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032888: FISCHER, JOEL AND KEVIN CORCORAN - Measures for Clinical Practice; a Sourcebook
039124: SLEMROD, JOEL AND JON BAKIJA - Taxing Ourseves; a Citizen's Guide to the Great Debate over Tax Reform
046196: DUCOS, JOELLE AND GUY LATRY - En Un Vegier... ; Mélanges Offerts à Marie-Françoise Notz
040829: JOEST, ELISABETH - Das Todesurteil
015669: JOFFROY, PIERRE - A Spy for God; the Ordeal of Kurt Gerstein
045874: PFLEGERL, JOHANNES AND CHRISTINE GESERICK - Kinship and Social Security in Austria; a Social History for the 20th Century
026286: HEMPEL, JOHANNES AND LEONHARD ROST, EDS - Von Ugarit Nach Qumran; Beiträge Zur Alttestamentlichen Und Altorientalischen Forschung, Otto Eissfeldt Zum 1. September 1957 Dargebracht Von Freunden Und Schülern
041001: LEPSIUS, JOHANNES ET AL., EDS - Die Grosse Politik Der Europäischen Kabinette 1871-1914; Sammlung Der Diplomatischen Akten Des Auswärtigen Amtes
048739: WILBERT, JOHANNES AND KARIN SIMONEAU, EDS - Folk Literature of the Mataco Indians
044942: FEINER, JOHANNES AND MAGNUS LOHRER, EDS - Mysterium Salutis; Grundriss Heilsgeschichtlicher Dogmatik
004297: JOHANNESSON, ALEXANDER - Um Frumtungu Indogermana Og Frumheimakynni
020047: JOHANSEN, IRIS - Firestorm
037130: BIESANZ, JOHN AND MAVIS BIESANZ - Costa Rican Life
043340: MARSTON, JOHN AND ELIZABETH GUTHRIE, EDS - History, Buddhism, and New Religious Movements in Cambodia
049456: CAMPBELL, JOHN AND NADIA MARGOLIS, EDS - Christine de Pizan 2000; Studies on Christine de Pizan in Honour of Angus J. Kennedy
048538: PLUNKETT, JOHN AND LOUIS ROSSETTO - Mind Grenades; Manifestoes from the Future
008799: WRIGHT, JOHN AND WILLIAM WRIGHT - Recollections of Western Texas, Descriptive and Narrative; Including, an Indian Campaign, 1852-55 Interspersed with Illustrative Anecdotes by Two of the U.S. Mounted Rifles
034198: THACKRAY, JOHN AND BOB PRESS - The Natural History Museum; Nature's Treasurehouse
023934: KLIER, JOHN AND HELEN MINGAY - The Quest for Anastasia; Solving the Mystery of the Lost Romanovs
003433: BUTT, JOHN AND IAN DONNACHIE - Industrial Archaeology in the British Isles
024615: DAVIS, JOHN AND L. A. STOCKWELL - Public Ownership of Railroads
025899: PICTON, JOHN AND JOHN MACK - African Textiles; Looms, Weaving and Design
020881: BIERMAN, JOHN AND COLIN SMITH - The Battle of Alamein; Turning Point, World War II
006119: JOHN, EVAN - King Charles I.
018815: WARRACK, JOHN AND EWAN WESTS - The Oxford Dictionary of Opera
046983: BAXTER, JOHN AND THOMAS ATKINS - The Fire Came by; the Riddle of the Great Siberian Explosion
014971: HENDERSON, JOHN AND JONATHAN P. SCOTT - Securitization
019474: MAY, JOHN AND JENNIFER MAY - Commemorative Pottery 1780-1900; a Guide for Collectors
021353: WESTERGAARD, JOHN AND HENRIETTA RESLER - Class in a Capitalist Society; a Study of Contemporary Britain
008189: DURANT, JOHN AND OTTO BETTMAN - Pictorial History of American Sports; from Colonial Times to the Present
029015: ST. JOHN, MICHAEL - Chaucer's Dream Visions; Courtliness and Individual Identity
041574: ST. JOHN, JUDITH - The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books 1566-1910; a Catalogue
030977: JOHN, NICHOLAS, ED - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro; le Nozze Di Figaro
030562: MICKLETHWAIT, JOHN AND ADRIAN WOOLDRIDGE - The Right Nation; Conservative Power in America
030919: JOHN, NICHOLAS, ED - The Operas of Monteverdi
030955: JOHN, NICHOLAS, ED - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Cosi Fan Tutte
014746: HACKETT, JOHN AND ANNE-MARIE HACKETT - Economic Planning in France
004964: ISRAEL, JOHN AND DONALD W. KLEIN - Rebels and Bureaucrats; China's December 9ers
031422: BAINES, JOHN AND JAROMIR MALEK - Atlas of Ancient Egypt
047922: JOHN, ERIC - Orbis Britanniae and Other Studies
036722: JOHN, AUGUSTUS - Chiaroscura; Fragments of Autobiography. First Series
040368: REX, JOHN AND DAVID MASON, EDS - Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations
047796: CRONIN, JOHN AND ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR. - The Riverkeepers; Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment As a Basic Human Right
043784: HAIMAN, JOHN AND PEMLA MUNRO, EDS - Switch-Reference and Universal Grammar; Proceedings of a Symposium on Switch Reference and Universal Grammar, Winnipeg, May 1981
021983: BIESANZ, JOHN AND MAVIS BIESANZ - Costa Rican Life
032136: MCKINNEY, JOHN AND CHERI RAE - Walking the East Mojave Desert; a Visitor's Guide to Mojave National Park
032775: FLETCHER, JOHN AND PHILIP MASSINGER - Sir John Van Olden Barnavelt
049042: ELLIOTT, JOHN AND RICHARD PICERSGILL - Captain Cook's Second Voyage: The Journals of Lieutenants Elliott and Pickersgill
038600: JOHNS, ELIZABETH - Thomas Eakins; the Herosim of Modern Life
048663: JOHNSON, WALLACE - [Kuan-Tzu Yin to]; a Concordance to the Kuan-Tzu
048747: JOHNSON, ALEXANDER BRYAN - Alexander Bryan Johnson's a Treatise on Language
019208: JOHNSON, KERMIT D. - Realism and Hope in a Nuclear Age
020799: JOHNSON, EDGAR - Charles Dickens; His Tragedy and Triumph
045434: JOHNSON, MOLLY WILKINSON - Training Socialist Citizens; Sports and the State in East Germany
022164: JOHNSON, ROGER, JR., ET AL., EDS - Molière and the Commonwealth of Letters: Patrimony and Posterity
022403: JOHNSON, MARIE, ED - Ancient Greek Dress
048661: JOHNSON, WALLACE - [Hanfeizi Yinde] a Concordance to Han-Fei Tzu
047146: JOHNSON, ROBBIN S. - More's Utopia: Ideal and Illustion
001718: JOHNSON, JOHN W. - American Legal Culture, 1908-1940
023566: JOHNSON, E. A. J., ED - The Dimensions of Diplomacy
023776: JOHNSON, HAYNES - Sleepwalking Through History; America in the Reagan Years
019066: JOHNSON, DANA - Break Any Woman Down; Stories
024278: JOHNSON, ROGER A. - Psychohistory and Religion; the Case of Young Man Luther
008678: JOHNSON, HUBERT C. - Breakthrough! Tactics, Technology, and the Search for Victory on the Western Front in World War I.
