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016982: LARSON, EDWARD J. - Evolution's Workshop; God and Science on the Galapagos Islands
007786: LARSON, BROOKE - Colonialism and Agrarian Transformation in Bolivia; Cochabamba, 1550-1900
029271: LARSON, MARTIN A. - Jefferson, Magnificent Populist
032661: LARSON, T. A. - History of Wyoming
1298: LARSSON, EDVIN - Christus Als Vorbild; Eine Untersuchung Zu Den Paulinischen Tauf- Und Eikon Texten. Uppsala, Etc.
036807: LARTIGUE, JACQUES-HENRI - Jacques-Henri Lartigue
036787: LARTIGUE, JACQUES-HENRI - The Autochromes of J.H. Lartigue 1912-1927
027741: LASCH, RICHARD, ET AL. - Vergleichende Völkerkunde: Amerika--Afrika
027647: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Life Was Meant to Be Lived"; a Centenary Portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt
010311: LASKER, BRUNO - Peoples of Southeast Asia
025715: LASKI, HAROLD J. - The State in Theory and Practice
028896: LASKO, PETER - The Kingdom of the Franks; North-West Europe Before Charlemagne
025042: LASLETT, PETER - Philosophy, Politics and Society
007834: LASLEY, JACK - The Threat of Radical Fundamentalism; Priestcraft Revisited
005158: LASOCKI, ANNE-MARIE - Simone de Beauvoir Ou L'Entreprise D'Ecrire; Essai de Commentaire Par Les Textes
044161: BENAIM DE LASRY, ANITA - Carlos Maynes and la Enperatris de Roma; Critical Edition and Study of Two Medieval Spsnish Romances
042506: LASSIAT, HENRI - L'Actualité de la Catéchèse Aposotolique
035636: LASSIMONNE, DENISE - Myra Hess by Her Friends
038572: LASZLO, ERVIN, ED - The Relevance of General Systems Theory; Papers Presented to Ludwig Von Bertalanffy on His Seventieth Birthday
024533: LASZLO, ERVIN - Philosophy in the Soviet Union; a Survey of the Mid-Sixties
036529: VASS, LASZLO AND MAGDA MOLNAR - Herrenschuhe Handgearbeitet
004910: LATHAM, AARON - Crazy Sundays; F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood
007930: LATHAM, EARL, ED - The Philosophy and Policies of Woodrow Wilson
035104: LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY, ED - Thirteen Colonial Americana; a Selection of Publications Issued in the British Provinces of North America During the Final Half-Century of the Colonia Era
038453: LATHROP, JOANNA - Willa Cather; a Checklist of Her Published Writing
044843: LATIMER, GEORGE - Ballet Bad Boy; My Life Behind Barres
044412: LATOUCHE, ROBERT - Les Grandes Invasions Et la Crise de L'Occident Au Ve Siècle
042609: LATOURELLE, RENÉ - Théologie de la RéVélation
013928: LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT - Christianity in a Revolutionary Age; a History of Christianity in the Ninettenth and Twentieth Centuries
032086: D'AVILA-LATOURRETTE, VICTOR-ANTOINE - Twelve Months of Monastery Soups
005866: LATTA, ESTELLE - Controversial Mark Hopkins
044315: LATTE, KURT - Kleine Schriften Zu Religion, Recht, Literatur Und Sprache Der Griechen Und Römer
031819: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND - The Poetry of Greek Tragedy
037541: DE LAUBENFELS, DAVID J. - Mapping the World's Vegetation; Regionalization of Formations and Flora
007801: ALDOURI-LAUBER, MARIA - Die Fachbibliothek Für Romanistik; Retro-Perspektive Einer Wissenschaftlichen Institution
027324: SAWYER-LAUÇANNO, CHRISTOPHER - An Invisible Spectator; a Biography of Paul Bowles
016573: LAUDAN, LARRY, ED - Mind and Medicine; Problems of Explanation and Evaluation in Pscyhiatry and the Biomedical Sciences
043070: LAUDE, G. A. - Kansa Shorthorns; a History of the Breed in the State from 1857 to 1920
012644: LAUDER, PHYLLIS - The Siamese Cat
036061: LAUFER, BERTHOLD - Ostrich Egg-Shell Cups of Mesopotamia and the Ostrich in Ancient and Modern Times
032153: LAUFER, PETER - Nightmare Abroad; Stories of Americans Imprisoned in Foreign Lands
021407: LAUFHÜTTE, HARTMUT, ED - Literaturgeschichte Als Profession; Festschrift Für Dietrich Jöns
042846: HANSEN, HANS LAUGE AND JULIO JENSEN, EDS - La Metafora En la Poesia Hispanica (1885-1936)
008193: LAUGHLIN, ROBERT M. - The People of the Bat; Mayan Tales and Dreams from Zinacantan
035799: LAUGHLIN, CLARENCE JOHN - Clarence John Laughlin: The Personal Eye
042865: LEPSCHY, ANNA LAURA AND GIULIO LEPSCHY - The Italian Language Today
003823: LAURAND, LOUIS - Manuel Des études Grecques Et Latines
