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BOOKS001218I: MIKULEC, BRONISLAW - Malopolskie Towarzystwo Cukrownicze w latach 1894 - 1939
BOOKS014765I: MIL'SKAIA, L. T. - Svetskaia votchina v Germanii VII-IX vv. i ee rol' v zakreposhchenii krest'ianstva..,.
BOOKS028674I: MILANICH, JERALD T. ; EDITOR : - The Hernando de Soto Expedition
BOOKS003831I: MILCHEV, ATANAS ; & PETKOV, NEDELCHO - Arkheologicheski razkopki i prouchvaniia v chashata na iazovir "Iskur
BOOKS006755I: MILDENBERGER, GERHARD - Die germanischen Funde der Volkerwanderungszeit in Sachsen
BOOKS012323I: MILE, LIGOR K. - Ceshtje te historise agrare shqiptare: fundi i shek. XVIII-vitet 70 te shek. XIX
BOOKS019191I: MILES, EDWARD L. ; EDITOR: - Environmental Regime Effectiveness : Confronting Theory with Evidence
BOOKS009703I: MILES, WILLIAM F.S. - Hausaland Divided: Colonialism and Independence in Nigeria and Niger
BOOKS007688I: MILES, JOSEPHINE - Pathetic Fallacy in the Nineteenth Century: A Study of a Changing Relation Between Object and Emotion
BOOKS000914I: MILES, LELAND - John Colet & the Platonic Tradition
BOOKS013597I: MILETIC, BRANKO - Crmnicki govor
BOOKS013697I: MILETICH, LIUBOMIR - Dvizhenieto otsam Vardara i borbata s vurkhovistitie: Po spomeni na IAne Sandanski, Cherno Pieev, Sava Mikhailov, Khr. Kuslev...
BOOKS019487I: MILETICH, LIUBOMIR [ MILETITCH, LUBOMIR ] - Atrocités grecques en Macédoine pendant la guerre greco-bulgare, par le dr Lubomir Miletitch
BOOKS013603I: MILETITCH, LUBOMIR [MILETICH, LIUBOMIR (1863 - 1937)] - Atrocités grecques en Macédoine pendant la guerre greco-bulgare
BOOKS012689I: MILGROM, PAUL ROBERT [1948- ] - Putting Auction Theory to Work
BOOKS003961I: MILHOJ, POUL - Lonudvikling i Danmark 1914-1950
BOOKS026187I: MILICIC, JOSIP SIBE [1886-1944] - Borovi i masline
BOOKS025418I: DIREZIONE SPERIMENTALE AVIAZIONE MILITARE - Notizario No. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 [1919]
BOOKS011151I: MILKIAS, PAULOS - Ethiopia : A Comprehensive Bibliography
BOOKS021256I: MILKOWSKI, STANISLAW [1905-1945] - Agraryzm jako forma przebudowy ustroju spolecznego
BOOKS009392I: MILLA Y VIDAURRE, JOSÉ [1822 - 1882] - Historia de un Pepe / por Salome Jil
BOOKS024705I: MILLAR, FERGUS ; & SEGAL, ERICH ; EDITORS: - Caesar Augustus : Seven Aspects
BOOKS027286I: MILLER, H. RICHARD (HUGH RICHARD) ; & WIITA, PAUL JOSEPH ; EDITORS : - Active Galactic Nuclei : Proceedings of a Conference held at the Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, October 28-30, 1987
BOOKS012832I: MILLER, STEPHEN G.; KNAPP,M ROBERT C. & CHAMBERLAIN, DAVID - Excavations at Nemea II: The Early Hellenistic Stadium
BOOKS012819I: MILLER, DAVID LEE; O'DAIR, SHARON; & WEBER, HAROLD; EDITORS: - The Production of English Renaissance Culture
BOOKS007252I: MILLER, WAYMON D. - Why I Left the Nazarene Church
BOOKS023902I: MILLER, JOSEPH CALDER - Kings and Kinsmen : Early Mbundu States in Angola
BOOKS011164I: MILLER, ROGER & LESSARD, DONALD - The Strategic Management of Large Engineering Projects: Shaping Institutions, Risks, and Governance
BOOKS011021I: MILLER, SUZANNE M. & MCCASKILL, BARBARA; EDITORS: - Multicultural Literature and Literacies: Making Space for Difference
BOOKS010971I: MILLER, MAUREEN C. - The Formation of a Medieval Church: Ecclesiastical Change in Verona, 950-1150
BOOKS010857I: MILLER, FRANK J. - Folklore for Stalin: Russian Folklore and Pseudofolklore of the Stalin Era
BOOKS012012I: MILLER, JOHN P. - Education and the Soul: Toward a Spiritual Curriculum
