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020180: Hamilton, Scott - Landing It; My Life on and Off the Ice
020006: Hamilton, William J., Jr., and John O. Whitaker - Mammals of the Eastern United States
012443: Hamilton, Robert - W.H. Hudson; the Vision of Earth
011198: Hamilton, Robert - The Progress of Society
010302: Hamilton, James W. - Pwo Karen; at the Edge of Mountain and Plain
007541: Hamilton, Carl - In No Time at All
050517: Hamilton, Elizabeth - Letters on the Elementary Principles of Education
051594: Hamilton, Jack - Just Around Midnight; Rock and Roll and the Racial Imagination
038830: Hamlyn, D. W. - The Theory of Knowledge
018067: Hamlyn, D. W. - Sensation and Perception; a History of the Philosophy of Perception
021795: Hamm, Josip - Stokavstina Donje Podravine
051173: Hamm, Charles E. - A Chronology of the Works of Guillaume Dufay Based on a Study of Mensural Practice
051173: Hamm, Charles E. - A Chronology of the Works of Guillaume Dufay Based on a Study of Mensural Practice
031281: Hammacher, A. M. - Phantoms of the Imagination; Fantasy in Art and Literature from Blake to Dali
045980: Hammar, Langdon - Ninth Annual Kimon Friar Lecture 2003
021796: Hammar, Thekla - Svensk-Fransk Ordbok
023691: Hammarsten, Olof - Lehrbuch Der Physiologischen Chemie
045427: Hammarström, Göran - Linguistische Einheiten IM Rahmen Der Modernen Sprachwissenschaft
012181: Hammel, Eric - The Root; the Marines in Beirut, August 1982-February 1984
049263: Hammerbeck, Wanda - Depositions
036708: Hammerstein, Hans Von - Trachten Der Alpenländer
019043: Hammerton, J. A. - George Meredith in Anecdote and Criticism
049094: Hammett, Dashiell - Crime Stories and Other Writings
044751: Hammond, N. G. L. - Alexander the Great; King, Commander and Statesman
038417: Hammond, Rita - Rita Hammond: Making Connections
037415: Hammond, Paul - French Undressing; Naughty Postcards from 1900 to 1920
028810: Hammond, P. W. - The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury
027103: Hammond, Allen - Which World? Secnarios for the 21st Century. Global Destinies, Regional Choices
002786: Hammond, Albert L. - Ideas About Substance
043501: Hampshire, Stuart - Two Theories of Morality
037979: Hampson, John - The English at Table
010736: Han, Sang-Bok, Ed - Asian Peoples and Their Cultures; Continuity and Change
010282: Han, Wooo-keun - The History of Korea
042042: Hanaotaux, Gabriel - Histoire Du Cardinal de Richelieu
045689: Hanawalt, Barbara A. - Growing Up in Medieval London; the Experience of Childhood in History
012772: Hance, William A. - The Geography of Modern Africa
049036: Hancock, Leslie - Word Index to James Loyce's Portrait of the Artist
033202: Hancock, Leslie - Word Index to James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist
013860: Hancock, Roger N. - Twentieth Century Ethics
002402: Hancock, W. K. - Four Studies of War and Peace in This Century
033139: Hancox, Joy - Kingdom for a Stage; Magicians & Aristocrats in the Elizabethan Theeatre
017142: Kelly, Hand and Dot Kelly - Dancing Diplomats
042396: Händel, Georg Friedrich - Klaviersuiten I-VIII
030651: Handel, Georg Friedrich - Giulio Cesare. In Full Score
030650: Handel, Georg Friedrich - Complete Concerti Grossi. In Full Score
027894: Handelman, Howard - Mexican Politics; the Dynamics of Change
030654: Handl, Johannes - Weihnachtsmess=Christmas Mass. Ostermess I=Easter Mass I. Ostermesse II=Easter Mass II
016675: Handlin, Oscar - The Uprooted; the Epic Story of the Great Migrations That Made the American People
004137: Handover, P. M. - The Second Cecil; the Rise to Power 1563-1604 of Sir Robert Cecil, Later First Earl of Salisbury
003941: Handover, P. M. - Printing in London from 1476 to Modern Times
020119: Handy, Yvonne - L'Oeuvre de Willa Cather
007892: Handy, Henry Brantly, Ed - The Social Recorder of Virginia
