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BOOKS007626I: CARAPENTIRAR [ VACUTEVA CASTIRI, K. ; VENKATARAJAN, S. ; & KANTACAMIP PILLAI, NI. ; EDITORS: ] - Carapentirar vaittiya muraikal : kunma roka cikiccai
BOOKS011976I: CARBERRY, SANDRA - Plan Recognition in Natural Language Dialogue
BOOKS021238I: CARBONELL Y RIVERO, JOSÉ MANUEL [1880-1968] [ CHACÓN Y CALVO, JOSÉ MARÍA (1893-1969)] - Carlos A. Boissier y Díaz: Discurso leído en recepción pública. Contesta en nombre de la corporación José María Chacón y Calvo
BOOKS010930I: CARCHIDI, DANIEL M. - The Virtual Delivery and Virtual Organization of Postsecondary Education
BOOKS012118I: CARD, CLAUDIA; EDITOR: - Adventures in Lesbian Philosophy
BOOKS005322I: CARDINAL, ROGER, EDITOR: - Sensibility and Creation. Studies in Twentieth Century French Poetry
BOOKS006870I: CARDOSO, BOAVENTURA - O Fogo da Fala (Exercicios de Estilo)
BOOKS005579I: CARDOSO, CARLOS LOPES - Do Uso da Zorra em Angola
BOOKS019746I: CARDOSO, JAYME - Tenda de Saul (Contos)
BOOKS010595I: CARDOZO, BENJAMIN N. - The Paradoxes of Legal Science
BOOKS000268I: CARDOZO, LINDA & STASKIN, DAVID; EDITORS: - Textbook of Female Urology and Urogynaecology
BOOKS020277I: CARDOZO JUNIOR, JOÃO - Ideia geral sobre digestão : Dissertacão para o acto de zoologia (4. anno de philosophia) na Universidade de Coimbra
BOOKS006981I: CARDULLO, MARIO W. - Technological Entrepreneurism: Enterprise Formation, Financing and Growth
BOOKS004884I: CARENOU, CHARLES - La Religion dolmenique suivie du dechiffrement de la piere du dolmen ruine de Parc Guren
BOOKS010612I: CAREY, HENRY C. - Miscellaneous Works, Vol. 1 & 2
BOOKS010349I: CAREY, JOHN - Thackeray : Prodigal Genius
BOOKS008315I: CAREY, JAMES R. & JUDGE, DEBRA S. - Longevity Records: Life Spans of Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fish
BOOKS007176I: CAREY, M. - Miscellaneous Essays...
BOOKS018152I: CAREY, ROANE ; EDITOR: - The New Intifada : Resisting Israel's Apartheid
BOOKS014284I: CARGALEIRO, MANUEL - Manuel Cargaleiro : pintura, 1957-1997
BOOKS027422I: CARGILL, G.S. (GEORGE SLADE) ; & CHAUDHARI, P. (PRAVEEN) ; EDITORS : - Proceedings of the Topical Conference on Atomic Scale Structure of Amorphous Solids .,.,.
BOOKS027268I: CARILLO, SANDRA ; & RAGNISCO, ORLANDO ; EDITORS : - Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems
BOOKS027651I: CARITA, HELDER - Palaces of Goa : Models and Types of Indo-Portuguese Civil Architecture
BOOKS000741I: CARKUNAVATI, MU. - Mannil valum malaimakkal
BOOKS024794I: CARL, DORIS - Benedetto da Maiano : ein Florentiner Bildhauer an der Schwelle zur Hochrenaissance : Textband + Tafelband
BOOKS020681I: CARL, HANS - Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble : Fragments of the History of Yokohama from 1859 to 1987
BOOKS025620I: CARL, AXEL - Etatsraad L. H. Carls Historie
BOOKS030010I: CARLIER, GEORGES - Des rapports de la taille avec le bien-être : étude faite dans l'arrondissement d'Évreux
BOOKS005294I: CARLSEN, HANNE - A Bibliography to the Classical Tradition in English Literature
BOOKS022826I: CARLSON, R.A. (ROLF AUGUST) - David, the Chosen King : A Traditio-historical Approach to the Second Book of Samuel
BOOKS030768I: CARLSON-NILSSON, B. ULRIKA - Variation in Rosa with Emphasis on the Improvement of Winter Hardiness and Resistance to Marssonina rosae (Blackspot)
BOOKS029559I: CARLSSON, FRANS - The Iconology of Tectonics in Romanesque Art
BOOKS021552I: CARLSSON, PER ; HULT, MARIE ; MÅRTENSSON, BO; & SANDSTRÖM, ROLF - Utveckling och underutveckling i Etiopien : en politisk och ekonomisk studie
BOOKS012642I: CARLTON, ERIC - Treason : Meanings and Motives
BOOKS012820I: CARLYLE, THOMAS; & CARLYLE, JANE WELSH [SANDERS, CHARLES RICHARD; FIELDING, KENNETH J.; RYALS, CLYDE DE L.; ET AL: EDITORS] - Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle: Volume 10: 1838
BOOKS006661I: CARLYLE, THOMAS; & CARLYLE, JAME WELSH [RYALS, CLYDE DE L. & FIELDING, KENNETH; EDITORS:] - The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle. Volume 13 - 1841
BOOKS006479I: CARMAN, JOHN & NARAYAN, VASUDHA - The Tamil Veda : Pillan's Interpretation of the Tiruvaymoli
BOOKS001761I: CARMICHAEL, CALUM M. - Law, Legend and Incest in the Bible : Leviticus 18-20
BOOKS027267I: CARNOT, SADI NICOLAS LEONARD [1796-1882] [ FOX, ROBERT ; EDITOR & TRANSLATOR: ] - Reflexions on the Motive Power of Fire : A Critical Edition with the Surviving Scientific Manuscripts, Translated and Edited
BOOKS019682I: CARNOY, MARTIN - Faded Dreams : The Politics and Economics of Race in America
BOOKS030550I: CARO, JAKUB [1836- 1904] ; EDITOR : [ CIOLEK, STANISLAW (CA 1382-1437) ] - Liber cancellariae Stanislai Ciolek : Ein Formelbuch der polnischen Königskanzlei aus der Zeit der husitischen Bewegung [Part 1]
BOOKS025735I: CAROE, OLAF KIRKPATRICK, SIR [1892-1981] - The Pathans, 550 B.C.-A.D. 1957 ..,.With an Epilogue on Russia by the Author.
