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BOOKS014962I: COLE, JOHN RICHARD - The Olympian Dreams and Youthful Rebellion of René Descartes
BOOKS001481I: COLE, D.J.A. & BRANDER, G. C., EDITORS: - Bioindustrial Ecosystems
BOOKS002435I: COLE, JUAN R. I.; EDITOR : - Comparing Muslim Societies : Knowledge and the State in a World Civilization
BOOKS024518I: COLE, J. PRESTON - The Problematic Self in Kierkegaard and Freud
BOOKS024937I: COLEGRAVE, SUKIE - The Spirit of the Valley : Androgyny and Chinese Thought
BOOKS014080I: COLEMAN, JAMES SAMUEL - Foundations of Social Theory
BOOKS006248I: COLEMAN, JOHN A. - The Evolution of Dutch Catholicism, 1958 - 1974
BOOKS009551I: COLEMAN, CHARLES J.; HAYNES, THEODORA T. & MCGRAW, MARIE T. GIBSON: EDITORS - Labor and Employment Arbitration: An Annotated Bibliography, 1991-1996
BOOKS015649I: COLEMAN, BERNARD D. ; MARKOVITZ, HERSHEL ; & NOLL, W. (WALTER) - Viscometric Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluids: Theory and Experiment
BOOKS002412I: COLEMAN-NORTON, P.R., EDITOR: - Studies in Roman Economic & Social History
BOOKS004341I: COLEMAN, MARY DELORSE - Legislators, Law and Public Policy. Political Change in Mississippi & the South
BOOKS000989I: COLEMAN, RONALD A. - The Wild Orchids of California
BOOKS002374I: COLEMAN, JAMES SMOOT [ SKLAR, RICHARD L. ; EDITOR: ] - Nationalism and Development in Africa : Selected Essays
BOOKS029088I: COLEMAN, PATRICK ; HOFMANN, ANNE ; & ZURBUCHEN, SIMONE ; EDITORS : - Reconceptualizing Nature, Science, and Aesthetics : Contribution à une nouvelle approche des Lumiéres helvétiques
BOOKS019044I: COLÉNO, ALICE - Les portes d'ivoire : Métaphysique et poésie : Nerval - Baudelaire - Rimbaud - Mallarmé
BOOKS003193I: COLERIDGE, HERBERT - A Glossarial Index to the Printed English Literature of the Thirteenth Century
BOOKS008205I: COLES, J. M. (JOHN M.) - Meare Village East : The Excavations of A. Bulleid and H. St George Gray, 1932-1956
BOOKS027347I: COLES, JOHN ; FENWICK, VALERIE ; & HUTCHINSON, GILLIAN ; EDITORS: - A Spirit of Enquiry : Essays for Ted Wright
BOOKS025022I: COLES, BRYONY ; EDITOR: - The Wetland Revolution in Prehistory : Proceedings of a Conference held by The Prehistoric Society and WARP ..,.
BOOKS018373I: COLES, ROBERT - The Secular Mind
BOOKS018258I: COLES, ROBERT - Times of Surrender : Selected Essays
BOOKS017950I: COLES, ROMAND - Rethinking Generosity : Critical Theory and the Politics of Caritas
BOOKS026686I: COLES, JOHN M.; & ORME, B. J. - Prehistory of the Somerset Levels
BOOKS020396I: COLES, COWPER PHIPPS, CAPTAIN [1819-1870] - Iron-clad Sea-going Shield Ships : A Lecture Delivered on the 25th March, 1863, at the Royal United Service Institution.
BOOKS025274I: COLES, JOHN ; GOODALL, ARMYNELL ; & MINNITT, STEPHEN C. - Arthur Bulleid and the Glastonbury Lake Village, 1892-1992
BOOKS026688I: COLES, JOHN M. ; & HALL, DAVID - Changing Landscapes : The Ancient Fenland
BOOKS025322I: COLES, BRYONY ; & BRYANT, L. (LESLEY) ; EDITORS: - Organic Archaeological Remains in Southwest Britain : A Survey of the Available Evidence
BOOKS025236I: COLES, JOHN M. ; & COLES, BRYONY J. - a collection of 24 extracts, offprints and reports ca. 1965-1999
BOOKS005075I: COLETTE, JACQUES, EDITOR: - Kierkegaard: The Difficulty of Being Christian
BOOKS004436I: COLILLI, PAUL - The Angel's Corpse
BOOKS006277I: COLIN, GABRIEL - Corpus des inscriptions arabes et turques de l'Algérie : 1. Département d'Alger
BOOKS001945I: COLIN, ELICIO - Petite Histoire du Nivernais. Le Nivernais et les principaux evenements de l'Histoire generale
BOOKS027016I: COLLART, PAUL [1902-1981] ; & COUPEL, PIERRE - L'Autel monumental de Baalbek
BOOKS013826I: COLLCUTT, MARTIN - Five Mountains: Rinzai Zen Monastic Institution in Medieval Japan
BOOKS025182I: CRITIQUE OF LAW EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE [ UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES, UNSW CRITIQUE OF LAW SOCIETY ] - Critique of Law : A Marxist Analysis / Prepared by the Critique of Law Editorial Collective
BOOKS005440I: COLLESS, DONALD H. - The Anopheles leucosphyrus Group
BOOKS005038I: COLLIE, MICHAEL - George Gissing. A Bibliography
BOOKS007822I: COLLIER, GEORGE A. - Socialists of Rural Andalusia: Unacknowledged Revolutionaries of the Second Republic
BOOKS010562I: COLLIER, J. PAYNE - Notes and Emendations to the Text of Shakeseare's Plays from Early Manuscript Corrections in a Copy of the Folio, 1632...