006310: Handy, Robert T. - A Christian America; Protestant Hopes and Historical Realities
001740: Hane, Mikiso - Peasants, Rebels, and Outcastes; the Underside of Modern Japan
031771: Hanfmann, George M. - Roman Art
011147: Hanfmann, George M. A. - Letters from Sardis
008555: Hanfmann, Werner, et al. - German Art of the Twentieth Century
030408: Hanford, James Holly - A Milton Handbook
046660: Hanfstaengl, Eberhard - Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn
005124: Hanhardt, Arthur M. - The German Democratic Republic
013862: Hanington, J. Brian - Every Popish Person; the Story of Roman Catholicism in Nova Scotia and the Church of Halifax 1604-1984
039727: Hankel, Wilhelm - Die Sieben Todsünden Der Vereinigung; Wege Aus Dem Wirtschaftsdesaster
034164: Hankins, John Erskine - Backgrounds of Shakespeare's Thougtht
009669: Hanley, LYnne - Writing War; Faction, Gender, and Memory
002425: Hanley, David - Keeping Left? Ceres and the French Socialist Party; a Contribution to the Study of Fractionalism in Political Parties
023304: O'Hanlon, Redmond - No Mercy; a Journey to the Heart of the Congo
012978: Hanly, Michael G. - Boccaccio, Beauvau, Chaucer; Troilus and Criseyde. Four Perspectives on Influcence
039423: Hanna, Frank A., Et al. - Analysis of Wisconsin Income
034366: Hanna, Warren L. - Lost Harbor; the Controversy over Drake's California Anchorage
019762: Hanna, William S. - Benjamin Franklin and Pennsylvania Politics
018882: Hanna, Martha - Orest Semchishen; in Plain View/Voir Clair
020202: Josephson, Hannah and Malcolm Cowley, Eds - Aragon: Poet of the French Resistance
039344: Hannan, Timothy H. - The Economics of Methadone Maintenance
030097: Hannay, David - The Later Renaissance
050083: Hannay, M. - Van Dale Handwoordenboek Nederlands-Engels
010007: Hannerz, Ulf - Soulside; Inqiuiries Into Ghetto Culture and Community
044812: Hannesson, Johann S. - The Sagas of Icelanders (Islandinga Sögur)
022114: Hannesson, Johann S. - Hlymrek à Sextugu
040508: Hannestad, Knud - De 30 Tyranner; Studier I Athensk Forfatningshistorie I Slutningen Af 5. århundrede
007259: Hannon, Jessie Gould - The Boston-Newton Company Venture; from Massachusetts to California in 1849
043166: Hanotaux, Gabriel - L'Empire Colonial Franàais
004737: Hanotaux, Gabriel - Histoire Des Sciences En France
032267: Guan Hanqing - Selected Plays of Guan Hanqing
050024: Fromm, Hans and Matti Sadeniemi - Finnisches Elementarbuch. I: Grammatik
042124: Wichmann, Hans and Siegfried Wichmann - Schach; Ursprung Und Wandlung Der Spielfigur in Zwölf Jahrhunderten
023658: Bauer, Hans and Pontus Leander - Reise in Das Goldene Byzanz
021874: Kurath, Hans and Raven I. McDavid, Jr. - The Pronunciation of English in the Atlantic States Based Upon the Collections of the Linguistic Atlas of the Eastern United States
049154: Sauer, Hans and Gaby Waxenberger, Eds - Recording English, Researching English, Transforming English
015109: Geiger, Hans and Ernst Lehmann - Der Einfluss Der Atomphysik Auf Unser Weltbild. Der Einfluss Der Biologie Auf Unser Weltbild
008308: Gercke, Hans and Peter Anselm Riedl - Michael Bacht: Installationen, Objekte Und Bilder
049478: Antonson, Hans and Ulf Jansson, Eds - Agriculture and Forestry in Sweden Since 1900--Geographical and Historical Studies
044044: Hansen, Elaine Tuttle - Chaucer and the Fictions of Gender
039144: Hansen, W. Lee - Education, Income, and Human Capital
029236: Hansen, Eric C. - Disaffection and Decadence; a Crisis in French Intellectual Thoguht 1848-1898
028540: Hansen, Cafl F. - The Amidon Elementary School; a Successful Demonstration in Basic Education
050414: Hansen, Elaine Tuttle - The Solomon Complex; Reading Wisdom in Old English Poetry
002532: Hansen, Mogens Herman - Atimistraffen I Athen I Klassisk Tid
022008: Hanser, Richard - The Glorious Hour of Lt. Monroe
048500: Hanson, Paul D., Ed - Visionaries and Their Apocalypses
