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BOOKS025458I: COOK, MICHAEL A. ; EDITOR : - Studies in the Economic History of the Middle East : From the Rise of Islam to the Present Day
BOOKS006332I: COOK, ALBERT - History / Writing
BOOKS017728I: COOK, STANLEY ARTHUR [1873-1949] - The Religion of Ancient Palestine in the Light of Archaeology
BOOKS017281I: COOK, SCOTT - Peasant Capitalist Industry: Piecework and Enterprise in Southern Mexican Brickyards
BOOKS016355I: COOK, DAVID - Martyrdom in Islam
BOOKS019910I: COOK, JEFFREY - Seeking Structure From Nature : The Organic Architecture of Hungary
BOOKS002336I: COOK, IAN G.; DOEL, MARCUS A.; LI, REX Y.F. & WANG, YONGJIANG; EDITORS: - Dynamic Asia: Business, Trade and Economic Development in Pacific Asia
BOOKS010624I: COOK, DON - Forging the Alliance: NATO, 1945 - 1950
BOOKS006266I: COOKE, MARCUS & DENNIS, ANTHONY J. - Chemical Analysis & Biological Fate: Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Fifth International Symposium.
BOOKS005464I: COOKE, MICHAEL G. - Acts of Inclusion. Studies Bearing on an Elementary Theory of Romanticism
BOOKS017752I: COOKSON, WILLIAM; EDITOR: - Agenda [Vol. 5, Nos 1-3, Spring-Summer 1967]: David Jones Special Issue
BOOKS021065I: COOL, JACOB [1563-1628] [ DORSTEN, J. A. VAN ; & SCHAAP, K. ; EDITORS: ] - Den staet van London in hare groote peste
BOOKS018630I: COOLEY, EDWIN G. - Vocational Education in Europe
BOOKS023233I: COOLHAAS, W. P. (WILLEM PHILIPPUS) [1899-1981] - A Critical Survey of Studies on Dutch Colonial History
BOOKS019726I: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA KENTISH [1877-1947] - Time and Eternity
BOOKS020855I: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA KENTISH [1877-1947] - Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power in the Indian Theory of Government
BOOKS014889I: COOMBES, H. - T. F. Powys
BOOKS001717I: COOMBS, ROY E. - Violets : The History & Cultivation of Scented Violets
BOOKS018086I: COOMBS, PHILIP HALL ; & AHMED, MANZOOR - Attacking Rural Poverty : How Nonformal Education Can Help
BOOKS011049I: COONEY, KWEVIN J. - Japan's Foreign Policy Maturation: A Quest for Normalcy
BOOKS016058I: COOPE, CHRISTOPHER; GEACH, PETER; POTTS, TIMOTHY; & WHITE, ROGER - A Wittgenstein Workbook / By Members of the Department of Philosophy, the University of Leeds
BOOKS010451I: COOPER, WILLIAM J., JR; HOLT, MICHAEL F.; & MCCARDELL, JOHN; EDITORS: - A Master's Due: Essys in Honor of David Herbert Donald
BOOKS016627I: COOPER, FREDERICK - Africa since 1940: The Past of the Present
BOOKS007440I: COOPER, PAUL - Effective Schools for Disaffected Students. Integration and Segregation
BOOKS018640I: COOPER, LEONARD - R.S. Surtees
BOOKS017602I: COOPER, JOHN MILTON - Breaking the Heart of the World : Woodrow Wilson and the Fight for the League of Nations
BOOKS006154I: COOPER, J. C. - An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols
BOOKS015110I: COOPER, RICHARD N. - Economic Stabilization and Debt in Developing Countries
BOOKS014948I: COOPER, THOMAS [1805 - 1892] - The Life of Thomas Cooper
BOOKS001284I: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Paul Gaugin: 45 lettres a Vincent, Theo et Jo van Gogh .Collection Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh ,Amsterdam
BOOKS001181I: COOPER, BASIL KNOWLMAN - Modern Railway Working
BOOKS021659I: COOPER, DAVID GRAHAM [1931-1986] - The Death of the Family
BOOKS017949I: COOPERSMITH, JONATHAN - The Electrification of Russia, 1880-1926
BOOKS022240I: COOX, ALVIN D. - Nomonhan: Japan Against Russia, 1939. Volume Two
BOOKS021858I: COPE, H. ; & WERNER, P.E. - Counting Instruments in Germany
BOOKS005417I: COPE, JACKSON I. & GREEN, GEOFFREY, EDITORS: - Novel vs. Fiction: The Contemporary Reformation
BOOKS004919I: COPE, JACKSON I. - Joyce's Cities. Archaeologies of the Soul