BOOKS022760I: MILLER, DANIEL - Modernity : An Ethnographic Approach: Dualism and Mass Consumption in Trinidad
BOOKS018786I: MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) [ BUCHET, GUY ] [ EDITIONS BUCHET / CHASTEL ] - A carbon of a typed-letter initialed by Henry Miller to French publisher Guy Buchet dated April 23 1972
BOOKS018309I: MILLER, MARY ELLEN ; & TAUBE, KARL A. - An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya
BOOKS018109I: MILLER, J. HILLIS - Topographies
BOOKS016989I: MILLER, JEROME G. - Search and Destroy : African-American Males in the Criminal Justice System
BOOKS015145I: MILLER, MARA - The Garden as an Art
BOOKS015118I: MILLER, DAVID NEAL - Fear of Fiction: Narrative Strategies in the Works of Isaac Bashevis Singer
BOOKS016709I: MILLER, MARGARET CHRISTINA - Athens and Persia in the Fifth Century BC: A Study in Cultural Receptivity
BOOKS016552I: MILLER, GEOFFREY - Extreme Prematurity: Practices, Bioethics and the Law
BOOKS016520I: MILLER, LYNNE ELIZABETH - Eat or be Eaten: Predator Sensitive Foraging Among Primates
BOOKS017561I: MILLER, MAJKEN ; MILLER, TANJA ; & BAK, INGOLF - Den politiske udvikling i den danske syndikalisme 1910-21 - set i internationalt perspektiv
BOOKS005506I: MILLER, J. HILLIS - Fiction and Repetition. Seven English Novels.
BOOKS004431I: MILLER, ROBERT H. - Root Anatomy and Morphology : A Guide to the Literature
BOOKS004095I: MILLER, G.M. - The Historical Point of View in English Literary Criticism from 1570-1770
BOOKS003596I: MILLER, JAMES R. - X-Linked Traits. A Catalog of Loci in Nonhuman Mammals
BOOKS002147I: MILLER, PAUL D.; EARDLEY, IAN; & KAPLAN, STEVEN A.; EDITORS: - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Laser and Heat Therapy
BOOKS012394I: MILLER, SUZANNE M. & MCCASKILL, BARBARA; EDITORS: - Multicultural Literature and Literacies : Making Space for Difference
BOOKS010577I: MILLER, GENEVIEVE; EDITOR: - A Bibliography of the Writings of Henry E. Sigerist
BOOKS004495I: MILLER, CHARLES B., EDITOR: - The Biology of the Oceanic Pacific. Proceedings of the Thirty-third Annual Biology Colloquium.
BOOKS020506I: MILLER, JOHN WILLIAM - The Paradox of Cause and Other Essays
BOOKS018827I: MILLER, NANCY K. - Subject to Change : Reading Feminist Writing
BOOKS027082I: MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) [ EDITIONS BUCHET / CHASTEL ] - a collection of three carbons of letters sent to Parisian publisher Editions Buchet / Chastel ca. 1968
BOOKS023790I: MILLER, RICHARD BRIAN - Terror, Religion, and Liberal Thought
BOOKS015555I: MILLGRAM, ELIJAH - Practical Induction
BOOKS003972I: MILLGRAM, ELIJAH; EDITOR: - Varieties of Practical Reasoning
BOOKS006008I: MILLIGAN, S.R., EDITOR: - Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology, Volume 11, 1989
BOOKS006005I: MILLIGAN, S.R., EDITOR: - Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology. Volume 13 , 1991
BOOKS022733I: MILLÓSEVICH, FEDERICO - Il ferro meteorico di Uegit (Somalia Italiana)
BOOKS015040I: MILLOUR, G. - Les saints guérisseurs et protecteurs du bétail en Bretagne
BOOKS011068I: MILLS, J. P. - Folk Stories in Lhota Naga: Text with Interliner and Running English Translation
BOOKS015675I: MILLS, MARGARET ANN - Rhetoric and Politics in Afghan Traditional Storytelling
BOOKS029821I: MILLS, RICHARD HORNER - The Principles of Currency and Banking : Being Five Lectures Delivered in Queen’s College, Cork, to the Students in Arts ..,.
