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BOOKS027499I: BOUSBAINE, AHMED - Comparaisons de traitements ordonnés
BOOKS022006I: BOUSQUET, J.-B. (JEAN BAPTISTE) [1794-1872] - Traité de la vaccine et des éruptions varioleuses ou varioliformes : ouvrage rédigé sur la demande du gouvernement ..,.
BOOKS020242I: BOUSSOULAS, NICOLAS ISIDORE - Etudes platoniciennes
BOOKS021800I: BOUSSOUTROT, AUGUSTE [1856-1937] - Notes sur Medenine : Gsar du Sud / Mulahzat hawla Midnin : qasr min qusur al-Ganub al-Tunisi
BOOKS007993I: BOUTON, MARSHALL M. - Agrarian Radicalism in South India
BOOKS008139I: BOUVIER, NICHOLAS; CRAIG, GORDON A.; & GOSSMAN, LIONEL - Geneva, Zurich, Basel: History, Culture & National Identity
BOOKS030137I: BOUVIER, SAUVEUR HENRI VICTOR [1799-1877] - Mémoire sur la forme générale du crane, dans ses rapports avec le développement de l'intelligence
BOOKS003410I: BOUWMEESTER, DIRK - Quantum Mechanics & Classical Optics
BOOKS028850I: BOUYAAKOUBI, LAHOUCINE - Mohamed Chafik : l'homme de l'unanimité : parcours d'une figure emblématique de la revendication amazighe au Maroc
BOOKS013678I: BOUZEK, JAN ; KOSTOMITSOPOULOS, PHILIPPOS ; ONDREJOVÁ, IVA ; SALAC, ANTONÍN [1885-1960]; & NEPOMUCKY, JAN - The Results of the Czechoslovak Expedition : Kyme II
BOOKS007721I: BOUZY, MICHEL - Les poissons, coquillages, crustacés : leur préparation culinaire
BOOKS030865I: BOVHYRIA, ANDRII - Kozats'ke istoriopysannia v rukopysnii tradytsiï XVIII st. : spysky ta redaktsiï tvoriv
BOOKS023616I: BOVIER, LIONEL ; EDITOR: - Milan Kunc : Sculpture : [exhibition], Galerie Andrea Caratsch, Zürich, [May 27 - September 5, 2009]
BOOKS025673I: BØVING-PETERSEN, JENS ORTEN [1864-1937] - Skabelse eller Udvikling? : I. Darwinismens Forhistorie. II. Darwins Lære. III. Skabelse eller Udvikling
BOOKS030339I: BOVIS, EDMOND DE [1818-1870] - État de la société taitienne a l’arrivée des européens / par M. de Bovis (Lieutenant de Vaisseau)
BOOKS016686I: BOWDEN, JOHN STEPHEN ; EDITOR: - Encyclopedia of Christianity
BOOKS019014I: BOWDER, DIANA - The Age of Constantine and Julian
BOOKS011722I: BOWDITCH, PHEBE LOWELL - Horace and the Gift Economy of Patronage
BOOKS023687I: BOWEN, FRANK C. - The Flag of the Southern Cross, 1939-1945
BOOKS013897I: BOWEN, JOHN RICHARD - Muslims Through Discourse: Ritual in Gayo Society
BOOKS010853I: BOWEN, JOHN R. - Sumatran Politics and Poetics: Gayo History, 1900 -1989
BOOKS019243I: BOWEN, JOHN RICHARD - Why the French Don't Like Headscarves : Islam, the State, and Public Space
BOOKS010296I: BOWEN, PAUL ; EDITOR : - Themes and Issues in Hinduism
BOOKS016298I: BOWEN, J. DONALD (JEAN DONALD) ; EDITOR: [ PHILIPPINE CENTER FOR LANGUAGE STUDY ] - Beginning Tagalog : A Course for Speakers of English
