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031154: Nobel, Park S., Ed - Cacti; Biology and Uses
032365: Noble, Vicki, Ed - Uncoiling the Snake; Ancient Patterns in Contemporary Women's Lives
016383: Noble, David W. - The Eternal Adam and the New World Garden; the Central Myth in the American Novel Since 1830
049802: Noble, Joseph Veach - The Techniques of Painted Attic Pottery
003017: Noble, Joseph Veach - The Techniques of Painted Attic Pottery
022778: Desroches-Noblecourt, Christiane - Tutankhamen; Life and Death of a Pharaoh
026759: Nocera, Joseph - A Piece of the Action; How the Middle Class Joined the Money Class
003018: Noché, André - Gergovie; Vieux Problèmes Et Solutions Nouvelles
032189: Nock, O. S. - World Atlas or Railways
029447: Nock, Albert Jay - Jefferson
013315: Nock, O. S. - Railways in the Transition from Steam, 1940-1965
013309: Nock, O. S. - Railways at the Zenith of Steam, 1920-40
013303: Nock, O. S. - British Railways in Transition
043707: Nocke, Franz-Josef - Sakrament Und Personaler Vollzug Bei Albertus Magnus
024202: Nodtvedt, Magnus - Rebirth of Norway's Peasantry; Folk Leader Hans Nielsen Hauge
029553: Noel, Bernard - David
016621: Noel, Marie - Notes for Myself
041217: Nogara, Bartolomeo - Gli Etruschi E la Loro Civiltà
048255: Noggle, Burl - Teapot Dome: Oil and Politics in the 1920's
004463: Noggle, Burl - Working with History; the Historical Records Survey in Louisiana and the Nation, 1936-1942
029311: Noiville, Florence - Isaac B. Singer; a Life
045769: Nøjgaard, Morten - Les Adverbes Français; Essai de Description Fonctionnelle. Tome III
023337: Nokes, David - Jonathan Swift, a Hypocrite Reversed; a Critical Biography
046202: Nolan, J. Bennett - General Benjamin Franklin; the Military Career of a Philosopher
020458: Nolan, Barbara - The Gothic Visionary Perspective
018695: Nolan, Liam - The Life of Smetana; the Pain & the Glory
015965: Nolan, Dick - Benjamin Franklin Butler, the Damnedests Yankee
005942: Nolan, Alan T. - Lee Considered; General Robert E. Lee and CIVIL War History
026070: Nolde, Emil - Emil Nolde; Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen Und Druckgraphik
051896: Noll, Mark A. - America's God Fom Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln
028546: Nollen, John Scholte - Grinnell College
028048: Nolte, Carl - The San Francisco Century; a City Rises from the Ruins of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire
013252: Nolthenius, Hélène - Duecento; Zwerftocht Door Italie's Late Middeleeuwen
032405: Noma, Seiroku - The Arts of Japan: Late Medieval to Modern
032404: Noma, Seiroku - The Arts of Japan: Ancient and Medieval
014360: Noma, Seiroku - The Arts of Japan. Vol. II: Late Medieval to Modern
026776: Nomachi, Kazuyoshi - Tibet
032027: Song Nong, Ed - Chinese Medicated Liquor Therapy
040705: Noonan, Damien - The Daily Telegraph Castles & Ancient Monuments of England
020185: Noonan, Peggy - The Case Against Hillary Clinton
047613: Noordervliet, Nelleke - Nederland in de Gouden Eeuw
049964: Van Noort, Olivier - Om de Wereld; de Eerste Nederlandse Omzeiling Van de Wereld Onder Leiding Van Olivier Van Noort, 1598-1601
010254: Norbeck, Edward - Takashima, a Japanese Fishing Community
002841: Norbeck, Edward - Religion and Society in Modern Japan: Continuity and Change
050057: Honsza, Norbert and Hans-Gert Roloff, Eds - Daß Eine Nation Die Ander Verstehen Möge; Festschrift Für Marian Szyrocki Zu Seinem 60. Geburtstag
009921: Willenpart, Norbert and Hans Kircher - Diskussion Rechtschreibreform; Kommentierte Bibliographie Zur Reformdebatte Von 1970-1992
031866: Norden, Eduard - Die Antike Kunstprosa Vom VI. Jahrhundert V. Chr. Bis in Die Zeit Der Renaissance
014663: Nordenfalk, Carl - Sèvres Et Les Cinq Sens
