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BOOKS021071I: HALAWI, MOHAMMAD BIN ALI AL-AKWA - al-Juz' al-thalith min safhah min tarikh al-Yaman al-ijtima'i wa qissat hayati
BOOKS001168I: HALAYUDHA [ BHATTACHARYYA, DURGAMOHAN; EDITOR : ] - Brahmana-Sarvasa : A Pre-Sankara Vedic Commentary by Halayudha
BOOKS006081I: HALAYYA, M. - An Economic Analysis of the Indian Tea Industry & Public Policy
BOOKS016837I: HALBERSTAM, MICHAEL - Totalitarianism and the Modern Conception of Politics
BOOKS015724I: HALBFASS, WILHELM - On Being and What There Is: Classical Vaisesika and the History of Indian Ontology
BOOKS028599I: HALBOUT DU TANNEY, DOMINIQUE - Istanbul vu par Matrakci et les miniaturistes du XVIe siécle
BOOKS017439I: HALD, KRISTIAN [1904-19??] - De danske stednavne paa -um
BOOKS020385I: HALD, PETER TETENS - De summa animi perfectione : specimen exegeticum
BOOKS015162I: HALDANE, J. S. (JOHN SCOTT) [1860 - 1936] - The New Physiology and Other Addresses
BOOKS002455I: HALDAR, HIRALAL - Hegelianism and Human Personality
BOOKS006030I: HALDAR, S.K. - Report of an Enquiry into the Living Conditions of the Tea Plantation Workers in Darjeeling-Terai, West Bengal, 1948
BOOKS006291I: HALDAR, GURUPDA SHARMA; PRAPTEN, VIVIDHA SWARNAPADAK; BHASHAYAMANUDITAM, KESHARIKANTA SARMANA HINDI - Kalighata-Kalikagranthamala No. 3 [Sanatasujatiya-Madhyatma-sastram: Sankara-Bhasyopetam...
BOOKS004850I: HALDAR, ARUNA - Some Psychological Aspects of Early Buddhist Philosophy Based on Abhidharmakosa of Vasubandhu
BOOKS020721I: HALDER, FRANZ [1884-1972] - Hitler als Feldherr
BOOKS009617I: HALE, WILLIAM & KIENLE, EBERHARD; EDITORS: - After the Cold War: Security and Democracy in Africa and Asia
BOOKS005077I: HALE, FREDERICK, EDITOR: - Danes in North America
BOOKS004286I: HALE, CHARLES N. - Resistance & Contradiction. Miskitu Indians & the Nicaraguan State 1894 - 1987
BOOKS003489I: HALEN, PIERRE - Marcel Thiry. Une Poetique de l'imparfait
BOOKS010625I: HALES, E.E.Y. - Mazzini and the Secret Societies : The Making of a Myth
BOOKS011874I: HALEY, DAVID B. - Dryden and the Problem of Freedom: The Republican Aftermath 1649 - 1680
BOOKS016971I: HALFMANN, JOST ; & REXROTH, TILLMAN - Marxismus als Erkenntniskritik : Sohn-Rethels Revision der Werttheorie und die produktiven Folgen eines Missverständnisses
BOOKS017310I: HALKIN, ABRAHAM S. ; EDITOR: - Zion in Jewish Literature
BOOKS014101I: HALL, DAVID L. - Richard Rorty: Prophet and Poet of the New Pragmatism
BOOKS011779I: HALL, JOHN R.; EDITOR: - Reworking Class
BOOKS013703I: HALL, ALEX - Scandal, Sensation, and Social Democracy : The SPD Press and Wilhelmine Germany 1890-1914
BOOKS007645I: HALL, S.R. & ASHIDA, T.; EDITORS: - Methods and Applications in Crytallographic Computing. Papers Presented at the International Summer School...18-27 August 1983
BOOKS021553I: HALL, CATHERINE ; & ROSE, SONYA O. ; EDITORS: - At Home with the Empire : Metropolitan Culture and the Imperial World
BOOKS006215I: HALL, JOHN R. - The Ways Out: Utopian Communal Groups in an Age of Babylon
BOOKS015516I: HALL, JOHN WHITNEY ; & MASS, JEFFREY P. ; EDITORS: - Medieval Japan: Essays in Institutional History
BOOKS005702I: HALL, CARL W.; & OLSEN, WALLACE C.; EDITORS: - The Literature of Agricultural Engineering
BOOKS013219I: HALL, MARCIA B. - After Raphael : Painting in Central Italy in the Sixteenth Century
BOOKS002589I: HALL, PETER & HAY, DENNIS - Growth Centres in the European Urban System
BOOKS010471I: HALL, JACQUELYN DOWD - Revolt Against Chivalry: Jessier Daniel Ames and the Women's Campaign Against Lynching
BOOKS020434I: HALL, DONALD - Goatfoot Milktongue Twinbird : Interviews, Essays and Notes on Poetry, 1970-76
BOOKS022333I: HALL, THOMAS ; MAGNUSSON, BÖRJE ; & NYLANDER, CARL ; EDITORS: - Docto peregrino : Roman Studies in Honour of Torgil Magnuson
BOOKS020019I: HALL, CARL CHRISTIAN [1848-1908] - Strejftog i Horungtinderne [bound together with same, parts II and III ]
BOOKS023776I: HALL, PHILIP S. - To Have this Land : The Nature of Indian/White Relations, South Dakota, 1888-1891
BOOKS026857I: HALLAGER, ERIK - The Mycenaean Palace at Knossos : Evidence for Final Destruction in the III B Period
BOOKS002657I: HALLAGER, FR. - Magister Ole Bjorn og de Besatte i Thisted
BOOKS013209I: HALLAGER, FREDERIK KRISTOFFER [1849-1921] - Hysteri: Hysteriens Symptomer og dens Behandling
BOOKS009848I: HALLAIRE, J. - Des noms qui parlent: Hommes et femmes dans la societe sar d'apres les noms d'initiation
BOOKS015567I: HALLAQ, WAEL B. - Authority, Continuity and Change in Islamic Law
BOOKS014777I: HALLAQ, WAEL B. - The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Law
BOOKS002211I: HALLBERG, DANIEL G. & HALLBERG, CALINDA E. - Indus Kohistani : A Preliminary Phonological and Morphological Analysis
BOOKS000761I: HALLBERG, GORAN; ISAKSSON, STIG; & PAMP, BENGT; EDITORS: - Personnamnsterminologi: NORNAs attonde symposium i Lund 10-12 oktober 1981.
