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BOOKS003512I: MACEDO PEREZ, VILMA, EDITOR: - Antologia del Pensiamento Literario y Social del Cusco
BOOKS019249I: MACEWAN, ARTHUR - Debt and Disorder : International Economic Instability and U.S. Imperial Decline
BOOKS016115I: MACFIE, A. L. - The Straits Question 1908-36
BOOKS002760I: MACGILCHRIST, A.C. - Quinine & its Salts: Their Solubility & Absorbability
BOOKS014115I: MACGREGOR, DAVID - The Communist Ideal in Hegel and Marx
BOOKS014056I: MACGREGOR, JOHN MONROE - The Discovery of the Art of the Insane
BOOKS016241I: MACGREGOR, NEIL ; & LANGMUIR, ERIKA - Seeing Salvation: Images of Christ in Art
BOOKS005851I: MACH, ZDZISLAW - Symbols, Conflict, and Identity : Essays in Political Anthropology
BOOKS006539I: MACHADO, JOSE PEDRO - Influencia Arabica no Vocabulario Portugues. Volume I & II
BOOKS018552I: MACHADO, ANTONIO - Selected Poems
BOOKS003762I: MACHADO, ANTONIO - Juan de Mairena : Epigrams, Maxims, Memoranda & Memoirs of an Apocryphal Professor.
BOOKS004318I: MACHADO, XAVIER - Projecto de organisacao de uma colonia militar, agricola-commercial em Satary (India portugueza)
BOOKS025304I: MACHALSKI, FRANCISZEK [1904-1979] - Historyczna powiesc perska : Materialy do studiów nad wspólczesna literatura Iranu
BOOKS021021I: MACHEL, SAMORA [1933-1986] - A escola na nova sociedade mocambicana
BOOKS015025I: MACHHOLZ, DON - The Observing Guide to the Messier Marathon: A Handbook and Atlas
BOOKS020002I: MACHHOUR, MOHGA ; & ROUSSILLON, ALAIN - La révolution iranienne dans la presse égyptienne
BOOKS012612I: MACHIDA, SOHO - Renegade Monk : Honen and Japanese Pure Land Buddhism
BOOKS003049I: MACHOBANE, L.B.B.J. - Government & Change in Lesotho 1800-1966 : A Study in Political Institutions
BOOKS027414I: MACHOVER, MOSHÉ ; & HIRSCHFELD, JORAM - Lectures on Non-Standard Analysis
BOOKS028267I: MACHT, DAVID ISRAEL [1882-1961] ; & LEACH, HARRIET - Die Wirkung von polarisiertem Licht auf Kokain [contained in "Archiv für experimentelle Pathologie..,.146 Band, 3/4. Heft]
BOOKS000152I: MACIEIRA, ANTONIO - Organizacao e competencia da policia de investigaco criminal de Lisboa: Interpelacao ao Ministro do Interior ..,.
BOOKS026107I: MACIEL CHAVES, J - Sifilis, o que todos devem saber : estudo médico-social
BOOKS004941I: MACINTYRE, ANGUS - The Liberator. Daniel O'Connell and the Irish Party 1830 - 1847
BOOKS013683I: MACIU, VASILE; PASCU, ST.; BERINDEI, DAN; CONSTANTINESCU, MIRON; LIVEANU, V.; & PANAITESCU, P.P. - Introduction a l'historiographie roumaine jusqu'en 1918
BOOKS010964I: MACKAY, CHRISTOPHER S. - Ancient Rome: A Military and Political History
BOOKS022086I: MACKENSEN, LUTZ [1901-1992] [ PHILIPPSON, ERNST ALFRED (1900-1992)] - Der singende Knochen : Ein Beitrag zur vergleichenden Märchenforschung [together with: "Der märchentypus von könig Drosselbart"]
BOOKS010125I: MACKENZIE, CATRIONA & STOLJAR, NATALIE; EDITORS: - Relational Autonomy: Feminist Perspectives on Autonomy, Agency and the Social Self
BOOKS015868I: MACKENZIE, DAVID, 1927- - The Exoneration of the "Black Hand" 1917-1953
BOOKS019572I: MACKENZIE, DAVID - Ilija Garasanin, Balkan Bismarck
BOOKS021793I: MACKENZIE, JEAN KENYON [1874-1936] - Black Sheep : Adventures in West Africa
BOOKS022030I: MACKENZIE, IAIN - Core Topics in Mechanical Ventilation
BOOKS006920I: MACKEY, MARGARET - The Case of Peter Rabbit: Changing Conditions of Literature for Children
BOOKS017102I: MACKEY, MARGARET GILBERT ; & SOOY, LOUISE PINKNEY - Early California Costumes, 1769-1850
BOOKS010683I: MACKIE, C.J. - The Characterisation of Aeneas
BOOKS002529I: MACKINGHT, C.C.-, EDITOR: - The Farthest Coast. A Selection of Writings relating to the History of the Northern Coast of Australia
BOOKS016510I: MACKLIN, RUTH - Double Standards in Medical Research in Developing Countries
BOOKS016944I: MACKU, ANTON [1901-19??] - Ausgewählte Aufsätze [Herrn. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anton Macku zum 70. Geburtstag vom Institute of European Studies Vienna.]
BOOKS017708I: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C. W. (CYRIL WINTHROP) [1891-1974] ; & GRANT, C. H. B. (CLAUDE HENRY BAXTER) [1878-1958] - Birds of Eastern and North Eastern Africa , Volume 2.
BOOKS004265I: MACLEAN, NORMAN; EDITOR: - Oxford Surveys on Eukaryotic Genes, Volume 7 1991
BOOKS016280I: MACLEOD, ARLENE ELOWE - Accommodating Protest: Working Women, the New Veiling and Change in Cairo
BOOKS004140I: MACLEOD, ANNE SCOTT - A Moral Tale. Children's Fiction & American Culture 1820 - 1860
BOOKS023949I: MACMICHAEL, H. A. (HAROLD ALFRED), SIR, [1882-1969] - A History of the Arabs in the Sudan and Some Account of the People who Preceded Them and of the Tribes Inhabiting Dárfur
BOOKS009396I: MACMILLAN, BILL; EDITOR: - Remodelling Geography
BOOKS018618I: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY - Roman Social Relations, 50 B.C. to A.D. 284.
BOOKS001203I: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY - Roman Social Relations, 50 B.C. to A.D. 284.
BOOKS011651I: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY - Romanization in the Time of Augustus
BOOKS024718I: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY - Soldier and Civilian in the Later Roman Empire
BOOKS024719I: MACMULLEN, RAMSAY - Changes in the Roman Empire : Essays in the Ordinary
BOOKS016693I: MACNAMARA, JOHN - Through the Rearview Mirror: Historical Reflections on Psychology
BOOKS014393I: MACNICOL, JOHN - Age Discrimination : An Historical and Contemporary Analysis
BOOKS006610I: MACPHERSON, E. - Revision of the Family Lithodidae samouelle, 1819 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Anomura) in the Atlantic Ocean
BOOKS024867I: MACPHERSON, KERRIE L. ; EDITOR: - Asian Department Stores
BOOKS009922I: MACQUARRIE, JOHN - Heidegger and Christianity
BOOKS002219I: MACQUEEN, BRUCE D. - Myth, Rhetoric, and Fiction: A Reading of Longus's 'Daphnis and Chloe'
BOOKS022964I: MACRI, CHRISTO M. - L'organisation de l'économie urbaine dans Byzance sous la dynastie de Macédoine, 867-1057
BOOKS025090I: MADADI, 'ABD AL-VAHHAB - Sarguzasht-i musiqi-i mu'asir-i Afghanistan : 1242-1370 H. Sh.