BOOKS010461I: COLLIER, J. PAYNE - Broadside Black-letter Ballads Printed in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Chiefly in the Possession of J. Payne Collier.
BOOKS010032I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - From Duty to Desire: Remaking Families in a Spanish Village
BOOKS009556I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - From Duty to Desire: Remaking Families in a Spanish Village
BOOKS008013I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - Marriage and Inequality in Classless Societies
BOOKS004936I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - Law and Social Change in Zinacantan
BOOKS022531I: COLLIER, JANE FISHBURNE - Marriage and Inequality in Classless Societies
BOOKS030672I: COLLIJN, ISAK GUSTAF ALFRED [1875-1949] ; EDITOR : - Processus seu negocium canonizacionis b. Katerine de Vadstenis. Efter Cod. Holm. A 93
BOOKS018312I: COLLINGWOOD, R. G. (ROBIN GEORGE) [1889-1943] - An Autobiography
BOOKS017923I: COLLINGWOOD, R. G. (ROBIN GEORGE) [1889-1943] - The Idea of Nature
BOOKS024740I: COLLINS, IRENE - The Government and the Newspaper Press in France, 1814-1881
BOOKS011095I: COLLINS, HARRY & KUSCH, MARTIN - The Shape of Actions: What Humans and Machines Can Do
BOOKS010298I: COLLINS, JOHN JOSEPH; & FISHBANE, MICHAEL A.; EDITORS: - Death, Ecstasy, and Other Worldly Journeys
BOOKS008577I: COLLINS, JIM - Architectures of Excess: Cultural Life in the Information Age
BOOKS007433I: COLLINS, C.H. & GRANGE, J.M.; EDITORS: - Isolation and Identification of Micro-Organisms of Medical and Veterinary Importance
BOOKS015766I: COLLINS, DAVID NORMAN ; & SMELE, JON; EDITORS: - Kolchak i Sibir': Dokumenty i Issledovaniia,1919-1926 [Kolchak and Siberia: Documents and Studies, 1919-1926], Volume I & II
BOOKS006314I: COLLINS, LAWRENCE - Essays in International Litigation and the Conflict of Laws
BOOKS016295I: COLLINS, ARDIS B. ; EDITOR: - Hegel on the Modern World
BOOKS024668I: COLLINS, ROGER - Early Medieval Spain : Unity in Diversity, 400-1000
BOOKS015627I: COLLINS, ROGER - The Basques
BOOKS018327I: COLLINS, H. P. - John Cowper Powys : Old Earth-Man
BOOKS021175I: COLLINS, CHRISTOPHER - The Uses of Observation : A Study of Correspondential Vision in the Writings of Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman
BOOKS012828I: COLLIS, RACHEL; PLAAT, FELICITY; & URQUHART, JOHN; EDITORS: - Textbook in Obstetric Anaesthesia
BOOKS009021I: COLLUM, V.C.C. - The Tresse Iron-Age Megalithic Monument (Sir Robert Mond's Excavation) : Its Quadruple Sculptured Breasts and their Relation.,..
BOOKS019492I: COLLYMORE, FRANK A. - Notes for a Glossary of Words and Phrases of Barbadian Dialect
BOOKS013058I: PORTUGAL. MINISTERIO DAS COLONIAS - Documentos relativos a questao de Ambaca
BOOKS013420I: COLONNA, ARISTIDE - Scripta minora
BOOKS000703I: COLSTON, PETER; CURRY-LINDAHL, KAI; & COE, MALCOLM JAMES - The Birds of Mount Nimba, Liberia; with a Section on the Biogeographic Context
BOOKS008580I: COLTHEART, VERONIKA; EDITOR: - Fleeting Memories: Cognition of Brief Visual Stimuli
BOOKS005151I: COLTON, JUDITH [1943 - ] - The Parnasse François: Titon du Tillet and the Origins of the Monument to Genius
BOOKS023153I: COLUMN 9 - Media on Terror : A Column 9 Report on Terror Reporting in Karnataka
BOOKS006653I: COMARTIN, OCTAVE - Recherches archeologiques sur l'eglise et le village de Groslay (Seine-et-Oise).,..
