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014403: GRAFF, GERALD - Literature Against Itself; Literary Ideas in Modern Society
045728: GRAFSTRÖM, ÅKE - étude Sur la Morphologie Des Plus Anciennes Chartes Languedociennes
034148: GRAFTON, ANTHONY - The Footnote; a Curious History
031997: GRAFTON, CAROL BELANGER, EDS - Victorian Pictorial Borders
044731: GRAHAM, F. LANIER - Three Centuries of American Painting from the Collection of the M.H. De Young Memorial Museum and the California Palace of the Legion of Honor
038398: GRAHAM, DAVID - David Graham: Past and Present Tense
048051: GRAHAM, JOHN W. - War from a Quaker Point of View
019543: GRAHAM, ILSE - Schiller's Drama; Talent and Integrity
046271: GRAHAM, TIM - On the Royal Road; a Decade of Photographing the Royal Family
024228: GRAHAM, CAROL - Azariah of Dornakal
024229: GRAHAM, DAVID CROCKETT - Folk Religion in Southwest China
024477: GRAHAM, CAROL - Safetey Nets, Politics, and the Poor; Transitions to Market Economies
004917: GRAHAM, ILSE - Goethe and Lessing; the Wellsprings of Creation
025763: HILLS, GRAHAM AND ROBIN LINGARD - Uhi; the Making of a University
026350: GRAHAM, JAMES WALTER - The Palaces of Crete
026719: GRAHAM, RICHARD, ED - The Idea of Race in Latin America, 1870-1940
020376: GRAHAM, JOHN A. - The Hieroglyphic Inscriptions and Monumental Art of Altar de Sacrificios
009670: GRAHAM, OTIS L, JR., ED - Soviet-American Dialogue on the New Deal
027886: CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. - The North American Sketches of R.B. Cunninghame Graham
008220: GRAHAM, FRANK, JR. - The Audubon Ark; a History of the National Audubon Society
011156: FISHER, GRAHAM AND HEATHER FISHER - Elizabeth, Queen & Mother; the Story of Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family
039914: GRAHAM, W. H. - The Tiger of Canada West
041729: GRAHAM, MALCOLM - Henry Taunt of Oxford, a Victorian Photographer
046891: GRAHAM, A. C. - Two Chinese Philosophers; the Metaphysics of the Brothers Ch'Eng
026248: CLARK, GRAHAME AND STUART PIGGOTT - Prehistoric Societies
025088: GRAM, MOLTKE S. - Interpreting Kant
025652: GRAMES, EBERHARD - Broken Spirits
045945: GRAMLICH, RICHARD, ED - Islamwissenschaftliche Abhandlungen Fritz Meier Zum Sechzigsten Geburtstag
044616: SAXO GRAMMATICUS - Danmarks Krønike
043344: GRAMUGLIO, MARIA TERESA - Nacionalismo Y Cosmopolitismo En la Literatura Argentina
007363: DELEON-GRANADOS, WILLIAM - Travels Through Crime and Place; Community Building As Crime Control
040131: GRANASZTÓI, PÁL - Budapest--Wie Ein Architekt Es Sieht
008557: GRANATH, OLLE - Another Light; Swedish Art Since 1945. Une Autre Lumière; L'Art Suédiois. In Einem Andern Licht; Schwedische Kunst Nach 1945
045530: GRANDE, BENTSION MEEROVICH - Kurs Arabskoi Grammatiki V Sravnitel'No-Istoricheskom Osveshchenii
036239: GRANET, MARCEL - Fêtes Et Chansons Anciennes de la Chine
049214: GRANET, MARCEL - The Religion of the Chinese People
044703: GRANGER, PENNY - The N-Town Play; Drama and Liturgy in Medieval East Anglia
038299: GRANIN, DANIIL - The Bison; a Novel About the Scientist Who Defied Stalin
045264: GRANIT, RAGNAR - Receptors and Sensory Perception; a Discussion of Aims, Means, and Results of Electrophysiological Research Into the Process of Reception
022993: GRANOTT, ABRAHAM - Agrarian Reform and the Record of Israel
047921: GRANSDEN, ANTONIA - Legends, Traditions, and History in Medieval England
019034: GRANT, JOY - Harold Monro and the Poetry Bookshop
008670: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Visible Past: Greek and Roman History from Archaeology, 1960-1990
024230: GRANT, ROBERT M. - Gods and the One God
023646: GRANT, RICHARD E. - With Nails; the Film Diaries of Richard E. Grant
026351: GRANT, MICHAEL - Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii and Herculaneum
026352: GRANT, MICHAEL - Eros in Pompeii; the Secret Rooms of the National Museum of Naples
026354: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Jews in the Roman World
026662: GRANT, JOHN - Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters
011786: GRANT, JOHN, ED - The Book of Time
002525: GRANT, JOHN N. - Studies in the Textual Tradition of Terence
032179: GRANT, MICHAEL - Cambridge; a Living Tradition
047592: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Ancient Mediterranean
045168: GRANT, VERNE - The Origin of Adaptations
031762: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Rise of the Greeks
021830: GRANT, MARK N. - The Rise and Fall of the Broadway Musical
010547: GRANTHAM, A. E. - Rococo; the Life and Times of Prince Henry of Prussia, 1726-1802
045195: GRAPOW, HERMANN - Studien Zu Den Annalen Thutmosis Des Dritten Und Zu Ihnen Verwandten Historischen Berichten Des Neuen Reiches
020500: GRASES, PEDRO - Materiales Para la Historia Del Periodismo En Venezuela Durante El Siglo XIX
037295: GRASS, GÜNTER - The Rat
024227: GRÄSSER, ERICH - Der Alte Bund IM Neuen; Exegetische Studien Zur Israelfrage IM Neuen Testament
006300: GRATIUS, ORTWINUS - Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum & Fugiendarum
026038: GRAUL, RICHARD - Einführung in Die Kunstgeschichte
047282: GRAVDAL, KATHRYN - Vilain and Courtois; Transgressive Parody in French Literature of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
042187: SALVERDA DE GRAVE, J. J. - Sur Un Préfixe Français "Réel
013849: GRAVELY, WILLIAM - Gilbert Haven, Methodist Abolitionist; a Study of Race, Religion, and Reform, 1850-1880
035802: GRAVER, LAWRENCE - An Obsession with Anne Frank; Meyer Levin and the Diary
046906: GRAVES, SHEILA - Upon the Point: A Preliminary Investigation of Ethnicity As a Source of Metric Variation in Lithic Projectile Points
032373: GRAVES, THORNTON SHIRLEY - The "Act Time" in Elizabethan Theatres
019035: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCEVAL - Robert Graves; the Assault Heroic 1895-1926
035819: GRAVES, ROBERT - English and Scottish Ballads
023900: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCEVAL - Richard Hughes; a Biography
030094: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Story of Marie Powell, Wife to Mr. Milton
038260: GRAVES, CHARLES L. - Mr. Punch's History of Modern England
032962: GRAVES, LAWRENCE M. - The Theory of Functions of Real Variables
044847: GRAVES, WILLIAM W. - The First Protestant Osage Missions 1820-1837
034643: GRAVESEND, RICHARD - Rotuli Ricardi Gravesend, Diocesis Lincolniensis
025403: GRAY, JON - The Manual of Nude Photography
008002: GRAY, FRANCINE DU PLESSIX - Rage and Fire; a Life of Louise Colet; Pioneer Feminist, Literary Star, Flaubert's Muse
027771: GRAY, GEORGE W. - Science at War
030116: GRAY, THOMAS - Correspondence of Thomas Gray
030908: GRAY, FRANCINE DU PLESSIX - At Home with the Marquis de Sade; a Life
044122: GRAY, MARION W. - Productive Men, Reproductive Women; the Agrarian Household and the Emergence of Separate Spheres During the German Enlightenment
039430: GRAY, CECIL - The Women of Troy. Translated and Adapted from the Original of Euripides and Set to Music by Cecil Gray
043104: GRAY, DUNCAN - Nottingham Through 500 Years; a Short History of Town Government
024231: GRAYLING, A. C. - Berkeley: The Central Arguments
026556: GRAYSON, GEORGE W. - Mexican Messiah; Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador
036188: DE GRAZIA, JESSICA - Dea; the War Against Drugs
040237: GRAZIANI, AUGUSTO - L'Economia Italiana: 1945-1970
041930: GRAZIANI, AUGUSTO - Crisi E Ristrutturazione Nell'Economia Italiana
045175: GREATREX, JOAN - The English Benedictine Cathedral Priories: Rule and Practice, C. 1270--C. 1420
044658: GRECO, MARIA TERESA - Dizionario Dei Dialetti Di Picerno E Tito
033537: BIBLE. N.T. GREEK - The New Testament in the Original Greek
017966: BIBLE. N.T. GREEK - Novum Testamentum Graece
013850: GREELEY, ANDREW M. - The American Catholic; a Social Portrait
040470: GREELEY, ANDREW M. - Andrew Greeley's Chicago