BOOKS014890I: MILLS, NICOLAUS - The Crowd in American Literature
BOOKS003238I: MILLS, RALPH J., JR. - Cry of the Human. Essays on Contemporary American Poetry
BOOKS019475I: MILLS, THELMA - The Complete Book of Common Sense Poems. No. 1.
BOOKS019658I: MILLS, TERENCE C. ; & MARKELLOS, RAPHAEL N. - The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series
BOOKS021765I: MILLS, LENNOX ALGERNON - British Malaya, 1824-67
BOOKS027300I: MILLS, C.F. (COLIN FREDERICK) ; EDITOR: - Zinc in Human Biology
BOOKS002735I: MILLWARD, ROY & ROBINSON, ADRIAN - South-East England : Thameside & the Weald
BOOKS024113I: MILNE, GUSTAV - Timber Building Techniques in London c.900-1400 : An Archaeological Study of Waterfront Installations and Related Material
BOOKS009265I: MILNE, P.H. - Fish and Shellfish Farming in Coastal Waters
BOOKS005793I: MILNER, SUSAN - The Dilemmas of Internationalism : French Syndicalism and the International Labour Movement 1900 -1914
BOOKS000564I: MILOJEVIC, MIROSLAV D. - Macva, Sabacka Posavina i Pocerina : privrednogeografska proucavanja
BOOKS000565I: MILOJEVIC, MIROSLAV D. - Zapadna Srbija : agrarno-geografska proucavanja
BOOKS015877I: MILOJKOVIC-DJURIC, JELENA - Tradition and Avant-Garde: The Arts in Serbian Culture Between the Two World Wars.
BOOKS008225I: MILOVANOVIC, DRAGAN - Postmodern Criminology
BOOKS029642I: MILSTETTER, FRANZ TITUS VON - Infallibilia Insignis Victoriae obtinendae stratagemata ex Ipsa experientia antiqua Seu Triplex Quaestio.,.,.
BOOKS022203I: MILTHERS, VILHELM [1865-1962] - Israndens tilbagerykning fra Østjylland til Sjaelland-Fyn, belyst ved Ledeblokke
BOOKS022205I: MILTHERS, KELD [1907-1960] - Ledeblokke og landskabsformer i Danmark
BOOKS004997I: MINADEO, RICHARD - The Lyre of Science. Form & Meaning in Lucretius' 'De Rerum Natura'
BOOKS014841I: MINAKSISUTA [D. 1974]. [MEENAKSI SUTHA] [MINAKSISUDHA] [UDUPA, ANANDARAMA; EDITOR:] - Sri Minaksisuta : avara kirtigalu, eradaneya bhaga
BOOKS014840I: MINAKSISUTA [D. 1974]. [MEENAKSI SUTHA] [MINAKSISUDHA] [RAJU, APAYAM ; UDUPA, ANANDARAMA; EDITORS:] - Sri Minaksisuta: avara kirtigalu / Tamilu mula
BOOKS019956I: MINAULT, GAIL - The Khilafat Movement : Religious Symbolism and Political Mobilization in India
BOOKS008797I: MINDER, LEO [1887-1961] - Der Zürichsee im Lichte der Seetypenlehre
BOOKS028677I: MINERBI, SERGIO ITZHAK - L'Italie et la Palestine, 1914-1920
BOOKS022472I: MINES, MATTISON - Public Faces, Private Lives : Community and Individuality in South India
BOOKS018168I: MINEV, MIROSLAV - Sedem pogachi za Gospoda : razkazi
BOOKS029309I: MINHALI, NASIR MUHAMMAD SALIMIN - Mahattat tarikhiyah min waqi al-dhakirah / ta'lif Nasir Muhammad Salimin al-Minhali
BOOKS024540I: MINISSALE, FRANCESCA - Curzio Rufo : un romanziere della Storia
BOOKS007742I: [PORTUGAL] MINISTERIO DOS NEGOCIOS DA FAZENDA, DIRECCAO GERAL DA THESOURARIA - Documentos relativos a questao dos tabacos: N.os 1 a 184 sobre negociacoes relativas ao concurso aberto...
