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045045: PALEY, WILLIAM - Natural Theology; or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity, Collected from the Appearances of Nature
027603: PALFREY, SIMON - Doing Shakespeare
044622: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
040311: PALHORIÈS, F. - Gioberti
037055: PALKHIVALA, N. A. - We, the People; India, the Largest Democracy
043194: PALLOTTA, GINO - Dizionario Della Politica Italiana
002628: PALLOTTINO, MASSIMO - The Etruscans
031876: PALLOTTINO, MASSIMO - Art of the Etruscans
048939: PALLOTTINO, MASSIMO - A History of Earliest Italy
048941: PALLOTTINO, MASSIMO - Etruscologia
027497: PALMA, RICARDO - Peruvian Traditions
028977: PALMEGIANI, FRANCESCO - Rieti E la Regione Sabina Nella Millenaria Funzione Preistorica E Storica
011531: PALMER, ALAN - Kings and Queens of England
011530: PALMER, CECIL - The British Socialist ILL-Fare State; an Examination of Its Political, Social, Moral, and Economic Consequences
044348: PALMER, HAROLD E. - The Principles of Language-Study
014767: PALMER, THOMAS - The Admirable Secrets of Physick and Chururgery
036996: PALMER, ARNOLD, ED - Recording Britain
012835: PALMER, ROBIN - Land and Racial Domination in Rhodesia
008268: PALMER, R. R. - The School Fo the French Revolution; a Documentary History of the College of Louis-le-Grand and Its Director, Jean-François Champagne 1762-1814
015982: PALMER, ALAN - Russia in War and Peace
015983: PALMER, MICHAEL A. - Guardians of the Gulf; a History of America's Expanding Role in the Persian Gulf, 1833-1992
025641: PALMER, ALAN - Twilight of the Habsburgs; the Life and Times of Emperor Francis Joseph
007239: PALMER, TIM - Stanislaus; the Struggle for a River
007251: PALMER, THOMAS W. - Gringo Lawyer
029671: PALMER, R. R., ED - The School of the French Revolution; a Documentary History of the College of Louis-le-Grand and Its Director, Jean François Champagne 1762-1814
030563: PALMER, WILLIAM R. - Why the North Star Stands Still and Other Indian Legends
004941: PALMER, BRUCE, JR. - The 25-Year War; America Military Role in Vietnam
016605: PALMER, J. P. - Jade
047972: PALMER, KRIS - Ornamentation According to C.P. E. Bach and J.J. Quantz
017837: PALMER, L. S. - Man's Journey Through Time; a First Step in Physical and Cultural Anthropochronology
009752: PALMER, PHILIP MOTLEY - Der Einfluss Der Neuen Welt Auf Den Deutschen Wortschatz, 1492-1800
021991: PALMER, E. H. - A Concise Dictionary, English-Persian; Together with a Simplified Grammar of the Persian Language
021992: PALMER, LEONARD R. - Descriptive and Comparative Linguistics; a Critical Introduction
022052: PALMER, ALAN - The Crimean War
036552: SMYTHE-PALMER, A. - The Ideal of a Gentleman or a Mirror for Gentlefolks. A Portrayal in Literature from the Earliest Times
032505: PALMER, JOHN - Political Characters of Shakespeare
037028: PALMER, WILSON - Reminiscences of Canada
043761: PALMER, A. SMYTHE - Some Curios from a Word-Collector's Cabinet
038290: PALMER, KINGSLEY - Oral Folk-Tales of Wessex
045585: PALMITESSA, JAMES R., ED - Between Lipany and White Mountain; Essays in Late Medieval and Early Modern Bohemian History in Modern Czech Scholarship
039880: PALMQUIST, PETER E. - With Nature's Children; Emma B. Freeman [1880-1928]; Camera and Brush
045017: PALMQUIST, PETER E. - Fine California Views; the Photographs of A.W. Ericson
017233: PALOU, JEAN - La Franc-Maçonnerie
035665: PALSBO, SUSANNE - Danish Cookery
005965: PALUDAN, PHILLIP S. - A Covenant with Death; the Constitution, Law, and Equality in the CIVIL War Era
008985: PALUKA, FRANK - The Three Voyages of Captain Cook
031433: PALUMBO, DONALD, ED - Eros in the Mind's Eye; Sexuality and the Fantastic in Art and Film
039911: NICOLAI, PAM AND CHARLES NICOLAI - Recipes from the Melting Pot; International Cuisine
035004: PANAYOTOVA, DORA - Bulgarian Mural Painting of the 14th Century
006719: PANCAKE, JOHN S. - Samuel Smith and the Politics of Business; 1752-1839
038718: PANDEY, SHASHI RANJAN - Community Action for Social Justice; Grassroots Organizations in India
009079: PANDIT, SOM NATH - Critical Study of Agricultural Productivity in Uttar Pradesh 1951-1975
032971: PANG, MAE ANNA - An Album of Chinese Art from the National Gallery of Victoria
034385: PANGANIBAN, JOSE VILLA - Concise English-Tagalog Dictionary
029242: DE PANGE, VICTOR - Le Séjour de Victor de Broglie Et D'Auguste de Stael a Londres En Mai 1822
036983: PANNE, KATHRIN - Schnitzerkunst Auf Weinfassböden. Eine Untersuchung über Die Modernen Nachfahren Einer Historischen Handwerkskunst Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Von Rheinland-Pfalz Und Hessen
024115: PANNY, JUDITH DELL - I Have What I Gave; the Fiction of Janet Frame
