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049536: Lakoff, George - Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things; What Categories Reveal About the Mind
051617: Lalande,Denis - Jean II le Meingre, Dit Boucicaut (1366-1421); étude D'Une Biographie Héroique
025041: Lalande, André - Vocabulaire Technique Et Critique de la Philosophie
008051: Lall, Arthur - How Communist China Negotiates
043199: Lalou, Marcelle - Manuel éLémentaire de Tibétain Classique (Méthode Empirique)
026503: Laloux, V. - L'Architecture Grecque
013925: LaLumia, Joseph - The Ways of Reason; a Critical Study of the Ideas of Emile Meyerson
017061: Lam, Willy Wo-Lap - China After Deng Xiaoping; the Power Struggle in Beijing Since Tiananmen
034359: Lamar, Howard R., Ed - The New Encyclopedia of the American West
020493: Martinez Lamas, Julio - Riqueza Y Pobreza Del Uruguay; Estudio de la Causas Que Retarden El Progreso Nacional
010074: Martinez Lamas, Julio - Requeza Y Pobreza Del Uruguay; Estudio de Las Causas Que Retardan El Progreso Nacional
047827: Lamb, Sydney M. - Outline of Stratificational Grammar
045601: Lamb, David - Vietnam, Now; a Reporter Returns
043329: Lamb, Henry - Henry Lamb
039039: Lamb, Lynton - County Town; Backs and Fronts in Kennelsford
036774: Lamb, Christina - The Sewing Circles of Herat; a Personal Voyage Through Afghanistan
050898: Lamb, Charles - The Life and Works of Charles Lamb
022139: Lamberg, LYnne - Bodyrhythms; Chronobiology and Peak Performance
021876: Lambert, Wallace E. - Language, Psychology, and Culture; Essays
014483: Lambert, Lydia - Pushkin; Poet and Lover
011365: Lambert, John R. - Crime, Police, and Race Relations; a Study in Birmingham
015784: Lambeth, Benjamin S. - Russia's Air Power at the Crossroads
037999: Lambourne, Lionel - Utopian Craftsmen; the Arts and Crafts Movement from the Cotswolds to Chicago
037643: Lambourne, Lionel - Ernest Griset; Fantasies of a Victorian Illustrator
040121: Lambrechts, Pierre - La Compostion Du Sénat Romain de L'Accession Au Trone D'Hadrien à Ala Mort de Commode (117-192)
037433: Lambton, Lucinda - Temples of Convenience and Chambers of Dlight
1597: (Lamennais, Félicité). Verucci, Guido - Félicité Lamennais; Cal Cattolicesimo Autoritario Al Radicalismo Democratic O.
013926: Lamirande, Emilien - What Is the Communion of Saints
010104: Lamm, Martin - Modern Drama
015816: Lindstrom, Lamont and Georffrey M. White - Island Encounters; Black and White Memories of the Pacific War
008948: LaMonte, John L. - The Wrold of the Middle Ages; a Reorientation of Medieval History
042642: Lamothe, D. - Mille Ans D'Histoire Locale Avec Les Seigneurs de Castelnau-Bretenoux
014738: Lampert, Nicholas - Whistleblowing in the Soviet Union; a Study of Complaints and Abuses Under State Socialism
1289: Lampert, E. - The Apocalypse of History; Problems of Providence and Human Destiny
010716: Lamping, Heinrich - Zur Relevanz Administrativer Zentren Und Einheiten Für Die Entwicklung Zentraler Orte Und Ihrer Bereiche; Eine Untersuchung Am Beispiel Der Unteren Staatlichen Verwaltungsbehörden in Unterfranken (1800-1970)
039327: Lampman, Robert J. - Ends and Means of Reducing Income Poverty
039283: Lampman, Robert J. - Social Welfare Spending; Accounting for Changes from 1950 to 1978
039163: Lampman, Robert J., Ed - Economists at Wisconsin 1892-1992
023968: Lamprecht, Karl - Americana; Reiseeindrücke, Betrachtungen, Geschichtliche Gesamtansicht
046717: Lampsides, Odysseus - Ho Ek Pontou Hosio Nikon Ho Metanoeite (Keimena, Scholia)
021240: Lampson, Robin - Terza-Rima Sonnets
046890: Yu-lan, Fung - The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy
020569: Lanata, Giulana, Ed - IL Tardoantico Alle Soglie Del Duemila: Diritto, Religione, Società
034748: Lancashire, Ian - Dramatic Texts and Records of Britain: A Chronological Topography to 1558
