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030111: JOHNSON, SAMUEL, - Johnson on Johnson; a selection of the personal and autobiographical Writings of Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)..
014462: JOHNSON, J. STEWART, - Eileen Gray, Designer..
040672: JOHNSON, KIM "HOWARD, - Life Before and After Monty Python; the Solo Flights of the Flying Circus..
035856: JOHNSON, ROBERT FLYNN, - Anonymous; Enigmatic Images from unknown Photographers..
035748: JOHNSON, CLIFTON, - What They Say in New England; a book of Signs, Sayings, and Superstitions..
037758: JOHNSON, CLIFTON, - Highways and Byways from the St. Lawrence to Virginia..
036861: JOHNSON, CATHERYN R, - Washburn Pioneers..
033047: JOHNSON, GEORGE, - A Shortcut through Time; the Path to the Quantum Computer..
032889: JOHNSON, LYNN D., - Psychotherapy in the Age of Accountability..
040715: JOHNSON, ROBERT BARBOUR, - The Magic Park..
035181: JOHNSON, DIANA L, - Fantastic Illustration and Design in Britain, 1850-1930..
041208: JOHNSON, HARRY G, - Alternative Guiding Principles for the Use of Monetary Policy..
000067: JOHNSON, HARRY G, - Money, Trade and Economic Growth; Survey Lectures in Economic Theory..
039882: JOHNSON, PAUL C., ED, - The Early Sunset Magazine 1898-1928..
043834: JOHNSON, PETER, - Romano-British Mosaics..
039825: JOHNSON, ELMER W, - Chicago Metropolis 2020; the Chicago Plan for the Twenty-First Century..
036268: JOHNSTON, CATHERINE ET AL, - Baltic Light; Early Open-air Painting in Denmark and North Germany..
020908: JOHNSTON, HARRY, - Pioneers in West Africa..
025386: JOHNSTON, JOSEPH, - Bishop Berkeley's Querist in Historical Perspective..
003816: JOHNSTON, MARY, - Exists and Entrances in Roman Comedy (Plautus and Terence)..
018348: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM G., - Overland to California. A Member of the wagon Train first to Enter California...in the Memorable Year of 1849..
019790: JOHNSTON, JOHANNA, - The Life, Manners, and travels of Fanny Trollope; a Biography..
020541: JOHNSTON, CAROL MORTON AND HARRY MORTON, - The Farthest Corner; New Zealand--a Twice Discovered Land..
035744: JOHNSTON, JAMES F. W, - The Chemistry of Common Life..
032005: JOHNSTON, BASIL, - The Manitous; the Spiritual World of the Ojibway..
036411: JOHNSTON, FRANCES B, - The Hampton Album..
036045: JOHNSTON, BASIL, - Ojibbway Heritage..
036363: JOHNSTON, PAUL FORSYTHE, - Ship and Boat Models in Ancient Greece..
016985: JOHNSTONE, JAY, - Some of My best Friends are Crazy; Baseball's Favorite Lunatic goes in Search of His Peeers..
015673: JOHNSTONE, SANDY, - Enemy in the Sky; My 1940 Diary..
021715: JOHNSTONE, PAULINE, - A Guide to Greek Island Embroidery..
016738: JOINVILLE, FRANÇOIS-FERDINAND-PHILIPPE-LOUIS-MARIE D'ORLEANS, PRINCE DE, - A Civil War Album of Paintings By the Prince De Joinville..
043679: JOLIVET, RÉGIS, - Aux sources de l'existentialisme chrétien: Kierkegaard..
041917: JOLL, JAMES, - Antonio Gramsci..
029469: JONAS, GERALD, - Dancing; the Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement..
006885: JONAS, ILSEDORE B., - Thomas Mann and Italy..
021077: JONAS, KLAUS W., ED., - Deutsche Weltliteratur Von Goethe Bis Ingeborg Bachmann; Festgabe Für J. Alan Pfeffer..
040633: JONAS, HANS, - The Gnostic Religion; the Message of the Alien God and the Beginnings of Christianity..
033521: JONDORF, GILLIAN, - Robert Garnier and the Themes of political Tragedy in the sixteenth Century..
039967: JONES, MALDWYN ALLEN, - American Immigration..
039180: JONES, HARVEY L., - Mathews; Masterpieces of the California Decorative Style..
037313: JONES, HARVEY L., - Mathews; masterpieces of the California Decorative Style..
022748: JONES, R. O., ED., - Studies in Spanish Literature of the Golden Age Presented to Edward M. Wilson..
023534: JONES, DYLAN, - Jim MOrrison, Dark Star..
037470: JONES, BARBARA, - Water-colour Painting..
023808: JONES, CHRIS, - Too far from Home; a Story of Life and Death in Space..
024165: JONES, ADAM, - Zur Quellenproblematik der Geschichte Westafrikas 1450-1900..
012785: JONES, GRIFF, - Britain and Nyasaland..
565: JONES, GWYN., - A history of the Vikings..
025021: JONES, JACQUELINE, - American Work; four centuries of black and White Labor..
025065: JONES, RUFUS M., - Spiritual reformers in the 16th & 17th Centuries..
006346: JONES, HENRY AND JOHN HENRY MUIRHEAD, - The Life and Philosophy of Edward Caird, 1921..
005941: JONES, TERRY L., - Lee's Tigers; the Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia..
015676: JONES, PROCTOR PATTERSON, - Napoleon; an Intimate Acccount of the Years of Supremacy, 1800-1814..
015895: JONES, PETER LLOYD, - The Economics of Nuclear Power Programs in the United Kingdom..
014694: JONES, HENRY, - The Laws of Piquet Adopted By the Portland and Turf Clubs with a Treatise on the Game By "Cavendish"..
021843: JONES, LINDA KAY, - Theme in English expository Discourse..
010844: JONES, EVAN, - American Food, the gastronomic Story; Including a Personal Treasury of More Than 500 distinctive Regional, Traditional and Contemporary Recipes..
015675: JONES, LLOYD S., - U.S. Fighters..
018871: JONES, BERNARD E., ED., - Encyclopedia of Photography..
