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006414: MISKOTTE, KORNELIS HEIKO, - Wenn Die Götter Schweigen; Vom Sinn Des Alten Testaments..
003014: MISPOULET, J.-B., - Études D'institutions Romaines..
018924: MISSINGHAM, HAL, - Design Focus..
014486: MISSINGHAM, HAL, - Design Focus..
041688: MISSIROLI, MARIO AND OLIVIA ROSSETTI AGRESTI, - The Organisation of the arts and Profession in the Fascist Guild State..
035689: MISTRY, ROHINTON, - Family Matters..
027778: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W., JR., - Rommel's Greatest Victory; the Desert Fox and the fall of Tobruk, Spring 1942..
036994: MITCHELL, JOHN HANSON, - The Wildest Place on Earth; Italian Gardens and the Invention of Wilderness..
022033: MITCHELL, MAIRIN, - The Maritime History of Russia 848-1948..
004792: MITCHELL, BRIAN, - Women in the Military; Flirting with Disaster..
003916: MITCHELL, JOHN, - The Present State of Great Britain and North America, with Regard to Agricutlre, Population, Trade, and Manufactures, Impartially Considered..
021458: MITCHELL, WILLIAM J., - City of Bits; Space, place, and the Infobahn..
028534: MITCHELL, BETTY, - Delyte Morris of SIU..
030915: MITCHELL, DONALD, - Benjamin Britten, 1913-1976; a Pictorial Biography..
036398: MITCHELL, P. CHALMERS, - The Childhood of Animals..
029530: MITCHELL, BRUCE AND FRED C. ROBINSON, - A Guide to Old English..
037709: MITCHELL, DONALD G, - My Farm of Edgewood; a Country Book..
032822: MITCHELL, WILLIAM J., - E-topia; "urban Life, Jim--but Not as We Know it"..
025927: MITCHINSON, DAVID, - Henry Moore; Unpublished Drawings..
025881: MITCHISON, NAOMI, - Return to the Fairy Hill..
003421: MITFORD, T. B., - The Inscriptions of Kourion..
008310: MITGANG, HERBERT, - The Man Who Rode the Tiger; the Life and Times of Judge Samuel Seabury..
012813: MITTELMAN, JAMES H., - Ideology and Politics in Uganda; from Obote to Amin..
001849: MITTENZWEI, JOHANNES, - Das Musikalische in Der Literatur; Ein Überblick Von Gottfried Von Straßburg Bis Brecht..
043392: MITTENZWEI, INGRID, - Der Joachimsthaler Aufstand 1525; seine Ursachen und Folgen..
038058: MITTER, RANA, - A bitter Revolution; China's Struggle with the Modern World..
043560: MITTERNACHT, JOHANN SEBASTIAN, - Dramen 1662/1667..
043171: MITTLER, ELMAR, ED, - BIbliotheca Palatina; Katalog zur Ausstellung vom 8. Juli bis 2. November 1986, Heiliggeistkirche Heidelberg..
009847: MITZKA, WALTHER, ED., - Wortgeographie und Gesellschaft..
022294: MITZMAN, ARTHUR, - Michelet, Historian; rebirth and Romanticsm in Nineteenth-Century France..
027127: MIXNER, DAVID, - Stranger Among Friends..
039003: MIYAGAWA, TORAO, ED, - Chinese Painting..
040045: MIZUTANI, OSAMU, - Japanese: The Spoken Language in Japanese Life..
022684: MLYRIK, JURIJ, - Serbska bibliografija 1945-1957 z dodawkami do 1945. Sorbische Bibliographie 1945-1957 mit Nachträgen bis 1945..
009707: MOCZYGEMBA, GUSTAV, - Die Teleologie des Germanisch-Hochdeutschen Lautwandels..
014381: MODE, HEINZ, ED., - Calcutta..
038387: MODICA, ANDREA, - Andrea Modica: At the edge of Fiction..
015931: MOELLER, SUSAN D., - Shooting War; Photography and the American Experience of Combat..
043959: MOERMAN, H. J, - Nederlandse Plaatsnamen; een Overzicht..
014368: MOES, ROBERT, - Auspicious Spirits; Korean Folk Paintings and Related Objects..
029592: MOES, ROBERT, - Korean art from the Brooklyn Museum Collection..
004793: MOFAT, JAY PIERREPONT, - The Moffat Papers; selections from the Diplomatic Journals of Jay Pierrepont Moffat, 1919-1943..
024993: MOFFATT, JAMES, - The Theology of the Gospels..
035218: MOFFETT, CHARLES S., - The New Painting; Impressionism 1874-1886..
026027: MOFFETT, CHARLES S., - The new Painting; Impressionism 1874-1886; an exhibition Organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco with the National Gallery of Art, Washington..
039815: MOGROVEJO, NORMA, - Un amor que se atrevió a decir su nombre; la lucha de las lesbianas y su relación con los movimientos homosexual y feminista en America Latina..
040261: MOGULOF, MELVIN B, - Saving the Coast; California'a Experiment in Intergovernmental Land Use Control..
003917: MOHL, RAYMOND A., - Poverty in New York, 1783-1825..
043900: MÖHLER, J.-A, - L'Unité dans l'Eglise ou le principe du catholicisme d'après l'esprit des Pères des trois premiers siècles de l'Eglise..
013757: MOHN, V. PAUL, - Ludwig Richter..
044097: MÖHREN, FRANKWALT, - Le renforcement affectif de la négation par l'expression d'une valeur minimale en Ancien Français..
014565: MOHRENSCHILDT, DIMITRI S. VON, - Russia in the Intellectual Life of Eighteenth-Century France..
030912: MOHRMANN, G. P., ET AL., EDS, - Explorations in rhetorical Criticism..
035908: MOINE, MARIE-PIERRE, - Cuisine Grand-mere; Traditional French Home Cooking..
