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283756: A.L.B.M. - JOHN BULL’S OPEN DOOR: A Plea for it to be Shut by (A London Business Man).
260759: E., H. - THE HISTORY OF THE IMPERIAL & ROYAL FAMILIES OF AUSTRIA & BOURBON, Trac’d down from their Original, to this Present Time. With an Account of their Rise, Advancement and Decay; Their Differences, Wars and Quarrels; Their Treaties, Alliances and Marriages; and all the Considerable Incidents and Alterations that have happen’d to either; With a View of the present State of their Controversies and Affairs; and of their Several Pretentions to the Crown of Spain. By an Impartial Hand.
283780: [W., S]. - A VISIT TO LONDON: Containing A Description of the Principal Curiosities in the British Metropolis. By the Author of "The Visit to a Farm-House"
152629: (1929 Newcastle). - NORTHUMBRIA’S SPACIOUS YEAR 1929.
285538: Abadie, Eustace. - A SOLDIER IN SOUTH AFRICA. The Experiences of ... 1899 to 1902.
284541: Abbey, J.R. - SCENERY OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND In Aquatint and Lithography 1770-1860 from the Library of ... A Bibliographical Catalogue; [And] LIFE IN ENGLAND ... Architecture Drawing Books Art Collections Magazines Navy and Army Panoramas Etc. [And] TRAVEL in Aquatint and Lithography 1770-1860 ... 2 vols.
270019: Abbot, Willis J. - PANAMA AND THE CANAL IN PICTURE AND PROSE. A complete story of Panama, as well as the history, purpose and promise of its world-famous canal-the most gigantic engineering undertaking since the dawn of time. Approved by leading officials connected with the great enterprise.
283709: Abbots, Emma-Jayne and Lavis, Anna. (Editors). - WHY WE EAT, HOW WE EAT. Contemporary Encounters between Foods and Bodies.
274265: Abbott, Jacob. - HARPER’S STORY BOOKS. A Series of Narratives, Dialogues, Biographies, and Tales, for the Instruction and Entertainment of the Young.
276415: (Abdul Hamid). McCullagh, Francis. - THE FALL OF ABD-UL-HAMID. With a Preface by his Excellency Mahmud Shefket Pasha.
277878: Aberigh-Mackay, George. - TWENTY-ONE DAYS IN INDIA. Being the Tour of Sir Ali Baba, K.C.B.
275503: (Abernethy). Thornton, John L. - JOHN ABERNETHY. A Biography.
256253: (Abernethy). Macilwain, George. - MEMOIRS OF JOHN ABERNETHY, F.R.S. With a View of His Lectures, Writings and Character.
275894: Abernethy, John. - MEMOIRS of ... With a View of His Lectures, Writings and Character by George Macilwain.
274078: Abraham, Ashley P. - ROCK-CLIMBING IN SKYE.
280099: Abraham, George and Ashley. - ROCK-CLIMBING IN NORTH WALES.
283549: Abse, Dannie. - POEMS. Golders Green.
284783: Abu’l-Fazl. - THE HISTORY OF AKBAR. Edited and Translated by Wheeler M. Thackston.
270104: Accilien, Cécile; Adams, Jessica and Méléance, Elmide. (Editors). - REVOLUTIONARY FREEDOMS. A History of Survival, Strength and Imagination in Haiti.
270959: Accum, Frederick. - DESCRIPTION OF THE PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING COAL GAS, For the Lighting of Streets Houses, and Public Buildings, with Elevations, Sections, and Plans of the Most Improved Sorts of Apparatus Now Employed at the Gas Works in London, and the Principal Provincial Towns of Great Britain; Accompanied with comparative Estimates, exhibiting the most Economical Mode of procuring this species of Light.
279253: (Ackermann). Carman, William Y. with Kenny, Robert W. - THE ACKERMANN MILITARY PRINTS. Uniforms of the British and Indian Armies 1840-1855.
279161: (Acland, James A.) - ACLANDS AND THE SEA.
283331: Acres, W. Marston. - THE BANK OF ENGLAND FROM WITHIN 1694-1900. Foreword by Montagu Norman.
283994: Adam, W. - THE GEM OF THE PEAK; Or, Matlock Bath and its Vicinity, An Account of Derby; a Tour from Derby to Matlock; Excursions to Chatsworth, Haddon, Monsal Dale, ... A Review of the Geology of Derbyshire ...
273322: (Adam). Stillman, Damie. - THE DECORATIVE WORK OF ROBERT ADAM.
285288: Adams, Ansel. - SIERRA NEVADA. The John Muir Trail. Introduction by William A. Turnage.
284247: Adams, John Coleman. - NATURE STUDIES IN BERKSHIRE.
276194: Adams, W.J. - THE RED DRAGOON. With the 7th Dragoon Guards in the Cape of Good Hope against the Boers & the Kaffir Tribes during the ‘War of the Axe’ 1843-48.
282926: Adams, Richard. - THE TYGER VOYAGE
279138: (Adams). Dalton, William. - WILL ADAMS, THE FIRST ENGLISHMAN IN JAPAN. A Romantic Biography.
284273: Adams, W.H. Davenport. - WINDSOR CASTLE and the Water-Way Thither.
283975: [Adams, William Henry Davenport]. - OUR NATIVE LAND Its Scenery and Associations. A Series of 36 water-colour sketches after Rowbotham, Read, Needham, and Other Eminent Artists with Descriptive Notes.
283899: [Adams, W.H.D.] - THE RIVER THAMES From Oxford to the Sea.
282602: Adams, Robert Merrihew. - A THEORY OF VIRTUE. Excellence in Being for the Good.
269316: Adams, Frank (Illustrator). - THE STORY OF JACK AND JILL. Illustrated by ... (From an Old Chap Book).
279432: Adams, Thomas R. and Waters, David W. - ENGLISH MARITIME BOOKS PRINTED BEFORE 1801. Relating to Ships, the Construction and their Operation at Sea. Including Articles in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society and the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. A Compilation by ... Arranged in Two Parts: Alphabetically and Topically.