040428: Nordenfelt, Lennart - Explanation of Human Actions
024502: Nordenfelt, Lennart - Explanation of Human Actions
035650: Nordon, Pierre - Conan Doyle; a Biography
014770: Nordress, Lee, Ed - Art: Usa: Now
011011: Branson, Noreen and Margot Heinemann - Britain in the 1930's
047034: Noren, Catherine Hanf - The Camera of My Family
037260: Noren, Catherine Hanf - The Camera of My Family
036977: Norfleet, Barbara P. - When We Liked Ike; Looking for Postwar America
036196: Norman, Dorothy - Alfred Stieglitz, an American Seer
032083: Norman, Seth - Meanderings of a Fly Fisherman
024061: Cheadle, Norman and Lucien Pelletier, Eds - Canadian Cultural Exchange; Translation and Transculturation. échanges Culturels Au Canada; Traduction Et Transculturation
021473: Frohlich, Norman and Joe A. Oppenheimer - Choosing Justics; an Experimental Approach to Ethical Theory
019139: Norman, Charles - The Muses' Darling: Christopher Marlowe
011472: MacKenzie, Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie - The Fabians
049227: Norman, Jerry - Chinese
005207: Norman, Hilda Laura - Swindlers & Rogues in French Drama
049506: Hammond, Norman and Gordon R. Willey, Eds - Maya Archaeology and Ethnohistory
051732: Norman, Jeremy M. - Scientist, Scholar & Scoundrel; a Bibliographical Investigation of the Life and Exploits of Count Guglielmo Libri
004796: Normand, Jean - Nathaniel Hawthorne; an Approach to an Analysis of Artistic Creation
026574: Norquay, Margaret - Broad Is the Way; Stories from Mayerthorpe
040050: Norris, Malcolm - Brass Rubbing
034206: Norris, Kenneth S., Et al. - The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin
011518: Norris, John - Shelburne and Reform
020629: Norse, Harold - Memoirs of a Bastard Angel
048276: North, Eric McCoy - Early Methodist Philanthropy
047694: North, Michael - Art and Commerce in the Dtuch Golden Age
044978: North, Roger - General Preface & Life of Dr John North
050510: North, Michael, Ed - Nordwesteuropa in Der Weltwirtschaft 1750-1950/Northwestern Europe in the World Economy 1750-1950
043045: North, Robert - Town and Country Games
016650: North, Liisa - CIVIL-Military Relations in Argentina, Chile, and Peru
005562: North, Michael - Henry Green and the Writing of His Generation
014673: Northend, Mary Harrod - American Glass
024113: Northrop, F. S. C. - European Union and United State Foreign Policy; a Study in Sociological Jurisprudence
038233: Northup, Solomon - Twelve Years a Slave
051341: Ginsburg, Norton and Chester F. Roberts, Jr. - Malaya
038476: Norton, F. H. - Elements of Ceramics
036730: Norton, Mary Beth - Founding Mothers and Fathers; Gendered Power and the Forming of American Society
032208: Norton, Anne - Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire
028963: Norton, Charles Eliot - Historical Studies of Church-Building in the Middle Ages: Venice, Siena, Florence
003562: Norton, Wesley - Religious Newspapers in the Old Northwest to 1861: A History, Bibliography and Record of Opinion
049954: Norton, J. E. - A Bibliography of the Works of Edward Gibbon
016903: Van Nortwick, Thomas - Somewhere I Have Never Travelled; the Second Self and the Hero's Journey in Ancient Epic
039178: Norwak, Mary - The Farmhouse Kitchen
038205: Norwak, Mary - The Farmhouse Kitchen
037998: Norwak, Mary, et al. - Cooking Into Europe
029543: Norwich, John Julius - Shakespeare's Kings; the Great Plays and the History of England in the Middle Ages: 1337-1485
028310: Norwich, John Julius, Ed - The Italians; History, Art, and the Genius of a People
034783: Norwood, Gilbert - Greek Comedy
050133: Nossiter, Adam - The Algeria Hotel; France, Memory, and the Second World War
014890: Van Nostrand, Jeanne - A Pictorial and Narrative History of Monterey, Adobe Capital of California, 1770-1847