005563: JOHNSON, TREVOR - Thomas Hardy
018894: JOHNSON, WILLIAM OSCAR - The Olympics; a History of the Games
025063: JOHNSON, NORMAN B. - Prayer in the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha; a Study of the Jewish Concept of God
028313: JOHNSON, LONNIE R. - Central Europe; Enemies, Neighbors, Friends
023635: JOHNSON, GEORGE - A Shortcut Through Time; the Path to the Quantum Computer
006344: JOHNSON, A. H. - Experiential Realism
019341: JOHNSON, NOAH - Journals of Two Cruises Aboard the American Privateer Yankee
015591: JOHNSON, BRUCE - Conrad's Models of Mind
023032: JOHNSON, ALLEN W. - Sharecroppers of the Sertao; Economics and Dependence on a Brazilian Plantation
035823: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - New England and Its Neighbors
038730: JOHNSON, ALLEN, ED - Dictionary of American Biography
003966: JOHNSON, WILLIAM A. - The Steel Industry of India
026204: JOHNSON, MICHAEL G. - The Native Tribes of North America; a Concise Encyclopedia
012276: JOHNSON, DANA - Beak Any Woman Down; Stories
012608: JOHNSON, ALISON - Islands in the Sound
015670: JOHNSON, JOHN J. - The Role of the Military in Underdeveloped Countries
015672: JOHNSON, ROSSITER - Campfire and Battlefield; the Classic Illustrated History of the CIVIL War
016868: JOHNSON, ROBERT WOOD - But, General Johnson-"; Episdoes in a War Effort
027212: JOHNSON, CARROLL B. - Matias de Los Reyes and the Craft of Fiction
027248: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Selections from Johnson on Shakespeare
027684: JOHNSON, E. A. J. - The Organization of Space in Developing Countries
009552: JOHNSON, MARTA K., ED - Recycling the Prague Linguistic Circle
018077: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - The Cultic Prophet in Ancient Israel
028190: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - The One and the Many in the Israelite Conception of God
007584: JOHNSON, KEEN - The Public Papers of Governor Keen Johnson, 1939-1943
008059: JOHNSON, ANDREW - The Papers of Andrew Johnson. Vol 1, 1822-1851
004668: JOHNSON, A. ROSS - The Transformation of Communist Ideology: The Yugoslav Case, 1945-1953
030111: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Johnson on Johnson; a Selection of the Personal and Autobiographical Writings of Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
014462: JOHNSON, J. STEWART - Eileen Gray, Designer
040672: JOHNSON, KIM "HOWARD - Life Before and After Monty Python; the Solo Flights of the Flying Circus
043834: JOHNSON, PETER - Romano-British Mosaics
049037: JOHNSON, EDWARD - Johnson's Wond-Working Providence 1628-1651
045786: JOHNSON, SUSAN M. - The Lyrics of Richard de Semilli; a Critical Edition and Musical Transcription
035856: JOHNSON, ROBERT FLYNN - Anonymous; Enigmatic Images from Unknown Photographers
049396: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Works of Samuel Johnson
037758: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - Highways and Byways from the St. Lawrence to Virginia
036861: JOHNSON, CATHERYN R. - Washburn Pioneers
043352: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - Sacral Kingship in Ancient Israel
033047: JOHNSON, GEORGE - A Shortcut Through Time; the Path to the Quantum Computer
032889: JOHNSON, LYNN D. - Psychotherapy in the Age of Accountability
040715: JOHNSON, ROBERT BARBOUR - The Magic Park
048830: JOHNSON, EDGAR - Charles Dickens; His Tragedy and Triumph
035181: JOHNSON, DIANA L. - Fantastic Illustration and Design in Britain, 1850-1930
041208: JOHNSON, HARRY G. - Alternative Guiding Principles for the Use of Monetary Policy
000067: JOHNSON, HARRY G. - Money, Trade and Economic Growth; Survey Lectures in Economic Theory
046252: JOHNSON, LUKE TIMOTY - Among the Gentiles; Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity
036698: BERRIEDALE-JOHNSON, MICHELLE - The Victorian Cookbook
039882: JOHNSON, PAUL C., ED - The Early Sunset Magazine 1898-1928
039825: JOHNSON, ELMER W. - Chicago Metropolis 2020; the Chicago Plan for the Twenty-First Century
046351: JOHNSON, LEE - Delacroix; Pastels
020908: JOHNSTON, HARRY - Pioneers in West Africa
025386: JOHNSTON, JOSEPH - Bishop Berkeley's Querist in Historical Perspective
003816: JOHNSTON, MARY - Exists and Entrances in Roman Comedy (Plautus and Terence)
018348: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM G. - Overland to California. A Member of the Wagon Train First to Enter California... In the Memorable Year of 1849
019790: JOHNSTON, JOHANNA - The Life, Manners, and Travels of Fanny Trollope; a Biography
035744: JOHNSTON, JAMES F. W. - The Chemistry of Common Life
032005: JOHNSTON, BASIL - The Manitous; the Spiritual World of the Ojibway
036411: JOHNSTON, FRANCES B. - The Hampton Album
036045: JOHNSTON, BASIL - Ojibbway Heritage
045388: JOHNSTON, JUDITH - George Eliot and the Discourses of Medievalism
036363: JOHNSTON, PAUL FORSYTHE - Ship and Boat Models in Ancient Greece
046908: JOHNSTON, RICHARD B., ED - The Mcintyre Site: Archaeology, Subsistence and Environment
016985: JOHNSTONE, JAY - Some of My Best Friends Are Crazy; Baseball's Favorite Lunatic Goes in Search of His Peeers
015673: JOHNSTONE, SANDY - Enemy in the Sky; My 1940 Diary
043679: JOLIVET, RÉGIS - Aux Sources de L'Existentialisme Chrétien: Kierkegaard
041917: JOLL, JAMES - Antonio Gramsci
002020: WACKERNAGEL-JOLLES, BARBARA - Untersuchungen Zur Gesprochenen Sprache: Beobachtungen Zur Verknüpfung Spontanen Sprechens
006885: JONAS, ILSEDORE B. - Thomas Mann and Italy
021077: JONAS, KLAUS W., ED - Deutsche Weltliteratur Von Goethe Bis Ingeborg Bachmann; Festgabe Für J. Alan Pfeffer
039693: FORMAN, JONATHAN AND OLLIE E. FINK - Water and Man; a Study in Ecology
033727: BOUSFIELD, JONATHAN AND DAN RICHARDSON - Bulgaria; the Rough Guide
039644: WYLIE, JONATHAN AND DAVID MARGOLIN - The Ring of Dancers; Images of Faroese Culture
032142: HARRIS, MARK JONATHAN AND DEBORAH OPPENHEIMER - Into the Arms of Strangers; Stories of the Kindertransport
044017: DANCY, JONATHAN AND ERNEST SOSA, EDS - A Companion to Epistemology
033521: JONDORF, GILLIAN - Robert Garnier and the Themes of Political Tragedy in the Sixteenth Century
039967: JONES, MALDWYN ALLEN - American Immigration
048215: JONES, PAUL S. - Afghanistan Venture; Discovering the Afghan People--the Life, Contacts and Adventures of an American CIVIL Engineer During His Two Year Sojourn in the Kingdom of Afghanistan
039180: JONES, HARVEY L. - Mathews; Masterpieces of the California Decorative Style
037313: JONES, HARVEY L. - Mathews; Masterpieces of the California Decorative Style
022748: JONES, R. O., ED - Studies in Spanish Literature of the Golden Age Presented to Edward M. Wilson
023534: JONES, DYLAN - Jim Morrison, Dark Star
023808: JONES, CHRIS - Too Far from Home; a Story of Life and Death in Space
024165: JONES, ADAM - Zur Quellenproblematik Der Geschichte Westafrikas 1450-1900
012784: CAREY JONES, N. S. - The Anatomy of Uhuru; Dynamics and Problems of African Independence in an Age of Conflict
012785: JONES, GRIFF - Britain and Nyasaland
565: JONES, GWYN - A History of the Vikings
025021: JONES, JACQUELINE - American Work; Four Centuries of Black and White Labor
005941: JONES, TERRY L. - Lee's Tigers; the Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia
016032: PRYCE-JONES, DAVID - The Face of Defeat; Palestinian Refugees and Guerrillas
015676: JONES, PROCTOR PATTERSON - Napoleon; an Intimate Acccount of the Years of Supremacy, 1800-1814
015895: JONES, PETER LLOYD - The Economics of Nuclear Power Programs in the United Kingdom
014694: JONES, HENRY - The Laws of Piquet Adopted by the Portland and Turf Clubs with a Treatise on the Game by "Cavendish
021843: JONES, LINDA KAY - Theme in English Expository Discourse
049423: JONES, A. H. M., ET AL. - The Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire. Volume I: A.D. 260-395
012537: BENCE-JONES, MARK - The Viceroys of India
010844: JONES, EVAN - American Food, the Gastronomic Story; Including a Personal Treasury of More Than 500 Distinctive Regional, Traditional and Contemporary Recipes
015675: JONES, LLOYD S. - U.S. Fighters
018871: JONES, BERNARD E., ED - Encyclopedia of Photography
008017: JONES, HOWARD - Union in Peril; the Crisis over British Intervention in the CIVIL War
017416: JONES, RICHARD GLYN, ED - Unsolved! Classic True Murder Cases
017484: JONES, H. G. - The Records of a Nation; Their Management, Preservation, and Use
017520: JONES, BARBARA L. - Samuel Rosenberg; Portrait of a Painter
015186: ROBERT-JONES, PHILIPPE - Beyond Time and Place; Non-Realist Painting in the Nineteenth Century
011812: JONES, H. SPENCER - Life on Other Worlds
028444: JONES, LOUISE SEYMOUR - Put a Feather in Your Hat; Light Garden Reading
007588: JONES, EDGAR R. - Those Were the Good Old Days; a Happy Look at American Advertising, 1880-1930
005263: MORRIS-JONES, W. H. - The Government and Politics of India
030409: JONES, H. S. V. - A Spenser Handbook
002421: JONES, MOTHER - The Speeches and Writings of Mother Jones
002797: JONES, HARDY E. - Kant's Principle of Personality
034914: JONES, THOMAS S., JR. - Leonardo Da Vinci and Other Sonnets
008729: SEYMOUR-JONES, CAROLE - Beatrice Webb; a Life
017069: JEFFREYS-JONES, RHODRI - The Cia and American Democracy
011241: JONES, THOMAS - Lloyd George
037694: JONES, ALLEN - Sheer Magic
031364: JONES, HERSCHEL V. - Adventures in Americana 1492-1897. The Romance of Voyage and Discovery from Spain Fo the Indies, the Spanish Main, and North America; Inland to the Ohio Country; on Toward the Mississippi; Through to California; over Chilkoot Pass to the Gold Fields. .