044859: Lancaster, Clay - The Japanese Influence in America
040030: Lancaster, Kelvin - Consumer Demand; a New Approach
034029: Lancaster, H. Carrington - French Tragedy in the Reigh of Louis XVI and the Early Years of the French Revolution, 1774-1792
034028: Lancaster, Henry Carringon - French Tragedy in the Time of Louis XV and Voltaire, 1715-1774
034022: Lancaster, Henry Carrington - Sunset; a History of Parisian Drama in the Last Years of Louis XIV 1701-1957
024654: Gomez Lance, Betty Rita - La Actitud Picaresca En la Novela Española Del Siglo XX
037215: Lancester, Osbert - Here, of All Places
035719: Lancester, Osbert - Here, of All Places; the Pocket Lamp of Architecture, Incorporating Homes Swwet Homes and Pillar to Post and Homes Across the Atlantic
005825: Lancester, Henry Carrington - French Tragedy in the Reign of Louis XVI and the Early Years of the French Revolution, 1774-1792
015264: Lanchner, Carolyn - Fernand Léger
013524: Lanchner, Carolyn, Ed - Paul Klee
014301: Lancman, Eli - Chinese Portraiture
036120: Lanctot, Gustave - Montréal Sous Maisonneuve 1642-1665
040610: Land, Hugh C. - Birds of Guatemala
037818: Land, Leslie - Reading between the Recipes; a Year's Worth of Inspired, Innovative, Often Outrageous Ideas on New England Food and Cooking
021622: Landais, Hubert - La Porcelaine Française, Xviiie Siècle
031105: Landau, David - Piety and Power; the World of Jewish Fundamentalism
017955: Landau, Sidney I. - Dicitionaries; the Art and Craft of Lexicography
041546: Landauer, Susan - California Impressionists
026504: Landels, J. G. - Engineering in the Ancient World
034997: Lander, J. R. - Conflict and Stability in Fifteenth-Century England
028893: Lander, J. R. - The Wars of the Roses
024299: Landes, Daniel - Confronting Omnicide; Jewish Reflections on Weapons of Mass Destruction
026505: Landfester, Manfred - Das Griechische Nomen "Philos" Und Seine Ableitungen
051687: Landgraf, Artur - Commentarius Cantabrigiensis in Epistols Pauli E Schola Petri Abaelardi
018106: Landheer, Bart - Pause for Transition; an Analysis of the Relation of Man, Mind and Society
050289: Landi, Addolorata, Ed - L'Italia E IL Mediterraneo Antico. Atti Del Convegno Della Società Italiana Di Glottologia
041108: Landmann, Michael - Das Zeitalter Als Schicksal; Eie Geistegeschichtliche Kategorie Der Epoche
036255: Landolt, Eduard - Systematischer Index Zu Werken Heideggers. Was Ist Das--Die Philosophie? Indentität Und Differenz; Gelassenheit
037264: Landon, H. C. Robbins - Mozart; the Golden Years 1781-1791
034334: Landon, H. C. Robbins - Essays on the Viennese Classical Style: Gluck, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
030821: Landon, H. C. Robbins - Vivaldi; Voice of the Baroque
030820: Landon, H. C. Robbins - 1791; Mozart's Last Year
018635: Landon, H. C. Robbins - Mozart; the Golden Years, 1781-1791
025786: Landor, Walter Savage - Selected Imaginary Conversation of Literary Men and Statemen
018636: Landormy, Paul - Brahms
046325: Landreau, Anthony N. - America Underfoot; a History of Floor Coverings from Colonial Times to the Present
040250: Landsberg, Hans H., Et al. - Resources in America's Future; Patterns of Requirements and Availabilities 1960-2000
027482: Landsberger, Henry A., Ed - Latin American Peasant Movements
1292: Landsberger, Franz - Rembrandt, the Jews and the Bible
010081: Landsberger, Artur - Jüdische Sprichwörter
003896: Landsverk, O. G. - Runic Records of the Norsemen in America
048419: Lane, George Sherman - Words for Clothing in the Principal Indo-European Languages
047969: Lane, Richard - Images from the Floating World; the Japanese Print Including an Illustrated Dictionary of Ukiyo-E
043434: Lane, Mills - Architecture of the Old South
039176: Lane, Arthur - Greek Pottery
037988: Grosvenor House (Park Lane), Ltd - The Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair, 11-17 June 2003; 2000 Handbook