033755: Nosworthy, J. M. - Shakespeare's Occasional Plays; Their Origin and Transmission
048239: Notestein, Wallace - A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718
028521: Notestein, Lucy Lilian - Wooster of the Middle West
006105: Notestein, Wallace - Four Worthies: John Chamberlain, Anne Clifford, John Ktaylor, Oliver Heywood
032268: Nothdurft, William - The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt
024354: Notomi, Noburu - The Unity of Platos' Sophist; between the Sophist and the Philosopher
030903: Nott, Stanley Charles - Chinese Jade Throughout the Ages; a Review of Its Characteristics, Decoration, Folklore, and Symbolism
018228: Nourrisson, Jean-Félix - Tableau Des Progrès de la Pensée Humaine Depuis Thalès Jusqu'a Leibniz
030685: Novacek, Michael - Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs
014575: Novak, Maximilian E., Ed - English Literature in the Age of Disguise
005660: Novak, Bogdan C. - Trieste, 1941-1954; the Ethnic, Political, and Ideological Struggle
050834: Novalis - Henri' D'Ofterdingen (Heinrich Von Ofterdingen)
042445: Campano Novarese - Campanus of Novara and Medieval Planetary Theory: Theorica Planetarum
034184: Novick, Sheldon M. - Henry James; the Young Master
032241: Novick, Peter - The Holocaust in American Life
009204: Novik, Mary - Robert Creeley; an Inventory, 1945-1970
037039: Novosel'skii, A. A., et al., Eds - Akty Russkogo Gosudarstva 1505-1526 Gg
024355: Nowell, Robert - A Passion for Truth; Hans Küng and His Theology
018397: Nowell, Charles E. - The Great Discoveries and the First Colonial Empires
042723: Nowicki, M. - Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1958-1961
018696: Nowinski, Ira - A Season at Glyndebourne
001668: Noyes, Alexander Dana - Thirty Years of American Finance; a Short Financial History of the Governemtn and People of the United States Since the CIVIL War, 1865-1896
032599: Noyes, Robert Gale - Ben Jonson on the English Stage 1660-1776
012889: Noyes, C. Reinold - Economic Man in Relation to His Natural Environment
006922: Noyes, Robert Gale - Ben Jonson on the English Stage, 1660-1776
003187: Noyes, Alfred - Voltaire
1415: Nozick, Robert - Philosophical Explanations
042086: Nozick, Robert - Philosophical Explanations
048550: Nuessel, Frank H., Jr. - Linguistic Approaches to the Romance Lexicon
027091: Nun, José - Latin America: The Hegemonic Crisis and the Military Coup
038924: Nunberg, E. - Talking Right. How Conservatives Turned Liberalism Into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show
023302: Nunberg, Geoffrey - Going Nucular; Language, Politics, and Culture in Confrontational Times
052045: Nunes, José Joaquim - Cantigas D'Amigo Dos Trovadores Galego-Portugueses
052044: Nunes, José Joaquim - Cantigas D'Amor Dos Trovadores Galego-Portygyeses
042994: Nunes, Leonardo - Crónica de Dom João de Castro
028964: Nunes, José Joaquim - Florilégio Da Literataura Portuguesa Arcaica
021985: Nuñez, Benjamin - Terminos Topograficos En la Argentina Colonial (1516-1810); Analisis Lingüistico-Cultural
051340: Nunn, H. P. V. - The Elements of New Testament Greek; a Method of Studying the Greek New Testament with Exercises
049450: Nunn, G. Raymond - Burmese and Thai Newspapers; an International Union List
015256: Nusbaumer, Louis - Valley of Salt, Memories of Wine; a Journal of Death Vally, 1849
015412: Nussac, Sylvie De, et al. - L'Année de L'Opéra Et de la Danse, 1978
015413: Nussac, Sylvie De, et al. - L'Année de L'Opéra Et de la Danse, 1979
017712: Nussbaum, Martha C. - The Therapy of Desire; Theory and Practice in Hellenistic Ethics
043297: Nussey, Helen G. - London Gardens of the Past
