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021233: HILDEBRANDT, ALEXANDRA - Die Mauer. Zahlen. Daten
013638: HILDESHEIMER, WOLGANG - Marbot; a Biography
039945: HILEN, ANDREW - Longfellow and Scandinavia; Study of the Poet's Relationship with the Northern Languages and Literature
037641: HILEY, MICHAEL - Victorian Working Women; Portraits from Life
038425: HILL, BRIAN - Such Stuff As Dreams
022641: HILL, ROWLAND G. P., ED - The Lapps to-Day in Finland, Norway and Sweden I: Conferences of Jokkmokk 1953, Karasjok 1956
044905: HILL, W. SPEED - Richard Hooker; a Descriptive Bibliography of the Early Editions: 1593-1724
023441: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - God's Englishman; Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution
018587: HILL, RALPH - Brahms
024248: HILL, SAMUEL S., JR. - Southern Churches in Crisis
024586: HILL, MATTHEW DAVENPORT - Papers on the Penal Servitude Acts and on the Regulations of the Home Department for Carrying Them Into Execution
019722: HILL, GEORGE BIRKBECK - Footsteps of Dr. Johnson (Scotland)
029424: HILL, BENNETT D. - English Cistercian Monasteries and Their Patrons in the Twelfth Century
032626: HILL, SUSAN - Shakespeare Country
008977: HILL, JOHN - China Dragons; a Rifle Company at War, Burma, 1944-45
017907: HILL, ARCHIBALD A. - Linguitics Today
028837: HILL, MARY C. - The Desmesne and the Wast; a Study of Medieval Inclosure on the Manor of High Ercall, 1086-1399
032246: HILL, JUDITH, ED - Pasta: Italian, Asian, American... And More
042848: HILL, JOSEPH J. - The History of Warner's Ranch and Its Environs
023176: HILL, G. F. - Ancient Greek and Roman Coins; a Handbook
044099: HILL, JOHN M. - The Narrative Pulse of Beowulf: Arrivals and Departures
039598: HILL, THOMAS E. - The Open Door to Independence; Making Money from the Soil. What to Do--How to to on City Lots, Suburban Grounds, Country Farms
034436: HILL, CHARLES - Grand Strategies; Literature, Statecraft, and World Order
036770: OSMAN HILL, W. C. - Man As an Animal
045379: HILL, SUSAN COLESTOCK - Heart Language; Elsie Singmaster and Her Pennsylvania German Writings
009165: KALALAS, HILLAR AND SYLVIE NICKELS, EDS - Finland; Creation and Construction
033712: HILLEBRAND, HAROLD NEWCOMB - The Child Actors; a Chapter in Elizabethan Stage History
038379: HILLENBRAND, LAURA - Seabiscuit; an American Legend
003047: HILLER, STEFAN - Studien Zur Geographie Des Reiches Um Pylos Nach Den Mykenischen Und Homerischen Texten
036179: HILLER, ELIZABETH O. - Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners; a Book of Recipes
024252: HILLERBRAND, HANS JOACHIM - A Bibliography of Anabaptism 1529-1630: A Sequel, 1962-1974
024585: HILLERBRAND, HANS JOACHIM - Die Politische Ethik Des Oberdeutschen Täufertums; Eine Untersuchung Zur Religions- Und Geistesgeschichte Des Reformationszeitalters
043431: HILLERMAN, TONY - The Shape Shifter
024599: HILLERS, DELBERT R. - Covenant: The History of a Biblical Idea
014792: HILLIARD, WINIFRED M. - The People in between; the Pitjantjatjara People of Ernabella
044507: HILLIARD, CHRISTOPHER - To Exercise Our Talents; the Democratization of Writing in Britain
014361: HILLIER, J. - Japanese Masters of the Colour Print; a Great Heritage of Oriental Art
014363: HILLIER, J. - Utamaro: Colour Prints and Paintings
037500: HILLIER, BEVIS - The Decorative Arts of the Forties and Fifties; Austerity/Binge
007873: HILLMAN, WILLIAM - Mr. President; Personal Diaries, Private Letters, Papers, and Revealing Interviews of Harry S. Truman, Thirty-Second President of the United States of America
005661: HILLS, GEORGE - Franco; the Man and His Nation
014180: HILLS, PATRAICIA, ET AL. - John Singer Sargent
018588: HILMAR, ERNST - Franz Schubert in His Time
013876: HILPINEN, RISTO - Rules of Acceptance and Inductive Logic
028838: HILTON, RODNEY - Bond Men Made Free; Medieval Peasant Movements and the English Rising of 1381
022428: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - The New History and the Old
024249: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - The de-Moralization of Society from Victorian Virtues to Modern Values
029276: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - On Liberty and Liberalism; the Case of John Stuart MILL
034701: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - Marriage and Morals Among the Victorians; Essays
041078: HIMMELMANN, NIKOLAUS - Reading Greek Art; Essays by Nikolaus Himmelmann
042904: SAMSON-HIMMELSTIERNA, HERMANN VON, ED - RußLand Unter Alexander III. Mit Rückblicken Auf Die Jüngste Vergangenheit: St. Petersburger Schilderungen Und Briefe
040360: HIMMELSTRUP, JENS - Søren Kierkegaard; International Bibliografi
027937: HINCHMAN, HANNAH - A Trail Through Leaves; the Journal As a Path to Place
019720: HIND, C. LEWIS - Augustus Saint-Gaudens
025471: HINDE, ROBERT A. - Ethology; Its Nature and Relations with Other Scineces
014164: HINDENBURG, HELENE VON NOSTITZ - Dialogues with Rodin