008017: JONES, HOWARD, - Union in Peril; the Crisis Over British Intervention in the Civil War..
017416: JONES, RICHARD GLYN, ED., - Unsolved! Classic True murder Cases..
017484: JONES, H. G., - The Records of a Nation; Their Management, Preservation, and Use..
017520: JONES, BARBARA L., - Samuel Rosenberg; Portrait of a Painter..
011812: JONES, H. SPENCER, - Life on Other Worlds..
028444: JONES, LOUISE SEYMOUR, - Put a feather in Your Hat; Light garden Reading..
007588: JONES, EDGAR R., - Those Were the Good Old Days; a Happy Look at American Advertising, 1880-1930..
030409: JONES, H. S. V., - A Spenser Handbook..
002421: JONES, MOTHER, - The Speeches and Writings of Mother Jones..
002797: JONES, HARDY E, - Kant's Principle of Personality..
034914: JONES, THOMAS S., JR, - Leonardo Da Vinci and Other Sonnets..
011241: JONES, THOMAS, - Lloyd George..
042212: JONES, OAKAH L., JR, - Guatemala in the Spanish Colonial Period..
030790: JONES, P. MANSELL AND G. RICHARDSON, EDS., - A Book of French Verse: Lamartine to Éluard..
037694: JONES, ALLEN, - Sheer Magic..
031364: JONES, HERSCHEL V., - Adventures in Americana 1492-1897. The Romance of voyage and discovery from Spain fo the Indies, the Spanish Main, and North America; Inland to the Ohio Country; on Toward the Mississippi; Through to California; Over Chilkoot Pass to the Gold Fields.....
031365: JONES, HERSCHEL V., - American Collection of Herschel V. Jones..
043905: JONES, TERRY, - Chaucer's Knigh; the Portrait of a Medieval Mercenary..
015674: JONES, GEOFFREY P., - Defeat of the Wolf Packs..
034517: JONES, PETER V. AND KEITH C. SIDWELL, - Reading Latin..
037702: JONES, L. E, - Georgian Afternoon..
006129: JONES, ARTHUR CREECH, ED., - New Fabian colonial Essays..
032879: JONES, MARSHALL R., ED., - Miami Symposium on the Prediction of Behavior, 1967: Aversive Stimulation..
041428: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD, - Revolution & Romanticism..
005626: DE JONGE, ALEX, - Baudelaire, Prince of Clouds; a Biography..
009562: JONGEN, R., - Phonologie Der Moresneter Mundart; Ein Beschreibung Der Segmentalen Und Prosodischen Wortformdiakrise..
020873: JÖNS, DIETRICH WALTER, - Begriff und Problem der historischen Zeit bei Johann Gottfried Herder..
027316: JONSON, BEN, - Poetaster..
027317: JONSON, BEN, - Sejanus; his Fall..
027318: JONSON, BEN, - Volpone, or the Fox..
015303: JONSON, BEN, - Ben Jonson..
041243: JONSSON, INGE, - Emanuel Swedenborg..
042185: JORDA, FRANCISCO, ET AL, EDS, - Actas del I Coloquio sobre Lenguas y Culturas Prerromanas de la Peninsula Iberica (Salamanca, 27-31 Mayo 1974)..
035909: JORDAN, TERRY G., - American Log Buildings; an Old World Heritage..
008500: JORDAN, TERRY G., - Trails to Texas; Southern Roots of Western Cattle Ranching..
005949: JORDAN, WINTHROP D., - Tumult and Silence at Second Creek; an Inquiry Into a Civil War Slave Conspiracy..
015677: JORDAN, DAVID P., - The Revolutionary Career of Maxmilien Robespierre..
027393: JORDAN, DAVID, - The History of the French Foreign Legion from 1831 to the Present Day..
008928: JORDAN, ROBERT M., - Chaucer's Poetics and the modern Reader..
029283: JORDAN, DAVID P., - The King's Trial; the French Revolution vs. Louis XVI..
029691: JORDAN, DAVID P., - The King's Trial; the French Revolution vs. Louis XVI..
039835: JORDAN, DAVID STARR AND BARTON WARREN EVERMANN, - The Fishes of North and Middle America..
041122: JORDAN, MARK D, - The Silence of Sodom; Homosexuality in Modern Catholicism..
041434: JORDAN, MARK D, - The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology..
033847: JORDEN, VERNON E., JR., - Vernon Can Read! A Memoir..
041700: JØRGENSEN, A. D, - 30 fortaellinger af Nordens Historie..
026186: JORGENSON, THEODORE, - Henrik Ibsen; a Study in Art and Personality..
037566: JOSELIT, JENNA WEISSMAN, - A Perfect Fit; Clothes, Character, and the Promise of America..
034092: JOSEPH, B. L., - Shakespeare's Eden; the Commonwealth of England 1558-1629..
026578: JOSEPH, TOM, - Song of the Tides; a Novel..
032472: JOSEPH, B. L., - Elizabethan Acting..
004469: JOSEPH, ALICE AND VERONICA F. MURRAY, - Chamorros and Carolinians of Saipan; Personality Studies..
026637: JOSEPH, CLARA A. B., - The Agent in the Margin; Nayantara Sahgal's Gandhian Fiction..
031257: JOSEPH, FRANK, - Sacred Sites; a Guidebook to sacred Centers & Mysterious places in the United States..
004992: JOSEPH, WILLIAM A., - The Critique of Ultra-Leftism in China, 1958-1981..
013907: JOSEPH, MORRIS., - Judaism as Creed and Life..
020202: JOSEPHSON, HANNAH AND MALCOLM COWLEY, EDS, - Aragon: poet of the French Resistance..
039736: JOSEPHSON, AKSEL G. S, - The John Crerar Library; a List of Books on the history of Science, January, 1911..
006639: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M., JR., - The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest..
032983: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M., JR., - 500 Nations; an Illustrated History of North American Indians..
031238: JOSLOW-RODEWALD, JUDITH AND PATRAICIA WEST-BARKER, - Healing Spirits; true stories from 14 Spiritual Healers..
015678: JOSS, JOHN, - Strike; U.S. Naval Strike Warfare Center..