036986: Lane, John - A Taste of the Past
035725: Lane, Andrew - Motoring Costume
035320: Lane, G. R. - G.R. L. 's "Own" Cookery Book. A Man's Book for Every Woman
026569: Lane, Millicent Travis - The Crisp Day Closing on My Hand; the Poetry of M. Travis Lane
022529: Lane, Ernest Preston - Metric Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
021494: Lane, Peter - The Industrial Revolution; the Birth of the Modern Age
015786: Lane, Mark - Conversations with Americans
015300: Lane, David - State and Politics in the Ussr
014664: Lane, Arthur - A Guide to the Collection of Tiles
045208: Lang, William L., Ed - Stories from an Open Country; Essays on the Yellowstone River Valley
044593: Lang, Helen S. - Aristotle's Physics and Its Medieval Varieties
044586: Lang, Artur Paul - Leo Der Grosse Und Die Texte Des Altgelasianums Mit Berücksichtigung Des Sacramentarium Leonianum Und Des Sacramentarium Gregorianum
039926: Lang, Andrew - Social England Illustrated; a Collection of Xviith Century Tracts
039232: Lang, Daniel - The Man in the Thick Lead Suit
035569: Lang, Daniel - An Inquiry Into Enoughness; of Bombs and Men and Staying Alive
022449: Lang, Rudolf Walter - Zeiten Und Menschen IM Spiegel Der Anekdote
019830: Lang, Hans-Joachim - Poeten Und Pointen; Zur Amerikanischen Erzählungen Des 19. Jahrhunderts
024609: Langan, Thomas - The Meaning of Heidegger; a Critical Study of an Existentialist Phenomenology
015787: Langbein, Hermann - ... Nicht Wie Die Schafe Zur Schlachtbank; Widerstand in Den Nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagern, 1938-1945
010611: Langbein, Hermann - ... Nicht Wie Die Schafe Zur Schlachtbank; Widerstand in Den Nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagern 1938-1945
037538: Langdon, Philip - Orange Roofs, Golden Arches; the Architecture of American Chain Restaurants
034961: Langdon, Susan - Art and Identity in Dark Age Greece, 1100-700 B.C. E.
045007: Lange, Eva Boettcher - A Middle High German Benedictine Rule, Ms. Wilhering, Austria, No. 14
041220: Lange, M. T. - Om Forandringen Af Danmarks Plantevaext I de Sidste to Aarhundreder
040789: Lange, Klaus-Peter - Theoretiker Des Literarischen Manierismus; Tesauros Und Pellegrinis Lehre Von Der "Acutezza" Oder Von Der Macht Der Sprache
037764: Lange, Dorothea - Dorothea Lange Looks at the American Country Woman
027391: Lange, Oskar - Introduction to Econometrics
013810: De Lange, Nicholas - Judaism
022354: Langeland, Knut - Norske Hager; Hagevandringer I Ord Og Bilder
004853: Langenbruch, W. - Praktische Menschenkenntnis; Eine Leicht Fassliche Anleitung, Die Menschen Aus Ihrer Handschrift Zu Erkennen, Zugleich Ein Autographen-Album Bedutender Und Interessanter Persönlichkeiten
028770: Langenmaier, Theodor - Lexicon Zur Alten Georgraphie Des Südlichen äquatorialafrika
045805: Langer, Ullrich, Ed - The Cambridge Companion to Montaigne
039396: Langer, Elinor - A Hundred Little Hitlers; the Death of Black Man, the Trial of a White Racist, and the Rise of the Neo-Nazi Movement in America
038748: Langer, Susanne K. - Philosophy in a New Key; a Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art
021350: Langer, Werner - Briefe Des Alten Frankreich
026507: Langerbeck, Hermann - Doxis Epirhysmie; Studien Zu Demokrits Ethik Und Erkenntnislehre
025412: Langewiesche, William - Cutting for Sign
051658: Langford, Rachael, Ed - Textual Intersections; Literature, History and the Arts in Nineteenth-Century Europe
011366: Langhorne, Elizabeth - Nancy Astor and Her Friends
006663: Langille, Howard Peter - Changing the Guard; Canada's Defence in a World in Transition
047218: Langland, William - The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman, Together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, Et Dobest Secundum Wit Et Resoun: Part II: The "Crowley" Text, or Text B.
