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BOOKS007535I: GIBSON, GAIL MCMURRAY - The Theater of Devotion : East Anglian Drama & Society in the Late Middle Ages
BOOKS009212I: GIBSON, R.N. & BARNES, MARGARET; EDITORS: - Oceanography and Marine Biology. An Annual Review. Volume 38
BOOKS004644I: GIBSON, ROBERT - The Quest of Alain-Fournier
BOOKS004394I: GIBSON, RAY - Nemerteans
BOOKS000253I: GIBSON, D. BLAIR & MICHAEL N. GESELOWITZ, EDITORS: - Tribe and Polity in Late Prehistoric Europe. Demography,Production and Exchange in the Evolution of Complex Social Systems
BOOKS009949I: GIDDENS, ANTHONY - Politics, Sociology and Social Theory: Encounters with Classical and Contemporary Social Thought
BOOKS010122I: GIDDENS, ANTHONY - Beyond Left and Right: The Future of Radical Politics
BOOKS005767I: GIDDENS, ANTHONY - New Rules of Sociological Method : A Positive Critique of Interpretative Sociologies
BOOKS014572I: GIDDINGS, J. LOUIS (JAMES LOUIS) [1909 - 1964] - The Archeology of Cape Denbigh
BOOKS000235I: GIDDINGS, J. L. (JAMES LOUIS) [1909-1964] - The Arctic Woodland Culture of the Kobuk River
BOOKS019402I: GIDE, ANDRÉ - Le Traité de Narcisse, suivi de la Tentative Amoureuse
BOOKS012974I: GIDE, ANDRÉ [1869-1951] - L’école des femmes [bound together with: "Robert. Supplement a L’école des femmes"]
BOOKS011412I: GIDWANI, PARSO JESSARAM - Glimpses of Sindhi Language
BOOKS007451I: GIDWANI, MOTI A.; EDITOR: - Prof. Ram Panjwani 70th Birthday Commemoration Volume
BOOKS018694I: GIDWANI, PARSO JESSARAM GIDWANI - Glimpses of Sindhi Bhagati
BOOKS030305I: GIDWANI, PARSO [ GIDVANI, PARSO JESSARAM ] - Sindhi boli-a ji Ziyarat
BOOKS027605I: GIERKE, EDGAR - Zur Kritik der Silberspirochaete [together with two other offprints, ca. 1907-1908]
BOOKS012658I: GIES, DAVID T.; EDITOR: - The Cambridge Companion to Modern Spanish Culture
BOOKS013814I: GIESCHEN, CHRISTOPH - Die Geschichte des Grundbuches in Lüneburg: Zur Formengeschichte des Liegenschaftsverkehrs
BOOKS017442I: GIESING, CORNELIA ; & VYDRIN, VALENTIN FEODOS'EVICH ; TRANSLATORS & EDITORS: - Ta:rikh Mandinka de Bijini (Guinée-Bissau) : La Mémoire des Mandinka et des Sòoninkee du Kaabu
BOOKS017834I: GIFFORD, DON - Joyce Annotated : Notes for Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
BOOKS010522I: GIGLI, STEFANIA QUILICI; EDITOR: - Archeologia Laziale: Incontro di studio del Comitato per l'Archeologia Laziale
BOOKS000424I: GIGLIOLI, ITALO - La Canfora Italiana : Richerche analitiche comparative sulla produttiva in canfora, ed in olio di canfora, del fogliama ...
BOOKS002186I: GIGON, FERNAND - Guinee. Etat-Pilote
BOOKS006737I: GIL SUMBIELA, LUIS - Taquigrafia. Estenografia-Gil. Arte de escribir con tanta velocidad somo se habla
BOOKS001818I: GIL FERNANDEZ, MARIA DEL CARMEN - Cultivo de los simbiotas del Argas Persicus
BOOKS026482I: GIL ESPINOSA, MANUEL - Ueber nicht hypophysäre Chiasmasyndrome
BOOKS025139I: GILANENTS, PETROS DI SARGIS - Suqut-i Isfahan : guzarishha-yi Gilanintz dar barah-i hamlah-i Afghanan va suqut-i Isfahan / Pitrus Di Sarkis Gilanintz ..,.
BOOKS021615I: GILANI, S.M. YUNUS - The Socio-Political Role of the Ulama in Egypt (1798-1870)
BOOKS024208I: GILBERG, R. ; & GULLØV, HANS CHRISTIAN ; EDITORS: - Fifty Years of Arctic Research : Anthropological Studies from Greenland to Siberia
BOOKS010830I: GILBERT, PAUL & MILES, JEREMY; EDITORS: - Body Shame : Conceptualisation, Research & Treatment
BOOKS006512I: GILBERT, CHARLES HENRY & HUBBS, CARL L. - The Macrouroid Fishes of the Philippine Islands & the East Indies
BOOKS017766I: GILBERT, ALAN ; & GUGLER, JOSEF - Cities, Poverty, and Development: Urbanization in the Third World
BOOKS026215I: GILBOA, EYTAN ; & INBAR, EFRAIM ; EDITORS: - US-Israeli Relations in a New Era : Issues and Challenges After 9/11
BOOKS015678I: GILDEA, SPIKE - On Reconstructing Grammar : Comparative Cariban Morphosyntax
BOOKS008433I: GILES, FRANK - A Prince of Journalists : The Life and Times of Henri Stefan Opper de Blowitz
BOOKS006292I: GILES, MARY E. - The Book of Prayer of Sor Maria of Santo Domingo: A Study & Translation
BOOKS017989I: GILG, INGRID - Kliniske undersøgelse over Boeck's sarcoid (sarcoidose) : Behandling og forløb
BOOKS004895I: GILHODES, PIERRE - Paysans de Panama
BOOKS023876I: GILHOFER & RANSCHBURG, FIRM OF - Auktion VIII & IX [Kostbare Bücher und Manuskripte aus den Bibliotheken der russischen Zaren in Zarskoje-Selo,..,.]