040544: JOST, IZABELA, - Osadnictwo Kaszubskie w Ontario..
011467: JOUGUET, PIERRE, - L'Impérialisme macédonien et L'hellénisation De l'Orient..
020259: JOURNET, RENÉ AND GUY ROBERT, - Contribution Aux Études Sur Victor Hugo..
040516: JOUVENEL, BERTRAND DE, - Arcadie; Essais sur le Mieux Vivre..
009668: JOUVENEL, BERTRAND DE, - Sovereignty; an Inquiry Into the Political Good..
040200: JOUVENEL, BERTRAND DE, ED., - Futuribles; studies in Conjecture. Volume I..
020913: JOVER, BLAS TORRECILLAS, - Aspectos homologicos De las teorias De Torsion..
009675: JOWITT, DEBORAH, - The Dance in Mind; Profiles and Reviews, 1976-83..
014707: JOY, EDWARD T., - The Book of English Furniture..
025555: JOYCE, THOMAS A., - Mexican Arachaeology; an Introduction to the Archaeology of the Mexican and Mayan Civilizations of pre-Spanish America..
030465: JOYCE, JAMES, - Ulysses..
031370: JOYCE, KRISTIN AND SHELLEI ADDISON, - Pearls; Ornament & Obsession..
034258: JOYCE, ROSEMARY O, - A Bearer of Tradition; Dwight Stump, Basketmaker..
010349: JOYCE, JAMES AVERY, - Broken Star; the Story of the League of Nations (1919-1939)..
026104: JOYES, CLAIRE, - Claud Monet; Life at Giverny..
031810: JUCKER, INES, - Aus der Antikensammlung des Bernischen Historischen Museums..
030284: JUDD, NEIL M., - Archeological Observations North of the Rio Colorado..
043683: JUDGE, THOMAS F, - Edo Craftsmen; Master artisans of Old Tokyo..
031353: JUDITH, ANODEA, - Eastern Body, Western Mind; Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self..
028416: JUERGENSMEYER, MARK AND N. GERALD BARRIER, EDS., - Sikh Studies; Comparative Perspectives on a Changing Tradition..
041423: JUGIE, MARTIN, - Le schisme byzantin; aperçu historique et Doctrinal..
035655: JUHASZ, WILLIAM AND ABRAHAM ROTHBERG, EDS, - Flashes in the Night; a Collection of stories from Contemporary Hungary..
009565: JUILLAND, ALPHONSE AND ALEXANDRA ROCERIC, - The Linguistic Concept of Word; Analytic Bibliography..
018138: JUILLAND, ALPHONSE, ED., - Linguistic Studies Presented to André Martinet on the Occasion of His sixtieth Birthday By His Colleagues, Students, Friends..
043323: JUILLAND, ALPHONSE, ET AL, - Frequency Dictionary of Rumanian Words..
043324: JUILLAND, ALPHONSE AND E. CHANG-RODRIGUEZ, - Frequency Dictionary of Spanish Words..
019403: JULIEN, CHARLES-ANDRÉ, - Histoire de l'Afrique Blanche des origines à 1945..
029244: JULIUS, ANTHONY, - T. S. Eliot, Anti-Semitism, and Literary Form..
015268: JULLIAN, PHILIPPE, - The Symbolists..
018611: JULLIEN, ADOLPHE, - Richard Wagner; his life and Works..
017204: JULY, SERGE, - Le salon Des Artistes..
021845: JUNEAU, MARCEL, - La jument qui crotte de l'argent; conte populaire recueilli aux Grand-Bergeronnes (Québec); édition et étude Linguistique..
033890: JUNG, C. G., - The Essential Jung..
013908: JUNG, C. G., - Symbolik Des Geistes..
024960: JUNG, MOSES, ET AL., EDS., - Relations among religons Today; a Handbook of policies and Principles..
028885: JUNG, WILHELM, - Deutsche Malerei der Frühzeit..
028194: JÜNGEL, EBERHARD, - Paulus und Jesus; eine Untersuchung zur Präzisierung der Frage nach dem Ursprung der Christologie..
005529: JÜNGER, HARRI, ED., - The Literatures of the Soviet Peoples; a historical and biographical Survey..
033039: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN, - The perfect Storm; a true Story of men Against the Sea..
019557: JUSSERAND, J. J., - Ronsard..
033696: JUSSERAND, J. J., - English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages..
035831: JUSSERAND, J. J., - The English novel in the Time of Shakespeare..
043364: JUSSIE, JEANNE DE, - Le levain du Calvinisme, ou commencement d'heresie de Geneve..
042546: JUSTENHOVEN, HEINZ-GERHARD AND ROLF SCHUMACHER, EDS, - "Gerechter Friede"--Weltgemeinschaft in der Verantwortung; zur Debatte um die Friedensschrift der deutschen Bischöfe..
039351: JUSTER, F. THOMAS, ED, - Education, Income, and Human Behavior..
008569: JUSTI, LUDWIG, - Deutsche Zeichenkunst Im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert; Ein Führer Zur Sammlung Der Handzeichnungen in Der Nationalgalerie..
043644: JUSTINUS, MARCUS JUNIANUS, - Historiae Philippicae..
038665: JUVENALIS, DECIMUS JUNIUS, - D. Iunii Iuuvenalis Saturae XIV; Fourteen satires of Juvenal..
006895: VAN KAAM, ADRIAN AND KATHLEEN HEALY, - The Demon and the Dove; personality Growth Through Literature..
042398: KABAKOV, ILYA AND EMILIA KABAKOV, - Monument to a Lost Civilization; monumento alla civiltà Perduta..
026735: KAC, MARK, - Probability and related Topics in Physical Sciences..
017936: KACHRU, BRAJ B., ET AL., EDS., - Issues in Linguistics; Papers in Honor of Henry and Renée Kahane..
042258: KACIC, MIRO, - Kroatisch und Serbisch; Irrtümer und Falsifizierungen..
011245: KADAR, ZOLTAN, - Die Kleinasiatisch-Syrischen Kulte Zur Römerzeit in Ungarn..
023034: KADAR, BELA, - Problems of economic Growth in Latin America..