BOOKS009745I: HALLDEN, SOREN - True Love, True Humour and True Religion : A Semantic Study
BOOKS006077I: HALLEN, BARRY & SODIPO, J. OLUBI - Knowledge, Belief, and Witchcraft. Analytic Experiments in African Philosophy
BOOKS022564I: HALLER, CHARLES-LOUIS DE [ HALLER, KARL LUDWIG VON (1768-1854) ] - Histoire de la révolution religieuse, ou de la réforme protestante dans la Suisse occidentale
BOOKS029719I: HALLER, RUDOLF ; & STADLER, FRIEDRICH ; EDITORS : - Ernst Mach : Werk und Wirkung
BOOKS018012I: HALLER, JOHN - Die geologische Karte von Suess Land, Glettscherland und Goodenoughs Land [Der zentrale metamorphe Komplex von NE-Grönland T. 1]
BOOKS017988I: HALLER, JOHN - Die geologische Karte der Staunings Alper und des Forsblad Fjords [ Der "Zentrale metamorphe Komplex" von NE-Grönland, Teil II]
BOOKS001305I: HALLER, C. V. - Strategi og Politik. Et Bidrag til Belysning af Staternes Magtstilling
BOOKS018608I: HALLGARTEN, S. F. - Alsace and its Wine Gardens
BOOKS010244I: HALLGREN, BERTIL - Specific Dyslexia ("Congenital Word-Blindness"): A Clinical and Genetic Study
BOOKS016985I: HALLIDAY, FRED - Two Hours That Shook the World: September 11, 2001 - Causes and Consequences
BOOKS016059I: HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD [HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, J. O. (1820-1889); EDITOR:] - The Thornton Romances : The Early English Metrical Romances of Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour, and Degrevant.
BOOKS021346I: HALLYN, FERNAND - The Poetic Structure of the World : Copernicus and Kepler
BOOKS016980I: HALM, HEINZ - The Fatimids and Their Traditions of Learning
BOOKS013319I: HALMAN, TALAT SAIT - Can kulagi: Siirler
BOOKS014372I: HALPER, STEFAN A. ; & CLARKE, JONATHAN - America Alone : The Neo-conservatives and the Global Order
BOOKS009367I: HALPERIN, RHODA & DOW, JAMES; EDITORS: - Peasant Livelihood: Studies in Economic Anthropology and Cultural Ecology
BOOKS017806I: HALPERIN, RHODA H. ; & DOW, JAMES ; EDITORS: - Peasant Livelihood : Studies in Economic Anthropology and Cultural Ecology
BOOKS005452I: HALPERIN, RHODA H. - The Livelihood of Kin: Making Ends Meet "The Kentucky Way
BOOKS012096I: HALPERIN, SANDRA - In the Mirror of the Third World: Capitalist Development in Modern Europe
BOOKS001426I: HALPERIN, ERNST - The Triumphant Heretic. Tito's Struggle against Stalin
BOOKS009409I: HALPERN, SYDNEY A. - American Pediatrics: The Social Dynamics of Professionalism, 1880-1980
BOOKS020898I: HALPERSON, JOSEPH - Das Buch vom Zirkus : Beiträge zur Geschichte der Wanderkünstlerwelt
BOOKS015998I: HALSBAND, ROBERT; EDITOR: [MONTAGU, MARY WORTLEY, LADY (1689-1762)] - The Complete Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Volume I : 1708 -1720
BOOKS002304I: HALSEY, FREDERICK A. - The Metric Fallacy. An Investigation of the Claims made for the Metric System & Especially of the Claim that its Adoption ...
BOOKS016681I: HALVORSEN, EYVIND FJELD - The Norse Version of the Chanson de Roland
BOOKS015038I: HALVORSEN, S. - The Central Nervous System in Regulation of Erythropoiesis
BOOKS008608I: HAM, JENNIFER & SENIOR, MATTHEW; EDITORS: - Animal Acts: Configuring the Human in Western History
BOOKS015371I: HAMAKER-ZONDAG, KAREN - Elements & Crosses as the Basis of the Horoscope
BOOKS029156I: HANSAMO HAMALA - Badabub 'Ityopya wagena lemad, yaDerasé hezb tarikena 'anwanwar : (katent 'eska 1966 'a.me.)
BOOKS004216I: HAMALAINEN, PEKKA KALEVI - In Time of Storm. Revolution, Civil War & the Ethnolinguistic Issue in Finland
BOOKS021973I: HAMANN-MAC LEAN, RICHARD ; & SCHÜSSLER, ISE - Die Kathedrale von Reims. Teil 1 : Die Architektur ; Band 3 : Tafeln
BOOKS027353I: HAMBERGER, JULIUS WILHELM FRANZ [1801-1885] - Die Cardinalpunkte der Franz Baader'schen Philosophie
BOOKS008304I: HAMBLIN, NANCY L. - Animal Use by the Cozumel Maya
BOOKS020780I: HAMBRO, CHRISTIAN EINAR - Under Scepter : En Fortælling
BOOKS026123I: HAMBRO, CHRISTIAN EINAR - Fremad : en Fortælling
BOOKS028890I: INFORMATIONSSTELLE LATEINAMERIKA / PERU-GRUPPE HAMBURG - Die peruanische Gewerkschaftsbewegung von den Anfängen bis 1979
BOOKS019376I: HAMBURGER, POVL [1901-1972] - Subdominante und Wechseldominante : Eine entwicklungs-geschichtliche Untersuchung.
BOOKS007394I: HAMBURGER, FRANZ - Die Neurosen des Kindesalters
BOOKS017417I: HAMBURGER, MICHAEL - Art as Second Nature : Occasional Pieces, 1950-74
BOOKS009107I: HAMDANI, NASRUL ; & HISYAM, MUHAMAD, [ PUSLIT KEMASYARAKATAN DAN KEBUDAYAAN ] - Komunitas Cina di Medan dalam lintasan tiga kekuasaan, 1930-1960
BOOKS009111I: HAMDOUCH, BACHIR - Specialisation subie et sous-developpement du Maroc: Les effets du regime de la "Porte ouverte" et de la domination de zone
BOOKS012911I: HAMDOUCHI, MILOUDI - Le prix de la blessure
BOOKS014811I: HAMDOUCHI, MILOUDI - Le saint et le symbole
BOOKS003075I: HAMEIRI, YEHEZKEL - Prisoners of Hate : The Story of Israelis in Syrian Jails
BOOKS007539I: HAMEL, FRANK - Human Animals: Werewolves and Other Transformations
BOOKS004107I: HAMEL, FRANK - Jean de la Fontaine
BOOKS010846I: HAMER, JOHN H. - Humane Development : Participation and Change Among the Sadama of Ethiopia
BOOKS001118I: HAMER, D.A. - The Politics of Electoral Pressure : A Study in the History of Victorian Reform Agitations
BOOKS019063I: HAMERMAN, NORA ; EDITOR: [ ZEPP-LAROUCHE, HELGA ] [ SCHILLER INSTITUTE ] - Saint Augustine : Father of European and African Civilization : International Conference of the Schiller Institute..,. 1985
BOOKS019234I: HAMEROFF, STUART R. ; KASZNIAK, ALFRED W. ; & SCOTT, ALWYN ; EDITORS: - Toward a Science of Consciousness II : The Second Tucson Discussions and Debates
BOOKS021219I: AL-HAMID, SALIH IBN 'ALI [1903-19??] - Rihlah Jawa al-jamilah : wa-qisat dukhul al-Islami ila shrq Asia
BOOKS025418I: HAMIDULLAH, MUHAMMAD - Muslim Conduct of State : Being a Treatise on Siyar, that is, Islamic Notion of Public International Law..,.