031365: JONES, HERSCHEL V. - American Collection of Herschel V. Jones
048572: JONES, ERNEST - The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud. Volume 3: The Last Phase 1919-1939
045387: JONES, TOBY CRAIG - Desert Kingdom; How Oil and Water Forged Modern Saudi Arabia
045061: JONES, JOHN PAUL - John Paul Jones' Memoir of the American Revolution Presented to King Louis XVI of France
015674: JONES, GEOFFREY P. - Defeat of the Wolf Packs
037702: JONES, L. E. - Georgian Afternoon
006129: JONES, ARTHUR CREECH, ED - New Fabian Colonial Essays
046991: JONES, A. H. M. - Sparta
032879: JONES, MARSHALL R., ED - Miami Symposium on the Prediction of Behavior, 1967: Aversive Stimulation
044190: JONES, GEORGE FENWICK - The Ethos of the Song of Roland
044802: JONES, ROY G. - Language and Prosody of the Russian Folk Epic
045745: BENCE-JONES, MARK - Clive of India
041428: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD - Revolution & Romanticism
048522: DE JONG, MICHIEL - Staat Van Ooorlog. Wapenbefrijf En Militaire Hervorming in de Republiek Der Verenigde Nederlanden, 1585-162
005626: DE JONGE, ALEX - Baudelaire, Prince of Clouds; a Biography
009562: JONGEN, R. - Phonologie Der Moresneter Mundart; Ein Beschreibung Der Segmentalen Und Prosodischen Wortformdiakrise
020515: MOREAU DE JONNÈS, ALEXANDRE - Adventures in the Revolution and Under the Consulate
020873: JÖNS, DIETRICH WALTER - Begriff Und Problem Der Historischen Zeit Bei Johann Gottfried Herder
027316: JONSON, BEN - Poetaster
027317: JONSON, BEN - Sejanus; His Fall
027318: JONSON, BEN - Volpone, or the Fox
015303: JONSON, BEN - Ben Jonson
041243: JONSSON, INGE - Emanuel Swedenborg
049649: JONSSON, FINNUR - Lexicon Poeticum Antiquae Linguae Septentrionalis; Ordbog over Eet Norsk-Islandske Skjaldesprog
042185: JORDA, FRANCISCO, ET AL, EDS - Actas Del I Coloquio Sobre Lenguas Y Culturas Prerromanas de la Peninsula Iberica (Salamanca, 27-31 Mayo 1974)
008500: JORDAN, TERRY G. - Trails to Texas; Southern Roots of Western Cattle Ranching
005949: JORDAN, WINTHROP D. - Tumult and Silence at Second Creek; an Inquiry Into a CIVIL War Slave Conspiracy
015677: JORDAN, DAVID P. - The Revolutionary Career of Maxmilien Robespierre
027393: JORDAN, DAVID - The History of the French Foreign Legion from 1831 to the Present Day
008928: JORDAN, ROBERT M. - Chaucer's Poetics and the Modern Reader
029283: JORDAN, DAVID P. - The King's Trial; the French Revolution Vs. Louis XVI
029691: JORDAN, DAVID P. - The King's Trial; the French Revolution Vs. Louis XVI
049800: JORDAN, WINTHROP D. - Tumult and Silence at Second Creek; an Inquiry Into a CIVIL War Slave Conspiracy
041122: JORDAN, MARK D. - The Silence of Sodom; Homosexuality in Modern Catholicism
049427: JORDAN, WILLIAM CHESTER - The Great Famine; Northern Europe in the Early Fourteenth Century
041434: JORDAN, MARK D. - The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology
046725: JORDAN, CONSTANCE - Renaissance Feminism; Literary Texts and Political Models
049512: JORDAN, CONSTANCE - Pulci's Morgante; Poetry and History in Fifteenth-Century Florence
040241: GASPAR, JORGE AND NUNO VITORINO - As Eleições de 25 de Abril; Geografia E Imagem Dos Partidos
041700: JØRGENSEN, A. D. - 30 Fortaellinger Af Nordens Historie
026186: JORGENSON, THEODORE - Henrik Ibsen; a Study in Art and Personality
047615: JORINK, ERIC - Het "Boeck Der Natuere"; Nederlandse Geleerden En de Wonderen Van Gods Schepping 1575-1715
046986: JORSTAD, STAN - These Rare Lands; Images of America's National Parks
036897: KOLDEWEIJ, JOS ET AL. - Hieronymus Bosch; the Complete Painting and Drawings
022193: VASICA, JOSEF AND JOSEF VAJS - Catalogus Codicum Palaeoslovenicorum Musaei Nationalis Pragae; Soupis Staroslovanskych Rukopisu Narodniho Musea V Praze
003769: GICKLHORN, JOSEF AND RENÉE GICKLHORN - Die ôsterreichischen Nobelpreisträger
037566: JOSELIT, JENNA WEISSMAN - A Perfect Fit; Clothes, Character, and the Promise of America
034092: JOSEPH, B. L. - Shakespeare's Eden; the Commonwealth of England 1558-1629
026578: JOSEPH, TOM - Song of the Tides; a Novel
032472: JOSEPH, B. L. - Elizabethan Acting
024822: CHAINE, JOSEPH AND RENÉ GROUSSET - Littérature Religieuse: Bible, Coran, Religions de L'Inde Et de la Chine
020194: GANTER, JOSEPH AND MARCEL POBÉ - The Glory of Romanesque Art
026637: JOSEPH, CLARA A. B. - The Agent in the Margin; Nayantara Sahgal's Gandhian Fiction
041074: BARBATO, JOSEPH AND LISA WEINERMAN, EDS - Heart of the Land; Essays on Lalst Great Places
004992: JOSEPH, WILLIAM A. - The Critique of Ultra-Leftism in China, 1958-1981
013907: JOSEPH, MORRIS - Judaism As Creed and Life
013382: WRIGHT, JOSEPH AND ELIZABETH MARY WRIGHT - An Elementary Old English Grammar
031037: BACON, JOSEPHINE AND JENNI FLEETWOOD - The African and Middle Eastern Cookbook; a Fascinating Journey Through Rich and Diverse Cuisines; the Culinary History, the Ingredients, the Techniques and over 150 Authentic Dishes
035456: ARALDO, JOSEPHINE AND ROBERT REYNOLDS - From a Breton Garden; the Vegetable Cookery of Jseophine Araldo
039736: JOSEPHSON, AKSEL G. S. - The John Crerar Library; a List of Books on the History of Science, January, 1911
048618: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - Josephus in Nine Volumes. Vol. I: The Life Against Apion
049791: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - The Works of Flavius Josephus
048622: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - Josephus in Nine Volumes: Vol. VI: Jewish Antiquitites, Books IX-XI
048624: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - Josephus... In Ten Volumes. Vol. IX: Jewish Antiquities, Books XVIII-XIX
006639: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M., JR. - The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest
048623: JOSPHUS, FLAVIUS - Josephus... In Nine Volumes. Vol. VII: Jewish Antiquities, Books XII-XIV
015678: JOSS, JOHN - Strike; U.S. Naval Strike Warfare Center
040544: JOST, IZABELA - Osadnictwo Kaszubskie W Ontario
045026: BLEEKER, C. JOUCO AND GEO WIDENGREN - Historia Religionum; Handbook for the History of Religions
011467: JOUGUET, PIERRE - L'Impérialisme Macédonien Et L'Hellénisation de L'Orient
044381: JOUKOVSKY, FRANÇAISE - Images de la Femme Au Xvie Siècle
040516: JOUVENEL, BERTRAND DE - Arcadie; Essais Sur le Mieux Vivre
009668: JOUVENEL, BERTRAND DE - Sovereignty; an Inquiry Into the Political Good
040200: JOUVENEL, BERTRAND DE, ED - Futuribles; Studies in Conjecture. Volume I.