BOOKS011500I: CELLULES COMMUNISTES COMBATTANTES [ VANGEERDE, PASCALE ; CHEVOLET, DIDIER ; SASSOYE, BERTRAND ; & CARRETTE, PIERRE] - Aux militant(e)s des 'Internationalem Infoladen' (reponse a la lettre ouverte de l'ete 1990). A tou(te)s les camarades
BOOKS030016I: COMBÉ, MARCO BASTIAAN - Queueing Models with Dependence Structures
BOOKS028871I: COMES, MERCÈ ; MIELGO, HONORINO ; & SAMSÓ, JULIO ; EDITORS : - Ochava espera y astrofísica : textos y estudios sobre las fuentes Árabes de la astronomía de Alfonso X
BOOKS001342I: COMFORT, ALEX - The Biology of Senescence
BOOKS019892I: COMISEL, EMILIA ; EDITOR: - Antologie folclorica din tinutul Padurenilor (Hunedoara)
BOOKS025982I: PUNJAB BOUNDARY COMMISSION [ MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ] - Punjab Boundary Commission : Report : Presented on the 31st May, 1966
BOOKS015816I: TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. CONSTITUTION COMMISSION. - The Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago
BOOKS001932I: INDIAN POLICE COMMISSION - History of Police Organisation in India & Indian Village Police.Being Select Chapters of the Report...1902-1903
BOOKS003398I: COMMISSION DE COOPERATION TECHNIQUE EN AFRIQUE AU SUD DU SAHARA, EDITORS: - Troisieme Conference Interafricaine des Sols/ Third Inter-African Soils Conference.Volume 1 & 2
BOOKS022359I: UNITED STATES. NICARAGUA CANAL COMMISSION (1897-1899) - Report of the Nicaragua Canal Commission, 1897-1899 [Text + Atlas]
BOOKS022804I: INDIA. BACKWARD CLASSES COMMISSION. - Report of the Backward Classes Commission, 1980, Government of India. First - Second Part
BOOKS026449I: INDIAN LAW COMMISSION [ MELVILL, JAMES COSMO (1792-1861) ] [ GREAT BRITAIN. PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF COMMONS ] - Copies of the Special Reports of the Indian Law Commissioners.,.,.
BOOKS012260I: GREAT BRITAIN. POOR LAW COMMISSIONERS - Report of the Poor Law Commissioners on Local Taxation
BOOKS021266I: LIBYAN PEACE COMMITTEE [2] - 15 April 86 : Observe What Has Seminated the US Administration ! / Contemplez ce qu'a seme l'administration americaine!
BOOKS024640I: LIBYAN PEACE COMMITTEE [3] - 15 April 86 : Reagan and Thatcher Pretend These are Terrorists
BOOKS023169I: PRAIRIE FIRE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE - Bay Area PFOC Proposal: Begin Building Communist Cadre Organization
BOOKS023168I: PRAIRIE FIRE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE - Work Report of the Bay Area Political Education Committee
BOOKS028884I: LIBYAN PEACE COMMITTEE [5] - April 15 1986
BOOKS011119I: LIBYAN PEACE COMMITTEE [1] - Righan, qatil al-atfal / Reagan the Killer of Children / Reagan les tuer des enfants / Reagan asesino de los ninos
BOOKS011671I: COMMITTEE FOR FREEDOM IN MOZAMBIQUE, ANGOLA & GUINÉ - War on Three Fronts : The Fight Against Portuguese Colonialism
BOOKS012446I: AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE - Tin Aicha, Nomad Village : A Report of the American Friends Service Committee.
BOOKS016136I: NATIONAL JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE [ TRINIDAD ] - People's Declaration of Policy. For the Development of a New Trinidad & Tobago.
BOOKS016078I: NATIONAL JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE [ TRINIDAD ] - The Collapse of an Oil Economy : Trinidad and Tobago in Crisis
BOOKS003829I: MESQUITE HISTORICAL COMMITTEE - A Stake in the Prairie: Mesquite, Texas
BOOKS020182I: PRAIRIE FIRE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE - Philadelphia PFOC Evaluation : July 26, 1974 - July 4, 1975
BOOKS020183I: PRAIRIE FIRE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE - Evaluation of Hand to Mouth, the Food Action Committee of Boston P.F.O.C.