046678: PANOFSKY, ERWIN - Studies in Iconology; Humanistic Themes in the Art of the Renaissance
010046: PANSCHAR, WILLIAM G. - Baking in America; Economic Development
032212: PANTEL, PAULINE SCHMITT, ED - A History of Women in the West. Vol. I: From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints
041398: CIFARELLI, PAOLA AND MARIA COLOMBO - Chascun Homme Est Ung Petit Monde; études de Gianni Mombello Sur Les Xve Et Xvie Siècles
028056: CIARDI, ROBERTO PAOLO AND LUCIA TONGIORGI TOMASI - Le Pale Della Crusca; Cultura E Simbologia
025953: PAPADAKI, STAMO - Oscar Niemeyer
032697: PAPADAKIS, ANDREAS, ET AL., EDS - Free Spirit in Architecture; Omnibus Volume
049668: PAPADAKIS, ANDREAS - Architectural Design for Today
046077: PAPADOPOULO, GERASIMOS - He Hellenike Philosophia Hos Propaideia Eis Ton Christianismon
045456: PAPADOPOULOS, STELIOS - Meteora, Western Thessaly
008700: PAPANEK, GUSTAV F., ED - The Indonesian Economy
006014: PAPE, LOUIS - Brandeis
047545: PAPER, JORDAN D. - Guide to Chinese Porse
045019: PAPI, VITTORIO - La Maestà Di Duccio Di Buoninsegna; Storia E Poesia Di Un Dipinto
039362: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - Pene E Vino Con Un Soliloquio Sulla Poesia
020934: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - Pane E Vino Con Un Soliloquio Sulla Poesia
040088: MELNIKOVA-PAPOUSKOVA, N. - Ceskoslovenské Lidové Vytvarnictvi
042780: PARATICO, GIULIANO - Le Canzonetta a Tre Voci Di Giuliano Paratico, Un Amico Bresciano Di Don Angelo Grillo
035151: PARATORE, ETTORE - Bibliografia Ovidiana
048061: PARDOE, F. E. - John Baskerville of Birmingham, Letter-Founder & Printer
044935: PARÉ, GÉRARD - Les Idées Et Les Lettres Au Xiiie Siècle: Le Roman de Ea Rose
015985: PARET, PETER - Imagined Battles; Reflections of War in European Art
046190: PARETSKY, SARA - Critical Mass
008736: PARFITT, TUDOR - Journey to the Vanished City; the Search for a Lost Tribe of Israel
011913: PARGETER, WILLIAM - Observations on Maniacal Disorders
043185: PARIBENI, ENRICO - Museo Nazionale Romano: Sculture Greche Del V Secolo; Originali E Repliche
049457: PARIGI, LUIGI - Laurentiana; Lorenzo Dei Medici Cultore Della Musica
008055: PARIN, PAUL, ET AL. - Fear Thy Neighbor As Thyself; Psychoanalysis and Society Among the Anyi of West Africa
027085: PARINS, JAMES W. - John Rollin Ridge; His Life & Works
023088: AGATHANGE DE PARIS, PÈRE - Un Cas de Jurisprudence Pontificale; le P. Ange de Joyeuse, Capucin Et Maréchal de France
386: DIX SIÈCLES D'HISTOIRE HOSPITALIÈRE PARISIENNE L'HOTEL-DIEU DE PARIS (651-1 650) - Exposition Organisée Par L'Administration Générale de L'Assistance Publique a Paris Et la Direction Des Archives de France
028053: PARISH, STEVE - Discover Australia
034211: BARTLETT, APPLE PARISH AND SUSAN BARTLETT CRATER - Sister; the Life of the Legenday American Interior Decorator Mrs. Henry Parish II
041923: PARISI, ARTURO - Democristiani
048801: PARISSE, MICHEL - Atlas de France de L'an MIL; état de Nos Connaissances
023440: PARK, RICHARD L. - India's Political System
006116: PARK, JOSEPH HENDERSHOT - British Prime Ministers of the Nineteenth Century; Policies and Speeches
011914: PARK, EDWARDS - Treasures of the Smithsonian
020947: PARK, ORLANDO - Sherlock Holmes, Esq. And John H. Watson, M.D. ; an Encyclopaedia of Their Affairs
015298: PARK, DAVID - The Fire Within the Eye; a Historical Essay on the Nature and Meaning of Light
045597: PARK, LAWRENCE - Gilbert Stuart; an Illustrated Descriptive List of His Works
042178: BUCKLES MARY PARKER - Margins; a Naturalist Meets Long Island Sound
034115: PARKER, ALEXANDER A. - Literature and the Delinquent; the Picaresque Novel in Spain and Europe 1599-1753
047820: PARKER, GEOFFREY - The Logic of Unity; a Geography of the European Economic Community
008406: PARKER, PETER - Ackerley; a Life of J.R. Ackerley
007837: PARKER, EMMETT - Albert Camus; the Artist in the Arena
028300: PARKER, WILLIAM RILEY - Milton's Contemporary Reputation
015996: PARKER, R. A. C. - Struggle for Survival; the History of the Second World War
028287: PARKER, TONY - Studs Terkel; a Life in Words
011308: PARKER, H. M. D. - The Roman Legions
028017: PARKER, PETER, ED - A Reader's Guide to the Twentieth-Century Novel
028979: PARKER, T. M. - Christianity & the State in the Light of History
031070: PARKER, ROGER - Leonora's Last Act; Essays in Verdian Discourse
037373: PARKER, ANN - Los Ambulantes; the Itinerant Photographers of Guatemala
036016: PARKER, ERIC, ET AL. - Fine Angling for Coarse Fish
049339: PARKER, GEOFFREY - The Military Revolution; Military Innovation and the Rise of the West, 1500-1800
043955: PARKER, JOHN - Plela Rolls of the County Palatine of Lancaster: Roll I.