047093: Hanson, Paul D. - Visionaries and Their Apocalypses
045656: Hanson, Michele Zelinsky - Religious Identity in an Early Reformation Community; Augsburg, 1517 to 1555
011794: Hanson, Dirk - The New Alchemists; Silicon Valley and the Microelectronics Revolution
007311: Hanson, Eric J. - Dynamic Decade
036795: Hansotte, Georges - La Clouterie LIégeoise Et la Question Ouvrière Au Xviiie Siècle
003960: Landolt, Hanspeter and Theodor Seeger - Schweizer Barockkirchen
046359: Spang-Hanssen, Henning - Probability and Structural Classification in Language Description
011080: Hantsch, Hugo - Die Geschichte ôsterreichs
051437: Hanus, Franciscus - Die Aeltere Geschichte Der Zisterzienser--Abtei Leubus in Schlesien Bis Zur Mitte Des 14. Jahrhunderts
007546: Hapke, Laura - Daughters of the Great Depression; Women, Work, and Fiction in the American 1930s
046467: Happel, Eberhard Werner - GrößTe Denkwürdigkeiten Der Welt Oder Sogenannte Relatioes Curiosae
037956: O'Hara, Frank - Robert Motherwell
035656: Hara, Marie - Bananaheart & Other Stories; a Collection of Short Stories
043543: Harada, Minoru - Meiji Western Painting
036043: Haraguchi, Torao , et al. - The Status System and Social Organization of Satsuma; a Translation of the Shumon Tefuda Aratame Jomoku
048968: Bjorvand, Harald and Fredrik Otto Lindeman - Väre Arveord; Etymologisk Ordbok
029416: Harap, Louis - The Image of the Jew in American Literature from Early Republic to Mass Immigration
010230: Harari, Ehud - The Politics of Labor Legislation in Japan; National-International Interaction
042805: Harbage, Alfred - Annals of English Drama 975-1700; an Analytical Record of All Plays, Extant or Lost, Chronologically Arranged and Indexed by Authors, Titles, Dramatic Companies, &C
033692: Harbage, Alfred - Annals of English Drama 975-1700; an Analytical Record of All Palys, Extant or Lost, Chronologically Arranged and Indexed by Authors, Titles, Dramatic Companies, &C
033569: Harbage, Alfred - Shakespeare and the Rival Traditions
033426: Harbage, Alfred - Shakespeare's Audience
033298: Harbage, Alfred - Theatre for Shakespeare
032506: Harbage, Alfred - As They Liked It; a Study of Shakespeare's Moral Artistry
030354: Harbage, Alfred - Conceptions of Shakespeare
019548: Harbage, Alfred - As They Liked It; an Essay on Shakespeare and Morality
017903: Harbaugh, Heinrich - Harbaugh's Harfe; Gedichte in Pennsylvanisch-Deutscher Mundart
048961: Harbert, Wayne - The Germanic Languages
037697: Harbin, E. O. - Phunology; a Colelction of Tried and Proved Plans for Play, Fellowship, and Profit
033650: Harbison, Robert - Eccentric Spaces
029865: Harbison, Robert - Deliberate Regression
029360: Harbison, Peter - Pre-Christian Ireland from the First Settlers to the Early Celts
002788: Harbison, E. Harris - Christianity and History; Essays
012184: Harbutt, Fraser J. - The Iron Curtain; Churchill, America, and the Origins of the Cold War
012185: Harcave, Sidney - First Blood; the Russian Revolution of 1905
004865: Harcave, Sidney - Years of the Golden Cockerel; the Last Romanov Tsars 1814-1917
004864: Harcave, Sidney - First Blood; the Russian Revolution of 1905
025550: Harcourt, Raoul d' - Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques
014342: D'Harcourt, Raoul - Primitive Art of the Americas
009512: Härd, John Evert - Adjektivadverb Oder Advebiales Adjektiv? Ein Beitrag Zur Forschungsgeschichte Der Deutschen Grammatik
051587: Hardarson, Gunnar - Littérature Et Spiritualité En Scandinavie Médiévale; la Traduction Norroise Du de Arrha Animae de Hughes de Saint-Victor. étude Historique Et édition Critique
003618: Hardie, Robert - The Burma-Siam Railway; the Secret Diary of Dr. Robert Hardie, 1942-45
042755: Harding, Walter - Thoreau and Children
039738: Harding, Walter - Thoreau and Children
029361: Harding, Jane D. - The Arthurian Legend; a Check List of Books in the Newberry Library