BOOKS019532I: BOWEN, H. C. - The Archaeology of Bokerley Dyke
BOOKS023801I: BOWER, PETER - Turner's Papers : A Study of the Manufacture, Selection and Use of his Drawing Papers, 1787-1820
BOOKS008550I: BOWERS, LEN - The Social Nature of Mental Illness
BOOKS018235I: BOWERSOCK, G. W. (GLEN WARREN) - Julian the Apostate
BOOKS016947I: BOWIE, KATHERINE ANN - Rituals of National Loyalty : An Anthology of the State & The Village Scout Movement in Thailand
BOOKS022427I: BOWIE, FIONA ; KIRKWOOD, DEBORAH ; & ARDENER, SHIRLEY ; EDITORS: - Women and Missions - Past and Present : Anthropological and Historical Perceptions
BOOKS024469I: BOWIE, MALCOLM - Psychoanalysis and the Future of Theory
BOOKS007188I: BOWLER, PETER J. - The Mendelian Revolution. The Emergence of Hereditarian Concepts in Modern Science & Society
BOOKS003234I: BOWLES, PAUL - Paul Bowles on Music
BOOKS003392I: BOWLES, OLIVER - The Technology of Slate
BOOKS002876I: BOWLEY, MARIAN - Studies in the History of Economic Theory before 1870
BOOKS009071I: BOWMAN, ALAN KEIR [1944 - ] - Life and Letters on the Roman Frontier: Vindolanda and its People
BOOKS008769I: BOWMAN, FRANK PAUL - French Romanticism: Intertextual and Interdisciplinary Readings
BOOKS000531I: BOWN, MATTHEW CULLERNE - Socialist Realist Painting
BOOKS006127I: BOWRA, C.M. - The Heritage of Symbolism
BOOKS005663I: BOWRA, C.M. - Tradition and Design in the Iliad
BOOKS021340I: BOWSER, PEARL - Writing Himself Into History : Oscar Micheaux, His Silent Films, and his Audiences
BOOKS006482I: BOWSHER, JUANITA ENEVOLDS - Personal Control and Psychological Well-Being of Institutionalized Elders
BOOKS018482I: BOXER, C. R. (CHARLES RALPH) - The Golden Age of Brazil 1695-1750 : Growing Pains of a Colonial Society
BOOKS018037I: BOXER, MARILYN J. ; & QUATAERT, JEAN HELEN ; EDITORS: - Connecting Spheres : European Women in a Globalizing World, 1500 to the Present
BOOKS013872I: BOYARIN, DANIEL - Dying for God: Martyrdom and the Making of Christianity and Judaism
BOOKS011801I: BOYCE, MARK S. & HANEY, ALAN; EDITORS: - Ecosystem Management: Applications for Sustainable Forest and Wildlife Resources
BOOKS017007I: BOYD, C. A. R. ; & NOBLE, DENIS - The Logic of Life: Challenge of Integrative Physiology
BOOKS015462I: BOYE, THORVALD - Quelques aspects du développment des règles de la neutralité (Extrait du Recueil des Cours)
BOOKS009850I: BOYELDIEU, PASCAL; EDITOR: - La maison du chef et la tete du cabri: Des degres de la determination nominale dans les langues d'Afrique Centrale
BOOKS019388I: BOYER, PAUL S. - When Time Shall Be No More : Prophecy Belief in Modern American Culture
BOOKS013141I: BOYER, PAUL JEAN MARIE [1864 - 1949] - Paul Boyer (1864-1949) chez Tolstoï: Entretiens à Iasnaïa Poliana.