045127: HINDERER, WALTER - Arbeit an Der Gegenwart; Zur Deutschen Literatur Nach 1945
018589: HINDERMANN, WALTER F. - Wiedergewonnene Schwesterwerke Der Brandenburgischen Konzerte Johann Sebastian Bachs
036496: HINDLE, BROOKE - Material Culture of the Wooden Age
012574: HAZEN, MARGARET HINDLE AND ROBERT M. HAZEN - Keepers of the Flame; the Role of Fire in American Culture 1775-1925
011800: HINDLE, BROOKE - The Pursuit of Science in Revolutionary America, 1735-1789
041844: HINDUS, MILTON - The Crippled Giant; a Literary Relationship with Louis-Ferdinand-Céline
035600: HINE, THOMAS - The Total Package; the Secret History and Hidden Meanings of Boxes, Bottles, Cans, and Other Persuasive Containers
007244: HINE, ROBERT V. - In the Shadow of Fremont; Edward Kern and the Art of Exploration, 1845-1860
007276: HINE, ROBERT V. - Community on the American Frontier; Separate But Not Alone
035344: HINE, JOHN - Capricious Mushrooms
033910: HINES, STEPHEN W. - I Remember Laura"; Laura Ingalls Wilder
003332: HINGST, HANS - Die Vorrömische Eisenzeit Westholsteins
038751: HINK, LESTER W. - Musings of a Merchant
035911: HINK, LESTER W. - Musings of a Merchant
003333: HINKS, R. P. - Greek and Roman Portrait-Sculpture
010569: HINRICHS, CARL - Friedrich Wilhelm I. König in PreußEn. Eine Biographie: Jugend Und Aufstieg
010737: HINTON, HAROLD C., ET AL. - Major Governments of Asia
025297: HINZ, WALTHER - Iranische Reise; Eine Forschungsfahrt Durch Das Heutige Persien
020060: HINZ, EIKE - Antropologische Analyse Altaztekischer Texte
004284: HINZ, WALTHER - Iran; Politik Und Kultur Von Kyros Bis Reza Schah
037667: HIPP, HANS - Lebzelten, Wachsstöcke, Votivgaben; Handwerk Und Brauch
021472: HIRASUNA, DELPHINE - Presidio Gateways; Views of a National Landmark at San Francisco's Golden Gate
002542: HIRMER, MAX - Römische Kaisermünzen
011222: HIRO, DILIP - Black British, White British
035791: HIROSHIGE - Hiroshige; a Shoal of Fishes
022542: HIRSCH, WERNER Z. - Law and Economics; an Introductory Analysis
030708: HIRSCH, FOSTER - Kurt Weill on Stage; from Berlin to Broadway
041214: HIRSCHMAN, ALBERT O. - How to Divest in Latin America, and Why
008913: HIRSH, JOHN C. - Hope Emily Allen; Medieval Scholarship and Feminism
043919: HIRSH, JON C. - The Revelations of Magery Kempe; Paramystical Practices in Late Medieval England
018971: HIRSHSON, STANLEY P. - General Patton; a Soldier's Life
009527: HIRT, HERMAN - Etymologie Der Neuhochdeutschen Sprache; Darstellung Des Deutschen Wortschaftzes in Seiner Geschichtlichen Entwicklung
029231: HIRT, HERMAN - Die Indogermanen; Ihre Verbreitung, Ihre Urheimat Und Ihre Kultur
042448: HIRTH, F. - Notes on the Chinese Documentary Style
045346: HISAHIKO, OKAZAKI - A Century of Japanese Diplomacy 18853-1952; from Uraga to San Francisco
015662: HISCOCKS, RICHARD - Democracy in Western Germany
021670: CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE HISPANISTAS, 1ST - Actas Del Primer Congreso Internacional de Hispanistias Celebrado En Oxford Del 6 Al 11 de Septiembre de 1962
008420: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ECONOMIC HISTORY, 1ST - First International Conference of Economic History
008421: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ECONOMIC HISTORY, 2D - Second International Conference of Economic History, Aix-En-Provence, 1962
008423: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ECONOMIC HISTORY, 4TH - Fourth International Conference of Economic History, Bloomington, 1968
008424: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ECONOMIC HISTORY, 5TH - Fifth International Conference of Economic History... Leningrad, 1970
030463: AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY - The Reopening of the Mexican and Central American Hall, February 25, 1944
011127: HITCHCOCK, GEORGES - Tactics of Survival & Other Poems
034521: HITCHCOCK, JAMES - The Recovery of the Sacred
037151: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL - In the Nature of Materials; the Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright 1887-1941
010161: HITCHIN, FRED H. - The Colonial Land and Emigration Commission
022671: HITCHINS, KEITH - The Rumanian National Movement in Transylvania 1780-1849
044511: HITE, MOLLY - Ideas of Order in the Novel of Thomas Pynchon
012224: HITLER, ADOLF - Blitzkrieg to Defeat; Hitler's War Directives 1939-1945
022905: HITTI, PHILIP K. - The Arabs: A Short History
032950: HUNGARY. KÖZPONTI STATISZTIKAI HIVATAL - Statistical Yearbook 1977
032948: HUNGARY. KÖZPONTI STATISZTIKAI HIVATAL - Statistical Yearbook 1975
032949: HUNGARY. KÖZPONTI STATISZTIKAI HIVATAL - Statistical Yearbook 1976
032946: HUNGARY. KÖZPONTI STATISZTIKAI HIVATAL - Statistical Yearbook 1973
032947: HUNGARY. KÖZPONTI STATISZTIKAI HIVATAL - Statistical Yearbook 1974
032945: HUNGARY. KÖZPONTI STATISZTIKAI HIVATAL - Statistical Yearbook 1971
023861: HJALMARSON, BIRGITTA - Artful Players; Artistic Life in Early San Francisco
