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025498: Gilbert Martin - The Day the War Ended; May 8, 1945--Victory in Europe
025008: Martin, Hugh - Puritanism and Richard Baxter
024604: Seiler, Martin and Friedrich Stadler, Eds - Heinrich Gomperz, Karl Popper Und Die österreichische Philosophie
024327: Martin, Rex - Historical Explanation; Re-Enactment and Practical Inference
023812: Barker, Martin and Julian Petley, Eds - ILL Effects; the Media/Violence Debate
049926: Martin, Roger H. - Racing Odysseus; a College President Becomes a Freshman Again
019471: Meyerson, Martin and Edward C. Banfield - Boston: The Job Ahead
050785: Martin, Pol - Pol Martin's Supreme Cuisine
051789: Martin, Thomas - The Royal Institution
016814: Martin, Justin - Greenspan; the Man Behind Money
015878: Martin, James Kirby - Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary Hero; an American Warrior Reconsidered
014513: Martin, Kingsley - The Magic of the British Monarchy
013967: Martin, R. M. - Logic, Language and Metaphysics
013966: Martin, Kingsley - French Liberal Thought in the Eighteenth Century; a Study of Political Ideas from Bayle to Condorcet
013306: Martin, Albro - Railroads Triumphant; the Growth, Rejection, and Rebirth of a Vital American Force
012648: Brown, F. Martin and Bernard Heineman - Jamaica and Its Butterflies
011484: Martin, Robert Bernard - The Dust of Combat; a Life of Charles Kingsley
009555: Martin, George - The Damrosch Dynasty; American's First Family of Music
009199: Martin, George - Aspects of Verdi
009086: Martin, Alfred Von - Sociology of the Renaissance
008734: Tolchin, Martin and Susan J. Tolchin - Selling Our Security; the Erosion of America's Assets
008198: Martin, George - Causes and Conflicts; the Centennial History of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1870-1970
006098: Martin, Kingsley - The Triumph of Lord Palmerston; a Study of Public Opinion in Englaidn Before the Crimean War
005384: Martin, Robert Bernard, Ed - Victorian Poetry; Ten Major Poets
004732: Martin, J. E. - Greater London; an Industrial Geography
003173: Martin, Herbert - The Inquiring Mind; Introductory Philosophic Studies
036229: Martineau, Gilbert - Napoleon's St. Helena
1354: Martineau, James - Types of Ethical Theory. 3d Edition, Revised
006929: Martineau, Harriet - Harriet Martineau's Letters to Fanny Wedgwood
047018: Martines, Lauro - Power and Imagination; City-States in Renaissance Italy
047805: Martinet, André - Evolution Des Langues Et Reconstruction
046976: Martinet, Andre - A Functional View of Language
043608: Blásquez Martinez, José Maria - Trajano
041619: Martinez, Ernest R. - Luca--Atti; Un Viaggio Spirituale
041618: Martinez, Ernest R. - La Sequela Di Gesù Cristo Nel Vengelo Secondo Marco
038071: Martinez, Esteban José - Esteban José Martinez; His Voyage in 1779 to Supply Alta California
033072: Martínez, Eduardo Ruiz - Aproximación a Una Bibliografia de Don Antonio Nariño Y Alvarez
045192: Martini, Albert - The Renaissance of Science; the Story of the Atom, Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics
038921: Martini, Carlo Maria - Coenae Tuae; Itinerario Sacerdotoale
037572: Martini, Alexandra - Litter Only; a Book About Dustbins
035106: Martini, Anna - The Mondadori Regional Italian Cookbook
017427: Martini, Simone - Simone Martini
044641: Martinson, A. P. A. - Biography O Rev. Benjamin A. Martinson
046406: Martis, Nicolaos K. - The Falsification of Macedonian History
030904: Marton, Kati - The Great Escape; Nine Jews Who Fled Hitler and Changed the World
007435: Martone, Michael - The Flatness and Other Landscapes; Essays
042069: Marty, Martin E. - Modern American Religion. Volume 1: The Irony of It All 1893-1919
039824: Webb, Martyn and Audrey Webb - Edge of Empire
016409: Martyn, Carlos - Wendell Phillips, the Agitator
