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018669: MARNAT, MARCEL, - Moussorgsky..
020045: MARON, MARGARET, - High country Fall..
041059: MARPLES, N. J. AND O. D. MACRAE-GIBSON, - A critical Discography of Readings in Old English..
002826: MARQUARD, ODO, - Farewell to Matters of Principle; Philosophical Studies..
040140: MARQUARDT, BERNHARD, - Der Totalitarismus--ein gescheitertes Herrschaftssystem. Eine Analyse der Sowjetunion und anderer Staaten Ost-Mitteleuropas..
038556: MARQUET, ALBERT, - Marquet; Dessins..
024610: MARQUEZ, RAUL ANTONIO, - Martin Heidegger: Una teoria de la Experiencia..
020013: MARRANCA, BONNIE, - Theatre Writings..
026674: MARRANCE, BONNIE, - Theatrewritings..
022683: MARRIOTT, J. A. R., - The Eastern Question; an historical Study in European Diplomacy..
014647: MARRIOTT, ALICE, - Maria, the Potter of San Ildefonso..
012808: MARRIS, PETER, - Family and Social Change in an AFrican City; a Study of Rehousing in Lagos..
014754: MARRIS, PETER AND MARTIN REIN, - Dilemmas of social Reform; Poverty and Community Action in the United States..
026681: MARRS, SUZANNE, - Eudora Welty; a Biography..
019482: MARRUS, MICHAEL R., - The Unwanted; European Refugees in the twentieth Century..
042793: MARSCH, WOLF-DIETER, ED, - Diskussion über die "Theologie der Hoffung" von Jürgen Moltmann..
021499: MARSDEN, ANNA, - Cinesi e Fiorentini a Confronto..
004994: MARSDEN, DONALD, - The Long Kickline; a History of the Princeton Triangle Club...
036501: MARSDEN, CHRISTOPHER, - Palmyra of the North; the First Days of St. Petersburg..
038004: MARSH, C. D., ET AL, - Lupines as Poisonous Plants..
021545: MARSH, PETER, ED., - The Conscience of the Victorian State..
033113: MARSH, DAVID, - The Quattrocento Dialogue; classical tradition and Humanist Innovation..
038914: MARSH, FRANK BURR, - English Rule in Gascony 1199-1259, with special Reference to the Towns..
015874: MARSHALL-CORNWALL, JAMES, - Wars and Rumours of Wars; a Memoir..
015871: MARSHALL, KATHERINE TUPPER, - Together; Annals of an Army Wife..
037991: MARSHALL, FRANCIS, - London West..
024082: MARSHALL, DOMINIQUE, - The Social Origins of the Welfare State; Québec Families, Compulsory Education, and Family Allowances, 1940-1955..
005474: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K., - The Days of Duchess Anne; Life in the Household of the Duchess of Hamilton, 1656-1716..
002592: MARSHALL, M. H. B., - Verbs, Nouns, and Pospositives in Attic Prose..
003005: MARSHALL, M. H. B., - Verbs, Nouns and Postpositives in Attic Prose..
033089: MARSHALL, DONALD G., ED, - Literature as Philosophy; Philosophy as Literature..
015870: MARSHALL, GEORGE C., - Memoirs of My Services in the World War, 1917-1918..
033411: MARSHALL, GEOFFREY, - Restoration Series Drama..
000041: MARSHALL, HOWARD D, - The Great Economists; a History of Economic Thought..
027329: MARSTON, JOHN, - The Malcontent..
028525: MARSTON, EVERETT C., - Origin and development of Northeastern University 1898-1960..
033452: MARSTON, JOHN, - Parasitaster or the Fawn..
033453: MARSTON, JOHN, - Antonio's Revenge..
043340: MARSTON, JOHN AND ELIZABETH GUTHRIE, EDS, - History, Buddhism, and new Religious Movements in Cambodia..
015875: MARSZALEK, JOHN F., - Sherman; a Soldier's Passion for Order..
038864: MARTELL, ARTHUR E, ED, - Coordination Chemistry. Volume 2..
011483: MARTELLI, GEORGE, - Jemmy Twitcher; a Life of the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, 1718-1792..
023051: MARTI, SAMUEL AND GERTRUDE PROKOSCH KURATH, - Dances of Anahuac; the Choreography and Music of precortesian Dances..
011835: MARTI-IBAÑEZ, FELIX, - Centaur; Essays on the History of Medical Ideas..
011836: MARTI-IBAÑEZ, FELIX, - Ariel; Essays on the Arts and the History and Philosophy of Medicine..
013965: MARTI, FRITZ, - Religion, reason and Man..
035716: MARTIEN, JERRY, - Shell Game; a true Account of Beads and Money in North America..
040063: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Causes and Conflicts; the Centennial History of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York 1870-1970..
035212: MARTIN, RUX, ET AL., EDS, - The Eating Well Cookbook. Volume 1, Favorite recipes from Eating Well, the Magazine of Food & Health..
015878: MARTIN, JAMES KIRBY, - Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary Hero; an American Warrior Reconsidered..
042535: MARTIN, DARIA, - Daria Martin. Kunsthalle Zürich; Kunstverein in Hamburg..
039864: MARTIN, FRANKLIN W. AND RUTH M. RUBERTÉ, - Edible leaves of the Tropics..
006398: MARTIN-ACHARD, ROBERT, - De La Mort à La Résurrection D'après l'Ancien Testament..
037638: MARTIN, VIOLET, - The Real Charlotte [by] E. Oe. Somerville & Martin Ross..
003173: MARTIN, HERBERT, - The Inquiring Mind; Introductory Philosophic Studies..
024327: MARTIN, REX, - Historical Explanation; Re-Enactment and Practical Inference..
014513: MARTIN, KINGSLEY, - The Magic of the British Monarchy..