009529: HJELMSLEV, LOUIS - Die Sprache; Eine Einführung
034921: HO, PHI LE - Dolls & Teddy Bears
003335: HOADLEY, HARWOOD - The Authenticity and Date of the Sophoclean Ajax, Verses 1040-1420
029427: HOAG, JOHN D. - Islamic Architecture
041390: HOAGLAND, D. R. - Lectures on the Inorganic Nutrition of Plants (Prather Lectures at Harvard University)
041432: HOAGWOOD, TERENECE ALLAN - Byron's Dialectic; Skepticism and the Critique of Culture
024250: HOBBES, THOMAS - Hobbes's Leviathan
008692: HOBBES, EDWARD H. - Behind the President; a Study of Executive Office Agencies
025076: HOBBES, THOMAS - A Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Student of the Common Laws of England
012315: HOBBES, THOMAS - Leviathan
029932: HOBBES, THOMAS - Leviathan or the Matter, Forme and Power of a Commonwealth Ecclesiasticall and CIVIL
029927: HOBBES, THOMAS - Hobbes's Leviathan Reprinted from the Edition of 1651
007380: HOBERMAN, MICHAEL - Yankee Moderns; Folk Regional Identity in the Sawmill Valley of Western Massachusetts, 1890-1920
024251: HOBHOUSE, L. T. - The Elements of Social Justice
030001: HOBHOUSE, JANET - Everybody Who Was Anybody; a Biography of Gertrude Stein
038445: HOBHOUSE, L. T. - Mind in Evolution
022595: HOBSBAWM, ERIC - On History
008524: HOBSON, ARCHIE, ED - Remembering America; a Sampler of the Wpa American Guide Series
040059: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Old Spies Club and Other Intrigues of Rand
039694: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Transvection Machine
039991: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Iron Angel and Other Tales of the Gypsy Sleuth
039992: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Night, My Friend; Stories of Crime and Suspense
039993: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Velvet Touch; Nick Velvet Stories
039994: HOCH, EDWARD D. - More Things Impossible
040016: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Quests of Simon Ark
040008: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Fellowship of the Hand
040009: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Ripper of Storyville and Other Ben Snow Tales
039700: HOCH, EDWARD D. - The Frankenstein Factory
024583: HOCHGESANG, MICHAEL - Mythos Und Logik IM 20. Jahrhundert; Eine Auseinandersetzung Mit Der Neuen Naturwissenschaft, Literatur, Kunst Und Philosophie
005446: HOCHMAN, ELAINE S. - Architects of Fortune; Mies Van Der Rohe and the Third Reich
023772: HOCHSCHILD, ADAM - The Unquiet Ghost; Russians Remember Stalin
021823: HOCKETT, CHARLES F. - The State of the Art
024582: HOCKING, WILLIAM ERNEST - Types of Philosophy
1223: HOCKING, WILLIAM ERNEST - Man and the State
025078: HOCKING, WILLIAM ERNEST - Science and the Idea of God
027681: HOCKS, RICHARD A. - Henry James and Pragmatistic Thought; a Study in the Relationship between the Philosophy of William James and the Literary Art of Henry James
038801: HODDINOTT, R. F. - Bulgaria in Antiquity; an Archaeological Introduction
011371: LEETE-HODGE, LORNIE - The Country Life Book of Diana, Princess of Wales
021824: HODGE, CARLETON T. - Bulgarian Basic Course
011223: HODGE, EDMUND W. - Enjoying the Lakes; from Post-Chaise to National Park
030752: HODGES, C. WALTER - Enter the Whole Army; a Pictorial Study of Shakespearean Staging 1576-1616
030880: HODGES, C. WALTER, ET AL., EDS - The Third Globe; Symposium for the Reconstruction of the Globe Playhouse, Wayne State Univeirsity, 1979
045256: HODGES, TERRY - Sabertooth; the Rip-Roaring Adventures of a Legendary Game Warden
011224: HODGES, HENRY G. - The Doctrine of Intervention
030345: HODGES, C. WALTER - The Globe Restored; a Study of the Elizabethan Theatre
033660: HODGES, C. WALTER - Shakespeare's Second Globe; the Missing Monument
017284: HODGETT, GERALD A. J. - A Social and Economic History of Medieval Europe
012778: HODGKIN, THOMAS - Nigerian Perspectives; an Historical Anthology
014405: HODGMAN, DONALD R. - Soviet Industrial Production, 1928-1951
025329: HODGMAN, EDWIN R. - History of the Town of Westford, in the County of Middlesex, Massachusetts, 1659-1883
024581: HODGSON, LEONARD - The Place of Reason in Christian Apologetic
025079: HODGSON, D. H. - Consequences of Utilitarianism; a Study in Normative Ethics and Legal Theory
007739: HODGSON, GODFREY - The Colonel; the Life and Wars of Henry Stimson, 1867-1950
039647: HODGSON, N. BARRIE - Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns of the British Isles
030709: HODGSON, ANTONY - The Music of Joseph Haydn; the Symphonies
019775: HODIN, J. P. - Douglas Portway; a Painter's Life
014820: HODIN, J. P. - Modern Art and the Modern Mind
014178: HODIN, J. P. - Ruszkowski; Life and Work
013633: HODIN, J. P. - Manessier
038202: HODRIEN, ROY - Pedigree Dogs in Colour
039928: HOEFER, HANS - Stoned Images
043328: HØEG, PETER - Borderliners
029809: HOEGES, DIRK - François Guizot Und Die Französische Revolution
