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BOOKS022518I: LEWIS, JUSTIN - The Ideological Octopus : Exploration of Television and Its Audience
BOOKS013847I: LEWIS, JAMES R.; EDITOR: - The Gods Have Landed: New Religions from Other Worlds
BOOKS013767I: LEWIS, JAMES R. ; EDITOR: - Magical Religion and Modern Witchcraft
BOOKS011707I: LEWIS, M.K. & DAVIS, K.T. - Domestic and International Banking
BOOKS002962I: LEWIS, PHILIP E. - La Rochefoucauld. The Art of Abstraction
BOOKS008513I: LEWIS, TOM & SANCHEZ, FRANCISCO J.; EDITORS: - Culture and the State in Spain: 1550-1850
BOOKS006274I: LEWIS, M.H., EDITOR: - Glasses and Glass-Ceramics
BOOKS012107I: LEWIS, RUSSELL - Anti-racism: A Mania Exposed
BOOKS015568I: LEWIS, ARCHIBALD ROSS ; & RUNYAN, TIMOTHY J. ; EDITORS: - European Naval and Maritime History, 300-1500
BOOKS013196I: LEWIS, ROY - Sierra Leone: A Modern Portrait
BOOKS005580I: LEWIS, NAPHTALI - Papyrus in Classical Antiquity
BOOKS005188I: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Emergence of Modern Turkey
BOOKS000333I: LEWIS, PETER - A Numerical Approach to the Location of Industry: Exemplified by the Distribution of the Papermaking Industry in England .,.,
BOOKS009990I: LEWIS, JOHN L. - The C.I.O. Crusade
BOOKS016196I: LEWIS, I. M. ; EDITOR: - Islam in Tropical Africa : Studies Presented and Discussed at the Fifth International African Seminar, Ahmadu Bello University
BOOKS003134I: LEWIS, LAURENCE - Echoes of Resistance. British Involvement with the Italian Partisans
BOOKS028544I: LEWIS, ARCHIBALD ROSS [1914-1990] - Nomads and Crusaders, A.D. 1000-1368
BOOKS030841I: LEWY, ERNST - Versuch einer Charakteristik des Awarischen : mit Exkursen zur Sprachtheorie
BOOKS023946I: LEY, FRANCIS - Alexandre Ier et sa Sainte-Alliance : 1811-1825, avec des documents inédit
BOOKS007037I: DE LEY, HERBERT - The Movement of Thought : An Essay on Intellect in Seventeenth-Century France
BOOKS015463I: LEYBURN, JAMES G. - Frontier Folkways
BOOKS022142I: LEYDA, JAY [1910-1988] - Films Beget Films
BOOKS007001I: LEYDEN, W. VON - Seventeenth-Century Metaphysics. An Examination of Some Main Concepts & Theories
BOOKS015548I: LEYERLE, JOHN ; & QUICK, ANNE WENLEY - Chaucer : A Bibliographical Introduction
BOOKS017235I: LEYS, COLIN - Market-driven Politics: Neoliberal Democracy and the Public Interest
BOOKS005021I: LEYS, COLIN - European Politics in Southern Rhodesia
BOOKS011524I: LHAMO TSERING, TSONGKHA [LHA-MO-TSHE-RIN, TSON-KHA] [1924- ] - Btsan rgol rgyal skyob / Tson-kha Lha-mo-tshe-rin gis brtsams; Bkra-´sis-tshe-rin gis rtsom sgrig rgyus ston ´zus.
BOOKS019407I: LI, ZHUN [1928-2000] - Bi an ji / Li Zhun zhu
BOOKS017081I: LI, YUERAN ; & QUAN, YANCHI - Wai jiao wu tai shang di xin Zhongguo ling xiu / Li Yueran hui yi ; Quan Yanchi zheng li.
BOOKS005198I: LI, P.H. & SAKAI, A., EDITORS: - Plant Cold Hardiness and Freezing Stress. Mechanisms and Crop Implications
BOOKS012027I: LI, KAM W. - Applied Thermodynamics: Availability Method and Energy Conversion
BOOKS019628I: LI, YAFEI - Xo: A Theory of the Morphology-syntax Interface
BOOKS006565I: LIBBY, RONALD T. - Protecting Markets: U.S. Policy and the World Grain Trade
BOOKS020342I: LIBELT, KAROL [1807-1875] - Znaczenie calkowitego zacmienia slonecznego przypadajacego na dniu 18 Sierpnia 1868 roku
BOOKS021741I: PREGOEIRO DA LIBERADE - Correspondencia com o Pregoeiro da Liberade
BOOKS020941I: ACCION LIBERTADORA - Suplemento de Choque
BOOKS023098I: PEOPLE'S UNION FOR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS / PEOPLE'S UNION FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES. - Justice Denied : A Critique of the Mishra Commission on the Riots in November 1984.
BOOKS005289I: LIBICKI, MARCIN ; & LIBICKI, PIOTR - Dwory i palace wiejskie w Wielkopolsce
BOOKS024194I: LIBRARIE LARDANCHET, ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLERS (PARIS) - Catalogue de Beaux Livres Anciens et Modernes, No.s 49; 59; & 60
BOOKS023626I: KHUDA BAKHSH ORIENTAL PUBLIC LIBRARY - An Account of Bi-Amman's Bihar Visit, 1922 / introduced by Srikant
BOOKS018792I: NATIONAL LIBRARY (INDIA) - Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts in the Buhar Collection
BOOKS018243I: SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY - The South African Commercial Advertiser, No. 1 January 7 1824 to No 18 May 5 1824...