001845: Martynov, Ivan - Dmitri Shostakovich; the Man and His Work
023512: Justin Martyr - The Writings of Justin Martyr and Athenagoras
041789: Martz, Louis L. - The Wit of Love: Donne, Carew, Crashaw, Marvell
041130: Martz, Louis L. - Thomas More; the Search for the Inner Man
034126: Martz, Louis L. - Thomas More; the Search for the Inner Man
005630: Martz, Louis L. - The Later Career of Tobias Smollett
003416: Marucchi, Orazio - Manuale Di Archeologia Cristiana
013071: Marvan, Jiri - Prehistoric Slavic Contraction
041777: Harris, Marvin and Eric B. Ross, Eds - Food and Evolution; Toward a Theory of Human Food Habits
037077: Mondlin, Marvin and Roy Meador - Book Row; an Anecdotal and Pictorial History of the Antiquarian Book Trade
040983: Marwedel, Günter - Geschichte Der Juden in Hamburg, Altona Und Wandsbek
024328: Marwick, Arthur - The Nature of History
022598: Marwick, Arthur - The Nature of History
011486: Marwick, Arthur - The Deluge; British Society and the First World War
025217: Marwil, Jonathan - The Trials of Counsel; Francis Bacon in 1621
030868: Marx, Henry - Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya
028431: Roger-Marx, Claude - French Original Engravings from Manet to the Present Time
018671: Marx, Adolf Bernhard - Ludwig Van Beethoven; Leben Und Schaffen
1331: (Marx, Karl). McLellan, David - The Thought of Karl Marx; an Introduction. New York, Etc.
010626: Marx, Fritz Morstein - Government in the Third Reich
1251: (Marx, Karl). Jackson, J. Hampden - Marx, Proudhon and European Socialism
003176: Marx, Werner - Vernunft Und Welt; Zwischen Tradition Und Anderem Anfang
044840: Crow Dog, Mary and Richard Erdoes - Lakota Woman
043296: Procter, Mary and Bill Matuszeski - Gritty Cities; a Second Looik at Allentown, Bethlehem, Bridgeport, Hoboken, Lancaster, Norwich, Pterson, Reading, Trenton, Troy, Waterbury, Wilmington
037741: Eden, Mary and Richard Carrington - The Philosophy of the Bed
029490: Williams, Mary and James A. de Rothschild, Eds - A Miscellany of Studies in Romance Languages & Literatures Presented to Leon E. Kastner
027607: Foakes, Mary and Reginald Foakes - The Columbia Dictionary of Quotation from Shakespeare
018558: Garden, Mary and Louis Biancolli - Mary Garden's Story
015358: Austin, Mary and John Muir - Writing the Western Landscape
003169: Lukas, Mary and Ellen Lukas - Teilhard
043636: Marzik, Trude - A Bissl Schwarz, a Bissl Weiss; Gereimtes Und Ungereimtes
023858: Marzullo, Benedetto - I Sofismi Di Prometeo
013968: Masani, Rustom P. - Le Zoroastrisme, Religion de la Vie Bonne
1358: Masaryk, T. G. - Modern Man and Religion. Translated by Ann Bibza and V Clar Bene
043861: Masciandaro, Nicola - The Voice of the Hammer; the Meaning of Work in Middle English Literature
046398: Masefield, John - Melloney Holtspur or the Pangs of Love
020941: Masefield, Muriel - The Story of Fanny Burney, Being an Introduction to the Diary & Letters of Madame D'Arblay
005526: Masefield, John - Letters of John Masefield to Florence Lamont
040344: Maser, Werner - Hitler Segreto; Lettere E Appunti Inediti
050153: Maser, Chris - Mammals of the Pacific Northwest from the Coast to the High Cascades
050320: Calderoni Masetti, Anna Rosa - Smalti En Ronde-Basse Fra Italia Ed Europa; Atti Del Convegno Di Studi, Sucola Normale Superiore Di Pisa, 20-21 Maggio 2000
012500: Mash, Kaye - How Invertebrates Live
030103: Maslenikov, Oleg A. - Lyrics from the Russian: Symbolists and Others
008414: Maslenikov, Oleg A. - The Frenzied Poets; Andrey Biely and the Russian Symbolists
043773: Maslenitsyn, Stanislav I. - Iaroslavskaia Ikonopis; Yaroslavian Icon Painting
006399: Maslow, Alexander - A Study in Wittgenstein's Tractatus
022771: Dal Maso, Leonardo B. - Rome of the Caesars
025249: Mason, J. Alden - Las Antiguas Culturas Del Peru
