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010362: Kanowitz, Leo - Women and the Law; the Unfinished Revolution
029906: Kant, Immanuel - The Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Ethics
025056: Kant, Immanuel - Werke
024285: Kant, Immanuel - Kant's Political Writings
024283: Kant, Immanuel - Critique of Pure Reason
050717: Kant, Immanuel - Kant's Critique of Judgement
037990: Kanter, Laurence B., Et al. - Painting and Illumination in Early Renaissance Florence 1300-1450
021759: Kantorowicz, Hermann - The Spirit of British Policy and the Myth of the Encirclement of Germany
011329: Kantorowicz, Hermann - The Spirit of British Policy and the Myth of the Encirclement of Germany
021846: Kao, Ming-K'ai - Essai Sur la Valeur Réelle Des Particules Prépositionnelles En Chinois
037557: Kapchan, Deborah A. - Gender on the Market; Moroccan Women and Revoicing of Tradition
045121: Kaplan, Alice - The Collaborator; the Trial & Execution of Robert Brasillach
035795: Kaplan, Wendy - The Art That Is Life"; the Arts and Crafts Movement in America, 1875-1920
030565: Kaplan, Robert D. - Balkan Ghosts; a Journey Through History
030064: Kaplan, Steven Laurence - Farewell, Revolution; the Historians' Feud: France, 1789/1989
027337: Kaplan, Fred - Henry James; the Imagination of Genius; a Biography
050167: Kaplan, Philip - Fighter Pilot; a History and a Celebration
018972: Kaplan, Fred - Dickens; a Biography
050808: Kaplan, Fred - Gore Vidal; a Biography
015516: Kaplan, Irving - Nuclear Physics
006944: Kaplan, Harold - Power and Order; Henry Adams and the Naturalist Tradition in American Fiction
014771: Kapronczay, Karoly - Refugees in Hungary; Shelter from Storm During World War II
021847: Karadzhic, Vuk Stefanovic - Lexicon Serbico-Germanico-Latinum
013001: Karanow, Stanley - Mao and China; from Revolution to Revolution
016540: Karasu, T. Byram - Psychotherapy for Depression
009073: Karcz, Jerzy F., Ed - Soviet and East European Agriculture
045403: Petersen, Karen and J. J. Wilson - Women Artists; Recognition and Reappraisal from the Early Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century
016588: Dawisha, Karen and Bruce Parrott - Russia and the New States of Eurasia; the Politics of Upheaval
023903: Karesh, William B. - Appointment at the Ends of the World; Memoirs of a Wildlife Veterinarian
028777: Karfeld, Kurt Peter - Versunkene Kulturen Lebendige Völker: Inka, Maya Und Azteken; Ein Farbenbildwerk
041737: Karim, Persis M., Ed - Let Me Tell You Where I'Ve Been; New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora
045657: Friedrich, Karin and Barbara M. Pendzich, Eds - Citizenship and Identity in a Multinational Commonwealth; Poland-Lithuania in Context, 1550-1772
050681: Karkov, Catherin E., Et al., Eds - Spaces of the Living and the Dead: An Archaeological Dialogue
048282: Rahner, Karl and Joseph Ratzinger - Episkopat Und Primat
046716: Karl, Frederick R. - William Faulkner: American Writer. A Biography
043078: Brunner, Karl and Gerhard Jaritz - Landherr, Bauer, Ackerknecht. Der Bauer IM Mittelalter: Klischee Und Wirklichkeit
042197: Rahner, Karl and Angelus Haüssling - Le Sacrifice Unique Et la Fréquence Des Messes
040035: Karl, Frederick R. - Franz Kafka, Representative Man
039841: Rahner, Karl and Adolf Darlap, Eds - Sacramentum Mundi; Theologisches Lexikon Für Die Praxis
027346: Karl, Frederick R. - George Eliot; Voice of a Century. A Biography
027144: Barth, Karl and Rudolf Bultmann - Letters 1922-1966
021549: Karlen, Arno - Sexuality and Homosexuality; a New View
021170: Karlfeldt, Erik Axel - Fridolins Visor Och Andra Dikter