047208: Langland, William - Piers Plowman
044401: Langland, William - Piers Plowman; the C-Text
049170: Langland, William - The Vision of Piers Plowman
004160: Langland, Elizabeth - Society in the Novel
028346: Langlois, Charles Victor - Manuel de Bibiographie Historique
022047: Langlois, Walter G., Ed - The Persistent Voice; Essays on Hellenism in French Literature Since the 18th Century in Honor of Professor Henri M. Peyre
003396: Langlotz, Ernst - Griechische Vasenbilder
035384: Langner, Lawrence - Gbs and the Lunatic; Reminiscences of the Long, Lively and Affectionarte Friendship between George Bernard Shaw and the Author
035537: Langosch, Karl - Geistliche Spiele; Lateinische Dramen Des Mittelalters Mit Deutschen Versen
049579: Langosch, Karl - Lateinisches Mititelalter; Einleitung in Sprache Und Literatur
045498: Langsdorff, George H. Von - Voyages and Travels in Various Parts of the World
036488: Langsner, Drew - Country Woodcraft
044981: Langston, Douglas C. - God's Willing Knowledge; the Influence of Scotus' Analysis of Omniscience
023315: Langton, Kenneth P. - Political Socialization
048463: Société de Langue et de Littérature Wallonnes - Bulletin de la Société de Langue Et de Littérature Wallonnes. Tome 75-[76]
048983: Lanham, Richard A. - A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms
033732: Lanham, Richard A. - The Motives of Eloquence; Literary Rhetoric in the Renaissance
024652: Lanham, Richard A. - The Electronic Word; Democracy, Technology, and the Arts
018902: Lanier, Sidney - The Marshes of Glynn
035529: Lansdell, Avril - Occupational Costume and Working Clothes, 1776-1976
035234: Lansdell, Avril - Fashion à la Carte 1860-1900; a Study of Fashion Through Carte-de-Visite
041543: Lansing, John, Jr. - The Delegate from New York or Proceedings of the Federal Convention of 1787 from the Notes of John Lansing, Jr.
015791: Lansing, Robert - The Peace Negotiations; a Personal Narrative
032550: Lanson, Gustave - Esquisse D'Une Histoire de la Tragédie Française
011367: Lant, Jeffrey L. - Insubstantial Pageant; Ceremony and Confusion at Queen Victoria's Court
010435: Lantier, Raymond - Man Before History
039606: Lanz, Peter - Menschliches Handeln Zwischen Kausalität Und Rationalität
005750: LaPalombara, Joseph - Democracy Italian Style
018638: Laparra, Raoul - Bizet Et L'Espagne
011815: Lapham, Lewis H., Ed - High Technology & Human Freedom
049299: Lapide, Pinchas E. - Hebrew in the Church; the Foundations of Jewish-Christian Dialogue
048493: Lapidge, Michael - Abbreviations for Sources and Specification of Standard Editions for Sources, Compiled for Fontes Anglo-Saxonici and Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture
033974: Lapidus, Ira Marvin - Muslim Cities in the Later Middle Ages
008949: Lapidus, Ira M. - Middle Eastern Cities; a Symposium on Ancient, Islamic, and Contemporary Middle Eastern Urbanism
051873: Lapidus, Ira M. - A History of Islamic Societies
019201: Lapie, Pierre Olivier - Herriot
027383: LaPonce, J. A. - The Government of the Fifth Republic; French Political Parties and the Constitution
042276: LaPorte, Jean - The Role of Women in Early Christianity
011368: Laprade, William Thomas - Public Opinion and Politics in Eighteenth Century England to the Fall of Walpole
008706: Laprade, William Thomas - Public Opinion and Politics in Eighteenth Century England to the Fall of Walpole
044912: Laqueur, Walter - The Changing Face of Antisemitism from Ancient Times to the Present Day
023003: Laqueur, Walter - A History of Zionism
022935: Laqueur, Walter Z., Ed - The Middle East in Transition; Studies in Contemporary History
015793: Laqueur, Walter - Guerrilla; a Historical and Critical Study
010887: Laqueur, Walter Z. - The Soviet Union and the Middle East
