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003014: Mispoulet, J.-B - études D'Institutions Romaines
046194: Misrahi, Jean - Le Roman Des Sept Sages
018924: Missingham, Hal - Design Focus
014486: Missingham, Hal - Design Focus
035689: Mistry, Rohinton - Family Matters
027778: Mitcham, Samuel W., Jr. - Rommel's Greatest Victory; the Desert Fox and the Fall of Tobruk, Spring 1942
037709: Mitchell, Donald G. - My Farm of Edgewood; a Country Book
036994: Mitchell, John Hanson - The Wildest Place on Earth; Italian Gardens and the Invention of Wilderness
036398: Mitchell, P. Chalmers - The Childhood of Animals
032822: Mitchell, William J. - E-Topia; "Urban Life, Jim--But Not As We Know It
030915: Mitchell, Donald - Benjamin Britten, 1913-1976; a Pictorial Biography
028534: Mitchell, Betty - Delyte Morris of Siu
022033: Mitchell, Mairin - The Maritime History of Russia 848-1948
021458: Mitchell, William J. - City of Bits; Space, Place, and the Infobahn
050619: Mitchell, C. H. - The Illustrated Books of the Nanga, Maruyama, Shijo and Other Related Schools of Japan; a Biobibliography
007146: Cohen, Mitchell and Dennis Hale, Eds - The New Student Left; an Anthology
004792: Mitchell, Brian - Women in the Military; Flirting with Disaster
003916: Mitchell, John - The Present State of Great Britain and North America, with Regard to Agricutlre, Population, Trade, and Manufactures, Impartially Considered
025927: Mitchinson, David - Henry Moore; Unpublished Drawings
025881: Mitchison, Naomi - Return to the Fairy Hill
051461: Miterre, Paul - Saint Bernard de Clairvaux; Un Moine Arbietre de L'Europe Au Xiie Siècle
003421: Mitford, T. B. - The Inscriptions of Kourion
008310: Mitgang, Herbert - The Man Who Rode the Tiger; the Life and Times of Judge Samuel Seabury
021131: Segi, Mitsuo and Minoru Kurihara - Cancer Mortality for Selected Sites in 24 Countries: No. 6 (1966-1967)
021128: Segi, Mitsuo and Minoru Kurihara - Cancer Mortality for Selected Sites in 24 Countries. No. 4 (1962-1963)
045725: Mitteis, Heinrich - Lehnrecht Und Staatsgewalt; Untersuchungen Zur Mittelalterlichen Verfassungsgeschichte
012813: Mittelman, James H. - Ideology and Politics in Uganda; from Obote to Amin
001849: Mittenzwei, Johannes - Das Musikalische in Der Literatur; Ein ûberblick Von Gottfried Von StraßBurg Bis Brecht
038058: Mitter, Rana - A Bitter Revolution; China's Struggle with the Modern World
043560: Mitternacht, Johann Sebastian - Dramen 1662/1667
043171: Mittler, Elmar, Ed - Bibliotheca Palatina; Katalog Zur Ausstellung Vom 8. Juli Bis 2. November 1986, Heiliggeistkirche Heidelberg
009847: Mitzka, Walther, Ed - Wortgeographie Und Gesellschaft
022294: Mitzman, ARthur - Michelet, Historian; Rebirth and Romanticsm in Nineteenth-Century France
027127: Mixner, David - Stranger Among Friends
039003: Miyagawa, Torao, Ed - Chinese Painting
050359: Miyoshi, Masao - As We Saw Them; the First Japanese Embassy to the United States (1860)
040045: Mizutani, Osamu - Japanese: The Spoken Language in Japanese Life
022684: Mlyrik, Jurij - Serbska Bibliografija 1945-1957 Z Dodawkami Do 1945. Sorbische Bibliographie 1945-1957 Mit Nachträgen Bis 1945
009707: Moczygemba, Gustav - Die Teleologie Des Germanisch-Hochdeutschen Lautwandels
038387: Modica, Andrea - Andrea Modica: At the Edge of Fiction
045099: Modleski, Tania - The Women Who Knew Too Much; Hitchcock and Feminist Theory
045012: Moeder, John M. - Early Catholicity in Kansas and History of the Diocese of Wichita
042885: Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich Von - Pindaros
031975: Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich Von - Der Glaube Der Hellenen
015931: Moeller, Susan D. - Shooting War; Photography and the American Experience of Combat