BOOKS016271I: GILKEY, HELEN MARGARET [1886-1972] ; & JOHNSTON, LA REA DENNIS - Handbook of Northwestern Plants
BOOKS010360I: GILL, HARJEET SINGH [1935- ]; SINGH, HARKIRAT; & SINGH, KARTAR; EDITORS: - Linguistic Atlas of the Punjab
BOOKS003931I: GILL, HARJEET SINGH - A Phulkari from Bhatinda
BOOKS000501I: GILL, B.S. - Trypanosomes and Trypanosomiases of Indian Livestock
BOOKS012668I: GILL, STEPHEN; EDITOR: - Gramsci, Historical Materialism and International Relations
BOOKS012681I: GILL, GURJEET K. - The Third Job: Employed Couples' Management of Household Work Contradictions
BOOKS000500I: GILL, KHEM SINGH - Research on Dwarf Wheats
BOOKS020171I: GILL, STEPHEN CHARLES ; EDITOR: - The Cambridge Companion to Wordsworth
BOOKS021043I: GILL, ROBIN - Health Care and Christian Ethics
BOOKS005320I: GILL, HARJEET SINGH ; & POTTIER, BERNARD ; EDITORS: - Ideas, Words, and Things : French Writings in Semiology
BOOKS012632I: GILLARD, JONATHAN H.; WALDMAN, ADAM D.; & BARKER, PETER B.; EDITORS: - Clinical MR Neuroimaging : Diffusion, Perfusion and Spectroscopy
BOOKS014398I: GILLBERG, CHRISTOPHER ; & COLEMAN, MARY - The Biology of the Autistic Syndromes
BOOKS017242I: GILLESPIE, GERALD & LOHNER, EDGAR ; EDITORS: - Herkommen und Erneuerung : Essays für Oskar Seidlin
BOOKS022022I: GILLETT, CARL ; & LOEWER, BARRY ; EDITORS: - Physicalism and Its Discontents
BOOKS011911I: GILLEY, BRUCE - Model Rebels: The Rise & Fall of China's Richest Village
BOOKS017569I: GILLIARD, EDMOND - Rousseau et Vinet : Individus sociaux: Suivi de notes sur Vinet et d'articles sur Baudelaire, Ramuz, les Cahiers Vaudois
BOOKS003470I: GILLIARD, E. THOMAS [GILLIARD, ERNEST THOMAS (1912-1965)] - Birds of Paradise and Bower Birds
BOOKS005494I: GILLIE, CHRISTOPHER - Character in English Literature
BOOKS010380I: GILLIN, JOHN - Moche: A Peruvian Coastal Community
BOOKS015480I: GILLIN, JOHN - San Luis Jilotepeque : La seguridad del individuo y de la sociedade en la cultura de una comunidad guatemalteca de indigenas...,
BOOKS018862I: GILLIS, FRANK J. ; & KURTATH, GERTRUDE P. ; EDITORS: [ SOCIETY FOR ETHNOMUSICOLOGY ] - Ethnomusicology : Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology. Volume XIII [1969]
BOOKS018047I: GILLY, FRIEDRICH [1772-1800] - Essays on Architecture 1796-1799
BOOKS012822I: GILMAN, CHARLOTTE PERKINS [1860-1935] [KNIGHT, DENISE D (1954- ); EDITORS:] - The Diaries of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Volume 1 & 2.
BOOKS017940I: GILMAN, SANDER L. - Love + Marriage = Death : And Other Essays on Representing Difference
BOOKS017258I: GILMOUR, IAIN ; & SEPHTON, MARK A. ; EDITORS: - An Introduction to Astrobiology
BOOKS012131I: GILROY, PAUL; GROSSBERG, LAWRENCE; & MCROBBIE, ANGELA; EDITORS: - Without Guarantees : In Honour of Stuart Hall
BOOKS015483I: GILSON, ETIENNE - La theologie mystique de Saint Bernard
BOOKS014058I: GIMBUTAS, MARIJA ALSEIKAITE - The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, 6500-3500 BC, Myths and Cult Images
BOOKS028448I: GINDELY, ANTON - Ein Beitrag zur Biographie des Pater Dominicus a Jesu Maria, des Zeitgenossen der Schlacht auf dem Weissen Berge
BOOKS018670I: GINER, SALVADOR - Social Structure of Catalonia
BOOKS030819I: GINESTOUS, P. - Travaux d'artisans a Gafsa : Le harnachement du dromadaire : fabrication et assemblage des éléments
BOOKS001303I: GINGYERA-PINYCWA, A.G.G. - Issues in Pre-Independence Politics in Uganda.A Case-Study of the Contribution of Religion to Political Debate in Uganda,1959-62
BOOKS017523I: GINSBERG, MORRIS [1889-1970] - Evolution and Progress [Essays in Sociology and Social Philosophy, Volume Three]
BOOKS018484I: GINSBORG, JAMES ALEXANDER - The Real Fact of Transylvania's Odyssey
BOOKS017694I: GINSBURG, L.S. [ GINZBURG, LEV SOLOMONOVICH (1907- 19??)] - Vieuxtemps
BOOKS013282I: GINSBURG, MICHAL PELED [1947 - ] - Economies of Change: Form and Transformation in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
BOOKS004111I: GINSBURG, MICHAL PELED - Flaubert Writing. A Study in Narrative Strategies
BOOKS014361I: GINZBURG, CARLO - Wooden Eyes : Nine Reflections on Distance
BOOKS025707I: GINZBURG, CARLO - Der Käse und die Würmer : die Welt eines Müllers um 1600
BOOKS008474I: GINZBURG, JONATHAN; KHASIDASHVILI, ZURAB; VOGEL, CARL; LEVY, JEAN-JACQUES & VALLDUVI, ENRIC; EDITORS: - The Tbilisi Symposium on Logic, Language and Computation: Selected Papers
BOOKS015117I: GIORDANO, JAMES J. ; & GORDIJN, BERT ; EDITORS: - Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives in Neuroethics
BOOKS010501I: GIORGI, ALESSANDRA & PIANESI, FABIO - Tense and Aspect: From Semantics to Morphosyntax
BOOKS029080I: GIORGINO - Briefmarkenauktionen / Ventes aux enchères / Philatelic Auctions : 14. - 15. März 2008
BOOKS012046I: GIOVANNINI, ALBERTO - The Debate on Money in Europe
BOOKS020823I: GIRAMI, HUMA [ FARAHVASHI, BAHRAM ] - Yad-i yar-i mihriban : ba yad-i duktur Bahram Farahvashi / bih kushish-i Huma Girami (Farahvashi)
BOOKS017809I: GIRARD, PIERRE - Cinephilatelie : collection personnelle de Pierre Girard
BOOKS013355I: GIRGINOV, ANTON - Davnostta v nakazatelnoto pravo
BOOKS011424I: GIRGLANI, JETHO MANGALDAS - Immortal Poetry of Sheikh Ayaz
BOOKS017549I: GIRGUS, SAM B. - The Films of Woody Allen
BOOKS013572I: GIRI, JACQUES - Le Sahel demain : catastrophe ou renaissance?
BOOKS009489I: GIRIDHAR, P.P. - A Case Grammar of Kannada
BOOKS009666I: GIRIDHAR, P.P. - Angami-English-Hindi Dictionary
BOOKS027719I: GIRODON, JEAN ; EDITOR : [ QUENTAL, BARTOLOMEU DO (1626-1698) ] - Lettres du père Bartolomeu do Quental à la Congrégation de l’Oratoire de Braga (29.IX.1685 - 22.XI.1698)
BOOKS024008I: GIROUD, FRANÇOISE - Jenny Marx ou la femme du diable
BOOKS001001I: GIROUD, PAUL & JARDIN, JEAN - Le Virus des Bashi
BOOKS008610I: GIROUX, HENRY; LANKSHEAR, COLIN; MCLAREN, PETER & PETERS, MICHAEL - Counternarratives: Cultural Studies and Critical Pedagogies in Postmodern Spaces
BOOKS008463I: GIROUX, HENRY A. - Impure Acts: The Practical Politics of Cultural Studies.