BOOKS021972I: BOYER, MARTHA HAGENSEN - Japanese Export Lacquers from the Seventeenth Century in the National Museum of Denmark
BOOKS003475I: BOYKO, HUGH, EDITOR: - Saline Irrigation for Agriculture & Forestry
BOOKS010100I: BOYLE, KEVIN - The UAW and the Heyday of American Liberalism 1945-1968
BOOKS021102I: BOYSEN, ALFRED ; & SIEWERTSEN, MARIE ; EDITORS: - Stobe an Kiming : Dachte, bile an tääle üt Frashlönj
BOOKS005438I: BOYSEN, GERHARD - Subjonctif et hierarchie.Etude sur l'emploi du subjonctif dans les propositions completives objets de verbes en francais moderne
BOOKS010524I: BOYSSON-BARDIES, BENEDICTE DE - How Language Comes to Children: From Birth to Two Years
BOOKS027647I: BOYVE, JÉRÔME ÉMANUEL - Recherches sur l'indigénat helvétique de la Principauté de Neuchâtel et Vallangin
BOOKS012211I: BOZHKOV, RANGEL - Dimitrovgradskiiat (tsaribrodskiiat) govor
BOOKS013598I: BOZICEVIC NATALIS, FRANJO [FL. 1520 CE] [ MARKOVIC, MIROSLAV; EDITOR: ] - Pesme Franja Bozicevica Natalisa
BOOKS012885I: BOZKOVA, A.; DELEV, P.; & VULCHEVA, D.; EDITORS: - Koprivlen. Volume 1: Rescue Archaeological Investigations Along the Gotse Delchev - Drama Road 1998 - 1999
BOOKS000910I: BOZKURT, GULNIHAL - Alman-Ingiliz belgelerinin ve siyasi gelis¸melerin isigi altinda gayrimüslim Osmanli vatandaslarinin hukukî durumu (1839-1914)
BOOKS000589I: BRAAE, CHRISTEL ; & FERDINAND, KLAUS, EDITORS : - Contribution to Islamic Studies : Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan
BOOKS002359I: BRAATHEN, HELGE - Ryttergraver: Politisk strukturer i eldre rikssamlingstid
BOOKS005250I: BRAATZ, ILSE - Betriebsausflug : Roman einer imaginären Reise in das Portugal von 1975
BOOKS012052I: BRACHER, MARK - Lacan, Discourse, and Social Change: A Psychoanalytic Cultural Criticism
BOOKS006476I: BRACK, O.M., JR. & BARNES, WARNER, EDITORS: - Bibliography and Textual Criticism. English and American Literature, 1700 to the Present
BOOKS016077I: BRACKMAN, ARNOLD C. - Indonesian Communism : A History
BOOKS022678I: BRADBROOK, M. C. (MURIEL CLARA) - The Growth and Structure of Elizabethan Comedy
BOOKS001828I: BRADBURD, DANIEL - Ambiguous Relations : Kin, Class, and Conflict among Komachi Pastoralists
BOOKS000219I: BRADEN, WALDO W., EDITOR: - Oratory in the New South
BOOKS020529I: BRADEN, WILLIAM - The Private Sea : LSD and the Search for God.
BOOKS006965I: BRADFORD, ROGER - Children, Families and Chronic Disease. Psycholgical Models and Methods of Care
BOOKS016329I: BRADFORD, RICHARD - A Linguistic History of English Poetry
BOOKS028342I: BRADFORD, ERNLE DUSGATE SELBY - The Sultan's Admiral : The Life of Barbarossa
BOOKS028552I: BRADFORD, ERNLE [1922-1986] - The Shield and the Sword : the Knights of St John
BOOKS013009I: BRADING, D. A. - Mexican Phoenix: Our Lady of Guadalupe: Image and Tradition across Five Centuries
BOOKS006434I: BRADISTILOVA, MARGARITA - Teatralno izkustvo i folklorna kultura prez epokhata na bulgarskoto Vuzrazhdane
BOOKS001819I: BRADLEY, RICHARD - The Passage of Arms : An Archaeological Analysis of Prehistoric Hoards and Votive Deposits
BOOKS006339I: BRADLEY, RICHARD E. & PACHECO, GUILLERMO, EDITORS: - Canine Heartworm Disease. The Current Knowledge
BOOKS016847I: BRADLEY, MARK PHILLIP - Imagining Vietnam and America: The Making of Postcolonial Vietnam, 1919-1950
BOOKS005813I: BRADLEY, RICHARD - An Archaeology of Natural Places