011533: PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE - Left Luggage; a Caustic History of British Socialism from Marx to Wilson
011532: PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE - Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
027887: PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE - The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower
034251: PARKINSON, RICHARD - Cracking Codes; the Rosetta Stone and Decipherment
042455: PARKINSON, THOMAS - W.B. Yeats; the Later Poetry
027175: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The Oregon Trail; the Conspiracy of Pontiac
027361: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - Writings
027135: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - France and England in North America
008458: PARKS, GEORGE BRUNER - Richard Hakluyt and the English Voyages
038734: PARLETT, DAVID - The Oxford Guide to Card Games
040721: PARMENTER, ROSS - Explorer, Linguist and Ethnologist; a Descriptive Bibliography of the Published Works of Alphonse Louis Pinart, with Notes on His Life
048964: PARMENTIER, JAN - Uitgevaren Voor de Kamer Zeeland
028057: PARODI, SEVERINA - Catalogo Degli Accademici Dalla Fondazione
028061: PARODI, SEVERINA - Quattro Secoli Di Crusca 1585-1983
045663: PARR, ANTHONY, ED - Three Renaissance Travel Plays: The Travels of the Three English Brothers; the Sea Voyage; the Antipodes
009623: PARRET, HERMAN, ED - Le Langage En Contexte; études Philosophiques Et Linguistiques de Pragmatique
037110: PARRISH, LESLIE, ET AL. - Constable: Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings
1433: PARROT, ANDRÉ - Nineveh and the Old Testament. 2d Ed
1434: PARROT, ANDRÉ - Samaria, the Capital of the Kingdom of Israel
023896: PARROT, ANDRÉ - Archéologie Mésopotamienne; Les étapes
023897: PARROT, ANDRÉ - Découverte Des Mondes Ensevelis
005290: PARRY, BENITA - Delusions and Discoveries; Studies on India in the British Imagination, 1880-1930
011534: PARRY, EDWARD - The Persecution of Mary Stewart; the Queen's Cause. A Study in Criminology
044404: PARRY, THOMAS - A History of Welsh Literature
042592: PARRY, LINDA - William Morris Textiles
047874: PARSONS, ELSIE CLEWS - Isleta Paintings
018399: PARSONS, EDWARD LAMBE - The Diocese of California; a Quarter Century 1915-1940
043800: PARSONS, MARY ELIZABETH - The Wild Flowers of California; Their Names, Haunts and Habits
033690: PARSONS, NICHOLAS - The Book of Literary Lists; a Collection of Annotated Lists, Statistics, and Anecdotes Concerning Books
039485: PARSONS, DAVID, ED - Tenth-Century Studies; Essays in Commemoration of the Millennium of the Council of Winchester and Regularis Concordia
046201: PARTEE, BARBARA H., ED - Montague Grammar
027107: PARTHASARATHY, K. R. - Probability Measures on Metric Spaces
032630: PARTRIDGE, EDWARD B. - The Broken Compass; a Study of the Major Comedies of Ben Jonson
001788: PARTRIDGE, BELLAMY - Fill'Er Up! the Story of Fifty Years of Motoring
021995: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English; Colloquialism and Catch-Phrase, Solecisms and Catachreses, Nicknames, Vulgarisms, and Such Americanisms As Have Been Naturalized
014807: PARTRIDGE, BELLAMY - The Ainsley Case; One of the True Cases of the Country Lawyer of Upstate New York Whose Memoirs Have Been Read So Widely
027233: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - Shakespeare's Bawdy
042875: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - The French Romantics' Knowledge of English Literature (1820-1848) According to Contemporary French Memoirs, Letters and Periodicals
027110: PARZEN, EMANUEL - Stochastic Processes
032571: ZIYAEDDIN PASA, YUSUF - Yusuf Ziyaeddin Pasa'Nin El-Hediyyetu'l Hamidiyye'Sinde Osmanlica-Türkçe Taramasi
014005: PASACHOFF, NAOMI - Links in the Chain; Shapers of the Jewish Tradition
037690: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF PASADENA - The California Heritage Cookbook
009166: PASCAL, ROY - The Growth of Modern Germany
019902: PASCAL, ROY - The German Novel; Studies
006912: PASCAL, VALERIE - The Disciple and His Devil
042468: PASCAL, PAUL - Concilium Romarici Montis
033665: PASCAL, R. - Shakespeare in Germany 1740-1815
015998: PASCHALL, ROD - The Defeat of Imperial Germany, 1917-1918
042346: PASHOV, PETUR - Bulgarskiiat Glagol. I: Klasifikatsiya, Vidoobrazuvane, Slovoobrazuvane
018149: PASINI, GIUSEPPE - Vocabolario Italiano-Latino
040865: PASQUALE, GIANLUIGI - Oltre la Fine Della Storia; la Coscienza Cristiana Dell'Occidente
017360: PASQUET, D. - An Essay on the Origins of the House of Commons
041848: PASQUINO, GIANFRANCO - Alla Ricerca Dello Scettro Perduto; Democrazia, Sovranità, Riforme
040166: PASS, DAVID - Vällingby and Farsta--from Idea to Reality; the New Community Development Process in Stockholm
042528: PASSARELLI, EGLOGE CAPPELLO - Vita E Parole Di Gemma Galgani
015177: PASSERON, ROGER - French Prints of the 20th Century