025008: MARTIN, HUGH, - Puritanism and Richard Baxter..
025498: GILBERT MARTIN, - The day the War Ended; May 8, 1945--victory in Europe..
025644: MARTIN, DAVID A., - Pacifism; an historical and sociological Study..
025784: MARTIN, MILWARD W., - Was Shakespeare Shakespeare? A Lawyer reviews the Evidence..
039984: MARTIN, LESLIE AND LIONEL MARCH, EDS, - Urban space and Structures..
026905: MARTIN, ROBERT K., - The homosexual tradition in American Poetry..
016814: MARTIN, JUSTIN, - Greenspan; the Man Behind Money..
027273: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD, - Tennyson; the Unquiet Heart..
006098: MARTIN, KINGSLEY, - The Triumph of Lord Palmerston; a Study of Public Opinion in Englaidn Before the Crimean War..
027510: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD, - Enter Rumour; Four Early Victorian Scandals..
009555: MARTIN, GEORGE, - The Damrosch Dynasty; American's First Family of Music..
014990: MARTIN, MICHEL LOUIS AND ELLEN STERN MCCRATE, EDS., - The Military, Militarism and the Polity; Essays in Honor of Morris Janowitz..
009086: MARTIN, ALFRED VON, - Sociology of the Renaissance..
008198: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Causes and Conflicts; the Centennial History of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1870-1970..
028201: MARTIN, CY, - The Saga of the Buffalo..
035827: MARTIN, JUDITH, - Miss Manners' Guide to Rearing Perfect Children..
028936: MARTIN, FRANZ, - Die Kunstdenkmäler des politischen Bezirkes Braunau..
005384: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD, ED., - Victorian Poetry; Ten Major Poets..
043084: MARTIN, FRANÇOISE, - Sociétés anonymes de famille; structure, maintien et optimisiation de la détention du Capital..
004732: MARTIN, J. E., - Greater London; an Industrial Geography..
013306: MARTIN, ALBRO, - Railroads Triumphant; the Growth, Rejection, and Rebirth of a Vital American Force..
030688: MARTIN, WALTER, - The Kingdom of the Cults..
030866: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Verdi at the Golden Gate; Opera and San Francisco in the Gold Rush Years..
030867: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Verdi; His Music, Life and Times..
030942: MARTIN, EDWARD T., - Thomas Jefferson: Scientist..
011484: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD, - The Dust of Combat; a Life of Charles Kingsley..
013966: MARTIN, KINGSLEY, - French Liberal Thought in the Eighteenth Century; a Study of Political Ideas from Bayle to Condorcet..
013967: MARTIN, R. M., - Logic, Language and Metaphysics..
015559: MARTIN DU GARD, ROGER, - Recollections of Andre Gide..
036370: MARTIN, EDWARD S, - The Diary of a Nation; the War and How We Got Into it..
035811: MARTIN, PAUL, - Victorian Snapshots..
009199: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Aspects of Verdi..
035276: MARTINEAU, JANE AND CHARLES HOPE, EDS, - The Genius of Venice 1500-1600..
1354: MARTINEAU, JAMES., - Types of ethical theory. 3d edition, revised...
006929: MARTINEAU, HARRIET, - Harriet Martineau's Letters to Fanny Wedgwood..
036229: MARTINEAU, GILBERT, - Napoleon's St. Helena..
010074: MARTINEZ LAMAS, JULIO, - Requeza y Pobreza Del Uruguay; Estudio De Las Causas que Retardan El Progreso Nacional..
019724: MARTINEZ DE GORLA, DORA NOEMI, - El Puerto franco De Patagones y La Realidad socioeconomica De La Frontera Del Sud..
020493: MARTINEZ LAMAS, JULIO, - Riqueza y pobreza del Uruguay; estudio de la causas que retarden el progreso Nacional..
033072: MARTÍNEZ, EDUARDO RUIZ, - Aproximación a una bibliografia de don Antonio Nariño y Alvarez..
041619: MARTINEZ, ERNEST R, - Luca--Atti; un Viaggio Spirituale..
038071: MARTINEZ, ESTEBAN JOSÉ, - Esteban José Martinez; His Voyage in 1779 to Supply Alta California..
041618: MARTINEZ, ERNEST R, - La Sequela di Gesù Cristo nel Vengelo secondo Marco..
017427: MARTINI, SIMONE, - Simone Martini..
035106: MARTINI, ANNA, - The Mondadori Regional Italian Cookbook..
038921: MARTINI, CARLO MARIA, - Coenae Tuae; Itinerario Sacerdotoale..
037572: MARTINI, ALEXANDRA, - Litter Only; a book About Dustbins..
037788: MARTINUS, NORMAN E. AND HARRY L. RINKER, - Warman's Paper..
030904: MARTON, KATI, - The Great Escape; Nine Jews Who Fled Hitler and Changed the World..
007435: MARTONE, MICHAEL, - The Flatness and Other Landscapes; Essays..
663: MARTORELL, JOANOT AND MARTI JOAN DE GALBA., - Tirant lo Blanc. Translated and with a foreword by David H. Rosenthal...
042069: MARTY, MARTIN E, - Modern American Religion. Volume 1: The Irony of it All 1893-1919..
016409: MARTYN, CARLOS, - Wendell Phillips, the Agitator..
001845: MARTYNOV, IVAN, - Dmitri Shostakovich; the Man and His Work..
023512: JUSTIN MARTYR, - The Writings of Justin Martyr and Athenagoras..
034126: MARTZ, LOUIS L., - Thomas More; the search for the Inner Man..
040350: MARTZ, LOUIS L., - The paradise Within; studies in Vaughan, Traherne, and Milton..
005630: MARTZ, LOUIS L., - The Later Career of Tobias Smollett..
041789: MARTZ, LOUIS L, - The Wit of Love: Donne, Carew, Crashaw, Marvell..