BOOKS027715I: MADALENO, ISABEL MARIA - A cidade das mangueiras : agricultura urbana em Belém do Pará
BOOKS009573I: MADAN, T.N. - Family and Kinship: A Study of the Pandits of Rural Kashmir
BOOKS014992I: MADAN, T. N. - Pathways: Approaches to the Study of Society in India
BOOKS020803I: MADANIPOUR, ALI - Tihran : zuhur-i yak kalan'shahr
BOOKS023387I: MADARI, VIRAMNATH [ BORKAR, I.S. ; EDITOR: ] [ BORAKARA, AYA. ESA.] - Madari Pictorial Glossary / Madari sacitra sabdavali
BOOKS018882I: MADARIAGA, SALVADOR DE [1886-1978] - Spain
BOOKS015247I: MADDISON, ANGUS - Class Structure and Economic Growth: India and Pakistan Since the Moghuls
BOOKS016812I: MADDOX, ROBERT - The Purpose of Luke - Acts
BOOKS014629I: MADELEY, JOHN. - Big Business, Poor Peoples: The Impact of Transnational Corporations on the World's Poor
BOOKS003673I: MADELL, GEOFFREY - Mind and Materialism
BOOKS002666I: MADERSPACHER, FLORIAN & STUBEN, PETER E., EDITORS: - Bodenschatze contra Menschenrechte. Vernichtung der letzten Stammesvolker & die Zerstorung der Erde in Zeichen des"Fortschritts
BOOKS020033I: MADEY, JEAN [ MADEY, JOHANNES ] - Le Patriarcat Ukrainien : vers la perfection de l’état juridique actuel
BOOKS010170I: MADEYSKA, DANUTA - Poetyka siratu: Studium o arabskim romansie rycerskim
BOOKS022699I: MADHAVA [D. 1386 AD] [ VIDYÁSÁGARA, ISWARACHANDRA ; EDITOR: ] [ BIDYASAGARA, ISVARACANDRA (1820-1891) ] - Sarvadars'ana sañgraha, or, An Epitome of the Different Systems of Indian Philosophy / by Mádhaváchárya
BOOKS020825I: MADHAVA RAO, V. N. - Banana
BOOKS025255I: MADHYA PRADESH, GOVERNMENT, (INDIA) - The Bhopal Document : Charting a New Course for Dalits for the 21st Century
BOOKS011030I: MADISON, GARY B. & FAIRBAIRN, MARTY; EDITORS: - The Ethics of Postmodernity: Current Trends in Continental Thought
BOOKS024041I: MADSEN, GRY - Production of Secondary Metabolites by the Fungus Bjerkandera adusta
BOOKS023177I: MADSEN, TORSTEN ; EDITOR: - Multivariate Archaeology : Numerical Approaches in Scandinavian Archaeology
BOOKS012763I: MADSEN, RICHARD [1941- ] - China's Catholics : Tragedy and Hope in an Emerging Civil Society
BOOKS011745I: MADSEN, RICHARD; SULLIVAN, WILLIAM N.; SWIDLER, ANN & TIPTON, STEVEN M.; EDITORS: - Meaning and Modernity: Religion, Polity, and Self
BOOKS026169I: MADSEN, OSCAR [1866-1902] - Systemskifte : Nutidsfortælling
BOOKS007943I: MADSEN, THORVALD - Slægten fra Fensten Hovgaard
BOOKS028127I: MADSEN, HANS HELGE - Prip-Møllers Kina : arkitekt, missionær og fotograf i 1920rne og 30rne
BOOKS007847I: MADSEN, HOLGER - A Study on the Nematodes of Danish Gallinaceous Game-birds
BOOKS018587I: MADSEN, E. HØST - Kritiske Studier over Alkoholaters og Basers Indvirkning paa organiske Halogenforbindelser
BOOKS021525I: MADSEN, OLE SKJERBAEK - Nadverbønnerne i de ægyptiske liturgier frem til den arabiske periode
BOOKS020763I: MADSEN, EDMUND RANCKE - The Development of Titrimetric Analysis till 1806
BOOKS026125I: MADSEN, OSCAR [1866-1902] - Den flyvende hollænder : dramatisk digtning i fem handlinger
BOOKS021744I: MADSEN, STEN - On the Classification of the Shigella Types, with Special Reference to the Flexner Group
BOOKS006783I: MADTHA, WILLIAM - The Christian Konkani of South Kanara (A Linguistic Analysis)
BOOKS027488I: MADURGA, G. ; & LOZANO, M. ; EDITORS : - Heavy-Ion Collisions : Proceedings of the International Summer School Held in Rábida (Huelva), Spain, June 7–18, 1982
BOOKS026053I: MADVIG, JOHAN NICOLAI [1804-1886] - Sprogvidenskabelige Strøbemærkninger
BOOKS013432I: MADZHAROV, PANAIOT - Zhivotut na iztochnotrakiiski bulgari v tekhnite pesni i razkazi
BOOKS019384I: MAEGAARD, JAN - Studien zur Entwicklung des dodekaphonen Satzes bei Arnold Schönberg : Volumes I - II
BOOKS017934I: MAEYER, ALOYSIUS DE [1888-19??] ; & ROEMANS, ROBERT [1904-1968]; EDITORS: - Esmoreit : Eerste integrale reproductie van het handschrift, naast de tekst in typographie, voorafgegaan door een bondige..,.
BOOKS009533I: MAFFEI, PAOLO - Monsters in the Sky
BOOKS021221I: MAGALHAES, JOSE PEREIRA DE MOURA - Como o triunfo o mundo : Revelacao sagrada
BOOKS009137I: MAGALHAES, FIGUEIREDO - Camoes e os Portuguezes no Brasil: Reparos criticos. Primeira Parte.