046189: GREEN, RICHARD (GALLERY) - An Exhibition of the Work of Sir William Russell Flint Ra, 1880-1969
034314: GREEN, RONALD M. - The Human Embryo Research Debates; Bioethics in the Vortex of Controversy
022588: GREEN, JULIEN - Varouna; Roman
023154: GREEN, PETER - Essays in Antiquity
024525: GREEN, RAYNA - The British Museum Encyclopedia of Native North America
487: GREEN, ALICE STOPFORD - Town Life in the Fifteenth Century
025089: GREEN, THOMAS HILL - Lecture on the Principles of Political Obligation
014825: GREEN, MARTIN - Children of the Sun; a Narrative of "Decadence" in England After 1918
046277: GREEN, OTIS H. - Spain and the Western Tradition; the Casilian Mind in Literature from El Cid to Calderón
027120: GREEN, RAYNA - Women in American Indian Society
021615: GREEN, OTIS H. - Spain and the Western Tradition; the Casstilian Mind in Literature from El Cid to Calderon
029304: GREEN, F. C. - A Comparative View of Rench and British Civilization (1850-1870)
012162: GREEN, ANNE BOSANKO - One Woman's War; Letters Home from the Women's Army Corps
012163: GREEN, PAUL - Paul Green's War Songs; a Southern Poet's History of the Great War, 1917-1920
012164: GREEN, WILLIAM - Famous Bombers of the Second World War
013058: GREEN, MARTIN - Science and the Shabby Curate of Poetry; Essays About the Two Cultures
036953: GREEN, MARTIN - The Von Richthofen Sisters; the Triumphant and the Tragic Modes of Love: Else and Frieda Von Richthofen, Otto Gross, Max Weber, and D.H. Lawrence in the Years 1870-1970
030928: GREEN, MICHAEL - Unicornis; on the History and Truth of the Unicorn
031561: GREEN, MIRANDA - Celtic Goddesses; Warriors, Virgins, and Mothers
037375: GREEN, AARON G. - An Architecture for Democracy; the Marin County CIVIC Center
011176: GREEN, DAVID - Blenheim
011177: GREEN, DAVID - Queen Anne
041817: GREEN, RICKY K. - Democratic Virtue in the Trial and Death of Socrates; Resistance to Imperialism in Classical Athens
034922: GREEN, VIVIEN - The Vivien Green Dolls' House Collection
032445: GREEN, F. C. - The Mind of Proust; a Detaile Interpretation of a la Recherche Du Temps Perdu
037636: GREEN, NANCY L. - The Pletzl of Paris; Jewish Immigrant Workers in the Belle Epoque
035867: GREEN, JONATHAN, ED - Camera Work; a Critical Anthology
015545: GREENBAUM, LOUIS S. - Talleyrand, Statesman Priest; the Agent-General of the Clergy and the Church of France at the End of the Old Regime
045290: GREENBERG, DAVID F. - The Construction of Homosexuality
021755: GREENBERG, JOSEPH H. - Essays in Linguistics
017519: GREENBERG, SUZANNE - Speed-Walk and Other Stories
042550: GREENBERG, JOSEPH H. - Essays in Linguistics
036088: GREENBERG, JILL - Moneky Portraits
027241: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN - Shakespearean Negotiations; the Circulation of Social Energy in Renaissance England
027456: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN - Hamlet in Purgatory
027532: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN - Will in the World; How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
005234: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN - Marvelous Possessions; the Wonder of the New World
048653: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN, ED - Representing the English Renaissance
031001: GREENBURG, JAN CRAWFORD - Supreme Conflict; the Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court
037202: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Little Horse Bus
023156: GREENE, WILLIAM CHASE - The Achievement of Greece; a Chapter in Human Experience
023502: GREENE, BOB - Duty; a Father, His Son, and the Man Who Won the War
030388: GREENE, FRANCIS VINTON - The Mississippi
031767: GREENE, WILLIAM CHASE - The Achievement of Greece; a Chapter in Human Experience
037263: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Little Fire Engine
043346: GREENE, HOWARD - The Reverend Richard Fish Cadle, a Missionary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Territories of Michigan and Wisconsin in the Early Nineteenth Century; a Biographical Study
042135: GREENE, GRAHAM - Notre Agent à la Havane
030601: GREENFELD, HOWARD - Puccini; a Biography
035211: GREENFIELD, LOIS - Airborne; the New Dance Photography of Lois Greenfield
031429: GREENFIELD, ROBERT - Timothy Leary; a Biography
027975: GREENHILL, BASIL, ED - National Maritime Museum, Das Britische Schiffahrtsmuseum in Greenwich Bei London
019036: GREENLEE, JAMES W. - Malraux's Heroes and History
031031: GREENOAK, FRANCESCA - Glorious Gardens; a Portfolio of Ideas for Planting & Design. With a Commentary
049334: GREENOUGH, SARAH, ET AL. - On the Art of Fixing a Shadow; One Hundred and Fifty Years of Photography
045243: GREENSPAN, ALAN - The Map and the Territory; Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting
032961: GREENSPAN, DONALD - Intiroduction to Partial Differential Equations
029191: GREENWAY, DIANA, ET AL., EDS - Tradition and Change; Essays in Honour of Marjorie Chibnall Presented by Her Friends on the Occasion of Her Seventieth Birthday
044262: GREENWAY, D. E., ED - Charters of the Honour of Mowbray 1107-1191
020904: GREENWAY, JOHN - The Last Frontier; a Study of Cultural Imperatives in the Last Frontiers of America and Australia
010117: GREER, COLIN, ED - Divided Society; the Ethnic Experience in America
047252: GREET, ANNE HYDE - Jacques Prévert's Word Games
030459: GREG, W. W. - The Editorial Problem in Shakespeare; a Survey of the Foundations of the Text
032480: GREG, W. W. - A Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to the Restoration
047299: GREGERSEN, H. V. - Plattysk I Sønderjylland; En Undersøgelse Af Fortyskningens Historie Indril 1600-Drene
042270: GREGERSEN, FRANS, ED - Lingvistik Festival; Linigvistkredsens 60 års Fødselsdag, 24. September 1991
047676: GREGERSEN, EDGAR A. - Prefix and Pronoun in Bantu
036759: GREGG, SUSAN ALLING - Foragers and Farmers; Population Interaction and Agricultural Expansion in Prehistoric Europe
024634: GRÉGOIRE, FRANZ - Aux Sources de la Pensée de Marx: Hegel, Feuerbach
010300: GREGOR, A. JAMES - In the Shadow of Giants; the Major Powers and the Security of Southeast Asia
002127: GREGOR, BERND - Genuszuordnung; Das Genus Englischer Lehnwörter IM Deutschen
012987: GREGOR, A. JAMES - The China Connection; U.S. Policy and the People's Republic of China
040292: GREGORAS, NICEPHORUS - Nicéphore Grégoras: Calcul de L'éclipse de Soleil Du 16 Juillet 1330
024232: GREGORIE, ANNE KING - Christ Church 1706-1959; a Plantation Parish of the South Carolina Establishment
033618: GREGOROVIUS, FERDINAND - Athen Und Athenais; Schicksale Einer Stadt Und Einer Kaiserin IM Byzantinischen Mittelalter
049271: GREGORY, STEWART, ED - The Twelfth-Century Psalter Commentary in French for Laurette D'Alsace (an Edition of Psalms I-L)
005516: GREGORY, ROY - The Price of Amenity; Five Studies in Conservation and Government
015378: GREGORY, JOHN - Heritage of a Ballet Master: Nicolas Legat
038055: GREGORY, SUSAN MYRA - When We Belonged to Spain; Old California Tales
038048: GREGORY, RICHARD - Gods and Men; a Testimony of Science and Religion
020896: GREGORY, J. S. - Great Britain and the Taipings
047188: GREIFENHAGEN, ADOLF - Griechische Eroten
023833: GREIG, D. M. - Optimistaion
014733: BILLINGTON-GREIG, TERESA - The Non-Violent Militant; Selected Writings of Teresa Billington-Greig
048184: GREIG, GEORDIE - Breakfast with Lucian; the Astounding Life and Outrageous Times of Britain's Great Modern Painter
003612: GREILING, WALTER - IM Banne Der Medizin; Paul Ehrlich, Leben Und Werk
047801: GREIMAS, A.-J - Sémantique Structurale; Recherche de Méthode
006865: GREJDA, EDWARD S. - The Common Continent of Men; Racial Equality in the Writings of Herman Melville
021006: GRENDEL, FRÉDÉRIC - Beaumarchais, the Man Who Was Figaro
046512: GRENDLER, PAUL F. - Schooling in Renaissance Italy; Literacy and Learning 1300-1600
044008: GRENE, MARJORIE - Descartes
1169: GRENE, MARJORIE - Philosophy in and out of Europe. Berkeley, Etc.