023869: Mason, H. A. - To Homer Through Pope; an Introduction to Homer's Iliad and Pope's Translation
021605: Mason, Mary Grimley - Working Against Odds; Stories of Disabled Women's Work Lives
017324: Mason, H. A. - Humanism and Poetry in the Early Tudor Period; an Essay
015882: Mason, Herbert Molloy, Jr. - The Rise of the Luftwaffe; Forging the Secret German Air Weapon, 1918-1940
015881: Mason, F. Van Wyck - American Men at Arms
013584: Mason, Philip - The Men Who Ruled India
010846: Mason, John T. Jr., Ed - The Atlantic War Remembered; an Oral History Collection
010004: Mason, Alpheus Thomas - Security Through Freedom; American Political Thought and Practice
007120: Mason, Alpheus Thomas - Brandeis; Free Man's Life
041918: Massari, Oreste - Giovanni Sartori; Notizia Bio-Bibliografica
051343: Massé, Henri - Firdousi Et L'épopée Nationale; Les épopées Persanes
024329: Massé, Vivalde - Brève Explication de Aa Règle Des Frères Mineurs
030871: Massenet, Jules - Manon
028259: Massey, Marilyn Chapin - Feminine Soul; the Fate of an Ideal
032169: Massie, Robert K. - The Romanovs; the Final Chapter
008435: Massie, Suzanne - The Living Mirror; Five Young Poets from Leningrad
046539: Massin, Robert - Händlerrufe Aus Europäischen Städten
011501: Mongomery-Massingberd, Hugh - Atlas of Royal Britain
049907: Massinger, Philip - Philip Massinger
050112: Massinger, Philip - The Plays of Philip Massinger, in Four Volumes
030299: Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff - The Nine Emoitional Lives of Cats; a Journey Into the Feline Heart
029679: Masson, André - Le Rebelle Du Surréalisme; écrits
025009: Masson, David - Chapters from the Sixth Volume of the Life of John Milton, Narrated in Connexion with the Political, Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Hit Time
051482: Masssignon, Louis - Opera Minora
022270: Masterd, G. Mallary - Rabelaisian Dialectic and the Platonic-Hermetic Traidition
033398: Masterman, J. C. - The Double-Cross System in the War of 1939 to 1945
007980: Masterman, Ernest W. Gurney - Studies in Galilee
015019: Masters, G. Mallary - Rabelaisian Dialectic and the Platonic-Hermetic Tradition
014790: Masters, Anthony - Nancy Astor; a Life
009088: Masters, Roger D. - Fortune Is a River; Leonardo Da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli's Magnificent Dream to Change the Course of Florentine History
005193: Masters, John - Casanova
032885: Masterson, James F. - Countertransference and Psychotherapeutic Technique; Teaching Seminars on Psychotherapy of the Borderline Adult
015886: Masur, Louis P. - ... The Real War Will Never Get in the Books"; Selections from Writers During the CIVIL War
042851: Matanic, Atanazije - Francesco D'Assisi; Fattori Causali Della Su Spiritualità
039667: Mateljan, George - Cooking without Fat
035168: Mathan, Gerda Straus - Valentina's Uncle; Portrait of an Old Man
043606: International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin 1998 - Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin 1998, August 18-27
003481: International Congress of Mathematicians, 1954 - Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, 1954
023779: Mather, F. Isabel - Our Ancestors
019107: Mather, Edward - Nathaniel Hawthorne, a Modest Man
018769: Seidl, Mathes and Hans Steinbeck - Schweizer Komponisten Unserer Zeit; Biographien, Werkverzeichnisse Mit Diskographie Und Bibliographie. Compositeurs Suisses de Notre Temps; Biographie, Catalogues D'Oeuvres Avec Discographie Et Bibliographie
046093: Matheson, Sylvia A. - Persia: An Archaeological Guide
045338: Matheson, Lister M. - The Prose Brut: The Development of a Middle English Chronicle
030631: Matheson, Rebecca Jumper - The Sunbonnet; an American Icon in Texas
029177: Matheson, Sylvia A. - Persien; Ein Archäologischer Führer