044188: Nutt, Alfred - Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail with Especial Reference to the Hypothesis of the Celtic Origin
027599: Nutt, Joe - An Introduction to Shakespeare's Late Plays
034066: Nuttall, A. D. - Two Concepts of Allegory; a Study of Shakespeare's the Tempest and the Logic of Allegorical Expression
027611: Nuttall, A. D. - A New Mimesis; Shakespeare and the Representation of Reality
021166: Nutter, Ralph H. - With the Possum and the Eagle; the Memoir of a Navigator's War over Germany and Japan
043930: Nutting, Anthony - The Arabs; a Narrative History from Mohammed to the Present
020764: Nutting, Anthony - Europe Will Not Wait; a Warning and a Way out
019257: Nutting, H. C. - Cicero's Conditional Clauses of Comparison
033780: Nye, Russel B. - Fettered Freedom; CIVIL Liberties and the Slavery Controversy 1830-1860
012830: Nye, Joseph S., Jr. - Pan-Africanism and East Africa Integration
011898: Nye, Mary Jo - Science in the Provinces; Scientific Communities and Provincial Leadership in France, 1860-1930
005877: Nye, Russel B. - William Lloyd Garrison and the Humanitarian Reformers
003926: Nye, Russel B. - Midwestern Progressive Politics; a Historical Study of Its Origins and Development, 1870-1950
025225: Nygren, Anders - Commentary on Romans
006601: Nyrop, Camillus - `Bidrag Til Den Danske Boghandels Historie
051580: Gregory of Nyssa, Saint - Gergorii Nysseni de Pauperibus Amandis Orationes Duo
006435: Nyström, Samuel - Beduinetum Und Jahwismus; Eine Soziologisch-Religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung Zum Alten Testament
046657: Gandy, R. O. and C. M. E. Yates, Eds - Logic Colloquium '69; Proceedings of the Summer School and Colloquium in Mathematical Logic, Manchester, August 1969
040247: Sears, David O. and Jack Citrin - Tax Revolt; Something for Nothing in California
028993: Purdon, Liam O. and Cindy L. Vitto - The Rusted Hauberk; Feudal Ideals of Order and Their Decline
017605: Hough, Frank O. And John A. Crown - The Campaign on New Britain
006647: Lindsay, Robert O. And John Neu - French Political Pamphlets, 1547-1648; a Catalog of Major Collections in American Libraries
035684: Oakeshott, Walter - The Artists of the Winchester Bible
037058: Oakley, Kenneth P. - Man the Tool-Maker
037032: Oakley, John Bilyeu - Law Clerks and the Judicial Process; Perception of the Qualities and Functions of Law Clerks in American Courts
034567: Oakley, Francis - The Medieval Experience
038722: Oates, Joyce Carol - American Appetites
038721: Oates, Joyce Carol - Faithless; Tales of Transgression
038564: Oates, Joyce Carol - Small Avalanches and Other Stories
034199: Oates, Stephen B. - With Malice Toward None; the Life of Abraham Lincoln
023881: Oates, Whitney J. - Plato's View of Art
1417: (Aristoteles). Oates, Whitney J. - Aristotle and the Problem of Value
007101: Oates, Stephen B. - A Woman of Valor; Clara Barton and the CIVIL War
004903: Oates, Stephen B. - William Faulkner; the Man and the Artisit. A Biography
002843: Oberhammer, Gerhard - Yamunamunis Interpretation Von Brahmasutram 2,2,42-45; Eine Untersuchung Zur Pancaratra-Tradition Der Ramanuja-Schule
048928: Oberlies, Thomas - A Grammar of Epic Sanskrit
043928: Oberman, Heiko A. - Die Reformation Von Wittenberg Nach Genf
010638: Obermann, Karl, Ed - Probleme Der ôkonomie Und Politik in Den Beziehungen Zwischen Ost- Und Westeuropa Vom 17. Jahrhundert Bis Zur Gegenwart
020460: Oberste, J. - Die Dokumente Der Klösterlichen Visitationen
035530: Obert, Karl - This Is California
025840: Obert, Genevieve - Prince Borghese's Trail; 10,000 Miles over Two Continents, Four Deserts, and the Roof of the World in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge
