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143858: BATES, H. E. AND CAROL BARKER - Achilles and Diana
143864: BATES, H. E. - Charlotte's Row
143865A: H. E. BATES - Cut and Come Again
137594: BATES, H E - Colonel Julian And Other Stories
143776: BATES, H. E. - Seven by Five
144916: BATES, H. E - The country of white clover
156402: BATES, H. E. - The Wild Cherry Tree: Halibut Jones; the Wild Cherry Tree; Some Other Spring; the World Upside-Down; How Vainly Men Themselves Amaze; the First Day of ... Same Time, Same Place; the Middle of Nowhere
143867: H E BATES - The Story Of Flying Office X
156523: BATES, BRIAN - The Way Of Wyrd: Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer
134890: BATES, H.E. - There's Freedom in the Air
143754: BATES, H. E. - Crown of Wild Myrtle
143755: BATES, H. E. - Darling Buds of May
144530: BATES, H. E. - Crown of Wild Myrtle
143775: BATES, H. E. - Go, Lovely Rose
143757: BATES, H.E - The Day of the Tortoise
143944: H. E. BATES - The Nature Of Love
143759: BATES, H.E. - The Purple Plain
143764: BATES, H.E. - The Bride Comes To Evensford
133797A: H. E. BATES - A Breath of French Air
143871: BATES, H. E - The Feast of July
143872: H. E. BATES. - The Sleepless Moon
151158: BATES, BRIAN; CLEESE, JOHN - The Human Face
127603: BATES, H. E.; HALSON, G.R. - Good Corn and Other Stories
144887: BATES, H E - The Stories Of Flying Officer X
143873: H. H. BATES - When the Green Woods Laugh
144131: BATES, H.E. - The Tinkers of Elstow
137258: BATES, H. E. - The Fabulous Mrs. V.
137257: BATES, H. E. - The Distant Horns of Summer
144888: BATES, H.E. - The Ripening World: Blossoming World and World in Ripeness
144914: BATES, H E - Cut and Come Again
143736: BATES, H E - The Sleepless Moon
159520: H. E. BATES; - Sugar for the Horse
143945: H E BATES - The Scarlet Sword
149210: H. E. BATES - The Darling Buds of May
144471: BATES, H. E. - The Modern Short Story
144032: BATES, H. E - The Country Of White Clover
144037: BATES, H. E. - Distant Horns of Summer
144046: BATES, H E; TUNNICLIFFE, C F [ILLUSTRATOR] - O More Than Happy Countryman
144054: BATES, H. E. - Two Sisters
144055: BATES, H. E. - Country Tales
144062: H E BATES - Fair Stood The Wind For France
144064: BATES, H. E - The Sleepless Moon
144069: BATES, H.E. - The Feast of July
144070: BATES, H. E. - Love for Lydia
158538: HEWITT-BATES, J.S. - Bookbinding
137638: BATES, H. E. - Charlotte's Row
156980: BATEY, MAVIS - Regency Gardens (Shire Garden History)
082317: BATH, TREVOR; JONES, JOY - The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hardy Geraniums
089571V: BATHE, BASIL W. - Seven Centuries of Sea Travel: From the Crusaders to the Cruises
114067: BATT, PETER - Mick Channon: The Authorised Biography
145831: BATT, JOHN - Stolen Innocence: The Sally Clark Story - A Mother's Fight for Justice
124121: BATTERSBY, MARTIN - Decorative Thirties
108954: BATTERSBY, MARTIN - Art Nouveau
118037: BATTERSHILL, NORMAN - Working with Oils (Leisure Arts)
151942: BATTISTINI, . - Symbols and Allegories in Art (Guide to Imagery)
107347: PETER BATTY - House of Krupp
162048: BATTY, DAPHNE [EDITOR] - HIV Infection and Children in Need
161368: BATTY, DAPHNE [EDITOR] - Sexually Abused Children: Making Their Placements Work (Practice series)
157978: BATTY, J. [EDITOR] - Poultry Houses and Appliances: A D.I.Y. Guide (Poultry fanciers library)
154552: CHARLES WITCOMB BATY - A Third Year Latin Reader. With illustrations
160369: BAU, NICOLAS - How to make 8mm films as an amateur (Cinebooks)
126331: BAUER, BELAVAL, CANGUILHEM ET AL - La science moderne (de 1450 a 1800) Tome II
160191: BAUER, JAROSLAV - Minerals, Rocks and Precious Stones
112415: BERNHARD A. BAUER - Woman: A Treatise On The Anatomy, Psysiology, Psychology And Sexual Life Of Woman With An Appendix On Prostitution
126181: ROTRAUD BAUER - Historische Schlachten: auf Tapisserien aus dem Besitz des Kunsthistorischen Museums Wien
135395: BAUER, BELINDA - Rubbernecker
112683: L. SUE BAUGH - Essentials of English Grammar
148276: BAUGHEN, REV. MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Hymns for Today's Church
148278: BAUGHEN, BISHOP MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Youth Praise: Bk. 2
158321: BAUGHEN, BISHOP MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Youth Praise: Bks. 1 & 2 (Falcon books)
111405: MICHAEL BAUGHEN - Youth Praise Book Two - Numbers 151 to 299
160920: BAULD, LINDA; CLARKE, KAREN; MALTBY, TONY (EDS.) - Social Policy Review 18: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2006
157362: BAUMANN, HANS; BORATYNSKI, ANTONI [ILLUSTRATOR] - What Time is it Around the World? (Picture Story Books)
099465: BAUMGART, FRITZ [AUTOR] - Geschichte der abendlandischen Baukunst
099443: BAUMGART, FRITZ [AUTOR] - Geschichte der abendlandischen Plastik von den Anfangen bis zur Gegenwart
146758: BAUMGARTNER, J.G - Canned Foods - an Introduction to Their Microbiology
149810: BAVISTER, STEVE - Making Money from Photography in Every Conceivable Way
149779: BAVISTER, STEVE - Lighting for Portraits
150160: BAVISTER, STEVE - Making Money from Photography: In Every Conceivable Way
155341: BAX, CLIFFORD - Leonardo De Vinci
144448: BAX, CLIFFORD - Vintage Verse
147112: GUY WATSON; JANE BAXTER - Riverford Farm Cook Book: Tales from the Fields, Recipes from the Kitchen
151530: BAXTER, CAROLINE - The Stolen Talesm
160143: BAXTER, RAYMOND - Farnborough Commentary
156189: BAXTER, ALIDA - Upside-down Under