BOOKS011564I: HAMIDY, U.U. - Bahasa Melayu dan kreativitas sastra di Riau
BOOKS027796I: HAMILAKIS, YANNIS ; EDITOR : - Labyrinth Revisited : Rethinking ’Minoan’ Archaeology
BOOKS017797I: HAMILTON, THOMAS JEFFERSON [ 1909-1987 ] - Appeasement's Child : The Franco Regime in Spain
BOOKS016571I: HAMILTON, JAMES T. - Regulation through Revelation: The Origin, Politics, and Impacts of the Toxics Release Inventory Program
BOOKS013100I: HAMILTON, PAUL - Wordsworth
BOOKS002053I: HAMILTON, HENNING - Frankrike och Tyskland Aren 1866 - 1874. Anteckningar
BOOKS004041I: HAMILTON, PAUL - Coleridge's Poetics
BOOKS010953I: HAMLIN, ALAN P. ; & PETTIT, PHILIP ; EDITORS: - The Good Polity: Normative Analysis of the State
BOOKS024425I: HAMM, BERNDT ; MOELLER, BERND ; & WENDEBOURG, DOROTHEA - Reformationstheorien : Ein kirchenhistorischer Disput über Einheit und Vielfalt der Reformation
BOOKS024395I: HAMMAD, MUHAMMAD SALIM - Tadmur : shahid wa-mashhud, 1980-1991
BOOKS005458I: AL-HAMMADI, ABDULLA - The Big Terrorism of Nations Destroyers. Documented Stories & Atrocities during the Savage Iraqi Invasion of State of Kuwait...
BOOKS000119I: HAMMAR, EVA THORNE - Le developpement de sens du suffixe latin "-bilis" en francais
BOOKS029979I: HAMMARBERG, FIGGE - Zur Kenntnis der ontogenetischen Entwicklung des Schädels von Lepidosteus platystomus
BOOKS019850I: HAMMARSTRÖM, TOMMY ; EDITOR: [ DE FÖRENADE FNL-GRUPPERNA ] - Laos : en skrift utgiven av Vietnambulletinen
BOOKS016500I: HAMMEN, RICH. - Studies on Impaired Fertility in Man with Special Reference to the Male
BOOKS014481I: HAMMER, T. SKOTTE - Nomenklatur for Træer
BOOKS010902I: HAMMER, MARIE SIGNE JØRGENSEN [1907- 2002] - Alaskan Oribatids
BOOKS018716I: HAMMER, GILLIS - Vad vill Kämpande Demokrati?
BOOKS006719I: HAMMER, HEINRICH - Traktat von Samaritenermessias : Studien zur Frage der Existenz und Abstammung Jesu
BOOKS005828I: HAMMER, MARIE - Investigations on the Oribatid Fauna of the Andes Mountains I - IV
BOOKS014499I: HAMMER, ESPEN - Stanley Cavell: Skepticism, Subjectivity and the Ordinary
BOOKS020851I: HAMMER, MARIE - Collemboles [ The Zoology of East Greenland ]
BOOKS027919I: HAMMER, MARTIN - Analyse der funktionellen Rolle des Neurons VUMmx1 bei der klassischen Konditionierung des Rüsselreflexes der Biene
BOOKS005811I: HAMMERICH, LOUIS L. - Zur deutschen Akzentuation
BOOKS008421I: HAMMERICH, L.L. - The Beginning of the Strife Between Richard Fitzralph and the Mendicants: With an Edition of his Autobiographical Prayer...
BOOKS006762I: HAMMERICH, FR. - En Skolastiker og en Bibeltheolog fra Norden
BOOKS027770I: HAMMERICH, L.L. (LOUIS LEONOR) [1892-1975] ; EDITOR : - Visiones Georgii : Visiones quas in purgatorio Sancti Patricii vidit Georgius miles de Ungaria a. d. MCCCLIII
BOOKS003199I: HAMMERICH, L.L.; JAKOBSON, R.; VAN SCHOONEVELD, ELIZABETH; STARCK, T.; STENDER-PETERSEN, AD.; VAN DEN BAAR, A.H.,ET AL: EDITORS: - Tonnies Fenne's Low German Manual of Spoken Russian Pskov 1607. Volume I - IV
BOOKS021068I: HAMMERICH, LOUIS LEONOR [1892-1975] - Clamor : Eine rechtsgeschichtliche Studie
BOOKS026133I: HAMMERICH, PETER FREDERIK ADOLF [1809-1877] - Præsident Hans Nansen den Ældres Levnet / Ved Fr. Hammerich
BOOKS022136I: HAMMERICH, LOUIS LEONOR [1892-1975] - Clamor : Eine rechtsgeschichtliche Studie - Zweite Auflage
BOOKS025288I: HAMMERICH, KAI FREDERIK - Den danske Dommerstand under Enevælden : Et Bidrag til Retsvæsenets Historie i det 17. - 18. Aarhundrede
BOOKS027191I: HAMMERICH, MARTIN [1811-1881] - Smaaskrifter om Cultur og Underviisning, leilighedsviis udgivne af Martin Hammerich : I-V.
BOOKS008990I: HAMMERMO, OLLE - Spraklig variation hos barn i grundskolealdern
BOOKS003827I: HAMMERMULLER, BRUNO - Laaland-Falster. Entwicklung des Bodenreliefs, Stromtaler und Kustenbildung
BOOKS021516I: HAMMERSCHMIDT, ERNST [1928-1993] - Studies in the Ethiopic Anaphoras
BOOKS030182I: HAMMERSCHMIDT, ERNST ; EDITOR : [ DILLMANN, AUGUST (1823-1894) ; BACHMANN, JOHANNES ; SIMON, J. ; ET AL. ] - Anthologia Aethiopica
BOOKS003334I: HAMMERSHAIMB, E. - Das Verbum im Dialekt von Ras Schamra : Eine Morphologische und Syntaktische Untersuchung des Verbums in den Alphabetischen.,..
BOOKS013757I: HAMMERSLEY, MARTYN; & ATKINSON, PAUL - Ethnography : Principles in Practice
BOOKS027890I: HAMMES, WOLFRAM - Wachstum, Wasserverbrauch und Produktivität des Wasserverbrauchs von Pappeln unterschiedlichen Alters : Populus x euramericana
BOOKS013397I: HAMMOND, PETER - Liturgy and Architecture
BOOKS027874I: HAMMOND, WINFRED NII OKAI - Ecological Assessment of Natural Enemies of the Cassava Mealybug Phenacoccus manihoti : Mat.-Ferr. (Hom.: pseudococcidae ..,.,.