043959: Moerman, H. J. - Nederlandse Plaatsnamen; Een Overzicht
029592: Moes, Robert - Korean Art from the Brooklyn Museum Collection
014368: Moes, Robert - Auspicious Spirits; Korean Folk Paintings and Related Objects
004793: Mofat, Jay Pierrepont - The Moffat Papers; Selections from the Diplomatic Journals of Jay Pierrepont Moffat, 1919-1943
035218: Moffett, Charles S. - The New Painting; Impressionism 1874-1886
026027: Moffett, Charles S. - The New Painting; Impressionism 1874-1886; an Exhibition Organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco with the National Gallery of Art, Washington
029831: Clifton-Mogg, Caroline - The Neoclassical Source Book
044454: Adib-Moghaddam, Arshin - Iran in World Politics; the Question of the Islamic Republic
040261: Mogulof, Melvin B. - Saving the Coast; California'a Experiment in Intergovernmental Land Use Control
040836: Yi-Moh, Mo - La Personne Dans L'éthique Du Confucianisme Ancien
003917: Mohl, Raymond A. - Poverty in New York, 1783-1825
043900: Möhler, J.-A - L'Unité Dans L'Eglise Ou le Principe Du Catholicisme D'Après L'Esprit Des Pères Des Trois Premiers Siècles de L'Eglise
013757: Mohn, V. Paul - Ludwig Richter
014565: Mohrenschildt, Dimitri S. Von - Russia in the Intellectual Life of Eighteenth-Century France
030912: Mohrmann, G. P., Et al., Eds - Explorations in Rhetorical Criticism
051907: Mohrmann, Christine - Liturgical Latin; Its Origins and Character. Three Lectures
035908: Moine, Marie-Pierre - Cuisine Grand-Mere; Traditional French Home Cooking
045447: Mois, Toril - Simone de Beauvoir; the Making of an Intellectual Woman
033173: Moiseiwitsch, Tanya - The Stage Is All the World; the Theatrical Designs of Tanya Moiseiwitsch
040879: Mojsisovics, Edgar Von - Metrik Und Sprache Rustebeuf's
034909: Lamani, Mokhtar and Bessma Momani, Eds - From Desolation to Reconstruction; Iraq's Troubled Journey
014261: Mølbjerg, Hans - Svend Engelund
047260: Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin De - Oeuvres Complètes de Molière
034235: Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin De - Tartuffe or the Hypocrite
049494: Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin De - Oeuvres Complètes de Molière
032643: Molina, Tirso De - Privar Contra Su Gusto
022243: Molina, Tirso De - The Theatre of Don Juan; a Collection of Plays and Views, 1630-1963
051219: Molinaro, Simone - Intavolatura Di Liuto. Libro Primo
050300: Molinelli, Piera, Ed - Standard E Non Standard; Tra Scelta E Norma. Atti Del XXX Convegno Della Società Italiana Di Glottologia
051486: Molinier, Nicolas - Ascèse, Contemplation Et Ministère D'Après L'Histoire Lausiaque de Pallade D'héLénopolis
027203: Mollema, J. C. - De Eerste Schipvaart Der Hollanders Aaar Oost-Indie 1595-1597
043884: Mollenhoff, Clark R. - Atanasoff, Forgototen Father of the Computer
023338: Mollenkott, Virginia Ramey - Sensuous Spirituality; out from Fundamentalism
040922: Möller, Pontus, et al. - ätterna Knorring
034498: Möller, Theodor - Die Welt Der Halligen
034496: Möller, Theodor - Das Gesicht Der Heimat; Landschafts- Und Kulturbilder Aus Schlewsig-Holstein
020099: Möller, Håkan - Den Wallinska Dikten Från Informatorsåren Till Dödens ängel
016570: Møller, J. S. - Folkedragter I Nordvestsjaelland; Deres Forhold Til Folkedragterne I Det øvrige Sjaelland Og Til de Skiftende Moder
015532: Molloy, Fitzgerald - The Sailor King, William the Fourth; His Court and His Subjects
038045: Bendall, Molly and Gail Wronsky - Calamity and Belle; Cowgirl Correspondence
028273: Molnar, Thomas - Sartre, Ideologue of Our Time
020917: Momeni, Jamshid A. - Demography of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States; an Annotated Bibliography with a Review Essay
050955: Mommaers, Paul - Wat Is Mystiek