041130: MARTZ, LOUIS L., - Thomas MOre; the search for the Inner Man..
003416: MARUCCHI, ORAZIO, - Manuale Di Archeologia Cristiana..
013071: MARVAN, JIRI, - Prehistoric Slavic Contraction..
040983: MARWEDEL, GÜNTER, - Geschichte der Juden in Hamburg, Altona und Wandsbek..
011486: MARWICK, ARTHUR, - The Deluge; British Society and the First World War..
022598: MARWICK, ARTHUR, - The nature of History..
024328: MARWICK, ARTHUR, - The Nature of History..
025217: MARWIL, JONATHAN, - The Trials of Counsel; Francis Bacon in 1621..
010626: MARX, FRITZ MORSTEIN, - Government in the Third Reich..
003176: MARX, WERNER, - Vernunft Und Welt; Zwischen Tradition Und Anderem Anfang..
016438: MARX, LEO, - The Pilot and the Passenger; Essays on Literature, Technology, and Culture in the United States..
018671: MARX, ADOLF BERNHARD, - Ludwig Van Beethoven; Leben Und Schaffen..
010563: MARX, LEONIE AND HERBERT KNUST, EDS., - Grenzerfahrung-Grenzüberschreitung; Studien Zu Den Literaturen Skandinaviens Und Deutschlands. Festschrift Für P. M. Mitchell..
030868: MARX, HENRY, - Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya..
037539: MARX, ENID AND MARGARET LAMBERT, - English Popular and Traditional Art..
043636: MARZIK, TRUDE, - A bissl Schwarz, a bissl Weiss; Gereimtes und Ungereimtes..
023858: MARZULLO, BENEDETTO, - I sofismi di Prometeo..
013968: MASANI, RUSTOM P., - Le Zoroastrisme, religion de la vie Bonne..
1358: MASARYK, T. G., - Modern man and religion. Translated by Ann Bibza and V clar Bene ...
016912: MASCIA-LEES, FRANCES AND PATRICIA SHARPE, EDS., - Tattoo, Torture, Mutilation, and Adornment; the Denaturalization of the Body in Culture and Text..
043861: MASCIANDARO, NICOLA, - The voice of the Hammer; the meaning of Work in Middle English Literature..
005526: MASEFIELD, JOHN, - Letters of John Masefield to Florence Lamont..
020941: MASEFIELD, MURIEL, - The Story of Fanny Burney, Being an Introduction to the Diary & letters of Madame d'Arblay..
034523: MASELLI, DOMENICO, - Eretici e ribelli del XIII e XIV Sec. Saggi sullo spirtualismo francescano in Toscana..
020962: MASER, CHRIS, - Forest Primeval; the Natural History of an Ancient Forest..
040344: MASER, WERNER, - Hitler Segreto; Lettere e Appunti Inediti..
012500: MASH, KAYE, - How Invertebrates Live..
008414: MASLENIKOV, OLEG A., - The Frenzied Poets; Andrey Biely and the Russian Symbolists..
030103: MASLENIKOV, OLEG A., - Lyrics from the Russian: Symbolists and Others..
043773: MASLENITSYN, STANISLAV I, - Iaroslavskaia Ikonopis; Yaroslavian Icon Painting..
006399: MASLOW, ALEXANDER, - A Study in Wittgenstein's Tractatus..
024517: MASLOWSKI, PETER AND DON WINSLOW, - Looking for a Hero; Staff Sergeant Joe Ronnie Hooper and the Vietnam War..
039117: MASNICK, GEORGE AND MARY JO BANE, - The Nation's Families: 1960-1990..
015882: MASON, HERBERT MOLLOY, JR., - The Rise of the Luftwaffe; Forging the Secret German Air Weapon, 1918-1940..
015881: MASON, F. VAN WYCK, - American Men at Arms..
010004: MASON, ALPHEUS THOMAS, - Security Through Freedom; American Political Thought and Practice..
023869: MASON, H. A., - To Homer Through Pope; an Introduction to Homer's Iliad and Pope's Translation..
025249: MASON, J. ALDEN, - Las antiguas culturas del Peru..
010846: MASON, JOHN T. JR., ED., - The Atlantic War Remembered; an Oral History Collection..
007120: MASON, ALPHEUS THOMAS, - Brandeis; Free Man's Life..
013584: MASON, PHILIP, - The Men Who Ruled India..
017324: MASON, H. A., - Humanism and Poetry in the Early Tudor Period; an Essay..
021605: MASON, MARY GRIMLEY, - Working Against Odds; Stories of Disabled Women's Work Lives..
039680: MASON, FRANCIS, - I Remember Balanchine; recollections of the Ballet Master by Those Who Knew Him..
025252: MASPERO, GASTON, - Art in Egypt..
041918: MASSARI, ORESTE, - Giovanni Sartori; Notizia Bio-Bibliografica..
024329: MASSÉ, VIVALDE, - Brève explication de aa règle des Frères Mineurs..
015640: MASSÉ, VIVALDE, - A short Explanation of the Rule of the Friars Minor..
030871: MASSENET, JULES, - Manon..
028259: MASSEY, MARILYN CHAPIN, - Feminine Soul; the Fate of an Ideal..
008435: MASSIE, SUZANNE, - The Living Mirror; Five Young Poets from Leningrad..
032169: MASSIE, ROBERT K., - The Romanovs; the final Chapter..
025009: MASSON, DAVID, - Chapters from the Sixth Volume of the Life of John Milton, Narrated in Connexion with the Political, ecclesiastical and Literary history of Hit Time..
030299: MASSON, JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF, - The Nine Emoitional Lives of Cats; a Journey into the Feline Heart..
029679: MASSON, ANDRÉ, - Le rebelle du surréalisme; Écrits..