235610: Adamson, John. - MUMFORD MANOR.
280012: Adcock, St. John. - A BOOK OF BOHEMIANS. Verses by ...
278260: Addison, Joseph. - THE WORKS of the Late Right Honourable ... With a Complete Index.
285982: Adelson, Candace J. - EUROPEAN TAPESTRY in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
261580: Ades, Dawn. - DADA AND SURREALISM REVIEWED. With an Introduction by David Syvlester and a supplementary essay by Elizabeth Cowling.
263165: (Aesop). Phaedri, [Gaius Julius]. - AUGUSTI LIBERTI FABULARUM AESOPIARUM Libri Quinque. Publii Syri et Aliorum Veterum Sententiae. Recensuit et Notas Addidit Richardus Bentleius.
282674: (Æthelred). Williams, Ann. - ÆTHELRED THE UNREADY. The Ill-Counselled King.
285805: Aflalo, F.G. (Editor). - SPORT IN EUROPE.
285526: (Agamben). Mills, Catherine. - THE PHILOSOPHY OF AGAMBEN.
285528: (Agamben). Mills, Catherine. - THE PHILOSOPHY OF AGAMBEN.
270120: Agbodeka, Francis. - AFRICAN POLITICS AND BRITISH POLICY IN THE GOLD COAST 1868-1900. A study in the forms and force of protest.
283629: Agius, Dionisius A. - SEAFARING IN THE ARABIAN GULF AND OMAN. The People of the Dhow.
283079: Agnew, Rev. David C.A. - PROTESTANT EXILES FROM FRANCE, Chiefly in the Reign of Louis XIV. Or, The Huguenot Refugees and their Descendants in Great Britain and Ireland. I. Refugees Naturalized before 1681. II. Refugees Nationalized in and after 1681.
285049: Aguirre, Esperanza. - FELIPE II un Monarca y su Época. La Monarquía Hispánica. Un príncipe del Renacimiento. Las tierras y los hombres del rey.
280314: Agulhon, Maurice. - THE FRENCH REPUBLIC 1879-1992. Translated by Antonia Nevill.
201806: Agulhon, Maurice. - THE REPUBLIC IN THE VILLAGE. The People of the Var from the French Revolution to the Second Republic.
285623: Aichele, K. Porter. - MODERN ART ON DISPLAY. The Legacies of Six Collectors.
283476: Aikema, Bernard and Brown, Beverly Louise. - IL RINASCIMENTO A VENEZIA e la pittura del Nord ai tempi di Bellini, Dürer, Tiziano. Per il Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali Giovanna Nepi Scirè.
273436: Aikin, Arthur. - JOURNAL OF A TOUR Through North Wales and Part of Shropshire; With Observations in Mineralogy, and Other Branches of Natural History.
261500: Aird, Catherine. - CHAPTER AND HEARSE. and Other Mysteries.
272443: Aitken, Richard and Looker, Michael. (Editors). - THE OXFORD COMPANION TO AUSTRALIAN GARDENS.
284888: (Album). - [PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM].
271110: (Album). - POSTCARD ALBUM. 200 postcards with 125 in colour and 75 in b/w.
284903: (Album). - PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM. 228 photographs and several colour images (including a Prussian Cavalry Officer and a Beefeater), coloured floral decorations between photographs to first few leaves and occasionally thereafter.
283902: (Album). - [ALBUM OF COUNTRY HOUSE VIEWS].
261721: (Album). - POSTCARD ALBUM. 176 postcards mainly b/w.
268262: (Album). - VICTORIAN SCRAP ALBUM.
271109: (Album). - POSTCARD ALBUM. 193 postcards with 133 in colour and 60 in b/w.; including 48 coloured cards of the Queen’s Dolls’ House.
269208: Aldin, Cecil (Illustrator). - THE POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF THE PICKWICK CLUB. By Charles Dickens.
285874: Aldis, Brian. (Toastmaster). - FRONTIER CROSSINGS. A Souvenir of the 45th World Science Fiction Convention, Conspiracy ‘87, held in Brighton, Gt. Britain from August 27th to September 1st 1987. Guests of Honour: Doris Lessing, Alfred Bester, Arklady & Boris Strugatsky, Ray Harryhausen, Jim Burns, Joyce & Ken Slater, Dave Langford. Editor Robert Jackson
277372: Aldridge, Alan. - THE MAN WITH KALEIDOSCOPE EYES.
281284: Alec-Tweedie, Mrs. - AN ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY Russia Siberia China.
285002: Aleman, Mateo. - THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF GUZMAN D’ALFARACHE Or, The Spanish Rogue. From the French Edition of Le Sage by John Henry Brady. THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF LAZARILLO DE TORMES Translated from the Spanish of Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza by Thomas Roscoe.
284777: Aleman, Mateo. - THE ROGUE: Or, The Life of Gvzman de Alfarche. Written in Spanish.
282727: Alexander, Gavin. - WRITING AFTER SIDNEY. The Literary Response to Sir Philip Sidney, 1586-1640.
283293: (Alexander III). Clarke, Peter D. and Duggan, Anne J. (Editors). - POPE ALEXANDER III (1159-81). The Art of Survival.
285457: Alford, Henry S.L. and Sword, W. Dennistoun. - THE EGYPTIAN SOUDAN Its Loss and Recovery. Including I. A Rapid Sketch of the History of the Soudan II.-A Narrative of the Dongola Expedition, 1896. II.-A Full Accoubnt of the Nile Expedition, 1897-8.
276116: Ali, Wijdan. - THE ARAB CONTRIBUTION TO ISLAMIC ART. From the Seventh to the Fifteenth Centuries.
274666: Alidoust, Mohammad. - IRANIAN ARCHITECTURE in Pictures. Researched by ... Based on the Designs of Eugene Flandin and Pascal Coste.
256897: Allan, Thomas. - OBSERVATIONS ON THE FORMATION OF THE CHALK STRATA, and on the Structure of the Belemnité. (Read 2n April 1821).
285342: Allardice, Bruce S. - CONFEDERATE COLONELS. A Biographical Register.
