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033146: KENNEDY, MILTON BOONE - The Oration in Shakespeare
015757: KENNEDY, FRANCES H. - The CIVIL War Battlefield Guide
015758: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Pursuit; the Chase and Sinking of the Bismarck
045540: KENNEDY, ELSPETH, ED - Lancelot Do Lac; the Non-Cyclic Old French Prose Romance
038689: KENNEDY, GEORGE A, ED - The Cambrdige History of Literary Criticism. Volume 1: Classical Criticism
003347: KENNER, HEDWIG - Das Mädchen Von Antium
003348: KENNER, HEDWIG - Der Apoll Vom Belvedere
015857: MACKSEY, KENNETH AND JOHN H. BATCHELOR - Tank; a History of the Armoured Fighting Vehicle
034463: PENNINGTON, KENNETH AND ROBERT SOMERVILLE, EDS - Law, Church, and Society; Essays in Honor of Stephan Kuttner
011537: ROBINSON, KENNETH AND FREDERICK MADDEN - Essays in Imperial Government Presented to Margery Perham
032686: HAMBLIN, W. KENNETH AND JOSEPH R. MURPHY - Grand Canyon Perspectives; a Guide to the Canyon Scenery by Means of Interpretive Panoramas
033252: BRECHER, KENNETH AND MICHAEL FEIRTAG, EDS - Astronomy of the Ancients
033175: MUIR, KENNETH AND S. SCHOENBAUM, EDS - A New Companion to Shakespeare Studies
008213: KENNETT, LEE - Marching Through Georgia; the Story of Soldiers and Civilians During Sherman's Campaign
037052: KENNETT, DAVID H. - Victorian and Edwardian Horses from Historic Photographs
015759: KENNEY, ROGER G. - Orders from France; the Americans and the French in a Revolutionary World, 1780-1820
004140: KENNY, ROBERT W. - Elizabeth's Admiral; the Political Career of Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham, 1536-1624
040182: KENT, BEVERLEY - Charles S. Peirce; Logic and the Classification of the Sciences
011361: KENT, CHRISTOPHER - Brains and Numbers; Elitism, Comtism, and Democracy in Mid-Victorian England
025058: KENYON, FREDERIC - Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts
006356: KENYON, ROGER A. - Existential Structures; an Analytic Enquiry
026483: KENYON, KATHLEEN - Digging Up Jerusalem
034526: KENYON, FREDERIC G. - Books and Readers in Ancient Greece and Rome
010285: KEON, MICHAEL - Korean Phoenix; a Nation from the Ashes
028438: KEPES, GYORGY - Education of Vision
045400: KEPES, GYORGY, ED - The Man-Made Object
031792: KEPHART, CALVIN - Origin of Heraldry in Europe (Also of Miscellaneous Surnames and Insignia); a Contribution to Genealogy and History
043870: KER, N. R., ED - Medieval Libraries of Great Britiain; a List of Surviving Books
034960: KERBER, JENNY - Writing in Dust; Reading the Prairie Environmentally
035621: KERBER, LINDA K. - No Constitutional Right to Be Ladies Women and Obligations of Citizenship
034968: KERBER, JENNY - Writing in Dust; Reading the Prairie Environmentally
043366: KEREK, ANDREW - Hungarian Metrics: Some Linguisitc Aspects of Iambic Verse
015384: KERENSKY, OLEG - The World of Ballet
015760: KERENSKY, ALEXANDER - Russia and History's Turning Point
002977: ISLER-KERENYI, CORNELIA - Nike; Der Typus Der Laufenden Flügelfrau in Archaischer Zeit
031811: KERENYI, CARL - The Religion of the Greeks and Romans
032898: KERÉNYI, KARL - Die Mythologie Der Griechen
014652: KERFOOT, J. B. - American Pewter
034941: CRONIN, J. KERI AND KIRSTY ROBERTSON, EDS - Imagining Resistance; Visual Culture and Activism in Canada
030767: KERMAN, JOSEPH - The Elizabethan Madrigal; a Comparative Study
027459: KERMODE, FRANK - Shakespeare's Language
040909: KERMODE, FRANK - Poetry, Narrative, History
040908: KERMODE, FRANK - Froms of Attention
008563: KERN, WALTER, ED - J.P. Hodin, European Critic
025632: KERNAN, ALVIN - In Plato's Cave
040888: KERNAN, ALVIN, ED - What's Happened to the Humanities
024539: KERNER, GEORGE C. - The Revolution in Ethical Theory
577: KERNER, ROBERT J. - The Urge to the Sea; the Course of Russian History. The Role of Rivers, Por Tages, Ostrogs, Monasteries, and Furs
040822: KERNFELD, BARRY, ED - The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz
035271: KERNIG, C. D., ED - Marxism, Communism and Western Society; a Comparative Encyclopedia
033640: KERNODLE, GEORGE R. - From Art to Theatre; Form and Convention in the Renaissance
022151: KEROUAC, JACK - Selected Latters 1940-1956
013913: KERR, HUGH T. - Sons of the Prophets; Leaders in Protestantism from Princeton Seminary
043651: KERR, W. G. - Scottish Capital on the American Credit Frontier
010804: KERR, ELIZABETH MARGARET - Bibliography of the Sequence Novel
030088: KERR, CHESTER - A Report on American University Presses
044747: KERR, ROBERT - A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Arranged in Systematic Order: Forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Navigation, Discovery, and Commerce, by Sea and Land, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time
034229: KERR, CLARK - The Gold and the Blue; a Person Memoir of the University of California 1949-1967. Volume 1: Academic Triumphs
025874: KERRY, JOHN - The New War; the Web of Crime That Threatens America's Security
024050: SIEH, KERRY AND SIMON LEVAY - The Earth in Turmoil; Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Their Impact on Humankind
028504: KERSEY, HARRY A., JR. - John Milton Gregory and the University of Illinois
045162: KERSHAW, KENNETH A. - Quantitative and Dynamic Ecology
037631: KERTESZ, ANDRÉ - Americana
032053: KERTZER, DAVID I. - The Popes Against the Jews; the Vataican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism
041304: KESSEL, JOSEPH - Dames de Californie
040856: KESSEMEIER, HEINRICH - Der Feldzug Mit Der Andern Waffe
005316: KESSINGER, TOM G. - Vilyatpur, 1848-1968; Social and Economic Change in a North Indian Village
015075: KESSLER, DAVID - A Question of Intent; a Great American Battle with a Deadly Industry
040621: KESSLER, EDWARD - Images of Wallace Stevens
002905: KESTEN, HERMANN - Copernicus Und Seine Welt; Biographie
030768: KESTING, JÜRGEN - Maria Callas
007648: KETCHUM, RICHARD M. - The Battle for Bunker Hill
015762: KETCHUM, RICHARD M. - The Battle for Bunker Hill
044685: KETE, KATHLEEN - Making Way for Genius; the Aspiring Self in France from the Old Regime to the New
044642: KETEKU, H. J. - Biography of Rev. Nathanael Victor Asare
044643: KETEKU, H. J. - The Reverends Theophilus Opoku and David Asante
005863: KETTEL, THOMAS PRENTICE - Southern Wealth and Northern Profits As Exhibited in Statistical Facts and Official Figures, Showing the Necessity of Union to Be Future Prosperity and Welfare of the Republic
028389: KETTERER, ROMAN NORBERT, ED - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Drawings and Pastels
029777: VAN DE KETTERIJ, C. - Middelnederlandse Teksten Ter Grammaticale Interpretatie
015160: KETTERING, ALISON MCNEIL - Drawings from the Ter Borch Studio Estate
039729: KETTERING, SHARON - Judicial Politics and Urban Revolt in Seventeenth-Century France; the Parlement of Aix, 1629-1659
001949: KETTMANN, GERHARD - Die Kursächsische Kanzleisprache Zwischen 1486 Und 1546; Studien Zum Aufbau Und Zur Entwicklung
031813: KEULS, EVA C. - The Reign of the Phallus; Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens
016372: KEVLES, DANIEL J. - The Physicists; the History of a Scientific Community in Modern America
038093: KEYES, ROGER S. - The Male Journey in Japanese Prints
023296: KEYISHIAN, HARRY - Screening Politics; the Politician in American Movies, 1931-2001
022315: KEYLOR, WILLIAM R. - Academy and Community; the Foundation of the French Historical Profession
015161: KEYSER, EUGÉNIE DE - The Romantic West, 1789-1850
018897: KEZYS, ALGIMANTAS - Form and Content
018898: KEZYS, ALGIMANTAS - Photographs
022915: KHADDURI, MAJID - Arab Contemporaries; the Role of Personalities in Politics
005054: KHAKETLA, B. M. - Lesotho, 1970; an African Coup Under the Microscope
022916: KHALIFA, ALI MOHAMMED - The United Arab Emirates; Unity in Fragmentation
022697: AL-KHALIL, SAMIR - Republic of Fear; the Politics of Modern Iraq
008636: AL-KHALIL, SAMIR - The Monument; Art, Vulgarity and Responsiblity in Iraq