012794: LAURENCE, JOHN - The Seeds of Disaster; a Guide to the Realities, Race Policies and World-Wide Propaganda Campaigns of the Republic of South Africa
031110: LAURENCY, HENRY T. - Litet Esoteriskt Lexikon
037010: LAURENTI, JOSEPH L. - Ensayo de Una Bibliografia de la Novela Picaresca Española, años 1554-1964
045651: LAURENTIN, RENE - Structure Et Théologgie de Luc I-II
045650: LAURENTIN, RENE - Jésus Au Temple; Mystère de Paques Et Foi de Marie En Luc 2, 48-50
019466: LAURET, RENÉ - France and Germany; the Legacy of Charlemagne
038068: LAURIA, JO - Seth Randal; Myth and Majesty
037793: GLUESING, LAURIE AND DEBRA GLUESING - Recipes from Wisconsin with Love
025210: LAURIE, S. S. - John Amos Comenius, Bishop of the Moravians; His Life and Educational Works
034817: LAURIE, HELEN C. R. - Two Studies in Chrétien de Troyes
026509: LAURIN, CARL G. - Konsthistoria
040944: LAURIN, JOSEPH-RHÉAL - Orientations Maitresses Des Apoloogistes Chrétiens de 270 à 361
013929: LAURIN, ROBERT B. - Contemporary Old Testament Theologians
044156: LAURIOUX, BRUNO - Manger Au Moyen Age Pratiques Et Discours Alimentaires En Europe Aux Xive Et Xve Siècles
045534: LAUSBERG, HEINRICH - Lingüíistica Románica
024531: LAUTENSACH, HERMANN - Das Mormonenland Als Beispiel Eines Sozialgeographischen Raumes
038318: LAUTER, WOLFGANG - Fenster; Einblicke Und Ausblicke
031820: LAUTER, HANS - Die Architektur Des Hellenismus
043423: LAUTH, REINHARD - Hegel Vor Der Wissenschaftslehre
023963: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, HENRI - The Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec
032095: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, MAPIE DE - La Cuisine de France
028902: LAUTS, JAN - Carpaccio: Painting and Drawings. Complete Edition
028903: LAVAGNINO, EMILIO - Castel Sant'Angelo
020922: LAVALLEY, ALBERT J. - Carlyle and the Idea of the Modern; Studies in Carlyle's Prophetic Literature and Its Relation to Blake, Nietzsche, Marx, and Others
027081: LAVE, CHARLES A., ED - Urban Transit; the Private Challenge to Public Transportation
023716: LAVELL, CECIL FAIRFIELD - A Biography of the Greek People
043970: LAVELLE, LOUIS - De L'Intimité Spirituelle
021088: LAVENDER, DAVID - Land of Giants; the Dirve to the Pacific Northwest 1750-1950
007603: LAVENDER, DAVID - Westward Vision; the Story of the Oregon Trail
006700: LAVENDER, DAVID - Nothing Seemed Impossible; William C. Ralson and Early San Francisco
035397: LAVER, JAMES - Manners and Morals in the Age of Optimism 1848-1914
037431: LAVER, JAMES - Costume
037348: LAVER, JAMES - Costume Illustration: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
038742: LAVER, JAMES - Ladies' Mistakes: Cupid's Changeling; a Stitch in Time; Love's Progress
036682: LAVER, JAMES - A Letter to a Girl on the Future of Clothes
020424: LAVILLAT, BERNARD - L'Enseignement à Besançon Au Xviiie Siècle
020070: LAVISSE, ERNEST - études Sur L'Histoire de Prusse
008952: LAVISSE, ERNEST - Histoire de France Illustrée Depuis Les Origines Jusqu'à la Révolution
010615: LAVISSE, ERNEST - La Jeunesse Du Grand Frédéric
034927: LAVITT, WENDY - American Folk Dolls
027501: LAVRIN, ASUNCION, ED - Sexuality and Marraige in Colonial Latin America
010176: LAVROV, PETER - Historical Letters
044088: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MEDIEVAL CANON LAW, 2D - Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Boston College, 12-16 August 1963
044089: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MEDIEVAL CANON LAW, 7TH - Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, 23-27 July 1988
005447: LAW, ERNEST - England's First Great War Minister; How Wolsey Made a New Army and Navy and Organized the English Expedition to Artois and Flanders in 1513
044087: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MEDIEVAL CANON LAW, 4TH - Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Toronto, 21-25 August 1972
010113: LAWLER, JOHN - The H.W. Wilson Company; Half a Century of Bibliographic Publishing
015798: LAWLISS, CHUCK - The Submarine Book; a Portrait of Nuclear Submarines and the Men Who Sail Them
043893: LAWLOR, JOHN - Piers Plowman; an Essay in Criticism