028937: Mathew, David - The Celtic Peoples and Renaissance Europe; a Study of Th Eceltic and Spanish Influences on Elizabethan History
050329: Mathews, Nancy Mowll - The Art of Leisure; Maurice Prendergast in the Williams College Muesum of Art
030215: Mathewson, Rufus W., Jr. - The Positive Hero in Russian Literature
004158: Mathewson, Rufus W., Jr. - The Positive Hero in Russian Literature
028472: Mathias, Frank Furlong - Albert D. Kirwan
009149: Mathiesen, Thomas - The Defences of the Weak; a Scoiological Study of a Norwegian Correctional Institution
038444: Mathieson, Elizabeth L. - The Complete Book of Crochet
042181: Mathiot, Madeleine - An Approach to the Cognitive Study of Language
029817: Mathy, Jean-Philippe - Extrême Occident; French Intellectuals and America
039392: La Matina, Marcello - IL Problema Del Significante; Testi Greci Fra Semiotica E Filosofia Del Linguaggio
049979: Matisoff, James A. - The Sino-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus
049374: Matisoff, James A. - The Grammar of Lahu
015889: Matloff, Maurice - American Wars and Heroes, Revolutionary War Through Vietnam
015888: Matloff, Maurice - American Military History
040891: Matson, Wallace I. - The Existence of God
045091: Matsuda, Matt K. - The Memory of the Modern
023522: Mattar, Philip, Ed - Encyclopedia of the Palestinians
031841: Mattei, Jean-François - Pythagore Et Les Pythagoriciens
023409: Matteo, Henry S. - Denationalization V. "the Right to Have Rights"; the Standard of Intent in Citizenship Loss
011272: Matteucig, Giacinto - Poggio Buco, the Necropolis of Statonia
041237: Matthaei, Adelbert - Deutsche Baukunst IM Mittelalter
023406: Matthes, François E. - Sequoia National Park; a Geological Album
038365: Matthew, Annu Palakunnathu - Annu Palakunnathu Matthew; Bollywood Cowboys and Indians from India
001776: Matthews, William - Charles II's Escape from Worcester; a Collection of Narratives Assembled by Samuel Papys
040302: Matthews, J. L., Et al., Eds - Particles and Nuclei; Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Particles and Nuclei, Massachusetts Institute of Techonology, Cambridge, Ma, June 25-29, 1990
036649: Matthews, William - British Autobiographies; an Annotated Bibliography of British Autobiographies Published or Written Before 1951
036612: Matthews, William - American Diaries; an Annotated Bibliography of American Diaries Written Prior to the Year 1861
034698: Matthews, W. K. - The Structure and Development of Russian
029524: Matthews, John - Gawain: Night of the Goddess; Restoring an Archetype
021936: Matthews, P. H. - Morphology; an Introduction to the Theory of Word-Structure
019571: Matthews, Honor - Charact & Symbol in Shakespeare's Plays; a Study of Certain Christian and Pre-Christian Elements in Their Structure and Imagery
018673: Matthews, David - Michael Tippett; an Introductory Study
018125: Matthews, Gwynneth - Plato's Epistemology and Related Logical Problems
015604: Matthews, T. S. - Great Tom; Notes Towards the Definition of T.S. Eliot
009008: Matthews, William - British Diaries; an Annotated Bibliography of British Diaries Written between 1442 and 1942
007659: Matthews, Glenna - Just a Housewife"; the Rise and Fall of Domesticity in Amerida
043332: Korn, Matthias and Hans Jürgen Tschiedel, Eds - Ratis Omnia Vincet. Untersuchungen Zu Den Argonautica Des Valerius Flaccus
031289: Matthiessen, Peter - East of Lo Monthang in the Land of Mustang
028397: Matthiessen, Peter - Sand Rivers
003006: Mattingly, Harold - Christianity in the Roman Empire; Six Lectures
049943: Mattison, Chris - The New Encyclopedia of Snakes
012016: Mattison, Karl - Det Sydsvenska Halmtaket
011273: Matton, Raymond - La Crète Antique
051397: Mattson, Kevin - We'Re Not Here to Entertain; Punk Rock,Ronald Reagan, and the Real Culture War of 1980s America