004535: KADARÉ, ISMAIL, - L'Année Noire Suivi De Le Cortège De La Noce S'est figé Dans La Glace..
023794: KADEN, LEWIS B. AND LEE SMITH, - The Cuomo Commission Report; a New American Formula for a Strong Economy..
022673: KADIC, ANTE, - From Croatian Renaissance to Yugoslav Socialism; Essays..
010589: KAELBLE, HARTMUT, - Berliner Unternehmer Während Der Frühen Industrialisierung: Herkunft, Sozialer Status Und Politischer Einflu..
028215: KAELIN, E. F., - Heidegger's Being and Time; a Reading for Readers..
013434: KAEMMERER, LUDWIG, - Chodowiecki..
039662: KAEMPFER, H. M. AND JHR. W. O. G. SICKINGHE, EDS, - The Fascinating World of the Japanese Artists; a Collection of Essays on Japanese Art By Members of the Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts, The Hague, Netherlands..
004203: KAEMPFFERT, WALDEMAR, - Bahnbrechende Erfindungen in Amerika Und Europa; Geschichte Ihrer Entstehung Und Ihrer Schöpfer..
043086: KAEUPER, RICHARD W, - Bankers to the Crown; the Riccardi of Lucca and Edward I..
033865: KAFATOS, MENAS AND ROBERT NADEAU, - The Conscious Universe; Part and Whoe in Modern Physical Theory..
035593: KAFKA, BARBARA, - Vegetable Love..
039791: KAFKA, FRANZ, - Das Schloß..
013909: KAGAN, HENRY ENOCH, - Changing the Attitude of Christian Toward Jew; a Psychological Approach Through Religion..
013910: KAGAN, JEROME, - Galen's Prophecy; Temperament in Human Nature..
034920: KAGAN, DIANE, - Who won Second Place at Omaha? A Journey..
035466: KAGAN, DONALD, - The Peloponnesian War..
008028: KAGARLITSKY, BORIS, - The Thinking Reed; Intellectuals and the Soviet State, 1917 to the Present..
030105: KAGARLITSKY, BORIS, - The Thinking Reed; Intellectual and the Soviet State 1917 to the Present..
009143: KAHAN, GERALD, - George Alexander Stevens and The Lecture on Heads..
015025: KAHL, JOSEPH A., - The Measurement of Modernism; a Study of Values in Brazil and Mexico..
032186: KAHLENBERG, HUNT AND ANTHONY BERLANT, - The Navajo Blanket..
036187: KAHLENBERG, RICHARD D, - The Remedy; Class, Race, and affirmative Action..
033516: KAHLER, ERICH, - The Inward Turn of Narrative..
028214: KÄHLER, MARTIN, - Der sogenannte historische Jesus und der geschichtliche, biblische Christus..
019993: KÄHLER, HANS, - Grammatik Der Bahasa Indonésia Mit Christomathie Und Wörterverzeichnis..
023513: KAHN, ARTHUR D., - The Education of Julius Caesar; a Biography, a Reconstruction..
025066: KAHN, ROBERT I., - The Letter and the Spirit; Contemporary Biblical Ethics..
015399: KAHN, ALBERT E., - Days with Ulanova..
006969: KAHN, EDGAR M., - Cable Car Days in San Francisco..
015368: KAHN, ALBERT E., - Days with Ulanova; an Intimate Portrait of the Legendary Russian Ballerina..
044115: KAHN, DEBORAH, - Canterbury Cathedral and Its Romanesque Sculpture..
043585: KAHN, ROBERT L., ED, - Studies in German in memory of Andrew Louis..
007233: KAHR, MADLYN MILLNER, - Velazques; the Art of Painting..
005617: KAHRL, GEORGE M., - Tobias Smollett, Traveler-Novelist..
004733: KAHRL, WILLIAM L., - Water and Power; the Conflict Over Los Angeles' Water Supply in the Owens Valley..
023514: KAHRSTEDT, U., - Artabanos III. und seine Erben..
004006: KAINZ, FRIEDRICH, - Grillparzer Als Denker; Der Ertrag Seines Werks Für Die Welt- Und Lebensweisheit..
017937: KAINZ, FRIEDRICH, - Einführung in Die Sprachpsychologie..
002800: KAINZ, FRIEDRICH, - Hauptprobleme der Kulturphilosophie im Anschluss an die kulturphilosophischen Schriften Richard Meisters..
022811: KAIRP, DAVID L., ET AL., - Our Town; Race, Housing, and Thesoul of Suburbia..
041603: KAISER, ALFRED, - Natur und Gnade im Urstand; eine Untersuchung de Kontroverse zwischen Michael Bajus und Johannes Martinez de Ripalda..
009569: KAISER, L., - Manual of Phonetics..
015680: KAISER, DAVID, - Politics and War; European conflict from Philip II to Hitler..
028162: KAISER, OTTO, ED., - Gedenken an Rudolf Bultmann..
040343: KAISER, GERD, - "Auf Leben und Tod"; stille Helden im antifaschistischen Widerstand 1923 bis 1945..
009165: KALALAS, HILLAR AND SYLVIE NICKELS, EDS., - Finland; creation and Construction..
025067: KALB, ERNST, - Kirchen und Sekten der Gegenwart..
024593: KALBFLEISCH, J. G., - Probability and Statistical Inference..
025493: KALDOR, MARY, - The imaginary War; understanding the East-West Conflict..
026636: KALER, MICHAEL, - Flora Tells a Story; the Apocalypse of Paul and Its Contexts..
002558: KALICZ, NANDOR, - Götter Aus Ton; Das Neolithikum Und Die Kupferzeit in Ungarn..
006348: KALIN, MARTIN G., - The Utopian flight from Unhappiness: Freud Against Marx on Social Progress..
005069: KALIN, MARTIN G., - The Utopian Flight from Unhappiness; Freud Against Marx on Social Progress..
027698: KALLENBERG, FRIEDRICH, - Das Tagebuch eines Weltreisenden..
043665: KALLER, GERHARD, - Wirtschafts- und Besitzgeschichte des Zisterzienserklosters Otterberg 1144-1561..
