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020563: MCNAIRN, ALAN - The Young Van Dyck; Ee Jeune Van Dyck
646: MCNAMARA, JO ANN KAY - Sisters in Arms; Catholic Nuns Through Two Millennia
040663: MCNAMARA, ROBERT S. - In Retrospect; the Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam
025472: MCNAMEE, THOMAS - Alice Waters and Chez Panisse; the Romantic, Impractical, Often Eccentric, Ultimately Brilliant Making of a Food Revolution
047929: MCNAUGHTON, WILLIAM - The Confucian Vision
005685: MCNEAL, ROBERT H. - Bride of the Revolution; Krupskaya and Lenin
022573: MCNEILL, JOHN - Both Feet Firmly Planted in Midair; My Spiritual Journey
034020: MCNEILL, WILLIAM H. - Past and Future
044214: MCNEILL, DAVID - Gesture and Thought
048077: MCNEILL, J. R. - Something New Under the Sun; an Environmental Hsitory of the Twentieth-Century World
012635: MCNULTY, FAITH - The Whooping Crane; the Bird That Defies Extinction
034182: MCNUTT, HEIDI, ED - New Dieter's Cook Book
018663: MCPARTLAND, MARIAN - All in Good Time
037296: MCPHEE, JOHN - The Ransom of Russian Art
040906: MCPHEE, JOHN - The Ransom of Russian Art
046164: MCPHEE, JOHN - The Ransom of Russian Art
015859: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Battle Cry of Freedom; the CIVIL War Era
019854: MCQUESTEN, MARY BAKER - The Life Writings of Mary Baker Mcquesten, Victorian Matriarch
023219: MCSHEA, ROBERT J. - The Political Philosophy of Spinoza
039872: COWAN, IAN MCTAGGARTR AND CHARLES J. GUIGUET - The Mammals of British Columbia
030106: MCVAY, GORDON - Esenin; a Life
028485: MCVEY, FRANK LEROND - A University Is a Place... A Spirit
031201: MCWHORTER, JOHN - Doing Our Own Thing; the Degradation of Language and Music and Why We Should, Like, Care
033954: MCWHORTER, JOHN H. - The Power of Babel; a Natural History of Language
036705: MCWILLIAMS, PETER - Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do; the Absurdity of Consensual Crimtes in a Free Society
037321: MEAD, STERLING V. - Diseases of the Mouth
022549: MEAD, WALTER J. - Competition and Oligopsony in the Douglas Fir Lumber Industry
002830: MEAD, SIDNEY E. - The Old Religion in the Brave New World; Reflections on the Relation between Christendom and the Republic
005888: MEAD, ROBERT O. - Atlantic Legacy; Essays in American-European Cultural History
015172: MEAD, KATHERINE HARPER, ED - The Preston Morton Collection of American Art
031225: MEAD, LAWRENCE M. - The New Politics of Poverty; the Nonworking Poor in America
000033: MEADE, J. E. - The Theory of International Economic Policy
032363: MEADOWS, KENNETH - The Medicine Way; a Shamanic Path to Self Mastery
008716: MEANS, GARDINER C., ET AL., EDS - The Roots of Inflation; the International Crisis
021533: O'MEARA, PATRIK - K.F. Ryleev; a Political Biography of the Decembrist Poet
003008: MEATES, G. W. - Lullingstone, Roman Villa
036985: MEATYARD, RALPH EUGENE - Ralph Eugene Meatyard
043688: MEAUX, MARIE CAMILLE ALFRED, VICOMTE DE - Souvenirs Politiques 1871-1877
002705: TOSUN, MEBRURE AND KADRIYE YALVAÇ - Sumer, Babil, Assur Kanunlari Ve Ammi-Saduqa Fermani
025504: MEBS, DIETRICH - Gifttiere; Ein Handbuch Für Biologen, Toxikologen, ärtze, Apotheker
011723: CONGRESSO ITALIANO DI STORIA DELLA MEDICINA, 15TH - Atti Del XV Congresso Italiano Di Storia Della Medicina
003601: CONGRESSO INTERNAZIONALE DI STORIA DELLA MEDICINA, 21ST - Atti Del XXI Congresso Internazionale Di Storia Della Medicina, Siena (Italia), 22-28 Settembre 1968
008709: MEDINA, PABLO - Exiled Memories; a Cuban Childhood
004048: MEDINA, PEDRO DE - A Navigator's Universe; the Libro de Cosmographia of 1538
048183: MEDINA, JOHN - Brain Rules; 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Hom, and School
035424: MEDLIN, FAITH - A Gourmet's Book of Beasts
046701: MEDLIN,FAITH - Centuries of Owls in Art and the Written Word
021687: MEDVEDEV, ZHORES A. - The Rise and Fall of T.D. Lysenko
015909: MEE, CHARLES L., JR. - Meeting at Potsdam
027440: MEE, CHARLES L., JR. - The End of Order: Versailles 1919
044956: MEE, MARGARET - Margaret Mee; in Search of Flowers of the Amazon Forests. Diaries of an English Artist Reveal the Beauty of the Vanishing Rainforest