022270: MASTERD, G. MALLARY, - Rabelaisian dialectic and the Platonic-hermetic Traidition..
033398: MASTERMAN, J. C., - The Double-Cross system in the War of 1939 to 1945..
007980: MASTERMAN, ERNEST W. GURNEY, - Studies in Galilee..
014790: MASTERS, ANTHONY, - Nancy Astor; a Life..
015019: MASTERS, G. MALLARY, - Rabelaisian Dialectic and the Platonic-Hermetic Tradition..
009088: MASTERS, ROGER D., - Fortune is a River; Leonardo Da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli's Magnificent Dream to Change the Course of Florentine History..
005193: MASTERS, JOHN, - Casanova..
032907: MASTERSON, JAMES F. AND RALPH KLEIN, EDS., - Psychotherapy of the Disorders of the Self; the Masterson Approach..
032885: MASTERSON, JAMES F., - Countertransference and Psychotherapeutic Technique; Teaching Seminars on Psychotherapy of the borderline Adult..
015886: MASUR, LOUIS P., - "...the Real War Will never Get in the books"; Selections from Writers During the Civil War..
004852: MASUREK-RUDOMA, RUDOLF, - Handschrift, Charakter, Charakterformung; Graphologische Erfahrungen..
042851: MATANIC, ATANAZIJE, - Francesco d'Assisi; fattori causali della su spiritualità..
028318: MATEJKA, LADISLAV AND KRYSTYNA POMORSKA, EDS., - Readings in Russian Poetics: Formalist and Structuralist Views..
039667: MATELJAN, GEORGE, - Cooking Without Fat..
035168: MATHAN, GERDA STRAUS, - Valentina's Uncle; Portrait of an Old Man..
023779: MATHER, F. ISABEL, - Our Ancestors..
017694: MATHER, R. E. AND F. E. BOSWELL, - John David Borthwick, Artist of the Goldrush..
019107: MATHER, EDWARD, - Nathaniel Hawthorne, a Modest Man..
029177: MATHESON, SYLVIA A., - Persien; ein archäologischer Führer..
030631: MATHESON, REBECCA JUMPER, - The Sunbonnet; an American Icon in Texas..
028937: MATHEW, DAVID, - The Celtic Peoples and Renaissance Europe; a study of th eCeltic and Spanish Influences on Elizabethan History..
043558: MATHEWS, THOMAS F. AND AVEDIS K. SANJIAN, - Armenian Gospel Iconography; the Tradition of the Glajor Gospel..
004158: MATHEWSON, RUFUS W., JR., - The Positive Hero in Russian Literature..
030215: MATHEWSON, RUFUS W., JR., - The Positive Hero in Russian Literature..
028472: MATHIAS, FRANK FURLONG, - Albert D. Kirwan..
009149: MATHIESEN, THOMAS, - The Defences of the Weak; a Scoiological Study of a Norwegian Correctional Institution..
038444: MATHIESON, ELIZABETH L, - The Complete Book of Crochet..
042181: MATHIOT, MADELEINE, - An Approach to the cognitive Study of Language..
029817: MATHY, JEAN-PHILIPPE, - Extrême Occident; French Intellectuals and America..
039392: LA MATINA, MARCELLO, - Il problema del significante; testi greci fra semiotica e filosofia del Linguaggio..
015888: MATLOFF, MAURICE, - American Military History..
015889: MATLOFF, MAURICE, - American Wars and Heroes, Revolutionary War Through Vietnam..
043988: MATSON, WALLACE, - Grand Theories and Everyday Beliefs; Science, Philosophy, and Their Histories..
040891: MATSON, WALLACE I., - The Existence of God..
023522: MATTAR, PHILIP, ED., - Encyclopedia of the Palestinians..
031841: MATTEI, JEAN-FRANÇOIS, - Pythagore et les Pythagoriciens..
023409: MATTEO, HENRY S., - Denationalization v. "the Right to Have rights"; the Standard of Intent in Citizenship Loss..
034405: MATTEOLI, RICHARD L., - The Totemic Analogy in Bible Symbolism..
011272: MATTEUCIG, GIACINTO, - Poggio Buco, the Necropolis of Statonia..
041237: MATTHAEI, ADELBERT, - Deutsche Baukunst im Mittelalter..
042929: MATTHAEI, KARL, ED, - Bach-Gedenkschrift 1950..
023406: MATTHES, FRANÇOIS E., - Sequoia National Park; a Geological Album..
038365: MATTHEW, ANNU PALAKUNNATHU, - Annu Palakunnathu Matthew; Bollywood Cowboys and Indians from India..
019571: MATTHEWS, HONOR, - Charact & Symbol in Shakespeare's Plays; a Study of Certain Christian and pre-Christian Elements in Their structure and Imagery..
001776: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, - Charles II's escape from Worcester; a Collection of Narratives Assembled By Samuel Papys..
007659: MATTHEWS, GLENNA, - "Just a housewife"; the Rise and fall of Domesticity in Amerida..
018673: MATTHEWS, DAVID, - Michael Tippett; an introductory Study..
018125: MATTHEWS, GWYNNETH, - Plato's Epistemology and Related logical Problems..
009008: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, - British Diaries; an Annotated Bibliography of British Diaries written Between 1442 and 1942..
029524: MATTHEWS, JOHN, - Gawain: Night of the Goddess; Restoring an Archetype..
032262: MATTHEWS, CAITLIN AND JOHN MATTHEWS, - The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom; the Celtic Shaman's Sourcebook..
040302: MATTHEWS, J. L., ET AL., EDS, - Particles and Nuclei; proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Particles and Nuclei, Massachusetts Institute of Techonology, Cambridge, MA, June 25-29, 1990..
015604: MATTHEWS, T. S., - Great Tom; Notes towards the Definition of T. S. Eliot..
034698: MATTHEWS, W. K, - The structure and development of Russian..