BOOKS005099I: COPELAND, CAROLYN FAUNCE - Language and Time and Gertrude Stein
BOOKS026983I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; & DASTÉ, LOUIS; EDITORS : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Hebdomaire Illustré : No. 3 - 3 janvier 1903
BOOKS026979I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Septième Année - No. 290 - 13 juin 1908
BOOKS026978I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 132 - 3 Juin 1905
BOOKS026975I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Septième Année - No. 286 - 16 mai 1908
BOOKS026976I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 133 - 10 juin 1905
BOOKS026973I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 135 - 24 juin 1905
BOOKS026989I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; & DASTÉ, LOUIS [PSEUDONYM OF ANDRÉ BARON] ; EDITORS - A bas les tyrans! : journal antimaconnique : No. 7 : 2 Juin 1900
BOOKS026987I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Septième Année - No. 304 - 19 septembre 1908
BOOKS026971I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Troisième Année - No. 91 - 20 Août 1904
BOOKS026969I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Septième Année - No. 277 - 14 mars 1908
BOOKS026986I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 150 - 7 Octobre 1905
BOOKS026977I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 143 - 19 Août 1905
BOOKS026988I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Septième Année - No. 298 - 8 Aout 1908
BOOKS026970I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 144 - 26 Août 1905
BOOKS026982I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Troisième Année - No. 69 - 19 mars 1904
BOOKS026981I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 140 - 29 Juillet 1905
BOOKS026974I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 139 - 22 Juillet 1905
BOOKS026985I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 137 - 8 Juillet 1905
BOOKS026968I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Septième Année - No. 280 - 5 avril 1908
BOOKS026980I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 151 - 14 Octobre 1905
BOOKS026984I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Quatrième Année - No. 134 - 17 Juin 1905
BOOKS026972I: COPIN-ALBANCELLI, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL-JOSEPH COPIN (1851-1939)] ; EDITOR : - La Bastille : Journal Antimaconnique : Illustré Hebdomaire : Troisième Année - No. 67 - 5 mars 1904
BOOKS016878I: COPP, DAVID - Morality, Normativity and Society
BOOKS009692I: COPPEDGE, MICHAEL - Strong Parties and Lame Ducks: Presidential Partyarchy and Factionalism in Venezuela
BOOKS018728I: COPPENS, JOSEPH NICOLAS GHISLAIN [1896-1981] - Eustachius de Zichinis Erasmi Roterodami canonis quinti interpretatio : le dernier écrit louvaniste anti-érasmien édité ...,.
BOOKS008472I: COQUIN, FRANCOIS-XAVIER - La Siberie: Peuplement et immigration paysanne au XIXe siecle
BOOKS014158I: CORAM, ROBERT - Caribbean Time Bomb: The United States' Complicity in the Corruption of Antigua
BOOKS009548I: CORBALLIS, MICHAEL C. - The Lopsided Ape: Evolution of the Creative Mind
BOOKS006257I: CORBETT, PHILIP B. - The Scurra
BOOKS027316I: CORBEY, RAYMOND - Tribal Art Traffic : A Chronicle of Taste, Trade and Desire in Colonial and Post-colonial Times
BOOKS011973I: CORDELL, DENNIS D.; GREGORY, JOEL W.; & PICHE, VICTOR - Hoe and Wage: A Short History of a Circular Migration System in West Africa
BOOKS007069I: CORDELL, DENNIS D. & GREGORY, JOEL W.; EDITORS: - African Population and Capitalism: Historical Perspectives
BOOKS018081I: CORDEN, WARNER MAX - Inflation, Exchange Rates, and the World Economy
BOOKS004447I: CORDIER, HENRI - Bibliographie Stendhalienne
BOOKS026127I: CORDIER, PALMYR [1871-1914] - Quelques données nouvelles a propos des traités médicaux sanscrits antérieurs au XIIIe siècle