004049: MEEHAN, RICHARD L. - Getting Sued and Other Tales of the Engineering Life
043841: MEEKINGS, C. A. F. - Studies in 13th Century Justice and Administration
023871: MEEKS, WAYNE A. - The First Urban Christians; the Social World of the Apostle Paul
047519: VAN DER MEER, P. L. G., ET AL. - Administrative En Fiskale Boarnen Oangeande Fryslan Yn Der Ier-Moderne Tiid
024038: VAN DER MEER, P. - The Chronology of Ancient Western Asia and Egypt
033782: MEEROPOL, ROBERT - An Execution in the Family; One Son's Journey
032011: MEGAW, J. V. S. - Art of the European Iron Age; a Study of the Elusive Image
048348: MEGENNEY, WILLIAM W. - El Palenquero, Un Lenguaje Post-Criollo de Colombia
001846: MEGGS, BROWN - Aria
038107: MEGIVERN, JAMES J. - The Death Penalty; an Historical and Theological Survey
033508: MEGLA, GERHARD K. - Musik IM Spiegel Der Philatelie
023411: MEGQUIER, MARY JANE - Apron Full of Gold; the Letters of Mary Jane Megquier from San Francisco 1849-1856
010338: VON DER MEHDEN, FRED R. - South-East Asia, 1930-1970; the Legacy of Colonialism and Nationalism
043903: MEHL, DIETER - Geoffrey Chaucer; an Introduction to His Narrative Poetry
013612: MEHRA, G. N. - Bhutan, Land of the Peaceful Dragon
013081: MEHREN, A. F. - Den Pyrenaeiske Halvø; Sammenlignende Geographisck Studie Efter Shens-Ed-Din-Dimishqui Og Spansk-Arabiske Geographer
044741: MEIER, CHRISTIAN - A Culture of Freedom; Ancient Greece and the Origins of Europe
023872: MEIER, CHRISTIAN - Caesar
009697: MEIER, GEORG FRIEDRICH - Das Zéro-Problem in Der Linguistick; Kritische Untersuchugnen Zur Strukturalistischen Analyse Der Relevanz Sprachlicher Form
028350: MEIER, AUGUST - Negro Thought in America 1880-1915; Racial Ideologies in the Age of Booker T. Washington
048519: MEIER, JOHN - Deutsche Soldatensprache
044899: MEIER, HARRI - Prinzipien Der Etymologischen Forschung; Romanistische Einblicke
020041: MEILI, TRISHA - I Am the Central Park Jogger; a Story of Hope and Possiblity
041305: OTT-MEIMBERG, MARIANNE - Kreuzzugsepos Oder Staatsroman? Strukturen Adeliger Heilsversicherung IM Deutschen "Rolandslied
019416: MEINECKE, FRIEDRICH - Weltbügertum Und Nationalstaat; Studien Zur Genesis Des Deutschen Nationalstaates
002216: MEINEL, HANS - Vogtländisch Und Nordbayrisch
034929: MEINEL, GERTRAUD - Leben Mit Puppen; Bilder Aus Dem "Puppen & Spielzeug Museum" Rothenburg O.D. Tauber Von Katharina Engels
006406: MEINERTZ, MAX - Theologie Des Neuen Testamentes
018140: MEINHOF, CARL - Die Sprache Der Suaheli in Deutsch-Ostafrika
028658: MEINHOF, CARL - Die Moderne Sprachforschung in Afrika; Hamburgische Vorträge
028749: MEINHOF, CARL - Die Sprachen Der Hamiten
027186: MEINICKE, CARL E. - Die Inseln Des Stillen Oceans, Eine Geographische Monographie
028939: MEINICKE, ECKHARD - Abstraktbildungen IM Althochdeutschen; Wege Zu Ihrer ErschließUng
007343: MEINIG, D. W. - The Great Columbia Plain; a Historical Geography, 1805-1910
045362: MEINIG, D. W. - The Shaping of America; a Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History. Volume 3: Transcontinental America 1850-1915
031019: MEIS, DAN - Spectator; Selected Works
021940: MEISEL, JÜRGEN - Einführung in Die Transformationelle Syntax. I: Grundlagen
048615: MEISER, GERHARD - Historische Laut- Und Formenlehre Der Lateinischen Sprache
004987: MEISNER, MAURAICE - LI Ta-Chao and the Origins of Chinese Marxism
041861: MEISS, MILLARD - Painting in Florence and Siena After the Black Death
002597: MEISSNER, BRUNO - Könige Babyloniens Und Assyriens; Charakterbilder Aus Der Altorientalischen Geschichte
046070: MEJER, WOLFGANG - Der Buchdrucker Hans Lufft Zu Wittenberg
038291: DE MEJO, OSCAR - There's a Hand in the Sky
029031: MELA, POMPONIUS - Kreuzfahrt Durch Die Alte Welt
036486: MELARAGNO, MICHELE G. - Wind in Architectural and Environmental Design
030873: MELCHIOR, IB - Lauritz Melchior; the Golden Years of Bayreuth
042822: MELDAHL, KEITH HEYER - Rough-Hewn Land; a Geologic Journey from California to the Rocky Mountains
1367: MELDEN, A. I. - Free Action
032726: MELDEN, A. I., ED - Essays in Moral Philosophy
044660: MELILLO, MICHELE - Le Congiunzioni Dei Dialetti Di Puglia Nelle Versioni Della Parabola Del Figliuol Prodigo