BOOKS020184I: PRAIRIE FIRE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE - New York P.F.O.C. Lower East Side Committee Report
BOOKS029863I: LIBYAN PEACE COMMITTEE [6] - Awraq 15 1986
BOOKS026761I: LIBYAN PEACE COMMITTEE [4] - April 15 1986 : Reagan the Killer
BOOKS026521I: DESH BHAGAT YADGAR COMMITTEE - People's Path : Monthly Organ of the Desh Bhagat Yadgar Committee, Vol. III, No. 9, September 1967
BOOKS011638I: GREAT BRITAIN. PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF COMMONS. - Substance of the Debate in the House of Commons, on the 15th May, 1823, on a Motion for the Mitigation and Gradual Abolition of
BOOKS014738I: COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE PHILIPPINES, CENTRAL COMMITTEE - Reaffirm Our Basic Principles and Rectify Errors: Adopted by the 10th Plenum of the Central Committee July 1992
BOOKS029475I: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Die Kommunistische Internationale : Organ des Executivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale : No. 14 : Zweiter Jahrgang
BOOKS029476I: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Die Kommunistische Internationale : Organ des Executivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale : No. 17 : Zweiter Jahrgang
BOOKS030915I: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, CONGRESS (2ND : 1920 : PETROGRAD AND MOSCOW, RUSSIA) - Statuten und Leitsätze der III. Kommunistischen Internationale beschlossen auf dem II. Kongress vom 17. Juli bis 7. August 1920
BOOKS029514I: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Die Kommunistische Internationale: Organ des Executivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale: No.7-8: November-Dezember 1919
BOOKS029579I: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Die Kommunistische Internationale : Organ des Executivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale : No. 19 : Zweiter Jahrgang
BOOKS029507I: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Die Kommunistische Internationale : Organ des Executivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale : No. 10 : Zweiter Jahrgang
BOOKS029505I: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Die Kommunistische Internationale : Organ des Executivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale : No. 13 : Zweiter Jahrgang
BOOKS029592I: COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Die Kommunistische Internationale : Organ des Executivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale : No. 18 : Zweiter Jahrgang
BOOKS026323I: COMMUNIST PARTY OF NEPAL (MAOIST), INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT - The Himalayan Thunder : Quarterly Bulletin of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) : Vol. 1, No. 1 : May, 2001
BOOKS026324I: COMMUNIST PARTY OF NEPAL (MAOIST), PUBLICATIONS DEPARTMENT, CENTRAL COMMITTEE - The Worker : Organ of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). No. 5 [October 1999] ; & No. 7 [January 2002]
BOOKS008630I: COMPAGNON, ANTOINE - Five Paradoxes of Modernity
BOOKS021155I: EUROPEAN GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY / STANDARD OIL COMPANY (NEW JERSEY) - Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Oil Production in Hungary by MAORT, 1931-1948
BOOKS028041I: COMPAYRÉ, GABRIEL [1843-1913] - Histoire critique des doctrines de l’éducation en France depuis le seizième siècle
BOOKS022348I: COMPILADOR X ; EDITOR: - A Lei do destino (por uma unidade economica e geografica em duas patrias distintas)
BOOKS029145I: TANKER TARADA ; COMPILER : - Tamsayet, wamaka, makmacot : yabeta Guragé mesaléyawi negegeroc / ['azagag Tanker Tarada]
BOOKS025142I: IDRÎS BITLÎSÎ ; COMPILER: [ MAHALLATI, AMINAH ; EDITOR: ] - Divan-i du sarayandah az qarn-i nuhum : Qazi 'Isá Savaji va Shaykh Najm al-Din Masud
BOOKS029953I: ALISHU MUME IBRAHIM ABOGN ; COMPILER : - Speak up : Oromiffa, Harari, Somali, Afar Languages / compiled by Alishu Mume Ibrahim Abogn
BOOKS010823I: THÊ GIÓI PUBLISHERS ; COMPILERS : - Vietnamese Traditional Medicine (Third Edition)
BOOKS011396I: ASSOCIATION OF IMAM MAHDI (A.S.); COMPILERS: - Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) in the Traditions of Ahle Sunnah
BOOKS031090I: VERLAG DES LANDES-INDUSTRIE-COMPTOIRS - Beobachtungen und historische Sammlung wichtiger Ereignisse aus dem Kriege zwischen Frankreich, dessen Verbündeten..,.[1-5 Heft]
BOOKS020324I: COMSTOCK, GEORGE CARY [1855-1934] [ WASHBURN OBSERVATORY ] - Observations of Proper Motion Stars 1906-1916