031081: Phillips-Matz, Mary Jane - Leonard Warren, American Baritone
017103: Matz, Mary Jane - Opera; Grand and Not So Grand
010628: Matzner, Egon - Trade between East and West; the Case of Austria
048604: Mau, August - Pompeji in Leben Und Kunst
013969: Mauchaussat, Gaston - L'Idélisme de Lachelier
036445: Mauclair, Camille - Schumann; Biographie Critique
024799: Mauduit, Roger - Auguste Comte Et la Science économique
018126: Mauduit, Roger - Auguste Comte Et la Science économique
033362: Maulucci, Francesco Paolo - The National Archaeological Museum of Naples
038403: Maupassant, Guy De - Europa Edition Günter Koch Legt Vor: Guy de Maupassant: La Maison Tellier. Eine Erzählung. Mit 16 Reproduktionen Nach Lithographien Von Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
027007: Maupin, Armistead - Back to Barbary Lane; the Final Tales of the City Omnibus
048533: Fries, Maureen and Neanie Watson, Eds - Approaches to Teaching the Arthurian Tradition
047345: Maurer, Hans-Martin - Die Landesherrliche Burg in Wirtemberg IM 15. Und 16. Jahrhundert; Studien Zu Den Landesherrlich-Eigenen Burgen, Schlössern Und Festungen
042463: Maurer, Friedrich - Nordgermanen Und Alemannen; Studien Zur Germanischen Und Frühdeutschen Sprachgeschichte, Stammes- Und Volkskunde
041103: Maurer, Friedrich - Beiträge Zur Sprache Oswalds Von Wolkenstein
039526: Maurer, Friedrich - Untersuchungen über Die Deutsche Verbstellung in Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwicklung
039464: Maurer, Arnold E. - Carlo Goldoni; Seine Komödien Und Ihre Verbreitung IM Deutschen Sprachraum Des 18. Jahrhunderts
029525: Maurer, Friedrich - Die "Pseudoreimare"; Fragen Der Echtheit, Der Chronologie Und Des "Zyklus" IM Liedercorpus Reinmars Des Alten
027830: Maurer, Christian F. - Entscheidungsschlachten Der Weltgeschichte
019126: Mauriac, François - Mémoires Politiques
015890: Mauriac, Claude - The Other de Gaulle; Diaries 1944-1954
048200: Berry, Maurice and Michel Fleury - L'Enceinte Et le Louvre de Philippe Auguste
1011: (Maurice, Frederick Denison). Brose, Olive J. - Frederick Denison Maurice, Rebellious Conformist
039587: Gross, Maurice and André Lentin - Introduction to Formal Grammars
028671: Beresford, Maurice and John Hurst - Wharram Percy, Deserted Medieval Village
028260: Maurice, Frederick Denison - The Kingdom of Christ or Hints to a Quaker Respecting the Principles, Constitution and Ordinances of the Catholic Church
005512: Solaun, Mauricio and Michael A. Quinn - Sinners and Heretics; the Politics of Military Intervention in Latin America
045861: Maurier, Henri - Essai D'Une Théologie Du Paganisme
037851: Du Maurier, George - The Young George Du Maurier; a Selection of His Letters 1860-67
037494: Du Maurier, George - The Young George Du Maurie; a Selection of His Letters, 1860-67
037947: Mauriès, Patrick - Christian Lacroix; the Diary of a Collection
018979: Mauriès, Patrick - Les Gays Savoirs
026309: Forte, Maurizio and Alberto Siliotti - Virtual Archaeology; Re-Creating Ancient Worlds
049211: Perani, Mauro and Saverio Campanini - I Frammenti Ebraici Di Bologna; Archivio de Stato E Collezioini Minori
042009: De Mauro, Tullio - Storia Linguistica Dell'Italia Unita
049210: Perani, Mauro and Saverio Campanini - I Frammenti Ebraici Di Modena; Archivio Storico Comunale
027992: Maurois, Andre - Disraeli; a Picture of the Victorian Age
011771: Maurois, Andre - The Life of Sir Alexander Fleming, Discoverer of Penicillin
023671: Mauroni, Al - Chemical and Biological Warfare; a Reference Handbook
048744: Maurras, Charles - De la Colère à la Justice; Rèflexions Sur Un Dèastre
020105: Maurras, Charles - Les Princes Des Nuées
016486: Maurras, Charles - Les Princes Des Nuées
050551: Mauss, Maracel - Sociologie Et Anthropologie