044659: MELILLO, MICHELE - I Complementi Verbali Dei Dialetti Di Puglia Nelle Versioni Della Parabola Del Figliuol Prodigo
044838: COREY, MELINDA AND GEORGE OCHOA, EDS - The American Film Institute Desk Reference
018395: MELISSUS, PAUL SCHEDE - Die Psalmenübersetzung Des Paul Schede Melissus (1572)
043000: MELL, MAX - Spiegel Des Sünders; Drei Erzählungen Aus Dem Nachlass Von Max Mell
032109: MELLAFE, ROLANDO - Negro Slavery in Latin America
030874: MELLER, WILFRID - Music in a New Found Land; Themes and Developments in the History of American Music
018674: MELLERS, WILFRID - Romanticism and the 20th Century (from 1800)
041133: MELLERSH, H. E. L. - The Destruction of Knossos; the Rise and Fall of Minoan Crete
026533: MELLERSH, H. E. L. - Minoan Crete
046437: MELLICK, ANDREW D., JR. - Lesser Crossroads
015501: MELLON, STEVE - After the Smoke Clears; Struggling to Get by in Rustbelt America
022326: MELLOR, JOHN W. - The New Economics of Growth; a Strategy for India and the Developing World
008733: MELLOR, JOHN W. - The New Economics of Growth; a Strategy for India and the Developing World
040258: MELMAN, SEYMOUR, ED - Disarmament; Its Politics and Economics
026651: MELNYK, GEORGE, ED - The Young, the Restless, and the Dead; Interviews with Canadian Filmmakers
049335: MELOT, MICHEL, ET AL. - Prints; History of an Art
036127: MELOT, MICHEL - The Impressionist Print
024331: MELTON, J. GORDON - Encyclopedia of American Religions
040051: MELTSNER, ARNOLD J. - The Politics of City Revenue
006020: MELTSNER, ARNOLD J. - Policy Analysts in the Bureaucracy
006710: MELTSNER, ARNOLD J. - The Politics of City Revenue
046380: MELTZER, DAVID, ED - San Francisco Beat; Talking with the Poets
046396: MELTZER, DAVID - Hero/LIL
040010: MELTZER, DAVID - Harps
046326: MELTZER, DAVID - No Eyes: Lester Young
044556: MELVILLE, CHARLES, ED - Safavid Persia; the History and Politics of an Islamic Society
033874: MELVILLE, HERMAN - The Battle-Pieces of Herman Melville
022295: MELVILLE, GEORGE W. - In the Lena Delta; a Narrative of the Search for Lieut. -Commande Delong and His Companions Followed by an Account of the Greely Relief Expedition and a Proposed Method of Reaching the North Pole
027131: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Typee, a Peep at Polynesian Life; Omoo, a Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas; Mardi and a Voyage Thither
027133: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Redburn, His First Voyage; White-Jaceket or the World in a Man-of-War; Moby-Dick, or, the Whale
040271: MENACHE, SOPHIA - The Vox Dei; Communication in the Middle Ages
048535: MÉNAGER, DANIEL - Introduction à la Vie Littéraire Du Xvie Siècle
031842: MENANDER - The Dyskolos of Menander
002598: MENANDER - Dyscolus
031843: MENANDER - Ménandre. Tome I: 2. Le Dyscolos
045818: MÉNARD, PHILIPPE - Les Fabiaux; Contes à Rire Du Moyen Age
033865: KAFATOS, MENAS AND ROBERT NADEAU - The Conscious Universe; Part and Whoe in Modern Physical Theory
019111: MENCKEN, H. L. - The Diary of H.L. Mencken
019114: MENCKEN, H. L. - Mencken and Sara; a Life in Letters. The Private Correspondence of H.L. Mencken and Sara Haardt
029866: MENDE, FRITZ - Heinrich Heine; Chronik Seines Lebens Und Werkes
006408: MENDEL, ARTHUR P. - Vision and Violence
034975: MENDEL, ELI - From Room to Room; the Poetry of Eli Mandel
031845: MENDELL, CLARENCE W. - Latin Poetry; the New Poets & the Augustans
041343: MENDELS, DORON - Identity, Religion and Histoirography Studies in Hellenistic History
003911: MENDELSSOHN, KURT - The Secret of Western Domination
018130: MENDENHALL, GEORGE E. - The Tenth Generation; the Origins of the Biblical Tradition
042909: MENDIETA, GERÓNIMO DE - Historia Eclesiástica Indiana
031159: MENDINI, ALESSANDRO, ED - The International Design Yearbook 1996: 11
013974: MENDIZABAL, C. - Introduccion Al Problema de Unamuno
040310: HURTADO DE MENDOZA, ANTONIO - Obras Poéticas de Don Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza
022793: HERNANDEZ DE MENDOZA, CECILIA - La Poesia de Gerardo Valencia
028321: HERNANDEZ DE MENDOZA, CECILIA - El Poeta Jorge Rojas; Estudio Y Antologia
035394: MENDRAS, HENRI - The Vanishing Peasant; Innovation and Change in French Agriculture