020913: JOVER, BLAS TORRECILLAS - Aspectos Homologicos de Las Teorias de Torsion
044764: JOWITT, DEBORAH - Jerome Robbins; His Life, His Theater, His Dance
009675: JOWITT, DEBORAH - The Dance in Mind; Profiles and Reviews, 1976-83
014707: JOY, EDWARD T. - The Book of English Furniture
041127: REYNOLDS, JOYCE AND ROBERT TANNENBAUM - Jews and God-Fearers at Aphrodisias; Greek Inscriptions with Commentary
025555: JOYCE, THOMAS A. - Mexican Arachaeology; an Introduction to the Archaeology of the Mexican and Mayan Civilizations of Pre-Spanish America
030465: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
034258: JOYCE, ROSEMARY O. - A Bearer of Tradition; Dwight Stump, Basketmaker
010349: JOYCE, JAMES AVERY - Broken Star; the Story of the League of Nations (1919-1939)
026104: JOYES, CLAIRE - Claud Monet; Life at Giverny
037456: STEBBINS, THEODORE E., JR. AND NORMAN KEYES, JR. - Charles Sheeler; the Photographs
045087: RAPP, GEORGE JR. AND JOHN A. GIFIFORD, EDS - Archaeological Geology
023571: LEE, RAYMOND L., JR. AND ALISTAIR B. FRASER - The Rainbow Bridge; Rainbows in Art, Myt, and Science
007650: LOWANCE, MASON I, JR. AND GEORGIA B. BUMGARDNER - Massachusetts Broadsides of the American Revolution
017603: HEINL, ROBERT D., JR. AND JOHN A. CROWN - The Marshalls; Increasing the Tempo
014522: MOONEY, HARRY J, JR. AND THOMAS F. STALEY, EDS - The Shapeless God; Essays on Modern Fiction
016083: RICKEY, DON, JR. AND B. F. COOLING, III - Essays in Some Dimensions of Military History
025516: KEGLEY, CHARLES W., JR. AND GREGORY A. RAYMOND - How Nations Make Peace
017248: ELLIOTT, JOHN R., JR. AND GRAHAM A. RUNNALLS - The Baptism and Temptation of Christ; the First Day of a Medieval French Passion Play
016958: POINAR, GEORGE, JR. AND ROBERTA POINAR - The Amber Forest; a Reconstruction of a Vanished World
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031810: JUCKER, INES - Aus Der Antikensammlung Des Bernischen Historischen Museums
030284: JUDD, NEIL M. - Archeological Observations North of the Rio Colorado
043683: JUDGE, THOMAS F. - Edo Craftsmen; Master Artisans of Old Tokyo
013150: SHAPIRO, JUDITH AND LIANG HENG - Cold Winds, Warm Winds; Intellectual Life in China Today
031353: JUDITH, ANODEA - Eastern Body, Western Mind; Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self
031238: JOSLOW-RODEWALD, JUDITH AND PATRAICIA WEST-BARKER - Healing Spirits; True Stories from 14 Spiritual Healers
049325: JONES, JUDY AND WILLIAM WILSON - An Inicomplete Education
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043323: JUILLAND, ALPHONSE, ET AL. - Frequency Dictionary of Rumanian Words
047849: JULIA, SANTOS, ET AL. - Historia de Una Capital
035896: MEECH, JULIA AND GABRIEL P. WESIBERG - Japonisme Comes to America; the Japanese Impact on the Graphic Arts 1876-1925
048479: JULIANUS, FLAVIUS CLAUDIUS - L'Empereur Julien: Oeuvres Complètes. Tome I, 2e Partie: Lettres Et Fragments
031134: FLOYD, JULIET AND SANFORD SHIEH, EDS - Future Pasts; the Analytic Tradition in Twentieth-Century Philosophy
047076: DIAZ USANDIVARAS, JULIO AND JULIO CARLOS DIAZ USANDIVARAS - Folklore Y Tradicion; Antologia Argentina
019772: LONDON, JULIUS AND GILBERT F. WHITE, EDS - The Environmental Effects of Nuclear War
029244: JULIUS, ANTHONY - T.S. Eliot, Anti-Semitism, and Literary Form
046836: JULLIAN, CAMLLE - Verkingetorix
015268: JULLIAN, PHILIPPE - The Symbolists
018611: JULLIEN, ADOLPHE - Richard Wagner; His Life and Works
017204: JULY, SERGE - Le Salon Des Artistes
021845: JUNEAU, MARCEL - La Jument Qui Crotte de L'Argent; Conte Populaire Recueilli Aux Grand-Bergeronnes (Québec); édition Et étude Linguistique
033890: JUNG, C. G. - The Essential Jung
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024960: JUNG, MOSES, ET AL., EDS - Relations Among Religons Today; a Handbook of Policies and Principles
028885: JUNG, WILHELM - Deutsche Malerei Der Frühzeit
028194: JÜNGEL, EBERHARD - Paulus Und Jesus; Eine Untersuchung Zur Präzisierung Der Frage Nach Dem Ursprung Der Christologie
005529: JÜNGER, HARRI, ED - The Literatures of the Soviet Peoples; a Historical and Biographical Survey
033039: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN - The Perfect Storm; a True Story of Men Against the Sea
048758: JURASINSKI, STEFAN - The Old English Penitentials and Anglo-Saxon Law
010606: KUCZYNSKI, JÜRGEN AND WOLFGANG HEISE - Bild Und Begriff; Studien ûber Die Beziehungen Zwischen Kunst Und Wissenschaft
043595: EYSSEN, JÜRGEN AND DIETMAR STORCH - Niedersächsisches Lesebuch
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043278: DILLER, HANS-JÜRGEN AND JOACHIM KORNELIUS - Linguistische Probleme Der ûbersetzung
049167: JURGENS, W. A. - The Faith of the Early Fathers; a Source-Book of Theological and Historical Passages from the Christian Writings of the Pre-Niceen and Nicene Eras
019557: JUSSERAND, J. J. - Ronsard
033696: JUSSERAND, J. J. - English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages
049422: JUSSERAND, J. J. - A Literary History of the English People
035831: JUSSERAND, J. J. - The English Novel in the Time of Shakespeare
043364: JUSSIE, JEANNE DE - Le Levain Du Calvinisme, Ou Commencement D'Heresie de Geneve
039351: JUSTER, F. THOMAS, ED - Education, Income, and Human Behavior
008569: JUSTI, LUDWIG - Deutsche Zeichenkunst IM Neunzehnten Jahrhundert; Ein Führer Zur Sammlung Der Handzeichnungen in Der Nationalgalerie
011434: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN AND JUSTIN HUNTLY MCCARTHY - A History of the Four Georges
037742: KAPLAN, JUSTIN AND ANNE BERNAYS - The Language of Names
047108: CASSELL, JUSTINE AND HENRY JENKINS, EDS - From Barbie to Mortal Combat
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041775: HELBIG, ALETHEA K. AND AGNES REGAN PERKINS - Dictionary of British Children's Fiection; Books of Recognized Merit
048026: WU, C. K. AND K. S. WU - Compact English-Chinese Dictionary (Yale Romanization)
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016538: HAREVEN, TAMARA K. AND RANDOLPH LANGENBACH - Amoskeag; Life and Work in an American Factory-City
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028482: DUNCAN, W. G. K. AND ROGER ASHLEY LEONARD - The University of Adlaide, 1874-1974
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031420: CAPEL, ANNE K. AND GLENN E. MARKOE, EDS - Mistress of the House, Mistress of Heaven; Women in Ancient Egypt
048072: RABB, THEODORE K. AND ROBERT I. ROTBERG, EDS - Industrialization and Urbanization; Studies in Interdisciplinary History
017936: KACHRU, BRAJ B., ET AL., EDS - Issues in Linguistics; Papers in Honor of Henry and Renée Kahane
042258: KACIC, MIRO - Kroatisch Und Serbisch; Irrtümer Und Falsifizierungen
044940: KACZYNSKI, BERNICE M. - Greek in the Carolingian Age; the St. Gall Manuscripts
011245: KADAR, ZOLTAN - Die Kleinasiatisch-Syrischen Kulte Zur Römerzeit in Ungarn
023034: KADAR, BELA - Problems of Economic Growth in Latin America
004535: KADARÉ, ISMAIL - L'Année Noire Suivi de le Cortège de la Noce S'Est Figé Dans la Glace
022673: KADIC, ANTE - From Croatian Renaissance to Yugoslav Socialism; Essays
010589: KAELBLE, HARTMUT - Berliner Unternehmer Während Der Frühen Industrialisierung: Herkunft, Sozialer Status Und Politischer Einflu
028215: KAELIN, E. F. - Heidegger's Being and Time; a Reading for Readers
013434: KAEMMERER, LUDWIG - Chodowiecki
043086: KAEUPER, RICHARD W. - Bankers to the Crown; the Riccardi of Lucca and Edward I.