008984: Obeyesekere, Gananath - The Apotheosis of Captain Cook; European Mythmaking in the Pacific
006980: Occleshaw, Michael - Armour Against Fate; British Military Intelligence in the First World War
001855: Ochs, Günter - Studien Zur Entwicklung Des ôffentlichen Musiklebens in Mülheim A.D. Ruhr
051523: Ockeghem, Johannes - Collected Works
033011: Ockenga, Starr - Eden on Their Minds; American Gardeners with Bold Visions
013681: Octave, Jean-François - Jean-François Octave: Greatest Hits (2)
018887: Hill, David Octavius and Robert Adamson - An Early Victorian Album; the Photographic Masterpieces (1843-1847) of David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson
014356: Odakane, Taro - Tessai, Master of the Literati Style
011901: Oddo, Vicente - Primeros Medicos de Aa Ciudad de Santiago Del Estero, Siglo XVI
047291: Odegaard, Charles Edwin - Vassi and Fideles in the Carolingian Empire
034099: Odell, George C. D. - Shakespeare from Betterton to Irving
027585: Odell, George C. D. - Shakespeare from Betterton to Irving
038619: Odets, Walt - In the Shadow of the Epidemic; Being Hiv-Negative in the Age of Aids
042143: Odishaw, Hugh, Ed - The Challenges of Space
044282: Odo, of Cheriton - The Fables of Odo of Cheriton
028290: Oe, Kenzaburo - An Echo of Heaven
011903: Oehser, Paul H. - The Smithsonian Institution
011902: Oehser, Paul H. - Sons of Science; the Story of the Smithsonian Institution and Its Leaders
025809: Oenslager, Donald - Four Centuries of Scenic Invention. Drawsings from the Collection of Donald Oenslager
046302: Offen, Karen, et al., Eds - Writing Women's History; International Perspectives
036068: Offenbach, Jacques - Dragonette. Opérette-Bouffe En Un Acte. Vocal Score
033151: Offenbach, Jacques - Pierrette Et Jacquot. Opérette-Bouffe En Un Acte. Vocal Score
031060: Offenbach, Jacques - La Vie Parisienne; Operetta. Vocal Score
031053: Offenbach, Jacques - Le Grande Duchess de Gérolstein; Operetta. Vocal Score
031047: Offenbach, Jacques - Les Contes D'Hoffman. The Tale of Hoffman
031014: Offenbach, Jacques - La Boite Au Lait; the Milk-Box. Opérette-Bouffe En Quatre Actes. Vocal Score
018697: Offenbach, Jacques - Orpheus in America; Offenbach's Diary of His Journey to the New World
012770: Great Britain. Public Record Office - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Treaties at the Public Record Office
710: Offner, Richard - Italian Primitives at Yale University: Comments & Revisions
039790: Offutt, Chris - The Same River Twice; a Memoir
048824: Ofgang, Erik - Gillette Castle; a History
006438: Ofstad, Harald - An Inquiry Into the Freedom of Decision
048145: Ogawa, Hiroshi - Studies in the History of Old English Prose
045947: Ogawa, Dennis M. - Kodomo No Tame Ni; for the Sake of the Children: The Japanese American Experience in Hawaii
005468: Ogborn, Maurice Edward - Equitable Assuracnes; the Story of Life Assuracne in the Experience of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, 1762-1962
027618: Ogburn, Charlton - The Mysterious William Shakespeare; the Myth and the Reality
038053: Ogden, Dunbar H. - Performance Dynamics and the Amsterdam Werkteater
024313: Ogden, Christopher - Legacy; a Biography of Moses and Walter Annenberg
031867: Ogilvie, R. M. - Latin and Greek; a History of the Influence of the Classics on English Life from 1600 to 1918
049553: Ogilvie, Sheilagh - State Corporatism and Proto-Industry; the Württemberg Black Forest, 1580-1797
047014: Oguibe, Olu - The Culture Game
049160: Ogura, Michiko - Words and Expressions of Emotion in Medieval English
034327: Oguztöreli, M. Namik - Time-Lag Control Systems
040681: Ohlig, Karl-Heinz - Die Theologische Begründung Des Neutestametnlichen Kanons in Der Alten Kirche
010640: Öhlinger, Theo, et al. - Institutionelle Aspekte Der ôsterreichischen Integrationspolitik