043076: MENEGAZZI, LUIGI - Tomaso Da Modena. Treviso S. Caterina, Capitolo Dei Domenicani, 5-Luglio-5 Novembre 1979
011692: MENENDEZ, ALBERT J. - The Bitter Harvest; Church and State in Northern Ireland
005180: MÉNÉTRA, JACQUES-LOUIS - Journal of My Life
044175: MENGE, HERMANN - Repetitorium Der Lateinischen Syntax Und Stilistik
042377: MENGE, HERMANN - Repetitorium Der Griechischen Syntax
036451: DE MENIL, ALEXANDER NICOLAS - Forest and Town; Poems
035579: MENNELL, STEPEHEN - All Manners of Food; Eating and Tast in England and France from the Middle Ages to the Present
038788: MENNINGER, KARL - Number Words and Number Symbols; a Cultural History of Numbers
039920: DE MENTE, BOYE - How Business Is Done in Japan--a Personal View
016641: MENUEZ, DOUG - Defying Gravity; the Making of Newton
028941: MENUGE, NOEL JAMES - Medieval English Wardship in Romance and Law
018676: MENUHIN, DIANA - Fiddler's Moll; Life with Yehudi
013644: MENZEL, ADOLF - Menzel: Neun Farbige Wiedergaben Seiner Gemälde
044983: MENZEL, RODERICH - Der Rattenfänger Von Hameln
047815: MENZIES, GAVIN - 1421, the Year China Discovered the World
007035: MENZIES, ELIZABETH G. C. - Millstone Valley
043343: MERA, H. P. - The Alfred I. Barton Collection of Southwestern Textiles
033183: MERCATANTE, ANTHONY S. - Who's Who in Egyptian Mythology
005213: JELLINEK-MERCEDES, GUY - Mr. Father Mr. Mercédès
027638: MERCHANT, W. MOELWYN - Shakespeare and the Artist
048934: MEREDITH, GEORGE - The Works of George Meredith
048937: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Bibliography and Various Readings
048935: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Miscellaneous Prose
048936: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Celt and Saxon
035442: MEREEN, EDITH AMANDA - A Short Odyssey in Yorkshire
049460: MERGUET, H. - Handlexikon Zu Cicero
045833: MERGUET, HUGO - Lexikon Zu Den Schriften Cäsars Und Seiner Fortsetzer
001848: MERIAN, HANS - Geschichte Der Musik IM Neunzehnten Jahrhundert
046370: MÉRIMÉE, PROSPER - La Vénus D'Ille; la Chambre Bleue, Et Quelques Nouvelles Tirées de Mosaique
021927: CORDERY, B. MERITON AND J. SURTEES PHILLPOTTS - King and Commonwealth; a History of Charles I and the Great Rebellion
033868: LEWIS, MERIWETHER AND WILLIAM CLARK - The Lewis and Clark Journals; an American Epic of Discovery
007344: MERK, FREDERICK - The Oregon Question; Essays in Anglo-American Diplomacy and Politics
025219: MERKLE, JOHN C. - Abraham Joshua Heschel; Exploring His Life and Thought
033086: MERKLEY, PAUL - Reinhold Niebuhr; a Political Account
009676: MERKLING, FRANK, ED - The Opera News Book of Traviata
030889: MERKLING, FRANK, ET AL., ED - The Golden Horseshoe; the Life and Times of the Metropolitan Opera House
041341: MERLAN, PHILIP - Kleine Philosophische Schriften
011277: MERRIFELD, RALPH - The Roman City of London
011282: MERRIFIELD, RALPH - Roman London
007664: MERRILL, HORACE SAMUEL - Bourbon Democracy of the Middle West, 1865-1896
026891: MERRILL, JAMES - Collected Poems
025986: MERRITT, RICHARD L. - Symbols of American Community 1735-1775
023372: MERRY, ROBERT W. - Taking on the World; Joseph and Stewart Alsop, Guardians of the American Century
021881: MERSON, JOHN - Roads to Xanadu; East and West in the Making of the Modern World
040864: MERTENS, BENEDIKT H. - Solitudo Seraphica. Studien Zur Geschichte Der Exerzitien IM Franziskanerorden Der Frühneuzeit (Ca. 1600-1750)
032265: MERTZ, BARBARA - Red Land, Black Land; Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
012646: MERY, FERNAND - The Life, History and Magic of the Cat
035758: MERZ, ROBERT - Merz and More Merz
034432: MESKELL, LYNN - Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt
004951: MESKILL, JOHANNA MENZEL - A Chinese Pioneer Family; the Lins of Wu-Feng, Taiwan, 1729-1895
035701: MESSENGER, BETTY - Picking Up the Linen Threads; a Study Industrial Folklore
020341: MESSERER, WILHELM - Romanische Plastik in Frankreich
027702: MESSNER, REINHOLD - Yeti; Legende Und Wirklichkeit
014938: METCALF, PAULIN C., ED - Ogden Codman and the Decoration of Houses
003912: METCALF, PAUL - Waters of Potowmack
028946: METCALF, D. M. - An Atlas of Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coin Finds, C. 973-1086