033173: MOISEIWITSCH, TANYA, - The Stage is all the World; the Theatrical Designs of Tanya Moiseiwitsch..
040879: MOJSISOVICS, EDGAR VON, - Metrik und Sprache Rustebeuf's..
014261: MØLBJERG, HANS, - Svend Engelund..
010099: MOLDEA, DAN E., - The Hoffa Wars; Teamsters, Rebels, Politicians, and the Mob..
043910: MOLÉ, MARIJAN, - Les Mystiques Musulmans..
034235: MOLIÈRE, JEAN-BAPTISTE POQUELIN DE, - Tartuffe or the Hypocrite..
032643: MOLINA, TIRSO DE, - Privar contra su Gusto..
022243: MOLINA, TIRSO DE, - The Theatre of Don Juan; a collection of plays and Views, 1630-1963..
027203: MOLLEMA, J. C., - De eerste schipvaart der Hollanders aaar Oost-Indie 1595-1597..
043884: MOLLENHOFF, CLARK R, - Atanasoff, forgototen Father of the Computer..
023338: MOLLENKOTT, VIRGINIA RAMEY, - Sensuous Spirituality; out from Fundamentalism..
040922: MÖLLER, PONTUS, ET AL, - Ätterna Knorring..
016570: MØLLER, J. S., - Folkedragter I Nordvestsjaelland; deres forhold til folkedragterne i det Øvrige Sjaelland og til de skiftende Moder..
034497: MÖLLER, THEODOR, - Nordschleswig; Landschafts- und Kulturbilder..
034496: MÖLLER, THEODOR, - Das Gesicht der Heimat; Landschafts- und Kulturbilder aus Schlewsig-Holstein..
034498: MÖLLER, THEODOR, - Die Welt der Halligen..
020099: MÖLLER, HÅKAN, - Den Wallinska Dikten Från Informatorsåren Till Dödens Ängel..
015932: MOLLO, ANDREW, - A Pictorial History of the SS, 1923-1945..
015532: MOLLOY, FITZGERALD, - The Sailor King, William the Fourth; His Court and His Subjects..
1381: MOLNAR, THOMAS., - Utopia; the perennial heresy...
028273: MOLNAR, THOMAS., - Sartre, Ideologue of our Time..
037272: MOMATIUK, YVA AND JOHN EASTCOTT, - This marvellous terrible Place; images of Newfoundland and Labrador..
020917: MOMENI, JAMSHID A., - Demography of Racial and Ethnic minorities in the United States; an Annotated bibliography with a review Essay..
042884: MOMMSEN, KARL JOHANN TYCHO, - Annotationis criticae supplementum ad Pindari Olympias..
015631: MONACA, JAMES, - How to Read a Film; the Art, Technology, Language, History and Theory of Film and Media..
007118: MONAGHAN, JAY, ED., - The Book of the American West..
014576: MONAGHAN, JAY, - Schoolboy, Cowboy, Mexican Spy..
034793: MONAHAN, ARTHUR P, - From personal Duties Towards Personal Rights; Late Medieval and Early Modern Political Thought, 1300-1600..
019863: MONAHAN, EDWARD J., - Collective Autonomy; a history of the Council of Ontario Universities, 1962-2000..
037077: MONDLIN, MARVIN AND ROY MEADOR, - Book Row; an Anecdotal and Pictorial History of the Antiquarian book Trade..
015395: MONEY, KEITH, - The Art of the Royal Ballet..
034240: MONEY, KEITH, - The Art of Margot Fonteyn..
018338: MONGAIT, ALEXANDR, - Arkheologiia v SSSR..
011501: MONGOMERY-MASSINGBERD, HUGH, - Atlas of Royal Britain..
028274: MONK, RAY, - Ludwig Wittgenstein; the Duty of Genius..
006417: MONNIER, HENRI, - La Mission Historique De Jésus..
017307: LE MONNIER, LÉON, - Histoire De Saint François d'Assise..
034036: MONOD, JULES, - La cité antique de Pompéi: Histoire, Fouilles, Monuments, Rues, Maisons, Moeurs, Vie Intime, Inscriptions..
019573: MONSMAN, GERALD CORNELIUS, - Pater's Portraits; Mythic Pattern in the fiction of Walter Pater..
008635: MONTAGNA, LINO, - L'Arte Del Barocco in Boemia..
035552: MONTAGNÉ, PROSPER, - Larousse Gastronomique; the Encyclopedia of Food, Wine and Cookery..
035553: MONTAGNÉ, PROSPER, - The New Larouuse Gastronomique; the Encyclopedia of Food, Wine and Cookery..
028475: MONTAGNES, IAN, - An Uncommon Fellowship the Story of Hart House..
031020: MONTAGU, JEAN-YVES, - Burma..
031227: MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU, EDWARD JOHN BARRINGTON DOUGLAS-SCOTT-MONTAGU, BARON, - Rolls of Rolls-Royce; a Biography of the Hon. C. S. Rolls..
032787: MONTAGU, WALTER, - The shepherds' Paradise..
003178: MONTAGUE, WILLIAM PEPPERELL, - The Ways of Knowing or the Methods of Philosophy..
014423: MONTALE, EUGENIO, - New Poems: a selection from Satura and Diario Del '71 e Del '72..
029394: MONTALEMBERT, CHARLES FORBES, COMTE DE, - Le Père Lacordaire..
023933: MONTAND, YVES, - You See, I Haven't Forgotten..
044159: MONTANER, ALBERTO AND ANGEL ESCOBAR, - Carmen Campidoctoris o Poema latino del Campeador. Estudio Preliminar, Edición, traducción y Comentario..
032306: MONTEATH, COLIN, ET AL., - Wild Ice; Antarctic Journeys..
011849: MONTEIRO, HERNANI, - Origens Da Cirurgia Portuense..