123854: ETIENNE SOURIAU; RAYMOND BAYER - Revenue d'Esthetique
091767: BAYLEY, STEPHEN - In Good Shape: Style in Industrial Products, 1900 to 1960
161312: BAYLEY, MICHAEL - Mental Handicap and Community Care: Study of Mentally Handicapped People in Sheffield (International Library of Social Policy)
116715: BAYLEY, N.; BAYLEY, NICOLA [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Necessary Cat
135663: BAYLEY, VIOLA - Paris Adventure
097605: BAYNARD, FRANK O.; MILLER, WILLIAM H. - Picture History of the Cunard Line, 1840-1990
118364: PETER BAYNE - The Chief Actors in the Puritan Revolution
162334: BAZELEY, E.T. - Homer Land And The Little Commonwealth
128320B: GERMAIN BAZIN - The Louvre (World of Art)
109316: BAZIN, GERMAIN - A Concise History of Art, Part One: From the Beginnings to the Fifteenth Century
141135: BAZLEY, J.H.R. AND WEATHERALL, N.L. - Coarse Fishing
155220: BAZNA, ELYESA - I was Cicero
130367: BBC - Top Gear: Best Bits Supercars
111736: BEACHCROFT, T O - Young Man in a Hurry & Other Stories
130867: BEAHM, GEORGE - Stephen King Companion
157617: BEALE, S. SOPHIA. - The Amateur's Guide to Architecture
116283: BEALE, NORMAN - Is that the Doctor?: History of the Calne G.P.s
153445: NICOLA BEALING - Nicola Bealing Exhibition
149184: BEAMES, IAN - The Wildlife Trust's Nature Photographer's Handbook
104815: BEAN, GEORGE E - Lycian Turkey (The Classic Guides to Turkey 4)
152310: BEAN, GEORGE E. - Turkey Beyond the Maeander: An Archaeological Guide
126932: BEAN, W. J. - Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles Two Vols
148563: BEANEY, JAN; LITTLEJOHN, JEAN - The Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery
148454: BEANEY, JAN - The Art of the Needle: Designing in Fabric and Thread
125906: BEARD, GEOFFREY - Work of Christopher Wren
159391: BEARD, GEOFFREY. - The Work of Christopher Wren
136715: BEARD, JOHN - Develop Your Bridge The Acol Way
153163: BEARD, GEOFFREY - Work of Robert Adam
139446: BEARD, PROFESSOR MARY - The Parthenon
110401: BEARDMORE, GEORGE - Civilians at War: Journals, 1938-46
152162: PIERRE ANTOINE GRIMAL; PATRICIA BEARDSWORTH - Larousse World Mythology. Edited by Pierre Grimal. With plates
118819: BEARSHAW, BRIAN - Towpaths of England
114606: BEATON, CLARE - The Box Book: Original Projects for All Ages
151364: BEATON, CECIL; BUCKLE, RICHARD [EDITOR] - Self-portrait with Friends: The Selected Diaries of Cecil Beaton
151372: CECIL BEATON - Ashcombe: The Story of a Fifteen-year Lease
159082: BEATTY, LAURA - Lillie Langtry: Manners, Masks and Morals
125728: MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU, EDWARD DOUGLAS-SCOTT - Gilt and the Gingerbread
111991: LORD MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU - The Montagu Motor Museum: catalogue of exhibits
129604: BEAUMAN, NICOLA - Cynthia Asquith
150544: BEAUMARCHAIS, PIERRE-AUGUSTIN CARON DE [AUTEUR] - Beaumarchais Theatre. Le Barbier de Seville. Le Mariage de Figaro. La Mere coupable
133970: DE BEAUMONT, MARGUERITE - The Way of a Horse
137260: BEAUMONT, R - Woollen and Worsted: The Theory and Technology of the Manufacture of Woollen, Worsted, and Union Yarns and Fabrics
156053: BEAUMONT, DIGBY; GRANGER, COLIN - New Generation 1: Workbook.A
153387: BEAUMONT, ROBERT - Grandma: The Biography of Giles's Infamous Cartoon Character
158941: BEAVER, PAUL; THOMPSON, JULIAN [FOREWORD] - Today's Royal Marines
154250: BEAVERBROOK, LORD; ILLUS [ILLUSTRATOR] - Men and Power, 1917-1918
147396: BEAVERBROOK, LORD. - Don't Trust To Luck.
160454: BEAZLEY, ANGELA - Favourite Farm Animals in Cross Stitch
142471: BECCARINI, P - New Excavations At Pompeii - The Myth Of Dionisus
073734: BECHERVAISE, JOHN MAYSTON - Ballarat And Western Goldfields Sketchbook
161490: ADRIENNE PENNER; CLAIRE BECHET - French in No Time: The Basics in 32 Lessons
160571: BECK, THOMASINA - The Embroiderer's Flowers
082472: BECK, THOMASINA - The Embroiderer's Garden (A David & Charles Craft Book)
137733: BECK, J. SPENCER [EDITOR] - Hollywood Trains
113112: BECKE, A.F. - History Of The Great War: Regular Divisions Pt. 1: Order Of Battle Of Divisions
143073: BECKER, JANET. (EDITOR) - Story Of Southwold
143000: BECKER, B. JAY - Becker on bridge
153003: BECKETT, SAMUEL; BECKETT, S. [TRANSLATOR] - The Unnamable (Calderbooks)
123486: BECKETT, SISTER WENDY. - Meditations on Peace
094482: IAN BECKETT - Home Front 1914-1918: How Britain Survived the Great War
119495: BECKETT, J. V. - Local Taxation: National Legislation and the Problems of Enforcement (National statutes and the local community)
133012: SISTER WENDY BECKETT - Sister Wendy's Book of Saints
116662: BECKETT, KENNETH A. - A-Z Of Garden Plants
123228: BECKETT, SIMON - Whispers of the Dead
122966: BECKETT, DERRICK - Brunel's Britain
098931: SISTER WENDY BECKETT - The Story of Painting: The Essential Guide to the History of Western Art
159042: BECKETT, FRANCIS - Bevan (Life & Times)
134596: SISTER WENDY BECKETT - Sister Wendy's Story of Painting: The Essential Guide to the History of Western Art
118812: BECKETT, DERRICK - Brunel's Britain
160483: BECKETT, SISTER WENDY - The Story of Painting
149507: KENNETH A. BECKETT - The RHS Encyclopaedia of House Plants Including Conservatory Plants
162079: KIM KNOX BECKIUS - The New England Coast: The Most Spectacular Sights and Destinations
152100: BECKWITH, JOHN - The Art of Constantinople: An Introduction to Byzantine Art 330-1453
150640: BECKWITH, JOHN. - Early Medieval Art.
