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037998: NORWAK, MARY, ET AL, - Cooking Into Europe..
038205: NORWAK, MARY, - The Farmhouse Kitchen..
028310: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS, ED., - The Italians; History, Art, and the Genius of a People..
029543: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS, - Shakespeare's Kings; the Great Plays and the History of England in the Middle Ages: 1337-1485..
034612: NORWOOD, GILBERT, - Greek Tragedy..
034783: NORWOOD, GILBERT, - Greek Comedy..
014890: VAN NOSTRAND, JEANNE, - A Pictorial and Narrative History of Monterey, Adobe Capital of California, 1770-1847..
033755: NOSWORTHY, J. M., - Shakespeare's Occasional Plays; Their Origin and Transmission..
006105: NOTESTEIN, WALLACE, - Four Worthies: John Chamberlain, Anne Clifford, John KTaylor, Oliver Heywood..
028521: NOTESTEIN, LUCY LILIAN, - Wooster of the Middle West..
028371: NOTH, M. AND D. WINTON THOMAS, EDS., - Wisdom in Israel and in the Ancient Near east Presented to Professor Harold Henry Rowley..
032268: NOTHDURFT, WILLIAM, - The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt..
024354: NOTOMI, NOBURU, - The Unity of Platos' Sophist; Between the Sophist and the Philosopher..
030903: NOTT, STANLEY CHARLES, - Chinese jade Throughout the Ages; a Review of Its Characteristics, Decoration, Folklore, and Symbolism..
018228: NOURRISSON, JEAN-FÉLIX, - Tableau Des Progrès De La Pensée humaine Depuis Thalès Jusqu'a Leibniz..
030685: NOVACEK, MICHAEL, - Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs..
005660: NOVAK, BOGDAN C., - Trieste, 1941-1954; the Ethnic, Political, and ideological Struggle..
014575: NOVAK, MAXIMILIAN E., ED., - English Literature in the Age of Disguise..
042445: CAMPANO NOVARESE, - Campanus of Novara and Medieval Planetary Theory: Theorica Planetarum..
034184: NOVICK, SHELDON M., - Henry James; the Young Master..
032241: NOVICK, PETER, - The Holocaust in American Life..
009204: NOVIK, MARY, - Robert Creeley; an Inventory, 1945-1970..
037039: NOVOSEL'SKII, A. A., ET AL., EDS, - Akty russkogo gosudarstva 1505-1526 gg...
036150: NOWELL-SMITH, SIMON, ED, - Edwardian England 1901-1914..
024355: NOWELL, ROBERT, - A Passion for Truth; Hans Küng and His Theology..
018397: NOWELL, CHARLES E., - The great Discoveries and the First Colonial Empires..
030178: NOWELL-SMITH, SIMON, - The Legend of the Master..
042723: NOWICKI, M., - Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1958-1961..
018696: NOWINSKI, IRA, - A season at Glyndebourne..
032599: NOYES, ROBERT GALE, - Ben Jonson on the English Stage 1660-1776..
001668: NOYES, ALEXANDER DANA, - Thirty Years of American Finance; a Short Financial History of the Governemtn and People of the United States Since the Civil War, 1865-1896..
003187: NOYES, ALFRED, - Voltaire..
012889: NOYES, C. REINOLD, - Economic Man in Relation to His Natural Environment..
006922: NOYES, ROBERT GALE, - Ben Jonson on the English Stage, 1660-1776..
1415: NOZICK, ROBERT., - Philosophical explanations...
042086: NOZICK, ROBERT, - Philosophical Explanations..
012298: NUGENT, VEDA AND MARRETT GREEN, - Sugar and Spice & Everything Irie; Savoring Jamaica's Flavors..
027091: NUN, JOSÉ, - Latin America: The hegemonic Crisis and the Military Coup..
023302: NUNBERG, GEOFFREY, - Going Nucular; Language, Politics, and Culture in Confrontational Times..
038924: NUNBERG, E, - Talking Right. How conservatives Turned liberalism Into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-loving, Left-wing Freak Show..
042994: NUNES, LEONARDO, - Crónica de Dom João de Castro..
028964: NUNES, JOSÉ JOAQUIM, - Florilégio da literataura portuguesa Arcaica..
021985: NUÑEZ, BENJAMIN, - Terminos topograficos en la Argentina colonial (1516-1810); analisis Lingüistico-Cultural..
042523: NUNIS, DOYCE B., JR. AND GLORIA RICCI LOTHROP, EDS, - A Guide to the history of California..
032705: NUNLEY, JOHN W. AND CARA MCCARTY, - Masks; faces of Culture..
015256: NUSBAUMER, LOUIS, - Valley of Salt, Memories of Wine; a Journal of Death Vally, 1849..
015412: NUSSAC, SYLVIE DE, ET AL., - L'Année De l'opéra et De La Danse, 1978..
015413: NUSSAC, SYLVIE DE, ET AL., - L'Année De l'opéra et De la Danse, 1979..
017712: NUSSBAUM, MARTHA C., - The Therapy of Desire; Theory and Practice in Hellenistic Ethics..
035683: NUSSBAUM, DANIEL, - California PL8SPK; Vanity Plates Retell the Classics..
034309: NUSSBAUM, MARTHA C., - Hiding from Humanity; disgust, Shame, and the Law..
040276: NUSSBAUM, RONALD A., ET AL, - Amphibians and reptiles of the Pacific Northwest..
043297: NUSSEY, HELEN G, - London Gardens of the Past..
027599: NUTT, JOE, - An Introduction to Shakespeare's Late Plays..
006434: NUTTALL, GEOFFREY F. AND OWEN CHADWICK, - From Uniformity to Unity, 1662-1962..
027611: NUTTALL, A. D., - A New Mimesis; Shakespeare and the representation of Reality..
034066: NUTTALL, A. D., - Two concepts of Allegory; a study of Shakespeare's The Tempest and the Logic of allegorical Expression..
