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BOOKS027909I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] ; EDITOR : - Gesänge russischer Kriegsgefangener : II. Band : Turktatarische Völker : 2. Abteilung: Baschkirische Gesänge
BOOKS027904I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] ; EDITOR : - Gesänge russischer Kriegsgefangener : I. Band : Finnisch-ugrisch Völker : 4. Abteilung: Tschuwaschische Gesänge
BOOKS027905I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] ; EDITOR : - Gesänge russischer Kriegsgefangener : I. Band : Finnisch-ugrisch Völker : 3. Abteilung: Tscheremissische Gesänge
BOOKS027907I: LACH, ROBERT [1874-1958] ; EDITOR : - Gesänge russischer Kriegsgefangener : II. Band : Turktatarische Völker : 1. Abteilung: Krimtatarische Gesänge
BOOKS006646I: LACHHANI, JAGDISH SOBHRAJ - Sindhi Kahania-Ji-Oser
BOOKS013057I: LACHMANN, KARL [1793 - 1851] - Betrachtungen über Homers Ilias / von Karl Lachmann ; mit Zusätzen von Moriz Haupt
BOOKS014000I: LACHS, JOHN - Mind and Philosophers
BOOKS000988I: LACINA, VLATISLAV - Formovani ceskoslovenske ekonomiky 1918-1923
BOOKS010242I: LACK, DAVID LAMBERT [1910-1973] - Population Studies of Birds
BOOKS002472I: LACOMBA, JUAN ANTONIO - Introduccion a la historia economica de la Espana contemporanea
BOOKS012542I: LACOMBE, HERVE - The Keys to French Opera in the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS011192I: LACOUE-LABARTHE, PHILIPPE - Musica Ficta (Figures of Wagner)
BOOKS015087I: LACOUTURE, JEAN - Pierre Mendès France
BOOKS001690I: LACZKO, LESLIE - Pluralism & Inequality in Quebec
BOOKS013087I: LADEFOGED, JORGEN - Renal Circulation in Hypertension. The Xenon--133 Desaturation Method
BOOKS007194I: LADEMANN, AXEL - Postneonatally Acquired Cerebral Palsy. A Study of the Aetiology, Clinical Findings & Prognosis in 170 Cases
BOOKS005933I: LADER, MALCOLM & MARKS, ISAAC - Clinical Anxiety
BOOKS016932I: LADERMAN, CAROL - Taming the Winds of Desire : Psychology, Medicine & Aesthetics in Malay Shamanistic Performance
BOOKS019735I: LADEVEZE, R. DE - Demandaro pri la historio, literaturo kaj organizajoj de Esperanto por esperantaj ekzamenoj
BOOKS002138I: LADLA, NAMDEV D. - Adabi Guncho
BOOKS003391I: LADOO, RAYMOND B. - Talc & Soapstone.Their Mining, Milling, Products & Uses
BOOKS029116I: LAECHLE, LOUIS ; EDITOR : - Die Muskete : Humoristische Wochenschrift [a collection of 19 issues, ca. 1912 -1918]
BOOKS026219I: LAEMMLE, PETER ; EDITOR: - Realismus, welcher? : 16 Autoren auf der Suche nach einem literararischen Begriff
BOOKS011496I: LAENEN, ARIE - Dinamica y Transformacion de la Pequena Industria en Nicaragua
BOOKS025825I: KOMITEEN FOR REGENTSENS LAESEFORENING [ DREJER, SALOMON THOMAS NICOLAI (1813-1842); BREINHOLM, ALBERT AUGUST (18171-1843) ET AL.] - Ophævelsen af Regentsens Læseforening : et Supplementblad til Universitetets indre Historie
BOOKS009256I: LAESSOE, JORGEN - The Shemshara Tablets : A Preliminary Report
BOOKS007479I: DE LAET, SIGFRIED; NENQUIN, JACQUES A.E. & SPITAELS, PAULE - Contributions a l'etude de la civilisation des Champs d'Urnes en Flandre
