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153390: BOWER, TOM - Gordon Brown
160689: BOWER, TOM - The Paymaster: Geoffrey Robinson, Maxwell and New Labour
155552: BOWER, TOM - The Perfect English Spy: Sir Dick White and the Secret War, 1935-90
154478: PENELOPE BOWERS - The Singer and the Maker
111026: BOWERS, MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Painting in Oils
160025: BOWIE, JOHN - Charles I
141999: BOWKER, GORDON - George Orwell
140463: JOHN BOWKER - Concise Dictionary of World Religions: A Guide to All Aspects of the Major Relig
149981: BOWLBY, JOHN - Attachment and Loss, Vol 2:Separation: Anxiety and Anger
101424: BOWLE, JOHN - Western Political Thought
161447: BOWLE, JOHN - Viscount Samuel: A biography
139655: BOWLER, PETER - The Fontana History of the Environmental Sciences
154188: BOWLER, PETER - The Superior Person's Book of Words
155419: PARKER BOWLES, TOM - The Year Of Eating Dangerously: A Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes
148956: BOWLES, PAUL - Their Heads Are Green
152216: PAUL BOWLES - Without Stopping: An Autobiography
160576: STELLA BOWLING - The Everyday Diabetic Cookbook
152238: HARRY BOWLING - Gaslight in Page Street by Harry Bowling (1991-05-09)
162081: BOWMAN, MARTIN - The US 8th Air Force in Camera: Pearl Harbor to D-Day, 1941-44
097472: BOWMAN, MARTIN - USAAF Handbook 1939-1945 (Aviation)
160045: BOWMAN, MARTIN - The Reich Intruders: Dramatic RAF Medium Bomber Raids Over Europe in World War Two
152697: BOWN, DENI - Alba: The Book of White Flowers
157744: BOWN, DENI - Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses (RHS)
135735: STEPHEN R. BOWN - Scurvy: How a Surgeon, a Mariner and a Gentleman Solved the Greatest Medical Mystery of the Age of Sail
151964: BOWRA, C. M. - Heritage of Symbolism
116672: BOWRA, C. M - The Greek Experience
138273: BOWRA, C. M. - Periclean Athens
152494: BOWRA, C. M. - The Greek Experience (The World Histories Of Civilization)
156758: BOWRA, C. M. - Classical Greece
157820: BOWTHORPE, JANIE A - Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Treatment
135993: CHAZ BOWYER - Bomber Barons
148820: BOWYER, CHAZ - Hurricane and Messerschmitt
153913: MICHAEL J F BOWYER - Action Stations 1: Wartime military airfields of East Anglia 1939-1945
151593: FREDERICK BOWYER. - The Windmill Man.
153902: BOWYER, MICHAEL J.F. - Action Stations: Military Airfields of the Cotswolds and the Central Midlands v. 6
095971: BOX, RICHARD - Drawing for the Terrified
161528: BOXER, ARABELLA; TRAEGAR, TESSA - Vogue Summer and Winter Cook Book
156442: BOXER, ARABELLA (PRESENTED BY) - The Sunday Times Complete Cook Book
161520: BOXER, ARABELLA - Hamlyn Herb Book
162094: BOXER, ARABELLA - Sunday Times Complete Cook Book
150017: BOXER, ARABELLA - A Second Slice
137651: BOXER, ARABELLA - Sunday Times Complete Cook Book
159868: AN OLD BOY - Tom Brown's School Days
134022: BOYD (LIZZIE) - A-Z of alpines and water plants (Successful gardening)
143191: BOYD, ANDREW - Rise of the Irish Trade Unions, 1729-1970
096841: BOYD, ALEXANDER F. - Soviet Air Force Since 1918
133347: BOYD, NEIL - Bless Me, Father
139714: LENNOX-BOYD, C A - Theatre, the Age of Garrick: English Mezzotints from the Collection of the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd
155913: WILLIAM BOYD - Restless
159448: BOYD, WILLIAM - Waiting for Sunrise
153425: JOHN BOYD - John Boyd, an Exhibition of Recent Works
124315: BOYER, MARIE-FRANCE; ADANT, HEINE - Matisse a la Villa Le Reve
117141: TREVOR BOYER - Vanishing Eagles
149747: BOYERS, ROBERT; ORRILL, ROBERT - Laing And Anti-Psychiatry (Salmagundi specials)
082289: BOYES, MALCOLM; CHESTER, HAZEL - North York Moors (Great Walks)
130440: BOYLAN, CLARE - That Bad Woman
162460: BOYLE, ANDREW - Pictorial History of Arran
119729: PATRICK BOYLE - Sailing in a Nutshell
161283: ROGET AND ANDREW BOYLE - Roget's Thesaurus - Volume II
118953: BOYLE, JOHN - Portrait of Canterbury
155822: BOYLE, MARY E. - In Search of Our Ancestors
150831: BOYLSTON, A SMITH, R - Family Health Library: Growing Up - Growing Old
135937: HELEN DORE BOYLSTON - Sue Barton: Superintendent Nurse
160769: BOYNE, JOHN - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
128420: BOZMAN, E. F. [EDITOR] - Everyman's Encyclopaedia, Vols. 1-12 [in 12 volumes]
103040: CAROLINE TISDALL; ANGELO BOZZOLLA - Futurism (World of Art)
121497: BRAACK, L.E.O. - Kruger National Park (Globetrotter Travel Guide)
156621: BRABBS, DERRY - Abbeys and Monasteries (Country)
137229: DERRY BRABBS - Wainwright in Scotland by Wainwright, Alfred (1988) Hardcover
152230: BRABBS, DERRY - English Country Churches
159947: BRABEN, EDDIE - The Best of Morecambe and Wise
158819: BRACHER, KARL DIETRICH - The German Dictatorship: The Origins, Structure And Consequences of National Socialism (Penguin History)
117682: BRACK, EDITH - Flower Arrangement: Free Style
142577: BRADBEER, GRACE - Land Changed Its Face: The Evacuation of Devon's South Hams, 1943-44
106749: BRADBERY, JEAN; SERVICE, ALISTAIR - The Standing Stones Of Europe
132700: BRADBOOK, M C - Themes and Conventions of Elizabethan Tragedy
099685: FRANK W BRADBROOK - Jane Austin: Emma
156411: BRADBURY, JIM - The Battle of Hastings
153548: BRADBURY, MALCOLM [EDITOR]; ETC. [EDITOR]; - Penguin Companion to Literature: U.S.A.and Latin America v. 3
144313: BRADBURY, MALCOLM - To the Hermitage
096785: GODFREY FOX BRADBY - The Lanchester Tradition
153173: BRADBY, G. F - The Great Days Of Versailles
150518: RUSSELL BRADDON - Cheshire V.C.