BOOKS011330I: CARON, JEAN-BENOIT; FORTIN, MICHEL & MALONEY, GILLES; EDITORS: - Melanges d'etudes anciennes offerts a Maurice Lebel
BOOKS001089I: CARON, VICKI - Uneasy Asylum : France and the Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1933-1942
BOOKS024103I: CAROTENUTO, ALDO - The Call of the Daimon
BOOKS024470I: CAROTENUTO, ALDO - Kant's Dove : The History of Transference in Psychoanalysis
BOOKS017345I: CARPEAUX, JEAN-BAPTISTE [ GALERIE MANZI, JOYANT (PARIS)] - Catalogue de sculptures originales par J.-B. Carpeaux. Terres cuites, platres, bronzes, marbres..,.
BOOKS008169I: CARPENTER, GAIL A. & GROSSBERG, STEPHEN; EDITORS: - Pattern Recognition by Self-Organizing Neural Networks
BOOKS018821I: CARPENTER, HALE - Pseudacraea eurytus (L.) (Lep. Nymphalidae) : Study of a Polymorphic Mimic in Various Degrees of Speciation
BOOKS001954I: CARPENTER, LYNETTE & KOLMAR, WENDY; COMPILERS: - Ghost Stories by British and American Women: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography
BOOKS012020I: CARPENTER, KENNETH J. - Beriberi, White Rice and Vitamin B: A Disease, a Cause, and a Cure
BOOKS017190I: CARPO, MARIO - Architecture in the Age of Printing : Orality, Writing, Typography and Printed Images in the History of Architectural Theory
BOOKS007013I: CARR, PHILIP - Phonology
BOOKS017249I: CARR, DAVID MCLAIN - The Erotic Word: Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Bible
BOOKS026950I: CARRÉ, JEAN MARIE [1887-1958] - Voyageurs et écrivains francais en Égypte : [Tome II]: De la fin de la domination turque à l’inauguration du canal de Suez .,.,
BOOKS026949I: CARRÉ, JEAN MARIE [1887-1958] - Voyageurs et écrivains français en Égypte : [Tome I]: Du début à la fin de la domination turque (1517-1840)
BOOKS008601I: DE LA CARRERA, ROSALINA - Success in Circuit Lies: Diderot's Communicational Practice
BOOKS000756I: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE ; & SCHRAM, STUART REYNOLDS - L'U.R S.S. et la Chine devant les révolutions dans les sociétés pré-industrielles
BOOKS010062I: CARRIER, JAMES G.; EDITOR: - History and Tradition in Melanesian Anthropology
BOOKS003753I: CARRILLO ALDAY, SANTIAGO - El Cantico de Moises (Dt. 32)
BOOKS012675I: CARRINGTON, PETER J.; SCOTT, JOHN; & WASSERMAN, STANLEY; EDITORS: - Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis
BOOKS011006I: CARROLL, WILLIAM C. - Fat King, Lean Beggar: Representations of Poverty in the Age of Shakespeare
BOOKS008293I: CARROLL, VERN; EDITOR: - Adoption in Eastern Oceania
BOOKS001387I: CARROLL, JOHN - Puritan, Paranoid, Remissive. A Sociology of Modern Culture
BOOKS015904I: CARROLL, DAVID - Subject in Question: The Languages of Theory and the Strategies of Fiction
BOOKS004259I: CARRUTHERS, JANE ; & ARNOLD, MARION I. - The Life and Work of Thomas Baines
BOOKS023158I: CARSON, JOHN MILLER [1837-1912] [ UNITED STATES, DEPT. OF COMMERCE AND LABOR ] - Packing and Marketing of Cotton : A Study of Present Wasteful Methods and Certain Suggestions for their Improvement
BOOKS013460I: CÂRSTEAN, STELIAN - Balada în folclorul Moldovei de nord
BOOKS003344I: CARSTEN, F.L. - War Against War. British & German Radical Movements in the First World War
BOOKS025824I: CARSTENS, JOHAN LORENTZ [1705-1747] [ NIELSEN, HERLUF ; EDITOR: ] - En Almindelig Beskrivelse om Alle de Danske, Amerikanske eller West-Jindiske Ey-Lande
BOOKS025809I: CARSTENS, GOSLAR ; JOHANNSEN, ALBRECHT ; & PETERS, L. C. ; EDITORS : [ NORDFRIESISCHEN INSTITUTS ] - Jahrbuch des Nordfriesischen Instituts : Jahrgang 1 : 1949
BOOKS013527I: CARSTENSEN, JÜRGEN - Peter Ludvig Panum : Professor der Physiologie in Kiel, 1853-1864
BOOKS014627I: CARSTOIU, JUSTINIAN - Sfintii Prooroci Ilie si Elisei, prefiguratori ai monohiismului
BOOKS023923I: CARTA RASPI, RAIMONDO [1893-1965] - La Sardegna nell’alto medioevo
BOOKS021037I: CARTAN, HENRI PAUL [1904-2008] - Formes différentielles : Applications élémentaires au calcul des variations et a la théorie des courbes et des surfaces
BOOKS014179I: CARTER, SUSAN B.; ET AL; EDITORS: - The Historical Statistics of the United States : Volume 1: Population
BOOKS014178I: CARTER, SUSAN B.; ET AL; EDITORS: - The Historical Statistics of the United States : Volume 4: Economic Sectors
BOOKS014177I: CARTER, SUSAN B.; ET AL; EDITORS: - The Historical Statistics of the United States : Volume 2: Work and Welfare
BOOKS013795I: CARTER, ROBERT EDGAR - The Nothingness Beyond God: Introduction to the Philosophy of Nishida Kitaro
BOOKS011074I: CARTER, RONALD; GODDARD, ANGELA; REAH, DONALD; SANGER, KEITH; & BROWNING, MAGGIE - Working with Texts: A Core Book for Language Analysis
BOOKS010253I: CARTER, STEPHEN D.; EDITOR: - Medieval Japanese Writers
BOOKS009541I: CARTER, GEORGE F. - Earlier Than You Think: A Personal View of Man in America
BOOKS018352I: CARTER, GWENDOLEN MARGARET, 1906- ED. - National Unity and Regionalism in Eight African States
BOOKS015910I: CARTER, J. SCOTT ; FLATH, DANIEL E. ; & SAITO, MASAHICO - The Classical and Quantum 6j-Symbols
BOOKS020536I: CARTER, SEBASTIAN - Twentieth Century Type Designers
BOOKS021849I: CARTER, STEVEN D. ; TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: - Traditional Japanese Poetry : An Anthology
BOOKS027412I: CARTIER, P. (PIERRE) ; & FOATA, DOMINIQUE - Problèmes combinatoires de commutation et réarrangements
BOOKS012748I: CARTLEDGE, PAUL - Spartan Reflections
BOOKS015180I: CARTLEDGE, PAUL ; EDITOR: - The Cambridge Illustrated History of Ancient Greece
BOOKS004693I: CARTON DE WIART, COMTE & ROUX, J.-A.,EDITORS: - Premier Congres International de Droit Penal, Bruxelles (26-29 juillet 1926). Actes du Congres...