036856: NUTTALL, JEFF AND RODRICK CARMICHAEL, - Common factors/vulgar Factions..
021166: NUTTER, RALPH H., - With the Possum and the Eagle; the Memoir of a Navigator's War Over Germany and Japan..
043930: NUTTING, ANTHONY, - The Arabs; a Narrative history from Mohammed to the Present..
019257: NUTTING, H. C., - Cicero's Conditional Clauses of Comparison..
020764: NUTTING, ANTHONY, - Europe Will not Wait; a warning and a Way Out..
033780: NYE, RUSSEL B., - Fettered Freedom; Civil Liberties and the Slavery Controversy 1830-1860..
012830: NYE, JOSEPH S., JR., - Pan-Africanism and East Africa Integration..
003926: NYE, RUSSEL B., - Midwestern Progressive Politics; a historical Study of Its Origins and Development, 1870-1950..
005877: NYE, RUSSEL B., - William Lloyd Garrison and the humanitarian Reformers..
011898: NYE, MARY JO, - Science in the Provinces; Scientific Communities and Provincial Leadership in France, 1860-1930..
025225: NYGREN, ANDERS, - Commentary on Romans..
018229: NYHOLM, PAUL C., - A Study in Immigrant History; the Americanization of the Danish Lutheran Churches in America..
006601: NYROP, CAMILLUS, - `Bidrag til Den Danske Boghandels Historie..
006435: NYSTRÖM, SAMUEL, - Beduinetum Und Jahwismus; Eine Soziologisch-Religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung Zum Alten Testament..
037483: OAKES, JILL AND RICK RIEWE, - Our Boots; an Inuit Women's Art..
036975: OAKES, JILL AND RICK RIEWE, - Spirit of Siberia; Traditional Native Life, Clothing, and Footwear..
022475: OAKESHOTT, MICHAEL, - On History and Other Essays..
035684: OAKESHOTT, WALTER, - The Artists of the Winchester Bible..
037058: OAKLEY, KENNETH P, - Man the Tool-Maker..
037473: OAKLEY, GRAHAM, - Henry's Quest..
028957: OAKLEY, FRANCIS, - The Western Church in the Later Middle Ages..
037032: OAKLEY, JOHN BILYEU, - Law Clerks and the Judicial Process; Perception of the Qualities and Functions of Law Clerks in American Courts..
037469: OAKLEY, GRAHAM, - The Church Mouse..
034567: OAKLEY, FRANCIS, - The medieval Experience..
038564: OATES, JOYCE CAROL, - Small Avalanches and other Stories..
034199: OATES, STEPHEN B., - With malice Toward None; the life of Abraham Lincoln..
1417: (ARISTOTELES). OATES, WHITNEY J., - Aristotle and the problem of value...
023881: OATES, WHITNEY J., - Plato's View of Art..
004903: OATES, STEPHEN B., - William Faulkner; the Man and the Artisit. A Biography..
007101: OATES, STEPHEN B., - A Woman of Valor; Clara Barton and the Civil War..
038721: OATES, JOYCE CAROL, - Faithless; Tales of Transgression..
038722: OATES, JOYCE CAROL, - American Appetites..
037076: OBAMA, BARACK, - Dreams from My Father; a Story of race and Inheritance..
002843: OBERHAMMER, GERHARD, - Yamunamunis Interpretation von Brahmasutram 2,2,42-45; eine Untersuchung zur Pancaratra-Tradition der Ramanuja-Schule..
043928: OBERMAN, HEIKO A, - Die Reformation von Wittenberg nach Genf..
010638: OBERMANN, KARL, ED., - Probleme Der Ökonomie Und Politik in Den Beziehungen Zwischen Ost- Und Westeuropa Vom 17. Jahrhundert Bis Zur Gegenwart..
020460: OBERSTE, J., - Die Dokumente der klösterlichen Visitationen..
035530: OBERT, KARL, - This is California..
025840: OBERT, GENEVIEVE, - Prince Borghese's Trail; 10,000 Miles over Two Continents, Four Deserts, and the Roof of the World in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge..
008984: OBEYESEKERE, GANANATH, - The Apotheosis of Captain Cook; European Mythmaking in the Pacific..
039929: OBRAZTSOV, SERGEI, - My Profession..
006980: OCCLESHAW, MICHAEL, - Armour Against Fate; British Military Intelligence in the First World War..
001855: OCHS, GÜNTER, - Studien Zur Entwicklung Des Öffentlichen Musiklebens in Mülheim A.d. Ruhr..
033011: OCKENGA, STARR, - Eden on Their minds; American gardeners with Bold Visions..
013681: OCTAVE, JEAN-FRANÇOIS, - Jean-François Octave: Greatest Hits (2)...
014356: ODAKANE, TARO, - Tessai, Master of the Literati Style..
011901: ODDO, VICENTE, - Primeros medicos de aa ciudad de Santiago del Estero, siglo XVI..
027585: ODELL, GEORGE C. D., - Shakespeare from Betterton to Irving..
034099: ODELL, GEORGE C. D., - Shakespeare from Betterton to Irving..
038619: ODETS, WALT, - In the Shadow of the Epidemic; Being HIV-negative in the Age of AIDS..
042143: ODISHAW, HUGH, ED, - The Challenges of Space..
028290: OE, KENZABURO, - An Echo of Heaven..
041501: OEDIGER, FRIEDRICH WILHELM, - Über die Bildung der Geistlichen im späten Mittelalter..
011902: OEHSER, PAUL H., - Sons of Science; the Story of the Smithsonian Institution and Its Leaders..
011903: OEHSER, PAUL H., - The Smithsonian Institution..
025809: OENSLAGER, DONALD, - Four Centuries of Scenic Invention. Drawsings from the Collection of Donald Oenslager..
021361: OERTEL VON HORN, WILHELM, - Von den zwei Savoyarden-Büblein. Eine Geschichte, der Jugend und dem Volke Erzählt..