036602: METCALF, WOODBRIDGE - Native Trees of the San Francisco Bay Region
036566: METCALF, CHRISTINE - Cats; History, Care, Breeds
039129: METCALF, CHARLES E. - An Econometric Model of the Income Distribution
039751: METFORD, J. C. J. - Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend
049756: METFORD, J. C. J. - Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend
045265: METHERELL, A. F., ET AL., EDS - Acoustical Holography
015913: METS, DAVID R. - Master of Airpower, General Carl A. Spaatz
025002: METZGER, BRUCE M. - Index of Articles on the New Testament and the Early Church Published in Festschriften
025003: METZGER, BRUCE M. - The New Testament; Its Background, Growth, and Content
042096: METZGER, HENRI - Les Routes de Saint Paul Dans L'Orient Grec
048266: METZGER, BRUCE M. - A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament
025970: METZKES, HARALD - Harald Metzkes: "Schwarzgesichte Und WeißGesicht--Kalte Nacht
016462: MEUER, ALEXANDER - Seekriegsgeschichte in Umrissen; Seemacht Und Seekriege Vornehmlich Vom 16. Jahrhundert Ab
019300: MEWALDT, JOHANNES - Die Geistige Einheit Epikurs
038897: MEYER, CONRAD FERDINAND - Die Hochzeit Des Mönchs; Novelle
011492: MEYER, F. V., ED - Prospects for Recovery in the British Economy
003010: MEYER, MAURIACE - études Sur le Théatre Latin
045887: MEYER, LARRY L. - Shadow of a Continent; the Prize That Lay to the West--1776
023371: MEYER, JEFFREY - Somerset Maugham; a Life
008588: MEYER, KARL E. - The Plundered Past
671: MEYER, PETER - English Cathedrals. With a Foreword by Geoffrey Grigson; Photographs and in Troduction by Martin Hürlimann; Descriptive Text by Peter Meyer
025004: MEYER, R. W. - Leibnitz and the Seventeenth-Century Revolution
026537: MEYER, EDUARD - Die Israeliten Und Ihre Nachbarstämme; Alttestamentliche Untersuchungen
026538: MEYER, LOUIS - Saint Jean Chrysostome, Maitre de Perfection Chrétienne
026536: MEYER, EDUARD - Geschichte Des Koenigreichs Pontos
031847: MEYER, EDUARD - Caesars Monarchie Und Das Principat Des Pompejus; Innere Geschichte Roms Von 66 Bis 44 V. Chr
015005: MEYER, HERMAN - The Poetics of Quotation in the European Novel
008224: MEYER, EDITH PATTERSON - Not Charity, But Justice"; the Story of Jacob A. Riis
028947: MEYER, EDUARD - Ursprung Und Anfänge Des Christentums
011284: MEYER, ERNST - Die Schweiz IM Altertum
035869: MEYER, ADOLF DE - De Meyer
015518: MEYERHOF, WALTER E. - Elements of Nuclear Physics
045057: MEYERHOLD, VSEVOLOD - Ecrits Sur le Théatre
024076: MEYERS, HAROLD BURTON - The Death at Awahi; a Novel
025476: MEYERS, ODETTE - Doors to Madame Marie
043960: MEYIER, K. A. DE - Paul En Alexandre Petau En de Geschiedenis Van Hun Handschriften (Voornamelijk Op Grond Van de Petau-Handschriften in de Universiteitsbibliotheek Te Leiden)
046706: MEYNELL, FRANCIS - English Printed Books
018678: MEYNELL, ESTHER - Bach
036762: MEYNELL, FRANCIS - English Printed Books
042561: MEYRINK, GUSTAV - Der Engel Vom Westlichen Fenster; Roman
037675: MEYRINK, GUSTAV - Der Golem
020342: MEZIÈRES, PHILIPPE DE - Le Livre de la Vertu Du Sacrement de Mariage
044803: PHILIPPE DE MÉZIÈRES - Letter to King Richard II; a Plea Made in 1395 for Peace between England and France
044645: MICHA, ALEXANDRE - De la Chanson de Geste Au Roman; études de Littérature Médiévale Offertes Par Ses Amis, éLèves Et Collègues
022958: CONFINO, MICHAEL AND SHIMON SHAMIR, EDS - The U.S. S.R. And the Middle East
038725: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL AND CRAIG MARBERRY - Crowns; Protraits of Black Women in Church Hats
025306: AVI YONAH, MICHAEL AND ISRAEL SHATZMAN - Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Classical World
025974: BATTERBERRY, MICHAEL AND ARIANE RUSKIN - Children's Homage to Picasso
015719: SORKIN, MICHAEL AND SHARON ZUKIN, EDS - After the World Trade Center; Rethinking New York City
027052: HARDT, MICHAEL AND ANTONIO NEGRI - Multitude; War and Democracy in the Age of Empire
009538: GINSBURG, MICHAEL AND JOSEPH THOMAS SHAW, EDS - Indiana Slavic Studies. Vols. I-II
021348: MILLWARD, MICHAEL AND BRIAN COE - Victorian Townscape; the Work of Samuel Smith