021936: MATTHEWS, P. H., - Morphology; an Introduction to the Theory of Word-Structure..
036649: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, - British Autobiographies; an Annotated Bibliography of British Autobiographies Published or written Before 1951..
036612: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, - American Diaries; an Annotated Bibliography of American Diaries Written Prior to the Year 1861..
665: MATTHIAE, GUGLIELMO., - Gli affreschi di Grottaferrata e un'ipotesi cavalliniana...
028397: MATTHIESSEN, PETER, - Sand Rivers..
031289: MATTHIESSEN, PETER, - East of Lo Monthang in the Land of Mustang..
019782: MATTHIESSEN, PETER AND ELIOT PORTER, - The tree Where man Was Born; the African Experience..
003006: MATTINGLY, HAROLD, - Christianity in the Roman Empire; Six Lectures..
012016: MATTISON, KARL, - Det Sydvenska Halmtaket..
011273: MATTON, RAYMOND, - La Crète Antique..
014761: MATUSOW, ALLEN J., - Farm Policies and Politics in the Truman Years..
017103: MATZ, MARY JANE, - Opera; grand and Not so Grand..
023681: MATZEN, H. AND N. LASSEN, - Den Nordiske Tingsret..
010628: MATZNER, EGON, - Trade Between East and West; the Case of Austria..
013969: MAUCHAUSSAT, GASTON, - L'Idélisme De Lachelier..
036445: MAUCLAIR, CAMILLE, - Schumann; biographie Critique..
024799: MAUDUIT, ROGER, - Auguste Comte et la science Économique..
018126: MAUDUIT, ROGER, - Auguste Comte et La Science Économique..
004328: MAUER, FRIEDRICH, - Nordgermanen Und Alemannen; Studien Zur Germanischen Unf Frühdeutschen Sprachgeschichte, Stammes- Und Volkskunde..
033362: MAULUCCI, FRANCESCO PAOLO, - The National Archaeological Museum of Naples..
038403: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE, - Europa Edition Günter Koch legt vor: Guy de Maupassant: La Maison Tellier. Eine Erzählung. Mit 16 Reproduktionen nach Lithographien von Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec..
027007: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD, - Back to Barbary Lane; the final Tales of the City Omnibus..
035747: MAURENBRECHER, C. P., ED, - Europäische Kaufrufe I [-II]..
039526: MAURER, FRIEDRICH, - Untersuchungen über die deutsche Verbstellung in ihrer geschichtlichen Entwicklung..
027830: MAURER, CHRISTIAN F., - Entscheidungsschlachten der Weltgeschichte..
005152: MAURER, CHARLES B., - Call to Revolution; the Mystical Anarchism of Gustav Landauer..
029525: MAURER, FRIEDRICH, - Die "Pseudoreimare"; Fragen der Echtheit, der Chronologie und des "Zyklus" im Liedercorpus Reinmars des Alten..
042463: MAURER, FRIEDRICH, - Nordgermanen und Alemannen; Studien zur germanischen und frühdeutschen Sprachgeschichte, Stammes- und Volkskunde..
041103: MAURER, FRIEDRICH, - Beiträge zur Sprache Oswalds von Wolkenstein..
039464: MAURER, ARNOLD E, - Carlo Goldoni; seine Komödien und ihre Verbreitung im deutschen Sprachraum des 18. Jahrhunderts..
015890: MAURIAC, CLAUDE, - The Other De Gaulle; Diaries 1944-1954..
019126: MAURIAC, FRANÇOIS, - Mémoires Politiques..
028260: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENISON, - The Kingdom of Christ or Hints to a Quaker respecting the Principles, Constitution and Ordinances of the Catholic Church..
037494: DU MAURIER, GEORGE, - The Young George du Maurie; a Selection of His Letters, 1860-67..
037851: DU MAURIER, GEORGE, - The Young George Du Maurier; a Selection of His Letters 1860-67..
037947: MAURIÈS, PATRICK, - Christian Lacroix; the Diary of a Collection..
018979: MAURIÈS, PATRICK, - Les Gays Savoirs..
042009: DE MAURO, TULLIO, - Storia Linguistica dell'Italia Unita..
041430: DE MAURO, TULLIO, - Ludwig Wittgenstein; His Place in the Development of Semantics..
011771: MAUROIS, ANDRE, - The Life of Sir Alexander Fleming, Discoverer of Penicillin..
027992: MAUROIS, ANDRE, - Disraeli; a Picture of the Victorian Age..
023671: MAURONI, AL, - Chemical and Biological Warfare; a Reference Handbook..
016486: MAURRAS, CHARLES, - Les Princes Des Nuées..
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032238: MIDDIONE, CARLO, - The Food of Southern Italy..
019572: MIDDLEBROOK, DIANE WOOD, - Anne Sexton; a Biography..
029341: MIDDLEBROOK, DIANE WOOD, - Walt Whitman and Wallace Stevens..
032093: MIDDLEBROOK, DIANE WOOD, - Walt Whitman and Wallace Stevens..
037221: MIDDLEKAUFF, ROBERT, - Benjamin Franklin and His Enemies..
015917: MIDDLETON, DREW, - Crossroads of Modern Warfare..
042306: MIDDLETON, THOMAS, - A Mad World, My Masters..
006126: MIDDLETON, K. W. B., - Britain and Russia; an historical Essay..
032783: MIDDLETON, THOMAS, - A Game at Chess By Thomas Middleton 1624..
032790: MIDDLETON, THOMAS, - Hengist, King of Kent, or the Mayor of Queenborough..
032795: MIDDLETON, THOMAS, - Honourable Entertainments..
010629: MIECK, ILJA, - Preussische Gewerbepolitik in Berlin 1806-1844; Staatshilfe Und Privatinitiative Zwischen Merkantilismus Und Liberalismus..