BOOKS004953I: HAMMOND, ALBERT L. - Proprieties and Vagaries. A Philosophical Thesis from Science, Horse Racing, Sexual Customs, Religion and Politics
BOOKS007115I: HAMMOUDI, ABDELLAH - The Victim & its Masks : An Essay on Sacrifice & Masquerade in the Maghreb
BOOKS021976I: HAMNER, J.W. ; & WIDÉEN, HARALD - Die Grabsteine der Ruinenkirchen in Wisby
BOOKS009910I: HAMPSHIRE, STUART - Two Theories of Morality
BOOKS000189I: HAMPSON, R.T. - Origines Patriclae; or a Deduction of European Titles of Nobility & Dignified Offices from their Primitive Sources
BOOKS017715I: HAMRIN, AGNE - Spansk Horisont
BOOKS002100I: HAMRIN-THORELL, RUTH, ET AL - Kvinnors Rost och Ratt
BOOKS028859I: HAMZAH, AL-MUSTAFÁ - al-Hajj Muhammad al-Tuhami al-Hamri al-Ubiri : 'alim mawsu'i min bilad Ahmar
BOOKS027855I: HANAWALT, BARBARA - The Ties That Bound : Peasant Families in Medieval England
BOOKS009537I: HANCHARD, MICHAEL GEORGE - Orpheus and Power: The Movimento Negro of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1945-1988
BOOKS026176I: HANCKE, NIELS [1837-1895] - Skizzer : Ny Samling
BOOKS019151I: HANCOCK, JAMES A. ; KUSHLAN, JAMES ANTHONY ; KAHL, M. PHILIP ; HARRIS, ALAN ; & QUINN, DAVID - Storks, Ibises and Spoonbills of the World
BOOKS006265I: HANCOX, N.L., EDITOR: - Fibre Composite Hybrid Materials
BOOKS028798I: HANDAYN, MUHAMMAD - al-Jihat al-tarikhiyah al-kubrá bi-al-Maghrib : jihat Sus al-kabir, al-qarnayn 17/18 : watha'iq ghayr manshurah
BOOKS020103I: HANDEL, STEPHEN - Perceptual Coherence : Hearing and Seeing
BOOKS012944I: HANDLER, ANDREW [1935 - ] - An Early Blueprint for Zionism : Gyozo Istóczy’s Political Anti-semitism
BOOKS024193I: HANDLEY, ERIC W. ; ET AL [ TURNER, E. G. (ERIC GARDNER) ] - Ménandre : Sept exposés suivis de discussions par E. W. Handley... [e.a.] Entretiens préparés et présides par Eric G. Turner..,.
BOOKS003781I: HANDLIN, OSCAR - Boston's Immigrants: A Study in Acculturation
BOOKS023929I: ZENTRALVERBANDES DER HANDLUNGSGEHILFEN - Die Gehaltsfrage zer Handlungsgehilfen..,. [together with two other pamphlets, ca. 1910-1912]
BOOKS008941I: HANDOO, JAWAHARLAL ; & HANDOO, LALITA - Hindi-Kashmiri Common Vocabulary
BOOKS008554I: HANDOO, JAWAHARLAL - Kashmiri Phonetic Reader
BOOKS001759I: HANDOO, JAWAHARLAL - A Bibliography of Indian Folk Literature
BOOKS001760I: HANDOO, JAWAHARLAL, EDITOR: - Folklore of Rajasthan
BOOKS001011I: HANDOO, LALITA - Folk and Myth : An Introduction
BOOKS003809I: HANDS, D. WADE - Reflection without Rules : Economic Methodology and Contemporary Science Theory
BOOKS013934I: HANEGRAAFF, WOUTER J. - New Age Religion and Western Culture: Esotericism in the Mirror of Secular Thought
BOOKS006324I: HANEL, R.A.; CONRATH, B.J.; JENNINGS; D.E. & SAMUELSON, R.E. - Exploration of the Solar System by Infrared Remote Sensing
BOOKS008999I: HANES, JEFFREY E. - The City as Subject: Seki Hajime and the Reinvention of Modern Osaka
BOOKS009132I: HANEY, DAVID P. - William Wordsworth and the Hermeneutics of Incarnation
BOOKS020005I: HANHART, RUDOLF - Appenzeller Bauernmalerei / Appenzell Peasant Art
BOOKS012545I: HANISH, OTOMAN ZAR-ADUSHT [18??-1936] [AMMANN, DAVID, TRANSLATOR:] - Das Leben Jesu: Enthuellungen nach bisher unbekannten orientalischer Quellen
BOOKS020649I: HANKE, WILFRIED ; EDITOR: - Biology and Physiology of Amphibians : Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Biology and Physiology of Amphibians
BOOKS017590I: HANKEY, JULIE - A Passion for Egypt: Arthur Weigall, Tutankhamun and the Curse of the Pharaohs
BOOKS015698I: HANKS, JANE RICHARDSON ; & HANKS, LUCIEN MASON - Tribes of the North Thailand Frontier
BOOKS012264I: HANNA, JUDITH LYNNE - To Dance is Human: A Theory of Nonverbal Communication
BOOKS016658I: HANNA, PATRICIA ; & HARRISON, BERNARD - Word and World: Practice and the Foundations of Language
BOOKS020011I: HANNA, RIDA MILAD NASR - Ayah jamilah fi tarikh al-Kanisah
BOOKS027776I: HANNAH, BARBARA - The Animus : The Spirit of Inner Truth in Women : Volume Two
BOOKS002386I: HANNAH, HERBERT BRUCE - Culture and Kultur Race Origins or the Past Unveiled. Being Lectures delivered at the Calcutta University in 1919
BOOKS012603I: HANNAS, WM. C - Asia's Orthographic Dilemma
BOOKS004092I: HANNAY, DAVID - The Later Renaissance
BOOKS026513I: HANNEMANN, MAX [1892-19??] - Die Seehäfen von Texas, ihre geographischen Grundlagen, ihre Entwicklung und Bedeutung
BOOKS026539I: HANNESTAD, LISE - The Followers of the Paris Painter
BOOKS022448I: HANNESTAD, LISE - The Hellenistic Pottery from Failaka : With a Survey of Hellenistic Pottery in the Near East : Volume 1 & 2
BOOKS020055I: HANNESTAD, KNUD - L'évolution des ressources agricoles de l'Italie du 4 ème au 6 ème siècle de notre ère
BOOKS000968I: HANNICK, CHRISTIAN, EDITOR: - Fundamental Problems of Early Slavic Music and Poetry
BOOKS008021I: HANNOVER, ADOLPH - Den menneskelige Hjernskals Bygning ved Cyclopia og Misdannelsens Forhold til Hjerneskallenas Primordialbrusk
BOOKS015840I: HANNOVER, ADOLPH [1814 - 1894] - Le cartilage primordial et son ossification dans le crâne humain avant la naissance
BOOKS020453I: HANNOVER, ADOLPH [1814-1894] - Epithelioma cylindraceum foliaceum og globosum : En pathologisk-anatomisk undersøgelse
BOOKS020454I: HANNOVER, ADOLPH [1814-1894] - Om Bygningen og Udviklingen af Skjæl og Pigge hos Bruskfisk tilligemed udforligere Beskrivelse af tvende herhen hørende Former
BOOKS024459I: HANS, JAMES S. - Contextual Authority and Aesthetic Truth
BOOKS006360I: HANS, HOLARAM HASIJA - Journey of Fragrance
BOOKS015223I: HANS, JAMES S. - The Value(s) of Literature
BOOKS015017I: HANS, VALERIE P. - Business on Trial: The Civil Jury and Corporate Responsibility
BOOKS011453I: HANS, ASHOK - Karyala : A Folk Theatrical Form of Himachal Pradesh
BOOKS006419I: HANSBORG, HARALD - Guldets Forhold i Organismen ved intravenøs Indgift af nogle komplexe Guldforbindelser
BOOKS023578I: HANSDA, SUBODH - Jitkarena Parsi
BOOKS006286I: HANSDAH, CHINMAYEE (MARANDI) - Potkoj (Seren potob)
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BOOKS000957I: HAYIT, BAYMIRZA - Die Wirtschaftsprobleme Turkestans : ein Beitrag zur Wirtschaftskunde Turkestans, mit einem Rückblick auf ihre jüngste .,.,
BOOKS002118I: HAYIT, BAYMIRZA - Sovyetler Birliginde'ki Turklugun ve Islamin Bazi Meseleleri
BOOKS008649I: HAYKAL, MUHAMMAD HUSAYN - Uthman ibn 'Affan
BOOKS029151I: YA'EQOB HAYLAMARYAM - Asab yaman nat? : ya'Ityopya yabaher bar teyaqé
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BOOKS011150I: HAYNES, DEBORAH J. - The Vocation of the Artist
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BOOKS022909I: HAZARIKA, BIJAY BHUSHAN ; EDITOR: - Kamrup District [ Assam District Gazetteers / Gazetteer of India, Assam State ]
BOOKS029508I: HAZART, CORNELIUS [1617-1690] - Onwettighen Dienst der ghereformeerde predikanten [bound together with 15 other anti-Calvinist polemical pamphlets, ca. 1664-69]
BOOKS010581I: HAZLITT, W. CAREW; EDITOR: - A Manual for the Collector and Amateur of Old English Plays, Edited from the Material Formed by Kirkman, Langbaine, Downes...