045172: BECKER, LAWRENCE AND CHRISTINE KONDOLEON - The Arts of Antioch; Art Historical and Scientific Approaches to Roman Mosaics and a Catalogue of the Worcester Art Museum Antioch Collection
032633: LAWRENCE, WILLIAM J. - Pre-Restoration Stage Studies
016453: LAWRENCE, JOHN H., ET AL. - Radioisotopes and Radiation; Recent Advances in Medicine, Agriculture, and Industry
019564: LEE, LAWRENCE AND BARRY GIFFORD - Saroyan; a Biography
039420: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Reality of Peace
020177: SCHILLER, LAWRENCE AND JAMES WILLWERTH - American Tragedy; the Uncensored Story of the Simpson Defense
026547: LAWRENCE, SIDNEY - Roger Brown; Southern Exposure
010826: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Lost Girl
037396: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Twilight in Italy
032170: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Erotic Works of D.H. Lawrence
002994: LAWRENCE, A. W. - Greek Architecture
030555: LAWRENCE, CANDIDA - Reeling & Writhing
014457: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Quest for Rananim: D.H. Lawrence's Letters to S.S. Koteliansky, 1914 to 1930
040797: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Letters of D.H. Lawrence
040744: LAWRENCE, ANTHONY - China; the Long March
044042: LAWRENCE, WILLIAM WITHERLE - Beowulf and Epic Tradition
004636: LAWRENCE, ELWOOD P. - Henry George in the British Isles
012133: FREEDMAN, LAWRENCE AND EFRAIM KARSH - The Gulf Conflict, 1990-1991; Diplomacy and War in the New World Order
032584: LAWRENCE, W. J. - The Elizabethan Playhouse and Other Studies
033553: LAWRENCE, W. J. - Speeding Up Shakespeare; Studies of the Bygone Theatre and Drama
033404: LAWRENCE, WILLIAM WITHERLE - Shakespeare's Problem Comedies
033191: LAWRENCE, WILLIAM J. - The Physical Conditions of the Elizabethan Public Playhouse
021751: LAWSON, R. N. - A Plan for the Organisation of a European Air Service
031170: LAWSON, JOHN CUTHBERT - Modern Greek Folklore and Ancient Greek Religion
038389: LAWTON, JOSEPH - Joseph Lawton: State Fair
021442: LAWTON, ANNA - Kinoglasnost; Soviet Cinema in Our Time
043588: LAWTON, R. A. - Les Mots, Diversement Rangés (Grammaire Systématique Du Portugais)
014530: LAY, SHAWN, ED - The Invisible Empire in the West: Toward a New Historical Appraisal Fo the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s
033400: LAZARD, MADELEINE - Le Théâtre En France Au Xvie Siècle
021099: LAZARUS, EDWARD - Closed Chambers; the First Eyewitness Account of the Epic Struggles Inside the Supreme Court
024656: LAZARUS, EDWARD - Black Hills, White Justice. The Sioux Nation Versus the United States, 1775 to the Present
007573: LAZARUS, A. L., ED - The Indiana Experience; an Anthology
025810: LAZZARO, CLAUDIA - Eighteenth-Century Italian Prints from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Marcus S. Sopher with Additions from the Stanford University Museum of Art, December 16, 1980-March 2, 1981
030320: LE, THI DIEM THUY - The Gangster We Are All Looking for
017598: LEA, TOM - The Primal Yoke
015522: LEA, D. E. - Actions of Radiations on Living Cells
041406: LEA, HERMANN - Thomas Hardy's Wessex
045393: LEA, SYDNEY, ED - The Burdens of Formality; Essays on the Poetry of Anthony Hecht
008671: LEACH, WILLIAM - True Love and Perfect Union; the Feminist Reform of Sex and Society
021913: LEACH, EDMUND, ED - The Structural Study of Myth and Totemism
009050: LEACH, JIM - Claude Jutra, Filmmaker
006918: LEACH, JOSEPH - Bright Particular Star; the Life & Times of Charlotte Cushman
045101: LEACH, E. R. - Political Systems of Highland Burma; a Study of Kachin Social Structure
033580: LEACROFT, RICHARD - The Development of the English Playhouse
018186: LEADER, NINON A. M. - Hungarian Classical Ballads and Their Folklore
044392: LEAKE, JANE ACOMB - The Geats of Beowulf; a Study in the Geographical Mythology of the Middle Ages
031136: LEAKE, DOROTHY VANDYKE, ET AL. - Desert and Mountain Plants of the Southwest
008704: LEAKEY, MARY - Disclosing the Past
008391: LEAKEY, L. S. B. - By the Evidence; Memoirs, 1932-1951
032120: LEAKEY, MARY - Africa's Vanishing Art; the Rock Paintings of Tanzania
030532: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL, ED - The Book of London; the Evolution of a Great City
026153: LEAR, EDWARD - Edward Lear's Nonsense to Color
038483: LEAR, EDWARD - The New Vestments