038052: Karlinsky, Simon - Russian Drama from Its Beginnings to the Age of Pushkin
026914: Karlinsky, Simon - The Sexual Labyrinth of Nikolai Gogol
023368: Karlinsky, Simon - The Sexual Labyrinth of Nikolai Gogol
052269: Karlinsky, Simon - The Sexual Labyrinth of Nikolai Gogal
045888: Karmel, Alex - A Corner in the Marais; Memoir of a Paris Neighborhood
018048: Gink, Karoly and Istvan Czagnay - The Matthias Church of Budapest
017107: Kocsis, Karoly and Eszter Koesis-Hodosi - Hungarian Minorities in the Carpathian Basin; a Study in Ethnic Geography
025074: Karp, Abraham J. - Beginnings; Early American Judaica
051404: Karp, Theodore - The Polyphony of Saint Martial and Santiago de Compostela
028790: Müller-Karpe, Hermann - Das Vorgeschichtliche Europa
032852: Karpel, Mark A. - Evaluating Couples; a Handbooks for Practitioners
051573: Karpp, Heinrich - La Péntence; Textes Et Commentaires Des Origines de L'Ordre Pénitentiel de L'Eglise Ancienne
002168: Kärre, Karl, et al. - Engelsk-Svensk Ordbok
048295: Karrer, Otto - Peter and the Church; an Examination of Cullmann's Thesis
017915: Karsh, Yousuf - In Search of Greatness
034293: Karst, Kenneth L. - Law's Promise, Law's Expression; Visions of Power in the Politics of Race, Gender, and Religion
041115: Friis-Jensen, Karsten and James M. W. Willoughby, Eds - Peterborough Abbey
011330: Karsten, Peter - Patriot-Heroes in England and America; Political Symbolism and Changing Values over Three Centuries
022856: Karttunen, Frances - Between Worlds; Interpreters, Guides, and Survivors
013578: Karve, D. D. - The New Brahmans; Five Maharshtrian Families
010593: Kaschuba, Wolfgang - Volkskultur Zwischen Feudaler Und Bürgerlicher Gesellschaft; Zur Geschichte Eines Begriffs Und Seiner Gesellschaftlichen Wirklichkeit
028217: Käsemann, Ernst - Jesu Letzter Wille Nach Johannes 17
023213: Kashap, S. Paul, Ed - Studies in Spinoza; Critical and Interpretive Essays
004301: al-Kashi, Jamshid Ibn Mas'ud - The Planetary Equatorium of Jamshid Ghiyath Dl-Din Al-Kashi (D. 1429)
036033: Kasper, Lynne Rossetto - The Splendid Table; Recipes from Emilia-Romagna, the Hearland of Northern Italian Food
012321: Kass, Amalie M. - Midwifery and Medicine in Boston: Walter Channing, M.D. 1786-1876
051099: Kassing, Altfrid Theodor - Die Kirche Und Maria; Ihr Verhältnis IM 12. Kapital Der Apokalypse
011824: Kassner, Rudolf - Physiognomik
024545: Kast, Verena - Paare; Beziehungsphantasien Oder Wie Götter Sich in Menschen Spiegeln
027246: Kastan, David Scott, Ed - A Companion to Shakespeare
052706: Kasten, Brigitte - Adalhard Von Corbie; Die Biographie Eines Karolingischen Politikers Und Klostervorstehers
040934: Kästner, Erich - Kästner Für Erwachsene
040571: Kastner, Macario Santiago - Federico Mompou
035815: Kastner, Joseph - A World of Watchers
022116: Kästner, Erich - Der Tägliche Kram; Chansons Und Prosa 1945-1948
040423: Kászonyi, Franz - Rassenverwandtschaft Der Donauvölker
005033: Kataoka, Tetsuya - Resistance and Revolution in China; the Communists and the Second United Front
036962: Katchor, Ben - The Jew of New York
036065: Katchor, Ben - Julius Knipl, Rear Estate Photographer: The Beauty Supply District
035899: Katchor, Ben - Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer; Stories
051182: Schiltz, Katelijne and Bonnie J. Blackburn, Eds - Canons and Canoic Techniques, 14th-16th Centuries: Theory, Practice, and Reception History. Proceedings of the Internaitonal Conference, Leuven, 4-6 October 2005
046974: Kates, Carol A. - Pragmatics and Semantics; an Empiricist Theory