029913: PASSMORE, JOHN - The Perfectibility of Man
044696: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Boris Pasternak; Family Correspondence, 1921-1960
039307: PASTON, GEORGE - Side--Lights on the Georgian Period
042244: PASTOR, TERRY - Space Mission
038911: PASTORE, CHRISTOPHER - Temple to the Wind; the Story of America's Greatest Naval Architect and His Masterpiece, Reliance
019355: CODY, PAT AND FRED CODY - Cody's Books; the Life and Times of a Berkeley Bookstore, 1956 to 1977
023767: PATAI, RAPHAEL - The Vanished Worlds of Jewry
009690: PATEL, JABBAR - The Threshold (Umbartha)
020464: PATER, WALTER - The Renaissance; Studies in Art and Poetry
044735: PATER, WALTER - Plato and Platonism; a Series of Lectures
014006: PATERSON, W. P. - The Nature of Religion
041682: PÁEZ PATIÑO, RUBEN - Muestra Antologica 1945-1985
006970: PATNAIK, NAVEEN - A Second Paradise; Indian Courtly Life, 1590-1947
036587: FENN, PATRICIA AND ALFRED P. MALPA - Rewards of Merit; Tokens of a Child's Progress and a Teacher's Esteem As an Enduring Aspect of American Religious and Secular Education
035924: HANKS, PATRICK AND FLAVIA HODGES - A Dictionary of First Names
022323: REYNOLDS, PATRICK AND TOM SHACHTMAN - The Gilded Leaf; Trijmph, Tragedy, and Tobacco. Three Generations of the R.J. Reynolds Family and Fortune
010256: PATRICK, HUGH, ED - Japanese Industrialization and Its Social Consequences
034820: PATRICK, GEORGE Z. - Etude Morphologique Et Syntaxique Des Verbes Dans Maistre Pierre Pathelin
019578: PATRUNO, NICHOLAS - Language in Giovanni Verga's Early Novels
023273: PATTERSON, GEORGE N. - Peking Versus Delhi
008034: PATTERSON, MARK R. - Authority, Autonomy, and Representation in American Literature, 1776-1865
010187: PATTERSON, STEPHEN E. - Political Parties in Revolutionary Massachusetts
014651: PATTERSON, JERRY E. - Porcelain
006721: PATTERSON, STEPHEN E. - Political Parties in Revolutionary Massachusetts
046307: PATTERSON, JAMES - Hide & Seek; a Novel
008639: PATTISON, MARK - Milton
005982: PATTON, ELDA CLAYTON - Sarmiento in the United States
014009: PAUCK, WILHELM - Harnack and Troeltsch; Two Historical Theologians
034311: HENSON, PAUL AND DONALD J. USNER - The Natural History of Big Sur
047830: PAUL, HERMANN - Prinzipien Der Sprachgeschichte
044476: BUHLE, PAUL AND DAVE WAGNER - A Very Dangerous Citizen; Abraham Lincoln Polonsky and the Hollywood Left
022223: PAUL, SHERMAN - For Love of the World; Essays on Nature Writers
023482: FRITZ, PAUL AND DAVID WILLIAMS, EDS - The Triumph of Culture: 18th Century Perspectives
010122: PAUL, RODMAN W. - The Universality of California History
005635: PAUL, SHERMAN - In Search of the Primitive; Rereading David Antin, Jerome Rothenberg, and Gary Snyder
005648: PAUL, CHARLES B. - Science and Immortality; the éloges of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1699-1791)
008288: PAUL, J. HARLAND - The Last Cruise of the Carnegie
024972: PAUL, IAIN - Science, Theology and Einstein
015999: PAUL, W. PRATT - The Lowland Regiments; Lions Rampant
016044: REED, PAUL AND TED SCHWARZ - Kontum Diary; Captured Writings Bring Peace to a Vietnam Veteran
025957: ALLER, PAUL AND DORIS ALLER - Build Your Own Adobe
026632: HEINBECKER, PAUL AND BESSMA MOMANI, EDS - Canada and the Middle East in Theory and Practice
015195: SJEKLOCHA, PAUL AND IGOR MEAD - Unofficial Art in the Soviet Union
018239: PAUL, HARRY W. - The Second Railliement; the Rapprochement between Chruch and State in France in the Twentieth Century
048637: BOYER, PAUL AND N. SPERANSKI - Russian Reader; Accented Texts, Grammatical and Explanatory Notes, Vocabulary
002399: SHAW, R. PAUL AND YUWA WONG - Genetic Seeds of Warfare; Evolution, Nationalism, and Patriotism
029981: CLAUDEL, PAUL AND ANDRÉ GIDE - The Correspondence 1899-1926 between Paul Claudel and André Gide
029818: CLAUDEL, PAUL AND ANDRÉ GIDE - Correspondance 1899-1926
006637: KUTSCHE, PAUL AND JOHN R. VAN NESS - Cañones; Values, Crisis and Suvival in a Northern New Mexico Village
030781: STOLLER, PAUL AND CHERYL OLKES - In Sorcery's Shadow; a Memoir of Apprneticeship Among the Songhay of Niger
034047: HARVEY, PAUL AND J. E. HESELTINE, EDS - The Oxford Companion to French Literature
023331: CLANCY, PAUL AND SHIRLEY ELDER - Tip; a Biography of Thomas P. O'Neill, Speaker of the House
038370: PAUL, ALEXANDR, ET AL. - Prazska Zastaveni
021996: PAUL, HERMANN - Prinzipien Der Sprachgeschichte
032938: PAUL, I. H. - The Craft of Psychotherapy; Twenty-Seven Studies
047678: FRIEDRICH, PAUL AND MICHAEL E. KRAUSS - On the Meaning of the Tarascan Suffixes of Space. On the Classification in the Athpascan, Eyak, and the Tlingit Verb, by Michael E. Krauss
042825: PRIETO DE PAULA, ANGEL L. - La Llama Y la Ceniza; Introducción a la Poesia de Claudio Rodriguez
038838: PAULER, JOHN - In Solitary and Other Imaginations; Poems
019725: PAULHAN, JEAN - Braque le Patron
016876: PAULI, HERTA E. - Alfred Nobel, Dynamite Kings--Architect of Peace