035593: KAFKA, BARBARA - Vegetable Love
039791: KAFKA, FRANZ - Das Schloß
013909: KAGAN, HENRY ENOCH - Changing the Attitude of Christian Toward Jew; a Psychological Approach Through Religion
013910: KAGAN, JEROME - Galen's Prophecy; Temperament in Human Nature
034920: KAGAN, DIANE - Who Won Second Place at Omaha? a Journey
035466: KAGAN, DONALD - The Peloponnesian War
008028: KAGARLITSKY, BORIS - The Thinking Reed; Intellectuals and the Soviet State, 1917 to the Present
009143: KAHAN, GERALD - George Alexander Stevens and the Lecture on Heads
015025: KAHL, JOSEPH A. - The Measurement of Modernism; a Study of Values in Brazil and Mexico
036187: KAHLENBERG, RICHARD D. - The Remedy; Class, Race, and Affirmative Action
033516: KAHLER, ERICH - The Inward Turn of Narrative
028214: KÄHLER, MARTIN - Der Sogenannte Historische Jesus Und Der Geschichtliche, Biblische Christus
019993: KÄHLER, HANS - Grammatik Der Bahasa Indonésia Mit Christomathie Und Wörterverzeichnis
023513: KAHN, ARTHUR D. - The Education of Julius Caesar; a Biography, a Reconstruction
025066: KAHN, ROBERT I. - The Letter and the Spirit; Contemporary Biblical Ethics
015399: KAHN, ALBERT E. - Days with Ulanova
006969: KAHN, EDGAR M. - Cable Car Days in San Francisco
015368: KAHN, ALBERT E. - Days with Ulanova; an Intimate Portrait of the Legendary Russian Ballerina
044115: KAHN, DEBORAH - Canterbury Cathedral and Its Romanesque Sculpture
043585: KAHN, ROBERT L., ED - Studies in German in Memory of Andrew Louis
047557: KAHN, JUDD - Imperial San Francisco; Politics and Planning in an American City, 1897-1906
045969: KAHNWEILER, DANIEL-HENRY - My Galleries and Painters
007233: KAHR, MADLYN MILLNER - Velazques; the Art of Painting
005617: KAHRL, GEORGE M. - Tobias Smollett, Traveler-Novelist
004733: KAHRL, WILLIAM L. - Water and Power; the Conflict over Los Angeles' Water Supply in the Owens Valley
023514: KAHRSTEDT, U. - Artabanos III. Und Seine Erben
004006: KAINZ, FRIEDRICH - Grillparzer Als Denker; Der Ertrag Seines Werks Für Die Welt- Und Lebensweisheit
017937: KAINZ, FRIEDRICH - Einführung in Die Sprachpsychologie
002800: KAINZ, FRIEDRICH - Hauptprobleme Der Kulturphilosophie IM Anschluss an Die Kulturphilosophischen Schriften Richard Meisters
022811: KAIRP, DAVID L., ET AL. - Our Town; Race, Housing, and Thesoul of Suburbia
041603: KAISER, ALFRED - Natur Und Gnade IM Urstand; Eine Untersuchung de Kontroverse Zwischen Michael Bajus Und Johannes Martinez de Ripalda
015680: KAISER, DAVID - Politics and War; European Conflict from Philip II to Hitler
009569: KAISER, L. - Manual of Phonetics
028162: KAISER, OTTO, ED - Gedenken an Rudolf Bultmann
040343: KAISER, GERD - Auf Leben Und Tod"; Stille Helden IM Antifaschistischen Widerstand 1923 Bis 1945
045106: KAKUZO, OKAKURA - The Book of Tea; the Illustrated Classic Edition
025067: KALB, ERNST - Kirchen Und Sekten Der Gegenwart
024593: KALBFLEISCH, J. G. - Probability and Statistical Inference
026636: KALER, MICHAEL - Flora Tells a Story; the Apocalypse of Paul and Its Contexts
002558: KALICZ, NANDOR - Götter Aus Ton; Das Neolithikum Und Die Kupferzeit in Ungarn
006348: KALIN, MARTIN G. - The Utopian Flight from Unhappiness: Freud Against Marx on Social Progress
005069: KALIN, MARTIN G. - The Utopian Flight from Unhappiness; Freud Against Marx on Social Progress
027698: KALLENBERG, FRIEDRICH - Das Tagebuch Eines Weltreisenden
043665: KALLER, GERHARD - Wirtschafts- Und Besitzgeschichte Des Zisterzienserklosters Otterberg 1144-1561
036893: KALLIR, JANE - Viennese Design and the Wiener Werkstätte
021200: KALLMAN, CHESTER - Absent and Present
040880: KÄLLSTRÖM, MAGNUS - Mästare Och Minnesmärken; Studier Kring Vikingatida Runristare Och Skriftmiljöer I Norden
049316: KALMAN, MAIRA - And the Pursuit of Happiness
033457: KALSTONE, DAVID - Sidney's Poetry; Contexts and Interpretations
001946: KALUZYNSKI, STANISLAW - Mongolische Elemente in Der Jakutischen Sprache
018612: KALVODOVA, DANA - Schüler Des Birngartens; Das Chinesische Singspiel
035112: KAMANTE - Longing for Darkness; Kamante's Tales from out of Africa
008409: KAMBER, VICTOR - Poison Politics; Are Negative Campaigns Destroying Democracy
016813: KAMBER, VICTOR - Giving Up on Democracy; Why Term Limits Are Bad for America
030623: KAMBOURELI, SMARO - Scandalous Bodies; Diasporic Literature in English Canada
029659: KAMEN, MARTIN D. - Radioactive Tracers in Biology; an Introduction to Tracer Methodology
029868: KAMEN, HENRY - Inquisition and Society in Spain in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
025208: KAMENKA, EUGENE - The Philosophy of Ludwig Feuerbach
019272: KAMERBEEK, J. C. - De Philoloog in Pieria's Hof
033917: KAMINER, WENDY - It's All the Rage; Crime and Culture
039757: KAMINSKI, NICOLA - Der Liebe Eisen=Harte Noth; "Cardenio Und Celinde" IM Kontext Von Gryphius' Märtyrerdramen
013026: KAMINSKY, HOWARD - Simon de Cramaud and the Great Schism
026408: KAMM, JOSEPHINE - How Different from Us; a Biography of Miss Buss & Miss Beale
016424: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - People of Paradox; an Inquiry Concerning the Origins of American Civilization
007589: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - Spheres of Liberty; Changing Perceptions of Liberty in American Culture
029461: KAMPF, AVRAM - Jewish Experience in the Art of the Twentieth Century
046285: KAMPF, ARTHUR - Handzeichnungen
045640: KAMUF, PEGGY - Fictions of Feminine Desire; Disclosure of Heloise
005424: KAMUF, PEGGY - Fictions of Feminine Desire
032859: RODHE, HÅKAN AND THOMAS LINDHQVIST - Towards a Preventive Environmental Strategy for the Baltic Sea
038360: KANDHOLA, MAX - Max Kandhola: Illustration of Life
027908: KANE, JOE - Savages
045084: KANE, ELISHA KENT - Arctic Explorations; the Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin 1853, 54, 55
048900: KANEKO, HISAKAZU - Manjiro, the Man Who Discovered America
045380: KANG, IN-DUK, ED - Peace and Prosperity Policy and Peace Regime on the Korean Peninsula; the Limits of Coercive Diplomacy in Korean Peninsula
028323: KANIN, GARSON - Tracy and Hepburn
008070: KANIN, GARSON - Tracy and Hepburn; an Intimate Memoir
010710: KANN, ROBERT A. - Die Prochaska-Affäre Vom Herbst 1912; Zwischen Kaltem Und Heissem Krieg
040043: KANNGIESSER, SIEGFRIED - Aspekte Der Synchronen Und Diachronen Linguisitk
032336: KANOF, ABRAM - Jewish Ceremonial Art and Religious Observance
010362: KANOWITZ, LEO - Women and the Law; the Unfinished Revolution
043316: KANOWITZ, LEO - Women and the Law; the Unfinished Revolution
024283: KANT, IMMANUEL - Critique of Pure Reason
024285: KANT, IMMANUEL - Kant's Political Writings
025056: KANT, IMMANUEL - Werke
029906: KANT, IMMANUEL - The Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Ethics
047403: KANT, IMMANUEL - Metaphysische Anfangsgründe Der Rechtslehre
037990: KANTER, LAURENCE B., ET AL. - Painting and Illumination in Early Renaissance Florence 1300-1450
011329: KANTOROWICZ, HERMANN - The Spirit of British Policy and the Myth of the Encirclement of Germany
021759: KANTOROWICZ, HERMANN - The Spirit of British Policy and the Myth of the Encirclement of Germany
021846: KAO, MING-K'AI - Essai Sur la Valeur Réelle Des Particules Prépositionnelles En Chinois
037557: KAPCHAN, DEBORAH A. - Gender on the Market; Moroccan Women and Revoicing of Tradition
015555: KAPLAN, FRED - Thomas Carlyle; a Biography
018972: KAPLAN, FRED - Dickens; a Biography
027337: KAPLAN, FRED - Henry James; the Imagination of Genius; a Biography
006944: KAPLAN, HAROLD - Power and Order; Henry Adams and the Naturalist Tradition in American Fiction
030064: KAPLAN, STEVEN LAURENCE - Farewell, Revolution; the Historians' Feud: France, 1789/1989
030565: KAPLAN, ROBERT D. - Balkan Ghosts; a Journey Through History
