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051024: Lockwood, W. B. - A Panorama of Indo-European Languages
049963: Lodewycksz, Willem - Om de Zuid; de Eerste Schipvaart Naar Oost-Indie Onder Cornelis de Houtman, 1595-1597, Opgetekend Door Willem Lodewycksz
017604: Lodge, O. R. - The Recapture of Guam
006106: Lodge, Richard - Studies in Eighteenth-Century Diplomacy, 1740-1748
031826: Lods, Adolphe - Israel Des Origines Au Milieu Du Viiie Siècle
1318: Lods, Adolphe - Israel from Its Beginnings to the Middle of the Eighth Century. Translated by S.H. Hooke
018012: Loeb, Edwin M. - In Feudal Africa
009950: Loeb, Jacques - The Mechanistic Conception of Life
003995: Loebner, Egon - The Selected Papers of Egon Loebner
040746: Loeffler, Jack - Adventures with Ed; a Portrait of Abbey
629: Loehr, August - ôsterreichische Geldgeschichte
025212: Loemker, Leroy E. - Struggle for Synthesis; the Seventeenth Century Background of Leibniz's Synthesis of Order and Freedom
045994: Loetz, Francisca - A New Approach to the History of Violence; "Sexual Assault" and "Sexual Abuse" in Europe, 1500-1850
048029: Loewe, Michael - Imperial China; the Historical Background to the Modern Age
032840: Loewe, Michael - Everyday Life in Early Imperial China During the Han Period 202 Bc-Ad 220
041800: Loewenberg, J. - Dialogues from Delphi
007328: Loewenberg, Robert J. - Equality on the Oregon Frontier; Jason Lee and the Methodist Mission, 1834-43
021144: Loewenstein, Rudolph M., Et al., Eds - Psychoanalysis--a General Psychology; Essays in Honor of Heinz Hartmann
048153: Löffler, Marianne - Beiträge Zur Volkskunde Und Mundart Von Ustou (Ariège)
036093: Löffler, Fritz - Otto Dix; Life and Work
021899: Löffler, Heinrich - Probleme Der Dialektologie; Eine Einführung
020509: Lofredo, Gino - Obediencia Debida; Fuegos
015028: Loft, Abram - Ensemble! a Rehearsal Guide to Thirty Great Works of Chamber Music
005618: Loftis, John - The Politics of Drama in Augustan England
005580: Loftis, John - Comedy and Society from Congreve to Fielding
010130: Loga, Valerian Von - Francisco de Goya
046528: Logan, William Bryant - Smtih & Hawken the Tool Book
043430: Logan, Harlan, Ed - How Much Do You Know About Glass
038726: Logan, Pamela - Among Warriors; a Martial Artist in Tibet
032855: Logan, Frank A. - Incentive; How the Conditions of Reinforcement Affect the Performance of Rats
010438: Logan, Harold A. - The History of Trade-Union Organization in Canada
003900: Logan, John A., Jr. - No Transfer; an American Security Principle
029791: Loggins, Vernon - André Chénier; His Life, Death, and Glory
051618: Logié, Philippe - L'énéas, Une Traduction Au Risque de L'Invention
035423: Logu, Giuseppe De - Natura Morta Italiana
015822: Logue, Larry M. - To Appomattox and Beyond; the CIVIL War Soldier in War and Peace
043062: Lohrmann, Klaus Ed - 1000 Jahre österreichisches Judentum; Ausstellungskatalog
002199: Loi, Lucia Serena - IL Tesoro Nascosto Degli Afghani
038294: Loiselle, Paul V. - African Cichlids; a Splendid Introduction to This Diverse and Attractive Group of Tropical Freshwater Fishes
026518: Loisy, Alfred - The Origins of the New Testament (Les Origines Du Nouveau Testament)
038829: Lomas, Peter - The Limits of Interpretation
015823: Lomask, Milton - Aaron Burr; the Conspiracy and Years of Exile, 1805-1836
007766: Lomask, Milton - Aaron Burr; the Years from Princeton to Vice President, 1756-1805
594: Kunstschätze der Lombardei; 500 vor Christus/1800 nach Christus - Kunsthaus Zürich, November 1948/März 1949
027474: Lombardi, John V. - Venezuela; the Seaerch for Order, the Dream of Progress
1320: Lombardi, Franco - La Filosofia Italiana Negli Ultimi Cento Anni
041912: Lombardo, Antonio - Le Trasformazioni Del Comunismo Italiano
028914: Lombardo, Rocco - La Chiesa E IL Monastero Di San Marco le Vergini Di Enna Tra Storia, Arte, Devozione
028246: Lombardo, Rocco - La Chiesa E IL Monastero Di San Marco le Vergini Di Enna Tra Storia, Arte, Devozione
039787: Lomborg, Bjørn - The Skeptical Environmentalist; Measuring the Real State of the World
032105: Lomborg, Bjørn, Ed - Global Crises, Global Solutions
003765: Lomholt, Svend - Niels R. Finsen
042226: Lommatzsch, Erhard - Ein Italienisches Novellenbuch Des Quattrocento; Giovanni Sabadino Degli Arientis "Porrettane
026090: Lommel, Andreas - Vorgeschichte Und Naturvölker; Höhlenmalereien, Totems, Schmuck, Masken, Keramik, Waffen
051572: Lommel, Andreas, Ed - Kunst Des Ostens: Sammlung Preetorius
040137: Lomont, J. S. - Application of Finite Groups
048159: London, Bette - The Appropriated Voice; Narrative Authority in Conrad, Forster, and Woolf
037934: London, Sara - Firehorse Max
020964: London, Jack - Farther North
041294: Lonergan, Bernard J. F. - Method in Theology
006386: Lonergan, Bernard - Collection; Papers by Bernard Lonergan, S.J.