129751A: RUSSELL BRADDON - Cheshire V.C. A Story of War and Peace by Russell Braddon - hardback
135727: BRADDON, RUSSELL - When The Enemy Is Tired
155526: BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR - A Sudden Change of Heart (Wheeler Large Print Book Series)
158804: BRADFORD, SARAH - Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy
082248: BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR - Breaking the Rules (Large Print Book)
083243: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Christopher Columbus
135872: BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR - The Cavendon Women
145655: BRADFORD. - Works Of Sewage Disposal.
160609: BRADFORD, ERNLE. - The Great Siege: Malta 1565
135860: BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR - Cavendon Hall
153409: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Nelson: The Essential Hero (Wordsworth Military Library)
134136: BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR - A Secret Affair
107516: ERNLE BRADFORD - Julius Caesar: The Pursuit of Power
154033: ERNLE BRADFORD - Drake a Biography
135871: BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR - Cavendon Hall
095247: BRADFORD, ERNLE - The Mighty Hood
121892: BRADLEY, OMAR N - A Soldier's Story Of The Allied Campaigns From Tunis To The Elbe
123357: BRADLEY, IAN C. [EDITOR] - The Penguin Book of Hymns
103570: BRADLEY, H. G - Ceramics of Derbyshire, 1750-1975: An illustrated guide
122543: BRADLEY, IAN - The Daily Telegraph Book of Hymns
160559: BRADLEY, ELIZABETH - Antique Flowers in Needlework
111079: FERN MARSHALL BRADLEY, JANE COURTIER - The Complete Vegetable Gardener
151798: BRADLEY, ELIZABETH - Decorative Victorian Needlework
161625: BRADLEY, HELEN - Creative Digital Crafts - Creating Crafts Using Digital Photos and Art
130724: BRADLEY, A.G. - the romance of northumberland
158108: BRADLEY, D. L.; MILTON, DAVID - Somerset and Dorset Locomotive History
118451: W A G BRADMAN - Taking Care Of Your Home
162501: DEACON & BRADSH - Reserved for the Poor: Means Test in British Social Policy (Aspects of Social Policy)
115451: BRADSHAW, RITA - Ragamuffin Angel
111189: BRADSHAW, PERCY V. - I Wish I Could Draw
152273: BRADSHAW, LINDSAY JOHN - Lindsay Bradshaw's One Hour Party Cakes
152063: BRADSHAW, GEORGE - Bradshaw's Handbook
155198: BRADSHAW, J - The Letters of Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield with the Characters
151020: CHRISTINE BRADY - Home Entertaining
135948: BRADY, FRANK & FREDERICK A. POTTLE (EDITS). - Boswell - In search of a wife 1766 -1769
131608: BRADY, FRANK & FREDERICK A. POTTLE (EDITS). - Boswell - In search of a wife 1766 -1769
123270: BRADY, STEVE; MCQUOID, ELIZABETH [EDITOR] - King of Heaven, Lord of Earth: A Study Guide for the Letter to the Colossians (Keswick Bible teaching)
129647: BRAEUER, LUC & BERNARD PETITJEAN. - Raid Sur Saint-Nazaire!: 28 Mars 1942: Operation Chariot
146714: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Soldier's Return
151052: BRAGG, MELVYN - Rich: The Life of Richard Burton
162662: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Adventure of English: The Biography of a Language
118620: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Cumbrian Trilogy
120049: BRAHMS, CARYL; SIMON, S.J.; SHERRIN, NED [INTRODUCTION] - Envoy on Excursion
146831: BRAINE, JOHN - Room at the Top. Penguin Books 1361.
094855: RODRIC BRAITHWAITE - Moscow 1941: A City & Its People at War: A City and Its People at War
161373: BRAITHWAITE, W. - Lloyd George's Ambulance Wagon
152281: ANYA SETON; ALISTAIR MCLEAN; PAUL DE KRUIF; E R BRAITHWAITE - Devil Water; The Golden Rendezvous; Microbe Hunters; To Sir with Love
109087: WILLIAM STANLEY BEAUMONT BRAITHWAITE - The Golden Treasury of Magazine Verse
135886: BRAKE, COLIN - Eastenders: The First Ten Years - A Celebration
140852: BRAMBLE, A.YORK - Air-Plane Flight
140826: BRAMBLE, A.YORK - Air-Plane Flight
161147: BRAMHAM, PETER - How Staff Rule: Structures of Authority in Two Community Schools
160006: BRAMSON, ALAN E.; HRH PRINCE CHARLES [FOREWORD] - Pure Luck: Authorized Biography of Sir Thomas Sopwith, 1888-1989
149674: BRAMSON, LEON - The Political Context of Sociology
137709: BRAMSON, ALAN E. - The Tiger Moth Story
156298: BRAMWELL, DONALD - Archaeology in the Peak District: A Guide to the Region's Prehistory
138196: JAMES BRAMWELL - Lost Atlantis
136979: MILITARY SECRETARY'S BRANCH - Instructions Regarding Recommendations for Honours and Rewards
157720: BRAND, RUSSELL - My Booky Wook
156100: BRAND, CHRISTIANNA [EDITOR] - Naughty Children: An Anthology
162597: BRAND, RUSSELL - Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions
145021: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN - The lady and the unicorn
127516: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN - Les Sculptures de Notre Dame de Paris au Musee de Cluny
142163: BRANDER, MICHAEL - Georgian Gentleman
106634: HERBERT J. BRANDON - Your Days and Mine
159876: BRANDON, L. - Night Flyer (Fighter pilots)
159406: BRANDON, DAVID; BROOKE, ALAN - London: The Executioner's City
159329: BRANDON, DAVID - Stand and Deliver!: A History of Highway Robbery
145395: BRANDON, THOMAS W.; INSTITUTION OF WATER ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS - Water Distribution Systems (Water Practice Manuals)
085214: GYLES BRANDRETH - Pears Family Quiz Book
156695: BRANDRETH, GYLES - Complete Book of Scrabble