023649: OERTZEN, PETER VON, ED., - Festschrift für Otto Brenner zum 60. Geburtstag..
024980: OESTERLEY, W. O. E., - An Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha..
018697: OFFENBACH, JACQUES, - Orpheus in America; Offenbach's Diary of His Journey to the New World..
031060: OFFENBACH, JACQUES, - La Vie parisienne; Operetta. Vocal Score..
031053: OFFENBACH, JACQUES, - Le grande Duchess de Gérolstein; operetta. Vocal Score..
031047: OFFENBACH, JACQUES, - Les Contes d'Hoffman. The Tale of Hoffman..
031014: OFFENBACH, JACQUES, - La boite au lait; the Milk-box. Opérette-bouffe en quatre actes. Vocal Score..
033151: OFFENBACH, JACQUES, - Pierrette et Jacquot. Opérette-bouffe en un acte. Vocal Score..
036068: OFFENBACH, JACQUES, - Dragonette. Opérette-bouffe en un acte. Vocal Score..
012770: GREAT BRITAIN. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE, - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Treaties at the Public Record Office..
710: OFFNER, RICHARD., - Italian primitives at Yale University: comments & revisions...
039790: OFFUTT, CHRIS, - The same River Twice; a Memoir..
006438: OFSTAD, HARALD, - An Inquiry Into the Freedom of Decision..
005468: OGBORN, MAURICE EDWARD, - Equitable Assuracnes; the Story of life Assuracne in the Experience of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, 1762-1962..
027618: OGBURN, CHARLTON, - The Mysterious William Shakespeare; the myth and the Reality..
024313: OGDEN, CHRISTOPHER, - Legacy; a Biography of Moses and Walter Annenberg..
038053: OGDEN, DUNBAR H, - Performance Dynamics and the Amsterdam Werkteater..
036493: OGENOVA-MARINOVA, LJUBA, - Statuettes en bronze du Musée National Archéologique a Sofia (statuettes de culte)..
031867: OGILVIE, R. M., - Latin and Greek; a history of the Influence of the Classics on English life from 1600 to 1918..
034327: OGUZTÖRELI, M. NAMIK, - Time-lag Control Systems..
040681: OHLIG, KARL-HEINZ, - Die theologische Begründung des neutestametnlichen Kanons in der alten Kirche..
010640: ÖHLINGER, THEO, ET AL., - Institutionelle Aspekte Der Österreichischen Integrationspolitik..
044045: OHLY, FRIEDRICH, - Schriften zur mittelalterlichen Bedeutungsforschung..
014857: OHMAE, KENICHI, - Beyond National Borders; Reflections on Japan and the World..
021986: OHNESORG, KAREL, - Druha foneticka Studie o Detske Reci..
032937: OHNUKI-TIERNEY, EMIKO, - The monkey as Mirror; Symbolic transformations in Japanese history and Ritual..
023282: OJHA, ISHWER C., - Chinese Foreign Policy in an age of Transition: The Diplomacy of cultural Despair..
032377: OKADA, BARBRA TERI, - A sprinkling of Gold; the Lacquer Box Collection of Elaine Ehrenkranz..
032396: OKAKURA, KAKUZO, - The Book of Tea..
005346: OKAMOTO, SHUMPEI, - The Japanese Oligarchy and the Russo-Japanese War..
016807: OKEY, ROBIN, - The Habsburg Monarchy, from Enlightenment to Eclipse..
012535: OKIHIRO, GARY Y, - Cane Fires; the anti-Japanese Movement in Hawaii, 1865-1945..
037000: OKITA, SABURO, - The Development Economies and Japan; Lessons in Growth..
043607: OKKONEN, ONNI AND JAAKKO PUOKKA, - Suomen taidegrafiikka; finsk grafik; Graphic Art in Finland..
032417: OKLADNIKOV, ALEXEI, - Art of the Amur; Ancient Art of the Russian Far East..
036028: OKRENT, DANIEL, - The way we Were; New England then, New ENgland Now..
029558: OKSAAR, ELS, - Mittelhochdeutsch: Texte, Kommentare, Sprachkunde, Wörterbuch..
009745: OKSAAR, ELS, - Semantische Studien Im Sinnberiech Der Schnelligkeit; Plötzlich, Schnell Und Ihre Synonymik Im Deutsch Der Gegenwart Und Des Früh-, Hoch- Und Spätmittelalters..
005006: OKSENBERG, MICHAEL, ED., - China's developmental Experience..
032388: OKUDAIRA, HIDEO, - Emaki; Japanese Picture Scrolls..
022496: OKUN, ARTHUR M., - Prices and Quantities: a MacRoeconomic Analysis..
022824: OKUN, ARTHUR M., - The political Economy of Prosperity..
039284: OKUN, ARTHUR M., - Equality and Efficiency; the Big Tradeoff..
039019: OLAFSON, FREDERICK A, - The Dialectic of Action; a Philosophical Interpretation of history and the Humanities..
037087: OLAUSEN, JUDY, - Mother. Photographs By Judy Olausen..
036237: OLD, TOBY, - Toby Old: Waterlog, the beach Series..
030403: OLDENBURG, CLAES AND COOSJE VAN BRUGGEN, - Inverted Collar and Tie..
040994: OLDER, FREMONT, - My own Story..
015970: OLDFIELD, BARNEY, - Never a Shot in Anger..
015971: OLDFIELD, BARNEY, - Operation Narcissus..
023067: OLDMAN, OLIVER, ET AL., - Financing urban Development in Mexico City..
024361: OLDRINI, GUIDO, - Hegel e l'hegelismo nella Francia dell'Ottocento..
036167: OLESEN, ASTA, - Afghan Craftsmen; the Cultures of Three Itinerant Communities..
024320: OLIN, JOHN C., ET AL., EDS, - Luther, Erasmus and the Reformation; a Catholic-Protestant Reappraisal..