BOOKS007185I: LE COMTE, EDWARD - A Dictionary of Puns in Milton's English Poetry
BOOKS011998I: CONACHER, D. J. - Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound : A Literary Commentary
BOOKS024366I: CONACHER, J. B. (JAMES BLENNERHASSET) - The Aberdeen Coalition 1852-1855 : A Study in Mid-nineteenth-century Party Politics,
BOOKS030068I: CONANT, KENNETH JOHN [1894-1984] - Cluny: les eglises et la maison du chef d'ordre
BOOKS024126I: CONFORTI, MICHAEL - Field, Form and Fate : Patterns in Mind, Nature and Psyche
BOOKS023337I: CONFORTI, MICHAEL - Threshold Experiences : The Archetype of Beginnings
BOOKS008206I: CONGDON, LEE - Exile and Social Thought: Hungarian Intellectuals in Germany and Austria 1919 - 1933
BOOKS006650I: CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - De Leopoldville a Lagos: Notre Politique Africaine
BOOKS025507I: INTERNATIONAL KANT CONGRESS (4TH : 1974 : MAINZ) [ FUNKE, GERHARD ; EDITOR : ] - Akten des 4. Internationalen Kant-Kongresses : Mainz, 6.-10. April 1974 : Teil II.2 : Sektionen
BOOKS024943I: INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS - March of Events : Being the Case of the Indian National Congress vis-a-vis the Prerest [sic] World Crisis
BOOKS018447I: AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS - The African National Congress of South Africa (Excerpts from Policy and Programme)
BOOKS025508I: INTERNATIONAL KANT CONGRESS (4TH : 1974 : MAINZ) [ FUNKE, GERHARD ; EDITOR : ] - Akten des 4. Internationalen Kant-Kongresses : Mainz, 6.-10. April 1974 : Teil III : Vorträge
BOOKS001420I: CONNAH, GRAHAM - Kibiro: The Salt of Bunyoro, Past and Present
BOOKS014238I: O’CONNELL, ROBERT H. - Concentricity and Continuity : The Literary Structure of Isaiah
BOOKS026430I: O'CONNELL, ROBERT J. - Art and the Christian Intelligence in St. Augustine
BOOKS027366I: CONNER, PIERRE E. - Seminar on Periodic Maps
BOOKS027228I: CONNER, P. E. (PIERRE E.) ; & FLOYD, E. E. - The Relation of Cobordism to K-Theories
BOOKS019851I: CONNER, PIERRE E. - Lectures on the Action of a Finite Group
BOOKS008943I: CONNOLLY, KEVIN J.; EDITOR: - The Psychobiology of the Hand
BOOKS009691I: CONNOLLY, PETER; EDITOR: - Approaches to the Study of Religion
BOOKS028758I: O'CONNOR, VINCENT CLARENCE SCOTT [1869- 1945] - The Silken East : A Record of Life and Travel in Burma
BOOKS004123I: O'CONNOR, JOHN J. - Amadis de Gaule & its Influence on Elizabethan Literature
BOOKS003871I: O'CONNOR, WILLIAM VAN, EDITOR: - Forms of Modern Fiction. Essays Collected in Honor of Joseph Warren Beach
BOOKS003904I: O'CONNOR, DANIEL; ET AL: - Three Centuries of Mission : The United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 1701-2000
BOOKS012738I: O'CONNOR, VIVIENNE & KOVACS, GABOR; EDITORS: - Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women's Health
BOOKS000147I: O'CONNOR, N. & HERMELIN, BEATE - Speech & Thought in Severe Subnormality. An Experimental Study
BOOKS016664I: CONOLLY, JAMES - Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology
BOOKS006922I: CONQUEST, ROBERT & DJORDJEVICH, DUSAN J., EDITORS: - Political & Ideological Confrontations in Twentieth-Century Europe: Essays in Honor of Milorad M. Drachkovitch
BOOKS026038I: CONRAD ROTHE, PETER [1811-1902] - Tyge Rothe og hans Virken
BOOKS002668I: CONRAD, RUDI - Transformationsanalyse russischer Infinitivskonstruktionen. Eine Beschreibung der Wortverbindungen..
BOOKS016517I: CONRAD, GEOFFREY W. ; & DEMAREST, ARTHUR ANDREW - Religion and Empire: The Dynamics of Aztec and Inca Expansionism
BOOKS021339I: CONRADIN, HANS - Ist die Musik heteronom oder autonom?
BOOKS004852I: CONRON, BRANDON, EDITOR: - Morley Callaghan
BOOKS003595I: CONS, LOUIS - Etat present des etudes sur Villon
BOOKS001942I: CONSIGLIO DIRETTIVO DELLA SOCIETA ITALIANA DI STORIA DELLA MEDICINA, EDITORS: - Atti degli incontri Storico-Medici Marosticenisi su la Storiografia Medica in Italia tra 1800 e 1950 : Uomini e idee
BOOKS029589I: CONSTABLE, GILES. - The Reformation of the Twelfth Century
BOOKS029572I: CONSTABLE, GILES - Three Studies in Medieval Religious and Social Thought
BOOKS024297I: CONSTANDSE, ANTON L [ UITGEVERIJ DE VRIJE GEDACHTE ] - Anton Constandse tachtig jaar : verantwoording : (kleine bibliografie)
BOOKS024454I: CONSTANDSE, ANTON LEVIEN [1899-1985] - Arische cultuur of Pruisendom
BOOKS023879I: CONSTANT, BENJAMIN [1767-1830] - De la religion : considérée dans sa source, ses formes et ses développements. Tome I.