280373: Allbeury, Ted. - THE ALPHA LIST.
280374: Allbeury, Ted. - THE MAN WITH THE PRESIDENT’S MIND.
280362: Allbeury, Ted. - THE DANGEROUS EDGE.
280364: Allbeury, Ted. - THE LANTERN NETWORK.
274339: Allen, Douglas. (Editor). - PLOWBOY [MAGAZINE]. No. 1 - Spring, 1957.
274085: Allen, Hubert A. - MOUNT HOOD. The Deep Blue Zone. Story of the 2006 Climbing Tragedy.
276514: Allestr[ee], Richard. - EIGHTEEN SERMONS, Whereof Fifteen Preached before the King. The rest Upon Publick Occasions. By Richard Allestry D.D. and Chaplaine to His Majesty.
283090: [Allestree, Richard]. - THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN Laid down In a Plain and Familiar Way, for the Use of All, but especially the Meanest Reader Necessary for all Families. With Private Devotions for Several Occasions.
235638: [Allison, William]. - BLAIR ATHOL. A Novel.
285245: Allsop, Kenneth. - THE BOOTLEGGERS. The Story of Chicago’s Prohibition Era.
283150: Allum, Jo; Nelson, Kerry; Leece, Sharon and Brown, Stephanie. (Editors). - TREASURES OF THE DRAGON. Showcasing the Jewels of Asia. A special chapter featuring a brief history of the Princely Liechtenstein Art Collection written by Dr. Johann Kräftner.
274267: (Alpine Club). - PEAKS, PASSES AND GLACIERS. A Series of Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by John Ball.
280378: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XIX February 1898 to November 1899 (Nos. 139-146). Edited by George Yeld.
280418: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XXXIV May 1922 to November 1922 (Nos. 224-225). Edited by George Yeld and J.R. Farrar.
280388: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XXVI February 1912 to November 1912 (Nos. 195-198). Edited by George Yeld.
280386: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XXV February 1910 to November 1911 (Nos. 187-194). Edited by George Yeld.
280495: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume LV May 1946 to November 1946 (Nos. 272-273). Edited by H.E.G. Tyndale.
273973: (Alpine Club). - PEAKS, PASSES AND GLACIERS. By Members of ... Third Series. Edited by A.E. Field and Sydney Spencer.
280417: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XXIX February 1915 to November 1915 (Nos. 207-210). Edited by George Yeld.
273628: (Alpine Club). - EXHIBITION OF SWISS COLOURED PRINTS lent by the Members of the Alpine Club and their Friends. December 1st to 30th, 1924 from 10 am. to 6 pm.
280462: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XXXVI May 1924 to November 1924 (Nos. 228-229). Edited by George Yeld and J.R. Farrar.
280470: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XLII May 1930 to November 1930 (Nos. 240-241). Edited by E.L. Strutt.
280491: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume LIV May 1943 to November 1943 (Nos. 266-267). Edited by H.E.G. Tyndale.
280485: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume LIII May 1942 to November 1942 (Nos. 264-265). Edited by H.E.G. Tyndale.
280482: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume LII May 1940 to November 1940 (Nos. 260-261). Edited by H.E.G. Tyndale.
280475: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XLVI May 1934 to November 1934 (Nos. 248-249). Edited by E.L. Strutt.
280380: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume VIII August 1876 to May 1878. Edited by Douglas W. Freshfield.
280511: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume LIII May 1941 to November 1941 (Nos. 262-263). Edited by H.E.G. Tyndale.
280385: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XXVII February 1913 to November 1913 (Nos. 199-202). Edited by George Yeld.
280379: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume VII August 1874 to May 1876. Edited by Douglas W. Freshfield.
280473: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XLV May 1933 to November 1933 (Nos. 246-247). Edited by E.L. Strutt.
280494: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume LV May 1945 to November 1945 (Nos. 270-271). Edited by H.E.G. Tyndale.
280483: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume LI May 1939 to November 1939 (Nos. 258-259). Edited by H.E.G. Tyndale.
280493: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume LIV May 1944 to November 1944 (Nos. 268-269). Edited by H.E.G. Tyndale.
280477: (Alpine Journal). - THE ALPINE JOURNAL: A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation By Members of the Alpine Club. Volume XLVIII May 1936 to November 1936 (Nos. 252-253). Edited by E.L. Strutt.
259202: (Altdorfer). Wood, Christopher S. - ALBRECHT ALTDORFER and the Origins of Landscape.
285940: Althea. - A BABY IN THE FAMILY.
272179: Althoff, Gerd; Fried, Johannes and Geary, Patrick K. (Editors). - MEDIEVAL CONCEPTS OF THE PAST. Ritual, Memory, Historiography.
280038: Altounyan, Taqui. - IN ALEPPO ONCE. With Postscript by Jill Goulder.
285719: Altschul, Nadia R. - GEOGRAPHIES OF PHILOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE. Postcoloniality and the Transatlantic National Epic.
283721: Alvarenga, Herculano. - TOUCANS OF THE AMERICAS. Tucanos das Américas.
283657: (Alvarez). Pont, F. Louis du. - THE LIFE OF FATHER BALTHASAR ALVAREZ, Religious of the Society of Jesus.
272484: Amatya, Jagdish M.S. - POKHARA VALLEY. Treking in Annapurna-Dhaulagiri Area.
272034: Ambler, Eric. - EPITAPH FOR A SPY. Introduced by Stella Rimington.
285950: Ambrus, Victor G. - DRACULA’S OMNIBUS.
285544: Amery, L.S. (Editor). - THE TIMES’ HISTORY OF THE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1900.
277576: Amhurst, N. - TERRÆ-FILIUS; Or, the Secret History of the University of Oxford; In Several Essays. To which are added. Remarks upon a late Book, entitled University Education by R. Newton.
285113: Amicis, Edmondo de. - SPAIN AND THE SPANIARDS. Translated from the Tenth Edition of the Italian by Stanley Rhoads Yarnall.
