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044878: MUIR, JOHN - John Muir; the Eight Wilderness Discovery Books
044272: MUIR, MARCIE - A History of Australian Childrens Book Illustrations
044716: MUIR, RICHARD - Riddles in the British Landscape
007502: MUIR, MALCOLM, JR. - The Human Tradition in the World War II Era
033866: MUIR, JOHN - John Muir: His Life and Letters and Other Writings
042053: MUIR, EDWARD - CIVIC Ritual in Renaissance Venice
024346: MUIRHEAD, JOHN H. - The Platonic Tradition in Anglo-Saxon Philosophy; Studies in the History of Idealism in England and America
011511: MUIRHEAD, FINDLAY, ED - Great Britain
041447: MUIRHEAD, JOHN H. - The Platonic Tradition in Anglo-Saxon Philosophy; Studies in the History of Idealism in England and America
009793: MUKAROVSKY, HANS G., ED - Leo Reinisch: Werk Und Erbe
045268: MUKHERJEE, SIDDHARTHA - The Gene; an Intimate History
044100: MULDOON, JAMES - Popes, Lawyers, and Infidels; the Church and the Non-Christian World 1250-1550
023756: MULHALL, MICHAEL G. - The Dictionary of Statistics
024997: MÜLLER, KURT - Leibniz-Bibliographie; Die Literatur über Leibniz
025806: MÜLLER, PETER - Alessandro Pepoli Als Gegenspieler Vittorio Alfieris; Ein Literarischer Wettstreit IM Settecento
021879: MÜLLER, ROLF, ET AL. - Laut Und Schrift in Dialekt Und Standardsprache
020042: MULLER, MARCIA - The Dangerous Hour
016748: MULLER, HERBERT J. - Science and Criticism; the Humanistic Tradition in Contemporary Thought
003422: MÜLLER, VALENTIN - Frühe Plastik in Griechenland Und Vorderasien; Ihre Typenbildung Von Der Neolithischen Bis in Die Griechisch-Archaische Zeit (Rund 3000 Bis 600 V. Chr. )
011885: MÜLLER, P. - Die Krankheiten Des Weiblichen Körpers in Ihren Wechselbeziehungen Zu Den Geschlecthsfunctionen
028210: MÜLLER, CHRISTINE - Outlier Robust Inference for Planned Experiments
034838: MÜLLER, EBERHARD - Russischer Intellekt in Europäischer Krise: Ivan V. Kireevskij (1806-1856)
042259: MULLER, CHARLES - Langue Française Et Linguistique Quantitative; Recueil D'Articles
002224: MÜLLER, HORST - Hintersteinau; Kreis Schlüchtern
040902: MÜLLER, NICOLE - Agents in Early Welsh and Early Irish
010635: MÜLLER, HANS-HEINRICH - Akademie Und Wirtschaft IM 18. Jahrhundert; Agrärökonomische Preisaufgaben Und Preisschriften Der PreußIschen Akademie Der Wissenschaften (Versuch, Tendenzen, Und ûberblick)
044900: MULLER, JERRY Z. - The Mind and the Market; Capitalism in Modern European Thought
044901: MULLER, JERRY Z., ED - Conservatism; an Anthrology of Social and Political Thought from David Hume to the Present
016933: MULLER, THOMAS, ET AL. - The Fourth Wave; California's Newest Immigrants
044944: MULLER, H. F. - A Chronology of Vulgar Latin
019780: MÜLLER, JOACHIM - Yvan Goll IM Duetschen Expressionismus
013988: MÜLLER, J. G. - Die Semiten in Ihrem Verhältniß Zu Chamiten Und Japhetiten
043445: MÜLLER, CARL WERNER - Erysichthon; Der Mythos Als Narrative Metapher IM Demeterhymnos Des Kallimachos
044626: MULLER, HENRY FRANÇOIS - L'Epoque Mérovingienne; Essai de Synthèse de Philologie Et D'Histoire
031644: MULLIGAN, WILLIAM C. - The Adventurous Gardener's Sourcebook of Rare and Unusual Plants
015174: MULLINS, EDWIN, ED - The Arts of Britain
042145: MULLOOLY, JOSEPH - Saint Clement, Pope and Martyr and His Basilica in Rome
009732: MULON, MARIANNE - L'Onomastique Française; Bibliographie Des Travuax Publiés de 1960 à 1985
043023: MULTATULI - Multatuliana
036546: MUMBY, FRANK A. - The Romance of Book Selling; a History from the Earliest Times to the Twentieth Century
030092: MUNBY, A. N. L. - Cambridge College Libraries; Aids for Research Students
006424: MUNCK, JOHANNES - Christus Und Israel; Eine Auslegung Von RöM 9-11
044080: MUNIER, CHARLES - Vie Conciliaire Et Collections Canoniques En Occident, Ive-Xiie Siècles
028623: MUNITZ, MILTON K. - The Mystery of Existence; an Essay in Philosophical Cosmology
039280: MUNNELL, ALICIA H. - The Economics of Private Pensions
039281: MUNNELL, ALICIA H. - The Future of Social Security
010070: MUÑOA, JUAN IGNACIO - Los Pueblos Prehistoricos Del Territorio Uruguayo
033759: MUNOWITZ, MICHAEL - Knowing; the Nature of Physical Law
038865: MUNRO, ELEANOR - Originals; American Women Artists
042801: MUNRO, ROBERT - Palaeolithic Man and Terramara Settlements in Europe
037235: MUNRO, HECTOR HUGH - Saki: The Fiction Complete and Unabridged
038964: MUNRO, THOMAS - Oriental Aesthecits
014952: MUNSEY, CECIL - Disneyana; Walt Disney Collectibles
015950: MUNSON, KENNETH - American Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour
029929: MUNSON, THOMAS N. - The Essential Wisdom of George Santayana
007681: MUNSON, GORHAM - The Awakening Twenties; a Memoir-History of a Literary Period
014313: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - Art of India and Southeast Asia
014266: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - The Japanese Print; a Historical Guide