027984: HOEHLING, A. A. - The Lexington Goes Down; a Fighting Carrier's Last Hours in the Coral Sea
016783: HOELTERHOFF, MANUELA - Cinderella & Company; Backstage at the Opera with Cecilia Bartoli
044915: HOENIGSWALD, HENRY M. - Language Change and Linguistic Reconstruction
043318: HOEPFFNER, ERNEST - Les Lais de Marie de France
004537: HOESCH, JÖRG - Der Imagismus IM Spiegel Seiner Spätromantischen Quellen
037119: VAN HOESEN, BETH - Creatures; the Art of Seeing Animals. Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors
029429: HOEST, STEPHAN - Reden Und Briefe; Quellen Zur Geschichte Der Scholastik Und Des Humanismus IM 15. Jahrhundert
003224: VAN DER HOEVEN, PIETER - Metafysica En Fysica Bij Descartes
034981: HOFER, CARL - Carl Hofer; Austellung Von Neuen Werken
036463: HOFER, PHILIP - Edward Lear As a Landscape Draughtsman
024263: HÖFFDING, HARALD - Sören Kierkegaard Als Philosoph
024264: HÖFFDING, HARALD - A History of Modern Philosophy; a Sketch of the History of Philosophy from the Close of the Renaissance to Our Own Day
036710: HOFFMAN, DAVID - Kid Stuff; Great Toys from Our Childhood
007673: HOFFMAN, J. J. - Molstad Village
026435: HOFFMAN, LAWRENCE A. - The Land of Israel; Jewish Perspectives
009578: HOFFMAN, DANIEL - Barbarous Knowledge; Myth in the Poetry of Yeats, Graves, and Muir
034915: HOFFMAN, ROY - Alabama Afternoons; Profiles and Conversations
031351: HOFFMAN, ROSS J. S. - The Marquis; a Study of Lord Rockingham, 1730-1782
020778: HOFFMAN, ARTHUR W. - John Dryden's Imagery
019056: HOFFMANN, CHARLES G. - The Short Novels of Henry James
010576: HOFFMANN, HILDEGARD - Handwerk Und Manufaktur in PreußEn 1769 (Das Taschenbuch Knyphausen)
011183: HOFFMANN, FRIEDRICH - Der Lateinische Unterricht Auf Sprachwissenschaftlicher Grundlage; Anregungen Und Winke
018073: HOFFMANN, PHILLIP - Nothing So Absurd; an Invitation to Philosophy
021312: HOFFMANN, CHARLES G. - Ford Madox Ford
029428: HOFFMANN, RICHARD - Michelangelo: Die Decke Der Sixtinischen Kapelle
030686: HOFFMANN, PETER - Hitler's Personal Security; Protecting the Führer, 1921-1945
030831: HOFFMANN, E. T. A. - Nutcracker
038374: HOFFMANN, E. T. A. - Der Unheimliche Gast Und Andere Erzählungen
040716: HOFFMANN, STANLEY, ET AL. - In Search of France
025080: HOFFMEISTER, JOHANNES - Wörterbuch Der Philosophischen Begriffe
039755: HOFFMEISTER, GERHART, ED - Europäische Tradition Und Deutscher Literaturbarock; Internationale Beiträge Zum Problem Von ûberlieferung Und Umgestaltung
038736: HOFMANN, WERNER - Modern Painting in Austria
018590: HOFMANN, ROSTISLAV - Moussorgski
026470: HOFMANN, HELGA D. - Kleinplastik Und Figürliches Kunsthandwerk Aus Den Beständen Des Münchner Stadtmuseums 1880-1930
009531: HOFMANN, THOMAS R. - Bibliography on the Semantics of Human Language
030714: HOFMANN, ROSTISLAV-MICHEL - Rimski Korsakov; Sa Vie, Son Oeuvre
034709: HOFMANN, DIETRICH, ED - Gedenkschrift Für William Foerste
042559: HOFMANNSTHAL, HUGO VON - Ausgewählte Werke in Zwei Bänden
041084: HOFMANNSTHAL, HUGO VON - Das Salzburger Grosse Welttheater
020697: HOFSTADTER, RICHARD - America at 1750; a Social Portrait
003141: HOFSTADTER, ALBERT - Agony and Epitaph; Man, His Art, and His Poetry
038735: HOGAN, ROBERT, ED - Dictionary of Irish Literature
030710: HOGARTH, GEORGE - Musical History, Biography, and Criticism
012412: HOGG, IAN V. - German Pistols and Revolvers 1871-1945
028841: HOGG, JAMES - Die Ausbreitung Der Kartäuser
029918: HOGREFE, PEARL - The Sir Thomas More Circle; a Program of Ideas and Their Impact on Secular Drama
017794: HOGUE, HARLAND E. - Christian Seed in Western Soil; Pacific School of Religion Through a Century
009965: HOHENBERG, JOHN - Foreign Correspondence; the Great Reporters and Their Times
005481: HOHENBERG, JOHN - Foreign Correspondence; the Great Reporters and Their Times
010555: WUTHENAU-HOHENTHURM, CARL ADAM, GRAF VON - Die Familie Der Herren V. Wuthenau Und Der Grafen V. Wuthenau-Hohenthum
007802: HOHENWART, ERNST - Land Und Leute in Den Vereinigten Staaten
024538: HOHLENBERG, JOHANNES - Sören Kierkegaard
019057: HOHLFELD, A. R. - Fifty Years with Goethe, 1905-1951: Collected Studies
000063: HÖHMANN, HANS-HERMANN, ED - Die Wirtschaft Osteuropas Und Der Vr China 1970-1980; Bilanz Und Perspektiven
006324: HÖK, GÖSTA - Zinzendorfs Begriff Der Religion
039866: HOKINSON, HELEN E. - When Were You Built
007556: HOLAND, HJALMAR R. - Explorations in America Before Columbus
013317: HOLBROOK, STEWART H. - The Story of American Railroads
034205: HOLDEN, ANTHONY - The Wit in the Dungeon; the Remarkable Life of Leigh Hunt--Poet, Revolutionary, and the Last of the Romantics
025651: HOLDEN, EDITH - 1906; the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
006926: HOLDEN, WILLIAM P. - Anti-Puritan Satire, 1572-1642
007486: HOLDEN, JONATHAN - The Old Formalism; Character in Contemporary American Poetry
039749: HOLDEN, W. H. - Houses with a History in St. Marylebone