045841: Ohlsen, Woodrow - Perspecitves on Old Testament Literature
044045: Ohly, Friedrich - Schriften Zur Mittelalterlichen Bedeutungsforschung
014857: Ohmae, Kenichi - Beyond National Borders; Reflections on Japan and the World
021986: Ohnesorg, Karel - Druha Foneticka Studie O Detske Reci
045876: Ojamaa, Triinu - Glissando Nganassaani Muusikas; Morfoloogiline, Süntaaktiline Ja Semantiline Tasand
023282: Ojha, Ishwer C. - Chinese Foreign Policy in an Age of Transition: The Diplomacy of Cultural Despair
032377: Okada, Barbra Teri - A Sprinkling of Gold; the Lacquer Box Collection of Elaine Ehrenkranz
032396: Okakura, Kakuzo - The Book of Tea
005346: Okamoto, Shumpei - The Japanese Oligarchy and the Russo-Japanese War
016807: Okey, Robin - The Habsburg Monarchy, from Enlightenment to Eclipse
037000: Okita, Saburo - The Development Economies and Japan; Lessons in Growth
032417: Okladnikov, Alexei - Art of the Amur; Ancient Art of the Russian Far East
036028: Okrent, Daniel - The Way We Were; New England Then, New England Now
029558: Oksaar, Els - Mittelhochdeutsch: Texte, Kommentare, Sprachkunde, Wörterbuch
009745: Oksaar, Els - Semantische Studien IM Sinnberiech Der Schnelligkeit; Plötzlich, Schnell Und Ihre Synonymik IM Deutsch Der Gegenwart Und Des Früh-, Hoch- Und Spätmittelalters
005006: Oksenberg, Michael, Ed - China's Developmental Experience
032388: Okudaira, Hideo - Emaki; Japanese Picture Scrolls
022824: Okun, Arthur M. - The Political Economy of Prosperity
022496: Okun, Arthur M. - Prices and Quantities: A Macroeconomic Analysis
045146: Mallea-Olaetxe, Joxe - Speaking Through the Aspens; Basque Tree Carvings in California and Nevada
039019: Olafson, Frederick A. - The Dialectic of Action; a Philosophical Interpretation of History and the Humanities
037087: Olausen, Judy - Mother. Photographs by Judy Olausen
036237: Old, Toby - Toby Old: Waterlog, the Beach Series
040994: Older, Fremont - My Own Story
015971: Oldfield, Barney - Operation Narcissus
015970: Oldfield, Barney - Never a Shot in Anger
023067: Oldman, Oliver, et al. - Financing Urban Development in Mexico City
024361: Oldrini, Guido - Hegel E L'Hegelismo Nella Francia Dell'Ottocento
036167: Olesen, Asta - Afghan Craftsmen; the Cultures of Three Itinerant Communities
047990: Olguin, Manuel - Alfronso Reyes, Ensayista; Vida Y Pensamiento
024320: Olin, John C., et al., Eds - Luther, Erasmus and the Reformation; a Catholic-Protestant Reappraisal
033986: Oliphant, E. H. C. - The Plays of Beaumont and Fletcher: An Attempt to Determine Their Respective Shares and the Shares of Others
041833: Olivares, Julian - Cuentos Hispanos de Los Estados Unidos
047716: Olivas, Michael A., Ed - In Defense of My People; Alonso S. Perales and the Development of Mexican-American Public Intellectuals
048412: Buitron-Oliver, Diana, Ed - New Perspectives in Early Greek Art
043033: Oliver, Basil - Old Houses and Village Buildings in East Anglia: Norfolk, Suffolk, & Essex
038209: Oliver, Raymond - Gastronomy of France
036314: Oliver, Sandra L. - Saltwater Foodways; New Englanders and Their Food, at Sea and Ashore, in the Nineteenth Century
034078: Oliver, H. J. - The Problem of John Ford
023882: Oliver, James H. - The CIVIC Tradition and Roman Athens
019470: Oliver, Smith Hempstone - Catalog of the Cycle Collection of the Division of Engineering, United States National Museum
018700: Oliver, Paul, et al. - The New Grove Gospel, Blues and Jazz; with Spirituals and Ragtime
017790: Carlson, Oliver and Ernest Sutherland Bates - Hearst, Lord of San Simeon
016879: Oliver, Robert T. - Verdict in Korea
011915: Oliver, Wade W. - The Man Who Lived for Tomorrow; a Biography of William Hallock Park, M.D.