116482: GYLES BRANDRETH - Gyles Brandreth's Book of Puzzles and Brainteasers
108218: BRANDRETH, GYLES; JAQUES, TIMOTHY [ILLUSTRATOR] - Great Theatrical Disasters
102685: BRANN, CHRISTIAN [EDITOR] - Pass the Port Again
162110: BRANNEN, JULIA [EDITOR]; WILSON, GAIL [EDITOR]; - Give and Take in Families
157840: THOMAS F BRANSTON - Branston's hand-Book of Receipts. The Hand-book of Practical Receipts of everyday use
099073: ERROL BRATHWAITE - The Flying Fish
151153: ERROL BRATHWAITE - The Companion Guide to the South Island of New Zealand
139074: BRATTON, F. GLADSTONE - History of Egyptian Archaeology
126259: BRAUDEL, FERNAND; REYNOLDS, S. [TRANSLATOR] - Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II Vol. 2
151048: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - The Mediterranean And The Mediterranean World
158784: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - Structures of Everyday Life: Structures of Everyday Life v. 1 (Civilisation and capitalism)
139075: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - The Identity of France, Vol 2: People and Production: People and Production v. 2
138129: BRAUDEL, FERNAND; REYNOLDS, S. [TRANSLATOR] - Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II: v. 2
139076: BRAUDEL, FERNAND; REYNOLDS, S. [TRANSLATOR] - The Identity of France: History and Environment v. 1
142377: BRAUN, CLAUDE [AUTEUR] - Les sentiers de la poesie
088581: BRAUN, HUGH - Cathedral Architecture
112571: BRAUN, HUGH - A Short History of English Architecture
156683: BRAUN, HUGH - English Mediaeval Architecture
126580: BRAUN, HUGH - Elements of English Architecture
146750: WERNER BRAUN - Bacterial Genetics, etc
112884: BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD - Trout Fishing in America
162268: BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD - The Abortion: a Historical Romance 1966
121770: DE BRAY, LYS; DE BRAY, LYS [ILLUSTRATOR] - Elizabethan Garlands: The Flowers and Plants Which Inspired Shakespeare
153611: WILLIAM BRAY - the diary of john evelyn volume two
148379: BRAY, LYS DE - Green Garden: Art of Foliage Planting (Gardening by Design)
152434: BRAY, XAVIER - El Greco (National Gallery of London)
096375: BRAYBROOK, ROY - Aircraft Weaponry of Today: An International Survey (A Foulis aviation book)
098086: BRAYNARD, FRANK O.; MILLER, WILLIAM H. - Fifty Famous Liners 2
148333: BRAYTON, HOWARD - Illustrated Dictionary of Mathematics
158595: ANATOLE LE BRAZ - The Land of the Pardons
102139: BRAZIER, DAVID - Zen Therapy
104358: BRAZIER, DAVID - The New Buddhism
157566: ANGELA BRAZIL - A Fortunate Term
161256: J. WESLEY BREADY - Doctor Barnardo. Physician, Pioneer, Prophet
160078: BREARS, PETER - Cooking and Dining with the Wordsworths
130651: BREARS, PETER C.D. - Collector's Book of English Country Pottery
139152: BRECH, E F L (ED) - The Principles and Practice of Management
116049: BRECHT, BERTOLT; ERIC BENTLEY, BY [TRANSLATOR] - Mother Courage and her children
151318: BRECKON, BILL; PARKER, JEFFREY - Tracing the History of Houses (Aspects of Local History)
158160: BRECKON, DON; BRECKON, DON [ILLUSTRATOR] - Don Breckon's Great Western Railway
157543: BREDA, AART VAN - Pleasure with Paper
085603: BREED, CHARLES - Distant Horizons: Six Addresses covering the Scope of the Predestined Life of the Child of God
157745: BREED, BRYAN - I Know a Rotten Place
131930: STANLEY BREEDEN; KAY BREEDEN - Living Marsupials
099316: BREEZE, DAVID J. - Northern Frontiers of Roman Britain
152123: BREFFNY, BRIAN DE; FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY - The Houses of Ireland: Domestic Architecture from the Mediaeval Castle to the Edwardian Villa
153382: BREFFNY, BRIAN DE; FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY - The Houses of Ireland: Domestic Architecture from the Mediaeval Castle to the Edwardian Villa
116430: BREMNESS, LESLEY - Crabtree & Evelyn Fragrant Herbal: Enhancing your life with aromatic herbs and essential oils
157977: LESLEY BREMNESS - Complete Book of Herbs Hb (The complete book)
150542: BREND - Islamic Art
144622: BRENDON, DR. PIERS - The Motoring Century: Story of the Royal Automobile Club
139657: BRENDON, DR. PIERS - Eminent Edwardians
157636: BRENDON, DR PIERS - The Dark Valley: A Panorama of the 1930s
153212: BRENNAN, FLORA [EDITOR] - Puckler's Progress
161684: BRENNAND, KATHRYN - Victorian Canvaswork
136360: BRENT, PETER - The Mongol Empire
157027: BRENT, COLIN E.; RECTOR, WILLIAM - Victorian Lewes
126018: BRENT, MADELEINE - Tregaron's Daughter
108935: HANS SILVESTER; JANE BRENTON - Sleeping in the Sun: Carefree Cats of the Greek Islands
121915A: BRERETON - Some Church Towers Of Somerset
131062: BRESLER, FENTON - Scales of Justice: Reconsideration of Twenty Court Cases of This Century
160243: W. S. BRETT - Planning Your Garden How To Design And Construct It
134390: BRETT, SIMON - A Shock to the System
143308: BRETT, SIMON - Dead Giveaway
115328: BRETT, RAYMOND LAURENCE - Poems of Faith and Doubt: The Victorian age (English texts)
143423: BRETT, SIMON - Mrs Pargeter's Point of Honour
157643: BRETT, PETER V. - The Painted Man (The Demon Cycle, Book 1): 1/3 (Demon Cycle 1)
156799: BRETT, PETER V. - The Desert Spear (The Demon Cycle, Book 2)
152444: BRETT, MOLLY - Jiggy's Treasure Hunt (Medici books for children)
143424: BRETT, SIMON - Corporate Bodies
121263: BERNARD BRETT - A History of Watercolour
143312: BRETT, SIMON - So Much Blood
143213: REED BRETT, S. - Europe Since The Renaissance: Part Ii; 1789-1914.