014275: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - Art of the Far East
029020: MÜNSTERBERG, OSKAR - Chinesische Kunstgeschichte
014279: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - The Arts of Japan; an Illustrated History
025812: MÜNZ, SIGMUND - Fürst Bülow, Der Staatsmann Und Mensch. Aufzeichnungen, Erinnerungen Und Erwägungen
036620: MUNZ, PHILIP A. - Shore Wildflowers of California, Oregon and Washington
036621: MUNZ, PHILIP A. - California Mountain Wildflowers
037467: ROSENBERG (SALLY) MÜNZENHANDLUNG - Verzeichnis XXV. Verkäuflicher Münzen Und Medaillen
010175: MUNZER, MARTHA E. - Valley of Vision; the Tva Years
028804: MUNZINGER, CARL - Japan Und Die Japaner
691: MURATOFF, PAUL - Fra Angelico
692: MURATOFF, PAUL - Thirty Five Russian Primitives; Jacques Zolotnitzky's Collection. Preface B Y Henri Focillon
018177: MURAY, NICKOLAS - The Revealing Eye
008416: MURCHLAND, BERNARD, ED - The Meaning of the Death of God; Protestant, Jewish and Catholic Scholars Explore Atheistic Theology
038815: MURDOCH, WILLIAM W. - The Poverty of Nations; the Political Economy of Hunger and Population
019137: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Philosopher's Pupil
029829: MURDOCH, JOHN, ET AL. - The English Miniature
035734: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Green Knight
023877: MURE, G. R. G. - Aristotle
014838: MURFIN, LYN - Popular Leisure in the Lake Counties
026003: MURGER, HENRY - Scènes de la Vie de Bohème
040821: MURNER, THOMAS - Die Mühle Von Schwindelsheim Und Gredt Müllerin Jahrzeit
028107: MURNER, THOMAS - Narrenbeschwörung
035017: MURNER, THOMAS - Narrenbeschwörung (Text Und Bilder Der Ersten Ausgabe)
035855: MURNER, THOMAS - Die Mühle Von Schwindelsheim. StraßBurg, Matthias Hupfuff 1515
035016: MURNER, THOMAS - Schelmenzunft Nach Den Beiden ältesten Drucken
012448: MUROMTSEV, A. M. - The Principal Hydrological Features of the Pacific Ocean
022669: MURPHY, CELESTE G. - The People of the Pueblo; the Story of Sonoma
008638: MURPHY, BRUCE ALLEN - The Brandeis/Frankfurter Connection; the Secret Political Activities of Two Supreme Court Justices
019755: MURPHY, JAMES J., ED - The Rhetorical Tradition and Modern Writing
018369: MURPHY, GLENN - Elements of Nuclear Engineering
002611: MURPHY, FREDERICK J. - Pseudo-Philo; Rewriting the Bible
026739: MURPHY, ROY E., JR. - Adaptive Processes in Economic Systems
031646: MURPHY, EMMETT - Great Bordellos of the World; an Illustrated History
023349: MURRAY, R. EMMETT - The Lexicon of Labor; More Than 500 Terms, Biographical Sketches, and Historical Insights Concerning Labor in America
024986: MURRAY, A. VICTOR - The State and the Church in a Free Society
034160: MURRAY, PETER B. - A Study of Cyril Tourneur
026602: MURRAY, GILBERT - Essays & Addresses
026603: MURRAY, GILBERT - Five Stages of Greek Religion
026604: MURRAY, GILBERT - Greek Studies
026958: MURRAY, RAYMOND - Images in the Dark; an Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video
031856: MURRAY, GILBERT - Aristophanes; a Study
008935: KENDALL, PAUL MURRAY AND VINCENT ILARDI - Dispatches with Related Documents of Milanese Ambassadors in France and Burgund, 1459-1483
009103: MURRAY, PETER - Architecture of the Renaissance
028039: GELL-MANN, MURRAY AND YUVAL NE'EMAN - The Eightfold Way
033597: MURRAY, K. M. ELISABETH - Caught in the Web of Words; James A.H. Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary
029538: MURRAY, LINDA - Michelangelo; His Life, Work and Times
017152: MILGATE, MURRAY AND SHANNON C. STIMSON - Ricardian Politics
011695: MURRAY, ROBERT H. - Dublin University and the New World; a Memorial Discourse Preached in the Chapel of Trinity College, Dublin, May 23, 1921
044997: MURRAY, ALEXANDER - Suicide in the Middle Ages. Vol. I: The Violent Against Themselves
035311: MURRAY, MARGO - Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring; How to Facilitate an Effective Mentoring Program
044740: MURRAY, OSWYN - Early Greece
034880: MURRAY, LINDA - Michelangelo
004482: MURRILL, RUPERT IVAN - Cranial and Postcranial Skeletal Remains from Easter Island
004932: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - Keats and Shakespeare; a Study of Keat's Poetic Life from 1816 to 1820
043852: MUSADDIQ, MOHAMMAD - Musaddiz's Memoirs
045474: MUSCA, GIOSUÈ - IL Venerabile Beda Storico Dell'Alto Medioevo
027907: MUSCATINE, DORIS - Old San Francisco; the Biography of a City from Early Days to the Earthquake
037448: MUSCATINE, DORIS, ET AL, EDS - The University of California/Sotheby Book of California Wine
039070: MUSCATINE, DORIS - The Vinegar of Spilamberto and Other Italian Adventures with Food, Places and People
038633: MUSCHG, ADOLF - Der Rote Ritter; Eine Geschichte Von Parzival
028604: MUSCHG, WALTER - Tragische Literaturgeschichte
021630: MUSCHLER, REINHOLD CONRAD - Philipp Zu Eulenburg; Sein Leben Und Seine Zeit
013250: MÜSELER, WILHELM - Geist Und Antlitz Der Gotik