BOOKS014065I: LAFARGUE, MICHAEL [ LAO-TZU ] - The Tao of the Tao Te Ching : A Translation and Commentary
BOOKS008491I: LAFARGUE, FERNAND - Religion, magie, sorcellerie des Abidji en Cote d'Ivoire
BOOKS020067I: LAFARGUE, PAUL [1842-1911] - Praca umyslowa wobec maszyny / Pawel Lafargue
BOOKS002658I: LAFEBER, DAVID - Geologische en Petrologische Onderzoekingen in het Noordwestelijke Norra Storfjall (Zuidelijk Zweedsch Lapland)
BOOKS016540I: LAFFAN, MICHAEL - The Resurrection of Ireland: The Sinn Fein Party, 1916-1923
BOOKS002066I: LAFFITTE, JACQUES, ABBÉ - Le Dahomé : Souvenirs de voyage et de mission / par M. l'abbé Laffitte
BOOKS017793I: LAFFORGUE, GERMAIN - Le vignoble girondin [ Vignobles de vins fins & eaux-de-vie de France, Tome I ]
BOOKS013805I: LAFLEUR, WILLIAM R. - The Karma of Words: Buddhism and the Literary Arts in Mediaeval Japan
BOOKS015597I: LAFLEUR, WILLIAM R. - Liquid Life: Abortion and Buddhism in Japan
BOOKS011178I: LAFUENTE, MODESTO [1806-1866], EDITOR: - Fray Gerundio: periodico de Leon [later: "Fray Gerundio: periodico satirico de politica y costumbres]
BOOKS027344I: LAGAT, KIPROP ; & HUDSON, JULIE ; EDITORS : - Hazina : Traditions, Trade, and Transitions in Eastern Africa
BOOKS027945I: LAGER, HERBERT ; & PETER, ILKA - Perchtentanz im Pinzgau
BOOKS014199I: LAGERCRANTZ, STURE - Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte der afrikanischen Jagdfallen
BOOKS022005I: LAGERCRANTZ, HUGO - The Newborn Brain : Neuroscience and Clinical Applications - Second Edition
BOOKS026698I: LAGERLÖF, ERLAND - Medeltida träkyrkor : Del 2 : Västergötland, Värmland, Närke
BOOKS011091I: LAGERLOF, MARGARETHA ROSSHOLM [LAGERLÖF, MARGARETHA ROSSHOLM] - The Sculptures of the Parthenon: Aesthetics and Interpretation
BOOKS017769I: LAGERLÖF, KARL ERIK ; EDITOR: - Modern Swedish Prose in Translation
BOOKS013152I: LAGERROTH, FREDRIK [1885 - 19??] - Tyskt och nordiskt i Danmarks forfattningsutveckling 1660-1849. Till 100-Aarsminnet av Junigrundlovens Tillkomst.
BOOKS024333I: LAGLER, WILFRIED - Die Minderheitenpolitik der schleswig-holsteinischen Landesregierung während des Kabinetts v. Hassel (1954-1963) ..,.
BOOKS001944I: LAGNEAU, GUSTAVE - Considerations Medicales et Anthropologiques sur la Reorganisation de l'Armee en France
BOOKS030087I: LAGNEAU, GUSTAVE SIMON [1827-1896] - Quelques remarques ethnologiques sur la répartition géographique de certaines infirmités en France
BOOKS027646I: LAGNY, JEAN - Bibliographie des éditions anciennes des oeuvres de Saint-Amant
BOOKS003541I: LAGRULA, JEAN - Etude Gravimetrique de l'Algerie - Tunisie
BOOKS028418I: LAHAUSEN, EDMUND - Hinlängliche Antwort auf den sogenannten gründlichen Beweiss [bound together with 3 other works by Lahausen ca. 1745-47]
BOOKS029311I: LAHIJJI, 'ALI IBN SHAMS AL -DIN BIN HAJJI HUSAYIN [ PARTU, AFSHIN ] - Tarikh Khani : nigarish-i 'Ali ibn Shams al-Din Hajji Husayn Lahiji tashih va tahshiyah
BOOKS023489I: LAHIRI, NAYANJOT - Pre-Ahom Assam : Studies in the Inscriptions of Assam Between the Fifth and the Thirteenth Centuries AD
BOOKS001221I: LAHIRI, BELA - Indigenous States of Northern India (Circa 200 B.C. to 320 A.D.)