050825: Bergeron, Katherine and Philip V. Bohlman, Eds - Disciplining Music; Musicology and Its Canons
044629: Berrin, Kathleen and Virginia M. Fields, Eds - Olmec: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico
034934: Kufeldt, Kathleen and Brad McKenzie, Eds - Child Welfare; Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice
049599: Ashley, Kathleen and Pamela Sheingorn - Writing Faith; Text, Sign, & History in the Miracles of Sainte Foy
052481: Kerby-Fulton, Kathryn and Denise L. Despres - Iconography and the Professional Reader; the Politics of Book Production in the Douce Piers Plowman
039274: Edin, Kathryn and Laura Lein - Making Ends Meet; How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work
051689: Kerby-Fulton, Kathryn and Maidie Hilmo, Eds - The Medieval Professional Reader at Work: Evidence from Manuscripts of Chaucer, Langland, Kempe, and Gower
021849: Katicic, Radoslav - A Contribution to the General Theory of Comparative Linguistics
010885: Katkov, George - The Trial of Bukharin
029171: Katona, George - Psychological Economics
050253: Holder, Katy and Gail Duff - A Clove of Garlic. Garlic for Health and Cookery: Recipes and Traditions
048342: Katz, David S. - God's Last Words; Reading the English Bible from the Reformation to Dunamentalism
045016: Katz, Steven T. - The Holocaust in Historical Context. Volume 1: The Holocaust and Mass Death Before the Modern Age
043911: Katz, Jacob - Tradition and Crisis; Jewish Society at the End of the Middle Ages
041250: Katz, Richard - Funkelnder Ferner Osten! Erlebtes in China--Korea--Japan
041197: Katz, Samuel I. - Sterling Speculation and European Convertibility: 1955-1958
041162: Katz, Samuel I. - External Surpluses, Capital Flows, and Credit Polity in the European Economic Community, 1958 to 1967
029420: Katz, Jacob - Jewish Emancipation and Self-Emancipation
026967: Katz, Jonathan - Gay American History; Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S. A. ; a Documentary
025709: Katz, Jacob - Out of the Ghetto; the Social Background of Jewish Emanicpation 1770-1870
024544: Katz, Irving I. - The Beth El Story with a History of the Jews in Michigan Before 1850
021459: Katz, Jon - Media Rants; Postpolitics in the Digital Nation
020456: Katz, D. Mark - Witness to an Era; the Life and Photographs of Alexander Gardner: The CIVIL War, Lincoln, and the West
014885: Katz, Alex - Alex Katz: Night Paintings
005976: Katz, Stanley Nider - Newcastle's New York; Anglo-American Politics, 1732-1753
005867: Katz, Irving - August Belmont; a Political Biography
002802: Katz, Jerrold J. - Cogitations; a Study of the Cogito in Relation to the Philosophy of Logic and Language and a Study of Them in Relation to the Cogito
044103: Katzen, Mollie - Mollie Kantzen's Vegetable Heaven
045420: Kauffman, Linda S. - Discourses of Desire; Gender, Genre, and Epistolary Fictions
024543: Kauffman, Christopher J. - Education and Transformation; Marianist Ministries in America Since 1849
013912: Kauffman, Christopher J. - Education Adn Transformation; Marianist Ministries in America Since 1849
051887: Kauffman, Stuart A. - Investigations
037480: Kauffmann, Stanley - Living Images; Film Comment and Criticism
020825: Kaufhold, Karl Heinrich - Das Handwerk Der Stadt Hildesheim IM 18. Jahrhundert; Eine Wirtschaftsgeschichtliche Studie
040471: Kaufman, William I. - Champagne; Text and Photographs
022497: Kaufman, Gordon M. - Statistical Decision and Related Techniques in Oil and Gas Exploration
011356: Kaufman, Helen Andrews - Conscientious Cavalier; Colonel Bullen Reymes, M.P. , F.R. S. , 1613-1972: The Man and His Times