036478: LEAR, EDWARD - The Family of Parrots
036462: LEAR, EDWARD - Nonsensus; Cross-Referencing Edward Lear's Original 116 Limericks with Eight Holograph Manuscripts and Comparing Them to Printed Texts from the 1846, 1855 and 1861 Versions; Together with a Census of Known Copies of the Genuine First Edtition
023747: INNES OF LEARNEY, THOMAS - The Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland
023004: LEARSI, RUFUS - Fulfillment; the Epic Story of Zionism
030295: LEARY, LEWIS - Southern Excusrions; Essays on Mark Twain and Others
029504: LEARY, FRANCIS - The Golden Longing
009811: O'LEARY, TIMOTHY J. - Ethnographic Bibliography of South America
027777: LEASOR, JAMES - Geheimkommando; Deutsche Schiffe IM Indischen Ozean
015799: LEASOR, JAMES - Green Beach
040958: LÉAUTAUD, PAUL - Le Petit Ami PréCédé D'Essais Et Suivi de in Memoriam Et Amours
021591: LEAVIS, F. R. - The Common Pursuit
035675: LEAVITT, JUDITH WALZER, ED - Women and Health in America; Historical Readings
041753: LEAVITT, ROBERT KEITH - Noah's Ark, New England Yankees and the Endless Quest. A Short History of the Original Webster Dictionaries, with Particular Reference to Their First Hundred Years As Publications of G. & C. Merriam Company, Springfield, Massachusetts
023682: LEBECH, MOGENS - Mellem Baelt Og Fjord. Et Stykke Landbohistoire Udgivet Af Fredericia Og Omegns Landboroening I Anledning Af 100 års Virksomhed
031334: LEBEDEV, K. A. - Karmannyi Russko-Afganskii Slovar'
011255: LEBEL, MAURICE - L'Enseignement Et L'étude Du Grec
044380: LEBENSZTEJN, JEAN-CLAUDE - Manières de Table
025666: LEBER, ANNEDORE - Das Gewissen Steht Auf; 65 Lebensbilder Aus Dem Deutschen Widerstand 1933-1945
039213: LEBERGOTT, STANLEY - The American Economy; Income, Wealth, and Want
024301: LEBLANC, HUGUES - An Introduction to Deductive Logic
035838: LEBLANC, ADRIAN NICOLE - Random Family; Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx
032974: COHEN, JOAN LEBOLD AND JEROME ALAN COHEN - China Today and Her Ancient Treasures
012355: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - Covent Garden; the Untold Story. Dispatches from the English Culture War, 1945-2000
030824: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - The Maestro Myth; Great Conductors in Pursuit of Power
003377: LEBRETON, JULES - L'église Primitive
015800: LECH, RAYMOND B. - All the Drowned Sailors
1301: LECHLER, GOTTHARD VICTOR - Das Apostolische Und Das Nachapostolische Zeitalter Mit Rücksicht Auf Unter Schied Und Einiheit in Leben Und Lehre
014813: LECKIE, ROBERT - Okinawa, the Last Battle of World War II
020107: LECKY, W. E. H. - History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe
1302: LECLER, JOSEPH - The Two Sovereignties; a Study of the Relationship between Church and State
016490: LECLERCQ, HERVÉ - Introduction Au Droit Chinois Des Contrats
012795: LECLERCQ, JULES - Aux Sources Du Nil Par le Chemin de Fer de L'Ouganda
005588: LECOMTE, EDWARD - Grace to a Witty Sinner; a Life of Donne
006372: LECOURAYER, PIERRE FRANÇOIS - Declaration de Mes Derniers Sentimens Sur Les Differens Dogmes de la Religion
027305: LEDDICK, DAVID - The Male Nude
006848: LEDER, LAWRENCE H. - The Meaning of the American Revolution
041185: LEDERER, WALTHER - The Balance on Foreign Transactions: Problems of Definition and Measurement
018796: LEDERMAN, MINNA, ED - Stravinsky in the Theatre
041154: LEDOUX, LOUIS V. - The Art of Japan
036984: LEE, JEAN GORDON - Philadelphians and the China Trade 1784-1844
015802: LEE, BRADFORD A. - Britain and the Sino-Japanese, 1937-1939; a Study in the Dilemmas of British Decline
015803: LEE, BRUCE - Marching Orders; the Untold Story of World War II
015804: LEE, J. M. - The Churchill Coalition, 1940-1945
043014: LEE, SARAH BOWDITCH - Anecdotes of the Habits and Instincts of Animals
022840: LEE, CHARLES - Secrets of the Heart: Adventures of a California Girl 1886-1920
021778: LEE, ROBERT H. G. - The Manchurian Frontier in Ch'Ing History
010174: LEE, ASHER - The Soviet Air Force
043751: LEE, SIDNEY - King Edward VII; a Biography
025506: LEE, ASHER - The Soviet Air Force
014278: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Tea Taste in Japanese Art: Asia House/1963
004214: LEE, DOROTHY SARA - Native North American Music and Oral Data; a Catalogue of Sound Recordings, 1893-1976