BOOKS024677I: BRADY, THOMAS A. ; OBERMAN, HEIKO AUGUSTINUS ; & TRACY, JAMES D. ; EDITORS: - Handbook of European History, 1400-1600 : Late Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation : Vol. 2: Visions, Programs and Outcomes
BOOKS013308I: BRADY, MICHAEL [1945 - ] - Robotics Science
BOOKS024676I: BRADY, THOMAS A. ; OBERMAN, HEIKO AUGUSTINUS ; & TRACY, JAMES D. ; EDITORS: - Handbook of European History, 1400-1600 : Late Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation : Vol. 1: Structures and Assertions
BOOKS001318I: BRAESTRUP, F.W. - A Study on the Arctic Fox in Greenland: Immigrations, Fluctuations in Numbers Based Mainly on Statistics
BOOKS026289I: BRAGA JUNIOR, BENJAMIN DO CARMO - Trata especialmente de questões relativas a direitos dos extrangeiros no Brasil
BOOKS025169I: EINAR BRAGI [1921-2005] - Etangs clairs : traduit de e' islandais par Régis Boyer
BOOKS022608I: BRAHA, LIVIU VON - Die "Aufbereitung" von Rockmusik : Empirische und kritische Untersuchungen zur Komponententheorie
BOOKS001201I: BRAHE, TYCHO [ METEOROLOGISKE COMITE, DET KONGELIGE DANSKE VIDENSKABERNES SELSKAB, EDITORS : ] - Tyge Brahes Meteorologiske Dagbog, holdt paa Uraniborg for Aarene 1582 - 1597
BOOKS009113I: BRAHIM, AKKIL - Tilmi n wadu
BOOKS001868I: BRAHMA, MIHINI MOHAN - Folk-Songs of the Bodos
BOOKS000446I: BRAHMA, KAMESWAR - Aspects of Social Customs of the Bodos
BOOKS019876I: BRAHMA, TRIPTI - Lalana parikrama [Volumes 2-4]
BOOKS022901I: BRAHMACHARI, TARAPRANAB - Tantrik Sadhana o Tantrik Kahini
BOOKS013811I: BRAHMANANDAGIRI - Saktanandatarangini / Brahmanandagiriviracita ; sampadakah Rajanathatripathi
BOOKS026466I: BRAIDWOOD, ROBERT JOHN [1907-2003] ; & HOWE, BRUCE - Prehistoric Investigations in Iraqi Kurdistan
BOOKS012938I: BRAJER, ISABELLE - The Transfer of Wall Paintings : Based on Danish Experience
BOOKS013712I: BRAKER, HANS [BRAEKER, HANS] - Kommunismus und Weltreligionen Asiens: Band I, 1: Kommunismus und Islam: Religionsdiskussion und Islan in der Sowjetunion
BOOKS002098I: BRAKER, HANS [BRAEKER, HANS] - Kommunismus und Weltreligionen Asiens...Band I,2: Kommunismus und Islam: Islam und sowjetische Zentral- und Suedostasien Politik
BOOKS011425I: BRAMS, STEVEN J. - Biblical Games: Game Theory and the Hebrew Bible
BOOKS001982I: BRAMSEN, ALFRED - Det Nye Menneske. Storre Livsglaede. Ingen Dodsfrygt
BOOKS017546I: BRAMWELL, DAVID ; & BRAMWELL, ZOE - Flores silvestres de las Islas Canarias
BOOKS010173I: BRANAMAN, ANN; EDITOR: - Self and Society
BOOKS013645I: BRAND, LAURIE A. - Jordan’s Inter-Arab Relations : The Political Economy of Alliance Making
BOOKS011712I: BRAND, LAURIE A. - Women, the State, and Political Liberalization: Middle Eastern and North African Experiences
BOOKS015394I: BRAND, JOHN [1744 - 1806] - Observations on Popular Antiquities Chiefly Illustrating the Origin of Our Vulgar Customs, Ceremonies, and Supersititions
BOOKS028722I: BRAND, CHARLES M. - Byzantium Confronts the West, 1180-1204
BOOKS013205I: BRAND, LAURIE A. - Women, the State, and Political Liberalization: Middle Eastern and North African Experiences
BOOKS022897I: BRAND, CHARLES JOHN [1879-1949] - Grimm Alfalfa and Its Utilization in the Northwest
BOOKS000816I: BRANDAO, FERNANDO DE CASTRO - Relacões diplomáticas e consulares luso-mexicanas
BOOKS010957I: BRANDAUER, FREDERICK P. & HUANG, CHUN-CHIEH; EDITORS: - Imperial Rulership and Cultural Change in Traditional China
BOOKS013286I: BRANDEL, ROSE - The Music of Central Africa : An Ethnomusicological Study: Former French Equatorial Africa, the Former Belgian Congo.,.,,.