034069: GRENE, DAVID - Reality and the Heroic Pattern; Last Plays of Ibsen, Shakespeare, and Sophocles
033178: GRENE, DAVID - Reality and the Heroic Pattern; Last Plays of Ibsen, Shakespeare, and Sophocles
037843: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Off the Rocks; Stories of the Deep-Sea Fisherfolk of Labrador
012988: GRENIER, JEAN - L'Esprit Du Tao
045642: GRESHAKE, GISBERT - Auferstehung Der Toten; Ein Beitrag Zur Gegenwärtigen Theologischen Diskussion über Die Zukunft Der Geschichte
017665: GRESKOVIC, ROBERT - Ballet 101; a Complete Guide to Learning and Loving the Ballet
007053: HEINZ, GRETE AND AGNES F. PETERSON - The French Fifth Republic: Establishment and Consolidation (1958-1965). An Annotated Bibliography of the Holdings at the Hoover Institution
006064: GRETTON, R. H. - Commercial Politics (1837-1856)
008696: GRETTON, PETER - Maritime Strategy; a Study of Defense Problems
016331: GREVEN, PHILIP - The Protestant Temperament; Patterns of Child-Rearing, Religious Experience, and the Self in Early America
030946: GREVILLE, CHARLES CAVENDISH FULKE - The Greville Memoirs
010548: GREWE, WILHELM G. - Deutsche Aussenpolitik Der Nachkrigszeit
005682: GREY, IAN - The First Fifty Years; Soviet Russia, 1917-67
042551: GRIAZNOV, A. F., ED - Analiticheskaia Filosofiia; Izbrannye Teksty
030836: GRIBAUDO, EZIO, ED - Fiat Invites You to an Encounter with Jean Dubuffet
049340: GRIBBIN, JOHN - Climataic Change
020055: GRIBLING, F. T. - Corneille
042213: GRIBOEDOV, A. S. - Gore Ot Uma; Comedy in Four Acts in Verse
041947: GRIECO, LUCANO D. - La Incognita Humana; Drama En Tres Actos
023714: GRIERSON, HERBERT - The Background of English Literature, Classical & Romantic, and Other Collected Essays & Addresses
033422: GRIERSON, HERBERT J. C. - Cross Currents in English Literature of the Xviith Century or the World, the Flesh & the Spirit, Their Actions & Reactions
030176: GRIERSON, HERBERT J. C. - Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of the Seventeenth Century, Donne to Butler
037239: GRIESE, ORVILLE N. - Catholic Identity in Health Care: Principles and Practice
008556: GRIESEBACH, AUGUST - Die Kunst Der Deutschen Stämme Und Landschaften
048064: GRIEVE, HILDA E. P. - Examples of English Handwriting 1150-1750. With Trnascripts and Translations
002128: GRIFFEN, TOBY D. - Germano-European; Breaking the Sound Law
006674: GRIFFEN, GEORGE BUTLER, ED - The California Coast; a Bilingual Edition of Documents from the Sutro Collection
006957: GRIFFIN, PETER - Less Than a Treason; Hemingway in Paris
002528: GRIFFIN, JAMES B. - Essays on Archaeological Methods; Proceedings of a Conference Held Under Auspices of the Viking Fund
045248: GRIFFIN, DONALD R. - Animal Thinking
041120: GRIFFIN, SHAUN T., ED - The River Underground; an Anthology of Nevada Fiction
049715: GRIFFIN, DUSTIN - Satire; a Critical Reintroduction
038940: GRIFFIN, DAVID RAY, ED - The Reenchantment of Science; Postmodern Proposals
032397: GRIFFIN, MIRIAM T. - Nero; the End of a Dynasty
026561: GRIFFIS, DON W. - Eagle Days; a Marine Legal/Infantry Officer in Vietnam
022360: GRIFFITH, PADDY - Battle Tactics of the CIVIL War
023436: GRIFFITH, WILLIAM E. - Albania and the Sino-Soviet Rift
005887: GRIFFITH, ELISABETH - In Her Own Right; the Life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
041519: GRIFFITH, JOHN G. - Festinat Senex, or an Old Man in a Hurry, Being an Assortmentment of Unpublished Essays on Problems in Greek and Latin Literature and Archaeology, Together with Reprints of Three Articles
013853: GRIFFITH, GWILYM O. - Makers of Modern Thought
037880: MORGAN-GRIFFITHS, LAURIS - Ansel Adams; Landscapes of the American West
013565: GRIFFITHS, PERCIVAL - The British Impact on India
033387: GRIFFITHS, RICHARD - The Dramatic Technique of Antoine de Montchrestien; Rhetoric and Style in French Renaissance Tragedy
048210: GRIFFITHS, JOHN C. - Afghanistan
011178: GRIGG, JOHN - Nancy Astor; a Lady Unashamed
004600: GRIGNY, NICOLAS DE - Livre D'Orgue Contenant Une Messe, Et Quatre Hymnes Pour Lels Principales Festes de L'Année
031350: GRIGORENKO, PETRO G. - Memoirs
003576: GRIGSBY, JOHN L. - The Middle French Liber Fortunae: A Critical Edition
036202: GRIGSON, JANE - Exotic Fruits and Vegetables
035874: GRIGSON, JANE, ED - The World Atlas of Food; a Gourmet's Guide to the Great Regional Dishes of the World
039170: GRILICHES, ZVI, ET AL., EDS - Income Distribution and Economic Inequality
043985: GRILLONE, ANTONINO - IL Sogno Nell'Epica Latina; Tecnica E Poesia
045961: GRILLPARZER, FRANZ - Werke
040534: GRILLPARZER, FRANZ - Studien Zur Literatur
009806: GRIMBLE, ARTHUR - Return to the Islands; Life and Legend in the Gilberts
489: GRIMES, W. F. - The Excavation of Roman and Mediaeval London
009305: GRIMES, RONALD L. - Symbol and Conquest; Public Ritual and Drama in Santa Fe, New Mexico
009506: GRIMES, JOSEPH E. - Network Grammars
031151: GRIMES, JOEL - Navajo; Portrait of a Nation
002129: GRIMES, JOSEPH E. - Papers on Discourse
018060: GRIMM, HAROLD J. - Lazarus Spengler, a Lay Leader of the Reformation
013645: GRIMM, HERMAN - Leben Michelangelos
013646: GRIMM, HERMAN - Leben Michelangelos
043559: GRIMMELSHAUSEN, HANS-JACOB CHRISTOFFEL VON - Der Abentheurliche Simplicissimus Teutsch Und Continuation Des Abentheurlichen Simplicissimi
009997: GRIMSHAW, ALLEN D., ED - Racial Violence in the United States
025022: GRIMSTED, DAVID - American Mobbing, 1828-1861; Toward CIVIL War
040806: GRINDE, NILS - Contemporary Norwegian Music 1920-1980
008201: GRINDEA, MIRON, ED - Adam 300; a Special Edition of the 300th Issue of Adam Published in the Memory of Jean Cocteau
046414: GRINGORE, PIERRE - Pierre Gringore's Les Fantasies de Mere Sote
017020: GRINKER, ROY RICHARD - In the Arms of Africa; the Life of Colin M. Turnbull
004709: GRINNELL, JOSEPH - A Distributional List of the Birds of California
026765: GRINSPOON, DAVID HARRY - Venus Revealed; a New Look Below the Clouds of the Our Mysterious Twin Planet
026398: GRISAMORE, SILAS T. - The CIVIL War Reminiscences of Major Silas T. Grisamore C.S. A.