BOOKS001110I: CONSTANTINESCU, N.A. - Revolutia lui Tudor Vladimirescu din 1821. Povestire istorica
BOOKS019503I: CONSTANTINESCU, NICOLAE - Curtea de Arges (1200-1400) : asupra începuturilor Tarii Românesti
BOOKS000455I: CONTE, CARMELO - Il Sudan come Nazione
BOOKS004907I: CONTEH-MORGAN, JOHN ; & OLANIYAN, TEJUMOLA ; EDITORS: - Drama and Performance [ Research in African Literatures, Volume 30, No. 4, Winter 1999]
BOOKS008997I: CONTENSON, HENRI DE; VERCOUTTER, JEAN; HEINZELIN, J. DE & LEMAN, P. - Aksha I: La basilique chretienne
BOOKS003450I: CONTRADA, RICHARD J.; & ASHMORE, RICHARD D.; EDITORS: - Self. Social Identity and Physical Health: Interdisciplinary Explorations
BOOKS019050I: CONTRERAS, GERARDO - Caminos de lucha y esperanza
BOOKS005344I: EUROPEAN BREWERY CONVENTION - European Brewery Convention. Proceedings of the 22nd Congress. Zurich 1989
BOOKS017641I: CONWAY MORRIS, SIMON - Life's Solution : Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe
BOOKS024499I: CONWAY, SUSAN - Silken Threads Lacquer Thrones : Lan Na Court Textiles
BOOKS031372I: CONYBEARE, WILLIAM DANIEL (1787-1857) ; & PHILLIPS, WILLIAM (1775-1828) - Outlines of the Geology of England and Wales, with an Introductory Compendium of the General Principles of that Science,..,.
BOOKS016276I: CONZELMANN, HANS - Die Mitte der Zeit : Studien zur Theologie des Lukas
BOOKS016139I: CONZELMANN, HANS [TORP, ALF] [HANFMANN, GEORGE M.A.] [SUNDWALL, JOH.] [PENKA, KARL] [ MÜNTER, FREDERIK] [ARNIM, H. VON] - Korinth und die Mädchen der Aphrodite..,.[bound with 12 monographs on ancient Greek history, philology & religion, ca. 1830-1967
BOOKS012113I: COOK, O.F. [COQUILLETT, D.W.; HINE, JAMES S.; BANKS, NATHAN; WHITE, G.F.; MARLATT, C.L.; HOOKER, W.A,; QUAINTANCE, A.L.; ET AL] - The Social Organization & Breeding Habits of the Cotton-Protecting Kelep of Guatemala [bound together with 8 other monographs]
BOOKS008294I: COOK, A.H.; & GASKELL, T.F.; EDITORS: - The Earth Today. A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Sir Harold Jeffreys by Some of his Students & Colleagues ...
BOOKS006332I: COOK, ALBERT - History / Writing
BOOKS017728I: COOK, STANLEY ARTHUR [1873-1949] - The Religion of Ancient Palestine in the Light of Archaeology
BOOKS017281I: COOK, SCOTT - Peasant Capitalist Industry: Piecework and Enterprise in Southern Mexican Brickyards
BOOKS016355I: COOK, DAVID - Martyrdom in Islam
BOOKS019910I: COOK, JEFFREY - Seeking Structure From Nature : The Organic Architecture of Hungary
BOOKS002336I: COOK, IAN G.; DOEL, MARCUS A.; LI, REX Y.F. & WANG, YONGJIANG; EDITORS: - Dynamic Asia: Business, Trade and Economic Development in Pacific Asia
BOOKS010624I: COOK, DON - Forging the Alliance: NATO, 1945 - 1950
BOOKS006266I: COOKE, MARCUS & DENNIS, ANTHONY J. - Chemical Analysis & Biological Fate: Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Fifth International Symposium.