042884: Mommsen, Karl Johann Tycho - Annotationis Criticae Supplementum Ad Pindari Olympias
015631: Monaca, James - How to Read a Film; the Art, Technology, Language, History and Theory of Film and Media
045726: Monaci, Ernesto - Crestomazia Italiana Dei Primi Secoli Con Prospetto Grammaticale E Glossario
014576: Monaghan, Jay - Schoolboy, Cowboy, Mexican Spy
007118: Monaghan, Jay, Ed - The Book of the American West
034793: Monahan, Arthur P. - From Personal Duties Towards Personal Rights; Late Medieval and Early Modern Political Thought, 1300-1600
019863: Monahan, Edward J. - Collective Autonomy; a History of the Council of Ontario Universities, 1962-2000
001785: Scott-Moncrieff, David - The Veteran Motor-Car
036180: Hope Moncrieff, A. R., Ed - Black's Guide to Devonshire
011582: Scott-Moncrieff, George - Edinburgh
050743: Mondfeld, Wolfram Zu - Historic Ship Models
046423: Monestier, Martin - Histoire Et Bizarreries Sociales Des Excréments Des Origines à Nos Jours
034240: Money, Keith - The Art of Margot Fonteyn
015395: Money, Keith - The Art of the Royal Ballet
049279: Monfrin, Jacques - études de Philoloogie Romane
018338: Mongait, Alexandr - Arkheologiia V Sssr
045562: Mongrédien, Georges - Les Précieux Et Les Précieuses
045568: Rodriguez Moñino, Antonio - Viaje a España Del Rey Don Sebastian de Portugal (1576-1577)
006619: Rodriguez-Moñino, Antonio - Critical Reconstruction Vs. Historical Reality of Spanish Poetry in the Golden Age
033376: Parent, Monique and Jean Levaillant - Paul Valéry Contemporain; Colloques Organisés En Novembre 1971
017307: Le Monnier, Léon - Histoire de Saint François D'Assise
006417: Monnier, Henri - La Mission Historique de Jésus
034036: Monod, Jules - La Cité Antique de PompéI: Histoire, Fouilles, Monuments, Rues, Maisons, Moeurs, Vie Intime, Inscriptions
046392: Monroe, Harriet - The Difference and Other Poems Including the Columbian Ode
019573: Monsman, Gerald Cornelius - Pater's Portraits; Mythic Pattern in the Fiction of Walter Pater
008635: Montagna, Lino - L'Arte Del Barocco in Boemia
035553: Montagné, Prosper - The New Larouuse Gastronomique; the Encyclopedia of Food, Wine and Cookery
035552: Montagné, Prosper - Larousse Gastronomique; the Encyclopedia of Food, Wine and Cookery
032913: Havard de la Montagne, Robert - Histoire de "L'Action Française
048334: Montagnes, Bernard - Marie-Joseph Lagrange; Une Biographie Critique
028475: Montagnes, Ian - An Uncommon Fellowship the Story of Hart House
031020: Montagu, Jean-Yves - Burma
003178: Montague, William Pepperell - The Ways of Knowing or the Methods of Philosophy
014423: Montale, Eugenio - New Poems: A Selection from Satura and Diario Del '71 E Del '72
029394: Montalembert, Charles Forbes, comte De - Le Père Lacordaire
023933: Montand, Yves - You See, I Haven't Forgotten
045921: Montchrestien, Antoine De - Les Lacènes
045902: Montchrestien,Antoine De - Aman
045594: Montchrestien, Antoine De - Two Tragedies: Hectorr and la Reine D'Escosse
027217: Del Monte, Alberto - Itinerario Del Romanzo Picaresco Spagnolo
032306: Monteath, Colin, et al. - Wild Ice; Antarctic Journeys
042493: Monteiro, Clovis - Português Da Europa E Português Da America; Aspectos Da Evolução Do Nosso Idioma
011849: Monteiro, Hernani - Origens Da Cirurgia Portuense
009728: Monteiro, Clovis - Português Da Europa E Português Da America; Aspectos Da Evolução Do Nos Idioma
013086: Montel, Costanze Segre - La Pittura Romanica Nell'Italia Settentrionale
028951: Montelius, Oscar - Die Kultur Schwedens in Vorchristlicher Zeit
023057: Monteon, Michael - Chile in the Nitrate Era; the Evolution of Economic Dependence 1880-1930
046656: Monter, William - The Rise of Female Kings in Europe, 1300-1800
040643: Monter, E. William - Studies in Genevan Government (1536-1605)