027266: LEE, HERMIONE - Willa Cather; Double Lives
010290: LEE, HAHN-BEEN - Korea; Time, Change, and Administration
011256: LEE, M. OWEN - Word, Sound, and Image in the Odes of Horace
027339: LEE, HERMIONE - Virginia Woolf
006103: LEE, MAURICE, JR. - James I and Henri IV; an Essay in English Foreign Policy, 1603-1610
028036: LEE, JIM - Jim Lee's Chinese Cookbook
020720: LEE, STEPHEN J. - The European Dictatorships 1918-1945
028904: LEE, SYDNEY - The Seigneurs and Sovereigns of Mediaeval Exeter
007281: LEE, ROBERT EDSON - From West to East; Studies in the Literature of the American West
032284: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Past, Present; East and West
001955: LEE, S. T. - A New Complete Chinese English Dictionary
039441: LEE, MRS. N. K. M. - The Cook's Own Book; Being a Complete Culinary Encyclopedia
040642: LEE, ULYSSES - The Employment of Negro Troops
036815: LEE, NORMAN E. - Harvests and Harvesting Through the Ages
037173: LEE, MAURICE, JR. - The Cabal
033447: LEECH, CLIFFORD - John Webster; a Critical Study
033446: LEECH, CLIFFORD - John Ford and the Drama of His Time
033979: LEECH, CLIFFORD - The John Fletcher Plays
028906: LEEDS, E. T. - Celtic Ornament in the British Isles Down to A.D. 700
028907: LEEDS, E. T. - Early Anglo-Saxon Art and Archaeology
025254: LEEMANS, CONRADE - L'égyptologue Conrade Leemans Et Sa Correspondance; Contribution à L'Histoire D'Une Science
043676: LEEMANS, JOHAN, ED - Corpus Christianorum 1953-2003; Xenium Natalicium. Fifty Years of Scholarly Editing
034368: LEEMING, GLENDA - Who's Who in Thomas Hardy
035472: LEEN, NINA - The World of Bats
042174: LEENHARDT, FRANZ-J - La Sacrement de la Sainte Cène
010759: LEEPER, G. W., ED - Introducing Victoria
040070: LEES, GENE - Leader of the Band; the Life of Woody Herman
043915: LEES, CLARE A., ED - Medieval Masculinities; Regarding Men in the Middle Ages
024530: LEETE, FREDERICK DELAND - Methodist Bishops; Personal Notes and Bibliography with Quotations from Unpublished Writings and Reminiscences
005103: VAN LEEUWEN, AREND TH - Critique of Earth
015806: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - The French Revolution
015807: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - Napoleon from 18 Brumaire to Tilsit, 1799-1807
012902: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - Napoleon
024302: LEFEBVRE, HENRI - The Sociology of Marx
032671: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - The Great Fear of 1789; Rural Panic in Revolutionary France
012796: LEFEVER, ERNEST W. - Spear and Scepter; Army, Police, and Politics in Tropical Africa
002573: LEFEVRE, ECKARD - Der Phormio Des Terenz Und Der Epidikazomenos Des Apollodor Von Karystos
006376: LEFF, GORDON - The Tyranny of Concepts; a Critique of Marxism
034779: LEFKOWITZ, MARY R. - The Victory Ode; an Introduction
042757: LEFKOWITZ, MARY R. - Women in Greek Myth
012656: LEFTWICH, A. W. - A Dictionary of Entomology
018643: LEGANY, DEZSÖ - Ferenc Liszt and His Country, 1869-1873
039290: LEGG, S. C. E., ED - Novum Testamentum Graece Secundum Textum Westcott-Hortianum: Evangelium Secundum Marcum
029122: WOOD-LEGH, K. L. - A Small Household of the Xvth Century Being the Account Book of Munden's Chantry, Bridport
044797: LEGMAN, G. - My Secret Life. Volumes I-XI
028603: LEGOUIS, ÉMILE - Défense de la Poésie Française à L'Usage Des Lecteurs Anglais
038997: LEGOUIX, SUSAN - Image of China: William Alexander
002574: LEGRAIN, LEON - The Babylonian Collections of the University Museum
030534: LEHANE, BRENDAN - The Power of Plants
008637: LEHMAN, DAVID - Signs of the Times; Deconstruction and the Fall of Paul de Man
026217: LEHMAN, DAVID - The Line Forms Here
042245: LEHMAN, MILTON - This High Man; the Life of Robert H. Goddard
025547: LEHMANN, HENRY - Pre-Columbian Ceramics
021884: LEHMANN, AUGUST - Sprachliche Sünden Der Gegenwart
021885: LEHMANN, WINFRED P. - Language; an Introduction
021886: LEHMANN, WINFRED P. - Linguistische Theorien Der Modern
007580: LEHMANN, KARL - Thomas Jefferson, American Humanist
036022: LEHMANN, JOHN - Virginia Woolf and Her World
010617: LEHMANN, ALBRECHT - IM Fremden Ungewollt Zuhaus; Flüchtlinge Und Vertriebene in Westdeutschland 1945-1990