009728: MONTEIRO, CLOVIS, - Português Da Europa e Português Da America; Aspectos Da Evolução Do Nos Idioma..
042493: MONTEIRO, CLOVIS, - Português da Europa e Português da America; aspectos da evolução do nosso Idioma..
013086: MONTEL, COSTANZE SEGRE, - La Pittura Romanica nell'Italia Settentrionale..
028951: MONTELIUS, OSCAR, - Die Kultur Schwedens in vorchristlicher Zeit..
023057: MONTEON, MICHAEL, - Chile in the Nitrate Era; the Evolution of Economic Dependence 1880-1930..
040643: MONTER, E. WILLIAM, - Studies in Genevan Government (1536-1605)..
038820: MONTERDE GARCIA ICAZBALCETA, FRANCISCO, - Bibliografia del teatro en Mexico..
041690: MONTERGNOLE, BERNARD, - La Presse grenobloise de la Libération 1944-1952..
028325: MONTESINOS, JOSÉ F, - Introducción a una historia de la novela en España en el siglo XIX..
040677: MONTESINOS, JOSÉ F, - Entre Renacimiento y Barroco; cuatro escritos Inéditos..
019120: MONTESQUIEU, CHARLES LOUIS, BARON DE., - Persian and Chinese Letters, being the Lettres Persanes..
040995: MONTESSON, CHARLES ROYER, COMTE DE, - Vocabulaire Du Haut-Maine..
002603: MONTET, PIERRE, - La Vie Quotidienne En Égypte Au Temps Des Ramsès (XIIIe-XIIe Siècles Avant J.-C.)..
005718: MONTEVERDI, CLAUDIO, - Third Book of Madrigals for Viol Consort..
039523: MONTFAUCON, BERNARD DE, - Les manuscrits de la Reine de Suède au Vatican..
024994: MONTGOMERY, GEORGE S., JR., - The return of Adam Smith..
014986: MONTGOMERY, CHARLES F. AND PATRICIA E. KANE, EDS., - American Art: 1750-1800, Towards Independence..
028386: MONTGOMERY, FLORENCE M., - Textiles in America 1650-1870. A Dictionary Based on original Documents, Prints and Printings, Commerical Records, American merchants' Papers, Shopkeepers'advertisements, and Pattern Books with Original Swatches of Cloth..
005212: MONTGOMERY, CHARLES F., - A History of American Pewter..
029313: MONTHERLANT, HENRY DE, - La Marée du soir (carnets 1968-1971)..
014325: MONTI, FRANCO, - African Masks..
014337: MONTI, FRANCO, - Precolumbian Terracottas..
040202: MONTORO ROMERO, RICARDO, - La universidad en la España de Franco (1939-1970) (un analisis sociologico)..
041820: MIZRACHI-HAPOEL HAMIZRACHI WOMEN'S ORGANIZATION OF MONTREAL, - Recipes Mother Never Knew; a Collection of Treasured kosher Recipes Compiled in Menu Form by the Rohr-Soloway Chapter..
029326: GERBERT DE MONTREUIL, - La Continuation De Perceval..
016524: MONTS, CARL, GRAF VON, - Napoleon III Auf Wilhelmshöhe 1870/71; Nach Aufzeichnungen Des Generals D. Infant...
026594: MONTUORI, MARIO, - De Socrate iuste damnato; the Rise of the Socratic problem in the eighteenth Century..
042123: MOOIJ, JAN JOHANN ALBINN, - La philosophie des mathématiques de Henri Poincaré..
034727: MOOLENBROEK, JAAP VAN, - Wonderen voor alledag; elf opstellen over godsdienst en samenleving in de Middeleeuwen..
022344: MOON, J. DONALD, - Constructing Community; moral pluralism and Tragic Conflicts..
015936: MOON, TOM, - This grim and Savage Game; Oss and the Beginning of U.S. Covert Operations in World War II..
039268: MOON, MARILYN, ED, - Economic Transfers in the United States..
039147: MOON, MARILYN, - The Measurement of Economic Welfare; Its Application to the Aged Poor..
014522: MOONEY, HARRY J, JR. AND THOMAS F. STALEY, EDS., - The Shapeless God; Essays on Modern Fiction..
036046: MOONSAMMY, RITA ZORN, ET AL., EDS, - Pinelands Folklife..
044006: MOORE, EDWARD C, - American Pragmatism: Peirce, James, and Dewey..
023310: MOORE, SHIRLEY ANN WILSON, - To place our Deeds; the Afircan American Community in Richmond, California, 1910-1963..
013258: MOORE, WALTER, - Schrödinger; Life and Thought..
029535: MOORE, SAMUEL AND THOMAS A. KNOTT, - The Elements of Old English; elementary Grammar, reference Grammar and reading Selections..
1463: (MORE, THOMAS). EDITED BY MICHAEL J. MOORE., - Quincentennial essays on St. Thomas More; selected papers from the Thomas M ore College Conference...
001664: MOORE, WILBERT E, - Economic Demography of Eastern and Southern Europe..
024312: MOORE, KEVIN Z., - The Descent of the Imagination; Postromantic Culture in the Later Novels of Thomas Hardy..
005629: MOORE, GEORGE, - George Moore in Transition; Letters to T. Fisher Unwin and Lena Milman, 1894-1910..
024431: MOORE, MARIANNE, - The Selected letters of Marianne Moore..
006419: MOORE, CHARLES A., - Essays in East-West Philosophy; an Attempt at World Philosophical Synthesis..
004794: MOORE, J. HAMPTON, - Roosevelt and the Old Guard..
023058: MOORE, JOHN R. AND FRANK A. PADOVANO, - U.S. Investment in Latin American Food Processing..
025941: MOORE, HENRY, - Henry Moore; Energy in Space..