013251: MÜSELER, WILHELM - Geist Und Antlitz Der Romanischen Zeit
026024: MÜSELER, WILHELM - Geist Und Antlitz Des Barock
041787: MERRIMACK VALLEY TEXTILE MUSEUM - All Sorts of Good Sufficient Cloth: Linen-Making in New England 1640-1860
044217: PEABODY & ESSEX MUSEUM - A Pleasing Novelty": Bunkio Matsuki and the Japane Craze in Victorian Salem
026284: EGYPTIAN MUSEUM - A Brief Description of the Principal Monuments
026475: KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM - Katalog Der Gemäldegalerie. I. Teil: Italiener, Spanier, Franzosen, Engländer
018292: BRITISH MUSEUM - British Museum General Catalogue of Printed Books to 1955
029662: J. B. SPEED ART MUSEUM - Nineteenth Century French Sculpture: Monuments for the Middle Class
032424: SEATTLE ART MUSEUM - In Pursuit of the Dragon; Traditions and Transitions in Ming Ceramics
038371: WORCESTER ART MUSEUM - Art Through Fifty Centuries from the Collections of the Worcester Art Museum
293: BRITISH MUSEUM - Department of Manuscripts. Facsimiles of Royal & Other Charters in the Vol. I: William I-Rich Ard I. Edited by George F. Warner and Henry J. Ellis
035373: COOPER-HEWITT MUSEUM - Matchsafes in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
042995: NEWPORT ART MUSEUM - Newportraits
045157: BRITISH MUSEUM - A Guide to the Anglo-Saxon and Foreign Teutonic Antiquities in the Department of British and Mediaeval Antiquities
032391: NEWARK MUSEUM - Catalogue of the Newark Museum Tibetan Collection
038307: ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM - Catalogue of the Collection of Dutch and Flemish Still-Life Pictures Bequeathed by Daisy Linda Ward
005658: MUSGRAVE, PETER - Land and Economy in Baroque Italy: Valpolicella, 1630-1797
009203: MUSGRAVE, PETER - Land and Economy in Baroque Italy: Valpolicella, 1630-1797
030738: INTERNATIONALE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR MUSIKWISSENSCHAFT, 7TH - Bericht über Den Siebenten Internationalen Musikwissenschaftlichen Kongress Köln 1958
041051: MUSIL, ROBERT - Der Deutsche Mensch Als Symptom
009109: MUSPER, H. TH - Gotische Malerei Nördlich Der Alpen
035465: MUSPER, H. T. - Netherlandisch Painting from Van Eyck to Bosch
044411: MUSSET, LUCIEN - Les Invasions; le Second Assaut Contre L'Europe Chrétienne (Viie-Xie Siècles)
021029: MUSSOLINI, BENITO - Sprito Della Rivoluzione Fascista
003944: MUSSON, A. E. - The Typographical Association; Origins and History Up to 1949
030983: MUSSORGSKY, MODEST - Sorochinskaya Fair. Vocal Score
043026: MUSTER, D., ED - Proceedings--Symposium on the Theory of Shells to Honor Lloyd Hamilton Donnell
044826: MUYSKEN, PIETER - Functional Categories
025972: MYDANS, CARL - Carl Mydans, Photojournalist
027733: MYERHOFF, BARBARA G. - Der Peyote Kult
019168: MYERS, ANDRES B., ED - The Worlds of Washington Irving, 1783-1859
1457: (PRATT FESTSCHRIFT). EDITED BY GERALD E. MYERS - Self, Religion, and Metaphysics; Essays in Memory of James Bissett Pratt
018690: MYERS, ROLLO - Emmanuel Chabrier and His Circle
017736: MYERS, J. M., ET AL., EDS - Biblical Studies in Memory of H.C. Alleman
020826: MYERS, FRED A. - Art Treasures of Gilcrease Museum
018282: MYERS, J. M., ET AL., EDS - Search the Scriptures; New Testament Studies in Honor of Raymond T. Stamm
038733: MYERS, ROBIN - A Dictionary of Literature in the English Language from Chaucer to 1940
045409: MYERS, A. R. - London in the Age of Chaucer
040485: MYERS, JAMES T., ET AL., EDS - Chinese Politics; Documents and Analysis
015013: MYERSON, JEREMY - Design; the World of Minale Tattersfield
033174: MYERSON, JOEL, ED - The Cambridge Companion to Henry David Thoreau
026605: MYLONAS, GEORGE E. - Mycenae and the Mycenaean Age
014520: MYRDAL, JAN - Report from a Chinese Village
007062: MYRDAL, GUNNAR - Asian Drama; an Inquiry Into the Poverty of Nations
033617: MYRES, J. N. L. - The English Settlements
020775: HARBERT EARL N. - The Force So Much Closer to Home; Henry Adams and the Adams Family
044693: KLAUSNER, DAVID N. AND KAREN SAWYER MARSALEK, EDS - Bring Furth the Pagants: Essays in Early English Drama Presented to Alexandra F. Johnston
003997: MCCORD N. AND D. J. ROWE - Northumberland and Durham; Industry in the Nineteenth Century
021403: KITTREI, NICHOLAS N. AND ELDON D. WEDLOCK, JR. - The Tree of Liberty; a Documentary History of Rebellion and Political Crime in America
044047: WASSERMAN, JULIAN N. AND ROBERT J. BLANCH, EDS - Chaucer in the Eighties
038629: LASAREW, W. N. AND M. A. ILJIN - Der Barock
045249: SHEPARD, ROGER N. AND LYNN A. COOPER - Mental Images and Their Transformations
038482: VORONOV, N. AND E. RACHUK - Soviet Glass; Verre Sovietique; Sowjetisches Glas
042146: PIERCE, PHILIP N. AND KARL SCHUON - John H. Glenn Astronaut
032847: COFER, C. N. AND M. H. APPLEY - Motivation: Theory and Research
043413: WRIGHT, RICHARD N. AND SAMUEL KRAMER - Building Performance in the 1972 Managua Earthquake