024554: KHANBHAI, B. Y., ET AL., EDS - Jowett Papers 1968-1969
025045: KHANTIPALO, PHRA - Tolerance; a Study from Buddhist Sources
006357: KHATCHADOURIAN, HAIG - A Critical Study in Method
022624: KHEDAIRI, BETOOL - A Sky So Close
019697: KHERDIAN, DAVID - It Started with Old Man Bean
019943: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Taking the Soundings on Third Avenue
019983: KHERDIAN, DAVID - On a Spaceship with Beelzebub, by a Grandson of Gurdjieff
033080: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Looking over Hills
033078: KHERDIAN, DAVID - On the Death of My Father and Other Poems
033079: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Looking over Hills
033076: KHERDIAN, DAVID - Homage to Adana
033077: KHERDIAN, DAVID - On the Death of My Father and Other Poems
034415: HACKNEY, KI AND DIANA EDKINS - People and Pearls; the Magic Endures
026718: KICZA, JOHN E., ED - The Indian in Latin American History; Resistance, Resilience, and Acculturation
012469: KIDD, MARY MAYTHAM - Wild Flowers of the Cape Peninsula
044210: KIDD, PETER - Medieval Manuscripts from the Collection of T.R. Buchanan in the Bodleien Library, Oxford
010244: KIDDER, J. E., JR. - Japan: Before Buddhism
028823: KIDDER, J. EDWARD - Alt-Japan; Japan Vor Dem Buddhismus
041289: KIDSON, PETER - Sculpture at Chartres
044592: KIECKHEFER, RICHARD - Magic in the Middle Ages
042265: KIEFER, FERENC, ED - Mathematical Models of Language
002562: KIEFNER, WOLFGANG - Der Religiöse Allblegriff Des Aischlylos; Untersuchungen Zur Verwendung Von [Pan, Panta, Panteo] Und Dergleichen Als Ausdrucksmittel Religiöser Sprache
004124: KIENIEWICZ, STEFAN - The Emancipation of the Polish Peasantry
039657: KIENLECHNER, SABAINA - Negativität Der Erkenntnis IM Werk Franz Kafkas; Eine Untersuchung Zu Seinem Denken Anhand Einiger Später Texte
002172: KIENPOINTNER, ANNA MARIA - Wortstrukturen Mit Verbalstamm Als Bestimmungsglied in Der Deutschen Sprache
039364: KIENZL, FLORIAN - Die Berliner Und Ihr Theatre
024286: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Kierkegaard's Concluding Unscientific Postscript
025046: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Kierkegaard's Attack Upon "Christendom" 1854-1855
025047: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Philosophical Fragments or a Fragment of Philosophy
025048: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Repetition; an Essay in Experimental Psychology
028227: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Repetition; an Essay in Experimental Psychology
028228: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Thoughts on Crucial Situations in Human Life; Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions
019559: KIERNAN, THOMAS - The Intricate Music; a Biography of John Steinbeck
032160: KIERNAN, THOMAS - Sir Larry; the Life of Laurence Olivier
008938: KIESLINGER, FRANZ - Zur Geschichte Der Gotischen Plastik in ôsterreich
043068: KIGHTLY, CHARLES - A Mirror of Medieval Wales; Gerald of Wales and His Journey of 1188
040802: BELEN'KII, M. S. - Chto Takoe Talmud
043580: KIKKAWA, EISHI, ED - Hogaku Hyakka Jiten; Gagaku Kara Min'Yo Made
010396: KILE, ORVILLE MERTON - The Farm Bureau Movement
025845: KILLANIN, MICHAEL MORRIS, BARON - Sir Godfrey Kneller and His Times 1646-1723; Being a Review of English Portraiture of the Period
037902: KILLIAN, LINDA - The Freshmen. What Happened to the Republican Revolution
033943: KILMER, NICHOLAS - A Place in Normandy
027295: KILPATRICK, SARAH - Fanny Burney
034983: KILPATRICK, LYNN K. - In the House
032236: KILVERT, FRANCIS - Kilvert's Diary, 1879-1879
037160: KILVERT, FRANCIS - Ardizzone's Kilvert; Selections from the Diary of the Rev. Francis Kilvert 1870-79
041718: KILWARDBY, ROBERT - On Time and Imagination; de Tempore; de Spiritu Fantastico
034326: KILZER, LOUIS C. - Churchill's Deception; the Dark Secret That Destroyed Nazi Germany
009964: KIM, HAN-KYO, ED - Essay on Modern Politics and History Written in Honor of Harold M. Vinacke
005010: KIM, JEONG-HAK - The Prehistory of Korea
043701: KIM, PAIG-KI - Der Komparativ; Vorkommensweisen, Semantik Und Kommunikative Funktionen Einer Morphologisch-Grammatischen Kategorie; Eine Untersuchung Am Beispiel Des Deutschen
041389: KIMBALL, GAYLE - The Religious Ideas of Harriet Beecher Stowe: Her Gospel of Womanhood
036343: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illustrated 1998
016492: KIMBALL, MARIE - Jefferson; the Scene of Europe 1784 to 1789
036345: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illustrated 2001
024655: KIMBALL, JEFFREY - Nixon's Vietnam War
009144: KIMBALL, WARREN F. - The Most Unsordid Act: Lend-Lease, 1939-1941
007582: KIMBALL, MARIE - Jefferson; War and Peace, 1776 to 1784
035025: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER - The Cook's Bible; the Best of American Home Cooking
036341: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illustrated 1993
036342: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illlustrated 1997
036344: KIMBALL, CHRISTOPHER, ED - Cook's Illustrated 1999
030770: KIMBELL, DAVID - Italian Opera
030771: KIMBELL, DAVID R. B. - Verdi in the Age of Italian Romanticism
032537: KIMBROUGH, ROBERT - Shakespeare's Troilus & Cressida and Its Setting
023001: KIMCHE, JON - The Unromantics; the Great Powers and the Balfour Declaration
023000: KIMCHE, JON - There Could Have Been Peace
022917: KIMCHE, JON - The Second Arab Awakening
007593: KIMMAGE, ANN - An Un-American Childhood
010031: KIMMEL, PETER - Magic Tortoise
007887: KIMMEL, STANLEY - Mr. Davis's Richmond
045244: KIMURA, MOTOO - Populaton Genetics, Molecular Evolution, and the Neutral Theory; Selected Papers
027294: KINCAID, JAMES R. - The Novels of Anthony Trollope
043459: KINCHIN, PERILLA - Taking Tea with Mackintosh; the Story of Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms
039298: KINDERMAN, WILLIAM - Beethoven
004015: KINDERMANN, HEINZ - Die Karikatur Als Quelle Der Publikumsforschung
022453: KINDERMANN, HEINZ - Die Karikatur Als Quelle Der Publikumsforschung
041417: KINDERMANN, HEINZ - Das Theaeterpublikum Der Antike
020306: KINDERMANN, HANS - ûber Die Guten Sitten Beim Essen Und Trinken, Das Ist, Das 11. Buch Von Al'Ghazzali's Hauptwerk
041213: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - Balance-of-Payments Deficits and the International Market for Liquidity
041180: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. - The Politics of International Money and World Language
013300: KINERT, REED - Early American Steam Locomotives; 1st Seven Decades... 1830-1900
033776: KING, T. J. - Shakespearean Staging, 1599-1642
022809: KING, DEAN - Patrick O'Brian; a Life Revealed
005546: KING, ROMA A., JR. - The Focusing Aritifice; the Poetry of Robert Browning
024608: KING, MAGDA - Heidegger's Philosophy ; a Guide to His Basic Thought
021868: KING, ROBERT D. - Historical Linguistics and Generative Grammar
018092: KING, PRESTON - The Ideology of Order; a Comparative Analysis of Jean Bodin and Thomas Hobbes
005227: KING, THOMAS F., ET AL. - Anthropology in Historic Preservation; Caring for Culture's Clutter
020731: WUCHER KING, JOAN - Historical Dictionary of Egypt
037154: KING, A. F. A. - A Manual of Obstetrics
015764: KING, JERE CLEMENS - The First World War
040650: KING, W. FRANCIS H. - Classical and Foreign Quotations; a Polyglott Dictionary of Historical and Literary Quotations, Provers, and Popular Saying
020294: KING, JOYCE - Hate Crime; the Story of a Dragging in Jasper, Texas
039842: KING, LAWRENCE J. - Weeds of the World; Biology and Control
018617: KING, A. HYATT - Handel and His Autographs
032157: KING, FRANCIS - E.M. Forster and His World
039670: KING, F. H. - Farmers of Forty Centuries, or Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan
035878: KING, CONSTANCE - Metal Toys and Automata
045412: KINGHORN, A. M. - The Chorus of History; Literary-Histoircal Relations in Renaissance Britain 1485-1558
028888: KINGSFORD, C. L. - Prejudice & Promise in Xvth Century England