BOOKS012056I: CARTY, ANTHONY - Law and Development
BOOKS003181I: CARUTHERS, WILLIAM - Loafing along Death Valley Trails. A Personal Narrative of People & Places
BOOKS007436I: CARVALHO, JOAO VASCO DE - O torofo de Cotigao (Breve estudo agricola-florestal)
BOOKS017223I: CARVALHO E VASCONCELLOS, JOÃO DE - O arroz : Estudo botânico
BOOKS001361I: CARVALHO-NETO, PAULO DE - History of Iberoamerican Folklore: Mestizo Culture
BOOKS003217I: CARVALHO, ADRIANO J. DE - O regime florestal em Serpins : Exposicao e critica
BOOKS020264I: CARVALHO, MARIANNO CYRILLO DE [1836-1905] - Os planos financeiros
BOOKS000350I: CARVEN, JOHN W. - Napoleon and the Lazarists
BOOKS027294I: CASAS-VÁZQUEZ, JOSÉ ; JOU, DAVID ; & RUBI, JOSÉ-MIGUEL ; EDITORS: - Recent Developments in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics : Fluids and Related Topics : Proceedings of the Meeting .,.,.
BOOKS004700I: CASAS TRUJILLO, MARÍA DEL CARMEN ; EDITOR: [SEMINARIO TALLER REFORMA DESCENTRALISTA Y MINORÍAS ETNICAS EN COLOMBIA] - Colombia multiétnica y pluricultural : Memorias, Seminario Taller Reforma Descentralista y Minorías Etnicas en Colombia
BOOKS027279I: CASAS-VÁZQUEZ, JOSÉ ; JOU, DAVID ; & LEBON, GEORGY ; EDITORS: - Recent Developments in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics : Proceedings of the Meeting held at Bellaterra School of Thermodynamics.,.
BOOKS002287I: CASE, LYNN M., COMPILER & EDITOR: - French Opinion on the United States and Mexico 1860-1867.Extracts from the Reports of the Procureurs Generaux
BOOKS024918I: CASE, MARGARET H. ; EDITOR: - Heinrich Zimmer : Coming into his Own
BOOKS021197I: CASEBEER, WILLIAM D. - Natural Ethical Facts : Evolution, Connectionism, and Moral Cognition
BOOKS024309I: CASEMENT, ANN ; EDITOR: - Post-Jungians Today : Key Papers in Contemporary Analytical Psychology
BOOKS010011I: CASEY, D.E.; CHASE, T.N.; CHRISTENSEN, A.V. & GERLACH, J; EDITORS: - Dyskinesia: Research and Treatment
BOOKS016338I: CASEY, EDWARD S. - Remembering: A Phenomenological Study
BOOKS005349I: CASEY, EDWARD S. - Imagining. A Phenomenological Study
BOOKS005356I: CASEY, JOHN - The Language of Criticism
BOOKS016197I: CASIMIR, H. B. G. (HENDRIK BRUGT GERHARD) [1909-2000] - Haphazard Reality : Half a Century of Science
BOOKS010665I: CASLEY, DENNIS J. ; & LURY, DENIS A. - Monitoring and Evaluation of Agriculture and Rural Development Projects
BOOKS003666I: CASPAR, FRANZ - Tupari. Unter Indios im Urwald Brasiliens
BOOKS025210I: CASPARIE, W. A. ; & GROENMAN-VAN WAATERINGE, WILLY - Palynological Analysis of Dutch Barrows
BOOKS006059I: CASPER, LINDA TY - The Peninsulars
BOOKS013866I: CASSAM, QUASSIM; EDITOR: - Self-Knowledge
BOOKS013518I: CASSE, P. [HINDENBURG, A] - Højesteretsadvocat Hindenburg og "den Høyerske Arvesag" ..,. [bound together with two other related pamphlets]
BOOKS027775I: CASSE, FRITZ - En gammel Ingeniørs Erindringer
BOOKS008619I: CASSE, MICHEL - Stellar Alchemy: The Celestial Origin of Atoms
BOOKS009041I: CASSELL, ERIC J. - The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine
BOOKS021785I: CASSELS, NANCY GARDNER - Religion and Pilgrim Tax under the Company Raj
BOOKS020153I: CASSESE, ANTONIO - International Criminal Law
BOOKS016227I: CASSIRER, ERNST [1874-1945] - The Philosophy of the Enlightenment
BOOKS007740I: CASTEL-BRANCO, JOAO BENTES - Ensaios sobre o estudo da crise agricola e investigacao das suas causas
BOOKS006576I: CASTEL-BRANCO, A.J.F. - A Lagarta dos Coquieros: (Nephantis serinopa Meyrick) na India Portuguesa
BOOKS018588I: CASTEL-BRANCO, A.J.F. - A lagarta dos coqueiros (Nephantis serinopa Meyrick) na India Portuguesa
BOOKS003662I: CASTELAR, EMILIO - Historia del Ano 1883
BOOKS003720I: CASTELINO, JOAQUIM MANOEL - Pneumonia e Oxido Branco de Antimonio
BOOKS027479I: CASTELLANI, CLAUDIO ; CASTRO, CARLO ; & PELITI, LUCA ; EDITORS : - Disordered Systems and Localization : Proceedings of the Conference Held in Rome, May 1981
BOOKS022744I: CASTILHO, ANTONIO FELICIANO DE [1800-1875] [ LEAL, GOMES (1849-1921) ] [ CUNHA, HENRIQUE DA ] - Tosquia d'um camelo : carta a todos os mestres das aldeas e das cidades [bound together with 2 other pamphlets]
BOOKS015385I: CASTILHO, ALEXANDRE MAGNO DE [1835 - ] - Études historico-géographiques: Seconde etudes sur les colonnes ou monuments commemoratifs des decouvertes portugaises en afriqu