BOOKS004349I: LAHME, HANS-NORBERT - Sozialdemokratie und Landarbeiter in Danemark (1871-1900). Eine Studie zur Entiwicklung von Theorie und Praxis...
BOOKS027621I: LAHODA, VOJTECH - Ceský kubismus
BOOKS021357I: LAHR, ANGELA M. - Millennial Dreams and Apocalyptic Nightmares : The Cold War Origins of Political Evangelicalism
BOOKS006190I: LAI TSE-HAN; MYERS, RAMON H. & WEI, WOU - A Tragic Beginning: The Taiwan Uprising of February 28, 1947
BOOKS016027I: LAI, WALLY LOOK - The Present Stage of the Trinidad Revolution
BOOKS020497I: LAIDLAW, WALTER [1838-1911] - Poetry and Prose
BOOKS007942I: LAIDLER, DAVIS - The Golden Age of Quantity Theory
BOOKS022654I: LAING, DAVE - The Marxist Theory of Art
BOOKS028706I: LAIOU, ANGELIKI E. - Constantinople and the Latins : The Foreign Policy of Andronicus II, 1282-1328
BOOKS012109I: LAIR, JULES AUGUSTE [1836-1907] - Louise de La Valliere et la jeunesse de Louis XIV : d’apres des documents inedits
BOOKS003696I: LAIR, J. - Louise de la Valliere et la Jeunesse de Louis XIV d'apres des Documents inedits avec le texte authentique des lettres ...
BOOKS014255I: LAITIN, DAVID D. - Language Repertoires and State Construction in Africa
BOOKS022454I: LAITIN, DAVID D. - Hegemony and Culture : Politics and Religious Change Among the Yoruba
BOOKS023541I: LAJAPATHI ROY, T. - Atrocities Against Dalits and Relevance of Land Reforms : With Special Reference to Tamilnadu
BOOKS024491I: LAK'PUR, SIMIN - Sifid'ru'i
BOOKS012989I: LAKATOS, MENYHERT - A titok (elbedszelesek es mesek)
BOOKS002730I: LAKDAWALA, D.T.; KOTHARI, V.N.; SANDESARA, J.C. & NAIR, P.A. - Work, Wages & Well-Being in an Indian Metropolis. Economic Survey of Bombay City
BOOKS014029I: LAKE, CARLTON - Confessions of a Literary Archaeologist
BOOKS003369I: LAKEMAN, RIENK - Geology & Petrology of the Brandsfjall Region, Swedish Lapland
BOOKS011473I: LAKOFF, ROBIN TOLMACH - The Language War
BOOKS016025I: LAKOFF, ANDREW - Pharmaceutical Reason: Knowledge and Value in Global Psychiatry
BOOKS010316I: LAKSHMAN, WELIGMAGE D. & TISDELL, CLEMENT D.; EDITORS: - Sri Lanka's Development Since Independence : Socio-Economic Perspectives & Analyses
BOOKS001476I: LAKSHMINARAYANA, H.D. - Analysis of Family Patterns through a Century: Mysore State
BOOKS012497I: LAKSMANADHVARI [17TH CENTURY] [ PADHYE, D. G.; EDITOR ] - Organtivamsavardhanalaksmanadhvarikrtam Sitaramaviharakavyam / D. G. Padhye.