041690: Montergnole, Bernard - La Presse Grenobloise de la Libération 1944-1952
033162: Rodriguez de Montes, Maria Luisa - Muestra de Literatura Oral En Leticia, Amazonas
046270: Montesinos, José F. - Pereda O la Novela Idilio
040677: Montesinos, José F. - Entre Renacimiento Y Barroco; Cuatro Escritos inéditos
028325: Montesinos, José F. - Introducción a Una Historia de la Novela En España En El Siglo XIX
019120: Montesquieu, Charles Louis, Baron De - Persian and Chinese Letters, Being the Lettres Persanes
002603: Montet, Pierre - La Vie Quotidienne En égypte Au Temps Des Ramsès (Xiiie-Xiie Siècles Avant J. -C. )
005718: Monteverdi, Claudio - Third Book of Madrigals for Viol Consort
024994: Montgomery, George S., Jr. - The Return of Adam Smith
005212: Montgomery, Charles F. - A History of American Pewter
029313: Montherlant, Henry De - La Marée Du Soir (Carnets 1968-1971)
014337: Monti, Franco - Precolumbian Terracottas
014325: Monti, Franco - African Masks
041820: Mizrachi-Hapoel Hamizrachi Women's Organization of Montreal - Recipes Mother Never Knew; a Collection of Treasured Kosher Recipes Compiled in Menu Form by the Rohr-Soloway Chapter
029326: Gerbert de Montreuil - La Continuation de Perceval
016524: Monts, Carl, Graf Von - Napoleon III Auf Wilhelmshöhe 1870/71; Nach Aufzeichnungen Des Generals D. Infant
026594: Montuori, Mario - De Socrate Iuste Damnato; the Rise of the Socratic Problem in the Eighteenth Century
043640: International Council on Monuments and Sites - Icomos: Pro Romania. Exposition/Exhibition/Ausstellung, Paris, London, München, Kopenhagen, Stockholm 1989/1990
042123: Mooij, Jan Johann Albinn - La Philosophie Des Mathématiques de Henri Poincaré
034727: Moolenbroek, Jaap Van - Wonderen Voor Alledag; Elf Opstellen over Godsdienst En Samenleving in de Middeleeuwen
039268: Moon, Marilyn, Ed - Economic Transfers in the United States
039147: Moon, Marilyn - The Measurement of Economic Welfare; Its Application to the Aged Poor
022344: Moon, J. Donald - Constructing Community; Moral Pluralism and Tragic Conflicts
022322: Heat-Moon, William Least - River-Horse; the Logbook of a Boat Across America
015936: Moon, Tom - This Grim and Savage Game; Oss and the Beginning of U.S. Covert Operations in World War II
036046: Moonsammy, Rita Zorn, et al., Eds - Pinelands Folklife
048821: Moore, Geoffrey A. - Dealing with Darwin; How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution
048092: Moore, Robert Etheridge - Henry Purcell & the Restoration Theatre
045414: Moore, Marianne - The Complete Poems of Marianne Moore
044006: Moore, Edward C. - American Pragmatism: Peirce, James, and Dewey
043660: Moore, Margaret E. - Understanding British English
041152: Moore, Will G. - French Classical Literature; an Essay
040573: Moore, Robert Etheridge - Hogarth's Literary Relationships
001664: Moore, Wilbert E. - Economic Demography of Eastern and Southern Europe
037549: Moore, Doris Langley - The Child in Fashion
037443: Moore, David G. - False Idols
036677: Moore, George - Conversations in Ebury Street
034140: Moore, Don D., Ed - Webster; the Critical Heritage
033425: Moore, W. G. - Molière: A New Criticism
033148: Moore, Rosalie - Year of the Children; Poems for a Narrative
032113: Moore, Charles W., Et al. - The Poetics of Gardens
031851: Moore, Frank Gardner - The Roman's World
028442: Moore, Henry - Henry Moore at the British Museum
027565: Moore, George Edward - Principia Ethica
025941: Moore, Henry - Henry Moore; Energy in Space
024431: Moore, Marianne - The Selected Letters of Marianne Moore
024312: Moore, Kevin Z. - The Descent of the Imagination; Postromantic Culture in the Later Novels of Thomas Hardy
016768: Damon-MOore, Helen - Magazines for the Millions; Gender and Commerce in the Ladies' Home Journal and the Saturday Evening Post, 1880-1910