036661: LEHMANN, JOHN - A Nest of Tigers; the Sitwells in Their Times
032436: LEHMBERG, STANFORD E. - Sir Walter Midlmay and Tudor Government
029676: LEHRMANN, CHARLES C. - The Jewish Element in French Literature
028654: LEIB, ARTHUR - Das Rind in Der Magischen Vorstellungswelt Der Eingeborenen Madagaskars. Ein Beitrag Zum Völkpsychologischen Studium Primitiver Sitten Und Gebräche
038683: LEIBNITZ, GOTTFRIED WILHELM - The Monadology and Other Philosophical Writings
025019: LEIBNIZ, GOTTFRIED WILHELM - Hauptschriften Zur Grundlegung Der Philosophie
025863: LEIBOVITZ, ANNIE - Olympic Portraits
035330: LEIBOVITZ, ANNIE - Olympic Portraits
010114: LEIBOWITZ, ROBERT - The Defender; the Life and Career of Samuel S. Leibowitz, 1893-1933
025415: LEICH, KARL - Girolamo Frigimelica Roberts Libretti (1694-1708); Ein Beitrag Insbesondere Zur Geschichte Des Opernlibrettos in Venedig
014466: LEICHTENTRITT, HUGO - Music of the Western Nations
018645: LEICHTENTRITT, HUGO - Music, History, and Ideas
038798: LEICK, GWENDOLYN - Who's Who in the Ancient Near East
030823: LEIDER, FRIDA - Playing My Part
010618: LEIMGRUBER, WALTER - Studien Zur Dynamik Und Zum Strukturwandel Der Bevölkerung IM Südlichen Umland Von Basel
040478: LEINER, WOLFGANG - Horizons Européens de la Littérature Française Au Xviie Siècle. L'Europe: Lieu D'échanges Culturels? la Circulation Des Oeuvres Et Des Jugements Au Xviie Siècle
016656: LEINSDORF, ERICH - Cadenza; a Musical Career
031375: LEINSDORF, ERICH - Erich Leinsdorf on Music
002575: LEIPOLDT, JOHANNES - Die Frau in Der Antiken Welt Und IM Urchristentum
010619: LEIPSIUS, JULIANE - Es Taucht in Träumen Wieder Auf; Schicksale Seit 1933
030825: LEISER, CLARA - Jean de Reszke and the Great Days of Opera
032064: LEISER, ERWIN - Nazi Cinema
031822: LEISHMAN, J. B. - Translating Horace; Thirty Odes Translated Into the Original Metres with the Latin Text and an Introductory and Critical Essay
618: LEISINGER, HERMANN - Romanische Bronzen; Kirchentüren IM Mittelalterlichen Europa
033972: LEITES, EDMUND, ED - Conscience and Casuistry in Early Modern Europe
028905: LEITES, NATHAN - Art and Life Aspects of Michelangelo
017961: LEITH, DICK - A Social History of English
017749: LEITNER, HANS ERWIN - Das Haben Wir Damals Nicht GewußT 1937-1940
020314: LEITZMANN, ALBERT - Kleinere Geistliche Gedichte Des XII. Jahrhunderts
025859: LEKACHMAN, ROBERT, ED - Keynes' General Theory; Reports of Three Decades
043242: LELLENBERG, JON L., ED - The Quest for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Thirteen Biographers in Search of a Life
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045124: LOSANO, MARIO G. - I Carteggi Di Pietro Luigi Albini Con Federico Schlopis E Karl Mittermaier (1839-1857); Alle Origini Della Filosofia Del Diritto a Torino
041746: FURBEE-LOSEE, LOUANNA, ED - Mayan Texts I.
015829: LOSSING, BENSON J. - Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the CIVIL War, 1861-65 and the Causes That Led Up to the Great Conflict
024319: LOTAR, PETER - Vom Sinn Des Lebens; Ein Gespräch Zu Fünft, Aus Werk Und Leben Albert Schweitzers
005163: LOTH, DAVID - Lafayette
025378: PHILIPPS, LOTHAR AND ROLAND WITTMANN, EDS - Techtsentstehung Und Rechtskultur, Heinrich Scholler Zum 60. Geburtstag
009291: BOSCHEN, LOTHAR AND JÜRGEN BARTH - The Porsche Book; a Definitive Illustrated History
033152: LOTHIAN, JOHN M. - Shakespeare's Charactery; a Book of "Characters" from Shakespeare
036135: LOTI, PIERRE - One Upon a Time; Vision of Old Japan. Photgraphs by Felice Beato and Baron Raimund Von Stillfried
025499: LOTTER, JANE BAKER - To Africa with Spatula; a Peace Corps Mom in Malawi 1965-1967
034370: LOTTMAN, HERBERT R. - The Left Bank; Writers, Artists, and Politics from the Popular Front to the Cold War
008273: LOUBÈRE, J. A. E. - The Novels of Claude Simon
043684: LOUBIER, HANS - Der Bucheinband Von Seinen Anfängen Bis Zum Ende Des 18. Jahrhunderts
035524: LOUDON, J. C. - An Encyclopaedia of Agriculture: Comprising the Theory and Practice of the Valuation, Translfer, Laying out, Improvement, and Management of Landed Property, and of the Cultivation and Economy of the Animal and Vegetable Productions of Agriculture
032222: LOUGHERY, JOHN - Alias S.S. Van Dine
035383: LOUGHERY, JOHN - John Sloan, Painter and Rebel