285593: Amies, Hardy. - STILL HERE. An Autobiography.
275692: (Amies). Pick, Michael. - HARDY AMIES.
276652: Amin, Camron Michael; Fortna, Benjamin C. and Frierson, Elizabeth. - THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST. A Sourcebook for History.
260741: Amis, Kingsley. - THE GREEN MAN.
260742: Amis, Kingsley. - THE GREEN MAN.
279794: (Amis). Farringdon, Jillian Melynda. - LANGUAGE AND THE MORAL LIFE IN THE NOVELS AND POETRY OF KINGSLEY AMIS. A thesis submitted to the University of Wales in candidature for the degree of Magister. April, 1984. Department of English, University College of Swansea.
260819: Amis, Kingsley. - THE GREEN MAN.
261150: Amis, Kingsley. - I WANT IT NOW.
261149: Amis, Kingsley. - I WANT IT NOW.
260745: Amis, Kingsley. - A LOOK ROUND THE ESTATE Poems 1957-1967.
278361: [Amory, Thomas]. - THE LIFE OF JOHN BUNCLE
282968: "An Intruder." - YE OLDE CHESHIRE CHEESE.
275148: Anas, Iman Malik ibn. - AL-MUWATTA OF IMAM MALIK IBN ANAS. The First Formulation of Islamic Law.
285249: Andersen, Hans. - FAIRY TALES.
285997: (Anderson). Meyrick, Robert and Heuser, Harry. - STANLEY ANDERSON. Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné.
275672: Anderson, Joseph. - SCOTLAND IN EARLY CHRISTIAN TIMES. First and Second Series. The Rhind Lectures in Archaeology - 1879; 1880.
285402: Andersson, Lennart. - SOVIET AIRCRAFT AND AVIATION 1917-1941.
285411: Andersson, Hans G. - SAAB AIRCRAFT Since 1937.
284006: L[andon], Major [James Henry]. - BREAKFASTS, LUNCHEONS, AND BALL SUPPERS.
273028: André, Édouard. - L’ART DES JARDINS. Traité général de la composition des parcs et jardins.
157608: Andrei, Dr Ion. - I. L’ILLUSION DE L’ISOTOPIE II. Le Spectre de Rayons X et les Masses atomiques.
272087: Andres, Glenn M.; Hunisak, John M. and Turner, A. Richard. - THE ART OF FLORENCE. Edited by Constance Herndon.
281123: Andresen, Jack. - SAILING ON ICE.
284162: Andrew, Malcolm and Waldron, Ronald. (Editors). - THE POEMS OF THE PEARL MANUSCRIPT. Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
279333: (Andrewes). Isaacson, Henry. - THE LIFE AND DEATH OF LANCELOT ANDREWES, D.D. Late Lord Bishop of Winchester; by His Friend and Amanuensis, ... To which is added a Brief View of the Plantaion and Increase of the Christian Religion in Great Britain, with the abuses crept into it; and the Reformation of them; Together with the Original Dedication, and Dissertation on Chronology, by the same Author. The Whole Edited and Arranged, with a Brief Memoir of the Author, and Preliminary Remarks by the Reverend Stephen Isaacson.
282826: Andrews, Jonathan; Briggs, Asa; Porter, Roy et al. - THE HISTORY OF BETHLEM.
285272: Andrews, C.F. and Morgan, E.B. - VICKERS AIRCRAFT Since 1908.
285999: Andrews, Carol. - ANCIENT EGYPTIAN JEWELLERY.
284159: Andrews, Frances and Pincelli, Maria Agata. (Editors). - CHURCHMEN AND URBAN GOVERNMENT IN LATE MEDIEVAL ITALY, c. 1200 - c. 1450. Cases and Contexts.
280647: Andrews, Roy Chapman. - ENDS OF THE EARTH.
283505: Andrews, Keith. - CATALOGUE OF ITALIAN DRAWINGS. Foreword by David Baxandall.
278857: Andrews, Alan E.J. (Editor). - THE DEVIL’S WILDERNESS. George Caley’s Journey to Mount Banks 1804.
285275: Andrews, C.F. and Morgan, E.B. - SUPERMARINE AIRCRAFT since 1914.
284710: Anfam, David. (Editor). - ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM.
283588: (Angela of Foligno). - THE BOOK OF VISIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS OF BLESSED ANGELA OF FOLIGNO, As Taken down from Her Own Lips, by Brother Arnold, of the Friars Minor. No First Translated into English, From The Original Latin, By a Secular Priest.
285637: Angélique, Pierre [Pseudonym of Georges Bataille]. - THE NAKED BEAST AT HEAVEN’S GATE. Translated from the French by Audiart. With a Preface by Georges Bataille.
284607: Angelis, Franco de. - ARCHAIC AND CLASSICAL GREEK SICILY. A Social and Economic History.
280506: Angelo, Henry. - THE REMINISCENCES of ... With an Introduction by Lord Howard de Walden, and Notes and Memoir by H. Lavers Smith.
277904: Anglo Polish Society Bristol and the South West. - IN WAR AND IN PEACE POLES WHO CAME TO THE WEST COUNTRY. Reminiscences and Recollections. Collated from the Archive of the Anglo Polish Society by Danusia Trotman-Dickson.
283316: Angrave, Bruce. - THE MECHANICAL EMPEROR. A very moral tale.
283317: Angrave, Bruce. - LORD DRAGLINE THE DRAGON. The Story of a Real Dragon who actually lives today!
284909: Angulo, Diego and Sánchez, Alfonso E. Pérez. - A CORPUS OF SPANISH DRAWINGS. 1400 to 1600. Madrid School 1600 to 1650. Seville School 1600 to 1650. Valencia 1600-1700.
283398: (Anne of Jesus). Namur, Sister of Notre Dame de. - LIFE OF THE VENERABLE ANNE OF JESUS. Companion of St. Teresa of Avila. With a Preface by Father Benedict Zimmerman.
279999: (Annual Register). - THE ANNUAL REGISTER Or a View of the History Politics, and Literature for the Year 1776.