050690: Moore, R. I. - The Formation of a Persecuting Society; Powere and Deviance in Western Europe, 950-1250
014714: Moore, N. Hudson - The Collector's Manual
014703: Moore, N. Hudson - The Old Furniture Book; with a Sketch of Past Days and Ways
014469: Moore, Henry - Henry Moore; Sculptures in Landscape
013985: Moore, Stanley W. - The Critique of Capitalist Democracy; an Introduction to the Theory of the State in Marx, Engels, and Lenin
013587: Moore, R. J. - Sir Charles Wood's Indian Policy, 1853-66
013258: Moore, Walter - Schrödinger; Life and Thought
011503: Moore, Doris Langley - Marie & the Duke of H; the Daydream Love Affair of Marie Bashkirtseff
006419: Moore, Charles A. - Essays in East-West Philosophy; an Attempt at World Philosophical Synthesis
005829: Moore, Doris Langley - E. Nesbit; a Biography
005629: Moore, George - George Moore in Transition; Letters to T. Fisher Unwin and Lena Milman, 1894-1910
051881: Moore, Allan F. - Song Means: Analysing and Interpreting Recorded Popular Song
004794: Moore, J. Hampton - Roosevelt and the Old Guard
051400: Moore, Kenneth - Those of the Street; the Catholic-Jews of Mallorca. A Study in Urban Cultural Change
010766: Moorehead, Alan - Cooper's Creek; the Opening of Australia
008095: Moorehead, Alan - The Fatal Impact; an Account of the Invasion of the South Pacific, 1767-1840
049801: Moorehead, Alan - Gallipoli
050811: Moorhead, James H. - Princeton Seminary in American Religion and Culture
048843: Moorman, Charles - Editing the Middle English Manuscript
036092: Moorman, Theo - Weaving As an Art Form; a Personal Statement
011286: Moortgat, A. - Bildwerk Und Volkstum Vorderasiens Zur Hethiterzeit
051128: Mooser, Robert-Aloys - Annales de la Musique Et Des Musiciens En Russie Au Xviiime Siècle
027494: Mora, Carl J. - Mexican Cinema; Reflections of a Society 1896-1980
043282: Lopez Morales, Humberto - Estudios Sobre El Español de Cuba
030920: Moran, William R. - Nellie Melba; a Contemporary Review
051287: Morante, Elsa - Aracoeli; Romanzo
048082: Morawetz, David - Twenty-Five Years of Economic Development 1950 to 1975
019221: Morazé, Charles - La France Bourgeoise Xviiie-Xxe Siècles
035201: Morby, John E. - Dynasties of the World; a Chronological and Genealogical Handbook
050521: Morby, John E. - Dynasties of the World; a Chronological and Genealogical Handbook
046298: Morche, Gunther - Muster Und Nachahmung; Eine Untersuchung Der Klasischen Französischen Orgelmusik
040440: Morciniec, Norbert - Kontrastive Phonemik; Deutsch-Niederländisch, Niederländisch-Deutsch
031374: Mordden, Ethan - A Guide to Orchestral Music; the Handbook for Non-Musicians
030938: Mordden, Ethan - Rodgers & Hammerstein
030937: Mordden, Ethan - A Guide to Opera Recordings
026951: Mordden, Ethan - How Long Has This Been Going on
018683: Mordden, Ethan - Opera Anecdotes
018684: Mordden, Ethan - Opera in the Twentieth Century; Sacred, Profane, Godot
018682: Mordden, Ethan - Demented; the World of the Opera Diva
1463: (More, Thomas). Edited by Michael J. Moore - Quincentennial Essays on St. Thomas More; Selected Papers from the Thomas M Ore College Conference
049425: More, Thomas - Utopia
043949: Moreau, Jean - Dictionnaire de Géographie Historique de la Gaule Et de la France
028009: Moreau, Geneviève - The Restless Journey of James Agee
006420: Morell, J. D. - On the Philosophical Tendencies of the Age
033627: Morelli, Serena - Le Carte Di Léon Cadier Alla Bibliothèque Nationale de France; Contributo Alla Ricostruzione Della Cancelleria Angioina
042155: Moreno, Ralph - A Man's Estate
023059: Moreno, Francisco Jose - Legitimacy and Stability in Latin America; a Study of Chilean Political Culture