036893: KALLIR, JANE, - Viennese design and the Wiener Werkstätte..
021200: KALLMAN, CHESTER, - Absent and Present..
040880: KÄLLSTRÖM, MAGNUS, - Mästare och minnesmärken; studier kring vikingatida runristare och skriftmiljöer i Norden..
033457: KALSTONE, DAVID, - Sidney's Poetry; Contexts and Interpretations..
043287: KALUZA, ZENON, - Thomas de Cracovie; contribution à l'histoire du Collège de la Sorbonne..
001946: KALUZYNSKI, STANISLAW, - Mongolische Elemente in Der Jakutischen Sprache..
018612: KALVODOVA, DANA, - Schüler Des Birngartens; Das Chinesische Singspiel..
035112: KAMANTE, - Longing for Darkness; Kamante's tales from Out of Africa..
008409: KAMBER, VICTOR, - Poison Politics; are Negative Campaigns Destroying Democracy?..
016813: KAMBER, VICTOR, - Giving Up on Democracy; Why Term Limits are Bad for America..
026631: KAMBOURELI, SMARO AND ROY MIKI, EDS., - Trans.can.lit; Resituating the Study of Canadian Literature..
030623: KAMBOURELI, SMARO, - Scandalous Bodies; Diasporic Literature in English Canada..
029659: KAMEN, MARTIN D., - Radioactive Tracers in Biology; an Introduction to Tracer Methodology..
029868: KAMEN, HENRY, - INquisition and Society in Spain in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries..
025208: KAMENKA, EUGENE, - The Philosophy of Ludwig Feuerbach..
019272: KAMERBEEK, J. C., - De Philoloog in Pieria's Hof..
033917: KAMINER, WENDY, - It's all the Rage; Crime and Culture..
039757: KAMINSKI, NICOLA, - Der Liebe Eisen=harte Noth; "Cardenio und Celinde" im Kontext von Gryphius' Märtyrerdramen..
013026: KAMINSKY, HOWARD, - Simon De Cramaud and the Great Schism..
026408: KAMM, JOSEPHINE, - How different from Us; a Biography of Miss Buss & Miss Beale..
016424: KAMMEN, MICHAEL, - People of Paradox; an Inquiry Concerning the Origins of American Civilization..
007589: KAMMEN, MICHAEL, - Spheres of Liberty; Changing Perceptions of Liberty in AMerican Culture..
029461: KAMPF, AVRAM, - Jewish Experience in the Art of the twentieth Century..
040039: KAMRATH, MARK L. AND SHARON M. HARRIS, EDS, - Periodical literature in Eighteenth-Century America..
005424: KAMUF, PEGGY, - Fictions of Feminine Desire..
043732: KAN, A. H, - Juppiter Dolichenus; Sammlung Der Inschriften Und Bildwerk Mit Einer Einleitung..
038360: KANDHOLA, MAX, - Max Kandhola: Illustration of Life..
027908: KANE, JOE, - Savages..
028323: KANIN, GARSON, - Tracy and Hepburn..
008070: KANIN, GARSON, - Tracy and Hepburn; an Intimate Memoir..
038347: KANN, KENNETH L., - Comrades and Chicken Ranchers; the Story of a California Jewish Community..
010710: KANN, ROBERT A., - Die Prochaska-Affäre Vom Herbst 1912; Zwischen Kaltem Und Heissem Krieg..
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043109: KLEINSCHMIDT, HARALD, - Understanding the Middle Ages; the transformation of Ideas and Attitudes in the Medieval World..
019076: KLEIST, HEINRICH VON, - KLeists Sämtliche WErke..
039021: KLEMKE, E. D, - Studies in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard..
040089: KLEMM, WERNER, - Die englische Farce im 19. Jahrhundert..
029943: KLENGEL, EVELYN AND HORST KLENGEL, - Die Hethiter und ihre Nachbarn; eine Kulturgeschichte Kleinasiens von Catal Hüyük bis zu Alexander dem Grossen..
013033: KLETSCHKE, HANS, - Die Sprache der Mainzer Kanzlei nach den Namen der Fuldaer Urkunden..
040539: KLIBANSKI, HERMANN O, - Das russische Militär-Strafrecht..
040354: KLIBANSKY, RAYMOND, - Contemporary Philosophy; a Survey. Vols. I-II..
022918: KLIEMAN, AARON S., - Foundations of British Policy in the Arab World; the Cairo Confernece..
022919: KLIEMAN, AARON S., - Soviet Russia and the Middle East..
023934: KLIER, JOHN AND HELEN MINGAY, - The quest for Anastasia; Solving the Mystery of the Lost Romanovs..
037298: KLIMA, IVAN, - My golden Trades..
030718: KLIMAS, JOHN E. AND JAMES A. CUNNINGHAM, - Wildflowers of Eastern America..
015770: KLIMENT, CHARLES, - SdKfz251 in Action..
032399: KLING, DAVID W., - The Bible in hhistory; how the Texts Have shaped the Times..
004306: KLINGBIEL, KATHRYN, - Noun + Verb Compounding in Western Romance..
014257: KLINGER, MAX, - Die Welt Max Klingers..
036366: KLINKENBERG, JEAN-MARIE, - Style et archaisme dans la Légende d'Ulenspiegel de Charles De Coster..
041402: KLOCKARS, BIRGIT, - I Nådens dal; klosterfolk och andra c. 1440-1590..
024933: KLOOSTER, FRED H., - The Significance of Barth's Theology. An Appraisal: With special Reference to election and Reconciliation..
012495: KLÖS, HEINZ-GEORG, - Von Der Menagerie Zum Tierparadies; 125 Jahre Zoo Berlin..
012254: KLOSS, WILLIAM, - Samuel F. B. Morse..
032124: KLOSTER, DORIS, - Forms of Desire..
020980: KLÖTZER, WOLFGANG, - Frankfurt in alten Ansichtskarten..
043826: KLUGE, BERND, - State Museum Berlin Coin Cabinet: Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Hiberno-Norse Coins..
009575: KLUGE, FRIEDRICH, - Deutsche Sprachgeschichte; Werden Und Wachsen Unserer Muttersprache Von Ihren Anfängen Bis Zur Gegenwart..