041931: Tuñón de Lara, Manuel - Storia Del Movimento Operaio Spagnolo
033120: Lara, Maria Pia - Narrating Evil; a Postmetaphysical Theory of Reflective Judgment
038207: Larbaud, Valery - A.O. Barnabooth: His Diary
031199: Lardner, Ring - Lardner on Baseball
005724: Larg, David - Giuseppe Garibaldi; a Biography
050214: Bonfante, Larissa and Helga Von Heintze, Eds - In Memoriam Otto J. Brendel; Essays in Archaeology and the Humanities
037597: Larkcom, Joy - Oriental Vegetables; the Complete Guide for Garden and Kitchen
035491: Larkcom, Joy - The Salad Garden
037482: Larkin, David - The Essential Book of Rural America; Down-to-Earth Buildings
015794: Larkin, Margaret - The Six Days of Yad Mordechai
020313: Larner, John - Marco Polo and the Discovery of the World
043209: Larrabee, Constance Stuart - Go Well, My Child; Photographsy by Constance Stuart Larrabee
015795: Larrabee, Eric - Commander in Cheif; Franklin Delano, Roosevelt, His Lieutenants, and Their War
007602: Larrabee, Harold A. - Decision at the Chesapeake
050465: Keefer, Sarah Larratt and Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe, Eds - New Approaches to Editing Old English Verse
027769: Larrazabal, J. S. - Das Flugzeug IM Spanischen Bürgerkrieg, 1936-1939: Flieger Auf Beiden Seiten
044529: Larrington, Carolyne - Women and Writing in Medieval Europe; a Sourcebook
024810: Larrington, Carolyne - The Feminist Companion to Mythology
035575: Larsen, Lucinda Christenson - Lucinda's Party Foods
032661: Larson, T. A. - History of Wyoming
029271: Larson, Martin A. - Jefferson, Magnificent Populist
016982: Larson, Edward J. - Evolution's Workshop; God and Science on the Galapagos Islands
1293: Larson, Gustive O. - Prelude to the Kingdom; Mormon Desert Conquest. A Chapter in American Coope Rative Experience
007786: Larson, Brooke - Colonialism and Agrarian Transformation in Bolivia; Cochabamba, 1550-1900
1298: Larsson, Edvin - Christus Als Vorbild; Eine Untersuchung Zu Den Paulinischen Tauf- Und Eikon Texten. Uppsala, Etc.
050819: Larsson, Carl - Carl Larsson 1853-1919: Aquarelles
036787: Lartigue, Jacques-Henri - The Autochromes of J.H. Lartigue 1912-1927
051001: LaRue, Jan, Ed - Aspects of Medieval and Renaissance Music; a Birthday Offering to Gustave Reese
049729: Lasater, Martin L. - The Changing of the Guard; President Clinton and the Security of Taiwan
027741: Lasch, Richard, et al. - Vergleichende Völkerkunde: Amerika--Afrika
027647: Lash, Joseph P. - Life Was Meant to Be Lived"; a Centenary Portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt
010311: Lasker, Bruno - Peoples of Southeast Asia
025715: Laski, Harold J. - The State in Theory and Practice
050564: Lasky, Cynthia - Liquid Geometry; a Novel
025042: Laslett, Peter - Philosophy, Politics and Society
007834: Lasley, Jack - The Threat of Radical Fundamentalism; Priestcraft Revisited
005158: Lasocki, Anne-Marie - Simone de Beauvoir Ou L'Entreprise D'Ecrire; Essai de Commentaire Par Les Textes
044161: Benaim De Lasry, Anita - Carlos Maynes and la Enperatris de Roma; Critical Edition and Study of Two Medieval Spsnish Romances
035636: Lassimonne, Denise - Myra Hess by Her Friends
049289: Lastri, Marco - Ricerche Sull'Antica E Moderna Popolazione Della Città Di Firenze Per Mezzo Dei Registri Del Battistero Di San Giovanni Dal 1451 Al 1774
038572: Laszlo, Ervin, Ed - The Relevance of General Systems Theory; Papers Presented to Ludwig Von Bertalanffy on His Seventieth Birthday
036529: Vass, Laszlo and Magda Molnar - Herrenschuhe Handgearbeitet
024533: Laszlo, Ervin - Philosophy in the Soviet Union; a Survey of the Mid-Sixties
046459: Latham, Edward - A Dictionary of Names, Nicknames and Surnames of Persons, Places and Things
007930: Latham, Earl, Ed - The Philosophy and Policies of Woodrow Wilson