144982: LILLIAN BECKWITH - The Hills is Lonely
120623: GENEVIEVE BECQUART - Peintures Sculptures XVIIe-XVIIIe secles, Achats exceptionnels des musees du Nord-Pas-de-Calais
130687: BEDE - A History of the English Church and People
112522: BEDE, ELBERT - 5-15 Minute Talks on Freemasonry
145559: BEDE, CUTHBERT - Mr. Verdant Green, an Oxford freshman (Nelson Classics)
141771: BEDE - A history of the English Church and people
152811: LAURA AMELIA BEDELL - Blue Harbour
129477: BEDFORD, SYBILLE - As it Was: Pleasures, Landscapes and Justice
106657: BEDFORD, JOHN - Staffordshire Pottery Figures (Collectors' Pieces)
143592: BEDFORD, JOHN - Delftware (Collectors' Pieces)
128974: BEDFORD, SYBILLE - A Legacy
132900: BEDOYERE, GUY DE LA - Aviation Archaeology in Britain
158154: BEDOYERE, GUY DE LA - Buildings of Roman Britain
146751: BEDSON, SAMUEL PHILLIPS - Virus and rickettsial diseases
155760: EDITED BY OWEN BEDWIN - Sussex Archaeological Collections. Relating to the History and Antiquities of the Counties of East and West Sussex. Volume 118
110088: BEE, HELEN L. - Lifespan Development
124376: F. W. BEECH - Home Made Wines Syrups And Cordials
131276: BEECH, RICK - Discover Origami (Discover Craft)
142987: SIR THOMAS BEECHAM - A Mingled Chime: Leaves from an Autobiography
116085: REV. H. C. BEECHING, M.A. - The Poetical Works of John Milton
042307A: BEECHING, H. C. - In a Garden and Other Poems
141150: BEECROFT, D.H. - Devon and Cornwall Lines: No. 12: Great Western and Southern Region Including Locomotive Depots and Branch Lines (Steam Memories: 1950s-1960s)
137010: BEEDHAM - Wood Engraving
161701: BEEK, MARY; SCHOFIELD, GILLIAN - Providing a Secure Base in Long-term Foster Care
144646: BEER, STEWART [EDITOR] - An Exaltation of Skylarks in prose and poetry
121819: BEER, BRIAN - Diesels in the Capital
155152: DE BEER, GAVIN - Hannibal: The Struggle for Power in the Mediterranean
155156: DE BEER, GAVIN - Alps and Elephants: Hannibal's March
154115: MAX BEERBOHM - Yet Again
127258: MAX BEERBOHM - A Christmas Garland
146947: BEERBOHM, MAX - A Christmas Garland
151727: BEERBOHM, MAX - Zuleika Dobson
136434: BEERBOHM, MAX - Zuleika Dobson, or, An Oxford love story
141455: BEERBOHM, MAX - The incomparable Max: A selection
130615: BEERLI, ANDRE [AUTEUR] - Tessin - 32 itineraires
148375: BEESON, TREVOR - In Tuneful Accord: the Church Musicians
147688: TREVOR AVERRE-BEESON - We don't need no education. 101 ways to transform a school
116441: BEESON, TREVOR - The Canons: Cathedral Close Encounters
116442: BEESON, TREVOR - The Deans: Cathedral Life, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
129487: BEESON, TREVOR - Window on Westminster: A Canon's Diary 1976-1987
158796: [ CHRIS BEETLES ] - Albert Goodwin R.W.S. 1846-1932 Exhibition Catalogue
162654: BEETON, MRS. - MrsBeeton's Book of Household Management: A Specially Enlarged First Edition Facsimile
147766: MRS BEETON - Mrs Beeton's All About Cookery
135507: BEETON, MRS. - Cookery for All
155176: MRS BEETON - Mrs Beeton'S Cookery Book
136049: BEETON - Mrs.Beeton's Cookery Book
142911: MRS BEETON - Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book
159860: MRS BEETON - Mrs Beeton's Everyday Cookery - new edition
142082: BEEVOR, ANTONY - Berlin: The Downfall, 1945
151475: BEEVOR, ANTONY; COOPER, ARTEMIS - Paris After the Liberation 1944-1949
162389: BEEVOR, ANTONY - Stalingrad
148020: BEEVOR, ANTONY - Stalingrad
141376: BEEVOR, ANTONY - Berlin: The Downfall, 1945
108352: BEGG, EAN; RICH, DEIKE - On the Trail of Merlin: A Guidebook to the Western Mystery Tradition
149617: BEGLEITER, STEVEN H - The Portrait Book: A Guide for Photographers
154167: BEHR, EDWARD - Hirohito: Behind the Myth: The Man Behind the Myth
161067: BEISHON, SHARON; ETC. - Ethnic Minority Families (PSI report)
149933: BEISLY, PHILIP - Northmarsh of Somerset
150141: BEISLY, PHILIP - Northmarsh of Somerset
098002: BEJCEK, VLADIMIR - Migratory Birds: A Field Guide in Colour - 100 European Species
104289: BEK, LILLA; PULLAR, PHILIPPA - The Seven Levels of Healing
135437: LIEUT.-COL ROUSTRAM BEK - Aerial Russia. The Romance Of The Giant Aeroplane.
150016: BEKEN, KEITH - Yachts in colour
161058: BEKER, JEROME; ARIELI, MORDECAI - The Occupational Experience of Residential Child and Youth Care Workers: Caring and Its Discontents (Monograph Published Simultaneously As Child & Youth Services , Vol 18, No 2)
095194: BEKKER, CAJUS D. - The German Navy
125217: BELCAMPO - Het grote gebeuren
125006: J. J. BELJON - Bouwmeesters van morgen
161816: BELL, J. BOWYER - Secret Army: History of the IRA, 1916-79
145188: JOHN BELL; CHARLES BELL - The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body, Vol II
161173: BELL, ADRIAN - Corduroy
162497: BELL, COLIN; NEWBY, HOWARD - Community Studies: An Introduction to the Sociology of the Local Community (Unwin University Books)
156447: BELL, MICHAEL - Context of English Literature, 1900-30
157391: BELL, G.K.A. - The English Church
107767: DAVID CHARLES BELL - Bell's Standard Elocutionist
137172: BELL, RICHARD - Richard Bell's Britain
088270: BELL, CLIVE [EDITOR] - French Impressionists
161796: BELL, ADRIAN - Only for Three Months: The Basque Children in Exile
129484: BELL, G.K.A. - The English Church
107645: BELL, RICHARD - Ways of Drawing Birds
162297: BELL, DANIEL. - The End of Ideology: On the Exhaustion of Political Ideas in the Fifties
129176: GOSCINNY; UDERZO; BELL, A. [TRANSLATOR]; HOCKERIDGE, D. [TRANSLATOR]; - Adventures of Asterix: Omnibus
158389: BELL, JOSEPHINE - Such a Nice Client
148121: ADRIAN BELL - The Cherry Tree
125709A: BELL, C - Art
157607: BELL, GEORGE JOSEPH - Oblique or Skew Arches
152551: TREVOR BELL - Failure of Nerve Not Permitted Trevor Bell 2003
159365: BELL, WALTER GEORGE - The Great Fire of London
153429: TREVOR BELL - Trevor Bell, Calm Squares Allusive Forms
135710: BELL, ANNIE - The Country Cook: Over 85 Ways to Home-cooked Heaven
135835: BELL, MALCOLM - Sir Edward Burne-Jones
153428: BELL, TREVOR - Trevor Bell White and Colour
119290: BELL, WALTER GEORGE - Unknown London
161249: BELL, SYDNEY SMITH - Colonial Administration of Great Britain
141426: ARTHUR G BELL - The Royal Manor of Richmond / with Petersham, Ham and Kew
161052: BELL, CORAL - Conventions of Crisis: A Study in Diplomatic Management (R.I.I.A.)