044211: GERLI, E. MICHAEL AND JULIAN WEISS, EDS - Poetry at Court in Trastamaran Spain: From the Cancionero de Baena to the Cancionero General
030950: MICHAEL, PRINCE OF GREECE - The Empress of Farewells; the Story of Charlotte, Empress of Mexico
044804: GERLI, E. MICHAEL AND HARVEY L. SHARRER, EDS - Hispanic Medieval Studies in Honor of Samuel G. Armistead
049580: MEEUWIS, MICHAEL AND FRANK BRISARD - Time and the Dianosis of Language Change
016589: SHUMAN, MICHAEL AND JULIA SWEIG, EDS - Technology for the Common Good
046638: KNIGHT, MICHAEL AND DANY CHAN - Shanghai; Art of the City
036217: SCHUYT, MICHAEL AND JOOST ELFFERS - Fantastic Architecture; Personal and Eccentric Visions
037417: SNODIN, MICHAEL AND ELISABET STAENOW-HIDEMARK, EDS - Carl and Karin Larsson; Creators of the Swedish Style
046178: MICHAELIS, ADOLF - Die Archäologischen Entdeckungen Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts
018132: MICHAELIS, WILHELM - Einleitung in Das Neue Testament; Die Entstehung, Sammlung Und ûberliefierung Der Schriften Des Neuen Testaments
027216: MICHAELS, ALBERT L., ED - Studies on Latin America: A Miscellany
031541: MICHAELS, AXEL - Hinduism Past and Present
045224: MICHAELSON, KATHERINE - A Centenary Exhibition of the Work of David Octavius Hill 1802-1870 and Robert Adamson 1821-1848
013085: MICHAUT, G. - L'évolution Littéraire Du Moyen Age Français
019115: MICHAUX, HENRI - Ecuador; a Travel Journal
038699: MICHAUX, HENRI - Telegram from Dakar; a Poem
041964: BUTOR, MICHEL AND MICHEL LAUNAY - Résistances; Conversation Aux Antipodes
021539: MICHEL, HENRI - Vichy Année 40
003574: GORLIN, MICHEL AND RAISSA BLOCH-GORLINA - études Littéraires Et Historiques
672: MICHEL, PAUL-HENRI - Romanesque Wall Paintings in France. Introduction by Paul-Henri Michel
020358: MICHEL, PAUL-HENRI - La Fresque Romane
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033775: VAIL MOTTER, T. H. - The School Drama in England
043378: MOUGINIS-MARK, PETER J., ET AL. - Remote Sensing of Active Volcanism
034940: MOULAKIS, ATHANASIOS - Homonoia; Eintracht Und Die Entwicklung Eines Politischen BewußTseins
036904: MOULIN, GABRIEL - Gabriel Moulin's San Francsico Peninsula; Town and Country Homes 1910-1930
022250: MOULTON, CHARLES WELLS, ED - The Library of Literary Criticism of English and American Authors
024128: MOULTON, J. L. - The Royal Marines
023699: MOULTON, RICHARD G. - Shakespeare As a Dramatic Thinker; a Popular Illustration of Fiction As the Experimental Side of Philosophy
009715: MOULTON, HAROLD G. - Controlling Factors in Economic Development
030340: MOULTON, RICHARD G. - Shakespeare As a Dramatic Artist; a Popular Illustration of the Principles of Scientific Criticism
011499: MOUNTBATTEN, LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN, EARL - Mountbatten; Eighty Years in Pictures
003871: MOUNTFIELD, DAVID - A History of Polar Exploration
012250: MOUNTFORD, CHARLES P. - The First Sunrise; Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings by Ainslie Roberts
022937: MOUNTFORT, GUY - Portrait of a Desert; the Story of an Expedition to Jordan
034071: MOURGUES, ODETTE DE - Racine or the Triumph of Relevance
038785: MOURGUES, ODETTE DE - Metaphysical Baroque & Précieux Poetry
040759: MOURRET, FERNAUD - La Papauté
024342: MOUSSA, MUHAMMAD YOUSSEF - Islam and Humanity's Need of It
007680: MOUSSAVI, FAKHREDDIN - Guide to the Hanna Collection and Related Archival Materials at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace on the Role of Education in Twentieth Century Society
028953: MOUTAFCHIEVA, VERA P. - Agraian Relations in the Ottoman Empire in the 15th and 16th Centuries
010855: MOWAT, C. L. - Great Britain Since 1914
035898: MOWAT, LINDA - Cassava and Chicha; Bread and Beer of the Amazonian Indians
033925: MOWAT, FARLEY - Woman in the Mists; the Story of Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas of Africa
028954: MOWATT, D. G. - Friderich Von Hûsen: Introduction, Text, Commentary, and Glossary
002609: MOWINCKEL, SIGMUND - Zur Frage Nach Dokumentarischen Quellen in Josua 13-19
045635: MOWINCKEL, SIGMUND - Der Achtundsechzigste Psalm
017025: MOXHAM, ROY - The Great Hedge of India
004340: MOYA, MARTIN - Le Poesie