BOOKS003803I: SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY - Maps of Africa. Proceedings of the Symposium on Maps held at the South African Library,Cape Town on 24-26 November 1988
BOOKS018677I: LIBRI, GUILLAUME [1803-1869] - Lettre à M. de Falloux, ministre de l'instruction publique et des cultes contenant le récit d'une odieuse persécution...,.
BOOKS021318I: LICHNOWSKY, FELIX MARIA VINCENZ ANDREAS, FÜRST VON [1814-1848] - Portugal : Recordações do anno de 1842 : Traduzido do allemão / pelo Principe Lichnowsky
BOOKS007477I: LICHTENSTEIN, L[EON]. - Neuere Entwicklung der Potentialtheorie. Konforme Abbildung [bound together with one other offprint by Lichtenstein]
BOOKS007311I: LICHTENSTEIN, LEON - Grundlagen der Hydromechanik
BOOKS021246I: LICHTENSTEIN, LEON [1878-1933] - Astronomie und Mathematik in ihrer Wechselwirkung : Mathematische Probleme in der Theorie der Figur der Himmelskörper
BOOKS009778I: LICHTHEIM, GEORGE [1912-1973] - Marxism : An Historical and Critical Study
BOOKS018139I: LICHTHEIM, MIRIAM [1914 -2004 ] - Ancient Egyptian Literature : A Book of Readings, Vol. III : the Late Period
BOOKS015912I: LICHTHEIM, MIRIAM - Ancient Egyptian Literature : A Book of Readings : Vol. II. New Kingdom
BOOKS005176I: LICHTHEIM, MIRIAM - Ancient Egyptian Literature : A Book of Readings : Vol. III : the Late Period
BOOKS018880I: LICHTHEIM, MIRIAM [1914 -2004 ] - Ancient Egyptian Literature : A Book of Readings, Vol. I: The Old and Middle Kingdoms
BOOKS025674I: LIDBECK, ANDERS [1772-1829] - Försök till bestämmande af några liktydiga svenska ord
BOOKS018323I: LIDDELL, ROBERT [1908-1992] - Robert Liddell on the Novel
BOOKS026084I: LIDIN, OLOF G. - Tanegashima : The Arrival of Europe in Japan
BOOKS018700I: LIDIN, LARS G. - On Helical-Spring Suspension
BOOKS000103I: LIDIN, OLOF G. - Ogyu Sorai's Journey to Kai in 1706: With a Translation of the Kyochukiko
BOOKS018641I: LIE, JOHN. - Han Unbound: The Political Economy of South Korea
BOOKS019184I: LIEB, MICHAEL - The Visionary Mode : Biblical Prophecy, Hermeneutics and Cultural Change
BOOKS006002I: LIEBENAU, HERMANN VON [1807- 1874] - Erklärung des luzernischen Ueberfalls vom 8. Christmonat 1844 : von einem Unbetheiligten
BOOKS025882I: LIEBENBERG, MICHAEL FREDERIK [1767-1828] ; TRANSLATOR : [ MOTTE-FOUQUE, FRIEDRICH DE LA ] - Ridder Thüring og hans Sønner : romantisk Digtning i fem Handlinger : omarbeidet efter la Motte Fouques: die Pilgerfahrt
BOOKS027186I: LIEBENBERG, FREDERIK LUDVIG - Betaenkning over den holbergske orthographi. For det Holbergske samfund
BOOKS025881I: LIEBENBERG, MICHAEL FREDERIK [1767-1828] - Hold fast ved det, du haver! Et Ord til Medchristne og Medborgere, fremsagte i Vartou Kirke paa den sidste Dag i Aaret 1820
BOOKS005786I: LIEBERKIND, INGVALD - Vergleichende Studien uber die Morphologie und Histogenese der larval Haftorgane bei den Amphibien
BOOKS021200I: LIEBERMAN, VICTOR B. - Strange Parallels : Southeast Asia in Global Context, c. 800-1830. Volume 1: Integration on the Mainland
BOOKS012836I: LIEBERMANN VON SONNENBERG, MAX [1848-1911] - Reichstagsrede des Abgeordneten Liebermann von Sonnenberg..,.vom 10. November 1908 über: Kaiser - Kanzler und auswärtige Politik
BOOKS021994I: LIEBERSOHN, HARRY - Aristocratic Encounters : European Travelers and North American Indians
BOOKS009335I: LIEBERSON, STANLEY [DIL, ANWAR S.; EDITOR:] - Language Diversity and Language Contact. Essays by Stanley Lieberson. Selected and Introduced by Anwar S. Dil
BOOKS015940I: LIEBLEIN, J. ; ET AL. - Det gamla Egypten i dess Skrift [bound together with 8 other monographs concerning Ancient Egypt, ca. 1877-1941]
BOOKS027430I: LIEBMANN-FRANKFORT, THERESE - La frontière orientale dans la politique extérieure de la République romaine depuis le traite d'Apamée jusqu'a ..,.
BOOKS029065I: LIEFMANN, ROBERT [1874-1941] - Die Unternehmerverbände (Konventionen, Kartelle) : ihr Wesen und ihre Bedeutung
BOOKS012898I: LIEGEOIS, JEAN-PIERRE - Minoria e escolaridad: el paradigma gitano
BOOKS013002I: LIÉGEOIS, JEAN-PIERRE; EDITOR: - Gypsies in the Locality: Proceedings: Report on the Colloquy held in Liptovský Mikulás (Slovakia), 15-17 October 1992.