BOOKS023464I: MAGARA, RANA PRASADA GHARTI - Architecture and Construction Techniques amongst Magar and Khasa of Nepal
BOOKS000161I: MAGARIÑOS, GUSTAVO - Juvenal y su tercera sátira : estudio analítico
BOOKS028082I: BEAUTÉ MAGAZINE - Beautés Magazine [ later: Beautés Volupté ] : No.s 67, 73, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 101 [August 1936 -Juin 1939]
BOOKS018126I: MAGEE, JOAN - A Scandinavian Heritage : 200 Years of Scandinavian Presence in the Windsor-Detroit Border Region
BOOKS014332I: MAGEE, STEPHEN P. ; BROCK, WILLIAM A. ; & YOUNG, LESLIE - Black Hole Tariffs and Endogenous Policy Theory: Political Economy in General Equilibrium
BOOKS011534I: MAGENDA, BURHAN - East Kalimantan : The Decline of a Commercial Aristocracy
BOOKS006541I: MAGER, HENRI - Les sourciers er leurs procedes
BOOKS013368I: MAGGS, PETER B. - The Mandelstam and "Der Nister" Files : An Introduction to Stalin-era Prison and Labor Camp Records
BOOKS009244I: MAGID, ALVIN - Urban Nationalism: A Study of Political Development in Trinidad
BOOKS016643I: MAGILL, MICHAEL ; & QUINZII, MARTINE - Theory of Incomplete Markets
BOOKS025874I: MAGNUS-PETERSEN, JULIUS [1827-1917] - De gamle kalkmalerier i vore kirker
BOOKS005953I: MAGNUS, JAN R. - Linear Structures
BOOKS025794I: MAGNUS PETERSEN, JULIUS [1827-1917] - Minder fra min Virksomhed paa arkaeologiens Omraade fra 1845 til 1908 : Trykt som ms. for familie og venner
BOOKS006002I: MAGNUSEN, FINN - Om de gamle Skandinavers Inddeling af Dagens Tider og forskjelige Spor deraf hos deres efterkommere og flere beslaegtede Folk
BOOKS005844I: MAGNUSSEN, GUDMUND - Studies on the Respiration during Sleep : A Contribution to the Physiology of the Sleep Function
BOOKS012843I: MAGNUSSON, MARTIN - Der Begriff "Verstehen" in exegetischem Zusammenhang unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der paulinischen Schriften
BOOKS020976I: MAGOCSI, PAUL ROBERT ; EDITOR: - A New Slavic Language is Born : The Rusyn Literary Language of Slovakia
BOOKS010831I: MAGOSCI, PAUL ROBERT; EDITOR: - The Persistence of Regional Cultures : Rusyns & Ukrainians in their Carpathian Homeland and Abroad
BOOKS029548I: MAGUIRE, ANNE - Skin Disease : A Message from the Soul : A Treatise from a Jungian Perspective of Psychosomatic Dermatology
BOOKS029556I: MAGUIRE, HENRY ; EDITOR : - Byzantine Court Culture from 829 to 1204
BOOKS029581I: MAGUIRE, HENRY - The Icons of their Bodies : Saints and their Images in Byzantium
BOOKS001005I: MAHABAL,, ANIL & LAMBA, B.S. - On the Birds of Poona and Vicinity
BOOKS000549I: MAHADEVAN, R. - Gulbarga Kannada (Brahmin Dialect)
BOOKS023334I: MAHAL, 'ABD AL-MALIK AL-TAHIR - al-Thaqafah al-shabiyah al-Sudaniyah
BOOKS023574I: MAHALLAWI, HANAFI - Man qatala Sayyid Darwish : al-mukhabarat al-Baritaniyah wa-al-nisa' am al-mukhaddirat / Hanafi al-Mahallawi
BOOKS019977I: YEMEN (PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC). WIZARAT AL-ILAM WA-AL-THAQAFAH. DA'IRAT AL-ILAM AL-MAHALLI - Malamih al-tatawwur fi al-Yaman al-Dimuqratiyah khilala ishrin aman, 67-1987 m.
BOOKS010482I: SITI MASHITOH MAHAMOOD - Waqf in Malaysia : Legal and Administrative Perspectives
BOOKS008660I: MAHANTI, KANCINARAYANA - Banikantha Nimaimcarana
BOOKS023536I: MAHAPATRA, BIBHUTIBHUSHANA - Kodala-Athagada rajabamsabali o kabi Niladri Misra eka bihangabalokana
BOOKS015848I: MAHAPATRA, KHAGESWAR; COMPILER: - Desia [Grammar, Texts, Dictionary]
BOOKS019302I: MAHAPATRA, MANAMOHAN - Bauri of Bhubaneswar : A Study on the Urbanization Processes in a Scheduled Caste
BOOKS002793I: MAHAPATRA, MANAMOHAN - Traditional Structure and Change in an Orissan Temple
BOOKS008673I: MAHAPATRA, B.P. - Malto-Hindi-English Dictionary
BOOKS008230I: MAHAPATRA, KHAGESWAR - A Comparative Vocabulary of Thirteen Tribal Oriya Dialects
BOOKS010339I: MAHAPATRA, KUMARI SASMITA; COMPILER: - Parenga [Grammar, Texts, Dictionary]
BOOKS010390I: MAHAPATRA, SABITA; COMPILER: - Oraon [Grammar, Texts, Dictionary]
BOOKS000743I: MAHAPTRA, B.P. - Malto. En Ethnosemantic Study
BOOKS021031I: MAHARAJA SAYAJIRAO UNIVERSITY OF BARODA, DEPARTMENT OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT - Social Change and Perception of Change in Child Rearing Practices in a Suburban Indian Village.
BOOKS025128I: MAHDAVI, MUSLIH AL-DIN [ NILUFURUSHAN, MUHAMMAD RIZA ] - Isfahan dar al-'ilmi-i sharq : madaris-i dini-i Isfahan
BOOKS030371I: MAHDHAR, MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH AL-HUTH - Majadat bim al-azman min akhbar madinat Habban
BOOKS028878I: MAHDI, MOHAMED - Pastoralisme nomade au Sahara : Mercantilisme, survie et hédonisme
BOOKS015396I: ASSOCIATION OF IMAM MAHDI - Imam Mahdi (at.f.s): The Spring of Life
BOOKS028821I: MAHDI, MOHAMED - Irguiten : monographie d’une tribu du Haut-Atlas
BOOKS014678I: ASSOCIATION OF IMAM MAHDI (A.S.) - The Golden Era of Reappearance
BOOKS002400I: MAHENDRA, K.L. - Defeat the R.S.S. Fascist Designs
BOOKS006224I: MAHESHWARI, ANIL - Crescent over Kashmir : Politics of Mullaism
BOOKS004790I: MAHFOUDH-DRAOUI, DORRA - Paysanes de Marnissa : Le difficile acces a la modernite
BOOKS000744I: MAHIAS, MARIE-CLAUDE - Délivrance et convivialité : le système culinaire des Jaina
BOOKS022236I: MAHAWITTHAYALAI MAHIDON - Phleng chut tham khwan / Tham kwan : Musical Suite to be Performed During a Ceremony for Invoking Spiritual Bliss
BOOKS030394I: MAHJUB, MUSTAFA BIN RAJAB - al-Badr al-Sa'i fi manaqib al-Arif bi-Allah al-Shakyh Mukhtar bin Mahmud al-Saba'i
BOOKS024511I: MAHLING, CHRISTOPH-HELLMUT - Studien zur Geschichte des Opernchors
BOOKS023835I: MAHLING, CHRISTOPH-HELLMUT ; & WIESMANN, SIGRID ; EDITORS : [ GESELLSCHAFT FÜR MUSIKFORSCHUNG ] - Bericht über den Internationalen Musikwissenschaftlichen Kongress, Bayreuth 1981
BOOKS013035I: MAHNKEN, IRMGARD - Redegebilde oder Zufallsstreuung? Zu den Diskussion zwischen der Phonometrie und der Göttinger Slawistik über die Problematik...