BOOKS005464I: COOKE, MICHAEL G. - Acts of Inclusion. Studies Bearing on an Elementary Theory of Romanticism
BOOKS017752I: COOKSON, WILLIAM; EDITOR: - Agenda [Vol. 5, Nos 1-3, Spring-Summer 1967]: David Jones Special Issue
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BOOKS019827I: DANIELSEN, NIELS - Die Frage. Eine sprachwissenschaftliche Untersuchung
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BOOKS026690I: FRIT DANMARK - 29. August 1943 : Hvad de gik forud, hvad der fulgte efter
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BOOKS002152I: DANNEVIG,ALF - The Propagation of the Common Food Fishes on the Norwegian Skager Rack Coast,with Notes on the Hydrography
BOOKS022306I: DANOIS, JACQUES - Les moineaux de Saigon
BOOKS011945I: DANON-BOILEAU, LAURENT - The Silent Child: Exploring the World of Children Who Do Not Speak
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BOOKS006468I: DANOVA, NADIA - Konstantin Gergiev Fotinov v kulturnoto i ideino-politicheskoto razvitie na Balkanite prez XIX vek
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BOOKS009786I: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - Analytical Philosophy of Knowledge
BOOKS019701I: DANTO, GINGER - The Art of George Rodrigue
BOOKS027556I: DANZIGER, MORITZ - Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Hirschsprungschen Krankheit
BOOKS025260I: BÙI MINH DAO - Trông trot truyên thông cua các dân tôc tai chô Tây Nguyên
BOOKS029401I: DAONUA - Phayu sivit
BOOKS001048I: DAOUD, KHALED - Necropoles Memphiticae: Inscriptions from the Herakleopolitan Period
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BOOKS010709I: DAR, SAEEDUDDIN AHMAD - Pakistan's Relations with Egypt 1947-71
BOOKS010064I: DARBY, PHILLIP; EDITOR: - At the Edge of International Relations: Postcolonialism, Gender & Dependency
BOOKS006903I: DARBY, PHILIP, EDITOR: - At the Edge of International Relations. Postcolonialism, Gender & Democracy
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BOOKS004872I: DARGYAY, EVA M. - The Rise of Esoteric Buddhism in Tibet
BOOKS023448I: DARJI, HARESH, "KASBI - Jarookho : Collection of Kutchi Short Stories
BOOKS010903I: DARK, K.R. - Theoretical Archaeology
BOOKS006768I: DARK, PHILIP J.C. - Bush Negro Art : An African Art in the Americas
BOOKS003804I: DARK, K.R. - The Waves of Time: Long-Term Change and International Relations
BOOKS017305I: DARKE, SHANE ; DEGENHARDT, LOUISA ; & MATTICK, RICHARD P. - Mortality amongst Illicit Drug Users : Epidemiology, Causes and Intervention
BOOKS003862I: DARLONG, LETTHUAMA - The Darlongs of Tripura
BOOKS026726I: HESSE-DARMSTADT (GERMANY) - Hessisches Regierungsblatt. Nr. 1. - 25. [Januar-Dezember 1928]
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BOOKS024038I: AUSSTELLUNGSHALLEN MATHILDENHÖHE DARMSTADT ; HESSISCHES LANDESMUSEUM (DARMSTADT, GERMANY) ; KUNSTHALLE DARMSTADT - Ein Dokument deutscher Kunst : Darmstadt, 1901-1976 : Band 4. : Die Künstler der Mathildenhöhe
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BOOKS015920I: DARNTON, ROBERT - Mesmerism and the End of the Enlightenment in France
BOOKS026435I: DARR, ALAN PHIPPS ; & BONSANTI, GIORGIO ; EDITORS: - Donatello e i suoi : scultura fiorentina del primo Rinascimento
BOOKS003752I: DARRACOTT, JOSEPH - The World of Charles Ricketts
BOOKS028768I: DARUDI, SA'ID IBN 'ABD ALLAH - Hawla 'urubat al-Barbar : madkhal ilá 'urubat al-Amazighiyin min khilal al-lisan
BOOKS019459I: DARVAI, DIONYS [ DARVAI, DÉNES ] - Der Begriff "Recht
BOOKS003625I: DARVISHI, IBRAHIM - Khinar : qabilah-i az Nuristan
BOOKS016124I: ABHIRAMA DASA [ MAHAPATRA, PIYUSHKANTI ; EDITOR: ] - Abhirama Dasa-biracita Gobindabijaya / Piyushakanti Mahapatra sampadita
BOOKS021528I: DASA, PURUSHOTTAMA - Mrdanga-vadana : Natha Dvara parampara
BOOKS008968I: DASAGUPTA, JAYANTAKUMARA [ DAS GUPTA, JAYANTA KUMAR ] - A Critical Study of the Life and Novels of Bankimcandra
BOOKS022067I: DASCH, PAT ; EDITOR: - Icy Worlds of the Solar System