BOOKS020305I: LIEGLER, LEOPOLD [1882-1949] - Karl Kraus und sein werk
BOOKS027972I: LIEKE, EDMUND - Farbensehen bei Bienen : Wahrnehmung der Farbsättigung
BOOKS019998I: NGUYEN DANG LIEM - Vietnamese Pronunciation
BOOKS011215I: LIENERT, MEINRAD [1865-1933] - Geschichten aus den Schwyzerbergen : Erzählungen [together with 29 other volumes, all by Meinrad Lienert, ca. 1900-1936]
BOOKS016411I: LIENHARD, SIEGFRIED ; EDITOR: - Songs of Nepal : An Anthology of Nevar Folksongs and Hymns / [Compiled and Edited by] Siegfried Lienhard.
BOOKS007864I: LIEP, JOHN - A Papuan Plutocracy : Ranked Exchange on Rossel Island
BOOKS004505I: LIEPMANN, KATE K. - The Journey to Work. Its Significance for Industrial & Community Life.
BOOKS018713I: LIERNUR, CHARLES, CAPITAIN (1828-1893) - Ueberrieselungsfrage und Prof. Dünkelberg in Wiesbaden ..,. / von Capitain Liernur
BOOKS022177I: LIETEN, GEORGES KRISTOFFEL ; NIEUNWENHUYS, OLGA ; & SCHENK-SANDBERGEN, LOES CH. ; EDITORS: - Women, Migrants, and Tribals : Survival Strategies in Asia
BOOKS006737I: REVOLUTIONÄRE MARXISTISCHE LIGA - Gegen die fremdenfeindlichen Bewegungen : Für die Einheit der Arbeiterklasse
BOOKS020152I: LIGHT, ANDREW ; EDITOR: - Social Ecology After Bookchin
BOOKS024749I: LIGHTBOWN, R. W. - Secular Goldsmiths' Work in Medieval France : A History
BOOKS014154I: LIGHTFOOT, DAVID - The Language Lottery: Toward a Biology of Grammars
BOOKS005581I: LIGHTFOOT, DAVID - Natural Logic and the Greek Moods : The Nature of the Subjunctive and Optative in Classical Greek
BOOKS019703I: LIGHTHILL, JAMES [LIGHTHILL, M. J., SIR] - Waves in Fluids
BOOKS015007I: LIGNE, CHARLES JOSEPH, PRINCE DE [1735 - 1814] - Coup D'Oeil at Beloeil and a Great Number of European Gardens
BOOKS023249I: LIGT, BART DE [1883-1938] - Gandhi over oorlog, Volkenbond en ontwapening
BOOKS029425I: LIK'OKELI, IVANE - Xevsuret'is sisxliani 37 : Lik'okis tartikauli
BOOKS029422I: LIK'OKELI, IVANE - Xevsurebi da K'ak'uc'a : Xevsuret'is amboxeba 1922 clis zap'xuls'i K'ak'uc'a C'oloqas'vilis razmis monacileobit'
BOOKS025000I: DUANGMISAI LIKAIYA - Tong Pao Tho chai ka / hiaphiang læ khian doi Duangmisai Paolikaiya
BOOKS020003I: LILIEN, OTTO M. - History of Industrial Gravure Printing up to 1920
BOOKS026733I: LILIUS, HENRIK - Villa Lante al Gianicolo : l’architettura e la decorazione pittorica [Volumes I & II]
BOOKS012967I: LILIUS, HENRIK - Suomalaisen koulutalon arkkitehtuuri historiaa: Kehityslinjojen tarkastelua keskiajalta itsenäisyyden ajan alkuun
BOOKS012891I: LILJA, SAARA [ ÖHMANN, EMIL ] [ VÄÄNÄNEN, VEIKKO ] - Terms of Abuse in Roman Comedy [bound together with "Etude sur le texte et la langue ces Tablettes Albertini" + 1 other paper]
BOOKS015455I: LILLA, MARK - G.B. Vico: The Making of an Anti-modern
BOOKS001656I: LILLEY, S., EDITOR: - Essays on the Social History of Science
BOOKS016741I: LIMA, LUIZ COSTA - The Dark Side of Reason: Fictionality and Power
BOOKS004317I: LIMA, JOSE JOAQUIM LOPES DE - Exposicao sobre o Governo interino da India Portugueza desde 24 de Setembro de 1840 ate 26 d'abril de 1842
BOOKS019547I: LIMAYE, MADHU [ COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA ] [ DEMOCRATIC RESEARCH SERVICE ] [ NARAYANA AYYAR, S.R. ] - Communist Party : Facts and Fiction [bound together with 6 other books & pamphlets concerning Indian political history, 1951-76]
BOOKS012958I: LIMBORGH, COEN VAN - Waardering van ongewone werktijden
BOOKS027577I: LIMBOUR, GEORGES ; & FLAMAND, ELIE-CHARLES - Die inneren Gesichte Eugen Gabritschevskys
BOOKS001422I: LIMPIAS, CONDE DE - Las Alianzas y la Politica exterior de Espana a principios del Siglo XX. Apuntes para un Estudio
BOOKS026534I: LIN, GEORGE C.S. [ LIN, CHUSHENG ] - Red Capitalism in South China: Growth and Development of the Pearl River Delta / George C.S. Lin
BOOKS023880I: LINARD, H. - Sous les tropiques : 1872 - 1918 - 1920
BOOKS011628I: LINARES, OLGA F. & RANERE, ANTHONY J.; EDITORS: - Adaptive Radiations in Prehistoric Panama
BOOKS027406I: LINCK, GOTTLOB EDUARD [1858-1947] - Aufbau des Erdballs : Rede, gehalten zur Feier der akademischen Preisverteilung am 21. Juni 1924 in der Stadtkirche zu Jena
BOOKS003974I: LINCK, OLAF - Fra Kina til Danmark i en Ketch. Tre Unge Danske Maends Upplevelser paa en Eventyrlige Sejlads
BOOKS005730I: LINCOLN, KENNETH - Native American Renaissance