BOOKS016756I: GISOLFI, CARL V. ; & MORA, FRANCISCO (MORA TERUEL) - The Hot Brain: Survival, Temperature and the Human Body
BOOKS011929I: GISOLFI, CARL V. & MORA, FRANCISCO - The Hot Brain: Survival, Temperature, and the Human Body
BOOKS011734I: GITTELL, ROSS J. - Renewing Cities
BOOKS004338I: GITTELMAN, RACHEL; EDITOR: - Anxiety Disorders of Childhood
BOOKS000704I: GITTINS, DIANA - The Child in Question
BOOKS000117I: GIUGLEA,G. - Uralte Schichten und Entwicklungsstufen in der Strukturen der dakorumanischer Sprache
BOOKS007891I: GIUNTI, MARCO - Computation, Dynamics, and Cognition
BOOKS001051I: GIURESCU, CONSTANTIN C. - Contributions to the History of Romanian Science and Technique from the 15th to the early 19th Century
BOOKS003046I: GIUROV, ALEKSANDUR - Edinadesetvekovno bulgarsko prisustvne v ungariia
BOOKS014163I: GIUROVA, SVETLA ; & DANOVA, NADIA KHRISTOVA ; EDITORS: - Kniga za bulgarskite khadzhi
BOOKS026643I: GIUSTI, PAOLA ; & LEONE DE CASTRIS, PIERLUIGI ; EDITORS: [MUSEO DUCA DI MARTINA] - Medioevo e produzione artistica di serie : smalti di Limoges e avori gotici in Campania
BOOKS017456I: GIUSTOLISI, VITTORIO - Topografia storia e archeologia di Monte Pellegrino (Palermo)
BOOKS030472I: GIVÓN, T. (TALMY) ; EDITOR : - Grammatical Relations : A Functionalist Perspective
BOOKS000977I: GIZA, ANTONI - Slowianofile rosyjscy wobec kryzysu balkanskiego w latach 1875-1878
BOOKS006090I: GIZATOV, KAZBEK TAZEEVICH; EDITOR: - Vzaimodeistvia kul'tur narodov Povolzh'ia Priural'ia
BOOKS026710I: GJEDDE, ALBERT - Modulation of Substrate Transport to the Brain
BOOKS001975I: GJEDDE, ALBERT - Peter Ludvig Panums Videnskabelige Indsats
BOOKS025681I: GJELLERUP, SOPHUS MICHEAL [1838-1910] - Biskop Jens Dinesen Jersin : Bidrag til Danmarks skole og kirkehistorie i det 17de århundrede : I - II Hefte.
BOOKS023741I: GJESING, KNUD - Santalmissionen i Billeder
BOOKS010668I: GJESSING, ROLV R. - Die Kautokeinolappen: Eine anthropologische Studie
BOOKS008796I: GJESSING, GUTORM - Circumpolar Stone Age
BOOKS008346I: GJESSING, GUTORM - Ideer omkring forhistoriske Samfunn
BOOKS004386I: GJESSING, EGIL T. - Physical & Chemical Characteristics of Aquatic Humus
BOOKS020323I: GJESSING, HELGE JOHAN [1886-1924] - Rogalands Stenalder
BOOKS012327I: GJOKA, PAL - Rresheni: Rrefej per gytetin tim
BOOKS012308I: GJOZA, ROLAND - Mekati: Roman
BOOKS031115I: GKINES, DEMETRIOS S. - Perigramma historias tou metavyzantinou dikaiou / hypo Demetriou S. Gkine
BOOKS019799I: GLABINSKI, STANISLAW [1862-1941] - Pojecie nauki skarbowej
BOOKS020402I: GLACON, JULES - Les monts du Hodna (partie orientale)
BOOKS011705I: GLADNEY, DRU C.; EDITOR: - Making Majorities: Constituting the Nation in Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Fiji, Turkey, and the United States
BOOKS008074I: GLAESSNER, MARTIN F. - Principles of Micropalaeontology
BOOKS024793I: GLAGAU, OTTO [1834-1892] - Littauen und die Littauer : Gesammelte Skizzen
BOOKS026433I: GLAHN, HENRIK EGEDE ; & PIHLER, METTE - Shu Yin Lou : The House of Secluded Books : A Research Study in Shanghai
BOOKS013324I: GLAISYER, NATASHA [1972 - ]; & PENNELL, SARA; EDITORS: - Didactic Literature in England, 1500-1800: Expertise Constructed
BOOKS007914I: GLAMANN, KRISTOF - Beer and Marble. Carl Jacobsen of New Carlsberg
BOOKS003655I: GLANGEAUD, L. - Histoire Geologique de la Province d'Alger
BOOKS001002I: GLANTS, MUSYA & TOOMRE, JOYCE; EDITORS: - Food in Russian History and Culture
BOOKS019276I: GLANTZ, MICHAEL H. - Currents of Change : Impacts of El Niño and La Niña on Climate and Society - Second Edition
BOOKS030649I: GLASER, EDUARD [1855-1908] - Zwei Publikationen über Ophir / besprochen von Dr. Eduard Glaser
BOOKS027732I: GLASER, KURT - Der zweite Weltkrieg und die Kriegsschuldfrage (Die Hoggan-Kontroverse)
BOOKS010134I: GLASER, EDUARD [1855-1908] - Eduard Glasers Reise nach Mârib / herausgeben von David Heinrich von Müller und Nikolaus Rhodokanakis;
BOOKS024817I: GLASHOFF, HARM - Endogene Dynamik der Erde und die Diracsche Hypothese
BOOKS029600I: GLASS, DOROTHY F. - Romanesque Sculpture in Campania : Patrons, Programs, and Style
BOOKS019201I: GLASS, JAMES M. - Psychosis and Power : Threats to Democracy in the Self and the Group
BOOKS007853I: GLASS, DOROTHY F. - Portals, Pilgrimage & Crusade in Western Tuscany
BOOKS006665I: GLASS, MARGARET - Animal Production Systems in Neolithic Central Europe
BOOKS008183I: GLASSMAN, BERNARD - Anti-Semitic Stereotypes Without Jews: Images of the Jews in England 1290-1700
BOOKS018504I: GLASSNER, BARRY ; & HERTZ, ROSANNA ; EDITORS: - Our Studies, Ourselves : Sociologists' Lives and Work
BOOKS024708I: GLATT, DOROTHEA - Zur geschichtlichen Bedeutung der Musikaesthetik Eduard Hanslicks
BOOKS006305I: GLAZ, ADAM - The Dynamics of Meaning: Explorations in the Conceptual Domain of Earth
BOOKS003777I: GLAZIER, IRA & DA ROSA, LUIGI, EDITORS: - Migration Across Time & Nations: Population Mobility in Historical Contexts