016989: MOYAL, ANN - Platypus; the Extraordinary Story of How a Curious Creature Baffled the World
018176: MOYER, ROY, ED - Dogançay
048883: MOYERS, BILL - The Language of Life; a Festival of Poets
046255: MOYES, PATRICIA - Black Girl, White Girl
032737: MOYNAHAN, BRIAN - Rasputin; the Saint Who Sinned
022285: MOYNIHAN, DANIEL PATRICK - Secrecy; the American Experience
030978: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Requiem. For Four-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices and Four Solo Voices with Piano Accompaniment
030976: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - The Marriage of Figaro; le Nozze Di Figaro. Complete Score
030975: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - The Magic Flute; Die Zauberflöte. In Full Score
039567: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail; Komisches Singspiel in 3 Akten. Kv 384: Partitura
030956: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Don Giovanni. Complete Orchestral and Vocal Score
030954: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Cosi Fan Tutte in Full Score
042092: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - The Magic Flute. Die Zauberflöte
018600: INTERNATIONALE STIFTUNG MOZARTEUM - Mozart-Gedenkstätten in Salzburg Mit Einem Verzeichnis Der in Mozarts Geburtshaus Ausgestellten Gegenstände
025663: MUCHNIC, SUZANNE - Odd Man in; Norton Simon and the Pursuit of Culture
030187: MUCHNIC, HELEN - From Gorky to Pasternak; Six Writers in Soviet Russia
017347: MUDROCH, VACLAW - The Wyclyf Tradition
029743: MUEHSAM, GERD - French Painters and Paintings from the Fourteenth Century to Post-Impressionism
040074: MUELDER, HERMANN R. - Missionaries and Muckrakers; the First Hundred Years of Knox College
043562: MUELLER, MARTIN - Children of Oedipus and Other Essays on the Imitation of Greek Tragedy 1550-1800
044874: MUELLER-DOMBOIS, DIETER, ET AL., EDS - Island Ecosystems; Biological Organization in Selected Hawaiian Communities
030979: MUELLER, JOHN - Astaire Dancing; the Musical Films
014229: MUENSTERBERGER, W. - Vincent Van Gogh: Drawings, Pastels, Studies
024345: MUHAMMAD, MAHMUD SAID - Islam Condemns Racial Discrimination
035857: MÜHLBERG, DIETRICH, ED - Prolatariat; Culture and Lifesytle in the 19th Century
017148: MUHLSTEIN, ANKA - La Salle, Explorer of the North American Frontier
032301: MUIR, D. ERSKINE - Machiavelli and His Times
025785: MUIR, KENNETH - The Singularity of Shakespeare and Other Essays
044272: MUIR, MARCIE - A History of Australian Childrens Book Illustrations
044716: MUIR, RICHARD - Riddles in the British Landscape
007502: MUIR, MALCOLM, JR. - The Human Tradition in the World War II Era
033866: MUIR, JOHN - John Muir: His Life and Letters and Other Writings
024346: MUIRHEAD, JOHN H. - The Platonic Tradition in Anglo-Saxon Philosophy; Studies in the History of Idealism in England and America
011511: MUIRHEAD, FINDLAY, ED - Great Britain
041447: MUIRHEAD, JOHN H. - The Platonic Tradition in Anglo-Saxon Philosophy; Studies in the History of Idealism in England and America
009793: MUKAROVSKY, HANS G., ED - Leo Reinisch: Werk Und Erbe
045268: MUKHERJEE, SIDDHARTHA - The Gene; an Intimate History
023756: MULHALL, MICHAEL G. - The Dictionary of Statistics
024997: MÜLLER, KURT - Leibniz-Bibliographie; Die Literatur über Leibniz
025806: MÜLLER, PETER - Alessandro Pepoli Als Gegenspieler Vittorio Alfieris; Ein Literarischer Wettstreit IM Settecento
021879: MÜLLER, ROLF, ET AL. - Laut Und Schrift in Dialekt Und Standardsprache
020042: MULLER, MARCIA - The Dangerous Hour
016748: MULLER, HERBERT J. - Science and Criticism; the Humanistic Tradition in Contemporary Thought
003422: MÜLLER, VALENTIN - Frühe Plastik in Griechenland Und Vorderasien; Ihre Typenbildung Von Der Neolithischen Bis in Die Griechisch-Archaische Zeit (Rund 3000 Bis 600 V. Chr. )
011885: MÜLLER, P. - Die Krankheiten Des Weiblichen Körpers in Ihren Wechselbeziehungen Zu Den Geschlecthsfunctionen
028210: MÜLLER, CHRISTINE - Outlier Robust Inference for Planned Experiments
034838: MÜLLER, EBERHARD - Russischer Intellekt in Europäischer Krise: Ivan V. Kireevskij (1806-1856)
042259: MULLER, CHARLES - Langue Française Et Linguistique Quantitative; Recueil D'Articles