BOOKS014114I: MAHTAB, HAREKRUSHNA [1900-1987] - The Beginning of the End
BOOKS009444I: MAHULKAR, D.D. - The Pratisakhya Tradition and Modern Lingustics
BOOKS021837I: MAHULKAR, D.D. (DINESH DATTATREYA) - Pathways in Linguistics
BOOKS025296I: MAHULKAR, D.D. (DINESH DATTATREYA) - Studies in English and Linguistics
BOOKS017831I: MAIER, WILHELM ; & LIENHARD, KARL - Geschichte der Stadt Triberg im Schwarzwald
BOOKS021561I: MAIER, KLAUS AUTBERT - Guernica, 26.4.1937 : la intervención alemana en España y el "Caso Guernica
BOOKS022283I: MAIGHOWALIA, BHAGAT SINGH ; EDITOR: [ NAND LAL, BHAI ("GOYA") (1633-1713 AD)] - An Extract from Diwan-i-Goiya or Lyrical Poems in Persian Classic : (A Spiritual Tranquilizer, Couched in Panegyrical Encomia..,
BOOKS003366I: MAIGNIEN, ROGER - Le Cuirassement des Sols en Guinee. Afrique Occidentale
BOOKS013178I: MAILATH, COLOMAN, GRAF [MAILATH, KOLOMAN] - Antwort auf die Broschüre Laguerronière’s: Der Papst und der Congress
BOOKS027502I: MAILLARD, FIRMIN [1833-1901] - Histoire des journaux publiés à Paris pendant le siége et sous la Commune, 4 septembre 1870 au 28 mai 1871
BOOKS016853I: MAILLET, ARNAUD - The Claude Glass: Use and Meaning of the Black Mirror in Western Art
BOOKS012152I: MAILLOUX, STEVEN - Reception Histories: Rhetoric, Pragmatism, and American Cultural Politics
BOOKS023921I: MAINGA, MUTUMBA - Bulozi under the Luyana Kings : Political Evolution and State Formation in Pre-colonial Zambia
BOOKS029341I: MAINKAR, TRIMBAK GOVIND - The Rgvedic Foundations of Classical Poetics
BOOKS014188I: MAIR, VICTOR H., EDITOR: - The Shorter Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature
BOOKS008549I: MAIR, VICTOR H. - Tun-Huang Popular Narratives
BOOKS004906I: MAIR, VICTOR H. - Painting and Performance. Chinese Picture Recitation and its Indian Genesis
BOOKS016369I: MAIRAL, RICARDO ; & GIL, JUANA ; EDITORS: - Linguistic Universals
BOOKS026608I: MAISSEN, ALFONS [1905-2003] ; SCHORTA, ANDREA [1905-1990] ; & WEHRLI, WERNER [1892-1944] ; EDITORS: - Die Lieder der Consolaziun dell’olma devoziusa : I - II Teil [ Rätoromanische Volkslieder. Erste Folge ]
BOOKS016559I: MAITI, RABINDRANATHA ; EDITOR: [ HARICARANA DASA ] - Haricarana Dasera Advaita mangala / Srirabindranatha Maiti kartrka sampadita
BOOKS021402I: MAITI, SATYABRATA ; & GEETHA, K. A. - Safed musli
BOOKS008681I: MAITRA, ASIM - A Guide Book to Lisu Language
BOOKS015084I: MAITRE, PASCAL ; BEYALA, CALIXTHE ; & NOUVELIÈRE, JEAN-CLAUDE - Mon Afrique : Photographs of Sub-Saharan Africa
BOOKS021002I: MAITTAIRE, MICHAEL [1667-1747] - Historia typographorum aliquot parisiensium vitas et libros complectens
BOOKS012976I: MAÍZ, B. FÉLIX - Alzamiento en España, de un diario de la conspiración
BOOKS025277I: MAJD, MOHAMMAD GHOLI - Qahti-i buzurg, 1296-1298 Sh. , 1917-1919 M. / Muhammad Quli Majd ; tarjamah-i Muhammad Karimi
BOOKS025078I: MAJD, MOHAMMAD GHOLI - Taraj-i buzurg : Amrika va gharat-i miras-i farhangi-i Iran, 1304-1320 Sh, 1925-1941
BOOKS019497I: MAJD, VAHID - Moment by Moment : Expecting the Advent of al-Qa'im (PBUH)
BOOKS019978I: AL-MAJD, SABRI ABU - Vitnam, sha'ban wa-nidalan
BOOKS010171I: MAJEWICZ, ALFRED F.; EDITOR: [BIESIK, FLORIAN] - Florian Biesik's Poems in Wymysojerysh (The Smallest Literature in a Minority Language in Poland)
BOOKS000381I: MAJEWICZ, ALFRED F. - Ainu. Lud, jego jezyk i tradycja ustna
BOOKS004958I: MAJEWSKI, HENRY F. - The Preromantic Imagination of L. -S. Mercier
BOOKS010344I: MAJHI, LASA & MAHAPATRA, KHAGESWAR - Santali [Grammar, Texts, Dictionary]
BOOKS008722I: MAJID, MUSTAFA - Patuakhalir Rakkhain Upajati
BOOKS021620I: MAJMUDAR, H. A. - Some Medieval Sculptures of North Gujarat
BOOKS014214I: MAJÓ FRAMIS, RICARDO - Las generosas y primitivas empresas de Manuel Iradier Bulfy en la Guinea Española; el hombre y sus hechos
BOOKS005849I: MAJOR, ALAN - Collecting Fossils
BOOKS005659I: MAJOR, MARK IMRE - American Hungarian Relations 1918-1944
BOOKS021624I: MAJUMADARA, BIMALA [ MAZUMDAR, BIMAL ] - Janajati aru Garo janajati
BOOKS008948I: MAJUMDAR, PANNALAL - The Chakmas of Tripura
BOOKS012448I: MAJUMDAR, BIMANBIHARI & JANA, NARESCHANDRA - Vaishnav Padavalir Anukramanika
BOOKS018842I: MAJUMDAR, R. C. (RAMESH CHANDRA) [1888-1980] - Ancient Indian Colonization in South-east Asia
BOOKS015320I: MAJUMDAR, MANORANJAN; COLLECTOR; DHARA, PRABHA¯SA CANDRA; EDITOR. - Kak-kuthumma : A Kakbarak-Bangla-English Dictionary
BOOKS014931I: MAJUMDAR, KANGAL HARINATH [MAJUMADARA, HARINATHA (1833-1896)] [CHOWDHURY, ABUL AHSAN ; EDITOR:] [CAUDHURI, ABULA AHASANA] - Kanala Harinatha Majumadara nirbacita racana / Abula Ahasana Caudhuri samkalita o sampadita
BOOKS004758I: MAJUMDAR, DHIRENDRA NARYAN - Culture Change in Two Garo Villages
BOOKS003333I: MAJUMDAR, D.N. - Himalayan Polyandry: Structure, Functioning & Culture Change. A Field-Study of Jaunsar-Bawar
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BOOKS024536I: MAY, KEITH M. - Out of the Maelstrom : Psychology and the Novel in the Twentieth Century
BOOKS013848I: MAY, ROBERT MCCREDIE - Stability and Complexity in Model Ecosystems
BOOKS019342I: MAY, ROLLO - Paulus : Reminiscences of a Friendship
BOOKS013276I: MAY, DEAN L. - Three Frontiers: Family, Land, and Society in the American West, 1850-1900
BOOKS019665I: MAY, DEAN L. - Three Frontiers : Family, Land, and Society in the American West, 1850-1900
BOOKS018885I: MAY, JOHN R. - Toward a New Earth : Apocalypse in the American Novel
BOOKS003359I: MAY, ROY HOSS, JR. - Pastoral de la Tierra. The Problem of Land Tenure & Land Use as Central to Christian Mission in Latin America. A Study based ...