033697: LAZAREV, VIKTOR N. AND O. I. PODOBEDOVA - Drevne-Russkoe Iskusstvo; Problemy I Atributsii
014833: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVICH - Nabokov's Butterflies; Unpublished and Uncollected Writings
002963: GRECO-NACCARATO, GAETANO - Cattedrali Su Sibari Arcaica
005614: NADAL, RAFAEL MARTINEZ - Federico Garcia Lorca and the Public; a Study of an Unfinished Play and of Love and Death in Lorca's Work
033320: GORODETZKY, NADEJA AND JESSIE COULSON, EDS - Russian Short Stories Xxth Century
030130: GORODNETZKY, NADEJKA AND JESSIE COULSON, EDS - Russian Short Stories: Xxth Century
043689: NADEL, S. F. - Nupe Religion
038713: NADKARNI, M. V. - The Political Economy of Forest Use and Management
044837: NAEF, WESTON J. - The Collection of Alfred Stieglitz; Fifty Pioneers of Modern Photography
039191: NAESTED, HENNING - Engelsk-Dansk Synonym-Ordbog; Engelske Synonymer Forklaret På Dansk
035099: NAFZIGER, G. F. - The Armies of Westphalia and Cleves-Berg 1806-1815
003921: NAGEL, PAUL C. - This Sacred Trust; American Nationality, 1798-1898
016705: NAGEL, PAUL C. - Descent from Glory; Four Generations of the John Adams Family
011891: NAGEL, ERNEST, ET AL. - Observation and Theory in Science
028955: NAGEL, BERT - Das Nibelungenlied: Stoff--Form--Ethos
043979: NAGEL, THOMAS - Other Minds; Critical Essays 1969-1994
045344: NAGEL, PAUL C. - One Nation Indisible; the Union in American Thought, 1776-1861
002836: NAGL, LUDWIG - Gesellschaft Und Autonomie; Historisch-Systematische Studien Zur Entwicklung Der Sozialtheorie Von Hegel Bis Habermas
026751: NAGLER, MICHAEL N. - Is There No Other Way? the Search for a Nonviolent Future
033189: NAGLER, A. M. - Shakespeare's Stage
020766: NAGY, IMRE - Imre Nagy on Communism; in Defense of the New Course
039998: CHRISTOPH DE NAGY, N. - The Poetry of Ezra Pound: The Pre-Imagist Stage
023346: NAHIN, PAUL J. - Time Machines; Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science Fiction
045164: NAHIN, PAUL J. - Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula Cures Many Mathematical Ills
015403: NAHUM, BARON STIRLING HENRY - Baron at the Ballet
015404: NAHUM, BARON STIRLING HENRY - Baron Encore
015405: NAHUM, BARON STIRLING HENRY - Baron's Ballet Finale
005256: NAIR, KUSUM - Three Bowls of Rice; India and Japan, Century of Effort
010326: NAIRN, RONALD C. - International Aid to Thailand; the New Colonialism
023652: NAISBITT, JOHN - Megatrends Asia; Eight Asian Megatrends That Are Reshaping Our World
042183: NAJAM, EDWARD W., ED - Language Learning: The Individual and the Process. Report of the Indiana Univeirsity--Purdue University Foreign Language Conference Held at Indiana University, March 11-13, 1965
010252: NAKAMURA, JAMES I. - Agricutlrual Production and the Economic Development of Japan, 1873-1922
014277: NAKAMURA, TANIO - Contemporary Japanese-Style Painting
039004: NAKATA, YUJIRO, ED - Chinese Calligraphy
045072: NAKAYAMA, SHOZEN - The Short History of Tenrikyo
039703: NALL, T. OTTO - How Our Bishiops Served the Chinese; Methodist in Conference at Wesley Grove in Taiwan
002160: INTERNATIONALER KONGRESS FÜR NAMENFORSCHUNG, 10TH - Abhandlungen, Proceedings, Actes: Disputationes Ad Montium Vocabula Aliorumque Nominums Significationes Pertinentes
004687: NAMIER, LEWIS - Crossroads of Power; Essays on Eighteenth-Century England
008306: NANCE, JOHN - The Gentle Tasaday; a Stone Age People in the Philippine Rain Forest
004484: NANCE, JOHN - The Gentle Tasaday; a Sone Age Poeple in the Philippine Rain Forest
037146: HELLELR, NANCY AND JULIA WILLIAMS - The Regionalists
039199: RUGGLES, NANCY AND RICHARD RUGGLES - The Design of Economic Accounts
044522: HELLER, NANCY AND JULIA WILLIAMS - The Regionalists
002357: REDCLIFT, NANEKE AND ENZO MINGIONE - Beyond Employment; Household, Gender and Subsistence
029863: NANTEUIL, LUC DE - Jacques-Louis David
028445: NAP, J. M. - Die Römische Republik Um Das J. 225 V. Chr. ; Ihre Damalige Politik, Gesetze Und Legenden
041993: NAPOLITANO, GIORGIO - Proposta Di Progetto a Medio Termine
024041: VIDAL-NAQUET, PIERRE - The Black Hunter; Forms of Thought and Forms of Society in the Greek World
035964: NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE - Aharaku; the Enigmataic Ukiyo-E Master
037568: NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE - Studies in Nature; Hokusai--Hiroshige
045113: NARBOROUGH, JOHN, ET AL. - An Account of Several Voyages to the South and North
037893: NARELL, IRENA - Our City; the Jews of San Francisco
042817: NARVÁEZ, LUIS DE - Composiciones Escogidas de El Delphin de Música (1538) de Narváez
035976: NASH, STEVEN A. - Facing Eden; 100 Years of Landscape Art in the Bay Area
035514: NASH, DAVID - Wood Primer; the Sculpture of David Nash
009735: NASH, ROSE - Turkish Intonation; an Instrumental Study
015101: NASH, LEONARD K. - The Atomic-Molecular Theory
019979: NASH, PHILLEO - The Excavation of Ross Mound Group I.