BOOKS030130I: BRANDENBURG, ERICH [1877-1936] - Ueber praehistorische Grotten in Phrygien
BOOKS029911I: BRANDES, LUDOVICUS [ BRANDES, LUDVIG ISRAEL (1821-1894)] - De rheumatismo gonorrhoico in universum et de forma ejus acuta : disquisitio, quam pro licentia summos in medicina honores rite
BOOKS028614I: BRANDES, JÖRG-DIETER - Spuren im Wüstensand : die Geschichte der Beduinen vom Jemen bis zum Maghreb
BOOKS008503I: BRANDLER, J.L. - Out of Nigeria : Witness to a Giant's Toils
BOOKS011218I: BRANDON, JAMES R.; EDITOR: - No and Kyogen in the Contemporary World
BOOKS027823I: BRANDON, JAMES R. - Theatre in Southeast Asia
BOOKS024805I: BRANDRUP, FLEMMING - Fejden om Ymerbrønden : billedhuggeren Kai Nielsens Ymerbrønd i Faaborg : optakten, modtagelsen og kunstfejden, 1913
BOOKS028701I: BRANDSTÄTTER, CHRISTIAN - Buchumschläge des Jugendstils
BOOKS015076I: BRANDSTETTER, RENWARD [1860-1942] - Wir Menschen der indonesischen Erde, IV: Die indonesischen Termini der schönen Künste und der künstlerische verklärten..,.
BOOKS027788I: BRANDT, PER AAGE - Dynamiques du sens : études de sémiotique modale
BOOKS027741I: BRANDT, PER AAGE - La Charpente modale du sens : pour une sémio-linguistique morphogénétique et dynamique
BOOKS011769I: BRANDT, JOAN - Geopoetics: The Politics of Mimesis in Poststructuralist French Poetry and Theory
BOOKS022646I: BRANDT, RICHARD B. - A Theory of the Good and the Right
BOOKS010825I: BRANDT, RICHARD B. - Facts, Values, and Morality
BOOKS025498I: BRANDT, C. J. (CARL JOAKIM) [1817-1889] - Om Lunde-kanikken Christiern Pedersen og hans skrifter
BOOKS028428I: BRANDT, SAMUEL [1848-1938] - Über die Entstehungsverhältnisse der Prosaschriften des Lactantius und des Buches De mortibus persecutorum
BOOKS004135I: BRANDT, SOREN - Infinitive Control in Danish
BOOKS002158I: BRANDT, N.J. - Galaktose-1-Fosfat-Uridyl-Transferase: Hereditaer Galaktosaemi, Levercirrhose og Oligofreni. Med et normalmateriale og et ...