BOOKS029827I: CAMBODIA. ANGGABHAB BARTAMAN NING PRATIKAMM RAHAS / OFFICE OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS - White Paper on the 2013 General Election for the 5th Mandate of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.,.,
BOOKS021255I: VIETNAM. COUNCIL OF MINISTERS [ NGUYEN DUY TRINH ] [ PHAM VAN DONG ] - Les problemes vietnamiens de 1961 : economie, culture, réunification nationale, relations étrangères
BOOKS006091I: MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, FEDERAL PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA - White Book on Aggressive Activities by the Governments of the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary...towards Yugoslavia
BOOKS012355I: MINKOV, IGNAT - Suvremennoto Rodopsko zhilishte
BOOKS012333I: MINKOVA, LILIANA TODOROVA - Osip Maksimovich Bodianski i Bulgarskoto vuzrazhdane
BOOKS006221I: MINOR, ROBERT N. - Radhakrishnan. A Religious Biography
BOOKS010127I: MINOWITZ, PETER - Profits, Priests, and Princes: Adam Smith's Emancipation of Economics from Politics and Religion
BOOKS002960I: MINTA, STEPHEN - Love Poetry in Sixteenth-Century France. A Study in Themes & Traditions
BOOKS017959I: MINTER, DAVID L. - A Cultural History of the American Novel
BOOKS005314I: MINTER, DAVID L. - The Interpreted Design as a Structural Principle in American Prose
BOOKS008488I: MINTZ, BETH & ROTHBLUM, ESTHER; EDITORS: - Lesbians in Academia: Degrees of Freedom.
BOOKS015434I: MINTZ, JEROME R. - The Anarchists of Casas Viejas
BOOKS019080I: MINUTOLI, JULIUS, FREIHERR VON [1804-1860] - Spanien und seine fortschreitende Entwickelung, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Jahres 1851
BOOKS000093I: MIOKOVATS, SRBISLAV M. - La Yougoslavie sous le knout. Un Parti Communiste à l'oeuvre. Essais et documents.
BOOKS005761I: MIPUN, JATIN - The Mishings (Miris) of Assam. Development of a New Lifestyle
BOOKS023166I: MIR FAKHRA'I, MAHSHID - Barrasi-i haft'ha
BOOKS025076I: MIR RUBA'I, MUHAMMAD [ MIR AFZALI, SAYYID 'ALI ] - Ruba'iyat-i Fikri-i Mashhadi / surudah-'i Sayyid Muhammad Jamah'baf mutakhallis bih "Fikri" mashhur bih "Mir Ruba'i"..,.
BOOKS025109I: MIR LAWHI, 'ALI - Raghib-i Isfahani : zindagi va asar-i u
BOOKS011600I: MIR FUTRUS, ALI [ MIRFETROUS, ALI ] - Mulahazati dar tarikh-i Iran, Islam va "Islami rastin
BOOKS011601I: MIR FUTRUS, ALI [MIR FETROUS, ALI] [MIRFETROUS, ALI] - Islam shinasi: zaminah ha-yi iqtisadi-ijtimai-i paydayish-i Islam ta payan-i khilafat-i Ali
BOOKS018444I: MIR SHAKARA-I, MUHAMMAD ; & ZIBA'KANARI, ALI - Chay dar Iran : pizhuhish-i mardum shinakhti
BOOKS002603I: MIR, NISAR A. & HASSAN, M. - Current Trends in Perinatal Medicine.Proceedings of the VII Annual Convention National Neonatology Forum (India) ...
BOOKS019802I: MIR FUTRUS, ALI - Islam shinasi
BOOKS020599I: MIR SHUKRAYI, MUHAMMAD ; & BIHRUZIYAN, 'ABD AL-RAHIM - Tarh-i pizhuhish-i mardum'shinasi-i Masulah : zaban-i mardum-i Masulah
BOOKS030983I: MIRAGLIA, LUIGI - Gli Avá, i Guayakí ed i Tobas : Indigeni del Paraguay e regioni limitrofe
BOOKS018212I: MIRALLES, RAFAEL ALIENA - Adelaida Martinez y el honor de la pobreza
BOOKS007704I: MIRANDA, JOSE FRANCISCO BARRETO - Nas vesperas da festa : Centenario da India (Carta de um indio a D. Vasco da Gama)
BOOKS023452I: MIRANDA, ROCKY V. - The Old Konkani Bharata . Volume 1 : Introduction.