022670: Harding, Bertha - Imperial Twilight; the Story of Karl and Zita of Hungary
018579: Harding, James - Gounod
017028: Harding, Henry, Ed - China's Foreign Relations in the 1980s
008867: Hardinge, Charles Stewart - My Indian Peregrinations; the Private Letters of Charles Stewart Hardinge, 1844-1847
022666: Hardoy, Jorge E. - Pre-Columbian Cities
044157: Hardt, Manfred - Das Bild in Der Dichtung; Studien Zu Funionsweisen Von Bildern Und Bildreihen in Der Literatur
027321: Hardwick, Michael - A Guide to Anthony Trollope
040702: Röska-Hardy, Louise - Die "Bedeutung" in Natürlichen Sprachen
030286: Gathrone-Hardy, Jonathan - The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny
023866: Gathorne-Hardy, Robert - Recollections of Logan Pearsall Smith; the Story of a Friendship
019396: Gathorne-Hardy, G. M. - A Short History of International Affairs 1920-1939
014419: Hardy, Thomas - Pages from the Works of Thomas Hardy
011200: Hardy, Alan - The Kings' Mistresses
006959: Hardy, Thomas - One Rare Fair Woman; Thomas Hardy's Letters to Florence Henniker, 1893-1922
041396: Hare, Christopher - Life and Letters in the Italian Renaissance
037320: Hare, Hobart Amory - Practical Diagnosis; the Use of Symptom and Physical Signs in the Diagnosis of Disease
010430: Hare, Ronald - Pomp and Pestilence; Infectious Disease, Its Origin and Conquest
006312: Hare, R. M. - The Language of Morals
004738: Harig, Geoge Und Günter Wendel - Gerhard Harig; Schirften Zur Geschichte Der Naturwissenschaften
036042: Harington, Donald - Let Us Build Us a City; Eleven Lost Towns
022995: Harkabi, Y. - Palestinians and Israel
014477: Harkins, William E. - Dictionary of Russian Literature
042487: Harkness, Stanley B. - The Career of Samuel Butler (1835-1902); a Bibliography
014432: Harkort, Eduard - In Mexican Prisons; the Journal of Eduard Harkort, 1832-1834
005994: Harlan, John M. - The Evolution of a Judicial Philosophy; Selected Opinions and Papers of Justice John M. Harlan
006313: Harland, Gordon - The Thought of Reinhold Niebuhr
039558: Harlech, Pamela - Feast without Fuss
025780: Granville-Barker, Harley and G. B. Harrison, Eds - A Companion to Shakespeare Studies
1198: Harline, Craig - The Burdens of Sister Margaret
002136: Harlock, Walter E. - Svensk-Engelsk Ordbok
048514: Harlow, S. Grace - Hawaii by a Tourist
045780: Suomela-Härmä, Elina - Les Structures Narratives Dans le Roman de Renart
033058: Harman, Edward George - Edmund Spenser and the Impersonations of Francis Bacon
022374: Harman, Willis - Global Mind Change; the Promise of the 21st Century
012186: Harman, Nicholas - Dunkirk; the Patriotic Myth
029729: Robin-Harmel, Pierre - Le Prince Jules de Polignac, Ministre de Charles X; Sa Vie de 1829 à 1746
047102: Harmetz, Aljean - Round Up the Usual Suspects; the Making of Casablanca--Bogart, Bergman and World War II
011797: Harmon, Margaret - The Engineering Medicine; the New Pioneer
019895: Harms, Robert - The Diligent; a Voyage Through the Worlds of the Slave Trade
005746: Rakowska-Harmstone, Teresa, Ed - Perspectives for Change in Communist Societies
042269: Czepluch, Harmut and Hero Janßen, Eds - Syntaktische Struktur Und Kasusrelation
007297: Harnack, Curtis - Gentlemen on the Prairie
051533: Harnack, Adolf - Die Mission Und Ausbreitung Des Christentums in Den Ersten Drei Jahrhunderten
039832: Harnad, Stevan R., Et al., Eds - Origins and Evolution of Language and Speech
013863: Harned, David Baily - Images for Self-Recognition; the Christian As Player, Sufferer and Vandal
029176: Peake, Harold and Herbert John Fleure - Hunters & Artists
018746: Rosenthal, Harold and John Warrack - Concise Oxford Dictionary of Opera
006782: Sprout, Harold and Margaret Sprout - The Rise of American Naval Power, 1776-1918
026647: Harper, Jo - Birth of the Fifth Sun and Other Mesoamerican Tales