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BOOKS005945I: HEAL, GEOFFREY & CHICHILNISKY, GRACIELA - Oil and the International Economy
BOOKS001124I: HEALD, SUZETTE - Controlling Anger : The Sociology of Gisu Violence
BOOKS018809I: GREAT BRITAIN. MINISTRY OF HEALTH - The Incidence of Rheumatic Diseases
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BOOKS023262I: HENNEPIN, LOUIS - A Description of Louisiana
BOOKS007492I: HENNERICI, MICHAEL G. ; DAFFERTSHOFER, MICHAEL ; ET AL; EDITORS: - Case Studies in Stroke: Common and Uncommon Presentations
BOOKS003027I: HENNESSY, MAURICE - The Rajah from Tipperary
BOOKS001334I: HENNESSY, C.A.M. - The Federal Republic in Spain. Pi y Margall & the Federal Republican Movement 1868-74
BOOKS021157I: HENNIG, KARL - Japanische Gartenkunst : Forme, Geschichte, Geisteswelt
BOOKS026204I: HENNINGSEN, BERND ; & PELKA, RAINER ; EDITORS: - Die Skandinavistik zwischen gestern und morgen : Bestandsaufnahme und Zukunftsperspektiven eines "kleinen Faches
BOOKS007041I: HENNINGSEN, HENNING - Crossing the Equator. Sailors' Baptism and Other Initiation Rites
BOOKS001980I: HENNINGSEN, HENNING - Kirkeskib og Kirkeskibsfester
BOOKS001931I: HENNINGSEN, HENNING - Dystløb i danske søkøbstæder og i udlandet
BOOKS022346I: HENQUINET, FRANCOIS-MARIE - Les écrits du Frère Guerric de Saint-Quentin
BOOKS001461I: HENRI-MARTIN, G., EDITOR: - Hommage a l'Abbe Henri Breiul pour son 80eme Anniversaire. Sa Vie - Son Oeuvre- Bibliographie de ses travaux
BOOKS015591I: HENRIKSEN, AAGE - Gotisk tid : Fire litterære afhandlinger
BOOKS000229I: HENRIKSEN, AAGE - Fra Alberti til Steincke : Unmack Larsen bør gaa
BOOKS002249I: HENRIKSSON, FRITZ, EDITOR: - Sweden's Participation in the U.S. Celebration of the New Sweden Tercentenary
BOOKS008358I: HENRIKSSON, HEIDI - Popular Hunting and Trapping in Norrland [Early Norrland 6]
BOOKS007380I: HENRIQUES, URSULA - Religious Toleration in England 1787 - 1833
BOOKS006020I: HENRIQUES, P.R., EDITOR: - Aquatic Biology & Hydroelectric Power Development in New Zealand
BOOKS003266I: HENRIQUES, ALF - Shakespeare og Danmark indtil 1840: Vurdering, opforelse, oversaettelse, efterligning.
BOOKS024117I: HENRY, REGINALD BUCHANAN ; COMPILER: - Genealogies of the Families of the Presidents
BOOKS004419I: HENRY, GRANVILLE C. - Forms of Concrescence. Alfred North Whitehead's Philosophy & Computer Programming Structures.
BOOKS003600I: HENRY, DESMOND PAUL - That Most Subtle Question (Quaestio Subtilissima) : The Metaphysical Bearing of Medieval and Contemporary Linguistic Disciplines
BOOKS001341I: HENRY, FRANCES, EDITOR: - Ethnicity in the Americas
BOOKS011656I: HENRY, JOSEPH [1797-1878] [REINGOLD, NATHAN & ROTHENBERG, MARC; EDITORS] - The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volumes 1 - 8
BOOKS003846I: HENSHAW, HENRY W. - Perforated Stones from California
BOOKS011573I: HENSON, MARGARET SWETT - Juan Davis Bradburn: A Reappraisal of the Mexican Commander of Anahuac
BOOKS014287I: HENTIG, HANS VON [1887-1974] - Vom Ursprung der Henkermahlzeit
BOOKS016455I: HENTIG, HANS VON [1887-1974] - Das Verbrechen. II: Der Delinquent im Griff der Umweltkräfte
BOOKS001104I: HENTSCHEL, KLAUS - The Einstein Tower : An Intertexture of Dynamic Construction, Relativity Theory, and Astronomy
BOOKS013427I: HENTZE, WILLY - Am Hofe des Kaisers Menelik von Abessynien
BOOKS030222I: HENTZE, WILLI - Am Hofe des Kaisers Menelik von Abessynien
BOOKS029266I: HENZE, PAUL B. - Ethiopia in Mengistu's Final Years : Volume 2 : Until the Last Bullet
BOOKS030203I: HENZE, PAUL B. - Layers of Time : A History of Ethiopia
BOOKS004183I: HENZE, PAUL B. - The Horn of Africa : From War to Peace
BOOKS029267I: HENZE, PAUL B. - Ethiopia in Mengistu's Final Years : Volume 1 : The Derg in Decline
BOOKS028568I: HEPER, METIN - The State Tradition in Turkey
BOOKS015297I: HERB, MICHAEL - All in the Family : Absolutism, Revolution, and Democracy in the Middle Eastern Monarchies
BOOKS014556I: HERBERT, ROBERT L. - Nature's Workshop: Renoir's Writings on the Decorative Arts
BOOKS014552I: HERBERT DE LA PORTBARRÉ-VIARD, GAELLE - Descriptions monumentales et discours sur l'édification chez Paulin de Nole : Le regard et la lumière (epist. 32 et carm. 27 et
BOOKS015574I: HERBERT, ROBERT L. - From Millet to Leger: Essays in Social Art History
BOOKS030084I: HERBERT, WILLIAM [1772-1851] - The History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London : Principally Compiled from their Grants and Records..,. Vol. 1 & 2
BOOKS022135I: L'HERBIER, MARCEL [1888-1979] ; COMPILER: - Intelligence du cinématographe
BOOKS015431I: HERBST, JEFFREY IRA - The Politics of Reform in Ghana, 1982-1991
BOOKS004196I: HERBST, SUSAN - Politics at the Margin: Historical Studies of Public Expression Outside the Mainstream
BOOKS004434I: HERBURGER, ELENA - What Counts: Focus and Quantification
BOOKS009313I: HERDER, JOHANN GOTTTFRIED [MENZE, ERNEST A. & MENGES, KARL; EDITORS:] - Johan Gottfried Herder: Selected Early Works 1764-1767: Addresses, Essays, & Drafts: Fragments on Recent German Literature
BOOKS009632I: HERDING, KLAUS - Courbet : To Venture Independence
BOOKS013895I: HERDT, GILBERT H.; & STEPHEN, MICHELE; EDITORS: - The Religious Imagination in New Guinea
BOOKS015918I: HERDT, GILBERT H.; EDITOR: - Ritualized Homosexuality in Melanesia
BOOKS017336I: HEREDIA, A.C. - Observacões sobre a situacão economica da ilha da Madeira e sobre reforma de alfandegas
BOOKS008405I: HERGENRÖTHER, JOSEPH [1824-1890] - Die Lehre von der göttlichen Dreieinigkeit nach dem heiligen Gregor von Nazianz, dem Theologen mit Berücksichtigung..,.