BOOKS004428I: MAY, JACQUES & MCLELLAN, DONNA L. - The Ecology of Malnutrition in Seven Countries of Southern Africa & in Portuguese Guinea.
BOOKS010326I: MAYA, MARTIM DE FARIA E; & FORJAZ, CANDIDO PAMPLONA - Acores, autonomia ou independencia? Seguido de Oito anos de autonomia autocrática
BOOKS016511I: MAYALL, JAMES - Nationalism and International Society
BOOKS008636I: MAYBURY-LEWIS, BIORN - The Politics of the Possible: The Brazilian Rural Workers' Trade Union Movement, 1964-1985
BOOKS006975I: MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID & ALMAGOR, URI, EDITORS: - The Attraction of Opposites. Thought and Society in the Dualistic Mode
BOOKS017054I: MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID - The Savage and the Innocent
BOOKS003775I: MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID, EDITOR: - Dialectical Societies: The Ge and Bororo of Central Brazil
BOOKS015628I: MAYEDA, SENGAKU ; TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: [ SANKARA ] [ SANKARACARYA ] - A Thousand Teachings: The Upadesasahasri of Sankara
BOOKS012814I: MAYER, ARNO J. - The Furies: Violence and Terror in the French and Russian Revolutions
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BOOKS005859I: MAYER, FRANK A. - Adenauer and Kennedy : A Study in German-American Relations, 1961-1963
BOOKS027218I: MAYER, K.H. - Relationen zwischen charakteristischen Zahlen
BOOKS028419I: MAYER, JACOB PETER - Max Weber e a politica alemã
BOOKS029869I: MAYER, THEODOR [1883-1972] ; EDITOR : - Adel und Bauern im deutschen Staat des Mittelalters
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BOOKS025239I: MAYER, JOHANN GEORG [1845-1912] - Das Konzil von Trient und die Gegenreformation in der Schweiz : Erster - Zweiter Band
BOOKS009462I: MAYERS, DAVID ALLAN - Cracking the Monolith: U.S. Policy Against the Sino-Soviet Alliance, 1949-1955
BOOKS006994I: MAYERS, MARVIN K., EDITOR: - Languages of Guatemala
BOOKS020180I: MAYHEW, ROBERT ; EDITOR: [ RAND, AYN ] - Ayn Rand's Marginalia : Her Critical Comments on the Writings of Over 20 Authors
BOOKS023548I: MAYIDEVA (FL. 1419-1446 CE) - Anubhavasutram Vatulasuddhakhyatantram ca / Srimanmayidevaviracitam ; Krsnanandasagarena bhumikaya saha sampadya prakasitam
BOOKS018282I: MAYNE, PETER - The Narrow Smile : A Journey Back to the North-West Frontier
BOOKS020126I: MAYNE, ALAN JAMES CHRISTIAN ; & MURRAY, TIM ; EDITORS: - The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes : Explorations in Slumland
BOOKS022062I: MAYNE, ALAN JAMES CHRISTIAN ; & MURRAY, TIM ; EDITORS: - The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes : Explorations in Slumland
BOOKS010215I: MAYNES, MARY JO - Schooling in Western Europe: A Social History
BOOKS009328I: MAYNOR, JOHN W. - Republicanism in the Modern World
BOOKS003782I: MAYO, ROBERT S. - Herder and the Beginnings of Comparative Literature
BOOKS007334I: MAYOR, FEDERICO ; BERGER, YVES ; ROSTKOWSKI, JOËLLE ; & DEVERS, SYLVIE ; ET AL. - Destins croisés : cinq siècles de rencontre avec les Amérindiens
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BOOKS018633I: MAYORAL, JOSE - El prognatismo inferior en los reyes Españoles de la Casa de Austria
BOOKS012138I: MAYR, ERNST [1904 -2005] - Evolution and the Diversity of Life : Selected Essays
BOOKS015569I: MAYR, ERNST - The Growth of Biological Thought: Diversity, Evolution and Inheritance
BOOKS017048I: MAYR, ERNST [1904-2005] - One Long Argument : Charles Darwin & the Genesis of Modern Evolutionary Thought
BOOKS016994I: MAYR, ERNST [1904-2005] - Towards a New Philosophy of Biology Observations of an Evolutionist
BOOKS016767I: MAYR, ERNST [1904-2005] - What Makes Biology Unique?: Considerations on the Autonomy of a Scientific Discipline
BOOKS018634I: MAYR, ERNST [1904-2005] - What Makes Biology Unique? Considerations on the Autonomy of a Scientific Discipline
BOOKS029614I: MAYR-HARTING, HENRY - Ottonian Book Illumination : An Historical Study : Part I : Themes
BOOKS028050I: MAYRHOFER, BERNHARD - Die Praxis der Zahnextraktion einschlisslich der örtlichen Schmerzbetäubung : kurzgefasstes Lehrbuch für Zahnärzte, Ärzte .,.,,.