036976: HOLDEN, DONALD - Whistler Landscapes and Seascapes
039741: HÖLDERLIN, FRIEDRICH - Gedichte
005847: HOLDERNESS, GRAHAM - Who's Who in D.H. Lawrence
038286: HOLDSWORTH, W. A. - The Law of Master and Servant (Including Domestic Servants) As Affected by the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1906, and Previous Legislation
045058: HOLDT, JACOB - American Pictures; a Personal Journey Through the American Underclass
035812: HOLE, CHRISTINA - English Home-Life 1500 to 1800
036685: HOLE, CHRISTINA - English Custom and Usage
021825: HOLLADAY, WILLIAM L. - A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament
010234: HOLLAND, HARRISON M. - Managing Diplomacy; the United States and Japan
018591: HOLLAND, A. K. - Henry Purcell; the English Musical Edition
034336: HOLLAND, D. K., ED - Great Package Design
006518: HOLLAND, DEWITTE, ED - Sermons in American History; Selected Issues in the American Pulpit, 1630-1967
045041: HOLLAND, HENRY - The Iceland Journal of Henry Holland 1810
017285: HOLLANDER, ROBERT - Boccaccio's Two Venuses
027149: HOLLANDER, JOHN, ED - American Poetry; the Nineteenth Century
027971: HOLLÄNDER, EUGEN - äskulap Und Venus; Eine Kultur- Und Sittengeschichte IM Spiegel Des Arztes
029898: HOLLÄNDER, EUGEN - Anekdoten Aus Der Medizinischen Weltgeschichte
011225: HOLLANDER, SAMUEL - The Economics of Adam Smith
023180: HOLLEAUX, MAURICE - Rome, la Grèce Et Les Monarchies Hellénistiques Au Iiie Siècle Avant J. -C. (273-205)
036142: HOLLENDER, KEITH - Scripophily; Collecting Bonds and Share Certificates
005716: HOLLEY, I. B., JR. - General John M. Palmer, Citizen Soldiers, and the Army of a Democracy
012227: HOLLEY, I. B., JR. - Ideas and Weapons; Exploitation of the Aerial Weapon by the United States During World War I; a Study in the Relationship of Technological Advance, Military Doctrine, and the Development of Weapons
028842: HOLLEY, LINDA TARTE - Chaucer's Measuring Eye
007558: HOLLIDAY, CARL - The Wit and Humor of Colonial Days
017793: HOLLIDAY, J. S. - The World Rushed in; the California Gold Rush Experience
026949: HOLLINGHURST, ALAN - The Folding Star
013324: HOLLINGSWORTH, BRIAN - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Steam Passenger Locomotives; a Technical Directory of Major International Express Train Engines from the 1820s to the Present Day
041541: HOLLISITER, C. WARREN - The Making of England 55 B.C. To 1399
045258: WHEELWRIGHT, JANE HOLLISTER AND LYNDA WHEELWRIGHT SCHMIDT - The Long Shore; a Psychological Experience of the Wilderness
016867: HOLLITSCHER, WALTER - Sigmund Freud; an Introduction. A Presentation of This Theory, and a Discussion of the Relationship between Psycho-Analysis and Sociology
043262: HOLLOWAY, R. ROSS - The Archaeology of Ancient Sicily
037621: HOLLOWAY, OWEN E. - Graphic Art of Japan; the Classical School
023358: HOLLOWAY, RICHARD - Doubts and Loves; What Is Left of Christianity
014918: HOLLOWAY, EDWARD STRATTON - The Practical Book of Learning Decoration and Furniture
044933: HOLLYMAN, K.-J - Le Développement Du Vocabulaire Féodal En France Pendant Ee Haut Moyen Age (étude Sémantique)
045069: HOLM, BILL - Northwest Coast Indian Art; an Analysis of Form
012228: HOLM, JEANNE - Women in the Military; an Unfinished Revolution
031791: HOLM, BILL - Northwest Coast Indian Art; an Analysis of Form
041258: HOLMAN, WILLIAM R. - Library Publications
023026: HOLMBERG, ALLAN R. - Nomads of the Long Bow; the Siriono of Eastern Bolivia
039538: HOLMBERG, BÖRJE - James Douglas on English Pronunciation C. 1740
023474: HOLMES, RICHARD - Coleridge
023676: HOLMES, ALEXANDER - How to Read the Federalist
008439: HOLMES, LOUIS A. - Fort Mcpherson, Nebraska; Fort Cottonwood, N.T. , Auardian of the Tracks and Trails
019059: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Psychiatric Novels of Oliver Wendell Holmes
013745: HOLMES, CHARLES - Raphael: And the Modern Use of the Classical Tradition
026427: HOLMES, CHARLES S., ET AL., EDS - The Major Critics; the Development of English Literary Criticism
029562: HOLMES, GEORGE, ED - The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe
030611: HOLMES, NANCY, ED - Open Wide a Wilderness; Canadian Nature Poems
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038814: HOYLE, GRAHAM - Comparative Physiology of the Nervous Control of Muscular Contraction
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014967: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Whitneys: An Informal Portrait, 1635-1975
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041498: HOYT, GILES REID - The Development of Anton Ulrich's Narrative Prose on the Basis of Surviving "Octavia" Manuscripts and Prints
003339: HRKAL, EDUARD - Der Etruskische Gottesdienst Dargestellt Nach Den Agramer Mumienbinden
029433: HRUBY, ANTONIN - Der "Ackermann" Und Seine Vorlage
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012996: HSU, FRANCIS L. K. - Americans and Chinese