BOOKS026951I: HERGENRÖTHER, JOSEPH [1824-1890] - Anti-Janus : eine historisch-theologische Kritik der Schrift "Der Papst und das Concil" von Janus
BOOKS016215I: HERING, JEAN - The First Epistle of Saint Paul to the Corinthians
BOOKS019210I: HÉRITIER, FRANCOISE - Two Sisters and Their Mother : The Anthropology of Incest
BOOKS029590I: HERIYADI, WAHYU - Bahasa dan hukum
BOOKS004607I: HERLIHY, DAVID - Medieval Households
BOOKS011041I: HERLIN, TROELS - The Role of Cyclic AMP During Phagocytosis and Cytotoxicity Mediated by Neutrophils and Monocytes
BOOKS026046I: HERMANN, CARL [PSEUDONYM OF CARL HERMANN SØRENSEN (1844-1881)] - Gamle Minder : Fortællinger for den yngre Slægt
BOOKS027550I: HERMANN, FRIEDRICH [1873-1967] - Fam. Asilidae [Beiträge zur Kenntniss der süd-amerikanischen Dipterenfauna ..,. (Part 2)] [bound with two other monographs]
BOOKS018833I: HERMANN, KNUD [1906-1977] - Om psykiske funktioner ved intracranielle svulster
BOOKS012942I: HERMANN, PERNILLE; EDITOR: - Literacy in Medieval and Early Modern Scandinavian Culture
BOOKS003065I: HERMANN, PETER - Ergebnisse einer Reise in Nordostlydien
BOOKS022810I: HERMANN, LEONARD - Das Bier im Volksmund : Alte Sprichwörter und Redensarten, gesammelt und erläutert von Leonard Hermann
BOOKS005313I: HERMANS, THEO - The Structure of Modernist Poetry
BOOKS003877I: HERMANS, WARD - De Europeesche Orienteering van het Vlaamsch Nationalisme
BOOKS025561I: HERMANSEN, VICTOR [1894-1960] - Nørre Broby Kirke : udgivet af Lundegaards Stiftelse i 200-Aaret for dens Oprettelse
BOOKS020301I: HERMANSEN, GUSTAV - Den nyeste polske Opstand fra dens Udbrud, d. 28. November 1830, til Seiren ved Grochow d. 25. Februar 1831 i chronologisk Orden
BOOKS027836I: HERMANSEN, GUSTAV - Studien über den italischen und den römischen Mars
BOOKS027758I: HERMANSON, LARS ; SMÅBERG, THOMAS; SIGURDSSON, JÖN VIDAR ; & DANNESKIOLD-SAMSØE, JAKOB ; EDITORS : - Vänner, patroner och klienter i Norden 900-1800 : rapport til 26:e Nordiska historikermötet i Reykjavík den 8-12 augusti 2007
BOOKS020878I: HERMELE, KENNETH - Contemporary Land Struggles on the Limpopo : A Case Study of Chokwe, Mozambique, 1950-1985
BOOKS015163I: HERMENEGILDO, ALFREDO - La Numancia de Cervantes
BOOKS002655I: HERMEREN, GORAN - Influence in Art and Literature
BOOKS003390I: HERMEREN, GORAN - Art, Reason, and Tradition: On the Role of Rationality in Interpretation and Explanation of Works of Art
BOOKS003472I: HERMEREN, GORAN - Aspects of Aesthetics
BOOKS027895I: HERMES, RUDOLF - Fischlarvendrift vor Mauretanien
BOOKS027410I: HERMES, HANS - Eine Termlogik mit Auswahloperator
BOOKS027633I: HERMIDAD, EMANUEL ST. [PSEUDONYM OF VALDEMAR ADOLPH THISTED (1815-1887)] - Episoder fra et Reiseliv : Meddelte i Breve til Hjemmet : I
BOOKS002337I: HERMITE, H. - Geologie. Principes. Explication de l'Epoque Quaternaire sans Hypothesis
BOOKS000651I: HERMSEN, WILLEM - Gamma-Ray Sources
BOOKS003076I: HEROLDOVA, DANA - Acupuncture & Moxibustion. Part 1 - 2 (+ Supplement)
BOOKS009885I: HERRERA, MARCO - Para Elena: Cantos
BOOKS020551I: HERRERA, EMILIO [1879-1967] - Flying : The Memoirs of a Spanish Aeronaut
BOOKS014447I: HERRIN, JUDITH - Women in Purple : Rulers of Medieval Byzantium
BOOKS000171I: HERRING, POUL - Studier i rosens kulturhistorie
BOOKS010269I: HERRLIN, OLLE - The Ontological Proof in Thomistic and Kantian Interpretation
BOOKS026708I: HERRLINGER, ROBERT - Die Geschichte der medizinischen Indikation des Abortus arteficialis
BOOKS022052I: HERRMANN, EBERHARD - Die logische Stellung des ontologischen Gottesbeweises in Charles Hartshornes Prozesstheologie und neoklassischer Metaphysik
BOOKS007061I: HERSCHEL, JOHN FREDERICK WILLIAM - A Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural Philosophy
BOOKS016673I: HERSEY, GEORGE L. - Architecture, Poetry and Number in the Royal Palace at Caserta
BOOKS011789I: HERSHATTER, GAIL; HONIG, EMILY; LIPMAN, JONATHAN N. & STROSS, RANDALL; EDITORS: - Remapping China: Figures in Historical Terrain
BOOKS009598I: HERSHATTER, GAIL - The Workers of Tianjin, 1900-1949
BOOKS015978I: HERSKOVITS, MELVILLE JEAN [1895-1963] ; & HERSKOVITS, FRANCES SHAPIRO - Dahomean Narrative : A Cross-Cultural Analysis
BOOKS000343I: HERTEL, HANS & KRISTENSEN, SVEN MOLLER, EDITORS: - The Activist Critic. A Symposium on the Political Ideas, Literary Methods & International Reception of Georg Brandes
BOOKS024314I: HERTEL, THOMAS KLITGAARD - Old Assyrian Legal Practices : An Anthropological Perspective on Legal Disputes in the Ancient Near East
BOOKS008341I: HERTZ, CHR. ADOLPH [1824-82] - Konstens scandinaviske Fremtid
BOOKS004504I: HERTZ, FREDERICK - Nationality in History & Politics.A Study of the Psychology & Sociology of National Sentiment & Character
BOOKS000915I: HERTZ, PETER - Kompositionen af den centrale Gruppe i Parthenons Vestlige Gavlfelt
BOOKS026141I: HERTZ, HENRIK HEYMAN [1797-1870] - Svanehammen : romantisk skuespil
BOOKS024099I: HERTZ, OLE - Manual de apicultura para Cabo Verde
BOOKS018631I: HERTZBERG, EBBE [1847-1912] - Professor Schweigaard i hans offentlige virksomhed, 1832-1870
BOOKS026682I: HERVÉ, PIERRE [1913-1993] ; EDITOR: - Action : Hebdomadaire de l'indépendance francaise [Issues nr. 78, 84, 88 (1946) ]
BOOKS029389I: HERVÉ, GEORGES [ ALSO KNOWN AS HENRI GEORGES (1855-1932)] - Sur les laboratoires anthropologiques / par M. Georges
BOOKS003158I: HERVEY, SÁNDOR G. J. - Axiomatic Semantics : A Theory of Linguistic Semantics
BOOKS007034I: HERVIK, PETER - The Position of Language & Cultures in the Yucatecan Landscape