BOOKS000869I: MIRANDO MOURAO, JOSE AUGUSTO - A Visão de Túndalo : da fornalha de ferro à cidade de deus : em torno da semiótica das Visões
BOOKS024851I: MIRCHANDANI, MANJU (JAYA) KAMAL - Roohani choond Sindhi kalaam [Volumes 1 & 2]
BOOKS018705I: MIRHADIIEV, M. M. ; ET AL; EDITORS: [ S.M. KIROV ADYNA AZARBAIJAN DOVLAT UNIVERSITETI ] - Azarbaijanda proletar diktaturasy dovlatinin iaradylmasy va mohkamlandirilmasi : elmi asarlarin tematik majmu'asi ..,.
BOOKS003941I: MIRI, MRINAL - Philosophy of Psychoanalysis
BOOKS002362I: MIRI, SUJATA - Suffering
BOOKS025446I: MIRKOVIC, MIJO [ALSO KNOWN AS MATE BALOTA (1898-1963)] - Razvoj ekonomske misli u XIX veku
BOOKS027949I: MIROW, HARTMUT - Möglichkeiten der Bekämpfung des Wurzelkropfes an Baumschulgehölzen
BOOKS010741I: MIRREH, ABDI GAILEH - Die sozialoekonomischen Verhaeltnisse der nomadischen Bevoelkerung im Norden der Demokratischen Republik Somalia
BOOKS005293I: MIRRLEES, JAMES A. - Welfare, Incentives, and Taxation
BOOKS008219I: MISBAHI, SHUKUFAH ; & AYAT ALLAH'ZADAH SHIRAZI, BAQIR - Gumshudah'i az hunar va mi'mari-i Safaviyah, Majmu'ah-i Shaykh Safi al-Din Ardabili : tarh-i baz'sazi-i sardar-i 'Aliqapu ..,.
BOOKS026716I: MISCHLICH, ADAM [1864-1948] - Neue Märchen aus Afrika / Gesammelt und aus der Haussasprache Übersetzt von Professor A. Mischlich
BOOKS017517I: VON MISES, LUDWIG [1881-1973] - Omnipotent Government: The Rise of the Total State and Total War
BOOKS017319I: VON MISES, LUDWIG [1881-1973] - The Theory of Money and Credit
BOOKS014716I: MISHAN, E. J. (EDWARD J.) - What Political Economy Is All About : An Exposition and Critique
BOOKS016223I: MISHKIN, BERNARD - Rank and Warfare Among the Plains Indians
BOOKS022746I: MISHRA, YOGENDRA - History of Videha : From the Earliest Times to the Foundation of the Gupta Empire, A.D. 319
BOOKS011606I: MISHRA, NILAMANI; EDITOR: [MISRA, NILAMANI] - Odiya koili sahitya (Ancient & Medieval)
BOOKS003011I: MISHRA, PARMANAND - Garhwal [ Uttar Pradesh District Gazetteers ]
BOOKS002889I: MISHRA, YOGENDRA - History of Videha (From the Earliest Times to the Foundation of the Gupta Empire A.D. 319)
BOOKS014550I: MISHRA, PRIYANKA - Madhyakal me'in Burhanpur ka Shahrikaran
BOOKS008779I: MISHRA, KEERTI NARAYAN - Apan ekanta mein
BOOKS018546I: MISHRA, UMESHA; EDITOR: [ PANDITA, TRIVIKRAMA ] - Pancayudhaprapancabhana / Trivikramapanditaviracita ; sampadaka / Pancayudha Prapanca Bhana of Trivikrama Pandita
BOOKS022424I: MISHRA, PRASANNA KUMAR - Political Unrest in Orissa in the 19th Century : Anti-British, Anti-Feudal, and Agrarian Risings
BOOKS021132I: MISHRA, R. R. - Effects of Land Reforms in Saurashtra : Report of a Survey Sponsored by Research Programmes Committee, Planning Commission
BOOKS021512I: MISHRA, S. C. (SURESH CHANDRA) - Evolution of Kautilya's Arthasastra : An Inscriptional Approach
BOOKS023477I: MISHRA, SURESH [ MISRA, SURESA ] - The Gond Kingdom of Deogarh
BOOKS030703I: MISHRA, R. P. - Bhagvat Geeta Mein Sthit Pragyata Ka Adarsha
BOOKS001135I: MISIEWICZ, KRZYSZTOF - Teby i Orchomenos w epoce brazu : u zrodel konfliktu dwoch miast w Beocji