008931: Kaufman, Peter Iver - Redeeming Politics
041586: Kaufmann, Gerhard - North German Folk Pottery of the 17th to the 20th Centuries
033406: Kaufmann, R. J. - Richard Brome, Caroline Playwright
029920: Kaufmann, Walter - Nietzsche; Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist
005401: Kaufmann, Walter H. - Monarchism in the Weimar Republic
051923: Kaulbach, Ernest N. - Imaginative Prophecy in the B-Text of Piers Plowman
033823: Kaun, Alexander - Maxim Gorky and His Russia
030133: Kaun, Alexander - Maxim Gorky and His Russia
030119: Kaun, Alexander - Soviet Poets and Poetry
024902: Kautzsch, E. - Die Apokyphen Und Pseudepigraphen Des Alten Testaments
022674: Kavan, Rosemary - Love and Freedom; My Unexpected Life in Prague
007745: Kavanaugh, John, Ed - The Quaker Approach to Contemporary Problems
010241: Kawai, Kazuo - Japan's American Interlude
036171: Kawakami, Barbara F. - Japanese Immigrant Clothing in Hawaii 1885-1941
039121: Davidson, Linda Kay and David M. Gitlitz - Pilgrimage from the Ganges to Graceland; an Encyclopedia
034864: Kay, Zachariah - The Diplomacy of Impartiality; Canada and Israel, 1958-1968
026659: Kay, Helen - Picasso's World of Children
005582: Kaye, Julian B. - Bernard Shaw and the Nineteenth-Century Tradition
026543: Kaylakie, Marcia - Texas Quilts and Quilters; a Lone Star Legacy
046357: Kayser, Wolfgang - Das Sprachliche Kunstwerk; Eine Einführung in Die Literaturwissenschaft
024542: Kayser, Stephen S., Ed - Jewish Ceremonial Art
040136: Kazez, William H., Ed - Geometric Topology; 1993 Georgia International Topology Conference, August 2-13, 1993, University of Georgia, Athens Georgia
025690: Kazin, Michael - A Godly Hero; the Life of William Jennings Bryan
016318: Kazin, Alfred - An American Procession
044252: Kean, P. M. - Chaucer and the Making of English Poetry
051913: Kean, P. M. - The Pearl; an Interpretation
040645: Keane, John - Vaclav Havel; a Political Tragedy in Six Acts
005317: Kearney, Robert N. - Trade Unions and Politics in Ceylon
005265: Kearney, Robert N. - The Politics of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
044513: Kearns, Katherine - Robert Frost and a Poetics of Appetite
028345: Kearns, Doris - Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream
004776: Kearny, Edward N. - Thurman Arnold, Social Critic; the Satirical Challenge to Orthodoxy
017506: Keating, Edward - The Gentleman from Colorado; a Memoir
032608: Keble, John - De Poeticae VI Medica; Praelectiones Academicae Oxonii Habitae, Annis Mdcccxxxii-Mdcccxli
036372: Kecskemeti, Paul - The Unexpected Revolution; Social Forces in the Hungarian Uprising
012570: Curzon of Kedleston, George Nathaniel, 1st Marquess - A Viceroy's India; Leaves from Lord Curzon's Note-Book
043164: Kédros, André - La Résistance Grecque (1940-1944)
023509: Kee, Howard Clark - Miracle in the Early Christian World; a Study in Sociohistorical Method
048121: Keefe, Thomas K. - Feudal Assessments and the Political Community Under Henry II and His Sons
047071: Keefer, Sarah Larratt - Psalm-Poem and Psalter-Glosses; the Latin and Old English Psalter-Text Background to "Kentish Psalm 50
033862: Keefer, Janice Kulyk - Traveling Ladies; Stories
048810: O'Keeffe, Katherin O'brien - Stealing Obedience; Narratives of Agency and Identity in Later Anglo-Saxon England
033831: O'Keeffe, Georgia - Georgia O'Keeffe: Art and Letters
045889: Keegan, John - Intelligence in War; Knowledge of the Enemy from Napoleon to Al-Qaeda
022586: Keegan, John - The Face of Battle
015750: Keegan, John - World Armies