BOOKS010666I: LAKZAYI, SHARIF - Barrasi-i tatbiqi-i nazariyahha-yi vilayat-i faqih
BOOKS001486I: LAL, PARMANAND - Great Nicobar Island. A Study in Human Ecology
BOOKS022874I: LAL, KISHORI SARAN - History of the Khaljis, A.D. 1290-1320
BOOKS019219I: LAL, DEEPAK - Reviving the Invisible Hand : The Case for Classical Liberalism in the Twenty-first Century
BOOKS006867I: LAL, K.S. - Indian Muslims. Who are They
BOOKS010509I: LAL, MAKKHAN - Archaeology of Population (A Study of Population Change in the Ganga-Yamuna Doab from 2nd Millennium B.C. to the Present)
BOOKS001487I: LAL,SAM MOHAM - Convergence & Language Shift in a Linguistic Minority: A Sociolinguistic Study of Tamils in Bangalore City
BOOKS000911I: LAL, PARMANAND AND DAS GUPTA, BIMAN KUMAR - Lower Siang People. A Study in Ecology and Society
BOOKS021415I: LAL, VICTOR - Fiji : Coups in Paradise : Race, Politics, and Military Intervention
BOOKS004791I: LAL, SHYAM KISHORE - Female Divinities in Hindu Mythology & Ritual
BOOKS020466I: LALANCE, AUGUSTE [1830-1920] ; TRANSLATOR: - L'avenir des peuples de l'Europe centrale
BOOKS006620I: LALCHANDANI, CHOITHRAM "KATIB - Sipun Manjh Surhan (Literary & Critical Essays)
BOOKS007916I: LALINON GBADO, BEATRICE - En marche vers la liberté: Tome 2: Bénin, la période transitoire: février 1990-avril 1991: chronique et analyse
BOOKS014946I: LALKOV, MILCO; HEPPNER, HARALD & PRESHLENOVA, RUMJANA ; EDITORS: - Österreich, Österreich-Ungarn und die entwicklung der bulgarischen Eliten 1815-1918 ..,.
BOOKS009729I: LALLACARYA [CHATTERJEE, BINA (1906-19??); EDITOR] - Sisyadhivrddhida Tantra of Lalla. With the Commentary of Mallikarjuna Suri. Critical Edition with Introduction...Part II
BOOKS012409I: LALLACARYA [CHATTERJEE, BINA (1906-19??); EDITOR] - Sisyadhivrddhida Tantra of Lalla with the Commentary of Mallikarjuna Suri: Part 2: Translation and Mathematical Notes
BOOKS004716I: LALLI, CAROL M. & GILMER, RONALD W. - Pelagic Snails: The Biology of Holoplanktonic Gastropod Mollusks
BOOKS001845I: LALNITHANGA, P. - Mizoram: Census Atlas
BOOKS008875I: LALWANI, JETHANAND B. - Khubsorat Ain Gunwan Bbaar Jaman Jo Raaz
BOOKS006624I: LALWANI, JETHO & BHAMBHANI, ARJUN, EDITORS: - Jivan Gursahani (Man & Artist)
BOOKS001751I: LALWANI, SUSHILA J. - Nirmala Nurse Jo Khoon (Balu Barister Series Original Novel)
BOOKS017452I: LAM, ABOUBACRY MOUSSA - Les chemins du Nil : Les relations entre l'Égypte ancienne et l'Afrique noire
BOOKS030506I: BÁ NAM LÂM - Nghê dêt cô truyên o dông bàng Bác bô Viêt Nam
BOOKS025866I: OFFICE OF HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA - Tibetans in Exile, 1959-1969 : A Report on Ten Years of Rehabilitation in India / compiled by the Office of H.H. Dalai Lama
BOOKS011675I: LAMB, SARAH - White Saris and Sweet Mangoes: Aging, Gender, and Body in North India
BOOKS011311I: LAMB, CHARLES [1775-1834] [MARRS, EDWIN W.; EDITOR] - The Letters of Charles and Mary Anne Lamb. Volume III, 1809 - 1817
BOOKS002909I: LAMB, ALASTAIR - Crisis in Kashmir 1947 - 1966
BOOKS006040I: LAMB, GEOFF - Peasant Politics: Conflict and Development in Murang'a
BOOKS009773I: LAMB, CHRISTOPHER & BRYANT, M. DARROL; EDITOR: - Religious Conversion : Contemporary Practices and Controversies
BOOKS020996I: LAMB, GEORGE [1869-1911] - On the Action of the Venoms of the Cobra [Naja Tripudians] and of the Daboia [Daboia Rusellii] : On the Red Blood Corpuscles..,.