BOOKS026405I: CASTILHO, AUGUSTO DE [1841-1912] - Portugal e Brazil : conflicto diplomatico: O processo no Conselho de Guerra de Marinha do capitão de fragata Augusto de Castilho
BOOKS011276I: CASTIRI, VENKATARAMA - Cita kalyanamu: pakavatamela icai nattiya natakam / patippaciriyarkal
BOOKS010777I: CASTLE, MARJORIE AND TARAS, RAY - Democracy in Poland
BOOKS010176I: CASTLE, TERRY - The Apparitional Lesbian: Female Homosexuality and Modern Culture
BOOKS010616I: CASTORIADIS, CORNELIUS - Political and Social Writings. Volume 1: 1946-1955: From the Critique of Bureaucracy to the Positive Content of Socialism
BOOKS022263I: CASTORIADIS-AULAGNIER, PIERA [ AULAGNIER, PIERA ] - La violence de l'interprétation : du pictogramme à l'énoncé
BOOKS015643I: CASTRO, FIDEL - On Imperialist Globalization : Two Speeches
BOOKS001492I: CASTRO, LUCIANO DE - A questão do Amazonas nos tratados de Paris e de Madrid (1797 e 1801)
BOOKS001287I: CASTRO, SILVIO [ CAMINHA, PERO VAZ DE ] - La lettera di Pero Vaz de Caminha sulla scoperta del Brasile
BOOKS030773I: CATACCHIO, NUCCIA NEGRONI ; EDITOR : - Sorgenti della Nova : una comunità protostorica e il suo territorio nell'Etruria Meridionale
BOOKS002223I: CATAHIER, SALMANE - Histoire de la Decouverte de la Petite Circulation Sanguine
BOOKS021754I: CATALINA, FRANCIS V. - A Study of the Self Concept of Sankhya Yoga Philosophy
BOOKS022307I: COLEGIO DE ARQUITECTOS DE CATALUÑA (BARCELONA, ESPAÑA) - Josep Maria Jujol : Arquitecto, 1879-1949 : [catalogo razonado]
BOOKS021998I: CATCHPOLE, CLIVE K. ; & SLATER, PETER JAMES BRAMWELL - Bird Song : Biological Themes and Variations - Second Edition
BOOKS006458I: CATEDRA, MARIA - This World, Other Worlds. Sickness, Suicide, Death & the Afterlife among the Vaqueiros de Alzada of Spain
BOOKS017981I: CATHALA, JEAN [1905-19??] - They Are Betraying Peace
BOOKS003778I: CATHCART, GEORGE - Correspondence of Lieut.-General the Hon. Sir George Cathcart relative to this Military Operations in Kaffraria...
BOOKS022637I: CATTAN, HENRY - Jerusalem
BOOKS004148I: CATTANI, ALFRED & HASLER, ALFRED A., EDITORS: - Minderheiten in der Schweiz. Toleranz auf der Prufstand
BOOKS010392I: CATTANT, JEAN - Les civilisations oubliees des sites desertes de Palaiseau
BOOKS005980I: CATTELL, W.R.; EDITOR: - Infections of the Kidney and Urinary Tract
BOOKS018951I: CATURBHUJADASA [ SINGH, PATEH ; EDITOR: ] - Sacitra Madhumalati katha
BOOKS002354I: CATURLA, MARIA LUISE - Un Pintor Gallego en la Corte de Felipe IV: Antonio Puga
BOOKS022879I: CATURVEDI, DEVIDATTA - Devisukktta rahasya
BOOKS019002I: CAUDHARI, RAGHAVAPRASADA ; EDITOR: [ CHAUDHARY, RAGHAVA PRASAD ] [ CHAUDHARI, RAGHAVAPRASAD ] - Bhargavatantram / sampadaka Raghavaprasad Chaudhari / Bhargava Tantram : A Pancratragama Text
BOOKS026904I: CAUDHARI, RAGHUVIRA [ CHAUDHARI, RAGHUVEER ] - Hindi-Gujarati dhatukosa : Hindi aura Gujarati ki kriyavacaka dhatuom ka tulanatmaka adhyayana
BOOKS022770I: CAUDHURI KAMILYA, MIHIRA - Rarhera purbapurusha puja : gramadebadebi, lokadharma, lokasamskrti
BOOKS018724I: CAUDWELL, CHRISTOPHER [1907-1937] - Studies in a Dying Culture
BOOKS029885I: CAUMONT, ARCISSE DE [1801-1873] - Histoire sommaire de l’architecture religieuse, civile et militaire au moyen âge
BOOKS003724I: CAUSHI, TEFIK - Karakteri Popullor i Artit
BOOKS013329I: CAVALIER, CALISTE - Poser les bases d'une pyrétologie conforme a l'état actual de la médicine
BOOKS007446I: CAVALIERI, PAOLA - The Animal Question : Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Human Rights
BOOKS020455I: CAVALLO, SANDRA - Charity and Power in Early Modern Italy : Benefactors and their Motives in Turin, 1541-1789
BOOKS010013I: CAVALLORO, R. P & PELERENTS, C. ; EDITORS: - Integrated Pest Management in Protected Vegetable Crops. Proceedings of the CEC / IOBC Experts' Group Meeting Cabrils / ...
BOOKS013455I: CAVANAUGH, JAN - Out Looking in : Early Modern Polish Art, 1890-1918
BOOKS017807I: CAVELL, STANLEY - The World Viewed : Reflections on the Ontology of Film
BOOKS018002I: CAWS, MARY ANN. - The Surrealist Look : An Erotics of Encounter
BOOKS012120I: CAWSEY, ALISON - Explanation and Interaction : The Computer Generation of Explanatory Dialogues
BOOKS016098I: CAYCI, AHMET - Anadolu Selcuklu sanati'nda gezegen ve burc tasvirleri
BOOKS020796I: CAYLA, ALFRED - L'habitation rurale du Quercy et de ses alentours
BOOKS023004I: CAYLEY, EDWARD STILLINGFLEET [1802-1862] - The European Revolutions of 1848. Volumes I & II.