014703: MOORE, N. HUDSON, - The Old Furniture Book; with a Sketch of Past Days and Ways..
026595: MOORE, GEORGE FOOT, - Judaism in the First Centuries of the Christian Era; the Age of the Tannaim..
026685: MOORE, LESLIE E., - Beautiful Sublime; the Making of Paradise Lost, 1701-1734..
033425: MOORE, W. G., - Molière: a New Criticism..
031851: MOORE, FRANK GARDNER, - The Roman's World..
027565: MOORE, GEORGE EDWARD, - Principia Ethica..
013587: MOORE, R. J., - Sir Charles Wood's Indian Policy, 1853-66..
028442: MOORE, HENRY, - Henry Moore at the British Museum..
040573: MOORE, ROBERT ETHERIDGE, - Hogarth's Literary Relationships..
014469: MOORE, HENRY, - Henry Moore; Sculptures in Landscape..
005829: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY, - E. Nesbit; a Biography..
037549: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY, - The child in Fashion..
014714: MOORE, N. HUDSON, - The Collector's Manual..
011503: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY, - Marie & the Duke of H; the Daydream Love Affair of Marie Bashkirtseff..
041152: MOORE, WILL G, - French Classical Literature; an Essay..
032113: MOORE, CHARLES W., ET AL., - The Poetics of Gardens..
033148: MOORE, ROSALIE, - Year of the Children; Poems for a Narrative..
013985: MOORE, STANLEY W., - The Critique of Capitalist Democracy; an Introduction to the Theory of the State in Marx, Engels, and Lenin..
034140: MOORE, DON D., ED., - Webster; the Critical Heritage..
037443: MOORE, DAVID G, - False Idols..
043660: MOORE, MARGARET E, - Understanding British English..
036677: MOORE, GEORGE, - Conversations in Ebury Street..
010766: MOOREHEAD, ALAN, - Cooper's Creek; the Opening of Australia..
008095: MOOREHEAD, ALAN, - The Fatal Impact; an Account of the Invasion of the South Pacific, 1767-1840..
036092: MOORMAN, THEO, - Weaving as an Art Form; a personal Statement..
011286: MOORTGAT, A., - Bildwerk Und Volkstum Vorderasiens Zur Hethiterzeit..
043488: MORA GUARNIDO, JOSÉ, - Federico Garcia Lorca y su mundo; testamonio para una Biografia..
027494: MORA, CARL J., - Mexican Cinema; Reflections of a Society 1896-1980..
030920: MORAN, WILLIAM R., - Nellie Melba; a contemporary Review..
037349: MORAN, TOM AND TOM SEWELL, - Fantasy by the Sea; a Visual History of the American Venice..
010631: MORAND, PAUL, - The Captive Princess, Sophia Dorothea of Celle..
043173: MORAND, PAUL, - Syracuse (U.S.A.)..
019221: MORAZÉ, CHARLES, - La France Bourgeoise XVIIIe-XXe Siècles..
035201: MORBY, JOHN E, - Dynasties of the World; a Chronological and Genealogical Handbook..
040440: MORCINIEC, NORBERT, - Kontrastive Phonemik; Deutsch-Niederländisch, Niederländisch-Deutsch..
018682: MORDDEN, ETHAN, - Demented; the world of the Opera Diva..
018683: MORDDEN, ETHAN, - Opera Anecdotes..
018684: MORDDEN, ETHAN, - Opera in the twentieth Century; Sacred, Profane, Godot..
026951: MORDDEN, ETHAN, - How Long has This been going on?..
030937: MORDDEN, ETHAN, - A Guide to Opera Recordings..
030938: MORDDEN, ETHAN, - Rodgers & Hammerstein..
031374: MORDDEN, ETHAN, - A guide to Orchestral Music; the Handbook for Non-Musicians..
031853: MORE, PAUL ELMER, - Platonism..
028009: MOREAU, GENEVIÈVE, - The Restless Journey of James Agee..
020515: MOREAU DE JONNÈS, ALEXANDRE, - Adventures in the Revolution and Under the Consulate..
043949: MOREAU, JEAN, - Dictionnaire de géographie historique de la Gaule et de la France..
013588: MORELAND, W. H. AND ATUL CHANDRA CHATTERJEE, - A Short History of India..
006420: MORELL, J. D., - On the philosophical Tendencies of the Age..
033627: MORELLI, SERENA, - Le carte di Léon Cadier alla Bibliothèque Nationale de France; contributo alla ricostruzione della cancelleria Angioina..
042155: MORENO, RALPH, - A Man's Estate..
023059: MORENO, FRANCISCO JOSE, - Legitimacy and Stability in Latin America; a study of Chilean Political Culture..
002605: MORET, ALEXANDRE, - Le Nil et La Civilisation Égyptienne..
026596: MORETTI, MARIO AND GUGLIELMO MAETZKE, - The Art of the Etruscans..
042263: MOREV, L. N., ET AL, - The Lao Language..
686: MOREY, CHARLES RUFUS., - Mediaeval art...
019706: MOREYRA Y PAZ SOLDAN, CARLOS, - Bibliografia Regional Peruana (coleccion particular)..
005766: MORGAN, GLENN G., - Soviet Administrative Legality; the Role of the Attorney General's Office..
013332: MORGAN, BRYAN, ED., - The Great Trains..
021103: MORGAN, DAN, - Rising in the West; the true Story of an "Okie" family from the Great Depression through the Reagan Years..
037880: MORGAN-GRIFFITHS, LAURIS, - Ansel Adams; Landscapes of the American West..
006421: MORGAN, DAVID, - Icons of American Protestantism; the Art of Warner Sallman..
025631: MORGAN, EDMUND S., - Benjamin Franklin..
027430: MORGAN, KENNETH O., ED., - The Oxford Illustrated history of Britain..
007754: MORGAN, GEORGE W., - The Human Predicament; dissolution and Wholeness..