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004836: HUDSON, W. H. - Birds and Man
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040267: HUFELAND, CHRISTIAN WILHELM - Makrobiotik Dder Die Kunst, Das Menschliche Leben Zu Verlängern
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042747: HULL, RAYMOND, ET AL. - Vancouver's Past
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027089: HULTKRANTZ, ÅKE - The Religions of the American Indians
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011311: PAYNE, HUMFRY AND GERARD MACKWORTH-YOUNG - Archaic Marble Sculpture from the Acropolis; a Photographic Catalogue
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1238: HUNT, EVERETT LEE - The Revolt of the College Intellectual
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037872: HUNT, IRVINE - Fenty'a Album
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012780: HUNTER, GUY - The New Societies of Tropical Africa; a Selective Study
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040104: HURD, MICHAEL - The Orchestra
026722: HURLEY, GRAHAM - Permissible Limits
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037408: HURLEY, F. JACK - Portrait of a Decade; Roy Stryker and the Development of Documentary Photography in the Thirties
044970: HURLEY, ANN HOLLINSHEAD - John Donne's Poetry and Early Modern Visual Culture
017784: HURREIZ, SAYYID H. - Ja'Aliyyin Folktales; an Interplay of African, Arabian and Islamic Elements
030733: HURST, P. G. - The Age of Jean de Reszke; 40 Years of Opera, 1874-1914
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549: (HENRY V). HUTCHISON, HAROLD F. - King Henry V; a Biography
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011804: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Memories
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011836: MARTI-IBAÑEZ, FELIX - Ariel; Essays on the Arts and the History and Philosophy of Medicine
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029972: ILLINGWORTH, J. R. - Divine Immanence; an Essay on the Spiritual Significance of Matter
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015438: INGERSOLL, RALPH - Top Secret
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012494: INGLES, LLOYD GLENN - Mammals of California
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016822: INGLIS, WILLIAM - George F. Johnson and His Industrial Democracy
011808: INGLIS, BRIAN - A History of Medicine
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014558: INGRAMS, RICHARD - Muggeridge; the Biography
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023031: INNES, HAMMOND - The Conquistadors
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006620: INNES, A. D. - The Maritime and Colonial Expansion of England Under the Stuarts (1603-1714)
027454: CANAAN VALLEY INSTITUTE - A Bit of Canada Gone Astray--Canaan Valley. An Anthology of Articles About the Cutlural, Environmental, and Economic History of the Canaan Valley Region of West Virginia
036004: BRITISH COLUMBIA'S WOMEN'S INSTITUTES - Adventures in Cooking
025557: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR - The Columbia River; a Comprehensive Report on the Development of the Water Resources of the Columbia River Basin for Irrigation, Powere Production, and Other Beneficial Uses in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming
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034371: IRONS, PETER - The Courage of Their Convictions
037007: IRONS, PETER - God on Trial; Dispatches from America's Religious Battlefields
025660: IRONS, PETER - Justice at War; the Story of the Japanese American Internment Cases
011811: IRONS, ERNEST E. - The Story of Rush Medical College
015641: IRVINE, DEMAR - Massenet; a Chronicle of His Life and Times
010053: IRVING, DAVID - Der Untergang Dresdens
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020385: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Astoria; Adventure in the Pacific Northwest
010719: IRVING, R. L. G. - The Alps
005276: BRECHER, IRVING AND S. A. ABBAS - Foreign Aid and Industrial Development in Pakistan
045399: IRVING, HOWARD B., JR. - Rereading Beowulf
020554: ABELLA, IRVING AND HAROLD TROPER - None Is Too Many; Canada and the Jews of Europe 1933-1948
043465: HOWE, IRVING AND KENNETH LIBO - How We Lives; a Documentary History of Immigrant Jews in America 1880-1930
005848: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Journal of Washington Irving (1823-1824)
045094: ROUSE, IRVING AND JOSÉ M. CRUXENT - Venezuelan Archaeology
037502: IRWIN, JOHN - Shawls; a Study in Indo-European Influen Ces
039615: GARFINKEL, IRWIN AND ROBERT H. HAVEMAN - Earnings Capacity, Poverty, and Inequality
016371: ISAAC, RHYS - The Transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790
003814: ISAAC, JAMES PATON - Factors in the Ruin of Antiquity; a Criticism of Ancient Civilization