BOOKS001484I: CAZACU, P. - Vine Vremea de Apoi : Povestire Istorica din Trecutul Basarabei
BOOKS002967I: CAZALIS, ANNE MARIE - Kadhafi, le templier d’Allah
BOOKS019568I: CAZORT, MIMI - Mauro in America : An Italian Artist Visits the New World
BOOKS005555I: CEARD, JEAN & MARGOLIN, JEAN-CLAUDE, EDITORS: - Voyager a la Renaissance. Actes du Colloque de Tours 30 juin - 13 juillet 1983
BOOKS008581I: CEBIK, L. B. - Fictional Narrative and Truth : An Epistemic Analysis
BOOKS004446I: CEBOLA, LUIZ - Almas Delirantes
BOOKS001705I: CEBON, PETER; DAHINDEN, URS; DAVIES, HUW; IMBODEN, DIETER M.; & JAEGER, CARLO C.; EDITORS: - Views From the Alps: Regional Perspectives on Climate Change
BOOKS026445I: CECCHINI, LEONARDO - Parlare per le notti : il fantastico nell’opera di Tommaso Landolfi
BOOKS028672I: CECEN, KÂZIM - Mimar Sinan ve Kirkcesme tesisleri
BOOKS002562I: CEDERBLAD, MARIANNA - A Child Psychiatric Study on Sudanese Arab Children
BOOKS012408I: CEKARAN, CATTUR - Vanalaviya Tamil
BOOKS019804I: CEKARAN, CATTUR - Ulakalaviya Tamil
BOOKS013230I: CELANDER, HILDING [1876-1965] - Lokes mystika ursprung
BOOKS015841I: CELENKO, THEODORE ; EDITOR : - Egypt in Africa
BOOKS013183I: CELIK, ZEYNEP - The Remaking of Istanbul : Portrait of an Ottoman City in the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS023066I: CELIKER, DERVISE - Geçmisten Günümüze Kibris Türk Islemeleri
BOOKS002286I: MARKET RESEARCH & PLANNING CELL - Marketing of Large Cardamon in India
BOOKS002747I: MARKET RESEARCH & PLANNING CELL - Marketing of Chillies in India
BOOKS007294I: CELL, EDWARD - Language, Existence & God. Interpretations of Moore, Russell, Ayer, Wittgenstein, Wisdom, Oxford Philosophy & Tillich
BOOKS000460I: MARKET RESEARCH & PLANNING CELL - Marketing of Ginger in India
BOOKS001019I: MARKET RESEARCH & PLANNING CELL - Marketing of Small Cardamom in India
BOOKS009673I: CELSO, AFFONSO, VISCONDE [1860 - 1938] - O Imperador no Exilio
BOOKS024373I: CELTEANO, VICTOR - Regard sur le parcours roumain
BOOKS017382I: CÉNAC MONCAUT, JUSTIN EDOUARD MATTHIEU [ UVAROV, SERGEI SEMIONOVICH ] - Les révolutions imminentes et l'attitude de la France a leur égard [bound with 2 other pamphlets published by E. Dentu, 1861-72]
BOOKS017672I: CENDRARS, BLAISE [1887-1961] - Complete Postcards from the Americas : Poems of Road and Sea
BOOKS029002I: CENOLLARI, ILIR - Profecitë e Zotit të Tomorit : studim historik
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BOOKS003851I: CHATERJI, G.C. & BISWAS, A.B. - Geology & Groundwater Resources of the Mahendragarh Region, Punjab
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BOOKS002973I: CHATTERJEE, MANINI - BJP's Rightwing Communalism : The Political Face of Hindutva
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BOOKS024555I: CLERICI, LEONARDO ALAEDDIN - La comete Bayle : Le dictionnaire averroïste
BOOKS024556I: CLERICI, LEONARDO ALAEDDIN - Liberté islamique : Essai de théologie politique : Dossier sur la propagande ..,.
BOOKS004955I: VAN CLEVE, JOHN W. - The Merchant in German Literature of the Enlightenment
BOOKS010057I: CLIFF, ANDREW D.; HAGGETT, PETER; ORD, J. KEITH; BASSETT, KEITH A.; & DAVIES, RICHARD B. - Elements of Spatial Structure: A Quantitative Approach
BOOKS021284I: CLIFFE, LIONEL ; & DAVIDSON, BASIL ; EDITORS: - The Long Struggle of Eritrea for Independence and Constructive Peace
BOOKS020952I: CLINE, WILLIAM R. - International Economic Policy in the 1990s
BOOKS018307I: CLINTON, HENRY, SIR [1738?-1795] - Observations on Some Parts of the Answer of Earl Cornwallis to Sir Henry Clinton's Narrative
BOOKS012980I: CLISSOLD, STEPHEN - The Barbary Slaves
BOOKS009138I: CLOGG, CLIFFORD C.; ARMINGER, GERHARD; BREIGER, RONALD L.; ET AL; EDITORS: - Sociological Methodology: Volume 19 1989
BOOKS017996I: CLOSS, AUGUST ; EDITOR: - Weltlohn, Teufelsbeichte, Waldbruder : Beitrag zur bearbeitung lateinischer Exempla in mhd gewande nebst einem Anhang..,.
BOOKS006860I: CLOTHEY, FRED W. - Quiescence and Passion. The Vision of Arunakiri, Tamil Mystic (Translation with Introduction & Notes)
BOOKS020791I: CLOTTES, JEAN - Le Lot préhistorique : Inventaire préhistorique et protohistorique (des origines au premier âge du fer inclus)
BOOKS022529I: CLOUGH, PATRICIA TICINETO - The End(s) of Ethnography : From Realism to Social Criticism
BOOKS019538I: CLOUTH, FRANZ - Gummi, Guttapercha und Balata : Ihr Ursprung und Vorkommen, ihre Gewinnung, Verarbeitung und Verwendung
BOOKS009230I: CLOWES, EDITH W. - Russian Experimental Fiction: Resisting Ideology After Utopia
BOOKS018617I: ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY CLUB - The Collective Unconscious in Literature : Selections from Past Springs
BOOKS019491I: CLUCHEY, RICK - The Cage
BOOKS007322I: CLUNAS, CRAIG - Fruitful Sites. Garden Culture in Ming Dynasty China
BOOKS014143I: CLUNAS, CRAIG - Fruitful Sights: Garden Culture in Ming Dynasty China
BOOKS016314I: CLUYSENAAR, ANNE - Introduction to Literary Stylistics: A Discussion of Dominant Structures in Verse and Prose
BOOKS022137I: CLYDE, ROBERT - From Rebel to Hero : The Image of the Highlander, 1745-1830
BOOKS000517I: COAKLEY, SARAH - Powers and Submissions: Spirituality, Philosophy and Gender
BOOKS019122I: COATES, STEPHEN ; & STETTER, ALEX ; EDITORS: - Impossible Worlds
BOOKS012945I: COATES, ANTHONY GEORGE; EDITOR: - Central America: A Natural and Cultural History
BOOKS019654I: COATES, CLIVE - Grands Vins : The Finest Chateaux of Bordeaux and Their Wines
BOOKS027448I: COATES, D.F. - Pillar Loading [Parts I-IV]
BOOKS005680I: COATMAN, J. - Years of Destiny : India, 1926-1932
BOOKS025290I: COATTS, MARGOT ; & LEWIS, ELIZABETH ; EDITORS: - Heywood Sumner, Artist and Archaeologist, 1853-1940
BOOKS014062I: COBB, JOHN B. ; & GAMWELL, FRANKLIN I. ; EDITORS: - Existence and Actuality: Conversations with Charles Hartshorne
BOOKS022184I: COBB, RICHARD - The Police and the People : French Popular Protest 1789-1820
BOOKS004660I: COBB, RICHARD - Paris and its Provinces, 1792-1802
BOOKS019446I: COBB, STEPHEN G. - Reverend William Carwardine and the Pullman Strike of 1894 : The Christian Gospel and Social Justice
BOOKS017446I: COBBAN, HELENA - The Palestinian Liberation Organisation : People, Power, and Politics
BOOKS004502I: COBBAN, ALFRED - In Search of Humanity. The Role of the Enlightenment in Modern History
BOOKS014195I: COBLE, PARKS M. - Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order : The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945
BOOKS013786I: COBURN, THOMAS B. - Encountering the Goddess: Translation of the Devi-Mahatmya and a Study of Its Interpretation
BOOKS014688I: COBURN, KATHLEEN - Experience into Thought : Perspectives in the Coleridge Notebooks
BOOKS028794I: COBURN, THOMAS B. - Devi-mahatmya : The Crystalization of the Goddess Tradition
BOOKS027480I: COCHARD, GÉRARD ; & KESSLER, PAUL ; EDITORS : - Gamma-Gamma Collisions : Proceedings of the International Workshop (Journées d’Etudes Internationales) Held at Amiens, France.,.