003619: KINGSHILL, KONRAD - Ku Daeng--the Red Tomb; a Village Study in Northern Thailand
023519: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Sanitary and Social Lectures and Essays
029584: PORTER ARTHUR KINGSLEY - Medieval Architecture, Its Origins and Development, with Lists of Monuments and Bibliographies
037953: KINGSTON, MARXINE HONG - The Woman Warrior; Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
039906: KINGSTON, MAXINE HONG - Through the Black Curtain
028522: KINLEY, DAVID - The Autobiography of David Kinley
043777: KINMONTH, EARL H. - The Self-Made Man in Meiji Japanese Thought, from Samurai to Salary Man
028523: KINNISON, WILLIAM A. - Building Sullivant's Pyramid; an Administrative History of the Ohio State University 1870-1907
017021: KINSELLA, W. P. - The Futher Adventures of Slugger Mcbatt
017421: KINSELLA, W. P. - The Dixon Cornbelt League and Other Baseball Stories
033935: KINSELLA, W. P. - Baseball Fantastic
015765: KINSLEY, D. A. - Favor the Bold. Custer: The CIVIL War Years
036320: KINSMAN, JANE - The Art of Collaboration; the Big Americans
009573: KIPARSKY, VALENTIN - Russische Historische Grammatik
005366: KIPER, RICHARD L. - Major General John Alexander Mcclernand, Politician in Uniform
007595: KIRBY, JACK TEMPLE - The Countercultural South
042312: KIRBY, W. F. - A Hand-Book to the Order Lepidoptera
034772: KIRBY, J. L., ED - Calendar of Signet Letters of Henry IV and Henry V (1399-1422)
017296: KIRCHNER, JOACHIM - Germanistische Handschriftenpraxis; Ein Lehrbuch Für Studierenden Der Deutschen Philologie
015309: KIRCHNER, L. R. - Robbing Banks; an American History, 1831-1999
015767: KIRIAKOPOULOS, G. C. - Ten Days to Destiny; the Battle for Crete, 1941
044502: KIRK, G. S. - Myth; Its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures
037117: KIRK, JOHN T. - The Shaker World; Art, Life, Belief
034627: KIRK, G. S. - Homer and the Epic; a Shortened Version of the Songs of Homer
024850: KIRK, RUSSELL - Edmund Burke; a Genius Reconsidered
025049: KIRK, KENNTH E. - The Study of Theology
015726: VAN KIRK, SYLVIA - Many Tlender Ties; Women in Fur-Trade Society, 1670-1870
027117: KIRK, MALCOLM - Man As Art: New Guinea
040939: KIRK, JOHN FOSTER - History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy
028533: KIRKCONNELL, WATSON - A Slice of Canada; Memoirs
019560: KIRKHAM, E. BRUCE - The Building of Uncle Tom's Cabin
035904: KIRKLAND, ALEXANDER - Rector's Naughty '90s Cookbook Containing More Than 400 Tantalizing Recipes--the Majrotiy Hitherto Unpublished--of Those Fabulous Restaurateurs George and Charles Rector
015768: KIRKPATRIK, IVONE - Mussolini; a Study in Power
031815: KIRKWOOD, G. M. - Early Greek Monody; the History of a Poetic Type
015098: KIRM, MARCO - Investigation of Wide Gap Crystals and Highly Charged Ions in the Vacuum Ultraviolet Using Synchrotron Radiation Adn Accelerated Ions
013914: KIRMMSE, BRUCE H. - Encounters with Kierkegaard; a Life As Seen by His Contemporaries
002804: KIRN, PAUL - Das Bild Des Menschen in Der Geschichtsschreibung Von Polybios Bis Ranke
015355: KIRP, DAVID L. - Doing Good by Doing Little; Race and Schooling in Britain
040106: KIRP, DAVID L., ET AL. - Our Town; Race, Housing, and the Soul of Suburbia
019075: KIRSCH, FRITZ PETER - Probleme Der Romanstruktur Bei Victor Hugo
003349: KIRSCH, JOHANN PETER - Die Kirche in Der Antiken Griechisch-Römischen Kulturwelt
027507: KIRSCHKE, JAMES J. - Gouverneur Morris, Author, Statesman, and Man of the World
013031: KIRSCHSTEIN, MAX - Siena
037069: KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN - The Poems of Lincoln Kirstein
002563: KIRSTEN, ERNST - Die Insel Kreta in Vier Jahrtausenden; Gesammelte Aufsätze
008818: KIRTON, DOUG - Doug Kirton: Times of Uncertainty. Painting, 1983-1999
030115: KISCH, CECIL - The Wagon of Life and Other Lyrics by Russian Poets of the Nineteenth Century
007597: KISER, CLYDE V., ET AL. - Trends and Variations in Fertility in the United States
002174: KISHITANI, SHOKO - Die Person in Der Satzaussage; Beiträge Zur Deutschen Und Japanischen Verbalkategorie
025050: KISSANE, EDWARD J. - The Book of Job Translated from a Critically Revised Hebrew Text with Commentary
035880: KITAHARA, TERUHISA - Yesterday's Toys
002805: KITTEL, GERHARD - Theologisches Wörterbuch Zum Neuen Testament
026486: KITTO, H. D. F. - Greek Tragedy; a Literary Study
030332: KITTREDGE, GEORGE LYMAN - Shakspere
021293: KITZINGER, U. W. - German Electoral Politics; a Study of the 1957 Campaign
026835: ITO, KIYOSI AND HENRY P. MCKEAN, JR. - Diffusion Processes and Their Sample Paths
003725: KJELLBERG, SVEN T. - Slotte Og Herregårde øst for øresund
043621: KLAFFENBACH, GÜNTHER - Griechische Epigraphik
020791: KLAHR, DAVID, ET AL., EDS - Production System Models of Learning and Development
015114: KLAPDOR, H. V., ED - Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclei; Proceedings of the International Symposium, Heidelberg, July 1-5, 1986
027807: KLAPDOR, H. V., ED - Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclei; Proceedings of the International Symposium Heidelberg, July 1-5, 1986
009837: KLAPP, ORRIN E. - Symbolic Leaders; Public Dramas and Public Men
025837: KLAPROTH, JULIUS VON - Reise in Den Kaukasus Und Nach Georgien Unternommen in Den Jahren 1807 Und 1808
015026: KLAREN, PETER F. - Modernization, Dislocation, Adn Aprismo; Origins of the Peruvian Aprista Party, 1870-1932
003985: KLASS, GERT VON - Krupps; the Story of an Industrial Empire
004775: KNORR, KLAUS AND SIDNEY VERBA, EDS - The International System; Theoretical Essays
045345: KLAW, SPENCER - The Great American Medicine Show; the Unhealthy State of U.S. Medical Care, and What Can Be Done About It
027432: KLAY, ANDOR - Daring Diplomacy; the Case of the First American Ultimatum
025862: KLEE, PAUL - Paul Klee, 1879-1940 in the Collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
012155: KLEE, ERNST, ET AL., EDS - The "Good Old Days"; the Holocaust As Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders
003593: KLEIMINGER, RUDOLF - Das Heiligengeisthospital Von Wismar in Sieben Jahrhunderten; Ein Beitrag Zur Wirtschaftsgeschichte Der Stadt, Ihrer Höfe Und Dörfer
045589: KLEIN, HOLGER A., ED - Sacred Gifts and Worldly Treasures; Medieval Masterworks from the Cleveland Museum of Art
037904: KLEIN, KATHLEEN GREGORY - The Woman Detective; Gender & Genre
032478: KLEIN, ROBERT - Form and Meaning; Essays on the Renaissance and Modern Art
039221: KLEIN, L. R. - An Essay on the Theory of Economic Prediction
012791: KLEIN, MARTIN A. - Islam and Imperialism in Senegal: Sine-Saloum, 1847-1914
020181: KLEIN, EDWARD - The Kennedy Curse; Why America's First Family Has Been Haunted by Tragedy for 150 Years
012523: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R. - A Textbook of Econometrics
020851: KLEIN, HERBERT S. - Slavery in the Americas; a Comparative Study of Virginia and Cuba
027505: KLEIN, MAURY - The Power Makers; Steam, Electricity, and the Men Who Invented Modern America
027512: KLEIN, AARON E. - Encyclopedia of North American Railroads
037639: KLEIN, LARRY - Exhibits; Planning and Design
003154: KLEIN, VIOLA - The Feminine Character; History of an Ideology
030769: KLEIN, HERMAN - Herman Klein and the Gramophone; Being a Series of Essays on the Bel Canto (1923), the Gramophone and the Singer (1924-1934), and Reviews of New Classical Vocal Recordings, and Other Writings from the Gramophone
033724: KLEIN, DAVID - The Elizabethan Dramatists As Critics
035500: KLEIN, CAROLE - Gramercy Park; an American Bloomsbury
000031: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R. - The Keynesian Revolution
036827: KLEIN, KELLY - Under World
040315: KLEIN, FRANCESCA - I Consigli Della Repubblica Fiorentina: Libri Fabarum XVII (1338-1340)
044094: KLEINBERG, AVIAD - Histoires de Saints; Leur Rôle Dans la Formation de L'Occident
040458: KLEINHEYER, BRUNO - Die Priesterweihe IM Römischen Ritus; Eine Liturgiehistorische Studie
043109: KLEINSCHMIDT, HARALD - Understanding the Middle Ages; the Transformation of Ideas and Attitudes in the Medieval World