033986: OLIPHANT, E. H. C., - The Plays of Beaumont and Fletcher: An Attempt to determine Their Respective shares and the Shares of Others..
041833: OLIVARES, JULIAN, - Cuentos hispanos de los Estados Unidos..
018417: OLIVEIRA LIMA, MANUEL DE, - Formacion historica De La Nacionalidad Brasileña..
042192: OLIVEIRA MARQUES, A. H. DE, - A 1.a República Portuguesa (alguns aspectos estruturais)..
034078: OLIVER, H. J., - The Problem of John Ford..
036314: OLIVER, SANDRA L, - Saltwater Foodways; New Englanders and Their Food, at Sea and Ashore, in the nineteenth Century..
016879: OLIVER, ROBERT T., - Verdict in Korea..
018700: OLIVER, PAUL, ET AL., - The New Grove Gospel, blues and Jazz; with spirituals and Ragtime..
012831: OLIVER, ROLAND AND J. D. FAGE, - A Short History of Africa..
023882: OLIVER, JAMES H., - The civic tradition and Roman Athens..
010768: OLIVER, W. H., - The Story of New Zealand..
011302: OLIVER, JAMES H., - Demokratia, the Gods, and the Free World..
011915: OLIVER, WADE W., - The Man Who Lived for Tomorrow; a Biography of William Hallock Park, M.D...
019470: OLIVER, SMITH HEMPSTONE, - Catalog of the Cycle Collection of the Division of Engineering, United States National Museum..
002619: OLIVER, E. J., - Gibbon and Rome..
038209: OLIVER, RAYMOND, - Gastronomy of France..
043033: OLIVER, BASIL, - Old Houses and Village Buildings in East Anglia: Norfolk, Suffolk, & Essex..
042960: OLIVIER, JEAN-PIERRE, - The Mycenae Tablets IV: a Revised Translieration..
011520: OLLARD, RICHARD, - Clarendon and His Friends..
032123: OLLEY, MICHELLE, - Love, Lust, Desire; Masterpieces of Erotic Photography for Couples..
035835: OLMSTED, R. R., ED, - Scenes of Wonder and curiostiy from Hutchings' California Magazine, 1856-1861..
015972: OLMSTED, GIDEON, - The Journal of Gideon Olmsted; Adventures of a Sea Captain During the American Revolution. A Facsimile...
013501: OLNEY, CLARKE, - Benjamin Robert Haydon, Historical Painter..
041647: OLNEY, RICHARD, - Ten Vineyard Lunches..
029559: OLSCHKI, LEONARDO, - The Grail Castle and Its Mysteries..
044040: OLSEN, MAGNUS, - Stedsnavn og gudeminner i Land..
015973: OLSEN, JACK, - Silence on Monte Sole..
043917: OLSON, PAUL A, - The Canterbury Tales and the Good Society..
023798: OLSON, DAVID R., ED., - Media and Symbols: The Forms of Expression, Communication, and Education..
020174: OLSON, BARBARA, - The final Days; the Last, desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House..
010397: OLSON, KENNETH E., - The History Makers; the Press of Europe from Its Beginnings Through 1965..
008161: OLSSON, JAN OLOF, - Den Okände Soldaten, 1914-1918..
035973: OLWELL, CAROL, - A Gift to the Street..
008453: OLYESHA, YURI, - Love and Other Stories..
037995: OMAN, CHARLES C. AND JEAN HAMILTON, - Wallpapers; an International History and Illustrated Survey from the Victoria and Albert Museum..
013718: OMER, MORDECHAI, - Universo y Magia De Joan Ponç..
004985: OMMANNEY, F. D., - Fragrant Harbour; a Private View of Hong Kong..
008218: OMMANNEY, F. D., - Lost Leviathan..
026930: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL, - Anil's Ghost..
044119: ONESTI, NICOLETTA FRANCOVICH, - Vestigia longobarde in Italia (568-774); lessico e Antroponimia..
013096: ONIANS, JOHN, - Bearers of Meaning; the Classical Orders in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance..
027444: ONIONS, C. T., - A Shakespeare Glossary..
018701: ONNEN, FRANK, - Stravinsky..
011301: ÖNNERFORS, ALF, - Vaterporträts in Der Römischen Poesie Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung Von Horaz, Statius Und Ausonius..
021488: ONOFRI, GIANFRANCO, - Opere della bibliografia bolognese edite Dal 1889 al 1992 che si conservano nella Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio di Bologna..
029247: ONUF, PETER S., ED., - Jeffersonian Legacies..
035450: OPIE, IONA, ET AL, - The Treasures of Childhood: Books, Toys, and Games from the Opie Collection..
035422: OPIE, ROBERT, - The art of the Label; Designs of the Times..
035834: OPIE, IONA AND PETER OPIE, EDS, - The Oxford Dicitonary of Nursery Rhymes..
035667: OPIE, IONA AND PETER OPIE, EDS, - The Oxford Book of Children's Verse..
001978: OPIE, IONA AND PETER OPIE, - The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren..
043740: OPITZ, MARTIN, - Buch von der deutschen Poeterey (1624)..
001745: OPLINGER, JON, - Wise Rockshelter, a Multicomponent Site in Jackson Country, Ohio..
026778: OPOLOVNIKOV, ALEXANDER AND YELENA OPOLOVNIKOVA, - The Wooden Architecture of Russia; Houses, Fortification, Churches..
013748: OPPÉ, A. P., - Raphael..
024362: OPPEL, HORST, - Die Suche Nach Gott in Der Amerikanischen Literatur Der Gegenwart..
027477: OPPENHEIM, JAMES, - The Mystic Warrior..
029363: OPPENHEIMER, HELEN, - Lorca; the Drawings. Their Relation to the Poet's Life and Work..
032835: OPPENHEIMER, TODD, - The Flickering Mind; the False Promise of Technology in the Classroom and How Learning Can be Saved..