127500: BRETTELL, RICHARD R. - A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape
162357: J MACALISTER BREW - In the Service of Youth: A practical manual of work among adolescents
105091: BREWER, SARAH; DRUMMOND, ALLAN [ILLUSTRATOR]; KLEIN, KATARZYNA [ILLUSTRATOR]; - Simply Relax: The Beginner's Guide to Relaxation
134919: BREWER, E. C. [EDITOR]; ROOM, ADRIAN [EDITOR]; - Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
148800: BREWER, PAUL - Chronicle of War
137937: BREWER, DEREK - Chaucer and his World
103468: BREWER, E. C.; COOPER, J.C. [EDITOR] - Brewer's Book of Myth and Legend
118226: BREWER, JOHN - The Pleasures of the Imagination: English Culture in the Eighteenth Century
116839: E.C. BREWER - Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
098314: BREWER, JO; SANDVED, KJELL B. - Butterflies
143829: BREWER, EBENEZER COBHAM; COOPER, J.C. [EDITOR] - Brewer's Book of Myth and Legend
147363: BREWER, CLIFFORD - The Death of Kings: A Medical History of the Kings and Queens of England
148897: HUGH BREWSTER - Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage: The Titanic's First-Class Passengers and Their World
094915: BREYER, SIEGFRIED - Die Volksmarine der DDR: Entwicklung, Aufgaben, Ausrüstung
144015: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Testimonies
140337: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - The Fortune of War
156325: VESEY-FITZGERALD BRIAN - The New Naturalist : British Game
156731: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Master and Commander
142282: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - HMS Surprise
141437: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - The Wine-Dark Sea
141764: O'BRIAN, JOHN; FOGG ART MUSEUM - Degas to Matisse: The Maurice Wertheim Collection
158244: O`BRIAN, PATRICK - Men-of-war: Life in Nelson's Navy
103579: BRICE, MARTIN H. - Forts and Fortresses
127398A: DOUGLAS BRICE - The Folk-Carol of England
162370: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER [EDITOR] - The RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening
152264: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER [EDITOR] - The RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening
130076: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER [EDITOR] - The RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening
162667: CHRISTOPHER BRICKELL - The Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Gardening
150327: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER [EDITOR] - The RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening
140533: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER; JOYCE, DAVID - The Royal Horticultural Society Pruning and Training (RHS)
159555: BRICKELL, CHRISTOPHER - RHS Encyclopedia Of Gardening
143960: BRICKHILL, PAUL - Escape- or die: Authentic stories of the R.A.F. Escaping Society
151551: BRICKHILL, PAUL - The Great Escape
135922: BRICKHILL, PAUL - The Dam Busters
144797: BRICKHILL, PAUL - Reach for the Sky: Story of Douglas Bader
153486: BRICKHILL, PAUL - The Dam Busters
146589: ANN BRIDGE - Peking Picnic; a novel
141252: ANN BRIDGE - Peking Picnic, etc (Penguin Books. no. 171.)
156846: BRIDGE, ANTONY - The Crusades
140418: ANN BRIDGE - The Portuguese Escape
157700: BRIDGE, FREDERICK - A Westminster Pilgrim
145570: BRIDGE, ANN - Peking Picnic
139543: BRIDGE, ANN - Portrait of my Mother
137129: WILLIAM CLIVE BRIDGEMAN - The Country Parish
139011: BRIDGEMAN, BRIAN - Century of Swindon, A
149491: BRIDGEMAN, PETER - Trees for Town and Country: A Practical Guide to Planting and Care
134230: BRIDGER, GEOFF - The Great War Handbook
133541: BRIDGES, YSEULT - Two Studies in Crime
154823: BRIDGES, YSEULT. - How Charles Bravo Died
130839: BRIDGES, ROBERT - The Shorter Poems of Robert Bridges
132651: BRIDGES, YSEULT - Poison and Adelaide Bartlett: The Pimlico poisoning case
118923: ANTHONY BRIDGES - Scapa Ferry
113249: BRIDGES, LUCAS - Uttermost Part of the Earth (The Century travellers)
156195: BRIDGES, JEANNE - Chalk Talks for Catechists (Deacon Books)
151716: ALAN BRIDGEWATER; GILL BRIDGEWATER - The Pond Specialist: The Essential Guide to Designing, Building, Improving and Maintaining Ponds and Water Features (Specialist Series)
154287: BRIDGEWATER, ALAN [ADAPTER]; BRIDGEWATER, GILL [ADAPTER]; - The Garden Design and Planning Specialist (Specialist Series)
161437: ALFRED E. BRIDGWOOD - Carpentry and Joinery
146844: JAMES BRIDIE, MORAY MCLAREN - A Small Stir, Letters on the English
157561: JAMES BRIDIE - The Perilous Adventures of Sir Bingo Walker of Alpaca Square
144782: BRIDIE, JAMES - One Way of Living
074771: O'BRIEN, MAUREEN C. - In Support of Liberty: European Paintings at the 1883 Pedestal Fund at Loan Exhibition
148997: O'BRIEN, GEOFFREY - Hardboiled America: Lurid Years of Paperbacks
123764: O'BRIEN, TERENCE - Moonlight War: Story of Clandestine Operations in South East Asia, 1944-45
134876: O'BRIEN, DONOUGH; ACKROYD, PETER - Fame By Chance: An A-Z of Places That Became Famous (or Infamous) by a Twist of Fate
113992: O'BRIEN, EDNA - The Country Girls
128028: O'BRIEN, FLANN; O'NOLAN, KEVIN [EDITOR] - Best of Myles Na Gopaleen
150032: O'BRIEN, TERENCE - Out of the Blue: Pilot with the Chindits
116998: PATRICK O'BRIEN - World Histroy
152256: O'BRIEN, JACQUELINE; GUINNESS, DESMOND - Great Irish Houses and Castles
159332: O'BRIEN, EDNA - Country Girl
162449: O'BRIEN, MARIAN MAEVE - Make and Furnish Your Own Miniature Rooms
131705: O'BRIEN, KATE - English Diaries and Journals
157184: O'BRIEN, FLANN - The Third Policeman
148137: O'BRIEN, EDNA - The Little Red Chairs
158285: O'BRIEN, FLANN - At Swim-Two-Birds
158400: BRIERLEY, PETER - Vision Building: Knowing Where You're Going
120437: BRIERLEY, LORNA; REID, HELEN - Go Home and Do the Washing!: Three Centuries of Pioneering Bristol Women
151765: BRIERS, RICHARD - English Country Churches