020267: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Street Lawyer
016611: GRISI, LAURA - Laura Grisi; a Selection of Works with Notes by the Artist
014496: GRISWOLD, MAC - Pleasures of the Garden; Images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
033472: GRIVELET, MICHEL - Thomas Heywood Et la Drame Domestique élizabéthain
049388: JOHANNES DE GROCHEO - Der Musiktraktat Des Johannes de Grocheo
012056: WOLSTENHOLME, GRODON AND JOHN F. KERSLAKE - The Royal College of Physicians of London Portraits: Catalogue II
045831: GROENHUIS, G. - De Predikanten; de Sociale Positie Van Gereformeerde Predikanten in de Republiek Der Verenigde Nederlanden Voor + 1700
046531: GROENVELD, SIMON - Verlopend Getij de Nederlandse Republiek En de Engelse Burgeroorlog 1640-1646
038672: GROETHUYSEN, BERNARD - Anthropologie Philosophique
013522: GROHMANN, WILL - Paul Klee
044375: GROHMANN, ALBERTO - L'Imposizione Diretta Nei Comuni Dell'Italia Centrale Nel XIII Secolo: La Libra Di Perugia Del 1285
025962: GROHMANN, WILL - Paul Klee
046343: GROMORT, GEORGES - Lettres a Nicias; Entretiens Familiers Sur L'Ensiegnement de L'Architecture
013744: GRONAU, GEORG, ED - Raffael: Des Meisters Gemälde in 275 Abbildungen
047143: GRÖNDAHL, MIA - The Dream of Jerusalem; Lewis Larsson and the American Colony Photographers
490: GRONDIJS, L. H. - Autour de L'Iconographie Byzantine Du Crucifié Mort Sur la Croix
030841: GRONDIN, JEAN - Hans-Georg Gadamer; a Biography
046146: GROOM, GLORIA - Beyond the Easel: Bonnard, Vuillard, Denis, and Roussel, 1890-1930
033071: RIVAS GROOT, JOSÉ MARIA - La Lira Nueva
006302: GROSCLAUDE, PIERRE - J. -J. Rousseau Et Malesherbes; Documents inédits
039350: GROSH, MARGARET E. - Administering Targeted Social Programs in Latin America; from Platitutdes to Practice
040690: GROSHEVA, ELENA A., ED - Fedor Ivanovich Shaliapin
048665: GROSIER, J.-B - The World of Ancient China
024690: GROSS, LEONARD - God and Freud
027465: GROSS, JOHN - Shylock; a Legend and Its Legacy
034404: GROSS, TERRY - All I Did Was Ask; Conversations with Writers, Actors, Musicians, and Artists
046441: GROSS, ANDREW - The One Man
033848: GROSS, MICHAEL - Rogues' Gallery; the Secret History of the Moguls and the Money That Made the Metropolitan Museum
048404: GROSS, MAURICE - Mathematical Models in Linguistics
040597: GROSS, THEODORE L. - Albion W. Tourgée
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015153: GROSSATO, LUCIO - Affreschi Del Cinquecento in Padova
006029: GROSSBERG, MICHAEL - Governing the Hearth; Law and Family in Nineteenth-Century America
025833: GROSSE, ROBERT, ED - Government Responses to the Latin American Debt Problem
016485: GROSSER, ALFRED - La Démocratie de Bonn, 1949-1957
043795: GROSSINGER, ROBIN - Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas; Exploring a Hidden Landscape of Transformation and Resilience
020744: GROSSMAN, JAMES - James Fenimore Cooper
017619: GROSSMAN, MENDEL - With a Camera in the Ghetto
028430: GROSSMANN, F. - Bruegel; the Paintings. Complete Edition
029965: GROSSMANN, KURT R. - Germany and Israel: Six Years Luxemburg Agreement
031533: GROSSMANN, RUDOLF - Geschichte Und Probleme Der Lateinamerikanischen Literatur
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031024: DIAGRAM GROUP - Musical Instruments of the World; an Illustrated Encyclopedia
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014436: GROUT, DONALD JAY - A History of Western Music
012178: HAINES, C. GROVE AND ROSS J. S. HOFFMAN - The Origins and Background of the Second World War
005557: GROVER, FRÉDÉRIC J. - Drieu la Rochelle and the Fiction of Testimony
037311: GROVER, ESTHER TURNER - Americana Cookbook; a Unique Collection of Recipes & Folklore Painting
021300: GRUBAR, FRANCIS S. - William Ranney, Painter of the Early West
018677: GRUBER, PAUL, ED - The Metropolitan Opera Guide to Recorded Opera
040464: GRUBER, FRANCIS S. - William Ranney, Painter of the Early West
046410: GRUBER, HOWARD E. - Darwin on Man; a Psychological Study of Scientific Creativity
036520: GRUDIN, LOUIS - Mr. Eliot Among the Nightingales
023162: GRUEN, ERICH S. - The Hellenistic World and the Coming of Rome
026362: GRUEN, ERICH S. - Culture and National Identity in Republican Rome
015382: GRUEN, JOHN - The Private World of Ballet
042814: GRUENEBAUM, THOMAS - The Cabaret Series, March 1-March 26, 1988
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024234: GRUNEBAUM, G. E. VON - Islam; Essay in the Nature and Growth of a Cultural Tradition
041761: GRÜNEISEN, CARL - Niclaus Manuel. Leben Und Werke Eines Malers Und Dichters, Kriegers, Staatsmannes Und Reformators IM Sechszehnten Jahrhundert
025645: GRUNFELD, FREDERIC V. - The Hitler File; a Social History of Germany and the Nazis, 1918-45
015618: GRUNWALD, CONSTANTIN DE - Baron Stein, Enemy of Napoleon
009813: GRÜNZWEIG, WERNER, ED - Gösta Neuwirth
041891: GRUPPI, LUCIANO - IL Compromesso Storico
034352: GRUSA, JIRI - Franz Kafka of Prague
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031027: GRZIMEK, BERNARD - Grzimek's Encyclopedia of Evolution
009678: GRZYBOWSKI, KAZIMIERZ - Soviet Legal Institutions; Doctrines and Social Functions
048560: GSELL, OTTO - Gegensatzrelationen IM Wortschatz Romanischer Sprachen. Untersuchungen Zur Lexikalischen Struktur Des Französisdchen, Italienischen, Rumänischen Und Spanischen
031426: GUADALUPI, GIANNI - The Discovery of the Nile
049725: GUARDINI, ROMANO - Zu Rainer Maria Rilkes Deutung Des Daseins; Eine Interpretation Der Zweiten, Achten Und Neunten Duineser Elegie
039613: GUARDUCCI, MARGHERITA - Gli Avori Erculei Della Cattedra Di San Pietro: Elementi Nuovi
045927: GUARDUCCI, ANNALISA - Sviluppo E Sottosviluppo in Europa E Fuori D'Europa Dal Secolo XIII Alla Rivoluzione Industriale
040679: GUARIGLIA, GUGLIELMO - Prophetismus Und Heilserwartungs-Bewegungen Als Völkerkundliches Und Religionsgeschichtliches Problem
002130: GUARISMA, GLADYS - Le Nom En Bafia; étude Du Sytagme Nominala D'Une Langue Bantoue Du Cameroun: Catégoires Grammataicales, Synthématique Et Syntagmatique Nominale
035309: GUARNERI, CARL J. - The Utopian Alternative; Fourierism in Nineteenth-Century America
037600: GUARRACINO, BEATRICE - The Book of Meals ("Please, M'm, the Butcher!") Catering for the Housewife of Moderate Means, with Menus of All Meals for a Year, Numerous Recipes, and Fifty-Two Additional Menus of Dinners without Meat
013650: GUAZZONI, VALERIO - Michelangelo, Der Bildhauer
038684: GUDEMAN, ALFRED - Grundriss Der Geschichte Der Klassischen Philologie