BOOKS016082I: BRANDT, DEBORAH - Literacy in American Lives
BOOKS020793I: BRANDT, THOMAS ; & MÜLHAUPT, FREYA ; EDITORS: [ KUNSTSAMMLUNG NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN (GERMANY)] - und nicht die leiseste Spur einer Vorschrift" : Positionen unabhängiger Kunst in Europa um 1937
BOOKS024635I: BRANDT, HARTWIG ; EDITOR: - Restauration und Frühliberalismus : 1814-1840
BOOKS028470I: BRANDT, CARL JOAKIM [1817-1889] ; EDITOR : - Lucidarius : en folkebog fra middelalderen
BOOKS003946I: BRANFORD, JEAN - A Dictionary of South African English
BOOKS026604I: BRANGER, ERHARD - Rechtsgeschichte der freien Walser in der Ostschweiz
BOOKS010807I: BRANTLINGER, PATRICK - Fictions of State : Culture and Credit in Britain, 1694-1994
BOOKS024461I: BRANTLY, SUSAN - The Life and Writings of Laura Marholm
BOOKS023593I: CÂNM"AR"A BRAP - Pravatti sala racana : maratak 100 chnam nai silpah ning vapadharm Khmaer
BOOKS008963I: BRAROE, NIELS WINTHER - Indian & White: Self-Image and Interaction in a Canadian Plains Community
BOOKS018361I: BRASCH, CHR. H. - Prins Georg af Danmark i hans Aegteskab med Dronning Anna af Storbrittannien
BOOKS025943I: BRASCH, CHRISTIAN HENRIK [1811-1894] - Vemmetoftes Historie som Herregaard, Slot og Kloster .,.,: Tredie Del : Vemmetoftes Historie som Kloster
BOOKS025944I: BRASCH, CHRISTIAN HENRIK [1811-1894] - Vemmetoftes Historie som Herregaard, Slot og Kloster.,.,.Anden Del : Vemmetoftes Historie som Slot
BOOKS025945I: BRASCH, CHRISTIAN HENRIK [1811-1894] - Vemmetoftes Historie.,.,.Første Del : Vemmetoftes Historie som Herregaard, tilligemed Høistrups og forrige Frøslevs Historie
BOOKS028046I: BRASK, AAGE - Den skalkagtige Schade og andre Skæbner : En jydsk Familiekreds fra 1600-Tallet
BOOKS006451I: BRASS, PAUL R. - Theft of an Idol: Text and Context in the Representation of Collective Violence
BOOKS022485I: BRASS, PAUL R. - Theft of an Idol : Text and Context in the Representation of Collective Violence
BOOKS001315I: BRASSE, P. - Jonge Migranten en hun vrije tijd. Het sport- en vrijetijdssgedrag van jonge Turken en Marokkanen in Eindhoven en Dordrecht
BOOKS027087I: BRASSEUR, GÉRARD - Les établissements humains au Mali
BOOKS030439I: BRÅTHEN, ALF - Dated Wood from Gotland and the Diocese of Skara
BOOKS030997I: BRATIANU, G.I. (GHEORGHE IOAN) [1898-1953] - Recherches sur le commerce génois dans la mer Noire au XIIIe siècle
BOOKS017215I: BRATKOWSKI, STANISLAS [MOSKOWA, LE PRINCE DE LA] [ECOLE NATIONALE POLONAISE] [LESCOEUR, P.L.] - Hymnes du reveil...,. [bound together with 5 other pamphlets published at Paris concerning Poland, ca.1846-1863]
BOOKS009903I: BRATT, HELGE; DUNER, STEN; MORITZ, MANFRED; & REGNELL, HANS; EDITORS: - Philosophical Essays Dedicated to Gunnar Aspelin
BOOKS014818I: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - The Structures of Everyday Life : The Limits of the Possible
BOOKS014560I: BRAUN, RAINER - Kohelet und die frühhellenistische Popularphilosophie
BOOKS027077I: BRAUN-MUNK, EUGENE CLARENCE [ EDITIONS STOCK ] [ MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) ] - An original typed letter on Editions Stock letterhead, to Henry Miller, dated 15 septembre 1977
BOOKS027070I: BRAUN-MUNK, EUGENE CLARENCE [ EDITIONS STOCK ] [ MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) ] - An original typed letter on Editions Stock letterhead, to Bradley Smith concerning Henry Miller