024627: Harper, Ralph - The Seventh Solitude; Metaphysical Homelessness in Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, and Nietzsche
023821: Harper, Christopher - What's Next in Mass Communication; Readings on Media and Culture
023634: Harper, Judith E. - Susan B. Anthony; a Biographical Companion
1199: Harré, Rom - The Anticipation of Nature
034175: Bridgeman, Harriet and Elizabeth Drury - The British Eccentric
019046: Harring, Willi - Andreas Gryphius Und Das Drama Der Jesuiten
051085: Harrington, Joseph D. - Yankee Samurai; (the Secret Role of Niei in America's Pacific Victory)
042794: Harrington, Wilfrid - Mark
042355: Harrington, Walt - Crossings; a White Man's Journey Into Black America
034319: Harrington, Brian - The Flight of the Red Knot; a Natural History Account of a Small Bird's Annual Migiration from the Arctic Circle to the Tip of South American and Back
008819: Harrington, Richard - Richard Harrington, Canadian Photographer
006716: Harrington, Karl P. - Richard Alsop "a Hartford Wit
031772: Harriott, Rosemary M. - Aristophanes, Poet & Dramatist
002967: Harriott, Rosemary M. - Aristophanes, Poet & Dramatist
046948: Harris, Valentina - Recipes from an Italian Farmhouse
045999: Harris, Markham - The Cornish Ordinalia; a Medieval Dramatic Triology. I. Beginning of the World. II, Christ's Passion. III, Resurrection of Our Lord
045987: Harris, Nick - Famous Crimes
045039: Harris, William Cornwallis - Narrative of an Expedition Into Southern Africa
044979: Harris, Frances - Transformations of Love; the Friendship of John Evelyn and Margaret Gododlphin
042214: Harris, J. Rendel - A Popular Account of the Newly-Recoverd Gospel of St. Peter
042084: Harris, J. William - Plain Folk and Gentry in a Slave Society; White Liberty and Black Slavery in Augusta's Hinterlands
042021: Harris, Joanna Gewertz - Beyond Isadora; Bay Area Dancing, the Early Years 1915-1965
041367: Harris, Sharon M., Ed - American Women Writers to 1800
039563: Harris, Alex, Ed - A New Life; Stories and Photographs from the Suburban South
030656: Harris, Ellen T. - Handel As Orpheus; Voice and Desire in the Chamber Cantatas
029667: Harris, Credo - Motor Rambles in Italy
025286: Harris, George S. - Troubled Alliance; Turkish-American Problems in Historical Perspective, 1945-1971
021880: Harris, Marvin - The Rise of Anthropological Theory; a History of Theories of Culture
015742: Harris, Kenn - Renata Tebaldi
015702: Harris, George L., Et al. - Jordan; Its People, Its Society, Its Culture
015569: Harris, George L., Ed - Egypt
014720: Kessler-Harris, Alice - Out to Work; a History of Wage-Earning Women in the United States
011201: Harris, Charles - Islington
010343: Harris, George S. - The Origins of Communism in Turkey
010194: Harris, S. E. - Monetary Problems of the British Empire
008730: Harris, Seymour E., Ed - American Economic History
050424: Harris, Brian - Tibetan Voices; a Traditional Memoir. Phographs by Brian Harris
048566: Harrison, Ann Tukey - The Danse Macabre of Women: Ms. Fr. 995 of the Biblioth èque Natonale
050466: Harrison, F. - English Manuscripts of the Fourteenth Century (C. 1250 to 1400)
040265: Harrison, Bennett - Urban Economic Development; Suburbanization, Minority Opportunity, and the Condition of the Central City
037535: Harrison, S. G., Et al. - The Oxford Book of Food Plants
037181: Harrison, Edward - Masks of the Universe; Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos
037073: Harrison, Molly - People and Shopping; a Social Background
035182: Harrison, Pegram - Une Affaire de Goû; a Selection of Cookbooks: 1457 to 1873 from the Library of Dr. And Mrs. John Talbot Gernon
051046: Harrison, Frank Llewelyn - Music in Medieval Britain
032594: Harrison, William - Harrison's Description of England in Shakspere's Youth. Being the Second and Third Books of His Description of Britaine and England
026665: Harrison, Sabrina Ward - Spilling Open; the Art of Becoming Yourself