013466: PAULI, GUSTAV - Gainsborough
008591: PAULI, GUSTAV - Die Kunst Des Klassizismus Und Der Romantik
035487: PAULING, LINUS, ED - World Encyclopedia of Peace
021044: PAULSEN, WOLFGANG, ED - Aspekte Des Expressionismus: Periodisierung, Stil, Gedankenwelt
039740: PAULSEN, WOLFGANG, ED - Psychologie in Der Literaturwissenschaft; Viertes Amherster Kolloquium Zur Modernen Deutschen Literatur 1970
049305: PAULSON, HENRY M., JR. - Dealing with China; an Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower
035703: PAULSON, BELDEN - The Searchers; Conflict and Communism in an Italian Town
014561: PAULSON, WILLIAM R. - Enlightenment, Romanticism, and the Blind in France
014010: PAULSON, ROSS E. - Radicalism & Reform; the Vrooman Family and American Social Thought, 1837-1937
012449: PAULY, HANS - Igdlukunguaq Nickkeliferous Pyrrhotite; Texture and Compostion. A Contribution to the Genesis of the Ore Type
004051: PAULY, PHILIP J. - Controlling Life; Jacques Loeb and the Engineering Ideal in Biology
026618: PAUSANIAS - Descriptio Arcis Athenarum
009184: PAUSCH, OSKAR - Eine Bairisch-ôsterrische ûberlieferungskette Des Württembergers Mit Einer Ausgabe Der Neuer Wiener Redaktion Wa [Ma]
005043: PAUW, B. A. - The Second Generation; a Study of the Family Among Urbanized Bantu in East London
041782: PAVAN, ROBERT J. - Strutture E Strategie Delle Imprese Italiane
049098: PAVESE, CESARE - La Bella Estate
049116: PAVESE, CESARE - La Spiaggia
026892: PAVIC, MILORAD - Dictionary of the Khazars; a Lexicon Novel in 100,000 Words
042476: PAVLETICH, ESTEBAN - Leonicio Prado; Una Vida Al Servicio de la Libertad
028981: PAVLU, IRENA - Prazska Keramika Dvanactého a Trinactého Stoleti
025878: PAWEL, ERNST - The Nightmare of Reason; a Life of Franz Kafka
008240: PAWEL, ERNST - The Labyrinth of Exile; a Life of Theodor Herzl
013125: PAYNE, ROBERT - Chinese Diaries, 1941-1946
021146: PAYNE, DARWIN - Owen Wister, Chronicler of the West, Gentleman of the East
023364: PAYNE, JAMES L. - The American Threat; the Fear of War As an Instrument of Foreign Policy
016001: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
014011: PAYNE, HARRY C. - The Philosophes and the People
006722: PAYNE, JAMES L. - The Culture of Spending; Why Congress Lives Beyond Our Means
038928: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Dream and the Tomb; a History of the Crusades
006923: PAYNE, BEN IDEN - A Life in a Wooden O; Memoirs of the Theatre
017620: PAYNE, CHARLES - American Ballet Theatre
016869: PAYTON, GEOFFREY - Payton's Proper Names
021234: PAZZI, ROBERTO - L'Immaginario Contemporaneo; Atti Del Convegno Letterario Internazionale, Ferrara, 21-23 Maggio 1999
047782: PEABODY, MARIAN LAWRENCE - To Be Young Was Very Heaven
040561: PEACH, LINDEN - British Influence on the Brith [Sic] of American Literature
018241: PEACHEY, PAUL - Die Soziale Herkunft Der Schweizer Täufer in Der Reformationszeit; Eine Religionssoziologische Untersuchung
010307: PEACOCK, JAMES L. - Rites of Modernization; Symbolic and Social Aspects of Indonesian Porletarian Drama
039209: PEACOCKE, ARTHUR - Theology for a Scientific Age; Being and Becoming,--Natural, Divine and Human
022850: PEARCE, JOSEPH CHILTON - Evolution's End; Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence
017164: PEARCE, ROY HARVEY - Historicism Once More; Problems & Occasions for the American Scholar
010745: PEARL, CYRIL, ET AL. - Australia's Yesterdays; a Look at Our Recent Past
016003: PEARLMAN, MOSHE - The Army of Israel
017188: PEARSALL, RONALD - Collecting Mechanical Antiques
031560: PEARSALL, RONALD - Tell Me, Pretty Maiden; the Victorian and Edwardian Nude
046292: PEARSALL, RONALD - Collecting and Restoring Scientific Instruments
018708: PEARSON, HESKETH - Gilbert; His Life and Strife
012638: PEARSON, T. GILBERT, ET AL., EDS - Birds of America
031878: PEARSON, LIONEL - Popular Ethics in Ancient Greece
017047: PEARSON, EDMUND LESTER - Studies in Murder
030700: PEARSON, T. GILBERT, ED - Birds of America
036923: PEARSON, HAYDN S. - Country Flavor
011535: PEARSON, HESKETH - Labby (the Life and Character of Henry Labouchere)
037833: PEARSON, HESKETH - Dizzy; the Life & Personality of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield
032327: PEARSON, CHARLES - Synopsis of Mr. Charles Pearson's Intended Lecture Upon Prison Discipline, on the 15th and 16th January, 1849, and the Discussions Which Will Take Place on the 22nd and 23rd of That Month
036882: PEARSON, WILLARD - The War in the Northern Provinces 1966-1968
042367: PEATTIE, DONALD CULROSS - An Almanac for Moderns
049565: PEATTIE, DONALD CULROSS - A Natural History of Western Trees
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012842: PIKE, JOHN G. - Malawi; a Political and Economic History
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014635: PITZ, HENRY C. - Howard Pyle: Writer, Illustrator, Founder of the Brandywine School