018128: Mauthner, Fritz - Der Atheismus Und Seine Geschichte IM Abendlande
041866: Mawdsley, Dean L. - Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II; a Bibliography
035927: Blagg, Max and Ken Tisa - Nine Years in a Windtunnel, Being Pages from the Hotel Firbank Archive (Including Songs from the Asylum)
018610: Johnes, Max and John Chilton - Louis; the Louis Armstrong Story, 1900-1971
010989: Beloff, Max and Gillian Peele - The Government of the Uk; Political Authority in a Changing Society
051989: Maximus, of Turin - Maximi Episcopi Taurinensis Collectionem Sermonum Antiquam Nonnullis Sermonibus Extravagantibus Adiectis
032585: Maxwell, Baldlwin - Studies in Beaumont, Fletcher, and Masinger
015071: Maxwell, D. E. S. - American Fiction; the Intellectual Background
011489: Maxwell, Donald - Unknown Surrey; Being a Series of Unmethodical Explorations of the County Illustrated in Line and Colour by the Author
011488: Maxwell, Donald - Unknown Sussex; Begin a Series of Unmethodical Explorations of the County Illustrated in Line and Colour by the Author
042562: Le May, Reginald - The Coinage of Siam
038694: May, Herbert G., Ed - Oxford Bible Atlas
029970: May, Henry F. - The Enlightenment in America
022054: May, Florence Lewis - Hispanic Lace and Lace Making
015891: May, Antoinette - Witness to War; a Biography of Marguerite Higgins
012901: May, Gita - Madame Roland and the Age of Revolution
012859: May, Jacques M. - The Ecology of Malnutrition in Middle Africa (Ghana, Nigeria Republic of the Congo, Rwanda Burundi, and the Former French Equatorial Africa
009354: May, Antoinette - Passionate Pilgrim; the Extraordinary Life of Alma Reed
007949: May, Charles Paul - The Early Indians; Their Natural and Imaginary Worlds
007660: May, Ernest R. - The World War and American Isolation, 1914-1917
005144: May, Arthur J. - The Hapsburg Monarchy, 1867-1914
028400: Maybon, Albert - Le Théatre Japonaise
041751: Mayer, L. A. - Saracenic Heraldry
037634: Mayer, Tony - La Vie Anglaise
034209: Mayer, Henry - All on Fire; William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery
030872: Mayer, Martin - The Met; One Hundred Years of Grand Opera
016716: Mayer, Henry - All on Fire; William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery
016153: Mayer, S. L., Ed - Signal; Years of Retreat, 1943-44; Hitler's Wartime Picture Magazine
016152: Mayer, S. L., Ed - Signal; Hitler's Wartime Picture Magazine
012906: Mayer, Hans - Georg Büchner Und Seine Zeit
050748: Brown, Howard Mayer and Stanley Sadie, Eds - Performance Priacticep Music After 1600
009667: Mayer, Robert R. - Social Planning and Social Change
009363: Mayer, Alfred - The Annals of European Civilization, 1501-1900
007661: Mayer, George H. - The Republican Party, 1854-1966
031798: Mayers, Florence Cassen - ABC; the Alef-Bet Book; the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
024591: Mayers, David - George Kennan and the Dilemmas of Us Foreign Policy
007591: Mayers, David - George Kennan and the Dilemmas of Us Foreign Policy
021938: Mayerthaler, Eva - Unbetonter Vokalismus Und Silbenstruktur IM Romanischen; Beiträge Zu Einer Dynamischen ProzeßTypologie
045339: Mayes, David - Communal Christianity; the Life and Loss of a Peasant Vision in Early Modern Germany
019109: Mayfield, Sara - The Constant Circle; H.L. Mencken and His Friends
050176: Mayhew, Henry - Mayhew's Characters
011490: Mayhew, Henry - Mayhew's London; Being Selections from "London Labour and the London Poor" by Henry Mayhew
007665: Mayhew, Ira - Reports of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Michigan, for the Years 1855, '56, and '57, with Accompanying Documents
034904: Maynard, Frank - Cowboy's Lament; a Life on the Open Range
023052: Maynard, Eileen A. - Patterns of Community Service Development in Selected Communities of the Mantaro Valley, Peru