015748: Keegan, John - Six Armies in Normandy; from D-Day to the Liberation of Paris, June 6th-August 25th, 1944
052856: Keeler, Leo W. - The Problem of Error from Plato to Kant; a Historical and Critical Study
027281: Keeley, Edmund - Cavafy'a Alexandria; Study of a Myth in Progress
018991: Keeling, Patricia Jernigan, Ed - Once Upon a Desert; a Bicentennial Project
1264: Keeling, S. V. - Descartes
051239: Keen, Maurice - Chivalry
010832: Keen, Benjamin - The Aztec Image in Western Thought
044340: Keene, Donald - The Japanese Discovery of Europe; Hona Toshiaki and Other Discoverers 1720-1798
038345: Keene, Donald, Ed - Twenty Plays of the No Theatre
014476: Keene, Donald, Ed - Modern Japanese Literature; an Anthology
010243: Keene, Donald - Living Japan
023696: Keener, Frederick M. - English Dialogues of the Dead; a Critical History, an Anthology, and a Check List
005760: Keep, John, Ed - Contemporary History in the Soviet Mirror
048874: Keeps, David - The National Enquirer; Theirty Years of Unforgettable Images
011359: Keeton, George W. - Trial for Treason
044125: Kehr, Karl Andreas - Die Urkunden Der Normannisch-Sicilischen Könige; Eine Diplomatische Untersuchung
041790: Keiber, Helmut - ... Dass Du Mir Werth Und Wichtig Bist"; Thomas Mann Und Paul Ehrenberg
015570: Keil, Wilhelm - Erlebnisse Eines Sozialdemokraten
1265: Keilbach, Wilhelm - Einübung Ins Philosophische Denken
011360: Keisall, R. K. - Higher CIVIL Servants in Britain from 1870 to the Present Day
040321: Keiser, Elizabeth B. - Courtly Desire and Medieval Homophobia; the Legitimation of Sexual Pleasure in Cleanness and Its Contexts
050820: Christiansen, Keith and Judith W. Mann - Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi
021138: Alexander, Keith and Annemarie Sammartino - German Studies in North America
015478: Keithley, George - The Starry Messenger
028223: Kekes, JOhn - The Morality of Pluralism
005511: Kekkonen, Urho - Neutrality: The Finnish Position
004122: Kele, Max H. - Nazis and Workers; National Socialist Appeals to German Labor, 1919-1933
025584: Keleman, Pal - El Greco Revisited; His Byzantine Heritage
052391: Kelle, Johann - Das Verbum Und Nomen in Notker's Boethius
050015: Kellens, Jean - Essays on Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism
045452: Keller, Sharon R., Ed - The Jews; a Treasury of Art and Literature
041945: Keller, Karin - Gesellschaft in Mythischem Bann; Studien Zum Roman "Das Schloß" Und Anderen Werken Franz Kafkas
041062: Keller, Lynn - Re-Making It New; Contemporary American Poetry and the Modernist Tradition
040850: Keller, Gottfried - Der Landvogt Von Greifensee; Novelle
032069: Keller, Werner - The Etruscans
028887: Keller, John Esten - Pious Brief Narrative in Medieval Castilian & Galician Verse from Berceo to Alfonso
028479: Keller, Richard August - Geschichte Der Universität Heidelberg IM Ersten Jahrzehnt Nach Der Reorganisation Durch Karl Friedrich (1803-1813)
018088: Keller, Adolf - Church and State on the European Continent
016213: Keller, Harald - Blick Vom Monte Cavo; Kleine Schriften
007144: Keller, Frances Richardson - An American Crusade; the Life of Charles Waddell Chesnutt
052038: Keller, Hans-Erich, Ed - Studia Occitanica in Memoriam Paul Remy in 2 Volumes
006460: Keller, David Neal - Cooper Industries, 1833-1983
006351: Keller, Werner - Und Die Bibel Hat Doch Recht; Forscher Beweisen Die Historische Wahrheit
005915: Keller, Morton, Ed - Theodore Roosevelt; a Profile
042769: Kellermann, Volkmar - Germanische Altertumskunde; Einführung in Das Studium Einer Kulturgeschichte Der Vor- Und Frühzeit