BOOKS019727I: BRAUN, WILLI - Feasting and Social Rhetoric in Luke 14
BOOKS017510I: BRAUN, MICHAEL - Der poetische Augenblick: Essays zur Gegenwartsliteratur
BOOKS025048I: BRAUN, HEINRICH [1862-1934] - Die Lagerung verletzter und erkrankter Gliedmassen : Leerschienen und verbandlose Wundbehandlung
BOOKS005547I: BRAUN, JOHN T. - The Apostrophic Gesture
BOOKS026827I: BRAUN, GUSTAV [1881-1940] - Entwicklungsgeschichtliche Studien an europäischen Flachlandsküsten und ihren Dünen
BOOKS017093I: BRAUNTHAL, GERARD - Political Loyalty and Public Service in West Germany: 1972 Decree Against Radicals and Its Consequences
BOOKS019398I: BRAW, CHRISTIAN - Quislings tro : han blev förrädare, därför att han var idealist
BOOKS007638I: BRAWLEY, MARK R. - Liberal Leadership : Great Powers and Their Challengers in Peace and War
BOOKS027742I: BRAY, RENÉ [1896-1954] - La formation de la doctrine classique en France
BOOKS015268I: BRAY, FRANCESCA - The Rice Economies: Technology and Development in Asian Societies
BOOKS005858I: BRAY, JEREMY - Production Purpose & Structure : Towards a Socialist Theory of Production
BOOKS005791I: BRAY, GEORGE A. AND RYAN, DONNA H.; EDITORS: - Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Obesity
BOOKS010716I: BRAY, DENYS - The Life-History of a Brahui
BOOKS020421I: BRAY, R. J. ; & LOUGHHEAD, R. E. - Sunspots
BOOKS002807I: BRAYBROOKE, DAVID - Moral Objectives, Rules, and the Forms of Social Change
BOOKS006575I: BRAYNARD, FRANK O. - S.S. Savannah. The Elegant Steam Ship
BOOKS012150I: BRAZIEL, JANA EVANS & LEBESCO, KATHLEEN; EDITORS: - Bodies out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
BOOKS017947I: BRAZIL, DAVID - The Communicative Value of Intonation in English
BOOKS007972I: BREAL, MICHEL - The Beginnings of Semantics: Essays, Lectures & Reviews
BOOKS014799I: BREBNER, JOHN ALEXANDER - The Demon Within : A Study of John Cowper Powys’s Novels
BOOKS002780I: BRECHER, MICHAEL - Succession in India : A Study in Decision-making
BOOKS009118I: BRECHER, MICHAEL - Nehru : A Political Biography
BOOKS007058I: BRECHT, BERTOLT - Fru Carrars Gevaerer
BOOKS016206I: BRECHT, BERTOLT [1898-1956] [WILLETT, JOHN ; EDITOR:] - Letters [1913-1956]
BOOKS024532I: ARBEITSKREIS BERTOLT BRECHT - Arbeitskreis Bertolt Brecht Nachrichtenbrief Nr.s 1-7; 9 -38; 40-76; 78-98; 100; 103/104 [1960-1976]
BOOKS017991I: BREDERECK, HELLMUT [1904-1981] - Ergebnisse der Vitamin- und Hormonforschung [Vitamine und Hormone und ihre technische Darstellung, 1. Teil]
BOOKS009468I: BREDERO, ADRIAAN H. - Bernard of Clairvaux: Between Cult and History
BOOKS001552I: BREDSDORFF, ELIAS, EDITOR: - Sir Edmund Gosse's Correspondance with Scandinavian Writers
BOOKS029535I: BREDSDORFF, JAKOB HORNEMANN [1790-1841] - Aarhuus amt [ Bidrag til Kundskap om de danske Provindsers naervaerende Tilstand i oekonomisk Henseende : Tredie stykke]
BOOKS000479I: BREGAZE, NELI [BREGADZE, NELLI ALEKSANDROVNA] - Mt'is micat'mok'medeba dasavlet' Sak'art'velosi (Memindvreoba Raca-Lec'xumis et'nograp'iuli masalebis mixedvit')
BOOKS001965I: BREGENHØJ, CARSTEN - Helligtrekongersløb på Agersø : Socialt, statistisk og strukturelt
BOOKS016892I: BREGER, DEE - Journeys in Microspace: The Art of the Scanning Electron Microscope
BOOKS017328I: BREISCH, KENNETH A. - Henry Hobson Richardson and the Small Public Library in America : A Study in Typography