035795: KAPLAN, WENDY - The Art That Is Life"; the Arts and Crafts Movement in America, 1875-1920
015516: KAPLAN, IRVING - Nuclear Physics
045121: KAPLAN, ALICE - The Collaborator; the Trial & Execution of Robert Brasillach
014771: KAPRONCZAY, KAROLY - Refugees in Hungary; Shelter from Storm During World War II
021847: KARADZHIC, VUK STEFANOVIC - Lexicon Serbico-Germanico-Latinum
013001: KARANOW, STANLEY - Mao and China; from Revolution to Revolution
016540: KARASU, T. BYRAM - Psychotherapy for Depression
009073: KARCZ, JERZY F., ED - Soviet and East European Agriculture
045403: PETERSEN, KAREN AND J. J. WILSON - Women Artists; Recognition and Reappraisal from the Early Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century
016588: DAWISHA, KAREN AND BRUCE PARROTT - Russia and the New States of Eurasia; the Politics of Upheaval
023903: KARESH, WILLIAM B. - Appointment at the Ends of the World; Memoirs of a Wildlife Veterinarian
028777: KARFELD, KURT PETER - Versunkene Kulturen Lebendige Völker: Inka, Maya Und Azteken; Ein Farbenbildwerk
041737: KARIM, PERSIS M., ED - Let Me Tell You Where I'Ve Been; New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora
045657: FRIEDRICH, KARIN AND BARBARA M. PENDZICH, EDS - Citizenship and Identity in a Multinational Commonwealth; Poland-Lithuania in Context, 1550-1772
042197: RAHNER, KARL AND ANGELUS HAÜSSLING - Le Sacrifice Unique Et la Fréquence Des Messes
049591: HOFFMANN, KARL AND JOHANNA NARTEN - Der Sasanidische Archetypus; Untersuchungen Zur Schreibung Und Lautgestalt Des Avestischen
027144: BARTH, KARL AND RUDOLF BULTMANN - Letters 1922-1966
027346: KARL, FREDERICK R. - George Eliot; Voice of a Century. A Biography
040035: KARL, FREDERICK R. - Franz Kafka, Representative Man
039841: RAHNER, KARL AND ADOLF DARLAP, EDS - Sacramentum Mundi; Theologisches Lexikon Für Die Praxis
033379: RAHNER, KARL AND HERBERT VORGRIMLER - Theological Dictionary
048282: RAHNER, KARL AND JOSEPH RATZINGER - Episkopat Und Primat
046716: KARL, FREDERICK R. - William Faulkner: American Writer. A Biography
043078: BRUNNER, KARL AND GERHARD JARITZ - Landherr, Bauer, Ackerknecht. Der Bauer IM Mittelalter: Klischee Und Wirklichkeit
021549: KARLEN, ARNO - Sexuality and Homosexuality; a New View
021170: KARLFELDT, ERIK AXEL - Fridolins Visor Och Andra Dikter
046999: KARLGREN, BERNHARD - Gleanings for a Lexicon of Classical Chinese
038052: KARLINSKY, SIMON - Russian Drama from Its Beginnings to the Age of Pushkin
023368: KARLINSKY, SIMON - The Sexual Labyrinth of Nikolai Gogol
026914: KARLINSKY, SIMON - The Sexual Labyrinth of Nikolai Gogol
045888: KARMEL, ALEX - A Corner in the Marais; Memoir of a Paris Neighborhood
018048: GINK, KAROLY AND ISTVAN CZAGNAY - The Matthias Church of Budapest
017107: KOCSIS, KAROLY AND ESZTER KOESIS-HODOSI - Hungarian Minorities in the Carpathian Basin; a Study in Ethnic Geography
025074: KARP, ABRAHAM J. - Beginnings; Early American Judaica
028790: MÜLLER-KARPE, HERMANN - Das Vorgeschichtliche Europa
032852: KARPEL, MARK A. - Evaluating Couples; a Handbooks for Practitioners
002168: KÄRRE, KARL, ET AL. - Engelsk-Svensk Ordbok
048295: KARRER, OTTO - Peter and the Church; an Examination of Cullmann's Thesis
017915: KARSH, YOUSUF - In Search of Greatness
034293: KARST, KENNETH L. - Law's Promise, Law's Expression; Visions of Power in the Politics of Race, Gender, and Religion
011330: KARSTEN, PETER - Patriot-Heroes in England and America; Political Symbolism and Changing Values over Three Centuries
022856: KARTTUNEN, FRANCES - Between Worlds; Interpreters, Guides, and Survivors
013578: KARVE, D. D. - The New Brahmans; Five Maharshtrian Families
010593: KASCHUBA, WOLFGANG - Volkskultur Zwischen Feudaler Und Bürgerlicher Gesellschaft; Zur Geschichte Eines Begriffs Und Seiner Gesellschaftlichen Wirklichkeit
028217: KÄSEMANN, ERNST - Jesu Letzter Wille Nach Johannes 17
023213: KASHAP, S. PAUL, ED - Studies in Spinoza; Critical and Interpretive Essays
004301: AL-KASHI, JAMSHID IBN MAS'UD - The Planetary Equatorium of Jamshid Ghiyath Dl-Din Al-Kashi (D. 1429)
048177: KASKE, R. E. - Medieval Christian Literary Imagery; a Guide to Interpretation
036033: KASPER, LYNNE ROSSETTO - The Splendid Table; Recipes from Emilia-Romagna, the Hearland of Northern Italian Food
012321: KASS, AMALIE M. - Midwifery and Medicine in Boston: Walter Channing, M.D. 1786-1876
011824: KASSNER, RUDOLF - Physiognomik
024545: KAST, VERENA - Paare; Beziehungsphantasien Oder Wie Götter Sich in Menschen Spiegeln
027246: KASTAN, DAVID SCOTT, ED - A Companion to Shakespeare
035815: KASTNER, JOSEPH - A World of Watchers
040571: KASTNER, MACARIO SANTIAGO - Federico Mompou
022116: KÄSTNER, ERICH - Der Tägliche Kram; Chansons Und Prosa 1945-1948
040934: KÄSTNER, ERICH - Kästner Für Erwachsene
040423: KÁSZONYI, FRANZ - Rassenverwandtschaft Der Donauvölker
005033: KATAOKA, TETSUYA - Resistance and Revolution in China; the Communists and the Second United Front
035899: KATCHOR, BEN - Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer; Stories
036962: KATCHOR, BEN - The Jew of New York
036065: KATCHOR, BEN - Julius Knipl, Rear Estate Photographer: The Beauty Supply District
046974: KATES, CAROL A. - Pragmatics and Semantics; an Empiricist Theory
049599: ASHLEY, KATHLEEN AND PAMELA SHEINGORN - Writing Faith; Text, Sign, & History in the Miracles of Sainte Foy
044629: BERRIN, KATHLEEN AND VIRGINIA M. FIELDS, EDS - Olmec: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico
034934: KUFELDT, KATHLEEN AND BRAD MCKENZIE, EDS - Child Welfare; Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice
039274: EDIN, KATHRYN AND LAURA LEIN - Making Ends Meet; How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work
021849: KATICIC, RADOSLAV - A Contribution to the General Theory of Comparative Linguistics
010885: KATKOV, GEORGE - The Trial of Bukharin
029171: KATONA, GEORGE - Psychological Economics
043911: KATZ, JACOB - Tradition and Crisis; Jewish Society at the End of the Middle Ages
045016: KATZ, STEVEN T. - The Holocaust in Historical Context. Volume 1: The Holocaust and Mass Death Before the Modern Age
020456: KATZ, D. MARK - Witness to an Era; the Life and Photographs of Alexander Gardner: The CIVIL War, Lincoln, and the West
024544: KATZ, IRVING I. - The Beth El Story with a History of the Jews in Michigan Before 1850
041197: KATZ, SAMUEL I. - Sterling Speculation and European Convertibility: 1955-1958
025709: KATZ, JACOB - Out of the Ghetto; the Social Background of Jewish Emanicpation 1770-1870
026967: KATZ, JONATHAN - Gay American History; Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S. A. ; a Documentary
005867: KATZ, IRVING - August Belmont; a Political Biography
029420: KATZ, JACOB - Jewish Emancipation and Self-Emancipation
021459: KATZ, JON - Media Rants; Postpolitics in the Digital Nation
002802: KATZ, JERROLD J. - Cogitations; a Study of the Cogito in Relation to the Philosophy of Logic and Language and a Study of Them in Relation to the Cogito
048342: KATZ, DAVID S. - God's Last Words; Reading the English Bible from the Reformation to Dunamentalism
041250: KATZ, RICHARD - Funkelnder Ferner Osten! Erlebtes in China--Korea--Japan
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041586: KAUFMANN, GERHARD - North German Folk Pottery of the 17th to the 20th Centuries
030119: KAUN, ALEXANDER - Soviet Poets and Poetry
030133: KAUN, ALEXANDER - Maxim Gorky and His Russia
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005317: KEARNEY, ROBERT N. - Trade Unions and Politics in Ceylon
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022586: KEEGAN, JOHN - The Face of Battle
045889: KEEGAN, JOHN - Intelligence in War; Knowledge of the Enemy from Napoleon to Al-Qaeda