004910: Latham, Aaron - Crazy Sundays; F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood
035104: Lathem, Edward Connery, Ed - Thirteen Colonial Americana; a Selection of Publications Issued in the British Provinces of North America During the Final Half-Century of the Colonia Era
038453: Lathrop, JoAnna - Willa Cather; a Checklist of Her Published Writing
044843: Latimer, George - Ballet Bad Boy; My Life Behind Barres
047293: Latouche, Robert - Caesar to Charlemagne; the Beginnings of France
046213: Latouche, Robert - Le Film de L'Histoire Médiévale En France 843-1328
044412: Latouche, Robert - Les Grandes Invasions Et la Crise de L'Occident Au Ve Siècle
050797: Latouche, Robert - Gaulois Et Francs de Vercingétorix à Charlemagne
013928: Latourette, Kenneth Scott - Christianity in a Revolutionary Age; a History of Christianity in the Ninettenth and Twentieth Centuries
032086: D'Avila-Latourrette, Victor-Antoine - Twelve Months of Monastery Soups
005866: Latta, Estelle - Controversial Mark Hopkins
048668: Latte, Kurt - Römische Religiosgeschichte
044315: Latte, Kurt - Kleine Schriften Zu Religion, Recht, Literatur Und Sprache Der Griechen Und Römer
047141: Lattimore, Richmond - Story Patterns in Greek Tragedy
031819: Lattimore, Richmond - The Poetry of Greek Tragedy
037541: De Laubenfels, David J. - Mapping the World's Vegetation; Regionalization of Formations and Flora
007801: Aldouri-Lauber, Maria - Die Fachbibliothek Für Romanistik; Retro-Perspektive Einer Wissenschaftlichen Institution
046826: Sawyer-Lauçanno, Christopher - The Continual Pilgrimage; American Writers in Paris, 1944-1960
027324: Sawyer-Lauçanno, Christopher - An Invisible Spectator; a Biography of Paul Bowles
043070: Laude, G. A. - Kansa Shorthorns; a History of the Breed in the State from 1857 to 1920
012644: Lauder, Phyllis - The Siamese Cat
050778: Von Laue, Theodore H. - Leopold Ranke; the Formative Years
036061: Laufer, Berthold - Ostrich Egg-Shell Cups of Mesopotamia and the Ostrich in Ancient and Modern Times
032153: Laufer, Peter - Nightmare Abroad; Stories of Americans Imprisoned in Foreign Lands
050343: Lauffer, Otto - Niederdeutsche Volkskunde
021407: Laufhütte, Hartmut, Ed - Literaturgeschichte Als Profession; Festschrift Für Dietrich Jöns
042846: Hansen, Hans Lauge and Julio Jensen, Eds - La Metafora En la Poesia Hispanica (1885-1936)
035799: Laughlin, Clarence John - Clarence John Laughlin: The Personal Eye
045803: Demonet-Launay, Marie-Luce - Xvie Siècle 1460-1610
042865: Lepschy, Anna Laura and Giulio Lepschy - The Italian Language Today
003823: Laurand, Louis - Manuel Des études Grecques Et Latines
046016: Laurence, Patricia Ondek - The Reading of Silence; Virginia Woolf in the English Tradition
050821: Kanter, Laurence and Pia Palladino - Fra Angelico
037010: Laurenti, Joseph L. - Ensayo de Una Bibliografia de la Novela Picaresca Española, años 1554-1964
045651: Laurentin, Rene - Structure Et Théologie de Luc I-II
045650: Laurentin, Rene - Jésus Au Temple; Mystère de Paques Et Foi de Marie En Luc 2, 48-50
019466: Lauret, René - France and Germany; the Legacy of Charlemagne
038068: Lauria, Jo - Seth Randal; Myth and Majesty
037793: Gluesing, Laurie and Debra Gluesing - Recipes from Wisconsin with Love
034817: Laurie, Helen C. R. - Two Studies in Chrétien de Troyes
025210: Laurie, S. S. - John Amos Comenius, Bishop of the Moravians; His Life and Educational Works
040944: Laurin, Joseph-Rhéal - Orientations Maitresses Des Apoloogistes Chrétiens de 270 à 361
026509: Laurin, Carl G. - Konsthistoria
013929: Laurin, Robert B. - Contemporary Old Testament Theologians
044156: Laurioux, Bruno - Manger Au Moyen Age Pratiques Et Discours Alimentaires En Europe Aux Xive Et Xve Siècles