038049: ISAAC, PETER, ED - Six Centuries of the Provincial Book Trade in Britain
003590: ISAACS, NEIL D. - Structural Principles in Old English Poetry
014793: ISAJIW, WSEVOLOD W. - Causation and Functionalism in Sociology
035322: ISAKSSON, OLOV - Bishop Hill Svensk Koloni På Prärien. Bishop Hill, ILL. , a Utopia on the Prairie
026784: ISARD, WALTER - Ecologic-Economic Analysis for Regional Development. Some Initial Explorations with Particular Reference to Recreational Resource Use and Environmental Planning
035123: ISAY, DAVID - Holding on
028501: ISBELL, EGBERT R. - A History of Eastern Michigan University, 1849-1965
034837: ISCHER, THEOPHIL - Die ältesten Karten Der Eidgenossenschaft
033384: ISCHIRKOFF, A. - Bulgarien, Land Und Leute
036527: ISEGAWA, MOSES - Abyssinian Chronicles
036479: ISELY, DUANE - Weeds in the North Central States
020499: ISER, W., ED - Immanente ästhetik, ästhetische Reflexion. Lyrik Als Paradigma Der Moderne
024560: ISERLOH, ERWIN, ET AL. - Reformation, Katholische Reform Und Gegenreformation
037917: ISHERWOOD, ROBERT M. - Farce and Fantasy; Popular Entertainment in Eighteenth-Century Paris
013894: ISHI, HIROMITSU - The Japanese Tax System
038738: ISHIKAWA, CHIYO, ET AL. - A Gift to America; Masterpieces of European Painting from the Samuel H. Kress Collection
021281: ISHINOMORI, SHOTARO - Japan Inc. ; an Introduction to Japanese Economics (the Comic Book)
032428: ISHIZAWA, MASAO, ET AL. - The Heritage of Japanese Art
005318: ISHWARAN, K. - Tradition and Economy in Village India
017879: DYEN, ISIDORE AND DAVID F. ABERLE - Lexical Reconstruction; the Case of the Proto-Athapaskan Kinship System
020173: ISIKOFF, MICHAEL - Uncovering Clinton; a Reporter's Story
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012696: ICELAND. HAGSTOFU ISLANDS - Alpingiskosningar Arid 1942; élections Au Parlement 1942
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031805: ITALIE, GABRIEL - Index Aeschyleus
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036457: ITOH, SHINGI - The White Egret
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012606: IVERSEN, E. S. - Farming the Edge of the Sea
044968: IVERSEN, WILLIAM - The Pious Pornographers
039868: IVERSEN, E. S. - Farming the Edge of the Sea
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014272: IVES, COLTA FELLER - The Great Wave; the Influence of Japanese Woodcuts on French Prints
001941: IVI, MILKA - Trends in Linguistics
032398: IVIMY, JOHN - The Sphinx & the Megaliths
036629: IVINS, MOLLY - Who Let the Dogs in? Incredible Political Animals I Have Known
019555: IVINSKAYA, OLGA - A Captive of Time
041232: IVSIC, STJEPAN - Slavenska Poredbena Grammatika
031431: IWAGO, MITSUAKI - Wildlife; Photographs
020704: IWANSKA, ALICJA - Purgatory and Utopia; a Mazahua Indian Village of Mexico
013598: RANGA IYER, C. S. - India in the Crucible
041218: BONNER, ROBERT J. AND GERTRUDE SMITH - The Administration of Justice from Homer to Aristotle
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022494: HITCH, CHARLES J. AND ROLAND N. MCKEAN - The Economics of Defense in the Nuclear Age
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016346: LITTLER, D. J. AND J. F. RAFFLE - An Introduction to Reactor Physics
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024738: DELANEY, JOHN J. AND JAMES EDWARD TOBIN - Dictionary of Catholic Biography
739: (HOLBEIN D. J. - ) Pinder, Wilhelm. Holbein Der Jüngere Und Das Ende Der Altdeutschen Kunst
943: ARBERRY, A. J. AND ROM LANDAU - Islam to-Day. Edited by A.J. Arberry and Rom Landau
014534: COALE, ANSLEY J. AND MELVIN ZELNIK - New Estimates of Fertility and Population in the United States; a Study of Annual White Births from 1855 to 1960 and of Completeness of Enumeration in the Census from 1880 to 1960
004828: NIEDRACH, ROBERT J. AND ROBERT B. ROCKWELL - The Birds of Denver and Mountain Parks
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027087: PETTAVINO, PAULA J. AND GERALYN PYE - Sport in Cuba; the Diamond in the Rough
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039986: BENNETT, HAROLD J. AND CHANDLER MORSE - Scarcity and Growth; the Economics of Natural Resources Availability
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005369: ANDERSON, MARGO J. AND STEPHEN E. FIENBERG - Who Counts? the Politics of Census-Taking in Contemporary America
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013957: MACINTOSH, J. J. AND S. COVAL, EDS - The Business of Reason
040192: FRIEDEN, BERNARD J. AND LYNNE B. SAGALYN - Downtown, Inc. ; How America Rebuilds Cities
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020526: LUMSDEN, CHARLES J. AND EDWARD O. WILSON - Promethean Fire; Reflections on the Origins of Mind
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037212: LARRISON, EARL J. AND KLAUS G SONNENBERG - Washington Birds; Their Location and Identification