BOOKS021596I: HERVIK, PETER - Mayan People Within and Beyond Boundaries : Social Categories and Lived Identity in Yucatán
BOOKS003257I: HERWEIJER, J.P. - Slope Form Analysis in Pleistocene Landforms (Leeward Islands of the Netherlands Antilles)
BOOKS010618I: HERZ, MARTIN F. - The Prestige Press and the Christmas Bombing, 1972: Images and Reality in Vietnam
BOOKS000719I: HERZ, JUDITH SCHERER - The Short Narratives of E.M. Forster
BOOKS022988I: HERZFELD, MICHAEL - A Place in History : Social and Monumental Time in a Cretan Town
BOOKS006350I: HERZL, GEORGE G. - Passive Gravity-Gradient Libration Dampers
BOOKS017647I: HERZLICH, CLAUDINE; & PIERRET, JANINE - Kranke gestern, Kranke heute : Die Gesellschaft und das Leiden
BOOKS028288I: HERZOG, EUGEN [1875-1928] - Untersuchungen zu Macé de la Charité's altfranzösischer Übersetzung des alten Testamentes
BOOKS014382I: HERZOG, TAMAR - Defining Nations : Immigrants and Citizens in Early Modern Spain and Spanish America
BOOKS015409I: HERZOG, DAGMAR - Intimacy and Exclusion: Religious Politics in Pre-revolutionary Baden
BOOKS027212I: HERZOG, JÜRGEN ; & KUNZ, ERNST ; EDITORS: - Der kanonische Modul eines Cohen-Macaulay-Rings
BOOKS027914I: HERZOG, MICHAEL - Ethometrische Untersuchungen zur Steuerung des Alarmverhaltens beim Totenkopfaffen (Saimiri sciureus)
BOOKS018550I: HERZSTEIN, ROBERT EDWIN - Henry R. Luce, Time , and the American Crusade in Asia
BOOKS004058I: HESLA, DAVID H. - An Interpretation of the Art of Samuel Beckett. The Shape of Chaos
BOOKS019008I: HESMER, HERBERT [1904-1982] - Leben und Werk von Dietrich Brandis, 1824-1907 : Begründer der tropischen Forstwirtschaft, Förderer der forstlichen Entwicklung
BOOKS016287I: HESS, DAVID J. ; & MATTA, ROBERTO DA ; EDITORS: - The Brazilian Puzzle: Culture on the Borderlands of the Western World
BOOKS024053I: HESS, HANS - Die fossilen Echinodermen des Schweizer Juras : Seesterne, Schlangensterne, Seelilien, Seeigel, Seewalzen
BOOKS020058I: HESS, JAKOB [1882-1908] - Die Bedeutung der Handelsgewächse für die Landwirtschaft in Unter-Elsass
BOOKS020188I: HESS, JONATHAN M. - Germans, Jews and the Claims of Modernity
BOOKS007138I: HESSE, ROLF - Syntax of the Modern Greek Verbal System.The Use of Forms, Particularly in Combination with 'tha' and 'na'
BOOKS018347I: HESSE, ROLF - Syntax of the Modern Greek Verbal System.The Use of Forms, Particularly in Combination with 'tha' and 'na'
BOOKS012627I: HESSE, CARLA - The Other Enlightenment : How French Women Became Modern
BOOKS026668I: HESSEN, OTTO VON - Il materiale altomedievale nelle collezioni Stibbert di Firenze
BOOKS011521I: HETHERINGTON, PENELOPE - British Paternalism and Africa, 1920-1940
BOOKS007011I: HETTNE, BJORN - The Political Economy of Indirect Rule : Mysore 1881-1947
BOOKS020169I: HETTNER, ALFRED [1859-1941] - Vergleichende Länderkunde. Band 1 : Die Erde. Land und Meer. Bau und Hauptformen des Festlandes
BOOKS020172I: HETTNER, ALFRED [1859-1941] - Vergleichende Länderkunde. Band II : Die Landoberfläche
BOOKS017424I: HETZER, ARMIN - Lehrbuch der vereinheitlichten albanischen Schriftsprache : mit einem deutsch-albanischen Wörterbuch
BOOKS026010I: HEUER, LUDVIG - Udsigt over Roskilde Domskoles Historie i gamle Dage
BOOKS013549I: HEUGEL, JACQUES - Chevauchée à travers la Légende des Siècles
BOOKS018181I: HEUSLER, ANDREAS [1865-1940] [ SALFINGER, THEODOR ; EDITOR: ] - Briefe an William Thalbitzer
BOOKS014820I: HEVESI, SIMON ; GUTTMANN, MIHALY ; HEVESI, FERENC ; LOWINGER, SAMUEL; & FRIEDMAN , DENES; EDITORS: - Magyar Zsidó Szemle; Ötvenegyedik - Ötvenkettedik Évfolyam [1934 - 1935]
BOOKS013622I: HEVESY, GEORG KARL VON [1885-1966] - Über den Zusammenhang zwischen Siedepunkt und Leitfähigkeit elektrolytisch leitender Flüssigkeiten
BOOKS001655I: HEVI, EMMANUEL JOHN - The Dragon's Embrace : The Chinese Communists and Africa
BOOKS017985I: HEWES, JAMES E. - From Root to McNamara : Army Organization and Administration 1900-1963
BOOKS024323I: HEWISON, W. S. ; COMPILER: - Who Was Who in Orkney
BOOKS009555I: HEWITT, ANDREW - Fascist Modernism: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Avant-Garde
BOOKS007507I: HEWITT, NICHOLAS - The Golden Age of Louis-Ferdinand Celine
BOOKS026147I: HEY, ALFRED - Christen Christensen Møller : "Gamle Møller" fra Flakkebjerg : Bidrag til en Levnedsskildring
BOOKS003377I: HEYBROEK, PIERRE - The Geology of the Dalskog Dals-Rostock Region, Dalsland, Sweden
BOOKS012623I: HEYDEMANN, STEVEN - Authoritarianism in Syria : Institutions and Social Conflict, 1946 - 1970
BOOKS003504I: HEYE, DIETRICH - Entwicklung von Messmethoden zur Radioaktiven und magnetischen Alterskorreklation an Sedimenten des Indischen Ozeans
BOOKS004987I: HEYERDAL, THOR - The Art of Easter Island
BOOKS014795I: HEYL, BERNARD CHAPMAN [1905 - 19??] - New Bearings in Esthetics and Art Criticism: A Study in Semantics and Evaluation
BOOKS021338I: HEYLIN, CLINTON ; EDITOR: - All Yesterday's Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1971
BOOKS015602I: HEYMANN, C. DAVID (CLEMENS DAVID) - Ezra Pound: The Last Rower. A Political Profile
BOOKS030173I: HEYSE, KARL WILHELM LUDWIG [1797-1855] [ STEINTHAL, HEYMANN (1823-1899) ; EDITOR: ] - System der Sprachwissenschaft
BOOKS008511I: HEYWOOD, DENISE - Cambodian Dance : Celebration of the Gods
BOOKS017620I: HEYWOOD, CHRISTOPHER ; EDITOR: - Perspectives on African Literature : Selections from the Proceedings of the Conference on African Literature..,.