BOOKS024234I: LIND, LENNART - Romerska denarer funna i Sverige
BOOKS028034I: LIND, LENNART - Roman Denarii Found in Sweden : [Volume 2]: Catalogue Text
BOOKS005143I: LIND, J. - Studies on the Geographical Distribution of Arctic Circumpolar Micromycetes
BOOKS016488I: LINDAHL-KIESSLING, KERSTIN [ KIESSLING, KERSTIN LINDAHL ] ; & LANDBERG, HANS - Population, Economic Development and the Environment
BOOKS004392I: LINDAHL, ALFRED - The Poliomyelitis Outbreak in Copenhagen in 1952: Epidemiological Studies
BOOKS001379I: LINDAHL, B. INGEMAR B. - Selection of the Principal Cause of Death.Studies on the Basis of Mortality Statistics for Rheumatoid Arthritis
BOOKS026006I: LINDBERG, JACOB CHRISTIAN [1797-1857] ; EDITOR: - Maanedsskrift for Christendom og Historie : Første Bind [1831]
BOOKS027187I: LINDBERG, JACOB CHRISTIAN [1797-1857] - Smaaskrifter
BOOKS019458I: LINDBERG, BO - Naturrätten i Uppsala 1655-1720
BOOKS026516I: LINDBERG, NIELS TORNØE [1904-1971] - Kamp mod Inflationen eller Lønsænkning?,
BOOKS014720I: LINDBERG, OTTO EMIL [1850 - 1920] - Studier öfver de semitiska ljuden w och y
BOOKS022228I: LINDBERG, BENGT JACOB - Psycho-infantilism
BOOKS030321I: LINDBERG, JACOB CHRISTIAN [1797-1857] - Den kongelige Lands-Overrets samt Hof-og Stads-Rets Dom i Sagen : Magister Jac. Chr. Lindberg contra Etatsraad Frederik Thaarup
BOOKS027092I: LINDBERGER, ÖRJAN - The Transformations of Amphitryon
BOOKS005126I: LINDBLAD, WALDEMAR - Die Bedeutungsentwicklung des Prafixes 'kata' in Kompositis : Eine semasiologische Untersuchung
BOOKS021807I: LINDBLAD, ANDERS - Konstruktion av linjer för moderna handelsfartyg
BOOKS021434I: LINDBLOM, JOHANNES - Gesichte und Offenbarungen : Vorstellungen von göttlichen Weisungen und übernatürlichen Erscheinungen im ältesten Christentum
BOOKS009368I: LINDBLOM, J. - Prophecy in Ancient Israel
BOOKS023798I: LINDBOE, OLE - Smukke verden : Steffen Kindt & Popkunsten
BOOKS023761I: LINDBOE, OLE - Vilje og længsel / Will and Longing : Karen Salicath and Sculpture
BOOKS018881I: LINDEBOOM, G.A. ; EDITOR: - Clio Medica : Acta Academiae Internationalis Historiae Medicinae, Volume 13 [1978-79]
BOOKS026602I: LINDEBOOM, GERRIT ARIE - Florentius Schuyl (1619-1669) en zijn betekenis voor het cartesianisme in de geneeskunde
BOOKS024582I: LINDEGREN, KARIN ; EDITOR: [ KARLING, STEN INGVAR ] [ PIPER, FREDRIK MAGNUS (1746-1824)] - Fredrik Magnus Piper och den romantiska parken / Fredrik Magnus Piper and the Landscape Garden ..,.
BOOKS026867I: LINDELL, KRISTINA ; SWAHN, JAN ÖJVIND ; & DAMRONG TAYANIN - Folk Tales from Kammu : III: Pearls of Kammu Literature
BOOKS026865I: LINDELL, KRISTINA ; SWAHN, JAN ÖJVIND ; & DAMRONG TAYANIN - Folk Tales from Kammu : II-A : A Story-Teller's Tales
BOOKS026866I: LINDELL, KRISTINA ; SWAHN, JAN ÖJVIND ; & DAMRONG TAYANIN - Folk Tales from Kammu : IV: A Master-teller's Tales
BOOKS016839I: LINDEMANN, ALBERT S. - Esau's Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews
BOOKS003407I: VAN DER LINDEN, P. - Contemporary Soil Erosion in the Sanggreman River Basin Related to the Quaternary Landscape Development..,..
BOOKS021630I: LINDENBERGER, HERBERT - The History in Literature : On Value, Genre, Institutions
BOOKS003103I: LINDENFELD, DAVID F. - The Transformation of Positivism. Alexius Meinong & European Thought 1880-1920
BOOKS002692I: LINDER, MARC - Farewell to the Self-Employed : Deconstructing a Socioeconomic and Legal Solipsism
BOOKS009890I: LINDER, MARC - Reification and the Consciousness of the Critics of Political Economy : Studies in the Development of Marx' Theory of Value
BOOKS025771I: LINDERBERG, FERNANDO [1854-1914] - Kristen Mikkelsen Kold : en levnetstegning
BOOKS007223I: LINDERSTROM-LANG, KAJ - Selected Papers
BOOKS001004I: LINDERSTROM-LANG, K. - Studier over Kasein: Om Kaseinets Fraktionering
BOOKS014387I: LINDERT, PETER H. - Growing Public : Social Spending and Economic Growth Since the Eighteenth Century. Volume I: The Story
BOOKS014685I: LINDESKOG, GÖSTA [1904 - 1984] - Die Jesusfrage im neuzeitlichen Judentum : Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Leben-Jesu-Forschung
BOOKS031299I: LINDFORS, AXEL OTTO [1852-1909] ; EDITOR : [ LINNÉ, CARL VON (1707-1778)] - Linnés dietetik, på grundvalen af dels hans eget originalutkast till föreläsningar : Lachesis naturalis quæ tradit diætam ..,.