BOOKS025100I: MAYSAMI, SAYYID HUSAYN - Hajji Mulla 'Abd al-Karim Jinab Qazvini va naqsh-i viy dar musiqi-i Qajar
BOOKS004323I: MAZARR, MICHAEL J. - North Korea & the Bomb. A Case Study in Nonproliferation
BOOKS011839I: MAZIERSKA, EWA & RASCAROLI; LAURA - From Moscow to Madrid: Postmodern Cities, European Cinema
BOOKS019718I: MAZLISH, BRUCE - The Fourth Discontinuity : Co-evolution of Humans and Machines
BOOKS010355I: MAZON, ANDRE & COCRON, FREDERIC [LE PASTEUR, GREGORII] - La Comedie d'Artaxerxes (Artaxerxovo Deistvo) presentee en 1672 au Tsar Alexis par Gregorii Le Pasteur
BOOKS010550I: MAZON, ANDRE - Manuscrits parisiens d'Ivan Tourguenev: Notices et extraits
BOOKS012271I: MAZRUI, ALI A. - Africa's International Relations: The Diplomacy of Dependency and Change
BOOKS001243I: MAZRUI, ALI A. - The African Condition: A Political Diagnosis
BOOKS012285I: MAZRUI, ALI A. - Towards a Pax Africana: A Study of Ideology and Ambition
BOOKS001882I: MAZUMDAR, S.K. - A Biometric Study on the Tribes of North-western Himalayan Region
BOOKS026425I: MAZZEGA, MICHAEL - Sedulius, Carmen paschale, Buch III
BOOKS014537I: MAZZEO, J. A. - Reason and the Imagination: Studies in the History of Ideas, 1600-1800
BOOKS026645I: MAZZOCCA, FERNANDO ; EDITOR : [MUSEO POLDI-PEZZOLI] - Neoclassico e troubadour nelle miniature di Giambattista Gigola : Milano, Museo Poldi Pezzoli, 25 ottobre 1978-14 gennaio 1979
BOOKS028848I: MBAYE, PAPA DEMBA - La vie des Sénégalais au Maroc
BOOKS011663I: MBEMBE, ACHILLE - On the Postcolony
BOOKS005551I: MBONGO, MABAYA MA - La courrier d'un refugie africain : Le bilan d'une revolte social zairoise en metropole imperialiste
BOOKS011245I: MBOUNGOU, SEBASTIEN MATIONGO - La plainte: Critique ethico-morale des poliques de la deshumanisation et de la brutalite
BOOKS019211I: MCAFEE, NOËLLE - Habermas, Kristeva, and Citizenship
BOOKS021797I: MCALISTER, LINDA LOPEZ ; EDITOR: - Hypatia's Daughters : Fifteen Hundred Years of Women Philosophers
BOOKS017027I: MCAULIFFE, JANE DAMMEN ; EDITOR: - The Cambridge Companion to the Qur'an
BOOKS006977I: MCBRIDE, WILLIAM L.; EDITOR: - Sartre's Life, Times and Vision du Monde
BOOKS010638I: MCBRYDE, FELIX WEBSTER - Cultural and Historical Geography of Southwest Guatemala
BOOKS010962I: MCCAFFERY, STEVE - Prior to Meaning: The Protosemantic and Poetics
BOOKS000923I: MCCANN, CHARLES - Trees of India : A Popular Handbook
BOOKS013559I: MCCARTHY, MICHAEL [1947 - ] - Spoken Language and Applied Linguistics
BOOKS011864I: MCCARTHY, JOHN A. - Crossing Boundaries: A Theory and History of Essay Writing in German, 1680 -1815
BOOKS028495I: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN - Population History of the Middle East and the Balkans
BOOKS011609I: MCCAUGHEY, ROBERT A. - Josiah Quincy, 1772-1864: The Last Federalist
BOOKS027840I: MCCLAIN, ERNEST G. - The Myth of Invariance : The Origin of the Gods, Mathematics, and Music from the Rg Veda to Plato
BOOKS013290I: MCCLAMROCH, N. HARRIS - State Models of Dynamic Systems: A Case Study Approach
BOOKS009225I: MCCLELLAN, WOODFORD - Revolutionary Exiles : The Russians in the First International and the Paris Commune
BOOKS024744I: MCCLELLAND, CHARLES E. - State, Society, and University in Germany, 1700-1914
BOOKS010856I: MCCLELLAND, PETER D. - Sowing Modernity: America's First Agricultural Revolution
BOOKS006237I: MCCLURE, KIRSTIE M. - Judging Rights: Lockean Politics and the Limits of Consent
BOOKS015788I: MCCLURE, A; [ MCCLURE, FLOYD ALONZO (1897 - 1970)] - Genera of Bamboos Native to the New World (Gramineae: Bambusoideae)
BOOKS018394I: MCCOOL, GERALD A.; EDITOR: [ RAHNER, KARL (1904-1984)] - A Rahner Reader
BOOKS001941I: MCCOOL, DANIEL - Command of the Waters. Iron Triangles, Federal Water Development & Indian Water
BOOKS008833I: MCCORD, NORMAN - The Anti-Corn Law League, 1838-1846
BOOKS005437I: MCCORKLE, JAMES - The Still Performance. Writing, Self, and Interconnection in Five Postmodern American Poets
BOOKS017311I: MCCORMICK, JOHN - American & European Literary Imagination, 1919-1932
BOOKS016644I: MCCORMICK, PETER J.; EDITOR: - Starmaking: Realism, Anti-realism and Irrealism
BOOKS014484I: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL - Speculative Truth: Henry Cavendish, Natural Philosophy, and the Rise of Modern Theoretical Science
BOOKS023513I: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL ; EDITOR: - Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. Sixth Annual Volume
BOOKS012725I: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL - Speculative Truth : Henry Cavendish, Natural Philosophy, and the Rise of Modern Theoretical Science
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BOOKS001554I: MCCOY, PATRICK CARLTON - Easter Island Settlement Patterns in the Late Prehistoric & Protohistoric Period
BOOKS010980I: MCCRACKEN, JANET - Taste and the Household: The Domestic Aesthetic and Moral Reasoning
BOOKS009804I: MCCREERY, DAVID - Rural Guatemala 1760 - 1940
BOOKS004984I: MCCRIMMON, BARBARA - Power, Politics and Print. The Publication of the British Museum Catalogue, 1881 - 1900.
BOOKS018540I: MCCRINDLE, JOSEPH F.; EDITOR: - Behind the Scenes: Theatre and Film Interviews from the Transatlantic Review
BOOKS015306I: MCCRINDLE, JOHN WATSON [ MEGASTHENES ] - Ancient India as Described by Megasthenês and Arrian..,.
BOOKS010740I: MCCROCKLIN, JAMES H. - Garde d'Haiti, 1915-1934; Twenty Years of Organization and Training by the United States Marine Corps.
BOOKS009359I: MCCRUDDEN, CHRISTOPHER; EDITOR: - Anti-Discrimination Law
BOOKS019902I: MCCULLOCH, J. R. (JOHN RAMSAY) [1789-1864] ; EDITOR: - Early English Tracts on Commerce
BOOKS015169I: MCCULLOUGH, MALCOLM ; MITCHELL, WILLIAM JOHN ; & PURCELL, PATRICK ; EDITORS: - The Electronic Design Studio: Architectural Knowledge and the Media in the Computer Era
BOOKS014135I: MCCUMBER, JOHN - Poetic Interaction: Language, Freedom, Reason
BOOKS008046I: MCDANIEL, GARRY LEWIS - Managing the Business: How Successful Managers Align Management Systems with Business Strategy
BOOKS005211I: MCDANIEL, JUNE - The Madness of the Saints. Ecstatic Religion in Bengal
BOOKS009631I: MCDANNELL, COLLEEN; EDITOR: - Religions of the United States in Practice. Volume One.