047253: Long, J. H. - Slips of Tongue and Pen
044595: Long, Pamela O., Ed - Science and Technology in Medieval Society
036460: Long, Walter S. - Brushwork Diary; Watercolors of Early Nevada
029882: Long, Robert Emmet - The Films of Merchant Ivory
024782: Long, Eugene Thomas, Ed - God, Secularization, and History; Essays in Memory of Ronald Gregor Smith
022929: Long, David E. - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
015824: Long, David F. - Sailor-Diplomat; a Biography of Commodore James Biddle, 1783-1848
015362: Long, David F. - Gold Braid and Foreign Relations; Diplomatic Activities of U.S. Naval Officers, 1798-1883
001961: Longacre, Robert E. - Grammar Discovery Procedures; a Field Manual
032667: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Leap of Roushan Beg
037745: Longford, Elizabeth - Eminent Victorian Women
027994: Longford, Elizabeth - Wellington, the Years of the Sword
011403: Longford, Frank Pakenham, Earl of - A History of the House of Lords
011400: Longford, Elizabeth - Queen Victoria; Born to Succeed
011402: Longford, Elizabeth - Wellington; Pillar of State
011399: Longford, Elizabeth - The Royal House of Windsor
022567: Longman, Jere - Among the Heroes; United Flight 93 and the Passengers and Crew Who Fought Back
041832: Longnon, Auguste - Pouillés de la Province de Rouen
041831: Longnon, Auguste - Pouillés de la Province de Lyon
050757: Longridge, C. Nepean - The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships
031213: Longstreet, Stephen - We All Went to Paris; Americans in the City of Light: 1776-1971
020326: Longsworth, Robert - The Cornish Ordinalia; Religion and Dramaturgy
046793: Longus - Pastorales (Daphnis Et Clhoe)
032025: Longworth, T. Clifton - The Gods of Love; the Creative Process in Early Religion
030829: Longyear, Rey M. - Nineteenth-Century Romanticism in Music
026913: Lonsdale, Roger, Ed - Eighteenth-Century Women Poets; an Oxford Anthology
035121: Looff, Hans - Der Symbolbegriff in Der Neueren Religionsphilosophie Und Theologie
022081: Loomie, Albert J. - The Spanish Elizabethans; the English Exiles at the Court of Philip II
018364: Loomis, Noel M. - Wells Fargo
010127: Loomis, C. Grant - The German Theater in San Francisco, 1861-1864
049515: Loomis, Roger Sherman, Ed - Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages; a Collaborative History
027292: Looney, Dennis - Compromising the Classics; Romance Epic Narrative in the Italian Renaissance
026721: Loopmans, Tjalling C., Ed - Statistical Inference in Dynamic Economic Moders
044269: Loos, Erich - Der Logische Aufbau Der "Commedia" Und Die Ordo-Vorstellung Dantes
044268: Loos, Erich - Die Bedeutung Der Musik IM Werk Dantes
043444: Loos, Erich - Selbstanalyse Und Selbsteinsicht Bei Petrarca Und Montaigne
008140: Loos, Anita - San Francisco; a Screenplay
019759: Lopes, Sal - The Wall; Images and Offerings from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
045260: Lopez, Barry, Ed - Home Ground; Language for an American Landscape
038397: Lopez, Martina - Martina Lopez. Digital Allegory
019566: Lopez, Enrique Hank - Conversations with Katherine Anne Porter, Refugee from Indian Creek
013057: Lopez, Robert S. - The Three Ages of the Italian Renaissance
634: Lopez, Robert S. - The Birth of Europe
051994: Lopez, Estrada, Francisco - Panorama Critico Sobre El Poema Del Cid
005815: Loram, Ian C. - Goethe and His Publishers
017079: Loran, Erle, et al. - Africa and Ancient Mexican Art; the Loran Collection
042484: Garcia Lorca, Federico - Retablillo de Don Crisitóbal Y Doña Rosita
042073: Garcia Lorca, Federico - Libro de Poemas; Primeras Canciones. Canciones; Seis Poemas Galegos
023008: Lorch, Netanel - One Long Year; Arab Versus Jew Since 1920
015826: Lorch, Netanel - One Long War; Araab Versus Jew Since 1920
046009: Lorcin, Marie-Thérèse - Façons de Sentir Et de Penser: Les Fabiaux Français
046452: Lord, M. G. - Astro Turf; the Private Life of Rocket Science
034775: Lord, Louis E. - Aristophanes, His Plays and His Influence
032013: Britton, Nathaniel Lord and Addison Brown - An Illustrated Flora of the United States and Canada; from Newfoundland to the Parallel of the Southern Boundary of the Virginia, and from the Atlantic Ocean Westwards to the 102d Meridian