BOOKS029724I: MISIRI, NEXHMEDIN - Bimët mjekësore të shqipërisë
BOOKS029725I: MISIRI, NEXHMEDIN ; & VOGLI, HYSEN - 550 receta të mjekësisë popullore
BOOKS000465I: MISKÉ, AHMED-BÂBA - Front Polisario : l'âme d'un peuple : suivi d'un entretien avec Jean Lacouture
BOOKS006623I: MISKEN, MIRCHU - Ass-Pass Gee Zandagi
BOOKS000656I: MISKIEWICZ, ALI - Tatarzy polscy, 1918-1939 : zycie spoleczno-kulturalne i religijne
BOOKS008632I: MISKIMIN, HARRY A. - The Economy of Early Renaissance Europe, 1300-1460
BOOKS028648I: MISLIN, HANS [1907-1993] - Der Phasenwechsel des Rheinlachses (Salmo salar L.) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Ernährungsapparates
BOOKS009028I: MISRA, S.C.; MATHEW, K.S. [EDITORS] & MENDONCA, FRANCIS A. [TRANSLATOR] - Chronica geral dos sucessos do Reyno de Gusarate a qm. chamao Cambaya/ General Chronicle of the Events in the Kingdom of Gujarat
BOOKS002744I: MISRA, G.C. : SAXENA, S.C.; & BHARGAVA, V.K. - Survey Report on Village Parba (A Village Re-study)
BOOKS002488I: MISRA, R.N. - Ancient Artists & Art-activity
BOOKS023379I: MISRA, RATANALALA ; & JHARODA, HASAMA KHANA ; EDITORS & TRANSLATORS: [JANA (1614-1665 CE)] - Kayamakham rasa / Kavijana, urpha, Niyamata Khana Kayamakhani ; Hindi anuvada, Ratanalala Misra ..,.
BOOKS008831I: MISRA, GIRISH K. & GUPTA, RAKESH - Resettlement Policies in Delhi
BOOKS008718I: MISRA, SADANA - Rajanarttaki: aitihasika Maithili nataka
BOOKS008663I: MISRA, AMARENDRA - Bhagavana Birasa, prabandha kavya
BOOKS008658I: MISRA, AMOLA PRASADA - Kaviratna Krshna Prasada Sarma "Ghirme": vyaktitva evam krtitva
BOOKS007883I: MISRA, KULAMANI [1918-1990] - Bani bilasa
BOOKS006289I: MISRA, KALPANA - From Post-Maoism to Post-Marxism: The Erosion of Official Ideology in Deng's China
BOOKS005770I: MISRA, K.K. - Social Structure and Change Among the Ho of Orissa
BOOKS002223I: MISRA, BABU ; EDITOR : [ GADADHARABHATTACARYA (ACTIVE 17TH CENTURY-18TH CENTURY CE)] - Vyutpattivadah / Srimadgadadharabhattacaryapranitah : Vidyavacaspatis asinathajhasarmanirmita'rthadipikaya savalitena,..,.
BOOKS000567I: MISRA, BAL GOVIND AND DUA, HANS RAJ, EDITORS: - Language Use in Himachal Pradesh
BOOKS000568I: MISRA, PROMODE KUMAR - The Nomadic Gadulia Lohar of Eastern Rajasthan
BOOKS001720I: MISRA,RAJALAKSHMI - Mullukurumbas of Kappala
BOOKS001512I: MISRA, V.N. - Pre- and Proto-History of the Berach Basin, South Rajasthan
BOOKS000566I: MISRA, BAL GOVIND, EDITOR - Lexicography in India (Proceedings of the First National Conference on Dictionary making in Indian Languages, Mysore,1970)
BOOKS001719I: MISRA, PROMODE KUMAR, EDITOR: - Cultural Profiles of Mysore City
BOOKS019438I: MISRA, RAGHUNATHA ; EDITOR: [ MAHESVARANANDANATHA (18TH CENTURY AD) SAUBHAGYANANDADOHA ] - Paramanandatantram : Mahesvaranandanathaviracitaya Saubhagyanandasandohakhyavyakhyaya samvalitam / sampadakah Raghunathamisrah
BOOKS020876I: BHANUDATTA MISRA [ PANDEYA, JANARDANA SASTRI ; EDITOR: ] - Rasamanjari / Srimadbhanudattaviracita : Visvesvarakrtaya "samanjasa"-vyakhyaya, Janardanapandeyakrtaya ..,.