044664: Kelley, Page H., Et al. - A Handbook to Biblical Hebrew; an Introductory Grammar
044663: Kelley, Page H. - Biblical Hebrew; an Introductory Grammar
023314: Kelley, Stanley, Jr. - Political Campaigning; Problems in Creating an Informed Electorate
041701: Kellner, Birgit - Deutsch-Friesische Wörterliste, Morringer Mundart Auf Dder Grundlage Des "Frasch Uurdebök" Zusammengestellt Und Bearbeitet
017295: Kellogg, Alfred L. - Chaucer, Langland, Arthur; Essays in Middle English Literature
050782: Kellow, Brian - Pauline Kael; a Life in the Dark
047138: Kelly, Christopher - The End of Empire; Attila the Hun and the Fall of Rome
046111: Kelly, Douglas - Medieval French Romance
044920: Kelly, Jerry, et al. - The Best of Both Worlds; Finely Printed Livres D'Artistes, 1910-2010
044263: Kelly, Henry Ansgar - Love and Marriage in the Age of Chaucer
052524: Kelly, Douglas - The Art of Medieval French Romance
033483: Kelly, Henry Ansgar - Divine Providence in the England of Shakespeare's Histories
031368: Kelly, Thomas L. - The Hidden Himalayas
030765: Kelly, Thomas Forrest - First Nights at the Opera
030568: Kelly, Joyce - An Archaeological Guid to Northern Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador
018865: Kelly, Jain, Ed - Darkroom 2
015753: Kelly, Orr - Never Fight Fair! Navy Seals' Stories of Combat and Adventure
015752: Kelly, Orr - From a Dark Sky; the Story of U.S. Air Force Special Operations
007590: Kelly, William B., Jr. - Studies in United States Commercial Policy
006995: Kelly, William - A Stroll Through the Diggings of California
005858: Kelly, Linda - The Young Romantics: Victor, Hugo, Sainte-Beuve, Vigny, Dumas, Musset, and George Sand and Their Friendships, Feuds and Loves in the French Romantic Revolution
052574: Kelly, Douglas - Christine de Pizan's Changing Opinion; a Quest for Certainty in the Midst of Chaos
005237: Kelly, Lawrence C. - The Navajo Indians and Federal Indian Policy, 1900-1935
004470: Kelly, Raymond C. - Etoro Social Structure; a Study in Structural Contradiction
049684: Kelly, Eamon - Ireland's Master Storyteller; the Collected Stories of éamon Kelly
049835: O'Kelly, Michael J. - Early Ireland; an Introduction to Irish Prehistory
015754: Kelsey, Marion - Victory Harvest; Diary of a Canadian in the Women's Land Army, 1940-1944
052842: Kelsey, Albert - Program and Rules of the Competition for the Selection of an Architect for the Monumental Ighthouse Which the Nations of the World Will Erect in the Dominican Republic to the Memory of Christopher Columbus
051897: Kelvin, William Thomson, Baron - Kelvin's Baltimore Lectures and Modern Theoretical Physics; Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
022580: Van Kemenade, Willem - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Inc
044179: Malone, Kemp and Albert C. Baugh - The Middle Ages
014177: Kemp, Wolflgang - The Desire of My Eyes; the Life and Work of John Ruskin
006689: Kemp, Peter - The Campaign of the Spanish Armada
023390: Kempf, Roger - Diderot Et le Roman Our le Démon de la Présence
009096: Kempf, Friedrich, et al. - Die Mittelalterliche Kirche
040835: Kempowski, Walter - Das Echolot; Ein Kollektives Tagebuch, Januar Und Februar 1943
037413: Graves, Ken and Mitchell Payne - American Snapshots
034464: Kenawell, William W. - The Quest at Glastonbury; a Biographical Study of Frederick Bligh Bond
040103: Kendall, Alan - The Chronicle of Classical Music; an Intimate Diary of the Lives and Music of the Great Composers
024541: Kendall, J. F. - A Short History of the Church of England
008934: Kendall, Paul Murray - Louis IX; "... L'Universelle Araigne...