045534: Lausberg, Heinrich - Lingüíistica Románica
024531: Lautensach, Hermann - Das Mormonenland Als Beispiel Eines Sozialgeographischen Raumes
038318: Lauter, Wolfgang - Fenster; Einblicke Und Ausblicke
031820: Lauter, Hans - Die Architektur Des Hellenismus
047721: Lautman, Robert C. - Thomas Jefferson's Smonticello; a Photographic Portrait
032095: Toulouse-Lautrec, Mapie De - La Cuisine de France
023963: Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri - The Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec
028903: LaVagnino, Emilio - Castel Sant'Angelo
020922: LaValley, Albert J. - Carlyle and the Idea of the Modern; Studies in Carlyle's Prophetic Literature and Its Relation to Blake, Nietzsche, Marx, and Others
051096: Lavaud, Benoit - Antoine le Grand, Père Des Moines; Sa Vie Par Saint Athanase Et Autres Textes Traduits Et Présntés
027081: Lave, Charles A., Ed - Urban Transit; the Private Challenge to Public Transportation
023716: Lavell, Cecil Fairfield - A Biography of the Greek People
021088: Lavender, David - Land of Giants; the Dirve to the Pacific Northwest 1750-1950
007603: Lavender, David - Westward Vision; the Story of the Oregon Trail
006700: Lavender, David - Nothing Seemed Impossible; William C. Ralson and Early San Francisco
038742: Laver, James - Ladies' Mistakes: Cupid's Changeling; a Stitch in Time; Love's Progress
037431: Laver, James - Costume
037348: Laver, James - Costume Illustration: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
036682: Laver, James - A Letter to a Girl on the Future of Clothes
035397: Laver, James - Manners and Morals in the Age of Optimism 1848-1914
050669: Laver, James - Le Costume Des Tudor a Louis XIII
047353: Lavery, Brian - Horatio Lord Nelson
051290: Laviera, Tato - Amerícan
020424: Lavillat, Bernard - L'Enseignement à Besançon Au Xviiie Siècle
020070: Lavisse, Ernest - études Sur L'Histoire de Prusse
008952: Lavisse, Ernest - Histoire de France Illustrée Depuis Les Origines Jusqu'à la Révolution
034927: Lavitt, Wendy - American Folk Dolls
027501: Lavrin, Asuncion, Ed - Sexuality and Marraige in Colonial Latin America
010176: Lavrov, Peter - Historical Letters
044089: International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, 7th - Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, 23-27 July 1988
044088: International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, 2d - Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Boston College, 12-16 August 1963
044087: International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, 4th - Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Toronto, 21-25 August 1972
005447: Law, Ernest - England's First Great War Minister; How Wolsey Made a New Army and Navy and Organized the English Expedition to Artois and Flanders in 1513
048456: Lawes, William - Select Consort Music
010113: Lawler, John - The H.W. Wilson Company; Half a Century of Bibliographic Publishing
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021898: Littlefield, Mark G. - A Bibliographic Index to Romance Philology, Volumes I-XXV
032289: Littlejohn, David - Architect: The Life and Work of Charles W. Moore
030828: Littlejohn, David - The Ultimate Art; Essays Around and About Opera
049957: Littré, Emile - Dictionnaire de la Langue Française
003167: Litvinoff, Barnet - Weizmann, Last of the Patriarchs
020382: Litvinov, Pavel - The Demonstration in Pushkin Square; the Trial Records with Commentary and an Open Letter
044036: Liu, James T. C. - Ou-Yang Hsiu, an Eleventh-Century Neo-Confucianist
025926: Liu, James J. Y. - The Interlingual Critic; Interpreting Chinese Poetry
021261: Liu, Gretchen - Pastel Portraits; Singapore's Architectural Heritage
015818: Liu, F. F. - A Military History of Modern China: 1924-1949