BOOKS014296I: MCDERMOTT, RACHEL FELL ; & KRIPAL, JEFFREY JOHN ; EDITORS: - Encountering Kali : In the Margins, at the Center, in the West
BOOKS023104I: MCDERMOTT, JOHN F. ; TSENG, WEN-SHING ; & MARETZKI, THOMAS ; EDITORS: - People and Cultures of Hawaii : A Psychocultural Profile
BOOKS003066I: MCDONALD, ANGUS W., JR. - The Urban Origins of Rural Revolution : Elites & the Masses in Hunan Province, China, 1911-1927
BOOKS011025I: MCDONOUGH, PETER; BARNES, SAMUEL H.; LOPEZ PINA, ANTONIO; SHIN, DOH C.; MOISES, JOSE ALVARO - The Cultural Dynamics of Democratization in Spain
BOOKS013605I: MCDOWELL, CHRISTOPHER ; EDITOR: - Understanding Impoverishment : The Consequences of Development-induced Displacement
BOOKS009395I: MCDOWELL, NANCY - The Mundugumor: From the Field Notes of Margaret Mead and Reo Fortune
BOOKS022463I: MCDOWELL, ANNA ; & SHARMA, ARVIND ; EDITORS: - Vignettes of Vrindavan
BOOKS007705I: MCELDUFF, COLIN - Trans-Asia Motoring
BOOKS012705I: MCEVOY, ARTHUR F. - The Fisherman's Problem : Ecology and Law in the California Fisheries, 1850-1980
BOOKS009837I: MCFARLAND, DAVID; BÖSSER, TOM, 1947- - Intelligent Behavior in Animals and Robots
BOOKS017023I: MCFARLAND, GEORGE BRADLEY - Thai - English Dictionary
BOOKS006365I: MCFARLANE, BRIAN - Australian Cinema
BOOKS012636I: MCFARLANE, ANTHONY [1946- ] - Colombia Before Independence : Economy, Society, and Politics under Bourbon Rule
BOOKS005400I: MCFATE, PATRICIA - The Writings of James Stephens. Variations on a Theme of Love
BOOKS018010I: MCGEE, PATRICK - Telling the Other : The Question of Value in Modern and Postcolonial Writing
BOOKS013749I: MCGHEE, GEORGE R. - The Late Devonian Mass Extinction : The Frasnian / Famennian Crisis
BOOKS005885I: MCGILL, RONALD - Institutional Development. A Third World City Management Perspective
BOOKS020135I: MCGILVRAY, JAMES ALASDAIR ; EDITOR: - The Cambridge Companion to Chomsky
BOOKS020498I: MCGLASHAN, ALAN - The Savage and Beautiful Country : The Secret Life of the Mind
BOOKS011607I: MCGLATHERY, JAMES M. - Desire's Sway: The Plays and Stories of Heinrich von Kleist
BOOKS015281I: MCGLONE, ROBERT E. - John Brown's War Against Slavery
BOOKS016300I: MCGLYNN, FRANK S. ; & DRESCHER, SEYMOUR ; EDITORS: - The Meaning of Freedom: Economics, Politics and Culture After Slavery
BOOKS012587I: MCGLYNN, CLARE; EDITOR: - Legal Feminisms: Theory and Practice
BOOKS011614I: MCGOWAN, KATE; EDITOR: - The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, 6
BOOKS016315I: MCGRATH, ALISTER E. - Reformation Thought: An Introduction
BOOKS012583I: MCGRATH, PAM - Confronting Icarus: A Psycho-Social Perspective on Haematological Malignancies
BOOKS014237I: MCGREW, W. C. (WILLIAM CLEMENT) - Chimpanzee Material Culture: Implications for Human Evolution
BOOKS015861I: MCGREW, RODERICK ERLE - Russia and the Cholera, 1823-1832
BOOKS018753I: MCGROARTY, MARY ; EDITOR: [ AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR APPLIED LINGUISTICS ] - Language Contact and Change [ Annual Review of Applied Linguistics. Volume 23 - 2003 ]
BOOKS002779I: MCGUIRE, BRIAN PATRICK - The Cistercians in Denmark : Their Attitudes, Roles, and Functions in Medieval Society
BOOKS009956I: MCGUIRE, JAMES WILLIAM - Wealth, Health, and Democracy in East Asia and Latin America
BOOKS013150I: MCHENRY, DEAN E. - Tanzania’s Ujamaa Villages : The Implementation of a Rural Development Strategy
BOOKS016076I: MCILWAIN, CHARLES HOWARD [1871-1968] - Constitutionalism: Ancient & Modern
BOOKS022650I: MCINERNEY, JAY - Bright Lights, Big City : A Novel
BOOKS009355I: MCINTOSH, MALCOLM & THOMAS, RUTH; EDITORS: - Cable & Wireless [Global Companies in the Twentieth Century: Selected Archival Histories: Volume V]
BOOKS010356I: MCINTOSH, MALCOLM & THOMAS, RUTH; EDITORS: - Marks & Spencer [Global Companies in the Twentieth Century. Selected Archival Histories: Volume VII]
BOOKS016373I: MCINTOSH, RODERICK J. - Ancient Middle Niger: Urbanism and the Self-organizing Landscape
BOOKS004675I: MCINTYRE, W. DAVID - The Imperial Frontier in the Tropics, 1865 - 75 : A Study of British Colonial Policy in West Africa, Malaya & the South Pacific
BOOKS011882I: MCKANAN, DAN - Identifying the Image of God: Radical Christians and Nonviolent Power in the Antebellum United States
BOOKS014613I: MCKAY, HEATHER A. ; & CLINES, DAVID J. A.; EDITORS: - Of Prophets' Visions and the Wisdom of Sages: Essays in Honour of R. Norman Whybray on his Seventieth Birthday
BOOKS012755I: MCKAY, HEATHER A.; & CLINES, DAVID J. A.; EDITORS: - Of Prophets' Visions and the Wisdom of Sages : Essays in Honour of R. Norman Whybray on his
BOOKS006496I: MCKEEHAN, KATHLEEN MARIE - Decision Making by Clients Planning for Continuing Health Care
BOOKS001674I: MCKELVEY, JOHN J., JR. - Man Against Tsetse: Struggle for Africa
BOOKS015517I: MCKENNA, TERENCE K. - Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge : A Radical History of Plants, Drugs and Human Evolution
BOOKS000250I: MCKENNA, TERENCE K. - True Hallucinations & the Archaic Revival
BOOKS010994I: MCKENZIE, KERMIT E. - Comintern and World Revolution 1928-1943: The Shaping of Doctrine
BOOKS018828I: MCKENZIE, JOHN, REVEREND [1883-19??] ; EDITOR: - The Christian Task in India, by Various Writers
BOOKS016660I: MCKINNON, RONALD I. - Exchange Rates Under the East Asian Dollar Standard: Living with Conflicted Virtue
BOOKS016637I: MCKINNON, RONALD I. - The Rules of the Game: International Money and Exchange Rates
BOOKS024680I: MCKITTERICK, ROSAMOND ; EDITOR: - The New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume II : c. 700 - c. 900