036259: OPTON, SUZANNE, - Suzanne Opton: Soldier..
011264: L'ORANGE, H. P., - Art Forms and Civic Life in the Late Roman Empire..
031827: L'ORANGE, H. P., - Art Forms and Civic Life in the Late Roman Empire..
020709: ORCUTT, WILLIAM DANA, - Mary Baker Eddy and her Books..
040607: ORDISH, GEORGE, - Vineyards in England and Wales..
033745: ORDISH, T. FAIRMAN, - Shakespeare's London; a Study of London in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth..
022686: OREN, NISSAN, - Bulgarian Communism; the Road to Power, 1934-1944..
034339: OREN, MICHAEL B., - Six Days of War; June 1967 and the making of the Modern Middle East..
041791: OREN, DAN A, - Joining the Club; a History of Jews and Yale..
033921: OREN, MICHAEL B., - Power, Faith, and Fantasy; America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present..
040207: ORFEI, RUGGERO, - L'Occupazione Del Potere. I Democristiani '45-'75..
010571: AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS, - American Guild of Organists, United States and Canada. Examination for Fellowship..
021738: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, - Cancer Incidence in Five Continents. Volume III, 1976..
042507: ORGEL, STEPHEN, - The Jonsonian Masque..
032549: ORGEL, STEPHEN, - The Jonsonian Masque..
042457: ORGEL, STEPHEN, - The Illusion of Power; Political Theater in the English Renaissance..
041824: SOCIÉTÉ DE LA GRAVURE SUR BOIS ORIGINALE, - Troisième Exposition organisée par la Société de la Gravure sur Bois Originale; Paris, 8 November-23 Décembre 1928..
021193: ORIJI, JOHN NWACHIMEREZE, - Ngwa History; a Study of social and Economic Changes in Igbo Mini-States in Time Perspective..
011522: ORLANS, HAROLD, - Utopia Ltd; the Story of the English new Town of Stevenage..
013121: ORLEANS, LEO A., - Professional Manpower and Education in Communist China..
028270: ORLÉANS, CHARLOTTE-ELISABETH, DUCHESSE D', - A Woman's life in the Court of the Sun King; Letters of Liselotte von Der Pfalz, 1652-1722..
014727: ORLEANS, LEO A., - Every Fifth Child; the Population of China..
026614: ORLINSKY, HARRY M., - Ancient Israel..
007881: VAN ORMAN, RICHARD A., - A Room for the Night; Hotels of the Old West..
033365: ORMESSON, WLADIMIR, COMTE DE, - De Vous a Moi.....
033062: ORMESSON, WLADIMIR, COMTE DE, - De Saint-Pétersbourg à Rome..
038039: ORMOND, LEONÉE, - George du Maurier..
029217: ORMROD, W. M., ED., - England in the thirteenth Century; Proceedings of the 1984 Harlaxton Symposium..
014706: ORMSBEE, THOMAS HAMILTON, - The Story of American Furniture..
014710: ORMSBEE, THOMAS H., - Early American Furniture Makers; a Social and Biographical Study..
026754: ORNIG, JOSEPH R., - My Last Chance to be a Boy; Theodore Roosevelt's South American Expedition of 1913-1914..
022581: ORNSTEIN, ROBERT AND PAUL EHRLICH, - New World, New Mind; Moving Toward Conscious Evolution..
032501: ORNSTEIN, ROBERT, - A kingdom for a Stage; the Achievement of Shakespeare's History Plays..
013122: ORR, BOYD AND PETER TOWNSEND, - What's Happening in China?..
036110: ORR-CAHALL, CHRISTINA, - Gordon Cook; a Retrospective..
025572: ORR, LYNN FEDERLE, ET AL., - Monet; Late paintings of Giverny from the Musée Marmottan..
011610: ORR, WILLIE, - Deer Forests, Landlords and Crofters; the Western Highlands in Victorian and Edwardian Times..
030717: ORR, ROBERT T. AND MARGARET C. ORR, - Wildflowers of Western America..
030877: ORRELL, JOHN, - The Human Stage; English Theatre Design, 1567-1460..
033680: ORRELL, JOHN, - The theatres of Inigo Jones and John WEbb..
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014013: PERRY, RALPH BARTON, - Present Philosophical Tendencies; a Critical Survey of Naturalism, Idelaism, Pragmatism and Realism, Together with a Synopsis of the Philosophy of Williwm James..
014014: PERRY, RALPH BARTON, - The Thought and Character of William James..
041752: PERRY, MARGARET, - Silence to the Drums; a Survey of the Literature of the Harlem Renaissance..
032070: PERRY, THERESA, ET AL., - Young, Gifted, and Black; Promoting High Achievement Among African-American Students..
037820: PERRY, P. J, - A Geography of 19th-Century Britain..
036184: PERSICO, JOSEPH E, - Casey from the OSS to the CIA..
011314: PERSIUS FLACCUS, AULUS, - Satirae Ad Codices Parisinos Recensitae..
011315: PERSIUS FLACCUS, AULUS, - Saturarum Liber Accedit Vita..
031882: PERSIUS FLACCUS, AULUS, - A. Persi Flacci et D. Iuni Iuvenalis Saturae..
008362: PERSON, JAMES E., JR., - Russell Kirk; a Critical Biography of a Conservative Mind..
019924: DEUTSCHE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR PERSONALWESEN, - Der Öffentliche Dienst in Den Vereinigten Staaten Von Amerika; Ein Reisebericht..
016362: PERSONS, STOW, - The Decline of American Gentility..
016328: PERSONS, STOW, ED., - Evolutionary Thought in America..
034035: PERSSON, AXEL W., - Staat und Manufaktur im Römischen Reiche; eine wirtschaftsgeschichtliche Studie nebst einem Exkurse über angezogene Götterstatuen..
039779: PERTWEE, BILL, - Pertwee's promenades and Pierrots; One Hundred Years of Seaside Entertainment..