BOOKS001890I: LINDGREN, LAURI, EDITOR: - Les Miracles de Notre-Dame de Soissons : Versifiés par Gautier de Coinci, publiés d'après six manuscrits
BOOKS016611I: LINDHAGEN, CURT - The Servant Motif in the Old Testament : A Preliminary Study to the Ebed-Yahweh Problem in Deutero-Isaiah
BOOKS021253I: LINDHARDT, JAN - Rhetor, Poeta, Historicus : Studien über rhetorische Erkenntniss und Lebensanschauung im italienischen Renaissancehumanismus
BOOKS024415I: LINDHE, CASIMIR SPARRE - Variera heraldiska vapen mera : heraldisk skissbok med stilisering av sköldemärke handbok : termer och begrepp
BOOKS007159I: LINDHOLM, JORGEN - Studies on Some Parameters of Adrenocortical Function
BOOKS011121I: LINDHOLT, LONE - Questioning the Universality of Human Rights: The African Charter on Human and People’s Rights in Botswana, Malawi, & Mozambique
BOOKS022977I: LINDLEY, JOHN [1799-1865] - The Theory of Horticulture; or, An Attempt to Explain the Principal Operations of Gardening Upon Physiological Principles
BOOKS028630I: LINDNER, RUDI PAUL - Nomads and Ottomans in Medieval Anatolia
BOOKS012217I: LINDOY, LEONARD F. - The Chemistry of Macrocyclic Ligand Complexes
BOOKS012850I: LINDQVIST, SUNE [1887 - 19??] - Forngutniska altaren och därtill knutna studier
BOOKS018830I: LINDROTH, CARL H. - A Revision of the Genus Synuchus Gyllenhal (Coleoptera: Carabidae)..,.
BOOKS023077I: LINDROTH, STEN - Paracelsismen i Sverige, till 1600- talets mitt
BOOKS005822I: LINDSAY, FRANKLIN - Beacons in the Night: With the OSS and Tito's Partisans in Wartime Yugoslavia
BOOKS015058I: LINDSAY, PHILIP ; & GROVES, REGINALD - The Peasants Revolt, 1381
BOOKS023765I: LINDSCHOUW, JAN - Etude des modes dans le système concessif en francais du 16e au 20e siècle et en espagnol moderne : evolution, assertion ..,.
BOOKS004127I: LINDSEY, WILLIAM D. - Shailer Mathews's Lives of Jesus. The Search for a Theological Foundation for the Social Gospel
BOOKS012511I: LINDSTROM, THAIS S. - Tolstoi en France, 1886-1910.
BOOKS003607I: LINES, WILLIAM J. - Taming the Great South Land: A History of the Conquest of Nature in Australia
BOOKS016700I: LING, TOM - The British State Since 1945: An Introduction
BOOKS003236I: LINGARD, JOHN - The History & Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church. Containing An Account of its Origin,Government,Doctrines...Vol. 1 & 2
BOOKS006367I: LINGER, DANIEL TOURO - Dangerous Encounters: Meanings of Violence in a Brazilian City
BOOKS004263I: LINGIS, ALPHONSO - Dangerous Emotions
BOOKS015486I: LINGS, MARTIN - Un saint musulman du vingtième siècle: Le Cheikh Ahmad al Alawi
BOOKS026618I: SYMPOSIUM ON AMERICAN INDIAN LINGUISTICS (1951 : UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA) - Papers from the Symposium on American Indian Linguistics, held at Berkeley, July 7, 1951
BOOKS010082I: LINHART, SEPP & FRUHSTUCK, SABINE; EDITORS: - The Culture of Japan as Seen Through Its Leisure
BOOKS024192I: LINK, STEFAN - Der Kosmos Sparta : Recht und Sitte in klassischer Zeit
BOOKS000243I: LINK, MARGARET SCHEVILL - The Pollen Path. A Collection of Navajo Myths Retold
BOOKS030661I: LINKOMIES, EDWIN JOHAN HILDEGARD - Die Syrerinnen im Kaiserpalast Roms
BOOKS022294I: LINNANKOSKI, JOHANNES [1869-1913] - Batalo pri la domo Heikkilä
BOOKS012874I: LINNARSSON, LENNART - Riksrådens licentiering: En studie i frihetstidens parlamentarism
BOOKS006414I: LINNEKIN, JOCELYN - Children of the Land. Exchange and Status in a Hawaiian Community
BOOKS005917I: LINOW, HANS & LAMPE, JENS - Møller pa Als
BOOKS003719I: LINTSEN, HARRY - Ingenieurs in Nederland in de Negentiende Eeuw. Een Streven naar Erkenning en Macht