032507: O'LOUGLIN, MICHAEL - The Garlands of Repose; the Literary Celebration of CIVIC and Retired Leisure; the Traditions of Homer and Vergil, Horace and Montaigne
015214: ARAGON, LOUIS AND JEAN COCTEAU - Entretiens Sur le Musée de Dresde
014990: MARTIN, MICHEL LOUIS AND ELLEN STERN MCCRATE, EDS - The Military, Militarism and the Polity; Essays in Honor of Morris Janowitz
009271: HOROWITZ, IRVING LOUIS AND WILLIAM H. FRIEDLAND - The Knowledge Factory; Student Power and Academic Politics in America
005154: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS AND MARGARET MADDOX - Lafayette in the French Revolution Through the October Days
029552: CITY ART MUSEUM OF ST. LOUIS - The Morton D May Collection of 20th Century German Master, July-August 1970, City Art Museum of St. Louis in Honor of Morton D May
032016: LOUIS, LISA - Butterflies of the Night; Mama-San, Geisha, Strippers, and the Japanese Men They Serve
039112: HOWARD, LOUISE AND BERYL HEARNDEN, EDS - What Country Women Use
031174: LOURIE, PETER - Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon; a Chronicle of an Incan Treasure
043617: MUSÉE NATIONAL DU LOUVRE - Catalogue Des Dessins de Léonard de Vinci (1452-1519). Exposition de Mai à Novembre 1922
040733: MUSÉE DU LOUVRE - Centenaire D'Eugène Delacroix 1798-1863
020350: LOUW, GILBERT VAN DE - Baculard D'Arnaud Romancier Ou Vulgarisateur; Essai de Sociologie Littéraire
042295: LOVALLO, LEE T. - Anton Bruckner; a Discography
015831: LOVE, KENNETT - Suez, the Twice-Fought War; a History
044720: LOVE, RICHARD H. - Carl W. Peters; American Scene Painter from Rochester to Rockport
012542: LOVELAND, ANNE C. - Emblem of Liberty; the Image of Lafayette in the American Mind
007051: LOVELL, MARGARETTA M. - Venice: The American View, 1860-1920. Exhibition Catalogue
028966: LOVETTE, LELAND P. - Naval Customs, Traditions and Usage
007283: LOW, ANN MARIE - Dust Bowl Diary
023996: LOWE, JACQUES - Remembering Jack; Intimate and Unseen Photographs of the Kennedys
004976: LOWE, DONALD M. - The Function of "China" in Marx, Lenin, and Mao
027958: LOWELL, JAX PETERS - Against the Grain; the Slightly Eccentric Guide to Living Well without Gluten or Wheat
040898: LOWELL, FRANCIS C. - Joan of Arc
036432: LOWELL, A. LAWRENCE - Greater European Governments
008498: LOWENSTEIN, TOM - Ancient Land, Sacred Whale; the Inuit Hunt and Its Ritual
038998: LOWENSTEIN, STEVEN - The Jews of Oregon 1850-1950
023049: LOWENTHAL, ABRAHAM F. - The Dominican Intervention
027026: LOWENTHAL, ABRAHAM F., ED - The Peruvian Experiment; Continuity and Change Under Military Rule
027083: LOWENTHAL, ABRAHAM F., ED - Armies and Politics in Latin America
003901: LOWER, ARTHUR R. M. - Colonyh to Nation; a History of Canada
009991: LOWIE, ROBERT H. - The History of Ethnological Theory
018655: LOWINSKY, EDWARD E. - Cipriano de Rore's Venus Motet; Its Poetic and Pictorial Sources
044106: LOWITT, RICHARD - A Merchant Prince of the Nineteenth Century: William E. Didge
023466: LOWRANCE, WILLIAM W. - Of Acceptable Risk; Science and the Determination of Safety
013953: LOWRIE, DONALD A. - Rebellious Prophet; a Life of Nicolai Berdyaev
015839: LOWRY, TIMOTHY S. - And Brave Men, Too
042933: LOWRY, JAMES M. P. - The Logical Principles of Proclus' Stoicheiosis Theologike As Systematic Ground of the Cosmos
037937: LOWRY, GLENN D. - A Jeweler's Eye; Islamic Arts of the Book from the Vever Collection
026715: LOWRY, BATES - The Visual Experience; an Introduction to Art
036157: LOWRY, BATES - Building a National Image; Architectural Drawings for the American Democracy, 1789-1912
003397: LÖWY, EMANUEL - Die Griechische Plastik
013331: LOXTON, HOWARD - Railways
1366: (LOYOLA, IGNATIUS). MEISSNER, W. W. - The Psychology of a Saint; Ignatius of Loyola
010622: LOZEK, GERHARD, ET AL. - Unbewältigte Vergangenheit; Kritik Der Bürgerlichen Geschichtsschreibung in Der Brd
007232: LUBIN, ALBERT J. - Stranger on the Earth; a Psychological Biography of Vincent Van Gogh
030974: LÜBKE, ANTON - The World of Caves
041071: MEYER-LÜBKE, W. - Historische Grammatik Der Französischen Sprache. Bd. 1: Laut- Und Flexionslehre
002095: DOLEZEL, LUBOMIR AND RICHARD W. BAILEY - Statistics and Style
034616: LUCANUS, MARCUS ANNAEUS - M. Annaei Lucani de Bello CIVILI Liber I.