BOOKS014241I: CÓRDOVA VIANELLO, LORENZO ; ET AL: - Ensayos sobre presidencialismo mexicano
BOOKS022724I: CORFUS, ILIE - L'agriculture en Valachie depuis la révolution de 1848 jusqu'à la réforme de 1864
BOOKS028805I: CORLAN-IOAN, SIMONA - Histoire d'une légende : Regards occidentaux sur la ville de Tombouctou pendant les XIXème - XXème siécles
BOOKS018452I: CORLETT, ELEANOR S.; MILLNER, NANCY B. - Navigating Midlife : Using Typology as a Guide
BOOKS018182I: CORMACK, GEORGE - Egypt in Asia : A Plain Account of Pre-Biblical Syria and Palestine
BOOKS017854I: CORMAN, CID ; EDITOR: - The Gist of Origin 1951-1971 : An Anthology
BOOKS015862I: CORMAN, CID - Word for Word : Essays on the Arts of Language . Volumes I & II
BOOKS013457I: CORNEA, LUCIAN; COMPILER: - Cartea straina veche în Biblioteca "Astra" sec. XVIII : catalog
BOOKS022610I: CORNELISSEN, R.L. (REINERUS LOUWRENTIUS) - Thermodynamics and Sustainable Development : The Use of Exergy Analysis and the Reduction of Irreversibility
BOOKS000034I: CORNELIUS, WAYNE A.; MARTIN, PHILIP L.; & HOLLIFIELD, JAMES F.; EDITORS: - Controlling Immigration: A Global Perspective
BOOKS000278I: CORNELL, LASSE - Sundsvallsdistriktets sågverksarbetare 1860-1890 : arbete levnadsförhållanden rekrytering
BOOKS009627I: CORNFORD, FRANCIS MACDONALD [1874-1943] - Thucydides Mythistoricus
BOOKS009143I: CORNGOLD, STANLEY - Complex Pleasure: Forms of Feeling in German Literature
BOOKS017072I: CORNING, PETER A. - Nature's Magic : Synergy in Evolution and the Fate of Humankind
BOOKS010541I: CORNS, ALBERT R. & SPARKE, ARCHIBALD - A Bibliography of Unfinished Books in the English Language with Annotations
BOOKS015969I: CORNU, PHILIPPE - Tibetan Astrology
BOOKS027506I: CORNU, EDMOND [1875-19??] - Contribution à l’étude des migraines et de leurs rapports avec les états épileptiques et délirants
BOOKS009820I: CORNWELL, P. B. - The Cockroach. Volume 1: A Laboratory Insect and an Industrial Pest. An Account of the Biology of the More Common Species...
BOOKS026681I: CORON, ANTOINE - Avant Apollinaire : vingt siècles de poèmes figurés
BOOKS009275I: CORREA, CARLOS, PROFESSOR DO LICEU - Palavras serenas: Resposta as Palavras rebeldes. Dezembro de 1912
BOOKS011971I: CORREA, CARLOS MARIA - Intellectual Property Rights, the WTO, and Developing Countries: The TRIPS Agreement and Policy Options
BOOKS026242I: CORRÉA JÚNIOR, ANTÓNIO CUNHA [1914-1997] - O planeta cáos
BOOKS002006I: CORREAL URREGO, GONZALO - Evidencias culturales y megafauna pleistocenica en Colombia
BOOKS023723I: CORREIA-AFONSO, JOHN - The Ignatian Vision of India : A Historical Study
BOOKS023146I: CORREIA, JOAQUIM AUGUSTO [1886 -19??] - O ladrão, confessou o roubo!
BOOKS021707I: CORREIA, PADUA ; EDITOR: - Pão nosso : No. 1 - No. 23 [19 Abril - 28 Setembro 1910]
BOOKS010703I: CORRELL, BARBARA - The End of Conduct: Grobianus and the Renaissance Text of the Subject
BOOKS026311I: EDICÕES CONTRA-A-CORRENTE - Trabalhadores dos Transportes Estefania em luta contra o patrão
BOOKS012825I: CORRIGAN, JOHN [1952- ] - Business of the Heart: Religion and Emotion in the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS004260I: CORRIGAN, JOHN - The Prism of Piety: Catholick Congregational Clergy at the Beginning of the Enlightenment
BOOKS014155I: CORRINGTON, ROBERT S. ; HAUSMAN, CARL ; & SEEBOHM, THOMAS M. ; EDITORS: - Pragmatism Considers Phenomenology: Current Continental Research
BOOKS008152I: CORRINGTON, ROBERT S. - Ecstatic Naturalism: Signs of the World
BOOKS019133I: CORTADA, JAMES W. - Before the Computer : IBM, NCR, Burroughs and Remington Rand and the Industry They Created, 1865-1956
BOOKS017476I: CORTI, EGON CAESAR, CONTE - The Wizard of Homburg and Monte Carlo
BOOKS018682I: CORTNEY, PHILIP - The Economic Munich : The I.T.O Charter, Inflation or Liberty, the 1929 Lesson.