BOOKS026043I: GLEASON, HENRY ALLAN [1882-1975] - A Revision of the North American Vernonieae
BOOKS004931I: GLECKNER, ROBERT F. - Blake's Preludes. Poetical Sketches
BOOKS022144I: GLEDHILL, CHRISTINE ; EDITOR: - Stardom : Industry of Desire
BOOKS001925I: GLEDITSCH, KRISTIAN - Skogsarbeidernes kamp
BOOKS005799I: GLEN, WILLIAM; EDITOR: - The Mass Extinction Debates : How Science Works in a Crisis
BOOKS018392I: GLENDON, MARY ANN - Rights Talk : The Impoverishment of Political Discourse
BOOKS002124I: GLENN, LEONIDAS CHALMERS - Denudation & Erosion in the Southern Appalachian Region & the Monongahela Basin
BOOKS022021I: GLENN, JASON - Politics and History in the Tenth Century : The Work and World of Richer of Reims
BOOKS020758I: GLENTE, KAREN ; & WINTHER-JENSEN, LISE ; EDITORS: - Female Power in the Middle Ages : Proceedings from the 2. St. Gertrud Symposium, Copenhagen, August 1986
BOOKS020512I: GLEW, ROBERT H. ; & NINOMIYA, YOSHIFUMI ; EDITORS: - Clinical Studies in Medical Biochemistry
BOOKS028083I: GLIENKE, BERNHARD - Fatale Präzedenz : Karen Blixens Mythologie
BOOKS005529I: GLIENKE, BERNHARD & MAROLD, EDITH, EDITORS: - Arbeiten zur Skandinavistik. 10. Arbeitstagung der deutschsprachigen Skandinavistik 22--27.9.1991 am Weissenhauser Strand
BOOKS030569I: GLIUBICH, SIMEONE [ LJUBIC, SIME ] - Gli ultimi successi di Alberto di Waldstein narrati dagli ambasciatori veneti
BOOKS017516I: GLOB, P. V. (PETER VILHELM) [1911-1985] - Vorzeitdenkmäler Dänemarks
BOOKS030726I: GLOB, P. V. (PETER VILHELM) [1911-1985] - The Bear Cult in the Danish Stone Age [together with "Donneruplund-Arden : En Plov af Døstrup-Type fra Midtjylland"]
BOOKS027873I: GLORIEUX, PALÉMON [1892-1979] - Aux origines de la Sorbonne : I : Robert de Sorbon: l’homme, le collège, les documents
BOOKS031173I: GLOSSOP, BERTRAM ROBERT MITFORD - Sporting Trips of a Subaltern
BOOKS002459I: GLOVER, T.R. - Springs of Hellas and other Essays
BOOKS003732I: GLOVER, EDWARD [1888- 19??] - Freud or Jung ?
BOOKS008509I: GLOVERSMITH, FRANK ; EDITOR : - Class, Culture, and Social Change : A New View of the 1930’s
BOOKS020412I: GLOVERSMITH, FRANK ; EDITOR: - The Theory of Reading
BOOKS008066I: GLOWACKA-MAKSYMIUK, URSZULA - Gubernia siedlecka w latach rewolucji 1905-1907
BOOKS027298I: GLOWINSKI, ROLAND ; LARROUTUROU, BERNARD ; & TEMAM, ROGER ; EDITORS : - Numerical Simulation of Combustion Phenomena : Proceedings of the Symposium .,.,.
BOOKS005573I: GLOWKA, DARIUSZ - Gospodarka w dobrach plebanskich na Mazowszu w XVI-XVIII wieku
BOOKS023220I: GLUBB, JOHN BAGOT, SIR [1897-1986] - Peace in the Holy Land : An Historical Analysis of the Palestine Problem
BOOKS019395I: GLUBB, JOHN BAGOT, SIR [1897-1986] - A Soldier with the Arabs
BOOKS012290I: GLUCKMAN, MAX; EDITOR: - Closed Systems and Open Minds : The Limits of Naivety in Social Anthropology
BOOKS022904I: GLUCKSMANN, ANDRÉ - La cuisinière et le mangeur d'hommes : essai sur les rapports entre l'État, le marxisme et les camps de concentration
BOOKS001686I: GLUSAC, VASO [1879-1954] - Istina o bogomilima : istorijska rasparava
BOOKS001428I: GLUSKER, JENNY P.; PATTERSON, BETTY K. & ROSSI, MIRIAM, EDITORS: - Patterson and Pattersons. Fifty Years of the Patterson Function. Proceedings of a Symposium...November 13-15 1984
BOOKS012156I: GLYMOUR, CLARK - The Mind's Arrows: Bayes Nets and Graphical Causal Models in Psychology
BOOKS010776I: GLYNN, IAN - An Anatomy of Thought: The Origin and Machinery of the Mind
BOOKS010310I: GLYNN, IAN - An Anatomy of Thought : The Origin and Machinery of the Mind
BOOKS015338I: GLYNN, IAN ; & GLYNN, JENIFER - The Life and Death of Smallpox
BOOKS026651I: HEINRICH KÖHLER AUKTIONSHAUS GMBH - Edition d'Or XXIV : Russische Sozialistische Föderative Sowjetrepublik 1918-1923 : Die Dr. Wolfgang Leupold Sammlung
BOOKS029105I: HEINRICH KÖHLER AUKTIONSHAUS GMBH - Altdeutsche Staaten und Deutsches Reich 1849 - 1874 : Die Sammlung John Simon : 358. Heinrich Köhler-Auktion : 27 September 2014
BOOKS004813I: GMELIN, JOHANN GEORG [1709-1755] ; & STELLER, GEORG WILHELM [1709-1746] [ POSSELT, DORIS ; & WENDLAND, FOLKWART ; EDITORS : ] - Die Grosse nordische Expedition von 1733 bis 1743 : aus Berichten der Forschungsreisenden Johann Georg Gmelin .,.,.
BOOKS002578I: GNILKA, JOACHIM - Der Verstockung Israels : Isaias 6, 9 - 10 in der Theologie der Synoptiker
BOOKS000737I: GNIRS, ANTON, EDITOR: - Beiträge zur Geschichte und Geographie Böhmens und Mährens in der Zeit des Imperium Romanum
BOOKS013212I: GOA, DAMÃO AND DIO FREEDOM MOVEMENT [GOA FREEDOM MOVEMENT] - Documents of the Conference of the People of Goa, Damão and Dio held at Palais D'Orsay, Paris, on 3rd - 5th December, 1963
BOOKS029303I: MANGESTU GOBAZÉ - Lalibela and Yimrehane Kirstos : The Living Witnesses of Zagwe Dynasty / by Mengistu Gobezie.
BOOKS012563I: GOBL, ROBERT [GÖBL, ROBERT] [GOEBL, ROBERT] - Der Triumph des Sasaniden Sahpuhr ueber die Kaiser Gordianus, Philippus und Valerianus: die ikonographische Interpretation...