031829: Lord, George deF - Homeric Renaissance; the Odyssey of George Chapman
031828: Lord, Albert Bates - Epic Singers and Oral Tradition
007617: Lord, Clifford L., Ed - Keepers of the Past
037620: Lorenz, Konrad - Behind the Mirror; a Search for a Natural History of Human Knowledge
035639: Lorenz, Konrad - So Kam Der Mensch Auf Den Hund
032233: Lorenz, Konrad - The Year of the Greylag Goose
027209: Lorenz, Erika - Der Metaphorische Kosmos Der Modernen Spanischen Lyrik (1936-1956)
012499: Lorenz, Konrad - Studies in Animal and Human Behaviour
002819: Lorenz, Hilmar - Pflicht Und Neigung in Kants Kritischer Philosophie; Studie über Den Zusammenhang Zwischen Theoretischer Und Praktischer Philosophie in Kants Kritischen Schriften Bis Zur "Grundlegung Zur Metaphysik Der Sitten.
050918: Lorenzen, Jens - Halligfriesisches Lesebuch, Friesisch-Deutsch. Halifreesk Leeseböök, Freesk-Tutsk
037782: Katz, Lori and Barb Meyer - 101 Super Uses for Tampon Applicators; a Helpful Guide for the Environmentally Conscious Consumer of Feminine Hygiene Products
009644: Lorian, Alexandre - L'Expression de L'Hypothèse En Français Moderne; Antéposition Et Postposition
026584: Loriggio, Francesco, Ed - The Last Effort of Dreams; Essays on the Poetry of Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
036013: Loring, Rosamond B. - Decorated Book Papers Being an Account of Their Designs and Fashions
015656: Lorwin, Val R. - The French Labor Movement
045124: Losano, Mario G. - I Carteggi Di Pietro Luigi Albini Con Federico Schlopis E Karl Mittermaier (1839-1857); Alle Origini Della Filosofia Del Diritto a Torino
041746: Furbee-Losee, Louanna, Ed - Mayan Texts I.
015829: Lossing, Benson J. - Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the CIVIL War, 1861-65 and the Causes That Led Up to the Great Conflict
050998: Lot, Ferdinand - La Fin Du Monde Antique Et le Début Du Moyen Age
024319: Lotar, PEter - Vom Sinn Des Lebens; Ein Gespräch Zu Fünft, Aus Werk Und Leben Albert Schweitzers
005163: Loth, David - Lafayette
025378: Philipps, Lothar and Roland Wittmann, Eds - Techtsentstehung Und Rechtskultur, Heinrich Scholler Zum 60. Geburtstag
009291: Boschen, Lothar and Jürgen Barth - The Porsche Book; a Definitive Illustrated History
033152: Lothian, John M. - Shakespeare's Charactery; a Book of "Characters" from Shakespeare
036135: Loti, Pierre - One Upon a Time; Vision of Old Japan. Photgraphs by Felice Beato and Baron Raimund Von Stillfried
025499: Lotter, Jane Baker - To Africa with Spatula; a Peace Corps Mom in Malawi 1965-1967
049554: Lottin, A., Et al. - études Sur Les Villes En Europe Occidentale, Milieu Du Xviie Siècle à la Veille de la Révolution Française: Angleterre, Pays-Bas Et Provinces Unies, Allemagne Rhénane
034370: Lottman, Herbert R. - The Left Bank; Writers, Artists, and Politics from the Popular Front to the Cold War
008273: Loubère, J. A. E. - The Novels of Claude Simon
043684: Loubier, Hans - Der Bucheinband Von Seinen Anfängen Bis Zum Ende Des 18. Jahrhunderts
035524: Loudon, J. C. - An Encyclopaedia of Agriculture: Comprising the Theory and Practice of the Valuation, Translfer, Laying out, Improvement, and Management of Landed Property, and of the Cultivation and Economy of the Animal and Vegetable Productions of Agriculture
035383: Loughery, John - John Sloan, Painter and Rebel
032222: Loughery, John - Alias S.S. Van Dine
050848: Loughery, John - The Other Side of Silence. Men's Lives and Gay Identities: A Twentieth-Century History
032507: O'Louglin, Michael - The Garlands of Repose; the Literary Celebration of CIVIC and Retired Leisure; the Traditions of Homer and Vergil, Horace and Montaigne
049225: Louie, Kam - Critiques of Confucius in Contemporary China
051249: Gardet, Louis and M.-M. Anawati - Introduction à Aa Théologie Musulmane; Essai de Théologie Comparée
032016: Louis, Lisa - Butterflies of the Night; Mama-San, Geisha, Strippers, and the Japanese Men They Serve
029552: City Art Museum of St. Louis - The Morton D May Collection of 20th Century German Master, July-August 1970, City Art Museum of St. Louis in Honor of Morton D May