BOOKS009705I: CORTSEN, SØREN PETER [1878-19??] - Lyd og Skrift i Etruskisk : 1 : Konsonanterne
BOOKS006840I: CORWIN, PHILLIP - Doomed in Afghanistan : A UN Officer's Memoir of the Fall of Kabul and Najibullah's Failed Escape, 1992
BOOKS012053I: CORWIN, EDWARD SAMUEL [1878-1963] [LOSS, RICHARD; EDITOR:] - Corwin on the Constitution: Volume Three: On Liberty Against Government
BOOKS027885I: CORZILLIUS, BARBARA - Weitere Untersuchungen über Speziationsphänomene in der neuweltlichen Zahnkarpfengattung Cyprinodon (Pisces, Cyprinodontidae)
BOOKS013167I: COSIJN, JAN - De Geologie van de Valli di Olmo al Brembo
BOOKS008382I: COSKUN, ARIF - Gunah Daglari: Siirler
BOOKS008383I: COSKUN, ARIF - Tas Kilim: Siirler
BOOKS013320I: COSKUN, ARIF - Cikinimda anadolu: Siirler
BOOKS010382I: COSMA, VIOREL - Ion Vidu, 1863 - 1931
BOOKS027725I: COSTA E SÁ, ANTONIO DE - S. Cristóvão de Cabecudos : Subsídios para uma monografia geral do Concelho de Vila Nova de Famalicão
BOOKS009801I: COSTA-LIMA, LUIZ - The Limits of Voice: Montaigne, Schlegel, Kafka
BOOKS026247I: COSTA E SIMAS, JOAQUIM JOSÉ DA - Observacões sobre a Revista do senhor deputado Antonio de Azevedo Mello e Carvalho
BOOKS027525I: COSTA, JOAQUIM ; EDITOR : [ PEDRO, INFANTE OF PORTUGAL (1392-1449 CE) ] - O livro da virtuosa bemfeitoria do infante Dom Pedro
BOOKS014708I: COSTA, EDUARDO DA [ WIESE, CARL ; ET AL ] - O Districto de Mocambique em 1898 (Notas e apontamentos) [bound together with 10 other reports on Mozambique, 1891-1930]
BOOKS003610I: COSTA, GUILHERME DE PASSOS - Algumas palavras sobre o Relatorio do Conselho d'Administracao Geral dos Tabacos, gerencia de 1888 a 1889
BOOKS010071I: COSTA, GUTEMBERG - A presença de Frei Damião na literatura de cordel : (antologia)
BOOKS020225I: COSTA, J. CECILIO DA - Hydraulica agricola: Albufeiras e uso da agua em irrigacões, na industria e navegacão da Provincia do Alemtejo
BOOKS020430I: COSTA PINHA, BEATRIZ CHAVEIRO - Crepusculos da Manhã
BOOKS021001I: COSTA JUNIOR, JOSE RIBERIO DA - A arvore das patacas : Romance com uma descricão da vida no Rio de Janeirio ha 50 anos
BOOKS026577I: COSTA, EMÍLIA DA PIEDADE TEIXEIRA LOPES DE SOUSA [1877-1959] - Como eu vi o Brazil / Emilia de Sousa Costa
BOOKS001381I: COSTANZO, ANGELO - Surprising Narrative. Olaudah Equiano and the Beginnings of Black Autobiography
BOOKS026728I: COSTAZ, LOUIS - Dictionnaire syriaque-français : Syriac-English Dictionary
BOOKS002763I: GONCALVES COTTA - Grito de Angola. Carta aos Senhores Kennedy e Khrushchev
BOOKS000758I: COTTAM, RICHARD W. - Nationalism in Iran
BOOKS011633I: COTTEAU, GUSTAVE HONORÉ [1818-1894] - Congrès International d'Anthropologie & d'Archéologie Préhistorique : session du Budapesth
BOOKS029390I: COTTEAU, GUSTAVE HONORÉ [1818-1894] - Les sciences anthropologiques a l'Exposition Universelle de 1878 / par M. Cotteau
BOOKS028943I: COTTERELL, PAUL - The Railways of Palestine and Israel
BOOKS016067I: COTTERILL, RODNEY M. J. - Autism, Intelligence and Consciousness