BOOKS014503I: LIONNET, FRANCOISE ; & SHI, SHUMEI ; EDITORS: - Minor Transnationalism
BOOKS030232I: LIOY, VINCENZO - L'opera dell'Aeronautica : Tomo II : Eritrea, Somalia, Etiopia (1919-1937)
BOOKS015661I: LIOY, PAOLO [1834–1911] - La vita nell'universo
BOOKS012309I: LIPE, JORGO - Serenata e parajses (Poezi)
BOOKS017957I: LIPINSKI, KRZYSZTOF - Interpretation, Rezeption, Translation : Aufsätze zur österreichischen Literatur im 20. Jahrhundert
BOOKS003542I: LIPPE, KARPEL - Die Gesetzsammlung des Judenspiegels zusammengestellt & gefalscht von Aron Briman pseudodoctor Justus.Beleuchtet und berichtigt
BOOKS013096I: LIPPERT, BARBARA; HUGHES, KIRSTY; GRABBE, HEATHER & BECKER, PETER: EDITORS; - British and German Interests in EU Enlargement: Conflict and Cooperation
BOOKS005898I: LIPPI, MARCO - Value & Naturalism in Marx
BOOKS015413I: LIPSCHUTZ, MARK R. ; & RASMUSSEN, R. KENT - Dictionary of African Historical Biography
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BOOKS005923I: O'LOUGHLIN, MICHAEL - The Garlands of Repose.The Literary Celebration of Civic & Retired Leisure: The Traditions of Homer & Vergil, Horace & Montaigne
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BOOKS019571I: UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. HOUSE. SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE RECENT ELECTION IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA. - Recent Election in Louisiana : Testimony Taken by Select Committee on the Recent Election in Louisiana, January 17, 1877
BOOKS019197I: LOUKAITOU-SIDERIS, ANASTASIA - Urban Design Downtown : Poetics and Politics of Form
BOOKS006198I: LOURDAYYAN, WILLIAM - Conversion Debate & the Holocaust. The Call of Prime Minister Vajpayee for a National Debate on Conversion ...
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BOOKS005518I: LOVELL, BERNARD - The Story of Jodrell Bank
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BOOKS027440I: LOVERDO, COSTA DE - Les Maquis rouges des Balkans, 1941-1945 : Grèce, Yougoslavie, Albanie
BOOKS009565I: LÖVGREN, SVEN - The Genesis of Modernism: Seurat, Gauguin, van Gogh, and French Symbolism in the 1880's
BOOKS003137I: LOW, D.A., EDITOR: - Soundings in Modern South Asian History
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BOOKS021591I: LOWE-MCCONNELL, R. H. (ROSEMARY HELEN) - Ecological Studies in Tropical Fish Communities
BOOKS028670I: LOWE, ALFONSO - The Catalan Vengeance
BOOKS003256I: LÖWENBERG, A. - Causes of Coughing in a Groningen General Practice
BOOKS010911I: LOWENHARDT, JOHN [LOEWENHARDT, JOHN] ; OZINGA, JAMES R. & REE, ERIK VAN - The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Politburo
BOOKS008845I: LOWENTHAL, ABRAHAM F. & BURGESS, KATRINA; EDITORS: - The California-Mexico Connection
BOOKS010498I: LOWERY, GEORGE H., JR. - A Quantitative Study of the Nocturnal Migration of Birds
BOOKS005029I: LOWERY, MARGARET RUTH - Windows of the Morning. A Critical Study of William Blake's 'Poetical Sketches', 1783
BOOKS022445I: LOWI, MIRIAM R. - Water and Power : The Politics of a Scarce Resource in the Jordan River Basin - Updated Edition
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BOOKS028318I: LÖWY, EMANUEL [1857-1938] - Zur Datierung attischer Inschriften
BOOKS028202I: LÖWY, EMANUEL [1857-1938] - Der Beginn der rotfigurigen Vasenmalerei
BOOKS019174I: LOXHAM, MICHAEL - The Flow Pattern in the Exit Pipe of a Cyclone
BOOKS026591I: LOYAC, JEAN-JOSEPH DE, ABBÉ  DE GONDON - Le Triomphe de la charité en la vie du Bienheureux Jean de Dieu, institution et progrès de son Ordre religieux,..,.