011838: MORGAN, WILLIAM GERRY, - The American College of Physicians; its First Quarto Century..
015061: MORGAN, JOAN AND ALISON RICHARDS, - A Paradise Out of a Common Field; the Pleasures and Plenty of the Victorian Garden..
021419: MORGAN, JUDITH AND NEIL MORGAN, - Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel; a Biography..
020429: MORGAN, DAN, - Merchants of Grain..
040126: MORGAN, EDMUND S., - Visible Saints; the history of a Puritan Idea..
037021: MORGAN, BARBARA, - Barbara Morgan..
039383: MORGAN, JAMES N., ET AL, - Income and welfare in the United States..
037410: MORGAN, HAL AND ANDREAS BROWN, - Prairie Fires and Paper Moons; the American Photographic Postcard: 1900-1920..
010083: MORGENSTERN, CHRISTIAN, - Alle Galgenlieder: Galgenlieder, Palmström, Palma Kunkel, Gingganz..
028588: MORGENSTERN, JULIAN, - The Book of the Covenant..
042176: MORGHEN, RAFFAELLO, - Bonifacio VIII e il Giubileo del 1300 nella storiografia Moderna..
039543: MORI, OGAI, - Saiki Koi and Other Stories..
006657: MORIER, JAMES, - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan..
018685: MORIN-LABRECQUE, ALBERTINE, - Charles Gounod et Ses Opéras, 1818-1893..
039805: MORING, JOHN, - Early American Naturalists; Exploring the American West 1804-1900..
044061: MORISON, STANLEY, - Politics and Script; Aspects of Authority and Freedom in the Development of Graeco-Latin script from the Sixth Century B.D. to the twentieth Century A.D..
036072: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT, - By Land and By Sea; Essays and Addresses..
023060: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT AND MAURICIO OBREGON, - The Caribbean as Columbus saw it..
004195: MORISON, ELTING E., - From Know-how to Nowhere; the Development of American Technology..
027773: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT AND MAURICIO OBREGON, - "Old Bruin", Commodore Matthew C. Perry 1794-1858..
038268: MORISOT, BERTHE, - Berthe Morisot. Drawings/pastels/watercolors..
035707: MORITZ, CARL PHILIP, - Journeys of a German in ENgland in 1782..
033563: MORLEY, HENRY, ED., - Character writings of the Seventeenth Century..
010632: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID, - In the Labyrinth..
008431: MORLEY, JAMES W., ED., - Security Interdependence in the Asia Pacific Region..
025354: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID, - Pictures from the water Trade; Adventures of a Westerner in Japan..
026320: MORLEY, FELIX, ED., - Essays on Individuality..
015697: MORLEY, FRANK, - Literary Britain; a Reader's Guide to Its Writers and Landmarks..
019123: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER, - Off the Deep End..
015411: MORLEY, IRIS, - Soviet Ballet..
037645: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID, - In the Labyrinth..
011507: MORLEY, JOHN, - The Life of William Ewart Gladstone..
011506: MORLEY, IRIS, - A Thousand Lives; an Account of the English Revolutionary Movement, 1660-1685..
039053: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER, - Old Loopy; a Love Letter for Chicago..
041908: MORLINO, LEONARDO, - Costruire la democrazia; gruppi e partiti in Italia..
016502: MORNET, DANIEL, - Histoire De La Littérature et De La Pensée Françaises Contemporaines (1870-1934)..
031012: MORONE, JAMES A., - Hellfire Nation; the Politics of Sin in American History..
039417: MORONEY, JOHN R., ED, - Iincome Inequality; Trends and International Comparisons..
031032: MOROROW, BAKER H., - A dictionary of landscape Architecture..
026405: MORPURGO, J. E, - Allen Lane, King Penguin; a Biography..
009661: MORPURGO, J. E., ET AL., - Life Under the Stuarts..
005455: MORRAH, PATRICK, - 1660, the Year of Restoration..
034693: MORRALL, JOHN B, - Political Thought in medieval Times..
036522: MORRELL, OTTOLINE VIOLET ANNE CAVENDISH-BENTINCK, LADY, - Ottoline at Garsington; Memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrelol 1915-1918..
032601: MORRIS, BRIAN, ED., - John Webster..
022994: MORRIS, ROBERT AND MICHAEL FREUND, EDS., - Trends and Issues in Jewish social Welfare in the United States 1899-1952..
039006: MORRIS, C. R, - Locke, Berkeley, Hume..
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023731: NEWMAN, RICHARD, - Black Access; a Bibliograph of Afro-American Bibliographies..
009817: NEWMAN, E. M., - Seeing Italy..
009818: NEWMAN, E. M., - Seeing Germany..
030987: NEWMAN, ERNEST, - The Wagner Operas..
021781: NEWMAN, GERALD, - The rise of English Nationalism; a Cultural History 1740-1830..
037889: NEWMAN, ROSIE, - Britain at War; Narrative of a film Record..
037512: NEWMAN, ALAN B., ED, - New England Reflections 1882-1907; Photographs by the Howes Brothers..
015736: NEWMAN, PETER R., - Companion to Irish History, 1603-1921, from the Submission of Tyrone to Partition..
037152: NEWMAN, JOHN B, - Fascination, or the Philosophy of Charming Illustrating the principles of Life in Connection with Spirit and Mater..
036199: NEWMAN, ARNOLD, - The Great British; Photographs By Arnold Newman..
006097: NEWSOME, DAVID, - The Wilberforces and Henry Manning; the Parting of Friends..
022818: NEWTON, THOMAS WODEHOUSE LEGH, 2D BARON, - Lord Lyons; a Record of British Diplomacy..
025752: NEWTON, JANET, - Las Postias; the story of Robert and Josefa Livermore..
030809: NEWTON, IAN, ED., - Birds of Prey..