BOOKS011198I: COTTINGTON, DAVID - Cubism in the Shadow of War: The Avant-Garde and Politics in Paris, 1905-1914
BOOKS011898I: COTTOM, DANIEL - Abyss of Reason: Cultural Movements, Revelations and Betrayals
BOOKS002903I: COTTON, JAMES - Asian Frontier Nationalism: Owen Lattimore & the American Policy Debate
BOOKS020678I: COTTON, EVAN, SIR [1868-1939] - East Indiamen : The East India Company's Maritime Service
BOOKS027012I: COTTU, M. (CHARLES) [1778-1849] - De l’administration de la justice criminelle en Angleterre : et de l’esprit du gouvernement anglais
BOOKS025618I: COTUGNO, DOMENICO [1736-1822] [ HELWEG, JOHANNES ; TRANSLATOR: ] - Betragtninger over ischias nervosa (De ischiade nervosa commentarius) Oversat fra Latin af Johannes Helweg
BOOKS023252I: COUARD, LUDWIG - Altchristliche Sagen über das Leben Jesu und der Apostel : mit einem Anhang : Jüdische Sagen über das Leben Jesu ..,.
BOOKS009510I: COULTER, JEFF - Mind in Action
BOOKS017050I: COULTER, JEFF - Approaches to Insanity : A Philosophical & Sociological Study
BOOKS005123I: COULTER, HELEN B. - The Prose Work and Technique of Jules Renard
BOOKS007379I: UNITED NATIONS. SECURITY COUNCIL. - Verbatim Records of Anglo-Egyptian Dispute, 5th August, 1947-10th September, 1947
BOOKS015273I: COUNTS, DOROTHY AYERS ; & COUNTS, DAVID R.; EDITORS: - Aging and Its Transformations: Moving Toward Death in Pacific Societies
BOOKS012836I: LA COUR, PETER - Danmarks hjælp til såkaldte "frihedsbevægelser" : bistand til undertrykte eller undertrykere?
BOOKS003443I: LA COUR, VILH. - Danevirkestudier : En arkaeologisk-historisk Undersøgelse
BOOKS005247I: COURBIN, PAUL - What is Archaeology? An Essay on the Nature of Archaeological Research
BOOKS004060I: COURNTEY, WILLIAM PRIDEAUX - Dodsley's Collection of Poetry. Its Contents & Contributors. A Chapter in the History of English Literature in the 18th-Century
BOOKS030039I: COURRENT, PAUL - Tuchan : Nouvelles, Domneuve et Segure : Notice Historique
BOOKS005635I: COURT, FRANKLIN E. - Institutionalizing English Literature : The Culture and Politics of Literary Study, 1750-1900
BOOKS019597I: INDIA. SUPREME COURT - Supreme Court of India Judgment, 31st October, 2002, in the Matter of T.M.A. Pai Foundation & Ors. Versus State of Karnataka.
BOOKS017693I: COURTINAT, LEON - Historio de esperanto : movado kaj literaturo. Volumo I: 1887-1913
BOOKS017567I: COURTINAT, LÉON - Historio de esperanto (movado kaj literaturo) Volumo II: 1914-1933
BOOKS022542I: COURTS, PATRICK L. - Literacy and Empowerment : The Meaning Makers
BOOKS019206I: COUSER, G. THOMAS - Vulnerable Subjects : Ethics and Life Writing
BOOKS004809I: DE COUSSANGE, JACQUES - Le Slesvig, le droit des peuples et le Traite de Versailles
BOOKS007999I: COUTINHO, JOAO [DE AZEVEDO] - Do Nyassa a Pemba; os territorios da Companhia do Nyassa; O futuro porto commercial da Regiao dos Lagos
BOOKS013216I: COUTO, HEITOR - Cartilha do espirita principiante: Nocoes elementares de espiritismo. Para se proceder a experiencias de convencimento ...