015840: LUCAS, JAMES - Command; a Historical Dictionary of Military Leaders
015841: LUCAS, JAMES - Storming Eagles; German Airborne Forces in World War Two
030603: LUCAS, CHARLIE - Charlie Lucas: Tinman
030791: LUCAS, F. L. - Seneca and Elizabethan Tragedy
030830: LUCAS, JOHN - Reggie; the Life of Reginald Goodall
040086: LUCAS, JOHN W., ED - Thermal Characteristics of the Moon
034769: LUCAS, F. L. - Tragedy; Serious Drama in Relation to Aristotle's Poetics
034762: LUCAS, F. L. - Euripides and His Influence
036560: LUCAS, DIONE - The Cordon Bleu Cook Book
007624: LUCE, PHILLIP ABBOTT - The New Left Today; America's Trojan Horse
041882: LUCENA, MANUEL DE - Revolucção E Instituiçães; a Extinção Dos Grémios Da Lavoura Alentejanos
017450: LUCEY, CHARLES - Ireland and the Irish; Cathleen Ni Houlihan Is Alive and Well
032161: LUCHETTI, EMILY - Stars Desserts
036841: LUCHETTI, CATHY - Women of the West
011818: LUCIA, ELLIS - Head Rig; Story of the West Coast Lumber Industry
041944: LUCIANI, GIACOMO - IL Pci E IL Capitalismo Occidentale
032477: FEBVRE, LUCIEN AND HENRI-JEAN MARTIN - The Coming of the Book; the Impact of Printing 1450-1800
026448: KELLING, LUCILE AND ALBERT SUSKIN - Index Verborum Iuvenalis
020577: TUCKER, LENA LUCILE AND ALLEN ROGERS BENHAM - A Bibliography of Fifteenth Century Literature, with Special Reference to the History of English Culture
040648: KELLING, LUCILE AND ALBERT SUSKIN - Index Verborum Iuvenalis
036069: LUCINGE, RENÉ DE - Dialogue Du François Et Du Savoysien (1593)
017686: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG - San Francisco's Golden Era; a Picture Story of San Francisco Before the Fire
013321: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG - Narrow Gauge in the Rockies
037255: DOBROSZYCKI, LUCJAN AND BARBARA KIRSHENBLATT-GIMBLETT - Image Before My Eyes; a Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland 1864-1939
011267: LUCK, GEORG - The Latin Love Elegy
042130: LUCK, HANS VON - Gefangener Meiner Zeit; Ein Stück Weges Mit Rommel
018116: LUCKA, EMIL - Torquemada Und Die Spanische Inquisition
040281: LUCKETT, RICHARD - Handel's Messiah; a Celebration
032036: LÜDECKE, HEINZ - Albrecht Dürer
020498: LUDENDORFF, MARGARETHE - Als Ich Ludendorff's Frau War
025321: BERKOWITZ, LUDI AND KARL A. SQUITIER - Thesaurus Linguae Graecae; Canon of Greek Authors and Works
037970: LUDOVICI, ANTHONY M. - Personal Reminiscences of Auguste Rodin
041996: LUDWIG, EMIL - Colloqui Con Mussolini
010084: LUDWIG, EMIL - Rembrandt's Schicksal
003331: HERTLING, LUDWIG AND ENGELBERT KIRSCHBAUM - Die Römischen Katakomben Und Ihre Martyrer
025525: LUDWIG, EMIL - Kunst Und Schicksal; Vier Bildnisse
018097: KOEHLER, LUDWIG AND WALTER BAUMGARTNER - Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros
010623: LUDWIG, EMIL - Wilhelm Der Zweite
032703: LUDWIG, COY - Maxfield Parrish
019567: LUEDERS, EDWARD - Carl Van Vechten and the Twenties
001962: LUELSDORFF, PHILIP - Constraints on Error Variables in Grammar: Bilingual Misspelling Orthographies
032339: LUERAS, LEONARD - Bali, the Ultimate Island
023719: LUGLI, GIUSEPPE - The Roman Forum and the Palatine
042942: LUIBHÉID, COLM - All the Green Gold; an Irish Boyhood
021901: LUICK, KARL - Deutsche Lautlehre Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Der Sprechweise Wiens Und Der österreichischen Alpenländer
021944: MENEGHELLO. LUIGI - Jura; Ricerche Sulla Aatura Delle Forme Scritte
041934: LONGO, LUIGI AND CARLO SALINARI - Dal Socialfascismo Alla Guerra Di Spagna; Ricordi E Riflessioni Di Un Militante Comunista
042993: LUIS, CARLOS MARIA DE - Catalogo de Las Salas de Arte Asturiano Prerromanico Del Museo Arqueologico Provincial
018340: PERICOT GARCIA, LUIS AND EDUARDO RIPOLL PERELLO, EDS - Prehistoric Art of the Western Mediterranean and the Sahara
035583: SCOTT, MARIA LUISA AND JACK DENTON SCOTT - The Meat and Potatoes Cookbook
045302: LUISLAMPE, PIA - Spiritus Vivificans; Grundzüge Einer Theologie Des Heiligen Geistes Nach Basilius Von Caesarea
025213: LUKACS, GEORG - Georg Lukacs Und Der Revisionismus; Eine Sammlung Von Aufsätzen
018657: LUKAS, VIKTOR - Orgelmusikführer
004632: LUKAS, RICHARD C. - The Strange Allies; the United States and Poland, 1941-1945
008962: LUM, PETER - The Growth of Civilization in East Asia; China, Japan, and Korea Before the 14th Century
015628: DE LUNA, FREDERICK A. - The French Republic Under Cavaignac, 1848
003902: LUNCH, WILLIAM M. - The Nationalization of American Politics
041693: LUND, STEFFEN NORDAHL - L'Aventure Du Signifiant; Une Lecture de Barthes
031039: LUONGO, PINO - Simply Tuscan; Recipes for a Well-Lived Life
015092: LUPAN, PETRE, ED - Bucharest: Museums of Art

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