra; Sun-Worship in Ancient Egypt
046937: QUONG, ROSE - Chinese Written Characters; Their Wit and Wisdom
035481: STARBUCK, DAVID R. AND SCOTT T. SWANK - A Shaker Family Album; Photographs from the Collection of Canterbury Shaker Village
034958: MULLEN, GARY R. AND TAYLOR D. LITTLETON - Philip Henry Gosse; Science and Art in Letters from Alabama and Entomologia Albamensis
034954: BENNETT, JAMES R. AND KAREN R. UTZ - Iron & Steel; G Guide to Birmingham Area Industrial Heritage Sites
022489: DRAPER, N. R. AND H. SMITH - Applied Regression Analysis
042735: LIGOTA, C. R. AND ROBERT STRASSFELD - Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1973-1977
023404: EHRLICH, PAUL R. AND ANNE H. EHRLICH - Betrayal of Science and Reason; How Anti-Environmental Rhetoric Threatens Our Future
021998: PESSONNEAUX, R. AND C. GAUTIER - Quelle Est L'Origine, la Formation, la Signification Des Mots Français? (Lexicologie Française)
010012: BASCOM, WILLIAM R. AND PAUL GEBAUER - Handbook of West African Art
024139: CARTLIDGE, DAVID R. AND DAVID L. DUNGAN - Documents for the Study of the Gospels
024514: IVERSEN, GUDMUND R. AND HELMUT NORPOTH - Analysis of Variance
023058: MOORE, JOHN R. AND FRANK A. PADOVANO - U.S. Investment in Latin American Food Processing
020031: WHITTLESEY, WALTER R. AND O. G. SONNECK - Catalogue of First Editions of Stephen C. Foster (1826-1864)
014247: PENNELL, E. R. AND J. PENNELL - The Whistler Journal
016757: EHRLICH, PAUL R. AND ANNE H. EHRLICH - The Population Explosion
027235: BRAUNMULLER, A. R. AND MICHAEL HATTAWAY, EDS - The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Drama
005923: DELANEY, M. R. AND ROBERT CAMPBELL - Search for a Place; Black Separatism and Africa, 1860
020891: RANGABÉ, A. R. AND DANIEL SANDERS - Geschichte Der Neugriechischen Litteratur Von Ihren Anfängen Bis Auf Die Neueste Zeit
037495: BRIDSON, GAVIN D. R. AND DONALD E. WENDEL - Printmaking in the Service of Botany
409: ELLIOTT, JOHN R. AND GRAHAM A. RUNNALLS, EDS - The Baptism and Temptation of Christ; the First Day of a Medieval French Passion Play
007065: FAGEN, RICHARD R. AND WILLIAM S. TUOHY - Politics and Privilege in a Mexican City
011857: BLAKELEY, PHYLLIS R. AND JOHN N. GRANT - Eleven Exiles; Accounts of Loyalists of the American Revolution
034330: BOWEN, HOWARD R. AND JACK H. SCHUSTER - American Professors; a Niatonal Resource Imperiled
009718: MILLER, DANIEL R. AND GUY E. SWANSON - The Changing American Parent; a Studyh in the Detroit Area
015020: WOLF, ERIC R. AND EDWARD C. HANSEN - The Human Condition in Latin America
021366: MACKINNON, JANICE R. AND STEPHEN R. MACKINNON - Agnes Smedley; the Life and Times of an American Radical
033592: COLE, THOMAS R. AND MARY G. WINKLER, EDS - The Oxford Book of Aging
007323: BINGHAM, EDWIN R. AND GLEN A. LOVE, COMPS - Northwest Perspectives; Essays on the Culture of the Pacific Northwest
030062: ABRAMSON, PAUL R. AND STEVEN D. PINKERTON - With Pleasure; Thgouths on the Nature of Human Sexuality
006650: HAFEN, LEROY R. AND ANN W. HAFEN - Handcarts to Zion; the Story of a Unique Western Migration, 1856-1860, with Contemporary Journals, Accounts, Reports and Rosters of Members of the Ten Handcart Companies
006834: WOODWARD CARL R. - Plantation in Yankeeland; the Story of Cocumscussoc, Mirror of Colonial Rhode Island
045104: BERNARDES, JULIA-MIGUEL R. AND ISABEL RAMOS S. BERNARDES - Uma Discografia de Cds Da Composição Musical Em Portugal Do Século XIII Aos Sossos Dias; a Cd Discography of Musical Composition in Portugal from the 13th Century to the Present
021196: LITTLEFIELD, DOUGLAS R. AND TANIS C. THORNE - The Spirit of Enterprise; the History of Pacific Enterprises from 1886 to 1989
034631: BEVAN, EDWYN R. AND CHARLES SINGER, EDS - The Legacy of Israel
044817: SVARCBACHS, R. AND E. BISTEVINS - Latinu-Latvju Vardnica
047103: ROMBERG, OTTO R. AND HEINER LICHTENSTEIN - From Vision to Reality; 50 Years of Israel
046411: LARSEN, ANNE R. AND COLETTE H. WINN, EDS - Renaissance Women Writers; French Texts/American Contexts
033142: MULRYNE, J. R. AND MARGARET SHEWRING, EDS - Shakespeare's Globe Rebuilt
032819: GROSS, PAUL R. AND NORMAN LEVITT - Higher Superstition; the Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science
045136: STODDART, D. R. AND MAURICE YONGE - The Northern Great Barrier Reef