015214: Aragon, Louis and Jean Cocteau - Entretiens Sur le Musée de Dresde
014990: Martin, Michel Louis and Ellen Stern McCrate, Eds - The Military, Militarism and the Polity; Essays in Honor of Morris Janowitz
005154: Gottschalk, LOuis and Margaret Maddox - Lafayette in the French Revolution Through the October Days
039112: Howard, Louise and Beryl Hearnden, Eds - What Country Women Use
031174: Lourie, Peter - Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon; a Chronicle of an Incan Treasure
043617: Musée National du Louvre - Catalogue Des Dessins de Léonard de Vinci (1452-1519). Exposition de Mai à Novembre 1922
040733: Musée du Louvre - Centenaire D'Eugène Delacroix 1798-1863
020350: Louw, Gilbert van De - Baculard D'Arnaud Romancier Ou Vulgarisateur; Essai de Sociologie Littéraire
042295: Lovallo, Lee T. - Anton Bruckner; a Discography
044720: Love, Richard H. - Carl W. Peters; American Scene Painter from Rochester to Rockport
015831: Love, Kennett - Suez, the Twice-Fought War; a History
012542: Loveland, Anne C. - Emblem of Liberty; the Image of Lafayette in the American Mind
007051: Lovell, Margaretta M. - Venice: The American View, 1860-1920. Exhibition Catalogue
028966: Lovette, Leland P. - Naval Customs, Traditions and Usage
007283: Low, Ann Marie - Dust Bowl Diary
023996: Lowe, Jacques - Remembering Jack; Intimate and Unseen Photographs of the Kennedys
004976: Lowe, Donald M. - The Function of "China" in Marx, Lenin, and Mao
040898: Lowell, Francis C. - Joan of Arc
036432: Lowell, A. Lawrence - Greater European Governments
027958: Lowell, Jax Peters - Against the Grain; the Slightly Eccentric Guide to Living Well without Gluten or Wheat
051863: Löwenfeld, Viktor - The Nature of Creative Activity
038998: Lowenstein, Steven - The Jews of Oregon 1850-1950
008498: Lowenstein, Tom - Ancient Land, Sacred Whale; the Inuit Hunt and Its Ritual
027083: Lowenthal, Abraham F., Ed - Armies and Politics in Latin America
027026: Lowenthal, Abraham F., Ed - The Peruvian Experiment; Continuity and Change Under Military Rule
023049: Lowenthal, Abraham F. - The Dominican Intervention
003901: Lower, Arthur R. M. - Colonyh to Nation; a History of Canada
009991: Lowie, Robert H. - The History of Ethnological Theory
018655: Lowinsky, Edward E. - Cipriano de Rore's Venus Motet; Its Poetic and Pictorial Sources
044106: Lowitt, Richard - A Merchant Prince of the Nineteenth Century: William E. Didge
023466: Lowrance, William W. - Of Acceptable Risk; Science and the Determination of Safety
046957: Lowry, John S. - Big Swords, Jesuits, and Bondelswarts; Wilhelmine Imperialism, Overseas Resistance, and German Political Catholicism, 1897-1906
042933: Lowry, James M. P. - The Logical Principles of Proclus' Stoicheiosis Theologike As Systematic Ground of the Cosmos
037937: Lowry, Glenn D. - A Jeweler's Eye; Islamic Arts of the Book from the Vever Collection
036157: Lowry, Bates - Building a National Image; Architectural Drawings for the American Democracy, 1789-1912
026715: Lowry, Bates - The Visual Experience; an Introduction to Art
015839: Lowry, Timothy S. - And Brave Men, Too
003397: Löwy, Emanuel - Die Griechische Plastik
013331: Loxton, Howard - Railways
1366: (Loyola, Ignatius). Meissner, W. W. - The Psychology of a Saint; Ignatius of Loyola
010622: Lozek, Gerhard, et al. - Unbewältigte Vergangenheit; Kritik Der Bürgerlichen Geschichtsschreibung in Der Brd
046047: Lu, Tonglin, Ed - Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature and Society
046046: Lu, Tonglin - Rose and Lotus; Narrative of Desire in France and China
046045: Lu, Tonglin - Confronting Modernity in the Cinemas of Taiwan and Mainland China
007232: Lubin, Albert J. - Stranger on the Earth; a Psychological Biography of Vincent Van Gogh
041071: Meyer-Lübke, W. - Historische Grammatik Der Französischen Sprache. Bd. 1: Laut- Und Flexionslehre
030974: Lübke, Anton - The World of Caves
002095: Dolezel, Lubomir and Richard W. Bailey - Statistics and Style
045684: Hajek, Lubor and Werner Forman - Japanese Woodcuts; Early Periods
034616: Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus - M. Annaei Lucani de Bello CIVILI Liber I.