037126: NASH, GEORGE - Edward Gordon Craig 1872-1966
034773: OVIDIUS NASO, PUBLIUS - Metamorphoses
034718: OVIDIUS NASO, PUBLIUS - Ovid with an English Translation: Heroides and Amores
006947: NASON, RICHARD - Boiled Grass and the Broth of Shoes; Reconstructing Literary Deconstruction
033540: NASON, ARTHUR HUNTINGTON - James Shirley, Dramatist: A Bibliographical and Critical Study
019575: NASSAR, EUGENE PAUL - Wallace Stevens; an Anatomy of Figuration
028662: AL-NASSIR, A. A. - Sibawayh the Phonologist; a Critical Study of the Phonetic and Phonological Theory of Sibawayh As Presented in His Treatise Al-Kitab
018691: NASSOUR, ELLIS - Honky Tonk Angel; the Intimate Story of Patsy Cline
032573: NATALI, GIULIO - IL Settecento
037041: GOZZANO, NATALIA AND PATRIZIA TOSINI - La Cappelle Contarelli in San Luigi Dei Francesi; Arte E Comittenza Nella Roma Di Caravaggio
012051: NATENBERG, MAURICE - The Legacy of Dotor Wiley and the Administration of His Food and Drug Act
044104: NATHAN, JOAN - Jewish Cooking in America
036084: NATHAN, AMY - Fruit
002838: NATHANSON, LEONARD - The Strategy of Truth; a Study of Sir Thomas Browne
012223: BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE - La Légende Napoléonienne 1796-1900
004036: BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE - Le Livre Anglais; Trésors Des Collections Anglaises
044334: BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE - La Librairie de Charles V.
004185: BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE - Byzance Et la France Médiévale; Manuscrits à Peintures Du Iie Au Xvie Siècle
043856: BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE - Trésors Des Bibliothèques D'Italie Ive-Xvie Siècles
033371: NATIVEL, COLETTE, ED - Centuriae Latinae; Cent Une Figures Humanistes de la Renaissance Aux Lumières Offertes à Jacques Chomarat
015955: NATKIEL, RICHARD - Atlas of American Military History
036591: NATKIN, MARCEL - Portraiture and the Camera
025223: NATORP, PAUL - Hermann Cohens Philosophische Leistung Unter Dem Gesichtspunkte Des Systems
010253: NATSUME, SOSEKI - Kokoro
036727: NATSUME, SOSEKI - The Wayfarer; Kojin
014915: NAU, HENRY R. - The Myth of America's Decline; Leding the World Economy Into the 1990s
038898: NAUMANN, HANS - Die Minnesinger in Bildern Der Manessischen Handschrift
021647: NAUNYN, BERNHARD - Erinnerungen, Gedanken Und Meinungen
007039: NAWRATH, ALFRED - Egypt, the Land between Sand and Nile
031862: NAYLOR, H. DARNLEY - Latin and English Idiom; an Object Lession from Livy's Preface
033159: NAYLOR, EDWARD W. - Shakespeare and Music
010066: NEAD, LYNDA - Chila Kumari Burman; Beyond Two Cultures
023940: NEAL, BILL - Getting Away with Murder on the Texas Frontier; Notirous Killings & Celbrated Trials
026549: NEAL, BILL - From Guns to Gavels; How Justice Grew Up in the Outlaw West
003015: NEAL, DAVID S. - The Excavation of the Roman Villa in Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead, 1963-8
030607: NEAL, BILL - Sex, Murder & the Unwritten Law; Gender and Judicial Mayhem, Texas Style
030640: NEAL, BILL - Getting Away with Murder on the Texas Frontier; Notorious Killings & Celebrated Trials
004663: NEAL, FRED WARNER - Titoism in Action; the Reforms in Yugoslavia After 1948
037886: NEAL, AVON - Scarecrows
036514: NEAL, ERNEST - The Badger
011893: NEALE, E. R. W., ED - The Earth Sciences in Canada; a Centennial Appraisal and Forecast
005142: NEALE, R. S. - Class and Ideology in the Nineteenth Century
021389: NEALEY, STANLEY M., ET AL. - Public Opinion and Nuclear Energy
008202: NEALON, JEFFREY T. - Double Reading; Postmodernism After Deconstruction
024987: NEANDER, AUGUSTUS - History of the Planting and Training of the Christian Church by the Apostles
024503: NEAT, CHARLES MARIE, SISTER - German Literature and Literary Criticism As Reflected in the German Catholic Magazine Literarischer Handweiser from 1861 to 1931
017106: NECATIGIL, ZAIM M. - The Cyprus Question and the Turkish Postition in International Lawl
036539: NECKER, CLAIRE - The Natural History of Cats
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024066: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE - Florence Nightingale on Health in India
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042759: NIKETAS, ANASTASIOS A. - Ereunai Epi Ton Pegon Tou Lexikou Tou Erotianou; to [Roblema Tes Proeleuseos Ton Me Hippokratikon Lemmaton Autou Kai Ai Semasiai Touton En Te Archaeia Hellenike Grammateia
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017034: SHMELEV, NIKOLAI AND VLADIMIR POPOV - The Turning Point; Revitalizing the Soviet Economy
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041100: NITZSCHE, JANE CHANCE - The Genius Figure in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
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016713: NIVEN, JOHN - John C. Calhoun and the Price of Union; a Biography
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010445: NIXON, EDGAR B., ED - Franklin D. Roosevelt and Foreign Affairs
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016383: NOBLE, DAVID W. - The Eternal Adam and the New World Garden; the Central Myth in the American Novel Since 1830