036825: BENSON, F. R. AND ALGERNON TUDOR CRAIG, EDS - The Book of the Army Pageant Held at Fulham Palace. 20 June to 2nd July, 1910
038688: ACKROYD, P. R. AND C. F. EVANS, EDS - The Cambridge History of the Bible. Volume 1: From the Beginnings to Jerome
037775: FRAPRIE, FRANK R. AND WALTER E. WOODBURY - Photographic Amusements; Including Tricks and Unusual or Novel Effect Obtainable with the Camera
046831: SELLER, O. R. AND D. C. BARAMKI - A Roman-Byzantine Burial Cave in Northern Palestine (the Joint Excavation of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Jerusalem and Mccormick Theological Seminary at Silet Edh-Dhahr
043092: RAABE, WILHELM - Hollunderblüthe; Eine Erinnerung Aus Dem Hause Des Lebens
007783: VAN RAALTE, E. - The Parliament of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
045033: RABANUS, CHRISTIAN, ED - Primärbibliographie Der Schriften Karl Jaspers'
032611: RABELAIS, FRANÇOIS - All the Extant Works of François Rabelais
047173: RABIN, A. I. - Growing Up in the Kibbutz
035166: RABINEAU, PHYLLIS - Feather Arts; Beauty, Wealth, and Spirit from Five Continents
016037: RABINOVICH, ABRAHAM - The Battle for Jerusalem, June 5-7, 1967
043009: RABINOWICZ, HARRY M. - The Jewish Literary Treasures of England and America
016038: RABINOWITCH, ALEXANDER - The Bolsheviks Come to Power; the Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd
023275: RABINOWITZ, DOROTHY - No Crueler Tyrannies; Accusation, False Witness, and Other Terrors of Our Times
021304: RABKIN, RICHARD - Inner and Outer Space; Introduction to a Theory of Social Psychiatry
034723: RABY, F. J. E. - A History of Secular Latin Poetry in the Middle Ages
040863: RACCA, GIORGIO - La Regola Dei Frati Minori
015744: GARST, RACHEL AND TOM BARRY - Feeding the Crisis; U.S. Food Aid and Farm Policy in Central America
042307: RACINE, JEAN - The Best Plays of Racine
040601: RACINE, JEAN - Phaedra
014497: RACKHAM, BERNARD - Italian Maiolico
009301: RACZ, ISTVAN - Lohjan Kirkho
004059: RADBILL, SAMUEL X. - Bibliography of Medical Ex Libris Literature
010036: RADCLIFF, THOMAS, ED - Authentic Letters from Upper Canada, Including an Account of Canadian Field Sports by Thomas William Magrath
008599: RADCLIFFE, ANTHONY - European Bronze Statuettes
020448: RADEL, J.-LUCIEN - Roots of Totalitarianism: The Ideological Sources of Fascism, National Socialism, and Communism
019886: RADELET, MICHAEL L., ET AL. - In Spite of Innocence; Erroneous Convictions in Capital Cases
019587: RADER, DOTSON - Tennessee; Cry of the Heart
024375: RADER, MELVIN - Marx's Interpretation of History
023917: RADETSKY, PETER - The Invisible Invaders; the Story of the Emerging Age of Viruses
036295: RADFORD, WILLIAM A., ED - Framing; a Practical Manual of Approved Up-to-Date Methodes of House Framing and Construction
026833: RADIN, MAX - The Jews Among the Greeks and Romans
031356: RADIN, MAX - The Trickster; a Study in American Indian Mythology
035068: RADINSKY, LEONARD B. - The Evolution of Vertebrate Design
037997: RADKE, GERHARD, ED - Gedenkschrift Für Georg Rohde
023074: RADLER, D. H. - El Gringo; the Yankee Image in Latin America
037578: RADTKE, OLIVER LUTZ - Chinglish Found in Translation
040227: RAE, JOHN B. - The American Automobile; a Brief History
046299: RAEDER, OLE MUNCH - America in the Forties; the Letters of Ole Munch Raeder
030104: RAEFF, MARC - Russian Intellectual History; an Anthology
014875: RAEMMEL, D. - Rom Und Die Campagna
044203: CRESCI, LIA RAFFAELLA AND LILIA SKOMOROCHOVA VENTURINI, EDS - I Versetti Del Proleg Stisnoj; Traduzione Slava Dei Distici E Dei Monostici Di Cristoforo Di Mitilene (Mesi: Settembre, Ottobre, Novembre 1-25, Dicembre, Gennaio 1-11, Aprile)
035612: RAFFALD, ELIZABETH - The Experienced English Housekeep, for the Use and Ease of Ladies, Hosekeepers, Cooks, &C
022120: RAFFEL, BURTON - From Stress to Stress; an Autobiography of English Prosody
046577: RAFFLES, THOMAS STAMFORD - The History of Java
040416: RAFTIS, J. AMBROSE - The Estates of Ramsey Abbey; a Study in Economic Growth and Organization
040418: RAFTIS, J. AMBROSE - Tenure and Mobility; Studies in the Social History of the Mediaeval English Village
013254: RAHMAN, FAZLUR - Islam
011332: RAHN, HELMUT - Morphologie Der Antiken Literatur; Eine Einführung
045609: RAHNER, KARL - Zur Reform Des Theologiestudiums

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