BOOKS028134I: GÖBL, ROBERT - Der norische Tetradrachmenfund 1972 aus Haimburg in Kärnten : Versuch einer Gesamtrekonstruktion
BOOKS014220I: GODDARD, PLINY EARLE [1869 - 1928] - White Mountain Apache Texts
BOOKS003792I: GODDARD, T.N. - The Handbook of Sierra Leone
BOOKS022473I: GODDARD, V. A. [ GODDARD, VICTORIA A. ] - Gender, Family, and Work in Naples
BOOKS022366I: GODEAUX, LUCIEN [1887-1975] - Mémoire sur les surfaces multiples
BOOKS029268I: MAMO GODÉBO 'ABARO - YaWalayta zaman 'aqotatar 'ena ya'adis 'amat 'akababar / baMamo Godébo 'Abaro
BOOKS000337I: GODECHOT, JACQUES LEON [1907-19??]; EDITOR: - Les Fortunes en France et dans la region toulousaine, de la Revolution a nos jours
BOOKS004459I: GODEKE, KARL, EDITOR: - Elf Bucher Deutscher Dichtung Von Sebastian Brant (1500) bis auf die Gegenwart. Aus den Quellen...
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BOOKS029033I: GROTHE, HUGO [1869-1954] - Auf türkischer Erde : Reisebilder und Studien
BOOKS028638I: GROTHUSEN, KLAUS DETLEV ; EDITOR : - Die Türkei in Europa : Beiträge des Südosteuropa-Arbeitskreises der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft zum IV. Internationalen..,.
BOOKS004275I: GROTNIK, CASIMIR J., COMPILER & EDITOR: - Synods of the Polish National Catholic Church 1904 - 1958./ Synody Polskiego Narodowego...
BOOKS009273I: GROTTANELLI, VINIGI L. - The Python Killer: Stories of Nzema Life
BOOKS026180I: INTERNATIONALIST COMMUNIST GROUP - Al-Mitraqah : majallah shuyu'iyyah thawriyyah li umum al-mintaqah al-'Arabiyyah [No. 3, Avril-Septembre 1986]
BOOKS028885I: GROUPE DE RECHERCHE SUR LA MÉMOIRE DU NORD DU MAROC, JAMI'AT 'ABD AL-MALIK AL-SA'DI, KULLIYAT AL-ADAB BI-TITWAN - Aspects de la mémoire de Tanger et de Tétouan : actes du colloque (18-20 février 1993)
BOOKS010603I: GROUSSET, RENE - The Sum of History
BOOKS009387I: GROUSSET, RENE - In the Footsteps of the Buddha
BOOKS015322I: GROUSSET, RENÉ [1885 - 1952] - The Empire of the Steppes: History of Central Asia
BOOKS025694I: GROVE, CARL FREDERIK, FYRINGENIØR [1822-1883] - Havets ødelæggende Virkning paa Danmarks Kyster og Midlerne, som bør anvendes derimod
BOOKS019702I: GROVE, RICHARD H. - Green Imperialism : Colonial Expansion, Tropical Island Edens and the Origins of Environmentalism, 1600-1860
BOOKS002748I: GROVER, S.P. & NANDA, J.K. - Rickshaw Pullers of Chandigarh - A Special Survey
BOOKS002710I: GROVER, S.P. - Survey Report on Village Kaimbwala
BOOKS002771I: GROVER, S.P. - Town Survey Report : Mani Majra
BOOKS009045I: GROZINGER, KARL ERICH - Kafka and Kabbalah
BOOKS027598I: GRUBE, GUILIELMUS [ GRUBE, WILHELM FEODOROWITSCH ] - De tumoribus quibusdam benignis in nasi superficie obviis eumque deformantibus / scripsit Guilielmus Grube
BOOKS009163I: GRUBER, WILLIAM E. - Comic Theaters: Studies in Performance and Audience Response
BOOKS018576I: GRUBER, JACOB W.; EDITOR: - The Philadelphia Anthropological Society: Papers Presented on Its Golden Anniversary
BOOKS012153I: GRUBER, NICOLAS & KEELING, CHARLES D. - Seasonal Carbon Cycling in the Sargasso Sea near Bermuda
BOOKS012422I: GRUEMMER, GERHARD [GRUMMER, GERHARD] - Die gegenseitige Beeinflussung hoeherer Pflanzen, Allelopathie
BOOKS007558I: GRUGEL, JEAN - Politics & Development in the Caribbean Basin: Central America & the Caribbean in the New World Order
BOOKS013136I: GRUHN, ISEBILL V. - Regionalism Reconsidered: The Economic Commission for Africa
BOOKS000286I: GRUJIC, VLADIMIR - Skolsko reformatorski rad J. St. Popovica u Srbiji 1840-1848 : pedagosko-istoriska studija
BOOKS003826I: GRUM, CARL CHR. - Fremstilling af Sognepraesten til Frederiksberg og Hvidovre Menigheder,Herr Hof-Praedikand S.Schiodtes Forhold i Injurie Sagen..
BOOKS012057I: GRUN, ANASTASTUS [GRUEN, ANASTASTUS] [PSEUDONYM OF AUERSPERG, ANTON (1806-1876)] - Nibelungen im frack. Ein gedicht
BOOKS024483I: GRÜNBAUM, ADOLF - Psychoanalyse in wissenschaftstheoretischer Sicht : zum Werk Sigmund Freuds und seiner Rezeption
BOOKS021227I: GRÜNBERG, KARL - Studien zur österreichischen Agrargeschichte und Agrarpolitik, I
BOOKS006234I: GRUNBERGER, RICHARD - Red Rising in Bavaria
BOOKS027947I: GRUND, ALFRED [ STRNADT, JULIUS ] - Beiträge zur Geschichte der hohen Gerichtsbarkeit in Niederösterreich [bound together with: "Inviertel und Mondseeland" ]
BOOKS003190I: GRUNDTVIG, JOHAN [GRUNDTVIG, JOHAN DIDERIK NICOLAI BLICHER (1822-1907)] [& SCHIERN, FREDERIK EGINHARD AMADEUS (1816-1882)] - Den Romerske Revolution 1848-49 [bound together with 2 other books]
BOOKS029532I: GRUNDTVIG, JOHAN DIDERIK NICOLAI BLICHER [1822-1907] - Belysning til striden om Peder Oxe
BOOKS029531I: GRUNDTVIG, JOHAN DIDERIK NICOLAI BLICHER [1822-1907] - Peder Oxes Finantsbestyrelse : et Forsvar mod Dr Troels Lund
BOOKS020262I: GRUNEBAUM, GUSTAVE EDMUND VON [1909-1972] ; EDITOR: - Studies in Islamic Cultural History
BOOKS028290I: GRÜNERT, MAX THEODOR [1849-1929] - Die Begriffsverstärkung durch das Etymon im Altarabischen
BOOKS018160I: GRUNNET, KAI - Salmonella in Sewage and Receiving Waters : Assessment of Health Hazards due to Microbially Polluted Waters
BOOKS027942I: GRÜNWALD, CLAUDIA - Zeitliche Organisations- und Belastungsstruktur handwerklicher Arbeit
BOOKS028291I: GRUNZEL, JOSEF - Die Vocalharmonie der altaischen Sprachen
BOOKS016094I: GRUPCHEVA, GINKA ; GOLEMANSKY, VASSIL ; & MARGARITOV, NIKOLA; - Protozoan Parasites of Fishes [ Catalogus Fauna Bulgaricae 6. ]
BOOKS022060I: GRUPEN, CLAUS ; SHWARTZ, BORIS A. ; & SPIELER, HELMUTH - Particle Detectors - Second Edition
BOOKS001657I: GRUTZNER, GUNTER - Die pariser Kommune : Macht und Karriere einer politische Legende