047469: GUÉGAN, STÉPHANE, ET AL. - Théodore Chassériau (1819-1856); the Unknown Romantic
015272: GÜELL, XAVIER - Antoni Gaudi
032692: LE GUEN, MONIQUE - Graphology
026021: GUENTHER, BRUCE - 50 Northwest Artists; a Critical Selection of Painters and Sculptors Working in the Pacific Northwest
037921: GUERARD, ALBERT J. - The Touch of Time; Myth, Memory, and the Self
047908: GUERCIO, FRANCIS M. - Sicily; the Garden of the Mediterranean, the Country and Its People
033037: GUERIN, PHILIP J., JR., ET AL. - Working with Relationship Triangles; the One-Two-Three of Psychotherapy
003439: CONGRÈS DE L'HISTOIRE DE L'ART DE GUÉRIR, 1ST - Ier Congrès de L'Histoire de L'Art de Guérir (Anvers, 7-12 Aout 1920
041971: BLAS GUERRERO, ANDRÉS DE - El Socialismo Radical En la II República
041901: GUERRI, GIORDANO BRUNO - Giuseppe Bottai, Un Fascista Critico; Ideologia E Azione Del Gerarca Che Avrebbe Voluto Portare L'Intelligenza Nel Fascismo E IL Fascismo Alla Liberalizzazione
043898: GUERRIERO, ELIO - Hans Urs Von Balthasar
015029: GUERRY, JACK - Silvio Scionti; Remembering a Master Pianist and Teacher
032333: GUEST, SARAH - Private Gardens of Australia
045979: GUGLER, JOSEF, ED - Film in the Middle East and North Africa; Creative Dissidence
011787: GUIBERT, J. - Whence and How the Universe? (Les Origines)
049245: GUICCIARDINI, FRANCESCO - Compendio Della Cronica Di Froissart
041126: GUICHARD, PIERRE - Al-Andalus 711-1492; Une Histoire de L'Espagne Musulmane
038796: MARANGONI, GUIDO AND CARLO VANBIANCHI - La Scala. Studi E Ricerche; Note Storiche E Statistiche (1906-20)
026202: GUIDONI, ENRICO - Architektur Der Primitiven Kulturen
020773: GUIDRY, GLENN A. - Language, Morality, and Society; an Ethical Model of Communication in Fontane and Hofmannsthal
039584: GUIDRY, GLENN A. - Language, Morality, and Society; an Ethical Model of Communication in Fontane and Hofmannsthal
041976: GUIDUCCI, ROBERTO - La Società Dei Socialisti
012968: GUIGNEBERT, CHARLES - Le Christianisme Médiéval Et Moderne
039892: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia. (1) Woodpeckers. (2) Crows and Their Allies
039893: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia. (7) the Owls
039894: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia. (3) Shorebirds
039897: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia. (8) Chickadees, Thrushes, Kinglets, Pipits, Waxwings, and Shrikes
039898: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia. (10) Goatsuckers, Swifts, Hummingbirds, and Swallows
039899: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia. (29) Diving Birds and Tube-Nosed Swimmers
039896: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia. (6) Waterfowl
039895: GUIGUET, C. J. - The Birds of British Columbia. (5) Gulls, Terns, Jaegers, and Skua
033872: GUILD, TRICIA - Tricia Guild on Color: Decoration, Furnishing, Display
042635: GUILEAD, REUBEN - ëtre Et Liberté; Une étude Sur le Dernier Heidegger
005840: GUILIANO, EDWARD - Lewis Carroll; an Annotated International Bibliography, 1960-77
036822: GUILIANO, EDWARD - Lewis Carroll Observed; a Collection of Unpublished Photographs, Drawings, Poetry, and New Essays
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037141: GUILLAUMIN, EMILE - The Life of a Simple Man
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043801: GUILLEMOZ, ALEXANDRE - Les Algues Les Anciens, Les Dieux; la Vie Et la Religion D'Un Village de Pêcheurs-Agriculteurs Coreens
042074: GUILLÉN, JORGE - Obra Poética; Antologia
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034660: MUSÉE GUIMET - Rarities of the Musée Guimet
036326: GUINDON, RICHARD - Guindon
036311: GUINDON, RICHARD - The World According to Carp; a Guindon Collection
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045105: GUINNESS, ALEC - A Positively Final Appearance; a Journal 1996-98
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001928: GUIRAUD, PIERRE - Problèmes Et Méthodes de la Statistique Liniguistique
019040: GUITON, MARGARET - La Fontaine, Poet and Counterpoet
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029476: GUIZOT, FRANÇOIS - Mémoires Pour Servir à L'Histoire de Mon Temps
030010: GUIZOT, FRANÇOIS - Corneille Et Son Temps; étude Littéraire
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023785: GULIAN, KEVORK H. - Elementary Modern Armenian Grammar
042296: GULICK, SIDNEY L., JR. - A Chesterfield Bibliography to 1800
020774: GULLACE, GIOVANNI - Gabriele D'Annunzio in France; a Study in Cultural Relations
008723: GULLAN, HAROLD I. - The Upset That Wasn't; Harry S. Truman and the Crucial Election of 1948
017801: GULLBERG, HJALMAR - Gentleman, Single, Refined and Selected Poems, 1937-1959
037701: GULVIN, CLIFFORD - The Tweedmakers; a Hsitory of the Scottish Fancy Woolen Industry 1600-1914
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043854: GUMBRECHT, HANS ULRICH - Making Sense in Life and Literature
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016316: GUMMERE, RICHARD M. - The American Colonial Mind and the Classical Tradition; Essays in Comparative Culture
025199: GUMPPENBERG, RUDOLF - Sein Und Auslegung; Eine Studie Zur Interpretation Der Ontologie Und Ontologie Der Interpretation
019545: GUNDOLF, FRIEDRICH - Shakespeare Und Der Deutsche Geist
049856: GUNDRY, STEVEN R. - The Plant Paradox; the Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain
026769: GUNION, JOHN F., ET AL. - The Higgs Hunter's Guide
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049356: GÜNTHER, JOHANN CHRISTIAN - Johann Christian Günthers Sämtliche Werke
014870: GÜNTHER, FR - Der Harz
009132: GUNTHER, ERNA - Northwest Coast Indian Art
038213: GUNTHER, CARL E. M. - Practical Malaria Control; a Handbook for Field Workers
038754: GUPTA, UDAYAN, ED - Done Deals; Venture Capitalists Tell Their Stories
005275: DAS GUPTA, JYOTI BHUSAN - Indo-Pakistan Relations, 1947-1955
014758: GUPTA, AKHIL - Postcolonial Developments; Agriculture in the Making of Modern India
014162: GUPTILL, ARTHUR L. - Norman Rockwell, Illustrator
039519: GUREVIC, ARON - Mittelalterliche Volkskultur
022632: BURAT DE GURGY, HENRY - L'écolier de Barcelone
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027633: GURR, ANDREW - William Shakespeare; the Extraordinary Life of the Most Successful Writer of All Time
030846: GURR, ANDREW - Rebuilding Shakespeare's Globe
020737: GUSFIELD, JOSEPH R. - Community; a Critical Response
022321: GUSS, DAVID M. - To Weave and Sing; Art, Symbol, and Narrative in the South American Rain Forest
037992: GUSTAFSON, HELEN - The Agony of the Leaves; the Ecstasy of My Life with Tea