011302: Oliver, James H. - Demokratia, the Gods, and the Free World
010768: Oliver, W. H. - The Story of New Zealand
002619: Oliver, E. J. - Gibbon and Rome
050473: Olivier, Edith - Four Victorian Ladies of Wiltshire with an Essay on Those Leisured Ladies
011520: Ollard, Richard - Clarendon and His Friends
021731: Gonzalez Olle, Fernando - El Habla de Aa Bureba; Introduccion Al Castellano Actual de Burgos
050236: Ollett, Andrew - Language of the Snakes; Prakrit, Sanskrit, and the Language Order of Premodern India
032123: Olley, Michelle - Love, Lust, Desire; Masterpieces of Erotic Photography for Couples
047683: Olmstead, Andrea - Roger Sessions and His Music
035835: Olmsted, R. R., Ed - Scenes of Wonder and Curiostiy from Hutchings' California Magazine, 1856-1861
015972: Olmsted, Gideon - The Journal of Gideon Olmsted; Adventures of a Sea Captain During the American Revolution. A Facsimile
013501: Olney, Clarke - Benjamin Robert Haydon, Historical Painter
048234: Olschki, Leonardo - L'Italia E IL Suo Genio
029559: Olschki, Leonardo - The Grail Castle and Its Mysteries
049018: Olsen, Björn Magnusson - Den Tredje Og Fjaerde Grammatiske Afhandgling I Snorres Edda
044040: Olsen, Magnus - Stedsnavn Og Gudeminner I Land
015973: Olsen, Jack - Silence on Monte Sole
043917: Olson, Paul A. - The Canterbury Tales and the Good Society
023798: Olson, David R., Ed - Media and Symbols: The Forms of Expression, Communication, and Education
020174: Olson, Barbara - The Final Days; the Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House
010397: Olson, Kenneth E. - The History Makers; the Press of Europe from Its Beginnings Through 1965
008161: Olsson, Jan Olof - Den Okände Soldaten, 1914-1918
035973: Olwell, Carol - A Gift to the Street
008453: Olyesha, Yuri - Love and Other Stories
013718: Omer, Mordechai - Universo Y Magia de Joan Ponç
008218: Ommanney, F. D. - Lost Leviathan
004985: Ommanney, F. D. - Fragrant Harbour; a Private View of Hong Kong
026930: Ondaatje, Michael - Anil's Ghost
013096: Onians, John - Bearers of Meaning; the Classical Orders in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance
027444: Onions, C. T. - A Shakespeare Glossary
018701: Onnen, Frank - Stravinsky
011301: Önnerfors, Alf - Vaterporträts in Der Römischen Poesie Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Von Horaz, Statius Und Ausonius
043607: Okkonen, Onni and Jaakko Puokka - Suomen Taidegrafiikka; Finsk Grafik; Graphic Art in Finland
021488: Onofri, Gianfranco - Opere Della Bibliografia Bolognese Edite Dal 1889 Al 1992 Che Si Conservano Nella Biblioteca Dell'Archiginnasio Di Bologna
029247: Onuf, Peter S., Ed - Jeffersonian Legacies
016900: Jin-Bee, Ooi and Chiang Hai Ding, Eds - Modern Singapore
048407: Oomen, Ursula - Automatische Syntaktische Analyse
045335: Van Ophuijsen, Johannes M., Ed - Plato and Platonism
035450: Opie, Iona, et al. - The Treasures of Childhood: Books, Toys, and Games from the Opie Collection
035422: Opie, Robert - The Art of the Label; Designs of the Times
043740: Opitz, Martin - Buch Von Der Deutschen Poeterey (1624)
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049846: Percy, Thomas - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs and Other Pieces of Our Earlier Poets Together with Some Few of Later Date
042670: Percy, Thomas - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and Other Pieces of Our Earlier Poets; Together with Some Few of Later Date
033849: Percy, William Alexander - Lanterns on the Levee; Recollections of a Planter's Son
023533: Percy, Christopher Vane - The Glass of Lalique; a Collector's Guide
029286: Perec, Georges - W Ou le Souvenir D'Enfance; Récit
042836: Ribao Pereira, Montserrat - Textos Y Representacion Del Drama Historico En El Romanticismo Español
040333: Enes Pereira, Benjamim - Bibliografia Analitica de Etnografia Portuguesa
027502: Pereira, Anthony W. - The End of the Peasantry; the Rural Labor Movement in Northeast Brazil, 1961-1988
009372: Pereira, Anthony - Naples, Pompeii and Southern Italy
035767: Perelman, S. J. - That Old Gang O'Mine; the Early and Essential S.J. Perelman
025376: Perelman, S. J. - Don't Tread on Me; the Selected Letters of S.J. Perelman
036174: Gatti Perer, Maria Luisa - Carlo Giuseppe Merlo Architetto