BOOKS020351I: GRUYS, ALBERT - Cartusiana : un instrument heuristique..,.: [Volume I]: Bibliographie générale. Auteurs cartusiens
BOOKS020352I: GRUYS, ALBERT - Cartusiana : un instrument heuristique..,.: [Volume II]: Maisons
BOOKS029637I: GRUZENBERG, S.O. (SEMEN OSIPOVICH) [1876-19??] ; EDITOR : - Nauchno-literaturnyi sbornik "Budushchnosti" : prilozhenie k ezhenedielnomu izdaniiu : t. I - 1900
BOOKS023191I: GRYNBERG, HENRYK - Pomnik nad Potomakiem
BOOKS021214I: GRZEGORZEWSKI, JAN [1845-1922] - Ku Czarnomorzu : zarys baltycko-czarnomorskiej dynamiki ludow
BOOKS028513I: GSTREIN, HEINZ - Fortschritt ohne Klassenkampf : Arabischer Sozialismus
BOOKS012504I: NINGXIA HUIZU ZIZHIQU GUYUAN BO WU GUAN - Guyuan Bei Wei mu qi guan hua
BOOKS016168I: ZHONG GONG ZHONG YANG DANG SHI ZI LIAO ZHENG JI WEI YUAN HUI / ZHONG YANG DANG AN GUAN (CHINA) - Zunyi hui yi wen xian / Zhong gong zhong yang dang shi zi liao zheng ji wei yuan hui, Zhong yang dang an guan bian
BOOKS009636I: GUARDINO, PETER F. - Peasants, Politics and the Formation of Mexico's National State: Guerrero, 1800-1857
BOOKS021335I: GUARDUCCI, MARGHERITA - La tomba di Pietro : notizie antiche e nuove scoperte
BOOKS022180I: GUBA, EGON G. ; & LINCOLN, YVONNA S. - Fourth Generation Evaluation
BOOKS014084I: GUBAR, SUSAN ; & KAMHOLTZ, JONATHAN ; EDITORS: - English Inside and Out: Places of Literary Criticism
BOOKS011910I: GUBAR, SUSAN - Critical Condition: Feminism at the Turn of the Century
BOOKS006812I: GUBBANNAVAR, SHIVANAND - Political Ideas of Hardekar Manjappa
BOOKS017718I: GUBBAY, LUCIEN - Sunlight and Shadow : The Jewish Experience of Islam
BOOKS016376I: GUBBINS, DAVID - Time Series Analysis and Inverse Theory for Geophysicists
BOOKS008006I: GUBERN SALISACHS, SANTIAGO - La ruptura de promesa matrimonial y la seduccion de la mujer ante el derecho y la Ley
BOOKS030415I: GUBLER, ADOLPHE [ GUBLER, ADOLPHE-MARIE (1821-1879)] - De la coloration noirâtre des centres nerveux chez les individus de race blanche, remarquables par l'abondance du pigment ..,.
BOOKS028583I: GÜCLÜ, YÜCEL - The Question of the Sanjak of Alexandretta : A Study in Turkish-French-Syrian Relations
BOOKS029564I: GUDE, INGEBORG - Glimt i mørke : Tegninger fra 1944
BOOKS002653I: GUDMUNDSON KRISTJANSON, LOWELL WAYNE - Estratificacion socio-racial y economica de Costa Rica: 1700-1850
BOOKS005016I: GUDMUNDSON, LOWELL - Costa Rica Before Coffee. Society and Economy on the Eve of the Export Boom
BOOKS029676I: GUDMUNDSSON, GUNNAR - Epilepsy in Iceland : A Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation
BOOKS006480I: GUELDNER, SARAH HALL - A Study of the Relationship between Imposed Motion & Human Field Motion in Elderly Individuals Living in Nursing Homes
BOOKS003214I: GUELMINO, DJORDJE - Problem malariji u Srbiji
BOOKS009937I: GUENIN, LOUIS M. - The Morality of Embryo Use
BOOKS014083I: GUENON, RENE - The Multiple States of Being
BOOKS013937I: GUENTHER, HERBERT V. - Wholeness Lost and Wholeness Regained: Forgotten Tales of Individuation from Ancient Tibet
BOOKS013374I: GUENTHNER, FRANZ; & GUENTHNER-REUTTER, M.; EDITORS: - Meaning and Translation : Philosophical and Linguistic Approaches
BOOKS009706I: GUERIN, M. VICTORIA - The Fall of Kings and Princes: Structure and Destruction in Arthurian Tragedy
BOOKS008238I: GUÉRIN, AMAND - Bretagne
BOOKS027762I: GUÉRIN, MAURICE DE [1810-1839] [ TRÉBUTIEN, GUILLAUME STANISLAS (1800-1870); EDITOR: ] [ SAINTE-BEUVE, CHARLES AUGUSTIN ] - Journal, lettres et poèmes. Publiés avec l’assentiment de sa famille
BOOKS006445I: GUERLAC, SUZANNE - The Impersonal Sublime: Hugo, Baudelaire, Lautreamont
BOOKS009179I: GUERRERO, EMILIO CONSTANTINO [1870-19??] - Sangre Patria
BOOKS006859I: GUERRERO NAVARETTE, YOLANDA & SANCHEZ BENITO, JOSE MARIA - Cuenca en la baja edad media : un sistema de poder urbano
BOOKS015055I: ORGANISATION OF IRANIAN PEOPLE'S FEDAI GUERRILLAS (MINORITY) - New Epoch : Organ of the Organisation of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas (Minority) - Abroad Committee. Vol. 1, No. 2 [1988]
BOOKS017975I: GUERSHOON, ANDREW - Certain Aspects of Russian Proverbs
BOOKS007551I: GUEST, STEPHEN - Ronald Dworkin
BOOKS030112I: GUEVARA, ERNESTO "CHE - Den prepei nanai to Vietnam Monaxo ston agona
BOOKS006898I: GUÈYE, YOUSSOUF - A l'orée du Sahel : Nouvelles
BOOKS014414I: GUGGENBÜHL-CRAIG, ADOLF - From the Wrong Side : A Paradoxical Approach to Psychology
BOOKS028385I: GUGLIA, EUGEN - Studien zur Geschichte des V. Lateranconcils (1512-1517)
BOOKS028386I: GUGLIA, EUGEN - Studien zur Geschichte des V. Lateranconcils : Neue Folge
BOOKS025500I: GUHA, AMALENDU - The Economy of Afghanistan during Amanullah's Reign, 1919-1929
BOOKS023494I: GUHA, SAUMEN ; EDITOR: - Battle of Archana Guha Case Against Torture in Police Custody : Arguments, Counter-arguments and Judgement at the Trial Court
BOOKS016786I: GUHA, RANAJIT - History at the Limit of World-history
BOOKS014301I: GUI, BENEDETTO & SUGDEN, ROBERT ; EDITORS: - Economics and Social Interaction: Accounting for Interpersonal Relations
BOOKS020417I: GUICCIARDINI, FRANCESCO [1483-1540] - Maxims and Reflections (Ricordi)
BOOKS000953I: GUIGNARD, ALFRED - De la suppression des octrois et de leur remplacement, suivi d'un résumé des taxes communales établies en Belgique
BOOKS021717I: GUILAINE, LOUIS - L'Amérique latine et l'impérialisme américain
BOOKS007222I: GUILCHER, ANDRE - Coastal and Submarine Morphology
BOOKS009357I: [BYRON, GEORGE GORDON NOEL] GUILIANO, CHERYL FALLON; EDITOR - Lord Byron: Volume XI: Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte and Don Juan Canto VIII and Stanzas from III and IX...