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038845: PIZZI, EMILIO - Mario Botta
049563: HALLGRIMUS PJETURSSONAR - Passiusalmar Hallgrims Pjeturssonar Gefnir Ut Eftir Eignihandriti Höfundarins, , Tvö Hundru[D] Og Fimtiu Arum Eftir Lat Hans
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027916: PLACE, SUSAN E., ED - Tropical Rainforests; Latin American Nature and Society in Transition
048782: PLAKS, ANDREW H., ED - Chinese Narrative; Critical and Theoretical Essays
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011926: PLANCK, MAX - Physikalische Rundblicke; Gesammelte Reden Und Aufsätze
011927: PLANCK, MAX - Wege Zur Physikalischen Erkenntnis; Reden Und Vorträge
041015: VER PLANCK, WILLIAM E. - Salt in California
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046110: PLATTARD, JEAN - The Life of François Rabelais
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042386: PLAYLE, RON - The Iowa State Fair in Vintage Postcards
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025427: PLAZY, GILLES - In the Footsteps of Van Gogh
031085: PLEASANTS, HENRY - The Great American Popular Singers
031086: PLEASANTS, HENRY - The Great Singers from the Dawn of Opera to Our Own Time
031087: PLEASANTS, HENRY - The Great Singers from the Dawn of Opera to Our Own Time
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013752: PLESCH, JANOS - Rembrandts Within Rembrandts
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021339: PLEYER, WILHELM - Tal Der Kindheit
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033502: PLIMPTON, GEORGE A. - The Education of Shakespeare Illustrated from the Schoolbooks in Use in His Time
003225: VAN DER PLOEG, J. - The Excavations at Qumran; a Survey of the Judaean Brotherhood and Its Ideas
020862: PLOEG, A. - Government in Wanggulam
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027028: PLOMER, WILLIAM - The Diamond of Jannina: Ali Pasha, 1741-1822
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011543: PLOWDEN, ALISON - The Young Elizabeth
036948: PLOWDEN, DAVID - Imprints; David Plowden, a Retrospective
040079: PLOWDEN, STEPHEN - Taming Traffic
040399: FOUQUET-PLÜMACHER, DORIS UND MICHAEL WOLTER - Aus Dem Archiv Des Verlages Walter de Gruyter: Briefe, Urkunden, Dokumente
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011544: PLUMB, J. H. - The Origins of Political Stability; England, 1675-1725
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030185: POCOCK, GORDON - Corneille and Racine; Problems of Tragic Form
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007841: PODHORETZ, NORMAN - Doings and Undoings; the Fifties and After in American Writing
016019: PODHORETZ, NORMAN - Why We Were in Vietnam
002638: PODLECKI, A. J. - The Life of Themistocles; a Critical Survey of the Literary and Archaeolgocial Evidence
030510: PODRO, MICHAEL - The Critical Historians of Art
049576: POEBEL, ARNO - Grundzüge Der Sumerischen Grammatik
038767: POERTNER, RUDOLF - The Vikings; Rise and Fall of the Norse Sea Kings
016020: POETT, NIGEL - Pure Poett; the Memoirs of General Sir Nigel Poett, Kcb, Dso and Bar
030107: POGGIOLI, RENATO - The Poets of Russia 1890-1930
032513: POGGIOLI, RENATO - The Oaten Flute; Essays on Pastoral Poetry and the Pastoral Ideal
044382: POGNON, EDMOND - Les Très Riches Heures Du Duc de Berry; 15th-Century Manuscript
048056: POGONOWSKI, IWO CYPRIAN - Jews in Poland; a Documentary History
023781: POGREBIN, ABIGAIL - Stars of David; Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish
043787: POHL, GERHART - Bin Ich Noch in Meinem Haus? Die Letzten Tage Gerhart Hauptmanns
019245: PÖHLER, FELIX - Der Untergang Des Privaten Einzelhandels in Der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone
011545: POIRIER, PHILIP P. - The Advent of the Labour Party
045721: POISSON, MICHEL - Paris; Buildings and Monuments
047456: POJMAN, LOUIS P. - The Logic of Subjectivity; Kierkegaard's Philosophy of Religion
016353: POLE, J. R. - Raths to the American Past
014693: POLE, WILLIAM - The Theory of the Modern Scientific Game of Whist
006730: POLE, J. R. - The Pursuit of Equality in American History
010000: POLENBERG, RICHARD - Reorganizing Roosevelt's Government; the Controversy over Executive Reorganization, 1936-1939
004802: POLENBERG, RICHARD - Reorganizing Roosevelt's Government; the Controversy over Executive Reorganization, 1936-1939
034264: POLIAKOV, LÉON - Histoire E L'Antisémitisme
013682: POLING, JOHN D. - Painting with O'Keeffe
043813: POLINGER, ELLIOT H. - Pierre Charles Roy, Playwright and Satirist (1683-1764)
1096: DICTIONNAIRE DES OEUVRES POLITIQUES - Sous la Direction de Francois Chatelet, Olivier Duhamel, Evelyne Pisier
042114: POLITIZER, HEINZ - Franz Kafka; Parable and Paradox
043572: POLITZER, HEINZ, ED - Franz Kafka
043633: POLITZER, HEINZ - Hätte ôdipus Einen ôdipus-Komplex? Versuche Zum Thema Psychoanalyse Und Literatur