275005: (d’Annunzio). Woodhouse, John. - GABRIELE D’ANNUNZIO. Defiant Archangel.
277732: [Anon]. - THE HISTORY AND TOPOGRAPHY OF ASHBOURN, The Valley of the Dove, and the Adjacent Villages; With Biographical Sketches of Eminent Natives, &c.
280268: [Anon]. - ELEGANT EXTRACTS, Or, Useful and Entertaining Passages, Miscellaneous and Epistolary, in Prose: Selected for the Improvement of Young Persons. Being similar in design to Elegant Extracts in Poetry.
283924: [Anon]. - UP THE RIVER FROM WESTMINSTER TO WINDSOR AND OXFORD; A Descriptive Panorama of Thames Scenery.
283821: [Anon]. - THE BRITISH ARMY By a Lieutenant-Colonel in the British Army. With an Introduction by Major-General F. Maurice.
268633: [Anon]. - WELSH LEECH BOOK. or Llyfr o Feddyginiaeth.
255834: [Anon]. - SCIENCE FOR THE HOUSEHOLD. The Great Round World. The Wide and Deep Sea. Busy-Body Oxygen. The Invisible Air. The Inconstant Wind. The Refreshing Rain.
260276: [Anon]. - THE ROYAL KALENDAR: And court and city register, for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the colonies, for the year 1821. Including a correct list of the seventh imperial Parliament, summoned to meet for their first session April 21, 1820. Upon a more extensive plan than any hitherto offered to the public. Containing, England ... Scotland ... Ireland ... Colonies ... Also the sovereign Princes of Europe, with their issue, and the President and other principal magistrates of the United States of America. Corrected at the respective offices. 404pp. (misbound to rear) [Including as issued] RIDER’S BRITISH MERLIN: For the Year of Our Lord 1821. Being the Year After Bissextile or Leap Year ... With Notes of Husbandry, Fairs, Marts, and Tables for many necssary Uses. Compiled for His Countries Benefit by Cardanus Rider. 60pp. [And]. ARMS OF THE PEERS, PEERESSES &c of the United Kingdom. London Printed for Willm. Stockdale ... N.d. 74 plates. [And] THE PRESENT PEERAGE OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, For the Year 1821; With the Arms of the Peers. To Which are Prefixed the Established Order of Precendent; and An English Translation of the Mottoes. William Stockdale 1821. Additional engraved t.p., 39 plates. [And]. A COMPANION TO THE BRITISH IMPERIAL CALENDAR, For the Year 1821: Being a List of all the Changes in Adminstration ... 1821. [Without half title?] 112pp.
285516: [Anon]. - PEN PICTURES OF THE WAR. By Men at the Front. Vol. 1. The Campaign in Natal to the Battle of Colenso.
260760: [Anon]. - ITINERAIRE GÉOGRAPHIQUE ET TOPOGRAPHIQUE DE TOUS LES ÉTATS DE LA MAISON D’AUTRICHE Auquel on a Joint La Route de Petersbourg par la Pologne.
272974: [Anon]. - THE EXPERT GARDENER. London 1640.
285519: [Anon.] - UNDER THE UNION JACK (Published Weekly) Descriptive and Illustrative of the Campaign in South Africa. The Second Boer War.
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283898: [Anon]. - AMBULATOR: or, A pocket companion in a tour round London, within the circuit of twenty five miles: Describing whatever is most remarkable for antiquity, grandeur: elegance, or rural beauty: including new catalogues of pictures, and illustrated by historical and bigraphical observations: to which are prefixed a concise description of the metropolis and a map of the country described.
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284922: Brassey, Mrs. - A VOYAGE IN THE ‘SUNBEAM’ Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months.
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283074: (Bristol Riots). (Pinney). - TRIAL OF CHARLES PINNEY, Esq. In the Court of King’s Bench on an Information, Filed by His Majesty’s Attorney-General, Charging Him with Neglect of Duty, in His Office as Mayor of Bristol, During the Riots. Accurately transcribed from the Short-Hand Report of Mr. Gurney.
282922: (Bristol Riots). - FULL REPORT OF THE TRIALS OF THE BRISTOL RIOTERS before the special commission appointed to deliver the gaol of this city in January 1832 : with the sentences & executions consequent thereon ; also, a report of the proceedings of the court martial appointed to investigate the conduct of Lieut.-Colonel Brereton, inspecting field officer of the Bristol district ; with full particulars of the suicide of that unfortunate officer and the inquest held on his body. Bristol: Printed by W.H. Somerton ... N.d. c.[1932]. 124pp. Portion across head of title page excised with paper replacement. [Bound with]. BRISTOL RIOTS. Trial of Charles Pinney, Esq. Late Mayor for Neglect of Duty. N.d. c.[1832]. Drop title. 64pp. Portion across head of title page excised with remains of signature visible and date ‘30 Oct 1932’.
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280087: Browne, Edward Granville. - A YEAR AMONGST THE PERSIANS. Impressions as to the Life, Character, & Thought of the People of Persia Received during twelve Months’ Residence in that Country in the Years 1887-1888. With a Memoir by Sir E. Denison Ross and a Foreword by Sir Ellis H. Minns.
260551: Browne, Howard (Editor). - AMAZING STORIES. Volume 25 Number 5.
277147: [Browne, Thomas (The younger)]. - HORACE IN LONDON: Consisting of Imitations of the First Two Books of the Odes of Horace. Printed for John Miller ... 1813. xi + 173pp. [And]. REJECTED ADDRESSES: or the New Theatrum Poetarum. Gale and Fenner ... 1815. 15th Ed. xiii + 127pp.
260480: Browne, Howard (Editor). - AMAZING STORIES. No. 18.
280047: Browne, Sir Thomas. - RELIGIO MEDICI, URN BURIAL, CHRISTIAN MORALS, AND OTHER ESSAYS. Edited by C.J. Holmes.
261198: Browne, Howard. (Editor). - AMAZING STORIES. Volume 27. Number 3.