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022778: DESROCHES-NOBLECOURT, CHRISTIANE - Tutankhamen; Life and Death of a Pharaoh
026759: NOCERA, JOSEPH - A Piece of the Action; How the Middle Class Joined the Money Class
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029553: NOEL, BERNARD - David
041217: NOGARA, BARTOLOMEO - Gli Etruschi E la Loro Civiltà
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029311: NOIVILLE, FLORENCE - Isaac B. Singer; a Life
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020458: NOLAN, BARBARA - The Gothic Visionary Perspective
018695: NOLAN, LIAM - The Life of Smetana; the Pain & the Glory
005942: NOLAN, ALAN T. - Lee Considered; General Robert E. Lee and CIVIL War History
015965: NOLAN, DICK - Benjamin Franklin Butler, the Damnedests Yankee
026070: NOLDE, EMIL - Emil Nolde; Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen Und Druckgraphik
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028048: NOLTE, CARL - The San Francisco Century; a City Rises from the Ruins of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire
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032405: NOMA, SEIROKU - The Arts of Japan: Late Medieval to Modern
026776: NOMACHI, KAZUYOSHI - Tibet
032027: SONG NONG, ED - Chinese Medicated Liquor Therapy
040705: NOONAN, DAMIEN - The Daily Telegraph Castles & Ancient Monuments of England
020185: NOONAN, PEGGY - The Case Against Hillary Clinton
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043890: NORBERG, DAG - Introduction à L'étude de la Versification Latine Médiévale
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040428: NORDENFELT, LENNART - Explanation of Human Actions
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011011: BRANSON, NOREEN AND MARGOT HEINEMANN - Britain in the 1930's
037260: NOREN, CATHERINE HANF - The Camera of My Family
036977: NORFLEET, BARBARA P. - When We Liked Ike; Looking for Postwar America
037404: NORFLEET, BARBARA - Manscape with Beasts
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044978: NORTH, ROGER - General Preface & Life of Dr John North
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016903: VAN NORTWICK, THOMAS - Somewhere I Have Never Travelled; the Second Self and the Hero's Journey in Ancient Epic
039178: NORWAK, MARY - The Farmhouse Kitchen
037998: NORWAK, MARY, ET AL. - Cooking Into Europe
038205: NORWAK, MARY - The Farmhouse Kitchen
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006922: NOYES, ROBERT GALE - Ben Jonson on the English Stage, 1660-1776
1415: NOZICK, ROBERT - Philosophical Explanations
042086: NOZICK, ROBERT - Philosophical Explanations
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038924: NUNBERG, E. - Talking Right. How Conservatives Turned Liberalism Into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show
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034066: NUTTALL, A. D. - Two Concepts of Allegory; a Study of Shakespeare's the Tempest and the Logic of Allegorical Expression
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043930: NUTTING, ANTHONY - The Arabs; a Narrative History from Mohammed to the Present
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020764: NUTTING, ANTHONY - Europe Will Not Wait; a Warning and a Way out
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022475: OAKESHOTT, MICHAEL - On History and Other Essays
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034199: OATES, STEPHEN B. - With Malice Toward None; the Life of Abraham Lincoln
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016807: OKEY, ROBIN - The Habsburg Monarchy, from Enlightenment to Eclipse
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039019: OLAFSON, FREDERICK A. - The Dialectic of Action; a Philosophical Interpretation of History and the Humanities
037087: OLAUSEN, JUDY - Mother. Photographs by Judy Olausen
036237: OLD, TOBY - Toby Old: Waterlog, the Beach Series
040994: OLDER, FREMONT - My Own Story
015970: OLDFIELD, BARNEY - Never a Shot in Anger
015971: OLDFIELD, BARNEY - Operation Narcissus
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020174: OLSON, BARBARA - The Final Days; the Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House
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018701: ONNEN, FRANK - Stravinsky
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036259: OPTON, SUZANNE - Suzanne Opton: Soldier
011264: L'ORANGE, H. P. - Art Forms and CIVIC Life in the Late Roman Empire
031827: L'ORANGE, H. P. - Art Forms and CIVIC Life in the Late Roman Empire
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032549: ORGEL, STEPHEN - The Jonsonian Masque
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033062: ORMESSON, WLADIMIR, COMTE DE - De Saint-Pétersbourg à Rome
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014710: ORMSBEE, THOMAS H. - Early American Furniture Makers; a Social and Biographical Study
026754: ORNIG, JOSEPH R. - My Last Chance to Be a Boy; Theodore Roosevelt's South American Expedition of 1913-1914
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004445: OSBORNE, THOMAS J. - Empire Can Wait"; American Opposition to Hawaiian Annexation, 1893-1898