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BOOKS022952I: LOZANOVA, GALINA - Sutvorenieto v ustnata traditsiia na bulgarite miusiulmani
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BOOKS030869I: LOZKO, HALYNA - Ukraïns'ke narodoznavstvo
BOOKS002542I: LOZOWSKI, PRZEMYSLAW - Vagueness in Language from Truth-Conditional Synonymy to Un-Conditional Polysemy
BOOKS019468I: LOZYNSKY, ARTEM ; EDITOR: [ BUCKE, RICHARD MAURICE (1837-1902)] - Richard Maurice Bucke, Medical Mystic : Letters of Dr. Bucke to Walt Whitman and his Friends
BOOKS028491I: SPINK TAISEI NUMISMATICS LTD. (ZÜRICH) - Moedas Portuguesas : Highly Important Collection of Portuguese Coins : Auktion 47
BOOKS028553I: BALDWIN'S AUCTIONS LTD. - The Ralph C Gordon Collection of Coins of the West Indies and the American Colonies : Auction Number 8, Monday 7 October 1996
BOOKS008507I: LU, XIAOBO - Cadres and Corruption: The Organizational Involution of the Chinese Communist Party
BOOKS007650I: LU, TONGLIN - Misogyny, Culural Nihilism, & Oppositional Politics : Contemporary Chinese Experimental Fiction
BOOKS017138I: XIUXIANG LU - Donglan nong min yun dong, 1921-1927
BOOKS030512I: PHAM CÔNG LUÂN - Sài Gòn : phong vi báo xuân xua
BOOKS021521I: SUMIT PITIPHAT ; HUANG LUANG - Khon Thai Muang Kwa : Thai Thæng læ Thai Muang nai Prathet Wiatnam
BOOKS029403I: DUANGSAI LUANGPHASI - An læo di su .,.. khwamhangmi
BOOKS025009I: DUANGSAI LUANGPHASI - 25 khamtham kieokap nakkhian
BOOKS026808I: DUANGSAI LUANGPHASI - Khumu patithin 200 pi : phak khet lap kan puk ruan læ top tæng "ruang chuni
BOOKS026969I: DUANGSAI LUANGPHASI - Suphasit buhan Lao læ nana pathet nailok
BOOKS026637I: DUANGSAI LUANGPHASI - Soek kang muang Nakhon Luang Viangchan kao paet hoksip
BOOKS025228I: DUANGSAI LUANGPHASI - Mai Blia / Written by (Lao National Author) Duang Xay Luangphasy
BOOKS011494I: LUBAC, HENRI DE [1896-1991] - The Un-Marxian Socialist : A Study of Proudhon
BOOKS005748I: LUBBERS, KLAUS - Emily Dickinson : The Critical Revolution
BOOKS001022I: LUBIN, MICHAEL F. ; & SMITH, ROBERT B. ; EDITORS: - Medical Management of the Surgical Patient: A Textbook of Perioperative Medicine
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BOOKS020984I: LUBOVE, ROY - The Professional Altruist : The Emergence of Social Work as a Career, 1880-1930
BOOKS013691I: LUCA, CRISTIAN ; & MANDESCU, DRAGOS - Rituri si ritualuri funerare in spatiul extracarpatic in secolele VIII-X
BOOKS012501I: LUCAS, ANGELA M. - Women in the Middle Ages : Religion, Marriage, and Letters
BOOKS003687I: LUCAS, G. - Bordure nord des hautes plaines dans l'algerie occidentale. Primaire. Jurassique. Analyse structurale
BOOKS030152I: LUCAS, PAUL - Monnaies de Hainaut
BOOKS031172I: LUCAS, PASCAL MARIE HENRI, COLONEL - Le 10e corps à la bataille de Charleroi (21, 22, 23 août 1914)
BOOKS030231I: LUCATELLO, ENRICO - Ventidue anni in Etiopia : la missione del Beato Giustino de Jacobis
BOOKS017049I: LUCE, GAY GAER - Biological Rhythms in Human and Animal Physiology
BOOKS011859I: LUCENTE, GREGORY L. - Crosspaths in Literary Theory and Criticism: Italy & the United States
BOOKS011582I: LUCHINSKY, ELLEN - The Song Index of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Volume I & II
BOOKS010314I: LUCIANI, GEORGES - La Societe des Slaves Unis (1823-1825): Panslavisme et solidarite slave au XIXe siecle.
BOOKS014075I: LUCID, DANIEL PERI ; EDITOR & TRANSLARTOR : - Soviet Semiotics : An Anthology
BOOKS012136I: LUCIUS, RICHARD ; & LUCIUS, JULIUS ; EDITORS : - Die Familie Lucius (Lotz) aus Lich in der Wetterau : Ein Familienbuch
BOOKS029330I: LÜCK, KURT - Der Lebenskampf im deutsch-polnischen Grenzraum
BOOKS017761I: LUCK, GÜNTER ; & MICHAELIS, HERMANN ; EDITORS: - Ecological Effects of Tourism in the Wadden Sea : Proceedings of the Wadden Sea Symposium
BOOKS005146I: LUCK, GEORG ; EDITOR: - Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds - A Collection of Ancient Texts
BOOKS026420I: LUCKHAM, ROBIN - The Nigerian Military : A Sociological Analysis of Authority & Revolt 1960-67
BOOKS027211I: LUCKHARDT, HORST - Extensional Gödel Functional Interpretation : A Consistency Proof of Classical Analysis
BOOKS014403I: LUCZKIEWICZ, PIOTR - Uzbrojenie ludnosci ziem Polski w mlodszym okresie przedrzymskim
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BOOKS025646I: LUDENDORFF, ERICH FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1865-1937] - Streik gegen die Goldwährung
BOOKS025214I: LUDENDORFF, ERICH FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1865-1937] - Die entlarvte Freimaurerei
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BOOKS027420I: LÜDERS, HEINRICH [1869-1943] - Weitere Beiträge zur Geschichte und Geographie von Ostturkestan
BOOKS006491I: LUDOMIRSKI/KALMANSON, BETTY GABRIELA - The Relationship between the Environmental Energy Wave Frequency Pattern Manifest in Red Light & Blue Light...