BOOKS013473I: LAMBERT, ALOYS - Animaux de la cote atlantique marocaine
BOOKS024656I: LAMBERT, MALCOLM D. - The Cathars
BOOKS025241I: LAMBERT, SHEILA - Bills and Acts : Legislative Procedure in Eighteenth-century England
BOOKS011927I: LAMBERTON, DONALD; EDITOR: - Managing the Global: Globalisation, Employment and Quality of Life
BOOKS001322I: LAMBOTTE-LEGRAND, J. AND LAMBOTTE-LEGRAND, C. - L'Anemie a Hematies falciformes chez l'enfant indigene du Bas-Congo
BOOKS015808I: LAMBRECHT, FRANK L. - In the Shade of an Acacia Tree : Memoirs of a Health Officer in Africa, 1945 - 1959
BOOKS027791I: LAMBRINO, SCARLAT - Les divinités orientales en Lusitanie et le Sanctuaire de Panóias
BOOKS008666I: LAMBROPOULOS, VASSILIS - Literature as National Institution: Studies in the Politics of Modern Greek Criticism
BOOKS000559I: LAMCE, SERVET - Pogradeci (Kaza e Staroves). Ne Lufte per Liri, Ruajtjen e Pavarsise dhe Demokraci.
BOOKS031112I: LAMESLE, CLAUDE - The Type-Specimens of Claude Lamesle : A Facsimile of the First Edition Printed at Paris in 1742
BOOKS006327I: LAMINGER-PASCHER, GERTRUD - Lykaonien und die Phryger
BOOKS021494I: LAMMERS, WALTHER - Vestigia mediaevalia : ausgewählte Aufsätze zur mittelalterlichen Historiographie, Landes- und Kirchengeschichte
BOOKS013270I: LAMPE, JOHN R.; PRICKETT, RUSSELL O.; & ADAMOVIC, LJUBISA S. - Yugoslav-American Economic Relations since World War II
BOOKS019352I: LAMPE, JOHN R. - Yugoslavia as History : Twice There was a Country
BOOKS030500I: LAMPEL, JOSEF - Die Landesgrenze von 1254 und das steirische Ennsthal : Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des österreichischen Zwischenreichs
BOOKS008629I: LAMPERT, NICK & RITTERSPORN, GABOR TAMAS; EDITORS: - Stalinism: Its Nature and Aftermath: Essays in Honour of Moshe Lewin
BOOKS024158I: LAMPMAN, REX [ MULLINS, EUSTACE (1923-2010) ] [ POUND, EZRA ] - A collection of 4 letters and postcards addressed to Eustace Mullins ca. 1956-1958, all with mention of Ezra Pound
BOOKS007708I: LAMPUGNANI, VITTORIO MAGNAGO ; EDITOR: [ DEUTSCHES ARCHITEKTURMUSEUM (FRANKFURT, MAIN) ] - Ein Stück Grossstadt als Experiment : Planungen am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin
BOOKS027112I: LAMSCHUS, CHRISTIAN ; EDITOR: - Salz, Arbeit und Technik : Produktion und Distribution in Mittelalter und früher Neuzeit
BOOKS003568I: LAMUR, HUMPHREY E. & SPECKMANN, JOHN D., EDITORS: - Adaptation of Migrants from the Caribbean in the European & American Metropolis
BOOKS030507I: BÙI MINH DAO ; TRÂN HÔNG THU ; & BÙI BÍCH LAN - The Bahnar People in Viêt Nam
BOOKS018127I: LANCASTER, LYNNE C. - Concrete Vaulted Construction in Imperial Rome : Innovations in Context
BOOKS000227I: LANCASTRE TAVORA, LUIS GONZAGA DE - Um fidalgo português da Renascenca. D. Luiz da Silvera. 1. Conde de Sortelha.
BOOKS006733I: LANCKORONSKA, MARIA GRAFIN - Die christlich-humanistische Symbolsprache und deren Bedeutung in zwei Gebetbuchern des fruhen 16. Jahrhunderts..,.