036560: Lucas, Dione - The Cordon Bleu Cook Book
034769: Lucas, F. L. - Tragedy; Serious Drama in Relation to Aristotle's Poetics
034762: Lucas, F. L. - Euripides and His Influence
030830: Lucas, John - Reggie; the Life of Reginald Goodall
030791: Lucas, F. L. - Seneca and Elizabethan Tragedy
030603: Lucas, Charlie - Charlie Lucas: Tinman
050216: Lucas, E. V. - A Wanderer in Florence
015840: Lucas, James - Command; a Historical Dictionary of Military Leaders
048521: Lucassen, Jan - Naar de Kusten Van de Noordzee; Trekarbeid in Europees Perspektief, 1600-1900
007624: Luce, Phillip Abbott - The New Left Today; America's Trojan Horse
041882: Lucena, Manuel De - Revolucção E Instituiçães; a Extinção Dos Grémios Da Lavoura Alentejanos
017450: Lucey, Charles - Ireland and the Irish; Cathleen Ni Houlihan Is Alive and Well
036841: Luchetti, Cathy - Women of the West
032161: Luchetti, Emily - Stars Desserts
011818: Lucia, Ellis - Head Rig; Story of the West Coast Lumber Industry
041944: Luciani, Giacomo - IL Pci E IL Capitalismo Occidentale
051643: Cerfaux, Lucien and J. Tondriau - Un Concurrent Du Christianisme; le Culte Des Souverains Dans la Civilisation Gréco-Romaine
032477: Febvre, Lucien and Henri-Jean Martin - The Coming of the Book; the Impact of Printing 1450-1800
026448: Kelling, Lucile and Albert Suskin - Index Verborum Iuvenalis
020577: Tucker, Lena Lucile and Allen Rogers Benham - A Bibliography of Fifteenth Century Literature, with Special Reference to the History of English Culture
036069: Lucinge, René De - Dialogue Du François Et Du Savoysien (1593)
017686: Beebe, Lucius and Charles Clegg - San Francisco's Golden Era; a Picture Story of San Francisco Before the Fire
013321: Beebe, Lucius and Charles Clegg - Narrow Gauge in the Rockies
037255: Dobroszycki, Lucjan and Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett - Image Before My Eyes; a Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland 1864-1939
042130: Luck, Hans Von - Gefangener Meiner Zeit; Ein Stück Weges Mit Rommel
011267: Luck, Georg - The Latin Love Elegy
018116: Lucka, Emil - Torquemada Und Die Spanische Inquisition
040281: Luckett, Richard - Handel's Messiah; a Celebration
023660: Beckett, Lucy and Angelo Hornak - York Minster
032036: Lüdecke, Heinz - Albrecht Dürer
020498: Ludendorff, Margarethe - Als Ich Ludendorff's Frau War
025321: Berkowitz, Ludi and Karl A. Squitier - Thesaurus Linguae Graecae; Canon of Greek Authors and Works
050461: Ludlow, Edmund - Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, Esq; Lieutenant-General of the Horse, Commander in Chief of the Forces in Ireland, One of the Council of State,--and a Member of the Parliament Which Began on Nov. 3, 1640
037970: Ludovici, Anthony M. - Personal Reminiscences of Auguste Rodin
051864: Netretti, Enrico Angelo Ludovico and Joseph Warren Zambra - A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments: Explanatory of Their Scientific Principles, Method of Construction, and Practical Utility
049981: Ludowyk, E. F. C. - Understanding Shakespeare
032703: Ludwig, Coy - Maxfield Parrish
025525: Ludwig, Emil - Kunst Und Schicksal; Vier Bildnisse
018097: Koehler, Ludwig and Walter Baumgartner - Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros. Wörterbuch Zum Hebräischen Alten Testament in Deutscher Und Englischer Sprache. Wörterbuch Zum Aramaischen Teil Des Alten Testaments in Deutscher Und Englischer Sprache
010623: Ludwig, Emil - Wilhelm Der Zweite
010084: Ludwig, Emil - Rembrandt's Schicksal
003331: Hertling, Ludwig and Engelbert Kirschbaum - Die Römischen Katakomben Und Ihre Martyrer
019567: Lueders, Edward - Carl Van Vechten and the Twenties
001962: Luelsdorff, Philip - Constraints on Error Variables in Grammar: Bilingual Misspelling Orthographies
048763: Lugnani, Emanuella Scarano - Guicciardini E la Crisi Del Rinascimento