BOOKS014356I: COCHRANE, JAMES AIKMAN - Dr. Johnson's Printer : The Life of William Strahan
BOOKS005875I: COCHRON, FRIEDRICH - La langue russe dans la seconde moitie du XVIIe siecle (Morphologie)
BOOKS018070I: COCKBURN, ANDREW ; & COCKBURN, PATRICK - Saddam Hussein : An American Obsession
BOOKS014891I: COCKELL, CHARLES S. - Impossible Extinction : Natural Catastrophes and the Supremacy of the Microbial World
BOOKS024628I: COCKSHUT, A. O. J. - The Art of Autobiography in 19th and 20th Century England
BOOKS022856I: LE COCQ, FERNANDO - Cultura da oliveira. Dissertação inaugural apresentada ao Concelho Escolar de Instituto de Agrionomia e Veterinaria
BOOKS023736I: CODD, L.E. ; WINTER, B. DE; KILLICK, D.J.B. ; & RYCROFT, H.B. ; EDITORS: - Flora of Southern Africa. Volume 13
BOOKS018470I: CODD, L.H. - The South African Species of Kniphofia
BOOKS011294I: CODD, L.E. - Lamiaceae [Flora of Southern Africa. Volume 28, Part 4]
BOOKS013807I: CODE, MURRAY - Order and Organism : Steps to a Whiteheadian Philosophy of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences
BOOKS024029I: COEDÈS, GEORGE - Les états hindouisés d’Indochine et d’Indonésie
BOOKS012359I: COELHO, JOSE SIMOES - Brasil contemporaneo: Conferencias realisadas na Universidade Livre de Lisboa
BOOKS011613I: COETZEE, FRANS - For Party or Country: Nationalism and the Dilemmas of Popular Conservatism in Edwardian England
BOOKS001517I: COFTA-BRONIEWSKA, ALEKSANDRA ; EDITOR : - Miejsce pradziejowych i sredniowiecznych praktyk kultowych w Kruszy Zamkowej : wojewodztwo bydgoskie, stanowisko 13
BOOKS000766I: COFTA-BRONIEWSKA, ALEKSANDRA , EDITOR: - Prehistoric Contacts of Kuiavian Communities with other European Peoples
BOOKS015243I: COGGESHALL, E. W. - The Assassination of Lincoln
BOOKS007523I: COHEN, THOMAS M. - Antonio Vieira and the Missionary Church in Brazil and Portugal
BOOKS023749I: COHEN, DAVID WILLIAM ; & ATIENO ODHIAMBO, E. S. - Siaya : The Historical Anthropology of an African Landscape
BOOKS014401I: COHEN, JEAN-LOUIS ; & ELEB, MONIQUE - Casablanca : Colonial Myths & Architectural Ventures
BOOKS014383I: COHEN, JEAN L. - Regulating Intimacy : A New Legal Paradigm
BOOKS003028I: COHEN, DAVID - The Development of Play
BOOKS011005I: COHEN, BENJAMIN J. - The Geography of Money
BOOKS010928I: COHEN-MOR, DALYA - A Matter of Fate: The Concept of Fate in the Arab World as Reflected in Modern Arabic Literature
BOOKS009410I: COHEN, PHILIP M. - Bathymetric Navigation and Charting
BOOKS009289I: COHEN, AMMON - Political Parties in the West Bank under the Jordanian Regime, 1949-1967
BOOKS007091I: COHEN, DANIEL - The Wealth of the World and the Poverty of Nations
BOOKS017895I: COHEN, ABNER - Custom & Politics in Urban Africa : A Study of Hausa Migrants in Yoruba Towns.
BOOKS015440I: COHEN, LAWRENCE - No Aging in India: Alzheimer's, the Bad Family and Other Modern Things
BOOKS014735I: COHEN, SIDNEY L. - Viking Fortresses of the Trelleborg Type
BOOKS005977I: COHEN, R.S. & STACHEL, J.J., EDITORS: - Selected Papers of Leon Rosenfeld
BOOKS005645I: COHEN, BOAZ - Kuntras Ha-Teshubot (Book of Responsa)
BOOKS011813I: COHEN, BENJAMIN J. & LIPSON, CHARLES; EDITORS: - Issues and Agents in International Political Economy: An International Organization Reader
BOOKS003994I: COHEN, ANTONIE - The Phonemes of English: A Phonemic Study of the Vowels and Consonants of Standard English
BOOKS018846I: COHEN, TOM - Ideology and Inscription : "Cultural Studies" after Benjamin, de Man, and Bakhtin
BOOKS017894I: COHEN, ABNER - Custom & Politics in Urban Africa : A Study of Hausa Migrants in Yoruba Towns.
BOOKS007359I: COHN, N. - Oversigt over de vigtigste Forskelligheder mellem den i Sønderjylland gaeldende og den danske Privatret..,.
BOOKS015422I: COHN-SHERBOK, DAN & COHN-SHERBOK, LAVINIA - Jewish and Christian Mysticism. An Introduction
BOOKS017573I: COHN, ROBERT GREER - Modes of Art [ A Critical Work, I ]
BOOKS005407I: COHN, DAVID V.; GLORIEUX, FRANCIS H.; & MARTIN, T. JOHN, EDITORS: - Calcium Regulation & Bone Metabolism. Basic & Clinical Aspects. Volume 10: Proceedings....
BOOKS028903I: COHN, ALBERT MAYER - George Cruikshank : A Catalogue Raisonné of the Work Executed During the Years 1806-1877 : With Collations, Notes..,.