BOOKS031028I: GRUPPE J. GUILLAUME - Anarchistische Blätter Nr. 5
BOOKS006428I: GUILLEMIN, JEANNE - Urban Renegades. The Cultural Strategy of American Indians
BOOKS010517I: GUILLEMINET, PAUL - Coutumier de la tribu Bahnar des Sedang et des Jarai de la province de Kontum. Tome I & II
BOOKS012434I: GUILLEN I FERNANDEZ, EMPAR [SEGARRA, PERE (1858-1942)] - El Manuscrit de Pere Segarra: recull historic d’Ivars d’Urgell i diari de l’autor, 1932-1938
BOOKS022606I: GUILLÉN Y TATO, JULIO F. [1897-1972] - Noticia de un atlas inédito de Diego Homen (1561)
BOOKS005597I: GUILLERME, ANDRE E. - The Age of Water : The Urban Environment in the North of France, A.D. 300 - 1800
BOOKS014935I: LE GUILLOUX, PATRICE - Le conte du naufragé : (Papyrus Ermitage 1115) ; texte hiéroglyphique, transcription et traduction commentée
BOOKS005470I: GUIMARAES, VENANCIO - A Questao da Leba.,..
BOOKS016829I: MUSÉE GUIMET (PARIS, FRANCE) - Études d'orientalisme, publiée par le Musée Guimet à la mémoire de Raymonde Linossier.
BOOKS019753I: MUSÉE GUIMET (PARIS, FRANCE) - Symbolisme cosmique et monuments religieux : [expostition] juillet 1953, Musée Guimet, Paris.
BOOKS005303I: GUIMOND, SERGE ; EDITOR: - Social Comparison and Social Psychology: Understanding Cognition, Intergroup Relations, and Culture
BOOKS012499I: LE GUIN, CHARLES A. - Roland de la Platiere: A Public Servant in the Eighteenth Century
BOOKS007712I: [EQUATORIAL GUINEA] GOBIERNO GENERAL DE LOS TERRITORIOS ESPANOLES DEL GOLFO DE GUINEA - Anuario estadistica de los Territorios Espanoles del Golfo de Guinea 1942 y 1943
BOOKS022795I: WERKGROEP NIEUW GUINEA (DEVENTER) - Papua's slachtoffer van grof spel
BOOKS004106I: GUITON, MARGARET - La Fontaine. Poet & Counterpoet
BOOKS023859I: GUIZOT, FRANCOIS - Historical Essays and Lectures
BOOKS006776I: GOVERNMENT OF GUJARAT - Report of the Commission of Inquiry (Shri Justice R.B. Mehta) on Police Firings at Dohad District Panch Mahals..,.12th July 1960
BOOKS002403I: GULATI, LEELA - Fisherwomen on the Kerala Coast : Demographic & Socio-economic Impact of a Fisheries Development Project
BOOKS022195I: GULBRANDSEN, JOHAN MAGNUS - Research Quality and Organisational Factors : An Investigation of the Relationship
BOOKS030064I: GULDBERG, GUSTAV ADOLPH [1854-1908] - Die Menschenknochen des Osebergschiffs aus dem jüngeren Eisenalter : eine anatomisch-anthropologische Untersuchung
BOOKS012193I: GÜLENSOY, TUNCER - Kutahya ve yoresi agizlari : inceleme, metinler, sozluk
BOOKS019360I: GÜLERYÜZ, MEHMET - Temmuz, 94 : Desen Güncesi / July 94 : Drawing Journal
BOOKS027583I: GÜLKE, CARL - Verlauf und Verknöcherung der Stirnnaht
BOOKS009343I: GULLACE, GIOVANNI - Gabriele D'Annunzio in France: A Study in Cultural Relations
BOOKS014721I: GULLANDER, PETRUS E.G.; ET AL - De concilio amphictyonum [Parts I - III] [bound together with 11 other short dissertations on Latin philology, ca. 1797-1827]
BOOKS025853I: GULLBEKK, SVEIN H. - Pengevesenets fremvekst og fall i Norge i middelalderen
BOOKS002905I: GULLESTRUP, HANS - Community Development in Western Samoa. Survey of a Project Form & Its Implementation
BOOKS028329I: GULLICK, J. M. - Kuala Lumpur, 1880-1895 : A City in the Making
BOOKS029638I: GULLO, SALVATORE - Das Tempo in der Musik des XIII. und XIV. Jahrhunderts
BOOKS013632I: GULLØV, HANS CHRISTIAN ; & KAPEL, HANS - Haabetz Colonie, 1721-1728: A Historical-Archaeological Investigation of the Danish-Norwegian Colonization of Greenland
BOOKS010398I: GULPAYGANI, LUTFULLAH SAFI - Discussions Concerning Al-Mahdi / Written by Ayatullah al-'Uzma Hajj Shaykh Lutfullah Safi Gulpaygani
BOOKS020689I: GULRUDBARI, SATTARPUR IBRAHIM - Dunya-yi marmuz-i jinn
BOOKS028667I: GÜLSOY, UFUK - Hicaz demiryolu
BOOKS005901I: GUMPEL, LISELOTTE - Metaphor Reexamined : A Non-Aristotelian Perspective
BOOKS021064I: GUMPERT, CARL - Fränkisches Mesolithikum : Die steinzeitliche Besiedlung der fränkischen Rezat und oberen Altmühl im Tardenoisien
BOOKS009334I: GUMPERZ, JOHN J. [DIL, ANWAR S.; EDITOR:] - Language in Social Groups. Essays by John J. Gumperz. Selected and Introduced by Anwar S. Dil
BOOKS017509I: GUNAJI, NAGESH VASUDEV - Shri Sai Satcharita : Or, The Wonderful Life and Teachings of Shri Sai Baba..,.