038236: NEWTON, A. EDWARD, - A Magnificent farce and Other Diversions of a Book-Collector..
039645: NEWTON, A. EDWARD, - The Greatest book in the World and other Papers..
044018: NEWTON-SMITH, W. H., ED, - A Companion to the Philosophy of Science..
005216: NEYMAN, JERZY, ED, - The Heritage of Copernicus: Theories "pleasing to the mind"..
036258: NGUYEN-DUY, PIPO, - Pipo Nguyen-Duy: East of Eden..
004939: NGUYEN, VAN CANH, - Vietnam Under Communism 1975-1982..
030988: NICE, DAVID, - Prokofiev; from Russia to the West, 1891-1935..
002418: NICHOLAS, STEPHEN, - Convict Workers; Reinterpreting Australia's Past..
041333: NICHOLAS, DAVID, - The Domestic Life of a medieval City: Women, Children, and the Family in Fourteenth-Century Ghent..
015962: NICHOLS, K. D., - The Road to Trinity..
009686: NICHOLS, DUDLEY, - This Land is Mine..
029739: NICHOLS, FREDERICK DOVETON AND RALPH E. GRISWOLD, - Thomas Jefferson, Landscape Architect..
006858: NICHOLS, ROY F., - Blueprints for Leviathan: American Style..
033551: NICHOLS, FRED J., ED., - An Anthology of Neo-latin Poetry..
042316: NICHOLS, STEPHEN G., JR., - Romanesque Signs; Early Medieval narrative and Iconography..
013065: NICHOLSON, LEWIS E. AND DOLORES WARWICK FRESE, EDS., - Anglo-Saxon Poetry; Essays in Appreciation for John C. McGalliard..
011516: NICHOLSON, MAX, - The System; the Misgovernment of Modern Britain..
021969: NICKEL, GERHARD, - Reader zur kontrastiven Linguistik..
024978: NICKELSBURG, GEORGE W. E. AND MICHAEL E. STONE, - Faith and Piety in Early Judaism: Texts and Documents..
035545: NICKERSON, SHEILA, - Midnight to the North; the Untold story of the Woman Who saved the Polaris Expedition..
034943: NICKS, JOAN AND BARRY KEITH GRANT, EDS., - Covering Niagara; Studies in Local popular Culture..
035261: NICKS, DEWEY, - Kustom..
040713: NICOLAI, OTTO, - Musikalische Aufsätze..
039911: NICOLAI, PAM AND CHARLES NICOLAI, - Recipes from the Melting Pot; international Cuisine..
697: NICOLESCU, CORINA., - Icoane vechi Române..
028961: NICOLINI, UGOLINO, - Il paese dell'arte civile; scritti sulla storia di Deruta e della ceramica Derutese..
034120: NICOLL, ALLARLDYCE, - A History of English Drama 1660-1900. Volume I: Restoration Drama 1660-1700..
032589: NICOLSON, HAROLD, - The ENglish Sense of Humour and Other Essays..
015701: NICOLSON, NIGEL, - Portrait of a Marriage..
011918: NICOLSON, MARJORIE HOPE, - Pepys' Diary and the New Science..
015039: NICOLSON, NIGEL, - Mary Curzon..
029046: NICOLSON, MARJORIE HOPE, - The Breaking of the Circle; Studies in the Effect of the "new science" upon Seventeenth Century Poetry..
030400: NICOLSON, MARJORIE HOPE, - Voyages to the Moon..
005143: NICOLSON, HAROLD, - The Congress of Vienna; a Study in Allied Unity, 1812-1822..
007478: NICOLSON, COLIN, - The "Infamas Governer": Francis Bernard and the Origins of the American Revolution..
020305: NICOLSON, BENEDICT, - Joseph Wright of Derby, Painter of Light..
034343: NICOLSON, ADAM, - The National Trust Book of Long Walks in England, Scotland and Wales..
040635: NICOSIA, GERALD, - Memory Babe; a critical Biography of Jack Kerouac..
021970: NICULESCU, ALESSANDRO, - Strutture allocutive pronominali reverenziali in Italiano..
021972: NIDA, EUGENE A., - Linguistic Interludes..
002229: NIDA, EUGENE A., - A Synopsis of English Syntax..
042057: NIE, GISELLE DE, - Word, Image and Experience; Dynamics of Miracle and Self-Perception in Sixth-Century Gaul..
021362: NIEBELSCHÜTZ, SOPHIE VON, - Herrn Norberts Laufbursche und andere Geschichten für Knaben und Mädchen..
039777: NIEBUHR, REINHOLD, - The Self and the Dramas of History..
038787: NIEBUHR, REINHOLD, - The nature and Destiny of Man; a Christian Interpretation..
028282: NIEBUHR, H. RICHARD, - The responsible Self; an Essay in Christian moral Philosophy..
028281: NIEBUHR, H. RICHARD, - Fairth on Earth; an Inquiry Into the Structure of human Faith..
013991: NIEBUHR, REINHOLD, - Pious and Secular America..
022638: NIEDEREICHHOLZ, H. J., ED., - Festschrift für Walter Georg Waffenschmidt zur Vollendung des 85. Lebensjahres am 10.2.1972..
018389: NIEDERHEITMANN, FRIEDRICH, - Cremona; eine Charakteristik der italienischen Geigenbauer und ihrer Instrumente..
004828: NIEDRACH, ROBERT J. AND ROBERT B. ROCKWELL, - The Birds of Denver and Mountain Parks..
030644: NIELAND, LASHARA J. AND WILLA F. FINLEY, - Lone Star Wildflowers; a Guide to Texas Flowering Plants..
005642: NIELSEN, ALDON LYNN, - Reading Race; White American Poets and the Racial Discourse in the Twentieth Century..
014260: NIELSEN, JOHAN MØLLER., - Poul Bjørklund..