BOOKS016005I: HEYWOOD, THOMAS [D. 1641] - A Woman Killed with Kindness
BOOKS004137I: HEYWOOD, WILLIAM - Palio and Ponte. An Account of the Sports of Central Italy from the Age of Dante to the XXth Century
BOOKS019585I: HEYWORTH, PETER - Otto Klemperer, His Life and Times : Volume I: 1885-1933
BOOKS014215I: HIBBARD, ALLEN & THARAUD, BARRY ; EDITORS: - Bowles, Beats, Tangier
BOOKS004340I: HIBBARD, GEORGE, EDITOR: - The Elizabethan Theatre, VI. Papers given at the International Conference on Elizabethan Theatre...Ontario in July 1975
BOOKS028714I: HIBBERT, REGINALD - Albania's National Liberation Struggle : The Bitter Victory
BOOKS017290I: HIBBETT, HOWARD ; & ITASAKA, GEN - Modern Japanese : A Basic Reader [Volumes I & II]
BOOKS002635I: HICKEN, CRISTOBAL MARÍA [1875-1933] - Chloris platensis argentina
BOOKS012665I: HICKEY, RAYMOND, [1954- ]; EDITOR: - Legacies of Colonial English : Studies in Transported Dialects
BOOKS022428I: HICKEY, GERALD CANNON - Shattered World : Adaption and Survival Among Vietnam's Highland Peoples During the Vietnam War
BOOKS019877I: HICKMANN, HANS ; & STAUDER, WILHELM [1903-1981] - Orientalische Musik
BOOKS018315I: HICKS, JOHN RICHARD, SIR [1904-1989] - Capital and Growth
BOOKS015584I: HICKS, D. EMILY - Border Writing: The Multidimensional Text
BOOKS017418I: HICKS, JOHN RICHARD, SIR [1904-1989] - The Theory of Wages
BOOKS008803I: HICKS, JOHN - Capital and Time : A Neo-Austrian Theory
BOOKS000256I: HIDALGO, ARIEL - Cuba : El estado marxista y "la nueva clase
BOOKS013864I: HIDAYAT HOSAIN, MUHAMMAD ; EDITOR : [ AHMAD YADGAR (ACTIVE 1572-1576 CE) ] - Tarikh-i Shahi, ma'ruf bih, Tarikh-i Salatin-i Afaghinah / ta'lif Ahmad Yadgar ; bi-sa'i va tashih-i Muhammad Hidayat Husayn
BOOKS023396I: HIFZURRAHMAN, MUHAMMAD - Tasavvuf aur khavatin auliya Dihli
BOOKS005393I: HIGDON, DAVID LEON - Time and English Fiction
BOOKS013400I: HIGGINS, LIONEL GEORGE - A Revision of the Melitaeine Genus Chlosyne and Allied Species (Lepidoptera : Nymphalinae)
BOOKS018960I: HIGGINS, L.G. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Genus Mellicta Billberg (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) and its Species..,.
BOOKS016757I: HIGGINS, LYNN A. ; & SILVER, BRENDA R. ; EDITORS: - Rape and Representation
BOOKS018197I: HIGH, DALLAS M. - Language, Persons, and Belief: Studies in Wittgenstein's "Philosophical Investigations" and Religious Uses of Language
BOOKS014478I: HIGHAM, CHARLES - The Civilization of Angkor
BOOKS013994I: HIGHAM, CHARLES - The Archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia : From 10,000 B.C. to the Fall of Angkor
BOOKS004403I: HIGHFIELD, J.R.L. & JEFFS, ROBIN, EDITORS: - The Crown & Local Communities in England & France in the Fifteenth Century
BOOKS007729I: HIGINO, SERGIO - Monarquia e Republica
BOOKS004224I: HIGMAN, GRAHAM & SCOTT, ELIZABETH - Existentially Closed Groups
BOOKS029546I: HIJMANS, JAAP - An Approximation Method for Order Disorder Problems
BOOKS014910I: HIKOSAKA, SHU - Buddhism in Tamilnadu : A New Perspective
BOOKS007026I: HILAN, RIZKALLAH - Culture et developpement en Syrie et dans les pays retardes
BOOKS011204I: HILBERTH, JOHN - Les Gbaya
BOOKS028007I: HILD, FRIEDRICH - Das byzantinische Strassensystem in Kappadokien
BOOKS019435I: HILDEBRAND, INGEGERD GÖTHE - Den svenska kolonin S:t Barthélemy och Västindiska kompaniet fram till 1796
BOOKS017232I: HILDEBRAND, GEORGE C. ; & PORTER, GARETH - Cambodia : Starvation and Revolution
BOOKS022931I: HILDEBRAND, HANS [1842-1913] ; & MONTELIUS, OSCAR [1843-1921] - Sedelsamlingen i Riksbankens Myntkabinett / beskrifven af Hans Hildebrand ; med en historisk öfversikt af Oscar Montelius
BOOKS001929I: HILDEBRANDE, JERZY & BRADA, MICHAEL - Differential Diagnosis in Neuro-oncology
BOOKS012734I: HILDEGARD, SAINT [1098-1179] [BAIRD, JOSEPH L. & EHRMAN, RADD K.; TRANSLATORS] - The Letters of Hildegard of Bingen: Volume III
BOOKS015708I: HILDERMEIER, MANFRED; EDITOR: - Protokoly pervoi obshchepartiinoi konferentsii Partii sotsialistov-revolyutsionerov, avgust 1908
BOOKS002011I: HILDITCH, R. W. - An Introduction to Close Binary Stars
BOOKS004072I: HILEN, ANDREW - Longfellow & Scandinavia. A Study of the Poet's Relationship with the Northern Languages & Literatures
BOOKS017255I: HILGEVOORD, JAN ; EDITOR: - Physics and Our View of the World
BOOKS000326I: HILKEN, T.J.N. - Engineering at Cambridge University 1783 - 1965
BOOKS014067I: HILL, MICHAEL ORTIZ - Dreaming the End of the World: Apocalypse as a Rite of Passage

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