158299: M. G. KENNEDY BELL - A Garden Timepiece
149049: BELLAMY, DAVID - Queen's Hidden Garden: Buckingham Palace's Treasury of Wild Plants
150053: BELLAMY, DAVID - Bellamy's Britain: Climate, Geology and Botany of Britain
116460: BELLAMY, DAVID [FOREWORD] - Countryside Detective: How to Discover, Observe and Enjoy Britain's Wildlife
149769: BELLAMY, DAVID - Bellamy's Ireland: The Wild Boglands
155431: BELLAMY, DAVID - Queen's Hidden Garden: Buckingham Palace's Treasury of Wild Plants
143032: BELLAMY, DAVID - Life-giving Sea
158448: BELLAMY, DAVID - The Wild Places of Britain
145434: BELLAMY, DAVID; MACKIE, S. [ILLUSTRATOR] - Great Seasons
154525: JOHN BELLANY - John Bellany, A Toast to Mexico
150601: DU BELLAY - Poems (French Texts)
117633: JACQUELINE BELLEFONTAINE - Farmer's Market
138075: BELLER, STEVEN - Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
131193: BELLEROCHE, WILLIAM DE. - Brangwyn Talks
158777: BELLEW, P. - Point of View
160616: BELLINI - Masterpieces
161979: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Cautionary tales and other verses
161962: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Complete Verse
149795: BELLOC, H. - Selected Cautionary Verses.
154181: BELLOC, HILAIRE - The Path to Rome
153105: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Cautionary Verses
125785: BELLOC, HILAIRE.; A. R. QUINTON [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Historic Thames
144158: BELLOW, SAUL - Herzog
123592: BELLOW, SAUL - Seize the Day
099704: BELLOW, SAUL - Ravelstein
152397: BELLOW, SAUL - The Dean's December
145126: DEREK BELSEY - Seeing is Believing
144961: BELSON, MICK - On the Press: Through the Eyes of the Craftsmen of Oxford University Press
121791: WEINREB BEN & HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - The London Encyclopaedia
132769: THOMAS BENDER - New York Intellect: A History of Intellectual Life in New York City, from 1750 to the Beginnings Our Own Time
151176: BENDINER, ELMER - A Time for Angels: The Tragicomic History of the League of Nations
148640: BENEDICT, RUTH - Patterns of Culture
158736: BENEMY, F.W.G. - Whitehall-Town Hall, A Breif Account Of Central And Local Government.
099630: BENESCH, OTTO - Edvard Munch
154142: BENESCH, O. (ED.) - Rembrandt Selected Drawings
132875: BENEWICK, ROBERT - Political Violence and Public Order: Study of British Fascism
155118: BENFIELD, ERIC - Purbeck Shop: A Stoneworker's Story of Stone
093965: BENHAM, HARVEY - The Codbangers
144498: BENHAM, W. GURNEY - Playing cards;: History of the pack and explanations of its many secrets
156031: BENINGFIELD, GORDON [EDITOR] - Poems of the Countryside
152271: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Hardy Landscapes
143705: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Hardy Landscapes
157267: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Green And Pleasant Land;Poetry of the English Countryside
144920: BENINGFIELD, GORDON [EDITOR] - Poems of the Seasons
127050A: GORDON BENINGFIELD - Green And Pleasant Land Poetry Of The English Countryside
101934: GORDON BENINGFIELD - Green and Pleasant Land Poetry of the English Countryside
117140: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Beningfield's English Villages
162411: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Beningfield's Countryside
159186: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Beningfield's English Farm
144878: BENINGFIELD, GORDON [EDITOR] - Poems of the Countryside
157860: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Beningfield's Countryside
158142: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Beningfield's English Farm
158876: BENINGTON, JONATHAN - Victoria Art Gallery Highlights
140395: HARRY BENJAMIN - Better Sight Without Glasses
137094: BENJAMIN, HARRY - Everybody's Guide to Nature Cure
151989: CONSTANT BENJAMIN - The Despot and the Slave
162499: BENN, STANLEY I.; PETERS, R. S. - Social Principles and the Democratic State
162617: BENN, TONY - A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine: The Last Diaries
162618: BENN, TONY - Dare to be a Daniel: Then and Now
159031: BENN, TONY - Years Of Hope: Diaries,Letters and Papers 1940-1962: Diaries, Letters and Papers, 1940-62
156219: BENNETT, ALAN - The Laying On Of Hands
120907: BENNETT, J. A.; BENNETT, JACK A.; GRAY, DOUGLAS [EDITOR] - Middle English Literature 1100-1400 (Oxford History of English Literature)
121165: BENNETT, MICHAEL - Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke
152043: BENNETT, ALAN - Forty Years on
151637: BENNETT, ALAN - Writing Home: Diaries
115705: BENNETT, ALAN - The Uncommon Reader
122904: ARNOLD BENNETT - The Old Wive's Tale
122897: BENNETT, DENNIS J.; BENNETT, RITA - Trinity of Man
120972: ARNOLD BENNETT - Arnold Bennett's Clayhanger Trilogy
148299: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Card: A Story of Adventure in the Five Towns (Twentieth Century Classics)
156240: BENNETT, ALAN - The Lady in the Van
148151: ARNOLD BENNETT - The Old Wives' Tale Vol 1
138342: ALAN BENNETT - The Uncommon Reader
145255: BENNETT, ALAN - Untold Stories
147459: BENNETT, ALAN - Untold Stories
129702: BENNETT, SUE - Five Centuries of Women and Gardens: 1590s-1990s
139716: BENNETT, STUART - How to Buy Photographs (Christie's Collectors Guides)
128323: BENNETT, DAPHNE - Emily Davies and the Liberation of Women
109949: BENNETT, JILL [EDITOR] - Green Poems
133361: BENNETT, BRUCE; COWAN, PETER; BENNETT, BRUCE [EDITOR]; ETC. [EDITOR]; - Spectrum: Modern Short Stories No. 2
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101509: BLAKE, PATRICIA - Half-way to the Moon: New writing from Russia ('Encounter' books)
132127: BLAKE, PETER - Frank Lloyd Wright (Pelican books)
136072: BLAKE, STEVE; LLOYD, SCOTT - The Keys to Avalon: The True Location of Arthur's Kingdom Revealed
139278: BLAKE, WILLIAM; BUTTER, PETER [EDITOR] - William Blake
077030: BLAKE, RICHARD - Blood of Alexandria (Aelric 3)
147850: BLAKE, QUENTIN - All Join in
132476: J. P. BLAKE - Chippendale And His School
112428: B BLAKE - Demosthenis, Pro Ctesiphonte De Corona Oratorio
141950: BLAKE, GEORGE. - British Ships and Shipbuilders
157995: BLAKE, WENDON. - Creative Colour. A Practical Guide For Oil Painters.Creative Colour. A Practical Guide For Oil Painters.