019076: KLEIST, HEINRICH VON - Kleists Sämtliche Werke
039021: KLEMKE, E. D. - Studies in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard
040089: KLEMM, WERNER - Die Englische Farce IM 19. Jahrhundert
013033: KLETSCHKE, HANS - Die Sprache Der Mainzer Kanzlei Nach Den Namen Der Fuldaer Urkunden
040539: KLIBANSKI, HERMANN O. - Das Russische Militär-Strafrecht
040354: KLIBANSKY, RAYMOND - Contemporary Philosophy; a Survey. Vols. I-II
022918: KLIEMAN, AARON S. - Foundations of British Policy in the Arab World; the Cairo Confernece
022919: KLIEMAN, AARON S. - Soviet Russia and the Middle East
037298: KLIMA, IVAN - My Golden Trades
015770: KLIMENT, CHARLES - Sdkfz251 in Action
032399: KLING, DAVID W. - The Bible in Hhistory; How the Texts Have Shaped the Times
004306: KLINGBIEL, KATHRYN - Noun + Verb Compounding in Western Romance
014257: KLINGER, MAX - Die Welt Max Klingers
036366: KLINKENBERG, JEAN-MARIE - Style Et Archaisme Dans la Légende D'Ulenspiegel de Charles de Coster
041402: KLOCKARS, BIRGIT - I Nådens Dal; Klosterfolk Och Andra C. 1440-1590
024933: KLOOSTER, FRED H. - The Significance of Barth's Theology. An Appraisal: With Special Reference to Election and Reconciliation
012495: KLÖS, HEINZ-GEORG - Von Der Menagerie Zum Tierparadies; 125 Jahre Zoo Berlin
012254: KLOSS, WILLIAM - Samuel F.B. Morse
032124: KLOSTER, DORIS - Forms of Desire
020980: KLÖTZER, WOLFGANG - Frankfurt in Alten Ansichtskarten
009575: KLUGE, FRIEDRICH - Deutsche Sprachgeschichte; Werden Und Wachsen Unserer Muttersprache Von Ihren Anfängen Bis Zur Gegenwart
029492: KLUGE, FRIEDRICH - Etymologisches Wörterbuch Der Deutschen Sprache
043826: KLUGE, BERND - State Museum Berlin Coin Cabinet: Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Hiberno-Norse Coins
015771: KLUGER, STEVE - Yan, the Army Weekly. World War II from the Guys Who Brought You Victory
026755: KLUGER, JEFFREY - Splendid Solution; Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio
015038: KLUGER, RICHARD - Ashes to Ashes; America's Hundred-Year Cigarette War, the Public Health, and the Unabahsed Triumph of Philip Morris
038727: KLUM, MATTIAS - Skogens öga; Bilder Från Borneos Inre
035043: KLUNDER, NOLANDA - Lucidarius; de Middelnederlandse Lucidarius-Teksten En Hun Relatie Tot de Europese Traditie
039681: KLUSEN, ERNST, ED - Deutsche Lieder
004877: KLYUCHEVSKY, VASILI - The Rise of the Romanovs
014834: KNACKFUSS, H. - A.V. Menzel
013743: KNACKFUSS, H. - Raffael
014215: KNACKFUSS, H. - Tizian
013649: KNACKFUSS, H. - Michelangelo
009981: KNAPP, WILFRID - A History of War and Peace, 1939-1965
019077: KNAPP, BETTINA L. - Anaïs Nin
005572: KNAPP, BETTINA L. - Women in Twentieth-Century Literature; a Jungian View
015772: KNAPP, WILFRID - A History of War and Peace, 1939-1965
041042: KNAPP, ROBERT C. - Latin Inscriptions from Central Spain
032581: KNAPP, BETTINA L. - Jean Racine: Mythos and Renewal in Modern Theater
018619: KNAUS, HERWIG - Die Musiker IM Archivbestand Des Kaiserlichen Obersthofmeisteramtes (1637-1705)
006151: KNEBUSCH, MANFRED - Weakly Semialgebraic Spaces
045659: KNEUBUHLER, MICHEL - Des Solitudes Habitées; Anciennes Abbayes En Midi-Pyrénées
032422: KNIERIEM, MICHAEL, ED - Die Herkunst Des Friedrich Engels; Briefe Aus Der Verwandtschaft 1791-1847
043451: KNIGHT, LISA I. - Contradictory Lives; Baul Women in India and Bangladesh
013915: KNIGHT, EVERETT - The Objective Society
005694: KNIGHT, AMY - Beria, Stalin's First Lieutenant
016776: KNIGHT, G. WILSON - The Christian Renaissance; with Interpretations of Dante, Shakespeare and Goethe, and New Discussions of Oscar Wilde and the Gospel of Thomas
018094: KNIGHT, EVERETT W. - Literiature Considered As Philosophy; the French Example
008970: KNIGHT, DAVID M. - Natural Science Books in English, 1600-1900
021782: KNIGHT, PHILIP - Flower Poetics in Nineteenth-Century France
027921: KNIGHT, FRANNKLIN W. - The Caribbean; the Genesis of a Fragmented Nationalism
039110: KNIGHT, ELLEN - Charles Martin Loeffler; a Life Apart in American Music
040790: KNIGHT, K. G., ED - Deutsche Romane Der Barockzeit; Auszüge Aus Dem Erzählenden Schrifttum Des Siebzehnten Jahrhunderts
038195: KNIGHT, CAROLINE - Frank Lloyd Wright
015774: KNIGHTLEY, PHILLIP - The Second Oldest Profession; Spies and Spying in the Twentieth Century
004779: KNIGHTS, PETER R. - The Plain People of Boston, 1830-1860; a Study in City Growth
006030: KNIGHTS, PETER R. - The Plain People of Boston, 1830-1860; a Study in City Growth
033294: KNIGHTS, L. C. - Drama and Society in the Age of Jonson
032496: KNIGHTS, L. C. - Some Shakespearean Themes and an Approach to "Hamlet
018095: KNIPE, DAVID M. - Hinduism; Experiments in the Sacred
016969: KNIPFEL, JIM - Quitting the Nairobi Trio
042647: KNIPPING, JOHN B. - Hugo Van Der Goes
014677: KNITTLE, RHEA MANSFIELD - Early American Glass
023704: KNOCHE, ULRICH - Roman Satire
043142: KNOLL, ROBERT E, ED - Conversations with Wright Morris; Critical Views and Responses
041151: KNOLL, ROBERT E. - Robert Mcalmon, Expatriate Publisher and Writer
033710: KNOLL, ROBERT E. - Ben Jonson's Plays; an Introduction
1275: KNOPF, RUDOLF - Das Nachapostolische Zeitalter; Geschichte Der Christlichen Gemeinden Vom B Eginn Der Flavierdynastie Bis Zum Ende Hadrians
015643: KNORR, KLAUS, ED - Nato and American Security
023038: KNOWLES, WILLIAM H. - Trade Union Development and Industrial Relations in the British West Indies
015775: KNOX, DONALD - The Korean War, Pusan to Choisin; an Oral History
025052: KNOX, R. A. - Enthusiasm; a Chapter in the History of Religion with Special Reference to the XVII and XVIII Centuries
026488: KNOX, BERNARD - The Oldest Dead White European Males and Other Reflections on the Classics
026492: KNOX, WILFRED L. - St. Paul and the Church of the Gentiles
026493: KNOX, WILFRED L. - Some Hellenistic Elements in Primitive Christianity
031817: KNOX, BERNARD - Essays Ancient & Modern
019323: KNUENZ, I. - E Enuntiatis Graecorum Finalibus
005605: KNUTSON, HAROLD C. - The Ironic Game; a Study of Rotrou's Comic Theater
036603: KNUTSON, ROGER M. - Flattened Fauna; a Field Guide to Common Animals of Roads, Streets, and Highwasy
033196: KNUTSON, ROSLYN LANDER - The Repertory of Shakespeare's Company 1594-1613
042657: KNUTTEL, GERHARDUS - Hubert En Jan Van Eyck
040910: KNYVETT, THOMAS - The Knyvett Letters (1620-1644)
038562: KOBALD, KURT - Alt-Wiener Musikstätten
043338: KOBUSCH, THEO - Studien Zur Philosophie Des Hierokles Von Alexandrien; Untersuchungen Zum Christlichen Neuplatonismus
021870: KOCH, WALTER A. - Zur Theorie Des Lautwandels
016826: KOCH, KARL, III - Men of Steel; the Story of the Family That Built the World Trade Center
015162: KOCH, GUENTHER - Kunstwerke Und Bücher Am Markte: Auktion-Fälschungen-Preise Und Was Sie Lehren
017939: KOCH, WALTER - Zur Theorie Des Lautwandels
035406: KOCH, ROBERT - Will H. Bradley, American Artist in Print: A Collector's Guide
041604: KOCH, ROBERT - IL Peccato Nel Vecchio Testamento; la Rottura Dell'Alleanza
001951: KOCH, WALTER A. - Taxologie Des Englischen; Versuch Einer Einheitlichen Beschreibung Der Englischen Grammatik Und Englischer Texte
043599: KOCH, JOSEF - Artes Liberales Von Der Antiken Bildung Zur Wissenschaft Des Mittelalters
010211: KOCHAN, LIONEL - Russia in Revolution, 1890-1918
005273: KOCHANEK, STANLEY A. - The Congress Party of India; the Dynamics of One-Party Democracy
014560: KOCHENDOEFER, VIOLET A. - One Woman's World War II
026044: KOCHNITZKY, LEON - Negro Art in the Belgian Congo
002176: KOCKS, G. H. - Die Dialekte Von Südostdrente Und Anliegenden Gebieten; Eine Strukturgeographische Untersuchung
018096: KOCZOROWSKI, STANISLAW PIOTR - Adam Mickiewicz Et la Pensée Française, 1839-1923
025387: KODALY, ZOLTAN - Folk Music of Hungary
038755: KODAS, MICHAEL - High Crimes; the Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed
018621: KOECHLIN, CHARLES - Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)
026154: KOEHLER, WILHELM - Rembrandt
002177: KOEKKOEK, BYRON J. - Zur Phonologie Der Wiener Mundart