BOOKS016911I: LANCZKOWSKI, GUNTER - Einführung in die Religionswissenschaft
BOOKS015301I: LANCZKOWSKI, GÜNTER - Einführung in die Religionsgeschichte
BOOKS011541I: LANDAU, PAUL S. & DEBORAH D. KASPIN; EDITORS: - Images and Empires: Visuality in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa
BOOKS009446I: LANDAU, ROM - The Sultan of Morocco
BOOKS003038I: LANDAUER, GEORG - Der Zionismus im Wandel Dreier Jahrzehnte
BOOKS029017I: LANDBOE-CHRISTENSEN, ERIK CHRISTIAN WILLIAM [1908-1978] - The Duodenal Glands of Brunner in Man, their Distribution and Quantity : An Anatomical Study
BOOKS025796I: DEPARTEMENT VAN LANDBOUW (PARAMARIBOM SURINAM) - West-Indië : landbouwkundig tijdschrift voor Suriname en Curacao : 9e Jahrgang - No. 1 & 2 [Jan - Mei 1924]
BOOKS018976I: LANDELIJK VIETNAM KOMITEE, AFDELING AMSTERDAM - Voorwaarts in de Solidariteit met de indo-chinese Volkeren
BOOKS020753I: LANDELL-MILLS, NATASHA ; & PORRAS, INA T. - Silver Bullet or Fools' Gold : A Global Review of Markets for Forest Environmental Services and their Impacts on the Poor
BOOKS004284I: LANDES, RICHARD - Relics, Apocalypse & the Deceits of History. Ademar of Chabannes 989-1034
BOOKS009490I: BAYERN BERATENDER LANDESAUSSCHSS [ BAVARIA ] - Niederschrift der ersten [ & zweiten] Arbeitstagung des Bayerischen Beratenden Landesausschusses..,.[Februar - April 1946]
BOOKS018221I: LANDIS, BERNARD ; & TAUBER, EDWARD S. ; EDITORS: - In the Name of Life : Essays in Honor of Erich Fromm
BOOKS018102I: LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE [1775-1864] - Charles James Fox : A Commentary on His Life and Character
BOOKS005323I: LANDOW, GEORGE P. - Images of Crisis. Literary Iconology, 1750 to the Present
BOOKS023247I: SOUTHERN RHODESIA. DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE AND LANDS. - Southern Rhodesia : Handbook for the Use of Prospective Settlers on the Land
BOOKS030557I: LANDSBERG, OTTO [1869-1957] - Die politische Krise der Gegenwart : nach einem Vortrag, gehalten in der Freien Sozialistischen Hochschule in Berlin ..,.
BOOKS028473I: LANDSBERGER, BENNO [1890-1968] - Der kultische Kalender der Babylonier und Assyrer. 1. Hälfte
BOOKS014796I: LANDSHOFF, ROLF K. M. ; EDITOR: - Magnetohydrodynamics: A Symposium
BOOKS027481I: LANDWEHR, G. ; EDITOR : - Application of High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics : Proceeding of the International Conference Held in Grenoble.,.,
BOOKS016854I: LANE, CHRISTOPHER - The Psychoanalysis of Race
BOOKS016269I: LANE, ANN J. - To Herland and Beyond: The Life and Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman
BOOKS013162I: LANE, FREDERIC CHAPIN [1900 - 19??] - Navires et constructeurs à Venise pendant la Renaissance
BOOKS019638I: LANE, NICK - Power, Sex, Suicide : Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life
BOOKS016398I: LANEY, CULBERT B. - Computational Gasdynamics
BOOKS012861I: LANG, PAUL HENRY [1901 - ] [MANN, ALFRED; & BUELOW, GEORGE J.; EDITORS:] - Musicology and Performance
BOOKS009545I: LANG, ROBERT & KUNSELMAN, JOAN - Heinrich Schenker, Oswald Jonas, Moriz Violin: A Checklist of Manuscripts & Other Papers in the Oswald Jonas Memorial Collection
BOOKS001736I: LANG, ALPHONSE ; & TASTEVIN, CONSTANT - La tribu des Va-nyaneka
BOOKS015265I: LANGBAUM, ROBERT WOODROW - The Mysteries of Identity: A Theme in Modern Literature
BOOKS019762I: LANGBAUM, ROBERT WOODROW - The Modern Spirit : Essays on the Continuity of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature
BOOKS025961I: LANGE, FREDERIK OLAUS [1798-1862] - Brudstykke af en Almindelig Grammatik
BOOKS011144I: LANGE, FR. - Slaegter: Iagttagelser fra en Sindssygeanstalt
BOOKS002273I: LANGE, URSULA - Untersuchungen zu Bodins Demonomanie
BOOKS007655I: LANGE, PETER & REGINI, MARINO; EDITORS: - State, Market, and Social Regulation : New Perspectives on Italy
BOOKS007425I: LANGE, JOHAN - Primitive Plantenavne og deres Gruppering efter Motiver
BOOKS025852I: LANGE, THOMAS [1829-1887] - Jagtselskabets fortaellinger / meddelte af Thomas Lange
BOOKS005611I: LANGE, LENE - The Distribution of Macromycetes in Europe...