042971: NIELSEN, CARL, - Min Fynske Barndom..
004894: NIELSEN, SELMA, - Selma Nielsens viser; et repertoire af folkelige sange fra det 19. århundredes Slutning..
036866: NIELSEN, DITLEF, ED, - Handbuch der altarabischen Altertumskunde. 1. Band: Die altarabische Kultur..
043627: NIELSSEN, CHRISTEN, - De Gamle vijses exempler oc hoffsprock (1618). I: Indiedning og Tekst..
043031: NIEMIRA, ARTUR, - Religiosità e moralità; vita morale come realizzazione della fondazione cristica dell'uomo secondo B. Häring e D. Capone..
036057: NIERENBERG, TED, - The Beckoning Path; Lessons of a Lifelong Garden..
038271: GALERIE NIERENDORF, - Gerhard Marcks..
024351: NIETHAMMER, LUTZ, - Posthistoire. Has History Come to an End?..
028294: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH, - Unmodern Observations; unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen..
034098: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH, - Werke in drei Bänden..
032329: NIEZABAITOWSKA, MALGORZATA, - Remnants; the Last Jews of Poland..
023265: VAN NIFTRIK, G. C., - Spinoza en de sectariers van zijn Tijd..
013992: NIGG, WALTER, - Das Buch Der Ketzer..
013993: NIGG, WALTER, - Des Pilgers Wiederkehr; Drei Variationen Über Ein Thema..
023848: NIGGEMEYER, HERMANN, - Kuttia Kond; Dschungel-Bauern in Orissa..
034973: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE, - Florence Nightingale; an Introduction to Her Life and Family..
024066: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE, - Florence Nightingale on Health in India..
030597: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE, - Florence Nightingale: The Nightingale School..
030598: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE, - Florence Nightingale: Extending Nursing..
034822: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE, - Florence Nightingale: The Crimean War..
039132: NIGHTINGALE, DEMETRA SMITH AND ROBERT H. HAVEMAN, EDS, - The Work Alternative; Welfare Reform and the Realities of the Job Market..
012828: NIGUMI, M. A., - A Great Trusteeship..
024504: NIKEL, JOHANNES, - Das Alte Testament im Lichte der altorientalischen Forschungen..
042759: NIKETAS, ANASTASIOS A, - Ereunai epi ton pegon tou lexikou tou Erotianou; to [roblema tes proeleuseos ton me Hippokratikon lemmaton autou kai ai semasiai touton en te archaeia Hellenike Grammateia..
033600: NIKLAUS, ROBERT, - The eighteenth Century 1715-1789..
031425: NILES, BO, - Paperie; the Art of Writing and Wrapping with Paper. Kate's Paperie with Bo Niles..
036961: NILSEN, ANGELA AND JUNE WEATHERALL, - Just Like Mother Used to Make; food from the '30s and '40s..
034603: NILSSON, MARTIN P, - The Mycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology..
022296: NILSSON, NILS ÅKE, ED., - Art, Society, Revolution: Russia 1917-1921..
011265: NILSSON, MARTIN P., - A History of Greek Religion..
030991: NILSSON, BIRGIT, - My Memoirs in Pictures..
021984: NILSSON-EHLE, HANS, - Les propositions complétives juxtaposées en italien Moderne..
004686: NIMOCKS, WALTER, - Milner's Young Men; the "kindergarten" in Edwardian Imperial Affairs..
023429: NISENSON, ERIC, - Open Sky; Sonny Rollins and his World of Improvisation..
028295: NISSEN, INGJALD, - The Latest formst of the Attitude Theories in Ethics; an Attempt at an Exposition with some critical Remarks..
017511: NISSEN, AXEL, - The Romantic friendship Reader; love stories Between Men in Victorian America..
043072: NITSCHKE, AUGUST, - Naturerkenntnis und politisches Handeln im Mittelalter: Körper, Bewegung, Raum..
041100: NITZSCHE, JANE CHANCE, - The Genius Figure in Antiquity and the Middle Ages..
003925: NIVEN, JOHN, - Salmon P. Chase; a Biography..
016713: NIVEN, JOHN, - John C. Calhoun and the Price of Union; a Biography..
038359: NIX, LORI, - Lori Nix: Waiting to Happen..
010445: NIXON, EDGAR B., ED., - Franklin D. Roosevelt and Foreign Affairs..
026781: NIXON, STUART, - Redwood Empire; an Illustrated History of the California Redwood Country..
006433: NOACK, HERMANN, - Die Philosophie Westeuropas..
036480: NOAKES, VIVIEN, - Edward Lear 1812-1888..
011517: NOAKES, VIVIEN, - Edward Lear; the Life of a Wanderer..
043159: NOBÉCOURT, JACQUES, - L'Italie à Vif..
031154: NOBEL, PARK S., ED, - Cacti; Biology and Uses..
032365: NOBLE, VICKI, ED., - Uncoiling the Snake; ancient Patterns in Contemporary Women's Lives..
016383: NOBLE, DAVID W., - The Eternal Adam and the New World Garden; the Central Myth in the American Novel Since 1830..
003017: NOBLE, JOSEPH VEACH, - The Techniques of Painted Attic Pottery..
026759: NOCERA, JOSEPH, - A Piece of the Action; How the Middle Class Joined the Money Class..
003018: NOCHÉ, ANDRÉ, - Gergovie; Vieux Problèmes et Solutions Nouvelles..
029447: NOCK, ALBERT JAY, - Jefferson..
032189: NOCK, O. S., - World Atlas or Railways..
013303: NOCK, O. S., - British Railways in Transition..
013309: NOCK, O. S., - Railways at the Zenith of Steam, 1920-40..
013315: NOCK, O. S., - Railways in the transition from Steam, 1940-1965..