006952: GUSTAFSON, ALRIK - Six Scandinavian Novelists: Lie, Jacobsen, Heidenstem, Selma Lagerlöf, Hamsun, Sigrid Undset
035209: GUSTAFSON, HELEN - The Green Tea User's Manual
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046707: REESE, GUSTAVE AND ROSE BRANDEL, EDS - The Commonwealth of Music. In Honor of Curt Sachs
046708: REESE, GUSTAVE AND ROBERT J. SNOW, EDS - Essays in Musicology in Honor of Dragan Plamenac on His 70th Birthday
022474: GUSTAVSON, CARL G. - A Preface to History
015105: GUSTERSON, HUGH - Nuclear Rites; a Weapons Laboratory at the End of the Cold War
005575: ALKALAY-GUT, KAREN - Alone in the Dawn; the Life of Adelaide Crapsey
045894: GUTCHEON, BETH - Death at Breakfast
018139: GUTENBRUNNER, SIEGFRIED, ET AL., EDS - Die Wissenschaft Von Deutscher Sprache Und Dichtung: Methoden, Probleme, Aufgaben
047125: GUTERMAN, SIMEON L. - Religious Toleration and Persecution in Ancient Rome
033536: GUTHKE, KARL S. - Last Words; Variations on a Theme in Cultural History
026335: GUTHRIE, W. K. C. - The Greeks and Their Gods
007457: GUTKIND, LEE, ED - Lessons in Persuasion; Creative Nonfiction/Pittsburgh Connections
018578: GUTKNECHT, DIETER - Untersuchungen Zur Melodik Des Hugenottenpsalters
002131: GUTKNECHT, CHRISTOPH - Grundbegriffe Und Hauptströmungen Der Linguisitik
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045546: GUTMAN, ROBERT ED - People and Buildings
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033853: GUTTENPLAN, D. D. - The Holocaust on Trial
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033208: GUTTMAN, SELMA - The Foreign Sources of Shakespeare's Works. An Annotated Bibliography of the Commentary Written on This Subject between 1904 and 1940 Together with Lists of Certain Translations Available to Shakespeare
024237: GUTTMANN, ALEXANDER - Rabbinic Judaism in the Making; a Chapter in the History of the Halakhah from Ezra to Judah I.
028784: GUTTMANN, JULIUS - Die Philosophie Des Judentums
008275: GUTTRIDGE, LEONARD A. - Icebound; the Jeannette Expedition's Quest for the North Pole
011196: GUTTSMAN, W. L. - The British Political Elite
038890: GUY, DAVID - The Red Thread of Passion; Spirituality and the Paradox of Sex
045185: BUSNEL, RENÉ-GUY AND JAMES F. FISH, EDS - Animal Sonar Systems
028785: GUY, HENRY - Essai Sur la Vie Et Les Oeuvres Littéraires de Trouvère Adan de la Hale
032108: COOPER, GUY AND GORDON TAYLOR - Paradise Transformed; the Private Garden for the Twenty-First Century
049566: GUYTON, BILL - Glaciers of California; Modern Glaciers, Ice Age Glaciers, Origin of Yosemite Valley, and a Glacier Tour in the Sierra Nevada
048555: GONZALEZ GUZMAN, PASCUAL - El Habla Viva Del Valle de Aragüés
045850: GUZMAN, AUGUSTO - Historia de la Novela Boliviana
007625: GUZZARDI, WALTER, JR. - The Henry Luce Foundation; a History, 1936-1986
021022: GWALTNEY, JOHN LANGSTON - Drylongso; a Self-Portrait of Black America
014293: GYLLENSVÄRD, BO - Chinese Gold, Silver, and Porcelain: The Kempe Collection
048908: SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL GYMNASTICS - A Friendly Gathering of Gymnasts; 1978 Shanghai International Gymnastics Friendship International Tournament
038157: SMITH, JOSEPH H. AND WILLIAM KERRIGAN, EDS - Interpreting Lacan
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022333: HÄRTEL, H. AND M. YALDIZ - Die SeidenstraßE; Malereien Und Plastiken Aus Buddhistischen Höhlentempeln. Aus Der Sammlung Des Museum Für Indische Kunst Berlin
048480: ENCE H. - Hawaii Pono: A Social History
022030: KEITH, HENRY H. AND S. F. EDWARDS, EDS - Conflict & Continuity in Brazilian Society
036074: MCCULLA, DOROTHY H. AND MARTIN HAMPSON - Victorian and Edwardian Warwickshire from Old Photographs
014919: HALSEY, R. T. H. AND ELIZABETH TOWER - The Homes of Our Ancestors As Shown in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York from Th4e Beginnings of New England Through the Early Days of the Republic
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012763: GANN, L. H. AND PETER DUIGNAN - Burden of Empire; an Appraisal of Western Colonialism in Africa South of the Sahara
026799: BRANDIN, DAVID H. AND MICHAEL A. HARRISON - The Technology Was; a Case for Competitiveness
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017131: MELLOR, ROY E. H. AND E. ALISSTAIR SMITH - Europe; a Geographical Survey of the Continent
038842: LEVY, H. AND L. ROTH - Elements of Probability
031391: GOLDEN, HERBERT H. AND SEYMOUR O. SIMCHES - Modern Iberian Language and Literature: A Bibliography of Homage Studies
013864: HARSHBARGER, LUTHER H. AND JOHN A. MOURANT - Judaism and Christianity; Perspectives and Traditions
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000099: GUENAULT, PAUL H. AND J. M. JACKSON - The Control of Monopoly in the United Kingdom
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015836: JOCHIM, H. AND B. ZIEGLER, EDS - Interaction Studies in Nuclei; Proceedings of an International Symposium Held at the Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry (Otto-Hahn-Institute) in Mainz, Nuclear Physics Division, February 17 to 20, 1975
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038663: WISER, WILLIAM H. AND CHARLOTTE VIALL WISER - Behind Mud Walls 1930-1960
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013075: MICHAEL, FRANZ H. AND GEORGE E. TAYLOR - The Far East in the Modern World
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047360: SCHAFER EDWARD H. - The Golden Peaches of Samarkand; a Study of T'Ang Exotics
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040163: HAACK, SUSAN - Philosophy of Logics
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047829: HAAS, MARY R. - The Thai System of Writing
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035998: HAASE, DONALD, ED - The Reception of Grimms' Fairy Tales; Responses, Reactions, Revision
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023937: HACKING, IAN - The Emergence of Probability; a Philosophical Study of Early Ideas About Probability, Induction and Statistical Inference
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032267: GUAN HANQING - Selected Plays of Guan Hanqing
008308: GERCKE, HANS AND PETER ANSELM RIEDL - Michael Bacht: Installationen, Objekte Und Bilder
023658: BAUER, HANS AND PONTUS LEANDER - Reise in Das Goldene Byzanz
021874: KURATH, HANS AND RAVEN I. MCDAVID, JR. - The Pronunciation of English in the Atlantic States Based Upon the Collections of the Linguistic Atlas of the Eastern United States