042942: Luibhéid, Colm - All the Green Gold; an Irish Boyhood
021901: Luick, Karl - Deutsche Lautlehre Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Der Sprechweise Wiens Und Der österreichischen Alpenländer
041934: Longo, Luigi and Carlo Salinari - Dal Socialfascismo Alla Guerra Di Spagna; Ricordi E Riflessioni Di Un Militante Comunista
021944: Meneghello. Luigi - Jura; Ricerche Sulla Aatura Delle Forme Scritte
042993: Luis, Carlos Maria De - Catalogo de Las Salas de Arte Asturiano Prerromanico Del Museo Arqueologico Provincial
018340: Pericot Garcia, Luis and Eduardo Ripoll Perello, Eds - Prehistoric Art of the Western Mediterranean and the Sahara
035583: Scott, Maria Luisa and Jack Denton Scott - The Meat and Potatoes Cookbook
050291: Mucciante, Luisa and Tullio Telmon, Eds - Lessicologia E Lessicografia. Atti Del Convegno Della Società Italiana Di Glottologia
045302: Luislampe, Pia - Spiritus Vivificans; Grundzüge Einer Theologie Des Heiligen Geistes Nach Basilius Von Caesarea
048523: Van Zanden, Jan Luiten and Arthur Van Riel - Nederland 1780-1914; Staat, Instituties En Economische Ontwikkeling
048050: Lukacher, Ned - Daemonic Figures; Shakespeare and the Question of Conscience
025213: Lukacs, Georg - Georg Lukacs Und Der Revisionismus; Eine Sammlung Von Aufsätzen
018657: Lukas, Viktor - Orgelmusikführer
004632: Lukas, Richard C. - The Strange Allies; the United States and Poland, 1941-1945
008962: Lum, Peter - The Growth of Civilization in East Asia; China, Japan, and Korea Before the 14th Century
015628: De Luna, Frederick A. - The French Republic Under Cavaignac, 1848
003902: Lunch, William M. - The Nationalization of American Politics
041693: Lund, Steffen Nordahl - L'Aventure Du Signifiant; Une Lecture de Barthes
049253: Lundeberg, Helen - Infinite Distance; Architecitural Compositions by Helen Lundeberg, June 2-August 25, 2007
047341: Lunghi, Elvio - The Basilica of St Francis in Assisi
048152: Lunt, Horace G. - Fundamentals of Russian (First Russian Course)
047940: Lunt, Richard D. - Law and Order Vs the Miners; West Virginia, 1907-1933
049367: Lunt, Horace G., Ed - Proceedings of the Ninth International Congress of Linguists, Cambridge, Mass. , August 27-31, 1962
031039: Luongo, Pino - Simply Tuscan; Recipes for a Well-Lived Life
015092: Lupan, Petre, Ed - Bucharest: Museums of Art
043306: Luppé, Albert Marie Pierre, Comte De - Les Jeunes Filles à la Fin Duu Xviiie Siècle
039123: Lurie, Irene, Ed - Integrating Incom Maintenance Programs
031832: Luschnig, C. A. E. - An Introduction to Ancient Greek; a Literary Approach
046157: Luscomb, Sally C. - The Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons
008194: Lusk, Hugh H. - Social Welfare in New Zealand; the Result of Twenty Years of Progressive Social Legislation and Its Significance for the United States and Other Countries
049115: Lussu, Emilio - Marcia Su Roma E Dintorni
021357: Lütgen, Kurt - Der Weisse Kondor; Die Abenteuer Des Vasco de Balboa
042419: Luther, Martin - Martin Luthers 95 Thesen Nebst Dem Sermon Von Ablass Und Gnade 1517
039685: Luther, Martin - Martin Luther Aus Rechter Muttersprache
028247: Luther, Martin - Luthers Werke in Auswahl
949: (Luther, Martin). Audin, J. M. - études Sur la Réforme; Histoire de la Vie, Des Ouvrages Et Des Doctrines de Luther
008961: Lüthgen, Eugen - Gotische Plastik in Den Rheinlanden
048290: Lüthi, Kurt - Theologie Als Dialog Mit Der Welt Von Heuts
015843: Lutnick, Solomon - The American Revolution and the British Press, 1775-1783
052070: Luttrell, Claude - The Creation of the First Arthurian Romance; a Quest
007924: Lutz, Alma - Emma Willard, Pioneer Educator of American Women
045882: Luxmoore, Charles F. C. - Saltglaze," with the Notes of a Collector
041088: Luzardo, Rodolfo - Rio Grande; Norte Y Sur, North and South