006093: Mayne, Ethel Colburn - A Regency Chapter; Lady Bessborough and Her Friedships
036116: Mayo, Diane - Murder at Bean & Beluga
026531: Mayo, Margaret Ellen - Ancient Art
041887: Mayor, Jean-Claude - Le Jet D'Eau de Genève; Un Centenaire Qui a Du Panache
035012: Mayor, A. Hyatt - The Bibiena Family
027540: Mayor, A. Hyatt - Prints & People; a Social History of Printed Pictures
047998: Mayr, Melchior - Wilhelm Und Rosina; Ein Ländliches Gedicht
040953: Mayr, Ernst - This Is Biology; the Science of the Living World
050231: Mayrhofer, Manfred - Iranisches Personennamenbuch. Band I: Die Altiranischen Namen
052025: Mazelier, Roger - Chronogrammes Et Cabale Chez Les Troubadours Et L'Archiprêtre de Hita
025621: Mazlish, Bruce - James and John Stuart MILL; Father and Son in the Nineteenth Century
050150: Mazlish, Bruce - The Leader, the Led, and the Psyche; Essays in Psychohistory
015293: Mazlish, Bruce - The Revolutionary Ascetic; Evolution of a Political Type
022304: Mazour, Anatole G. - Modern Russian Historiography
021627: Mazour, Anatole G. - An Outline of Modern Russian Historiography
044074: Frappier-Mazur, Lucienne - L'Expression Métaphorique Dans la Comédie Humaine; Domaine Social Et Physiologique
043090: Mazzacurati, Giancarlo - L'Albero Dell'Eden; Dante Tra Mito E Storia
041894: Mazzaferro, Luciano - Elezioni Politiche in Una Zona Di Riforma E Di Emigrazione
041893: Mazzaferro, Luciano - Geografia Elettorale Del Delta Padano; Risultati Elettorali E Conseguenze Politiche Della Riforma Agraria
043601: Mazzaro, Jerome - Transformations in the Renaissance English Lyric
023517: Mazzeo, Joseph Anthony - Renaissance and Seventeenth-Century Studies
003007: Mazzolani, Lidia Storoni - The Idea of the City in Roman Thought from Walled City to Spiritual Commonwealth
032572: Mazzoni, Guido - L'Ottocento
010198: McAdam, Roger Williams - Salts of the Sound; an Informal History of Steamborat Days and the Famous Skippers Who Sailed Long Island Sound
038435: McAdams, Dona Ann - The Garden of Eden
037681: McAdie, Mary R. B. - Alexander Mcadie, Scientist and Writer. A Volume Containing Fifty-Four Articles and Essays by Alexander Mcadie, Letters, a Short Memoir and Bibliography, and Lists of Books and Instruments
030796: McAlindon, T. - English Renaissance Tragedy
025214: McAlister, Linda - The Development of Franz Brentano's Ethics
049685: McAlmon, Robert - Being Geniuses Together 1920-1930
040798: McAlpine, D. - Bitter Pit Investigation. The Past History and Present Position of the Bitter Pit Question
037618: McArdle, Phil, Ed - Exactly Opposite the Golden Gate; Essays on Berkeley's History 1845-1945
037611: McArthur, Tom, Ed - The Oxford Companion to the English Language
018658: McArthur, Edwin - Flagstad; a Personal Memoir
009972: McArthur, Norma - Island Popluations of the Pacific
006391: McAvoy, Thomas T. - The Great Crisis in American Catholic History, 1895-1900
044952: McBride, Robert - Aspects of Seventeenth-Century French Drama and Thought
003828: McBride, James H. - Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire; an Essay
030800: McBrien, Richard P. - Lives of the Popes; the Pontiffs from St. Peter to John Paul II
036131: McBurney, Henrietta - Mark Catesby's Natural History of America; the Watercolors from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle
005616: McCanles, Michael - The Text of Sidney's Arcadian World
047048: McCann, Colum - Thirteen Ways of Looking; Fiction
050318: McCann, Graham - Cary Grant; a Class Apart
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017203: Minc, Alain - La Grande Illusion
045469: Mincheva, Angelina - Starbülgarski Kirilski Otküsletsi
044821: Minear, Erin - Reverberating Song in Shakespeare and Milton; Language, Memory, and Musical Representation