BOOKS008770I: DASENBROCK, REED WAY - Imitating the Italians: Wyatt, Spenser, Synge, Pound, Joyce
BOOKS023492I: DASGUPTA, SHASHI BHUSHAN [1912-1964] - An Introduction to Tantric Buddhism
BOOKS011762I: DASGUPTA, SUBRATA - Creativity in Invention and Design: Computational and Cognitive Explorations of Technological Originality
BOOKS010309I: DASGUPTA, SURENDRANATH [1885-1952] - Natural Science of the Ancient Hindus
BOOKS007259I: DASGUPTA, N.C.; EDITOR: - Lok Sabha Debates Sanskrit
BOOKS002086I: DASGUPTA, SUBHAYU - Hindu Ethos and the Challenge of Change
BOOKS021493I: DASGUPTA, ATIS KUMAR - The Fakir and Sannyasi Uprisings
BOOKS008244I: DASH, LAL ASUTOSH - Gondi [Grammar, Text, Dictionary]
BOOKS003033I: DASH, BHAGWAN - Tibetan Medicine with Special Reference to Yoga Sataka
BOOKS006035I: DASH, G.N. - Descriptive Morphology of Oriya
BOOKS003833I: DASH, GOPABANDHU - Kui [Grammar, Texts, Dictionary]
BOOKS003205I: DASH, PRAFULLA CHANDRA - A Comparative Study of the Panian and Candra Systems of Grammar (Krdanta Portion)
BOOKS015857I: DASHTAKI SHIRAZI, GHIYATH AL-DIN MANSUR [1461-1542 CE] [ AWJABI, 'ALI ; EDITOR: ] - Shifa' al-qulub wa-Tajawhur al-ajsam / ta'lif Ghiyath al-Din Mansur ibn Sadr al-Din Muhammad Dashtaki
BOOKS000163I: DASKALOV, GEORGI - Mezhdu revanshizma na Atina, makedonizma na Belgrad i nihilizma na Sofiia: Egeiskite bezhantsi prez 40-te -80-te godini na XX ve
BOOKS004337I: DASSARMA, D.C. & SINHA, N.H. - Marine Cretaceous Formations of Narmada Valley (Bagh Beds), Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat
BOOKS008193I: DASSARMA, D. C. ; BIWAS, S. & ; NANDI, A. - Fossil Vertebrates from the Late Quaternary Deposits of Bankura, Burdwan and Purulia Districts, West Bengal
BOOKS027975I: DASSER, VERENA - Social Concepts of Monkeys
BOOKS008839I: DASSIOS, GEORGE & KLEINMAN, RALPH - Low Frequency Scattering
BOOKS010696I: DASTI, HUMAIRA FAIZ - Multan : A Province of the Mughal Empire (1525-1751)
BOOKS022262I: DASTUR, BACHUBAI HORMAZDYAR - Interpretation of a Few Prayers from the Khordah-Avesta / By Lady Dastur
BOOKS013927I: DASUQI, SALAH - al-Isti'mar al-mushtarak / bi-qalam Salah Dasuqi
BOOKS000074I: DASWANI, C.J. & PARCHANI, S. - Sociolinguistic Survey of Indian Sindhi
BOOKS013484I: DASZEWSKI, WIKTOR ANDRZEJ; & MEYZA, HENRYK - Cypr w badaniach polskich: Materialy z Sesji Naukowej zorganizowanej przez Centrum Archeologii Srodziemnomorskiej
BOOKS010026I: DASZYNSKI, IGNACY [1866-1936] - Z burzliwej doby: mowy sejmowe posla Ignacego Dasznskiego, wygloszone w czasie od pazdziernika 1918 do sierpnia 1919 roku...
BOOKS020287I: DASZYNSKI, IGNACY EWARYST [1866-1936] - Pogadanka o socyalizmie
BOOKS027396I: DATAWALA, SHAHID - Dress Circle
BOOKS019521I: DATCU, IORDAN ; & SAVULESCU, VIORICA ; EDITORS: - O Capodopera a baladei românesti "Toma Alimos" / editie critica si studiu introductiv de Iordan Datcu si Viorica Savulescu
BOOKS013953I: DATI, LEONARDO ; TOLOSANI, GIOVANNI MARIA ; GUALTEROTTI, RAFFAELLO ; [ GALLETTI, GUSTAVO CAMILLO; EDITOR:] - La sfera : libri quattro in ottava rima scritti nel secolo 14. da Leonardo di Stagio Dati ...
BOOKS019309I: DATTA, KALIKINKAR - The Dutch in Bengal and Bihar, 1740-1825 A.D.
BOOKS002439I: DATTA, SAMIR KUMAR - Asvaghosa as a Poet & a Dramatist: A Critical Study
BOOKS002731I: DATTA, K.K. - A Survey of Recent Studies on Modern Indian History
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BOOKS031324I: DELAUNAY, PAUL [1878-1958] - Vieux médecins mayennais : Deuxième série
BOOKS017069I: DELBRÜCK, HANS [1848-1929] - Warfare in Antiquity [ History of the Art of War: Vol. 1 ]
BOOKS019549I: DELBRÜCK, HANS [1848-1929] [ KAUTSKY, KARL ] [ PILOTY, ROBERT] [FRIED, ALFRED H.] [BAB, JULIUS, 1880-1955. - Ludendorffs Selbstporträt mit einer Widerlegung der Foersterschen Gegenschrift [bound together with 4 pamphlets ca.1914-24]
BOOKS020399I: DELEAU, PAUL - Le pays constantinois

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