147026: BRIERS, RICHARD - Coward and Company
155224: BRIERS, RICHARD - English Country Churches
079408: BRIFFA, JOHN - Bodywise
155415: COLETTE; BRIFFAULT, H. [TRANSLATOR] - The Pure and the Impure
159241: BRIGDEN, ROY - Victorian Farms
136144: G. W. BRIGGS - The Daily Service, Prayers and Hymns For Schools
119580: BRIGGS, STEPHEN; PRATCHETT, TERRY - The New Discworld Companion
160505: BRIGGS, RAYMOND - Fungus the Bogeyman: Plop-up Book
149066: BRIGGS, KATHARINE M.; TONGUE, RUTH LYNDALL - Folk Tales of England
116710: BRIGGS, MARGARET - Garlic and Onions: The Many Uses and Benefits
130605: BRIGGS, RAYMOND - The Bear (Red Fox Picture Book)
156676: BRIGGS, KATHARINE M. - Folklore of the Cotswolds (The folklore of the British Isles)
152340: BRIGGS, ASA [EDITOR] - They Saw it Happen: 1897-1940 v. 4
131367: BRIGGS, ROBIN - Early Modern France 1560 1715
156932: ASA BRIGGS - A Social History of England
135279: BRIGGS, MARGARET - Green Cleaning: Natural Hints and Tips
161290: MILNER-WHITE. E & BRIGGS, G W (EDS) - Daily Prayer
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132533A: ARTHUR BRYANT - The Story Of England
141079: BRYANT, A - King Charles II
099185B: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Years of Endurance 1793-1802
151824: BRYANT, ARTHUR. - Years of victory, 1802-1812
159108: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Makers of England
139139: BRYANT, ARTHUR - King Charles II
157347: BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Medieval Foundation
161974: BRYER, ROBIN - The Royal Cruising Club Season 1983
139781: BRYHER - The Fourteenth of October
160423: BRYNE, ARVID; HENRISKEN - Norway: Behind the Scenery
157579: BRYSON, BILL - At Home: A short history of private life (Bryson)
159731: BRYSON, BILL - Down Under: Travels in a Sunburned Country (Bryson)
146706: BRYSON, BILL - The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes from a Small Island (Bryson)
156635: BRYSON, BILL - Shakespeare: The World as a Stage (Eminent Lives)
149805: BRYSON, BILL - Mother Tongue: The English Language
160608: BRYSON, BILL - At Home: A short history of private life (Bryson)
155707: BRYSON, BILL - A Short History Of Nearly Everything (Bryson)
133306: BRYSON, BILL - One Summer: America 1927
159991: BRYSON, BILL - A Short History Of Nearly Everything (Bryson)
077610: BRYSON, BILL - Down Under
162358: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Thirty-Nine Steps and The Power-House
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162360: JOHN BUCHAN - Mr Standfast
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145732: BUCHAN, ANGUS - Faith Like Potatoes: The Story of a Farmer Who Risked Everything for God
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146144: JOHN BUCHAN - John Burnet of Barns: a Romance
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132027: BUCHANAN, BRENDA J. [EDITOR] - Bath History: Vol 8
156581: BUCHANAN, COLIN; ETC. - Anglican Worship Today
149728: COLIN BUCHANAN AND PARTNERS - Bath planning review: Study proposals submitted to the Steering Group - Department of the Environment, Bath City Council, Bath Preservation Trust, Avon County Council
157041: BUCHLI, H - Bern, Krone der Schweizer Stadte
110256: BUCHNER, G. - Theatre Complet
115134: DOROTHY BUCK - Where the Road Ends
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136320: PEARL S. BUCK - The Good Earth
135738: PEARL S BUCK - Command the Morning, a Novel
156244: PEARL S. BUCK - Pavilion of Women
122620: BUCK, PEARL S. - The Living Reed
139084: BUCK, SOLON JUSTUS - Illinois in 1818
121909A: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings' Little Hut
129430A: ANTHONY BUCKERIDGE - According to Jennings
139810: BUCKINGHAM, WILLIAM F - Verdun 1916: A Battlefield Guide
103744: BUCKLAND, GAIL - First Photographs: People, Places, and Phenomena As Captured for the First Time by the Camera
119757: BUCKLAND, ELFREDA - World of Donald McGill
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152710: BUCKTON, DAVID [EDITOR] - Byzantium: Treasures of Byzantine Art and Culture from British Collections
148603: BUCZACKI, STEFAN T. - Ground Rules for Gardeners: a Practical Guide to Garden Ecology
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160042: BUCZACKI, STEFAN T. - Gardeners' Questions Answered: Expert Advice and Practical Solutions for Your Gardening Problems
136386: GEORGE BUDAY - The Story of the Christmas Card
139937: BUDDICOM, JACINTHA - Eric and Us : A Remembrance of George Orwell
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117637: BUDIANSKY, STEPHEN - The Character of Cats
122160: BUDWORTH, GEOFFREY - Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework
139273: GEOFFREY BUDWORTH - Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework
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078526: ROBERT A. POWELL; DENNIS M. BUEDE - The Project Manager's Guide to Making Successful Decisions
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159525: GEOFFREY T.BULL - When Iron Gates Yield
158688: BULL, ANDY; BARRETT, FRANK - The Mountain Biker's Guide to the Ridgeway
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140588: BULLEN, ARTHUR E. AND GEOFFREY PROUT - Yachting: How To Sail And Manage A Small Modern Yacht
131495: BULLER, E. AMY AND A.D. LINDSAY (FOREWORD); PHOTOGRAPHS, - Darkness Over Germany
158410: BULLEY, BISHOP CYRIL - Faith Fire and Fun
144664: JOHN BULLOCH - The Making of a War: The Middle East from 1967 to 1973
115517: BULLOCK, RAYMOND R. - Essential Traditional Chinese Medicine
161056: BULLOCK, ROGER; ETC.; LITTLE, MICHAEL; MILLHAM, SPENCER - Going Home: Return of Children Separated from Their Families
160829: BULTEEL, CHRISTOPHER - Something about a Soldier
145089: EDWARD LYTTON BULWER - Athens, Its Rise and Fall, Vol II
145014: EDWARD LYTTON BULWER - Athens, Its Rise and Fall, Vol 1