119979: BLAKE, NICHOLAS - End of Chapter
157295: BLAKE, WILLIAM. EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY J. BRONOWSKI. - William Blake. A Selection of Poems and Letters.
150293: BLAKEMORE, HAROLD - Latin America
160059: BLAKENEY, E H [EDITOR] - A Smaller Classical Dictionary
117288: BLAKER, MICHAEL - The Autobiography Of A Painter-Etcher
154780: BLAKESTON, OSWELL - Ever Singing Die, Oh! Die
138868: ROBERT BLAKEY - Angling or How to Angle and Where to Go
162445: BLAMEY, MARJORIE; GREY-WILSON, CHRISTOPHER; BLAMEY, MARJORIE [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Illustrated Flora of Britain and Northern Europe
143166: BLAMIRES, DAVID - David Jones: Artist and Writer
160231: BLANC, RAYMOND - Le Manoir Aux Quat' Saisons
139772: BLANCH, LESLEY - Journey into the Mind's Eye: Fragments of an Autobiography
161511: BLANCH, LESLEY - The Sabres of Paradise
091298: JOHN BLANCHARD - Whatever Happened To Hell?
158399: BLANCHARD, JOHN - Training for Triumph
108347: BLAND, JOHN - Odd and Unusual England: An Illustrated History of Curious Things
106163: F. C. BLAND - Twenty-One Prophetic Papers
159667: BLANDFORD, LIONEL F - Snorkelling manual: A guide to snorkel diving techniques for the use of instructors and pupils in the BS-AC National Snorkellers Club
141358: BLANDFORD, PERCY W. - Illustrated History of Small Boats
103594: BLANNING, T. C. W. [EDITOR]; CANNADINE, DAVID [EDITOR]; - History and Biography: Essays in Honour of Derek Beales
152323: BLATCH, MR MERVYN - A Guide To London's Churches (A Constable guide)
156221: BLATCH, MR MERVYN - A Guide To London's Churches (A Constable guide)
140336: BLATCHFORD, ROBERT - Merrie England
157192: BLATHERWICK, DAVID - Adventures in Unity: Introduction to Areas of Ecumenical Experiment, Shared Churches and Other United Ventures in the Local Church
162296: BLAU, P M & SCOTT, W R - Formal Organizations A Comparative Approach
133478: BLAXLAND, GREGORY - A life for unity
089189: BLAZWICK, I; BLAZWICK, IWONA [EDITOR]; WILSON, SIMON [EDITOR]; - Tate Modern: The Handbook
137860: EVERETT F BLEILER AND T E DIKTY (EDITORS); WILLIAM TENN; BOYD ELLANBY; JAMES BLISH - Category Phoenix: Firewater, Category Phoenix, Surface Tension
133635: BLENKINSOP, R J - Big Four Cameraman
133065: BLENKINSOP, R.J. - Shadows of the Great Western
137648: LE CORDON BLEU - Classic French Cookbook Hb (Le Cordon Bleu)
121690: BLEWITT, MARY - Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen
140017: BLICK - Memories of Swindon
075287: COLLEGE OF TEACHERS OF THE BLIND - Handbook for Home Teachers of the Blind
077957: BLISHEN, EDWARD [EDITOR] - Come Reading
158356: BLISS, KATHLEEN - We, the People
160763: BLIXEN, KAREN - Out of Africa
141621: BLOCH, MICHAEL - The Reign and Abdication of King Edward VIII
141683: BLOCH, MICHAEL - Duke of Windsor's War
148884: BLOFELD, HENRY - A Thirst for Life: With The Accent on Cricket
144468: BLOFELD, HENRY - It's Just Not Cricket!
129938: BLOOM, ALAN - Locomotives of the Great Western Railway (Jarrold Railway Series 1)
139907: BLOOM, ALAN - Hardy Plants and Alpines (Floraprint)
117641: STEVE BLOOM - Spirit of the Wild
119509: BLOOM, HAROLD - Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human
143711: BLOOM, HAROLD - The Visionary Company: A Reading of English Romantic Poetry
138110: BLOOM, PETER - The Life of Berlioz (Musical Lives)
159272: BLOOM, HAROLD - Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human
130132: BLOOM, ADRIAN - Year Round Garden
154509: BLOOM, ADRIAN - Conifers for Your Garden (Floraprint)
162625: BLOOM, ALAN - Steam on the Farm, on the Road, Afloat and in Industry
142312: BLOOM, AMY - Love Invents Us
139310: BLOOM, CLIVE - Violent London: 2000 Years of Riots, Rebels and Revolts
145498: BLOOM, ADRIAN - Making the Best of Alpines
160836: BLORE, J. E. AND SHERRATT, J. R. - 'Over There': A Commemorative History of the Old Leek Battery 1908 to 1919
124270: BLOSSFELDT, KARL - Karl Blossfeldt 1865-1932, das fotografische Werk
084806: BLOW, SIMON - No Time to Grow: A Shattered Childhood
123882: BLUM, HOWARD - The Gold of Exodus
144136: JEROME BLUM - Lord And Peasant In Russia From The Ninth To The Nineteenth Century (Atheneum)
099128: DANIEL BLUM - A Pictorial History of the Talkies
156061: BLUM, STELLA [EDITOR] - Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazaar, 1867-98
123617: ANDRE BLUM - Tresors De L'Art Florentin Xive-Xve Siecles
162504: BLUMENTHAL, G.J. - Development of Secure Units in Child Care
147750: EDMUND BLUNDEN - English Villages
132849A: BLUNDEN, EDMUND, INTRO BY - Autobiography of Leigh Hunt
142594: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - English Villages
136663: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - Cricket Country
139548: EDMUND BLUNDEN, FREDERICK PAGE - Last Essays of Elia
142946: VERA HAWKINS; MIKE BLUNSUM - Large Doors Still Open Wide on Little Hinges - The Story of the Woodlands House of Prayer Trust (now located at Brunel Manor Christian Centre, Torquay)
127724: BLUNT, WILFRID; RAPHAEL, SANDRA - Illustrated Herbal
103502: WILFRID BLUNT - The Golden Road to Samarkand
157465: BLUNT, WILFRID - Cockerell
120707: BLUNT, WILFRID - Compleat Naturalist: Life of Linnaeus
157268: BLUNT, WILFRID - England's Michelangelo: A Biography of George Frederic Watts
140941: BLUNT, ANTHONY - Art And Architecture in France, 1500-1700 (Pelican History of Art)
155727: BLY, JOHN - Discovering Hall Marks on English Silver
133243: BLYTH, HENRY - Madeleine Smith
154323: BLYTHE, RONALD - The Circling Year: Perspectives from a Country Parish
155084: BLYTHE, DR. RONALD - Going to Meet George and Other Outings
154631: BLYTHE, RONALD - Divine Landscapes
154266: BLYTHE, RONALD - The Age of Illusion: England in the Twenties 1920s and Thirties 1930s, 1919-1940
155079: BLYTHE, DR. RONALD - Places: An Anthology of Britain
159115: RONALD BLYTHE - From the Headlands
154251: BLYTON, ENID - Enid Blyton's Magazine Annual Number 1
130122: ENID BLYTON - Tales Of Toyland
138670: BLYTON, ENID - Five Fall Into Adventure
162020: BLYTON, ENID - Three Great Mystery Stories: The Rockingdown Mystery, The Rilloby Fair Mystery, The Ring O'Bells Mys
143226: BLYTON, ENID; SOPER, EILEEN [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Children's Life of Christ
162430: BLYTON, ENID - Five Go to Billycock Hill
143003: BLYTON, ENID - Very Big Secret
079392: BLYTON, ENID - Noddy & the Bumpy Dog
102513: BLYTON, ENID; E.H. DAVIE. [ILLUSTRATOR] - Hurrah For The Circus!