005501: PESCATELLO, ANN, ED., - Female and Male in Latin America; Essays..
006448: PESCE, MAURO, - Paolo e gli arconti a Corinto; storia della ricerca (1888-1975) ed esegesi di I Cor. 2,6.8...
043849: PESCE, DOLORES, ED, - Hearing the Motet; Essays on the Motet of the Middle Ages and Renaissance..
1445: PESCH, RUDOLF., - Das Markus-Evangelium. Herausgegeben von Rudolf Pesch...
021998: PESSONNEAUX, R. AND C. GAUTIER, - Quelle est L'origine, la formation, la signification des mots français? (Lexicologie française)..
040899: PESTELLI, GIORGIO, - Canti del destino; studi su Brahms..
009186: PETAS, FRANTISEK, - Das Jüngste Gericht; Mittelalterliches Mosaik Vom Prager Veitsdom..
018711: PETER, HILDEMARIE, - Die Blockflöte Und Ihre Spielweise in Vergangenheit Und Gegenwart..
026359: GREEN PETER, - Alexander to Actium; the historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age..
026624: PETER, F. E., - Jerusalem; the Holy City in the Eyes of Chroniclers, Visitors, Pilgrims, and prophets from the Days of Abraham to the Beginnings of Modern Times..
034542: PETERS, WERNER, - Untersuchungen zu Onasander..
032690: PETERS, MARGOT, - The House of Barrymore..
005609: PETERS, ARTHUR KING, - Jean Cocteau and André Gide; an abrasive Friendship..
010393: PETERS, ROBERT L., - The Crowns of Apollo; Swinburne's Principles of Literature and Art; a Study in Victorian criticism and Aesthetics..
012234: PETERS, ROBERT, - The Poet as Ice-Skater..
031884: PETERS, F. E., - Greek philosophical Terms; a Historical Lexicon..
006949: PETERS, MARGOT, - Mrs. Pat; the Life of Mrs. Patrick Campbell..
028327: PETERS, EUGENE H., - Hartshorne and Neoclassical Metaphysics..
028634: PETERS, CARL, - Afrikanische Köpfe; Charakterskizzen aus der neueren Geschichte Afrikas..
006467: PETERS, FRIEDRICH ERNST, - Blaise Pascal; Die Sternenbahn Eines Menschengeistes..
020894: PETERS, CATHERINE, - Thackeray's Universe; Shifting Worlds of imagination and Reality..
010382: PETERSEN, WILLIAM, - Planned Migration; the Social Determinants of the Dutch-Canadian Movement..
039533: PETERSEN, WALTER, - The Greek Diminutive Suffix -ISKO- -ISKE..
023620: PETERSON, WILLIAM H., - The Great Farm Problem..
014806: PETERSON, JOYCE E., - Curs'd Example; The Duchess of Malfi and Commonweal Tragedy..
012639: PETERSON, ROGER TORY, - Birds Over America..
029392: PETERSON, MERRILL D., - Lincoln in AMerican Memory..
029956: PETERSON, MERRILL D., - Adams and Jefferson; a Revolutionary Dialogue..
023744: PETERSON, LORIN, - The Day of the Mugwump..
009142: PETERSON, LINDA H., - Victorian Autobiography; the Tradition of Self-Interpretation..
007521: PETERSON, DALE AND JANE GOODALL, - Visions of Caliban; on Champanzees and People..
033392: PETERSON, DOUGLAS L., - Time, Tide and Tempest; a Study of Shakespeare's Romances..
038967: PETERSON, WILLIS, - The Glory of Nature's Form; Photography and Text..
038968: PETERSON, WILLIS, - A Guide to Better Nature Photography..
034131: PETERSSON, ROBERT T., - The Art of Ecstasy; Teresa, Bernini, and Crashaw..
023477: PETHYBRIDGE, ROGER, - One Step Backwards, two Steps Forward; Soviet Society and Politics in the New Economic Policy..
018712: PETIT, PIERRE, - Verdi..
020263: PETIT, JACQUES, - Le Pain Dur de Paul Claudel; Introduction, Fragments Inédits, variantes et Notes..
037766: PETIT, PIERRE, - Pierre Petit: Photographer, September 26, 1980-January 11, 1981..
041449: PETIT, PAUL, - Pax Romana..
025595: PETKOV, STEVEN AND LEONARD MUSTAZZA, EDS., - The Frank Sinatra Reader..
043669: PETRACCO, FLORIANA, - L'Acqua plurale; i progetti di canali navigiabili e la gestione del territorio a Cremona nei secoli XV-XVIII..
021999: PETRACEK, KAREL, - Zaklady Gramatického Systému spisovné Arabstiny..
022940: PETRAN, TABITHA, - Syria..
023069: PETRAS, JAMES AND HUGO ZEMALMAN MERINO, - Peasant in Revolt; a Chilean case Study 1965-1971..
042001: PETRICCIONE, SANDRO, - Politica industriale e Mezzogiorno..
030125: PETRICONI, H., - Metamorphosen der Träume; fünf Beispiele zu einer Literaturgeschichte als Themengeschichte..
006068: PETRIE, GLEN, - A Singular Iniquity; the Campaigns of Josephine Butler..
005386: PETRIE, CHARLES, - Earlier Diplomatic History, 1492-1713..
011541: PETRIE, CHARLES, - The Edwardians..
025509: PETRO, VADIM, ET AL., - The Escape of Alexei, Son of Tsar Nicholas II; What happened the Night the Romanov family was Excuted..
031077: PETROBELLI, PIERLUIGI, - Music in the Theater; Essays on Verdi and Other Composers..
020298: PETROCELLI, DANIEL, - Triumph of Justice; the Final Judgment on the Simpson Saga..
007577: PETRONE, GERARD S., - Judgment at Gallatin; the Trial of Frank James..
026625: PETRONIUS, - The Satyricon of Petronius..