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007539: GRIFFIN, LARRY J. AND DON H. DOYLE, EDS - The South As an American Problem
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042969: FRANTZEN, ALLEN J. AND DOUGLAS MOFFAT, EDS - The Work of Work: Servitude, Slavery, and Labor in Medieval England
045499: GAST. RPSS J. - Contentious Consul; a Biography of John Coffin Jones, First United States Consular Agent at Hawaii
017211: PLUMYÈNE, J. ET R. LASIERRA - Les Fascismes Français 1923-1963
032038: LEFF, LEONARD J. AND JEROLD L. SIMMONS - The Dame in the Kimono; Hollywood, Censorship, and the Production Code from the 1920s to the 1960s
034575: CUMING, G. J. AND DEREK BAKER, EDS - Councils and Assemblies; Papers Read at the Eighth Summer Meeting and the Ninth Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society
032909: MACKINTOSH, N. J. AND W. K. HONIG, EDS - Fundamental Issues in Associative Learning; Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Dalhousie University, Halifax, June 1968
039874: FERGUSON WOOD, E. J. AND R. E. JOHANNES, EDS - Tropical Marine Pollution
045149: RINGROSE-VOASE, A. J. AND G. S. HUMPHREYS, EDS - Soil Micromorpohlogy [Sic]: Studies in Management and Genesis
013918: KOCKELMANS, JOSEPH J. AND THEODORE J. KISIEL - Phenomenology and the Natural Sciences; Essays and Translations
038717: PAREL, ANTHONY J. AND RONALD C. KEITH, EDS - Comparative Politcal Philosophy; Studies Under the Upas Tree
041059: MARPLES, N. J. AND O. D. MACRAE-GIBSON - A Critical Discography of Readings in Old English
037128: VIOLA, HERMAN J. AND CAROLYN MARGOLIS, EDS - Seeds of Change; a Quincentennial Commemoration
044257: CHIAT, MARILYN J. AND KATHRYN L. REYERSON, EDS - The Medieval Mediterranean; Cross-Cultural Contacts
015439: JABLONSKI, EDWARD - Airwar
015440: JABLONSKI, EDWARD - Flying Fortress; the Illustrated Biography of the B-17s and the Men Who Flew Them
042977: JABS, CAROLYN - The Heirloom Gardener
025880: REMISE, JAC AND JEAN FONDIN - The Golden Age of Toys
026627: PIRENNE, JACAQUES AND BAUDOUIN VAN DE WALLE - Documents Juridiques égyptiens. I: Vente Et Louage de Services
045480: ANGLÈS, JACEUS AND MICHELE MAGNI - Guida Ai Mari Di Grecia E Turchia; Eubea Sporadi Settentrionali E Meridionali Costa Turca Sud-Occidentale
036534: JACK, FLORENCE B. - The Art of Laundry Work Practically Demonstrated for Use in Homes and Schools
019770: JACK, ROBERT - Arctic Living; the Story of Grimsey
022667: KUGELMASS, JACK AND JONATHAN BOYARIN, EDS - From a Ruined Garden; the Memorial Books of Polish Jewry
015575: BARBARA, JACK AND WILLIAM MCBRIEN - Stevie; a Biography of Stevie Smith
038956: HOFFMAN, JACK AND DANIEL SIMON - Run Run Run; the Lives of Abbie Hoffman
004946: GRAY, JACK AND PATRICK CAVENDISH - Chinese Communism in Crisis; Maoism and the Cultural Revolution
036041: JACK, R. IAN - Medieval Wales
030344: JACK, IAN - English Literature 1815-1832
037414: COWART, JACK AND DOMINIQUE FOURCADE - Henri Matisse; the Early Years in Nice 1916-1930
043400: MCNAIRN, JACK AND JERRY MACMULLEN - Ships of the Redwood Coast
027386: JACKH, ERNEST, ED - Background of the Middle East
024563: JACKMAN, EVERETT E. - The Nebraska Methodis Story; Authorized Centennial History of Nebraska Methodism 1854-1954
041551: JACKSON, ROBERT H. - The Supreme Court in the American System of Government
040275: JACKSON, IAN - Teach Yourself Malkielese in 90 Minutes
023837: JACKSON, PERCIVAL E. - The Wisdom of the Supreme Court
018893: JACKSON, CLARENCE S. - Picture Maker of the Old West, William H. Jackson
018346: JACKSON, JOSEPH HENRY - Gold Rush Album
026103: JACKSON, JOSEPH HENRY - Anybody's Gold; the Story of California's Mining Towns
030742: JACKSON, PAUL - Start-Up at the New Met; the Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts, 1966-1976
030740: JACKSON, PAUL - Saturday Afternoons at the Old Met; the Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts, 1931-1950
026644: JACKSON, SHIRLEY GORDON - A Place to Be Someone; Growing Up with Charles Gordone
012414: JACKSON, HERBERT J. - European Hand Firearms of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth & Eighteenth Centuries
015441: JACKSON, ROBERT - Fighter Pilots of World War II
015444: JACKSON, W. G. F. - The Battle for Rome
009560: JACKSON, W. A. DOUGLAS, ED - Agrarian Policies and Problems in Communist and Non-Communist Countries
020000: JACKSON, CATHERINE CHARLOTTE, LADY - Old Paris, Its Court and Literary Salons
015376: JACKSON, FRANK - They Make Tomorrow's Ballet; a Study of the Work of Jack Carter, Michael Charnley, John Cranko
007286: JACKSON, JOSEPH HENRY - Anybody's Gold; the Story of California's Mining Towns
034953: JACKSON, RICHIE JEAN SHERROD - The House by the Side of the Road; the Selma CIVIL Rights Movement
018601: JACKSON, STANLEY - Monseiur Butterfly; the Story of Giacomo Puccini
031132: JACKSON, HOLBROOK - Dreamers of Dreams; the Rise and Fall of 19th Century Idealism

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