111229: BLYTON, ENID; BOSWELL, HILDA & ET AL., [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Fourth Holiday Book
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155438: BLYTON, ENID - Round the Clock Stories
150981: BLYTON - Noddy And The Bumpy Dog
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143372: BLYTON, ENID - Enid Blyton's Holiday Book
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141795: BLYTON, ENID; SOPER, EILEEN [ILLUSTRATOR] - Five Go To Mystery Moor
114544: GIUSEPPE. DEL BO - Comune Di Parigi
145343: DAVID BOAG - The Living Woodland, A Journey Throuugh the Seasons
146309: BOAG, DAVID. - Natural Quarry: A Photographic Quest.
146032: PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY SERVICE BOARD - Preservation of Bacteria, with Notes on Other Micro-organisms (Monograph series / Public Health Laboratory Service Board)
146030: PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY SERVICE BOARD - Bacteriological Examination of Urine: Report of a Workshop on Needs and Methods (Monograph series / Public Health Laboratory Service Board)
146028: PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY SERVICE BOARD - Isolation and Identification of Ringworm Fungi (Monograph series / Public Health Laboratory Service)
146027: PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY SERVICE BOARD - Benchbook on Brucella (Monograph series / Public Health Laboratory Service)
148309: BOARDMAN, PETER - Shining Mountain
149660: BOARDMAN, ROBERT - International Organizations and the Conservation of Nature
144812: BOASE, T.S.R. - York Psalter in Library of Hunterian Museum, Glasgow (Library of Illuminated Manuscripts)
077400: BOATMAN, DERRICK J. - Fields and Lowlands
092028: BOATNER, MARK M. - The Biographical Dictionary of World War II
143093: BOBILLIER, MARIE [AUTEUR]; BRENET, MICHEL [AUTEUR]; - Dictionnaire pratique et historique de la musique, par Michel Brenet, 510 citations musicales, 140 figures
126310: BOCCIONI, UMBERTO - Tekeningen en Grafiek van Umberto Boccioni uit de Collectie Harry Lewis Winston
125977: DR MICHAEL BOCKEMUHL - Turner: The World of Light and Colour
157763: BODDINGTON, SUSAN K - Agricultural Labourer and Farmer in Eighteenth Century Wiltshire
144799: BODDY, WILLIAM B. - History of Motor Racing
133215: BODEN, ANTHONY - F.W.Harvey: Soldier, Poet
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155921: BODEY, HUGH - Industrial Archaeology and History (Discovering)
132226: BODIN, ENA - Goodbye Covent Garden
135536: BODKIN, THOMAS - The Approach to Painting
155743: BODMER, WALTER - The Book Of Man: The Human Genome Project and the Quest to Discover our Genetic Heritage
129267: BODY, GEOFFREY - Exploring The Smaller Towns Of Somerset
125909: BODY, GEOFFREY - Clifton Suspension Bridge
112741: BODY, GEOFFREY - Exploring the Smaller Towns of Somerset
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117938A: DIRK BOGARDE - A Gentle Occupation. A Novel
144726: BOGARDE, DIRK - Great Meadow: An Evocation
161808: BIRK BOGARDE - Great Meadow: An Evocation
151123: BOGARDE, DIRK - Omnibus: The Complete Autobiography
126596: BOGARDE, DIRK - A Gentle Occupation
161532: BOGARDE, DIRK - Jericho
147772: BOHN, HENRY G. - The Hand-book of Games Comprising New or Carefully Revised Treatises on Whist, Piquet, Exarte, Lansquenet, Boston, Quadrille, Cribbage and Other Card Games; Faro, Rouge et Noir, Hazard, Roulette; Backgammon, Draughts, Billiards, Bagatelle, American Bowls
158734: BOYER ET DELETANVILLE; D. BOILEAU AND A. PICQUOT - a new dictionary, in french and english and english and french; combining the dictionaries of boyer and deletanville. with various additions, corrections, and improvements, by d. boileau and a. picquot
161040: BOK, SISSELA - Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life
093652: BOLDERO, HARRY STUART - A Young Heart of Oak: Memories of Harry Stuart Boldero
138642: BOLDREWOOD, ROLF - Robbery under arms: a story of life and adventure in the bush and the goldfields of Australia
157466: HECTOR BOLITHO - A Batsford century: The record of a hundred years of publishing and bookselling, 1843-1943
109732: BOLTEN, J.; REMPT, H.BOLTEN - Hidden Rembrandt
158444: BOLTON, RICHARD - Painting Landscapes and Nature (Watercolour Tips and Techniques)
156081: BOLTON, ROY - A Brief History of Painting: 2000 BC to AD2000 (Brief Histories)
076839: BOLTON, ANGELA - The Maturing Sun: An Army Nurse in India, 1942-45
109880: ARNOLD ALCOTT; H S BOLTON - Chemistry To-Day
142884: BOLTON, G. DOUGLAS - Presenting Britain
157145: BOMD, FREDERICK BLIGH - An Architectural Handbook of Glastonbury Abbey with a Historical Chronicle of the Building
151819: BONANNO, ANTHONY - Roman Malta
137030: BONAR - Garden Plant Survival Manual
158077: BONAVIA, MICHAEL R. - The Cambridge Line
157365: DAVID BONAVIA (INTRO) - Over Hong Kong Two
136984: BOND, SIMON - Complete Uses of a Dead Cat: 101 Uses of a Dead Cat, 101 More Uses of a Dead Cat, Uses of a Dead Cat in History
160426: BOND, SIMON. - Stroked Through The Covers.