029492: KLUGE, FRIEDRICH, - Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache..
015771: KLUGER, STEVE, - Yan, the Army Weekly. World War II from the Guys who Brought You Victory..
026755: KLUGER, JEFFREY, - Splendid Solution; Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio..
015038: KLUGER, RICHARD, - Ashes to Ashes; America's Hundred-year cigarette War, the Public Health, and the unabahsed Triumph of Philip Morris..
038727: KLUM, MATTIAS, - Skogens öga; bilder från Borneos Inre..
035043: KLUNDER, NOLANDA, - Lucidarius; de middelnederlandse Lucidarius-teksten en hun relatie tot de Europese Traditie..
039681: KLUSEN, ERNST, ED, - Deutsche Lieder..
004877: KLYUCHEVSKY, VASILI, - The Rise of the Romanovs..
014834: KNACKFUSS, H., - A. V. Menzel..
013743: KNACKFUSS, H., - Raffael..
014215: KNACKFUSS, H., - Tizian..
013649: KNACKFUSS, H., - Michelangelo..
009981: KNAPP, WILFRID, - A History of War and Peace, 1939-1965..
019077: KNAPP, BETTINA L., - Anaïs Nin..
005572: KNAPP, BETTINA L., - Women in Twentieth-Century Literature; a Jungian View..
015772: KNAPP, WILFRID, - A History of War and Peace, 1939-1965..
041042: KNAPP, ROBERT C., - Latin inscriptions from Central Spain..
042401: KNAPP, ROBERT C, - Roman Cordoba..
032581: KNAPP, BETTINA L., - Jean RAcine: Mythos and Renewal in Modern Theater..
018619: KNAUS, HERWIG, - Die Musiker Im Archivbestand Des Kaiserlichen Obersthofmeisteramtes (1637-1705)..
006151: KNEBUSCH, MANFRED, - Weakly Semialgebraic Spaces..
022513: KNEESE, ALLEN V. AND CHARLES L. SCHULTZE, - Pollution, Prices, and Public Policy..
032084: KNICKERBOCHER, PEGGY AND LAURIE SMITH, - Olive oil from Tree to Table..
032422: KNIERIEM, MICHAEL, ED., - Die Herkunst des Friedrich Engels; Briefe aus der Verwandtschaft 1791-1847..
043451: KNIGHT, LISA I, - Contradictory Lives; Baul Women in India and Bangladesh..
013915: KNIGHT, EVERETT, - The Objective Society..
005694: KNIGHT, AMY, - Beria, Stalin's First Lieutenant..
016776: KNIGHT, G. WILSON, - The Christian Renaissance; with Interpretations of Dante, Shakespeare and Goethe, and New Discussions of Oscar Wilde and the Gospel of Thomas..
018094: KNIGHT, EVERETT W., - Literiature considered as Philosophy; the French Example..
008970: KNIGHT, DAVID M., - Natural Science Books in English, 1600-1900..
021782: KNIGHT, PHILIP, - Flower Poetics in Nineteenth-Century France..
027921: KNIGHT, FRANNKLIN W., - The Caribbean; the genesis of a Fragmented Nationalism..
039110: KNIGHT, ELLEN, - Charles Martin Loeffler; a Life Apart in American Music..
040790: KNIGHT, K. G., ED, - Deutsche Romane der Barockzeit; Auszüge aus dem erzählenden Schrifttum des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts..
038195: KNIGHT, CAROLINE, - Frank Lloyd Wright..
015774: KNIGHTLEY, PHILLIP, - The Second Oldest Profession; Spies and Spying in the twentieth Century..
004779: KNIGHTS, PETER R., - The Plain People of Boston, 1830-1860; a Study in City Growth..
006030: KNIGHTS, PETER R., - The Plain People of Boston, 1830-1860; a Study in City Growth..
033294: KNIGHTS, L. C., - Drama and Society in the Age of Jonson..
032496: KNIGHTS, L. C., - Some Shakespearean Themes and An Approach to "Hamlet"..
018095: KNIPE, DAVID M., - Hinduism; Experiments in the Sacred..
016969: KNIPFEL, JIM, - Quitting the Nairobi Trio..
042647: KNIPPING, JOHN B, - Hugo van der Goes..
014677: KNITTLE, RHEA MANSFIELD, - Early American Glass..
023704: KNOCHE, ULRICH, - Roman Satire..
036450: KNOEPFLMACHER, U. C. AND G. B. TENNYSON, EDS, - Nature and the Victorian Imagination..
043142: KNOLL, ROBERT E, ED, - Conversations with Wright Morris; Critical Views and Responses..
041151: KNOLL, ROBERT E., - Robert McAlmon, Expatriate Publisher and Writer..
033710: KNOLL, ROBERT E., - Ben Jonson's Plays; an Introduction..
1275: KNOPF, RUDOLF., - Das nachapostolische Zeitalter; Geschichte der christlichen Gemeinden vom B eginn der Flavierdynastie bis zum Ende Hadrians...
004775: KNORR, KLAUS AND SIDNEY VERBA, EDS., - The International System; Theoretical Essays..
015643: KNORR, KLAUS, ED., - NATO and American Security..
017363: KNOTT, THOMAS A. AND DAVID C. FOWLER, EDS., - Piers the Plowman; a critical Edition of the A-Version..
023038: KNOWLES, WILLIAM H., - Trade union development and industrial relations in the British West Indies..
015775: KNOX, DONALD, - The Korean War, Pusan to Choisin; an Oral History..
025052: KNOX, R. A., - Enthusiasm; a Chapter in the history of religion with Special Reference to the XVII and XVIII Centuries..
026488: KNOX, BERNARD, - The Oldest dead White European Males and Other Reflections on the Classics..
026492: KNOX, WILFRED L, - St. Paul and the Church of the Gentiles..
026493: KNOX, WILFRED L, - Some Hellenistic Elements in Primitive Christianity..
031817: KNOX, BERNARD, - Essays Ancient & Modern..
019323: KNUENZ, I., - E Enuntiatis Graecorum Finalibus..