002605: Moret, Alexandre - Le Nil Et la Civilisation égyptienne
042263: Morev, L. N., Et al. - The Lao Language
052047: Morewedge, Rosmarie Thee, Ed - The Role of Woman in the Middle Ages; Papers of the Sixth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, State University of New York at Binghamton, 6-7 May 1972
047744: Engle, Morey and Bernard Kelly - Denver's Man with a Camera; the Photographs of Harry Rhoads
046447: Morey, Kathy - Hot Showers, Soft Beds, & Dahyikes in the Sierra; Wals & Strolls Near Lodgings
686: Morey, Charles Rufus - Mediaeval Art
049468: Morford, M. P. O. - The Poet Lucan; Studies in Rhetorical Epic
049007: Morgan, Evan - A Guide to Wenli Styles and Chinese Ideals; Essays, Edicts, Proclamations, Memorials, Letters, Documents, Inscription, Commericial Papers. Chinese Text with English Translation and Notes
046665: Morgan, Lewis H. - Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family
039383: Morgan, James N., Et al. - Income and Welfare in the United States
037021: Morgan, Barbara - Barbara Morgan
027430: Morgan, Kenneth O., Ed - The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain
021103: Morgan, Dan - Rising in the West; the True Story of an "Okie" Family from the Great Depression Through the Reagan Years
020429: Morgan, Dan - Merchants of Grain
013332: Morgan, Bryan, Ed - The Great Trains
011838: Morgan, William Gerry - The American College of Physicians; Its First Quarto Century
006421: Morgan, David - Icons of American Protestantism; the Art of Warner Sallman
005766: Morgan, Glenn G. - Soviet Administrative Legality; the Role of the Attorney General's Office
049568: Grasselli, Margaret Morgan and Pierre Rosenberg - Watteau 1684-1721
010083: Morgenstern, Christian - Alle Galgenlieder: Galgenlieder, PalmströM, Palma Kunkel, Gingganz
042176: Morghen, Raffaello - Bonifacio VIII E IL Giubileo Del 1300 Nella Storiografia Moderna
039543: Mori, Ogai - Saiki Koi and Other Stories
051651: Móricz, Klára - Jewish Identities; Nationalism, Racism, and Utopianism in Twentieth-Century Music
006657: Morier, James - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
044249: Morillo, Stephen - Warfare Under the Anglo-Norman Kings 1066-1135
039805: Moring, John - Early American Naturalists; Exploring the American West 1804-1900
050582: Morinigo, Maracos A. - Hispanismos En El Guarani; Estudio Sobre la Penetracion de la Cultura Española En la Guarani, Segun Se Refleja En la Lengua
048258: Morison, W. A. - Studies in Russian Forms and Uses; the Present Gerund and Active Participle
036072: Morison, Samuel Eliot - By Land and by Sea; Essays and Addresses
004195: Morison, Elting E. - From Know-How to Nowhere; the Development of American Technology
038268: Morisot, Berthe - Berthe Morisot. Drawings/Pastels/Watercolors
035707: Moritz, Carl Philip - Journeys of a German in England in 1782
050459: Wagner, Moritz and Carl Scherzer - Reisen in Nordamerika in Den Jahren 1852 Und 1853
051222: Morlaye, Guillaume - Psaumes de Pierre Certon Réduits Pour Chant Et Luth
039053: Morley, Christopher - Old Loopy; a Love Letter for Chicago
037645: Morley, John David - In the Labyrinth
033563: Morley, Henry, Ed - Character Writings of the Seventeenth Century
025354: Morley, John David - Pictures from the Water Trade; Adventures of a Westerner in Japan
019123: Morley, Christopher - Off the Deep End
015697: Morley, Frank - Literary Britain; a Reader's Guide to Its Writers and Landmarks
015411: Morley, Iris - Soviet Ballet
011507: Morley, John - The Life of William Ewart Gladstone
011506: Morley, Iris - A Thousand Lives; an Account of the English Revolutionary Movement, 1660-1685
010632: Morley, John David - In the Labyrinth
008431: Morley, James W., Ed - Security Interdependence in the Asia Pacific Region