043634: POLITZER, HEINZ - Das Schweigen Der Sirenen; Studien Zur Deutschen Und österreichischen Literatur
040853: POLITZER, HEINZ - Franz Grillparzers "Der Arme Spielmann
039745: POLITZER, HEINZ - Franz Grillparzer Oder Das Abgründige Biedermeier
049736: POLITZER, HEINZ - Franz Kafka; Parable and Paradox
039588: POLIZIANO, ANGELO - Stanze Cominciate Per la Giostra Di Giuliano de' Medici
022944: POLK, WILLIAM R. - The United States and the Arab World
018247: PÖLL, WILHELM - Die Religiöse Erlebnis Und Seine Strukturen
016735: POLLACK, NORMAN - The Populist Response to Industrial America; Midwestern Populist Thought
002243: POLLAK, WOLFLGANG - Studien Zum "Verbalaspekt" IM Französischen
047300: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - English Maracle Plays, Moralities and Intrludes
016022: POLLARD, E. A. - Southern History of the War
030259: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - Shakespeare's Fight with the Pirates and the Problems of the Transmission of His Text
029582: POLLARD, A. J. - Richard III and the Princes in the Tower
041247: POLLARD, A. F. - Henry VIII
047516: POLLARD, DAVID E. - A Chinese Look at Literature; the Literary Values of Chou Tsos-Jen in Relation to the Tradition
043271: CASTELLANI POLLIDORI, ORNELLA - Nuove Riflessioni Sul Discorso O Dialogo Intorno Alla Nostra Lingua Di Niccolo Machiavelli
048779: POLLINA, VINCENT - Si Cum Marcabrius Declina; Studies in the Poetics of the Troubadour Marcabru
026809: POLLOCK, FREDERICK - Initroduction and Note to Sir Henry Maine's "Ancient Law
015650: POLLOCK, JAMES K., ET AL. - German Democracy at Work; a Selective Study
020812: POLLOCK, LINDA - A Lasting Relationship; Parents and Children over Three Centuries
045868: YOUNG-EISENDRATH, POLLY AND FLORENCE L. WIEDEMANN - Female Authority; Empowering Women Through Psychotherapy
033621: POLMAN, MARIETTE - Het Frans Halsmueum Van Oudemannenhuis Tot Kunststempel; Bouwgeschiedenis En Rondwandeling
009696: POLNAY, PETER DE - Garibaldi; the Legend and the Man
049774: POLOMÉ, EDGAR C. - Language, Society, and Paleoculture; Essays by Edgar C. Polomé
039373: POLSBY, NELSON W. - How Congress Evolves; Social Bases of Institutional Change
027213: POLT, JOHN H. R. - The Writings of Eduardo Mallea
030398: POLT, JOHN H. R. - Jovellanos and His English Sources: Economic, Philosophical, and Political Writings
025328: POLYA, G. - Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning
040112: POLYDORIDES, NICOS - The Concept of Centrality in Urban Form and Structure
043027: POLZ, EDI - Fitness for All with the Wonder Ball
026147: COSSIO DEL POMAR, FELIPE - Arte Del Peru Precolombiano
036169: TERESA POMAR, MARIA - El Dia de Los Muertos; the Life of the Dead in Mexican Folk Art
023929: POMEROY, SARAH B. - Women in Hellenistic Egypt from Alexander to Cleopatra
038145: POMMARÈS, JEAN - La Respiration Avant de Partir; Chronique D'Un Collège
029796: POMMIER, ÉDOUARD - L'Art de la Liberté; Doctrines Et Débats de la Révolution Française
024368: POMPER, PHILIP - The Structure of Mind in History; Five Major Figures in Pscyhohistory
042716: POMPER, PHILIP, ET AL., EDS - World Historians and Their Critics
031088: PONCHIELLI, AMILCARE - La Gioconda. Opera in Four Acts
044306: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - Nada, Nadie; Las Voces Del Temblor
044308: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - De Noche Vienes
044301: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - Leonora
044299: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - La Piel Del Cielo
044304: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - Fuerte Es El Silencio
044300: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - Tinísima; Novela
044307: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - La "Flor de Lis
044310: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - Octavio Paz; Las Palabras Del árbol
044303: PONIATOWSKA, ELENA - Hasta No Verte Jesús Mío
027714: ROCA-PONS, JOSEP - Introduction to Catalan Literature
016023: PONSONBY, CHARLES - Ponsonby Remembers
010834: DU PONT, SOPHIE - Sophie Du Pont, a Young Lady in America; Sketches, Diaries, & Letters, 1823-1833
012970: GUIGO DU PONT - Della Contemplazione
040563: DU PONT, JOHN ELEUTHÈRE - Philippine Birds
034866: DA PONTE, LORENZO - Mémoires de Lorenzo Da Ponte, Librettiste de Mozart
019133: PONTEIL, FÉLIX - Les Institutions de la France de 1814 à 1870
020747: PONTEIL, FÉLIX - 1848
036765: PONTI, CLAUDE - Dezert Isle
038472: PONTING, HERBERT - Scott's Last Voyage Through the Antarctic Camera of Herbert Ponting
439: (PONTORMO, JACOPO DA). FORSTER, KURT W. - Pontormo; Monographie Mit Kritischem Katalog
040004: POOL, ITHIEL DE SOLA, ED - The Social Impact of the Telephone
023629: POOLE, ROBERT W., JR. - Unnatural Monopolies; the Case for Deregulating Public Utilities
023070: POOLE, STAFFORD - Pedro Moya de Contreras; Catholic Reforma Nd Royal Power in New Spain, 1571-1591