BOOKS021778I: MISRA, KULAMANI [ PANDA, BHAGABANA ; EDITOR: ] - Dharmasastrasabdakosah [Volume I & II] / Kulamanimisrasarma ; sampadakah Bhagavanpandasarma
BOOKS003073I: MISRA, SATISH C.; EDITOR: - Qissa-i-Ghamgin of Munshi 'Abbas 'Ali. Edited with Introduction & Notes
BOOKS028093I: MISS, STIG ; & WITH, GERTRUD ; EDITORS : - Asmus Jacob Carstens’ og Joseph Anton Kochs værker i Thorvaldsens Museum
BOOKS006580I: MISSAC, PIERRE - Walter Benjamin's Passages
BOOKS030798I: AMBEDKAR MISSION - Outcry : A Voice of the Oppressed [1990]
BOOKS024298I: ØSTERLANDS-MISSIONEN (DENMARK) - Meddelelser fra Østerlands-Missionen : IV. Bind 1913-1916 [13.-16. Aargang]
BOOKS024575I: ØSTERLANDS-MISSIONEN (DENMARK) - Meddelelser fra Østerlandsmissionen : XI. Bind : Aarene 1938-1940 [38.-40. Aargang]
BOOKS024574I: ØSTERLANDS-MISSIONEN (DENMARK) - Meddelelser fra Østerlandsmissionen : X. Bind : Aarene 1935-1937 [35.-37. Aargang]
BOOKS023974I: ØSTERLANDS-MISSIONEN (DENMARK) - Meddelelser fra Østerlands-Missionen : I. Bind 1901-1904
BOOKS024012I: ØSTERLANDS-MISSIONEN (DENMARK) - Meddelelser fra Østerlands-Missionen : II. Bind 1905-1908 [5.-8. Aargang]
BOOKS024572I: ØSTERLANDS-MISSIONEN (DENMARK) - Meddelelser fra Østerlandsmissionen : VIII. Bind 1929-1931 [29.-31. Aargang]
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BOOKS002875I: MUJEEB, M. - The Indian Muslims
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BOOKS021776I: MUKERJI, KARUNAMOY - Agriculture, Famine and Rehabilitation in South Asia : A Regional Approach
BOOKS019159I: MUKHARJI, PRASANTA BIHARI - The Critical Problems of the Indian Constitution
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BOOKS009027I: MUKHERJEE, B.N. - The Disintegration of the Kushana Empire
BOOKS008940I: MUKHERJEE, SUJIT - Some Positions on a Literary History of India
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BOOKS021625I: MUKHERJEE, BRATINDRA NATH - Origin of Brahmi and Kharoshti Scripts
BOOKS021773I: MUKHERJEE, BRATINDRA NATH - Kushana Silver Coinage
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BOOKS006082I: MURMU, RAGHUNATH [1905-1982] - Kherwal bir
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BOOKS020801I: MURSALPUR, MUHSIN - Tarikh-i Saljuqiyan-i Kirman
BOOKS030335I: MURSHIDI, SIYAVASH - Zaban-i Zaza : (Daylami)
BOOKS030237I: MURTEZAI, EKREM ; AJETI, IDRIZ ; REXHEPAGIQ, JASHAR; NUSHI, PAJAZIT; & QEMAJL, MORINA ; EDITORS : - Terminologjia Islame : (Tryezë shkencore, Prishtinë, 10 nëntor, 2005) / këshilli organizues Ekrem Murtezai, kryetar ... [et al.]
BOOKS008974I: MURTHY, M.V.N. ; SRIVASTAVA, S.N.P.; & DUBE, ANANDA - Indian Meteorites
BOOKS018917I: MURTHY, GURUPRASAD - Discounted Cash Flow
BOOKS015329I: MURTHY, V.S.R. - Proprioceptors of the Scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes
BOOKS000483I: MURTHY, K. SREERAMA - Effects of Irrigation Water Quality on Soil-Rice Interrelationships
BOOKS015417I: MURTORINNE, EINO - Erzbischof Eidem zum deutschen Kirchenkampf, 1933-1934.