005605: KNUTSON, HAROLD C., - The Ironic Game; a Study of Rotrou's Comic Theater..
036603: KNUTSON, ROGER M, - Flattened Fauna; a Field Guide to Common Animals of Roads, Streets, and Highwasy..
033196: KNUTSON, ROSLYN LANDER, - The Repertory of Shakespeare's Company 1594-1613..
042657: KNUTTEL, GERHARDUS, - Hubert en Jan van Eyck..
040910: KNYVETT, THOMAS, - The Knyvett Letters (1620-1644)..
038562: KOBALD, KURT, - Alt-Wiener Musikstätten..
022486: KOBRINSKII, N. E. AND B. A. TRAKHTENBROT, - Introduction to the Theory of Finite Automata..
043338: KOBUSCH, THEO, - Studien zur Philosophie des Hierokles von Alexandrien; Untersuchungen zum christlichen Neuplatonismus..
043599: KOCH, JOSEF, - Artes liberales von der antiken Bildung zur Wissenschaft des Mittelalters..
021870: KOCH, WALTER A., - Zur Theorie des Lautwandels..
016826: KOCH, KARL, III., - Men of Steel; the Story of the Family That Built the World Trade Center..
015162: KOCH, GUENTHER, - Kunstwerke Und Bücher am Markte: Auktion-Fälschungen-Preise Und Was Sie Lehren..
017939: KOCH, WALTER, - Zur Theorie Des Lautwandels..
028530: KOCH, RAYMOND AND CHARLOTTE KOCH, - Educational Couume; the Story of Commonwealth College..
028797: KOCH-GRÜNBERG, THEODOR, - Zwei Jahre unter den Indianern; Reisen in Nordwest-Brasilien 1903/1905..
035406: KOCH, ROBERT, - Will H. Bradley, American Artist in Print: a Collector's Guide..
041604: KOCH, ROBERT, - Il peccato nel Vecchio Testamento; la rottura Dell'alleanza..
001951: KOCH, WALTER A, - Taxologie Des Englischen; Versuch Einer Einheitlichen Beschreibung Der Englischen Grammatik Und Englischer Texte..
010211: KOCHAN, LIONEL, - Russia in Revolution, 1890-1918..
005273: KOCHANEK, STANLEY A., - The Congress Party of India; the Dynamics of One-Party Democracy..
014560: KOCHENDOEFER, VIOLET A., - One Woman's World War II..
026044: KOCHNITZKY, LEON, - Negro Art in the Belgian Congo..
013918: KOCKELMANS, JOSEPH J. AND THEODORE J. KISIEL, - Phenomenology and the Natural Sciences; Essays and Translations..
002176: KOCKS, G. H, - Die Dialekte Von Südostdrente Und Anliegenden Gebieten; Eine Strukturgeographische Untersuchung..
017107: KOCSIS, KAROLY AND ESZTER KOESIS-HODOSI, - Hungarian minorities in the Carpathian Basin; a Study in ethnic Geography..
018096: KOCZOROWSKI, STANISLAW PIOTR, - Adam Mickiewicz et La Pensée Française, 1839-1923..
025387: KODALY, ZOLTAN, - Folk Music of Hungary..
038755: KODAS, MICHAEL, - High Crimes; the Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed..
018621: KOECHLIN, CHARLES, - Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)..
026154: KOEHLER, WILHELM, - Rembrandt..
018097: KOEHLER, LUDWIG AND WALTER BAUMGARTNER, - Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros..
002177: KOEKKOEK, BYRON J., - Zur Phonologie der Wiener Mundart..
015549: KOELB, CLAYTON, ED., - Thomas Mann's "Goethe and Tolstoy": Notes and Sources..
004151: KOENIGSBERGER, H. G., - Estates and Revolutions; Esays in Early Modern European History..
021872: KOERNER, E. F. K., - The Importance of Techmer's "Internationale Zeitschrift fuer allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft" in the Development of General Linguistics; an Essay..
030785: KOESTENBAUM, WAYNE, - The Queen's Throat; Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire..
019078: KOESTLER, ARTHUR, - Drinkers of Infinity; Essays, 1955-1967..
019079: KOESTLER, ARTHUR, - The Lotus and the Robot..
019080: KOESTLER, ARTHUR, - The Yogi and the Commissar and Other Essays..
038705: KOETSCHAU, KARL, - Rheinisches Steinzeug..
043869: KOFF, LEONARD MICHAEL, - Chaucer and the Art of Storytelling..
042362: KOFOID, CHARLES ATWOOD AND OLIVE SWEZY, - The Free-Living Unarmored Dinoflagellata..
005659: KOGAN, NORMAN, - A Political History of Postwar Italy..
018992: KOHL, WILFRED L., - French Nuclear Diplomacy..
025051: KOHLENBERGER, HELMUT, ED., - Reason, Action, and Experience; Essays in Honor of Raymond Klibansky..
039395: KOHM, KATHRYN A., ED, - Balancing on the Brink of Extinction; the Endangered Species Act and Lessons for the Future..
013919: KOHN, EUGENE, - Religion and Humanity..
020068: KOKOSCHKA, OSKAR, - Oskar Kokoschka: Mein Leben..
014984: KOKOSCHKA, OSKAR, - Oskar Kokoschka: Drawings, 1906-1965..
024536: KOLAKOWSKI, LESZEK, - Toward a Marxist Humanism; Essays on the Left Today..
028229: KOLAKOWSKI, LESZEK, - Traktat über die Sterblichkeit der Vernunft; philosophische Essays..
041720: KOLAKOWSKI, LESZEK, - Chrétiens sans Église; la conscience religieuse et le lien confessionnal au XVIIe Siècle..
022132: KOLARZ, WALTER, - Russia and Her Colonies..
028889: KOLB, PETER AND ERNST-GÜNTER KRENIG, - Unterfräkische Geschichte. Band 1: Von der germanischen Landnahme bis zum Hohen Mittelalter..
029493: KOLB, HERBERT, - Der Begriff der Minne und das Entstehen der höfischen Lyrik..
040257: KOLBENHEYER, E. G, - Bauhüttenphilosophie; ergänzende und erläuternde Abhandlungen..