040846: MIEDEMA, HENRICUS THEODORUS JACOBUS, - Paedwizers fan de Fryske filology: Th. Siebs (1862-1941), F. Buittenrust Hettema (1862-1922) en de Fryske filology tusken 1880 en 1940..
025005: MIEL, JAN, - Pascal and Theology..
009867: MIELERT, FRITZ, - Westfalen: Münsterland--Industriegebiet--Sauerland--Siegerland..
015918: MIERS, EARL SCHENCK, - The General Who Marched to Hell; William Tecumseh Sherman and His March to Fame and Infamy..
021946: MIGLIORINI, BRUNO, - Profile di Parole..
021947: MIGLIORINI, BRUNO, - Saggi sulla lingua del Novecento..
036600: MIKES, GEORGE, - How to be an Alien; a Handbook for beginners and more Advanced Pupils..
041205: MIKESELL, RAYMOND F, - Public Foreign capital for Private enterprise in Developing Countries..
028589: MIKETTA, KARL, - Der Pharao des Auszuges; eine exegetische Studie zu Exodus 1-15..
005594: MIKHAIL, MONA N., - Studies in the Short Fiction of Mahfouz and Idris..
675: MILBURN, R. L. P., - Early Christian interpretations of history...
035425: MILD, WARREN, - Joseph Highmore of Holborn Row..
023316: MILES, HUGH AND MIKE SALIBURY, - Kingdom of the Ice Bear..
003631: MILES, LELAND, - John Colet and the Platonic Tradition..
043895: MILES, MARGARET R, - Carnal Knowing; Female Nakedness and Religious Meaning in the Christian West..
025578: MILES, CHARLES, - Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North America..
026006: MILES, JOSEPHINE, - Kinds of Affection..
026008: MILES, JOSEPHINE, - Poetry and Change; Donne, Milton, Wordsworth, and the Equilibrium of the Present..
028457: MILES, BARRY, - Ginsberg; a Biography..
029478: MILES, BARRY, - The BEat Hotel; Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Corso in Paris, 1958-1963..
037335: MILES, HENRY H. W., ET AL., EDS, - Case Histories in Psychosomatic Medicine..
042823: MILES, JOSEPHINE, - The Primary Language of Poetry in the 1940's..
034702: MILES, LELAND, - John Colet and the Platonic Tradition..
676: MILESI, RICHARD., - Romanische und ritterliche Grabplastik Kärntens...
041722: MILETICH, JOHN S, - The Bugarstica; a Bilingual Anthology of the Earliest Extant South Slavic Folk Narrative Song..
017152: MILGATE, MURRAY AND SHANNON C. STIMSON, - Ricardian Politics..
008093: MILIBAND, RALPH, - The State in Capitalist Society..
042552: MILILLI, GRAZIA RAMOINO, - Gilbert Ryle: Itinerari Concettuali..
020359: MILIN, GAEL, - Le Cordonnier de Jérusalem; la véritable Histoire du Juif Errant..
026432: MILITON, JOYCE, - The Yellow Kids; foreign correspondents in the Heyday of Yellow Journalism..
025006: MILL, JOHN STUART., - Nature, the Utility of religion and Theism..
677: MILLAR, ERIC G., - The Parisian miniaturist Honoré. With an introduction and notes by Eric G. Millar...
015920: MILLAR, GEORGE, - The Bruneval Raid; Flashpoint of the Radar War..
026589: MILLAR, FERGUS, - The Crowd in Rome in the Late Republic..
004978: MILLAR, T. B., ED., - International Security in the Southeast Asian and Southwest Pacific Region..
019702: MILLARES CARLO, AGUSTIN, - Investigaciones Biobibliograficas Iberoamericanas; Epoca Colonial..
038462: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT, - The Princess marries the Page; a Play in One Act..
017593: DE MILLE, AGNES, - Lizzie Borden; a dance of Death..
033886: MILLER, HENRY, - Crazy Cock..
032348: MILLER, LEED, ED., - From the Heart; Voices of the American Indian..
039367: MILLER, HERMAN P, - Income of the American People..
037084: MILLER, FREDRIC M, ET AL, - Philadelphia Stories; a Photographic History 1920-1960..
039336: MILLER, LILLIAN B., - Patrons and Patriotism; the Encouragement of the Fine Arts in the United States 1790-1860..
021948: MILLER, BORIS VSEVOLODOVICH, - Persidsko-russkii Slovar'..
037210: MILLER, WILLIAM IAN, - Eye for an Eye..
015486: MILLER, ROBERT HOPKINS, - Vietnam and Beyond; a Diplomat's Cold war Education..
009957: MILLER, DOUGLAS T., - Jacksonian Aristocracy; Class and Democracy in New York, 1830-1860..
010003: MILLER, STUART CREIGHTON, - The Unwelcome Immigrant; the American Image of the Chinese, 1785-1882..
007668: MILLER, JOHN, - Egotopia; Narcissism and the New American Landscape..
007669: MILLER, ERNEST C., - This Was Early Oil; contemporary Accounts of the Growing Petroleum Industry, 1848-1885..
016431: MILLER, ROBERT MOATS, - American Protestantism and Social Issues, 1919-1939..
016106: MILLER, GLORIA BLEY, - The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook..
015922: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN, - The Photographic History of the Civil War. Part 5: Forts and Artillery..
015923: MILLER, NATHAN, - U. S. Navy; an Illustrated History..
015924: MILLER, ROBERT A., - August 1944; the Campaign for France..
003913: MILLER, HELEN HILL, - The Case for Liblerty..
025999: MILLER, GENEVIEVE, ED., - A Bibliography of the Writings of Henry E. Sigerist..
026007: MILLER, HENRY, - Insomnia or the Devil at Large..
020046: MILLER, SUE, - The world Below; a Novel..