040902: MÜLLER, NICOLE - Agents in Early Welsh and Early Irish
010635: MÜLLER, HANS-HEINRICH - Akademie Und Wirtschaft IM 18. Jahrhundert; Agrärökonomische Preisaufgaben Und Preisschriften Der PreußIschen Akademie Der Wissenschaften (Versuch, Tendenzen, Und ûberblick)
044900: MULLER, JERRY Z. - The Mind and the Market; Capitalism in Modern European Thought
016933: MULLER, THOMAS, ET AL. - The Fourth Wave; California's Newest Immigrants
044944: MULLER, H. F. - A Chronology of Vulgar Latin
019780: MÜLLER, JOACHIM - Yvan Goll IM Duetschen Expressionismus
013988: MÜLLER, J. G. - Die Semiten in Ihrem Verhältniß Zu Chamiten Und Japhetiten
045788: MULLER, GARI R., ED - Le Théâtre Au Moyen Age; Actes Du Deuxième Colloque de la Société Internationale Pour L'Etude Du Théâtre Médiéval, Alençon, 11-14 Juillet 1977
043445: MÜLLER, CARL WERNER - Erysichthon; Der Mythos Als Narrative Metapher IM Demeterhymnos Des Kallimachos
044626: MULLER, HENRY FRANÇOIS - L'Epoque Mérovingienne; Essai de Synthèse de Philologie Et D'Histoire
031644: MULLIGAN, WILLIAM C. - The Adventurous Gardener's Sourcebook of Rare and Unusual Plants
015174: MULLINS, EDWIN, ED - The Arts of Britain
042145: MULLOOLY, JOSEPH - Saint Clement, Pope and Martyr and His Basilica in Rome
009732: MULON, MARIANNE - L'Onomastique Française; Bibliographie Des Travuax Publiés de 1960 à 1985
043023: MULTATULI - Multatuliana
036546: MUMBY, FRANK A. - The Romance of Book Selling; a History from the Earliest Times to the Twentieth Century
030092: MUNBY, A. N. L. - Cambridge College Libraries; Aids for Research Students
006424: MUNCK, JOHANNES - Christus Und Israel; Eine Auslegung Von RöM 9-11
049034: MUNDAY, ANTHON - The Death of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon, by Anthony Munday 1601
049019: GU[ETH]MUNDSSON - Islandsk Grammatik; Islansk Nutidssprog
044080: MUNIER, CHARLES - Vie Conciliaire Et Collections Canoniques En Occident, Ive-Xiie Siècles
028623: MUNITZ, MILTON K. - The Mystery of Existence; an Essay in Philosophical Cosmology
039280: MUNNELL, ALICIA H. - The Economics of Private Pensions
039281: MUNNELL, ALICIA H. - The Future of Social Security
010070: MUÑOA, JUAN IGNACIO - Los Pueblos Prehistoricos Del Territorio Uruguayo
033759: MUNOWITZ, MICHAEL - Knowing; the Nature of Physical Law
038865: MUNRO, ELEANOR - Originals; American Women Artists
042801: MUNRO, ROBERT - Palaeolithic Man and Terramara Settlements in Europe
037235: MUNRO, HECTOR HUGH - Saki: The Fiction Complete and Unabridged
038964: MUNRO, THOMAS - Oriental Aesthecits
014952: MUNSEY, CECIL - Disneyana; Walt Disney Collectibles
015950: MUNSON, KENNETH - American Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour
029929: MUNSON, THOMAS N. - The Essential Wisdom of George Santayana
045748: MUNSON, JAMES - Maria Fitzherbert, the Secret Wife of George IV
007681: MUNSON, GORHAM - The Awakening Twenties; a Memoir-History of a Literary Period
049437: MUNSON, RONALD - Raising the Dead; Organ Transplants, Ethics, and Society
014313: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - Art of India and Southeast Asia
014266: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - The Japanese Print; a Historical Guide
014275: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - Art of the Far East
029020: MÜNSTERBERG, OSKAR - Chinesische Kunstgeschichte
014279: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - The Arts of Japan; an Illustrated History
025812: MÜNZ, SIGMUND - Fürst Bülow, Der Staatsmann Und Mensch. Aufzeichnungen, Erinnerungen Und Erwägungen
049180: MUNZ, PETER - Life in the Age of Charlemagne
036620: MUNZ, PHILIP A. - Shore Wildflowers of California, Oregon and Washington
036621: MUNZ, PHILIP A. - California Mountain Wildflowers
048055: MUNZ, PETER - The Shapes of Time; a New Look at the Philosophy of History
037467: ROSENBERG (SALLY) MÜNZENHANDLUNG - Verzeichnis XXV. Verkäuflicher Münzen Und Medaillen
010175: MUNZER, MARTHA E. - Valley of Vision; the Tva Years
028804: MUNZINGER, CARL - Japan Und Die Japaner
049796: MURAKAMI, YASUSUKE - An Anticlassical Political-Economic Analysis; a Vision for the Next Century

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