BOOKS024829I: COKKALINKAM, VI - Tancai Vellaip Pillaiyar kuravanci
BOOKS024826I: COKKALINKAM, VIRAPPILLAI [ TANJORE MAHARAJA SERFOJI'S SARASVATI MAHAL LIBRARY ] - Tamilc cuvatikalin vilakkam patinlunra vatukotuppu : (vaittiyap pakuti)
BOOKS020593I: COKKALINKAM, VI - Comayakap perunkaviyam
BOOKS020614I: COKKALINKAM, VI. (VIRAPPILLAI) ; COMPILER: - Tancavur Makaraja Carapojiyin Caracuvati Makal Nulnilaiyat Tamilc cuvatikalin vilakkam [Volume 14]
BOOKS008454I: COLACURCIO, MICHAEL J. - Doctrine and Difference: Essays in the Literature of New England
BOOKS018385I: COLACURCIO, MICHAEL J.; EDITOR: - New Essays on the Scarlet Letter
BOOKS008083I: COLAIZZI, JANET - Homicidal Insanity, 1800 - 1985
BOOKS008852I: COLANDER, DAVID - Why Aren't Economists as Important as Garbagemen? Essays on the State of Economics
BOOKS013179I: COLAS, DOMINIQUE - Civil Society and Fanaticism: Conjoined Histories
BOOKS009953I: COLBI, SAUL P. - Christianity in the Holy Land Past and Present
BOOKS014489I: COLBURN, FORREST D. - Managing the Commanding Heights: Nicaragua's State Enterprises
BOOKS007862I: COLCLOUGH, CHRISTOPHER; EDITOR: - Marketizing Education and Health in Developing Countries: Miracle or Mirage?
BOOKS003897I: COLDING, TORBEN HOLCK & FRAENCKEL, AXEL - Miniaturemaleren Liepmann Fraenckel. Hans Liv, Virke og Slaegt
BOOKS012916I: COLE, H. S. D. ; FREEMAN, CHRISTOPHER ; JAHODA, MARIE ; ET AL; EDITORS: [ UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX. SCIENCE POLICY RESEARCH UNIT ] - Thinking about the Future : A Critique of 'The Limits to Growth'
BOOKS011672I: COLE, JENNIFER - Forget Colonialism? Sacrifice and the Art of Memory in Madagascar
BOOKS014376I: COLE, JOSHUA - The Power of Large Numbers : Population, Politics, and Gender in Nineteenth-Century France
BOOKS002432I: COLE, ALISTAIR - Francois Mitterand: A Study in Political Leadership
BOOKS008303I: COLE, DAVID C. & PARK, YUNG CHUL - Financial Development in Korea 1945-1978
BOOKS007555I: COLE, HERBERT M. - Mbari: Art & Life among the Owerri Igbo
BOOKS006677I: COLE, TIM - Selling the Holocaust. From Auschwitz to Schindler : How History is Bought, Packaged, and Sold
BOOKS018375I: COLE, BRUCE - Piero della Francesca : Tradition and Innovation in Renaissance Art
BOOKS016793I: COLE, SALLY COOPER - Women of the Praia: Work and Lives in a Portuguese Coastal Community
BOOKS014962I: COLE, JOHN RICHARD - The Olympian Dreams and Youthful Rebellion of René Descartes
BOOKS001481I: COLE, D.J.A. & BRANDER, G. C., EDITORS: - Bioindustrial Ecosystems
BOOKS002435I: COLE, JUAN R. I.; EDITOR : - Comparing Muslim Societies : Knowledge and the State in a World Civilization
BOOKS024518I: COLE, J. PRESTON - The Problematic Self in Kierkegaard and Freud
BOOKS024937I: COLEGRAVE, SUKIE - The Spirit of the Valley : Androgyny and Chinese Thought
BOOKS014080I: COLEMAN, JAMES SAMUEL - Foundations of Social Theory
BOOKS006248I: COLEMAN, JOHN A. - The Evolution of Dutch Catholicism, 1958 - 1974
BOOKS009551I: COLEMAN, CHARLES J.; HAYNES, THEODORA T. & MCGRAW, MARIE T. GIBSON: EDITORS - Labor and Employment Arbitration: An Annotated Bibliography, 1991-1996
BOOKS015649I: COLEMAN, BERNARD D. ; MARKOVITZ, HERSHEL ; & NOLL, W. (WALTER) - Viscometric Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluids: Theory and Experiment
BOOKS002412I: COLEMAN-NORTON, P.R., EDITOR: - Studies in Roman Economic & Social History
BOOKS004341I: COLEMAN, MARY DELORSE - Legislators, Law and Public Policy. Political Change in Mississippi & the South
BOOKS000989I: COLEMAN, RONALD A. - The Wild Orchids of California
BOOKS002374I: COLEMAN, JAMES SMOOT [ SKLAR, RICHARD L. ; EDITOR: ] - Nationalism and Development in Africa : Selected Essays
BOOKS019044I: COLÉNO, ALICE - Les portes d'ivoire : Métaphysique et poésie : Nerval - Baudelaire - Rimbaud - Mallarmé
BOOKS003193I: COLERIDGE, HERBERT - A Glossarial Index to the Printed English Literature of the Thirteenth Century
BOOKS008205I: COLES, J. M. (JOHN M.) - Meare Village East : The Excavations of A. Bulleid and H. St George Gray, 1932-1956
BOOKS027347I: COLES, JOHN ; FENWICK, VALERIE ; & HUTCHINSON, GILLIAN ; EDITORS: - A Spirit of Enquiry : Essays for Ted Wright
BOOKS025022I: COLES, BRYONY ; EDITOR: - The Wetland Revolution in Prehistory : Proceedings of a Conference held by The Prehistoric Society and WARP ..,.
BOOKS018373I: COLES, ROBERT - The Secular Mind
BOOKS018258I: COLES, ROBERT - Times of Surrender : Selected Essays
BOOKS017950I: COLES, ROMAND - Rethinking Generosity : Critical Theory and the Politics of Caritas
BOOKS026686I: COLES, JOHN M.; & ORME, B. J. - Prehistory of the Somerset Levels
BOOKS020396I: COLES, COWPER PHIPPS, CAPTAIN [1819-1870] - Iron-clad Sea-going Shield Ships : A Lecture Delivered on the 25th March, 1863, at the Royal United Service Institution.