036897: KOLDEWEIJ, JOS ET AL., - Hieronymus Bosch; the Complete Painting and Drawings..
036578: KOLKMEYER, ALEXANDRA, - The Clear red Stone; a myth and the Meaning of Menstruation..
023002: KOLLEK, TEDDY, - For Jerusalem; a Life..
013035: KÖLLING, BIRGIT, - Kiel UB. Cod. MS. K.B. 145; Studien Zu Den Althochdeutschen Glossen..
019709: KÖLLMANN, WOLFGANG, - Sozialgeschichte Der Stadt Barmen Im 19. Jahrhundert..
010359: KÖLNER, PAUL, - Anno Dazumal; Ein Basler Heimatbuch..
018623: KOLODIN, IRVING, - The Opera Omnibus; Four Centuries of critical give and Take..
037552: KOLPAS, NORMAN, - Comforting Foods..
028230: KOLTUN-FROMM, KEN, - Moses Hess and Modern Jewish Identity..
038944: KÖLTZSCH, GEORG W., ED, - Morosow und Schtschukin, die russischen Sammler: Monet bis Picasso. 120 Meisterwerke aus der Eremitage, St. Petersburg, und dem Puschkin-Museum, Moskau..
032486: KOMBOL, MIHOVIL, - Poviest hrvatske knjizevnosti do narodnog Preporoda..
040324: KOMMA, KARL MICHAEL, - Die Klaviersonate As-dur Opus 110 von Ludwig van Beethoven; Beiheft zur Faksimile-Ausgabe..
040810: KOMMERELL, MAX, - Dichterische Welterfahrung; Essays..
036921: KON, MICHIKO, - Michiko Kon; Still Lifes..
030594: KONAR, AFFINITY, - The illustrated version of Things..
041251: KONESKI, BLAZE, - Jazikot na makedonskata narodna Poezija..
002807: KÖNIG, FRANZ, - Christus Und Die Religionen Der Erde; Handbuch Der Religionsgeschichte..
014886: KONIONKOV, SERGEI, - Sergei Konionkov..
030323: KONNER, MELVIN, - Unsettled; an Anthropology of the Jews..
030173: KONOVALOV, S. AND D. J. RICHARDS, EDS., - Russian critical Essays, XIXth Century..
015776: KONOW, JAN VAN, - Kungl Norra Smålands Regementes Historia, 1623-1973..
004293: KONVITZ, JOSEF W., - Cities & the Sea; Portcity Planning in Early Modern Europe..
006023: KONVITZ, MILTON R., - A Century of Civil Rights..
017297: KOONCE, B. G., - Chaucer and the tradition of Fame; symbolism in The House of Fame..
026495: KOPP, FRIEDRICH, - Die Römer in Deutschland..
032254: KOPPER, PHILIP, - The Smithsonian Book of North American Indians Before the Coming of the Europeans..
1278: KOPPERS, WILHELM. TRANSLATED BY EDITH RAYBOULD., - Primitive man and his world picture...
027747: KOPPERS, WILHELM, - Die Anfänge des menschlichen Gemeinschaftslebens im Spiegel der neuern Völkerkunde..
013920: KOPPERS, WILHELM, - Der Urmensch Und Sein Weltbild..
039139: KÖPSTEIN, HELGA, - Besonderheiten der byzantinischen Feudalentwicklung; eine Sammlung von Beiträgen zu den frühen Jahrhunderten..
022675: KORBEL, JOSEF, - Twentieth-century Czechoslovakia; the Meanings of Its History..
038866: KORDA, MICHAEL, - Another Life; a memoir of Other People..
021370: KOREVAART, KORNELIA JOHANNA JANNETJE, - Ziften en zemelknoopen; literaire kritiek in de Nederlandse dag-, nieuws- en weekbladen 1814-1848..
015504: KORFF, SERGE A., - Electron and Nuclear Counters; Theory and Use..
042789: KORFF, WILHELM, - Norm und Sittlichkeit; Untersuchungen zur Logik der normativen Vernunft..
014387: KORN, JÖRN, - Modern Makonde Art..
043332: KORN, MATTHIAS AND HANS JÜRGEN TSCHIEDEL, EDS, - Ratis omnia vincet. Untersuchungen zu den Argonautica des Valerius Flaccus..
008053: KORNBLUH, JOYCE L., - A New deal for Workers' Education; the Workers' Service Program, 1933-1942..
009611: KÖRNER, KARL-HERMANN, - Die "Aktionsgemeinschaft Finites Verb + Infinitiv" Im Spanischen Forensystem; Vorstsudie Zu Einer Untersuchung Der Sprache Pedro Calderon De La Barcas..
027913: KORNGOLD, RALPH, - Citizen Toussaint..
005016: KOROL, ALELXANDER G., - Soviet Education for Science and Technology..
041349: KORS, ALAN CHARLES AND PAUL J. KORSHIN, EDS, - Anticipations of the Enlightenment in England, France, and Germany..
015107: KORSUNSKY, M., - The Atomic Nucleus..
023040: KORTH, EUGENE H., - Spanish Policy in Colonial Chile; the struggle for Social Justice, 1535-1700..
011248: KÖRTING, GUSTAV, - Geschichte Des Griechischen Und Römischen Theaters..
020753: KORVIN-KRASINSKI, CYRILL VON, - Trina Mundi MacHina; Die Signatur Des Alten Eurasien. Ausgewählte Schriften..
040486: KOS, PETER, - Slovenska partizanska placilna sredstva; the Sloven Partisan Means of Payment; Les Moyens de paiement des partisans Slovènes..
005329: KOSAMBI, D. D., - The Culture and Civilisation of Ancient India in Historical Outline..
030756: KOSAMBI, D. D., - Ancient India; a History of Its Culture and Civilization..
040527: KOSCHLIG, MANFRED, - Das Ingenium Grimmelshausens und das "Kollektiv"; Studien zur Entstehungs- und Wirkungsgeschichte des Werkes..
039361: KOSINSKI, DOROTHY M, - Orpheus in Nineteenth-Century Symbolism..

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