041908: Morlino, Leonardo - Costruire la Democrazia; Gruppi E Partiti in Italia
016502: Mornet, Daniel - Histoire de la Littérature Et de la Pensée Françaises Contemporaines (1870-1934)
031012: Morone, James A. - Hellfire Nation; the Politics of Sin in American History
039417: Moroney, John R., Ed - Iincome Inequality; Trends and International Comparisons
031032: Mororow, Baker H. - A Dictionary of Landscape Architecture
026405: Morpurgo, J. E. - Allen Lane, King Penguin; a Biography
009661: Morpurgo, J. E., Et al. - Life Under the Stuarts
005455: Morrah, Patrick - 1660, the Year of Restoration
034693: Morrall, John B. - Political Thought in Medieval Times
036522: Morrell, Ottoline Violet Anne Cavendish-Bentinck, Lady - Ottoline at Garsington; Memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrelol 1915-1918
048734: Morris, Richard - Journeys from Jarrow
048368: Morris, Thomas V., Ed - Philosophy and the Christian Fiath
043402: Morris, O. J. - Grandfather's London
042572: Morris, William - The Ideal Book; Essays and Lecture on the Arts of the Book
039006: Morris, C. R. - Locke, Berkeley, Hume
034259: Morris, Wright - Photographs & Words
033507: Morris, Brian, Ed - Christopher Marlowe
032669: Morris, Wright - Here Is Einbaum
032601: Morris, Brian, Ed - John Webster
030814: Engelberg, Morris and Marv Schneider - Dimaggio; Setting the Record Straight
026597: Morris, John - Londinium; London in the Roman Empire
025222: Morris, John M. - Descartes Dictionary
021262: Morris, Jan, et al. - Architecture of the British Empire
017156: Morris, Jonathan - The Political Economy of Shopkeeping in Milan 1886-1922
015941: Morris, Roy, Jr. - Sheridan; the Life and Wars of General Phil Sheridan
013502: Morris, David - Thomas Hearne and His Landscape
050882: Morris, Colin - The Discovery of the Individual, 1050-1200
049322: Morris, Wright - Collected Stories 1948-1986
006422: Morris, Charles - The Pragmatic Movement in American Philosophy
005461: Morris, Christopher, et al. - Life Under the Tudors
003920: Morris, Roger - The Devil's Butcher Shop; the New Mexico Prison Uprising
049781: Morris, Herbert - Nine Irideiscent Figures on a Vase; a Long Poem
039571: Morrison, Kasl F. - History As a Visual Art in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance
027112: Morrison, Donald F. - Multivariate Statistical Methods
027102: Morrison, Ian - The Second Curve; Managing the Velocity of Change
025604: Morrison, Richard - Orchestra; the Lso, a Century of Triumph and Turbulence
024996: Morrison, Clinton - The Powers That Be; Earthly Rulers and Demonic Powers in Romans 13. 1-7
017343: Morrison, Karl F. - Conversion and Text; the Cases of Augustine of Hippo, Herman-Judah, and Constantine Tsatsos
015942: Morrison, Wilbur H. - Point of No Return; the Story of the Twentieth Air Force
050355: Morrison, Karl F. - The Mimetic Tradition of Reform in the West
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038827: Schmidt-Nielsen, Knut - Scaling. Why Is Animal Size So Important
036866: Nielsen, Ditlef, Ed - Handbuch Der Altarabischen Altertumskunde. 1. Band: Die Altarabische Kultur
035061: Schmidt-Nielsen, Knut - Desert Animals; Physiological Problems of Heat and Water
020406: Gerlach-Nielsen, Merete - Stendhal, Théoricien Et Romancier de L'Amour
014260: Nielsen, Johan Møller - Poul Bjørklund
005642: Nielsen, Aldon Lynn - Reading Race; White American Poets and the Racial Discourse in the Twentieth Century
004894: Nielsen, Selma - Selma Nielsens Viser; Et Repertoire Af Folkelige Sange Fra Det 19. århundredes Slutning
043627: Nielssen, Christen - De Gamle Vijses Exempler Oc Hoffsprock (1618). I: Indiedning Og Tekst
045129: Niemann, Alfred - Kaiser Und Revolution; Die Entscheidenden Ereignisse IM Grossen Hauptquartier IM Herbst 1918