026634: MILLER, SUSAN CUMMINS, ED., - A Sweet, Separate Intimacy; Women Writers of the American Frontier, 1800-1922..
026682: MILLER, DAN, ET AL., EDS., - Critical Paths; Blake and the Argument of Method..
012309: MILLER, CHAR, ED., - On the Border; an Environmental History of San Antonio..
019116: MILLER, HENRY, - Dear, Dear Brenda; the Love Letters of Henry Miller to Brenda Venus..
006041: MILLER, DOUGLAS T., - Jacksonian Aristocracy; Class and Democracy in New York, 1830-1860..
007991: MILLER, ROSS, - American Apocalyapse; the Great Fire and the Myth of Chicago..
007016: MILLER, HENRY AND WALLACE FOWLIE, - Letters of Henry Miller and Wallace Fowlie (1943-1972)..
027509: MILLER, KERBY A., - Emigrants and Exiles; Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America..
011841: MILLER, ROBERT RYAL, - For Science and National Glory; the Spanish Scientific Expedtion to America, 1862-1866..
009718: MILLER, DANIEL R. AND GUY E. SWANSON, - The Changing American Parent; a Studyh in the Detroit Area..
034903: MILLER, SUSAN CUMMINS, - Fracture..
015348: MILLER, MARC SCOTT, - The Iorny of Victory; World War II and Lowell, Massachusetts..
005225: MILLER, CHRISTOPHER L., - Prophetic Worlds; Indians and Whites on the Columbia Plateau..
007329: MILLER, JAMES M., - The Genesis of Western Culture; the Upper Ohio Valley, 1800-1825..
002600: MILLER, MOLLY, - The Sicilian Colony Dates; Studies in Chronography I..
002601: MILLER, MOLLY, - The Thalassocracies; Studies in Chronography, II..
030003: MILLER, JOHN CHESTER, - The Wolf By the Ears; Thomas Jefferson and Slavery..
037092: MILLER, SYBIL, - Itinerant Photographer; Corpus Christi 1934..
006632: MILLER, JAMES M., - The Genesis of Western Culture; the Upper Ohio Valley, 1800-1825..
006842: MILLER, LILLIAN B., - "The Dye is Now cast"; the Road to American Independence, 1774-1776..
039385: MILLER, HERMAN P, - Income Distribution in the United States..
037982: MILLER, LILLIAN B. AND DAVID C. WARD, EDS, - New Perspectives on Charles Willson Peale; a 250th Anniversary Celelbration..
031145: MILLER, TIMOTHY, ED., - America's Laternative Religions..
020942: MILLER, CHARLES H., - Auden; an American Friendship..
020025: MILLER, TERRY E., - Folk Music in America; a Reference Guide..
042632: MILLER, STEPHEN G, - The Prytaneion; Its function and Architectural Form..
014434: MILLER, DONALD L., - Lewis Mumford; a Life..
042352: MILLER, JAMES ANDREW AND TOM SHALES, - Those Guys Have all the Fun; inside the World of ESPN..
036845: MILLER, MARK, - The Great Chile Book..
043094: MILLER, STEPHEN G, - Excavations at Nemea II: the Early Hellenistic Stadium..
019808: MILLER, LYNN H., - Global Order; Values and Power in International Politics..
011495: MILLER, EDWARD, - Portrait of a College; a History of the College of Saint John the Evangelist, Cambridge..
011496: MILLER, KARL, - Cockburn's Millenium..
035764: MILLER, ALLAN, - Mad Amadeus Sued a Madem..
001970: MILLER, ROY ANDREW, - Japanese and the Other Altaic Languages..
033206: MILLER, EDWIN HAVILAND, - The Professional Writer in Elizabethan ENgland; a study of Nondramatic Literature..
032818: MILLER, ALEC, - Tradition in Sculpture..
043467: MILLER, MARY AND SIMON MARTIN, - Courtly art of the Ancient Maya..
038201: MILLER, NAOMI F. AND KATHRYN L. GLEASON, EDS, - The Archaeology of garden and Field..
035774: MILLER, DAVID, - Samurai Warriors..
037083: MILLER, FREDRIC M, ET AL, - Still Philadelphia; a Photographic History 1890-1940..
035289: MILLER, JUANITA J, - Starward and other Poems..
038579: MILLER, LETA AND ALBERT COHEN, - Music in the Royal Society of London 1660-1806..
036234: MILLER, KRISTIE, - Isabella Greenway; an Enterprising Woman..
012233: MILLETT, JOHN, - The Nine Lives of Big Meg O'Shannessy..
008995: MILLETT, ROBERT W., - The Vultures and the Phoenix; a Study of the Mandrake Press Edition of the Paintings of D. H. Lawrence..
030894: MILLINGTON, BARRY AND STEWART SPENCER, EDS., - Wagner in Performance..
035079: MILLMAN, LAWLRLENCE, - Wolverine Creates the World; Labrador Indian Tales..
034265: MILLNER, CORK, - Vintage Cork..
017412: MILLON, HENRY A., ED., - Key Monuments of the history of Architecture..
022487: MILLS, EDWIN S., - Price, Output, and Inventory Policy; a Study in the economics of the firm and Industry..
1378: MILLS, C. WRIGHT., - Images of man; the classic tradition in sociological thinking. Selected and edited with an introduction by C. Wright Mills...
005522: MILLS, NICOLAUS, - American English Fiction in the Nineteenth Century; an Antigenre Critique and Comparison..
039626: MILLS, FREDERICK C, - Productivity and Economic Progress..
015350: MILLS, DANIEL QUINN, - Government, Labor, and Inflation; Wage Stabilization in the United States..
006891: MILLS, NICOLAUS, - American and English Fiction in the Nineteenth Century; an Antigenre Critique and Comparison..