027121: OSBORNE, HAROLD - South American Mythology
014954: OSBORNE, HAROLD, ED - An Illustrated Companion to the Decorative Arts
031065: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The World Theaetre of Wagner; a Celebration of 150 Years of Wagner Productions
031066: OSBORNE, RICHARD - Rossini
031064: OSBORNE, CHARLES - Verdi; a Life in the Theatre
031063: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The Complete Operas of Mozart; a Critical Guide
042079: OSBORNE, HAROLD, ED - The Oxford Companion to Art
030758: OSBURN, CHARLES B. - Research and Reference Guide to French Studies
040148: BLOCH, OSCAR AND WALTHER VON WARTBURG - Dictionnaire étymologique de la Langue Française
042234: OSHEIM, DUANE J. - An Italian Lordship; the Bishopric of Lucca in the Late Middle Ages
042157: OSMAN, TONY - Space History
012832: OSSENDOWSKI, FERDINAND - Sklaven Der Sonne; Meine Forschungesexpedition Ins Dunkelste Afrika
035076: OSTER, MAGGIE - Bamboo Baskets; Japanese Art and Culture Interwoven with the Beauty of Ikebana
014212: OSTINI, FRITZ VON - Thoma
014225: OSTINI, FRITZ VON - Uhde
020612: OSTROFF, ANTHONY - To Build a House; the Short Stories of Anthony Ostroff
017357: OSTROGORSKY, GEORG - Geschichte Des Byzantinischen Staates
022165: OSTROVSKY, ERIKA - Céline and His Vision
035877: OSWALD, ARTHUR - Cambridge, Its Colleges and University Buildings
032023: OTIS, DENISE - Grounds for Pleasure; Four Centuries of the American Garden
039575: OTKUPSHCHIKOV, IU. V. - Iz Istorii Indoevropeiskogo Slovoobrazovaniia
018928: OTT, JOHN - My Ivory Cellar
008069: OTTAWAY, MARINA - South Africa; the Struggle for a New Order
024649: OTTEN, CHARLOTTE F., ED - A Lycanthropy Reader; Werewolves in Western Culture
019325: OTTER, HEINRICH - De Soliloquiis Quae in Litteris Graecorum Et Romanorum Occurrunt Observationes
017358: OTTIN, MERRY - Land of Emperors and Sultans; the Forgotten Cultures of Asia Minor
042758: OTTO, WALTER F. - Dionysus; Myth and Cult
029836: BURGER, HEINZ OTTO AND KLAUS VON SEE, EDS - Festschrift Gottfried Weber Zu Seinem 70. Geburtstag überreicht Von Frankfurter Kollegen Und Schülern
040191: OTTOSON, HOWARD W., ED - Land Use Policy and Problems in the United States
033499: OTWAY, THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Otway: Plays, Poems, and Love-Letters
036731: OUAKNIN, MARC-ALAIN - Mysteries of the Alphabet; the Origins of Writing
036161: OUELLETTE, WILLIAM - Fantasy Postcards
040455: OURSEL, CHARLES - L'Art de Bourgogne
029460: OURSEL, HERVÉ - Le Musée Des Beaux-Arts de Lille
005182: OUSTON, PHILIP - The Imagination of Maurice Barrès
042616: OVENDEN, GRAHAM, ED - Hill & Adamson Photographs
005768: OVERACKER, LOUISE - The Australian Party System
045608: OVERHAGE, PAUL - Die Evolution Des Lebendigen; Das Phänomen
041500: OVERSTEEGEN, J. J. - Vorm of Vent; Opvattingen over de Aard Van Het Literaire Werk in de Nederlandse Kritiek Tussen de Tween Wereldoorlogen
014928: OVSYANNIKOV, Y. - Russian Folk Arts and Crafts
715: OVSYANNIKOV, YURI - Masterpieces of Russian Architecture
036491: OWEN, SRI - Indonesian Food and Cookery
044050: OWEN, D. D. R. - Eleanor of Aquitaine; Queen and Legend
023389: OWEN, GEORGE E. - The Universe of the Mind
015978: OWEN, BRYN - The History of the Welsh Militia and Volunteer Corps
004486: OWEN, NORMAN G. - Prosperity without Progress; Manila Hemp and Material Life in the Colonial Philippines
011553: CUNLIFFE-OWEN, MARGUERITE - The Tribulations of a Princess
011873: OWEN, J. I. H., ED - Brassey's Infnatry Weapons of the World, 1950-1975; Infantry Weapons and Combat Aids in Current Use by the Regular and Reserve Forces of All Nations
029561: OWEN, D. D. R. - The Evolution of the Grail Legend
040168: OWEN, WILFRED - Transportation and World Development
021926: OWEN, DAVID EDWARD - Imperialism and Nationalism in the Far East
035210: OWEN, SRI - Indonesian Regional Food & Cookery
036113: OWEN, H. P. - Revelation and Existence; a Study in the Theology of Rudolf Bultmann
036751: OWEN, SRI - The Rice Book
025560: OWINGS, ALISON - Frauen; German Women Recall the Third Reich
026678: OWINGS, MARGARET WENTWORTH - Voice from the Sea; Reflections on Wildlife & Wilderness
044527: OWST, G. R. - Preaching in Mdeival England; an Introduction to Sermon Manuscripts of the Period C. 1350-1450
002360: OXENHAM, JOHN - Literacy; Writing, Reading and Social Organisation
005838: OXENHANDLER, NEAL - Scandal & Parade; the Theater of Jean Cocteau
013097: OXENSTIERNA, ERIC - Så Levde Vikingarna
011650: UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD - Report of Commission of Inquiry
010255: OZAWA, TERUTOMO - Multinationalism, Japanese Style; the Political Economy of Outward Dependency
043880: OZMENT, STEVEN - Three Behaim Boys. Growing Up in Early Modern German; a Chronicle of Their Lives
029240: OZOUF, MONA - Women's Words; Essay on French Singularity
044998: GERRITSEN, WILLEM P. AND ANTHONY G. VAN MELLE, EDS - A Dictionary of Medieval Heroes; Characters in Medieval Narrative Traditions and Their Afterlife in Literature, Theatre and the Visual Arts
040144: FRENCH, A. P. AND P. J. KENNEDY, EDS - Niels Bohr; a Centenary Volume