026247: Minelli, Alessandro, Ed - The Botanical Garden of Padua 1545-1955
038008: Miner, Earl, Ed - English Criticism in Japan; Essays by Younger Japanese Scholars on English and American Literature
012811: Miner, Horace - The Primitive City of Timbuctoo
009123: Miner, Earl, Ed - Stuart and Georgian Moments; Clark Library Seminar Papers on Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century English Literature
024168: Minerbi, Sergio I. - The Vatican and Zionism; Conflict in the Holy Land 1895-1925
015287: Mines, John Flavel - A Tour Around New York and My Summer Acre, Being the Recreations of Mr. Felix Oldby
002313: Tcheng-Ming, B. Tchang - Le Parallélisme Dans Les Vers Du Cheu King
040245: Yao Ming - Yao; a Life in Two Worlds
004300: Kao Ming - The Lute; Kao Ming's P'i-P'a Chi
036955: Mingay, G. E., Ed - The Victorian Country Side. Volume 2
036192: Mingay, Gordon - Mrs Hurst Dancing and Other Scenes from Regency Life 1812-1823
043140: Minguet, René - Géographie Industrielle de Paris
045658: Miniati, Mara - Museo Di Storia Della Scienza: Catalogo
037924: Minick, Bob - Hills of Home; the Rural Ozarks
035185: Minick, Roger - Hills of Home; the Rural Ozarks of Arkansas
024336: Minis, C. - Bibliographie Zu Den Altmittel- Und Altniederfränkischen Psalmen Und Glossen
024335: Mink, Louis O. - Mind, History, and Dialectic; the Philosophy of R.G. Collingwood
030759: Meyer-Minnemann, Klaus - Der Spanischamerikanische Roman Des Fin de Siècle
028548: University of Minnesota - The Crisis of Mankind; the Urgent Educational Tasks of the University in Our Time
017332: Minney, R. J. - The Tower of London
011498: Minney, R. J. - The Edwardian Age
001971: Minnis, Noel - Linguistics at Large; the Fourteen Linguistic Lectures Presented by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1969-70
048672: Minns, Ellis H. - Scythians and Greeks; a Survey of Ancient History and Archaeology on the North Coast of the Euxine from the Danube to the Caucasus
025532: Minott, Rodney G. - The Sinking of the Lollipop; Shirley Temple Vs. Pete Mccloskey
022506: Minsky, Marvin, Ed - Semantic Information Processing
028272: Mintz, Alan - Hurban; Responses to Catastrophe in Hebrew Literature
021287: Mintzberg, Henry - The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning; Reconceiving Roles for Planning, Plans, Planners
006698: Miquelon, Dale - Dugard of Rouen; French Trade to Canada and the West Indies, 1729-1770
019997: Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel De Riquetti, Comte De - The Secret History of the Court of Berlin
018141: Mirambel, André - Grammaire Du Grec Moderne
016852: Miramontes, Octavio - Consecuencias Para Mexico de Una Guerra Nuclear: La Precipitacion Radiactive
1111: Eliade, Mircea and Joseph M. Kitagawa - The History of Religions; Essays in Methodology. Edited by Mircea Eliade an D Joseph M. Kitagawa
051918: Chazan, Mireille and Nancy Freeman Regalado, Eds - Lettres, Musique Et Société En Lorraine Médiévale Autour Du Tournoi de Chauvency (Ms. Oxford Bodleaian Douce 308)
037789: Isasi, Mirim and Melcena Burns Denny - White Stars of Freedom; a Basque Shepehrd Boy Becomes an American
009256: Miroff, Bruce - Icons of Democracy; American Leaders As Heroes, Aristocrats, Dissenters, and Democrats
027869: Mirren, Helen - In the Frame; My Life in Words and Pictures
046711: Misch, Ludwig - Neue Beethoven-Studien Und Andere Themen
042568: Misch, Georg - Vom Lebens- Und Gedankenkreis Wilhelm Diltheys
017333: Misciattelli, Perio - Savonarola
007318: Mish, Charles C. - English Prose Fiction, 1600-1700; a Chronological Checklist
040048: Mishan, E. J. - The Costs of Economic Growth
006414: Miskotte, Kornelis Heiko - Wenn Die Götter Schweigen; Vom Sinn Des Alten Testaments

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