BOOKS003219I: COUTO, FRANCISCO DA PUREZA - Na Cidade dos Pirineos. Estudo scientifico e documental (dos factos de Lourdes)
BOOKS027835I: COUTURIER, HENRI - He Krete, he Thesis autes ex apopseos tou diethnous dikaiou, kata metaphrasin archim
BOOKS026446I: COVAL, SAMUEL CHARLES - Scepticism and the First Person
BOOKS030038I: COVILLE, FREDERICK V. - Notes on Plants Used by Klamath Indians of Oregon
BOOKS020696I: COVILLE, THIERRY - L'économie de l'Iran islamique : entre l'Etat et le marché / The Economy of Islamic Iran : Between State and Market
BOOKS004063I: COWAN, JAMES C. - D.H. Lawrence's American Journey. A Study in Literature & Myth
BOOKS015582I: COWARD, ROSALIND ; & ELLIS, JOHN - Language and Materialism: Development in Semiology and the Theory of the Subject
BOOKS010454I: COWDREY, H.E.J. - The Age of Abbot Desiderius: Montecassino, the Papacy and the Normans in the Eleventh and Early Twelfth Centuries
BOOKS011152I: COWLEY, ALAN H.; EDITOR: - Compounds Containing Phosphorous-Phosphorous Bonds
BOOKS024686I: COWLING, MAURICE - 1867 : Disraeli, Gladstone and Revolution: The Passing of the Second Reform Bill
BOOKS011824I: COX, CHRISTOPH - Nietzsche: Naturalism and Interpretation
BOOKS011803I: COX, MICHAEL; GUELKE, ADRIAN & STEPHEN, FIONA; EDITORS: - A Farewell to Arms? From 'Long War' to Long Peace in Northern Ireland
BOOKS015983I: COX, EUGENE L. - The Green Count of Savoy : Amadeus VI and Transalpine Savoy in the Fourteenth Century
BOOKS022111I: COX, MAUREEN V. - The Pictorial World of the Child
BOOKS017227I: COYAUD, MAURICE - Linguistique et documentation : les articulations logiques du discours
BOOKS019213I: COYLE, DIANE - The Soulful Science : What Economists Really Do and Why It Matters
BOOKS005193I: COZORT, DONNA - Out of the Whirlwind : PTSD and the Archetype of Job: The Journey of a Traumatized Combat Nurse to Meet the Divine Within
BOOKS027370I: COZZENS, JOHN HENRY ; & SANDOMIERSKI, FRANCIS LOUIS ; EDITORS : - Noncommutative Ring Theory : Papers Presented at the International Conference Held at Kent State University April 4–5, 1975
BOOKS001659I: CRACIUNAS, SILVIU - The Lost Footsteps
BOOKS021980I: CRAFTON, DONALD - Before Mickey : The Animated Film, 1898-1928
BOOKS006875I: CRAGG, J.B. & PIRIE, N.W., EDITORS: - The Numbers of Man and Animals
BOOKS011788I: CRAIG, GORDON ALEXANDER [1913-2005] - From Bismarck to Adenauer: Aspects of German Statecraft.
BOOKS008644I: CRAIG, GORDON A. - Theodor Fontane: Literature and History in the Bismarck Reich.