142429: BUMPUS, JUDITH - Van Gogh's Flowers
157629: T FRANCIS BUMPUS - The Cathedrals and Churches of Norway Sweden and Denmark
131110: BUMPUS, JUDITH - Van Gogh's Flowers
144585: BUMPUS, JUDITH - Impressionist Gardens
157580: BUNCE, CHARLIE; PORTILLO, MICHAEL [FOREWORD] - Great British Railway Journeys
139393: BUNGAY, STEPHEN - The Most Dangerous Enemy: An Illustrated History of the Battle of Britain
148244: PHILIP H. BUNKER - Memoir of Grace Elizabeth Smith
161805: BUNNELL, LAFAYETTE H.; JOHNSTON, HAND [DESIGNER]; MEDLEY, STEVEN P. [EDITOR]; - Discovery of the Yosemite and the Indian War of 1851 Which Led to That Event (High Sierra Classics Series)
099143: BUNT, CYRIL G. E. - David Cox: Painter Of Nature's Moods
147240: BUNTING, MADELEINE - The Model Occupation: The Channel Islands Under German Rule, 1940-1945
130644: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progres
128809: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
113916: BUNYAN, JOHN; ROBINSON, W.H. [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Pilgrim's Progress
150835: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
100208: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress and The Holy War with The Life of Bunyan
117007: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrims Progress from this world to that which is to come, delivered under the similitude of a dream
143105: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrims Progress
158654: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress (One syllable series)
157904: BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
161478: BUONASSISI, VINCENZO - Classic Book of Pasta
152074: BURCHARD, JOHANN - At the court of the Borgia, being an account of the reign of Pope Alexander VI written by his Master of Ceremonies Johann Burchard
110552: R.W BURCHFIELD - The New Fowler's Modern English Usage
155035: BURCKHARDT, JACOB - The Civilization of the Renaissance
154698: JACOB BURCKHARDT - The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy complete & unabridged 100 illustrations with a commentary
160657: AINSLEY HARRIOTT ROSS BURDEN - Meals in Minutes
140276: BURDETT, OSBERT - William Blake
160318: DAILY MAIL TRAVEL BUREAU - Daily Mail Pocket Guide to Paris
157855: BURFORD, E.J. - In the Clink: Story of England's Oldest Prison
158428: BURFORD, E.J. - Royal St. James's: Being a Story of Kings, Clubmen and Courtesans
160588: BURFORD, E. J.; SHULMAN, SANDRA - Of Bridles and Burning: Punishment of Women
122334: BURGE, TED - Lord of All, Hear Our Prayer: Intercessions and Meditations for Public Worship and Private Prayer
160115: BURGE, TED; BISHOP ROBIN WOODS [FOREWORD] - Lord of All, Hear Our Prayer
126317: ANNE BURGE - Jury, A Magazine of Film and Theatre Criticism November 15th-27th 1965
147364: BURGER, JOHN F - African adventures
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128020: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Homage To Qwert Yuiop
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103078: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Devil's Mode and Other Stories
142475: BURGESS (JOSEPH TOM). - Angling: A Practical Guide To Bottom Fishing, Trolling, Spinning And Fly-Fishing. With A Chapter On Sea Fishing.
142690A: BURGESS, J. TOM - Knots, Ties And Splices
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156316: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Little Wilson And Big God: Being the First Part of the Confessions of Anthony Burgess (Penguin non-fiction)
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096339: BURGESS, JACK; ET AL. - 60 More Aviation Experiences: From World War Two to the Jet Age
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140078: BURGESS, ANTHONY - A Clockwork Orange
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114533A: JOHN BURKE - An Illustrated History of England
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133006A: JAMES BURKE - Connections
154172: BURKE, CAROLYN - Lee Miller: On Both Sides of the Camera (Bloomsbury Lives of Women)
136477: BURKE, JOHN - Life in the Villa in Roman Britain
151348: BURKE, HELEN - Chinese Cooking For Pleasure;
135956: BURKE, THOMAS. - The English Inn
156238: BURKE, JOHN - THE BOYS From the Screenplay By Stuart Douglass
151588: JAMES PATTINSON; DOUGLAS WARNER; JOHN BURKE - On Desperate Seas; Death of a Snout; The Angry Silence - Man's Book Series
121723: BURKE, JOHN - Life in the Villa in Roman Britain
143283: BURKE, BERNARD - A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage, the privy council, knightage and companionage
158418: BURKE, HELEN; G E WILSON CROWE (INTRO) - Health Cookery in the Easiwork Health Cooker with the New Venus and Vesta Models
141178: BURKHARDT, V. R.; JOHNSTON, MARIAN MACKENZIE- [EDITOR]; GORDON, BEATRICE ANN [EDITOR]; - Confessions of Custard: A Military Mule
133177: BURL, AUBREY - Prehistoric Avebury
120580: AUBREY BURL - The Stonehenge People
102552A: BURLAND, COTTIE - North American Mythology
133607: BURLAND, COTTIE ARTHUR - Montezuma, Lord of the Aztecs
155545: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL - Moral Combat: A History of World War II
076790: IAN BURMA - The Wages Of Guilt
146998: MOUNTBATTEN OF BURMA, EARL LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN - Mountbatten: 80 Years in Pictures
154438: COUNCIL FOR THE CARE OF CHURCHES; BURMAN, PETER; STAPLETON, HENRY; STAPLETON, H.E.C. [EDITOR]; BURMAN, PETER [EDITOR]; - The Churchyards Handbook: Advice on the history and significance of churchyards, their care, improvement and maintenance
153602: BURNE, ALFRED H. - The Crecy War: Military History of the Hundred Years War from 1337 to the Peace of Bretigny, 1360
140491: LIEUT-COLONEL ALFRED H. BURNE - Strategy, As Exemplified in the Second World War, A Strategical Examination of the Land Operations.