BOOKS002355I: MURTY, K. SATCHIDANANDA - The Indian Spirit
BOOKS002361I: MURTY, K. SATCHIDANANDA - The Realm of Between. Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion
BOOKS018895I: MURUBE DEL CASTILLO, JUAN - Influjo de la lengua inglesa en el español usado por los oftalmólogos / Influence of the Angloamerican Language ..,.
BOOKS018902I: MEENAKSHI MURUGARATHANAM - Kalki's Short Stories : A Study
BOOKS001771I: MURUGESAN, K. ; & SUBRAMANYAM, C.S. - Singaravelu : First Communist in South India
BOOKS031061I: MURUKATACAN, KANTAIYA - Cekai Aliyan navalka : oru tiranayvu nokku
BOOKS000684I: MUSA, MOHAMMED - Jawan to General : Recollections of a Pakistani Soldier
BOOKS029417I: MUSAEV, M. A ; EDITOR : - Agaxan Agabauli 100
BOOKS020771I: MUSAT, MIRCEA ; & ARDELEANU, ION - Political Life in Romania 1918-1921
BOOKS015710I: MUSAVIFARD, MUHSIN - Khatirat-i hujjat al-Islam va al-Muslimin Sayyid Muhsin Musavi'fard (Kashani)
BOOKS028688I: MUSCA, GIOSUÈ - Carlo Magno e Harun al-Rashid
BOOKS025207I: ODENSE BYS MUSEER - Fynske Minder [a collection of 31 volumes, ca. 1951-1992]
BOOKS018946I: MEDICINHISTORISKA MUSEET (STOCKHOLM) - Föreningen Medicinhistoriska Museets Vänner Aarsskrift [Vol. I - 15 (1957-1972)] [ Medicinhistorisk årsbok ]
BOOKS020903I: MODERNA MUSEET (STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN) - Alternative suédoise / Svenskt alternativ
BOOKS027650I: DEUTSCHES HISTORISCHES MUSEUM - Preussen 1701 : eine europäische Geschichte : [Bind I] : Katalog
BOOKS025468I: MAINFRÄNKISCHES MUSEUM (WÜRZBURG, GERMANY) - Unter Verschluss : Schlösser, Schlüssel und Beschläge aus den Sammlungen des Mainfränkischen Museums Würzburg
BOOKS028087I: NEWARK MUSEUM - Catalogue of the Tibetan Collection and other Lamaist Articles in the Newark Museum : Volume I ..,.
BOOKS028088I: NEWARK MUSEUM - Catalogue of the Tibetan Collection and other Lamaist Articles in the Newark Museum : Volume 2 : Prayer .,.,.
BOOKS018743I: BERNISCHES HISTORISCHES MUSEUM [ HISTORICAL MUSEUM, BERNE ] - Le butin des guerres de Bourgogne ..,. / The Burgundian Booty and Works of Burgundian Court Art
BOOKS016446I: BRITISH MUSEUM - Captain Cook and the South Pacific
BOOKS020829I: THORVALDSENS MUSEUM [ BJURSTRÖM, PER : & THORNTON, ANNE ; COMPILERS & TRANSLATORS: ] - Johan Tobias Sergel, 1740-1814 : Catalogue with an English translation : Udstilling i Thorvaldsens Museum 29. januar- 1. april
BOOKS027317I: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF MUSEUMS - Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property in Africa
BOOKS027341I: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF MUSEUMS - Looting in Africa / Pillage en Afrique : Cent objets disparus / One Hundred Missing Objects
BOOKS025234I: RIBE AMTS MUSEUMSRÅD - Mark og montre : fra sydvestjyske museer [ a collection of 29 volumes ca. 1967-2000 ]
BOOKS010091I: MUSGRAVE, PETER - Land and Economy in Baroque Italy: Valpolicella, 1630-1797
BOOKS025920I: INTERNATIONALEN GESELLSCHAFT FÜR MUSIKWISSENSCHAFT / INTERNATIONAL MUSICOLOGICAL SOCIETY / SOCIÉTÉ INTERNATIONALE DE MUSICOLOGIE - Acta musicologica : Mitteilungen der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Musikwissenschaft : Vol. X - Vol. XIII [1938-1941]
BOOKS006912I: MUSIKER, REUBEN & MUSIKER, NAOMI - Guide to South African Reference Books

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