BOOKS026100I: LANGE, THOMAS [1829-1887] - Skitser og eventyr
BOOKS002340I: LANGE-FUCHS, HAUKE ; EDITOR: - Der Zweite Weltkrieg im skandinavischen Film : Dokumentation
BOOKS021652I: LANGE, THOR [1851-1915] - Svjatopolk : Folkevisescene : efter et Motiv af Golenischtschew-Kutusow
BOOKS025964I: LANGE, JULIUS [1838-1896] - Bastien Lepage og andre Afhandlinger
BOOKS025195I: LANGE, OLAF - Kavkasus : rejseminder og skildringer
BOOKS026251I: LANGE, THOR [1851-1915] - Grev Alexiej Tolstoj : Et Bidrag til den russiske Litteraturs Historie i vort Aarhundredes tredie Fjerdedel
BOOKS027936I: LANGECKER, THOMAS G. - Der Einfluss des Lichtes bei der Evolution von Höhlenfischen
BOOKS001960I: LANGENBERG, C.W. - Polyphase Deformation in the Eastern Sierra de los Filabres North of Lubrin, S.E. Spain
BOOKS026815I: LANGENMAIER, THEODOR - Lexikon zur alten geographie des südöstlichen Äquatorialafrika
BOOKS015734I: LANGER, PAUL FRITZ ; & ZASLOFF, JOSEPH JERMIAH - North Vietnam and Pathet Lao : Partners in the Struggle for Laos
BOOKS008464I: LANGER, ERICK D. - Economic Change and Rural Resistance in Southern Bolivia 1880-1930.
BOOKS023250I: LANGER, FELICIA - With My Own Eyes : Israel and the Occupied Territories, 1967-1973
BOOKS003960I: LANGKILDE, EYWIN - Danske Blomsterlogparker. Gavno, Langeso, Vallo.
BOOKS027201I: LANGLANDS, ROBERT P. - On the Functional Equations Satisfied by Eisenstein Series
BOOKS004118I: LANGLOIS, WALTER G., EDITOR: - The Persistent Voice : Essays on Hellenism in French Literature since the 18th Century in Honour of Professor Henri M. Peyre
BOOKS003990I: LANGO, JOHN W. - Whitehead's Ontology
BOOKS005626I: LANGOSCH, KARL [1903-1992] [ EKKEHARD I, DEAN OF ST. GALL ] - Waltharius - Ruodlieb - Märchenepen : Lateinische Epik des Mittelaters mit deutschen Versen
BOOKS004069I: LANGSDORF, LENORE; WATSON, STEPHEN H.; & BOWER, E. MARYA; EDITORS: - Phenomenology, Interpretation, and Community
BOOKS018485I: LANGSETH, ALEX [1895 - 19??] - Spektroskopiske studier : en undersøgelse af mulighederne for spektrografiens anvendelse til konstitutionsbestemmelse..,.