BOOKS000434I: MCKNIGHT, NATALIE J. - Suffering Mothers in Mid-Victorian Novels
BOOKS028837I: MCKOWN, DELOS BANNING - The Classical Marxist Critiques of Religion : Marx, Engels, Lenin, Kautsky
BOOKS014147I: MCLAREN, WALTER WALLACE [1877 - 19??]; EDITOR: - Japanese Government Documents
BOOKS010174I: MCLAREN, ANGUS - Twentieth-Century Sexuality: A History
BOOKS005140I: MCLARY, BEN HARRIS, EDITOR: - Washington Irving and the House of Murray. Geoffrey Crayon Charms the British, 1817-1856
BOOKS019347I: MCLAUGHLIN, JUDITH - Self-Care Behavior of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis in Denmark: Development of a Behavioral Instrument
BOOKS010935I: MCLAUGHLIN, MEGAN - Consorting with Saints: Prayer for the Dead in Early Modern France
BOOKS009647I: MCLAUGHLIN, KEVIN - Writing in Parts: Imitation and Exchange in Nineteenth-Century Literature
BOOKS012412I: MCLEAN, FRANKLIN C. & URIST, MARSHALL R. - Bone : Fundamentals of the Physiology of Skeletal Tissue
BOOKS019667I: MCLEAN, IAIN ; & MCMILLAN, ALISTAIR - State of the Union : Unionism and the Alternatives in the United Kingdom Since 1707
BOOKS007564I: MCLEOD, BEVERLY; EDITOR: - Language and Learning: Educating Linguistically Diverse Students
BOOKS008181I: MCLEOD, MARK S. - Rationality and Theistic Belief: An Essay on Reformed Epistemology
BOOKS005445I: MCLEOD, W.H. - Punjabis in New Zealand. A History of Punjabi Migration 1890 - 1940
BOOKS010437I: MCLOUGHLIN, J. BRIAN - Control and Urban Planning
BOOKS022031I: MCLOUGHLIN, LESLIE J. - In a Sea of Knowledge : British Arabists in the Twentieth Century
BOOKS014952I: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL [1911 - 1980] - Understanding Me : Lectures and Interviews
BOOKS009625I: MCMANAMON, JOHN M., S.J. - Pierpaoloa Vergerio the Elder: 'The Humanist as Orator'
BOOKS015235I: MCMANN, JEAN - Riddles of the Stone Age : Rock Carvings of Ancient Europe
BOOKS002861I: MCMANUS, JANE - Cuba’s Island of Dreams : Voices from the Isle of Pines and Youth
BOOKS012360I: MCMENAMIN, MARK A.S. & MCMENAMIN, DIANNA L.S. - Hypersea : Life on Land
BOOKS005182I: MCMICHAEL, JACK R. & TAFT, BARBARA, EDITORS: - The Writings of William Walwyn
BOOKS000495I: MCMILLAN, CAROL - Women, Reason, and Nature : Some Philosophical Problems with Feminism
BOOKS026407I: MCMILLEN, SALLY G. - Motherhood in the Old South : Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infant Rearing
BOOKS013828I: MCMULLEN, CURTIS T. - Complex Dynamics and Renormalization
BOOKS015835I: MCMULLEN, MICHAEL - The Baha'i: The Religious Construction of a Global Identity
BOOKS016439I: MCMULLEN, CONLEY K. - Flowering Plants Of The Galapagos
BOOKS024431I: MCMURTRY, JO - English Language, English Literature : The Creation of an Academic Discipline
BOOKS013279I: MCNAB, BRIAN KEITH [1932 - ] - The Physiological Ecology of Vertebrates: A View From Energetics
BOOKS010075I: MCNAMARA, KENNETH J. - Shapes of Time: The Evolution of Growth and Development
BOOKS013909I: MCNAUGHTON, PATRICK R. - Mande Blacksmiths: Knowledge, Power and Art in West Africa
BOOKS021787I: MCNEELY, DELDON ANNE - Mercury Rising : Women, Evil, and the Trickster Gods
BOOKS024933I: MCNEELY, DELDON ANNE - Animus Aeternus : Exploring the Inner Masculine
BOOKS005210I: MCNEILL, WILLIAM H. - The Shape of European History
BOOKS022166I: MCNEILL, DAVID ; EDITOR: - Language and Gesture
BOOKS018219I: MCPHERSON, E. S. P. - Ethiopian Sovereignty : African Nationhood : Voices from the African Diaspora Call..,.
BOOKS016367I: MCPHERSON, GUY R. ; & DESTEFANO, STEPHEN - Applied Ecology and Natural Resource Management
BOOKS012779I: MCRAE, ANDREW - God Speed the Plough: The Representation of Agrarian England, 1500-1660
BOOKS002958I: MCRAE, HAMISH & CAIRNCROSS, FRANCES - Capital City. London as a Financial Centre
BOOKS011060I: MCROBBIE, ANGELA - In the Culture Society: Art, Fashion and Popular Music
BOOKS022511I: MCROBBIE, ANGELA - British Fashion Design : Rag Trade or Image Industry?
BOOKS010920I: MCROY, RUTH G. - Special Needs Adoptions: Practice Issues
BOOKS005732I: MCVAY, GORDON - Esenin. A Life
BOOKS021108I: MCWHIRTER, JOCELYN - The Bridegroom Messiah and the People of God : Marriage in the Fourth Gospel
BOOKS010210I: MCWILLIAM, NEIL - Dreams of Happiness: Social Art and the French Left 1830 - 1850
BOOKS009178I: MCWILLIAM, ANDREW; & RAUCH, MICHAEL; EDITORS: - Origin and Evolution of the Elements
BOOKS029580I: MCWILLIAM, JOANNE ; EDITOR : - Augustine : From Rhetor to Theologian
BOOKS009540I: MEACHAM, STANDISH - Toynbee Hall and Social Reform 1880-1914: The Search for Community
BOOKS026321I: MEAD, G. R. S. (GEORGE ROBERT STOW) [1863-1933] - The Gospels and the Gospel : A Study in the Most Recent Results of the Lower and Higher Criticism
BOOKS012719I: MEAD, CARVER A. - Collective Electrodynamics : Quantum Foundations of Electromagnetism
BOOKS002126I: MEADE, J.E. - A Neo-Classical Theory of Economic Growth
BOOKS008631I: MEANS, GARDINER V. - A Monetary Theory of Employment
BOOKS027469I: O'MEARA, O. TIMOTHY - Introduction to Quadratic Forms
BOOKS017092I: O’MEARA, STEPHEN JAMES - The Caldwell Objects
BOOKS021542I: MECHNIKOV, I.I. ( ILYA ILYICH ) [ METCHNIKOFF, ELIE (1845-1916)] - Nevospriimchivost v infektsionnykh bolezniakh
BOOKS001145I: MECNER,PAWEL - Deagentive Strukturen im Polnischen und Deutschen
BOOKS017091I: MEDDEB, ABDELWAHAB - The Malady of Islam
BOOKS011932I: MEDDING, PETER Y.; EDITOR: - Values, Interests and Identity: Jews and Politics in a Changing World [Studies in Contemporary Jewry, Volume XI]

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