156279: BURNE, ALFRED H. - The Agincourt War (Wordsworth Military Library)
153762: BURNE, ALFRED H.; HARDY, ROBERT [INTRODUCTION] - The Battlefields of England
121043: ALFRED H. BURNE - Lee, Grant And Sherman
099168: HELEN J.A. MILES; F. S. J. BURNE - Tales from Dame Marjorie's Chimney Corner and China from her Cupboard
147568: BURNET, MACFARLANE - Natural history of infectious disease
162054: BISHOP BURNET - The History of the Reformation of the Church of England
156578: BURNET, LYNN - Exercises in Applied Genetics
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160311: BURNETT, DAVID - Longleat: The Story of an English Country House
138496: BURNETT, HUGH - Beware of the Abbot
135065: CHARLES BURNETT AND MARK DENNIS - Scotland's Heraldic Heritage: The Lion Rejoicing
119506: BURNETT, JOHN [EDITOR] - Useful Toil: Autobiographies of Working People from the 1820's to the 1920's
124961: BURNETT, DAVID - Longleat: The Story Of An English Country House
131763: CHARLES BURNETT AND MARK DENNIS - Scotland's Heraldic Heritage: The Lion Rejoicing (Discovering Historic Scotland)
140821: BURNETT, PROFESSOR JOHN - Riot, Revelry and Rout: Sport in Lowland Scotland Before 1860
158364: BURNETT, DAVID - Wiltshire Camera: 1835-1914
137032: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - Two Worlds And Their Ways (VMC)
139971: BURNETT, DAVID - Salisbury: The History of an English Cathedral City
146748: BURNETT - Enzyme Antigen and Virus
120262: BURNETT, DAVID - Wiltshire Camera 1914-45
131888: BURNETT, DAVID [EDITOR] - A Wiltshire Portrait, 1568-1856: Drawings, Prints and Watercolours
114099: BURNETT, DAVID - Wiltshire Camera 1914-45
158187: BURNETT, JOHN [EDITOR] - Useful Toil: Autobiographies of Working People from the 1820's to the 1920's
150869: BURNEY, CHARLES - Music, men and manners in France and Italy, 1770: Being the journal written by Charles Burney during a tour through those countries undertaken to ... with an introduction by H. Edmund Poole
151973: BURNEY, CHARLES - Music, men and manners in France and Italy, 1770: Being the journal written by Charles Burney during a tour through those countries undertaken to ... with an introduction by H. Edmund Poole
094531: DAVID BURNIE - Milestones of Medicine - The Eventful 20th Century - Reader's Digest
114203: BURNIE, DAVID - Plant
140150: BURNIP, J. - Russian Phrase Book (Teach Yourself)
094616: GOLDSMITH; SCOTT; CAMPBELL; BURNS - Standard Library of Poetry Vol II, Goldsmith's Poems and Plays, Scott's Rokeby, Campbell and Burns' Poetical Works
094977: BURNS, K.V. - Devonport Built Warships Since 1861
130632: BURNS, WILLIAM - Noise and Man
155324: BURNS, ROBERT; H. CAMERON AND OTHERS [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns
109279: WORLDWIDE MEDIA SERVICE; OATES; BURNS - The Key to Modern Art of the Early Twentieth Century
147707: BURNS, PAUL; BURNS, PAUL [COMPILER] - Butler's Saint for the Day
157917: BURNS, DAVID D. - When Panic Attacks: The New, Drug-free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life
134187: BURNS, MICHAEL - Dreyfus: A Family Affair, 1789-1945
157928: BURNS, DAVID D. - The Feeling Good Handbook
159733: BURRELL, PAUL - A Royal Duty
154835: BURRELL, PAUL - A Royal Duty
123156: BURRELL, R.E.C. - Oxford Children's History: Earliest Times to the Last Stuarts v.1: Earliest Times to the Last Stuarts Vol 1
154734: BURRELL, PAUL - A Royal Duty
155632: BURRIDGE, FRANK - Nameplates of the Big Four Including British Railways
099863: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead
140644: ALBANY F MAJOR; EDWARD J BURROW - The Mystery of Wansdyke: Being the Record of Research and Investigation in the Field
115330: BURROW, J. A. [EDITOR] - Geoffrey Chaucer: A Critical Anthology
158411: BURROWS, LYNETTE - Fight for the Family: The Adults Behind Children's Rights
139491: BURSTALL, PATRICIA - Golden Age of the Thames
142133: KENDAL BURT & JAMES LEASOR - The One That Got Away
149404: BURTON, RODNEY M. - Flora of the London Area. An historical and geographical account of the flowering plants and ferns found wild within 20 miles of St Paul's Cathedral
148133: BURTON, WM. F. P. ( MWANZA MISSION) - Mudishi: The Congo Hunter
148372: BURTON, HAL [EDITOR] - Acting in the Sixties
118957: BURTON, ANTHONY - The Railway Empire
150057: BURTON, ROBERT; BURTON, JANE - Egg: Nature's Miracle of Packaging
157831: BURTON, JOHN; ETC. - Oxford Book of Insects
143698: BURTON, MAURICE - The Hedgehog
141336: BURTON, MIKE; TIDY, B. [ILLUSTRATOR] - Have Balls Will Travel: The Story of a Rugby Tour
142365: BURTON, ANTHONY - William Cobbett: Englishman - A Biography
111166: BURTON, MAURICE - Animal Legends
103672: BURTON, L.C. - Barefoot in the Creek
160317: BURTON, LAWRENCE - Choice Over Our Heads: Guide to Architecture and Design Since 1830
159668: BURTON, ELIZABETH - Early Victorians at Home
160428: BURTON - Elementary Number Theory [Open Uni
149631: BURTON, ANTHONY - Waterways of Britain
098220: BURTON - Rise and Fall King Cotton
153607: BURTON, ELIZABETH - The Early Tudors at Home
150364: BURTON, ANTHONY - Britain Revisited: One Man's Journeys in the Steps of the Travellers
162637: BURTON, ANTHONY - Traction Engines: Two Centuries of Steam Power
150025: BURTON, ANTHONY; LEWINSKI, JORGE - Wilderness Britain
147143: W.J. STOKOE; MAURICE BURTON - The Observer's Book of British Wild Animals
137737: BURTON, ANTHONY - The Canal Builders
130983: BURY, J. D. [EDITOR]; COOK, S. A. [EDITOR]; ADCOCK, F. E. [EDITOR]; - The Cambridge Ancient History: Volume 5, Athens 478-401 BC
154418: BURY, J. B. - A History of the Roman Empire from its Foundation to the Death of Marcus Aurelius 27 B.C.-180 A.D.