021065: STALLKNECHT, NEWTON P. AND HORST FRENZ, EDS - Comparative Literature; Method and Perspective
023886: CLARK, ARTHUR P. AND MUHAMMAD A. TAHLAWI, EDS - A Land Transformed; the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco
014535: DAVISON, J. P. ET AL. - Productivity and Economic Incentives
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018003: STOCKWELL, ROBERT P. AND RONALD K. S. MACAULAY, EDS - Linguistic Change and Generative Theory; Essays from the Ucla Conference on Historical Linguistics in the Perspective of Transformational Theory, Februar 1969
002587: MALLORY J. P. - In Search of the Indo-Europeans; Language, Archaeology and Myth
007280: MALONE, MICHAEL P. AND RICHARD W. ETULAIN - The American West; a Twentieth-Century History
029658: HARNWELL, G. P. AND J. J. LIVINGOOD - Experimental Atomic Physics
030120: COSTELLO, D. P. AND I. P. FOOTE, EDS - Russian Folk Literature: Skazki; Liricheskie Pesni; Byliny; Istoricheskie Pesni; Dukhovnye Stikhi
044101: ZACOUR, NORMAN P. AND RUDOLF HIRSCH - Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania to 1800
038198: LEHMANN, WINFRED P. AND YAKOV MALKIEL, EDS - Perspectives on Historical Linguistics
033679: LOGAN, TERENCE P. AND DENZELL S. SMITH, EDS - The New Intellectuals
038656: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS P. AND GARFIELD MERNER - Flight to the North Pole, 24 August 1949
038262: KOZLOFF, ARIELLE P. AND DAVID GORDON MITTEN - The Gods Delight; the Human Figure in Classical Bronze
032976: BALOG, G. P. AND A. M. MUKHINA - A.S. Pushkin I Ego Vremia V Izobrazitel'Nom Iskusstve Pervoi Poloviny 19 Veka; Alexander Pushkin and His Time in the Fine Arts of the First Half of the 19th Century
032814: SHEPARD, FRANCIS P. AND HAROLD R. WANLESS - Our Changing Coastlines
033624: LOGAN, TERENCE P. AND DENZELL S. SMITH, EDS - The Popular School
033625: LOGAN, TERENCE P. AND DENZELL S. SMITH, EDS - The Predecessors of Shakespeare
033609: LOGAN, TERENCE P. AND DENZELL S. SMITH, EDS - The Later Jacobean and Caroline Dramatists
035200: FARRAR, CLARISSA P. AND AUSTIN P. EVANS - Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources
042251: BEJCYZ, ISTVAN P. AND RICHARD G. NEWHAUSER, EDS - Virtue and Ethics in the Twelfth Century
039310: GREENE, ROBERT P. AND J. MICHAEL GALLAGHER, EDS - Futur Coal Prospects: Country and Regional Assessments. World Coal Study Wocol
044525: TUDOR, ADRIAN P. AND ALAN HINDLEYS, EDS - Grant Risee? the Medieval Comic Presence; la Présence Comique Médiévale. . Essays in Memory of Brian J. Levy
010308: PAAUW, DOUGLAS S. - Financing Economic Development; the Indonesian Case
043726: PABISCH, PETER - Arroyo Seco; Amerikanische Stimmungen
032489: PACE, RICHARD - De Fructu Qui Ex Doctrina Percipitur (the Benefit of a Liberal Education)
011912: PACHTER, HENRY M. - Magic Into Science; the Story of Paracelsus
039704: PACKARD, JERROLD M. - Sons of Heaven; a Portrait of the Japanese Monarchy
041114: PACKE, MICHAEL - King Edward III
006717: PACKER, HERBERT L. - Ex-Communist Witnesses; Four Studies in Fact Finding
045405: PADDLEFORD, CLEMENTINE - The Best in American Cooking
044273: PADEN, WILLIAM D. - An Introduction to Old Occitan
032034: PADON, THOMAS - Nancy Graves. Excavations in Print; a Catalogue Raisonné
043197: PADOVANI, MARCELLE - La Longue Marche; le Parti Communiste Italien
020455: PADRTA, JIRI - Picasso: The Early Years
002233: PAFFEN, K. A. - Langenscheidts Praktisches Lehrbuch Der Russischen Sprache
016239: VEGA Y PAGAN, ERNESTO - Military Biography of Generalissimo Rafae Leonidas Trujillo Molina
041159: PAGANO, GIACOMA MARIA - Sartre E la Dialettica
039215: PAGE, BENJAMIN I. - Who Gets What from Government
023654: PAGE, STANLEY W. - Lenin and World Revolution
025477: PAGE, JUDITH W. - Wordsworth and the Cultivation of Women
041352: PAGE, DENYS - Sappho and Alcaeus; an Introduction to the Study of Ancient Lesbian Poetry
032102: PAGE, TIM - The Mindful Moment
033879: PAGELS, HEINZ R. - Perfect Symmetry; the Search for the Beginning of Time
032345: PAGELS, ELAINE - Adam, Eve, and the Serpent
024970: PAGET, FRANCIS - An Introduction to the Fifth Book of Hooker's Treatise of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity
011910: PAGET, JAMES - Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget
019905: PAGET, JULIAN - The Story of the Guards
034015: PAGNINI, MARCELLO - Forme E Motivi Nelle Poesie E Nelle Tragedie Di George Chapman
045147: PAHER, STANLEY W. - Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps
018705: PAILLARD, JEAN-FRANÇOIS - La Musique Française Classique
039324: PAINE, ROBERT T. - Figure Compositions of China and Japan from the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
018706: PAINE, JOHN KNOWLES - The History of Music to the Death of Schubert
016771: PAINE, ROBERT, ED - Patrons and Brokers in the East Arctic
038199: PAINE, ALBERT BIGELOW - Th. Nast; His Period and His Pictures
043034: PAINTER, GEORGE D. - Proust: The Later Years
037640: PAINTER, CHARLOTTE - Gifts of Age; Portraits and Essays of 32 Remarkable Women
039633: PAINTER, GEORGE D. - Proust; the Early Years

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