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014476: KEENE, DONALD, ED - Modern Japanese Literature; an Anthology
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011360: KEISALL, R. K. - Higher CIVIL Servants in Britain from 1870 to the Present Day
040321: KEISER, ELIZABETH B. - Courtly Desire and Medieval Homophobia; the Legitimation of Sexual Pleasure in Cleanness and Its Contexts
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033175: MUIR, KENNETH AND S. SCHOENBAUM, EDS - A New Companion to Shakespeare Studies
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035621: KERBER, LINDA K. - No Constitutional Right to Be Ladies Women and Obligations of Citizenship
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024050: SIEH, KERRY AND SIMON LEVAY - The Earth in Turmoil; Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Their Impact on Humankind
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045162: KERSHAW, KENNETH A. - Quantitative and Dynamic Ecology
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047535: BROWNLEE, KEVIN AND WALTER STEPHENS, EDS - Discourses of Authority in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
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048182: KEYLOR, WILLIAM R. - Academy and Community; the Foundation of the French Historical Profession
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018897: KEZYS, ALGIMANTAS - Form and Content
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005054: KHAKETLA, B. M. - Lesotho, 1970; an African Coup Under the Microscope
022916: KHALIFA, ALI MOHAMMED - The United Arab Emirates; Unity in Fragmentation
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019983: KHERDIAN, DAVID - On a Spaceship with Beelzebub, by a Grandson of Gurdjieff
033080: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Looking over Hills
033078: KHERDIAN, DAVID - On the Death of My Father and Other Poems
033079: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Looking over Hills
033076: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Homage to Adana
033077: KHERDIAN, DAVID - On the Death of My Father and Other Poems
046576: KHOGALI, KAL - Beyone the Seen: Shangheye Photography
034415: HACKNEY, KI AND DIANA EDKINS - People and Pearls; the Magic Endures
026718: KICZA, JOHN E., ED - The Indian in Latin American History; Resistance, Resilience, and Acculturation
012469: KIDD, MARY MAYTHAM - Wild Flowers of the Cape Peninsula
044210: KIDD, PETER - Medieval Manuscripts from the Collection of T.R. Buchanan in the Bodleien Library, Oxford
046635: KIDD, B. J. - Documents Illustrative of the Continental Reformation
010244: KIDDER, J. E., JR. - Japan: Before Buddhism
028823: KIDDER, J. EDWARD - Alt-Japan; Japan Vor Dem Buddhismus
047854: KIDDER, J. EDWARD, JR. - Japanese Temples; Sculpture, Paintings, Gardens, and Architecture
041289: KIDSON, PETER - Sculpture at Chartres
042265: KIEFER, FERENC, ED - Mathematical Models of Language
002562: KIEFNER, WOLFGANG - Der Religiöse Allblegriff Des Aischlylos; Untersuchungen Zur Verwendung Von [Pan, Panta, Panteo] Und Dergleichen Als Ausdrucksmittel Religiöser Sprache
004124: KIENIEWICZ, STEFAN - The Emancipation of the Polish Peasantry
002172: KIENPOINTNER, ANNA MARIA - Wortstrukturen Mit Verbalstamm Als Bestimmungsglied in Der Deutschen Sprache
039364: KIENZL, FLORIAN - Die Berliner Und Ihr Theatre
047698: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Søren Kierkegaards Dagbøger
024286: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Kierkegaard's Concluding Unscientific Postscript
025046: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Kierkegaard's Attack Upon "Christendom" 1854-1855
025047: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Philosophical Fragments or a Fragment of Philosophy
028228: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Thoughts on Crucial Situations in Human Life; Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions
019559: KIERNAN, THOMAS - The Intricate Music; a Biography of John Steinbeck
032160: KIERNAN, THOMAS - Sir Larry; the Life of Laurence Olivier
048712: KIESEWETTER, HUBERT - Region Und Industrie in Europa 1815-1995
008938: KIESLINGER, FRANZ - Zur Geschichte Der Gotischen Plastik in ôsterreich
046281: KIEV, ARI, ED - Magic, Faith, and Healing; Studies in Primitive Psychiatry
043580: KIKKAWA, EISHI, ED - Hogaku Hyakka Jiten; Gagaku Kara Min'Yo Made
010396: KILE, ORVILLE MERTON - The Farm Bureau Movement
049155: CISZEK-KILISIZEWSKA, EWA - Middle Gnlish Prepositions and Adverbs with the Prefix Be- in Prose Texts; a Study in Their Semantics, Dialectology and Frequency
033943: KILMER, NICHOLAS - A Place in Normandy
027295: KILPATRICK, SARAH - Fanny Burney
034983: KILPATRICK, LYNN K. - In the House
032236: KILVERT, FRANCIS - Kilvert's Diary, 1879-1879
037160: KILVERT, FRANCIS - Ardizzone's Kilvert; Selections from the Diary of the Rev. Francis Kilvert 1870-79
041718: KILWARDBY, ROBERT - On Time and Imagination; de Tempore; de Spiritu Fantastico
034326: KILZER, LOUIS C. - Churchill's Deception; the Dark Secret That Destroyed Nazi Germany
005010: KIM, JEONG-HAK - The Prehistory of Korea
043701: KIM, PAIG-KI - Der Komparativ; Vorkommensweisen, Semantik Und Kommunikative Funktionen Einer Morphologisch-Grammatischen Kategorie; Eine Untersuchung Am Beispiel Des Deutschen
041389: KIMBALL, GAYLE - The Religious Ideas of Harriet Beecher Stowe: Her Gospel of Womanhood
036343: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illustrated 1998
016492: KIMBALL, MARIE - Jefferson; the Scene of Europe 1784 to 1789
036345: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illustrated 2001
024655: KIMBALL, JEFFREY - Nixon's Vietnam War
009144: KIMBALL, WARREN F. - The Most Unsordid Act: Lend-Lease, 1939-1941
007582: KIMBALL, MARIE - Jefferson; War and Peace, 1776 to 1784
035025: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER - The Cook's Bible; the Best of American Home Cooking
036341: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illustrated 1993
036342: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illlustrated 1997
036344: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illustrated 1999
030770: KIMBELL, DAVID - Italian Opera
030771: KIMBELL, DAVID R. B. - Verdi in the Age of Italian Romanticism
032537: KIMBROUGH, ROBERT - Shakespeare's Troilus & Cressida and Its Setting
023001: KIMCHE, JON - The Unromantics; the Great Powers and the Balfour Declaration
023000: KIMCHE, JON - There Could Have Been Peace
022917: KIMCHE, JON - The Second Arab Awakening
007593: KIMMAGE, ANN - An Un-American Childhood
048819: KIMMEL, ARTHUR S. - A Critical Edition of the Old Provençal Epic Daurel Et Beton with Notes and Prolegomena
010031: KIMMEL, PETER - Magic Tortoise
007887: KIMMEL, STANLEY - Mr. Davis's Richmond
027294: KINCAID, JAMES R. - The Novels of Anthony Trollope
043459: KINCHIN, PERILLA - Taking Tea with Mackintosh; the Story of Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms
039298: KINDERMAN, WILLIAM - Beethoven
004015: KINDERMANN, HEINZ - Die Karikatur Als Quelle Der Publikumsforschung
022453: KINDERMANN, HEINZ - Die Karikatur Als Quelle Der Publikumsforschung
041417: KINDERMANN, HEINZ - Das Theaeterpublikum Der Antike
020306: KINDERMANN, HANS - ûber Die Guten Sitten Beim Essen Und Trinken, Das Ist, Das 11. Buch Von Al'Ghazzali's Hauptwerk
041213: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - Balance-of-Payments Deficits and the International Market for Liquidity
041180: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - The Politics of International Money and World Language
013300: KINERT, REED - Early American Steam Locomotives; 1st Seven Decades... 1830-1900
033776: KING, T. J. - Shakespearean Staging, 1599-1642
022809: KING, DEAN - Patrick O'Brian; a Life Revealed