045901: Soto Perez, Hector - Filosofia Del Lenguaje Y Los Origenes de la Métrica Del Romance; Analisis Sobre la Permanencia de Elementos Estéticos En la Evolucion Linguistica
017361: Pergameni, Charles - Das Rathaus Von Brüssel; Historische Und Beschreibende Notiz
018398: Della Pergola, Paola - Bernini
051638: Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista - La Serva Padrona (from Maid to Mistress)
005058: Perham, Margery - The Colonial Reckoning; the End of Imperial Rule in Africa in the Light of British Experience
020470: Peri, Vittorio - Rita of Cascia, Priceless Pearl of Umbria
051491: Peri, Vittorio - Omelie Origeniane Sui Salmi; Contributo All'Identificazione Del Testo Latino
046712: Du Perier, Scipion - Oeuvres de Scipion Du Perier, écuyer Et Doyen de Messieurs Les Avocats Au Parlement de Provence
002239: Périer, Auguste - Nouvelle Grammaire Arabe
004799: Perin, Constance - Everything in Its Place; Social Order and Land Use in America
005737: Perinbanayagam, R. S. - The Karmic Theater; Self, Society, and Astrology in Jaffna
041409: Perkins, Robert L. - Søren Kierkegaard
041249: Perkins, Charles Callahan - Tuscan Sculptors; Their Lives, Works, and Times
041030: Perkins, Clara Crawford - French Cathedrals and Chateaux
040626: Perkins, Jeanne-Georgette - Siméon la Roque, Poète de L'Absence 1550-1615
038843: Perkins, Donald - Charles Dickens; a New Perspective
031304: Perkins, John - To the Ends of the Earth; Four Expedtions to the Arctic, the Congo, the Gobi, and Siberia
031002: Perkins, Dorothy - Encyclopedia of China; the Essential Reference to China, Its History and Culture
030083: Perkins, David - A History of Modern Poetry
026222: Perkins, Dexter - The New Age of Franklin Roosevelt, 1934-45
048829: Perl, Jed - New Art City
020623: Perl, Jed - Paris without End; on French Art Since World War I.
031075: Perle, George - The Operas of Alban Berg. Volume 2: Lulu
002417: Perlman, Mark - Judges in Industry; a Study of Labour Arbitration in Australia
016006: Perlmutter, Amos - Military and Politics in Israel; Nation-Building and Role Expansion
044674: Perloff, Marjorie - Wittgenstein's Ladder; Poetic Language and the Strangeness of the Ordinary
040033: Perloff, Harvey S. - The Art of Planning; Selected Essays of Harvey S. Perloff
040028: Perloff, Harvey S. - Alliance for Progress; a Social Invention in the Making
018405: Perlot, Jean-NIcolas - Gold Seeker; Adventures of a Belgian Argonaut During the Gold Rush Years
044443: Pernot, Laurent - Rhetoric in Antiquity
038989: Pernoud, Régine - Hildegarde de Bingen; Conscience Inspirée Du Xiie Siècle
003636: Pernoud, Régine - La Femme Au Temps Des Cathédrales
043181: Peron, Gianfelice, Ed - La Palinodia; Atti Del XIX Convegno Interunivbersitario (Bressanone, 1991)
010146: Perosa, Sergio - The Art of F. Scott Fitzgerald
039026: Perotti, James L. - Heidegger on the Divine; the Thinker, the Poet and God
030699: Perret, Patti - The Faces of Fantasy
023921: Perret, Jacques - Horace
021328: Perret, Geoffrey - Eisenhower
016008: Perrett, Geoffrey - The Hawks; a Short History of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
016007: Perrett, Geoffrey - A Hawk at War; the Peninsular War Reminiscences of General Sir Thomas Brotherton, Cb
043664: Perri, Rolando - Presenze Femminili Nella Vita Di Don Lorenzo Milani; Tra Misoginia E Femminismo Ante Litteram
045931: Perrier, J.-L., Ed - Les Enfances Guillaume, Chanson de Geste Du Xiiie Siècle
016976: Perrin, Noel - Dr. Bowdler's Legacy; a History of Epurgated Books in England and America
019376: Perrot, Nicolas - Memoire Sur Les Meours Coustumes Et Relligion Des Sauvages de L'Amerique Septentrionale
011538: Perrott, Roy - The Aristocrats; a Portrait of Britain's Nobility and Their Way of Life Today
049951: Perry, Ralph Barton - Annotated Bibliography of the Writings of William James
043871: Perry, T. Anthony - Art and Meaning in Berceo's Vida de Santa Oria
041752: Perry, Margaret - Silence to the Drums; a Survey of the Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
037820: Perry, P. J. - A Geography of 19th-Century Britain
032070: Perry, Theresa, et al. - Young, Gifted, and Black; Promoting High Achievement Among African-American Students

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