BOOKS002858I: LANGSTON, DOUGLAS C. - God's Willing Knowledge : The Influence of Scotus' Analysis of Omniscience
BOOKS013421I: LANGTON, CHRISTOPHER G. ; EDITOR: - Artificial Life: An Overview
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BOOKS003062I: LOBO, EULALIA MARIA LAHMEYER, EDITOR: - Rio de Janeiro Operario : Natureza do estado e conjuntura economica, condicoes de vida e consciencia de clase 1930 - 1970
BOOKS003537I: LOBO D'AVILA, RODRIGO - O General Francisco de Paula Lobo d'Avila e os seus detractores : Memoria redigida por seu filho
BOOKS005141I: LOBSIEN, ECKHARD - Das literarisch Feld. Phanomenologie der Literaturwissenschaft
BOOKS030562I: VU KIM LÔC - Cô vât huyên bí / Mysterious Artifacts
BOOKS023989I: PHAM XUÂN LÔC - Nhân danh tâp chí / Ren ming ji zhi / Un recueil sur les organisations et coutumes villageoises au nord du Vietnam
BOOKS012663I: LOCAL, JOHN; OGDEN, RICHARD; & TEMPLE, ROSALIND; EDITORS: - Phonetic Interpretation : Papers in Laboratory Phonology VI
BOOKS024034I: LOCHER, FRIEDRICH [1820-1911] - Zwanglose Blätter : 1.- 7. Prise [bound together with "Wetterleuchten: Der Staatssozialismus und sine Consequenzen" 1.-4. Theil]
BOOKS019287I: LOCHNAN, KATHARINE JORDAN ; EDITOR: - Seductive Surfaces : The Art of Tissot
BOOKS014232I: LOCK, MARGARET M. ; YOUNG, ALLAN ; & CAMBROSIO, ALBERTO ; EDITORS: - Living and Working with the New Medical Technologies: Intersections of Inquiry
BOOKS005855I: LOCK, ANDREW; & PETERS, CHARLES R.; EDITORS: - Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution
BOOKS024932I: LOCKHART, RUSSELL A. - Psyche Speaks : A Jungian Approach to Self and World
BOOKS007868I: LOCKHART, JAMES - Spanish Peru 1532 - 1560: A Colonial Society
BOOKS010065I: LOCKMAN, ZACHARY; EDITOR: - Workers and Working Classes in the Middle East: Struggles, Histories, Historiographies
BOOKS016523I: LOCKMAN, ZACHARY - Contending Visions of the Middle East: The History and Politics of Orientalism
BOOKS009375I: LODGE, ELEANOR C. - Gascony Under English Rule
BOOKS007152I: LODLOW, PETER; EDITOR: - Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias
BOOKS004418I: LODRICK, DERYCK O. - Sacred Cows , Sacred Places. Origins & Survivals of Animal Homes in India.
BOOKS030652I: LOË, ALFRED DE, BARON [1858-1947] - Notice sur des antiquités Franques découvertes à Harmignies
BOOKS010767I: LOEB, ARTHUR L. - Concepts and Images: Visual Mathematics
BOOKS028302I: LOEBL, ALFRED H. - Die Landesverteidigungsreform im ausgehenden XVI. Jahrhundert im Zeichen des sinkenden dualistischen Staatsbegriffes
BOOKS002896I: LOEFFLER, HANS F. - Walther Rathenau : ein Europäer im Kaiserreich
BOOKS002659I: LOEFFLER, REINHOLD - Islam in Practice : Religious Beliefs in a Persian Village
BOOKS007421I: LOENING, EDGAR - Die Gemeinedeverfassung des Urchristentums : Eine kirchenrechtliche Untersuchung
BOOKS030129I: LOEPFE, WILLI - Alfred Ilg und die äthiopische Eisenbahn
BOOKS030165I: LOESCH, KARL CHRISTIAN VON [1880-1951] ; & MÜHLMANN, WILHELM EMIL [1904-1988] - Die Völker und Rassen Südosteuropas : Mit 96 Aufnahmen und einem Reisebericht von Gustav Adolf Küppers
BOOKS012845I: LOEW, ERNST [1843-1908] - Einführung in die Blütenbiologie auf historischer Grundlage
BOOKS014660I: LOEWE, GUDRUN - Kataloge zur mitteldeutschen Schnurkeramik. Teil I, Thüringen
BOOKS020328I: LOEWE, FRITZ ; BULL, COLIN ; MCCORMICK, JACK; & TREVES, SAMUEL B. - Reconnaissance of Sukkertoppen Ice Cap and Adjacent Tasersiaq Area, Southwest Greenland,
BOOKS007870I: LOEWY, ERICH H. - Moral Strangers, Moral Acquaintance, and Moral Friends: Connectedness and its Conditions
BOOKS022151I: LOFCHIE, MICHAEL F. - Zanzibar : Background to Revolution
BOOKS025314I: LØFFLER, JULIUS BENTLEY [1843-1904] - Min virksomhed ved Nationalmuseet, 1868-1900 : Trykt som manuskript

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