285683: (Browne). Keynes, Geoffrey. (Editor). - THE WORKS OF SIR THOMAS BROWNE. Religio Medici. A Letter to a Friend Hydriotaphia. The Garden of Cyrus. Brampton Urns. Christian Morals. Pseudodoxia Epidemica Books I-VII. Miscellany Tracts. Repertorium. Latin Writings with Translations. Miscellaneous Writings. Letters.
275728: Browne, Sir Thomas. - SELECTED WRITINGS. Edited by Geoffrey Keynes.
275927: Browne, Sir Thomas. - RELIGIO MEDICI. Edited from the Manuscript Copies and the Early Editions by Jean-Jacques Denonain.
276196: Browne, W.G. - TRAVELS IN AFRICA, EGYPT, AND SYRIA, From the Year 1792 to 1798.
280898: Browne, Edward G. - A YEAR AMONGST THE PERSIANS Impressions as to the Life, Character, and Thought of the People of Persia, Received During Twelve Months’ Residence in That Country in the Years 1887-8.
278650: Browne, Thomas. - ON DREAMS.
272931: Browning, Robert. - BROWNING POETICAL WORKS. Complete from 1833 to 1868 and the shorter poems thereafter.
262922: Bruder, Caroli Hermanni. - SIVE CONCORDANTIAE Omnium Vocum Novi Testemanti Graeci Primum ab Erasmo Schmidio Editae Nunc Secundum Critices et Hermeneutices Nostrae Aetatis Rationes Emendatae, Auctae, Meliori Ordine Dispositae.
283636: (Bruegel). Sullivan, Margaret A. - BRUEGEL’S PEASANTS. Art and Audience in the Northern Renaissance.
261092: (Brueghel). Ertz, Klaus. - JAN BRUEGHEL. Der Ältere (1568-1625). Die Gemälde mit kritischem Oeuvrekatalog.
281431: Bruijne, Antonius de and Baljé, Bastiaan Gerardus. - DE EERSTE TOCHT VAN DE WILLEM BARENTS naar de Noordelijke Ijszee 1878. De dagborken van Antonius de Bruijne en Bastiaan Gerardus Baljé. Ingeleid end Geannoteerd door W.F.J. Mörzer Bruyns.
272771: Brun, R.P. Pierre le. - EXPLICATION, LITTERALE, HISTORIQUE ET DOGMATIQUE DES PRIERES ET DES CEREMONIES DE LA MESSE suivant les Anciens Auteurs, et les Monumens de Toutes les Eglises du Monde Chretien. Avec Des Dissertations & des Notes sur les endroits difficiles, & sur l’origine des Rites.
271493: Brunhoff, Jean de. - BABAR’S FRIEND ZEPHIR.
285492: Brunker, Lieut-Colonel H.M.E. - NOTES ON ORGANISATION AND EQUIPMENT.
260308: Brunn, Ludwig von. - ARS EROTICA. Die erotische Buchillustration im Frankreich des 18. Jahrhunderst. Herausgegeben und mit bibliographischen Notizen versehen von ... Mit einem Essay von Golo Jacobsen.
252823: Bruyn, Cornelius Le. - TRAVELS INTO MUSCOVY, PERSIA, And Part of the East-Indies. Containing, An Accurate Description of whatever is most remarkable in those Countries. And Embellished With above 320 copper plates, representing the finest Prospects, and most considerable Cities in those Parts; the different Habits of the People; the singular and extraordinary Birds, Fishes, and Plants which are there to be found: As likewise the Antiquities of those Countries, and particularly the noble Ruins of the famous Palace of Persepolis, called Chelminar by the Persians. The whole being delineated on the Spot, from the respective Objects. To which is added, An Account of the Journey of Mr Isbrants, Ambassador from Muscovy, through Russia and Tartary, to China; together with Remarks on the Travels of Sir John Chardin, and Mr Kempfer, and a Letter written to the Author on that Subject. Translated from the Original French.
283895: Bryan, George. - CHELSEA, In the Olden & Present Times.
278331: Bryant, Edwin F. (Editor). - KRISHNA. A Sourcebook.
270250: Bryden, John R. and Hughes, David G. - AN INDEX OF GREGORIAN CHANT. Volume II [only]: Thematic Index.
278793: Brydges, Sir Egerton. - AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Times, Opinions, and Contemporaries of ...
268539: Buchan, John. - HUNTINGTOWER.
278089: Buchan, John. - THE ISLAND OF SHEEP.
281426: Buchan, John. - THE ADVENTURES OF RICHARD HANNAY. The Thirty-Nine Steps and The Power House. Greenmantle. Mr Standfast. The Three Hostages. The Island of Sheep. Introduction by Andrew Lownie.
278446: Buchanan, Robert. - THE BALLAD OF JUDAS ISCARIOT.
284369: (Buck). Hyde, Ralph. - A PROSPECT OF BRITAIN. The Town Panoramas of Samuel and Nathaniel Buck.
272207: Buckberry, Jo and Cherryson, Annia. (Editors). - BURIAL IN LATER ANGLO-SAXON ENGLAND c. 6500-1100 AD.
281259: [Buckingham, James Silk]. - THE ORIENTAL QUARTERLY Volume 1 Part 1 [only of 2].
281236: [Buckingham, James Silk]. - THE ORIENTAL HERALD And Journal of General Literature. Volume VIII [only of 23] January to March 1826, Nos. 25-27.
267759: (Buckland). Bompas, George C. - LIFE OF FRANK BUCKLAND. By His Brother-in-Law.
273615: Buckle, A.P. and Smith, R.H. (Editors). - RODENT PESTS AND THEIR CONTROL.
269310: Buckley Jr., William F. - ON THE FIRING LINE. The Public Life of Our Public Figures.
263271: Buckley, Wilfred. - DIAMOND ENGRAVED GLASSES OF THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY. With Particular Reference to five attributed to Giacomo Verzelini.
250604: Buckley, Wilfred. - DIAMOND ENGRAVED GLASSES OF THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY With Particular Reference to five attributed to Giacomo Verzelini.
250921: (Buckley). Schmidt, Robert. - EUROPÄISCHES GLAS Die Sammlung Wilfred Buckley. Mit einer einleitung von ...