049154: SAUER, HANS AND GABY WAXENBERGER, EDS - Recording English, Researching English, Transforming English
015109: GEIGER, HANS AND ERNST LEHMANN - Der Einfluss Der Atomphysik Auf Unser Weltbild. Der Einfluss Der Biologie Auf Unser Weltbild
049478: ANTONSON, HANS AND ULF JANSSON, EDS - Agriculture and Forestry in Sweden Since 1900--Geographical and Historical Studies
042124: WICHMANN, HANS AND SIEGFRIED WICHMANN - Schach; Ursprung Und Wandlung Der Spielfigur in Zwölf Jahrhunderten
028540: HANSEN, CAFL F. - The Amidon Elementary School; a Successful Demonstration in Basic Education
029236: HANSEN, ERIC C. - Disaffection and Decadence; a Crisis in French Intellectual Thoguht 1848-1898
039144: HANSEN, W. LEE - Education, Income, and Human Capital
044044: HANSEN, ELAINE TUTTLE - Chaucer and the Fictions of Gender
002532: HANSEN, MOGENS HERMAN - Atimistraffen I Athen I Klassisk Tid
022008: HANSER, RICHARD - The Glorious Hour of Lt. Monroe
011794: HANSON, DIRK - The New Alchemists; Silicon Valley and the Microelectronics Revolution
007311: HANSON, ERIC J. - Dynamic Decade
045656: HANSON, MICHELE ZELINSKY - Religious Identity in an Early Reformation Community; Augusburg, 1517 to 1555
048500: HANSON, PAUL D., ED - Visionaries and Their Apocalypses
047093: HANSON, PAUL D. - Visionaries and Their Apocalypses
036795: HANSOTTE, GEORGES - La Clouterie LIégeoise Et la Question Ouvrière Au Xviiie Siècle
003960: LANDOLT, HANSPETER AND THEODOR SEEGER - Schweizer Barockkirchen
046359: SPANG-HANSSEN, HENNING - Probability and Structural Classification in Language Description
011080: HANTSCH, HUGO - Die Geschichte ôsterreichs
007546: HAPKE, LAURA - Daughters of the Great Depression; Women, Work, and Fiction in the American 1930s
046467: HAPPEL, EBERHARD WERNER - GrößTe Denkwürdigkeiten Der Welt Oder Sogenannte Relatioes Curiosae
035656: HARA, MARIE - Bananaheart & Other Stories; a Collection of Short Stories
037956: O'HARA, FRANK - Robert Motherwell
043543: HARADA, MINORU - Meiji Western Painting
036043: HARAGUCHI, TORAO , ET AL. - The Status System and Social Organization of Satsuma; a Translation of the Shumon Tefuda Aratame Jomoku
048968: BJORVAND, HARALD AND FREDRIK OTTO LINDEMAN - Väre Arveord; Etymologisk Ordbok
029416: HARAP, LOUIS - The Image of the Jew in American Literature from Early Republic to Mass Immigration
010230: HARARI, EHUD - The Politics of Labor Legislation in Japan; National-International Interaction
033426: HARBAGE, ALFRED - Shakespeare's Audience
019548: HARBAGE, ALFRED - As They Liked It; an Essay on Shakespeare and Morality
030354: HARBAGE, ALFRED - Conceptions of Shakespeare
033692: HARBAGE, ALFRED - Annals of English Drama 975-1700; an Analytical Record of All Palys, Extant or Lost, Chronologically Arranged and Indexed by Authors, Titles, Dramatic Companies, &C
032506: HARBAGE, ALFRED - As They Liked It; a Study of Shakespeare's Moral Artistry
033298: HARBAGE, ALFRED - Theatre for Shakespeare
033569: HARBAGE, ALFRED - Shakespeare and the Rival Traditions
042805: HARBAGE, ALFRED - Annals of English Drama 975-1700; an Analytical Record of All Plays, Extant or Lost, Chronologically Arranged and Indexed by Authors, Titles, Dramatic Companies, &C
048664: HARBAUGH, RICK - [Zhong Wen Zi Pu]; Chinese Characters; a Genealogy and Dictionary
017903: HARBAUGH, HEINRICH - Harbaugh's Harfe; Gedichte in Pennsylvanisch-Deutscher Mundart
048961: HARBERT, WAYNE - The Germanic Languages
037697: HARBIN, E. O. - Phunology; a Colelction of Tried and Proved Plans for Play, Fellowship, and Profit
029360: HARBISON, PETER - Pre-Christian Ireland from the First Settlers to the Early Celts
002788: HARBISON, E. HARRIS - Christianity and History; Essays
029865: HARBISON, ROBERT - Deliberate Regression
033650: HARBISON, ROBERT - Eccentric Spaces
040596: HARBOTTLE, THOMAS BENFIELD - Dictionary of Historical Allusions
012184: HARBUTT, FRASER J. - The Iron Curtain; Churchill, America, and the Origins of the Cold War
004864: HARCAVE, SIDNEY - First Blood; the Russian Revolution of 1905
004865: HARCAVE, SIDNEY - Years of the Golden Cockerel; the Last Romanov Tsars 1814-1917
012185: HARCAVE, SIDNEY - First Blood; the Russian Revolution of 1905
014342: D'HARCOURT, RAOUL - Primitive Art of the Americas
025550: HARCOURT, RAOUL D' - Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques
009512: HÄRD, JOHN EVERT - Adjektivadverb Oder Advebiales Adjektiv? Ein Beitrag Zur Forschungsgeschichte Der Deutschen Grammatik
003618: HARDIE, ROBERT - The Burma-Siam Railway; the Secret Diary of Dr. Robert Hardie, 1942-45
022670: HARDING, BERTHA - Imperial Twilight; the Story of Karl and Zita of Hungary
017028: HARDING, HENRY, ED - China's Foreign Relations in the 1980s
018579: HARDING, JAMES - Gounod
042755: HARDING, WALTER - Thoreau and Children
029361: HARDING, JANE D. - The Arthurian Legend; a Check List of Books in the Newberry Library
039738: HARDING, WALTER - Thoreau and Children
008867: HARDINGE, CHARLES STEWART - My Indian Peregrinations; the Private Letters of Charles Stewart Hardinge, 1844-1847
022666: HARDOY, JORGE E. - Pre-Columbian Cities
044157: HARDT, MANFRED - Das Bild in Der Dichtung; Studien Zu Funionsweisen Von Bildern Und Bildreihen in Der Literatur
027321: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - A Guide to Anthony Trollope
011200: HARDY, ALAN - The Kings' Mistresses
019396: GATHORNE-HARDY, G. M. - A Short History of International Affairs 1920-1939
014419: HARDY, THOMAS - Pages from the Works of Thomas Hardy
023866: GATHORNE-HARDY, ROBERT - Recollections of Logan Pearsall Smith; the Story of a Friendship
006959: HARDY, THOMAS - One Rare Fair Woman; Thomas Hardy's Letters to Florence Henniker, 1893-1922
040702: RÖSKA-HARDY, LOUISE - Die "Bedeutung" in Natürlichen Sprachen
030286: GATHRONE-HARDY, JONATHAN - The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny
037320: HARE, HOBART AMORY - Practical Diagnosis; the Use of Symptom and Physical Signs in the Diagnosis of Disease
006312: HARE, R. M. - The Language of Morals
010430: HARE, RONALD - Pomp and Pestilence; Infectious Disease, Its Origin and Conquest
041396: HARE, CHRISTOPHER - Life and Letters in the Italian Renaissance
004738: HARIG, GEOGE UND GÜNTER WENDEL - Gerhard Harig; Schirften Zur Geschichte Der Naturwissenschaften
036042: HARINGTON, DONALD - Let Us Build Us a City; Eleven Lost Towns
022995: HARKABI, Y. - Palestinians and Israel
014477: HARKINS, WILLIAM E. - Dictionary of Russian Literature
042487: HARKNESS, STANLEY B. - The Career of Samuel Butler (1835-1902); a Bibliography
014432: HARKORT, EDUARD - In Mexican Prisons; the Journal of Eduard Harkort, 1832-1834