BOOKS025274I: COLES, JOHN ; GOODALL, ARMYNELL ; & MINNITT, STEPHEN C. - Arthur Bulleid and the Glastonbury Lake Village, 1892-1992
BOOKS026688I: COLES, JOHN M. ; & HALL, DAVID - Changing Landscapes : The Ancient Fenland
BOOKS025322I: COLES, BRYONY ; & BRYANT, L. (LESLEY) ; EDITORS: - Organic Archaeological Remains in Southwest Britain : A Survey of the Available Evidence
BOOKS025236I: COLES, JOHN M. ; & COLES, BRYONY J. - a collection of 24 extracts, offprints and reports ca. 1965-1999
BOOKS005075I: COLETTE, JACQUES, EDITOR: - Kierkegaard: The Difficulty of Being Christian
BOOKS004436I: COLILLI, PAUL - The Angel's Corpse
BOOKS006277I: COLIN, GABRIEL - Corpus des inscriptions arabes et turques de l'Algérie : 1. Département d'Alger
BOOKS001945I: COLIN, ELICIO - Petite Histoire du Nivernais. Le Nivernais et les principaux evenements de l'Histoire generale
BOOKS027016I: COLLART, PAUL [1902-1981] ; & COUPEL, PIERRE - L'Autel monumental de Baalbek
BOOKS013826I: COLLCUTT, MARTIN - Five Mountains: Rinzai Zen Monastic Institution in Medieval Japan
BOOKS025182I: CRITIQUE OF LAW EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE [ UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES, UNSW CRITIQUE OF LAW SOCIETY ] - Critique of Law : A Marxist Analysis / Prepared by the Critique of Law Editorial Collective
BOOKS025966I: SERAMPORE COLLEGE - The Story of Serampore and Its College / Published by the Council of Serampore College
BOOKS005440I: COLLESS, DONALD H. - The Anopheles leucosphyrus Group
BOOKS005038I: COLLIE, MICHAEL - George Gissing. A Bibliography
BOOKS007822I: COLLIER, GEORGE A. - Socialists of Rural Andalusia: Unacknowledged Revolutionaries of the Second Republic
BOOKS010562I: COLLIER, J. PAYNE - Notes and Emendations to the Text of Shakeseare's Plays from Early Manuscript Corrections in a Copy of the Folio, 1632...
BOOKS010461I: COLLIER, J. PAYNE - Broadside Black-letter Ballads Printed in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Chiefly in the Possession of J. Payne Collier.
BOOKS010032I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - From Duty to Desire: Remaking Families in a Spanish Village
BOOKS009556I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - From Duty to Desire: Remaking Families in a Spanish Village
BOOKS008013I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - Marriage and Inequality in Classless Societies
BOOKS004936I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - Law and Social Change in Zinacantan
BOOKS022531I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - Marriage and Inequality in Classless Societies
BOOKS030672I: COLLIJN, ISAK GUSTAF ALFRED [1875-1949] ; EDITOR : - Processus seu negocium canonizacionis b. Katerine de Vadstenis. Efter Cod. Holm. A 93
BOOKS018312I: COLLINGWOOD, R. G. (ROBIN GEORGE) [1889-1943] - An Autobiography
BOOKS017923I: COLLINGWOOD, R. G. (ROBIN GEORGE) [1889-1943] - The Idea of Nature
BOOKS024740I: COLLINS, IRENE - The Government and the Newspaper Press in France, 1814-1881
BOOKS011095I: COLLINS, HARRY & KUSCH, MARTIN - The Shape of Actions: What Humans and Machines Can Do
BOOKS010298I: COLLINS, JOHN JOSEPH; & FISHBANE, MICHAEL A.; EDITORS: - Death, Ecstasy, and Other Worldly Journeys
BOOKS008577I: COLLINS, JIM - Architectures of Excess: Cultural Life in the Information Age
BOOKS007433I: COLLINS, C.H. & GRANGE, J.M.; EDITORS: - Isolation and Identification of Micro-Organisms of Medical and Veterinary Importance
BOOKS015766I: COLLINS, DAVID NORMAN ; & SMELE, JON; EDITORS: - Kolchak i Sibir': Dokumenty i Issledovaniia,1919-1926 [Kolchak and Siberia: Documents and Studies, 1919-1926], Volume I & II
BOOKS006314I: COLLINS, LAWRENCE - Essays in International Litigation and the Conflict of Laws
BOOKS016295I: COLLINS, ARDIS B. ; EDITOR: - Hegel on the Modern World
BOOKS024668I: COLLINS, ROGER - Early Medieval Spain : Unity in Diversity, 400-1000
BOOKS015627I: COLLINS, ROGER - The Basques
BOOKS018327I: COLLINS, H. P. - John Cowper Powys : Old Earth-Man
BOOKS021175I: COLLINS, CHRISTOPHER - The Uses of Observation : A Study of Correspondential Vision in the Writings of Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman
BOOKS012828I: COLLIS, RACHEL; PLAAT, FELICITY; & URQUHART, JOHN; EDITORS: - Textbook in Obstetric Anaesthesia
BOOKS009021I: COLLUM, V.C.C. - The Tresse Iron-Age Megalithic Monument (Sir Robert Mond's Excavation) : Its Quadruple Sculptured Breasts and their Relation.,..
BOOKS019492I: COLLYMORE, FRANK A. - Notes for a Glossary of Words and Phrases of Barbadian Dialect
BOOKS013058I: PORTUGAL. MINISTERIO DAS COLONIAS - Documentos relativos a questao de Ambaca
BOOKS000703I: COLSTON, PETER; CURRY-LINDAHL, KAI; & COE, MALCOLM JAMES - The Birds of Mount Nimba, Liberia; with a Section on the Biogeographic Context
BOOKS008580I: COLTHEART, VERONIKA; EDITOR: - Fleeting Memories: Cognition of Brief Visual Stimuli
BOOKS005151I: COLTON, JUDITH [1943 - ] - The Parnasse François: Titon du Tillet and the Origins of the Monument to Genius
BOOKS023153I: COLUMN 9 - Media on Terror : A Column 9 Report on Terror Reporting in Karnataka
BOOKS006653I: COMARTIN, OCTAVE - Recherches archeologiques sur l'eglise et le village de Groslay (Seine-et-Oise).,..
BOOKS030016I: COMBÉ, MARCO BASTIAAN - Queueing Models with Dependence Structures
BOOKS023877I: COMBER, THOMAS [1645-1699] - The Plausible Arguments of a Romish Priest Answered by an English Protestant : Seasonable and Useful for all Protestant Families
BOOKS028871I: COMES, MERCÈ ; MIELGO, HONORINO ; & SAMSÓ, JULIO ; EDITORS : - Ochava espera y astrofísica : textos y estudios sobre las fuentes Árabes de la astronomía de Alfonso X
BOOKS028872I: COMES, MERCÈ ; PUIG AGUILAR, ROSER ; & SAMSÓ, JULIO ; EDITORS : - De astronomia Alphonsi Regis : actas del Simposio sobre Astronomía Alfonsí celebrado en Berkeley (agosto 1985) ..,.,

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