BOOKS018415I: GUNARATANA, HENEPOLA - Mindfulness in Plain English
BOOKS026896I: GUNARATNAGANI [ PARIKHA, VASANTA ; EDITOR: ] - Tarkatarangini / Gunaratnaganikrta ; sampadaka Vasanta Ji. Parikha
BOOKS031232I: GUNATHILAKA, SAMSON - 71 mathaka suvanda
BOOKS013123I: GUNATILLEKE, GODFREY - The Ethnic Dimensions of Socio-economic Development
BOOKS008235I: GUNDA, BÉLA - Ethnographica Carpathica
BOOKS003349I: GUNDERMANN, ISELIN - Untersuchungen zum Gebetbuchlein der Herzogin Dorothea von Preussen
BOOKS020577I: GUNDERSON, ERIK - Declamation, Paternity, and Roman Identity : Authority and the Rhetorical Self
BOOKS024917I: GUNDRY, MARK R. - Beyond Psyche : Symbol and Transcendence in C.G. Jung
BOOKS001530I: GUNE, VITHAL TRIMBAK - The Judicial System of the Marathas : A Detailed Study of the Judicial Institutions in Maharashtra from 1600- 1818 A.D....
BOOKS011017I: GUNERATNE, KATHARINE BJORK - In the Circle of the Dance: Notes of an Outsider in Nepal
BOOKS026721I: GUNNARSSON, EWA ; ANDERSSON, SUSANNE ; ROSELL, ANNIKA VÄNJE ; LEHTO, ARJA ; & SALMINEN-KARLSSON, MINNA ; EDITORS : - Where Have All the Structures Gone? : Doing Gender in Organisations, Examples from Finland, Norway and Sweden
BOOKS025160I: GUNTEL, CHRISTIAN NIKOLAI - Slægten Guntels Slægtoptegnelser og udgiveren Christian Nikolia Guntels erindringer
BOOKS024018I: GÜNTHER, ROBERT ; EDITOR : - Musikkulturen Asiens, Afrikas und Ozeaniens im 19. Jahrhundert
BOOKS030907I: GÜNTHER, OTTO [1861-1922] - Avellana-Studien
BOOKS027288I: GUNTON, J. D. ; & DROZ, M. - Introduction to the Theory of Metastable and Unstable States
BOOKS023286I: DAS GUPTA, SIBANI ; EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR: [ KSEMISVARA ] - The Canda-Kausika of Arya Ksemisvara : Edited with Introduction, Full Critical Apparatus of MSS, English translation & Indices
BOOKS023410I: GUPTA, RUMI - Devi-devataom ke astra-sastra
BOOKS007330I: GUPTA, SHASHI PRABHA - Demographic Differentials Among the Rajputs and the Jats . A Socio-Biological Study of Rural Haryana
BOOKS002302I: GUPTA, ASIM KUMAR - Physical, Mental & Social Fundamentals of Ancient Indian & Chinese Medicine
BOOKS002910I: GUPTA, SISIR - Kashmir : A Study in India- Pakistan Relations
BOOKS002802I: DAS GUPTA, CHARU CHANDRA - Origin & Evolution of Indian Clay Sculpture
BOOKS010538I: GUPTA, B.S. - Guru Tegh Bahadur : A Study
BOOKS010346I: DAS-GUPTA, ARINDAM & MOOKHERHEE, DILIP - Incentives and Institutional Reform in Tax Enforcement: An Analysis of Developing Country Experience
BOOKS009016I: GUPTA, MOTILAL; EDITOR: - Pratapa-Raso of Jachika Jivana
BOOKS009015I: GUPTA, MOTILAL ; EDITOR: - Matsya Pradesh Ki Hindi Sahitya Ko Den
BOOKS017365I: GUPTA, HARI RAM - Panjab, Central Asia, and the First Afghan War (Based on Mohan Lal’s 'Observations')
BOOKS007567I: GUPTA, MOTILAL; EDITOR: - Govinda-Nandadhan
BOOKS007550I: GUPTA, SAROJ - Seasonal Variations in Body Fluids and Electrolytes
BOOKS006720I: GUPTA, BHUPESH - Masterpiece of Left Opportunism : Critique of CPM Draft Political Resolution
BOOKS006694I: GUPTA, DIPANKAR - Nativism in a Metropolis: Shiv Sena in Bombay
BOOKS006395I: GUPTA, SHIVA KUMAR - Marriage Among the Anglo-Indians
BOOKS023425I: GUPTA, BADLU RAM - The Aggarwals : A Socio-economic Study
BOOKS002664I: GUPTA, A.P.; EDITOR: - Morphogenetic Hormones of Arthropods, Volume 1, Part 2: Embryonic and Post Embryonic Sources
BOOKS015328I: GUPTA, SHANTISWARUP [ 1914 - 19??] - British Relations with Bhutan
BOOKS014930I: GUPTA, JYOTI SEN - Eclipse of East Pakistan : Chronicles of Events Since Birth of East Pakistan till October, 1963
BOOKS004730I: GUPTA, RAGHURAJ - Hindu Muslim Relations
BOOKS000928I: GUPTA, RAKESH - Bihar Peasantry and the Kisan Sabha (1936-1947)
BOOKS000742I: GUPTA, PABITRA ; & DUTTA, PRATAP C. - Anthropometry in India (1868-1961) : A Reference Manual of Somatological Studies
BOOKS000072I: DAS GUPTA, PRANAB KUMAR - Impact of Industrialization on a Tribe in South Bihar
BOOKS000073I: DAS GUPTA, PRANAB KUMAR ; & KHAN, IAR ALI - Impact of Tea Plantation Industry on the Life of Tribal Labourers
BOOKS000069I: DAS GUPTA, BIMAN K .; BASU, ARABINDA; RAYCHAUDHURI, BIKASH; & GUPTA ,PABITRA: EDITORS: - Proceedings of the Symposium on Purum (Chote) Revisited
BOOKS021360I: GUPTA, ANIL - Empiricism and Experience
BOOKS021524I: GUPTA, BISHAN KUMAR - Political Movements in Murshidabad, 1920-1947
BOOKS023553I: GUPTA, PARMESHWARI LAL [1914 -2001] - The Imperial Guptas [Volumes 1 & 2]
BOOKS008778I: GUPTE, T.V. [ CHANDRASENIYA KAYASTHA PRABHU SOCIAL CLUB, POONA ] - Ethnographical Notes on Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu Compiled by Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu Social Club, Poona
BOOKS006549I: GUPTE, TARAMATI - Gaekwad Cenotaphs
BOOKS026498I: GURAYA, MUHAMMAD YUSUF - Allama Iqbal and the Authority to Interpret Shariah in a Modern Islamic State
BOOKS014684I: GÜRCAN, NEDRET - Bulut indi : siirler
BOOKS025146I: GURDANI, BAHADUR - Iz, izmah, galiram / nivisandah, Bahadur Gurdani
BOOKS020411I: GURDJIEFF, GEORGES IVANOVITCH [1872-1949] - All and Everything, or Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson : Ten Books in Three Series of Which This is the First Series

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