134233: BOND, BRIAN - Liddell Hart: A Study of His Military Thought
155681: BOND, FRANCIS - Fonts and Font Covers
161548: BOND, BRIAN [EDITOR] - Fallen Stars: Eleven Studies of Twentieth Century Military Disasters
159378: JAN BONDESON - The London Monster: A Sanguinary Tale
095404A: DAVID W BONE - The Lookoutman
155178: BONE, GERTRUDE - Came to Oxford
118584: EDOARDO BONECHI - Florence a Complete Guide for Visiting the City
162309: BONHAM, VALERIE - Place in Life: Clewer House of Mercy, 1849-83
162157: ADA BONI - Italian Regional Cooking
126577: BONNARD, PIERRE - Bonnard les classiques du xxe siecle
126448: DE BONO, EDWARD - The Use of Lateral Thinking (Pelican)
103087: DE BONO, EDWARD - Teaching Thinking
162252: DE BONO, EDWARD [EDITOR] - Technology Today
141490: BOOGAART, PIETER - A272: An Ode to a Road
119094: BOOKER, FRANK - The Great Western Railway: A New History
157263: BOOKER, FRANK - Great Western Railway: A New History
136654: BOOKER, CHRISTOPHER; NORTH, RICHARD; HOLDEN, CAROLINE [ILLUSTRATOR] - Castle of Lies: Why Britain Must Get Out of Europe
154304: BOOKER, FRANK - Industrial Archaeology of the Tamar Valley (Industrial Archaeology of British Isles)
154030: MURDOCH BOOKS - Food of the World
138789: BRITANNICA GREAT BOOKS - Hippocrates, Galen
150034: THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS; TIME-LIFE BOOKS, OF [EDITOR] - Air Combat (The new face of war)
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135994: PARRAGON BOOKS - Photographic History of the Beatles
097512: TIME LIFE BOOKS - Special Forces and Missions (New Face of War)
156797: CHARTWELL BOOKS - Swinging the Lead & Spiking His Guns
154430: TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Poultry
117996: EDITH SIMON; TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Reformation (Great Ages of Man)
117414: PARRAGON BOOKS - Children's Ancient World Encyclopaedia
156755: EDITH SIMON; TIME-LIFE BOOKS - The Reformation
122321: THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Outdoor Cooking (The Good Cook)
159563: MURDOCH BOOKS - Flowering Plants for Your Garden
097514: TIME-LIFE BOOKS - New Face of War: Sky Soldiers
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135770: TIME-LIFE BOOKS - The Old West: The Gamblers
113392: W H SMITH EXCLUSIVE BOOKS - Successful Knitting
137654: THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Snacks and Canapes
144651: BOOKSPAN, MARTIN; YOCKEY, ROSS - Andre Previn: A Biography
136153: BOOM, CORRIE TEN - Amazing Love
131155: BOOM, CORRIE TEN - Messages of God's Abundance: Meditations
090655: BOOM, CORRIE TEN - Hiding Place
101570: WENDY BOORER - Dogs and Puppies
149606: BOORER, MICHAEL - Wild Cats (Hamlyn all-colour paperbacks, natural history)
101952: BOORMAN, JOHN [EDITOR]; DONOHUE, WALTER [EDITOR]; - Projections:A Forum for Film Makers. Issue No. 2: A Year in Film No. 2
154465: BOORMAN, H. R. P. - Hell's Corner 1940, Kent Becomes the Battlefield of Britain
131975: BOORMAN, DEREK - A Century of Remembrance: One Hundred Outstanding British War Memorials
158301: BOORMAN, H. R. PRATT - Kentish Pride
149634: BOOTE, ROBERT [EDITOR] - The Macmillan Guide To Britain's Nature Reserves
149652: BOOTE, ROBERT - Mac Guide Britain Nature Reserve
122041: OWEN BOOTH AND JOHN WALTON - The Illustrated History of World War II
151333: BOOTH, MARTIN - Hiroshima Joe
157494: EVA GORE BOOTH - The House of Three Windows
160437: BOOTH, MARTIN - Hiroshima Joe
161253: THOMAS F. G. COATES; WILLIAM BOOTH - The Prophet of the Poor. The life-story of General Booth. With a portrait
157772: GORE-BOOTH, EVA - Poems of Eva Gore, Complete Edition with The Inner Life of a Child and Letters
141607: BOOTH, JOHN AIDAN; ROSTRON, SIR ARTHUR H. - Loss of the Titanic
098490: HENRY KENDALL BOOTH - The Bridge Between the Testaments
127840: BOOTH, E.C.TALBOT- [EDITOR]; GREENMAN, D.G. [EDITOR]; - Warship Identification
151966: BOOTH, C.O. - Encyclopaedia of Annual and Biennial Garden Plants
156656: BOOTH, GRAHAM; MCDUELL, BOB; SEARS, JOHN - World of Science: Students' Book 2
161237: BOOTH, BRAMWELL - Echoes and memories
150957: BOOTH, E. T - Catalogue Of The Cases Of Birds In The Dyke Road Museum, Brighton
JB005: JOHN BOOTH AND SEAN COUGHLAN - Titanic, Signals of Disaster
139027: BOOTH, LAWRENCE - Cricket, Lovely Cricket?: An Addict's Guide to the World's Most Exasperating Game
161840: CUNNINGHAM-BOOTHE, ASHLEY [EDITOR]; FARRAR, PETER [EDITOR]; - British Forces in the Korean War
138561: BOOTHROYD, J B & SPROD - The House About A Man
140593: BORD, JANET; BORD, COLIN - The Enchanted Land
134141: BORD, JANET; BORD, COLIN - Atlas of Magical Britain
125518: BORD, JANET; BORD, COLIN - A Guide to Ancient Sites in Britain
120440: BORD, JANET; BORD, COLIN - A Guide to Ancient Sites in Britain
132191: ANDRE BLOC; ROGER BORDIER - De La Sculpture A L'Architecture
145194: BORER, MARY CATHCART - Britain-Twentieth Century: The story of social conditions
137991: BORG, ALAN - War Memorials
120524: ROBERT BORGER AND A. SEABORNE - The Psychology Of Learning
155997: BORGES, JORGE LUIS - Labyrinths: Selected Stories And Other Writings (Modern Classics)
137036: BORGES, JORGE LUIS; DI GIOVANNI, N.T. - Doctor Brodie's Report (Twentieth Century Classics)
143383: GOLDENBERG. BORIS. - Outdoor Treasure Hunt - 120 Things For Cubs To Look For