250598: Buckley, Wilfred. - EUROPEAN GLASS. A brief outline of the History of Glass Making, with Notes on Various Methods of Glass Decoration, illustrated by examples in the collection of the Author. With a Foreword by Bernard Rackham and with an Essay on Dutch Glass Engravers by Dr. Ferrand Hudig.
283879: Budge, E.A. Wallis. - THE BOOK OF MEDICINES. Ancient Syrian Anatomy, Pathology and Therapeutics.
285894: Buffon, Georges-Louis LeClerc. Comte de. - ALL THE WORLD’S BIRDS Buffon’s Illustrated Natural History General and Particular of Birds. Illustrated by François-Nicolas Martinet. Selected and Introduced by Stéphane Schmitt with Cédric Crémière. Foreword by David Sibley.
278546: Bufton, John. - GWEN PENRI. A Welsh Idyll.
277341: (Bulgari). Mascetti, Daniela and Triossi, Amanda. - BULGARI.
282306: (Bunker). Hodkinson, R. - EBER BUNKER of Liverpool. "The Father of Australian Whaling".
271558: Bunn, D.A.; Warburton, A.B. and Wilson, R.D.S. - THE BARN OWL.
281231: (Bunn). Bayley, Denis. - AS LONDONER IN RUPERT’S LAND. Thomas Bunn of the Hudson’s Bay Company.
279273: (Bunyan). Wylie, W.H. (Editor). - THE BOOK OF THE BUNYAN FESTIVAL. A Complete Record of the Proceedings at the Unveiling of the Statue given by His Grace the Duke of Bedford, June 10, 1874. Revised and Published by Authority. With an Historical Sketch by the Rev. J. Brown.
281512: Burchett, W.G. - TREK BACK FROM BURMA.
283564: Burckhardt, Jacob. - THE ALTARPIECE IN RENAISSANCE ITALY. Edited and translated by Peter Humfrey.
277551: Burckhardt, G.F. - COMPLETE ENGLISH-GERMAN AND GERMAN-ENGLISH POCKET-DICTIONARY Abstracted from the Dictionaries of Johnson, Adelung, Chambers, and Others of the Best Authorities Hitherto Extant.
283815: Burdekin, Harold and Morrison, John. - LONDON NIGHT.
276369: Bureau of Decoration Prime Minister’s Office. - DECORATIONS OF JAPAN.
283664: Buren, Sara van. - GOOD-LIVING. A Practical Cookery-Book for Town and Country.
239439: Bürgher, Gottfried Augustus. - LEONORA. Translated from The German of ... by W.R. Spencer, Esq. With Designs by The Right Honourable Lady Diana Beauclerc.
285022: Burke, J. Bernard. - THE HISTORIC LANDS OF ENGLAND.
272937: Burke, John and John Bernard. - A GENERAL ARMORY OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRELAND.
286083: Burke, Damien. - TSR2. Britain’s Lost Bomber.
283139: Burke’s - PEERAGE & BARONETAGE. Editor-in-Chief Charles Mosley.
283068: (Burke). Weare, G.E. - EDMUND BURKE’S CONNECTION WITH BRISTOL, From 1774 till 1780; With a Prefatory Memoir of Burke.
286076: Burke, Damien. - TSR2. Britain’s Lost Bomber.
275694: (Burke). Reid, Peter. - BURKE’S AND SAVILLS GUIDE TO COUNTRY HOUSES. Volume II [only]: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire.
282998: Burke, Sir Bernard. - THE GENERAL ARMORY Of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales; Comprising a Registry of Armorial Bearings from the earliest to the present time.
272811: Burke, Sir Bernard. (Editor). - THE BOOK OF ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD and Decorations of Honour of all Nations comprising an Historical Account of each Order, Military, Naval and Civil, from the Earliest to the Present Time, with Lists of the Knights and Companions of each British Order.
271288: Burke, Sir Bernard and Burke, Ashworth P. - A GENEALOGICAL AND HERALDIC HISTORY OF THE PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE, The Privy Council, and Knightage.
285880: Burleigh, Bennett. - EMPIRE OF THE EAST Or Japan and Russia at War, 1904-5.
284540: Burlington Fine Arts Club. - CATALOGUE OF A COLLECTION OF EARLY DRAWINGS AND PICTURES OF LONDON With Some Contemporary Furniture.
277584: Burnaby, Fred. - A RIDE TO KHIVA: Travels and Adventures in Central Asia.
280903: Burnaby, Fred. - A RIDE TO KHIVA: Travels and Adventures in Central Asia. With Maps and an Appendix, Containing, Amongst Other Information, a Series of March Routes, Translated from Several Russian Works.
268876: Burne-Jones, Sir Edward. - LETTERS TO KATIE. With an Introductory Note by W. Graham Robertson.
277632: Burnet, G. - SOME LETTERS CONTAINING AN ACCOUNT of what seem’d most remarkable in travelling thro’ SWITZERLAND, ITALY, Some Parts of GERMANY, &c. In the years 1685 and 1686. To which is added An Appendix, containing some Remarks on Switzerland and Italy, Writ by a Person of Quality, and communicated to the Author. Together with a Table of the Contents of each Letter.
286060: Burney, Frances. - THE COURT JOURNALS AND LETTERS of ... 1786-1789. Vols. 1-5 [only of 6].
277072: Burney, Frances. - THE WITLINGS AND THE WOMAN HATER. Edited with Introduction and Notes by Peter Sabor and Geoffrey Sill.
281707: (Burney). Manwaring, G.E. - MY FRIEND THE ADMIRAL The Life, Letters, and Journals of Rear-Admiral James Burney, The Companion of Captain Cook and Friend of Charles Lamb.
286059: Burney, Fanny. - THE JOURNALS AND LETTERS of ... (Madame D’Arblay) 1791-1815; 1818-1840. Volumes 1-8 and 11-12. Edited By Joyce Hemlow, Althea Douglas et al.