043707: NOCKE, FRANZ-JOSEF, - Sakrament und personaler Vollzug bei Albertus Magnus..
024202: NODTVEDT, MAGNUS, - Rebirth of Norway's Peasantry; Folk Leader Hans Nielsen Hauge..
016621: NOEL, MARIE, - Notes for Myself..
029553: NOEL, BERNARD, - David..
041217: NOGARA, BARTOLOMEO, - Gli Etruschi e la loro civiltà..
004463: NOGGLE, BURL, - Working with History; the Historical Records Survey in Louisiana and the Nation, 1936-1942..
029311: NOIVILLE, FLORENCE, - Isaac B. Singer; a Life..
023337: NOKES, DAVID, - Jonathan Swift, a Hypocrite Reversed; a Critical Biography..
020458: NOLAN, BARBARA, - The Gothic Visionary Perspective..
018695: NOLAN, LIAM, - The Life of Smetana; the Pain & the Glory..
005942: NOLAN, ALAN T., - Lee Considered; General Robert E. Lee and Civil War History..
015965: NOLAN, DICK, - Benjamin Franklin Butler, the Damnedests Yankee..
026070: NOLDE, EMIL, - Emil Nolde; Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen und Druckgraphik..
030614: NOLES, JAMES L. AND JAMES L. NOLES, JR., - Mighty By Sacrifice; the destruction of an AMerican Bomber Squadron, August 29, 1944..
028546: NOLLEN, JOHN SCHOLTE, - Grinnell College..
028048: NOLTE, CARL, - The San Francisco Century; a city rises from the Ruins of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire..
013252: NOLTHENIUS, HÉLÈNE, - Duecento; Zwerftocht Door Italie's Late Middeleeuwen..
017352: NOLTHENIUS, HÉLÈNE, - Duecento; the Late Middle Ages in Italy..
014360: NOMA, SEIROKU, - The Arts of Japan. Vol. II: Late Medieval to Modern..
032404: NOMA, SEIROKU, - The arts of Japan: Ancient and Medieval..
032405: NOMA, SEIROKU, - The Arts of Japan: Late medieval to Modern..
026776: NOMACHI, KAZUYOSHI, - Tibet..
040705: NOONAN, DAMIEN, - The Daily Telegraph Castles & Ancient Monuments of England..
020185: NOONAN, PEGGY, - The case Against Hillary Clinton..
029353: NORA, PIERRE, - Rethinking France; les lieux de Mémoire. Volume I: The State..
010254: NORBECK, EDWARD, - Takashima, a Japanese Fishing Community..
002841: NORBECK, EDWARD, - Religion and Society in Modern Japan: Continuity and Change..
043890: NORBERG, DAG, - Introduction à l'étude De la Versification Latine Médiévale..
031866: NORDEN, EDUARD, - Die antike Kunstprosa vom VI. Jahrhundert v. Chr. bis in die Zeit der Renaissance..
014663: NORDENFALK, CARL, - Sèvres et Les Cinq Sens..
024502: NORDENFELT, LENNART, - Explanation of human Actions..
040428: NORDENFELT, LENNART, - Explanation of human Actions..
035650: NORDON, PIERRE, - Conan Doyle; a Biography..
014770: NORDRESS, LEE, ED., - Art:USA:now..
037260: NOREN, CATHERINE HANF, - The Camera of my Family..
036977: NORFLEET, BARBARA P, - When We Liked Ike; Looking for Postwar America..
037333: NORFLEET, BARBARA P, - The Illusion of Orderly Progress..
037404: NORFLEET, BARBARA, - Manscape with Beasts..
019139: NORMAN, CHARLES, - The muses' Darling: Christopher Marlowe..
005207: NORMAN, HILDA LAURA, - Swindlers & Rogues in French Drama..
039540: NORMAN, A. V. B. AND DON POTTINGER, - English Weapons & Warfare 449-1660..
032083: NORMAN, SETH, - Meanderings of a Fly Fisherman..
036196: NORMAN, DOROTHY, - Alfred Stieglitz, an American Seer..
004796: NORMAND, JEAN, - Nathaniel Hawthorne; an Approach to an Analysis of Artistic Creation..
026574: NORQUAY, MARGARET, - Broad is the Way; Stories from Mayerthorpe..
040050: NORRIS, MALCOLM, - Brass Rubbing..
034206: NORRIS, KENNETH S., ET AL., - The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin..
011518: NORRIS, JOHN, - Shelburne and Reform..
035007: NORRMAN, RALF AND JON HAARBERG, - Nature and Language; a Semiotic Study of Cucurbits in Literature..
020629: NORSE, HAROLD, - Memoirs of a Bastard Angel..
016650: NORTH, LIISA, - Civil-military Relations in Argentina, Chile, and Peru..
043045: NORTH, ROBERT, - Town and Country Games..
005562: NORTH, MICHAEL, - Henry Green and the Writing of his Generation..
014673: NORTHEND, MARY HARROD, - American Glass..
024113: NORTHROP, F. S. C., - European Union and United State Foreign Policy; a Study in Sociological Jurisprudence..
038233: NORTHUP, SOLOMON, - Twelve Years a Slave..
038476: NORTON, F. H, - Elements of Ceramics..
003562: NORTON, WESLEY, - Religious Newspapers in the Old Northwest to 1861: a History, Bibliography and Record of Opinion..
028963: NORTON, CHARLES ELIOT, - Historical Studies of Church-Building in the Middle Ages: Venice, Siena, Florence..
036730: NORTON, MARY BETH, - Founding Mothers and Fathers; Gendered Power and the Forming of American Society..
032208: NORTON, ANNE, - Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire..
016903: VAN NORTWICK, THOMAS, - Somewhere I Have never Travelled; the second self and the Hero's Journey in ancient Epic..
039178: NORWAK, MARY, - The Farmhouse Kitchen..

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