005994: HARLAN, JOHN M. - The Evolution of a Judicial Philosophy; Selected Opinions and Papers of Justice John M. Harlan
006313: HARLAND, GORDON - The Thought of Reinhold Niebuhr
039558: HARLECH, PAMELA - Feast without Fuss
025780: GRANVILLE-BARKER, HARLEY AND G. B. HARRISON, EDS - A Companion to Shakespeare Studies
1198: HARLINE, CRAIG - The Burdens of Sister Margaret
002136: HARLOCK, WALTER E. - Svensk-Engelsk Ordbok
048514: HARLOW, S. GRACE - Hawaii by a Tourist
045780: SUOMELA-HÄRMÄ, ELINA - Les Structures Narratives Dans le Roman de Renart
022374: HARMAN, WILLIS - Global Mind Change; the Promise of the 21st Century
012186: HARMAN, NICHOLAS - Dunkirk; the Patriotic Myth
033058: HARMAN, EDWARD GEORGE - Edmund Spenser and the Impersonations of Francis Bacon
029729: ROBIN-HARMEL, PIERRE - Le Prince Jules de Polignac, Ministre de Charles X; Sa Vie de 1829 à 1746
047102: HARMETZ, ALJEAN - Round Up the Usual Suspects; the Making of Casablanca--Bogart, Bergman and World War II
011797: HARMON, MARGARET - The Engineering Medicine; the New Pioneer
019895: HARMS, ROBERT - The Diligent; a Voyage Through the Worlds of the Slave Trade
005746: RAKOWSKA-HARMSTONE, TERESA, ED - Perspectives for Change in Communist Societies
042269: CZEPLUCH, HARMUT AND HERO JANSSEN, EDS - Syntaktische Struktur Und Kasusrelation
007297: HARNACK, CURTIS - Gentlemen on the Prairie
039832: HARNAD, STEVAN R., ET AL., EDS - Origins and Evolution of Language and Speech
013863: HARNED, DAVID BAILY - Images for Self-Recognition; the Christian As Player, Sufferer and Vandal
018746: ROSENTHAL, HAROLD AND JOHN WARRACK - Concise Oxford Dictionary of Opera
006782: SPROUT, HAROLD AND MARGARET SPROUT - The Rise of American Naval Power, 1776-1918
023821: HARPER, CHRISTOPHER - What's Next in Mass Communication; Readings on Media and Culture
024627: HARPER, RALPH - The Seventh Solitude; Metaphysical Homelessness in Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, and Nietzsche
023634: HARPER, JUDITH E. - Susan B. Anthony; a Biographical Companion
026647: HARPER, JO - Birth of the Fifth Sun and Other Mesoamerican Tales
1199: HARRÉ, ROM - The Anticipation of Nature
019046: HARRING, WILLI - Andreas Gryphius Und Das Drama Der Jesuiten
034319: HARRINGTON, BRIAN - The Flight of the Red Knot; a Natural History Account of a Small Bird's Annual Migiration from the Arctic Circle to the Tip of South American and Back
008819: HARRINGTON, RICHARD - Richard Harrington, Canadian Photographer
006716: HARRINGTON, KARL P. - Richard Alsop "a Hartford Wit
042355: HARRINGTON, WALT - Crossings; a White Man's Journey Into Black America
002967: HARRIOTT, ROSEMARY M. - Aristophanes, Poet & Dramatist
031772: HARRIOTT, ROSEMARY M. - Aristophanes, Poet & Dramatist
046948: HARRIS, VALENTINA - Recipes from an Italian Farmhouse
044979: HARRIS, FRANCES - Transformations of Love; the Friendship of John Evelyn and Margaret Gododlphin
011201: HARRIS, CHARLES - Islington
042021: HARRIS, JOANNA GEWERTZ - Beyond Isadora; Bay Area Dancing, the Early Years 1915-1965
010194: HARRIS, S. E. - Monetary Problems of the British Empire
025286: HARRIS, GEORGE S. - Troubled Alliance; Turkish-American Problems in Historical Perspective, 1945-1971
015569: HARRIS, GEORGE L., ED - Egypt
021880: HARRIS, MARVIN - The Rise of Anthropological Theory; a History of Theories of Culture
015702: HARRIS, GEORGE L., ET AL. - Jordan; Its People, Its Society, Its Culture
010343: HARRIS, GEORGE S. - The Origins of Communism in Turkey
008730: HARRIS, SEYMOUR E., ED - American Economic History
029667: HARRIS, CREDO - Motor Rambles in Italy
030656: HARRIS, ELLEN T. - Handel As Orpheus; Voice and Desire in the Chamber Cantatas
014720: KESSLER-HARRIS, ALICE - Out to Work; a History of Wage-Earning Women in the United States
045987: HARRIS, NICK - Famous Crimes
041367: HARRIS, SHARON M., ED - American Women Writers to 1800
042214: HARRIS, J. RENDEL - A Popular Account of the Newly-Recoverd Gospel of St. Peter
039563: HARRIS, ALEX, ED - A New Life; Stories and Photographs from the Suburban South
045999: HARRIS, MARKHAM - The Cornish Ordinalia; a Medieval Dramatic Triology. I. Beginning of the World. II, Christ's Passion. III, Resurrection of Our Lord
015742: HARRIS, KENN - Renata Tebaldi
045039: HARRIS, WILLIAM CORNWALLIS - Narrative of an Expedition Into Southern Africa
042084: HARRIS, J. WILLIAM - Plain Folk and Gentry in a Slave Society; White Liberty and Black Slavery in Augusta's Hinterlands
037181: HARRISON, EDWARD - Masks of the Universe; Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos
048566: HARRISON, ANN TUKEY - The Danse Macabre of Women: Ms. Fr. 995 of the Biblioth èque Natonale
019399: HARRISON, CHARLES - English Art and Modernism 1900-1939
006315: HARRISON, PAUL M. - Authority and Power in the Free Church Tradition; a Social Case Study of the American Baptist Convention
026665: HARRISON, SABRINA WARD - Spilling Open; the Art of Becoming Yourself
010303: HARRISON, BRIAN - South-East Asia; a Short History
007547: HARRISON, CYNTHIA - On Account of Sex; the Politics of Women's Issues, 1945-1968
032594: HARRISON, WILLIAM - Harrison's Description of England in Shakspere's Youth. Being the Second and Third Books of His Description of Britaine and England
035182: HARRISON, PEGRAM - Une Affaire de Goû; a Selection of Cookbooks: 1457 to 1873 from the Library of Dr. And Mrs. John Talbot Gernon
037073: HARRISON, MOLLY - People and Shopping; a Social Background
037535: HARRISON, S. G., ET AL. - The Oxford Book of Food Plants
040265: HARRISON, BENNETT - Urban Economic Development; Suburbanization, Minority Opportunity, and the Condition of the Central City
041295: HARRISVILLE, ROY A. - Fracture; the Cross As Irreconcilable in the Language and Thought of the Biblical Writers
000070: HARROD, R. F. - International Economics
035370: HARROD, JULIE - The Garden Wall; Fences, Hedges, and Walls. Their Planning and Planting
000066: HARROD, ROY - Reforming the World's Money
000004: HARROD, R. F. - Towards a Dynamic Economics; Some Recent Deveopments of Economic Theory and Their Application to Policy
036415: CASTLEMAN, HARRY AND WALTER J. PODRAZIK - All Together Now; the First Omplete Beatles Discography 1961-1975
011756: ECKSTEIN HARRY - Pressure Group Politics; the Case of the British Medical Association
021798: HARSH, WAYNE - The Subjunctive in English
033575: HART, HENRY H. - Luis de Camoens and the Epic of the Lusiads
019213: HART, HERBERT M. - Pioneer Forts of the Wst

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