043031: Niemira, Artur - Religiosità E Moralità; Vita Morale Come Realizzazione Della Fondazione Cristica Dell'Uomo Secondo B. Häring E D. Capone
032219: Clarke, Jeanne Nienaber and Daniel McCool - Staking out the Terrain; Power Differentials Among Natural Resource Management Agencies
049212: Nienhauser, William H., Jr. - The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature
050006: Niepokuj, Mary - The Development of Verbal Reduplication in Indo-European
036057: Nierenberg, Ted - The Beckoning Path; Lessons of a Lifelong Garden
038271: Galerie Nierendorf - Gerhard Marcks
051371: Niermeyer, J. F. - Mediae Latinitatis Lexicon Minus
024351: Niethammer, Lutz - Posthistoire. Has History Come to an End
009418: Borrego Nieto, Julio - Sociolingüistica Rural; Investigacion En Villadepera de Sayago
051858: Nietz, John A. - The Evolution of American Secondary School Textbooks
046098: Nietzsche, Friedrich - Das Hauptwerk
034098: Nietzsche, Friedrich - Werke in Drei Bänden
028294: Nietzsche, Friedrich - Unmodern Observations; Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen
047576: Meulenbelt-Nieuwburg, Albarta - Merklapmotieven En Hun Symboliek
045333: Van Nieuwenhove, Rik - Jan Van Ruusbroec, Mystical Theologian of the Trinity
032329: Niezabaitowska, Malgorzata - Remnants; the Last Jews of Poland
023265: Van Niftrik, G. C. - Spinoza En de Sectariers Van Zijn Tijd
026146: Henbnest, Nigel and Michael Marten - The New Astronomy
051598: Nigg, Walter - Des Pilgers Wiederkehr; Drei Variationen über Ein Thema
013993: Nigg, Walter - Des Pilgers Wiederkehr; Drei Variationen ûber Ein Thema
013992: Nigg, Walter - Das Buch Der Ketzer
023848: Niggemeyer, Hermann - Kuttia Kond; Dschungel-Bauern in Orissa
034973: Nightingale, Florence - Florence Nightingale; an Introduction to Her Life and Family
030598: Nightingale, Florence - Florence Nightingale: Extending Nursing
024066: Nightingale, Florence - Florence Nightingale on Health in India
012828: Nigumi, M. A. - A Great Trusteeship
024504: Nikel, Johannes - Das Alte Testament IM Lichte Der Altorientalischen Forschungen
033600: Niklaus, Robert - The Eighteenth Century 1715-1789
031425: Niles, Bo - Paperie; the Art of Writing and Wrapping with Paper. Kate's Paperie with Bo Niles
047273: NIlsson, Martin P. - Homer and Mycenae
030991: Nilsson, Birgit - My Memoirs in Pictures
022296: Nilsson, Nils Åke, Ed - Art, Society, Revolution: Russia 1917-1921
011265: Nilsson, Martin P. - A History of Greek Religion
004686: Nimocks, Walter - Milner's Young Men; the "Kindergarten" in Edwardian Imperial Affairs
023429: Nisenson, Eric - Open Sky; Sonny Rollins and His World of Improvisation
022834: Akira, Nishigaki and Shimomura Yasutami - The Economics of Development Assistance; Japan's Oda in a Symbiotic World
047465: Nissen, Hans J. - The Early History of the Ancient Near East 9000-2000 B.C.
043072: Nitschke, August - Naturerkenntnis Und Politisches Handeln IM Mittelalter: Körper, Bewegung, Raum
051664: Nitschke, Peter, Ed - Politeia; Staatliche Verfasstheit Bei Platon
041100: Nitzsche, Jane Chance - The Genius Figure in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
016713: Niven, John - John C. Calhoun and the Price of Union; a Biography
003925: Niven, John - Salmon P. Chase; a Biography
010445: Nixon, Edgar B., Ed - Franklin D. Roosevelt and Foreign Affairs
006433: Noack, Hermann - Die Philosophie Westeuropas
036480: Noakes, Vivien - Edward Lear 1812-1888
011517: Noakes, Vivien - Edward Lear; the Life of a Wanderer
050683: Chomsky, Noam and Morris Halle - The Sound Pattern of English
043376: Chomsky, Noam and Morris Halle - The Sound Pattern of English
043159: Nobécourt, Jacques - L'Italie à Vif

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