006899: MILLS, GORDON, - Hamlet's Castle; the Study of Literature as a social Experience..
019791: MILLS, LISA NICOLE, - Science and Social Context; the regulation of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone in North America..
041176: MILLS, FREDERICK C, - The structure of postwar Prices..
039399: MILLS, EDWIN S., ED, - Economic Analysis of Environmental Problems..
021348: MILLWARD, MICHAEL AND BRIAN COE, - Victorian Townscape; the Work of Samuel SMith..
013981: MILNE, A. J. M., - The Social Philosophy of English Idealism..
039572: MILNER, JOSEPH, - Gibbon's account of Christianity Considered Together with some Strictures on Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion 1781..
021108: MILNER, CLYDE A., II, ED., - A New Signficance; Re-Envisioning the History of the American West..
021489: MILNER, HENRY, - Sweden; Social Democracy in Practice..
011497: MILNER, GAMALIEL, - The Threshold of the Victorian Age..
019118: MILOFSKY, DAVID, - Eternal People..
042113: MILOSZ, CZESLAW, - Postwar Polish Poetry; an Anthology..
019243: MILTON, JOYCE, - Loos of Eden; a Biography of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh..
008510: MILTON, JOHN, - South Dakota; a Bicentennial History..
021705: MILTON, JOHN, - The Poetical works of John Milton..
020360: MILTON, GILES, - The Riddle and the Knight; in Search of Sir John Mandeville, the World's greatest Traveller..
033204: MILTON, JOHN, - The Student's Milton..
044154: MILTON, JOHN, - Paradise Lost..
023100: MINASIAN, STANLEY, ET AL., - The World's Whales; the Complete illustrated Guide..
022152: MINATOYA, LYDIA YURI, - Talking to High Monks in the Snow; an Asian American Odyssey..
017203: MINC, ALAIN, - La Grande Illusion..
026247: MINELLI, ALESSANDRO, ED., - The Botanical Garden of Padua 1545-1955..
012811: MINER, HORACE, - The Primitive City of Timbuctoo..
009123: MINER, EARL, ED., - Stuart and Georgian Moments; Clark Library Seminar Papers on Seventeenth and eighteenth Century English Literature..
038008: MINER, EARL, ED, - English Criticism in Japan; Essays by Younger Japanese Scholars on English and American Literature..
024168: MINERBI, SERGIO I., - The Vatican and Zionism; conflict in the Holy Land 1895-1925..
015287: MINES, JOHN FLAVEL, - A Tour Around New York and My Summer Acre, Being the Recreations of Mr. Felix Oldby..
004300: KAO MING, - The Lute; Kao Ming's P'i-p'a Chi..
040245: YAO MING, - Yao; a life in two Worlds..
036955: MINGAY, G. E., ED, - The Victorian Country Side. Volume 2..
036192: MINGAY, GORDON, - Mrs Hurst Dancing and Other scenes from Regency Life 1812-1823..
011341: RUMPF A. AND P. MINGAZZINI, - Manuale Di Storia Dell'arte Classica..
043140: MINGUET, RENÉ, - Géographie industrielle de Paris..
035185: MINICK, ROGER, - Hills of Home; the Rural Ozarks of Arkansas..
037924: MINICK, BOB, - Hills of Home; the Rural Ozarks..
024336: MINIS, C., - Bibliographie zu den altmittel- und altniederfränkischen Psalmen und Glossen..
024335: MINK, LOUIS O., - Mind, History, and Dialectic; the Philosophy of R. G. Collingwood..
028548: UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, - The crisis of Mankind; the Urgent educational tasks of the University in Our Time..
017332: MINNEY, R. J., - The Tower of London..
011498: MINNEY, R. J., - The Edwardian Age..
001971: MINNIS, NOEL, - Linguistics at Large; the Fourteen Linguistic Lectures Presented By the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1969-70..
025532: MINOTT, RODNEY G., - The sinking of the Lollipop; Shirley Temple vs. Pete McCloskey..
022506: MINSKY, MARVIN, ED., - Semantic information Processing..
028272: MINTZ, ALAN, - Hurban; Responses to Catastrophe in Hebrew Literature..
021287: MINTZBERG, HENRY, - The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning; Reconceiving roles for Planning, Plans, Planners..
006698: MIQUELON, DALE, - Dugard of Rouen; French Trade to Canada and the West Indies, 1729-1770..
019119: MIRA DE AMESCU, ANTONIO, - La Casa Del Tahur..
019997: MIRABEAU, HONORÉ-GABRIEL DE RIQUETTI, COMTE DE, - The Secret history of the Court of Berlin..
018141: MIRAMBEL, ANDRÉ, - Grammaire Du Grec Moderne..
016852: MIRAMONTES, OCTAVIO, - Consecuencias Para Mexico De Una Guerra Nuclear: La precipitacion Radiactive..
030304: MIRIZZI, FERDINANDO AND PASQUALE DORIA, - Rosario Genovese, Fotografo..
009256: MIROFF, BRUCE, - Icons of Democracy; American Leaders as Heroes, Aristocrats, Dissenters, and Democrats..
011843: MIROV, N. T., - The Road I Came; the memoirs of a Russian-American Forester..
027869: MIRREN, HELEN, - In the Frame; My Life in Words and Pictures..
030075: MIRSKY, D. S., - A history of Russian Literature, Comprising A History of Russian Literature, and Contemporary Russian Literature..
042568: MISCH, GEORG, - Vom Lebens- und Gedankenkreis Wilhelm Diltheys..
030897: MISCHAKOFF, ANNE, - Khandoshkin and the beginning of Russian String Music..
017333: MISCIATTELLI, PERIO, - Savonarola..
007318: MISH, CHARLES C., - English Prose Fiction, 1600-1700; a Chronological Checklist..
040048: MISHAN, E. J, - The Costs of economic Growth..

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