015549: KOELB, CLAYTON, ED - Thomas Mann's "Goethe and Tolstoy": Notes and Sources
004151: KOENIGSBERGER, H. G. - Estates and Revolutions; Esays in Early Modern European History
021872: KOERNER, E. F. K. - The Importance of Techmer's "Internationale Zeitschrift Fuer Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft" in the Development of General Linguistics; an Essay
030785: KOESTENBAUM, WAYNE - The Queen's Throat; Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire
045396: KOESTENBAUM, WAYNE - A. Neel; Paintings from the Thirties
044736: KOESTER, HELMUT - History, Culture, and Religion of the Hellenistic Age
019078: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Drinkers of Infinity; Essays, 1955-1967
019079: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Lotus and the Robot
019080: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Yogi and the Commissar and Other Essays
038705: KOETSCHAU, KARL - Rheinisches Steinzeug
043869: KOFF, LEONARD MICHAEL - Chaucer and the Art of Storytelling
005659: KOGAN, NORMAN - A Political History of Postwar Italy
018992: KOHL, WILFRED L. - French Nuclear Diplomacy
025051: KOHLENBERGER, HELMUT, ED - Reason, Action, and Experience; Essays in Honor of Raymond Klibansky
044621: KÖHLER, ERICH - Trobadorlyrik Und Höfischer Roman; Aufsätze Zur Franzöosischen Und Provenzalischen Literatur Des Mittelalters
039395: KOHM, KATHRYN A., ED - Balancing on the Brink of Extinction; the Endangered Species Act and Lessons for the Future
013919: KOHN, EUGENE - Religion and Humanity
044854: KOHUT, HEINZ - The Analysis of the Self; a Systematic Approach to the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Narcissistic Personality Disorders
020068: KOKOSCHKA, OSKAR - Oskar Kokoschka: Mein Leben
014984: KOKOSCHKA, OSKAR - Oskar Kokoschka: Drawings, 1906-1965
028229: KOLAKOWSKI, LESZEK - Traktat über Die Sterblichkeit Der Vernunft; Philosophische Essays
022132: KOLARZ, WALTER - Russia and Her Colonies
029493: KOLB, HERBERT - Der Begriff Der Minne Und Das Entstehen Der Höfischen Lyrik
040257: KOLBENHEYER, E. G. - Bauhüttenphilosophie; Ergänzende Und Erläuternde Abhandlungen
036578: KOLKMEYER, ALEXANDRA - The Clear Red Stone; a Myth and the Meaning of Menstruation
023002: KOLLEK, TEDDY - For Jerusalem; a Life
013035: KÖLLING, BIRGIT - Kiel Ub. Cod. Ms. K.B. 145; Studien Zu Den Althochdeutschen Glossen
019709: KÖLLMANN, WOLFGANG - Sozialgeschichte Der Stadt Barmen IM 19. Jahrhundert
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010359: KÖLNER, PAUL - Anno Dazumal; Ein Basler Heimatbuch
018623: KOLODIN, IRVING - The Opera Omnibus; Four Centuries of Critical Give and Take
037552: KOLPAS, NORMAN - Comforting Foods
038944: KÖLTZSCH, GEORG W., ED - Morosow Und Schtschukin, Die Russischen Sammler: Monet Bis Picasso. 120 Meisterwerke Aus Der Eremitage, St. Petersburg, Und Dem Puschkin-Museum, Moskau
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040324: KOMMA, KARL MICHAEL - Die Klaviersonate As-Dur Opus 110 Von Ludwig Van Beethoven; Beiheft Zur Faksimile-Ausgabe
040810: KOMMERELL, MAX - Dichterische Welterfahrung; Essays
036921: KON, MICHIKO - Michiko Kon; Still Lifes
030594: KONAR, AFFINITY - The Illustrated Version of Things
041251: KONESKI, BLAZE - Jazikot Na Makedonskata Narodna Poezija
002807: KÖNIG, FRANZ - Christus Und Die Religionen Der Erde; Handbuch Der Religionsgeschichte
044723: KONIGSON, ELIE - Figures Théâtrales Du Peuple
014886: KONIONKOV, SERGEI - Sergei Konionkov
030323: KONNER, MELVIN - Unsettled; an Anthropology of the Jews
015776: KONOW, JAN VAN - Kungl Norra Smålands Regementes Historia, 1623-1973
004293: KONVITZ, JOSEF W. - Cities & the Sea; Portcity Planning in Early Modern Europe
006023: KONVITZ, MILTON R. - A Century of CIVIL Rights
017297: KOONCE, B. G. - Chaucer and the Tradition of Fame; Symbolism in the House of Fame
026495: KOPP, FRIEDRICH - Die Römer in Deutschland
032254: KOPPER, PHILIP - The Smithsonian Book of North American Indians Before the Coming of the Europeans
1278: KOPPERS, WILHELM. TRANSLATED BY EDITH RAYBOULD - Primitive Man and His World Picture
027747: KOPPERS, WILHELM - Die Anfänge Des Menschlichen Gemeinschaftslebens IM Spiegel Der Neuern Völkerkunde
013920: KOPPERS, WILHELM - Der Urmensch Und Sein Weltbild
039139: KÖPSTEIN, HELGA - Besonderheiten Der Byzantinischen Feudalentwicklung; Eine Sammlung Von Beiträgen Zu Den Frühen Jahrhunderten
022675: KORBEL, JOSEF - Twentieth-Century Czechoslovakia; the Meanings of Its History
038866: KORDA, MICHAEL - Another Life; a Memoir of Other People
021370: KOREVAART, KORNELIA JOHANNA JANNETJE - Ziften En Zemelknoopen; Literaire Kritiek in de Nederlandse Dag-, Nieuws- En Weekbladen 1814-1848
015504: KORFF, SERGE A. - Electron and Nuclear Counters; Theory and Use
042789: KORFF, WILHELM - Norm Und Sittlichkeit; Untersuchungen Zur Logik Der Normativen Vernunft
014387: KORN, JÖRN - Modern Makonde Art
008053: KORNBLUH, JOYCE L. - A New Deal for Workers' Education; the Workers' Service Program, 1933-1942
009611: KÖRNER, KARL-HERMANN - Die "Aktionsgemeinschaft Finites Verb + Infinitiv" IM Spanischen Forensystem; Vorstsudie Zu Einer Untersuchung Der Sprache Pedro Calderon de la Barcas
027913: KORNGOLD, RALPH - Citizen Toussaint
005016: KOROL, ALELXANDER G. - Soviet Education for Science and Technology
031163: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAI - Christmas Eve; Opera. Vocal Score
031179: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NICOLAI - May Night; Opera. Vocal Score
031180: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAI - Mlada; Opera-Ballet. Vocal Socre
031181: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAI - Sadko; Opera. Vocal Score
031182: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAI - Scheherazade. In Full Socre
031183: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAI - Snow Maiden; Opera. Vocal Socre
031184: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAI - The Tale of Tsar Saltan; Opera. Vocal Score
031185: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAI - The Tsar's Bride; Opera. Vocal Score
015107: KORSUNSKY, M. - The Atomic Nucleus
023040: KORTH, EUGENE H. - Spanish Policy in Colonial Chile; the Struggle for Social Justice, 1535-1700
011248: KÖRTING, GUSTAV - Geschichte Des Griechischen Und Römischen Theaters
040486: KOS, PETER - Slovenska Partizanska Placilna Sredstva; the Sloven Partisan Means of Payment; Les Moyens de Paiement Des Partisans Slovènes
005329: KOSAMBI, D. D. - The Culture and Civilisation of Ancient India in Historical Outline
040527: KOSCHLIG, MANFRED - Das Ingenium Grimmelshausens Und Das "Kollektiv"; Studien Zur Entstehungs- Und Wirkungsgeschichte Des Werkes
039361: KOSINSKI, DOROTHY M. - Orpheus in Nineteenth-Century Symbolism
005755: KOSLOW, JULES - The Despised and the Damned; the Russian Peasant Through the Ages
025270: KOSLOWSKI, PETER - Die Religiöse Dimension Der Gesellschaft; Religion Und Ihre Theorien
025275: KOSSAK, ADALBERT VON - Erinnerungen
026497: KOSSOFF, DAVID - The Voices of Masada
035459: KOSTENEVICH, ALBERT - Hidden Treasures Revealed; Impressionist Masterpieces and Other Important French Paintings Preserved by the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
030578: KOSTOF, SPIRO - The Third Rome, 1870-1950; Traffic and Glory
043774: KOSTSOVA, ALEKSANDRA S. - Drevnerusskaia Zhivopis V Sobranii Ermitazha: Ikonopis', Knizhnaia Miniatiura, Ornamentika XIII-Nacahalo XVII Veka
030525: KOSUTH, JOSEPH - The Play of the Unmentionable; an Installation by Joseph Kosuth at the Brooklyn Museum
041478: KOSZAREK, CLARE, SISTER - The Catechesis of Original Sin
003891: KOTZ, DAVID M. - Bank Control of Large Corporations in the United States
006933: KOUBOURLIS, DEMETRIUS J., ED - A Concordance to the Poems of Osip Mandelstam
002181: KOUTSOUDAS, ANDREAS - Writing Transformational Grammars: An Introduction
035917: KOUWENHOVEN, JOHN A. - The Beer Can by the Highway; Essays on What's "American" About America