005546: KING, ROMA A., JR. - The Focusing Aritifice; the Poetry of Robert Browning
024608: KING, MAGDA - Heidegger's Philosophy ; a Guide to His Basic Thought
021868: KING, ROBERT D. - Historical Linguistics and Generative Grammar
018092: KING, PRESTON - The Ideology of Order; a Comparative Analysis of Jean Bodin and Thomas Hobbes
005227: KING, THOMAS F., ET AL. - Anthropology in Historic Preservation; Caring for Culture's Clutter
020731: WUCHER KING, JOAN - Historical Dictionary of Egypt
037154: KING, A. F. A. - A Manual of Obstetrics
015764: KING, JERE CLEMENS - The First World War
040650: KING, W. FRANCIS H. - Classical and Foreign Quotations; a Polyglott Dictionary of Historical and Literary Quotations, Provers, and Popular Saying
020294: KING, JOYCE - Hate Crime; the Story of a Dragging in Jasper, Texas
048267: KING, THOMAS M. - Sartre and the Sacred
039842: KING, LAWRENCE J. - Weeds of the World; Biology and Control
047620: KING, PETER - Afghanistan; Cockpit in High Asia
018617: KING, A. HYATT - Handel and His Autographs
032157: KING, FRANCIS - E.M. Forster and His World
039670: KING, F. H. - Farmers of Forty Centuries, or Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan
035878: KING, CONSTANCE - Metal Toys and Automata
045412: KINGHORN, A. M. - The Chorus of History; Literary-Histoircal Relations in Renaissance Britain 1485-1558
003619: KINGSHILL, KONRAD - Ku Daeng--the Red Tomb; a Village Study in Northern Thailand
023519: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Sanitary and Social Lectures and Essays
029584: PORTER ARTHUR KINGSLEY - Medieval Architecture, Its Origins and Development, with Lists of Monuments and Bibliographies
037953: KINGSTON, MARXINE HONG - The Woman Warrior; Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
039906: KINGSTON, MAXINE HONG - Through the Black Curtain
047240: KINGTON, T. L. - History of Frederick the Second, Emperor of the Roman. From Chronicles and Documents Published Within the Last Ten Years
028522: KINLEY, DAVID - The Autobiography of David Kinley
048607: KINNEAR, MARY - Daughters of Time; Women in the Western Tradition
028523: KINNISON, WILLIAM A. - Building Sullivant's Pyramid; an Administrative History of the Ohio State University 1870-1907
017021: KINSELLA, W. P. - The Futher Adventures of Slugger Mcbatt
017421: KINSELLA, W. P. - The Dixon Cornbelt League and Other Baseball Stories
033935: KINSELLA, W. P. - Baseball Fantastic
048313: KINSKY, GEORG - Das Werk Beethovens; Thematisch-Bibliographisches Verzeichnis Seiner Sämtlichen Vollendeten Kompositionen
015765: KINSLEY, D. A. - Favor the Bold. Custer: The CIVIL War Years
036320: KINSMAN, JANE - The Art of Collaboration; the Big Americans
005366: KIPER, RICHARD L. - Major General John Alexander Mcclernand, Politician in Uniform
047160: MAFFLY-KIPP, LAURIE F. - Religion and Society in Frontier California
007595: KIRBY, JACK TEMPLE - The Countercultural South
042312: KIRBY, W. F. - A Hand-Book to the Order Lepidoptera
034772: KIRBY, J. L., ED - Calendar of Signet Letters of Henry IV and Henry V (1399-1422)
017296: KIRCHNER, JOACHIM - Germanistische Handschriftenpraxis; Ein Lehrbuch Für Studierenden Der Deutschen Philologie
015309: KIRCHNER, L. R. - Robbing Banks; an American History, 1831-1999
015767: KIRIAKOPOULOS, G. C. - Ten Days to Destiny; the Battle for Crete, 1941
044502: KIRK, G. S. - Myth; Its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures
037117: KIRK, JOHN T. - The Shaker World; Art, Life, Belief
034627: KIRK, G. S. - Homer and the Epic; a Shortened Version of the Songs of Homer
024850: KIRK, RUSSELL - Edmund Burke; a Genius Reconsidered
025049: KIRK, KENNTH E. - The Study of Theology
015726: VAN KIRK, SYLVIA - Many Tender Ties; Women in Fur-Trade Society, 1670-1870
027117: KIRK, MALCOLM - Man As Art: New Guinea
040939: KIRK, JOHN FOSTER - History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy
028533: KIRKCONNELL, WATSON - A Slice of Canada; Memoirs
019560: KIRKHAM, E. BRUCE - The Building of Uncle Tom's Cabin
045711: KIRKPATRICK, KATHRYN, ED - Border Crossing; Irish Women Writers and National Identities
015768: KIRKPATRIK, IVONE - Mussolini; a Study in Power
031815: KIRKWOOD, G. M. - Early Greek Monody; the History of a Poetic Type
015098: KIRM, MARCO - Investigation of Wide Gap Crystals and Highly Charged Ions in the Vacuum Ultraviolet Using Synchrotron Radiation Adn Accelerated Ions
013914: KIRMMSE, BRUCE H. - Encounters with Kierkegaard; a Life As Seen by His Contemporaries
002804: KIRN, PAUL - Das Bild Des Menschen in Der Geschichtsschreibung Von Polybios Bis Ranke
015355: KIRP, DAVID L. - Doing Good by Doing Little; Race and Schooling in Britain
040106: KIRP, DAVID L., ET AL. - Our Town; Race, Housing, and the Soul of Suburbia
019075: KIRSCH, FRITZ PETER - Probleme Der Romanstruktur Bei Victor Hugo
003349: KIRSCH, JOHANN PETER - Die Kirche in Der Antiken Griechisch-Römischen Kulturwelt
027507: KIRSCHKE, JAMES J. - Gouverneur Morris, Author, Statesman, and Man of the World
013031: KIRSCHSTEIN, MAX - Siena
037069: KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN - The Poems of Lincoln Kirstein
002563: KIRSTEN, ERNST - Die Insel Kreta in Vier Jahrtausenden; Gesammelte Aufsätze
008818: KIRTON, DOUG - Doug Kirton: Times of Uncertainty. Painting, 1983-1999
030115: KISCH, CECIL - The Wagon of Life and Other Lyrics by Russian Poets of the Nineteenth Century
007597: KISER, CLYDE V., ET AL. - Trends and Variations in Fertility in the United States
002174: KISHITANI, SHOKO - Die Person in Der Satzaussage; Beiträge Zur Deutschen Und Japanischen Verbalkategorie
025050: KISSANE, EDWARD J. - The Book of Job Translated from a Critically Revised Hebrew Text with Commentary
049178: KIST, JOHANNES - Fürst- Und Erzbistum Bamberg; Leitfaden Durch Ihre Geschichte Von 1007 Bis 1960
035880: KITAHARA, TERUHISA - Yesterday's Toys
049403: KITCHEN, K. A. - Pharaoh Triumphant; the Life and Times of Ramesses II, King of Egypt
046321: KITCHINER, WILLIAM - The Art of Invigorating and Prolonging Life, by Food, Clothes, Air, Exercise, Wine, Sleep, &C. And Peptic Precepts, Pointing out Agreeable and Effectual Methods to Privent and Relieve Indigestion, and to Regulate and Strengthen the Action of the Stomach.
002805: KITTEL, GERHARD - Theologisches Wörterbuch Zum Neuen Testament
026486: KITTO, H. D. F. - Greek Tragedy; a Literary Study
030332: KITTREDGE, GEORGE LYMAN - Shakspere
021293: KITZINGER, U. W. - German Electoral Politics; a Study of the 1957 Campaign
026835: ITO, KIYOSI AND HENRY P. MCKEAN, JR. - Diffusion Processes and Their Sample Paths
043621: KLAFFENBACH, GÜNTHER - Griechische Epigraphik
020791: KLAHR, DAVID, ET AL., EDS - Production System Models of Learning and Development
046912: KLAMKIN, MARIAN - The Return of Lafayette 1824-1825
015114: KLAPDOR, H. V., ED - Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclei; Proceedings of the International Symposium, Heidelberg, July 1-5, 1986
027807: KLAPDOR, H. V., ED - Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclei; Proceedings of the International Symposium Heidelberg, July 1-5, 1986
009837: KLAPP, ORRIN E. - Symbolic Leaders; Public Dramas and Public Men
025837: KLAPROTH, JULIUS VON - Reise in Den Kaukasus Und Nach Georgien Unternommen in Den Jahren 1807 Und 1808
015026: KLAREN, PETER F. - Modernization, Dislocation, Adn Aprismo; Origins of the Peruvian Aprista Party, 1870-1932
048218: KLASS, ROSANNE - Afghanistan, Land of the High Flags
003985: KLASS, GERT VON - Krupps; the Story of an Industrial Empire
004775: KNORR, KLAUS AND SIDNEY VERBA, EDS - The International System; Theoretical Essays
046308: KLAUSENBURGER, JÜRGEN - French Prosodics and Phonotactics; an Historical Typology

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