040985: Luzzatto, Gino - An Economic History of Italy from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century
025012: Luzzatto, Moses Hayyim - Mesillat Yesharim; the Path of the Upright
001764: Lyashchenko, Peter I. - History of the National Economy of Russia to the 1917 Revolution
037855: Lyman, Henry M. - Insomnia; and Other Disorders of Sleep
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018123: Marmorstein, Emile - Heaven at Bay; the Jewish Kulturkampf in the Holy Land
017744: Musée Marmottan - Monet Et Ses Amis: Le Legs Michel Monet, la Donation Donop de Monchy
018669: Marnat, Marcel - Moussorgsky
045759: Marney, John - Liang Chien-Wen Ti
033215: Vergilius Maro, Publius - Virgil: The Aeneid
049650: Vergilius Maro, Publius - P. Virgilius Maro
049678: Vergilius Maro, Publius - P. Vergili Maronis Opera. The Works of Virgil, with a Commentary by John Conington
049792: Vergilius Maro, Publius - P. Virgilii Maonis Opera
049811: Vergilius Maro, Publius - Aeneidos Libri VII-VIII
049810: Vergilius Maro, Publius - Aeneidos Liber Sextus
047790: Marol, Jean-Claude - L'Amour Libérée Ou L'érotique Initiale Des Troubadours
020045: Maron, Margaret - High Country Fall
048415: Marouzeau, J. - Traité de Stylistique Latine
002826: Marquard, Odo - Farewell to Matters of Principle; Philosophical Studies
040140: Marquardt, Bernhard - Der Totalitarismus--Ein Gescheitertes Herrschaftssystem. Eine Analyse Der Sowjetunion Und Anderer Staaten Ost-Mitteleuropas
042192: Oliveira Marques, A. H. De - A la República Portuguesa (Alguns Aspectos Estruturais)
038556: Marquet, Albert - Marquet; Dessins
041299: Gabaldón Márquez, Joaquín - Páginas de Evasión Y Devaneo (1948-1958)
024610: Marquez, Raul Antonio - Martin Heidegger: Una Teoria de la Experiencia
018915: Garcia Marquez, Gabriel - The World of Marquez; a Photographic Exploration of Macondo
008492: Garcia Marquez, Gabriel - Of Love and Other Demons
020013: Marranca, Bonnie - Theatre Writings
026674: Marrance, Bonnie - Theatrewritings
022683: Marriott, J. A. R. - The Eastern Question; an Historical Study in European Diplomacy
014647: Marriott, Alice - Maria, the Potter of San Ildefonso
012808: Marris, Peter - Family and Social Change in an African City; a Study of Rehousing in Lagos
051668: Marrocco, W. Thomas - Fourteenth-Century Itialian Cacce
044774: Marroquin, José Manuel - Entre Primos
044650: Marrou, Henri-Irénée - Les Troubadours
026681: Marrs, Suzanne - Eudora Welty; a Biography
019482: Marrus, Michael R. - The Unwanted; European Refugees in the Twentieth Century
042793: Marsch, Wolf-Dieter, Ed - Diskussion über Die "Theologie Der Hoffung" Von Jürgen Moltmann
046715: Marsden, George M. - Jonathan Edwards; a Life
044686: Marsden, George M. - Jonathan Edwards; a Life
036501: Marsden, Christopher - Palmyra of the North; the First Days of St. Petersburg
004994: Marsden, Donald - The Long Kickline; a History of the Princeton Triangle Club
045120: Marsh, Frank Burr - The Reign of Tiberius
038914: Marsh, Frank Burr - English Rule in Gascony 1199-1259, with Special Reference to the Towns
038004: Marsh, C. D., Et al. - Lupines As Poisonous Plants
033113: Marsh, David - The Quattrocento Dialogue; Classical Tradition and Humanist Innovation
021545: Marsh, Peter, Ed - The Conscience of the Victorian State
047314: Marshall, Dorothy - English People in the Eighteenth Century
051008: Marshall, Robert Lewis - The Compositional Process of J.S. Bach; a Study of the Autograph Scores of the Vocal Works
000041: Marshall, Howard D. - The Great Economists; a History of Economic Thought
037991: Marshall, Francis - London West
035349: Dodge, Marshall and Robert Bryan - Bert and I and Other Stories from Down East
033411: Marshall, Geoffrey - Restoration Series Drama
033089: Marshall, Donald G., Ed - Literature As Philosophy; Philosophy As Literature