276270: (Burney). Lonsdale, Roger. - DR. CHARLES BURNEY. A Literary Biography.
275617: Burnham, Barry C. and Davies, Jeffrey L. (Editors). - ROMAN FRONTIERS IN WALES AND THE MARCHES. Foreword by Eurwyn Wiliam.
270128: Burnham Philip. - OPPORTUNITY AND CONSTRAINT IN A SAVANNA SOCIETY. The Gbaya of Meiganga, Cameroon.
274915: Burns, Robert. - THE COMPLETE WORKS. Containing His Poems, Songs, and Correspondence. Illustrated by W.H. Bartlett, T. Allom, and Other Artists. With a New Life of the Poet, and Notices, Critical and Biographical by Allan Cunningham.
284083: Burr, J. Millard and Collins, Robert O. - ALMS FOR JIHAD. Charity and Terrorism in the Islamic World.
285774: Burrard, Gerald. - NOTES ON SPORTING RIFLES. For Use in India and Elsewhere.
274673: Burritt, Elihu. - A WALK FROM LONDON TO JOHN O’GROATS. With Notes by the Way.
282979: Burrows, Andrew and Peel, Edwin. (Editors). - CONTACT FORMATION AND PARTIES. Foreword by Lord Justice Longmore.
283111: Burtchaeli, The Late George Dames and Sadleir, Thomas Ulick. - ALUMNI DUBLINENSES. A Register of the Students, Graduates, Professors and Provosts of Trinity College in the University of Dublin (1593-1860).
277441: Burton, Sir Richard F. - THE LAKE REGIONS OF CENTRAL AFRICA. A Picture of Exploration. Introduction by Alan Moorhead.
280061: Burton, Stanley H. - THE WATCH COLLECTION OF ... 'Warts and All'.
283625: Burton, Sir Richard. - SELECTED PAPERS ON ANTHROPOLOGY, TRAVEL & EXPLORATION. Now Edited with an Introduction and Occasional Notes by N.M. Penzer.
279433: Burton, Richard F. - THE SOURCE OF THE NILE. The Lake Regions of Central Africa. A Picture of Exploration by ... Introduced by Ian Curteis.
170816: Burton, Isabel Lady. - THE PASSION-PLAY AT OBER-AMMERGAU. Edited with a Preface by W.H. Wilkins.
258616: Burton, Richard F. and Cameron, Verney Lovett. - TO THE GOLD COAST FOR GOLD. A Personal Narrative. Volume II [only].
277601: Burton, Captain Sir Richard F. - FIRST FOOTSTEPS IN EAST AFRICA Or, An exploration of Harar. Edited by His Wife Isabel Burton.
272312: (Butcher). Shields, Hugh. - ALL THE DAYS OF HIS LIFE. Eddie Butcher in his Own Words. Songs, Stories and Memories of Magilligan, Co. Derry. Edited by Lisa Shields.
271878: (Butcher). Shields, Hugh. - ALL THE DAYS OF HIS LIFE. Eddie Butcher in his Own Words. Songs, Stories and Memories of Magilligan, Co. Derry. Edited by Lisa Shields.
275500: (Butler). - BUTLERIANA. SB. Preface by A.T. Bartholomew.
275036: Butler, P.M. and Joysey, K.A. (Editors). - DEVELOPMENT, FUNCTION AND EVOLUTION OF TEETH.
278171: Butler, Samuel. - HUDIBRAS, In Three Parts, Written in the Time of the Late Wars. With Large Annotations and a Preface by Zachary Grey.
278555: Butler, Samuel. - THE GENUINE REMAINS IN VERSE AND PROSE of ... Published from Original Manuscripts, formerly in the Possession of W. Longueville, Esq; With Notes by R. Thyer, Keeper of the Public Library at Manchester.
280173: Butler, Elizabeth. - FROM SKETCH-BOOK AND DIARY.
285978: Butler, Patricia. - IRISH BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATORS & Flower Painters.
276390: Buttrick, George Arthur (Editor). - THE INTERPRETER’S DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE. An Illustrated Encylopaedia. Indentifying and Explaining all Proper Names and Significant Terms and Subjects in the Holy Scriptures, Including the Apocrypha. With Attention to the Archaeological Discoveries and Researches into the Life and Faith of Ancient Times.
281957: Byington, Mark E. - THE ANCIENT STATE OF PUYð IN NORTHEAST ASIA. Arachaeology and Historical Memory.
285357: Van der Byl, Major Charles. - MY FIFTY YEARS OF SPORT.
281087: (Byrd). Vaughan, Norman D. with Murphey, Cecil B. - WITH BYRD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD. The South Pole Expedition of 1928-1930. Foreword by Govenor Jay S. Hammond.
275643: Byrd, Richard E. - ALONE. Decorations by Richard E. Harrison.
283509: Byrd, William; Bull, Dr. John and Gibbons, Orlamdo. - PARTHENIA Or The Maydenhead of the first musicke that ever was printed for the Virginalls. Composed by three famous Masters William Byrd, Dr. John Bull & Orlando Gibbons, Gentlemen of His Majesties Illustrious Chappell. Engraven by William Hole.
281424: Byrd, Richard Evelyn. - LITTLE AMERICA. Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic the Flight to the South Pole.
276049: Byren, Elizabeth et al. - ARCHAEOLOGICAL INVENTORY OF COUNTY KERRY. Volume I: South-West Kerry. Comprising the Baronies of Dunkerron North, Dunkerron South, Glanarought and Iveragh.
285684: O’Byrne, William R. - A NAVAL BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY: Comprising the Life and Services of Every Living Officer in Her Majesty’s Navy, From the Bank of Admiral of the Fleet to That of Lieutenant, Inclusive.
280474: [Byrne, Julia Clara]. - CURIOSITIES OF THE SEARCH-ROOM. A collection of Serious and Whimsical wills. By the author of "Flemish Interiors," etc.
283653: Byron, May. - THE JAM BOOK.
277278: (Byron). Finden’s - LANDSCAPE & PORTRAIT ILLUSTRATIONS to the Life and Works of LORD BYRON.

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