035781: KOUWENHOVEN, JOHN A. - The Columbia Historical Portrait of New York; an Essay in Graphic History in Honor of the Tricentennial of New York City and the Bicentennial of Columbia University
043350: KOVACS, EVA - Romanesque Goldsmiths' Art in Hungary
006362: KOVESI, JULIUS - Moral Notions
043046: KOVNER, ABBA - The Scrolls of Fire; a Nation Fighting for Its Life; Fifty-Two Chapters of Jewish Martyrology
018692: KOWALKE, KIM H., ED - A New Orpheus; Essays on Kurt Weill
020216: KOYAMA, FUJIO, ED - Japanese Ceramics from Ancient to Modern Times
042611: KOYAMA, FUJIO - Keramik Des Orients: China, Japan, Korea, Südostasien, Naher Osten
009614: KOZIOL, HERBERT - Zahlen in Englischen Versdichtungen
009615: KOZIOL, HERBERT - Zum Englischen Einfluss Auf Den Deutschen Wortschatz in Den Jahrzehnten Um 1800
040503: KOZLOFF, MAX - Photography & Fascination; Essays
011250: KOZLOFF, ARIELLE P. - Animals in Ancient Art from the Leo Mildenberg Collection
020419: KRABBE, HENNING - Bernard Shaw on Shakespeare and English Shakespearian Acting
018625: KRACAUER, S. - Orpheus in Paris; Offenbach and the Paris of His Time
005968: KRADITOR, AILEEN S. - The Ideas of the Woman Suffrage Movement, 1890-1920
043571: KRAFT, WERNER - Wort Und Gedanke; Kritische Betrachtungen Zur Poesie
025034: KRAFT, ROBERT A. - Septuagintal Lexicography
036949: KRAKAU, KNUD - Die Kubanische Revolution Und Die Monroe-Doktrin; Eine Herausforderung Der AußEnpolitik Der Vereinigten Staaten
015777: KRAMARZ, JOACHIM - Stauffenberg, the Architect of the Famous July 20th Conspiracy to Asasinate Hitler
021554: KRAMER, FRITZ W. - Literature Among the Cuna Indians
022816: KRAMER, FRITZ W. - Der Rote Fes; ûber Bessenheit Und Kunst in Afrika
040590: KRAMER, VICTOR A. - Thomas Merton
008525: KRAMER, FRANK R. - Voices in the Valley; Mythmaking and Folk Belief in the Shaping of the Middle West
032927: KRAMER, STEVEN AARON - Positive Endings in Psychotherapy; Bringing Meaningful Closure to Therapeutic Relationships
039589: KRAMER, JONATHAN D. - Listen to the Music; a Self-Guided Tour Through the Orchestral Repertoire Based on Program Notes Written for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, 1980-89, Adaped and Reprinted with the Kind Permission of the Cincinnati Symphony
039750: KRAMNICK, ISAAC - Bolingbroke and His Ciricle; the Politics of Nostalgia in the Age of Walpole
024291: KRAMRISCH, STELLA - The Presence of Siva
025033: KRÄNKL, EMMERAM - Jesus Der Knecht Gottes; Die Heilsgeschichtliche Stellung Jesu in Den Reden Der Apostelgeschichte
043536: KRANZFELDER, IVO - Edward Hopper 1882-1967; Vision of Reality
020753: KORVIN-KRASINSKI, CYRILL VON - Trina Mundi Machina; Die Signatur Des Alten Eurasien. Ausgewählte Schriften
023910: KRASNO, RENA - Strangers Always; a Jewish Family in Wartime Shanghai
038776: KRASSNER, PAUL - Confessions of a Raving Unconfined Nut; Misadventures in the Counter-Culture
041032: KRAUS, CARL VON, ED - Des Minnesangs Frühling
012792: KRAUS, WOLFGANG - Die Ayt Hdiddu; Wirtschaft Und Gesellschaft IM Zentralen Hohen Altas. Ein Beitrag Zur Diskussion Segmentärer Systeme in Marokko
024293: KRAUS, HANS-JOACHIM - Theologie Der Psalmen
025035: KRAUS, JOHN L. - John Locke, Empiricist, Atomist, Conceptualist and Agnostic
003892: KRAUS, MICHAEL - The Atlantic Civilization; Eighteenth-Century Origins
028890: KRAUS, VICTOR VON - Das Nürnberger Reichsregiment; Gründung Und Verfall 1500-1502
005018: KRAUS, GEORGE - High Road to Promontory; Building the Central Pacific (Now the Southern Pacific Across the High Sierra
042032: KRAUS, KRISTIAN - Das Buch Der Glücksspiele
041807: KRAUS, HENRY - Gold Was the Mortar; the Economics of Cathedral Building
042588: H. P. KRAUS - Incunabula Including Many Famous Woodcut Books
044374: KRAUS, KARL, ED - Die Fackel
003594: KRAUSE, JOHANN HEINRICH - Die Byzantiner Des Mittelalters in Ihrem Staats-, Hof- Und Privatleben, Insbesondere Vom Ende Des Zehnten Bis Gegen Ende Des Vierzehnten Jahrhundert Nach Den Byzantinischen Quellen Dargestellt
032635: KRAUSE, ANNA - Azorin, the Little Philosopher; Inquiry Into the Birth of a Literary Personality
045271: KRAUSE, BERNIE - The Great Animal Orchestra; Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places
001838: KRAUSE, ERNST - Richard Strauss; the Man and His Work
023708: KRAUSE, JENS-UWE - Die Familie Und Weitere Anthropologische Grundlagen
007838: KRAUSE, DAVID - The Profane Book of Irish Comedy
026500: KRAUSE, GÜNTER - Untersuchungen Zu Den ältesten Nekropolen Am Eridanos in Athen
015068: KRAUSE, DAVID - Sean O'Casey; the Man and His Work
043003: KRAUSS, WERNER, ED - Die Französische Aufklärung IM Spiegel Der Deutschen Literatur Des 18. Jahrhunderts
009616: KRÄUTER, J. F. - Zur Lautverschiebung
589: KRAUTHEIMER, RICHARD - Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture
003984: KRBEK, FRANZ VON - Eingefangenes Unendlich; Bekenntnis Zur Geschichte Der Mathematik
014723: KREIGER, BARBARA - Living Waters; Myth, History and Politics of the Dead Sea
044678: KREINOVICH, E. A. - Iukagirskii Iazyk
010605: KREJCI, JAROSLAV - Social Structure in Divided Germany
036969: KREMENTZ, JILL - The Writer's Image; Literary Portraits
042826: KREN, THOMAS - French Illuminated Manuscripts in the J. Paul Getty Museum
045442: KREN, THOMAS, ED - Margare of York, Simon Marmion, and the Visions of Tondal
036922: KRENS, THOMAS, ET AL. - In/Sight; African Photographers 1940 to the Present
009485: KRESS, PAUL F. - Social Science and the Idea of Process; the Ambiguous Legacy of Arthur F. Bentley
045636: KRETSCHMAR, GEORG - Studien Zur Frühchristlichen Trinitätstheologie
009619: KRETSCHMER, PAUL - Objektive Konjugation IM Indogermanischen
001839: KRETZSCHMAR, HERMANN - Musikalische Zeitfragen; Zehn Vorträge
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034399: KRUGMAN, PAUL - The Age of Diminished Expectations; U.S. Economic Policy in the 1990s
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025040: LAKELAND, PAUL - The Politics of Salvation; the Hegelian Idea of the State
005699: LAKIER, ALEKSANDR BORISOVICH - A Russian Looks at America; the Journey of Aleksandr Borisovich Lakier in 1857
025518: LAKOFF, GEORGE - Whose Freedom? the Battle over America's Most Important Idea
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013925: LALUMIA, JOSEPH - The Ways of Reason; a Critical Study of the Ideas of Emile Meyerson
017061: LAM, WILLY WO-LAP - China After Deng Xiaoping; the Power Struggle in Beijing Since Tiananmen
034359: LAMAR, HOWARD R., ED - The New Encyclopedia of the American West
019994: LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE DE - Histoire Des Girondins
010074: MARTINEZ LAMAS, JULIO - Requeza Y Pobreza Del Uruguay; Estudio de Las Causas Que Retardan El Progreso Nacional
020493: MARTINEZ LAMAS, JULIO - Riqueza Y Pobreza Del Uruguay; Estudio de la Causas Que Retarden El Progreso Nacional
039039: LAMB, LYNTON - County Town; Backs and Fronts in Kennelsford
036774: LAMB, CHRISTINA - The Sewing Circles of Herat; a Personal Voyage Through Afghanistan
043329: LAMB, HENRY - Henry Lamb
045601: LAMB, DAVID - Vietnam, Now; a Reporter Returns
022139: LAMBERG, LYNNE - Bodyrhythms; Chronobiology and Peak Performance
014483: LAMBERT, LYDIA - Pushkin; Poet and Lover
021876: LAMBERT, WALLACE E. - Language, Psychology, and Culture; Essays
011365: LAMBERT, JOHN R. - Crime, Police, and Race Relations; a Study in Birmingham
015784: LAMBETH, BENJAMIN S. - Russia's Air Power at the Crossroads
037643: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - Ernest Griset; Fantasies of a Victorian Illustrator
037999: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - Utopian Craftsmen; the Arts and Crafts Movement from the Cotswolds to Chicago
040121: LAMBRECHTS, PIERRE - La Compostion Du Sénat Romain de L'Accession Au Trone D'Hadrien à Ala Mort de Commode (117-192)
037433: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Temples of Convenience and Chambers of Dlight
1597: (LAMENNAIS, FÉLICITÉ). VERUCCI, GUIDO - Félicité Lamennais; Cal Cattolicesimo Autoritario Al Radicalismo Democratic O.