037256: PETROSKI, HENRY, - The Book on the Bookshelf..
008029: PETROV, VADIM, ET AL., - The Escape of Alexei, Son of Tsar Nicholas II: What Happened the Night the Romanov Family Was Executed..
009325: PETROV, VLADIMIR, - A Study in Diplomacy; the Story of Arthur Bliss Lane..
011920: PETRY, HOWARD KISTLER, ED., - A Century of Medicine, 1848-1948; the History of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania..
027087: PETTAVINO, PAULA J. AND GERALYN PYE, - Sport in Cuba; the Diamond in the Rough..
040557: PETTER, HENRI, - The Early American Novel..
034011: PETTET, E. C., - Shakespeare and the romance Tradition..
026336: PETTIE, GEORGE, - A Petite Pallace of Pettie His Pleasure..
022099: PETTINGILL, OLIN SEWALL, JR., - My Way to Ornithology..
021475: PETTIT, ARTHUR G., - Images of the Mexican American in fiction and Film..
035299: PETULENGRO, GIPSY, - A Romany Life..
022000: PETYT, K. M., - The study of Dialect; an Introduction to Dialectology..
040750: PETZOLDT, RICHARD, - Heinrich Schütz und seine Zeit in Bildern; Heinrich Schütz and His Times in Pictures..
026057: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, ET AL., EDS, - Lexikon der Weltarchitektur..
036676: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, - The Englishness of English Art..
033307: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS, ET AL., EDS, - An outline of European Architecture..
008412: PEYRE, HENRI, - Observations By Henri Peyre on Life, Literature, and Learning in America..
042207: PEYROT, LUCIEN, - Le Saint-Esprit et le prochaine retrouvé..
031078: PEYSER, JOAN, - Bernstein; a Biography..
019777: PFAFF, KONRAD, - Ludwig Schaffrath: Glasmaleri + Mosaik. Stained Glass + Mosaic...
035045: PFAFF, RICHARD WILLIAM, - Montague Rhodes James..
011921: PFAHLER, MURIEL B., - The Love of a Physician; George E. Pfahler, M.D., Pioneer Radiologist..
011540: PFALTZGRAFF, ROBERT L., JR., - Britain Faces Europe..
734: PFEIFER, GOTTFRIED., - Das Siedlungsbild der Landschaft Angeln...
034692: PFEIFFER, RUDOLF, - History of Classical scholarship from 1300 to 1850..
003192: PFEIFFER, RICHARD, - Die religiös-sittliche Weltanschauung des Buches der Sprüche in ihrem inneren Zusammenhange..
024974: PFEIFFER, ROBERT H., - Religion in the Old Testament; the history of a spiritual Triumph..
018404: PFEIFFER, IDA, - A Lady's Visit to California 1853..
011924: PFEIFFER, LUDWIG, - Handbuch Der Angewandten Anatomie; Genaue Beschreibung Der Gestalt Und Der Wuchsfehler Des Menschen Nach Den Mass- Und Zahlenverhälnissen Der Körperoberflächenteile..
014628: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS, - Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings; Masterworks from the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives..
038197: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS, - Treasures of Taliesin; Seventy-Seven unbuilt Designs..
018929: PFISTER, HAROLD FRANCIS, - Facing the Light; Historic American Portrait Daguerreotypes..
036281: PFISTER, MANFRED, - Studien zum Wandel der Perspektivenstruktur in elisabethanischen und jakobäischen Komödien..
043764: PFISTER, MAX, - Galloromanische Sprachkolonien in Italien und Nordspanien..
014015: PFIZER, GUSTAV, - Martin Luther's Leben..
014195: PFLAUM, ROSALYND, - Grand Obsession; Madame Curie and Her World..
018244: PFLEIDERER, OTTO, - Die Geschichte der Religion..
010836: PFLUG, WARNER W., - A Guide to the Archives of Labor History and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University..
043622: PFOHL, GERHARD, - Griechische Inschriften als Zeugnisse des privaten und öffentlichen Lebens..
003427: PFUHL, ERNST, - Meisterwerke Griechischer Zeichnung Und Malerlei..
043342: PHAN, BOI-CHAU, - Overturned Chariot; the Autobiography of Phan-Boi-Chau..
038679: GIULINI PHARMA, - Leonharti Rauwolfen...aigentliche Beschriebung der Raiß..
014844: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON, - The twentieth century Theatre; Observations on the Contemporary English and American Stage..
014794: PHELPS, ORME W., - Discipline and Discharge in the unionized Firm..
016011: PHIBBS, BRENDAN, - The Other Side of Time; a Combat Surgeon in World War II..
032168: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL, - Sea of Glory; America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842..
022003: PHILIPP, MARTHE, - Grammaire De L'allemand..
002851: PHILIPP, WOLFGANG, - Die Absolutheit Des Christentums Und Die Summe Der Anthropologie..
735: PHILIPPI, ADOLPH., - Florenz. 4e Auflage bearbeitet von Walther Heil...
021643: PHILIPPI, ADOLF, - Die Kunst der Nachblüte in Italien und Spanien..
025378: PHILIPPS, LOTHAR AND ROLAND WITTMANN, EDS., - Techtsentstehung und Rechtskultur, Heinrich Scholler zum 60. Geburtstag..
018930: PHILIPS, VAN AND OWEN THOMAS, - The Traveller's Book of Color Photography..
020610: PHILIPS, C. H., - Politics and Society in India..
031137: PHILIPS, BAXTER, - Cut the Unseen Cinema..
013102: PHILLIPS, MARK, - Francesco Guicciardini; the Historian's Craft..
019581: PHILLIPS, GENE D., - Evelyn Waugh's Officers, gentlemen and Rogues; the Fact behind His Fiction..
035982: PHILLIPS, ROGER, - Mushrooms of North America..
012838: PHILLIPS, JOHN, - Agriculture and Ecology in Africa; a Study of actual and Potential Development South of the Sahara..