024082: Marshall, Dominique - The Social Origins of the Welfare State; Québec Families, Compulsory Education, and Family Allowances, 1940-1955
015871: Marshall, Katherine Tupper - Together; Annals of an Army Wife
050801: Marshall, Cynthia - The Shattering of the Self; Violence, Subjectivity, and Early Modern Texts
005474: Marshall, Rosalind K. - The Days of Duchess Anne; Life in the Household of the Duchess of Hamilton, 1656-1716
003005: Marshall, M. H. B. - Verbs, Nouns and Postpositives in Attic Prose
002592: Marshall, M. H. B. - Verbs, Nouns, and Pospositives in Attic Prose
033453: Marston, John - Antonio's Revenge
028525: Marston, Everett C. - Origin and Development of Northeastern University 1898-1960
027329: Marston, John - The Malcontent
015875: Marszalek, John F. - Sherman; a Soldier's Passion for Order
038864: Martell, Arthur E, Ed - Coordination Chemistry. Volume 2
011483: Martelli, George - Jemmy Twitcher; a Life of the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, 1718-1792
036912: Zimiles, Martha and Murray Zimiles - Early American Mills
013965: Marti, Fritz - Religion, Reason and Man
046821: Martialis, Marcus Valerius - Epigrammata
035716: Martien, Jerry - Shell Game; a True Account of Beads and Money in North America
047597: Martin, Alfred Von - Sociology of the Renaissance
047192: Mace, Martin and John Grehan - Unearthing Churchilll's Secret Army; the Official List of Soe Casualties and Their Stories
046460: Martin, John F. - In Character; Opera Portraiture
046436: Martin, Justin - Rebel Souls; Walt Whitman and America's First Bohemians
044776: Lerner, Martin and Steven Kossak - The Lotus Transcendent; Indian and Southeast Asian Art from the Samuel Eilenberg Collection
044230: Martin, Priscilla - Chaucer's Women; Nuns, Wives, and Amazons
043084: Martin, Françoise - Sociétés Anonymes de Famille; Structure, Maintien Et Optimisiation de la Détention Du Capital
042535: Martin, Daria - Daria Martin. Kunsthalle Zürich; Kunstverein in Hamburg
042196: Friedman, Martin and Graham W. J. Beal - George Segal: Sculptures
040063: Martin, George - Causes and Conflicts; the Centennial History of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York 1870-1970
040047: Meyerson, Martin and Edward C. Banfield - Boston: The Job Ahead
039277: David, Martin and Timothy Smeeding, Eds - Horizontal Equity, Uncertainty, and Economic Well-Being
037638: Martin, Violet - The Real Charlotte [by] E. Oe. Somerville & Martin Ross
036370: Martin, Edward S. - The Diary of a Nation; the War and How We Got Into It
035827: Martin, Judith - Miss Manners' Guide to Rearing Perfect Children
035811: Martin, Paul - Victorian Snapshots
035212: Martin, Rux, et al., Eds - The Eating Well Cookbook. Volume 1, Favorite Recipes from Eating Well, the Magazine of Food & Health
030942: Martin, Edward T. - Thomas Jefferson: Scientist
030867: Martin, George - Verdi; His Music, Life and Times
030866: Martin, George - Verdi at the Golden Gate; Opera and San Francisco in the Gold Rush Years
030688: Martin, Walter - The Kingdom of the Cults
029815: Bookspan, Martin and Ross Yockey - Zubin Mehta
028936: Martin, Franz - Die Kunstdenkmäler Des Politischen Bezirkes Braunau
028201: Martin, Cy - The Saga of the Buffalo
027991: Tolchin, Martin and Susan Tolchin - To the Victor... Political Patronage from the Clubhouse to the White House
027510: Martin, Robert Bernard - Enter Rumour; Four Early Victorian Scandals
027273: Martin, Robert Bernard - Tennyson; the Unquiet Heart
026905: Martin, Robert K. - The Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry
025784: Martin, Milward W. - Was Shakespeare Shakespeare? a Lawyer Reviews the Evidence
025644: Martin, David A. - Pacifism; an Historical and Sociological Study

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