019399: Harrison, Charles - English Art and Modernism 1900-1939
050549: Harrison, Thomas - Writing Ancient Persia
010303: Harrison, Brian - South-East Asia; a Short History
007547: Harrison, Cynthia - On Account of Sex; the Politics of Women's Issues, 1945-1968
006315: Harrison, Paul M. - Authority and Power in the Free Church Tradition; a Social Case Study of the American Baptist Convention
050381: Harrison, Frederick - Life in a Medieval College; the Story of the Vicars-Choral of York Minster
041295: Harrisville, Roy A. - Fracture; the Cross As Irreconcilable in the Language and Thought of the Biblical Writers
000070: Harrod, R. F. - International Economics
000066: Harrod, Roy - Reforming the World's Money
035370: Harrod, Julie - The Garden Wall; Fences, Hedges, and Walls. Their Planning and Planting
000004: Harrod, R. F. - Towards a Dynamic Economics; Some Recent Deveopments of Economic Theory and Their Application to Policy
036415: Castleman, Harry and Walter J. Podrazik - All Together Now; the First Omplete Beatles Discography 1961-1975
011756: Eckstein Harry - Pressure Group Politics; the Case of the British Medical Association
050429: Harsh, Wayne - The Subjunctive in English
048154: Hart, Thomas R. - En Maneira de Proençal: The Medieval Galician-Portuguese Lyric
046858: Hart, Charles Henry - Catalogue of the Engraved Portraits of Washington
043691: Hart, John - The New Book of California Tormorrow; Reflections and Projections from the Golden State
043127: Hart, John - San Francisco Bay; Portrait of an Estuary
033771: Hart, Alfred - Shakespeare and the Homilies and Other Pieces of Research Into the Elizabethan Drama
033575: Hart, Henry H. - Luis de Camoens and the Epic of the Lusiads
023687: Hart, E. J. - The Brewster Story from Pack Train to Tour Bus
023024: Hart, John Mason - Revolutionary Mexico; the Coming and Process of the Mexican Revolution
507: Hart, Clive - The Prehistory of Flight. Berkeley, Etc.
012208: Hart, B. H. Liddell - History of the Second World War
010310: Hart, Gillian - Power, Labor, and Livelihood; Processes of Change in Rural Java
009561: Hart, Philip - Conductors; a New Generation
040685: Harte, Walter - An Essay on Satire, Particularly on the Dunciad (1930)
012198: Hartford, William F. - Money, Morals, and Politics; Massachusetts in the Age of the Boston Associates
045591: Harth, Erica - Cyrano de Bergerac and the Polemics of Modernity
045565: Harth, Erica - Ideology and Culture in Seventeenth-Century France
045504: Harth, Erica - Cartesian Women; Versions and Subversions of Rational Discourse in the Old Regime
020776: Harth, Phillip - Contexts of Dryden's Thought
044286: Harthan, John - The Book of Hours with a Historical Survey and Commentary
048504: Mayr-Harting, Henry - The Coming of Christianity to Anglo-Saxon England
045974: Hartley, Marsden - Marsden Hartley (1877-1943); Paintings and Drawings
044517: Hartman, Geoffrey H. - Saving the Text. Literature/Derrida/Philosophy
041734: Hartman, Georffrey H. - The Fate of Reading and Other Essays
023420: Hartman, Geoffrey H. - The Fateful Question of Culture
023170: Hartman, J. J. - Flos Delibatus Elegiae Romanae
018885: Hartmann, Sadakichi - The Valiant Knights of Daguerre; Selected Critical Essays on Photography and Profile of Photographic Pioneers
003740: Hartmann, Godfred - Gustav III Og Stockholm Et Strejftog I Det Gustavianske
030850: Hartnoll, Phyllis, Ed - The Oxford Companion to the Theatre
006615: Hartnoll, Phyllis - Who's Who in Shaw
032706: Den Hartogh, NIcky - Baroque Gardens
023816: Hartrich, Edwin - The Fourth and Richest Reich
005992: Hartshorne, Thomas L. - The Distorted Image; Changing Conceptions of the American Character Since Turner
045435: Hartston, Barnet - Sensationalizing the Jewish Question; Anti-Semitic Trials and the Press in the Early German Empire