013926: LAMIRANDE, EMILIEN - What Is the Communion of Saints
010104: LAMM, MARTIN - Modern Drama
015816: LINDSTROM, LAMONT AND GEORFFREY M. WHITE - Island Encounters; Black and White Memories of the Pacific War
008948: LAMONTE, JOHN L. - The Wrold of the Middle Ages; a Reorientation of Medieval History
042642: LAMOTHE, D. - Mille Ans D'Histoire Locale Avec Les Seigneurs de Castelnau-Bretenoux
038659: LAMPE, G. W. H., ED - The Cambridge History of the Bible. Volume 2: The West from the Fathers to the Reformation
1289: LAMPERT, E. - The Apocalypse of History; Problems of Providence and Human Destiny
014738: LAMPERT, NICHOLAS - Whistleblowing in the Soviet Union; a Study of Complaints and Abuses Under State Socialism
010716: LAMPING, HEINRICH - Zur Relevanz Administrativer Zentren Und Einheiten Für Die Entwicklung Zentraler Orte Und Ihrer Bereiche; Eine Untersuchung Am Beispiel Der Unteren Staatlichen Verwaltungsbehörden in Unterfranken (1800-1970)
039327: LAMPMAN, ROBERT J. - Ends and Means of Reducing Income Poverty
039163: LAMPMAN, ROBERT J., ED - Economists at Wisconsin 1892-1992
039283: LAMPMAN, ROBERT J. - Social Welfare Spending; Accounting for Changes from 1950 to 1978
023968: LAMPRECHT, KARL - Americana; Reiseeindrücke, Betrachtungen, Geschichtliche Gesamtansicht
021240: LAMPSON, ROBIN - Terza-Rima Sonnets
020569: LANATA, GIULANA, ED - IL Tardoantico Alle Soglie Del Duemila: Diritto, Religione, Società
034748: LANCASHIRE, IAN - Dramatic Texts and Records of Britain: A Chronological Topography to 1558
034028: LANCASTER, HENRY CARRINGON - French Tragedy in the Time of Louis XV and Voltaire, 1715-1774
034029: LANCASTER, H. CARRINGTON - French Tragedy in the Reigh of Louis XVI and the Early Years of the French Revolution, 1774-1792
040030: LANCASTER, KELVIN - Consumer Demand; a New Approach
034022: LANCASTER, HENRY CARRINGTON - Sunset; a History of Parisian Drama in the Last Years of Louis XIV 1701-1957
037291: LANCASTER, OSBERT - The Littlehampton Bequest
044859: LANCASTER, CLAY - The Japanese Influence in America
024654: GOMEZ LANCE, BETTY RITA - La Actitud Picaresca En la Novela Española Del Siglo XX
037215: LANCESTER, OSBERT - Here, of All Places
005825: LANCESTER, HENRY CARRINGTON - French Tragedy in the Reign of Louis XVI and the Early Years of the French Revolution, 1774-1792
035719: LANCESTER, OSBERT - Here, of All Places; the Pocket Lamp of Architecture, Incorporating Homes Swwet Homes and Pillar to Post and Homes Across the Atlantic
013524: LANCHNER, CAROLYN, ED - Paul Klee
015264: LANCHNER, CAROLYN - Fernand Léger
014301: LANCMAN, ELI - Chinese Portraiture
036120: LANCTOT, GUSTAVE - Montréal Sous Maisonneuve 1642-1665
040610: LAND, HUGH C. - Birds of Guatemala
037818: LAND, LESLIE - Reading between the Recipes; a Year's Worth of Inspired, Innovative, Often Outrageous Ideas on New England Food and Cooking
021622: LANDAIS, HUBERT - La Porcelaine Française, Xviiie Siècle
025864: LANDAU, EDMUND - Foundations of Analysis; the Arithmetic of Whole, Rational, Irrational, and Complex Numbers
017955: LANDAU, SIDNEY I. - Dicitionaries; the Art and Craft of Lexicography
031105: LANDAU, DAVID - Piety and Power; the World of Jewish Fundamentalism
041546: LANDAUER, SUSAN - California Impressionists
026504: LANDELS, J. G. - Engineering in the Ancient World
034997: LANDER, J. R. - Conflict and Stability in Fifteenth-Century England
028893: LANDER, J. R. - The Wars of the Roses
024299: LANDES, DANIEL - Confronting Omnicide; Jewish Reflections on Weapons of Mass Destruction
026505: LANDFESTER, MANFRED - Das Griechische Nomen "Philos" Und Seine Ableitungen
018106: LANDHEER, BART - Pause for Transition; an Analysis of the Relation of Man, Mind and Society
041108: LANDMANN, MICHAEL - Das Zeitalter Als Schicksal; Eie Geistegeschichtliche Kategorie Der Epoche
036255: LANDOLT, EDUARD - Systematischer Index Zu Werken Heideggers. Was Ist Das--Die Philosophie? Indentität Und Differenz; Gelassenheit
034334: LANDON, H. C. ROBBINS - Essays on the Viennese Classical Style: Gluck, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
030820: LANDON, H. C. ROBBINS - 1791; Mozart's Last Year
030821: LANDON, H. C. ROBBINS - Vivaldi; Voice of the Baroque
018635: LANDON, H. C. ROBBINS - Mozart; the Golden Years, 1781-1791
037264: LANDON, H. C. ROBBINS - Mozart; the Golden Years 1781-1791
025786: LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE - Selected Imaginary Conversation of Literary Men and Statemen
018636: LANDORMY, PAUL - Brahms
040250: LANDSBERG, HANS H., ET AL. - Resources in America's Future; Patterns of Requirements and Availabilities 1960-2000
010081: LANDSBERGER, ARTUR - Jüdische Sprichwörter
1292: LANDSBERGER, FRANZ - Rembrandt, the Jews and the Bible
027482: LANDSBERGER, HENRY A., ED - Latin American Peasant Movements
003896: LANDSVERK, O. G. - Runic Records of the Norsemen in America
022529: LANE, ERNEST PRESTON - Metric Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
015786: LANE, MARK - Conversations with Americans
026569: LANE, MILLICENT TRAVIS - The Crisp Day Closing on My Hand; the Poetry of M. Travis Lane
037988: GROSVENOR HOUSE (PARK LANE), LTD - The Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair, 11-17 June 2003; 2000 Handbook
039176: LANE, ARTHUR - Greek Pottery
035320: LANE, G. R. - G.R. L. 's "Own" Cookery Book. A Man's Book for Every Woman
014664: LANE, ARTHUR - A Guide to the Collection of Tiles
035725: LANE, ANDREW - Motoring Costume
015300: LANE, DAVID - State and Politics in the Ussr
021494: LANE, PETER - The Industrial Revolution; the Birth of the Modern Age
036986: LANE, JOHN - A Taste of the Past
043434: LANE, MILLS - Architecture of the Old South
022449: LANG, RUDOLF WALTER - Zeiten Und Menschen IM Spiegel Der Anekdote
045208: LANG, WILLIAM L., ED - Stories from an Open Country; Essays on the Yellowstone River Valley
044586: LANG, ARTUR PAUL - Leo Der Grosse Und Die Texte Des Altgelasianums Mit Berücksichtigung Des Sacramentarium Leonianum Und Des Sacramentarium Gregorianum
044593: LANG, HELEN S. - Aristotle's Physics and Its Medieval Varieties
035569: LANG, DANIEL - An Inquiry Into Enoughness; of Bombs and Men and Staying Alive
019830: LANG, HANS-JOACHIM - Poeten Und Pointen; Zur Amerikanischen Erzählungen Des 19. Jahrhunderts
043187: LANG, DAVID MARSHALL - The Georgians
039232: LANG, DANIEL - The Man in the Thick Lead Suit
039926: LANG, ANDREW - Social England Illustrated; a Collection of Xviith Century Tracts
024609: LANGAN, THOMAS - The Meaning of Heidegger; a Critical Study of an Existentialist Phenomenology
015787: LANGBEIN, HERMANN - ... Nicht Wie Die Schafe Zur Schlachtbank; Widerstand in Den Nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagern, 1938-1945
010611: LANGBEIN, HERMANN - ... Nicht Wie Die Schafe Zur Schlachtbank; Widerstand in Den Nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagern 1938-1945
034961: LANGDON, SUSAN - Art and Identity in Dark Age Greece, 1100-700 B.C. E.