023801: PHILLIPS, KEVIN, - The politics of rich and Poor; Wealth and the American Electorate in the Reagan Aftermath..
016729: PHILLIPS, ULRICH BONNELL, - Life and Labor in the Old South..
017542: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM R., - Night of the silver Stars; the Battle of Lang Vei..
015180: PHILLIPS, MARJORIE, - Duncan Phillips and His Collection..
027671: PHILLIPS, LANCE, - Yonder comes the Train; the Story of the Iron horse and Some of the Roads it Traveled..
028028: PHILLIPS, KEVIN, - Boiling Point; Republicans, Democrats, and the decline of Middle-Class Prosperity..
031081: PHILLIPS-MATZ, MARY JANE, - Leonard Warren, American Baritone..
031282: PHILLIPS, ROGER AND MARTYN RIX, - The Botanical Garden..
005041: PHILLIPS, HERBERT P., - Thai Peasant Personality; the Patterning of interpersonal Behavior in the Village of Bang Chan..
040666: PHILLIPS, CATHERINE COFFIN, - Portsmouth Plaza, the Cradle of San Francisco..
035533: PHILLIPS, TOM, - The postcard Century; 2000 cards and Their Messages..
034500: PHILLIPS, MARGARET MANN, - Erasmus and the Northern Renaissance..
017654: PHILLIPSON, N. T. AND ROSALIND MITCHISON, EDS., - Scotland in the Age of Improvement; Essays in Scottish History in the eighteenth Century..
041448: PHILO, OF ALEXANDRIA, - The Contemplative Life, the Giants, and Selections..
043596: PHILOPONUS, JOHANNES, - Commentaria in libros posteriorum Aristotelis..
002633: PHILOSTRATUS, - Une Galerie Antique De Soinante-Quatre Tableaux..
037025: PHILPOT, ROSL, - Viennese Cookery..
042924: PHINNEY, ED, - The History of the AMerican Classical League 1919-1994..
039966: PHOTIADIS, JOHN D. AND HARRY K. SCHWARZWELLER, EDS, - Change in Rural Appalachia; implications for Action Programs..
003024: PHOTINOS, SPYROS, - Olympia; Complete Guide..
022256: PHOTOS, B. J., - The Greek Constitutional Revolution of 1843..
042403: PHYSICK, J. F, - The Engraved Work of Eric Gill..
035346: PHYSICK, JOHN, - Designs for ENglish Sculpture, 1680-1860..
1447: PIAGET, JEAN., - The grasp of consciousness; action and concept in the young child...
041845: PIATTONI, SIMONA, - Il Clientelismo; l'Italia in Prospettiva Comparata..
012839: PIAULT, COLETTE, - Contribution à L'étude De La Vie Quotidienne De La Femme Mauri..
023923: PICARD, COLETTE, - Carthage..
023924: PICARD, GILBERT, - Das wiederentdeckte Karthago..
041399: PICARD, CHARLES, - Les origines du polythéisme hellénique; l'ère Homérique..
013690: PICASSO, PABLO, - Picasso: His Recent Drawings, 1966-1968..
040206: PICCARDI, LEOPOLDO, ET AL, - La Sinistra davanti alla crisi del Parlamento..
010893: PICCHIO, RICCARDO, - L'Europa Orientale Dal Rinascimento all'età Illuministica..
028987: PICCHIO, RICCARDO, - Studi sulla questione della lingua presso gli Slavi..
025437: PICENARDI, GIORGIO SOMMI, - Dizionario biograficao dei musicisti e fabbricatori di strumenti musicali Cremonese..
037144: PICHLER, PEPO, - Pepo Pichler: Paintings, Bilder 1976-196..
023536: LE PICHON, YANN, - The real world of the Impressionists; paintings and Photographs, 1848-1918..
026148: LE PICHON, YANN, - The Real World of th eImpressionists; Paintings and Photographs, 1848-1918..
003838: PICHON, RENÉ, - Histoire De La Littérature Latine..
005399: PICK, ROBERT, - The Last Days of Iimperial Vienna..
031887: PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE, ARTHUR, - Dithyramb Tragedy and Comedy..
031886: PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE, A. W, - The Theatre of Dionysus in Athens..
031885: PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE, A. W, - Demosthenes and the Last Days of Greek Freedom 382-322 B.C...
035660: PICKEN, LAURENCE, ED, - Musica Asiatica I-III..
018934: PICKER, FRED, - The Fine Prints..
018935: PICKER, FRED, - Fred Picker..
029571: PICKERING, F. P., - Literature & Art in the Middle Ages..
006727: PICKERING, ERNEST, - The Homes of America as They have Expressed the Lives of Our People for Three Centuries..
008511: PICKETT, CALDER M., - Ed Howe, Country Town Philosopher..
031231: PICKETT, ERNEST, - Proof through the Night; a B-29 Pilot Captive in Japan. The Ernest Pickett Story..
036021: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A, - Computers and the Imagination; Visual adventures Beyond the Edge..
015181: PICON, GAETAN, - Surrealists and Surrealism, 1919-1939..
036443: PICON-SALAS, MARIANO, - De la conquista a la independencia; tres siglos de historia cultural Hispanoamericana..
025899: PICTON, JOHN AND JOHN MACK, - African Textiles; Looms, Weaving and Design..
022839: PIEHLER, G. KURT, - Remembering war the American Way..
007495: PIEKUTOWSKI, LYNNA, ED., - Remembering the Boys; a Collection of Letters, a Gathering of Memories..
022370: PIEL, GERARD, - Only One World; our Own to make and to Keep..
016012: PIELALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ, - Operation "Citadel"; Kursk and ORel, the greatest tank Battle of the Second Ward War..
034519: PIEPER, JOSEF, - Josef Pieper; an Anthology..
043141: PIERCE, FREDERICK E, - Jordan Farms; an Epic in Homespun..

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