BOOKS029120I: BREITENBAUCH, HENRIK Ø. - Cartesian Limbo : A Formal Approach to the Study of Social Sciences : International Relations in France
BOOKS000098I: BREITENSTEIN, THORKILD - Recherches sur le poeme Megara
BOOKS022193I: BREITENSTEIN, THORKILD - Hésiode et Archiloque
BOOKS020064I: BREITUNG, AMAND - Overraskelser fra "Abeteoriens" og udviklingsærens omraade
BOOKS020695I: BREITWIESER, ERWIN - Der Volkskundliche Ertrag der Schriften von Hermann Löns
BOOKS021316I: BRELSFORD, WILLIAM VERNON - The Tribes of Zambia
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BOOKS014117I: CAO GARCÍA, RAMÓN J. & MATOS DÍAZ, HORACIO - Educación universitaria y oportunidad económica en Puerto Rico
BOOKS020418I: CAOURSIN, GUILLAUME [ ISAGER, JACOB ; TRANSLATOR : ] [ SCHRØDER, ULRIK ; EDITOR : ] - Beretning om belejringen af byen Rhodos / Guillaume Caoursin : oversat i Odense 1982 af Jacob Isager
BOOKS004617I: CAPALDI, NICHOLAS - John Stuart Mill: A Biography
BOOKS020231I: CAPECELATRO, ALFONSO, CARDINAL [1824-1912] - La vita del Padre Rocco narrata particolarmente ai popolani
BOOKS025201I: CAPELLE, TORSTEN - Kunst und Kunsthandwerk im bronzezeitlichen Nordeuropa
BOOKS017058I: CAPELLE, TORSTEN - Archäologie der Angelsachsen : Eigenständigkeit und kontinentale Bindung vom 5. bis 9. Jahrhundert
BOOKS023841I: CAPELLINI, GIOVANNI [1833-1922] - Balenottere fossili e pachyacanthus dell'Italia meridionale [bound together with 3 other palaeontological papers by Capellini]
BOOKS018425I: CAPES, RENALT. - Poseidon : A Personal Study of Admiral Lord Nelson
BOOKS027611I: CAPIDAN, THEODOR [1879-1953] - Meglenoromânii : I : Istoria si graiul lor
BOOKS019874I: CAPITAN, JOSEPH LOUIS - Excursion aux villes mortes du Yucatan
BOOKS000129I: CAPITANI, OVIDIO - Immunita Vescovili ed Ecclesiologia ineta " Pregregoriana" e "Gregoriana" : L'Avvio alla "Restaurazione
BOOKS022857I: CAPITÒ, GIUSEPPE - Il carretto siciliano
BOOKS011761I: CAPLAN, DAVID & HILDEBRANDT, NANCY - Disorders of Syntactic Comprehension
BOOKS023911I: CAPLAN, GERALD L. - The Elites of Barotseland, 1878-1969 : A Political History of Zambia’s Western Province
BOOKS003096I: CAPLAN, LIONEL - Land & Social Change in East Nepal : A Study of Hindu-Tribal Relations
BOOKS025955I: CAPLIN, WILLIAM EARL - Theories of Harmonic-Metric Relationships from Rameau to Riemann
BOOKS011861I: CAPPS, DONALD; EDITOR: - Freud and Freudians on Religion: A Reader
BOOKS017314I: CAPPS, DONALD ; EDITOR: - Freud and Freudians on Religion : A Reader
BOOKS013267I: CAPPS, DONALD - Men, Religion, and Melancholia: James, Otto, Jung, and Erikson
BOOKS007139I: CAPRILE, JEAN-PIERRE - La denomination des couleurs chez les Mbay de Moissala (Une ethnie Sara du sud du Tchad)
BOOKS013764I: CAPUTO, MICHAEL R. (RALPH) - Foundations of Dynamic Economic Analysis : Optimal Control Theory and Applications
BOOKS011302I: CAPUTO, JOHN D.; EDITOR: - The Religious
BOOKS009316I: CARABINE, KEITH; KNOWLES, OWEN; & KRAJKA, WIESLAW; EDITORS: - Contexts for Conrad [Conrad: Eastern and Western Perspectives, Volume II]
BOOKS026796I: CARADJA, MARIE G. - Mirror of the Past : Sketches from King Otho's Greece
BOOKS015822I: CARAMANI, DANIÈLE - The Nationalization of Politics : The Formation of National Electorates and Party Systems in Western Europe

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