034499: POOLE, REGINALD LANE - Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought and Learning
044226: POOLE, REGINALD LANE - Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought and Learning
011546: POOLEY, ERNEST - The Guilds of the City of London
024968: POORTMAN, J. J. - Repertorium Der Nederlandse Wijsbegeerte
009768: POP, SEVER - Instituts de Phonétique Et Archives Phonographiques
044514: POP, SEVER - Grammaire Roumaine
013107: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM - Persian Architecture; the Triumph of Form and Color
037632: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - Carriages at Eleven; the Story of the Edwardian Theatre
016024: POPE, DUDLEY - The Battle of the River Plate
027563: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM - Maxim Litvinoff
007996: POPENOE, DAVID - Disturbing the Nest; Family Change and Decline in Modern Societies
033839: POPEY, DAVID, ED - To the Ends of the Earth; 175 Years of Exploration and Photography
041284: POPITZ, HEINRICH - Der Entfremdete Mensch; Zeitkritik Und Geschichtsphilosophie Des Jungen Marx
022170: POPOVICI, ANDREI - The Political Status of Bessarabia
002245: POPPE, ERICH - C.F. Aichingers "Versuch Einer Teutschen Sprachlehre"; Untersuchungen Zur Geschichte Der Deutschen Grammatikschreibung IM 18. Jahrhundert
049181: POPPEL, STEPHEN M. - Zionism in Germany 1897-1933; the Shaping of a Jewish Identity
003195: PÖPPEL, ERNST - Lust Und Schmerz; Grundlagen Menschliche Erlebens Und Verhaltens
049797: POPPER, KARL R. - The Poverty of Historicism
024369: POPPER, KARL R. - Conjectures and Refutations; the Growth of Scientific Knowledge
024520: POPPER, STEVEN W. - East European Reliance on Technology Imports from the West
046652: PORCHER, JEAN - Le Bréviaire de Martin D'Aragon
044359: PORCHER, JEAN - L'Enluminure Française
044326: PORS, METTE, ED - The Vitality of the Arthurian Legend; a Symposium
028340: DELLA PORTA, GIAMBATTISTA - Gli Duoi Fratelli Rivali; the Two Rival Brothers
049472: PORTALUPI, RENZO - IL Libro Della Pesca in Acque Dolci
037569: PORTE, BARBARA ANN - Black Elephant with a Brown Ear (in Alabama)
016246: VON DEN PORTEN, EDWARD P. - The German Navy in World War II
040881: PORTENGEN, ALBERTA JOHANNA - De Oudgermaansche Dichtertaal in Haar Ethnologisch Verband
008691: PORTER, CATHY - Alexandra Kollontai; the Lonely Struggle of the Woman Who Defied Lenin
020218: PORTER, ELIOT - The West
012708: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE - The Never-Ending Wrong
014023: PORTER, BURTON F. - Deity and Morality, with Regard to the Naturalistic Fallacy
042426: PORTER, DAVID L., ED - Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: Baseball
041414: PORTER, DAVID H. - Only Connect; Three Studies in Greek Tragedy
049208: PORTER, THOMAS E. - Myth and Modern American Drama
047412: PORTER, BERN - The Happy Rock; a Book Abaout Henry Miller
049716: PORTER, ROY - London; a Social History
028333: PORTERFIELD, AMANDA - Female Piety in Puritan New England; the Emergence of Religious Humanism
027086: PORTES, ALEJANDRO, ED - The Economic Sociology of Immigration; Essays on Networks, Ethnicity, and Entrpreneurship
012064: PORTMANN, ADOLF - Vom Ursprung Des Menschen; Ein Quershnitt Durch Die Forschungsergebnisse
011931: PORTMANN, ADOLF - Biologische Fragmente Zu Einer Lehre Vom Menschen
011932: PORTMANN, ADOLF - Probleme Des Lebens; Eine Einführung in Die Biologie
027719: PORTMANN, ADOLF - Das Tier Als Soziales Wesen
021763: PORTMANN, ADOLF - Don Quijote Und Sancho Pansa; Vom Gegenwärtigen Stand Der Typenlehre
047780: DENIS DE PORTUGAL - Das Liederbuch Des Königs Denis Von Portugal
047189: PORUBCAN, STEFAN - Sin in the Old Testament; a Soteriological Study
022062: PORZIG, WALTER - Das Wunder Der Sprache; Probleme, Methoden Und Ergebnisse Der Modernen Sprachwissenschaft
047737: POSCH, SEBASTIAN - P. Ovidius Naso. Tristia I: Interpretationen. Band I: Die Elegien 1-4
034614: PÖSCHL, VIKTOR - The Art of Vergil; Image and Symbol in the Aeneid
034632: PÖSCHL, VIKTOR - Die Hirtendichtung Virgils
033385: POSENER, GEORGES - Lexikon Der ägyptischen Kultur
031904: POST, L. A. - From Homer to Menander; Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction
044691: POST, GAINES, JR. - The CIVIL-Military Fabric of Weimar Foreign Policy
022216: POSTAL, PAUL M. - On Raising; One Rule of English Grammar and Its Theoretical Implications
018155: POSTAL, PAUL M. - Masked Inversion in French
002247: POSTAL, PAUL - Constituent Structure: A Study of Contemporary Models of Syntactic Description
026812: POSTGATE, JOHN PERCIVAL - Corpus Poetarum Latinorum a Se Aliisque Denuo Recognitorum Et Brevi Lectionum Varietate Instructorum
046970: POSTHUMUS, N. W. - Die Uitvoer Van Amsterdam 1543-1545
049726: POSTOLIDES, JEAN-MARIE - Le Roi-Machine; Spectacle Et Politique Au Temps de Louis XIV

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