044298: Hartt, Frederick, et al. - The Chapel of the Cardinal of Purtugal 1434-1459 at San Miniato in Florence
029387: Hartt, Frederick - History of Italian Renaissance Art; Painting, Sculpture, Architecture
051100: Pflugk-Harttung, Julius Von - Acta Pontificium Romanorum Inedita
023865: Hartz, S. L. - The Elseviers and Their Contemporaries; an Illustrated Commentary
041482: Hartzenbusch, Juan Eugenio - Los Amantes de Teruel; la Jura de Santa Gadea
045983: Harvey, William - Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem; Structural Survey, Final Report
041094: Harvey, Irene E. - Derrida and the Economy of Différence
038573: Harvey, Edward B., Ed - Perspectives on Modernization: Essays in Memory of Ian Weinberg
035544: Harvey, John - Men in Black
034096: Harvey, William - Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis Et Sanguinis in Animalibus
028816: Harvey, John - English Mediaeval Architects; a Biography Dictionary Down to 1550 Including Master Masons, Carpenters, Carvers, Building Contractors and Others Responsible for Design
028446: Harvey, Peggy - When the Cook's Away
024624: Harvey, A. E. - The New English Bible; Companion to the New Testament
020517: Harvey, Heather J. - Consultation and Co-Operation in the Commonwealth; a Handbook on Methods and Practice
008906: Harvey, John - Mediaeval Craftsmen
003876: Harvey, William - Lectures on the Whole of Anatomy
027590: Harwood, William B. - Raise Heaven and Earth; the Story of Martin Marietta People and Their Pioneering Achievements
030567: Hasan, Asma Gull - American Muslims; the New Generation
047712: Haskell, Harry Ed - The Attentive Listener; Three Centuries of Music Criticism
043207: Haskell, Barbara - Arthur Dove
042473: Haskell, Guy H. - From Sofia to Jaffa; the Jews of Bulgaria and Israel
031003: Haskell, Francis - History and It Images; Art and the Interpretation of the Past
029605: Haskell, Barbara - Charles Demuth
028319: Haskell, Francis, et al., Eds - The Artist and the Writer in France; Essays in Honour of Jean Seznec
015406: Haskell, Arnold L. - Miracle in the Gorbals; a Study
015388: Haskell, Arnold L. - In His True Centre; an Interim Autobiography
015385: Haskell, Arnold - Balletomania Then and Now
015372: Haskell, Arnold L. - Ballet Panorama; an Illustrated Chronicle of Three Centuries
010757: Haskell, Arnold L. - The Australians; the Anglo-Saxondom of the Southern Hemisphere; an Historical Sketch
023025: Haslip, JOan - The Crown of Mexico; Maximilian and His Empress Carlota
010486: Haspels, C. H. Emilie - Grieksch Aardewerk; de Beteekenis Der Vondsten
037218: Hassam, Childe - Childe Hassam; a Retrospective Exhibition
040303: Hasselblatt, Boris, Ed - Dynamics, Ergodic Theory, and Geometry, Dedicated to Anatole Katok
034430: Hassell, Ulrich Von - Vom Andern Deutschland; Aus Den Nachgelassenen Tagebüchern 1938-1944
029051: Hassell, R. Chris, Jr. - Renaissance Drama & the English Church Year
022352: Hässlin, Johann Jakob - Berlin
013754: Hassrick, Peter H. - Frederic Remington: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum and the Sid W. Richardson Foundation Collections
016802: Hastings, Selina - Nancy Mitford; a Biography
012979: Hastings, R. - Nature and Reason in the Decameron
010232: Hastings, Sally Ann - Neighborhood and Nation in Tokyo, 1905-1937
006145: Hastings, Macdonald - Diane, a Victorian
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022428: Himmelfarb, Gertrude - The New History and the Old
041078: Himmelmann, Nikolaus - Reading Greek Art; Essays by Nikolaus Himmelmann
042904: Samson-Himmelstierna, Hermann von, Ed - RußLand Unter Alexander III. Mit Rückblicken Auf Die Jüngste Vergangenheit: St. Petersburger Schilderungen Und Briefe
040360: Himmelstrup, Jens - Søren Kierkegaard; International Bibliografi
027937: Hinchman, Hannah - A Trail Through Leaves; the Journal As a Path to Place