BOOKS018654I: LUDVIG, KLEMENS ; & HORTA, KORINNA - Osttimor, das vergessene Sterben : indonesischer Völkermord unter Ausschluss der Weltöffentlichkeit
BOOKS005839I: LUDVIGSEN, KAI - Dagbøger ført under mit Ophold som fungerende Distriktslæge i Sydgrønland 1930-31
BOOKS000156I: LUDVIKOVSKY, JAROSLAW - Recky Roman Dobrodruzny. Studie o jeho Podstate e Vzniku
BOOKS024068I: LUDWIG, WALTHER - Vorfahren von Paul Ludwig
BOOKS012872I: LUDWIG, ALBERT - Die evangelischen Pfarrer des badischen Oberlandes im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert
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BOOKS008258I: MALCOLM, CHARLES A. - The History of the British Linen Bank
BOOKS011325I: MALECKI, MIECZYSLAW - Jezyk polski na poludnie od Karpat: Spisz, Orawa, Czadeckie, wyspy jezykowe: z 2 mapami
BOOKS001132I: MALEWICZ, MALGORZATA HANNA - Zjawiska przyrodnicze w relacjach dziejopisarzy polskiego sredniowiecza
BOOKS002022I: MALHI, GOBIND - Aiha Be Ka Aakhani Aahe? (Short Stories)
BOOKS019030I: MALHOTRA, D. D. (DIN DAYAL) ; EDITOR: - Control of Urban Building Activity
BOOKS015492I: MALI, THAMI - Thami Mali Remembers Chris Hani : The Sun That Set Before Dawn
BOOKS013246I: MALIARIK, JAN, REV. [1869 - 1946] - Meine Korrespondenz mit dem indischen König: Mahendra Pratap, Raja.
BOOKS003042I: MALIK, MAREK; RIZNICHENKO, GALINA RUREVNA & RUBIN, ANDREI BORISOVICH - Biological Electron Transport Processes. Their Mathematical Modeling & Computer Simulation
BOOKS006892I: MALIK, S.C. - Stone Age Industries of the Bombay & Satara Districts
BOOKS005683I: MALIK, IKRAM ALI - A Bibliography of the Punjab and its Dependencies (1849 - 1910)
BOOKS001648I: MALIK, S.C., EDITOR - Dissent, Protest and Reform in Indian Civilisation
BOOKS001647I: MALIK, S.C., EDITOR: - Determinants of Social Status in India
BOOKS003533I: MALIK, MURTAZA - The Curtain Rises : Uncovered Conspiracies in Pakistan and Afghanistan
BOOKS019964I: MALIK, S. C. (SUBHASH CHANDRA) - Understanding Indian Civilization : A Framework of Enquiry
BOOKS021115I: MALIK, S. C. (SUBHASH CHANDRA) ; EDITOR: - Indian Civilization : The First Phase. Problems of a Sourcebook (Based on the Proceedings of a Seminar)
BOOKS009715I: MALIKI TABRIZI, JAVAD [D. 1925 CE] - Spiritual Journey of the Mystics (saluk-e arifan) : Etiqettes of the Holy Month of Ramadhan : A Comprehensive Commentary ..,.
BOOKS020739I: MALIKI, AHMAD ; & KHURSANDI AQAYI, AHMAD - Qanat dar Iran : mutalaah-i mawridi-i qanavat dar Tihran
BOOKS023349I: MALIKI, MUHAMMAD 'ALAWI [1944-2004] - Abwab al-faraj / li-Muhammad 'Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani
BOOKS011961I: MALIN, SHIMON - Nature Loves to Hide: Quantum Physics and Reality, a Western Perspective
BOOKS025997I: MALIN, AARNO, [ MALINIEMI, AARNO HENRIK (1892-1972) ] - Der Heiligenkalender Finnlands : seine Zusammensetzung und Entwicklung
BOOKS001522I: MALINA, JAROSLAV - System of Analytical Archaeography
BOOKS024258I: MALINOWSKA, LIDIA - Boreal Fauna Influences in Upper Oxfordian in North and Central Poland
BOOKS014547I: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW [1884 - 1942] - A Diary in the Strict Sense of the Term
BOOKS010279I: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW [1884-1942] - Freedom and Civilization
BOOKS015532I: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW [1884 - 1942] ; & FUENTE, JULIO DE LA [ DRUCKER-BROWN, SUSAN ; EDITOR: ] - Malinowski in Mexico: Economics of a Mexican Market System
BOOKS017773I: MALINVAUD, EDMOND - Theory of Unemployment Reconsidered
BOOKS000035I: MALISHEV, V.I. - Povest o Sukhane. Iz Istorii Russkoi Povesti XVII Veka
BOOKS030353I: MALIYAMKONO, T. L. ; EDITOR : - The Political Plight of Zanzibar
BOOKS005561I: MALKOFF, KARL - Escape from the Self. A Study in Contemporary American Poetry and Poetics
BOOKS005973I: EL MALLAKH, RAGAEI - Qatar. Development of an Oil Economy
BOOKS021358I: MALLAYYA, SANGISETTI - Desabhakti geyalu - padyalu
BOOKS030728I: MALLAYYA, SANGISETTI - Racakonda : balala koraku
BOOKS027192I: MALLEBREIN, CORNELIA [ VÖLGER, GISELA ; EDITOR: ] - Die anderen Götter : Volks- und Stammesbronzen aus Indien
BOOKS020175I: MALLET, SERGE [1927-1973] - Le pouvoir ouvrier : bureaucratie ou démocratie ouvrière
BOOKS023183I: O’MALLEY, L. S. S. (LEWIS SYDNEY STEWARD) [1874-1941] - Saran [ Bihar and Orissa District Gazetteers ]
BOOKS003814I: O'MALLEY, C.D., EDITOR: - Clio Medica. Acta Academiae Internationalis Historiae Medicinae.Vol. 3, nr. 1- 2- 3- 4 [Feb.1968-Nov. 1968]
BOOKS001634I: MALLI, SURUSH - Guzari dar tarikchah va farhang-i Zartushtiyan-i Maryam Aban Yazd
BOOKS015254I: MALLIA-MILANES, VICTOR ; & SCERRI, LOUIS J. - An Uneasy Partnership : Malta 1530-1565
BOOKS009171I: MALLICK, SAMARENDRA NATH - Tarasankar : Samay - Jiban - Sahitya

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