160848: MERVYN MURCH; NIGEL LOWE; MARGARET BORKOWSKI - Supporting Adoption: Reframing the Approach; Summary
132139: BORLASE, RAYMOND - Trumpet Call to Prayer
141492: BRIAN CONDUIT; KEVIN BORMAN - Peak District: Walks (Pathfinder Guide)
138510: ZNOSKO-BOROVSKY, EUGENE. - How To Play Chess Endings
103818: GEORGE BOROW - Wanderings in Spain
135517: BORRELLI, MARIO - A Street Lamp and the Stars: The autobiography of Don Borrelli of Naples
111759: GEORGE HENRY BORROW - The Romany Rye
113917: GEORGE BORROW - The Bible in Spain
124506: BORROW, GEORGE. - The Romany Rye: Volume I
133490: GEORGE BORROW - Wild Wales
146164: BORROW, G - Wild Wales Its People, Language and Scenery
138656: BORROW, G - Lavengro
099719: BORROW, GEORGE - Selections (Poetry & Prose)
153115: GEORGE BORROW - The Bible in Spain: Or, the Journeys Adventures, and Imprisonments of An Englishman in An Attempt to Circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula (Everyman's Library)
097562: BORROW, GEORGE - The Bible in Spain
137061: BORWICK, ROBIN - People with Long Ears: A Practical Guide to Donkey-keeping
115402: BORYSENKO, JOAN Z. - Inner Peace for Busy People: 52 Simple Strategies for Transforming Your Life
152102: BOSE, JAKE; KARN, BARBARA - Overview
146533: BOSOMWORTH, DOROTHY DRYBROUGH - Victorian Catalogue of Household Goods, The
159524: BOSTON, THOMAS - The Crook in the Lot
156052: BOSTRIDGE, MARK - Florence Nightingale: The Woman and Her Legend
148079: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Journal Of A Tour To The Hebrides With Samuel Johnson
159447: BOSWELL, JAMES - Boswell's London journal, 1762-1763 (Yale editions of the private papers of James Boswell series)
162505: BOSWELL, JOHN - The Kindness of Strangers: The Abandonment of Children in Western Europe from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance (Penguin history)
099656: BOSWELL, JAMES - Boswell in Holland, 1763-1764, including his correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zelide)
156688: JAMES BOSWELL, ROGER INGPEN - The Life of Samuel Johnson in Two Volumes
154996: BOTTINEAU, YVES - Portugal / Yves Bottineau
110739: BOTTING, DOUGLAS [EDITOR]; RIGGE, SIMON [EDITOR]; - Wild France: A Traveller's Guide
153364: BOTTING, NICK - Nick Botting
156509: BOTTOMLEY, FRANK - The Explorer's Guide to the Abbeys, Monasteries, and Churches of Great Britain
161712: BOTTOMORE, TOM - Sociology: A guide to problems and literature
147618: ALAIN DE BOTTON, BENJAMIN JOWETT - The Essential Plato
145573: BOTTRALL, MARGARET AND RONALD (EDS.) - Collected English Verse
106139: BOTTRIELL, LENA GODSALL; BOTRIELL, PAUL [ILLUSTRATOR] - Umbulala - So Sings the Bamboos of Africa
116556: BOUCHARDON, PATRICE - The Healing Energies of Trees
156910: BOULAY, SHIRLEY DU - Beyond the Darkness: A Biography of Bede Griffiths
142979: BOULT, SIR ADRIAN C. - My Own Trumpet
121460: BOULTON, MARJORIE - Anatomy of Language
114595: MARJORIE BOULTON - The Anatomy of Poetry
132066: BOULTON, DAVID - The Trouble with God: Religious Humanism and the Republic of Heaven
114125: LAURA E. SALT; GEOFFREY BOUMPHREY - Oxford Junior Encyclopaedia Volume One: Mankind
088112: BOUND, MENSUN - Lost Ships
136134: BOUNDS, E. M. - Treasury of Prayer
156111: BOURDILLON, F. W - Aucassin & Nicolette
161433: BOURDILLON, ANNE FRANCIS CLAUDINE (ED.) - Voluntary Social Services, their place in the modern state
125050: GEORGES BOURGIN, MAX TERRIER - Bibliotheque du Centenaire de 1848: 1848
162253: BOURJAILY, VANCE - Brill Among the Ruins
125528: BOURKE, ANTHONY - A lion Called Christian
160103: BOURNE, PATRICIA; MAJEROWICZ, WENDY - Tante Marie Book of Traditional French Cookery
123580: BOURNE, URSULA - Snuff (Shire Album)
112515: BOURNE, GEORGE - Change in the Village
104325: BOURNE, GRANT; KORNER-BOURNE, SABINE - Visitor's Guide to Southern Germany
099407: BOUSFIELD, JONATHAN - The Rough Guide to the Baltic States
155501: BOUTELL, CHARLES - English Heraldry
158079: BOWDEN, GREGORY HOUSTON - Morgan: First and Last of the Real Sports Cars
122634: BOWDEN, JOHN [EDITOR]; RICHARDSON, ALAN [EDITOR]; - A New Dictionary of Christian Theology
132800: BOWDEN, MURIEL - A Reader's Guide to Geoffrey Chaucer
162571: MARK BOWDEN - Unravelling the Landscape: An Inquisitive Approach to Archaeology
144059: BOWDEN, JOHN - Karl Barth: Theologian
104859: TOM BUTLER-BOWDON - 50 Spiritual Classics
146524: ELIZABETH DOROTHEA COLE BOWEN - The Heat of the Day (Penguin Books. no. 1844.)
127987: ELIZABETH BOWEN - A World of Love
141838: BOWEN, JOHN - Heil Caesar! (Acting Edition)
156330: BOWEN, ELIZABETH - The Shelbourne: A centre in Dublin life for more than a century
123521: CAROL BOWEN AND CAROLE HANDSLIP - The Best of Sainsbury's Wholefood Cooking (Sainsbury Cookbook Series)
148420: CAROL BOWEN - Thai Cooking : Step-by-Step
127060: CAROL BOWEN - Hot and Cold Sandwiches
129258: BOWEN, ELIZABETH - A World of Love
128169: BOWEN, ELIZABETH - Eva Trout
155055: BOWEN, ELIZABETH - Anthony Trollope, A New Judgement
156894: BOWEN, CAROL - Salads and snacks (St Michael cookery library)
157822: BOWEN, JAMES - A Gift from Bob: How a Street Cat Helped One Man Learn the Meaning of Christmas
089785: BOWER, PETER - Turner's Papers: A Study of the Manufacture, Selection and Use of His Drawing Papers, 1787-1820

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