048755: Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims - The Divorce of King Lothar and Queen Theutberga; Hincmar of Rheims's de Divortio
019720: Hind, C. Lewis - Augustus Saint-Gaudens
025471: Hinde, Robert A. - Ethology; Its Nature and Relations with Other Scineces
050983: Hindenburg, Paul Von - Aus Meinem Leben; Generalfeldmarschall Von Hindenburg
014164: Hindenburg, Helene Von Nostitz - Dialogues with Rodin
045127: Hinderer, Walter - Arbeit an Der Gegenwart; Zur Deutschen Literatur Nach 1945
018589: Hindermann, Walter F. - Wiedergewonnene Schwesterwerke Der Brandenburgischen Konzerte Johann Sebastian Bachs
036496: Hindle, Brooke - Material Culture of the Wooden Age
012574: Hazen, Margaret Hindle and Robert M. Hazen - Keepers of the Flame; the Role of Fire in American Culture 1775-1925
011800: Hindle, Brooke - The Pursuit of Science in Revolutionary America, 1735-1789
047767: Hinds, Stephen - The Metamorphosis of Persephone; Ovid and the Self-Counsccious Muse
035600: Hine, Thomas - The Total Package; the Secret History and Hidden Meanings of Boxes, Bottles, Cans, and Other Persuasive Containers
035344: Hine, John - Capricious Mushrooms
007276: Hine, Robert V. - Community on the American Frontier; Separate But Not Alone
007244: Hine, Robert V. - In the Shadow of Fremont; Edward Kern and the Art of Exploration, 1845-1860
033910: Hines, Stephen W. - I Remember Laura"; Laura Ingalls Wilder
029597: Davenport-Hines, Richard - Auden
003332: Hingst, Hans - Die Vorrömische Eisenzeit Westholsteins
038751: Hink, Lester W. - Musings of a Merchant
035911: Hink, Lester W. - Musings of a Merchant
003333: Hinks, R. P. - Greek and Roman Portrait-Sculpture
010737: Hinton, Harold C., Et al. - Major Governments of Asia
025297: Hinz, Walther - Iranische Reise; Eine Forschungsfahrt Durch Das Heutige Persien
020060: Hinz, Eike - Antropologische Analyse Altaztekischer Texte
004284: Hinz, Walther - Iran; Politik Und Kultur Von Kyros Bis Reza Schah
037667: Hipp, Hans - Lebzelten, Wachsstöcke, Votivgaben; Handwerk Und Brauch
050578: Becerra Hiraldo, Jose Maria - Lenguas Especiales de Andalucia; Repertorios Lexicos
021472: Hirasuna, Delphine - Presidio Gateways; Views of a National Landmark at San Francisco's Golden Gate
002542: Hirmer, Max - Römische Kaisermünzen
011222: Hiro, Dilip - Black British, White British
035791: Hiroshige - Hiroshige; a Shoal of Fishes
047715: Hirrel, Leo P. - Supporting the Doughboys: Us Army Logistics and Personnel During World War I.
047230: Hirsch, Arnold - Bürgertum Und Barock IM Deutschen Roman; Ein Beitrag Zur Entstehungsgeschichte Des Bürgerlichen Weltbildes
030708: Hirsch, Foster - Kurt Weill on Stage; from Berlin to Broadway
022542: Hirsch, Werner Z. - Law and Economics; an Introductory Analysis
048871: Hirschmann, Ira - Obligato; Untold Tales from a Life with Music
043919: Hirsh, Jon C. - The Revelations of Magery Kempe; Paramystical Practices in Late Medieval England
008913: Hirsh, John C. - Hope Emily Allen; Medieval Scholarship and Feminism
018971: Hirshson, Stanley P. - General Patton; a Soldier's Life
048594: Hirt, Hermann - Indogermanische Grammatik
029231: Hirt, Herman - Die Indogermanen; Ihre Verbreitung, Ihre Urheimat Und Ihre Kultur
009527: Hirt, Herman - Etymologie Der Neuhochdeutschen Sprache; Darstellung Des Deutschen Wortschaftzes in Seiner Geschichtlichen Entwicklung
042448: Hirth, F. - Notes on the Chinese Documentary Style
045346: Hisahiko, Okazaki - A Century of Japanese Diplomacy 18853-1952; from Uraga to San Francisco
015662: Hiscocks, Richard - Democracy in Western Germany
021670: Congreso Internacional de Hispanistas, 1st - Actas Del Primer Congreso Internacional de Hispanistias Celebrado En Oxford Del 6 Al 11 de Septiembre de 1962
030463: American Museum of Natural History - The Reopening of the Mexican and Central American Hall, February 25, 1944

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