013007: Liu, Kwang-ching - American and Chinese; a Hhistorical Essay and a Bibliography
005024: Liu, Kwang-Ching - Americans and Chinese; a Historical Essay and a Bibliography
047358: Liuzza, R. M., Ed - Old English Literature; Critical Essays
002581: Liversidge, Joan - Britain in the Roman Empire
015820: Livesey, Anthony - Great Commanders and Their Battles
049682: Livesey, Margot - Criminals; a Novel
037503: Livingston, Jane - Lee Miller Photographer
004193: Livingstone, David N. - Nathaniel Southgate Shaler and the Culture of American Technology
046945: Livius, Titus - Ab Urbe Condita. Tomus I: Libri I-V
036052: McQuiston, Liz and Barry Kitts - Graphic Design Source Book
002197: Ljungerud, Ivan - Zur Nominalflexion in Der Deutschen Literatursprache Nach 1900
260: Be ll, Clair Hayden - Peasant Life in Old German Epics: Meier Helmbrecht and Der Arme Heinrich. T Ranslated from the Middle High German of the Thirteenth Century
032206: Lladró - Lladró; the Will to Create
030325: Lladró - Lladró. Edición 1998-99
048499: Llewellyn, Peter - Rome in the Dark Ages
002047: Alarcos-Llorach, Emilio - Fonologia Española
022225: Alarcos Llorach, E. - Investigaciones Sobre El Libro de Alexandre
045564: Vargas Llosa, Mario - La Utopía Arcaica; José María Arguedas Y Las Ficciones Del Indigenismo
047948: Lloyd, Peter B. - Paranormal Phenomena and Berkeley's Metaphysics
047094: Lloyd, G. E. R. - Greek Science After Aristotle
044848: Laing, Lloyd and Jenny Laing - The Picts and the Scots
044206: Laing, Lloyd and Jennifer Laing - Celtic Britain and Ireland; Art and Society
028308: Lloyd, Linda, et al. - The Ma Cuisine Cooking School Cookbook
012476: Lloyd, Christopher - The Well-Chosen Gargen
012475: Lloyd, Christopher - The Year at Great Dixter
596: Laing, Lloyd and Jennifer Laing - Celtic Britain and Ireland, Ad 200-800; the Myth of the Dark Ages
010761: Lloyd, Henry Demarest - Newest England; Notes of a Democratic Traveller in New Zealand, with Some Australian Comparisons
049577: Lloyd, Seton - The Archaeology of Mesopotamia from the Old Stone Age to the Persian Conquest
017316: Llyngby, K. J. - Om Nordfrisik I Bøkking Og Hvidding Herreder (NibøL Og KlangsbøL Sogne)
016838: Lo, Kenneth - The Encyclopedia of Chinese Cooking
038090: Lobdell, Frank - Drawings 1964-1974: Frank Lobdell
048557: Lobeck, Konrad - Die Französisch-Frankoprovenzalische Dialektgrenze Zwischen Jura Und Saône
015425: Lobet, Marcel - Paolo Bortoluzzi
045042: Lobo, Jerónimo - The Itinerário of Jerónino Lobo
016944: Lochner, Louis P. - Tycoons and Tyrant; German Industry Forom Hitler to Adenauer
001762: Locke, Robert R. - French Legitimists and the Politics of Moral Order in the Early Third Republic
029511: Locke, Frederick W. - The Quest for the Holy Grail; a Literary Study of a Thirteenth-Century French Romance
1316: Locke, Don - Myself and Others; a Study in Our Knowledge of Minds. Reprinted... From the Corrected Sheets of the First Edition
005500: Lockey, Joseph Byrne - Essays in Pan-Americanism
032080: Lockhart, Robert Bruce - Scotch; the Whisky of Scotland in Fact and Story
026307: Lockhart, L. - Persia
020108: Lockhart, J. G. - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott. , Bart
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011384: Lockhart, R. H. Bruce - British Agent
036470: Lockley, R. M. - Inland Farm
034230: Lockley, Martin - The Eternal Trail; a Tracker Looks at Evolution
043079: Lockwood, Dean Putnam - Ugo Benzi, Medieval Philosopher and Physician 1876-1439
033237: Lockwood, D. P. - A Survey of Classical Roman Literature
051170: Lockwood, Lewis - Music in Renaissance Ferrara 1400-1505; the Creation of a Musical Center in the Fifteenth Century

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