037538: LANGDON, PHILIP - Orange Roofs, Golden Arches; the Architecture of American Chain Restaurants
013810: DE LANGE, NICHOLAS - Judaism
027391: LANGE, OSKAR - Introduction to Econometrics
029883: DE LANGE, NICHOLAS - Atlas of the Jewish World
040789: LANGE, KLAUS-PETER - Theoretiker Des Literarischen Manierismus; Tesauros Und Pellegrinis Lehre Von Der "Acutezza" Oder Von Der Macht Der Sprache
041220: LANGE, M. T. - Om Forandringen Af Danmarks Plantevaext I de Sidste to Aarhundreder
037764: LANGE, DOROTHEA - Dorothea Lange Looks at the American Country Woman
045007: LANGE, EVA BOETTCHER - A Middle High German Benedictine Rule, Ms. Wilhering, Austria, No. 14
022354: LANGELAND, KNUT - Norske Hager; Hagevandringer I Ord Og Bilder
004853: LANGENBRUCH, W. - Praktische Menschenkenntnis; Eine Leicht Fassliche Anleitung, Die Menschen Aus Ihrer Handschrift Zu Erkennen, Zugleich Ein Autographen-Album Bedutender Und Interessanter Persönlichkeiten
028770: LANGENMAIER, THEODOR - Lexicon Zur Alten Georgraphie Des Südlichen äquatorialafrika
010613: LANGER, WALTER C. - The Mind of Adolf Hitler; the Secret Wartime Report
021350: LANGER, WERNER - Briefe Des Alten Frankreich
039396: LANGER, ELINOR - A Hundred Little Hitlers; the Death of Black Man, the Trial of a White Racist, and the Rise of the Neo-Nazi Movement in America
038748: LANGER, SUSANNE K. - Philosophy in a New Key; a Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art
026507: LANGERBECK, HERMANN - Doxis Epirhysmie; Studien Zu Demokrits Ethik Und Erkenntnislehre
025412: LANGEWIESCHE, WILLIAM - Cutting for Sign
011366: LANGHORNE, ELIZABETH - Nancy Astor and Her Friends
006663: LANGILLE, HOWARD PETER - Changing the Guard; Canada's Defence in a World in Transition
044401: LANGLAND, WILLIAM - Piers Plowman; the C-Text
004160: LANGLAND, ELIZABETH - Society in the Novel
028346: LANGLOIS, CHARLES VICTOR - Manuel de Bibiographie Historique
022047: LANGLOIS, WALTER G., ED - The Persistent Voice; Essays on Hellenism in French Literature Since the 18th Century in Honor of Professor Henri M. Peyre
003396: LANGLOTZ, ERNST - Griechische Vasenbilder
035384: LANGNER, LAWRENCE - Gbs and the Lunatic; Reminiscences of the Long, Lively and Affectionarte Friendship between George Bernard Shaw and the Author
035537: LANGOSCH, KARL - Geistliche Spiele; Lateinische Dramen Des Mittelalters Mit Deutschen Versen
045498: LANGSDORFF, GEORGE H. VON - Voyages and Travels in Various Parts of the World
036488: LANGSNER, DREW - Country Woodcraft
044981: LANGSTON, DOUGLAS C. - God's Willing Knowledge; the Influence of Scotus' Analysis of Omniscience
023315: LANGTON, KENNETH P. - Political Socialization
024652: LANHAM, RICHARD A. - The Electronic Word; Democracy, Technology, and the Arts
033732: LANHAM, RICHARD A. - The Motives of Eloquence; Literary Rhetoric in the Renaissance
018902: LANIER, SIDNEY - The Marshes of Glynn
009218: LANIER, EMILIA - The Poems of Shakespeare's Dark Lady: Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum
035234: LANSDELL, AVRIL - Fashion à la Carte 1860-1900; a Study of Fashion Through Carte-de-Visite
035529: LANSDELL, AVRIL - Occupational Costume and Working Clothes, 1776-1976
035566: LANSDOWNE, J. FENWICK - Birds of the Eastern Forest
041543: LANSING, JOHN, JR. - The Delegate from New York or Proceedings of the Federal Convention of 1787 from the Notes of John Lansing, Jr.
015791: LANSING, ROBERT - The Peace Negotiations; a Personal Narrative
032550: LANSON, GUSTAVE - Esquisse D'Une Histoire de la Tragédie Française
011367: LANT, JEFFREY L. - Insubstantial Pageant; Ceremony and Confusion at Queen Victoria's Court
021649: LANT, ANTONIA - Blackout; Reinventing Women for Wartime British Cinema
010435: LANTIER, RAYMOND - Man Before History
039606: LANZ, PETER - Menschliches Handeln Zwischen Kausalität Und Rationalität
041118: LANZA, ADRIANO - Dante E la Gnosi; Esoterismo Del "Convivio
005750: LAPALOMBARA, JOSEPH - Democracy Italian Style
018638: LAPARRA, RAOUL - Bizet Et L'Espagne
011815: LAPHAM, LEWIS H., ED - High Technology & Human Freedom
008949: LAPIDUS, IRA M. - Middle Eastern Cities; a Symposium on Ancient, Islamic, and Contemporary Middle Eastern Urbanism
033974: LAPIDUS, IRA MARVIN - Muslim Cities in the Later Middle Ages
019201: LAPIE, PIERRE OLIVIER - Herriot
027383: LAPONCE, J. A. - The Government of the Fifth Republic; French Political Parties and the Constitution
042276: LAPORTE, JEAN - The Role of Women in Early Christianity
008706: LAPRADE, WILLIAM THOMAS - Public Opinion and Politics in Eighteenth Century England to the Fall of Walpole
011368: LAPRADE, WILLIAM THOMAS - Public Opinion and Politics in Eighteenth Century England to the Fall of Walpole
044912: LAQUEUR, WALTER - The Changing Face of Antisemitism from Ancient Times to the Present Day
023003: LAQUEUR, WALTER - A History of Zionism
015793: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Guerrilla; a Historical and Critical Study
010887: LAQUEUR, WALTER Z. - The Soviet Union and the Middle East
022935: LAQUEUR, WALTER Z., ED - The Middle East in Transition; Studies in Contemporary History
030801: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Fascism; Past, Present, Future
041931: TUÑÓN DE LARA, MANUEL - Storia Del Movimento Operaio Spagnolo
010055: ACOSTA Y LARA, EDUARDO F. - Los Chana Timbues En la Antigua Banda Oriental
033120: LARA, MARIA PIA - Narrating Evil; a Postmetaphysical Theory of Reflective Judgment
038207: LARBAUD, VALERY - A.O. Barnabooth: His Diary
031199: LARDNER, RING - Lardner on Baseball
005724: LARG, DAVID - Giuseppe Garibaldi; a Biography
037597: LARKCOM, JOY - Oriental Vegetables; the Complete Guide for Garden and Kitchen
035491: LARKCOM, JOY - The Salad Garden
037482: LARKIN, DAVID - The Essential Book of Rural America; Down-to-Earth Buildings
015794: LARKIN, MARGARET - The Six Days of Yad Mordechai
020313: LARNER, JOHN - Marco Polo and the Discovery of the World
015795: LARRABEE, ERIC - Commander in Cheif; Franklin Delano, Roosevelt, His Lieutenants, and Their War
007602: LARRABEE, HAROLD A. - Decision at the Chesapeake
043209: LARRABEE, CONSTANCE STUART - Go Well, My Child; Photographsy by Constance Stuart Larrabee
027769: LARRAZABAL, J. S. - Das Flugzeug IM Spanischen Bürgerkrieg, 1936-1939: Flieger Auf Beiden Seiten
024810: LARRINGTON, CAROLYNE - The Feminist Companion to Mythology
044529: LARRINGTON, CAROLYNE - Women and Writing in Medieval Europe; a Sourcebook
035575: LARSEN, LUCINDA CHRISTENSON - Lucinda's Party Foods
1293: LARSON, GUSTIVE O. - Prelude to the Kingdom; Mormon Desert Conquest. A Chapter in American Coope Rative Experience
017664: LARSON, GARY - Last Chapter and Worse

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