BOOKS015240I: CRAIG, GORDON ALEXANDER [1913 - 19??] - The Politics of the Prussian Army 1640-1945
BOOKS017041I: CRAIG, G. Y. (GORDON YOUNGER) ; & JONES, E. J. ; COMPILERS : - A Geological Miscellany
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BOOKS019827I: DANIELSEN, NIELS - Die Frage. Eine sprachwissenschaftliche Untersuchung
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BOOKS019701I: DANTO, GINGER - The Art of George Rodrigue
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BOOKS006903I: DARBY, PHILIP, EDITOR: - At the Edge of International Relations. Postcolonialism, Gender & Democracy
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BOOKS004872I: DARGYAY, EVA M. - The Rise of Esoteric Buddhism in Tibet
BOOKS023448I: DARJI, HARESH, "KASBI - Jarookho : Collection of Kutchi Short Stories
BOOKS010903I: DARK, K.R. - Theoretical Archaeology
BOOKS006768I: DARK, PHILIP J.C. - Bush Negro Art : An African Art in the Americas
BOOKS003804I: DARK, K.R. - The Waves of Time: Long-Term Change and International Relations
BOOKS017305I: DARKE, SHANE ; DEGENHARDT, LOUISA ; & MATTICK, RICHARD P. - Mortality amongst Illicit Drug Users : Epidemiology, Causes and Intervention
BOOKS003862I: DARLONG, LETTHUAMA - The Darlongs of Tripura
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BOOKS024038I: AUSSTELLUNGSHALLEN MATHILDENHÖHE DARMSTADT ; HESSISCHES LANDESMUSEUM (DARMSTADT, GERMANY) ; KUNSTHALLE DARMSTADT - Ein Dokument deutscher Kunst : Darmstadt, 1901-1976 : Band 4. : Die Künstler der Mathildenhöhe
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BOOKS003752I: DARRACOTT, JOSEPH - The World of Charles Ricketts
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BOOKS019459I: DARVAI, DIONYS [ DARVAI, DÉNES ] - Der Begriff "Recht
BOOKS003625I: DARVISHI, IBRAHIM - Khinar : qabilah-i az Nuristan
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BOOKS021528I: DASA, PURUSHOTTAMA - Mrdanga-vadana : Natha Dvara parampara
BOOKS008968I: DASAGUPTA, JAYANTAKUMARA [ DAS GUPTA, JAYANTA KUMAR ] - A Critical Study of the Life and Novels of Bankimcandra
BOOKS022067I: DASCH, PAT ; EDITOR: - Icy Worlds of the Solar System
BOOKS008770I: DASENBROCK, REED WAY - Imitating the Italians: Wyatt, Spenser, Synge, Pound, Joyce
BOOKS023492I: DASGUPTA, SHASHI BHUSHAN [1912-1964] - An Introduction to Tantric Buddhism
BOOKS011762I: DASGUPTA, SUBRATA - Creativity in Invention and Design: Computational and Cognitive Explorations of Technological Originality
BOOKS010309I: DASGUPTA, SURENDRANATH [1885-1952] - Natural Science of the Ancient Hindus
BOOKS007259I: DASGUPTA, N.C.; EDITOR: - Lok Sabha Debates Sanskrit
BOOKS002086I: DASGUPTA, SUBHAYU - Hindu Ethos and the Challenge of Change
BOOKS021493I: DASGUPTA, ATIS KUMAR - The Fakir and Sannyasi Uprisings
BOOKS008244I: DASH, LAL ASUTOSH - Gondi [Grammar, Text, Dictionary]
BOOKS003033I: DASH, BHAGWAN - Tibetan Medicine with Special Reference to Yoga Sataka
BOOKS006035I: DASH, G.N. - Descriptive Morphology of Oriya
BOOKS003833I: DASH, GOPABANDHU - Kui [Grammar, Texts, Dictionary]
BOOKS003205I: DASH, PRAFULLA CHANDRA - A Comparative Study of the Panian and Candra Systems of Grammar (Krdanta Portion)
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BOOKS009037I: DEUSTER, R.H. - Kanawar (Kinnaur)
BOOKS000456I: DEUTSCH, ELIOT; EDITOR: - Culture and Modernity: East-West Philosophic Perspectives
BOOKS026193I: DEUTSCH, JULIUS - De burgeroorlog in Oostenrijk : beschrijving door mede-strijders en ooggetuigen
BOOKS023924I: DEUTSCHER, ISAAC [1907-1967] - The Prophet Outcast : Trotsky, 1929-1940.
BOOKS011987I: DEUTSCHER, PENELOPE & OLIVER, KELLY; EDITORS: - Enigmas: Essays on Sarah Kofman
BOOKS019808I: SOZIALDEMOKRATISCHEN PARTEI DEUTSCHLAND - Programm der Sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands beschlossen auf dem Parteitag zu Erfurt 1891
BOOKS030434I: KOMMUNISTISCHEN PARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS - Massen Heraus!!! Zur öffentlichen Versammlung der K.P.D. am Dienstag den 19. April 1932 abends 8 Uhr in den Stadtsälen..,.
BOOKS030450I: SOZIALDEMOKRATISCHE PARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS - Freiheit! Heraus zur entscheidenden Wahlschlacht! Freiheitsfront gegen Harzburger Front!
BOOKS006668I: ZENTRALKOMMITEES DER KOMMUNISTISCHEN PARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS - Deutschland-Information des Zentralkommittees der K.P.D. : Vor und nach München : Das deutsche Volk war und ist gegen Hitlers.,

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