004204: Kendrew, W. G. - The Climates of the Continents
043111: Kendrick, Asahel C. - The Life and Letters of Mrs. Emily C. Judson
039429: Kendrick, John W. - Productivity Trends in the United States
039428: Kendrick, John W., Ed - The Industrial Composition of Income and Product
039250: Kendrick, John W. - The Formation and Stocks of Total Capital
022495: Kendrick, David A. - Programming Investment in the Process Industries; an Approach to Sectoral Planning
013029: Kendrick, Laura - Chaucerian Play; Comedy and Control in the Canterbury Tales
050920: Kendrick, T. D. - A History of the Vikings
041166: Kenen, Peter B. - Reserve-Asset Preferences of Central Banks and Stability of the Gold-Exchange Standard
035083: Kenko - Essays in Idleness; the Tsurezuregusa of Kenko
029270: Kennan, George F. - The Marquis de Custine and His Russia in 1839
028040: Kennan, George F. - The Decline of Bismarck's European Order; Franco-Russian Relations, 1875-1890
027832: Kennan, George - Sibirien Und Das Verbannungssystem
050781: Kennan, George F. - Around the Cragged Hill; a Personal and Political Philosophy
023750: Kennan, George F. - Russia Leaves the War; Soviet-American Reliations, 1917-1920
015756: Kennan, George F. - From Prague After Munich; Diplomatic Papers, 1938-1940
015755: Kennan, George F. - The Fateful Alliance; France, Russia, and the Coming of the First World War
010886: Kennan, George F. - Russia and the West Under Lenin and Stalin
014442: Kennard, Joseph Spencer - Goldoni and the Venice of This Time
048238: Kennedy, Gwynne - Jus Anger; Representing Women's Anger in Early Modern England
047913: Kennedy, George A. - Classical Rhetoric and Its Christian and Secular Tradition from Ancient to Modern Times
047190: Kennedy, Richard S., Ed - Literary New Orleans
045800: Kennedy, Angus J. - Christine de Pizan; a Bibliographical Guide
045732: Kennedy, Peter - A Guide to Econometrics
043715: Kennedy, George - The Art of Persuasion in Greece
041582: Kennedy, Roger G. - Greek Revival America
040066: Kennedy, Roger G. - Burr, Hamilton, and Jefferson; a Study in Character
038689: Kennedy, George A, Ed - The Cambrdige History of Literary Criticism. Volume 1: Classical Criticism
036809: Kennedy, Raymond - Islands and People of the Indies
034187: Kennedy, Michael - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music
033815: Kennedy, Roger G. - Mission; the History and Architecture of the Missions of North America
033146: Kennedy, Milton Boone - The Oration in Shakespeare
029804: Kennedy, Emmet - A Cultural History of the French Revolution
026676: Kennedy, Marla Hamburg, Ed - Car Culture
025057: Kennedy, H. A. A. - The Theology of the Epistles
023524: Kennedy, Roger G. - Mission; the History and Architecture of the Missions of North America
050568: Kennedy, Nancy M. - Problems of Americans in Mastering the Pronunciation of Egyptian Arabic
017019: Kennedy, Ludovic - A Book of Railway Journeys
015758: Kennedy, Ludovic - Pursuit; the Chase and Sinking of the Bismarck
015757: Kennedy, Frances H. - The CIVIL War Battlefield Guide
012789: Kennedy, R. F. - Africana Repository; Notes for a Series of Lectures Given to the Hillbrow Study Centre from March to Mary 1964
052617: Kennedy, George - The Art of Rhetoric in the Roman World 300 B.C. -A.D. 300
007257: Kennedy, J. Gerald - The Astonished Traveler; William Darby, Frontier Geographer and Man of Letters
051922: Kennedy, Edward Donald - King Arthur; a Casebook
003347: Kenner, Hedwig - Das Mädchen Von Antium
003348: Kenner, Hedwig - Der Apoll Vom Belvedere
049087: Kenneson,Claude - Székely and Bartok; the Story of a Friendship
034463: Pennington, Kenneth and Robert Somerville, Eds - Law, Church, and Society; Essays in Honor of Stephan Kuttner
033175: Muir, Kenneth and S. Schoenbaum, Eds - A New Companion to Shakespeare Studies
032686: Hamblin, W. Kenneth and Joseph R. Murphy - Grand Canyon Perspectives; a Guide to the Canyon Scenery by Means of Interpretive Panoramas
015857: Macksey, Kenneth and John H. Batchelor - Tank; a History of the Armoured Fighting Vehicle
011537: Robinson, Kenneth and Frederick Madden - Essays in Imperial Government Presented to Margery Perham
037052: Kennett, David H. - Victorian and Edwardian Horses from Historic Photographs
008213: Kennett, Lee - Marching Through Georgia; the Story of Soldiers and Civilians During Sherman's Campaign
015759: Kenney, Roger G. - Orders from France; the Americans and the French in a Revolutionary World, 1780-1820
052918: Kenney, E. J. - The Classical Text; Aspects of Editing in the Age of the Printed Book
049647: Kenney, Maud - The Immortal Hafiz
004140: Kenny, Robert W. - Elizabeth's Admiral; the Political Career of Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham, 1536-1624
011361: Kent, Christopher - Brains and Numbers; Elitism, Comtism, and Democracy in Mid-Victorian England
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023402: Kukla, Jon - A Wilderness So Immense; the Louisiana Purchase and the Destiny of America
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