152383: MORITZ BUSCH - Bismark, Volume 1
156867: FRITZ-OTTO BUSCH - The Drama of the Scharnhorst
112223: BUSH, ROGER; BENTLEY, ROY [ILLUSTRATOR] - Abracadabra Recorder 1: 23 Graded Songs and Tunes: Pupil's Book
094933: BUSH, ERIC - Gallipoli
098181: BUSH, STEVE - British Warships and Auxiliaries 2007/2008
101470: P. N. BUSHILL - The Best Story Book in the World: 366 Bible Stories for Young Disciples
077549: BUSIGNANI, ALBERTO - Marini (Twentieth century masters)
158128: BUSK, DOUGLAS - The Fountain of the Sun: Unfinished journeys in Ethiopia and the Ruwenzori
126837: BUSSELLE, MICHAEL; LUARD, NICHOLAS - Landscape in Spain
160453: BUSSI, GAIL - Four Seasons in Cross Stitch
125354A: GUN BUSTER - Return via Dunkirk
154098: BUTCHER, S. H. & LANG, A. - Aristotle's Theory of Poetry and Fine Art. With a Critical Text and Translation of THE POETICS
148751: BUTCHER, ROGER W.; FLORENCE E.STRUDWICK [ILLUSTRATOR] - Further Illustrations of British Plants
136070: BUTCHER, ANN LESLEY [EDITOR]; ANNAND, KENNETH FRASER [EDITOR]; - Recipes and Ramblings (Taste of Cornwall Series)
157596: BUTCHER, JUDITH - Copy-Editing: The Cambridge Handbook for Editors, Authors and Publishers
135237: TONY BUTCHER - A Farewell to Steam
157663: BUTCHER, TIM - Blood River: A Journey to Africa's Broken Heart
154866: BUTLER, LIONEL; GIVEN-WILSON, CHRIS - Medieval Monasteries of Great Britain
154091: ARTHUR GRAY BUTLER - The Choice of Achilles
150156: BUTLER, C. G. - World of the Honeybee (Collins New Naturalist)
161317: BUTLER, LORD - Art of the Possible: Memoirs
158853: BUTLER, JOSEPHINE - Cyanide in My Shoe
117636: BUTLER, STEPHEN - Portrait Miniatures
138645: BUTLER, SAMUEL - The Way Of All Flesh
152940: ANNIE R. BUTLER - Stories from genesis
148497: BUTLER, ANNE - The Batsford Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches
154012: MARGUERITE L. BUTLER - Tulsi - The Story of an Indian Schoolgirl
131388: IVAN BUTLER - Trials of Brian Donald Hume (Celebrated trials series)
106801: BUTLER, STEPHEN - Miro
132206: BUTLER, IVAN - Murderers' London
159386: BUTLER, RUPERT - Gestapo
156498: BUTLER, JOHN - The Quest for Becket's Bones: Mystery of the Relics of St.Thomas Becket of Canterbury
161274: BUTLER, SAMUEL - The Way Of All Flesh
139739: BUTLER, H. B. & C. R. L. FLETCHER. - Historical Portraits: 1600-1700.
083027: BUTLER, DAVID - Edward VII: Peacemaker
161782: BUTLER, ANNE - Batsford Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches
112944: BUTLER, PAUL; SCRIPTURE UNION - Reaching Children
124105: BUTLER, LIONEL; GIVEN-WILSON, CHRIS - Mediaeval Monasteries of Great Britain
120590: SAMUEL BUTLER - The Way of All Flesh
157913: BUTLER, DR. GILLIAN - Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness: A Self-help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques
144065: BUTLER, DAVID - Dying to Be One: English Ecumenism - History, Theology and the Future
097669: BUTOWSKI, PIOTR; MILLER, JAY - OKB MiG: A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft
161945: BUTRYM, ZOFIA - Medical Social Work in Action (LSE Social Administration Occasional Papers)
109867: BUTTERWORTH, IRENE - He that has once been happy is, for aye, out of destructions reach
127047: BUTTERWORTH, NICK - Percy the Park Keeper Collection: The Hedgehog's Balloon, The Badger's Bath, The Fox's Hiccups, One Warm Fox, The Cross Rabbit and The Owl's Lesson
149873: BUTTLER, KARL PETER - Field Guide to Orchids of Britain and Europe
116671: BUTTS, DENNIS - R.L. Stevenson: A monograph (Monographs, edited by Kathleen Lines)
144738: BUXTON, DAVID - Wiltshire of One Hundred Years Ago (One Hundred Years Ago series)
132019: BUXTON, JOHN [EDITOR] - Birds of Wiltshire
123212: BUXTON, DAVID - Wiltshire of One Hundred Years Ago
137910: BUXTON, DAVID - Devizes Voices (Chalford Oral History)
142146: BUXTON, D.A.; GIRVAN, JOHN - Devizes Camera: Bk. 1
126773: BUXTON, D.A.; GIRVAN, JOHN - Devizes Camera: Bk. 2
137325: BUXTON, DAVID - Around Devizes (Britain in Old Photographs)
142293: BUXTON, DAVID - Devizes Voices (Chalford Oral History)
152731: E. M. WILMOT BUXTON - A History of Great Britain
120244: BUXTON, DAVID - North Wiltshire of One Hundred Years Ago: Photographic Collection
145432: BUZAN, TONY - Master Your Memory (new edition): More Inspiring Ways to Increase the Power of Your Memory, Focus and Creativity (Mind Set)
145541: BUZAN, TONY - Age-Proof Your Brain: Sharpen Your Memory in 7 Days
092855: BYARS, MEL - The Design Encyclopaedia
153816: BYATT, A S - On Histories And Stories: Selected Essays
122830: BYATT, A. S.; SODRE, IGNES - Imagining Characters: Six Conversations about Women Writers
129637: BYATT, A. S. - Still Life
137933: BYATT, A S - Unruly Times: Wordsworth and Coleridge in Their Time
148084: BYATT, A S - Possession: A Romance
150678: BYERS, CHESTER - Cowboy Roping and Rope Tricks

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